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File: 1428067271561.jpg (160.19 KB, 480x640, r.jpg)

No. 30618

Here's a lolcow that isn't a weeb:


She's a deluded wannabe famewhore, there's years of drama and tryhard to lol at, and like Beetlejuice, she will show up and fight us just by being mentioned. She thinks she's a writer and trendsetter and that she is going to take the world by storm.

No. 30619

Any more info? I'm getting really tired of the wanabe kawaii girls?

No. 30620

post some info to get us interested yo

No. 30621

No. 30622


From comments: "I listened. Now I need to listen again. It's unbelievable how big this woman's ego is. Doctors will use this episode as a case study in narcissism."

OP here and there is seriously too much to even sum up.

No. 30623

Jesus she's wordy. Also, completely unspectacular in any way as far as looks go.

No. 30624

damn, beyond unspectacular in both body and face. where do women like this get the idea that they are super special and deserving of fame? mommy and daddy? "progressive" schooling?

No. 30625

>like beetlejuice
looks around nervously

No. 30626

File: 1438101643687.jpg (156.98 KB, 640x498, 8097346166_983c92124c_z.jpg)

Here's a fun fact about Raymi:

She claims to be a Playboy Bunny, because she heavily shilled Playboy Energy Drink on her blog.


The only problem is that "Playboy Energy Drink" was never actually affiliated with Playboy and was in fact using the bunny image and other Playboy trademarks illegally and without permission. Playboy sued them and they were shut down.


So, yeah, Raymi may not be a Playboy Bunny, but she did take her clothes off for a bunch of scam artists, so she's got that going for her.

No. 30627


Someone hook her and Marijan up

No. 30628

File: 1438108670179.png (18.94 KB, 641x221, raymi-moo-cow.png)



We only look like 4chan though.

No. 30629

I'm embarrassed when people don't understand what an image board is, FFS …

No. 30630

File: 1438116204673.png (607.21 KB, 811x401, playboy-energy-fraud.png)

Say, is that Hugh Hefner promoting his new energy drink? …Wait …No, it's just some creepy hobo they dressed up in a shitty Walmart robe to impersonate him.

(Note the girl in this photo isn't Raymi (Raymi doesn't have any boobs). It's a different stupid girl that they duped into shilling their gross caffeine sludge. They probably told her it was the real Hugh Hefner.)

I don't know how Raymi could be so stupid as to fall for these guys, and then to have the audacity to claim that working for them meant she was a real Playboy Bunny.

It just goes to show: always do your due diligence before dropping trou for money.

No. 30631

>Wait …No, it's just some creepy hobo
BAHHAHA this is great

No. 30632

what an unfortunate figure – no waist, no tits and probably no ass. should've gotten into sports instead of famewhoring.

No. 30633

Looks more like a wrestler or shotputter than…whatever it is she thinks she's being.

No. 30634

These posts are just awesome hahahahahahahahaha

No. 30635

File: 1438167830146.jpg (105.28 KB, 500x375, 4089431059_577f613bdb.jpg)

Does a Raymi shit in the woods?

Can you imagine being the friend that Raymi forced to take photos of her taking a dump? There's actually a whole squatting sequence in the post.


Raymi actually seems to have a poop fetish. She used to keep a blog describing the characteristics of her craps.


Since OP was lax in their duties, here are the important Raymi links:


And, if for some reason you want an excuse to claw your eyes out, here are some blog tags that will lead you to Raymi nudes:


No. 30636

File: 1438232083738.png (266.63 KB, 621x581, raymi-eating-disorder.png)

Her favourite snack is American cheese on a tortilla…

No. 30637

the world's saddest quesadilla

No. 30638

Looks like melted plastic on top of a tortilla. How can she even eat that

No. 30639

That's pretty much what it is.

No. 30640

I bet that's kraft singles garbage. At least use real cheese.

