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File: 1620699425449.jpg (546.35 KB, 1078x1250, Screenshot_20210511-030033_Ins…)

No. 1227555

Kelly Ronahan is anywhere between the ages of 2 - 40 (depending on the day) compulsive liar and malingering attention whore from Kelowna, Canada. She previously claimed to be a medical mystery, as doctors couldn't understand why her blood was magically disappearing, though she has recently revealed the cause was simply heavy menstruation due to uterine fibroids the whole time!

Chompy is a 4-year-old cat. He's Kelly's trusty companion, a talented mouser, and an overall fluffer mckitty witty cutie wootie meow meow~ He enjoys sleeping and nommin' on ankles. What a funny guy. Oh my~~~ Kitty~~~

Kelly's hobbies seem to include ballet, her cat Chompurrs (Chompy), auto-exsanguinating, and inducing allergic reactions. Her strategy to avoid responsibility for her erratic behaviour is to claim DID (formerly known as MPD).

The Dynamic Duo were originally mentioned in the Over-the-Top Spoonies and Munchausens by Internet threads.

Munchies 1: >>>/snow/181656
Munchies 2: >>>/snow/201162
Munchies 3: >>>/snow/237479
Munchies 4: >>>/snow/300611
Munchies 5: >>>/snow/345089

It quickly became obvious that Kelly had been lurking and was revelling in the attention and pretending to be upset about it on her social media. She made several obvious self posts and was banned twice, and has since been communicating with the farm via Facebook and Instagram.

In episode 1, >>>/snow/359452 we saw Kelly obsessively lurking the thread and learned she was posting as several different personalities (including her twin sister, various friends, her roommate, her pastor, and a nurse, among others). We also had the pleasure of learning she self-posted a number of personal images regarding her medical history, while she claimed (and continues to do so) on social media that she was hacked. You can see proof of her compiled posts here:


The end of episode 3 >>>/snow/436521 saw Kelly finally undergoing a double above-the-knee amputation.  She is currently under supervision,  but it's expected that her (lack of) legs will spontaneously deteriorate upon discharge. 

Chompurrs has provided no comment.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, episode 4!

No. 1227559

Previous thread, episode 3: >>>/snow/436521

No. 1227585

File: 1620702908675.png (522.08 KB, 521x698, Screenshots_2021-05-10-20-13-4…)


Kelly's legs: a timeline.

No. 1227608

No. 1227659


Chompy is a cute looking, sweet cat.
He didn't deserve a psychotic, illness-faking monster like Kelly Ronahan.

Was very glad to find out that she got served by her failing body only recently.

No. 1227678

Kelly's legs: A success story cut short.

No. 1227831

The story does not end here.

No. 1227886

There's something uniquely horrifying about Kelly as a cow. I didn't even know that you could pull your own nerves out before this. Bleugh. Anyone else feel this way?

No. 1227921

The wounds were unremarkable to me, I've seen worse shit around. The fact that she's done this to herself is what draws me in. That and the repetitive 'oh woe is me, the Internet bullies me' charade, which gets infuriating quickly. Not a lot of cows keep that shit up to the point of amputation.

No. 1228106

File: 1620769389790.jpg (235.77 KB, 1080x1687, Screenshot_20210511-223606_Ins…)

Latest ig video uploaded by Kelly. She seems to be outside of the hospital, alone, crying. Transcript:

"I don't know if I can do this. I'm about to walk into the hospital [pans camera to hospital, then back to self] but I won't be walking out."

Please correct me if I've misheard her. Avoiding the literal sense of her words, what is she referring to? What's left her upset (besides the life-altering operation, obviously)?

No. 1228112

?? She's referring to the fact she won't have legs to walk on after the amputation. If she survives she'll be wheeling out of there. What else could she be talking about?

No. 1228121

I've never seen another person be able to cut their own nerves out, it's fucking crazy
Like even in ww2, the Japanese never managed to use that as torture, I dunno how this bitch pulled that off

No. 1228126

Her amputation. Both her legs were chopped off above the knee.

No. 1228151

Medfags on the other farms seem unable to agree whether it was a nerve, tendon or lymph vessel. The pic is referred to as the nerve pic because tht's what kelly thought it was.

No. 1228157

fam it could be a twizzler, she yoinked it out of her body, that's fucked up enough

No. 1228161

File: 1620772839085.jpg (41.15 KB, 720x960, 1531432373889.jpg)

>it could be a twizzler

No. 1228177

… it's been a few days since she's had the amputations obviously. Time-wise this doesn't make sense lol. If she'd posted it before going in for the op, sure. Why cry now after her ~uber positive~ show of strength?

