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No. 1829426

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Last Thread: >>>/snow/1743708

The Basic Rundown:
>Jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse towards his exes. pretty much any woman he comes into contact with, he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
>before his relationship with Sydney England, he had a toxic and drug-fueled relationship with and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - jonny is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
>after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
>enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall/minnieskins. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
>since syd gave birth there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, warranting her and jonny their own thread, though now they’ve separated, so their threads becoming separate may be inevitable. until then…
>Goiter continues his delusional behavior. Cheating on Layna before love bombing her back into submission.
>Goiter and Layna inevitably break up.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l/?hl=en
Twitch: https://twitchtracker.com/thepearlboy4l/clips
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/minnieskins/?hl=en
"Art" Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skinniemins/?hl=en
OF: https://onlyfans.com/lilthiccghost
Instagram: https://instagram.com/wigglewip?igshid=NmNmNjAwNzg=
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lazybani?lang=en

Old Milk:
Can be found in previous thread comment (body text limit hit)

New Milk:
>No new news regarding his pending felony charge for child endangerment except that he's doing parenting classes so virtue signal that he's doing about 1% of a normal parents role.
>Layna confirms schizo poster to be Syd >>1754625
>Syd retaliates with a slew of harassment >>1757057 >>1757058 >>1757068 >>1757097 >>1757098
>Confirmation Layna still cams >>1758416
>JC on a misogyny arc post break up >>1760131 , >>1764476 , >>1764854 , >>1765999 , >>1768017
>Anons find Layna has a role in JC's server, assuming they are back together in private >>1766301
>Retarded schizophrenic spamming of camwhoring ensues.
>JC tattoos his sons name on his face instead of being a decent father and person >>1766818
>JC buys a piece of shit car with his vast riches >>1768200 >>1769210
>Goiter continues to post ugly thirst traps to lure in a new victim >>1771746 , >>1791541
>Syd goes bowling with her man, calls out lolcow >>1777526
>JC continues to out himself as being to broke to afford a hotel room, begs fans for places to sleep >>1781582 , >>1791884 ,
>Resulting in someone stealing Mayor of Spookytowns back pack with thousands of dollars of equipment >>1782713
>Enter Big Jess >>1784186 , a new woman who spoke about her and JC's "current relationship" in her instagram stories, fights with trolls >>1784339 and defends her new man >>1784370 . JC promptly untags himself in her post and ignores her.
>Cancelled show on the tour >>1792804 gives no reason why.
>Spiderhead makes it known he lurks here >>1792990
>In walks Drama-chan with some personal milk about JC's asslicker spiderhead >>1794344 , >>1794345
>JC and Spiderhead ban Drama-chan from going to the show >>1794348
>Butt-buddy Dillion is unsurprisingly a horrible person >>1794822
>Drama-chan enters the thread herself and begins spilling some milk >>1795065
>Spiderhead proving he's a retarded racist sped in video form >>1795415
>Big Jess posts birthday tributes for JC, which he promptly ignores despite reposting all of his other friends >>1795670 , >>1795671
>Goiter and Cole are clearly fuming at the remarks made in thread, spergs out in thread in multiple paragraph rants of hatred towards Drama-chan and lolcow >>1796540 , >>1796551

Previous Threads:
1-17 can be found in previous thread comment (body text limit hit)
18: >>>/snow/1677115
19: >>>/snow/1720005
20: >>>/snow/1743708
21: >>>/snow/1769476
22: >>>/snow/1797259

No. 1829427

I skimmed the last thread and there is literally no note worthy milk in it. Just a continuation of Spiderhead (KEEPMYSECRETS) sperging at the beginning of the thread which is the most milky part. Goiter is beefing with unknown randoms on his story. Some irrelevant hoes are embarrassing themselves by associating with him as usual. That’s about it.

No. 1829429

Possible milk could be Big Jess getting an 11:11 tattoo but who even knows if it was for goiter. He played his shows in the UK to an embarrassingly small crowd and posted almost no stories about it (I’m guessing due to the small about of patrons).

No. 1829430

File: 1684392646027.jpeg (195.16 KB, 1170x1170, 8F0A0C31-DA38-4073-A4AC-AAB4B6…)

Syd posted this on Mother’s Day with the caption “M•A•G•U🤍 Nothing means more than your soul choosing mine to be your mom🌙 You are my light & I love you with all that I am #luckymom”
She’s been so quiet on social media. Happy for her. At least she got a cute kid out of all that pain and suffering with Jonny Craig.

No. 1829439

(Sorry for the emoji, I just copied and pasted the caption)

No. 1829451

Syd's a cunt, try again.(newfag)

No. 1829455

So she should kill herself? Or what? Nice input.

No. 1829485

>At least she got a cute kid
that’s the problem with Syd. no one would give a shit about her anymore if there weren’t a neglected kid involved. she nearly let this baby be killed.

No. 1829508

don’t you dare to say Syd is a good mom or is doing great on this thread kek it’s full of jealous bitches that can’t see progress from others because their life is being stuck in some cow’s instagram post sadly or cheering for some camwhore that preferred show her asshole online than go to school or something

No. 1829651

Social media isn’t real life, it’s someones life through the lens they want you to see. Obviously she’s not going to post herself being a terrible mom, but that certainly doesn’t disprove the possibility that she is. Like
said, storm almost died party by her own negligence and we only knew that through court records. The whole time she was portraying herself to be the bestest mom ever, even pretending to have custody when she didn’t.

No. 1829657

progress? where? I guess anything is “progress” from letting a baby OD on fentanyl. stop acting like a failed OnlyFans is any better than being a camwhore.

No. 1829868

I honestly don’t care if Syd was a cunt to goiter or his piece of shit friends. OR even his retarded female fans/friends (and let’s be real, JC just forms relationships with these people for somewhere to put his dick when he’s out of town). You guys are really standing up for Jonny Craig dickriders? Really? I’m glad Syd gave him hell for a couple years. And I’m glad she chilled out now and is raising their son on her own.

What I’m curious about is if she works? And what does she do all day? How does she even make money? Does she use government checks? I couldn’t imagine being unemployed for so long. Isn’t it boring.

No. 1829878

Why do you still bring up and talk about Layna camming? Who is cheering for her? Who the fuck cares anymore? Beyond irrelevant at this point. I’m cheering for Syd because she has JC’s baby and I’m hoping that after they’re done with court and lawyers she’ll tell her story and his retarded fans will stop spouting off about him being a good dad. I’d honestly bet Syd’s story of being with JC is horrible and/or just as bad if not worse than Taylors. He was still on drugs, apparently cheating and leaving her constantly, constantly flip flopping from love bombing to talking shit about each other. I’d love to hear our her side of things. I’d honestly be willing to bet the only thing stopping her right now is her lawyer or the judge telling them to stop feuding online. They were talking shit about each other at one point but then abruptly stopped. I’m guessing that’s why.

Btw the grammar in your posts is so bad sometimes it sounds like you think Layna and Syd are the same person, because you’ll be shit talking Syd and then all of a sudden say shit about camwhoring, within the same rant. No one cares about your retarded vendetta.

No. 1829879

it's been said multiple times she's obviously unemployed and likely just uses disability. I don't know how America works, but she still has to do paperwork for her cheques. do any anons know if Americans get extra money for child tax? could she be receiving that? goiter doesn't seem like the type to pay child support

No. 1829886

>it's been said multiple times she's obviously unemployed and likely just uses disability
”this tinfoil has been said multiple times”
my question still stands lol. I wonder if she works. hasn’t been proven either way. I couldn’t imagine her being excited to post about working at Walmart or something. some of you take social media as a direct 1-1 expression of someone’s real daily life.

No. 1829887

I think he’s trying to convince Syd of 50/50 custody/parental rights to get out of paying child support in the long run. I hope Syd doesn’t fall for it. He’s probably giving her money right now as a “see! we don’t need a court order for me to pay child support I’ll do it on my own!” but as soon as the court stuff is done he’ll stop paying up.

No. 1829893

If she’s still with that guy I could see Syd moving to his state with Storm. That would be great to see JC come up with excuses on why he didn’t go to Colorado to be near his son because “I need to Work and MaKe MoNeY for my sons FuTuRe”. All while blowing all of his money on impressing busted e-girls and buying ugly trashy expensive street wear “fashion”. He’ll never do a single good thing for his son unless it directly benefits himself. He’s not even halfway to being a good father.

No. 1829938

That would be awesome because then he'd HAVE to pay child support, and there's no chance he can afford that. A grown ass man needing multiple roommates to be able to afford a place to live while blowing what little money he does have on his nails and purses isn't going to follow through with that. ThRiViNg kek probably alredy missing the days when he was flashing his little cash wad.

No. 1829941

That would be awesome because then he'd HAVE to pay child support, and there's no chance he can afford that. A grown ass man needing multiple roommates to be able to afford a place to live while blowing what little money he does have on his nails and purses isn't going to follow through with that. ThRiViNg kek probably alredy missing the days when he was flashing his little cash wad.

No. 1829964

I think I understand the whole “my shoes cost more than your rent” thing now. He splits rent 8 ways so he pays like $200. He probably couldn’t ever afford proper rent on his own at 37. Sad.

No. 1830029


What is her Instagram handle these days? She blocked me she’s ago and I wanna lurk

No. 1830047


No. 1830078

My friend just saw him and recorded a pretty close-up video of part of a song and every down beat was punctuated with goiter sticking his tongue out, nose chain glimmering lol I didn’t know my friend even liked him I felt so embarrassed for him (friend) seeing how excited he was. Moids gonna love a moid haha

No. 1830088

I feel like after however many years, people pretend to forget how shitty of a person someone is and like them publicly again. Syd needs to tell her story and expose this asshat.

Even without the shitty things he’s done he’s such a cringey and embarrassing fuckwad. I wonder if your friend could smell the halitosis.

No. 1830170

Can we not have another shit thread full of bitter nonas and close to no milk
> Syd is a shit person and schizo poster
> Layna is a camwhore stuck in 2007
> Big Jess is best girl

No. 1830179

>adds useless opinion and literally no milk

No. 1830581

File: 1684529576088.jpeg (20.15 KB, 459x474, IMG_3328.jpeg)

Sleep paralysis demon or “sober” goiter

No. 1830632


No. 1830636

I don’t wanna hear anyone making fun of him for having ugly bitches again… As if Victoria Secret models are lining up to fuck this man.

No. 1830675

File: 1684538536469.jpeg (80.2 KB, 1170x2060, 53A2E2F9-0B1D-4653-9C2F-CDD9FE…)

Is it even worth it to post random beef he posts to his story? It seems like everyday he’s beefing with someone.

No. 1830739

File: 1684547352946.png (150.3 KB, 473x357, 9B3478AE-6EF4-4D97-8B51-EF8943…)

No. 1830747

Imagine being his age with teeth that look like prison bars (yes I know they’re “gold” teeth but they look like no teeth) trying to establish dominance in a world he lost years ago. No one cares bro get a job. He had so many fucking chances to get right. It’s seriously unreal. Like no wonder he keeps trying to say he’s the best he’s back etc, it’s the same unhinged shit any former junkie full of regrets says. No bud, you lost it. Why don’t you spend what little time you have left learning how to be a parent and not some dumb little white kid talking hood shit with your loser friends. Fuck he’s gross. I did notice the cat sniffing around in his stories so at least he’s still alive.

No. 1830873

their body language says she's moving to paw at him and he's initiating pushing her away. Mom of the year.

"Don't you dare ignore me" basically. Goddamn what a loser. I've never before seen someone so intent on not taking responsibility and ownership in their life, choices, and actions. You'd think his entire local scene rejecting him would at least have a little impact on him kek.

No. 1830900

so delusional you might be schizophrenic anon

No. 1831002

File: 1684594868285.jpg (99.75 KB, 509x1024, 341-1.jpg)

Jonny's teeth lookin like Down the Clown

No. 1831273

Kek anon. I was drunk actually but I still stand by what I said even if it was really dumbly worded. Syd is obsessed with the image of appearing like a good mother, I wouldn't be surprised if my skidzo observation is true. That kiddo may have his best chances with Grandma but hopefully for his sake we're proven wrong.

No. 1831299

Honestly if you look at the pic via her Instagram it’s pretty cute. Storm is laughing and seems comfortable (and not in a nervous laugh way little children will do sometimes)

No. 1831332

jonny Craig looks like those old dogs that u have to like hand-feed bc they're so fucking old they just shit themselves everywhere

No. 1831390

File: 1684655388924.jpeg (1023.55 KB, 3072x3428, IMG_3467.jpeg)

No. 1831417

File: 1684662617781.png (30.59 KB, 268x188, 790575B1-B51F-4988-A556-772F14…)

More like

No. 1831418

File: 1684662643123.jpeg (141.52 KB, 1200x799, 5E98B531-7771-40BE-BB47-112961…)

Mixed with

No. 1831525

They were giving away tickets for his london show on the tickets for good site (the site gives free tickets for nhs)(sage your shit)

No. 1831629

U think if a pic of syds asshole just randomly showed up on the internet, she would stop talking about layna and we can all make fun of her instead? That would be fun. I'm sure there's someone out there.

No. 1831634

How about the saggy eggplants kek

No. 1831829

I doubt she cares about Layna. I think it’s a different schizo at this point.

No. 1832118

File: 1684749060608.png (Spoiler Image,797.22 KB, 1440x1274, IMG_0651.png)

You rang?

No. 1832193

you're a fool for falling for anyone's social media virtue signalling. anyone can set up a photo op .

No. 1832217

I wish she didn’t instantly delete her onlyfans and kept making content.

No. 1832309

It’s dumb to say he looks like he’s pulling away from her. As a mom with a boy one year older than storm, getting them to stay still for a picture is damn near impossible no matter how much they love you. But I think she’s probably a shit mom in reality too tho. I don’t even have bpd and a slew of other untreated mental illnesses and there’s days I wanna snap. There’s no way she could make it as a single mom. She’s gotta have someone helping her.

No. 1832324

Her mom lives somewhat close by doesn’t she? I’m assuming she’s getting a ton of help from her. And honestly ain’t no shame in that.

No. 1832331

Syd’s mom is doing 98% of the parenting (including the funding) lbr

she did a shit job with Syd and Storm has garbage DNA on both sides so I’m not holding my breath

No. 1832384

i think there is a little shame in consciously bringing a child into the world with a junkie, no financial plan, no savings, no job, un-medicated etc. It's like people make retarded decisions then expect everyone around them to just drop their own lives and help. i despise that type of selfishness. it's like shooting yourself in the foot after everyone told you not to, then demanding they give up their time to help.

No. 1832430

File: 1684789925702.jpeg (364.54 KB, 828x1501, 0B18E792-2E64-424D-A9D9-CCC856…)

For someone who claims to read a lot.. he is incredibly bad in stringing sentences that makes sense, terrible grammar and even worse cohesiveness on this word vomit. And this is coming from a ESL-fag kek. do better goiter

No. 1832478

I doubt Syd demanded her moms help. People get themselves into dumb situations because of their own mental illness and then the ones that love them either choose to bail them out, or choose to cut ties and kick them to the curb. Her mom obviously loves her and Storm so why wouldn’t she be there to pick up the pieces. It’s what good moms do.

No. 1832486

i agree with you anon and i gotta add that i think her mom is also involved on her being a better person, having a great relationship and moving on with her life flying away from grandpa Goiter and all that disgusting bullshit and people he associate with.

No. 1832546

He’s always such a pussy when he’s single.

No. 1832758

His “”friend”” died (someone he’s had multiple falling outs with before who now, in their old age would squash the beef to use each other for what’s left of their remaining clout). Now he’s using the situation to seem like he had any level of introspection. Probably remembering that he’s going to die pretty early due to all of his health problems from drugs (even if he’s sober now). It’s pathetic to see every time someone in his life dies, he kisses ass like the guy ever actually meant shit to him.

No. 1832759

File: 1684834569288.jpeg (145.95 KB, 1170x2064, 6EFA37A8-10D0-474B-A596-EA8694…)

No. 1832761

He’s retarded. People let others come back from mistakes when it’s one or two. Not when it’s multiple decades of despicable behavior that thousands of people have witnessed first-hand and face to face. You can pretend that some of the allegations were lies or fake but you’re such a messy piece of shit, there are too many witnesses to your disgusting choices and behavior towards both men and women, for you to just slip through the cracks again and make anything for yourself again.

I’m so glad this piece of shit went through decades of drug addiction so it was harder to hide his psychopathic behavior. Now it’s going to be easier to hide it, if his sobriety is real, but hundreds of people in the scene haven’t and will never forget the disgusting things you’ve done.

No. 1832803

It makes my skin crawl to see a middle-aged adult man typing this way. No dignity whatsoever.

No. 1832837

I know she didn't demanded it, but she likely expected it. Everything in her life has been paid for by someone else.
Someone else is bankrolling her doing nothing, and now that person has to bankroll her doing nothing + having a baby with a junkie.

No. 1832840

I'm guessing you mean Jordan Blake? I hate how he's doing vocals at Jordan's memorial concert. It's like the devil that got to live singing for the good guy who passed.

You begged for Layna, begged to be back in DGD, begged for your teeth from Taylor, begged to be kept in Slaves and you DEFO have begged for heroin consistently for around 15

No. 1832843

yup. 100%. he chases and begs all day. chases clout, and begs for sex.

No. 1832860

Agreed. When someone refuses to take ownership of their own faults and instead repeatedly shirks responsibility onto another person, they are allowed to move around the world completely unchanged.

No. 1832925

File: 1684864739015.jpeg (88.47 KB, 828x825, IMG_6674.jpeg)

Was browsing a local venue for upcoming shows and saw this.
Might have to take one for the farms and attend.

No. 1832999

he begs friends to spot him money, he begs girls for pics/to meet up. he begs bitches to stop seeing other dudes. guy is a walking L.

No. 1833196

Kek I forgot how tragic that photo was.

No. 1833312

File: 1684902448666.jpeg (223.53 KB, 1170x2072, C8D596CC-CDDD-43BD-AA49-C59ED9…)

This bitch is a farmer. I have a handful of reasons why. But anyways I think she read here how we said she ruined her body with the retarded lip injections and cheek filler ect. Girl it’s just advice, dissolve it a bit, quit making yourself look like Donatello Versace.

No. 1833329

who the fuck

No. 1833482

Goiter was commenting her pics lately.

Goiter’s like a truffle dog for women with deep rooted issues and low self esteem.

No. 1833501

File: 1684934960101.jpg (117.95 KB, 742x942, lolol.jpg)

No. 1833505

you gained self worth by taking on a common goth/scene girl aesthetic?
fuck therapy, time for duck lips and a septum piercing the size of a doughnut

No. 1833539

I lol'd, nonnie this is amazing!!

No. 1833541

>you don't know what they've been through
What about what your thong is going through, wtf is it tugged up to her waist for kek.

No. 1833591

KEK exactly

No. 1833808

Boxed/fridge shaped women do this to make it look like they have hips. Idk why cause it doesn’t work kek.

No. 1833809

I get that the alt look is his thing but there are plenty of alt women without baboon ass lips and lumpy faces from filler.

No. 1833813

File: 1684961006445.jpeg (258.54 KB, 1170x2079, E9212950-288B-4066-A6E3-B0E054…)

No. 1833827

File: 1684961689620.jpeg (573.87 KB, 3465x3465, 8772687F-F80A-4BFC-946B-FE8903…)

Depressing that there are hundreds of tweets like this on her sex work account. That doesn’t really entice more people to join your OF?

No. 1833828

File: 1684961769157.jpeg (213.8 KB, 1170x1317, 8FF061A2-2ECF-4D25-AEC2-CFFD94…)

Look at that fried hair and weird scraggly braid in the back.

No. 1833865

the unbothered attitude but still lurk is giving me layna flashbacks kek i know they’re the same but still

No. 1833910

“hahahahaha I’m unbothered I actually don’t care” is a bit more trailer park/bothered than Layna posting pics of her pets and ignoring her asshole getting made fun of online.

No. 1833954

if you wanna convince people you don't care, do the opposite of what you are currently doing.

No. 1833958

Move blobfish to camwhore thread. (My bad for posting her here too.)

No. 1833989

File: 1684974666363.jpeg (182.01 KB, 1170x2018, AC854B01-2269-4F2B-8E0C-37B9B1…)

Jonny Craig is genuinely so disgusting.

No. 1834027

Whoever she is she’s a queen. LOVE that his friends are starting to strike out with women for the sole reason of being associated with him and his gross past. I can’t believe he’s still trying to paint the narrative that all his exes are just big meanie lairs. You can say you’re innocent as many times as you want grandma Craig, it won’t make anyone forget all the shitty and abusive things you’ve done. Tell us more about why you child wasn’t in your custody for the last few years… or is storm just a big meanie lair too?

No. 1834049

Only he would consider it a flex that no one wants anything to do with him or associate in any way lmao

No. 1834053

Storm isn’t a liar but I’m sure he paints it as “just an addicts mistake”. Addicts make many mistakes all the time sure, but every addict doesn’t treat human beings the way Jonny Craig does, with no remorse. He’s sober now, so is continuing to act like the victim of his exes still just the mistake of an addict?

