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File: 1556154566144.jpeg (329.46 KB, 537x445, EFC09BA4-F919-433B-A6DC-1D3E2C…)

No. 28299

A thread to discuss all things metal! All genres welcome. Post videos, albums you love, pictures of metal heads, thoughts on the scene, or anything your sweet black heart desires.

No. 28301

I’ll start us off! Have y’all heard Darkthrones’ new track? I’m loving the doom influence on it.

No. 28302

i finally got to see these guys live last year and i got the drumstick after the show. still one of the coolest things i own.

No. 28494

My music taste is quite mainstream, but i really like this cartoon metal band Belzebubs, based of comic with the same name.

Characters are made by Finnish comic artist JP Ahonen and the vocals are from the lead singer & bass player in melodic death metal band Insomnium.

No. 28495

Their first music video is also very nice and the band have album called "Pantheon of the Nightside Gods" coming in very soon.

No. 28555

Has anyone watched it

No. 28619

Have some pretty af doom.

No. 28620

File: 1556286380091.jpg (29.07 KB, 355x355, 71LOzB4CpQL._SY355_.jpg)

Highly recommend this album and their other one. All their songs keep getting taken down by the record company off the internet everywhere but if you search hard enough, you can still find it. It's my personal fav metal album of all time.

No. 28656


No. 28686

>sees there's a metal thread
>time for me to post pallbearer
>scrolls down a little and sees this post
fuck yes anon, god bless you

No. 28718

And you too. Godspeed, friend.

No. 28722

I can't believe I haven't seen this thread earlier!
I really like listening to Batushka but after the inner fights between band members, I can't enjoy their music as much as I used to, it's like the magic's a bit gone.
I also wanted to order some shirts from Batushka's store but I've read that the store owner sends out literal trash or rocks instead of actual packages which sucks because I love the art.

Anyhow, I've been listening to Mgla on repeat. Also, I ordered a few more shirts from bands I like to add to my metal band shirts collection.

Btw, does listening music on vinyl sound that much better?

No. 28754

I’m such a sucker for some trve diabolical black metal, but here’s a more scenic and peaceful black metal jam for you all to enjoy.

I can’t believe I’ve never listened to these guys before, thank you for the suggestion anon! Loving this album so far.

No. 28766

Np, glad you enjoy it! Their label is preventing people from discovering their music and it's such a shame.
Please listen to their other album Paegan Terrorism Tactics. The song Venus Blue has the most ultimate 90s vibe!

No. 28832

I hope no one minds me posting this but this album was created by a woman and it has elements of metal, but it's not entirely a metal album.
My favorite track is the catacombs, the mood is amazing.

No. 28839

No. 28842

No. 28843

Okay, I'll stop spamming this thread.
Any of you go to concerts?
There are frequent concerts in my town but I don't have anyone to go with.

No. 28877

I've heard Ihsahn randomly before, but some time ago I properly listened to his stuff and I'm really starting to like it. Especially the last two albums, Arktis and Ámr.

No. 28935

Doom w a female vocalist. Beautifully haunting

No. 28936

Posting best Gwar album

No. 28937

No. 28938

Existential crisis: the album

No. 28939

No. 28941

No. 28942

No. 28943

No. 28944

No. 29208

No. 29350

Rammstein is awesome (music video is NSFW by the way)

No. 29754

Exiled From Light are severely underrated. Unfortunately they're not making music anymore, but their whole discography is a DSBM masterpiece.

No. 30598

Music video sucks anyway

No. 35697

anyone else hate myrkur? lol i wish there could be a thread on her but no one cares and there's no milk. she's pregnant now and really milking it for nordic pagan trad points. also she's naming the kid Viking.

No. 37328

Found this today and really enjoyed it. Maori metal! I can't believe this band is just a trio of teens.

No. 37337

This mongolian band is interesting mix of their traditional music and heavy metal elements.

No. 37348

That's everything I never knew I needed. Thanks, anon

No. 37365

Mongolian music is literally the coolest.

No. 37426

Do you know a lot about mongolian music?

No. 37464

Oh my God, they're so cool.

No. 37516

They were playing this at my cinema. I'm so glad I searched for it on SoundHound, it's rad.

No. 37527

Too bad, that they have only few videos on youtube..

No. 37800

They rock and the long-haired guy Jaya is my new crush. I bet they're a bunch of manlets too, cute.

No. 48640

File: 1568019340916.png (628.57 KB, 500x716, 8BD64912-EC81-4C1C-9000-35E00A…)

What did y’all think of the new Tool album?

