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File: 1716494304285.jpg (359.62 KB, 1890x1008, Clownery.jpg)

No. 1997100

Zena and Poppy are a YouTube Duo who have gotten into shit due to being sex pests and having a perpetual victim mentality. Their videos have made it to lolcow in the past >>>/snow/1317211

The main players:
>Poppy Diabolique / LadyDiabolique / Penny Diabolique / Jessica Morrow / Penelope Inez / Penelope Morrow - Main person behind the channel. Claims to be plural and have two alters named Penny (a Thai sex worker fallen angel) and a child alter named Pepper. LARPs as a succubus hyena, brings up sex at every moment possible. Is well known to be into DDLG, incest, rape, kidnapping, etc. and defends these kinks to the death. Has admitted that furry incest Yuri is what kicked off this transition. Keeps track of people’s illnesses to use against them, possibly fucked a client, lost therapist job due to not being able to stop being so terminally online. Cluster B(itch) who hides behind BPD and being “plural” as an excuse.
>Zena / Zander / ZZ / ZenaBunny / GalaxyBunny - Poppy’s yes-man and spouse. Was (allegedly) kicked from a camp for coming out as lesbian and is a pest to people IRL.
>Saige Alexis - The 3rd of the Poppycule, suspected to be abused by Z&P. Dies on the hill of defending Poppy and Zena and will claim anyone critical of the 3 to be some evil conservative, a TERF, a KiwiFarms lurker, or support harassment, doxxing, and bullying. Once attempted suicide, Z&P said it was to get their attention and Saige got mad at people for calling wellness checks, said it was other people’s faults, and would later get angry with WhiteNervosa for the crime of trying to make sure Saige was ok. Claims to be plural as well, most notable “alter” being Cerise

Notable Whiteknights:
>Sparky / WillyOtterpop - Started the #JusticeForZenaAndPoppy. Has pedo allegations and jokes about raping lesbians, depraved fetishist as well
https://x.com/willyotterpop (suspended)
>Nightwyldart / Nightwyldsystem - Made docs slandering Milena and Courtney for P&Z, constantly posts about being suicidal and unstable
>AnnieGal / AnnieGallagher - Made an article Poppy boosted slandering Noeh, pedo with rape kinks >>1949467
>PatchworkHeart / Shiloh Connor / DentedSpork - One of Z&P’s discord kids. Defended Zoppy to the death before rebranding and leaving them.
>PresidentSunday - Made multiple streams defending Zoppy, got his ass handed to him by a streamer named StarDustStreams

General/Various Milk:
>Their discord server is horribly moderated, they post lewd art in places accessible to 13-17 year olds
>Tried defending the above with “it’s just furries in thongs
>Poppy admitted to SA of a cousin and fingering a sister-in-law
>Poppy admitted to fingering a woman while drunk at a fair
>Someone named Dormiyu stayed with P&Z, alleged that Poppy would walk in pantsless or topless at times
>Harassed alt cows thread subject Ruadhan1334 for covering the situation on stream, claiming Ruadhán1334 was a doxxer, Saige would later try to mass report all of Ruadhan’s accounts
>Related to the above have also copyright struck videos critical of them
>An ex of theirs named MzMilena or Transpersian made multiple callouts on them both for being toxic after Poppy accused Milena of abuse
>Poppy tried to report Bowblax on Twitter because Bowblax made fun of Tipster for liking a thirst trap Poppy posted
>Made a (now unlisted) video on one of Poppy’s exes claiming she doxxed Poppy only brought more attention to the allegations and supposed “dox info” >>1987382
>Called the FBI because Kiwifarms were talking about their drama

Notable Sagas:
Lily Orchard / Courtney Orchard
>Lily blocks Poppy on Twitter for Poppy defending Lindsey Ellis
>Poppy makes a video on this and later gets into beef with Essence of Thought and ALeviCalledBird
>Lily Tumblr posts shit talking and saying Poppy is a fake therapist arm-chair diagnosing, Poppy and Zena make a response video to these
>Lily mentions them (well really just Poppy) in a video about “stalkers”
>P&Z respond, crying that they were lumped into one person when really Poppy is the only noteworthy one of the channel
>Would change channel name to Carol to mock the name the video gave them
>Lily made a video on Contrapoints, they make a video responding would also interview Keffals about Lily
>Courtney Peet (LO’s sister) enters sharing stories of being abused by her family and raped by Lily
>During these streams Poppy would derail to show fursona porn, talk about being “prettier than Lily”, noteworthy moment is when Poppy gets oddly defensive when Courtney talks badly about proship
>Later it gets out that Poppy sent Courtney incest porn (despite knowing she’s a victim of incest rape from both her siblings), nudes/dick pics while getting bottom surgery to “share progress”, and are holding onto nudes of Courtney >>1980729, >>1983621
>P&Z would later try to get friendly with Lily >>1977262
>Made a Tumblr to keep attacking Courtney and “expose” her
>Spread around a doc attempting to bite back at Courtney >>1995035
>At some point adopted Patch
>Cried about Lily “doxxing” Poppy’s work info despite it being known and public

