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File: 1690923546993.jpg (218.32 KB, 800x533, twitch general.jpg)

No. 1874473

Thread for all twitch drama
Last Thread: >>>/snow/1766148

Recent drama:
>Natsumiii of OTV&friends cheated on her husband and getting divorced
>XQC/Adept lawsuit is ongoing, rumors say they got back together
>SuperMega outed as sex pests(no surprise)
>OTK continues to dip into irrelevancy, ExtraEmily holding up the entire company
>Idubbbz loses CC2 and $250k, Anisa and Ian continue to cope and seethe at the haters

No. 1874490

File: 1690924865320.png (223.54 KB, 808x1177, image_2023-08-01_172335017.png)

Idc about soupermega but I think it's hilarious that he brought up RPF fanfiction in his video about this

No. 1874542

There’s a new youtuber general nonna! >>>/snow/1873055

No. 1875263

>OTK continues to dip into irrelevancy
Are they? Not a fan of any of them, but it seems they got saved from cancellation ruin. Emiru is the top3 female streamer in NA when it comes to average viewers (the metric that matters most for sponsorships AFAIK), only behind that PoS horse-faced AOC, and MadisonBeer, who is an "actual" celebrity with genuine talent imho:
And within the moids… Mizkif is at 17k and Nmplol 13k. For comparison Hasan averages at 21k, Tyler1 at 11k and Sodapoppin at 11k. I can't see past the top50 in that page though, so not sure how the rest are doing, but it seems among the organizations (that aren't E-Sports, at least) they are by far the most viewed, sadly. Do correct me if I'm wrong, because I just searched for this right now.

No. 1875280

maybe average viewers matters most for sponsors (though i'm not 100% convinced it's the most), watch hours is more revealing about actual popularity and presence i think. streaming infrequently and only for certain things can easily juke average viewcount, watch hours is harder to manipulate and i think sponsors are learning that. otk is known to bot their streams too, especially any events/group things, miz and emiru bot their own streams frequently as well.(sage your shit)

No. 1875303

AOC is a streamer wtf? I googled it and of course she is in contact with hasan. sketchy and cringe

No. 1875307

no she just happened to stream like twice ever to drum up support for one thing or another, she's not a real streamer. the last time was recently so it just shows up in the 30 day chart skewing the conversation. another reason why watch hours is the far better sorting for that table/metric

(forgot to sage earlier post and can't delete, awaiting the ban)

No. 1875361

Not condoning Wendy's behavior but the OTV hacks unfollowing just shows how fake and desperate they all are for clout and attention.(sage your shit)

No. 1875362

it COULD be on principle, because fuck cheaters sure. with otv its more likely for attention and approval.

No. 1875369

more like "appearing on twitch is part of her PR strategy"

No. 1875504

She's just an attention whore, not a serious politician. She realized she was too ugly to just be a normal e-girl so she thought as a 5/10 she can still be the most attractive woman in a crowd of old dusty fartsniffers.

No. 1876213

Stfu scrote, hang yourself

No. 1876238

Kai cenat just caused a bunch of trains and some buses to shut down in the area where he was hosting a giveaway(imageboard)

No. 1876427

File: 1691208074720.jpeg (177.99 KB, 885x647, Web capture_5-8-2023_0035_www.…)

NTA but posting a article about it, don't know who he is and never watched his vids. Still shocks me how this many people would be this desperate for stupid shit like this.


No. 1876484

lunchtime rowdies. Of course hasan has to defend them. The guy working 14 hours a day runnin a hotog stand has insurance i bet(sage your shit)

No. 1876650

mrbeast should see the opportunity here. Can you dig it? Can you dig it? Can youuuu diiiiig iiiiit?

No. 1877520

File: 1691388931422.jpg (367.49 KB, 1536x2048, 20230807_074512.jpg)

Is it me or is that door looking a little suspicious?

No. 1877669

File: 1691428215736.jpeg (121.43 KB, 1536x2047, 3A1600DE-CF76-4BCF-96A6-1C9142…)

Fousey went to Toronto and had a terrible time, was an asshole to everyone, said it was the worst city, didn’t get to meet Drake and started going into a manic episode. While at the airport going home he started chatting and hitting on a drunk woman at the airport bar. After she told him she was a victim of sex trafficking, Fousey gave her $300 bucks then disappeared for 10 minutes. When he came back he told he just become a member of the mile high club. Chat immediately was pissed off and Fousey tried to retract and say it was a lie but the damage was done. He started to cry on stream saying he was bad person and when he had a sex addiction he would get handjobs from sex trafficked women in massage parlours so he knows how serious it is. Once Fousey landed he decided to go get a mental health evaluation and see a therapist and ended his 36 days 24/7 subathon and wont return until he has the okay from his inner circle. And now he just got banned from Twitch. Crazy shit.

No. 1877674

File: 1691428664500.jpg (8.33 KB, 200x252, ggg.jpg)

carrot top looking ass

but yeah that ceiling is warped, typical anisa brainrot focusing on editing her face and nothing else

No. 1877692

Nonnie everyone knows that's a cuck doorcucked by her ugly moid face

No. 1877698

File: 1691432334868.jpg (176.75 KB, 646x899, ddddddddd.jpg)

i was looking for older posts and came across this. Oh the fucking irony- Idubbbz and his community making fun of Tana for banning him from her events. Meanwhile idubbbz crying and banning Sam even though Sam didn't do anything.

>HE was really committed to making HIMSELF a victim from all of that huh?

No. 1877702

Wow, I don't know this guy but this is a crazy comment to read even without context.

No. 1877753

Omg Ice Spice!

No. 1878495

File: 1691561802913.jpg (468.08 KB, 1876x2048, F3ANTaqaIAAz0Ln.jpg)

XQC nonnies, I'm afraid this might be the beginning of the end for our streamer:
> Over the past week, youtubers have been calling out twitch streamers who 'react' to their content, since they think twitch streamers don't contribute or add anything to their reactions to make it individual and are instead parasites robbing youtubers of views and subscribers. Streamers like XQC and Hasan are the main targets, though Hasan weasels his way out of it by claiming that he adds enough of his own commentary to make his reactions unique and that it's not himself uploading his reactions to youtube, but other viewers. XQC doesn't give a fuck and says he can watch whatever he wants without contributing, that him watching streams is something he does with his audience and it's not his obligation to the youtuber to hold his reactions to their standards. Youtubers dogpile. Hate pile on XQC multiples by 10,000
> He was living with Pokelawls, fellow Canadian stoner streamer, in LA but had to move out since Pokelawls had family coming. So XQC moves back into his Texas house
> Court trial is still ongoing, apparently Adept has been failing to establish that she and XQC were in a married relationship. The judge has thrown out her 'verbal' claims of marriage and thrown out the statements of herself, her mother, and the housemaid.
> While the trial is still underway (Adept is trying to secure a jury trial at the end of the month), XQC can't live in the house (don't know why, probably because it is a part of the assets being contested over)
> XQC is surviving on his last two braincells, Adderall addiction and junk food, continues being roasted by youtubers online, other twitch streamers are mad because he shows up late or is a no-show for chess competitions he's participating in, and he and Pokelawls get into a twitter fight. Streamers start sharing their 'experiences' with XQC and how he has a poor reputation among streamers. Hate pile on XQC multiples by 100,000
> XQC decides what better thing to do than go on a debate with Ethan Klein on the H3H3 podcast. It goes exactly as you expect and is a disaster, ending in petty insults and garbage attempts at XQC trying to 'one up' Ethan with bad arguments. It's a win-win for Ethan who blasts XQC so badly it makes Ethan look like a mature adult. https://twitter.com/DramaAlert/status/1688715590066671616
> After an embarrassing 'debate' with Ethan, Ethan leaks DMs from XQC where he brags about how Ethan's house value is sitting on his wrist (his watch). H3H3 fanbase loses their minds. Hate pile for XQC multiplies 100,000,000 times.
>Adept tweets out to H3H3 to check their emails. She has been hinting for a week or so that she has been keeping her side of the story silent this whole time and only a few people know her side. This is probably what she sent to Ethan in hopes he might talk about it. Ethan declines, said he read it, but didn't want to get involved. Adept goes off on a live stream mocking XQC and his fanbase. https://twitter.com/DramaAlert/status/1689099620838715392
> XQC is on his way to Vegas because none of his streamer 'friends' will take him in.

Honestly, he's burned bridges with almost everyone. I'm surprised he didn't move to Vancouver to be closer to Trainwrecks, that would have probably been a better idea. But Vegas? He will probably gamble his fortune away or become massively in debt.

No. 1878512

>Meanwhile idubbbz crying and banning Sam even though Sam didn't do anything.

Uhm, do you know how insane Sam Hyde is? I'm 24 and have been hearing horrible shit about him since like 2013, and even back then, he was getting tons of flak from past fans for grooming underage girls. I'm not on Idubbz' side but who the fuck would want someone like Sam Hyde near their vicinity? His comedy persona has shielded him from a lot because he's constantly epic 4chong trolling, but beneath that exterior is a legitimately unhinged, pathetic, degenerate loser with serious mental issues. He's the one lolcow who has escaped being seen as a lolcow because all of his fans are equally big outcast losers with anger management issues and pedophilic tendencies.

No. 1878515

XQCfags, save him

No. 1878527

Sam Hyde is completely unhinged, but somehow manages to make huge amounts of money. So if you were putting on a huge event would you not say anything and secretly prepare for Sam Hyde to pull some unhinged shit that will promote your event massively? Or would you publicly ban him and make sure that he's going to fuck you over somehow and make you look dumb?

No. 1878537

My opinion on XQC was neutral before but damn, he really is an asshole. As is expected from a sped I guess.

No. 1878539

>DramaAlert making a post in favour of Ethan that makes XQC look like a retard
The fact that even Keemstar is on Ethan's side, when he's hated him and vilified him as much as possible for years, shows how truly bad this all is for XQC.

No. 1878541

the fact that ian was so sure in his decision to ban sam always made me think that when he hung around sam for that stupid documentary he was gonna do, he saw him do some truly awful shit.

No. 1878550

>he would get handjobs from sex trafficked women in massage parlours so he knows how serious it is
As we all know raping women makes you empathetic to their plight. He just couldn't understand their life until he took part in what makes it horrible.
Disgusting fucking scrote. Hate how normalised this all is.

No. 1878554

Fousey is still doing this shit? Last I remember of him was the boxing matches but more importantly hosting that shitshow of a concert in 2018 and claiming Drake was going to be there when they had never even spoken.

No. 1878687

man i am super late to the supermega/lex drama but some youtuber made a video about it so i'm just hearing about it this morning and oof
the whole thing is giving me a weird gut feeling that i gotta expound upon. apologies in advance for blogpost.

i don't want to 'victim blame' but it's the stuff around the sexual assault allegations. lex uses a lot of loaded language like 'assaulted' and 'forced' to describe what happened, but if you listen objectively, he asked for sex and she said okay. i've certainly had sex with my partner that i wasn't entirely enthused by, but you sometimes do things to make your partner happy because you love them. i would never call that sexual assault or claim he 'forced' me, and it feels like by broadening the definition to include 'sex i wasn't hyped up about' is eroding the meaning. in particular, don seems to have thought (at the time) that he WAS asking for consent and WAS receiving it. hence:

i'm not surprised moids have gone feral over this story because the idea of being falsely accused is terrifying to them. they aren't wrong. the concept that someone can retroactively 'revoke consent' and you will be held accountable (by your peers, if not the justice system) for assault or rape unquestioningly is pretty damn spooky. and i know the majority of sexual assaults AREN'T like lex's, i have my own anecdotal experience, but 'i was uncomfortable but said yes anyways, and he grabbed my head' isn't even CLOSE to what most 'forcible assault' experiences are like, either.

tbh what i see as the 'real' issue supermega had was the work environment, which sounds like it sucked, and i'm glad other people spoke up about their professional experience and the company went belly-up in response. on the other hand, lex is pretty lucky that they have the kind of vast audience that actually CARES about that. toxic work environments are a dime a dozen, and the problems she's listing aren't uncommon, but most of the time people just have to deal with it because they need income and the general public will not care that your boss/coworker is an asshole. also, the complaint that she didn't receive enough support for her sexual trauma from her workplace is INSANE to me, because a) ofc people are going to be uncomfortable if they didn't want to be privy to your trauma and were exposed to it anyways and b) i would never expect anyone in my workplace to provide comfort or a safe space for me to even talk about that stuff. iirc if it didn't happen on company time, even HR can't really help you. also, that's what therapy is for.
like, even personal friends will sometimes prefer to stay out of 'messy break-up' situations because they might not feel like it's their place to comment, or they don't know the entire story, or they don't want to alienate either party by picking a side.

if nothing else, the lesson to learn from lex is never, never mix your professional and personal life. or if you do, you have to treat your personal life professionally, not your professional life personally.

but! she convinced me that supermega was shitty to work at, so that's something.

also unrelated what the fuck kind of SIMPLETON moves to l.a. with no living accommodation lined up, luckily receives permission from their boss to sleep in the office, and but then complains because people she doesn't like come to work in her 'living space' and she's uncomfy sharing?? does she just expect her boss to tell her ex, 'hey lex doesn't like you anymore so ummm can you permanently disappear' which i guess is kind of what they did anyways by firing him. am i missing something or just misunderstanding the situation??
i don't even understand the point of moving to metro L.A. if all your income derives from work like art/onlyfans, which can be done remotely from a far less expensive area.

No. 1878708

take it to the youtuber general please

No. 1878716

wasn't supermega a twitch channel?
iirc the lex video was posted last thread so seemed relevant.

No. 1878717

No they're youtubers, I think Lex and other involved people (aside SM) are twitch streamers, and also because there was no new yt general thread when it was posted but we have one now! >>>/snow/1873055

No. 1878718

Lex didn’t work for supermega. Don (her boyfriend/accused sexual assaulter) was their contracted channel artist

No. 1878738

All because Lex says okay to it doesn’t make it right for Don to be rough with her though. The moment he did that she pulled away and revoked that consent, that’s what she was most upset about

No. 1878767

I have been terminally online for almost 2 decades and legit did not know about Sam besides the school shooter meme. the idubbbz documentary single handedly introduced me to him.

No. 1878769

I am with you nonnie, sexual assault is horrible and no one should go through it, but Lex seems like a very stupid person. moving to LA without actually securing a spot to live by her own means? absolutely retarded. doing so because you claim you were sad that your dog died? she must be mentally challenged. there is no other explanation.

No. 1879010

File: 1691640662404.jpg (156.43 KB, 1080x660, Screenshot_20230809_225535_X.j…)

you can all laugh at me for this but I've been a viewer of xqc since the old overwatch streams of 2017. Although I never subbed to him, I did a lot of lurking, only typing the occasional omegalul and pepega. I genuinely enjoyed his streams and stopped watching when he started reacting to other people's content and being a drama whore. it's so depressing to see what he became, an overly defensive, immature, narcissistic asshole obsessed with drama. I think it was in 2018 when he got suspended in overwatch during a drunk stream and that's when he branched out to other games. those streams right before he got really big was some of the funniest shit I had ever watched. I will never understand why he thought he needed to be a drama whore for attention. he had enough personality and dumbass humor to carry him. he didn't need to become this to stay relevant and now it's become so obvious he's breaking at the seams and is losing his mind. he's clearly miserable and he flexes his money because that's all he has and it doesn't fix his lonliness. there is no way he can redeem himself in his next stream, where he will leak everything. he will just dig himself into a deeper hole, burn more bridges and lose more friends. I've never felt so much pity for such a rich person, jesus christ. he literally needs to log off.

No. 1879016

File: 1691642439703.png (412.17 KB, 1600x1200, cheeto.png)

I feel you, the overwatch streams were pure soul and remember when he would thank each user that subscribed to him? him making retarded loud noises and banging his table was the funniest shit.

No. 1879026

The fear of Sam Hyde just made him look pathetic and Sam thrives on infamy so Ian just fed him more attention and notoriety by being a retard about it.
I know Sam Hyde is scum but his audience and him get off on the shock factor of seeing him get banned from places and being kicked out of events. Ian played into his greasy hands.
If he had ignored him then it wouldn’t have blown up or made a blow to Ian’s depleted ass ego. I have a tinfoil that Hasan put some kind of stipulation to ban Sam because of the meme clip that’s been going around where Sam says he’s going to kill Hasan and Hasan is one of the streamers that Anisa and Ian and love to dick ride.

No. 1879317

Nta but agree. She can be a victim but we can also agree she’s not that brightest person

No. 1879775

It's true nonnies. He used to be more carefree but he has such an attitude now. I think it's developed over the years since back then he was more trusting and naïve when it came to his personal and streamer relationships. He had a good year or two where people genuinely liked him but then he got more and more famous, and with that came people/streamers trying to use him for clout whether it came from people disagreeing with him or trying to use him. He's flipflopped from different streamer circles like Hasan/QT group, OTK, Adin/Kai Cenat groups and no one has stuck. He really has no friends and when your one of the top streamers in this industry, no one is going to be there for you. He's jaded, distrusting of everyone, paranoid, insecure, desperate for stability and it shows. I really hope it gets better, it's sad to see the person he was and what this industry turned him into. Literally he's a nobody from suburb Quebec, he really had no chance to survive.

Kek at cheeto. This is one of my fav XQC moments and still makes me laugh

No. 1879803

He was unbanned yesterday and got re-banned again, this time for driving while streaming. I was actually watching this when he was live and thought it was so dangerous that he was clearly occupied with his phone more than actually driving on the highway. Seriously thought I was going to witness a car crash from how fucked up he was. What a parasite.

https://twitter.com/litmamicool/status/1690024799114772480(this is an imageboard)

No. 1880213

I'm tryinggg!!

No. 1880389

Let's not give the moid too much credit. XQC's problems are mostly all self created. Constantly bridge burning then going to his hugbox chat to validate him that he's always right in every retarded situation he puts himself in.

That clip is pretty good though kek.

No. 1880488

File: 1691883223975.jpg (178.67 KB, 1576x802, 180928347928.jpg)

Kaceytron replies to herself on a month old LSF thread not knowing she's logged into a sock account. Logs from the sock account show that she recently pretended to be a black troon to vendetta post against Destiny on the OTV sub. Said sock account is promptly deleted. kek. I know kaceytron is irrelevant as fuck these days but when she does resurface it's always for some entertainingly cringe bullshit.

No. 1880542

But why? Before 2020, OTV has done content with Destiny, but now only Lily even acknowledges his existence. Also every time I see 'black trans' just assume its fake

No. 1880720

XQCnonnies… I'm his biggest glazer and honestly I am rarely morally invested in twitch "drama" but he's off the deep end….
>burned a 5+ year friendship with pokelawls
>internet's #1 enemy with the gay as fuck h3/react drama
>fueling more fire that will fuck him over in his divorce case
>two of his exes (fran and adept) are talking and apparently "acquaintances".
>adept has also insinuated that she had been abused by x and has severe trauma over it
>is currently living with Alinity (succubus)
And I won't even get into the fact that he constantly and deliberately surrounds himself with horrible, braindead people and environments. Oh, and his health issues too. I can't help but feel bad because the dude literally has no one, no family, no true friends that can help him realize how downhill he's going. Sad.(sage your shit)

No. 1880723

Yea, he definitely is at fault for a lot of shit. But the dude is built like that. His upbringing and parents completely fried his brain and made him incurable. I don't know if all French Canadians are this dysfunctional, but it definitely is a result of his upbringing.

No. 1880765

>fueling more fire that will fuck him over in his divorce case
i've read she's losing bad as of late, her claims might've gotten dismissed or something

No. 1880872

Wait? Any receipts on him breaking off his friendship with Poke? I thought it was honestly due to Poke's mom visiting and her requiring calm due to medical condition

No. 1880874

Honestly don't see how she can win a common law marriage case. Those are usually for unmarried couples with kids, shared property with equal or similar levels of wealth or special circumstances like illness or what have you.

No judge or jury will ever be on her side. She's tripping. I'm ready to believe her about the abuse though, X has been shady enough in their breakup that her claims warrant being taken seriously

No. 1880882

Kek, I love this dumb shit

No. 1880885

File: 1691940422927.png (650.34 KB, 1072x602, Screenshot 2023-08-13 112843.p…)

they spent hours arguing on stream yesterday night after poke subtweeted about x and eventually gigi and then fran joined in. also adept went live at some point to milk the views kek.


No. 1880900

law in texas is different about common law marriages. basically treated like a regular marriage. makes it worse that they basically used it to get a green card too.

No. 1880905

I can't believe women simp for this clown, he looks so tragic lmfao.

No. 1880919


it's actually pretty poetic
>move to texas to try to avoid having to pay taxes in Quebec (where you've sucked the teat of public services your entire life)
>end up having to pay the biggest tax of them all

No. 1880927

She’s brought new evidence to the court and the judge had no option but to accept it, so the case is stretched to another month I believe. But yea she also filed a domestic complaint for family violence and that was fizzled out by the judge, (dont take my word for it)

No. 1880941

I hope she wins purely to see all the men seethe

No. 1881010

I simp for the tragedy nonnie, ik something wrong w me

No. 1881026

Get better taste, he is ugly as fuck.

No. 1881090

He's okay.

No. 1881109

NTA but I think he's decent looking. He also smelled really good every time I met him at an event kek.

No. 1881113

File: 1691967321200.jpg (44.6 KB, 524x524, 20230610_101052.jpg)

i don't get why adept is so focused on a common law marriage case when she could just get pregnant by xqc and he'd be forced to pay her child support. or that would at least make him fuck off back to canada where he'd be screwed into paying high taxes. then should could drag him for being a deadbeat dad, maybe live off of that drama for a while. she had many opportunities to try it since they continued to sleep together after the breakup. that was confirmed by xqc. just put a hole in the condom. i know all this is wrong but if you're gonna be a lying vengeful ex and want to fuck over a scrote and his money at least be smarter about it. she's really fucking stupid and wasting her time. getting pregnant is the 100% assured way to fuck over a stupid rich moid long term. xqc confirmed he cheated on fran so maybe adept could try it and sleep with him again. it's not like she's concerned about her figure either. she's gained so much weight since the break up. might as well get pregnant. I would at this point. her situation seems bleak lmao.

No. 1881115

Based. He’s fuck ugly.

No. 1881116

Lmao this has to be bait. There is no sane reason to bring a child into this world just to fuck over a moid. Get help, nonna. If you even are a woman.

No. 1881119

is there an uncensored screencap out there of the emails ethan accidentally leaked on stream?

No. 1881125

I literally said my plan would be wrong. can you read? lmao. never said it was sane. also, I never said I would do it, I'm just saying if adept is that desperate she should do it. I actually have a job. lmao. not like xqc is a good person anyways. he treats his friends like shit, is a cheater, steals content, brags about his money, and is a narcissist. literally who cares.

No. 1881147

>every time I met him at an event
Disgusting obsessed xqc fangirl stalker detected

Agreed, he’s hideous, looks like an Albanian street food vendor and the blonde hair just makes him look even more like an Afghan hound.(racebaiting)

No. 1881152

Lmao i think this is so based but that child would have more than night terrors with adept for a mum

No. 1881157

>Albanian street food vendor
>Afghan hound
my fucking sides anon how are these so accurate

No. 1881183

have you seriously never heard of baby-trapping? you need to get out more nonna

No. 1881192

I was struggling so hard to put that into words it was affecting my nervous system. Thank you nonnie for finding them when I couldn't

No. 1881269

File: 1691996128188.jpeg (184.43 KB, 1599x829, IMG_0346.jpeg)

Frankly the leak was nothing

No. 1881327

It's so wild to me to see the guys on reddit claim that Adapt is abusive. She's insane in her own way, but you're not going to tell me someone like xQc deserves a mentally sound person. He's high all the time, cheats, and literally the only reason he has this much money at all is due to sheer luck. "Oh he's scared they will only want him for his money!" like he has anything else to offer. I see it as payment for being his bangmaid. I hope Adapt wins her court case and gets money for being with him for years.

No. 1881344

I hope she wins for the lols
But yeah don’t forget his several night terrors everynight seems like so much to deal with even for money

No. 1881370

File: 1692025507790.png (68.69 KB, 764x724, hi.PNG)

anyone have screenshots of Poke's rant where he was calling XQC a druggie on twitter? There was also a bit about adept being absolutely unhinged with Poke and telling him she got pregnant one time like Frana

saged for no milk

No. 1881415

File: 1692030534561.png (384.14 KB, 856x2719, xqc_darma_summary.png)

drama summary

No. 1881441

You can have a prescription for something and still abuse it. What a fucking cope. You can tell he desperately doesn't want to accept that he's an addict.

No. 1881510

ever since i’ve seen what his room looks like while he’s streaming (a fucking disgusting neckbeard nest), i genuinely don’t understand what any woman would ever see in him. he deserves a gold digger.

No. 1881542

watching XQC's stream with fran where he very obviously tries to milk the shit out of him cheating on his gf, he even starts saying "The actual circumstances deserve like a full several hours stream" and seemed genuinely excited about sharing the drama. It's such sleazy behaviour why is he like this haha

frana seems sweet though, no surprise juicers are calling her a liar for no reason. It's also funny to watch XQC pretend to know wht accountability is while only caring about himself and still painting himself as the victim. she seems so checked out and done with him, good for her

No. 1881545

>I don't know if all French Canadians are this dysfunctional
Every Canadian public figure I have ever seen, read or heard of, of any profession, seems or seemed dysfunctional, so maybe you're onto something. No offense meant to any inhabitants of that country.
At this point I think if she won more women would seethe than men.
This summary is missing the part with Adept admitting live on stream that she was gold-diggin.
Nonniie are you drunk/high? Why are you writing like this?

