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No. 136289

Beckii talks about her memories of being an idol in Japan, including that she stayed in all the most expensive hotels and got whatever she asked for.
I still can't believe she ever got famous.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beckiicruel/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BeckiiCruel
Tumblr: http://bcky.tumblr.com/

No. 136293

There something about her face that's really irritating, like she's having a stroke?

No. 136295

She's still upset she didn't milk that shit for long enough. Now she's a washed out has-been.

No. 136296

She already has a thread but it kinda died but ugh she makes me cringe so bad. It's like, we get it, you were an idol once now move on with your life! Literally all she does now are cheap taobao fashion try on/haul videos with the occasional humble brag video about how she was an idol when she was 14 and therefore knows everything, somehow actually being an idol in japan hasn't saved her from being a complete weaboo though. She's like 21 and still clinging onto her 15 minutes of fame when she was 14. She tried to venture into other stuff (more music, a clothing line, mobile game, even some weeb idol project) but she gave up on most of them, she only releases new clothing collections like once a year and that's generous. Now she doesn't really even bother anymore and she's just regressing into more and more of a weeb.

No. 136318

And she's completely trying to milk the fact her much older boyfriend is from a nerdy band with a fanbase and that her boyfriend had some connections to the Yogscast youtube gaming channel.

She always seems to use others to get seen

No. 136320

She's just that desperate to stay relevant. I thought for a while she was at least trying to do something new but now all she wants to do is latch onto other people (her boyfriend, "UK kawaii crew" or whatever they're called) Between latching on to the ' I was an idol' thing and latching on to all these people who are more popular, it's blatantly obvious she has nothing going for her.

No. 136324

Uhhhmmm why did you make an entirely new thread for this OP?

No. 136382

If she's so desperate to be ~kawaii in Japan~ again then why doesn't she just pull a Himezawa/Mira and marry a Japanese guy? She could easily use her former idol status to get a semi-well off guy to take care of her and give her a visa, then once there she could get into modeling and whatever else white weebs do in Japan for attention.

No. 139969

Where did she go wrong? She could have had it all tbh. The fame in Japan and if not in Japan then some type of fame in the west.

But she chose to be a failing YTber?

All she had to do was learn Japanese. Crazy how bad mistakes can end up like that.. I actually like beckii so I really hope that she bounces back.

No. 139988

Girl, not every weeb snowflake is willing to fuck a Japanese guy just to stay in Nipland legally.

No. 139990

She basically got greedy and wasn't happy with the cut her management was taking from her and quit thinking that she could make big bucks in the UK. From what I've seen, you actually have to have talent to be a successful singer in that country and to go international from there.

No. 139996

She complained that her manager didn't tell her anything, just carted her off from gig to gig, and that she didn't trust him.
I still remember that failure of a music video she tried to put out targeted toward the UK ("You Can't Kiss Me" with those "bodyguards" and that awful blond wig), kek.

No. 139997

I feel like part of her appeal to nips was how casual and weeby her videos were. It was sweet and innocent and she was like 14. Now she's grown up a bit and her videos have a different, somewhat more polished style. Plus, no offense, but I don't think she can really compete with other white models in Japan. She doesn't really fit the "look" they generally go for (light blond hair, big doe eyes, small nose, that whole "ethereal gaijin!!!!" shebang).
I doubt she'll ever get famous in Japan again, tbh. She can definitely do the whole Rachel and Jun thing if she marries a Japanese guy, though.

No. 140040

It isn't even about being white anon. Beckii just doesn't have the model look or isn't pretty enough. I don't find her pretty at all. She looks like a bloke.

No. 140041


Anon, I'm British myself and no one even knows about this girl apart from people off Youtube who REMEMBER her at the most from their weeb days. I doubt anyone cares either.

No. 140042

Is she actually dating that sparkles guy? He's so gross

No. 140044

Agree. Saw her walking around at MCM expo a few weeks ago, everyone completely ignored her.

No. 140064

But clearly its not about her looks or she wouldn't have had that initial sudden fame to begin with. Not all idols or celebs in Japan are what is considered attractive. I do think that she was badly advised most likely by her parents.

She had more than enough of a following to become somewhat known. She was the first gaijin to do akiba idol activities in Japan and it was right after a small para para boom so dancing idols were really popular. That's where her and dakota are different. Dakota may not be 100% honest but she does know how to sell herself.

Poor beckii. Her decline is so sad and she tries to live in the past.

No. 140068


Either way anon, she's too ugly to model and her idol days are over. It's done with.

