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File: 1436107511675.jpg (1.85 MB, 2448x3264, ami.jpg)

No. 55562

People generally like this girl and want to talk about her. Shes not a lolcow but if you want to keep track of what shes doing…

I met aminyan not too long ago. shes a small girl(if you think shes pretty in pictures shes even cuter irl especially since shes not making derp faces like in her pictures) probably 5,4-5,5 she gave me her business card(i threw it in the trash but i wouldve kept it if i knew she was following the aidoru dream). Here is the picture I took of her that day.

No. 55563

She's pretty cute. Can someone fill me in on why micki and friends hate her, other than her being pretty and successful?

No. 55564

She seems just normal and doing her thing. I don't think she honestly needs a thread.

No. 55565

She's a typical girl that wants to be an idol. there's millions of them on youtube. i dont think she deserves to have a thread. tbh

No. 55566

All these starry eyed weeaboos who want to be idols can get fucked tbh. If you're a grown ass woman, then there is no excuse to be doing this autistic shit.

No. 55567

Id rather have adults doing this age play idol stuff than kids doing it.

No. 55568

So there is a post circulating on black tumblr to vote for her for something http://aminyan.com/post/130177563841/%E3%83%9F%E3%82%B9id-miss-id-2016-how-to-vote-and-about-amina
I think one of the reasons shes popular is because she gives black weeaboos hope they they too can become kawaii desu idols in dream nippon land. Black people also get a lot of support from japanese tumblr because they are the most oppressed in japan and those japanese bloggers feel terrible about that.

No. 55879

No. 75675

What happened with amina?

No. 75716

She thinks shes superior to other weeaboos and talk shit which is NOT idol-likd

No. 75732

She thinks being a rare cute black weeb in Japan makes her superior.

No. 75734

If you mean recently, she posted something the other day taking a stab at all the weebs in the "net aidoru" community who just do it for attention/with daddy's money instead of working hard for it.

I have mixed feelings on her as a person, but I think it's cool she's in Japan and doing what she wants with her life after actually working for it.

No. 75735

Posts like this honestly crack me up. She THINKS she's superior!! She THINKS it!! Really? You read her mind? What else does she think about-how often does she imagine like..some really hot anime character taking 42 cocks consecutively. Because we all do it, so I wanna know how much she does it too. You read minds, so spill it sister. Put up or shut up, moment of truth. If you can't answer then you're confirmed for being Himeka.

No. 75742


There's no milk from Amina. She's not a cow and I wouldn't even call her a weeaboo. I think she's a bit neurotic for trying to be an idol but she's a full time student and does other shit which shows she has realistic ideas. If she had actual milk, drama or something I wouldn't care. But talking down on weebs doesn't make anyone a cow. Who cares if she's so "un-idol like" besides other idol fan fags". So what she doesn't act like a little girl? Get a grip.

No. 75743


By the way michiganfag here
And this op picture looks like Youmacon from the back.and Amina lives in Japan so this picture is like 2-3 years old.like where is recent milk lol

No. 75758

I feel like Ami is behind this post because of how fucking angry and defensive it is lmao.

>I wouldn't even call her a weeaboo
But yeah, I do agree she doesn't need a thread. If Himeka or Micky can spill some details on her being an online domme and her other dirty laundry, though, I'm game.

No. 75766

Hi Amina. Do yourself a favour and stop being such a salty bitch. Your singing is shit, your Japanese language skills aren't even entry level, you dancing lacks energy and you have a bitchy personality. Being black doesn't make you special, so fuck off.

No. 75768

Bad skin and old fake wig

No. 75776

Is this Himeka and Micky?

No. 75779

no milk 0/10. this thread is obviously vendetta. bring some milk and I'm game

No. 75780

and not amina, but you have to admit her japanese is pretty good from the missed video, and recent videos of her singing is good. her dancing is shit and she seems a little weird/crazy but this thread seems to be pulling straws.

surprisingly theres a lot of white knights for amina.im indifferent on her and i hate the people who act like she can't do wrong, but at the same time given the amount of times micky/himeka/random sjws tried to come here about her i think people are rightfully paranoid.
she's pretentious and a weeb but doesn't need a thread. i see her as kelsey ellison, annoying sometimes but not a cow. every milk micky and the gang have released on her was shooped…either way maybe this thread can prove me otherwise.

No. 75781

*miss id video

No. 75786

File: 1451328654598.jpg (76.97 KB, 625x625, a5fd9f50473ea78ab4a56687718039…)

>a weeb

What exactly makes her a weeaboo? She isn't butchering her Japanese and treating Japan like some holy land.

No. 75789

>wants to be kawaii idoru in Japan

Umm.. yeah, a weeb

No. 75793


Hi Mikaila.

Not everybody who tries for a career in Japan is a weeb. One, Ami has realistic ideas of Japan and her goals. Two, as a result of that, she has actually been successful in her goals.

That's the big difference between her and all of the other legitimate lolcows (Micky, Himeka, Kimmy Chu, Pixyteri). She's living in the real world while they're all living through Tumblr and animu.

No. 75803

I'm sorry, Ami, but most realistic, normal people do not shoot for low-paying jobs where you have to pretend to be a cutesy, upbeat character who adores having disgusting men fap over them.
If that news story about idolfags jerking off, cumming into their hands, not washing those hands and subsequently shaking their favorite idols' hands at meet-and-greets doesn't put you off the idea entirely, then you're a true weeb and nothing can save you tbh. That plus the fact that most idols aren't technically "famous", save for groups like AKB48.

No. 75805

She's in university and makes it obvious she wants a real job unlike Hayley Decker or other cosplay attention whores trying to crossover to aidoru shit. Even think about Yukapee who still is trying for a career in kawaii bullshit. At least Amina has a brain.

She literally made a post criticizing people thinking like that about idols and you guys call her bitchy. Vendetta 3/10 for effort.theres no milk on her. She isn't a cow.

No. 75810

Fuck, japanese men are gross. I have no idea why anyone would want to be an idol. Pretending to be happy all day, can't marry because you have to be 'pure' and interact with the grimiest of men. You're a literal object. No thank you.

No. 75811

No vendetta. I agree she's not a cow and this thread shouldn't be here (unless someone can dig up somthing), I made this post >>75758. She is undeniably a weeb for pursuing such a retarded hobby, though, even as a secondary thing.
And last I checked Yuka has carved out a nice little niche for herself modelling for BTSSB, working at Shibuya 109(?), etc. She's actually in a pretty good position, considering the pee video. Her mental health is probably fucked tho.

No. 75814

Didn't she say she something about being an idol as a hobby or for fun? I also remember someone saying she has a job outside of being an idol.

For her to honestly be a weeaboo she'd have to be running around Japan thinking everything is like an anime, butchering the language, and acting as if it's some holy land. She isn't doing that, so no she's not a weeaboo.

No. 75817

Nobody but a weeaboo or a Japanese chick with broken dreams of working in the entertainment business and/or daddy issues would ever wish for any of this or actively work hard for it. Deal with it.

No. 75823

File: 1451343599257.jpg (45.07 KB, 434x550, 1450191224504.jpg)

please be joking

No. 75824

She's not in a big time idol group so I doubt she's experiencing all of that. She also isn't making a career out of it. It's a hobby, a side gig. Something she's does for fun. As others have stated before, she's in college pursuing the career she truly wants. You honestly just sound salty about having fun with what she does and working hard. Get over yourself.

No. 75825

Unless you're 5'3 and below, 5'4 - 5'5 is pretty short to someone who's 5'7 on up. She's taller than what OP says though.

No. 75826

It's a hobby that only a weeaboo would have for all the reasons mentioned before. You're the one who's salty if you can't accept that tbh.

No. 75829

Micky, that's not what a weeaboo is at all. Seriously, take your vendetta back to PULL.

No. 75833

Not everyone who calls Ami a weeaboo or otherwise offends her is Micky (or Himeka), sorry. Micky herself is a weeaboo, though, so if I did happen to be her, wouldn't I focus more on saying she's somehow "bad" at being an idol or insult her looks?
She's just a weeb with weeby hobbies. It's not a big fucking deal or some sort of huge insult, jfc.

No. 75836


can you at least pretend to acknowledge the industry outside of akb48? akb is disgusting we all know this but what about other groups? do you not realize that most idol groups are just girls singing and dancing for fun

No. 75837

Expect that it's not inheritly weeby. Being interested in idols and the idol industry isn't that different from being interested in other parts of the music industry. It's obvious she know her stuff and isn't acting like everything is a ~kawaii desu~ idol anime. She also has other interest that don't deal with idols and even Japanese culture in general. She has her head straight. Just give up, she's not a weeb, there's no milk. This thread is pointless.

No. 75838

Micky's knowledge of idols and idol groups begins and ends with AKB48.

No. 76067


Keekihime says otherwise and she performed with a lot of nobody groups and saw tons of underage girls dating their old-ass mangers. Stop trying to pretty up the industry.
> I can kinda agree with that. Seedy and greedy, haha. Not only for chika-idols (underground idols), but also for bigger idols. The agencies want all the money. […] I can kinda agree with that. Seedy and greedy, haha. Not only for chika-idols (underground idols), but also for bigger idols. The agencies want all the money.

> I have witnessed a few of these “idol dating manager/boss” situations. Damn, those really creeped me out. Most of these girls were like 15-17, and they dated their bosses who were 30-40 years old! But I couldn’t say anything against it at the time. It’s something many girls see but won’t talk about…


No. 76078

She works really hard..as prostitute

No. 76080

Proof Anon.

No. 76086

it's pretty fucking weeby.

No. 76102

let's have a poll lol

No. 76108

Amina has literally talked about gross pedo men in the idol world and stupid weebs and was called a bitch for it. There's no milk except for stupid vendetta fags.

No. 76118

Ami, please stop with the "Everyone who dislikes me is Micky!!!" meme.

No. 76120

Not ami but I'm not calling you Micky. Just a vendetta fag. I'm surprised the admins haven't deleted this thread, there's literally no milk except for the autismo replies. So what she's a weeb? Weaboos are a dime a dozen these days. Still not a cow. You're probably just one of the aspiring aidoru who got mad she called you out.

No. 76121

u wot
First, admin doesn't delete threads. Second, I never once said this thread should be here, just that she's a weeb. Third, you don't need to be an ~*aspiring aidoru*~ yourself to recognize that it's a shit-tier hobby for weeaboos who are okay with pandering to creepy men for no good reason other than "b-but it's kawaii~!".

No. 76123

I'll agree she's a weeb, but like I said before weebs and aidoru are a dime a dozen. Don't see why she needed a seperate thread.

No. 76124

Sadly Hellweek has ended. Sigh…

No. 76125

>Don't see why she needed a seperate thread.
She doesn't, but somebody ITT keeps sperging out when they read "Ami is a weeb" and accusing people of being Micky, jealous cunts, and/or "salty about her having fun" and "working hard".

No. 76128

/snow/ is a board for shitposts and snowflakes (as opposed to actual lolcows), anyway.

No. 76130

File: 1451393443533.jpg (9 KB, 162x280, 12342796_1688700171406590_9092…)

>Not a weeb

No. 76147


No. 76152

>I'm surprised the admins haven't deleted this thread
Just reiterating, nothing gets deleted here unless it violates global rules.

No. 76165

True, but some posts deemed unworthy of snow have been moved to b.

No. 76170

They've locked pointless boards on here before too.

No. 76185

Her mouth is sooo wide, holy shit

No. 76215

I can see why people think most of the anons here are Micky or Himeka, after reading this entire thread the "milk" seems to be that Aminyan think she better than other gaijin aidorus and is a weeb.

No. 76260


Yes long post but have tried to cut out unnecessary stuff.

Ok lets clear up the weeaboo thing because it seems to mean different things to different people but i believe there is a general consensus. Have tried to make this as concise as possible.

The term was originally used as a word filter for "wapanese"-basically someone who is non japanese who wants to be japanese because they have a romantisized view of
japan, very much on par with anglophile-which originally meant someone who admires england but is now almost always used to decribe someone who is not english but who
wants to be english because of aforementioned rose tinted glasses and changes their persona to match a stereotype.

An example is madonna who has been called this because of how she changed when she moved over here. I am making the comparison with anglophile to try and show this can apply to many countries and that i'm not just "picking on people who like japan" because its not just people who are obsessed with japan who act like this.

There are people who are not into anime/manga at all but romantasize other part of japans cultural hertitage or cultural customs ex: they believe most people still go around wearing kimonos and "live by the samurai spirit" and want to move to japan because they think that is how everyone there acts. they assume the country will accept them with open arms because of their awful and perhaps rather racist mimicry of what they think japanese people act like.

These people are still weeaboos.

Now in regards to Aminyan, I do not know this girl but given all the things posted here i am not surprised other people think she is a weeaboo at first glance. First is her name-weeaboos usually give themselves a japanese sounding psuedonym also coupled with her tumblr "i came to japan to grow" (sounds very much like weebs who go to japan) the fact she wants to be an idol and famous, specifically, in japan and is not from japan among other things i cant blame people for thinking she is a weeaboo.

My point is a person doesnt have to be an "otaku" (which, no matter how hard they try and convince themselves, is not an affectionate term in japan) or run around screaming japan is perfect to be a weeaboo (although these are two major signs lol.) Its also about coming across as a stereotype of a group of people you are not a part of-and wapanese is a play on wigger-a person who wants to be black.

And i said all that here to apply
to other weeaboos who get posted on these board. In regards to her being a lolcow? Unless she does
something specifically cringy to me she does not appear to be one. However i do not know the wide
variety of attributes that makes someone fall into that category.

No. 76269

If this were like 2012 I would call her a weeb but she honestly speaks Japanese well, and has told people to stop calling her aminyan and call her by Amina which is her real name. Japanophile, sure but she has a realistic idea about Japan. A lot of people do study abroad to grow, weeb or not. Either way she isn't really cringey because this thread is composed of random stuff or things from like 2011.

No. 76403


>citing keekihime as a god damn source

obviously that kind of thing happens occasionally but how is this different from any kind of entertainment industry anywhere else in the world? it's not at all but for some reason when it concerns japanese idols all anyone wants to talk about is how disgusting the industry is and how apparently every single underaged girl is sleeping with her manager. obviously this is more prevalent with no-name groups where they're desperate to achieve recognition. it's still no different to girls in the states for example desperate for fame

there is more to idols than akb48 and chika-idols? like there is a pretty healthy in-between

No. 76424

She's cute. Her lip area reminds me of Azealia Banks. I wish she'd stop using that ugly high pitched voice tho.

I get why people put her in the weeb category, but I don't agree with it. She's cringey but it should be expected. Now that yall bitched about it, can we take back to following her updates?

No. 76435

Well someone did say that the seedy stuff only applies to akb48, was trying to show that it's not. There's also the ex-Morning Musume member Koharu.

And you're right, it's not different. But we're talking about Japan and idols here and not other places around the world?

No. 76455

my point is that if someone is interested in japanese idol culture they get jumped on for it and told they're doing it solely to pander to nasty otaku men, and this never happens in any other context. you might get told that you're delusional or talentless or whatever but no one reduces any other form of entertainment down to over-exaggerated bad points like this, i swear i've seen girls get less shit for camming than for wanting to sing and dance in japan. it's just dumb.

honestly this thread is dumb, since when is lolcow about making fanclub threads for people just to keep up with them?

