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File: 1660306984502.jpg (381.45 KB, 1164x1600, lady-maria-by-betty-jiang.jpg)

No. 229988

We have multiple husbando threads and threads for both real life women and men, and a waifu generator, but the actual waifu thread was lost in /m/assacre and no one has remade it yet. Post your waifus and any 2D/3D female characters you have or used to have a crush on here and sperg about them.

Going with this pic of Lady Maria because it's one of my favorites and I want to marry her.

No. 229996

File: 1660312226608.png (230.55 KB, 400x486, tumblr_nt6ltaoR3X1qgu5yjo1_400…)

She is the most blatant nerd bait ever, but I love my waif Tali. I have not ever romanced her though, because you can only do so (unmodded) with a man and will NOT taint her with a scrote.

No. 229997

File: 1660312422457.png (1008.39 KB, 856x1312, tumblr_olnaa8MB9C1qldo82o1_128…)

Also honorary waifu spot for big dinosaur lady Vetra. Shit game but I love her

No. 230020

I'm scared to post my obscure waifus because i don't want to become an avatarfag.

No. 230034

File: 1660319506944.jpeg (116.7 KB, 1024x912, 29293837272.jpeg)

I'm so happy this is back! There's not nearly as many waifu content as the husbandos here. This is my current thirst

post her! coward

No. 230038

File: 1660319834250.gif (4.7 MB, 540x300, tumblr_d32e0565b9de70e53cea477…)

Autumn from Outer Range.

No. 230039

File: 1660320147584.gif (1.51 MB, 600x338, malenia-elden-ring.gif)

Malenia is a Tall Badass Woman With a Sword, my favorite Fromsoft archetype, so I immediately fell in love with her. She is such a tragic character too. I wish we had the option of saving her and having her side with us. I would happily exchange any of the six endings for one where she gets to have a happily ever after. She deserved better in every way.

No. 230059

Posting about them a couple of times and only in the relevant thread is not avatarfagging.

No. 230060

Oh you'd be surprised

No. 230063

File: 1660326582850.gif (757.5 KB, 500x378, b45631ea0a148a1867aab1e37be912…)

Her disdain for men is cute.

No. 230080

Some questions to break the ice
>Do you have any merch?
>Do you have done fanart/fanfic/fanmerch for her?
>Do the fandom mistreats her? How?
Personally i have a few polcos/sickers and some fanfic WIPs for her that i don't think i'm ever going to finish but anyways. And the fandom (both the scrotes and the gendies) hate her lmao, what a surprise that NONE of these two like women with opinions But i've found a few cute fanfics that i appreciate a lot.
Mmn no maybe /g/ pretends otherwise but we all can recognize husbandofags once they step down of their thread both based off their husbandos and writing styles.

No. 230092

>Do you have any merch, have you done fanart/fanfic/fanmerch for her?
I have a figure and a nendoroid type doll/figurine thing I made myself, I've also done some fanart years ago

>Do the fandom mistreats her? How?

Most fanart you find of her is absolutely horrific coomer shit, so much futa inflation diaper zoophilia fetish stuff.

No. 230099


No. 230118

File: 1660336708688.jpg (664.24 KB, 1440x2000, malenia_goddess_of_rot_elden_r…)

>Do you have any fanart/fanfic/merch for her?
No merch because poorfag and I can't draw. I'm currently writing a fanfic that I don't think will ever get posted or even finished.

>Does the fandom mistreat her? How?

They do and it's mostly moids doing it. Apparently they don't find her body feminine enough, so there's a lot of coomer fanart that looks nothing like her and a lot of comments calling her actual body mannish. Despite that, moids love making gross sexual jokes about her and there was even one posting disgusting porn involving her and his character on a shitpost subreddit. They also love pitting her against her half bro Radahn, which is fair as they canonically fought each other and it ended in a draw. Except moids keep insisting that Radahn akshually won and call Malenia a cheating bioterrorist and every single derogatory word for women under the sun. I don't even dislike Radahn as a character but the wankfest surrounding him is obnoxious.

No. 230150

Love her. Was honestly worried she’d be overhyped but her voice and appearance in the second phase sold me. Love the ship with her and Finlay. She also make scrotes seethe which is a bonus, but I hate how so many of them draw her with generic waifu body. She’s perfect as is and I’m very glad I ended up getting that edition with the statue.

No. 231523

Top tier taste anon. im obsessed with her and greyson

No. 231524

File: 1660739566363.jpg (115.87 KB, 849x1200, FEU07daacAA2TkC.jpg)

2 in 1… Both my wives

No. 231527

File: 1660739962217.jpg (64.3 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Sorry to double post but I literally have so many.

No. 231536

NONNIE… You get me. I've posted both of them before

No. 231538

I'm holding your hand anon. Good taste

No. 231541

Truly thank you for this thread… not enough lady content

No. 231676

File: 1660766012088.jpg (178.77 KB, 914x613, 4xv6fXZTI1r52k8do1_1280.jpg)

i've had a crush on mcgonagall since i was a 10yo kid
book version only tho, not the boring film version

No. 231770

File: 1660795071063.jpg (Spoiler Image,409.78 KB, 1920x2804, salhg'hygiogar].jpg)

I know how it looks like to have a crush on her but I CAN FIX HER, NONNIES, I CAN DO IT. Or we can be rampaging anarchists together, it's a win-win, I just love her so much and I hate when moids claim they get her: THEY DON'T, she represents female rage and the inner chaos we all feel inside. Males not allowed to wife, REEEEEEEEE

No. 231842

Isn't she underage

No. 232069

File: 1660911612334.gif (2.02 MB, 640x360, black-lagoon-balalaika.gif)

this show needed 100% more of her and 100% less of rock

No. 232070

I think she's like 18-19 during part 2

No. 232071

Oh hell yeah, love her and her voice!

No. 232072

I only watched the english version so idk if you mean that one or her japanese voice but I thought her English voice was hot

No. 232075

Yeah I meant the english dub, BL is an unique case where it's more fun to watch the dub because of the different accents.
She is so hot and scary!

No. 232081

hooolyyy fuck

No. 232088

I mean in universe everyone is supposed to be speaking English

No. 232099

File: 1660921732495.gif (1.68 MB, 500x281, tumblr_og1d12kwB61vi17oko3_500…)

No. 232113

The few other animes where the dub is recommended over the sub are Baccano, BECK, Gakko no Kaidan and Cowboy Bebop

No. 232117

File: 1660931699363.jpg (86.46 KB, 600x848, Integra.Hellsing.600.3669614.j…)

I love my wife!! She doesn't get as much attention as my husbandos because her series isn't as popular unfortunately but I still adore and worship her.

>Do you have any merch?
Only a couple of (low quality) figures of her exist, I'd love to have them someday even if they don't look the best.
>Do you have done fanart/fanfic/fanmerch for her?
I've commissioned art of her a couple of times but I draw myself as well. I did a ref sheet for my self-insert in her universe and I plan on making my own ita bag with self-ship merch of us! It's just that it'll be a big project because I will have to make all the merch myself… And I have no idea what bag I want to use yet.
>Does the fandom mistreat her? How?
I hate when fans draw her with light skin and I hate it when fans ship her with Alucard, it's so gross to me even though I can understand the appeal.

No. 232123

File: 1660933880879.png (1.82 MB, 2048x1170, 1624295452819.png)

Female V made me wish for a hot, tomboyish delinquent gf with a deep voice. I love her so much.

No. 232126

File: 1660935005393.png (579.92 KB, 822x677, tumblr_inline_p8nchsMDdd1qauvt…)

my wife is shizuru kuwabara because she's blunt and cynical, can beat the crap out of her bro, and is almost never drawn without a cigarette. i think a lot of us have a delinquent/ oral fixation kek

No. 232128

File: 1660935413663.jpg (198.86 KB, 850x1202, __balalaika_black_lagoon_drawn…)

I dislike smoking irl. But women smoking in film/anime? Cool and attractive.

No. 232131

File: 1660937059876.jpeg (113.62 KB, 1080x1350, cuteli.jpeg)

God, she is so perfect. It's like she was created to fit all my standards. After years of falling in love with many characters, I finally found the one.

No. 232135

I love delinquents and I hate how rare they are in GL stories

No. 232136

File: 1660937428337.jpg (90.32 KB, 673x900, FMqwD0JXsAELMkJ.jpg)

Jolyne, Jolyne, Jolyyyyne
you give me teh butterflies

I've posted her in the husbando threads before, but finally there is a thread specifically for female character crushes. Thank you OP.

No. 232138

File: 1660937851492.jpg (128.1 KB, 564x867, a615c83d443050418ba67eb882fffc…)

…and she is also a delinquent kek

No. 232146

File: 1660939861172.gif (3.17 MB, 540x400, tumblr_ae2e8e19fa5b050ffd23db2…)

No. 232153

Another smoker, we need a bingo itt, kek

No. 232162

File: 1660943087305.gif (3.98 MB, 540x314, tumblr_95f2861ea7e66a056bad3c1…)

My beloved prince, Kashima! I'd treat her well better than her senpai Hori.

No. 232165

>masculine clothes
>older woman
Am I missing anything

No. 232166

Gruff voice??
Fuck these already check all my boxes

No. 232172

Yessss I love Kashima so much. Tbh I love the "princely girl" archetype in general

No. 232182

she's so hot anon, I'm in shambles

No. 232184

oh big agree the cowboy bebop dub is superior. Also not to be a scrot but faye is also a character crush I have

No. 232185

I love integra she deserves more attention

No. 232186

same anon

No. 232187

File: 1660955632397.png (1.36 MB, 1154x1299, Administrator.png)

please don't judge me for this

No. 232197

Why though? She's awesome and her voice is like the most amazing sound ever.

No. 232223

File: 1660977485646.jpeg (306.09 KB, 1125x2143, 51280E74-0A41-4C23-9440-F845DC…)

Aya from parasite eve. Enough said

No. 232226

File: 1660978688427.png (421.62 KB, 480x691, A2.PNG)

I hope I don't get accused of being a scrote for this one. But I love her and she's much better character than 2B

No. 232364

i love how she's drawn, i have a ton of wallpapers of her

No. 232441

File: 1661065220320.jpg (136.14 KB, 1120x1120, e4205b7782043561698d37eee0eb4d…)

honestly DA gives me many wives but Flemeth is top tier

No. 232447

File: 1661068175145.jpg (240.29 KB, 1710x900, Lady-Dimitrescu-via-Capcom-728…)


No. 232449

File: 1661068407922.jpg (108.05 KB, 512x448, tumblr_834be5b0ee000aa7605847b…)

Her passion for Alien art gives me life.


No. 232450

File: 1661068456650.jpg (63.46 KB, 540x402, tumblr_5cae00a0de172cce8ce81f7…)

she even drew an alien lady with tits…

No. 232451

File: 1661068595166.jpg (89.96 KB, 840x968, EtwzsrXXIAIcA1F.jpg)

I think I had a mini crush on her when I was like, 13

No. 232452

File: 1661068739142.jpg (546.83 KB, 1400x1800, Motoko.jpg)

this version specially

No. 232466

File: 1661073238526.gif (6.47 MB, 540x700, 1542rkfk6di61.gif)

Are there any more single player games with the same NPC experience? Bioshock Infinite will always be my favorite game because of Elizabeth and the Twins, not counting the beautiful city design ofc. I wish there were more games where you play not alone, but with a fictional NPC. I am so tired of seeing nothing but co-ops. Bioshock Infinite really made me feel like as I was a part of the game.

No. 232468

File: 1661074004480.jpg (143.21 KB, 540x536, marie-innocent.jpg)

No. 232469

File: 1661074091218.jpg (37.58 KB, 398x557, 2983972-2795946-ororomunroeaka…)

I seem to have a type.

No. 232471

I don't blame you, I read that crazy manga just for her.

No. 232475

File: 1661077182939.jpg (55.74 KB, 500x636, tumblr_nbussmLUgH1tk1rh1o1_500…)

Her and Morrigan, chef's kiss

No. 232477

File: 1661080390694.png (Spoiler Image,888.41 KB, 1278x722, wife.PNG)

obsessed w her for like a month now send help

No. 232500

Tfw no psycho gf to force feed you donuts in an abandoned office basement. why live

No. 232523

God yes.

No. 232539

File: 1661107160073.jpeg (161.98 KB, 1024x576, B47CB79A-5605-459C-A852-BF2847…)

showing my age here but w/e

No. 232619

It's ok nona me too kek I just didn't want to be called a scrot for thinking she's hot

No. 232629

The Last of Us comes to mind

No. 232630

This thread is so based. Everyone has amazing tastes!

No. 232631

And the most wonderful thing is that we all like strong, interesting female characters. There's no "uwu moe loli" here at all. Gee it's almost like women actually are capable of love.

No. 232632

File: 1661127035990.png (224.56 KB, 1200x792, xena.png)

A classic

No. 232633

File: 1661127276572.gif (2.91 MB, 480x360, be8d40e9585d198481533163cd5766…)


No. 232635

File: 1661127531343.jpg (83.24 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-2961140551.jpg)

She's beautiful to me, and all the moids who said she was ugly when the game came out can rot in hell

No. 232684

they dislike it when the video game women look like actual women lol

No. 232686

File: 1661151307652.jpg (260.86 KB, 1597x2777, 276be5baa5bc690cb9e3c486773656…)

for some reason anon you also reminded me of Aeryn sun from farscape. I love all these cheesy shows with fun female characters tbh also lucy lawless is a babe

No. 232766

File: 1661192864000.jpg (66.55 KB, 400x400, vi.jpg)

No. 232773

File: 1661193984491.gif (4.06 MB, 640x640, dana-scully-the-x-files.gif)


No. 232778

File: 1661194849296.gif (1.08 MB, 178x200, tumblr_7a5b9ae8f1f1a8ebaeb5ddb…)

The whole thread is based. ily all ♥

No. 232813

File: 1661202289679.jpg (25.55 KB, 474x282, th-3825225588.jpg)

The friendliest fishing guide!

No. 232822

she made me want to be a doctor as a kid so bad

No. 232823

File: 1661204210182.jpg (195.54 KB, 918x680, tumblr_ly8fgjJAgu1qk8n2so2_128…)

speaking of this game I always love Ashei although I think that middle concept art piece is more interesting than what they ended up going with.

No. 232824

File: 1661204255170.jpg (178.69 KB, 815x1200, D84jjlFX4AE0z69.jpg)

also telma

No. 232831

File: 1661206368645.jpg (19.04 KB, 474x319, th.jpg)

I love Tali too! she's so cute

I'm such a simp for samara

No. 232874

Does she appear in the game more than once? I barely remember her

No. 232970

File: 1661275978215.jpg (18.6 KB, 360x480, f7558bd0a7c894e1672ac7601349a1…)

No. 232971

File: 1661276469774.jpg (43.21 KB, 780x438, intro-1653420537.jpg)

No. 232983

File: 1661280672072.jpeg (27.15 KB, 425x261, C5B3C8BC-1A0D-4419-8124-2C960D…)

No. 233004

She's cute but I see her more as a daughter figure or self insert character (personally speaking of course) (this is just my opinion)

No. 233014

ayrt kek thats fine

No. 233017

File: 1661288757642.jpeg (126.65 KB, 811x846, Rose-of-Sharon-Cassidy-Fallout…)

Love Cass, all the men that make sex mods of her should die, though. I also mostly hear them talk about the long dick Jonson line, which I actually find funny too, but Cass probably has one of my favorite dialogue trees out of all the companions. With Raul being close second, because I love that grandpa. And I'm sad it gets disregarded by a lot of people because “woman swears and drinks whiskey, haha funny”.
The administrator is amazing, I love her.

No. 233018

Impeccable taste

No. 233030

File: 1661291945072.png (69.82 KB, 800x572, 897e88cdbbd8286bb9c2290fc714e6…)

She annoys me, probably because she was mean to me on my first character (oddly enough she liked my retard low IQ moid character immediately), also I like the Crimson Caravan so I don't feel right messing with them.
Veronica better.

