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File: 1681689734360.jpeg (159.13 KB, 1200x1166, 19D574BA-F203-4953-A6AB-9FEFAB…)

No. 290134

>Discuss yuri and GL here
>Discussion of F/F ships outside of strictly GL series is allowed.
>Feel free to ask for recommendations, but please specify what kind of material you're looking for (Genre, oneshot/series, doujinshi, SFW/NSFW etc).

This is my first time making a thread because the old GL thread is dead, hope I did okay.

What’s your favorite GL?

No. 290138

File: 1681690127803.jpeg (94.69 KB, 850x599, DF68BAFC-5B95-4BF4-A9F8-15919E…)

>What’s your favorite GL?
But I also really like Reimari from touhou

No. 290163

File: 1681699571232.jpg (59.38 KB, 412x599, 412px-Extra_story_oriko_kikira…)

>favourite GL
Oriko/Kirika. I'm also a Beigguang basic bitch.

No. 290164

another fantastic fucking thread, today is a blessed sunday.

No. 290169

File: 1681699963133.jpg (232.57 KB, 810x1892, f32cdefb4f9752bc9f29de7a7add42…)

A woman of culture I see

No. 290188

File: 1681704588547.jpg (977.36 KB, 3508x2480, 8dc98d4e1a7b5380c30a57de395e72…)

madohomu remains my favorite f/f ship to this day. i think it's rare to get female relationships this dramatic and complicated in anime. shit, maybe in media period.

No. 290272

File: 1681734061530.png (1.69 MB, 1920x1080, 910B83EE-2947-4081-A3E8-B86086…)

It’s rare to get media with a female dominated cast where the female characters are more complex than their male counterparts, Madohomu fully deserved it’s ranking as the number one yuri anime because of that to me, even if it’s not directly a yuri.
I just wish more lesbian couples in media were willing to delve into complicated and fucked up relationships instead of ‘purest form of love UwU’ since the former is much more interesting to me.
Satorika is another ship like this that I like (I probably should have added it alongside Reimari but I’m bad at naming stuff on the fly haha) gousotsu ended up being a pretty godawful anime series but I do like what some of the spin-off material (the manga and Ryukishi’s GL book about them world hopping and ending with bern and lambda specifically) have done with them.

No. 290277

File: 1681735209277.jpg (64.21 KB, 480x640, witch from mercury.jpg)

No. 290281

File: 1681736474971.jpg (64.56 KB, 563x646, 1cd92973f489b3fbfd532449890f71…)

>Discussion of F/F ships outside of strictly GL series is allowed
Dumb question but is this different than the lesbian media thread? I think it's a good idea to separate them because I've see some complaints on other thread that it was too weeby kek. Great thread anyways!

No. 290351

I made the thread as a counterpart to the BL thread. I was hoping for some more explicitly GL media, but I wanted to let nonnas discuss other F/F ships they like as well. Also will hopefully make the lesbian media thread more diverse because it is a lot of anime/manga/manhwa right now

No. 290403

File: 1681757644602.png (413.76 KB, 1115x1600, 01.png)

can someone recommend problematic/dead dove gl? good with manga, manhua, manwha, and novels. for novels though – something short is preferred.

i've been reading 'love me like i do' https://dynasty-scans.com/series/love_me_like_i_do and while it's nice (i like how the top is manipulating the bottom) updates are fucking slow.

No. 290405

i'll also link to some recommendations i made a few months ago >>>/ot/1479978. since posting this i've not picked up much new yuri but basic stuff (show me your bust, kill me now, etc.)

No. 290461

File: 1681778797746.jpg (159.65 KB, 828x828, 47dd205b-f807-4352-b839-203bf0…)

If you're cool with antro stuff On a Leash starts off with a good problematic one-sided relationship that eventually turns into something else later on. I haven't finished all the updates on it but it goes for about 50 chapters. The characters are shape shifters that can switch between a human and animal/monster form I swear this has plot relevance to it, they are in a war and the animal forms represent 'sides' of the war but most of the sexual stuff is human oriented. Unfortunately don't know much about the creator I suspect it might be drawn by a scrote but at least it's well drawn and between two cis women.

swear I'm not a furry I just found it while looking for gl comics and now i'm too invested in the story kekk

No. 290497

File: 1681796626955.jpg (119.19 KB, 850x626, 420218202304.jpg)

I'm looking for GL with the following type of characters:
>both characters are evil or messed up

No. 290502

File: 1681797751246.jpg (130.67 KB, 1200x966, 82407955_p27_master1200.jpg)

You're already into Madoka, go read Oriko Magica. It has an evil/horribly messed up protagonist and her yandere girlfriend.

No. 290541

File: 1681827869799.png (253.77 KB, 886x940, 2022-11-16_21_29_30-Greenshot.…)

I was the anon that originally asked you about on a leash in the other thread and I just got caught up with it, i definitely recommend it too! the sexual tension/frustration is super good. i loved how cute and submissive the protagonist was ughh. thanks again for sharing noni!

No. 290552

Seconding this, the art is a little weird but it adds a lot of nice stuff to the story (kinda made me ship Kyoko and Mami)

No. 290554

File: 1681831452119.jpeg (32.35 KB, 506x606, D61BA89F-9621-420C-9093-BFCB4F…)

Akko x Amanda isn’t as popular as Akko x Diana
I guess here you can talk about ships specifically even if they’re non canonical instead of gl stories

No. 290555

File: 1681831522835.jpeg (37.96 KB, 661x464, 6EBF8B5E-2B7D-497A-80C8-FCB154…)

i also just really like Amanda tbh i thought she was a very cool character

No. 290556

File: 1681831956877.png (800.46 KB, 768x956, d5kefy8-be79f809-837f-4e9c-aad…)

I can't believe nobody has mentioned them. They are some of the best written and interesting characters in all of anime, especially Anthy. They belong together forever and in my headcanon the movie takes place after the show when Anthy is traveling around to reunite with Utena. I love them so much.

No. 290560

File: 1681832092448.jpg (34.24 KB, 550x426, JuriShioriAnime5.jpg)

Samefag, also THESE INSANE FREAKS. Juri and Shiori's relationship makes me go fucking crazy. I wish I could smoke a blunt with them I feel like I could fix their issues. I love them though they're so fucked up.

No. 290566

OMFG YOU GET IT, but I feel like no amount of weed will fix them, but I really wish they had a happy ending too…

No. 290568

Ayrt, I feel like they kind of did! Maybe I'm just optimistic but I feel like them becoming friends again was a big fresh start for them. Afaik, the director confirmed that Shiori held feelings for Juri too. I like to think that, after becoming friends again, true love blossoms between them. But I am a sentimental romantic weirdo lol.

No. 290573

yeah Shiori's feelings were confirmed it would be weirder if she didn't have them, she would be taunting Juri just because she's a jealous ex-friend or smth, kinda takes away from her internal conflict and overall deepness of the series, also I didn't read the manga, but it was said that Juri took up sword-fighting only to impress Shiori kek that's so cute

No. 290610

File: 1681847336109.jpg (97.33 KB, 982x600, animesher.com_madoka-magica-ky…)

Same, anon. I wish we got an epilogue of Kyoko and Mami raising Yuma.

No. 290614

File: 1681847708605.jpg (1.09 MB, 4096x4096, Girlfriends.jpg)

I love pink/pastel x dark/goth f/f ships

No. 290620

Are there any massive F/F fandoms with the same level of passion as the big M/M fandoms? I have a weakness for trashy fanfiction cliches (fake dating, only one bed, crackships that flesh out some character that appeared for 5 minutes, etc.) but they seem to only exist in M/M spaces.

No. 290624

>Are there any massive F/F fandoms with the same level of passion as the big M/M fandoms?
In short, no. The recent big F/F fandom I saw was for the Gideon the Ninth series, although I'm not sure if they have those fanfic clichés you're mentioning.

No. 290629

File: 1681854085203.jpeg (34.71 KB, 429x320, 01342E79-17F1-4C5B-B56D-09FC55…)

That’s one of the things I love about Madoka, you could make an argument for shipping any of the holy quintent together.

No. 290638

touhou. madohomu is still pretty popular. those are the good ones – outside of those you have primarily female ips like idolm@ster, arknights, etc. look for popular things with large female casts.

No. 290639

addendum: dungeon meshi has a pretty large f/f fanbase. i only go into the ao3 tag for my m/m but lesbian stuff exists in spades.

No. 290641

File: 1681859369337.png (103.73 KB, 1000x492, file-2526979565.png)

Awesome thread. Does anyone have specifically any GNC/butch GL recs that isn't Gideon the 9th? It can have femmes in it as long as it's not all femmes ofc. I feel like it's a wasteland out here kek
Also basic of me but I loved picrel, mostly I loved Vi because I'm weak for scrappy characters.

No. 290643

Homura is a very interesting character, but I can't feel invested in this pairing because Madoka is so boring. I feel like Homura carries their relationship alone. I find Homura's relationship with literally any of the other girls more interesting.

No. 290669

I love Homura and Sayaka for the drama

No. 290672

File: 1681871148480.jpg (238.27 KB, 1440x1800, FeZvl-EUcAAQshw.jpg)

try love thy neighbor. the age gap between the leads is large (20/40) so be careful if you're not into that.

