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File: 1651646999975.jpg (133.32 KB, 959x720, 1649601215917.jpg)

No. 1519148

Most recent cows:
-Jake Munro, extremely unoriginal "musician", after his Casey Neistat imitation vlogs didn't take off he got famous from doing TikTok react videos. Known for copying the aesthetics of many musicians such as MM and Dir En Grey. Music is really unoriginal too, his most successful songs are covers. Has an obsessive cult fanbase of tweens and lonely middle aged women, calls himself "goth daddy" after saying all goths are cunts
-ToxicTears (kaya), alt youtuber, complains about everything, blames meds for weight while eating crap
-Kat Paine, married tattoo artist who Jake cheated on Kaya with
-Jude Bishop, OF thot and ddlg pedo-pandering pickme who is also "goth", has her own thread but crosses over here too, publicly thirsts for Jake
-ItsBlackFriday (freyja), goth youtuber, country hopper, terrible planner
-Psychara, witchy instagoth who fries her hair
-Felvae, used to be a witchy instagoth, now an uwu tradwife who is actually the breadwinner
-Feigsfar (Adam), thinly veiled white supremacist on Insta, Felvae's partner
-Of Herbs and Altars (Dorian), alt youtuber who does videos on her ana and drugs past, believes she can fuck ghosts
-Adora BatBrat, instagoth who likes posting provocative stuff for shock value
-Ruadhan, youtuber, rambling shit stirrer

…and other cows who are discussed but not necessarily producing significant or frequent milk

Some highlights from the last thread (not much happened):
>Jake and Kat release hardcore porn on their OnlyFans with captions like "I love being on daddy's leash" >>1508283 , >>1508280 , >>1508284 other than that he's still shilling his low quality webcam tier dick pics >>1492090
>Jake and Kat continue to post about getting hammered every available chance they get >>1516306
>Jake thinking of starting a podcast >>1496279 anons point out how he can't pick a lane, is always coming up with ideas but rarely follows through
>Anons also point out how he was tweeting months ago about making new music and how he was gonna be in America again but it never happened >>1514341 , >>1477292
>He's still streaming but it's members only, streams are less lucrative than they once were >>1513549
>Kaya has still not found a house, still making a million excuses as to why she hasn't uploaded >>1514333 is mad that people take Easter off >>1502108
>Jude having trouble finding a new daddy >>1509119

Previous thread >>>/snow/1476895
Jude's thread >>>/snow/1127197
Jake & Kaya thread (mostly old stuff from before they broke up) >>>/snow/927531
Threadpic credit >>1497827

No. 1519179

Nice pic! Thank you for making a new one

No. 1519248

Kaya release another get ready with me video, shaved the sides of her head again and makes every excuse under the sun to not film or do anything at all

No. 1519329

No. 1519339

Jude Bishop's ex friend who got mild e-fame alongside her uploaded a video too, after a long hiatus.

>let go of the aesthetic she was known for, after feeling pressured to retain it bc it was her content

>introspective during lockdown, realised her aesthetic was a comfort thing and materialistic, doesn't regret it but not into it now
>is now about peace and love, thankful for little things, assures the viewer she's not a hippie now but also says she wants to "raise the consciousness of this planet", and that she "thanks trees" and sends people "telepathic love frequencies" kek

No. 1519351

Tbh I think she’s still as materialistic as ever but moved onto the cottagecore aesthetic.

No. 1519541

These two looked like sisters to me for a split second.

No. 1519585


She's also mega into NFTs which isn't exactly that natural/cottagecore

No. 1519628

I can tell just by her facial expressions that this video is more of the same shit she’s been pumping out in the last GRWM and all her socials. I actually finally can’t watch this one lol.

Why are these cosy cottagecore bitches always so fake kek? Of course she is.

No. 1519762

Kek of course she is. I wonder what happened to her snail? I know she killed her rabbit but there was no mention of the snail.

No. 1519782

File: 1651702805191.jpeg (382.36 KB, 1125x1942, 62012042-BE11-4DB0-B8D2-339FFD…)


The struggle she had just to put this one vid out.

No. 1519791

I think the snails name is Darwin, and she mentions somewhere in the video that Darwin had babies.

>I know she killed her rabbit

She said in the video the rabbit got a spinal injury but not how it happened, was it her fault?

No. 1519798

At this point you have to be retard to keep falling for kayas excuses

No. 1519831

This ^^^

Who is even falling for these bs excuses any more?

No. 1519890

The side shaves do nothing for her it must be her form of self harm.

No. 1519899

Rabbits can injure their backs by kicking their hind legs too hard or from a fall. I think the fact she let him sit there for days like that is very concerning.

No. 1519904

posted this on the thread specifically for jake and kaya, but i may as well post it here as well.

kaya uploaded a new video.

(not sure how to embed videos, sorry about that.)

>says she means to vlog on her phone, but 'keeps forgetting to for some reason'
>complains about househunting and how 'stressful' it's been
>mentions helping friends move, paint, ect
>says she has a busy week coming up but doesn't dive into it
>mentions wanting to get back into streaming, then complains about how it 'isn't feasible' until she moves into a new place due to losing access to the other studio room. like bitch, what? you can record whole ass videos, but can't stream???
>complains about her makeup being too vibrant 8 fucking million times
>mentions nice weather, then says she should probably stay in and 'do some work'. what work? kek
>complains about being tired, fed up with things
>clarifies she's not upset about the breakup, she's sad because of 'other things'. like girl, i would be kinda sad too if my ex was flaunting his disgusting ass 'baby' who's more like a mom to him all over the internet.
>talks about creeps on bikes circling her car at the studio late at night, says she 'needs out'
>claims she has 'fun stuff' coming up and says she'll try to vlog… watch as we don't get any vlogs kek
>complains about main vlog camera being broken and not being able to figure out second vlog camera
>rambles about house decoration
>whines about not being able to pay for the studio when she gets a house
>rambles about random shit until the end of the video

No. 1519909

File: 1651710703573.jpg (980.66 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220505-012910_Ins…)

Kaya made an excuse in video form this time, saying she just filmed then lost the memory card it was on, then in the next story said she found it (picrel). Wonder if she documented it this much bc it was a real excuse this time kek.

Of course it does something for her, it makes her forehead look bigger than it already is

No. 1519943

File: 1651713308145.jpeg (423.8 KB, 1125x2005, E03F7225-F483-4982-9323-9A50AF…)

This was coming back from London. UK nonnies, is it cheap to fly to London from Belfast and back just for a night out on the town? Where is this disposable income coming from?
Also, ‘home’ lol…..that pity ship has sailed.

No. 1520024

She’s been raking in money from patreon. Her numbers are starting to dwindle though, so that money is going to dry up quick.
Kaya’s heading in the same direction as Jake. Taking tons of trips, buying a bunch of stuff, but making no content.

No. 1520028

Costs £50-£100, not worth it for just 1 night unless she was going to some event, or was it just literally one night going to pubs with a friend?

Yeah the influx of support after the breakup vid is going down as she returns to her "uh oh, the wind changed direction, can't film" thing. And a faik from glancing at her patreon, she offers no rewards anyway except a discord and seeing videos before they're public.

No. 1520047

File: 1651719949278.jpeg (545.96 KB, 933x1170, F68DA966-87AF-4D0E-B725-97CF5B…)

What is her hairline? Did shaving the sides really make it look this bad as a whole?

No. 1520094

She has a widows peak hairline, and has just parted her hair unflatteringly. But I don't think she cares about looking unflattering with the way she shaves her sides too widely for her head.

No. 1520103

She needs to let the sides grow in and just buzz them rather than shave.

No. 1520163

File: 1651729613636.jpeg (721.18 KB, 1125x1999, 081AEAD6-54E2-4D1D-8D09-D9C5FC…)

Her never ending whinging about the most innocuous stuff. I can’t imagine being her friend and having to listen to her go on and on about all the ways the world is out to get her.

No. 1520199

Thought she lost the sd card in a different location yet she managed to upload it still?

Same it just be moaning about everything I can’t bring myself to watch it

No. 1520200

the point of goth is being ugly, poseurs

No. 1520418

Are you able to link to this thread?(emoji)

No. 1520470

Is that you, makeup sperg anon from the last thread kek

No. 1520481

Shhh please do not summon that dumpster fire. Though I had the same thought kek

No. 1520557

I thought they were being sarcastic but satan help us if that retard is back

No. 1520591

File: 1651767345544.png (11.2 MB, 1170x2532, 1651600649326.png)

She's trying to be a child THAT bad??

No. 1520613

File: 1651767953407.jpeg (329.94 KB, 1154x2039, 391AF292-B549-484F-8441-032882…)

He really trying to compare his filtered vocals to Chester’s natural talent? Get out of here poser! Lol

No. 1520633

I genuinely can’t wait to see how her next employer reacts to having 5000 excuses thrown at them when she inevitably has to get a job once the youtube and patreon money stops flowing in.

No. 1520657

how delusional does he have to be to actually believe that?? not even when i was a superfan i thought he sounded even remotely like chester!! now it just feels like an insult.
stop disrespecting dead gods, Fake MonroE! (he absolutely despises people mispronouncing/misspelling his last name kek)

No. 1520662

So go be ugly all you want. Kaya is supposed to be an "influencer" or something though.

No. 1520664

>he absolutely despises people mispronouncing/misspelling his last name
Thanks for the info, we'll all be sure to do it from now on.

No. 1520672

File: 1651771876434.jpeg (463.56 KB, 1125x1559, 81AAE3A9-7962-485D-A779-BFC94B…)


KVD is being sued for back rent and for damages to her former tattoo shop.

Here’s also a lovely photo of her and Rafael with the predator MM after the Prayers show. It was the first show that Rafael did without being a duo with Dave Parley. I haven’t seen any reviews of how successful the show was but it seems to have gone well.

No. 1520689

My god i havent been keeping up with her, those blackout arms look like shit

No. 1520706

You must be laughing…She will never get a job ever. She's to lazy. She couldn't even stand up for few hours let alone finish the day at her lush 'job'

No. 1520713

File: 1651774897396.jpg (1.12 MB, 1079x1900, Screenshot_20220505-111938_Ins…)

Something we never saw him do for Kaya even once.

No. 1520727

File: 1651775679927.jpg (187.05 KB, 1080x1482, Screenshot_20220505-193219_Ope…)

Saddest snack spread I've ever seen. But then again the one time she showcased herself making food it was this (picrel), tesco sweetcorn, instant mash, cheese, gravy, jelly, and insisted even though it looks bad it tastes great. Sure, Judith.

No. 1520746

With Ryan air you can get there for like 15£ or so depending on the flight.

No. 1520772

Desperately and transparently trying to rebrand himself as the wholesome committed man that attracted half his followers in the first place. Barf.

No. 1520883

I think it's all on purpose to make herself "child-like" to appease her potential pedo daddies

No. 1520887

Jude keeps talking about how she's looking for a daddy yet she still has the name of her recent ex tattooed near her pubic area
She's so stupid and obsessive who does that

No. 1520893

Ryan air, horse shit but cheap

No. 1520941

He’s so damn delusional! How are people still supporting this hollow husk of a fake male?

There’s no way he can rebrand himself as a loyal boyfriend, especially one that’s wholesome when he still does shorty porn with an older woman that calls him daddy Kek

No. 1520967

File: 1651786631279.jpg (286.57 KB, 516x835, gag.jpg)

Gag. And the flowers aren't even pretty. It's the most basic bitch overpriced supermarket bouquet I've ever seen. Which is basically them in a nutshell so I suppose it's fitting.

No. 1520996

File: 1651787838800.jpg (905.04 KB, 1438x2401, Screenshot_20220505-175721_Gal…)

This chick has been posted here before and is it just me or is her makeup getting worse kek

No. 1521030

Ah lego hair goth girl, she worries me and I'm not sure why

No. 1521042

There's a story of him buying her flowers in one of the previous thread too and they didn't look good either. At least pretend to care about what you're gifting her, instead of just using it as a gesture

No. 1521058


it looks like she ripped out the sides of her hair in a fit! the way she left the little tuft near the ear. why? it looks so bad.
she has a widow's peak which is very goth and I guess having no eye brows makes her look "spooky" which I get is her aesthetic, but she would look so much better with some brow hairs even if they are skinny super tweezed ones. some with arches would be flattering. I hate her drawn straight brows

No. 1521064

honestly i prefer the straight brows over those horrible uneven parentheses brows she used to do. those look like garbage on everyone and are impossible to get symmetrical.

No. 1521068


lol he wants to prove theyre not gas station flowers this time because he lurks here. he left them in the bag so we can see. those look like flowers you get your nana or mum. Mother's Day discount much?

No. 1521143

File: 1651796304089.jpeg (27.51 KB, 480x408, lime-cat.jpeg)


No. 1521160

It’s my number one pet peeve whenever girls post this shit about flowers because it sets the bar so low. Every dude knows he can pick up a bouquet from anywhere and get a huge reaction for fuckall, do not get all starry-eyed.

No. 1521197

I used to work as a flower vendor and I can say with confidence that everyone pays -way- too much for flowers, and they are already dead by the time you get them, roses especially, and will be wilted within a couple days at most. I'd so much rather someone spend that $20-40 on a video game or food or something for me then some ugly flowers and weeds. I guess Kat has low expectations though, given who she's dating.

No. 1521306

He's just in the love bombing stage to get her hooked

No. 1521353


if he is a big deal influencer he should be getting her those preserved roses that are a couple hundred dollars that last for like a year. those are actually something to boast about and not a total waste. but Skat is a low budget ho impressed by gas station roses and bottomless Long Island iced teas kek

No. 1521421

File: 1651820254322.jpg (29.74 KB, 343x604, creepy as fuck.jpg)

his girlfriend? doesn't he mean daddy's little slut?

looks like she's trying to do that "real life anime girl" makeup

No. 1521432

File: 1651825294496.jpg (129.04 KB, 595x452, theaudacityofthistweet.jpg)


No. 1521435

Oh yes it was Kaya taking advantage of you now, perfect words from a professional leech like Jake. So toxic!

No. 1521436

Samefag, this reminds me of the narc "wisdom" onision posts on Twitter, another gross male with an onlyfans. (Haven't caught up with onision in a long time but I assume he's still at it)

No. 1521460

Oh yeah Jake, she was holding you back from your pedo kink and rubbing your cock all over a motorcycle. Like I'm not a fan of Kaya but Ho Lee Fuk

This is textbook narc projection. It's also pretty damn ironic since it's obvious Kaya was one of the things helping his success. Just look at his popularity before he dumped her and after, it took a nosedive because of his stupid decisions that she was probably advising him against. I really doubt he would have ever gotten as famous as he did if it weren't for her.

No. 1521481

What he’s really saying is he has zero problem with cutting ties with anyone, be they family or friends, once they no longer serve a purpose for him or no longer present any value to him. Once he’s got what he needs from them he will toss them aside. I do hope Kat is paying attention.

No. 1521526

that's EXACTLY what he's doing! what a fucking shitstain of a person. he thinks he is living his best life while ruining kaya's and deflecting the blame onto her. newsflash Fake, if you abuse a person to the point that they break and can no longer function, they will be disinterested in you and in everything else in life. you are the villain here, dont act like the victim!
these damn narcs, nonnas! they are all cut from the same cloth

No. 1521542

realise your self worth through cheating? thats a new one. one only a narc would come up with.

No. 1521544

File: 1651844617560.jpg (82.5 KB, 592x438, sameoldshit.jpg)

Don't be rooting for Kaya too hard folks. She's doing the classic - here's my wishlist hint hint. And totally has gotten her priorities and materialism straightened out after the past 6ish months being basically homeless/not living in great conditions. Yup yup.

No. 1521563

haven’t even looked at the wishlist but this is so fucking tacky jfc

No. 1521617

You forgot to mention how "global elites" are trying to "brainwash" her using mass media.

What I find more worrying is how she claims her bunny suffered a spinal injury but never elaborated what happened. All she mentioned is having to care for a bunny who could not move it's hind legs for ten days. Which to me reads like she just neected to take her injured pet to the vet for 10 days.

No. 1521631

There's like 6 fake plants and some plastic frogs. For someone in her position especially, those dust collectors are a waste of money. (I'm a big green thumbed person, so any fake plant is offensive, lol!). There is also a 284pound or $350USD dryer. I think that is just obscene to put that out there, on a wishlist.

No. 1521648

The audacity. Begging like this when she’s getting pity money through Patreon already. Look for a house first before getting decorations, Kaya. I doubt she even has room for them in the studio. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s stuff from floor to ceiling, since in past threads she said she literally “drowned” from too much stuff falling out of her closet.

No. 1521797

E-begging in her spare time instead of doing her fucking ‘job’.. well, it is what she does best after all!

Kaya: “Please subscribe to my Patreon and buy me things off my Amazon wish list so I can continue being rewarded for sitting on my hole doing sweet FA”

No. 1521807

It’s sad because some people really need to hear this, but 9/10 the e-fags saying it (Jake included) actually need to go to fucking therapy for a million reasons other than “lack of self worth”.

No. 1521841

File: 1651867758491.jpeg (369.71 KB, 1125x1999, 14654171-878A-4E92-9D9B-D95B27…)

really? That’s the complaint? Gone too long without being tattooed? Is this e-begging for a new tattoo?

No. 1521854

Didn't she get like 5 tattoos in the last year?
>Kaya: Needs a new home
>Kaya: OK but how about tattoos and fake plants

No. 1521953

>what essentials am I missing? Watch me obsess too much over cute decorations

If you know this about yourself, why not try to curb it, instead of acting like teehee oops isn't this a quirky thing about me? When you're settled in an actual living space, sure. Until then, take care of the more pressing stuff at hand, because if you keep avoiding it like this there's only so much support and sympathy people can give.

Also is she pretending to not know about living essentials just to hint at the wishlist, or does she genuinely not know bc I honestly wouldn't put it past her

No. 1521992

Exactly this. She’s joking, or THINKS she’s joking. But constantly pulling these jokes when you’re pushing 30 just isn’t cute anymore. Likewise with the “bet I’m forgetting essentials!” thing. All she’s ever wanted is a whole horde of internet fans to hold her hand through life and then she gets mad or passive whenever they have an actual constructive input.

Kaya has had a wishlist for years, I’ve no doubt she does use it as a reminder shopping list, but she absolutely knows how to draw attention to it. Also, let’s not forget there are lots of idiots who still WANT to give her money and gifts, and have probably asked her ways to do so.

Tl;dr - I don’t think the wishlist is her biggest sin but god she’s a fucking broken record. Most micro-influencers her age from the tumblr era have either diversified their content portfolios or better, just grown the fuck up.

No. 1522045

File: 1651888927450.png (2.16 MB, 1170x2532, 5164D3AE-68E4-4717-BE78-CEA83E…)

No. 1522078



No. 1522102

The literal only reason people know who he is is because he was married to Freya and he ended up cheating on her kek how pathetic mamie get better idols

No. 1522121

File: 1651897288093.jpeg (261.86 KB, 1125x1594, D4158CFE-E620-4EDD-890B-87B360…)

Kat von D now posts more pics and outings with her overgrown emo than with her husband. Will there be trouble in paradise(hell)?

No. 1522155

Who is that guy? A Nikki Sixx skin walker?

No. 1522191

When it comes to Kat Von Measles and Prayers, I think if you are constantly making huge declarations of undying love on social media then it’s probably not as rosy in the garden as you like to make out.

No. 1522192


He’s just going to hit on her. Maybe that’s she what wants? She’s not exactly relevant at all and doesn’t bring anything to the alternative community, no matter how hard she tries or believe she does. Maybe it’s a new angle? Get famous by drama?

No. 1522219

Nikki Sixx from wish.

No. 1522250

He looks like Marilyn Manson with a wig.

No. 1522251

Don’t know if it’s been posted, Angela Benedict is a troon supporter, and I’m pretty sure kai can’t be a terf? Thought only women could be terfs?

No. 1522279

Is anyone willing to do a greentext of the viedo? I personally can't stand her and it would be even more unbearable if she started asskissing trannies.

No. 1522320

File: 1651932736445.jpeg (167.55 KB, 1125x1980, 8D03C811-8240-4235-BB89-044FF1…)


And show her photos during his live show. Kat von Diphtheria loves great public proclamations of love.

No. 1522377

Basically some salty trans person dug through her Facebook and found a 4 year old video of her where she mentions Kai Decadence because he has informative videos about goth music. Then that person and a bunch of other people kept spamming her, grilling her on it and calling her a transphobe.

This video is just her clarifying that she supports trans rights, and doesn't associate with Kai anymore. Because he has critical views of trans ideology, he knew it would make her look bad so he gave her the opportunity to unfriend him and she took it.

She complains that "terfs" and people like Kai have hateful, harmful views yet can't even tell you what he believes lmao.

Also she did a stream yesterday talking about it, among other things.

No. 1522453

File: 1651944281416.jpeg (242.74 KB, 1158x1856, 12B42330-284C-4429-A6B8-2A8475…)

Jake can’t pull off vocals live. So the Chester vibes are way out of his league.

No. 1522471

Checked out the story, from what I can hear this song is just like all his other songs, generic formula of screaming verses and then normal singing auto tune chorus.

No. 1522511

Flights are like £19. Don't over think your wee brain.

No. 1522513

So, as usual troons are unhinged and obsessed with victimizing themselves and this one probably took offense to something Angela has said and went on a crusade looking for an excuse to cancel her. Because, you know, that's completely normal instead of just not watching someone's content and living your life.

It doesn't even seem like she's asskissing them though. She made the video to clarify things and in the follow stream she talked about how it isn't her job to pander to others, which sounded more like she's trying to do a middle ground thing just to get the heat off herself. And that's understandable given how deranged these people are if you say you don't take them seriously. She's in NY and her entire identity is online, so if one of the cretins wanted to find where she lives or get her fired from her workplace, I'm sure they'd be able to. I'm surprised anybody thought she wouldn't be in support of them, because she's never alluded to the contrary. Really unfortunate, though.

No. 1522517

Nothing screams ‘I’m happy and secure in my relationship’ like constant grandiose expressions of ‘love’! Can’t let anyone be in any doubt that you totally love your significant other.

No. 1522529

Does anyone have videos of him performing live? I'd like to see that kek

No. 1522532


there was this dumpster fire of a performance. He really needs to work on actually singing instead of this weird half singing, half speaking shit he does. Also his "metal" screams are very weak.

No. 1522536

and this one where the main performance is him taking his top off. Pure vomit.

No. 1522556

I feel bad for him the neck tattoo ruined his body yikers

No. 1522577

File: 1651954984706.jpeg (178.33 KB, 1125x803, D40C61C6-437E-42E3-91A6-146392…)


Is it, tho? It’s still fairly cheap but you don’t have to lie in support of Kaya.

No. 1522613

File: 1651958466484.jpg (401.4 KB, 2880x2880, 20220507_222024.jpg)

There's only 9 comments on this one, but they're all based. Excuse the quality of the collage, am on mobile.

No. 1522614

File: 1651958702726.jpg (178.83 KB, 1080x1547, Screenshot_20220507-221727_Ope…)

This one has even less comments but they're all thirsty. And the guttural screams (not an exaggeration sadly) from the crowd when he stripped was just sad.

No. 1522633

He follows back any women he deems somewhat fuckable, she's not special.

No. 1522677

There's more men that would actually be violent to trannies, but TRAs only want to blame the "terfs" and use them as the strawman. Once again, women take the brunt.
Also, Kai did make a video explaining his views. Angela could have watched that if she wanted, but perhaps she's scared that it would actually make sense and she would question the madness.
Yeah, it's possible Angela's only saying this to save face and keep her popularity. More people are peaking due to the escalading, ridiculous demands of troons. Especially after what happened at the Olympics.
Just look at women like JK Rowling that have said something gender critical. Angela would probably get death threats too and be outed at work. She's not exactly a "huge" YouTuber by any means, but she probably doesn't want to be pushed out of the online goth community or reddit like Kai was. Still, it's too bad she's a handmaiden.

Lets hope "dont be twansphobic uwu" anon doesn't come back when we're discussing this kek

No. 1522715

lmao he sounds absolutely winded by the end. his voice sounds like shit

No. 1522717

This dude can’t pick someone to skinwalk, is Linkin Park or MM or Dir En Grey? Not to be a real emofag but he needs to shut the fuck up about a genuinely talented, trailblazing and DEAD musician. His ego is embarrassing.

No. 1522718

I feel like hostage is more apt than handmaiden at this point. There are blatant handmaidens and then there are people who are more or less ideological hostages just so troons don't seek out their families, workplaces, or home addresses. She didn't seem to spend much time on them or get anywhere near as riled up and passionate for their """cause""" as she does when it comes to the goth community, mental health, or her own stuff. I definitely feel like this was to keep her ass out of the flames. Can you imagine if they doxxed her husband, found out where he works, and tried to get him fired by association? I'm pretty sure he's the breadwinner of the two.

Besides, she's still considered "pRoBlEmAtIK" to people because she enjoys 80s movies that didn't age well. As long as she has opinions that she isn't willing to back down on, there will always be some assmad fucker online who will dig around for something trying to cancel her. Troon or otherwise. Remember when people in the comments of her older videos tried to grill her for not talking about black people in the goth scene enough? People want an endorsement for everything these days.

No. 1522720

Samefag but also to add that even before this the troons were in the comments of her past videos begging to be noticed or have a video about them. If this shitshow didn't go down, she likely wouldn't have done it.

No. 1522725

where is the makeup? Wasn't he supposed to be a goth or something?

No. 1522750


honestly the fact that there's trans people out there that actually do that kind of shit is scary. i personally don't mind trans people, i guess? like if you're trans, you're trans, cool, just don't shove it in my face and get your panties in a twist when you feel 'iNvALiDaTeD'. trans people exist and that's great, but they shouldn't be pulling this kind of shit, trying to dox people, and actively harm them? jesus fucking christ. someone forgot to take their anti-crazy meds this morning kek the world has gone to shit with all this 'oh but i need to be validated 24/7 and if you don't like me then YOU'RE TRANSPHOBIC AND I WON'T LISTEN TO YOU!!1!!!!1111111' some people need to get their heads out of their asses. i know some genuinely nice trans people and am part of the trans community myself, but there's always going to be fucking psychotic retards no matter where you go.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1522751

Well I guess they got what they wanted as almost half the comments are “as a trans woman…”. It’s fucking sad. I ended up watching Kai’s video as I didn’t know who he was and he’s just standing up for himself as a gay man. Just feels like the trans movement is more interested in raping people than existing and it’s pathetic that Angela calls that problematic. It’s pretty disappointing because I liked her content. She rather associate herself with rapists than someone that will stand their ground about their sexuality

He’s never been goth and seeing him live is not worth the money. You’re better off just going to a pub for free music than actively seeking him out. He sounds awful live and has the personality of brick

No. 1522752

how is the trans community 'raping' people?? is this the whole 'trans women can't use the women's bathroom' shit or am i just drinking autism juice today kek

No. 1522774

>trans people exist and that's great
>am part of the trans community myself
I feel like you don't know where you are, anon.

I enjoyed her content, too. Like I said, on one hand I don't blame her for trying to cover her ass so the malding men in dresses don't come after her, but at the same time horf. Still, she at least seems more pissed off that people brought this to her doorstep in the first place and not about the wights of poow widdle twans ppl.

Are you the same troon over here >>1522750 or is there just an influx of you who don't realize that nobody here likes trannies?

No. 1522775

Samefagging again but fucking KEK at "as a transwoman…" posts on her video. OF COURSE its a bunch of men masquerading as women, on a goth woman's video, because they ALWAYS want to be the type of woman they're interested in fucking.