No. 1881592

File: 1692047094463.png (76.47 KB, 731x498, Screenshot_7.png)

I want to add this on the drama summary.
>adept started crying on stream, claims XQC beats her and she has camera footage, also claimed she had miscarriage of XQC’s child
>she claims the miscarriage is the only reason her and X broke up. She says not to cry for the lost child, because it saved her from a lifetime of beatings.
>she also got very mad for Jesse and Mendo to air about how she contacted both with the pregnancy info and how she also bad mouthed fran
>claims they should never be able to talk about others pregnancy when she was the one airing and talking about for everybody about fran (we don't know for now if fran was pregnant or not)

Also, per court she should never have talked with xQc's friends neither be allowed near his house. (Which she stood still for about 7 hours). Some speculate she was probably trying to baby trap xqc
And Macayla is streaming everything plus blasting Adept, saying that if she never tried to go for court everybody would support her.

No. 1881638

The most baffling part of this xQc "saga" is how moronically Adept is behaving. She could use everything the retard is doing to make herself look better and get free views and money, but instead she keeps ruining her chances beyond repair, both as a streamer and regarding the lawsuit. The millisecond she loses her current lawsuit (which will leave her with a hefty legal bill), he'll be able to sue the everliving shit out of her for defamation and very likely win.

No. 1881641

i had two shots but i didnt think my drunkness was that noticeable damn.

anyway, watching the whole stream reupload it's pretty shitty to see Felix try to paint that Gigi chick for "lying" about him going to Adept's house, it's so irresponsible knowing the hate she gets, all he cares about is saving his own ass he's legit panicking throwing people under the bus. The whole thing is so gaslighty, Frana stood her ground though and tried to speak sense, she's very cute. Bro should log off tho

No. 1881645

xqc is cringe and i stopped watching him during gamba era. but i don't believe for a second that adept was pregnant, nor that xqc ever beat her

No. 1881685

There are no good people in this situation nonnie? Fran literally scams people with crypto, they all suck they’re all mad about money. Adept may be the worst of all honestly, she needs to move on, maybe go to the gym and get a job idk.
I predict her and qvc will be back together before it’s all over.

No. 1881753

I'm stealing this and never giving you credit.

No. 1881758

I got an even better one. saw someone on twitter call him excuseC lmao.

No. 1881778

>nor that xqc ever beat her
Interesting…(sage your shit)

No. 1881788

Timestamp it dont just link a 45 minute video and expect us all to sit through it ffs

No. 1881793

Yeah literally what does this prove? That they were a couple and have 45 minutes worth of 10 second clips?
You guys think xqc didn’t physically harm her why? Because she’s fat and he’s skinny? Or because you guys know him so well? Please stop simping it’s pathetic

No. 1881816

>she seems so checked out and done with him
Lol, not at all. They're constantly flirting anytime they can on stream and she obviously still has admiration for him. She definitely is not over him and even said on stream that she wishes things could go back to the way it was before. Also, the fact that xqc is coaching her offstream in real time to "debunk" adept's lies is pathetic desu
Adept's claims are bold and serious. She basically insinuated that xqc regularly beat her, got her pregnant, and then beat her again to kill the baby. I'm paraphrasing, and maybe I'm interpreting her words wrong but when you're talking about shit like this people will assume the worst. And that's what she's saying publicly. Oh, and she also claims to have video evidence of the alleged beating, which, I have no idea why she didn't include it in the court case. I find it really hard to believe, but if she's talking truth, then she's going the wrong way about it and already got amber heard' but the entirety of the twitch community so…

No. 1881824

Yeah he and Asmongold are similar in that they’re both millionaires that live in filth, live off of fast food and soda, and have zero regard for health/hygiene. At least Asmon has a normal personality and is actually funny sometimes. Even though he’s uglier and bald id rather date him.

No. 1881856

He’s Hungarian, beating women is just normal Slavic scrote things(racebaiting)

No. 1881942

obviously not, but there are some who disgust me more than others, at the end of the day it's meaningless drama over cheating. I just think X came out as a fool he's trying to do this big "accountability stream" thing but ends up acting childish and defensive

No. 1882014

>adept started crying on stream, claims XQC beats her and she has camera footage, also claimed she had miscarriage of XQC’s child
>she claims the miscarriage is the only reason her and X broke up. She says not to cry for the lost child, because it saved her from a lifetime of beatings.

I believe that he's a horrifically abusive scrote, but something about this claim seems fabricated to add more dramatic impact. We'll probably never get any proof of the pregnancy other than her word, though.

No. 1882024

Not racebait, some Bosnian scrote just live-streamed the beating and murder of his wife on instagram. Slavic men are scum, sorry not sorry.(racebaiting)

No. 1882027

not so sure, wouldn't be the first time someone tries to make up violence changes during a divorce.

No. 1882028

yeah, I know lots of people dismiss abuse claims based on him being physically thinner than people like Adept, but I can't help but think how mentally abusive he is in relationships. He and Fran were talking and she asked him if he knew her birthday, he says of course he does. She asks when is it and he obviously doesn't know, so instead of just admitting it, he goes off on asking why is she being like this and 'c'mon, chill out, wow why are you acting like this' bs. It's a small example but if you have to gaslight your girlfriend cause she caught you in a lie instead of just explaining that you didn't remember, just to preserve your image of yourself always being in the right speaks volumes.

No. 1882056

because he seems like a betafag who only yells and slams shit for the keks and would never actually dare to behave like that outside of a stream. and because SHE gives me the vibes of a girl who would beat people physically because she is a girl and can get away with it. she just reminds me of similar girls i have encountered irl

No. 1882057

asmon has weird views on women nona.. please raise standerds kek

No. 1882059

>adept started crying on stream, claims XQC beats her and she has camera footage,
if this existed she would post it online and nuke his entire career. she is obviously lying

No. 1882060

nta but details on that? I'm curious

No. 1882067

You literally do not know these people please touch grass lmao
You also need to touch grass, you’d throw yourself at either of them given the opportunity which is sad

No. 1882069

i don't remember what exactly it was but about a year ago i was watching a lot of his commentary content (i liked him a lot) and then over a few weeks he said enough of weird things that made me realise he is no better than hasan and so i stopped watching his stuff. sorry, i know this doesn't answer your question but its best i can do without going to investigate… and i really dont feel like doing that

No. 1882070

of course i don't, none of us do. do you realise where you are? its all speculation and gossip

No. 1882071

why are you defending these scrotes so hard
>you’d throw yourself at either of them given the opportunity which is sad
project harder sis…

No. 1882125

I’m not defending these Scrotes, I’m the one who said he probably did abuse her and the reason you guys think he didn’t is because “he seems nice, her vibes are evil” you’re both para social and have no awareness. Also project? Bitch you the one talking about how you’d rather date a bald moid over a retarded one.

No. 1882136

That's ok. I'm only asking because I see so many people praise and suck up to him as this good guy that I was surprised to hear about his views on women. I don't watch him myself, only looking for some juicy info.

No. 1882188

File: 1692126098707.jpg (91.8 KB, 644x680, wtf.jpg)

Asmon has been hot and cold with any female audience or interaction he has. The problem for him is he has a majority incel male audience. Here's the lore nonnie:
> Asmon is and was known for being the greasy basement dweller kind of guy who never gets girls. He then meets Pinksparkles, a titty streamer that he starts talking to and eventually dating. She moves in with him in Texas and they feature more couple streaming. His audience hates that, constantly nitpicking their relationship and him until they break up. She moves back to Vegas.
> The only woman Asmon's channel seems to tolerate is his mother. Asmon's mom was an unemployed chronic WOW player who would spend days online and clearly had undiagnosed mental illness. She started to buy and hoard with Asmon's cash (that he willingly gave her to make her happy), was a chronic smoker on oxygen tanks, didn't take care of herself or her kid, etc. It could be said part of the reason why Asmon has such bad hygiene (teeth rotting out, no showering, doesn't eat vegetables, and keeps a filthy house) could be attributed to his absent mom and dad. She died a few years ago
> Then there was the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp trial. Regardless what you think of Amber, Asmon was very hard on her. He and his chat constantly mocked her whenever she spoke and he was one of the biggest, loudest anti-Amber/pro-Johnny streamers. During the trial Asmon was peaking at some of the highest viewership counts at that time. This caused his chat to flood with more anti-woman incels and his stream became nothing more but a sexist and misogynistic echo chamber
> After the trial, the entire Mizkif SA situation breaks out, leaving Asmon partly responsible for addressing the situation as a founder of OTK. This obviously didn't go to well, as he's trying to tell his audience to believe women, but because his audience was previously 90% incel, it's now over 100% incel because of Deppheads. Then the Rich Campbell SA happens and Asmon has to go in front of his audience again and tell them to not gang up on the women invovled.
> At this point it's too late. Asmon himself has profited off of the incel audience, catering to and encouraging their hatred of women, only to find himself on the other end where he's trying to defend his groups actions against women.
> Ever since, he's been extremely careful about what he says about women. He has this new podcast with Emiru (another women his scrote audience seems to tolerate) and Tectone, is trying to avoid controversy, and keep a good face for his computer business, Starforge PC. Clearly, while the scrotes might have lined his pockets for a few years, it's not good for business long-term.
> He's still met with anti-women comments from his chat, especially any time he plays a game that features a problematic female character (Final Fantasy), but is making some attempts to try and curve the hivemind of his chat to being more open. At least, that's what he's doing publicly. Asmon is very private about his personal life and doesn't really talk about hooking up with people or dating, so we can only presume he keeps his distance from women entirely. Tinfoil, but I wouldn't be surprised if he and Emiru had something going on, since he's taken a liking to her. Maybe it's because she helped spare OTK as the bare minimum of female representation.
> The only weird thing going on with Asmon now is his attachment to the V-Tuber community, in particular a Japanese V-Tuber named Kasii-chan. Even thought the v-tuber herself is hopefully an adult, her avatar is clearly childlike in every way. And his weird chat keeps drawing fanart like picrel depicting her as a literal child with childlike mannerisms and Asmon blushing. She calls him Asmon-papa and it's weird AF.

No. 1882190

Whole segment starting at 15:00-20:18. Adept slaps him as he's going back to his chair, drags him and his chair towards her away from his computer, laughs hysterically and says "Am I supposed to be scared of you?" then mocks him for trying to "sound all assertive." She hits his chair with a hard object and tells him to keep it up.
This whole situation is beyond bizarre. I don't believe anyone until everything comes to light.(sage your shit)

No. 1882215

no one said he seems nice. no one is parasocial we are all shitting on him. we are just saying we don't buy the physical abuse claim. and i am not the nona who said i would date asmon, learn how ibs work

No. 1882216

well tbh hasan is praised and sucked up to and he raped a sex worker and is all for prostutution so… just because people praise and watch them doesnt mean they are good people/worth watching

No. 1882220

like i said. she reminds me of fat abusive girls i met in school kek

No. 1882332

His best friend also has DV charges against women

No. 1882376

File: 1692145925962.png (1.26 MB, 1156x657, a.png)

not the most milky thing but xqc is already back to his gambling addiction only a few days after moving back to canada, what a surprise.

No. 1882452

Thank you for the milk, nona. Much obliged.

No. 1882528

>raped a sex worker
wtf? why hasn't been cancelled?(sage your shit)

No. 1882535

wasnt this the guy that was funding deep fakes of his peers?

No. 1882547

Na that was Atrioc, funding deep fakes of his friends gf and other streamers.

No. 1882566

because its not true

No. 1882568

it might be true it might not, but there's no real confirmation because stories conflict. the whole story comes from the fact that hasan went to a german brothel, admitted doing it on stream and which one. then destiny viewers dug up an article where that brothel was raided for trafficking at some other point in time. people put those together to say since the girls were maybe trafficked, him fucking them would be rape. its certainly believable but there's another article that the raiding was about taxes or something not trafficking so there's a never ending back and forth between hasan fanboys and destiny fanboys over it now. thats the surface-ish level of the story that i remember but i dont have the articles or details, im sure they're in destinys reddit somewhere. hasans disgusting regardless, bragging about 300+ bodycount and his past bro videos and whatever else.

No. 1882583

the brothel is one of the most well-known brothels in all of europe. you are correct that it was raided for tax evation.

No. 1882598

Speaking of Emiru, I guess her and Bonbibonkers are actually done? Kind of weird how their situation didn't blow up. Pretty sad to see her take the OF route too.

No. 1882677

When prostitution is legalized, brothel owners get tax loopholes and legal liability protections given to big businesses. It's pretty much impossible to start an investigation on anything other than what information the government already has access to: i.e taxes. This is why sex trafficking typically skyrockets wherever prostitution is legalized.

Thanks to all the woke-speak thrown into the legislation, wealthy male brothel owners are also legally considered "sex workers" who need special protections and privacy "to combat social stigma." This gives them an extra layer of immunity from investigation as a "vULnERaBLe GrOuP" by the German government.

In this case, German authorities interviewed a 17-year-old girl who came forward, but could only keep trafficking charges against her ex-boyfriend, who had close ties with brothel management, forced her to work there. Because the women (who are mostly from the war-torn Middle East and Eastern Europe) are "private contractors," instead of official employees, the brothels are not legally held liable for sex trafficking.(sage your shit)

No. 1882778

Very good post nona. Legalisation of prostitution is fucking evil and just hurts women even more while enabling and protecting their traffickers and pimps.

No. 1882780

Let me guess, Pascha? Btw, over one million men use brothels in Germany every week. It’s absolutely disgusting.

No. 1882785

Emiru has always been a pickme piece of garbage.

No. 1882791

A slim able bodied male is generally always stronger and can hit harder than an overweight woman.

No. 1882815

File: 1692211552880.jpeg (59.63 KB, 810x1800, dIuiVTM.jpeg)

Yeah, those two used to work together on Tiktoks and stuff. Bonbi has her own streaming channel too but is no where near the same amount of followers as Emi.
> Back in Sept 2022, with the whole Mizkif SA situation happening, Bonbi said that Emiru's mod and assistant sexually harassed and blackmailed her when she was at Emiru's house in Kansas (not the OTK house) and that Emi continued to be friends with this person.
> Bonbi has since said that Emiru probably didn't know about what was going on with her mod and Emiru kicked him out of her house later on for undisclosed reasons.

Bonbi is still streaming, though not as frequently. It's too bad Emiru left her behind when she became OTK famous, it would have been cute to see the two of them as judges for the cosplay contest Emiru has instead of some random OTK member. I got a soft spot for Bonbi because she has suffered so much perversion from men sexualizing her since she was a minor. She's gained weight and is still doing the OF stuff, which is sad cause I don't think she's doing that for fun but trying to make some cash. Emiru could have helped her really grow her Twitch channel but left her in the dust.

No. 1882873

emiru used bonniebonkers on tiktok for more clout when she was blowing up, and emiru shows her streaming (presumably kind of a you-help-me -i-help-you deal) but then emiru had a chance to hop on mizkifs dick instead, so she ditched bonbi and off she went to texas.

> Back in Sept 2022, with the whole Mizkif SA situation happening, Bonbi said that Emiru's mod and assistant sexually harassed and blackmailed her when she was at Emiru's house in Kansas (not the OTK house) and that Emi continued to be friends with this person.

this is true
> Bonbi has since said that Emiru probably didn't know about what was going on with her mod and Emiru kicked him out of her house later on for undisclosed reasons.
this is very dubious and sounded at the time, and still, like coverup, originally bonbi said emiru knew all about it and thats why they had originally unfollowed back in july of 2022 months before, only later did the story change, probably at emiru's behest

emiru was pretty terrible to bonbi in the end, didn't really help her on twitch like bonbi's tiktok clout helped her, ditched her entirely really for mizkif, then kept the mod molestation quiet for months and only finally fired the guy after bonbi made it public, sad

No. 1882953

This is true Bonbi was insanely popular a couple years ago and was being posted on 4chan 24/7 by simps. Emiru latched onto her when her own relevance was fading.

No. 1883180

atrioc came back a month ago btw, his "redemption arc" narrative worked pretty well

No. 1883502

whenever I see XQC I sense a great deal of despair and self-disgust in him. He's become something so disgusting and whored out every part of himself just for a bag. Maybe he doesn't care but I'd honestly hate myself in his shoes so idk

No. 1883553

What's the point of linking this video? While I only checked the timestamped part, I saw nothing to suggest Xqc would beat her (or the other way around). They were just fooling around.
Not defending asmoidgold, because I don't watch him and you didn't really share anything at all, but isn't Hasan in a whole different level because of having that PUA youtube channel while now pretending he's a paragon of liberals and women's rights?
Literally nothing in that wall of text in condemning. Amber Heard is objectively an absolute piece of shit that should be incinerated ASAP, and I'm not a fan of Johnny Depp and never understood why anyone thinks he's attractive or appealing.
>She calls him Asmon-papa and it's weird AF.
I checked those videos before replying, and indeed you're delusional. He's portraying a "fatherly" role towards that streamer, which isn't creepy nor perverted. He hasn't said anything uncouth or inappropriate. You're grasping at straws.

No. 1883732

not to derail but there's still no proof Amber Heard lied as her trial is the biggest mockery of justice I've ever witnessed. Regardless Asmon very transparently farmed the shit out of intels during that trial which makes his chat one of the worst on the platform

No. 1883868

Adept: "He LiTeRaLLy BeAT me and murdered our unborn child! I'm terrified for my life!" [manic seated dancing intensifies]
>Judge lets protective order request rot for 7 days before approving.
>Judge seals the whole family violence case sua sponte (incredibly rare due to 1st amendment).
>Cases can be sealed by a judge when allegations are proven to be egregiously false.
Surely Adept is telling the truth.

No. 1883934

On her stream with macaiyla she clearly says she was just looking for a quick buck and thought preventing X from discussing it would shield her from the drama. I wish someone would upload the full vod as it's paywalled on her twitch

No. 1883959

>there's still no proof Amber Heard lied
Nonnia dearest, I'm all up for siding with our own over a moid every day of the week, but you're on unfathomable levels of denials.
>her trial is the biggest mockery of justice I've ever witnessed
I agree, her legal team should be disbarred. It was a complete circus.
This. I don't get why is there any discussion to be had about Adept's credibility. I hope xqc sues her for defamation and leaves her destitute; she definitely deserves it.

No. 1884182

I don't see how you can prove she lied about abuse, it was a trial about perception. they manipulated evidence admissibility, not to mention johnny depp has been proven to have had instances of abuse. So it's a trial about who the jury thinks is faultiest in a mutually abusive relationship? How do you objectively prove that. The trial itself made no sense to me but I don't wanna be rude and derail thread. You can answer if you disagree but i'll be stopping after this message

No. 1887397

Not milk, but I watched this Dr. K interview that gave a really depressing depth to ExtraEmily, her characteristic optimism seems to just be one huge charade she uses as a self-preservation tactic. With the writing on the wall, I predict she's gonna break soon, and that her stint with OTK is going to blow up in her face from her walking on eggshells constantly.

Throughout the entire thing she's fighting this insane tension between wanting to hide and wanting to communicate, it was painful to watch. She admits something mildly emotional, and then catches herself and anxiously giggles while rationalizing how "it'll be okay though, so everything is fine!" to distance herself from it. After only eight minutes of getting personal she nearly broke into tears at the slightest implication of "being a failure" and then apologized for her voice shaking because it'd ruin the listening experience. (timestamp 14:50)

Despite her complementing the org pretty well, I always found Emily slightly grating because I perceived her optimism/bubbliness as performative, and completely over the top in a way that seemed nearly uncanny. My feelings are relatively neutral, which is funny because from my observation public opinion of Emily is a bimodal distribution (hate her or love her.) I'm mostly apathetic towards these online personalities, but the pain was tangible and I honestly pity & empathize with her a lot.

also (timestamp 6:16)
>"Do you feel like you have a life-span as a streamer?"
>"I think as a female streamer, I do. I feel like 32 is going to be my peak. But, there's tons of successful older women on Twitch! SO IF THEY CAN DO IT, I CAN DO IT! :D"
>"Especially as a woman? Could you tell us about that?"
>"Yeah! :D Oh you know, I just feel like MY LOOKS WILL FADE OR SOMETHING :D I feel as I grow older, people would prefer to watch the HOT NEW COMMODOTIES :D Wait, that sounds so bad! xDDDD I just feel like as a woman on Twitch, you have to be young."
She says demoralizing things in a cheerful voice, and it's super fucking off-putting. I don't think I can finish the video, but this is basically all of which I've watched so far in a nutshell.

No. 1887400

also I posted this in the wrong thread twice lol, so ignore the backlink being wrong
But this post isn't supposed to be hateful/expressing contempt or anything, I honestly feel bad for her and want her to happy after watching this. She's not as airheaded as she pretends to be, nor as healthy. OTK seems like such a shitshow of mismanagement and constant PR blunders, I honestly think with her hypersensitivity to rejection and desperation to please everyone she's going to implode if she stays in the org any longer, even though she inevitably will because of the viewer dependency. For as hard as she tries, she deserves her fulfillment/success in this sphere way more than the people she's leeching off of

No. 1887654

plenty of female streamers lie about their age because of this retarded misperception of women "quickly" hitting the wall and becoming literal grannies in their eyes at exactly 25 when it's just men who love to project how fast they age onto women and can't distinguish age for shit because men don't take care of themselves as well. i watch a lot of female streamers who tend to be on the "older" side at 28+ and because they tend to be attractive and take care of themselves, the coomer men who chat in their streams always get surprised at how young they look after finding out the streamer's age because they "clocked them at 23-24." having fallen into the retarded incel brainwashing like a hivemind, literally every single man has given those 2 numbers, no more no less. if she was so worried, emily could have easily kept her age a secret and no one would know.

No. 1887695

She’s clearly pretty intelligent and way more than she lets on given her stream persona. It sucks to see how she internalizes everything and her defense of putting on a smile and joking when uncomfortable topics arise is relatable. In regard to OTK and her signing with them, I hope she’s being fairly compensated for carrying a lot of OTKs more interesting content output, whether you like her content or not, she puts in a lot more effort than most of their roster. My impression is that she probably did get a good sized bag noticing her cartier love bracelet and von cleef jewelry which deff aren’t impulse buys unless you’re doing considerably well financially. Good for her, I don’t expect any drama or cowish behavior from her unlike Emiru or some of her contemporaries. Girl just wants to stream and make her money, respectable.

No. 1889649

File: 1693239974449.jpg (41.62 KB, 522x479, zherkaf.JPG)

Even if she isn't underage, why is this allowed in streaming platforms? Why is Zherka still a streamer?


No. 1890214

File: 1693331986518.jpeg (534.56 KB, 828x925, IMG_5136.jpeg)

Amouranth has ovarian failure which means she basically made herself infertile by having unprotected sex with strangers, probably for the best(bait)

No. 1890222

He's not "addicted" to anything. He gets sponsored by online gambling companies. It's paid advertisement.

No. 1890933

His uncle died from suicide related to gambling. His father called him on stream after hearing about his gambling losses on Poki's podcast and made xqc promise to talk to his brother everyday.

No. 1891523

Could you describe what happens in the video? The tweet has been removed. If she's over 18 there's not much streaming platforms can do unfortunately, although she looks really, really young.

No. 1891559

nta but it was zherka on omeagle or similar pretending that the girl was 16 and claiming to be a pedo openly. in reality she's 19 or 20 and a porn star of some sort, gross trolling but trolling

No. 1893757

Most cases of ovarian failure aren't caused by stds(learn to sage)

No. 1893784

Scrote take. Try to use your big man brain and think of why she would even entertain fucking strangers, she makes all her money by not touching anybody and was in a committed relationship for years and years. But I guess hot woman who won't fuck you = whore? Not very cold calculated logic of you my dude(embarrassing response to moid bait)

No. 1893815

How did you make it this far in life being so fucking retarded?(responding to bait)

No. 1893886

imagine being this fucking stupid(responding to old bait)

No. 1896726

File: 1694471756538.png (118.86 KB, 317x314, Screenshot 2023-09-11 183805.p…)

why is he riding her dick so hard?

No. 1896728

File: 1694472421660.jpeg (413.31 KB, 1170x782, IMG_4307.jpeg)

Holy shit she was arrested for armed robbery in 2013? Lmao

No. 1896734

He pretty much explains why in his main videos about this he's trying to make a statement and it's honestly the least annoying way for him to do so just block his channel and move on with your life

No. 1896738

thats wild lmao

im not listening to a man but thank you

No. 1896829

As a woman, I'll tell you he's basically doing it cause he's petty about YT making comments on her content creativity all over their socials when she just watches Tiktoks and doesn't contribute
Basically the same gripe with literally every react streamer he just seems more pissed about SSSniper cause she's hot i guess
They're both a waste of hot air imo

No. 1896962

i don’t even like her but you’re a retarded moid who doesn’t know anything about women kek that’s not how ovary failure happens(responding to 2-week old bait)

No. 1897045

I swear I remember her talking about this in a now-deleted video, I think she and Sausage were fighting at a gas station or something and in the course of causing a scene she stole a knife. Stealing a potential weapon is enough to constitute armed robbery in some places.