No. 1834162

File: 1684995876776.jpeg (224.14 KB, 1170x2099, IMG_4369.jpeg)

What a fucking bummer it is when women defend known woman beaters.

No. 1834164

File: 1684996110232.jpeg (210.08 KB, 1170x1918, IMG_4370.jpeg)

It’s always the fridge shaped girls too

No. 1834206

Oh is that what his story was about? This bitch is so weird. Another superfan he turned into a friend because no one else likes him.

No. 1834242

I thought this might be from the shitty new band dude dating wiggles and texts he sent her early in the relationship that he didn't want lil Jon being in her life if they dated. Maybe lil Jon was sent them recently by Wiggles as to why she isn't talking to him much and he interpreted it as "awww she's loyal to our friendship!"

No. 1834276

Jesus fucking christ. Well done to that girl that is staying the fuck away from goiter and his cohort of clout-chasers dickbros. This is why he will never ever succeed or make a come back, the refusal to admit that he is an abusive piece of shit is unnerving! I still remember he told taylor that cheating is not a form of abusive. kek the only talent this waste of space has is being a gaslight.

No. 1834297

"my friend is beautiful" - prelude to a sex offence / creepy outcome

No. 1834398

>haha my friend lost the girl he was in to because I’m a huge arrogant asshole
Why would he even post this kek. It’s the exact opposite of her loss, she dodged a bullet considering Jonny’s friend sent him this message so they could attempt to publicly shame her for standing up for herself and setting boundaries.
Shocking, another ugly sex worker who’s jumping on the women hating bandwagon. He’s literally never going to pick you.

No. 1834400

I think that chick is a lesbian. She’s just a fan girl and goiter doesn’t have any friends.

No. 1835114

Whether not this is about a Male friend or female friend ( Sonya or that girl with green hair), it's alarming that boundaries are selfish???

No. 1835155

File: 1685132882293.jpeg (208.93 KB, 1170x2078, IMG_4371.jpeg)

It’s def the green hair girl, she shared this shortly after he posted the messages

No. 1835189

Yeah she’s a lesbian, that text is from a woman as well.

No. 1835280

I had a feeling it was another woman. Moids won't ever deny a lay because they respect women and their abusers

No. 1835319

File: 1685149726453.jpeg (108.94 KB, 1170x2053, 4ADB5313-6957-4872-81C7-BE3644…)

JC count your blessings you have expiring clout or your bed would be empty.

No. 1835753

File: 1685224674665.jpeg (290.2 KB, 1170x2103, EA2FB9F0-60E2-4FD2-88AE-256D91…)

Bullying a girl because he can’t handle criticism 1/3

No. 1835754

File: 1685224770652.jpeg (197.86 KB, 1170x2060, 914A184C-D0D5-44FA-9322-25A020…)

No. 1835758

File: 1685225011107.jpeg (249.99 KB, 1170x2077, 822E18A0-12FD-4463-9210-D40195…)

No. 1835767

File: 1685227089868.jpeg (87.55 KB, 1170x2074, A4D50F5C-5EBA-4CB3-92D6-293096…)

That girl is objectively way cuter than the ogres he’s been with recently. I’m starting to think Syd was right and he really is a closet fag cause he seems to only be into women that look very manly.

No. 1835768

>old and mad no one remembers how to spell his name
>y- your nails are bad

good one, goiter

No. 1835775

I was about to say this girl is pretty cute. Not sure her age, but if she's underage that's just creepy he is going out of his way to attack her. Sad old man.

No. 1835776

File: 1685228599901.png (152.74 KB, 1410x380, kjhfskdjh.png)

She also falls under the generic alt girl that he likes - guess it stings that she doesn't like him kek. Also kek @ the jonny fan in her comments. They all look the same.

No. 1835779

File: 1685229093177.png (29.52 KB, 258x462, mario.png)

>im-a still the one

No. 1835781

No. 1835785

ooohhhhh heee maddddddd kek. straight into the nit picking. what a fucking spoon. baby got his feelings hurt by a girl on the internet.

No. 1835787

File: 1685230509633.jpeg (778.36 KB, 4095x2730, F5C404D8-A7BC-4DE3-94F3-C7DF36…)

She’s a queen.

No. 1835789

Based. Need more younger alt people to call out the creeps.

No. 1835791

I feel like this was the thing 5 years ago but it’s almost like a ton of them don’t know what a clown he is now and are trying to be cool by referencing Jonny Craig’s music. That’s exactly why I feel like Syd needs to come out and actually expose him for all the shit. But maybe we’ll have to wait literal years for the court case to be over. (When it’s not pertinent, sometimes this shit takes literal years).

No. 1835808

File: 1685233636215.jpeg (43.9 KB, 1170x477, 1BC19A73-048F-447C-8548-72A24C…)

No. 1835818

I swear goiter is more known for his trash fire relationships than his actual music. Which is impressively bad because he does have a really good voice.

No. 1835838

jonny your talent couldn't even buy you a house, and you flushed your career down the toilet.

No. 1835882

File: 1685243960262.jpeg (255.94 KB, 1284x2637, IMG_3662.jpeg)

“I hope ya’ll are slamming this girl” imagine being this upset over someone half your age

No. 1835888

File: 1685244558439.jpeg (254.15 KB, 1170x2030, IMG_4380.jpeg)

Her caption KEK

No. 1835891

File: 1685245197418.jpeg (131.15 KB, 1170x2079, A4A8FB07-D7F1-4F4E-9A1A-B9F33B…)

No. 1835892

Oh the blonde woman in that screenshot is the woman that went to universal studios with goiter and his gang on his birthday this year. You all thought it was Big Jess. They look identical though.

No. 1835896

Creeped her page and she had pics at universal the same day they were there, and she looks exactly like the girl that was in the background of goiter and gangs pics and videos. Now she’s being his attack dog towards some teenager?

No. 1835902

Did Skid delete her Instagram or just change her @? Minnieskins is just a dead @ now.

No. 1835907


This 40 year old man really spent his whole Saturday on this and now he's sicking his 40 remaining fans on her lmfao. Clearly the behavior of someone whos ballin, up next, stickin it to the haters, etc. He seems extra mad and unstable lately, are we finally gonna get another relapse arc soon?

No. 1835911

I think he just gets like this when he’s not currently on tour and has 5 minutes by himself in his own lonely brain. He’ll be going on tour in June though, lucky goiter can avoid his thoughts once again. Whenever he stops touring for a chunk of time though I could see another relapse.

No. 1835913

File: 1685247802428.jpeg (382.36 KB, 1170x2124, IMG_4382.jpeg)

Maybe she blocked you or something because her account is still up

No. 1835962

omg do you have notification on for Skid? kek also to other nonnies that want to lurk I recommend this page https://iganony.io/

No. 1835964

Oops I guess I did for broadcast channels kek she doesn’t really post much now anyways she’s been super boring ever since she got with the big nose guy

No. 1836091

haha funny how he can get so triggered over a girl online. im so happy he's seething whilst everyone else laughs. brings joy to my heart

No. 1836092

Kek her fingers look so normal on here too, just like slender and bent? Jonny had to reach so hard kek.

No. 1836105

you can tell he scanned her photos from corner to corner looking for a nit pick. my god man go get a life.

No. 1836145

Not sure what’s more weak: jonny’s music career, his insults, or his junkie dick. Kek

No. 1836184

File: 1685298994033.jpeg (434.39 KB, 1170x2086, 494B8F6C-A213-4FAD-B81C-37F698…)

Kek looks like he’s officially put a mattress in his living room to fit more bros in to help him with rent. Very almost40yearoldfather of him.

No. 1836253


The funko pops in the back keek. Loser

No. 1836474

I was wondering why it looked like in a previous pic his gaming computer is in his bedroom now lol. Converted the living room to a 3rd bedroom. Doubt that’s allowed on his lease.

No. 1836475

I was wondering why it looked like in a previous pic his gaming computer is in his bedroom now lol. Converted the living room to a 3rd bedroom. Doubt that’s allowed on his lease.

No. 1836476

I was wondering why it looked like in a previous pic his gaming computer is in his bedroom now lol. Converted the living room to a 3rd bedroom. Doubt that’s allowed on his lease.

No. 1836995

It's Sacto- as long as the rent gets paid, they don't care if all of lil Jon's buddies are packed in his asshole in that apartment.

No. 1837025

JC really in a Truman show he built for himself, what’s more obvious that he’s in the thread then going after her fingers after getting slammed for having nasty hands multiple times now

No. 1837335

File: 1685429132524.jpeg (55.67 KB, 1170x2080, 666FF7C9-1B47-42DA-86C7-971AD9…)

What musician is he shitting on?

No. 1837355

He watched a clip of a crowd for his own show and didn't recognize his own generic shitty music, then decided to roast the dude. He'll realize later he was just figuratively shitting on himself then literally shit himself as he scrambles to pick a real musician to make it about.

No. 1837546

i feel like he’s the male version of Shayna

No. 1837589

File: 1685472222709.jpg (215.31 KB, 1200x900, 0_Vicky-Pollard.jpg)

I feel like he's the male version of Vicky Pollard.

No. 1837794

File: 1685486947288.jpeg (180.73 KB, 1170x2039, 8206A652-8AC9-496A-8A67-C67FB6…)

Still crying over a woman misspelling his name literal days after the fact keeek

No. 1837807


This is quite literally all this man has going on?? Love that for him.

Also he's looking RAPIDLY AGED, yikes.

No. 1837958

Kek no one cares Johnny.

No. 1838056

just in his bloodstream from time to time

No. 1838084

most underrated comment on this thread

No. 1838102

File: 1685513971825.png (18.63 KB, 219x361, boredcrowd.png)

the irony of him posting this when I pulled all these from a singular crowd shot he shared. kek


No. 1838113

The only people that go to his shows are 40+ or busted young groupies that have struck out elsewhere and are opting for Tiger King Goiter over here.

No. 1838120

No. 1838174

Ohhh Johnny, it's that time again… no "tour", so it's time to "own da haterz" by reaction emotionally in response to a literal child making fun of you kekekek.

No. 1838382

Newsflash johnny, people genuinely dont care about you that much to want to spell your name right. Get over yourself

No. 1838488

File: 1685563951029.jpeg (40.54 KB, 1170x650, A12534D1-4393-4FB4-BB80-10D432…)

Kek Jonny Craig is desperate for my friend.

No. 1838613

his tactics seems to be pick some girls on instagra to like bomb, then sit back and see who replies. then move onto cringey flexing. if they even entertain his retardation, he moves onto love bombing. kek. what a child.

No. 1838645

File: 1685577549257.jpeg (46.09 KB, 489x574, E090C0F4-EA92-42EB-92CB-B0025E…)


No. 1838894

File: 1685612388903.jpeg (183.51 KB, 1170x1542, 17ED90EF-FC3D-484D-8D8E-5F154C…)

No. 1839042

(dont post uncensored photos of minors)

No. 1839101

File: 1685644012199.jpeg (298.33 KB, 1170x1968, 73569348-5F23-4E1D-8884-177CDD…)

Looks like there’s some kind of court case or decision over custody happening today?

No. 1839135

File: 1685648709225.jpeg (90.48 KB, 1170x2093, 6F316332-B844-408F-872D-EDB8CA…)

No. 1839140

Love how this two useless waste of space bring an innocent child into this world and only to poison him with fent and put him through so much childhood and parenting trauma.

No. 1839184

>custody battle + court case against him for poisoning his child with fent
> "it's not a loss"

Kek. Cope harder about being a deadbeat loser.

No. 1839220

Quick someone lookup the verdict lmao

No. 1839251

Doubt there was a verdict, the trial hasn’t even actually started yet, takes years sometimes. Probably just pushed back farther and accepted his request to have Storm sometimes.

No. 1839371

File: 1685672009580.jpeg (218.31 KB, 1284x2274, IMG_3840.jpeg)

His hairs gonna fucking fall out after bleaching his already fried hair

No. 1839548

>spent these last almost two years just trying to make it right
Pretty sure he's spent the last "almost two years" dating a camwhore and serial cheating on her, getting desperate groupies like big jess to buy him shoes and funko pops, filling his house with a whole bunch of bum "room mates", the never ending sad search for his next future ex wifey, etc. real father of the year here.

No. 1839587

lol keep sipping that copium goiter

No. 1839621

Same energy as the middle aged men who loiter outside the local pokies ogaling women half their age who walk past whilst stinking of beer and cigarettes.

No. 1839733

take that ridiculous thing out of your nose

No. 1839871

File: 1685739209156.jpeg (115.48 KB, 2201x1170, 5DBEC5EB-DF41-4187-A45D-8FF437…)

Idk but he has a mental health diversion hearing coming up

KEEPMYSECRETS is one word!

No. 1839890

I had to Google that. So that means that his actual drug trial was pushed back so he could go to treatment, and now it's time for the trial?

No. 1840035

"Mental health diversion is a pretrial program in California that diverts individuals from the criminal justice system into mental health treatment in lieu of facing a criminal trial or conviction. This is an alternative created for individuals where mental health played a significant part in their alleged crime."

Hopefully the person evaluating already has it in their mind this guy is bat shit crazy.

No. 1840055

This is the funniest fucking karma I've ever seen. The dumbass that doesn't believe in mental health now has to go into mental health treatment. Run by the state. He is NEVER going to get his kid. I'm fucking dead.

No. 1840056

This is the funniest fucking karma I've ever seen. The dumbass that doesn't believe in mental health now has to go into mental health treatment. Run by the state. He is NEVER going to get his kid. I'm fucking dead.>>1840035

No. 1840057

This is the funniest fucking karma I've ever seen. The dumbass that doesn't believe in mental health now has to go into mental health treatment. Run by the state. He is NEVER going to get his kid. I'm fucking dead.

No. 1840058

This is the funniest fucking karma I've ever seen. The dumbass that doesn't believe in mental health now has to go into mental health treatment. Run by the state. He is NEVER going to get his kid. I'm fucking dead.

No. 1840086

did Syd get the same? maybe thats why she’s so quiet now

No. 1840118

File: 1685776247105.png (808.58 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_3900.png)

He said “it’s crazy how good looking i am” delusional ass fuck

No. 1840122

File: 1685776610436.jpeg (207.18 KB, 1284x2650, IMG_3904.jpeg)

New song just says “you are the one for me” over and over again

No. 1840124

Someone in the live said Johnny doesn’t have a drivers license

No. 1840135

File: 1685778007062.png (738.01 KB, 1170x2532, A89A3DF9-024D-428B-A3B8-BAEF2A…)

He’s dating Leah(@the.motherwolfe) now kek. Mega Sacramento cunt.

No. 1840136

She’s also pushing 40 with kids with no romantic prospects because she’s so unbearable to be around. Perfect for him.

No. 1840137

File: 1685778693314.jpeg (221.3 KB, 1170x1989, IMG_4551.jpeg)

She looks like a knock off Sonya

No. 1840138

I wonder how long it’ll take to actually claim her. He did the same thing with Layna, posting but never technically claiming so he can still fuck with other females. This kind of behaviour at 37 is so pathetic.

No. 1840218

>pushing 40
thank god he finally found someone age-appropriate

spoiler this ffs

No. 1840227

from her instagram she’s a drug addict and a mother, brilliant combo

let the milk flow

No. 1840264

aww, that’s sweet, they can neglect their children together, what a beautiful thing to share

No. 1840301

is he capable of dating anything other than this aesthetic? i guess he needs a curated gf so he can outwardly project a certain lifestyle. sorta like juggalows. kek

No. 1840307

It think it can be claimed for addiction problems as well.

Jonny relapse arc in 3, 2, 1…

No. 1840348

He went to a show with her a couple weeks ago and an anon said she’s been driving his Acura to the skatepark (almost 40 btw)

No. 1840354

Didn’t an anon say she was 30/almost 30 though??

No. 1840400

Oh yeah they did. Drugs messed her up then cause she look 40.

No. 1840436

wait does joHnny even have a drivers license?

No. 1840442

No but he still bought that shitbox car.

No. 1840448

cash poor jhonny craig LARPing with his sk8r girl GF that they are good parents and very rich and cool

No. 1840450

>scribble face tats
>no driver’s license
>choild neglector
he’s coming up tho!!!!

No. 1840462

Leah has one friend that isn’t a guy she’s fucking kek. Good luck Jonny.

No. 1840483

I know we are all here to hate JC obvy And I’m here for it kek but can we get some real milk on this girl? So far it seems like no one has any facts about her except she’s possibly a drug addict ?
and are we looking at the same person I don’t think she looks 40. She’s not cute but she doesn’t look old
We need someone in here that knows her irl and can give something we can use

No. 1840500

Some anon in the last thread said they know about her but didn’t have proof. All they said was that she’s a huge bitch and did something shitty to them years ago. No real milk on this chick yet.
I think the opposite. I think she’s very cute but looks older than she is. Looks older than sinya and sinya is older than goiter. Both girls are still cute though.

No. 1840508

>can give us something we can use
Respectfully… what the fuck? Let the milk flow organically, the broads that date Johnny are always milky. If they’re dating the milk will come, you don’t need to stalk her and her irls lmao? This thread always tells on itself for being full of proper psychopaths.

No. 1840512

Do you only frequent this thread? Cause they’re all like this on here. You should see Shaynas.

No. 1840514

It’s probably the same nonny who spammed laynas nudes and they’re hoping they can do something similar to Leah with whatever anons can dig up on her.

No. 1840530

no i’m not, Leah hasn’t done anything milky yet in front of us but i think we can agree that some anon seem to have a personal vendetta on her. i still need a summary about who the fuck is Leah tbh

No. 1840532

There’s no personal vendetta, probably the same jealous jonny fangirls that attack every female he dates.

No. 1840535

no, there’s someone that knows them irl but i’m not sure if it’s the girl that had beef with keepmysecretions or another anon that have been posting Leah before we all knew who she was. it’s all in the threads

No. 1840639


It’s crazy when people mention “Jonny fan girls” as though there are sooooo many of those running around, jealous of the women he dates.

No. 1840644

I don’t know how else to explain the state of this thread tbh.
It’s weird and sad.

No. 1840794

we're just waiting for the inevitable milk. relax.

No. 1840919

this thread been shit since day 1 kek its like the celebricows thread

No. 1841676

File: 1686019519211.png (514.2 KB, 1284x2778, 92969D37-28D6-4D49-84DB-4AB7DD…)

Standing on his tippy toes lmfaooo

No. 1841725

Looks like they're playing Red Rover and are about to send lil Jon the Sped right over

No. 1841786

those are the dudes from the OG A Skylit Drive. they just lost their singer (who jonny is singing on behalf of for the memorial show). it's a pretty important moment for the scene and i hope he attempts to not make it all about HIM. he already looks like he's acting like a spoon.

No. 1842023

are you new? this is the tamest the threads have been in months. the layna arc was really the most mentally ill

No. 1842098

I genuinely think goiter dating a cute/normal girl after his slew of messes brought the thread to insanity. It just didn’t logically follow.

No. 1842114

i don’t think people are just bashing his dates bc they’re jealous. you just have to be a very specific breed of fucked up loser to want to (a.) suck that guy and (b.) be okay with all of the very public past and present behavior….best we can hope for is that she’s somehow just sheltered and unaware.

No. 1842154

File: 1686107427753.jpeg (129.14 KB, 1170x1986, 7FF3D3DC-3C24-456E-A7E8-6F5505…)

No. 1842162

genuinely who would want to date someone who posts things like this publicly everyday

No. 1842192

File: 1686111229188.png (62.26 KB, 1080x1490, Screenshot_20230607-001455.png)

No. 1842208

Doesn’t the algorithm show you accounts you’ve interacted with, even if you don’t follow them? Also, why wouldn’t he just block her? He’s such an unlikeable person.

No. 1842318

I think he's talking about the explore page which also shows things you might like even though you may never have interacted with it before.
Or it's one of those targeted ads like the wonky eye bitch from Rebel Wigs that gets nothing but hate about her wonky eye and excessive filler and filter use on her ads.

No. 1842326

File: 1686139244930.jpg (179.29 KB, 1274x1039, goiter.jpg)

No. 1842430

File: 1686160918216.jpeg (118.42 KB, 2174x1170, 2CE8ACE2-DD1D-44B1-AB93-29F731…)

Bro should be focused on getting his son back. Another hearing coming up later this month

No. 1842758

yup. but instead he's getting triggered by gen z girls on Instagram. priorities are "getting smoke" rather than basic human decency and being a father.

No. 1842931

File: 1686252069060.jpeg (133.42 KB, 1170x1995, IMG_4601.jpeg)

Why does he try so hard to be edgy

No. 1843034

File: 1686262115738.jpeg (304.71 KB, 1284x2279, IMG_4020.jpeg)

And those girls thinking “when I see a 40y/o man with painted nails and a nose chain from hot topic lol stop that shit”

No. 1843196


Syds beats no.2


No. 1843203

He thinks about Sydney every day. His true love.

No. 1843223

I'd shave my head too if this creature was anywhere within my orbit

No. 1843441

exactly. nits, lice, pubic crabs etc

No. 1843704

File: 1686343729993.jpeg (99.5 KB, 1170x2059, 193B1FD5-7A96-4249-858E-1F3FCC…)

Maybe cos you post retarded memes that usually pick on women.

