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File: 1466918528349.jpg (305.4 KB, 2048x1278, wv8lxyo.jpg)

No. 2239

is @thongria lolcow material yet? does anyone else even know her? Internet it-girl whose rise to fame was an article about how she slept with 100 men. now she seems to think that she is a feminist icon for posting racey selfies and talking about every yeast infection she gets and bragging about giving dudes std's.

bff's w/ molly soda and self proclaimed sexpert because she writes totes empowering articles about how tough it was to go a week not dressing "sexy".

her insta is pretty entertaining because of comical self absorption. tell me i'm not the only one that's heard of her before. idk i think its annoying af to have hyper sexual narcissism parading as feminism, as if women suffered for all those years just for some rich white girl that sells dildos for a living to sit on instagram all day. I'm so done. where do all these white feminists come from and why


No. 2240

>is @thongria lolcow material yet?
>does anyone else even know her?
You tell us, you stupid fucking cunt

No. 2241

I did, you edgy fuck

No. 2242

you're supposed to launch new threads in /snow/

No. 2243

This thread is a D-

The only right thing you did was post the links

No. 2244

Thats what used to annoy me on dumblr.

"Mi body mi womb mi fanny mi pussy-"

shags 388338383 men

"Not ur slut! not ur bodeh!"

"Getting an abortion 48484848 abortions"

"Dis is feminism!"

Lets not forget the ones who are into ddlg either.

Its so fucked in the head

No. 2245

Haaaha hahahaha hjjhhhahauaghhhhhhaaaaaa this bitch lives in my city n blocked me of fb

No. 2246

lol me too. I don't think she knows how many people out here think she is a joke

No. 2247

So wat STD's she got anyway

No. 2248

Im waiting for the "i did a gangbang n feel empowered " article lol

No. 2249

thanks for confirming this is a shitty vendetta thread

No. 2250

is it a vendetta if i complain about all these other tumblr celebs bc they also moved to my stupid fucking town? i just think she's annoying and happen to share a zip code

No. 2251

Her nose is hideous….

No. 2252

No. 2253

lol at her nasolabial folds and pizza face

No. 2254

Was the April fools filter turned back on?

No. 2255

File: 1466990622081.jpg (91.53 KB, 640x640, 13328992_1096494510396773_1458…)

Well this is a nice picture

No. 2256

Why.. Why would you take them to the beach and get them all sandy!? If any sand gets into the motors they are fucked and a couple of them look like the expensive kind

No. 2257

Oh wow.

I follow her on instagram, she seems pretty tame when it comes to attention whores. She just posts like stuff from her sex shop and her being high tbh

No. 2258

Your thread is shit tier.
Give it up.
Not interesting, no one cares.

No. 2259

Yeah, this thread sucks.
But is this that same girl, with that one pretty well known picture floating around?
It's of some girl on a bed, back facing the camera, and on the walls are pictures of men she's slept with and condoms attached underneath them.

I've always wondered who that fucked up individual was.

No. 2260

File: 1467042870536.jpeg (967.31 KB, 2576x1932, image.jpeg)

No. 2261

2 edgy 4 lyf

Because creating a Google Alert for yourself doesn't scream insecurity.

No. 2262

Modern "feminism" scares me

No. 2263

The discoloration at the top of the woodwork that isn't her teeth is so ugly.

No. 2264

lol girl no one cares about you on here

there's girls with threads that have well over 1k posts, your little thread where everyone is calling you boring doesn't make you important

No. 2265

File: 1467043732718.jpeg (129.07 KB, 587x856, 1461620132105.jpeg)

Careful Zoe -
You don't want to get so edgy that you do something REALLY drastic, like flipping the bird in a photo, oh gosh.

No. 2266

Hi Zoe, glad you took the time out of your day to hand-write a sign for us and take a picture of yourself. Boy, you really showed us, huh?!

Please fix your bangs.