No. 30641

She literally says it's kraft singles you twit

No. 30642

File: 1438252352489.jpg (26.19 KB, 300x300, image.jpg)

No. 30643

File: 1438256313810.png (27.58 KB, 617x291, raymi-book-tweet.png)

No. 30644

File: 1438256865630.png (303.71 KB, 600x502, CGHkdWeUYAEHcQN.png)

This is an actual excerpt from Raymi's "book" that she thought was good enough to release to the public. It is neither "literature" nor "sensual". I think I've read crappy Doctor Who fanfics by deranged teenage girls that had better grammar and were sexier than this. Raymi is in her 30s though.

And I love how "Cody" is obviously Raymi's Mary Sue self-insert.

Who gave her the hicky? IT WAS HIM!


No. 30645

Fuck you for posting this and making me read this. Writing this bad should be illegal, or at least contained to fanfiction. Shit, can NOT believe she thinks she has writing talent? It takes some serious narcissism to write something like this and believe it's publishable.

No. 30646

So whose writing sucks harder – Gerg's or Raymi's?? I truly cannot decide…,

No. 30647

It's like 50 shades meets My Immortal

No. 30648


Kek "fuck you for making me read this" has me rolling

No. 30649

File: 1438597881655.png (281.74 KB, 583x1104, raymi-subtweet-column-1.png)

Raymi Lauren White keeps getting into subtweet fights with https://twitter.com/omnamaste and it's pretty fucking hilarious.

No. 30650

File: 1438597927617.png (408.45 KB, 573x1052, raymi-subtweet-column-2.png)


No. 30651

File: 1438803720253.png (858.85 KB, 1396x1080, raymi-doughy-before-after.png)

Maybe you guys can help me solve this mystery.

This is supposed to be a sort before & after sort of deal, where she's showing how you can use posing and camera angles to make yourself look fit in photos. But, for the life of me, I can't tell which is supposed to be the before and which one is supposed to be the after, because she doesn't look fit in either. She just looks doughy and burnt-out.

So, which one do you think is the before and which one is the after?

Also, wearing sunglasses indoors? Ew.

No. 30652

I'm sure they both suck the ever living fuck at writing.

No. 30653

I think the one on the left is supposed to be the one that makes her look more 'fit', hence the leg and arm positioning, but I personally think she looks more toned (!) in the right one. Her stomach looks weird and flabby in the left one.

No. 30654

File: 1439194337699.png (25.42 KB, 785x253, rob-campbell-humber.png)

So there's this Rob Campbell dude with whom Raymi has been hanging (and totally not banging (weird that he has a bunch photos of her in a bikini, tho ( https://instagram.com/p/5ctVHUocV5/ )))

Anyway, as it turns out, SMOJoe, or Rob, or whatever the fuck his name is, is a professor of internet marketing at Humber College.

Oh hey, remember that time Raymi was asked to speak in front of an internet marketing class at Humber College, and she talked it up like it was because she was some renowned, super-genius marketing whiz? Oh yeah. I totally bet she was asked there by virtue of her own merits and not because her totally-not-boyfriend is the fucking professor of the class.


Yep. Definitely no conflict of interest happening here. Perish the thought.

On a completely unrelated note: Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Humber College's board of directors? Because I heard a rumour that one of their professors will hijack his students' education in a attempt to further his girlfriend's blogging "career".

No. 30655

File: 1439447341715.jpeg (154.04 KB, 375x500, 4233311305_9p1463p035.jpeg)

This one time, Raymi Lauren White had explosive diarrhea, so she had her boyfriend take pictures of her crying and naked on the toilet, _SHITTING_.


#brands #trendsetter #influencer #keruoac #fecalpheliac

No. 30656

File: 1439634384570.png (49.11 KB, 335x579, raymi-shill.png)


Raymi has surmised -rightly so- that her blog is a festering bog of grossness, so she's decided to start a new blog, Raymi Toronto. You know, because she lives in Toronto, currently.

Hire Raymi. She great writer.

