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File: 1458882054303.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.36 KB, 960x960, 1524_10153188655770736_7373717…)

No. 101


-visual kei wannabe/poser

-has a band called d.eluge(thinks their band is visual kei- music sounds suicidal)

-uses japanese but can barely speak the language

-hair looks overprocessed and fried

-makeup look drag

-fb: https://www.facebook.com/zak.aura

-ig: https://www.instagram.com/zk_cy/

-band youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_H_xGu2CYzWg7uKZpeHRbQ

No. 102

wtf is with the pins in his hair

No. 103

literally who

No. 104

Thats zak cy/zak aura

No. 105

hahhahahahaha that hair

No. 106

/manure/ pls

No. 107

Okay but what has he done wrong.
What is his drama.
Who has he scammed.
What has he lied about.
Who has he hurt.

No. 108

I honestly don't know who's worse, him or Laura (Kei) He owes me about $60. Fucking asshole.

No. 109

He made me pay for his share of a very expensive dinner along with my share too

No. 110

File: 1458926845507.jpg (32.22 KB, 585x395, is-that-chola-laura-on-keyboar…)

Why didn't you make this in /snow/?
He's a cow, but not /pt/ quality. Please move to /snow/ mods.

I've met him a few times irl. He's a white boy who pretends he's Japanese or mixed for attention (just like haku and Kei/Laura.)

He's always doing ridiculous makeup and acting like he's hotshit just because he's a guy.

No. 111

Details, please??

No. 112

this guy makes you feel nonexistent as fuck

No. 113

HAHAHA their music sounds awful. someone kill it before it lays eggs

No. 114

yup that's Laura alright. Heard she plays drums? Now shes on keyboard? Looks like a poser

No. 115

so bad my ears bled

No. 116

Went shopping with him and all he did was whine and beg for me to buy he an expensive hair treatment for his friend hair. I was way too nice and I bought it for him.

He said he would pay me back and he never did. Laura and him also like to conviently forget all of their money whenever they go out to eat and make everyone else with them pay for the meal.

No. 117

Laura is a whiny rude talentless bitch with a miserable expression 24/7 I've heard her at karaoke and she's so bad I almost cried.

No. 118

I've heard her sing too she's completely tone deaf

No. 119

How is this milk? You guys sound 10. /manure/ when?

No. 120

File: 1458929429206.jpeg (88.09 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

What the actual fuck is this

No. 121

When Laura's drunk she says some pretty fucked up shit.

No. 122

That's pretty shitty. He sounds like a fucking leech, he and his miserable friends.

No. 123

Poorly done bondage. Having that much extra rope is a sign of an amateur.

No. 124

zak think he looks good doing shibari (japanese artistic rope bondage) so eww

No. 125

I've never taken Zak out, but it's true I've seen Laura at the local dive bars asking people to buy her drinks. I don't even get it. She lives in Long island, but comes down to hang out with musicians– for what?

No. 126

File: 1458929818642.jpg (70.89 KB, 913x590, wtftrash.jpg)

He's trash

No. 127

This entire photo is so wtf. All these attention whores- they're always into Japanese fashion.

No. 128

All of them r haku try hards smh

No. 129

She wants the musician D. Like how she fucked that Yuki host friend.

No. 130

Don't you guys know? Laura is an "asexual agender nonbinary vk they/them androgynous mess"

No. 131

Dude, I heard that too. How was he?

No. 132

File: 1458931252676.jpeg (107.18 KB, 750x750, image.jpeg)

What a poser

No. 133

Laura's a girl when she wants free stuff but a man when she wants attention and likes on ig and internet fame.

No. 134

She practically cried to me over how happy she was over his japanese dick.

No. 135

I knew she was a weeaboo but I didn't know it was that bad…wowww

No. 136


And yeah, Zak is a total mooch. His gf threw him out of the house and he basically lived for free with another dude. I think it's the other guy in the photo with him here. >>110

No. 137

File: 1458935292973.jpg (120.91 KB, 916x574, whosedick-are-you-sucking.jpg)

His girlfriend threw him out their apartment because Zak cheated on her, but he spun the tale around so she seemed like the crazy bitch and he was innocent.
Now he works at a salon? Probably got the job through a friend. As far as I know, he doesn't have a cosmetology degree, so what does he do there? Front desk or sweeping up hair?

No. 138

Where the drama at though? Adminnnnnn do something about this thread plz!

No. 139

Hopefully it will be moved to /snow/
other than that, it's fine and just doesn't belong on /pt/

No. 140

I dont lurk on /snow/ too much but if this is snow quality KEK jesus christ OP and the posters here sound literally underaged.

