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File: 1466653880684.png (445.71 KB, 466x466, JoshuaConnerMoon.png)

No. 2733

Have we ever had a thread on Null/Josh Moon?


>owner of kiwifar.ms

>notorious lolcow on block land forums, known for stalking girls relentlessly and threatening to rape said girls (121 page thread about null on the forum)
>tasked with creating infinity next, the much needed upgrade 8chan had needed. He begged for over 4k in donations from 8chan users and did fuck all with his time and blamed hotwheels in the end.

No. 2734

I've read through his threads over on /cow/. It's always fun when he tries to jump in them and defend himself. Nigga is definitely a cow but I'm not so sure he's /pt/'s flavor.

No. 2735

I'm getting a weird vibe from this guy. Like, he looks like he could be attractive, and yet he creeps the fuck out of me.

No. 2736

wow well that's fucking disappointing but I giess to be expected. kiwifarms seems pretty well run to me versus, say, GOMI. turns out the respective admins aren't really any better than each other.

No. 2737

I thought all that Joshua Moon stuff was a joke…? I've seen the Kiwifar.ms users jokingly refer to it and I never thought it was serious.

No. 2738

It's the neckbeard/doughiness/wide-set eyes.

No. 2739

didn't this stupid fuck literally argue "oh yeah well my mommy loves me" to one of his targets? anyway

The whole mod team of kiwifar.ms is a bunch of lolcows themselves, and I strongly believe its part of some blackmail scheme. Get idiots to harass idiots then get money from idiots for having evidence that they harass other idiots.

No. 2740

8chan users were actually billed out of 12k, not 4. And the longer this thread exists the higher probability of Josh showing up to samefag this thread and bring along his asskissers from the farms.

No. 2741

Best part of the whole 8chan fiasco is that the only real reason he wanted to do it was to be a global mod and be able to access the IPs of people who made fun of him and cross reference them to his own users at the kiwi farms. He ended up losing the global mod status after telling Swami to kill himself

No. 2742

Is that his real name? OT but I always wondered where that last name came from. He doesn't look any % Korean.

No. 2743

Kiwis frequent this board, they even make threads about lolcows popular on their forum.
Anyway, it's a matter of time until null finds out we shit on him. Oh he might rage and ddos lolcow.

No. 2744


No. 2745


No. 2746

Freakishly small mouth and dead fish eyes

No. 2747

File: 1466781344253.jpg (6.17 KB, 259x194, download.jpg)

I'm pretty sure Josh had fetal alcohol syndrome. And yes, Joshua Moon is his real name. He's been doxxed through Florida voting records. Don't know the policies here so I won't post them right now.

No. 2748

File: 1466870728736.jpg (43.07 KB, 800x600, 54d92a0cadbb926d2e08889b9c18be…)

There are a lot of pictures but the one in OP is the one people remember.

No. 2749


The members on KF mostly have the impression that a lot of his decisions as admin are erratic and that he is quite unstable.

No. 2750

It was Hotwheels himself who shelled out 4k $ because people wouldn't donate thanks to Joshs spergy behaviour.
One of the reasons why he broke with HW was that he went really paranoid after Jim kept getting pissed off due to the botched migrations (he fucked over /v/ and 8/sp/ out of spite, /sp/ migrated to 76chan as a result).

No. 2751

Meanwhile on /cow/

<n-tech> ahhh
<n-tech> I made a mistake JEWS and if eel a little red in the face
<JEWS> wriggle it off
<n-tech> ye gonna have to
<n-tech> I've been posting in my thread as devil's advocate and then tripcoded a post under the same IP
<n-tech> I'm almost afraid to see what I've written
<n-tech> =w=;;
<JEWS> wew lad
<n-tech> ye
<n-tech> IIRC I just try to ask questions but yeah
<n-tech> Go ahead and read and let me know how bad it is
<n-tech> this is going to make the "everyone is josh" people go crazy
<n-tech> hahaha
<n-tech> Your silence is defeaning

No. 2752

Is shitposting a lolcow trait?

No. 2753

One mod quit because of how he ran the site and he banned and deleted another for drama. I like KF but I'll never understand Null's decisions.

No. 2754

Glaive was deadmined for making a splinter site and banned for advertising it. Hellblazer quit to join Glaive's site but was never banned because he didn't advertise it.

No. 2755

Don't forget that Josh was dumb enough to give Jace Connors' sock puppet kiwi account (DeagleDad420) compete admin rights to the Deagle Nation sub forum and despite the fact that he had caught him using the same ip for the deagledad420 account and his Parkourdude91 account be blindly accepted whatever excuse Jace gave him. In fact after the whole reveal Josh was the one purposely leaving pms from the site for making him look retarded

No. 2756

Leaking PMs*

No. 2757

What are you talking about? Null contends to this day that Jan was one of the best admins the site had. He was sad to see him leave.

And what "leaked PMs"?

No. 2758

Hi Null.

No. 2759

Hi Null.

No. 2760

It took Null eight days to show up in this thread that's got to be a record.

No. 2761

Hi Null.

No. 2762

Meh, this thread is too late. He's a stale cow.

No. 2763

Nah. This nigger is still sperging hard as fuck.


No. 2764



No. 2765

Jim closed the onion link and banned a lot of VPNs until people complained. That's why 16chan was opened formally.

No. 2766

lol there's Josh.

No. 2767

File: 1467446497272.png (79.89 KB, 390x658, Screenshot_2016-07-02-02-58-24…)

Jesus Christ Josh.

No. 2768

Josh banned me from his forums for being "creepy" and a "threat" but looking at this >>2767, smh lmao

No. 2769

Uh. What?

No. 2770

That's another lulzy thing, kiwis are experts at revealing their powerlevels without any provocation.

No. 2771

This is what I love about lolcow websites, every single one thinks they're 'the one' that actually 'hides their powerlevel'.

Of course kiwis don't, and they sure as hell don't here either, people will always relate everything back to their own life experiences because that's the way people know how to digest information yet every website always accuses every other of power leveling everywhere.

That said, I would say the biggest issues with kiwi is the members that run around trying to act like heartless edgelords

No. 2772

I've been on that site, they keep demanding answers to why I'm only interested in Onion. Then, when I do give it out; I'm accused of powerlevel and a-logging. Do I HAVE to be interested in other lolcows like Chris-chan? Because I'm not.

No. 2773

Kiwis upon closer inspection end up being bigger lolcows than the ones they sperg over. Because of this they're weary of new users, especially Shane the traintard ended up collecting a bunch of the selfies kiwis posted of themselves and doxxed them.

No. 2774

I always find it pretty funny how much the Kiwis deny their involvement in weening? Come the fuck on, no one who is on that website really believes the "we don't actually go and personally chimp out at the people we target" shtick.

Will be interesting to see how long Null can keep that up with the attempted monetizing and monopolizing of cow culture.

No. 2775

Really it's just an empty rule they post for liability purposes to save their own asses. We all know that if someone ever pushes a lolcow towards violence or illegal activity that the foxdick farms arts the first place people will point the finger.

No. 2776

the media field day over that will likely prove more entertaining than any one lolcow. I'll save some popcorn for you.

No. 2777

It would be pretty lulzy to see one day in the course future, Chris manages to kill himself in a manner so ridiculous that it makes national news. Dateline NBC sends Chris Hansen to Florida to get a comment straight from Josh,live from his mother's house. Probably his worst nightmare and why he always tries to flee overseas.

No. 2778

They got a cow that killed herself a few days ago. Locked her thread to "stop the people moaning that they were feeling guilty"(but nobody was actually doing that). I'm guessing it was a liability issue.

No. 2779

Well, there's been some tension among the staff for a long time, so its only a matter of time before they're tearing each other apart over whether "my users did it" is really going to fly when shit hits the fan.

No. 2780

People were definitely doing that… Perhaps not the majority. The majority are disgusting. But there were a lot of people utterly disgusted with themselves and the farms in general.

And everyone should and deserves to feel that way. Again too bad that's the minority.

No. 2781


Sorry for the double post never used this site before. The above I meant to respond to you with about the majority being assholes and the minority also being assholes but they are remorseful assholes. Not that it really means much. What's done is done and everyone involved was culpable whether directly or indirectly.

It's good to see others taking notice of the bullshit that went down. It deserves to be noticed. And everyone involved deserves to feel like shit over it and deserves to have it haunt their psyche til' death. But again most just don't.

No. 2782

Honestly, the cow was retarded and a full on bitch. Maybe the abuse didn't help but I think she was headed on this road without it. What really disgusted me was the post of null saying that suicide was cowardly and that people shouldn't feel guilty. Knowing that he egged on other cow to kill themself, the hypocrisy was really pathetic.

No. 2783


She was definitely prickly and I agree she was headed there. Between family, Mike a plethora of other things. Basically I agree with you is the point. The last 20 pages or so after someone came in w the news and everyone went on a "good hope she is dead" spree was something else completely. And afterward apparently now it's cowardly. The whole thing is still a shit show. It's all very surreal. The upcoming month or so will either be very interesting or remain pointless and move on to the next.

It should have been Nick Bate.

No. 2784

What cow was it? Care to link the thread?

No. 2785

Her name was Julie Terryberry

No. 2786

Man that girl wasn't even a lolcow and was just an unmedicated girl with serious issues. It's hilarious how much they reach sometimes for cheap laughs.

No. 2787

Her situation wasn't even funny, just sad. She was a mentally retarded girl living in a shed and being abused by a gross tranny. There weren't any laughs, people just wanted to feel superior to a literal retard.

No. 2788

Her life was a total disaster and it was amazing. Abnormal Psychology in real time.
What happened shouldn't be blamed on internet trolls AT ALL. She had clearly been neglected and possibly abused her entire life. Just look at the videos of her as a kid. No one in her family gave a shit. See also: her facebook, which was visible to her family. She posted graphic photos of abuse and self harm and NO ONE CARED. Disgusting.

No. 2789

No. 2790

hmmm unfortunately if it was julie then no one around her probably gives enough of a shit.

That is the somewhat insidious thing about their personal armies they claim they don't have, they're always targeting the lowest liability and the people with truly no social support while also doing a patronizing "helping them" charade.

Its really hard to be amused by such hypocrisy.

No. 2791

I also believe julie was on the path even without the farms noticing her but it may have sped the path along. I think she only got posted to the farms earlier this same year and killed herself this month.
They gave her the attention she craved but it still wasn't good enough because it wasn't the attention of those friends/family around her that she truly wanted.
I found her old deviantart accounts after hearing she killed herself and saw a journal she wrote about how she would like attention as she noticed other journals get so many comments and likes or whatever while hers get none and was complaining about it so she definitely had some kind of neglected personality trait and those videos someone mentiomed above also showed the same.
I don't think it helped that she religiously read her thread and kept up with it, and with people picking apart her every post and bringing up hard to hear facts like how her family didn't care to do anything when she posts warning signs must have hit her hard that what was said is true, at least part of it.
Any normal person would have just stopped posting things and stopped doing the things that were being brought to attention or just make her accounts private it's truly telling that she refused to do that.
I still can't understand what mother or friend would just let julie post photos of her slit throat and not do anything about it until the farms reported it nonstop to have it finally removed months later.
It's really sad and tragic really that she ended up like that but as much as some of the commenters may have said awful things it kind of looks to me as if she somewhat enjoyed having this much attention on herself in a sick retarded way, she just didn't realize she's the type of person to not handle criticism well amd should have stopped opening herself up to recieving it by publicly throwing out so much weird/inappropriate things.
Its pretty tragic yet preventable if only her family actually gave a crap to help her figure out how to change/stop bringing negative attention to herself or support her.

No. 2792

Speaking of julie, if anyone is interested in looking here's some links relevant to it all


Julie's NSFW camgirl account

Old julie accounts on things
Her FB and Fetlife were deleted but her Abusive boyfriend is still on there

And here is the site they're asking for donations for her funeral

Her usernames are almost always yugiohfanjulie, residentygofanjulie, farmermemme, graphicprincess, that's how I was able to find so many of her accounts outaide of the ones posted in the kiwi thread just by noticing these common usernames she uses. It's actually weirdly interesting to go through them and see all the obvious cries for attention/help that nobody cared to see. The fact that they're asking for donations for the funeral just irks me in a way too since they didn't care to prevent this at all but now seem to be trying to get the most sympathy out of the death.

No. 2793

File: 1467739321985.jpg (13.85 KB, 444x86, ripjulie.jpg)

I checked into that thread here and there because it was so active. She had just turned 19 and had no job, no higher education plans, was desperately in need of mental health care and practically no interaction with relatives aside from the grandmother who lent out her shed. Her closest relationship was with a loser a decade older who beat her up leaving her with marks and bruises she gladly showed off. Yes she made a spectacle out of herself on her very public facebook page, she was screaming out for someone who loved her to take notice. What did she get instead? 200 pages worth of comments at kiwifarms in the span of 4/5 months. Seeing her obituary left me sad and I never even knew her. People at kiwifarms in other threads are already trying to make it a joke or catchphrase.

By the way I've side eyed Null ever since shortly after the Nick Bates conviction. He wrote a long comment griping about the prison system and how Nick would never get to experience pleasure. Yeah there's a lot of shit wrong with the justice/prison system in the US but there's a time and place. He even took the opportunity to take a swipe at the victim because he saw a recentish pic of her somehow and noticed her teeth were in bad shape and said she just going to grow up and become white trash anyway. She's a child victim of neglect and sexual assault from those closest to her but don't give the perpetrator a long sentence because she doesn't count anyway.

No. 2794

The first obituary you linked is the saddest thing I have ever seen. The only thing these people managed to write about their daughter is that she was born and died, the rest of it is just her parents ranting about their new relationships and family issues. Not a single line about what kind of a person she was or why anyone should give a fuck that she's gone.

Also, regardless of what you think about kiwifarms, you people are ridiculous if you blame any of them for this girl's suicide. The last few pages of her thread are disgusting, but Julie was a girl from a broken family in an abusive relationship with severe untreated issues without friends, a job and a life. Surely it must have been a couple of anons she readily interacted with who screencapped her post and discussed them that must have driven her over the edge. It's not like she wrote poems about suicide since age 15 or anything. Did she have issues? Yes. Was she still a rude bitch who randomly stole someone's family heirloom just because? Yes. If she hadn't killed herself she would not be all that different from some of the cows being discussed here (Ashley anyone? "When does she finally die?"). We're all assholes for frequenting and contributing to gossip sites. Let's be honest with ourselves.

No. 2795

Aside from any feelings on how kiwifarms dealt with/is dealing with Julie's suicide it is pretty laughable that any anons here are trying to take a moral high ground about overly critcizing anyone online

No. 2796


This was a couple of years ago but from my perspective I was calling out the A-logging done by a lot of the members back when it was a CWC forum. Personally, I thought it was weird that so many people insisted on comparing their lives to Chris even though he was a literal retard. Null thought I was going to dox those members on other forums or something like that because he realized how shitty he and his userbase were. I'm sure Null and whoever else was there would have another perspective but this is just my opinion of what happened.

Would I say I hide my powerlevel? Probably no better and no worse than the average farmer. It is what it is.

In any case I was trying to point out the hypocrisy and projection of Null accusing someone else of being creepy.

No. 2797

I gotta be honest you obvious kiwi, there's just something very morally repugnant about doing the lolcow shit and going around acting all morally superior about it because you're the only one "helping" someone who is neglected and abused.

Like, no, what's annoying about you kiwis is how you go around acting like your trial by fires are the best thing a mentally ill person who is neglected and abused by even the people closest to them is going to get.

Anyone that participated in the debacle in a visible way is just another person that was not doing anything that would really help the kind of person she was.

This whole thing is kind of making me wonder how healthy this whole "morbid curiosity" is for me to have in the first place.

No. 2798

Yeah I agree, and I'm not really sure how the forums played a huge role in her suicide. I guess she was so severely mentally ill that she couldn't deal with the attention, nor could she just ignore it like a regular person. It's clear that she had no social support in her life, and I think that tends to drive people to suicide.

Here, we post updates on severely mentally ill people all the time and laugh at them even if it might increase their risk of suicide. I don't see how anyone here can claim to have the high ground.

No. 2799

File: 1467753820754.png (33.14 KB, 568x416, Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 5.20…)

Since she's a lolcow here's her okcupid profile, archived for posterity. It's pretty clear she had some kind of disorder.

>My self-summary

Currently looking for work, odds and ends to not so typical full time work.


Proudly owned by Mike holland <3 my perfectly abusive goddess ((trans)) no one has ever made me as happy emotionally when i'm down like she does.
For the stupid who don't get it she's also my girlfriend.
I don't know why it says single, theres no button to change that when I go to edit. Its the relationship type you should focus on.


Some one told me about a fetish called financial domination. I'm curious in dominating some one.

Feel free to browse my fb, Julie Terryberry.
Please message me here first though.

I just want to say to the few retards who can ready but still don't know fuck all.
If you just started the conversation and haven't said much to me to talk off then no I'm not going to fuckig start going off and long stories and paragraphs, to get more then one word to 5 word sentances out of me you actually have to ask me shit and have read my profile. It helps to have a brain.

. I am still not looking for others to mate with still just want more friends. Please actually get to know me, read this I don't care how long it takes, if you actually want to know me its better to read up what i've laid out.


Please ask me questions just nothing that I've covered in this summary or anywhere else on the site

Okay hey guys who don't live in london STOP MESSGING ME, guys who are a 0% match FUCK OFF. People who I litterally ignore, like don't answer once in a whole 24 hours. Obviously I am not interested so you don't need to message me again.

Let me share another one of my hot buttons that could get you blocked. SHUT THE FUCK UP! When you ask me a question or make a comment about something I said or a picture, fucking wait for me to respond before you keep talking! I just blocked a guy because he asked me a question and well I was answering he kept sending message after fucking message, its so fucking annoying when people do shit like that! If you don't have the patience to actually have a two sided conversation FUCK OFF!


I just realized my user is spelt wrong. Fucking ipad keyboard misses letters to often when i'm fast typing.
Technically the dull user is suicidalgamerartist but it wouldn't fit.

I like how people claim to read this and still ask me questions that my profile answers and keep spelling it as u. If YOU have really read all this don't ask me anything the page answers and fucking spell right.

Guys also if you're over 30 no. And don't use cheesy pick up lines or ask me about having sex with you, I want people to talk and chance hanging out, not fucking. I want to actually get to know people as friends before anything like that.

My names Julie, i'm 18.
I define myself as a tomboy or simply female because my sex is not girl. I think of girl as all pink and certain girly feminized stereotypes. Sense I act like both genders I stick to tomboy or my gender title female.
I'm not so much looking for a relationship right now as much as I am friends in my area who would like to hang out with possibilities of getting close. Why don't I want a relationship? I was with a guy for 6 months and in the end he was using me for sex and owes me 500$ and never loved me. I lost alot of trust and got alot more pain in my life then ever before in that time and now i'm colder to the idea of love. If your looking for love don't look at me, if you just want dates and friendship I'll bite.

Uhm I can be very all over the place and swear alot, with every thing thts happened to me and my personal issues ((depression, adhd, austism, aspergers, anxiety, suicidal)) I'm hard to understand at times. I generally don't mean to be rude I'm just very blunt and honest and don't put up with stupid shit.
I like when people can spell the word you as you not u and other 3 letter words.

Now i'm just gunna say random stuff that comes to mind.
I really like cleaning and organizing it helps with stress and cheers me up, though my own room is an absolute mess basically because I have more stuff then I have places to put it right now.

When I was alot younger I wanted to be a farmer.

I'm an artist, I do not think I'm better then anyone because there is still alot of improving I have left to do but I take great pride in my make up art above anything else and have been given that confidence by my teacher and the two professionals aside from her that I have had the privlage to meet and work with however briefly, I learned in certain situations you don't have time to worry about things my teacher tried to tell me are a requirement, I am not persuing this as a job but I would love to do it for money on occassion.
My pictures i'm most proud of are the ones I sign.

I am a gamer, I define gamer as some one who doesn't judge others for the games they play, the amount of time they've owned games for or the systems they play on. No one system is better then another. Apps do not make you a gamer but gamers can play apps. Gamers are passionate and come in many forms no one can judge what real gamers say or look like or do. You don't need expensive junk to make you a gamer. I have no respect for people who feel superior to others for any reason!
I grew up on nintendo and from this I am used to being single player. I enjoy puzzle games, task based games, sword or hand to hand combat ((however I am a button masher in combat specific games)), I really enjoy stealth and I don't like leaving a level without scouting out every possible inch.
I have trouble beating games because of my adhd but I have beat some none the less.
I have had a game cube longest, then I got a nes last year for my birthday, a snes also for my birthday, bought a 64 some time last year. For these 3 I am greatly lacking in games as it stands. I have has a DS light along time however I broke my first one by biting it and dropping it, I had a game boy advanced for like ever till one school trip it fell a distance from my bag to a rock which I replaced recently. I also replaced my ds light. I have the first DS design as well wih GBA combatibility and now have a DSI.
I got a wii and Xbox 360 same day, only meant to get the 360 but I saw a game I had to have for the wii and then had to get a wii. I have about 34 games for my 360, I only know this because I bought them pretty much all in one day, still new to my system and as I said Its tough for me to finish games but I do know a degree of things for the games I have or else I wouldn't have bought them (( I often know things about movies and games I have not watches nor played if I like them)). Maybe 20 or more for my game cube I haven't counted in a while. No idea about my hand held games. I wanna say 5 for my wii?
First game I ever owned was animal crossing, series I love is harvest moon. I am crazy about resident evil4 first game involving a gun I played well and beat.

