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File: 1700020636213.png (Spoiler Image,559.47 KB, 1080x1639, IMG_5061.png)

No. 1928715

Tik Tok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe2Yvoe6/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/amandabret

Amanda Bret / Amanda Schafemeyer / Labozetta/ bratoutofhell-

It's been over a year since Mandy and co. had a new thread, and sadly, not much has happened. Rumors of homelessness, financial cut offs, and full blown addiction abound, but the fact is Mandy is just not the Mandy of yore. One can only make a new post and hope that our meatball eyed queen makes another appearance in the lolcow annals of history.

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Recap of last thread:

Questionable car maintenance leads to speculation: >>>/snow/1596062

Claims to own the building she resides in with another nebulous mystery owner: >>>/snow/1599382

A "candle" blows off the "windowsill", leading to accuse speculation and claims of hospital treatment that are dubious at best: >>>/snow/1601257

Some sobriety chat with dreams of a fun, low key life: >>>/snow/1608772

Fishing for compliments because life is sad: >>>/snow/1612786

New cat saga with claims that Perry the bird is still alive (no proof though): >>>/snow/1616516

Related cat/ vibrator anecdote: >>>/snow/1632640

Cat: >>>/snow/1832935

Dan's inactivity worries people. Here, an irl acquaintance posts thoughts. Speculation ranges from "Mandy won't let him use his phone" to "his mom won't pay for the phone". >>>/snow/1634627




mannequin art? This is a slow thread I'm sorry! She's so boring now: >>>/snow/1644738

The anonymously run fake storefront website returns: >>>/snow/1646953

Mandy gets a shout out on an Instagram Reality type video: >>>/snow/1665951

Birthday getaway!! Complete with "potentially dangerous" car accident: >>>/snow/1679870


Time to move! >>>/snow/1680275

Selling some Gucci: >>>/snow/1682079

Funds requested for post accident hardships: >>>/snow/1684078

Addressing the rumors that she's holding Dan hostage: >>>/snow/1702514

Funds requested for Xmas: >>>/snow/1730678

Christmas spoils: >>>/snow/1733385

Revision: >>>/snow/1748411


The box cutter saga. Mandy claims to have been assaulted from forehead to chin with a box cutter because she was smoking a cigarette outside on Valentine's Day. She also claims it was raining that day, but it wasn't. She claims she left AMA. Funds requested for recovery. She posts no pictures; there are no news reports about this attack.



Thyroid issues: >>>/snow/1805376

Requesting funds for old gift cards: >>>/snow/1806063

Grand Jury subpoena for her very real attack: >>>/snow/1825796


Traveling leads to speculation that Johnny has finally cut her off:



Rant about prenups? Maybe? Who knows: >>>/snow/1892692

Nonna claims Dan is hospitalized for "critical issues" and Mandy has ditched him: >>>/snow/1921604

Hopefully Mandy will pick up the pace and return us to the Halcyon days of laughing at her. Onward!

No. 1928717

Sorry I missed the cut off for the last thread and sorry I spoilered the amazing image!

No. 1928723

why not just delete the thread and repost it unspoilered? you still have time and no one has posted in here yet

No. 1928728

It won't let me!(newfaggotry)

No. 1928805

File: 1700052505790.jpeg (736.72 KB, 1179x1492, IMG_0498.jpeg)

Thanks Nona!

More word salad….

“what’s the point in living if you can’t beat the shit out of your own life, recover, just to do it over and over again?”

Just get a job maybe? Get off the couch? Touch some grass?

No. 1929213

“True life lived” she says as she lays around drunk all day while her bf is in the hospital.

No. 1929352


Lots of thoughts on reality from a woman who has never posted an unshopped photo of herself

No. 1929587

And has never made a post that wasn’t 80% lies lol

No. 1929602

anyone know if he still in the hospital?

No. 1935245

File: 1701273808295.jpeg (444.24 KB, 1179x3167, IMG_0798.jpeg)

New post to IG

No. 1935251

File: 1701274697813.jpeg (234.8 KB, 1179x645, IMG_0799.jpeg)

She took Dan out of her profile. But his is still the same.

No. 1935270

She's using AA catchphrases, "pink clouding" and "stinkin thinkin" from the end of the last thread, I'd be surprised if she's not creeping the Rooms. Guarantee she's planning on 13 Stepping her way into her next catastrophic relationship under the ruse of getting sober after the 'loc of her life shuffles off the mortal coil, assuming he hasn't already.

