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File: 1437961350795.jpg (140.01 KB, 956x960, 1437919680828.jpg)

No. 103263

Frill-Ability was a nice concept but has turned into another way for Ellejay to talk about herself and her problems. She has started converting to Islam in the last week to jump on the recently trending Hijab Lolita.

Her MtF girlfiend broke up with her and she's talked about starting a GoFundMe for a trailer to live in with an estimate of $30,000-$60,000.

fb: https://www.facebook.com/trinitynine
ig: https://instagram.com/frill_ability/
yt: https://www.youtube.com/user/ElleJayVee/
twitter: https://twitter.com/frill_ability
old blog now about converting to Islam: http://www.sherryandcookies.com/

No. 103264

Hahahaha this is gold

No. 103265

No. 103266

>be white chick in a wheelchair who wears alt. fashion
>get 10k notes on Tumblr already
>convert to Islam for even more Tumblr exposure
>don't actually do shit to learn about the religion or how to properly respect it
>everything works out in the end

No. 103267

lol white ppl

No. 103268

Is she white though? Go see her high school picture on AskFM. She's Snooki-tier white at the very least.

No. 103269

She looks Hispanic to me.

No. 103270

> wheelchair
> became muslim
> pastel vomit fashion
is she trying to win the tumblr olympics?

No. 103271

She looks like an Arab imo, with her nose/lips. Her pink hijab looks retarded. Whyyy did she style it like that?

No. 103272

>"As a moderator of a community"

What comm does she mod?

No. 103273

File: 1437963392936.jpg (135.51 KB, 960x960, 10023132156.jpg)

Missed one.

No. 103274

Pretty much as it is a ticket to get away with pretty much all bullshit because SJW will defend her to hell and back.

No. 103275

she's white af. I've seen her irl.

afaik none

No. 103276

File: 1437984679498.png (220.91 KB, 600x400, lol.png)

she is clearly white
just look at her pictures compared to an actual Muslim woman
her Caucasian features really show

No. 103277

She's also gay…she's a tumblr wet dream

No. 103278

All that's left is for her to claim she's trans and also otherkin.

No. 103279

She's dated a tranny, that's the next best thing right?

No. 103280

how fucking retarded do you have to be to be gay and convert to islam of all religions
i hate this bitch so much

No. 103281

She converted to Islam? wat

No. 103282

yeah that's why she's wearing hijab

No. 103283

Is she wearing the hijab correctly at least?
I'm whiter than mayo, so if someone could confirm or deny it, cheers.

No. 103284

File: 1437998951950.jpg (58.35 KB, 640x833, Fatimah-Kulsum-Saudi-Arabia-pr…)

you're fucking stupid if you expect all Muslims to be brown. Light skinned people from the middle east, Eastern Europeans and Africans are much more likely to be Muslims than..what… Pakistani's? Iraqi's?

That's like expecting all Christians to be Chinese because you saw a few chinese christians on Tv.

No. 103285

>Eastern Europeans and Africans are much more likely to be Muslims than..what… Pakistani's? Iraqi's?

You realise Pakistan was created in order to kick the Muslim population out of India, right? It's the sixth most populous country in the world and like 98% Muslim. I'm not saying there aren't light skinned or Caucasian Muslims, 'cause it's a religion, not a race. Anyone can be Muslim. But a large proportion of Muslims are Pakistani.

No. 103286

Is she no longer a muslim? On her IG it looks like she never wears a hijaab anymore

No. 103287

File: 1438001106991.jpg (111.67 KB, 600x600, file.jpg)

The pic from her askfm makes me think her ethnicity is West Indian but she's since had more cosmetic surgery and lightens her skin

No. 103288

yeah idk how yo uguys could possibly think this girl is white

No. 103289

did she make her blog private

No. 103290

I know not everyone looks alike, but which West Indian are you reffering to? The Caribbean West Indians, or East Indians (actual India)?

No. 103291

I don't think she is white but might be. My mom claims she is only white (not even italian but nordic and shit) but has black hair and medium olive skin and a larger nose. People ask if she's native a lot.

No. 103292

She only 'converted' this week so anything from before that isn't going to mention it.

No. 103293


Her last name is Volpe and she's Italian and Cuban. Her parents are pretty well-off and live in Chicago.

No. 103294

She currently unfriending people on fb saying she "needs some space."

Confirmed for finding this thread or the ita thread on cgl.

>Has 3k followers and friends

Good luck pretending you don't know which of your close friends are finally tired of your shit seeing as you've finally snapped. You need help, not kawaii glitter and Islam.

No. 103295

File: 1438011274012.jpg (70.53 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1438010420503.jpg)

Nah. Here she is with her parents, she is definitly some kind of white.

No. 103296

File: 1438011843820.png (245.68 KB, 768x1130, Screenshot_2015-07-27-08-39-55…)

Does anyone know someone from the Chicago comm who will actually say what the fuck she did to them? Was that the reason she moved to SF?

Also, confirmed for munchausen?

No. 103297

She doesn't look white to me tho…Middle eastern sure

No. 103298

She's 50% italian 50% cuban.

No. 103299

File: 1438015709953.png (103.34 KB, 488x1326, offthedeepend.png)

Not sure if she took this down but here ya go.

No. 103300

Your mom is a fucking idiot. No full northern european would have olive skin. The only reason Italians have it is because of Arab mixing and Italians aren't really considered white. One of your ancestors got cucked.

It's impossible to give this girl a race. From a /pol/ perspective she is not considered white because there's some definite brown admixture. But she's not brown enough to get special tumblr privilege points and they would call her "white".

No. 103301

she moved to SF to be with her ex girlfriend. then she and her ex broke up and she got together with Brie.

No. 103302

>December through April

Jesus, she only lasted 4 months living with her parents. Imagine dealing with her daily… She must be insufferable.

No. 103303

afaik there's no really "correct" style to wear a hijab (http://islamqa.info/en/6991) as long as it covers what it needs to and respects humility etc. So as long as it's covering what it needs to she's wearing it "right", but that doesn't stop her from looking retarded in >>103263

No. 103304

File: 1438021935866.jpg (43.12 KB, 569x759, FB_IMG_1438010446107.jpg)

So she can walk at times and doesn't need the chair 24/7? I do remember her using a cane before, did her condition get worse or just the munchausen?

No. 103305

White then?

No. 103306

she doesn't use it half the time but brings it everywhere and takes photos in it to seem worse than she is. she also has a cain for max attention whoring. no offense to actual canelitas but jesus christ this woman.

No. 103307

Someone needs to warn the newbies about her if she comes back, so I'm going to share my experience to pass on what I've seen from her interactions with the community and the damage she has done to veteran comm members with her toxic friendship.

I joined the Chicago comm some years ago and was eager to be part of such a well-dressed community. One of the veteran members warned me about Ellejay, but didn't elaborate on what exactly was wrong, and seemed to indicate that much of the comm was sympathetic to her, and that any attempt at criticizing her problematic behavior would be met with scorn. I heeded her advice and was polite and cordial in person, though hardly interacted with her at all. Some time later, she had a problem with a veteran member of the comm, and something she did disgusted a bunch of comm members (this was apparently a common occurrence). Her health issues were apparently not as big a deal to her then since she was still working, and even walked around at most of her meetups with apparently few problems.

Basically, the way she'd interact with other comm members went like this. She would 1) not show up to meetups for a while. 2) decide to come to one, or a con, with much fanfare and self-inflation, making as big a deal of it as possible. 3) show up to event and interact with few people, be as nice as possible to newbies who didn't know any better, constantly inject herself into conversations and make them about her and her issues, or let friends down when she promised to do things for them (I saw this happen at a con personally). 4) have some kind of blowup or meltdown, in public or private, some time during/after the event, milk it for all the attention she could, and then pretend like it never happened, blame someone else or her medical issues, and start the cycle all over again.

This likely is what happened at that con about two years ago, when she had some sort of alcohol-fueled episode, which resulted in her making a total ass of herself in front of several people, going completely batshit crazy, and then pretending it never happened. The entire thing was really gross and pushed all of her former friends away even further, many of them blocked her on facebook after that, or just flat out refused to ever contact her in general. I wasn't given all the details but from what I've collected it was incredibly out of control and she was very immature, and still is. But after all that, and apparently several more issues with the comm, she still pretended like nothing happened, or that she wasn't at fault, or that everyone else was exaggerating.

I've seen what she did to the old comm, which was drama-wrought, paranoid, and shitty when I joined. Now we have new people who are chill and want nothing to do with dramallamas. I became friends with older comm members, many of whom have moved away from the comm or have otherwise left the community, or choose to distance themselves from it. She is one of the reasons the comm was so bad when I joined, and according to those friends, who told me she was absolutely insufferable to her ex-husband, her now ex-friends, and legitimately has mental health issues surrounding her unceasing need for attention. I would not be surprised if many of her issues, which I'm sure are also physical and real, are totally exacerbated because of her mental health issues. It's really not surprising that she was dumped either, because she is extremely unstable, needy, and narcissistic. Now that she insists she can't work, I wouldn't be surprised if it's just going to be her parents supporting her while she languishes in California. Her parents are loaded and hopefully will tell her she can't come live with them, but the majority of the Chicago comm is wary of her return and doesn't want to have to deal with her now or ever, especially now that she's pathetically "converted" to Islam.

Hopefully she doesn't come back to Chicago but those of us in the know are all terrified she will. The last thing we need after the crazy Bosnian racist chick is this toxic attention whore. The comm needs to move forward, not slide backwards into drama. Maybe in that way this post seems hypocritical, but this is not meant to "stir up" anything that isn't already an open secret within the comm, or at least among its veteran members. This is a warning to anyone new to the comm, stay far away from Ellejay. She'll try to befriend you in an attempt to gather more white knight sympathy sources, and abuse your friendship to the breaking point. Do not engage her meaningfully or get close to her. Just be cordial and avoid.

No. 103308

IDK, my boyfriend's family are Sicilian and they don't even look olive toned. They're as pasty white as I am and I'm Nordic and Western European.

No. 103309

bitch got some unlucky genes then. i'm the exact same mixture and i can't imagine looking that much like a dothead. she seriously looks like she's fresh off the boat from india or pakistan or some shit.

i will honestly never understand how these uggolitas have the confidence to plaster their faces all over everything

No. 103310

File: 1438036486767.jpg (60 KB, 540x960, 1434417389549.jpg)


No. 103311

are you really starting this right now

no one cares

this is not pull

No. 103312

You can't judge a whole country/area from a single person. I'm from the Balkans and I'm ginger, there's loads of people there who are pale, with light hair or light eyes, but there's also people like Novak Djokovic who tan really easily. Does that mean he doesn't look Serbian?

No. 103313

I know a Sicilian girl and she looks half-black. A guy from Morocco I know looks mixed black as well.

No. 103314

It's also not 8chan. Admin doesn't want racial discussion on /pt/ so pull up your big girl bloomers or fuck off

No. 103315


You must be American.

No. 103316

File: 1438039981184.jpg (67.01 KB, 400x600, robert-sheehan.jpg)

Actually mate there are some N. Europeans who do have dark hair and olive skin.
A lot of Northern Europeans can tan a LOT despite the hair and eye colour, I should know because I've been to Norway on Erasmus.

People from a single country can look different, they're not fucking clones. Are you gonna tell me pic related isn't Irish because his hair and skin aren't pale enough? And a good percentage of the population look a lot like him too.

Fucking yanks…

No. 103317

uhhh how was it racial discussion? i said she looked indian and that anon/you pissed your pants because the word "dothead" was used. you're the one turning it into a racial discussion. bitch you dumb.

No. 103318

back on topic for the love of god pleaseeee

I remember this chick from way back in the day, actually! she always posted the shittiest outfits. it took a second for it to click, but I actually met her for a brief moment at a meetup I went to like, 6 (wow I'm old) years ago. I don't really remember much, but something about her online prescense seemed to bother me back then. She just always seemed really….desperate? I'm 99% sure posted in getoffegl actually.

Funny of how many regulars of that comm turned all SJW. Like Albinwonderland and Rocknrollita (Now stella rose). Although she supports limecrime and tbh I used to really like her but now she's…off too. lol

No. 103319

If that guy is Irish and a lot of Irish look like him, then I get the whole "Irish aren't white" meme because that guy sure as hell isn't white.

No. 103320

Do you know why she uses a wheelchair?

No. 103321

/pol/ pls

No. 103322

he's like a hotter version of gordo from lizzie mcguire.

No. 103323

omg gordo i forgot about him. he was so fucking cute my god.

No. 103324

Why in the fuck would any homosexual willingly convert to Islam? That religion hates them even more than fucking Christians do.

No. 103325

>mfw I found my new husbando on cowchan

No. 103326


I am one of the friends who promptly blocked + deleted after her episode. The above is all confirmed.

But she actually left Chicago after her and her ex husband got divorced to go work at Angelic Pretty. She met Brie (the MtF) while in California and started dating her pre-transition. Just to clear that up.

No. 103327

Anyone want to anonymously tell us what her "episode" was exactly? I know people are trying to keep it private out of respect for her or whatever, but I live in SF and i'm kind of curious what we're getting into…

No. 103328


She drank a lot, passed out in the hotel shower for 2 hours while the bathroom door was locked. Her friends pounded on the door and she didn't answer it. After they contemplated calling hotel security, she came out (naked) and started a cycle of blame/accusations and self-loathing. They told her she has a drinking/prescription medicine problem, and she freaked out. She then lied that she "called her parents" when really she called her ex-husband and spent the rest of the night with him. Because he was wrapped around her finger. Her ex-best friend called her parents to warn them about the episode (before she could spin it) and that she was cutting again and shouldn't be left alone. That's when everyone found out she had never called her parents to come get her.