No. 1897182

tried finding a video but got one instead about a different arrest
>at home
>notices her live-in scrote changed his phone screen to some other woman
>understandably upset about this
>yells at him while trying to grab the phone to figure out who the girl is
>goes in and out of the house yelling profanities at him about how she hates him (I'm guessing this sort of thing is common)
>cools down and goes to edit (claims they were going to frozen yogurt later so I'm guessing he placates her with gifts instead of improving)
>neighbours had called the cops so they show up a bit later
>cops grab them both for questioning
>questioned then let go after mugshot and full processing (this is the event her mugshot got released online for)
Also @6:36 onwards she tells the sheer state of women's treatment in jail as 3 women are forced into a stall at a time to piss in a jar for the mandatory pregnancy test (with camera over the stall), period or not, with zero toilet paper. "one of the best countries to be a women" ladies and gentlemen
Found this about the armed robery, not sure how accurate:
TheGamersFromMars later claimed that the charge was actually assault and stemmed from a misunderstanding involving an undercover officer. According to his video, the cop mistakenly believed that SSSniperWolf had been shoplifting and grabbed her purse, so she fought him off. https://www.nickiswift.com/29109/facts-may-know-sssniperwolf/

No. 1897262

the sssniperwolf arrest drama is very old. I think that particular incident was dumb as hell assuming she was being honest about what happened seeing as she's a known liar. she's shady as fuck

No. 1897396

OH yep I misremembered, I think the undercover cop thing is right. I knew it was a misunderstanding of some kind. I doubt her story though, because it would be easy to prove she wasn't stealing and she would have been cleared. If she selected and ditched or something, that would cause confusion. So she's probably lying (assuming no police corruption of course).

No. 1897954

Whichever anon bumped the old twitch general to accuse AriaSaki of white supremacism, please elaborate.

No. 1903508

i hate dr k. he is such a fucking sham

No. 1911908

File: 1696993803203.jpg (11.7 KB, 275x206, 1695939028347.jpg)

Despite however you feel about the Israel/Palestine conflict, it has been absolutely brain-numbing listening to streamers give their 'hot takes' and 'mic drops' on the subject. Hasan, Denims, MikefromPA and Caroline Kwan have been nauseating to listen to them spew the same garbage and talk about a subject they have don't even have a crumb of merit to talk about.

Hasan has been his typical misogynistic self, because fuck any women and children being raped, tortured, their bodies mutilated in the streets by men because muh socialism is so pristine and fuck any imperialistic oppressive nation (but he loooves China guys, communism is soooo cool). Caroline has been insufferable, she's like that one group member that showed up the day of the presentation and read from the powerpoint to make it seem like they did something. I've never heard someone have 0 idea what they are talking about but pretend that they have even the slightest idea of what is going on. At least Denims and MikefromPA make sense to be talking like this, but I will never ever understand why privileged, wealthy, LA-based streamers feel like they have to be the voice of reason to tell us what is 'really' going on. Where would we be without their guidance and immense knowledge, I am so grateful the Twitch elite like Hasan are able to guide my little lamb eyes into righteousness.

No. 1911911

Dr. K is no different then the tiktok body language specialists. He's a sham and loves having teenagers eating out of his hands. No credible doctor or psychiatrist would ever waste their time on Twitch.

No. 1912181

File: 1697065898177.jpg (144.87 KB, 648x807, SF351eef.jpg)

Samefag but Ethan Klein, who was relatively quiet about this whole thing on Twitter, recently unfollowed Frogan. She's pissed about it, but there is really no coming back from this now. Everyone's made their opinions known and I honestly don't know how Ethan and Hasan can continue their podcast when they are clearly on opposite ends.

No. 1912215

>I honestly don't know how Ethan and Hasan can continue their podcast when they are clearly on opposite ends.
i will thank fucking god if that shitty podcast ends.

No. 1912260

Both Palestinian and Israeli scrotes have a long history of raping and murdering innocent women and children for decades, if you’re just beginning to get upset about it now then you’re an idiot.

No. 1912276

Lmao Hasan is such a tool, Hamas are explicitly anti-socialist/communist

No. 1912287

No. 1912347

he's been open before about being pro-Israel. I mean, he's jewish. It's not insane to assume any jewish influencer you see online is gonna be pro-Israel.
Any war is an excuse for men to act like beasts, none of the "moral laws" made up by the UN are really applied

No. 1912351

he met hila in israel and they used to live there together. in their old video you could literally hear explosions/bombs in the background and they would laugh about it. makes sense

No. 1912406

File: 1697104035619.jpeg (252.2 KB, 1620x650, CA69553E-4008-4494-99C6-71AC21…)

Yeah I remember that. Hundreds of Palestinians would be killed at a time but nobody gave a fuck, Hila and Ethan would laugh about the rocket attacks on Gaza in the background.

No. 1912411

ayrt exactly, he always has and always be a huge hypocrite and virtue-signaling money-grubber and hila is as bad.

No. 1912417

I believe you nona, do you have the clip? Cause that’s a pretty big deal.

No. 1912430

ayrt looking now, it was super early h3 days in the react video era. I'll drop it if/when I find it but if any other nonas remember what vid I'm talking about it was so nonchalant.
I don't want to ask reddit for the clip even though I know they'll have it cause from what I can see their whole community is kind of turned on them because of all this. will keep looking though!
sad how nostalgic early h3 is making me, those were simpler times in every sense of the word

No. 1912838

Doesn't Hila's family live there? Besides her brother married to Trisha. Makes sense to me why they would be very pro-israel. Her family could get killed from what's going on

No. 1913067

Ethan and Hasan had their podcast yesterday where they talked about the Israeli/Palestine conflict. Clearly this wasn't enough to end the podcast, but I think at this point they are too invested in one another to really 'quit'. Also they turned off the chat which was probably a good idea cause their last live chat was crazy.
> Hasan scored the love of Twitter because he 'got emotional' when talking about the Palestinian journalist that was killed and her funeral attacked by Israel (but I am biased nonnas because I can't believe Hasan has any emotion for anyone other than himself.)
> Ethan fighting with Hasan over Hasan's other podcast with Second Thought where Second Thought said he 'didn't care' about the civilians killed during the music festival by Hamas. Ethan calls ST an evil person and Hasan tries to excuse what ST was saying while saying he himself didn't agree with it.
> Ethan shows Hasan videos of Hamas attacks on Israelis. Ethan says he is just bothered by what is happening, doesn't expect Hasan to react but Hasan was clearly uncomfortable.
> Ends with Ethan asking Hasan why he said Israelis were raping Palestinian women because Ethan says that hasn't happened (???) Pulls up an article that mentions it but Ethan dismisses it's lack of sources as lack of rape happening? (Have to agree with Hasan on this one, just because you can't find a 'credible source' doesn't mean rape hasn't happened). Ethan does acknowledge there was an IDF soldier who was convicted for raping Palestinian women, but it doesn't count because he was convicted and publicly shamed for it.
> Podcast ends with Ethan and Hila agreeing that Hasan has helped them see different perspectives, Ethan personally apologizes to Frogan for unfollowing her. Hasan looks pissed and isn't talking much.

Hasan streams later and spends most of the time looking for recent proof of Israeli rapes on Palestinian women and doubling down on what he said about the whole conflict recently.

No. 1913140

I remember those too, it was crazy to me hearing that. It happened in multiple videos of theirs too IIRC. Lots of them were before Vape Nash.

No. 1913488

Rape always happens during war and occupation, no matter who the aggressor is. Always. The minute you give a group of males power over vulnerable people with no accountability, they start doing atrocities. It’s laughable hearing rich podcast moids with no dog in the fight demanding “evidence” of something that’s happened in every invasion throughout human history. Hasan has also admitted to raping trafficked women himself, so he likely wouldn’t empathize even if he did get evidence (and might even enjoy looking at/hearing about it.)

No. 1913778

Soldiers love raping. Imo the difference is that with IDF it’s more like in the US where it’s some freak doing it sneakily when they think they won’t get caught. With Hamas it’s celebrated openly and they have no shame. It’s worth noting that IDF is about 40% female soldiers while Hamas has none so ofc they’re going to encourage each other to be animals

No. 1913918

I would personally just avoid retards like that, especially with topics your emotionally wrapped up with. It just makes you angry and reactionary and your not learning anything about the conflict.

No. 1914176

She hasn't done anything reproachable (yet), but every passing month I keep liking Caroline less and less. I can't even put my finger on what exactly it is that's rubbing me the wrong way, but I kinda feel like's she's a massive bitch, but so far no one has crossed her enough for her to unmask herself.

No. 1915640


After watching her guest ep of Wine About It with QTcinderella, I honestly agree with you. She's just nice enough on the outside to be decently liked by people, but she just has this bitchy nuance to her that like you said is hard to put your finger on.

No. 1915920

Not milk since everyone already suspected it, but Mizkif finally admitted being with Emiru while arguing with some Emiru simps on a Rumble stream. He says "She's with me" at 1:06, but I'd say it's worth watching a minute before and after so the context is clearer, and shows how he talks about her. Maybe soon they'll go public and then Esfand and Camgirl Bonnie will follow.

No. 1916233

So Scooter Braun owns 100 thieves. I get the feeling rae had to sleep with him to get her position.(sage your shit)

No. 1916263

Why do beautiful women get with the ugliest scrotes

No. 1916288

she was dating dyrus and yet, still a downgrade

No. 1916320

I get confused seeing his and Maya's circles interact so much when Miz moved Emiru in basically right after they broke up

No. 1916437

Tragic. What a greasy dumb mongoloid. If there were some financial benefit here I guess I could understand, but that obviously isn't applicable.(learn to sage)

No. 1916449

dyrus is a complete incel manchild mentally but he used to be hot

No. 1916464

File: 1697831743413.png (161.46 KB, 1308x538, aneternalenigma-gdq-lies.png)

AnEternalEnigma neglects to mention the real reason he won't be around GDQx is cause he's banned from their events for being an obsessive and creepy moid. Curious how he'll spin it to his stans when AGDQ24 and SGDQ24 roll around.

No. 1916683

It's understandable imo. Maya has moved on from Miz, and for good reason. Maya is dating a normie engineer/programmer, and that's already a flex over Miz. She also overlaps Emi in content – viewer total aside, she makes more than enough from viewers and she has a college degree, and work experience that can get her a job if her streaming career collapses. Emi is absolutely fucked in terms of longevity (and spiritual fulfillment) and will always have to grift with subpar, degenerate, social outcast fuck piece of shit men.

No. 1917636

This is genuinely such a creepy and weird way to talk about someone. I don't know much about either of these people but this is so weird.

No. 1917976

File: 1698026745454.jpeg (145.69 KB, 828x1118, IMG_9527.jpeg)

Mizkif has been hanging out with an Emiru larper (Marisnot12) at twitchcon. This girl brags about looking like emiru 24/7. No this is not emiru lol.

No. 1917979

File: 1698026817202.jpeg (212.92 KB, 828x1225, IMG_9528.jpeg)

More creepy skin-waking pics

No. 1917982

File: 1698026917841.jpeg (233.24 KB, 828x987, IMG_9531.jpeg)

No. 1917986

File: 1698027146221.jpg (289.08 KB, 720x1373, 14131209531.jpg)

Idk what she did in that photo but she looks completely different here

No. 1917991

File: 1698027498288.jpeg (174.63 KB, 828x898, IMG_9532.jpeg)

This is a candid photo of her that someone posted (with filters still lol). She brags about how people tell her she looks like emiru and that she’s their child lol.

No. 1917993

File: 1698027994909.jpeg (989.66 KB, 3072x4096, IMG_9538.jpeg)

Emiru larper on left and actual emiru on the right. This girl is only 18 and it’s so sad how she’s doing this to get her
idol’s (mizkif) attention. Apparently it’s working because she’s been hanging out with him 24/7 at twitchcon.

No. 1917995

File: 1698028252755.jpeg (818.69 KB, 3072x4096, IMG_9541.jpeg)

No. 1917997

File: 1698028754839.jpeg (273.36 KB, 828x1357, IMG_9543.jpeg)

mar hanging out with mizkif’s employee. Getting her come up like Emiru did back in the day.

No. 1917998

File: 1698028923113.jpeg (245.19 KB, 828x1327, IMG_9544.jpeg)

The caption lol. Idk why these people look up to mizkif and emiru.

No. 1918034

she looks like a skinny momokun kek

No. 1918045

She looks nothing like her irl kek. Like I realise she's trying to it's just clearly a fail in candids and photos she isn't in control of the angle.

No. 1918066

She's friends with Flori who's another fan who bagged a streamer, BigT/Tanner. I guess it's a thing amongst those girls, but being groupies for these sorts of men will never make sense to me

No. 1918183

I've failed to find anything about this online, what happened?

No. 1918360

It makes sense withing the context which is: Users that watch Emiru (the black haired woman) going to Mizkif's (the guy in the thumbnail) livestream to taunt him and act jealous over her (which is entirely a one way parasocial relationship), making Mizkif lash out and finally admit they are together as a couple.

No. 1918362

>Idk why these people look up to mizkif and emiru
Money and fame. IMO, it's not actually a personal thing, and I don't get the hate for the Emiru "look-alike". She's trying to make money of moids like everyone else there and this copycat stuff brings her clout which means more money, so good for her

No. 1918368

Some people went to the Safety team at SGDQ this year about him, he has a history of causing problems or being confrontational, especially in person, with streamers he feels have wronged him (see: all the streamers in the horror community who no longer interact with him). Decision was made to ban him from future events. It isn't public knowledge…yet…since GDQ doesn't make bans public, people involved in making and reviewing complaints know though, and people talk. He's also not in the GDQ Discord anymore.

No. 1918535

Thanks for the info nona! I'd heard something had happened but wasn't sure if it was actually true or not. Makes me disappointed that another streamer I like was hanging out with him at the con. Would love to know details, but unless someone lets something slip I think I'm shit outta luck.

No. 1918599

Anyone in the loop knows or suspects why Cinna hasn't been invited to join OTK? They could really benefit from having more women in the roster, so clearly it'd be in their best interest, and they've been making jokes about it for months know, but I keep reading rumors in youtube videos that say it's "the same reason why Bonnie will never get in"… but I've never heard even in passing about Cinna being or having been a camgirl or similar. Does anyone know more?

No. 1918775

Why do you assume she wants to join OTK in the first place?

They invited emiru because they desperately needed a girl in OTK for sponsors and no other girl was retarded enough to join that creepfest (emiru said no women wanted to join even after they signed her) + dating mizkif

They invited extraemily because they desperately needed a girl to join after multiple OTK members and orbiters were called out for sexual harassment and sexual assault. She definitely got paid a lot for that one.

Cinna still gets sponsorships and invites to events as an orbiter without being forced to do shit by a contract. It's not like they are going to pay 2k viewers streamer a lot for joining now anyway. Will she even gain viewers from signing if she is not acting like a cute UwU clueless bimbo like other 2 girls they have?

No. 1918794

that's oofietv from otk elevated(learn to sage)

No. 1918824

My understanding from what I've told by a failed vtuber friend is that sponsorships rain down upon you like a waterfall you're in an organization due to the deals they work out higher in the food chain, both regarding companies (e.g. a sponsorship for an published indie game vs a triple A game) and regarding the hierarchy in those companies (i.e. the contacts between the org and the company). That's why everyone tries to get signed up immediately by a talent agency - however much they ask as a percentage, the difference in earnings is night and day.

Sure, maybe Cinna has reasons not to join, but the point of my post was more about the
>same reason why Bonnie will never get in
angle, since is the only thing milk-related.

No. 1918869

Nah, most organizations pay you salary for putting all those logos and banners from partnered brands on your stream and you usually need to show up to some photoshoots and events, that's it. You need to get your own manager or talent agency (that might be easier if you are in a good org though). All those big organization-wide partnerships make money for the company, that's how they pay for everything.

OTK apparently doesn't even give you salary, just exposure. All partners except Razer left them after drama, they were about to get some deal, but it was cancelled because of Adrianah Lee's lawsuit. Maybe they got Cinna an offer, negotiations still can take months, but in case of OTK if they don't pay you a lot for joining, it's not worth it.

Both bonnie and cinna are in Mythic Talent (which was created by OTK people as well) and that's where they sponsorships come from. Bonnie is also getting deals, so it doesn't even matter if they were a pornstar before for their individual income.

There are so many creeps from OTK audience and if Cinna did something like that in the past it would be everywhere already. Look how people reupload bonnie's porn and spam comments about it in every reddit thread. OTK rejecting bonnie for her sex work would be funny though considering emiru's past. It seems like her nudes problem got taken care off pretty fast by mizkif/OTK though.(sage your shit)

No. 1918885

not sure where the no salary rumor comes from, multiple people in OTK have referred to their monthly paychecks, its simply not true. whether or not theyre any good i dont think anyone has said but they do get a salary of some sort

No. 1918899

They probably meant their dividends as shareholders. Brucedropemoff leaked he got 250k for 3 years, that's it.(learn to sage)

No. 1918908

theyve said its paychecks, other payments are separate like the $35k tectone share of one of the sponsored streams they did for instance

No. 1919470

File: 1698303535662.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1125x1847, IMG_4042.jpeg)

had to do a double take i thought this was jodi arias

No. 1919531

Is she purposefully trying to look like Jodi? The way her face is angled, like the whole upper half of her looks a lot like her. I can't say she looks bad, far from it, I'm more interested as to why she's made this leap of style from minimalistic thottie to nerdy femme fatale baddie or what ever you can call this? NGL she looks good asf

No. 1919547

Honestly Jodi is way prettier kek god I wanna write her in prison so bad and tell her how based she is

No. 1919850

>if Cinna did something like that in the past it would be everywhere already
That's a good point.
>Look how people reupload bonnie's porn and spam comments about it in every reddit thread
I don't use reddit, but how are they not getting banned for that?
>OTK rejecting bonnie for her sex work would be funny though considering emiru's past
Was Emiru a sex worker too? I took a quick glance on her own thread but I didn't see anything.
>NGL she looks good asf
Really? I was going to ask "Why would she post such an unflattering picture?" but I guess it's just me.

No. 1921823

No, I think it's incredibly unflattering too. But of course the comments eat it up all "mommy" "bark", god I hate it it's so fake

No. 1922044

tbh even if it's a bit unflattering (straight hair doesn't fit her as well as curls) It's nice for a known girl like her to post a realistic view of her stomach like that. She looks healthy

No. 1922048

Y’all go to PULL, nitpicking and no milk

No. 1923250

File: 1698967071299.jpg (59.97 KB, 403x929, xqc.JPG)

Just when I thought XQC couldn't get more retarded. The only people that actually care about him now are his teenage incel-tier "juicers". This is such a bad look.

No. 1924843

how the fuck do you get like this?

No. 1924924

File: 1699322457447.jpg (97.93 KB, 1169x1240, livebutatwhatcost.jpg)

xQc is behind on his hours for both Twitch and Kick. He's been doing back to back 20+ hour streams, zooted out of his mind, slurring his words, going through wild mood swings, and showing a severe lack of judgment.

He alluded to taking antidepressants months ago, but days ago, when a dono told him to take his meds during a rant, he admitted he wasn't taking them. He then compared life to being in prison. When someone in his chat responded, "LA changed you," he replied, "LA didn't change me, LA killed me." Outlook: terminal.

No. 1925026

Antidepressants and amphetamines at the same time? On top of that, drinking?
His flexing at Twitchcon was cringe too. And he showed up late to an even, no surprise due to his drinking.
Idk how juicer nonnas cope watching him anymore. He is not in prison, he can easily stop any of this or dial it back as it's incredibly obvious he is loaded for the rest of his life. His ego is insane.

No. 1925806

more likely is that controversy has become his bread and butter, after a certain point you become sort of addicted to it. It's his mode of existence now

No. 1925809

>he showed up late to an event, no surprise due to his drinking.
The day before, Adept decided (after months of saying she wouldn't go) to drive to Twitchcon… in her friend Chica's McLaren. He went dark on social media and around the same time, Mizkif claims xQc stopped texting. xQc had been posting/updating fans on Instagram, his last post being from The Aria. That night, Adept was spotted standing outside The Aria for hours and xQc was seen passed out drunk on the floor at Diplo's afterparty: https://youtube.com/shorts/VUQ5FoWKKso?si=zObyk_v5FlNvOZQG
Next day, due to Herculean efforts by Mizkif, he showed up (still drunk) to the event and was visibly upset after being asked to spell "PRENUPTIAL." The audience laughed at him, oblivious to the fact that Adept was stalking him again.

>His flexing at Twitchcon was cringe too.

His flexing has always been to antagonize Adept as he was restricted from spending due to the "divorce." When she tried to blackmail him for 80k, he refused and bought gaudy diamond chains instead. The same night she allegedly stole his diamond Rolex, she took 2000+ pictures of his phone messages, including ones where he admits he hated the watch and was only getting it to flex on her. He recently bought a Lambo (Adept's dream car). He calls it "the cringe mobile" and so far its main purpose has been to respond to her meltdowns on Instagram. He said when the court shit is over, he'll "probably sell all his fancy shit."

No. 1926122

File: 1699564475749.jpg (Spoiler Image,298.6 KB, 720x1890, Kek.jpg)

Here's a look at Anisa's completed back tattoo. She spent 18k on this tattoo.

No. 1926326

>Idk how juicer nonnas cope watching him anymore
tbh I used to simp hard but I'm with you now, he's become so unappealing inside and out

No. 1926472

Is he back in Canada now? I was hoping maybe his family could help him pull it back together but I can't tell if if they are trying to care or control him. He's basically the piggy bank for the entire family at this point and who can say the money hasn't poisoned them either.

No. 1926481

Hasan and Ethan had another talk about Israel/Palestine conflict. I mostly tuned in for half of it, but basically:
> Ethan said people saying 'From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free' is antisemitic because it supports the notion that Jews needed to be wiped from Israel (killed).
> Hasan was defending that it wasn't true and that wasn't what pro-Palestinian protesters meant when they said it. The just want freedom of Palestine from Israeli apartheid.
> Entire argument was Ethan trying to make Hasan at least admit that some Jews could find it fearful when people say the slogan. Hasan didn't agree and said that even Jews were saying it in support of Israel.
> Ethan asks Hasan to show him proof. Hasan shows him a tweet (I can't remember if he got an actual video or not like Ethan wanted). Ethan says one Jew saying it doesn't change his point.
> While this is going on, they weren't getting really heated with each other. But regardless of the subject matter, whenever Hasan is in these types of 'debates' he pulls the condescending 'you-don't-know-what-you're-saying' card like he's talking to a child.
> Bad comparisons to the current conflict are made to BLM, American-movements.
> Their argument is going nowhere. Ethan begs Hasan to please control his chat as they are calling him racist and Zionist and that he's complicit with the genocide of Palestinians. Ethan says he's none of those things and asks Hasan to try and control his chat. Hasan says he can't.
> Ethan brings up Hasan's discord (which is 10000X worse than twitch chat). Hasan's discord has been mentioned in the past for having the most toxic, vile fan base who openly rip on anyone that disagrees with Hasan. Especially with Ethan recently, people have been particularly volatile there (wishing for Hila's family to be raped and murdered by Hamas, Ethan's family to be killed, etc). Hasan again says he has nothing to do with his own discord and can't moderate what people say there.
> Ethan asks what about your Mods? Specifically calling out Frogan and other Hasan mods.
> Frogan is another streamer subject because she is so Hasan-obsessed she will literally die on any hill for that man, but really is no different than any other self-absorbed LA streamer
> Hasan says it's not like he hangs out with his mods in real life or tells them what to say, they are all just super fans that he can't control (Mods hearts shrink a little hearing this).
> Debate ends with nothing being resolved. Ethan tears up and cries near the end. But it's hard to see these two resolving anything after this.

Now Ethan is collecting hate from Hasan fans, H3 fans, and internet in general. It's gotten worse for him and he never should have gone on Hasan's stream when 99% of the fanbase hates him. It has come full circle for Ethan.

It's not a good time for anyone critical of Hasan because he is the internet darling. Maybe the only criticism is comparing him to XQC when he asked X to control his chat from saying Hissan with snake emojis and X said he couldn't control his chat and Hasan seethed.

Here is the link to the full debate (but it cut out the end with Ethan crying): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOFsaY_pwrI

Clip attached is basically this in a nutshell.

No. 1926495

I don't love Ethan, but even if he came in unemotional and with perfectly solid arguments, he was never going to win this (so to speak). His entire side of the internet, and even more so Hasan's have made up their mind on the conflict since the day of the attacks.
Honestly, for his own mental sake he should straight up take a break from the internet.

No. 1926521

How do you make a slogan about freeing a country from your government's genocidal hand about yourself and your fear of retribution?

How selfish and disconnected from reality and paranoid and self-centered do you have to be to be so worried of potential harm that you're ready to disregard support against existent harm??

I still don't understand most of this debate's discourse. It's like that one bully kid who's crying cause they're afraid of being grounded. Like to even have the luxury of worrying about perception when the other side has lost everything.. vile

No. 1926538

if any of this is true i suddenly like him kek

No. 1926542

This is not something Ethan is going to win "free palestine" has been a phrase in the public consciousness for decades. He isn't just going to make everyone think Israel is a victim in this. The only victims are the civilians. I can't believe for how critical Ethan was of Israel, especially when they lived there, and now he's completely flipped over to full Zionism. Religion is fucking retarded nonas.

No. 1926553

>"free palestine" has been a phrase in the public consciousness for decades.
I mean lets be honest, for the vast majority it's something they've only learned in the past month.