No. 1522796

HAHA his live vocals are worse than Gerard Way's, god

No. 1522797

A lot of trannies are coercing people to have sex with them, namely gay men or lesbians. Transbians want lesbians (who don’t like dick) to have sex with them because now they’re supposedly “female”, and that’s that. Kai was complaining that he had to now be willing to date fakebois. This rule seems to only apply to “cis” people though, because even trans “women” aren’t willing to date each other (despite them screeching TWAW). There was a whole ‘Super straight’ movement based on this. You can’t change people’s sexual preferences (and that includes genitals!), but trannies are homophobic and don’t respect that. If you deny sex to a tranny, you’re now transphobic. Even though, you know, you can say no to sex for ANY reason.

No. 1522814


maybe anon is our good friend Reilly.

No. 1522821

When transwOmEn force gay people into dating/fucking them, yeh it’s a coercive and disgusting. It seems to only be rampant with the men pretending that they have a real vagina and get periods.
It’s shit that Angela took the side of trannys over her apparent friend that only wanted to date men because he’s gay. But I guess she, like jake, realised her audience is mainly tranny men pretending to be women. Need to keep the girldicks happy I suppose

But seriously, dude, you’re in the wrong place if you’re a tranny sympathiser.

No. 1522827

>me and my friends are the good trannies I swear

There are no good ones, don't be a pickme

No. 1522872

File: 1651996324955.jpg (31.71 KB, 764x238, w96THws.jpg)

Angela is an idiot. No one unironically identifies as a "TERF". "TERF" is just a word thrown around by trannies and their handmaidens to shut up women. It's no different than calling a woman a "bitch" for disagreeing. Honestly, I've never seen TRAs call a man a "TERF", because they're all just misogynistic assholes.

No. 1522938

Naaaah, she fucked up. She’s going to end up back peddling now to keep fans? She can’t keep fans with this one. She will lose the troons if she sides with women and lose women if she sides with troons. This is pretty disappointing to see and she’s lost me as a fan. How you going to go make a video calling someone “out” and using the term terf without even looking into the issue? It’s not like Kai’s video was uploaded in the last week or so, it’s been up for awhile.

since we all know Angela reads this board- you’re a cunt

No. 1522945

Starting to think the tranny lover is ruadhan…

We seem to forgot about that shitheap that has been known to self post here

No. 1522984

>lose women if she sides with troons
Maybe some, but nothing compared to the amount of tranny views she’d lose. If there’s one thing all this trans shit has taught me, it’s that women always feel pressured into caping for other groups over ourselves.

No. 1522990

Samefag to add that obviously that pressure is put on us by society at large to cape for others. I wasn’t trying to insinuate that it’s something in our nature and that we pressure ourselves. In case anyone may have misunderstood me.

No. 1522998

Ope, gerard-bully-anon is back

No. 1523096

Using their own “identify” logic to opt out of the terf label is kind of genius tbh.

No. 1523111

File: 1652032371795.jpg (732.88 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220507-184216_Ins…)

Meanwhile Jude being greasy as ever.

No. 1523116

She’s stupid as hell but I just can’t find it in me to hate her.

No. 1523219

Blogpost incoming. Angela has some really serious cognitive dissonance going on.

She calls herself a proud gatekeeper of goth. She always says how you can't be goth if you don't like goth music (which is true) and gives people shit for saying things like "goth is a mindset". She will say stuff like "what if I just woke up and had the mindset of a doctor?" implying you can't just identify as something without having the criteria.

Then she turns around and calls people terrible people and says they have hurtful views for being critical of the trans movement and said not seeing trans women as real women is a fucked up view to have. Even though the whole trans argument is that they're the opposite sex because of their mindset (e.g. "I like wearing high heels and being choked during sex therefor I'm female"). So, in other words, gatekeeping a music based subculture is based, but gatekeeping sex based rights is evil and harmful.

Also, I watched some of her livestream and I've never bit my tongue so hard in my life. She brought up the men getting into women's prisons issue. She said it's not really an issue because all of the bad transwomen are just men pretending to be trans so they can rape or whatever, and they're not really trans (no true Scotsman). She said it would be the same thing as demonizing crippled people and saying they shouldn't have rights because Ted Bundy pretended to have a limp so he could kill women. Then she kept going on and on about how horribly sad and disappointed it was that she lost 32 subscribers when she uploaded that video. Being like "I can't believe that many people watched me who are so hateful" etc. then later in the stream she was saying how she's not woke and you can listen to people you don't agree with, and even if you don't agree with them you can learn something (even though she bans people in her stream right away who disagree with her)

No. 1523257

Its interesting seeing a gen x vlogger go through this, honestly. I always thought they would have had the same views about troons being a menace. I also don't know why she's acting surprised that she lost subs. If she reads here: Angela, you do know that not everyone has to have the same views as you, right? I actually liked you because you talked about the way goth used to be in my time and your videos didn't constantly hamfist politics into everything. How many trans people have you ACTUALLY interacted with on a long term basis? I'm not talking about your random subs online. I'm talking about in person, offline, where you can see the slow mental decline in real time. You're in your 40s, dude. You're only a little bit older than me. You're REALLY going to act like this isn't some blatant fetish shit?

Unfortunately, I'm in the same camp. I don't hate her, but I am extremely disappointed because I knew this would happen at some point. People are obsessed with digging up something regardless of how old or benign it is and trying to use it against a person. Like I said prior, I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to get her fired from her job or demonetized. Or, worse, show up at her home because you know how these tards roll. It truly was only a matter of time after I saw so many unhinged BLM zoomer tards on her past videos asking for her opinions on black people being goth, which, is such a weird fucking thing to ask anybody? Especially someone who isn't black, which I thought that movement didn't give a fuck about the opinions of anyone outside of their own? I digress, I'm not trying to get banned for something I'm not doing, but the point is that when I first saw those comments a while back I knew it was only a matter of time before the troons waltzed in with their demands of a video on their ilk and oPinIonZ.

I don't understand why these people don't just have their own troon, gender nonsense, or insert race here make their own goth content. Why does somebody else have to be bullied into doing it? .. Oh. Right. Because nobody gives a fuck about them, so they have to ruin other people's stuff.

No. 1523266

I know she has at least a few irl friends who are trans, one of them is a gay dude who was in one of her videos once. I think that's one of the reasons she's so afraid of any kind of criticism of them.

No. 1523274

File: 1652045596574.jpg (137.18 KB, 628x576, y7i3kZE.jpg)

I guess the possibility of disliking troons crossed the line for her.
I forgot I was subscribed, definitely unsubscribing now.
>it's not really an issue because all of the bad transwomen are just men pretending to be trans so they can rape or whatever, and they're not really trans
That is shocking and really disappointing if Angela actually said all of that stuff on stream. I can't believe she's actually OK with putting "transgender" fee-fees over women's and girl's safety. This doesn't only happen in prisons by the way, there's trannies that go into women's bathrooms to masturbate, put in cameras in the toilet, and sexually assault women and girls. Don't forget the school-aged "transgender" that raped multiple girls in the school's bathroom. But no way was that transgender teenager a "real trans", right Angela?
Angela, since we know you lurk and post here, read the MtF thread. Do some actual research in what you're caping for.
Trannies like invading established spaces and ruining them, it's what they do. They don't want to make their own shit, ever. Even if all the "terf" goths made their own content, the troons would be all over it demanding they be included. It's too "validating".

No. 1523277

To her credit she did say something about women's shelters. Something like "if a woman has been abused by a man and she doesn't want to be at a shelter with a trans woman, there need to be safeguards put in place for that". That's not exactly how she phrased it, so don't quote that. But she never really elaborated on it.

No. 1523278

File: 1652046198873.jpg (84.14 KB, 808x550, gskPcIX.jpg)

Angela's backpedaling hard now. Those are some "terfy" points you're making there.
>He likes em big and burly. Like a MAY-UN.
Kek, so she's admitting that TIFs can't be "manly" enough.
You can't be in the middle, Angela. Trannies demand total submission, not logic. She's learning this the hard way.
I guess she doesn't want to lose any more subscribers, since she's going to delete this video after a week now.

No. 1523280

a women's shelter actually closed down because it didn't include transwomen. it's not often an option. she doesn't seem very well-read into this stuff to be talking about it.

No. 1523299

Oh she isn't well read on this stuff at all. In her video she couldn't even tell you what Kai believed that made her dump him as a friend or what a "terf" is or what they believe yet said how they're horrible and have harmful/hateful beliefs.

No. 1523321

That’s one thing that bothered me in all this. I wish she had at least done more research about it. Not even being able to define the acronym “TERF” tells me she really doesn’t know what she’s talking about. And now the comments are filled with TRAs trying to educate her, which usually has two outcomes: 1) the person doubles down on appeasing the TRAs in fear of what they can do to their livelihood and reputation or 2) the person realizes the chorus of the insane is overwhelming and manipulative. I was hoping it’d go the second way since she said she isn’t a dancing monkey or whatever term she used.

No. 1523323

Back peddling and will delete the video so all comments of her bullshit will go to. Some of the comments she’s left in response to others are pretty disappointing.

What she’s not understanding is that women and men are over the tranny bs. People have preferences and these trannys are forcing people by shame into fucking them. She’s done this at the wrong time and there’s no way for her to get out of it

No. 1523330

>I didn't intend to leave this video up

sure, angela.

>he doesn't feel he should be forced to date a trans man

>that to me is fair

she's gonna lose a lot of followers over this, since most troons want to harass lesbians and straight men into dating them.

No. 1523331

>don't worry, when you're finished with the tranny thing we'll just dig up more stuff to complain about

Pandering to terminally online people with too much free time like these is a bottomless well, they'll never be appeased and keep fussing over things you do, because they like being catered to. If Angela plays along, I hope it's just for the sake of avoiding harassment.

No. 1523343

File: 1652052485952.jpg (14.61 KB, 489x142, RRFT7ef.jpg)

>I'm NOT a transphobe
>What I'm NOT about is pandering to peoples feelings and fragile beliefs
pick one. what you're doing is enabling tranny feelings and fragile beliefs.

it would have been better for her had she just ignored the troon stuff. it's obvious by her comments that she's not quite "all-in" and is making the same "terf" points that she claims are "evil" (allowing women-only shelters, saying people can deny dating trannies, etc.). she's digging herself a hole deeper and deeper. these half-assed responses are not going to go well with the trans community.
it's too late for her to nuke the video now. by deleting it, it actually makes her look worse. and trannies are just gonna ask for another video to be made, or else they'll form a mob.

No. 1523348

File: 1652052962713.jpg (7.74 KB, 484x129, l8a2TT3.jpg)

A comment she liked on twitter. She's sending a lot of mixed signals.
Angela reads as a normie that doesn't know anything about trans ideology, and only believes the "trans people just want to pee!" stuff that they push. She likely confuses homosexual rights with "trans rights".

No. 1523353

By “addressing” the issue she’s dug a hole she ain’t getting out of. She says that she believes it’s ok for you to have preferences but you also have to have accept trans. She has know idea of the storm that’s going to go her way now. Can’t delete the video or looks guilty, can’t stick up for womens rights and can’t stick up for trans rights

At least we might get some decent milk

No. 1523357

she must know a little bit about troons because she does have some troon friends. I think it's more of a case of she wants to be accepting of everyone but she knows deep down a lot of troon stuff is bullshit. you can't please everyone.

sidenote, but this has happened many times. a person who panders to woke people for years, then accidentally says something controversial and gets eaten alive, then whines about cancel culture/woke culture despite the fact that they very much contributed to it. I remember her shit talking rose mcgowan a long time ago in one of her streams.

No. 1523361

Either way, she’s now about to gain an audience of those males that fetishise goth. You know, the ones she rants on about every “90s goth” video she does. Just now the dress as the kink

No. 1523366

Pretty much. She should have just ignored it from the get go bc now peace will never be an option.

No. 1523376

Pic rel is fucking disgusting. I don't know if that Rose person is a sub of hers and just being facetious or if its some deranged tranny making threats, but Angela? THIS SHOULD BE YOUR FUCKING WAKE UP CALL NOT TO SUPPORT THESE PEOPLE. They will cling to ANYTHING they can in order to cancel you. You will gain nothing by trying to appeal to their fragile sensibilities and if you have any self respect, you'll stop. Its OKAY to not want to support these people even if media and internet randos demand that you do. Its YOUR LIFE.

Agreed. She should've just ignored them in the first place. I've been saying it from the start that she is likely doing this to cover her ass from being harassed online or even offline. I cannot wait for the day that these people get the rope. Someone please fucking tell me that the pendulum is swinging back and right into their deformed balls.

This is why I mentioned the gen x thing. A lot of boomers and gen x people seem really out of touch with the tranny ideology and don't realize that its not about wanting to piss and some of them even confuse it with homosexual rights or, in some cases, drag queens. It would really do her well to maybe take a break from making videos, read up on this shit, and then come back. If she still thinks they're all innocent angels who look like Gigi Gorgeous after the fact, then that's the bed she's made and she has to sleep in it.. with all of them drooling at her window fetishizing her ass.

No. 1523408

Angela's live if anyone is interested. Not much milk right now, just her complaining about how some videos get less views than others. I'm sure she's doing this stream as some sort of damage control.

No. 1523410

She will try to do damage control and dig herself deeper. Or she will just completely ignore the comments and continue being ranty.

I’m starting to wonder if she will try also dance around the trans issue as a way of abetting more views as it draws in a lot of drama.

No. 1523418

Yeah, I saw it a few minutes ago on the other tab. Surprising that I even did considering I had already unsubscribed from her earlier today.

>some videos get less views than others

That's.. That's just how it works though? Not everyone is going to find every video that somebody puts out to be profound or interesting or even good enough for background noise while cleaning and cooking. I didn't watch her haul videos or food videos because I don't care about hauls and I have a million other food channels that I'm subscribed to if I want that content. I watched Angela because we're in the same general age group and I wanted a familiar perspective on the goth community and how its aged. I can understand that its probably asschapping to have put a lot of work into a video only for it to not perform as well as you'd like for it to, but that can't be helped. I'm not going to watch her reviewing vegan nuggets or mac and cheese or whatever it was.

The problem is that she isn't doing the latter, despite what she thinks. The hole is being dug even deeper. She really should've and could've ignored this whole thing. So many of her subscribers even admitted on the initial video that they had no idea what was going on and likely wouldn't have if she just didn't bring even more attention to it. Somebody's always mad in the comments of her videos. Its been this way for years because she has views that some people get bitchy about, likely because they're the type of people she's criticizing. Instead of trying to please everybody, Angela should have the stance of, "Don't like my shit? Don't watch it."

No. 1523432

Exactly. Not many subscribers even watch her streams. Her streams are unplanned so they’re hard to catch, and she deletes them afterwards. If she hadn’t posted about the trans drama on her steam or in her Twitter comments, this probably would’ve gone unnoticed. It seemed only a small group (I think just one person actually) making a stink. Angela should have just ignored it, but you know how she gets off on putting strangers on blast.

No. 1523435

File: 1652063507107.jpeg (314.75 KB, 1284x1080, CF475352-0196-4774-ADFF-ECD73B…)

Currently Angela is easy to trigger.

She admits knowin what terf means, she just wanted to play innocent because of “stress”. No one but one dude in a dress pushed her into making a video

I do like how all the asspat and “as a trans woman” comments are at the top and all comments that point out how fucked it is are at the bottom

No. 1523468

I must've seen the initial video early then because those comments weren't the ones at the top. The top ones were absolutely all the ones defending her from these idiots. I guess the tranny ones got upvoted by themselves and their fellow deranged comrades.

No. 1523570

Not even a "solid week" and the video is already removed.

No. 1523572

Honestly, I don't blame her. Fuck the troons. They get nothing.

No. 1523575

I've gotta agree with you anon. She's not aware of what's really going on and how deep this trans nonsense goes. Like I wonder if she knows about what's happening with lesbians being harassed by troons or some of the stuff that these troons write about women and what they really think of us. Like another anon said, she didn't even know what a "terf" was at first when that term has been around for a good few years now.

I know that not many people like Kai but I find it interesting that he's one of the only prominent goths (on Youtube anyway) who actually admitted these views, I was beginning to wonder if there were any other goths at all who actually saw through trans BS since all the goths I've met have been pro-TRAs…

I'm just curious on whether Angela will continue to feel the way she does if she ever takes the plunge and learns more about what the trans lobby's agenda really is which is to essentially erase women and get to go down the troon path.

No. 1523579

> sidenote, but this has happened many times. a person who panders to woke people for years, then accidentally says something controversial and gets eaten alive, then whines about cancel culture/woke culture despite the fact that they very much contributed to it.

To be fair, it wasn't necessarily something that she said that got her in the hot water she's in right now, it's jsut the the friendship she used to have Kai that seems to have been the problem and they probably assumed she's a "tranpshobe" by association because of Kai's "problematic" views. Unless I'm missing something?

> I remember her shit talking rose mcgowan a long time ago in one of her streams.

What did she say about Rose McGowan? Was it in relation to when Rose McGowan went off on that TIM who showed up at her book reading?

No. 1523580

File: 1652071961296.jpeg (615.25 KB, 1284x1184, BD10E582-C688-4C3A-BAF9-00F2BC…)

I’m surprised she said this and that they haven’t come for her yet.

No. 1523588

Right, had she ignored it and didn't make that last video, she would've been just fine. But now it's out there and even if she deletes it, people will remember it or heck, someone might even re-upload it.
She can try to ignore it from here on out and it might work but I dunno, it seems like once you mingle with the trans cult, it will never go away…

No. 1523591

Damn, that's "TERF" talk, Angela. Yeah, I'm surprised none of the TRAs or many MTFs have grilled her about this comment. Just mentioning biology is a terf dogwhistle, according to TRAs.
These are the same points Kai makes, and yet he's the "evil" one? Sheesh.

No. 1523595

How do you "feel like a female" though kek? She's repeating what TIMs say but not even they can define or explain what that "feeling" is. Please.

No. 1523599

yeah and honestly, after this, i can't look at her the same way. i did like her content (well, mainly her old content) but after seeing her try so hard to be a pickme, literally parroting trans talking points that even she doesn't understand, it doesn't sit well with me.

No. 1523616

Same, she was one of my favorite channels because for once, we had a goth youtuber who made content that wasn't a truckload of fucking haul videos. But after seeing this? I can't look at her the same way neither. I guess it's because I hit my peak trans 2 years ago and while I had a feeling that Angela might be a TRA supporter, part of me wanted to hope that she really wasn't but just kept quiet about it so she wouldn't get cancelled. But sadly this video confirmed it and worse, she was showing how she didn't really understand the talking points that dismantle trans ideology.

And with this talk of canceling, can someone really be canceled over this? I mean Kai made that video and while it got backlash, I don't see people calling to cancel him. Then again he hasn't uploaded in awhile so who really knows what's in store for him if he ever does but I mean really, has any person who came out against trans ideology been severely impacted by it? JK Rowling gets death threats and hate thrown her way but she's a billionaire and she can't really be cancelled so there's that kek.

No. 1523633

I find that TRAs and trannies tend to be waaay harsher on women for being "transphobic" than men. Men get a slap on the wrist in comparison to the death threats and stalking that women get. There's a lot of big male YouTubers that have said even worse things about the trans community, but never got cancelled for it. There's a double standard for women, and it's why the idea of a "terf" even exists.

No. 1523634

samefag, I had a feeling that she might have been a troon supporter too, but since she usually doesn't talk about politics and hadn't mentioned her stance before, I watched her anyways. This "I'm not a transphobe" attitude and spitting on others (like Kai) while, like you said, making points that dismantle trans ideology, is hypocritical. I don't think there's anything she can do to fix this, without seriously pissing off her MTF fans.

No. 1523639

Ah I see. I think I see your point. Like how JK Rowling, while she's mostly gonna be okay financial-wise, wasn't she banned from attending the Harry Potter anniversary? Meanwhile Dave Chapelle did his standup and criticized TIMs and even though the TIMs reee'd at his commentary, he was still able to keep his special up and he even got approved for another gig. So I think I get what you mean, they definitely come for women much harder than men who speak out against the ideology. I wonder why that is though?
Maybe because men wouldn't take their BS and they have the systemic power to be firm in their stance?

Agree on everything. This is gonna be interesting to watch, that's for sure.

No. 1523647

Men defend other men kek. That's how I've seen it. There's also an expectation for women to always be open and accepting, so when they question trans ideology, it's a shock to TRAs and trannies. Meanwhile if men question it, it's just "boys will be boys" and it gets swept under the rug.
>Maybe because men wouldn't take their BS and they have the systemic power to be firm in their stance?
That's exactly it. Men have more positions of power and louder voices. Men are also more likely to respond violently, and these TRAs know that. They quickly cower at men. That's why they pick on women instead.

Angela will probably be okay, unless some troons get ahold of the screenshots here and makes some sort of campaign to cancel her. Which is possible given her audience.

No. 1523696

We need to exterminate all scrotes. Don't go to second page.

No. 1523701

I’m surprised she wasn’t drilled by trans for this this comment.

Maybe that’s why she deleted the video? No hate parade for her if there’s nothing to see, but she forgot about here. Which is weird because she does read here so surely she would’ve known someone would pick up on these comments? Wait till the trannys come in here and see that Angela is talking like a terf

No. 1523741

Oh wow, she really did delete the video.

Did anyone manage to cap her replies in the comments? They were pretty telling of how hard she’s trying to play both sides and how much of a vapid cunt she actually is

No. 1523745

This is exactly what Angela deserves considering how much she has loved to insert herself into drama with a holier than thou attitude over the years.

No. 1523756

File: 1652090117162.png (27.06 KB, 1122x538, may-patreon.png)

I know Kaya is a lazy pos, but it's still funny how hard Jake is fumbling his "career" since the break up.

No. 1523768

His fans were kayas and on top of that people liked him because he was in a long term relationship. But then people started to notice he was an ass and suspected cheating towards the end. Once it was confirmed he wasn’t this wholesome, loyal and loveable guy, he was just as bad as all the other male YouTubers.

I always liked Angela and even though her holier than thou attitude was a tad shitty, it was something I could tolerate as her content was good. However, I did see some of the replies in the comments and what a pos! She really let her true colours fly on that video and in the comments.

Not surprised it’s gone after how much she was going off in the comments, especially when she was contradicting herself. She was all over the place.

Funnily enough I want to the livestream recording and ads for trans rights and are you gay pop up on it. So she must’ve spoken about it during the live if anyone wants to torture themselves?

No. 1523776

File: 1652092072335.jpeg (334.58 KB, 1284x1714, AAA58167-08EB-4424-B78E-881574…)

Out of curiosity I checked her twitter since she has no self control. She’s a little butthurt about losing subs as there’s more than one tweet about it. Wonder if that’s why she deleted the video or because she woke up and came here?

And of course all most all of the comments are from troons or orbiters

No. 1523922

31-32 unsubscribed really isn’t a lot (it’s definitely grown now though kek), especially when she claims to be so “casual” about YouTube (she’s got a job outside of it, rarely uploads). People can unfollow for any reason. This just makes her look more petty.

No. 1523986

File: 1652103056287.jpeg (274.22 KB, 1284x682, 64CF1A45-3049-4B4A-94DA-D5F797…)

I posted >>1523580, and just wanted to point out that it wasn’t from the video. This is from a post on her channel that’s still up, there are still some comments there about all the stuff that’s happening. Not a ton though, and most are from a day or two ago.

No. 1524032

Can't say that I agree given anybody's allowed to have an opinion on anything, including drama that doesn't concern them. I mean, we're on lc. The issue is demented trannies inserting themselves into every nook and cranny possible and their handmaidens. The issue is women being expected to entertain this maggots due to the expectation that we be docile and accepting no matter what. The issue is a bunch of balding men in dresses and BDSM gear describing how feeling like a woman is to want to be a sex object or degenerate 24/7.

I don't like that she cowtowed to any of these fuckers and I think she should have kept her mouth shut, but she herself is not the root of this. I get that some anons (or just one very dedicated one) have been obsessed with bringing her up since thread one when there was no actual milk other than you don't like her opinions, but this is deeper than Angela and in the grand scheme she is not a large "influencer/vlogger" by any means.

Troons are the problem. Aim for the head, not the arms.

No. 1524036

Samefagging but let's also not forget the ever present possibility that these people go after her or her husband. There's an MtF thread here and you guys know how these fuckers are. If Angela knows troons offline like she claims, I wouldn't be surprised that most of them are dudes in dresses and that alone is enough reason to fear physical retaliation or even them trying to get her fired or her husband. They tried to cancel her just because she ASSOCIATED with somebody who had critical views for a video made four years ago. That alone should tell people how far they will take things.

No. 1524080

Working as an esthetician, I can’t imagine what crap she’s had to do for trannies…
It would’ve been better for her to just ignore things. Keeping it ambiguous was the way to go. But now she’s opened a can of worms. She probably didn’t expect how hostile the trans community actually is. I can tell that she’s not a huge tranny supporter (at most she respects pronouns, but everyone has to at their job or get fired…), just from the talking points she’s made. What I don’t like is that she’s ostracizing and criticizing others for being “hateful” and “evil”, for having literally the same views that she does (women-only shelters, can’t change your biology, ect.)

No. 1524106

This >>1523922 is my thought exactly. Why is she that bothered by losing subscribers? I could understand if YouTube was her job but she was smart enough to not have it be and to hold down an IRL job where she makes her living. And like you said, she rarely uploads so there's that as well.

It's just rather unfortunate that she's lingering on those lost subs because it's not like she can't get anymore if she just continues making videos

No. 1524128

You're sadly right. She lives in New York and her and her husband hold down decent jobs that help pay the bills so they can't afford having their lives be fucked with by these mentally ill men who are deranged enough to harass and try to get someone fired because they don't validate their sorry asses.

Angela clearly doesn't know what troons really think of women and if she did take a peruse through the MTF threads, I am more than sure she might peak. I feel like the troons she knows in her life who are her friends are really just gay men which could be another reason why she feels they aren't really a threat to women but she's not understanding that it's not deluded gay men who are the problem and that it's ideology that is the real problem and how it's being used to erase us women as a class. Like she has to see the big picture that it's not just affecting us but the generation who's coming after and it would be really messed up if she's okay with having the next generation of women having to deal with mentally ill scrotes invading women only spaces.

No. 1524248

I mean, yeah, she said that some of her clients are trannies. Imagine having to lie to yourself and them (and by extension everyone else in the room) about how much they YAASS SLAAAYY when its some balding, awkward fucker in your chair acting like he's the spitting image of Julie Brown in 'Earth Girls are Easy'. I don't like that she's saying those things either and I'm still remaining unsubscribed from her, but I feel like anons have lost sight of the real problem because some had a vendetta against her this whole time and just waited for any scrap of milk to drop. Even this, as far as "milk" goes, isn't milky at all. Some tranny got mad that she was friends with a gay dude who has opinions on who he dates, big fucking deal. That doesn't make her a transphobe or whatever by association. It was still shitty of her to remove him though. She should've ignored this whole damn thing.

Yep, that's what I've been saying over and over. NY is blue state as shit and there are enough trannies there to mess up your whole life. Her husband works in medicine and likely is the breadwinner, so if they found him and tried to whine to someone that he's the husband of a transphobe, there goes half of their income. They'd likely not be able to afford where they live after that and it would be a whole thing.
>really just gay men
This is what I was thinking last night. There are a number of people who don't understand the depravity of troons because they either have no interaction with them beyond the terminally online shitcases or they know one person offline who is lukewarm, maybe doesn't necessarily showcase their full crazy in front of them, so they don't understand how bad it really is.