That was alot about games lol. So uh enough for now I guess.

I wish more fucking people could act like they have brains when talking to me. If you claim you want to be my friend then don't bitch when you do something that pisses me off and I let you know. I'm not being rude by letting you know your doing something that annoys me, its called fucking learning how to interact so you get along! Then saying wow and telling me I'm being an asshole, bye bye you can't handle my attitude when it happens then no you don't want to be my friend. Correct response is stop doing the thing thats pissing me off to the point i'm swearing and apologize and never do it again, its that simple. Called taking responsibility!

" the guys we talk to the most are the ones who let us be ourselves. We act out, we talk back because were tired of being treated like shit, let us calm down and tell us were okay and you have a better chance of us answering back every day. Patience is a virtue, let us come to you. Some times its better to wait to flirt is she flirts first she probably likes you, if you flirt first you may just ruin your chances, all females are not the same and we are not crazy just because you don't understand us".

I have a low tolerance for what I Perceive as stupidity.

On a couple peoples pages I've seen two questions I wasn't asked. Some thing private willing to admit, that doesn't show up on mine as an option to answer and what do people first notice about me. Why wasn't I asked these? Are they guy specific :/

I saw some one else posted this here so i'm going to post mine too. This has been up on my fetlife for a while now but you know didn't want to be hounded about sex here so didn't think to post it here.

Also if you want to cut out the middle man and message me on a site about sex ((even though I still rarely talk about it there )) Myfetlife is PetWithPower

== Results from http://bdsmtest.org/ ==
96% Primal (Prey)
96% Pet
93% Primal (Hunter)
93% Switch
90% Brat
89% Masochist
88% Experimentalist
86% Submissive
83% Exhibitionist
78% Master/Mistress
78% Girl/Boy
77% Owner
76% Dominant
75% Sadist
75% Slave
73% Daddy/Mommy
72% Ageplayer
67% Rigger
65% Degradee
65% Brat Tamer
55% Non-monogamist
52% Rope Bunny
41% Degrader
32% Voyeur
18% Vanilla
See my results online at http://bdsmtest.org/result.php?id=1482912

>What I’m doing with my life

I have no idea what I'm doing with my life now that i'm out of school, I really like rules and structure so until My job gets started I just lay around and try to motivate myself to do things that aren't on my ipad.

>I’m really good at

See above? Art, video games. Id say i'm pretty good at sex and blow jobs lol
Cooking to a point. Talking, I don't really notice what I'm good at unless Im in the midst of doing it.

> Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food


I own alot of manga I couldn't tell you which ones are my fav off hand.

Novels, ai no kusabi. Broken sky. The braddock boys brent. Nymph king. The world pf darkness Wraith, sins of the fathers. My absolute favourite since I was 13 is the novel what I was and how I lied.
Second one I love to death is sweet addiction by maya banks.
I also love e maximum ride series. So far I am enjoying the knee bone boy. Not alot of times for novels in my life but I want to make time.

Movies, cult classics and comedy, horror.
I have alot of favourites and I am huge on randomly referencing them.
I will name a few out of my personal collection from each shelf ((I love physically owning things so lots of movies in alphabetical order and by series))

I have to be choosy because I basically love every movie I own lol so these are just a few select ones that stood out alot and I connected too or in some cases have watched over 30 times.

A clockwork orange.
Army of darkness.
Between truth and lies.
Miss congeniality.
Patch adams.
The wall.
Saving private ryan.
Short circuit.
The bourn identity.
The crow <3.
The fifth element.
Green mile.
Rocky horror picture show.
Lost boys.
The professional.
Silence of the lambs.
The truman show.
Broke back mountain.
Dawn of the dead.
Edge of darkness.
Law abiding citizen.
Pans labyrinth.
Red eye.
Repo man.
Reqium for a dream.
Running with scissors.
Sin city.
Swing kids.
The break up.
The fog.
Unwed father.
V for vendetta.
Wedding crashers.
Wedding planner.
13 going on 30.
27 dresses.
An american tail ((getting into kids movies))
Thr indian in the cupboard.
Quest for camelot.
The prince of egypt.
The princess and the goblin.
Road to eldarado.
Swan lake.

Okay so doesn't look like the "select few" I was aiming for but I own alot of movies and I exluded ones I don't own that would fit this "select" list this also exludes anime.
I'm sure it gives you a divers and detailed look at the movies I would like.

Shows, I don't have cable or anything any more its best to ask ususally do you like this?
But I can name a few favourites and I have finished these series or watched alot of them when I had tv.
My name is earl.
How I met your mother.
That 70's show.
Criminal minds.
Big bang theory.
Breaking bad.
This exlcudes anime and cartoon series.

I have a very extensive and diverse taste in music, I.E i'm not very picky but I don't like listening to it if its not already on my ipod incase I like it to much and want to download it ((hassle))
I do like certain bands and singers but I can not name all their songs and albums because I care more about the songs seperatly then anything else.
Favourite song is the origin of love.
Bands I can name off hand I like, BvB, three days grace, nickle back, abril levign ((younger)), evanescence, pink floyd, meat loaf. Uhm taylor swift I guess. I hate her but catchy music and was country. I really love the songs I listen to.

Food? I'll try any thing once and I'm not very picky. This is one of those ask me situations really.

>The six things I could never do without

I can't really say because I've never had to go to long without anything I own. Better to determine this by taking things away.

I can name 6 things I am heavily dependant on but I dunno about going without. I mean i'm gunna be a smartass so they would be tough.

My home
Toilet paper
Running water
My family (( when they aren't making me feel like shit))

>I spend a lot of time thinking about

Video games
Adams apples
My self
My room
My toys

>On a typical Friday night I am

Bored out of my fucking mind

>You should message me if


message me if you think youd like to talk and possibly hang out after some time.

No. 2800

>Anyone that participated in the debacle in a visible way is just another person that was not doing anything that would really help the kind of person she was.

Lol, help. Random strangers are in no way obligated to help a random 19 year-old tarding out on the Internet. What kind of help could they have gotten her anyways? Donate her a box of dildos to further her career? Have a nice conversation with her? Have you ever seen this girl interact with anybody on the internet? She blocked and bitched at people who dared sending her messages saying "hru" instead of "How are you?" Interacting with this girl would have been impossible. She would have needed help years ago. From her fucking parents or anybody else who is actually a part of her life.

>is whole thing is kind of making me wonder how healthy this whole "morbid curiosity" is for me to have in the first place.

You really need to get off gossip sites if you think you're so much better. Please show me a single lolcow on this board who is a nice, sane, well-adjusted individual. Pixyteri is delusional. ForeverKailyn is developmentally delayed and socially isolated. Chris-Chan is so pants-shittingly retarded that he does not recognize his own face. Kiki and Dakota had a fucked-up childhood. Ashley is nothing but skin, bones and hatred. The only thing that makes them different from Julie is that they're still alive. You better hurry and get all these poor unfortunate souls some of that "help" before it's too late for them.

No. 2801

Well this thread got derailed and turned emo as fuck. Who wants to cut themselves and sing MCR songs in the back of my mom's minivan on her way to drop us off at Hot Topic?

No. 2802

I'm not saying they were obligated to help them, I'm saying its annoying they act like they didn't do anything morally dubious by participating because making a spectacle out of her is apparently "helping" like no, it wasn't and never will, kiwis need to stop pretending

Its not me that thinks I'm morally superior or anything, I'm just stating the reality of what this all is. And I suppose you have a point, if the total lack of cognizance and accountability for what these spectacles will do to people already at rock bottom, why am I even here?


No. 2803

There's definitely an echo chamber in the forum and it's very sad and weird to see the way they attempt to rewrite events to fit their narrative and then the forum regulars parrot whatever they're told to parrot and the newbies eat it up.

No. 2804


This is very true. Everyone who questions the narrative too loudly is mocked and if they then continue to keep it up are eventually dubbed a lolcow and threatened to be doxed. All the while they praise themselves with how diverse the opinions of their community are.

No. 2805

I'm pretty sure that eighty-ninety percent of the reason Parkourdude91's bullshit went on for so long was because of the echo chamber mentality. If you were to ask anyone's opinion of him who wasn't a regular on the farms most of them were skeptical if they didn't completely write it off as fake. Most of the reason Parkourdude91 made it so far was the fact he was the admin of the Deagle Nation subforum and anyone who questioned it until the end had threads locked and was openly mocked.

No. 2806

So I guess this is a kiwi farms general thread now?

No. 2807


Bingo. You're completely spot on in that observation. The aftermath beyond her main thread in general is basically a perfect example of your point. It's not a moral high ground to truly grasp the extent of what's happened and to feel shame about it. Honestly it's deserved to feel shameful about it. It's not the farms fault. However there's no way it didn't exacerbate whatever was going on in her head.

Between null's comment and the entirety of the shit show that blew up even before it had been confirmed true… People just suck. That's the point.

I made sure to add null to keep this posting semi on topic btw :-)

It's nice to see people outside the farms are now aware of what went down.

Anyway I'll stop derailing from just null now.

No. 2808

Hi, this is Melchett from KF. Feel free to ask me anything.

No. 2809

No. 2810

Bring us Champthom and we might give a shit.

No. 2811

Is that who made autism.cool? Just wondering.

No. 2812

What's the next spergout Null is going to cause?

No. 2813

unless you can tell us something we can't figure out on our own or are willing to turn on/trash talk other mods or something I don't see what there is to really ask

No. 2814

There's nothing to tell. The response since shit went down pretty much covers it all. It's back pedaling and damage control at this point. It's really too bad, there are so many interesting points of view and so many intelligent regulars and it's not directly the farms fault obviously.

That doesn't negate the fact that any fallout currently being placed upon the farms isn't deserved though. The whole situation will validate all the bullshit thrown at sites focused on lolcows by their detractors. It is what it is.

No. 2815

No. 2816

AYYYY it's always funny to see normies reaction to the kiwi farms.

No. 2817


Yeah idk are users on "mydeathspace.com" really normies?

No. 2818

og Admin was constantly afraid of people finding out who he was because apparently he was sort of an lolcow himself in the past. I know I might get banned again for this but FUCK IT. If you remember the chatrooms that were here he used to use the "hikki" one and liked the mod of that room. (oneesan) His dumb ass trusted that fat ho and she went behind his back and told about him to other people in the chatroom. Apparently his real name is Ian and he's scared of anyone knowing that. Looked up the only Ian on ed and found this https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Ian

No. 2819

Why do we care about this person, who is not the thread subject, and why are you spamming the board with threads about this person? That article is stupid thread war crap from who the fuck knows how far back - and a tiny thread war at that.

Stop shitposting.

No. 2820

"this person" is the original admin of lolcow. posting here bc he was afraid of the guy in the op knowing his name too.

No. 2821

I wish audio files could be used as reactions. I'd use Nicki Minaj laughing hysterically here.
RIP Admin

No. 2822

If they're so scared of the admin being exposed them why is this comment still here? Oh yeah, it's because you're a faggot.

No. 2823

I have a question, why do you guys foster shitposters like dynastia when they aren't even funny or even ironically funny, just embarrassing

No. 2824

Not Melchett but all of the forum favorites are people who have donated money to null's loli porn fund, spend an exorbitant amount of time in the kiwi chat, and are willing to fall in line and shape the narrative to whatever null wants.

No. 2825


Learn to read ya wallnut, anon isnt talking about our current admin.

No. 2826


dem tribal titties doe

No. 2827


to be fair anon, Melchet always wanted to be Queenie's favorite.

No. 2828

Honestly I don't even mind null, but dynastia is a cancer, just in general so annoying and everyone puts up with him and even pretends to his face like he's actually entertaining

Is there something I'm not in on, is he secretly someones little brother or something

No. 2829

I agree with you. The whole "MAXIMUM TROOLING TOO EDGY FOR YOUUU!!!1!" makes me roll my eyes every time.

No. 2830

Well DU'h, it's a FORUM, it's a place where you suck up dick of other users and dynastia is a big fish there, because it's Obese Randi Harper's pet, hence why they deleted fat randi harper thread in the first place(She got Null by the balls). This autismo now posts threads on people who disagree with fatty randi and posts their personal info such as adress and phone numbers.

And no one gonna call out his autism, because they will get banned.

No. 2831

It's particularly bad on the farms though

Usually on forums as large as the farms you get a few factions at least

No. 2832

I post on KF occasionally, but it has gotten a lot less interesting to me now. There are some posters I currently enjoy on there, and there were more but many I liked have left or seldom post it seems. The cliques and drama are real there too. The inner drama is entertaining sometimes, a few users on that site take it really way too seriously. It's not like they try to hide their petty internet fights either, it is a spectacle half the time so it can't be ignored. So even if you don't care about bullshit forum drama you can't avoid it if it's on the front page…

I've been frequenting KF a lot less because the lolcows have become more depressing than amusing to me now, and there is an influx of unironic alt-right trump faggotry. It feels more homogeneous than before.

No. 2833

If you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen

No. 2834

File: 1467926256472.jpeg (1.41 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)

Omg I went to middle school with josh. He was made fun of relentlessly for being fat annoying white trash with a lisp. Pretty sure he had to do like the last 3 months of school in in school suspension for having a hit list. He is like totally definitely autistic. I wish I could remember more of the stupid shit he did.

No. 2835

No you didn't.

No. 2836

What was the name of the school?

No. 2837

Destin Middle School, miss euwing was the iss teacher

No. 2838

Nah I definitely did, that's my arm around him in the pic. Last day of 6th grade. Sorry I don't know how to sage these diary entries but I just never thought I would know a cow irl.

No. 2839

Do all autists have wide set eyes

No. 2840

File: 1467929416818.jpg (63.81 KB, 960x540, 1467642459756.jpg)

You're not full of shit then. I don't remember having a lisp but I was a very shy person until I started work. During elementary school I underwent therapy because my grades plummeted after I went to Rocky Bayou Christian School and it was determined I had no learning disabilities, but I was oppositional. Being awkward at this age is probably the result of having moved between states and schools basically every year and having been an only child that was both overweight and very socially isolated.

I had trouble focusing during classes or caring about my assignments. The only thing I remember about middleschool was that I had two friends, a crush on some really tall girl, and there were a ton of seagulls that everyone threw food to in the outdoor area by the cafeteria. Never went to any sort of remedial classes but I ended up homeschooled in the 8th grade because my grades were poor and my mom fucking hated the principal, all the teachers, and all the other parents. I wasn't from a poor or trashy family, but Destin was a a very wealthy area and I didn't fit in as a result.

In 9th grade I went back to Niceville and that was sort of miserable. All the same problems were abound and I was kicked out in the 10th grade for telling other students how to issue a NET SEND command to the network and then taking the fall, immediately after one of the teachers in the IT department had died. They wanted to reassign all 4 of my IT classes to shit like Art so I just dropped and started using Florida Virtual School. In 11th grade I became dual-enrolled with the nearby Okaloosa Community College and by the time I was 17 I was 4 credits and 2 classes (math and second language) from having an AA degree, but I instead started working fast food and found programming work in Australia by the end of the year.

My mom took off to California with a boyfriend when I was 17 as well, so I stayed behind in Niceville by myself with my work and my friends in San Destin until my 18th birthday. My mom came back for the birthday with her boyfriend and in the one week he was there he committed arson and set fire to the house, which he is still in prison for. After that I lost all attachment to things and places and started living in a house with my buddy and his brother. During that time I received a series of pay increases with my work and then took off to Portland, Oregon when I was 19. I lived there for a year, came back to Pensacola for about 6 months, and then took off to Australia to be with a friend for 6 another months.

While I was there I became bored with my work. This was mostly due to restructuring that came with blooming out of a startup into a medium-sized company, but the end result was that my job was no longer engaging or challenging. I couldn't work out these problems with the company and quit, moved to the Philippines to be near Fredrick while I worked on Infinity Next. That lasted about 8 months, and then I came back to chill out with family I hadn't seen in over a year and figure out what I want to do next. I'm currently trying to learn Mandarin and am torn between seeking employment in Singapore or trying to get a company started online.

Hope you're doing well. Don't know who you are but I wasn't mistreated in DMS and I don't remember disliking anyone at that school (except that faggot band teacher Mr. Colon) so you can't be too bad.

Pic related. Still beautiful.

No. 2841


lmfao that name still makes me laugh

No. 2842

Wow, they are right, you truly are a lolcow.

No. 2843

No. 2844

why would you lay all that out there for no reason, silence is golden

also i'd seen the 'ran to southeast asia cause pedophile' jokes on kf but didn't know they were cause u acc went to/have an interest in southeast asia, weird

No. 2845

File: 1467932145433.jpg (48.49 KB, 650x488, Fuck_off_Josh_have_a_pig.jpg)

Quickly, post ugly pigs, may be he will leave.

He wants attention, that's why.

>that fetal alcohol syndrome on his face

No. 2846

Asia is comfy. Good food, nice people, neat cultures. There's reasons to like countries besides their sex industry. Only people like Jim give a shit about that.

I enjoy talking about myself. I have an interesting life. In any other context, people would just have conversation, but because this is an ''ebin trollan community'' people just act retarded, like this fella >>2845. Ya im sure pigs are gonna trigger me gj big guy.

Never forget, don't matter which community you're in: This is my house.

No. 2847

>This is my house.
No it's not you fucking faggot

No. 2848

No. 2849

File: 1467935643839.gif (210.2 KB, 280x199, 1463619277150.gif)

>Massive wall o' text

Careful Josh, Your powerlevel is showing.

No. 2850

All public info. Not every day you get to talk to someone you knew about ten years ago.

No. 2851

File: 1467936128641.gif (1.94 MB, 230x175, 16Np16F.gif)

Or could it possibly be that their presence in this thread is a threat to you and you decided to post all that shite to show you have nothing to hide.

Hmmm…Either way, Something made you sweat enough to draw attention to yourself.

No. 2852

No. 2853

File: 1467936489074.jpg (84.86 KB, 600x429, shoo-shoo-faggot.jpg)

>Only people like Jim give a shit about that.

>I enjoy talking about myself.

>This is my house.

What a massive faggot

i don't ever believe shit he writes, the dude 's believing he's white and fluffy, he's still is salty Jim kicked his fat ass after he scammed that poor criple.

No. 2854

No. 2855

Faggot ain't gonna quit.
Tell us then about your relationship with randi.

No. 2856

Randi is literally the most beautiful woman ever and is a true god of Internet gamer girls.

No. 2857

Tell us why you removed her thread.

No. 2858

God-Queen Randi Lee Harper is beyond reprieve and criticism.

No. 2859

If you want that attention you crave you better speak before i go to bed, what did randi really did to you?

No. 2860

Kiwi Farms is a close working member of Crash Override and Harper's networks. We make sure our targets are the right targets, and that they push the right agenda: to get Donald Trump elected president.

No. 2861

you're still an incompetent moron and were completely unable to build a functioning website that could sustain traffic, despite plenty of time, money, and promises

No. 2862


software works, gossip goblin didn't.

No. 2863

I saw that, it's total crap.

No. 2864

No. 2865

i meant sustain 8chan's traffic, which is what you were supposed to do. anyone could make a shitty message board if there are hardly any users.

No. 2866

He wrote shitty code that messed up the site, and since he left things got better.

No. 2867

Before he gave up, we ran a test server with OdiliTime's hardware that _could_ handle that traffic, but we couldn't figure out why 2ch's hardware couldn't. I found out a few months after that the issue with the software had to do with Fredrick's custom-built captcha. By disabling the quadratic sine used to generate a wave effect on the image, it worked perfectly under load.

No. 2868

That isn't why the site 'got better'. Jim's son, Ron, has rewritten huge chunks of the software just to tread water. Fred's out of the picture.

No. 2869

I should mention on Odili's server we ran it without captchas enabled and forwarded all of /b/ and /v/ over to it, and it worked fine. The logic was that disabling captchas would let people shitpost as to test load. Obviously we should have ran under identical configurations, but at that point I was sleeping 4 hours a day and working 16 hours to figure out what it was.

I had 5 people, three engineers with 10+ years of experience, looking at it and measurements taken from the server. All of the king's horses and all of the king's men couldn't find that bug before the goblin threw a tantrum and fucked it up for everyone.

No. 2870

You are insulting us by assuming we are going to take your story about hotwheel's captcha being the reason site didn't work properly.
We know you are incompetend fuck, and kiwi.farms run fine just because it runs on commercial software which is hard to fuck up.

No. 2871

that seems like a convenient excuse. can you link to a quote of hotwheels himself saying this was the only thing causing the performance problems?

No. 2872

"kiwi.farms" lol.

You don't need to ask me. As spaceOdili on Rizon, or __uguu__. These are people that Fredrick trusted and who have no reason to kiss up to me, but have seen the metrics taken with and without that quadratic sine.

If you choose not to, and choose not to believe me, you are willfully ignorant and operating under a confirmation bias which is impossible to argue against. I've laid out the facts. Fredrick has apologized publicly because he acknowledged he's fucked up. Up to you now, bud.

No. 2873

Besides his public apology where he admits he did me wrong? No, but like I said above, there are others who can confirm the issue and who were helping during the death march week in January.

No. 2874

>blah blah blah it's all hotweel's fault, i'm innocent, i'm a good guy, i suck randi's taint.

No. 2875

You are trying way too hard to find reason to hate me. I'm a MELTING POT of friendship.