She needs inpatient treatment for her many mental issues, not a new fucking religion.

No. 103329


Probably means Guyanese by west indian.

No. 103330


Mind you that this is was the straw that broke the camel's back, and not the only incident. She also sexually harrassed members of the comm, and hooked up with over half of the friends she had in the comm. Lauri (Cancerchan) started a lot of rumors, but never managed to really figure out exactly who she was hooking up with while her husband watched or on the side of their marriage.

Also, confirmed that she's 50% Italian (dad's side) and 50% Cuban (mom's side). That photo with the tan was from her late teens. It's just her with a tan + pre-nose job.

No. 103331

Did this happen at ACen 2012? Cause I remember a lot of drama went down at that Con. It was the year AP came.

No. 103332

No, I believe this was Anime Midwest.

But don't confuse ElleJay drama with Heather drama. They both are crazy, but have different stories that sometimes cross. Acen 2012 (AP show) was a lot of Heather bitching about ElleJay and spreading rumors because she wasn't chosen to model.

No. 103333

I do remember that Ellejay has been accused of sexual harassment before. There was a secret about her in early 2014 grabbing someone's ass at a party with Brie in attendance.

I remember about Heather, but I don't she was a lolita until late 2012. I recall there was some drama about her in 2013. 2013 was also the year Cancerchan got banned from the Chicago Comm.

No. 103334

Heather has been a lolita for longer than that. Probably about 5 1/2, 6 years now.

No. 103335

alb posted in getoffegl? wow lmao

No. 103336

The passing out in the shower incident was actually at Acen last year. I had to look it up, because it feels much longer ago than that.

She has some kind of tumors in the veins in one of her legs. I think it has gotten progressively worse, which is why she uses the wheelchair now, but had a cane for a while and can walk sometimes. I am not a doctor, but I think this is real. On the other hand I have my suspicions about her mental/behavioral issues, because she seems to have a new (self) diagnosis every few weeks, and issues with drinking and prescription meds are probably not helping whatever could be going on.

No. 103337

>>brown eyes
>>black hair

No. 103338

It may surprise you, but female homosexuality is acceptable in Islam. Male is not.

No. 103339

File: 1438071788770.jpg (86.58 KB, 800x595, tumblr_nmprlpdJHz1rasnq9o1_128…)

Southeast Asia (Indonesia, specifically) has the highest Muslim population. Eastern Europe has a lot of diaspora but the ratio of Muslims to non-Muslims isn't that high. ME/NA, stretching down to central Africa, and across southern Asia to Indonesia are the countries which are mostly Muslim.

Technically yeah, there is a way to wear it right. Girls who just toss on a scarf and wear tight or revealing clothes don't understand hijab. Also some cultures and schools have different rules regarding hijab. Her tights in the first pic would break hijab in most cases since you're not supposed to wear anything skin-tight, but for the most part she isn't fucking it up too bad.

Male on male sex is touched upon in the story of Lut, but there's nothing about female on female, and the only people who speak out against it are scholars. Some people interpret the story of Lut as being about lustful actions in general and not specifically male homosexuality, so they include lesbianism when they reference it.

There are gay Imams. They're rare, but more and more are cropping up in the states. With things like liberal/progressive Islam and Ijtihad there's an influx of Muslims who put human rights before archaic texts.

However, if she's willingly taken up hijab as soon as converting, I assume she's not going for the more lax approach. She's also said she's taking classes from the local mosque. 100% guarantee she didn't put any thought in this, nor did she read multiple Qur'an translations so she could fully understand what she was getting into, or pick which madhab she wanted to be a part of before jumping on the bandwagon and she is not going to have a good time in this religion and her sexuality is only a small fraction of the things she's going to struggle with.

>tfw half-Syrian Muslim and having a field day with this.

No. 103340

tips pickelhaube

No. 103341

Amerifats don't know about Irish people and black haired white Europeans?

No. 103342

Shhhh we're all alabaster redheads who speak with funny accents and consume alcohol like water

Don't ruin it for them, they might get into another identity crisis and start crying cultural appropriation at everything

No. 103343

File: 1438082088435.jpeg (12.42 KB, 259x194, download.jpeg)

Of course she immediately took up wearing hijab, it's probably the main reason she converted. How else will people be able to tell she's a special and oppressed ultra-minority? #disabledhijabilolita

Next you're going to try and tell me Irish people don't all look like this. Don't be absurd!

No. 103344

One of the great ironies of the world is that Americans presume the Irish to be mostly ginger and it's actually the scots more so. Irish people tend to all have black eyes, black hair and sharp features

No. 103345

To be fair, even a great deal of Scots have dark hair and eyes, although not as many as micks.

But yeah, the stereotype in the UK is 'dark curly hair, sloe-eyed, with high cheekbones, small mouths and pointy noses'.

No. 103346

i dont think all americans know the difference
bag pipes, leprechauns, potatoes, nessie, its all in the same boat

No. 103347


Makes me cringe that anyone would have that assumption. I'm Canadian but am familiar with what Irish people actually look like since my mom is very Irish. She has all the characteristics of a stereotypical Irish like the daek hair and sharp features.

Anyways though this thread has gotten derailed quite a few times. I'd never heard of this bimbo until lolcow but ohmygosh she is tumblr head to toe

No. 103348

>tfw I look her up on FB and one of the two lolitas I'm friends with has her as a friend
Honey why.

But yeah she hid her blog and made a FB post about needing some space and the top comment is some girl mentioning the cgl thread. There's also a post in the cgl thread that might be bait, or might be her or one of her friends:

>You're all pathetic! Who cares what religion she is? You're a bunch attention whores, bigots and basically a group of filthy intolerant cunts. Try living your own lives, as sad as they may be. Oh you say you met her? Somehow I don't believe you.

If this is how she handles private gossip -on the internet- in regards to her change in religion, have fun with that Islamophobia. I don't even hijab and I still have people jumping at me about things like how I'm a terr'ist, how I'm going to be arrange-married to an abusive husband, asking how I like being part of a religion that oppresses me and supports rape and domestic violence, or just making claims about dumb shit the Qur'an doesn't say like "kill all the infidels".

Like if you don't have a thick skin you're not going to have a good time with Islam. She'll probably use Islamophobia for pity points though…

>Of course she immediately took up wearing hijab, it's probably the main reason she converted. How else will people be able to tell she's a special and oppressed ultra-minority? #disabledhijabilolita

There are girls who are born into Muslim families and take up hijab in their teens and end up struggling with self-image in their 20s because of it. Hijab is a serious life choice and not something you can just not follow out of convenience. Once you hijab, you hijab for life.

I can't wait till someone catches her outside of a meetup either not wearing the scarf or wearing it with clothes that go against the concept and she makes some dumb excuses for not wearing it.

I read that there was some mixing with north African (possibly berber) people at some point long ago. I don't recall the details or the truth in those claims, just that there were a bunch of theories floating around as to why people from the far north have traits of people closer to the equator.

The white side of my family is some sort of Celt (Mom tells me Manx, but much of the family claims to be Scottish and I know I have relatives who were brought to the US on Scottish prisoner ships to be sold as slaves). My great-aunt and her grandaughter are both redheads, but much of that part of the family is brunette or black-haired.

No. 103349

>/pol? perspective

and we should trust those motherfuckers why?

No. 103350

>bosnian racist chick

do tell….

No. 103351

'dothead' is a racial slur, and you said some borderling racist shit there.

No. 103352

>There are girls who are born into Muslim families and take up hijab in their teens and end up struggling with self-image in their 20s because of it. Hijab is a serious life choice and not something you can just not follow out of convenience. Once you hijab, you hijab for life.

Given I know a muslim woman (iranian so shi'a) who doesnt wear it all thw time (sometimes she just wears a hat) im sure people who are actually muslim can wear it in different ways/roles. Not all muslims are sunni wahhabist fuckers lol

No. 103353

Not even that anon but minor racial slur and everything is "borderling" racist to you triggered tumblr SJWs. You fuckers already derailed the thread freaking out about it before and you need to re-hash it again, fuck.

No. 103354

again, this isnt pull

most people that are here come from the chans and dont care about racial slurs please fuck off

No. 103355

This is not the site for you.

No. 103356

We really don't give a shit if you say "dothead", but racial/ethnic/national/religious stereotypes and discussions are too likely to incite drama and derailment, so it's currently not allowed in /pt/.


No. 103357

alb was just as catty as any other lolita. her comments are still around too, and easy to find since she always centered her text and made it pink.

No. 103358

Is Brie really MtF? The only photos I've seen of Brie make her look like a butch woman forced to dress feminine and not someone who is transitioning.

No. 103359

Before Brie started dating ElleJay, she was Brian, and had always seemed comfortable being male. He wanted to wear dresses, but seemed like a straightforward brolita, not a trans person. He was outgoing and engaging and participated fully in the community.

After Brian started dating ElleJay, he slowly stopped hanging out with his friends or coming to meetups. He became more and more isolated and turned into a meek, quiet person. ElleJay started publicly referring to Brian as her "girlfriend." It was only after that that he changed his name to Brie, and ElleJay was the one who went around proudly telling everyone he was transitioning. Brie only said anything about it when pressed.

Brie has hardly made an appearance since without ElleJay, always quietly standing behind her and catering to her needs. Brie used to dress beautifully when she was male, and now dresses in very plain lolita.

Make of that what you will. Let's just say no matter his or her gender, I'm thrilled Brie finally cut that cord.

No. 103360

Yeah I always feel that Brie/Brian deserves much better.

No. 103361

Because the group they've been hanging out with all tries really hard to out edgy each others. Everyone of them has to have some kind of extra ordinary life styles and or medical issues. Converting to islam, and being in a wheel chair probably sets that bar ever higher. She probably had hoped announcing to the world of her new found religion would garner the fanfare of a coming out of closet gay pride parade, and perhaps a piece of the e-fame Ayssa has.

No. 103362

I don't understand why everyone goes crazy over Muslim girls anyway. It's not that special. There are literally millions of Muslims.

No. 103363

She looks Arab
I mean look at that kike nose

No. 103364

i thought shes a spoonie?

No. 103365

>inb4 what is spoonie
a term for anyone with a chronic, invisible, debilitating illness such as lupus, or most commonly from what ive seen ME/CFS (chronic fatigue)

No. 103366

because they're OPRESSED and SPECIAL

No. 103367

Any photos of Brie pre-transition?

No. 103368

Because its not everyday you have someone waring a kawaii pink hajib, outside of the traditional garbs.

No. 103369

i just realized, isnt she a former namefag seagull?

No. 103370

Oh yeah, she was one of the most vicious, or at least stood out to me the most. Probably because like that other anon said, her text was hot pink and really obvious.

Someone should start a "where are they now?" thread for OG lolitas. I've got tabs on everyone dating back to like 8 years ago. I never posted back in the day because I was too weird and poor, but lolita drama is like a soap opera to me. My favorite virtual reality tv show haha. I'll start collecting some stuff on big names that I can remember, and if no one else starts the thread I will soon.

No. 103371

So… She basically give a cross dresser an identity crisis just to brag about her "veeery trans girlfriend"… It wouldn't surprise me that she bullied Bryan into "becoming" transexual by bullying his appearance constantly.
What a piece of trash, I actually feel happy that he broke with this witch.

No. 103372

"encouraged" , not "bullied". We are not to say such negative anti-LGBTQA+ things !

No. 103373

Theres a thread like that over on /cgl/ right now

No. 103374


I hope so, can anyone confirm?

No. 103375


Just to clarify against what you're clarifying, ElleJay had not had the divorce when she first started dating the trans ex. I heard a bunch of the ex's friends were really upset by this.

No. 103376

At least she can't drink anymore if she's converted to Islam, so there's that.

I will never for the life of me understand why Heather was a mod in the community. She was drama too. And Ellejay was pretty high up in the comm too iirc (I dunno lol, I wasn't there long because I got deleted in the great purge of 2012 for not posting).
I'm glad to hear things are better in the comm now, but I'm not really willing to go back there, cos that whole thing left a really bad taste in my mouth.

No. 103377

File: 1438182633893.png (46.99 KB, 973x202, Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 5.06…)

Oh man I looked her up and now I remember her and her trashy icon!

No. 103378

lol fucking Dina deserves her own thread, a few years ago she was a slut-shaming openly idiotic moron who ran her mouth every chance she got. when she vaguely threatened a comm member a mod messaged her and told her she was being inappropriate. in response, Dina rebuffed the mod's concerns and told the mod she was probably a "stuck-up white girl." The mod is actually mixed race and just didn't have any photos of herself on facebook then.

After the mods asked Dina to "take a break" and to let them know if/when she would like to come to meets again, about a year later she started showing up to meets with no advance notice and was quiet as can be. Then she roped some nice, naïve newbies into being her friends and treated them like shit for months until they cut off her toxic "friendship" this past anime midwest. I think it had something to do with Dina drinking too much, then accusing her friends of drinking get alcohol? But neither of her friends drink?? They were really disgusted with her and she constantly played victim about being Bosnian and facing discrimination and shit when it was never really a big deal and she moved to the US probably as a toddler.

Dina made it seem like her ex-friends used her and played the victim really hard but her ex-friends were really done with her shit and regret staying friends with her as long as they did. Supposedly Dina also sent one of them a slew of texts calling one of her ex-friends a bunch of shit and then denied it later. She blocked a bunch of people and got reported for using a fake fb name, now she has to use her real name on fb instead of the fake one she was using before.

That's racist Bosnian chick. Wish she wasn't in the comm. I don't know a single person who likes her and I wouldn't be surprised if she ropes more newbies into being her "friends" aka people to complain to and bitch at constantly.

Props to her for calling out Ellejay on her bullshit "conversion" at least. It's the only sensible thing she's said in years.

No. 103379

Is she considered a lolcow yet?