>Poppy dated a woman (later claimed it was grooming) who had a son and soon after she passed Poppy took care of the son known as Spawn online
>Years later Spawn drops a doc >>1982843
>Spawn was forced to have a very rigid schedule, suffered from pots and needed use of the kitchen but rarely was able to use it, very limited bathroom use as well
>Zena and Poppy overloaded them with chores, to the point they were doing over 7hrs of them while zena did nothing
>Took the Internet away frequently
>Spawn paid rent and did not have access, would often go large amount of time without eating and because of POTS it was bad for them
>Spawn says they feel angry at the dog because Poppy and Zena treat the dog better than they treat them
>Poppy and Zena responded. Poppy says that “adopted” discord kids (ex: Patch) are more like kids to them than Spawn has been in the past ten years
>Poppy claimed Spawn didn’t have alternate personalities and then immediately said to be plural shortly before Spawn moved out
>Gave all their attention to PatchWork Heart (One of the aforementioned Discord kids) who has since left them
>Poppy sniped back at Spawn by crying about GoFundMe transition money almost being lost

>Poppy and Zena went to see the (at the time) 4th of their Polycule, Noehflake
>Noehflake would break up with Poppy because of Poppy gettting overly jealous of Noeh’s other partners
>Poppy and Noeh had some kind of sexual encounter, Poppy later claimed this was rape
>Poppy and Zena went into Noeh’s DMs and got guilt trippy
>Claimed Noeh gave Poppy an STI, then a UTI, then Bacterial Vaginosis
>Noehflake goes on interview with BagManBurns, claims Poppy was still trying to contact Noeh after claiming Noeh was a rapist and holds onto multiple people’s nudes
>Made a livestream response sobbing on camera and having a meltdown
>Later it gets out Poppy planned on dumping Saige for Noeh
>Throughout this lost multiple friends like GayFesh / GayestFesh , Luxander, and WhiteNervosa

Relevant Links

Zena and Poppy accounts
Poppy’s Accounts
https://x.com/ladydiabolique (nsfw)
https://x.com/pennydiabolique (nsfw, basically incest)
https://x.com/real_poppy_d (private)
https://bsky.app/profile/ladydiabolique.bsky.social (nsfw)
Saige’s Accounts
Totally not Zoppy or a drone of theirs

No. 1997102

Apologies if you kept seeing this thread popping back up and being deleted since I kept forgetting things and had to remake it three times. Hopefully this thread is sufficient, for some clarifications while PatchworkHeart is involved in both the Art Commentary Cows and Lily Orchard threads, please keep milk about those situations specifically (if Patch does release milk about them) in the appropriate threads, uncategorized Patch milk is ok for this one. If Patch drops milk about LioConvoy put it here >>1977045
If milk drops about Lily Orchard / Lily Peet / Jerry Peet / whatever, it goes in that thread too unless Zena and Poppy interact, in that case please cross post >>1974188
Milk about the cows these two skinwalk goes in the breadtube thread >>1944726
As mentioned in the OP, unrelated milk about Ruadhan should go in alt cows for unrelated milk >>1942859
Will be posting most of the milk I have saved soon

No. 1997104

So glad someone decided to make a thread on this trainwreck. One of the most disturbing things Poppy has admitted to was the sexual assault/rape of a younger cousin, though he tries to frame it as "I was abused so I had no choice but to do COCSA!!!!! I have BPD!!!!" like the creepy incel he is.

No. 1997105

File: 1716494812273.jpg (1.93 MB, 2287x5548, NoehDMS.JPG)

Some DMs with Noehflake

No. 1997107

File: 1716494854105.jpg (538.48 KB, 1284x1565, Gross1.JPG)

Gross fetishism

No. 1997108

File: 1716494901519.jpg (417.61 KB, 1284x1038, Inbred.JPG)

Speaks for itself

No. 1997109

File: 1716494925207.jpg (181.91 KB, 864x1383, TipsterBowBlax.JPG)

Last one I’m gonna post for now

No. 1997112

"Bred" like he even has a womb that can produce a child. so nasty. He literally thinks that's a "joy" for women instead of, I dunno, a natural biological process. How the fuck did he get his therapy license renewed(sage your shit)

No. 1997140

Haven't heard of them before and maybe I'm just stupid but I can't tell from the op, are they both mtf troons?

No. 1997141

File: 1716504649660.jpg (282.56 KB, 1284x1355, ZZ.jpg)

Poppy and Saige are MTF, Zena is apparently “nonbinary trans man” or something like that, pic is a Tumblr callout someone made on Zena (irl info blocked out for obvious reasons)

No. 1997147

File: 1716506399559.jpeg (961.02 KB, 1284x1867, SexPest .JPEG)

Posting some of the background milk I already have saved but stuff like this really makes you think

No. 1997155

I am unfamiliar with these idiots but super intrigued! Unfortunately couldn't read the two leftmost conversations even after opening in a separate window and zooming kek; any possibility of getting higher res screens of them?