No. 1843709

Are we gonna get a troons vs. Jonny Craig arc?

No. 1843719

we can only hope. he seems really angry at women and full of rage at the moment. punching down jokes screams insecurity.

No. 1843988

short guys with tiny peepees are always so angry at women, like it’s our fault they’re genetically defective little gremlins

No. 1844269

It's always the ugliest, smelly looking scrotes who act like women have to adhere to their favourite porn aesthetics kek. Also the biggest terminal retards who think there's one universal "sexy" out there you can quantify

No. 1844396

His new song he’s been teasing on ig sounds like garbage. Just saying “you are the one for me” over and over again. So desperate to convince a new girl to let him manipulate her.

No. 1844500

how about you do any better cunt^(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1844504

she's probably not a geriatric warped tour reject who dreams of getting more than 200 listens on soundcloud, for one

No. 1844507

I probably couldn’t but it’s not my Literal Job kek. The stark difference between his heyday in music to now is hilarious.

No. 1844509

You’re supposed to get better at your craft over the years not worse… but I guess he has been burning holes in his brain with drugs.

No. 1844658

i put out a song holding one note on a keyboard and didn't poison a baby with fent. i'm already doing better

No. 1844659

he's doing the generic pentatonic runs over a trap beat with plenty compression and auto-tune. done to death. he needs people like Will Swan or Colin V to guide him. on his own he just copies stuff he likes.

No. 1844756

If you're an honest fan of jonny's you could probably use chatgtp to make a song better than he could now. Granted it would be a generic rock song but probably less generic than what his current mush brain can muster. Also wasn't jonny's best stuff in bands where he didn't have total creative control? His music wasn't my thing in the scene but the only positive stuff I ever really heard about him from his old fans was his voice, never his lyrics nor his ability for musical composition

No. 1844765

This. His lyrics were garbage from day 1. All the hype used to be around his voice and nothing else.

No. 1844777

His lyrics were always ass but he has an amazing voice. Since no one that matters wants to work with him anymore it’s pretty much game over for him.

No. 1844799

like nonnie above you said, he basically can't do anything of interest without strong songwriters like Swan. in the early DGD days he would turn up to the recordings with no lyrics or melodies. Will and the guys would hum him ideas. you can hear it on the first EP and album. it's chaos but really cool and unique. on his own, he just copies shit he hears on spotify playlists.

No. 1844952

remember when stans used to act like children of divorce was a lyrical masterpiece? lmao

No. 1845154

can't wait for storms version of that song about goiter. singing about how he'd be alone whilst his dad was posting ~~eDgy~~ memes and singing in karaoke bars

No. 1845230

I was one of them when it first released lmao now that I’m 30 it’s so cringey.

No. 1845287

I love seeing people say they cry to that song, when it’s about a kid he has never met in his life with a chick he knew for like 6 months. “Children of Divorce” my ass.

No. 1845880

File: 1686671086465.jpg (123.18 KB, 1080x1920, download (1).jpg)

Oh wonderful he's reached his addiction counselor era. He should also consider becoming a financial advisor!

No. 1845958

File: 1686679292190.jpg (36.24 KB, 392x655, 3F8A6577.jpg)

>Prepare for an influx of pictures documenting my friend having to drive me to pick up my son whom I poisoned and don't do shit for

No. 1846066

So far he's taken Storm to a "premium sneaker boutique" that doesn't sell Storm's size shoe so he's basically just dragging his son along while he showers himself with more expensive gifts. Oh and it looks like he and his chauffeur are playing video games and Storm is just watching. Great dad. Fucking dick.

No. 1846083

it's amazing now trailer trash, room temp IQ, lobotomites like goiter think that taking a child to a designer sneaker store constitutes any form of good parenting. feel so bad for storm being dragged around on this clown show. it's teaching him goiters warped value system and to worship B class designer brands. cringeorama

No. 1846093

I have nothing against parents gaming but he doesn’t have custody and barely ever gets to see storm, spending the little time they do have together gaming is shitty. Put the controller down and do something age appropriate with your toddler, not just what YOU want to do. Those parenting classes were in vain, he likes the idea of being a father way more than actually being a father.

No. 1846190

He likes what being a father does for his image. He’s trying to put out an image of sober dad who’s a good guy now. We all know that’s fake and he will never in his life be a decent person.

No. 1846265

He is a weak man. He will always lie, cheat, and fuck people over. He will always take the easy way out, like every other weak man.

No. 1846270


Kinda sus that he posts his addiction expertise on Taylor's very public "one year sober from heroin" day.

No. 1846284

He probably still talks to or stalks her kek

No. 1846288

File: 1686713173373.jpeg (53.36 KB, 1170x2070, 5369A7D2-4FAD-486C-BF2A-E67854…)

No. 1846306

Probably directed at Sydney for not being impressed that he wasted a day with Storm making him follow his dad around doing 19-year-old boy shit and dropping him off with one of his funkos as a parting gift or something.

No. 1846544

Wait I just noticed they’re in San Jose? Does this confirm that syd and storm live with her mom?

No. 1847223

File: 1686871340995.jpeg (259.86 KB, 1170x1459, B718F346-C869-4A4C-B850-C493DB…)

>inb4 “hi cow”
But damn, all of goiters exes have such a massive glow up when they get away from him. Syd is looking really good and healthy.

No. 1847267

true. but I have to nitpick her dye job. syd pls it's not that hard to part your hair from your bangs before you bleach it

No. 1847294

File: 1686878687651.jpeg (208.29 KB, 1170x2064, IMG_4665.jpeg)

I had no idea these two were friends now but holy shit her face is so fucked up

No. 1847316

I noticed they were following each other when Layna and JC were still together. Piixie would comment thirst on his photos so I followed piixie, then a few weeks later I noticed Layna started following as well.

No. 1847358

File: 1686890350672.jpeg (194.6 KB, 1170x2079, 790CCE9B-C2AB-48E9-8D42-4FE45F…)

I hate the way this retard uses the deaths of other people to feel special and draw attention to himself.

No. 1847372

Jordan was his friend show some respect got dang it ^

No. 1847430

Fuck off they had beef for years and were fake friendly as of recent just for convenience sake.

No. 1847493

cutest blobfish in the whole sea

No. 1847549


Psycho looking ass

No. 1847630

He showed up to 2 recent shows over the years. That's it. Not once was jonny in ear shot a single time Jordan need help or even needed some one to talk to. Jonny just needed connections. They were not friends.

No. 1847673

Comedy maybe. This bitch is FUCK ugly. Yikes.

No. 1847690


No. 1847691

They where rivals, junkies and very different people. The friend trope is to clean the slate for the memorial. Jordan was a genuinely good person, so I hope Goiter can keep his own "junkie journey" stuff out of it. I don't think Goiter can process emapthy enough to deliver an emotional performance without inserting his own crap into it.

No. 1847703

File: 1686947857616.jpeg (294.52 KB, 1170x2080, B53E0A90-5692-4937-91B2-5D5EB4…)

It’s insane how much plastic surgery could fuck up your face

No. 1847721

He’s going to make it about himself.

She probably thinks she looks better in the lower photo because the camera quality and editing to the contrast/brightness/saturation is better.

No. 1847744

The bottom lip situation is killing me. She looks like she's trying to spit.

No. 1847758

instagram was literally invented to artificially project an image of having your shit together and being "healthy" kek. don't fall for it.

No. 1847770

File: 1686955823663.jpeg (115.37 KB, 1170x2080, 386A8073-9B46-426E-BB2E-8D3F5A…)

Negative Nancy. Syd did a good job of making herself look crazy on Instagram a couple years back, now she’s obviously calmed down and is raising her child.
And she looks much better than any of JC’s current options kek.

No. 1847773

File: 1686956057325.jpeg (100.09 KB, 1063x1596, D907DED2-17E9-4D77-B592-D9B28D…)

On spider-heads story.
>I’m saying that’s sensitive information… like my bank account number, social security number, how many wives I have.

You will never have a wife you old hag, no one wants you.

No. 1847777

There’s one nonny in here who wks pancake nips like it’s her job. Skid not acting crazy anymore means fuck all and she definitely didn’t glow up, she looks the exact same as she did when they were together; ugly unflattering hair, a face full of metal, shitty face tats and eyebrows that should land her in jail they’re so visually offensive. Some anons seem to forget the absolutely disgusting things she did and should really read these threads from the beginning.

No. 1847786

I remember what she did and clearly she’s doing much better.

No. 1847801

File: 1686958788445.jpeg (178.98 KB, 1080x1350, 8E2328CA-61D7-4C83-8BF2-DA5EC8…)

At least Skid is out in the world doing things other than sitting in a small apartment with 8 other dudes. That apartment probably reeks and smells like cat piss. Does Jonny not have any future goals? Other than play to the same tired crowd and get groupie chlamydia pussy? Does he actually think he’s gonna blow up in r&b/rap and get big like Drake or some shit?

No. 1847939

I'm genuinely curious if they are going to go on another tour after this one…
No new music has dropped from anyone in years and they are literally running these tours with the same playlists into the ground because they don't have shit else to do.
Is spiderheads la el ever going to let him release music again or like is he going to get a job??
They really have got to see that this is coming to an end if they don't put some shit out like pretty immediately.

No. 1847948

Jonny keeps teasing music so I’m sure an albums coming, but they’re so lazy and they’re dragging their asses to the point where no one’s gonna care anymore.

No. 1847959

And I bet either him or one of his retarded friends is mixing/mastering it because he’s blacklisted by so many of the people that have done his past albums. It’s probably why he’s constantly complaining on his stories lately about how no one wants to work with him “but they’re missing out ThO”. Kek.

No. 1847963

File: 1686978903612.jpeg (177.91 KB, 1170x2082, 05DAEA57-4434-460D-B57B-600FEF…)

Leah out supporting her man.

No. 1847976

Thank you. Exactly this.

Let’s not forget she left her infant with a junkie and caused an OD. and then chose to stay with him for the clout and was only dumped when she got caught cheating. She’s always been psycho. She learned to keep it quiet because of her current active court case. I don’t believe for a minute she’s changed.
Layna even stated how skid was threatening people with photos of her asshole kek. Idk why some of you are falling for her act.

No. 1848077

because we are not bitter about some girl growing up and learning from her shit and getting her shit together! Queen behavior.

No. 1848079

also layna is a fucking liar and it’s documented here so pics or it didn’t happen

No. 1848122

yea the crazy social media freak outs are redeemable but she baby trapped an active addict because he was famous and then ultimately put her baby’s life in danger in favour of the junkie moid. plus up until January of this year when johnny made a post saying they finally got storm back
she was pretending she had custody of him, that’s actual psycho behaviour lmao.

No. 1848188

just because Syd wants you to think she's got her shit together, doesn't mean that's the case. internet 101.

No. 1848189

two things can be true at once. goiter can be dead beat and Syd can also be a dead beat. what they project on their instagram is what they want you to think. if you fall for it, you're literally believing retards LARPing as non-retards.

No. 1848202

a court telling you to stop being a terrible person online and to use common sense, doesn't constitute a "glow up". kek.

No. 1848294

File: 1687035672380.jpeg (153.03 KB, 1170x2246, E34531CA-1756-4A19-9614-E72C9E…)

Goiter and Leah last night, JC holding someone’s baby. Trying to impress his new girlfriend.

No. 1848308

I guess her holding storm over Jonny’s head so he couldn’t go public with his gf was her showing us how grown up and healthy she is now, wow such progress kek.

No. 1848332

Idk why that anon doesn’t believe Layna when she said Skid threatened JC with showing his mom Layna’s butthole pics. Sounds exactly like something Skid would do.

No. 1848336

File: 1687040059715.jpeg (172.41 KB, 1170x2052, 99D2B032-26F5-42CE-AD1C-B4BC01…)

Syd is taking care of her child, filling her time with motherly duties, she’s even made overnight oats. She wins.

No. 1848337

Meanwhile Jonny Craig is holding a random baby since he’s not allowed to be with Storm outside of designated days. With another chick he won’t claim. I’m already barfing at what his retarded Father’s Day post is going to be on Sunday.

No. 1848343

Oh yeah, you know she was raging out over someone taking her famous 11:11 junkie baby daddy. It’s stupidly obvious to anyone with a brain she uses this thread all the time, mostly to shit on the women in his orbit and get her frustrations out instead of the insta meltdowns she used to have.

No. 1848353

Fr… These shitposts on how she looks beautiful and put together are such a joke(sage your shit)

No. 1848376

Fucking shit sorry it’s not your precious LAYNA that’s being spoken about positively.(infighting)

No. 1848405

Syd poisoned her baby with fentanyl but now that she’s dumped some water over oats and stuck it in the fridge, she has redeemed herself

No. 1848409

Why is he holding that random kid like he’s trying to breastfeed it KEK

No. 1848411

Over night oats will not even fix one of syds laundry list of issues kek. She should stop denying treatment for her personality disorder and get a fucking job so our taxes can stop funding her.
Dunno what the camwhore has to do with anything anyone said. You seem to be really obsessed with layna, do you have a big gay crush or her or something? Maybe you should ask her out nonny.

No. 1848416

food stamp day ayyyy

No. 1848441

File: 1687054076610.jpeg (31.76 KB, 522x751, F790D723-35CE-4BC9-8C67-C08858…)

Oh shit James Charles was at the show last night!

No. 1848445

File: 1687055013563.jpeg (151.96 KB, 1170x2070, 727BDEBC-17AC-4044-B7F7-F4EC66…)

His place looks absolutely trashed and disgusting. Like a trap house. And they allow Storm in that environment?

No. 1848446

File: 1687055119819.jpeg (23.6 KB, 612x612, FC285E7D-B52F-461A-9638-F57953…)

No. 1848472

> she’s even made overnight oats.
kek the bar is so low

No. 1848537

Why the filters? She looks better without them(learn2sage)

No. 1848543

The wild exaggerations are what drive me crazy. Syd has got some screws loose, but to declare that she poisoned her kid with fentanyl is so ridiculous.

No. 1848546

oh nvm. Sydney England and Jonny Craig neglected their kid so badly, he poisoned himself with fentanyl. much better!

just can’t decide if it would be better or worse if she were high

No. 1848701

File: 1687104503234.jpg (29.57 KB, 600x691, 080-2108459078.jpg)

> she’s even made overnight oats. She wins.
never once on earth, has a bad person EVER eaten overnight oats or posted nice things on insta. it just can't physically occur.

No. 1848703

File: 1687104589102.jpg (56.2 KB, 1177x840, cscscs.jpg)

No. 1848705

would you leave a child in the care of a junkie on drugs? kekkearoni pizza my girl.

No. 1848787

She’s a deeply insecure 39 year old single mom that’s why. Along with being a loser that orbits Jonny Craig to desperately try to hang onto her youth because she probably listened to his bands in her 20’s.

No. 1848878

she’s winning today unlike all the other losers posted here ♥(bait)

No. 1848991

File: 1687137759860.jpeg (137.83 KB, 1170x2073, D7CDF915-4559-4C3F-9747-116254…)

Cry me a river. It’s your fault.

No. 1848994

May he never get his ways. Amen.

No. 1849002

Fatherhood but make it a threat. I don't even follow this thread but this is so unhinged get out of my way so I can be with my kid on Father's Day! proving why he isn't. It's not supposed to be a day of violence kek

No. 1849006

File: 1687139955265.jpeg (158.17 KB, 1188x2021, 52E6A500-DEBE-41F8-9C9A-450587…)

syd saying she’s proud to be storms mom and dad

No. 1849008

parental alienation is usually frowned upon by courts, even if he is a gross junkie

No. 1849017

Both posts are equally performative for social media and beg for asspats . Still lame parents using a platform to prove how great they are. The proof is in the court proceedings, and also the heart problems Storm faces. The evidence of the parenting will show more clearly later on in regards to the kid’s intelligence and behavior. Its obvious they post to prove the haters wrong. Its not about Storm; hes a prop and tool to both of these pathetic shitheads.
I have felt bad for that child since day 1 of pregnancy news.
I really hope he finds a better support system as he grows older.

No. 1849036

what a loser

No. 1849098

Shit on her all you want but she’s obviously taking care of him when Jonny isn’t at all. He wants his PR DAYS aka once a week when he can prove to IG he nutted inside a woman and produced a baby… doesn’t make you a dad.

No. 1849108

File: 1687152901354.jpeg (159.74 KB, 1170x2189, B14F28D6-4B58-4687-9311-5FB7C0…)

No. 1849152

File: 1687159860675.jpeg (221.78 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_4449.jpeg)

Oh he butthurt

No. 1849177

KEK pathetic man using his son as a prop.

No. 1849180

File: 1687163758647.jpeg (74.5 KB, 1170x2050, 601807B3-14C5-4325-89C6-917E3D…)

His new gf must think he’s trying his best. Can’t wait for her to snap into reality and see how he is hardly giving it even a half try.

No. 1849256

her mom is paying and caring for both Syd and the kid, I guess she’s the real MVP

No. 1849260

This is so embarrassing. How could he do something so stupid, and while sober? I hope this ignites a series of vague passive aggressive stories back and forth like they used to, I would be so happy.

No. 1849342

Moving in with someone who happens to have custody of your child because you got dumped by the loser father who no longer wants you and you have no where else to go doesn't exactly make you a mom. kek I'm sure she was allowed to stay there because her mom works and in the end, Skid living there is cheaper than daycare.

No. 1849353

I wonder what she thinks about him screenshotting Syd's IG story and reposting it with his little edit.

No. 1849384

does this dude seriously not have pictures of himself and the kid to post on father's day?? he had to photoshop himself in other pictures haha his supporters are stupid af

No. 1849469

She did live with her friend after the Jonny split but I’m assuming maybe she could only get custody back if she lived with her mom, since she can’t financially support him or provide him with his own bedroom. I’m sure she wasn’t paying her fair share to live with that girl anyway

No. 1849753

File: 1687227771852.jpeg (68.44 KB, 1170x2070, E5195766-9517-4EE9-9D9E-085EA6…)

JC’s gfs post

No. 1849953

Awww a narc meets narc love story. How cute

No. 1849995

File: 1687274070171.jpg (49.7 KB, 1080x1920, 11565595.jpg)

Can't drop $100 on his son but ok.

No. 1850005

This bloated piece of trash literally cannot drop a single dollar and not announce it, my god, he must be broke af. "Just gave the waitress $10 cuz we ballin outcha" Plenty of middle of nowhere band bros drop their own money from minimum wage jobs on merch and all you hear about it "hey, buy our merch!" Tell the world you've never been an adult a single day in your life without saying it. It's very telling that he does this, but you never see him post "just bought this $200 electric car for my son". It's only ever things for him or his friends kek such a fucking loser

No. 1850049

File: 1687278852537.jpeg (193.96 KB, 1284x2653, IMG_4479.jpeg)

Does he think this makes him look good??

No. 1850050

File: 1687278892794.png (275.81 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_4705.png)

Here they go again

No. 1850062

These idiots should not of been allowed to have their son back. Also it very much sounds like skid is making Jonny pay to see storm.
Maybe I’m wrong but she said
>no visit keep the money
And he says he’ll turn around and go home (presumably from picking up storm) once she sends the money back….

No. 1850065


GOD YES. It's been so long since they've publicly swiped at each other may this continue spiraling. We deserve it.

No. 1850072

What a fucking deadbeat loser piece of absolute shit. Bragging about spending $10,000 on merch and is so dirt poor he'd rather get his little $100 back than go see his own son. Bravo!

No. 1850074

and what does this motherfucking ugly junkie wants? a happy family? well he should’ve think about it before you poisoned your kid with fentanyl and lost any benefit, fucking piece of shit thinking that money equals to raise a child

No. 1850078

What else could it even mean? She’s clearly saying 100$ isn’t enough to see storm so she’s telling him to go home and forget it, then she tries to manipulate him into letting her keeping the money anyways by saying him taking it back is proof he doesn’t love his son. I was starting to believe skid had grown up a little but, boy was I ever fucking wrong.

No. 1850096

He talks about what happened in the videos leading up to the screenshot (sorry, I can't get links right now). Crying that Syd moved back with her mom and doesn't have a job so he has to get up earlier to see his son (whom he only calls his 'kid') on the weekends. I did enjoy him telling her to get a fucking job, but the fool really thinks he took control of the situation by standing up for himself or something. Sorry retard the court is only going to see that you willingly gave up time with your child.

No. 1850104

what a broke ass lol I've never seen anyone not even "influencers" say how much money they spent on merch lol that's so damn embarrassing. Then when it couldn't get any more cringe he's crying about $100 hahaha wow tell me you're broke without telling me you're broke

No. 1850107

she said he couldn’t come anymore, why would he still pay her to see his kid if he doesn’t actually get to see him? jcs a pos but what syd is doing is actually evil.

