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File: 1472412365083.jpg (245.08 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 4643[Reply]

15 years old youtuber from Bochum, Germany

> thinks he is cute and special

> makes videos about his unique personality and physique, but is a douche like everyone else
> is underweight and thinks he can be a model in japan
> always uses #venusangelic or #pewdipie in his tags
> according to him everyone thinks he is good looking and venusangelic's brother bla bla
> calls himself a doll

Most videos are in german but his latest is in english
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No. 4650

He wants money for sure, but he wears that makeup on the streets.

No. 4651

there is no way on planet earth this isn't a self post

No. 4652

Did that REALLY happen or did he claim it happened

No. 4653

I doubt that this happened or if it happened then it was ages ago. He's been around for quiet a while now and damn, just look at his face and you'll know that guy is far from 15

No. 4654

I always see him in the living doll tag, he's literally spamming it

But yeah he looks way older than 15

File: 1432730008163.jpg (84.4 KB, 1024x494, image.jpg)

No. 2551[Reply]

There was a post about this cow but it got 404d



>photoshops insufferably
>is a weak 3 without makeup (probably too generous)
>uses fake notes and likes on tumblr and facebook to make herself seem more attractive than she is
>made a blog dedicated to posting her own nudes and denies she made it
>sends herself compliments and was caught when she forgot to click anon
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No. 4561

She's naked in her fb profile picture? How is it still up? I uploaded once an artistic picture of a model and Zuckerberg sent it into oblivion

No. 4612

I guess no one cares enough to report a fat ugly naked bitch like Alex.

No. 4620

Why is this in manure? This bitch belongs in pt

No. 4621

No. 4626

Boo hoo Alex

File: 1472028308418.png (180.41 KB, 429x429, yumi.png)

No. 4613[Reply]

She's a 24 year old youtuber that used to post some nice sewing tutorials. Now all she does is review shitty clothes for money and act like a (weirdly sexual) child in front of her boyfriend/(daddydom?)

Just wanted to get some of your thoughts on her.


No. 4614

Vendetta detected.

She keeps herself clean, makes an effort to be attractive, and seems to be doing helpful, non offensive videos. She has no milk, no drama, and is not a cow. She also has a steady and lucrative career and seems driven.

Let me guess, your boyfriend fancies her and you've come here seeking a personal army? You seem bitter and jealous.

No. 4615

She is really cringy but I don't see any milk here.

No. 4616

There's already a Yumi King/other cringe thread in snow.

She lies about her age to seem younger, (26, not 21) and is very ugly without make-up. Her submissive demenor is really off-putting coupled with her super creepy obsession with acting cute/young.

She intentionally tries to pass herself like pedo-bait which is dumb af. The way she talks is not from her inability to speak English properly. I've worked with plenty international Chinese-FOB students in university before, and none of them talk like this.

She's from a real rural region of China, and has the farmer's face to back it up. Bad genetics.

No. 4617


Also, she's a classic example of a gold-digger. Her dating profile mentions she doesn't want to get any kind of skilled job even though she claims to be getting a degree in the states, and already having an engineering degree from China.

She expects her bf/husband to marry her fast and take her of her forever like a big man-child.

No. 4618


Are you okay, anon?

File: 1471782886100.jpeg (91.67 KB, 748x652, image.jpeg)

No. 4595[Reply]

Has anyone been watching these ? Seriously please tell me I've not been the only one.

(Bad pic but all accounts are private now"

Bad makeup
Horrible personalities
And "great singers"(terrible thread)
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No. 4600

Fair enough . Not sure how to save ig videos but they have a ton of followers . They just piss me off . Look them up on YouTube , I hate them .

No. 4601

No. Go away with your self-post.

No. 4602

Ive been waiting for a thread about these 2 twins . And it needed to happen.

No. 4603

You're right though . I should post when there is stuff to make fun of . I am just bored and want to talk shit. Someone may know what I'm taking about.

No. 4604

You're pathetic.

File: 1471613753104.jpg (48.17 KB, 500x500, ??.jpg)

No. 4582[Reply]

93% of women orgasm during rape.