No. 103380

>she looks like an arab
no she doesn't.

t. arab

No. 103381

File: 1438205285453.jpg (63.44 KB, 440x660, arab.jpg)

>look at that kike nose
>she looks like an arab
doesn't make sense.
I dont care about the girl in that wheelchair but she does not look arab. Arabs come in all colors but typically, she does not look Arab. She looks like an ugly English girl with sharp features. Picture related is an Arab girl, just an example of the many looks we have.

No. 103382


that's an arab girl with caucasoid features

arabs typically have different features

No. 103383

that's a medium to dark arab girl. she has full lips, an arab nose (but a nice one). Also are you trying to tell me what an Arab looks like? Do white people still think that everyone who is pretty has caucasoid features? Also, Arabs are caucasoid so what is your point?

No. 103384

she has european facial features

how is that a typical arab nose? it's not

No. 103385

You havent even seen the profile of that girl. Pretty arab girls do not have "with noses". She has typical European features you say? Her wide Arab nose? Or her full Arab lips? Or her thick Arab hair? Or her typical Arab eyes?

No. 103386

meant for eurocentric >>103384
witch noses* btw

No. 103387

She's had a nosejob.

No. 103388

Wow really? Give me the tea! Where did you read that? On www.prettypeoplehaveeuropeanfacialfeatures.com?

No. 103389

her nose is not wide??? wtf? her lips are not that full. i do know many white women with naturally full lips. the hair is not white european, no, but i wasn't referring to her hair. i said european facial features.

No. 103390

File: 1438206239743.jpg (289.02 KB, 933x1400, ara.jpg)

ugh…wh*te people.

No. 103391

this looks more like an arab girl yes but she's still like, got pretty european features

it's like the tess munster thing. she's only famous bc her face doesnt look like that of a fat as fuck woman. the girl u posted earlier is a model because she doesnt look like an arab. she has white features.

No. 103392

File: 1438206570574.jpg (80.69 KB, 448x623, arabgirl.jpg)

You're right, Eurocentric-chan! I think the pic related looks like an Arab girl. She has Arab features.

No. 103393

both are the same girls. Proves you are blind as fuck.

No. 103394

No, on angrysjwsout.me

No. 103395

….she does have full lips tho. Wtf r u saying.

No. 103396

proves you post a promotional pic where she was shooped and wearing makeup vs a basically unedited one where she's not wearing contour/makeup

stop whining no one is saying all brown people are hideous

No. 103397

they're full, but they're not anything that isn't common in white women?

No. 103398

You know many white women with big lips IRL? Not models. IRL. Please anon take a damn seat.

No. 103399

fairly full, yeah. not black women full, not kylie jenner full, but full.

No. 103400

So when I disagree with white people for once I am called a SJW. I am just saying that this whitetrash in OP does not look like an Arab. She isn't even Arab so….
I'm also saying that the Arab girl looks like a typical brown Egyptian girl.
Some arabs are black, some are brown, some are white. I dont care about brown people. All I said that OP does not look like a white arab, brown arab, or black arab.
I was not that anon but just like "nice noses" are european "nice full lips" are a black thing. Otherwise that Egyptian bitch I posted does not have european facial features.

No. 103401

If full lips were common among white girls Angelina jolie wouldn't be famous lmao.

No. 103402

Well that girls lips are more than just "full". Give me a damn break.

No. 103403

Didnt you know anon? Pretty=euro
which girl are we now talking about? your post confuses me

No. 103404

I would say these lips are "full" for white people. But they're not like the Arab girls….

No. 103405

angelina has very full lips that are uncommon, because they're fucking HUGE. i already said like three times, not hugely full, but fairly full, yes. and arab model girl's aren't even as full as angelina's. angie's are super full.

No. 103406

Can you faggots stop derailing and having a war over what you each think Arabs really look like?
Enough with the race shit. Stay on topic.

No. 103407

I was talking about the Arab girl. I wanna know where the hell that anon lives where the white girls aewound them look like that.

No. 103408

Thank you! I have such lips and people comment on it because they are so thin for an Arab girl.
She has just full lips to me tbh. You think they are xxx full because you are European, which is okay.
Ah ok I thought so!

No. 103409

Well since this girl is a fake Arab I don't think this is off topic

No. 103410

Whatever u say, ceaser from planet of the apes.

No. 103411

It's healthy to find your own race the most attractive. Gosh.

No. 103412

Explain your post

No. 103413

Then why do people find their own race with other races features the most attractive kek

No. 103414

I hope you're joking. If not, stop watching FOX news. Homosexuality of any kind is discouraged in Islam.

No. 103415

He is interpreting it wrong. Islam theoretically does not acknowledge lesbians, so you could say that it isn't a sin.

No. 103416

I was wondering the same thing earlier about if that statement was correct or not, thanks for clarifying. I have a lesbian friend who refers to herself as a 'relapsed muslim'. She told me that followers of Islam are pertinent to keep up with the teachings of current scholars, and scholars definitely say being lesbian or bi-sexual is a sin and not tolerated within the majority of muslim communities (her family don't know about her sexuality or she would no longer be accepted in the family/community). But we all know Ellejay never looked into any of that shit anyway haha. Hasn't she stopped wearing the hijab already?

No. 103417

You're misinformed. The first part is mostly true, but that mod is friends with her now, as are most of the comm mods and veterans, not just newbies. She seems to have changed from her old ways and stayed away from drama other than this recent fight. I actually don't know what the fight at Midwest was about, but she doesn't drink so that can't be it. The friends she fell out with are tumblrinas, one is a furry and the other is a gender snowflake and they went on a messaging spree and making a bunch of posts about their business, telling everyone Dina had made secrets about them because they thought that would get her banned from the comm. There weren't even any secrets about it and they had to shut up. To me they came off as immature and sketchy.

No. 103418


Some of us veterans also got messages from third parties saying that people were saying if a secret was made about Dina, she would have made it. Considering that rumor started floating around the weekend of Midwest (8 days before the next secret post), many of us assumed it was the two other girls attempting to start drama. Since this all happened on sat/sun and probably 70% of the comm regulars were at Midwest. When a secret didn't even pop up, I figured they chickened out, realizing that they gave themselves away. Their actions looked like a classic lolita-run witch hunt to me. And I know I am not the only person who thought so.

I've also been in the comm thru most of the Ellejay/Heather/Cancer-chan drama. Nothing that happens in Chicago surprises me at this point.

No. 103419

Except that that's not really how it works?

No, the Quran doesn't specifically mention the word "lesbian" or "women having sex with women iz bad", but that doesn't nullify that it clearly states that homosexuality in general is a sin.

Read what the Quran actually says about homosexuality because it has a figurative meaning too. Whether it's chicks or dicks, it's still a sin. That's not to say that someone can't be a Muslim and be gay, they can, but if they do choose to do both, they have to fully acknowledge that the religion they elected to follow considers it to be morally corruptive believes that God will punish the people who indulge in those behaviors.

You can always try to repent tho lol

No. 103420

File: 1438220219632.jpg (135.08 KB, 640x640, 11311562_482251878600278_13867…)

Well, this is the most fucktarded thing I've seen in a minute.

No. 103421

hahahahaha wtf

No. 103422


Seconded. The girls were trying to use Dina's past from a couple years ago against her. It came across as immature and drama-mongering.

No. 103423

This is some next level snowflake-ism.

No. 103424

The round blue pills are morphine 15mg extended release.

I want to say the white round ones are Tramadol 50mg. (Looks like the imprint is probably 319 )

The picture has been so edited color wise, but I'm pretty sure the yellow pills are some sort of acetaminophen/oxycodone 325mg/10mg combo.

Why does she need so many painpills? Taking Morphine and Tramadol or Oxycodone and Tramadol can lead to seizures and breathing problems if the dosing isn't carefully monitored by your doctor.

My guess is she probably just grabbed whatever prescription pills that were leftover in the house and threw them together. For extra ~*Special Snowflake*~ effect.

No. 103425

Didn't she have some sort of a painkiller addiction at some point?

No. 103426

im jelly of that morphine and tramadol damn

No. 103427

I take tramadol 50mg and my pills are oval. Kinda eye shaped. But the shape may vary between manufacturers. And there are round and capsule shaped ones as well.

That's a lot of pills. I assume she's on pain management. But if she's taking medications that can cause seizures when used together either her doctors are idiots or they're from some old prescription she should have thrown out.

I agree this is just special snowflake brownie points.

No. 103428

i'm surprised none of these are antipsychotics

No. 103429


pharmfag here. yellow are hydrocodone/apap 10-325mg. those motherfuckers get yellow dust everywhere. white are hard to tell, but i'm about 95% positive that they're topiramate 25mg.

No. 103430

Is this Dinalovesbunnies Dina?

No. 103431

No, different Dina.

I thought Ellejay posted quite often about her leg issues and this was actually pretty well known. And its mentioned upthread. Probably is on pain management.

No. 103432

Me too anon me too
/opi/ life

No. 103433

You need to learn to read girl. I never said that it isn't a sin. I just said that quran does not acknowledge lesbians.

No. 103434

>you could say that it isn't a sin
>I never said that it isn't a sin

No. 103435

Holy shit the Arab argument. First of all, never use pictures of celebrities in an argument about race. Celebrities often have work done, and most of them are not "average" people to begin with.

I have an Egyptian friend and an Iraqi friend (both male), the only thing they have in common is their hair colour. I know 4 Egyptian girls, you wouldn't be able to tell any of them were from the same country. "Arab" is not a race and therefor can't be easily defined. Caucasoid is a race and Arabs are Caucausoid but typically have darker features because of the part of the world they live in. there are Arabs with slightly lighter features. The only thing you're not going to see on someone who is from the middle east and north Africa is type 1 skin.

On top of this, however, you also have people from southern Europe, Eurasia, and other countries that aren't considered part of the middle east and north Africa who have similar features. I know an Italian who doesn't have any middle eastern relatives but looks "Arab".

Then on top of that, not even everyone from the middle east is Arab, you've got, for example, Kurds and Persians. Many of them would probably be perceived as "Arab" by someone who doesn't know much about that part of the world, but they're not actually Arab.

Its not worth it arguing over what's Arab and what isn't because no one is going to win. "Arab" is a cultural identity, not a race that can easily be classified.

>"Stop watching FOX news"
>To a post defending both homosexuality and Islam

There are a million different ways to interpret things in the Quran. This is why there's a bunch of different jurisprudence with different regards to whats forbidden and what isn't. The story of Lut has several different interpretations. Likewise, everything in the Quran was obviously written in a very different time, and trying to interpret things in a modern context is going to be a struggle.

>Read what the Quran actually says about homosexuality because it has a figurative meaning too.

If you can't read Arabic, you're going to be reading a translators possibly biased interpretation, not the Quran itself.

No. 103436

I said anon is understanding this wrong because he might have read that the quran does not acknowledge lesbians.

No. 103437

You say being Arab is a cultural identity yet you say that Arabs are caucasoid? Arabs come in all "races" and colors but the girl in OP just does not look "typically" Arab. And she isn't even Arab so to argue that she does not look Arab is correct.

No. 103438

File: 1438283238307.jpg (73.08 KB, 1023x519, Mongoloid-Caucasoid-Negroid-Au…)

Caucasoid refers to bone structure, not skin colour. Caucasoid and Caucasian aren't really the same thing. Arabs are technically caucasoid due to their bone structure. People who have distinct non-Caucasoid structure typically won't consider themselves Arab. It does happen since the lines of race are pretty blurry, but they usually won't consider themselves Arab, especially within middle eastern countries where they often face a lot of racism from "Arabs".

There's a ton of diversity in skin type, eye colour, and hair colour/type, but the bone structure is typically not as diverse. Granted there will be some mild differences due to mixing genes, like how my Iraqi and Egyptian guys don't really look alike, but their structure is still more Caucasoid than Negroid, Mongoloid, or Australoid.

>Arabs come in all "races" and colors but the girl in OP just does not look "typically" Arab. And she isn't even Arab so to argue that she does not look Arab is correct.

I'm not even touching on that. It's already been stated a couple times she's white/latino mix, so she's obviously not Arab. I'm just responding to the argument that there's a defined look for Arabs.

No. 103439

>but they dont consider themselves Arabs
cool! You're speaking for them! As a black Arab I guess I dont consider myself Arab either.

No. 103440

it seems strange to call italians 'white', but it depends on which area they hail from.
There was a lot of cross-'contamination' to the standard 'european' gene pool if you were in italy because it was a very convenient shipping port to/from africa.
if you come from one of the port cities you are probably not 100% 'white' even if you identify yourself as full-blooded italian.
on the other hand, inlanders bear a lot more resemblance to northern europeans.
determining race is not a black-and-white issue.
no pun intended.

No. 103441

Yeah, it depends on the manufacturer when it comes to the appearance of the pills. The ones my workplace stocks are round and white with '319' imprinted on it.

The Hydrocodone/apap is just easy to spot since the pill's look pretty universal across different manufacturers.
Yeah, pharmfag here too. It could be topiramate, but from what I can see for imprinting is a '6' or a '9'. I haven't seen a manufacturer that uses that for topiramate.

Again, shitty picture so it's hard to tell.

No. 103442

What would Sicilians be considered? My boyfriend is Sicilian and he said he's not even sure how much Italian he has in him due to Sicily being conquered so many times in the past.

No. 103443

We've had this convo before but we can't really speak for the whole place. I've seen Sicilians who look almost mixed-black (think Obama) and those who are very pale-skinned with European features.
Even some North Africans can look 100% white so I don't see the issue of calling Italians white.

No. 103444

Thanks. My boyfriend looks European. Brown eyes, brown hair, light skin. Also, I read that the Normandy conquered Sicily like, 1000 years ago, so most Sicilians now would be considered white.