No. 2876

Given the chance you would dox every single person here. I know what kind of a scumbag you are.

No. 2877

Can admin ban his ass?

No. 2878

You base this on what? Who from the forum have I doxed? People donate to me via paypal. I have seen hundreds of names and addresses as a result and not one has ever leaked as a result.

One of the guys who left the forum to start a competitor, and who actually used to run an entire wiki on me, was a donator. I've never doxed him. Similar things happened with the donation system that Next operated on.

The reason why my website is able to financially function is because of a considerable amount of trust that my users have in me to protect them.

In the years I've ran the Kiwi Farms, the only person whose dox I published was CCS, the guy who illegally scammed Chris out of $40 by committing chargeback fraud – and I didn't even dox him, Chris did.


No. 2879


whatever you say

No. 2880

"You have completely invalidated my point and I have no counter-argument but I still don't like you and willingly choose to disregard what you have said."

t. Someone who I don't know and is really upset for some reason.

No. 2881

Why do you let certain shitposters run rampant on KF, is it some inner circle inside joke bullshit or do you guys really think it's funny

No. 2882

Who in particular?

No. 2883

(I ask because they are usually exemptions to the rule for very precise and unique reasons, OR they're on my chopping block.)

No. 2884

>You don't need to ask me. As spaceOdili on Rizon, or __uguu__.

I messaged spaceOdili. He still says (indirectly) that you were fairly incompetent through most of it. He seems to agree that Hotwheels was pretty incompetent as well, but the blame does not seem to all fall on him. He also says the captcha was not the only problem.

00:44 <moo541> hello
00:44 <spaceOdili> hey
00:44 <moo541> Null is making some claims and said you could verify them. just want to see if he's telling the truth
00:45 <spaceOdili> I'll take a look
00:46 <spaceOdili> not that specific post I take it
00:46 <moo541> >>>/pt/287406 this one specifically
00:47 <moo541> and this one i suppose >>>/pt/287403
00:48 <spaceOdili> 287406 is truthy
00:48 <spaceOdili> we had the same exact software stack they were trying out
00:48 <moo541> could you explain how the captcha was causing these issues? every time someone ever viewed the captcha page, it created
a lot of cpu load or what?
00:48 <spaceOdili> but we did the tests with 8 cores w/o HT and 2ch servers only had 4 physical cores w/HT giving 8 logical cores.
Then we ran the test at 4 cores w/o HT.
00:49 <spaceOdili> basically, I haven't looked into the captcha shit too closely but it does make some sense. Though HW says he has
fixed it and infinity still has problems, I've seen or heard no bench after HW's fix
00:49 <spaceOdili> I think it's true that we ran odili.8ch.net without captchas
00:50 <spaceOdili> because we want the boards to be filled with content
00:50 <spaceOdili> Josh claims the captcha was causing the problem
00:50 <spaceOdili> but if you look at some of the optimizations lynxchan does, the captcha generation shouldn't really impact site
00:50 <moo541> er, so he's the only one who's claiming that? no one else can verify that claim?
00:51 <spaceOdili> so even if it was HW fault, Josh could have worked around it
00:51 <moo541> so… he's basically talking out of his ass? at least partly?
00:51 <spaceOdili> so I don't even think it's worth the effort
00:51 <spaceOdili> basically we found out that 4c was like 25r/s but 8c was like 80r/s
00:51 <spaceOdili> so adding more cores wasn't linear
00:52 <moo541> right
00:52 <spaceOdili> maybe because the OS/kernel took a couple cores for itself under load
00:52 <spaceOdili> so basically the 2ch boxes at 4 physical 8 logical, would be handi cap'd
00:52 <spaceOdili> no matter how many boxes they had
00:53 <spaceOdili> that said, continued work on infinity could have made it more efficient over time
00:53 <spaceOdili> but politics, emotions and pressure took its course
00:53 <moo541> ok. i'm just trying to understand the culpability behind the root cause. Josh is suggesting that his code was
essentially performant, and that the only thing holding him back was Hotwheels' custom captcha function
00:54 <spaceOdili> yea, the captcha was made a lot better and so has infinitynext
00:54 <spaceOdili> *continued work on infinitynext
00:55 <moo541> but going back in time. let's say the captcha wasn't there at all or replaced with recaptcha or whatever when the
attempted migration of 8chan to infinity next occurred. you're saying that migration would have gone smoothly if the
captcha was gone? because that's what Josh is implying
00:56 <spaceOdili> well it's a question of time, by Feb? probably not imho
00:56 <spaceOdili> by now, definitely
00:56 <spaceOdili> I guess I don't believe the captcha was the only thing blocking but it was at that time
00:57 <spaceOdili> it was just one of many things that could have been done to improve performance
00:57 <spaceOdili> and Josh was working on other things in January after my tests to help performance
00:57 <moo541> ok. so, there were still other problems at that time. from that it sounds like Josh isn't telling the complete truth as
a way of placing less blame on himself
01:00 <spaceOdili> I think Josh is simplifying things with the captcha story because who needs all the fucking gory details every time
this argument is brought up.
01:01 <spaceOdili> it's all kind of a moot point
01:01 <moo541> i guess it is at this point, but it also seems like a way to cast Hotwheels in a worse light
01:02 <spaceOdili> well Josh is pretty bitter about the whole thing
01:02 <spaceOdili> but this was his RL, he was there working with HW, not just some IRC drama
01:02 <moo541> yeah
01:02 <spaceOdili> both had their faults, neither were perfect in this situation
01:03 <spaceOdili> I was really pissed at Josh for not listening to the irc dev room, he would always try to take it on himself
01:03 <spaceOdili> HW does this sometimes to
01:03 <spaceOdili> but we had this chat room with all this experience that was just ignore for months
01:03 <spaceOdili> he was just in over his head
01:04 <spaceOdili> and when I cloned his infrastructured he finally started listening but it was clear he was in way over his head
01:04 <moo541> sure sounds like it
01:04 <spaceOdili> infinitynext has great technology though but HW and Josh both didn't understand that dynamic scripting language
would never beat static files that 8chan had
01:05 <spaceOdili> the js frontend was solid, the db layer was solid but the html generation is where it fell short
01:05 <spaceOdili> sorry for ranting
01:06 <spaceOdili> really just sucks because personalities got in the way of a solution
01:07 <moo541> no problem
01:07 <moo541> would it be ok to put portions of this log in that thread?
01:08 <spaceOdili> I prefer you post all of it, so it doesn't look like you're cherry picking
01:08 <moo541> i will
01:08 <moo541> thanks for all of the info
01:08 <spaceOdili> anytime

No. 2885

Assuredly not, nor did I say that all the shortcomings of Next were his fault. Specifically, though, its inability to launch in January was due directly and entirely to the captcha's quadratic sign algorithm consuming so many resources that the rest of the site could not function. If we had located that flaw, 8chan would be running Next right this very second.

No. 2886

Dynastia, cat party

No. 2887

Ok, but that seems like it was just one of a series of mistakes made by the both of you. The fact that Hotwheels' bad code prevented that particular migration at that time doesn't mean he's responsible for everything failing. You were still probably more responsible than he is, when considering everything from beginning to end.

No. 2888

To give you a comparison, with the sine enabled an 4 physical / 4 logical core server was able to process about 6 requests per second before tanking out. With captcha removed, it could handle about 140~160 (which is 40/c, twice as much as we needed to launch with the same resources 8chan had at that moment). That was how big of a problem this was.

No. 2889

Only takeaway from this is that no one should hire either you or Fred as programmers.

No. 2890

Au contraire, if he hadn't of dumped the project after that migration, we could have found the issue and continued on. There were complications that came about, but the ultimate and final blocker and the ultimate and final decision to dismantle the project was HIS and HIS ALONE. Furthermore, the tact he used to try and swindle property rights from me was his and his alone. He did not consult anyone on any of those things I mentioned and that is ultimately what cockblocked 8chan.

No. 2891

Dynastia is fucking amazing and Catparty is just a lazy, lovable bald lush. Do their posts really bother you?

No. 2892

He did quit too early, but you're still a shitty programmer and a very untrustworthy person. It's better in the long run that 8chan won't be running that codebase. It's probably also better that Hotwheels isn't involved anymore either, but that doesn't redeem you at all.

No. 2893

This is called moving the goalpost. My original point stands. Whether or not the project was a good idea to begin with is a different discussion. I stand by that the code is perfectly acceptable for the price paid and others will vet it, but if you disagree that's your opinion and there's nothing I can do to change your mind.

No. 2894

I can understand being horrified at the kiwi forums, but why are they eating up her "friend's" statement that the boyfriend wasn't abusive? Do they seriously believe he was good for her?

No. 2895

No one does. People are urging staff to re-open the thread because her family's reaction was more horrific and less heart-felt than our own.


The only reason we haven't is because Julie was our insight to Mike and her family. With her death, we don't have an Internet-visible lolcow. We just have a bunch of obscure, off the record assholes who murdered some lady.

No. 2896

Here's a thread about Josh's exploits on a video game forum


No. 2897

Posted when I was 17 by a girl who apologized for making the thread, and whom I've apologized to for many things. We still talk. We were on a call like two hours ago.

See, this petty Internet shit? It doesn't actually matter.

No. 2898

Is it true that you dropped out of high school?

No. 2899

File: 1467943845980.jpg (406.94 KB, 1600x1800, Infinity OS2.jpg)

Hey did you see the new WinOS/2 stack, it finally runs Doom! And only two years late!

No. 2900

Read my first post.

Sweet autism.

No. 2901

File: 1467943925125.png (8.95 KB, 304x400, smug VIC II man.png)

No. 2902

Haha ok. Then why are you posting here?

No. 2903

Oh, someone linked this to /cow/ and now the thread's going to get shitty and boring immediately. k.

No. 2904

File: 1467943999226.jpg (45.12 KB, 640x646, 1465394311454.jpg)


Wow, you're doing an incredibly clever job of covering up your past and giving off the normie vibe.

Daily reminder that you are a fat autistic NEET faggot that runs a website for mentally ill trannies.

Kill yourself.

No. 2905

I've never spoken directly to lolcow.farm and I wanted to see who that was I knew as a kid.

No. 2906

File: 1467944034774.jpg (336.34 KB, 620x620, corrputed president file.jpg)

No, just some good friends that want to know why you won't tell us how to kill the cyberdemon.

No. 2907

The in-jokes are now so thick I have no idea what you're talking about.

No. 2908

File: 1467944132869.jpg (1.9 MB, 7905x9911, giant smug president man.jpg)

But how do I defeat the cyberdemon?

No. 2909

Oh yeah everyone is totally going to line up and suck your dick here

No. 2910

Not expecting it. Just wanted to chat.

No. 2911

I'll suck Josh's dick if no one else does.

No. 2912

Anon, love yourself.

No. 2913


Oh my gosh Josh I am like your biggest fan!!!! I love you so much!! Please, continue to drive everything you do into the ground and leech off everyone you come into contact to, including your own kiwi user base!! I love it!!!


No. 2914

Always nice to hear from a fan.

No. 2915


Honestly I agree. With the lights off it might be doable. I think he would look a touch better if he let his hair grow out about another half an inch and lost 10 pounds. He would actually look decent and not so scary. I would be seen in public with him.

Please Josh, love yourself. Tranny and trap dick is cute when they're 14, but they age like milk.

No. 2916

You think so anon? Hmm maybe…hey Null, wanna post your dick or gtfo?

No. 2917

Gosh anon, that's so kind.

I'm not into trannies. I tolerate them as little as I have to. It's caused problems in the past because so many of them are on the website. I try to make it clear that transgenderism isn't actually accepted on the forum, but at the same time a few of them are really nice and reliable so I try not to let it ruin their time around me and the website in general.

Currently on a ketogenic diet. It's worked for me in the past. I gained a lot of weight in the Philippines because I was working so much and they had these things called ensaymadas which is like, a roll with cream cheese spread and more shredded cheese on top and I fucking obliterated these things by the case.

No. 2918

Don't tempt me.

No. 2919


I think that the reason his eyes look so far apart is because of how round his face is. If he were to lose some weight, then it might slim his face and make his eyes look normal. That's the only feature of his that really bugs me. Still, it's minor. I'm not sure why he gets so much hate for being ugly, because he's not. A 6/10 in current shape.


I wasn't really trying to be kind, but more truthful.

No. 2920

Hm now we know dynastia sucks your dick good m8

No. 2921


Sorry Josh, gore is against lolcow rules.

No. 2922

File: 1467950457127.png (19.55 KB, 353x187, vKMBoMu.png)

Your sick burn would be much funnier if you weren't a fuckup.

No. 2923

it's disappointing when everyone tries to call the cow out by acting worse, chill out guys

The shitposter thing though I agree with- I would like to know how dynastia is "amazing", seems just annoying. Just sounds like you have a personal relationship.

And chimpburgers particularly irritates me- takes things way too far and the second he's called out starts backpedalling and whining, telling others they're overreacting.

No. 2924

Still curious about this, Null

No. 2925

Don't listen to him farmhand. He's obviously refreshing this page like crazy with one hand while jerking little null with the other.

No. 2926

If Dynastia didn't personally promise me he would do as much damage as possible, I'd probably make him a mod. He exhibits very strong judgement when required and is someone who adds a lot to discussion and alters the very culture of the website when he intends to. His shitposting is the long pause between his good posts, and is more him just not taking things seriously and is almost meta critique of the forum's straight laced approach to content. I guess that sounds a little gay and 2deep4me, but it's how I see things with him. Dyn's definitely an acquired taste. I understand how he bothers people but banning him would leave a Dynastia-shaped hole in my heart.

Cat has very seriously aggravated me in the past but dodges bans because he's beloved by a lot of people. He's mellowed out lately and I like him a lot now.

Chimpchan is a huge content provider but that sort of dedication does make him a bit high-strung about the forum. I think he wants to be a mod, but I often separate "content providers" and "culture creatures" like Cat, Chimp, Marvin etc from the "caretakers". I never want to burden someone who uses the forum to make it more interesting with the job of also cleaning up the shit.

The thing about communities is that there's always going to be people you don't like. It's even more complicated when you're an admin. If you register an account, there's an ignore feature. I know some people choose to use that.

I have no idea about the etymology of my name. I do know it's Korean, but "Moonie" is an Irish name. It's from the paternal side of my family, which I know very little about, but I do know my paternal grandmother has the same last name. It's very likely to be a bastardization of the Irish name, given that I'm white as fuck.

No. 2927

Hey Josh, what are some good resources to start learning how to program?

No. 2928

Josh, sometimes when I try to log in it says that the page is offline. Is this a me thing or a you thing? Thanks.

No. 2929

Hey Josh, sometimes I look at kiwi but then feel dirty. What is the best way to purify myself?

No. 2930

I first started doing web stuff when I was 9. I wanted to learn how to hack Neopets start I started looking into that. Never figured it out, but I did learn how to do a little webdev stuff. I started learning how to do TorqueScript (which is a C#-based scripting language) from writing add-ons for a game at the age of 13. I suggest to young people who are interested in development at that age to look into writing Minecraft mods or something similar. The most fun you can have learning is trying to build something you actually want to use yourself.

For web development, I learned in much the same way. Aside from middle-school classes and the Neopets stuff, I wanted to make my mod work with a website, so I learned how to store data in MySQL online from the live game environment, and then I designed a front-end that'd show off like a highscore table for players on my server. That was really my introduction into the whole world of development and I never stopped building things out of interest from that point.

My main resource was http://www.w3schools.com/, but that was in mid-to-late 2000s. StackOverflow is the king of information right now, though I don't know if they have guides. I know many people like to read books when they learn programming stuff, but I'm not a book person and have no recommendations to make.

FROM MY OWN EXPERIENCE, College and Highschool classes on programming are pitiful and always out of date and taught by those that "teach, not do". This may be untrue in a lot of places of education and higher learning, but in my own life, it was the case. Employers are also often looking for those who are "self-taught", and are more frequently than not listing their ads as looking for "Bachelors in computer science, or equivalent work experience". This is what lets me skirt by as a dropout. I officially have 3 and a half years professional, not including Next.

Can you screencap the error? If it's a Cloudflare page, send me the Ray ID. You shouldn't ever have that problem unless you're on some sort of shitlist. If you want, email me your username: null@kiwifar.ms

No. 2931

Yeah, you're one to call a random farmhand a "fuckup". lmao

No. 2932

Cool thanks man. I'm a tard when it comes to that sort of thing despite being on the web all day every day since about 2000 so that helps.

Also, any tips on traveling on a shoestring budget?

No. 2933


It's working now, and only happens once in a blue moon. If it happens again, I'll email you.

Also, I doubt I'm on any kind of shit list because I have never made a post before. I just have my account and lurk.

Another question if you don't mind. I've been reading a lot about a kiwi chat, but does this actually exist? Thanks.

No. 2934

File: 1467952992901.png (274.08 KB, 1855x933, e7naXYE.png)

>Also, any tips on traveling on a shoestring budget?
Have friends. Keep $2000 in a super large international bank so you always have a ticket home. Everything you own should fit into two bags so you don't pay extra for luggage.

After that arson I mentioned, I have a duffle bag and a laptop bag. I've traveled with only these things for 3 years, and when I had my car, it'd all fit inside it. It's true freedom, especially when you work online. I could literally drive anywhere and have my life come with me. I loved it. I miss it.

Yes. It's full of autism and noise. A lot of long-time members can't stand it at all, but I pop in usually to say one thing at a time to stir the pot. If I stay it's to talk about politics or trannies since fucking Katsu brings up trannies constantly.

We have a very big off-topic section too that I've considered deprivatizing.

No. 2935

Which Kiwis grind your gears but who you can't call out on the actual forum?

What's your favorite type of cuisine?

No. 2936

>can't call out
I can and will.

AutisticDragonKin is on my immediate shit list and I'm waiting for a reason to ban him. Everyone knows this. I think he even might have left because I told him if I even see his fucking name come up in another drama I'm going to anyways.

No one else comes to mind next to ADK. There's a few other irritating posters but they're not prevalent or cancerous enough for me to care about.

>What's your favorite type of cuisine?

Right now I'm on a ketogenic diet so I've been eating a lot of dry ribs and salads. Pepperoni jalepeno stuffed crust pizza is my jam but that shit's so out of bounds rn it hurts.

No. 2937

What do you think about above statements >>2803, >>2804 that there's somewhat of an echo chamber mentality on the farms?

No. 2938

All communities are echo chambers. They're, by definition, like-minded people. Even in anonymous communities, look at /pol/. 8/pol/ dipshit mods will anchor any thread talking bad about Trump even if it's a completely legitimate point of contention. Even on boards like /cow/, go say something positive about me. I dare you. They will jump on you and call you out as being me.

If anything, I'd dare to say the Kiwi is very diverse. It's become a lot more right-wing as I've become right-wing, but a very significant demographic vehemently disagrees with me and even continues to support Hillary and prop up pedophilia allegations against Trump. Politics is just one example. There's diversity with the tranny issues, and we have a very diverse collection of professionals. I have half a dozen law students and lawyers who I keep in touch with when shit starts to hit the fan. People tend to illuminate lolcows in a different light based on their walk of life, and sometimes give insight on legal proceedings and other situations based on their work experience. It's what makes the forum good. Most people are non-combative, though, and those echo chamber things you see a lot are mostly ignored by the dissenting parties. It's just accepted as is and ignored.

No. 2939

You need to take some fiber supplements or eat some goddamn broccoli. I do keto as well but I can't go without some sort of fiber. I'd end up keeping on just 5lbs of backed up shit.

No. 2940

I said salads!

No. 2941


Hey, thanks for answering pur questions, Josh. That's really cool of you.

No. 2942



No. 2943

/pt/ so far has been the least spastic about me showing up so it's no problem. EDF was alright after a bit as well, surprisingly.

No. 2944

Well, we are mostly curious than anything I think. Most of us leave a cow alone and let it be gently milked than aggressively pull its teats.

No. 2945

When people talk in extended metaphor like that it kind of makes them look insane. Is me talking about eating salad really "milking"?

If you're up for it, I have something for you to milk.

No. 2946

Kek, no one cares about your salads unless you're tossing them. The fact that I'm actually agreeing with your assessment of /pt/ and you respond with some weird psychoanalysis just goes to prove how much of a cow you really are.

No. 2947

lol. Anything I say seems to make you really excited and that makes me happy in a weird sort of way.

No. 2948

I was talking more in terms of the content of the website itself, dissenting opinions in terms of how people view/deal with the cows are completely shat on if it's against the narrative. While yes, this is common on forums it can get pretty extreme on the farms depending on the subject (e.g, recently the julie incident) you kind of went off track there but whatever

No. 2949

Oh, well that's sort-of an enforced rule. It's like, if you're not going to laugh, don't post. Know what I mean? Don't shit up a thread just to ruin other people's fun.

No. 2950

Like, you brought up Cat and Dyn. I hate it when I check the Dobson thread and there's 10 posts like "dobson isn't a lolcow" from cat/dyn/whoever.

Same with the Ali Rapp thread. When that came up everyone got real fucking mad about it and I delete 10 pages of bullshit negging and recreated the thread myself with stricter moderation, then the drama with nintendo and her whoring came out and we had a massive burst in traffic because it wasn't full of retards debating if Ali was a lolcow or not.

No. 2951

File: 1467958018630.jpg (131.38 KB, 1280x720, 5545lll.jpg)

Excited huh?