No. 1524271

Angela’s stream is still up and there’s some comments alluding to her talking about the whole tranny issue. I can’t sit through 6 hours to find it, many probably can’t, and I’m sure that was her intention.
Anyways, it’s ridiculous she’s complaining about cancel culture when she has (and is currently) participating in it. Maybe this is her way of saying that if she says her real feelings on the matter, she’ll get fired?
She’s gonna learn that you can’t straddle the line between troon pandering and reason. I’m sure many of us were once accepting, but because we put our foot down on some reasonable things, were ostracized and called “terf”. Also, she would be surprised at the amount of “normal”-looking troons that act OK irl, but will say the worst shit online.

No. 1524433

I saw her in Camden a few weeks back, i assume during her UK trip.
She actually looked great - hair and all!

Looking for a place to live can be a nightmare but with the lack of vods it really feels like she's sleeping on it, and begging for tattoos is certainly not it
BUT as a person she seems to be thriving, just a shame she isn't working.(sage your shit)

No. 1524449

It's still on yt. There's a little rant starting at 1:50 h. I'm listening while typing some stuff and don't think I'll watch it entirely tonight.

No. 1524475

Samefag, at 2:05 h she starts to talk about her last video.
>some fucking psychotic trans rights activist like digging into my past and basically trying to brand me as transphobic
but the shortly after she says that she's not transphobic. The way she asks if people are listening at 2:09 lmao.

No. 1524490

Angela essentially doesn’t want the label of “transphobic”, that’s all. She’s trying to do her usual uppity better than you attitude to it too and that failed. Seems obsessed to not be labeled as a transphob.

As someone that doesn’t follow her anywhere else, the whole “psa” video was out of the blue and unnecessary. It shouldn’t have gone to YouTube. The video was just her attacking her old friend and trying to act if she knew nothing about the issue. That’s fucked up.

As caps on this thread revealed, she knew exactly what she was talking about when kicking her friend to the curb and calling him a terf. She “didn’t want to deal with the stress”. It was never a psa of im not a transphob, it was a video on “you guys should be attacking him not me!”. In the comments she flat out started attacking others for telling her it’s fucked up with some even asking can Americans not be friends with others that have different opinions.

All the video did was show she’s an uppity bitch when it comes to anything, not just goth, and people aren’t liking it anymore

No. 1524658

>Seems obsessed to not be labeled as a transphob.
Like people pointed out upthread I can't exactly blame them nona kek, can you? It sounds great in theory and when we're all anonymous on here to talk about what trannies deserve, but most people don't have the option to have their careers, families, and mental health fucked with all for a few nasty words online. The smartest thing that she could've done was to ignore the accusations and never make the video. I'm trying not to sound condescending, but some people itt sound like they still live with their parents and therefore have no reason to fear much or any retaliation offline from the agps, because they're not paying the bills and all. I'm sorry, but I can't see this as "obsessed" when this is an entire ideology comprised of men who will shame others into giving them whatever they want and if you don't comply they'll go even further than doxxing in some cases. Some of you forget how these moids are. I agree that her psa wasn't necessary, but the caps don't reveal that she truly knows anything about the trans movement. She's parroted talking points, like many do, but that doesn't equate to fundamental understanding of a topic. That's memorization and anybody with enough intact brain plasticity and a basic survival drive can do that.

I don't agree that Kai should be attacked for his views, but can I see what she means by, "If you have grievances with his views then you should talk with him about it and not me?" Well, yeah, I can because she isn't him. This is the most retarded shit. Her being friends with him didn't mean she endorsed his views. People can have opposing views and be friends, its just that these terminally online fucktards who are obsessed with cancelling people and dragging agendas everywhere often refuse to see it that way. She isn't Kai's mom, his keeper, or anything that has a say over his autonomy so they were retarded to go after her for this. I'd be pissed too if I were sick and recovering and some scrote in kneesocks blew up my socials asking why I hate trannies based off of nothing more than having a friend who has those views. That's some high school shit.

No. 1524671

Her comment shown by >>1523580 is what is considered transphobic these days. Just by her posting that is enough to have men in dresses after her. She also admits that she has family and friends that are trans, she knows the topic/subject well.

At this point the Angela wking needs to stop. She’s played her hand and then deleted the video when those that are sane started pointing it out in the comments.

A 40yro women started high school drama over one troon that no one knew about and then attacked everyone pointing it out in the comments. Usually when she attacks people it is because others are wrong about what goth is, but this time she attacked people for pointing out what terf meant after she claimed she didn’t know what it meant and then admits she did. She attacked others for saying she shouldn’t have posted it to YouTube as no one knew where it came from.

It was either for attention or she lost the plot that day

No. 1524682

a bit weird that you're seeing people disagreeing as whiteknighting and your most recent most echoes what other farmers have noticed with this whole thing. angela is getting more shit than kai because trannies would rather pick on the woman than the man. twitter trannies also lurk this board so maybe i shouldnt be surprised.

No. 1524721

File: 1652156185069.jpg (283.25 KB, 1284x2282, xtoxictears-20220510-0001.jpg)

Kaya is fucking huge and is getting more comfortable showing off her tits and body lately

No. 1524730

this fit is so confusing what is she wearing…

No. 1524772

Crop top and skirt with knee high boots what is so confusing about that? It looks good on her

No. 1524773

I'm confused as well… I'm assusming she's wearing a top that's showing her underboob but yeah, it's one of the most jarring looks she'd done in a while…

No. 1524776

i work in a job that's considered menial labor and so I feel safe knowing that even if some troon tried to get me fired from my job, it wouldn't work because it's not a specialty type of job. But I get it, I get that Angela's job is a little more upscale and reputation is everything in these kinds of jobs so she's trying to defend herself fro scrotes in dresses. It's all the more reason why she should've just kept quiet and gone about her day. Like you said, it was one troon, not like 10 or even 5 and it could've easily been swept under the rug but she goofed and now she's in this predicament.

>"If you have grievances with his views then you should talk with him about it and not me?"

I agree with this as well and looking at the comments in his video where he made his views known, he's actually responding to some of the comments and actually defending himself (and honestly making sense but you know, TRAs and their BS "logic"). So they shouldn't even be coming for her, they should just take it up with him because he's obviously not shying away from responding to their accusations.

It's just retarded because she already said she dropped him years ago so it really is just complete bullshit that they're still going after her when she already said she's fine with validating them, as sickening as it us to those of us living in reality so these troons need to just get a fucking life and unironically, touch some grass.

I honestly don't know what Angela can do now except just push on and ignore the troons she more than likely has attracted to her channel now.

No. 1524814

File: 1652169165019.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220510-084918_Ins…)

Fully showed Kat, not behind a pay wall for the first time afaik

No. 1524815

File: 1652169270828.jpg (449.73 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220510-085042_Ins…)

Hoping it's not a get ready with me, unboxing, or review, but that's a far fetched hope with her

No. 1524821

At least it’s with clothes on this time

No. 1524827

File: 1652172526253.png (781.01 KB, 660x924, Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 09.48…)

No. 1524832

She's not huge, (I mean she's tall but not the way you mean here) that particular girl is tiny, they have posted photos together for years

No. 1524834

I'm geniunely suprised there's no OF pic on that shitty 7th grader collage

No. 1524835

What a filter to go for for your gf reveal
However much she spent was too much, looks like at least €50 worth of gifts there (framed print, cake, what looks like nice quality wine)
Compare to the gas station flowers he got her.

No. 1524844

I wonder how long they had been cheating on the down low for them to already be this far into the honeymoon period. This is giving me heather sparkles new relationship feels. Wonder if they've exchanged vials of blood or bits of their hair yet. lmao

No. 1524850

Their whole relationship is so tacky, I bet half those photos were taken while his and Kaya's collective fanbase still thought they were together

No. 1524851

This is so sad and pathetic. Both in their early to mid 30s with her being older than jake and resulting to high school like romance.
I cannot WAIT for this fallout to happen because you just know it’s going to be hilarious. They will both have full on public metal downs

No. 1524852

There is one. It’s the blue one in the middle. They’re both naked and kissing

No. 1524853

File: 1652176636664.png (866.38 KB, 1049x675, Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 11-55…)

Some of those pics have Kat with the dark green and much roots showing. That colour she had in March 2021. She switched to fushia/orange in july and in october had orange/pink

No. 1524854

File: 1652176713360.png (938.98 KB, 1043x691, Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 11-47…)

March 2021

No. 1524858

File: 1652177169842.jpg (382.77 KB, 1080x1482, Screenshot_20220510-030446_Adb…)

No. 1524880

Idk why but there's something so tragic about the way he's treating this relationship, it's like Kat's a prop he can take photographs with, she's an aesthetic he can sell to his followers easier than he could with a self conscious Kaya, you never really saw him proclaim "I love Kaya!" Or make soppy social media posts in their 10 years tohety and that might well be because he didn't but the pandering insta posts with Kat reek of overcompensating, he has to lean into the "we're obviously madly in love!!" Angle to soften the cheating allegations

No. 1524895


The orange hair pics are from their barcelona trip after he and Kaya broke up, the blue/green is what she has now, none of those pics are earlier than october

No. 1524902

File: 1652186316268.png (858.08 KB, 660x924, Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 13.38…)

No. 1524917

Gross ass tattoos look like cheeto dust, along with those moldy nails. I wonder if Fake has actually met her kid?

No. 1524923

>they're still going after her
Because she's a woman and like >>1523647 >>1523639 >>1523633 >>1524658 pointed out troons are way more harsh towards women when they don't comply. The expectation set for us is that we be accepting of everything including troons and their delusions. Nothing is happening to Kai except that his name is getting brought up and maybe some comments are being left on his video, but that troon didn't spam his pages demanding answers. Just Angela's. I think they were probably a subscriber of hers who didn't like something she said or got uppity about their constant commenting pleading for a twans bideo uwu didn't happen so they went digging for something. I wouldn't be surprised if they lurk here given some of the replies to this have been suspiciously timed with the raids from leftypol and elsewhere plus a few anons here sound like troons trying to sway opinion or troon sympathizers. We had one out itself after all.

No. 1524940

File: 1652191213784.png (2.54 MB, 1536x2048, FA762D93-20D3-4EAD-B21D-39FDD5…)

What does this mean??? She doesn’t usually make such a song and dance and hoohah about her upcoming videos. There’s like 4 in her IG stories. Think it’s a reveal all about twat head?

No. 1524955

Hopefully holyyy shit

No. 1524962

Oh man I really hope so!

No. 1524967

Finally giving the people what they want, and maybe this will help her get over her video phobia since this would obviously weigh on her mind, with him also being a Youtuber and embarrassing the living fuck out of himself these last few months.

Or it could be another GRWM kek, who knows

No. 1524973

Maybe she’s taking advantage whilst stump is away plus she’s paying for her studio and car herself now right? So he’s not got so much leverage, plus he’s acting like he’s always been with Kat and it’s not big news, like he’s downplaying it so maybe she will spill

No. 1524981

I don't know what to expect from Kaya, I assume the video will be something boring like an unboxing but if it's really a tea spilling-video I like her timing.. 'cause it's stumpy's birthday tomorrow, iirc?

No. 1524986

God it would be so great to drop a tell all expose video about Jake on his birthday while he's off on holiday with the other woman, I don't think it will be, I think we'll be disappointed but I'm going to have fun thinking about how great that would hypothetically be until the video drops.

No. 1524992

I’m so ready for this milk, holy shit. Please be what we think it is.

No. 1524993


The timing is funny as fuck as he's just gone on holiday. Just hope its not a boring get ready with me where she doesnt spill anything and is vague and has no conviction..

No. 1525011

Either she is gonna spill on what happened finally or she got a house. I'm guessing the second one is probably more likely.

No. 1525025

The big expose would be amazing milk but i genuinely hoop its a house so she can stop moaning about that

No. 1525047

I get you anon but Angela already said she's fine with validating their "iDenTiTy", isn't that enough? Kek

>But that troon didn't spam his pages demanding answers.

That's more than likely true but seeing the comments he's leaving on that video towards people criticizing him, he actually is answering their questions and perhaps that's why the troons aren't blowing up his video with questions demanding answers because he's actually answering them. Also probably because they don't want to risk that video getting more exposure but that's a tinfoil.

But then again, you're right that the way women and men who express pro-reality are treated vastly different. Like that one YouTuber Magdalen Berns who was an outspoken "Terf", she got all kinds of hate thrown her way even though she was up front and honest where she stood with her views and never rolled over for these troons and they hated her to the point that they celebrated her death when she passed away from brain cancer a few years ago.

So even if Angela actually didn't believe in trans bullshit, it wouldn't prevent her from getting harassed from these terminally online men in frocks. I somewhat feel bad for her because she obviously had no idea the Pandora's box she just opened but at the same time, I'm now curious where she's going to go from here.

No. 1525050

Same anon, I really hope this isn't clickbait kek

>or she got a house

I'm leaning towards this as well.

Do you think if she actually finally got herself a house, she'd take control of her life and finally make videos again?

No. 1525065

File: 1652203424569.jpg (508.05 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220510-182247_Ins…)

Yeah she really wants people to tune into this one. Though from the thumbnail all I can tell is her with green hair or clothes and sitting somewhere.

No. 1525089

File: 1652204962347.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1102x1698, 2A6E4730-425C-49C8-9510-C7841C…)


No. 1525090

File: 1652204989160.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 1169x1782, 9C352D5C-1175-432B-B83B-E84A84…)

No. 1525095

lol needs more filter. Bet that woman's foot in the background never looked so good.

No. 1525102

With all of the filters, it looks like a mum out with her son kek
Btw for anyone wanting to open the spoilers, it’s just Jake and Kat (fully clothed)

No. 1525104

Can this man come up with nothing original? Barcelona? Again. It must be so nice to take your new fancy piece to the place you were planning to move to with your ex. She must feel so very special.

Kinda hoping that Kayas video is her having got a house. If I was her I wouldn’t give that waste of skin anymore airtime.

No. 1525108

Well according to his last vlog, he was going to be in Nashville for his birthday. But K is over his ass already. He has nowhere else to go, no other "friends", and doesn't have the money for much traveling, so yeah Barcelona again.

No. 1525114

My money is on a vid of her recent London trip featuring a bunch of people who had green-tone hair.
I'm hopeful that "This has been a long time coming" is hinting at some details finally regarding the break up. I don't even want the "tea" anymore, I'm just frustrated about the concept of him getting away with being such a piece of shit with seemingly zero real consequence. I would wager that the number of "girls nights" she's been on with a bunch of people who would probably have been talking her around to opening up about what happened, is going to lead to some light on what happened.

No. 1525116

In his last video he says that he's finally in a "happy and healthy relationship". Are you ever going to elaborate on how Kaya was so unhealthy? Because so far all we've seen is literal abuse and cheating coming from his end. You can't just say shit, Jake. Follow up your claims.

No. 1525118

I don't think she'd make more vids. Hopefully just moan less about life lmao

No. 1525132

I don’t think she’ll ever complain less kek. She’ll continue to post her Amazon wishlists, complain about editing and uploading videos, whine about the weather, the usual. I guess it’s just part of her personality.

No. 1525163

This is not a drill, Kaya has finally found a house!

No. 1525164

I don't think she'd make more vids. Hopefully just moan less about life lmao

No. 1525165

File: 1652211084599.png (1.09 MB, 1920x1080, Schermopname (1000).png)

called it

No. 1525166

File: 1652211156329.jpeg (637.82 KB, 1170x867, CDF0CED2-7E43-43AD-ACED-681D84…)

She got a house. Not watched it as I’m eurovisioning tonight.

No. 1525169

"Seems like someone punched a hole in the wall, which i'm well familiar with. But don't have to be anymore!" first jab at Fake

No. 1525173

Also talks about a place for Josephine, so she still has that little guy

No. 1525176

samefag i'm stupid thats not a pet, it's the skeleton she bought

No. 1525181

You're forgiven anon, I forgot she even still had that thing kek.

No. 1525183

I’m pleased for her and she can get her kat back.
poor thing been away from her since October?

No. 1525184

"If someone did what happened to me to one of my friends, i'd be in jail." but that and the wall punch jab are the only things she mentioned about Fake. She genuinely seems very happy and bursting with ideas, i hope she follows up on them and goes back to her old ways.

No. 1525194

Looks like a nice house, was sort of confused she didn't mention her cat though you'd think that would be something she's excited about.

No. 1525200

She did….

No. 1525227

"I can't wait to bring Sebastian over. I'm not gonna bring him over until I get like some furniture in here and like you know when the heating and all is working…"
It starts @ 18:52

No. 1525235

That’s lame. I wonder at what point she will spill the tea?

I honestly pity Kat. Jake is essentially living his life over again with her. Taking her to all the places Kaya took him, doing all the things he did with Kaya. And he can’t deny it as Kaya documented essentially her whole life with him!

If I were Kat, I’d be feeling like that chick that got someone else’s engagement ring after they got rejected

No. 1525252

I don't pitty Kat at all. Considering she cheated with someone who was in a decade long relationship, she seems just fine with sloppy seconds.

No. 1525270

File: 1652221559622.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 769.26 KB, 1246x1617, C60CB78A-D5A6-44A0-B04B-344CD1…)

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we set out to deceive.

No. 1525291

File: 1652223558579.png (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1080x1541, Screenshot_20220510-235713.png)

Lmfao the person Jake's next to in this old pic looks like their skeleton wants to peel off its own skin to get away from him. Can't blame them in the least

No. 1525310


I forgot the name of this person but she actually used to be close friends with Jake and Kaya. I believe she lives in Switzerland. I stopped following her online because she was mad at people cancelling Kat von D for her antivaxx views.

No. 1525320

I’m happy for Kaya, now she can move on with her life. She may never talk about everything she went through with Stump other than a few digs here and there. Having said that, she now has responsibilities that come with renting a house by herself, she has to make content. I can’t imagine people are going to just throw money at her much longer bc they feel sorry for her. She’ll have to stop making excuses or get a real job, she won’t have partner she can fall back on (which I think is a good thing)

No. 1525326

I’m happy for her as a woman who has clearly escaped a shitty, codependant, borderline violent relationship. For the rest of it she was her fucking irritating self and I have less sympathy for the faux-homelessness now she’s in this massive house. Glad this sage is put to rest. Now watch her continue to put out approximately 0 content because the house is a mess from decorating/she’s tired from decorating/the landlord won’t let her decorate and she’s sad.

No. 1525330

He looks legit terrifying in this pic and still posing like he did in his normie phase videos even though he’s much older and still unpopular. I would be so PISSED if I was Kat and my “love” was taking me to the place that I was ONLY introduced to because my ex’s dad went to. I get that repetition happens but the place where my boyfriend was supposed to MOVE it with his long-term ex? Hell no, there are a million other nice European cities to visit. Whoever said she was happy with sloppy seconds was so right.

No. 1525343

Best thing should could do for her channel right now is to film the process. Legit just stick the camera on a trip pod, maybe do some time lapse, film cleaning out, redecorating and putting everything back.
She could seriously take a page from jade the libra for easy content at this stage

No. 1525352

Yeah a "move in with me" series or something. Judging by her comments, her subs are happy about the house so they'd watch.

Or she might revert to her usual ways, and post fussy rambling complaints instead of filming anything.

No. 1525355


fake and skat look incredibly evil in that pic. he should be by kaya if he is the only guy there. he looks like a total creeper in the corner next to that friend or whoever. skat looks smug about something.

maybe that's why they are so excited to be together, they probably flirted way back when. there is a type of person who loves to be the other woman, they feel like they "won" or something and it's a huge ego boost. they don't consider that the dude is someone's sloppy leftovers and if it wasn't her it would be another slutty chick who would do things kaya wouldnt do.

it is pathetic. but yeah, you can tell Skat is easy to impress with the tacky AF cocktails, cheap bouquets (compared to what he could buy her instead to make her feel special if he's getting $2K per online stream), and taking this long to introduce her to his audience except to sell onlyfans porn of them together.

I think a normal couple who truly are madly in love would be posting nice normal non porn pics together publicly from day one, who cares what anyone says. everything is so calculated and vague. Fake is overcompensating and Skat is just along for the ride and ego boost despite being 34 and having a kid. she should have grown out of that over a decade ago, but has no self respect and now she will teach those ways to her son (I know he can be sheltered as a toddler but the internet doesnt forget).

No. 1525397

oh yeah it's stumpy's birthday tomorrow and i LOVE the timing and subject on kaya's video today. as a domestic abuse survivor myself, this feels a bit like a personal victory for some reason. like she could do what i couldn't, she is getting better AND souring fake's birthday a little bit. cause y'all know he is most likely keeping tabs on her… cause that's what narcs and abusers do
sorry for this weird blogpost kek

No. 1525405

I think she looks fine except the underboob. Her friend is really short by the way, like a borderline midget.

No. 1525433

One thing that must make jake seethe is kayas videos get a hell of a lot more views than his. It’s only been 7 hours and her views have surpassed his most recent video.
She’s going to end up making more with YouTube than him and that must suck for him to see! At least he can drink his sorrows away with his mid 30s girlfriend

No. 1525441

>Mid 30s

I think Kat is a year older than Kaya which would make her a year younger than Jake. But with how much they drink (and smoke?) they're gonna be looking 40 in a couple years

No. 1525452

Honestly it just seems Fake constantly posting about how “in love” he is, is all just to make Kaya feel bad and clearly it’s not working because she looks genuinely happy in her video. She obviously has issues but truly it was nice to see her excited about something for once.

No. 1525466

New place actually looks super cute! Hopefully this motivates her to make more content now that she has stable housing and no jake. kek

No. 1525469

Kat is older than jake and jake is 31/32. This has already been established.

No. 1525473

Still not mid 30's

No. 1525476

Are retarded?
Kat being 34 is mid 30s with 35 being deadset mid and 36 still being considered mid 30s.
I mean, I know Americans aren’t great with their education but fuck me.

No. 1525487


kat was born in 1988, jake was born in 1991. that makes her older than Jake at 34 or close to it, making her nearly mid 30s. I know time flies.

No. 1525491


agreed, he is so narcissistic he thinks he is this fine catch she is sad about losing, but really he was dead abusive weight, and she was just sad/in shock that he kicked her out into the cold after 10 yrs. that's not the kind of "love" you miss when they ditch you.
she looks so happy, nothing can ruin this. he is someone else's problem now.

No. 1525496

Kat is a mom. Wild. Jake is step daddy

No. 1525501

No one actually said her age though, so I was assuming she was older than him by like a year or a year and a half. You could have just said her age instead of throwing a tantrum over math but okay.

And yes I know she has '88' in her Instagram handle but I've known people who had 88 and 99 in their usernames who weren't actually born in those years so it doesn't necessarily mean anything and I couldn't find anywhere that actually verified her age.

No. 1525517


88 is a common white supremacist numeric symbol as it means HH or heil Hitler, so that would be a suspicious number in your handle to have and claim it doesn't "mean anything."
and why is it impossible to believe kat is mid 30s? do you really think she looks so flawless and fresh faced that she can't be a day older than 30? kek! she looks her age, which isn't a bad thing. thank goodness she lives far above the equator/embraces the goth pallid look or she'd be aging like milk in the sun.

No. 1525519

Love that Jake's "babygirl" is both taller and older than him.

No. 1525525

He likes taller women, she only few years older then him why everyone making a huge fuss about it?

No. 1525541

>why is it impossible to believe kat is mid 30s?

It's not, I never said it was

>88 is a common white supremacist numeric symbol as it means HH or heil Hitler, so that would be a suspicious number in your handle to have and claim it doesn't "mean anything."

It's just a number and most people who aren't chronically online aren't even aware that it's occasionally used as a white supremacist dogwhistle. I've met people who weren't born in 88 and had it in their username or email then had to change it because of the connotations (people sperging about 88 used as a dogwhistle happens a lot more than people actually using that way, fyi). I've seen a lot of people with 99 in their handles too who weren't born in that year but no one cared about that.

Idk. But height has nothing to do with age. It's determined by genes actually.

No. 1525550

You literally said she was a year older than Kaya and younger than jake.
When someone says mid 30s, they mean mid 30s.

The autism in this thread really astounds me sometimes. Newfags leave already

No. 1525553

I said I THINK Kat is older than Kaya and younger thank Jake, learn to read holy shit. Also fix your retarded spacing before you complain about newfags.

No. 1525561


then why do you care about seeing her ID for proof?

you dont even make sense "most people who aren't chronically online aren't even aware" then you say you've met people who had to change their username because of connotations. which means most people are aware. which is it?

you dont need to be "chronically online" to be aware of a very common hate symbol associated with the largest and most dangerous prison gang where people get said numeric symbol tattooed, or if you pay attention to the news and media that has documented the terrorist it is attributed along with his other slogans, and the antics of skinheads who love their numbers because symbols are quite powerful and memorable to those paying attention. it's not some obscure online thing that people "sPeRgE" about, it's called being informed.

No. 1525565

having to change it because of connotations doesn't mean most people are aware. they had to change it because woketards like you were giving them shit over it. even if most people don't care, getting hounded by annoying retards who read way too much into everything isn't fun. 88 is just a number that has been around for millennia before nazis even existed. my sister was born in '88, I guess she's actually a whtie supremacist and didn't know it, damn

No. 1525587

It is ridiculous to pretend being into alternative music/scene etc and then NOT to know about codes like 88. And I'm another anon like the preceding. If you don't care & know nothing about scene codes, why are you here for alt milk?

No. 1525596

Weird that he likes women that accentuate how short he is even though that's one of his biggest insecurities.

No. 1525602

You have to be a fucking male. Probably also the same cunt arguing that Kat is younger than jake when we’ve known for threads that she is older. Most anons are here to gossip about how shit a person looks/is, not get some raging hardon about some woke political crap. Go have a cry about 88 being nazi bs instead of her age. Or go back to the other threads and catch up ffs

No. 1525615

That’s MainlyBoredom, I think her real name‘s Ari. At some point she deleted all her socials because she was sick of so many people following her, and afaik she hasn’t made any new public accounts.

No. 1525618


oh so now if you're aware of social issues that are common knowledge and have received heavy media coverage both on and offline for fucking decades, you're a "woketard."

well, I'd rather have the good kind of autism where I'm not the dumbest motherfucker in the room, even if you name call me as someone who is "chronically online" and sperging out, because you think being willfully ignorant and all, "no one even cares" makes you look more normie-like and kewl. it just makes you look dumb.

I dont give a fuck about katpaine88 meaning heil hitler or her year of birth, or the age she graduated highschool, one makes the most sense, so we went with that instead of being a creep and trying to find her birthdate through doxing and shit.

I'm sick of idiots acting like knowing something makes you outrageous and out of touch with reality, when it's outrageous to say no one care or knows about 88 = HH except computer dork "woketards."
still better than being a dumbass.

no one cares about your friends with 99 in their handles (which likely means good luck) or your sister who was born in '88. my point was that it was likely Skat's year of birth, the white supremacy thing was said in jest the first time I said it, because it's got to be her birth year. and and you sealioned the fuck out of the argument with "numbers dont mean thing when the average kool person is a dumbass like me."
get lost.

No. 1525625

File: 1652268272934.png (321.5 KB, 1079x1335, Screenshot_20220511-122356.png)

Some comments on the recent vid

No. 1525633

You didn't get it, bless you. It was about that 88 is NO WAY a random number in a handle. It is the year of birth or Nazi shit and it was about that we are sure it is the first but no way, how somebody agreed, a random number in a handle.
And BTW: Loathing nazi shit is no way „woke crap“, that says a lot about you.

No. 1525639

I think he goes for bigger woman due to being rough/violent, like it doesn't seem so bad if you're bigger than him but I imagine extremely offputting for smaller women.