No. 1850112

Proof he's never had to struggle for anything in his life. 5am is not early at all. People wake up at 3am every single day for work and have a 2+ hour commute to work every single damn day. This bitch is crying about doing it one day jfc

No. 1850116

pretty sure he's not required to pay for visitation. If his dumb ass wasn't flexing 24/7, she wouldn't be extorting his as. I'm not saying it's right at all but the moron did it to himself. 100 is nothing to someone like him right? His toilet paper costs more than our rent boi

No. 1850122

The whole video rant was basically him telling everyone what a terrible dad he is too. Boosting about doing 90% court order stuff for Storm was such an achievement for him that he felt the need to brag about that. He basically doing 90% of a bare minimum and continue to be a POS. Jonny this does not make you look good at all..

No. 1850124

Funny cause he wasnt even the one driving during his meltdown episode in the car. Its mostly unfair to any of his friends that he continue to leech off

No. 1850129

Parental alienation for monetary gain is so on brand for sydsopsycho. Glad to have our unemployed queen back!

No. 1850135

Why does she always hold an invisible cheerio in her mouth? It makes her look like she’s trying way too hard and I’m worried a bug might fly in there cause you know she takes 209 pictures before posting 1 of them. She is, after all, a complete and total narcissist like her baby daddy.

I am convinced the Sydney wk is Sydney. Praising her for having someone take a picture of her with a horse, making overnight oats, and “motherly duties” is such a Sydney dog whistle. Girl, you ain’t got no one else but your baby that loves you and nothing to do with your time but larp online about being a #hotmom when in reality your OnlyFans tanked so you still have to use SNAP benefits to make your monthly #healthyhotmom overnight post. Hold onto Storm, use him for clout online while you can, and continue poisoning of his brain against his dad as punishment for being dumped rather than for you son’s protection, but he’s still gonna grow up to look just like Jonny and will leave you too one day.

I’m assuming she still equates money with love then? If she contributes $0 to Storm because no employer can tolerate her, and our taxes likely fund all her hobbies and motherly duties, does that mean Sydney loves him $0 compared to Jonny’s $100 and our contributive tax dollar amount? Sydney brain is so confusing and contradicting, like a true flailing retard.

No. 1850139

Bet she booked herself a hair or nail appointment as soon as that deposit hit lol

No. 1850140

no need to point out that the syd wk is obviously syd. it’s clear she lives on this thread more than in reality, just like how it’s clear she posts about being a good parent more than actually being one.

No. 1850143

Goitre obviously wants this painted as he’s the victim but also at the same time threatening his baby mama. As usual it stinks. There is no way skid is extorting him haha for $100 or more for that matter. He’s supposed to pay child support. We all know goitre is is using his precious cash hoard as leverage against her. Why else would he go off in tantrum and post a text about it. He thinks $100 is a big deal when he has to give it away but it’s nothing when he’s spending it on his cheap designer clothes or boasting to us how much better he is than we are. He’s court ordered visitation and no doubt child support Skid can’t be extorting him. He wishes. Just dead haha keep it coming goitre

No. 1850144

Uh yeah that was embarrassing. Bitching the entire time about having to wake up at 5am and drive 2 hours when you have no other responsibilities boo hoo. If ur kid was worth the drive you’d shut your fucking mouth.

No. 1850161

His stupid video rant proves syd is still as miserable as always and hasn’t changed at all. She had to move back in with her mom because she can’t support herself, imagine being a whole ass 30 years old adult with a child and having to pimp him out to his own father just to secure a bag. These clowns are the most sorry excuses for parents ever.

No. 1850203

I don’t think he has to pay child support if he has 50/50 custody?

No. 1850205

She lived at her moms before. not excusing she doesn’t have a job but he’s saying cause she moved away he has to wake up at 5am to visit his kid once a week and thinks she should be living in Sacramento to be at his convenience. Notice how everything is for and about goiter, HE worked for this, he earned this, like his kid is a possession, a thing. Sad.He finally at the decided to throw in that storm loses out. Sounds like storm is winning at being far away from him.

No. 1850212

this and the fact that he’s unable to see that THAT money is for his son. just for him. it’s clear that for him it’s all fixed because what a baby needs is milk and diapers and that’s it. horrible.

No. 1850214

Yeah he shouldn’t be paying child support. He’s being nicer than I would because I wouldn’t pay that greedy bitch a dime, if she needed help it would come in the form of supplies sent to her moms house. But unfortunately the messages read like she’s using storm as bargaining chip to get money out of him so I doubt he has a choice.

No. 1850226

He says he has 50/50 but it’s clear he only has court ordered visitation. If he had 50/50 he could involve the police and have them hand the kid over. He mentioned the paper saying 9am is when he has to be there, that’s not how joint custody works. Not saying either party is the good guy but skid is well with her right to go back to the visitation schedule and that’s why he’s throwing a temper tantrum cause he knows there’s nothing he can do about it.

No. 1850233

Someone should record all his video posts and archive them here. He basically said he’s done trying to be there for his kid because Syd moved out of Sacramento and back to the Bay, and he doesn’t want to wake up at 5am to drive to go see him once a week cause that’s too hard.

No. 1850239

kek, perfect fucking timing. $100 is something to alot of ppl, but for someone that's always talking about his money and just spent "10k on merch" this is hilarious. Anyone that actually has money or even a steady income and cares about their child would let her have it and be done with the conversation because, in the end, it's just $100 and you get to see your son. The fact he actually told her to send it back is so funny. His rant on "getting what he worked for and paid for" is so telling. He's equating a living, breathing human being to an object that he purchased. What the fuck? "I'll show you what an absent father is" kek. He's one of those petty pos guys that wants shit like receipts for your child support to nickel and dime shit cuz he's a broke loser. He'll do everything except give her $100 and wake up at 5am. Yep, >>1849180 dude definitely is "trying his best". What a fucking joke

No. 1850241

The audacity to turn down an extra 100$ for your child when your unemployed because “100$ isn’t enough” is mind boggling, like bitch it’s 100 more dollars than YOU can give him so maybe shut the fuck up.

No. 1850249

already recorded, how do I upload on here?

No. 1850253

Easiest way is to upload it to streamable.com and then post that link here.

No. 1850255

She’s obviously been a total nightmare through the past year.

No. 1850319

If they have joint custody you don’t have to let the other one speak to your kid on your day if there’s nothing in the custody agreement about communication and it’s not parental alienation to deny it. Stop with this bs. If he wanted to be able to see and speak to his kid every single Father’s Day, he should’ve thought about that before he poisoned it with fentanyl and cheated on its mother.

No. 1850330

bc she doesn’t need money for her child, she wants money for herself and thinks she can get her BD to send it to her if she threatens him. she’s a selfish bat shit crazy borderline, it’s not surprising at all that she’s using her son as a pawn to get more spending money.

No. 1850422

ew how can u stan jonny

No. 1850427

File: 1687315519698.jpeg (312.99 KB, 1170x2080, 5FA09B26-84D5-4D58-9F28-674B96…)

Just gonna focus on his failing solo career instead of growing up and being a father.

No. 1850576

Kek jonny throwing 10k into merch is worse than crypto bro wasting 10k on NFT art. Cant wait to see storm grow up and resent him

No. 1850800

File: 1687378603731.jpeg (586.64 KB, 1284x2282, 1B48AE24-71DC-44A3-9C3A-ED93B8…)

No. 1850905

tooooooo good

No. 1850912

>If he wanted to be able to see and speak to his kid every single Father’s Day, he should’ve thought about that before he poisoned it with fentanyl and cheated on its mother.
There’s no “good guy” in this situation. Storms od was just as much syds fault as jonnys, if she had a single motherly bone in her body she wouldn’t have let her baby live in the same house as an addict, she had the powder to leave him and prevent that situation and she didn’t. Neither of them deserve to be in storms life period. (also not that it matters but syd was the one who cheated on Jonny and he broke up with her).

No. 1850943


Failing? Long, long failed.

No. 1851192

Kek I miss this.

I hope everyone who thought skidmark was a new happy, positive, and changed person, touched grass after reading this exchange. People don’t change and social media is a lie. They’re both disgusting people and always will be.

No. 1851347

I can't believe anons were thinking that in the first place. she just decided to stop airing her dirty laundry. no one this psycho is gonna "change" over a year without intense commitment and therapy, and I don't think syd has the will to commit to anything other than being a groupie.

No. 1851358

and we wouldn’t have even be able to see she’s still cray without JC posting it. She’s doing a good job of hiding it now.

No. 1851360

File: 1687464737501.jpeg (40.41 KB, 1170x317, 7EB1C060-E9EE-4B1C-9602-060E9E…)

I knew she’d be the type of cringe single mom to post this kind of crap on Father’s Day. But It’s almost a step up from her obsession with Jonny Craig famous musician being the father. That’s right girl just separate yourselves from him completely like the first baby mama. You’ll be happier that way.

No. 1851363

nah she did it right after JC started whining kek she’s petty

No. 1851440

The tinfoil upthread that she uses this thread for her freak outs instead is pretty plausible imo. I’m all for hating on Jonny and co but some posts go harder after random women in his orbit than him, always assuming he’s dating them, it reads the exact same as the dms syd used to send to female fans. Now that she doesn’t have access to his social media dms to see who he’s talking to she just attacks any woman he posts on his social media.

No. 1851469

i feel like yall want it so bad to happen but still have no proof

No. 1851473

NTA but it's obvious.

No. 1851480

and i doubt there ever will be proof, its not like shes going to admit it. however, its been proven time and time again that she lurks, hell she actually reposted the LOTR thread pic i made a while ago on her instagram story kek. i dont think its off base at all to suspect since shes been lurking for so long that shes learned how to integrate and posts here.

No. 1851511

gonna take a break from this thread because i feel like everyone here is vendetta posting

No. 1851512

I’ve definitely made fun of the fish face door knocker-septum failed OF one before but just bc she’s an easy target, I’m not Syd.

No. 1851513

No. 1851534

>some posts go harder after random women in his orbit than him
Calling someone ugly is not what I’m talking about, I’m talking about the posts that sound like they’re written by a crazy jealous fan girl.

No. 1851554

Did she and nbloom guy break up?

No. 1851563


They still follow each other on IG, but his last like and comment was 6 weeks ago. Considering they are long distance and she's been posting the kid, that could be indicative.

No. 1851573

File: 1687493380149.jpeg (246.76 KB, 1284x2312, IMG_4586.jpeg)

Eye fucking himself to all 140 fans on live

No. 1851632

File: 1687514660781.jpeg (177 KB, 1170x2080, 2838C496-FDA8-4993-82BB-F5FECC…)

always says this shit. time is ticking gramps.

No. 1851633

File: 1687514721606.jpeg (177 KB, 1170x2080, 2838C496-FDA8-4993-82BB-F5FECC…)

always says this shit. time is ticking gramps.

No. 1851667

the fat Mexican moms are losing their minds in the comments(racebaiting)

No. 1851751

>they can try and push me out
you pushed yourself out, you prick
you have gotten so many second and third and fourth chances and threw them all away

No. 1851755

The new song SUCKS. It sounds like something he came up with on the toilet and just ran with it. The clips of the video I've seen are good though bc it looks like he's singing to his boy friend that he is the one.

No. 1851766

I really sat there and waited for that song to do something and then it ended and I just stared at the screen…
I've heard parts of Goosebumps and it's the fact I KNOW that lyric style and I know jonny didn't write on it.
Jonny can't write for shit. Colin wrote for Slaves.
That man needs a 'team' because all he has is a voice and nothing else, he needs other people to do the work for him.
Idk wtf that 'song' was, but if I had friends hyping me up over some dumb shit like that I'd kick them all to the curb cause I know they fake af for that.

No. 1851779

The fact he plays the victim and thinks it’s everyone else’s fault his career is in the shitter speaks volumes. Cope harder johnny.

No. 1852075

File: 1687573348703.jpeg (59.66 KB, 1170x2080, 4DE26A85-BA43-4303-A7AE-5772B6…)

No. 1852179

make a better song then herb. Waiting on your broke asssss

No. 1852274

Jonny this is a Wendy’s

No. 1852372

No. 1852413

Why does JoHnny boi and Syd post here all the time, and make it so fucking obvious? Its entertaining in the least, but also so cringe. At the end of the day they are hoping for approval and praise for… what, exactly? Taking care of the kid they made? Writing music no one asked for?

No. 1852449

this some real trailer trash shit. love it. let's hope skiderz posts some screen shots too.

No. 1852453

yo check this out:

No. 1852479

File: 1687634544920.png (37.62 KB, 907x325, kekekeke.png)

No. 1852484

i did, it's called "the two". (two is more than one) it's a generic trap beat and i'm using auto-tune snapped to a scale. my salary is larger than your yearly income, so we good there ma G. not hard is it?

No. 1852505

tbh I think >>1852179 is just a larping farmer trying to bait replies and you're all falling for it.

No. 1852814

you're just now figuring that out? Dumbasss

No. 1852899

still funny tho >>1852484 kek

No. 1852901

wait maybe its not kek

No. 1852988

File: 1687714458318.jpeg (73.15 KB, 1170x2080, C830B397-9EA6-403C-91A2-D920D5…)

No. 1853314

if that anon can use the reply feature for once and form a coherent sentence, we'll know for sure.

No. 1853412

goiter, you look like a fucking potato

No. 1853456

you look like a fucking potato, get off your crusty ass and do something with your life like making some cheddarrrrr(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1853462

either you are goiter, or some other cognitively stunted retard trying to convince the world they aren't poor. either way, learn to reply, and progress beyond a comeback that isn't just "no u" kek.

No. 1853579

It's not him, there's no way he knows how to spell cheddar.

No. 1853603

and its saged

No. 1853697

He’s been on here for years, he knows how to sage

No. 1853814

he's been singing in bands for years and can't remember his own lyrics kek. him saging on here must take up 100% of remaining brain cells kek.

No. 1853955

File: 1687837348524.jpg (56.43 KB, 1170x2080, 356271276_1970091110043798_712…)


No. 1853957

Wonder what his gf thinks of this. Or maybe he told her "I'm talking about your tits babe". Funny thing to post the second he leaves for tour.

No. 1853959


Isn't this father of one (two?) In his what, late 30s/early 40s?
He need to logg the fuck off social media because this is hard to watch

No. 1853961

37 year old man in a "situationship" who has 2 kids he abandoned. Bleak.

No. 1854013

File: 1687845552377.jpeg (185.06 KB, 1170x2080, 39CE37A0-A10B-4A67-BD3F-A38014…)

No. 1854019

Whos his gf? which girl aren’t there multiple?

No. 1854057

No. 1854058

the.motherwolfe on ig

No. 1854077

They are still together. Definitely wasn’t expecting to see her in the wild but he was performing with Andrew Wells this weekend at the Stolas reunion show in LA. They had her slinging merch

No. 1854101

she LOVES being a merch chick. it speaks so much to her character. essentially unpaid work in the hope she can catch some clout for being associated with a band. same logic behind dating goiter. purpose/value via association.

No. 1854105

I’m surprised she didn’t post about it on her story. Or maybe she did and none of us cared/noticed. Skid fading into obscurity.

No. 1854160

Oh she did made multiple posts about it. It wasn’t even worth of skim milk. Skid being skid, I wish she will unleash her wrath on goiter like the good ol days cause clearly he is not holding back to embarrassed and degrade her constantly.

No. 1854215

At least her son is safe with Grandma while she trots around being a "MerchMama".

No. 1854222

i wonder who's free labor skid would demand if her mother wasn't around to help. i HATE how these people can fuck about and make mistakes whilst another person financially and physically cares for the spawn.

No. 1854228

File: 1687880300309.jpeg (609.36 KB, 3443x2553, D0D60D4E-3F3C-4A0F-8DD3-99F7F6…)

No. 1854355

skid would ditch any kid she had for 2 minutes breathing in a F class celebrity's farts. she's SO clout driven it's wild.

No. 1854457

File: 1687897664482.jpeg (87.25 KB, 828x1719, IMG_9400.jpeg)

Karma is working hard to keep goiter miserable, you love to see it

No. 1854483

if there's one thing Jonny is good at it's sucking, i believe in him

No. 1854520

Sydney should call and get him booted from venues for poisoning his son with fentanyl and physically abusing her (there is a police report but she dropped it because she didn’t want to lose her precious loser Jonny Craig).

No. 1854541

what even is this? literally just meaningless drivel. "things", "we", "it", "out here". like we supposed to know what the fuck you're talking about goiter kek.

No. 1854583

can you post the proof? I never saw that.

No. 1854609

Womack's relative

No. 1854612

it was 100% posted about in the threads. the police were called over a domestic dispute where it got physical. someone posted the proof but I have no idea which thread number. you can read through and look or maybe a different anon will.

No. 1854615

File: 1687914866284.png (96.79 KB, 345x556, yuck.PNG)

His new merch.
"I went to the jonny craig show and all I got was serenaded and everything else I've ever wanted & more." on a little pink crop top.
Kind of creepy. May as well say "and all I got was a sore throat and the clap".

No. 1854811

ah yes, a serenade = hearing a 37 year old, child poisoning, abyoosive, hasbeen, do runs over a backing track

No. 1854814

Reading through the old threads again and man, JC threads used to be the absolute best, even a year ago. This Syd rap and the replies have me in tears right now >>1314256
JC needs to date someone publicly again because only someone this embarrassing would be willing to do that and I miss the Syd era.
There's something so hilarious about her posting that rap in-between meltdowns about her "rotten goblin vomit face" and attacking every female fan of JC. Along with weird unhinged videos of her and JC.

No. 1854970

I miss her too, she was absolutely manic. I forgot about her rap hahaha thank you for the amazing flashback nonnie

No. 1855042

This is actually really creepy lol. And massive cope

No. 1855050

We have all the right ingredients for a renaissance. It's just a matter of time. We saw glimpses last week they've learnt nothing.

No. 1855064

File: 1687990137463.jpeg (42.69 KB, 1170x2080, AEB11EF7-DB6A-40CB-9E3A-B95CE1…)

Syd’s story 3 hours ago. I wish she’d just say what’s on her mind instead of posting these retarded acronyms. What’s even the point if no one knows what they mean.

No. 1855074

Imma stir the pot and say that the second one means "watch your back".
This is my tinfoil cope and I'm sticking to it

No. 1855080

I feel like mmfl is "merch mama for life" for some reason kek

No. 1855088

File: 1687993394970.png (782.13 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_4921.png)

do you guys think he made them pose like that so he looks tall

No. 1855096


they are made for each other. both posting nonsensical vague crap.

No. 1855109

He loves being on stage because it's the only time he appears taller than a woman.

No. 1855196

File: 1688010141590.jpeg (179.15 KB, 1284x1839, IMG_4952.jpeg)

Fixed it

No. 1855197

kek but also would have been funnier 10 years ago. should've replaced the text with something more relevant.

No. 1855380

Is this the merch he bragged about paying $10k for? KEK

No. 1855559

image dumping 10k on this kek.probs flexin' fake Gildan.

No. 1855597

Sorry if this has already been addressed, but why was the last thread deleted? Wasn’t it the one with his Hapsburg looking gang as the thread pic? I can’t find it and the link to it in the OP goes to nothing.

No. 1855655

Was wondering about that too. It's gone.

No. 1855829

File: 1688115383843.jpeg (24.72 KB, 1170x2080, 220027DD-FB88-4ECB-930D-B8F266…)


No. 1855831

File: 1688115424537.jpeg (95.75 KB, 1170x1339, 5C4FBD15-44A8-4448-B35B-1AF0CE…)

Is he talking about his show? Because it looks like 20 people showed up.

No. 1855860

more like 200 beeeeatch^(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1855861

Jonny, adding a 0 at the back of clearly a less <20 people crowd really shows how delulu you are. What’s next? You didn’t poison your child?? Wake up

No. 1855863

Assuming a wholesale cost of 5$ per item to the band, 10K spent and 10% of attendees buying, it’s going to take about 1000 shows like this one to sell it all. Maybe 850 if rabid fans buy more than 1 item. Kek

No. 1855871

A random mod got salty and blocked the thread from saging. Thus the thread went beyond page 11 and is lost in limbo. From memory we where ripping on Goiter hard and all of a sudden the Mod was like "THIS THREAD BAD" and fucked it up for everyone. Good one mod!

No. 1855873

i play in a shitty local band that gets 200 people to a show.

crowd sizes aren't dick sizes bruh, you can't just add 3 inches onto your shrivelled acorn just because you want to.

No. 1855874

is this a review of one of your shows goiter?

No. 1855876

He thinks because he used to be in relevant bands he can pull a crowd. No one wants to hear your lame trap beats along with your retarded bro spider-head. He can't draw either. You're both shit people, anyone that matters stays away from your shows and tells their friends too as well.

No. 1855881

For the grand price of $10-15 you can see a post-hardcore clean vocalist from the late 2000s, do a tribute act to his former self in a dive bar. Also featured on this tour is lil'iPad and spoder head.*

No. 1855882

KEK. It's genuinely so pathetic I would almost feel bad for him if he wasn't such a shitty person.

No. 1855912

Would you rather he be online obsessing over someone who has no idea they even exist like everyone here? Hard KEK
every single person in here is 100x more pathetic for that reason alone

No. 1855922

Your first mistake is assuming anyone is "obsessing". We just take a couple minutes out of our day to point and laugh at how much of a loser he is. And boy is it hilarious to see that pathetic ass crowd of 10 people at his show. Johnny needs to give it up and flip burgers, the only thing more hilarious than this picture is that he actually still thinks he has a career.

