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File: 1491770943892.jpg (154.72 KB, 556x780, shv.jpg)

No. 287830

Jamie Leigh Fischer is an exceptional old cunt bag who uses tragic events to gain sympathy for herself and overhauled her fat ass through plastic surgery in hopes of making her YouTube channel successful.

Claiming to be a 9/11 survivor, then a survivor of the Boston Marathon Bombing, which both have been debunked, this bag of conniving douchery is one of those schadenfreude cunts who's last claim to fame was a bunch of teens staring at her sagged out tits in Yahoo chat rooms back in the 2000's where her thigh gap was confused as the source of the Y2K bug.

Her current self proclamations of being a "Popular YouTube Star and Personality" are backed up by her shitty content which always gets more dislikes than likes, gets a whopping 2-300 views per video from her massive fan base of 1600 people and features her fake plastic surgery face so zoomed in that you want to paris hilton yourself by sticking a finger down your throat to bring back last weeks taco bell just to make it through ANY of her videos.

Her dipshittery continues as she was exposed for lieing about having cancer which resulted in a Hysterectomy but her scars are indicative of plastic surgery where skin was removed, more than likely stapled onto her fat fake looking face to hide the pockmarks from her needle abuse days.

The grazing cow lives at home with Mommy and her deadbeat husband David Dillion Clark Fischer who is a Pizza Delivery Driver for the local Hull Pizza, but somehow Jamie has convinced herself that he is an accomplished doctor, perhaps the one in the same that made her face look like Michael Jackson.

Her extra cheese please Husband mooch was arrested for Domestic Battery and taken to court for Child Support.

At age 42, this cud chewing wanna be spinoff of Anna Nicole Smith and her local school zone flasher Husband live with her Mommy in the upstairs attic bedroom where Jamie Leigh Fischer has to tuck her fat ass into a corner of a room while staring up at the camera like Jesus has returned (while hiding her horrible neckline from failed surgeries) to create her "videos" and she has affectionately named this corner, her "studio" in which she surrounds herself with stuffed animals in hopes that we dont see her fatassery.

This walking yeast infection is open for your love and the more you dig on her, the more you reveal as lie after lie becomes exposed. Everything from creating false charities post 9/11 to take advantage of the situation to stealing artwork and claiming it as her own, the great thing about this wilderbeast is that she reacts to being called out and has recently changed her LinkedIn to no longer reflect her Popular YouTube Status and this dipshit also has YouTube Partner on her linkedin, which everyone knows is an automated process.

FACEBOOK: https://m.facebook.com/jlinlimbo/
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/jamieleighdoc
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/jamieleigh?lang=en
LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamie-leigh-fischer-4756b745

No. 287840

File: 1491771885650.png (1.58 MB, 1126x923, c0cMQha.png)

even more links on this cow

SnapChat @JamieLeighDoc

the cow even photoshops her tounge

No. 287843

I…. I feel like I'm having a clown nightmare right now

No. 287851

im watching her most recent video and her hair is just fucked. also, mentioning Onision out of the blue and rambling about how she doesn't want to have sex with him.

No. 287857

I'm getting a allergic reaction from just watching her face with that horrible make-up.

No. 287874

can't believe I read through this whole thing without finding a reason for that hair

No. 287881

She looks to be suffering from whatever Amanda Bynes has

No. 287883


according to this cow udder licker, she shaved her hair for the fuck of it, sounds like a brittany spears moment.

No. 287884

File: 1491774615855.jpg (12.63 KB, 288x216, th.jpg)

Must be part of her clown aesthetic.

With that makeup and bold top of head, she looks just like IT.

No. 287886

File: 1491774644911.jpg (208 KB, 1044x810, haircut.jpg)

here's another beautiful picture of this walking STD

No. 287896

File: 1491774902277.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, ml2i6r.png)

this bitch is a photoshopping queen, look at those smooth sexy legs, but what the fuck is wrong with her feet?