No. 1228187

File: 1620775127360.jpeg (197.83 KB, 640x992, D1A4E5E8-1310-4D78-8CD3-2DEED5…)

She did later clarify that her doctor told her it was “some lymphatic drainage thing”

No. 1228189

File: 1620775506503.jpeg (Spoiler Image,781.73 KB, 2048x2048, 81A6A94C-4221-4C1D-9A46-3533E2…)

and while Kelly is an aggressively unreliable narrator, it does look to me like a lymphatic vessel (picrel)

No. 1228304

File: 1620788264899.jpg (504.84 KB, 1080x1861, Screenshot_20210512-035408_Ins…)

Saged bc no milk.
Despite the horrendous nature of this situation, her spirit seems somewhat uplifted for now.

No. 1228322

She looks marginally less dead behind the eyes compared to her ghastly state ~4 months ago. Really thought she might die back then.

No. 1228441


They see me rollin'

They hatin

No. 1228449

Sadly, that woman is a master at manipulating people.
Maybe she's playing the crybaby because some folks criticized her being too cheerful so shortly after the op?
She's had doctors, blood donors and her national health service on a leash for years, remember.

No. 1229218

She'll be scratching, picking and fondling her stumps in a jiffy.

No. 1230622

File: 1621075448705.png (3.37 MB, 1083x1349, Screenshot_2021-05-15 16207882…)

But it IS milk!

No. 1230634

i'm new to this whole kelly thread but just checked out the legs saga on her IG. Jesus. What's the tl;dr on how all of this started? like the black rotting flesh she needed the skin grafts for? How does that even happen to a person? Did she do that to herself?

No. 1230638

She picked at her legs, pulled out nerves and shit.

No. 1230654

NTA but also new, did she cut herself at all or literally pick right down to her nerves just with her fingers? That's fucking horrifing.

Sorry for asking to be spoon fed but the little I've read in this thread made me feel straight up ill, I couldn't get through enough to grasp what happened.

No. 1230656

i there are spoilered recaps on kiwifarms.
i think she picked at her legs with her fingers AND with scissors at times.

No. 1230681

She did not only pick her legs, but she tore the skin and flesh away right down to the BONE. There were literally HOLES in her muscles so you could see right through them to the other side. Absolutely horrendous.
Watched it at the Kiwifarms, never want to see that again.

No. 1230777

I'm not very quick to call people crazy since I definetly has been one when I considered removing my own eye when I was psychotic but holy shit this is next level crazy. Like how do you keep doing this to yourself for several years? She really needs psychiatric care.

No. 1230898

she has received so much psychiatric care, including both voluntary and involuntary inpatient
some people can’t be saved

No. 1231160

From the very moment you leave her alone she will be ripping herself apart again.
I just hope that someone takes care of Chompy one fine day when Kel is gone for good.

No. 1231831


No. 1231950

File: 1621266643896.jpg (318.51 KB, 1038x1528, Screenshot_2021-05-17 Screensh…)

One from the good ol' days of her serial bloodletting.
Note the deep cut scars on her arm!

No. 1233470

File: 1621419821601.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1170x2167, 9D397B58-4DC8-4D2D-A367-2279A0…)

New post

No. 1233474

File: 1621420031143.jpeg (1.09 MB, 2048x2048, 17171CDA-0538-4D2C-91DC-2991D4…)

plus collage of the other nine pictures shared in this post

No. 1233475

File: 1621420216654.jpeg (162.14 KB, 1170x725, BB4FC7BA-0148-49FC-A629-3474A5…)

Also, according to Kelly, the plan is to remain in the hospital for at least 2 more months.

No. 1233476

Hopefully this means she won't be able to fuck with the healing wounds

No. 1233528

So, does this solidify Kelly as the one true munchie queen, kinda like how Ashley Isaacs lords over the bone throne.

No. 1233539

I'm very curious what she will do next. I don't think she's going to mess with the stumps.

No. 1233559

Two weeks, two months, it doesn't really matter.
There will be the time when she's alone at home, without all the precious attention of doctors and nurses.
Guess what she'll be doing next.

No. 1233587

Those prosthetics that she is blabbering about won't do much, at least not without a functioning knee. Maybe some standing or moving through a room with the help of crutches, but certainly not much more that would resemble 'real' walking.

Jus' sayin.

No. 1233630

What are you on about? There's even runners with above knee amputation prosthetics.