No. 2267

File: 1467044156122.gif (1.48 MB, 400x225, http://33.media.tumblr.com/bdb…)

What is it with sex-posi feminists and old-style Choo Sarang bangs?

No. 2268

Anyone else thinks it's suspicious that she found the thread so fast?

No. 2269

Where's here gangbang vid?

No. 2270

I have no doubts that this is a self-post thread lol.

No. 2271

nobody knows who the shit this chick is anyway

No. 2272

Original post is very sexy

No. 2273

ok, Taylor
"original post" kek

No. 2274

She's cute!

No. 2275

i went to school wit this chick and i can tell you that literally no one knew who she was. more people knew who I was and i didn't have to spread my legs to five million guys.

as far as STDs are concerned, i know her closest friend from college has herpes. they probably exchanged it at one of those harlem sex parties. you know. the kind where you let strangers fist you.

it's a shame this girl is so messed up. i attribute some of that to the fact that her dad passed away a couple years ago. typical "daddy issues" and "abandonment" syndrome.

now i heard she sells sex and cam minutes from her AIDS infested apartment in detroit. good riddance, the big apple didn't want your blown out pussy anyway!

No. 2276


1. I have had sex with 105 dudes but I WISH it was 5 mil sigh

2. herpes is no biggie, but I somehow haven't managed to get it. Sheer luck, huh? Also I wrote about this already since I write totes empowering sex ed articles: http://www.refinery29.com/dating-herpes

3. I was already slanging the dils before my dad died

4. I don't cam but I love watching cams! Also I have never been aware of HIV/AIDs being transmitted to a building or apartment, any links to back this up?

<3 really wish we'd connected more in college <3

No. 2277

Whomever is hating is hilarious. Let the woman do what she wants with her body. I know you guys are pissed you were not one of the dudes she got with but don't worry I am sure you can continue to pretend while when jerking into a sock.

No. 2278


These posts are garbage, but so is this entire thread. Who fucking cares about this slut. They're a dime a dozen. Get your boring instagram bitches off of cow.

You must be Zoe again. If you were aware of lolcow you'd know this is chan is predominantly female based. You're clearly here to self-post in your own thread. Fuck off.

No. 2279

The fact that she's taking the time out of her day to write on here is priceless. Any girl who says herpes is no big deal clearly has no concern for her own health, the health of her potential future children (God help them), or future partners.

I sincerely hope you publish your black book of dicks one day so every girl at Fordham can see their boyfriends' infidelities with the school whore.

You're a one trick pony. We make fun of you at parties. You're the girl who "has a loose pussy" and a blown out asshole. You're the butt of all the jokes (makes anal joke to make self feel better).

If I were as pathetic and worthless as you are, I would've killed myself ages ago. You should really get on with it.

No. 2280

Where did this pic come from?

No. 2281

She's cute, you guys are harsh.

No. 2282

I'm not saying she isn't cute, she used to live on my floor. It's so sad to see a young, attractive girl just ruin her reputation by being hyper sexual. What can she put on her resume?

Dil slinging cum dumpster with average writing skills and no celebratory published material. She's not the only sex writer to come (cum) out of Fordham. Gigi Engle for example is amazing at her job, has one with benefits, writes about dick and pussy and still doesn't have to be a whore like zero zoë lol.

No. 2283

Oh fuck off about herpes.
I have it. Haven't had a outbreak in years, I'm less likely to spread it others because I know I have it and I know when to avoid contact. Are you fucking 16? Do you not realize how many people have it?
Do some research retard.

No. 2284

OMG is this chelsea blakeburn coming out of the herpes woodwork??

just because a large percentage of people have herpes doesn't make it okay???? that's like being "i'm gay. a lot of gay men have AIDS. if i get AIDS it's okay because a large percentage of gays have it too."

my friend has HIV and you don't think he goes around joking about it and how he got it from a sex party..

herpes is so common because of people like YOU. the kind who have irresponsible unprotected sex with innocent people. now. go refill your valtrex when you go pick up your midol, pms cranky ass cunt! (literally. that poor, poor blistered vagina LMAO)

No. 2285

File: 1467068606642.jpg (34.26 KB, 500x300, 1307482914909.jpg)

So many posts in this thread reek of self-posting and samefagging it's downright embarrassing. This thread needs to be sent to manure.