No. 287900

File: 1491775131898.jpg (291.66 KB, 1240x482, makeup.jpg)


the funny thing is this cow paid to look like this

No. 287906

oh man that dude totally looks like a mix of several school shooters

No. 287913

File: 1491775782825.jpg (142.94 KB, 1230x879, IMG_9500.jpg)



No. 287920

haha! he has the name of a schooter too. "dillanclark"

why am i not surprised

No. 287926


Oh she thinks she is the "next" Onision. Hence the makeup, crazy blinding lighting and a whales vagina full of makeup.

No. 287944


seems like a fun cow, but this whole thread also smells of samefag and vendetta.

No. 287945

File: 1491777559944.png (333.36 KB, 446x480, 2cook2f.png)

no words….

No. 287946

File: 1491777680267.png (334.3 KB, 409x559, 10da0xh.png)


don't deflect, enjoy the cowness.

No. 287947

This person is just mentally ill. I feel bad even laughing at her. What a shame.

No. 287983

This retard selfposts a lot, wouldn't be surprised she was the OP. Just feeds off attention.

No. 287987


no im not the OP but this cunt does troll farms introducing herself because she is that fucking desperate after her surgeries to justify them with her youtube channel because this cow thought that trying to look like a cheap webcam whore would catapult her channel.

No. 287988


shit sorry, meant to say, "jamie" is not the OP and i started this thread lmao :p

No. 288041

File: 1491783547533.png (913.26 KB, 851x476, f14eed18bc7261af9be652d9e07805…)

for real, who the fuck does this at her age? does she think she's 16???

No. 288057

File: 1491784581658.jpg (37.66 KB, 300x399, cynthia-doll-rugrats.jpg)

I have to hide this thread or else I'm going to have nightmares.

No. 288078

oh my fuckign god, that picture of cynthia made me laugh myself into a hiccup fit

No. 288125

Guuuuurl, dat wavy door frame…

No. 288343

Don't namefag or give your posts titles.

She vibes like Luna Lanie's long-lost twin.

No. 289181

Is the OP image for some sort of cosplay, or is this actually how she does her makeup?

No. 289197

I love your optimism.

No. 289203

There's an anon in Margo's thread who was supporting her lol.

No. 289222

I think she was banned in Joy's recent thread for namefagging and shouting out empty threats into the void, so that's probably the reason why she hasn't sperged out in here yet.

No. 289232

Oh yeah! I know of her! She crops up with regular intervals on YouTalkTrash advertizing her channel pretending to be her number one fan or a publicist.

No. 289455

Wow this old bag acts like she's 19. She may seriously be developmentally delayed.

No. 289549

What the fuck is wrong with her face and hair?

No. 290341

this cow is trying to make things more than what they seem.

what she did, was go after Joy, took all of Joys real life info, lied about every fucking thing under the sun, then got all scared when people did the same shit back to her.

look at this pathetic shit


No. 290348

just how many middle aged hicks are there posting this self-important bullshit on youtube now? do americans have nothing better to do than get involved in youtube drama personally all the time?

No. 290522

File: 1492098720934.jpg (10.66 KB, 275x241, 1484309802564.jpg)

No. 290684

Holy shit. This chick is like the most uninteresting man in the world.

I watched a few of her vids and my god, she is so full of herself but in the most uninteresting way that it's like pain just to watch her shit.

That stupid 9/11 video she made, what a complete toast.

No. 293919

Jamie has not had plastic surgery. She uses it as an excuse to explain why she looks wildly different in each of her shops.

Also, hi OP Jamie

No. 299621

File: 1493290450982.jpg (1.3 MB, 1080x4256, IMG_20170427_114840.jpg)

She's been going round all the anti-o blogs pasting this same message onto reblogged posts and following the anti o blogs and I think also submitting this to them. She's mostly being ignored, thankfully.

I'm saging this so she doesn't get the satisfaction of being bumped to the top of the board. Never have I come across an attention seeker this pathetic.

People have very good reasons to loathe Onision and sending a damn essay calling them out (the same essay, every time) just makes you look sad and desperate. She's not even entertaining, for a cow. She's just sad and wrong.

