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File: 1672484569616.jpeg (129.93 KB, 960x640, C27rK4F.jpeg)

No. 265870

Hi nonnas!
Thread for anything kpop related: new releases, albums, mvs, news, opinions.

Last thread I could find was from 2020 and it's almost 2023. Given the banger year we had in kpop, I thought a new thread was in order!

To kick off the thread let's start with favourite group & song of the year: mine were IVE and their song Love Dive!

No. 265871


No. 265873

a real kpop fag would have a picture so HQ we can see all their photoshopped pores. this is bait nonnies don't fall for it!

No. 265874

I wanted to use a more hq picture but all new groups look like dolls in most official photos and I didnt want to make kpop seem as bad as it has gotten kek

No. 265875

is this real are other anons seeing this too? Are kpop threads allowed again???

No. 265878

inb4 i get banned I didnt know they're not allowed till now kek

No. 265879

Godspeed anon. I gotta admit I was kinda hoping that kpop threads would become allowed again because I love the gossip

No. 265885

Is this your first day here? How do you not know kpop is banned, it has been for a long time.

No. 265889

The last thread was 2 almost 3 years ago. How would I know kek but I cant delete thread now and mods havent deleted it yet

No. 265892

I listened to Kpop when SNSD , Shinee, TARA etc were popular.

These new groups..I can't tell them apart!

No. 265897

me too nonnie most dont have a distinct sound and they even all get the same surgeries so they look the same. im afraid cpop type of overflowing of pretty girls is happening. even their performances are not unique at all, they look like robots sometimes. i hope we get a group soon that will overflow with charisma and unique songs/stages

No. 265907

Seulgi's 28 Reasons is very underrated. I don't know why kpoopies say it's boring.

No. 265908

Billlie is a solid group. They have talented members and good performances.

No. 265913

I had listened to their songs but only saw that one viral fancam before. now i watched their mvs and its refreshing to see girls feel the songs and move their faces instead of staring at the camera "prettily". Ill check out more of their performances nonna thank you!

No. 265914

i agree nonna and it suits her voice well. i hope she makes more songs with this mood

No. 265919

These new groups get the same surgeries and it's uncanny (like getting those damn nose implants that are really noticeable). Kpoop has really gone downhill. These new groups can't sing and can't perform either (winking and smiling is not performing) and the music is mostly bad.

No. 265922


2nd gen original song


4th gen cover


IMO absolutely declined in quality in talent, 4th gen feels robotic.

No. 265925

Hyori is an excellent performer. Yuna's performance looks stiff. Hyori looked like she was having fun. To go viral nowadays all you need is a pretty face.

No. 265929

Are you going to watch Boys Planet nonnies? And did you watch Produce?

Personally, I loved Wanna One and watched both seasons of Produce with male trainees. I will probably watch Boys Planet for the drama and cringe.

Also what do you think of Hui, Pentagon's main vocalist and leader, participating? Are they flopping that much?

There is too many groups debuting. Most members are botched and unskilled. They all have the same concept.

No. 265932

File: 1672511472364.jpg (12.78 KB, 160x231, DARK_MOON_-_Manhwa.jpg)

seulgi is one of the best all rounder, she's one of the few idol who can actually dance and her voice is amazing. It's just sad that she's that good bc she was a trainee for years.

Hybe is trying to make enhyphen the new bts, they have their own lore and webtoon like their bts used to. I'm a sucker for cringe young adult romance but it's beyond bad, i would kill myself if i was a teenage boy and my name was used as a love interest in a shitty romance manhwa

No. 265933

BTS will never happen again like Pokemon never happened ever again. Stray Kids is the Digimon of BTS. Kek at all those old korean men investing in a dying industry.

No. 265934

the members and groups that go on survival shows are flops or nugus (or are trainees). you'll never catch aespa or stray kids in there.

No. 265936

>digimon of bts

boy groups have to rely heavily in the parasociality otherwise they won't sell. girl groups do it too but it is not as promoninent.

No. 265938

this is what i thought when i saw newjeans cover of tell me. they are coordinated and their clothes are pretty but theres no soul in their eyes. how come new groups are not even taught to have a little stage presence?

No. 265940

New Jeans are the worst performer of gen 4 so far. At least Aespa can sing even if they rarely do it. It's not weird because many kpoopies only stan an idol solely on their looks and don't care if said idol is untalented an example being Jisoo and Shuhua.

No. 265942

>At least Aespa can sing
New Jeans are better performer simply bc their dance routines don't suck ass

No. 265943

sure if you're into plastic andriod kids who can't sing

No. 265944

Nmixx is a sad case. The girls are talented and can sing and dance but JYP keeps giving them shit songs.

No. 265946

File: 1672514036709.png (190.5 KB, 480x500, Fe4jkOaaEAIFBh3.png)

This guy from TXT looks botched as hell.

No. 265947

aespa are also plastic android kids, except all their music and choreography is trash. they aren't exacly good singers either. newjeans has pretty good music.

No. 265948

might be the first time i felt so bad for kpop idols. theyre gathering a fan base but theres no way theyll have an actual hit song with this concept, i wonder if theyre actually enjoying performing them. if jinni's departure wasnt so sudden i would think she left because she wants to take the music she makes more seriously, i cant imagine training for so long only to have to perform these songs

No. 265950

i don't take anyone that stans new jeans seriously. why would you stan that group after the cookie song and mhj ceo. ningning was in various song contests as a child and at least aespa debuted with all their members over 18.

but lets not infight otherwise the thread will get deleted

No. 265951

i think idols get surgeries to look good on professional camera which is why the botchedness comes out so heavily in normal pics. sad that they ruin their faces for fame in their youth

No. 265953

well nonnies to look good in mods' eyes lets talk positivity. which groups are killing it this year without insulting others

No. 265955

I feel for Lily. She is a very good singer and she has trained for so long. Their concept is bad and they need to stop with the experimental music. Jinni's was very sudden and there were many rumors about why it happened. I hope she gets to redebut.

Most professional photos are very photoshopped. I don't completely blame the idols for getting surgery. Many companies encourage it and knetz are very judgemental when it comes to looks.

No. 265956

Samefag but Itzy's releases have also been terrible compared to Dalla Dalla and Wannabe. What is JYP doing with them?

No. 265957

i don' think NJ is worse than any gg who debuts a minor, Yeri was 17 when ice cream cake mv was released and it had a shot of her cleavage

No. 265958

to look good in mods eyes, stfu about boy groups. we know they're all botched and all rook same all their fans want eachother dead so they go on and on about how much more botched and unoriginal group x is to make group y look better in comparison. keep that horseshit on ccc.

even if the bgtards do pipe down whichever unassuming newfag janny burdened with it will learn the hard way why these things got banned in due time.

No. 265959

i don't follow kpop nowdays but i liked shut down

No. 265960

agreed. gaypops bring the most autism. let's keep it girl group related and not infight.

No. 265961

samefag but Super Tuna was the best bts's song this year

No. 265962

I don't stan them, I just like good music. you can weaponize the pedofork discourse all day long but like half the industry is guilty of it. it sounds to me like you're just reaching for a reason to paint liking a group you hate for
>other reasons
as problematic, like how twitter kpoppies never shut up about nonissues like fatphobia.

No. 265963

IVE had a decent year. Love Dive was one of the best releases.

No. 265964

And this is why these threads keep getting banned.

No. 265966

File: 1672517408252.jpg (41.48 KB, 1024x563, heres-what-chris-crocker-the-l…)


No. 265973

underrated post

No. 266012

No. 266034

Reading choachan feels like having a stroke.

I absolutely love Ive's Liz's voice. I'm not interested by new groups but she made me like Ive. Also she is a queen for refusing to starve like Wonyoung. Tsuki from Billlie also won my heart. She is crazy talented. I understand why she didn't debute in Aespa, she is super tall and looks like a human. But it explains why Aespa's live are so boring to watch. She's a stan attractor.