No. 103445

Can we just agree that she has so much privileges doesn't matter what race she is and has to invent imaginary oppressions?

No. 103446

tumblr out

but I agree

No. 103447


i think i can see "278" on the white ones (but shitty pic), which tipped me off to thinking topiramate. can spot those qualitest hydros from a mile away, though.

No. 103448

She is in a fucking wheelchair you retard.

No. 103449


She has a history of exaggerating her health issues. She got the wheelchair way before when she was definitely walking. I'm sure that she does have issues, but who knows how far it goes. She's said her seizures are also nonepileptic, which is due to being psychologically unstable rather than having brain issues, and sounds pretty bs as well.

No. 103450

-1 privelege
okay then

No. 103451

Okay please don't become a doctor

No. 103452

Guess who is still with their girlfriend and just got a mini house on wheels.

No. 103453


Ugh, gross. I can't believe Brie is so pathetic that she decides stay with such a waste of a person. Though Ellejay is probably guilting her into it.

No. 103454

File: 1438527039973.jpg (223.29 KB, 630x615, 1438445670243.jpg)

So there were three secrets made about her on BtB this week and they were all removed…

No. 103455

File: 1438538415666.jpg (121.54 KB, 637x640, PtQpqsV.jpg)

No. 103456

File: 1438538448020.png (507.13 KB, 640x463, dUYG5Bj.png)

No. 103457

File: 1438543670177.jpg (338.7 KB, 1032x840, muhparents.jpg)

I took these caps when I realized how nuts she was. She quickly deleted them after ranting in the comments. Sad to see she didn't get better, she will be miserable in a trailer filled with kawaii trash and animals.

Does anyone remember when she got a "service dog" for a few weeks then gave him away because he was too rowdy? How many animals are travelling with her?!

No. 103458

File: 1438543729815.jpg (389.01 KB, 1000x1160, muh parents_comments.jpg)

No. 103459

Does anyone have recent caps about the trailer? Because wow. Also, since she removed the secrets about herself this week, I hope people make more next week.

No. 103460

I'm as fucking north European as one can be and I have dark hair, thin eyes and olive skin. A lot of people have genes from Asia here. Not everyone is the stereotypical Swedish blonde Aryan wet dream.

No. 103461

clearly sami aren't northern european lulz

No. 103462

Tanning=/=naturally tan skin. Even a swedish girl can dye her hair, tan and look exxxotic.
I doubt you're really dark as you claim to be. Lily Collins for example is considered dark for a white woman, but she really is fucking white and pasty to me, an Arab.

No. 103463

File: 1438551690330.jpg (84.43 KB, 640x960, 11800070_780376163100_91394983…)

No. 103464

God now she's gonna blog about travelling the world~

She can't run from the online drama that she desperately clings to…

I really though Brian finally came to their senses. I guess they have a lot of other issues as well if they're willing to put up with all of this girls nonsense.

No. 103465

File: 1438553936029.jpg (109.85 KB, 618x759, lily-collins-premiere-mortal.j…)

Except Lily Collins isn't considered "dark" by anyone…

No. 103466

I think the other anon means that her colouring is not very typical of a white person. She's a pale olive

No. 103467

No. 103468

No. 103469

File: 1438554951120.png (777.84 KB, 1600x1325, Frequency-of-red-hair-in-Europ…)

Lmao even gingers don't want to admit that they're gingers. And Irish aren't white to begin with.

No. 103470


Last year she became a Wiccan at some point. I'd imagine the wishlist reflects that.

No. 103471

And like the other anon said, you are not white and you are not a northern European. Your ancestors got cucked and you're a nasty ass mongrel thing. You even admitted that you have asian genes and went on to call yourself nordic, nigga wut?

No. 103472

She still was as recently as March of this year, according to the list. I also enjoyed 'How Not to Be a Dick: An Everyday Etiquette Guide' and the two most recent self-help books.

No. 103473

>And Irish aren't white to begin with
You're nuts.

No. 103474

Lily Collins IS a "dark" white girl. Just like Kris Jenner or Anne Hathaway even though both are pasty as hell.
>pale olive
well for white people she is.

No. 103475

Not to be off topic, but does anyone know what she did to lighten her skin?

No. 103476


Summer tan as I recall. She's naturally lighter than that.

No. 103477

No. 103478

>Eastern Europeans
except no, most Eastern Europeans are either Catholics or Orthodox Christians. The Muslim ones (Bosniaks) are a minority even in their own country…. I should know, I'm from there.

No. 103479

Oh and the ones that ARE Muslim are only formally so. If you wear a hijab there people are just gonna laugh at you.

No. 103480

She looks more like a tanned Lea Michele than an Arab.

No. 103481

SF Lolitas are finally speaking up about Ellejay's bullshit. I hope it gains traction like the last lolcow they banned from the comm.

No. 103482

No. 103483

Confirmed that Ellejay has removed herself from the SF Comm page! More Lolitas on fb are speaking up about their unfortunate interactions with her and her toxic behavior, good job cows and gulls!

No. 103484

Any caps or are the posts public?

No. 103485

>being this yank

No. 103486

hehe i saw that and i forgot a lot of farmers are seagulls who miss the drama over there

No. 103487


>minority in their own country

Didn't anyone teach you that wikipedia isn't 100% accurate.

No. 103488

I must see because that is amazing.


No. 103489

>posts an outdated infographic
>that'll show 'em, thinking they know what they're talking about just because they live there!
For the record: 10% is still a small amount if the entire country's population is only 4 mil. Just FYI.

No. 103490

>literally say 'I'm from there'
Anyway, most people who live in Bosnia are either Catholics or Orthodox Christians. Less than half of them are Muslim. Don't talk shit when you don't know anything about the country to begin with.

No. 103491

File: 1438620707471.png (373.02 KB, 522x3961, ellejaypart1.png)

No. 103492

File: 1438620763505.png (358.16 KB, 522x3987, ellejaypart2.png)

Part 2

No. 103493

Meh where are you from? Both of you are right but you're a bit harsh.

No. 103494

Can anyone who is still a friend of hers confirm if she is actually being quiet about this situation, or is she crying bully to the people who will still listen?

If she still has friends….

No. 103495


I think she unfriended most of her friends. She certainly unfriended everyone in Chicago who actually knows her in her last clean out of her FB last week.

No. 103496

I realize this is a bit OT but how come no one told Chanel off yet and kicked her out?

No. 103497


Thank you so much for providing caps! It's crazy to think that similar conversations have been happening with both the SF and Chicago comms, totally separate.

No. 103498

Could you provide Chicago caps? I kinda wish this was on rufflechat just to get the SF and Chicago girls to discuss this and how they handled her in the past.

No. 103499


Don't talk shit assuming you're the only one from there. The only minority trying to get minority rights is the Catholics aka Croatians.
The Muslims have been the majority at all times.

No. 103500

Most Chicago girls talked about this in PM this time around. There was no comm post about Ellejay. The only FB posts from girls in Chigothloli were either 'this chick unfriended me for no reason and lied about it' or 'lol… she did it again I knew it'. We try to keep interpersonal drama out of the comm since we were the drama capital for a few years. Its worked well for us post-ellejay and especially post-cancer-chan.

No. 103501

I can understand why you wouldn't post caps of that, thanks for letting us know Anon!

No. 103502

File: 1438634235146.png (191.88 KB, 524x434, Screenshot 2015-08-03 at 1.34.…)

Chanel just posted this to her timeline.

No. 103503

File: 1438634303581.png (354.79 KB, 562x583, Screenshot 2015-08-03 at 1.35.…)

No. 103504

File: 1438634341314.png (372.93 KB, 552x582, Screenshot 2015-08-03 at 1.35.…)

No. 103505

Jesus fucking Christ. Sorry for all the shits you've had to deal with but thank you for finally saying something and posting caps. I'm glad that at least one big problem of the comm is gone hopefully Chanel is soon to follow.

No. 103506

The first girl calling out Chanel in the ElleJay thread is a mod, and I'm 99% sure the girl Chanel was talking to in those screenshots is that mod's roommate.

Her poor decision making is breathtaking.

No. 103507

Requesting caps of this uterus plushy thing if anyone can be bothered. Sounds lulzy.

No. 103508

Dude her posting caps to her own facebook is really wtf.

Someone should just anon message her on tumblr and tell her no one likes her and she should leave the comm. Everyone bitches about her, it should just be done.

No. 103509


Seconding. Very curious.

No. 103510

Sent one. Hopefully she got the message.

No. 103511

I noped the fuck out with Ellejay after I heard about an incident that had happened at J9's place. She's the one posting about being friends with Ellejay before shit went down. For those interested:
>J9 holds a lot of casual parties, to which both her normal friends and lolita friends are invited
> one time, Ellejay attends one, with Brie in tow
> one of J9's longtime friends and extremely nice person, B, sees that Ellejay is wearing cat leggings
> he likes cats so he pokes her leg where a cat is and compliments her on her legged
> she flips the fuck out and yells at him that he is sexually harassing her and that no one should ever touch a woman without her permission
>then she picks up her cane and tries to fight him with it
>poor B is traumatized
>she leaves and Brie has to awkwardly return for her purse, explaining that it's just a thing that happens sometime

Bonus Ellejay encounter!
>SF twinning meet up
>she and Brie show up really late to the picnic
>She is on her wheelchair
>we are on grass
>she wheels herself the fuck over the grass, which takes a shit ton of time and energy
>girl I know you can walk the few feet that you insisted on wheeling yourself over
>for the rest of the meet she sits in one spot and allows people to flock to her
>when we take our group heart picture she is the center point of the heart
>it warms my heart to see all the SF lolita calling her out on her bullshit now

No. 103512

i want j9 to spill everything. why does everyone have to be so fucking vague?

No. 103513

I've heard about it like, thirdhand, but some of it is really fucked up and private. Brie's a really nice person and no one wants to encoach on her privacy, so just take it at face value that it is 100% abusive relationship on Ellejay's part

No. 103514

Someone on the seagull board reported that the SF Comm has given ElleJay the banhammer.

No. 103515

File: 1438824278548.png (132.82 KB, 494x992, M12tGaN.png)

No. 103516

Bravo, SanFran! I hope Chicago follows your lead.

No. 103517

Probably no formal ban in Chicago since she doesn't live here anymore and has no plans to return. One or two of her childhood friends are in the comm (though not very active, and not sure if that friendship is active either) so it might be better to leave it alone until/unless she comes back. She had a major falling out with the mods a year ago so if she comes back after all this, they will not be likely to let her attend meets.

No. 103518


Chicago has really specific bannable offenses and she removed herself from the comm some months ago, which would really limit reasons to ban her at this point. As a mod must approve for someone to join Chicago's comm, I doubt any of the mods would allow her re-admission at this point. Most of the mods are ex friends of hers.

No. 103519

The infighting going on right now in SF comm because of this is insane.

EJ also keeps posting overly chipper status updates every couple of hours and it's just so transparent.

No. 103520

Caps plz?

No. 103521

File: 1438842068012.png (23.21 KB, 418x265, Screenshot 2015-08-05 at 11.14…)


"Brie" responded in the thread. Anyone else think the phrasing screams 'ElleJay wrote this'?

No. 103522

File: 1438843936650.png (321.28 KB, 529x3134, wow.png)

No. 103523

Freakin' HellJay needs to back the fuck away from the keyboard and let Brie speak for herself. What a controlling cunt, you can totally tell it's her in that comment.

No. 103524


Ah, I see that someone ElleJay fed her bullshit story to was dumb enough to believe her.

Also, using the blanket shame-on-you statement of "I'm not the only one who feels this way" bitch please.

No. 103525

I have a hard time believing this is Brie speaking.

No. 103526

Are any of these people former Chicago/midwest lolitas? Just curious if any of them are defending her since they moved to SF before she got really nuts.

No. 103527

There's only one person defending her and that person isn't from Chicago.

No. 103528

Holy shit, this is some good drama-llama shit.
Truly fucked up how there are still some people who try to side with ElleJay.

No. 103529

Scary shit. The person defending ellejay is one of the mods.

No. 103530


ElleJay probably messaged her to explain away everything. That's what she does. She contacts people who she could see as allies and feeds them pity stories until they feel bad and see her side.

No. 103531

Kind of interesting how S and C are the only people with claims of harassment by ElleJay. Same thing happened with Melissa.

No. 103532


The only ones in San Francisco. There have been others. They just aren't sharing their business.

No. 103533

With the Melissa thing everything was public. I was at Jpop walking behind him during the public outburst where he screamed at them, and he publicly posted that he wanted to punch S.

No. 103534

Probably that. BUT, they have also been posting about each other recently before the shit hit the fan,i think they've recently become close friends. She went to the mods concert and gushed about her all day.

No. 103535

File: 1439055177837.png (659.5 KB, 781x524, Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 2.47…)

Did you even read the fb thread? Other people like J definitely came forward and it seemed like OP got private messages from other people who didn't want to post publicly. S & C are just willing to call people out on their shit and I'm happy they are cuz as you've seen, most lolitas are happy to live in ignorance or do everything to avoid confrontation even as they're being preyed upon.
Also the thing with Melissa was pretty well documented?

No. 103536


Ok that's scarier. Makes it hard to trust that mod if they can still side with someone so crazy like ellejay.

S&c weren't the only ones who complained about mb and ellejay. They're just the most visible.

No. 103537

This. It's even being brought up in the comm now that we as a whole let things go too far before we take any action at all, so that they are one of the few willing to speak up says more about the SF lolitas.

No. 103538

A lot of people don't know ElleJay well or never knew about all the shit going down with her.
I was talking with a girl in the comm who's been part of it for several years now and she never noticed anything.