No. 299814

this cow is so desperate for attention so i gave her a little bit of it after watching her "years in the making" onision video.

my deleted comment to her :

"This was the video that was years in the making? The video you've been harassing Onision over for about a week now? A fat girl camera angle looking up at the camera in the park? This was the video you were so proud of? What in the fuck? You are honestly one of the most docile, dimwitted people of the Internet. You ran cross country in makeup and boots huh, all huffy and puffy at the beginning without a bead of sweat, great effort at exercise you lazy slob. Onision hates fans like you, a fat, lazy smoker so unhealthy and did you forget he hates plastic surgery whores? You're 41 fucking years old, move out of mommies house you fucking leech and your husband busts his ass LMAO, he delivers pizza for Hull Pizzeria. You are a complete tool and a complete fraud. Loved how you skipped off at the end but cut it so we couldn't see your body and who the fuck is so full of themselves that they have a 30 second outro…oh my god."

this dumb trailer trash with a mullet harassed onision for a week and was all over twitter spamming, so trying to get his attention so i gave her a little more attention…

"From her Twitter where she is stalking Onision, by the way she is spamming the shit out of him, you'd think Star Wars 8 was being released to the world tomorrow as a surprise or some shit.

"Oh yes. It’s about to happen. Brace yourself internet. Pigs are flying."

"This video is going to polarize my fan base, my viewers, and that's how I knew it was right to film and do. Stay tuned folks. Working hard."

"The video I have been hyping about @Onision I am very proud of, and should be up tonight or tomorrow. I think it's the first of it's kind."

"I’m filming an @onision video that has been years in the making. Feel the time is right."

And this was that video!? Whoa slow down Girl, you sure you don't need a vacation after that crazy high production value? Filming from a ghetto bird shit covered park? I've seen roadkill that was more entertaining for christ's sakes."

i have no words for this piece of work who thinks she is "in the public eye" and a "youtube personality.

No. 300791

File: 1493436341056.png (715.44 KB, 847x434, 631e3d9d7f3a401743c7bbc40aa983…)

da fuk is wrong with this bitches head?

No. 300793

File: 1493436425748.png (993.1 KB, 849x435, c5385b92479309163b6d87afb8139f…)

and again is her fukkin brain leaking out?

No. 300801

she's a fucking joke and all.. but damn she doesn't look 42 at all. if i read that she was a drug addict 25 year old, i would have believed it.

No. 300809

Cheap extensions, poorly cared for.

No. 300810


she's had tons of plastic surgery and puts makeup on with a paint roller. she's a heavy smoker and obviously pitches a tent at a mcdonalds drive thru window.

No. 300811


the bottom pic was after she said she just did a cross county course, in full makeup,wearing boots and zero sweat. looks like bed hair to me along with those extensions.

No. 300832

Really, though?

No. 300834

The top straps, her legs and breasts, everything is so painfully photoshopped. She does all that effort but makes little effort to shoop away her face.

No. 301045

File: 1493488057246.png (960.66 KB, 852x439, c4bc79624801db9410f5dc79050345…)

when you fail so hard at being a youtuber creator, that even onision fans tell you to gtfo after making a pro onision video :D

No. 301594

File: 1493568613681.png (383.64 KB, 720x1233, JF.png)

Is she banned from Lolcow too or just PULL?

Today this was on Margo's thread lol

No. 301608

obviously mentally ill.

here she claims to be in the Illuminati, and that she was part of the "monarch" program and that she is a "high priestess"

No. 301609

Isn't that anon just making the point that even this psychotic individual is getting more views than Margo?

No. 301615

Is this creature a Ru Paul's Drag Race contestant?

No. 301620

She's banned from here and Kiwi-farms too… but she's recently been making the rounds on the anti-o blogs on Tumblr.

No. 301652

she requested to follow my twitter two weeks ago and i have no idea how she found me? i don't even keep up with her thread.

i follow the joysparklebs lies twitter so maybe there but it was weird af.

No. 301757

Thanks anon..