No. 290677

File: 1681873304877.jpeg (69.31 KB, 600x666, C0E3F943-BCC4-4727-8A72-FC1297…)

I am thread maker, embarassingly have not read any GL (all my favorite F/F ships are from western media, and half of the shows have trans characters and the like). I’m open to any media suggestions: movies/shows/manga/manhua/books etc.

> slow burn
> friends to lovers or enemies to lovers
> jock / shimbo
> sexual tension
> hopefully some steamy stuff
> bisexual lead(s)
> slice of life and fanatasy are both great
> want to avoid any “uwaa! we’re both girls!” or other male pornbrain writing

Help a horny nonna out, thank you!

No. 290685

File: 1681875444735.jpg (116.77 KB, 724x1024, 1662514283759.jpg)

No. 290716

Thanks nonna, I'll check it out! I don't really care about age gap stuff as long as it's not a huge part of the story.

No. 290854

File: 1681942608097.png (103.72 KB, 1012x613, farcille.png)

>dungeon meshi has a pretty large f/f fanbase
Yes, it's great! Any farcille fan in the thread ? I don't think it will ever be canon but that one chapter lives in my mind forever.

No. 290882

File: 1681951299598.jpeg (379.79 KB, 1024x2815, b070f5de3677df7dd03e5c559872d9…)

White angels have no wings was pretty interesting if you dont mind sort of love triangles (??)
Yeonhwa (white hair) is "toxic"" as fuc and kind of batshit insane and whatnot.. there's a sequel too but I still like the original more

I originally created the other general lesbian media thread >>236756 and I like the idea of having another thread lol. love 2 spread the GL agenda

No. 290904

File: 1681958109389.jpg (191.79 KB, 1074x1470, Otome.jpg)

Who's your favorite virgin's empire pair?

No. 290907

File: 1681961374297.jpeg (149.44 KB, 770x1100, 2E9EC36E-80BE-4761-AF01-CA3788…)

I love Alicia/Honoka and Ah-chan with Chie Because they remind me of me and my best friend Mahiru and Mahiro are cute when they hangout with Marian’s Yuu. Honestly I just love everyone, even the awkward senpai that tries to be cool and collected but falls in love with the silent otaku girl.
I don’t know why I love this manga so much, it’s probably the only yuri manga I’ve actually enjoyed reading.

No. 290911

File: 1681964979164.jpeg (140.72 KB, 637x764, 60E814B6-452E-4CA7-926C-C977D5…)

No. 290928

ngl, I feel this was made by a straight woman.

No. 290929

File: 1681974922841.jpg (130.25 KB, 1644x1200, d50hb7w04pz41.jpg)

>loves everyone
Great taste it's my favorite yuri too

No. 290946

File: 1681989794091.jpg (179.64 KB, 570x769, NycJ1rrwo9ao3_640.jpg)

Nta but Felix D'eon is a gay man. He draws a lot of homosexual couples in historical type of settings. You can tell he has no personal interest in women and I'd rather see art like this by a female artist, but it's nice to see a man draw lesbians without the intent to objectify.

No. 291034

File: 1682015511402.jpg (605.59 KB, 1450x2048, arai sumiko.jpg)

nta but this is beautiful, I love this!

No. 291132

File: 1682031141819.jpg (48 KB, 680x962, hafach2hrei31.jpg)

> slow burn
> friends to lovers
> jock / shimbo
> sexual tension
> sol
this is basically tamen de gushi. so slow burn that they don't even kiss until like a million chapters in, and their relationship gradually progresses from awkward strangers -> friends -> girlfriends. i can't think of anything else though, as i tend to enjoy darker stuff.

No. 291134

She-ra and Madoka Magica are the only fandoms that come to mind.
f/f never receive the same type of attention as m/m unfortunately

No. 291135

I feel like this is every single baby GL's first story, it's so cute

No. 291159

the devil wears prada has an insane amount of f/f fanfic.

No. 291483


No. 291487


No. 291526

I think Creo the Crimson Chronicle is the only GL I've ever really enjoyed (outside of Xena). I really wish more gl writer would embrace fantastical elements rather than cute girls doing cute things in high school

No. 291554

RWBY for sure, there are so many possible femslash ships in that series and no shortage of fanfic.

No. 291556

This is cringe of me to say, but Steven Universe. I unfortunately used to read a lot of trashy Lapis/Peridot fanfic lmao.

Yeah retards will say that gems are "genderless," but they can bite me. It's F/F. They call each other "women" in the show and they're all voiced by women.

No. 291606

The IP is trash though, the characters are all ugly and the fans are either underage and/or autistic, usually always male

No. 291617

File: 1682242047962.jpg (496.24 KB, 1115x1600, Fr6m1AeWAAQxC_p.jpg)

Hope she beats the shit out of the other two bitches.

No. 291620

I usually hate cheating stories but this manga is my guilty pleasure.

No. 291640

the 100 used to have lots of popular f/f ships but after a while a certain f/m started to take over.

im pretty sure the ccn banned it or something and now the artist cant finish her story

No. 291783

File: 1682320201644.jpg (309.74 KB, 1504x1080, 20230424_085636386.jpg)

Zenbu Kowashite Jigoku de Aishite. There's only 3 scanlated chapters out but it seems promising.

No. 291797

Nonny me too, I used to read so much trashy mafia lapidot fics

No. 291798

Once Upon a Time

No. 293293

File: 1682875854678.png (136.13 KB, 547x812, dfghjk.png)

big fan of you are my angela, it has my absolute favorite type of relationship (super in love but awfully codependant). It's only 3 chapters too and the art is amazing!

No. 293452

File: 1682931560513.jpg (170.15 KB, 800x1178, 001.jpg)

nta I read about 20 chapters of on a leash before I got bored of their dynamic but I never got the impression it was by a scrote. Manhwa/manhua has always been better in that regard compared to manga and the amount of scrotish moeshit tarnishing yuri.

I don't think you look much if you think those shit fic tropes only exist in M/M spaces. I wish.

I'm always on the hunt for gl with butches or at least gnc characters but thinking of recs I feel like most of what I've read I wouldn't recommend to anybody kek. A fruitless betrothal isn't finished (and I doubt it will be honestly) but it's really cute and funny and both the leads are gnc warning that her LI is in a fake relationship with a gay man and that it the romance between them hasn't been established before the author seemingly abandoned it lol. Kill switch is also pretty good and finished. While not a GL per say, Jeong-Nyeon is based around female characters in a pansori troupe so they also play the roles of male characters on stage and there are a few real couples there including gnc characters but warning there is no official translation and the fan translation only goes up to about 30 chapters.They're also making a drama adaptation with Kim Taeri who you may know from The Handmaiden as the lead.

I wanted this to be good because the premise sounded really promising but it's just boring and falls flat to me.

No. 294329

File: 1683269196802.jpg (70.64 KB, 600x700, 1667497179604.jpg)

No. 294482

I don't think I can get into yuri as much as I would like, I guess I'm so used to scrote-ass porn content that I can't bring myself to even viewing the most basic moeblob mainstream yuri thats out there right now. I do, though, have a very specific taste in mind. I'm not sure how though I'll be able to reach that… let alone this dynamic:
>tall, older woman. who's a neet/hikki while there's a small, younger woman who is successful and overall accomplished.
>roles are reversed and older woman gets taken advantage of by the younger. This happening at a progressive pace, the older not realizing it until they are trapped in the claws of the younger woman.

No. 294486

I don't have any recommendation at hand right now, but maybe you can scroll thru Dynasty's age gap tag to see if there's anything that tickles your fancy.


I remember I once read a one-shot/chapter that was kinda similar to what you described, but I don't remember its name, sorry.
I think I have the same problem as you, while I f/f shippings are my favorite, I find it hard to enjoy actual yuri series because most of the time they're either moeblob, highschoolers or for male gaze or written by men. The few ones I have enjoyed are all written by women.

No. 294504

This was an enjoyable short read and the art is pretty but it must not be for me because I was really pissed about what she did!

No. 295782

File: 1683836705803.png (108.68 KB, 950x1169, tumblr_4151443066b8a9ba40dd5fd…)

limbus company has some good shipping fodder. here's one between a rough-spun sailor and an (ex)military sergeant

nonas should get into pm in general. there are a few sexy designs in the first two games (lobocorp and ruina) but they aren't really coomerish, and the women in question are still really bad ass

No. 296672

most f/f stuff I read is concise so can anyone recommend me good written f/f smut? I don't care if it's pwp or porn with plot as long as it's not slowburn. Also it doesn't matter if it's original or fanfiction I don't mind reading fics for a fandom I'm not apart of.
I'm open to almost everything but I cross the line at incest t, underage and anything where they larp one of those things

No. 296815

Hi I have never read any yuri but I think I would love it. I don’t know where to start, but I would like something very romantic kind of like if Nana was actually gay. What are your recommendations?

What is this from? It sounds good

No. 296816

Hi I have never read any yuri but I think I would love it. I don’t know where to start, but I would like something very romantic kind of like if Nana was actually gay. What are your recommendations?

What is this from? It sounds good

No. 297675

File: 1684633127451.jpeg (13.42 KB, 191x264, images.jpeg)

Newest team Gaji main character is such a mess in a relatable way. I thought it started weirdly but by vol 10 I was also sure kissing breasts would change my mood for the better.

No. 297676

That's from Revolutionary Girl Utena, anon.
To know the source of an anime screenshot you can use SauceNAO btw.