No. 266036

every new group focuses on dance/performance only. even if they can sing, they dont. hope we get a 4th gen mamamoo

No. 266039

File: 1672574264535.jpg (38.42 KB, 610x366, D1HUvhp.jpg)

How do we feel about this year's dispatch couple nonnies? It's Lee Jongsuk and IU, it's already been confirmed. Stole the pic from a random tweet since they dont have couple pics yet

No. 266042

File: 1672576261756.jpg (99.9 KB, 559x322, ew.jpg)

Men who react to kpop are repulsive.

Underwhelming. He looks kinda terrible in this picture.

No. 266045

i hate western moids getting into kpop now. korean fandoms were full of men but we used to be all girls until men decided they want attention from kpop fans

No. 266046

Aespa has to be one of the most underwhelming groups last year: >pretentious concept
>awful music
>mostly shitty choreographies
>That embarrassing performance at the Coachella
>only 2 out of 4 members actually sing
An absolute mess that is only sustained by shilling, promo, hype and visuals. I feel bad for their fans, every comeback gets worse

No. 266048

i like their music its a shame 4th gen is all about camera work and the idols arent pushed to improve their performances at all. their concept would be great if they put in more work to their performance tbh

No. 266049

File: 1672581759373.jpg (90.3 KB, 480x720, jinni-leaves-nmixx.jpg_1870643…)

So what do we think REALLY happened to Jinni?
>talking about excited for new CB
>says she'll work harder
>few days later
>termination by JYPE
Personally I think she caused major drama in group or was fighting a lot with the other members, but I think JYPE terminated her because they would be unable to 'fix' the issue. I think it has something to do with Kyunjin being center and Kyunjin in DICE "WE ARE NMIXX" and it just moved to Kyunjin kek. I don't think it was a dating scandal or smoking. I'm so curious nonnies.

No. 266052

nonnie im so curious too. No one saw it coming. I hope she does an ig live and spills it because we have about no leads right now

No. 266054

i'm not that much of a fan if at all but i went there to try and get news because my friend is a kpopper kek and i want to be able to talk to her more about her interests, but it was absolutely impossible to read. they have a whole different culture with established made up lore about different members and nicknames i couldn't keep up. not hating i do think it's good for an ib to keep normies out i'm just not dedicated enough since it wasn't even my thing in the first place kek

No. 266056

I liked Black Mamba and next level, but after that most releases became too noisy, Savage specifically was tortuous to my ears

No. 266065

it pleases me to see Loona fall apart. they should've disbanded after their guy left, it was his pet project and they went to shit overnight without his creative direction no matter how much their stinky fans cope and seethe and dilate about that truth. it was never the girls themselves. downs-tan was the only slightly memorable girl in that group, mostly because she got the best stage name, and now that she's out it's really time to pull the plug.

No. 266111

File: 1672612060677.jpg (343.33 KB, 560x783, a660e5ee-ff14-4f7c-8cb0-620ea4…)

Shindong is ugly and fat and a bad person. The women defending him have to be extrenely hideous, because why else would you defend a obese middle agged man.
Like if youre going to defend problematic men then atleast defend one who is hot

No. 266113

i feel sorry for the other girls, Chuu fans are selfish and retarded just like her. Now the other girls career is over and they are probably in even more debt.

No. 266114

lmao tagged the wrong anon, was supposed to tag >>266065

No. 266115

So are there any 4th gen male and female kpop groups you like? For me its aespa and TXT.

Also lets make this thread more active,

No. 266116

I'm not a kpoper yet I followed loona in its debut and I have questions (sorry, I'm an outsider)
>it pleases me to see Loona fall apart. they should've disbanded after their guy left, it was his pet project and they went to shit overnight without his creative direction no matter how much their stinky fans cope and seethe and dilate about that truth.
Context please, how bad is it? like, can you post an example or whatever? I liked like, 2 songs from their debut and I didn't even like kpop before like I said
>downs-tan was the only slightly memorable girl in that group, mostly because she got the best stage name, and now that she's out it's really time to pull the plug.
Choerry? what happened

No. 266117

>Kek at all those old korean men investing in a dying industry.
is it really dying though

No. 266118

IVE and Newjeans, i wish the latter had a healthier direction/concept y'know just a cool group for girls but of course moids had to ruin it and sexualize a group of minors

No. 266119

i do think the girls were talented, Yves is a genuine great dancer but i agree, Loona was jaden jeong's project. He was an absolute misogynistic asshole but he was an amazing creative director, XX is one of the best album i ever heard, BBC died when they fired him.
I'm kinda sad the loonaverse will never lead to anything, it was one of the few kpop lore than was actually interesting
who ?

No. 266121

Newjeans was already sexualized by itself. Kpop execs don't give a shit they do it for the money. It was obvious and clear as day from day 0

No. 266122

im not that anon and i dont really know much about loona but many of their fans (well most of them are just chuu fans) claim that their company hasnt given them good music in a while and they are flopping and getting in more debt so there is no point in them staying there.

i like ive but i feel uncomfortable stanning newjeans because i feel like their company is pedobaiting them and due to the fact that two of the members are 14 and 15.

they mean chuu

No. 266123

wtf is that

No. 266124

File: 1672613485289.jpg (195.57 KB, 1280x720, hq720.jpg)

surprised no one mentionned STACY, they had such a good debut song. 3/4 of their releases are bop
all of SJ are shitty human beings, he just happen to be the fattest always wondered how much his parents paid SM to get him debut

No. 266125

My relationship with kpop is just: listen to the songs casually, don't stan or interact with other stans ever. That keeps me mentally healthy and avoid me feeling guilty over listening to a song, the industry is so rotten and full of mysogyny and other disgusting shit that I really can't do anything more than just listen

No. 266127

Hybe is a really sus company to me, the way they gave leeserafim that sexy badass concept as their debut and the way they handled the garam case.

Also i dont like jungkook but the way hybe did nothing when he was receiving mass hate in 2019-2021 and scandals also rubbed me the wrong way….like he and his group is your main cashcow yet you wont do anything to protect him.

Hybe may have the money now but they will still be a shady company, its a drug dealer dressing in brand clothing…still looks cheap. Remember when hybe was bighit and they had one of their girl groups get in a prostitution scandal.

No. 266129

it's the big concept behind all of loona. All the members are associated w/ a color, a month and an animal, the sub units tell a story and all the pre "so what" mv are full of symbolism, they even shot short movies to extend the lore. It's overly complicated and full of scientific theories.
Basically, it's about Olivia Hye being left behind by Yves, Vivi being a robot and the members having to reunite thank to Odd Eye Circle

No. 266131

who here a (former) second generation fan? just to be clear i'm not saying this to try to start an infight and cease discussion regarding new and current happenings or to shun it but i'm just wondering if anyone else hasn't cared for kpop since the second gen. exceptions apply to a few girl groups only such as apink aoa and twice, those are all of the ones i remember atm but there's more if so who were your favorite groups? i was basic so i liked 2ne1 and by association big bang kek. i thought i was so hardcore and different

No. 266133

what gen are we in currently? I remember the 2nd gen fondly even though I was never a kpoppie.

No. 266135

the stupid lore that tied the groups early music videos together. apparently jeong bucking heads with BBC over the involvement of it was what he'd go on to leave the company over.

and they'll never get good music again now that they have no one to hand pick songs that aren't the military torture method noise you'd expect from a c-list bg instead of a c-list gg. their fans couldn't be any more insufferable if they tried, but what to expect from a fanbase with that many gay men? barf.

No. 266141

ME! also the song linked was actually the first kpop song i ever listened to and then i became a huge 2ne1 fan. I was one of those unhinhed blackjacks who would start fanwars with sones all the time, i actually used to be a well known youtube comment troll, but im not revealing who i was.
we are currently in 4th gen.

No. 266143

STAYC isn't bad, and the name always makes me kek. This song has gotten stuck in my head every once in a while since it came out.

