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File: 1632981631306.jpeg (1.7 MB, 2880x3840, 13FF1C57-9588-405F-95DB-118859…)

No. 1337960

Social Media
Ig: bratoutofhell
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/bretdarling
Tik Tok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe2Yvoe6/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/amandabret

Amanda Bret / Amanda Schafemeyer / Labozetta/ bratoutofhell - Our last mega thread on America's favorite meatball eyed monster started off with a bang as her brother, Grammy award hopeful Dominick, spilled some tea regarding her sociopathy. Some sexcapades with not one but two houseguests ended with a bang as former fiancée and scumbag paramour Erik Cowie of Tiger King infamy was found dead in her* apartment. What does the future hold for our favorite train wreck? Let's find out.

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previous thread 3 >>1022186

previous thread 4 >>1170070

Previous thread 5 >>>/snow/1277876

Recap of last thread:

Dominick shares woeful tales of her abuse, claims Amanda has BPD and her mother ignores it. "Amanda is just a person I lived with for 18 years":



Dominick proves he is who he claims:


Is the honeymoon with Cowie over already?


Amanda is just walking around New York with her pussy on display I guess (this picture becomes integral later):

Amanda is busy "dealing" with a "man child":


A passive aggressive homophobic jab at her brother drives a wedge further between them:


Amanda does… something… with her hair


Cracks in the sober living begin to really show in the form of a trashed living area:


The Cowie smear campaign starts in earnest:


A new love/ ride or die appears in the form of a dreadlocked Dan Rivas of New Jersey:



Cowie makes an unconscious appearance, apparently pissing on himself; what happened to Amanda's guiding sober hands?



Random black eyes and self injuries lead the farms to speculating if DV is a problem in this romantic entanglement:




Amanda and Dan go out for a night on the town, drunkenly fling around slurs. Amanda pisses into Dan's mouth. Things seem to be spiraling more than usual.





Just some head blood, not at all disgusting:


Come Friday the 3rd of September 2021 there is no sign of Cowie, the farms question where he is as Amanda posts about her mundane tv habits, takes saucy photos of her new outfit, and marks herself safe from hurricane ida:




Sunday the 5th Amanda vague posts about her love being lost to the sky. Speculation begins as to whether Cowie or the dumb forgotten bird are dead.


Tuesday the 7th brings us a lengthy post about finding a dead best friend and lover, along with the photo of herself from the vag-out post a few months back:


News breaks via TMZ that our beloved tiger prince has gone to that big cat cage in the sky. Early reports indicate no drugs were found at the scene. Tinfoiling immediately begins as to the timeline of his death in relation to Amanda posting about Burger King. Amanda flees nyc.





Rumors of Amanda's connection begin to pop up on Reddit:


TMZ updates that Cowie was found with a large bottle of vodka:


News reports indicate Amanda is best known for showing her tits around town:


We are reminded of her goal to help sober Cowie up:


Amanda absconds to NJ. The farm tries to deduce Dan's background. Is he rich? Is he poor? One thing is certain, he's disgusting.




No. 1338081

File: 1633003110802.jpeg (566.24 KB, 1170x1239, 44A1BFC1-0806-4855-A56C-555DAB…)

So how many instruments is that Manda?

No. 1338084

File: 1633003373697.jpeg (851.34 KB, 1170x1541, F06682FB-4174-40DA-9725-373220…)

Uh oh… song lyrics to old photos she re-edited? Sounds like a breakup to me

No. 1338085

File: 1633003406711.jpeg (79.06 KB, 516x960, C16860E2-81A2-49E4-A338-E2F047…)

Amanda you have no curves and no amount of photoshop will change that.

No. 1338104

>>>/snow/1337675 What is the comment on this?

Sounds like the jig is up. Dans friends are on to her.

No. 1338122

File: 1633009316944.jpeg (697.94 KB, 1170x1767, 665E486C-7EDC-4F2F-99A2-EFC4E4…)

Yes, we need these reminders of how unhinged you are

No. 1338154

Viv Albertine pisses on your head from a mighty height

No. 1338180

Well those are all certainly words. Why the fuck does she insist on cramming and listing everything under the sun until her original point is completely lost. I see something about no one taking her seriously as a guitarist, a random shout-out, something about abuse, and a laundry list of "tried them once, put them down" instruments that most people don't actually make a habit of getting really good at. But seriously am I having a stroke or can I not read manic posts anymore. Someone pls translate.