My condolences to his friends in the thread. Though it sounds like he was dead to y'all after he hooked up with Scabs.

Quite the White Widow, that one. I hope her next victim bites back.

No. 1935288

That new profile sure sounds like she’s reading the threads with the gossip line and the “tip: a hobby’s rewarding”. She said something similar last time she made a fb post that was clearly about this thread.

No. 1935331

She made it private too.

No. 1935652

Is Dan dead?

No. 1935676

File: 1701356322681.jpeg (270.15 KB, 1179x635, IMG_0833.jpeg)

She’s feeling creative…

No. 1935678

File: 1701356489128.jpeg (231.25 KB, 1179x636, IMG_0837.jpeg)

These are song lyrics that are from her IG post… but for someone who literally had a dead person in her apartment… and possibly a second… she is being quite overt with her word choice.

No. 1935727

word on the street is they broke up, Dan’s probably back at his parents house

No. 1936099

File: 1701434912061.jpeg (457.37 KB, 1179x2703, IMG_0853.jpeg)

Why is this woman adopting stray cats? Imagine how many animals she’s neglected? That apartment must smell like absolute death.

No. 1936214

File: 1701457083226.jpeg (60.43 KB, 1179x378, IMG_0855.jpeg)

No. 1936232

Just more usual Mandy lies, don’t worry. No normal person would have a litter of kittens and not post a single picture, let alone a pathological oversharer like her. Also, how would she know a black stray cat is a Bombay cat? Is she a professional cat breeder now too?

No. 1936438

I pity the pole teacher that has to deal with her awful personality and worse smell.

No. 1936483

File: 1701495307980.png (524.02 KB, 1290x2796, IMG_2976.PNG)

No. 1936488

File: 1701495432743.jpg (484.91 KB, 1290x1516, IMG_2977 2.jpg)

No. 1936490

File: 1701495530870.jpg (659.17 KB, 1290x2004, IMG_2978.jpg)

No. 1936499

This is literally like reading American Psycho.

No. 1936502

it's giving luna slater. if only she said the products were "cheap" too

No. 1936526

File: 1701501790001.png (3.59 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_6691.png)

Yeah this is from 2017. There’s a video too on her post that she probably screenshotted for that weird ass pinched-cheek smile.

No. 1936645

Did she forget that she was a victim of a brutal razor attack deforming half her face when she reposted this pic from 2017 claiming it was that day

No. 1936710

Even she can’t keep track of all her lies.

No. 1936717

She must be looking rough if she hasn’t posted a single current selfie in what seems like years. Hilarious she forgot about her own lie about her lip being basically cut off.

No. 1937286

File: 1701622998454.jpeg (173.33 KB, 1179x557, IMG_0922.jpeg)

No. 1937291

File: 1701623474698.jpeg (217.24 KB, 1179x721, IMG_0923.jpeg)

That photo is truly horrifying

No. 1937412

That left eye looks crazy

No. 1937682

File: 1701678683551.jpeg (372.59 KB, 1290x1509, IMG_5583.jpeg)

Something about this comment struck me as odd. I agree she's got some sort of recovery larp or retcon happening, but this comment was different than her typical word salad.

No. 1937725

File: 1701690921704.jpeg (2.22 MB, 1179x8983, IMG_0933.jpeg)

She quoted almost a whole article…to talk about why people should basically be more grateful for her. Or just talking directly to Dan

No. 1937831

The “decorating an entirely new space that we share with a new tv” sure makes it sound like it’s directed at scabbies. Imagine scabbies trying to read the article while she screams about how ungrateful he is lmao.

No. 1938331

File: 1701789978606.jpeg (942.52 KB, 828x1146, IMG_9719.jpeg)

posted almost 1 hour ago

No. 1938332

File: 1701790043808.jpeg (114.75 KB, 828x368, IMG_9720.jpeg)

from the comments

No. 1938371

>>1938331 her “actual bff” doesn’t even follow her kek

No. 1938402

File: 1701799123833.jpeg (51.19 KB, 843x433, 74D2603D-95A8-4087-89B7-1D5C3C…)

Wtf does this even mean? What a weird bitch

No. 1938411

I think she’s trying to say that if you’re dating someone that nobody loves or likes, you’re dating the wrong person. So basically she’s saying nobody loves scabbies.

No. 1938451

File: 1701804713912.jpeg (328.92 KB, 1179x2486, IMG_0964.jpeg)

She’s busy today. Ug the thought of her microneedling her face with those disgusting nails.