No. 266144

love your vidrel, nonna, this song takes me back. i had a brief kpop phase and get introduced to it through tumblr. i think it was shortly before or after shinee released lucifer. my faves were super junior, big bang, girls' generation, 2ne1, teen top and, of course, shinee. i fell out of kpop only a short while later, but i do remember liking like one bts song from when they had just been formed? then suddenly a few years later they blew up like crazy.

i still have fond memories of when big bang released songs like fantastic baby or blue… ngl, listening to these songs makes me so nostalgic for "better" times. i miss fandom from back then.

nowadays i don't really like kpop and i don't pay attention to it. obviously i still find songs i like sometimes, but i don't go out of my way to find anything kpop related to listen to. i feel like it sounds too westernized with too much rap, if that makes sense? the only group i continued to listen to in recent years was bap but they disbanded years ago.

No. 266145

Super Junior's concept when they debuted was "here is too many guys, maybe one will be your type.". That's why they debuted him even if he was already overweight.

I stopped caring about kpop after Jonghyun's suicide. I was only into SM's 2th gen groups. Shit happened and I coped by obsessing over Monsta X. Then Produce X 101 happened and I watched it for Starship's trainees. I'm now the proud mom stan of a 20 years old weird looking puppy korean man. I collect his bg, Cravity and buy albums from other groups if I like the music. It's a silly hobby and I generally don't speak about it with anyone.

No. 266146

> i continued to listen to in recent years was bap but they disbanded years ago.
tbh bap would still exist if there fans didnt leave them for bts and other groups when they were on hiatus. Its kinda sad when you think about it bap going on a one year hiatus because they were filing a lawsuit against their company for mistreating them caused them to lose fans..Bap deserved better.

No. 266147

ayrt, i didn't even know about the lawsuit! i remember checking in on them because i hadn't heard of them in a while and then i saw that they had disbanded… i really liked their style. and it always bothered me when people thought i liked bts because their name was also 3 letters and started with a b, kek.

No. 266149

im crying why are the boys planet contestants so busted.

No. 266150

File: 1672618985074.jpg (192.34 KB, 1600x767, boys-planet-candidats.jpg)

my god you weren't joking !

No. 266151

Is the last one an artificially created hapa?

No. 266153

Wait… gaypop is allowed on lc again?

No. 266154

IU is dating down, this ahjussi is so ugly

No. 266158

why have the fafrmhands not taken this down. They must be mad at us for the old new lc kpop panic.

No. 266160

wtf even is this concept….i just hope the mv is good.

No. 266162

sincere question, why does it bother nonnies so much ? The thread is contained, civil for now in the right board and in line with the weeb culture of lc

No. 266166

>kpop is weeb
not anymore and it hasn't been in ages. Kpop is normie tiktok shit now

No. 266167

You must be a newfag because kpop sperging was banned for a reason. That said, I actually do agree with you and as long as everything is civil and doesn't attract retarded newfags from tiktok/twitter etc I see no problem with it

No. 266168

Kpop is shit and nonnies hate it because it's shit

No. 266170

It attracts twitterfags here, lc easily gets on the first page of google with the right keywords

No. 266172

File: 1672622088415.jpg (4.71 KB, 225x234, eughh.jpg)

>we are currently in 4th gen.
What was the 3rd gen then? please kpop historians enlighten me I need to know

No. 266173

It attracted insane, annoying minors and/or twitterfags. It had a lot of infighting and completely unintegrated people. Maybe now that they have choachan, it won't happen again, but who knows.

No. 266174

that was how the old kpop threads started too

then they got bigger, and in came drothes of underage newfags from twitter, racebait, ott nitpicking, spam, and fanwars, and since the mods are asleep 19 hours a day and there are barely any rules on this board to begin with, they were largely allowed to do as they pleased. it caused an extremely unpleasant tonal shift on the whole board.

No. 266175

>their stinky fans cope and seethe and dilate about that truth.
Chill out

No. 266176

hear hear. kopop retards have the entire rest of the internet to obsess over they creepy plastic corporatized soulless idols, there is no good reason to attract the hoards here other than complete and utter entitlement.

No. 266177

you may obsess over kpop all over internet but you certainly can't be critical of it. The old kpop thread was a mess but it was one the few places where you could openly say bts was shit without being at risk of death threats.
CCC users said it themself, she prefer the retarded honry stan cultur they cultivated on their board over lc.
They tried to invase the new thread but they got bored quickly, i truly think they won't mix up with us.

No. 266178

>you may obsess over kpop all over internet but you certainly can't be critical of it
you could if you had any god damn spine. Just because a bunch of retarded 15 year olds on twitter will chant "KYS!KYS!KYS!" at you on twitter should not give you a free ticket to invite an invasion of a small site already struggling to maintain board culture.

No. 266180

File: 1672623899627.jpg (43.68 KB, 582x582, 1671376569145.jpg)

>that was how the old kpop threads started too
>then they got bigger, and in came drothes of underage newfags from twitter, racebait, ott nitpicking, spam, and fanwars,
>and since the mods are asleep 19 hours a day and there are barely any rules on this board to begin with, they were largely allowed to do as they pleased. it caused an extremely unpleasant tonal shift on the whole board.

Agreed and I remember, and this is why we don't allow this shit on this website anymore. If we had a better moderation team, maybe it could work. But we don't, and that's why having a kpop thread is risky, lolcow is already having some internal changes and we've seen more newfags from tiktok/twitter recently. No harm to the kpoppies of lolcow but my only solution would be to have a hidden /kpop/ board for everyone who wants it, otherwise it shoudln't be in the public eye because shit will get bad

No. 266181

>CCC users said it themself, she prefer the retarded honry stan cultur they cultivated on their board over lc.
>i truly think they won't mix up with us.
I agree. Choachan users are just another whole other breed
Nta and not into kpop at all but people irl get their lives ruined thanks to extreme stans of the internet

No. 266184

exactly, and we shouldn't even be having this conversation at all, since this thread should be locked and the OP banned by now. I know multiple people have reported this thread since it came up two days ago, and at this point that means the farmhands are making a conscious choice to ignore them and leave the thread up. Bodes very very badly.

No. 266185

wut? people can and do do that on twitter too, it's easier than ever before. why would you care what 12 year olds think?

didn't they even try autosageing it for a while? and even that didn't work because
>A. 90% of it's posters came exclusively for the thread
>B. the threads filled so fast there was always one on the front page regardless
it was the dark age

No. 266187

>people irl get their lives ruined thanks to extreme stans of the internet
Ntayrt I know people can get fired for petty reasons but just for criticizing a kpop group? Seriously?

No. 266188

I made a new online friend who is showing me the ropes in a VERY niche fandom, but she keeps trying to show me kpop shit. I'm not trying to be an ass and make her feel bad for her interest (since I have no ground to stand on with what we usually talk about kek) but I NEED her to stop showing me kpop boys. What do I do?

No. 266189

File: 1672625001178.jpg (45.42 KB, 1023x685, 20221127_152700.jpg)

where do you guys think the ccc users came from? it was created by an ex mod ffs, that was where all the old kpop threads' regular spergs went after they became hobos. they're like roaches, leave food out and they will come back.

No. 266192

Just because an ex mod made a website doesn't mean their imageboard culture is the same, why don't they have a cool kpop critical thread then? why does it have to be here if they have an entire imageboard for themselves? If the userbase is supposedly the same.