No. 1338228

She's lamenting her breakup with poophair and vague posting lyrics from The Knife song Heartbeats. A song about people who shouldn't be together but tried anyway after years of attraction.

She definitely got dumped.

No. 1338229

Great summary, thanks anon!

No. 1338307

This is why Amanda is such a great cow, endless short lived relationships and break ups. I hope he was worth abandoning cowie to rot in your room

No. 1338344

You know she's going to spin it in a way that she wasn't dumped… she's going to continue stressing how his friends kept the star crossed lovers apart, after they waited 7 years to finally be together.
Good thing good ol' John is there when all the others leave. I can only imagine how pitiful she looks to her friends for being dumped by Unidread when just this past weekend she was posting "Give. Me. The. Fucking. Gross" and stamping herself with his face and talking about "my love" moving to NYC with her. Major kek.
He should've stuck around for more extravagant gifts than an iPhone that even T-Mobile gives away for free.

No. 1338521

File: 1633044741624.jpeg (348.26 KB, 1170x2137, 2740C83D-FB65-4EA7-B511-F89150…)

Hasn’t updated her all important relationship status to single. Grabs popcorn

No. 1338586

Is she trying to say no one would be in a band with her because she’s a woman?

No. 1338653


What friends? Nobody hangs out with her in real life. She literally has no friends

No. 1338662


Well we all know what happened to her last friend ((cough::Cowie::cough))(sage)

No. 1338675

File: 1633059277405.jpeg (124.22 KB, 1170x684, D9716144-C0DB-4AB3-9602-3A3A3C…)

No. 1338722

She erased this

No. 1338760


Omg, it's the 'punk' scene, nobody cares if you're a woman if you can actually play. Maybe if no one is taking you seriously, look beyond the tired, oh it's bc I have a gash. Lol come on

No. 1338900

As a guitarist with a gash, I can immediately see why nobody would take her seriously as a guitarist just from her post. She says she's soooo good, but nobody would follow HER lead while jamming. She expects to play her basic af chords while everyone has to harmonize around her and use their actual knowledge of music theory and having a good ear to play along with her. I'm sure she demands to play lead and when the other actual musicians ask her what key she's going to play in, she surely says some form of, "I don't know, just G, C, Am, F! Just follow along!" Just from her post alone, she outs herself for lacking the ability to play with anyone else leading because she doesn't actually know how to jam.
It has nothing to do with her gash, which is the absolute grossest word for a vag. It literally brings to mind an open wound.
Unidread has some awesome friends for protecting him from the self-described feral woman.

No. 1338940


Dan probably brought her to the meat basement. She tried "jamming" with actual practicing musicians, couldn't hold her weight, and had a meltdown.

So now she's on FB trying to convince herself she has the talent from "20 years experience" not them when she really never built any musical skill set.

Guess Dan told her music was trash too and to sit down somewhere.

No. 1339036

File: 1633111754956.jpeg (778.95 KB, 1170x2145, EC9E37D9-387E-4CB4-90AF-47D0F3…)

I immediately thought this too. Leading a session takes a lot more than “I don’t know….just follow me” She’s never played with a full band so how would she know what to tell the drummer to do? Or what key? Or even anything to make it easier for those poor people “accompanying” her? She just wants to sound like she knew what she was talking about because she played at a coffee shop and claims to have played for “20 years” She started busking at 13?! Kek. Also if she was trying to get a metal band to “jam” I’m not really sure what she was expecting, since she doesn’t sing/play metal ever. I have no idea what kind of music “Dutchguts” plays but I’m sure it’s not Mandas brand of strumming an acoustic. Her YouTube has a bunch of songs she played and they’re all covers. What a musical genius.


No. 1339093

damn, I hadn't seen this yt channel and it's actually kind of a bummer. She actually isn't bad, she's got a nice voice and is an okay/serviceable guitar player. Not saying she was some great talent, but stuff like this requires some dedication, effort, and keeps you out of trouble. I remember she had a bandcamp with an original song that wasn't great but a start. She should've just stuck with music stuff

No. 1339121

That's the saddest thing about Amanda. She is actually a talented artist, talented singer. She is cute. But her insanely embarrassing and weird personality make her intolerable. If she could just be…normal… she would be a great person.