No. 1233652

On both legs? Think about how hard it would be to walk, let alone run, on basically 2 peg legs that have no joint to bend with for movement. She’s going to be waddling like a penguin if she gets prosthetics

No. 1233810

They make prosthetics with joints so double amputees can walk fairly normally without crutches. You are using the internet right now, you can look up things like this before embarrassing yourself here.

No. 1233827

Nope. Can't have. There's no way to keep a decent balance with two stumps. So at least we won't see her running the 100 metres hurdles or doing some fancy ballet dancing from her.
She will have to use two crutches or one of those granny rollators. Anything else will need endless dedication and lots of money, and that's too much for the whacky woman who literally ripped apart her very own legs not too long ago..!

No. 1233841

Possible with some extremely expensive special carbon shit, maybe yes.

Whatever those people do, and however one can admire how much energy they put into it - Those will still be looking like Daffy Duck waddling along.

Some of those might have suffered from accidents or car crashes and fight their way back into a halfway normal existence. I can respect that, of course and this is a matter that should be supported.

Kelly, on the other hand, will continue to play the victim and actively hinder all efforts to return to a healthy life. She did not learn from her grave mistakes. She's just too far out for that.

No. 1233907

Ask and ye shall receive.

No. 1233958

It’s possible, but we’re talking literal years to regain even basic walking abilities, even assuming she puts her full effort into it. For reference, here’s some quotes from another double ATK amputee:
> Year One - I solely focused on walking and keeping my balance. I practiced walking and then stopping, standing without falling over and talking to someone while standing still.
> Year Two - I worked on walking on uneven surfaces (grass, ramps, stairs).

No. 1234049

That's gonna take an assload of dedication, time and will. Kelly hasn't got either. She's still on self-destruct.

No. 1236392

What a cute cat.
What a retard of a woman.

No. 1236481

File: 1621807279069.jpg (412.14 KB, 1080x2104, Screenshot_20210523-225857_Ins…)

Aaaaaaaand there we have it, folks. Complications have ensued.

No. 1236492

Did she have a stroke writing this?

No. 1236502

>>1236492 why did she suddenly repeat the exact same sentence, creepy as fuck.

No. 1236719

pretty sure it's just a copypaste mistake anon, lol

No. 1236720

I'd feel better too if my body had lost 30 pounds of useless septic flesh. At least until I came off the painkillers.

No. 1236743

Hey Kelly, let the picking start (again)!
We know that you're reading here!

No. 1236744

File: 1621847932117.jpg (64.83 KB, 480x600, 2196451-307496099b500bd6ac29e8…)

Guess she can't do shit with her legs except wiggling them around a bit.

No. 1236793

Teh stumps are relly fuckin short

No. 1236931

tbh I'm shocked at how much leg they had to amputate. When they suspected above the knee I thought it would literally be just above the knee but I guess the necrosis/infection was pretty extensive

No. 1238374

At least she won't play pretty ballerina on the hospital hallway again, with her dirty feet at the wall.

/cuz they are g0hne

No. 1238375

File: 1622027237747.png (1.38 MB, 960x960, Kelly Ronahan Vampire Munchie…)

like that

No. 1238683

She better get that smelly pussy off the wall.

No. 1240020

I used to be horrified that Jaquie literally died, but seeing the legitimate necrosis and Kelly pulling shit out of her leg… I’m use to gore and shit. This was a lot.

No. 1240556

File: 1622209708518.png (772.33 KB, 899x750, 1622209436046.png)

She's insta-bawling her derpy eyes out, but it's too damn late.

No. 1240584

File: 1622213104469.png (528.24 KB, 384x597, Kelly Ronahan on Instagram .pn…)

Oh cry me a river, Stumpy. It's so easy to play the victim now, isn't it.
But we know you better by now, since your days as a teenage prostitute you've been constantly fooling the people around you.

Guess your crocodile tears won't work any more.

No. 1240650

In her newest IG Kellz tells us that she's got to "qualify" for a new set of (artificial) legs. Now that's wonderful.

"Ms. Ronahan, if we had to decide to give some $$$$$ for a kid that's lost his legs in a car crash or you, what would be your point?" - "I picked my wounds down to the bone until the flesh came off. Also, I wasted dozens of gallons of donor blood by spilling it into some toilet."

No. 1240746

The only new "legs" that she really deserved would consist of two old broomsticks with a pair of clown shoes bolted underneath.

No. 1241185

Just don't fall for her latest IG-vid.
Those tears are fake as hell.

