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File: 1716569881632.jpeg (135.94 KB, 728x1125, IMG_6293.jpeg)

No. 2018114

Previous thread >>1993114

Some MET Gala highlights >>1993133 >>1993149 >>1993158 >>1993190 >>1993245 >>1993266 >>1993282
Johnny Depp's comeback movie flopped >>1995423
Taylor’s cats don’t even like her >>1995774
Doja being basically naked at the met aftershow party >>1996052 >>1996057
Alexander Skarsgård and Harry Melling to star in 'kinky' BDSM biker movie >>1996178
Shania Twain's new look >>1996565 >>1996567
Hailey and justin bribery are having a baby >>1996774
Ice Spice released a new song >>1998038
Gavin Rossdale is dating an Albanian Gwen Stefani skinwalker nearly half his age >>1998702
Somebody brought their baby to the taylor concert and let their child sleep on the floor >>1998775
Dude from the band trophy eyes jumped on a tranny during a concert >>2000661
Charli XCX's new single >>2001038 >>2001352
Azealia Banks on the Drake/Kendrick beef >>2002449
Lana lashing out at her fans >>2003810
beniffer breaking up rumors are going around >>2005396
Charli on her "brat" album cover >>2005955
Tay being petty >>2006028
billie eilish's new single >>2006590
Sean “Diddy” Combs was seen shoving, kicking and dragging his then-girlfriend Cassie Ventura in a video from 2016 >>2006657
Euphoria tranny at the cannes red carpet >>2009344

No. 2018117

Thanks for the new thread nona!

No. 2018119

File: 1716570108127.jpg (119.8 KB, 938x747, slim.JPG)

I hope the thread is okay, nonnas.

Anyways, Eminem's daughter got married and felt so old reading this.

No. 2018121

File: 1716570344734.jpg (Spoiler Image,48.77 KB, 836x745, brit.JPG)

Brit's new post is a short vid of her naked in the water https://www.instagram.com/britneyspears/reel/C7S5L1pNZv0/

No. 2018124

You forgot to…well atleast you tried anon.

No. 2018127

Do you mean the "… Edition" thing? I had no idea what to write or how to call it and there has been no new thread in days, so I hope it's still fine.

No. 2018130

The threads good anon, it doesn't need to have a special title. Thanks for making a new one.

No. 2018145

Thank you nonie.

No. 2018151

Kekking at the op pic

No. 2018287

good for her. hope she's having fun

No. 2018296

“Celebricows #108: Billie goes on tour to CWCville edition” would have been funny and cute

No. 2018308

File: 1716579824696.jpeg (479.5 KB, 1170x957, IMG_4975.jpeg)

No. 2018511

Kek no she’s a weird theater kid. She went to a performing arts high school.

No. 2018610


I hate this bitch and her retarded fans with every fiber of my being. Everybody says they support victims and are advocates for social justice and then let Nicki and her fugly rapist husband do whatever and say nothing because "sHeS thE qUeEn oF rAP."

No. 2018677

File: 1716592929549.jpeg (231.86 KB, 1170x1013, IMG_1899.jpeg)

No. 2018680

No. 2018682

How are Jenna Ortega, Glen powell, or even Sydney Sweeney A-list? I have yet to see them in good movies? Mayve i'm not up to page.

No. 2018725

It's been so painful realizing that I really can't get away from these people and I can expect them to be cast in motherfucking everything for the foreseeable future, even roles they can't play and don't suit. I'm not gonna pretend I've never liked a popular movie star but fed up with all these names and I need a break. Chalamet and ATJ are the worst offenders for me.
Agreed. The only notable movie role Jenna's had recently aside from Scream 6 and X is that movie where she gets fucked by Martin Freeman so I really don't know where they're getting A-list from. Surely having one season of a netflix show doesn't count for much.

No. 2018764

Jenna’s acting is so mediocre, she was okay in X but didn’t really have to do much. Her scream was really good though, she did well conveying being horrified and scared. (That sounds weird to say but it was like the only notable scene in the whole movie and she performed it really well.) She was so boring and bland in The Fallout. Wednesday was fine, it was a cutesy movie and she did fine portraying the character but it wasn’t anything special or outstanding. It seemed like she was just playing a role, not really getting into it or trying to make the character believable if that makes sense. But she was awful in Miller’s Girl, the movie was shit anyway and the writing was so cringey but it was like she didn’t even try. Her anger seemed flat, when she rambled about writing and poetry it felt like she was just reading off a script, and there were so many scenes that made me feel like I was watching her portray Wednesday. It’s like she doesn’t have much range to her acting and Wednesday is what she did the best out of everything so she keeps going back to that.

No. 2018983

Where did Eminem get all of his hair plugs from, its so thin and straight that I have trouble believing it came from his own body. Who does he have in his basement that he's been extracting follicles from to implant into his face?

No. 2018987

Unironically Britney Spears would not be like this if the people around her weren't middle aged gay men trying to manipulate her and steal from her

No. 2019096

File: 1716617639348.jpg (1.31 MB, 2731x4096, 1000003694.jpg)

I had no idea her daughter was so pretty. Lunch sucked btw Billie Eilish you are so corny

No. 2019127

>It’s like she doesn’t have much range to her acting and Wednesday is what she did the best out of everything so she keeps going back to that.
Jenna didn't talk to much in the trailer, but she's in the Beetlejuice sequel "Beetlejuice Beetlejuice" as Lydia's daughter and her character seems to be another angsty teenager. The line delivery sounded worse than Wednesday and was really bland. Again, hard to tell because her time in the trailer is so short, but she looked boring. She definitely has some connections because her acting isn't great.

No. 2019135

File: 1716618371720.jpg (269.14 KB, 1080x1347, 1000003696.jpg)

I've been iffy on Jacob Elordis sexuality for awhile but the OLD ass 2014 basic homosexual Tumblr pose has me leaning in an entirely different direction now

No. 2019164

File: 1716618819156.jpg (Spoiler Image,108.29 KB, 1169x1977, 1000003697.jpg)

HBO max is getting desperate for subscriptions

No. 2019174

i thought he was trying to "babygirl"ify himself on purpose because that's what his fans meme him as

No. 2019204

Ripping apart a bouquet of flowers whispering "is he, isnt he, is he, isn't he"

No. 2019247

Made me think of Watson Whore from cyberpunk 2077

No. 2019296

has anyone here gone to a nicki minaj concert. is it true that she rly starts at 10 pm cause i need to catch the train at 10:30 pm so that means id only see her for like 30 min(sage nonmilk)

No. 2019305

>Hello to my ass !!!

Fucking kek

No. 2019308

kek you're so right, hello fellow cyberpunk appreciator nona

No. 2019323

thank you for the new thread nonnie i know making celebricows can be exhausting kek

No. 2019570

File: 1716629778331.jpg (144.65 KB, 1290x2112, unnamed-943.jpg)

Nonas, thoughts on the Taylor and Billie 'beef'? Every day I pray for Taylor's downfall but it's ruined by the other girl being equally as obnoxious and annoying kek. It feels like Taylor is burning too many bridges with too many current pop girls though, it has to come back to bite her eventually.

No. 2019683

fashion is so dumb, wtf is this

No. 2019700

feels like taylor is grasping at straws because she isn't cool anymore and her only fans are delusional millenials like her. meanwhile billie is popular with most generations, even boomer musicians are ok with her.(sage your shit)

No. 2019714

What beef? You mean because Taylor released some album versions on Billies release day? To be fair I don’t think Taylor needs any other pop girlies. She’s big enough, rich enough, enough people buy her shit and if you publicly say you don’t like her you get chased with tar and feathers.

No. 2019716

I don't know why Taylor isn't retired? Certinaly she can afford to, and she's also not putting out new music, just rereleasing old songs. Her career is over kek

No. 2019717

this is the type of delusional stan I mean(sage your shit)

No. 2019724

taylor's new songs are so tired. I would get it if she actually had creative input in it. but at most she comes up with some phrases and tells her lackeys to make it into lyrics. there is no creative motivation for her to keep going, at this point it's about how much power she can have. if she thinks churning out albums is gonna make her more relevant and remembered, she's so wrong. people will remember her for a dozen of flopped albums, not for her actual good music, if she doesn't stop soon. for example I wish madonna stopped at confessions of a dance floor, hung up was her last big hit, taylor is driving her career into the mud much faster with lower quality music though.(sage your shit)

No. 2019735

Who tf is Glen

No. 2019738

The squinty eyed horse face motherfucker with the constantly dehydrated as fuck physique to look extra vascular. I will say he was funny in Scream Queens but already looked 35. He is like a Brad Pitt type for zoomers I suppose with his look.

No. 2019740

Isn't that what taylor swift always does? Literally every album roll out she does she has public beef with people she needs to just let her shit art speak for herself and have majority of her fans be children and tweens that consider her lyrics deep.

No. 2019869

Please tell me that isn't dylan o'brian. Please

No. 2019912

she's like eminem for girls

No. 2020021

File: 1716655032156.jpeg (416.02 KB, 1546x1044, IMG_1486.jpeg)

Excuse me for reviving this but I thought the bottom left guy was gorgeous and then looked him up only to be absolutely horrified. Scrotes aging like fine wine yet again!

No. 2020076

There was no thread for 4 days and you're gonna make a smart-ass comment about nonnie not putting "Let them eat cake edition" or something in the title? Who fucking cares, why didn't you make it then
Dear God how does that even happen

No. 2020079

Who is this you didn’t even sage

No. 2020131

It's Heidi Klum

No. 2020144

File: 1716658564303.jpg (97.73 KB, 582x583, RDT_20240523_18501739148149138…)

No. 2020157

you guys are so mean to Billie kekkk what has she ever done to deserve that edit

No. 2020165

I’m really starting to believe Leo “dates” young women because they don’t know the tell tale signs that a man is sexually fucked up from the casting couch. The guy who molested Drake Bell worked on a show with Leo as a kid.

No. 2020217

File: 1716661226711.jpeg (928.22 KB, 1170x1106, IMG_1906.jpeg)

Is this body checking? Or just a regular selfie. You never know with her

No. 2020245

They're just social climbers anon, these women know what they're doing and what Leonardo's motives are.

No. 2020264

File: 1716662990170.jpg (654.55 KB, 1319x1300, 1714014677781616.jpg)

>it’s real

No. 2020277

Leo dates young women because he's attracted to them and those young women also date him because they benefit from it.

No. 2020305

Where is the milk? What is the point in posting this when no one knows what you’re referring to, the context, and you can’t even click on the video. We need to stop posting screenshots of videos.

No. 2020314


nta but I found this

>According to a video posted to social media, the diamond-selling rapper was arrested in The Netherlands on suspicion of drug possession. The clip, filmed by Minaj, shows her being confronted by police and demanding a lawyer.

>The officers says to her, “Because you’re carrying drugs,” to which she says, “I’m not carrying drugs. I’m not carrying drugs. I am not going in there. I need a lawyer present. No, I need a lawyer present now.” The officer then tells her, “You have to go to the police station […] you are under arrest.”

No. 2020319

this is really old news nona. i’m pretty sure he’s with vittoria ceretti now

No. 2020331

File: 1716665629486.jpg (129.38 KB, 933x1243, leni-klum-1-e2ccc8fcf01a43bfbd…)

her daughter is a full grown adult but looks tiny compared to Heidi, it's so strange.

No. 2020340

I freaking love the black dress omg

No. 2020373

File: 1716666993208.jpeg (137.24 KB, 828x695, IMG_6817.jpeg)

Their height difference

No. 2020378

File: 1716667113295.mp4 (3.96 MB, 320x520, ynqSP4hySYfO7Gs4.mp4)

NTA but here's the full video lmfaooo. I'm assuming she didnt just have weed in there, she's on her twitter saying they planted drugs in her bag. There had to have been some coke in there too.

No. 2020380

File: 1716667245518.png (12.76 KB, 382x92, cokeaddiction.png)

No. 2020387

I hope they find some fresh dirt to imprison her sex offender husband with.

No. 2020390

Is she on tour or something? I wish she didn’t stop filming when she got on, but I highly doubt her luggage got planted

No. 2020392

Yeah, and what would be the goal to plant drugs in your bag?
She probably only has to pay a penalty, it's not Thailand.

No. 2020396

That girl is a mystery to me. She doesn't look like her mother (facially), is super tiny compared to both parents, and mostly, why tf did HK even fuck with FB to begin with?

No. 2020404

I know many of you are gonna think this is a bad take but after so many of these young girls, I honestly am starting to think that these young models “date” him purely as a PR move. Camila Morrone for example was just at the Met Gala and I have no idea of any career moves she’s made aside from being groomed by DiCraprio so it is possible that they get a major boost from being linked to him.
Are there any blind items on this? The longer the list goes, it seems more like a contractual arrangement that these girls have. Yeah he’s guaranteed to be a nasty old freak, but consider why he’s always debuting and parading these women every few years and not laying low with his degeneracy like Jared Leto. Even if he is having sex with them he certainly is not just sleeping with one woman imo.

No. 2020445

File: 1716670923737.png (538.59 KB, 634x796, weird body small dick.png)

This may be kind of out there, but i legit think it's because he aged so poorly and his dick is weirdly shaped. I think he has a small dick or a pencial dick.
And he's like Kanye, listen these men are RICH and FAMOUS, but they can only get IG girls, prosititutes, "models" half their age to date them.
Like Diddy, notice the fatter they get the younger and more prostitutional the women they date get.
You'd think
>Very rich
>Very Powerful
men like Kanye, Leo, Diddy, would have their pick of women but they only have access to what their money can buy.
NOT what they want.
You cannot convince me Kanye/Diddy didn't want a Beyonce type of figure on their arm. They want to abuse and treat women like shit, but the biggest ego boost is to do so with a woman whose wildly successful and pretty, to beat her down to she's as mishapen as their bodies/dicks.
They all had a taste of dating women who were on their level or above it, but they all fucked it up. Their true colors came out. Now they are old fat, funny dicked and subjected to younger women who know no better and prostitutes/escorts/ig girls etc.
Like look at this body shape? Doesn't even look human.

No. 2020468

All I can think is she fucked some pretty manlet in secret or something kek it doesn’t compute that this is how short their daughter turned out at ALL for one

No. 2020491

Ana diet since birth

No. 2020494

File: 1716673644513.jpg (1021.21 KB, 2560x3840, GettyImages-2153660650.jpg)

The results for Cannes are out and pic is the winner of best "actress"…

No. 2020497

File: 1716673811096.jpg (1.2 MB, 4096x2732, GOcMMPyWsAA59mH.jpg)

Selena looks nice

No. 2020507

the almond mom diet

No. 2020510

Flavio Briatore is 24 yrs older than Heidi (he was 53 and Klum was 30 when she gave birth to her daughter) so his weak, geriatric sperm is probably to blame for Leni's lack of height

No. 2020525

I really like her music but I don’t like her personality anymore and definitely not her husband. There’s plenty of worse Hollywood examples in comparison to her but she ruined herself by marrying and having a kid with a sex offender acting like there aren’t thousands of other men to choose from.

No. 2020538

She looks nothing like Heidi nor Briatore. The father has got to be someone else, it doesn't explain it

No. 2020542

Whyyy would she bring drugs INTO Amsterdam when she could have just gotten it there? She is so stupid

No. 2020546

Just druggie things.

No. 2020563

kek. i wonder if biden will intervene like trump did with asap rocky. also, does this mean she is flying commercial? i thought they don’t check for things like this with private jets.

No. 2020619

she's already been release, they said it was "Soft drugs" or something. She was released hours ago

No. 2020704

Watched this lyric breakdown of Billie's song wildflower
>She was friends with jesse Rutherford's ex (Devon Lee Carlson) for years and comforted her during their break up
>Got together with him
>Made a whiny song about crossing the line
Notice how she dyed her hair black once she started dating Jesse? It's becoming clear Billie was skin walking Devon Lee Carlson

No. 2020713

I know you're just being petty but I hate that Selena eternally gets a pass because dumbass zoomies watched her do magic on disney with dark hair so she's an idol for life like give me a fucking break. She can make terrible music and work for Woody Allen and take kidneys and be an asshole but we're all supposed to worship her because she…puts her name on makeup now while having lupus? Fuuuuck Selena Gomez.

No. 2020756

>did i cross a line
yes. yes you did. jesus fucking christ. can we being shame back? first ariana, now her.

No. 2020758

she looks like those starving children they put on donation boxes

No. 2020766

Greedy and narcissistic so this is some sort of delusional "femme rage revenge arc to all da haterz" for her

No. 2020770

>you didn't even sageeee reeeee
Le epic contribution

What edit? That's literally what the music video looks like, no?

No. 2020776

I cant even lie this is how I'd get tazed because why on earth would I respect or take anything those hergan dergan clones take seriously id be trying to knock them down like bowling pins and walk out.

No. 2020781

Yeah, that's just genetics. It happens. There is no conspiracy behind it.

Amsterdam is known for monumental degeneracy but this is how they pay for things I guess. Slap the foreigners on the wrist with some fine and meet their quota or whatever.

No. 2020897

..I hope your being sarcastic kek

No. 2020902

I’m sure he’s just a typical moid who goes for the youngest women he can get, but I get what you mean. And I’m sure if he dated a woman his age she would think he was a developmentally stunted weirdo with emotional issues from all the ass rape he endured in his youth. Maybe the young women notice too but just don’t let it deter them from all the money and notoriety.

No. 2021128

File: 1716714347488.jpeg (744.92 KB, 1170x1763, IMG_8364.jpeg)

Reviews are out for the Romeo and Juliet West End show and apparently Tom Holland kinda sucked as Romeo, kek.
>For the most part, Holland’s Romeo is a subdued, teary, vulnerable, underwhelming fellow; it’s hard to see why Juliet would go to such lengths for him.
>While Holland does get to show his puppy-like sweetness and buffed Spiderman physique, he surely has a better Romeo in him than this one.

No. 2021135

This guy should be in the punchable faces thread

No. 2021136

also he's ugly

No. 2021137

I love that she's getting glaring reviews, incels who complained about her can seethe.

No. 2021143

File: 1716718065969.jpeg (91.32 KB, 750x425, IMG_9903.jpeg)

Lmao the Britbong are pissed - she was meant to play in Manchester last night and apparently the crowd stood around for over two hours in the venue before being told she wasn’t turning up.

No. 2021146

Glaring reviews are negative.

No. 2021147

It's what they deserve lmfao.

No. 2021201

Lmao so accurate, they also both deny plastic surgery

No. 2021206

Sorry I’m retarded, I meant positive obviously.

No. 2021294

Ofc they’d only criticize Holland and not her (they won’t/can’t) kek. He sucks as an actor so I’m sure they’re of equal talent.

No. 2021335

Billie was probably going to debut #2 regardless. She (and her manager) should have kept their traps shut if they couldn’t step up. it’s a competition not a charity.

No. 2021430

File: 1716742620411.png (3.05 MB, 2532x1170, IMG_1909.png)

Does anyone else think drew needs to give her guests some space? When she interviewed Chrissy & John she a hand laid on hand on each of them somehow. Someone said she talks to her guests like they have coke and she’s trying to get some lol

No. 2021480

Just because she’s ugly doesn’t mean she’s a bad performer

No. 2021549

Watching the bitter and unhinged commenters have absolute meltdowns over her being cast as Juliet has been entertaining. I hope she continues to be cast in lead roles and as a love interest in even more projects, just to spite them.

No. 2021728

File: 1716757680054.jpg (113.95 KB, 719x588, Screenshot_2024-05-25-16-40-39…)

She is so corny and tries so hard to be sexual it actually gives me secondhand embarrassment everytime. I would go so far as to say that I think you have to be some kind of retard to like her kek

No. 2021733

i just watched the video of p diddy beating the ever loving shit out of cassie and it makes me SO MAD that the DA office said they can't prosecute him due to it being out of the statute of limitations. FUCK THIS SHIT. WHO THE FUCK HAD THIS HI DEF VIDEO OF HER GETTING BEAT IN A FUCKING PUBLIC HALLWAY OF A HOTEL AND DIDN'T 1) call the fucking police WHEN IT WAS HAPPENING and also DIDN'T SEND IT TO ANYONE FOR EIGHT FUCKING YEARS? i hate abusers, i hate most men, this is fucking stupid that there is tangible evidence of him hurting her and NOBODY did anything WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING and then fucking WAITED 8 years to send it to someone????? WHAT THE FUCK sorry i needed to vent, this made me so fucking mad

No. 2021743

I've read that diddy paid the hotel 50k dollars in order to keep their mouths shut. I do not want to imagine what diddy did to cassie or all those other women when no cameras were around. Fuck him.