No. 1339127


No you wouldn’t, scamanda

No. 1339135


Torturing animals, siblings, killing an addict trying to get sober, scamming people out of thousands of dollars by faking cancer, and generally being a piece of trash liar goes well beyond “annoying and weird”

No. 1339136


“talented artist” kek. in what world is tracing other peoples work a “talented artist”. go back to painting rocks in your parents garage, mandy.

No. 1339138

A friendly reminder that astroturfing is a very real issue

No. 1339181

OK. Paraphrase: if she wasn't a drug and alcoholic addicted loser making extremely disgusting and depraved life choices, she has skills and potential to be a worthwhile human. ???

No. 1339213


I'd argue cooter is worse

No. 1339227

>she would be a great person
So you didn't see the last thread where her own brother came to confirm she's a poison cesspit, or you're choosing not to think about it?

No. 1339242

I for one am choosing to ignore family drama presented by a scrote who also has a questionable internet presence.

No. 1339283

I’m choosing to believe you have very, very serious mental issues Amanda. Are you really so disconnected from reality that you’re STALKING THOUSANDS OF POSTS DEVOTED TO PEOPLE LITERALLY HATING YOU, AND SO DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION YOU HAVE TO COMMENT PRETENDING TO BE SOMEBODY ELSE?


No. 1339287


Nah, her voice is so generic and plain, and the only “art” she’s ever produced is through retouched selfies

No. 1339304


Uh, weirdo. I think you’re probably the only one wishing her dead. The rest of us just like watching her make an ass out of herself.

No. 1339315

You need to step away from the computer. I'm not Amanda. But I do actually know her in real life, enough to say what I have said. Seriously, touch the grass my friend.

No. 1339317

Samefag but I realize this might be the weirdo brother being offended. What the fuck did the parents do to these poor kids?

No. 1339348


It’s really easy to pretend to be somebody on an anonymous message board, dumbass. I know it’s you, Scumanda, there are people much smarter than you who can analyze your way of writing.. I mean, you will never understand that concept anyway

No. 1339424

Ahahaha this made me laugh. The blatant attempt to act casual like “oh maybe she’s alright!” - fuck off. We can all ignore really talented people who kind of suck, it happens all the time….but this girl is a prototype- a copy that’s been run through the copy machine over and over, with an average voice, doing average covers..that in combination with her AWFUL social media persona is an absolute disgrace. Take a moment to reflect on her total lack of consideration for other people, the fact that she’s throwing her ex “husbands” family’s’ money around on absolute nothingness. Think of all the legitimate breast cancer survivors…the musicians who are nice to other humans on the daily and don’t bitch about their “gash” being the downfall of their success on Fuckin Facebook. Let’s all review the receipts here(sage)

No. 1339502

This is 20 years of guitar skills? Strumming to 4-6 basic chords, with the "hardest" being minors? She can't even play 1 bar chord? No actual alteration of the original song to make it unique, like a Ska version of a song or a reggae version or a punk version of a folk song or vice versa? Wooooow… this takes less than a month of once-a-week, free-in-the-park guitar lessons (which I've seen happen when veterans learned to play guitar over several months). I'm absolutely mortified that she thinks this is worth letting her play lead. She hasn't improved AT ALL in 20 years.
And the first video where she drinks some beer first to try to look hard and then makes a bitter beer face. Such an alcoholic.

No. 1339507

“iF sHe CoUlD jUsT bE nOrMaL tHo”

Wtf does that even mean. She copies other peoples art work, her songs are hardly original, it’s almost as if she doesn’t have the ability to have a mind of her own. Normal would not make her anything but a boring, unoriginal asshole.

No. 1339509


Any confirmation Dan did in-fact dump her loser ass?

No. 1339511

Cooter, a colloquial word that has no other meaning, is still less disgusting than a word synonymous with an open wound. To me, anyway. Just like I hate box because it brings to mind stuffing shit into a dry cube. But I digress.
Clearly (to me anyway) OP isn't Amanda. You come across as the weird one to keep angrily accusing an anon of being Amanda just because she's not invested in going all in on hating Amanda with torches and a pitchfork on a thread like you are. Amanda wouldn't do anything but fully defend herself and not say "maybe she's alright". She'd instead enthusiastically affirm how great Mandy is and how her gash has held her back from being recognized as a great singer/songwriter/bus seat drummer/foot stomper/butt trumpeteer/gash tooter/thigh clapper/skin flutist/rich Jewish john ivory penis tickler/solo forever performer.