No. 76466

not that anon but that's because people don't really know how this shit works. idol culture is terrifying, and not just because of the creepy otaku. most people can't grasp that or don't know. plus most of them treat japan like this magical place they can go to sing and dance and smile all day. no one thinks of the reality of the entertainment industry.

plus cam girls get shit all the time are you kidding? but camming is obvious for what it is.

No. 76477

I remember seeing a programme on nhk about it and surprised how honest it was about it. I knew it wasnt great but it came across worse than i imagined, these young girls, 5 sharing one tiny bedroom, not getting to see their families for months on end and living on very little because they were so poor. One girl who was 14yrs old looked so worn out and looked close to tears when she talked about not seeing her mom for 3 months and really missing her. So fucking shocking and sad.

No. 76523

I feel like amina Is feeling discouraged. Now she's saying she doesn't want to be famous but I honestly believe it's because she's at a dead end and nothing seems to be working out in the idol thing. I wanna see how the idol thing will work out for her so I hope she finds something soon. She should do youtube like she planned but she seems to be to lazy for it or busy but I think if she really wanted to do it she could.

No. 76529

it honestly goes back to japanese work ethic. your company -is- your family, you're supposed to devote yourself to them.

No. 76549

Japan has labor laws for children just like any other first world company. The company is first mentality is for middle aged salary men. Not little girls.

No. 76550

*just like any first world country
She's always did real life stuff like panels or making music than YouTube and I think it's gotten her further. As of now she's a full time student(not language school like Talli and most weebs in japan) and has another job in addition to doing real life idol stuff. If YouTube videos got you anywhere Abipop would already be famous by now. Also she used to be popular on Nico. not everyone wants to flail around on YouTube to love love "music"

No. 76551

Maybe she is "feeling discouraged" because she has experienced the reality of the idol industry and realised its very different from her fantasy of it?

No. 76553

The thing is, if this were any other weeb I would agree but Amina was never the "I'm gonna be super famousuugu like morningu Musume and u's in wonderful Japan land!" I've followed her for a while and she seemed pretty mature about it. She seems depressed lately but everyone has their down times. Still no milk. I think you guys are over analyzing 1-2 status posts….

No. 76554

She still seems to do regular events in Japan anyways

No. 76559

I wasn't talking about doing YouTube dance videos. But vlogging, it'd be a great way to make more friends and connections. None of these idol wannabes like eachother,She should try making friends outside the idol comm. the black jp yt vloggers seem down to earth compared to others and there isn't a lot of them so I think she should jump on that. Seems her friends kinda ditched her? I wonder why?

No. 76560

Micky needs to gtfo

No. 76578

I didnt know ami was like this, coming to her own thread trying to get it deleted, like what are you so afraid of? Most people her are defending you?(if it isnt yourself that is)

No. 76579


No. 76585

Not ami but There's no milk. lolcow has truly become PULL.

No. 76712

The same plp on pull use this site Lol, no difference. And I'm sure ami uses lolcow. Even doe there is no milk it's probably uncomfortable to have a thread about you on a site with scum bags.

No. 78918

No. 78920

No. 78940

There was a twitter post where she was saying that she seemed to have aspergers and then a twitter user with a dog icon proceeded to tell her how "aspergers" is not taken that lightly in jp

Ahaha oh my god

No. 78942

Also sorry for double posting but she sucks at japanese way more than I thought she did lmao I have always thought she had the best japanese amongst the aidoru wannabes but I guess that goes to kota

No. 78950

I wonder how would her wota react if they found out she did findome and when she had that thing with the Welcome to NHK thing
JP fans are bound to find out though
I do wish her the best but she doesn't seem to want to do the idol thing for genuine reasons, at least not anymore going from her tweets

No. 78951

samefagging but meant to put *creator at the end

No. 78962

Uh-oh. Apparently, Aminyan had a bad deal with her agency. They didn't book any jobs for her, and when she got one with her own connection they took tons of money she made from the job. Poor thing.

No. 78965

whats findome?

No. 78971

Is there more stuff you could translate for us, anon?

No. 79022

financial domination I think? usually shortened to findomme

No. 79035

not the same anon
but most of the comments are either
"She should learn more Japanese"
"Don't blame the agency, it's your own fault"
"Show business is the same everywhere"

basically nobody sympathizes with her

No. 79058

It's jrcach who posts her tweets to those matome sites to get Japanese to hate her and twist her information. Honestly she isn't that famous and I've seen him tweet the same thing from those websites word by word. This is probably Himeka or someone trying to twist something. That's not what her Japanese tweet said at all.

No. 79249


This is jrcach's doing. He was the first to post about it outside of the site. He's trying to make her look bad by saying even japanese people don't like her.

No. 79279


To be honest I believe you that it's Jrach who put the threads on the matome sites but, the comments made by 2ch are really like that and even the comments from the matome site users are the same (if you scroll way down)

and her tweets aren't altered in anyway it's exactly the same as what's posted you can check the link attached to the tweet

not even defending jrach but, aren't you guys too wrapped in the idea that aminyan has no japanese haters? god these disgusting old men will always hate gaijins because my pure bloodline desu

No. 79378

No she has haters just like if you post anyone to 2ch.. But don't make it seem like 2ch or Matome sites are the voice of Japan. Especially when Jrcach creates thread in the first place.

No. 79380

File: 1452464941490.png (991.24 KB, 1113x626, animan.png)

She was on kawaii international latest episode (pic related) had a very long segment on her aspirations to become an idol. I kinda felt bad for her when she was on stage only 2 people had come to see her and were dancing like they were having seizures.

She admitted on the segment she hardly speaks any japanese and ended up moving to Japan on a whim in the hopes of becoming an idol. For the "talent" portion of the contest she talks about her anime figure collection in comparison to other contestants who dance/do art etc. She manages to make it to the semi final but doesnt make it into the final 9 but did win a special award for loving japan. she was really beat up over this but not sure what she expected given she doesnt know the language. Shes defnatly a weeaboo but i dont think this makes her a lolcow. Shes probably the only weeaboo i wouldnt mind talking too she seems nice.

No. 79382

Honestly, I've seen her around at cons (in MI). I can confirm her weebiness is extreme. I met her at a short lived maid cafe in Detroit. She often pretended to have a Japanese accent, I wish I knew she would have ended up here I would have taken pictures. She had people in there dancing to her ridiculous idol songs. I don't know if she was in charge of this cafe or someone else. I came across her again in lansing talking in that ridiculous fake Japanese accent.

No. 79384


Yeah, this definitely jrcach's doing.


>ridiculous fake Japanese accent

She didn't have that when I've spoken to her. Are you sure you're talking about the right girl?

No. 79386

File: 1452465925545.jpg (93.41 KB, 398x295, 2012823114058.jpg)

I can't prove it, I thought she was doing it for the cafe. Or maybe the one in lansing resembled her. Sorry.

No. 79387

What? She made it to the finalist round of miss id because that's the only way you can win an award and go to their events. Her saying she can't speak Japanese was probably to sound humble because I'm Japan you can't uplift yourself or you sound like an ass. Her Japanese from the miss id video was pretty fluent.one of the girls who one miss id can literally speak no Japanese which is why she was mad.
I remember that maid cafe. It was god awful from the start but she was supposedly 15 when it happened and she's almost 20 now. We all have a weeb phase.

I don't know why you guys think talking in a fake high voice is a Japanese accent.her voice is annoying but I can understand why she does it.

No. 79388

Yeah but its strange in a city like detroit. It's DETROIT It was a nice shot at something different though. I actually hoped she'd fulfill her dreams ( in which she somewhat did).

No. 79389

And I remember when the miss id thing got viral with crazy batshit social justice warriors on tumblr about her having anime figures.all I'll say is look at the other videos.all the girls do some crazy shit.one girl enacted a porn and one girl just bounced her boobs around in a school swimsuit.is Amina weebish ? Yea but I hate when people give passes for Japanese girls to do wacky shit but for foreign girls you act like they should be automatically deported.

No. 79390

File: 1452466224327.jpg (91.63 KB, 640x960, ami-1.jpg)

No. 79391

>one of the girls who one miss id can literally speak no Japanese

I'm shocked she wasn't more pissed than what she was. She spent a long time learning Japanese.

No. 79392

She wasn't the owner but she one of most popular maids working there.

No. 79393

She's been speaking it for a while but her grammar seems to be still subpar. But what I've heard in her Nico lives she can speak pretty fast and well and that was about a year ago so she maybe improved in Japan.
I would be pissed too but she wrote about it on Tumblr and someone came here to say she was a bitch for saying that. So maybe she is more mad but not showing.

No. 79394

Thanks for clearing that up

No. 79395

Didn't Micky work there too if my memory serves me?lol

No. 79398

>moving to Japan on a whim

You should her give her more credit. She actually goes to university unlike other foreigners and also said wanting to be an idol was just a side job. That sounds more realistic than what other aspiring foreign idols have in mind.

No. 79400

not the same anon: I give her a lot of credit.It's not easy for a "black girl from detroit" to be noticed by Japan at all. She put hard work in what she does. I almost feel like she shouldn't be in this thread. This is my opinion.

No. 79401

She did, and she caused problems for Amina then too. That's around the time she was trying to date Amina's ex.

No. 79402

Why do they hate one another in the first place?

No. 79403

She's super cute, but her stupid smile makes it look likes she's pushing out little turds constantly.

No. 79405

Micky bullied Amina but played the victim the whole time. If you read Micky's thread on here you'll find out more.

No. 79421

That's probably because she and like one other girl were the only ones who weren't fat lmao

No. 79482

I have only seen this girl on that segment and dont know anything about her outside that and this was what was said on the programme. Please stop sperging out, im not attacking her ffs like i said she seems nice if a little naive.

No. 79498

she seems like she's ready to go home at this point. Almost everyone who lives in Japan for a year hates it afterwards so I'm not even surprised.

No. 79513

everyone has hard times anon whether they're in a foreign country or not.she said she didn't want to live there forever and she has shit other than the idol stuff there like university.

No. 79688

that video wasn't about showing your talent it was about showing your personality

No. 79707

Not same anon:but basically miss id is supposed to be about people who are different or strange in some way.if you noticed the girls who just sung or played an instrument did not get very far

No. 79860

Are you actually Japanese? Because according to my Japanese friends (who speak Japanese as their mother tongue) her Japanese is not fluent at all. Her grammar is terrible and she speaks way too fast apparently.

Like I'm pretty sure everyone who's kissing her ass here and saying she's so fluent in Japanese are just black girls who can't even understand Japanese (therefore assuming aminyan is fluent).

No. 79862

I'm nisei(second gen american) living in Japan currently. Her Japanese pronunciation is pretty damn near fluent but grammar has some issues. Japanese even have grammatical issues sometimes. Most of the people who say her Japanese is bad are people who probably are good grammatically (aka taking upper level courses) and don't know how to talk without using a grammar book. Either way this video is supposed to be comedic so I don't know why everyone is analyzing it so much. Not an ass kisser but if you look at her interviews on Japanese tv and shit it's obvious she doesn't talk like this normally.

No. 79863

>black girls ass kissing
why do a lot of people in this thread assume that her white knights/fans are black girls? Most of her haters are black girls like Bibi, Himeka, Micky, the so called Tumblr SJW hafuus. if anything I see nerdy guys on Facebook and Japanese gross wota fucks on Twitter praising her.

No. 79870

I think most of the replies here are by amina white-knighting herself! www

No. 79871

I'll drop some tea since this thread is lacking milk. Now I like Ami and all but I'll tell it no holds barred.
way back when I was friends with her on Facebook and even then she had a following for being kind of a troll. She still was a weeb but had a /b/tard sense of humor and tried being intellectual, a much more immature version of how she portrays herself now.kind of hard to explain but imagine nyanners
she entertained neckbeards but wasn't really mean to anyone.at that time Micky was a scene queen who posted nudes and tried getting with older guys.micky called Amina a weeb which she was but she took offense to it.at the time Amina broke up with her boyfriend and Micky started dating him(mind you the guy is 25 dating high school).apparently he was physically abusive to Amina and she warned Micky but Micky called her jealous.after that Micky copied everything Amina did.went from scene to weeb imouto(kind of like Abipop) and Amina got her Japanese stalker to harass Micky.i also wouldn't be surprised if the rumor about Amina being a financial domme or cam girl being true because she always seemed to have tons of cash.unless her family is rich.anyways she's a nice girl but there's deff milk there. not much but it exists.

No. 79872

Jrcach spotted lmao

Milk dropping anon here: honestly this girl has has been in the kawaii aidoru dance comm for a long ass time and 15,000 Twitter followers so it's not hard to believe people truly kiss her ass.

No. 79876

>Amina got her Japanese stalker to harass Micky

It was actually Micky and a group of her friends that were fed up with her.

>Amina broke up with her boyfriend and Micky started dating him

Micky started talking and flirting with him while he was still with Amina. Amina asked her to stop, she didn't and that upset Amina.

>if the rumor about Amina being a financial domme or cam girl being true because she always seemed to have tons of cash.unless her family is rich.

It's not true, it was just Himeka twisting shit around as usual. Amina has made many posts about her family helping her out financially and how it makes her feel bad and want to work harder.

No. 79878

I don't remember his name.but the big black guy Amina used to date -did- hit girls which is why Amina told Micky not to date him after she left him.its also pretty creepy he dated all underaged girls.i never heard of Amina having a boyfriend after that guy though and she stopped swearing on Facebook and is less serious now.think she cleaned up her act for the idol gig.


Amina was always buying tons of animu figures and going to conventions back then.she worked or some shit but the money didn't add up.she also went on trips to Europe without her parents when she
Was only like 14.if she isn't a cam girl like Himeka said I think her family is rich.

honestly I've been following this girl for a while but there's not much milk besides she dated a guy four years ago and has mysterious cash.

No. 79880

And in japan amina earns her money with beeing a prostitute

No. 79885

that's pretty outlandish with no evidence.shes probably just teaching english like most gaijin weebs.

No. 79888

>mysterious cash.

It's not mysterious. She's been getting help from her family and she had a job before she moved to Japan. She has a job in Japan currently as well.

No. 79899

She was seen at a place where you can find costumers

No. 79907

Honestly, I don't believe you. I think you're just trying to make milk because there isn't any.

No. 79908

She is not that pure as you think

No. 79913



No. 79915


Nobody's saying she's pure but she's definitely not a prostitute. I think you're someone with a vendetta. against her. Probably Himeka, and if not her, then Micky.

That anon's spelling is atrocious. Lol

No. 79919

Well she is friends with shani

No. 80010

I looked on Japanese threads about her and can't find shit about this. This is so dumb lol

No. 80031

What job? Someone know it?

No. 80037

I have heard about this but would like to read the stories. Have any links?

No. 80043

English tutor or something on her school campus I forgot. She wrote on tumblr a while ago

No. 80430


Way back in the first himeka and bibi thread, in a video Himeka posted was a Facebook conversation between her and Amina. You can see how Amina typed something like "I used some desktop catching software to monitor his PayPal and transfer money" or something of that nature. In the conversation was also a line about how she doesn't want Himeka to tell their friends about her talking with the nhk author.
I also feel like she might go to that kirari club because she favorited a tweet by them but that's probably me reaching idk

No. 80541

I never understood why Himeka made that video. I never proved Amina "bullied" her and if anything it just showed Himeka was desperate for people to hate Amina and likely still is.