No. 2021783

that honestly makes it worse, like 50k? that shitbag has almost a billion and you think letting a woman almost get killed is worth 50k? i pray to whatever gods that don't exist or may exist that this man sees justice because like you said, i cannot imagine the shit he did when they weren't in public places. the civil lawsuit she has against him says that he didn't chase after her a second time and instead threw vases at the wall because he knew he would be incriminating himself more. meaning, he KNEW what he was doing was abuse and horrible yet he kept doing it. i bet he concussed her/raped her/did more unspeakable things behind closed doors. fuck this man i want to alog so hard

No. 2021789

File: 1716759820130.jpg (171.66 KB, 1080x1080, GN7ykzCXYAAzdwV.jpg)

She's so annoying with all the touching, cringe boomer energy. I'll never recover from that clip of her kneeling before Dylan Mulvaney.

I find her cute and she has this self-aware corniness, but the hypersexual stuff got tired fast. She can be funny sometimes tho, picrel.

No. 2021855

File: 1716762512450.jpeg (711.78 KB, 1170x1463, IMG_1912.jpeg)

Are these marks from lip filler? Didn’t realize they bruised so much

No. 2021861

I think she is cute but I don’t like these sexual outro thingies

No. 2021915

I can’t watch it it’s too upsetting to see women getting assaulted by moids like that, I just hope he and everyone else who covered up his crimes suffer and die in prison. I’m so sick of scrotes.

No. 2021923

I recently watched a video about her despite knowing nothing prior and she seems like such a cow, I feel bad saying that because she’s young but she’s so cowish I’m surprised she hasn’t been talked about much here before, unless I missed it. As for the lips I have no clue, but the filler is obvious and she’s talked about it before

No. 2021987

Ntayrt but can you share the video you’re referring to? I’ve heard that she copies Lana with faux deep lyrics; I wanna know about the cowish antics.

No. 2022010

she reminds me of florence pugh (sic), blonde stocky midgets that try really hard to have sex appeal. both of them quite literally look shrunk.

No. 2022104

She's great in theater, and he isnt. I'm tired of seeing people bully her and compare her to animals. People who like theater are praising her because it isnt about looking like a Hollywood starlet. People don't pay to go to plays to see Hollywood starlets, and they are the ones funding these shows so I don't understand why people think their shitty simian 2 cents matter.

No. 2022106

I think she's just a very sheltered person now. She seems sweet and personable but it sounds like the team around her tries to encourage her to go the extra mile and to the rest of us its cringe factor is monumental. I can't hate her, I think she's just crunchy and tries really hard to accommodate to people after like two and a half decades of trauma

No. 2022108

File: 1716775358443.jpeg (65.05 KB, 1280x720, IMG_6589.jpeg)

ever since someone said she looked like picrel i associate her with chole grace moretz. i guess florence pugh fits too.

No. 2022110

The term is compressed

No. 2022188

Heidi has a big ass head

No. 2022200

File: 1716781088702.jpg (74.9 KB, 750x789, 1000003716.jpg)

Oh, he did all that shit and more.

No. 2022209

It was this one, this girl is extremely kind to her though and gives her multiple passes for cow tendencies. But she seems sweet so I don't blame her for being easy on her. But when she mentioned her "bodychecking" and said "I'm sure she didn't mean to do that though." I couldn't help but laugh, like she was very obviously taking little thinspo pics and it's perfectly fine to call it for what it is. Also something that stuck out to me about Nessa is how often her mental heath is in the spotlight, she'll claim she doesn't want people to know but then she'll go on livestream and cry. She says she doesn't want any comments on her body but then take the stage half naked and post bikini pics to her instagram, it just doesn't seem like she's being straight forward with her intentions. And I don't want to sound mean but the part where she was being interviewed by that guy and told him her anorexia was putting her fertility as risk, he asked her how and she didn't give a straight answer she just said it's affecting her in a "you know" kind of way or something. Which probably means she lost her period, which can happen with a lot of different health problems and most often isn't permanent and doesn't automatically indicate infertility. So the fact she just took that to mean she can't have kids now and then instead of seeing a doctor to confirm she just started telling people that in interviews seemed pretty cowish to me.

No. 2022210

Cue everyone and their mother commenting under Facebook posts about this with shit like "I can't believe that witch of a woman Angelina is turning his children against him!". Bleak.

No. 2022261

When there are no actual celebrities left, they just start randomly generating new ones and expecting people to go along with it

No. 2022264

Kek sorry, I just watched the vid today and when I saw her mentioned here right after I thought it was a weird coincidence so I mentioned her cow tendencies. When I said I was surprised she had never been mentioned here before I meant here like lc in general not necessarily this thread, I actually would have expected her to be posted in the pro ana scumbags thread or the TikTok hate thread or something like that

No. 2022314

File: 1716788107001.jpeg (131.51 KB, 1125x583, IMG_3880.jpeg)

There are truly no real celebrities left, this list must be a joke. Most of these people are known for one movie (Powell and Butler), tv show that will get cancelled any day now (Sweeney and Elordi) or Netflix series with mediocre reviews (Ortega) and their staying power in Hollywood is questionable. Bleak.

No. 2022336

not really milk but millie bobby brown and jake bongiovi got married

No. 2022342

This is so sweet. Based Millie not falling for ugly men psyop.

No. 2022344

Literally who?
I can go along with Zendaya, Florence Pugh, Anya Taylor Joy and Timmy, but the rest are literal whos.

No. 2022379

Tone Deaf (North West) starring in the Lion King. Nepotism can really get you anywhere.

No. 2022399

Hilarious honestly.

No. 2022401

Isn’t Shilo moving away from Angelina and in Bratts house?? Seems super sus

No. 2022402

What the fuck. I had to look it up, this was the 30TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION concert of the Lion King with a live-to-film taping! Fucking Jeremy Irons, Jennifer Hudson, and Nathan Lane were in it. What the hell was she doing there? I’m sorry, I know she’s just a child, but she wouldn't have landed a principal singing role in a school production, and there are so many talented kids in musical theater who would have absolutely nailed that song. I don’t know why I’m even surprised at the glaringly obvious nepotism anymore but I guess I still am.

No. 2022454

She needs to be humbled asap or else she'll grow up into Kanye 2.0

No. 2022470

“This child is getting wildly out of wing”
How humiliating for the actually talented grown cast with her who’ve worked their asses off for years to get to that opportunity only to be supporting a “star” who wouldn’t have even made the cut in the average school production if her mum hadn’t gotten dicked down by Ray-J on tape 17 years ago.

No. 2022492

Chimpanzee looking ass, I hate him

No. 2022503

File: 1716802414132.jpeg (497.13 KB, 999x762, IMG_8509.jpeg)

Also I HATE how everyone else is in these amazing costumes and she’s wearing…a bright yellow hoodie and slippers? Wtf

No. 2022530

People spent $400 to see an iconic musical celebration and got this instead

No. 2022585

She's gonna get hate but really the adults involved should have said no, she's only 10

No. 2022725

I'm sorry but this is so embarrassing for everyone involved. Do the Kardashians really have so little self awareness or do they just not give a fuck?

No. 2023054

I mean, would you lol. They have tons of money, controversy has been their brand since forever and she can fulfill her kid’s wish, no matter how absurd.

No. 2023067

I feel bad for her. Its so lazy and she'll get hate even though she is a literal child and probably thought it was fun and cool to do, and her awful family will revel in the negative attention. They should at least have made her a proper costume to wear.

No. 2023246

She went viral for hate for doing a TikTok dance to the Quaran

No. 2023254

Yup. Angelina and Amber Heard are always the bad ones and Brad and Jonny are saints because the women on their side want to fuck them. It’s misogyny at its finest

No. 2023289

The video in question

No. 2023325

Does she have cancer? Is this a make a wish thing? I doubt Kris Jenner would let her retirement fund grand-baby do something so uncoordinated.

No. 2023490

Why couldn't they have at least dressed her up to fit in with the rest of the cast? The outfit makes her look even more out of place and like she doesn't belong there.

No. 2023496

Because she doesn't belong there.

No. 2023710

Wtf kek, what was the point of this supposed to be? I’m sure the mudslimes were losing their shit in her comment section(racebait)

No. 2023893

File: 1716884351860.jpeg (186.46 KB, 750x743, IMG_9952.jpeg)

RIP Carrie Fisher: you would have loved Ozempic.

No. 2023904

Sad if true. I was given to understand that they wanted her to lose weight and she simply said no though.

No. 2024005

This irrelevant talentless cocksucker. Who listens to James Blunt anymore?

No. 2024006

Dumbass mods. It's a worthless religion. Not an ethnicity.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2024009

I think a mod must sadly be muslim or something. I remember saying brown scrotes are the worst scrotes and got a ban(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 2024030

I wasn’t baiting, I would bet my life they were having a tantrum in her comments section. It’s not even a question kek

Nta but it’s always so weird to me when people get up in arms about statements like that, places like India and the Middle East have the highest stats on rape, femicide, and domestic abuse against women. It’s so high the women that live there are fleeing to the west to escape it, but when someone points out the men from those areas have a higher proclivity for violence and rape people always deny it.

No. 2024041

Dude, are you that obtuse? It's the wording you used. You can critize something without using racist words.

No. 2024295

Agree with these nonas here. Farmhand must be a moid or muslim or tranny kek(infighting)

No. 2024312

I think this is Yeezy meddling rather than Kim. He’s got her dressed like him.

No. 2024351

Y-you can cwiticize the most dangerous subhuman men but don’t use big meanie realistic words!! Do you know how embarrassingly retarded, cocksucky and Twitter you sound? GO BACK(infighting)

No. 2024461

While celebricows is eating itself let me throw my hat in the ring to say Sabrina WKs are sus. Like they’re probably the same genre of braindead pickmes as LDR stans, but the way they feel the need to comment “idk I JUST LIKE HER” at everything is weird. Like she/her brand are pushing her to say rancid porny shit all of the time. How do you stay fans of someone who hypersexualizes themselves and says the most coomer appealing shit all of the time? Because Britney Spears is losing her mind and you need another short young woman who came from Disney to do this exact same performance? Like why

No. 2024541

She isn't getting half the flame Ariana (rightfully) got, honestly what the fuck is wrong with her to do that?

No. 2024696

Ayrt, you must be new if your getting offended by words or name calling. On a site where you can call people retards, trannies, faggots, 41%ers, gimps, mock people's disabilities, illnesses, disorders, you'd think mudslime wouldn't cause so much fuss considering it's just a dumb pronunciation of it. Besides we all call pakichan; pakichan. Paki is a slur, I see no difference between the term Paki and mudslime(take it to meta)

No. 2024707

It’s weird af that paki-chan isn’t considered racebaiting.

No. 2024862

File: 1716932420280.jpg (125.36 KB, 1321x869, notbob.JPG)

first look of french chlamydia as bob dylan

No. 2024920

Austin butler being an “alist” actor is actually insulting

No. 2025055

Ew his small window of being ethereal has long ended. Cigarettes and French male DNA did what we knew they would. He is the definition of what I picture when I think of Bob Fossil on the Mighty Boosh explaining a gorilla. “The hairy little squashed up Frenchman” but yeah he’s soooooo hot and every woman in my age range thinks he’s like God’s Own Twink smh they know not the meaning of the word

No. 2025104

I am not offended. I tried to provide an explanation why they might get red texted. Is that so hard to grasp? It was an explanation, not an opinion.(derailing)

No. 2025118

Are anons here still interested in a photo dumb of Cannes looks or is it too late? I would take the time tomorrow.
Besides infighting, it is nothing happening here and this might be a welcome (short) change. Idk how the rules are regarding a past event, I would sage the pics by default.

No. 2025569

No. 2025631

And I provided my explanation as to why the double standard is dumb and doesn't make sense, is that so hard for you to grasp? And you seem quite pissy for someone not offended, crying about "racist words" and shit kek(ban evasion)

No. 2025651

Yes. Thanks for your future contribution

No. 2025972

didn't he cheat on Vanessa Hudgens back in the day?

No. 2025984

Idk if I’m alone here, but the weird thing about Sabrina to me is that her whole sex kitten act feels so artificial. She just doesn’t exude natural sex appeal and it feels awkward, like watching a friends’ little sister play dress-up in high heels and pretend to be Pamela Anderson or Brigitte Bardot or something, it feels weird.

No. 2026042

>She just doesn’t exude natural sex appeal and it feels awkward, like watching a friends’ little sister play dress-up in high heels and pretend to be Pamela Anderson or Brigitte Bardot or something, it feels weird.
i think that’s the point. there’s definitely a type of coomer audience that wants to see that

No. 2026044

The thread picture this time makes me so irrationally angry

No. 2026073

Do you think Kanye is still this powerful anon? I'd assume he's pretty much blacklisted by everyone.
I'd be interested, there's just infighting going on at the moment so I don't mind a bit of shit talking about people's outfits even if the milk is stale

No. 2026234

Same, it's hideous and annoying and I hate seeing it too

No. 2026299

File: 1716994633646.png (5.41 MB, 3456x1200, AishwaryaAlexaAndiBarbara.png)

No. 2026302

File: 1716994698028.png (5.85 MB, 3600x1470, AnyaAubreyElleUma.png)

I had to make collages, otherwise it would've been too much.

No. 2026312

File: 1716994887791.png (3.31 MB, 2465x1345, BellaHadid.png)

The flood post detection is getting onto me, there are still 15 posts to do.

No. 2026316

File: 1716994981001.png (4.61 MB, 3410x1261, CateDixieKellyJoey.png)

No. 2026348

File: 1716995494707.png (5.04 MB, 3435x1451, ClaireIzabelLiyaLiu.png)

No. 2026362

File: 1716995854096.png (6.07 MB, 3600x1470, CocoRocha.png)

No. 2026383

File: 1716996282108.png (3.72 MB, 2814x1470, DemiMoore.png)

No. 2026394

File: 1716996647833.png (2.57 MB, 1616x1200, DianeKrueger.png)

No. 2026397

Stupid Terrorist whore(baiting)

No. 2026406

File: 1716997175337.png (4.17 MB, 3131x1133, ElaineHeidiHofitVicky.png)

No. 2026411

File: 1716997480916.png (4.89 MB, 2890x1178, ElsaNadineRawdahNicky.png)

No. 2026420

File: 1716997851714.png (6.21 MB, 3778x1457, EmmaCarla.png)

No. 2026426

wow…a sheer dress…i can barely contain my excitement

No. 2026439

File: 1716998311718.png (4.41 MB, 2900x1418, GretaJoeyMaria.png)

Most of the sheer tit showing dresses in these pics are actually from Saint Laurent. Don't ask me what is going on over there.

No. 2026452

File: 1716998819663.png (8.86 MB, 3588x2400, iGaveUp.png)

No. 2026463

File: 1716999029972.png (5.86 MB, 2419x2400, Unbenannt.png)

Sorry for the more compressed edit, the flood detection does my head in.
There will be no moid pics, they all looked either blah or as if they dressed in the dark.

No. 2026468

File: 1716999273349.png (8.87 MB, 3236x2400, Unbenannt2.png)


Forgot to add, that Margret Qualley >>2026463
looks like Chanel hates her (all her outfits shown are from Chanel), the third look is ok-ish, the first two are tragique.

No. 2026488

File: 1716999768861.jpg (558.79 KB, 1600x2399, GettyImages-2152472136.jpg)

bella looks like she is really pushing 40, yet she is only 27. She will look really tragic when she actually hits 40. Also kek at calra bruni attending another even with your own skin walker >>2026420

the one on the left is kinds basic, but all the other looks are stunning.

idk diane always looks the same to me. The wet hair styling makes her look greasy imo.

greta's outfits look really bad on her for the most part. Her styling isn't helping either. The worst outfit was this blue summer dress thing with those ugly ass shoes.

kek at the middle top pic on the left. top right looks stunning tho.

ty for the posts, nonna.

No. 2026496

I didn't ever bother to save multiple Greta outfits because they were so unflattering.
The two top left is Yseult and I find the jeans look funny, too.

No. 2026679

File: 1717008856433.png (1.93 MB, 1080x1603, k74JnHr.png)

>Rachel Zegler responds to fan's criticism about her role in Snow White

No. 2026682

"At the beginning of the story, a queen sits sewing at an open window during a winter snowfall when she pricks her finger with her needle, causing three drops of red blood to drip onto the freshly fallen white snow on the black windowsill. Then she says to herself, 'How I wish that I had a daughter that had skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as ebony.' Some time later, the queen dies giving birth to a baby daughter whom she names Snow White." Bruh why don't people just say it's a different take on the character instead of lying that it's secretly accurate she isn't supposed to be fair-skinned lmao

No. 2026685

Makes you realize once again what kind of god complex celebs have, she thinks she can tell some bullshit she pulled out of her ass and us lowly peasants will be dumb enough to neither know better than her nor dare to try and question her…

No. 2026687

she has such a big head… snow white funko pop in real life

No. 2026696

File: 1717010139761.png (693.28 KB, 591x1721, 340340lf.png)

Doja Cat's dad posted a video of her on his instagram praising her, to which she replied with "fuck you". She then posted this picture on her instagram. Her dad is an asshole for pretending to care about her now that she's a popstar when he was never involved in her life prior. I hope she heals and stops being an nlog

No. 2026700

Sorry for off topic and I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but does anybody else think Billie has such a weird relationship with her brother..? I'm all for siblings being close friends but they literally wrote sexually suggestive songs together. Also their live performance of ''i love you'' being them closesly sat together on a bed for the whole thing is a bit weird. Their whole dynamic is icky.

I've googled about their relationship before to see if people agree, and a lot do, but a lot are also reddit coomers fantasising about Billie being incest.

No. 2026708

That sweater looks like a vagina.

No. 2026721

Barry Keoghan is always salivating over Sabrina carpenter in the background of all her shows. If it were someone else it might be cute but he just seems so creepy.

No. 2026724

Why can't niggers write like normal people holy shit I don't understand anything.(racebait)

No. 2026730

File: 1717012999924.jpg (132.22 KB, 1036x770, simbawest.jpg)

kek , make-a-wish was my first thought as well. >>2023490
the main costume designer wasn't responsible apparently. (picrel) https://people.com/north-west-wore-her-own-costume-lion-king-live-show-8654287
on twitter there's some videos being shared in regards to other children who auditioned. the lady in the video here claims her daughter auditioned, but then Kim came in and bought the role. https://x.com/itsKenBarbie/status/1795196669526495522/video/1
this kid allegedly auditioned also:
sage because idk if nepotism is really milk.

No. 2026733

File: 1717013050925.jpg (146.85 KB, 642x704, simbawest0.jpg)

No. 2026744

Honestly, I think people are being dramatic about this. Rich kids and nepotism are everywhere in theater and Hollywood Bowl is known for having big celebs so she's not a special case. I do agree that it's unfair to the more talented actors, but it's the fault of Hollywood Bowl for allowing it and her parents, so imo it's not right to criticize North when she's just a child. Also, people are blaming this on Kim but this has Kanye ALL over it, he literally had her performing at a Yeezy show and I believe had her on his most recent album. I think Kanye wants her to be a musical prodigy.

No. 2026745

File: 1717013602417.jpg (63.32 KB, 747x795, wang.JPG)


This is super weird and creepy imo

No. 2026747

she's another Disney kid trying to shake the Disney kid image. ngl that's one reason I've completely ignored her musical career. she's been off my radar until recently. thought it was Disney channel type music. still not my style but the bits of her songs I've heard are a lot less boring than expected.

No. 2026749

she doesnt look 10 wtf

No. 2026750

That can't be the Beyonce lookalike kek

No. 2026757

Yeah I honestly don’t get it. It feels astroturfed. I’m not saying she’s ugly but she’s not a sex symbol either.

No. 2026763

did you post the wront video?

No. 2026770

File: 1717014871681.jpg (124.12 KB, 649x878, simbawest1.jpg)

she's releasing a whole album too

No. 2026779

File: 1717015249627.jpg (101.76 KB, 793x770, kim.JPG)

'Actors on Actors' returns and this time Kim is also part of it. She will be seen together with Chloë Sevigny.


No. 2026788

File: 1717016427349.jpg (68.38 KB, 497x869, 20240529_165758.jpg)

Arizona Groundwater

No. 2026789

File: 1717016551593.jpg (77.4 KB, 504x804, 20240529_165927.jpg)

Tracy Swiffle

No. 2026790

File: 1717016619253.jpg (79.72 KB, 502x883, 20240529_165848.jpg)

Kylisa Jenter

No. 2026793

File: 1717016646531.jpg (67.85 KB, 502x732, 20240529_165734.jpg)

More of Arizona

No. 2026800

kek those names
also, is it possible that the brand gets in legal trouble for using those lookalikes?

