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File: 1627845537718.jpeg (226.98 KB, 1284x1438, DB141A0A-A197-4EF0-A843-E8450B…)

No. 7070

Owner of this site : Regina Catherine
One of the only people followed by the Lolcow Farm Twitter, also posted under legitimate name on Kiwi Farms without a VPN openly talking about owning the site. Is followed by several moderators, has spoken profusely about Onision, (Regina on discord called herself Gregina, Greg is Onision’s first name) has a bunch of people on Twitter all followed by Regina & Lolcow_farm with the same hashtag in bio (#DeplatformPredators)(Legit retarded)

No. 7071

This is probably bullshit, but Regina was the name of an old admin. If this is her, she's not the current one.

No. 7072

File: 1627847089266.png (735.96 KB, 1284x2778, CDA24CB8-D905-4EC4-A9E2-EB5372…)

The admins never changed and there’s no proof of them ever changing. Regina claims she sold the site to an Aussie male. Kek. Still no proof she ever sold the site.

No. 7073

Gonna need some actual evidence here, OP, or it’s gonna be tossed out as ye old fake n gay

No. 7074

If that's the woman who owns Lolcow Farm, she looks totally different from what I expected

No. 7075

That wasn't even Regina the former admin, it was a kiwi (the "aussie male") shitposting. Literally not 1 single thing in this thread is accurate, great job OP.

No. 7076

File: 1627852729939.png (1.37 MB, 1284x2778, 5DB7B5D6-940D-4BF3-AAFE-AD8519…)

Regina is the only person lolcow farm follow on Twitter that isn't a celebrity >>7075

No. 7077

OP is just an angry tranny tryin’ to do a dox

No. 7078

>Regina only person lolcow farm follow that isn’t famous
>Regina also follows every single other person affiliated with this site.
>make of that what you will fag

No. 7079

that’s your evidence? they’re also following Sam/Sonida, the “camera person” who stayed with Onion years ago, also not a celebrity

No. 7080

Sam’s email is literally the recovery email for this site.
Bit of a coincidence Regina calling herself Regina on discord , Twitter and Kiwi Farms.

No. 7081

>Regina also follows every single other person affiliated with this site.
Ok so you have a list of everyone involved with this site? Schizo-chan take your meds

No. 7082

>.< UwU force me

No. 7083

>the recovery email for this site
literally what

>Bit of a coincidence Regina calling herself Regina on discord , Twitter and Kiwi Farms.

the 1 Steve Limit is hard at work here

No. 7084

with my fists

No. 7085

As in the recovery email to access the lolcowfarm@gmail.com
Is Samantha’s email account.

No. 7086

UwU harder.

No. 7087

Are we sure the twitter account lolcowfarm isnt only a farmer?

No. 7088

even if that was true, which I don't even know how to start about, what would that mean to you, genius? That'd make Sam the owner, not Regina.

No. 7089

dont cum.

No. 7090

Look at the Twitter. It literally says joined in 2014 (so if it was a farmer they would be a very very oldfag) also lists the site email and link to their Twitter.

No. 7091

I never said there was only one owner did I ?

No. 7092

Twitter Lolcow farm account constantly posts about maintenance regarding the site.

No. 7093

So the fact the account linked this site is proof to you? Also, screenshot this shit and post it. I'm lazy

No. 7094

File: 1627853704310.jpeg (520.37 KB, 1284x2520, B105DE89-50CB-48D9-A087-A2AB5F…)

No. 7095

>Regina and Sam the ex onion flakes co-own lolcow.farm
um excuse me, you forgot Edwin Costa, he runs the IT

No. 7096

So you THINK a Regina MIGHT be the owner? Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water…

Also check someone is actually a piece of shit before you dox someone’s parents and workplace, OP. You dun goof’d.

No. 7097

I mean I think the owner of the site following someone automatically makes them a piece of shit :/ but there’s plenty of proof to suggest what OP is saying is true.

No. 7098

>there’s plenty of proof
name one

No. 7099

>calls herself Regina on Kiwi Farms
>calls herself Gregina on Discord
>only person lolcow farm follows called Regina
>Regina follows everyone who posts on Lolcow farm

No. 7100

Y’all need fucking therapy. Pick on ISIS Twitter accounts or something lol

No. 7101

>Related to Chris Hansen (a rather well known celebrity)
i'm losing my fucking mind lmao, OP do you need anyone to call the group home that lost you or something

No. 7102

You need to remember that at one point Regina was Chris Hanson’s literal mouthpiece in Twitter, so they probably just followed them for dirt on onion and never bothered to unfollow.

No. 7103

What I don't understand is why you think the owner of a site with doxing issues would be so retarded to follow herself or the past owners on their twit account, schizochan.

No. 7104

Site owner has already proved she’s retarded multiple times before :P

No. 7105

not sure if you should be throwing stones in the glass house

No. 7106

So where's the milk on her tho

No. 7107

Honestly I can’t even be bothered to say, search up Regina Catherine on Doxbin. Ex ‘Onision victim’, Has an only fans, NEET, homeless(Ban evading)

No. 7108

There’s no milk, OP is a teenager with too much time and not enough attention - and I believe is also a fellow snowflake on here already. Let’s see who can guess the OP instead lmao

No. 7109

Off-topic fag. No one cares who the OP is kek(ban evading sperg)

No. 7110

Rule one was already broken, not like you’re gonna get any actual milk here anyway

No. 7111

Admins of this site have not once stuck to their own rules.(ban evading sperg)

No. 7112

Thread will be locked as there is no evidence or milk and is mostly just one anon samefagging.

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