No. 48699

No. 48700

No. 48701

No. 48702

No. 48704

No. 48705

No. 48706

No. 48757

current fave album

No. 48818

No. 48819

No. 48820

No. 48874

Since I didn't leave comments on these, I'll say something -

Eyehategod are one of the key sludge metal bands, maybe THE key one besides Melvins (who someone else posted), though bands like Acid Bath (also above), Down, Neurosis, Buzzov*en, and Dystopia are also significant. EHG are my favorite for just communicating pure misery. They wanted to sound like "if Black Sabbath was a punk band," though there's also a strong southern blues element.

Behemoth are an amazing semi-mainstream death metal band comparable to bands like Gojira. If you like their style but want something more underground, I'd also recommend Archgoat and Beherit. This isn't the best Behemoth video, but I wanted to promote House of Strombo, George Strombo's new music/talk show (he's a great journalist).
Napalm Death are actually a fascinating band that gets underrated for how thoughtful they were. They had their roots in the Crass-centered anarcho-punk scene and were very influenced by early crust punk, but they tied in major Celtic Frost and Slayer influences to their sound, spawning grindcore. They're connected to lots of other major bands, like Carcass and Godflesh/Jesu. As time went on, they became more and more death metal, but always with a noisy avant-garde edge.
Martyrdöd are a really great band that fuses melodic death metal and crust punk, with a little black metal. They have their roots in the band Skitsystem.
Dawn Ray'd are a solid black metal band with references to peasant revolts, paganism, and revolutionary themes. Sorta like the Rage Against the Machine of black metal. They're notable contemporaries of Panopticon.
Celtic Frost are one of the most influential extreme metal bands ever, and they were a huge influence on both black metal and death metal. They're connected to the bands Hellhammer and Triptykon.
Rotten Sound are a great, really heavy, really crisp grindcore band.

This is a great album

Yes, it's hilarious, strongly recommended.

No. 48893


No. 48926

I can't believe I forgot to mention Crowbar for sludge

No. 48992

This is my favorite thing right now

No. 49820

I primarily listen to Nordic folk music though I have never really liked Myrkur… I dont hate her either, just kind of neutral towards her. But the fact that she's naming her kid Viking is beyond cringey. Not to mention it doesnt even make sense because the word Viking is actually an English word and vikings didn't call themselves vikings. They did call themselves drengr, you'd think shed name her kid that.

No. 50017

I'm digging Witherfall lately… I think they're progressive metal but I'm not really sure.

No. 50039

If anyone's interested in more Mongolian metal, check out Tennger Cavalry (they're from China but it's Mongolian inspired)

No. 50140

I love a lot of metal but most of it is by men. Can you anons recommend some good bands with powerful female vocals? Not pretty singey shit, actually powerful vocals.

No. 50141


Arch Nemesis, Shadow, Sinergy, Kittie, The Agonist

No. 50144

Thank you. Shadow sounds great.

No. 50163

Jinjer (a Russian band)
Arch Enemy (especially with their previous vocalist)
The Agonist
New Year's Day- who tends to be more poppy metal but I still like them
I know there are more, but I can't think of them sorry lol

No. 50228

No. 50232

>Misandistric doom
Found the ultimate metal genre.

No. 50236

No. 50325

No. 50378

I had to post this

No. 50452

No. 50564

One of my favorite records.

No. 50565

Sonata Arctica came to my country a few years ago and didn't play Wolf and Raven live reeeeee

No. 50673

I'm just so happy that Mgla released their new album. I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned here already. Needless to say, I've listened to it countless of times ever since it came out a week or so ago.

Their lyrics are absolutely fantastic and the drums, the drums!

No. 52449

thorr's hammer
this shit is heavy as hell, and that is a 17 year old girl singing. even the growling, absolutely insane.
also female vocals on this, and liz buckingham from electric wizard was in this band. really eerie and heavy.

i actually hate female vocals in metal especially if it's really feminine with high notes. but these bands are so fucking good, i'm very sad they didn't release more.

No. 52499

Now this is special. Not exactly strong vocals, but worth listening to.

No. 52602

It's still cool you got to see them. Nice

No. 52970

Even though I mostly listen to metal, I feel weird calling myself a metalhead because the bands i listen to aren't the "staple" metal bands like metallica, megadeath etc. And are a bit more on the obscure side and also tend to be hybrid genres like folk metal and symphonic metal. Do any of you feel the same way?