No. 1926590

I’m just not going to get over how Ethan and hila were bragging and joking about how she was an IDF soldier for years, but as soon she started a fashion line they kept hush and tried to bury that information. They are immoral and don’t care about any cause, they only want to protect their pockets

No. 1926813

I have no sympathy for his antics regarding Adept after he knowingly went back to have sex with her AFTER she forced him through this ordeal of moving houses, restraining order, court, and in the middle of Xqc having a gf. He's not some genuinely mentally stunted kid or animal to pity, he is a grown man who enjoys negative reactions because his chat will erupt into jigachad x spam

No. 1926860

I just noticed something today that no one seems to address. A lot of the current big streamers owe their “success” and fame to Fortnite. The majority if not all of the current big sub streamers rode the Fortnite hype and became famous through and have all been the source to the downfall of twitch

That’s honestly crazy to think about how much damage that has done.

No. 1926872

>Religion is fucking retarded nonas.
It isn't religion. It's Zionism. Ethan's sudden switch can be perfectly explained (as anyone else's online) by the fact that the international Jewish community is VERY well connected, and they help each other out constantly (nothing wrong with that per se), and that since this episode of this conflict started Zionists launched a tooth and nail online campaign to clean Israel's image, but since it wasn't enough and now push came to shove, they started collecting all those favours they granted to a vast amount of people in media, politics, and enterttainment, in the form of publicly defending Israel.

t. Jewish

Perhaps in the American continent. Here is Europe, "Free Palestine" signs and has been a daily occurrence in most city centers of capitals and other big tourist destinations.

>after he knowingly went back to have sex with her AFTER she forced him through this ordeal
I'm not an xqc fan but from what I recall seeing in those daily/weekly clips compilations, he admitted that he hasn't stopped being in love with her, and I get it. If true, this all must hurt even more because he (or anyone really) would probably wish she'd stopped and things could go back to how they used to be. Not saying he doesn't deserve it or that he didn't reaped what he had sowed tough.
>He's not some genuinely mentally stunted kid
I'll agree to disagree on that.

No. 1926884

No your slogan is not about your own freedom and human rights no no it's about hating me and my community, and that's criminal!

Nationalism is brainrot.. that is ofc providing he's not just morally bankrupt

No. 1927088

Sage for OT and mods can ream my ass for derailment but it's still been said in the United States, the 'majority' anon you replied to is referring to a bunch of teens on Twitter. Kind of hard to not pay attention to it, America's touted as one of those mixing bowls with shops and restaurants run by Palestinians who fled and all that.
And thanks for saying it's not just religion, there's Jewish people in America being arrested and beaten just for supporting Palestine, it's fucked
I'm curious who you mean. A lot of people who are at the top of Twitch right now existed in some way before Fortnite even existed, and I don't deny a huge boost but there's so many other factors and communities on that platform.

No. 1927226

File: 1699764502913.png (692.42 KB, 617x785, ethan.png)

If only Ethan "my heart is with Adept" Klein listened to XQC…

No. 1927229

ethan has those emperor palpatine eyes now. I know it's just a rash but jesus he looks like shit. I've seen terminal cancer patients that look more healthy.

No. 1927672

Riri was caught on Tinder. She says she uses to for "customers". Sus is getting cucked so hard kek

No. 1930809

File: 1700400796124.mp4 (5.64 MB, 1280x720, math is hard.mp4)

Surprised no one is mentioning the Pokimane cookie scandal.
>2 years of development
>same ingredients as cosco midnight cookies, with the addition of mushroom powder for vitamin D
>didn't even bother changing the name or look of the cookie
>Myna bag is $7 for 4 oz
>cosco brand is $10 for 14 oz

When people asked her about the price of the cookies, she responded with this

No. 1930834

who was a twitchthot that released some sort of skincare line that was supposed to protect you from screen light? (kek) and what did poki have to say about that? i bet she shat on that streamer, yet here she is, doing the same thing not a year later. they really are all the same aren't they

No. 1930837

costco cookie doesnt exist anymore, only attempted as a product test, but was not continued and is not possible to buy at costco anymore

No. 1930842

nigga is you braindead
That was Valkyrae and her and Poki are besties
And valkyrae just aint know that blue light crap was bullshit, and i cant blame her.
People was just understanding toward Rae cos she instantly pulled the switch on that bs..
And Poki herself is not doing a scam or any of that shit
Queen Poki responded on twitter yall mfs dont even know or read,
It wasnt talked about on here cause it aint milk nigga the nonnas with a IQ of 100 or over knew that some keemstar headline aint facts, and that Pokis a real one cuh. Only yall low IQ nonnas be on here cryin about Poki since yall be on some cringe ass nigga shit..(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1930848

The kids are not alright.

No. 1930858

Shoutout to any other Europeans who just tried to parse this

No. 1930859

>nonnas with a IQ of 100 or over
yeah that's definitely not you
Poki working with the same company that produced these cookies and them mysteriously being pulled from the shelves a few months before her "product" launch isn't suspicious at all.

No. 1930879

Poki did shit on Valkyrae over the bluelight scam, I remember it being discussed in a previous thread

No. 1930900

brain damage as a post

No. 1930958

Poki when Valkyrae did her blue light scam
>I hope she resolves this (acknowledging Rae was wrong)
>Just use sunscreen (giving an alternative
Yet when anyone does the same to Poki suddenly she is calling people broke and insisting she isn't scamming anyone. Btw, Poki was live reacting laughing at Rae defending herself with Mizkif, of all people.

No. 1930979

Yeah, Poki did shit all over Valky for the backlash she was getting from the skincream scam. Valky admitted that she wasn't very well researched about the cream that claimed to protect your skin from blue rays emitting from computer screens and just followed along with the companies promises. She put good faith in the company and when it was released with huge backlash, the company left her under the bus to catch the fallout. Valky said that the only person who really stuck through her event with her was Skykuno. It was also pretty scummy how Poki released her management company after this like it was free promo.

Ever since then, she's been high on the business bitch routine. I think she's become incredibly bitter cause originally:
> strong coomer fanbase
> quits twitch and tries to start youtube career being the 'relatable cool older sister' who did beauty and lifestyle content
> Flops cause no girls/women watch her
> Comes back to Twitch with her nip slips and drama farming, back to her original grift with the same stupid coomers, but now less of them.

As she's getting older, it's probably the realization that these coomers are her bread and butter that's caused her to hate the situation she's in (regardless of how much she brags about her money and success from it). At the end of the day, she's no different than the titty streamers she tries so hard to make herself separated from.

No. 1931139

I hate that every young person speaks like this now

No. 1931172

28 dollars for 16 ounces is insane. that's a $1.75 per ounce. ironic how she starts lecturing about math because anyone with an actual brain would calculate by unit price not price per bag. lmao

No. 1931250

>As she's getting older
Weird, I've actually never considered this before when it comes to the streaming and youtube lolcows. I guess for moids it's less of a concern, but for the women, are they planning for growing old? Will we start to see the most prominent titty streamers gradually lose their audience as they get older and younger streamers take over the space? All of the high profile titty streamers started generally young while things like twitch and youtube were young, no one has really aged out yet. People like Amouranth and Poki and Valkyrae and whoever else, I know they probably have more money than they know what to do with but they also seem to be using that money to fund expensive lifestyles in high cost of living areas, I have to wonder if they have a plan for 20+ years from now if and when the money only trickles in.
Or maybe they'll just make heavy use of filters and future AI and drain moids of their money for the next 5 decades.

No. 1931372

It has to be why more of them are joining orgs or making companies instead of streaming every day. They are definitely planning for being older and not being able to pull the same hype when just streaming.

No. 1931627

I think its proof of her disconnect due to her wealth. You can tell when someone has too much money when they aren't even aware of what a normal price for something is. They have the luxury of being able to buy whatever they feel like without agonizing about finding a good deal like the rest of us normies. It's like that one Ellen DeGeneres bit where she has celebrities and entrepreneurs like Bill gates on her show, and they think $20 is a fair price for a bag of pizza rolls.

No. 1933030

Who gives a shit. Streamer cookies aren’t intellectual property nor a human right lmfao. It’s a novelty merch.No one cares when scrote YouTubers sell their dog shit meme food stuff.

No. 1933037

Literally I don’t understand the outrage? At most the lazy design is disappointing. No one is buying this to eat them like costco cookies. I could easily see idols and vtubers selling limited collector items for this amount if not more. If you’re crying and throwing up because you can’t afford pokimane cookies, you should kill yourself immediately.

No. 1934287

how many have you bought?

No. 1934724

I don't think the issue with these rich streamers is their plan for the future, because they're already set for life. I think that Pokimane didn't come back for the money, she came back for the attention. I literally can't imagine the "mental silence" women like her would suffer once away from an audience of thousands of moids hanging on her every word and praising her at machine gun speeds every time she logged in and started streaming. It's also kinda hard not to be disconnected when your audience cheers for everything you do.

No. 1935213

At least 10 since I’m an adult who has money in the bank account and every cookie she sells pushes a broke miserable-at-his-job twitchtard coomer closer to suicide.

No. 1935252

imane posts here? lmao

No. 1935790

File: 1701374868017.webm (3.64 MB, 1010x564, xQc suicidal 2023-11-27.webm)

xQc wishes he could kill himself. Surely his rapidly declining mental health has nothing to do with him gambling again…

No. 1937972

kekl maybe he should go cry into his money

No. 1938007

Literally what's stopping him? We're due for another one anyway.

No. 1938283

>Literally what's stopping him?
100 million dollars, approximately.

No. 1938604

>wishes he could kill himself
nah, sounds like he was bullshitting to me. "I just can't" said the way he did is the funniest comeback to someone calling out a fake suibait asking why they haven't yet

No. 1938769

Twitch will be shutting down in Korea(bumped without screenshots)

No. 1938908

does P.U.L.L still have a discord?(wrong thread)

No. 1939453

File: 1701975520307.png (182.84 KB, 379x683, rip.png)

No. 1939459

File: 1701975909616.png (193.74 KB, 396x687, 2.png)

No. 1939462

File: 1701976046857.png (195.95 KB, 384x682, 3.png)

No. 1939463

File: 1701976212193.png (187.08 KB, 386x678, 4.png)

No. 1939465

that bob7 faggot was right

No. 1939467

File: 1701976474461.jpg (156.79 KB, 828x712, GAwdEgGbsAAhSiD.jpg)

the guy she's allegedly leaving him for

No. 1939597

Ew but that makes it even better, destiny is a fucking horrible hobbit. Abandoned his son for her too kek.

No. 1939671

Lul bald in 1 year tops…

No. 1939673

is this not a TIF? could have fooled me.

No. 1940075

tried to think of who he reminded me of and i think he looks like a dwarf titanic sinclair (since apparently he’s like 5’2 or something idk)

No. 1940107

File: 1702053137876.mp4 (3.85 MB, 1574x888, scuffed ezra miller.mp4)

Deeper voice than destiny lol

He fancies himself as an Ezra Miller type

No. 1940108

File: 1702053254066.jpeg (33.66 KB, 480x272, IMG_7107.jpeg)

Def not 5’2

No. 1940141

Honestly surprised at how often people fall for this type of emotional manipulation. It's so common and easy to spot. He threatened to kill himself if she didn't divorce him, but for some reason Mel didn't spot that as abuse.

Say what you will about Destiny but this swedish ezra miller knockoff seems like a real insect.

No. 1940265

Where’s the proof of this though? All we have is that faggot Destiny’s word, the same fag who calls this dude jobless when he has the same job Destiny does but with more followers. Shocker she’d leave him for someone her age, taller than her and not a manlet, and who lives in the same country she does and speaks her native language. Can’t wait for Destiny to find out that half of all debts accrued during the marriage are also his ala her tax debts

No. 1940275

so it sounds like she got manipulated into a relationship with an abuser because destiny was so bad at being a husband she was desperate for anyone to tell her he loved her and he's just letting it happen. I'm not saying he needs to not divorce her but if he gives even half a damn about her he'll help her not chose someone worse and instead leave him for therapy and self improvement. but I guess she's in this position in the first place because he didn't seemingly care

No. 1940390

Really? To me it sounds like the world’s whiniest and most insecure man is trying to salvage his ego by “dumping” his wife who is already halfway out the door with another man.

No. 1940482

destiny seems the type to let his wife be with an abuser and only care if she left him but I guess he could also be lying to save face. But lying that she left because was so desperate for love she fell into the arms of an abuser seems weirder that admitting it as truth tbh. If he wanted to slander the man his wife chose why go for that angle?

No. 1940507

NVM I didn’t know anything about this faggot or that they had an open relationship. Still sounds like he’s butthurt that she was considering divorcing him. Also
>let his wife be with an abuser
>he's just letting it happen
She’s not his property tf?

No. 1940695

> All we have is that faggot Destiny’s word
Just basing this off of the information that's public now. If you think he's lying that's fine, but there's no proof of that.

>Can’t wait for Destiny to find out that half of all debts accrued during the marriage are also his ala her tax debts

Not how it works in most states. Debt incurred during a marriage is only split upon divorce if the line of credit was in both spouse's name. Also Melina's tax issue wasn't a debt in the legal sense, it was a criminal penalty for failing to pay taxes, which is a legal obligation.

No. 1940705

melina won. he's cute, charismatic, tall, educated(he has a civil engineering degree), and seems to be a more well-rounded person compared to destiny.

No. 1940717

Do we have any proof he actually said he’d kill himself? Or is that just more sour grapes and damage control lies from Destiny to make it look like Melina didn’t really want to leave him and was coerced into leaving him? Because by Destiny’s own admission in the same breath, Melina became ‘obsessed’ with this dude, and that’s clearly what wounded Destiny’s ego the most.

No. 1940719

How do they both supposedly have so much money but their apartment looks like some uni shared accommodation.

No. 1940732

It's sweden. It's like a 10 year wait list to get one of those apartments.

No. 1940736


No. 1940953

Mf looks like yanderedev

No. 1940986

Destiny is an abusive piece of shit himself. He just attempts to excuse it under the guise of being "logical". Instead of trying to listen to Melina's issues he tries to debate bro her into why she is stupid to feel the way she does.

No. 1941231

>He just attempts to excuse it under the guise of being "logical". Instead of trying to listen to Melina's issues he tries to debate bro her into why she is stupid to feel the way she does.

Is there a clip or video you are referring to?

No. 1941267

bad wording but I meant more that if you're gonna be "poly", obviously let your wife be free but wouldn't you try and look out for them? Like at the very least like you would a friend, tell them the guy they're with is an abusive person and heavily encourage them to see someone else instead. but it seems like he literally didn't care until she left, especially counting his admittance of her leaving due to his lack of affection

No. 1941563

I've witnessed the type of abuse that Destiny described in chat logs. It's very hard to pull someone out of that situation.

There is a type of abuser who pretends to be vulnerable, threatens suicide, fake crys, etc. They will re-write past history and make the victim believe that the abuser is the only person who will love them. These abusers are very good at exercising control over vulnerable women. I don't think it's possible to pull someone out of a situation like that just by sitting down and reasoning with them.

No. 1943965

File: 1702757128483.jpg (55.51 KB, 884x612, 64pyee7pup5c1.jpg)

So Twitch was on fire recently because of how they addressed the new meta of titty streamers, who looked like they were topless on stream, and updating their TOS. They changed their TOS to allow 'artistic nudity', and then reverted it back to no nudity, IRL or depicted, after the site became a 2D porn site for 24 hours.
> New twitch meta starts with users like Strawberrytabby, Asianbunnyx and Morgpie, where they would wear a low-cut top or pasties, but the camera would be aimed right above where they were covered so it looked like they were topless. Inspired other girls to do the same, became new meta
> Complaints came up over this violating TOS, but since no one could prove they were naked, they were in the safe zone
> More discussions over if Twitch should have an 18+ section since people said these girls were being promoted on the front page due to algorithm (not sure if this is true or not since it might be based on who you've clicked on in the past)
> Twitch responds with new TOS allowing for 'artistic nudity', including drawn nudity, erotic dancing, pole dancing, twerking, etc.
> Art section of Twitch blows up; 2d porn is everywhere with artists now free to draw nude characters, explicit or not. Varies from what you'd typically expect to furry porn and one person apparently drawing naked characters that looked 'very young'
> Artists are getting banned for drawing nudity despite new rule, becomes clear there are miscommunications within Twitch following new guidelines
> After negative feedback Twitch changes TOS back to no nudity allowed, regardless of how it's depicted.

It's brought up the age-old discussion over whether or not adult-themed content should be allowed on Twitch. Regardless of what Twitch does, there is a portion of streamers that benefit from having a more sexual presence on Stream, whether that be from funneling viewers to their adult content like OF. Streamers involved with porn are on the platform (though really I can only think of people like Morgpie and Adriana Chechik). The argument against titty streamers is that their audience is mostly children and underage teens, so they are being predatory in marketing their sexwork through streaming (even fellow cow Mariah Mallad joined the clutching pearls, think of the children boat, kek). As well, other female streamers feel that titty streamers put pressure on them to be more sexual in their content to be successful. The argument for titty streamers is that if we're trying to protect underage viewers, sure you can delete it off the platform entirely, but you'll never truly get rid of it and underage people will still be exposed to this type of material anyways. Also, titty streamers are saying that banning this type of subject matter is misogynistic since there are no rules applying to how they need to act/what they need to wear on a platform that promotes self-expression.

Old TOS link here: https://safety.twitch.tv/s/article/Updating-our-Approach-to-Sexual-Content-and-Content-Classification-Labels?language=en_US
New TOS link here:

No. 1943968

is that a troon? what an infortunate build if it's a woman

No. 1943975

>holy linebacker shoulders kek
is this the same woman(?) who was involved with the super mega bullshit??

No. 1943988

Yeah it's the same one, basically got caught lying about her interaction and purposefully dogpiling on super mega. She's become the front face of this meta, even though I believe it was asianbunnyx that originally started it by accident.

She looks terrible, her intense workout routine + breast implants + whatever those bangs = troon vibes

No. 1943990

I seen videos of her speaking and apparently no this is just a woman with the most linebacker set of run-through-your-garden-wall-for-a-shortcut ass shoulders

No. 1944047

Thanks for the summary anon, I was wondering what was going on.
Is that picture of morgpie edited? Her chest looks so weird???

No. 1944464

There's something deeply unsettling or uncanny about her face, although I can't place it.

No. 1944949

>Artists are getting banned for drawing nudity despite new rule, becomes clear there are miscommunications
Oh, please. They knew exactly what they were doing. I'm so sick and tired of people playing the "tee hee I didn't know this wasn't allowed! :3c" while drawing loli/shota/toddlercon furry futa porn where one character has a 50 inch penis raping a baby with cat ears and tails (so "nobody can argue it's a human") while eating another like a porkchop.
>titty streamers are saying that banning this type of subject matter is misogynistic
No different than the example above in principle. They know what they're doing, they know that they sexualize themselves to entice viewers to subscribe to their onlyfans and buy stuff from their amazon wishlists, and they know they're exploiting a loophole in semantics to get away with it, while also exploiting people's good will by pretending they aren't doing anything wrong, while fully aware that a lot of their viewers are underage (every streamer can see their audience split of registered users that watched any given stream).

I'm all for fleecing moids dry, but this false narrative also benefits predators in every category and medium.

No. 1945954

>Yeah it's the same one, basically got caught lying about her interaction

When that didn't get her the clout she was craving, she moved on to this, as if anyone wants to see her sad, deformed snoopy tits. I can't wait for her to become irrelevant again in a year or two.

No. 1946040

File: 1703210664992.jpg (3.5 MB, 4096x4096, 130316991.jpg)

Not sure if she's still a twitchthot but I know she's been posted here before. Came across this today and smelt a rat, what a spaz.

No. 1946119

I am not defending her or anything but she was a Pornhub thot before the Supermega drama happened and she didn't get anywhere near as much attention for being desperate for Matt Watson, that was purely all her. Funny considering he doesn't have an ounce of meat on his body and has a vape addiction and probably crack.

No. 1948252

What a prime braindead scrote. Digging up the Amouranth drama almost a year later to dunk on her cause she's still streaming with a push up bra. I hate how people expected her to become this born-again virgin after her husband was exposed. Like she is never supposed to show any skin or be sexual in any way. Like there is no way something like agency exists. I wish they'd just let her live but instead scrotes gotta make these stupid videos dropping their 'hot takes' when it just shows their deep insecurity and misogyny.

No. 1948266

>says she’d rather be broke than exploit herself
>starts selling jars of her farts a couple months later
Yeah sorry I’m not buying it. Staged nonsense.

No. 1948312

You know there’s no fart in there right? It’d be even funnier if she sold air dusters labeled as farts.

No. 1948314

male youtubers/streamers sell retarded shit all the time. Scott the woz was selling his socks in one of his bundles. Its just obviously a stupid meme.

No. 1948354

I get what this anon is trying to say
It's difficult to go from the horrible exposure of what she went through where she basically said her rotten husband was making her act like a slut for views and money and then she made a big deal about being able to wear a hoodie on stream
For her to come back only a month or so later doing the same shit? It throws into question how much of it can really be pinned on the husband. I understand how sex working is and it's a slippery slope, but anon's right, to keep going with the embarrassing kink shit that is literally only for money? It's fucking weird and borders on disingenuous. I'm not saying she was lying and her husband was a piece of shit, it just really doesn't instill a lot of credibility to do the exact same shit she was once crying and celebrating she didn't have to do anymore

No. 1948403

Except one is doing it at the expense of herself and to serve coomers, the other is just a retard selling random junk that zoomers find funny.
Amouranth also made a huge stink about sexualizing herself and how her husband was pushing for it, yet her actions post-moid fiasco are exactly the same she just isn’t grinding as hard as she did under her moids thumb. Why is it that nobody is allowed to question amouranths thottery after the husband reveal without nonnas frothing at the mouth to defend her like she’s a sole victim of circumstance and has zero bodily autonomy like the dozens of other e-thots we rightfully criticize? Shes still like any other camwhore that abuses non-sexual platforms to promote her 18+ work to a bunch of lifeless coomers that would jump at the chance to destroy her.

No. 1948416

Her husband being a controlling scrote and her sexualization being her golden goose are two statements that can coexist. I'm not sure why Amouranth is some special case exempt from criticism

No. 1948500

This. I have a friend who got pissy with me because I didn't immediately throw myself on the altar to defend her even though 1. I didn't even know who the fuck she was at the time because I don't go on Twitch for anything and 2. I'm sorry but she comes off as completely full of shit. I'm sure her husband is a piece of shit, but she doesn't seem like a class act herself either.

No. 1948556

39daph is already moving in with some retard she met at twitchcon the week she got out of her caretaker relationship with aceu

its the codependency for me

No. 1948645

like some rando viewer retard? or a streamer retard? in nay case, i've never understood how some girls can move in with scrotes so quickly. i practically have to do a full background check before i ever share my space with a scrote.

No. 1948682

is it spuuky? she stated they are not dating the week she broke up with aceu, which couldn't be further than the truth. something about him makes me feel like he has skeletons in the closet though, voice actor scrote who has teenage girls thirsting over him, and encouraging them to do so, always goes wrong

No. 1948990


Spuuky is disgusting. He dated ExtraEmily for 5 months and acts like their breakup was some traumatic event for him. They kept it pretty hidden but the otk stans put it together. He says some gross shit about her as well, saying her pussy stinks and such while not mentioning her by name.

I actually like daph's streams but it's clear she needed to see a therapist after her last relationship.

No. 1949139

what’s the milk with daph and aceu’s relationship? i actually thought they were really cute. it was probably the only twitch (or any social media) relationship i liked to watch but i only kept up with it very sporadically so if there was anything wrong with them i didn’t catch onto it. their breakup actually caught me by surprise.

No. 1949332

Apparently he drinks too much, is emotionally unavailable and allegedly invited random girls over

No. 1949333

At first I was like whatever they aren’t giving dating vibes (I clocked her and aceu from day 1). But seeing how much she’s up in every one of his tweet… Maybe she just needed a himbo rebound. He’s really annoying and vain though my god, that guy is obsessed with himself.

No. 1949679

File: 1704189915900.png (46.52 KB, 1266x442, 1000006193.png)

they had a bad breakup before Twitchcon because aceu wanted to be a drunkard party boy and Daph does not drink, she is apparently allergic to alcohol and had a bad reaction at twitchcon trying to fit in with everyone. When they dated, she was apparently often tasked with babying him while he was fucked up. She also says he's holding her items hostage including gifts he got her, and that was in December. All around waste of space but what do you expect with esports scrotes.

No. 1949732

Ew he had many people fooled with the softboi shit. Good riddance I just wish she wouldn't jump into the lap of another scrote immediately, she seems to be a serial dater.

No. 1949976

Hasan recently had a meltdown on stream while vacationing in Italy with his family.

> Keffals releases a video detailing grievances with Hasan's mods, in particular, Frogan and Ostonox, for spreading Kiwifarms rumors and lack of moderation in Hasan's discord. They say to take her drama somewhere else

> Regardless of how nonnies feel about Keffals, the video starts to gain traction with more people using it as an example of Hasan's hypocrisy and toxic community. Hasan mods and Hasan himself come under fire.
> Hasan responds after being poked in chat and goes off on a rant about how meaningless this all is and he doesn't want to stream anything political anymore. But could this come down to him not wanting to take accountability for his 'unpaid janitors' that moderate his discord and Twitch chat (for free)? Hasan likes to flip flop between being responsible for his community doing something (charity) and not being responsible (toxicity)
> Hasan gets agitated people continually bring up his earnings and living standards while claiming to be socialist (chatter asks him how much his Italian hotel costs).