Basically, what Raymi wants to do with this new blog is have businesses hire her to do blogvertisements.

What's a blogvertisement? Simply, it's an advertisement masquerading as an everyday, regular blog post. It's like an advertorial in a newspaper, but without the oversight and even less integrity.

Yer damn right it's a weaselly practice.

There's actually laws that you're supposed to disclose when you've been paid to write a blog article, but they're almost never enforced, so nobody bothers to.

What an inauspicious end for our poor Raymi Lauren White. Instead of ending up as a writer, artist or actress, she's going to shill Monsanto products like a desperate mommy-blogger.

Join Raymi in Toronto as she shills her way across Toronto for whoever will pay her!

Interesting to learn that Raymi Rules the Web. I mean. it's in bold so it has to be true, right? Why would somebody lie in bold?

No. 30657

It says that she talked about her job at an ad agency.

The ad agency job that she got by lying, held for only about 2 months and was fired from for sucking at it? That ad agency job?

So was it a "learn from my fail" type of talk, or did she just lie through her teeth like she normally does? I guess it doesn't matter because it wasn't really about teaching the students anything, it was about trying to legitimize Raymi as whatever the Hell she's supposed to be. Like an internets expert or something?

Yeesh. If you follow the breadcrumbs from any of Raymi's "accomplishments" it always leads to some gross fraudulent behaviour and/or nepotism.

No. 30658

I've gotten inside your head.

No. 30659

File: 1439983264033.jpg (139.19 KB, 480x640, 6814292354_a4194f9dfb_z.jpg)

Now, I know what you're thinking: There couldn't possibly be any more photos of Raymi pooping, right? YOU FOOLS! There will always be more photos of Raymi pooping. She's probably taking a diarrhea selfie at this very moment!


Raymi is actually pretty interesting to analyse from a psychosexual developmental standpoint. Her obsession with shit and pooping suggests that she became fixated in the anal stage. This definitely explains her immaturity, because you're only a toddler during the anal stage.

Another interesting thing to note is that, unlike most people who are anally-fixated, Raymi didn't develop an anal-retentive personality, rather, she went in the completely opposite direction and developed an anal-expulsive personality.

>Anal-expulsive personality

>The opposite of anal-retentive would be anal-expulsive adults. Such adults underwent liberal toilet training as opposed to the anal-retentive. These adults, as children, usually went to the bathroom at inappropriate times. As children, they soiled their pants whenever they pleased in rebellion against using the toilet. They did not like to be told where and when they should use the toilet. These adults will want to share things with their peers and give things away. They can sometimes be messy, disorganized, and rebellious. They will also be inconsiderate of others' feelings.

>However, a child who has successfully completed this stage will be characterized as having used proper toilet training techniques throughout toilet training years and will successfully move on to the next stage of Freud's psychosexual developmental stages. Although the anal stage seems to be about proper toilet training, it is also about controlling behaviors and urges. A child needs to learn certain boundaries when he or she is young so that in the future there will not be contention regarding what is overstepping the boundaries.

>Anal expulsiveness is the state of a person who exhibits cruelty, emotional outbursts, disorganization, self-confidence, (sometimes) artistic ability, generosity, rebelliousness and general carelessness.

Yep. That hits the nail on the fucking head.

TL;DR Raymi's personality type is analogous to a giant butt what poops all over everything.

Also, don't mess up your kid's toilet training, or they'll grow up to be a raging psycho, apparently.

No. 30660

File: 1440104428288.jpg (93.02 KB, 500x375, 7414574804_1d73228b00.jpg)


No. 30661


just out of curiosity, are you that omnamaste person from twitter?

No. 30662

File: 1440697696651.jpg (173.37 KB, 500x750, large-msg-120327312353.jpg)

Raymi Toronto brand ambassador extraordinaire for the pooping.

I always wonder about the person behind the lens in these pooping pics. Like, is it multiple different friends that she suckered into doing it, or is it all the same guy and taking pictures of girls going to the bathroom is like his thing?