No. 1525645

Anyone else salty they have an actual job and she has a bigger house than they do? Just me? Crying in poor

No. 1525664

I mean certain areas, you can get larger houses for cheaper. I live in a capital city and apartment prices here could get you a decent sized house in a different area.

What I'm more salty about is how much she fusses and complains when she has the liberty of an unconventional job, and how she doesn't even work at her job properly anymore but has subs who want to give her patreon money.

No. 1525684

File: 1652276826294.jpg (314.66 KB, 720x1243, eyebrowlesschav.jpg)

Looks like all that clown paint and closet full of goth clothing is just for his TikTok reaction videos. He's back to his Casey Neistat phase chav look, only this time without eyebrows. 'Goth Daddy' is just a character he's putting on for the camera, and even then he's getting lazier about it all the time.
As much as I think Kat is a piece of shit, she's definitely out of his league. I cannot imagine what she sees in him, but then again narcs are great in the begining of relationships.

No. 1525693

File: 1652278353012.jpg (33.55 KB, 1004x194, ebeg.jpg)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ld0clZgavoI So the video is up, yes it's very hard to get a new place with so much competition but you lose all sympathy for how the last 6 months went when she immediately slaps her expensive wishlist in the description. A weeby table over £300, really?? It's not a fucking necessity, Kaya.

I'll always find Jake to be worse of the two, but I think the decade they had with each other, they just enabled each other to be entitled and are now incapable of being self aware.

No. 1525696

Not really, house is rented not owned by her. Cost of utilities is increasing quite substantially. Imagine heating the thing in winter.

No. 1525708

I don't understand how she can't get a part time job to make up for the wishlist.
Just comes across so self entitled.
Already did when she moaned about not being able to paint.
Maybe they've seen her past videos in past houses and don't like the color styles?
They are very vibrant and would end up costing the landlord more money to decorate it neutral.

No. 1525716

she could also just cut back on some of the "gifted" tattoos to afford the wishlist

No. 1525738

Just get an electric blanket and chuck it over a table.

No. 1525763

File: 1652283736994.png (5.11 MB, 1170x2532, 7542DE87-D03A-4EC2-999A-B3ABDC…)

Watching Kaya trying to movie her mattress is like watching a spergy high school student. What the fuck.

No. 1525779

What is even the point of a heated table?
I hope nobody buys that for her and wastes their money, so many better ways to spend £359.
Spergy high school student is her personality. That looks like a new mattress (was she sleeping on the sofa before in the studio?)
She's tarded but I'm happy for her to have finally found a place, and love the timing of her announcing that on Fake's birthday.

No. 1525793

File: 1652286496438.jpg (242.42 KB, 1080x2400, 1pfa9b4ccvy81.jpg)

No. 1525794


She tries to act all nonchalant about it too like "people have been asking for it" so it doesn't seem so moochy.

No. 1525796

File: 1652286590357.jpg (232.95 KB, 1080x2400, 0jlasplccvy81.jpg)


Jealous Stump posted this as soon as Kaya had good news to share

No. 1525798

Jake, your partner wanting to be in videos with you is not "asking for collaborations", especially when she supported YOU for years, and still feeling angry about you cheating on her only 6 months later is a completely normal thing to feel. God what a piece of shit. Every time I think he can't get more up his own ass he manages to top that somehow.

No. 1525800

Yea I was pretty jealous watching the video. She does fuck all and it works out for her. Only consolation is it's renting at least I own my shitty apartment lol.

No. 1525801


Imagine being on vacation with "your love" and them being pissed about their ex and posting about it on sm

No. 1525804

This is a near perfect example of projection.
You weren’t famous when you met Kaya, Fake. She was. You were the one leeching off of her popularity, controlling her money (let’s not forget she didn’t have her own bank account!), and being an all-around manipulative narcissist.
Also, if anybody’s bitter, it’s Fake. Everyone pokes fun at their ex, especially if they were abusive. It’s a way to cope and move on. Meanwhile, Fake is making all these comments about her, and his statuses with Kat are obviously attempts to try to get at Kaya.

No. 1525805

Even if she probably wont, I really hope this rant of his is what makes Kaya spill everything, especially now that she's not financially controlled by him.

No. 1525811

Can’t be having much fun on his birthday trip with his new girlfriend if he’s got the time to be posting lengthy diatribes about his ex on YouTube comments…

No. 1525819

I can’t find the comment, did he quickly delete it because he realised how dumb it made him look or am I making myself look dumb because I don’t see it anywhere kek

No. 1525820

Every time he posts all I can hear in my head is a crying baby. He's pissed because he wants her heartbroken,depressed,and depended on him. It must really chap his ass that she's in her own place, not giving a shit about him and his horse-faced new girlfriend.

No. 1525821

The hell does he mean by "She turned my house into a shit tip"? They moved in there together as a couple, didn't they? He is really telling on himself about how he saw Kaya in their relationship

No. 1525831

I’d really like to know what ‘false narrative’ he feels she’s creating? He admits himself he has anger issues and has punched walls. He did boot her out too her office, sorry ‘studio apartment’ unexpectedly in winter to live without heating, he did cheat on her with a married mother of one. She doesn’t need to create a narrative at all he’s done it all by himself!

I never understood why he wouldn’t want to collaborate more with Kaya on his channel, those videos got a shed tonne of views!

No. 1525843

There's not even much of a narrative at all from Kaya's side really. She barely speaks about him, and if she does it's not by name. Fake is just digging his own grave. He really does remind me of a crying baby like >>1525820 said - he just throws tantrums cause god forbid he admit he did anything wrong. Can't lose his underage snaccs!

No. 1525847

Fake was trying to downplay his relationship with Kaya so he could attract and flirt with female fans. We’ve seen how some of his fans have acted, crossing boundaries. The less he showed Kaya in videos, the more he could play up the “Goffic daddy” shtick he had for his “snaccs”. Some fans didn’t even know Kaya existed, which I’m sure he wanted.

No. 1525849

File: 1652288273529.jpeg (117.02 KB, 914x1043, FCFE5FA8-106F-4A24-B0E9-707233…)

“She begged for collaborations” you mean to say your girlfriend that was way more popular than you asked to work with her boyfriend? The nerve.

No. 1525853

File: 1652288373590.png (277.79 KB, 813x871, Untitled.png)

Fake sure likes saying "false narrative" a whole lot. Maybe he thinks if he says it enough, it'll come true and he will magically have done nothing wrong.

No. 1525859

Anons are right, Kaya isn’t even mentioning him by name, but Fake has been blatantly dragging her name through the mud and making comments directly about her. I think most people see through his BS now, given how little fans he has left, but he’s being an asshole and I wouldn’t blame Kaya for saying something back.

No. 1525860

neeexxt up, he'll throw out the word gaslighting too. I'm so bored.

No. 1525861

it's textbook abuser lingo, rather than call her a liar he tries to pad his wording and make himself sound better

No. 1525862

These are still up. Isn’t he suppose to be having a good time with the love of his life? He’s just out on vacation shit posting about his ex. He’s going to start drinking today and start punching walls. I see Kat breaking up with him this year

No. 1525863

He really isn’t helping himself here. She’s saying next to nothing! He’s filling in the gaps himself! How’s that temper working out for you Fake?

No. 1525865

If Kat sees him get like that, my only hope is that since she's a parent and she will see that Jake could be a danger to her child and gtfo. Though she's dating Jake so her judgement cannot be that good to begin with

No. 1525866

The words of a cheater and confirmed liar are worth about fuck all. Hes made a joke of himself. I genuinely hope he is seething in Barcelona, making Kat and himself miserable.

No. 1525868

It's hilarious that Kaya is living in his head rent free to this degree and yet she's so rarely even hinting at their relationship.
I think she even mentioned in the vid before the house reveal that "every time I'm sad, please stop assuming its because of my breakup" and gave very "I'm super over it and have plenty of other things to be sad about" vibes. Good for her. Pathetic that he's so intent on smearing her this hard and she's just… clearly moving on? Makes his "LOOK AT ME LOOK HOW HAPPY I AM WITH ANOTHER PERSON" seem even more like a performance for others and nothing to do with him or Kat.

No. 1525920

File: 1652292289951.jpg (638.6 KB, 1080x1935, Screenshot_20220511-190005_Twi…)


Tried to look up his tweets. When did Fake change his twitter to private?

No. 1525922

for sure its not enough for these psychos but obv lipstick eating moids like >>1524671 would rather make it into something that it isn't. all she can do now is let it blow over and if she reads here i hope she takes a walk through the tranny generals. i don't even buy that she has trans family like she claims. friends and clients, sure, but family? nah because as far as she's told us about her family for years is that her dad is dead, her parents used to do drugs when she was growing up, and it doesn't even seem like she has cousins or other relatives regularly in her life so its probably some "chosen family" bs aka letting her troon friends consider themselves her family because their own family doesn't want them anymore and rightfully so. that's another thing i've noticed people do to shield themselves from tranny hate accusations. "i can't be phobic, i have trans friends!" basically easy to lie about shit that nobody can verify but is enough to get the men stumbling in heels off your ass for a bit.

No. 1525927

That shit happened months ago when he was bet for his bullshit. Was too much of a coward to face the music so he went on a blocking spree, made his page private then cried to his supporters how everyone else was soooo mean and he was the victim in the situation.(learn2sage)

No. 1525933

*meant family not friends in the last sentence, my bad.

No. 1525949


Also typical narc behaviour that he probably knows how difficult things are for Kaya now outside of what he did to her but he's trying to sabotage her happiness ON HIS OWN BIRTHDAY - isn't her mum going through cancer atm? As much as she's a lazy cow that is brutal. Very revealing and absolutely shows how much of his current situation is an act, he can't help trying to stick the knife in because he's a psycho.

Think the filters slipped on Kat's face on this one, kek.

No. 1525950

File: 1652294703550.png (1.13 MB, 688x1224, Screenshot 2022-05-11 at 19.40…)


forgot to add the image!

No. 1525952

Jake is truly such a piece of shit, it's so apparent how truly pathetic and narcissistic he is just by the way he behaves,he's constantly exposing himself. You can see so clearly how much control is an issue, he no longer has control of her living situation so now he's lashing out to smear and control her narrative, this man needs some serious fucking help and Kat needs to book the next flight home if this is how he's spending their holiday. Does Kat have friends? Is there anyone warning her about all the huge blaring red flags this guy puts out? Or is she going to end up small, isolated, insecure and still under the thumb of this dick head little man 10+ years from now?

No. 1525953

The kind of man who says he broke up with a woman for not showing him 'a shred of respect' is not the kind of man you want around your kid. His response right now is just so fucking textbook narc, when the person who got away is finally doing good without them.

No. 1525954

File: 1652295049280.jpeg (253.75 KB, 750x1248, 695D5216-C842-4E6B-AED0-B1D87D…)

Goth King? She must be tweaking

No. 1525957


100% certain she's one of those "all my friends are guys, I don't really get on with other girls" women.

No. 1525960

LOL what a sad tosser. Celebrating his birthday in Barcelona with his new gf and takes time to read comments and shit on his ex. This rant sounds like pure narcissistic projection where the fucker blames everything he did onto someone else.

So much filters her head looks photoshopped on lmao. Fake looks worn out and like he's having a hard time even with filters.

No. 1525961

sage your shit nonna

No. 1525964


it's funny how bothered he is. Also hilarious that he's going on about her wanting his "popularity" when he only surpassed her in subs at the start of 2021. mate, you're not that special.

No. 1525981

God his delusions of grandeur are terminal, he really wants to seem as though he's a self made man as if he didn't timeshare an audience with Kaya, was platformed by her and benefitted every time she managed to "beg" him to collaborate. Pretty sure it was Kaya's idea to do the tik tok reactions considering she used to specifically curate the videos for them so she's also responsible for the sole creative output that's still propping up his entire YouTube career. She gave him his bread and butter, the audacity of this creature is unmeasurable

No. 1525984

Saged for blogposting

But i honestly think he's so bothered because with her own place finally she'll also have no reason to have him keep her things.

On a thread previous it was noted he has a room full of her stuff that couldn't fit in the studio. Now that she has an actual roof over her head there goes the last thing he had control over her/ the narrative if she decides to talk.

She's been paying for her car and the studio herself, so once she gets her things back (assuming he hasn't destroyed them in a fit of rage yet) he'll have nothing to hold over her. Since he knows he's a shitty ass person he's terrified and sperging on his own birthday, kek.(sage goes in the email field)

No. 1525985

Kek, like Kaya has to ride on his coat tails.

Last time I checked he was the one who tagged his photos with ‘toxictearsboyfriend’.

No. 1525988

I am lol. Her house looks pretty nice. How did she even get it??

No. 1525989

Ooof I just commented a snake emoji on jakes last post to see if he rlly does block anyone who’s not a simp for him,,,, he replied back “You’re cringe, ew.” And blocked me LMAO I’m usually a lurker but this was too funny for me(cowtipping +autism)

No. 1525994

The fact that Faka still follows Kaya but not the other way around, this guy is seething that she's moving on

No. 1525995

It's very possible got a co-signer. Maybe her mom, or the friend that was with her in the house announcement video?

No. 1526032

what the actual fuck is that shiiiirrrttt omg i cant with this clown
oooh no no no jakey some people know better than to believe this textbook manipulation bullshit. the mask has fallen, people know who you are now. Plus it's so transparent to see she was in fact a victim of him. anyone who has had experience with people like Jake or who has had a friend or a loved one go through the shit Kaya must have gone through can see exactly who is at fault here.
people like jake are so wrapped up in their own bullshit that they think they can straight up lie to people's faces and they'll buy it. they think they are so fucking clever. again, what a fucking clown!!
oh lord have mercy! he looks horrendous! how's that "happy relationship" working out for ya stumpy monroe? jesus fucking christ that's rough.
i love seeing him seethe like the lunatic he is and on his fucking birthday! so satisfying
>> he has a room full of her stuff
clasic, every narc abuser does that. he's not even original with the way he fucks people's lives! not an original bone on his body. if i were her i would just tell him to dump all of that shit if that means i never have to see his bloated frog face ever again

No. 1526036

What's funny is that his 3rd highest viewed video is a collab with her. Infact, the collabs he did with her on his channel have consistently had views in the 400k+ range. Yet she had to 'beg' him for those?? Sounds like he benefitted more then she did.

And his wording, 'my house' 'helped me move'… They were still together at that point. And if they were still actively moving in when he broke up with her, which she's mentioned was the case, then OF COURSE the house was a mess. That's what happens during a move. How many times did he have to clean his own studio room at the old house, which he did in more then one video? Sounds like he blames her for everything and takes no responsibility for his own actions. Typical narc.

No. 1526042

File: 1652299932497.png (2.4 MB, 2186x970, Screenshot 2022-05-11 at 21.10…)

I thought Jake made a big thing about how he wouldn't make shitty reaction videos anymore now in his revealing narc break up video? What happened to all those travelogues etc?

No. 1526059

I think he thought he’d be making MORE money since breaking up with Kaya, since she was totally holding him back. He’s lost so much viewership since people have been seeing how he’s been conducting himself, I wouldn’t doubt he can’t afford it.
He must be seething seeing Kaya move on and up with real life people support her while he has no friends.

No. 1526067

This! Exactly this, Kaya is out there spending time with groups of real people that enjoy her company actually IN the country she lives in, she's spending time with other creators in the alternative YouTube scene, she is making and maintaining connections both personal and professional since the break up, she's reaching out for information on conventions. What does Jake have? What has be been doing? He has exactly one person he calls a friend who lives in the states and he has a girlfriend he treats like an absolute object. His creative output is his spotty uploads on his grimy only fans or just endless miserable TikTok reactions, he's completely deluded

No. 1526070

Their whole friendship is so fake and performative.

No. 1526071

Jake was on 490k subs on youtube before the drama, he was a week away from half a mil. He's down to 486k now. I reckon if he hadn't dumped Kaya he'd be looking at a million subs by the end of 2022. He really shot himself in the foot lol.

No. 1526073


468k* even

No. 1526074

He keeps saying things like "I could be an ACTUAL asshole" which is a classic abuse tactic. It downplays their own behavior because sure, it could always be worse, right?

No. 1526093

Ugh also the "I ALLOWED her to stay in the cold unsafe studio space with no kitchen or shower despite it all" line he's spewing is so gross, oh you allowed her? How kind! How gracious! Oh what a fucking saint you are.

No. 1526097

File: 1652304250789.png (606.04 KB, 720x1309, Screenshot_20220511-130825.png)

The people I was talking about weren't in the alt scene.

I'm not male, and I never argued that Kat was younger than Jake, I said I thought she was. She looks younger than him so I assumed she was in her late 20's. Also I went to the previous threads and Ctrl + f'd a bunch of keywords about Kat's age and didn't find anything. It's not milk, it's just that original anon said "mid 30s" about Kat like it was some kind of insult which I don't get because Kaya is only a few years behind.

Imagine getting this upset over a number in a handle kek.

Loathing Nazi shit, like what, genocide? Yes I loathe it too. 88 is a number, it's not Nazi shit, just because some neo Nazis use it. That was my whole point, genius. The Nazis wore green uniforms, I guess the color green is evil too.

She still follows him.

No. 1526122

I honestly love cleaning and decorating videos especially goth style I would watch that she also said she wants to do baking videos not my thing but ppl will watch that hope she actually films stuff and enjoys her freedom

No. 1526133

Wtf is that shirt? Lol ugly af

No. 1526134

Has he forgotten that all of kayas videos are still up? Talk about small man syndrome!

Maybe the alcohol has rotted out his mind already but it’s all well documented in her videos that are still up before jake had YouTube. If vampirefreaks was still up, it would all just be of tt and jake as the side kick. There’s still the blogs up of him being a complete asshole to her and those blogs aren’t recent vlogs! So unless he’s going to take the route of “she’s the manipulative one” that almost happened their entire relationship, he’s bloody delusional.

I hope someone digs everything back up again as he will lose more followers for being a hypocrite and an ass. Kaya has YEARS of footage spanning back to almost 12 years ago. I remember there’s even one video of KAYA telling jackass that he should make a YouTube and he snapped back at her as if it were retarded. What a complete fuckwit

No. 1526136

That looks like a memory foam those fuckers are floppy and heavy really hard to pickup

No. 1526151

>calling Kaya a toxic manipulator when anyone who has watched a single video of hers can see she's clearly a mild, harmless, rambling woman who would struggle to fight her way out of a paper bag and is paralysed by ADHD

The state of this man, honestly. Makes me think documenting your life is actually a very good idea so it takes someone only a few minutes to refute bullshit lies like this. What a piece of shit.

No. 1526152

File: 1652308183596.png (785.84 KB, 1080x1017, Screenshot_20220511-232857.png)

Assuming by this gif she's seen his replies.

No. 1526154

Yes she practically had a panic attack because she accidentally ate the last piece of someone else's sushi or whatever the store was yeah I'm sure she's so abusive lol someone needs to pay fakes face onto amber heard who he reminds me of lol

No. 1526155

Even if she hasn’t seen his retarded replies, it’s not hard to look through any of her content and find dates/time stamps of when jake has punched walls, has called her names or has been an outright cunt to her for no reason. And that’s just her content!

does anyone know if jake has his old vlogs up where he’s being an ass other? We all know he got rid of the MAG videos where he was a massive ass but those we’re all “recent”. All of kayas videos are from 11/12 years ago where the bullshit of jake starts

No. 1526157

*Photoshop sage for samefag

No. 1526158

>I broke up with her for never showing me a shred of respect

Yeah not like everyone who has ever seen, met, or interacted with an abusive man has heard the same bullshit where they demand respect while treating you like shit. Quite telling also how they moved house together as a couple of 11 years, and he phrases it as if it was his house all along and she was like a rando who happened to be living there and making it messy kek. The delusion. Watch him drop even more fans since he's lost the wholesome boyfriend image for good now.

No. 1526162

Jake is fucking delusional. She wanted his popularity? What popularity? Her channel was way bigger than his for most of their relationship. Actually the only reason I ever learned who he was was because she was always shouting him out on her channel and being like "go subscribe to him"

And what snide comments? I used to be subscribed to her for a few years and she always seemed in love with him.

No. 1526166

Thriving, looking like the 'smile through the tears' wojak

No. 1526170

I just realized…is he wearing a versace t shirt?

No. 1526175

File: 1652310167026.jpeg (264.09 KB, 750x1360, B8902545-898B-47C1-A672-386813…)

There are a couple MAG videos still floating around

No. 1526180

Sage goes in the email field, newfag

Gotta say, it gives me a lot of joy that Jake is destroying his own reputation while Kaya maintains her integrity (at least, in terms of their break-up, kek)

The sheer amount of projection in >>1525796 is such a huge fucking red flag to anyone who’s ever encountered a narcissistic, abusive egotist. Fake would be showing less ass if he just pulled his fucking pants down right now.

Happy birthday Jake, cope and seethe.

No. 1526181

Yes… the cheaper Versace shirt.. it’s about $100.00- 125.00

No. 1526182

File: 1652310788127.jpeg (74.62 KB, 500x532, 37CE26DC-1E6C-4C01-A539-154E51…)

No. 1526184

Yep, looks like it. What a basic sellout motherfucker. Versace t-shirts cost hundreds of dollars alone. Some sad lonely mom probably donated her most of her months grocery fund to him and he spent it on an ugly Versace t-shirt.

No. 1526185

File: 1652311058143.jpeg (434.15 KB, 1282x1531, 06F6400D-42B8-4E69-BFEA-601C26…)

Someone tagged her and listed his replies so she’s definitely seen it. He’s really not popular on Twitter that’s for certain.

No. 1526187

Now just photoshop jakes clown makeup face on there and that’s the next thread pic!

No. 1526193

>"She took my money, lots of it."

Implies that she stole his money. No Jake, she was just surviving with what she thought was a shared income in a long term relationship. Was she stealing money, or are you the one creating a false narrative?

No. 1526194

you kaya yass-kweeners should seriously stop with this autism already. As much as it's an established fact that fake is a pathetic scumbag pos, who hopefully seethes himself into oblivion and rots somewhere in his…what did he call it… "shit tip", stop endlessly rehashing this pity-party of "uwu kicked her out into the cold unsafe studio space with no kitchen or shower". It's pure retardation. She did it to herself.

Yes, it takes an absolute lowest tier scum to have her kicked out of their home pardon, "his new house" to go wherever, after all these years especially, not to mention what he's gained piggybacking off of her… but kaya was never forced to stay even a day, let alone half a year, in that studio space nor her car.
With all the money they kept throwing left and right on completely useless stuff prior to the breakup, even just solely with all the sympathy patreon money she got after the breakup, she could've easily rented an apartment, airbnb'd, stayed at a hotel/motel, at least temporarily, rented a room at her friends', stayed at her friends', stayed with her bloody family like they have themselves suggested, etc. Sure, why not spend a "holiday" in Barcelona, when you can just trap yourself into a non-living space in the winter with no heating, simply for the neverending woe is me walls of complaining, so that the cheap shills keep coming in, which can, in turn, be spent on more pointless stuff… I mean, ~mEntaL heAlTh~. Like the most recent heated table.

Yeah, fake's a massive scrote. Yeah, she deserves better. Yeah, good riddance. Congrats on the house. But don't forget that she's still a lousy e-begger, lazy entitled classist, whos's also been a massive bitch to even her own fans that feed her. And none of that was of fake's doing. So stop being her echo chamber.

No. 1526200

Nobody’s forgotten, nonnie, we’re just enjoying Fake digging his own grave while Kaya contributes nothing to the fire, so quit your sperging for half a minute and let the milk flow because this cow is in season.

No. 1526201

Non of the above has been mentioned as that isn’t the topic.

What is mentioned;
Jake DIDNT have fame before Kaya
The income was SHARED, not stolen
And his abuse is documented starting at 11 years ago

Go donate more of your money to jake as you are very clearly one of his fans

No. 1526203

The nerve to sit and type out a complaint that your ex "stole your money" whilst sitting in a t shirt that costs hundreds of pounds and on a birthday holiday to Barcelona. I hope he chokes on his tapas.

No. 1526206

Fucking thank you, all of the stanning going on in here was getting annoying. Are we supposed to conveniently forgetting that she’s a lazy, entitled slob who can’t even get off her large, binge eating ass long enough to take care of and clean up after her animals? It’s an established fact that she lives like hoarder and spends frivolously as well so we can stop pretending like she’s a helpless victim in this situation. The stump fucking sucks but so does Kaya, just SLIGHTLY less. At least she’s less obnoxious about it.

No. 1526207

Aaaand just like clockwork we get snaccs trying to derail the thread the moment the attention’s back on “Goth Daddy”

Just because we’re not focusing on Kaya’s laziness for a few hours doesn’t mean we’re her fans, retards. Don’t you lot have some photo tracing to do instead of trying to deflect the hate Fake has literally brought upon himself?

No. 1526214

A 30 year old man unironically using the word "cringe" to describe anything is fucking hilarious.

No. 1526225


L O L projection much! if he is so happy with skanky skat (the ONLY person who would spend his birthday with him, not "the best way" to celebrate, as if he has options to celebrate with any other people who like him IRL), then why the F is he checking for Kaya? he is the bitter angry one 6 months later! he's so mad that more people tuned in to watch her video about getting a nice house and is trying to shit on her. he is jealous she had friends, is still jealous, "they must be manipulated to like her and not me!"
Kaya, we have our differences but I love that you never showed that wall punching chode any "respect." he never deserved it. when you start going into narc rage and punching walls and breaking shit, anything "nice" you did is blotted out. that's how it goes. it's pretty serious to have unchecked anger.
let Skat "respect" his cheap greedy pathetic selfish ugly dick and hairy ass so he wont get violent. what a ridiculous little man.

No. 1526227

Oh yes because anyone not kissing Kaya’s ass is a snacc. Great critical thinking. Not sure if anyones told you but 2 people can be shitty at the same time.

No. 1526229

Yes, we are all aware. You, on the other hand, seem to think not bashing both in a single post means that we’re ass-kissing the other. Stop being exhausting and stay on topic.

No. 1526231

Someone posted the screen shots of Fake’s sperg in Reddit. He’s being absolutely dragged and it’s great to see. Sort of wish the other altcows would act up though. Watching Jake be a constant narc and Kaya continue to be pathetic is getting a bit dry

No. 1526232

Lol can you imagine skat's day? Stuck in Barcelona for fuckboy's birthday and he's just checking his ex's posts and having a fit about it on his phone. Bet hes getting drunk and punching walls tonight. Bet she's going to wish at the end of this week she didn't cheat on her husband and father of her child with this loser

No. 1526240

"guyzzzz stop talking about Jake being an abusive gaslighting narc, ignoring his homewrecker girlfriend and rantcommenting on his BIRTHDAY vacationnnn. kaya hasn't put out a video n the last five minutes/went on a night out WHERE DOES THAT MONEY COME FROM?!?!/has no thigh gap or whateverrrr. stop talking about goth daddy while he's having an utter meltdown, kaya stans, get your noses out of her ass."

two people can be shitty but right now kaya has finally got a house, put out a video on it, - aka "got off her arse and finally got a house iTs NoT hARd~" and "omg make some content she does nothing and makes no videos such laziness" meanwhile king dickhead is kicking off to a massive degree and it's hilarious. Yeah, we're gonna laugh at him for a hot second. I'm sure you can go back to bitching about kaya's small tits or how she managed to afford the next houseplant she buys from ikea in a couple days.


I was going to make a comment like this literally last night after her video on the house came out and at the time he was at 469k so he's already lost a bunch from that alone. Conveniently around the time of this most recent comment vomit? He's doing this to himself and it's great.