No. 1241317

She does not qualify for a set of brand new carbon legs on the taxpayer's roll.
She deserves a smack in her stupid face and being sent home in the oldest wheelchair there is.

No. 1241959

File: 1622361376705.png (833.46 KB, 585x801, toothfairy.png)

just look at that neglected hobo teeth of hers

No. 1243562

She will not change. That recent bit of crying is all part of her act.
The wounds on her stumps will be her meal ticket for long-lasting, intensive attention from medical professionals. If not, she will start picking and soiling her stumps. Again.

No. 1245752

Rule number one:
Never trust a mad hooker.

No. 1253724

File: 1623490948385.png (Spoiler Image,2.83 MB, 2970x1965, kel.png)

If there's still someone out there who has got doubts about her absolute madness - Some prior-to-amputation pics of her rotten legs.

Bon appétit and enjoy your sweet dreams, farmers!

No. 1253750

Sage, but what in the trypophobic fuck have I just seen?

No. 1253807

I can't believe this is (well, was) a real, existing leg with all that bone exposed and a fucking HOLE in it. I really can't comprehend it and it looks so fake to me, but knowing Kelly after reading the last 50 pages of her KF thread it definitely is real. How did this even happen, did she really scratch all this shit out? How the fuck does anyone think it's okay to upload something like this on instagram I swear to god

No. 1253808

File: 1623502673197.jpg (651.78 KB, 1080x1456, stumpy.jpg)


Samefag here. Sorry for that sage guys.
Adding the message text.

No. 1253891

Shit, is she really complaining about gaining weight after she lost the better part of two whole fucking legs..? That is so far out.

No. 1254078

Well, they will have to let her go some day. Next week, next month, doesn't really matter.
From the very moment she's back home she'll start shredding herself apart again, using the cheapest excuses and her usual flood of shitty lies. Of course, she will be posting pretty much everything on her IG.
It's so very sad and obvious. Bitch's gonna dig her own early grave.

No. 1254110

File: 1623525052112.jpeg (37.88 KB, 654x428, 1B4125AC-CCF4-4880-AD04-106C02…)

that’s …uhhh…. what the fuck

No. 1254272



No. 1254604

I read this whole saga within a few days. This is so fucking gross and out of hand. What would mental treatment even look like here? Are there similar cases where someone makes a full “recovery” after trying to severely maim themselves? Or is it more of a monitor and hope they survive situation?

She really reminds me of an old Instagram self harm acc called “tryingflyingdying” or something like that. The woman who ran the account set herself on fire and would post photos of the burns.

No. 1254647

Literal nightmare fuel. Holy shit

No. 1254853

I'd say it will go on pretty much the same, except Kelly will use some other tools of trade.
She went from extreme bloodletting to burn wounds and then to literally ripping her tissue wounds open, scraping bone and cutting parts off with scissors. Guess that this is nothing you can heal just like that.
Attention whoring is one helluva drug.
Doctors will send her home and everything will get worse again.

No. 1254977

There is literally no way out for her except full-scale inpatient treatment.

She'll relapse in the very moment they send her home, she's so fucked up.

No. 1255611

Proves that social media will try so hard to silence people they don't agree with, but someone mutilating themselves? Go for it

No. 1255781

ayrt, I worded that poorly. I meant what would treatment look like for someone who was eventually willing to comply. Or if that’s possible for anyone this far gone. There’s no doubt in my mind that this gross woman will continue to maim herself and lose limbs.

No. 1256079


As long as she's still lying to her doctors and nurses (which she did often enough) there will be no salvation at all for her.
All that years of medical effort and tax money of honest, working people pissed in the drain.
Making me mad, tho it shouldn't.

No. 1258141

File: 1623867711864.png (1.06 MB, 771x1998, Screenshot 2021-06-16 at 20-19…)

Coming home soon..!
Now let's see what she does with this newfound, mainly unattended freedom.
I guess we know.

No. 1258642

Oh yes, I remember that particular cow.
Wasted huge amounts of blood donations some years ago.
Both of her legs are a fair price for that! Now have fun rolling around the block or walking on cheap stilts, Kelly.

No. 1259474

It's hilarious to see people still saying they have hope Kelly will get better and come to her senses, these people are almost as delusional as her. This psycho is long gone and she's only gonna get worse from here. There's no coming back from picking your fucking legs to the bone and gleefully getting rid of them forever. She's past the point of no return and it's no use pitying her now(sage non-milk)

No. 1260831


"A fair price", that's what you said.
There might be some more to come.
A whole bunch of unpaid bills.