No. 140073

idk why i follow her since i don't even remember
i like her voice and she's nice to her followers, yeah she's not very attractive and her fashion line was a complete mess, her wigs are awful and she looks better with dark color yet she goes for the pastel light colors that make her look uglier than she is.. i kinda pitty her she's so far from becoming someone famous in Japan or in youtube
at least like i said before she's nice to her followera and keepa trying

No. 140101

yeah to be honest she seems like a genuine girl and I quite like her sense of humour. I don't think she's ugly either. You'e such bitches here tbth.

I don't really blame her for apparently "clinging" to fame. she seems grateful for the whole experience and even then she seemed to know it was probably fleeing.
I don't think we even know enough to comment on whether her manager was actually fucking her over or not.

I hope she gets her eventual goal of a japanese style girls magazine tho. I'd be so into that

but all that said how can she be friends with Abi who is obviously such a cunt. That does make me wonder
From her vlogs and such he seems like an absolute asshole too

No. 140102

Jeez where are you overly sensitive bitches coming from.This is lolcow if you want a fucking hug fest go back to pull fag.

No. 140134


It won't happen anon. She doesn't fit the market for any of the modelling over there. Unless she has the money to pay her way in like Himezawa. Won't happen.

Becks is done for key

No. 140158

Yeah her parents were greedy as fuck as soon as they realized she could make money in Japan. Therefore it makes sense that she fired her manager over money/communication, maybe her parents pushed her to do that because they wanted more more more while Beckii seemed happy enough to just be in Japan and getting attention. I never believed she just quit of her own accord, she was living the weeb dream and had things going for her. Didn't she try to pass off some story about quitting to focus on school or something? I stopped keepin up with her around then but it never quite made sense to me why she would do that, as happy as she was in Japan.

No. 140285

Her parents weren't greedy, she was being jipped out of her money. It's estimated she made half of a million usd for her company but she only took home 50,000 of that. Japanese companies steal and cheat from young talents all the time and since her parents didn't know Japanese it was easy. I don't know why you guys call her parents raising a concern as "greedy"?

No. 140287

>akiba idol
Kek do you guys think any cute/young girl who sings on stage is an "akiba" idol? You can just say idol as a good term. Akiba idol has way different connotations and becki don't fit those
>Dakota knows how to sell herself

Again, becki was 14. In Japan she has literally no option but to be pedobait if she wanted the big money. Dakota was a 20 year old caniving wolf, so obviously they would be marketed different. Most idols don't last more than a year. That's show biz. Dakota is not even famous in Japan, and gaijin or not talents don't last for long.

No. 140359

Yeah but that's still decent money though? She could have made more if she kept going.

No. 140382

i remember she said in one video how she was not comfortable with the sexualisation of her content and not many cows talk about that (most of them love it and ear $$ from it) and that is something to applaud from her

No. 140383


her parents seemed really greedy to me on the documentary about her they made. They were cool with her receiving expensive gifts from older Japanese fans despite Beckii not seeming comfortable with it herself, and at one point her mother said "Beckii will be able to pay off our mortgage" which is pretty damn greedy to me.

No. 140387

Unless you're a poor fag 50k isn't that much money. It's not enough to buy a house, and it can last you a year or two. She made that company half a million dollars, she should have least gotten 100,000. And that's after they hired translators and paid for her flights. Becki only went viral and can't speak Japanese , so it's not like she was going to last long anyways. She at least got a live able YT career out of it.

I don't think she was sexualised that much especially seeing way more graphic things of way younger girls in Japan which are legal. But I guess it was shocking for becki as a Brit. And I don't care when other cows sexualise themselves unless it's cringey. Why is being prude suddenly admirable kek

No. 140402

Not that anon, but not wanting to be sexualized when you are a minor is hardly "being prude".

No. 140453


Tbh anon 50K is ALOT to most everyday working people. But in the UK you're right it isn't that much compared to the rising prices of houses.

No. 140454

Either way guys, she's washed up. Whether she made it or not. She's done for.

No. 140492

I remember seeing a documentary about her when she was 15 about her idol status and it came off as her parents kinda pushing her to do it because she was creeped out by older men in Japan were sending her big expensive items to England-one guy sent her a guitar which she stated must of cost a lot and why would he do something like that but her family was trying to pretend it was all "innocent" and that there was nothing creepy about it at all.

She has recently be named a "kawaii ambassador" along with some other people by a Japanese tv show. Not sure what a kawaii ambassador does exactly tho.