It seems senpai noticed me.

No. 2952

I'm not talking about shitting up the thread, like I brought up Chimp, I felt when he got involved with Richard by messing with all his accounts for days. That's what I feel shitting up a thread is, but when anyone said otherwise they were just shut down. Those are the kind of dissenting opinions I'm referring to.

No. 2953

I don't know what you're referring to specifically but I'd tend to agree. For instance, Len Shaner trolling was THE WORST shit ever. Len and everyone involved was so retarded and nasty and simply horrible and unfunny. I don't trust Kiwis to troll and I encourage them not to because they suck.

A lot of people mistake trolling with parroting. They'll find some dipshit and use the power of suggestion to plant words and phrases into him. That was the deal with Striker Wolf, a super morbidly obese diaperfur. He was so low IQ, anyone could tell him anything and they'd believe it. He started off funny because his dumb racist / nazi shit combined with his diapercub fetish was hilarious, but then people started telling him "null is out to get you", "null is black", "null is afraid of bikers", and he'd just repeat it verbatim. "Null! I've sent the bikers after you. You nigger. Leave me alone, stop trying to have me beat up for being a furry."

And it's like, that's not funny. You're taking memes and you're stuffing this fat retard with them so that when he opens his mouth he makes meme noises. Parrots can do that. You can buy a parrot and teach it to say "null is afraid of pigs" and it'll start talking about pigs. That's not trolling the parrot, though.

When there starts to be an intricate, time-consuming web of deceit built around a person, that's when it becomes not funny to me. If you're putting more time into something than it's worth just to fuck with some dummy's head, or if you break the law, you'd seeking some sort of thrill from this person that goes above and beyond at watching the silly man do silly things.

At that point, if it comes to my attention that this is a thing, I try to wind it down like I did with the Private Discussion board we had on Chris. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. If it doesn't, it runs the risk of becoming a big deal and having speds storm off the site and make their own splinter board where they hate me forever and cry about it and start drama.

No. 2954

But uh, talking about this instance specifically, yeah. I don't know what you mean. I imagine it can be frustrating to see a "troll" doing something really stupid and unfunny and being told to not talk about it. You can make a TTS thread with specifics if you feel like it.

No. 2955

So is it true you raped a very drunk form member? Supposedly you were bragging that you lost your virginity this way.

No. 2956

I've never even heard of this rumor before. Why the fuck would I do that? I run a fucking gossip website. It'd break out in a nanosecond.

No. 2957


Most of the kiwi regulars talk about it offsite, you claimed Framergirl was passed out drunk and you couldn't get it up.

No. 2958

File: 1467959865610.webm (10.11 MB, 468x360, BobSaget.webm)

No. I didn't. Probably some bullshit Glaive is spreading around. He's a bit of a fucking psychopath. If it wasn't for the fact that you're naming one of the few people I've met up in real life, I'd assume it was just some bob saget joke.

No. 2959


Well, the story predates Glaive, but if that's the excuse you want to go with, ok.

So how did you lose your virginity then? The drunk story is supposedly the story you used to tell in the kiwi chat. Until people accused you of rape, that is.

No. 2960

I had sex with the same girl I lost my virginity to on multiple days that were weeks apart, which absolutely blows your bullshit rape story out of the water. Most people have a few drinks when they lose their virginity; it's called being nervous. If anything, I was more intoxicated. I stopped talking about it because time had passed and it was no longer something that was fresh in memory and exciting to talk about. Same reason you don't talk about getting your driver's license; shit was a long time ago and new stuff has come up in your life.

The person you're needlessly involving still visits the forum, lives like two hours from me, knows my address, and has been inside my home. If she was hurt, she would contact the police. I assume the justice system would be appropriate in that situation, not the court of public opinion on the fucking Internet.

This is how desperate people are satisfy their confirmation bias. Will believe literally anything they are told. Anything.

No. 2961

And no, this does not predate Glaive. He's one of the only people I told the full story to. He's the only one with a motive to lie so aggressively and so viciously.

No. 2962

Either that or fucking HAL9000. God, that'd be pathetic. He should have hanged himself by now though. If he is still alive I'd be surprised enough.

No. 2963

Actually, heard it from Melchett. She talks about it in Skype

No. 2964

lol. Melchett is not accusing me of rape. She's not retarded.

No. 2965


Believe what you want. If you don't think people talk about you behind your back, you're a fool.

Are Glaive and Hal the guys that made splinter sites? Why does the kiwi farms have so many of those sister sites?

No. 2966

People are obviously going to talk about me, I just don't think someone as chill and relaxed as Melchett is going to start accusing me of being a rapist for no reason. That's retarded.

And they make splinter sites because they want hugboxes that I don't police. Simple as.

No. 2967

File: 1467961853003.png (206.12 KB, 1791x1247, 43i3qubvpwau4q;.png)

No. 2968

hahahahahahaa jfc i love that shit

No. 2969

Is it true you have autism? I heard you would take down your forums when you used to get stressed, like when people made fun of you about the coffee girl that rejected you. Or when you hid because you thought a biker gang was after you.

That isn't how a normal person would behave.

No. 2970

I never took down the forums, though when I first started I'd walk away from it for a few weeks if things got too hot. I'm accustomed to drama now. Getting accustomed to that sort of pressure is a learning curve, one anyone would have to gradually build up to. By now, with people like Vordrak trying to get me arrested constantly, I'm used to it and keeping the site up despite perpetual opposition is one of my points of pride.

I've already said I was formally cleared of having any sort of autism or aspergers syndrome as a kid.

No. 2971

Where the fuck is this really old drama coming from, by the way? This is like 2013-era stale as shit.

No. 2972

Not everyone's lives is revolved around your internet drama.

Who was your favorite girlfriend?

No. 2973

What did you expect? We don't care about you here honestly. All we know is old shit we vaguely heard about you.

No. 2974

Is Kiwi farms your career or do you plan on getting a real job again.

And you're a lolcow, people know you because of your drama.

No. 2975

I like the crazy girl I talk to now. She's wicked smart. Smartest person I've ever met.

Dunno, smarter or more recent drama. I got swat'd recently. You think people would care about that. I guess it's not funny if it's me being attacked or something. Only funny if I'm raping a girl or stomping on a hamster or something else horrible.

Haven't decided yet. KF isn't possibly a career option, only a partial revenue stream at best.

Getting a typical job is out of the question. I'm spoiled to freedom and selfdetermination. I'll find my own path. I'm tempted to do a Patreon just because I know I could pull it off and people would go fucking apeshit on /cow/ and /pt/ and it'd be amazing.

No. 2976

Well, we have a different demographic from KF here, seems normal we care about different things.
What's your experience about being swatted?

No. 2977

Did you really fall for that Jace Conners shit? Is was pretty desperately all staged.

Didn't you already try a Patreon and fail miserably? Sounds a lot like your work and school history.

No. 2978

"Someone" using Tor registered to my email service lolcow.email and setup an @gamergate.us account to send an email to my home schools impersonating me and claiming I was going to shoot kids. They stopped by and collected my laptop. After a few hours I was out.

Vordrak made a post about it about an hour after the news broke. I'm pretty sure he did it but I'd not be able to prove it.

>Did you really fall for that Jace Conners shit? Is was pretty desperately all staged.
Oh absolutely I did. I repeatedly said, though, even if this is fake I still love it and want to believe. Better than TV. If Jan was still around he'd still be an admin.

>Didn't you already try a Patreon and fail miserably? Sounds a lot like your work and school history.

lol that last bit makes you sound super fucking better bro. Coulda left it off and saved some dignity.

No. The only crowdfunding attempt I ever launched formally made $12,000.

No. 2979

And how is my work history bad? I worked fast food for one year, then got a job online for an aus company for three and a half. That's pretty fucking good m8.

No. 2980


You got fired from your aus company job as soon as you actually went there for work and they saw you, and you failed the infinity next thing. You got expelled from school for having chimpouts. You're only mark of pride is a year at fast food.

I'd say it's pathetic you're proud of that, but you're unemployed and live with your mom now, so I guess if that was your best, then be proud champ.

No. 2981

The term "swatted" is so misleading. I always picture police bursting in and holding you at gun point. Disappointing.

No. 2982


Did they find any of your child porn, or do you keep that on an external hard drive?

No. 2983

Uh, no. Your bizarre, delirious interpretation of what happened with my job in Australia is a weird Frankenstein of actual pieces of information I've given and what you want to believe.

My job was in Melbourne. I moved to Queensland. Melbourne is not in Queensland and I never went into their office. I moved to Aus to be with a friend I've known for years. The only employee I ever met from that company was a woman attending a concert near where I lived in QLD.

I quit my job because it restructured. When I started working, it was a startup with 5 people. When I left, it had more than 30 people and processed 4bn aud in one year. The company restructured, people were shoehorned into specific roles, and individual freedom and importance with the company dissolved. They also wanted to dictate what times I should be sitting down working, despite being a remote employee, as a part of the 2015 contract. I tried it out for a few weeks and was so miserable I had to quit. They have offered me reference and I left on good terms with my management.

Uh? I'm not a pedophile.

No. 2984

Yeah, the cops weren't dicks. I think they knew immediately it wasn't me.

No. 2985

Wait wait, hold up.

Am I a rapist who goes after full grown women, or am I a child molester who likes children? Can you guys make up your mind?

No. 2986

Wait, no. You're a kissless loser, it's pretty obvious.

No. 2987

You've been pro-pedo for years. Also this.


These are all things you've said. If you don't want people to know your rape passed out chicks don't tell people about it.

No. 2988




No. 2989

Care to explain the whole "suicide is cowardly" is the aftermath of Julay's suicide? I thought you were all bout lolcow suicide.
I'm a recent lurker on KF and the hyprocrisy made me gag, honestly.

No. 2990

I don't care one way or another. Vade famously threatened to kill herself and people TOPPLED to kiss her toes and talk her out of it. I told them they disgusted me for doing so. That does not contradict my opinion that suicide is cowardly. If a person chooses to commit suicide, I believe they are entitled to the right to die, but I also think that is a cowardly thing to do when you're so young and have so much opportunity and time to improve your life. In what way does that make me a hypocrite?

No. 2991

From what i've heard you call your female mods and cry about how people call you names on image boards. Do you mod the females that aren't creeped out by your sexual harassment of users?

I recall you chimping out after you were outed for sexually harassing Applecat and she told you to leave her alone. Then some user named Hal catfished you by posting a picture of a female saying it was him.

Why do you creep on people on your forums?

No. 2992

Dude I don't even remember applecat. You keep bringing shit up from like 2013 I don't give a fuck about anymore. I talk to Melchett sometimes, very rarely now, more commonly in 2013.

There's actually a trend here in dipshit questions, the year 2013, and Melchett.

No. 2993

Well, I didn't really see people having that reaction, honestly. Did it get deleted quickly?
I think it was the best course of action for Julie, it's not like life held many opportunities for her, save for a life of prostitutiion, self-harm and abusive psychos.

No. 2994

A few people that have met you says you smell like wet asshole, is that true?

No. 2995

>Well, I didn't really see people having that reaction, honestly. Did it get deleted quickly?
It was in the middle of the thread and I course-corrected it.

>I think it was the best course of action for Julie, it's not like life held many opportunities for her, save for a life of prostitutiion, self-harm and abusive psychos.

Perhaps. I don't know anything about her.

>A few people that have met you says you smell like wet asshole, is that true?
I've met precisely two people off-site, so nice try.

No. 2996

When Alison Rapp kills herself, do you plan to lock her thread as well?

No. 2997

Is KF as circle-jerky as people make it to be?

No. 2998

Oh gosh, you think she's next? I hope not. I need to get out of the country before people start penning suicide notes with my name.

No. 2999

Depends on what you mean by circle-jerk. For good measure I'll say yes.

No. 3000

hey cutie

No. 3001

FINALLY this thread is good

dynastia quick ask me about all those children i raped and murdered while they were drunk

No. 3002

sorry what did you say? i got lost in your eyes

No. 3003

oh gosh…

No. 3004

are you blushing?

No. 3005


No. 3006

Can you stop talking about me josh ?

No. 3007

get back in the kitchen

No. 3008

josh who is your favourite rightfully guided caliph

No. 3009

File: 1467967457809.jpg (419.02 KB, 2500x1726, isis-flag.jpg)

well gosh I would say the Islamic State is doing the best job right now

No. 3010

josh u fucking autismo the correct answer was abu bakr
god ur such a fucking retard cant u do anything right in ur pathetic life
i love you can we talk somewhere

No. 3011

Yes. Are you aware that I RAPED and KILLED a girl in 2014?

No. 3012

obv not the real josh since u said that u were a virgin until u met me

No. 3013

Are you applecat? Did I rape and kill you too?

No. 3014


no u assfuck
i cant get over how FUKCING stupid u are first u say ur cured of autism then u said u never had autism GOD IM SICK OF YOU AND YIYUR LIES I HOPE YOU FUICKING DRTOWBN IN NIGGER POUSSY GKILL YOURSELF YOU FUCKING KIWI CUNT

No. 3015

R A C E W A R 2 0 1 4

No. 3016

josh im so scared i hear a mouse in my room kill it please you're so beautiful

No. 3017

i will stomp on it as i also rape and kill animals

No. 3018

My butthole hurts

No. 3019

My butthole also hurts

No. 3020

I am a cuck

No. 3021

i will kiss it until it feels better.
i love you so much right now i want to create a hug box with you

No. 3022

hey thats not me :( josh make them stop

No. 3023

I love your passion.

No. 3024

I really wish I could stop fingering my asshole

No. 3025

Why would you ever want to stop?

No. 3026

Stop paying your vidya and clean your room you bad little boy or I'll take all your swastika flags away

No. 3027

null,in chat you yourself would talk about how you couldn't cum when you first had sex. what was up with that? did she try sucking on it?

No. 3028

Tip is insensitive. Dunno why. Blowjobs don't feel that great to me.

No. 3029


lol wow. did the girl have a tongue ring? those usually help.

No. 3030

I last forever though. ( ° ʖ °)

No. 3031

I guess it could be all the chickens I fuck.
They have rough bowels
Its nearly worn the end off

No. 3032

Wow it fucked up my lenny face, gay.

Don't think any of them did. Can't imagine it helping that much.

Love and sex are very emotional things to me. I guess that's kinda gay, but sex in itself is boring. It's easy to get. It's a thing all people do. Without that connection to a person, sex really isn't anything special or unique.


No. 3033

File: 1467971595888.jpg (44.41 KB, 540x720, 8azteBv.jpg)

though i would bang this nice asian lady
i didnt see any asians this hot tho

No. 3034

If you think your lifes bad try being me

No. 3035


No. 3036

found it at random on an ib :(

No. 3037

File: 1467977908604.jpg (33.64 KB, 800x600, null.jpg)


You fat liar!

No. 3038

Yes? Then you can follow the link below and read one year of relevant chat logs from #8chandev.


Concerning the image board software that Null is still cobbling together with the help of PHP framework called Laravel, that ship has already sailed for 8chan shortly after Null left Flipland. At least I have recently how to become Null's "enemy". It is so simple, that everyone can do it. Simply trigger him by pointing out his weaknesses.

No. 3039

Taken in the philippines.

hahahahaha holy shit the irc sperg is here now too

No. 3040

00:15:10 uguu is 4chan-speed faster than ludicrous speed?
01:45:15 maksev ntech around?
01:51:55 StephenLynx n-tech you there?
05:02:38 faggetttss n-tech pls respond or we will have to send a search party
05:04:23 lancee RIP n-tech
05:20:32 maksev N TECH IS KILL
05:20:35 maksev NSA GOT HIM
05:20:38 maksev BLACK BAGGERS ARE REAL
06:13:05 n-tech what
06:15:44 faggetttss thank god ur not ded
06:19:37 uguu no he ded, that's his answering bot
06:19:53 n-tech I caught typhoid and have been sick this week okay
06:20:01 n-tech I still have a nasty as fuck cough
06:20:09 uguu you went to philipines and got typhoid?
06:20:14 n-tech yes
06:20:23 n-tech when copy said not to drink the water he was not fucking around
06:22:04 uguu … you drunk the water…?
06:22:08 n-tech yes
06:22:08 uguu why would you do that?
06:22:12 n-tech i was thirsty
06:22:19 uguu … but it's filthy
06:22:23 n-tech apparently so
06:22:24 uguu like wtf you're dumb
06:22:43 n-tech I've only lived in America and Australia. You can drink the tap water in those. I didn't realize it was literally poison lol
06:22:53 uguu why would anyone go to a third world country and then drink their water?
06:22:59 n-tech Because I was thirsty nigger damn
06:22:59 uguu this is common fucking sense.
06:23:14 uguu you only drink tap water in the first world
06:23:22 n-tech yes thank you i realize that
06:23:26 n-tech what did you guys want
06:23:57 uguu @~@ wtf w
06:41:59 maksev ntech bls
06:42:07 maksev dunt die and dunt drink nasty jew water next time

No. 3041

That's kinda cute, in a dat neckbeardy way.

No. 3042

20:36:35 StephenLynx n-tech does next have cyclic threads, by any chance?
20:36:44 StephenLynx I added that to the spreadsheet and I want to be sure.
20:37:12 n-tech post counts do not trigger content removal
20:37:44 StephenLynx so no?
20:37:55 n-tech Sure, why not.
20:38:04 StephenLynx it have them implemented or not?
20:38:14 StephenLynx at this very moment.
20:38:17 n-tech Mate, all you're trying to build here is a checklist. I don't give a fuck.
20:38:31 n-tech No, it doesn't have a feature called "cyclical threads". This is not required anymore.
20:38:36 StephenLynx ok.
20:39:05 StephenLynx just curious, is isn't required anymore? you implemented something else that fulfills it's role?
20:39:18 n-tech I just explained
20:39:41 n-tech The threads do not delete content. There is no reasont to have cyclic threads because there is no bump limit and there is no maximum page count.

It is. Just ask my toaster! You can't! It is rotting in some broom closet and got its power supply gutted.

20:40:01 StephenLynx ok
20:41:29 __uguu__ threads do not delete content? why the fuck not?
20:41:37 __uguu__ that's all retarded
20:41:41 __uguu__ no bump limit?
20:41:49 __uguu__ that's not an imageboard that's a forum
20:42:02 StephenLynx maybe he found a way to infinitely storage /b/ threads
20:42:02 __uguu__ god this is retarded
20:42:14 __uguu__ StephenLynx: Utah datacenter.
20:42:46 __uguu__ the entire point of an imageboard is ephemerality
20:42:54 __uguu__ anyone that doesn't get this is retarded
20:43:24 n-tech uguu, I don't agree with you and czaks on that.
20:43:36 n-tech I mean you can keep hammering on about it all you want but I don't care.
20:43:39 __uguu__ yes, that's because you're not a channer
20:43:42 __uguu__ :^)
20:44:15 n-tech I've been on this shit since I was 14. I just don't hold this mythical idealized version of 4chan as the apex of human achievement and something that everything ever should be built to emulate.
20:44:16 __uguu__ i am starting to think that everyone is more excited about lynxchan engine than the objectively horrible disaster that is infinity-ntext
20:44:23 StephenLynx you can disagree as much as you wish, hard drives are not infinite.

So is RAM. Think about the amount a browser eats when its delivers 1 gorillion symbols of text plus a Danbooru worth of smug anime girls. Come on! This just having a faint idea about discrete math.

20:44:59 n-tech That's fine. You guys can keep sucking each other off all you want.
20:45:03 __uguu__ lol
20:45:06 n-tech Build the biggest, most awesome checklist the world has ever seen
20:45:09 n-tech I just don't care.
20:45:49 << n-tech (~n-tech@dont.fail.me.now.fullchan) has left #8chan-dev (Leaving)
20:46:02 StephenLynx HAHAHA
20:46:03 StephenLynx HE
20:46:05 StephenLynx RAGE QUIT
20:46:14 StephenLynx MY FUKKEN SIDES
20:46:37 StephenLynx D:
20:59:50 ~copypaste sigh
20:59:57 ~copypaste just going to c/p something
21:00:09 ~copypaste 08:55:39 copypaste i'm surprised he quit over that
21:00:09 ~copypaste 08:55:48 copypaste we'd gone over before the fact that some boards will have archiving disabled
21:00:09 ~copypaste 08:55:54 copypaste and will delete content
21:00:09 ~copypaste 08:56:17 copypaste but to make things easier, the archive and content will be on the same site, so i see what he means too.
21:00:26 ~copypaste post expiration will be up to board owner discretion
21:00:30 StephenLynx ?\_(?)_/?
21:00:31 ~copypaste at least on any chan engine i approve.
21:00:53 StephenLynx maybe josh-boy didn't had his nap.
21:00:58 ~copypaste i understand both sides. when there is a big disagreement between two camps (it's not just josh who thinks never delete, /cow/ and /gghq/ also)
21:01:03 ~copypaste there should be options
21:01:18 ~copypaste forcing people to do something with an update is

No. 3043

Yes I am. You dedicate your life to posting chatlogs nobody reads. No one in the entire world has ever cared about this shit you spam in every thread about me. It's just the most sad and pathetic shit ever.

