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Goth music, makeup, fashion, literature that you love. People you're admiring, gossip, news etc.

No. 86957

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Also OP here; Anything punk is fine too, just please don't post emo, scene or metal, thank you.

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I've loved MaryGraceFrancone's makeup lately, I don't know who she is but she's shown up on my instagram explore page a lot recently. She's pretty young but takes a lot of trad influence and looks great.

No. 86961

File: 1530555340320.jpg (73.67 KB, 735x594, 23ff2fdac6dc86572d681772904212…)

xbatprincesskittyx and battybooty are pretty awesome, they're a bit different to the usual looks you see on social media and they're not scared of colour. Like so many people feel like you can't wear colour with goth makeup despite all the original punk, new romantic, deathrock etc looks being full of colour as well as black liner. I'm old as fuck so when I was a teenager I had black, blue and purple eyeliner and red lipstick I used all over my face because my only eyeshadow was black and I had the option of like one brush so straight lines were only available via liner and blush via lipstick.

No. 86982

File: 1530573033006.png (1.78 MB, 1080x810, IMG_20180703_000854.png)

Does anyone wear bone jewellery? Or make your own jewellery? I'm trying to make more than just nose chains and necklaces but I'm not too good at it. I have the ideas but not the ability to realise those ideas, and bone jewellery. If anyone has advice that'd be awesome. Posting with inspo just 'cause.

No. 87003

I have, I took accutane as a teen which turned my wisdom teeth greyish black, so when I had them removed I turned one into a gorgrous ring by cutting off the roots and setting it. Sadly I lost it when my jewelry bag was stolen from my car one day. Rings, broaches, pins, and clothing accents are all good uses for teeth in jewelry.

No. 87055

That really sucks that you lost such sentimental jewellery, I'm sorry to hear that. I have my wisdoms sitting in a little antique ivory box (cliche I know) and have been meaning to do something with them like turning them in to drop earrings, I don't want to loose the root as it's big and gnarly and pretty but I love the idea of a ring so I may look in to getting even some of those porcelain ones you buy in strips. >>86982
Bones are great when they're found and not acquired a la Joji Grey, I know the beach here has a lot of them and a friend just makes his jewellery from chicken bones, like from his food. Dries them out, coats them in clear nail polish or varnish and chains them together.

No. 87249

Are there any interesting goth accounts on twitter? Maybe goth humor, music, fashion or just cool goths?

No. 87260

File: 1530798951684.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1081, IMG_20180705_023918.png)

Most of the activity seems to be instagram these days. There's a small crowd on Vampirefreaks still who are pretty close knit but that's been taken over by scene kids and Taylor Swift fans from Bangladesh. Don't see much on twitter, searched through the tags and it's all a bit bland. Anyone have any favourite social medias or forums for goth related music, art etc? I'm always looking for somewhere new.

No. 87599

Punk and goth but not anything else? That's very random of you, OP. Goth and punk subcultures are nowhere near related neither are the other genres so I'm confused why you're cherrypicking if you want it to be a goth thread.

No. 87631

Goth evolved from post-punk in the early 80s, post-punk evolved from the punk movement. Musically they're still often associated and discussed alongside one another especially with regard to how the music came about in the alternative scene. Regardless of what topic someone posts there will always be someone who asks about something slightly related but not specifically the topic. People frequently dress in a darker style as ReeRee Phillips for example, but they're not in to the music, a lot of people are stylistically in to goth looks but not the fashion therefore; not goth but connected to it visually and these various alternative/darkly inclined fashions are frequently discussed in other forums/threads etc about Goth.

No. 87670

There was the 30 second goth and punk accounts on twitter, but the punk one hasn't been posted in a long time and it looks like the owner of the goth one called it quits.
In Depth Music is a good account. They're on youtube and post a lot of underrated stuff.

No. 87673

>Goth and punk subcultures are nowhere near related

No. 88471

when they took out my wisdom teeth, they let me have them and I turned mine into earrings by just wrapping some wire around them and then attaching them to hooks.
i like it when people ask me 'are those…teeth?' and i can flippantly respond, 'yes, i grew them myself.'

No. 89563

File: 1532482449204.jpg (37.39 KB, 400x464, 2b8018fd92745ab1fa5c7f64153e6c…)

How do you guys get the confidence to go to goth clubs? I really want to be able to meet other goths and make friends but I don't have any goth friends to go with and wouldn't know how to just go up and talk to random people alone.

No. 89568

What are some good online stores?

No. 89594

Felt the same way then just decided to go and met people/had a ton of fun! Everyone was crazy nice. This was at a goth club in Hollywood, ofc doesn't apply to everywhere.

No. 103823

Alright goth farmers, how does one get into the fashion and culture while living the middle of midwestern nowhere

Aka, how to be a Poor!Goth

No. 103839

It's never been more accessible, even normie shops atm are pretty goth friendly. You can be goth just by wearing basic ass clothes with a little styling, you don't need to go full batcave immediately.
I recommend starting a mood board of things you personally like though,deciding first on things you already know you like the look of so you can start there and expand

Start getting into the habit of checking Facebook etc for gigs and events in reachable distances

No. 103949

File: 1545645599529.jpg (615.24 KB, 2692x2112, 1535085705334.jpg)

I have already posted this in another thread, but I live in bumfuck nowhere in Siberia.
I just own a lot of basic black clothes, a couple statement pieces I ordered online (boots and coffin handbag) and a ton of cheap jewellry from aliexpress.
You can elevate the look by doing your hair and makeup really outlandishly. I chose not to because I have a buzzcut and unable tio do even simplest makeup on myself.
For makeup can I also recommend NYX? They're drugstore as far as I remember and they have black/purple/green lispsticks and singles of eyeshadows that are actually pretty good and affordable.
There are also a couple of goth storefronts on Aliexpress like Rosetic and Punk Rave, which can be pricy, but it's cheaper than Killstar. Killstar I would recommend if you know you're gonna buy more than 200$ of clothing/apparel because then they have free shiping.

In terms of a scene, unless you live in Europe or a prominent USA city the scene is dead. We had two goth nights in a year and the Halloween has died this year and the cover party died a couple of years ago. All we have for a "scene" is piercing and tattoo shops, but you can't exactly hang out there.
Most goth is online nowadays sadly.

No. 103963

File: 1545667409117.jpg (27.6 KB, 710x533, detail (2).jpg)

I'm saving my pennies for these Fluevog boots.

No. 103964

File: 1545667670255.jpg (33.42 KB, 710x533, detail (8).jpg)


But first I'm getting a pair of these.

Docs never fit me, whereas I have never needed to break in a pair of Fluevogs. And they last decades.

No. 104262

Fuck those are sexy!

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