No. 80570

>It's not true, it was just Himeka twisting shit around as usual.
Nope, the video showed Amina literally hooking Himeka up with a guy to take advantage of/dominate. It's not just a rumor.

No. 80575

>showed Amina literally hooking Himeka up with a guy

>hooking Himeka up with a guy

That doesn't prove she was apart of findomme.

There's more evidence of her, from her own mouth no less, getting help from her family than her being a findomme. And that findomme stuff should be taken with a grain of salt since it came from Himeka, who loves to lie about everything.

No. 80625

Weren't there legit screencaps of aminyan whoring herself? She was underaged and stupid so that's forgivable but if it exist no need to pretend it doesn't

No. 80629

No, Himeka took some pictures from a random girl's blog and tried to make it seem like it was Amina.

No. 80669

No no no. There was Himeka's old nude blog and she tried to make it seem like Amina.

No. 80785

I'm not talking about those blogs. I'm talking about the Facebook chat screenshots.

No. 80909

There were never such screenshots though.

No. 81128

What?? What are you saying? What do you mean?

No. 82677

Why does everybody think amina is pure

No. 82681


Honestly beats me. There is a literal video of Amina's messages to Angela talking about her finndomme stuff lmao
So weird how the consensus here is anyone who isn't Amina's #1 fan are jealous black girls.
She definitely isn't anywhere near Micky and Angela in terms of milk but she isn't the total innocent moe idol people are projecting her as

No. 82689

Nobody thinks she's pure, but nobody's buying the findomme stuff. Especially since Himeka was super selective about what she showed and not to mention she proved herself to be an outright liar.

No. 82690

Nobody thinks she's pure but the vendetta bullshit claims are kind of outrageous. Considering who it's coming from and there's no real proof or milk about Amina.

No. 83117

Then post the video.
This entire thread is practically some anons saying there is videos or screencaps of Amina not being "pure" or being a prostitute, or whatever while not actually posting the videos or screencaps, then accusing people who don't believe them (cause they didn't actually post any proof) as thinking of Amina as some pure sweet little angel who could do no wrong.

No. 83941

okay honestly who cares if amina used findom as a way to earn $ on the side? I wouldn't exactly call that taking advantage of some poor soul.

She's intelligent and cute to boot. Let her do her thing lol.

No. 83985

Wasn't that proof video from Micky (or Himeka)? If I remember correctly one of them said it was an old account Amina had that she deleted. But if Amina deleted the account, her profile picture would be gone. In the video her profile picture wasn't gone it was still there. It just sounds like Micky/Himeka just made a fake profile on Facebook to frame Amina as a hoe tbh.

Some of these anons sound like Himeka and Micky. If anyone has ever talked to Himeka you'd know 99% of the conversation will be about Amina. Nothing positive at all. She said Amina was rich, had sex with someone in a maid cafe, and basically was a whore.

No. 85716

Because she was a child.

No. 85719

also old video from last himeka thread

No. 85766

Even if that shit is true it happened when? 2012? She's obviously grown up and Himeka hasn't. Pulling for straws is getting annoying.

No. 85980

is OP micky?
she is quite the weeb but there is absolutely no milk to be found here other than that

No. 85990


Lol probably

No. 87070

File: 1454041324828.jpeg (191.9 KB, 640x990, image.jpeg)

Anyone seen the episode she's talking about? Really curious to see it. I don't know how bad it is, but damn, she's salty.

No. 87151

If it went down like she said, can't really blame her for being salty. I'd be annoyed if somebody was undermining my skills when they're not even paying me.

No. 87152

They made her look dumb and delusional. Like she had no plans, no one back of her and like she didn't understand a lot of Japanese. Like haha "Look at this weird novelty gaijin". Almost like another Beckii

No. 87153

*no fans backing her
/fucking autocorrect

No. 87201

No. 87207


Hmm, just watched it, it's not that bad. The worst part is the narrator's voice, it makes me want to rip her fucking vocal chords out.

But about Amina, she's not that badly represented. Sure they pick on her Japanese a lot, but even she says herself in the video that she doesn't know enough Japanese to express herself properly. And to be honest, in the harsh media world, I can't see anyone being sorry for her and patting her back because she tries hard. Fact is, her grammar and intonation aren't good and she can still only speak and conversational level. Of course it's impressive to people like us, but not to people in the media.


You serious? Since when did she become famous enough to get paid for that stuff? In fact some girl also commented on her status and told her to just try harder and improve her Japanese. Amina gave her such a salty and rude reply. I don't know why this bitch is so stuck up. She needs to get over that attitude if she wants to improve. And of course actually become better and singing and dancing.

No. 87272

If they made her look like shit, I don't think she's salty for pointing out that she was filmed for free and basically got shit on and got nothing in return. Fame has nothing to do with it. Irrelevant nobodies get paid for shit all the time.

No. 87303

Isn't trying basically what Taylor and Dakota get patted on the back for all the time? lol

No. 87312

still absolutely no milk to be found in this one :/

No. 87345

Aminyan is becoming so negative I don't even go on the blog much anymore

No. 87416

Not white knighting her, but it just seems like she's frustrated and maybe she feels more comfortable putting it on her blog, rather than voicing it to her friends. Sorry but some of the gaijin circles in Japan is shady af and I wouldn't really trust any of those girls to keep their mouth shut. I feel for her and I think as soon as she finishes school she should come go back home.

No. 87432

She seems to like japan though but is just having rough times. College is rough on anyone. Just because she isn't one of those smiley smiley j bloggers doesn't mean her life is miserable

No. 87452

I laughed when the narrator said the judges followed the girls online to see what they're like on social media. My first thought was "What if they saw Amina's rants?" lmao.

I see what she was complaining about though. They tried to say she couldn't speak Japanese because she supposedly "learned" from videos online. Even though Amina has said multiple times she had private lessons.

And they compared her against other girls in the Miss ID competition by basically saying they were more talented than Amina, which is shitty.

And OT but did Pe scare anyone else? He scares the fuck out of me

No. 87456

The other people from they contest (girls) can be outspoken on social media. Look at lady baby. One of that girls puts her middle finger up in every music video. Amina won the second place award. I don't know why they tried to downplay her. It was an overall shitty program.

No. 87489

She didn't win second place. She won some runner up award for foreigners. Basically a "Thanks for participating you weeb!" Award.

No. 87491

In fact, she was so salty over winning that award that she ranted multiple times about it, because she wanted to win the main thing and didn't want any alternatives. Eventually she was like "oh well I guess it's okay, but still not good enough, should have won first place since the winners can't even speak Japanese etc (turns into another rant"

No. 87492

There was a Japanese girl in the same category. I do agree the award title sounded weebish but I don't understand why you guys are pulling for straws so much. She was disappointed and she'll get over it. Honestly there's so much reaching to make this girl a lolcow. Idgi

No. 87494

and the award was second place because she was in LADYBABY's video with the other runner ups and took the picture with the winners.

No. 87495

I'm not even a white knight but I feel like a lot of you are taking this Kawaii uguu aidoru shit too seriously. I would be angry if she was fake and Kawaii all the time. Especially when there's girls like Himezawa in Japan I don't even know why Amina is mentioned so much. She's weird and says how she feels at times but I don't see that as "rant".

No. 87517

Because here on lolcow if you pretend your fine about not getting something you're faking and delusional but if you actually complain about it you're a whiny spoiled baby.

Let's be real we could be handed the perfect kawaii gaijin and lolcow would still find something to complain about.

No. 95160

I seriously think aminyan self post cause y'all are so defensive about some random black weeb. Let the thread die if "there's no milk!!".

This video is a bit TL;DR but she does talk about financial domination and giving himeka a slave and getting money from the retard.

No. 95180

Even if the video is real the message is from 2012. Honestly there's no milk lol. 0/10

No. 95182

She seems fake. The kawaii international video was interesting.

No. 95183


Aminyan isn't that bad. Not as bad as half the fucking cows in the /PT who people ass-lick, fuss over and white knight.

Dakota who got served everything because she's aryan.

Himezawa just because she's white is getting places

Venus will no doubt get fame because of drama/subs and abuse from her mum so the poor lamb DESERVES it.

Taylor R just pays for fame but is somewhat successful in her own way due to HK and degree ect

I like that Aminyan does work for her position. It's important and the ones who work hard are more admirable.

Kawaii International cocks everything up anyway. Risa Nakamura looked fucking drugged in that make up tutorial and they made Larme out to be shit.

No. 95353

Why does Aminyan hate white people though

No. 95369

>Himezawa just because she's white is getting places
kek she's going nowhere

No. 95378

Just because she speaks about issues doesn't mean she hates white people lmao grow up.

No. 96389

"Work" kek.

No. 96488

she has a ton of white friends, I highly doubt that, she's just tired of people like Himezawa and that one Hayrii chick trying to ride the fame train with no effort.

No. 96551

She doesn't seem to hate white people and even makes fun of extreme sjws sometimes. The Kawaii.I think was super edited to make her look stupid. I'll admit Amina needs to work harder but as a long time follower of her I really think she's sincere and doesn't put on a super fake act. I would be angry too if people like himezawa scam their way to Japan swiping daddy's credit card and claim to be a toppu aidoru. Makes gaijin look bad.

Oh and there's no milk. Too many crazy people hate Amina like Micky, Himeka, jrcach, fat black sjws. If there was real milk they would've found and leaked it already.

No. 96713


Can't blame Ami either tbh. Doubt she hates any race, it's just the nips she's catering to because she likes idol work/Japan.

It is true, people like Dakota who have sorta-kinda-meh worked for it and got lucky with the click of Japan's fingers, dished up everything on a plate all at once. Venus will probably get the same treatment now that she's nestled there in her kawaii pit and end up getting jobs simply because she's cute. Then you've got Himezawa who's probably gave some of that aryan pussy to some filthy old gook with a fetish or paid upfront like TayTay with a nice stinking pile of cash–yen converted and drawn out too to a lazy ass manager with a few tricks up his sleeve. It wouldn't surprise me at all.

So nah, I can see why she's pissed off.

No. 96739

>Himezawa who's probably gave some of that aryan pussy to some filthy old gook
She's actually married to some young Jap dude.

No. 96753


Doesn't matter. If it pays for what she wants, then she'd do it. Married or not.

No. 100526

surprised nobody mentioned Amina's gravure and Japanese song here yet. lol

No. 100583

This board is full of her white knights/black girls who look up to her. She has a rude and arrogant attitude, but that's okay, she's not himezawa or some other shitty idol!

No. 100585

Why didn't you just post it anon?

No. 100600

I agree there's a lot of rabid fans who seem to white knight her but there's a ton of fat sjws, Micky, himeka and Jrcach who vendetta her. She's no where near himezawa though and Amina never comes off as arrogant in my opinion. I feel like unless you act like an annoying Love Live character people will say you shouldn't be an idol.
I don't really care either way. Just surprised Micky didn't try to come here and call her a slut yet.

No. 100601

and most of the girls who seem to hate her like Micky And the tumblr girls were all black.If anything I think her white knights are whites.

No. 100603

Honestly, I think she's made these two post. The second sounds like something she said on PULL in Barbie's thread. In the same thread she admitted to stalking Amina's Facebook, likely through a fake account.

No. 100729

I'm sorry but amina is not gonna become an idol. Her smile is awkward and she posts about how difficult it is in Japan as if her fans are supposed to listen. Erm no.

I hate that so many western girls wanna be akiba idols dancing for old Japanese men like they are gonna be famous one day. What's wrong with becoming the normal idol.

You're not a teen anymore.

No. 100772


to live that weeb fantasy obv

No. 100782

You sound salty. Amina is in university and has a normal job. Not to mention she won a good award in miss iD and I don't think she wants to be an akiba idol, she's just having fun. I hate the white knights here but I hate the vendetta fags more than anything.

No. 100798

What are you on? She states that she is an idol on her blog, her Twitter and everywhere else. She even said she's joined some new idol group to become a signed/managed idol. Yet all she does is complain on her Facebook. She keeps her tweets nice because that's where all her Japanese fans are at.

No. 100820

wow you seem to follow her a lot

No. 100823

Yeah because it's so hard to google her accounts and read.

No. 100825

Not that Anon, but why do you care? I left this site a month ago because it was getting retarded with barley any milk or water. A whole month later and people are still talking about Amina, she literally has not milk no nadda zip. We get she wanted to be an idol, she complains on her social media take that a way and what do you have? Nothing. Not white knighting her but for fuck sake this is getting ridiculous.

No. 100831


Can you screenshot and share the posts where she complains a lot? I see a few commentary posts here and there but I don't get where "all she does is complain".

No. 100841

I know, the anon keeps saying she's bitchy and annoying yet doesn't provide anything. What was the point in bumping the thread?

No. 102367

File: 1457448225825.png (45.08 KB, 505x523, 1451166954714.png)


She's petty and moans way too much. I used to love this girl but everytime she's not where she wants to be she blames something or someone. It literally took me 5 minutes to find all the evidence.

Too many people white knight her for some reason. We all know that she wants to become famous and that this isn't "just for fun". She made a whole post about other who have no passion.

No. 102370

File: 1457449065768.jpg (539.34 KB, 1276x1676, tumblr_o1od8kXDR41t0ij5do1_128…)

Clearly not as popular as she wants or makes out to be. she blamed kawaii international for her bad segment which showed 3 people at her show yet they are one of the few helping getting her name out there.

She even went to the point of blaming her weird smile on her autism which you can find on her tumblr. There's nothing wrong with her smile but why mention the autism. Why not just ignore the comment if most people tell her its nice?

No. 102372

No. 102392


>anti weeb channel

>Amina is only person posted
>100+ thumbs down
This channel was obviously made by Jrcock(hence the horrible English) or some other vendetta fag.

>took 5 minutes to find
Well this isn't her profile picture anymore so you obviously screenshot this last year when she posted it and saved it. Vendetta detected. Even then is what she's saying wrong? How many bitches like himezawa go to Japan purely for fame with no passion? It's obvious Amina wants popularity but it seems like she still is genuine too.

I'll admit the Kawaii International segment was cringe as fuck and Amina should've done her makeup better but that program has done the same thing to other girls and have a record of it. Aminadidnt seem as bad on the other segments. Inb4 hey Amina or white knight, you still didn't prove how she's bitchy. You're just nitpicking because she didn't cater to your safe space or weeb illusions.

No. 102393

File: 1457453350315.gif (2.48 MB, 269x240, image.gif)

I just noticed the Facebook screenshot is in German. Hmmm which one of our favorite attention whore horribad aidoru cows is German?

The YouTube channel is also in poorly written English, similarly to a German native speaker who hasn't quite grasped English.

They also mention to be talking about many weebs, goes back to attack Amina in the comments but however only attacks Amina for being a "anti weeb channel."

Sabrina is that you?

No. 102406

But can you not ignore the troll and watch the video? like wtf. Trying to change the topic onto something else.

I actually found the pic on the himezawa thread. I don't speak german but decent try though.

Everything you've said is to try to out me as a vendetta instead of actually talking about what I've posted about amina. If you don't think what I've said is good enough then fine but don't keep going on about how much of a vendetta I have.