No. 103539

This has probably been the least amount of posting I've seen from Ellejay since this thread went up. Hopefully it's not temporary. She is still posting herself in a hijab with her #frillability stamp on it. No real updates or pictures of brie besides that elleyjay-esque comment.

No. 103540

Did she delete her Facebook? She's not coming up anymore on FB search.

No. 103541

She changed her facebook name back to her regular name, I'm guessing she's removing all association with the name Ellejay.

No. 103542

Look under fb (dot) com/trinitynine

No. 103543

Diff anon. Not working for me.

No. 103544

It was working a few hours ago, now it's not. She either lurks here or someone blabbed

No. 103545

Oh you know she lurks here. Hi Ellejay!

No. 103546

Why not both?
You know we have retards who think "Well, she deserves to know we're talking crap about her" among us, right?

No. 103547


Even stupider to think you can change your name and people wont notice.

Your not fooling anyone Ellejay. You can change as much as you want but your thirst for e-fame and toxicity is already archived on multiple websites and can't be deleted. It would be different if you just stopped everything in the first place… but no. You thought of how you can cover your tracks, unfriend, and change blogs so you can still cry to get your white knight ass pats while trying to avoid "bullies" bringing up all of the terrible things you have done to both comms, friends, and family. Anyone can be a piece of shit but you truly stand out and are special in that realm because you choose social media to pretty much document every shitty thing you've done. And in giving yourself that ~*unique*~ name has only made it easier to dig up all of your past and present indiscretions.

>You missed a few.



You are truly a lolcow.

No. 103548

Dang what is it now?

No. 103549

Can't find anything. She may have blocked a whole lot of people or temporarily disabled her account. Brie's fb is still there. All of the likes and comments from ellejay have vanished.

No. 103550

She's had so many different names online in just the past few years. Laura volpe hamilton,ellejay vee, ellejay volpe, trinity taratino. Maybe she is using a new name?

She's had a lot of blog changes over the years too. Sparkle net, sherry and cookies, frill ability. Am I forgetting any?

No. 103551

There was also ellejayvee dotcom.

No. 103552

What happened with her and gothic Lolita wigs?

No. 103553

Not sure but does anyone know if she had something to say during the whole GLW watermelon incident?

No. 103554

She deactivated her account. The name she used prior to deactivation was Josephine Laura Estrada Volpe.

No. 103555

Estrada? Where does that name come from? Laura Josephine Volpe, is her real legal name, yeah? Hamilton was her married name. Estrada though?

No. 103556

Her mom's Facebook name has Estrada Volpe as the last name so maybe her mom's maiden name?

No. 103557

GLW watermelon incident? What is that? I remember though a couple of months ago she wrote some huge post about confronting their booth at a con for some reason because of problems she had in the past.

No. 103558

>I was watching some tutorials on YouTube, and this one from HijabHills inspired me to be true to what I had been feeling for so long:

so she literally converted to islam because she saw a tutorial of an attractive girl putting a hijab on? goddamnit

No. 103559

File: 1440121508787.png (702.5 KB, 732x726, Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 2.50…)

A lot of Lolitas upset over this photo and GLWs took it down and apologized. Since then many girls refused to buy from them. Did she personally confront GLW about this at a con???? Can anyone confirm?

No. 103560

Forget the GLW thing. I'm surprised she wrote a post about that whole John Leigh thing and his secret sexual harassment when that's what she was doing herself.

No. 103561

No, she never confronted GLW at a con. She was done with them years before that, and no one really cares about the watermelon thing outside of Tumblrites. GLW had/has other problems.

No. 103562

so did she delete her fb?

No. 103563

Yeah, she's still active on her twitter and instagram. She probably made some super secret fb so she can still vent to the poor few that will listen.

No. 103564

File: 1443951267845.jpg (219.8 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 103565


We do all know what she looks like. A trainwreck from Morocco is still a trainwreck. And not all people from Morocco are Muslim. Jesus Fucking Christ.

No. 103566

Except the North African influence in the Canary Islands is so old and so diluted by European settlers by now that it really, really doesn't count? This is like a white girl claiming a Cherokee Princess ancestor but in this case, having to go back to the 1300's.

No. 103567


Of course it doesn't count, and her desperation to be legitimately ethnic is outrageously racist.

No. 103568

She didn't waste any time after reactivating her Facebook. At least she's banned from the good comms.

No. 103569

The word all of you are looking for is Arab
Muslim isn't a race/ethnicity

No. 103570

Muslim is a religion then? I thought Islam was. I apologize for my confusion. (Not same anon btw)

No. 103571

Islam is the religion. A person who practices Islam is a Muslim.

No. 103572

Thank you for clearing that up for me.

No. 103573

File: 1444103864536.png (57.78 KB, 487x270, Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 8.54…)

>I swear I'm part African ok????????

No. 103574

Im from the canary islands and I'm white as fuck. They're tanned because they're 24/7 at the beach.

No. 103575

I went to college with "ellejay" (aka Laura Volpe)….call me college anon…I gotta go to bed but I just about died when I saw this thread! First time I have ever known a lolcow in real life. I shall be back…please send me your questions!

No. 103576

Also, is her FB private??

No. 103577

Seems like. She's only cut things back to 2,000 friends. She updates her tumblr a lot still though. More recently she's talking about spending a bunch of money on things like Magic the Gathering, Force of Will (another card game) and for some reason beyblades? I guess with her being kind of blacklisted from one community, she looks to dig her claws into yet another new one.

No. 103578

Also, to clarify. She made a post about purchasing a Magic the Gathering fatpack, fatpacks are $40. If she bought force of will andweiss schwarz stuff too, she easily spent at least $60 in one sitting on cardgames alone. Not a huge amount, but it really makes me wonder where all this money keeps coming from. Brie? Her parents?

No. 103579

Was she just as attention hungry in class? Did she actually study/learn anything or did she act like she already knew everything? Did she actually graduate or just pretend to (She's posted pics of a black cap and gown but no tassel with the year and no pic of a diploma ever).

No. 103580

File: 1444184015943.jpg (81.38 KB, 920x730, 1251322151917.jpg)

>ElleJay back on Facebook

This lolcow isn't going away.

I've heard the same thing that she never graduated, but she disputes that.

Magic the Gathering is basically comprised of hardcore nerds. Magic is big at my school. I know she can comeback to lolita if she returned to Chicago and rejoined the Chicago Comm.

No. 103581


aww you also thought argentina actually was white didn't u, anon?

No. 103582

Did she always dress decently for class? Did you hear any stories about her with your other class mates? What did she even go there to study???

No. 103583

Her tumblr says STEM ed, can college anon confirm STEM?

No. 103584

The card game community is one of the less tolerant ones. We literally openly give people shit for what they do and do instant bans without warnings. She isn't going to survive.

No. 103585

File: 1444231612529.png (265.17 KB, 1080x1284, Screenshot_2015-10-06-07-20-49…)

SHIT I forgot after her last crazy storm, her and her girlfriend bought and moved into an airstream trailer!

The point of small house living is to cut out a lot of clutter and to live more minimal. Look at all that unneeded shit behind her!

For someone who used to bitch a lot about inaccessible locations she sure picked a really inaccessible place to live. And her GF is just as crazy if she's going along with this.

No. 103586

What do you mean piles of stuffed animals and expensive Japanese dolls aren't a necessity!?

In all seriousness though, I wonder how much of a cluttered mess that thing is already.

No. 103587

Oh, I know. I don't think she'll get anywhere with the MTG community. I think that's why she is leaning more towards the Force of Will and Weiss Schwarz communities as they are Japanese games and full of anime otaku types.

No. 103588

she said she just put up more stuff that she's had forever and never used so there's more clutter than ever

No. 103589

Oh good god, there's video. It's a mess.


No. 103590


>All those creepy doll faces surrounding you in a dimly lit trailer.

That was pretty scary.

No. 103591

Hahahahahahha oh my god. This and the picture, "Trying new medication! Is this right for me?" made me laugh at how fucking downright pathetic this broad is. Seriously, wow, I didn't think people could pity themselves this much. And yeah, the medications are morphine, hydrocodone, and tramadol. She's a pill head for sure. In this picture here, she's high as fuck on pain pills. It's hard to tell because she has brown eyes, but her pupils are pin pricks. She looks horrible and needs to drop the hijab bullshit. What a fake bitch.

No. 103592

I liked the music the most. Hahahahah so like, "Oh mah gawwwww~ Uguuuuuuuu~ I'm disabled and doped up on pain pills, I'm so kawaiiiiii desuuuu~" hahahahaha grow up

No. 103593

File: 1444290865567.png (474.84 KB, 486x491, donthugmeimscared.png)

You're telling me. I oddly couldn't watch this late at night. I think it's a combo of knowing she's got some untold mental issues + everything in this video is uncanny, not cute.

No. 103594

File: 1444291978360.png (272.14 KB, 483x481, 454.png)

I like how when you take stills of the video, it looks like it's from a crime scene or a creepypasta. The music was kind of creepy too and not very cute like the other anon says, that weird buzzing noise…

No. 103595

The Force of Will are a bit nicer but still don't put up shit and Weiss Schwarz is ruthless like the Yu-Gi-Oh community. She isn't going to fit in with her mental issues and stunts she puts out and will be taken out of the area if possible.

No. 103596

Why would she care though? She will cause as much drama as possible, and when they throw her out she can milk it for attention and pity points ("THEY DIDNT ACCEPT ME AS A GAMER GURL AND BECAUSE I'M MUSLIM WAAAH PLS DONATE") and move on to the next thing.

No. 103597

I'm pretty sure I've figured out this idiot's shtick. She's an opiate/opioid addict. The pictures here: >>103273 show her nodding out, very clearly, in her wheelchair. She claims to be on worker's comp, and I'm guessing the chair is to milk worker's comp case managers for as long as she possibly can, as well as milk whatever doctor she goes to for as many opioid medications for as long as she can. Opioid addicts have a tendency to over dramatize their life's situation for sympathy, but end up always overplaying it in an oddly plastic and shallow way. A perfect example is her post here: >>103299 . A favorite past time for opiate addicts is to garner sympathy from others by any means necessary, and the way she exhibits her medications here: >>103420 is just screaming, "FEEL SORRY FOR ME LOOK AT ALL THE PILLS I HAVE TO TAKE", but she ended up just giving herself away and showing everyone her true addict self. She is constantly trying to become something special and different because she truly feels that anything is better than what she knows she is inside - a fake, a fraud, a boring and simple regular girl who has no problems and is in perfect health - which is why she decided to 'convert' to Islam. It's obviously a fraud, and a vain attempt at becoming something she is not, and it will not save her because she is not fully invested in it. Finally, the picture here: >>103585 shows an opiate addict in true form. Plastic, shiny, and oily skin from not showering. Pin prick pupils. A superficial smile that screams, "My life sucks, but at least I have my morphine and since no one has called me out yet, that makes me happy enough". Living in a fucking trailer with no plan, no goals, and no dreams, as well as making fake attempts to fool her family into believing she is doing something good for herself are ALL telltale signs of the opiate addict.

Just wait til' the pills don't work anymore. She'll be on heroin in no time and then homelessness will be the least of her worries. This cow is in self destruct mode. If you want to get a surefire rise out of her, call her out on her addiction and tell her that she's faking everything for the pills -cause it's the truth.

Don't worry, she can't make it far. She has to pick up her morphine and hydrocodone prescriptions after all. She has to continuously make Dr's appointments in order to get those prescriptions since they are scheduled substances. Soon enough, she wont be able to leave town because she has to be near to her heroin dealer at all times in order to stay well.

Source: Used to be a heroin addict. 2 1/2 years clean now. Thank God.

No. 103598

lol no

No. 103599

I think most of this is right. She did have some condition with tumors in one of her legs. They were removed, but instead of the hard work of physical therapy; she quickly fell into the self pity and pill dependency. I think she could have made a full physical recovery but her obvious mental problems just made her regress. She started with a cane, then a "therapy dog" she quickly gave up, then the chair. That chairs done more harm than good, since after that she quit her job; tried (and failed) on her frillability project, which has turned into another blog for muh problems~; and ignores any chair advice her disabled friends give her. She crosses her legs in almost every chair picture she takes, and you know she has to walk into that trailer!

This broad really pisses me off, what about girls with actual physical disabilities who wanna be kawaii and can't even stand on there own?! Those girls would fight tooth and nail to get better if they had half of the resources that this nut has.

This is why you don't coddle kids and pay for their nose job at 17.

No. 103600

Former addict here also and I agree with this fully.

However, I want to say that she probably doesn't (presently) see it this way. She probably sincerely thinks these are good ideas or things she's into because her drug addled brain is incapable of making objective observations or decisions.

I remember being addicted to just oxy+ketamine and I thought Wicca was a good idea. I'm not even vaguely religious and cringe at the memory (very out of character).

No. 103601

She definitely isn't in perfect health, she does have issues with her one leg. However, I agree that she seems to play it up. And her being addicted to her pills seem likely.

If you check her tumblr, she has a therapy dog again. Not sure if it's the one from before or a new one though.

No. 103602

Has anyone heard from Brie? I knew him in LA.

No. 103603

Brie is trans, so "she". I think she has cut a lot of people out of her life for ellejay. It's kind of sad. I know Brie is like 37 or 38, but I feel like she's just settling at this point.

No. 103604

Sorry. As you can tell, I'm adjusting. I had the Brie but still used the he.

No. 103605

That RV must stink with all of the cats and their litter in it.

No. 103606

I heard among the people Brie has cut out of her life is her family, including her sister. So sad. I shake my head in amazement that Ellejay is worth it. I heard Brie even is out of her parent's will.