No. 1262611

File: 1624449556361.jpg (77.89 KB, 640x744, homeroller.jpg)

Look who's home again!
There she is, alive and kicking, err, rollin'.

No. 1262669



No. 1263058

Wonder how long this content new vibe will last until she fabricates the next illness now that she's visibly disabled

No. 1263267


There's no need for some new illness, since she's still riding the Behcets train, as seen in her IG posts.
So we can expect some "complications" and "wrong diagnoses" pretty soon.
There are enough tools in her kitchen drawer or in the garden shed to provide that.

No. 1282204

File: 1626945335371.png (586.14 KB, 670x586, Kelly Ronahan Vampire Munchie.…)

OMFG, Kelly the vampire is back..?
Haven't heard of her in ages, and now both her legs are just gone!!

No. 1283041

May her stumps rot away.

No. 1308407

As someone who just discovered this site after doing a search engine search for kelly fake illness after seeing her picture pop up on a site dedicated to amputee fetishist I cant help but wonder if maybe she suffered from BIID all along. People will do incredible things to get the body they feel they need. Either way, having never known about this saga or even caring until she became my favorite kind of amputee, I predict she will very much welcome the new additional attention she is about to receive from the devotee community. Sure hope she embraces it, there is a shortage of dak women out there…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1308419

I have no idea who this woman is, but I already hate her simply cause she attracts creepy moids

No. 1308589

But stumps ARE sexxay..!

No. 1308693

No she doesn't have BIID. She wanted medical attention and sympathy from people who couldn't work out that she was lying her (legs) off.

Before this it was "I have MS" and before that it was bleeding herself through a port and using valuable blood supply.

No. 1311736

No. 1332838

File: 1632474105272.jpg (402.64 KB, 750x1334, NYlfVwa.jpg)

pregnancy saga?
it honestly sends chills down my spine when I picture this freak responsible for another human being. I don't know how, but it should not be allowed for her to reproduce. I hope she aborts it with her usual self induced voodoo

No. 1332897

That's just BS. She's talking about an "unborn update" which clearly relates to an update of her Insta, whatever.
Are you being hysterical, anon?

No. 1332898

That bitch terrified her cat.
But it's good to know her shins are off for good. No more hopping for our little crazy bunny.

Also, "pregnancy", WTF anon?

No. 1332903

If Kelly gets pregnant we are going to get a saga of Kelly forcing a child to be disabled and then the child murderers her, like Gypsy Rose

No. 1332919

What's more terrifying:
Kelly being responsible for another human being


some fetish guy who fucks her only because of her stumps.

No. 1489132


No. 1858002

File: 1688475287463.jpg (Spoiler Image,527.59 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20230704-055428_Mes…)

Kelly had another surgery on one of her stumps. She now is amputated all the way to her hip. And one normal stump.(you need to use a spoiler for this )

No. 1858005

Kelly had all of her teeth pulled out. And she pulled out her hair so she's balled now.(namefagging / subjectfagging )

No. 1858016

>she's balled now

No. 1858035

Source? Story? What happened?(sage goes in the email field)

No. 1858893

Can you prove that this is Kelly or are you just stirring shit? I’ve been following her since she first started self posting here (was anyone else here for all the tumblrs and fake diaries she made to entertain farmers or is it all newfags?) and am pissed that she was either run off the internet by tiktokers or is being prevented from using the internet. I’m invested!
I’ve seen the teeth thing repeated numerous times but it sounds like bullshit and no one ever proves it. Last picture I saw of her was in December and she was very obviously wearing a wig. It was sitting too far back and she did appear to be completely bald under it.

No. 1858960

that really does look like kelly's style of self-injury so i'm tempted to believe it's her. i'd like to see proof for all the claims though. at what point will someone be able to just institutionalize her? this is awful, she needs round-the-clock mental care.

No. 1858996

It does look very similar but with so many retards on Reddit and whatever other social media now being aware of her I’m hesitant to even believe my eyes. She’s been sharing and documenting her insanity online for so long that part of me assumes she’s posting updates somewhere and I just haven’t found them.

She was very briefly tossed into what looked like an institution a few years ago but I can’t remember if it was before or after she started fucking with her legs. The only reason I remember it is because she posted a video and you could see one of those weird metal toilets they have in prisons and there was never an explanation. Since she’s physically harming no one but herself I kinda don’t think she’ll ever be locked up against her will. At one point she claimed to have been in a forensic psych hospital but as with the rest of her backstory I’m not sure what to believe. I’d kill to have a factual and comprehensive summary of her life but it’ll never happen.