No. 2026802

this is the only one that truly does look like the celebrity theyre impersonating

No. 2026805

This looks like a troon kek

No. 2026808

Looks more like Wendy Williams than Beyonce

No. 2026811

I remember this movie was gonna happen a long time ago before covid, too bad he hit the wall in the meantime kek. I'm so glad it's now officially too late for him to become the youngest best actor winner, he never deserved any of the hype

No. 2026822

File: 1717018255606.jpg (13.78 KB, 426x600, actor-finn-wolfhard-442105_lar…)


No. 2026827

Shes been wearing make up and fake nailssince kim got her on tiktok

No. 2026838

File: 1717018873939.jpg (72.6 KB, 732x782, nothanks.JPG)

I already hate this remake

No. 2026844

File: 1717019105695.jpg (397.41 KB, 1536x2048, GOvs3_3X0AI-uHi.jpg)

No. 2026864

File: 1717020036321.webp (236.23 KB, 1440x1150, sunflower-bean-twentytwo-in-bl…)

yikes, I know he's not an actor but they missed the chance to cast that dude from sunflowerbean (far left obviously)

No. 2026895

How stressful must it be Ariana's lookalike. You never know when she turns up with a new face and skintone.

No. 2026909

Yes she does? Idk how you could mistake her for anything but a child

No. 2026922

Is she really a black belt though, is what I wanna know….

No. 2026924

I couldn’t even tell she was supposed to be simba. This not only is an actually mockery of the entire show and costumes but her performance actually felt LIKE she was mocking it. Just terrible, insulting.

No. 2026932

oh my god, the fat old man chest. He can't get rid of that shape no matter how hard he tries. And are those veneers stuck together as one piece on the side? wtf

No. 2026934


No. 2026939

I was thinking that too, I was shocked that Kim's daughter was a teenager already and I felt old kek

No. 2026940

busta rhymes is gay according to his former bodyguard

No. 2026954

I know literally nothing about this girl and her face bothers me so much. She might be nice and super cool to be around but I just can't stand her face and I have no idea why

No. 2026958

File: 1717025857745.png (713.12 KB, 778x1008, Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 4.36.…)

They really captured Ariana's botched face and dead eyes

No. 2026962

I'm convinced that all famous rappers are gay

No. 2026964

her forehead looks like it was chopped in half

No. 2026965

Incapable of harnessing bob Dylan overpowering dgaf attitude

No. 2027031

okay this hair looks fucking ridiculous like an snl skit or something

No. 2027034

even the lookalike doesn't want to commit to ariana's hairline

No. 2027048

Hes fallen off soo hard. I forgot he existed and now he's back, malding, greasy hair, ugly merch

No. 2027053

Obese Kanye

No. 2027078

Beyonce lookalike is all wrong, but the rest are mostly accurate.

No. 2027083

Hope they shoot the scene where he crashes this bike

No. 2027085

If you paid $3k-$4k to watch people sing along to Disney songs while the animated movie scenes play in the background, this is kind of the fate you deserve. Come back down to earth.

No. 2027091

The first video, kek
>"My daughter has been on broadway four times"
They have nothing to worry about. This mother has probably been nepo-ing hard to get her daughter through the industry, too. Rich people malding over nothing.

No. 2027094

Samefag, nvm the first video is fake. That woman is a comedian.

No. 2027248

sabrina carpenter "espresso" lyrics:

>Too bad your ex don't do it for ya

>Walked in and dream came trued it for ya
>My honey B {context: Barry}, come and get this pollen

fucking gross lol. didn't he dump his pregnant wife or just gave birth wife? why is sabrina such a pick me(sage your shit)

No. 2027261

Her voice sounds nothing like the track she's singing overtop of kek, I'd like to hear what her voice sounds like live with no editing or autotune. It must suck tbh

No. 2027263

Is this that girl who claims to be upset when people mistake her for Kylie?

No. 2027264

>My honey B {context: Barry}, come and get this pollen
kek can't believe some anons claimed it wasn't about him specifically

No. 2027266

What I liked about the video was that she actually put attractive men with nice bodies in it, I hope Barry felt insecure

No. 2027314

Kanye is obese Kanye kek

No. 2027323

You can’t tell me this isn’t a Drag Queen. The hairline is so fucking far back and the head looks giant. Realistic choice though since Arianas body looks like the one of a malnourished little boy.
She kinda nailed it?

No. 2027324

File: 1717055303575.jpeg (113.1 KB, 1170x772, IMG_7687.jpeg)

His gfs are getting uglier as his potbelly gets larger

No. 2027355

File: 1717061259602.jpeg (182 KB, 750x654, IMG_9965.jpeg)

Natalie Portman and Paul Mescal: are they dating or just the only two smokers from a bigger group inside the bar?

No. 2027369

I think she's pretty

Imagine being blessed with features like Natalie Portman and then smoking, the disrespect

No. 2027373

Is he gay? Does he pump and dump them? Is he a violent misogynist? After all these years and all the haha jokes I still can't understand why does he go through a revolving door of models the same age who all look exactly alike only to quickly move onto the next. Even normal madonna-whore complexed moids have a form of long-term relationship at one point. There must be something deeply wrong with his sexuality that manifests like this, I can only wonder what being preyed on by Hollywood pedos as a (male) child does to these men's psyches. Either way there's something deeply dysfunctional there.

No. 2027375

He's like a bad version of Jeff Arcuri. What terrible crowdwork.

No. 2027378

File: 1717064790928.jpg (32.63 KB, 1080x610, leonardo-dicaprio-in-whats-eat…)

It's like he has roid stomach but has never worked out a day in his life. His arms and legs look like they did in What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

No. 2027387

He (body) looks like every German middle aged moid, which makes sense, he is half German. What's missing is the half baldness.

No. 2027390

The dad bod is accurate minus the beer barrel tummy most German dads got. I was surprised about the hair as well, isn’t hair loss a sign of high testosterone? Kek

No. 2027394

File: 1717066646266.jpeg (399.71 KB, 1170x1811, IMG_4453.jpeg)

I actually did sorry, it was from the same performance but that one didn’t show him clearly. In this screenshot you can see him on the balcony, he was like dancing along and smiling a lot at the “too bad your ex don’t do it for ya” part

No. 2027400

She’s totally not into the ugly little freak and is using him for fame, and I’m here for it. She only got with him after saltburn as he gained popularity then. She will break up with him in less than a year and within a month he will be found dead in a hotel room with semen in his butt, which is exactly what he deserves for being a deadbeat.

No. 2027402

That huge belly and skinny little twig legs, he’s shaped like an elderly cat but not cute at all, just gross and old

No. 2027412

He probably is a violent misogynist because he is good friends with a lot of rappers from what i recall.

No. 2027417

I strongly dislike them both.Young women choosing to date ugly fresh baby daddies are disgusting to me. I also applaud Sabrina for rocking her average out of shape body, but it just shows that blonde hair and looking like a ug filter in the face with 20 pounds of make up makes people overrated certain women. Sorry but she's a odd looking artificial woman to me, she goes perfectly with her extremely ugly bf.

No. 2027436

File: 1717070891080.jpeg (218.4 KB, 1064x1443, IMG_4464.jpeg)

Her outfits really don’t flatter her body type at all

No. 2027480

Oh my god I’m not even one of the mega haters ITT but this is a BAD picture kek terrible angle and you’re right this outfit like all her others is unflattering as hell on her

No. 2027485

File: 1717075264005.jpg (53.27 KB, 488x350, lordosis-treatment-kyphosis-tr…)

Not trying to be nitpicky and harsh but the way she stands always reminds me of people who have lumbar lordosis

No. 2027548

Another example of her unflattering outfits, I think she just wants to wear the most revealing things and doesn’t care if it looks good or not

No. 2027554

File: 1717081887367.jpg (Spoiler Image,84.98 KB, 746x744, cow.JPG)

the ari lookalike has an of account where she posts content with the look of ari.

No. 2027562

She and Florence Pugh are the same. Maybe they show their bodies to be more relatable to their audience, with the current weight stats being what they are (most Americans are fatter though)?

No. 2027582

Ew. I hate ari but that’s terrible, what a nasty piece of shit. I hope her facial surgeries turn necrotic

No. 2027591

File: 1717083963900.jpeg (320.71 KB, 1170x1529, IMG_4495.jpeg)

The average bmi in the US (for women) is 26, Sabrina and Florence are both thinner than that, but Sabrina carries her weight on her stomach. Maybe their stockiness makes it easy for borderline-overweight women to be fans of them without feeling insecure about themselves. Sabrina is seen as sexy despite not having a waist or curves so she probably makes chubbier women feel like they can be sexy too as long as they dress provocatively(*bones rattling*)

No. 2027621

File: 1717085750502.jpeg (618.04 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_6604.jpeg)

so funny seeing nonas shit on her clothes when she was getting pushed as a sort of style icon a couple years ago. i think maybe they did fit her at first but she gained weight on tour.

No. 2027636

File: 1717086452543.png (2 MB, 1920x1080, 1000014750.png)

getting pushed as a style icon doesn't mean anything, tons and tons of celebs who can't dress well get pushed as icons everyday. she's also not wearing those high skirt-belts in those photos.

No. 2027642

lizzo and julia fox are pushed that way too, and one is morbidly obese and the other looks troonish from all the surgery. it means nothing.

No. 2027653

>She’s totally not into the ugly little freak and is using him for fame, and I’m here for it.
same and i feel like
makes the argument even more convincing. he's going to look like even more of a huge retard when it's all said and done.

No. 2027659

Those red outfits look painful

No. 2027683

File: 1717088802653.png (557.69 KB, 667x911, 135339.png)

People are theorizing that Beyonce is autistic over this picture kek(sage your shit, this isn't celeb milk)

No. 2027693

>I think she just wants to wear the most revealing things
Do you really have a choice when you're a young woman who wants to make it in music

Personally I think she looks fine in those clothes (oversexualised but that aside). Her makeup always looks dirty and muddy though.

No. 2027694

People have said this about Nicki Minaj too. I do think the current trend of calling people and celebs autistic is very weird considering we don't know these people. It's like the pendulum has swung from people treating artists like lepers, to autism being the ~cool, quirky~ disorder. I guess it's just the way of things though, it happened with depression years ago.

No. 2027695

So very strange to alter your face that much to look exactly like someone and then go on to make porn. Like a deepfake but on another level

No. 2027714

ty for posting these, anon. whoever is margret qualley's stylist needs to be fired yesterday. it's baffling to me how you can make someone that beautiful look so shitty, goddamn. it kind of makes me mad

No. 2027753

>shaped like an elderly cat

No. 2027766

I always have the urge to wash her face. Her make up is so bad. It looks like baked into her skin. The hair is too much, she has a big head (nothing wrong with that) but the thick make up, big head, short torso and huge fat ass hair does nothing for her.
Its all so much. Also something about her is so unlikable, its not just dating the ugly baby daddy either.
I guess people want someone to take Ariana space so bad, and Tyla makes different music so Sabrina is up next to try out.

No. 2027872

All successful singers, rappers, and actors/actresses are just theatre kids, anyway. Of course they're "weird", sometimes they're outright BPD tier like Ariana and Nicki.

No. 2028063

how did you even remember this shitty ass band in 2024

No. 2028070

File: 1717101521921.webp (108.51 KB, 1080x1080, c98bb6bf9b52-gettyimages-21502…)


No. 2028104

At this point I'm pretty sure it's just a meme for some.

No. 2028488

File: 1717117373885.jpg (15.07 KB, 437x414, 1717100197700.jpg)

No. 2028517

leononna you keep posting old milk. him and camila have been broken up for years

No. 2028521

Shaynacore outfit

No. 2028637

File: 1717124340892.jpg (108.36 KB, 788x1051, 1000003771.jpg)

She has electrolysis that goes above her natural hairline and that's why it looks so fucking weird. She's so dedicated with trying to skinwalk ariana that she pulled her hairline back although it doesn't follow the natural placement of her hairline so you can see a bit of the top of her skull where her hair should be. That's why it looks strange. It's like looking at Ryan Seacrest from the side

No. 2028863

I did NOT expect eminem to drop such a funny throw back banger

No. 2028875

>If I was to ask for Megan thee Stallion […] would I really have a shot at a feat
Does he have beef with Megan too?

No. 2028878

Girl needs to cool it with the fillers, she looks like slappy the dummy

No. 2028888

I can see Sabrina Carpenter becoming the next Florence Pugh on here. I hope not, because I think she is quite cute. I don't see much difference with how she dresses on stage than most Kpop artists. at least she doesn't dress like a hooker like the majority of western female rappers who are literally coomer bait for scrotes.

No. 2028917

Same flavor of ldr brainrot probably, Sabrina stans coping that she must just be using her caveman don't realize how fucked up that sounds like literally find someone single and cut the sexy baby shit (spoiler:she won't) just say it's summer and you want to dress like Sue Lyon in Lolita and feel like it's not weird it's very cute and on trend to want to look like a fictional trafficked teen.
How is she not coomer bait and actively aggressively pushing herself as that? Why is it cute and fine when she presents herself as a sex object like please enlighten us. She's gross ass hell and I hate when threads get spammed by creeps pretending to be fans saying that's fine and normal actually. She literally played a kid on tv like 5 minutes ago and is on camera gloating about being the same height she's gross and weird as hell to me, I don't care that she has a cute little summer song.

No. 2028927

kek anon why are you seething so hard? I said there isn't much difference between her and Kpop artists. I don't think she is as bad as singers like Megan thee stallion and doja and cardi b and all of the other coomer bait artists.

No. 2028948

No. 2028986

isn't it meant to be like a "shot at feet" pun

No. 2028989

nta but she's still coomer bait, have you seen videos of her performances where she's basically flashing her ass every 5 seconds? and lyrics comparing herself to a little girl, doing a 'sexy' photoshoot where the bedroom is meant to look like a kid's bedroom, etc. she's like if shayna had a music career.

No. 2029047

She does dress like a hooker. Her and Ice spice could share the same wardrobe. Even if she's not as scantily clad, her lyrics are hypersexual as well.

No. 2029051

Mts and cards aren't singers they are graphic pussy rappers with gimmicks. Yes next to them Sabrina is less raunchy, but most singers are. People call Ariana out for her weird sexy baby shit, Sabrina does the same.
Her whole brand is being short and "sexy". She's Ariana 2.0 but leveling up the sexualization.

No. 2029070

>graphic pussy rappers
??? kek

No. 2029098

>She literally played a kid on tv like 5 minutes ago
sorry to be the one to break it to you but girl meets world ended 7 years ago.

No. 2029099

You know what I mean. Like Graphic violence. Or is the word spelled different? I'm not esl but in esl in spirt. I get shit mixxed up but hopefully people got what i meant.

No. 2029138

i mean that’s your justification for seething when called out sure but you’re like obsessing over her waist and torso instead of writing that in the first place. florence and sabrina chans are the same damn anons who had some little blonde bitch hurt you or some shit(sage your shit)

No. 2029141

You do know there's more than one nonnie here? I didn't write >>2028917, nor have I sperged over Florence. I'm just adding my opinion.

No. 2029146

ntayrt but i also dislike sabrina yet never cared and never posted about florence. sabrina's much more annoying imo, florence is just boring.

No. 2029179

She literally looks like a troon who went to drag race and bought facial feminization surgery from the price money

No. 2029192

File: 1717169812890.png (675.4 KB, 720x1092, IMG_20240531_093551.png)

Yeah she's weird as fuck

No. 2029206


No. 2029225

>Paris Hilton wore a prosthetic baby bump while employing a surrogate because she 'wanted it to feel real’

>Paris Hilton is sharing new details about her motherhood journey in a bonus chapter in the paperback version of "Paris: The Memoir." The book won't be released until June 4, but TODAY.com obtained a copy of the chapter.

>In 2023, Hilton released her memoir, introduced the Stop Institutional Child Abuse Act to Congress, filmed her reality show “Paris in Love,” performed as a DJ, recorded new music and collaborated with multiple brands.
>Somehow, in the middle of all of that, she and her husband Carter Reum welcomed not one — but two — children via surrogates. She introduced Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum to the world in January 2023, and London Marilyn Hilton Reum joined her brother in November 2023.
>It may have seemed like a "mistake" that Hilton and Reum welcomed children who were born within the same calendar year, but Hilton revealed that it was intentional.
>"The dream was to have a girl and a boy, born separately but at the same time, so they'd grow up as twins," she wrote. Because risks increase when implanting multiple embryos, the couple elected to have separate surrogates to give their one girl embryo the best chance of survival.
>Hilton called it "a real-life miracle" that both of her "angel surrogates" were pregnant within the same year. "All those months of injections and the crazy-making hormones — it was all worth it."
>Reum seemed certain that everything would work out, but Hilton was terrified. "I was afraid to breathe. It was like keeping your eye on two little baby birds in a nest — so fragile, so precious, and completely out of our hands," she explained.
>"I felt kinda pregnant," she wrote, adding, "I felt so full of joy and possibilities and new life."
>Tasked with the tough job of waiting, Hilton felt the need to take action. "I wanted to know what it felt like to be pregnant, so I bought a prosthetic stomach and wore it around the house for the day. I know that sounds crazy, but I wanted it to feel real — even in just this small way," she wrote. "Feeling that weight on the front of me, running my hands over it, envisioning a whole life in front of us."
>By the end of that day, Hilton realized that it was "silly" to pretend when she was about to hold her babies in her arms.
>"It didn't matter that no one else could see that I was expecting," she wrote. "My emotional baby bump was real, it was precious, and I was so completely happy to know it was exactly where it needed to be, growing warmer and bigger every day."

No. 2029238

Did she feel euphoria wearing that? Is she a transmother?
>Tasked with the tough job of waiting
I hope this was as shady meant as it sounds, kek.
What a fucking idiot, if you wanna feel pregnant - become pregnant yourself.

No. 2029251

psycho shit

No. 2029314

I like the call out of troon gender bullshit. Stan

No. 2029356

I went through a phase of really liking Paris after than doc she did, and watched loads of YouTube videos of her but god this makes me feel so uncomfortable. It makes me think of Handmaids tale

No. 2029359

the doc was just a way to rebrand her image and cover up her shitty behavior from the 2000s

No. 2029438

No. 2029440

Cope harder. You sound like a complete ddlgfag lmao.(infighting)

No. 2029605

Eminem looks like the guy from The Sound of Metal these days. Also the Steve Miller interpolation was so random wtf.

No. 2029611

>stanning a moid who makes fun of women getting shot

No. 2029619

And who made a song where he kills his own wife.

No. 2029644

Live action despicable me with Leo when??

No. 2029668

Yeah I figured, but has she ever said anything about him or is it bc by association due to nicki? Still weird how moids always bring up her getting shot as some epic own to her

No. 2029693

This makes me curious, how many celebrities just faked their pregnancies when they first had a baby via surrogacy?

No. 2029708

I'm gonna assume I'm the only one who actually watches her show, and it's not really any different from most trashy reality tv shows about rich people. but she's quite "hands-off" when it comes to her kids. Basically, the nanny is the one raising them and paris spends only about an hour a day with her kids, because she's constantly attending "events"

No. 2029761

>abracadabra sample
>shit lyrics
>hairplugs from turkey
>had to literally put a giant caption of the mts lyric so people can understand
>out of touch

No. 2029774

File: 1717202175237.jpeg (194.46 KB, 1509x1019, IMG_1968.jpeg)

No. 2029779

He's trying too hard to blend his old Slim Shady-style delivery with modern rappers and trying to be "technical" with these really corny-sounding flows. It just doesn't work. At least not in a modern context.

No. 2029781

He looks like an off-brand Jarvis Johnson mixed with Eric Andre

No. 2029783

He looks like a caveman

No. 2029789

This, plus she's releasing her "sophomore album". I don't get why she's doing all of this, she has mommy and daddies money for like ever. Who the hell is encouraging her to put put music, is it a narc thing or have gay men really lost their minds

No. 2029798

Ayrt and I agree. It's not good. His lyrics are corny, like hot topic t shirt in goodwill corny. I skimmed through a couple reaction videos and it's just men soyfacing for him saying "if I had a headache I'd just take a-leve" like its mastermind shit. I don't like the SMB sample at all, the addition of "im gonna reach in my bag bruh" is too gay oml you're 45 why are you saying bruh so many times in a song. I noticed toward the end he tried to add the "modern" flow and it was like 2015 rap flow, like this.

No. 2029995

File: 1717215493770.jpeg (545.09 KB, 1536x2048, GO608nmXcAARh_L.jpeg)

No. 2030051

The Hills Have Eyes.

No. 2030152

we get it Sabrina you're uwu shmol

No. 2030178

The anon who compared this woman's presentation to Shayna has completely fucked up her image to me. I just thought she was like Florence Pugh at first (kind of lame and hypersexual), but now I can't unsee it.

No. 2030183

File: 1717239375915.jpg (299.72 KB, 718x1106, Screenshot_20240801_08012.jpg)

Bella and Gigi Hadid donated $1M to help children and families in Palestine.

No. 2030190

They better hurry Gaza is not gonna be much longer

No. 2030196

The thought of this creature hovering over me triggers my flight or fight response.

No. 2030197

File: 1717241203192.jpg (97.41 KB, 1479x573, bats.JPG)


>Bats and rock ‘n roll rarely go together. There’s Ozzy Osbourne’s legendary biting the head off one. And now, add Taylor Momsen to the list.