This website is about snowflakes. If you wanna talk about how much of a snowflake she isn't and want to defend her so much then go to her twitter. But don't spend ages posting here about how everyone who says something even slightly bad about her has a vendetta.

You are clearly the same person.

No. 102423

I like amina but she does come off as arrogant sometimes but not so much that I'd dislike her. In the Japanese ver of her song supposedly her voice is deeper and that's cause she's 19 now compared to when she was 16 lol. Hopefully she won't go back to the scraggly old lady baby voice. I feel like it's either keekihime or sabrina who post about her.

No. 102432


That's not what she said lol that's what some anon said

And keeki is a bitch and a million times more arrogant than Amina but they've met and I don't think it's her.
It's probably himezawa considering how mad she got at Keekihime about the Venus post and marriage visa because Sabrina thought keeki' post was about her so she probably thinks Amina's passion thing is about her too ngl it probably is.

And Amina doesn't seem that arrogant to me, just a bit confident and not self depreciating. It's fresh to see some reality in the idol gig. For Japanese fans of course it makes sense to be fake-humble but in English for western folks it's kind of try hard imo

No. 102460

i dont like her she seems pretty bitchy and "I'm better than other weebs!" like get off your high horse.

No. 102917

But she forced her voice to be high. And keeki has liked shady comments against amina so idk. And it was kinda rude for her to sound so snotty about the guy who made the song for her, idk what she expected?

No. 102918

Where did keeki like shady comments to Amina? That's pretty new to me so I'm genuinely curious.
And saying he put a filter on a song is rude? You guys are really pulling for straws at this point.

No. 103036


You are the sliest white knight I have ever seen. I have a strong feeling that you are amina, if not then you at least know her personally. Amina is smart so I have a feeling that you are her. Again trying to ask for evidence anytime someone says something bad.

You aren't "genuinely curious". Just no. No one needs evidence. We can say whatever we like. It's crazy that there is 1 or 2 people on this thread that have been posting to dismiss any opinion someone has about her.

No. 103039

No I'm just asking to see where Keekihime talked about Amina? This isn't taking any sides I'm honestly just curious because I follow keeki too and I know she can be quite arrogant.

No. 103048

How is that sly? People ask for proof on shit all the time on lolcow. We're not gonna blindly follow rumors unless they're based on something. You're the sly one trying to pass off word of mouth as fact.

No. 103051

And she has a bit of a following online so to blanketly say any post defending her is her is kind of stupid.
Also, I think criticizing her on makeup, Japanese skills or singing is totally valid but most of this thread is "Amina looked at me weird once" and just random bullshit. I'm not saying the criticisms aren't valid sometimes but it's been proved multiple times that Micky/Himeka have doctored messages just to fuck with her so of course people are going to think most of you have a vendetta. Plus there's no milk. This thread has been up for months but there's literally no milk besides some message himeka showed from 2012. It's getting stupid as fuck. Lolcow is becoming a highschool girl's bathroom wall.

No. 103052

I just made the previous post and b4 you accuse no I'm not >>103048 lol

No. 103053

>tries to spread random bullshit
>called out on bullshit
>"just no"


No. 103055

And I'm starting to think Himezawa is the perpetrator of most of this bullshit, because this thread didn't get traction until someone posted a German Facebook screenshot and was called out on being himezawa. Sabrina would have a motivation to blame Keeki too, because she tried to do the same with Keeki and got her ass dragged.

No. 103079

File: 1457546863100.jpg (21.05 KB, 433x399, Floss_d0bbed_5843678.jpg)

>No one needs evidence. We can say whatever we like.
then expect to be called out on your bullshitting because we only talk about things that actually happened
chances are more than likely that you are either micky or himeka and are STILL salty over nothing
she is just a huge weeb and that's it
tell me one time we have ever gotten legitimate milk from her in this thread because this place is just literally one (or two because of two cows we know that hate her) samefag and every other anon here saying she is boring

this thread is boring as fuck and unless you can actually give us any milk rather than telling us you have milk on her, it's best to let this thread die

No. 103153

>>103039 it was a post amina made and someone replied something shady and keeki liked the comment and I just thought it was shady. And voice filter or not in her first song she sang just like how she talks with a high voice. It's not that big of a deal idk why you're getting heated.

No. 103164

proof or gtfo

you can claim keeki did this all you want but just like the person claiming to have deets on rina or whoever in the idol thread no one cares unless you have screenshot and link evidence (at this point I would also need a link because you've had a while to fake shit too)

No. 103168

All I know is she has to stop making that grinch smile. Who actually smiles like that? It's ugly

No. 103803

You don't have to believe me, to me it's not that big of a deal and I'm not that type of farmer to dig for proof. Go to aminas fb and go thru all her post (if she hasn't deleted the controversial ones) dig yourself . Why is it that important to you that keeki liked a shady comment about her? Lol

No. 103804

Its just really strange that youre asking me for proof or gtfo for something like that Lol. Why?

No. 103809


>I'm not that type of farmer to dig for proof.

That's not how this works here. You have to have proof to back your words here. Without it you just come off as a vendetta-chan.

>Why is it that important to you that keeki liked a shady comment about her? Lol

Read >>103153

No. 103839

You're sounding REAL defensive. It's a simple matter that if you wanna talk shit you have to have proof? If you dont expect us to believe it, dont bother posting. you're the one who was insistent about it so if you know it to be true you should be able to find it. Simple.
tbh the fact that you're being so dismissive now seems like you were wrong, looked it up and just dont wanna live up to it.

Look in ANY thread. If someone claims something it's 'proof or shut up'

>I'm not that type of farmer to dig for proof
then shut up and stop spreading things no one else has ever heard of.

No. 103872

Youre the only defensive one. I stopped posting from here >>103036 coz I don't negotiate with crazy white knights. You are trying your fucking hardest to get this thread to die. Anytime someone says something you become aggressive. No one is sounding real defensive

This is you right now after someone says something:



The whole fucking gaijin gyaru thread has people talking about how someone murdered a girl and other sensitive BS and no one is asking for evidence. The whole gaijin in Japan thread and posts full of shit and no one is saying proof or stfu.

You are trying your hardest to make this thread die but you don't realise that every time you post and click on this site you are bringing it one step higher in the Google search rankings.

Keep trying boo. We can gossip as much as we like without proof. If you want to proof go to aminas fb and tumblr.

No. 103886

But I'm not being defensive..why would I be? The keekihime being petty thing is so minor why would I need evidence for that? You could believe me or not..idk why you blew something small like that to be so big..anyways at the end of the day there isn't much to say about aminyan I shared my opinions on her and that's about it.

No. 103890

I don't know why some anons here have such a hard time post a screen cap or link to prove a point.

No. 103892

>I don't negotiate with crazy white knights. You are trying your fucking hardest to get this thread to die.
You're the only one being defensive. It's not hard to just screenshot your claim and post it. Making claims and not backing them is stupid. What's the point of you posting if you can't provide milk?

>The whole fucking gaijin gyaru thread has people talking about how someone murdered a girl and other sensitive BS and no one is asking for evidence.

Because they know the rules and post milk and they don't get defensive if someone asks.

>The whole gaijin in Japan thread and posts full of shit and no one is saying proof or stfu.

Because the snowflakes in there have threads already and there's also talk of good vloggers and the ambw vlogs.

>You are trying your hardest to make this thread die but you don't realise that every time you post and click on this site you are bringing it one step higher in the Google search rankings.

Alright so which one are you? Himeka, Micky, or Jcock?

>Keep trying boo. We can gossip as much as we like without proof. If you want to proof go to aminas fb and tumblr.

That isn't how this works. Stop being a fucking idiot and provide some milk.

I have a feeling it's one the people who have a vendetta against her. Possibly Micky, since she tried raiding her own thread again recently.

No. 110121

File: 1458834062714.jpg (60.76 KB, 1040x530, 1458768566254.jpg)

No. 110122

File: 1458834258351.jpg (55.17 KB, 960x873, FB_IMG_1458834101716.jpg)


Aminyan "student" house

No. 110123

>About Me

I like many types of men, but someone who can make me laugh is the best. I'm a student here in Tokyo. I prefer men over 30 years old. When I'm not studying I enjoy fashion, watching documentaries, trying new foods and going to museums. 色んなタイプが好きですが面白いタイプが一番好きです。アメリカから来た東京に住んでる学生だ。30歳上男の方が好きです。勉強してないとファション、ドキュメンタリーと珍しい料理に興味があります。6年間ぐらい日本語をべんきょうしてるけどまだペラペラじゃないと思います。教えてください。 I can speak Japanese and English:) I'm a young student, and while I'm young my dreams are big. I'd like to be discrete and have fun, so I would get along with someone similar:) I'm well traveled, and have a lot of experiences. I appreciate honesty

What I'm looking for

Looking for a mentor-like figure to give me some business pointers, while having fun dates for the both of us. I think the point of this website is for both parties to have fun! :) Help with the ever rising university tuition costs as well as shopping and nice restaurants are perks, but I would appreciate the presence of a gentleman. I don't mind someone coming for business or for short meet. My time and presence however, is valuable so of course I am selective of who I spend it with.


No. 110128

That's obviously an apartment. A nice one too. I wonder how much rent is there.

No. 110129

This looks like the EF rooms in Tokyo…

No. 110134

EF room?

No. 110137

I searched it, and this was one of the results. Is this what you mean? Seems like a good place to learn Japanese.

No. 110239

she said she was a tutor for a long time and most foreign students work as english teachers. i don't know why you guys are trying so hard to make her into like some devil.

i tried looking for that profile on the website and no results. I think micky/himeka made a fake profile and deleted it. if it were her why would she use such obvious pictures of herelf? makes no sense

No. 110250

>micky/himeka made a fake profile and deleted it.

You might be right. Himeka was lurking on /snow/ earlier.

No. 110256

Don't think so
See the japanese

No. 110264

Both Micky and Himeka have used Japanese before. Himeka has had full conversations in it.

No. 110266

Seems unlikely for Ami to expose herself that way, even if she was into older men. And how old is she? Isn't 19 below the legally drinking age in Japan?

No. 110268

Himeka or Micky making that account seems like a reach. At least blame jrcach lol. But it probably is aminyans account she seem really well off in Japan but I don't think it's that bad. Didn't someone say the acc is a premium account? I hope it won't bite her in the ass, I really wanna see how the idol thing plays out for her

No. 110270

she paid for a premium membership and as soon as she was exposed, she went private.
It is her

No. 110271

>i tried looking for that profile on the website and no results
because she is private now lol

No. 110275

You don't have to double post to respond to people.

I doubt it was Jrcach, his English is terrible. Himeka the most likely because she's familiar with that kind of thing. Though it may very well be her account. Either way, it's not a bad thing. She isn't an escort or a prostitute. Unlike Himeka who is the latter. She also isn't with a company at the moment, so she's not violating a contract nor does she have to uphold the typical innocent idol image.

No. 110276

I know :)

No. 110297

I Know it's nor jrcach I was just saying out of the three it'd make more sense to say it was him.

Its aminas and I think it was pretty obvious that someone was helping her out in Japan, she'll be fine since shes still not in contract and she's keeping her possible company secret in case jrcach starts doing the same thing he did to keekis people.

No. 110304

Definitely her because her friend is also on there.

No. 110310

>if it were her why would she use such obvious pictures of herelf? makes no sense

So that the older men can see the woman's body and decide whether it is good enough or not. It's far from easy to get a sugar daddy.

No. 110319

At first it was her mom, but she doesn't feel ok with having her mom take care of her and her sister. So, it's understandable why she decided to do this. But, let's not forget she has a job too. Though that's probably not enough either.>>110310

That's not a good correlation though.

Just having a decent body won't pull you a good sugar daddy. A horndog, sure. If you really want a good one, you have to have personality and a good head on your shoulders. That's why girls like Micky, Himeka, and Barbie don't get far.

No. 110342

Sugar babies on seeking arrangement don't have to pay for premium memberships FYI. Only the guys.

No. 110343

They do. Only if you use your university email then you get it free.

No. 110346

It's not hard to get a university email. Either if this is real or fake I don't see it making much of a difference. Himeka released ami's "nudes" and Jrcach put that blog on her 2ch fan thread and it didn't make a difference. Even Kota had haters send bravo a bunch of shit about her past and it didn't change shit.

No. 110347

You are way too obvious.

No. 110348

Aminyan has 10k+ Twitter and Facebook followers. It's not hard to believe someone taking up for her may not be her. Either way having an account on a dating website Isn't the same as sere tier street hooking in kabukicho

No. 110351

I didn't say it was her but clearly there is one poster adament that sugaring is okay and that this is fake.

Either way unless she comes out to dismiss it then we can only assume that this is her with the evidence we have. Jrcach better not get his hands on it though seeing as she is joining an idol group now.

No. 110360

Then if it's fake why she hid her profile? Screams it's true and she's embarrassed

No. 110371

Not sure what you're trying to get at?

>having an account on a dating website Isn't the same as sere tier street hooking in kabukicho


>there is one poster adament that sugaring is okay and that this is fake.

You're reaching. Reread >>110319 , I said I understand why she's doing it. Understanding doesn't equal agreement. There's seriously no correlation in >>110304 post. Her being on there has shit all to do with her friends being on there. Nowhere to I say I think it's fake and that's the only thing I believe. I said before, it may very well be hers. As long as she isn't being like Sere, she's fine.

No. 110377

This thread is 0/10 no real milk.

No. 110845

amina White knight herself on here

No. 117192

File: 1460310360755.jpeg (384.27 KB, 1242x1812, image.jpeg)

There's something about aminyans personality that rubs me the wrong way. Idk what it is.

No. 117202

stop bumping this thread, there's no milk here.

No. 117204

So what?theres a thread to talk about her and I'm posting in it. If you don't like it, hide the thread.

No. 117206

Maybe it's just her age but it seems like she's very abrasive/short tempered with her American fans

No. 117209

File: 1460313080988.jpeg (149.27 KB, 1242x914, image.jpeg)

No. 117212

File: 1460313248967.jpeg (116.45 KB, 539x810, image.jpeg)

No. 117215

It was only made because someone thought there was milk to be had and there wasn't. There's no need for thread to be here or bumped.

No. 117218

If the mod is ok with this thread being up its fine. Unless you're Aminyan or a white knight it shouldn't bother you.

No. 117222

Admin didn't move or lock because this thread was dead, seeing as their wasn't any real milk to be had. If you're going to bump this thread have actual milk.

No. 117224

White knights never learn that by trying to defend they're to bumping the thread and not making anyone stop

No. 117230

File: 1460314399371.jpeg (255.27 KB, 1242x1408, image.jpeg)

No. 117231

She's sorta right. If people wanna do things so badly, they'll research.

But that ain't even her real hair tho so how can she do hair tutorials lol

No. 117232

People were asking her if it was a sew in or a wig and she didn't like it. She's alright but something about her personality I don't like much.

No. 117235

You realize there are tutorials on how to do sew ins and properly take care of wigs, right?

She also already said it isn't her real hair, not like that matters.

No. 117236

In the screenshot she says the person sent her that same message multiple times. So it's obvious why she'd be annoyed.

No. 117239

It's just the way she talks all the time. Like she's always defensive. I don't like it.