That was spergelic, she keeps track of those details.

No. 302047


omfg this girl is a complete fucking idiot. Illuminati? she doesn't make enough money to be part of the Illuminati LMAO!

No. 304220

File: 1493887201749.jpg (8.42 KB, 176x275, 89606592-176-k621876.jpg)

When you survive 9/11 & Boston Bombing….but go on to marry Columbine shooter Dylan Klebold. lmao Immediately after seeing him I was thinking, "Didnt he fucking die in 1999?"
A bit late, I know.

No. 327435

I saw some people post about her illegally recording people?

No. 354337

It's weird having a lolcow actually live in my four-mile long peninsula of a town. Out of all the people that live here I never would have thought it would be her to represent us. she lives about three streets down from me and I would have no clue who the fuck she was if I didn't have to block her because all she does is spam her videos all over the Hull community facebook pages and groups. The pages and groups are literally meant for events not for advertising your bullshit Jamie. stop.

No. 355046

When is this bitch gonna give it up, praise lolcow for dragging her.

No. 355308

File: 1500474911314.png (374.95 KB, 549x579, 2v2i238.png)

I know this pic had to have been posted already but, holy shit… She wrote all these guestbook entries from her old website herself.

>"you're so shy! you're standing there like this little innocent chick, like I wanted to protect you lol"


In the other "entry" she described her website as a religious experience hahaha

In her recent livestream she recorded from two angles, you can really see the parts of her face jumping around from editing.

Man… you can always tell which comments are hers. She just talks in circles praising herself using dramatically OTT language, never specifying WHAT she's done.
Her personality is essentially the same as a multilevel marketing scheme.

No. 365406

I recently commented on one of her videos she did about Joy, her little army spammed the shit out of my notifications to the point where I had to delete the comment. All over her eyebrows….. the actual fuck is wrong with this woman she shows such signs of mental illness it's disturbing

No. 367631

File: 1502033352845.png (2.62 MB, 2560x1600, Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 17.2…)

I just don't understand this heifer, nor her standpoint on anything. She went out against Onision, but then selfposted in his thread about supporting him? No screencaps, because she deleted within minutes.

But even more so I do not understand her appearance and her inflated ego. What the fuck is her look. Is her aesthetic 2007 britney? She looks awful. I grabbed this from her 2 minute fucking outro, her rings are turning her fingers green. I guess her "hard working" pizzaboy husband couldn't even afford to get his wife a good set of rings.

Sage for no obv milk.

No. 369413

I hope I did this properly and if not I apologize. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I started to watch her stream with Gina Battista however after 5 min I couldn't anymore but she said she was 33 and about when I changed the channel she brought up the fact that she was a 9/11 survivor.

It's such an amazing coincidence she was at both 9/11 and the Boston bombing; she must have the worst luck in the world kek.

No. 369428

File: 1502298441349.jpg (36.98 KB, 798x402, Capture.JPG)

Just full in the email field with 'sage' to sage.

No. 369575

Thank you so much f correcting me cuz I have some milk re: a post I found earlier but I cannot find it now. The anon who wrote it worked in a nursing home if that sparks anything. Oh and this was right around a discussion as to whether a hospital would "dump" someone with sepsis and I have the answer to that as well cuz my mom is a nurse and my dad's a surgeon so I just called them for the answers to both questions; so if anyone can direct me to this area I'd be quite grateful.

No. 369790

It's all laid out easily and clearly here anon: https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 371071

File: 1502513634864.jpg (103.42 KB, 876x610, 20728313_10154150934292537_775…)

Playing Where's Waldo with this woman and her horrific photoshop is turning into a really dull game, she doesn't even fucking try anymore. How can she act like nobody notices this shit?

No. 371077

File: 1502513805867.jpg (144.03 KB, 1083x631, 20728667_10154150934287537_706…)

C'mon lady give it up, for fucks sake, if you're this self conscious about your weight actually do something about it.

No. 371576

Jamie brought this on herself by approaching these types of boards?

And yes,I get she was plugging her content…
(youtubers,creators,entertainers do).