>Opening for AC/DC on the Power Up tour, the Pretty Reckless frontwoman was bitten on the leg by a small bat. She wasn’t particularly bothered and the show went on, but now she has to undergo two weeks of rabies shots.

>“So…ROCK AND ROLL MOMENT…in Sevilla Wednesday during “Witches Burn” of all songs… a BAT flew onto me and clung to my leg,” Momsen wrote on Instagram. “In the moment I was performing and had no idea until the incredible crowd kept screaming and pointing.”

No. 2030204

Shaynus core

No. 2030234

File: 1717245048904.png (312.79 KB, 661x756, lll.png)

Unironically pornbrained and embarrassing, holy shit

No. 2030238

She hired Shayna as a ghostwriter!

No. 2030245

File: 1717246199675.jpg (64.54 KB, 640x807, never-thought-this-would-happe…)

Eminem throws shade about Megan getting shot in her foot.

No. 2030247

kekkkk literally

No. 2030249

inb4 she gets cancelled for racial fetishism

No. 2030251

No. 2030252

She 100% did some form of prostitution or yachting. Most anons only found out about her recently but i know her from a long time ago and she has been trying to make it in the industry for years and has been failing and flopping until recently.
Almost every movie and music video she got was a failure that barely generated any buzz or money. Despite her being a literal flop z-list celebrity she would still get casted on these big movies or still keep churning out music videos despite them doing badly which makes me wonder….who is backing her?…hmmm.
I mean its not a coincidence that she pedobaits since that is probably what her sugardaddies like.
Literal industry plant who was forced so hard to become famous and given shit-liad opportunities yet still kept failing, she is lucky that expresso went viral on tiktok and that taylor swift is currently her friend because without that she would have still been irrelevant.

No. 2030253


No. 2030254

Irrelevant mayo monkey trying to ride Megan’s fame. Yawn(bait)

No. 2030256

Isn't Megan one year older than his daughter? He'd probably throw a hissy fit if she got physically attacked and a man in his 50s started mocking her for it, lmao. Fucking loser.

No. 2030258

Yes she is the same age as his daughter which makes this even more gross aside drom the fact that he dissed her for getting shot by a violent man.

>He'd probably throw a hissy fit if she got physically attacked and a man in his 50s started mocking her for it

Yes eminem is a well known hypocrite who can dish it but can't take it. I don't like MGK but eminem basically secretly tried to blackball him from the industry like a snake because MGK said something about Hallie meanwhile Eminems whole career was starting drama and sexually harassing young girls who often times were underage.

He is still trying to hold on to relevancy and fame but all he is doing is actually ruining his image becauae he does not have the talent nor the witt that he had decades ago. Someone tell this expired m&m to retire.

No. 2030295

File: 1717250673754.jpeg (368.79 KB, 1725x2560, F6AA2F85-436B-4648-88E0-D3AF7B…)

Can't even clean up as good as a legit caveman

No. 2030298

He mogs Selena's man

No. 2030307

At least the caveman is thin

No. 2030312

Is that the missing link?

That's not hard to do though

No. 2030355

File: 1717255724216.jpeg (902.63 KB, 1284x1934, IMG_0767.jpeg)

Did Kim pay for this article, like she did the Simba performance? Anyone with eyes can see that child is a clone of Kanye in the looks department.

No. 2030357

sorry anon but I wouldn't really put them on the same level fame wise kek

No. 2030381

File: 1717257324978.jpg (88.06 KB, 1200x1200, 1000017083.jpg)

It's like with Blue Ivy, to me. People claim they can see Beyoncé when they look at Blue, but all I see is her dad. The only thing she really got from Beyoncé was her skin color.

No. 2030386

File: 1717257589440.jpeg (99.98 KB, 828x552, IMG_3904.jpeg)

I think it’s the eyes, the brows and lips? Idk, I definitely think she resembles Jay-Z more, but there is some similarity between them.

No. 2030389

Mudshark era kek(baiting)

No. 2030392

ot but shes 12?! She looks 20

No. 2030400

Isn't this the same faggot who chimped out and couldn't get over Mariah Carey dumping him? Eminem is not particularly known for being respectful or sane about women. This faggot will make disses to literally any woman who's more relevant than him.

No. 2030406

Can’t wait for this fag to drop dead, sucks that his mother didn’t beat him more when he was a child

No. 2030410

>his mom beat him when he was a child
Well that explains why he's so angry and chihuahua-like about women. He has mommy issues.

No. 2030411

iirc they never even dated?

No. 2030413

I think she looks so weird, she looks like a child with filters. Her revealing outfits are so unsexy

No. 2030428

Mariah denied ever dating him, Eminem wouldn't stfu about them dating for only several months. So I took it as Mariah realizing he was a corny loser, dumping him, and telling everyone that nothing happened to help "flush" that phase out of her mind. Eminem, like the loser he is, wouldn't let it go though.

No. 2030433

File: 1717260603529.jpg (85 KB, 400x387, Beyonce-Knowles-400x387.jpg)

she looks like beyonce as a kid to me, I see both Jay z and Beyonce. Am I the only one who notices how people try to act like female childern look nothing like their famous mothers when they aren't a 1 on 1 copy and have any of their dad features? Because North doesn't look JUST like Kim, but she looks like her

No. 2030454

File: 1717261487543.jpg (212.5 KB, 1080x1784, Screenshot_20240601-190029_Gal…)

I recently got alot of videos of Emma Stone on my tiktok of her dancing on the Cannes Event. Am I the only one that finds it extremely cringe? She is trying sooo hard to be quirky. She also acts like she's better than everyone else(sage non-milk)

No. 2030488

She’s so uninspiring… no wonder she was the opening act for taylor and people thought taylor had great stage presence when this is what comes before her
I feel like blue looks like Beyoncé before she got tons of surgery

No. 2030489

File: 1717263522642.jpeg (576.63 KB, 2048x2048, 45DA3654-9E67-4B57-8C2F-BEA82E…)


She’s 90% Kanye, I cannot be convinced otherwise.

No. 2030492

nonna you need to get your eyes checked shes resembles him a bit but the kim genes are definitely there. She'll probably look more like kim once she's allowed to get all the plastic surgery.

No. 2030496

File: 1717263900378.jpeg (431.81 KB, 2048x2048, 1C40FFBE-3310-4449-B978-DC1A9D…)

Genuinely curious- which features do you think she got from Kim? I see Kanye’s eyes, nose, lips, and mid face spacing.

No. 2030504

She has Kim's nose, she doesn't have Kanye's lips, she has his face shape and imo she has Kim's eyes. I'm not the anon you were responding too btw.

No. 2030505

kim's childhood photos are edited fyi. but I agree she looks like her dad pretty hard.

No. 2030506

Once again, she has an obvious mixture of both, her eyes are kanye but her nose is obviously kim, her mouth doesnt look like either of them, ntm she is still growing. At least wit until shes like 15 before you start sperging over her punnet square scores

No. 2030507

There's videos of Kim as a kid/teen and she looks the same. She looks like both her parents equally to me.

No. 2030509

Is that on the left actually Kim? She really ruined herself with all that surgery, so sad.

No. 2030517


Actually I think you are both right about her nose. Kim had a beautiful nose before she decided to hack/pinch it off. It’s a shame.(sage your shit)

No. 2030547

I don't know about appearance but she has kanyes personality. Like she has 100% of his personality. Every video i saw of her she behaves the same way as him, i wouldnt be surprised if she becomes bipolar too when she gets older. She must be a nightmare to be around with, she must be kim's karma or something.

No. 2030553

File: 1717266951748.png (1017.51 KB, 960x1280, msid-88540152,width-960,height…)

Yeah she looked like a ordinary pretty middle eastern girl before.
I like her natural features much more before she took them all away, she took her middle eastern features away.

No. 2030558

File: 1717267260932.jpeg (66.29 KB, 895x614, IMG_0778.jpeg)

The biggest issue with her nose job is how it elongated her philtrum. She already had a somewhat long philtrum to begin with, but it didn’t look bad because it was balanced out by the length of her nose. Now there is just way too much space there, it looks very simian.

No. 2030580

Whoever approved a 12 year old little girl to wear a dress with exposed cleavage is going straight to hell… inb4 “you’re ackshully sexualizing her instead” I literally had double Ds at 12, I know kids can look mature, but at that age kids need to be protected from any sort of creeps and exposing her is not safe or acceptable. Children deserve the right to their own modesty, ESPECIALLY if it’s an A list celebrities kid, Jesus.

No. 2030587

Ayrt, and I'm middle eastern, she looks nothing like the people here. Though I wish I looked like her natural look. Armenians are closer to Europe than the middle east, kinda like Turkey.

No. 2030598

…have you never listened to any of Eminem's earlier work? It is very clear he has problems with his mom, probably for good reason. But that's no excuse for his shitty behavior of course

No. 2030617

I never gave a shit about his childhood, but I do know he had a raging hate-boner for his ex. Didn't he rap about wanting to kill her?

No. 2030628

Wish his mom had aborted him to spare us

No. 2030629

yeah, he did. I'm just saying "Cleanin' out my closet" is kind of a famous "I hate you, Mom" song, and in another early song he yells "Fuck you, Debbie" (about his mom suing him, I forgot why). My only point is that pretty much everyone knows he hates his mom. I'm sure he was a little shit but she also seems like she had big problems. iirc Eminem's stepfather was physically abusive to him and she just kind of did nothing about that

No. 2030644

File: 1717272083273.png (398.02 KB, 1080x1839, lawsuit.png)

No. 2030656

his poor mom. ill never feel bad for him.

No. 2030688

It’s always the ugliest men who think they have room to criticize womens appearance.

No. 2030746

Anon, not every mother is a good mother to their children. Some get what they have sowed. I grew up with a fucking cunt of a mother. Why tf, did she lose her mobile home and credit rating because of his song/interviews? I think she is round about a shit person and tried to cash in. She had no real argument.
That being said, instead of emancipating in a grown up way over the years, from his past, he just went the typical moid way, so, this is the only point I am defending him (the shit mother one).

No. 2030753

She was a minor on Disney channel, that’s where she came from. How is she an industry plant?

No. 2030755

>iirc Eminem's stepfather was physically abusive to him and she just kind of did nothing about that
i mean it sucks that she did nothing, but wouldn't it make more sense to direct the anger towards the stepfather then if he's the one doing the beatings?

No. 2030756

>Am I the only one that finds it extremely cringe?
Well no one knows what vid your talking about because you posted a jpg not a video… so rn yeah your the only one cringing at whatever vid your referring too

No. 2030758

You guys call everyone Shayna. Lana, now Sabrina, some of us don’t know who tf that is or even care. This is the celebricows thread. You guys keep making jokes but they’re not funny

No. 2030762

File: 1717279834342.jpg (47.86 KB, 733x631, taytay.JPG)

Babe, wake up. Taylor dropped more versions of her snoozfest album.

No. 2030794

Wow! Acoustic versions of a grand total of… two whole fucking songs. How exciting. This is pathetic even for her standards.

No. 2030801

Nona, Armenians aren't middle eastern. Not even close.

No. 2030802

I genuinely wonder what 2009 Taylor would think of current Taylor. I was never a fan of her music but atleast back then she used to be likeable and human but now its like she has turned into this corporate PR sociopathic money syphoon machine.

Like imagine telling Taylor 10 years ago that she should have a stadium (in scorching heat) where everything is locked from the outside so god forbid the poors see anything from outside and not allowing fans to take water bottles which leads to fans getting injured , overheatung plus a death. Or the excessive pricate jets just to get some starbucks.

No. 2030812

She's always been spoiled. Her incredibly sheltered childhood consisted of vacation homes and private schooling. Her daddy is a record executive and practically bought her career. She's Draco Malfoy but if he had a vagina and was a real person.

No. 2030816

It's also worth mentioning that she comes from a Scientologist family.

No. 2030822


No. 2030826

Beyonce 100%

No. 2030833

I wonder if she used a surrogate but had to hide it back then when doing surrogacy wasnt as known or accepted.
I dont want to get into this discussion but you know what i meant when i said middle eastern. They are west asians and share the same ethnicity with palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc.
Also they literally are put into that group so this is a objective opinion.

No. 2030839

Not going to argue further as to not derail. But "same ethnicity"? That's asinine and you know it.

No. 2030970

She's been making music and acting for a long time though. Anon if what you're saying is true, then your trying to say she was selling her body as a young girl which doesn't come off as a evil, social climbing, fame hungry bitch like you're portraying.

No. 2030975

she was never likable if anything she looks more like her old self now than she ever did these last couple of years

No. 2030992

You're on lolcow babes, idk what to tell you. It also seems like you go hard for pedo pandering pick mes, and any kind of criticism of them is taken personally. Sorry about your taste.

No. 2031074

Shayna is a very popular cow here, the joke is probably funnier if you know who she is. I don’t find it that funny though but it’s pretty common for anons to make jokes about cows outside of their threads.

No. 2031076

This is repulsive

No. 2031086

File: 1717296262255.jpg (278.7 KB, 531x573, RDT_20240601_21533667162980743…)

His fans were hating on Kylie for not being hot enough for him in the comments

No. 2031091

Her aunt is voice actress Nancy Cartwright, who is deeply involved in Scientology. Sabrina has stated that she isn't a Scientologist but her family definitely has industry and Scientology connections.

No. 2031101

Hip Hop Weekly (same magazine that had an interview scheduled with Cathy White) said that Beyonce's cousin Angie was the surrogate.

No. 2031160

I just saw the Beetlejuice trailer today. I'm so salty she is playing Lydia's daughter. Like, they really couldnt get ANYONE else? She's going to be the worst part of it. Catherine Ohara , and Winona Ryder look incredible though.

No. 2031293

Taylor Momsen sucks

No. 2031298

>using the term mayo monkey
Who still does this, 2016 called corny bitch

No. 2031304

Her philtrum was normal before, so maybe set aside whatever BDD issues you have and project on other people observationally. Her and Kylie both have the perpetually smelling a fart face now tho.

No. 2031640

File: 1717309251975.png (1.44 MB, 2532x1170, IMG_1941.png)

Kylie has a new face, Ariana was her inspiration

No. 2031694

It isnt new, ariana wasn't the inspiration and that's such a random and retarded tagline to add. She stopped wearing eyeliner but she looks like a madame.

No. 2031717

I thought this was AI. Her eyes (mainly the iris) look weird here.

No. 2031736

File: 1717311817560.jpg (268.74 KB, 1170x1354, 1000003809.jpg)

Whenever I see a pic of troye Sivan with another celebrity he looks like a janitor who asked for a photograph

No. 2031775

half of the left side of her nose/nostril area has been moved upwards and off centre. definitely AI

No. 2031812

File: 1717316337295.png (2.23 MB, 2532x1170, IMG_1944.png)

She made her eyes smaller, slantier

It’s pretty new, before the met gala she had pillow face

No. 2031813

File: 1717316425043.webp (658.33 KB, 3620x5427, IMG_1950.webp)

Is Halsey on ozempic?

No. 2031825

gross she looks so troonish..

No. 2031845

File: 1717320701271.png (325.62 KB, 720x784, IMG_20240602_032802.png)

How can they think this looks remotely okay is beyond me.

No. 2031847

No. 2031850

He looks like he never evolved past the stone age

No. 2031851

Eminem has done shit with Nicki before where they diss other rappers so I'm not surprised

No. 2031852

He really does look like he belongs inside an exhibition in one night at the museum except the night never ended and now he's stuck here with us.

No. 2031862

File: 1717322347164.webm (3.74 MB, 396x406, RecordIt-106A28CA-929E-4698-95…)

She really makes Ariana look so much better in comparison. Shame the ana antics and the plastic surgery got to her. I think they will get to Sabrina too.
Ariana is an insanely talented singer. She also had a sultry voice and was very attractive. Fucked celebscrote to another. Songs are double entendres about sex. Moids loved her, pickmes wanted to be her. Sabrina is not a singer, a dancer, not that attractive or charismatic and social climbs through ugly men. All with "give me cock boy" lyricism. Also Shayna tried skinwalking Ariana and still imitates her voice to this day KEK shayna-core confirmed.

No. 2031880

maybe it's lipo?

No. 2031899

She’s so lean all over… it’s either Ozempic or severe dieting.

No. 2031901

did these people forget a single or an EP release exist? does everything have to be a millionth version of the same album? what the fuck
Taylor is such a blatant cash grabby cow since midnights like this fuckign tptsd album is embarrassing. posing as a poet like does she even read anything outside of her own lyrics bc that it was bad is one thing, that it sounded like she lives in an echo chamber is another… jesus

No. 2031907

File: 1717329307009.jpg (56.5 KB, 420x743, taytay2.JPG)

>did these people forget a single or an EP release exist?
No, bc taylor is simply doing because Billboard allows every single version of an album to count as a same, so all those bazillion version add to the one that is listed in the charts. Taylor knows that her braindead fans will buy everything, so this is simply to remain at No.1, to block other artists to reach No.1 and to yeah, get more money out of it bc I've also seen that those versions are only available for a short amount of time, so clearly using the FOMO system here. She did it last week or so when Billie started to chart and she also dropped those three voice memos, that were only available for the US fans because she had to defend her no.1 in the US.
I've seen people mentioning that she only doing this for the "main part" of the album and not for the anthology part, which will def come once she done with that one. I bet it will go on for god knows how long bc other pop singers like Gaga and Katy Perry tease new music coming out this year as well.

No. 2031916

If you think me saying someone was beautiful before surgery and shouldn’t have touched their face qualifies as BDD I don’t know how to help you, nonnie.(sage your shit)

No. 2031920

wow, what a capitalist cow. I have her blocked and avoid like a plague kek so I didn't even know there was more plastic branded with her name coming out.
"calculated and not a smart businesswoman" or whatever she said in one of her speeches - this bitch destroyed pop music for everyone and is actively doing so, and not bc her shit is mediocre but because she is buying her way to the charts and awards constantly.
scooter brown drama was just her excuse to monopolise mainstream music. she turned it into a competition like never before. sure the industry is business but god once the capitalist cows like Taylor get there it was only gonna get fucked up more and more…

No. 2031924

Her goal is to just look like skin and bones it doesn’t have to look pretty

No. 2031939

>he's gross but sexualized
I hate men so much. why are they all the same

Literal eggman body with that fat upper half and skinny legs. These women are just as stupid and gross as he is.

No. 2031943

Using the bodies of women to carry your geriatric embryos instead of doing it yourself is actual dystopian misogyny shit.

No. 2031950

She looks super weird and underweight. Probably

No. 2031962

I'm speechless. I'm so fucking done with liberal feminists…

No. 2031966

I fucking hate this retard and whatever 'redemption' she’s having pushed by brainless zoomers.

No. 2032084

Lmao stop lying, her dad is not in the music industry at all, he however was in real estate or some shit and had mad money to churn into Taylor's career. There's even a thread on Reddit about his maniacal email antics and all the crazy bullshit he had to do to make Taylor the mega star she is now.

No. 2032129

He has a gay body ew

No. 2032217

Wtf I'm randomly watching this video at the moment on yt, then I open this thread and it's also here? What are the odds.

No. 2032221

>Also Shayna tried skinwalking Ariana and still imitates her voice to this day KEK shayna-core confirmed.
KEKKK really now

No. 2032225

It's mostly her stupid plastic face with the retarded expression what I'm worried about kek. How many more surgeries until she finally gets it

No. 2032273

File: 1717355435530.jpeg (145.83 KB, 1860x1044, IMG_5010.jpeg)

I love Robert eggers’ movies but everything I hear about this remake makes me think it’s gonna suck. First Anya being replaced with lily-rose depp and now this uggo talking about how we’re gonna think he’s soo “sexy”. Orlok was never supposed to be sexy like in the dracula movies, but of course there’s gonna be a bunch of retards going “HEAR ME OUT” over something that looks like this

No. 2032344

He's going to be the next tumblr (now tiktok) sexyman according to zoomers. Wait for it.

No. 2032750

She still has pillow face.

No. 2032753

No she's had an eating disorder for years and had a baby..

Halsey has had a public struggle with anorexia for a long time. It isnt lipo, she has loose skin from giving birth.

No. 2032758

I cannot imagine it being sexy. He's so ugly and his eyes point in different directions, there's no way. Idk how people find him attractive when he looks like a human chihuahua. ATJ woudlve actually been perfect for that movie though, how disappointing.

No. 2033026

File: 1717389479976.jpg (171.68 KB, 1526x986, 12356173.jpg)

He's openly mocking trannies and twitter can't do shit about it. I thought it was fun and catchy enough even if it's no Killshot.