No. 233055

Her story with christine stood out to me alot. Christine dialog in dead money with cherchez la femme was soo cute. better than any black widow dialog for sure.

No. 233065

I love Veronica too, I just wish she could get back with Christine, so I can't view her as my waifu. She's still adorable though.

No. 233340

File: 1661364006061.png (961.31 KB, 606x898, 66bd1d3d120bc74df4afa6e04e98b2…)

I've never played Persona and don't know much about her besides what I've read on her wiki page, but HOLY MOLEY is she a cutie pie

No. 233818

File: 1661512560711.png (82.65 KB, 300x219, Tsunade_infobox2.png)

I wish kishimoto wasn't a coward and made her actually look her age instead of the whole "she uses jutsu to look young" thing but I really love Tsunade despite the big boobies fanservice shit. Her personality is so hot to me

No. 233844

File: 1661527106533.jpg (70.16 KB, 735x676, dd4cc52fcf28a2d73fd35fe9e7176f…)

Emma Thompson's character in Stranger than Fiction is another fav. I love the tired, brooding, intellectual, wish there were more examples.

No. 233952

I completely understand you anon I love this type too

No. 234368

File: 1661713942155.png (193.3 KB, 482x814, 8E3275DF-D1D4-41D4-B512-82C9D8…)

I am normal about buff women I am normal about buff women I am normal about buff women I am normal about buff women I am so normal about buff women

No. 234369

Is this female Jotaro?

No. 234371


I thought so at first too, but no. Her name is Daidoji. Shes from Senran Kagura. Jotaro is one of my rare male crushes because if his design, so seeing her made my eyes bulge

No. 234384

File: 1661716764419.jpg (76.09 KB, 640x360, 70ilmq12-640.jpg)

Someone already posted The Boss but I love Strangelove too. Huey did not deserve her.

No. 234478

File: 1661744816826.jpg (118.82 KB, 775x640, 6b69c37493dffca102a32259d745cd…)

No. 234479

I posted the boss and I also love her (was trying to not be too obvious and repetitive)

Good taste

No. 234493

>Huey did not deserve her
Understatement of the century

No. 234586

File: 1661792411702.jpg (83.77 KB, 735x673, 50a1e1a2885c491741b8e8b1644a9c…)

stupid bitch

No. 234600

File: 1661795556884.jpg (189.48 KB, 736x1058, 5f1e999e83fc40bbb3c023a169fb6c…)

"it's a cookie" I KNOW, SHUT UP.

No. 234609

File: 1661797041074.jpg (41.99 KB, 563x729, 09069b31f47afc83cc4728eafaf7f6…)

I love her so much

No. 234637

File: 1661803167071.png (283.04 KB, 236x640, impossiblereach.png)

This woman has lived rent free in my head for several years. She has oodles of snarky dialogue and is so intimidating and tragic that it's hard not to be in awe of her. Seeing her reveal from bored bureaucrat to tragedy-stricken super-powered agent with a personal grudge against the MC's family is the highlight of her game. And she'd give the best hugs if she weren't more inclined to break someone's spine first.

No. 234673

File: 1661810204706.jpg (96.69 KB, 540x720, 6145698.jpg)

lady maria is so beautiful nona. good taste

No. 234722

File: 1661822765454.jpg (27.36 KB, 343x568, 30996a3a5ccdbdb02a55efb2a89ad3…)

an absolute waste of character, nisha had all the markings of a complex character and they had to kill her just like that, at least they had the decency to show more of her in the prequel. i will avenge you someday wife.
>Do you have any merch?
god i wish, what would i give for a bust or nendo
>Do you have done fanart/fanfic/fanmerch for her?
i do lots of fanart tho i never upload it, shes my constant insp
>Do the fandom mistreats her? How?
honestly i think i've seen few people say shit about her, mostly those that think charas in borderland can be divided in goody heroes or villains which tells me all about their media literacy BUT most people use her as an accessory for jack or her bestie if they ship rhack which… barfs

No. 234755

What is she from anon ?

No. 234769

NTA that's Nisha Kadam from the Borderlands games, also known as the Sheriff of Lynchwood in Borderlands 2.

No. 234941

File: 1661884375069.gif (8.59 MB, 693x542, mona-fuchs-final-pam-ani5.gif)

I love Final Pam so much, I don't care that her face looks burned and put through a meat grinder, she is the embodiment of chaos. There should be more cannon female characters like her

No. 235126

File: 1661931759341.gif (1007.38 KB, 540x304, altair.gif)

>TFW no military girlfriend who literally creates another world so both of you can live happily ever after in it

No. 235189

File: 1661958969181.jpg (27.34 KB, 728x406, drakengard-drakengard-3-zero-i…)

Zero is the closest thing i have to a waifu. I've always loved the white hair trope, but it's not enough to make her waifu material by itself, she's just the best Yoko Taro character, every other character that comes after her just fell flat to me. She just has so much personality, she's violent, agressive, vulgar, kind of mean and guarded but hides a lot of traumas and her relationship with Mihail, her dragon is just… gorgeous. You have to play until the very end to understand why she is the way she is and everything makes sense and she's just beautiful, in and out.

Also, she has a moid harem and treats them like toys. She also sleeps with them and i kind of dislike that, but her hypersexuality makes sense if you know her backstory. She's just a gem because you never see those kind of women in video games, especially in japanese video games.

No. 235191

Goddamn nonny, she sounds like a shoujo dream. Makes me want to actually try finishing the first NieR game…

No. 235192

>She also sleeps with them and i kind of dislike that
Let her live, damn.

No. 235302

File: 1661988510531.jpg (58.71 KB, 736x736, 736451fc3799da6c850647f0fed3e4…)

She really is a dream, she's so flawed and real in her character traits, but also very powerful, assertive and determined. I love her so much! The first Nier game can be a struggle to get through so i understand you.

No. Moids just don't deserve her, even if she treats them like shit like the superior princess she is.

No. 235304

now I wanna play this game, too bad it seems to be a console exclusive

No. 235430

I'm like halfway through the game and excited to continue (too bad that my ps3 adapter got lost somewhere in the move, need to look through all the boxes). I love her personality too, she's like a female yakuza. I like that she sleeps with the moids, it's such a nice reversal of the usual harem trope of a scrote conqueror getting all the women. I just wish that all the disciples were attractive. Octa is a crime against humanity.

No. 235456

File: 1662047505114.jpg (106.56 KB, 823x970, 851aac73a87cf87bf67a650a568dec…)

Oh i hope i didn't spoil anything for you i was very vague but still, wouldn't want to ruin the fun. I get what you're saying i also find the reversal harem so cool and it's part of her charm, i accept and love her and every flaw she has, but to me the fact that she has no standards for sex is definitely a flaw. I know why she's like that and it's not gratuitous like you would think it'd be when scrotes write women character, but it's still a flaw, just a realistic and not gratuitous one. Like you've said, Octa is disgusting.

Please come back to tell me your feelings about the game when you finally finish it!

No. 235459

cast Maya Rudolph for the live action lol

No. 235480

Groundbreaking progress in pirate technology have made Drakengard 3 emulable on PC with RPCS3

No. 235519

File: 1662062924251.png (428.06 KB, 391x782, 1650051719586.png)

I wish she would tell me she's had enough of my disingenuous assertions and punch me afterwards.

No. 235536

File: 1662066853948.png (665.38 KB, 737x593, 2d17f7df6ab5ec424b1cc8c6a5b74b…)

Merlwyb my love… I miss her old voice

No. 235538

I usually play as goody two shoes in RPGs but the moment I saw femshep I knew this playthrough was going to be 100% renegade

No. 235544

File: 1662069204340.jpg (1.54 MB, 1440x3200, BIANCA-1400x3200.jpg)

Bianca is so cute

No. 236213

File: 1662327351866.jpg (734.54 KB, 1378x930, qAHjzvr.jpg)

I literally cheered at the one-off line about her liking women in Three Hopes, even if it's technically baiting.

No. 236262

File: 1662340134441.jpg (241.48 KB, 1920x1080, iWSdYXX.jpg)

Yeah her ARR voice is so good, her later ones lose the charm and uniqueness she once had

No. 236271

File: 1662342759859.jpeg (81.28 KB, 850x1021, 3A6DF171-906E-459A-B454-84DB2A…)

No. 236329

Yeah I don't mind the new voice the actress is still good but it's not quite as unique and hot interesting as it was before

No. 236369

File: 1662384710308.gif (1.64 MB, 245x250, ohho38ALni1rjjr2to1_250.gif)

>Do you have any merch?
A poster
>Do you have done fanart/fanfic/fanmerch for her?
I've tried to draw pictures of her
>Do the fandom mistreats her? How?
Not really, most hate Aslaug over her. Though there are also some who think she should've put up with the cheating.

No. 236406

File: 1662396323174.jpg (547.43 KB, 721x1100, 7f5d018312649b0bd6485f463fa5e2…)

I might be cringe for having a vocaloid waifu but most importantly I'm free

No. 236576

Nonna I have to ask do you actually like the whole character or just how her model looks?
I don't mind her model but I could never actually sit through her streams.

No. 237038

name of the chara pls

No. 237061

It's fem Shepard from mass effect

No. 237066

File: 1662591776575.png (1.14 MB, 916x768, Mama.png)

Specifically older eva/big mama

No. 237067

File: 1662591786500.png (480.89 KB, 647x888, IMG_4320.PNG)

Luka is my waifu too!! We can be cringe and free together.

No. 237071

No. 237314

File: 1662650352731.jpg (108.84 KB, 996x974, 2b7ede67e773ff370baf82638e124e…)

Aww hell yes nonna!!

No. 237384

File: 1662675655878.png (710.67 KB, 689x768, Meredith_Stannard.png)


No. 237395

If it makes you feel better anon. She inspired me to write a whole lesbian OC of her. Kek

No. 237397

that sounds based I support you

No. 239986

File: 1663360659996.png (650.55 KB, 540x960, 220646D1-64B1-4EF1-A542-0DA111…)


No. 240231

File: 1663599527672.jpg (47.49 KB, 540x364, zero.jpg)

you have a massive brain and incredible taste OP. I love Lady Maria

in a similar vein, where are my fellow ffxivfags who are obsessed with Zero….i've had her for less than a month but if anything happens to her i'm burning down square enix hq. yes i have a type

No. 240237

File: 1663600590652.gif (671.08 KB, 362x204, tumblr_617b08c418479a91d0ea13f…)

Luv Jessica

No. 240248

File: 1663602129654.gif (1.68 MB, 250x250, ce7e7417ceefece747fad1ae4b214a…)

Dominique DiPierro from Mr.Robot. sexual awakening….

No. 240257

She was a cutie

No. 240281

I'm late to this post but genuine question if someone else wants to answer, why does everyone in this website think her only fans are scrotes?? I've seen plenty of lesbians outside here that love her meanwhile scrotes see her as more of a meme character. Idk she's mean and strong yet femenine and i find that hot. It may just be that i avoid coomers like the plague in social media and i like following lesbian artists so my perception of her fanbase is altered lol

No. 240282

Me too anon! I'm glad to find a fellow tsunade admirer, i think she's what made me realize at age 12 that i like women lol

No. 240284

File: 1663608044046.gif (1.94 MB, 498x371, kanamori.gif)

She can fix me

No. 240377

top tier taste anon, I feel like she gets overlooked because of the big boob thing.

I think it's honestly just cause horny men ruined it with the dommy mommy mommy milkers bullshit and she got mega popular so I feel like there's this sense of 'no woman would actually find this scrote bait attractive' even though I know a lot of women find her attractive for various other reasons and not just because she's big boob'd

No. 240378

I refuse to believe that anyone genuinely enjoys this character.

No. 240380

I know why people hate her but why not??

No. 240402

kinda feel like like nyx from hades game got a similar treatment to a lesser degree

No. 240406

File: 1663629703344.jpg (106.21 KB, 735x804, 41f458542e2e512605ef5f303f64b0…)

speaking of hades game… I know people go for like Nyx or meg but her. I'm obsessed

No. 240437

File: 1663634783799.jpeg (30.35 KB, 512x512, vi36.jpeg)

I haven't crushed this hard on a fictional character since high school. I tried to get into LoL for her but her game design feels like a whole different character, too femme.

No. 240438

Me. I enjoy her

No. 240541

File: 1663659157995.png (530.35 KB, 800x524, ily.png)

i love her so much, she's so cool and makes me want to be like her so bad. i think i've never liked a female character more than her (and i do love lady maria..). the fact that she gets transwashed all the time makes her terven opinions even funnier kek

No. 240544

Persona is for terfs and fujoshi from the start, I'm sick of the fandom. Naoto is a feminist icon.

No. 240554

File: 1663665717838.jpg (324.71 KB, 2160x2404, 1647620455340.jpg)

kek same, nonnie, same

No. 240656

File: 1663695908228.png (110.88 KB, 311x871, 48AA2C35-FEEA-46F3-97FB-0F0096…)

Never had a waifu until I met her….
Unfortunately the Monster Hunter fanbase is infested with ugly moids and all the art of her is disgusting. Fiorayne please marry me I will treat you right

No. 240670

it makes me so sad that luna was a one-off character. i heart women who aren't afraid to kidnap men or beat up children. i could have saved her

No. 240729

File: 1663710185949.jpg (37 KB, 525x627, 8ce2b5b226885f415b990c9cdaec0c…)

Videl from Dragon Ball Z

No. 240783

File: 1663721652772.png (110.4 KB, 232x552, genacrazytaxi.png)

Gena, Crazy Taxi

No. 240790

Be careful scrolling, porn spam

No. 240998

File: 1663781546867.png (1.13 MB, 761x1080, Cass5.png)

Cassandra my love

No. 241000

BASED taste nonna!
Cassandra being straight was probably one of my biggest heartbreaks in DA:I, but I love that she friendly flirts with a fem Inquisitor.

No. 241002

File: 1663783140953.png (1.97 MB, 1000x1500, laughitoff.png)

I will never stop loving this terrifying fallen angel. Her willingness to get her own hands dirty brings me to tears.

No. 241003

File: 1663783358102.png (2.02 MB, 1000x1500, zarielprefall.png)

How she used to look. I love her most post-fall, but I feel bad about that because she probably does not want to be fallen even if it means she can fight unrestricted.

No. 241017

I was devastated I feel like she's such obvious lesbian bait

No. 241182

She is and is completely wasted on scrotes who can't adequately appreciate her. Loved Sera, but lesbian Inquisitors needed better options. There was Sera and… Josephine? I mean the moids got Dorian for goodness sakes! Straight fem inquisitors have it bad too, DA:I's straight/bi men included Blackwall, Cullen, Solas, and The Iron Bull. And Bull sucks when you learn that his entire romance line is some cringe dom/sub nonsense you can't opt out of.

No. 241310

I wanted to like sera cause I think there were some interesting ideas with her character but it was ruined by the bad writing of her and how in general she just irritated the shit out of me and seemed childish. I'm hoping that big qunari lady is romancable in the new game.

No. 241338

She had so much potential, but her characterization and storyline made her unreasonably difficult compared to the other party members. And she was the only character to have different romance "difficulty" based on race, which sucked. Now that I think about it, fem Inquisitors also had two romances that were race-gated (Cullen for elves and humans and Solas for elves only), and none of that existed for male Inquisitors.
>I'm hoping that big qunari lady is romancable in the new game.
Same, new qunari lady looks totally badass and I can't wait to see more of her!