No. 302486

File: 1686861918281.jpeg (150 KB, 1501x543, IMG_1072.jpeg)

Did anyone read this, if so what did you think about it

No. 302488

File: 1686862009155.jpeg (277.92 KB, 1608x1100, IMG_1071.jpeg)

I like it so far but I feel like the trope of “edgy dark haired girl and blonde soft girl” is a little overplayed now.

No. 302497

File: 1686864250720.png (Spoiler Image,966.57 KB, 1398x1984, 57adb757-cd06-4eea-8ab8-ef49f2…)

It's cute. The new character Kanna is definitely her mom right?

No. 302605

File: 1686915335646.jpg (63.15 KB, 400x569, Strawberry_Shake_Sweet-cover-1…)

I recently read Strawberry Shake Sweet and it was pretty cute. Does anybody have any recs for 90s/00s shoujo yuri? I'd prefer ones with gnc characters but I don't mind as long as it's not schoolgirl because I find it overdone and boring.

No. 302631

File: 1686928853816.jpg (248.24 KB, 900x1278, 7b48032a-a616-48d9-8fda-3b9318…)

Renai Idenshi XX is set in an academy but it's in an alternate reality scifi future where men have died off and the uniforms aren't typical schoolgirl style so maybe you'll like it.

No. 302633

File: 1686930000864.jpeg (437.98 KB, 1418x2000, 00c7f70f-309a-4a53-9e71-2f8730…)

replying again: Philosophia is a short read, something different from the usual schoolgirl stuff since they're in college, a bit angsty.
–oh shoot I thought it was older, it's from 2010 so it might be too recent

No. 302663

File: 1686944200629.jpg (254.92 KB, 1115x1600, the_real_momoka.jpg)

Lovely art style for a web manga (doujin?), I really love the black/white/green combo.
The authors other works have a bit more depth to them though which I prefer over this series.
Probably a cousin?

No. 302685

Oh she has other stories? Makes sense. I felt like the art was really nice but I doubted whether this was a lightening in a bottle scenario or not.

No. 302756

Thank you for the recs they look interesting! The date range and setting doesn't matter too much, I just specified that range because I really like the shoujo art style that was more prominent during that time. I started Renai Idenshi XX, which I think I have heard of before vaguely and it's exactly what I was looking for ♥

No. 304904

File: 1687810831997.jpg (176.09 KB, 850x1700, __jinx_vi_arcane_jinx_and_arca…)

does anyone like arcane? started watching it and now i ship jinx/vi so hard. yes i'm insane but they give me despaircest (junko/mukuro) vibes for some reason.

No. 308647

I need a Raven/Starfire revival!

Also it really feels like GL has great art but lacks a lot of the high quality merch and fanfiction that BL has. Anyone else notice this?
I go on etsy to look for BL stuff and never find anything for GL, I have to outsource it to Japan or something most of the time, and zines are almost non-existant.
The fuck?

No. 308688

Same. I like how possessive Jinx is of her sister and it's cute how soft Vi becomes around her.

No. 309185

Is there any yuri about adult women? I saw someone recommend philosophia in a recent reply so I’ll check that out but any other would be great.

No. 309200

Free soul
These are just off the top of my head though. It's sparse for sure.

No. 309784

Thank you for my life anon. I read this religiously now

No. 310137

File: 1690105341734.jpg (411.02 KB, 1200x1687, i-m-in-love-with-the-villaines…)

Any nonnas have a guilty pleasure yuri troupe or manga? I am ashamed to say that I do enjoy some scrote-tier yuri as long as it doesn't get too horrible. Like picrel. The less awful one I like is enemies to lovers, seele/bronya is so good

You should read Kitanai Kimi ga Ichiban Kawaii if you're looking for something like what you're reading if you haven't! It's by the same author and it was pretty messed up

> GL has great art but lacks a lot of the high quality merch and fanfiction that BL has.
GL has always been extremely niche sadly. I'm just glad we got to the point where it's somewhat mainstream now considering the recent gundam anime.

> adult women
I haven't read a lot of older yuri series so my recommendations are rather new…
After Hours
Trying Out Marriage With My Female Friend
Bright and Cheery Amnesia

No. 310138

Kimi to Shiranai Natsu ni Naru (Throw Away the Suit TOgether) –haven't read it yet because I haven't been in the mood for slice-of-life but I trust the scanlator's taste so it's probably good

No. 310166

(samefag) leaving that comment finally got me to read it. It's good! Honestly I was putting it off because I hated the cover art but the art inside is nice. I little more angst than I thought but also a lot of great carefree/cute/romantic and touching moments.
It's ongoing and I'm devastated by the cliffhanger of the most recent chapter lol

No. 310880

Run away with me girl!
Best served cold
Rouge anthology

>Good but not amazing

Yuki and the authoress
After hours

No. 311214

> Run Away With Me, Girl
Oh my god I completely forgot about this. Such a fucking good manga. Thank you for reminding me, I just reread it and I can’t believe I forgot about this it was awesome like reading it for the first time all over again

No. 311313

File: 1690566544211.png (619.66 KB, 689x863, 1505064_852573824774426_176901…)

I hope you read A Different Story too

No. 311410

File: 1690605301256.jpg (50.28 KB, 480x586, c576c357121de4badfa131f5b9bdf4…)

I own it, actually.

No. 311693

File: 1690722449665.jpg (457.12 KB, 1266x1815, kitanai.JPG)

if you're a fan of Love me Like you do, then you'll probably also enjoy https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/kitanai_kimi_ga_ichiban_kawaii_ch01
It's not too long, and is a completed story. Another case of top manipulating the bottom, but way more creepy and weird.

No. 311850

I'll add these to my list, and ask for something fluffy (some drama is ok, but not too much please), featuring adults if possible. thanks

No. 311860

>Kitanai Kimi ga Ichiban Kawaii
seconding this. that was a really fucked up one. at some points I was sincerely concerned for the author because it felt like something that wasn't entirely fiction

No. 311877

File: 1690775649160.jpg (81.86 KB, 667x1000, 51W5XD-djgL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

you could try looking through the "primarily adult cast" + "yuri" tags on anilist. I liked still sick

No. 311880

File: 1690776853057.jpg (105.35 KB, 702x1000, 81i0vaqcbrL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

"Bloom into you" is my favorite shoujo ai so far. It's bittersweet with a happy ending. I recommend it.

No. 312407

File: 1691020921886.png (511.57 KB, 650x828, b0f26166aa3acc9b4ca4282ef3c99c…)

This (shitty) anime came out when i was 15 and i was completely obsessed. I even cut my hair like tokaku (blue hair) because i wanted to be like her kek. The story made no sense but i still like it for the characters and the action/violence scenes. Is written by a man but he wanted it to be a yaoi with an all male cast at first but the editor persuaded him to make it yuri and thank god he did

No. 312519

Idk why GL doesn’t have the same type of rabid fanbase as BL/yaoi does.

No. 312626

File: 1691107289194.jpeg (92.01 KB, 700x661, 5F30BBE0-FF6D-4716-9CEC-BE58B9…)

Where are they from? They look similar to Historia and Ymir from attack on titan

No. 312629

File: 1691108588974.jpeg (61.99 KB, 917x960, EpATEbIUwAEyot5.jpeg)

it's literally fanart of Historia and Ymir from attack on titan. the artists account on pixiv is private and their twitter (pi0w0pi) doesn't exist anymore. here's some more https://twitter.com/yurisharing/status/1359717753356222466
I found that out by reverse image searching it, if you want to know an image source you should try that and pay attention if it pops up on a booru because they usually list the artist and you can find out more

No. 312635

I've always loved yuri and lesbian romance media but seeing the amount of troons into it is making me feel bad and disgusted at myself lately. The fanbase has always been cringe but i feel like this is the worst it's ever gotten. Like I would see a tweet of someome who aren't familiar with the genre go "lol gross, yuri is made for men who fetishize lesbian relationships!" and some smart ass would reply with "uhm ackshually, yuri is made by women, for women!!!" but you look a little closer and the OP is actually a TIM and all the other replies yasss queen-ing him are TIMs. Like yeah… way to prove someone's point.

No. 312746

don't let them ruin your fun. there will always be some freak cooming to something you like.

No. 312909

I honestly don't think it's any deeper than most women are straight and this not interested and most of fandom is women/girls

No. 312912

This >>312909. Also for what it's worth Thai GL fans seem just as rabid as the BL fans although that's not 2D. Actually in general most SSA women seem to be drawn to being obsessive over real life shows and people rather than yuri and since SSA women are already a minority compared to OSA women who obsess over BL then those into yuri aren't going to have as much of a rabid fandom.

I think I've been lucky in curating my taste because I've never seen any trannies or other men obsessing over the GLs I read. Since they are men they seem to only really be into the cute pure uwu schoolgirl moe with a good portion of the writers of that type being now men too or feminine dom mommy likely still moe big booba porn. In any case you can just ignore the obnoxious moids and online discourse and enjoy it or stick to women only spaces.