No. 1859477

If the new update is true I have to wonder if she's under a conservatorship as she is clearly completely insane and can't care for herself. If she isn't, why the fuck not?? If she IS, why is she not sedated or otherwise institutionalized or even just sufficiently supervised? This makes my mind whirl.

No. 1862232

was a connection ever made between her self harming her legs and her loving ballet? you'd think her legs would have been incredible precious to her. was she rejected somewhere for not being good enough?

No. 1862420

Dysmorphia and stress related to body parts is very common in ballet dancers, sadly. I think growing up in ballet could have a lot to do with it.
Ballet can be very competitive, can bring up a lot of control and body image issues, and can break down your body (especially feet and legs). Self-harming behaviors like cutting and anorexia are common in girls growing up in a perfectionist environment like ballet. There could be a connection.

No. 1863344

She didn't grow up dancing. Most pros have been in strict tutorage since they were 10-11. She took it up as a hobby as an adult, and was fairly good at it for someone who didn't study in childhood. That's it. She was nowhere near professional.

No. 1880391


Someone really recently uploaded new videos on Reddit under r/KellyRonahanproof.

Where did you see the wig photo? I’d love to figure out the timeline post-amputation.

I’m actually really sad for her. Was hoping she’d make some kind of recovery after going offline.

No. 1880472

File: 1691882264081.png (4 MB, 1170x2532, 6B1411C8-4A66-4883-9112-CAED20…)

sorry i can't convert to webm and upload because i'm on mobile but the videos show that she's picked off her hair and some of her teeth and she's continuing picking at the stump, holy shit why can't someone just institutionalize her. i suspect the reddit videos and possibly the update here are self posts.

No. 1880547


holy shit she looks grim

No. 1880599

File: 1691892233613.webm (1.19 MB, 246x480, Kelly Ronahan continues proof.…)

> Posted 12 days ago by u/proff_images
> “Her excuse for her teeth was that her meds made them rot and fall out”
When asked where they were getting their videos from:
> “Can't disclose it. Or I'll lose connection to infos”
When asked “ So she’s not back on Instagram? I’d love to know more about how she’s doing and what’s been happening since 2021.”
> Well the videos are with in the last 6months. She's been quite lately. She also has FB. But no IG

No. 1880603

File: 1691892632215.webm (785.43 KB, 360x626, rapidsave.com_kelly_ronahan_vi…)

thanks for uploading that one. i find the comments with it really strange, like if she's sending them in private then surely she'd realize whoever it was that was leaking them and cut them off. i really do think she's uploading them herself in the same way she would selfpost on her original thread here. anyway, i'm converting the rest and uploading them now.

No. 1880606

File: 1691892866185.webm (Spoiler Image,1.53 MB, 240x480, rapidsave.com_kelly_ronahan_20…)

this one is really rough to watch, sorry in advance. if you can't watch it: she thinks her stump is full of puss and pokes at it, text says she wants to pop it (her swollen stump) with a nail. says it was the same when she left the hospital so clearly doctors didn't see an issue then, which means she's been picking in the meantime.

No. 1880608

File: 1691893015993.png (107.2 KB, 1472x552, Screenshot 2023-08-12 at 11.18…)

comments on this video. the random capitalization and insider knowledge really makes me think it's kelly. anyway it's still just as bad if it's someone pretending to be her friend then getting her to take videos of her killing herself and uploading them to reddit.

No. 1880609

File: 1691893126499.webm (1.42 MB, 360x626, Kelly ronahan video.webm)

> Posted 12 days ago by u/proff_images on r/KellyRonahanproof
In the video Kelly is using an incentive spirometer and says “it’s supposed to bring down the (?) fever” as she uses it and then I heard “getting cute(r) that’s a defeat” (?) in my defence, there’s audio playing in the background and I’m ESLGfag, so I might be wrong.
Of note, all videos retained their original titles.