No. 30663

File: 1441455015582.jpg (33.44 KB, 640x640, 21027694672_98511bf4c4_z.jpg)

Raymi is making "art" again.

Errr… I wonder what she charges for commissions…

No. 30664

File: 1442346707051.jpg (44.01 KB, 576x1024, COurpB6U8AAPx8K.jpg)

More "art".

Reminder that this is a 35-year-old adult and not a special needs child.

Although, I guess Raymi could be a special needs adult.

No. 35186


What terrifying hell is she in?

No. 36523

File: 1443157254290.jpg (120.98 KB, 1080x1080, 11881864_537050899785232_16271…)


So, scat porn, eh? How about that?

No. 36524

Clone and blur on the legs much? Ain't foolin' no one. We know you got them cottage cheese thighs.

No. 36623

File: 1443201728717.gif (934.83 KB, 445x598, bad.gif)


its all shoop'd, ya ding dongs kek

No. 36639

Erm… No. She still appears to be sitting on a toilet with a toilet brush pressed up against her vag. It wasn't the walls that people thought were gross.

More at issue is the way her body has been photoshopped:

-Double chin removed
-Adam's apple (!!!) removed
-For some reason her clavicle has been blurred out
-Cleavage shadow added
-Shoulders slimmed
-Her one elbow has been made pointier, but it's also been put in the wrong place
-Legs have been reshaped and blurred all to Hell

Raymi is always saying that her body is never photoshopped, but this proves that she's a goddamn liar.

This gif is hilarious. Her throat looks like a frog puffing-up its bubble thing (what the Hell is that thing called?)

No. 36645

That's fucking disgusting either way

No. 36722

I wasn't being serious when I called you all "ding dongs", I was literally quoting Raymi. I am just as horrified that she has a spiked toilet brush against/near her vaginal area.

No. 36818

Did anyone else catch her livestream of this event?

If not, here are the horrifying details:

First of all, the toilet brush was filthy. It looked like it was covered in poop, but it was probably chocolate. I really, really hope it was chocolate.

The outfit was even worse in a standing position. The bodice was pushing the fat below it down and it gave her the world's worst fupa.

She starts off by dancing with the toilet brush. There's no fluidity to her dancing, though. All her motions are jerky and awkward. She moves like a kid with cerebral palsy who's had their crutches stolen. She's obviously very intoxicated.

Then WHOMP she just kinda awkwardly slams her ass down on the toilet.

She lifts the toilet brush up and caresses it with her face and licks it. At this point, that had really better be chocolate on it, because JESUS CHRIST GIRL.

And then the awful fake moans start. Although, I'm actually glad that she isn't really enjoying this.

She takes the brush away from her mouth and begins lowering it. And I'm all like "NO GIRL DON'T DO IT! STOP! STOP! STOP!" But, nope, there it goes, right up against the cooch.

And so, she starts masturbating with the toilet brush. She just does the same up and down motion over and over again. I think that's the only way she could move it without damaging herself with the bristles.

Oh, she's making a big show of it too. She's got her head tilted back and she's whipping her hair all around.

About fifteen minutes later, she gives out a half-assed fake orgasm, then waddles over to the camera and switches it off.

She really should have shit herself for the finale. It would have been perfect thematically. But whatever.

And the best bit about it? The stream wasn't behind a paywall or anything. It was completely free. Lowlife bros would pay a small fortune for this kind of sick-ass shit and she was just giving it away. No business sense whatsoever.


You know, I've had some pretty low points in my life. And I've done some awfully embarrassing stuff. But I've never been so desperately attention-starved that I would masturbate with a dirty toilet brush for the titillation of grody, loser internet pervs.

No. 36824

dear god, is there anywhere i can watch this? i love watching train wrecks with my coffee in the morning

No. 36968

Jeez. No wonder her dad is an addict.