Honestly is there any reason NOT to legalise it?
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No. 4590

Good thing I'm not from either of those places then.

No. 4591

File: 1471615494498.jpg (178.95 KB, 500x500, 59038768.jpg)

No. 4592

$5 says he is from /r/incels

No. 4593

Sex should be considered a human right tbh.

No. 4594

Nope, but thanks for playing ultimate bait.

File: 1466087671115.jpeg (74.88 KB, 493x915, image.jpeg)

No. 3854[Reply]

Rumors are she killed her best friend
She looks like a man but thinks she is a model.
Host addicted
Worked at soapland
Said she can stay in japan forever but got kicked out
Likes to samefag

Instagram: chuuuchu_
Twitter: kisukizu_
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No. 4005

Hi kisus friend

No. 4006


No. 4007

I'm from america you dumbass

No. 4018

Why is it in manure

No. 4529

I love kisu

File: 1469937563143.jpeg (215.09 KB, 960x960, image.jpeg)

No. 4248[Reply]

Guys: i don't have a type I mean all guys are different with their preferences:)
40 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 4291

Don't be obtuse. It's not common but some of them do have wavy and frizzy hair.

There are threads out there where East Asians ask fellow Asians about how to maintain naturally wavy hair. Anecdotally, I also knew a girl who was Chinese with frizzy hair and she suddenly came back from vacation with super-straight, typically Chinese hair.

No. 4320

File: 1470526080477.jpg (156.23 KB, 1326x424, 1.jpg)

Guys: i dont have a type I mean all guys are different with their preferences :)
Guys: no ugly chicks, fat chicks, black chicks, indian chicks, no small boobs, must look good without makeup, must be under 23. i'm sure someone will love the ugly chicks, just not me!!
-literally all men

No. 4328

>>literally all guys just want 10/10 staceys, nobody wants less than perfect girls!
>posts a screencap where there's a guy that feels really bad about turning down a 4/10

No. 4332

He still turned her down, so obviously he doesn't feel bad enough. He likely "feels bad" because he has out of this world standards and pities the ugly woman.

No. 4421

This is what is so hilarious about foreveralones, they whine so much about women being bitches who only want chad's dick, meanwhile they refuse to settle for anything that's not their ideal (while being the absolute bottom of the barrel themselves).
Women watched too many disney princess movies growing up apparently, but all those movies where the ugly fat nerd perseveres and gets the hot babe didn't have any effect on their expectations whatsoever.

The fact the guy is even using a scoring system when referring to the girl is pretty telling of their mentality fam.

File: 1470526296790.gif (43.35 KB, 356x200, 200_s.gif)

No. 5023[Reply]

Franchesca Ramnsey from MTVs decoded. I'm surprised she doesnt get much attention knowing shes the epitome of black supremacy

MTV decancer is what she's most known for, also allegedly getting men fired for disagreeing with her. is part of the whole "black dont crack" train but looks 50 while being 30. Makes up things such as buying light makeup and claims it oppressed her. Is just cancPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
14 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 5038

get the fuck out of here chesca no one is butthurt but you

No. 5039

You're really hurt, chill.

No. 5040

Chesca I think you should stop making shit up when you cant think of anything else to say but point out how "hurt" someone is when no one is hurt, it's just, I know this may be hard to comprehend for someone with your IQ but if you say stupid things and make stuff up and get people fired it makes people angry

No. 5041

File: 1471320625075.jpg (28.01 KB, 629x354, franchesca-ramsey.jpg)

You right anon it flat out looks like she's been inject testosterone "black don't crack" my ass

No. 5042

Shit actor, wannabe "beautiful black activist queen" is just another ugly retard like all of them

File: 1469408129652.gif (1.63 MB, 800x450, image.gif)

No. 4020[Reply]

No. 4021

Stop self-posting.

No. 4022

File: 1469410712821.jpg (13.6 KB, 550x310, cultcuck.jpg)

He's here…….

No. 4024

File: 1469474873111.jpg (48.79 KB, 630x370, 1460739754654.jpg)

File: 1469252927437.jpg (60.24 KB, 750x937, cat.jpg)

No. 4009[Reply]

She is so cute. Too kawaii

No. 4010


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