Why don't you guys cut her a break?Yes,she's made some mistakes.But,who hasn't?

The woman has been through a lot,health issues etc.And yes,she has some weight gain.Probably due to after effects of past health issues.So what!

I get the impression Jamie is comfortable in her own skin…..she wouldn't put herself out there if she wasn't.

Those pics above look like two people being REAL.

She's bashed for her make up.She's bashed without it.

Her husband,who has not posted on these boards or bothered any one, gets bashed and doxxed. That is pretty crappy in itself.

I don't know Jamie personally.

However,I'm a long time viewer who sits quietly on the virtual side lines and roots for her and glad to see she actually does have a happy life.Is yours?

I'm glad to see that through what of her personal life she does share via her content.

If you all don't like her content?Don't view it.

Everyone has a right to their opinion(as I do mine).
And enough time on my hands (like every one else here seems to,to waste)to give it.

I too seek some entertainment online…..but lolcow,etc is the most ridiculous f'in things I've seen people waste their time on.

She's not posting to these boards any more and people are still carrying on about it.

Have a nice weekend.Looks like Jamie and her husband is enjoying theirs and good for them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 371809

if you don't like what people post about her you don't have to read it either, or reply, or give this much of a fuck about how other people "waste" their time.

No. 371840

fuck off jamie.

No. 372615

Jamie please stop talking about shit you know nothing about



No. 372616


Jamie please stop talking about shit you know nothing about



No. 383621

I would sooo suck her toes!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 393595

File: 1506532985323.png (444.57 KB, 807x297, jamieleighfischervegas.png)

No. 393596

File: 1506533032548.png (374.26 KB, 615x419, erter.png)

jamie and her handler husnand were/are in las vegas. some of us saw them.

No. 393597

File: 1506533113287.png (1.63 MB, 1280x719, 21743841_10154219571792537_378…)

hoover dam yo

No. 393599

File: 1506533163750.png (1.16 MB, 1063x650, 17-09-18-05-12-36-891_deco.png)

I can't tell which one is the wax statue? Jamie, or Elvis.

No. 393600

File: 1506533216625.png (1.72 MB, 1280x719, 17-09-18-05-55-37-573_deco.png)

No. 393601

File: 1506533268302.png (632.3 KB, 894x1118, 21762327_716248218580619_21466…)

apparently this one was from the michael jackson one show at mandalay bay

No. 393602

File: 1506533309299.jpg (143.57 KB, 720x1280, 21741008_10154221836692537_862…)

No. 393603

File: 1506533353188.jpg (29.59 KB, 696x392, 21371099_10154213677932537_196…)

No. 393604

File: 1506533404402.png (1.94 MB, 1280x719, 17-09-18-05-24-46-770_deco.png)

No. 393605

File: 1506533464698.png (1.87 MB, 1280x719, 17-09-18-04-54-17-588_deco.png)

No. 393607

File: 1506533808650.jpg (254.58 KB, 1280x719, 21457963_10154217904137537_103…)

No. 393608

File: 1506533835822.png (612.87 KB, 1039x641, eewrer.png)

No. 393609

File: 1506533883473.png (630.13 KB, 1045x639, erwer.png)

No. 393611

File: 1506533937321.png (829.21 KB, 780x506, 17-09-18-05-39-17-989_deco.png)

No. 393612

File: 1506533960657.png (2.09 MB, 1280x719, 17-09-18-20-54-22-472_deco.png)

No. 393615

File: 1506534054837.png (1.5 MB, 1267x728, us.png)

No. 393617

File: 1506534079626.png (2.16 MB, 1280x719, 17-09-19-12-18-13-956_deco.png)

No. 393620

File: 1506534232042.jpg (205.19 KB, 720x1280, 21740956_10154221834782537_135…)

No. 393622

File: 1506534250651.jpg (142.13 KB, 1280x719, 21728919_10154221839182537_450…)

