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File: 1672265287420.gif (2.98 MB, 500x280, tumblr_plx3lcFwEh1tss4lfo1_500…)

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No. 265449

No. 265450

Are you one person who's just constantly making posts?

No. 265452

what do you mean

No. 265453

No. 265464

Most of the posts in this thread were made within one minute of each other, so I thought it was just one person spamming. Sorry if that's not the case.

No. 265466

lol, its not spamming if i am contributing. But yeah, all the posts are by me.

No. 265479

I love animated music videos

No. 265480

One more for now, sorry for double posting

No. 265494

Well, I for one like this new thread.

No. 265581

No. 265582

No. 265612

No. 265614

No. 265615

No. 265617

No. 265628

No. 265685

Love the slap base

No. 265703

No. 265710

No. 265711

No. 265712

I hope stop motion counts, this mv is adorable

No. 265715

No. 265738

No. 265739

No. 265740

No. 265804

Brazilian MV with Naruto themes.

No. 265905

No. 265906

No. 265965

Lol this looks like fujobait… I like it

No. 265994

Oh wow, did not expect this (but also highly surprised that the yt algorithm didn't push this into my feed since I watch a lot of animated music videos)

No. 265999

No. 266076

No. 267253

No. 267323

No. 268598

No. 271257

Weird Al!

No. 271426

Happy memories of finding cool shit like this on Youtube

No. 271427

No. 288485

creepy pixel art

No. 290842

No. 290941

No. 290997

No. 291002

No. 294356

No. 294501

No. 294610

No. 294622

No. 296911

No. 296963

Repost from the animated shorts thread because i didn't realise there was a thread dedicated for animated music videos

I mean they are literally two anime guys making out so you can't even call it bait kek

No. 297519

No. 298928

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No. 309275

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No. 313208

No. 313411

No. 314019

No. 314020

No. 314021

No. 314424

No. 316943

No. 317017

No. 317075

Dead video.

No. 317188

No. 317322

No. 317327

No. 328434

No. 328463

No. 328464

No. 328465

No. 328466

No. 328467

No. 328468

No. 328469

No. 328470

No. 328471

No. 328475

i love this tifs animations

No. 328479

No. 330814

holy shit

No. 364842

necro for BLYTHE

No. 364844

No. 364845

No. 364847

No. 369176

You've all seen this, right? It's the BEST

No. 369177

it's cute! I had that song stuck in my head for days

No. 369187

It gives me so much nostalgia, I love the song and the references are on point kek, even the whole experience of getting groomed online was expressed perfectly.

No. 369191

File: 1712637717631.png (794.24 KB, 1095x860, kj2Daw6Ml9rb.png)

No. 369200

fuck off

No. 369202

only based reply

No. 369214

File: 1712652358030.gif (3.44 MB, 960x540, judgemental-version.gif)

this one was a goldmine for reaction gifs, ima share some of the ones i ripped

No. 369215

File: 1712652451600.gif (11.35 MB, 960x540, the gorls.gif)

No. 369218

File: 1712652806628.gif (9.09 MB, 960x540, neetchan.gif)

No. 369226

Too bad it's made by an opportunistic pickme

No. 369234

Amazing video though it would've been way better without the bimbo shit
>one of the girl's tits spinning
>Hooters poster
>tha_homegurlz bimbo emoji icon
>the military trainer's tits held up and wearing no pants, it's like one of those awful slutty Halloween costumes for women

Also little nitpick but
>nipples in dress up game, no undergarments
>weird dentist game that's probably made by child predators to corrupt children with disturbing content

No. 369236

I mean, it's partly made by an insecure balding pickme who thinks abortion is for sluts, so what can you expect. One or both of them come on here to self-post frequently too.

No. 369237

I remember nipples being in dress up games, but mostly in the ones made by moids (KiSS dolls, which were a thing before Flash dolls even existed).

No. 369241

No. 369411

No. 372273

Greatest animated shitpost.

But abortion IS for sluts.(bait)

No. 373138

File: 1713876091578.jpg (433.48 KB, 2756x1378, riuqs7ha6loa1.jpg)

>that moment when the white blonde girl is magically darker than the latina girl and the black girl, so much so they had to make the black girl even darker so she'd actually look black in comparison.
Why do these people blonde white girls so much? Also, why is it always the winx fans and not the W.I.T.C.H. fans? I guess that's what winx gets for using diversity and celebrities as bases for characters as a marketing strategy. It attracts the worst type of wokies. And the outfits are ofcourse overdesigned a bit.

No. 373143

>diversity and celebrities as a strategy

Did you even watch the show you fucking paint chip muncher kek? Nothing about the show is pandering to modern culture war BS and duh, they have to market and cater to young girls because that’s what marketing is and god forbid they want to hit markets where it isn’t the same witch-nosed white woman copy pasted together, it would make the show extremely boring to watch and their race is barely brought up in the show at all, they were trying to cater to an American audience and Americans don’t live in a racially homogenous ethnostate and we have a huge celebrity culture. Also wrong thread. Also W.I.T.C.H has the same “diversity” characters that your faggot ass can’t stand seeing in Winx and “wokies”, mainly the trannies flock to W.I.T.C.H because of Cornelia. Never thought I would have to stoop this low but seriously kys(alog)

No. 373144

nta but girl its winx club. relax.

No. 374301

This is not an animated MV…

No. 378041

Skip the live-action intro, the rest of the song is done in the retro-Jetson's style

No. 378049

Look at me. Look me in my eyes. Why are you so retarded.(infighting)

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