No. 1855926

You call this amount of threads about someone who is “irrelevant” not obsessing? Yeah okay buddy…

No. 1856025

He's irrelevant in the music scene, dummy. Nobody cares about this abuse has-been bloated corny ass Rose Nylund-haired mf. He should be on Big Brother or one of those other reality shows for losers kek. He has so many threads here BECAUSE he's so pathetic, like it's just fun to watch you know?

No. 1856036

Irrelevant in the scene but not in your mind. Makes sense(sage your shit)

No. 1856038

Exactly! See you get it, good job goiternon. There are some decent people out there who don't like seeing junkie fuckwads poison their babies with fentanyl and abuse their partners. It's kind of like reading the news waiting for someone's sentencing, but with popcorn.

No. 1856051

And yet somehow I’m still getting the “pathetic” impression from you even after your astounding explanation.
Interesting how that works…

No. 1856064

So You can keep talking nonsense or just suck my dick ha

No. 1856073

Most nonnies use this website while taking a shit, it doesn’t take anything away from our real lives. You however, according to your obvious unsaged posts, have been sitting
on this website and posting for over four hours kek. Stop being such a loser and get a life.

No. 1856080

File: 1688155095795.jpeg (69.63 KB, 602x471, main-qimg-e0c802e3a329cd721c2b…)

T. Napoleon Complex

No. 1856088

They never get it kek. Then again an intelligent person wouldn't be a junkie loser who poisons his own son. I smell french fry grease and a paper hat in your future, Goiter.

No. 1856107

saging my posts would imply that I care about a shit thread like this… even the admins don’t care enough about these threads to sage them so please tell my why I would
So are you sucking my dick or…? You can pretend it’s JCs since you want it in your mouth so bad(retard)

No. 1856127

man you are so pressed LOL, imagine being so obsessed you spend all day defending goiter against random strangers on a gossip site. sorry, JC may have exceedingly low standards but they've never sunk as low as 300lb keyboard warriors on lolcow. sorry sausage fingers, he doesn't wanna fuck you

No. 1856144

Is your band called Slaves

No. 1856154

definitely keep proving you have such a shit life that you’re spending your friday afternoon beefing with anonymous women online…then again this is almost definitely the only time women give you any kind of attention so I completely understand why you’re doing it. my condolences, hope your dry spell ends soon!

No. 1856167

Do you think Syd still has her TPWNB21 tour tat she got with lolbro and everyone else? Even Layna the lame covered up her Jonny era tat

No. 1856191

Oh for sure. I think they both get off on knowing they have tattoos together. 11:11 forever!

No. 1856210

Notice this thread only gets shit up like this when they’re on tour? It’s probably spider-head or one of the other dick riders. No one wants Jonny’s penis more than those faggots. Anyway just ignore them.

No. 1856216

It's funny cuz she covers up her mistake tattoos with more mistake tattoos it's hilarious

No. 1856247

I always get the feeling it’s skid defending him when she gets especially embarrassed that she proudly baby-trapped an absolute loser instead of someone she can brag about

No. 1856299

File: 1688177688395.jpeg (Spoiler Image,80.38 KB, 865x978, C040E9F3-6A47-4492-A23C-780AA8…)

Faggot spider-head. KEEPMYSECRETS

No. 1856306

Taylor uploaded a new video about her addiction. Still talks about Jonny throughout most of it and how she still romanticizes her relationship with him and says it feels like it happened yesterday. Says it's hard to be mad at him because she wears rose colored glasses for him still.
"He's involved with totally new people and is totally moved on but I'm over here still trying to heal from it."

No. 1856343

I think it's funny that he always has to do the most like class clown shit to make all these faggots like him when everyone is just laughing at him bc he's probably actually retarded. The insecurities are loud.

No. 1856356

ngl I thought this was an unfortunately shaped pregnant altcow when I was scrolling by. Did a double take to see who it was, imagine my surprise. Do you think Jonny is the dad? kek

No. 1856361

love how he has all visible spots covered and then bare legs. poser. jonny is the same. neck face and hand tats first. poooooosers.

No. 1856404

Newsflash goiternon, alot of us are here because of taylor. Not even the “peak of your career” during the chelsea and amanda era warrant you a thread here. Its honestly ironic that you are even here because of taylor and not your milky abusive ass. Its just still funny to watch you keep spiralling further even when you’re sober.

No. 1856406

Kek yes and I wonder how many times goiter boy has moan about bullies on lolcow in front of his spooderhead and balls licking posey.. the way that this site has him on a chock hold.
Lmao what a successful thriving musician he is

No. 1856410

Kek exactly she was 800% more relevant than he ever was. Most of us only know him through her in the first place. No one cares about you jonny.

No. 1856417

shes a dying meth addict and he's a sober thriving musician on a redemption arc? Cope harder with your crusty ass hahahaa(go parent your child, goiter)

No. 1856418

> thriving musician

No. 1856423

This is so sad

Taylor this is what he thinks of you. Take the goggles off.

No. 1856470

Lost it at thriving KEK

No. 1856474

So thriving that’s why he’s playing one of the recent titleholders of poorest city in America in two weeks. Gotta hand it to him though, he certainly knows his demographic considering Reading’s majority Hispanic. Maybe he’ll find a new baby momma. Third one’s the charm?

No. 1856489

Thriving musician who has to beg for places to stay from the ten fat single mom fans who go to his shows

No. 1856523

That has to be bait. Ain’t no way.

No. 1856524

No. 1856580

and now… so are you. welcome

No. 1856581

you should check out model train forums

No. 1856584

op here, kek. that one made me laugh.

No. 1856588

and you're on lolcow trying to "own the haterz". living the dream boyo.

No. 1856681

what's wrong with his tummy

No. 1856709

File: 1688248616794.jpeg (25.26 KB, 320x317, IMG_9058.jpeg)

He looks like the goblin from Legend.

No. 1856729

Alcohol bloat.

No. 1856759

He’s goiter’s new baby mama

No. 1856882

I cannot believe someone let this thing nut in her.

No. 1856891

ugly men with daddy issues like this only knock up women with severe mental health issues. It’s just the circle of life. passing on their horrible lives to their children.

No. 1856935


It legitimately looks like a pregnancy announcement photo shoot pose. And they’re in some gritty, budget hotel sharing rooms. Kek.

No. 1857018

thriving, we’re so jealous

No. 1857144

>It legitimately looks like a pregnancy announcement photo shoot pose.
Thats obviously the joke.

No. 1857263

Layna is actually getting the entropy tattoo again in another spot. She posted about it on her story, but unfortunately, I don't have caps.

No. 1857421

its apparently a new song jonny is gonna release. she really wants people to remember she has ties to him huh. is she still dating that faggy looking emo?

No. 1857449

Tinfoil but this reminds me of him making some sort of music release (was it a song or an album?) using one of Taylor's tattoos when they had been broken up. I do think 'entropy" was her retarded idea and he's finding his way to attach himself to it, since he's a narc.

No. 1857454

Yes, they make a lot of posts of each other. Well he does. She's probably still scoping for someone more famous. The emo fag even posted her hanging out with his son and they've been together for 5 minutes.
Agreed. JC probably never heard of the word before Layna.

No. 1857505

jonny isn't about to release a song called entropy. What planet are you on currently?

No. 1857513

yeah you're right, cus the song goiter is releasing is called "Endoscopy"

No. 1857699

Maybe he sent a few demos to some of the girls of the week he’s talking to. And everyone knows goiters biggest fans hangout in this thread.

No. 1857746

File: 1688430193582.jpeg (918.4 KB, 4095x2304, 9673B750-2B11-4209-A554-3CD384…)

looks sober

No. 1857756

Got a death grip on that phone tho kek.

No. 1857797

Yeah, the song/tattoo was D.R.E.A.M. It’s a certain kind of twisted, misogynistic fucked up that he intentionally tries to have a brand of sorts on his ex girlfriends.

No. 1857822

Leah told my friend her are Jonny Craig are in a relationship. He must be really trying to keep this one under wraps. They're both single parents pushing 40 and shop exclusively at zumiez. Match made in heaven lol. She's also done a lot of fucked up things to people in the area. She's more of a Sydney archetype in terms of being an unbearable cunt with no morals.

No. 1857829

Give it time and you'll see the drama unfold. She's an unstable loudmouth. If you need proof I'm not making this up, she also told my friend that Jonny gave her the keys to his apartment for while he's on tour, maybe you'll see it in her story on instagram.

No. 1857831

then jonny is a liar, he posted about it on his story back when he was dating camgirl with the hemorrhoid.

No. 1857834

NTA but I vaguely remember him and his crew of bozo's talking about it during a live also.

No. 1857889

File: 1688446867600.png (23.69 KB, 363x627, the.motherwolfe.PNG)

she hears you nona

No. 1857906

File: 1688450017873.png (216.8 KB, 206x449, keepmychlamydia.PNG)

KEEPMYSECRETS is in his goiter era. Getting fat as fuck.

No. 1857907

Between this ooga booga mf and jonny I really can't decide who's more busted

No. 1857912

>ooga booga mf
KEK I can't.
The saddest part is they have an inflated ego because ugly socially rejected ogres will fuck them because they make trash music no one likes.

No. 1857921

That hair is fried the fuck out like a clown’s hair to match his sausage fingers kek

No. 1858127

Holy ascites kek. Also that mop looks like a wig.

No. 1858208

his whole crew out here looking like they got given an extra chromosone then dragged through an AliExpress "swag" isle and

No. 1858378

File: 1688520748403.jpeg (1.05 MB, 3465x3465, C35B7ED9-B7CE-44B8-AC13-60A111…)

Maybe goiter will get back with his baby mama. He’s into all that woo woo 444 11:11 shit now like her.

No. 1858385

He was literally crying about how shit his life was like a week ago

No. 1858388

He is mentally delayed. He has no foresight. His entire world is the past 10 minutes, the present, and 10 minutes into the future.

No. 1858389

>I could really use some tits in my life
Aw how nice of KEEPMESEBACEOUS to grow some for him lol

No. 1858391

He said that cause Leah has none. Flatter than even camwhore.

No. 1858392

Samefagging but did he really get caught self posting
that’s golden

No. 1858416

Simple, he hates being at home with his son, he loves being out on the road and sleeping with ogres. He is happier homeless and addicted. That way he doesn't have to face himself in the mirror, no distractions.

No. 1858481

File: 1688541828876.jpeg (2.48 MB, 1284x2334, IMG_5154.jpeg)

Chicken unseasoned just like his music, bland

No. 1858482

File: 1688541900002.jpeg (1.87 MB, 1284x2290, IMG_5155.jpeg)

He even called her “mommy”

No. 1858485

"I know you're gonna have a great time with mommy" never thought I'd see the day where he speaks positively about her.

No. 1858552

100%. Goldfish brain

cheap white meat, just like goiter

No. 1858591

His public defender probably told him to play nice after he put their private text conversations on blast and photoshopped himself overtop of her with Storm

No. 1858636

I dont think its playing nice. Either he is showing his new gf that his baby momma is so crazy and mean while he “trying”, or its more fan service to play into his narrative.

No. 1858639

He has to try extra hard to convince her he's a good dad since she's a parent as well. Hopefully she sees' through the bullshit.

No. 1858729


I think he's digging his heels into "I'm changed now" due to what looks like a recent relapse >>1857746

No. 1858751

Yall notice that he gets this gf and just makes her personality his new personality? Mental illness 101

No. 1858795

It’s like with Layna and the manga/anime shit. He’s so codependent and is a void of nothing without a woman to leech from.

No. 1858990

You're right Kek.
What happened w Mr Big Boy Pimpin reading anime?
I tought he was all about Dat life

No. 1859190

can't wait for the christian evangelical GF arc. or imagine vegan goiter hahahahaha

No. 1859236

File: 1688654386824.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1170x1698, 5E9440DB-72DE-4035-87EE-0D255B…)

He looks like such a beta faggot next to a more alpha looking male.

No. 1859240

You could’ve just stopped after the first half of that sentence kek

No. 1859247

I lol'd. Vegan goiter kek

No. 1859294

kek, gotta keep it going. he dates a hardcore farmer chick, thus contributing to the birthing of calves in real and online. or he dates an outdoor chick and we get Goiter Grylls.

No. 1859317

An acro yoga girl who teaches him headstands as they couch surf across the country. An alt girl who convinces him to start wearing heavy face/eye makeup. A dirt bike chick so suddenly he's blowing money on motocross gear and blowing vape smoke out the visor of his expensive helmet.

No. 1859342

Maybe he’ll start living the “van life.” Except in his case he’ll just be homeless in his beater Acura

No. 1859382

kekekek. i can actually see him dating and art hoe and starting to paint and being like "iM aN Ex aDdiCt dOiNg aRt". it will obviously just be like blobs and smears on a canvas but he'll take it way to seriously and try auction them off online.

No. 1859386

Hahaha applauding him like when an elephant or chimp paints a picture, it's shit but it's cute that they tried.

No. 1859393

Remember when Syd scammed for art supplies and her art account? Lmao

No. 1859483

File: 1688690614168.jpeg (98.48 KB, 828x539, 897BD5F7-9E37-47CE-A773-BA6544…)

Meh, he’ll become an actual potato and watch below deck for the rest of his life like his boys, give it time guys! this one checks out

No. 1859564

This is probably why he hangs out with spider-fag

No. 1859567

File: 1688703581909.jpeg (26.73 KB, 1284x2282, 5111AB6D-3906-457D-9557-F3E95E…)

Leah he’s out getting his dick wet while you feed his cat. I’d make sure he gets tested before you hop on it again when he gets home.

No. 1859601

Lay down syd(hi cow)

No. 1859628

Leah's flying out to join him on tour. Is she unemployed like his last 3?(imageboard, post caps next time)

No. 1859643

what a strange thing to want to brag about online. being a colostomy sack for goiter's crews cum isn't a flex.

No. 1859654

Kek is Syd off her meds again?

No. 1859719

No. 1859736

File: 1688740337191.jpg (312.35 KB, 1284x2282, croc of shit.JPG)

Here’s what you’re referencing. Next show’s in Indianapolis, so he’s certainly showing her the glitz and glamor of the rockstar life kek.

No. 1859740

He probably takes his gfs to the lamest shows in an attempt to prove he's faithful. Then ships them back for the good shows.

No. 1859743

File: 1688740799561.jpg (186.09 KB, 1169x962, comeback? more like cum back.j…)

the capacity of his next venue lmaoooo

No. 1859747

Books these tiny venues and then brags if they get sold out kek. IF they get sold out which was what. 3 dates on his last tour? Pathetic.

No. 1859748

File: 1688740998975.jpeg (502.22 KB, 1170x2010, IMG_5411.jpeg)

She’s a hairdresser

No. 1859762

No. 1859764

File: 1688744131164.jpeg (391.64 KB, 1169x1398, IMG_5416.jpeg)

To end the debate on Leah’s age, she’s 31-32

No. 1859788

Did she do hard drugs or something? She looks much older. Would explain why her, as a mother, is okay with her boyfriend still in court facing felony charges for poisoning his son with fentanyl.

No. 1859799

Im still trying to figure out how she looks old to anyone

No. 1859810

I think it’s the deep lines on her face. The nasolabial folds and the hollow cheeks.
She dress like a 17 year old zumiez employee though.

No. 1859813

File: 1688753594971.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3465x3465, A1DB8453-5494-4080-A73C-93CA12…)

She look older than sinya and sinya is 39.

No. 1859868

Majority of anons that frequent this thread are under 25. Also, moids.

No. 1859900

File: 1688769870470.jpeg (236.55 KB, 1170x2080, 2CED6DB3-AFCF-45D7-B36E-BFA992…)

The overpriced bs Skid buys with Jonny Craigs hard earned cash because she won’t get a job.

No. 1860001

“Jonny Craig’s hard earned cash” where lol he also doesn’t have a job

No. 1860058

Hate to break it to you but that shits only $4-$5 at Whole Foods…

No. 1860061

File: 1688789783521.jpeg (886.57 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_5210.jpeg)

“hope you do more than sit in a trailer” better than the time he spends with goiter

No. 1860066

>sit in a trailer
As opposed to what, his apartment hovel with a bed in the living room and a horde of late 30s burnouts? Kek. What a wounded narcissistic thing to say.

No. 1860072

Can these two retards actually appreciate their kid on special days instead of using it to throw shit at eachother? This is fucking depressing, and it's going to fuck up storm when he gets older. I wish Jonny blew all his veins out and had to shoot up in his scrote so this all could've been avoided

No. 1860209

going to a sneaker exhibit with your sneaker-obsessed dad, what a peak life experience

No. 1860297

Between sitting in a trailer opening up presents vs getting fent poison by your junkie dad.. I think the choice is pretty clear here

No. 1860368

Wow another year of dead beat dad instagram posts in place of actually seeing his child.
>I would give you the world if I was there
But you’re not there. You prioritized playing a shitty ”concert” over spending irreplaceable time with your child. On top of that the performative instagram birthday post seems like a petty attempt to shade skid more than an actual genuine birthday wish which is ironic because as awful as she is at least she’s actually seeing him on his birthday.

No. 1860371

Love that he used his sons birthday as an excuse to shade the mother who is actually there with him every single day. Jonny is disgusting. Even when he was in Sacramento, not on tour, he would make excuses not to go visit Storm, like he has to get up to early and 2 hours is too far. He's so gross. Just fully dip or you'll confuse the poor kid. I wonder if Syd's boyfriend has met Storm or will step up as a step-father.

No. 1860381

the best part is anons were speculating he flew leah out to see him
but god forbid he flies home for a day or two to see his son on his bday. Spending time with your situationship > spending time with your son on his bday. nobody will ever convince me he actually gives a singular fuck about that kid beyond what being a dad does for his new sober man image.

No. 1860401

Yup, you're absolutely right with this entire comment.

No. 1860402

I do love that they’re trashing each other publicly again tho lol. Feel so bad for that kid. Goes on about how he wishes he could be there for his birthday but he’s the one who scheduled a tour right before it? Like if he wanted to be there for his son all he had to do was push the tour back a week or however long?

No. 1860406

"Wish I could be there"
You can be there you drooling retard. But in reality it probably doesn't make a difference to the kid considering they DO NOT have a bond. At all. In reality they have barely spent any time together at all.

No. 1860407

Jonny really downgraded my opinion of Shaker. I thought Shaker was up and coming and was gonna be someone in the industry. But if he's resorting to these closet shows with a washed up 10 years too late has-been then yikes.

No. 1860435

>I'd show you the world on your birthday instead of letting you sit around opening presents you'd probably love
Goiter has literally bought this kid stuff he wants not what storm wants before, why do I suspect the birthday bash around town he'd give storm is a trip to some band hangout that coincidentally happens to be goiter's fave place? If not just a shopping trip for supreme and other trash.
If Storm gets even one gift in that trailer park he actually wants and would enjoy this birthday is automatically better than anything goiter would give. He could have bought the kid a bunch of Lego sets with the price he spent on designer shoes the kid'll outgrow soon last time he tried to buy the kid's love

No. 1860437

File: 1688847111622.jpeg (354.6 KB, 1170x2032, DFAFBA7F-9CC2-46BC-B54B-832DC0…)

Things Jonny can’t do on his sons birthday: spend time with him, hug him, give him gifts, wish him a proper happy birthday
Things Jonny can do on his sons birthday:
Use it to try and get more plays on his friends shitty music.

No. 1860439

I was wondering wtf that shitty local band has to do with Storm lol.

No. 1860488

Taylors new youtube video on her dead channel did better than Jonny's new song kek. Irrelevant bastard.

No. 1860489

By a landslide.

No. 1860496

Im not normally one to take syds side but this comes off like he’s insecure about not being able to see storm so he’s bashing syd for how she’s celebrating to feel better about not being there himself. “I can’t do any better but I can diminish others actions so my inaction looks better!” Gross narc behaviour. >>1860435
Also a small family get together opening gifts and celebrating at home sounds like a pretty normal birthday for a toddler? I really don’t get what’s so horrible about that lol.

No. 1860518

He’s probably upset because he wanted to see his son he didn’t have shows these last few nights or the next

No. 1860630

File: 1688862198419.jpeg (328.59 KB, 982x1702, FAF11180-BC86-4168-AE5C-373362…)

yea, he flew her out there. according to >>1860518 he doesn't even have any shows for a few days so he absolutely could've flown home to see storm he just didn’t want to. he in his deadbeat dad era fr.

No. 1860682

Flew his new girlfriend out rather than flying himself out to his son. Then throws shade about it as if he didn't just dunk on himself revealing that not only is he a deadbeat dad, he's a salty deadbeat dad. Kek. Love to see the wounded narc tell on himself.

No. 1860717

File: 1688868982903.jpeg (372.2 KB, 1170x2079, IMG_5008.jpeg)

Fired back

No. 1860781

She’s absolutely right. That’s disgusting he flew out Leah. Could have 100% seen his son on his birthday. But love-bombing and manipulating his next girl comes first.

You’d think after getting Storm taken away he would do anything to spend a birthday with him. I wonder what Leah thinks of that. She’s a single mother. Or maybe she a narc too.