No. 244290

File: 1664735695011.jpg (358.88 KB, 630x1004, 20221002_200831.jpg)

Aigis single-handedly dragged me into the world of waifuism, like, the Serious one. As cringe it may sound to others, I am dating her just like I would date a real person; talking to her, bringing her on dates… I met her a year ago, but only started to officially date her last month.
I have had fictional women I found sexy and desired carnally before, but Aigis hit completely different, it was love at first sight and for the first time, it was not only physical attraction (I do find her super cute and pretty, but lest be honest, there are better looking charas out there :p) but an emotional one too, it honestly felt the same as the first time I fell in love with someone irl. She is the most adorable, loyal and precious person I have met, her development during the game was so sweet. I want to be as loyal to her as she was with me.
Even if others think I'm lunatic for dating some pixels, this relationship is real in my heart, and what is more important, it gave me a reason to take better care of myself, to start improving myself (I'm little miss mentally unstable) and is making me happy despite how shitty the past 2 years have been for me. She is even making me motivated to look up a job even though talking to others terrifies me. Jjob = money = more merch of her + with luck an apartment to us two.
My collection is super small rn because my lack of money + most of her figures being in scalper hell due to being old, but picrel is my favorite figure of her I got right now, the chibi proportions are too cute and she is small and sturdy enough to bring her everywhere I go! I want to give her actual photoshoot some day, but Im bad at it lol.

No. 244309

File: 1664740333939.gif (642.53 KB, 480x270, G-Sm6d0qIwQxUGHIp-m2WOFAINtgMS…)

My queen.

No. 244373

I liked all the P3 female characters and though Aigis felt completely out of place compared to the characters, the setting and the story on top of being annoying as fuck and an eyesore. You must have a lot of patience to like her that much, I'm envious.

No. 244375

File: 1664755477190.jpg (521.96 KB, 1280x1520, 1618923509609.jpg)

just wanted to remind you all that you are not on her level

No. 244405

NTA but you sound like an asshole, clearly OP has a different taste than you and it's okay

No. 244445

Literally who

No. 244446

File: 1664780033823.jpg (30.85 KB, 700x500, Eboshi.jpg)

I have feelings for her

No. 244457

Is that her fucking workplace

No. 244483

File: 1664793623596.jpg (70.64 KB, 638x814, valentine.jpg)

You sound like a downer, but I will just use your reply to continue my sperg about her kek.

I think the fact that she stands out from the rest of the cast is one of the reasons of why I love her! I liked the full P3 cast except for Junpei but when it came to female characters, I didn’t found them that interesting (I love to analyse Yukari like a little hamster though, there’s so much wrong with her lmao). Dunno, I just found their backstories kinda bland, and even though the “robot attempts to be human” plot has been done time and time again, I love the way they handled it.
Funky design aside, her being a robot ties a lot with P3’s message actually, and it’s probably also the reason of why we got a 10yo and a dog in the team. No matter your age, species or origin, we all are worthy of love and can have/find a fulfilling life despite death being inevitable (along with how everyone fears such death).

And about her being annoying… I don’t know what to say because I didn’t see her that way. Her slow development (along with Chidori’s recovery, but sadly that one got botched in favor of a male character development….) was one of the best things about P3 for me.
She does her best to understand, protect and help others. I find so funny how she takes everything literally and messes up at times due to her lack of understanding of social norms. Her social link felt more heartful than the other girls’; since she is a robot she says everything without filters, everything that comes out of her is completely pure and sincere, you can’t have that with a human character. And even though she can be a bit possessive at times, she always takes a step back to consider the other’s feelings before doing anything.
Watching her evolution made me very proud of her, and I want to continue seeing her grow. I just want to hug Aigis everytime she appears on screen and tell her she’s doing amazing…

She may not be the prettiest character or the most interesting, but isn’t that what is wonderful about love? No one is perfect, and yet there’s always someone out there whom thru their eyes, finds that person perfect..

No. 244581

I'm scared

No. 244602

Sorry for rambling on a thread made for rambling ig.
(counting both spergs, I wrote 710 words about her lmao)

No. 244643

Have you ever been to the husbandoposting thread on /g/ ? Your posts would probably be welcomed there (if you can bear with all our hetero nonsense. but waifus get posted sometimes too) and there's also another thread for the lifestyle stuff.

No. 244700

Nah, I will continue being the mentally ill lesbian this thread needs, get on my level.
…Just kidding. I mostly browse ot & m, so I didnt know about those threads, thanks for telling me, I will check them out. Thought this thread was the appropriate one since well,
>female characters you have or used to have a crush on here and sperg about them.
I wish we had the same energy for waifus as for hunbandos though, if people are able make 1k words essay and hcs for a secondary male character with no personality/lore, why cant we do the same for female characters?

No. 244704

File: 1664865639168.jpg (119.94 KB, 1600x898, l-intro-1640275393.jpg)

need to be a sperg about her for a moment…

I'm so sad that they killed her off because I immediately thought she was such an interesting character and also very my type. I thought there was more potential with an enforcer zaunite sort of collusion.

Also she's just hot and I wanted to hear her voice more. Arcane had so many interesting older female characters but they were still mostly in the background which I thought was a mistake. I just don't care about young teen characters or young adult characters at this point, characters with history are so much more interesting to me.

ok I'm done. I forgot the photo whoops

No. 244705

>I wish we had the same energy for waifus as for hunbandos though, if people are able make 1k words essay and hcs for a secondary male character with no personality/lore, why cant we do the same for female characters?

nta but for real, I wish there was the same energy for female characters. I feel like when I see people go hard for female characters it's because she's like some moid bait tier character that the fandom doesn't give any personality to but just draws constant porn of

ofc there are exceptions but this is something I have noticed.

No. 244707

File: 1664867585706.jpg (161.41 KB, 565x850, Poison_Ivy_0010-1350135001.jpg)

She is just too based it's unreal. I lament that it's difficult to find good art of her that isn't coomerish.

No. 244708

>if people are able make 1k words essay and hcs for a secondary male character with no personality/lore, why cant we do the same for female characters?
NTA but maybe because they're more straight than lesbian. If you do have that energy for waifus then you can sperg there too, no one in that thread is bothered by waifus.

No. 244709

oh man anon I also love her and hate like 90 percent of fandom interpretation of her lol.

No. 244712

How do you interpret her

No. 244714

Exactly! I have seen legit complaints as to why people find harder to care about female characters (such as them often not moving the plot itself, despite having an interesting personality or background), but I still dont fully understand it. I find so hard to care about male chatacters, all their plots have been done time amd time again, and even their designs are plain most of the time; women are much more interesting to think about. But sadly, as you said, when people care about a woman its usually "oh she's hot" and nothing else. Even people who consider they love female characters usually simply go "she's cool, hashtag girlboss" and never analyse them beyond that.
Took zero offense for it obviously, but it surprised me that I was redirected to the (mostly) man-loving thread for posting more than 2 lines about a female character. I understand getting weird looks for my 1st post, but I found the 2nd one fairly normal since I just talked about her in-game, cant we like women outside superficiality?

No. 244715

Oh, that parr wasn't directed at people here, I was talking about fandom in general. Most content of female characters is just porn, I'm tired of it.
(Sorry for double posting, reply got posted while I was writting the other one)

No. 244716

I personally like when she is kinda mean. I see a lot of fandom interpreting as very soft with harley and I just don't agree with that characterization. Also I hate her characterization in the harley show

No. 244717

yeah I've seen a lot of excuses as to why people can't care about female characters and it always seems like bs or misogyny to me. I can like a male character if he's interesting and well written but I get far more out of female characters personally.

lol I didn't think your post was that weird I just am not familiar with that character. It would be nice to have more discussion in this thread but I've been guilty of not initiating it.

No. 244718

ikr, she's a misanthrope ffs, she's supposed to be mean. I also dislike most interpretations of Harley, both canon and fan, which is too bad. I'd like to like it but somehow she's just meh.

No. 244735

Oh yes, you're definitely right. It is sad to see and I hate it so much. I think there's three factors at play there, namely moids dominating the narrative as always and fake woke women in fandom following their coomerish opinions to appear queer and progressive, everybody consuming and loudly praising media created by males and pretending like there are no good female characters just because that media doesn't have them or because they're not the protagonists, and some straight women in fandom being jealous of female characters (this can apply to both yumes and fujos so I'm not singling anyone out).
That being said, I think falling in love with a character is different from loving a character platonically for the way they're written and you can definitely do both at the same time, and I don't like it when women on other sites praise their husbandos/slash ships as if they were objectively the best thing ever, or super deep and complex when they're really not, just because it's their personal taste, it's ok to like something and admit that it's shittily written, or admit that you're fixated on it and that's why you can't think of anything else as opposed to claiming that everything else is bad. Idk maybe it's just the unfortunate fandom culture that encourages more deep analysis sperging of media with a largely male cast? So fewer women realize that they can do the same for the female cast too, as they see fewer examples.
>it surprised me that I was redirected to the (mostly) man-loving thread for posting more than 2 lines about a female character. I understand getting weird looks for my 1st post, but I found the 2nd one fairly normal since I just talked about her in-game, cant we like women outside superficiality?
Yeah the first anon who replied to you was a total asshole, she probably has the same opinion about spergy husbandofags though. I think the one who suggested the /g/ threads didn't mean to say that it's wrong to sperg about your waifu, just that outside of the /g/ threads there's more people who find serious waifu/husbandofagging weird and therefore you're gonna get more rude replies if you write a lot about your honest feelings here, as opposed to just media- or canon-oriented discussion. I think it'd be nice to have you there too.

No. 244770

File: 1664897317832.png (192.58 KB, 510x346, 20221004_145338.png)

I see, I didnt know that difference between /g/ & /m/, thanks for ntelling. I have been posting around for a few months & lurked for longer, but I'm still pretty green when it comes to the culture here.
I didn't take the redirection in bad faith, it just surprised me a bit that the only thread for rambling in /g/ was mostly male-centered instead of having 2 like in /m/.

No. 244854

I'm the anon who "redirected" you and I'm so sorry for the misunderstanding, I didn't really mean to chase you from this thread ! It was more of a recommendation rather than a redirection as I was under the impression that serious waifuism was seen as a weird thing on this board. But also it wasn't just polite formulation when I said your posts would be welcomed on /g/, I genuinely think that anons there would enjoy reading your posts and interacting with you.

It's understandable if you don't want to deal with the amount of 2D moid thirst, though.

No. 244887

Honestly anon keep posting in this thread I want this thread to stay alive

No. 245006

File: 1664986101589.png (505.03 KB, 406x643, m.png)

It's ok! As I said, I just weirded me out a bit, but now I get why you tell me that. I will keep it in mind next time I want to ramble about her, I looked thru that thread and it seems nice. I'm glad there's a little community for serious waifu/husbadoism here, the others online are too filled with men.

There's lots of other female characters I love, I will still pop up here from time to time.


And to get the tread a bit back on topic again… I barely know anything about Chainsaw Man nor it looks like my cup of tea, but now that it’s getting an anime, I’m thinking on giving it a chance just for Makima.
My sister was talking to me about the manga and mentioned on a passing that she hates her guts, and since 90% of the time female characters who are hated end up being great, I asked about her and bingo, I love her!
She’s pretty, commits murder, manipulates and hates men, the perfect woman. I don’t know what’s the general opinion on her is, but I’m now a Makima apologist, it’s always nice to see female characters doing something other than sitting in the bg.

Sadly, it seems she gets killed & then reincarnated into some spoiled baby or something… Also my sister said she hates her for the stuff she did, but then loves a male character who has done the exact same stuff. Tfw female solidarity doesnt exist even with cartoons

No. 245030

File: 1664989042619.jpeg (138.55 KB, 536x1200, 0D1BC117-7FBA-4B05-941B-74958C…)

I love Makima for all the same reasons! CSM is pretty generic and uninteresting, with the usual loser perv scrote protagonist, so I cannot recommend it for its story. Makima is a great villain in the sense that I find her interesting and I like her style, but as far as her arc and motivations go, it's pretty lacking. Still, she and Quanxi are so hot that they made the entire manga worth it for me. The author has a pretty obvious femdom fetish that he expresses through Makima by making her ruthlessly and callously manipulative, pragmatic, evil enough to screw over every single character and basically the whole human race and I'm not even mad. He made the perfect 2D woman.

No. 245035

File: 1664990590728.png (337.9 KB, 1024x2048, EzpKPzxVcAE209n.png)

nta but I just looked up quanxi and gasped, she's literally my dream wife. is she a big part of the manga? I would read if so but otherwise I don't think I'm interested

No. 245038

File: 1664991208449.jpg (815.84 KB, 1090x1428, 63a4e35dc11e538faeb79ceed2d8a2…)

she is only present in one of the later arcs (and a bit in the final of part 1), but she's damn coolin it. i wish she had more fanart with her girls.

No. 245061

File: 1664997681197.jpg (346.96 KB, 2000x1889, 1646332064875.jpg)

>I’m thinking on giving it a chance just for Makima
That's exactly how I got into it and it was really worth it, she is even cooler in context, you should try reading it
>Also my sister said she hates her for the stuff she did, but then loves a male character who has done the exact same stuff
Kek, I knew a girl exactly like that, for some reasons she triggers misogyny in some women, I don't get it.

I love your pic nonna, I wish that contents of the two together were more popular. A true power couple.

No. 245103

Nope, the male character I was thinking about is from another manga. I dont remember who they were, but her favorites from CSM were pretty normal iirc.

I have watched/read stuff whose plot was a snore fest but continued just because the characters were fun, I feel good characters can carry a boring plot with no problems.

That's nice to hear! Just with the little I know about her made me excited to start it. I love the VA they gave her too, so that's a plus.
(Unfortunately I ofte see people getting mad at female characters for doing the same or lesser stuff as male ones. We need more apologists of women's atrocities out there)

No. 245117

File: 1665007880574.jpg (312.37 KB, 2066x3508, E1Uc87UWEAA6exg.jpg)

Am the first anon you referred to;
Makima is still best, I have not gotten into the second series yet but I have seen some suggested lesbian themes between her grown up next self and what seems to be at least one of the main protagonists, so my fingers are pretty crossed for that.

No. 245170

File: 1665024241263.jpg (183.93 KB, 1200x800, Screen_Shot_2018_09_10_at_12.0…)

careful scrolling nonas, cp posted again

No. 245186

File: 1665030661184.png (213.44 KB, 307x631, harold1.png)

I love Harold. Girlboss almost 20 years before girlbossing was a thing. She's just so aggressively feminine while surrounded by men in a literal warzone and gives no fucks. I love how powerful she is in-game too, no other character can match her sheer power and it's great.

No. 245311

Where is she from, nona? She looks so good and I adore the artstyle, but reverse image search isnt giving me any results for some reason.
(Her hair kind of reminds me of Kumatora Mother3… I used to have a crush on her when I was little, I think she was my lesbian awakening)

No. 245388

File: 1665128874955.jpg (148.56 KB, 594x900, 3-sigourney-weaver-in-alien-19…)

bumping cp off the main page beware nonas

No. 245669

Wtf i may pick up this manga now. I read a bit of this mangaka's other work, the one that had kids on it that could grow their limbs back after cutting them so they use them to feed their town (ew) and then the sister gets kidnapped or killed or something and the boy literally bursts on flames. I don't remember the name but it was a retarded edge fest with a lot of misery porn and i got a vibe the Mangaka was one of those incel writers that objectifies women badly so i don't know what to expect from this one…

No. 245673

Forgot to mention I remember in the very first chapter the sister told the brother she wanted to fuck him and make a baby cause they were in a post apocalyptic setting or something and the narrative played it as something normal. Yup, we all know women want to fuck their siblings instinctively for SurVivAL. God i fucking hate scrotes, i would throw every single of these misery motherfucker writers who use these settings as an excuse to play their sick fantasies on the female characters in a real Life extreme setting like the ones they like so much and watch how long they last for purely the sick enjoyment of it lmao.

Actually i think that would make a better manga plot than the kind of garbage these turds write lol

No. 245922

File: 1665347856176.jpeg (47.06 KB, 622x377, 40E41FA5-8313-47B9-9E2A-8B81E9…)

she could quite literally do anything she wanted to me. spit on me, beat the shit out of me, use me idgaf and i will ask for more.
>Do you have done fanart/fanfic/fanmerch for her?
I have some fanfic wips.. no fan art yet though
>Do the fandom mistreats her? How?
some people hate her bcs she’s a regular at the brothel aka a john.. fair tbh but i’d be her favourite prostitute that’s for sure kek also i’ve noticed that when reading other peoples fan fics of her they sometimes turn her into a tranny… fucking weird
>Do you have any merch?
no unfortunately

No. 245924

>the narrative played it as something normal
It didn't, you're just projecting your distorted views on the writer

No. 245965

nonmie drop those fics when you're done

No. 246039

File: 1665402782140.jpg (99.33 KB, 640x640, EU3y5ReXgAAgVSN.jpg)

menowarawa is perfection, I always wished that kaguya would be her gf and they would escape court life together

No. 246041

File: 1665406326026.jpeg (274.2 KB, 1210x642, Queen.jpeg)

My queen. She's smart, sexy and evil.