No. 2033063

>of course there’s gonna be a bunch of retards going “HEAR ME OUT” over something that looks like this
I'm surprised that we haven't heard anything about the original and Skarsgard loving it being problematic yet, guess they missed what a monster that actor was

No. 2033094

Ik the official answer is ATJ being recasted because of conflicting scheduling but my tinfoil is there’s going to be a nude scene that she refused and Lily Rose is willing to get naked

No. 2033247

Vidrel is a sneak peak to the boys is mine music video. Personally I think this is kind of in bad taste, it’s confirming everything that was said about her and SpongeBob. How well did her album do? I haven’t heard much buzz about it, but if she really wanted to have a slay moment she could have made a video for true story, which is about more playing into the stereotype.

No. 2033329

He built his whole career on vitriolic misogyny but he has one line making fun of trannies in his new song so now he's based? Tranny tunnel vision strikes again

No. 2033732

gonna go out on a limb and assume most zoomers are unfamiliar with klaus kinski and the fact that he sexually abused his daughters beginning when they were five years old among other sexual transgressions. werner herzog should have killed him when he had a chance.

No. 2033821

File: 1717429817896.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.18 KB, 751x746, graphicdesignismypassion.JPG)

megan's cover for her new album.

No. 2033836

WTF this is horrible

No. 2033848

Kafkaesque in the worst possible way.

No. 2033880

I wish this was spoilered

No. 2033884

Not only is it nasty but why have this kinda..artsy cover when we know it's just gonna be
>pussy so fat and juicy
>ass cheeks clapping like butterfly wings movin'

No. 2033908

file name has never been more accurate for an image jfc

No. 2033945

Nosferatu the vampyre was another remake and not the original so I guess they can ignore the klaus kinski stuff. Knowing Robert eggers’ movies they will likely take some inspiration from the herzog movie though

No. 2034003

Dumb as hell, can't believe people support this wack ass bitch
Just go awayyyy

No. 2034039

File: 1717439950316.png (502.8 KB, 686x800, prettypicture.png)

a new photo shoot with Lupita

No. 2034042

File: 1717440027748.png (379.41 KB, 551x800, another pretty picture.png)

No. 2034047

She is always so cute…

No. 2034060

File: 1717440932811.png (194.58 KB, 534x800, another pretty picture 2.png)

No. 2034203

The second line with the butt-erfly wings left me keking.

No. 2034208

File: 1717448293429.jpg (559.11 KB, 1440x1080, mileywmagazine.jpg)

She ruined her face imo.

No. 2034228

Her cheekbones look like dorsal fins jfc

No. 2034229

Another unfortunate victim of the buccal fat removal trend.

No. 2034248

Shayna if she had never become a pothead

No. 2034287

I wish she had never gotten veneers or buccal fat removal, she would've been so pretty

No. 2034328

File: 1717452596051.gif (1.08 MB, 220x220, seriously.gif)

I feel like I'm being collectively gaslit any time people go on like "omg she's so cute I'm rooting for her!!!" The brainrot is real. Talking about her hairless vagina dressed like that after being on a kid's show.

No. 2034389

How long till Sabrina's diaper era

No. 2034406

>after being on a kid's show
i understand why anons here dislike her but this complaint doesn’t make any sense to me. she hasn’t been on a kids show in ages. olivia rodrigo‘s time with disney was much more recent compared to sabrina.

No. 2034431

Love how she’s 11 years older than her moid and still looks younger than him kek

No. 2034510

I thought the shayna comparisons was a reach but the skirt belts, the "my lil body" hyper-sexual tryhard 25 year old child larp, the braindead lyrics that sound like her tweets. I'm dead kek

No. 2034516

Im so confused, i don't even like megan but i think this cover looks cool. Why are some people in the replies seething so much, is it the geriatric eminem fans?

No. 2034525

Lol no it’s because the cover looks like baby’s first photoshop job and has no cohesive design elements.

No. 2034527

She looking like a real mouth breather here loll

No. 2034546

I genuinely think it's ugly. Why are you assuming everyone who dislikes it are enniemmmm fans? Fuck him. Megan also has been doing snake themed music titles and videos, so it's weird I'm that regard as well.

No. 2034771

This is how you hold a cat properly! Someone show Taylor

No. 2034798

File: 1717476722738.png (1.76 MB, 1268x1038, rhode.png)

Im excited to see how Justins baby turns out kekk, I've been a belieber for life so this is kind of fascinating to see finally happening https://perezhilton.com/hailey-bieber-hints-at-baby-due-date-justin/

No. 2034819

So pretty, I love lupita. Props to the photographer too.
Wow, this is pretty disappointing. I like Meg but this looks like a mobile game ad or something. I don't understand why she's in a hotel lobby or wherever. Nothing about this cover makes sense to me. Idk how this happened because her creative direction with her music videos has been awesome recently.

No. 2034822

Crazy how Justin has aged better than all the members of One Direction combined.

No. 2034831

Its… not good.

No. 2034845

File: 1717477753424.jpg (Spoiler Image,400.45 KB, 2813x3675, 65ab1c686dc415ff9a17b8e2_190_F…)

Samefag but I just saw that the photographer for Megan's cover is David Lachapelle. How in the hell did he let this happen? Not to mention her back is out but not her wings, sigh.

No. 2034855

this is really humiliating.

No. 2034856

cause theyre bongs and hes a chad burger

No. 2034857

File: 1717478131554.jpg (201.81 KB, 1179x1703, 1000003823.jpg)


No. 2034861

File: 1717478215888.jpg (195.17 KB, 962x1290, 1000003824.jpg)

People are speculating that she's pregnant for real

No. 2034863

Skill degrading. Love him, genuinely do, but this was ass.

No. 2034865

he's a mapleleaf actually

No. 2034870

i dont really think thats possible for her at this point kek

No. 2034871

The guy is so fat he looks even more pregnant than she does

No. 2034872

File: 1717478576001.jpg (29.83 KB, 392x483, 1000003825.jpg)

People were saying "p worded" and I didn't get it because I forgot about the concept of pregnancy and just thought she was eating good and they meant "phat".

No. 2034873

She's still cute but those maleficent cheekbones are weird

No. 2034874


No. 2034876

Her hair looks really cute here. Those protruding cheekbones ruin her, the veneers were bad enough on their own but now with them and the buccal fat removal? What a mistake.

No. 2034877

why say p worded? are adults now scared to say the word pregnant??

No. 2034882

This is just my personal opinion but the more I listened to the album the more I liked it. Imperfect for you acoustic version is literally the best she has ever done imo. But yeah, I don't see much buzz either, I think people are more excited for Wicked than they are for this album. It might be because there's no massive tour/concerts/live presentations going on with her at the moment. I wonder if she'll do a combined positions/eternal sunshine thing at some point, maybe she will take on more acting roles, who knows.

No. 2034884

It's so cringey. Like it comes across as someone who just had sex for the very first time in their life and they won't stop talking about it or randomly alluding to it.

No. 2034885

They're either being cheeky or TikTok really did ruin an entire generation

No. 2034895

>Not to mention her back is out but not her wings
Glad I'm not the only one who noticed that. Huge glaring mistake. It also just looks like poor photoshop imo. Like she doesn't look like she's coming out of the cocoon, it looks like she's photoshopped onto the bottom of it. Really bad.

No. 2034924

Omg it really does seem like that kek

No. 2034929

File: 1717480236842.png (816.69 KB, 890x667, FJHF_8521.png)

Kanye is being sued for sexual harassment by an ex "assistant".

The alleged texts :

>See my problem is I be wanting to fuck but then after I fuck I want a girl to tell me how hard they been fucked while I'm fucking them. Then I want her to cheat on me …

>Is my dick racist? It is. This fucking racist dick of mine. I going to beat this fucking racist dick for being fucking racist. I'm going to stare at pictures of white woman with black asses and beat the shit out of my racist dick … Beating the shit out of his big black cock

He also supposedly sent her videos of himself having sex with a model.

No. 2034932

my question is why was she texting him in the first place

No. 2034937

File: 1717480609022.png (51.01 KB, 300x268, timothee.png)

Twink death never really happened to Justin unlike Timothee, Harry Styles, Troye Sivan etc. Not sure what the reason for this is, are bi men less likely to be affected by twink death than men who are gay or straight?

No. 2034970

I think he just takes better care of himself

No. 2034971


No. 2034980

File: 1717482132968.jpg (110.96 KB, 745x460, ezgif-7-fbdc9aade2.jpg)

No. 2034983

doesn't he do a ton of drugs tho

No. 2034984

NONA lmfao

No. 2035079

friend of mine plowed his gay ass and said it was mid.
godawful composition wtf

No. 2035192

File: 1717500930128.jpeg (1.99 MB, 1284x2164, IMG_0800.jpeg)


Kanye is a depraved moid, but it’s also hard to feel bad for this former only fans model. She continued to stay employed and kept taking raises, all while Kanye would masturbate around her, send her pics of him having sex with men and women, send her nasty text messages, etc. She only had a problem with it as soon as he fired her. She was complicit with it when she was receiving millions to do it.

That being said, I’d love to see his ass get sued to the high heavens for being the pervert and degenerate that he is.(sage your shit)

No. 2035194

M[oron](sage your shit)

No. 2035196

>sex with men

No. 2035197

what the fuck is she doing in my country get outtt

No. 2035199

File: 1717501279459.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1284x2116, IMG_0801.jpeg)

Sorry, I misread. He sent her intimate photos of former male employees.

No. 2035203

kenya's taste in women is atrocious they all look ai created mixed with a horse(sage your shit)

No. 2035218

>She says he came to her and wanted her to be "God Like" and asked her to delete her OnlyFans account – and promised to pay her $1 mil a year if she did so. She says she agreed.
>Pisciotta claims shortly thereafter, Kanye began to send her a series of text messages, including one that read, "See my problem is I be wanting to f but then after I f I want a girl to tell me how hard they been fed while I'm fing them. Then I want her to cheat on me …"
>Pisciotta also claims he would masturbate during phone conversations with her and ask if she could hear or guess what he was doing. And, she claims, he was fixated on the penis size of her boyfriends.
Not surprising he's a cuckold. All porn addicts are, and he gets off on other people seeing the women he has sex with naked.

No. 2035225

isn't this guy a christian

No. 2035240

File: 1717503861345.png (748.63 KB, 547x853, Censori555_55.png)

Makes you wonder what kind of shit he did to Kim an what he's making Bianca Censori go through.(sage your shit)

No. 2035244

Tbh I just can't see either of these women as victims. They had/have all the opportunity in the world to not do these things with this man, they're not underprivileged or vulnerable, but they still stay(ed) for easy money and clout. I don't believe Kanye to be some kind of charming master manipulator, either. All celebrities are degenerates.

No. 2035251

>A year later, she says he came to her and wanted her to be "God Like" and asked her to delete her OnlyFans account – and promised to pay her $1 mil a year if she did so. She says she agreed.

Ah yes, the Hallmark of an ethical employer: One who gawks at your porn page and promises to buy you for $1 million a year as long as you make the personal decision to delete it for your employer.
Who could guess the employer was sexually aggressive? Imagine being okay with taking sexual abuse up until it gets too gross for the money to justify the annoyance and exploit.

I believe her, and also believe that she is not a victim for it.

No. 2035318

File: 1717509167371.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x2061, IMG_4929.jpeg)

People in the comments always say she’s so much better and cuter than ice spice because she ~doesn’t let it all hang out~ but this is the outfit in question, it’s just as bad. Im not trying to be mean but I really don’t get her appeal.

No. 2035321

She's white so she's exempt from the ghetto accusations.(racebaiting)

No. 2035324

File: 1717509574303.png (1.01 MB, 1289x1588, IMG_20240604_151540.png)

Ariana del Rey

No. 2035328

File: 1717509822401.png (29.59 KB, 697x107, nooo kanye.png)

There was an article about Daft Punk that revealed Kanye West watched such an excessive amount of pornography while working on "Stronger" that it left Daft Punk "hallucinating" in the studio. That was almost twenty years ago. Dude has been GONE.

No. 2035337

File: 1717510291909.jpg (69.58 KB, 720x512, IMG_20240604_170130.jpg)

We get it Sabrina, you're a tiny sexy child baby. But if you're going to larp as a barely legal girl despite being a 25 year old woman you should at least try to keep up with youth trends. This gaudy makeup look died in 2016. She looks like someone's Saudi Arabian auntie at a wedding

No. 2035338

Kek nona it really looks like they were morphed

No. 2035341

File: 1717510381181.jpg (433.55 KB, 898x1280, image_561305152018128629209.jp…)

She knocked off a decades old magazine spread kek

No. 2035342

the tranny drag queen make up doesnt suit her

No. 2035347

Sabrina's knock off is so much worse. The lipstick resembles an allergic reaction and she looks filtered to hell and back. Has NONE of the charm of the original.

No. 2035349

Damn she had to have lost at least 65 lbs.

No. 2035351

That’s pretty low, actually. Even the background gradient is the same! Megan’s cover is poorly executed but at least it’s original. Really not hard to make an original cover. Taking inspiration from something is fine but be creative about it. There’s nothing inspired about this.

No. 2035359

File: 1717511168421.jpeg (461.43 KB, 1787x894, IMG_8292.jpeg)

Who backs her? Because they aren’t putting in any creative effort KEK

No. 2035362

>why was she texting him
Anon she was his assistant, use your brain.
Lol no anon its the opposite, he does a ton of drugs and tries to make himself look as ugly and unwashed as possible these past 5 years. Its just good genes i guess.
I currently dont have the video and i dont want to go look for it but there was literally a video of her flashing her panties to her fans and i mean full on flashing like actual flashing you could see the whole shape and everything. Sabrina is nasty. Its crazy how all it takes is being blonde and all of a sudden you are cute and seductive but if you're black woman or a brunette white woman they you are a ratchet slut if you do the same. Double standards.

No. 2035363

Are you being dense on purpose? She was the titular girl in GMW. Like creeps definitely were definitely into her as a child star, so to lean into how she's still the same size and so uwu smol is beyond weird. Olivia Rodrigo was at least playing a high schooler and isn't always singing about fucking while infantilizing herself.

No. 2035366

File: 1717511776323.jpg (79.36 KB, 736x736, 955e4ae530f3f57f69592cfb4117dc…)

How do we feel about slayyyter? She's been putting more and more effort into her music videos and trying to develop a more "refined" aesthetic. Will the investment pay off and give her the break-through she's been working for? Or will she remain a "literal who?"

No. 2035367

>Cuter than Ice Spice
Anyone would be kek. Also more talented

No. 2035369

Literally, who?

No. 2035371

What's her music like? She sounds like the type of person who caters to prostitutes, trannies and faghags just on name alone

No. 2035373

No. 2035380

That's literally her audience kek

No. 2035381

She definitely is, but in a way that I find entertaining. She has more of a sex offender vibe than a stripper one. The music production is okay and if you're into tacky pop, enjoyable. There's definitely a market for her

No. 2035382

this is so sad bring back fat lana

No. 2035383

she’s ozempic skinny for sure

No. 2035389

did you feel the same way about miley cyrus

No. 2035398

I thought slayyyter was a troon?

No. 2035399

Miley just looked dumb. She went edgy with Can't Be Tamed and then embarrassed herself pretending to be black. She was actively trying to shed her child star image and seem more "mature."

No. 2035403

KEKKK fat lana looked so cuddley and snuggley to me, am I the only one? Lmao

No. 2035407

I think she's definitely cute and knows how to sing and dance, but I admit she's quite cringe with her nsfw outros

No. 2035411

File: 1717514467714.jpeg (150.66 KB, 1333x2000, IMG_8304.jpeg)

Reminds me of this kek

No. 2035412


No. 2035425

Nah this shit was embarrassing and ratchet as fuck.

No. 2035431

well yeah i understand she’d need to text him for work but they weren’t talking about work kek

No. 2035454

Don't really care about Sabrina Carpenter but her Disney show ended 7 years ago and she's 25 now. It's not like she was going to have a clean, family friendly Disney image forever. And her music wasn't always like this.

No. 2035459

I have to say that I really like the starfucker album. Most of what came before that not so much, but said album is def worth a listen even when it's fag music kek.

No. 2035465

they know speculating about pregnancy is offensive so they think this is a way to get around being accused of being an asshole

No. 2035468

Also, her boobs weirdly point to the viewer left and look stiff. Id doesn't look like she's twisting that hard to the left. Does anyone else think it looks weird and unnatural. I can't believe this is a Lachapelle photoshoot. Or do you think they're pulling a Gaga when she first said she'd release a motorcycle-Gaga chimera cover for Born This Way that they later backtracked on?

No. 2035472

I feel the same way, it was surprisingly good!

No. 2035485

she was literally not the titular girl in GMW, that was rowan blanchard. i agree her smol bean act is weird and tired but portraying a child on tv doesn't encase you in amber for all eternity

No. 2035499

If this is true (I don't know if it is because I'm almost certain I've seen pics of Beyonce's belly when she was pregnant with her first kid), then tbh I don't think surrogacy is wrong if it's a close relative or friend. It's just wrong when it's some random, poor woman, especially if she's from a third world country.

No. 2035514


Is that a known issue? In the US people are typically paid $50,000+ to be a surrogate. They treat it as a job and a source of income. Have you heard of it being exploited in poorer countries? I’m genuinely curious, I don’t know that much about it.

No. 2035557

File: 1717522029724.jpeg (896.23 KB, 1170x1425, IMG_4930.jpeg)


No. 2035567

As a Gen Z I wish our generation had actually attractive actors to thirst over. Y'all were so spoiled in the 80s-90s with actors who looked like young Leo, Depp, James Spader, River Phoenix and Rob Lowe. Why are they trying to force ugly goblins on the current generation of young women

No. 2035578

File: 1717523385466.jpg (320.25 KB, 800x1000, gaga-chromatica-ball-premiere-…)

What a stunning woman. This is also her rescue cat Yoyo. In an Interview she said:
>“I was flirting with depression,” she said. “I wasn’t there yet, but I was flirting with it. And I had a voice say in my head, ‘Get a cat.'”

>Arriving at Best Friends Animal Society in search for a pet, she saw a sign. “There was a poster that said something like, ‘Not over your ex? Foster a cat.’ It was spot-on.”

What a cute kitty.

Timing would be odd because rumors say that she will bring out a new album in august and in november the joker 2 movie comes out. If she is pregnant, then by the look of it, she would give birth in between those two promo tours?
Picrel was her on the most recent red carpet event. Kinda distracting from her stomach area.

No. 2035585

Vincent Gallo is attempting to sell himself and his sperm to women, he specified that he would prefer to impregnate women who are either natural blondes, descendants of nazis, or Jewish

No. 2035589

Her dress looks like cubone from Pokémon

No. 2035590

his mom was a crack addict or some shit and he had a terrible childhood. It's blatantly obvious that's where his women hatred comes from - he raps about killing his own mother even. His early stuff is pretty sick in the head, but I know he came before a lot of nonnies times.

No. 2035594

Literally who

No. 2035614

File: 1717524980167.jpeg (32.38 KB, 640x360, file.jpeg)

the posh new england beauty of young james spader must never be forgotten

No. 2035617

File: 1717525057703.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x1591, IMG_5016.jpeg)

> hard to miss

No. 2035620

Oh my god. I wasn’t expecting that to be honest, because it was spoilered I was just expecting some tacky half nude cover

No. 2035622

I always thought he looked British

No. 2035624

That literally looks like an Ice Spice hand-me-down. They're both short and chubby with spaced out eyes and heavy makeup, too. The people saying she's better than Ice Spice are delusional. Sabrina Carpenter is Ice Spice with like 30% more white DNA.

No. 2035628

File: 1717525549829.png (3.76 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_0816.png)

Alec Baldwin and his fake Spanish wife are getting a reality show. Will she be using her fake accent and pretending not to know the English words for things? Hopefully no one gets shot on set.

No. 2035629

those legal fees really pile up

No. 2035639

I might be seeing her live in September so I'm hopeful she won't suck, but we'll see.

No. 2035642

Wtf do people in America have random ass ginormous monitors on fucking buildings? With tweets on them? huh?

No. 2035644

You know there's this cool thing called google right? kek

No. 2035646

File: 1717526369951.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1138x1334, IMG_4935.jpeg)

He’s a director and actor who’s known for dating Chloe Sevigny. He’s been in movies with controversial sex scenes and age gaps like buffalo 66 and the women he’s dated and worked with all seem to hate him

No. 2035650


No. 2035658

File: 1717526680696.jpg (44.89 KB, 730x603, lupus.JPG)

Halsey joins the lupus club

No. 2035667

I think Sabrina Carpenter is has more stage presence and more appeal to young fans. She is the new “pop girly” Say what you want about her looks. She is probably going to be the next Taylor swift.

No. 2035679

Taylor Swift is a million times more talented and has more stage presence, and I'm not exactly a huge fan, kek. Ariana Grande is much better than her, too. It's not even just about her looks. Like Ice Spice, she's low-effort, hypersexual and untalented. A ddlg social climber/nepo who can't sing, write or dance is not an icon.