No. 313157

i love reading office gl and deluding myself into thinking i'll get to enjoy an office romance once i start working (i am ugly and autistic)

both should be sent to the gulag but i halfway respect regular horny men into yuri after dealing with trannies. at least the former isn't claiming to be a lesbian for real, and doesn't hide behind "transphobia" when and if i tell him to kill himself/fuck off and leave lesbians alone

No. 313853

File: 1691656472945.jpg (241.15 KB, 800x1131, image0.jpg)

shame honkai is scrote infected thru and thru i really loved some of the characters and relationships potential. not really in the loop of honkai anymore but its like everytime i check in on a mhy game they birth another toddler girl character it pisses me off.

No. 314043

>TFW no qt Thai tomboy gf to gush over GL with
Any recs for getting into Thai GL? I'd be open to formats other than anime and manga also.

No. 318461

>my twitter got linked on lolcow

No. 318593

Probably should have kept that to yourself

No. 318595

Nobody cares.

No. 318615

What is this?

don't be ashamed, it's not your fault

No. 318724

>What is this?
ntayrt but I'm pretty sure it's Akuma no Riddle

No. 320596

Can any nonnitas here recommend some good GL that doesn't take place in a damn school setting? (middle school, high school, college). Shit is so repetitive I want something involving neeeew settings.

Also, while not really a requirement, do any of you know GL where the relationship is toxic or even problematic? While I like me some fluff, I'm getting tired of the whole "ZOMG. b-but senpai-chan…….we're both girls!!!11" shtick that seems like every GL follows. Something like the war furry webtoon with the dog soldier and snake doctor (lol I forgot its name), I love the mind games between the pair.

Feed me nonnies pls

No. 320600

not toxic/problematic but i enjoyed this one: https://bato.to/series/93444/sadistic-beauty-side-story-a

No. 320603

Check out Lily Marble, ensemble cast of women who work in a gym. (Warning the ending is very rushed so some of the couples have unsatisfying ends. Also heads up it is sexual/fanservicey at times.) Morishima Akiko does some cute workplace setting stuff too, though it's kinda just the evolved version of the highschool type stories. I personally like them but nothing too crazy.

No. 320645

File: 1694375178176.png (722 KB, 1303x926, dfghjklllll.png)

>no school setting
>toxic relationship
I am once again shilling Black and White by Sal Jiang, it's really good (please ignore the new cover art for it, I don't know what's up with that but I swear it's made by a woman it has to be)

Almost every manga on that old post of mine ( >>>/m/282760 ) is not happening in a school too

No. 327937

File: 1697590279349.jpg (500.51 KB, 1080x2149, Screenshot_20231018_002526_Gal…)

>The Fed Up Office Lady Wants To Serve The Villainess
I quite like this manga and the leading characters. While there is an age gap between the female leads, you don't really get reminded of it as this being a transmigration manga where Natori has finished all her schooling, lives alone and recently fired from her job which leads to her being transmigrated/meeting her favourite character Lapis the villainess. Who has been training to be the queen since forever and had been plotting myraid of things in background in the original story. Which meant I forgot they had like a 10 yearish age gap.
I don't want to spoil to much of the story nor of the characters because I'm to busy rereading chapter picrel

No. 328548

File: 1697761393878.jpg (784.87 KB, 1870x2048, FpVsQdAakAEg-oq.jpeg.jpg)

Cringe free picture

No. 328674

File: 1697805790462.jpg (171.83 KB, 633x625, A Centaur's Life - c131 (v17) …)

No. 329691

File: 1698111183072.jpg (100.78 KB, 448x630, villainess.jpg)

read the first two novels of picrel and am left wishing for some gl that's actually well written. For lack of a better world, the worldbuilding in this one feels so…autistic? The way magic is described and the way it works just feels so sterile. And the plot, especially in the second novel really jumps the shark. I'd say more about what specifically i thought was stupid but I've never actually learned how to spoiler text on here kek. On one hand I sort of like things that feel stupid and "pulpy", but on the other I'd really prefer something of some writing quality, with a narrator with an interesting voice. Doesn't seem like there's any light novels that aren't high school settings that I'd like, but should I give otherside picnic a chance anyways? or are the characters kind of boring there too?

No. 330095

>For lack of a better world, the worldbuilding in this one feels so…autistic?
No wonder it feels autistic, it was written by an agp tim moid

No. 330465

Is Inori really? Based on that tweet they wrote I assumed they were intersex rather than a TIM. I've only finished the first volume (left a bad taste in my mouth when the first volume ended with brother/sister incest shit) but I heard the later volumes have trans characters so I wouldn't be surprised if it were true

No. 331314

File: 1698634860825.jpg (335.97 KB, 2048x1767, MuonRei00-1714484139876090284-…)

Just binged all the chapters available so far. I am positively hooked and I love how the villainess actually does play the role of a villainess with a sinister plot.

No. 331318

lol i posted that right before i found out myself. won't be buying anymore.

No. 333822

File: 1699398077678.png (1002.93 KB, 1029x1720, manhwa.png)

okay sperg moment but… Opium by Aji is a manhwa sooo underrated it's sad. not only does it have a gorgeous art style but also has really really good smut and an actual thriller plotline. it's almost historical fiction but without the historically accurate homophobia. i don't care because even though it's meant to be realistic, i just wanna see two women with drama that isn't based in bigotry. Maria/Dr. Arden (brunette) and Kyeongju (black hair) have almost a one-sided enemies-to-lovers thing going on. it's a shame that no physical copy of this story exists because it's just so damn awesome. i recommend deeply to anyone that wants an intricate but decently short GL (took me maybe a week to finish?) with interesting MCs and side characters with hot scenes and romance and thriller/drama all in one.

No. 334436

File: 1699584749972.png (1.33 MB, 1379x2097, ak0f2go8o1ui6s8][.png)

I like the Splatoon's Marina and Pearl the most, and frankly I love all the fanart shipping the two as a couple but I can't really get into the new ones. Fyre and Shiver are alright but they don't grip me as much as Pearl and Marina did, I like their music more though. Anarchy Rainbow, Fins in the Air, and Hide and Sleek are absolute bangers. Pearl and Marina are cuter together and the history they have with each other is nice.

No. 335103

File: 1699771337844.jpg (201.05 KB, 899x646, 20231112.jpg)

I haven't read it myself but is the villianess really 15? why is she so tall then

No. 335110

Fr why did this thread had to go off right after I realised homosexuality was a sin

No. 335139

it's a sign from God(dess) nonnie.

No. 335190

File: 1699816460656.jpg (485.27 KB, 1400x976, Otherside-Picnic-1.jpg)

>should I give otherside picnic a chance anyways? or are the characters kind of boring there too?
Yes, would recommend. It's one of the better written GL LN out there. Romance is not the focus, if anything it's slowburn, but it goes heavy on the worldbuilding. Plus both the protagonists are college age.

No. 335435

>otherside picnic
I've heard that the characters themselves are boring/generic and only the world building is complex so it might not work if you're character-focused

No. 336120

File: 1700168610867.jpg (739.07 KB, 1800x2560, Manga_Volume_1.jpg)

Is anyone else disappointed by picrel? The premise of character A going "I love you but I don't want you to fall in love with me" and character B going "I can't fall in love so I'll be with you" is so contrived and autistic. Not to mention that Touko's reasons for not wanting anyone to fall for her stems from identity issues of wanting to be like her sister, is pretty unbelievable. Other than Sayaka, who is actually a lesbian, I don't find any of the characters relatable.

No. 341493

File: 1702352162891.jpg (132.56 KB, 400x600, Moonlight Garden.jpg)

I guess no one has mentioned picrel, it wasn't perfect but I loved how K-drama-y it felt and now I'm craving more like it. Specifically the Joseon/Kingdom flair.

No. 341523

I've heard great things from my yuri fan friend about Her Tale of Shim-Cheong, a historic fiction in Korea that retells a traditional folk story

No. 341806

File: 1702453976854.jpg (498.73 KB, 1080x1745, Rrtt.jpg)

The reaction to this is a bit interesting.

No. 341824

i’m SO glad i never picked this ugly manga up

No. 341834

I'm confused?? Is this a tim and a woman? also kek how manly the tim is drawn

No. 341902

Iirc both are biological women in the manga, it's a bit strange.

No. 341915

it's over, the vermin got to japan

No. 341982

They've already gotten to them years ago, I remember a while ago there was this yuri anthology that was about TiMs and nonbinaries but was presented as for butch fans. I wish I could remember the name. It's all shit.

No. 342267

File: 1702578064417.jpg (236.38 KB, 1024x803, her-shim-cheong.jpg)

Just saw the anime and I was so disappointed too, I can't believe that it was so hyped up as well as being written by a woman. The whole thing felt so unatural.
>Other than Sayaka, who is actually a lesbian, I don't find any of the characters relatable
Yes! Everyone was acting so weird. I also hated how forceful Touko was, it played in the whole "predatory" lesbian trope in the most boring way I think.

I'm seconding Her Tale of Shim-Cheong, it was very good, I really liked how the story focused a lot on class difference and sexism

No. 343327

can confirm, just finished it and it made me (happy) cry. 10/10

No. 344090

I checked the qrts/replies and the majority of the japanese ones seem to be overly negative, saying the trans flag contradicts the lesbian one etc. I don't think trans stuff will ever become mainstream and accepted over there since people have actual common sense and aren't as brainwashed, yet at least.