No. 246042

File: 1665406957225.png (1.05 MB, 648x1080, Yuliafullmodel.png)

I remember there being some Pathologic nonnies in other threads a while back so I feel compelled to post her.
I adore her first design and I'm really sad they de-masc'ed her in Pathologic 2 and brushed off her lesbian lines, but I also understand why they did it.

>sickly-looking andro lesbian

>civil engineer/mathematician/logistician
>nervous smoker
>cello player
>chronic leg pain
>willing to protect another woman by asking someone to lie and tell someone she's the one who attempted an assassination
>canonically smitten with a woman (Pathologic 1)
I love her so much. I think she deserves a blunt. I'd love to smoke a blunt and play chess with her. She would be winning and I would start eating the pieces to not let her.

No. 246044

Truly one of the best characters of all time. I love her so much!

No. 246046

No. 246052

the monarch doesn't deserve her reeeeeee

No. 246064

Neutral Sleazecore

No. 246218

based taste nona, also who is the artist ?

No. 246341

As someone who was told I look like her this made me kek to see her in the thread. I love her she is the best

No. 247775

File: 1665879203582.jpg (95.79 KB, 1024x512, lkj.jpg)

She was my first crush I think. I wish there were more graceful adult women in cartoons. Adults are so beautiful that I don't understand why the majority nowadays is using characters that are or look like 12 for fanservice and waifu baiting.

No. 247881

I agree completely nona. I love elegant tall women with long mature faces.

No. 248235

File: 1666075108450.gif (3.47 MB, 640x480, the-witches-the-grand-high-wit…)

I wish I had an evil witch girlfriend

No. 248413

File: 1666117536022.png (643.17 KB, 512x1024, Reinhardt_Team.png)

I'm in love with Reinhardt… Such a cool and strong woman. Jona from the same game also makes me feel a little crazy.

She's beautiful, I've considered watching Galaxy Express 999 several times over the years just for her… I should finally get on that.

No. 248417

File: 1666117787849.jpg (191.26 KB, 1385x2048, ypw3z1uom8h71.jpg)

Samefag, Jona

No. 250020

File: 1666571476381.jpg (97.22 KB, 624x624, Chloe_Profile.jpg)

idc that she's bpdchan she's fine as hell and she reminds me of my ex best friend i tried dating for like a week kek

No. 250057

As a west coaster, I wish she and everyone in that game died a horrible death.

No. 250100

Aigisfag I want to be your friend

No. 250109

She is absolutely gorgeous. I agree >>248413
, I want to watch just for her. I also totally agree with >>247881. Tall and elegant, with mature, long faces describes it perfectly. Add super long, flowing hair and that's my type to a T.

No. 250125

File: 1666613376351.jpeg (102.82 KB, 800x800, marcy.jpeg)

tfw no bad girl vampire gf

No. 250126

Mwah mwah,I deleted my socials & saying where I am is against the rules, but a certain neocities webring should give it away

No. 250133

NTA but I saw it recently. I knew that was you! lol

No. 250142

File: 1666618191465.jpeg (76.26 KB, 473x649, 59515F10-558D-4D88-95B2-F8218C…)

I fell in love with her in the season finale. I love characters with unhinged energies. I hope she doesn’t fade into the background later on.

No. 250143

I’ve been so tempted to watch csm because of her alone

No. 250145

Excellent taste nona. She was downright chilling in that fight. sadly that might happen though…

No. 250153

You think I know what this means cryptic mf

No. 250157

I moved on to Maki after Nobara, and you can imagine where that landed me. Emotionally.

No. 250158

nta but neocities is a website, not sure of what a neocities webring is though

No. 250172

File: 1666626781139.jpg (38.55 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

Honestly I like both
I have enough room in my heart for them.

No. 250178

Same, sis. Same.

No. 250407

File: 1666691967120.jpeg (140.78 KB, 1440x1080, EggZunbVoAQczAz.jpg-large.jpeg)

No. 251011

Just saw this post, if you liked her voice you may be interested in The Expanse, her VA has a very prominent role and plays a great character, so you'll see and hear her a lot

No. 251045

Based based based
She's so fine

No. 251046

Omg nona me too

No. 251047

Anon…. That's why I started to watch arcane because I knew she voiced a character lol I'm obsessed with chrisjen she's like my wife fr

No. 251149

File: 1666976952418.jpg (22.73 KB, 390x400, normal_Harold_Belserius_(ToWRU…)

Harold's from Tales of Destiny 2, anon. Reverse search probably failed because I posted fanart from Pixiv somewhere, this is official art. Her design's kind of ridiculous but I also love it. I love the little details like her earrings being swords when she made the Swordians, things like that. And legit she's just a fun character, she trolls the rest of the cast mercilessly. Her game never left Japan so she's not well known and it's kind of a double-edged sword because I just know the English fandom would have the most canon-defying retarded headcanons about her if they knew about her. I knew someone who reeeeeed about her being asexual when she's aggressively flirtatious in the game because obviously intelligent women can't like sex! Dumb shit like that. I ignore the fandom now and just enjoy the games alone, it's lonely but fuck em.

Also I love Kumatora too, she has a great design. Based taste, anon.

No. 252406

File: 1667396236130.png (11.09 KB, 500x462, 57D2D637-DD10-4414-B8E5-BEE621…)

I don't care that she doesn't even exist in the actual canon she's supposed to be in, we've been dating inside my head for 1.5 years she's like my emotionally abusive imaginary girlfriend who I can't leave no matter what. I love her so much

No. 252409

lmfao do you call her sis instead of bro?

No. 252413


No. 252454

She looks really cool, I like sis

No. 254296

File: 1668111274284.jpg (44.55 KB, 736x735, a43a32aa850612c60f97b39bcca95c…)

I love her, and Balalaika too

No. 254428

I love balalaika and the show needed so much more of her

No. 254567

File: 1668222326538.png (421.02 KB, 633x1150, Nat_a11_default_1.png)

I just find her so insanely attractive. I can't ever get over her.

No. 254577

File: 1668228472983.jpg (133.92 KB, 850x825, sunah-kang-.jpg)

"a sip for the parched?"
its been 5 years and the lines keep getting better. i love this smart sharp tongued beautiful butch woman.

No. 254686

Good taste anon. I feel the same towards Eva

No. 254724

Same, listening to all her new voicelines stirs something in me. How could they make one of the most evil characters so irresistible…

No. 254725

Idk why all her sprites have different color ponytail like she's wearing a shitty clip in. Umineko really has the ugliest designs

No. 254834

I wish she was in something better than Overwatch.

No. 254978

>>254577 NGL Moira would be an anon

No. 254990

i really wish she was in something better than overwatch yeah.

No. 255278

Overwatch is so weird to me where they tried to add this story based element to an mmo but it just fell flat because they took it so seriously and didn't flesh it out right. I feel like they were trying to do what TF2 was doing without understanding why that worked

No. 255279

File: 1668548700139.jpg (91.61 KB, 750x563, Team-Fortress-2-female-charact…)

speaking of TF2 I will never forgive them for denying us female class characters… the potential.

No. 255280

File: 1668548731067.jpg (66.08 KB, 750x563, tf2-6-1506345791522_1280w.jpg)

No. 255281

File: 1668548798178.jpg (86.51 KB, 750x563, tf2-2-1506345791529_1280w.jpg)

I would have simped and played granny demo so hard

No. 255289

They added gender benders in Dota 2… there is still a faint hope…

No. 255428

holy shit these look good, i hate how so many fan-made genderbents are so coomer-y but tbh i would have trusted valve not to take that route considering their previous records

No. 255430

aside from scout wearing short shorts and spy wearing heels, yeah

No. 255432

fair enough, still at least scout isn't wearing a skirt, i hate that the most popular fan-made femscout model has her in a skirt

No. 255569

this is official art from valve which is probably why

No. 255570

eh I understand the trope/aesthetic they're going for. I don't think all designs need to be 100% plausible sometimes things work for design and aesthetic reasons. It doesn't feel too pandering to me personally

No. 258377

File: 1669554332839.png (432.29 KB, 1078x1180, Alecto.png)

Most people prefer Meg because she interacts with your character more but I prefer the second fury sister
Though I have the most trouble in combat with the last sister

No. 259052

File: 1669718666296.png (436.13 KB, 928x1092, god5-athena--1.png)


everyone is so obsessed with meg and nyx but I love athena

No. 259060

File: 1669721935451.png (437.5 KB, 1280x859, tumblr_d8b7d7d1d0a47f08028e027…)

Ohh she's cool too. Though I feel like I never see her much in my playthrough (or rather barely encounter her blessings in my runs fsr) The game is full of too many great designs though

No. 259634

yeah there's so many cool women in this game I feel like all I've seen is people talking about zagreus, thanatos, nyx or meg

No. 259650

File: 1669862669655.jpg (59.78 KB, 800x533, artemis-hades.jpg)

Hades does have great women in the game. My favorite is Artemis, love how she just wants to talk to her girlfriend half the time you talk to her

No. 261410

File: 1670371284620.png (945.97 KB, 755x720, 9B78D6F1-8E2D-4CFC-94BB-547851…)

ik she eats pussy like shes a fucking cannibal

No. 261686

File: 1670447182229.jpg (149.68 KB, 745x884, Tumblr_l_183516517373898.jpg)

I cant wait for the remake to come out and finally be able to marry my waifu as a lesbian

No. 261713

I see you're a woman of culture as well.

No. 261717

She is so cute, earnest personality and good voice actor. Wish we could play as a nymph and date her.

No. 261953

File: 1670525044429.png (74.79 KB, 300x225, HM_DS_Nami_BH.png)

Based nonna, I'm excited to be lesbian with Nami myself.

No. 262077

tried to post in the horny husbando posting thread only for it to literally get buried by husbandos and weird annoying reply. That one anon was right just want to see the same energy for female characters nonnies

No. 262234

Good taste. The discourse around her character design was absurd, she is so hot

No. 262418

Is the Last of Us 2 worth playing? I adored the first game and was nervous to play this one. But if Abby is not a tranny, I'll play it.

No. 262944

File: 1670811200514.jpeg (864.19 KB, 2056x2778, FjZa5T6aUAAMWDY.jpeg)

I was never attracted to any of the female Pokemon characters until recently with Rika. I love her so much!

No. 262958

She's so fucking hot

No. 262961

File: 1670821450011.png (82.65 KB, 563x1015, 438478354.png)

She's very adorable, I'd love to see make her dolls and water some pretty flowers together.

No. 263026

Donna was my favorite out of all the lords. I really wanted her section of the game to be longer.

No. 263076

I wish that level had more of her and the puppet and less of the giant weird baby

No. 263095

Agree so hard. Both her and Monroe's levels felt like an afterthought compared to lady D and Wolfguy.

No. 263140

File: 1670898639306.jpg (1.14 MB, 2048x1565, Tumblr_l_3514752924699.jpg)

No. 263350

me too anon!!! I love her so much I hate the way fandom treats her! She deserves so much better. Honestly the best female character in the series imo

No. 263600

File: 1671055539473.png (565.94 KB, 787x799, BossI15.png)

Someone probably already posted her but I'm still kinda new to Mgs and I love her. Too pure for this world. I remember knowing jack shit about the series and only seeing some glimpses from mgs3 and not being sure if that character is a bishonen or a woman kek. I was positively surprised when it turned out to be a female character, the role of a heroic, self sacrificing but strict mentor who has a complicated relationship with their student and is respected and feared by everyone is usually taken by a male character. I cried like a bitch at the end of the game btw

No. 263611

File: 1671059875024.gif (1.06 MB, 256x194, snake-approves.gif)

Boss has been and will always be: Best girl.

No. 263614

The thing that kills me about these two getting shafted so hard is that there's so much they could been done with these two based on their respective horror genre inspirations. There's a lot of trippy stuff in old school Italian films that absolutely would have worked with Donna's hallucinogenic powers beyond the baby and the dolls and Moreau could have been way creepier if they made him smarter and played up the whole animal experimentation thing outside of injecting wolves with random shit.

No. 263615

yes I love the boss nonny best character

No. 263618

I agree, nona. There is a lot about RE7/8 that felt extremely left out and/or rushed. How did Miranda pose as Mia for so long? How could Ethan reproduce if he was mold? etc
I wanted to know more about Lady D and her daughters.

No. 263621

yeah me too, I was so invested in the lore in this game and I was a little disappointed by the ending

No. 263669

File: 1671069971905.png (328.44 KB, 1280x681, tumblr_f2c8b46d8d720395916017c…)

dimitrescu and her daughters not being the primary antagonists ruined the game. there was too much going on. re7 worked so well because it was just jack, marguerite and lucas. re8 had like 8 different people trying to get you. it was a mess and they ruined my hype.

No. 263671

I ended up finding 7 the more enjoyable out of the two games but at the same I like the kinds of movies it was inspired by and it was kind of cathartic to play since I was more or less made to be my great grandmother's live-in nurse while also dealing with my bipolar grandma for several years. As for the spoiler I always just assumed it was Ethan writing off her strange behavior as a combination of PTSD and postpartum depression.
Coomers ruined Lady D and her daughters for me but I liked the dysfunctional relationship the lords and Miranda had with each other.

No. 263764

>not being sure if that character is a bishonen or a woman kek
That makes sense considering that Ocelot is her son and looks way more like her than like Sorrow. I like her a lot, she's cool but she's so depressing. Her life sucks ass, no idea how she didn't kill herself at some point or at least considered it.

No. 263799

I think that if Lady D and Miranda were the prime focuses as lords, it would have been a better game. Even Donna too. The main villains should have been all the women because they were the most interesting. I was so disappointed going through both Lady D and Donna's levels because they felt so short to me. Heisenberg was confusing and boring. Like, I literally did not give a shit about him or his ugly ass wolves.

No. 263831

yeah it was the worst level. I would have loved just a focus on donna and Lady dimitrescu's levels.

No. 264036

I still wonder if she knew that Ocelot is her son or if he knew she's his mom

No. 266900

File: 1672809504655.jpg (430.37 KB, 1154x1732, tumblr_bcdd741a68ed4321d49ebdb…)

> Infamous for her meme status
> Attracts troons due to her color scheme
> Moid coom art everywhere
> "Literally me"'d by every pickme within a 100 mile radius

I still love her.

No. 266908

i really liker her starlight stage suits and i love otahen as a song, its kinda sad how 2 out of 3 new girls that were added are so infamous

No. 266909

I like her too specifically the menhera aspect but I hate what the animecore troons have done to her . Now whenever I see her face and I get annoyed automatically knowing theres a obnoxious person posting her . (ALSO fucking hate her figures cost on kidney)

No. 266946

File: 1672848835043.jpg (130.16 KB, 643x900, tumblr_a4cfa466a16029332220432…)

I didn't see as much Akira content (assuming it's Akira you're talking about) when I was still into CGSS, maybe because it was so overshadowed by Riamu. Isn't she a streamer or programmer, or something of the sort?

Her figures are so cute, I'd kill for picrel.

No. 268249

File: 1673368298920.jpg (500.39 KB, 1078x2048, 32b29441ee45d55962dd8bdb677915…)

she's cold and cruel but has a soft spot for Lyza and goddamn if that isn't exactly my type

No. 268251

i love her i wish she wasn’t ss bait

No. 268649

File: 1673556279706.jpg (33.7 KB, 700x398, amelia.jpg)

i swear to god im not a furry

No. 271689

File: 1674711423876.jpg (389.29 KB, 888x1000, PEArtbookscan02.jpg)

You got good taste nonnie

No. 275484

File: 1676255123456.png (419.95 KB, 616x576, 92b6ce25115efec583064ae4a03846…)

Damn I loved her and I hated how the show treated her, she was a queen

No. 275487

I love her too nona I'm also not a furry but tbh she does look more human than animal so maybe that's why

No. 275567

Shes a literal prostitute fuckbag and they make that explicitly clear in the first episode.