No. 3044

hahahaha he's just going to flood the thread with bullshit watch

No. 3045

09:11:53 @n-tech Czaks is a fucking moron
09:11:56 @n-tech Lynx is a fucking moron
09:11:56 SnakeDude just do it :^D
09:12:00 @n-tech If I'm also a fucking moron
09:12:01 @n-tech it's over
09:12:03 @n-tech g fucking g
09:12:05 @n-tech 8chan is dead
09:12:09 SnakeDude n-tech: kek
09:12:12 StephenLynx and yet we both made functional engines by ourselves with no budget.
09:12:12 LordRothschild >if
09:12:22 @n-tech then it's over
09:12:23 @n-tech congrats
09:12:24 LordRothschild >IF
09:12:31 StephenLynx while you took 12k to shitpost and fuck with 8ch image
09:12:46 SnakeDude ^
09:13:11 StephenLynx he really believes he is some sort of saviour or 8ch
09:13:21 StephenLynx my fucking sides
09:13:30 StephenLynx he is eric cartman IRL
09:13:40 SnakeDude ^
09:16:00 StephenLynx every time josh starts talking I get more milk for /cow/

21:44:16 StephenLynx czaks
21:44:18 StephenLynx my nigga
21:44:25 StephenLynx did you watch the stream yesterday?
21:44:42 czaks StephenLynx: listening to some stream nao
21:46:13 Jesus laughed pretty fucking hard at the anti-josh shit
21:49:24 czaks XD
21:50:05 czaks josh shown some concern at me not helping him do his engine
21:50:37 StephenLynx josh is hilarious.
21:50:44 czaks except that, he actually started the engine project from scratch so that he wouldn't work with me
21:51:01 StephenLynx "WHY NO ONE HELPS MEEEEE :CC"
21:51:27 StephenLynx pathetic manchild.
22:35:02 inb4 /tech/ was right

No. 3046

00:21:14 czaks n-tech: why
00:21:24 czaks unix ts is pretty straightforward
00:21:59 czaks the unix epoch is 1 jan 1970 00:00:00 gmt+0
00:22:05 n-tech czaks, Because the column `posts_%`.`time` uses NOW() as the default.
00:22:19 n-tech NOW() uses the MySQL timezone setting. If it's not set, it'll use the system timezone.
00:22:27 czaks lol wat
00:22:53 czaks so wat do? can't we somehow force gmt+0?
00:22:58 czaks eg. during connection
00:23:05 n-tech Well, what I've done is ez.
00:23:22 n-tech when the post is inserted I explicitly define `time` as time() in PHP which is unix at gmt+0
00:23:48 n-tech but I will probably add into my upgrade tool to check for timezones in mysql
00:23:57 n-tech and if they aren't gmt+0 it'll update all the timestamps
00:24:16 n-tech check out my post in this issue
00:24:16 n-tech https://github.com/ctrlcctrlv/infinity/issues/456
00:25:08 n-tech oh I didn't actually touch on the timestamp thing
00:25:08 n-tech oops
00:25:13 n-tech but it's still probably worth reading
00:45:43 n-tech @ czaks what happened to the plan to merge all posts_ boards
00:45:56 n-tech tables*
00:53:03 czaks n-tech: the patch was mostly ready
00:53:09 czaks but it wasn't merged
00:53:29 czaks maybe i will work on it later
00:53:43 czaks with the golden rule of upstream first
01:07:17 n-tech @ czaks I'm stumped. Can you help me out?
01:07:28 n-tech I'm trying to include javascript on a page but it's flat out ignoring it.
06:25:47 faggetttss fucking 504
06:25:55 faggetttss are you breaking the site n-tech

No. 3047

22:58:06 n-tech Anyone useful around?
22:58:15 n-tech I have a question about vichan's js

No. 3048

08:45:10 ~copypaste 06:52:01 Bui why is there even a post limit?
08:45:19 ~copypaste certain scripts are very slow past 1000 posts
08:45:30 ~copypaste past 2000 posts even just the raw markup is slow
08:45:36 ~copypaste i decided on 750 because most threads end there
08:45:43 ~copypaste 4chan has an image limit but no hard post limit

No. 3049

10:59:13 czaks it generates SQL like this:
11:00:26 czaks SELECT * FROM `categories` INNER JOIN `items` ON (`items`.`category_id` = `categories`.`id`) WHERE ((`category`.`name` LIKE 'lol%lol' ESCAPE '\\') AND (`item`.`id` > 6))
11:01:50 czaks i can use association_join, because i have an association declared
11:02:25 czaks i tried doing something similar in php, well, by preprocessing php, but i can't into parsers :DDD
11:03:04 n-tech @ czaks
11:03:07 n-tech probably this
11:03:09 n-tech $this->categories()
11:03:09 n-tech ->with('items', function($query)
11:03:09 n-tech {
11:03:09 n-tech $query->where('item_id', '>', 6);
11:03:09 n-tech });
11:03:12 ~copypaste KX also supports sqlite and pgsql with same schema.
11:03:14 n-tech i'm also pretty sure there's a way to do it just like
11:03:24 ~copypaste n-tech: >getting gtrolled this easily by czaks and his ruby hipstershit
11:03:26 ~copypaste :^)
11:03:33 n-tech ->with('items', ['item_id', '>', 6]) or something but I'm not that adept yet
11:03:36 ~copypaste lmao
11:03:39 ~copypaste he's still being baited
11:03:40 ~copypaste stop
11:03:43 n-tech wat
11:03:46 n-tech HELP
11:03:48 czaks hey, i'm just asking
11:03:53 czaks how to write complex queries
11:04:07 czaks i'm curious how did php world handle that
11:04:12 n-tech yea in short it's easy. the many-to-many between posts and file storage items was something i worked out today
11:04:12 ~copypaste ah

No. 3050

10:22:58 ~copypaste i'm trying to find the schema again, it's clever
10:23:06 ~copypaste again, "clever" :^) so you know where i am going with this
10:23:13 n-tech yeah fuck, god damnit. This is raw SQL.
10:23:26 n-tech I'm really, really concerned about 'clever' solutions. Right now it's a clean slate. Everything is in order.
10:23:36 n-tech I'm worried about a situation where we're just like, oh lets borrow all these old assets
10:23:42 n-tech and end up with the same thing with a different name
10:24:01 ~copypaste doesn't matter if it's clean if it doesn't work. also we have never used KX schema before btw. i didn't know it already has this problem solved until informed of such fact by n-tech
10:24:05 ~copypaste no, not n-tech. czaks
10:24:09 ~copypaste sorry, mixing shit up in m head.
10:24:19 ~copypaste i never used KX on any live site.
10:24:34 n-tech it doesn't matter if it works if it's built like shit
10:24:40 ~copypaste i tried it once, but only to help STI with a migration
10:24:53 n-tech it has to be done right. it's worth taking time to investigating every issue to see how the convention is done.
10:24:59 ~copypaste ok. but we need to rethink the schema. to be honest n-tech, let's be real. 2ch's system is best.
10:25:01 ~copypaste OP is always >>1
10:25:04 ~copypaste first reply is always >>2.
10:25:07 ~copypaste and so on and so forth.
10:25:20 ~copypaste that is the most sense to the DB.
10:25:23 n-tech for every thread? are you sure you'd prefer that?
10:25:29 ~copypaste no, they won't. but that makes the most sense.
10:25:43 ~copypaste you need to understand that the IB use case goes against what the databas wants
10:25:48 n-tech it does, the board_id is literally an unintended side effect of having a table per board.
10:25:48 ~copypaste that's why STI did it the separate tables
10:26:06 ~copypaste n-tech: there ya go.
10:26:12 ~copypaste and we've been carrying that since 2003.
10:26:19 ~copypaste it's far too late to change it and is too much of a shock
10:26:36 n-tech oh I thought you were talking about moving to that system
10:26:36 ~copypaste look at this thread
10:27:04 ~copypaste i am saying that it is important to have this feature, even if it requires some raw SQL triggers or otherwise.
10:27:10 ~copypaste we can write one for mysql and one for postgres.
10:27:25 ~copypaste most large web applications have some raw SQL. i am sure that eloquent even has a Eloquent( ??? )ql() or similar.
10:27:32 ~copypaste oh, nice, my emote kicked in
10:27:33 ~copypaste lol
10:27:52 n-tech I really don't want to halfass anything right now. anything done poorly will haunt us for 10 years
10:28:05 n-tech we'll think back on this shit like "fuck why did we do x we're retarded"
10:28:05 n-tech lol
10:29:42 ~copypaste so this is the DB basics. let me install kusaba and pull their schema
10:29:53 n-tech but my point is that right now, we have a setup where there cannot be a duplicate board id. that means it'd be rejected
10:29:55 ~copypaste and i can tell you how they do it. i know for a fact it is not triggers and it exploits an undocumented "feaeture"
10:30:06 ~copypaste n-tech: on fast boards, like /pol/ during a chimp out
10:30:09 ~copypaste that's reject half of people's posts
10:30:12 n-tech but
10:30:15 n-tech we can loop it
10:30:17 ~copypaste you think i'm kdding, but our current post.php already has race conditions
10:30:19 n-tech if it's rejected for a duplicate ai
10:30:21 ~copypaste how is that not half assed?
10:30:22 n-tech we can try again
10:30:22 ~copypaste lmao
10:30:40 ~copypaste while ($noerror) tryagain(); ?
10:30:41 ~copypaste :^)
10:30:44 n-tech that seems more correct than breaking the database agnosticism almost immediately
10:30:45 ~copypaste what could possibly go wrong?
10:31:17 n-tech make it more clever. if the number of posts didn't change, bail out with an error. if it did actually go up you know a concurrency issue occured.
10:31:46 ~copypaste i understand your concern with the database agnosticism, i really do
10:31:56 ~copypaste but i also know incrementing IDs outside of the RDBMS is pure cancer
10:32:15 ~copypaste i have worked on threre projects that did it, and it caused problems every single time.
10:32:23 ~copypaste i did fix one of them with a loop in fact.
10:32:35 ~copypaste that's not a fix, it's a hack. if the SQL DB is waiting on posts
10:32:40 ~copypaste one attempt can try 10 times.
10:32:47 ~copypaste you think this isi a joke but i can easily write a test case.
10:33:05 ~copypaste database agnostic ORMs are supposed to be helpers for common things like select, insert, delete, join
10:33:06 n-tech I'm not saying it's a joke, I'm just extremely worried about reducing the available featureset of the framework we've adopted immediately
10:33:09 n-tech to whatever can support this hack
10:33:09 ~copypaste not excuwses to never know SQL
10:33:28 ~copypaste i think if we find a way to support it in sqlite, postgres, mysql
10:33:57 czaks this case for mysql we talked about?
10:34:00 ~copypaste yes
10:34:06 czaks myisam and aria support that
10:34:06 ~copypaste remember this discussion? i still have the log
10:34:10 ~copypaste oh yeah?
10:34:13 ~copypaste just innodb doesn't?
10:34:13 czaks yes
10:34:17 czaks and innodb doesn't
10:34:20 ~copypaste great. so we can just reject innodb.
10:34:33 ~copypaste Does Eloquent even let you pick?
10:34:37 ~copypaste i guess when you CREATE DATABASE
10:34:43 czaks just that aria is only in mariadb
10:34:48 ~copypaste that's fine.
10:34:53 czaks and you rejected mariadb back in the times xD
10:34:56 ~copypaste fuck mysql. i install mariadb and we save 50% CPU
10:34:59 ~copypaste haha :DDD
10:35:04 n-tech I'm sure there's a way to not support specific schemas, but really? we're not going to support innodb?
10:35:05 ~copypaste it wasn't so popular back then
10:35:10 czaks because muh stable software
10:35:22 ~copypaste as i said, it wasn't so popular back then, mariadb
10:35:27 czaks i see
10:37:46 ~copypaste i think the main conflict is that i wouldn't mind doing that sometimes, where n-tech is opposed to ever writing SQL
10:37:47 ~copypaste :DD
10:38:08 ~copypaste it's this
10:38:09 ~copypaste http://laravel.com/docs/4.2/eloquent
10:38:32 n-tech 5.0
10:38:38 n-tech 4.2 is the old version, be careful of reading old doc
10:38:41 ~copypaste oh
10:38:45 ~copypaste you already adopted 5
10:49:26 n-tech it actually makes me sort of nauseous to think
10:49:35 n-tech that we're going to have to code in this huge fucking ordeal
10:49:38 n-tech to support some autistic bygone
10:49:42 n-tech fuck man
10:49:44 ~copypaste i know. i'm sorry.
10:49:54 ~copypaste but changing the numbers would destroy autism
10:50:21 @linear i dont even want to know what is happening
10:50:31 ~copypaste linear: we're rewriting 8chan
10:50:33 ~copypaste infinitydev.org
10:50:35 ~copypaste (? ????)??
10:50:42 @linear how much of it
10:50:44 [Desu] trying to prevent patrick bateman from crying by the sounds of it
10:50:45 n-tech lol
10:50:46 ~copypaste everything.
10:50:48 n-tech just the tip linear
10:51:06 ~copypaste we are quite literally trying to fix dubs right now
10:51:07 [Desu] hehehe
10:51:12 ~copypaste i'm not even joking
10:51:13 [Desu] hheheheheh
10:51:15 [Desu] glorious
10:51:16 ~copypaste this whole argument is over dubs/trips/quads.
10:51:17 ~copypaste lo
10:51:18 ~copypaste l
10:51:20 n-tech just fuckig tink
10:51:22 n-tech of a world
10:51:26 [Desu] Patrick Bateman smiles upon you this day
10:51:30 n-tech where udina doesn't shitpost every 100,000 post
10:51:35 n-tech do you want to live in that world
10:51:38 [Desu] gno
10:51:59 n-tech i guess /udina/ is more of a pissposter tho
10:52:09 [Desu] /undina/?
10:52:19 n-tech that's the one
10:55:48 n-tech ; ; i still think my loop hack is better than requiring certain databases
10:55:49 ~copypaste right
10:55:53 n-tech i am a simple man with simple concepts
10:56:01 [Desu] it gives a good idea if the board is active too.
10:56:07 ~copypaste the loop hack is awful and puts unneeded strain on the db
10:56:15 ~copypaste please talk sense in to him linear i need to go away for a few mins
11:02:26 ~copypaste n-tech: i know this is autistic but they won't want to use it if the numbers aren't right
11:02:35 ~copypaste i am 100% certain of that
11:02:50 ~copypaste so i am in favor of drop innodb.
11:02:54 ~copypaste and use KX like schema.

No. 3051

19:11:27 ~copypaste i'm going to leave this on until your trial expires or i come up with something better
19:11:52 Bui leave what on
19:12:01 ~copypaste i turned on dnsbl captcha for all posters
19:12:12 ~copypaste just removed the if {} :^)
19:12:35 Bui ayyy
19:13:15 ~copypaste https://8ch.net/b/res/2852104.html
19:13:22 ~copypaste they can still figure out how to post
19:13:23 ~copypaste so it's fine
19:13:47 ~copypaste fun conspiracies in that thread, i dont' even know what they're talking about
19:50:21 n-tech yo pasta
19:50:33 n-tech could anything server-side be done about the hola stuff
19:56:02 >> StephenLynx (~Stephen@Rizon-5EAC9F67.user.veloxzone.com.br) has joined #8chan-dev
20:12:09 ~copypaste n-tech: forcing CAPTCHAs during spikes like krautchan
20:12:19 n-tech ooooh
20:12:20 n-tech I like that
20:12:25 ~copypaste we can't do that though
20:12:27 ~copypaste only this.
20:12:34 ~copypaste due to design problem
20:12:52 n-tech are you talking about with vichan or conceptually on 8chan even with new software?
20:13:06 ~copypaste talking about with vichan
20:13:09 n-tech like, "people would revolt"
20:13:11 n-tech ah ok
20:13:24 n-tech yeah that's a clever idea. we can even add like
20:13:26 n-tech little text under it
20:13:54 n-tech "We are requiring CAPTCHAs because traffic for this board is 300% higher than normal."
20:13:58 n-tech something like that.
20:15:32 uguu copypaste: this is a good denial of service vector, spam site, no one can post.
20:15:40 ~copypaste indeed
20:15:46 ~copypaste i have captchas forced right now
20:15:53 ~copypaste normally the flood controls take care of this
20:16:04 ~copypaste but not when you have 5000+ fast connections
20:16:22 n-tech You can't just block or throttle Israel for a little while?
20:16:31 ~copypaste it's the whole world
20:16:34 ~copypaste i'm writing a page aebout it
20:20:04 uguu copypaste: is this bui at work?
20:20:11 ~copypaste yes, but anyone could do it
20:20:16 n-tech lol
20:20:19 ~copypaste i'm glad he made me aware of this "luminati" service
20:20:25 ~copypaste before someone else used it and didn't tell me how.

No. 3052

06:51:06 maksev so I heard tell earlier last week that there was a reddit clone being worked on by some of you guys (or HW)
06:51:07 HollowHornBear holding
06:51:14 maksev because voat was sucking so much shit
06:51:24 maksev is that still going to happen or is it just a notional idea was my question
06:51:26 StephenLynx http://blog.codinghorror.com/why-cant-programmers-program/ HollowHornBear
06:51:36 StephenLynx about 50% of students not getting sparse arrays
06:51:43 Bui yes infinity-next is our reddit clone :-)
06:51:43 StephenLynx you ain't seen nothing yet.
06:51:45 @linear we can barely even keep 8ch hosted, no
06:51:59 HollowHornBear Yes
06:52:01 uguu infinity-next is a fucking pile of horse crap
06:52:05 HollowHornBear i saw that article this morning
06:52:08 HollowHornBear isnt that crazy?
06:52:11 uguu no offense to horse crap
06:52:13 maksev ima query you linear
06:52:40 jimr I have seen infinity-next, looks nice
06:52:45 StephenLynx it looks like
06:52:50 Bui reddit
06:52:53 StephenLynx because
06:52:58 StephenLynx josh is a front-end developer
06:53:00 maksev inb4 uboatws
06:53:02 StephenLynx not a back-end developer.
06:53:04 maksev pls no uboats
06:53:09 uguu jimr: read the operate thread for a taste of what josh wants to do, "lurk more mode", no 404s of threads
06:53:12 maksev well if you need a better back end guy
06:53:14 maksev i have one
06:53:14 StephenLynx his back-end design is not so good.
06:53:21 maksev but hes been busy lately
06:53:24 uguu lurk more mode == reddit shadow bans
06:53:33 maksev he was supposed to be helping out around here actually but i dont think he ever got around to it
06:53:38 uguu basically make a shit tier version of reddit
06:53:44 maksev gotta get his ass on the git repos
06:54:22 uguu infinity-next is basically phpbbs
06:54:37 StephenLynx actually, if anyone here is interested in a chan with focus on back-end design, there is mine
06:54:42 StephenLynx lyhxhub.com
06:55:00 jimr its down
06:55:02 Bui ok
06:55:11 StephenLynx ah
06:55:14 StephenLynx lynxhub.com
06:55:17 StephenLynx typo :v
06:55:35 Bui nice meme database
06:55:45 uguu urmum is a meme database
06:55:48 StephenLynx only the dankest memes

No. 3053

20:04:56 StephenLynx hm, josh boy seem to have put some noticeable effort in those auto-prune features.
20:05:09 StephenLynx I might copy some of his stuff :^)
20:05:28 StephenLynx like the auto-lock after X replies.
20:08:22 uguu good
20:08:36 uguu auto lock? meh just autosage
20:11:49 StephenLynx yeah, I don't think it is vital, but having a thread that can potentially expand infinitely can be abused.
20:12:14 StephenLynx imagine if you create your own little board, create a thread, disable captcha and flood that thread like no tomorrow?
20:12:38 StephenLynx because there are no other threads, it won't be deleted, and the time for generating it and the RAM used to retrieve the posts will expand more and more.
20:13:26 StephenLynx it doesn't matter if the server can handle one thousand or one trillion posts, eventually it won't be able to handle all the posts at once.
20:16:23 StephenLynx unless you stream both the posts and the resulted HTML, but that is much more work than just auto-locking the thread.
20:16:54 StephenLynx yeah, I am adding auto-lock to the roadmap.

No. 3054

Don't forget the infamous Meltdown log!