No. 344259

File: 1703276457596.png (636.26 KB, 721x715, sigh.png)

I was SO willing to go through the moidiness because the couple seemed to be relatable and the art is cute, then i found out that they're cousins right on the first chapter…
I didn't expect better but i would be able to ignore it if they didn't shove it to my face so often, that's all, i know i can find better but i'm just still upset about it

No. 344270

Boyish² ? I liked some chapters but it was really uneven quality-wise. I didn't know it featured TiMs, what a bummer.

Yes, iirc the biggest lesbian bar in tokyo has an anti-moids in skirts policy (they excluded an american troon kek). There was a massive pushback against the censorship of that one GC book by japanese authors/artists. They're not rotten yet.

Wish i could find a 'slice of life' yuri on Sasameki Koto's level. It did such a great job of being cozy but not boring. I wish we had more GL playing with the idea of closeted characters with out love interests instead of the nth villainess x heroine story.

No. 349473

File: 1705573819038.png (3.5 MB, 1080x1350, ezggnD8.png)

No. 349477

I recognized this immediately from the front page. The artist is https://jeniferprince.tumblr.com/ and her art is gorgeous!

No. 349940

File: 1705716878326.jpeg (76.76 KB, 638x550, IMG_2846.jpeg)

@NGD_0_0 is constantly on my feed and she draws amazing Butch x Butch art that is so rare in GL. I keep thinking it’s Yaoi but then she posts their full bodies and it’s the hottest women I’ve ever seen. I can’t read her comics cause I don’t speak Korean, but I need this so bad

No. 349941

File: 1705716900892.png (120.39 KB, 762x1064, IMG_2881.png)

Example of her Butch x Butch art

No. 349944

File: 1705718689235.png (1.76 MB, 828x1429, EqwqlLxVEAAPCC7.png)

I want to take this opportunity to say that i really love Ami Thompson's illustrations, but that's also because i really love fantasy themes

No. 349972

love this image, bless u noni

No. 350067

File: 1705773814762.jpg (207.54 KB, 1265x1983, 1000009657.jpg)

nonna it's like you read my mind! I was also gonna mention about her art on here too. Most "butch" women I see drawn in mangas or manhwas just look like run of the mill tomboys so I appreciate it when they actually look the part

No. 350126

Kek, this is cute. The translation is roughly like "Hantae-yah, I'll do a two-line poem/couplet in carp" and the taller one says, "Oh, try it." Then the black haired one makes some nonsensical noises (iyiyiying and eoeoeoeong) and the taller one is just like "Huh"

No. 350133

did you type her username wrong or something because I can't seem to find her

No. 350135

nta, but it would appear she did indeed misspell the artist's handle. it's @NDG_0_0

No. 350162

May be because I'm insane but Bloom Into You is not only the most relatable yuri I've ever seen, but the most relatable romance I've ever seen period. If you have a healthy attachment style then it's probably nonsense, but as someone with avoidant attachment issues Touko is almost a textbook example of someone trying to heal avoidant attachment. I think it captures a lot of people's attention because it covers a specific area of romance that certain kind of people experience but never see portrayed because it is not really romantic to see someone hate themselves to the point of wishing no one would show them affection while still struggling with wanting company.

No. 350225

File: 1705803744224.jpeg (204.94 KB, 1470x900, IMG_2910.jpeg)

I love these women so much, it’s driving me nuts. All “masc” women in yuri tend to just be tomboys, so seeing a REAL butch, it’s beautiful

No. 350420

Has anyone seen or read Girls Last Tour? Does it have any yuri elements? I know that the creator of it is a moid, and it has this troony vibe to it, but if it's actually okay, I might give it a try.

No. 350435

Nonna I just binge read this and I am absolutely feral for it. Do you have any other recs that are similar to this?

No. 352646

File: 1706806664252.png (1.68 MB, 1290x1781, 1700296563067-0.png)

No. 352647

File: 1706806800076.png (901.41 KB, 1290x1781, 1700296563067-1.png)

No. 352671

I'm gonna say it… they look like the faggots in killing stalking

No. 353218

File: 1706988668441.jpeg (593.16 KB, 1290x2536, Image.jpeg)

KEK you’re so right

No. 353222

They really do. A literal genderbend. wow

No. 353225

is this an actual woman or a tranny or what

No. 353320

What's with the obsession with size differences? I can get why it's so prominent in F/M and M/M because straight women are so het brained that they are obsessed with overemphasising sex differences by a gigantic hulk and tiny feeble woman/pseudo-woman but why apply that to women as a lesbian? It's not about the woman just being taller/more muscular but looking x3 the size of her to the point it just looks ridiculous. I fucking love butchxbutch so I scrolled all though her art but there were a lot like this that I just don't get at all.

No. 353373

I think it's just a girl with short hairstyle.

No. 353629

the first panel confused me, it kind of looked like a little boy transitioned or something, but if it's an actual woman then it's hot

No. 354433

At the moment, my favorite is How do we relationship. It is the most realistic manga I have ever read, and I love that the author focuses on the relationships, and not on just getting to them.

No. 356509

File: 1708066036814.png (1.63 MB, 1316x1296, oIMOrNk.png)

No. 357143

In real life it's so rare for a lesbian couple to be extremely different heights, it's a weird heteronormative conditioning thing for sure.

No. 357226

File: 1708388157289.jpg (170.9 KB, 1080x1438, 她的山,她的海广播剧海报3.jpg)

Does anyone have baihe/Chinese GL novel recs? Translated or untranslated. I read 她的山,她的海/Ta de Shan, Ta de Hai/Her Mountain, Her Sea a while back and enjoyed it as language practice, but found the tonal shifts super jarring.

No. 357240

And yet irl you see to many lesbians preferring 6ft+ mommy dommy girls. I guess women with that height are more commen in Scandinavian countries but I rarely ever see women greater than 6 ft in my life.

No. 362248

Is there any yandere yuri version of a otome game recommendations. Just asking.

No. 364456

what is this called?

No. 364457

No idea, but as a lesbian irl, the tallest woman I've ever dated was 5'7 or 5'8. I know tall women exist, but let's not pretend they are the average. The height difference obsession screams moidy to me.

No. 364475

Tamen de gushi.

No. 364581

the appeal is visual contrast, actually

No. 364613

File: 1711109766635.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1213x1958, IMG_1431.jpeg)

Is this one worth reading?

No. 364652

One of them is trans iirc.

No. 364684

God dammit

No. 364738

You don’t remember at all.

Yes it is

No. 364739

I think they probably just saw >>341806

No. 365936

File: 1711567569509.jpg (63.26 KB, 441x630, 9781974738823_p0_v1_s1200x630.…)

Is this series good or does it have gender woowoo? Asking because it looks appealing but I've exclusively seen it shilled by troons.

No. 365941

It’s the best gl I’ve read in a long time tbh. Besides the ease at which the MCs seem to find other lesbians in the wild to date (in Japan of all places), it’s quite realistic in a refreshing way

No. 365944

What's the site? On a side note, I really really wish I could find a gf with a big appetite to cook for.

No. 365949

I'll eat your food if you let me cook for you too.

No. 365962


No. 366562

File: 1711817592061.png (326.34 KB, 417x378, budgies.png)

>my dream come true
Deal. Where do I sign?

No. 367237

File: 1712077015747.jpeg (731.26 KB, 1170x1451, IMG_2778.jpeg)

I really like this ship and it’s embarrassing but unfortunately whenever there’s art of them it’s followed by people crying over how problematic the ship is
I don’t care
For the same reason they’re obsessed with butch/femme or masc/femme

No. 367238

File: 1712077132877.jpeg (719.01 KB, 1170x947, IMG_2784.jpeg)

Women can’t have anything

No. 367240

Western fandoms are shit anyway, but it's annoying as hell to see this, mostly posted by spicy straights.

No. 367245

>muh spicy straights
Do you also police BL or just GL

No. 370619

File: 1713103149561.png (421.26 KB, 524x633, incredible stuff.png)

Recalling how I popped a vein whenever this appeared in my MD feed. Good riddance. Really makes you think how troon-dominated yuri spaces prohibit speaking out about male gaze and questioning any author's scrote status.

No. 370628

Scrotiest scroteshit to ever scrote

No. 370791

This is one of the best mangas I have ever read. It’s fun and realistic. I especially like the fact that it starts with protagonists getting into the relationship, and shows the issues they have, instead of ending the second they got together.
Also, there is zero troon shit. Highly recommend.

No. 370934

File: 1713199167456.jpg (267.04 KB, 1158x1302, 1709525752682687.jpg)

what do you nonnas think abot the possibility of kitakawa getting an anime adaptation? it got 6th place in "manga we want to see animated" poll

No. 370940

Thanks for the rec, nonnie! I'm reading it and really enjoying it and I'm not even particularly a yuri fan, just someone who reads good manga of whatever genre.

No. 370970

i’d watch the hell out of it but the fandom is going to be completely cancerous

No. 370973

It's hot, I love big burly women and I'm a petite butch.