No. 1526241

I hope he has one of rage fueled tantrums in front of her about this. That way she can see who he is and run while she still can. Despite her being a cheating and lying piece of shit I wouldn’t wish his narcissism on anybody

No. 1526244

No. 1526252

it's tinfoil but the comments on the thread got me thinking. he's going overdrive on the tarnishing of kaya's name right now even if he is then deleting a lot of the comments. I'm wondering if, now that she is finally on the road to being out and away from him with no more control over her through holding on to her stuff for storage… he's terrified she will finally open up and talk about what happened? So he's trying to drag her name through the mud in order to make people less likely to believe anything she might come out to say in future? Or anything she might have already said to a select few?
It's tinfoil but also absolutely a prime abusive narc tactic.

No. 1526253

Honestly I hope her ex husband hears about the drama and laughs his ass off. Can't imagine skat is taking a lot of care of their child if she is getting piss drunk with fake almost every night. Imagine your wife cheating with fake, what kind of bite out of your self esteem would that be. He deserves some schadenfreude.

No. 1526259

Nah he's just pissed the fuck off that she is happy and getting her shit together and he's feeling miserable but he doesn't know why so he blames Kaya.

No. 1526264

someone has never been in an abusive relationship and it shows! i'm glad for you nonnie, but this is not as hot a take as you think it is. she didn't asked to be frightened to be in her own homw with his own life long partner who was supposed to have her back and treat her with respect no matter what. he could be tired of her or her lack of motivation and end things with her but he had no right to treat her like he did. punching walls? making fun of her? airing their dirty laundry for all his fans to see and judge? after he sucked every bit of success and nmoney he could out of her?? that's not HER fault. getting cheated on and humiliated publicly is also not her fault, no matter how lazy or annoying or whatever
and i believe we will never get the real depth of what went down between them. i'm even inclined to believe some actual physical violence went down, at this point nothing would surprise me about stepdaddy goddard

No. 1526278

If he thinks that Kaya was so messy and used up all his money, just wait until he starts spending time around Kat's kids. He really won't know how to react.

No. 1526279

Ugh it’s a login reddit thing. Any comments worth making an account for to read this thread?

No. 1526289

It's so funny how, whenever even a hint of milk comes from Fake in come the people tapping us on the shoulder, "Don't forget Kaya sucks too!! Stop yass kweening her!!! Have you focused on how much I dislike Kaya lately?" and it's retarded. Kaya's lazy, sure, that doesn't negate what Jake did to her. Anons whining about the Kaya yaskweening are more annoying than the people who actually are WKing her.

No. 1526295

File: 1652316565631.png (570.56 KB, 1440x1816, fake1.png)

Here they are, just saying the same as we are here. Nobody's falling for it.

No. 1526297

File: 1652316621087.png (386.87 KB, 1440x1355, fake2.png)

No. 1526300

Apparently we need to keep criticizing Kaya for not finding a house fast enough when she's found one now? And if we don't we're stans. Suggesting she (past tense, again, she has a house now) airbnb or stay in hotels is dumb, yes spending £100 a night is surely the smartest thing to do in that situation.
Just seems like deflection from his narc tirade.

No. 1526313

aren’t you the same person who lashed out at people last thread for suggesting kaya spend time with her dad in spain?

No. 1526317

Can you stfu and leave already. Jesus christ

No. 1526324

Wait no I could totally see this. Saged for some blog posting (sorry) but long story short dad was/is a huge narc, did some fucked up stuff, and would suddenly come out of the wood work whenever he caught wind that my mother said 2 words to his family. He would lose his mind threatening us into silence(blogpost over). So I could totally see him sweating it once he has nothing to hold over Kaya’s head. Would make sense as to why he’s showing his ass when he’s supposed to be fucking his “daddy’s little girl” on a birthday vacation. I subscribe to this tinfoil

No. 1526329

The reddit comments make a good point, he's been caught talking shit about Kaya in the past but not this much. The timing is, as they say on Reddit, very sus. He's nervous and/or scared of something coming out and all he can do is try to make people not believe it, if or when it does.

No. 1526335

the reply was to a particular post, and the particular part of the general "topic" that were stated in said linked post, and more particularly, to the way it was worded. Also the autistic influx of such commentary instead of, yes, focusing on the current milk, and not re-inventing history. So learn to use your brain before you sperg.

The sheer fact that you and >>1526240 assume anyone who gets annoyed with the rehashed mental gymnastics of kaya wking is automatically "a fan" of fake’s (the "fans" that are talking him down in basically every sentence, okay), alludes to your brain clearly leaking. Therefore, according to your own logic, you should utilise the remainder of your leaking brain to get your goff kween her table.

It’s not even the wking itself that is most annoying, it’s the mental gymnastics and insistent rewriting of history that is. I severely apologise for the derail.

Considering the rest, since someone already chimed in:
> Jake DIDNT have fame before Kaya
> The income was SHARED, not stolen
> And his abuse is documented starting at 11 years ago
100% fact, and I have yet to see one person on here argue over any of these, or state the opposite. So, >>1526201 learn to use your eyes, too.

Moreover, I’d say if kaya were smart, she’d take that narc arse to court, and win a good % of the earnings, including his future earnings off of YT. As, like everybody pointed out, everything is well-documented, as well as "who made who", who attributed to what, who came up with which idea etc. It would’ve been an easy case. And a fair one.

No. 1526350

the only one sperging here is you, stop derailing shit, you're annoying

No. 1526365

File: 1652320524587.jpg (163.11 KB, 500x532, clowning-around.jpg)

No. 1526372

KEK this is beautiful, next thread pic?

No. 1526383

I think so too. It’s all about control with these narcs / domestic abusers. To them, losing control is the most terrifying shit in itself, but imagine the mind-numbing horror of watching his victim not suffer and wail in despair every waking second of her life now that he’s not with her anymore, and move on, and feel fine and inspired. AND make lowkey jabs at his inadequacy. How dare she! What if she tells more? And not lowkey? Must be the first one to drag her and micromanage the "narrative". Such a douche.

Tinfoil, but I wonder how far he’ll go with his meltdown. It seems he’s both nuts and scum enough to not only possibly destroy her stuff, like someone already suggested, but threaten and harass her irl, perhaps even pull an onision and try to take her videos down or smth.

No. 1526394

kek, I second

No. 1526400

This thread was started up again a week ago so it will be awhile. But maybe… we'll get a new thread sooner than ya think, with all these people going on and on derailing.

No. 1526406

Ahhh! Thank you Nona! If some retard doesn’t make this the next thread pic, I’ll sperg out. It’s perfect

I know the thread was just started but this whole thing could get seriously ugly from that one post. He was a leech and Kaya was the one that encouraged him to start YouTube and streaming. Hell, he even admits in one of his videos that if weren’t for kaya he wouldn’t have gone back to being alternative. And I’m fairly sure that video is still up! He’s just a fuck ass

No. 1526463

File: 1652328940924.jpg (92.63 KB, 1080x338, Screenshot_20220511-211515_Twi…)

First stop making your kinks your entire personality, Jude.

No. 1526465

Lmao imagine going on holiday with your new boyfriend who you “love” but he spends the entire time staring at his phone and ranting about his ex gf. That is so embarrassing for Kat

No. 1526474

Jake & Kat will only stay together out of sunken cost fallacy. They've both sacrificed too much at this point. It needs to get nipped in the bud or they will end up miserable.

No. 1526490

Hello? It's funny his "babygirl" is both taller and older. She's literally a tall mommy goth gf, but his creepy domdaddy rp with her is ironic given she is, again, both older and taller. It's really not that deep nonny. kek

Honestly think it's more so wanting a tall "modelesque" type girlfriend since it's pretty obvious he wants them to be something to show off. It's why he liked Kaya early on and used to show her off, but as she gained weight he became neglectful and outright mean to her. It isn't about love, it's an extension of his ego. A "look what I have" and in Kat's case "own" with their cringe ddlg dynamic.

Ngl, kind of "pot calling kettle" that he's trying to say anything about Kaya's lazy content. All she does are GRWM/unboxings and all he does is the same old tired "goth reacts".

Next thread pic please! It's too perfect. lmao

No. 1526535

this has to be the weirdest logic I've ever heard, lots of horrid men who are into BDSM and daddydom/kitten play shit love tiny women and there's tiny women who are into that too. most men who like tall women just like long legs, it's probably the same for jake. he also has never seemed very insecure about being short to me (imo he isn't even short, just has awful proportions that make him seem stumpy) he seems way more insecure about his physique with the way he shoops his abs (or lack thereof) and whatnot

No. 1526542


I remember in one video he said something along the lines of short men and tall women both having a disadvantage in society and he referred to short girls as "cute" while short men aren't cute, and tall women aren't as feminine etc.

I know he said he liked Kaya because she was "tall and slim with long legs" in that one boyfriend tag video where she looked like she was holding back tears when he wouldnt say anything nice about her, but when he made that short man = tall women plight comparison in a later video, it seemed like a dig at Kaya, his own gf at the time. she has said it made her feel insecure being taller than anyone else when people are jerks about it.

he probably does prefer tall women, but will neg them over it, publicly, without hesitation because he is a piece of shit little man.

No. 1526584

Nazis didn't wear green uniforms, educate yourself. But you aren't very aware of history anyway.

No. 1526585

File: 1652349353252.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1094x2058, 08B7BCF6-3B2B-4FF3-9165-947550…)

He looks haggard.

No. 1526590

Must be the never ending hangover he’s been in for the past 6 months

No. 1526601

He's posting pics of them having breakfast in Flax & Kale, Kaya's fav place in Barcelona, she would go to every day when they were there. Reminds me of the song "deja vu" by Olivia R… Imagine your new bf is taking you to all the places just because his ex likes them, to get back at her. Sad as fuck.

No. 1526604

This is what baffles me the most, who goes on holiday to a City known for its range of good food and then eat at the exact same places as you did when you were there with Kaya? The only reason would be to twist the knife and upset her. He's there with someone he's supposed to "love" yet is constantly revisiting locations from his past relationship instead of forging new memories, seeing new spots or trying different restaurants. He is truly so pathetic

No. 1526610

What’s amazing is that it was Kaya that took HIM there! He wouldn’t even know of those spots and I bet he wouldn’t have ever thought of going to Barcelona if it were for Kaya since her dad lives there. Fuck, he’s so pathetic

No. 1526645

Kayas putting up all her stuff from Amazon that folks got from the wishlist and just…

No. 1526652

File: 1652359033244.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x2310, Screenshot_20220512_143258_com…)

Narc-rage… This pic is so pathetic - why bother a photo, why not a simple note saying "Did you realize where I'm with my new gf, did you!!!????"

No. 1526679

Tune in today to see what our wacky twosome gets up to on “The Performative Adventures of Turd Boy and Scat”!

No. 1526707

File: 1652367049091.jpg (640.87 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220512-154537_Ins…)

No. 1526727

Good for her to be honest. It must hurt Fake seeing how much her fans still adore and support her when he’s doing his best to paint this image of her being nothing without him.

No. 1526734


What a lazy POS, she does not deserve this

No. 1526770

She’s barely put out any video content, yet fans are frothing at the mouth to buy her junk off her Amazon wishlist. The least she can do is make an unboxing thanking whoever sent her that stuff, then go back to making consistent videos. I can’t believe someone as lazy as her managed to get a house and is also being sent stuff for doing nothing. Yes probably jealous kek but this is ridiculous

No. 1526779

Kaya only seem to interact with people who also internet famous. She ignores most messages from her fans.

No. 1526801

File: 1652376097452.png (1.12 MB, 1440x2191, Screenshot_20220512-122102.png)

No. 1526803

Agreed, messaged her once as I recognised the venue for Melanie Murphys wedding (beautiful place)
I just asked "are you at Ballybeg it's beautiful"
She never read it. Is she that inundated with fan messsages?!(don't touch the poop)

No. 1526815

She said in the Insta story (it was a video) that she'll vlog opening them or something when she has time.

>can’t believe someone as lazy as her managed to get a house and is also being sent stuff for doing nothing

I agree, most of her content instead of being videos has been social media posts about why she CAN'T make videos, and the reasons were always really small. I can see why people like jude are simultaneously attracted to the social media thing and also think you don't need to put in effort to succeed at it.

No. 1526818

Samefag to add I can also see why kaya can afford to be lazy even though she ideally shouldn't, if despite the lazjness subs and patrons from when she used to make an effort still stick around. Tbh I'm a little jealous too kek

No. 1526821

This will die down eventually, remember how poorly her videos were doing before all this break up stuff. When she inevitably goes back to being a lazy POS again the support will drop too

No. 1526847

Gee I wonder why Jake came out and said all that awful shit about Kaya not 24 hours after she announced she got a new place. He clearly can't stand to see her getting positive attention, it makes him seethe because it reminds him of how he's lost so many fans. Oh and the fact that it was his birthday too must have hurt his feefees. He can't control her anymore so he's trying to control her image.

Tbh Kaya is lazy and I don't like her but I'm still glad to see her thriving because it's hurting Jake lmao. He reminds me of my ex.

Also where tf are Kat's kids (or kid)? She's always getting hammered with Jake and going to Barcelona with him on a whim. Is the kid just with the dad all the time or

No. 1526848

Lol agree with you both. Suggesting she went to a hotel was dumb as fuck. Now Fake is posting about the flax and kale, Kayas favourite place and suddenly they are seething that Kaya got a house. That's what happens when you stick around in a shit situation a bit longer and wait it out instead of running to a hotel or go live in a dump with some stranger roommate situation like a moron.

Lets focus on the fucking milk of Fake having a hissyfit now that Kaya is settling in. We can get back to Kaya later.

No. 1526899

File: 1652382197976.jpeg (421.64 KB, 1169x2071, 1427ABA3-67AD-42E4-AE1E-7BE117…)

Jake making himself look even more vertically challenged..

No. 1526906

It's like he chooses all the most unflattering styles on purpose

No. 1526910

What the fuck he looks like a leprachaun

No. 1526916

I hate those drop crotch pants. Looks like he's got a full diaper.(sage)

No. 1526925

I love how neat the room is. Kaya was clearly the only slob in that relationship.

No. 1526931

He always looks like a damn cheeto with that filter he uses.

No. 1526934

Nice big bag of KFC lying on the floor too ha

No. 1526938

I've met kat and a few of her friends and I can confirm that she will have absolutely no backlash for how she's acted. One of her close friends actually hooked up with her best friend's bf. Think they're a couple now. It's totally normal for that whole incestuous group to act that way. The whole alt scene in Belfast is so far up it's own ass. There's a local band whose singer was shagging his cousin..it's common knowledge and no one seems to care. I'm amazed Jake doesn't get on with them more.

No. 1526940


He looks like a todler with that big head and small legs

No. 1526943

hahhahaha vertically challenged! i cant breathe nonna

No. 1526944

If I see him stick his two fingers up at the camera one more time, I swear to fucking god I’ll swing for him. Has he no other poses AT ALL? Like even in “couple” photos with Skat, he’s sticking his two fingers up like some fucking chavvy roadman douche. Get a grip, you 31 year old gremlin manchild.

No. 1526945

As a Brit, this makes me cringe at how chav this looks.

Not to mention that cheeto-dust tinged, bloated face.
What a catch. Such a Goth Daddy.

No. 1526946

The biggest thing Fake and Kaya have in common is their absolute refusal to dress for their shape kek. I’m convinced that if Fake just wore normal slim fitting black jeans that hit his waist and a shorter shirt his proportions wouldn’t look so wonky. Even his tattoos make him look like he’s about to tip over

No. 1526951

It's actually a bit sad how VF are patting this grown woman on the back for getting a rental. She's in her 30s…and she was given enough money to rent a house. Why is she getting so much validation for being a grown ass woman who acts like she's 15? I get what happened to her with Fake was shitty and for that I'm happy she's thriving but still…she's an adult.

No. 1526958

Not a WK but you being salty because you got ghosted by an influencer is not fucking milk. She no doubt has filters on all her socials and has to field messages from weirdoes all the time. Do you not get that maybe asking a girl online if she’s at a specific location could be taken the wrong way?

As for the e-begging, I think she has a few frenzied fans sending her a “new home” gift rather than hundreds showering her with free shit all the time, but it’s still irritating. I’m not expecting anything remarkable from her, it’s going to be nothing but excuses as per. But being alone for the first time in your life has got to be pretty wild, so good for her for getting on with it at the bare minimum.

Lol this. Some Anons really don’t want the threads to move on from screaming incoherently about how fat she. And so newfrens here, please start putting “sage” in the E-MAIL FIELD.

He looks like a Poundland version of that emo character from Horton Hears a Who. Why, god, why the bowlegged pose on top of the harem crotch. He’s looking ancient.

No. 1526959

she's been living for 10 years with a narcissistic sociopath, that fucks up your life and perception of life and your ability to function on your own. ask me how i know! kek plus they got together when she was 16? i believe. he has shaped her personality and made her completely dependant on him, that is a very tough situation to heal and get out of. it absolutely fucks with your brain. that's why im inclined to cut her some slack

No. 1526971

I can’t get worked up about some of her hardcore fans sending her stuff off her wishlist. Mostly because it must be eating jake alive that the woman he’s trying so hard to paint as ‘abusive’ is getting so much support while he’s losing subscribers hand over fist.

No. 1526977

So a girl with almost 200k followers didn’t message you back with her exact location? Couldn’t imagine why.

No. 1526981


according to contrarian brain dead anon who questions if Kat is mid 30s, you’ve got to be a chronically online woketard who is sperging out just for knowing basic facts about history or society. It’s cool to be a dum dum who doesn’t care about common knowledge and makes stupid point after stupid point.(sage your autism)

No. 1526985

No one cares. Sage your bullshit. Stick to the milk

No. 1527008

File: 1652390825224.jpg (174.55 KB, 992x1024, nazi-uniforms-2-992x1024.jpg)

Picrel is from a museum. They look green to me, idk. But even if they weren't green that wouldn't change the point I was making.

No. I was just saying that you don't have to jump to the conclusion someone is a genocidal fascist because they used the number 88 somewhere once.

No. 1527024

Christ almighty, I laughed so hard I cried. I can’t believe he not only put that on, but took a picture and let other people see it. This is actually rib cracking funny. That’s some Gary Coleman realness.
What cho talkin bout Jake

No. 1527038

This feels like messy makeup spam-chan back again

No. 1527051

File: 1652392997782.jpg (Spoiler Image, 599.36 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_20220512-150154_Ins…)

little flat pancake ass

No. 1527076

Nice shit-tip in the background.

No. 1527078

You know jake and her filmed only fans content. It’s the hotel they’re both at and have immediately dumped their crap everywhere

No. 1527079

The fact that nobody here even can be arsed to buy their OF even though we talk about this non stop truly proves how delusional his prices are. Genuinely nobody wants to pay for that crap.

No. 1527082

and that pose is supposed to be a foolproof method to make your ass look as big as possible lmao
every basic bitch who takes booty pics does this pose

No. 1527113

Just shows how deflated her ass is. Maybe she should take some epic workout tips from jake? Or is he over that phase now?

No. 1527125

He peaked in the vampire freaks era. And he was a twat even then, fat shaming people, and copying Jeffrey star while pretending not to know who that is. Somehow he's gone even more downhill in personality and looks.

No. 1527282


it's funny how he said he didn't know who J is but years ago Kaya went to a J touring event. stupid liar.

No. 1527286


several of us are annoyed by the idiot who insists that 88 "is just a random number" and that it's unlikely to be Kat's year of birth. ironically they are the one spamming the board with nazi uniform info and pics now. I'd rather deal with makeup chan as it is related to goff talk, but whatever.

No. 1527350

File: 1652421459812.jpeg (96.77 KB, 1024x768, E07C1536-6999-4B9F-AAAF-016823…)

That ass is giving me…(sage your shit)

No. 1527352

to me personally it gives hope, because I thought I had an unfortunate flat butt but next to that it looks like a juiced up squatting everyday peachy dumptruck

No. 1527380

Come on guys be more realistic she’s a skinny tall girl she isn’t going to have a Kim k ass she’s in proportion for her body shape and size

No. 1527385

No. 1527388

Till today germans refer to nazis as "brown" because of the brown shirts. And of course everybody is free to wear brown without any thought, but if we talk about "brown shit" we know who we are talking about. The SS (not the "simple soldiers") wore mostly grey. But like in every military there were many more colors for uniforms for special units.
Sorry for sperging but maybe we could settle this now.

No. 1527409

Kat isn't tall. I met her a couple of years ago and she was shorter than me and I'm 5'4(sage your shit)

No. 1527423

You can be tall and thick, but she is just a stick.

Wtf are you talking about haha. No way Kat is shorter than 5'4. She is about Jake's height, if not a bit taller. Look at the pics.

No. 1527448

File: 1652438457026.jpg (231.06 KB, 425x665, Jake Midget Shittip.jpg)

No. 1527452

File: 1652439144101.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x1898, 22DF6D50-2021-4B9B-AEB2-BCB2AD…)

It seems Freyja and family are moving to Glasgow.

No. 1527484

Not the best choice right now considering the whole of the UK is having a cost of living crisis.

No. 1527512

Have to say this, sorry, but I looked at her wishlist and it's really sickened me.. is she really really expecting a 300 quid tumble dryer and a tv from her fans?
Times are so hard for families and she's out there expecting a new tv and tumble dryer? Go on Gumtree and get 2nd hand ones.. can't believe she'd expect someone to pay that for her.

No. 1527518

File: 1652445593522.jpg (2.72 MB, 1920x3373, InShot_20220513_143806358.jpg)


No. 1527522


The tumble dryer seems doubly ridiculous to me because I'm a UK anon around her age and NOBODY I know has or uses a tumble dryer because they are so expensive to run. Heck, even my very middle-class parents don't have one or use them because they think the cost is ridiculous. Putting clothes on radiators to dry is so bad for your house - that's why most people here use clothes horses or similar. I have drying racks on pulleys in my hallway so my washing dries out of the way. She also has a garden so could hang up her washing to dry. I do not understand her conception of spending money on luxuries like this when she barely works.

No. 1527531

Fairly sure he’s been stalking this thread as he took advice to stfu and focus on his holiday instead of being a sad loser. Wonder if he will keep taking advice from here or just blow up again

No. 1527543

He finally tried to filter out the orange so he doesn't look like a cheeto but he filtered out his tattoos in the process. kek

No. 1527544

Greyscale Johnny Craig

No. 1527597

Every time he throws those two douchebag fingers up I want to chop them off

No. 1527609

File: 1652455102755.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 429.22 KB, 1284x2134, 864962EB-6A73-40D5-9BD1-1A73AE…)

Exactly, tall doesn’t equal old lady ass. Took a look at her IG and it’s hilarious to see her try to arch her way out of having pancake cheeks

No. 1527611

File: 1652455372509.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 478.71 KB, 1274x1918, 7FF6D512-3763-48CE-8A2E-2D606B…)

Kek she’s going to pull something contorting like that. Just another picture of Skat trying to have an ass for those who don’t want to click the spoiler. Don’t worry you’re not missing anything. My selfies get more likes than this sad sack which shows no one’s interested in the midget porn her and her dwarf are peddling

No. 1527618

File: 1652456483496.jpg (394.49 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20220513_174126_com…)

No. 1527621

Just letting him tire himself out like the giant baby he is, good move. Otherwise it just gives the narc something more to flip out over.

No. 1527639


Very good move. Disinterest in his rambling attempts at painting her the villain will drive him crazy.

No. 1527658

File: 1652459831753.jpeg (333.56 KB, 1143x1010, 39604D0A-6C96-48FC-B94B-B6E7A9…)

No. 1527667

Are dryers really not common use to UKfags? That’s pretty mind blowing…I understand it isn’t particularly necessary…but I would never rent somewhere that doesn’t have a washer and dryer on site or a laundromat down the street.

No. 1527678

In europe you rent mostly really just the apartment - you bring everything on your own.

No. 1527687

File: 1652461224672.jpeg (380.5 KB, 828x921, 3F9ACF96-9496-4A65-85C8-25555F…)

kek Reilly, wasn’t THAT your Daddy up until like a month ago?

No. 1527696

Guess daddy isn't a good guy anymore …

No. 1527706


Continental Europe perhaps, but in the UK even an "unfurnished" rental will include white goods - so that's the washing machine, oven, fridge etc. Some places will have a dishwasher or a built in microwave but older flats/houses don't always have a dishwasher and some places will expect you to have your own microwave as its a small appliance (same with a kettle). The only times I've seen an unfurnished rental with a tumble dryer is when the landlord bought a combined washer/dryer, it's otherwise pretty uncommon because as anon further up thread said, we usually use clothes horses or a washing line in the garden.

No. 1527718


Not true. Most unfurnished rentals expect you to provide white goods and I've never heard of anyone getting a microwave in an unfurnished rental.

No. 1527721

I’m honestly more interested in what happened with Reilly and the Stump than what happened with Kaya. My personal tinfoil is Fake got mad that we were making fun of him because his biggest supporter was a troon so he went and said something mean to Reilly

No. 1527726

I honestly enjoy Freya for the most part (even if her last vid was hilariously low effort but she’s a new mom so I won’t complain too much) but why oh why does she always post pics where her fingers look disgusting? If it’s not the dirty bandage it’s the chipped and cracked nails. I just find it odd when part of her “career” is her image

No. 1527733

Samefag. Whoops I took a look again and it looks like it was Mr Owl’s hand. My bad but my point mostly still stands

No. 1527738

This just makes you sound creepy and weird anon.

No. 1527744

I hope she finds this thread so Jake gets his own spill-all Vivi saga like Shay did, kek

No. 1527772

Gosh I love to know what made Reilly do a complete 180 from jake. They were all over him for months and months then just over night hated him what the hell happened

No. 1527797

I'm just confused because in pictures where she stands next to jake they look like the same height like in >>1526585 where she is not wearing high heels. but maybe it's just a really deceptive angle?

oh my god move the fuck on already, also your spacing makes you look like a fucking newfag

No. 1527820

File: 1652470616047.png (343.23 KB, 1079x720, Screenshot_20220513-203547.png)

Such an incredible time that you spent half of it shit talking your ex?

No. 1527824

Kek I love it

No. 1527874

My back hurts just looking at this. She is trying so hard to create curves.

No. 1527881

He'd be lost without taking advice from this thread.

No. 1527929

File: 1652476570987.jpeg (156.49 KB, 1283x798, 499B11BC-BB96-4AF3-A7BB-778B23…)

No. 1527947

Lol shut the fuck up, Reilly. You'd still be "wet for daddy" if he didn't prioritize Kat over your creepy ass.

No. 1527969

File: 1652478774311.jpg (921.7 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220513-225246_Ins…)

Yet another wonky cyber-themed tattoo for her collection

No. 1527972

Samefag, because she says happy Friday 13 it might be a free flash tat, she's covered in bad flash

No. 1527975

File: 1652479045574.png (261.81 KB, 680x452, 97685267-E908-4B28-844C-6135E6…)

Here is my belated birthday wish for Jake: I sincerely hope that he is absolutely as besotted with that vapid dollymop as he says he is, and grows more in love with her every day. I hope he gives her all the love and devotion he never gave Kaya, as well as all the material things. I hope he puts her name on all his property, buys her a big old diamond ring, and marries the bitch. I really do. And then I hope she shows him what a sociopathic narcissist REALLY is. I hope she drains him - heart, soul and wallet - then replaces him with a taller, more handsome man (not too hard there, kek) and boots Jake out into the cold with no place to go.

And that will still be better than he deserves.