No. 1938489

File: 1701808036548.jpg (833.42 KB, 3887x2929, Instagram reply.jpg)

No. 1938841

File: 1701860177196.jpeg (455.47 KB, 1290x2201, IMG_5696.jpeg)

Where is she going? Is this even a new picture?

No. 1938878

File: 1701868639326.jpeg (353.83 KB, 1178x1855, IMG_0971.jpeg)

It’s old. 2017

No. 1938932

File: 1701878945847.jpeg (106.6 KB, 1179x256, IMG_2967.jpeg)

on one of her resent fb posts

No. 1939028

What was the context of the post? Where did this person get the impression Dan is on the street

No. 1939054

On the “if you love somebody nobody loves you’re doing it wrong”

No. 1939075

File: 1701896567216.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1179x2073, IMG_0985.jpeg)

Also in her stories. She’s always tagging her Texas ex and they follow each other on IG. Maybe he can be the next victim!

No. 1939269

Who calls the coffee itself "french press," her word salad is always so awkward sounding

No. 1939315

File: 1701949002606.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1179x2047, IMG_0992.jpeg)

New IG post

No. 1939316

File: 1701949396345.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1179x8208, IMG_0998.jpeg)

That last comment while flirting with her ex…

“Jay Carey YOU try not being hugged let alone touched for months and left alone with 5 three month old kittens and two adult cats in the house having to scrub the entire 2 story condo by yourself! shit’s fucking brutal lol”

No. 1939318

File: 1701949527143.jpeg (428.07 KB, 1179x1125, IMG_0999.jpeg)

And the comment edits…

Sounds like she allllll alone in that big house. Why is she scrubbing walls so much?

No. 1939320

File: 1701950217017.jpeg (606.54 KB, 1819x1819, IMG_1003.jpeg)

No way is this a current photo… compare hair in her bangs to the “new photo”, same placement.

No. 1939382

Probably to get the poopdread stench out of the walls. And everything she types - from the stream of consciousness rants to the manic edit sprees - is serving heavy amphetamine abuse. I know someone who texts like this and she's a literal crackhead.

No. 1939448

The 2020 pic has more noticeable greys than the "new pic" so its older or heavily edited. I guess she wasn't joking when she said half of her hair is grey now in this word salad >>1936483
>I'm proud of my rapidly silvering hair
>It's shiny silver under the black, talking half and half.
If it's so beautiful why won't you show it kek

No. 1939483


Came here for/to say this. I know him IRL (via his actual best friend) and he laughs at her and this story. As if I even have to say it- it’s completely made up.

No. 1939559

Do they all know about this thread too?

No. 1940032

File: 1702037123534.jpeg (567.79 KB, 1179x1510, IMG_1037.jpeg)

She replied

No. 1940087

What the actual fuck

No. 1940106


>YOU try not being hugged let alone touched for months and left alone with 5 three month old kittens and two adult cats in the house having to scrub the entire 2 story condo by yourself! shit’s fucking brutal lol

Love that she’s bitching about being home alone as her boyfriend’s liver is failing and he’s hospitalized

No. 1940137

File: 1702057766620.jpeg (788.89 KB, 2048x2048, 678D8738-5418-4380-881B-9909ED…)

She didn’t nurse him back to health after he broke both his legs in a motorcycle accident?

No. 1940147

And bitching to her ex who she is also flirting with on top of that. Fucking shameless.

No. 1940150

Kek my thoughts exactly!
«I can do a thousand now»

No. 1940158

File: 1702061620970.jpeg (222.56 KB, 1154x1276, IMG_1038.jpeg)

Ooooh noooo, she vague posted about Dan too much and now she’s getting DMs from soooo many guys. It must be so hard to be her.

No. 1940489

File: 1702125784359.jpeg (287.24 KB, 1179x1541, IMG_1045.jpeg)

No booze out of solidarity….

No. 1940883

It's crazy how she can never give a casual reply. Everything is always so full of tiny details. I do feel like it's somewhat of a talent and could be useful in advertising or maybe in creative writing. In her daily ramblings, however, it makes her seem like she's lying about every little thing. It's exhausting to read.

No. 1941497

Bragging about not drinking “out of solidarity” with scabbies because he is having serious alcohol-related health problems after breaking up with him and kicking him out of her house, instead of actually helping the supposed love of her life is the most Mandy thing ever.