No. 371063

Same anon, I read more and now I'm pissed. It's not unrealistic in the sense that there are indeed many young adults whose relationships are as messed up as this manga, but as an oldie I just got tired of the relationship sabotage everyone kept doing

No. 371115

File: 1713223875695.jpg (65.82 KB, 720x1008, 72c3334e5f9e8a0eeb34611a896fbe…)

I feel like I've run out of GL webtoons to read lately, so I thought I'd ask if any of you had some to recommend. I've already read Opium, Moonlight Garden, I Love Amy, What Does the Fox Say, Her Mountain Her Sea, Her Tale of Shim Chong, Tamen de Gushi, She is also cute Today, How do we Relationship, My Princess Charming, Ruthless, and probably a bunch of random stuff I'm forgetting. I read yuri manga too and am open to suggestions, but I just prefer webtoons in general. I'm not very picky about SFW vs. NSFW, genre, etc., just desperate to stockpile more GL for my bedtime reading. I Love Amy is probably my favorite GL webtoon ever, but I've come to terms with the fact there is nothing else like it. I also really liked Moonlight Garden and Opium.

No. 371121

Sorry nonnie. This is the part I actually liked the most after reading cookie cutter wholesome uwu school girl yuri. But yeah, it’s a bit frustrating. I hope that now that they got more experience, Miwa and Saeko will get back together

No. 371164

File: 1713235039112.jpg (189.72 KB, 850x1121, 1000002373.jpg)

I miss when yuri stories were so fucking dramatic

No. 371165

Wow, this takes me back. Strawberry Panic was my first ever yuri manga, back when I was like 13. I was so wide-eyed about the sex scenes kek. I agree though, I'm so sick of boring yuri.

No. 371215

I enjoyed After the Curtain Call but it's pretty vanilla and mild. Not sure how intense you want it to be.

No. 371260

I read I Love Amy after reading your post and it was so good, thanks nonita

No. 371312

Started it last night and I'm enjoying it. Thank you nona! The art is nice too.
Hurray! I'm glad I have spread the gospel to even one person. Everything about it was so memorable and well done. I wish there was more GL like it.

No. 371328

they still are. ignore everything to do with western yuri fandom

No. 371540

i love The Guy She Wasn't Interested In Isn't a Guy At All. i can't believe we're getting eng trans soon. i just wish it had shorter title

No. 371549

File: 1713372361770.png (520.6 KB, 500x686, kara x lena.png)

No. 371563

This one is pretty good but I find it a little goofy that the leads feel so much angst over liking popular bands like Aerosmith and the Strokes. Sometimes it can come off a little like a high-effort version of one of those horrific rage comics about listening to dadrock in school. It's still a cute story with good art so I read it anyway.

No. 371702

File: 1713426582831.jpg (487.44 KB, 1280x720, 1000031333.jpg)

obv not yuri but I recently watched Person of Interest for the first time and I can't believe I didn't know about the Shoot (Root x Shaw) ship until now, almost a decade later. they're perf and sxc, especially my wife Root

No. 371703

File: 1713426656375.jpg (70 KB, 850x406, 1000031291.jpg)

there's some lovely westaboo art of them on pixiv hehe

No. 372023

File: 1713539733497.png (1.76 MB, 1390x2000, Hito_pg001.png)

I'm a bit sad that the GL thread is slow, i adore GL (despite everything) and we don't get many troon-free spaces to discuss it.
So, i figured i'd make questions to reply to as a way to kickstart convos.

>What's your first GL memory (shipping, hearing about it etc.?)

>What do you like most about GL? What do you dislike?
>Favorite yuri tags? Dynamics?
>Favorite ship?
>Favorite GL anime(s)? Manga(s)?
>Least favorite?
>Do you have an author you worship?
>Any guilty GL pleasures?
>What would you like to see more of in GL?

No. 372028


Samefag, i'll reply first

>What's your first GL memory (shipping, hearing about it etc.?)

Shipping Aiko/Doremi and Sakura/Ino. GL brainworms were in me from the start but it took them a while to fully blossom. And looking up shitty ecchi GL animations on early video hosting services. The internet was drier than a desert for yuri back then, how far have we come. My first proper yuri manga was Maka-Maka.

>What do you like most about GL? What do you dislike?

I really cherish its very existence. I'm a sucker for shojo aesthetics/storytelling so i love when GL nails it beyond the 'moe girl' look. Even better if the writing is on par with het shojo. Picrel in the previous post is a good example, i'd say. I really want to see more non-shojo style yuri though.
I kind of resent how cutesy and boring and sexless a lot of the genre is. Weirdly enough, it creeps me out more than actual +18 or ecchi yuri. I feel like it wouldn't even be hard to make good 'ahh death by holding hands' yuri with characters that don't feel flat and empty.

>Favorite yuri tags? Dynamics?

Non-moe art, Age gap, Angst, Creepy (yeah..), Adult life, Tomboy, Childhood friends, Cheating.
I just love cliche tropes with a twist. Like reversal, pretty feminine girls who'd like to be tomboys, soft masc characters and strong fem ones. I really like age gap too, but with shy/timid older women. Rivals to lovers is a big one too.

>Favorite ship?

Eirin/Kaguya. I love Chihaya/Shinobu, Campanella/Naoto and Nana Osaki x any girl from the cast.

>Favorite GL anime(s)? Manga(s)?

Anime has to be Oniisama E. I liked Simoun too

As for manga: A White Rose in Bloom, Tandem Lovers, Sasameki Koto, Love DNA XX, Kakeochi Girl, I'll Bring You Millefeuilles, My Girlfriend's Not Here Today, Otome No Teikoku. Even Though We're Adults. Anything by Nagori Yu, Flowerchild or Morishima. Miss Sunflower, anything by Maeda Tomo, anything by Sal Jiang. Okay, i'll stop now kek. There's a ton of one-shots i love, i might post about some i find underrated when i'm on the computer.

Least favorite?
Yuru yuri, Bloom Into You, I'm in love with the villainess

>Do you have an author you worship?

Akiko Morishima, Minami Q-Ta, Battan, Torajirou, Ikeda

>Any guilty GL pleasures?

Otome no Teikoku would fit the bill. It's what got me back into GL and it's in my top 3 yuri. I don't even have it in me to go 'ehhh i'm sorry it's scrotal but it's so good' i just adore it. The twins piss me off and you have to look past the couple first chapters but it's a masterpiece otherwise. It has been my main source of waifus for the past decade.
There are some other scrot-ey 18+/16+ yuri i love, can't remember them as they haven't made an impression on me but yeah.
Oh, i love

>What would you like to see more of in GL?

Masc x masc yuri. Yuri about two old women in love. Yuri made by BL authors (eg. Love Dna XX), as i tend to really like their takes on GL. They bring a yaoi flavor that i quite like kek. I would really love to see more ambitious worldbuilding and science-fiction. Praying for scanlators to pick up more varied stuff in the future

No. 372043

>What's your first GL memory (shipping, hearing about it etc.?)
Super cringe, but I used to love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and I would sometimes ship the Mane 6 with each other, kek. My fave ships at that time were RariJack and SunLight.

>What do you like most about GL? What do you dislike?

I like it since there's no "pressure" to adhere to whatever stereotypical gender roles is expected of romantic relationships (men are initiators, women should be chased). Plus, I'm a woman—obviously I'm going to relate to women more.

The thing I dislike would probably the awful lack of masc women. I feel like every animu yuri pair both girls have to have some degree of femininity. Which is shit, because I fucking hate hyperfeminine moe shit in anime when it's overplayed.

>Favorite yuri tags? Dynamics?

When the younger of the pair is the more "aggresive" one, couples that are constantly bickering with each other, enemies-to-lovers. Mind game ships.

>Favorite ship?

No bulli, but it's []Lumity. I swear I'm not underage, kek. Their first middle school love dynamic is so cute.[]

>Favorite GL anime(s)? Manga(s)?

I haven't finished it yet (in fact, it's on-hold) but I really enjoyed Under the Leash. It's mildly furfaggy, but the military setting is pretty unique to the genre, that and the fact both leads aren't the typical "uwu young and pure eternal moe schoolgirls"—like, they're actually grown women with a somewhat messed up dynamic. []Delicious[].

>Least favorite?

Anything made for scrotes or is too moe. Also, the "cold brunette/black-haired girl" being paired with a "naive/innocent blonde (or some other light color)" needs to stop. It' overused.

>Any guilty GL pleasures?

SoL yuribait. If the bait is gud then I'll watch it. (Love Live!, Sound Euphonium).

>What would you like to see more of in GL?

More variety in genre—detective, sci-fi, dark psycological—and setting (no more high school shit), also, no more teenagers please—I want women in their twenties or even thirties to be portrayed more.

No. 372049

Samefag, I meant On a Leash.

No. 372057

Thanks for the prompts, nona. I'm also sad about how slow the thread is and I hesitate before posting because I don't want to become too recognizable kek. My responses will probably trend more towards webtoons than yuri manga because I just haven't been keeping up with the yuri manga scene very well in the last few years.

>What's your first GL memory (shipping, hearing about it etc.?)

Sakuino when I was like 10. My first yuri manga was Strawberry Panic, though. I was also really invested in certain ships from shoujo, like Ushio and Haine from Gentleman's Alliance.

>What do you like most about GL? What do you dislike?

This is a good question, I guess I've never thought about it. I like that there's a niche for F/F relationships. I guess it's obvious, but I just enjoy that it exists. I guess I dislike how boring and safe a lot of the stories feel.

>Favorite yuri tags? Dynamics?

I like ~toxic~ dynamics kek. Possessiveness, power imbalances, obsession, unhealthy devotion, etc. I enjoy angst and melodrama. For lighter stuff, I just like when they argue and banter a lot.

>Favorite ship?