No. 266194

You can't, kpoppies take their kpop sperg way too seriously, you either take it or dip out

No. 266195

>the threads filled so fast there was always one on the front page regardless
Kek I remember this shit

No. 266196

tell it's not your thing and you're not interested, if she doesn't understand she's an idiot
CCC's current state is a mystery. After the kpop thread was banned from lc, most posters moved to cc for a few days, weeks at most but mods weren't used to so much traffic so we had to come up with a new idea. Someone offer to create a new site and for the first few days it was as critical and as interesting as on lc but after a few weeks it was shit posting and nothing else. I try to lurk sometimes but i never see a message longer than 5 words, they are legitimately illiterate

No. 266197

all due respect and nayrt but I think you and the ayrt are in agreement

>the userbase is supposedly the same

lol but yeah the userbase isn't the same, one is for underage retards and the other is for grown retards

No. 266199

>I try to lurk sometimes but i never see a message longer than 5 words, they are legitimately illiterate
no fucking way kek I had no idea that was what it's like there since I don't like staring into toilets

No. 266200

Even some of the blaine posts that used to be deleted super fast are still blatantly up on /ot/, I don't blame mods because shit's going down with the administration changes and migration atm but yeah I wonder where are mods at right now

No. 266202

File: 1672625733013.png (189.72 KB, 1016x1020, wut.png)

kek let me see
>goes to choachan.cafe/kpop/
>sees this on the main page
what the fuck is this shit lmao

No. 266203

they all hangout in the dumbass shit thread on /ot/ its like a speedy chatroom and where they plan their lolcow shitposting

No. 266204

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed this, his posts have also been up in /meta/ for days.

No. 266205

oh wow so they're like retarded retarded. Interesting! I never want to see it again.

No. 266206

File: 1672626012235.png (493.55 KB, 982x716, wtf.png)

Clicked on a random thread, wtf is this spergy shit lmao. At least the husbandofags of /g/ can make coherent thoughts, this is some crackhead shit for real

No. 266207

she's grooming you, you need to ban her

No. 266208

File: 1672626076088.png (36.02 KB, 499x85, look at this.png)

can i be a kpopie and not want to talk to these absolute retards ?

No. 266209

kpop grooming is real

No. 266210

KEK wtf

No. 266212

Aw man, but I can't banish her, she translates obscure shit for me and is the only other person on the western internet who spergs over the thing i need to sperg about. Can some technically inclined nonny make me a plugin that detects kpop gifs and replaces them with cat pictures?

No. 266213

listen i want to massacre kpopfags as much as the next farmer but this is kind of a hilarious thread idea (assuming thats the only place they allow emojis?). can't fault them for that one.

No. 266214

File: 1672626388389.png (254.8 KB, 1114x830, im scared.png)

Same thread

>>>>gonna coom buckets

this is something someone really wrote

No. 266215

what the fuck am i looking at

No. 266218

File: 1672627169700.png (708.88 KB, 1260x1276, 097409732097.png)

No. 266219

Spam borzois or that one starwars dude that everyone thinks is hot on here until shes sick of it. Once she confronts you about it tell her about the k pop.

No. 266220

>that one starwars dude that everyone thinks is hot on here
you mean josh ? there is too many

No. 266221

spam paul dano pics for quicker results, she'll crack like an iphone 4

No. 266222

File: 1672627543070.png (343.72 KB, 551x1437, dumbass.png)

WTF kek this is pure unintelligible mind vomit. What do these words mean? We'll never know…

No. 266224

wow now i can picture what a board consisting of only posts from the "absoluetely retarded shitposting" thread would look like

No. 266225

>autism diagnosing your autism because your autism
>step back autistic girl

No. 266226

File: 1672627954893.png (26.91 KB, 974x424, oh god.png)

I really don't get it

No. 266229

this is what background conversations in my dreams sound like

No. 266230

this is just a modern version of "holds up spork exdee"

No. 266231

do you have a custom theme for the place?

No. 266232

No, I'm using a web thingy that makes every website dark mode, every website included. I'm bad of sight.

No. 266233

ah, anyways, most of the normal discussions are on /kpop/ or basically any thread that isn't dst

No. 266234

>normal discussion
I saw same shit on the /kpop/ board, I don't think choachan users are normal.

No. 266235

the girlgroup generals, chinese media, kdrama and some of the music threads are pretty alright and the posters sound more similar to here especially in the girlgroup threads

No. 266236

File: 1672628581698.png (217.66 KB, 491x1431, d.png)

It feels like I'm discovering a remote island populated by people isolated from society speaking some incoherent dialect. What's any of this supposed to mean? What's even the topic of this conversation? How is this supposed to make sense to anyone

No. 266237

Why are you excusing weird ass kpop posters dude

No. 266238

because i'm not a zoomer quaking in my boots at the first degenerate imageboard i see. there's threads on here that are weird as fuck (fujo thread) too. it's nbd

No. 266239

>fujo thread
Paki clocked? Why pick on the poor fujo thread when all the anons there sound normal?

No. 266240

Yeah I've noticed in general internet browsing that girl group fans are significantly less annoying and underage-acting for some reason. Are women into girlgroups gay or just into the fashion stuff? Either way both of those options of people tend to be less retarded acting in public for some reason

No. 266241

jesus nevermind i'm not doing the schizo infighting dance with you

No. 266242

Adam Driver, anon.

No. 266243

>fujo bad
>but incoherent kpop posters good
Ok retard, both are equally degenerate but at least people here can speak properly

No. 266244

no no, maybe then we can get the farmhands to look at this thread and ban it

No. 266245

File: 1672629011083.png (2.2 MB, 2952x2424, lmao.png)

Made a compilation kek

No. 266246

yes, i'm just saying that there's threads on here some people screenshot and post on social media to talk about how weird and pathetic it is. you're just bullying your retarded cousins

No. 266247

Go back to twitter then

No. 266250

>noooo don't booly them autistic kpoppies!!

No. 266251

kek stop bullying the downsies then

No. 266252

imo i think we should go and bully them on their thread right now

No. 266253

>anon it's like comparing someone with downs syndrome to someone with aspersers. both retarded, but one of them can wipe their ass by themselves.

Why you delete this
Isn't this the thread for that?

No. 266254

but they can't see it

No. 266255

>Why you delete this
did you see how I spelled asspurgirs?

No. 266256

That's the point. Why are you inciting to troll another website. Cowtipping is against the rules.

No. 266257

It happens to the best specially after going to choachan

No. 266258

are you going to tell on me?

No. 266260

The only reason you would do this is if you were a kpopfag trying to bring your cronies over to sack the village. Which you probably are, so, not like we can stop you, but.

No. 266261

We get it you like choachan can you go back there retard

No. 266263

Oh you know that anon 100% wants that to happen.

No. 266264

By the way they type I'm guessing it's a choachan user, the low iq is telling too kek

No. 266265

There are annoying girlgroup fans: NLOGs who think they're above boygroups yet act the same way boygroup brainlets do for girlgroups. Loona and Twice's female fanbases are super guilty of that. The chill ones do like them for fashion and/or music though. Jennie and Rosé are rather popular among pretentious high fashion wannabes.

No. 266266

how does that even make sense kek if i was wouldnt i just alert them to this place? hysterics

No. 266267

That will probably be the final nail in the coffin for this place. It's so quiet here already due to so many nonnies being locked out since the debacle, it's barely worth checking threads anymore. If it's spammed by kpop, I think everyone will really leave. Maybe that's the cycle of life. being consumed by roaches.

No. 266268

I honestly think anyone who likes kpop doesn't deserve to call themselves "high fashion fans". It all looks like cheap aliexpress shit to me. Same with western artists and how everything looks out of fashion nova tbh

No. 266269

i don't actually browse it that much but i forgot having any kind of nuanced opinion on lolcow gets you a 2 hour infight because everyone here has bpd

No. 266270

>Maybe that's the cycle of life. being consumed by roaches.
Sad, but by the looks of it, the tiktok/twitter/kpop stans might win kek.

No. 266271

Go back lmao

No. 266272

you're the one posting live updates from there, not me!

No. 266273

>i don't actually browse it that much
>that much
It's amazing that you've lost so many braincells even from brief exposure. I think chaochan is an SCP.