No. 1339512

Her not so vague posts are enough evidence for me. Mandy is more transparent than a new window pane.

No. 1339519

Yeah I suppose the “done/sad face” says it all. I wonder if Dan will go back to insider trading now that he’s lost the cash cow. Kek.

No. 1340138

Who else is looking forward to those tox reports(sage your nonmilk )

No. 1340183


for Cowie? I am definitely curious.

No. 1340266

Wow, she’s actually a very talented singer and I love her cover of The Beer a fucking lot. If only she wasn’t batshit and could actually harness that into something positive.

No. 1340269

Her voice is a very high, annoying alto 2… which is very different than the raspy low voice she tries to affect for her iMaGe

No. 1340284

File: 1633261735154.jpeg (740.5 KB, 1170x1795, 7FA6FDA8-6F45-4933-B62F-6C8146…)

Although I agree with her in sharing your own experiences; what she’s not realizing is everyone sees how quickly she seemed to have forgotten about Cowie. Shit, she forgot about him before he was even gone.

No. 1340287

I know nothing technical about music, I just thought her covers sounded good lol
Instead she does this so it doesn’t matter regardless. Christ she is awful.

No. 1340298

Please, all of you, do not reach out to me with your struggles, nor your similar stories of finding a man who was madly in love with you dead in your king size bed with bowl and branch 1000 count Egyptian cotton sheets ruined from his bodily fluids but the mattress is fine because I used a mattress protector. I empathize with you but please to all of my fans please stop trying to tell me your stories this is about me.

No. 1340331

what she seems to be missing here is that (most) people aren't sharing their stories so she can mourn over them; they're sharing to let her know she's not alone in this. that they empathize with HER. it's sad (seriously) that she doesn't understand this.

No. 1340338

She really likes that word "scream cry". She used it to mourn her "totally best friend but also I'm like 4 weeks late in finding out she died".

No. 1340342


I guess chuffing at the sky has lost it’s appeal

No. 1340381


I swear I can hear the "scream crying" when she types that. that's pretty fucking melodramatic, to talk about it like that. UGH. way to keep the focus on herself.

No. 1340391

can someone point to me where this post is? i can’t find it. this is in the bio of this thread:
“Some sexcapades with not one but two houseguests ended with a bang”
are you referring to Erik and Dan? She was having 3somes with them?

No. 1340522

File: 1633288779142.jpeg (111.11 KB, 749x663, D5AA62A0-7E0D-4B1E-8766-BADC94…)

Lol someone made a tribute post to Erik and tagged Amanda in it and I just saw this comment calling her a murderer hahahahaha

No. 1340526

christ why did she even respond saying this? someone makes a tribute post and she has to run to it to point out how close/involved she was to him

No. 1340537


How did you find the tribute!? Can you share?

No. 1340618


OP here. I meant that she was fucking Cowie, then moved Dan in to fuck HIM, then Cowie died. Didn't meant to imply a threesome but with this crew who even knows.

No. 1340633

File: 1633299675896.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1170x1867, CA36C2EA-ABDA-4A68-83F3-D332F5…)

No. 1340651

Look at this other cow posting selfies for a Cowie “tribute”. This dude was surrounded by vultures.

No. 1340778


he was a vulture himself, IMO. and at least this woman didn't make it 100% about herself.

No. 1340780

File: 1633319193517.jpeg (108.04 KB, 1170x332, EC6C9117-5D4E-4962-A371-B90DED…)

Dan “loved” this post. Guess he didn’t dump her? Or maybe it’s just pity.