No. 1860814

Remember when Storm was born and Jonny said he was going to keep him mostly private because he “didn’t want to flash him around like a pair of shoes”? lmao

A single mother who ditched her kid to hook up on Jenny Craig’s bar crawl tour in bumfuck Michigan

No. 1860930

>Jenny Craig
Amazing kek

No. 1860949

Nonna your typo got me imagining a troon saga for Goiter…god imagine how crusty…

No. 1861083

sorry, this >>1859643 was in reply to >>1859483

No. 1861134

Wow I didn’t know she was a single mom but explains the hemorrhoids

No. 1861137

Leah and Layna are two different people.

No. 1861139

exactly. goiter thinks good parenting is purchasing designer crap. toddlers can't comprehend the rat-race and consumerism. he needs to stop conditioning his child to have a warped value system.

No. 1861177

Lmaoooo he’s so small and gross

No. 1861189

Yeah that tells you he probably planned to see him and she wouldn’t let him. now they get to publicly fight about that kek
She’s no saint though guarantee she simply wouldn’t let him see storm for his bday if she didn’t have to and I doubt he just didnt schedule shows around those days for shits and giggles
Don’t forget they are both equally shitty parents

No. 1861213

If she’s legally allowed to stop jonny from seeing him on his birthday there’s probably a reason why. Dude might’ve gotten away with ODing an infant without any legal consequences but he is still facing consequences and personally I don’t feel bad for him. I think syd has partial fault in storms OD and definitely isn’t the amazing stable mother she wants everyone to think she is but tbh I can’t blame her if she is actually trying to keep storm away from jonny.

No. 1861231

legally she wouldn’t have to if it wasn’t his day to visit storm and we all know that happens once a month so what would be the odds that his birthday would be the day?

No. 1861290

goitre claims they have 50/50 custody but i think it’s strange that syd has had him every single holiday, even Father’s Day. this text of her turning him away
makes me wo see if he doesn’t have any kind of custody at all. If he had partial custody I don’t see how she could turn him away from picking up storm if it was part of the legal arrangement. he’s never had the kid overnight despite buying him a bed and only ever seems to spend a few hours at a time with him. just tinfoiling but the whole thing seems off and not like any 50/50 custody situation I’ve ever seen.

No. 1861362

File: 1688963228366.jpeg (35.7 KB, 1284x2283, 64F1402E-8A3A-4F35-A386-E8E75B…)

KEK. He didn’t even fly out his girlfriend for the shows, just their days off. Can’t have her cock blocking?

No. 1861387

I doubt Jonny even flew her or Layna out. Odds are that they spent their own money to visit this loser and feel cool. Plane tickets are a lot of sneaker money.

No. 1861408

Layna said so

No. 1861427

Lets be honest that syd is not keeping storm away for the welfare of the kid. Its out of spite after getting dumped by goiter but that being said it makes me happy to see her continue to make his life miserable

No. 1861447

Layna was unemployed like Skidney so that’s doubtful. And she camwhored like once a month, hardly a “job”. Leah at least works as a hairdresser and contributes something to society.

No. 1861476

judging by her IG, she’s contributing botch jobs, but still

No. 1861496

Actually she contributed to society by frying goiter’s hair into looking like a whole-ass clown - Which I would say is a job well done!

No. 1861526

If you add up the net loss that Goiter and Syd have created for society, it's quite shocking. Syd's Mom is providing thousands of hours of unpaid labor. If you dared asked Goiter to do thousands of hours of unpaid labor, he'd see at as the worlds biggest injustice and post stories about it. He is a full blown retard expecting that nutting in a psycho then poisoning the child is what it takes to be a "father". A real father would shut the fuck up on instagram to ensure storm isn't a pawn in trailer trash online drama.

No. 1861544

This exactly. I can't believe he has the audacity to talk shit about Storm living in a trailer. It's still a fucking HOME, which is a hell of a lot more than he's providing. He should be grateful that Syd's mom has been so gracious and that Storm is in caring hands. He's clothed, he's fed, and he's happy. When he's with Jenny he just looks sad. I wonder if he even sent him anything for his birthday. Doubtful. Or probably some of his ugly ass merch.

No. 1861560

File: 1689005954077.jpg (17.87 KB, 1080x1920, download.jpg)

Oh Syd. Never change.

No. 1861598

true love waits

No. 1861656

File: 1689018113696.jpg (250.92 KB, 1284x2282, beautiful.jpg)

No. 1861657

He won't repost it girl so why waste time tagging him.

No. 1861658

wow, baby poisoners who talk shit about women online is beautiful to see? because he was nice to you for 5 minutes? kek

No. 1861660

He flew her out to have someone to fuck for his couple days off instead of flying to see his son. Beautiful to see!

No. 1861666

File: 1689019745293.jpeg (831.15 KB, 828x1710, IMG_9699.jpeg)

Kek im dying, who made jonny paid 10k for this ugly ass merch??

No. 1861667

File: 1689019871385.jpeg (31.38 KB, 500x500, IMG_9700.jpeg)

This has to be my favourite - the 2000s design, goiter in a shitting position and the little sparkle next to him to top the fugliness of it all. Way to flush 10k down the drain on this shit

No. 1861670

He knows his fanbase. Hispanic moms would totally wear this.

No. 1861673

yeah, no. cringe.

No. 1861676

File: 1689021109366.png (628.92 KB, 615x495, lololo.png)

squeezing one out

No. 1861678

File: 1689021371911.jpg (205.51 KB, 1200x1427, Screenshot_20230710-162119_Bra…)

So it seems like these guys just print what you give them or open webstores if you already have a product. Guessing goiter took the t-shirt printing option so he sent them designs and bought 10k worth of merch. I'm guessing they have a minimum buy on his part to make it worth it, wouldn't be surprised if 10k was the minimum. Do any nonnas have experience in t-shirt merch and printing prices? I'm curious if he bought only like 1000 shirts at 10$ each and if he'll make this back at all.
Also I'm curious if he designed this, stole from previous designs, or paid someone on fiver
Kek, I hope this is incorporated into the next thread pic

No. 1861731

Cheap cotton is terrible for the planet and sweat shop made. Goiter would never pay for certified organic cotton. He likely paid for the cheapest color screen printing he could get. So they will likely shrink and crack rapid. 10$ is a fair guess.

No. 1861745

Lmao why does it have the parental advisory / CD logos.

No. 1861758

This is corny as fuck lol the little shine on his fucking Nixon watch, the cracked overlay on the font, and the fact that his fingers are so stumpy and fat that even when he's reaching out toward you, it somehow looks smaller than the other one. Goiter the nail polish doesn't make you look edgy it just draws attention to your stubby little dick fingers.

No. 1861759

reminds me of a Cam'ron bootleg mixtape cover kek what is this crap? Is he a rapper now?

No. 1861760

I hope she starts flipping out over Leah soon.

No. 1861764

He's probably gaslit her into thinking they aren't in a relationship.

No. 1861857

He has prob only hung out with his son less than 20 times since he’s been taken away. But can anyone really expect this man to do anything decent in the way of fatherhood? It’s honestly probably such a blessing he doesn’t come around more often as he’d most def cause that child major trauma. He is an abuser. Syds mom is doing great and that kid probably has a nice room and a normal quiet home. Which is not something he’d get with goiter.(learn2sage)

No. 1861859

Lmaooo gold this should be the next thread photo with Leah’s head in the toilet

No. 1862016

Wonder if these are old rejected cd designs he had the files for still.

No. 1862040

Idk why but the first design with the random circle photos, highlighting different parts of the car(apparently the same single headlight twice), has me in actual tears.

It’s giving trailer park t-shirt dress

No. 1862090

>layna said so
kek layna is a documented liar. for example, gets caught camming on here, immediately tweets "bruh i just got fired"
someone on twitter even asked if she was okay and she said yeah but she got yelled at or something. people who lie about shit that never happened are weird as fuck and probably have a personality disorder

ah yes, hairdressing is contributing to society big time. and from the screencap above she doesn't even reply to all her messages about it. but yes, thriving and contributing hairdresser to society, what ever would the world do without her?


No. 1862108

I was gonna say I can picture white obese trailer trash walking through Walmart in an XXXXL of that shirt.

No. 1862121

Every homeless person around Sacramento’s about to be a Jonny Craig fan when these hit the Goodwills after his bar crawl’s over

No. 1862131

>gets caught camming on here, immediately tweets "bruh i just got fired"
this sounds like a very obvious joke if you’re not autistic.

also hairdressing is a great career and someone needs to do it. you sound like a mentally ill JC stan for these nitpicks on his girlfriends.

No. 1862140

File: 1689073160348.png (882.95 KB, 990x556, dzhonny craig.png)

jonny's new band

No. 1862184

the hat is so fucking doofusy

No. 1862290

how about all of the other comments picking on them? how am i a mentally ill stan for saying something so tame compared to the other shit that's been said?

No. 1862321

File: 1689098655071.jpg (17.14 KB, 1284x2283, gowi.jpg)

leah's story

No. 1862336

i wish we had milk on this leah girl, all we have is an anon's word that she's apparently a bitch and jonny has been driving her car around

No. 1862348

You have it backwards. Jonny doesn't even have his drivers license. She's been driving his shitbox Acura around that he retardedly bought and wasted money on.

No. 1862367

Wait so SHE doesn't even have her own car? Has he ever had a girlfriend who drives?

No. 1862387

He bought a car he can't drive and spent 10k on ugly merchandise that 100% will not sell. Truly a king building a better future for his son - a future he almost didn't have because he poisoned him with fentanyl. How Goiter can even live with himself let alone have the ego he has is beyond me
Literally everyone personal and professional in the area hates him, minus a couple of other fellow burnouts. Narc delusion is a helluva drug.

No. 1862446

I think she did have a car but it broke down so she was driving his.

No. 1862501

File: 1689112472628.jpg (50.21 KB, 1000x1000, lol.jpg)

No. 1862505

Kek well done nonny! Also some would say the ugly ass cap was photoshop but nope that clown wear it like that.

No. 1862695

File: 1689131217615.jpeg (1002.01 KB, 1138x1638, IMG_9234.jpeg)

Can someone help this manlet dress himself.

No. 1862696

File: 1689131324160.jpeg (781.88 KB, 1284x2013, IMG_9233.jpeg)

Same anon but he really went all out for his show tonight! Such flash. So red carpet.

No. 1862758

Don’t forget the tour van he bought

No. 1862878

kek. surprised he didn't do an NFT or "Goiter-Coin"

No. 1862985

File: 1689182864830.jpeg (440.02 KB, 1060x1809, D732C12B-302A-4449-A27B-AA2BC0…)

Leah’s story. The audio is “I thought you were a piece of shit, honestly I thought you were an asshole”.
I wonder if she read the anon in here who said she’s a major cunt.

No. 1863548

the only girls he dated who DIDNT drive were layna and syd

No. 1863637

Layna talked about a car she use to have so it was Skid and Taylor.

No. 1863687

Lol I love how you used my dumb gopnik version of Jonny for this

Taylor just didn’t have a drivers license. She had a car and would drive high with Jonny in the passenger seat all the time

No. 1863734

File: 1689268940128.jpg (36.07 KB, 1080x1920, c3RwPWRzdC1qcGdfZTM1X3AxMDgweD…)

He will literally contribute money to anything but his son (except fent).

No. 1863741

is this slang for something or is he actually trying to buy a large carnivorous bird kek?

No. 1863747

File: 1689270677869.jpeg (331.64 KB, 750x1070, F3B60E87-ABA7-48C2-9FCE-FF35A2…)

none of his exes is a successful woman? i wonder if Goiter is the trauma factor kek

No. 1863753

File: 1689271494331.jpeg (52.58 KB, 1179x2096, 70AE0465-9D55-4AD1-91CA-1884F6…)

Spider-head posted this, I have a feeling they’re mocking someone or it’s a dumb joke.
No one cares.

No. 1863885

Off topic but I noticed her and KT aren't following each other and all his likes on her pictures are gone I wonder what happened with that

No. 1863888

His gf or her bf caught them. They've probably blocked each other now.

No. 1863974

File: 1689297890331.jpeg (316.83 KB, 1170x659, 4CB2F4EA-1045-48D2-9E76-8B51BE…)

Jonny’s posting on threads about how he’s going to buy a house and isn’t a deadbeat.

No. 1863977

File: 1689297915759.jpeg (223.22 KB, 1170x1046, 3E7A4426-0AAF-4544-83F1-D4F130…)

No. 1863981

File: 1689298251748.jpeg (130.48 KB, 1170x382, AC473118-A3A7-4AFF-9403-85811A…)

He’s just a pussy because whenever he tries to come for anyone he makes an ass out of himself.

No. 1864035

Big keyboard warrior’s tough behind a screen. The same screen he not too long ago had to read his song lyrics off of on stage

No. 1864157

I know this may shock you Goiter, but buying your son "gifts" that they can't even comprehend the value of, is purely an act of virtue signalling for strangers on internet. Anyone can buy a kid a thing. Toddlers can't even comprehend why the fuck you are giving them over priced shit they will grow out of in 5 minutes. They just wanna play and be loved. Stop forcing them into your rat-race lifestyle.

No. 1864159

yes. you scammed fans, poisoned a baby, post misogynist memes, make rape jokes, injected people with heroin, love bomb women. you are a monster you fucking spoon brain.

No. 1864161

no you don't, you constantly pander to them. lol

No. 1864174

Anyone who ever gigged bars knows that it barely covers transport costs if you're lucky. If he's making any net profits, it's certainly so little that it wouldn't come close to the money necessary to buy a house in the current market.

No. 1864176

there can be more than one monster at a time, shitforbrains

No. 1864201

yup spot on. this is why he projects this image of a trashy "rich" guy because the opposite is true.

No. 1864215

goiter the type of moid to scream "I'M NOT SHOUTING" when someone calls him out for shouting.

No. 1864228

Are these related?

No. 1864591

JC dropped another song and music video and it’s absolutely terrible. I hate giving him views but the trainwreck is too good. Nice come back buddy.

No. 1864594

The video is god awful, them walking to the sushi shop and eating sushi and walking around the mall. Tell me you’re broke without telling me you’re broke.

No. 1864596

File: 1689381431999.jpeg (494.39 KB, 1288x873, 164B867C-B4CE-4719-96E7-40451C…)

No. 1864615

File: 1689382960605.jpeg (838.87 KB, 3298x2739, 55267A21-F423-4E21-A8D4-15412D…)

No. 1864769

File: 1689415128585.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1439, 4074855A-3981-4F86-B10B-7BB89B…)

inb4 someone calls me Skid but I think the difference between her photos with Storm and JC’s say a lot. Storm always looks close and smiling and comfortable with Skidney, and with goiter he’s always pulling away or doing an awkward forced smile.
There’s better example pics of Skid and Storm where it’s more obvious but kind of pointless to post since I’d have to scribble over his face. Anyway saging for non-milk. Just my two-cents.

No. 1864833

this is embarrassing “hobby musicians doing something on weekends” level shit
it’s hard to remember this dude was in successful, internationally touring bands when you see this amateur nonsense

No. 1864841

Meh, we know she puts on a show for social media though. Remember when she pretended to have custody for how long? Wouldn’t be a stretch to think she’d pretend to be a good mother with a happy child too. Although I’ll admit, I thought sydsopsycho was so batshit insane that even a sober Jonny would’ve been the better of these two short straws for Storm, so good for her for at least keeping up the appearance of stability. Hope it’s genuine

No. 1864852

Goiter looking for the internet to validate he’s not a deadbeat. Saw skids story probably on storms birthday but I didn’t think anything of it so didnt screenshot anything but figured it would be here. She showed storm got a little ride in BMW car from his grandma. Saying something about grandma giving good gifts but in goiter slang. This has me dead, goiter who couldn’t give him the world cause uwu he’s on tour and hoping he’s not opening gifts in a trailer now trying to take credit for gifts grandma bought. I bet he did not give him Storm anything why he’s out there talking about “his money”.

No. 1864961

File: 1689442112935.png (10.89 KB, 924x86, kek.PNG)

There are so many comments like this on the music video.

No. 1865204

I don’t feel like looking through 20 threads; what is the proof that Syd doesn’t have custody? And what’s the origin of the goiter nickname lol did he have a goiter. I stopped lurking here a while ago and need to get caught up.

No. 1865206

Skid has custody now. The state took Storm from both of them, and gave Storm back to Skid. Jonny admitted so in multiple story posts of his after farmers speculated about it. People started calling Jonny goiter when he got morbidly obese and gained a double chin/excessive neck lard. He's lost weight now.

No. 1865229

One anon said he looked like “a goitre” then added that they didn’t even know what the word meant it just sounded gross and fitting. The thread thought it was hilarious and it caught on like immediately. I think you kinda had to be there to get the humour of it.

No. 1865292

File: 1689477987477.jpeg (281.75 KB, 1284x2282, 92B67AEC-A0DB-4E40-86C6-C0A1D9…)

Home girl flew home before even attending a show and is now posting about her feelings getting hurt.

No. 1865295

Does she have custody though or does she just live with her mom who does

No. 1865300

Jonny said on a story that he and Skid got 50/50 custody but she chose to move back in with her mom. He still never see's the kid though.

No. 1865425

File: 1689494211157.jpeg (280.4 KB, 828x454, IMG_9767.jpeg)

The goiter nickname started when he gained weight while being a fat junkie during the skid era. Its really funny to see how far his “jawline” extended and disappear based on his tattoos. Exhibit A

No. 1865719


No. 1865721

a literal mass murdered could put on a cute photo shoot with their kid. why the hell do people not apply critical thinking when looking at stuff on the internet and just eat up the PR of the mentally ill?

No. 1865724

File: 1689528751791.jpg (407.63 KB, 1080x1858, Screenshot_20230716-133326_You…)

The comments are killing me

No. 1865726

I wasn't trying to say Skids a good mom or anything but the difference in Storm's demeanor with her VS Jonny is very obvious. If only to show how little he actually sees Jonny. Storm doesn't even know the guy so he looks uncomfortable with him in every photo.

No. 1865728

No. 1866198

who was the trans woman? kek

No. 1866259

keep my secretions im assuming

haha the video has been up for 2 days and it only has 5k views and 395 likes. really thriving goiter. looks like your "dying meth head" ex is still getting more views than you.

No. 1866287

5k views on his new music video, and 30k on the music video before that vs taylors 250k she got on her video from 2 weeks ago is crazy.

No. 1866688

File: 1689609419644.jpg (100.47 KB, 1080x1920, download.jpg)

Is he calling his music "underground" now?

No. 1866704

Both of the their music was better when they were on drugs. Unfortunately for everyone.
Did he really put icy and grimey in a song in 2023?

No. 1866710

It's definitely girl's fault his music is doing poorly.

No. 1866711

This sounds like obvious sarcasm, he's making fun of a girl or type of girl. He doesn't and has never made "hardcore". And his ego is too big to ever call himself underground.

No. 1866819

File: 1689617765788.gif (1.71 MB, 600x331, IMG_5636.gif)

The way he flexes the teeth Taylor bought him lmao

No. 1866881

What in the low budget cheese dick tomfoolery was that. I want to see an SNL parody of this video. A dude in a bonnet serenading his male friends while they eat and play and take selfies, not a woman in sight, dying Acura in the gloam.

No. 1867071

Jonny, girls consuming shitty underground music and it's culture is at an all time high. You just suck as a musician and a human

No. 1867307

Ima rip MY eyes out watching that garbage and spider face is very unpleasant to look at. Not entirely his fault I guess, but he’s not doing himself any favors

With that being said, it really is a shame that JC has wasted the natural talent he has. Even in that absolute bore of a song, you can hear the remnants of a great voice. Dude just doesn’t know what to do with himself if it’s not making music - but he has burned so many bridges and surrounds himself with such bottom of the barrel people that he can’t get a leg up. He needs time off (that he probably can’t afford), time with his kid, lots of therapy, and to really be a different person if he has any chance. But nah he will keep banging his head against the same wall, trying to break through it.

No. 1867359

File: 1689687496711.png (239.27 KB, 361x363, IMG_9060.png)


i wish taylor never paid for his teeth

No. 1867410

Goiter flexing his paid for teeth in a song other people produced, in a career other people created for him. Without other people, he is nothing. With out Will Swan, Colin etc, he's literally just this guy -> >>1867359

No. 1867422

That picture was during the prime of his fame and success in his previous bands kek.

No. 1867430

yeah, thanks to Colin and the producer. goiter just did what he was told as he's void of any creativity on his own.

No. 1867436

I was wondering the same thing and I would assume yes but I have no proof, someone should dig in to that more for funsies

No. 1867592

File: 1689720878205.jpeg (114.82 KB, 681x676, B9AEDD51-D838-4A88-BD3D-ED0AA6…)

Why. Can never unsee.

No. 1867716

Does anyone think goiter and Leah are gonna last?

No. 1867771

kek it's jonny oliver here to cook up some fent laced goodies

No. 1867799

The prime of his success and yet even at his prime Taylor was the one who had the disposable income to blow $40k on his teeth. Dude’s always been a broke bitch masquerading as successful. Living proof that fake it till you make it doesn’t work

No. 1868139

a full mouth of fake teeth does not cost $40,000… try half that for the normal ass white ones.