No. 103607

A friend of mine who still lives in the Antelope Valley ran into Brie's big sister and had a very interesting conversation. Brie's sister has tried to reach out to Brie and convince her to break up with ElleJay but to no avail. Brie didn't contact her sister back and a few days later a line would appear in ElleJay's blogs about how someone unnamed had tried to break them up and it hadn't worked. So sad. Brie's sister knows this woman is bad news but Brie is so far gone.

No. 103608

I imagine it's not that she is worth it but is likely very manipulative.

I used to do similar things to my exes (then partners, obviously). Some of them still think I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread. It isn't because I'm great or worth it, it's because I was very manipulative and abusive/offered them false validation. It's like some kind of emotional abuse victim mind set, that the person starts to think they need their abuser like that.

Not trying to be OT with my life story, I just think this is what has happened with them. EJ might not even know what she's doing is abusive/manipulative, especially when fueled by her blatant drug addiction.

To Brie, EJ probably 'helped' her. She probably has a false sense of identity/self tied in specifically with EJ (Esp given her trans progress began during their relationship, yes?). In essence, her tie with EJ is essentially part of her present identity. That can be hard for people to shake, especially if their self esteem was knocked down and picked up by an abuser who covers it by convincing them it's affection.

Don't know if I'm explaining this eloquently because I'm not very sober right now, but the situation makes unfortunate sense.

No. 103609

Brie's sister said their family never was going to have an easy time with Brie's transition but Brie only would give them twenty minutes a time to talk to her because her therapist advised it, and ElleJay always had to be present for the conversations interjecting her opinions about the situation and Brie's family. Brie's big sister asked Brie to have a private conversation, but Brie refused saying he and ElleJay share everything and have zero secrets. Eventually, even Brie's sister threw up her hands and walked away in frustration and confusion. A year later, she tried again and heard nothing from Brie.

No. 103610

It is just too bad. They were so close.

No. 103611

Brie's big sister also noticed the personality changes in Brie since he started dating ElleJay before they stopped speaking. It is very interesting to see so many other people have had the same observations.

I feel like I don't even know Brie anymore form the descriptions I've read on this thread and what I heard from Brie's big sister.

Brie used to be friendly, laid-back, relaxed and outgoing. No more.

No. 103612

File: 1444352298548.png (595.55 KB, 513x652, theyseemerollin.png)

>Could you imagine the shitfit she would throw if Brie went out on her own with a friend

This guy is either the owner or an employee of the place they bought those cards from.

No. 103613

No. 103614

Goes to show where she's put that diploma of hers

No. 103615

It's alright. The input about Brie's side is definitely appreciated. It seems like such a sad/unfortunate situation.

No. 103616

File: 1444417291951.jpeg (143.55 KB, 750x756, image.jpeg)

No. 103617

Oh, how convenient. It's almost like she's watching us…

Or are you Ellejay posting screen caps of your own post as evidence you aren't a pill addict? Cause, I mean, seriously.

No. 103618

File: 1444505812135.jpg (95.65 KB, 973x632, 1442619085686.jpg)

I'm the one that posted this: >>103597

>>103616 … I FUCKING CALLED IT. Did I not call this or what? What a plastic fake bitch, and yeah, she is reading this thread because she got scared when I could just SENSE the pill addict through the fucking screen with her pictures. So since you are reading this, Ellejay, no, there is no, "herbal" remedy that will now quell your appetite for opioids! Congratulations! You made yourself an addict! Now there is no turning back, and you will crave opioids for the rest of your life! And guess what? Whatever 'withdrawal' you are feeling is fucking NOTHING compared to heroin withdrawal, so either shape up your fucking life and ask your family for help, or suffer the life of an addict, homeless, on heroin, detoxing in your trailer every time you run out of money. Here's a present, from 420chan's /opi/. You're a fucking retard if you see this image and still continue to use. Do yourself and your life a favor, get off that shit, get counseling, ask your family for help, and get out of that fucking retarded wheel chair. You look pathetic, go through the physical therapy, you fraud.

I know exactly what you mean. I used to also do a lot of cringe-worthy stuff or just make decisions on a whim with no plans… Shit like deciding to drive somewhere far off with no money for gas to make it back, no money for food or anything. I'd be fucked with no direction, no plan, no sanity, nothing. I totally understand this.

No. 103619

File: 1444833789995.png (32.56 KB, 508x349, welp.png)

Opiate anon called it.

Maybe she's actually getting help this time…

No. 103620

I haven't really been following EJ, but isn't it common for people with chronic illnesses get narcotics? Plus they can be kind of addicting if you have the propensity for it.

No. 103621

that picture irritates me so much and is so innacurate
(MOST) just start smoking black tar recreationally because its just like oxy to people, except insanely easy to find and cheap.
idk about the east coast but I hear everywhere tar is taking over. basically, skip all that pill shit. we've all taken a vicodin after getting our wisdom teeth out or some shit. syringe shit is totally correct though.

No. 103622

Ugh so much clutter. I see this in a lot of "kawaii" rooms and can't understand how people can live like that. I'm feeling really claustrophobic even just watching the video tbh.
All the dolls and posters and shit just make it look like a teenager's room too. Like this bitch is 30+. She's gotta have major fucking issues to be wanting to live in a teenager's room.

No. 103623

Oh, of course. The famous opioid addict, "Tuck 'n' roll". Aka getting the fuck out ASAP because shit is getting too real and you're starting to look like too much of a piece of shit so you have to opt out of having a social life when you're called out and proven to be a fake, a fraud, a piece of trash, a liar, a manipulator, and much more. You know, I never understood why people found it just so difficult to get honest with themselves and other people around them and just say, "Look, I lied. I am sorry, and I fucked up in these ways" but instead they always try to save face by trying their hardest to play the victim and work their warped view of the world into their reality.

Maybe you think it's inaccurate, but hundreds upon hundreds of people have posted and reposted that same exact image on /opi/ on 420chan along with some type of personal story describing their exact relation to the chart and how similar their experience was. My story was very similar, but the oxy portion of my story was only for a month and then went straight to heroin. You even said the same yourself, most people swap one for the other which is exactly what the chart implies.

No. 103624

days without opis make me crie

No. 103625

haha i havent checked here in awhile and im laffin because she really did continue with the hijab thing. but she looks more like a cancer patient, not a muslim

No. 103626

please calm down. not every drug addict is literally like the fools on intervention. some are functional. and we admit it, we fucked up our lives in irreparable ways, but not all of us are evil, manipulative demons

No. 103627

>"I'm allowed my triumph, tragedy, and f*uck-ups in private."

Coming from the person who puts EVERYTHING she does on social media and expects the internet to give her privacy?!

The last post with her beta date was posted on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and fucking Facebook.


She's not deactivating anything else because she lives for the attention and asspats. She won't get better, just change into another shit version of herself. What can she even do now after being a singer/lolita/model/lesbian/gamer/wiccan/STEM GURL/3D print MAKER/pastel princess/spoonie/disabled/Muslim/trailer trash?

No. 103628

File: 1451100276239.jpg (94.43 KB, 960x960, shesback.jpg)

She has returned!

No. 103629

File: 1451100436439.png (27.45 KB, 243x553, returnpost.png)

here's the post

No. 103630

I've had her friended on fb for a while and kind of admired her spirit in terms of writing long ass posts about things she believed in or wanted to change etc but ffs if you want the internet to leave you alone you lock down all your shit and don't mention the internet ever again. You don't add fuel to the fire, and thats all she ever seems to do. Her way to handle problems is to write long winded martyr level posts on Facebook to get a bunch of comments telling her she's great. Kind of getting on my nerves now tbh. I'm all for believing people change but fuck if someone really changed they wouldn't have to spend an hour writing a fb post to prove it… They would just move on.

No. 103631

She was talking about how she wanted to start hoarding Blythe dolls a week ago and then a couple days ago, she posted that she's going to put off doll collecting until later since she bought herself an expensive bass guitar.

No. 103632


"Waaaah I know I said I was going away but I need attention bad so please don't call me out on my shit"

No. 103633

Wow. I read that screen capture. What a load of deflection coming from ElleJay. She is just protecting her ego with this post in a very patronizing and passive aggressive way.

No. 103634

I hope Brie has gotten away from her.

No. 103635

Who is giving her the money for bass guitars and Blythe dolls?

No. 103636

File: 1451456139030.jpg (19.83 KB, 306x306, whenwillitend.jpg)

No. 103637

holy. fuck. Know the guy in the picture with her. He used to work at a game store (as you guessed), but he left to move to Chicago with his "girlfriend." My boyfriend told me he was dating this 'cute, disabled girl', I had no idea it was helljay.
Last I heard, he was back in town after having been gone with her for only like, a week and a half max. How fucking crazy is she to live with that he could only handle a week?! I also had heard that she had broken up with her girlfriend to be with him (finally leaving Brie alone? thank god.) Never thought I'd be so close to a Lolcow irl. I'm going to have my bf hit him up and see if I can get some details on what exactly went down.

Of course she's back! She needs to work for the asspats so she doesn't die from lack of attention.

I'm glad she's banned in the SF community already, and I hope Chicago takes measures now that she's back.

No. 103638

Does anyone know how's Brie doing? Is she able to talk to her family now?

No. 103639

Got ahold of the guy that went to chicago with her. He wouldn't tell me or my boyfriend anything about Brie, and told me to fuck off when I asked questions about ElleJay. Seemed like he thought she could do no wrong, she probably did the same shit she did to Brie to him.

Don't know brie well, only ever met her once or twice, but I assume she must be doing better away from ElleJay? Maybe some of her old friends can reach out to her now that ElleJay won't be there to pick and choose which friends she gets to have / what she gets to say.

No. 103640

Brie hasn't been in contact with her family.

No. 103641

They have tried contacting her to say Merry Christmas and to inform her that her father had heart surgery but Brie didn't respond to them.

No. 103642

File: 1452393303564.jpg (35.69 KB, 540x581, 1919029_10153703589392247_6862…)

Saw someone post this in a cringe post… instantly thought of ellejay.

No. 103643

LMFAO. Literally exactly her.

No. 103644


>1/16th cherokee princess

>convert to Muhslam

If someone could roll her down the stairs I would be so happy

No. 103645

If only we could be so lucky. I'm just glad brie is finally away from her.

No. 103646

File: 1452451356589.jpg (32.02 KB, 600x600, photo.jpg)

Ellejay has a double Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009075948861

No. 103647

>not being able to tell a blatant troll
farmers please

No. 103648

Sage for off topic, but who cares if it's a troll, it's funny.

No. 103649

God, I wish people would leave magical girls alone. Can't we just enjoy a perfetly nice show without 30000 SJW barging in about ~muh personal empowerment!!!!~, five dozen horrible headcanons and "Im a special magical girl so fragile and kawaii desu uwu"?!

No. 103650

omg this. stop appropriating magical girl culture feminists!!1!

No. 103651

Are we even slightly surprised? Probably for hiding from everyone, or adding her "real" friends, aka the I support ellejay group.

No. 103652

The op pic drives me crazy because at first glance, she looks like she's standing straight up and is just short and oddly proportioned. But no, she's awkwardly sitting.

No. 103653

Why does she get so much support when she was announced as someone who sexually assaulted people in the community? How bad was the situation?

No. 103654

>>103653 because she cries victim whenever someone calls her out and then she accuses other people of way lesser bullshit but since she has so many friends, they'll back her up whether she's wrong or not. she's always the victim since she's disabled

No. 103655

Fuck, that's exactly how I feel with Pixielocks.

No. 103656

Not bad. She grabbed someone's butt without permission.

No. 103657

Feel free to call Ellejay's supporters her flying monkeys like in the Wizard of Oz. They do her bidding.

No. 103658

File: 1453419118304.jpeg (150.06 KB, 750x1015, image.jpeg)

ElleCray is posting links to all this "emotional awareness" shit but isn't she the one who's emotionally manipulative?

No. 103659

>>103658 she is extremely emotionally manipulative. the fact that she is posting that really tells you how truly sick she is.

No. 103660

emotional manipulator… ellejay…pot meet kettle

No. 103661

It's weird how you all say she's emotionally manipulative and it's ironic she's posting this. All emotionally manioulative people I've ever met use terms like gaslighting and "toxic" towards other people, when they themselves are the problem. They're probably well versed in this sort of thing so they can use it on others.

No. 103662

I think it's ironic that she posts things like this, after she gets called out for doing it or something similar. Crying victim, and then posting things so she can seem like the better person in the end

No. 103663

Prophet Mohammed-chan desuuu

No. 103664

Not all emotionally manipulative people I've seen use terms like gaslighting (toxic on the other hand is a different story) but the thing is a lot of manipulators and abusers read up on those subjects, manage to somehow victimize themselves, and use the right buzzwords and terms to fit in with gullible people who'll give them the asspats they so desperately crave, the gullible people not knowing any better of the dangers lurking in their community

No. 103665

Is anyone else noticing this obsession with Super Sonico? She always goes overboard with anything she starts to like, but why is it an anime waifu? Does she really have no one at this point?

No. 103666

The problem with abusers getting accepted as victims is that the actual victim starts agreeing and they become easier to abuse in the future. When one abuser makes people question your credibility, more and more people start doing it. When you know you have no cred, telling somebody is difficult.

Sage for personal problems but I got the shit kicked out of me by an ex but, when we broke up, a lot of mutual friends fell out with me and I found out that I was apparently some manipulative bunny boiler that withheld affection to control him. In actual fact, I withheld affection because he was paranoid and a simple hug could lead to him thinking he smelled somebody's cologne on my skin and going crazy because of it. His weird stories because the absolute truth in that friendship group. If I hadn't had friends that were solely mine, I feel like there was a point where I could have easily questioned whether I was right and fallen back into the abuse.

No. 103667

File: 1454614944611.png (587.87 KB, 599x598, w435346.png)

Her and Brie appear to have broken up? Her last mention or photo with her was 24 weeks ago. Brie made a post just a few days ago about going to Disney and Ellejay hasn't mentioned a word of it, which we all know she absolutely would.