No. 1340781

File: 1633319234668.jpeg (575.46 KB, 1242x1203, 809D2BA3-469D-4640-9979-5D2C3D…)


Looks like this Melicia person isn't a fan of Amanda since she laugh reacted at her comment and liked the comment calling her a murderer

No. 1340782

File: 1633319314943.jpeg (419.18 KB, 2880x3840, 832967E5-263B-4277-87FA-5EBC69…)


Top care react is on the murderer comment,
laugh react is on Amanda's defensive reply

No. 1340784

File: 1633319592039.png (459.69 KB, 977x891, Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 10.5…)

so I checked out that Dianna Mazak person's facebook…wew boy anons

No. 1340785

File: 1633319616386.png (438.4 KB, 652x1165, Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 10.5…)

No. 1340786

File: 1633319746997.png (518.24 KB, 656x1165, Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 10.5…)

No. 1340787

File: 1633319781401.png (843.83 KB, 655x1143, Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 10.5…)

ik these are confusing, posting them in the same order that dianna did

No. 1340789

File: 1633319896990.png (354.36 KB, 644x1157, Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 10.5…)

No. 1340791

File: 1633320038523.png (393.71 KB, 648x612, Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 10.5…)

No. 1340794

File: 1633320666820.jpeg (893.36 KB, 1170x1431, 698061B0-058F-4B06-853F-D766DE…)

Saw this further down her page…

No. 1340812

File: 1633322560484.jpeg (501.73 KB, 1242x827, EBC17388-F565-42C5-B2CF-895F1D…)

This is what she's saying he had. I mean, it's definitely believable.

No. 1340815

Unsaged and the woman has screenshots of the last thread in both of her posts. Self posting?

No. 1340816

File: 1633323041746.jpeg (283.43 KB, 1242x1909, BB453CF9-6C3C-41BF-BC76-46D555…)

She also reposted Amanda's video of Cowie

No. 1340817

File: 1633323107724.jpeg (306.43 KB, 1241x2017, CFE6CF2A-6778-4B51-A074-6A5EDC…)

No. 1340820

File: 1633323189129.jpeg (289.17 KB, 1241x1785, 57834EE4-5FED-4DB4-8C6E-837CD7…)

Last one


Why would that be saged? It's pretty interesting milk anyway. I didn't sage these screenshots just now as I felt it's actual content.

No. 1340821


If you read the comments on her FB posts she actually took a few days to read through these threads. I'm always happy to see more people realize how shitty Amanda is.

No. 1340823

No. 1340846

Sage for blog but I used to care for people with korsakoffs and it's a really fucked up illness. If he did have it he would have had obvious episodes of paranoia, aggression and confusion. If Amanda knew about it then she basically took advantage of and fucked a sped. I wonder if he was actually locked in a room after an episode. Either way it's pretty damning that she didn't get him medical treatment. I don't know how it works legally in the US but where I am if he was diagnosed and she knew it she could face charges for not getting him help.

No. 1340968

uuuuhhh shit, so this woman used to live with him and then had him checked on because of his psychotic behavior?
> obvious episodes of paranoia, aggression and confusion
him behaving this way was mentioned quite some times as far as I remember, seems legit to me since that dude was a heavy alcoholic for a long time and already in an age where the grave consequences of such a lifestyle start to show. Not unlikely that he developed permanent brain damage.

No. 1340974

samefag, link to one of the posts in a previous thread where she mentions his erratic behavior. Sounds pretty paranoid and psychotic.

No. 1341010


Lol no people are not entitled to medical care here in the US, you can get in trouble for like withholding someone’s meds but she wouldn’t have been responsible for seeking out some kind of treatment for his illness unless she was being paid to be his caretaker or something

No. 1341016

I'm the anon who posted the first several screenshots from Dianna's fb, not her. However, since we know she reads here, maybe she'll grace us with her presence to answer a question or two?

No. 1341024

unrelated but holy shit I know that Chris Hansen. sorry for blog but a few years before Tiger King I lurked the GW zoo/Joe Exotic community which mostly consisted of unhinged exotic pet owners. there were a lot of "monkey moms" and Chris was the nuttiest. I haven't seen that pfp in years.

No. 1341252

Wait who is this text from to Agent Bryant? Diana? So Diana sent someone to Amanda’s to check on Cowie? Just making sure I understand

No. 1341274

Read the year before asking to be spoonfed. If the year doesn't answer your question, then re-read the last thread and this one.

No. 1341279

Right ok I missed the year so clearly not a welfare check at Amanda’s apartment but then who is sending that text? Amanda asking for a wellfare check at Diana’s house? Or Diana asking for a welfare check on Erik at his own house?

No. 1341284

Diane asking an Agent to check on Cowie. I want to see the unedited texts from this Diane. Diane, girl if you see this. We are your people!