No. 2286

Not sure of who that is, not me, but ok.
I was actually cheated on and it was given to me by someone I had been with for years, so um yeah my fault I guess.
I'm getting married in the fall, I must be really good looking or I have a great personality or something. I'm always up front with my partners, and I take very good care of myself.
I'm so thrilled to be a wife! Thanks take care.

No. 2287

this thread needs to be sent to manure like zoe's pussy (which by the way, smells absolutely terrible.) as someone who has had sex with her multiple times in the past, i can say that while the girl can handle a cumshot to the face, she sure as fuck can't handle an insult. which is pretty weird since she's a sub!

No. 2288

oh btw the std is GONORRHEA for those of you asking lol

No. 2289

She's cute! she looks like CL

No. 2290

she's so cute! i want gonorrhea too! and maybe a yeast infection since she gets those regularly. must be all that latex!!

No. 2291

This girl was breastfed until she was 5 yrs old. If that doesn't help explain something I don't know what will. Poor thing even stretched her pussy out as a teenager with tampons because her dad's dick wasn't big enough!

No. 2292

wow. gorgeous! Just don't put too much make up!

No. 2293

patiently waits for comments in arabic to commence

No. 2294

luv how the facial pic at the top of the pg is just her asking a coworker to fuck her @ the office nd take an edgy (cum)shot

No. 2295

But where did the pic cum from??

No. 2296

good question. from the angle it's taken, it's probably a selfie she took post coitus and blast sent to all her ex boyfriends in an attempt to piss them off. it's also available via her twitter: https://twitter.com/thongria

No. 2297

Epic fail. This is a female user base you dumb whore.

No. 2298

File: 1467080041838.jpg (35.14 KB, 600x932, 8b9.jpg)


>epic fail

>this shit thread on the main board for 2 days

No. 2299

Omg this poor bitch even has the neo fem intimidating bangs to give more glory to her abortion ravaged womb lmao

No. 2300

can admin wrap up this shit show pls

No. 2301

Admin pls kill thread

No. 2302

File: 1467084695459.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

As if this bitch couldn't be anymore depraved, she fucks rocks now. That's right. A giant piece of earth deep inside her. Fuckin' freak!!

No. 2303

Please stop trying to necro your shitty self-thread, I hope the attention was fun, fuck off.

No. 2304

i hope this girl gets raped so that she can never enjoy sex again

No. 2305

The things you are saying are far more fucked up than anything she has ever posted. Evil.

No. 2306

This fucking thread just reeks of self post

No. 2307

just like CL!

No. 2308

And posting about fisting someone until you see your hand on the outside of their stomach isn't fucked up? This girl needs help. Honestly, she probably posted this thread to begin with to feed off the h8. Lol.

No. 2309

Can admin nuke this piece of shit thread?
this reek self posting so much it hurts.

No. 2310

What the fuck is going on in this thread? This shit is impossible to read(and will probably give me cancer if I read it anyway) so I'll just ask you guys: did this cow come here and is now selfposting or something? Someone in this thread looks mentally ill.

No. 2311

yes the cow is definitely selfposting

No. 2312

We're seeing right through your selfposts, this is embarassing, please stop.

We don't care about you. We know it's you trying to get an article out of it, you won't fool anybody.

No. 2313

Jesus fucking Christ, fuck off Zoe, don't you have anything better to do than talk shit about yourself?

No. 2314

over 100 men fucked that? Men really have no standard.