No. 2035686

I don't think Sabrina could garner the kind of numbers Taylor gets just based off her not being marketable to kids. Taylor's music is so G rated there are 5 year olds who listen to it. I can't picture any adults letting their toddler listen to her sing about big dicks hurting her kidneys or whatever it is she's always on about.

No. 2035692

Yeah, I'm not sure what that anon means about "appealing to young fans". I don't think kids and their parents are hopping on board with "I need BBC in me" stuff any time soon.

No. 2035694

>Taylor Swift
>Stage presence
Maybe if she's the only singer you've ever seen

No. 2035708

She does appeal to younger audiences. Her songs are pop and cutesy and are always on the radio. I’m not much of a fan and I hate how she does that sexualised nonsense outro things but compared to ice spice, she is a lot better. I can’t think of one ice spice song and Sabrina has been number 1 on the radio here in the uk for weeks

No. 2035725

More talented and more stage presence than Sabrina Carpenter. Reading is fundamental nonny, lmao

No. 2035731

>Taylor Swift is a million times more talented and has more stage presence
kek relax. taylor can’t sing or dance, her dad paid her way to the top, and her writing is trash. she’s a talent vacuum. i don’t agree that sabrina is the new taylor, i think olivia rodrigo will be and taylor feels threatened by that. but sabrina is definitely much more talented than taylor — not that that’s even setting a high bar.

No. 2035733

>taylor can’t sing or dance
And yet, compared to Sabrina Carpenter, she's a star kek. I forgot about Olivia Rodrigo. She's also leagues better than Sabrina Carpenter because she actually has talent.

No. 2035739

Oh please. Is lupus really that common that all these celebrities seem to have it?

No. 2035741

TikTok is twenty years late on this. He's had that shit on his fake website forever.

No. 2035742

Sabrina is becoming the next Florence Pugh, I think you anons just like to seethe over short blonde women

No. 2035745

File: 1717529470180.png (54.32 KB, 638x364, Screenshot 2024-06-04 at 12.30…)

She tagged Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as well in her post… think it's more than Lupus.

No. 2035749

Samefag, I remember when anons were bitching about Olivia Rodrigo all day and calling her lame for making zoomzoom music when she's also popular with young people, kek. This really is starting to seem like some kind of bitter "brunette bad, blonde good" thing. It's okay to want a new blond pop singer, but please have some standards. Britney Spears could sing and dance, and so could Christina Aguleira. Don't insult them like this.

No. 2035757

sabrina is 1000x more annoying than florence imo, and more cow-like. besides, if other celebs who do the same thing are allowed to be made fun of idg why sabrina is suddenly off limits.

No. 2035770

Anons like Gwen Stefani, Jennette McCurdy, Lady Gaga, Emma Roberts, Milet Cyrus etc and they're all short and blond, so I don't think it's that.

No. 2035773

Hey illiterate retard
She's intentionally trying to play up the fact that she is the same size she was as a kid with a baby prostitute aesthetic. What normal 25 year old tries to present a teenager? Can the WKs stop playing dumb my god. People really do see blonde woman and think she can do no wrong.

No. 2035784

You can also die from pregnancy or have lifelong complications, do you think that's worth $50000?

No. 2035807

Honestly I think they both can't sing, hearing Sabrina sing overtop of her own song was so bad. And anytime I've seen a video of Taylor singing live she's just sort of softly speaking with a breathy tone. I haven't seen Taylor dancing so I'm not sure about that, I think Sabrina's dancing isn't bad she just has cringey choreography

No. 2035830

She tagged them because getting a diagnosis is a process and she probably thought at one time during that process she had cancer, hence the sudden interest (tagging).

No. 2035839

and i blame taylor swift for giving sabrina her fans by proxy

No. 2035842

gosh he was dreamy wasnt he
the biggest twink death known to men

No. 2035857

is this milk? he’s been doing this since like 2018

No. 2035933

do people not have ears? she is literally off beat, sounds terrible and the background vocals do not match how is every popstar worse than the last i swear to god(sage your shit)

No. 2035940

I keep thinking she's trying to look like margo's barbie but she doesn't have the same height or grace. She would've looked better at 5'7-5'9 with longer legs.

No. 2035952

No she actually has Leukemia and Lupus.

No. 2035954

poor ashley

No. 2035960

As an older millennial who got the prime of Leo, Gen z deserves better. Because this >>2035557
is unacceptable.

No. 2035985

File: 1717539977869.jpeg (527.52 KB, 1179x1996, IMG_0272.jpeg)

so disappointing

No. 2035989


No, I personally don’t think it’s worth it and I would never consider doing it. That doesn’t mean everyone feels that way, though. People are willing to do a lot of things for money that I myself would never consider.

No. 2035995

He's still around? I thought he died
Can't stand his ugly ass. And he called Christina ricci fat in Buffalo 66. she was under 18.

No. 2035996

He's so average looking.

No. 2036082

She sings a lot of covers at her concerts because no one knows any of her songs besides espresso

No. 2036087

There was a reason her music career never took off when she was desperate for one. The only reason she's popular now is because people care far more about aesthetics than anything else.

No. 2036091

I've seen several men claim he looks ugly in person and is a shit lay KEK. I knew his "im a top" larp was fake, him and lil Nas x tried to play that card to get more attention or respect or whatever. Doesn't work though, it's easy to see through.

No. 2036093

>has nudes of male employees
>wants to think about other men fucking the women he fucks
I've been saying Kanye wants to be the barbie dolls he parades and he gets hard making them look slutty not because of how they look but because of the praise and male attention he gets from it. He's getting hard thinking about other men getting hard.

No. 2036099

Hes had that on his website for like a decade or more.

No. 2036100

Kill someone and get a TV show as a reward

No. 2036148

they did her dirty with that photo kek

No. 2036181

I think Olivia benefits from a lack of attention here, if people cared about her then we'd have nonas complaining about how she sings that her ex couldn't make her orgasm.

No. 2036187

There was talk about her in the last thread or the one before that. Kind of the same complaints that Sabrina, Ice Spice and Megan get. Like that she’s pandering to moids, her dancing is cringe, her lyrics are gross. I remember seeing comments that her whole “bad girl” image seems fake and disingenuous, similar to the comments about Sabrina’s ~sex kitten~ routine feeling stiff and cliche.

No. 2036246

Exactly, it's why I just can't take any "oh, if celebrity X was more like celebrity Y, then we'd have no cause for complaint! We LOVE celebrity Y!" comments seriously at this point, because nonas inevitably turn on celebrity Y.

No. 2036251

if she could sing, fewer people would be put off lol

No. 2036286

she literally turned herself into a horse

No. 2036289

are you sure kek. He looks just as bad to me

No. 2036324

File: 1717559610931.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1403, IMG_1819.jpeg)

Disappointing AF smh Lana

No. 2036330

>People really do see blonde woman and think she can do no wrong.
nta but they literally said they don’t care about Sabrina, which seems to trigger you, god forbid anons feel indifferent towards her and don’t irrationally hate her or spew every single insult in the book when she comes up in conversation. That’s weirder than the WKs. Sabrina haters seem really bothered when no one else joins in on the hate, and anyone who doesn’t is a WK who think she can do no wrong apparently. I personally don’t gaf about her existence but I’m glad she makes nonnies seethe for no reason

No. 2036345

degenerates, racists and degenerate racists love sexy red

No. 2036382

Kek, which one is Lana of those 3 options?

No. 2036410

nature is healing

No. 2036420

the videos of her weird chicken wing dancing killed me

No. 2036487

"knocked off" can celebrities no longer nod to previous moments in pop culture. Isn't that how it works

No. 2036723


No. 2036794

Go back wking on twitter

No. 2036804

File: 1717594333680.jpg (56.4 KB, 629x629, 1000014855.jpg)

No. 2036809

I saw Nsync in 1998 and they did the same thing kek lots of Jackson 5 songs. Is this common for pop acts?

No. 2036823

Well this isn't exactly a "nod" it's the graphic design equivalent to construction workers pointing at you. It's a hideous mockery of the original

No. 2036842

Nsync had just started/released their first album in 98 and were unknown esp in North America so that makes sense. When nobody knows your original stuff yet, you have to win them over by other means

No. 2036844

She’s not popular now, and there’s multiple reasons it never “took off”, I don’t think she cares about that anyway. Music is more of an outlet for her because she had a fucked life. Forced to work and model since the age of 2, imagine being a cash cow for your parents for your entire life.

No. 2036882

>my precious aryan indie singer hanging with this disgusting BLACK BEAST
Oh please calm the hell down, Lana was dating a cousin fucker and she’ll do as she pleases(racebaiting)

No. 2036888

Didn't she also kiss her own sister for a photoshoot pre-fame?

No. 2036934

Slayyyter is definitely not a troon. I like her music a lot and she can write a pop song better than most popular artists right now. But she'll probably remain a literal who forever because of the audience she caters for. And rumor has it (through reading some pop blogs previously) is that she surrounds herself with people who constantly steal and leak her music. everything she creates gets leaked before it's released

No. 2037022

>Sabrina haters seem really bothered when no one else joins in on the hate
No it’s literally just people stating what they don’t like about her then brainded anons chiming in “but she's so cute!” which is not an argument and does not negate the fact that she's a cringey, pedo pandering nepo baby being shoved down our collective throats because she has a catchy summer song.

No. 2037044

>This is also her rescue cat Yoyo.
It's HER cat?! Omg I love her even more now. That is the cutest thing!

No. 2037050

File: 1717608352529.jpg (273.87 KB, 1785x798, image.jpg)

Azealia Banks said Ty Dolla Sign looks like Fiona Apple and now I can't unsee it

No. 2037054

Wow, this sucks. Saw her open for another band years ago and became a fan then. What a letdown.

No. 2037098

AGP caused by terminal porn addiction? would he ever publicly troon out? would people be more forgiving of tranye?

No. 2037101

i’ve been a fan since her early albums but i’m pretty sure i’m going to resell my ticket for this tour. also someone posted this on r/AnnieClark with the title “Best Friends!" it got about 50 negative comments last i checked and then it was deleted.

No. 2037124

Poor Fiona!

No. 2037145

What was the context of her saying that? I want to read

No. 2037146

Yet another Kim knock-off. Not surprising he latched so hard onto Kim considering her claim to fame and his own terminal porn addiction.
A lot of self-identified religious (not even just Christian, Muslims are also extremely guilty of this) moids are terminal porn addicts while preaching their so-called faith, checks out.

No. 2037254

File: 1717618156097.jpg (Spoiler Image,142.98 KB, 747x746, icespice.JPG)

Ice Spice revealed her album cover as well and it was also done by David Lachapelle and it's also ugly af. Somebody mentioned that she looks like she is being arrested for prostitution kek

No. 2037257

Gaga responded to the pregnancy rumors

No. 2037260

She even has a retarded looking ass

No. 2037268

File: 1717618816473.jpg (514.85 KB, 2813x3675, 65ab1ddac6cac11dc8dffe6e_190_F…)

The thing is I honestly don't think his skill is degrading cause that pic in the post and this one are from this year. I think it may just be the artists having bad tastes and maybe not letting Lachapelle take full creative control because he absolutely still can do better

No. 2037269

the only thing remotely Y2K about this image is the metrocard, kek

No. 2037272

She should have named it “Indecent Exposure”

No. 2037317

File: 1717621969155.jpeg (221.49 KB, 1280x1280, IMG_3846.jpeg)

The actors on actors for Kim and Chloe Sevigny is out

No. 2037328

fucking kek

No. 2037335

File: 1717622678701.png (315.82 KB, 457x570, MKf_55.png)

Kim's looking rough.

No. 2037350

Wow, you’re so right because it must have been the black women’s fault that he, one of the most famous living photographers, made their covers look like shit. With all of their power.

No. 2037360

Jesus, how unflattering. He made her look Momokun-sized.

No. 2037371

One of those women isn't even black so you're definitely trying to bait kek. Try harder.

No. 2037383

Only one of them is black, but yeah, I see why what that anon said is dumb. He probably just phoned it in for both of them.

No. 2037385

idk what "rough" means to you but that ain't it

No. 2037393

I'm not saying they stopped him from making good work or whatever, but any creative working with a client (especially if they already have a strong vision or artistic direction for their work like Megan/Megan's team does) will have to work within what they want and even make compromises. Both of those covers are obviously what Megan and Ice Spice wanted. It was just a thought though, I'm not saying that's absolutely why the covers were bad. Maybe he really did just give up.

No. 2037477

I don't like either, but Sabrina undoubtedly has so much more star power than Olivia. Olivia's music is just her imitating a manufactured pop punk band whose music already sounds like it was created in a lab by a school PTA to appeal to teenage girls who want to seem rebellious without being too "out there" and vocally she is incredibly limited. Olivia's appearance is the opposite of striking. Boring, flat hair. No signature style or recognizable silhouette. Pretty but plain. Theres much more to say about Sabrina (good or bad) because she's just more notable. Her music sounds like it could be made by anybody but the content gets people talking. She has the recognizable blown out blonde hair and curtain bangs. Always in huge platforms and intricate bodices or babydoll dresses. Everything down to her height and the shape of her nose is something to be noticed. The numbers are also far more in her favor

No. 2037507

Agree!! I tried to explain this further up but you said it better. Prepare for seething anons.

No. 2037511

Trashy as trash

No. 2037521

I think you're overstating things a bit (her nose?). Sabrina Carpenter isn't notable kek, she looks like every other blond e-girl on TikTok. In fact, there are more striking girls on TikTok. Billie has/had the same hair and bangs like a year or two ago, too. Ariana Grande is shorter and has more presence than her too IIRC.
Sabrina just casting couch'd and nepo babied for years to get pushed with boring music. She's like the pussy rappers in the sense that she pushes hypersexuality instead of actual content, but some anons here will defend it because they think it's groundbreaking and "empowering" for a woman with a similar phenotype to themselves and who shares their fetishes to do the same thing (even as they seethe about the rappers doing it).

No. 2037573

Not really, nice try though

No. 2037576

Omg nonna kek

No. 2037607

Despite her sexualised outro things and outfits (although lingerie looking bodices isn’t the same as most female rappers stage “outfits” are) IMO she just doesn’t fall under the same category as these “pussy rappers” like MTS and Ice Spice. You could see young Taylor swift girls going to a Sabrina concert but not either of those rappers. Not in the same category.

No. 2037615

Her lyrics and the outfits showing her ass (even if they're not as explicit as the rappers) say it all for me, sorry. I can't imagine any parent of a Taylor Swift fan letting their kid go to her concerts if they actually listen to the music. The same girls boosting Sabrina are also listening to MTS and Ice Spice at parties, anyway. It's all oversexed, low quality shit.

No. 2037654

her nose specifically because in a previous thread anons were calling her a witch for it (lol)

No. 2037661

her song lyrics aren't that different from those rappers imo. it's not just the outros.

No. 2037666

wasn't part of Lana's whole BTD era being "hood" americana. I really don't get her fans acting like shes "stooped down" to this level (taking a photo with a rapper lol) when thats where she claims she started. I really dislike Lana so maybe I just wouldn't get it though.

No. 2037754

really? i’m not interested in fighting or anything, i'm actually curious. i think olivia already has a far bigger fanbase, her singles always break some kind of record or get ridiculously huge for someone who’s extremely green in the music industry, and looks are subjective but she’s a “natural beauty” compared to sabrina who always looks caked in makeup (even though i think she’s pretty too). she’s also tall and thin, much more of a model figure. i don’t think the numbers are in sabrina’s favor either, she’s been putting out music for 10 years now and is just now reaching the top 10. she could be easily be a one hit wonder. also again this isn’t me trying to start a twittertard fanwar, i don’t care about sabrina or olivia either way, i just find this perspective genuinely interesting.

literally how? her big three songs “feather,” “nonsense,” and “espresso” don’t even have overtly sexual lyrics. they’re just playful and nonsensical and repetitive, that’s why they stick. you’ll never catch meg or ice spice’s “pussy rap” songs on the radio but they’ll absolutely play sabrina.

No. 2037762

The point in comparing Sabrina to hypersexual artists was to point out how when it's a woman who looks a certain way and is a certain color they are seen as cute or "not that hypersexual" versus when it's someone whose the opposite.
It's not, "Sabrina is just as hypersexual as extremely hypersexual female rappers". People need to compare her to other singers. It's weird how the
>She's not as sexual as pussy rappers
talking point keeps coming up. Like yeah, if you compare her to them she's not as sexual but most singers aren't as sexual as literal Pussy rappers.
Compare her to the girls actually in her genre, it's starting to come off weird.

No. 2037765

Sabrina might actually be a bit worse than some of these rappers. At least they don't specifically go to family friendly events and sing about dick and vagina and cum, or try to market themselves as innocent pop acts so they can have the shock value of throwing in vulgarity. And yeah, it's been getting her removed from some places. It seems like she has to do this because she's just not remarkable.

>Some fans didn’t find Carpenter’s outro change-ups to be charming. One person commented: “disgusting considering there’s children there.” Another stated: “That’s so cringe [skull emoji].” A third wrote: “Perfect for the 10 yr olds in the audience.” One person wondered: “there’s children at these shows why would she say that…” Another added, “Oh dear. There are children there lord have mercy. Spicy is one thing saying he’s so big I felt it in my kidney is inappropriate.”

>Sabrina Carpenter has been slammed for her performance on Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve after her use of raunchy lyrics.

>The singer performed her track Nonsense on the show but delivered a very X-rated version of the outro for the occasion shocking viewers of the "family friendly" show. As she took to the stage in a corseted white puffball dress with long white lace gloves to match.

>When she appeared on Live Lounge for BBC Radio One to perform a cover of Harry Styles ' song Late Night Talking as well as her own song Nonsense in a stripped back version, she also landed in hot water.

>The Live Lounge performance was cut from the website and the show's YouTube channel without any explanation from the singer or Radio 1. Fans spotted the full video of her performance had been taken down and have suggested her risqué outro to the song may have been cause for removal.

>At the end of the hit song, the 23-year-old sings some "nonsense" which she improvises each time, changing the lyrics to fit the event or setting. The studio recorded version ends: "How quickly can you take your clothes off, pop quiz" before the singer adds her own twist to the live versions.

>On the Live Lounge she sang: "I'm American I am not British/ So BBC it stands for something different/This live lounge is just so lit because I'm in it" and added in a British accent: "innit? because I'm in it, you get it?"

No. 2037788

>and added in a British accent: "innit? because I'm in it, you get it?"
God this shit is so corny, like yes we get it already you like sex. I prefer even the raunchiest 2000s singers at this point because at least they came across as natural and less try hard.

No. 2037852

File: 1717648187164.jpg (117.95 KB, 735x914, 72df6197ea85f09fff323aa8b3901f…)

She's obese at this point, most people just don't really see it because they're distracted by her always being in heels and naked but if she wore loose denims and a tshirt like normal girls her age, she would look wide as hell.
Plus her face…men being so desperate to fuck that is so telling(rattle rattle)

No. 2037872

She's really not obese. Not even chubby tbh. And the men who wanna fuck that are ugly moids with no standarts, not everyone is like that

No. 2037874

Didn’t Olivia’s career get kicked off because of the manufactured love triangle with bland moid and Sabrina? It’s obvious that was a plan to get them all famous. I think Olivia does have branding when I think of her I picture stars and lilac.

No. 2037879

File: 1717650377770.jpg (155.66 KB, 778x900, technically obese.jpg)

nta but you'd be surprised at how low the bar for medical obesity is. I don't think she's quite there yet, but she's definitely overweight.

No. 2037897

File: 1717651469247.jpg (55.47 KB, 720x402, 1000003841.jpg)

I've gone from being indifferent to TS to hating her. Stfu you weasel.

No. 2037899

go back to twitter you annoying faggot(infighting)

No. 2037903

A faggot would be worshiping him. Also, she's right. He is the one who created and edited it. She's so yes-manned by everyone around her, I miss when there was discernment and people had the sense to snatch shit like that away before it's released to the public and actually fix it.

No. 2037998

A pillow face, wonky eye due to a shitty eye lift, a weird injection made man jaw, blown up lips and bleached hair to try to hide the massacre. Yeah that's looking rough.

No. 2038007

does she really not know when to use an apostrophe? Or is she just drunk?

No. 2038051

i highly doubt she or any other a list celebrity runs their own account

No. 2038063

god she’s fucking annoying

No. 2038073

She went to the plastic surgeon and said "give me the Cher."

No. 2038075

That's a cat anon

No. 2038080

>Another stated: “That’s so cringe [skull emoji].”

No. 2038081

That pic belongs in the shitty photoshop thread jfc

No. 2038163

Time has not been kind to this moid, he looks like someone deep fried Jesus. Only seen him in Buffalo 66 where he looked normal.

No. 2038200

lol i dont get why they put these two together to interview each other but I guess someone had to go with kim

No. 2038274

This has been up on his site for years kek. Funny how zoomers brought back Buffalo '66 and are just now finding out Gallo is a schizo.