No. 117245

>>117239 you too huh? i thought i was the only one. She comes across as a bitch when she does that and i thought that "idols" were suppose to be sweet. when a mini earthquake hit japan back in december and everyone was saying Pray for Japan she put on her FB this long post saying how its bullshit an how it only hit a uninhabitate island in japan and how earthquakes are a common thing there. Like really bitch. Really.

No. 117250

I try to like her because she's a young girl following her dream but she seems so abrasive towards her Americans fans. I thought idols were suppose to act sweet and not even talk about political stuff etc?japanese idols don't do that. I try to like her but sometimes it's hard.

No. 117254

Also ok we get it she doesnt like weeaboos asking you how to be an idol but she could just ignore those questions and not get all know it all about it

No. 117274

what is she even talking about lol everybody can join those competitions, no matter your race, sex or what you do. You only have to speak japanese

No. 117278

File: 1460318171084.jpeg (235.51 KB, 1242x1025, image.jpeg)

every idols motivation for being an idol is to get attention unless they were forced to do it by a stage mom.

No. 117299

She seems blunt and straight-forwards and that can come across as abrasive probably.
She might be trying to say you're not going to have all the attention on you 100% of the time. If you want to be the sole star you should market yourself as the sole benefactor, otherwise you'll just be part of an agency/idol group/persona/ etc

No. 117301


Seems like that going to be her down fall if she wants to be an idol

No. 117308

>Seems like that going to be her down fall if she wants to be an idol

If that was the case she wouldn't have gotten to the point she's at now.

OT, I meant to say this earlier but I feel it's a little suspicious how this thread is active again, after Himeka posted in thread just yesterday.

No. 117316

If she does make it big I doubt her abrasive attitude will effect anything because she's obviously going to be nicer to her Japanese fans than her American fans and if she does make it big she will be banned from using social media anyway. Unless she encounters a Japanese idol fan whi doesn't like her and decides to translate what she's saying.

No. 117331

Aminas personality can be very cold.

She goes through moments of being very nice to her fans then very cold and it seems to be getting more intense. She lets her feelings get in the way of her job and it probably affects her Japanese fans too, even if it's more subtle.

No wonder she isn't really getting anywhere.

No. 117332

She could just ignore the repetitive questions. She didn't respond to mine asking her to explain the SB page. Ll

No. 117334

Is she like this with her Japanese fans?ive noticed with American idols it's like night and day. With their Japanese fans they're all moe moe kyun but with their American fans they're super serious and cold

No. 117339

She's got the right looks, connections and body type. What's stopping her really is her treatment of her fans.

No. 117344

Her Western fans don't have influence over the idol market. Her Japanese fans do and that who she has to impress. Not to mention the Western fans she has are made of friends and family from her hometown. So it's not like she has to keep up an image. They already know her personally.

Why would she? Seems like that's something very personal.

No. 117345

Yeah but as of now most of her fans are Americans. You've seen her lives. Less than 5 Japanese people showed up ands it's not like her Japanese fans can't see her Japan rants etc on Facebook. That behavior isn't attractive to idol fans.

No. 117347

She obviously doesn't treat people bad and seems really open to helping. Of course it's hard if you have 13 year old weebs asking you the same questions or asking you to make them an idol. It's not "night and day". Why would she be the same with Japanese fans when the culture is completely different? Again no milk.

No. 117349

No. 117352

Being famous should be more about being an attention whore though. You have to love performing to some respects. Or else you'll be like Himezawa who is practically playing pretend. If she was nice to American fans
all the time you guys would call her fake. This isn't on her official blogs it's on her Tumblr which she said is informal. Nobody is white knighting but I would be annoyed
too if I had weebs messaging me everyday 24/7 even privately. >>117230
This anon was hella rude. And when she didn't answer their questions they messaged again and again. What reaction did you expect?

I feel like a few vendettachans go to Amina's inbox to ask questions to provoke her and when they aren't getting the reaction they want(i.e. Answers about the sb page) they call her a bitch.

No. 117353

It's morning in Japan. Amina's going to be up white knighting herself and accusing everyone of being himeka

No. 117355


I haven't seen her "rant" on Facebook only tell girls the reality about idol shit in Japan. If someone is that fucking stupid and sensitive they shouldn't pursue a career in entertainment.

No. 117356

Yeah and it's evening in America where most of her Facebook fans are. She has 15,000 Twitter followers and like 7,000 Facebook followers. I'm pretty sure there's other people white knighting. This thread has been bumped after 17 days with no milk so you obviously have a vendetta. Probably that ugly girl Hayrii or another uguu idol.

No. 117357

I've seen her say some stuff about Japan. A few days ago she made a comment saying how Japanese people worship white people then deleted the Facebook post. You underestimate how stupid and blood hungry idol fans are.

No. 117358


No. 117359

None. Didn't screen cap it because I don't dislike her. just because I don't like her personality doesn't mean I hate her. I don't think she's a nice girl.

No. 117360

I didn't see the post so I can't fully comment but…
When has she been mean? I don't understand how sharing your opinion is "not nice"? Himezawa is evidence that even if you have a big nose and no talent you'll still get applause in Japan for being blonde and blue eyes. That's not a mean thing to say it's just how it is.

No. 117362

It's more than just sharing her opinion. Like another anon said she's very cold and abrasive. If shes in a bad mood and you're just trying to be friendly any comment she doesn't like will get a bit of a sassy reply. Also, if she wants to be an idol she should learn never to share her opinions on serious things. You don't ever see japanese idols doing it and there is a reason for it.

No. 117363

Ok I'm pretty sure I know who you are. Last year there was some argument or something on Amina's Facebook and some American idoru fan told her that she told her opinion too much and she wasn't like Japanese idols. If you're not that girl you sound exactly like her. If you've been holding a grudge since then it's kind of weird.

I'm a fan of idols too and I'll agree that Amina has to tone it down even if it's for American fans but at the same time if you've noticed a lot of SJWs follow her so she is probably trying to appease them. Either way I've never seen her give "sassy" replies and if she did I always took it as a joke. Either way since she's training in a group now you can see she's making a conscious effort to be less political and more idolly. I've always thought her Twitter and Facebook page were the official idol stuff not her actual profile…

No. 117367

Nope I'm not her. I just think Aminyan can be a bit of a bitch, I want to like her because she's black but she makes it hard.

No. 117369

>I want to like her because she's black


No. 117370

I want to like her because she's the only black idol and its different. But she's such an asshole sometimes and it makes me want her to fail. I want there to be a black idol just not her.

No. 117374

Oh gee you're definitely that girl from before. You're that black girl who did dance videos on Facebook with like 20 views and tried to attack Amina for not being "idol" enough. Why is it that 90% of the girls who have a vendetta against Amina is black? SJWs say they want "representation" but when they get it they complain because it's not them.


wut. this is obviously a vendetta now because I've never seen her as an asshole, just pretty straight to the point when things get serious. screenshots or gtfo

No. 117376

Nope not her. I hate attention, would never post videos or pictures of myself online.

I just don't like Amina's personality. I want her to succeed because she is black and doing something new but then when ever I talk to her or see her posts I dislike like her. It has nothing to do with jealousy.

No. 117381

>it makes me want her to fail.
>I want her to succeed

Fucking Christ pick one and shut up.

I wonder how this Vendetta-chan found Amina's thread. Probably friends with Himeka or Micky. Wouldn't shock me. Seems like the ones that don't like her flock to them.

No. 117382

I want her to succeed because she is black and I want to see a black girl doing these things but then I see her acting all bitchy and it makes me not want to support her. It's a conflicting feeling. I want to support her because of what she is but I have a hard time doing so because I don't like her personality. Work on your reading skills if you can't comprehend what I'm saying.

No. 117385

My reading skills are fine. You just have a vendetta against her because she's blunt.

No. 117387

To have a vendetta towards someone that would require hate. I don't hate her as a person, maybe she's really nice once a person gets to know her but what she shows is very unlikeable. And no I'm not affiliated with any internet girl drama. Actually I'm an under ground idol fan, been to many underground idol lives in Tokyo like koto, passcode etc

I heard about this American idol so I decided check her out. When I first heard Aminyan sing I thought she was terrible, she sounds like a cat dying but I was like "whatever most idols aren't good singers" I thought she was cute so I dug more into her and it turns out not only do I not like her as a preformer I don't like her personality either. Best of luck to her, hopefully she will soften up a bit in the future.

No. 117389

>i don't dislike her
>i dislike everything about her

You're clearly in denial about your vendetta. There's no need to half-assedly cover it up either.

No. 117390

I don't dislike everything about her. She's cute with a nice body. Her performing, singing and personality leaves a lot to be desired. I don't need to try to cover up anything because if you haven't realized we are anonymous. I dont think she has a sweet and attractive personality and if it helps you feel better I'm a male over the age of 24.

No. 117391

I can see people not liking her for her cold nature I feel it at times too, but it's not nothing that would make me dislike her. Idk why she couldn't just say wig or sew in doe. I wonder if she ever did get a sugar daddy. Must be why she won't show her apartment?

No. 117395

She probably has by now. I wouldn't be shocked.

No. 117398

>Idk why she couldn't just say wig or sew in

She's mentioned it multiple times before. Idk how you'd miss that.

No. 117400

Question for idol fans and not Amina white knights.

Do you think it would be possible for her to ever be seen as an"innocent" or "cutesy" typical idol after she's already shown so much of her real personality?Do you think when she joins this new idol group that new fans will find issue with her past posts?

No. 117402

Idk I don't think they'd care that much tbh. And I don't think the group will ever get to be super popular. They'll probably just see it as just an American thing and ignore those post.

No. 117403

I would like to say that I'm happy that Amina finally got a nice wig. The ones she use to wear were looking very crusty.

No. 117404

Outside of Imouto idols or some strange niche the average idol in Japan isn't super uguu with a fake voice. As long as Amina isn't rambling on about taking on the patriarchy it won't matter.

No. 117405

Most of her fans already don't mind her talking about politics and what not, so I doubt there would be an issue. They probably find it refreshing.

>The ones she use to wear were looking very crusty.
Not really. I've seen crusty wigs before. It just really needed to brushed and straightened a bit.

No. 117407

>As long as Amina isn't rambling on about taking on the patriarchy it won't matter.

This. I'm sure nobody would want to deal with her if she was speaking tumblrina nonsense all the time.

No. 117408

She answered it but a lot of black girls are sensitive about their hair.
And why would she show her apartment? That doesn't have anything to do with being a sugar baby. If anything it's probably just a small shit hole in Tokyo like most places and she doesn't want to show how small it is. You guys over analyze everything.

No. 117409

them wigs were looking stiff. This one is a real improvement.

No. 117410

She doesn't really do videos so I didn't see any stiffness. If anything it needed some conditioner and TLC. Anyways options are probably limited since most weaves in Japan are different than weaves for Americans. It didn't look the best and the new one is an improvement. At least she's investing in herself.

No. 117411

>male over 24

stop right now

No. 117412

I've seen videos of her hair before and I've seen a video of her new hair.

It looked ratty/cheap in her miss Id videos. Her new wig looks so pretty.

No. 117413

Anyone know who that weird looking girl she's always hanging out with is?

No. 117414

File: 1460345748694.jpeg (120.38 KB, 768x1024, image.jpeg)

This video? It doesn't look "ratty" but more so like she tried curling it or something.

This recent picture is her last wig. Doesn't look ratty but looks dry and needs to be conditioned or wavy or something. Either way it wasn't really "crusty" just needed to be renewed.

No. 117416

She's a black maid cafe girl and used to do dance videos. She is at the same school as Amina if I'm not mistaken. She works in Akihabara as a maid.

No. 117417

I don't like it. It looks ratty and dry compared to the new wig. Amina must be posting in here right now, I noticed that she just deleted this post on her tumblr.

No. 117419

Yeah her new wig is an improvement. But the last ones didn't look awful. Trust me I've seen awful wigs. And no I'm not her kek

No. 117420

They weren't the worse of the worse but they weren't very pretty either. Damn, calm down Amina I said the new wig looks nice.

No. 117421

That video was so awkward for me

No. 117423

File: 1460346496335.jpg (129.72 KB, 1662x1200, amanda-bynes-court-wig.jpg)

>It looks ratty
That's not what a ratty wig looks like. Pic is what a ratty wig looks like.

>Amina must be posting in here right now

Don't hold your breath.

No. 117424

How's the weather in Tokyo?

No. 117425

Her laugh makes my soul hurt… And that's saying a lot because I do not have a soul

No. 117427

She sounds like a boy trying to imitate a woman's voice

No. 117429

Sorry, I'm not Amina.

This reeks of samefagging.

No. 117430

Ayo Amina. Did your sugar daddy get you a new weave?

No. 117431

I don't why you keep thinking I'm Amina. Maybe you're blinded by the vendetta.

No. 117433

Look at the other videos. At least Ami brought home an award.

No. 117434

>keep thinking I'm Amina

Ok I will

No. 117436

Her mannerisms look very forced and unnatural

No. 117437

same fag so salty

No. 117438

Amina plz stop. You're getting defensive over every tiny comment.

No. 117439

>every1 is amina i want her to win but i want her to fail bcz she's blk im an over 24 year old male idol fan if that matters she is so bitchy crusty weave lol sugardaddy

No. 117440

You're Taking this super personally. You're either Amina or you know her personally.

No. 117441

Ikr, it's hilarious.

No one here is Amina and you're the only one being defensive. Take a breather.

No. 117442

No. 117443

She's a lot darker than in pictures

No. 117444

>You're Taking this super personally

Says the person getting defensive and calling everyone Amina, ok.

No. 117445

>video taken in summer
>picture taken right after winter
I've seen her at different skin tones. I think its the lighting or time of year. She's not as light as pictures but isn't as dark as that video

No. 117446

Her shoulders are so broad. Looks like a man with a wig on.

No. 117447

This thread has degenerated into pure same fag vendetta.

No. 117448

That would explain the voice

No. 117449

why are you replying to your own comment

No. 117450

The main reason is because there can never be a discussion about Aminyan that isn't 100% positive without white knights coming in derailing the conversation

No. 117451

File: 1460349021295.png (59.57 KB, 715x647, a.png)

How does she know that majority of Asian Americans racist against Black Americans are specifically Chinese and Koreans? Was there a statistic or something?

No. 117453

Because perfect Japanese people couldn't be racist like the low grade Asians

>weeaboo logic

No. 117454

No there can be honest criticism or milk like the sb page without just saying "She looks like a man" "she's a bitch" and other bullshit. its obvious its vendetta. Thread has been up for a week without real milk. Plus it was proven micky and himeka come here to post about her which is why everyone is skeptical.

No. 117455

Stop pretending like your problem with this thread is the lack of milk and not you just trying to white knight your friend

No. 117456

I'm not >>117440

There's no real milk. Personal nitpicks isn't milk. This thread is stale. It wouldn't even get to this point if people would just sage their whiny posts.

No. 117457

>this thread is stale

There are many other threads for you to choose from. Go post in those.

No. 117458

Actually Koreans have a reputation in the black neighbourhoods as being rude. Its probably just a stereotype but a lot of blacks think like this. Link related https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Latasha_Harlins

No. 117459

No, they're right, there's no actual milk here. A good majority of this thread is nitpicking, which is not milk.

No. 117460

Literally no milk besides "SHES COLD 2 ME". Vendetta fag thread 0/10

No. 117461

Go post in a thread with milk then. You can't stop other people from posting here.