No. 266274

i wasn't ever hiding that i browse it.. i already said some threads on there are alright. you guys are more illiterate than the 12 year olds talking about gook dick all day congrats

No. 266275

and after only 173 posts, we have our first racial slur. great job kopoppies! truly enriching the lolcow ecosystem

No. 266276

For what? mocking screenshots? you were the one saying hurr durr let's go booly them in their website. At the end of the day, I closed the tab and had a good chuckle and you'll continue losing braincells to enslaved korean people dancing in front of colorful screens and talking about omega cock on choachan. Sucks to suck, nonnie.
k keep projecting

No. 266277

Literally where though

No. 266278

Jennie dresses well most of the time, last I checked she was just looking cool and asskissing a bunch of western celebs. And she was supposed to be in that drama series created by the Weeknd? Did that ever come out?

All Rosé's red carpet outfits look the same, but that's YSL for you… Her hair is a bit too fried for her to look that good, I think Anthony is a stan.

No. 266279

sorry i haven't been back much since the last admin quit. did shaymin let the zoomers win by making every mean word a bannable offense now? kek

No. 266280

i literally don't know what you're talking about but i'm sorry that you're so upset

No. 266281

racebait and racial slurs have always been against the rules, but I think you know that and are just desperately infighting out of boredom.

No. 266282

Learn to read and type then.

No. 266283

>you guys are more illiterate than the 12 year olds talking about gook dick all day congrats
Will the jannies just please delete this thread already.

No. 266284

File: 1672630168471.jpg (54.06 KB, 1024x576, 20221127_152650.jpg)

it's almost time. the thread will be banned, just like the prophecy said.

No. 266286

it's been 2 whole days I am losing hope but I will maintain faith for you dog sun

No. 266287

KEK omfg the kpoppie who browses choachan LITERALLY was the first one to racebait on here. How rich

No. 266288

i had an opinion you disagreed with to the point of making up really weird assumptions for 30 posts. this whole place feels like crazytown lately

No. 266289

they're so predictable, multiple nonnies upthread called it ahead of time kek

No. 266290

that's not what racebait even is or means. you guys have really butchered the meaning of these terms rip

No. 266291

>30 posts
the choachan SCP induces schizophrenia too, how sad.

No. 266292

No. 266293

You said you use choachan and used the word "gook" where is the fucking assumption? Kpoppies are the worst and that's why I'm happy this shit is banned on here.
Racebait includes the use of racial slurs, retard.

No. 266294

just stop nonny you can't argue with the mentally retarded

No. 266295

so how is it racebait? i'm both a kpopfag but i also hate koreans and call them gooks? because i want to bait a race discussion? how does any of this make sense to you

No. 266296

>i'm both a kpopfag but i also hate koreans and call them gooks?
What in the fuck did I just read.

No. 266297

No. 266298

File: 1672630708191.png (591.85 KB, 795x541, 4j.png)

No. 266299

You should had quoted that for yourself because the way you wrote your shitty ass post doesn't make sense at all.

No. 266300

>i'm both a kpopfag but i also hate koreans and call them gooks? how does any of this make sense to you
it doesn't. I think you are a troubled individual

No. 266301

kek this is why nobody can ever find someone who wants to run this place

No. 266302

Your site is dead and full of illiterate retards

No. 266303

>Your site
the schizophrenia is out of control

No. 266304

>hysterics everyone here has bpd
>I'm not doing the schizo infighting dance with you
(but keeps posting for 30 minutes anyway)
>but we should go to choachan and bully them right now
>I'm not hiding that I go there and some threads are alright
>but I don't actally browse it that much
>i literally don't know what you're talking about
>i wasn't ever hiding that i browse it..
>you guys are more illiterate than the 12 year olds talking about gook dick all day congrats
>so how is it racebait?
>i'm both a kpopfag but i also hate koreans and call them gooks?

Truly perplexing, kpopfags never change

No. 266305

if you read all of this thoroughly you could almost come to the conclusion that i'm not a kpopfag at all

No. 266306

You just said you were wtf. You're contradicting yourself in every post, I think you're the schizo one here. I'm just going to report and ignore your shitty bait.

No. 266307

i said i browse choachan from time to time. not that much. i think some of their threads have interesting discussions. i've never seen any chinese media but i still read that thread sometimes. it's not weird or offensive to read random threads on imageboards if you're into the medium idk why it got everyone here so riled up kek

No. 266308

Someone really hit a nerve when they posted those choachan screenshots because you've been at it for almost an hour, stop defending choachan on lolcow please, this is embarassing.

No. 266309

i'm defending myself!

No. 266311

So you're a non-kpopfag who browses choachan?

No. 266312

>idk why it got everyone here so riled up kek
You've been infighting all this time calling people hysteric and bpd and you even used a racial slur. Chill out
>i'm defending myself!
You're defending an imageboard and you think you're defending yourself, this is so sad.

No. 266313

File: 1672631619390.png (12.36 KB, 633x187, tumblr_nwjvl6Stb11uxufnjo1_640…)

No. 266314

that's somehow even scarier. psychopath behavior. It's like observing a chicken processing plant and you don't even like chicken tenders. Just to watch the gore.

No. 266315

why do you keep replying to me if you hate me so much? i'm not buying it

No. 266316

Imagine having so much brainrot that even without being a kpoppie you end up becoming illiterate and racist thanks to using choachan

No. 266317

you're not the center of the universe

No. 266318

did someone on that website hold your family hostage or something
you make me feel like i am though

No. 266319

what do you think lolcow is for exactly?

No. 266320

File: 1672631971967.jpg (24.13 KB, 289x400, s-l400.jpg)

Ignore and report this thread, the retarded choachan racist bitch is thriving on attention whoring itt.

No. 266321

i guess you ran out of nonsensical arguments? are people even getting banned right now?

No. 266322

the lack of self awareness you have is endearing, bless your heart

No. 266323

pot kettle

No. 266324

File: 1672632372503.jpg (44.74 KB, 680x554, 1640272586476.jpg)

Sad that the moment someone says this thread was chill, here comes a retard and ruins it for everyone else. Sorry kpoppies of lolcow I understand why you don't want to mix with the retards from choachan now.

No. 266325

keep replying until you win you're almost there

No. 266326

Stop baiting aaaaaaaaaaah

No. 266328

who can win the autism stand-off

No. 266329

it's true tho

No. 266331

the "kpoppies" on here are just as retarded and to claim otherwise is just setting you up to repeat the mistakes of the past

No. 266337

can't have shit on lolcow.parm

No. 266343

File: 1672633750872.png (653.97 KB, 2331x961, Untitled.png)

SCP - 3804 (CHOA)

No. 266346

did you make this? kek

No. 266348

File: 1672634132545.gif (3.43 MB, 640x352, 1659678351232.gif)

No. 266351

anon, i have no words to describe how much I love this. The only problem is SCP 3804 already exists but this one is clearly better

No. 266353

This explains a lot of the autism about shitposting in here

No. 266375

I used to love survival shows but now I can see the editing tricks too easily so it's not fun. They keep focusing on the boys they want to debut anyway so you have to like them or your pick will not debut.

Hui should've been a mentor. How is anyone going to compete with a veteran idol? And he's too good at his job as a producer to be wasted like this. He'll definitely debut, then he'll struggle even more because of the nugu group he'll be in

No. 266377

op here im a newfag let me breathe pls it should be in the rules to not make a thread if it's this serious ;-;
can we post more of these so we distract the mods and the thread stay up thx

No. 266382

>so new she doesn't know about the dogboy lore
Where are you kids coming from

No. 266383

not surprised at Hyuna and Dwan breaking up this year but I will admit I thought they would last way less than that. One part of me thinks they only stayed together to prove everyone wrong

girl she banged Eunhyuk, she clearly has never had standards

No. 266387

Some of you in this thread are the reason why we can't have nice things on this website. All you do is complain and mindlessly spam every threads that doesn't fit your tiny mind. The conversation in this thread was fine because kpop has changed a lot since the last threads were banned. Most fans are older and are no longer obsessive. K-pop is only popular as it was in Asia now. Some of you are so offended that I'm starting to think that some of you are scrotes offended that women like men who don't look like shit.