Hasan is now left drama farming for scraps after destroying any notion of being taken as a 'serious' political commentator. His beneficial relationship with Ethan Klein is in ruins, he looked a fool when he went on Piers Morgan, he looked even more the fool when he brought low-tier Youtuber WillyMac on his channel. His viewership is down and he has very few people on Twitch that want to collab with him. QTCinderella announced the next streamer awards, so there will be milk. But I kinda feel bad for Hasan now that this is where he is, this can't be healthy for anyone.

Keffals complaint video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlQHOb-4Oa8

Hasan's video is 24 mins but any point in it gives an idea

No. 1949995

Idk who is worse at this point between these two men

No. 1950024

Triggered by pronouns? Go back to twitter, kid.(go back)

No. 1950029

"Respecting" tranny pronouns on lolcow? Go back to literally anywhere else, kid

No. 1950032

are you fucking lost?

No. 1950036

File: 1704248527223.png (702.72 KB, 2444x1340, Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 02.22…)

womp womp womp =((emoticon)

No. 1950038

Go back to twitter where questioning delusional pronoun usage is ban worthy. A castrated male will never be a she, it’ll just be a castrated male.

No. 1950039


(forgot the emoji clause, sorry, it was meant to be ironic)

No. 1950053

You're calling a fail male a "she", pretty sure you're the one triggered.(infighting)

No. 1950092

She has some weird issues due to her insane mother. It's sad. She only knew aceu for a few months before she moved in with him too.

Spuuky is a massive retard and egomaniac. This should be good.

No. 1950156

Report and move on. They're a lost newfag.

No. 1950282

I never liked him personally cause I have a big fat lesbian parasocial crush on daph, but also her (ex)scrote looks like a typical alcoholic sadboi TM, so not too surprised with how it all played out

No. 1952230

Is there any proof of him talking to teenage girls? He just seems like another empty headed zero personality himbo to me(sage your shit)

No. 1953533

Not sure if any nonnas here are into cosplay, but Emiru had her cosplay contest live on Twitch with Asmongold, Tectone and Jessica Nigri. It was pretty fun to watch and there were a lot of cool cosplays, but it's really long. Cool to watch but not really milky unless there is a controversial cosplayer in here.

No. 1953544

emiru is a pick-me who had/has to fuck mizkif to be in position to do her shows, not worth it. the pig is disgusting.

No. 1953569

That's one take; another take in this very thread is: [OTK was desperate to sign a woman after their creepy history and only Emiru obliged.](learn to sage)

No. 1953571

Mizkif is such a weird little creep, I don't know how she feels comfortable living there

No. 1953573

she joined before mizkif and rich campbell were outed, they made her owner after to cover for them, but she joined because she was sleeping her way up through mizkif, thats the emiru special - read her thread

No. 1953717

holy fuck moids are so ugly.
>tectone the fat balding porn addicted moid was invited
why the hell would anyone want to watch that?

No. 1953760

He is a shareholder at OTK and their audience is fat balding porn addicted moids.
By the way, any nonnas keep up with Rich Campbell suing the girl he raped? He is claiming he has the right to sue her because it wasn't rape due to the fact that she replied on Twitter the next few days normally, and also that her Twitlonger ruined any future money he would get. He too, is also still a shareholder at OTK. He wants a jury for this trial, believe it or not. Do you think it will go anywhere? I don't think I've heard of a streamer being successful with this kind of thing.
For more clarification, she sued him first asking for an apology and damages then a week later he sued her claiming defamation and not actual rape.

No. 1953820

Honestly I think it's a scare tactic. He's throwing out big words that he wants to sue her for defamation (even though what is the defamation here.. He admitted to it and even his GF confirmed he has a pregnancy fetish which is exactly the problem since he was ejaculating in women without their consent). Not only Lexi, but he threatens that anyone that comes forward with their stories will be added to the lawsuit. This all comes down to 'he hasn't told HIS side of the story', which freaks me out because it's basically going to come down to 'well she was an OF girl, look she promotes herself all the time on Twitter, she made all this up to frame me for online clout'. And of course he wants a jury, because majority of normal people not involved with Twitch probably find OF sexwork gross and it would be more in his favor. Which is hilarious cause he's still with his porn star/OF girlfriend (but he'll probably keep that really quiet during the trial). I hate his crying about future earnings, as if not being a shareholder of OTK wouldn't keep him financing successful for the rest of his life. What a moid. He is mad cause no one has wanted him to come back, everyone moved on from him and agreed he was a weirdo.

No. 1953994

I doubt OTK is paying any dividend on their stocks

No. 1954707

Emiru is so revolting, swooping in and hurting another female streamer (Maya) just for the clout while fucking that manlet cavetroll moid.

No. 1956361

Cause I like to update nonnies about the latest drama our favorite champagne socialist Hasanabi gets his himbo-self into:
> Young Houthi pirate becomes popular on Tiktok because he's 'handsome'. Becomes known as the 'Timhouthi Chalamet'
> Of course, our favorite sloppy streamer Hasan, invites him on stream over video call
> Asks him questions about America, is shocked when he responds he doesn't really spend his time thinking about America
> Asks if he watches One Piece, this gets translated back to Timhouti, and he's a little confused but says … oh Luffy which causes Hasan and chat to sperg endlessly
> Hasan gets blasted online for platforming a terrorist (Biden has now defined the Houthis as a terrorist group for their sieges and interference with international merchant ships, specifically US and Israel).
> People claim there is misinformation with what Timhouti was saying. Others champion Hasan for bringing attention to the Houthis who claim they are trying to pressure Israel and they flight for Palestinians.

I really don't get why Hasan is so anti-American and tries to be relatable when he lives this incredibly pampered life in California. And this is obvious information as well, not like some covered up secret of his. Do his fans just ignore everything about him and eat up everything he spews?

Full interview is linked, but 2:12 for One Piece embarrassment

No. 1956383

>Timhouthi Chalamet
TikTok teens are utterly retarded kek

No. 1956428

People hate American Imperialism but they don't the American people or wish harm on them, they just to be left alone for the most part.

No. 1956607

I don't see what's wrong with this, aside from it being Hasan which is cringe

> Biden has now defined the Houthis as a terrorist group

It's a war, nonnie..

No. 1956817

The audacity of this ugly retard calling himself a himbo kek does he even know what that word means? Himbos don’t go to possibly trafficked sex workers.

No. 1956843

>possibly trafficked sex workers
The brothel he visited actually had trafficked sex workers. The more you know.

No. 1956968

every brothel does

No. 1957098

File: 1705715984377.png (495.66 KB, 751x827, Screenshot 2024-01-19 210009.p…)

if anyone is in the league streamer community dantes's new egirl girlfriend is a psychotic 60iq bpd bitch well known for sucking off of any dick that has clout and i look forward to seeing her fry him to a crisp in the fake twitlonger slash onlyfans announcement for being stupid enough to date this batshit insane whore

No. 1957111

File: 1705718178716.jpg (103.01 KB, 1066x1599, GDVssEfXQAAWD0M.jpg)

I wish there was a Amouranth thread. She's the ultimate liar.
-Used a fake abuse story in order to promote being "single" and do dating streams while still being together with her "abusive" husband.

-Lies about making $57 million on Onlyfans. Posts screencap that doesnt match her husband's screencap on his old twitter. If you look at her stats, she appears to be making around $40,000 a month. Not millions as she claims.

-Illegally uses other pornstars pictures to promote her own videos on OF. Claims they are screencaps from her videos but its just stolen pictures.

-Darkens pictures of dildos for her previews to make it look like she's with a black guy.

-Bots her way to success on Twitch and Kick. She forgot to do the bots one day this week and she had 300 viewers. Not thousands.(learn2integrate retard)

No. 1957112

she has been mentioned in the costhot thread, but you could make your own thread on her

No. 1957144

Ah, the Belle Delphine method. Also what is that pic, AI or bad photoshop?

No. 1957191

not worthy of an entire thread. She is old news and is fading off

No. 1957220

You forgot
>photoshops the shit out of everything she posts because she's built like a brick with bolt ons irl

No. 1957244

God I wish you tourist faggots would lurk more or better yet fuck all the way off back to reddit. Multiple attempts at milking her over the years never fail to die off because turns out women just don’t care that much about OF streamer who is objectively boring compared to all the whores in designated thread. An amouranth thread would just be scrotes seething while jerking off to her pics.

No. 1957246

>AI image
>muh fake abuse
>muh big black cock
>reddit spacing
Lying about numbers and shooping aren’t milk, all ethots do it. Kill yourself males are not welcomed here.

No. 1957416

File: 1705778236895.png (617.97 KB, 624x749, asddsa.png)

Lying about an abusive husband in order to do fake dating streams isn't milk enough? lol
Its hilarious to see all the women who felt sympathy for Amouranth and her abusive situation…. how do you feel now that its been revealed she faked abuse to get her viewership and OF up? hahahhahaha(sage your shit)

No. 1957436

amouranth has been discussed to death here and it’s always some fucking tourists spewing the same 4 talking points. she’s boring. and unless something new happens her thread would just be a bunch of a-logs sperging out. same thing with pokimane. it’s so tiring.

No. 1957462

women aren't dumb enough to consider a reheated old video from some scrote as proof of anything and her being dishonest is besides the point and also no1curr, go renew your suscription to her OF if you hate her so much.

No. 1957613

It's not about empathy (or lack thereof) as much as that she's just not that milky. She rarely creates drama with or against other people and just grinds on her own lane. We're here for the milk, not some random metrics that are ultimately irrelevant.

I was going to post a few days ago about ExtraEmily being frat boy and spreading her body count list of 60+, but ultimately she's also super retarded and happy go lucky, which stops her from anyone taking her seriously and therefore creating no milk to focus on.

No. 1958085

This is gonna sound weird as fuck but her arm to boob ratio has always looked weird to me. I used to watch her streams sometimes out of curiosity and it just looks strange how big her breasts are compared to her arms, makes me think of the thigh to ass ratio of bbls.

No. 1958186

>i look forward to seeing her fry him to a crisp in the fake twitlonger slash onlyfans announcement for being stupid enough to date this batshit insane whore
I fucking hate Dantes so much, he is such an unfunny loud moid. He also harassed this female streamer and still whines about it to this day when he got backlash. He complains how he cant join the twitch twitch affiliate program while he also says he wants to fuck lulu on stream. I hope that the egirl destroys his ego and life.

No. 1958761

File: 1706067528192.jpg (56.45 KB, 600x800, abxmdr9m_700w_0.jpg)

she used to be completely flat before the plastic surgeries she got.

Was possibly male and transitioned(transvestigating)

No. 1958765

The ‘Amouranth is trans’ thing is just a scrote tinfoil made by her scorned orbiters who are mad she was married to a guy who isn’t them. Look at her tiny wrists and feminine hands and also lack of Adam’s apple, she’s obviously 100% female.

No. 1958767

yall some faggots forreal(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1958801

I went looking for more old photos of her because of this Peter Pan one and had no idea at all she used to be a cosplayer! I wonder what made her go down the PS and boob job path.

No. 1958815

Being a cosplayer.

No. 1958823

she was so normal looking and cute

No. 1958906

File: 1706112164908.png (1.01 MB, 1556x837, ASjkfnse .png)

Again, every nonna hear saying that this is old milk is correct. I personally don't mind Amouranth and to say she was completely LYING about her relationship is giving moid intentions. Nothing is ever 100% black and white, especially in relationships. Back when her separation happened, nonnies here were either supportive or skeptical, but everyone already knew that she was using moids for money and her shadiness, so your about 2 years late. I also hate when people keep saying oh she's still married to him when I can never find any actual proof of this other than people saying it in her Twitter and Reddit hate threads, and they don't even have any proof. I've said this before but I don't know why people expected her to drop sex work like she was some born-again virgin. If you go to her Kick to see if she's still doing the same shit as before, she's usually in lounge clothes and doing viewer call-ins or gaming. So I think a lot of this same 'oh she's a LIAR and she never CHANGED' is just people spewing the same drama-mill shit again and again.
> Uses AI Amouranth art
> Rages about her OF
This is pure moid behaviour. Nonnies are right about no women here giving a shit about her OF. Why would we give the tiniest fuck about men being 'lied' to because of the color of a dildo?? I'm sorry, cry more because your hate obsession with Amouranth causes you to be so unhinged you come here to try and sperg about how she 'manipulated' you(sage)

No. 1958908

>I don't know why people expected her to drop sex work like she was some born-again virgin
Because they believed she was pressured into sex work by the husband who wanted to exploit her sexuality for money

No. 1958991

well thats what Amouranth literally said!

No. 1958992


The funniest part is Amouranth is stealing from other women (using their pictures/videos on OF as part of her previews of content she's selling) to lie to these simps. But you know… GIRL POWER! We don't care if she steals from us as long as its to scam stupid men!!(post screenshots)

No. 1959003

>stealing nudes
lol sex workers stay losing

No. 1959030

lol sex workers deserve it. go get a real job(derailing)

No. 1959034

File: 1706139073833.jpg (285.47 KB, 992x744, amou.jpg)


No. 1959037

File: 1706139416959.jpg (996.86 KB, 992x744, amouranth.jpg)

I wish she wouldn't have gotten all that surgery. Amouranth had such a beautiful natural look.(sage your shit)

No. 1959472

File: 1706221073893.jpg (Spoiler Image,632.73 KB, 1700x923, elsa.jpg)

Amouranth's latest "anal sex" video she's selling for $99. She just stole Elsa Jean's video and resold it as hers. LOL Genius!

No. 1959481


No. 1959495

NAYRT. But in what world is this not milky? Also, you wanna minimod so bad when you cant even sage your shit.

No. 1959501

??? Stealing porn and selling it as your own and having someone edit the hair color and whatever is absolutely milk

No. 1959513

Stop fucking posting about Amouranth. No one wants to talk about boring ass Amouranth.(sage your shit)

No. 1959517

Learn to sage first dummy(infighting)

No. 1959529

no it's based

No. 1959534

Although smart as a concept, this is really dumb on her part. Elsa Jean is one of the most famous pornstars in the west. The type of coomers who would buy Amouranths videos would definitely have seen Elsa Jean’s porn videos before too and be able to recognize it. So she must be super dumb to plagiarize such a popular video.

No. 1959576

I just don’t give a shit about ewhore on ewhore crimes kek I don’t feel bad at all that lesser whores are losing their rent money to scammers. It’s such a shining example of how feminist and empowering sw is.(report instead of infighting)

No. 1959638

>I am against sex work and whatever happens to sex workers is their fault and their problem and they deserve it
>But when this rich streamer who is also ewhoring decides to edit other ewhores content and pass it off as her own, it's "based" for some reason (despite it also being ewhoring itself)
You sound like a fan.(infighting)

No. 1959647

It's still relevant to the thread. She just doesn't need an entire thread dedicated to her. Updates are fine

No. 1959733

Asmongold has a new girlfriend. While nonnies here probably don't care who streamers date, it is fun to watch his moid audience squirm and seethe at the perceived threat a woman brings to their favorite streamer
> Just recently, Asmon revealed his new girlfriend, Kaise, on stream.
> Audience loses their mind, while some are supportive of Asmon getting a girlfriend, most of his audience is parasocial and miserable, and like Pink_sparkles prior, can't stand to see their streamer with a woman.
> Kaise herself is a Chinese-Canadian streamer from Vancouver, Canada. She is also into findom and from her twitter, seems to make moderate cash flow from it. She is a moderately successful streamer.
> Rumors spread like wildfire. Moids sperg about her only being here for the clout, she is money hungry, this is some weird findom relationship, she is doing this to promote her OF. This clip in particular blew up because she doesn't make eye contact with him, just stares at the camera while Asmon looks greasy and stares at her chest. Moids foam at the mouth that she is using their precious streamer and doesn't like him for HIM!!!
> For some reason Asmon also has this small portion of fans that are obsessed with marriage, calling her 'waifu' material and that he 'has to put a ring on it right now!!' Like every woman he interacts with or watches, there are always these guys that say this?

They have only officially been dating for a few days. Sure, she could be using him for money and clout. Vancouver is a notoriously expensive city to live in, so being with Asmon would benefit her financially, or she might be like many Vancouverites and have family with deep pockets. But any woman that can stomach being around, looked at, touched, and living with Asmon deserves every penny. They do play a lot of similar games and probably have a lot in common. But can't wait to see his chat relentlessly criticize and bash his relationship until Kaise has had enough and either Asmon leaves or she does. His chat will never let him have a successful relationship.

No. 1959743

People are so quick to judge maybe she thinks he’s funny kek. Women have such a high tolerance for disgusting men. Glad she’s getting something out of this.

No. 1959753

The weird upside down teardrop shape that Asian plastic surgeons shave women’s jaws into always looks so uncanny. But anyway he looks like a rat whose eyes are being sucked out by negative vacuum pressure in a mad scientist’s lab and definitely does not deserve her

No. 1959758

File: 1706291728875.jpg (58.81 KB, 1280x720, 1659470810577.jpg)

> rat whose eyes are being sucked out by negative vacuum pressure in a mad scientist’s lab

kek nonnie, that hits it right on the head. He does look like that

No. 1959792

>and doesn't like him for HIM!!!

Remember ladies - you're not allowed to like a moid for his looks, money, accomplishments or any other objective qualities that men work on to attract women in the first place. You must specifically select a man lacking in all of these traits to show that you're not shallow while he gets a pass to rate women out of 10 because of penis related disability (it's harder for men to get laid). Your understanding is appreciated.

No. 1959853

How is this shit even milk?? Who cares who this ug is dating? Get out of here and post real milk.(minimodding)

No. 1959860

File: 1706314986315.jpg (75.8 KB, 824x960, tumblr_nmexkytObP1rmbjqho8_r1_…)

Amouranth using her fake "abusive" husband as ways to sell content on OF is hilarious! You go girl! hahaha! Make that money!
"Chained up and used by sociopath"
"Locked in room and forced"
"Watch me get used and abused by him. TIP $99"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1959988

File: 1706341795689.jpg (485.38 KB, 2048x1536, 1000006971.jpg)

Old pic but a reminder of the kind of squalor he enjoys living in. Those brown stains on the wall are from where his teeth would freely bleed through the night due to poor dental hygeine, and then he proceeded to wipe the blood on the wall.

No. 1959995

''she's a goldigger, she doesnt like him for who he is!!''
the moid in question: >>1959988

No. 1959996

This is why I wonder how that new girlfriend can put up with him when his hygiene is so bad. I know he's rich and all, but…

No. 1960014

Why does he live like he's in some illegal immigrant tenement ? There are people in slums who live in better conditions and make the best of their situation.

No. 1960020

You have got to be making that up. If not that is genuinely vile, no self respecting creature would date that.

No. 1960060

Women need to accept that it's better to die alone than fuck men like this. Seriously she has her own money, why subject yourself to living a life like this?

No. 1960081

File: 1706383907995.jpg (400.32 KB, 1080x1880, 1000006982.jpg)

He freely admits it. This is the same guy who lets soda cups full of mold fester on his desk for months. Here is a recent ish tour.

No. 1960087

This seems more like business than an actual relationship. But is the money really worth being exposed to this >>1959988

No. 1960130

It's definitely one of those parasitic "relationships" where they feed off of each other and get more money and exposure from it. But is it really worth the nastiness? I guess so in this case.

No. 1960166

This killed my appetite for a few hours. No excuses not to floss tonight.

No. 1960387

File: 1706476564309.png (725.91 KB, 637x752, Damne852cd82f2b71264.png)

Amouranth streaming 20 hours and crying because she's missing her grandpa's funeral. Said she was too busy with steaming that she couldn't attend the funeral. Asking for donations to help with grief(provide screenshots of milk instead of twitter meme faggotry)

No. 1960401

My hypothesis is that it's actually a trans tinfoil to gaslight people into having their line between women and "women" get blurry, same with those who reply >her to obvious women. I guess in this case that'd still be a scrote tinfoil though.
>most of his audience is parasocial and miserable / can't stand to see their streamer with a woman.
>Moids foam at the mouth that she is using their precious streamer and doesn't like him for HIM!!!
Can you post more on this? Based on that video's comments alone I'm not seeing such reactions at all; mostly just jest and banter at Asmongold's expense.
>His chat will never let him have a successful relationship
They seem moderately supportive of him imho.
>she's missing her grandpa's funeral. Said she was too busy with steaming that she couldn't attend the funeral. Asking for donations to help with grief
Can you please provide proof of that?

No. 1960411

Replying to myself but I've been checking other Asmongold youtube videos (both from the Main and the Clips channel) and in every one where Kaise, the woman, was in a thumbnail, the comments seemed mostly positive, with many of the commenters apparently being glad her presence is making him do things that improve his life.

My impression is that she's clearly the one in charge between the two, so as long as she's getting what she wants out of dating that creature, good for them I guess.

No. 1960493

Might be a Youtube thing, I noticed that too (it's easier to include a Youtube clip). Reddit has more of the negative side I mentioned with his more parasocial fanbase if you wanted to check it out.

This thread is just an example:

No. 1960521

I think she’s super beautiful, but it’s kind of blackpilling that even being beautiful and famous and rich still lands you in life’s shitter. For starters she’s always in her yucky bumfuck McMansion streaming, she never seems to go on vacations to any super nice spots. Her husband doesn’t love her and beats and threatens her all the time, so she doesn’t even have love in her life. She has a ton of money, but what is she doing with it exactly? What is she saving up for? Makes me think her husband is still in the picture and controlling everything because men generally like to hoard money that way and can never save enough of it. Women are more imaginative and know how to spend it on nice things. Her surroundings are always so boring and basic and decorated in a moids style. Idk her story is just bleak. All that money and fame and attention and she still isn’t happy or loved.

She isn’t trans ffs stop even entertaining these schizo troons and spurned orbiters.

No. 1960525

Also she always looks neglected. Cheap crappy clothes, roots coming through, cheap contact lenses and crappy makeup. I know most cosplayers generally have a trashy aliexpress aesthetic but she has so much money you’d think she could afford to get a stylist, hairdresser and makeup artist done from home but she does it all herself and cheaply so. Again makes me think her husband is still controlling her and won’t let her spend money on these things.

No. 1960528

She didn’t get any surgery her face still looks the same, she just learned how to apply makeup right and use filters

Dating a really nasty gross but famous guy is a way of cloutchasing for some women, ‘I can’t believe she’s dating someone so ugly/gross/whatever’ gains a lot of social media traction and clout and controversy. Reminds me of that girl from 4chan Tahlia who was famously dating the morbidly obese Jubilee youtube channel incel, Brendio. She would also orbit other obese incel YouTubers who had a cult following because she wanted in on the e-fame among incels for some bizarre reason.(you don't need to post 3 times in a row to dump all your commentary)

No. 1960548

text book definition of a workaholic, and not in a good way

No. 1960580

She is depressed, has low self-esteem, and doesn't want to go out or do anything else than being at home and playing video games. She doesn't have friends or loving boyfriend to go on vacation with. Taste doesn't follow money, she probably doesn't see anything wrong with her room

No. 1960706

Thanks. Yes, they're being very negative there. I'm surprised at the disparity. I rarely used reddit anymore, but I guess that should explain the difference. Reddit has been a cesspool for a while now, imho even worse than 4chan. It's like being so repressed makes them accumulate their vitriol.
Where did I say she was trans, nonnia? Please read before replying.

No. 1960719

Just like all the other ones, Amouranth lies about all the surgery she's gotten in the past. She used to have a video up talking about her breast implants and nose job but deleted it so she could appear "all natural"

No. 1960746

No one with eyes look at her and wonder if she’s got work done retard, if moids are so fucking stupid they can’t tell bolt-ons from real tits thats on them. Omg gais shes not even a real redhead! When will you post something actually interesting and not forcing unsaged powdered milk.

No. 1960779

Why would streaming prevent her from going to her grandpa's funeral? There are some things that are worth taking a few days off for and that's one of them

No. 1960791

File: 1706579154495.jpg (301.55 KB, 713x626, am.jpg)

because Amouranth doesnt actually care about her dead grandpa. She'd rather stay home, stream, and act upset so she can make some more money pretending to be upset.(repetitive sperging)

No. 1960906

I think she's agoraphobic

No. 1960907

File: 1706622734529.jpeg (70.73 KB, 780x438, CA1F17E1-2700-4F02-9AD4-B93A27…)

She hasn’t had a nose job, her nose is still pretty big/crooked and has a hump.

No. 1960920

it's tinfoil but I think she's still under the control of her husband. it's not uncommon for women to try to leave a few times before actually getting away. I think he's still there in the background pulling her puppet strings, just doing it more carefully.

No. 1960958

amouranth's tits are real too

>>1960907(unsaged sperg obsessed with amouranth)

No. 1960974

I think Amouranth would never do anything like that but her husband forces her to do these bad things. I also stand by that she is all natural like the majority of you. I think people believe she’s had surgery on her face and body because she is fit. She has said multiple times that she would never get any plastic surgery. I think she’s telling the truth(sage your shit)

No. 1961007

I thought the first post had to just be from back when he was poor and had understandably less time/poor mental health but this video is only 3 months old, isn't he pretty rich now? Even if he's too lazy to do it himself, he could at least hire a reoccurring maid service or something. And jfc the teeth blood is still on the walls.

No. 1961023

File: 1706650386156.png (Spoiler Image,581.3 KB, 656x590, amouranth bolt.png)

me when i lie

No. 1961025

File: 1706650530564.png (Spoiler Image,74.17 KB, 273x221, amourant h.png)

No. 1961035

Nothing like posting someone in cosplay and a ton of makeup to prove how beautiful and natural they are

No. 1961052

Wow those are some of the worst post-00s implants I've seen. They don't even look attached here.