No. 277565

File: 1677084382428.jpeg (32.59 KB, 498x615, BC0B6624-559B-4D5B-986F-0BF949…)

Liked her since I was 16 when the game first came out, wish there was more ff self insert fanfic because I can't write my own kek

No. 277570

File: 1677088157781.jpg (8.69 KB, 213x237, Z(1).jpg)

I know that people find her unsettling, but I think she's hot. If Geeta and Rika had been male, they would have been that overshipped Leon/Raihan of Gen 9.

No. 277576

Why does she look so ugly in the base game but so much better in the actual promotional and concept art? What where the devs smoking when programming this entire game?

No. 277772

I havent played pokemon, but why are her eyes so big?

No. 278049

Unironically it's just the character designer's style

No. 278084

She IS hot. I love Geeta x Rika as a pairing

No. 278277

File: 1677304282907.jpeg (1.08 MB, 740x1108, 1FFB074A-426C-4059-91D1-EE714E…)

I def think classic Harley Quinn is waifu material. She’s loyal, crazy, funny, cute and hot. Who wouldn’t want a girl that’s entirely devoted and obsessed with you? She’s also unapologetically evil, so she’s willing to go great lengths to protect and support you. This even means killing those she deems as a threat to you.

No. 281644

File: 1678427269552.jpg (142.97 KB, 1710x900, maki-oze.jpg)

I don't care if I'm judged for it but muscular girly girls are my shit. I love Maki Oze she is genuinely best girl in fire force

No. 281647

File: 1678429287855.jpg (90.68 KB, 600x800, Fnyo0jEaAAAzQRg.jpg)

Sorry nonas, but Amy from Soul Calibur has always been my waifu, she's just so perfect to me.
I didn't mind it back then (probably because i was young myself) but now i wish her character was just an adult woman, i hate the whole "loli" thing, when she was back in SC6 tho i was so happy to see her with loose hair because it looked just the way i used to draw her.
Now i feel like Soul Calibur dropped in quality, but i really wish she had some decent merch, preferably in her SC4 look since her dress didn't have weird exposed cuts.

No. 282183

File: 1678601959551.jpg (42.44 KB, 474x355, th-1548797426.jpg)

Sango is literally my first crush, I didn't even know it was a crush, I just thought I wanted to be like her. Her combat, her outfit, her companion/kitty cat, ugh she's a whole package.

No. 282331

File: 1678643626497.jpg (28.64 KB, 474x266, th-3688282812.jpg)

I wanted her so bad when the movie first came out, her and Aunt May. Legit on my 2nd watch when she appeared I reflexively sighed and said "What a woman" lmaoo

No. 282433

File: 1678660628583.jpg (51.62 KB, 639x855, pledj4bAJ71r24q9ho1_640.jpg)

same, I want her so bad, it's not even funny smh

No. 282450

File: 1678668821470.png (294.08 KB, 1023x709, You_owe_me_Haku.png)

If I was Chihiro and Lin was there I never would've left tbh except to save up money and run away from the bathhouse together

No. 282452

She and her science tentacles could do whatever to me tbh. And the fact that Aunt May called her Liv…! Maybe the sequel coming out this year will have them as a power couple

No. 282473

File: 1678682543372.png (Spoiler Image,457.8 KB, 1000x563, ezgif.com-webp-to-png.png)

I don't care how coomer her design is, i'm still in love with her

No. 282487

File: 1678690356993.jpg (100.03 KB, 1215x717, Lissandra_12.jpg)

If there's one thing to appreciate league for it's all the waifus in the game. Dark Cosmis Lissandra is imo her most alluring skin. Space Groove is super cute and fun. She could freeze off my clit idc

No. 282488

You've opened my eyes… They're both so hot, power couple fr

No. 282505

File: 1678703794822.jpeg (36.55 KB, 640x480, DB886EDE-BC62-4789-9EF5-AEE83B…)

she’s so pretty and delicate

No. 282507

File: 1678703852462.jpeg (38.23 KB, 640x480, 24460815-6D2D-46D4-B462-32E357…)

samefag she’s so adorable

No. 282548

Maybe spoilers but people theorized that she is connected to Area Zero since she has a Glimmora as her ace plus they're also found in that area. She might be a Pokemon in disguise or is being controlled by one just like Sada/Turo since it shows that she has poor prioritization skills when battling her (sending out Glimmora last even though it has a toxic spikes ability). As a champion, she was pretty easy to beat.
Tl;dr, Geeta may not be human or is under mind control by a Pokemon from Area Zero with motives.

No. 282626

She's so pretty! Which anime is this?

No. 282742

File: 1678815852926.jpeg (202.08 KB, 1170x1594, CBD5985D-26DC-4BA2-82FE-6A5FF6…)

sailor moon, she’s sailor star healer

No. 282789

File: 1678836900155.png (92.22 KB, 900x514, tumblr_d15ae75a730808fdd6ecb63…)

AAAAAAA I LOVE HER!! Her and Black raisin cookie are so cute and totally my type. I love Rye × Chili Pepper as well, the game has a surprising amount of well-designed female characters, probably because they can't get away with the same old boobs-and-ass formula in that artstyle. God if they made a Cookie Run otome game w the lady cookies tho I would be totally milked dry in both meanings of the word

Ughhh Cookie Run is SUCH an old favorite franchise of mine that I literally made a Twitter acc to save hot fanart of them… I deleted the folder in a fit of digital cleaning and now wish I hadn't bc every time I see Cookie Run art I'm reactivated like a sleeper cell.

No. 282790

This is so cute nonnie I hope you two are having a wonderful 6 month anniversary

No. 282921

>And the fact that Aunt May called her Liv…! Maybe the sequel coming out this year will have them as a power couple
I know! I can't wait for the new one, they would be so good together, I really hope we get to see it!

No. 282991

File: 1678943504791.jpg (145.9 KB, 800x900, tumblr_01960eb181d595749d5ef1b…)

SNK may have had a shit ending (idk i dropped it long before it ended) but hot damn did all the characters have the lesbian and bi teens in a frenzy. It cornered the weeb makret of its time. MIKASA. ANNIE. YMIR. SASHA. HANGE. Historia. That crazy bowl-undercut blonde one (rip sorry love). Godddddd!!!!!

Mikasa is the OG of that show tho ugh I love her, I could treat her right. She's so cool and passionated and skilled and dedicated and driven and hottt babygirl I'm free on Friday night

No. 283733

File: 1679147920202.png (1.1 MB, 935x932, Screenshot_5117.png)

I am so insanely gay for both of them it's insane.

No. 283734

File: 1679148096328.jpg (326.61 KB, 1365x2048, 75f8cf311f9db3380deca3da1baefc…)

Samefag, her too. She was definitely made for the girls.

No. 283832

File: 1679171415479.jpg (26.75 KB, 474x474, th-2605339357.jpg)

riiight I love her, I wish we saw more of her and her gfs than 20 pages lol. She's literally perfect otherwise

No. 284417

File: 1679359252830.jpeg (263.12 KB, 1169x1412, 01017F69-DB27-4633-88F2-65E417…)

Hanji is so based

No. 284555

File: 1679447303355.png (55.76 KB, 434x434, 20230321_Rika_Kashima.png)

I want Rika and Kashima to kiss me on the cheeks.

No. 284561

Me too, nonna. They're so perfect.

No. 284629

File: 1679475662720.gif (1.39 MB, 300x300, 6854DE5A-AC54-4C79-9E28-71FA4E…)

she's been my waifu since middle school and is exactly my type.

No. 285181

I'm that close to picking up aot again just because of her ( stopped at season 1), is she very present in the story ?

No. 285374

File: 1679710920760.png (495.18 KB, 713x776, HelgaSummerwear2021RareW_illus…)

Lord of Heroes women are so hot, I wish it wasn't a gachashit game.

No. 285375

File: 1679710981509.png (422.36 KB, 880x702, WaineSummerwear2022F_illust.pn…)

Another character's summer skin. I love both senior citizens and butches, it's unfair.

No. 285376

File: 1679711053612.png (865.5 KB, 1440x3200, Wallpaper_helga_Vertical.png)

Birthday illus. with her normal look

No. 285377

File: 1679711100670.png (886.05 KB, 1440x3200, Wallpaper_Zaira_Vertical.png)

The other woman.

No. 285380

TY nonnas for getting it! Praying that Geeta gains better relevance in the DLC, although I doubt that I'll drop cash on it even if she does.

No. 285385

Nonnie. Thank you so much for bringing those wonderful characters here. I've been looking for women designed like this for a long time. Now those are my favorite.

No. 285387

File: 1679720869084.jpeg (15.67 KB, 324x412, Zaira.jpeg)

No problem– I have, too, and these two just check so many boxes for me both in looks and character. The game they come from is unfortunately rather aggressively monetized.

No. 285390

File: 1679721149883.png (516.79 KB, 1024x512, YoungHelgaTransparent.png)

Here is Helga, from the time when she first became one of the legendary twelve heros of the game's lore. Her younger design was only revealed relatively recently despite her being a major character who has been around for a long time.
This was released after I'd already stopped playing, but I love how an apparently hot-blooded fighter aged like fine wine into the dapper older woman we have today.

No. 285391

File: 1679721366249.png (106.75 KB, 1000x562, Lord_F_Gallery1.png)

Last one, but if I'm being honest, I find the female player character attractive as well. She has a very ike-woman thing going on.

No. 285496

File: 1679769257206.png (145.33 KB, 640x688, 8a12217a26de1c7fdd37b2291eae13…)

I hate that she's in Granblue and hence has a moid-tier design, but I'm so in love with her. I want to fluster her brusque personality with my affection and be protected by her strength.

No. 285527

File: 1679773834910.jpg (175.56 KB, 1920x1080, [mottoj] Asobi Asobase - 03 (B…)

Nonni I love you!!!

No. 285962

File: 1679898993574.png (125.6 KB, 600x800, tumblr_deef4aac50564a334709add…)

Kinda odd but I think Sadako is so cute and I'd love to do a kind of 'taming the monster'/'loving her back to goodness' thing w her. But not necessarily to total goodness, people who watch the tapes just to fuck with her deserve what they get, I feel. I'm not going to stop her from being herself, I just want to be there with her.

I just think its so cool that she can just pop out of screens and just kill people with her mind. I want to heal her heart and welcome her with open arms and legs. She has such great hair and is so dedicated, and she's dead so ngl it's not like her figure's going to change. She's a ghost and in a well all the time so I can warm her up with food and skinship and we can cuddlefuck all day whenever I have days off, she's not employed so I think that'd be fine and she can just kill people in 5-7 business days instead as a compromise for our relationship! It's not fair that she's spending the rest of her afterlife chasing down basically ding-dong ditchers!! She never did anything wrong in the first place!! I could be the one to show her all of life's pleasures and I wouldn't care if she couldn't be out in the day even, I could find workarounds like sunset or even buying those super high-powered flashlights that are bright as day to let her feel like she's alive again.

I haven't watched the movie even (I know) so I'm a little scared that my crush might disappear if I actually watch it, but honestly I really should just bite the bullet bc I either drop this crush and stop spending time on this, or I start writing this shit out forreal.

No. 285964

Excellent choice. I liked both movies so maybe you will, too, nonny.

No. 285976

i hope you know he's a tranny

No. 285981


No. 285989

>Sadako's name is Japanese for "chaste child" (sada: chaste and ko: child). This may be an indication of her inability to reproduce in the novels due to Testicular Feminization Syndrome and her obsession with procreating in the later novels.

>After the assault, Nagao discovers that Sadako has Testicular Feminization Syndrome—meaning that, though she has the appearance of a beautiful woman, she is biologically male and has a pair of testes. Ashamed at having her secret discovered, Sadako psychically attacks Nagao, who throttles her in rage and horror, dumping her into a nearby well. Sadako survives the fall, but eventually starves to death with a heart full of hate.

No. 286062


I'm going to check the Wikipedia plot summary and if you weren't kidding I'm going to scream and cry and throw up and just replace Sadako with a ghost OC. If you were kidding then nonna you are so mean

No. 286071

i'm not joking anon. >>285989
i was really upset to learn it too. sorry.

No. 286076

wasn't this cut from the movies and the implication was that she's the spawn or something of a water kami and her esper mom instead?

No. 286086

yes they cut that from the movies. still doesn't feel right to me. i can't enjoy the character anymore knowing that sadako was originally created to be a tranny.

No. 286113

I'm crushed to know that original Sadako is a moid… My feelings are very mixed. I think I'll make my decision after watching the movies and decide then if movie-version female Sadako is lovable enough for me to ignore the existence of the novel-version one.

No. 286114

File: 1679994008842.png (241.08 KB, 1365x767, tumblr_cc2f515a079414d508a1327…)

Kim Wexler is so insane and everything to me. I genuinely experienced grief over her in s6. She's so hot and over-competent. She's kept herself in check all her life but couldn't resist touching the flame and getting burned. Jimmy and her together were so bad but she just wanted to be happy and light.

No. 286116

File: 1679994763956.png (371.04 KB, 1280x924, tumblr_5929a5544eca969b67654e9…)

P niche but someone made a BNHA AU where Fuyumi goes villain (and Dabi just died lol). Snapped criminal ice power lady makes the pussy go brrrrt. Wish there was more content about her but it seems like the idea's on hiatus, shame. The closest concept is vigilante Fuyumi which is at least more popular, but even that's way different. I want to see her freeze shit down and get a body count.

No. 286745

File: 1680242067374.jpg (332.06 KB, 895x1233, dpiszqjkmvn41.jpg)

Noi is usually the Dorohedoro woman that get brought up a lot by lesbians, but I always thought that Kirion was so hot. She's one of the rare instances of my IRL taste overlapping with my taste in fictional women– she's got that stable & reliable sort of feel I look for in a butch woman.
The official English translation baselessly treats her as a TiF for some reason, but whatever. Ignoring it. I've been into the series since before it got an official localization or an anime.

No. 286746

File: 1680242098736.jpg (273.41 KB, 1080x1080, 2110294073a6cd5af7535546dd1a82…)

No. 286747

File: 1680242154575.jpg (507.55 KB, 1034x1600, DQo0-RNXcAEgnv8.jpg)

Tanba doesn't deserve her. She needs a real woman. Like me.

No. 286756

Thanks for sharing nonni, I've been thinking if I should read/watch it since it looks score gazy, I mean mostly Nikaido. I know the author is a woman and this facts makes it especially sad.

No. 286830

I'd give it a read. I hate the way it has blown up and the way people talk about it and its female characters now, but back in the good old days of zero fandom I never felt uncomfortable about the depiction of women in this series. The women aren't treated weirdly IMO and depictions felt tangibly from the perspective of a woman who's into women (not to make assertions regarding Hayashida Q, but…)

No. 286916

File: 1680322663032.jpg (115.39 KB, 850x1202, __zaira_and_zaira_lord_of_hero…)

I love you too! I am joining hands with you in shared taste.

No. 286919

File: 1680326541300.jpg (128.91 KB, 1846x1080, Nana ciggie.jpg)

No. 286932

"her" debut work was literally transformation vore porn so do with that information what you will

No. 286933

File: 1680335159875.png (493.39 KB, 700x684, BiancaW2_illust.png)

This thread is missing one of the best LoH women. Bianca, my love…
I feel like this isn't necessarily shocking for anybody familiar with Dorohedoro. I mean, the main premise is a lizard-headed dude shoving randos into his maw to get interrogated by the little guy in there. Her art is clearly thirsty. Transformation… The list of transformation related shit that goes on would be endless.