No. 141

File: 1458937949551.jpg (32.6 KB, 529x596, allthesebitchesknoweachother2.…)

Snow just means that the OP isn't that big of a lolcow, but still some milk can be found. I know all these vk/fakeboi/i am japanese cows all know each other.

No. 142

Zak and all of his friends are the literal scum of NY. I literally can't understand how people can be so disgusting and act so horribly. Don't they have morals?

No. 143

Anyone that comes in contact with him becomes poisoned. But that Peter kid isn't a complete piece of shit. He could be with such nicer and better people. He deserves better. Zak on the other hand is a fucking dick and scam artist.

No. 144

She is the worst person I've met in NY and treated me like complete dog shit as if I didn't exist.

No. 145

Laura puts on a dress*


No. 146

This isn't even /snow/, this is straight up /manure/.
So they pretend to be half, sing poorly, and don't pay people back?

No. 147

collectively how much money do the both of them owe?

No. 148

Laura's nowhere near of a trainwreck as this other vk trash I know. Now THAT girl. That girl should be put into a psychward.

No. 149

Laura's friends with Kaden so who knows. Trash tends to hang out with trash.

No. 150

I wish for Peter's sake that he'll wake up someday and be with people that treat him like an actual person and not a toy.

No. 151

File: 1458949451635.jpeg (411.97 KB, 960x1280, image.jpeg)

These bitches wanna be haku so bad

No. 152

Birds of a feather flock together

No. 153

this thread feels like the same person posting 75%

how is this interesting

No. 154

Is that RJ?! Haha oh shit.

No. 155

Laura and Kayla are perfect for each other

No. 156

Sage for self posting

No. 157

i know zak from years ago. i think hes from texas? or used to live there with his gf he cheated on a bunch of times. he also followed charms to california

No. 158

He told me that he was asexual.

No. 159


No. 160

People like him are so lame.
Anyone who has to infiltrate another countries subculture to feel like an exotic special snowflake are best avoided.

No. 161

Zak thinks that any kind of attention is good attention

No. 162

File: 1459134627817.jpeg (210.24 KB, 750x1112, image.jpeg)

What the actual fuck is this.

No. 163


No. 164

I heard Zak uses tears for lube and doesn't bother showing up to his best friends DJ night. What a butt nugget

No. 165

uhm hey if i really do owe you 60$ I'm sorry… please message me and I'll pay you back and not be awkward about it

No. 166

It's sad that you think that money is actually the problem when your actions and personality are. The money isn't really what matters here. You treat people like shit over and over. You know you can get away with whatever you want you so you never change. And you never will. You're only nice when it benefits you. So fuck off Zak and keep your filthy money. Btw your Japanese is fucking shit.

No. 167

You really have no class.

No. 168

yeah… guess I've made a lot of mistakes
I don't want to owe someone though, sorry
mhh and yeah my japanese isn't good

No. 169

like what even is this thread, this is sad

No. 170

Just passing through, but you should tease your hair more since your head is long

When it lies flat it doesn't do you any favors

No. 171

i love how all of you ballsy anonymous motherfuckers are tryna tear down a dude who apologized for being shitty in the past and wants to make things better. real big of y'all.

No. 172

Hi zak

No. 173

actually i'm not zak and not even a close friend. just kind of always thought he had no real personality, but if he's making an effort, i guess that means he's not a total piece of shit. like any of y'all never fucked up.

No. 174

75% of these posts are Zak

No. 175


actually this whole thread is 100% zak. i am zak. you are zak. we all are zak.

No. 176


75% of this thread is Peter.

No. 177

But he's never made any effort and continues to be a lying piece of shit. He twists things in order to get pity from everyone while making other people look bad.

No. 178

You don't give a fuck about anyone but yourself and you repeat the same shit no matter what so go shove your half assed apology up your ass Zak.

No. 179

i could care less about pity or some boring anon(s?) feelings, i just don't want to owe anyone

No. 180

226% of these posts are kei/laura.

No. 181

You owing people money is not why people hate you people hate you because you're just a really horrible piece of shit. And I say piece of shit because you're not even a man, You act like a child. Grow the fuck up

No. 182

me grow up? do you realize how ironic that sounds coming from this thread…
regardless of who you are we almost definitely haven't had any contact in years, so there's no reason for me to care about any of this other than the money I apparently owe someone?
uhm but the music sounding "suicidal" sounds pretty cool actually

No. 183

This thread was completely fabricated as a marketing scam. Spoiler alert this whole thing probably increased # of views for the band page and followers on instagram.