If my daughter was constantly posting sexualized images of herself sitting on the toilet all over the internet, I would never be sober again.

No. 37540

Her dad's an addict? Of what?
Her mom seems like an insane attention whore, just like her daughter, but that may explain a lot.

I bet Raymi made this post/story up to try and drive traffic to her blob (typo and it stays).

No. 48017

Just for fun I tried to google how long Raymi has been working on her book and I found this post: http://raymitheminx.com/2008/03/11/book-transcript/

Jesus Christ. She's been working the stupid thing for at least 7 fucking years? This shit better be the motherfucking "War and Peace" of disposable, navel-gazing pablum.

And why is it that whenever she reveals an excerpt from her supposed book, it's just bizarre schizophrenic rambling that's somehow even worse than her regular writing?

And she's calling it her "next book"? Girl doesn't even have a first book. She just uploaded some bullshit to CafePress. If uploading drek to CafePress is all it takes to be considered a published author, then there are thousands of weirdoes writing furry porn with illustrious writing careers.

I mostly just feel sorry for her at this point. She's hurtling towards 40, she has no practical skills, her face is deteriorating fast and she smells weird.

No. 53675

Funny you should mention furry porn, because Lauren White actually took her pseudonym from a furry porn she wrote in high school. It was called "Raymi the Last Minx" and it was about a giant rat that had sex with old men that reminded her of her dad.

Coprophilia and bestiality? Now there's a winning combination…

No. 57041

File: 1447318760878.png (92.59 KB, 587x447, raymi-and-omnamaste-are-lesbia…)

She had another subtweet blowup at https://twitter.com/omnamaste . Threatened to get Omnamaste fired, even. Hey, at least Omnamaste actually has a job to get fired from, unlike Raymi, who just leeches off of whatever sad, middle-aged dude who will have her.

Now, I'm not that well-versed in social media management, but is having frequent public meltdowns good for building one's "personal brand"?

No. 58432

File: 1447438442731.jpg (74.48 KB, 1024x576, CToskoaU8AACkZt.jpg)

Derp. You're totally wrong about Raymi not having a job. Look at all this money she's holding, you ding-dong.

No. 60170

Only $280 for ass to mouth? What a steal!

Seriously, though, is that from one of her blogvertisements? You know Rob, her marketing dude boyfriend, does all the actual work for those, right?

He arranges the sponsorships, does the driving, takes the photos and even edits her posts so they're halfway coherent.

He'd probably like to do the whole operation himself, but he can't do the "tits for hits" bit, because nobody wants to look at his saggy old manboobs.

It's a bit scary that's she's become so beholden to this bro for food, shelter and employment. That kind of power imbalance is never good.

No. 64798

I read fanfiction that's more subtle and sensual than this.

No. 64810

Huh. So those are supposed to be tits.

No. 74424

File: 1450784654999.jpg (68.43 KB, 500x667, large-msg-11459208088-2.jpg)

Is the scat porn niche really lucrative or something? Why are there so many photos of this girl on the toilet?

No. 75841

File: 1451345734634.jpg (104.56 KB, 1080x1350, raymi-eats-dingleberries.jpg)

Hey Raymi whatchya doin'?

Oh, you know, just rootin' around in my buttcrack for some dingleberries.

No. 75861

Why has the same person kept on coming back and bumping this shitty, boring thread every so often? Stop it. Nobody cares.

No. 75867

This, it's been going on for 8 fucking months. She just seems like a generic attention whore. Post real milk or find something else to do with your time

No. 75873


No. 75900


It's clearly Raymi herself. Can't believe you guys aren't into this one as she's a true mess. Is it bc she isn't a weeb?

No. 76083

File: 1451374531628.png (Spoiler Image, 435.36 KB, 821x461, raymi-naked-news.png)

Doesn't anybody remember that time she auditioned for Naked News? http://www.nakednews.com/naked-amateur-auditions/guest-anchor-auditions-raymi-879 (NSFW (DUH))

And Jesus Christ did they ever use the scariest tumbnail ever.