No. 266388

>posts emoticons
>doesn't know about board's history with kpop
>doesn't know about dogboy drama
REEEEEE INTEGRATE or fuck off kpopfags. this is why everyone hates you.

No. 266390

>men who don't look like shit.
kek where

No. 266391

File: 1672646023813.jpg (28.94 KB, 480x448, junghyookorwhoeveridk.jpg)

please tell me you're not a kpoppie trying to tell anybody about "men who don't look like shit" these fuckers look like character ice creams from the ice cream truck hit front on with a hairdryer blast

No. 266394

Girl you do know there is an option between men who have never applied lotion onto their skin in their life, and kpop men plastic surgerized into uncanny valley creepiness

No. 266395

File: 1672646773476.jpg (Spoiler Image,335.56 KB, 800x1200, unnamed.jpg)

>Plastic kpop waxwork 3d cg models
>men who don't look like shit
HAHAHAHAHAHA you can't be serious?

No. 266398

>Most fans are older and are no longer obsessive.
it's even worse if you're old. go pay your taxes or something

No. 266403

not that anon and a zoomer myself but this is such an outdated underaged tumblr user response. yes liking kpop 15-23 year olds is kind of weird when you're above developed frontal lobe age but you can both pay your taxes and have an interest believe it or not. are you too one of those who shame older anons for being here?
clearly the issue isn't kpop if people are going to act this immaturely whether or not they have an interest in it

No. 266407

Ironically enough the only infighting or spam here is other anons coming here to infight with kpopfags.

Kpopfags please be stronger and ignore their bait. They will keep coming to this thread all the time to insult us, its our job to ignore them though, if we want the thread to stay up.

No. 266410

new song dropped while we were infighting nonnies

No. 266411

Wow more overly produced bullshit with cookie cutter idols singing songs written for them by moids! Soooooo cool!

No. 266412

kek i see ppl saying their songs are good but i dont see how its different than any other new kpop song. as you said their songs or production are nothing unique but theyre gathering a fanbase somehow

No. 266419

>everything is made by moids
not defending newjeans but its a woman min heejin who took the most part in creating them.
the song is good but the video is a bit messy because there is so many different concepts in one video that it it makes no sense. Also wtf does danielle have on her hair when she is dancing.

No. 266420

A nice pop song but I won't add it to my playlists. At least it isn't grating like Attention.

No. 266423

where are the funny ateez nonnies…

No. 266424

be the nonnie you want to see in the thread

No. 266429

File: 1672652459253.jpeg (269.48 KB, 1152x2048, EZqdl2UWoAElw0A.jpeg)

It's cuffing season
And now we've got a reason to get a big boy
I need a big boy
Give me a big boy

No. 266430

File: 1672652586080.jpg (39.59 KB, 468x695, unnamed.jpg)

soobin mogging short stray kids manlets.

No. 266432

File: 1672652767700.jpg (40.96 KB, 497x405, original.jpg)

how do i become jeongin?

No. 266433

File: 1672652897544.gif (4.52 MB, 640x640, hyunin-stray-kids-hyunin.gif)

there is no straight explanation for this.

No. 266436

hyunjin doesnt like cock

No. 266437

denial is a river in egypt.

No. 266438

File: 1672653269955.jpg (358.75 KB, 1365x2048, FlZHlb1agAALDrW.jpg)

is this the hanbin thread

No. 266439

File: 1672653334934.png (872.57 KB, 960x877, g.png)

Unintelligible babble, check.
Plastic uncanny valley moids, check.
Actually retarded husbandofagging, check.
Yep, it's choacroach time

No. 266440

girl jeongin is underage

No. 266441

File: 1672653433703.jpeg (205.34 KB, 1536x2048, hyunjae14.jpeg)

No. 266442

this was posted on choachan i didn't know kpop was allowed here i guess this is my new home

No. 266444

again jeongin is underage here what the fuck is wrong with you

No. 266445

File: 1672653586214.png (11.97 KB, 467x97, OK.png)

wake up, you've been in a coma for 3 years.

No. 266446

he is underage in the gifs you are posting you fucking retard

No. 266447

no need to get nasty, stay dog.

No. 266448

File: 1672653756705.jpg (137.86 KB, 736x920, a0655667a86dc0436532efa6466fe9…)

hyunjin is a breedable omega.

No. 266449

you're sexualizing jeongin in gifs where he is a minor

No. 266451

File: 1672653817750.png (10.52 KB, 901x103, WAKE UP JANNIES.png)

This thread's been posted on choachan now. Wake the fuck up jannies. How is this not deleted yet? Literally did they learn nothing from when kpop threads were last allowed? Why are they leaving this up? Kpopfags CANNOT contain their shit to one thread and if there's choacroaches in the mix too /ot/ is going to be hell until kpop is banned again.

No. 266452

File: 1672653889293.jpeg (507.6 KB, 2048x2048, hyunjae13.jpeg)

mi esposo jajajajajja

No. 266453

Admin, i'll accepte it, nuke this thread. I've been fighting for kpop posting to be allowed for months but if choachan parasites are going to spam ugly moids it's useless. WE have to protect our lc

No. 266454

>is on choachan
>complains about kpopfags

stop being a self-hating bitch.

No. 266456

thinking choachan is the problem when you have a stray nonce itt

No. 266459

File: 1672653979193.jpg (274.93 KB, 1151x2048, FlZZ8D8WAAI92Wc.jpg)

No. 266461

Why did you post it there? Is your life so miserable? What a sad fuck you are.

No. 266462

so do you think lucas will make a appreance on superm or not? will he forever be in the basement hiatus.

No. 266463

??? Literally the only reason I was there is to find caps of lolcow being posted there the nonnie upthread >>266442 posted about. I have never posted on choachan and I've never visited it more than 3 times (all to find caps).

No. 266464

File: 1672654116313.jpg (422.09 KB, 828x906, IMG_7318.jpg)

>not knowing most choachan users came from lolcow and are already crossposting between lolcow and choachan
lol. lmao even

No. 266465

Lucas had sex with his fans and now sm is punishing him…. he gave multiple fangirls the y/n dream. FREE OUR MAN.

No. 266466

y ese pistolón? pew pew

No. 266467

it was obviously some lc turd who posted it on ccc, you ladies never seen or heard of falseflagging

No. 266468

File: 1672654215465.jpg (424.07 KB, 1666x2498, FklcWumUoAAxUsn-orig.jpg)

okay before this shit gets nuked i'd love to talk to you all about my wife
he is hanbin, he's from vietnam and as a teenager he did kpop dance covers on the streets. he's a huge bts and snsd fan. at 21 he moved to korea and went on i-land (the stanford prison experiment but kpop, gave us the godawful group enhypen) and he got pretty far in it, final 10 i believe, but thank GOD he didn't debut with them. then they locked him in the basement for 3 years and he finally debuted with the group tempest.
he's the most adorable and beautiful man i've seen in my life. he turns 25 this month please prepare your well wishes.

No. 266469

Also this is not even a joke, his scandals really were about him abusing his fangirl girlfriends.
THIS, and they tried so hard to integrate by calling the choachan users ''gaypops''. It was obviously a lc user.

No. 266470

it was probably this >>266451 anon kek

No. 266471

i thought youtube links embedded in the same way here like they do on ccc and 4chan, my bad

No. 266472


No. 266473

glad we all love hyunchin and his legendary here

No. 266474

booooooooo throws tomatoes we hate your wife

No. 266475

No. 266476

you embedd them where it says ''youtube''

No. 266477

I'm >>266463, I don't know why you're accusing me considering I wasn't the first one to post about lc being posted on choachan but I didn't post it. I don't know if choachan has (You)s but if there is you can see the cap I posted has no (You)s.

No. 266478

before this thread gets nuked let me introduce you to my husbando intak. he is from a group called p1harmony. that's all i know about him for now because i just picked him up like two days ago

No. 266479

File: 1672654494085.gif (2.46 MB, 640x512, lucas-lucasspecial.gif)


No. 266480

File: 1672654512169.jpeg (450.2 KB, 1534x2048, FjDuSBGakAA6obR.jpeg)

dropped pic

No. 266481

>Posting nugus.