No. 52990

Kind of the opposite. Whenever someone says they listen to Metallica or Rammstein, I don't consider them a metalhead. But that's just my opinion and I usually keep it to myself.

No. 53018

I would say a metalhead is someone who mainly listens to metal and is into more obscure and heavy bands.

No. 53020

Oh and you need to have excellent headbanging skills.

No. 53048

>and is into more obscure and heavy bands.

You mean obscure and heavy bands that were born trying desperately to copy metallica and iron maiden?

All genres of heavy metal are an offshoot of those big bands from the late 70s and 80s that everyone knows. Liking obscure bands doesn't give you extra points, you are still listening to riffs ripped off from megadeth. In metal everyone just changes the tempo a bit and calls it a new genre.

No. 53055

> You mean obscure and heavy bands that were born trying desperately to copy metallica and iron maiden?

nta but you couldn't be more wrong. There are tons of subgenres within metal and a lot of them are completely different from the mainstream metal that it would be hard to tell they even belong to the same genre if it weren't for the umbrella term.

No. 53058


>all these flavors of the pentatonic scale and megadeth riffs are completely different

I love metal but you are just very naive, Black metal for example was born because a bunch of kids could not play iron maiden properly. All metal has branched out of those 80s bands and the influence is obvious. Genres and subgenres mean aesthetic changes but it all sounds like metal and anyone would recognize it as such, its the silliest thing to call any of that "true metal" over the actual originators of the sound.

No. 53141

>Copying Metallica

Like Metallica haven't copied everything. They wouldn't exist without Black Sabbath and other obscure British metal bands.

They used to play covers and pretend they were Metallica songs!

No. 53158

Is everyone here good at headbanging? Or do you just dance like this to your fave songs?

No. 53175

This is one of my new fave bands.

No. 53246


Yeah, but i´m not saying metallica is not true metal because of it, or any of the bands from other genres that copied metallica, its all metal anyways regardless of aesthetic changes. If you are a fan of any of it you are a metal fan, no single subgenre has exclusive claim of the label, specially when its all mutually influenced and cross bred across the board.

No. 53296

I'm >>53018 and I agree with you, it's the term "metalhead" that brings elitist meathead guys to mind.

No. 53323


>its all metal anyways regardless of aesthetic changes. If you are a fan of any of it you are a metal fan

This so much.

That's why I love this thread so much because I like to check everything farmers are posting here because metal has so many faces that makes me discover stuff that I didn't considered to listen to before.

This makes me wonder: What are your fave metal genres?


>Is everyone here good at headbanging? Or do you just dance like this to your fave songs?

It really depends on my location during a concert. If I have enough space for banging, then yes, I love to do it but when no, then I just dance and jump around or joining the pit for a bit because banging while not having too much space sucks bc I always end with a stiff neck after that tho lol

No. 53687

Going through a major Panopticon phase rn

No. 58267

>What are your fave metal genres?
This is a hard question because I think most of the bands I listen to are mixes of genres. I think the ones I listen to most are power metal, symphonic metal and doom metal. Like one of my favorite bands is Blind Guardian, they're power metal but a lot of their music is very symphonic too. I also like any metal that incorporates a medieval/minstrel sound to it, or doom metal that has symphonic mixed with it. I also love progressive metal but my ex boyfriend was obsessed with Opeth and now listening to them just makes me think of him and I can't find other prog bands that I like.

I feel weird liking power metal though because people always say it's "the most masculine metal genre" and "women don't like power metal". I feel like I can't share that I like power metal because people would think I'm weird.

What are your favorite genres? and also, what genre would you say Lacuna Coil is? They are always labeled symphonic metal but I don't see what's symphonic about them.

No. 58299

File: 1571432166126.jpeg (144.14 KB, 660x342, alcest-kodama.jpeg)

What are other bands like Alcest? First metal group I love. I also enjoyed Sunbather a bit but didn't listen to it as much

No. 58305

Les Discrets, Amesoeurs, Lantlos.

No. 58306

I didn't know about that. It's funny to me because it's the only metal genre I like.

No. 58307

No. 58308


Not quite the same but you can try with tool, Opeth, Porcupine tree and Deftones.

No. 58320

not quite metal, but try their labelmates 1476, alcest is a huge inspiration to them

No. 62115

Not a strictly metal band at all, but the latest King Gizzard album is thrashy as fuck and I absolutely love it

No. 62485

Nwn is dead where do you guys go for dumb metal stuff now?