No. 3055

08:31:28 n-tech if this is a personal application it doesn't matter
08:31:30 @linear it's just on one domain
08:31:44 n-tech oh wow you're actually using Laravel yourself? I thought you were going to contribute something
08:31:48 n-tech haha I didn't know anyone else in dev used php
08:32:01 @linear i was going to use other stuff but i settled with laravel for whatever reasons
08:32:02 n-tech willingly at least
08:32:09 @linear it doesnt feel that bad
08:32:11 n-tech it's a nice big community, easy to find help
08:32:15 n-tech yeah it's a very nice framework
08:32:16 @linear i didn't know what else to try out so
08:32:17 @linear laravel won
08:32:31 n-tech the worst thing about Laravel is what the faggot names all his modules
08:32:32 @linear although you reminded me that if this was a dev environment with no https it'd break it then :<
08:32:34 n-tech "Eloquent"
08:32:35 @linear lmao
08:32:37 n-tech like wtf eat a dick
08:32:44 @linear i feel like a ton of shit names their stuff like that
08:32:48 @linear like my window manager names it all like that
08:32:59 n-tech I go out of my way to avoid calling anything other than what it is
08:33:08 n-tech Like I thought maybe I'd call something mod related a hotpocket
08:33:10 n-tech but it was like
08:33:12 n-tech no that's dumb
08:33:13 @linear lmao
08:33:14 n-tech readability > memes
08:33:27 @linear when i have no clue how something works sometimes i search Next's source
08:33:47 @linear like i went to /views and looked for an href and kept looking and never found any until i went down like 5 dirs
08:33:53 @linear super nested views, which i guess is mostly good
08:36:07 n-tech /resources/views/nav/boardlist.blade.php
08:36:17 n-tech The way I do views is like this
08:36:38 n-tech /content/ is where any view whole goes, they all extent what is in /layouts/
08:36:44 n-tech Laravel does this cool thing where if you request
08:36:51 n-tech content.board it opens /content/board.blade.php
08:37:01 n-tech but if you do content.board.threads it opens content/board/threads.blade.php
08:37:11 n-tech so I put all the main requests directly into the directory
08:37:21 n-tech and then they request parts which are in an identically named directory in the same place
08:37:22 n-tech and so on
08:37:30 n-tech it gets very nested because of that
08:38:35 n-tech I do something similar with my controllers because the namespacing works the same way. app\Http\Controllers\Board opens a class whereas you can have other classes in the same namespace
08:39:09 n-tech that was my attempt at organizathion at least ;~;
08:41:12 @linear it looked neat, but takes awhile to get a feel of what is going on
08:46:58 n-tech yeah
08:47:03 n-tech when I first started with laravel
08:47:06 n-tech there was that big learning curve
08:47:12 n-tech there was a day where I just spent time reading documentation
08:47:20 n-tech and then you get it
08:47:24 n-tech and it hooks into you and you know what to do
08:47:29 n-tech that's why I like it so much
08:47:46 n-tech it's also that way with PHP in general
08:47:56 n-tech PHP's core utilities are so broad you do something and you're like
08:48:04 n-tech y'know, there's probably a PHP function for this already
08:48:06 n-tech and there usually is lol
08:48:16 @linear yea i read the entire docs and then im still like how the fuck do i do anything
08:48:32 n-tech it's hard because you have to know how to do a lot of it before you can get a hello world going
08:48:42 n-tech so that's where the learning curve comes from
08:48:59 n-tech it all hooks together seamlessly but that means you can't pull it apart to figure out how it moves so easily

No. 3056

09:15:11 uguu copypaste: you SERIOUSLY get THAT much traffic!?
09:15:14 uguu @.@
09:16:16 uguu fuck now it's trying to sync in ALLLLLLL the threads from the old site
10:26:11 ~copypaste 09:15:11 uguu copypaste: you SERIOUSLY get THAT much traffic!?
10:26:16 ~copypaste lol welcome to my fucking life my friend
10:26:20 uguu :D
10:26:28 ~copypaste i'm handling this on old sandy bridge servers, NFS and PHP
10:26:41 uguu daaaang sonb
10:26:55 uguu that was a good run
10:28:36 ~copypaste now im going to write a serious twitlonger post
10:28:39 ~copypaste where i beg for help
10:29:19 @linear status update?
10:29:19 ~copypaste i'm sorry linear
10:29:21 @linear or are you gonna just post it there
10:29:25 @linear also yeah, uh
10:29:26 ~copypaste linear: yes
10:29:26 @linear they'll mostly leave
10:29:34 @linear i'll check your twitter then in a sec
10:29:37 ~copypaste no
10:29:39 @linear oh
10:29:40 ~copypaste there's nothing there …
10:29:46 @linear yeah i mean after you post it
10:29:46 ~copypaste other than a pic of our 200 load average
10:29:47 ~copypaste lol
10:29:49 @linear but couldn't it be in read only mode?
10:29:52 @linear or something right now?
10:29:55 @linear anything but 100% down?
10:30:26 ~copypaste i want people to know what's happening
10:30:32 ~copypaste other than just try try trying to post
10:30:34 ~copypaste getting frustrated
10:30:51 ~copypaste what good is a read only chan site?
10:30:56 ~copypaste especially for an extended period
10:31:04 @linear 90% of browsing users don't even post so
10:31:09 @linear probably pretty okay
10:31:29 @linear it creats less panic/drama (..but that could sometimes be a negative thing, i guess)
10:31:46 Jesus I'm finding this downtime to be pretty oppressive
10:33:28 ~copypaste linear: it is a negative thing
10:33:32 ~copypaste beause people think the site is up
10:33:35 ~copypaste when really, down.
10:33:41 ~copypaste and then they email me thinking it's just them
10:33:49 ~copypaste i did this because i exhausted all other options of fixing posting
10:33:54 ~copypaste and am requesting outside expertise.
10:33:57 ~copypaste sorry.
10:34:01 @linear yeah.
10:34:04 ~copypaste you know that mod.php has gone down every day this month
10:34:07 @linear possibly way to add blotter on the top of pages?
10:34:10 @linear saying it's in read-only
10:34:11 ~copypaste we're hitting our limit and i don't know what else to do
10:34:15 ~copypaste if php is down i can't
10:34:19 ~copypaste add a lbotter
10:34:20 @linear yeah you'd have to do like
10:34:25 ~copypaste rebuild every thread
10:34:29 ~copypaste on every board
10:34:29 Jesus use sed
10:34:32 @linear manual magic, as in
10:34:32 ~copypaste lol
10:34:34 @linear Jesus: yeah
10:34:37 @linear that's what I thought of ,but
10:34:40 @linear >doing that on production
10:34:49 ~copypaste good way to brick the site

No. 3057

13:13:33 n-tech it's definitely faster, that's why I entertained it at all
13:13:34 wowaname what is
13:13:39 n-tech I need the documentation for all of this shit anyways
13:13:42 wowaname faster than what exactly
13:13:51 czaks people at savannah say that it's not copyrightable if it's shorter than 5 lines of code
13:13:53 n-tech He's able to DDoS the current dev site because file loading puts the shit into the ram
13:13:54 czaks or something
13:13:55 ~copypaste faster than the current method, which uses php to look up all files
13:14:02 wowaname because i see a pull request with a new file, not an edited one
13:14:09 ~copypaste i thought it didn't put it in memory?
13:14:18 n-tech I don't even know, all I know is it crashes
13:14:18 wowaname oh lol
13:14:20 ~copypaste wasn't that the point of Streaming?
13:14:22 ~copypaste ok
13:14:23 wowaname php to look up files
13:14:26 n-tech he refuses to conduct any sort of actual test
13:14:32 n-tech so he just ddos's and says
13:14:34 wowaname lol
13:14:36 n-tech do it my way or you suck do it my way or you suck do it my way or you suck do it my way or you suck do it my way or you suck do it my way or you suck do it my way or you suck do it my way or you suck do it my way or you suck do it my way or you suck do it my way or you suck do it my way or you suck do it my way or you suck do it my way or you suck do it my way or you suck do it my way or you suck do it my way or you suck do it my way or you
13:14:37 n-tech suck
13:14:40 wowaname sounds like psi
13:14:50 wowaname here's how i do it
13:14:53 wowaname i warn the person
13:14:56 wowaname then i ddos it
13:15:01 wowaname then i tell them how it's wrong
13:15:03 wowaname lel
13:15:06 wowaname well
13:15:08 wowaname first part is optional
13:15:18 ~copypaste ( ???)
13:15:21 n-tech I know it's not the best way, but I don't know what the actual bottleneck is
13:15:27 n-tech It could potentially be addressed

No. 3058

04:53:20 LordRothschild copypaste, if it turned out lynxchan was better than next for real would you switch?
04:53:33 StephenLynx will come back after dinner
04:53:59 ~copypaste LordRothschild: i have a strong bias towards Next since i've contributed to it, both monetarily and code, and there's no denying that bias
04:54:09 ~copypaste but if it was clear that Lynx was better in every way
04:54:13 ~copypaste i'd be forced to really
04:54:59 LordRothschild I guess next being slower on features can be attributed to UI and other stuff
04:55:19 ~copypaste UI is hard work
04:55:25 ~copypaste n-tech puts a hell of a lot of time into it and it shows
04:55:34 yukyakdyov i can agree with that
04:55:38 ~copypaste Lynx just writes a bunch of <input><input><input> and calls it a day
04:55:41 yukyakdyov the ui for next is far better than anything ive seen
04:55:42 Jesus lol
04:55:45 yukyakdyov pretty much anywhere
04:56:05 ~copypaste Lynx trusting his UI to a dedchan is worrying
04:56:07 yukyakdyov I just wish next would be operational sooner BECAUSE the sooner it is the sooner we can debug the inveitable fuckups that will come with full load
04:56:09 ~copypaste i doubt he'll like what they make
04:56:28 yukyakdyov inb4 they make a cuck version of lynx then tell him to fuckoff and copyright it or some bs
04:56:31 yukyakdyov le stolen
04:56:34 ~copypaste lol
04:56:44 Doke copypaste: I have done freelance stuff and I like what hes made so im going to make one as well
04:58:38 ~copypaste did lynx even document his frontend creation mechanism well?
04:58:51 ~copypaste i can't wait for Doke, gentoo-007 and company to just stare at it without knowing what to do and give up
04:58:59 ~copypaste i just set an alert on my phone to check on both of them in a week
04:59:03 ~copypaste and see if they have even written 1LOC

No. 3059

00:16:17 ~copypaste heh
00:16:24 ~copypaste really the only way to do this is to save file extensions
00:16:28 ~copypaste to the files
00:16:36 ~copypaste so let's talk about it n-tech, why is it a bad idea?
00:17:01 ~copypaste we could link, and then remove it and the link :<
00:17:04 uguu i think he doesn't want me to be right about it when i was being a dickface
00:18:26 n-tech I don't like hacks. We had files, we know where they are, we know what mime type they are, we know how the client is requesting it
00:18:28 StephenLynx how would you differentiate a webm audio from a webm video using only the extension?
00:18:30 StephenLynx both use .webm
00:18:46 n-tech and the only things we can think of involve clumsily renaming the files, symlinking shit and using PHP to groom and maintain a massive spiderweb of symlinks, or throwing out nginx
00:19:03 n-tech and it's like
00:19:05 n-tech wryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
00:19:22 n-tech also
00:19:26 n-tech if we maintain the URL structure
00:19:31 n-tech we can make the filenames dynamic and on the fly
00:19:39 n-tech Site option for name structure
00:19:49 n-tech %n for client name, %e for extension, %t for current time in unix
00:19:54 n-tech 8chan_%t.%e
00:19:56 n-tech %n.%e
00:19:59 n-tech all sorts of fun stuff
00:20:39 ~copypaste it's not a "spider web" when you have one link pointing to one file
00:20:42 ~copypaste aaa.jpeg -> aaa
00:20:47 ~copypaste bbb.png -> bbb
00:20:50 n-tech so what about collissions…?
00:20:50 ~copypaste that's not a spider web
00:20:59 ~copypaste bbb.gif -> bbb
00:21:02 ~copypaste bbb.png -> bbb
00:21:08 ~copypaste it doesn't matter, one will send image/gif, the other image/png
00:21:09 ~copypaste who cares
00:21:13 ~copypaste both will display in browser
00:21:19 n-tech okay, so
00:21:26 n-tech we're going to have a storage directory like
00:21:38 n-tech storage/app storage/app/real storage/app/sym
00:21:43 ~copypaste ugh it just sounds so bad
00:21:46 ~copypaste i want
00:21:46 n-tech real/full/a/a/a/a/aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
00:21:46 ~copypaste my
00:21:48 ~copypaste mime_uri
00:21:50 ~copypaste directive
00:21:51 n-tech real/thumb/a/a/a/a/aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
00:21:51 ~copypaste ;_;
00:22:00 n-tech sym/full/a/a/a/a/aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg
00:22:07 ~copypaste yes
00:22:07 Lapras I don't see the problem n-tech
00:22:12 ~copypaste that's how it would be
00:22:24 n-tech can we please try x-attachment
00:22:29 ~copypaste X-Attachment?
00:22:51 ~copypaste you mean the php headers thing
00:22:51 n-tech sorry X-SendFile
00:22:52 ~copypaste right
00:22:55 n-tech yea
00:23:30 ~copypaste ok let's try it
00:25:00 ~copypaste im exploring the nginx source code
00:25:03 ~copypaste right now
00:25:06 ~copypaste just, in utter depression

No. 3060

Should be enough reading material for one day. Thank me later!

No. 3061

Dude, it's a girl gossip board, you really think we're going to read wall of text with technical stuff without any explication?
You're fucking delusionnal.

No. 3062

Hate Null and never stop hating Null.
That is the lesson.

No. 3063

We don't care about Null. If you have stories about him raping someone, pics of him being ugly, or stories about his family, bring them to us.
Otherwise just fuck off. There's no milk for us in your stupid chat-logs.

No. 3064

You obviously do care!!!

No. 3065

I care about milk.

No. 3066

that's a pretty retarded way of describing that

No. 3067


I recommend you check out his Blockland thread where he threatens to murder a girl's father, followed by raping, torturing and mutilating her for ignoring him and not giving him attention.

No. 3068

That was already posted.


No. 3069

No. 3070

Yes. Good job. That was already posted and replied to.

No. 3071


No. You have opened 16chan pretty much after losing your Job with 8chan. Stop aping moot like you think he used to be!

Tor is now fixed on 8chan by the way. The only people who got really, really upset about Jim doing it for free were Lowcard and almost every pedoboard. Now they are all librechan.net, because the best thing to do for protecting yourself against the BKA Wiesbaden is opening a fucking pedo Imageboard on the clearnet.


It didn't last that long when you consider that all Xenforo releated projects are now gone on his GIThub profile. At least on the tech site of things.


>why he always tries to flee overseas.

This is more related to the mating strategy that brought the world Null. Look up /r selection. here's a neat overview: http://www.anonymousconservative.com/blog/the-theory/rk-selection-theory/

>u acc went to/have an interest in southeast asia, weird

No he hasn't. He wasn't interested in Flipland when he was working on Next there. Read HW's medium article on that:

>In case this makes no sense to you, well, let me say that I love the Philippines in so many ways. The food is cheap and good, the women are beautiful and the weather is gorgeous year round. I can have a 24 hour caretaker for only $200 per month, and my rent is barely any more than that, and could even be cheaper if I looked more and held out for a deal. I have freedom to go wherever I like without having to call a shitty unreliable cripple cab service, and if I work hard on contracts I have money left over to go on vacation more than I ever could in the US.

>But Josh wasn’t like this at all. I never really knew him before he came here, but he was very withdrawn. He only seemed to leave the immediate area to get fast food, and his only local friend other than me was another expat from the Kiwi Farms (his forum for people who like chronicling the adventures of mentally ill people). He also noticeably gained weight while here, so I was worried about him. Every time he had go to The Bureau of Immigration or do anything outside of our neighborhood, he’d take me along and Mochi and I would guide the cab driver to the destination, and also find the way home.


Oyy fucking Vey! Remember the 13 Gorillion, Nool! Don't bullshit me! I did the counting. Here's a board that is way bigger than your 8chan clone:https://8ch.net/k/index.html


Nope. Right after your Global board statistic script has been removed, the site got much better until the old problem that neither the criplle with VFEC nor you have solved resurfaced. The addtionial Alarcrity support came in late April.


Maybe I can answer some question. In contrary to Nool, I am in posession of 2 graduations and studied a little CS. Keep in mind that I am just a fucking expert, not a theoretical CS or Computertech Professor. I only know a little more than Johnny Q. Paycheck.


For stories from Nool's time in Flipland, just check the thread on /4irc/. Stories of interest are "Unclean Water" and "Null's Epic shit". There are of course some chatlogs floating around on /cow/ documenting his various chimpouts in the IRC channel. Everything else has already been posted ITT.

No. 3072

oh my god this fucking sperglord is going to shit up this entire thread forever

No. 3073

File: 1467983743217.jpg (180.17 KB, 1023x577, CjWzu9IUkAArZjH.jpg)


Shhh, Null! No more whining. Only Amygdala Angst now.

No. 3074

he keeps going…

No. 3075

14:39:39 ~copypaste i wish stephenlynx would idle.
20:49:59 uguu copypaste: his nodejs chan is getting a bit… fucky
20:50:22 uguu i can't get it to work and he spazzed out when i asked how to configure it
20:58:56 ~copypaste lol
21:03:57 uguu copypaste: twister has markdown support :D
21:05:07 uguu http://i.imgur.com/iuoqomc.jpg
23:03:47 ~copypaste uguu: i think that we're never going to be happy with any chan software 100%
23:03:51 ~copypaste and ought to just settle on one
23:04:00 ~copypaste i'm going to talk to stephen even though n-tech calmed down
23:04:03 ~copypaste good to leave one's options open
23:04:12 ~copypaste and he's kept developing it even when i told him i wasn't interested
23:04:14 ~copypaste now that's dedication
23:04:19 uguu yup
23:04:35 uguu i agree no one will ever be 100% happy
23:04:52 uguu and he is very dedicated

No. 3076

00:09:58 uguu n-tech: thoughts on allowing local daemons to talk with jsonrpc on a socketfile as to avoid the overhead of http?
00:10:19 n-tech probably a good idea, I don't know if it'd be in the immediate scope of the project. I understand what you want to do though.
00:10:37 uguu the problem is how?
00:10:49 n-tech jsonrpc would apparently require Java(?)
00:10:54 uguu nope
00:10:55 n-tech I can't require people setup Java or Python interpreters
00:11:04 uguu jsonrpc can be written in php but it'd suck
00:11:10 n-tech >php
00:11:25 n-tech Isn't that a websocket though
00:11:30 n-tech I've never dealt with sockets
00:11:33 uguu the problem isn't the jsonrpc part it's the socketfile part
00:12:01 uguu it's not a websocket, it's a socket file, like a filesystem pipe but a socket not a pipe
00:12:26 uguu like a fifo except it's a socket that can do accept() connect() sendto() etc
00:12:48 n-tech This would be really low priority. API work in general is milestone 5
00:13:18 n-tech Honestly, if you really wanted it to be done, you could wait for me to get the rest of the API stuff done and then do it yourself.
00:13:25 n-tech Not to say i'm not interested in supporting you or your project
00:13:26 uguu if your database schema is stable i can bypass all that and instead touch the database directly since you dynamically generate everything when someone requests stuff it will be there
00:13:33 uguu i get it, just throwing ideas out
00:13:52 n-tech yeah, API stuff is important to me. We'll be doing a lot of API work soon.

No. 3077

00:14:01 n-tech copy also has another idea I'm not sure I'm allowed to speak much about
00:14:08 uguu oh?
00:14:09 n-tech that would have a lot of api stuff to be done for it
00:14:24 uguu should i ask him about it in pm?
00:14:32 n-tech it's not directly related to the imageboard
00:14:48 n-tech but like
00:14:55 n-tech if you're good at merchant stuff, dealing and getting around paypal bullshit
00:14:56 n-tech then PM him
00:15:04 n-tech he'll probably tell you about it
00:15:28 uguu my paypal got locked and i never got around to unlocking it, i suck at that shit so nvm
00:15:31 n-tech I mention it because knowing how to properly and quickly deal with API requests may be a big advantage even with that
00:15:31 uguu :D
00:16:04 uguu to handle requests fast i'd just write the daemon in go and C
00:16:10 uguu or just flat go
00:17:08 uguu the best part about go is that it compiles straight to native code so you can do binary distributions if needed

No. 3078

00:17:26 n-tech I recently set up HHVM on my server
00:17:37 uguu how is it?
00:17:40 n-tech extremely good
00:17:43 uguu neat
00:17:44 n-tech page generation is 50ms
00:17:49 n-tech it works by compiling PHP into C++
00:17:51 n-tech and then running that
00:17:55 uguu heh
00:17:56 n-tech it also levies a lot of caching
00:18:00 uguu so it is a jit
00:18:06 uguu er
00:18:11 uguu jit compiler
00:18:22 uguu sounds like pypy for php
00:18:32 n-tech you're probably right, this is too technical for me
00:18:39 uguu for me too
00:18:43 n-tech I believe I saw references to "jit" classes in the logs
00:18:44 uguu it gets black magical fast
00:18:49 n-tech yeah
00:18:55 n-tech HHVM is managed by a team of engineers for Facebook
00:18:58 n-tech the smartest people in the industry
00:19:06 n-tech I don't compare at all lol
00:19:15 uguu don't compare
00:19:52 n-tech yeah there's a really stark difference between like
00:19:57 n-tech a web developer and a software engineer
00:20:06 n-tech I hear a lot of people who do what we do calling themselves software engineers
00:20:08 n-tech and it's like
00:20:15 n-tech hey, faggot, unless you have a degree in engineering you ain't shit
00:20:34 StephenLynx srsly you guys are burning your heads over json rpcs?
00:20:36 StephenLynx that is like
00:20:41 StephenLynx how do I finger paint
00:21:05 uguu not in php
00:21:09 uguu with php it gets hard
00:21:18 StephenLynx :^)
00:21:21 StephenLynx sure thing, m8
00:21:30 StephenLynx is not like you can just code or decode json
00:21:34 uguu php doesn't really do anything outside the scope of CGI very well
00:21:44 StephenLynx http://php.net/manual/en/function.json-decode.php
00:21:44 StephenLynx oops

No. 3079

File: 1467983908207.jpg (89.17 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ngbp7o6t481s68zdqo1_500…)