No. 1961154

What dumbass tried to convince us these are real? Kek

No. 1961171

I thought that's how implants look on an older woman whose breasts lost elasticity

No. 1961173

They've always looked like that on her. She was completely flat before and they went way too big as well.

No. 1961193

No, why would you even think that? That's what bolt-ons look like when there is no enough room for the skin to expand, no matter if you're 20 or 80. That's why they recommend doing several operations if you want to go big. The worst part is that apparently keeps hurting for years, according to a bimbo friend of mine who STILL complains about it.

No. 1961250

she's so pretty and thats the best influencer she could pull? damn girl

No. 1961435

File: 1706768859513.png (2.89 MB, 593x1273, il.png)

Speaking of which these were the last tweets I saw before her account went private. Anyone know why she went private?

No. 1961476

kek at that last tweet. I do wonder why she would feel the need to private. Stirring up some drama or other?

No. 1961514

2 months late but Pokimane exposed Meteos as a total scumbag in an episode of her podcast.
>they started talking/flirting in her 1st-2nd year of high school (she would've been 13-14 yrs old)
>made it known he was a man whore
>officially started dating when she was in uni
>used emotional abuse tactics to manipulate her into sleeping with him constantly
>threw violent tantrums when that didn't work
>blamed her for his abusive behavior
>did some shady shit the first time they broke up, like attempting to hook up with other girls when they were trying to make it work out and not replying when out drinking
>unironically bought anal lube and a dildo for himself, then lying about it causing them to break up for good
I don't know how this dude got away with this shit in his pro career considering that he was involved with 'so many girls'. Seems like people cover for him since he's still getting deals with riot and streaming.

No. 1961525


If the shit he did with other girls is the same as with Poki, then most probably don't feel as if it's worth the trouble of dealing with League fanboys and incels in general.(sage your shit)

No. 1961528

? No one has been talking about this anywhere. Google gives absolutely no results. What podcast are you talking about?

No. 1961533

she kinda looks like amber heard here(non-contribution, no sage)

No. 1961571

She didn't mention any names but she talked about in on DTA in the episode "How I didn't lose my virginity". It was a couple months ago so I cant remember details but I dont know if she was 13-14 and Im not in the loop for these things so I dont know if it was meteos or not.

She just told the story of an abusive "popular guy" boyfriend she had who tried to pressure her into losing her virginity, but she refused. He also said her "terrorist religion" was the problem, lol.

Idk why that nonna thinks its Meteos and this is the first time I've even heard of him.

No. 1961610

this sounds like a more realistic summary. Simps would lose their shit if they knew she slept with someone repeatedly, especially if he "forced" her.

No. 1961674

The timeline of her story matches up with their social media posts down to the sequence of events she gives. Them dating was an open secret at that time. There are photos of him visiting her the second time then subsequently her twitter posts of her two visits to him.(sage your non proof)

No. 1961918

I googled Pokimane and Meteos, she posted a pic with him in 2014. I didn't look any more into it but Poki was 18 then. As far as I know Poki got started in 2013 meaning she would have been 17-.
I dont remember details of the pod but I dont think they dated for that long, it would have been 4 years at least if she was with him from 14-18 ?

No. 1962952

This has to be the worst thing i've ever seen..

No. 1962963

Seeing your reply to this post reminded me of a clip where he was streaming and had a roach crawl over his body. He nonchalantly grabbed it and showed it to the camera. Roach kingdom is not a joke.

No. 1963049

That actually made me dry heave when I saw it the other night. How does someone like this have fans?

No. 1963249

>Mitch Jones has just now released a video claiming Mizkif Assaulted him, sending him to hospital.

>Mitch is trying to garner sympathy and pity by heavily editing and only showing bits of the full video.
>Mitch instigates the fight by saying to Mizkif, "try me" and "what are you gonna do? punch me?" throwing Mizkif out of his car.
>Mitch apparently drunk and high on cocaine, accused by Mizkif.
>Mizkif is yet to respond to the video, new drama has commenced.

At this point are we even surprised? his narrative doesn't even support the heavily edited and poorly biased video and he doesn't even deny instigating the fight or anything said in the altercation. people are actually going to fall for this RAT, again and again and again. This is just retarded at this point.

No. 1963277

Mitch Jones is such a leech. In the middle of Mizkif and OTK being investigated after the sexual assault, Mitch jumped on every opportunity to secretly talk to other streamers like Trainwreck about Mizkif. This was all while he was living in the same house and after getting caught talking shit, lounging in Mizkif's pool. He tried to champion it like all the other streamers involved as 'speaking up for victims' when really he was using this as an opportunity to drag down someone that was a 'friend' and capitalize himself. He ended up getting a reputation as 'rat king'. It is no secret he uses cocaine and abuses adderall, he was selling it to other high profile streamers back when he was living in Austin. Why he thought this was a good take is insane, he looks drugged out and unhinged and Mizkif looks like a friend that has had enough dealing with someones shit.

No. 1963310

The state of modern scrotes kek bawling after a little tussle, men used to build houses.

No. 1963339

So was OTK adding Will Neff to their roster supposed to distract from this plus the Rich Campbell lawsuit?

No. 1963385

I don't care who is right, I want Mizkif to disappear.

No. 1963403

Me too. I haaaate Mizkif, Mitch Jones and Asmongold. Pretty much any big twitch streamer who lives in Texas I can't stand, they're all so weird. I do love how they are all going to be each others downfall in the end.

No. 1963445

This! His (and OTK’s) existence is a constant reminder how fugliest sex-pestiest moids live life on easy mode.

No. 1963475

Most likely, they love doing shit like this whenever there is controversy, Emiru joined after OTK was being criticized for not being female-friendly (NMPLOL was part of OTK, but his girlfriend Malena was not even though she played a huge part in the success of Nick's online persona) and Asmon's increasing misogynistic audience following the Heard/Depp trial. I think around this time Emiru was living in the house (fucking Mizkif) but her announcement came right around the time of the SA accusations and Mizkif's cover up.
It doesn't matter who the male streamer is. If they get into any drama, they can always come back after taking off some time to 'rethink and heal'. Mizkif came back stronger than ever, same with Sinatra, if Rich Campbell wanted to stream again he would be welcomed with open arms.

Pokimane's contract with Twitch is ending and while Poki herself is a cow, I don't see the issue with her pointing out the redpill manosphere presence on Twitch with larger platformers like XQC and Asmongold. I agree with her 100%. Asmongold completely farmed and maintained this type of audience to the point where his past relationship failed and most likely his new one because his audience was criticizing the women in his life for the dumbest reasons. Yes, the majority of men on Twitch DO hate women and think they are only e-thots with no value, and any 'normal' woman that streams is pressured by their male audience to be more sexual. It's a male-dominated platform with a male-dominated viewership base. Videos like attached are exactly why Poki's point is valid and why sexpests are able to thrive on Twitch. I also can't stand this pickme, her insecurity is obvious and her voice is grating. She's just trying to farm the women-hating moids that won't know what to do after Poki leaves. Her attitude of 'well it happens to me and I just DEAL with it' is so unhelpful and she does nothing to actually address the issue of how men behave on Twitch. Just excuses it, says it's 'entertainment', and that Poki is just an unhinged Karen who blames men for all her problems (maybe because - spoiler - men ARE the cause of MANY problems for female streamers in the professional and personal life).

No. 1963511

Agree, all the moids on twitch are complete scumbags. I believe any and all accusations thrown at them without question lol

No. 1963515

I hate how men are such hypocrites regarding 'e-thot' streamers. They'll go on lengthy rants how these women are only famous because they're hot. And they're right! Because men wouldn't give a woman that's the equivalent of Asmondgold a single second of viewtime. She could be the best FPS gamer ever, add the most insightful commentary, but the only way she'd get viewers is by using a vtuber model. That's why we're suddenly seeing female streamers more in the top rankings. Because unless you're already incredibly hot, that's the only way you'll be given the time of day. A vtuber model is safe because it'll never have a bad hair day, and you won't be scrutinized by thousands of moids because from one angle with horrible lighting you don't look as hot as when during a professional photoshoot.

It's the same when random ugly fucking male streamer gets with an obvious OF girl. They'll yell about how she's a golddigger and how she's ruining him. As if the men chose those women for anything BUT their looks. Like the girl that's currently with Asmondgold deserves a noble prize for being touched by him. His house is a hoarder mess and he probably smells fucking awful. But no, she is the bad person here, after his money.

No. 1963521

Damn nonna take a chill pill

No. 1963628

>Because men wouldn't give a woman that's the equivalent of Asmondgold a single second of viewtime
Of course they do, people like Gamergab have existed for like a decade. The modern twitch e-thot whores and V-tubers aren't targeting a gamer audience, they're targeting an audience of 3rd world brown people with low impulse control and lonely simps like you.

>She could be the best FPS gamer ever, add the most insightful commentary, but the only way she'd get viewers is by using a vtuber model.

Because we are living in a generation of sub 90 IQ 3rd world weeb zoomer coomers.

> unless you're already incredibly hot, that's the only way you'll be given the time of day

Nobody watches video game streamers for their appearance moron

> But no, she is the bad person here, after his money.

Yes, a basic bitch bimbo with a low IQ doesn't deserve to be put on a pedestal because your beta tranny simp ass thinks he'll be given a crumb of pussy for it.

You are mentally ill men in wigs glued to computers. I recommend drinking clorox.(unintegrated retard)

No. 1963636

You're right about female twitch streamers. I remember Devin Nash showed a chart depicting what words were said most often in male and female streamers' chats, and the top ten words in female streamers' chats were sexual. Because men don't watch female streamers except to jerk off.

No. 1963638

Men bitch and moan about ethots when ethots exist because of men. Men literally created the problem and now cry about it like they do with almost every real world problem because they're retarded and don't identify as responsible for their own actions kek.

No. 1963659

you're probably the same moid spam-posting about Amouranth's fake tits and OF since you reek of incel hostility. Getting mad at nonnies that have a legit reason to be concerned about IRL content that influences the current and future generation on men that we'll have to deal with on some level, either personally or professionally, isn't unhinged. But I can see how a moid like you wouldn't be capable of understanding that.

No. 1963661

Not to mention he tries to insinuate anon(s) are trannies for highlighting male degeneracy re. twitch girls being popular due to coomer scrotes, while posting on a women only imageboard pretending to be a woman himself kek. Men really are the sex of projection and retardation.

No. 1963662

I don't understand how someone can be so stupid here. You can't show the part 1, part 3 and then ask people to believe part 2 is exactly what you say when it's beyond obvious he could just show it. Why just not show part 3 instead? That would have been preposterously more effective and would have buried Mizkif at least for a while (while ruining his rep long enough for his gym to feel it).
The timeline doesn't fit. Will Neff and his girlfriend Caroline have been hanging out in Austin for a while now and the announcement video featured Hasan, so it must have happened at the very least a weak before Mitch Jones released his video.
>Malena was not even though she played a huge part in the success of Nick's online persona
She refused to join, against Nmplol's wishes, which she herself has said several times. Apparently now that there is proof to her that Nick can make it without her by doing gaming streams, she's retiring from streaming (but they're still together).
>while Poki herself is a cow, I don't see the issue with her pointing out the redpill manosphere presence on Twitch
I do. Youtube is much more of misogynistic space than Twitch, where she could've actually made a difference with her presence. This is clearly she just being salty she couldn't make Twitch give her another contract. In principle she isn't wrong, but this isn't about that, or she would quit streaming at all, full stop.
>the majority of men on Twitch DO hate women and think they are only e-thots with no value
But that's the majority of men anywhere, specially now. Watch any video even remotely controversial and then read the youtube comments (or don't, for your own sake) and you'll see it's much worse than Twitch, which has more strict rules about what you cannot say.
>sexpests are able to thrive on Twitch
Sexpests have thrived everywhere. There is no platform where the biggest content creators aren't male.

No. 1963753

A basic bitch bimbo you fap to and would date in a heartbeat if you could, like all malding, sour grapes front poles - especially your "real bibyaegaem streamers".

No. 1963754

Ah, if it ain't the thot that spearheaded the whole anti-Amber shit getting a good, hefty taste of notallmen. Fondle balls, pay the toll.

Remember, Poki: men are the real victims and women are lying, that includes you. Time to stand by what you believe.

No. 1963775

>Time to stand by what you believe.
Let's not get crazy here. Something Pokimane definitely isn't is a person of conviction.

No. 1963833

>Youtube is much more of misogynistic space than Twitch
agreed. youtube comments are a lot worse than twitch chat lol. Try getting away with typing in chat the same thing you would in a youtube comment.

Anons claiming that twitch is this awful misogynistic space are in a living in a bubble.

No. 1963939

File: 1707426187987.jpg (184.45 KB, 604x857, iceberg.jpg)

Streamer allegations/theories iceberg

No. 1963943

virtually everything on this is true

No. 1964014

>ExtraEmily Dick list
any milk on this?(unsaged spoonfeeding request)

No. 1964084

it’s been briefly mentioned i think. >>1957613 she mentioned it on some podcast with hasan that she keeps a google sheet document or something of every boy she’s slept with including multiple streamers and documents how big their dicks are.

No. 1964091

File: 1707451529169.jpg (423.99 KB, 1079x2573, i48awbl65jra1.jpg)

I don't think you understand the iceberg meme that well, the point of it is perplexing the reader when trying to find information about it or QRDs being cryptic and esoteric. A lot of these aren't interesting at all (who cares if someone is racist, or rightfully hates gays and trannies?), and several (e.g. bonniebruise) are so superficially easy to find information about they should be at the very tip. For example, one of the few good ones is "Forsen killed nani" and "NMP groomed Malena", but for the latter there should be a "Malena groomed NMP" a tier below it. "Mitch Jones is the victim" at the bottom is perplexing when it should be tier 4 at best. A good example of the sixth tier is pic related, "Asmongold killed his mother", or "Amouranth never had a husband". Seventh tier should be something crazy like "ExtraEmily Mossad Agent". And for the last tier something unimaginable like "Twitch AI singularity" or "QTCinderella Skinwalker PR".
Can't find the full video, but hopefully this is enough to get you started:

No. 1964093

>This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Fear&
My bad, I should have checked first. But anyway, >>1964084 was pretty much the TL;DR. The video is nasty though. I'll never understand why some women are proud to be onaholes for moids, for free.

No. 1964107

>rightfully hates gays

No. 1964158

yeah I noticed that as well, we get all kinds of nonnies these days

thank you for your providing opinion on which of these iceberg theories are good and which are bad and which are a tier in between and also what would be better as a theory for the twitch iceberg meme

No. 1964165

girl I hope you were joking because as little empathy as I have for modern men's constant bitching I hope everyone understands the need to publicly speak out against an assailant especially if you didn't physically defend yourself.

Thats provided this is true ofc

No. 1964173

>we get all kinds of nonnies these days
Imagine coming to a female-oriented imageboard and not finding gays disgusting and reproachable. You're not one of those "moids bad, unless they act and behave like a mockery of women" are you?
>thank you for your providing opinion on which of these iceberg theories are good and which are bad and which are a tier in between and also what would be better as a theory for the twitch iceberg meme
You're welcome, I hope it serves you well in your future attempts to engage in the creation and edition of memes and other forms of aiming to add humour to a thread.(derailing)

No. 1964248

There are also clips of Cinna talking about a "friend" with a dick list like that
and Spuuky spoke about an ex who put him on a list like that. The vod is gone now sadge

Lol I made that pretty quick and alone dont take it too serious :D(:D)

No. 1964430

>There are also clips of Cinna talking about a "friend" with a dick list like that
Timestamp please?

No. 1964434

No. 1964446

kek lmao even

cinna did some streams with 39daph and spuuky shortly after twitchcon and none since. i wonder if she got a talking to

No. 1964461

No. 1964464

File: 1707561028882.mp4 (2.13 MB, 640x360, 8orf-E6Gm0EH7bqi.mp4)

In unsurprising news, twitch's most unhinged political streamer Vaush accidentally revealed his porn folders on stream and showed that he jerks to pedo anime and horse porn, then defends it by saying he thought the drawings of kids were meant to be midgets. Also that he "wants to fuck a woman as a horse."

No. 1964465

File: 1707561196314.mp4 (126.09 KB, 828x466, iScfDd4Cs0-F8xse.mp4)

(The pictures are censored)

No. 1964466

his fans are retarded enough(and also closeted pedos) to believe that bullshit. The loli character he was fapping too is 16 and looks even more underage in the pics he saved.

No. 1964468

File: 1707561542994.mp4 (327.07 KB, 640x360, yMUL00B8J1y_sPUJ.mp4)

Ethan talked about this on the H3 stream and Vaush is accusing them of making a "hit piece" on him because he's anti-Israel. Topkek

No. 1964469

ew now that's just sick.
There are a lot of moid streamers who buy a second PC to stream from, so that they don't accidentally reveal their questionable porn fetishes or other sketchy things they do online.

No. 1964493

there was also "femboy link" porn as well, which is also not surprising.

No. 1964514

I KNEW this guy in particular was sick since early breadtube days.

Imagine your best copout is admitting you like midget and humanoid Horse porn.. as if thats any less sick

Disgusting, his brain is frying from panic, I don't usually like Ethan's Palestine takes but I hope he calls him out for using a genocide as a shield.

No. 1964544

Literally who is surprised, this the mf who shilled pedophilia live

No. 1964677

Indeed is not surprising at all considering he has stated publicly and proudly that he thinks there's nothing wrong with CP (actual, not "pedo anime") and that it shouldn't be a crime because "it hurts no one". How Vaush hasn't been cancelled, buried, and executed yet is beyond me.
To be fair, for anyone who streams it's a good idea to buy a second PC to do private things to avoid leaks like accidentally showing bank information, private messages, legal documents, and anything else that might endanger you as an individual. It's a good practice regardless of what you do with it.

No. 1964698

I can't believe even jennameowri has more respect for intimacy than extraemily. That's crazy.

No. 1964911

the extraemily dick list shit got attention on lsf yesterday/today after it being discussed here kek what(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1966055

File: 1707943919720.png (533.33 KB, 725x756, Screenshot.png)

twomad dead of overdose at 23
nothing of value was lost

No. 1966058

File: 1707944206920.png (41.74 KB, 816x262, lel.png)

Looks like people think the same.(reactions from randoms aren't relevant)

No. 1966059

File: 1707944364444.jpg (18.03 KB, 380x300, 1000010833.jpg)

He should be glad he's dead because dying at 23 as a fucking youtuber sounds really embarrassing.

No. 1966064

File: 1707946415266.png (157.82 KB, 602x807, GGUpqOiWYAA94RI.png)

fucking kek apparently he died with Overwatch open

No. 1966066

cmon now farmhands whats the purpose of this ban?

No. 1966067

he might have died 5 days ago, bc his last tweet was from 5 days too, thats crazy

No. 1966070

my god he looked ashy.

No. 1966077

File: 1707948471122.png (42.06 KB, 960x211, Screenshot2.png)

yes, the tmz article says he hadn't been heard from in days and missed appointments so a wellness check was called
he did, indeed die playing overwatch

No. 1966078

died doing what he loves kek

No. 1966109

Am I too cynical if I think this is some kind of Kaufman style prank?

No. 1966133

That’s what I’m thinking too cause he seems the type to fake a death for attention.

It could also be that he really died cause he has been very erratic for a minute. Really hard for me to feel sorry for him though but tbh idk anyone who is lol

No. 1966160

No fucking way, the BTS stans won in the end kek

No. 1966216

File: 1707986666428.jpeg (750.33 KB, 1170x1635, 1707944057511.jpeg)

is there any merit to his grooming and attempted murder allegations?

No. 1966230

I recall "drama" of him messaging inappropriately with an underage girl, or just being very sexual and persistent even when blocked. Personally I don't care if the girls he bothered were minors or not. He was a useless nuisance that ruined whoever was around him and had not a good thing in his bones, ever.

No. 1966286

farmhands smoking pot again? hope your ban wasn't long kek

No. 1966297

probably because Belle was mentioned…
why is this only being revealed after he died of an OD, if he was so dangerous

No. 1966314

During an open legal investigation you're generally advised to say as little as possible publicly, so now that he's dead it's open season on him

No. 1966499

Trash list full of common knowledge. Doesn't even cover the juiciest theories. The ongoing one about Mizkif sending his OTK henchmen to the house where his assault on MitchJones was recorded, and bribing them to swap the recording to an edited version which paints Mizkif in a good light. (Source: some Somalian on Kick)

No. 1966508

File: 1708052788869.png (233.63 KB, 942x1238, Screenshot (8).png)

He talked about a restraining order back in September. Even if he hadn't talked about this I'd believe him. Even just by watching his youtube videos there was something really deeply wrong with Twomad.

No. 1966511

Literally all of this is Twitter beef with no screen shots and the messages were weird but not those of an outright pedo rapist
Id like a little more than some clout chasing moid saying "trust me the PO is real pinky promise" before believing any of these kinds of allegations

No. 1966555

File: 1708075767002.jpeg (243.35 KB, 750x703, 894F1923-C2DE-4732-8A1D-33358B…)

No. 1966556

File: 1708075858211.jpeg (357.45 KB, 750x1024, C68778BF-F696-4694-B454-68047A…)

It’s getting scrappy

No. 1966566

"Maya lied about Sa by her Parents"

No. 1966587

>some moid dies
Lol who cares it’s 50/50 chance he’s a rapist and a pedophile(non contribution, didn't lurk)

No. 1966659

>justaminx has entered the fray
Ok, NOW this is starting to get juicy and worthwhile. She's a wreck and has very little foresight, so we might actually get some good milk out of this.

No. 1966702

so he's claiming she supported twomad but also helped convince him to kill himself?
this sounds terribly suspicious, do not trust the moid even if minx seems fake. if she did tell the guy to kill himself then what's the problem considering who the guy was? also he died with overwatch open so i feel like this was more likely an overdose and either way i doubt this guy is privy to enough police info to be saying all these things. it feels like an over emboldened moid who thinks he can say whatever cause twomad is dead deciding to burn everyone with his perceived freedom. plus thinking he's the police's special boy of the case being told everything when it's all need-to-know and civilians do not need to know until it's all done. i doubt he knows more than anyone else involved aside from the cops actually investigating the case

No. 1966708

File: 1708111756718.jpg (458.66 KB, 1080x1360, 1000015932.jpg)

No. 1966716

Adds credit to anons theory that minx is a tranny.

No. 1966743

File: 1708118622594.jpg (162.33 KB, 946x2048, 1000015933.jpg)

good fucking god

No. 1966744

i wish my stalker would die.

No. 1966751

ew her face looks really so botched?? me and my friend watched one of her streams a bit back and noticed. shes clearly had her lips and chin done. what a huge lumpy mess. something else ive noticed is in streams she constantly has face filters glitching and every selfie she posts seems to have a snapchat and snow filter on it kek. i despise minx.(nitpicking)

No. 1966756

File: 1708119926059.jpg (44.2 KB, 492x418, morbid bitch.jpg)

No. 1966764

kek he didn't even get to try the new patch

No. 1966785

I don't think she is a tranny, this is the stereotypical white girl who is terminally online, needs attention from the lowest common denominator males and has serious mental illness schtick. The only reason why she hasn't gone down the onlyfans route yet is because she looks like this >>1966756
Which also shows how much of a huge catfish she is.

No. 1966786

>The only reason why she hasn't gone down the onlyfans route yet is because she looks like this
She has a fansly, nonna

No. 1966787

im really hoping that's just terrible lip liner bc if she really got her lips filled in like that…..

No. 1966821

Have you all seen that video? I don't use twitter so I don't know if that specific poster is calling the bully girls animals because they're black, but I've seen that video before and I'd support calling them animals regardless of their race or skin colour. It's a heart-wrenching video for anyone who likes children.
Yeah, she's been looking like a bloated mess for some time now.

No. 1967051

This is reeking of personal validation. 'Oh everyone, this guy was terrible and was really harmful to me but I ALWAYS made sure he was safe'. Really? No one does that. Especially people who have to then air out on Twitter that they were the most generous person ever to a literal scumbag. It's a serious topic and should be talked about, but him also wrapping up all his statements with how righteous and moral he was is coming off really weird.

If this is true, I can't be too surprised since Justaminx seems to be friendly with problematic moids. She did this last time during the Mizkif stuff by being the only person to defend crazyslick, that he was a 'great guy' and Adrianah was a 'clout chaser.' She was also drunk during this and faced a huge backlash.

It is, there is something so off about this guy on Twitter that I feel like his tweets are going to cause more backlash in the end for him and this entire issue. No one is disputing Twomad is a terrible person, but this guy coming out so hard publicly is weird. I guess now that he's dead there isn't anything to really do anymore. But to start calling out Justaminx on stuff he won't prove and is really incriminating is weird. I think Jameskii is on a moral-high, he's been wanting to say stuff for so long and now he can. Probably feels like he's a literal holy angel for exposing these cretins. Not to mention people have been charged with murder for telling others to kill themselves, so I don't get why he is saying this so boldly without any proof.

'Dark humor' She literally makes abortion jokes and thinks she's so edgy. Probably the effect of having a moid audience and so dependent on moids for years, burning any female relationship you ever had. Rots your brain. Alcohol will make you age like crazy and she has serious mental and addiction issues that no one wants to address. Literally MitchJones, just female. She's 27 looking like 37. Doesn't help she has 0 forehead, is bloated with fried hair, and can't rely on her cuter angles.