No. 1868156

File: 1689818175386.png (9.07 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9291.png)

No. 1868257

Lmao imagine edging near 40 and embarrassing yourself with posting this.

No. 1868309

File: 1689857079343.jpeg (324.15 KB, 1284x2299, IMG_9065.jpeg)

oh no someone hurt cobwebs feelings

No. 1868320

lol, no sons either. seems like that rule applies to being on tour or not.

No. 1868393

Didn’t someone say cobwebhead is also a deadbeat dad? Bet these are related. Maybe he found out the kids not his kek.

No. 1868402

It's his kids mom, I'm pretty sure one of the kids birthday's is around this time

No. 1868403

i was under the impression these retards would jump at the chance at being relieved of parental obligations? goiter cba even driving a few hours early in the morning. i think he resents storm and the limitations having a kid has placed on him. goiter clearly doesnt get much out of being a dad so likely feels its a crap trade off, and uses storm as a social media as prop to atleast gain something from nutting in syd. just my opinion, but i expect nothing less

No. 1868408

It's not the kid for cobweb, it's the mom. He's in love with her. The kid gets to keep him in her life like some weird prop. So he plays the same 'I'm trying to half ass be a good dad or look like it's like jc does in order to stay in the moms life

No. 1868522

who is she kek share the gossip nona

No. 1868566

All I know about her is her name is corinne. I didn't even find that out from him and I didn't even mean to find out. Apparently she cheated on him with one of my other friends, Austin. Austin went on like this whole rant and I just kinda kept my mouth shut.

No. 1868601

Leah wiped all of her pictures off instagram. hmmm

No. 1868602

it's about 2k for one fake tooth so yes it was 40k.

No. 1868606

Goiters album has been released. A couple hate songs for Skid was worth the listen even if the music was terrible.

No. 1868614

File: 1689915726073.jpeg (71.62 KB, 412x758, E94BF4C3-6116-4863-AF6E-5A92ED…)

KEEPMYSECRETS got his heart broken so bad he turned into a fat lesbian

No. 1868619

Late, but is his gumline fake too? These straight up look like dentures.

No. 1868626

*his CD

No. 1868629

File: 1689920800875.jpeg (597.72 KB, 1170x2015, IMG_0874.jpeg)

Skidmark’s creepy ass toes

No. 1868630

I'm 90% positive KEEPMYSECRETS wrote exhausted. I know that style. Also the production on waves? No. Why would would a professional drop that?

No. 1868631

File: 1689920908709.jpeg (6.23 KB, 140x249, IMG_0874.jpeg)

Looks like Storm’s feet. Goiter and Skid both got ugly feet

No. 1868632

I think dentures are the ones you take out at night, he got the screw ons that don’t come out

No. 1868643

I noticed she did a few days ago

No. 1868746

File: 1689942288019.jpeg (681.88 KB, 828x1467, IMG_9828.jpeg)

All the samples playing through the stories sounds boring and really basic. The remaining 20 fans that jonny has claiming “but his voice” needs to get their ears check out

No. 1868829

clearly a fan

No. 1868840

Of them as people, absolutely not. Of their old music, sure. Of whatever this ufm crap is? They spend more time perfecting engineering and production than they do lyrics and the lil peep era of music is dead. So no.

No. 1868875

Cole pretty much signs all of his songs by repeating some of his lyrics in every song he writes. The song is probably the most different and tbh the best on the album. He probably wrote it and jc improvised some words and melodies. More than likely this song will get some of the most plays. Cole's label isn't and hasn't been letting him put out his own music for a while. So what's he going to do? Ghost write for jc and throw away his own career? I couldn't imagine giving away one of my best songs to someone else. I don't think any of this is going to play out well.

No. 1868877

Retarded to put out an album WHILE you’re on tour. Typically you’re supposed to release the album and then go on tour so you can play a song or two from it.

No. 1868881

He is. Lol

“perfecting” u gna keep exposing urself haha its okay you can appreciate them. even like them!

No. 1868883

I just know ur that one fat bald girl. still obsessed and rockin that stained carpet. u should clean it instead of exposing urself to more cancer on the internet

No. 1868900

You act like I don't probably know who this is. But it's cute that every time I speak I become the target. You do know that post you're talking about is like almost a year old now right? So how and why do you even bring it up if you didn't post it? This thread has nothing to do with me. Idk maybe stop deflecting it back to me?

No. 1868904

I can not like it lyrically but like and appreciate the the production. The production is good. Except for waves.

No. 1868972

Wow, nice job staying anonymous you dumbfuck. You’re not supposed to confirm who you are.

No. 1869000

I honestly don't care. It's really not hard to figure out, I only pop in every once in awhile. I'm the only person that calls him Cole. Any person with half a brain cell could figure that out.

No. 1869006

this thread is just lame and embarrassing at this point
bald cancer girl makes up 80% of the posts im convinced
then the rest are from turtlemom and some
of jonny’s exes or ppl who know the cows irl, shit is just pointless, nothing he does is even milky, nothing is interesting about this man at all
i cringed of embarrassment when i saw one of you dumb hoes suggest this thread in the celebricows thread for “interesting milk” or something along the lines of “one of the milkiest cows on lolcow”
its the same shit all year long, be an absent father, talk shit on his ig stories, flex ugly outfits and purchases, starts dating a pathetic e-girl, cheats on all his girlfriends, fights with baby mama, goes on tour filling up not even a 1/4 of any venue while also fucking random groupies every night, contacts chlamydia and other diseases regularly, promotes shitty ass music
like i genuinely dont understand why the fuck anyone pays attention to him anymore, let alone stalks him, unless you have personal ties to him or spiderweb
most of the “milk” in here is just calling out how fucking ugly him and spiderweb are
i miss when this thread was frothing with milk. now its just a place for autistic stalking and vendetta posting for pathetic girls that got their feelings hurt by one of these cows or people just to witness him embarrass himself which is so predictable, he embarrasses himself the same way every year.
ii hope this thread doesnt consume anyones life cos when u think about it, its really sad how much these cows live in your head rent free. thats just a sad existence. ive been hoping for awhile this thread will get interesting again but its quite literally never going to happen, its already hit its peak a long time ago, just look what happened to taylors thread… idk rant over

No. 1869008

You need psychiatric help.

No. 1869010

Why do you even think things like this are anonymous? So people can sit behind computer screens and run their mouths and not be afraid of the people the people they're running their mouths about, or anyone else, targeting them. Yea ok. Again, idc. At least I know why I ran my mouth and I'm a pos for it. And I know I am. But like no one in here even knows these people?? What do yall even have to be hurt or angry about? Like y'all really that bored that you've just been doing this for years?

No. 1869015

You should care. You spend way more time on this site than you’re letting on and it’s obvious. You were soooo excited to call out the thread on your own Facebook for fucksake, and pop in to give us the “juicy deetz” like you think you’re joining some cool kids club bc you have no friends, get a fucking life. It’s more embarrassing because you’ve revealed yourself, you’re clearly in love with and obsessed with your precious “Cole”, like let that shit go and get into intense therapy. Maybe a psychiatric hospital. Everyone else is just here to laugh, you’re here for personal reasons, also, exposing yourself is against the rules, I hope you get banned, but that won’t stop you from coming back to stalk the thread and flick the bean at all of the posts about “Cole”.

No. 1869017

Dawg over half of America needs psychiatric help. Do better

No. 1869021

And you’re really that bored that you’ve decided to join in too? Pot calling the kettle black. The FACT that you are here for personal reasons is even more pathetic, no one else here gives a fuck about these cows, and there are a lot of us, not just the same people “for years”. Like you’ve shit up the thread now and made it really lame. I’m embarrassed for you. Like I said, no one else in here is posting for vendetta reasons, just entertainment purposes. You obviously are infatuated with Cole in an obsessed way while simultaneously talking shit. You need help. I’m done arguing with a crazy person. Thanks for fucking up the vibe in here with your personal bullshit.

No. 1869022

First I don't talk about any of this thread on my fb??? So check your paranoia. I barely post about my personal life on fb since I flipped out in here. Was not my brightest moment. Lol and why are you stalking my fb? That's so weird. How does anyone even remember what my name is. Like this is what I'm talking about, yall obsess over people you don't even know. It's fucking weird

No. 1869024

Lol I made a comment about the music. Yall wanted to come after me.

No. 1869025

This bitch gives me Athena vibes. I hate it here

No. 1869065

Based honestly kek. You rule.

No. 1869068

> no one else in here is posting for vendetta reasons
Skid doesn’t exist anymore?

No. 1869074

I agree jonny isn’t interesting anymore but I don’t think this thread should die yet, or else his disgusting behaviour will be swept under the rug and forgotten. The only reason why it’s public knowledge that he poisoned his son with fentanyl a couple years ago is because of this thread. Someone needs to keep track of the complete shit bag that is jonny craig. Even if it’s slow now it’s only a matter of time before he dates another trainwreck with public meltdowns. Just be patient nona’s. Goiters life is so boring and lame he’s due for some excitement in the dramatic woman department anyway.

No. 1869079

File: 1689986753857.jpeg (241.81 KB, 1179x2096, FB4A4394-BDC4-4474-84F9-9E047F…)

KEEPMYSECRETS made his own fanpage on Instagram that’s so embarrassing. And no I’m not a vendetta poster that knows him, I just think he’s a cringe factory even worse than JC, just hasn’t been around as long and with zero talent. Matching abusive qualities though.

No. 1869080

Seems like he won’t go public enough with anyone for that to happen

No. 1869083

He has groupies that will fuck him because of his past success and to say they did. But I doubt he’ll be able to find anyone that wants to actually be in a relationship with him. Other than bottom of the barrel despo‘s like Athena was. Or mentally stunted autists like Layna.
But I doubt he cares, he has spider-head to cuddle with and cradle his dick at night. All of his emotional needs and love can go towards his home boy cause, like Skid said, he’s a closet fag.

No. 1869161

File: 1689996840536.jpeg (104.37 KB, 1170x2080, 87D24190-1BDD-4098-9547-B64A69…)

No. 1869169

How is this milk? Kek we get it Syd is self obsessed

No. 1869212

no for real, she’s the perfect case study of an obsessed girl who lurks here for personal reasons and can’t get over it. Its so funny how she thinks the shamelessness is empowering when it’s just exposing how much of an obsessive psycho crazy person she is.

No. 1869214

this is giving

No. 1869233

Now that the mongs of this thread have become self-aware and are starting to fling poo and boiling piss at each other, maybe this whole stupid goiter and friends thread will finally die. If not, it will surely only be kept alive by the spiraling handicapped lost souls who found their way here out of love lost and rage, trapped by their inability to cope. May this be their final resting place for their tormented souls.

Word to Staind, bc it’s been a while since anything “milky” happened with these people.

this thread is rly treated like a support group for exiled groupies/exes/fantards/tweaker associates. Really giving the island of misfit toys… but way more depressing, because their leader is a fat bald lady in a diaper who makes Gypsy Rose look like a dime piece

No. 1869254

File: 1690012777794.jpeg (324.28 KB, 1284x2637, IMG_5835.jpeg)

If he means overnights as in Storm staying the night at his crammed apartment with 7 other dudes…I’d rather sleep in a trailer with Skid

No. 1869348

oh you sweet summer child, this thread been like that since the beginning newfaggy

No. 1869375

File: 1690053324557.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x2072, IMG_2763.jpeg)

You look like a little boy who got into his mom’s accessory drawer… but ok.

No. 1869376

File: 1690053746957.jpeg (353.42 KB, 1170x1683, IMG_2762.jpeg)

Ok I’ll give you a tip — literally anyone with a functioning long-term memory and/or ears that can hear will be on this list.

No. 1869379

File: 1690053962525.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x2069, IMG_2764.jpeg)

Wow what a crazy turnout. There must be at least 3000 people in that crowd. /s

No. 1869471

Is this fr him ahahaha. Some of the captions have the same typing style as one of his fans

No. 1869526

ofc it’s a fan. The OP who said it’s him is reaching pretty far

No. 1869548

he looks like the lucky charms leprechaun cosplaying as Gilligan
if only delusion were money

No. 1869688

You're wrong on most points. Firstly, milk isn't constant, there are times between milk where people just discuss shit. You don't need to freak out over this, forums have functioned this way since the 90s. Secondly, this site is used mainly for toilet doom scrolling. Following celebrity drama has been done by billions of people for thousands of years. It's not hard to "stalk", you simply open his stories, screenshot, post it here, then we laugh. It's not as complicated as you'd like to project.

No. 1869691

No. 1869907

File: 1690156458605.jpeg (Spoiler Image,73.18 KB, 393x514, IMG_2772.jpeg)

It’s the baby bump and dainty thigh gap for me.

No. 1869958

Ohhhh mannnn that is not a good look.

No. 1870085

this is horrifying. steve-o at the bottom seems to be enjoying the clown show though

No. 1870152

Dude looks like he’s been drinking too much with that beer belly paired with skinny legs and bloated face.

No. 1870266

That is one of the ugliest men I’ve ever seen kek.

No. 1870366

File: 1690243260461.jpeg (39.65 KB, 640x1136, 664E57B3-FD4E-4598-9EF6-6FECE3…)

Sold out but you still have time to lurk on this thread.

No. 1870368

File: 1690243605398.jpeg (929.07 KB, 3464x3464, F6BD3D82-C08E-4E44-80D5-2B22C2…)

Hemorrhoid posted this with her boyfriend and his son, and JC posted this a couple hours later. I think it’s “must be nice to have your son”.
You could be with your son if you didn’t poison him, deadbeat loser. Acting like losing his son wasn't his own fault.

No. 1870394

As much as I still think she’s gross for camming I’m actually glad she moved onto a more stable relationship with a dedicated father lol

No. 1870513

what does her being in a stable relationship have anything to do with her being gross for camming? wtf

No. 1870616

alex seems a decent dude and a good singer. osatia are doing pretty good as a band. also has access to his son. this will be really REALLY annoying goiter.

No. 1870698

That transwoman youtube comment was right

No. 1870699

right about what?^(learn to integrate)

No. 1870747

That spider head is a trans woman KEK.

No. 1870808

File: 1690327734451.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1071x1885, 718ED7A4-EE57-4FEB-8C2C-615106…)

Tiger king.

No. 1870848

Is he still on tour or back at home

Lol, does this mean he stalks layna?

No. 1870866

He’s still on tour.
I posted that and it’s just a tinfoil, I saw the stories one after another. Might not be related at all.

No. 1871187

Imagine that thing being your father. I’ll let you choose which one I’m referring to. Both answers are right.

No. 1871251

Imagine how it would feel to not only be a disappointment and embarrassment to your father, but also one to your own kid when they’re older. Bleak. Just two walking L’s.

No. 1871412

File: 1690429769281.jpeg (33.67 KB, 1290x2293, 6E35A8C4-F67D-41E1-9D70-B18A9D…)

Being this ugly and calling women “mid”.

No. 1871413

File: 1690429888906.jpeg (159.91 KB, 1290x2293, 5E79FB32-A5CA-4197-91BB-FDEB7A…)


No. 1871450

File: 1690441294200.jpeg (207.58 KB, 785x777, F870AB2E-5C04-41BF-B656-AAA0D2…)

About skid cheating for sure.

No. 1871452

File: 1690441320398.jpeg (186.57 KB, 1170x2080, CEEC5490-3805-4A1E-A2E0-3C1847…)

Eggplants out in full force

No. 1871493

love trying to decipher her ridiculous acronyms. Todays guess:
"Why I Hate All The Men In Northern Ireland"

No. 1871513

File: 1690464764045.png (286.07 KB, 455x351, lloll.png)

No. 1871514

what about retarded, baby poisoning, sexist, ugly, low IQ, lobotomites like yourself? What happens when you post? Way worse circumstances lol

No. 1871578

I don’t get how people can listen to the same 3 lines over and over again for 2 minutes straight. This is so bad it’s not even funny???

No. 1871581

Leah put all her pics back up, lol this girl is bipolar for sure

No. 1871583

File: 1690475632955.jpeg (557.53 KB, 1170x1174, IMG_0952.jpeg)


No. 1871587

kek. ahh yes, the best lyricist. The one who turned up to sessions with no lyrics and would just make up random gibberish on the spot (early DGD). The one who needs a producer to write anything worth recording. he DA BEST

No. 1871603

File: 1690477752070.jpeg (478.07 KB, 1170x1820, IMG_0953.jpeg)

Lmao JC posted on Post Malone’s post and people are absolutely ripping him apart

No. 1871604

He gets so unbelievably wounded when women drag him kek. Love it.

No. 1871635

Reads like a drake song. Big cringe.

No. 1871672

I hope she writes a retaliation rap.

No. 1871687

In his deteriorated mind that’s a compliment.

No. 1871693

File: 1690490083085.jpeg (177.24 KB, 1170x2080, DEB05B78-048A-4AD5-B22A-CB3815…)

I don’t think she cares, she’s just rambling about her dreams.

No. 1871703

she's insane. no one fucking cares about this. i would love to be as stupid and as syd. no thoughts, just vibes.

No. 1871763

The lyrics and grammar is as short and limited like the goiter + skid era. Kek embarrassing for both but more so jonny putting literally garbage songs out and call it art

No. 1871769

>no thoughts just vibes
That should be the name of Goiter's whole tour. Not a thought in a head and pregnant dad vibes abound.

No. 1871841

File: 1690504337325.jpeg (241.08 KB, 939x1654, 03DEA317-2575-47C7-B916-8FF268…)

lol couldn’t help but laugh at this entire comment thread… looks like goiter still has some fanboys out there still sucking him off

No. 1871842

The entirety of the lyrics of his song about Skidney kek.

“Plain words
Fake promise
Was it worth losing my faith in you
You're a player

You want what you want
You're not getting that
I won't play your games
There's no winning that
I run, I run tonight
I run, I run

You want what you want
You're not getting that
I won't play your games
There's no winning that
I run, I run tonight
I run, I run

You want what you want
There's no getting that
I won't play your games
There's no winning that
I run, I run tonight
I run, I run

Long nights
So much fighting
All the pain
That you're hiding
There's no saving you
Saving you

You want what you want
You're not getting that
I won't play your games
There's no winning that
I run, I run tonight
I run, I run

You want what you want
There's no getting that
I won't play your games
There's no winning that
I run, I run tonight
I run, I run

You want what you want
There's no getting that
I won't play your games
There's no winning that
I run, I run tonight
I run, I run

You want what you want
There's no getting that
You want what you want
You want what you want
You want what you want
There's no getting that
You want what you want”

No. 1872018

love how the best insult he can possibly fathom is "no ur ugly". it's preschool playground level shit kek.

No. 1872046

kek he says "i" 30 times and "you" 25 times in one song.

No. 1872125

NPD is gonna NPD

No. 1872142

File: 1690558197597.jpg (29.01 KB, 442x725, f9411.jpg)

Did skid not like her new song

No. 1872233

File: 1690571157579.jpg (Spoiler Image,198.3 KB, 1080x1920, c3RwPWRzdC1qcGdfZTM1X3AxMDgweD…)

This is the shit he chooses over his son.

No. 1872338

File: 1690587683579.jpeg (333.56 KB, 1284x1074, IMG_6098.jpeg)

“never hit a bitch in my life” dear lord does he read before he replies

No. 1872348

File: 1690588845285.jpeg (228.92 KB, 1170x2080, D92A1E98-23A6-415D-B5E0-CD9129…)

I wonder if Skid is still with that dude?
Seems like she’s trying to lure someone in with her eggplants.

No. 1872416

File: 1690596665275.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x1676, 97459D1A-5F5E-410E-8ED6-055CFB…)

The wrinkles and dentures really contrast harshly with the nose chain. What a dweeb.

No. 1872720

try as we might has to be about Layna.

No. 1872755

the shaming of a womans tits after pushing out a kid and breastfeeding is just fucking insane to me, stick to criticising her batshit actions

No. 1872786

sorry, who?

No. 1872802

HARD AGREE(sage your shit)

No. 1872821

Literally chimping out, he looks like a grimacing ape

No. 1872872

Underrated comment. I do the very same.

No. 1872924

They looked like that before she shat out Storm. You’d know that if you weren’t a newfag.

No. 1872925

I think so too

No. 1873010

File: 1690691614522.jpeg (443.86 KB, 4095x2733, 31AF6F85-7EC5-41A2-B3FB-43429D…)

I think Skid and her man broke up, she’s posting way more than usual and vague things about relationships.

No. 1873052

Even so, what is she supposed to do about that? She was born that way. And so are probably many other readers here

No. 1873065

Why are you taking this so personally? Anon is making fun about someone who has called other women “horse face” and other even vile things and dont worry skidney will not hold back on hurling you insults. And her eggplants titties has been an ongoing insult. Go touch some grass

No. 1873087

I think you might be a little too sensitive for lolcow. This really isn’t the place to be super PC and also expect others to be careful about offending people. This is a terrible shot of her breasts. It’s really unflattering and she doesn’t have the type of boobs (or support in her bathing suit) to pull off what she’s trying to do. Her boobs do look like eggplants, we have all agreed that they do, so unfortunately your indignation is going to fall on deaf ears.
Syd is also a pretty terrible person who has torn down many other women so sometimes people do get what they deserve.