No. 1942338

File: 1702477629312.png (671.92 KB, 1290x2796, image0.png)

the top post..

No. 1942355

File: 1702480335658.jpeg (470.02 KB, 1179x1523, IMG_1093.jpeg)

And then this right after. Ok Mandy

No. 1942468

What is she even talking about? She never does anything what could she possibly get “outed” for?

No. 1943172

File: 1702598033842.jpeg (320.28 KB, 1179x3317, IMG_1122.jpeg)

It’s FB official. Single.

No. 1943292

Did Dan see she was complaining to her ex while he’s in the hospital and break it off?

No. 1943478

From what I heard she broke up with him a while ago while he was in the hospital.

No. 1943791

dang she didn't even let this one die at home, she dumped him on the streets like a last-Christmas puppy

What a vicious cunt

No. 1943821

Wow, “life partners” for a whole 2 years kek

No. 1943857

Imagine if she finally got called out for faking cancer.

No. 1944054

File: 1702770529380.jpeg (898.08 KB, 1179x1507, IMG_1151.jpeg)

Photo of Dan? Love the dirty wall behind the bed.

No. 1944159

For a man dying of liver issues, he sure doesn't have the usual yellow skin tone. He just looks like your usual grubby gross moid.

No. 1944206

Knowing scamanda this is likely months old, we know what’s she’s like for reposting years old photos; tryna cover her track’s probably and seem the ever loving gf

No. 1944255

This and she always uses a skin smoothing filter too.

No. 1944751

So she’s single but has scabies sleeping in her bed? She’s gonna be fucking some other guy on the couch while scabies rots away in her locked bedroom like they did to cowie in no time.

No. 1944754

File: 1702928718298.jpeg (968.16 KB, 1179x1853, IMG_1181.jpeg)


No. 1945175

Everyone who knows him has been saying that he’s having such serious health issues that he could literally die and she still insists on trying to make him fuck her right after publicly flirting with her ex, saying Dan hasn’t touched her in months and changing her relationship status to single on fb. She’s completely shameless.

No. 1946228

Lol doubtful. They don’t give a shit about her, just thought it was funny when I mentioned it the last time I saw them. Had no idea who she was at first tbh. Do they look like dudes that know about lolcow?

Tf you think lmao? He doesn’t even follow her. Also dude is kinda a local celebrity around here with probably literally about 1,000 people who’d “nurse” him, (including myself, the aforementioned actual bestie, which is how I know him, and is also in one of her poser kook of the day Born Free pics [im the one who mentioned it before and had to explain to some nerd what ‘homie’ means lmao]) why would he need her to, for a completely exaggerated accident no less? Absolute foolery, she’s demented.

No. 1946235

File: 1703256147442.png (2.78 MB, 828x1792, 23A0DD96-F438-4A2A-9ADA-F9B304…)

Go figure, no mention of his amazing BFF nurse or the two broken legs she healed for him.

No. 1946297

File: 1703268477473.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x2122, IMG_5200.jpeg)

Thanks for confirming. Her exaggerating her own stuff is weird as hell but it blows my mind when she involves other people who can easily say “didn’t happen”. Her delusion is something else.

No. 1946387

File: 1703283521710.jpeg (1.13 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_1242.jpeg)

I loved how she shaved the flub off of her neck in the repost the year after.

No. 1946497

I just don’t understand that weird cheek jowl thing she has going on.

No. 1946597

And all bullshit and silliness aside, these dudes are super salt of the earth dolls as far as men go so fuck no they don’t even remember she exists, let alone would consider her trashy ass a friend.
And I hope she’s reading this. Dump and Benner are genuinely embarrassed to be in photos with you, and once reminded of you, they laughed about what a tryhard, groupie-acting loser you were being, you fucking poser skunt.
They also confirmed that she looks absolutely nothing like in those photos irl, which is prob why it took em a min to recognize her lmao.
-their actual friend

No. 1946605

File: 1703344836633.jpeg (22.74 KB, 228x221, B2EC6947-EE84-452F-8A55-A2F04F…)

Benzo the Clown

No. 1948316

Nobody gives a fuck about either of these bozos or how “salt of the earth” they are. You good nona?