No. 266482

ok maybe it wasn't you then, it was some other tard from here though because she obviously didn't lurk long enough to know that "gaypops" refers to idols not choachan posters

No. 266483

pls be normal just for the sake of op nonnie (me) so i dont get a permanent ban

No. 266484

File: 1672654596968.jpeg (257.27 KB, 1536x2048, FkkMVfXaAAAYrdP.jpeg)

we love nugus here

No. 266485

at first i was so confused why some anons were calling huinjin ''hyunchin'' and now i realize its probably because of his chin implant.

No. 266486

kek yeah he got that nickname on ccc because at some point his chin was very pointy

No. 266487

i love how threatened lc is of choachan. we only have max 15 posters everyday kek what are you so worried about?

No. 266488

female imageboard, keeho. go away

No. 266489

You deserve it for being a newfag and not integrating.

No. 266490

I'm so sorry nonnie, you tried to make a nice thread, i loved being here for 2 days. I really hope they don't perma ban you

No. 266491

it's because we're weird apparently but i think if you compared the autism on dst to an average /snow/ thread it would be comparable. we should be frens

No. 266492

i feel like this group and blackswan both share the same fanbase…..i mean that as a insult btw.

No. 266493

File: 1672654928365.png (126.86 KB, 384x256, 6AC15A85-1F6A-4EEE-A557-7BCD25…)

I warned you that I wanted you a great mod, you troll the nonnie and you fuck the nonnie I warned you that I would return here to LOLCOR by my next presence.

No. 266494

File: 1672654984899.jpeg (59.9 KB, 602x740, main-qimg-231c29a305e1f6fcc19c…)


No. 266495

Look at you posting like giga retards and not being able to have a conversation. Go go ccc ! why you would want to ruin this thread when you have your own ?? Only mois could be this dumb and annoying

No. 266497

girl what the fuck is a mois? i dont speak french

No. 266498

File: 1672655066680.jpg (355.24 KB, 1365x2048, FkF91P0aAAA94yD.jpg)

>post nugus
don't mind if i do

No. 266499

File: 1672655093364.gif (870.38 KB, 498x280, BitterMatureLeafcutterant-max-…)

People who say suzy is the 2nd gen IT-GIRL must be underage 4th gen kpop fans because everyone who is a 2nd gen kpop fan knows that Yoona was the most popular female idol in the 2nd gen and she was the it-girl.

No. 266500

Moids, i tried to type like an autistic cunt so you would understand me

No. 266501

File: 1672655141013.jpeg (62.75 KB, 564x558, 258e575b2c99057d6caed84afce576…)


No. 266503

you are mad because you are angry

No. 266504

File: 1672655219047.jpg (32.72 KB, 400x400, -tk1WAap_400x400.jpg)

No. 266505

why do you keep infighting throughout this thread, everyone here is acting normal and just shitposting except for you. You might want to stop projecting your autism onto othe posters.
stop replying to them.

No. 266506

nta but i thought you were trying to say moas. let's think before we post next time, okay?

No. 266508

We need to talk about this.

No. 266509

why does this thread not have a no han rule

No. 266510

didn't mean to reply to you kek

No. 266511

File: 1672655344474.jpeg (36.86 KB, 320x349, image.jpeg)

No. 266512

because op is a dumb dumbs.

No. 266515

File: 1672655429362.jpg (336.35 KB, 766x766, brookfield-angry-christmas-cat…)

I warned you that I wanted you a great mod, you troll the nonnie and you fuck the nonnie and I warned you I would not return here to LOLCOR by my next presence We're helpless Nothing comfortable You're not doing anything You're not using anything You're not using anything You hurt us you are the worst than you are the worst and I want to go home, and I want kpop to be banned again, and it unleashes my hellish world, I feel like I'm on choachan and the thread's not deleted yet please please please please PLE CORRECT THE EYESIGHT I'M BEGGING YOU PLEASE BAN KPOP AGAIN YOU RUIN MY NEW YEARS DAY ALONE AND EVERY SUBSEEQUENET DAY SINCE THEN CORRECT YOUR MISTAKE AND DELETE THIS THREAD ITS NOT RIGHT ITS JUST NOT RIGHT all from memory ladies and gentlemen

No. 266517

boring. listen to this banger instead

No. 266518

lets just fill the thread with husbandos

No. 266519

File: 1672655541797.jpeg (480.49 KB, 1365x2048, FNQW3EzVQAM1avh.jpeg)

me and my husbando

No. 266521

awwww you two look so good together, two uggos.

No. 266523

Wonyoung is overrated, how tf did she become the 4th gen it-girl got me confused.

No. 266524

File: 1672655606942.jpg (3.21 MB, 2160x2880, Fc2ZZeGaAAIcUQ_.jpg)

thoughts on hanbin?

No. 266525

File: 1672655618799.jpeg (118.97 KB, 720x720, D9aV9TPXoAIENqj.jpeg)

No. 266526

looks like a mid-aged Japanese samurai.

No. 266527

4th gen is so robotic she stands out for being able to have different facial expressions

No. 266529

File: 1672655767023.png (244.38 KB, 503x369, tworetardsfighting.png)

choachan vs lc

No. 266531

i guess youre right but idk if she should be famous just because of that, she cant sing, her dancing is okay but nothing special, she is not that pwetty and has shaved her whole bones off and she has terrible chemistry with her ive members.

No. 266533

he has that nugu look.

No. 266535

no one in 4th gen can sing and no one dances especially well. as long as they move in sync 4th gen fans wont complain. i agree with you that an it girl should have more to offer but 4th gen has very few to offer in the first place

No. 266536

File: 1672655918905.webm (5.48 MB, 540x540, milnyu.webm)

me and my husbando (i'm chanhee)

No. 266537

why does felix look like every other uke in bl storys lmao

No. 266540

yeah he does… inshallah they will hit daebak 2023

No. 266541

people not giving onlyoneof the recognition they deserve.

Like kpoppies complain there isnt enough sexy bg, and here is a sexy bg and you ignore them SMHHH

No. 266543

Bang Chan of Stray Kids is a true leader and role model for the group. His charisma and determination have earned him the respect of his peers and the admiration of fans worldwide. He is an incredible leader, always looking out for the best interest of his group members. He is able to provide clear direction and motivation to the group, while also being able to provide support and understanding when needed. His guidance helps the group to stay focused and on task, and his ability to take criticism and feedback is a testament to his strength as a leader. He is also able to bring out the best in each of his group members, ensuring that each one is able to reach their full potential. Bang Chan is a leader who leads by example and is a true inspiration to Stray Kids.

No. 266544

you are sexy if you stan onlyoneof

No. 266546

hasburg jaw.

No. 266548

Winter is so gorgeous, I especially love the last picture from Girls era, all of her looks from Girls were killer

No. 266550

WINTER IS SOO CUTE YET BEAUTIFUL! Her visual is a perfect symbol of cute puppy. She's so pretty even since she was a little kid!

No. 266551

File: 1672656465115.gif (5.38 MB, 498x498, aespa-aespa-winter.gif)

she looks good with short hair. >>266548

No. 266552

stray kids hasnt released a single good song after 2021

No. 266553

Idk who this is but is she special needs or something?

No. 266554

yes, im her caretaker.

No. 266555

straight but gay for karina.

No. 266556

File: 1672656861152.jpeg (67.62 KB, 1200x1005, giselle8.jpeg)

idk about you guys but i love glizzy

No. 266557

File: 1672656952212.png (1.38 MB, 1000x1500, 1668925962-image.png)

she a abg baddie

No. 266558

she ate and devoured.