In other news, any nonnies watching the streamer awards tonight? It's fansly ad free but QTC was really e-begging people to support her streams before the event so she could afford everything (que millionaire crocodile tears)

No. 1967127

File: 1708217895533.png (464.96 KB, 1232x1218, the lies.png)

Someone on the other farms paid to do a full background check on twomad (including federal), and only one thing came up was one restraining order. There were no other cases on him at the time of death like Jameskii is claiming, nor the amount of restraining orders he implied (picrel in next post)

No. 1967128

File: 1708217950171.png (173.35 KB, 883x734, accusations.png)

No. 1967135

I might be understanding wrong. But isn’t the whole idea that the investigation/criminal case was ongoing? So maybe it’s not in the database yet

No. 1967145

he claimed the court had ordered multiple restraining orders but there was only one so that's certainly a lie at least.
also as far as i can tell if a case is ongoing then it should be in the records right? either way he's claiming there are a bunch of records supporting his side but when an autist went out and paid to check, nothing came up except proof that he's lying about twomad having multiple restraining orders

No. 1967148

As said here, all these allegations of him threatening a judge would be public record, but where are those records now? Assholes throw around allegations without knowing how the judicial system works

No. 1967157

yeah the whole thing reeks of moral high ground clout chasing

No. 1967160

File: 1708232770582.png (92.96 KB, 1373x1228, interesting.png)

FOIA requests from journalists are also coming up empty…

No. 1967251

So this POS is absolutely lying, what a sick joke
>everything is public record
But doesn't realize that people can actually look up public record to realize he's lying
Twomad was shit and not funny but making up garbage like this is just so wrong
I hope someone calls this narcissist out

No. 1967454

File: 1708306677115.jpg (515.85 KB, 1920x1920, Streamerawards5.jpg)

Streamer awards happened last night and here are the winners:
> Streamer of the Year: Kai Cenat
> Gamer of the Year: Jynxzi
> The Sapphire Award (Best Female/Marginalized Gender Streamer): Valkyrae
> Legacy Award: Maximilian_Dood
> Streamer’s Choice Award: Liam
> League of Their Own Award: ExtraEmily
> Best Variety Streamer: CaseOh_
> Best Just Chatting Streamer: Kai Cenat
> Best VTuber: Ironmouse
> Best Breakthrough Streamer: Jynxzi
> Best International Streamer: Quackity
> Best Streamed Event: Creator Dodgeball World Championship – Ludwig
> Best Streamed Series: Name Your Price – AustinShow
> Best Content Organization: AMP
> Best Shared Channel: Nmplol
> Stream Game of the Year: Lethal Company
> Best IRL Streamer: Jinnytty
> Best Minecraft Streamer: Quackity
> Best Roleplay Streamer: Fanum
> Rising Star Award: NoraExplorer
> Best FPS Streamer: Tarik
> Best Battle Royale Streamer: IitzTimmy
> Hidden Gem: EverythingNowShow
> Best Speedrun Streamer: Wirtual
> Best Fighting Games Streamer: Etoiles
> Best Software and Game Development Streamer: PirateSoftware
> Chess.com Best Chess Streamer: Loltyler1
> Best Strategy Game Streamer: DisguisedToast
> Best MMORPG Streamer: Sodapoppin
> Best Creative Arts Streamer: RubberRoss

Overall there wasn't any drama other than a few bad jokes, but it's obvious now this event is just an ass-pat party for Hasan, QT, OTK and OTV. QT and Poki hosted (Poki probably for relevancy and to plug her new podcast). The four biggest streamers/winners didn't even show up (XQC, KaiCenat, Jynxzi, CASEOH_), and I don't blame them. That whole streamer crowd is itching to get their claws into the new big streamers on Twitch (CASEOH_ and Jynxzi) to bring them into their fold and profit off their audience, and they've talked shit about XQC and Kai to the point where neither wants to be around them. Also Twitch recently laying off one-third of their employees only a month ago, and then the CEO hosting and sponsoring this event, is in bad taste. Fansly was still a sponsor, just no ads this time. QT was already asking for money and sponsors before the event and while the view count was good, I just can't see this type of event being sustainable where she is doing this every year. Dresses were pretty at least.

No. 1967456

File: 1708306728849.jpg (394.38 KB, 1920x1920, Streamerawards3.jpg)


No. 1967459

File: 1708307347172.jpg (402.07 KB, 1920x1920, Streamerawards4.jpg)

No. 1967460

File: 1708307386799.jpg (447.78 KB, 1920x1920, Streamerawards6.jpg)


No. 1967461

File: 1708307453266.jpg (416.71 KB, 1920x1920, Streamerawards1.jpg)

Hasan interrupting Amouranth to bitch about how Japanese clothing doesn't fit his massive body

No. 1967462

File: 1708307489370.jpg (331.57 KB, 1920x1920, Streamerawards2.jpg)

Caroline Kwan

No. 1967464

thought that was Grimes lmfao

No. 1967483

this screams socially awkward theatre kid who doesn't know how to dress normally

No. 1967488

i kinda realized the awards and the christmas concert she does are her way of larping as being someone famous/notable. like being a streamer isn’t enough she has to skinwalk her idol taylor swift. i was also somewhat sympathetic in the past about her having to pay for the awards out of pocket but she’s tweeted multiple times about going to the eras tour and having VIP seating and going to the grammys last minute just to see taylor announce a new album. lol okay.

No. 1967496

bruh her patreon gets 65k a month and the podcast she does with Hasan gets 100k a month. Plus whatever her twitch income is. And the production team is just Ludiwigs company. She has plenty.

No. 1967527

File: 1708327548514.jpg (249.18 KB, 1536x2048, 654684654.jpg)

not milk, but I wanted to post QuarterJade's dress because she looks beautiful.

No. 1967535

>are her way of larping as being someone famous/notable
My headcanon is that she's such a diva that she literally can't stand having less clout than her boyfriend, so she does all this stuff to try to keep up.
That's a bold choice, but it seems it paid off.

No. 1967576

Idk who she is but that dress is gorgeous and it looks amazing on her.
That's 100% what it has always been. As soon as she saw the attention Malena got from Shitcon all those years ago it lit a fire in her.

No. 1967650

Her dress was gorgeous and they barely showed off anyone's actual dresses except the hosts. It's refreshing to see these types of boundary-pushing dresses instead of stuff girls would wear to prom

No. 1967722

Classic self-insert moid taking credibility away from the victims.

No. 1967731

i’m obsessed with velvet dresses. i don’t know why we don’t wear them more often.

No. 1967763

>Best Female/Marginalized Gender Streamer
I hate corporate "feminism"
Give the trannies their own category if this award show is supposedly "woke" or just count the trannies as man/woman and don't give them special status since they're "real men/women" anyways.
It's not like these streamers care about them so it bothers me to see yet another award for women designed to be shared

No. 1967774

God he is so fucking crusty and dusty looking.

No. 1967805

"run-through squirter 10/10" according to 39daph's boyfriend, spuuky

No. 1967880

"Run-through squirter 10/10" Is apparently one of her community’s existing in-jokes, unrelated to her.

No. 1967887

its an existing meme but she was still using it to call emily run-through/a whore

No. 1968231

Her hair always confuses me in the way it (doesn't) move. Is it a full wig, or does she have 20 lbs of the world's cheapest extensions in?

No. 1968244

cheap dirty extensions, check her clips for views from the back theyre so ratty and gross

No. 1969183

So XQC is counter suing Adept for the legal fees he paid during their "divorce" case, you know the one where he was still having sex with her

I'm not sure it's gonna be milky since Adept is banned and probably tired so she won't be here to entertain us sadly, I think this is a petty and unnecessary move on X's part what do you guys think

No. 1969368

On one hand, it is petty since he could definitely take the high road. On the other hand, Adept 100% deserves to reap what she sowed - she filed a frivolous, libelous, perjurious lawsuit with no other goal than to get as much money as she could. She claimed he physically and sexually assaulted her, and lied over and over and over. I'm biased in her favour because xqc is a gremlin moid who deserves to suffer… but if someone did this to a family member of mine, I'd wish her eternal misery for it.

People like her is what makes other women not take claims of abuse seriously.

No. 1969425

he's as much of a clout chaser as her, they absolutely deserve each other. Funny to see him now cry foul considering it all. Bet the braindead moids who didn't trust Adept are going to believe him as the victim though, even if he was clearly not that pressed about the whole affair considering they were fucking during it.
I hope this case crashes and burns, he doesn't deserve compensation for something he didn't take seriously in the first place.

No. 1969997

apparently adept sold his mclaren after the court case was settled, while his belongings was protected under court order…

No. 1970057

Shubble (real name Shelby Grace) went live a few days ago to discuss the physical, psychological, and financial abuse she experienced at the hand of a fellow content creator. Some examples included:
>Regularly bit her so hard that she was covered in bruises, to the point where he'd joke to their friends that it "looked like" he abused her. He had her establish a safe word for when he was biting too hard, and then started biting even harder and grinding his teeth on her skin whenever she tried to use it. Smiled when she yelled out in pain because of it.
>Would forcefully pin her down and brag about how she wasn't strong enough to "fight back" against him, despite knowing that she'd been sexually assaulted by a previous boyfriend
>Had her paying for the vast majority of travel for the two of them to see each other, as well as for any hygiene products or general necessities at his house. He had significantly more money than her, but refused to pay for almost everything regardless.
>Wouldn't clean anything to the point of having mold and bug infestations everywhere, washed his clothes without any detergent, and admitted that he didn't take care of himself because he expected her to do everything for him.
>Would go back and forth between lovebombing ("I love you more than I've ever loved anyone, I need you, we need to get married and have babies, I can't live without you, I love you more than you love me, I'll never love anyone again if I don't have you," etc) and grand romantic gestures, then cutting her off, picking fights, ignoring her for extended periods of time even after she moved countries to live with him for weeks/months at a time, criticizing and complaining about their relationship despite admitting that he wouldn't ever end their relationship.
>Compulsively lied and immediately contradicted himself, attempted to gaslight her for pointing it out. Some of these that she mentioned were him lying about not having been in a relationship for five years prior, or later saying that he never wanted marriage or kids or any of the commitments he insisted upon earlier ("I'm not a commitment guy, you know that"). He'd been caught in big lies by friends as well and this was common for him.
>Threw away all her stuff from the office she'd set up in his house, hundreds of dollars worth of equipment.
>More that she'd mentioned, and more that she said she wasn't able to talk about, this post is getting too long.
Twitter immediately made connections between her description of her abuser and fellow streamer and wannabe indie musician Wilbur Soot (real name William Gold). Similarities included:
>British content creator, more famous than her
>Much larger than her, habit of throwing his weight around around her and others, especially women
>Had an ant infestation around the same time, said "bugs are normal in British houses." Openly spoke of growing up in absolute filth, never showering, once streamed video from his house showing it was an absolute disaster. Friend asked him about a hole in his wall and he joked (or "joked") that he got angry and punched it.
>Timeline she gave for the relationship lines up with when they met, the months of photos of them constantly visiting each other, being +1s to weddings, and then the abrupt end of them interacting when the relationship ended, ten months before she came to her senses and blocked him. Stans caught that she was no longer following him prior to her stream, and that all his prior interactions with her social media had disappeared, suggesting he'd been blocked and not just unfollowed. Pictures of them together were deleted.
>Freakazoid biting/aggressive behavior. Many other female content creators or mutual friends and associates of his corroborated (both years ago, before her stream, and immediately after her stream) that he bites everyone so hard it hurts. Clip resurfaces of him and fellow streamer Nihachu where he tells her to "tell them how awful I treat you" and she describes how he's been biting her so hard it hurts, as well as another clip where he brags about throwing her when they first met, as she made a comment about how she feels she's physically strong for her size and he felt the need to "assert dominance" and prove that she wasn't. Clip of another women telling JustaMinx that he bites everyone very hard and that he'd bite her too if she gave him a chance. More clips of physically aggressive behavior towards TommyInnit, like the time he stomped on his hand hard enough for it to bleed, and bit him despite being told no, and smacked his head, and pushed or yanked him around.
>Came out with another shitty indie album about how he abuses and mistreats everyone in his life, including at least one song that sources close to him or Shelby allegedly confirmed was about her, right before she blocked him. They suggested that having to hear him whine about how depressed he is that she left him for being a dick to her was the final straw.
>Shelby stated that she couldn't name who he was for legal reasons, but that she was afraid he'd go on to use his popularity to abuse more women and wanted people to know to stay away from him. His stans started crying that everyone should stop speculating that it was him because it could've been and e-famous tall British Minecraft streamer/musician with a biting problem and penchant for living in bug infested filth, and that she would've said his name if she wanted everyone to know who it was. She responded on her alt account basically repeating that she did want to name him but couldn't, and to stop saying she didn't want them to know who it was. She then liked other tweets from other women who discussed having this issue with him, or other issues with his band. Notably did not say it wasn't him after days of everyone assuming it was, which many took as further confirmation.
I can add more screenshots or clips or context if anyone is interested, but this post is already way too long.
>TLDR: Minecraft moids being freaks, as expected.

No. 1970061

I don't follow minecraft streamers at all so have no idea who this guy is but jfc he sounds like a complete ape.

No. 1970063

File: 1708922596094.jpg (20.7 KB, 500x500, cornball.jpg)

Wilbur Soot is a piece of shit and I'm sure everyone in the British streaming circle knows it by now. It's just a matter of whether or not they're willing to drop him for it, especially some of the younger streamers who he latched onto when they were getting big. It should have been obvious that the sadboy musician with a dead look in his eyes and a "mutually abusive" relationship with his first girlfriend was a freak. Unfortunately his fanbase is comprised of mostly teenagers who are too young to know better.

No. 1970067

File: 1708923625369.jpg (58.9 KB, 827x598, IMG_9356.JPG)

Yup, some of his former irl friends/fellow content creators have been unfollowing him since Shelby did, but I imagine the ones with the most to lose will continue to pretend nothing happened. The former trumpeter for his band tweeted this after her stream, another woman who worked with the band tweeted something like "it is who you think it is". Link below goes to a twitter thread with more of the clips and information I mentioned in my original post.
I think the funniest part about all of it is the speculation that he's a secret cokehead, which honestly, anyone over the age of 12 could've figured out, and not just because he openly called himself one before quickly trying to wipe that old draft from the internet.
It's been a while since I've been all that active here so I'm not sure if they've added any integration for videos from twitter, sorry if so.

No. 1970077

File: 1708925329108.jpg (963.15 KB, 1000x1250, coachella-2024.jpg)

He's supposed to be playing at Coachella this year, probably the peak his terrible band is ever going to reach after this. They lost money on their last tour. I don't feel bad for his band members in the slightest if they were willing to overlook the ex-trumpeter's issues with him. It's only right that his downfall should come like this. I wonder if they'll cancel their Coachella appearance, or if they're delusional enough to hope it'll bring in new fans who don't watch Twitch.

No. 1970117

>Wilbur Soot
I haven't seen that name in a while. I don't watch that guy's content, but I remember seeing him in someone else's stream and he seemed like a faggy "soft boy." I recall him being paired or shipped with some other streamer named Nikki, but iirc she turned him down and they're just friends. What a disgusting shithead. Deranged shithead at that.

No. 1970325

shelby also helped him film the video this screencap is from. she spent so much time supporting his fucking big rock star rp stint that shes listed in the thank yous of their first album. i always expected their relationship to fall apart as soon as his band started getting more fame and attention (which it always was going to because 3 million fans of his gay minecraft rp shilled hard for it from the start, lucky him) but what i expected was he'd use her for all the free labor and emotional support he could suck out of her then ditch her for any of his barely of age groupies. had no idea how badly he treated her the entire time or that she'd be the one to say enough and walk away. his fans are pushing hard to not speculate on things and to support her (while not talking about him) but if she genuinely truly didnt want his name out there, she would have left out all the very identifying details (dirty british cc away on trips/tour). she cant actually call him out by name, but given his level of influence, he can and will just hurt someone else. i feel pretty bad for her.

No. 1970493

To be frank, I was initially skeptical at first as it seemed to me that this was just a toxic relationship, and she made some contradictory statements (claiming that he possibly lied about biting as a form of affection but also claiming that his own mother had told her this), and altogether, Wilbur was just a really shitty boyfriend but nothing too damning considering the rest of her experiences seemed to be mostly around how awful of a boyfriend he was.
However, this was before more info from other women in his sphere had also come out with their supporting testimonies of him, on top of old clips of his female friends claiming that he's bitten them as well, it dawned on me that this is a pattern of behavior that he doesn't just do with his girlfriend; he does this with ALL women that he's remotely friends with.
He has a group channel where he does comedy sketches with some streamers like Tommyinnit, Philza, Ranboo, and Slimecicle (of Lunch Club and SMPLive fame). Of note is that Ranboo has unfollowed him on Instagram and Phil has removed certain alerts in his Twitch chat that were using his voice. It wouldn't take Slime to separate from him considering his own experience with Callmecarson, however the most interesting to watch would be Tommy's response.
That kid has known Wilbur since he was 16, Hell, Wilbur comforted him when another of their closest friends Technoblade died due to cancer. Feel kind of sorry for the kid that he has to deal with this.(learn to sage)

No. 1970721

File: 1709107337671.jpg (995.45 KB, 1170x2500, idiot.jpg)

Wilbur Soot's retarded attempt at saving face. Seems like the tide completely turned against him after posting this, the replies are full of other creators criticizing his apparent lack of an apology and his excuses for using his ex as a chew toy. He's been steadily losing followers on twitter and twitch, as well as on his band's social media. I believe his main twitter started the day with 3.6 million (many of them likely dead accounts leftover from the dream smp insanity) and is now down to 3.4 mil, so at least 200k unfollows so far.

No. 1970726

File: 1709107867574.jpg (757.7 KB, 1750x3750, tworetardsfighting.JPG)

Sorry to double post, but I wanted to share Dream's response as well. I think it's more of an attempt at virtue signaling and getting back into people's good graces (or just trying to not be the bad guy for once) than a sincere condemnation or whatever, but it's funny and probably does not bode well for the other tard in the ring.

No. 1970728

kek, the classic "I am now seeing a therapist, I changed, and I am no longer a threat to anyone". You would think Gus Johnson wrote that

No. 1970764

File: 1709125579136.jpeg (132.06 KB, 844x659, IMG_9445.jpeg)

She's stunning

No. 1970765

HOOOOOOOLY SHIT, that chimp upper lip! He looks like a fucking monkey. Every single guy with a beard is hiding a deformity. I’m calling it!

No. 1970777

Kents nephew needs somefacial hair, the smooth look only accentuates his double chin.

No. 1970778

ill just leave this here

No. 1970779

File: 1709129970075.jpg (96.99 KB, 564x756, Monkeylol.jpg)

No. 1970789

Why does he look like a 40 year old man trying to look like a zoomer? This is embarrassing.

No. 1970817

File: 1709139091464.mp4 (1.48 MB, 1280x592, emm.mp4)

if we're already talking about wilbur, it was always weird to me that he was close friends with people way younger then him (keep in mind he met tommy when he was 15) https://twitter.com/jellysjamz/status/1762646327572218009

No. 1970860

I am way too gleeful over this. He is a terrible person and he deserves that philtrum ultrakek

No. 1970865

It's pretty obvious that he was always an emotionally and developmentally stunted narc who latched on to anyone who'd boost his ego, and young fans are always going to be a prime source of that. They won't realize quite as easily that this supposed adult is a massive man child will no sense of maturity or boundaries, and they won't feel as comfortable standing up to him about it. The fact that Wilbur is around 28 now and only recently seems to have faced any real consequences is stunning, but unsurprising considering the audience he found.
How do I always forget how ugly this man is until he shaves? Someone get him a mask until that shit grows back, this is just offensive.

No. 1970912

File: 1709159459380.jpg (530.28 KB, 945x1403, SmartSelect_20240229_093109_Ki…)

No. 1970918

His head has never looked tinier. He looks gaunt like Ellen Page.

No. 1970929

because that's exactly what he is. disgusting creep

No. 1970935

He looks like a saints row 3 character

No. 1970938

He looks like he’s on drugs. It would make total sense if he was. He’s got a nice jawline, such a shame he’s a shill for his agenda pushing family. He’s insufferable.

No. 1970993

File: 1709178549409.jpg (171.99 KB, 1080x757, 1000002631.jpg)

It was weird. At least those kids are managing to drop him and support Shelby instead. I wonder what Tommy is going to say about all this.

No. 1970996

He finally looks like what he really is, an aging e-boy

No. 1970999

Did he shave and pretend to be emo to get people to stop making fun of his retarded "streaming is harder than 9-5 jobs"

No. 1971158

Unlike the rest of his inner circle (Schlatt, Phil, Slimecicle, etc.), Tommy would probably have the hardest time letting go of Wilbur. He's known him for half a decade, looks up to him a lot, and sees him as an actual older brother figure that helped him out during his lowest periods. At this point, I really doubt he'll defend him at all, but I can see him have a difficult time trying to articulate his frustration or even criticizing him for what he's done. He could also just not say anything at all either, which I wouldn't even blame the guy for anyway.>>1970993(sage your shit)

No. 1971180

here we go again with these retarded Twatter "apologies" kekk

No. 1971189

Kek holy GIGA philtrum, he must be missing at least a chromosome. The zoomer cosplay is so creepy honestly.

No. 1971274

He looks like he's about to ask his creator to make him a female companion with whom to exchange the sympathies necessary to his being

No. 1971293

Ok, NOW I get why he used to be a PUAbro. It all makes sense now.

No. 1971319

A lot of people have been posting clips of Wilbur that they find were unsettling but never had the guts to call out because of such the rabid fanbase dsmp members have. There's this one clip where he describes while laughing, how he "had an apple" and "initially aimed to hit his stomach" but full on pelted it at the arm of his friend which was inflicted with cancer and had just gone through treatment. Apparently it wasn't even just one apple but multiple fruits and he had to be told to stop and apologize. This man is a fucking child and is weird as fuck, I also find the clips where he expresses the need to 'assert dominance' over Niki and other women especially concerning as well, not to mention his fucking incel tier music that's totally just a character guys. He has always displayed slightly alarming, violent behavior that everyone wrote off as a bit but was clearly indicative of much more. Acting like this at 28 years of age is just absurd. A lot of people on twitter in the fanbase are also pointing out how there's a trend in which he often befriends younger people, and I agree with >>1970865 that's it's probably another power dynamic thing he's obsessed with.
I'm definitely putting NPD on the table but his actions might even indicate psychopathy, I've noticed from the very start he's always had just dead eyes. Real fucking freak.

No. 1971344

>full on pelted it at the arm of his friend which was inflicted with cancer and had just gone through treatment
Genuine psychopath. He comes across as unhinged as more and more is revealed about him. The red flags are so obvious, and I can't believe how blunt his edgy incel lyrics are in revealing his nature kek. I remember looking up his name on Twitter a few days ago, and the first post I saw was one of his fans, with a kpoop avatar no less, saying how he was probably autistic and that it was misandrist to be against him. This is the typical brain reasoning of his fans. You don't use mental illness to cover up what a piece of shit misogynist you are. There's the proper word his fans don't know of yet.

No. 1971547

Here's the video of the first time he talked about throwing an apple at his cancer patient "friend" and hitting him right where he'd just gotten surgery as punishment for joking about him having a bad throw. Additionally, a link to a twitter post that includes the second time he addressed it on stream and completely changed the story to make himself look better after said friend had died. I can't help but think from how he's laughing and lying about it constantly, that he absolutely aimed for the cancer surgery to "prove" his throwing ability as painfully as possible. It's also worth mentioning that his ex stated it wasn't actually apples, it was lemons, and he pelted the cancer patient with more than just one of them.

No. 1971562

File: 1709334238123.png (1.32 MB, 1206x1522, 1000002716.png)

All of Wilbur's twitch mods revolted after his twitter apology kek apparently he's been extremely hands off for years and his stupid ass doesn't know how to run anything himself, so they'd been given all sorts of channel permissions. They created a bot to link to domestic violence charities in his offline chat, and one of them mentioned they'd started banning any new followers or subscribers he got. He unmodded all of them earlier today, but people started reporting him to twitch for having an unmodded chat, so he made an alt account named after a simpsons character and modded that. Former fans looked at the wiki for the character and found that he had a partner/rival named Shelbyville and deduced it was a reference to his ex and victim, Shelby


No. 1971572

genuinely feel bad for this kid. no one should be having hundreds of thousands of people watching you at age 16. he's had trouble with stalkers, and wilbur had been one of the only "stable" adults in his life that knew what he was going thru. they both talk about how when the pandemic hit hard and wilbur was intensely depressed, tommy talked to him for hours and was his reason for getting out of bed most days. absolutely insane pressure to put your mental health on a child, he absolutely was groomed to be wilbur's #1 fan.

No. 1971573

File: 1709336922745.png (4.2 MB, 2000x2587, (Holocaust.).png)

Minecraft stans on suicide watch, some tinfoiling that the abuse allegations could secretly be another ARG that all the content creators are in on, others saying that abusing your ex girlfriend isn't so bad in comparison to other things people have done, like the fucking holocaust

No. 1971577

The nonnie who said minecraft stans are the same as the kpop stans was right on the money. I cant fucking imagine comparing a abuse situation against a war crime what'd I give to research these retards brains just to know how the fuck does your brain even conjure up that conclusion? and why the fuck is every famous moidtuber turning out to be a troon/pedo/abuser nowadays?

No. 1971585

Yeah this is the clip I was referencing! Thanks for linking it anon, I didn't know how to embed videos. God, what a fucking freak. When his behavior is assessed from afar, it is truly shocking to see how much shit was swept under the rug.