Does anyone have updates on Dan? Are the broken up or is he dead etc

No. 1948348


Talks down on someone actually knowing these dudes and giving some actual insight as to how full of shit she is… and then asks/gives a fuck about Dan the man you can smell pictures of. Astounding. Are YOU good, weirdo?(retard)

No. 1948788


So crazy she’s posting these almost-decade old photos. Fucking weirdo.(learn to sage)

No. 1948804

File: 1703969740104.png (193.55 KB, 445x450, 1000002688.png)

No. 1948904

What’s “yikes” is you being all man-hater big mad over me just giving some context. Who hurt you? They’re cool dudes that want nothing to do with her was my point. Not sure how that makes me “retarded”
Some of y’all need to spend more time in therapy than online fr.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1948931

Every time someone actually knows these people everyone gets mad at them and shoos them away. Then we have a year of no milk because of it. Could you all not? I'm still pissed you chased Dom away.(unverified randoms going “word on the street” is not milk nona)

No. 1950137

Actually knowing these dudes is not “wORd oN tHe sTrEEt” idiot and how tf anyone supposed to “verify” shit on an anonymous website. You’re weird as hell, go outside.(infighting)

No. 1955519

Did they disappear again?

No. 1958471

With screenshots. This is an image board.(slowpoke.png)

No. 1958838

is Dan dead yet?

No. 1960949

No one has heard from him in weeks and no one really knows how he is doing or where he is.

No. 1970382

Fb/Nj anons, have they really been radio silent this long? Did scabies actually die? This all seems really dark.

No. 1971168

I wish Dom would come back and just update the thread. It's really strange that such a chronic attention-seeker/shitposter is just completely silent now. I don't think she has the capacity to change as a person so I'm assuming she's too fucked up or strung out.

No. 1972808

Same, but then all the rabid ass anons would come out screeching. Thanks to them for ruining a great thread.

No. 1973146

It really is so odd. I wonder if scabies got cowied.

No. 1974124

Right? I’d give some input but I’ve been attacked everytime.

No. 1974129

Right? I’d give some input but I’ve been attacked everytime.

No. 1974235

Please do some of us want to know what happened.

No. 1974279

i wanna know too!(sage your shit)

No. 1975428

She's probably too high, too drunk or too fat to post anything. If she even remotely looked like she could edit herself thinner, with bigger eyes… she would.
She must have really gone downhill. I'm surprised no one has seen her at shows trying way to hard.
The last thing she posted was that she hated New Years, on NYE.

No. 1975599

She doesn’t actually go to shows. She hasn’t for years. She’s probably too embarrassed.

No. 1975821

Seems like nobody in NJ has heard from Dan in weeks if not months either. I’ve heard his friend asking about him and if he’s even around anymore. Nobody seems to know or have any type of contact with him or Mandy. Definitely strange.

No. 1982903

File: 1712331771493.jpeg (660.56 KB, 1179x1155, IMG_2643.jpeg)

She lives!

(NY/NJ did legitimately have an earthquake this morning)

No. 1982994

Her standards for cute partner behavior are so low it’s sad. Like “wow, he did the bare minimum just for me!!! Everyone is so jealous of our super special unique love <333”

No. 1983198

File: 1712414198368.jpeg (384.27 KB, 1179x842, IMG_2665.jpeg)


oh apparently Dan is allowed out, it’s just Amanda making sure he doesn’t drink.

This feels like a “Weekend at Bernie’s” situation…after Cowie.

No. 1983199


her new saccharine tone/vocab is… disturbing

No. 1983235

Probably trying to convince everyone she’s sooo sweet after so much talk about dan ending up half dead since dating her.

No. 1984143

Can’t wait to see all her angry drunk ramblings when summer starts and everyone starts going out again but scabies will be too boring for her now that he’s sober and can’t get wasted and do drugs with her anymore.

No. 1984666

Nothing fell over or broke because it’s already all over their floor. Fucking trash people.

No. 1984899

File: 1712934807999.jpeg (370.31 KB, 1179x1905, IMG_2752.jpeg)

No time to see the eclipse while you’re unemployed? She’s lurking on her ex’s page.

No. 1984922

Why do I feel like she obsessively stalks all of her exes? She has zero boundaries with anyone.

No. 1985153

Well the eclipse was around 3PM in NYC so our unemployed princess was probably too busy sleeping off all the booze and pills from the night before to see it.

No. 1985165

Except for the ex that made the comic book about her or the one she got a DV charge for lol

No. 1985190

Thanks for reminding me of the comic, that was peak Mandy milk I'm about to go down the archive to find that masterpiece kek

No. 1985811

Judging by her last “attempt” at helping a partner through sobriety, I predict scabies will be out partying with her again or back at the hospital soon.

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