No. 1880615

File: 1691893896223.webm (Spoiler Image,1.92 MB, 240x480, Kelly ronahan stumps 2023.webm)

Please play the video at your own discretion. In it, Kelly zooms into what’s left of her legs and pokes at them.
Transcribed audio from the video.
“I have a video that I’m going to send you. Ok look, so I keep getting leaks like this. What the freak is that?! What is this?! But anyways, ok, so this is…
> sigh
I’m now scared. I just thought this nasty thing was just like inflammation but what if that whole thing is full of pus? Oh my god, I’m scared!
> stifled laughter
and that, but hmm, that’s where it all started.
> audio cuts off.”
As with the other videos, it was posted on r/KellyRonahanproof by u/proff_images. When asked: “Ist that really Kelly? I thought she disappeared from social media. What is the source of that video?”
> Nope she still kicking around. She picked on her Right stump and had to have another surgery to amputated it. And this video is her picking at it.

No. 1880618

Anon, both of these have already been posted. You should refresh the thread before posting milk.

No. 1880675

Are… are her legs amputated all the way up to her pelvis

No. 1882037

The reddit poster is DEFINITELY Kelly. Think this: if she sent it to a little group of people, she would know who this is. If she sent to a larger group, the reddit poster would give where they found the video.
I believe she also pulled out her hair by herself.
Is this how she sounded like? I never heard her voice. She can't act surprised even a little.

No. 1883571

Surgeons will always try to leave as much as they can. Through-hip amputations are rare and incredibly disabling so they're only used for unrecoverable injuries and cancers afaik. Kelly started out with bilateral AKAs and - correct me if I'm wrong - they had to get her back into surgery to shorten what was left of her upper legs after she fucked around with the healing too.

No. 1885054

File: 1692537629150.jpg (117.56 KB, 1080x1764, Screenshot_20230820_142313.jpg)

Seems the Reddit poster deleted everything…

No. 1887401

Jesus christ this is so grim. She'll end up killing herself. It makes other munchies seem normal. I don't understand how she doesn't have constant supervision? Like, any autistic child who's hitting themselves would be supervised and corrected and this woman has literally ripped her own legs off and is continuing to rip the stumps off and her teeth out and no one helps her. It's actually fucked.

No. 1887897

she has been involuntarily committed, she’s been in a group home, she’s had a 1:1 daily worker
at some point you have to use the resources on people who genuinely want to get well

No. 1887999

I know but they've failed terribly to help her, she should still be being supervised and she clearly isn't. I get wanting to use resources on people who actually want to be well, but it's not fair.

No. 1896779

Wow I used to follow her years ago and only just found this to get up to speed. I'm actually speechless. What is the end game here?!

No. 1916443

I randomly thought of Kelly today and I'm totally shocked at these updates. I hadn't seen anything of her since just after she got her legs amputated (the first time) and I thought for sure that would be the shock she needed to recover. Holy shit, after seeing her now I really think she's going to die soon.

Also, in my search for updates I couldn't find her current IG but I found her twin sister's. It's such a contrast and so sad to see all the posts of her sister exploring the world, while Kelly has devolved into this.

No. 1946846

I believe this but wonder (maybe because I haven't followed her closely over time) why would she post this way instead of updating on Instagram where they're more likely to be seen and get attention?

Is it about leaving them up just long enough to be posted here so she can read more shit about her? I thought munchies like attention but I stopped looking for updates because she's inactive on socials. seems counterintuitive

No. 1969328

Left a slime syringe in her bag! At the hospital surprise. She had hair and missing 1 maybe, but still nightmare material(necro)

No. 1969329

You didn't

No. 1969339

For her to unalive?? Confused.(learn2integrate, do not use twitter/tiktok lingo)

No. 1969471

Late but I’ve followed Kelly since she first started self posting here in like 2016 or 17. While she obviously liked the attention and kept her own threads going both here and on KF, I think she actually disliked when she started getting attention from broader social media and retarded TikTokers all trying to tell the tRaGiC story of Kelly or whatever the fuck. That’s pretty much when she disappeared. I wouldn’t be surprised if she maintains some form of social media for a much smaller audience but if she does she probably isn’t terribly active on it given how fucked her health is now. Even if she’s in a care home or mental health facility or some shit I don’t think they have the legal right to refuse her access to the internet.

I wonder if she’s still in contact with Jenni or whatever her name was. Kelly acted like they were roommates but it kinda seemed more like she was a support worker of some sort. Whatever the nature of their relationship was they definitely knew each other a long time.

No. 1983525

File: 1712504389564.mp4 (Spoiler Image,3.07 MB, 336x656, Messenger_creation_94989702941…)

Kelly ronahan

No. 1983526

File: 1712504504080.jpg (Spoiler Image,471.93 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20240407-082124_Mes…)

No. 1983532

Jfc I wish I had never opened that.