And, in case there are any desperate girls out there reading this, let me tell you something. Never, ever, ever audition for a porn website. 99.999% of the time these "auditions" are a total scam. They don't have any intention of hiring you. You're just giving them free content for their website. That seems to be the case here, as Raymi didn't end up as a Naked News "anchor".

No. 76442

File: 1451497675556.jpg (11.54 KB, 322x486, large-msg-124197367827.jpg)

No. 77048

She just looks worse and worse.

No. 77051

No, you fucking retard. The only person who gives a shit about this thread is you, the one who's been bumping it for the better part of a year. Fucking stop it. This thread is terrible and completely boring.

No. 77192

ramyi's stripe socks r cute

No. 99271

File: 1456778964041.jpg (70.56 KB, 581x1032, CcVePsDW0AE9GQ0.jpg)

Reminder that this is the art of a woman who turns 36 in March and not that of a small disabled child.

No. 99439

Do we get amazing art skills as we grow?

No. 102933

Is her book done yet? Hasn't she been working on it for literally a decade now?

Maybe she thinks if she becomes a big enough alcoholic, she'll magically transform into Hemingway? Because she does WAY more drinking than she does writing.

No. 104495

Nothing more than a plus-one

No. 106347

Uh, yeah, after years of practising a skill, one tends to improve.

What kind of a retarded question is this?

No. 107682

I wonder when she's going back to Detroit?

No. 109031

What's with all this stupid shit from months and months ago? Isn't anything interesting going on with her life right now?

No. 113182

File: 1459371103312.jpg (150.14 KB, 500x375, large-msg-116223582562.jpg)

Found another pic of her on the toilet.

No. 128476

That "omnamaste" woman is who Phil left Raymi for

No. 129807

Pppppffff… Who cares if Phil is happily married now? After they broke up, she managed to snag herself a string of about 30 grandpas to let her live with them and mooch off of their WiFi and refrigerators, so she did way better IMHO.

Bleh. Remember when she actually tried to parlay her breakup with Phil into a book deal and financial gain? What a disgusting human being.

No. 130399

So sad that she gave up on her dreams.

No. 133726

Looks like Raymi has a new boyfriend.

No. 139469

File: 1465821594723.jpg (194.54 KB, 1080x1080, 13398424_1057610924316778_5144…)

Alright, now this is really not okay.

This dumb bitch plagiarizes other people's art and thinks it's fucking okay. This picture of Wednesday Addams was originally drawn by Luke Gray and she thinks it's alright to copy it and sell it like it's her own.


What a fucking fraud. She's not an artist at all. She's just a fucking tracer. And the worst bit is that she isn't even good at tracing. Her's looks like shit.

No. 140518

File: 1466091962904.jpg (37.72 KB, 490x414, 003952359809325209.JPG)

>majorly respected

What an egotistical cunt.

No. 141434

Lauren will still be doing the same tired shtick when she is 50. Hustling fat dudes for meals and taking selfies in cheap dresses. And writing her book. LMAO.

No. 141452

No. 141579

I cant even believe this is ongoing. sadder than the shit you project onto this chick who clearly has a way better life than you LMAO

No. 141580

hi raymi

No. 141605

"Way better life" -LMAO

No. 141612

LMAO. just comment as yourself, lauren.

No. 141673

File: 1466279893410.jpg (Spoiler Image, 518.53 KB, 1058x1078, 20160618_124421.jpg)

>majorly respected

No. 141725

File: 1466295623450.jpg (29.46 KB, 300x300, caitlyn-jenner-uses-the-ladies…)

No. 141765

This thread is now banned. Anyone who tries to recreate it, asks me to re-allow it, or mentions the thread subject(s) in other threads will be permanently banned.

You may make a few final remarks or arrange an off-site location in >>>/manure/1924. That thread will be locked on June 22.

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