No. 393624

File: 1506534265998.jpg (96.39 KB, 1280x719, 21587000_10154217975332537_335…)

stay class jl

No. 393625

File: 1506534342465.jpg (159.73 KB, 900x900, 21371108_10154209075187537_302…)

No. 393627

File: 1506534406938.png (607.75 KB, 643x433, vegas.png)

No. 393628

File: 1506534427645.jpg (597.04 KB, 1280x768, 17-09-08-22-55-08-234_deco.jpg)

No. 393629

File: 1506534451390.jpg (110.77 KB, 952x952, 21752228_10154219570972537_790…)

No. 393977

Jesus Christ, she looks like one of those fat ladies at Walmart that smell like stinky cheese.

No. 401027

File: 1507575636491.png (507.57 KB, 1125x603, Screenshot 2017-10-09 at 2.57.…)

I don't follow this snowflake so forgive me if this isn't milky but she just liked a shit ton of Onision/Laineybot reuploaded videos that only get posted in the Onision /pt/ thread.

No. 402544

File: 1507827111922.jpg (1.32 MB, 2560x1707, 131025-divine-tease_ajbvw2.jpg)

Divine, is that you?

No. 404515

Jamie Leigh's channels got shut down because of the cover up of las vegas shooting yall…… i hate to admit this, but she was one of the first people reporting investigating and posting first person vids and her channel blew up over night to like a million views and days later it was shut down, now anyone on social media reporting on the cover up or hinting at it is being banned. conspiracy. again, hate to admit it but she was fucked over big time if that was the case and i miss her cause i wanna know what shes thinkin now, her social media has been virually silent ://

No. 404641


Hi, Jamie!

No. 405285

What a pathetic self-post.

No. 405288


jamie get a fucking job

No. 405290

File: 1508286710097.png (14.34 KB, 500x228, oh no now i have to seek actua…)

oh wow it actually happened

No. 405311

Youtube changed their algorithm and cracked down on some channels because the fake stories were overtaking the real ones, and Youtube caught public pressure.

No. 757038

I was just thinking about this moron JLF, I have no clue why I would do this when I have to get ready for New Year’s Eve tonight. Probably because I’m a procrastinator, and I don’t feel like getting in the shower yet so this dumb cunt somehow gets my curiosity up. She hasn’t been around in forever. I’m wondering if she offed herself, or perhaps she simply passed away. Toxic narcasist like here rarely go away IE: Joy Sparkle. Ok well I’ve wasted enough time in retardville. Happy new years to all the cows, and future cows to come!

No. 851248

File: 1565441641988.png (1.28 MB, 1274x810, k;lk.png)

not gone, but did get comitted to the mental ward recently, but then again, who hasn't

No. 851956

File: 1565616953061.png (1.22 MB, 1254x729, 19-08-11-22-12-34-032_deco.png)

No. 852022

What the actual fuck, she starts off the video by saying she used nail polish for lipstick.

And this is just gross, an "ASMR McDonald's mukbang".

No. 852392

File: 1565690285850.png (868.84 KB, 1242x731, 19-08-13-05-08-31-304_deco.png)

trouble in paradise?
When To Walk Away…

No. 852412


Yesss! I hoped she would make a reappearance! Thanks, anon.

No. 879981

No. 882092

i feel like instead of revealin the beauty industry i think shane and friends should do a true youtube story of jamie leigh fischer's life. Cast ryland as the pizza pixie and shane as the at-least-hes tall david dylan clark fischer. The role of Jamie Leigh could be quite easily be played by trisha paytas herself. Would anybody else dig this more than shane's j* larp?

No. 887840

yo, she wasn't playin. i have respect for anyone who outs a narc. they are fuckin sick. seems she knew though but he still fucked her over royally. narc manifest their own fears. she put out the thing he cheated and moved together with so he could avoid going to prison to get ass raped no doubt for not paying his debt to society. loser!




worth a watch. that gremlin thing he with be like a teenager. all he could get. jlf too smart for that i think, she knew his game the whole time. why do i still feel they will be back together sooner than later and this isnt the end? fucking insane. narcccccccccc.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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