No. 287382

File: 1680598790761.png (463.97 KB, 1067x1427, ci4rzu1a1r561.png)

We have a few pictures of her, I'm no expert but she do look like a women imo. The chiken person is Paru Itagaki another women too

No. 287676

File: 1680723449436.jpg (11.47 KB, 315x315, th-2834116901.jpg)

One of my first infatuations ever. She was so cool, I loved her stand-offish nature. I wish the author didn't pair her off with some cringe bro to ~show that she got over her trust issues~ or whatever

No. 287679

Literally who?

No. 287681

File: 1680724329947.jpg (70.05 KB, 1262x652, Oichi-from-Sengoku-Basara-1094…)

I just realized that she totally was my waifu, I just didn't use the term back then. She got a lot of hate from people who had only seen the anime with it's shitty portrayal of her and that was sad. In the games she was cute, tragic and SCARY. I'd just want to hold her and love her and make her experience happiness.

No. 287694

File: 1680732041501.jpg (134.42 KB, 720x719, acbfcaf30797412c3b5bce87981ba3…)

NAYRT but Fruits Basket is a classic?
Call me mentally ill for it but I was way too into Akito as a kid. I hate that she ended up with Shigure at the end. I ship both Rin and Akito with Tohru (not at the same time, though)

No. 287695

File: 1680732103182.jpg (134.42 KB, 720x719, acbfcaf30797412c3b5bce87981ba3…)

NAYRT but Fruits Basket is a classic?
Call me mentally ill for it but I was way too into Akito as a kid. I hate that she ended up with Shigure at the end. I ship both Rin and Akito with Tohru (not at the same time, though)

No. 287697

I liked Oichi a lot. I like her more in Samurai warriors, but still just a great character in general. Her story is always sad.

No. 287709

Her name is Rin and she's from the old school 90s anime/manga called fruits basket and this pic is from the 2019 remake. Family is cursed by the possession of the chinese zodiac animals/gods. Horse god influences her independent fuck you personality. She's a babe.

No. 287805

File: 1680790721401.jpg (56.92 KB, 557x600, 495125e6b134868d6e345fe421cb7c…)

I'm glad to meet another farmer who appreciate her! Real life Oichi was also a fascinating historical person who deserved better.
(Me to the right in this pic)

No. 287927

She is my wife. OUR wife, if you open your heart instead of making passive aggressive comments.

LITERALLY SAMEEEEE no one is bad enough for Shigeru, he was ok but honestly the only thing I remember of him is his pervy older brother act that he did so often. Akito should and would fucking kill him. I still hate her ending where she just instantly got fixed and started wearing modern sundresses and stuff.

No. 290414

File: 1681761118426.jpg (135.67 KB, 960x960, Cursed Video by YoNatsuishi.jp…)

Nonna, you're so based for this (I'm just going to ignore this post kek >>285989 ), also do you know about picrel ?

No. 290860

File: 1681945190011.jpeg (64.18 KB, 735x565, 96B89678-7411-4CB6-B46E-7BF96A…)

Casca is so beautiful I love her so much

No. 290861

File: 1681945312564.gif (2.5 MB, 409x498, EFB51516-7491-4D06-AF84-5AE818…)

Nyotengu from DOA I know she is male bait but I love her she is a succubus so she is for the girls! I hate to admit but every time I play her I get horny

No. 290862

File: 1681945394610.gif (2.45 MB, 498x280, EC9181EA-6FFD-4DF3-9C90-A477F9…)

I love her voice too she is funny and I love playing as her because her fighting style is cool

No. 290863

File: 1681945512495.gif (2.92 MB, 540x598, DCB5D7B6-87F2-4F32-AE52-4AE16B…)

Ivy from soul caliber I love playing as her but ngl if a computer plays as her I always lose because she is too hot lol

No. 290864

Glad to see another Casca loving Nona here, I adore her

No. 290865

File: 1681945699797.png (180.76 KB, 1024x767, 1D1497F2-23BF-422F-86F3-8ACB63…)

Back to Casca though 90s Casca is forever my favorite because she is the first dark skinned girl I’ve ever seen in an anime not only be an important protagonist but also a love interest. I’ll always love her

No. 290866

File: 1681945739127.jpeg (238.48 KB, 2880x2160, 64BAF23E-085B-4E20-BCA8-663EE2…)

My wife is so stunning!

No. 290867

YES I LOVED HER I used to ship her and Yusukes mom as a kid are they lesbians? Someone answer me!

No. 290868

i love her but i fucking hate what the manga did to her, making her a babbling tard due to her trauma. hate it hate it hate.

No. 290869

Completely agree it’s disgusting and frustrating to say the least, she deserved so much better!

No. 290870

I try not to think about it too much it’s so sick and then just when she started getting her memories back and taking. MIURA DIES. We can’t have shit!!

No. 290871

same. i hate the entire rape scene honestly; went on for far too long and was incredibly graphic.

No. 290872

File: 1681947848603.jpg (170.92 KB, 850x1346, __olivier_mira_armstrong_fullm…)

I want her to boss me around.

No. 290922

No. 290948

I felt the same. Another female character who deserved better than the fate the gross moid wanker/author gave her.

No. 291867

File: 1682373274848.jpg (148.21 KB, 864x1200, d80871b-73d001ad-c5b6-4b55-a85…)

I waifuposted her for hours several times a day for over a year. She has so many fake bihet waifufags especially for her overrated cartoon it's unreal, no one gets her like I do. I'd let her shit on my back if it made her happy. I'm studying to become a police officer because of her. I love her in every form. NONE OF YOU LOVE HER LIKE I DO.

No. 291868

File: 1682373798481.png (4.73 MB, 5095x2744, 6dg9zxv07h161.png)


No. 291877

Literally only kept watching to the end for Kim, she's such a gem and SO beautiful, so striking, I could listen to her talk all day and all night. I resent Jimmy so much for egging her on. Kim MADE that show.

No. 292056

File: 1682440494664.jpg (94.28 KB, 1070x1070, nanno.jpg)

No. 292069

File: 1682444240425.jpg (88.23 KB, 1280x720, girl_from_nowhere_fanart__nann…)

based. love her and yuri both

No. 292683

File: 1682668490915.png (271.76 KB, 1280x1188, tumblr_52d9d81f556dca59551d8de…)

Godddddd I know right. She was so good and on track to achieving her loftiest dreams, and then comes along Jimmy and pushes all the wrong, fun buttons that has her throwing it away for scams and schemes. I get why he did it and honestly if I were him I probably would've felt similarly compelled to tempt her to stay longer. Halfway through s3 or s4, I wanted Kim to jump ship and get away because I knewww big storms were brewing. Paige was cute and right there, for example. Or Viola. Or Kim could've just gone single. Hell, if Cheryl was introduced way earlier I could've shipped her w Kim too.
She's so intelligent, hypercompetent, daring, gutsy, charismatic, composed, and compassionate. s6's open ending just makes me daydream out a future where Kim makes a legal full recovery and advocates for the vulnerable women in that small office she found. I don't think she would've moved back to Alberqerque, I think (hope) that she's no longer so tangled with Jimmy now that they both found relative closure. She gets a new beginning and and old bond back.

No. 292685

File: 1682668926157.jpg (127.85 KB, 1200x1112, tumblr_483a6e58288cb5c17fa03a3…)

same nona. For that matter, so many women in BCS and BrBa are such good characters. Skylar and Kim are god-tier obvs, but my 2nd favorites are Marie and Drama Girl. I loveeeee Marie, she's so fun, and Drama Girl is so cute. She started out as a university student who did Saul's makeup and around s3 (Huell's scam) she's taking improv classes, and in s5 she got parts for a show!! She was in some elf costume during the scheme to take down Howard because she had rehearsals to go to right after, I think. I love Drama girl I wish her the best, she's so cute, she's a go-getter, she's kinda too nice out of compassion bc when Jimmy was way down on his luck in s2 she straight up offered to give him back her salary for the gig. I love the student trio bc they bring such a lighthearted vibe and Drama girl will always and forever be my number 1. I love you Drama girl!!!

No. 293175

File: 1682823147902.gif (18.62 KB, 306x143, makotosf3end5.gif)

came here because my post on another site on their husbando/waifu thread got deleted and I'm a bit mad ngl, but anyway:

Holy fucking shit, I love picrel, ESPECIALLY when she's drawn with a boyish/androgynous look. I also like her very rude and blunt personality, it's very charming in women imo. But I feel like a weirdo for finding Makoto attractive because all the content involving her is soooo fucking bad. had to request something about her off of wattpad of all things, but luckily the author was extremely good.

I dunno. I fucking love tomboys in general, but it's SO fucking hard to find good content of them. So many times I look at the tomboy tag and the woman in the picture isn't even remotely boyish-looking, ffs.

late, but god tier taste, never thought I'd see tokimeki memorial here. Rei's my favourite.

No. 293612

what does this even mean

No. 293898

File: 1683090809634.jpg (196.68 KB, 1024x664, FoDI9yPagAMZCvb.jpg)

I've never felt anything for a fictional character the way I feel for Minare Koda. Every time she casually says some insane shit like how she only reads books where at least three people get killed, I want her so badly. I want to be her housewife.

No. 293947

Her and Jimmy were never good together. I noticed the cracks in their relationship in the rooftop scene and everything went downhill from there. Looking back at it, I don't think they ever could've made it. I love them both a lot, but she was clearly way out of his league.

No. 294025

Holy shit I'm checking this manga out, great taste nona

No. 294109

File: 1683183722864.jpg (180.56 KB, 1348x719, Screenshot_20230504-020022_Duc…)

Same anon as >>294025. I binged all 70+ chapters and I love Minare so much. She should seriously just get together with Mizuho since they trust and understand each other so damn much (also so I can self-insert into Mizuno a bit). Or Chishiro, why not?
She's so insane, I love her and her crackhead energy and how she just keeps making it work. I screamed during the neighbor mini-arc!! I love how fierce and intense her expressions can get without much comedic undermining. She's sooo crazy, I'm looking forward to future chapters!

No. 294145

Nonnas what site did you read this on????

No. 294154

mangago.me! The manga name is Wave, Listen to Me!

No. 294181

File: 1683214351273.jpg (215.99 KB, 1324x1562, 1616187771681.jpg)

Love her, her cocky attitude and her deep voice.

No. 294266

Thank you so much nonna!

No. 294304

File: 1683255608504.jpg (411.92 KB, 953x1370, Chapter_55_cover.jpg)

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad that another person started reading it– welcome to the wonderful world of Minare! The neighbor arc was really when I became a lost cause for her, she's just such an insane and unrepentant mess.
I just can't help falling for her more when I see how far she goes for Mizuho too. Like the relationship could easily have just been a running joke, and to a degree it is, but the woman becomes even more superhuman when it comes to Mizuho's wellbeing. It makes sense, though, Mizuho and she are really made for each otherz with how Mizuho just takes everything Minare does without natting an eye. She's so good.
As for Chishiro… God, I can't imagine what a trainwreck a relationship between her and Minare would be but I know it would never stop being entertaining. After the bear confrontation in the most recently scanlated arc I at least know for sure that they're an A+ comedic duo.
I want to be Mizuho in picrel soooooo badly.
Ahhh, have fun! So glad to see more people get exposed to this series.

No. 295534

File: 1683755048755.jpg (92.59 KB, 700x733, Fsftvi3XoAgTDst.jpg)

I'm aware she is just coomer bait, but ever since I saw her I fell in love and I'm pretty sure she was my lesbian awakening. I wish I could play the game(s) she is in to fully understand her character, but I don't even like FE and my multiple attempts of getting into it have failed, I just can't get into the gameplay. But she is still on the back of my mind to this day…

No. 295703

If you're not into Fire Emblem, how do you even know about her?

No. 295707

File: 1683816684043.gif (468.99 KB, 500x222, 3f4T.gif)

Does she fit this thread? An AI with a giant machine body that can control an entire test facility is a perfect wife

No. 295711

Because I got friends who like it… I first saw her on a Nintendo magazine I used to buy years ago though.

No. 295734

File: 1683824657453.gif (2.88 MB, 540x227, Tumblr_l_278392648592590.gif)

I love Jean to death.
I want to marry her and give her hugs and cuddles after she does my taxes.

No. 295739

If you ever decide to play Fire Emblem Fates just for Camilla but can't stand the gameplay you can just play on phoenix mode. It's the easiest mode, if a unit dies in a chapter, it'll be revived the next turn. Unfortunately for you the translation is garbage and most of the main characters are OOC in some specific important scenes, and on top of that the fandom is garbage so you won't even be able to sperg about her or other characters outside of here. If you want to marry her you have to play as the male protagonist btw.

No. 295821

yes anon
finally an anon of taste

No. 295842

File: 1683860188090.gif (987.78 KB, 400x250, 4813fdf4a1432fee0e9efe404c8e07…)

tell me anon… how do you feel about humanizations of her. I hate them deeply. she must remain as a MACHINE. she is so beautifel

No. 295903

File: 1683900429426.jpg (53.51 KB, 850x796, __edelgard_von_hresvelg_fire_e…)

I only saw good in her and she's completely gorgeous. I cringe majorly at fanart of her that makes her smol and kawaii

No. 295905

If it makes you feel better, the English localization butchered a lot of her character, so you're not missing too much by not playing the games.
What you can do if you want to learn more about her is visit translation blogs from prior to the game's Western release/translation blogs dedicated to accurate translation, and then read some of her support convos there.

No. 295909

I can't see her as gorgeous because of her 5head. She's cute though. I get the complaints about the fanarts making her a moeblob, I hate it too but the game itself tries to make her act like one at times.

No. 295932

File: 1683914592358.jpg (96.03 KB, 698x966, D-u4NeqU0AA1CZE.jpg)

My nona. I love her post timeskip design. She is so gorgeous.

No. 295948

Thanks you nonas! A shame they fucked up the game's translation, but I guess that will motivate me to keep up learning japanese.

No. 295971

I don't personally mind them if they're well designed. Like a good disheveled older robotic looking woman but I've also seen a lot that are like just some anime woman or something and it's so bland and generic

I kinda like the idea that she can take multiple forms

Sorry to disappoint

No. 295976

File: 1683953581299.png (430.16 KB, 1343x815, kerrigan.png)

Sorry for moidshit but like… I feel like she doesn't get as much love as the more well-known female protags in video games. Also I was annoyed when Jim saved her in Wings of Liberty, but I was relieved that they didn't get together at the end of Heart of the Swarm, and I liked that they left their relationship up to interpretation in the end. In general though, I like the different directions they took her character in over the years. Shame Blizzard treats actual women like shit.

No. 296200

>If you want to marry her you have to play as the male protagonist btw
There's a hack that you can play on an emulator so you can gay marry the female characters instead of playing as the male protagonist

No. 296427

Who is she?

No. 296428

I like human Glados with the stern bob cut. It’s hot and suits her. But with long hair? Hell no, I hate that fan art.

No. 296435

Omg, she was my one of my first lesbian awakenings when I watched Princess Mononoke as a kid too. I’ve been trying to search fan art of her, especially shipping her with the wolf girl protagonist, but alas can’t find anything.

No. 296436

C’mon though, Cullen’s a catch for the straight fem Inquisitors. I’m a lesbian but can tell he shouldn’t be lumped in with the rest of the subpar male romance options

No. 296438

You can’t waifu her because her one true love is Gabrielle

No. 296454

the announcer/administrator from the TF2 comics

No. 296659

File: 1684190844320.jpg (45.14 KB, 720x540, Ch91QoHUkAExuba.jpg)

My Queen my wife my love, stop thinking about that stupid bitch Shiori, she never loved you please take me instead

No. 296825

Admittedly stolen from the Husbando thread. Here's a questionnaire!
>What is your favourite thing about your Waifu? Why her as your Waifu?
>What was your first impression of your Waifu? Was it love at first sight or did your love for her build over time?
>In what ways will your Waifu show her love and appreciation for you?
>What species is your Waifu? For those with non-human Waifus..how does it affect you?
>What is a personal favourite headcanon you have about your Waifu?
>Do irl’s know about your Waifu? If so, what do they think?
>If ai robots are ever a thing in the near future, would you ever get one of your Waifu? Why or why not?
I personally don't like the term Waifu at all but I replaced all instances of Husbando with it as it's the most direct translation.