No. 1873430

Integrate. Every woman on this website gets her looks and actions nitpicked to oblivion. It’s the culture of the website.

No. 1873448

My best guess so far is “wish I had a time machine” but unsure hat the rest could be lol

No. 1873500

but when Layna got called out about her hemorrhoid, then it was bad, right?
Anyway nonnies nitpicking bodies are just looking in the mirror

No. 1873566

Who ever complained about us making fun of Layna’s hemorrhoid? Everyone is fair game and if anything she got it worst compared to how she acted. The only reason why Jonny got a thread separate from Taylor after they split is because of how shitty Skidmark acted and then the threads decreased in quality after they split because hemorrhoid produced next to no milk aside from the teat of her hemorrhoid. And from that most of the milk came from schizochan who is a major probable chance of being Skid. But I’m not fully convinced of that,

No. 1873605

what i find weird is that they nitpick body image like a moid. their standard of an acceptable body is basically the how fuckable they are to a moid. retarded hill to die on.

No. 1873659

that was literally skid, not anyone sane

No. 1873763

yall want to believe so bad that these fuckers hang out in this thread, like if lolcow was that important. we had our golden age and it was gone long before layna. also she talked a lot about syd as if goiter wasn’t gaslighting her and putting them against each other. i know i cant expect something from jealous nonnies and JC stans but i know there are some sane fair people reading kek

No. 1873885

File: 1690837448976.jpeg (57.98 KB, 1290x2293, F3DAD0D8-5A3D-47E9-BEFF-E1EA0E…)

No. 1873903

newfag detected.
spiderweb, goiter, and syd have all called out lolcow recently, directly respond to this thread thru the stories. they all read here. the only person who might not anymore is layna, but she used to as well. there's proof in the threads. i can give you specific examples.

No. 1874343

File: 1690909827790.jpg (58.78 KB, 1080x1920, 04110608.jpg)

Did Skid cheat again? Schnoz is off her IG posts but they still follow each other. These poor babies. Syd probably bpd'd her way out of another relationship, Goiter's tummy hurts, and Keep My Secrets Three Words is lamenting his loss of love whilst probably being the reason Goiter's tummy hurts.

No. 1874396

syd, spoderface, goiter, and everyone in their crew post this way and it's fucking bizarre. deserves it's own sociological study.
there is a few main platitudes they maintain. 1. Responsibility deflection 2. Retarded Posturing and Virtue Signalling 3. Nonsensical babblings. 4. Indirect vague posting about someone.
When they write posts it's often unreadable due to the grammar. Keywords help guide us through the river of bile and "gang" talk. I know it's just monke brain shit and a lack of self-moderation, but it honestly baffles me how they can hit send on some of these posts.

No. 1874432

I think that super fan that made that KEEPMYSECRETS page on ig killed herself

No. 1874472

what do you mean

No. 1874486

I wonder what girl in his orbit is going to try to kill themselves next.

No. 1874496

File: 1690925211268.jpg (146.28 KB, 939x706, whutisbbcat.jpg)

NTA but she posted this two days ago (1/2)

No. 1874498

File: 1690925287256.jpeg (137.43 KB, 1263x647, IMG_6134.JPEG)

And her boyfriend (I assume) posted this yesterday (2/2). Am I to understand that she killed herself after talking to spoderface?

No. 1874503

Any fan of JC or keep my secrets is a mentally unwell weirdo.

No. 1874546

Yea pretty much. His music pretty much glorifies it so it's kinda not surprising.

No. 1874551

Oh yea you have to have some serious mental issues going on to try to kill yourself.

No. 1874554

Spiderheads acronym is literally “KMS”

No. 1874557

File: 1690929808076.jpeg (230.85 KB, 1290x2293, 7DC4BF75-4BB0-4E29-B16B-D4301F…)

Hes so nasty.

No. 1874606

She looks like a Mexican mom. How do you know she killed herself though? I bet she is a farmer

No. 1874630

Read the next post. Her boyfriend who was also a fan of KMS and goiter posted about it.

No. 1874653

Sorry i meant how do you know it's suicide? even though her clothes and hair are prob a dead giveaway

No. 1874674

NTA, and don't know the girl in question, but knowing this crew and the company they keep they don't really attract "mentally stable and productive" types. Abusing yourself and ultimately terminating your life from a continued action is still suicide, even if it wasn't intentional.
Plus looking at her, and she was only 29/30, I don't think health conditions could be a factor unless it was a freak accident.

No. 1874678

Yea if it was a car accident or something like that I kinda think it would have been mentioned somewhere

No. 1874690

File: 1690948337445.jpeg (386.98 KB, 561x731, EEAB961F-BF49-4C97-B649-6592FA…)

Is Jonny ok? He’s looking like Sam Hyde levels of gross.

No. 1874691

File: 1690948772965.jpeg (140.34 KB, 1170x452, 1C684A8E-E752-4E35-AE90-1760A8…)

Maybe Skids boyfriend caught her trying to beg JC to take her back.

No. 1874693

File: 1690948881522.jpeg (916.71 KB, 1170x1571, 8EDF7899-00D4-44BB-AF54-B70FB2…)

I can’t with the acronym.

No. 1874708

File: 1690951563499.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1284x2621, IMG_6276.jpeg)

Looks like she made it out to Vegas to see goiter

No. 1874737

I like that she just looks like a fan.

No. 1874765

I think it stands for “I wish you could be here with me”

No. 1874799

lol what does this mean. she spends most of her time around concrete and an adventure to her is visiting a restaurant kek.

No. 1874869

spot on nonnie >>1874396
we got a 1 with the "nope", we got a 3 with the post making no sense and we got 4. bad grammar to top it off.

No. 1874957

File: 1690998921831.jpeg (993.8 KB, 1073x1879, C0031316-E317-4ABC-8D78-38EB26…)

No. 1874991

I just can't with his fried clown hair

No. 1875379

File: 1691058567724.jpeg (590.34 KB, 827x978, EA909F42-0D00-4A7C-8287-234F1C…)

No. 1875498

File: 1691077556753.jpg (104.3 KB, 1080x1920, download.jpg)

>just need a chance to redeem myself
How many fucking chances do you think you really deserve bro? You come out worse and worse after every chance. You aren't going to give him the world, you can't even give him child support. You abandon him time and again to play empty dive bars with your bloated retard friends, you use him as a tool to bitch and moan about his mom and grandma, and when you finally do make time to see him you either take him along to watch you shop for yourself or drive him around in the backseat while you record shitty selfies singing to your chauffeur. Eat a dick you burnt out tool. I hope Storm gets a nice stepdad some day.

No. 1875511

jesus fucking christ, the state of that hair.

looks like on this post we got 1, 2, 3 and 4 kek according to >>1874396
not sure why any one would stop that? well CPS for one because you did fent around a baby? maybe that?

No. 1875631

>my son will have the world
a bunch of new “uncles” who are daddy’s roommates and all the sneakers he can eat

No. 1875650

Bro you can't even afford to pay rent by yourself, what are you going to give a kid?

No. 1875732

I hate this shit because to an unsuspecting person, this post seems reasonable. Yeah he’s sober now give the dad a chance to prove himself!

Problem is that over the course of 20 years of his life he’s been given shit on a silver platter, even after fucking people over, over and over again. Why should he get just ONE more extra chance out of the hundreds of “second chances” he’s been given. You had one shot to be a good dad and you blew it. The second Syd shat out Storm you should’ve gotten your shit together. You were 35 years old? 36? It’s not like this was an unexpected teenage pregnancy. You’re a grown ass man who acts like a child and thinks it’s a quirky personality trait and not the pathetic trait it actually is. Just do Storm and Skidmark a favour and move on from both of them, let her find a step-father who will ACTUALLY give the kid a good life. Loser.

No. 1875734

File: 1691105795128.jpeg (27.2 KB, 1170x2080, 897BA2F7-D4CA-4DED-9224-9C2A25…)

Syd posted this. Please put out a diss-track to come back from Goiters song about you. Please. The rap you made from the earlier threads was golden. Please put out music Skid.

No. 1875760

Everything you said down to a T nonna. He should've taken the 9 months to be prepared and get his shit together, it's not that fucking hard to be a decent, present parent. The more chances he gets to fuck up and further traumatize his son should be avoided. Storms like, 3 now? 3 years of chances and he blew them all, and will continue to

No. 1875782

File: 1691111522056.png (3.13 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_6311.png)

being on tour and taking your kid to a sneaker store isn’t really “dad life”

No. 1875791

“Dad life” what an actual joke.

No. 1875792

File: 1691112686066.jpeg (179.44 KB, 1199x968, IMG_6315.jpeg)

No. 1875806

wtf does this have to do with begging for jc back…?

No. 1875811

submitted for a grammy… LOOOOOL

No. 1875814

Couldn’t find him on the R&B billboard I wonder if he made that himself

No. 1875844

File: 1691119990991.jpeg (116.77 KB, 750x960, E3617096-D441-4E6D-B9C5-E75983…)

No. 1875883

So he’s just lying lol.

No. 1875884

File: 1691128381063.jpeg (102.38 KB, 1290x2293, 701326E5-CCF3-4414-8A09-93D57D…)

No. 1875930

pls. he's so embarrasing. he posts this like 5 times a year.
>im glad it makes you mad
on the contrary, i dont think anyone gives a flying fuck about you jonny

No. 1875931

File: 1691144666057.png (975.22 KB, 932x528, jc.png)

No. 1875935

No. 1875936

agreed. i genuinely think he has cognitive development issues. the thin eyes, the lack of self-awareness, lack of empathy, lack of foresight. either his grandparents where twins, or he's just full on made himself cognitively stunted by taking drugs. there is some serious low IQ and emotional intelligence there.

No. 1875937

kek, he's 10000% gonna ride out this grammy thing. submitting for a grammy is NO WHERE NEAR to being nominated for one. plus I thought he hated the industry? now he's pining for an industry award?

No. 1875938

Goiter bingo >>1874396
We got a 1, 2, 3 and 4. Full house.

No. 1875946

File: 1691148226841.jpg (74.26 KB, 500x613, 7uqb5g.jpg)

let's actually play haha.

No. 1875961

This is missing the nasty tongue sticking out pics.

No. 1875984

Does he not realise that he's still on his second chance with storm? The second chance started the moment they didn't throw his ass in jail for poisoning his child. Every second he breathes is his second chance but he sees chances as things that only come into play when he's about to be punished or actual things people give you and only thinks about it until the danger is over. If he's going to sit there and wait for success to fall in his lap as his big "second chance" he's never gonna make stability for storm.
Also bullshit he's 2 years clean unless he's one of those addicts that counts being clean as being clean from the drugs you wanted to be instead of being truly clean

No. 1876039

File: 1691162468470.jpg (78.93 KB, 997x445, grammytime.jpg)

>still doing numberssssss
Peaked at 37 in 2013 and 41 in 2015. Winning the numbers game, back on top!

No. 1876135

there was so many i couldn't fit on haha.

No. 1876146

File: 1691171545902.jpg (47.56 KB, 1066x494, 20230804_105428.jpg)

No. 1876151

Only grammy award he’s winning is the grandpa stale milk award. Kek the delulu of this junkie

No. 1876187

File: 1691176404485.jpeg (46.06 KB, 1284x2283, BE54D5C1-477E-4CF8-93E8-AAD586…)

Leah posted this after hanging out with Jonny.

No. 1876237

File: 1691182527550.jpeg (Spoiler Image,514.72 KB, 1179x2035, IMG_8005.jpeg)

He’s proud he got away with getting the substances he was using on tour out of his system.

No. 1876249

Kek father of the year… having court mandate drug test from CPA because you poison your kid. The bar has stoop so low that he is actually so proud of this

No. 1876260

I wonder if Syd called CPS and said he can't see Storm when he gets back from tour until he gets tested. I only wonder that because surely he would have posted one of these before because he's a braindead bragging moron and couldn't resist, and it would make sense with all his vague-posting about how hard people are trying to make it for him to see his son. Boo hoo, you had to prove you aren't on drugs since doing fent next to your baby. Shocker.

No. 1876264

how did I not know his real name was Jonathan lmao

No. 1876287

He got his child taken away by CPS because the child had drugs in its system. Obviously if he is able to be around Storm, routine drug tests would be required by the state.

No. 1876381

File: 1691202723488.png (5.17 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_2601.png)

Is it more faded than those fucking prison tats on his neck?

No. 1876383

so he gets sponsorships and clothes sent to him for free. nice.

No. 1876387

Lol someone in the comments says the colab makes sense to them because they “always viewed Jonny as a fallen angel”.

No. 1876415

Lol Faded Decade is a tiny store in Houston that is trying to get off the ground and the guys that own it are let nvtvs and KEEPMYSECRETS hang out there all the time. All of them wear their clothing because they're all friends. It's just friends wearing other friends lame brand for advertisiment.

No. 1876416

File: 1691206388629.jpeg (202.91 KB, 1179x2096, E2CAA2E5-B627-4BE4-BA74-F74AE1…)

He knows where his fans are. Go serenade those fat Hispanic moms goiter!

No. 1876616

Syd should setup a drug test on arrival back in the country kek. Might be harder to say no when it's actually affordable for him vs what I've heard of bongland's prices. Not to mention all those hefty latina moms offering it up…
Also love how his "solo career" looks like it's placed there as an afterthought. We all know the only fans (or nostalgia attenders) going to his concerts want him to sing songs other people wrote, not sing the shit his mushbrain came up with when mad at Syd or in the recording booth.

No. 1876656

In b4 goiter posts, here we go with all the prop pics with the kid trying to convince everyone he knows what he’s doing let alone that his kid wants to be around him. “Giving him the world” fast food and knock off cheap Chinese designer crap. Poor kid. Sad when the father is only trying to act like he cares when he’s made it publicly clear any interaction with storm is only to make skid mad or get back at her. “Grammy submitted artist” posts how he loves making his baby mama mad cause she wants him drug tested such winner.

No. 1876665

Holly shit this bitch is coming to my city i should go and ask me if he could sign me a poster of syd

No. 1876776

Poster of Syd PLEASE Nona hahaha.

No. 1876788

I’m surprised this broke bitch didn’t try to charge CPS for giving them his autograph

No. 1876796

File: 1691275094084.jpeg (321.15 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_1093.jpeg)

He’s so precious

No. 1876838


Seriously. It's not really giving "dad of the year" posting your piss test to dunk on them haterz on social media…
Fuck he's pathetic

No. 1876850

File: 1691280118257.jpeg (61.3 KB, 480x720, IMG_5879.jpeg)

He was never a looker but good god did he age like absolute shit. It’s what he deserves (among other karma)

No. 1876879

File: 1691283874275.jpeg (18.63 KB, 235x214, 1F4BA0E2-D1E1-420E-96C5-30E3BE…)

No. 1876882

He looks 37 in that photo. It’s hard to believe he’s only 37 right now. He looks like he’s in his 50’s. Imagine what he’ll look like 10 years from now if he’s still alive. My guess is a walking corpse.

No. 1876923

File: 1691289682190.jpeg (2.68 MB, 1284x2637, IMG_6407.jpeg)

Storms gonna grow up with the fondest memories of sitting in Jonboy’s living room/bedroom combo with all 8 of his roommates

No. 1877131

That poor kid is going to grow up with a complex. Absent father that pops in with an obsessive amount of cheap toys.

Also kek at buying him a toilet that is called Little Jon-EE. Guaranteed that's the only reason he bought it.

No. 1877133

And now the love bombing of the child begins

No. 1877149

Eyes like piss holes in the snow

No. 1877164

spat out my drink. kek

No. 1877167

I think there are two or three toyguns there that belong to him and mayor spookytown and he bought the toilet because he had to by cps. The funko garbage is his.

No. 1877168

File: 1691338093761.jpg (62.83 KB, 494x613, bingo.jpg)

dammit, almost

No. 1877169

>new toys opened then immediately discarded to the sides, not even put away or seemingly played with before turning the TV on for the kid
>toys not put away so no room for dad despite the TV distraction already underway (will dad put away while the TV is on then sit beside his son? Doubtful)
>couch not even setup so the kid can sit in front of the TV properly without turning their neck over just to see (Syd is gonna deal with a kid with a sore neck now).
Moving the toys would have let the kid face the TV instead of the terrible spine twist he's doing now. And create space for dad to watch too.
>unless dad keeps the toys there or buys extra for his pad, the kid will probably never actually play nerf with his dad despite the cash wasted on it just now as kids aren't likely to truck much other than their favourite toy between houses.
Is the kid even old enough for nerf play? I thought that was for kids around 8 at least. Especially when it comes to the bigger guns, let alone buying 3 different kinds at once for them to figure out how to use and when. The biggest looks to be about the kid's size ffs

No. 1877181

goiter conditioning him to designer sneakers and psudo-fire arms. the arsenal of any high achiever kek. poor kid. im not gonna nit pick the photo but you can tell the kid is just existing in his environment and being distracted with stimulant, slowly destroying his serotonin feed back loop from developing properly. i can guarantee storm will scream and act up the moment his entertainment is taken away. being bored and outside is surprisingly important for preventing a kid being an adhd mess.

No. 1877222

Jfc poor storm watching tv in that state of the living room. How poor is he for needing to share his tiny ass apartment with 8 other dudes? Also those funko pops are atrocious

No. 1877283

It's the fact the only place Storm can exist in that apt is in jc's bedroom. If cps knew that all those other people lived in that apt I think they would have to tell the landlord bc it's considered not safe and breaking the lease terms. Honestly I'm surprised they haven't done a home visit in a while.

No. 1877325

How is this begging JC to take her back? Am i missing something or is anon just retarded

No. 1877363

Don’t think too hard Skidney.

No. 1877364

File: 1691360834583.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1045x1763, 2232049F-C7AF-4133-95DF-EF9971…)

From Leah’s story. Didn’t he also take Layna to vegas for the first time? He really repeats shit with every single new girl.

No. 1877390

File: 1691363041170.jpeg (14.47 KB, 259x194, IMG_5901.jpeg)

Absolutely tinfoil/ armchair but traveling seems to be a great tool for narcs to hook their next victims. Its a similar tactic as love bombing. Vegas is constant stimulation and full of distractions; it makes it easy for red flags to be overlooked. And, if shes on his planned schedule, shes automatically on his terms and not hers. Arm candy to play into his narrative.
And also, maybe he just has enough friends there to supply a place to sleep/ and party with.

No. 1877423

anon just spent too much time looking at Syd instagram

No. 1877448

Travelling is part of the love-bombing.

No. 1877465

Yall really need to get a life. You bitches probably aborted every pregnancy you had so you have no room to talk you fucking cunts. Get mad bitches.(infighting)

No. 1877474

Hi cow.

No. 1877480

Hmm, clean shaven. Hm, conveniently right after his drug test. Hmmm…

No. 1877483

That photo is from like 6 months ago.

No. 1877495

Lol someone’s cranky he didn’t get praised for not doing fent around his kid for two whole days…
Nah we just use contraception like normal people who aren’t trying to babytrap a washed up has-been, sorry.

No. 1877502

Understandable, it's the magnanimous Squidward, our queen, after all. I'm still waiting for Leah, or someother cow, to take the crown. Wasn't she milky?

No. 1877503

File: 1691383785086.jpeg (387.59 KB, 1289x2046, IMG_2914.jpeg)

Realistic photo of goiter giving his son “the world”

This is so bleak yall. I wish you could see the sadness and confusion in this child’s eyes, while Goiter just sings at him to keepmysecretions playing in the background.

No. 1877510

File: 1691385292699.jpg (477.15 KB, 821x1457, Screenshot_20230807_011034_Chr…)

Jc and KEEPMYSECRETS have got to end up together because I really can't decide which one is the bigger narcissist at this point. That girl that past away didn't even know his music existed until like 6 months ago and he's constantly still posting to drag out as much sympathy for himself as he can get like they grew up together and they're like videos and photos of himself???
Also dudes like 30 posting about jumping and fighting people all day. All jc's has been today was Storm.

No. 1877511

The shit all over the floor… good god. When that kids old enough jonny is going to actively treat him like shit. Like maybe aged 12+. That’s usually when NARC parents turn on their kids and make them feel like they’re the problem.

No. 1877620

You are right nonna I was thinking the same thing the look in storms eyes he looks uncomfortable there he doesn’t look fully at ease. That video of him in the pool he looks either exhausted or just sad and coping with having to be around goiter. Why does he have cole in the pool filming too? Always trying to use storm as prop and exploitation.

No. 1877623

Does JC even know how to talk to him or HOLD him? What was that shit? Then just drops him in the water? I would be so sad if I had to hand my child off for visitation with someone like that, just worried the whole time.

No. 1877649

File: 1691423923255.jpeg (783.59 KB, 828x1717, IMG_0036.jpeg)

Glad you mentioned it anon, the moment he fully dunked his son into the pool pisses me off

No. 1877658

Everyone always says Storm is a spitting image of Jonny because of the red hair, but in those pool videos with close ups of his face he looks almost exactly like Skid. I actually love that kek, I hope it makes JC mad.