No. 1528015


Kat is probably about 5 foot 8 without heels on and she was in the same year in school as someone I know so 88 is probably right. It's so weird that someone is pretending to have met her and is saying that she's short lol

No. 1528055

Where the fuck do you think you are. Nobody’s expecting her to have a BBL but she’s posing in a cringe way just to show off skinnyfat. Small asses can be super cute lol but not flabbed out on a countertop like this. Jake’s so obviously desperate to date a thin “modelesque” girl.

This is actually a pretty mature mindset from Kaya. Where’s the screenshots of him shittalking? I’ve looked through the thread but I think I’m missing it, unless it’s just the general replies to his YouTube comments? Obviously it’s believable, I’m just autistic and nosy.

No. 1528097

Right here, banona. It was on his birthday even.

No. 1528108

File: 1652486137285.jpeg (115.52 KB, 1282x828, 34595FAE-B2EF-45D7-A238-746B71…)

“Breaking up with Kaya is the best thing I’ve ever done” your view count says other wise. He’s also lost 6000 followers on Instagram since the breakup. Can’t wait until he’s so broke he has to live in the studio.

No. 1528146


sage for off topic but that bird is so cute! java sparrow?

No. 1528153


she needs to be more realistic and stop referring to herself as a "model" when she is totally average and bod bodied. there's nothing wrong with having a deflated flat ass but no one wants to see it except stumpy. save it for him instead of trying to pose like she has a butt kek

No. 1528157


I laughed out fucking loud! this is the funniest pic ever and I love that you named it Jake midget shittip. thank you nonna for bringing me laughter

No. 1528162


this is the best move. that narc just wants a reaction out of her. he was needing attention on his birthday and coveting the attention she received instead, so tried to start shit. ignoring everything he said and carrying on having a great time in her nice new home is the best revenge and will humble him showing that his ass truly doesn't matter to her. gray rock that stumpy lying son of a bitch.

No. 1528167

Thanks for handling my autism Non.
Jesus fucking Christ. “Nah, mate” lol who does this drunk chav think he is? I can’t stand Kaya really, I’ve been bitching about her for years, but it’s honestly so obviously she didn’t realise she was doing this and he never once had a sit-down conversation about FEELING taken advantage of or whatever. This is some darksided shit.

No. 1528327

Maybe this is an unpopular opinion here but I don't think Jake is a groomer. He is definitely abusive though.

No. 1528373

Yeah I'm not really sure where the grooming shit is coming from, that is a pretty specific accusation. He may manipulate people into donating money and believing everything he says, but he's not "grooming" them. To groom means to manipulate someone (usually younger or mentally challenged, although anyone of any age and gender can be groomed) over a period of time into trusting them and eventually taking advantage of them sexually.

No. 1528383

I think he has a very fucked up idea of what relationships are meant to be most probably due to his glaring mummy issues. He seems to jump in the deep end very early on, the ex before Kaya who he’s spoken about, he was practically living with at her parents house, Kaya herself, who he moved countries for and now Kat who comes with the added bonus of being a mother herself. I suspect this current relationship will be the one that ends up actually hurting him.

I don’t think he’s ‘groomed’ anyone but I do think he’s a text book abusive partner who projects all his rage about his mother onto the other women in his life.

No. 1528400

anons a few threads back were saying jake was predatory towards kaya because he was older than her, (I think they were 16 and 18 when they started dating) I don't think the age difference is big enough to indicate anything predatory in that way though

No. 1528411

The jake grooming thing came from Kaya being 16 when they met him being 18 and using her/her family to move from wales and live with them when she turned 17/18.

That’s it.

No. 1528422

>Greyscale Johnny Craig
Holy shit the accuracy. Even the personalities are similar. I'm so ready for Jake to get a shitty face tattoo next lmao

Honestly? Good for her. I know she's still got a lot of room for improvement, but throughout all this it does feel like she's been showing at least some kind of progress/growth.

If you look closely at the pics she takes with Jake with the sneakers on, she's bending her knees quite a bit. She definitely appears taller than him, but not by that much. Tbh it always seems like she's either behind him or sort of squishing down a bit to look shorter in comparison to him. It's nbd, but still kind of funny. given shit like >>1527448

No. 1528443


Jake looks super stumpy, no joke, his proportions are like a short woman with the short arms, short legs, etc. so I think it is possible that he is one of those guys who lies about being 5'9/5'10 when he is really 5'6 or under. the "goth wear"/socially acceptable platforms for all genders help. even without platforms, I've seen dudes IRL lie their asses off on their ID or just casually throwing out that they are 5'6" when we are the same height and I'm not even that tall… in my highest heels I pass for "tall" but I'm really 5'4" in flats. it is easy for women to look tall and I guess an incentive to claim they are taller than they are if they are "models" like Skat.

No. 1528447

This is something only burgers could say. Nobody in Europe bats an eye to this age difference. Would be different if she has been 14, but there are a shit ton of couples with one of them being 16 and the other one being 18, nobody would screech groomer or predator

No. 1528464

no one in america bats an eye either.

No. 1528487


Idk where you live anon but I've been in UK rentals for 10+ years and every unfurnished one has included white goods. Sage for offtopic

No. 1528488

You say that but all the jake is a groomer crap came for American anons. No one here, that’s been here since day for anyway, gives a shit because it’s only a year or two and most of us have done it.

I think the main issue with it is that she is younger and that he used her so he could move away from home. She supported him even though he was older and he didn’t lift a finger. That’s the only aspect I could see as “groomer” because a year or two difference isn’t anything to cry about

No. 1528544

File: 1652533630165.jpeg (594.61 KB, 1282x1803, 3FFDD2B7-0A57-42F3-A005-1C2022…)

2000 likes in 16 hours and has lost 500 followers on Instagram since the last time I checked. Give it until end of summer and he’ll need a real job

No. 1528552

I know kaya always get hate for never having a job part from once for a day but has jake ever had a job?

No. 1528556

Yeah he worked in telesales for a bit. Was a shit to work with according to someone from Reddit I think it was, he also threw a wobbler and punched a wall if I recall correctly.

No. 1528558

Yes, I remember something along the lines like "I've a problem with authorities, especially when I'm smarter than them" (narce speech vor 'i' ve anger issues" (what at least he says today, but even with that wording I doubt that Jake sees that as something really negative)).

No. 1528559

His videos aren’t getting the views either, he’s still behind Kaya with views.

One thing I’d love to know is how jake got so delusional about YouTube. Going back on any of kayas videos before jake started his up, she was hitting over 100k views. I don’t think jake has ever gotten that on a video on his channel. Pathetic

No. 1528567

Weren't some people calling him a groomer because he calls his mostly underage fanbase snacs, and was promoting his onlyfans on the discord and Twitter right out without any warning and again no consideration of his younger fans.

No. 1528577

He worked telesales a really long time ago, I'm pretty sure he had another job after that at the start of his YouTube channel but I don't remember what it was.

Oh yeah I forgot about that. After he got called out for it he made his Twitter "18+" or something to cover his tracks.

No. 1528647

File: 1652547559566.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x2022, 59B35086-E19F-4F49-8E5D-8681A7…)

He’s had some videos that have done well, one of his bloody awful ‘goth reacts’ got like 1.6 million views (I despair. I truly do) ironically, his try not to laughs with Kaya did really well, at least one of them got nearly 900k views. But yeah, she was the one ‘begging’ him for collaboration.

I wonder how well the inevitable videos with Kay will go down?

No. 1528694

>>he never once had a sit-down conversation about FEELING taken advantage of or whatever.
he didn't because he didnt feel like that, i'm sure he was very content with her when he felt he could control her and use her as his punching bag (emotionally and/or physically, which wouldn't surprise me at all) he's just saying this now because she's moving on, he has no more control over her; and also because people are seeing what a piece of shit he is. it's his narcissistic ass scumbling to justify how awful and abusive he was to her. kaya isn't my cup of tea either but in this case, she is handling herself really well. not giving him entity on her life is the best thing she can do for herself and it gives us all the laughs seeing him seethe and desperately trying to control the narrative (and failing miserably!!! that's the absolute best part of all)
as far as i know he got kicked out of his own discord (the original one) because it was a PG server with lots of minors actively chatting there and he wanted to promote his OF there. absolutely insane and a complete disregard for the people that built that shit for him and made it a safe place for all his fans, not only the ones that could spend money on him. he doesnt even appreciate his fans or his mods or the people that help him in any way that isn't money

No. 1528724


"Goth reacts to 'are you lost baby girl' cringe" HMMM isn't that his brand now? kek

No. 1528854

File: 1652564169503.png (4.19 MB, 1284x2778, 48A34762-0BBC-4C5F-B4E2-588C23…)

The amount of hateTikTok’s made on this shitstain now is hilarious. No wonder his views are down.

No. 1528858

Before I even saw your comment I looked at this screenshot and thought, why the hell would Kaya be begging to be a part of this fake cringe bullshit?

No. 1528861

Worse, he was literally having a conversation with his manager and got so angry he punched a door, in the presence of said manager. He doesn’t necessarily BRAG about it but does talk about it like it was this totally okay and reasonable thing to do because he “dislikes authority”, like a 12 year old.

He pressured Kaya to get a job at the same place, so he’s clearly had this “she needs to contribute on MY terms no matter where she’s at mentally” mindset since WAY before his channel got vaguely “popular” (note: I’m not saying she shouldn’t have gotten a job, because she fucking should have, but it’s clear that they’ve always had bad communication and major control issues).

No. 1528920

File: 1652570830782.jpg (935.66 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20220515_012527360.jpg)

Is she serious!? Is that the average snacc brain?

No. 1528950

My brain short circuited trying to read this, the fuck. Aside from that it feels like this type of parasocial shit happens a lot and its sad. He wouldn’t do it because he knows he’d just scrape everything into the bin.

No. 1528958

You can't support stump and not be a dumbass. The guy has a PO Box btw. If they want to send him shit they can. He mentions it underneath every single youtube vid.

No. 1528965

yep, pretty much. most of them anyway. i would like to believe this comment was made by a 12 year old but, i know better kek

No. 1528995

>I consistently develop the feeling that something I think of or see could be of use to him
>I come to the harsh reality that I can't share these things with him

Why are they talking about him like he's their lover on the front lines in world war 2?

No. 1529039

the potato face with that killstar top is a great example of how he's used alt fashion for attention, followers, views and whatever else it can get him. yet he can't be consistent and it's very obvious, especially with this most recent trip and how bare minimum his looks were considering how up himself he has been in the past.

No. 1529054

Also the fact that he'd rep ouija stuff which is in my opinion so overdone and meaningless to most people. Particularly funny considering he adamantly doesn't believe in supernatural stuff. His "goth" look just consists of whatever Killstar is peddling the moment. Killstar is actually so tacky. I'd love to see him go into a thrift store and try to pick out a decent alternative outfit all by himself.

No. 1529168

I mean most social media wannabes who claim #goth for clout couldn't, and yeah he's no exception.

No. 1529196

Interesting how Kaya just received a pile of gifts from her fans and this comment immediately pops up acting extremely desperate to gift random things to Jake.

No. 1529227

File: 1652594919547.jpg (568.08 KB, 1080x1844, Screenshot_20220514-230757_Ins…)

Black Craft Cult, on par with the tackiness of Killstar. A posers first stop to all things goth.

No. 1529232

what the fuck, his forearms look so short?? little baby arms going on here

No. 1529241

he looks like a TIF…
i don't know if it's just angles or what but he always looks so damn short and stumpy. baby arms, kid torso.

No. 1529244

"not bad for no gym and 4 days of drinking" - why always bragging about that!? Why not just thinking "uh, luckily (my delusional brain thinks) nobody sees that I drunk for 4 days"?

No. 1529252

He is obsessed with every pound he puts on or loses. Nobody cares as much as him, if at all.

No. 1529253

File: 1652596927596.jpg (370.44 KB, 1080x1162, Screenshot_20220514-230607_Twi…)

Just like you were immune to hangovers, right you delusional retard?

No. 1529264

>Band members got covid on tour
>girlfriend also got it
uh was this in the same timeframe? was he hanging out with kat on tour?
also, he's probably gotten it, but never got tested and confirmed. sometimes there's no obvious symptoms.

No. 1529272

I was thinking the same thing. Also weren't there times he was having cold symptoms and didn't get tested? I'm too lazy to dig through the old threads.

No. 1529315

File: 1652603561042.jpg (110.43 KB, 1200x1119, Dr_Xr1nU0AAMsSE.jpg)

He and Kaya together really must have looked like this meme but gawffic

I know he and Kaya were freshly broken up by the time he went on tour, but he's kind of only helping prove himself a cheater by having kat around so soon after the break up.

No. 1529323

Bobblehead looking fucker. Also his facial expression reminds me of Dennis from Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Oh my God Reilly, shut up. You were still simping for Jake long after it became public how he treated Kaya then turned cold because he did something to piss you off. Would really like to know what that was though kek.

No. 1529331

God that baseball cap is horrendous, it makes his head look 1000x bigger than it already is, his vibe is so rancid. He genuinely looks like the worst breed of gymbro chav accidentally fell through a rack of alternative clothing

No. 1529338

He brags about the strangest stuff like how he's constantly bragging about his alcohol tolerance. Now apparently he's super special and Covid immune. You're not captain fucking america, Jake. You're a mediocre "influencer" with an ego so large it could blot out the sun. He's almost definitely either had it ( one of his many " I have a cold my voice is broken wah" moments) or he's asymptomatic and helping spread the virus like the human disease he actually is. Like he says: on tour by rubbing Elbows and dick's with people who did have it and assuming, egotistically, that he's magically fine. Asymptomatic also doesn't= immunue like a cartoon character, you can still easily spread the virus and are still easily a threat to other people and he's been pretty consistently out and about touring and traveling during the last few waves

No. 1529348

File: 1652608934726.jpeg (354.72 KB, 750x898, 30EA1CF3-79F4-49F9-A2A0-8EFBD2…)

He replied to several tweets doubting his immunity that he did get tested frequently.
I’d love to know how frequently that was and if it only were home tests or PCR (which I highly doubt).

My coworker tested herself daily when her kids had covid and only got one single positive result, immediately went to get PCR tested - also turned out positive. The day right after she home tested negative again, so I’m not too sure that at home tests are realllly all that reliable, except maybe on the day(s) you’re most infectious.

(sage for blog posting)

No. 1529390

He’s so deadpan towards fans who care about him. Home tests are about 50% effective and incredibly easy to get wrong. He’s had it for sure but thinks he has narc superpowers.

Also, “not bad for 4 days of drinking” - he probably thinks this makes him sound like he has a fun social life but it’s the exact opposite. Plus, it’s showing as hell. His hair’s dried out, he looks tired, eyebags and his skin’s lacking color and plumpness. You can tell from that last Instagram post that he just threw on any makeup to keep up the “freak” image but he’s exhausted by it.

No. 1529397

"4 days without drinking"

Sounds like another cow on this site

No. 1529402

File: 1652617583546.jpg (336.84 KB, 1080x1915, Screenshot_20220515-132551.jpg)

How is she getting so many fans buying her shit off her wishlist?

No. 1529403

I live near Jake, have had to do pcr tests frequently for close contacts at work but never once have came up positive. I attribute to me being a chronic weed smoker and I presume he's not just smoking smoking cigarettes but also if he is high he has such a negativity mentality that it doesn't appear to make him happy lol. Truly a freak of nature.

No. 1529404

Literally no idea. Her and Jake have made a career of being pathetic online and people sending them money and gifts.

No. 1529406

I hope she gets more just to rub it into Jake's face.
Don't get me wrong they are totally stupid for sending her lazy ass anything but, if it can make Jake upset in anyway I'm for it.(integrate)

No. 1529408

I know people are here to hate on Kaya as much as everyone else but it really isn't surprising to me, in real life when you're not an influencer friends and family will tend to offer or get you a housewarming gift, it's just that but amplified on the internet. If I were in her position I'd probably do the same given she's starting from having basically 0 things-you-need-to-live like pans and mixing spoons. I agree that her list should just be basics and not some weird Japanese heater table or aesthetic decorations but its not a surprise that people are sending her stuff given her situation.

No. 1529411

Jake is definitely looking at these updates and seething.

I bet it's one or two people buying a lot of stuff from the wishlist, it tends to be that way with influencers, even back when Jake had fans it was a only handful of them splashing the cash.

No. 1529413

My issue is just the fact she doesn't say thank you. Doesn't matter if you're going to do a video on it. You put it on your stories, not hard to write thank you everyone underneath.
Just feels like shae most definitely expects it, she doesn't live in the real world.

No. 1529415

File: 1652618965639.jpg (317.34 KB, 1080x1895, Screenshot_20220515-134838.jpg)

I wonder where the endless amount of money comes from? I'm guessing she's probably on housing benefits and because she was classes as homeless she maybe got a lot extra? It's just weird to me.

No. 1529422

Haven't other anons said she has a lot of patrons? She's probably been saving that and I'm wondering if she's bought things herself off the wishlist and she's alluding it was fans. I mean I'm sure fans are also sending stuff, but she spends her cash on useless tack all the time.

No. 1529437

Probably selling feet pictures again. Easy money

No. 1529534

uuughhh my guy… you are 31 for crying out loud! that's not the flex you think it is. 4 days drinking wooow much resistence such goth. what a twat! plus he looks like hot garbage

No. 1529545

KEK his giant head and tiny baby body. are we sure this isn’t an edit

No. 1529549

Going by general human proportions your hands are meant to touch your mid thigh. Either he loves shit angles or he has shit proportions. Considering his man baby torso, and his bad of pics, its probably both.

No. 1529576

File: 1652637106433.jpeg (161.7 KB, 1125x1721, 7B284DA7-7A2A-43DC-9D4F-3270EC…)

I guess Kat von D is coming back from being cancelled?

No. 1529624

He does have bad proportions but I think he is bending his arms in that picture which makes them look even stubbier

No. 1529639

File: 1652642348456.jpeg (256 KB, 750x1335, B6FCC0A6-709B-42E7-B3B1-51FD13…)

Jake, a face filter and pocket crotch tat. What a toad

No. 1529647

File: 1652643416115.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220515-203032_Ins…)

Keep it classy, Judith.

No. 1529648

File: 1652643674953.jpeg (1.57 MB, 2532x1170, 6193840F-C662-4EAF-90FB-DD9CD8…)

Just over a 150 people viewing, he’s been streaming for half an hour and he’s made $500.

No. 1529652

His tattoo gave him more of a double chin kek

No. 1529925

File: 1652659849344.png (581.29 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220515-105726.png)

Why is he trying to win "fuckboy of the year" award

No. 1529944

he looks like a toddler with a stomach ache kek
please nonnas tell me you know what im talking about! when the kid tries to show you where it hurts hhahahah im dying

No. 1529975

I can't unsee that now LMAO

No. 1529990

what's his point? his stomach still looks squishy and dough-y. he doesn't have very defined abs. it just looks like he's sucking in and holding his breath.

No. 1530015

Every time he writes “starting to feel myself” he’s looking more and more chav like.

Guess Kaya making him “feel himself” as “goth” was not really a thing and he’s been a chav all along? Man this man baby is confused as hell

No. 1530352

She's making at least a couple thousand off her patreon alone. Besides that all the gifts and new YT views are enough to get her by. Nothing "doesn't add up" though I'll agree it's wild how much she makes for doing so little. Still rather it be her than Jake though I guess.

Jake's thrussy tattoo is healing nicely. The extremely veiny tentacles are a very nice touch.

He better hang on tight to those half a dozen hardcore "snaccs" willing to drop the big bucks. His views are dwindling. This gives me Onision vibes. Can't wait to see what his fanbase looks like in another year or two. Jude can be his McFly. kek

No. 1530430

OMG best morning laugh!!! This is so accurate!

No. 1530615

File: 1652694854902.png (686.89 KB, 834x640, ouchiebelly.png)

Nonna you got me ugly laughing, this is for you

No. 1530620

Lmao nonnie!
My vote for next thread pic

No. 1530629


Lol! This is awesome! Thank u nonnie!

No. 1530673

Showing my age here, but does anybody remember that episode of The Simpsons where Homer does a boudoir shoot and the photographer has to slap a ton of Vaseline over the lens to blur him out enough to not look terrible?

No. 1530675

I mean everybody says that but it's an over saturated market so unless you have really unique feet at this point it's not

No. 1530687

Dying over here. Def next thread pic!

No. 1530735

Good Charlotte-core

No. 1530745

Kaya is on IG talking about how she has to paint and move her mattress alone. Where’s that friend that Kaya helped move and paint their place? No quid pro quo?

No. 1530790

File: 1652718320903.jpg (493.05 KB, 1080x1304, Screenshot_20220516-182332_Ins…)

God how can anybody do their make up THIS bad? It is almost a talent

No. 1530814

Holy fuck nonnaaaa

I could have sworn he used to be posting tweets about feeling sick last fall/winter

No. 1530840

He did multiple times, I specifically remember him talking about it on tour (probably when his band mates got covid, but his cold was just a coincidence) and also after a cocktail weekend with Skat, who was then also sick and also probably with covid, but of course his was just a cold again kek

No. 1530841

Her lips look diseased…
Now that you’ve criticized someone’s makeup anon, let’s hope the sperg doesn’t come back and screeches about how goff should be ugly kek. Or is that only a rule for Mamie?

No. 1530897

Is she drunk out of her mind when she does this? Surely you cant be this shit when sober.

No. 1530982

Hilarious considering nobody asked for her to exist in the first place.

No. 1531048

Her makeup literally looked better in her babybat pics

No. 1531050

File: 1652736471062.png (76.97 KB, 398x369, Schermopname (1003).png)

No. 1531162


LOFL! this is hilarious. it needs to be a thread pic

No. 1531296

oh ma gaaaddd thank you for making my vision a reality, nonna! i love the hat detail i'm dying

No. 1531324

Fake has Skat on his story if anyone feels like checking it out. He’s all hyped about starting a fire while she just giggles the whole time. He gave her and opportunity to say something to the camera but nope. Just brainless giggles. She has the personality of a plain white sock

No. 1531414

I saw it. Watching them present their "activities" is really depressing - if this postworth, what do you do the other evenings? The same, drinking close to your fridge at home, sometimes a fire lit, sometimes just TV flickering.

No. 1531442


it looks like a hobo fire. skat is such a cool girlfriend, no expectations.

No. 1531445

I can’t quite believe how excited he got about two ladybirds mating. You are a 30 year old man Fake. Come on now.

No. 1531457

We all know he has the mental maturity of an 11 year old, let's be real

No. 1531472

That's the sort of thing I imagine Kaya would get excited over and he'd sneer at like he seemed to do with her interests

No. 1531476

It's really nice to see Kaya talking about spending time with friends and helping them out, them helping her out ..contrast it to Jake and it's so obvious he was the sole reason they were so isolated, he was the reason they couldn't maintain healthy friendships. All he has is Kat and honestly I hope she dumps him on his arse the second the honeymoon period is over.

No. 1531648

Hmm funny enough it had a similar energy as to when he would film Kaya…didn't seem like she wanted to be on camera and he was forcing it. She's trying to hide just like Kaya would cause he's forcing content creation in a cringe way

No. 1531754

Yeah she very much looked uncomfortable on film, good luck vlogging

No. 1531771

Has someone watched Jake's latest reaction video? Him pointing out HOW incredibly happy he was on his birthday? His best birthday evaaaaa! (maybe twittering angry tweets about his ex is so pleasant that it adds up so much to your haaaaaappiness…)

No. 1531827

Haven't gotten to that part but a few mins into the vid he sees a video about people pretending to lean on the tower of Pisa and says we live in an npc world, people do the same things, and at the same time like crowding on the road or in stores, "oh but jake that's the only times people can do things" I don't care shut up, it's my thoughts so stop being sensitive.

His demeanour seems permanently stuck at edgy defensive teen. And before you take that as a compliment Fake Monroe, it's not.

No. 1531837

Ironic for someone who shills out endless identical videos for the algorithm to call other people npc for enjoying their holiday.

No. 1531890

File: 1652817268029.jpg (205.02 KB, 595x805, girlfriend.jpg)

Kaya's mom posted this to her today.

No. 1531894

File: 1652817437769.jpg (148.4 KB, 516x559, kayamom.jpg)

And she posted this a few days ago too. Her mom is savage…

No. 1531899

I honestly get why Kaya did not do much after a while with him. I had an ex like this and he sucked the life right out of me. Someone like this, everything is a fucking thing. Everything. Groceries, walks, fruit,… its exhausting.

Skat is going to start wilting like a flower in a year if they stick together.

No. 1531915

lol her mom really is savage. I love it. We need more of her posts

No. 1531927

I might love Kayas mum a bit right now.

Oh do try and come for her Fake, I suspect she will happily tear you a new one and it would be HILARIOUS.

Just watching Kaya’s Q and A and someone asked what she was enjoying most about being single and she said ‘not having to walk on eggshells’ worry about getting in trouble, or having to answer to anyone. Yeah, she can be annoying and lazy but I’m so pleased she’s away from that abusive dickhole.

No. 1531928

File: 1652820024583.jpg (636.63 KB, 1080x1495, 9_YouTube.jpg)

Leave her alone, old wench. His mods are keeping tabs on Kaya, and talking about her in the chat. This creepy Amy bitch has been around forever but of course took Jake's side during the breakup because her dusty pussy would be lost without him. She claims that Jake is like a son to her and she's like a mother to him, but still thirsts over him on the downlow. Creep.

No. 1531937

I think she’s generally reluctant to ask for help. Remember how she said she didn’t think anyone would want to come to the hospital with her?

No. 1531972

Wow, didn't know this video. Ranting for many years on how shitty a place is but not being able to leave is not the move Jake thinks it is. Also the "Kaya and I are isolated"-part stuck with me since I really don't have the impression that Kaya is isolated since Jake isn't around anymore….

No. 1531989

Kaya uploaded a new q&a and someone asked what she liked about being single and she said "not having to walk on eggshells, having to worry about getting in trouble" uhhh red flag much

No. 1532047

I have more defined abs than him and I haven't worked out in 6 months

No. 1532089

Red flags indeed, Jake is a fucking narc with aggression issues, fuck him. But also, god Kaya, noone gives a fuck. I know she does get a fair few comments/questions in general, but I swear she just does Q&As so she can talk about herself.

No. 1532092

Samefag, I somehow missed this. What a fucking creep, and it’s so disgusting if he doesn’t immediately shut down this weird hatewatching shit. Also “Amy Lee” STFU lol. I don’t love Kaya, but it must be fucking horrible to know your ex’s sweaty aggressive little stans are just waiting for you to say something the least bit emotional about him.

No. 1532132

File: 1652835349795.jpg (844.25 KB, 1080x1925, Screenshot_20220517-175503_Ins…)

Kat came in during Jake's last stream and was "shit-faced on the floor with KFC". Meanwhile Kaya is cooking delicious looking food in her new house. The getting wasted and eating junk is gonna be a lot less cute and a lot more annoying after a while. He certainly chose an unstable and inmature one.

No. 1532136

So does Kat live with Jake now? Or does she visit occasionally? If she’s living with Jake, I assume the kid has to be living with his dad.

No. 1532140

Not officially but it seems to be heading that way.

No. 1532157

File: 1652836933943.png (432.38 KB, 586x590, Screenshot 2022-05-18 at 02.21…)

Yikes, shes had these hand tattoos only a few months and they are already blown out and blurry

No. 1532226

The skin on your hands tends to do that over time, even with a well- applied tattoo. Weird nitpick.

No. 1532241

It’s a low quality pic and hand tattoos just do that no matter how well they’re done.