No. 2315

Hehehe she made a poster about my gangbang post hehehe i feel so special hi zoe! Hehehe im not for slut shaming but i havent been this entertained for awhile

No. 2316

Most of this thread was people talking about how boring and irrelevant the thread is and yet she still felt the need to do this…embarrassing tbh. Why would she bump her own thread?

No. 2317

She probably made this thread herself and then samefagged to keep it active. A lot of the posts here are obviously from people that have no idea how to reply. Posts like that in such a boring thread usually scream self post or white knights.

No. 2318

To think one day her mother, or her child will stumble across that OP photograph.

No. 2319

There's no way her mom hasn't seen the photo! I mean, we could always link her mom directly to her Twitter. I'm Facebook friends wit her, let me find her mom's info and then forward that cumshot straight to her??look out zoë, I already made an urban dictionary definition for u, just waiting for site to approve!! LOL

No. 2320

here's her mom's facebook page. let's all start bombarding with cumshot pics so she can see who her little girl really is!


No. 2321

stop fucking self-posting you twat.

No. 2322

The facebook link wasn't Zoë, it was me but I don't feel like re::::ing. Just sent the cumshot to her mom, LMAO. Gonna have a nice daughter/mother talk next visit.

No. 2323

Who's even in this thread?
I can't pick between /r9k/, preteeen trolls or just a bored samefag, but PT users don't even type like

Admin where are you? Sage because this thread is bullshit

No. 2324

At least make your posts look different and stop acting like a brat.

It's most likely just samefag.

No. 2325

Did anyone send the link to her mom lol

No. 2326

nobody & their mom cares about some random girl being a hoe, especially on lolcow. zoe or whatever your name is, you gotta do something more than that to get us talking about you. now stop selfposting and let us talk about some real cows in peace.

No. 2327

"Hehehe" please just shut up "lol"
No one cares

No. 2328

If this thread isn't going anywhere can we at least spoiler the op pic. It's disgusting.

No. 2329

Is it normal that the thing that disgusts me the most about that pic is her hair?

No. 2330

i sent the link to her mom lol i wonder if she replied or not i'll let you know when i log in to my fake account again!

and yes. her bangs are atrocious.

No. 2331

nobody cares, don't report back.

No. 2332

Lol I just started reading the thread and the amount of "this thread is shit/boring" was making me suspicious she was the one posting these comments because this thread is not that different to a lot of threads here, this pretty much confirms it for me.

No. 2333

Can someone find the 2chan thread on her lol?

No. 2334

File: 1467139904431.gif (372.04 KB, 414x226, animated-lol-sign-image-0026.g…)

No. 2335

Don't let us know.

No. 2336

She's totally trolling anon on her too because no one doesn't want to know if her mom reacted.. Like shit we all want to know what this cunt's failed parent thinks!!

No. 2337

>common word used on the internet indicates samefag

I'm >>2332 btw, I don't really care because it doesn't even have anything to do with the thread, just thought your "observation" was kinda funny.

No. 2338

You're the same person that threatened to message her mom in the first place, of course YOU want to know the reaction. Stop being embarrassing.

No. 2339

I don't know if you realized it yet fam but people on lolcow hardly ever say lol.
Lurk more

No. 2340

Where in the fuck are the mods?! Are they just MIA or are they fucking ignoring the reports to nuke this self-post thread?

No. 2341

I doubt its a self post i mean u have to be mentally ill to post a pic of urself covered in semen on a hate site for shock value.. If ut is a self post then she on a new level of crazy i cant relate to… Pretty sure some bitch whos boyfriend cheated on her with this trainwreck made this thread n stop fucking saying samefag on every single post u look like a retard

No. 2342

Well, judging by all we know this chick is mentally ill, so I believe it. Also, Zoe, no one cares.