No. 117462

Don't get mad at me for pointing out that this thread is lacking. Honestly, I feel like it belongs in /manure/.

No. 117463

You can tell by the tripcode that these three posts are different anon. However >>117457
are most likely samefags.

No. 117465

I'm not mad. Just telling you that you have no control over anything,

No. 117466

No. 117467


If you're gonna post in such a shit thread, at least sage your posts.

No. 117468

Let's make a deal. I'll stop posting in this thread when the mod closes it. Until then no amount of repeating "no milk" over and over is going to stop me or anyone else.

No. 117469

The mod doesn't close threads newfag 0/10

No. 117470

>the mod doesn't close threads
Exactly. The thread is up and it is allowed to be here. If you don't like it don't read it. If it upsets you then that is your own fault. You're only bumping the thread on your quest to be right and get the last word.

No. 117474

The thread is only on the first page because people act like they don't know how to sage.

No. 117476

And they're not smart enough to realize that by white knighting they're only going to make people want to shit post more

No. 117477

So…it's racist to stereotype black people but it's totally okay for them to stereotype Chinese and Koreans and make bs claims that they're much more racist than Japanese?

No. 117480

It's not over analyzing considering she was in one of the arrangement websites…

No. 117482

Aminyan use to be friends with himeka and moomoo or whatever the fuck her name is. Bird of a feather flock together. Wouldn't be shocked if she has a sugar daddy.

No. 117483

Might also explain her recent post about her parents are providing more for her. Probably a subtle attempt to cover the sugar daddy thing.

No. 117484

Well she said Japan is more developed than China and Korea which is true. Japan also has more exposure to black people. I have heard of blacks going to a big city in china and having their hair pulled by random people or someone rubbing their skin. Its not racist its just saying that Japanese are used to black people more. You guys are strawmanning the fuck out of this.
What does that have to do with an apartment? because she doesn't want to do a room tour has something to do with a sugar daddy? huh? she doesn't even make youtube videos. Even if she does have a sugar daddy who cares. plenty of girls do and plenty of idoru and moderu japanese girls do.

No. 117485

she stopped being friends with them because of that?
Its kind of weird you guys look through every single post she makes, double analyse it and call it milk. it reminds me of those crazy youtube illuminati videos…

No. 117486

The wig looks pretty expensive. That's probably why she got annoyed by girls asking about it.

No. 117487

Idk what you expect from this site.

No. 117488

They probably fell out over some catty stuff and not the whoring. Isn't her new friend on that sugar daddy site too?

No. 117489

most of the people here have actual milk that you don't have to look over every word with though

No. 117490

every weeb in tokyo is on there lol

No. 117491

All weeaboos are terrible people

No. 117492

I wonder if Amina knows that people know that she's only that gold digger dating site. I'm sure she would have deleted by now if she did.

No. 117493

File: 1460351663519.jpg (40.75 KB, 732x124, 32342234.jpg)

Considering how in the past she posted about her mom being a single mom in debt this sounds plausible.

No. 117494

>Might also explain her recent post about her parents are providing more for her
She's been saying that for years. She was pretty openly ashamed about it too because her mother is also trying to take care of her sister, which make this difficult.


>They probably fell out over some catty stuff and not the whoring

Himeka stopped being her friend because she was getting more views than her on NND. Micky was flirting with Amina's, at the time, and accusing her of bullying.

No. 117495

Also She said her "parents" are helping her but this doesn't make since because she said her father is not in her life.

No. 117496

It feels like every semi attractive weeaboo girl who moves to Japan ends up a prostitute for old jap men

No. 117497

Most likely talking about her grandmother.

No. 117498

File: 1460352686054.jpeg (84.33 KB, 1082x650, image.jpeg)

No. 117499

"Someone on r9k said my dad isn't in my life or something but my dad has a phD and was my highschool principal. The Internet man lol"
She's also mentioned her dad coming to Japan for his job. Her parents are just divorced.

No. 117501

If she reads r9k there's no doubt she posts on lolcow

No. 117502

File: 1460353093414.jpeg (247.06 KB, 1242x1439, image.jpeg)

She said her father is estranged

No. 117503

And if I remember correctly she went to Europe at 15. Her family is middle class but her sister has some disease so I think she'd rather work for her own money and not like other cows like himezawa or pt and live on mommy and daddy's salary.

No. 117504

File: 1460353562246.jpg (162.97 KB, 2000x2000, 1447197334524.jpg)

I swear, this dry ass thread only gets bumped when Micky and Himeka get tired of getting shitted on.

Bone. Ass. Dry. No milk.

No. 117505

I just know when her idol group debuts it's going to be a mess

No. 117506

I don't like Aminyan for the same reasons I don't like keekihime. Both Whiney bitches.

No. 117507

They already debut she's just a new generation member

Plus if a company pays for vocal and dancing lessons it's a pretty decent group. Y'all salty as hell.

No. 117508

It's not going to be a mess because of her singing and dancing. It's going to be a mess seeing the fans respond to some random black girl being added.

No. 117542

Lmao!!! Waking up to all the vendetta and white knighting on this thread. I've always said that Aminas fans have serious case of whiteknighinitis.

You guys give her too much credit it's scary. I go to the yukapon thread and people write all sorts of shit about her that is just hate and vendetta and no one white knights her like the way they do here lool.

Yea amina is cold to her fans
YES aminas wigs have looked ratty in the past
Yeah aminas personality isn't all there yet
Yes amina will probably slip up while in Japan at some point
She probably won't become too big either just because the industry she is in is quite limited

But if you like her then why the fuck do you care what some anon on lolcow is saying about her. Who the fuck gives a fuck? This person could be some fattychan troll who eats pizza all day.

Just stop white knighting this thread and move the fuck on.

BTW I don't like amina all too much either nowadays. I was so happy seeing her go to Japan but I feel like she is going down quite an awkward path and I doubt it's gonna do her any justice in the long run. Tbh we have yet to see a Western idol become big in Japan yet so it's just a waiting game to see how she will do.

No. 117549

The girls in her group she's going to debut in are fugly theres like 1 decent cute girl.

No. 117551

What group?

No. 117557

can you guys show pictures or explain why you think she's "cold" ngl I don't see it

No. 117561

To be honest though there's a lot of people in this thread a-logging which is hilarious. White knights are fags but so are the people saying "she's totes a bitch wahhh" and shit like that. Either way she's full time in university so it's obvious she doesn't plan on doing this forever. She has a ton to work on and should be called out but at the same time I can see why people would overreact considering the admin proved Himeka and Micky came here to shit post her.

No. 117581

They aren't because they don't have any real proof. It's been like this since the beginning of the thread. What >>117504 said is most likely true. Just Himeka or Micky using this to post their vendetta.

No. 117585

she seems like she was a lot nicer before going to japan. I was happy for her too back then.

No. 117588

File: 1460379811659.jpeg (86.67 KB, 961x763, image.jpeg)

This wig is kinda meh too

No. 117593

Amina u cant be an idol u r a sugababy u r not pure stop please

No. 117595


we keep asking for ways to support that but nobody wants to fess up. I honestly can't see how she's a bitch. >inb4hiamina

No. 117596

I remember when Dakota first went to Japan and a bunch of PULLfags sent her agency pictures of all the rude shit she did and nothing happened. Japan doesn't care as long as you're bringing in sweet sweet yens.

No. 117597

questions never answered

No. 117598

a strand is out of place in her bangs but besides that the wig looks normal.

No. 117604

I don't fucking live on lolcow. Instead of waiting for my response all you had to do was go to her twitter and the group she's joining is obvious. You can do it. There's a girl with short blonde hair. All manly looking but one.

No. 117605

>getting aggressive over a simple question

You need to calm down. Also, that wasn't the group she joined. That was a picnic with the finalists of Miss iD and some extra people.

No. 117608

You also have to take into consideration that ami is a an idol not a model. Record companies have let go of more popular idols who make a lot of money for really tiny things because once the fans don't see you as a pure waifu, interest is lost.

No. 117609

Her first company didn't care, so I doubt the second one is gonna care.

No. 117611

Because they most likely don't know about the sugar daddy site etc. I don't think any fan will tell but if they did want to, they could get her kicked out before she even debuts. kind of like what happen to keekihime.

No. 117616

Animas white knights are like wild bears.

No. 117618

That wasn't a whiteknight. That was someone with a vendetta.

They'll probably make her delete it. It's not like she's a prostitute or something. Honestly doubt they'd care much for it though.

No. 117623

it doesn't matter if she's having sex for money. Any dating or sex with guys is seen as inappropriate to idol fans. Idols can't sing, they don't produce their own music or really have any talents at all, which means their only selling points are personality and then looks second.

No. 117634

File: 1460394308353.jpeg (181.24 KB, 1242x1800, image.jpeg)

No. 117635


looks like someone photoshopped a fetus's face onto her body wtf

No. 117639

she needs someone to come up and fix her hair and help her relax her face

No. 117657

File: 1460401197774.png (34.12 KB, 684x413, 2342324.png)

>Jpop is pop music made by Japanese people and has distinct Japanese elements

>Kpop rips everything off Black Americans so it's actually black music just in Korean

Does Amina just hate everyone who isn't black/Japanese? A quick google search would've educated her that there indeed are black/half black musicians in Korea but nope, since she doesn't know about them they must not exist.

>even half black acts face ton of racism but I see half white girls all the time

Yeah, because they're half white they must never get discriminated against ever. I'm starting to think the only 'racism' she cares about is racism against black people.

No. 117670

She realize that white/Japanese people get shit in Japan too right?

I feel like I have a slight bias when it comes to Amina as we're both black, so of course I want to support her…but comments like this always rub me the wrong way.

No. 117673

There aren't many half black Korean idols but to be fair there aren't many half white ones either. Everytime a known half white idol tries to debut in Korea they never get anywhere or they're not as popular as the Asian idols.

White people have trouble in the idol industry as well.

No. 117674

You guys saw the shit miss Japan got but there's plenty of haafu white talents in Japan like Maggie and Becky before her big scandal. Black talents are almost for exclusively used for music and comedy in Japan but haafu white talents have a broader spectrum and outside of Tiffany Caddillac who isn't very famous I barely see any non-White non-Asian haafu models.

No. 117675

>there's a girl with short blonde hair
Is it Denpa gumi inc? Or …every idol group?
that's like saying "it's a girl with twin tails"

No. 117676

She actually left her first company(world otaku mate) because they didn't know what they were doing.

I remember before Ami left Japan a ton of girls said she lied about her contract and told her to post a picture of her signed contract. Of course she didn't but it goes to show how stupid a lot of people are in the aidoru comm.

No. 117680

Koreaboofag detected
well Korean idols aren't the same as Japanese idols. at all. and yes black people are viewed as thieves and ugly while a lot of people think white people are beautiful. People in America and Europe think that too so idk why you guys are so salty about this

That's not what happened to Keeki. KH had a scandal before she was even an idol because she took like €4,000 from a Japanese guy promising to fuck him but just used the money for her Japan trip. Keeki got kicked out because they couldn't get her another Visa and because Jrcach pretended to be concerned about her visa to her manager. nobody even cared about the guy she fucked over.

No. 117681

All I'm saying is her comment about there being a lot of half white idols is false. There are some but they're not house hold names like the Korean ones and they get hate too.

Even in Japan there aren't really any full white idols as popular as the japanese ones. The issue isn't that she's black, the issue is that she's not Asian.

No. 117682


She never said that white people didn't have problems or discrimination in Japan but it's obvious they are the preferred gaijin, even over southeast Asian. I don't think anyone thinks that there are tons of white idols in either Korea or Japan…

No. 117684

Not that Anon, but I'd take being famous in America or Europe over Asia anytime. It tends to work out better in the long run.

No. 117685

I'm taking about this >>117657 comment.

She's saying there are a lot of half white idols in Korea but that statement is false. The only half white idols I can think of are that British girl and that now disbanded girl group chocolat that broke up because no one cares about them.

No. 117686

>record companies
There aren't any "record companies" in Japan that control the idols, the management does. and you must not know of sashihara from AKB who had her nudes leaked but she's still voted #1 every year. The "profile" didn't even have her face or name in it and it's taken down. Plus it's only in the lolcow gaijin in Japan thread by that girl who hates sugar babies and hookers. I doubt anyone who matters will give a fuck.

No. 117687

she didn't say there was a lot I more got that she said they had it easier…

No. 117688

Shh fam don't argue with children.

No. 117689

She said she sees them all the time. Work on your reading skills.

I see as many half white idols as I don't half black which is almost never.

No. 117699

Yea no point.

No. 117702

She has some serious nasolabials. Not even the shoop helps. Damn.

No. 117710

File: 1460415798354.jpg (73.5 KB, 500x750, 8788643.jpg)

No. 117718

I'm a bit confused about what everyone is arguing about. All I can say is that amina is doing very well at alienating her western fans. Amina is by no means dumb so I'm 99% sure that this is on purpose because of her moving forward in Japan.

We've seen other idols do this before so it's not really any surprise imo

No. 117719

File: 1460419706953.jpg (411.18 KB, 1500x1202, dark-crystal.jpg)

No. 117721

this thread is hysterical. if you actually read her status updates she clearly isn't even thinking about this one way or another, she just says shit as it comes to her.

itt: people either over or underestimating the calculations of a nobody aidoru

No. 117725

My sides kek

No. 117729

The American fans support these gaijin idols and help them get to Japan then we get thrown away like last weeks trash

No. 117738

amina in 2011

No. 117755


No it's the group she joined. There's a girl with a short cut and they are hit in the face. Not the miss I.d meeting.

No. 117758

That was definitely the picnic. She has it captioned as her at the picnic. Honestly you could have just posted the pic your talking about. This is what an image board is for, especially in times when you have to back up your words.

No. 117783

If someone is in Japan why would they focus more on western fans. Western fans can't come to lives, they can't buy Chekki and they can't buy CDs because most are only in Japan. If they're in Japan why would they not focus on Japanese fans more? That literally makes no sense. All American fans can do is like pictures on Tumblr and Facebook.

No. 117784

Name the group then?

No. 117786

Because if someone is a fan of yours, you should be nice to them, even if you can't gain anything from them. That's called not being an asshole.

No. 117788

Can you guys show screen shots of her being "rude" and mean? I mean you guys keep spouting it and when someone asks for examples you tell white knight. If she's so rude and mean then a screenshot shouldn't be so hard to come by.

No. 117899

>If someone is in Japan why would they focus more on western fans.

FIRSTLY I didn't use the word focus anywhere in my post. It's not about focuses on her fans or who gets the most attention. It's about treating her fans with respect. And this nasty attitude of hers has been brewing for a while now. If her western fans are irritating her then she should just stop responding the questions.

You seemed to have a skewed view of what an idol/famous/well known person actually does.

It's not about being rude though. most people have not used the word rude. It's about having some respect for all of her fans that have supported her to get to Japan and that seems to be going downhill.

Stop trying to make people's comments about Amina into something else. You don't need anymore evidence. There's loads her already.

No. 117907

Her posts calling people out on asking her about being an idol and asking her fashion advice have been deleted. She even knows her self that was being a bitch to people.