She's not in the mobile-home anymore either. She's been posting from a room, and has made mention of gifts from her parents so either she moved back or is staying with someone new. The room seems sparse, so my best guess would be the latter.

Also, there's this picture, which speaks for itself…

No. 103668

Though ElleJay did "like" a photo on Brie's instagram just 4 weeks ago. So, who actually knows.

No. 103669

Why does it matter? You can be blue eyed and blonde and a muslim, because it's a religion not an ethnicity.

No. 103670

are you triggered

No. 103671

it looks like shes wearing a helmet
a special helmet
for special kids

No. 103672

You can, but it's awfully tumblr bandwagony lately. Maybe if it was before the whole "MUSLIMS ARE OPPRESSED" no one would really think anything of it. She is just desperately trying to get victim points so much.

No. 103673

what? what kind of scale do you have?
That's a huge red flag to me. If someone did that to me I'd flip.

No. 103674

Why the fuck is she showing off her lunapads? Jesus that's worse than flashing your panties ffs… I thought she wanted to be modest or something?

No. 103675

Sage for slightly off topic.

What exactly are the reasons why a Muslim woman might wear hijab? I've always understood it as a sign of humility. If so, why bother with the crazy colors and fucking Lolita ensembles? I've seen a lot of them wearing tacky-ass makeup with hijab on, too.

No. 103676

You guys realize that just because you have the physical ability to walk does not mean that you are always able to or that it's not debilitating to do so with certain conditions. I'm not sure exactly what disability she has but I have a friend with what seems to be the same thing and while she can walk and has to out of lack of other options, it's incredibly stressful on her body and can cause her long-term harm. It's better off for certain people to be in wheelchairs even if they could walk, and she probably has a condition that warrants this.

No. 103677

So men don't get distracted, you're not looking at a woman just because of her looks, etc.
I have Muslim friends and it depends on their region/culture on how strict head scarfs are, but they can still wear make up if they want to. I don't see why people think they can't enjoy fashion either.
But I do agree for lolita they almost never work, because 99% of the girls wear the hijab with no hair showing and it throws off the balance of the coord.

No. 103678

I'd think that bright colors and patterns and makeup would still attract men.

No. 103679


I'm guessing by "not bad", anon means it's not exactly on par with more serious sexual assault like rape.

But it's still really sleazy and disgusting to do that to someone. She deserves a good slap at the very least.

No. 103680

According to one interpretation of the Quran, a woman's hair is 'good' and has to be covered so only the man who is halal (allowed) can see it.

Hajibs have been used as fashion accesories for long time. Them being pastelly and matched to one's outfit is nothing new, but them being a part of lolita is.

Personally, I've grown up in a country where I'm to seeing women in bright, beautiful hijabs, so the thing I react to is the colours more so than their excistence in a niche fashion.

No. 103681

>According to one interpretation of the Quran, a woman's hair is 'good' and has to be covered so only the man who is halal (allowed) can see it.

Got it. This was the answer I was looking for. If non-hair adornments are accepted, then it makes more sense that the hair itself holds significance, rather than a blanket rule of "dress with humility" or "dress to protect yourself from men's gaze".

Guess that last interpretation is why SJWs love Muslims so much.

No. 103682

but that's because of your style not your body. it's a bit different. i wonder how many busted ass bitches there are with nice bodies that never get seen.

No. 103683

so basically:
"gurrrrrl I laaahhhv your scarf, where did you get it?? and that cateye, soooo perfect" = ok
"that chick has a banging bod" = not ok

No. 103684

File: 1454700998941.png (37.05 KB, 496x308, LJ.png)

No. 103685

Her parents might have put her in a care facility or another relatives house if she's posting this shit. She's running out of options.

No. 103686

'Interpretation' is importation. Everyone wears the hijab for different reasons; in more traditional Middle Eastern countries they would be far more likely so say women must wear the hijab for humility, or because their hair is seductive and distracting to men. Equally many believe a woman is so very beautiful that like a pearl she must cover herself. No where in the Qur'an does it explicitly state the need for a hijab and especially not a burka or niqab - they're cultural practices and more intrinsically linked to Sharia law or culture than the Qur'an or Hadith.

No. 103687

First of all, sorry if I will sound pretty confusing, English is not my first language. Secondly, interesting…I just asked one of my Muslim friend about this and she disagree with the statement that hijab is a cultural practice, it's actually a requirement for Muslim women. She said there is a specific verse that stated about the hijab requirement in the Quran that goes something along "They (women) should draw their hijabs over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to the ones that are stated 'halal' by the Quran (for example; husband, siblings)". From that verse, it's clear that hair is considered 'beauty', so they should wear hijab or the variation of it (niqab/burqa). But women would not be forced to wear them if they feel they are not ready yet.

That's one of my Muslim friend's insight about this though, I'm going to ask many Muslim friends later so that I have a better understanding about hijab.

No. 103688

>Equally many believe a woman is so very beautiful that like a pearl she must cover herself

This is a really funny sentence to read on /pt/

No. 103689

honestly? be real here. she's an islamic lesbian feminist. she definitely wants all the attention she can get. my friend is putting her on an islamic page on facebook to call her ass out. who knows maybe she will convert back to whatever it is she was because islamic men don't joke around LMFAO

No. 103690


not every disabled person uses wheelchairs 24/7 a lot of you seem super ignorant about this type of shit. A lot of disabled people can walk but walking can cause long term issues if they stand up too long. get your shit straight and do research. i'm not sticking up for her, but i myself am disabled and can't stand up for more than 2 minutes and i have other friends as well who can only stand to get dressed.

No. 103691

make sure you update us lol

No. 103692


She deserves it, but tbf, every woman who converts to some sadistic religion, be it Islam, Quiverfull, or Scientology, is seriously mentally ill.

No. 103693

Just my opinion, I don't know about Quiverfull and Scientology but I don't think Islam is sadistic. My devout Muslim friends are pretty chill and they are one of the kindest people I've ever met. I think the bad coverage in media is what makes Islam look really sadistic, but in real life, they are really not so bad.

Oooh, yes! Call her out on this, please! If you don't mind, can you post the facebook link also? I want to see the all the comments that calls her out

No. 103694


I shall update you when I get the final results from her lmfao. Maybe she will realize how truly pathetic she is

No. 103695

I agree, the proof is only ever in the pudding. A label can't tell you much about the way a faith affects a person's life, everyone practices differently, etc., so I don't care about how they categorize themself. I judge by actions

No. 103696

I've known about a dozen men who are Muslim. They all were patriarchal and sexist once I started to know them so I support the anonymous who questions a western woman's sanity if she converts to Islam.

No. 103697

My sister's friend is Muslim and opted to have an arraigned marriage. She got pregnant and shortly after her daughter was born, she found out the husband is cheating and doesn't want to get a divorce because it'll look bad.

No. 103698

Meh. Depends. I can't stand sjws who ignore literal mass rape gangs because they're "oppressed" brown people, but westernized Muslims (usually wealthy, educated, and immigrated long before anyone gave a shit about Islam) are fine.

I dated an ethnic Persian whose parents were native Iranians* but 1) educated in the West and 2) came from extremely well-to-do families to start with. They had no problems with their teenage son bonking his teenage girlfriend in his bedroom every weekend …. or, at least, they kind of just looked away.

*Iran is a special case, but that's another topic for another time.

No. 103699

Muslims in the west aren't outwardly sadistic, no, but that's because they're in the West and it's not acceptable here. You have to remember there are at least fifty Muslim majority countries globally several of which are also constitutionally (or otherwise legally) Islamic as well, and not a single one of them is in the west. The Muslims you see are the minority, and not a good example or representation of what the average Muslim is actually like.

No. 103700

To be fair, the divorce rate amongst Americans is high at about fifty percent. I'm not sure exactly why.

No. 103701

The dozen or so men I've met were from Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt. None of them passed the smell test for modern, Western feminism. The patriarchy in their backgrounds reared its head pretty quickly.

No. 103702

When the media tried to tell me, "Look, they're just like you and I!" I, based on my personal experiences, think, "None of the men I've met would perform a terrorist act but the deep seeded patriarchy in their culture only makes them like the most extreme right wing Christians in our country. Not exactly the type of men, I would want to marry." So, the argument that I need to think Muslims are just like me falls flat. I would scream and tear out my hair if I had to live according to their view of how I should behave and look as a woman.

No. 103703

Yeah, I agree with this statement more. I've met my fair share of bad Muslims and good Muslims, just like I know there are some good Christians and bad Christians. One of my strictest Muslim friend is kind of an 'asshole' in terms of practicing his religion, meaning he practice them to core without considering everyone's situations around him (selfish might be the right word), but he got reprimanded a lot by his other chill Muslim friends, so he's toned down a little now. OT, Although I'm not religious, I think religions in general are teaching good things to make people better in life, but not all people who practice them are always perfect in terms of applying the teachings. This ElleJay is no exception, but yeah…ElleJay seems to do this for attention, so I don't think she's a good representation of Muslim.

No. 103704

I don't think I agree. I've met a lot of Muslims in Canada and most of them are completely respectable guys. They didn't let their religion dictate their personalities or behavior. I don't know, I've never understood the hate most Muslims get, the ones I've met are all very compassionate and nice people. Maybe it's just a Canadian thing, then?

No. 103705

Me too. Most Muslims I've met are very nice, but I'm leaning towards >>103703. There are bad apples in everything, better focus on the good people in a community instead stamping them all in the same boat. As long as they are nice and don't force their belief down my throat, I'm good.

Back to ElleJay…any updates on that facebook page call out?

No. 103706

I think it's really more to do with the volume of the hijab. Coords that use a style where it sits really close to the head don't look poofy enough the rest of the outfit, but I've seen ways of wrapping it that are really voluminous; I'm not sure why those styles aren't used more in lolita coords.

No. 103707

her features are fucking arab, big ass nose, black eyes and hair and harsh features

No. 103708

every time is see someone with that stupid scarf i want to shoot their fucking head off, they shouldnt be allowed to wear that shit here in the west

No. 103709

If you guys think this is white you must come from america or some other mutt country, this is not considered white anywhere else except for everything after germany (mutts)

No. 103710

Not defending anyone, but if a girl can wear anything to flaunt her body in the west, a girl can wear anything to cover their body too. It's her choice, just saying.

Yeah, I agree, she doesn't look white to me, at least not 100%. She kinda look like Nasim Perdad at some angle, so I'm guessing she got some Iranian blood.

No. 103711


We've already established her ethnicity >>103298

No. 103712

ah, sorry, i must have missed it. thank you anon.

No. 103713

You must break down when you see little old ladies with scarves on. Poor you.

No. 103714

Old ladies wear them for a different reason. The scarf for me is a sign of female oppression therefor it makes me angry.

No. 103715

If I wrap a hijab on you in your sleep will you shoot yourself after you wake up anon, will you?!

No. 103716

No, because im not wearing it because i think that im lesser than men.

No. 103717

They probably don't either ;^)

No. 103718

>against hijabs because "female oppression!!!"
>wants to shoot women in the head for their clothing choices

No. 103719


No. 103720

how can you be queer trans and non-binary AND genderfluid? what?

No. 103721

It's a parody.

No. 103722

Hijab- really not a choice if you have social or legal pressure on you to wear it as many women do in Muslim countries and Muslim-American families. #hypocrisy

No. 103723

Obviously social pressure in the USA. No legal requirement to wear hijab here but had a friend who worked with Red Cross in Saudi Arabia and even non-Muslim women had to wear it or face jail.

Social and/or legal pressure in most Muslim countries.

No. 103724

File: 1456196149532.jpg (67.96 KB, 720x960, ellejaychicago.jpg)

Ellejay appears to be back in Chicago again. Background confirms it.

No. 103725

actually i heard from various sources that Laura forced Brie into transition.

Also the whole converting to Islam thing? LOL. Islamic Religion condemns lesbians, and she is one. Is she an idiot? and seriously, anons. don't scream 'cultural appropriation' because Islam is definitely the opposite of peace(>>>/b/)

No. 103726

Transition to what, Islam? If it is, ElleJay should know better that Islam prohibited the act of forcing anything to other people.

Also, anon, ElleJay is not a true Muslim. It's not fair to stamp Islam is the opposite of peace, since there are some chill Muslim people out there. From my understanding, Islamic religion itself never taught anything hostile. It's the people who misunderstand the teachings who are in the wrong, since Qur'an and their sacred books verses are not meant to be taken literally as most of them are filled with metaphors. My Muslim friends said that when learning their religion, especially the Qur'an and the sacred books, they would do it with experts Muslim scholar(s) beside them so they wouldn't misunderstand a thing.

Now what I think she ElleJay now IS a cultural appropriation. She just take the Islamic symbols and or whatever she thinks would give her attention the most, without truly understanding the meaning behind it. If she knows and or understands, she wouldn't be doing any of those attention seeking attempt. Just my two cents.(>>>/b/)

No. 103727

Sound like Your friends used "taqqiya" on you. Islam is NOT a peaceful religion if you want to talk about it go to /b/. We don't need another religious debate.(derailing then telling others to use /b/ is retarded)

No. 103728

>>103726 i think it's funny how people who know nothing about the religion will go on and say that it's peaceful. go read the whole Qu'ran. there is nothing peaceful. it blatantly says anyone who doesn't believe should be murdered. you sound about as racist as most SJW's sound

No. 103729

You cant "appropriate" a religion.(>>>/b/)

No. 103730

Hijab isn't about women being lesser than men. It is about beauty (of women) being special and something to only share with family/husband/etc.
It is not saying women are dirty, or not to be respected. It's saying the opposite - that those unworthy should not gaze upon her and disrespect her that way.
While in some areas it's mandatory, in plenty of others it's completely optional and women choose to do it.
Just because the women are choosing to follow their faith in a way you don't approve of doesn't mean you get to tell them what to do.(>>>/b/)

No. 103731

This will be a long post, I'm sorry in advance.