No. 2343

Literally no one cares and you're not even posting juicy screen caps so why the fuck are you trying to make us care?
Mods pls, pls baby Jesus. This fucking thread is awful and boring and full of same fag, self post and maybe 1 other who doesn't know how image boards work…

No. 2344

File: 1467145853712.gif (2.02 KB, 270x101, sage.gif)

Fuck. It's not hard to type out you, yourself, etc. You spent the time typing up this garbage post, you can fucking type out 2 additional letters so you don't come off as a retard.

Looks like Zoe is desperately trying to become a victim of online bullying so she can get more than a handful of neckbeards reading her fisting "articles." Listen bitch, you do nothing special, so stop screaming for attention. Sexual expressionism and other issues on taboo subjects are overdone and usually articles talking about them should be left to academics and medical professionals such as therapists. Go back to instagram to get views. No one here hates you enough to harass you, nor like you enough to talk about you on reputable sites. Get an education or make yourself into a hideous mess and maybe you'll have an audience.

No. 2345

Im not fucking zoe u autistic fuck

No. 2346

Fuck off, no one here cares about you or your friend. You're not relevant. You never were.
Don't selfpost/vendettapost here again.

No. 2347

I'm just here for the comments and popcorn lmao

No. 2348

It would make my day to see how many posts in this thread come from the same IP

No. 2349

>getting this triggered over a word


No. 2350

File: 1467148234751.png (260.43 KB, 513x682, Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 5.09…)

still no read-receipt, she must have her profile set to the "other" folder lolololololololololololol

No. 2351

Ok, why are we bothering her innocent mother again? I doubt she wants to see sexual pictures of her daughter. She has nothing got to do with this.

No. 2352

Also, she's an adult, wtf is her mother going to do about it?
This whole post reeks of underage. I don't have any personal feelings towards this girl (just heard about her in this thread) but this is the most immature shit. Fuck off and leave her mother alone, you're being a gigantic asshole right now.
It's one thing to dislike the lolcow, it's another to harass an innocent person like you're doing to her mother right now.

No. 2353

report and move along guys

No. 2354

Who cares? I'd tell you where to take this bullshit, but there's no doubt in my mind that you're the girl from OP/her friend trying to garner negative attention so she can write an article on being harassed online a la Zoe Quinn, and I wouldn't want to help you lmao.

No. 2355

File: 1467150312104.png (533.74 KB, 650x720, 1464830231101.png)

No. 2356

I wish i knew ur identity cuz ur a fucking annoying cow and u deserve ur own thread on here as well.. I think YOUR zoe trying to tell yrself that all these posts were made by one person n ur trying to figure out if an old fling of yours if going into spazz mode n splering on you… Or ur not zoe n possibly the most annoying throll on lolcow seriously ur lame asf pretty sure theres atleast 15 ppl on here ur fucking the thread up with "oh its one person samefagging" and repeating yourself like the retarded cow that u are please eat a fucking dick

No. 2357

>pretty sure theres atleast 15 ppl on here ur fucking the thread up with "oh its one person samefagging"
Well that's what happens when people samefag, friendo.

No. 2358

Someone accused me of samefagging ITT actually but I'm 100% there is a huge amount of samefagging, it's really obvious. Whether it's the OP or not is up for debate but it's definitely happening.

No. 2359

Can someone plz tell me the reasoning behind why ppl think shes pretty? She looks like a common dirty white trash..her skin looks like pig flesh… Her nostrils are huge…her personality is shit she seems like the type of person that constantly repeats themselves which is evident in this thread with the "this thread is shit" "samefagging" she uses her vulgarity to gain popularity when ppl literally have no respect for her… Yea having sex 100 times does not blow ur pussy out but it still not something to be proud of.. If shes so georgeous why cant she keep a man? Is it cuz she thinks men are dumb n the only thing they think about is pussy? Theres more to a relationship than just fucking zoe.. If ur reading this i have a good reason why i dont fucking like you…ur an average looking bitch who likes to fuck n document it ur nothing to humanity

No. 2360

Yeah, some of the accusations are probably wrong but everybody gets accused in a thread like this. The only person I think is obviously trying to look like multiple people is the idiot that doesn't know how to reply to posts. At least this thread is in manure now.