No. 266559

not this thread being dead because gaypop stans are afraid of female idols

No. 266560

we were only talking about female idols at the beginning i wanna go back

No. 266561

File: 1672657400776.jpg (239.55 KB, 1152x1440, FlY0cpCacAQ3azq.jpg)

i was being nice and leaving you all alone cause i was done shitposting. i do think ningning is one of the most beautiful women alive though

No. 266562

File: 1672657613132.jpg (89.31 KB, 1200x800, the only pretty ones.jpg)

stray kids ugly ranking.

1. Han
2. Changbin
3. Seungmin
5. Bangchan

No. 266563

put jeongin at 7 then you wont look so delusional

No. 266564

>bang chan 5th
invalid opinion

No. 266565

the way you forgot about minho's existence.

No. 266566

nonnie i was looking at it wondering why it looks short then i figured it must be the moid that left back in 12th century bc

No. 266567

Bless you nonnie I could not for the life of me remember how it went.

No. 266569

File: 1672658779056.jpg (26.71 KB, 800x423, unnamed (2).jpg)

New girl group from YG entertainment and there name is ''baby monster'' debuting in early 2023.

Do you think they will replace blackpink or will they will become flops like nmixx, There are also rumors that one of the members is literally 13.

No. 266570

im afraid theyll flop by yg standards. one comeback per year wont work with 7 member groups

No. 266572

jeongin is #1

No. 266574

To post here you have to have to be at least 18, so I'm assuming you're an adult, so… why do you talk about minors?

No. 266575

you need help if you see something sexual in that.

No. 266576

File: 1672661965164.jpg (192.8 KB, 1000x800, bangchan.jpg)

The only women I have seen like this group are all "gay" tifs.

The human equivalent of persian munchkin cats. They look inbred.

No. 266577

you say this on a site where you can make threads about 16 year olds

No. 266580

File: 1672663864399.jpeg (207.37 KB, 1079x1290, 1672660982324.jpeg)

Can't believe this shit thread full of retards is still up. At least the discussion was normal before the choachanners came here.

No. 266581

File: 1672663998339.jpeg (187.58 KB, 1280x1280, hyunjae5.jpeg)

my chad husband

No. 266582

the hackers known as choachan

No. 266583

File: 1672664994202.jpeg (293.76 KB, 1639x2048, FlU4_KfacAEASjQ.jpeg)

im crying tears of sorrow.

No. 266584

internet cringe machine

No. 266588

File: 1672667991638.jpeg (252.12 KB, 1366x2048, FkWWnU0UUAAGJuk.jpeg)


No. 266590

File: 1672668464325.jpg (73.03 KB, 1331x585, 9fd0cae0616635c415235f629b9a91…)


No. 266591

he is hated in here too, i remember anons who would post him would get banned here.

No. 266592

my angel is so oppressed it's unfair

No. 266594

hyunjin fans…wtf is wrong with you aw hell nahhh

No. 266595

No. 266596

get help, weirdo.

No. 266598


No. 266599

File: 1672669192442.gif (2.42 MB, 400x310, nct-lucas.gif)


No. 266600

He deserves this treatment for being a bully

No. 266601

File: 1672669243841.gif (1.74 MB, 409x498, nct-lucas (1).gif)

No. 266602

extremely based and changbin-pilled.

No. 266603

never got the hype he always moved like a monkey

No. 266604

You're just jealous he's about to raise the roof

No. 266605

What all these misogynistic scrotes deserve

No. 266606

does anyone know why in some parts of the song they are in what looks like a mental hospital. Is this song supposed to have a deep meaning or something or was this completely random.

No. 266607

File: 1672669826888.webm (3.67 MB, 598x462, Untitled.webm)

No. 266608

lmao i remember him getting dragged for this on twitter.

No. 266609

you can't pay me to watch a pedo jeans mv but hybe is known for mentalhealthshitting

No. 266610

It's funny because he still mogs everyone else

No. 266611

File: 1672672242394.webm (911.09 KB, 722x480, Untitled-2.webm)


No. 266614

what happened to that chinese unit without him? did it die? he was all they had and now he's got homosexual allegations. the ccp are doing a clean job of killing cpop and the chinese idol industry at large so I don't think there's any hope for them.

No. 266616

A sad sight. Shatna-admin really fucked us over and peaced out. Really though If this is what lolcow becomes, full of obvious zoomers or at least adults mentally stunted enough that they come across as underage and being unwilling to integrate, lolcow really is dead in a ditch.

No. 266617

share your thoughts on yg ngg or shut the fuck up

No. 266618

File: 1672674582741.jpg (70 KB, 556x680, Tumblr_l_171810350089613.jpg)

Maybe if they were at least funny itd be tolerable, but alas.

Since the mods have gone to bed forever, I propose we spam the thread with various images to impede all further discussion

No. 266619

she all but admitted, that she's basically gonna leave this place to rot until a new admin gets installed to fix her mess

No. 266620

the wayv unit still exists, theyre just not as relevant as they were before.

No. 266621

File: 1672674748565.jpg (64.31 KB, 625x493, Tumblr_l_315264011924161.jpg)

No. 266622

File: 1672674783387.jpg (69.08 KB, 473x611, Tumblr_l_368777392291143.jpg)

maybe if we meow the mods will wake up

No. 266623

ok boomer

No. 266624

File: 1672674837462.jpg (139.36 KB, 1936x1222, 20221215_105218.jpg)

No. 266625

great idea, I'm sure spamming a thead would definitely divert attention and make everyone forget it's there

No. 266626

not relevant in the fandom or in china?

No. 266627

File: 1672674866826.jpg (104.25 KB, 736x981, Tumblr_l_529433443154753.jpg)

No. 266628

this is really immature, but go ahead and call the kpoppies names. Also this thread is dead so there is nothing to spam, there is only like three active users in this thread.

No. 266629

File: 1672675001507.jpg (205.83 KB, 1080x1080, Tumblr_l_514888809111968.jpg)

No. 266630

File: 1672675007755.jpg (75.79 KB, 849x695, 1672605458751 (1).jpg)


No. 266631

Ayrt and this is exactly what I'm talking about. You don't even try to hide it and it's embarrassing. I'm technically a zoomer myself but you don't see me acting like a unfunny twitfag. No one wants you here.

No. 266632

i mean nice cats but this isnt achieving anything because the thread will stay up, it just looks like you are having a autistic meltdown.

No. 266634


No. 266635

reminder to lc nonnies that fans of the group in thread pic are usually males and troons. also half of these girls aren't of age, so they might be pedos too

No. 266636

we missed you queen

No. 266637

File: 1672675249878.jpg (115.38 KB, 510x718, Tumblr_l_388305596942235.jpg)

what u know about meow and purr

No. 266638

IVE and Newjeans fans are a BIG red flag, janis should keep an eye on it. They're underage girls that attract either underage fans or pedo moids. Don't let these be posted here.

No. 266639

File: 1672675417614.jpg (479.95 KB, 1180x2048, 20221225_083649.jpg)

husbando know a lot about meow and purr and nyaoi

No. 266641

if you cant separate moids from women who like good music thats your problem

No. 266642

File: 1672675505805.jpg (43.71 KB, 1080x1079, Tumblr_l_242773782667646.jpg)

No. 266643

File: 1672675680851.jpg (273.99 KB, 828x766, IMG_7327.jpg)


No. 266644

>good music

No. 266645

File: 1672675761492.jpg (551.59 KB, 4096x2926, Fgy90FaaEAAJ069.jpg)

this is my beautiful wife holding all our children we all love her now if you excuse me i have to change their sawdust

No. 266646

>han poster

No. 266647

his name is hannie

No. 266648

lolcow nonnies you are being raided by dawn and her 2 spergy friends. they are some fat girls who used to camwhore to 4chan moids. they are severely ugly and autistic. beware.

No. 266649

File: 1672676030624.jpeg (445.38 KB, 1536x2048, FHsKPNgaAAAgST9.jpeg)


No. 266651

File: 1672676151135.jpg (523.79 KB, 1500x2000, 1213231312.jpg)


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