No. 2038278

She is more of an Ariana than Taylor, Olivia is new Taylor if anything. Sabrina has similar sexy baby aesthetic and hypersexual lyrics like Ariana but without the impressive vocals, people seem to like her stage presence and personality though.

No. 2038293

File: 1717685438629.png (533.41 KB, 748x840, Screenshot.png)

saging bc it's semi off topic, but twitter has been dragging taylor for her quick response to the fatty gaga pics vs her silence on palestine. and it's killing me, like kek, imagine running an update account for zayn malik of all people, a man convicted of woman beating, a man with multiple restraining orders against him, a man who was forbidden to leave the state for over a year because he was a flight risk, a man who had to go to court mandated domestic violence and anger management courses to stay out of prison, a man who coerces women into threesomes and gets angry at them when they say no, a man who has been just as silent about palestine since the outbreak of this war as taylor has, and then STILL having the balls to be like "hurr durr sexism doesn't matter".

(the worst crime of all is, obviously, making me sound like i'm a taylor fan. but even the most annoying woman is better than a violent junkie moid)

No. 2038314

doesn't know when to use a question mark either. That's that Swift Academy education.(sage your shit)

No. 2038335

These people act like white women don't experience literally anything. Taylor's activism starts and ends with things she can personally relate to. I dont hear her talking about DV/SA/abortion/incest/low pay for equal work/medical abuse ect ect ect and white women experience all of those…but Taylor doesn't, so she never talks about that either. It's literally all about her and that's it.

No. 2038337

God someone please call her out on it. The male coddling and woman hate is unreal.

No. 2038353

where?? she literally just said to leave lady fatty alone kek in what world is that activism?

No. 2038380

Taylor doesn't even lead in private jet usage (a man does), yet she's simply become the poster child for that because….it sounds like people just want to find a reason to hate her.

It's insane how parasocial people are with celebrities in terms of them having to promote political issues. I'd rather have them shut up then give "takes" that we don't need. Taylor's "issue" is not speaking up on certain political issues, but society worships men who are rapists, commit DV, etc. as long as they say some generic political crap (and they're often not even expected to do that).

I get tired of the female celebrity dogpiling in general. I'd rather have a celebrity say nothing rather than say something damaging/untrue in general.

No. 2038450

Annie always gave me bad vibes I couldn't describe, glad to be vindicated.

No. 2038599

such a nitpick, Taylor JUST had someone tinfoil she may be preggers, thats why she cares. It's not because Gaga is white, it's because Taylor wants to call attention to it happening to her too but she also doesn't want to bitch about it on her page.

No. 2038604

you can add that to her being an anti-choice, pro-birth weirdo.

No. 2038622

Ok but why is her body so fucking curved

No. 2038733

File: 1717702803394.png (110.55 KB, 1964x346, Screenshot 2024-06-06 at 12.35…)

Wasn't she fairly recently talking about how she didn't have much money? A $23m real estate portfolio at 27 says otherwise.

No. 2038790

Same. Even when I'm always looking for some female fronted rock/indie music, I never had the desire to check out her music because there have been always something about her vibe that made me dislike her.

No. 2038902

File: 1717710445104.jpeg (312.83 KB, 650x800, aww.jpeg)

not really drama but Gabby Sidibe had her twins with her husband i've met her like 3 times and she was so sweet to me every time, so i have a soft spot for her

No. 2038962

>anti-choice, pro-birth weirdo
whoa, wait, what?

No. 2038973

Where did she use an apostrophe incorrectly?

No. 2038984

You MET her and she's a sweetheart? That's so nice, I'm glad she's happy

No. 2039005

Sydney has been caught lying many times. She's been producing a few movies, so I suppose that's where the money is coming from.

No. 2039025

nta but kek, it’s a nitpick but it should be
>Can we all agree that *it’s (it is) invasive & irresponsible to comment on a woman’s body?

No. 2039049

I'm so happy for her! They're so adorable.

No. 2039065

File: 1717718791713.jpeg (811.67 KB, 828x1032, IMG_5503.jpeg)

Abbi Jacobson and Jodi Balfour got married. They’re cute, I’m happy for them

No. 2039072

So cute. I want a wife…

No. 2039074

ahhhHHHHH beautiful couple

No. 2039076

No. 2039077

omg the dresses, the flowers, their smiles. it's all so beautiful. so happy for them.

No. 2039096

I can't find the interview any more, it has been more than a decade kek, but back in the day she went off in an interview about the evils of abortion and how women need to suck it up if they get knocked up. To me it was super weird because I wanted to be a fan so bad because women guitarists are so rare, but at that time I guess she was super religious or something, which to me was messy as fuck because to my knowledge she is a lesbian but I've never forgotten that instance kek

No. 2039114

People here keep saying this about Olivia and I will never understand it, her image and lyrics are too sexual/about sex for this stage of her career to ever be the new Taylor. There's nothing wrong with what Olivia is doing, it's just that this was Taylor's defining trait for a long time (and still mostly is), so in my mind they're nothing alike.

No. 2039123

She has such a beautiful voice, but she's so annoying. Why are bisexuals so annoying all the time

No. 2039135

They both look so happy! I love the dresses.

No. 2039137

File: 1717723412841.jpg (Spoiler Image,188.54 KB, 1536x2048, 1000003846.jpg)

People are accusing ice spice of having a scat fetish, I don't actually believe that but I think she believes shit jokes are funny because she's simple.

No. 2039141

File: 1717723502568.jpg (163.97 KB, 1284x1447, 1000003847.jpg)

People are calling her 'weird' for this also but I think she gathered him.

No. 2039142

I don't think anyone is seriously accusing her of having a scat fetish, it's just jokes.

No. 2039144

If she's so dark academia and intelligent and brooding and whatever, she should know how the English language works. Or hire someone who does.

No. 2039147

do people really see celebs doing stuff like this and think it's totally out of their own thoughts and not the team of execs behind them

No. 2039148

File: 1717723791004.jpg (Spoiler Image,16.26 KB, 446x688, 1000003848.jpg)

Oh no, there's a twitter tinfoil about it being for real now because of this picture. The pornsick ones are saying it's totes for real because of that time she pissed on some guys face on stage

No. 2039149

thats not her thats sophia urista

No. 2039150

idk she seems like the type who'd do that on her own, it's not like this benefits her image

No. 2039151

Oh right it was a troll tweet from several years ago. Anyway some people think its real and she's "signaling" fucking kek.

No. 2039152

she believes poop jokes are funny because she has mosaic down syndrome

No. 2039167

I think its because little kids love her music actually

No. 2039183

Not having much money as a celebrity means literally nothing, it’s a ploy to seem relatable and like one with the common people. We’re not fucking stupid. Broke to celebrities is like oh no my liquid assets is low because I just snatched up a bunch of properties while to normal people it’s like damn I gotta skip the Starbucks this week.

No. 2039214

The vast majority of celebrities are not nearly as rich as you think they are. If they do not make appearances they don't make money, and a lot of them can't even fill small venues let alone arenas. Charli XCX, the Black Keys, Lana, JLo all canceled their tours because they cannot fill seats. Every kpop artist is in debt to management with a net worth of basically zero. The lavish lifestyles are exaggerated. Fancy cars are on loan. (It costs only $1000 to rent a Lamborghini for a day.) They post up in luxurious AirBnBs wearing a bunch of designer shit that the designer gave them for free, they are not even paying for those birkins and red bottom heels.

No. 2039242

Sabrina Carpenter is quite literally begging Barry Keoghan not to embarrass her by doing what he did to his last few girlfriends/baby mama in her new song… while having him in the music video.

No. 2039256

File: 1717732297422.png (1.67 MB, 1075x807, retiredandgonefishing.PNG)

Don't count on a new Riri album. I kinda don't blame her. Might as well leave on a high note.(sage your shit)

No. 2039275

buying oceanfront property in Florida during a homeowners insurance crisis is beyond fucking stupid

No. 2039276

Rihanna is so overrated, I've been enjoying public opinion turning on her now that they've accepted she's really not coming back

No. 2039285

Really? I always see people say she's a good business woman and wish she would release some music. I don't know why people hype Fenty up so much when so many of their products are hit or miss

No. 2039292

I always loved Abbi and this makes me so happy to see omg they look so happy and radiant what a nice change from the usual rage inducing shit posted here kek

No. 2039296

This is like a slowed reverb meghan Trainor song

No. 2039318

Don't blame her not never making music again, she literally doesn't have to with all her brand deals and fenty beauty being so successful. It's also funny as hell she is expanding into haircare without her ever showing her real hair, like at least we know what beyonce's hair looks like underneath her wigs. It would only make sense if Asap Rocky shilled it hard, since he is following suit in refusing to release music despite having a whole album ready to go allegedly.

No. 2039322

She looks like she got fat, not pregnant by the look of her double chin.

No. 2039334

the way she’s arching her back leans to pregnant to me. as for the chin, some women just get really unfortunate fat distribution/water retention when they get pregnant. i had a double chin starting in the second trimester.

No. 2039338

she denied the pregnancy claims

No. 2039379

Aww that’s really sweet, I’m happy for her! I love hearing about celebrities that are nice in real life, she seems like she would be really sweet and kind so that makes me happy

No. 2039382

Honestly good for her, men get so bold online and think because they’re faggots they get free reign to criticize women as if they know what they’re talking about or like their opinion matters at all. I love when celebs insult them back

No. 2039418

>Taylor Swift: So far only officially dated scrotes, writes teeny level songs about her exes
Anons in this thread
> to my knowledge she is a lesbian

No. 2039419

This is such a stupid non-example but that twitterfag is literally right actually. Remember we're talking about someone who simps over a moid who brags about watching raceplay rape porn.

No. 2039421

AYRT were talking about Annie Clark/St. Vincent. idk if she's a lesbian or bisexual but she did date Kristen Stewart and also Cara D at some points

No. 2039422

Sorry, that went well over my head. I was wondering about the guitarist claim, should have wondered a bit more.

No. 2039440

Both are songwriters above all, writing about heartbreak and girlhood in a superficial way. Yeah, Olivia is more sexual, but it seems like you can’t do it any other way for zoomers (although I don’t remember any explicit lyrics of hers tbh).

No. 2039468

she needs to drop this forced sleepy eye siren look

No. 2039502

St Vincent gives me CIA vibes.

No. 2039506

she has always been very artsy fartsy, which is fine, but sometimes she goes full schizo sperg at random and about retarded stuff for some reason.

No. 2039589

are you talking about matthew healy or uhhh whatever her football moid’s name is?

No. 2039664

So is the story from Ninja from Die Antwoord about Kanye true? He said kanye watched anal porn in the studio with him

No. 2039668

Drag that faggot! Yesss

No. 2039670

“and i told my friends i was asleep but i never said where or in whose sheets” and “said i was too young, i was too soft, can’t take a joke, can’t get you off” are the only actually sexual lyrics i can think of. i mean i guess she dresses sexually? and dances like it but she isn’t nearly on the same level as Sabrina or even Taylor lately.

No. 2039691

nta, but there's this

No. 2039697

The former but I wouldn't put it past the latter to be into that as well.

No. 2039733

Why do all the top comments say the same thing?? Bots?

No. 2039735

god i just do not see what other women are seeing in this guy. he looks like a half melted wax figure. i feel bad for his kid, that’s some fucked up genes they’re getting.

No. 2039761

the boy is mine MV out now

No. 2039770

Wait why was this was actually super cute

No. 2039773

She looks so much better with the dark hair and can even pull it off short. I was seated for Penn Badley though lmao

No. 2039799

It was cringe af. Penn Badley looked good though. I would be so jealous if I would be his wife

No. 2039883

Penn Badgley is so hot

No. 2039894

Cute that she got brandy and Monica in the video

No. 2040012

File: 1717794617775.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x1457, IMG_2014.jpeg)

Lana is claiming these paparazzi photos are edited (1/2)

No. 2040015

File: 1717794706685.jpeg (101.37 KB, 1164x974, IMG_2015.jpeg)

Not sure why she felt the need to comment this, I thought dropping 70 pounds made her happy with her appearance. They don’t look edited.

No. 2040052

She looks like herself though? It's just awful lighting. And the hair color washes her out. She should go back to dark brown

No. 2040063

She doesn’t even look that bad kek.

No. 2040067

/g/ tier video

No. 2040086

Don't insult /g/ like that, husbandofag nonnies put in much more effort into their autism than this lowbrow dig at crusty sponge's newly pregnant wife.

No. 2040089

/g/ is more than just husbandofags though

No. 2040133

File: 1717800949507.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1402, IMG_5037.jpeg)

Do these women have no self respect? Trash attracts trash I guess

No. 2040135

Fake and gay. Purely PR

No. 2040137

They look the type of women to like him. I would be surprised if it is fake.

No. 2040141

No one would blow 1k on that

No. 2040151

File: 1717801785428.jpg (323.35 KB, 1510x2048, GPePOuoa8AAy0Tr.jpg_large.jpg)

Page Six published an article where they alluded that Beyonce and Jay Z are hiding overseas because of their association with Diddy and Jay Z's crimes. There are rumors that they will be facing a lawsuit in November.

No. 2040153

If Beyonce gets implicated in the crimes and faces a lawsuit, it's gonna be so funny to see how her fans react to the news. I can picture the Twitter meltdowns already.

No. 2040161

Jay-Z is obviously part of that.

No. 2040162

you underestimate the kind of women who worship rappers

No. 2040190

Why didn't you link to the article?

Not saying this absolutely can't be true, but I'm not buying this only because it's not uncommon for Beyonce to "disappear" from the public eye for long periods of time besides IG posts of her outfits (she just posed less than a day ago). Plus it's known that she's often overseas because she's able to live more "normally" than in America. Again not saying this can't be true, but people have been Jay Z is next on the chopping block all over social media and this feels more like Page Six playing up the public expectations than any actual inside dirt they're leaking. Also the whole thing about get disappearing right after her album release - she did that with her last album too that came out over two years before the first Diddy lawsuit iirc. And I believe she did for Lemonade as well, correct me if I'm wrong. I guess we will see though.
>There are rumors that they will be facing a lawsuit in November
From where? It doesn't say in the Page Six article

No. 2040233

I like how they pretended they were sneak recording this

No. 2040248

File: 1717807324631.gif (888.56 KB, 233x188, 1000003866.gif)

Random and unfitting reference to selena Kyle in batman returns. But aside BRANDY WE LOVE YOU

No. 2040250

She's on drugs. You can tell by the way she has been speaking in interviews since her weight loss that she's riding some sort of manic high.

No. 2040263

I liked it except for the way it didn't have a real ending. made me want to watch batman returns again.

No. 2040264

Beyonce is never in everyone faces. Like she's known for doing very little promo, dropping her music and disappearing. She's not like a karjenner. And wasn't ugly ass Jay z at some kind of sports game the other day on camera?
Diddy is still showing his face and hasn't been arrested yet, I don't believe this. Maybe something will come out but people have been mocking Beyonce for not doing interviews for years.
She's not hiding out She's just drops her shit and goes fuck off with that ugly man. It's been a pattern with her for a long time now. I doubt they are in hiding when Diddy isn't even in hiding.

No. 2040277

I forgot to link it, sorry. The lawsuit rumours are from lsa. People in the Beyonce thread said she is also in debt, and that's why she's putting out so many projects.

No. 2040278

i noticed it too when i saw the MET gala videos of her. she's been acting really odd and drugged out lately and i haven't been able to unsee it since those MET gala videos. and she's been posting real weird on instagram, somethings off and strange about her lately

No. 2040286

And those lsa rumors are from a psychic, who said Jay z will go down in novembers.

No. 2040329

File: 1717812427270.jpg (159.05 KB, 720x910, 1000003867.jpg)

You greatly underestimate how pathetic Chris brown fans are.

No. 2040331

She's just been taking L after l

No. 2040333

She's riding a major high and has coke confidence. She looks good with an inch thick coat of professional hair and makeup and has evidently forgot her eyes are deeply pushed into her skull and what she looks like in natural lighting. She just acts like someone with manic coke confidence ever since she got thin again. I think its understandable because she was fat for a long time and everyone made fun of and degraded her and suddenly they are complimenting her again, but she needs to reel it in and make us some hits instead.

No. 2040335

But omg remember she's sooooo based, she's a queeen, she's never wrongggg. Lol

No. 2040336

y’know nothing’s actually happening in celebrityland when you guys start posting about chris brown meet&greet pics of all things(sage your shit)

No. 2040337

Yeah it was kind of weird and clumsy. It was like it was trying to reference batman returns as much as possible but only tow the line so they don't get hit with copyright infringement. I thought the ott opening of the rats would reintroduce them or something but there was that one-off mention and she didn't do anything except bat her eyelashes around Penn badgleys loft? Like okay.

No. 2040339

You're just a cunt because mentioning woman beaters is pretty normal news. What, you only like putting down women's looks and everything else is off the table and bland?

No. 2040343

??? your comment is so aggressive and yet incomprehensible I don’t know how to feel

No. 2040344

Not really.

No. 2040348


No. 2040349

She has so many based takes I hate it when she goes and ruins it by saying shit like this… girl stop, go to therapy, love yourself

No. 2040352

File: 1717813837128.jpg (97.16 KB, 720x548, 1000003869.jpg)

She speaks on Lana

A broken clock is right twice a day

No. 2040355

That’s still another shit take from her tbh, I hate how she’s always so quick to shit on women for the crime of being ugly while putting men on pedestals for nothing. Also the reason no one wants to work with her is because she’s so aggressive and every public friendship she has ends horribly kek

No. 2040362

File: 1717815201295.jpg (105.1 KB, 1080x1218, 1000003873.jpg)

Love her.

No. 2040363

Yeah she's definitely the problem.

No. 2040373

Kek, love it. I think I said this yesterday but I fucking love when female celebs don’t let men get away with their bullshit online. Amazing

No. 2040385

Black manosphere types have shown nothing but contempt towards her and have been preaching for years about how women like her die alone simply because she's overweight, i'm glad she's clapping back.

No. 2040386

Whatever curse Drake has right now, Azealia Banks has it too. She needs to hang it up. A Damn shame she went from poetically cussing out Candice Owen to bullshit like this.

No. 2040387

File: 1717816491478.jpeg (510.32 KB, 1290x2520, deadbeat.jpeg)

Barry Keoghan's baby momma liked some comments under a post on her Instagram hinting that he's absent from his child's life (we been knew)
Wasn't Barry's own dad absent? Wasn't that his whole sob story? If he knows how much that sucks why's he on another continent following Sabrina on tour and playing a cringy role in her MV while he hasn't seen his child in forever?

No. 2040389

I beg of her she needs to just focus on music.

No. 2040390

she ain't that wrong tbh

No. 2040399

Why does she look so rough in this snippet

No. 2040402

File: 1717817488991.png (96.75 KB, 255x251, IMG_20240607_213015.png)

Like this looks like an older version of herself

No. 2040410

? It seems more like this is saying Barry is missing out on the mom since they're broken up, not that he's absent in his child's life

No. 2040417

Kek same. I honestly thought there was going to be someone in a big rat costume fighting Ariana or some shit at the end, nevertheless it's still a pretty cute video and kinda hot too ngl

No. 2040425

This is the best video she has done for this era and arguably the best video she has pulled out since No tears left to cry. I know everyone loved Thank You Next and it was pretty camp and fun but I love this vibe so much better. It feels mature and sexy but still fun. The album has grown so much on me.

No. 2040428

She also liked the one below it saying she's doing it all herself. Do you really think he's there for his child if he's only been seen with Sabrina for the past many months?

No. 2040448

Heavy makeup in unedited daylight

No. 2040458

File: 1717819545591.mp4 (951.88 KB, 476x270, 1000003874.mp4)

It's very on brand for men, being the ugly emotionally retarded parasitic leeches they are, to literally stalk a woman out with her family and take hundreds of photos of her for money and then call her names for reacting negatively. Men who do this as a career are lower than dirt.

No. 2040468

Have people just moved on from the spongebob thing now? I'm seeing a lot of praise for this album compared to when yes and came out

No. 2040469

But the post was about the first comment
>Do you really think he's there for his child if he's only been seen with Sabrina for the past many months?
I wouldn't fucking know anon, I'm not Barry, Sabrina, or his ex. I'm just saying I don't think that's what that comment means.

No. 2040470

I wish just once the camera person wouldn’t hide their fucking phone and actually show who they are talking to.

No. 2040475

File: 1717819847062.jpg (194.79 KB, 1290x1272, 1000003875.jpg)

I've been saying for a minute now that Kylie wants to be lilly rose depp, what the fuck is this facetuning

No. 2040492

Kinda. The album itself has pretty good bangers, if you listen to with without the context it ain't so bad. People really see it as an evolution of her music.

