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File: 1466102963990.jpg (34.86 KB, 311x500, image.jpg)

No. 140699

This has been a long time coming…this is Victoria Shingleton, AKA Victoria Murder AKA Victoria Bella-Morte. She’s supposedly from Broughshane, Northern Ireland (even though she changes her accent every time she speaks). She currently resides in Canada as a tattoo artist and is so egotistical, that she tattooed a picture of her face as Medusa onto her leg AND made sure it was upside down so that she could always see her "perfectly amazing" face. The icing on the entire cake is the fact that she Photoshops her pictures to oblivion all while trying to convince people of her “natural beauty” and immense intelligence. Here’s an excerpt from her Facebook page.
“There is nothing betrothed in the afterlife. I’ll watch the stars like immortal specters and see them fall to dust…i’ll play in crystal constellations, and hope it holds my infinitesmial heart in it’s intricate web of glowing beauty, like luminescent fireflies in it’s inverted heartcrushing paroxysmal complexity.” - both quotes by moi 2002, 2010
She thinks she’s so intellectual but in reality, she's so stupid, that she failed to even look up the definitions of those words before she used them. Infinitesimal means small and paroxysmal refers to a sudden intensification of certain symptoms, such as a seizure. And honestly, she felt the need to quote herself on her Facebook??? If that’s not pure narcissism, then I don’t know what is.

No. 140701

File: 1466103154124.jpg (50.96 KB, 414x500, image.jpg)

No. 140702

File: 1466103213936.jpg (43.86 KB, 500x358, image.jpg)

Candid shot

No. 140703

she was the photoshop queen of myspace age

No. 140721

File: 1466103763865.jpg (47.03 KB, 657x750, image.jpg)

Her at the Toxic Vision Fashion Show

No. 140739

File: 1466104255878.jpg (592.18 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)

And she can't ever seem to get her facial proportions right, especially when editing her lips to oblivion.

No. 140752

File: 1466104430109.jpg (99.52 KB, 960x686, image.jpg)

Oh yeah, that's TOTALLY what she looks like in person ?

No. 141129

she couldn't edit those ratty extensions???

No. 141140

Is this bitch still around??

No. 141141

Whatever you say macalluringbeauty@gmail.com

No. 141159

File: 1466129881266.jpg (6.67 KB, 116x177, Faith Roth.jpg)

Probably shouldn't have used your work email Faith

No. 141161

She looks like she could be the cow she posted potato nosed sister. lolol

No. 141162

Holy shit what just happened hahahaha

No. 141165

File: 1466131280104.jpg (283.86 KB, 1152x1502, tumblr_o3ojl7szAG1qihnmqo1_128…)


She has stuff all over the interwebs. Youtube, wordpress, tumblr, etc…

She's in her early 20s but she looks 30+.

ANYWAYS… apparently bitch in the OP was posted to PULL last year. Seems like op was lazy and copy pasted the entire post into the OP


Self posting or vendeta?

No. 141172

She has the same wonky eyebrows and shit style as the cow she posted too. I smell vendetta.

No. 141174


My guess too. They're both terrible people, but at least Bella bitch is a relatively good tattoo artist. She is definitely full of herself though, her Facebook is just full cancer and horrible photoshop.

No. 141176

Yeah, Bella is def still a cow, but this post is garbage. OP just seems mad that she's similar, but is the potato nosed version and doesn't get the same amount of attention. Might not even be any deeper than that.

No. 141177


Goddamn I am so over those Velvetine butthole lips.

No. 141240


I love this. This post was awful until this was spotted. No more posts from OP then hm?

No. 141242

File: 1466149652148.jpg (65.82 KB, 478x800, 34324.jpg)

Looks like she jumped ship. She goes by Faith Roth though. She photoshops the shit out of her pics too.

No. 141243


Those eyebrows are a fucking crime, jesus christ

No. 141244

Is she trying to shop herself to look like the cow she posted?

No. 141245


"She's in her early 20s"
I bet in real she's at least 35

No. 141774

This thread is now banned. Anyone who tries to recreate it, asks me to re-allow it, or mentions the thread subject(s) in other threads will be permanently banned.

You may make a few final remarks or arrange an off-site location in >>>/manure/1924. That thread will be locked on June 22.

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