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File: 1463829309672.png (145.44 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2016-05-21-00-47-40…)

No. 132905

>old thread dead
Previous thread >>No. 52615
Previous Previous thread >>34839


Truth Blog: http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com

>Now pretending to be Japanese from Japan.

I knew she was pulling this BS.

No. 132907

She's literally gone insane! I said way back >>No.106227 she's trying to use other girls images and pass herself as a Japanese girl.

No. 132908

>>106227 ,My fault

No. 132927

Where is she going insane? Where does she claim to be the girls in her icons? Almost positive she just uses those pictures because she finds them cute. Just looks like she's a shitty "lol so relateable" twitter. Pretty boring now.

No. 132944

For the cosplay_collection photo I posted, she had them post that she is from Japan.

No. 132969

I don't know how cosplay_collection works but I can imagine they assumed she was Japanese because of fake family name Tsukasa, not that she lied to them about being Jap.

No. 132986

Do you have proof she told them to say she was from Japan?
Otherwise it just looks like they did it of their own accord, she did have Japan on her twitter profile for the longest time.

No. 133088

Who cares? All we know is that she's the biggest weeb & koreaboo right now. She just won't admit it. And of course, I've seen many "cosplay" pages on Tumblr, Instagram, etc. that states that "Berry Tsukasa is from Japan." It's expected because, 1) her fake internet name 2) Her makeup skills is Japanese like 3) She even wrote down "Japan" on her twitter/Instagram description before.

No. 133096

>makeup skills

No. 133108

She's not even relevant anymore. Not on here and not on other social media sites. Despite the amount of followers on twitter/ig/etc. no one cares about what her or what she does anymore. She'd just another forgotten kawaii e-fame cow.

No. 135848

File: 1464643821918.jpg (85.82 KB, 640x617, image.jpg)

Lol, brown noser….

No. 135877

why does she still say qurl what

No. 135881

She seems so boring these days. She still just sits in her room all day and talks about playing video games all the time. Does she still pretend she's going to school?

No. 135901

Nah, shes too scared of people finding the truth about her fat ass.

No. 136116

File: 1464738187690.jpg (154.4 KB, 640x703, image.jpg)

New selfie.

No. 136122


No. 136131

Fucking hell, what's with cows flocking to DVa? Overwatch is turning into the new LoL.

No. 136141

It's because she's Korean

No. 136142

No. 136146

She even made a tweet earlier how she told her sister's boyfriend to buy her overwatch. Cool story bro. But since, that was so bs, she obviously deleted it

No. 136152

I knew this bitch wouldn't last long, she craaaves the attention.

No. 136153

Yeah, just like LoL it's because Overwatch is extremely popular right now, so it's easy internet approval points.

No. 136209

Loool, she deleted the pic.

No. 136239

The first selfie in several months, and it's not even good lmao

No. 136240

The shoop in her nose is really bad, she curved it in too much. You can see the enlargement of the eyes, she didn't go fish but it's apparent.

No. 136242

No, it's still up

No. 136255

She means D.Va is korean, not berry (if that's what the kek was at)

No. 136302

She deleted it on IG

No. 136843

File: 1464932424197.png (749.62 KB, 526x484, berry.png)

her face looks bloated without the bright filters

No. 136848

She looks like a melon.

No. 137220

File: 1465052269358.png (186.68 KB, 282x424, 8b5259ddb19c839496038609bf1062…)

eyebrows too thick to look like d.va nice try.

No. 137224

File: 1465055679709.png (12.31 KB, 582x102, 34567.png)

She doesn't even try anymore.

No. 137233

she deleted this

probably because she realizes how stupid it sounds

I know she wants to sound cool edgy im real teenager
but it's just stupid

No. 137249

Bye Tomie, hello to d.va or whatever the fuck she is now impersonating, how sad.

No. 137263

what is d.va?

No. 137271

A cute korean character from a Videogame that is trending right now in the gamer community, so ofc Korrine had to make the korean character hers.

No. 137481

I wasn't aware of this thread but here's some stuff someone posted in the old one

No. 138063

that kari chick is what berry aspires to be at least figurewise.

No. 138914

File: 1465605041748.png (254.73 KB, 584x463, lolwat.png)

Shes mad because theres white people trying to be asians but… berry youre the one whos trying to be white korean angel instead embracing your own culture??

No. 139354

That page is so stupid I wonder if it's a troll but white kpop fans are crazy.

No. 139419

It wasn't a good idea for her to go so long without posting any pictures then suddenly spring this one on everyone. She literally looks like a ball of uncooked dough.

No. 139688

so weird how she is similar to this page
pacific islander wants to be japanese

No. 141761

idk but honestly she looks like a 30 y.o mom with a hidden fat ass here

No. 141763

This thread is now banned. Anyone who tries to recreate it, asks me to re-allow it, or mentions the thread subject(s) in other threads will be permanently banned.

You may make a few final remarks or arrange an off-site location in >>>/manure/1924. That thread will be locked on June 22.

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