No. 117908

File: 1460459452563.jpeg (82.93 KB, 1242x679, image.jpeg)

No. 117909

File: 1460460830667.jpeg (401.98 KB, 1242x1816, image.jpeg)

Here's a good example. She wasn't rude but why can't she just answer the question without all the passive aggressive undertones?maybe his anon just doesn't know much about idols

No. 117919

You're adding a tone that isn't there. She realizes they don't know, and she informs them and answers the question. Try again.

There isn't any evidence on here. It's just been accusations of her being "mean" and projecting feelings that aren't there onto her post.

If she's actually mean, posts something of her being mean. Not her being blunt. Or her explaining something in detail so she doesn't have to explain herself again.

No. 117921

>>117919 I'm a different anon than that post but…
If there's so much "loads" of evidence then just fucking post it without analyzing random Tumblr posts. If she's such a huge bitch then why is it so hard to find a clear post where her nastiness comes out? Dakota Rose isn't an idol and I don't know what's wrong with her explaining that?

someone said foreign idols "give away their gaijin fans like trash" um wtf. There hasn't even been five gaijin idols in Japan. Keekihime had an English blog where she regularly posted but she got famous from NND so most of her fans were Japanese. Yukapon was never a real idol in Japan so let's not count her. That Kelsey girl had an English blog that she regularly updated answering weeb girls questions. Tia was even in one of those Jvlogs where she talked about being an idol and she posts mainly in English because she barely even speaks Japanese. Besides Keeki who can be arrogant at times most of the girls are normal to their foreign fans. I mean Himezawa is literally scamming people and Delandra is doing all types of illegal shit not to mention trying to adopt a kid. This thread has been going on for 9months with almost no milk besides a dating profile that doesn't even have her face. I honestly believe Micky or some other (un)kawaii fat black girl is posting this shit because it reeks of vendetta. Don't come here with bullshit claims without supporting them.

No. 117922

>she wasn't rude but passive aggressive. How can you tell someone's tone over fucking Tumblr? Also how many times has Micky or Himeka come with "evidence" that was a proven photoshopped picture or that time Himeka made all those nude tumblrs and sent it to Amina's fan? It's obvious there's a small group of girls trying to piss on her for no reason. So if you're going to come with reasonable criticism at least bring real evidence for christ's sake.

No. 117934


Any weeb with a ton of attention always gets asked about Dakota. They always try and be nice about it, I can see most try not to bad mouth her because even though Kota did shitty things in the past she is also the one who has gotten far as fuck in the Japanese modelling/entertainment industry. So… it could affect them.

No. 117935


oh my word

No. 117941

Did you mean to quote a different post because I'm not >>117909

No. 117945

At the end of the day there are people getting annoyed at amina. Now stop the fucking arguing.

Did anyone notice the stat counter on her blog lol

No. 117952


Nobody bad mouthed Dakota tho. She's not an idol she's a model.

No. 117956

I honestly can't understand why Amina's white knights are so passionate. I'm convinced someone who knows her posts here, seems fishy that she deleted the posts she got called out on after they were posting in this thread and now she's acting nice again.

No. 117958

>stat counter

Why do you think she has that now?

No. 117963

When was she ever mean though? Nobody is "passionate" but it's kind of stupid how the same two faggots keep coming here with dry ass milk besides "shez mean but u have to look at her posts closely!!1111"

No. 117976

You watching the thread everytime it's bumped and white knighting isn't going to stop anyone though. Maybe a mod should check the ips to see if the people posting are Micky and the other ones so you can stfu and let people discuss.

No. 117980

This is a message board nobody is stopping you from discussing. When you write little faggy shit we can reply. like stfu this isn't PULL.

No. 117981

honestly when are you faggots gonna answer the question or are you just gonna bitch and moan about tumblr ?????

No. 117985

As someone said before no one said she was rude. Someone people just don't like her attitude. She deleted the posts so yeah good thing she's learning before she gets worse.

No. 117987

It's hard to have a discussion when you keep accusing other anons of being those black girls every other post.

No. 117990

>You watching the thread everytime it's bumped
You realize every time you bump it, it ends up on the first page, which everyone sees.

>and white knighting isn't going to stop anyone though.

Nobody is whiteknighting, people are pointing out how dry the thread is.

>check the ips

Admin nor any of the Farmhands do that.

>to see if the people posting are Micky

We already know it's her she lurks and posts here often. Just like Himeka.

She didn't delete the posts. They're still there. Also, passive-agressive behavior is a sign of rudeness, so yes, they did infer she was rude.

If it's really making it difficult for you to discuss, then just go to PULL. Seriously, you can have your "discussion" there without interruption.

No. 117991

how is she rude besides explaining something to someone who asks? Is everyone here retarded?

No. 117992

At first I just came in here to express my annoyance with her and leave it at that but now I'm just going to keep bumping the thread to trigger you

No. 117993

Can you read?no one said she was being rude.

No. 117994

It's not triggering to me. I'm just pointing things out. No need to be a tryhard.

No. 117996

If your problem with this thread is the lack of milk then 90% of the threads on this site shouldn't be posted in. The majority of Kota thread is just people pointing out they don't like how she looks, the girl hasn't done anything in 3 years. Why is this thread any different?

No. 117997

ITT: Ami showing her autism

No. 118000

>90% of the threads

Not even close, a good majority have milk of some kind, even Kota. This thread however has had absolutely nothing to show besides sandy anons who don't like she words her sentences.

>ITT: Vendetta-chans showing their autism


No. 118001

That's literally the only complaint weebs have on this thread but they won't even gig an example of how rude she is. But I have reason to believe Himezawa or some other big nosed scraggly weeb girl is behind this vendetta. It's a passionate hate for literally no reason. The ask about Dakota on tumblr is from October 2015. If you have to go that far to find something remotely "rude" there's no milk. Take this shit to PULL with the other tards

No. 118003

What good milk in Kota thread beside the fact that she photoshops her pictures weird now and she apparently has a bf? The only thread on here that has "milk" is venus thread and himeka. The rest are just people nitpicking etc, but for some reason this thread gets an exception. Just because she black doesn't mean people can't say anything negative about her.

No. 118004

>ITT: Vendetta-chans showing their autism
Nope. Every time this thread gets bumped, the exact same person (you) pitches a fit screaming about how it shouldn't be here and there's no milk.
If you want it to die so badly, stop posting in it and giving everyone a spectacle. Saging means nothing when you keep reappearing to argue and call people who won't sage vendetta-chans whenever they try to have a discussion.
Go become a mod on PULL and bawwleet threads if you're this easily triggered.

No. 118005

It annoys me when people try to tell me what to do, so if you tell me to stop posting in this thread it will only make me want to do it more.

No. 118006

No one cares what you do, you're just making a sperg of yourself.

No. 118008

Obviously it bothers you because you are white knighting so hard

No. 118009

No it wasn't from a picture she posted. She's keeping the group a secret. But you can easily find the group from her twitter.

That comment about Dakota rose didn't seem rude at all. Some of aminyans post do seem a bit rude but nothing major, could be frustrations.

Is jrcach still harassing her online?

No. 118010

She looks like a lawn gnome without makeup

No. 118012

What's the group?!

No. 118013

They're not going to tell you so you might as well stop asking

No. 118014

Who am I whiteknighting? Ami pls go

No. 118016

I don't get the vendetta fags. bring new milk pls. share her group and tell us how she's rude since there's "loads" of evidence.

No. 118017

>The only thread on here that has "milk" is venus thread and himeka
That's a load of bs and you know it.

>Just because she black doesn't mean people can't say anything negative about her.

Who said it was because she's black? Stop reaching, people are opposed because there's no milk.

I'm not >>118001, there's multiple people against the thread.
>Saging means nothing when you keep reappearing to argueand call people who won't sage vendetta-chans whenever they try to have a discussion.
The only time this thread gets bumped is when you don't sage. Anytime someone sages, it doesn't get bumped. How hard is that too understand? And what is there to discuss? The fact you don't like the tone of her posts?

>Go become a mod on PULL and bawwleet threads if you're this easily triggered.

I'm not triggered, and didn't say it needs to be deleted, Admin doesn't delete threads, but it should be moved to /manure/ like I said before.

You sound underage.

They won't tell you because they don't know themselves.

No. 118018

This. I wouldn't mind the thread if they would actually post something worthwhile.

No. 118019

no but I think she's frustrated because that Hayrii girl is in Japan who basically talked shit about Amina but then name dropped her and used her to get access to gigs on small gross stages in Akiba. tbh Amina posts seemingly mean things sometimes but if you knew the backstory I think everyone would agree. either way she's an idol and needs to control that.

No. 118020

>because she's black
Most of her haters outside of Jrcach have been black. Micky, Himeka, the tumblr fat SJWs. The people that support her the most are white actually.

No. 118021

Doesn't matter if you sage when they person replies to you, they're bumping the thread.

No. 118023

I'm not
But you sound like a dumbass. We know how to reply and sage kid.

No. 118024

Are there any gaijin idols that aren't shit in some way?

No. 118025

No, that anon is right.
>respond to person arguing with them
>other person responds to you and doesn't sage
>thread continues to get bumped
Your sage means nothing if you're trying to actually communicate (as opposed to make a singular comment), unless you're going to try and convince everyone to sage the thread.

No. 118026

I don't know how they overlooked that.

No. 118028

Her and the hayrii girl seems to be friends now doe. Hows that girls idol career going

No. 118031

She auditioned for a group and got in I think

No. 118045

File: 1460480201067.jpeg (27.25 KB, 475x310, image.jpeg)


No she didn't. She auditioned for Akiba backstage but she's only going to be in Japan for five months so it's pointless. If you guys think Amina is a cow then Hayrii/Hayley/Akibakoala (kek)/Dwarfchan is a fucking mess. She had a contest rigged at AWA so she could go perform in Japan but nobody came to her performance and she was exposed on Facebook for bragging about having Akibacup rigged so she could
go to Japan again(it ended up having her friend win). She also talked major major shit about Amina making threads about her years ago but once Amina got to Japan Hayley name dropped her as her "friend" and added all her Facebook friends to make connects in Japan but she's never even met Amina. Oh and the cringiest part is that she posts on 4chan /b/ as a nude attention whore. Amina is a bit annoying at times but Hayrii (wtf) is total cringe.

No. 118047

she's not an idol. her name is koala-chan for fuck's sake

No. 118048

How old is she?looks a bit haggred. All gaijin idols are some cunts.

No. 118052

She's 25 but acts like she's 15. Like I said Amina's posts were bitchy but I know Hayley in real life from Atlanta and I could understand why she was frustrated. Hayley and her friends even harassed her and made threads about her when she was 15 and Hayley was like 21. Weebdramas lol. Someone wrote more about Hayley on CGL if you have time to read. Everyone in Atlanta hates her and she's pretty ugly in the face so it's obvious while she fled to Japan.

No. 118056

Wait I don't think they are friends I keep mixing up hayrii with Heidi from the miss I.d comp.

No. 118058


Heidi seems nice but it's sad she did horrible in miss id. she spent all that money for nothing lol.

No. 118061

Is this girl wearing a Mary Magdalene replica or something? It weirds me out when I see idols take random lolita and pretend it's kawaii idol uniforms.

No. 118065

Hayley isn't an idol and yeah it looks like a Bodyline rip off. Even Japanese idols wear Lolita though.

No. 118071

I thought she was trying to become an idol.

No. 118073

I wish the whiteknights would just get blocked from this thread ffs. Like really?

The admin needs to do something here because there are some triggered fucks that have this creepy love for aminyan.

This thread is exactly like any other thread on this site. Just go to the Yuka and Dakota thread and its exactly the same. Dry milk. Yet there's a handfull of most likely black underaged weebs that obsess over her.

"We can't let little cute amina be insulted. She is representing all the black aspiring weeby idorusssss back at home"

I didn't want to say that (as I'm black too) but its really my only answer to the scary number of whiteknights on here.

No. 118080

Convenient how the topic has changed. Who is that girl?

No. 118084

Why are you so mad tho? Maybe people just like her like people like Kota and Taylor? Is it that hard to wrap you mind around that.

No. 118087

Amina is most likely a bitch like all Internet weeaboos but it's good people are defending her because usually black girls get ripped on hard. White knights in here need to take a chill pill tho

No. 118090

Yes it's fine that people like her but stop with the no milk vendetta-chan stuff.

Like nearly every thread here as no milk. Its just people insulting the way others look. I actually don't dislike amina. I'm neutral. But there's no need to scream no milk everytime me or someone points out her declining attitude towards her fans or says her wigs are bad

No. 118093

>there are some triggered fucks
No one's triggered. Asking to provide something other than "I don't like her tone!" Is fairly reasonable.

>We can't let little cute amina be insulted. She is representing all the black aspiring weeby idorusssss back at home

Nobody gives a shit about her being black. The issue here is nobody is talking about anything noteworthy. Who cares if you don't like the nonexistent tone in a post she made.

Being blunt doesn't equal being bitchy. Unless you have a screenshot or two of her being bitchy.

>Like nearly every thread here as no milk.Its just people insulting the way others look.
False, there are one it two threads like that, but not every thread is like that, don't generalize.

>But there's no need to scream no milk everytime me or someone points out her declining attitude towards her fans or says her wigs are bad

There is when there's lack of evidence. What sets this thread apart from other threads is evidence. People back up what there saying with something clear cut. That's not the case here.

No. 118094

Okay I can understand where you coming from it's usually this way where there isn't milk. I think people are wary as Mickey and Himeka seem to pop up here when this there isn't that much milk.

No. 118096

>There is when there's lack of evidence. What sets this thread apart from other threads is evidence. People back up what there saying with something clear cut. That's not the case here.

So your saying all the comments on the dakota thread are valid.

erm k.


No. 118099

Amina's wigs only look good in pictures or at the right angle, any other time they look busted.
hides from Amina's white knights

No. 118103

I'm an Amina fan, but she needs to invest in either a Pricila or Sweet-star wig.

No. 118109

I think she should brush them, and maybe get wig oil while she's at it.

If they can back up what they're saying then yes. This wasn't about Kota's thread, it was a general point. Why are you obsessing over Kota's thread, anyway?

No. 118116

i think being bitchy is being blunt. in america everyones all "independunt womyn""accept me at my worse or you cant have me at my best!". To Americans that attitude comes off as cool and telling it like it is, but to me it comes off as bitchy and cold. so, yes IN MY OPINION her blunt, straight forward and "a matter of fact" attitude makes her come off as a bitch to me.

No. 118137

Lol, this entire thread is just
Anon 1: Amina is bitchy.
Anon 2: Proof? Screencaps?
Anon 1: Omg you whiteknights are so defensive!!

Some anons here should look at the threads some cows/snowflakes here, there are screencaps or reuploaded videos showing them lying, being a cunt, or something.
I mean Yuka and Dakota (since someone brought them up) at some point had some milk. But with Amina all the milk about her is that she might be rude or a weeaboo or her wig doesn't look good…

No. 118211

>wig oil
>for synthetic wigs


No. 118227

Calm down, I meant wig shine.

No. 118268

This whole thread was started through a shitty boring vendetta I can tell. Aminyan can't sing for shit and she won't make a very good idol so I wish she'd drop the whole thing and just be a tv personality or a model instead because she actually has a chance. She's black and cute so she has a good niche which is hard to find in Japan, especially as a foreigner. Whatever though I wish her the best

No. 118269

LOL please just stop. Just no..

No. 118291

What proof do you have that she's 25?