No. 2361

Yeah exactly, it's understandable. Plus this person is not writing with the best english and it's obvious from the lingo they're not from here, they're not even making an effort to try to even type differently sometimes…

No. 2362

Who are u talking about n i am from here ive been living in michigan way fucking longer than this zoe bitch i just hate typing n dont care if i misspell i give zero fucks…anyway zoe i dont fucking like u the reason is cuz i showed a pic of u to my bf n told him u fucked over 100 ppl he said he would bang u.. Yes im salty n i honestly wish life goes horrible for you i fucking hate u ugly vulgar white bitch..!

No. 2363

This must be one of the dumbest posts I've read on an image board in a long time. This includes robot threads.

You should probably kill yourself. I think your IQ dictates that your quality of life will always be shit. I hope your boyfriend gives you AIDS after fucking girls that are way hotter than you.

Thanks for moving this to /manure/ admins.

No. 2364

>u ugly vulgar white bitch
Excuse you, I think you meant to call her an ugly vulgar white bitch that your boyfriend would fuck senseless.

No. 2365

File: 1467156729080.jpg (30.45 KB, 265x275, image.jpg)

now this is some quality content right here.

Also please stop this Zoe, no1curr

No. 2366

She's cute! ^^ She looks Korean.

No. 2367

This threads a fucking train wreck. The longer it goes on the more I'm screaming for admin.

No. 2369

Im not the type that would kill myself im the type that will stalk you and kill you if you come near my fucking man lets see how hot you are when your beheaded and drenched in feces and blood after im finished with u.. Im gonna make u wish u commit suiside before i get to you zoe/anon … The day my man cheats on me with some white trash cum dumpster is gonna be both their funerals

No. 2371

It's been taken care of. It's currently in the trash bin section of lolcow, ya dingle berry.

Troll or full retard? If a troll then it's attempt at trolling is so bad it's circled around to 10/10.

If you're serious and just retarded than don't worry, your boyfriend is safe. Not many women will cheat with a guy who fucks Special Ed girls like you.

No. 2372


No. 2373

You.. You are so new here. Holy shit.

No. 2374

oh my lord. you are a mess, girl.

No. 2375

Eat a dick

No. 2376

It's obviously just Zoe trying to make it look like she's being bullied here, and the more she tries, the more obvious it becomes.

No. 2377

this is gotta be bait

No. 2378

this is why your boyfriend fucks other women

No. 2379

This is probably the funniest post I've ever seen on here.

No. 2380

I never caughnt my bf cheating on me

No. 2383

File: 1467239426695.gif (1.17 MB, 497x270, cofeee-animated-gif-3.gif)

I guess he's good at hiding at it.

No. 2384

>Im not the type that would kill myself im the type that will stalk you and kill you if you come near my fucking man lets see how hot you are when your beheaded and drenched in feces and blood after im finished with u.. Im gonna make u wish u commit suiside before i get to you zoe/anon … The day my man cheats on me with some white trash cum dumpster is gonna be both their funerals

new banner and/or copypasta please

No. 2411

Bitch i go thru his phone n i put a tracker on his car i know where he at ALL THE FUCKING TIME try again bitch

No. 2412

that's pathetic

No. 2499

File: 1467867247807.png (148.58 KB, 200x196, consider the following.png)

How much money do you guys wanna bet that this chick made this thread so that she could position herself as a victim of cyberbullying and start a patreon/''''journalism''' career?

Like 90% of the posts in this thread consist of obvious samefagging from someone trying and failing to emulate chan culture and people calling her out on it. What would the purpose be of posting yourself to lolcow and pretending to be cyberbullies if there weren't some sort of material gain?

No. 5635


No. 5636

File: 1539127890718.jpg (91.44 KB, 1470x1040, 1534841826629.jpg)

i'm bored

No. 5637

No. 5638



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