No. 296835

yeah I'm not a fan of the term waifu either it just conjures up a very specific image of a weeb man obsessed with anime girls… I'm aware women can do this shit too but I've never found a woman as gross as weeb men and they're the ones saying waifu. I have female characters I have crushes on but calling them my waifu feels… weird…

As for the questions I feel like all the characters I like are somewhat unconventional and that's what draws me to them to some degree and if they have a personality I'm drawn to all the better. I was obsessed with Lin Beifong the moment I saw her tbh

No. 297071

File: 1684396318075.png (60.82 KB, 820x906, cute.png)

she's the sweetest idk why she hasn't been posted here yet. i love madoka so much, i wish i could meet someone as sweet and caring as her. when i first saw the anime i was 13 and i got a huge crush on her, especially bc my personality is similar to homura's

No. 297506

File: 1684579343652.gif (458.26 KB, 500x276, animesher.com_garei-zero-yomi-…)

Would it be weird to write poems or little songs about my waifu? i've been a little emotional these past few days and I can't help but sperg in my diary about how beautiful her smile is, how kind her eyes are and how much I wish to hold her, I feel a little autistic kek

No. 297523

Not weird at all! That's a super cute idea.

No. 297741

File: 1684672682462.jpg (131.54 KB, 1200x729, winters_teeth.jpg)

I love my self hating blood drinking wife and i will love her forever. I wish I could be embraced by her…

No. 297756

I feel like a weirdo for wanting to do this, but for a while, I've been meaning to make a personal blog full of self-insert stuff of my favorite character. Like, romantic scenarios or things that she'd like, maybe some drawings, too… it's just I've been really embarrassed to do so after seeing some of the crazy husbandofags. I don't want to call out names, but some of them get really creepy and weird, and I'm worried that if I make my blog, it'll come off as creepy and weird as how they act.
Looking at some of the posts here and in the other lesbian yumejo thread, I feel a bit more confident, but I still have that fear in the back of my mind that it's weird and people will make fun of me for it.

No. 297885

File: 1684720600562.jpg (58.54 KB, 591x600, R-15636284-1594971976-3568.jpg)

shameful, nonas… such a beautiful machine shouldn't need to be humanized… I totally get it though
I like how comically huge she is in the album art for the Portal 2 soundtrack

No. 297898

File: 1684726640908.png (89.82 KB, 937x949, Captura de pantalla de 2023-05…)

I'll answer a few of these. omitted a few I did not understand.
>What is your favourite thing about your Waifu? Why her as your Waifu?
I really like her personality. It comes off to me as rather honest, if that makes sense. Combined with informality, and being rather hard-working, it's pretty charming. I guess I have her as a "waifu" since she's playable in a video game, but I have several other favorite characters that I like.
>What was your first impression of your Waifu? Was it love at first sight or did your love for her build over time?
pretty much at first sight, I always had a preference for this type of character, so I naturally went wild.
>In what ways will your Waifu show her love and appreciation for you?
hmm, I never really thought about it. I think she'd be more subtle when it comes to affection, like preparing me tea once in a while, or if I'm injured or feeling weak, she'd be on my side, comforting me to get better.
>If ai robots are ever a thing in the near future, would you ever get one of your Waifu? Why or why not?
Nah, it's just not my style. I did try the AI chatbots and I had a bit of fun before the filter took over on character.ai. It's interesting, but I wouldn't spend too much time on it personally.

sorry if these responses were strange, I'm not used to answering like this…

No. 298233

I think we could and should be hornier in this thread

No. 298235

honestly, I'd love to be, but at the same time, I'm really embarrassed to. also, are we allowed to talk about our crush/waifu multiple times in this thread? I was under the impression that it was discouraged, but I'm not too sure, kek. if it's permitted, maybe I'll shitpost about my crush in this thread.

No. 298236

I'd say go for it it's not like this thread is particularly active? it would be on topic too

No. 298239

File: 1684894791432.png (1.43 MB, 2337x2664, 106682475_p0.png)

I am cursed to keep falling for supporting characters, but the moment I saw her, I fell in love. She's perfect.
I want to indulge in her music tastes, I want to go to concerts with her, I want to hold her hand when she gets new piercings, I want to cuddle her all day long, I want to kiss all over her, I dream of spending quiet evenings with her.
I will stop at nothing to protect her smile; she deserves the world and I will let nothing tarnish her gentle grace.

I thought I would never find someone who also watched Ga-Rei Zero in the wild. Make Yomi happy, nonnie!

No. 298256

File: 1684903945005.jpeg (91.62 KB, 935x528, Chishiro.jpeg)

Nami yo Kiitekure again… I love how Chishiro is seen as cool and mature when in actuality she holds onto grudges forever and has strange intense interests and is casually as badass as Minare. Like how she just owns a rifle for some reason. She's a good counterpart to Minare as a radio host and I love what their constant antagonism with each other brings to the manga.
NGL I sort of ship Minare and Chishiro in that classic "they hate each other" way.

No. 298258

File: 1684904240549.jpeg (50.12 KB, 1080x1066, Oajfuaihfiaj828u2u.jpeg)

I love my cute butch wife Zaira and I want to spoil her rotten and make her feel so unconditionally loved and appreciated. LoH may not have a large following with English speaking audiences but it makes me so happy to see her being given the wife treatment by other women on the Korean side of the fanbase.

No. 298876

File: 1685152354567.jpg (Spoiler Image,142.59 KB, 1100x850, EjQN9LYWAAYqOXA.jpg)

>What is your favourite thing about your Waifu? Why her as your Waifu?
Sadako is so scary, which would translate well to a gap moe. Tall, dark, dangerous (but not to you) and brooding… Cute! She hunts down people who bother her but besides that, she doesn't go out of her way to kill people, so that just means she has good boundaries. Add in the bonus that she's seldom known kindness in her life, which appeals to the "I could fix her" in me and make her head over heels for me. I later fully earn that devotion eventually in the storyline I have in my head, but in the beginning that's what keeps her intrigued and from truly hurting me, when I fell asleep on the couch of some acquaintence's party before some stragglers put it on.
>What was your first impression of your Waifu? Was it love at first sight or did your love for her build over time?
1st impression was meh, then one day something clicked and I was like lol horror creatures can be hot. I understand the Michael fangirls now.
>In what ways will your Waifu show her love and appreciation for you?
Cuddling up to me, eating the food I cook for her, wearing my clothes and using my shampoo and soap to get my smell, fucking me until I can't walk, etc. We could try new hobby things together that she never had the chance to when she was alive. I'd go birdwatching at dawn with her if she wanted to, I don't even care. Skin care and good hygiene is a must, though. God knows what bacteria that stale well water has.
>What species is your Waifu? For those with non-human Waifus..how does it affect you?
Ghost. Ex-human? It's not a problem, even if she can't talk for long, we can learn sign language. I am going full delusion on this fantasy. She can dirty talk me via lewd hand signs too before beckoning me over. If I ever travel for work, she can crawl out of the hotel TV and we can just fuck on those sheets. Of course we can take vacations too, but TV stuff is for quickies and/or very short business trips.
>What is a personal favourite headcanon you have about your Waifu?
Her fingering and head game is insane and will make me cry, and feeling her boobs press into my back and her growling next to my ear as she makes me bounce on her hand will drive me crazy. Besides that, she really likes cuddling and sharing (leeching?) body heat, and will come to like hot showers and baths as long as we're washing together.
>Do irl’s know about your Waifu? If so, what do they think?
No lmao. I'm keeping this online.
>If ai robots are ever a thing in the near future, would you ever get one of your Waifu? Why or why not?
No, Sadako's appeal is she speaks almost entirely with her actions, not words.

No. 298881

File: 1685152840311.png (426.85 KB, 1280x1056, tumblr_616fe439ce08c1a3558ac6b…)

Obey Me has good character design foundations that drive me wild over genderbend fanart. Beel, Mammon, and Leviathan especially.

No. 298882

just do it nona, live your life

No. 301937

Kay Vess. There's only a trailer and a gameplay video for now, and I'm going to have to wait until 2024, but holy fuck I'm crushing hard. I rarely get to play a whole game as a character whose visuals I like this much. She's a babe <3

No. 302316

File: 1686783994533.jpg (225.38 KB, 2048x1144, Inkshadow-Kaisa.jpg)

Kaisaaaaaa I love youuuu

No. 302429

Sis Strider and I have been going strong in my head for over 2 years now. Would picrel but unfortunately have not found anything other than aggressively heterosexual 2012 fanart, an interpretation of her which is fundamentally wrong. Sharing the sentiment of this anon >>291867 because no one gets her, loves her, and fully understands her like I do.
>What is your favourite thing about your Waifu? Why her as your Waifu?
I don't know but the attraction is rabid and rapid onset. I like that she would be abusive and misogynistic and wouldn't give a single shit.
>What was your first impression of your Waifu? Was it love at first sight or did your love for her build over time?
I drew fanart of her when I was 12 so I knew she existed way back then but I had an age appropriate crush on genderbend Dave (Dove Strider) at the time, lo and behold 7 years later I started massively obsessing over her like I was hit by a truck. There's just something about her, her energy is unmatched and so deeply sexual
>In what ways will your Waifu show her love and appreciation for you?
She doesn't, if she was real she would be a lying cheating manipulative abusive piece of shit but I would still love her anyway
>What is a personal favourite headcanon you have about your Waifu?
She memes teenage girls into being proana skellies like a creepy tarded male KEK

No. 305284

File: 1687964747366.jpg (290.48 KB, 1440x1440, evgenia-leonova-1.jpg)

The OG gamer crush for me. I never self inserted as Gordon so I was seething so much that she fanned over that nerd. Love her. She is a right mix of bad ass and tender for me. Like, she is a hard as nails survivor of a nightmarish post apocalyptic dictatorship but still her soul is so kind and gentle.

No. 305543

File: 1688077310167.png (40.78 KB, 1536x896, IMG_8866.png)

Not a waifu but I crush on the Capcom dnd Elf. I used to play the arcade game with my brother when I was a kid. She was the only character I wanted to play as and all of her voicelines are burned into my braincells

No. 305544

File: 1688077372092.jpeg (188.58 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_8102.jpeg)

Magic Missile!

No. 305562

File: 1688083065225.jpeg (Spoiler Image,81.5 KB, 1461x834, ellie.jpeg)

Ellie from Evil Dead Rise. I love how scary she looks, how brutal. I want her to tongue kiss me roughly and smear blood all over my face and tits and pussy

No. 306601

File: 1688480725735.jpeg (255.75 KB, 1080x1474, Neytiri #AVATAR.jpeg)

I'm straight, but I find Neytiri so beautiful/cute. Honestly beginning to think I might just be Na'visexual…

No. 306605

File: 1688483686170.jpg (60.78 KB, 603x500, gideon nav.jpg)

I'd do anything for her but I guess she only has eyes for the psycho brat who tortured her all her life. I'd be such a nice gf pick ME choose ME love ME etc

No. 308869

File: 1689594465773.jpg (566.61 KB, 1280x1600, tumblr_92c920318809fd8e0d8c2a4…)

not the most accurate fanart but idc bc this made me swoon. Sadako could've gotten cataracts

No. 308957

who dis

No. 309053

nta but its Gideon Nav from Gideon the Ninth

No. 310119

File: 1690092411367.png (63.45 KB, 1084x1084, chart.png)

Let's post some charts!

No. 310133

File: 1690102578653.png (1.44 MB, 1084x1084, 20230723_Chart.png)

Definitely like handsome women though also cool ones and girlbosses?

No. 310195

File: 1690129626168.png (1.95 MB, 1084x1084, 1690092411367.png)

No. 310299

File: 1690168666231.png (2.33 MB, 1083x1084, 1690092411367.png)

I like people who don't compromise who they are and use it as a strength.

No. 310379

File: 1690198844014.png (1.8 MB, 1084x1084, chart2.png)

No. 315812

File: 1692376023744.jpg (247.76 KB, 1945x2033, F3z5TkwbkAArpWu.jpg)

Fairy leviathan

No. 315950

I thought the bottom right was Dion from Le Chevalier D'on?

No. 316487

File: 1692617145978.jpg (129.79 KB, 1200x600, 63296829.jpg)

Sometimes I when I watch modern shows I wonder if I might have an issue with women and worry, because so many popular female characters, even those popular among female fans now, are just shit IMO.
But then I click threads like these and remember how much I adore so many fictional women. Almost every character posted in this thread is someone I genuinely love. I guess it's just common stereotypes, tokenism and otaku pandering making most female characters so fucking bad.

Someone I haven't seen a pic of that should absolutely be mentioned is Michiru Kaioh. Holy hell, what a woman. The epitome of beauty and grace, smart, sophisticated, talented. Just overall perfect. Sailor Moon in general had top tier characters. I miss series like this. I always shit on CGDCT anime but I would watch so much of it if the characters were actually more diverse and feminine instead of super loud girly (and stupid) or over-designed stereotypes to pander lolicons and waifu fans.

No. 316502

File: 1692623529460.png (1.76 MB, 1072x806, 4983264010473.PNG)

No. 316551

>Dr. Chocolates
Based and Chakwaspilled. In my head, my femshep and her totally had sex in ME2 after getting drunk on Serrice Ice Brandy. Fuck BioWare for not making that an option.

No. 317725

File: 1692994702574.jpg (874.77 KB, 844x1159, yipee.jpg)

Too silly for the husbando/waifufag thread, so I’m posting it here. They finally showed Aigis’ design for P3RE and I’m in love with how they’re emphasising her eyes are lens/cameras, they look so cool. I’m so glad the new art team said in an interview they want to make sure she looks “out of this world” instead of a just normal human with mechanical parts, her looking a little off has always been her charm point imo, I hold a personal grudge against people who “fix” or make human designs of her, what a way to ruin what makes her special. Her new keyart is the most adorable thing as well.

No. 317803

We have similar taste nona I would only also add Grayson

No. 317804

Same I had to go read a fanfic to cope

No. 317925

File: 1693075598328.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1920, tumblr_0f8a7eb4b290c3815aa3fb1…)

She's so fine and deserved better than that older scrote

No. 317926

sorry but i hated her ugly manly character. i wish they killed her off

No. 317927

also that’s a tranny

No. 317928

I loved her so much in the game, she was the only interesting character, but I agree they should have killed her off at the end.

No. 317936

Please let's not do this again… She's not a troon and her body model is a woman, although a roided one.

No. 317997

So hard to like masculine women without people being weird as fuck

No. 318167

What makes you think she's "ugly"

No. 318836

File: 1693526326774.jpg (463.36 KB, 1434x2048, Makoto98.jpg)

Liking masculine women is based and should be encouraged

No. 320908

File: 1694534387955.jpg (221.9 KB, 1757x1286, FiS2GsYagAEa6WQ.jpg)

I don't go here at all but Arlecchino (?) is really cute.

No. 320962

File: 1694546590400.jpeg (1004.71 KB, 1500x1789, F5ycLrwa0AAYocr.jpeg)


No. 321323

File: 1694685044515.jpg (161.92 KB, 1080x864, 1691243716578706.jpg)

i'm so sad the last season was truncated and turned into a movie. i wish we could have seen more of her. she was so based.

No. 321367

i love her, but damn I wish she kissed Dr. Girlfriend when she had her tied up. I was really expecting it because of her crazy obsession, it would have been so in character imo

No. 321536

File: 1694792229119.jpeg (145.25 KB, 1000x800, 745924B3-6CF5-47DA-A132-F0B281…)

Sorry I keep bumping threads wrong anyway I'm getting it right this time I want stoic cool girl Craig severely

No. 321602

kinda obscure Fire Emblem girl from FE6, Echnida. i think she was the first ever female Hero class in the franchise (it was formerly for big tough macho guys, though in modern games anyone class into it). i remember playing her game and being immediately interested in her (even though her backstory isn't very developed). i guess i just really love tough ikemen joshi like a lot of nonnas in this thread. also her gruff voice in FE heroes is really hot

No. 321643

File: 1694816991637.jpg (193.55 KB, 1920x1080, S03E06 Dr. Quymn, Medicine Wom…)

you understand me. i was so ready for it. hopefully if the show ever gets picked up again for another season she'll come back. vbros truly had so many quality female characters it's kinda crazy, picrel was another fav

No. 321870

File: 1694901193547.jpg (104.6 KB, 534x950, leo.jpg)

my childhood crush lol

No. 321895

On one hand I'm sad they never brought her or her crew back but at the same time fuck male waifufags. It's the same deal as Triana's friend Kim.