This will be my last post about Islamic religion to avoid more off topic on this thread. I have said that my statement is just my two cents. I got my knowledge of Islam from my Muslim friends who are Sunni (Taqiyya is a Shi'ah teaching, so I can't talk about that since I don't have the knowledge). I have read a little bit of Qur'an, haven't finished it though. As I said, the Islamic sacred books are filled with metaphors and it should not be taken literally, including the verse that you think 'blatantly tell non-believers to be murdered'. I can go on about this, but it's a long discussion that doesn't belong here.

Although I don't understand why you think I'm racist for thinking Islam is a peaceful religion, as I don't put them down or bashing other religion/race/culture anything, but okay, let's all just agree to disagree on these topics, we don't have to debate on this too.

I'll copy and paste this statemet from here : http://racerelations.about.com/od/diversitymatters/fl/What-Is-Cultural-Appropriation-and-Why-Is-It-Wrong.htm

"Susan Scafidi, a law professor at Fordham University, told Jezebel.com that it’s difficult to give a concise explanation of cultural appropriation. The author of Who Owns Culture? Appropriation and Authenticity in American Law, defined cultural appropriation as follows:

“Taking intellectual property, traditional knowledge, cultural expressions, or artifacts from someone else's culture without permission. This can include unauthorized use of another culture's dance, dress, music, language, folklore, cuisine, traditional medicine, religious symbols, etc. It's most likely to be harmful when the source community is a minority group that has been oppressed or exploited in other ways or when the object of appropriation is particularly sensitive, e.g. sacred objects.”

Hijab is a religious symbols, that's why I think ElleJay is doing 'culture appropriation'.

I agree with this statement anon. Afaik too, hijab is a requirement for Muslim women, but it shouldn't be forced upon them. Hijab should be worn if the Muslim women themselves feel ready to wear it.

Again, I apologize for the long post and nothing on ElleJay. I just want to give my opinion.(>>>/b/)

No. 103732

>>103731 so Muslims come here and rape our people, and kill them. yet SJW's are more upset about Christians screaming that being gay is a sin. ok. lmfao(>>>/b/)

No. 103733

fuck off with that cultural appropriation bullshit

No. 103734

Islam is NOT a religion of peace:

SOURCES: Ten Obvious Reasons Why
Islam is Not a Religion of Peace


18,000 deadly terror attacks committed explicitly in the name of Islam in just the last ten years. (Other religions combined for perhaps a dozen or so).


Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, had people killed for insulting him or for criticizing his religion. This included women.

Muslims are told to emulate the example of Muhammad.


Muhammad said in many places that he has been "ordered by Allah to fight men until they testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is his messenger." In the last nine years of his life, he ordered no less than 65 military campaigns to do exactly that.

Muhammad inspired his men to war with the basest of motives, using captured loot, sex and a gluttonous paradise as incentives. He beheaded captives, enslaved children and raped women captured in battle. Again, Muslims are told to emulate the example of Muhammad.


After Muhammad died, the people who lived with him and knew his religion best immediately fell into war with each other.

Fatima, Muhammad's favorite daughter, survived the early years among the unbelievers at Mecca safe and sound, yet died of stress from the persecution of fellow Muslims only six months after her father died. She even miscarried Muhammad's grandchild after having her ribs broken by the man who became the second caliph.

It was the same caliph, Umar, who ordered the death of the first convert to Islam at Medina, an elderly leader who became a close companion to Muhammad and proved his worth in battle. Sa'd ibn Ubadah was killed after a failed bid to be caliph.

Fatima's husband Ali, who was the second convert to Islam and was raised like a son to Muhammad, fought a civil war against an army raised by Aisha, Muhammad's favorite wife - and one whom he had said was a "perfect woman." 10,000 Muslims were killed in a single battle waged less than 25 years after Muhammad's death.

Three of the first four Muslim rulers (caliphs) were murdered. All of them were among Muhammad's closest companions. The third caliph was killed by allies of the son of the first (who was murdered by the fifth caliph a few years later, then wrapped in the skin of a dead donkey and burned). The fourth caliph (Ali) was stabbed to death after a bitter dispute with the fifth. The fifth caliph went on to poison one of Muhammad's two favorite grandsons. The other grandson was later beheaded by the sixth caliph.

The infighting and power struggles between Muhammad's family members, closest companions and their children only intensified with time. Within 50 short years of Muhammad's death, even the Kaaba, which had stood for centuries under pagan religion, lay in ruins from internal Muslim war…

And that's just the fate of those within the house of Islam!


Muhammad directed Muslims to wage war on other religions and bring them under submission to Islam. Within the first few decades following his death, his Arabian companions invaded and conquered Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and Zoroastrian lands. A mere 25 years after Muhammad's death, Muslim armies had captured land and people within the borders of over 28 modern countries outside of Saudi Arabia.


Muslims continued their Jihad against other religions for 1400 years, checked only by the ability of non-Muslims to defend themselves. To this day, not a week goes by that Islamic fundamentalists do not attempt to kill Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists explicitly in the name of Allah.

None of these other religions are at war with each other.


Islam is the only religion that has to retain its membership by formally threatening to kill anyone who leaves. This is according to the example set by Muhammad.


Islam teaches that non-Muslims are less than fully human. Muhammad said that Muslims can be put to death for murder, but that a Muslim could never be put to death for killing a non-Muslim.


The Quran never once speaks of Allah's love for non-Muslims, but it speaks of Allah's cruelty toward and hatred of non-Muslims more than 500 times.


"Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!"
(The last words from the cockpit of Flight 93)

10 more reasons: http://www.answering-islam.org/Authors/Arlandson/ten_reasons.htm

Myths of Islam: http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/myths/index.aspx

If you're going to use your 'opinions' as sources, than you're no different than an SJW(>>>/b/)

No. 103735

>>103731 cultural appropriation doesn't exist in the western world. america is a ton of cultures put together so your feminist bullshit and trying to segregate everyone and make these safe spaces is really pathetic stop trying to separate cultures. theyre supposed to be shared. if youre so stuck into the appropriation bullshit then go back to your 'own' country, and separate everyone and send them back to theirs since you want to segregate everyone so badly(>>>/b/)

No. 103736

I never stated that my opinion is the source. Personally I disagree with both of you, but it's okay. We just have different perspectives.

No. 103737

Terrorists have killed more Muslims than anyone else but white American people have to make it all about themselves.(>>>/b/)

No. 103738

>>103737 most terrorists are Muslim. LOL. Not really making it about themselves as much as white people like you act like you know more about their religion than they do. you should really also stop telling other cultures to be offended when people use their stuff. separating cultures and segregating. 'safe spaces' incredible(>>>/b/)

No. 103739

Wrong they kill and torture christians more.
Someone needs to end this idiotic topic. Muhammed was a pedi tyrant. That hated the hebrews and christians. The african arab slave trade has been going on for centuries. So can YOU PLEASE STFU.(>>>/b/)

No. 103740

I meant PEDO-TYRANT. He had 20 wives the youngest aisha was 9 years old.

No. 103741

Transition as in becoming a transgender woman.

No. 103742

To be fair, everyone hated Hebrews. It's not unique to Muslims.(>>>/b/)

No. 103743

Please keep your politics and religion discussion to /b/.

No. 113584

Can we return to gossiping about Ellejay and Brie now? Has anyone heard from either of them?

No. 113696

"This week, I had the honour of singing both the United States and Italian the National Anthems at the Columbian Club of Chicago St. Joseph’s Table event."

She might only be in Chicago to visit family for holidays as she says, "Even though I am a converted Muslim, my family is Catholic, and I still participate in holidays with them." in the same post.

There's also a clip of her singing the USA anthem on her tumblr.

No. 113698

Otherwise, she's mostly just posting pictures about "loving your vagina" lately.

She did re-post a picture of a lesbian couple living in a "tiny house" and noted that she, "loved seeing more lesbian joining the tiny house movement"… implying she's still in a lesbian relationship and living in the tiny house/trailer. Haven't seen much else though.

No. 113754

Nah, she's been in Chicago for a couple of months now. Her parents are taking care of her.

No. 114050

christ look at that gunt

No. 114054

The torpedo tits. OAO

No. 114287

the beer belly...

No. 114288

i literraly hope she gets herpes. (◡‿◡✿)

No. 114290

jesus look at the grubby hands tho

No. 114291

omg wut a twat!

No. 117085

Brie has been posting on a youtube channel under the name Brianna Papp. She doesn't seem like her old laid back, confident self. I hope she feels better soon.

No. 121803

Looks like HellJay responded to one of Brie's videos with her frill ability youtube account. Who the fuck knows what's going on between those two….

No. 121804

Oh yeah and it was this month, to boot. Can't get her claws out from poor Brie. Wish she'd just leave her the fuck alone, she's done enough already.

No. 122288


How is Iran a special case?

No. 122303

File: 1461161785919.png (72.1 KB, 867x619, screenshot-www.youtube.com 201…)

Caps for people who don't know how this site works.

No. 122304

File: 1461161854418.png (41.89 KB, 863x405, screenshot-www.youtube.com 201…)

No. 122305

File: 1461161974496.png (93.62 KB, 866x650, screenshot-www.youtube.com 201…)

No. 122311

File: 1461163876708.jpg (278.55 KB, 637x478, caucasians.jpg)

She means actual caucasians, not what you americans think. Caucasians are not actually europeans, it's people who live on caucasus mountains.
Also, calling europeans caucasian comes from false theory that europeans originated from caucasus.
pic related are caucasians.

No. 122486

These give off a feeling that they "broke up", but are "staying friends". It feels like Brie is trying to get back into the swing of new things and life in general, while Ellejay is lurking about, playing nice, keeping those claws dug in.

No. 122665

This whole thing reeks of Helljay keeping her claws in Brie in case she needs her again for a home and cash. Brie needs to make a clean break Helljay but I bet she won't even listen to her best friends anymore on this subject.

No. 122666

I haven't seen Brie in ages. Has anyone?

No. 122765


Why does she talk to Brie like she's a kid?!

No. 122766

File: 1461295318306.jpg (105.06 KB, 960x960, suuuuuuuuuuuuure.jpg)

>In my newest video, I talk about the consequences of the new laws restricting narcotics. This sounds like a good thing, but instead of limiting crime and addiction, it's hurting people with #chronicillness. To learn more, watch my video (see the image), and visit the US Pain Foundation's page. They will give you actual facts, not the sensationalized crap or fear-mongering BS you might hear and read elsewhere.

>If you would subscribe to my channel, it would mean a lot to me! Making videos, writing, and creating images are some of the few things I can do, and I hope I can help some people in the process. If there's a topic you'd like me to speak on, I'll happily accept requests, although it might take me some time to get to it.

No. 122775

File: 1461296130021.png (169.91 KB, 490x2022, TWTWTWTWTW.png)

No. 124445

? Wow

No. 124467

Does anyone think this girl is some kind of chronic liar? What about a histronic personallity disorder, I think it is? She's always making such outlandish claims about herself, definitely lying about her religion and disabilities, and so much more. I just sat here dead-eyed reading that. So she wants me to believe she's a wheelchair muslim lolita rape victim who's a cutter?

No. 124475

She's a lesbian, muslim, self-harming, ex-addict, lolita, spoonie who was previously married to a man, but is totally a lesbian now and was dating a mtf lolita.

Oh right, and she was totally into STEM once too, when she thought that might get her more attention. Then there was her brief stint in trading card games, both mtg and some shit anime game called force of will. What bandwagon do you think will be next?

No. 124487


No. 132092

File: 1463621745772.jpg (73.6 KB, 720x960, 13240122_819219041660_46636042…)

Poor Twinkle Journey

Has she sold any of her brand?

No. 132093

File: 1463621788347.jpg (73.77 KB, 720x960, 13177213_819219011720_90284919…)

Here's another one

No. 140248

File: 1466035033487.png (2.61 MB, 2048x1536, image.png)

Gag. Brie just can't seem to get this drama queen out of his system.

More photos coming.

No. 140249

File: 1466035097154.png (2.56 MB, 2048x1536, image.png)

He flew to Chicago last week to see Ellejay. She posted photos on her FB page.

No. 140250

File: 1466035145922.png (2.53 MB, 2048x1536, image.png)

She flew…don't jump me.

No. 140485

File: 1466087285687.jpg (78.54 KB, 720x960, 1466814392175.jpg)

She is wearing lolita again.

How come she hasn't rejoined Chigothloli?

No. 140796

Sad to see.

I hope Ellejay and Brie don't move back in together again.

No. 141061

You can be muslim and sing the american anthem. You can be buddhist and celebrate christmas. You can be catholic and chill at a bar mitzvah. Only extremists with no social life refuse to participate in other religions.

No. 141069

Yep. Japan is 35 percent Buddhist with the remaining religions being Shinto and Christian. Yet plenty of people celebrate Christmas in Japan. And it's also a thing to eat KFC on Christmas.

No. 141234

>making fun of a disabled girl who has done literally nothing wrong

women are that pathetic, wew

No. 141237

You must be new here.

No. 141358

Lurk more, robot.

No. 141617

Clearly, anonymous, you haven't had the pleasure of spending time in this woman's presence. If you had, you wouldn't be so judgmental of our criticism of THIS woman in a wheelchair.

No. 141768

This thread is now banned. Anyone who tries to recreate it, asks me to re-allow it, or mentions the thread subject(s) in other threads will be permanently banned.

You may make a few final remarks or arrange an off-site location in >>>/manure/1924. That thread will be locked on June 22.

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