This is pretty predictable, but Utenanthy. The stab scene rewired my brain when I was young.

>Favorite GL anime(s)? Manga(s)?

Most of the yuri manga I've liked has been oneshots, like "You, As You Are." But for webtoons, my all time favorite GL is "I Love Amy" and I will shill it forever.

>Least favorite?

Hm, not really. There's a sea of yuri and GL I dislike, so I can't single any out as being uniquely terrible since I give up on them pretty quickly.

>Do you have an author you worship?

Not really…like I said, I'm not that into yuri manga, and in the webtoon sphere, a lot of GL authors aren't exclusively making GL. There are many GL webtoon artists I follow and who's art I really love, like Unni (@unun_666) and Junghyun (@qt1_jo), but I wouldn't say I worship them. I think Aji has a knack for writing good GL.

>Any guilty GL pleasures?

Gachashit, I'm sorry…I really do like Honkai ships and also some of the Genshin ships.

>What would you like to see more of in GL?

More variety in settings for sure. Sorry if it's taboo to bring up BL, but I feel like BL has so much breadth in topics and style and setting, so I want more of that in GL. Like gangster GL love interests, more zombie apocalypse settings, just more. I also want darker stories in general, I'm very bored of wholesome stuff.

No. 372062

File: 1713546594876.jpeg (621.83 KB, 1588x2421, a-ko.jpeg)

>What's your first GL memory (shipping, hearing about it etc.?)
Finding Project A-ko in a pile of my brothers' superhero comics when I was 5 (I had learned to read not long before that so I didn't totally understand it but I was 100% sure the girls were in a relationship or at least that the villain was in love with the blonde one)
>What do you like most about GL? What do you dislike?
I like stories with a majority female cast of characters.
>Favorite ship?
No serious favorites but I keep a special place for Xena/Gabrielle and I support Falin/Marcille shippers
>Favorite GL anime(s)? Manga(s)?
I really like Run Away With Me, Girl, it made me cry.
>Least favorite?
Not really yuri-specific but I hate webtoons, I think it's just a bad format for a story. Like, Tamen de Gushi >>290685 is very pretty but I simply lost interest due to the format.
>Do you have an author you worship?
Not really. I wish Asada Nemui's new supernatural manga was actually yuri because her female characters are always good.
>Any guilty GL pleasures?
This one >>370934 Kitanai Kimi ga Ichiban Kawaii. The whole time I was reading I was like this is disgusting, I should stop reading this but I did not stop reading it.

No. 372179

I’m gonna attempt to write my own GL soon (can’t say the name cause anonymous) what are some corny/boring things I should avoid?

No. 372190

Like a webtoon? I'd say just avoid high school settings because it's been done to death. It's a little hard to say without knowing what specific genre you're going for. I'd say don't bother including a "comphet love interest" but that isn't all that common in GL anyways.
Man, WTDFS really brings back memories kek. It perfectly exemplified the sort of K-drama/telenovela feel. Just drama all the time. I doubt I'd be into it nowadays, but younger me was so enthralled. Also, regarding manipulative bottoms, maybe you'd like Love Thy Neighbor?

No. 372191

File: 1713588156217.jpg (139.68 KB, 720x972, WDTFS-2019.jpg)

>What's your first GL memory (shipping, hearing about it etc.?)
I've always loved 2hu, so I just fell into femslash content naturally from there. The first ever ship I ever went super hard (to the point of writing fic and arguing about it online) for was probably KaguMokou.

>What do you like most about GL? What do you dislike?

I love the drama. Like, the more over the top the better. I think GL drama carries a certain spice BL/hetero content lacks, but I don't know how to pinpoint it might be all the crazy love triangles, NTR, and cheating? That's mostly korean webtoons though…. I hate how maybe 50% of supposed "yuri fans!!" online are just using GL to virtue signal. If you ask them to name a GL that isn't Bad Thinking Diary or a gacha game ship, then they'll crumble. I also hate GL that feels asexual, the characters can be holding hands and blushing and maybe even outright confess their ~love~ but there's something so…dry about the vibe overall that it turns me off.

>Favorite yuri tags? Dynamics?

I prefer very dark relationships, lots of manipulation and abuse tbh. I loove 'forbidden love' so long as it's not forbidden because they're lesbians, usually it's due to them being sisters or dating other people or something.

>Favorite ship?

HomuMado and KaguMokou.

>Favorite GL anime(s)? Manga(s)?

White Angels Have no Wings, Outro, WDTFS, and Her Shim-cheong. For anime…maybe Utena? I am basic.

>Least favorite?

Citrus, I guess? I tend to drop things fast if they aren't entertaining me.

>Do you have an author you worship?

Not really tbh.

>Any guilty GL pleasures?

I don't actually feel too guilty about it, but Oddman 11 (or whatever it was called) alongside some other very moid-y works. I like Despaircest too…and a bunch of GL webtoons that are just all porn and no plot, like The Yandere Sister Just Wants Me to Bully Her kek.

>What would you like to see more of in GL?

Masculine women, I guess? It's genuinely rare (for me) to see a woman in GL that isn't femme or "butch" (e.g. a mildly handsome woman with a face full of makeup and high heels with her suit). I want more bottoms that are manipulating the top into treating them badly, too, or otherwise acting coy about what they want. I hate this reversal shit in BL but in GL it's hot. So long as the bottom is still bottoming y'know.

No. 372193

>Love Thy Neighbor
I've had it bookmarked for a while. My backlog's just huge so I've yet to get around to it kek.

No. 372195

Eight months late but picrel is so disappointing. I could deal with it if the author was just a horny dude but the fact that it's a literal troon pisses me off bad.

No. 372203

my suggestion is to avoid these cliches
>sterile/ fluffy romance devoid of sexual attraction
>love triangle / other woman drama
>backstory with sexual assault
>character with an obsession with boobs
>soft sweet pink x cold serious blue yuri archtype
>drama about being closeted being the reason they cant be together

No. 372550

File: 1713704901008.jpg (1.74 MB, 1253x1588, madohomu.jpg)

>What's your first GL memory (shipping, hearing about it etc.?)
My first positive experience with GL was reading a nyo!lietpol fanfic (which is funny science hetalia is more popular with fujos)

>What do you like most about GL? What do you dislike?

I like interesting female characters and scroties in romance anime always annoyed me. Also it's socially acceptable for women to be close friends so the characters actually need to think about their feelings instead of going "oh my friend is a guy and I'm a girl so we're in love now".
I don't like when GL is overly pure, idealised and asexual.

>Favorite yuri tags? Dynamics?

I love time travel/time loops, drama and unhealthy relationships with codependency

>Favorite ship?

Madoka/Homura, Adachi/Shimamura, Chikane/Himeko, Rika/Satoko (or Bernkastel/Lambadelta)

>Favorite GL anime(s)? Manga(s)?

Adachi to Shimamura, Yuri is my job, Oniisama e, Watashi o Tabetai Hitodenashi, Kitanai Kimi ga Ichiban Kawaii

>Least favorite?


>Do you have an author you worship?

Manio is the only yuri manga author I recognise (but her other works aren't as interesting as kitakawa)

>Any guilty GL pleasures?

Kitakawa for obvious reasons and Yuru yuri. I remember watching it years ago and really enjoying it but I'm not sure if I'd like it if I watched it today.

>What would you like to see more of in GL?

Anime adaptations getting second seasons. And like >>372043 and >>372057 said it would be nice if GL had more interesting settings

No. 372589

I love Amano Shuninta's art in this one and Watashi no Sekai wo Kousei suru Chiri no You na Nani ka. Though the latter was really weird and toxic. I looked through her MAL and she has heavily scrote shit of a 14 year old girl unrealistically realizing she gets horny or something called Ayame 14 labeled as GL and Ecchi. Super depressing

No. 372595

File: 1713718444418.jpeg (637.26 KB, 1170x1537, IMG_4385.jpeg)

Has anyone read “My girlfriend’s not here today”?? I’ve been reading it, the art is so good but the characters are absolutely autistic. Well at least it’s kind of fun to read

No. 372865

I found a yuri ship I like on an aesthetic level but the anime its from grosses me out, tried watching 1 episode and hated it (and the respective characters). Fuck me

No. 375441

Sadly I saw so many scrotes and troons gooning at this one that it became completely tainted for me before I ever glanced at it. The way they went on about le NTR being so good and how it's really about WOMEN! kind of made me boil, not to mention that so many pages I saw had them with balloon tits bolted on.

No. 376357

I love it (sucker for cheating/NTR), it feels like reading an edgy fanfiction penned by a 13yo, delicious.

No. 377532

File: 1715190004998.jpg (514.15 KB, 1280x1734, tumblr_06795b328b6b5c12aa1a002…)

Please for the love of all things holy PLEASE can someone recommend me good yuri/GL visual novels or games? I went through itch.io but almost (if not basically every) VN or game that features lesbians is made by troons for troons with bepenised characters. I'm thinking of playing Heaven Will Be Mine but iirc the creator has pronouns and some of the characters are implied to have dicks anyway, so there goes that. Hell, I'll even take shippable female characters in nonlesbian or nonromance-focused games, they just have to be interesting and not feminine.

No. 377534

nonny, if you don't mind me asking, but do you know the artist for that pic? looks interesting

No. 377537

Yeah, should have included it in my post. It's cy-lindric on tumblr.