No. 118309

File: 1460507148146.jpg (73.79 KB, 1000x1000, wigshine8oz---1.jpg)

This has to be Micky. Only she would think using wig shine is a bad move. You're in no position to act like you're any good with wigs. Especially with that hot mess you call a wig.

No. 118319

>says use oil
>post picture of a product that says oil free

No. 118325

Wig shine you nimrod.

No. 118326

I said I meant wig shine. I said right here >>118227 Read before you post.

No. 118372

what? Priscila wigs aren't even human just overpriced cosplay wigs. gtfo lol. also theres barely any videos of her so I don't understand how ir "only looks good in pictures" unless you guys have seen her irl

No. 121978

Proana Amina. She underweight but it saying she needs to loss weight to be healthy. Wow.

No. 122037

for her shitty Idolru career. They want her to be a certain weight. mostly 120-110

No. 122080

She's saying she's between 105-99 but needs to be less though??

No. 122141


Or how about eating better to be healthy?>>12208
She said she USED to be that small. Not that she's that small now.

I don't get why you guys send baity questions and get mad at the answers. Not everyone wants to be amerifat. Even that blonde idol girl said that her group members bullied her and she's skinny.
At least she's trying to have a good body despite all the McDonald bodied amerifat cosplayers. Anyways saying you want to lose weight isn't "pro Ana" stupid fuck. 0/10.

No. 122754

She's obsessed with talking about her weight and always baits people into talking about it.

You can make a post saying a chicken weights 98 pounds and she'll come in and talk about how she use to be smaller than she is now. She use to be chubby back then, probably obsessed talking about that shit.

No. 122758


I only see her talking about weight when someone asks. You're probably a fattychan

No. 122806

Nah she baits you into it. I can't take you seriously when you use fattychan, you probably use kek and XD too.

No. 122820


Where did she bait someone? Screenshots?

No. 122832

Are you new? Fattychan is used commonly here and on other boards.

Don't fall their lie. As it was stated before, she only brings it up when asked.

No. 122896

File: 1461331404973.png (32.28 KB, 713x527, 65424324.png)

Why does she keep implying that Korea/China sucks so much compared to Japan when she's never even been to those countries? Is all that Japanese right wing propaganda getting to her head?

No. 122912

cuz she's a weeb

No. 123023

>Why does she keep implying that Korea/China sucks so much compared to Japan

Except that's not what she's saying there at all. What she's saying is she doesn't want to go somewhere unfamiliar and pay more to get work done, when she could get it done cheaper in a place she's familiar with. That's not a bad idea, she's just trying to cut the cost.

No. 123027

What I don't get is why she even brought up Seoul in the first place. It's not like that anon asked 'did you get plastic surgery done in Seoul?'

No. 123045

Probably because plastic surgery is common there.

No. 123046

It's common in Japan too though.

No. 123050

South Korea is synonymous with plastic surgery over there and here too. So it's understandable why she brought it up. You rarely hear about someone going to Japan for plastic surgery. Usually it's Korea. They have good surgeons there.

No. 123051

Again vendetta fags are reaching. She didn't say anything bad about China or Korea. And she mentioned months ago about going to Seoul for some procedures. That's why she brought it up again. I looked at her pictures and she didn't even have "surgery" it looked like minor fillers which are popular in posh areas of America Korea wherever. Vendetta 0/10. She didn't say anything bad about Korea you stupid koreaboos

No. 123057

It feels like those ugly sisters Himeka and Bibi are all up in this thread. So many of these posts sound like they're reaching and fueled with jealousy.

No. 123062

Probably Himeka and Mickey iirc Bibi bounced out after Himeka threw her under he bus. Looks like you need to catch up on the adventures of Homeless Himeka.

No. 123086

>Looks like you need to catch up on the adventures of Homeless Himeka

…that I do. I hid her thread ages ago because of how ugly her face is. I'll go do that now.

No. 123130

Same. After waking up one morning and deciding to catch up on the cows, I for some fucked up reason decided to click on himekas cummy pussy spoiler image. Now I just avoid the thread. Very traumatising tbh.

No. 123165

File: 1461373001340.png (43.97 KB, 461x528, someapology.PNG)

they don't seem to be friends at all, Hayrii just posted this and then Amina accepted her fake ass apology

No. 123168

File: 1461373306147.jpg (55.75 KB, 600x800, 12986960_985888178164366_44115…)

This is her in Japan now, apparently she got an offer to be in an idol group. I doubt they're friends, she's been to Japan like 3 times and has never so much as taken a picture with Amina.

Which raises the question, how do these chicks do it? Do they just walk around and get offers? Is there some kind of club to join? Like is being an idol this simple?

No. 123172

It's probably not exactly that simple but look at this girl. All that you really need is a willingness to work yourself half to death for very little income and no guarantee of success. You're disposable, maybe people will spend money on your merchandise but more than likely not, not that you'll be getting any of that merch money.

No. 123174

I read the bit about plastic surgery earlier, and for a second I thought you were saying that's a picture of Amina now. Fucking kek.

No. 123214


After Amina came to Japan she was with that agency and events and stuff gave her offers via Twitter and she started performing at a place called "SIXTEEN". After that Hayley is kind of a weasel and anyone from ATL will tell you but she added all of Amina's friends then never talked to her. I really doubt they're friends because Amina joined that group and Hayley is always with that Old Japanese perv guy.

No. 123215

File: 1461381457609.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 9.12 KB, 144x108, image.jpeg)

Also Hayley didn't get an offer to be in an idol group. She applied to be in a maid cafe idol thing and she got a call back. She's only going to be in Japan for five months so I don't see the point.

Hayley has burned a lot of bridges in Atlanta. She rigged a contest to go to Japan several times, she's famous on 4chan for having a shit ton of nudes and she's a caniving bitch to people she can't benefit from. The only reason she's performing in Japan is because she benefits off the fruits of aminyan' labor and added all of Amina's people. The reason Hayley even left Atlanta was because of how many people she did dirt. If she even tries to have some pinch of success everything about her will come out and there's too much milk

No. 123217

>is being an idol this simple?

Yes it's super simple. A lot of people have the idea that it's just Morning Musume or Kpop style mega stars but that's not the case. There are tons of small companies and big companies alike recruiting girls to become idols. There's literally 1,000groups in Japan. It's super easy and nothing special. It's like a minimum wage part time job.

No. 123221

File: 1461382002461.jpeg (166.54 KB, 540x960, image.jpeg)

She looks atrocious. The only reason she went to Japan is because she's way below average anywhere else.

No. 123268

No one here barely post anything major or harmful about amina Idk why the white knights are overreacting..

No. 123269

Whats hayleys twitter and fb

No. 123270


Nobody is overreacting. Someone just randomly said she bad mouthed Korea and when you look at the post that's nothing at all about it. Vendetta is so fucking full in this thread.

Hayley's Twitter is like akibakoala or some shit lol

No. 123677

I'm guessing that this post has her facebook name >>123165
I haven't found a twitter but I found her vine account and I have concerns because she looks like she is in her late 30's and must have some mental retardation. https://vine.co/u/1221287235631353856

No. 123685

Damn she's ugly..I wonder if she's lying about her age? Her edited pictures look so different lmao. I don't see any post where she's always with a guy?

No. 123762

Hayley is 25 but lying and saying she's 20 now. She's already graduated college but took out 20grand in loans to come to Japan for 5 months…

No. 123908

Somebody make a thread for this chick, she's way too old to be acting like this and she looks like the girl from the Shining.

No. 124021

For Hayrii? The Atlanta farmers know more about her I'm guessing. If you browse CGL or AWA threads her name comes up a bit. Also she actually bragged about having her friends rig Akiba cup(a singing contest to go to Japan) and said she was going to Japan even before the contest ended. People got mad and told AWA(she sucks up to the assholes running shit so they tried to rig it) and instead Hayrii's best friend won. I hate that she writes her name "Hayrii". You're HAYLEY.

No. 125121

umm yeah she's clearly got more milk than a lot of these snow threads

No. 126627

>>Holidays in Guam
>>Business class airplane ticket
Such a poor girl who only work as a english teacher

No. 126698


If I'm not mistaken it's not an English teacher but she said she tutored a wealthy family's kids in AP high school courses. Even then Guam is really close to Japan like a 3 hour flight. It's not that expensive.

No. 126724

We already know that she probably has a sponsor.

No. 127525

Lol did you all conveniently forget about her sugar daddy page. That's probably how she affords it

No. 127533

Just because the family is wealthy doesn't mean they are paying her more than what any other English teacher is earning in Japan.

No. 128453

aminyans personality reminds me of keekihime so much which is why ive probably grown to not care for her

No. 128493

Nah Keeki is much more of a bitch and whines about herself. At least Amina pretends to care IMO.

No. 128571

Yea I wouldn't compare keeks with aminyan, aminyan actually seems smart about certain things and choices.Keeks is just a ball of envy and negativity. I feel like she wants to do the idol thing again but feels stuck cause she wants it quick but she has to work her way to Japan now.

No. 130921

She can't sing?? Why would she be doing an AVEX singing competition??

No. 130924

Because she thinks she deserves a singing career without having any actual talent?
Who knows. Her ego is impressive.

No. 130942

Tokyo Girls Audition isn't a singing competition though. It's one of those typical pop teen model talent pop singer things. If you know anything about Japan you'll know singing isn't a requirement to become a tarento. But then again the people bumping this thread are salty kek. No coincidence seeing what's happening in the Micky thread.

No. 130952

She sounds okay when she isn't doing the high pitched voice doe. She was alright when she sang part of your world in kareoke. good luck to her doe. Is it the same contest yukapon did?

No. 130954

You're going from Micky thread to here saying similar things, Why are so obsessed? Lol.

No. 130990

Are you a dumb? Those are two completely different competitions. Im not talking about tokyo girls audition.

Also she's already said that she isn't trying to become talento. She wants to be an idol. Imo if she was doing talento then she'd be doing a lot better already. Bad marketing by her jumisho.

No. 131005

AVEX is Tokyo girls audition. And she hasn't vehemently said she doesn't want to be a talent and on Twitter I've even seen her saying she's doing the contest as a model. Being an idol is in fact easier than tarento in Japan so I have no idea where you're getting any information.

No. 134363

Wow Amina is in the process of trying out for a rock idol group. I'm really happy for her. I've always thought that the way she went about making a name for herself in Japan hasn't always been the best but this seems to be the best decision so far. Routing for her.

No. 134365

Oh, woe is me.

Does she really not read around about "lanky white girls" going to Japan? Everyone has at least someone saying that they're a wannabe.

No. 134366

File: 1464259273430.jpg (47.93 KB, 800x818, 739d2406408b8ac7d9c4960037cec9…)

No. 134367

Keekihime is Austrian. Where they happen to speak German. She's also butthurt about the idol community. Himezawa is pretty clueless and too far up her own ass for it to be her.

No. 134368

No wonder her career is flopping with a victim complex like that she must be such a whingy little fuck IRL. everything she posts is so snarky and defensive, I could never understand why so many people adored her …. Glad to see not everyone is fooled.

No. 134375

File: 1464263274537.png (575.22 KB, 468x640, JvVIXBG.png)

No. 134379

>replying a post from a picture from last year

No. 134382


total kek

No. 134399

Isn't Austrian German slightly different than standard German?

No. 134408

It is, but standard German is what is primarily taught and used in school. The difference between Austrian German (which comes in many flavors) and Hochdeutsch (standard German) is not enormous unless you are talking about dialect.

No. 134409

The difference is negligible, especially in writing.

No. 134412


Oh, ok. I was just curious because I'm in love with PoTO [Phantom of the Opera] and both the German and Austrian versions had very different lyrics. I believe the Austrian one was in Vienna and the German productions have been in Hamburg and Oberhausen.

No. 134444

shouldn't you get back to ass-licking her on facebook?

No. 134468

File: 1464286479549.jpg (30.39 KB, 494x358, 2435438-6102394206-i-get.jpg)

No. 134620

do you guys really not have any more proof of her being mean besides a passive aggressive Facebook post from last year lol

No. 135354

File: 1464515666929.jpg (143.22 KB, 615x709, NiceWayForAn-Idol-ToTalk.jpg)

Had to (badly) chop it together due to comments before Amina's.

For being an "Idol" she sure is rude to others in the same business.

No. 135359

When was this screenshot? O_o she is pretty nasty to her fans.

When people type "aminyan" on Google lolcow is the third link to come up and it's full of evidence if her being a bitch. She's fucked herself over in Japan..

If she fails this girl group audition then I don't think she is gonna achieve her kawaii aidoru dream ever

No. 135361

This guy is the same one who picks up foreign girls from the airport and posts shit about them. It's better she's actually speaking to him than rather sucking his ass. This is the jrcach thing all over.

No. 135370

She's such a fucking weeb. Who even gives this much of a shit about something like this.

No. 135381

Nobody cares about shit like that. She isn't even being natsy. Micky you really need to stop posting bullshit here just because your life is falling apart.

No. 135382

I think Hayrii posted it because her and that otaku guy go every where together. He's a creep and if you guys think she should just be uguu about it then that's pretty weeby. I'll admit her reply was harsh, but I think it's because he made this status indirectly about her.

No. 135384

It's possible but I usually go with Micky because everytime her thread gets bumped with something big, she comes on her and bumps this thread with bullshit. Honestly, I'm waiting for her to have a "breakdown" again raid her own thread.

That said, that response she gave is far from harsh. If that's harsh then the responses I've seen her are absolutely hellish.

No. 136291

Glanced at the aminyan thread on r9k and someone was posting Shani's porn pics and claiming it to be Amina even though they don't look alike. I wonder if it's Micky or Himeka this time? It's obvious there's no real milk on her….

No. 141255

Seems like Amina is doing better in gravure and bikini pagent than akiba idoru bullshit and she seems happier too. I hope she wins the flash thing.

No. 141304

Agreed. Though give her couple of months and she'll find something to complain about I guess.

No. 141435

File: 1466206291197.png (34.77 KB, 507x261, 4534987246.png)

It's funny how she claims she never felt need to pursue male attention when in her old blog she said she used to meet a 30 year old guy online out of loneliness when she was in middle school.


No. 141440

This post is obviously Himeka because I don't think who else could know about this situation rather than a former friend. It's pretty low to use that though. And aren't middle schoolers like 11 or 12? Are you really comparing a preteen girl chatting a pedophile online to attention whores like
who are 19 meeting Craigslist guys. You guys have no milk that you had to go back almost a decade ago it's kind of creepy.

No. 141442

I just read that blog and it sounded pretty sad. Especially because it was written by a 13 year old.
>My sister was born with a deadly disease
>I'm being bullied at school
You're pretty shitty for even trying to use that as milk. 0/10 faggot.

No. 141444

Or I was thinking Micky did this because she did used to date Amina's old ass ex who would know this. Either way it's a low fucking blow because it's from six years ago and she was thirteen. I know >hurrlolcowwhiteknight but I think the search for milk is getting a little pathetic now. Seriously. Now we're resorting to middle school depression blogs/months old Facebook posts and just saying "she's mean cos once she didn't respond to me"

No. 141886

This thread is now banned. Anyone who tries to recreate it, asks me to re-allow it, or mentions the thread subject(s) in other threads will be permanently banned.

You may make a few final remarks or arrange an off-site location in >>>/manure/1924. That thread will be locked on June 22.

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