Great JOB!

No. 184

Now you're just acting all humble when irl you're a completely selfish n self-centered person. U and ur company alike.

No. 185

It doesn't even matter because his band fucking sucks and everyone knows it

No. 186

Seeing the OP description make me bet that this thread is probably made by either a salty person into the American vk community who hate his guts for not really relevant reasons or had some problems with him but too scared to tell him directly.

No. 187

oh god please stop with the self posting theorys, as funny as they are i wish I didn't have people telling me to look at this lame ass website
acting humble? I don't think whoever the main poster is really knows me at all… i guess i was really terrible to you personally somehow and that sucks, i had a lot of really messy periods these past few years… but this whole thread and insults to me are really pathetic, if you want to message me uhm i guess that's cool but im done bothering with this

No. 188

good christ this whole thread is a mess. There's too much false info on here about Zak and his friends that he couldn't even make up if he tried to and given the fact that this gets under his skin this sounds like the last place he'd want to wind up. It's pretty easy to see this isn't a self-post. Someone just sounds really, really butthurt over him. I'm pretty neutral toward him and if there was something to laugh about then fine but you picked one of the least interesting, mundane people to post about.

No. 189

Quit fucking posting here then if you're done. Get the fuck off. I'm pretty sure 100% kei and your followers r backing u up for your shitty ass personality.

No. 190

He keeps on saying that it doesn't bother him etc. but he makes a point to take time out of his day to check this thread and write really long replies. Who the hell replies to their own thread. My god.

No. 191

If you're with Laura or Zak they'll act like they're broke and beg for you to pay for everything. BTW Laura, you're a huge bitch and Peter deserves better. It's weird because somehow they can afford to constantly waste money with no job. What the hell do you two do all day?

No. 192

Congrats Zak on your marketing scam.

No. 193


No. 194

Have u seen her boobs? Theyre huge

No. 195

Can Laura even play the keyboard? Or the drums?

No. 196

No she has no talent

No. 197

Funny how zak comes here to make an apology for his bs.

No. 198

Stupid ppl

No. 199

Let's just say there's a whole lot of self-posting from everyone named in this thread.

No. 224

Zak we all know you still lurk here

No. 237


zak owes you $60? well guess what my dude zak owes me a bj but i never got it and i aint trippin

hes a little gayboi but thats his only real crime. the insults here are so weak no wonder why this had to get moved so many times. id have a better time making a thread on bieber and waste my time self posting there instead on my phone while taking a shit

seriously it looks like you guys have more of a problem with each other; the guy is trying to be more neutral so talk to the guy. of course he lurks here and any subject of an OP's would, ur all gay and so am i fuk off PEACE

No. 304

You must be Daniel

No. 309

You write like a 12 year old but you're past 20. How embarrassing.

No. 391


im pretty sure if daniel posted here he wouldnt give a shit whether his anonymity was concealed or not brosuki desu

No. 393

i saw zak poop outside once

No. 394


did you see him wipe at all

No. 403

No. 405


well then i guess now we all know why this is in /manure/

No. 408

there music only sounds suicidal because it makes my ears want to commute suicide

No. 409


English please.

No. 410

I didnt fuckinh studder

No. 411


No. 412

excuse me for making a typo
at least i dont shit outdoors

No. 452

Lame ass comeback.

No. 455

whatever at least im not zak
i had a crush on him in 8th grade but i've so moved on front that

No. 458

Who would ever have a crush on this fuckboi?

No. 3435

uhm… I wouldn't do something so disgusting…
I seriously have a lot to deal with right now, I'm so tired of friends and acquaintances messaging me this link.
again I'm honestly sorry if I've been a jerk or inconvenienced you in the past and if you want everyone to know that i did whatever, but this is ridiculous and untrue.. i would much rather be confronted with things I actually did, i get that it's really awkward and you obviously have a reason to hate me, but this doesn't solve anything or help anyone

No. 5634

I just know this guy as an acquaintance but from what I've through friends and my own limited interactions with him he's bad news. Hella racist, sexist, beat up on one of his ex girlfriends with a glass bottle, targets Asian girls that aren't even old enough to drink – and didn't pay his share when we were out with in a group of friends once, even though everyone agreed to split the cost before ordering.

No. 5639


No. 5640

daniel should stick to working with people who have actual talent

No. 5643

No. 7149

Who is the person on the right? I know I’ve seen them before but I just can’t remember their name

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