No. 377555

File: 1715196784065.webp (200.68 KB, 1096x1024, 1E750CEA-00DF-4004-BAB6-350D73…)

heaven will be mine is an edgy, wanna-be artsy mess that just ends up frustrating and feels stupid to play. it is an actual tragedy they made the hottest character into a troon, though, but the game isn't worth it either way.

No. 377574

so many english yuri vns are made by trannies trying to be deep. miss the days when lesbian fetishists were just openly horny guys

No. 377579

File: 1715200941652.jpg (133.24 KB, 1024x768, seabedcg.jpg)

Seabed. It's made by japanese people, doesn't have gendie shit, and only one male side character who is pretty irrelevant overall. Not the greatest visuals, but the art is cute, gets the job done and the whole game was made by only a couple people which is impressive. It's very slow paced and a mix of SOL with mystery and yuri. Might be boring if you can't deal with it being mostly SOL but I honestly loved it a lot, it's calming to read and gets emotional in some parts. Almost no coomshit in it either apart from one cg of one of the characters in the bath or whatever and some implied sex, nothing explicit/no nudity since it's all ages. Great writing and dynamic between the main two girls as well as a look into themes like loss and processing grief. The girls aren't really "masculine" though.

No. 377584

Thanks for the heads up nonnie, definitely dodged a bullet there. What a shame.
I appreciate the suggestion, maybe I'll check it out. Not too into SOL unfortunately. I just wish the characters looked like actual dykes, but if the writing is good, I'll take it.

No. 377588

Yeah, that's understandable. I also wish there were more characters like that but they seem rare in media unfortunately.

No. 387376

File: 1716941571476.jpeg (997.03 KB, 1170x1662, IMG_3699.jpeg)

Someone posted a screenshot from this manga (i think it’s a manga?) in /g/. I didn’t expect it to start if like this, pretty funny.
Isekai GL wasn’t something I thought I’d come across
(the Villainess" And The Woman Who Would Do Anything For The Sake Of Love)

No. 387378

File: 1716941643347.jpeg (969.79 KB, 1110x1548, IMG_3700.jpeg)

Feels like such an LC coded story

No. 387442

Damn, the story was fucking stupid. It was cute though.

No. 388150

Does anyone have any recs with girls with small tits? No holding-hands shit either, I'm horny rn.

No. 391132

>Run away with me girl
Why do people keep praising this without mentioning the rape and abuse? I thought I didn't like it because she was a married bi but this is just awful, hopefully I'll be able to forget the whole thing again.
I even wonder if the author is coping with the happy ending when the actual girl who left her is still probably getting her life ruined by a moid, many such cases

No. 391151

because it's a good story. it really takes you on a ride. you're right I hardly ever see people put up a warning for that but I don't pay a lot of attention to trigger warnings so maybe I never noticed (too many spoilers, just reading them reminds me of my abuse so they don't really even work kek, I don't mind reading about abuse when it's done well)

No. 391184

It's any textbook toxic break up with a bihet story. She was so "lonely" that she left her right after school anyway, then after being traumatised by a shitty moid she jumps on the first girl again. If this wasn't a cope fiction I could hear the "I'm sorry but a functional family is with a man so…"

No. 391219

omg go away

No. 391745

File: 1718212019510.jpg (623.5 KB, 838x1844, Screenshot_20240612_140621.jpg)

I knew about this manwha before but it recently got a translation and holy FUCK it's so funny, I'm laughing like a complete retard
It's called "Sherbet Above the Sea of Fog", any nonnies read it yet?

No. 391761

She's right. Bihet apologists should die.(alogging/bait)

No. 391776

I'll give it a try, if it's all black backgrounds maybe it won't give me the headache scrolling

No. 391925

File: 1718229116656.jpg (365.16 KB, 1080x1053, Screenshot_20240612_184948.jpg)

No. 391960

File: 1718243376080.jpg (114.1 KB, 736x1104, 608c40c56df6597da0be850a745c73…)


No. 392735

File: 1718504061468.png (197.64 KB, 481x503, Screenshot 2024-06-15 9.10.32 …)

I read up to chapter 64 and I have mixed feelings. First for art nitpicks, I don't love some parts of Jinju's design, like her visible ribs and perfectly waxed pussy (it just seems like an unrealistic character choice. Like how would she even be maintaining that in these circumstances?), also at one point the author said she only has a male art doll to use as reference and it kinda shows sometimes, there's occasional yaoi hands syndrome as well kek. It also moves super slow in some parts, season 1 is slow to get going and season 2 has less action and is more emotions based which I guess makes sense but it does get repetitive because at a certain point she's just cheating on her moid and feeling conflicted about it over and over again and that gets boring after a while.
I think it's absolutely wild that Doyeon has "never touched herself" but knows exactly what to do and how to eat her out and finger her properly… because she went to veterinary school. What?? The sex scenes are pretty good though and there are a lot of them, I've been disappointed by overly chaste manhwas before so that was a big plus.
As far as the age gap goes, I didn't mind it. Jinju calling herself an old lady all the time was a little cringe but other than that it's not very intrusive and there's not much of a taboo feeling. Some of the character motivations seem vague at first but you understand more as you read on. I like that there's a kind of bait and switch with the way Doyeon and Jinju are perceived by those around them and even the narrative sometimes. Maybe the author couldn't decide at first? She did say it was her first yuri.
Overall I think I'd give it a 7/10. Even when I felt like it wasn't a strong story I still enjoyed the pairing and it's not the worst thing I've read by a long shot.
Agreed, I still really enjoyed it though and I liked the character designs.

No. 393082

File: 1718619086432.png (1.48 MB, 1483x800, jp yuri recommendations.png)

I think it's pretty funny how citrus is considered very problematic by english speaking audience but japanese yuri fans don't think about it that way

No. 393094

Are those different couples every time?

No. 393143

I hate Citrus, I don't think it's problematic or anything (they aren't even actual sisters) but I don't think I have ever watched an anime where I wanted to strangle every single character kek Everyone made me so mad.
Despite that, it was pretty entertaining and I binge watched it on a single afternoon, it was like watching some pigeons fight over a piece of bread.

No. 393796

i'm in desperate need of "toxic yuri" but specifically written by women because i can't stand cheaply written moidshit. realistically though i know that even just those two requirements make me too picky and i'm probably not going to find anything that meets them, but one can only hope otherwise…

No. 393818

>Happy sugar life
That one was so weird. I enjoyed it, but moreso for the batshit plot and less for the coupling.

No. 393875

does anyone know what's the one with the black haired girl with a guitar called?

No. 393878

Sasayaku you ni koi wo utau

No. 394684

File: 1719147122769.png (1.77 MB, 1080x533, A.png)

Has anyone read My Date Is A Total Ike Woman? How was it?

No. 394719

ngl thought this was yaoi for a second.

No. 394720

File: 1719157521555.jpeg (28.5 KB, 466x658, Wasted_potential.jpeg)

>One of them is a themlet.

Very cringe desu

No. 394731

File: 1719160503796.png (2.61 MB, 2894x4093, 113883320_p0.png)

Some of the the comic strips had overly cutesy language, but I'm still happy to read something created by an actual lesbian couple (@daruma_tatsuma and @haru_usg12 on twitter). Many of the comic pages are translated in English and available on both their profiles and their pixiv (https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/82480735). The actual book doesn't seem to have been localized yet, though

No. 395169

I think we've reached a new stage.
Yaoi but actually het pretending to be yuri.

No. 395450

File: 1719375466851.jpg (91.02 KB, 460x622, bx110720-3AWKWesIaKSZ.jpg)

Anything else in historical settings? I looked at what I've already read and only just realized that historical settings are by far my favorite

No. 395452

Also, anons in ot were saying good GLs are known in tiktok communities or whatever, compared to here. I don’t use tiktok so if any nonnies do start checking that content on tiktok please tell us if you find any good stuff!!

No. 395454

Getting to know grace
Yeah, no…sorry, not downloading the devil's instrument

No. 395579

File: 1719418547026.jpg (Spoiler Image,586.53 KB, 1013x786, Screenshot_20240626_131314.jpg)

Are they really introducing a rival this late into the series? She's cute but it feels like a cheap tactic to generate some drama and spread the series some more

No. 395675

>>393082 I only saw the Happy Sugar Life show, never considered it as yuri, I loved it due how crazy it is. This tweet convinced me to read the manga lol

No. 395914

File: 1719520068721.jpeg (171.26 KB, 727x1000, IMG_5515.jpeg)

I have a weird one here, I know, but if you’re able to look past that the two main characters are tifs then this is a beautiful little story about unrequited love.

No. 395954

Not sure if its your style but its toxic and yuri, have you read Kill Me Now?

No. 399985

What is the most realistic yuri manga you can recommend?

No. 399987

This has actually made me curious kek, I'll be reading it with an open mind.

No. 400042

Gunjo was interesting, not sure if that's quite what you're looking for though.

No. 400542

OT but Handsome Girl and Sheltered Girl was pretty good in my opinion. It's not amazingly written, but it was cute and I liked the characters. It has a similar premise to "The Guy She Was Interested In Wasn't A Guy At All" (to my knowledge, I haven't read that manga yet) in which the MC meets a "cute boy" she later finds out is a girl. Also IIRC the characters are in college and not high school (unless this was a translation error) which is refreshing for a yuri manga.

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