No. 66204

Man, I just love black metal so much. I took a short break from listening to metal because I felt kind of bored, which is crazy when I reflect on it. I listened to a lot of death metal when I first got into metal and I guess after listening to a lot of classic albums and loving them, I wasn't too impressed with a lot of newer death metal stuff. I felt like it didn't pack as much of a punch or I found myself lost in a sea of cannibal corpse rip-offs. I don't particularly care for ultra clean production in death metal either, i feel low-fi production does help add that extra layer of grit. Sometimes anyways.

I also want to say that Paracletus is hands down one of my most favourite albums of all time and rekindled my love for metal again. God bless this thread. You all have impeccable taste.

I kind of feel the same way. I tend stick to black metal for the most part.

No. 66363

Found this after listening to the new Mgla album, loved it!

No. 66401


I absolute hate myself for not checking it out much earlier because I just bought it this sunday because I've come across this so many times but a review about best metal albums of this year made me finally check it out and oh my god it's on non stop heavy rotation. Absolute perfection imo.

No. 66402


also currently digging this classic

No. 66428

I know it can sound ridiculous but at the same time I'm so into black metal I'm also christian and constantly have to check the lyrics to see if it's satanic lol
I don't look for christian bands, but if I like one, cool, don't judge anyone's taste in black or white metal
It's just unconfortable to listen to stuff that goes against my beliefs

No. 66531

I think that's so cute! I'm not Christian but I think I've heard of BM christian bands. I don't like them tbh but it's out there.

No. 66549

Are you sure lol

No. 66731

No. 66835

Kinda close-minded thoughts

No. 66923

Yeah they just seemed kinda butthurt that Christians are making black metal.

No. 66960

orgasmic doom/stoner

No. 67038

This is pretty funny. Although I kind of get where they are coming from, to me, black metal is all about atmosphere and I don't see how far fetched it would be to incorporate traditional sermons or whatever into black metal.

No. 67546

bit late but deafheaven finally released an actual black metal song

No. 68302

progressive metal recs other than opeth?

and can anyone recommend me german metal? (as in metal that's actually in german, not a german band singing in english)

No. 68379

Here is some german black metal I found a few days ago, I don't know any other, sorry. Also one of the songs' beginning sounds exactly like the song hier kommt alex https://mavorim.bandcamp.com/
Also I found a cool german punk band today, I hope that is ok to post https://pisse.bandcamp.com/

No. 68471

I rarely listen to this song ‘cause I’m a Christian

No. 68482

Does anyone know bands similar to Fister, Primitive Man, Vermin Womb, Teeth? They are sludge bands I guess but when I search for sludge I rarely find anything similar, I like the super heavy slow filthiness rather than black sabbath vibes

No. 68585

>Black metal

No. 68727

File: 1577050881447.jpg (68.7 KB, 960x634, DogAraya.jpg)

Looking for bands or albums that are similar to Death, early Slayer and such? Idk just some nice energetic metal that has some brutality going on? I don't care about any sub genre, just the feeling must be fitting.

And if it's the right place to ask: How is it the best way to get into Napalm Death? Where do I start?

No. 68728

File: 1577050972107.jpg (45.76 KB, 599x400, wufTO9C.jpg)


here a second pic because I find them very wholesome.

No. 73323

Thoughts on Architects?
I like them because they remind me the not-so-old BMTH.

No. 73334

Try Sepulcher - Panoptic Horror, they're like Slayer mixed with old school death metal. Great stuff, also beautiful album cover.

No. 73385

I love progressive metal

No. 73492

New Thy Catafalque album released 2 days ago, I just randomly looked it up yesterday and was so surprised to see a new album.
I'm not sure if this is fit for this thread because it's an amalgamation of various genres but Tamas himself labels his project as avant-garde metal. It's very interesting, I think everyone should check it out. If you like it but prefer a bit heavier music you can check his albums Meta and Rengeteg.

No. 73512


Thank you so much for this, anon! I'm loving it so far!

No. 74788

I just learned this subgenre or whatever is called blackened sludge. I love it
oh this is nice! Thanks anon, if you are still here did you like the Mgla album? My favorite is still With hearts toward none
I don't think the vocals fit the rest of the music, I have this problem with most djent bands. I like the part when he goes BLAGH though, iconic

No. 74956

No. 75001

New video from Nightwish.

No. 75012

No. 75015

No. 75496

No. 75520

Getting back into progmetal

No. 75521

No. 75574

Ah this brings back some memories

No. 76147

An old favorite of mine

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