No. 1532253

This whole time I've been wondering where Kat's kid is. We never see her(I think it's a her?) and Kat is always getting shit faced with Jake and flying to Barcelona on a whim.

No. 1532263

Kat must have some awful self esteem to be with a man who is so clearly still obsessed with his ex girlfriend. It’s so clear every time he posts about her that he’s only doing it to try and hurt Kaya.
It must drive him mad that she’s doing better than ever without him

No. 1532281


Stay classy Kat!

I really hope that the kids dad is a more stable influence than her. Kids pick up on a lot more than you realize. Having mummy be regularly fall down drunk and then hungover on the school run isn’t going to be fun for him.

No. 1532383

I know the gossip board is probably not the best place for serious consideration but the cheating on your husband with someone like Jake, the regular binge drinking with him, the trash eating, the spontaneous trips away… doesn't scream " stable mother" to me. Postpartum can represent in new mum's up to six months after birth and can last up to 3 years untreated, I do wonder if Kat is suffering and Jake, being the absolute piece of shit that he is, is completely oblivious? Her ex husband certainly won't be paying attention after what she did to their family. She doesn't seem to post about or acknowledge at all that she's a mum on social media which could be a fair case of not wanting to advertise or monetize or show off your baby or it could be that she doesn't want that image, to be seen as a mum.

No. 1532389

She does have pregnancy pictures up on her Instagram and pictures of when her kid was first born

No. 1532401

Must have been before her current midlife crisis kicked in. Once she snaps out of it she'll be embarrassed as fuck.

No. 1532408

Jude’s new story on her ig is so incredible condescending and narcissistic, trying to call herself an influencer and say “I’m one of you” as well has me dying
And whilst she’s hanging out with two known abusers as well like yasss go off girl aren’t you so inspiring and such an incredible person(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1532409

Trying to tell her followers to be inspired by seeing influencers lives on ig instead of pissed off like are we suppose to be inspired by her life of being an ebegging waste

No. 1532416

Why don’t you retarded faggots read the simple rules to the site before posting. Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 1532451

I could only make it through the first few before I realized it was a whole rant because what the fuck was she even talking about. It sounded like wannabe woketard word vomit.

No. 1532459

Literally the most woketard shit I mean she literally is full of shit and that story proved it, she can’t even string together sentences without contradicting herself and sounding like a right waste
“Don’t be sad when you see people living great lives” don’t worry Jude we aren’t sad or jealous when we see you living your life, more likely I feel like a need to go take a shower and scrub her dirt off

No. 1532464

since you are unable to click the first link presented on any page of this site. read before spamming more

No. 1532470

that’s actually my bad legit had no idea how to sage and this link helped my dumbass so I’m going to share it and I’ve also saged this post.. learning here

No. 1532544

This doesn't mention sageing at all, genius. It's under info not rules. Maybe you should learn to read?

No. 1532554

Kat and Fake are glamping apparently. Out of genuine curiosity -does she actually not see her kid anymore? Seems that way.

No. 1532556

First link within rules takes you to the info page, which teaches how to sage. New anon found it and learned how to sage immediately. What's your issue?

No. 1532563

Can't help but feel somewhat happy for Kaya. She seems to be in her zone, being able to decorate the new place and act so freely. Jake and his minions meanwhile are seething and still keeping tabs on her.
Not getting my hopes up for her again though, she's full force e-begging still.

No. 1532607

File: 1652892628814.jpg (225.44 KB, 1280x720, Dorian.jpg)

I know that there was some talk about troons awhile back with the Angela fiasco but it got me wondering about the YouTube Goth's token troon Dorian and I had just now realized that she fits the stereotypes that are associated with troonism what wither her having mental problems, the ED, etc.

I was wondering if anyone else believes that Dorian is a great example of the statistic when it comes to "gender dysphoria" that's really just misdiagnosed because of all the other mental issues she clearly suffers from.

But then on the other hand, I always found it weird how she claims that she wants to be seen as a man but never took steps to make her look masculine. I mean it still wouldn't prove anything but I just found it kinda funny.

No. 1532609

File: 1652892931510.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 1288x1566, 5CEDEB92-E318-4D9C-9ABF-8F3C8C…)

Kat’s Dad is a fucking priest. Wonder what he makes of all this and atheist Fake.

No. 1532617

Eh, I wouldn't really consider her a true troon because she basically never talks about it and certainly isn't undergoing or actively promoting medical transition to her audience. Plus she doesn't have the whole open sexual degeneracy thing (unless you count the ghost boyfriend), that's a mandatory part of being a trans internet presence.

No. 1532621

File: 1652893600339.jpg (509.01 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220518-174628_Ins…)

Summary of her weird rant

>if influencers posting about their lives, smth they're happy about or worked hard for makes you sad, that's a you problem. Be inspired.

>Yeah some are fake, I don't mean them, and I know our lives are miserable, I'm one of you I get it. But I'm inspired when I see it.
>I know there are barriers, I get it I am one of you, but you know? You don't have to be the same as them, or mad they're enjoying life, be miserable in your own time
>follows up with story of her walking captioned "just go outside"

Yeah as newfag said it's condescending, and funny she's insisting she's "one of you" as a wannabe influencer e-whore

>whilst she’s hanging out with two known abusers as well like yasss go off girl
Literally who? I know mysadboi account was a creep bc jude mentioned it, but like the true #activist she is, she just vaguely mentioned it and moved on. At least she cut him off which is more than some would do.

No. 1532623

Hm that's fair though I thought the overly sexual thing was associated more with the MTF troons? I admit that I don't know as much about the FTM but when it came to the sex stuff I noticed that it usually manifests in either these girls being obsessed with fetishes or they were those weeaboos who obsess over Yaoi comics.

>Ghost Boyfriend

Haha I forgot about that lol I suppose that could count? I also remember when she was dating that MTF troon who tried to poison her but she also had moments where she was acting overtly sexual in the videos like going on about her dildos.

No. 1532633

I see where you're coming from but she isn't FTM, she's one of those 'I'm not a WOMAN I'm a HUMAN' types…

>she was dating that MTF troon who tried to poison her

No. 1532688

File: 1652898805078.png (1.25 MB, 664x1000, Screenshot 2022-05-18 at 19.31…)

When you squeeze your bee stings together for daddy.

No. 1532728

I get the feeling she's a total butterface under the makeup. A pic of her without it doesn't seem to exist online.

No. 1532743

appreciate the summary, it’s the two only people she hangs out with, pyromantic and immeshesdead, people have tried to share their stories with no avail, as is what usually happens with this stuff, she has every opportunity to learn the facts about this, people have reached out to her.
Fuck me I forgot about the waste sadboi he was gross as fuck and tried getting me to send pics of my body Jesus I still have the messages on my discord, how embarrassing.
But I wouldn’t credit or commend her for mentioning it as she had no option but to do it to save her image. She’s a joke of an activist like you said and in my eyes in ways she is just as abusive as her two only friends like not surprised they all stick together and probably enable each others bullshit.

No. 1532757

File: 1652903813700.jpg (Spoiler Image, 165.67 KB, 514x833, drunkidiots.jpg)

Fake is posting a ton on instagram right now and they're both absolutely trashed. I have to wonder if they ever even hang out without alcohol involved.

From the looks of things Jake's lost all sense of what is appropriate to post online right now, if Kat's ass right in frame of the camera is any indication.

No. 1532758

Fake is absolutely HAMMERED on his insta stories right now. Screeching to kill switch engage, every other post is that he’s ‘sorry’ for the screeching and Kay has literally got her arse out. It’s hilarious.

No. 1532765

I got up to the bit where he looked into the camera and did a lip bite and my god the shiver that ran through my body, the ick on steroids

No. 1532769


I am fucking scundered for the two of them..

"Imnjkn hbaving thje besht tyime ogf mhy liyfffeee!!!!" - sitting in a field getting shit faced i.e. the shit you do when you're literally 15

and then her rolling around the floor absolutely hammered with a share bag of crisps.. at fucking half 8 in the evening

No. 1532770

File: 1652904744785.jpg (222.55 KB, 646x983, Screenshot_20220518-220613_One…)

Not watching the IG story with sound (its Glasgow vs Eintracht here), so where are they (again?!)

No. 1532775

File: 1652904994368.png (Spoiler Image, 8.28 MB, 1170x2532, 5D4AE57D-3386-4362-B4C8-7D592A…)

FFS he can’t even smoke right. The way he was holding that cigarette was making me irrationally annoyed. And what he on about ‘this is what metal vocalists are like’ no Fake, this is what twats are like.

No. 1532777


he didn't say where it was but I'm assuming some overpriced 'glamping' pod in the back arse of nowhere in NI (judging by the surrounding area being fields and cows)

they could literally be anywhere rn for all they know, the two of them are absolutely shitfaced already slurring their words and rolling around the floor at 8pm in the evening

No. 1532781

>"I'm not a WOMAN I'm a HUMAN" types

Ah okay, gotcha. I thought she "identified" as a man because I always see people in her comments section either using "He/him" and/or "they" pronouns so I just assumed.


I think it happened back in 2020. It was wild kek I think the MTF troon's name was "Phryne" or something like that. It was actually being talked about as it happened a couple threads ago but long story short, Dorian would get drunk and film videos and she would talk about her sex life salivating over her dildo collection and this prosthetic breastplate she got that gave the illusion of her having a bigger bust. With the troon, every time he was over, she mentioned how she'd get severely sick to the point of vomiting and eventually learned that he was poisoning her but I can't remember why. All I remember is that when she did find this out, she cut ties with him but then went back to him for a short while before ending it. And then started having sex with ghosts or some shit lol.
Like I said, WILD. Kek

No. 1532783


Hm.. there was a break in Jakes stories (25 minutes) and now Kat is dressed again. Seems they are done with their date night routine already.

No. 1532786

Oh and Kaya is not a follower of Jake on Instagram anymore

No. 1532792

That is a hilarious observation lmfao.

No. 1532796

File: 1652906393050.jpg (230.11 KB, 1075x1910, 20220518_133714.jpg)

"You have depression? Just take a walk!" Shut the fuck up, woketard. That is the most typical ignorant response that I usually mostly hear from boomers who don't believe in mental illness.

No. 1532798

File: 1652906479489.png (Spoiler Image, 2.06 MB, 750x1334, 3E5874F0-A664-448B-8854-1A1837…)

what ass? kek

No. 1532801

File: 1652906757881.png (130.3 KB, 500x374, NPDnXBvoTOXuRF2M5XvgFv9Uj3wm_7…)

That is the saddest Hank Hill looking ass I've ever seen.

No. 1532819

>I had just now realized that she fits the stereotypes that are associated with troonism what wither her having mental problems, the ED, etc.

Kek you JUST now realized this?

Afaik, she was never actually diagnosed with gender dysphoria, it was a label she gave herself. She has a video where she says she will dress up in man's clothes and think "this is how I'm supposed to look" but then get bored and go back to women's clothes.

Nah she really thinks she's a man deep down and likes to imagine having a penis. She's more of an NLOG I guess. Autistic people tend to have a very black and white interpretation of 'gender' so I guess that's why.

The ex poisoning her thing happened a few years ago, probably in 2018ish I want to say. It was in older threads, the ex's name was Phrynne. It seems like she accused Phrynne of poisoning her, then took down her accusations because Phrynne threatened to sue (or something like that, maybe I'm having false memories). Her mom was involved with Phrynne too somehow. I don't remember because it was a long ass time ago, but it was discussed in older threads.

No. 1532820

Fr if you have smaller assets just own that instead of trying to contort your back into a pretzel and asphyxiating your chest

No. 1532822

Exactly! She’s such an awful excuse for a “role model” and preaches that she’s gonna save the world or whatever like god damn people like her are so painful

No. 1532829

>pyromantic and immeshesdead, people have tried to share their stories with no avail
Haven't heard of this, please spill if you're able

>mysadboi tried getting me to send pics of my body

Gross, sorry to hear that happened to you nona. And it's true that she probably distanced herself just to save herself, I wasn't commending her but more like I was expecting her to not do anything. And from what you're saying that's exactly what she's doing now.

No. 1532839

Every thing she does screams attention whore and spheul snowflake so maybe, however pretty much all troons online are attention whores so maybe she really is one, who knows.

No. 1532878

FFS this is an imageboard, at least take screenshots of that shit you're talking about

No. 1532887

There's no such thing as a true troon, you faggot.

No. 1532888

It’s a gossip forum and you are more than capable of watching his train wreck instagram stories yourself..

Plenty of screenshots above, we don’t need to document every literal thing for your benefit(retard)

No. 1532894

I want the recipe…

No. 1532905

I think it’s just gonna be a roasted tomato soup. Looks like garlic, shallots, and tomatoes. Just find a recipe to tell you how to cook it and I would use heirlooms as well

No. 1532916

“Oh my god I’m rolling around!” I’m actually speechless lol. These stories were so tragic they’re actually the first thing I’ve ever seen that makes me feel sorry for Jake, even though he doesn’t deserve it. Nowt wrong with getting pissed and posting dumb drunk shit on main but this is a next level of cringe.

It also genuinely just doesn’t look like they’re having fun, at all? Listening to music off of the YouTube app and talking into his phone while his “love” sits there? Poor Kaya should be thrilled to be rid of this manchild.

No. 1532930

So out of sheer morbid curiosity I watched the story and my god he is absolutely hammered. It's so juvenile to be proud of being drunk like that.He is aging like milk. How can anyone watch that and think "yeah I wanna support this guy and give him my money"?

No. 1532935

File: 1652915916794.png (720.1 KB, 664x1000, Screenshot 2022-05-19 at 00.17…)

The flattest ass ive ever seen lmao

She also posted where it is on her OF insta and tagged them, fucking imagine thats so gross, shes basically advertising shes filming porn there - https://www.instagram.com/thepodsatstreamvale/

No. 1532942

It's an image board. Post caps or dont post.

No. 1532945

It's like someone took a picture of a frog standing up.

No. 1532947

For someone who is a self confessed "ass man" he sure as fuck picked one of the flattest asses in NI

No. 1532955

File: 1652918089332.webm (4.36 MB, 720x1280, cows.webm)

Nta and I can't stand Jake's ugly face and fake accent so here are two bearably short clips, one where you see their glamping pod and Kat points out a cow in the distance (kek) and kat showing her ass.
The rest is all just Jake drunkenly blathering on and somehow still managing to look old and hideous with a filter on.

No. 1532956

File: 1652918128537.webm (2.2 MB, 720x1280, katbutt.webm)

No. 1532960

File: 1652918478183.jpg (547.56 KB, 1080x1473, Screenshot_20220518-165621_Ins…)

Imagine paying nearly 200 bucks to spend the night in a weird tiny "pod" with a bucket of hot water in the middle of a field surrounded by cows. At least they are with their own kind. And on top of that, getting so wasted that you pass out early. He won't remember anything except when he goes to rewatch the cringe he posted on IG.

No. 1532980

How beautiful would it be if they fucked in that nasty hottub and ended up with a disease?

No. 1532986

File: 1652919478381.jpg (902.78 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220519-011516_Ins…)

There are posts with sorry interspersed with the cringe, which includes screaming noises and then saying I'm a metal vocalist it happens and thanking you for watching his videos, as if that makes it any better

No. 1532998

Nonny can we get the one of him doing his shitty lil grunts and blubbering out "dats jush wut mehtul vocullllshhts dew" kek

Okay, I will give it to ya'll. This is almost impressively flat. Like the entire thong is visible. There's zero cheeks here.

No. 1533019

File: 1652921228639.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 604.01 KB, 828x1469, B23AEC47-6D06-420D-86A4-D871BE…)

This absolute manchild has been frying his vocal chords between cigarettes and alcohol. Vocal polyps incoming kek

I couldn’t imagine anything more nauseating than being in a remote location with this stumpy, screeching, drunken mess. I’d boke less if he weren’t so fucking upsetting to look at, but this is his best for date night. I’m sure therapy would’ve been the easier option, Kat.

No. 1533031

She’s just new and shiny and if she gains just 5 more pounds he’ll figure she’s boring and her kid’s a liability and fall out of love with her, just like he did with Kaya. Dude is so desperate to chase his youth even though he couldn’t have had a more relaxed, responsibility free adolescence if he tried. And yeah, like another Anons have said, ageing like milk. He looks genuinely rough and dehydrated.

No. 1533050

Nta but if it's a video there's no real point in showing screenshots, unless there's just one thing you want to show from it but most things don't come across in one screenshot

No. 1533058

In every pic here tonight, Fake's eyes are so lifeless and dull. It's gross.

No. 1533062

File: 1652923219783.webm (1.93 MB, 720x1280, screaming like a literal baby.…)

While saving these I realised he sounds and looks like an actual baby, which makes that edit an anon did earlier even funnier >>1530615

No. 1533064

File: 1652923253616.webm (4.07 MB, 720x1280, baby vomiting noise.webm)

No. 1533066

> inb4 no1curr
But yeah, all my hand tattoos were well done but have had to be touched up. I don't think Kaya's tattoos are the worst anyway. Maybe it's because I think colour tattoos look tacky, but I think Kat's are uglier. Both better than Jake's though.
> twu twans uwu
She's as much of a tranny as any degenerate fujo or any other woman trying to opt out of misogyny. More people in the alt scenes need to peak.
> this is what metal vocalists are like
Yeah, maybe rockstar faggots like Ronnie Radke. His favourite genre, metalcore, started with THE vegan straight-edge band, Earth Crisis. I don't even like metalcore and I know a lot of them are still straight-edge and would be disgusted by Jake.

No. 1533078

That pissed me off so much aswel. He smokes like some teen that started smoking because he thinks it looks cool but doesn't inhale because it makes his weak ass sick.

No. 1533139

>he sounds and looks like an actual baby

Maybe that's why Kat likes him, her maternal instincts are compensating for where they failed as an actual mother.

No. 1533259

She has a son, not a daughter.

No. 1533277

"I'm also a metal vocalist so…BLEEEEEAGH"
Holy shit my sides.

No. 1533282

Yeah you're probably right though just taking a look at her channel again after a good while, seems like she's all about the drug culture. Hard to say if she still uses but those are a lot of videos dedicated to her past of drug addiction.

No. 1533290

The whole ig story is so embarrassing I can barely watch it. Must be a terrible moment to wake up hang overed and find what you've done …
But wait, forgot that he's immune to hang overs…

No. 1533303


Think that would make him a vicar Nonnie, priests are supposed to be celibate.


wow Kat really has zero charm or charisma, as much as I find Kaya's videos dull when she makes the same old stuff over and over at least she's chatty and personable. Someone you could at least hold a conversation with and a laugh. Shows how much Jake took her for granted tbh.

No. 1533309

Her ass is so non-existent I couldn't tell which was her front side or back side at first.

Idk how this is even possible but Jude actually pisses me off more than Jake. I know he's objectively worse but there's something about this bitch that just grinds my gears.

No. 1533313

Is he really leaning into being called Fake? He's been wearing a bunch of dodgy, "Baby's first replica" stuff lately, those glasses look like they came from a market stall

No. 1533316

In this pic the ugly glasses give him a granny vibe. When granny insists to kiss your forehead.

No. 1533340

I thought it was a leg or knee behind him

No. 1533361

I saw the story and it's her ass lol

No. 1533367

What a shame, Jake deleted all of his drunk stories

No. 1533416

Ugh. I can never figure out what anyone finds attractive about Jake; he’s so bland looking. Not even in a normal, human way, more like a thumb come to life. I always thought Kaya was out of his league, and to be fair, Kat is, too - at least looks-wise. There’s nothing for him to be so stuck on himself over, yet here we are. I guess hype does count for something.

No. 1533466

Those are not bee stings

No. 1533511

"omg I'm rolling alrea-" these two lames taking mdma, Jake's eyes do look fucked

No. 1533515

Ok they’re mosquito bites then. Point is she only has tits when she smushes her chest together.

No. 1533564

No way mdma

No. 1533588

I think the blurred shit faced "i M hAvInG the tIMe oF mY live!" was too depressing even for him when sober again

No. 1533602

It seems obvious that you shouldn't record and post content while drunk and yet
They seem like two people on an awkward first date, I can see why they need to get hammered everytime they get together since I can't imagine any sparkling conversation happening between these two

No. 1533605

“Rolling around”. As in literally doing a little sausage roll on the bed.

No. 1533625

I can’t believe you guys haven’t mentioned the clip of him ragequitting that he reposted from a fan. I expected it to be one of those funny exaggerated freak outs that like iPad kids watch compilations of. He’s tired of a boss in Elden Ring and just genuinely snaps, like no joking around, goes quiet and hurls his controller like a child. If I’d just met him irl I’d take that as an immediate red flag for domestic abuse; even if we’re giving him the total benefit of the doubt and assuming he never got physical with Kaya, imagine how fucking tense that would be to live with all the time? I’m not being melodramatic, it’s not cute or funny to have that level of explosive anger past aged 10, it’s just awkward to be around.

No. 1533637

I really think he has not mentally matured past the age of like 16. He thinks getting drunk and smoking make him cool, can not control his emotions at all, says the dumbest tone deaf shit, the list could go one. Too bad he's got the body of a 50 year old to go with the 16 year old mindset.

No. 1533638


I haven’t looked at his stories since the drunk-fest last night but I’ve just been and had a look and if I wasn’t convinced before that living with him must have been awful and like walking on eggshells trying not to set him off, I am now. I know it sounds melodramatic but I genuinely worry for that kid, if that’s how he behaves with hundreds of people watching. Unfortunately I can all too well imagine the shit fits he has behind closed doors. I can only hope that Kat is keeping the child away from him as things are still new and she wants to get shitfaced. Fucking hell, why leave that up and delete him being a bit pissed with his girlfriend? The dude is a walking red flag.

No. 1533666

You CAN’T behave like that with a kid around. Even if you don’t accidentally hit them with a flying object, seeing an adult behave like that totally fucks with their sense of safety and emotional regulation. Even assuming that Kat is 110% certain that he wouldn’t hurt her or her kid ever, how can she/her family/the father be okay with that dumbass behaviour? Essentially having to manage the tantrums of two toddlers? Fuck no. And someone like that is guaranteed to snap and at least scream at a kid if they’re being irritating, we’ve seen him snap at random children in his vlogs. She must really hate herself or just be in it for the booze cruises.

No. 1533668

File: 1652989147623.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1170x2156, EAA55B4E-7750-4C80-A3F1-2BCD18…)

Saged for potentially derailing and non milk but does anyone know if there’s anything on this guy? He’s spent AGES WKing his girlfriend on TikTok, getting defensive if anyone dared ask a thing about her because apparently “lassies” are going to harrass her, constantly making content fawning over her, and now he’s slapped us with this bombshell that he’s dumped this woman he was SO smitten with to have a hoe phase? He’s pretty vocal about drama surrounding him too so was wondering if anyone knew anything more? He kinda gets on my tits tbh with his weird dulcet voice. That HAS to be put on…right?

No. 1533669

File: 1652989271134.webm (1.5 MB, 720x1280, red flag af.webm)


The fact he reposted this like there was nothing unusual about it…

No. 1533673

My brain registered this as a badly drawn illustration and not a person kek. Do you have any more caps or milk about this? Sounds interesting

No. 1533677

File: 1652989537604.jpg (775.39 KB, 1920x2030, InShot_20220519_214350164.jpg)

Awwww, the snaccs are so cute…

No. 1533693

>people bringing up things that don't need to be talked about anymore

yeah like his own mods?

No. 1533697

Sadly I’m not a follower as you can see, but TikTok really likes to push him at me as “FOR YOU” content. From what I’ve observed, he’s been through a few accounts now. Either through “Bye! I’m leaving Tiktok because of the DRAMA of women daring to thirst over me a little TOO hard when the entirety of my content is literal THIRST TRAPS!” means or TikTok themselves banning him so I’m not entirely sure of whether the girlfriend fawning and WKing Tiktoks are gone because he deleted them or if they were just never on THIS particular account. I’m pretty clueless on the whole situation surrounding him tbh hence me asking here but there’s just something about him and the way he’s so standoff-ish to his followers when I do see him that kinda makes me think there could be some droplets of milk to be had somewhere…just hoping someone on here maybe knows more and can shed a bit of light!

No. 1533702

Sage for blog posting but you are so right, I have a kid, they can be very, very annoying, mine is adept at finding my last nerve and dancing on it but you suck it up and keep your shit together (and maybe flick them the v’s when they leave the room) you can’t expose them to that level of vitriol. That display proves that he isn’t safe to be around children.

No. 1533754

He looks like a trans man

No. 1533755

So regarding the pyromantic stuff it was on one of Jude’s older threads, among with him being some compulsive liar and manipulator, it’s a lottttt to read if I remember correctly

And with immeshesdead these two girls on Instagram tried to share their story and even contacted Jude but it was all completely ignored, the posts are still up on Instagram someone I can probs find them, likewise with the pyromantic stuff if I go back far enough in Jude’s thread

No. 1533840

lmfao at second boss

No. 1533934

Kek i was thinking the same thing. He should just pick a different game if he's gonna rage quit at this fight.

No. 1534011

I hope his controllers smashed ha. That was a hard throw

No. 1534088

Fucking child. Had an ex who did the same thing when he lost in games, then acted shocked when it starts malfunctioning "omg why my tech stopped working!?" Men who do this are immature man-children and one of the biggest red flag to being abusive shitheads. Any normal adult would put down the controller, take a break, and go back to it later. But sure, breaking your devices you will need next stream is SO SMART AND COOL /s. Can't stand men like this. They act like they are the pinnacle of maturity when in reality it's just a front to his their stupid childish antics no sane adult does. I can imagine to mental strain and fear he caused Kaya over the years. Nice to see him digging his own grave.

No. 1534139

So sorry for what you had to deal with with you ex, I also had an ex who pulled this kind of shit and when I broke up with him, it turns out a week later he had invited a girl over and he pulled out a knife on her (yes police were called it’s a wholeeeee thing) and that’s the thing with people like him and jake, and many other men who behave this way. What they show us, especially online, is only a fraction of what goes on behind closed door and what they are capable of doing. You’re so right about the mental strain it must have caused kaya and who even knows the extent of this shit she had to deal with when they were together, and with the amount jake drinks and if it’s also increasing as well, who knows where his erratic behaviour will lead him with Kat cos the way he’s going now….. god damn

No. 1534253

If he doesn't mind showing this to his audience, or at least can't control it in front of his audience, as other anons said it must be worse off camera

No. 1534279

Throwing your controller in a game induced rage is something you see hormone drunk teenagers do not grown ass adults, that immediate lashing out is such a huge,glaring, screaming, beaming red flag.

Also not to go turbo nerd but that is the second boss and there is literally no reason for him to be getting this mad at it. Elden Ring is a hard game but only if you stubbornly refuse to pursue routes that make you more powerful which is super easy to do in that specific game so

tldr: it's his own fault he's mad and almost destroyed something he needs to do his job

No. 1534308

As terrible of a role model for a child I think Jake would be, I do think people are overreacting about throwing the controller. I watch a lot of gaming content and "raging" is almost part of the culture.

No. 1534333

It was normal 'rage culture' until he whipped the controller as hard as his stumpy arm could manage. Like a child throwing a temper tantrum, cringe af. No one who does that at age 30 could possibly be mature at all. nonnas are right to think it's worse behind closed doors

No. 1534363

It's not just raging out with a controller, thats a red flag for how he might be around children.
One time back in the Metalassgaming streaming days, they had some kind of technical difficulty or something, I don't remember what because honestly it wasn't that big of a deal, but he got super frustrated, they were obviously starting to get into a fight because he was getting really angry and she was trying to keep calm and logical, so they ended the stream to fix whatever the problem was. They came back maybe less then an hour later and it was very evident Kaya had been crying, and apparently she'd just gone up and gone to bed but got back up when he fixed the issue and wanted them to restart the stream. I don't remember the particulars, just that there had been a lot of tension just before they ended the stream and it was getting really awkward to watch, he was getting really snappy at her, and then when they came back and it was super obvious she'd been crying, the whole thing just had a bad vibe about it. And they didn't even really drink much at all back then. Imagine his temper now, or how he might get at a child who destroys something or isn't listening to him?