No. 1997159

File: 1716508691934.jpg (982.5 KB, 1014x5548, 1DMs.jpg)

Here you go anon, I got all 3 of them together because I wanted to avoid clogging the thread up too much but here’s them separately 1/3

No. 1997161

File: 1716508740468.jpg (2.25 MB, 1216x8871, 2DMs.JPG)


No. 1997163

File: 1716509167643.jpg (1.67 MB, 1169x12647, 3DMs.JPG)

3/3 + Obligatory change to comment because I keep getting flood detected

No. 1997167

Appreciate you, provider of milk!
This is an absolute fucking trainwreck. I like how moids always say BPD is a female disorder; if that's the case than this troon would pass with flying colors. I have never seen this level of unhinged dependency and pathetic-ness. Looking forward to this thread.

No. 1997217

File: 1716517944552.jpg (88.79 KB, 948x311, 1000007521.jpg)

An excerpt from one of Josh's schizo ramblings with an ex. Doesn't get more BPD than this

No. 1997475

File: 1716593681697.png (829.57 KB, 1280x361, MilenaPersian.png)

Gonna start dumping more milk I have
More about Milena/Persian and Poppy admitting to being abusive in true BPD fashion

No. 1997476

File: 1716593750636.jpg (909.01 KB, 1282x4732, Saigicide .jpg)

Some examples of Saige being unstable

No. 1997477

File: 1716593957824.jpg (488.44 KB, 1698x925, NoehSaige.jpg)

Proof the Saige breakup arc is inevitable

No. 1997478

File: 1716594022550.png (802.27 KB, 1114x676, DiscordAffair.png)

Allegations of fucking a client

No. 1997482

File: 1716594341615.jpg (40.07 KB, 720x250, Gwoomed .JPG)

Saying Spawn’s mom is a groomer

No. 1997485

File: 1716594594614.jpg (46.52 KB, 601x349, Ladylike.JPG)

And for the last one, nothing says “I’m a woman” like implying lesbians you don’t like should get raped by animals for being part of those evil TERFs Yes, that’s sarcasm before I get moidfoiled

No. 1997500

>rehabilitate sex offenders
how does he think he's going to do that exactly?

No. 1997504

File: 1716599496385.jpg (491.79 KB, 1017x1044, 1000011430.jpg)

No. 1997679

Hold the phone. Wasn’t it mentioned on the kiwi thread that poppy is OLDER then spawns mother??? Like by 4 years or so? I hate this mother fucker so much.

No. 1998002

File: 1716785699715.jpg (Spoiler Image,1005.57 KB, 1284x2227, YuriFetish .JPG)

No idea, but the fetishism is so clear and blatant for everyone to see. News flash Poppy, having a lesbian fetish isn’t cute, quirky, or special, and airing it out like this is just creepy and nasty. Makes for some good milk like this to kek at though. Spoiler for degenerate fantasies in text form

No. 1998072

Trannies keep reducing women to cocksleeves with no right to agency, but in a woke way.

No. 1998443

sage for skim milk but turkey tom made a video on the whole situation

No. 1998508

File: 1716942186180.jpeg (287.29 KB, 588x1686, IMG_9389.jpeg)

Some responses from Zoppy, Tipster, and Milena. Seems he skimmed the KF thread and didn’t even talk to any of the victims. Poppy’s probably fucked though because having a Turkey Tom video about you is basically career death like what happened to Puppychan, can’t wait for the response from Poppy to be trying to report Tom for “misgendering and doxxing me!”

No. 1999141

File: 1717108492211.png (63.99 KB, 563x315, IMG_9429.png)

They’re planning a response and preventing any discussion of Turkey Tom’s video in their server, clearly they did not want the word getting out there

No. 1999386

God he is such a fucking retard. The sheer nerve of this maniac smearing a dead woman and calling her a groomer for the crime of marrying a fully grown adult. I want to alog so bad.

No. 2001022

File: 1717537680965.jpg (103.87 KB, 524x700, Retardation.JPG)

I kekked so hard at this

No. 2002197

File: 1717807284088.png (Spoiler Image,1.57 MB, 1284x1079, Freakish.png)

Some stuff I found from Poppy’s throne, barf

No. 2002597

File: 1717908603160.jpg (824.53 KB, 1284x1642, Gwoomed2.JPG)

Poppy crying about being “groomed” again while claiming to have totally moved on you guys. Poppy you’re clearly trying to make it seem like you were younger than you actually were for victim points

No. 2003851

File: 1718230756758.png (566.53 KB, 828x1792, PoppyLily .PNG)

Sage for not milk necessarily but worth noting that these two are willing to get back on good terms with an incestuous abuser of women, though should we be shocked knowing Poppy’s history?

No. 2004577

File: 1718407435161.png (2.06 MB, 320x2778, LilyThread.png)

Turns out that this >>2003851 is part of a whole train wreck thread of Zena and Poppy trying to kiss ass, their acc is private so I stole this from KF

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