No. 1983564

File: 1712514110687.jpg (Spoiler Image,982.8 KB, 1080x2042, RDT_20240407_08442048197714284…)

(subjectfagging newfag, unspoilered gore)

No. 1983566

What's even the point of this whole thing? For how long can she escape from being a person?

No. 1983591

would a brave soul who can watch those videos tell us what happens in them? Last time I opened one of those I got blasted with the pre-amputation leg hole and I haven't been the same since

No. 1983596

there's one video (the first spoiler) and two photos. the photos are extremely graphic, she's been picking at her right stump. one of the photos shows "10/10" written on it. the video is uh, i guess less graphic but does display her stumps bandaged, she is in a hospital and not that audible. she seems to be mumbling to herself and at one point focuses on her underwear (?) and she says "that's me crotch" and kinda touches her crotch while she says "I [inaudible] from here"(?) and then babbles about her wheelchair. She is completely batshit.

No. 1983742


it sounds like "I pee right from here" or possibly "the pee comes from here."

I'm assuming she's either REALLY high on pain meds or putting on a weird show for someone.

No. 1983779

She’s gonna die. She really has no intention of ever stopping. If she wants to die so bad, I don’t understand why she’s picking the slowest most uncomfortable way to do it. Like she must know she’s at the end of the line, right? She doesn’t think she can just keep going forever until she’s only a sentient scabbed head in a wheelchair, right?

No. 1983791

She's entering her Johnny Got His Gun era

No. 1983894

i would love to have a peek behind the scenes of her medical care. like if its the ideal case scenario and all physicians on board know the reason for her ruinous outcomes, i cant imagine what the surgeons are thinking lmfao. i think next step up is a hip disarticulation surgery vs. a hemipelvectomy but once she starts picking at her fucking pelvis stump she is right in the peritoneal cavity and its game over. her remaining thigh is beyond yeeted but further amputation is basically giving her a direct route to her abdomen. you picked the bad end route kelly ):

No. 1983904

when i saw the updates i actually assumed she had already died or was near death from infection or something. it was weird to me we went so long without a new skin picking saga, so it wasn’t too much of a shock to see her back at it again. i really do wonder, does her team know she’s doing this on purpose? has anyone ever looked her up online and seen the copious documentation of her own mutilation? everything about her is bizarrely fascinating to me cause she’s the kind of person you hear about in like medical freakshow books or through the research grapevine, but it never really hits that people like this actually exist because the idea of someone doing what she does to her body is almost incomprehensible. i wonder if she’s back to shoving sand and grit into her wounds like she was suspected of doing before. has she pulled out anymore nerves and lymphs?

No. 1984083

Because she doesn't want to die, she wants attention, she's just also willing to risk death to get it.

I'm sure if they don't know they at least suspect, but what can they do about it aside from keep treating her? She's been committed before and just takes her meds for a little while and walks/rolls right back out.
They also can't just outright refuse to treat her. They can stop writing prescriptions if they think she's abusing them, but if I call 911 because I slashed my own neck open they can't just refuse to treat me just because I did it to myself.

No. 1984216

they should amputate her hands, should have done it after the first amputation kek. would have minimised the damage more than anything else theyve done

No. 1984342

i know, you’re right. i just wonder sometimes how her team feels like when they did the skin grafts and she was allegedly rubbing her own poop into the stitches. i wonder how they feel watching her legs rot into black hard stumps, having to chop her up like they’re in the worst horror movie ever…that’s got to be traumatizing for them too. she downplays the psych part of her treatment a lot, so i suspect there’s way more being done to treat her than she lets on. there just has to be because i forgot she knocked out all her teeth and started pulling out her hair on top of the infections/amputations. but like you said, there’s nothing anyone can do but treat her even though she really doesn’t deserve it at all. i guess the big question here is what exactly is wrong with her psychologically that makes her do this? she’s gone well past munchie and into whole other realms i have no words for.

No. 1984546


I can't even imagine how devastating it would for her doctors to work so hard to try to save her legs for so long and create some of the best skin grafts I've ever seen only for her to destroy them.
I was thinking about that too though, I kind of wonder if maybe some of her medications have given her OCD like symptoms that cause her to pick and pull? I honestly do not know though.

No. 1985407

She needs to be in a straitjacket in a padded cell. This whole debacle is a consequence of closing the asylums.

No. 1985709

Canada is very lenient with the crazies. They set free that crazy cannibal guy who ate another guy's face in a bus after just 7 years, for example.

No. 1985710

She sounds like Gollum but more retarded

No. 1987473

Where did you get these pics, anon?

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