No. 1534394

And that MAG clip in one of the last threads where he basically said kids should be slapped if they're annoying or arrogant or whatever, and that he respects adults because of their potential to hit him if he acts out.

Sure the clip was from a few years ago, but after we started talking about it he deleted the MAG videos, which imo coupled with kaya saying she doesn't have to be on edge now that she lives without him, is telling.

No. 1534423

Only if you watch emotionally stunted edgelords. Great adult streamers don't do that shit. Preach from preachgaming, for example, i have never seen him throw a hissyfit over a game.

No. 1534435

I made the initial post mentioning funny ragequits, so I agree with you. But in the context of what we know about his anger issues - both his own shithead arrogant accounts and Kaya’s comments, even pre-breakup where she loved and excused him - there’s just something way off and not entertaining about this clip. Like if you were in the room it’d just be like “okay, bro…walk it off so we can laugh about it?”

No. 1534442


If it was just an isolated incident of him losing his temper and flinging the controller that would be one thing but as part of a pattern of well documented, ongoing and self admitted issues with anger and violence, it is deeply concerning that he may, if Kat is not keeping her new relationship separate from her toddler, be in a position where he’s in close proximity to a child. If he can’t keep his temper over a computer game, it doesn’t bode well for how he’ll cope with your average 3 year old.

No. 1534482

File: 1653083536467.jpg (737.08 KB, 1080x1505, Screenshot_20220520-225151_Ins…)

No. 1534484

Christ he really does look done in

No. 1534494

If you're gonna promote your goth daddy plushie you can AT LEAST do the similar makeup and try to actually make it look appealing

No. 1534507

Why would anyone want this??

No. 1534519

This reminds me of his stupid "not a phase" tshirt he kept wearing for awhile. He's just an aging loser stumpy dickwad trying to stay relevant by appealing to a younger audience with this kid shit.

No. 1534535

"goff daddy" kek, more like emo dad
he looks at least 15 years his senior

absolutely agree.

No. 1534547

Do the lips look like a mariachi moustache to anyone else

No. 1534563


Kek, barely anyones buying them, I wouldnt be surprised if it doesnt get funded

No. 1534577

LOL. Desperately shilling the merchandise as if he’s contractually obligated. He might’ve gotten away with this 3 years ago, but he really looks old and tired af. At best he could lean into that look as a joke but we know he won’t.

No. 1534580

Samefag, but i just had the stomach-churning realization that in a few weeks/months he’ll make an “honest, candid” mental health video. Shane Dawson style. You know - “this is why I look so haggard, it’s not because I’m a gross person who neglects their health, I’m actually Big Sad TM - anyways buy my merch to support”. I’m calling it out here because we know our boy lurks and maybe it’ll discourage him, but y’all watch this space.

No. 1534626

Someone asked Kaya in her recent Q and A if she would make a plushy, and she seemed so confused why anyone would want a plushie of her. It's so weird!!

No. 1534651

I’ve never seen a human look so dead behind the eyes.

No. 1534664

To me that question smacked so hard of sarcasm, like "are YOU gonna make ridiculous fucking plushies too? lol". The first run of the smaller ones did really well but that was back before the breakup, and they cost like thirty dollars? Fuck knows how much these bigger and therefore presumably more expensive ones will do now, after he's lost a ton of his fanbase invested enough to dump their cash.

No. 1534701


Damn, he looks about 40-45 in this pic. Wrinkles, dry skin, grey hair. He should dye it black or leave it natural, the "silver" just ages him.

No. 1534708

Kaya could make honestly super cute plushies of her and Sebastian, in that style. A diy-er/gaming channel made ones of them and their cat and they were honestly adorable. A cute little goth girl plushie would sell just in general. But why anyone would want ones of Fake, that I don't get.

No. 1534716

File: 1653099447766.jpeg (141.89 KB, 1282x519, 531B97C9-0BBE-46B6-AD82-45AF05…)

Yikes. Skat put a photo in his birthday gift of when they were cheating on their partners? Great way to start a relationship

No. 1534719


Yep it's here. Some posts below it point out the hair color timeline that proves some were from October, at the least

No. 1534869


I agree, goth girl with black cat would sell regardless of who it’s based off. There is a market for cute little goth girl items.

The campaign has been active for 2 days and he’s sold 47. He needs to sell what 200? In order to get it funded. I will die laughing if it doesn’t make it. Did anyone notice how long it took for the last one to sell enough?

No. 1534951

I assume he probably has enough gullible snacks to make the pre-order and if not he absolutely strikes me as the type to bulk buy a plushie of himself to give the appearance of popularity

No. 1534961

There's a thing called youtooz which does figurines and they've made some of youtubers. Though, their thing is figurines of internet culture so I don't know how likely it is they'd say yes to kaya?

No. 1534976

File: 1653138046128.jpg (345.07 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220521-134736_Ins…)

Didn't even call it goth daddy plushie, though that'd be cringe enough. And $35.99?

No. 1534978

File: 1653138163282.jpg (291.38 KB, 1080x2019, 20220521.jpg)

Samefag, there's stats on how many sold on the website.

No. 1535002

Anyone notice how Jude has been more quiet lately? She used to frequent Jake's streams while he was newly single, but now hardly interacts with him. They were flirting a lot for a while. Pretty sure when her previous relationship ended she assumed she had Jake in the bag. But now Kat has him totally whipped and she's silently seething because she's left without a "daddy" kek.

No. 1535006

Samefag but I honestly do believe that Kat has him whipped already. Just look at all his canceled travel plans and the rapid change of appearance and personality. He's trying to appease her. Kat likes guys with short hair and face tattoos and, like her ex. She isn't into his "goth" look.

No. 1535047

Coincidentally around the same sort of time Jake started going OTT with the "GUYS LOOK AT MY NEW GIRLFRIEND AND I AM SO HAPPYYYYY" crap.

No. 1535053

So.. why is it called "E-girl" plush? Is it not meant to be him? Also the pricetag on that eyesore, oof

No. 1535055

It’s the look he wore in that godawful e girl reaction video.

No. 1535078

I believe it's based on his look for when he covered the corpse husband song "e-girls are ruining my life" it's kind of a little bit professionally dubious to be selling merch with a name based on a cover you did of someone else's work, given the title of the song is corpse husband's I.P. I would have re-thought that if I were him but thinking things through is not this guy's strongest trait

No. 1535085

Same anon I just realized I'm wrong, the look isn't even based on what he's wearing in the cover video - it's just named that because he covered the song, it was popular and they're banking on that connection paying off which almost makes it worse honestly

No. 1535110

Yes I pointed it out he was cheating as early as march because of the dark green hair. No one reacted or believed it. Which would make sense because no one leaves their husband, baby and tattoo business for a month old fling. No one.


No. 1535123

Thanks for the answers anons, I guess since he's switching phases all the time he doesn't have an "iconic" look to put on merch, lol.

No. 1535131

This does add up. Some of the pictures in her little birthday collage gift were taken as early as July 2021.

So Jake moved with Kaya after he had already cheated on her.

Also, nitpicky but who gives a collage of pictures of yourself for your guys birthday? That gift would be more appropriate for an anniversary or something. Seems really self absorbed.

No. 1535137

I love how jake yells “fake news” after kaya makes the comment about the hole in the wall in her home tour and almost immediately proves her right by throwing the controller. God he’s dumb.

No. 1535179

File: 1653153133379.jpeg (183.27 KB, 750x1335, 2513E0D1-7C22-4A88-8278-210319…)

Stump went in for a bit of tattoo removal. Wonder what monstrosity of a tat he’ll get in that spot.

No. 1535194

I'm no tattoo artist but if he plans to get tattooed on that spot again wouldn't it be easier just to get a new tattoo over it? It's not overly dark or anything

No. 1535229

Iirc I think chonk husband is too busy trying to hide from his face reveal to care about Fake. It's funny how much Fake rips off from others, not a drop of originality.

No. 1535281

No. 1535315

Looks too “busy” to hide that way to me, but I’m not a tattoo artist, so why do I know?

No. 1535330

It would depend on the tattoo he wants to get over it. He's probably just gonna do one or two sessions to lighten it.

No. 1535332


Always reminded me of stretch marks

No. 1535420

Nothing to do with the Corpse song, it's the look he wore in his most viewed video and the only one on his channel to break 1m views. IIRC the algo picked it up and pushed it to a ton of people, including myself. I started watching him around the time of his big "goth" take-off and he would routinely address "all the people who got here because Youtube are showing you my egirls video". Arguably its the video the most responsible for his previous popularity, along with the "why do i dress like this" vid which was also I believe being pushed by Youtube pretty hard for some reason. The Corpse cover both has an entirely different look, and nowhere near the views. He was so hoping to be noticed by Corpse despite having never shown any ounce of interest in his content/music, because using others for a leg-up is his M.O.

It's hilarious to me how many of his most popular videos feature Kaya. And they're still up on his channel along with all the other content featuring her because he's always been aware that she earns him views and therefore earns him money. If he had any balls at all he'd remove them and stand on his own two feet but he's always been happy taking whatever edge he can get, even when it's someone elses.

God seeing his "most popular" videos all lined up.. they're majority ripping on children on tiktok. It's no wonder his "I'm not doing that content anymore" streak barely lasted a month. And even better, he took down the vid where he said he would stop doing that content because it was the breakup vid and he got utterly roasted because of it. So he can continue to not be held accountable for shit.

No. 1535829

not sure if he explained this, but why didn't he get the laser removal before the chest tattoo? seems like that would make more sense.

No. 1535998

File: 1653220708725.jpg (511.7 KB, 1080x1920, 20220522_044925.jpg)

Kat is at Jake's house with her kid watching movies. Step dad era has begun. He's a full blown pussy whipped milf simp. Sacrificed his career for an embarrassing fling based on infidelity and immediately monetizing their sex life. Enjoy the honeymoon phase of what will end in disaster, Jake. You know deep down this isn't right.

No. 1536196

What makes you think her kid is there? Lots of adults like Ghibli.

No. 1536198

File: 1653239795955.jpeg (215.48 KB, 750x1252, D5A5B697-8CF1-46CE-805B-01D380…)

nta but after the above picture she posted this one, and while Jake probably has very small hands I assume they aren’t this small kek

No. 1536408

Doesn't look like his front room, thought his TV was wall mounted? Also that's a bunch of kiddie videogames. More likely to be her own house or someone else's, not Jake's.

No. 1536415

I actually seen Kat tonight just before 7pm in east Belfast, didn't realize I lived so close to where she does, but her little boy is gorgeous. Very well mannered, only reason how I noticed it was her was the hair, she's very pretty in real life too.
I don't know how goth daddy got her, she's so out of his league.(learn2sage)

No. 1536424

I was thinking the same thing. His Tv is mounted over the fire place but not going to lie for a few minutes I was scared for that poor kid. Imagine if the kid had a bad moment with Fake around, how horribly fake would handle it. I honestly wonder if Skat would stand up for and protect her kid or allow a man child to scream at her little one.

Skat probably saw on here where people were pointing out that she never posts about her kid any more, so of course we get the "look at me I'm a good mom sometimes" post. Timing is very suspicious.

How any woman with a child could be with someone who very publicly hates kids, talks about hitting them and has all the emotional control of a toddler himself I will never know.

No. 1536425

He either moved the TV or put another there.

That's his entertainment center that was next to the fireplace.

That's the floor and rug from the same room, you can tell by comparing it to this picture from the last thread. >>1477306

No. 1536427

>very well mannered

Give it a few more years once the kid spends more time around Jake and grows up realizing mom/daddy's little girl left his real dad to make porn with an asshole like Jake. That kid is going to lash out like crazy.

No. 1536431

It's because she selects her partners based on how much clout she is likely to get as opposed to their appearance or personality. Despite what everyone on this thread is saying, I do agree, IRL she is gorgeous but mindnumbingly boring and vapid.

No. 1536443

Hello Kat(hi cow)

No. 1536574

Lads there’s a huge difference between reposting shit that these people post publically in the Internet vs reporting your recent sightings irl, the latter might now be cowtipping but it’s creepy af.

No. 1536580

You seem confused.

No. 1536615

It's true both Kat and Kaya are out of his league, probably why he made so many sudden big life changes in order to attain the both. But this dude with anger issues, vocal hate of children, and extreme immaturity is gonna be the shittest stepdad (if it lasts that long).
This is a women's imageboard fyi

No. 1536642


she sounds lovely, if only she didn't post about herself in third person on gossip sites, then she'd be good to go!

No. 1536646


yeah I was terrified when I saw that tattooed hand holding the child's hand… I was worried it was Jake trying to "show the world" what a great goth step-daddy he is starting out as. you know that's going to be phony, and the "cuter" the highlight reels, the more awful the things we don't see are. that is the way of narcs with children. I hope he NEVER meets that kid.

Kat I know you read this, protect your kid. keep the ego boost going as long as you want from this romance since you're an adult, but don't bring your child into it. please believe all the signs that are there, read the statistics, and keep your eyes OPEN.

No. 1536700

Jesus Christ he’s going to rage and hurt that kid. I hope that I’m wrong.

No. 1536711

>I hope he NEVER meets that kid.

The kid was literally at his house yesterday and people are being blind about it just because the TV is in a different spot lol.

No. 1536839

I really hoped I was wrong about the whole ‘step dad’ bit. Even in the best of situations it’s way too soon to be introducing her kid to her new boyfriend. She barely knows him.

No. 1536855

File: 1653288819505.png (498.17 KB, 691x484, 34898563.png)

why does it look like he's only 5-10 years short of aging into gordan ramsay rn? kek

I absolutely love the obvious tells that this isn't an actual farmer.

No. 1536893

I don't think it looks like his house

No. 1536979

File: 1653310269496.jpg (1023.65 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220523-005108_Ins…)

Forgot to post this yesterday, he's still playing the game he rage quit at the second boss

No. 1536980

File: 1653310414831.jpg (995.68 KB, 2880x2880, 20220523_135159.jpg)

Kaya's back at it again. I can't remember the last time she posted a video without going "omg something went wrong, I'm going to scream teehee"

No. 1536982

File: 1653310452540.jpg (785.6 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220523-130036_Ins…)

And there's Jude being gross as ever and trying to pass it off as cute or something.

No. 1536988

Does she not know how to save her work?
Even in school the teachers would stress how important it was to save work often. I don't understand how this is hard for her.

No. 1537060

I seriously can’t with this immature retarded bs she keeps pushing over and over and over again.
Yes, it can happen this way. >>1536988 Video files / files with footage in edit don’t save on a whip like ms word files — it takes time to process, so if the the external drive disconnects during the save (autosave even), it will obviously cause trouble. If she doesn’t save in between, more so.
a) if your wire is wonky maybe not work in your bed, and
b) with all the patreon money that you spend on endless bubble teas and pointless shit, couldn’t you afford yourself a new wire? Or a new hdd/ssd if yours isn’t reliable? It’s your bloody job, and it isn’t all that expensive smh
If you can’t be arsed, then put it on your bloody wishlist for your naive paypigs to acquire.
Idk she either makes this shit up for excuses, or she’s a total fuckwit.

No. 1537062

I realise he looks like a dehydrated sponge without it, but why do people use this filter? It makes everybody look like they have Lupus.

No. 1537073

File: 1653318604521.jpg (320.82 KB, 1920x1920, bald face.jpg)

These are some comments under the plushie ig post (they weren't in that order but mixed with snaccs comments, just made a little collage from the screenshots, but anyway, people start noticing …)

No. 1537107

Sure, if Gordon Ramsey was a crackhead.

No. 1537114

No. 1537176

It's his final stream of it. Guess he couldn't hack it out what a loser.

No. 1537230

Thanks for explaining how it can happen,not had any experience of editing myself

No. 1537277

I am a woman you absolute fucktards lmaooo, you guys sound like the types who get offended at “dudes” too.

No. 1537329

File: 1653334842215.jpg (171.33 KB, 1080x1201, Screenshot_20220523-203809_Chr…)

Kaya actually visits somewhere video worthy and we get this 50 second TikTok and yet another Spooky Box opening….

No. 1537342

I wonder if her tik tok is monetized

No. 1537344

Did she get fillers? Or is that a filter making her lips look different

No. 1537349

No she's just wearing a matte light pink lipstick. You're just used to seeing her in dark red/black. It's a very different look for lips.

No. 1537353


I would expect that her TikTok and maybe even her IG is monetized. Makes sense really seeing as she is arguably the most active on there.

No. 1537508

It'd make more sense the other way, spooky box tiktok and gardens youtube video. More footage to get out of the garden and more stuff to say as she's a plant lover. At least the need to make videos isn't as pressing because she's in a house now, though she wasn't filming even during the studio situation kek, but do you not want to grow as a creator or

No. 1537526

File: 1653350526228.jpeg (278.86 KB, 828x814, 94519122-8D01-4956-925F-E9511E…)

Can’t see his tweets since he’s on private, but… less than a month (?) of him saying he’s immune to COVID, he’s ill again, kek

At this point he’s caught more illnesses than flights, this year. Bet it’s just a prolonged hangover from being a drunken mess last week with the Skat Staine though.

No. 1537532

Jesus Christ, I know Kaya is a cow but some of you just really love to bitch about her for no reason. The unboxing was still filmed in the studio. She released 2 vids she did in the studio. She moved. She's posting tiktoks, tweets, instagrams about walks, cooking, decorating, outings…
Like she's doing a lot of stuff lately. There is a limit about how much you can bitch over absolutely nothing. Post some milk or just be quiet.

No. 1537534

When you drink as much as he does your body and it's immune system is so weak. I swear he is sick every other week. He's going to look 50 in a couple of weeks at this rate.He is just a fucking looser with a huge ego.

No. 1537543

File: 1653351919592.png (154.88 KB, 496x773, Screenshot 2022-05-24 at 02-23…)

LMAO you go Kaya

No. 1537549

Oh look, Fake did not get sick, AGAIN. lol

No. 1537551

Don't be shy then. Give us some.

No. 1537563

File: 1653354204684.jpeg (292.23 KB, 750x749, 952248CE-C63D-49BE-9D19-078B0D…)

Mr “I never get sick/hungover and take tattoos like nobody else” is just so exhausted by his laser session, poor manlet

No. 1537697

File: 1653363540333.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.57 MB, 1125x1106, AC7D6D74-7CB7-4FDC-8D81-7A0ECE…)

No. 1537700

File: 1653363585010.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.94 MB, 1125x1500, 9B5CCDFB-756A-41E3-9A88-1B8E4D…)

Was bored and had income. You’re welcome

No. 1537736

at first I thought this was a femboy, but it's a fakeboy, kek. You can see the "top surgery" scars peaking out of the crop top.

why are you paying this retard to see his mediocre lewds? Is there any actual milky content behind the paywall?

No. 1537765

Sadly no, I was hoping there would be. Womp Womp

No. 1537774


this picture looks like she is giving him a piggyback ride.

No. 1537784

I think I'm to old to get that thing about the ahegao face. Is it really sexy for the younger generation if someone puts on this stupid face?

No. 1537834

That's technically not an ahegao face. Ahegao is in the eyes too, like having having cross eyes or eyes rolled back. Just being nitpicky.

No. 1537871

Part of the "younger generation." Ahegao looks retarded, the way most animated expressions look stupid in real life. Like >>1537834 said, Skat isn't doing it because of the eyes, and I hope she doesn't

No. 1537883

is this part of one set with only 2 pics or is there more? these are so boring, I don't know how he thinks any more than 3 or 4 of his fans would ever care enough to buy it. ty for your service tho nonnie

No. 1537942


most people look really ugly if they make the face complete with the eyes rolled back and crossed, unless they use filters to give them no nose and a more cartoonish face… but I think more than sexy, it is a way to impress scrotes addicted to hentai porn like "hey I'm naughty and know about that stuff, pick me!"

No. 1537945

Badly shot and filtered to buggery. Just not sexy either are they? The way he stares down the camera just makes him look dead inside. Is this all there is since the last leak anon? Hardly worth the money are they?

No. 1538049

This pose is not sexy at all. Like, it kind of just looks weird..

No. 1538219

These pictures look so fucking awkward. And are these 2 pictures all he had on his onlyfans? What a ripoff. Thanks for taking one for the team nona.

No. 1538308

What the fuck is this blue airbrushed photo filter.

If you’re going to tank your career by opening up OF then you might as well put some actual content instead of posing awkwardly with someone’s ass.

Nice one nonnie, though I weep for your $30 going towards such weak content. It’s not even milky, it’s just sad.

No. 1538332

So cringe. I know she's has a young kid, but christ the bullying I got just for my mum being a whore on AOL chatrooms, at least she wasn't posing with all her random boyfriends like this

No. 1538355

The only two with Kat that showed anything at all. There were some others, but very cropped and basically identical to preview images he had previously posted.

No. 1538362

File: 1653389033283.png (1.47 MB, 828x1792, 27CAD887-CC19-4A8F-8D09-F186C5…)

So if anyone is interested this is where the ahegao face originated from and yeah it’s a bit wild, we can also thank belle Delphine and her love for portraying being a young child for it reaching more mainstream audiences but that’s a whole ass other topic

No. 1538363

File: 1653389094423.png (1.74 MB, 828x1792, 43D64055-DA2E-463D-AF1E-EB7590…)

No. 1538364

File: 1653389151476.png (5.35 MB, 828x1792, 9E2A75BA-78AA-4F47-8354-7FA08F…)

this is the manga it first appeared in, just so y’all know I ain’t lying haha

No. 1538370

Jfc the anon who bought those OF pics needs to file for a refund because those pictures are absolutely tragic looking in every way: subjects, vibe, posing, editing, quality. It's edited as badly as a highschool photography project. It's like he's never edited a photograph before and only just realized you can change the color balance. Can I also say these are the tamest, least sexy OF pictures I've ever seen in my life, you can find raunchier better captured soft core on Google image search for free.

No. 1538373

Thanks, anon. I personally hate it because the stick out tongue looks for me like the stick out tongue of someone passed out - but not for Lust but under abuse, especially in combination with the eyes. I can't wrap my head around how someone wants to choose that look for themselves.

No. 1538384

I completely agree with you the face itself feel soooo suspect and then when you learn where it originates from like all the pieces fit and it really is just a “look” to help men feel like they’re abusing someone, and the girls that do it must have their moral lines so blurred just for that little bit of affection, or to profit off the men who are into this “stuff”. And tbh this is only really the tip of the iceberg for a bigger problem of “of age” women creating concerning content, like Jude is all over this kind of shit, she loves it which isn’t surprising so yeah it’s just a whole thing I could talk about this for too long because there’s just so much fucked up shit about it haha

No. 1538390

If you can actually get refunds on OF that would be too funny cos imagine Stumpy having to see that someone paid for his OF, didn’t like it and wanted their money back, his ego would take a massive hit kek

No. 1538398

Pretty sure he gave a refund to someone on Twitter who complained once, and he refunded the person who leaked his nudes before, once he caught and banned them.

No. 1538464

Wow that is actually amazing! Bet that crushed his ego, especially over Twitter as well, thank you for sharing

No. 1538479

Wait is that really it?? No videos either? Just these two shitty pics?? LOL how pathetic

No. 1538482

This really shows how Fake views Kat. Just a piece of ass, nothing more. Just like when he was going to Barcelona and referred to her by body parts too.

No. 1538488

ooof i cant get over how UN-SEXY he is! i could plop my vag on the sands of the sahara desert and i would be wetter. his proportions, oh dear lord! it actually freaks me out how childlike his body looks; sizewise, and then his massive head and his 45 year old face, the dead eyes. he's just so offputting, at this point i almost feel sorry for Skat, but not really kek

No. 1538492

just looked at fakes e-girl plush count. The post has been up for 4 days. He has 95.6k on instagram. 466k on youtube. and yet he could only sell 70 plushies so far.

thats gotta hurt

No. 1538498

Honestly I'm impressed he actually sold 70. Who are these idiots that buy these? A really ugly expensive plush of an ass that does react vids to tiktoks…It blows my mind.

No. 1538506

The way you worded this is so painfully accurate, thanks for the laugh nona!

I wonder though, since Skat’s OF is so much cheaper, what kind of content she posts? Probably more PPV stuff I guess.
I’m so mad they don’t accept any other payment forms than credit cards kek

No. 1538548

Is he retarded? Does he really think his fanbase of lonely ugly old women want to see him grope a prettier girl than them?

No. 1538554

What is going on with her ass crack by his hand? Looks hairy and discolored.(sage)

No. 1538581

he’s barely looking at the camera jesus fucking christ that’s the first step of taking a good photo and even that’s a struggle for him

No. 1538586

File: 1653406832617.jpg (697.49 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220524-155707_Ins…)

She's unboxing the house warming gifts fans sent and she said it'll have to be two parts

No. 1538614


idk, some say they view him like a "son" and I guess they are happy to see their son grab ass.

No. 1538623

so she's a prop, basically

No. 1538642

100% he sees her as a prop, an object, an aesthetic he can sell.

No. 1538826

Really appreciate that you leak fake's horrid attempts to be sexual.

No. 1538859

So what, he’s just sticking his dick directly into her back?

No. 1538870

makes sense tho right cos narcs don’t see people as human beings, they sees them as their own little commodity, their own supply of something, a play thing/something they can control and get things out of.. it’s fucking scary

No. 1538873

Maybe I’m just not a total fucking degenerate, but I wouldn’t perceive Fake as a son figure when his whole shtick is that he thinks he’s Daddy. Being a snacc must be some form of retardation and I hope these people don’t poison the gene pool.

No. 1538881

The Face When you’re in the wrong hole but she still can’t feel anything.

No. 1538911

File: 1653433210380.jpg (694.2 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220524-235820_Ins…)

When you're 5 minutes into long island ice tea hangover and chill, and he gives you this look

No. 1539224

Weird how he stopped doing the makeup completely after getting new gf.

No. 1539228

He's doing the thing that insecure people do when they get in a new relationship by changing their appearance, taste in things, and whatever else they think will make their partner like them. Notice how Kat hasn't totally gothed out like Kaya or some of the other people Jake has been into. But Jake has taken after her ex with the short natural hair, covering himself in tats, and toning down his look. Basically just making himself look basic enough to match her. He is definitely the simp in this relationship. I think Kat is actually having fun with what she perceives as power and having fun with the drama, while the drama is literally wearing her "love" out.

No. 1539258

It looks like he's absorbing her??
There's zero chemistry in these photos. Him looking into the camera each time just comes off as creepy and self absorbed too ew. Suits them

No. 1539291

Not a jake Stan but the last few photos he posted look really odd… like he not ok? Anyone else get these vibes? before he would make fair amount of effort into making sure his hair and makeup and clothing matched his alt vibe now he just looks demented and scared >>1538911
Like even his stories he looks like he trying to hard to act happy and normal.
I can’t tell if he is on drugs or if he just loosing the plot slowly or he just starting to give up completely

Comparing him to his new plush >>1534482
A few months ago he would of not posted a picture with no makeup on he would made a effort to sell it better and not look like he held at gun point

No. 1539296

I totally get what you mean. He looks different and somehow distressed. Not exactly "having the time of his life", how he announce …