No. 2040505

Idk I think its very soulless and formulaic. On top of that, it just showcases her BPD because half the songs are defending herself and passive aggressively trying to assert to people that they're all jelly losers who need to back ofd and that SpongeBob is her man

No. 2040543

kek she looks retarded doing that pout, whatever lily rose depp look she going for is not it.

No. 2040561

AYRT, I posted the photo because she liked both the comments. I stole the screencap from someone else, I'm not the one who circled only one comment.

She doesn't look like herself at all wtf, that overbite + drool-looking gloss is not it.

No. 2040563

evolution? her new music took so many steps back if anything, it's so boring to listen to now.

No. 2040588

I agree nona, she seemed happier chubby

No. 2040755

It looks as if she had two crooked teeth sticking out and I can't unsee it.

No. 2040826

what the fuck I thought this was zendaya for a second

No. 2040987

This is shit.

No. 2040998

What?? Is this LRD or Kylie?

No. 2041000

for ages this thread has been clogged with anons seething about Sabrina, why shouldn't we be able to post trashy women who support human woman beating scum like Chris brown

No. 2041005

Agreed to disagree tbh I kinda like the direction she's going

No. 2041025

File: 1717866881679.png (55.09 KB, 241x225, Ethan_Slater_Youtube_Interview…)

I know spongebob is old news now but it's all I can think of when I hear her new songs. Like she's really getting away with singing about a married father who looks like that

No. 2041045

can't get over how ugly this dude is jesus

No. 2041179

Posterchild for bpd and how it causes bpdfags to prolong limerances into these long, drawn out attachments due to possessiveness. Its extremely hard to support her bad bitch larp when she's acting crazy over a man who is ugly, 5'4 at most, and doesn't have anything special about him whatsoever. She literally chose him because his character is obsessed with her character in wicked. It's so sad. I can't even say "umm maybe hes a really great guy we know nothing about them" because we all know that he isn't and he truly is just some loser theater kid who got incredibly lucky.

No. 2041193

You are so annoying with your muh bpd ariana posts. She's just a bad person. it's not that deep. Can we not just say someone is a selfish asshole anymore or is it all DSM V

No. 2041232

File: 1717874211380.mp4 (918.96 KB, 478x270, 1000003904.mp4)

Can this be fact checked, or is Glenn Powell joining the list of celebrities who pathologically lie in interviews list we started a couple threads or so ago. Is this something that happened or is this Paula Abdul plane story fodder?

No. 2041237

the thing that gets me about this is that sabrina’s latest song is literally like “please don’t embarrass me” while she’s dating a guy who publicly left his newly postpartum baby mama and newborn child. he went to disneyland with her. where was his kid? not with him. it’s embarrassing being with this man.

No. 2041240

Part of me has a hard time accepting it as a real relationship and not a weird PR bid. If it isn't, theres a great chance she hit him up first which is weird too

No. 2041258

When barry wore that taylor swift shirt and suddenly started hanging out with travis out of nowhere that's when I knew this had to be fake

No. 2041272

It feels really forced and reminds me of the Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift debacle but he really is around her so much now. It's just such a bizarre move when you have a newborn.

No. 2041276

>theres a great chance she hit him up first which is weird too
Why do you say this?

No. 2041311

Kek I knew someone would reply like this but I didn't feel like overexplaining. He's completely at fault for abandoning his child and he's weird as fuck, but it's also kind of desperate and goofy to dm a man with a baby just because you saw him in a trending movie.

No. 2041357

File: 1717878521684.jpg (55.53 KB, 735x635, beniffer.JPG)


No. 2041506

Is he gonna go back to Jennifer Garner anytime soon?

No. 2041520

File: 1717883806812.jpg (29.82 KB, 730x299, meg.JPG)

Megan is the newest victim of AI deep fake porn that is being shared on twitter.

No. 2041557

Seen this coming ever since they got married. Didn't he cheat on her back when they were together in the 00s? I thought that's what ended their relationship, he couldn't stop cheating. She was stupid to take him back in the first place imo.

No. 2041558

not surprised, I'm gonna tinfoil that it was probably about the movie, he didn’t want to have their relationship or private life up for public consumption and she wants to remain in the highlights despite being well past relevancy

No. 2041603

A woman at the peak of her career, 26 or however old, decides to date a 31 year old ugly scrote with a baby. I bet this time next year he's going to be dating Taylor Swift.

No. 2041846


Looked it up and apparently it's fake. Also you wouldn't need to use some kind of lotion to make human skin/meat fit for consumption. You just have to cook it really well (because we're dripping with bacteria).

No. 2041884

I hope she sues them. Fuck AI and its coomer defenders, the birth of deepfakes has set us back years

No. 2041893

I’m so sorry I do not know how to link videos from Twitter, but here is a tweet of the video of what happened with Lana lashing out. She sounds drugged out in my opinion. She sounds SO ANRGY omg I’ve never heard her talk like this. And alapparently she’s yelling at fans in this video not the paparazzi. Some of the things she said:
>stop following me! No you followed me and my fucking family! Fuck you! I have one day here, I work every fucking day and I have four hours to myself.

https://x.com/ldrcrave/status/1799238969781055736?s=46(this is an imageboard, lurk moar)

No. 2041917

Interesting outfit choice

No. 2041924

Im confused anon. You still didn't explain anything?

No. 2041933

Another angle, from the audience it was just an upskirt the entire performance

No. 2041943

File: 1717907220817.png (723.66 KB, 640x800, cutout.png)

She's worn numerous variations of this heart cut out dress already just so you know.

No. 2041977

Yeah I was already pretty sure it was a dumb urban legend but I needed insurance. Okay ladies how many more do we need to the list of celebrities telling stupid lies to have something to say? I can't remember the rest at the top of my head
Glenn Powell
Robert Pattinson
Debbie Harry
Pamela Anderson
Paula Abdul

No. 2041980

Its posted upthread and you're a sucker. You think those 45 year old men following her around deserve special treatment? She's just being honest for the first time after years of being stalked by complete strangers. Man some of you suck so bad and have no common sense.

No. 2041981

I dont care if you want to act deliberately obtuse. It's literally right there, stop being retarded.

No. 2042035

File: 1717915532892.png (127.22 KB, 1274x802, pwease dont get hospitalized f…)

twittards are acting like the lyrics to sabrina carpenter's new song are girlbossy "walking him like a dog", when, in reality she is begging a 31-year-old deadbeat dad with a history of assault and public indecency not to embarrass her (like his existence hasn't already).

No. 2042056

doesn't have boobs waist or ass to speak of, only thing left to do i guess

No. 2042058

File: 1717918989201.jpg (137.17 KB, 607x885, 1000003911.jpg)

You think this is some innocent fan, anon?

No. 2042059

File: 1717919212401.jpg (20.55 KB, 720x291, 1000003912.jpg)

31 calling yourself a brat and using a whiny vocal affectation generally trying to mimic teenage girls

No. 2042060

Nta and I haven’t seen the video but I really don’t have any sympathy for people who get bitched at after following celebs. If they’re moids then I really don’t care at all, if they’re women or young girls who are fans that sucks but at the same time don’t follow people. Especially if the celeb is with their family, that’s just common sense. That being said it seems like the “fans” are moids so I’m glad she put them in their place.

No. 2042063

Actual scum of the earth. You don't deserve special treatment for stalking people. People can say whatever about LDR (im not a stan) but she has been nothing but gracious with the volume of people following her, stalking her, etc. There are tons of videos of her having convos with creepy paps and being nice and sweet the entire time. They clearly crossed a line and anyone who thinks otherwise is an entitled moron with severe boundary issues that refuses to humanize women. This was her last straw, it isnt about drugs. These men are scum of the earth in every way and the fact that more people don't assault them is unfortunate. They are pariahs begging for negative attention. I wish more non-celebrities would heckle them

No. 2042097

File: 1717924094617.jpg (114.69 KB, 675x918, 280a67e80d3a397011914207f8b278…)

All I can think of except in the embarrassing way

No. 2042167

Wtf are you getting aggressive for? It was just a question. If you're so opposed to conversation and people replying to you go somewhere else.

No. 2042201

File: 1717934689227.jpeg (328.7 KB, 1125x1651, vaicirrioi5d1.jpeg)

Azealia posted this on IG. She's jealous of anyone who's more succesful than her.

No. 2042208

Nonna don't bother, in Celebricows Lana could get punched by that guy and people would still find a way to make her the problem because they don't like her

No. 2042209

File: 1717935382044.jpg (235.39 KB, 1080x1302, Screenshot_20240609-141452_Gal…)

Just why? And am I the only one that wonders why it is so stained? Did she get her period or what?

No. 2042236

I am so disgusted by this like genuinely…why does she need to just show everyone her vulva? She’s doing hypersexual at like, TIM Petras level only she’s a real female. I don’t like this AGP Shayna coded shit I don’t like it one bit.

No. 2042266

As a women you should know that’s not how period stains look. It’s probably dirt of body make up from her sloppy wardrobe. It’s nasty either way. None of the moids are gonna see her sweaty greasy face because their eyes are gonna be in her crotch

No. 2042296

Anon why would blood only be on the seam

No. 2042311

Why is her face so red? It doesn’t look natural it looks like she has way too much blush on.

No. 2042313

Samefag but also I never understand the confidence these women have in very tiny strips of fabric, one wrong move and the whole kitty is out.

No. 2042350

imagine being as talented and beautiful as she is and throwing it all away to become a deranged a-log who posts erratic paragraph-length insults for years and years. her based takes are drowned out by unhinged rants that she believes are clever and witty but are really nothing more than using a stupid amount of words just to call someone fat and ugly. the fags that follow her encourage this behavior because they don't actually care about her as a person and just want to see her breakdown and lash out at other women for their amusement in between making music for them to dance to and soap for their assholes. they treat her like a circus animal and she's too wrapped up in her ego to realize it.
there are a lot of fags in the celebricow threads

No. 2042354

File: 1717948347696.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.98 KB, 877x868, megan.JPG)

megan released an alternative album cover to her upcoming album

No. 2042356

still trashy, why does she have to have her boobs out? she does the black rappers being known as trashy and ghetto no favours(racebaiting)

No. 2042358

Although this is lackluster, I think it's much better. I just wish she was in a cave or forest or even a pit of snakes

No. 2042359

Anons will praise this photo yet will seethe over Sabrinas skimpy 'coquette-ish' outfits

No. 2042360

I can't believe anons were saying she's less sexual than ice spice earlier kek

No. 2042362

I like this one but it’s still so porny, the egg is a cute idea though. I’m also not a fan of the giant M, it just doesn’t really fit with the vibe she seems to be going for

No. 2042364

Yeah I was thinking the same thing kek

No. 2042365

She literally has her tits out. Coomer baiting

No. 2042371

I hope she sues them. It's clear a lot of people seethe over her and have been out to get her ever since the Tory Lanes scandal.

No. 2042372

At least the kpop girls wear black shorts under their shit. Nonnies are ridiculous for trying to compare this.

No. 2042376

No. 2042377

File: 1717949574507.jpg (55.39 KB, 580x877, smith.JPG)

Patti Smith wishing Johnny Depp a Happy Birthday

No. 2042379

Disgusting but I guess it isn't that hard to make with photos like this >>2042354

No. 2042390

That's really disappointing but I can't say I recall her doing anything for women besides being a successful woman in a male-dominated industry

No. 2042429

I highly doubt anyone criticizing Sabrina for being promiscuous is praising Megan for it.

No. 2042431

Literally no one is doing that nor has that ever been the narrative here. Go back to tiktok where dressing like a fictional trafficked child is a slay zoomer.

No. 2042436

The "hatched" idea has been done so many times, its played out. Melanie Martinez did it last year, Gaga's done it, poppy did it. That's not even a snake egg, it's a chicken egg.

No. 2042442

File: 1717952711601.jpg (27.62 KB, 760x480, _ai4f43lfxn.jpg)

>That's not even a snake egg, it's a chicken egg.
This is just nitpicking anon kek. Snake eggs and white and oval like chicken eggs.

No. 2042443

azealia tries to put together weirdly specific insults for every other female celebrity hoping it'll hit, because that's now the only thing she's actually known for. half the time the stuff she says doesn't even make that much sense applied to who she's trying to insult. she's useless

No. 2042566

LOL nonna I see you with that fire file name game

No. 2042623

I feel uncomfortable looking at her crotch

No. 2042627

I like it actually

No. 2042629

This looks like it has artistic direction so I don't hate it. It's not like Sabrina just showing the kitty. Idc what anons get mad at.

No. 2042667

File: 1717964234828.png (209.02 KB, 464x351, Screen Shot 2024-06-09 at 2.12…)

WHY do they always give her this makeup? it looks AWFUL everytime. id rather see her in a shayna wing liner than this.

No. 2042673


No. 2042721

Trashy but hot

No. 2042744

File: 1717967791423.jpeg (67.81 KB, 1170x704, ir7zrovssk5d1.jpeg)

>The do nothing while people die rapper

No. 2042760

What a lame ass insult for Kanye. He should had been called porn addicted chronic masturbator instead

No. 2042761

Why is her coochie looking dirty? Did she sit on the floor or?

No. 2042767

She’s the perfect modern jezebel, red is there to make losers feel better about themselves

No. 2042772

Actually I dont have to be friendly to someone acting dumb on purpose. You'll be alright.

They are spray tan stains from her legs rubbing together and into the middle of the fabric.

No. 2042778

A couple days ago I made a post saying I hate her and have for the 17 years I've been aware of her to the point of it probably being irrational. Feeling validated.

I don't think she's useless but she's clearly always been mentally unwell and this is exacerbated by her constant drug use. I won't ever praise her behavior but I've always followed her because she really does know a lot about music that many average people even in the industry don't. There have been dozens of times where I've been delighted at her mentioning a reference I understand to some literallywho artist that other people are biting from. She is a smart woman and could make great music if she didn't constantly sabotage herself. I expect nothing from her but she does have a very nuanced point of view that would be really special if she weren't also a shitty person.

No. 2042779

No. 2042782

File: 1717970005588.jpg (115.37 KB, 1500x1000, 1000003934.jpg)

Because her default settings are apparently not good enough. They want her to appeal to the tiktok sexy baby crowd.

No. 2042798

Is it about Kanye? I thought it was about Travis Scott

No. 2042805

This is about Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner I believe

No. 2042815

She’s behaving in the centuries long jezebel stereotype. Behaving like a “proper” negro archetype, unlike the evil Halle bailey and her peers playing a white woman’s role. SexyyRed stays in the ghetto box and the public loves her for that(racebaiting)

No. 2042843

File: 1717972780137.png (1010.53 KB, 1080x1638, My2thK2.png)

>Patti Smith wished Johnny Depp a Happy Birthday(lurk moar)

No. 2042848

>Actually I dont have to be friendly to someone acting dumb on purpose.
Again, it was just a genuine question. You look dumb getting this upset, if you didn't want to explain or don't have an explanation then you didn't need to reply.

No. 2042849

No. 2042855

If that anon is acting dumb on purpose, then I am just plain dumb because I had the same thoughts as them when I read your reply

No. 2042875

from the back/side her dress really looks like a diaper, too. I can't imagine her singing career will survive the summer, she can't really sing.

No. 2042876

She’s saying that if Sabrina contacted Barry first it meant she hit up a scrote knowing he had a girlfriend and child. Yes he was the one who ruined his family but women who actively go after men who are in relationships (especially with children) are pick mes and have no self respect.

No. 2042879

It was anon saying there's a great chance she wanted him first that was asked about though
>theres a great chance she hit him up first which is weird too

No. 2042888

It reminds me of that super airbrushed 80s soap actress look but with an attempt at some modernization with the overdone e-girl blush. She’s like a little stumpy trashy lounge singer’s head on a failed gymnast’s body

No. 2042948

Oh come on, he was memed all over the internet and there were thousands of tweets thirsting over him even though he's a leprechaun. She probably sent a cringe dm.

No. 2042958

nta but I hadn't thought of that, thanks for explaining! I think that's what the other anon wanted to hear too. We could have resolved this issue many posts ago if the tone wasn't so pointed in here! Silly nonnies

No. 2043032

Shut the fuck up(infighting)

No. 2043170

source: things i have decided to be true

No. 2043179

I feel a little aroused ngl

No. 2043186

No. 2043196

Well damn how hard was that to say

No. 2043219

Anons are OBSESSED with Sabrina how many times can we hear the same insults and nitpicks about her face, body, makeup, lyrics, voice? I don’t even like her but she can sing, there’s so much video proof so idk why anons say that. It’s annoying coming to the thread for milk and it’s just the same discussions about her over and over again. In b4 “well don’t read the thread” “you’re on lolcow babes” how about don’t shit up the thread with the same stuff being said over and over again. Is there nothing else to talk about?

No. 2043233

But she’s literally incapable of singing live?? In all her live performances that I’ve seen she literally can’t even hold a note for longer than a second and she sounds so out of breath even though she’s barely dancing.

No. 2043239

Can you post the videos of her singing well? I genuinely haven’t seen any proof she can sing, same with a lot of singers these days. I don’t hate her, I actually think she’s really sweet and cute, and she dances well.

No. 2043265

I feel bad for posting this since she allegedly has cancer. Im going to hell and im not even trying to be funny. Does anyone else ever get post farming remorse or feel like they’re gonna get bad karma from this site? Feeling that heavily right now but it’s so hard to stay away from this thread for me.(no1curr)

No. 2043280

No. 2043281

her sexy baby thing is gross but like ~75% of female pop acts lately have been over the top sexually too so i’m not sure why she’s being obsessed over to the same level as like florence. it’s weird how much ”her phenotype” (not my words) and her “getting away with it more than other people” because she’s short and blonde has been brought up. even my brother has brought up how cringe he thinks her nonsense outro is and he doesn’t usually bring up random female celebrities. i think she’s a new woman that certain types of men seethe over and i think there’s also an anon here with issues with a woman in their life that florence and sabrina remind them of, and then the rest of the people piling on are like people who rightfully just hate pedo pandering who at least have a valid point and are different than the one obsessively nit picking her appearance.(no1currs)

No. 2043288

Yeah you were honestly a huge bitch for that.

No. 2043306

I didn’t know she might have had cancer until afterwards, and now I feel bad. Is everyone else here a bitch too, then?

No. 2043348

Tbh nonna, if she is that emasculated due to any other illness then ana, she shouldn't run around that many people, since her immune system would be already compromised. She looks like she has muscles, tho. So your assumption about ozempic is not that far-fetched.
Go pray a rosary, and all will be forgiven, sister.

No. 2043351

Am I trippin or is there just 1 nipple showing? The one on the right (her left) looks nipple-less…

No. 2043366

Ari sounds so good

No. 2043434

I really like this song and video. Shes a homewrecker and her moid is very ugly. Somehow shes making some of her best work in years.
Skinny Megan Trainor. Cheesy, goofy, tryhard. Shes a homewrecker and her moid is very ugly. And all her songs are the same.
Could it be we value musicians differently depending on how good their music is?

No. 2043472

Halsey is a known attention seeking munchie and pathological liar. Who even knows if she's telling the truth about any of her various ailments.

No. 2043496

File: 1717990201123.jpg (175.49 KB, 1171x1883, 1000003940.jpg)

Costume is so cute but why do her eyes look like that

No. 2043498

Lying about leukemia is a pretty big deal. Maybe you should consider having a sliver of humanity this one time.

She's had an eating disorder for a long time. I'm not a fan of hers but I've known this and it's been discussed here. Not everyone with an eating disorder or health condition is taking ozempic

No. 2043499

Performing a cover is a choice

No. 2043506

YWNBMP (You will never be Michelle Pfeiffer)

No. 2043507

File: 1717990742031.png (366.22 KB, 759x400, 1000003941.png)

I really do feel so bad for Amanda Bynes. All these little "Quiet on Set" soundbytes where people are just milking money from the situation and the people who were hurt the most are kind of left forever changed and unable to function anymore. She will never be able to have justice for what was done to her because she's too incomprehensible for people to care or listen.

No. 2043510

She never said she had leukemia. She vaguely hinted at it for attention seeking purposes. If you want to fall for it, go nuts. She does this munchie shit constantly.

No. 2043516

File: 1717991012176.gif (2.95 MB, 500x290, 1000003942.gif)

That's what I said! Often imitated, never replicated

No. 2043536

Of course she sounds good. one thing about Ariana is she is actually very talented. Her personal life socks but she can sing.

No. 2043538

That first clip is clearly her lip syncing over an edited track, and about half of those clips could easily be edited or her lip syncing. That being said the other half seem pretty genuine so I take back what I said about her not being able to sing, her voice sounds really nice when she’s not jumping around on stage so maybe the clips I’ve seen of her singing live are bad because of that. Tbh though even if she couldn’t sing I wouldn’t really hold it against her because most singers can’t sing nowadays kek

No. 2043544

You’re fine nonna gossiping and sharing milk about celebs is what this thread is for

No. 2043550

Its not the og the boy is mine with Monica and brandy, its the Aris version.