No. 3080

10:48:54 ~copypaste n-tech: have you considered oauth
10:49:01 ~copypaste e.g. "log in with your 8chan account"
10:49:12 ~copypaste sorry i can't resist this, because basically, banners.8ch.net does that …
10:49:21 ~copypaste "log in with your 8chan board owner account to conitnue" :^)
10:49:49 ~copypaste [at least i planning it in v2]
10:49:54 ~copypaste v1 is just "fix banners"
10:50:07 ~copypaste but v2 is "make it so people can upload new ones/delete ones they no longer like again"
10:51:05 ~copypaste it would be really useful to use some kind of oauth, even if only internally.
12:39:32 n-tech No, I can't say I've ever played with it
12:39:34 n-tech also
12:39:39 n-tech @ copypaste I'm PRETTY SURE someone is DDoS'ing my mailserver
12:39:53 n-tech I keep getting disconnected from ZNC and that's what it's hosted on
12:40:06 n-tech some sperg found my mx records for the kiwifar.ms and thinks that's the real IP
12:40:11 n-tech or the real IP of the webserver
12:40:12 n-tech ; ;
19:45:05 uguu n-tech: what kind of DDoS? volumetric?
19:45:28 uguu are they just crapspaming the line?
19:45:48 uguu full pipe etc
19:49:52 n-tech dunno
19:49:56 n-tech not happening anymore

No. 3081

and going…

No. 3082

12:43:41 n-tech I host a lot of shit now, it's crazy
12:43:59 darlene i've spent a lot of time trying to unfuck kusabax
12:44:07 n-tech I run a Teamspeak server, Mumble server, mail server for 10 different domains, 5 static HTML pages, 5 wordpress blogs, 2 Xenforo Forums, and a MediaWiki.
12:44:08 darlene but as we all know it's just not possible
12:44:23 ~copypaste a mediawiki
12:44:29 ~copypaste do you secretly run sonichu.com
12:44:35 n-tech https://lolcow.wiki
12:44:39 darlene rofl
12:44:48 n-tech it's so out of date
12:44:53 n-tech except
12:44:57 n-tech i"m adding in striker stuff slowly now
12:45:01 n-tech https://lolcow.wiki/wiki/Strikerwolf1
12:45:06 n-tech that guy made 2 more videos
12:47:46 ~copypaste ok
12:47:54 ~copypaste i kind of knew this would happen
12:48:09 ~copypaste at least we got a lot of months of dev effort before you lost interest and went back to lolcow stuff
12:48:09 n-tech that he'd fixate on me?
12:48:17 n-tech loool
12:48:17 ~copypaste i'll come over tonight and work on it more with you
12:48:25 n-tech That's not what happened dude
12:48:34 n-tech For like 4 weeks straight I didn't play a game or do anything
12:49:00 n-tech I didn't take weekends off. I don't go out. I don't have a night life.
12:49:13 darlene i have to say its actually in really good shape
12:49:25 n-tech well he's complaining about the cycle
12:49:30 darlene it looks friendly to hack on
12:49:34 n-tech https://github.com/jaw-sh
12:49:40 n-tech see how there's ebbs and flows?
12:49:45 n-tech that's how my brain works
12:49:58 n-tech I go sonic fast and then get a burnout and have to hard reboot
12:50:05 ~copypaste okay po
12:50:09 darlene right, you need to rebuild your seritonin and dopamine levels after you burn through them
12:50:18 darlene take vitamins
12:50:36 ~copypaste hmm
12:50:38 ~copypaste Seritonin
12:50:45 ~copypaste antidepressants are seretonin pills
12:50:48 ~copypaste it all makes sense :^)
12:50:56 darlene no they are selective reuptake inhibitors
12:51:02 darlene they FUCK with your shit
12:51:14 n-tech they're OTC in the PH
12:51:14 ~copypaste nuh uh
12:52:21 n-tech I feel really good now I just need a focus
12:52:31 ~copypaste reports
12:52:33 ~copypaste :^)
12:52:34 n-tech My issue is like
12:52:48 n-tech when I have a lofty idea of how to do something if I don't sit down and figure it all out I get frustrated and avoid it
12:52:57 n-tech There's an issue with how reports are structured in the DB
12:53:03 n-tech where elevation/demotion don't make sense
12:53:05 n-tech I have to work that out
12:53:06 n-tech ;~;
12:53:17 ~copypaste just copy what was done for 8chan
12:53:20 ~copypaste 8chan's report system works fine
12:53:22 ~copypaste and you made it
12:53:25 n-tech lol
12:53:30 ~copypaste ;;

No. 3083

20:34:33 n-tech I cannot rely on anything that is OS or DB reliant
20:34:33 ~copypaste i understand
20:34:36 ~copypaste when i copy the nfs over
20:34:40 ~copypaste i'll be copying it over to a ZFS
20:34:44 n-tech like I can't use MySQL specific features or FreeBSD features
20:34:47 ls n-tech: bloody stupid imo
20:34:52 n-tech >imo
20:34:52 ls but I told you thatbefore
20:35:00 ~copypaste i actually think it's smart
20:35:01 ~copypaste ( ???)
20:35:01 czaks COW filesystems perform poorly on databases
20:35:09 ~copypaste "COW"?
20:35:15 czaks Copy-On-Write
20:35:16 ls copy-on-write
20:35:25 ~copypaste ok
20:35:32 czaks dunno, maybe zfs disables COW for databases
20:35:35 czaks somehow
20:36:03 czaks i use BTRFS and i have to do chattr to disable COW
20:36:18 ls btrfs a shit
20:36:18 czaks so i write databases on an XFS
20:36:36 ls I use it for my data and I often wish I didn't
20:36:50 czaks ls: i use it for like 5 years now i believe
20:36:55 ls but it's still the best native fs for linux that supports transparent compression
20:37:14 ls roughly two years here
20:37:16 czaks and i never lost any data
20:37:20 ls me neither
20:37:21 ls but
20:37:28 czaks despite disk failures etc.
20:37:33 czaks unstable code
20:37:42 ls say you have an external btrfs disk that you're writing to
20:37:51 ls and you do it at full usb2 bandwidth
20:38:09 ls then writes waiting on that disk will block writes on your root which is a totally different disk
20:38:18 ls that's just fucking stupid
20:38:22 czaks sure it is
20:38:39 czaks but aren't SATA disks slower than USB?
20:38:45 czaks USB 2 i mean
20:38:49 ls no
20:39:10 ls also muh cache flushes hanging the system
20:39:21 ls "hanging"
20:40:16 ls since I don't use snapshots I've never lost data with btrfs, but its performance characteristics leave to wish for

No. 3084

19:18:23 uguu copypaste: put infinitydev.org into prod for a day
19:18:48 uguu just to see what parts break
19:19:10 uguu it was really really helpful for me, i think it'll show josh what parts he needs to fix
19:20:45 ~copypaste uguu: mhm thinking about it
19:20:50 ~copypaste n-tech was telling me he's worried about performance
19:20:58 ~copypaste i can hit it hard and fast
19:21:00 ~copypaste :^)
19:21:03 uguu oh yeh
19:21:08 uguu it's going to burrrrn hard
19:21:22 ~copypaste it's really manageable though, i like it
19:21:27 ~copypaste i'm almost done adding pages and signing
19:21:27 n-tech I'm not God. I can't craft perfect software in a single go.
19:21:37 ~copypaste that's why we would test it dude
19:21:42 ~copypaste did i say you were god
19:21:47 uguu oh lord, srndv2 has been rewritten from top to bottom 2 times already
19:21:53 ~copypaste but a good way to test it is to put it on production :D
19:22:01 n-tech yeah. it's not ready for that though.
19:22:02 uguu first time was python, second time was go
19:22:06 n-tech I have a trello board full of splinters
19:22:14 n-tech I'm solving an issue right now where I'm getting 104 repeat sql queries
19:22:14 uguu copypaste: lol
19:22:18 n-tech I stopped report work just to fix that shit
19:22:21 n-tech and I'm melting my brain
19:22:41 uguu suggestion: write unit tests, regression testing is the secret sauce
19:23:31 uguu ALL good open source projects have unit tests of SOME kind
19:23:41 n-tech Unit testing is very time consuming and counter intuitive to me. I like writing code and seeing what works, not writing tests.
19:23:47 n-tech I tried to get into it and it was just frustrating and unfun
19:23:54 ~copypaste i agree
19:23:57 ~copypaste unit tests suck dick
19:24:05 uguu when writing tests you end up spending way more time but in the end it's worth it
19:24:06 ~copypaste waste of time tbh
19:24:16 uguu trust me, it's worth the effort in the long run
19:24:19 n-tech I agree it's probably worth it but my autism only works one way and I can't get it to work that way.
19:24:32 uguu it's hard so i don't do it either
19:24:38 ~copypaste we can write a testing thing after the fact
19:24:39 uguu if i had more contributors i'd have to
19:24:41 ~copypaste when we have a stable version
19:24:44 ~copypaste and we want to check regression
19:24:47 ~copypaste right now there's no stable version
19:46:52 uguu copypaste: you should throw josh into prod to convince him that using a shared database backend is the right way to do nntpchan integration :D
20:35:29 StephenLynx lol infinity never
20:35:50 StephenLynx people should at least wait until the deadline josh gave himself for that.

No. 3085

08:57:27 StephenLynx btw, n-tech, you said some of those features that TOR post mentioned would never be implemented. aside from board custom js, which other features you were referring to?
08:57:50 @n-tech consult your checklist stephenlynx it has the answer
08:57:59 StephenLynx actually no.
08:58:08 StephenLynx I can` predict what you will or not implement.
08:58:14 StephenLynx I just keep track of what has been already implemented.
08:58:44 StephenLynx and why you need to be so defensive? you said yourself some of those wouldn`t be implemented.
08:58:53 StephenLynx why can`t you say exactly which ones?
08:59:20 @n-tech because I don't like you
08:59:24 StephenLynx :v
08:59:33 StephenLynx top professionalism here.
09:00:22 StephenLynx this is starting to look like a pre-schooler playground
09:00:46 @n-tech I'm not beholden to you
09:00:47 LordRothschild it's still a question worth answering to be fair
09:00:50 @n-tech You do not provide input I care about.
09:01:19 @n-tech You've done everything in your power to be looked down upon by me and everyone else who is subjugated to your presence and it worked
09:01:29 @n-tech and now you don't like dealing with the consequences of being a joke
09:01:32 @n-tech sucks mate
09:01:35 StephenLynx and hows that related to the question?
09:01:48 StephenLynx and why are you implying I am concerned about my image?
09:01:51 @n-tech I don't care about your questions and I'm not going to answer them :—DD
09:02:33 StephenLynx well, the thing is, you are being paid thousands of dollars to work on this project. you really want to act like a child as the developer of said project?

No. 3086

Obsessed much? N01curr.

No. 3087

File: 1467984080987.png (183.73 KB, 312x536, 1454960369822.png)

00:16:17 ~copypaste heh
00:16:24 ~copypaste really the only way to do this is to save file extensions
00:16:28 ~copypaste to the files
00:16:36 ~copypaste so let's talk about it n-tech, why is it a bad idea?
00:17:01 ~copypaste we could link, and then remove it and the link :<
00:17:04 uguu i think he doesn't want me to be right about it when i was being a dickface
00:18:26 n-tech I don't like hacks. We had files, we know where they are, we know what mime type they are, we know how the client is requesting it
00:18:28 StephenLynx how would you differentiate a webm audio from a webm video using only the extension?
00:18:30 StephenLynx both use .webm
00:18:46 n-tech and the only things we can think of involve clumsily renaming the files, symlinking shit and using PHP to groom and maintain a massive spiderweb of symlinks, or throwing out nginx
00:19:03 n-tech and it's like
00:19:05 n-tech wryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
00:19:22 n-tech also
00:19:26 n-tech if we maintain the URL structure
00:19:31 n-tech we can make the filenames dynamic and on the fly
00:19:39 n-tech Site option for name structure
00:19:49 n-tech %n for client name, %e for extension, %t for current time in unix
00:19:54 n-tech 8chan_%t.%e
00:19:56 n-tech %n.%e
00:19:59 n-tech all sorts of fun stuff
00:20:39 ~copypaste it's not a "spider web" when you have one link pointing to one file
00:20:42 ~copypaste aaa.jpeg -> aaa
00:20:47 ~copypaste bbb.png -> bbb
00:20:50 n-tech so what about collissions…?
00:20:50 ~copypaste that's not a spider web
00:20:59 ~copypaste bbb.gif -> bbb
00:21:02 ~copypaste bbb.png -> bbb
00:21:08 ~copypaste it doesn't matter, one will send image/gif, the other image/png
00:21:09 ~copypaste who cares
00:21:13 ~copypaste both will display in browser
00:21:19 n-tech okay, so
00:21:26 n-tech we're going to have a storage directory like
00:21:38 n-tech storage/app storage/app/real storage/app/sym
00:21:43 ~copypaste ugh it just sounds so bad
00:21:46 ~copypaste i want
00:21:46 n-tech real/full/a/a/a/a/aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
00:21:46 ~copypaste my
00:21:48 ~copypaste mime_uri
00:21:50 ~copypaste directive
00:21:51 n-tech real/thumb/a/a/a/a/aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
00:21:51 ~copypaste ;_;
00:22:00 n-tech sym/full/a/a/a/a/aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg
00:22:07 ~copypaste yes
00:22:07 Lapras I don't see the problem n-tech
00:22:12 ~copypaste that's how it would be
00:22:24 n-tech can we please try x-attachment
00:22:29 ~copypaste X-Attachment?
00:22:51 ~copypaste you mean the php headers thing
00:22:51 n-tech sorry X-SendFile
00:22:52 ~copypaste right
00:22:55 n-tech yea
00:23:30 ~copypaste ok let's try it
00:25:00 ~copypaste im exploring the nginx source code
00:25:03 ~copypaste right now
00:25:06 ~copypaste just, in utter depression

No. 3088

20:39:03 ~copypaste Josh has been working hard so he slept all day
20:39:09 ~copypaste I set up 2 servers
20:39:16 ~copypaste Tomorrow [our time] we'll set it up
20:39:44 ~copypaste He went to bed at about 10AM our time and I haven't heard from him. I think beter to just let him sleep
20:39:53 ~copypaste He's been focused solely on this for many days
20:39:55 ~copypaste Needs rest
20:49:45 n-tech copypaste if you gave me the passwords i cna do it now
20:50:07 n-tech i'm probably going to be up all night
20:58:04 ls wew n-tech take care you don't burn out
20:58:07 ls burnout sucks
20:58:22 ls get enough sleep
21:08:20 ~copypaste sorry, i "stepped" out for a bit
21:08:27 ~copypaste please send me an ssh public key n-tech
21:08:32 ~copypaste then i'll reply privately with IPs
21:08:37 ~copypaste and some info
21:13:21 ~copypaste do you know how to do that?
21:13:42 ~copypaste i had to teach race queen people
21:13:44 ~copypaste i don't mind teaching you
21:23:03 n-tech i cant fucking find my key manager
21:23:20 ~copypaste i don't know what that means
21:23:27 ~copypaste do you have a GUI for managing ssh keys?
21:23:34 ~copypaste i think PuTTY makes one, but i've never used it
21:23:46 ~copypaste the command line tools work just as well
21:23:49 ~copypaste `ssh-keygen`
21:24:00 ~copypaste it outputs to ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub and ~/.ssh/id_rsa by default
21:24:04 ~copypaste if you send me the .pub that's enough
21:25:06 n-tech yes
21:25:16 n-tech yeah but then I can't undo it
21:25:16 n-tech right?
21:25:19 n-tech i ned the priv
21:25:23 ~copypaste …undo?
21:25:27 n-tech i had one I wanted to use
21:25:29 n-tech read it
21:25:39 ~copypaste it will write the file ~/.ssh/id_rsa
21:25:41 ~copypaste that's the private key
21:25:44 ~copypaste you can back that up, sure
21:25:51 ~copypaste don't send that one to me or anyone
21:25:56 ~copypaste that will give anyone access to the server
21:27:15 ~copypaste at your leisure you can also use a DSA, ECDSA, or Ed25519 key
21:27:22 n-tech i think i got it
21:27:24 ~copypaste ok

No. 3089

File: 1467984200567.jpg (58.97 KB, 499x281, 3448373_1389508853624.1res_500…)


Some day you will stop being paranoid. Some day..

No. 3090

and going…

No. 3091


I'm not Null (I know it's shocking someone else could object to you shitting up this board), but you do you, I guess.

No. 3092

Hi Null!

No. 3093

File: 1467984344587.jpg (15.95 KB, 400x300, 3447752_1389448802860.73res_40…)

No. 3094


Null has the tendency to sock on anonymous imageboards in threads about him, and pretend he's not Null, so it's likely that you're Null.

No. 3095


Welp, Admin's free to do an IP check. I'm not Null, I just think that crapping up stuff so much it's hard to follow actual interesting content is annoying.

No. 3096


Little hint: I wasn't reposting my own own chatlog thread here. Maybe it was someone Null has actually pissed off.

No. 3097

Well then, all this shitposting was expected and it speaks volumes. Literally there are fucking volumes of shit now posted in this shat up thread. On the other hand there's also mounting volumes of shit popping up in google that is not longer just random chan shit. Watching this shit show go full tub girl will be some interesting shit.

Bring a hose and some nose plugs. Watching assholes being backed into a corner can get pretty stank.

No. 3098

File: 1467995426304.jpg (174.8 KB, 414x1291, PSla4Ju.jpg)



Oh look who has threatened to post chatlogs that show what a inept scumbag he is and actually did it. The legends are true. Nool truly forgets things whenever he spergs out. This wasn't my intention at all when I have linked to my board and then brought up some snippets that are more funny than informative. Fag totally lost it and I would have overlooked it if I haven't taken a second look and went back to the usual shit immediately instead.

Here's a little write up about the poor damage control of Nool and his goodest goys on 8chan. They are doing that shit on /monster/ and /tech/ for months while omitting that I have closed the thread because the shit it concerns became irrelevant as soon as Hotwheels wasn't admin anymore.


>Yes I am. You dedicate your life to posting chatlogs nobody reads.

No. I don't sit there 24/7 and cross link to relevant logs. If that were true I would have don that every time you sperged about me and 8ch.net/irc/ instead of writing a little missive and move on. On the other hand I admit that reading about how you got ass liquid from drinking filthy Jew water or eating airplane fish is way more amusing than reading how you and multiple expert have tried to figure out why your Software shat its pants during its big release for an entire month in vain.

>No one in the entire world has ever cared about this shit you spam in every thread about me.

/cow/ cared and so did some other places and people who gave a shit. Other than that I have no idea whether I won new lurkers or not.

>It's just the most sad and pathetic shit ever.

You are projecting here, Internet King Moon. The very fact that you can't move on with your life after some Pig Farming businessman and a cripple have wronged you is the saddest and most pathetic shit ever.

No. 3099

Josh is a desperate, smelly loser. Take a shower once in a while sperg.

Does he still fantasize about killing his mother because she expects him to do chores and shit?

No. 3100

> her family's reaction was more horrific and less heart-felt than our own

You keep trying to deflect bitch.

No. 3101



your style. i like it.

No. 3102

the only take away from this thread is that the guy spmming irc logs and people like >>3098 are more autistic and easier to provoke than josh, which is quite a feat.
there seems to be a lot of spergs the sperg king has pissed off, who then dedicate the rest of their days to making screeching noises and writing rambling walls of text in any discussion concerning the sperg king.

No. 3103


Stop deflecting Nool. I didn't post the logs that came after the third one. You did after threatening to do so. See >>3044

Can you stop being such a cartoon person for a day or something?

No. 3104

assburger male shitposters like you need to fuck off back to where you came from, seriously.

No. 3105


Tell that Null not me. I only intended to just leave the logs here and go. The quote storm that followed after the two with Czaks was probably his doing.

No. 3106

if you say so

No. 3107

Null why do I suddenly have NUF and how do
I purchase more? What is it used for?


No. 3108


Well CatParty did threaten to dox the family of a dead girl when they weren't 100% about her death yet. And it was just hilarious to the masses. So much so that when there was decent proof already on the boards that it was removed out of fear by the family.

Null suggesting he wouldn't dox anyone personally is bullshit one degree of separation doesn't make that big a difference. Manson was thrown in jail even though he didn't murder anyone personally. It's admittedly a huge stretch of a comparison but it's valid nonetheless.

Null isn't Manson but holy fuck is he an asshole of epic proportions. I guess that may be an accomplishment to some, so bravo on that one! You're no one til' somebody hates you.

No. 3109

you know when people say "im gonna dox and rape your family XD" they aren't serious, right?

No. 3110

15 posts by me so far. The record goes probably as usual to Nool.

If you are interested, there are other Blockland shenanigans from Last year. When he was mentioned by some Newfag there last year, Null came in and defended himself instead of coding Infinity Next like he always claims when that time period comes up. This went on for 49 goddamn days.


No. 3111

File: 1468016312114.jpg (51.31 KB, 1280x720, dilbert.jpg)

TL:DR of those logs.

Null drinks water in 3rd world shithole, despite being told to not do that. Retard gets disease.

Null thinks he's a GENUIUS by letting threads go infinitely long, ignoring common sense, physics, and logic, thinking harddrives have infinite memory. (Such threads won't get proccessed due to their enormous size, and won't even be loadable by browsers)

Nulls tards about how much infinity next he's making is shit.
While other people work for free, he's shitposting for 12k$ on 8ch.

Null's shit-code breaks the site, asks other people to help with it.

Null is SO-O incomptetent he gets trolled by other coders easy. After being told he is being trolled he's still swallowing the bait.

Null is incompetent

Null really wants to make infinity next a reddit 2.0

Null's shit-code breaks site once again.