No. 1971586

Anon if I'm honest half of the screencaps here look like bait (which shouldn't really be considered), and the other half genuine retards or children. Still very representative of what kind of community dsmp members have lmao.

No. 1971590

I think the issue is lots of people are getting into youtube and streaming for the explicit reason of getting famous. which for some men, the only reason they want fame is for the groupies they imagine will be banging on their doors for sex. for others they might not be famous for the groupies, but still expect it as a "perk" of fame. as you can tell, that's not a good foundation for a respectful relationship. it's also a pretty good foundation for "i'll take anyone with a pulse who'll have me" which is where a lot of the pedoshit starts. they're the type of adult who'd be hanging around high schools and university first years trying to snag a naive girl if they weren't famous

No. 1971595

TA, the one on the top right could be bait but from what I saw, the others seem to be confirmed genuine. I pulled most of the screenshots from a twitter thread and the other stans were talking about having been interacting with some of these accounts for years in his fan circles. They're all breaking "moots" or whatever over the issue. I was mostly just compiling the screenshots I found funniest, though, so my bad if I bought into any bait in the process.

No. 1971597

Is there a thread for queenpwnsalot? She got caught cheating at her blindfold challenge again

No. 1971604

I used to like watching Soothouse, back when reddit reading channels were a new niche. They were genuinely funny, but also a product of their time. Kinda sad how some members turned out to be aholes

No. 1971606

lol don't apologize! Dsmp fans are a special type of insane that it becomes difficult to differentiate between true retards and ragebait. I really want a case study on the fandom itself because of how uniquely brainrotted they are.

No. 1971618

I love the implication that we should just let abusers off the hook because at least they didn't do the Holocaust

No. 1972097

No thread, she's not milky enough for her own. I have never seen so many moids come together to scientifically analyze and test frame by frame to see if this person was legit playing without seeing. If only they used half this effort against other blindfold/speedrunners, there would clean out a lot of the fakes as well.

No. 1972150

If anything, doing the Holocaust should be a lifetime pass to abuse anyone.(bait)

No. 1972457

File: 1709592753204.png (423.69 KB, 1080x1969, Screenshot_20240304-175227.png)

Egirl who Tectone cheated on his wife with cries on stream and in LSF comments, is filing a lolsuit over revenge porn?

No. 1972483

I hate Tectone and I await the day of his ruin, so I read that whole thread. The proof Pinkchyu (the e-girl) posted seems more legitimate than the proof Fream (Tectone's ex-wife) did. Within that context, it could be he did want to cheat on his ex-wife with her, that didn't seem to have happened… or at least not inside of the ex-wife's presented timeline. One way or the other, though, that's no excuse to share nude videos of her and if the lawsuit is legit I hope she wins.

No. 1972528

oh shit, this guy is from Soothouse? i wondered why his name was familiar. didn’t a guy associated with them also get called out for abusing his girlfriend? Slazo?

No. 1972612

slazo has posted proof he didn't do what he was accused of, logs and all. Tho he was a weirdo who told his gf to take off meds. And once she took her meds off she accused him of rape, so eye for an eye lol

No. 1974157

File: 1709992283621.png (270.81 KB, 512x640, wilbur1.png)

Another ex, AliceNyanNya, speaks up about her relationship with Wilbur.

No. 1974159

File: 1709992326238.png (409.1 KB, 512x640, wilbur2.png)

No. 1974163

jfc this guy is a scum bag, the bit about his friend telling her to 'be careful' basically insinuates he has done this to other women he has dated. his friends are just scummy as fuck for letting it happen

No. 1974164

File: 1709992713107.png (408.12 KB, 512x640, wilbur3.png)

No. 1974165

File: 1709992826827.png (438.34 KB, 512x640, wilbur4.png)

Last pic

No. 1974181

>nonconsensually removes a drunk woman's clothes
>proceeds to tell her she must be a lesbian the next morning
Wow, I have no words. This guy is revolting.

No. 1974233

File: 1710001841379.mp4 (7.24 MB, Candace Owens Destiny.mp4)

Do you know how much of a moron you have to be for someone like Candace Owens to outwit you and sees right through all your bullshit

No. 1974236

Hate to say it but she cooked him. What a low caliber individual you have to be to make Candace Owens seem sensible and level-headed by comparison.

No. 1974266

The reason why Destiny is pro sex work is probably from being a porn addict/ degen. I also noticed how he’s so quick to call Candice a mean girl and a bitch when she caught on to his whole act and tried to get her mad or off track but she never did. I’m not a fan of Candice but she knows how to talk to faux feminist lefty men

No. 1974280

somewhat OT, but I can't take kidology seriously knowing she's a Destiny fan.

No. 1974354

Even when a girls drunk they still don't want his gross ass.

No. 1974362

It's shocking he thinks he is a hot guy while he looks like an average 10 year old boy with Harry Potter glasses and has effeminate energy

No. 1974380

I don't know who that is so I haven't commented on that topic, but…
>looks like an average 10 year old boy and has effeminate energy
You just described 99.99% of kpop boy banders and yet they're considered hot by a ton of girls.

No. 1974395

File: 1710036295480.jpg (214.69 KB, 1080x992, Screenshot_20240309_210038_X.j…)

This isn't surprising, but another one of those Minecraft streamer guys is in the fire for sexually assaulting a woman.

No. 1974396

what is it about minecraft that attracts men who eventually become predators

No. 1974400

Freedom and control? These men love to have their own freedom and also control others. Minecraft give you full creative freedom so you can fully control your gaming experience. No story, no missions, just freedom and control.

No. 1974404

I think its just the simple fact that Minecraft is a game that attracts a younger audience and younger people are much easier to prey on. Plus the fact that said predators are grown ups playing a children's game, implying they're in arrested development.

No. 1974418

I don't expect less from scrotes, especially ones with power/influence. They're opportunistic freaks. Developing a child fan base is just the cherry on top

No. 1974444

Not surprised at all, he always gave me creep vibes.
Nothing. Minecraft is extremely popular so it gets a ton of viewers more than any other game every year for the past ten years. Therefore, more perverts will be found in that environment.
You're desperately reaching. By that logic every girl who loves The Sims loves to control others.

No. 1974457

nerd who got bullied/was lonely in high school suddenly becoming popular online

No. 1974478

here is the VOD of the allegations for anyone interested.
i don't think it's a minecraft thing, any man with a lot of power (fans, money etc) is gonna abuse that power.

No. 1974560

It's been 16 whole hours lol. I really wonder what he's cooking up with his overworked PR team.

No. 1974563

maybe dream will come out with another essay to defend his georges ass, would be mad funny(sage your shit)

No. 1974673

I always disliked this one. He always came off as a total man child and an asshole.

No. 1974710

File: 1710118165465.jpeg (953.07 KB, 4000x3000, damagecontrol.jpeg)

screenshots from dream's private tweets regarding the situation with his friend georgenotfound aka George Davidson molesting some blackout drunk 18 year old. From what I understand, the girl and her friends were invited back to their hotel room and goaded into drinking games, her friends passed out and George Davidson started shoving his hands under her clothes. Dream is speculated to be the other man in the room while it happened, though it could've been their other friend no one really cares about. A few months after the incident, another youtuber found out about the girls being brought back to their hotel room and given alcohol and started tweeting at dream about it, though he wasn't told the full story or given permission to share that information. The victim's friend, who I believe was said to be passed out during the incident and also not yet aware of what had happened, seemed to act as sort of a go between for Dream and the other guy to get people to shut up about it? Though I saw people saying the friend from the text convo replied to these tweets saying that these messages aren't evidence of nothing having happened that night, that her friend only told her about it later and at the time she'd only wanted people to stop bringing it up.
Feels a bit convoluted so hopefully I got everything right there. I think Dream is probably throwing these out to sow doubt about the girl's story or cover his own ass, whether he has the balls to admit it or not. Either way, he already admitted to him and his buddies drinking with a bunch of teenage girls in his hotel room, and I don't think it's much of a jump to assume one of them would take advantage of the situation.
Coincidentally, linked is a video of George Davidson stunning fellow streamers with fun excuses for why men harass women like
>what if he's drunk?
>what if he didn't know what he was doing?

No. 1974717

Why is a 24 year old man typing like a teenage girl on stan twitter??? These streamer scrotes need to be culled

No. 1974995

File: 1710182668758.png (240.91 KB, 750x582, eGWibnt.png)

Destiny's romance.

No. 1975005

I don't know who I hate more between these two people.

No. 1975183

I would be fantastic it dream also gets rekt by the accusations. He's long overdue.

No. 1975455

GeorgeNotFound has uploaded a response to the allegations

No. 1975468

It was pretty great seeing her catch onto his shit quickly. Destiny will try to pull out 'gotcha's' and talk really fast in an effort to confuse whoever he's arguing with. Candance came in there probably expecting more of a discussion and he has such a debate pervert mindset all he can think of is just countering everything she says. He was so mindful and polite when talking to Ben Shapiro but Candace makes him lose his mind and he's still spinning about it. I'm no way a fan of Destiny but I do like when he dunks on Hasan cause he's really the only one who can do it. But other than that, he's so depressing. He uses the women in his community (most of them have some kind of attention-disorder or bipolar disorder) to pin them against each other, record them fighting on Discord, then dispose of them once he gets his clicks. I'm also 99% sure all of his wild sex stories are a lie he made up to try and impress his young audience.

No. 1975524

File: 1710272622799.jpg (795.97 KB, 1047x5500, caitiresponse.JPG)

the victim's full response. many of her friends have also posted screenshots from videos showing she didn't have an over 21 bracelet on, I'll try to find them again but twitter consistently craps out on me when I switch apps.
Additionally, a thread recapping dream's twitter space cryfest:

No. 1975588

While I hope he gets ruined for this…
>i didn't think cuddling automatically meant it was to turn sexual
>i didn't know it was an invitation
Oof, someone should have proofread that. If this goes to court I think she'll lose.
>and may I reiterate that i was drunk
There's a difference between being inebriated and being incapacitated. If you're tipsy and allow sexual advances, there's legally an implication of consent according to US law at least, even if you'd like to argue there's a power dynamic. The vast difference between states is why people still go to jail if you drive under the influence.

No. 1975597

Yeah I doubt there's any way for her to take this to court, and she does sound very naive and young about all of it, but that's to be expected from a teenager. It likely wouldn't have worked on a woman his own age, or one who knew what to expect from the situation.
From the previous descriptions of the night she and her friends gave, I do suspect dream and his freak friends got these girls wasted on purpose. Puking in their own hands and passing out and all that, alongside their earlier accusations that the guys were actively encouraging them to drink more despite limiting how much they themselves drank, I feel like there was some intent to incapacitate. They don't have enough to go for legal consequences, but court of public opinion? Sounds like it might work.

No. 1975602


so they were cuddling on the couch together and he touched her belly and that warrants her confession video. this is so strange. i dont doubt these streamers are freaks but the outrage for it is a bit over dramatic. her confession video was saying how dirty she felt. she sounds very naive and it should be a lesson not to go back to moids hotel rooms. nothing happened? you got out of there? what? also americans being dramatic about 18 year olds drinking when 18 is the legal drinking age for a lot of other countries. chronically online streamers are so insufferable lol

No. 1975722

>he dunks on Hasan cause he's really the only one who can do it.
a few years ago maybe, but Hasan's stream with willymacshow proved literally anyone can put him in his place with just the minimum research, not even arguments are needed. The dude is genuinely braindead

No. 1975729

she still didn't give consent, plus he's a 26 year old moid cuddling up to an 18 year old who, by her pictures, looks physically 14-15 facewise. she's 18 as well, don't be so harsh.

No. 1975786

Yeah, I watched her video and a lot of people are saying this is totally blown out of proportion, what did she expect, etc, so I can kinda understand why >>1975602 is saying this. However, I do agree with you nonna. It's being downplayed cause a lot of us have probably either had to deal with or been through these experiences with moids unfortunately, or we've seen so much of this situation online we are already desensitized. But it still doesn't change the fact that 1. Older guy with online career who should know better (especially anyone who was on social media during the me too era/cancellations of streamers) 2. Any environment with alcohol and inexperienced youth is going to have way more risk 3. There is still a lingering 'perfect victim' mentality where just because she wasn't raped by the textbook definition or it didn't go further than what she said, it doesn't invoke the same reaction. An 18 yo girl who was a virgin is going to take something as someone's hands on her with way more significance than someone her age with more sexual experience. It's gross and I understand why she is upset. It's his blatant disregard and just not caring at all. Typical disgusting moid behavior. They didn't listen during me-too, they didn't listen to their sisters/moms/girlfriends, they didn't listen to court cases, and instead continue to whine and cry, playing victim, when they can't successfully take advantage of drunk girls.

No. 1975793

File: 1710343298858.jpeg (91.02 KB, 874x900, GIR3-kPWEAAoSHa.jpeg)

No. 1975879

NTA but I agree, not to mention, if he creeped on one girl, he's likely creeped on others. This man built an audience of millions of teenagers fawning over him, I doubt this one was the first or the last. Sometimes it has to be the girl with the comparatively less traumatic experience to come forward about a guy and open up the discussion for the other women he's wronged.

No. 1976288

File: 1710451391999.png (1.18 MB, 1372x675, r283r.png)

Hasan is watching/reacting to Destiny's stream right now and it's really cute when he moves his camera over Destiny's face whenever he comes up. Not because it covers gnome Destiny, but because it looks like he's trying to manifest himself being in these serious debates instead of Destiny kek Hasan never change

No. 1976384

File: 1710477871190.png (319.37 KB, 1210x654, Screenshot 2024-03-15 at 04.37…)

Jameskii has released a 52 page google doc with all the receipts and relevant info about the multiple investigations (both civil and criminal) on twomad.

Link to tweet: https://x.com/Jameskii/status/1768364747135893870?s=20

Link to doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i1mzi2RwndWCAolb_nhD5yVy-c796X4ZpW-emRQoH-8/

jfc this dude was a fucking freak its great that he can no longer harm anyone else but he faced no real consequences for his actions in life and seemed to just get worse and worse and worse

No. 1976418

Those aren't even mutually exclusive

No. 1976428

given how sketchy the guy was acting, unironically expect a Jameskii doc in a few months. Inserting himself this hard into the victim's situation and just how badly he wanted to be at the center of it makes me feel like he's overcompensating for something. Even this doc involves him lamenting people not believing him at the end
As for Twomad, yeah his death was befitting of him. Glad he can't hurt anyone anymore and fuck the lapd.

No. 1976591

File: 1710534051825.png (513.53 KB, 1262x756, Screen Shot 2024-03-15 at 1.05…)

It is kind of strange how invested jameskii was in the issue, enough to go into debt for it, is he potentially related to or in a relationship with one of the victims? twomad was clearly deranged and dangerous, so I'm glad jameskii was willing to put so much of his own resources into stopping him, I just don't think I've ever seen a man go through this much shit for women he doesn't have a close relationship with.
Those poor girls though, I can't imagine putting up with all that for years though. The LAPD is awful, socal cops tend to be useless at best. It's probably for the best that he took himself out.

No. 1976631

jameskii had a vendetta against twomad because he exposed him for larping as danish when he’s really russian. he’s a selfish moid, and like all moids, is only interested in protecting women when he can gain something

No. 1976669

ah, that makes more sense kek
is a russian guy getting outted for larping as danish really even that big of a deal? I can't imagine going into debt for that vendetta

No. 1978116

My issue is why do we even know she’s a virgin? Why did she tell everyone at the party that? Also, 18 is an adult. Doesn’t matter what age she looks, she is an adult and shouldn’t be infantalized.(sage your shit)

No. 1978662

File: 1711057794746.jpg (198.76 KB, 1280x720, GIzP2esX0AASO3c.jpg)

>I am insecure. I’d be in jail for m**der. His head on hers. Matching shirt’s. Arms around one another. Hands. My brain can’t even comprehend this. I like this guy but wow his girlfriend must be really secure. This would be my 9/11 ong
Is this a big deal? Hugging a female friend while your girlfriend stands aside? Averagejonas and sagemommy

No. 1978705

Hypothetically? Of course.
Realistically? Who knows. Maybe they're having a triangular relationship or maybe the blonde is a permitted member.

No. 1978887

no, why even give a fuck what other people do with their relationship? if his gf has a problem with it then she can just tell him that off-cam.(sage your shit)

No. 1979962

To be fair to all parties involved including the viewers, there are women who are into cucking, so…

No. 1980426

The latest Twitch meta brought a new Community Guideline:
> Newest Twitch meta emerges with girls either wearing green booty shorts/bras that act like green screens so they can project the video game/video they're watching on their boobs/ass. Source for context: https://twitter.com/Bigwomb/status/1769101477899833717
> Use of vibration (I think it's something they stand on or wear?) to make their body jiggle with camera emphasis on the jiggly parts
> Twitch coomer brains lose their minds.
> New Twitch guideline emerges:
"Our Community Guidelines are designed to help make Twitch a welcoming place. Content on Twitch is always evolving, and we want to make sure our rules work as intended and keep up with emerging behaviors. When needed, we make updates to our rules to capture those shifts in behavior, and so it's clear to the community what is allowed. Starting on Friday March 29th, content that focuses on intimate body parts for a prolonged period of time will not be allowed. We’ve included additional detail and definitions in our Community Guidelines linked below…" Also in their guidelines as to what body parts they're talking about: "Content that focuses on clothed intimate body parts such as the buttocks, groin, or breasts for extended periods of time."

From what I've seen, it's mainly Morgpie and Asianbunnyx that are the poster kids of this new meta. The main criticism of the guideline is the 'prolonged period of time' part where there isn't really any further clarification. What makes a long period of time? Does it mean streamers can show the prohibited body parts for X minutes, stop, and then show again? There are potential loopholes, but I think this could be Twitch's way of cementing a rule, seeing how streamers go around this rule, and then structuring it further till there aren't really any other get-arounds. I get these girls will always find some new meta and you can't stop minors from seeing sexual content on the internet, but it personally weirds me out that they always find creative ways to be blatantly sexual on a site that has minors on it. I guess if the majority of your audience are adult and you make enough money you wouldn't care, but I feel like when the site/other streamers are actively trying to discourage this content, why do they put so much effort to keep dodging it? Is it a self-esteem thing, clout, or is doing sexual content on Twitch better than doing camgirl stuff?

Vid is Asianbunnyx for example.
Twitch guidelines: https://safety.twitch.tv/s/article/Community-Guidelines?language=en_US#20SexualContent

No. 1980432

God that’s disgusting and so trashy but also not really sensual if you’re just bouncing like a spaz kek. I too find these women reprehensible for exposing kids to this and I really do think they know themselves what they’re doing since they whine all the time when platforms try to censor their vile content from unconsenting parties and children. I really do believe that they themselves know a big portion of their fans are underage and that it’s lucrative to addict children and create the next generation of porn addict.
And back to my original point of how retarded this looks—what is the point of oil when it would make it difficult to have sex because you’d be slipping everywhere? So many porn things are completely impractical in regards to actual sex and not sexy at all. What kind of sex do people have where they do this shit? Moids are fundamentally ape-brained and retarded so they will support this excrement with their dick in their [death gripped] hands.

No. 1980447

File: 1711587986338.jpg (43.91 KB, 608x637, kelly.jpg)

just shut it down already

No. 1980490

Everyone acting like these women are grooming little boys and forcing them to watch them is so retarded. If someone's little chimp is watching something he shouldn't then it's the fault of negligent or stupid parents. Men love imitating what they hear to pretend to be victims.

No. 1980544

>t. 12 year old porn addict

No. 1980549

They know kids are watching and they do it because of it. They are grooming them because they know they will spend their moms credit card debt on their streams. Introducing kids to porn early and making them dependent is a thing, these women are vile. If they wanted to appeal to adults they'd stream on a adult video platform. It's even more concerning how creative they get with ways to be sexual despite the guidelines

No. 1980570

Sure, but that doesn't give these sleazepots a pass for opportunistically profiting off mentally degrading kids.

No. 1980963

You'd be surprised how many girls are into grooming, specially nowadays. It's a huge power fantasy and I've noticed people mentioning "/ss/" more and more these days.
>If someone's little chimp is watching something he shouldn't then it's the fault of negligent or stupid parents.
Sounds like victim-blaming to me, but you do you.

No. 1980994

> I've noticed people mentioning "/ss/" more and more these days.
Ntayrt but what does this mean

No. 1981119

It stands for "straight shotacon", i.e. adult women into non-adult boys in manga, anime, and other non-realistic media. This fetish sometimes includes the "raising your own husband" one, I forget what it was called. A lot of them will argue that it's just a 2D thing or they just like it because they think it's funny, but we all know how flimsy that excuse has turned out with the moid version. On topic with this thread, I've noticed a lot of female western streamers, specially vtubers, mention it casually as if it was nothing.

No. 1981651

Vtubers are absolutely unhinged, the japanese ones openly say they're into loli/shota and the western ones aren't much better.

No. 1981741

And so are onlyfan girls. I've seen peachjars, jennameow, morgpie, etc act just like vtubers do. There was a stream where Asmongold, the woman who was baiting him, Tectone, Emiru, Morgpie, and others went to an anime convention and Morgpie would several times point to questionable things that would make the cameraman look away (e.g. stickers for the UOOOOOOH meme).

The same Morgpie who is at the top of these Twitch meta issues that some nonnas want to pretend are totally not about getting boys into porn… while simultaneously complaining about moids being addicted to it.

No. 1981757

LC is plagued with farmers who will literally blame a male child over an adult woman willingly and knowingly posting sexual content on huge platforms that weren't created for sexual content in the first place. it's insidious to post sexual content on a site made for streaming video games, content that most young boys are interested in. while i agree males have shitty wiring that makes them retarded ooga booga apes, actual children can't even comprehend the consequences of this shit. a 30 year old porn addict is disgusting, but a 10 year old one is just bleak.

No. 1982548

Remember when Maya said she had been transformed as a person because of the CrazySlick SA accusations, and could never go back to regular format of streaming because that would compromise her morals, ideals, convictions, etc.? Well, so much for that. Goes to show all these streamers' 15 minutes of contrition have always been for show.

No. 1982589

>Remember when Maya said she had been transformed as a person because of the CrazySlick SA accusations, and could never go back to regular format of streaming because that would compromise her morals, ideals, convictions, etc.?
Except she never said any of that. She said she wants to stay in her own lane and gave vague reasoning as to why. I always assumed it was because she got traumatized by the whole crazyslick thing, or to avoid any future controversies by associating with streamers. That was also 1.5 years ago, plenty of time to rethink her stance/get over it.(sage your shit)

No. 1982821

this clip has zero context, is she going to stream with all those people and talk about random pointless streamer shit, or is she going to be doing a stream focused on conservation/animal welfare?

she still is a streamer and works with other streamers to spread awareness about her conservation efforts, so this isn't milky at all if that's what her plan is. she said that after the drama she's going to stay in her lane and focus on conservation work and alveus stuff. please provide context anon, otherwise it's impossible to understand if this is cow behavior. she could easily just be doing her work as a conservationist/sanctuary worker. any information about the stream she describes would be helpful other than a list of who will be there.

No. 1982840

She does appear to be going back to non-conservation streams, according to the comments she has a couple streams coming up wheres she's learning to kickflip and playing football with other streamers. I still don't see how that's milk though, she made a business decision and it's not working out so she has to switch things up. She's probably just not making enough money. There are also people in the comments giving her shit for not inviting Mizkif lmao like why the fuck would she??? Do they invite their exes to things?

No. 1982882

>She's probably just not making enough money
This is what happens when you got no other plan for funding your overgrown petting zoo than streaming. She already made it non-profit, she doesn't pay taxes, how does she not have enough cashflow?
>giving her shit for not inviting Mizkif
She has not distanced herself from the Austin retard streamers, so it makes sense she still shares a lot of viewers with Mizshit.

No. 1982982

I don't think they're intentionally targeting children with this shit, they're just trying to attract tasteless adult moids. They probably just prefer twitch because their self-sexualization stands out more there than it would on some porn site.
I don't see why they would want to groom kids anyway. Kids don't have money to spend, and by the time they're adults most of these women probably won't be streaming anymore, so they won't profit from it.
I also have trouble believing any woman with a shred of self-respect and moral decency would knowingly sexualize herself in front of minors like this. I think they're merely stupid and inconsiderate enough that they assume everyone watching them is an adult.(sage your shit)

No. 1983000

What you forget nona is that some women do indeed lack a shred of self-respect and moral decency. Some women are indeed just stupid and don't care that what they're doing is fucked up and weird, they've already been lobotomized to accept and further the moid-standard

No. 1983139

>I also have trouble believing any woman with a shred of self-respect and moral decency would knowingly sexualize herself in front of minors like this. I think they're merely stupid and inconsiderate enough that they assume everyone watching them is an adult.
These women don't have decency or self-respect. Also, having your tits and ass out doesn't stand out on Twitch anymore (the term "titty streamer" has existed for years), so that defense doesn't work. In the first place, the only reason it would stand out is because Twitch is supposed to be a SFW, minor-friendly platform.

No. 1983470

Women into shotacon are just as bad as lolicon faggots. Both are pseudo pedophiles and should kill themselves.(derailing/alogging)

No. 1985486

she later revised her statement and claimed he touched her boobs
pretty much confirms shes just doing all this for attention

No. 1985490

if youre traumatised by cuddling a guy at a party, going up to the toilet and going back to the guy mind you, you are not mentally an adult and dont deserve the rights of an adult(sage your shit)

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