No. 140568

Personally I believe that the documentary was cut to really play that up. I think it's understandable that her parents wanted her to do well by it all.

she may have been uncomfortable with the older fan thing, but i guss she just saw it as a necessary part of this amazing experience.

lets be real. we know how shady the idol industry is. I fully believe she was being fucked over

I know I'm on lolcow but I think a lot of the beckii hate is pure reaching and maybe even a little residual envy of what she got to do as a young girl of no particular talent

I know I was jealous as hell but I was never a cunt about it.

No. 140570

Is she? she's still young and doesn't seem to be doing bad for youtube and experiences. She could still quite possibly capitalise on the media skills she's learnt through all of this.

No. 140634


No anon, she can still have a fanbase but I doubt she will reach her peak like she once did all those years ago. Too much competition because the kawaii idol and the kawaii weeb community is oversaturated as hell anyway. I think Beckii will be like Peachymilk who blogs/videos and that's it. I don't think she will become the next Dakota Rose or Venus.

No. 140635


"She always seems to use others to get seen"

like taylor r

No. 140675

They're not dating anymore.

No. 140691

Never claimed that. I don't think even she believes that. I'm just saying it's not like she hasn't gained anything from all of it

No. 140828

But what has she gained? She is crap at public speaking, and is even awkward in her own YouTube vids. she was crap at promoting herself for he own single/music video/whatever. Her fashion line flopped. She never came through in promoting her game, and her own subscription box is just too plain for the price, showing her lack of marketing skills. and to top it all off, she STILL can't speak Japanese.

No. 141070

She seems like she's having fun you bitter sperg. She's also made some friends. Take it easy with your painfully obvious vendetta, not all gain is financial.

No. 141081


Doesn't mean she will get her idol back anon. She's a bore, she's as washed out as Yuka and Dakota.

No. 141083

again I don't think its what she's going for. Jesus christ anon. Keep reaching.

No. 141298

Did she ever admit to dating that yogscast guy? An insider told me years ago about it but then told me to forget about it. I figure it's been long enough only farmers will believe me so his job isn't in trouble.
We all know she needs to be pure virginal for her jap fans.

No. 141312

sparkles? that's hardly insider knowledge. i don't think she ever outwardly said but that's understandable. Anyone who watches her videos could see it was pretty obvious so it isn't like she went out of her way to hide it either

she has definitely mentioned another sort of relationship she had at a younger age and I think she's possibly hinted at her and sparkles dating on tumblr.

No. 141314

oh god she's from Blackpool?! lmfao explains everything then

No. 141325

That's fair. I kind of forgot about it until now but it figured something like that would have been known by now. I'm guessing they don't hang out anymore then?

No. 141330

You mean Beckii?
She isn't from Blackpool. She is from the Isle of Mann

No. 141336

I know I'm on lolcow and it's not like im a massive fan of this girl or anything, although yes I did find her adventures in japan absolutely fascinating. but yeah I can't help but think all the hate just harks back to weeby jealousy. It sure looks petty.

she's boring but generally pretty inoffensive in general

No. 141337

she literally just made a tumblr post about it.

i’ve had a serious long term relationship and it sadly came to a close which was hard enough as it was without having to share it with the world :( I know i am not incredibly popular and I don’t mean to sound bigheaded when i say ‘the public eye’ but it’s true - random people would Care, you included! it probably would go as above idk it’s hard to tell how the future goes. I think if I actually moved in with a partner it would be quite clear but who knows! I don’t think it’s dishonest, I don’t think you are just fans at all I think we have a nice lil community that is very 2 way. and of course i am incredibly grateful for anyone who follows/watches etc anything I do, it’s very true I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without you. So I understand what you mean. however idk I just don’t really feel comfortable sharing that aspect of my life at the moment. and there isn’t anything to report right now anyway! it will probably change at some point for sure, but we’ll see! Also my pure profit from patreon is not 1k freely handed out, there are costs involved with running it how I do it, and I work very hard to make the rewards really good! please don’t think i get 1k a month for nothing, it is not near that number and there is a clear exchange. i am very grateful and I try and express that as much as I can!

No. 141343

think she handled that well tbh. None of any followers damn business who she's dating

No. 141347

Jealousy, lol, no. I personally dont hate her I just find her slightly irritating. Because she acts like she's a beauty expert when she's the opposite. I want to like her but her personality is uninteresting and I expect more from her when it comes to things like styling, video editing, etc but its always disappointing. Especially compared to other jfashion youtubers

No. 141431

Oh some lucky timing on that.

No. 141773

This thread is now banned. Anyone who tries to recreate it, asks me to re-allow it, or mentions the thread subject(s) in other threads will be permanently banned.

You may make a few final remarks or arrange an off-site location in >>>/manure/1924. That thread will be locked on June 22.

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