Null proves he's shitty at developing once more.

Null is dumb and still incompetent.

No. 3112

i appreciate this translation

No. 3113

It's to enable archives integrated into the site and never-ending (cyclical, if you will) threads that will be accessed with a "last 350" option, but content will still be available in full until the thread is pruned.

If you really wanted to have a dicussion about these logs, you'd post on 8/tech/ instead of shitting up another imageboard and telling people who don't really know anything about this that he's dum and incompetent. You won't, because you've been blown the fuck out multiple times there.

There is a notion of a bump limit, and content pruning (if the board has enabled it, again think of archives), but it's supposed to be up to the board owners, per-board. That's why it lacks the notion by default.

No. 3114

Also, disk space and memory doesn't have to be "infinite."
Anymore than disk space and memory requirements for 4chan archives have to be "infinite."
But I can say one thing about your interpretations, they are entertaining. Like watching a retard have an opinion on something that's above their head in many cases.

No. 3115

This is pretty cringy for most adults to read. Grown men don't call other grown men "fucking amazing" and let them have "special exceptions". Your silly website will survive with or without whoever those faggots are supposed to be and you probably should ban them for your own good.

No. 3116

Its pretty common knowledge on kiwi that josh has a crush on dynastia

No. 3117


The History of the Fuuka Archiver begs to differ. Desustorage dropped /v/ immediately from the get go. Effectively the same goes for all Images. These are usually just saved as thumbnail. Webms aren't archived at all. Every reupload of archive.moe doesn't have the images anymore.

No. 3118

Josh, please, stop thinking people are gullible Idiots.
It's pretty obvious by your smart talks how much you want to hide how stupid you are.

No. 3119

>The history of the Fuuka Archiver
Boards are dropped from volunteer archives based on storage requirements and what the volunteers can pay for.
Just because some randoms can't afford to pay for storage or bandwidth requirements to archive /v/ considering how fast it is doesn't mean anything in this context.
In fact, 8chan is building a cluster for their upcoming archive last time I heard, and Next would've represented a net decrease in storage requirements, regardless of any of this. If you'd have read the last bit from hotwheels in the log, you'd realize that you are a fucking retard. Next has the notion of bump limits, configured per board instead of an ugly hack, and content pruning on a schedule performed on the hour, or whenever it's scheduled, for boards that would be configured to prune.
What it probably lacks at the moment is a state for "archived" content that won't be pruned, and whether you're able to ghost post or what not, but I'm not sure.
>smart talks
Not exactly. I'm replying to a NEET who has no idea what he's talking about, the autist dropping "discrete math" and "theoretical computer science" and walls of text about things he knows nothing about. Which is silly because it's a CRUD web application.
Not sure what his autistic motivations are, but I assure you that he's an annoying faggot wherever he goes. Because I have to deal with him and his autistic screeching elsewhere.
Since anyone and everyone is Josh to the retarded NEET, I might as well have some fun with it:

Dynastia is my JO bud.
We don't do homo stuff, just some light touching while staring into each other's eyes.
One time I gave him a dutch rudder and he finished on my face, then we shared a shower together.
There was also the time I nibbled on his ear and nape while docking (guess which one of us is uncircumcised) and gave him a prostate massage.
Nothing gay tho. We usually just Netflix and chill.

No. 3120


Not only this. I'll equip you with a little more knowledge about that certain problem. Maybe you won't believe me, but 8chan used to have a Fuuka archive as well. Here is its address: https://8archive.moe/
What inevitably happened after while, because the people who run it also had the fancy idea of archiving /b/ and thousands of other boards that opted in for the archive, was the dumper croaking and shitting its pants (this is just a elaborated guess based on https://github.com/eksopl/asagi#why-would-you-do-this). In other words 8archive got stuffed with more data than Foolfuuka and any dumper for it can handle. The data ammount simply bacame too vast to handle for the server's CPU. This problem is not unique to 8chan. Another Archive that fell victim to its basic behavior is Archive.moe. 4chan/v/ grew so much after there was no one there to call out all the plebbit cancer, that it manage to overwhelm world's oldest 4chanarchive on the hardware level (too much writing?). Then comes the Storage issue that Null has swiped aside. Look what 4plebs did: http://www.archiveteam.org/index.php?title=4chan#Fuuka-based_Archivers

>2015-09-19 4plebs Purge (Archived!) - Removing full images older than 18 months (before April 2014) as of September, 2015, due to low storage space. Obtained the data, now working to upload the whole set to the Internet Archive.

If scroll further below to the table that shows what archive does what board, you can see that the only Archive that fully covers /v/ is http://arch.b4k.co/ that only archives 3 vastly smaller boards and don't contain any posts from before 24th October 2015. The others are Archived.moe that gave up on storing images and Fireden, that is inactive and misses most images. The solution from 8archive for that problem is developing a new archiver called Futabilly that won't eat your hardware, because faggots had the impertinence of browsing your fucking archive of a little boy Chinese Muscle man cartoon board. More information about that project can be found here:

The failure of multiple fuuka archivers on the Hardware level alone reveals, that Nool lost the empirical argument for eternal Image board threads and is just retarded.

No. 3121


>Boards are dropped from volunteer archives based on storage requirements and what the volunteers can pay for.

And these volunteers have endless money and there is an endless ammount of silicone for building the computers and Hard drives needed to archive Anonkind's shitposting on this planet? No need to entertain your moronic fantasy economics any further. Shit is scarce and Computers are discrete. Man still can't do precise weather forecasts beyond the next 3 days for that very reason, Nool! There are fucking limits even when CS courses merely imply this fact in their first mathematics courses and only blatantly tell you this in the GOOD tech courses no one pays close attention to, because Computer tech is to most people assburger as fuck and not that fascinating.(strictly speaking, it is part electronic engineering, a vastly different discipline.)

No. 3122

By your clearly expert NEET analysis, cyclical threads should never be archived either. 8chan isn't pushing yottabytes of content, and thanks to the configuration system page counts can be locked by an admin through the panel, same with bump limits, the software just doesn't enforce baked in limits. A quick look at the software confirms this. Instead of roleplaying you know anything, you could've spent five minutes setting up an instance (which you don't know how to do, because you are incompetent) and two minutes testing this configuration ability out.

Just stop. Find a better use for your time other than making autistic screeching noises about things you know nothing about. It's clear that you have some sort of mental illness, not just being a NEET, evident due to the fact that you believe everyone to be Josh who calls you out for being a fucking retard.

No. 3123

File: 1468067699031.jpg (32.3 KB, 600x683, assburger.jpg)

Additionally, because archiving was to be baked into the site, you don't need a dumper to scrape a bunch of endpoints.
What they're referring to on that project page is the memory requirements for the scraper, the thing that spiders and then crawls a bunch of consumable endpoints on a schedule.

In the scenario, the thread would fall off the last page of an index and either be pruned or end up in a state of "archived." Or a board wouldn't have a maximum index page limit, or a bump limit, sort of like an unholy abomination of a forumfaggotry. I understand that argument, but to throw around the phrases you're throwing around shows that you clearly do not know what you are talking about.

I'm so sorry you had to see this, /pt/.

No. 3124

File: 1468070880403.jpg (24.41 KB, 343x480, swimming-in-milk-coloring-page…)

Holy Sweet Jesus!
Josh is so desperate, this wall of text. His shit was exposed, explained and yet he still talks.
He's very definition of lolcow, oh my so much milk.

No. 3125

File: 1468073402597.png (201.81 KB, 1200x1200, kurisu sigh.png)

The only milk that's being produced is from Josh's penis while it docks with Dynastia's.

Seriously, are you some sort of retard? Josh left around the time /cow/ was linked. The only thing I care about is putting the assburger NEET I was replying to in his place.

Assuming you aren't the NEET I was replying to: perhaps you'd gain some reading comprehension, and some brain cells would flicker on, if I posted some fujoshi schlock fanfic?

No. 3126

why are you talking about yourself in third person

No. 3127

Yo, retard, you forgot to delete your name from "Name" field.

No. 3128

"Yo", retard, read >>3119
>Since anyone and everyone is Josh to the retarded NEET, I might as well have some fun with it

As I was saying, the sperg that I was replying to is a patehtic NEET who doesn't know what he's talking about.

No. 3129

Except you talk like yourself, Josh, aka spergtismal as fuck. You're also obsessed with the "Everyone is Josh" sentiment more than anon ever is, as can be seen in chat logs of you.

No. 3130

>aka spergtismal
If this is coming from the sperg who reads years worth of IRC logs and still gets simple technical details wrong, as well as not even knowing how a built-in archive would work, that's priceless.

Not obsessed with it, just have experience with this particular sperg. He abuses it whenever he gets backed into a corner when someone points out how his wall of text isn't correct or is extremely misleading.

Keep up the good work, though, NEET. I imagine he keeps telling himself that the day will come where he's not a useless waste of space, but let's not kid ourselves.
As is usually the sentiment: he should kill himself. The poster should try not having opinions on shit they don't understand, in the mean time.

No. 3131


And? The only greatest ally of yours who has impersonated you with trip and shilled for next on a hand holding with monsters board is as autistic as you. Of course you couldn't imagine that no one wants to be you when you left the trip on freech. You have no idea how pathetic it must be.


And yet another wall of text to justify your incompetence. Computers are discrete. You can not endlessly store an Image board threads and all the media posted into them, especially since webm and MP4s became a thing on them. You won't be able to load your endless threads either unless you use some elegant tricks, like 2ch style pagination you have already implemented for Next. Upset? Yell at physics, economics and everyone who has been involved with the development of all Internet Browsers that are in use nowadays.

You know what. I switch back to easy mode for you.

No. 3132

>The only greatest ally of yours
The fuck is this "greatest ally" shit? You're a retarded sack of unemployed shit who doesn't know what they're talking about.
>computers are discrete
>You can not endlessly store an Image board threads and all the media posted into them, especially since webm and MP4s became a thing on them.
Storage space is cheap. And you'd save storage by integrating the archive into the software itself, with deduplication. Most webm threads are the same shit posted again and again, you save bandwidth and storage space with deduplication.
>2ch style pagination [that has already been implemented]
You're saying that the method to load threads on a board lacking a reply limit like some unholy fusion of forumfaggotry has already been implemented in the software?
Then there's no issue, you retard.

You are a mentally ill NEET who throws around big words, dilutes conversation with fuckhuge years of IRC logs using them as a free pass to opine on shit you do not understand because mostly no one has the time to read that shit but you.
You can fool others who have no clue, and maybe that's enough, but I personally suggest you kill yourself, you pathetic loser.

No. 3133

Guess of what comes next: Null tries to claim I have closed the thread because I have been BTFO on /tech/ without even lurking or participating on it since Codemonkey became admin.

Let's check my own words!

>Good Afternoon!

>I have decided to close this thread. First, because it has been sitting here for almost four months and nobody had anything to say about its content here, even though I have linked to it on /tech/, /v/ and /cow/. I therefor assume that there is no interest for it anymore.
>Second, Hotwheels, who is clearly responsible for all decisions concerning Larachan that weren't Josh's stepped back as administrator. CodemonkeyZ is now our administrator and effectively has been for a month, since he did most of the user interaction.

What follows are a bunch of links to CM's transparency report and a bunch of logs that point out that HW was the only decision maker besides Null.


>This board is now solely a backup board and test bed for >>>/irc/ again. All comments concerning this are now offtopic, please go to >>>/operate/ or its recent alternative from the transparency report. This thread will remain stickied here as historical source until we have a inline archive.

i.e. my backwater returned to its original purpose after the dust as settled and everyone who was responsible for the retarded decision depreciating Infinity and bet everything on Infinity Next. Now let's see how Nool attempts to hang me on my own balls with these words.

No. 3134

There you go again, doing exactly as I said you would.
What follows in that link is apparently the board you own and your self-documenting of the the fact that you are a pathetic NEET who crawls through years of chatlogs and has no clue what you're talking about.

No. 3135

File: 1468079919194.jpg (217.02 KB, 709x735, bear_gardener.jpg)


>Most webm threads are the same shit posted again and again,

Yet another lie combined with a total underestimation of the requirements for cloning Youtube. What you are parroting here is a retarded version of the argument against optimization I have heard in university. This is topped off with a splendid projection of your own NEETdom on me. In the best case its pot calling the kettle black. Who gives a fuck? Its not me whos sperging out here. In the worst case you are screeching against your social betters.


I have explained above why it doesn't matter: The only person who wants to be Null for any purpose is as autistic as him.

That Null tends to white knight for himself in threads about him is a fact. By impersonating him, you are just hurting him. You could as well be Nool.

No. 3136

>Yet another lie
It's the same webms, a small percentage of people encode shit, too lazy to ytdl
>combined with a total underestimation of the requirements for cloning Youtube.
If you're going to have an archive of the site all of that shit will now be saved twice, you retarded sack of shit.
>splendid projection of your own NEETdom
>I went to college! muh theoretical computer science and discrete math! more irrelevant buzzwords concerning the context bcuz im so smart!11 lol
>Its not me whos sperging out here
Yeah, it wasn't you who spammed a dozen or more replies in a row and are here defending your own honor but not actually responding to the points where I point out how you are a drooling retard.
>social better
That's cute.
And you keep digging your hole deeper. At what point will a NEET like yourself stop roleplaying and just kill yourself?
>you are just hurting him
Wow, where's the part where I give a fuck?

No. 3137

This whole thread has become a shit posting, self posting, and sperging pile of manure. Man do I miss the days where we had actual moderation, what a shit show this site has become.

No. 3138

This shits nuts. Null doesn't seem like a lolcow and i enjoyed the Q&A but he brings hellish asspies with him. Where the fuck are farmhands?

No. 3139

File: 1468085831521.gif (1.08 MB, 279x219, assburger exasperation.gif)

That's because he really isn't one.

The hellish aspie in this case, the one spamming IRC logs, is some faggot from 8chan. He does this shit everywhere he goes.
The only thing you can do is point out how he's a fucking retard and hope you're somehow able to convince him to finally kill himself.
The thread turned to shit as soon as /cow/ linked to it.

I'm sorry you had to see this.

No. 3140


Nice try. These weren't me. see >>3098
And especially >>3044
>hahahaha he's just going to flood the thread with bullshit watch

The admin can feel free to check the IPs.
These are by me:

The other ones are not. I have never seen in my life that Chatlogs hurt someone feelings so hard that he builds a bullshit narrative and make the subject of white knighting look even worse while doing so.

No. 3141

Yeah, not only is Josh apparently impersonating you in the thread, but he's also impersonating someone who's impersonating himself only to call you out for being a retarded megasperg that does this everywhere you go.
And this all happened right after you came into the thread, but only several of those posts are you, honest.
It makes so much sense.

You really are a delusional aspie.

No. 3142

Vitriol seems like more of a cow tbh. His pseudo-intellectual posts make me cringe every time. Is there a picture of him?

No. 3143

What a shit show.

No. 3144

can this be a general kiwi cringe thread?
this… thing constantly made a-loggy posts in the fit vegan ginger thread. she's even uglier than ginger and 100 times as autistic

No. 3145

Is that a tranny?
God. Why not buy a fucking tripod instead of smashing your head against the cam.

No. 3146

She's autist and a fat acceptance activist.

No. 3147

Why am I not surprised…

No. 3148

Is it valiant ?

No. 3149


Oh I know lol. I was mostly just referencing something that had popped up nearing the end of her thread. Like literally it's mentioned that some sort of proof had been posted and then removed because Doxing her family members had been suggested (I assume as a joke) and it freaked them out hardcore.

No. 3150

Kiwi farms seems to be the only forum Josh hasn't been banned from 10 time, only because he paid for it. Guys a lolpig through in through

No. 3151

I'm not that anon you've been fighting with, nice try tho retard ;)

No. 3152

File: 1468150741962.jpg (32.23 KB, 640x480, stockings.jpg)

To be fair, Stockings was a-fugging-adorable.

Given the nature of /pt/ I'm actually surprised that Stockings doesn't have a massively salty discussion about her and her 20 page long nudes leak Blockland thread.

No. 3153

she looks like your average myspace-era camwhore with some dried out scene hair and chubby tits in that image, not ugly but not exactly blowing me away

this is lolcow, it takes a lot for the catty bitches to be impressed by someone's appearance

No. 3154

Slimy circlejekring faggots like these ruin the internet. They are nobbodies irl so they end up grouping up in shitholes like KF.

Switch KF posters with the lolcows in their lolcow section and you wouldn't notice a difference.

No. 3155

File: 1468196319008.png (242.75 KB, 1291x1436, whodunnit.png)


hello family, it's actual Dynastia from the Kiwi Farms here

A bunch of speds in the supporters forum are flipping out over this post and having a full-blown autistic whodunnit over who wrote it because they're fucking retarded.

I'm leaking some of it because they're retards and I'm actual irl Dynastia and idgaf. it goes on for like 3 pages and it's retarded and a bunch of speds are pm'ing me clues as if i give a shit what anons on lolcow.farms are saying about me

Now I'll admit to killing tupac on my kiwi profile or w/e so you know it's me and idgaf

Kind Regards,
Actual irl Dynastia from the Kiwi Farms

No. 3156

No1curr about infighting at your website full of autists

No. 3157

Yep, no one care. Go back being your edgy snowflack self on your echo chamber. You're already boring us to tears over there, no need to come here with circlejerking gossips.
We get it, you're an edgelord, not like these other retards. Whoop dee doo.

No. 3158

what is there even to figure out, there was no super top secret leaked drama discussed or anything the majority of it is like the same tards sperging over null

No. 3159


lol rekt


nah they're just flipping out that somebody here badtalked chimpburgers or w/e and are convinced it's a kiwi regular and trying to sleuth out who did it like a pack of autistic detectives

any time you ladies make fun of one of us you should assume they'll find it a week later and a bunch of retards flip out over it on the twenty buck cuck forum and start accusing each other because that's generally what happens

keep it up lol

No. 3160

Stop harassing people.

No. 3161

who is this? why is she relevant? it seems like she's some nobody on a random video game forum.

no one cares

No. 3162

Fuck off faggot

No. 3163

i don't know anything about this drama but chimpburgers is an unfunny tard
he once posted that people were giving him weird looks because he was looking at some cow's dick pics in the middle of his college class

No. 3164


No. 3165

Keep your sperging and infighting to your own forum. Nobody here cares.

No. 3166

>claims he doesn't hate transgender people
>is friends with Cathy Brennan

No. 3167

It's good to hate trannies though.

No. 3168

Who knew that even warranted a search, aw for someone who rips on retards so hard everyday he sure is a sensitive one

and yeah I am on the farms, I'd be pretty impressed if they figured out who I was though.

also sorry but not everyone is always going to like you, can't search and destroy every single one of them from the forum, this is exactly the kind of echo chamber group mentality bull shit I was referring to. thanks for proving my point

No. 3169

tbh i just thought it was to piss off Nora Reed

No. 3170

File: 1468258928308.gif (1.91 MB, 540x240, 425.gif)

This thread full of autistic fuckheads stays open while others get banned.


No. 3171

OK, you can start by hating KatsuKitty.

No. 3172

Because I'm awesome and Internet famous and the site admin knows I'll bring in new traffic.

No. 3173

Too bad our admin is concerned about quality. This thread hangs on the edge of deletion.

No. 3174

File: 1468266130377.gif (126.14 KB, 500x354, chicktrans.gif)

Jack Chick pls go.

No. 3175

the thousand posts in this thread disagree

No. 3176

File: 1468273940342.jpg (220.93 KB, 620x412, emojis2.jpg)

ya ok

No. 3177

File: 1468276844806.jpg (12.11 KB, 285x73, not1000.jpg)

No. 3178

File: 1468276854046.jpeg (33.51 KB, 702x119, image.jpeg)

No. 3179

File: 1468280408103.png (13.33 KB, 438x74, KiSn6TP.png)

1. "define:hyperbole"
2. more than most other threads on /pt/ and i just got here

/pt/'s admin should be thanking me for giving you people something to talk about other than shitty cosplayers camwhores and your boyfriend's delicious smegma.

No. 3180

It's actually first time i want thread to be deleted.

No. 3181

>>3167 I dunno. Alot ppl on chan sites love sucking Blair White's dick.

No. 3182

That's what he wants too. The less people know how much of a retard he is the more virtual points his asspatters give to his one liners at KF.

No. 3183

Everyone who should know already do.

No. 3184

Actually, he also made a thread about her on Kiwi too. He tried to be friendly to her in order to piss off some cows like Nora Reed, and all others who call her "fake goth" or whatever.

The thread was locked for a bit (also to piss off Nora, and it worked) but then Cathy blocked him on twitter and the mods brought it back because Cathy was still being a lolcow.

No. 3185


The best thing to do now is ignoring Null and have the thread without him.

No. 3186

Josh is so thirsty for attention he actually "bumped* this thread and his thread on /cow/. I think this should be moved to manure.

No. 3287

Josh, how do you like being a such a low tier cow you deserved your thread moved to manure?

No. 4656

If Nool comes back to /pt/, I wouldn't give him attention. He has already 71 while he has more problems than last year. Since some bong sperg is going after him and sends lolcows to his house, he is planning on moving out of his mom's house to protect her from all the bullshit from his online life.

No. 7167

No. 7168

testing (sorry) https://www.google.com/

No. 7175

Testing, please ignore

No. 7194

I came here to escape Josh and now I see this from six months ago

No. 7198


No. 7242

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