No. 322093

Why they retconned her gender I'll never know.

No. 322110

Are you for real. Why the fuck would they do that

No. 333528

File: 1699318765496.png (1.27 MB, 814x1084, dfghjkkkkkk.png)

I'm a bit ashamed by the very high number of women with dubious ethic on my list kek

No. 335742

File: 1700057178828.jpg (86.87 KB, 850x913, sample_7d89f69e42c187e54ec65ab…)

No. 338311

File: 1701031542415.jpg (173.62 KB, 1200x900, Miku-Fight-1.jpg)

Been thinking about fighting type Miku a lot lately

No. 338330

it makes me very happy that they paired her with the leek-wielding pokemon

No. 338359


Good news for you and me, Quanxi is a canon lesbian and also has a harem. We would both be invited to her bed

No. 338376

FE6 had so many underrated characters. Echidna was cool by design alone, I hope some remake fleshes her and others more.

No. 341637

File: 1702408207776.jpeg (22.65 KB, 350x490, 18009428-ADA6-466D-B7E3-8E79C5…)

I recently found out she's younger than me by a few months

No. 345447

File: 1703815760120.png (1.05 MB, 600x800, finalanon.png)

i'm done now

No. 345483

she's so cute!

No. 345658

File: 1703899533571.png (1.83 MB, 1024x1024, great plains v2.png)

I thought the center one in >>345447 was closest I could get but I was finally able to generate something that looks exactly like >>344901

No. 345666

very adorable! would wife, is my usual (straight) type kek

No. 345712


We need a whole new manga and anime focusing just on her story. I don’t know how Sawyer the cleaner and Eda got one, but she didn’t..

Also - The holy trinity of Balalaika/Integra Hellsing/Olivier Armstrong

No. 349148

File: 1705446522420.jpg (254.83 KB, 886x1670, Zenya_Sakura_Wars_Light_Novel_…)

She's perfect and I want to see her flustered but in a cute and nice way not a mean one………

No. 349169

File: 1705454758453.jpg (30.5 KB, 224x424, ah-sh-charms01c_1200x1200-1264…)

tabitha from scarlet hollow. she's serious, bitter, a liar, runs a coal mine, coldly intelligent but in the game when you're nice and want to spend time with her, she opens up to you and underneath it is a lonely, protective, and sweet woman who saves your ass multiple times. i find her so endearing.

No. 349519

File: 1705589722019.jpg (567.83 KB, 1920x1080, 1699759153.shaeto_bes.jpg)

I blush every time she appears. The voice actress did an amazing job because every time Mizu speaks, I melt.

No. 350104

File: 1705785964114.jpeg (80.31 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_0586.jpeg)

I hate Arknights for what its older woman NPCs do to me

No. 350105

File: 1705785994390.jpeg (73.62 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_0587.jpeg)

No. 350106

File: 1705786167740.png (348.93 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_0588.png)

No. 350337

File: 1705848374458.png (554.31 KB, 1000x1256, estellebright.png)

I love her so much, if i played trails when i was younger she would've been my role model for the rest of my life. Absolutely insane how the series took such a huge nosedive in how they write and design their female characters, as always coomers ruin everything.

No. 350364

File: 1705854570090.png (603.59 KB, 764x764, 6fcb5192c586e691a80ff25383a926…)

i would die for valeria

No. 350371

shame shes in a gacha game..i love this design

No. 350403

File: 1705862492718.jpg (51.15 KB, 500x700, abcee222f8f357bdd586f8fac97d50…)

I would have risked it all for her

No. 350423

File: 1705865928639.jpg (246.12 KB, 1000x776, arweninrivendell.jpg)

All nice nonas ITT are welcome to mine and the lovely Arwen's wedding in Rivendell!
>Lady Galadriel has agreed to be the priestess of the ceremony
>Don't worry, Elrond agrees to our human/elf union and will be present
>Hobbits will be in charge of food, prepare to get temporarily fat
>Gandalf has promised to bring fireworks, but we don't know exactly when he will arrive
>Even dwarves will be there, and will organize fun and games like axe throwing competitions.
>Dress code: Elven robes and tiaras, cultural regalia like mithril armour will be accepted (especially when throwing axes)
>Aragorn? Who?

No. 350425

File: 1705866353882.jpg (516.69 KB, 1417x2142, 1686265933384731.jpg)

ryoshu from limbus company is incredibly badass. i can't wait for her chapter.

No. 350448

File: 1705871156326.png (1.18 MB, 850x1188, IMG_0600.png)

Estelle is my favorite JRPG protagonist, and I truly wish that I had played the Skies duology as a young girl.
I'm glad to see that things have improved somewhat with the Calvard arc. It's really a shame that the entirety of the Erebonia arc had so much… that. To it.

No. 350458

File: 1705873967608.jpeg (29.47 KB, 305x446, iloveu.jpeg)

cerys an craite from tw3

No. 350493

File: 1705879068293.jpg (1.84 MB, 4096x2966, F97YqLLXIAAzW5o.jpg)

Same here. Do things really improve with the calvard arc? As far as i'm concerned it still has falcoom's trademark boobs obsession and gross fanservice, but i've heard good things about the story and characters. I think every trails game post-sky has some amount of shitty fanservice, i'm playing through azure and dread whenever there's some disgusting misogynistic moidslop on screen, shame because the story is super good.

No. 350496

Isn't this the game that threw a female employee under the bus for coomers and then got outed for shitty management? Yuck.

No. 350497

File: 1705879516928.jpg (286.83 KB, 1200x900, FzAUSNuXoAMVsKK.jpg)

I want Hild from Vinland Saga to take me hunting

No. 350499

File: 1705879879675.jpeg (478.6 KB, 1600x2500, IMG_0601.jpeg)

Yeah, the Lloyd harem shit is annoying, not to mention the way Rixia is treated. It's sad because if you divorce annoying moid-pandering moments from a lot of the female characters, you're left with female characters who are on average better written than most of the JRPG moidslop out there. Like, I hate on Cold Steel, but even there, I really liked things like the development of Alicia's home issues in tandem with Erebonia's militarization or Laura and Fie's initially strained relationship.
The Calvard arc does improve, but I neg points from it for bringing back Reine with a more grown up coomable design. Like… please, do it to any character but her? After the shit she's been through? At the very least, Katsumi Enami's designs in Kuro are the most tolerable stuff we've had since Sky.

No. 350606

File: 1705918579786.png (2.03 MB, 2048x2048, IMG_0605.png)

Shame she comes from an explicitly antifeminist developer. I'm tired of seeing this shit shilled like it makes up for the damage done to real women by Project Moon.
None of the women I posted are pullable anyways, so we're both safe from the temptation of playing it. Speaking of more hot women from gacha, though…
Knifedragon really provided some of the most me-targeted designs I've ever seen for Alchemy Stars. Shame they've left the project.

No. 350711

File: 1705967927794.jpg (995.26 KB, 1044x1500, 17326878620f7061ae945bb3a39ac8…)

>>Not to mention the way rixia is treated
Kek i actually talked about this in another thread >>348671, couldn't agree more.

Also you took the words right out of my mouth, one thing i noticed about kiseki is that it combines amazing characterization with coomer fanservice, which is good for the males who can't enjoy something without tits bouncing everywhere but bad for literally everyone else. I'm playing azure rn and am in love with arianrhod and tio in particular, both great characters whos motives don't revolve around a moid, or even worse, lloyd.

>>I neg points from it for bringing back Reine with a more grown up coomable design

I don't think her kuro designs are particularly coomery (nothing will ever top her sky design though), if anything I think they're really classy, i understand where you're coming from though. Her dlc outfits though? Yeah, i think it's gross. I think CSA victims learning how to express their sexuality in a healthy way is super important but the fact they took one of the few victims of the series, made her 18; no, not even 18, she's 17 up until the final chapter of kuro then immediately started sexualizing her is the most moid shit ever. Also i've heard that she just becomes another memember of van's harem which makes me so sad, she doesn't need a man.

No. 350713

File: 1705970619892.jpeg (372.09 KB, 1242x916, IMG_2931.jpeg)

I don’t care if it’s anthro shit, I’m in love with her and I need her to bite me

No. 351352

File: 1706257686989.jpeg (15.8 KB, 220x294, IMG_0418.jpeg)

I have the biggest crush on her.

No. 351361

I might be overreacting re-Renne's design. I think I just have… expectations at this point of any female character obviously designed past a certain age point and got concerned lol. I'm also just very attached to her and I felt like her character was surprisingly tactfully handled up to that point. I don't speak Japanese, so I can only know so much about the Calvard arc and have to keep my fingers crossed for the actuality of what they've done with her once it gets localized.
Arianrhod is seriously so neat, I don't blame you. And Rixia just like… upsets me, because she actually has such a neat character concept. Except for the glaring issue of what her character has been reduced to for the sake of coombait.
It's been nice discussing Kiseki with a female fan, though, nonna, and I want you to know I appreciate this, kek. It's hard enough to convince anybody to play these games, let alone somebody who cares about these gripes while still willingly playing so many of them. So this is actually the first time I've been able to have this sort of discussion regarding them.

No. 351554

File: 1706328620593.jpg (73.79 KB, 693x900, FRPAP_gUcAczdJb.jpg)

idk who this is but hooooolyyyyy fuuuuuuck

No. 351555

File: 1706328772189.jpg (45.51 KB, 362x512, 9f0ae95f94deefc5e48ff305f834e8…)

I think maybe that's supposed to Maki Zenin from Jujutsu Kaisen. She's very hot, there was a point I only read the manga for her.

No. 351570

She got so hot, but I stopped reading at the point of your picrels because what happened to her made me too sad.

No. 351669

File: 1706370690516.png (525.2 KB, 800x1214, 5.png)

Damn, her design is great. I've never watched YYH but she reminds me of Saki from Genshiken, who I've always had a huge crush on.

No. 353662

File: 1707127207979.jpg (175.3 KB, 474x664, 2517604-claudia-1440335562.jpg)

I think claudia wolf from silent hill 3 is soooo insanely hot. She and Alessa totally fucked and it's a crime there's not more content of her/them. I think everything she did was fine actually and not evil. except maybe for the whole eating the aborted fetus of god thing. that was kind of crazy

No. 356365

I'm currently working on an online shrine for my girlfriend and it's honestly a lot of fun! I can't help but be a bit apprehensive, though, I got banned from and a rude email when I tried to join a selfshipping group. Debating whether to attach an image for the time being because she's from a pretty obscure piece of media.

No. 356407

Why were you banned from the group, and what group was it? I'm sorry that happened anon, they don't deserve you. Feel free to post a link to your shrine when you're done if it doesn't compromise your anonymity, I'd love to see it!

No. 356420

File: 1708043022182.jpg (223.85 KB, 850x973, sample_cc6497d5dad141b8ad616f4…)

I was banned (from the 2dlove webring) because… my character in canon is 17 (I didn't even find out until I read the wiki, since it's never mentioned in her game), but I'm 20, yet that provided enough of an issue for the webmaster to leave me that rude email. Turns out she was a giant hypocrite, though, so I don't feel as bad about it.
If you want a hint to where my shrine is, I'm in a certain yumejoshi webring.

No. 366837

File: 1711930884854.jpeg (615.14 KB, 1170x1124, IMG_2770.jpeg)

You either get her or you don’t. Wish we saw more of her

No. 366838

File: 1711930942077.jpeg (273.1 KB, 1170x1432, IMG_2771.jpeg)

Jasper is proof we need more unhinged white haired female characters

No. 366851

This show did her so, so dirty to the very end. Gets corrupted then shattered and then force to kiss up to Steven being her "diamond".

No. 366922

I want her to explore my insides open wounds

No. 367070

Jasper made me realize I was bisexual when I was a teen. Her and Zarya from OW. i need them to grab me by the hair and call me a good girl

No. 367097

I'm so disappointed she never got a song. Her actress wanted a song for her. Smh.

No. 370782

File: 1713143404948.jpeg (88.52 KB, 640x641, IMG_2900.jpeg)

No. 370783

All of Jaspers fans are hot and cool

No. 377420

File: 1715158596046.jpeg (45.17 KB, 399x399, IMG_4564.jpeg)

wish I could save her the garbage zoomer analog horror series she’s from

No. 377452

No. 387898

Oh hell yes, love Luce

No. 392827

File: 1718545087502.webp (111.68 KB, 850x1800, 93A8C2D9-9436-49B9-9CA1-05D45A…)

I’m straight, and have historically only really been obsessed with male characters but I think about her daily. I’m making a playlist of songs that remind me of her right now. She’s gorgeous and a character way too complex for the otakuslop she’s from. I wanna keep it simple but her backstory really resonated with me and how her aesthetic, personality, and the aforementioned all complement each other in such a satisfying way. I don’t have any sexual feelings for her, but she’s gorgeous and I love her so much in a way I can’t really describe. Moids will never understand her character no matter how much they “waifu” her or whatever the fuck, they just make jokes about how she’s a csa victim or coom to her. I can’t blame the scrotes though because after the first 5 games she becomes a lolibait mesugaki then a dommy mommy bangmaid, all to placate moids, then the company themselves oversexualizes her the second she turns 18 and it’s so gross. I don’t know why I feel this way considering once again, I’m straight but it’s whatever I love Renne

No. 392846

You're doing a bit but it's fine to be a big fan of a female character while being a straight woman lmao, based even. It happens more than others care to admit.

No. 392897

File: 1718565445974.png (114.49 KB, 250x269, B7D35A50-5C27-42A4-B3F3-D21B21…)

It’s not a bit I’m just autistic af kek

No. 392982

who’s this?

No. 393423

File: 1718733585106.jpg (70.54 KB, 850x1202, 046e9c42c.jpg)

I don't blame you, Renne is an incredible character who is very tastefully written not just by Falcom but by genre standards. I wish nothing but love for her and I'm happy to see somebody adore her so much.
There are a few Kiseki character arcs that really bind my heart to the series even when it does me wrong, and hers stand at the top of the hill. The genuine pride I feel in her growth over time makes me feel like she's my daughter or something kek
Renne from Kiseki series. She's first inroduced in Trails in the Sky (the chibi design) and makes multiple appearances, growing over time (nonna's first posted picture is her as a teenager in the recent Kuro no Kiseki games). Truly a great character, I second everything nonna said.

No. 395087

File: 1719270601595.jpg (124 KB, 564x1676, 1cb1895afbffdaac162c5bb35ad48c…)

i want him nonnies(wrong thread)

No. 395103

Great taste

No. 395647

File: 1719435919136.png (869.96 KB, 1366x768, Kyubeiyagyu.png)

I still have a crush on her lol

No. 395679

File: 1719448972064.jpg (57.42 KB, 563x688, waify.jpg)

sexo with Haley

No. 395682

I know it’s extremely late but I can’t wait to go to your wedding nona

No. 395826

i also just saw this because of the nona above me but this is so cute and lovely. have a wonderful time with your wife!

No. 397187

Aww I haven't been here in ages but I'm glad I looked at LC again and saw your comments, you're both very welcome guests! ♥

No. 397747

File: 1720115054390.gif (6.19 MB, 540x406, IMG_8635.gif)

I feel like I unlocked some forbidden knowledge and I’m going insane. I’ve cried for hours at a time over her. There’s not a single day that goes by where I don’t think about her, and nobody understands her like I do, and I just feel like I need to get it out somewhere or else I’ll die since it’s multiplied recently. She’s the first and only fictional character I’ve ever had any real feelings about and I think I genuinely love her

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