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File: 1630468080421.jpeg (281.22 KB, 1284x1272, 74C17633-1369-4309-8930-52D798…)

No. 7113

Into the tea ladies!
Minzy is a 23 year old MTF ‘artist’ who can’t stay out of Twitter, Instagram and Discord drama for more than 5 minutes. Her existence literally amounts to seething over people on the internet, such as massive lolcow, Lillee Jean. The thing even more entertaining than laughing at Lillee is watching Minzy and her personal army seethe over Lillee and anyone that dare uses their Twitter usernames in vain!! This army consists Diane Awesome Laser (Lillee Jean’s Arch Nemesis who also defended Creepshow art ((a cow who’s most known for stalking, harassing and sexually harassing women online), Tater Tatiana who already has a thread here for being equally annoying, and mortal maggot who calls everyone a Karen) Minzy has been extremely racist on Twitter including bashing ESL speakers with her friends.
Minzy seethes, copes and dilates so much that you can literally just @ her or any one of her Twitter buddies, and she’s already lost the plot and accusing various people of tweeting at her, you should try it!
Twitter - @MahouMinzy
Instagram - @Mahouminzy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 7114

File: 1630468283558.jpeg (348.8 KB, 1170x825, 8D8C6465-6F02-40B5-9E00-97BE60…)

Go to sleep, Elaine

No. 7115

Hi Minzy! Blame all your retardation on another cow, nice one!

No. 7116

Elaine, go fuck yourself

No. 7117

Seething over random cows are we
Who’s going to post Minzy’s family on this thread? I’m sure they’d love to see her harassing people on the internet!

No. 7118

Do I need to email your parents again, Elaine? I'll get right on that.

No. 7119

File: 1630468536975.jpeg (251.91 KB, 1284x1719, 675CBF54-E50F-4429-98C6-AFE868…)

Seethe. Anyway everyone, here’s Minzys lovely pro-anorexia art! Enjoy

No. 7120

Mods please ban this newfaggotry

No. 7121

File: 1630468866740.jpeg (202.86 KB, 1157x1373, 3BABD83E-AED5-40E6-A871-B0D446…)

No. 7122

She’s a lot fatter than I imagined her to be

No. 7123

Farmhands = not your PA

No. 7124

This cow is such an A-log holy shit. Her entire Twitter wall is an A-log.

No. 7125

Elaine April Gertler Miller, you should log off before Josh Moon has to call you mom again.

No. 7126

Namefagging , Offtopic.

No. 7127

Hi farmhands! Please can you help this thread stay on topic rather than let Minzy sperg out on cows she has personal problems with! Thank you! Please handle the above comments ^

No. 7128

Newfag, enjoy your ban

No. 7129

Hi Minzy !

No. 7130


No. 7131

>also you namefagging unrelated cows

No. 7132

File: 1630469875484.jpeg (20.17 KB, 208x242, 59CE3EA3-445C-44EC-B00F-520E28…)

Elaine, you retard: your (literal) autism and inability to integrate makes you easy to spot from a mile away

No. 7133

Again, off topic, not relating to the cow at hand, newfag. Literal autism.

No. 7134

File: 1630470290593.jpeg (307.88 KB, 1170x866, 0358263A-C900-4B94-AD3E-D44A61…)

even if the OP isn’t Elaine Miller (it most definitely is), they’re cowtipping on twitter. Mighty proud of yourself, not-Elaine

No. 7135

Minzy is just bumping her own thread right now! Way to go retard! Kek

No. 7136

It’s not as if Minzy hasn’t cowtipped before!

No. 7137

Threatening to contact another cow or their family is against rules on this site for harassment too!

No. 7138

wtf is happening

No. 7139

Autism, nonnie

No. 7140

Just enjoy it.

No. 7141

>Minzy is anti vaxx

No. 7142

You autistic that, do you know what namefagging even is?

No. 7143

op is terrible. But Minzy is somewhat funny, is a pansexual jewish furry.

Her furaffinity, which seems to have be wiped https://www.furaffinity.net/user/mahouminzy/
archive: https://archive.vn/wip/kow2J

most of her artwork, is furry anthropomorphic women, with a customer base of other weird furries.

But hey what ever keeps the lights on I guess, even if it is a fetish for animal woman

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