No. 1341297

File: 1633394724263.jpeg (885.1 KB, 1242x2032, E34A56F3-409D-4802-8101-83040B…)

from dianna’s fb page

No. 1341305

Ah okay, I was the anon saying it seemed like she posted here but it’s obvious now she has a very distinct writing style. Looking forward to the upcoming milk on Scamanda

No. 1341307


Diana spill the beans on what you know about Amanda and Cowie! Tell us everything! Do you think Amanda murdered him? Do you think he was rotting in her room for a while? What was your relationship with Cowie?

No. 1341313

File: 1633397055122.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1284x2090, 346C4D1F-209B-4F93-96F6-5476D3…)

they’re still together…

No. 1341314

File: 1633397161090.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1284x1420, 3ED03081-12A7-4442-A565-05E60E…)

No. 1341332

File: 1633400692671.jpeg (602.05 KB, 1242x1200, 426C18B3-FD07-4299-8E60-569A73…)

No. 1341342

File: 1633402398423.jpeg (983.94 KB, 1170x1554, 3D02DC5E-B189-4AD9-A608-E5D278…)

No. 1341352

God I love this woman. Let the milk flow.

No. 1341359

Tinfoil but… can she not go back to the apt because it’s a crime scene?

No. 1341366

sage for nitpick but does she really think people believe her nose looks like this? and why would she WANT it to look like this? she wouldn’t be able to breathe either

No. 1341375

Dianna what a queen.

Do you think they did toxicology on Cowie? Think this is this the end, or will police pursue further?

No. 1341381

File: 1633407763403.png (89.2 KB, 983x428, Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 11.2…)

No. 1341467

File: 1633428274947.jpeg (958.92 KB, 1170x4071, EB5E450B-D534-4A17-909B-A0D7AC…)

6 years she waited for her Dreaded Prince….

No. 1341528

I would laugh my ass off if John's parents told her to gtfo of their apt and stay gone.

No. 1341539

>what i feel for you could never be explained with words
>writes a fucking essay on it anyway

No. 1341561


“(which is also my wallet)”

too absurd for words.

No. 1341710

It's also her wallet because it's what she used to call her husband turned brother figure for money, presents, free accomodation and pharmaceuticals

No. 1341802

File: 1633469822912.jpeg (531.63 KB, 1170x1907, 06F25920-B0A9-4E24-84F4-9CC14B…)

No. 1341808


That sure is a fancy way of saying “the last guy I fucked died in the same room that me & my new boyfriend are going to sleep in together now”

No. 1341830

Late love lmao. Amanda is the cow that makes me want to a-log the most, it is truly fucking unbelievable how vile she is. Some guy who she knew for little more than a year and met in person for the first time died and she crowns herself the queen of 'scream crying' and has to make sure that everyone and their mother knows that she found him and how much they loved each other. She only thinks of other people as props to further her own attention seeking, it's actually scary how unhinged she is.

No. 1341845

Looks like the only way he can tolerate her is to be obliterated all day every day.

No. 1341900

Diana who is Cowie’s next of kin? And besides the text you already posted did you have other chats with Amanda leading up to Cowie coming to nyc or while he was at her apartment?

No. 1341904

She calls him stinky and means it.

No. 1341915

The video from this post. She sounds obliterated and slurry. “So happy! Ya happy?” She sounds so annoying to be around.


No. 1341929

Waiting for the moment he’s sick of her and that damn phone.

No. 1341946

kek Anon, truly. “the last guy I fucked died in the same room that me & my new boyfriend are going to sleep in together now… but his ghost can stay and hang out" I guess?

No. 1341974

File: 1633486127040.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1284x1934, E90DBA74-21F5-4FAE-9EEA-9B03E4…)

No. 1342221

Does she say “isn’t this your dream” while he ignores her

No. 1342227

Living the dream? Too mumbly to tell.

No. 1342275

File: 1633522340413.jpeg (360.62 KB, 1125x815, B2518D0F-924F-4BB7-97F3-394F7A…)

livin’ the dream.

No. 1342315

It's been permanently closed for a while now that's old news unfortunately

No. 1342316


You said some records need to be straight before Tiger King 2 comes out. Will Amanda be involved in any way? I'd hate for this idiot who faked cancer get any sort of money due to someones death. If this does happen will people be able to tell the truth about who she is? Or would an NDA get in the way of that? I think it's important that this low life gets off the street and locked at a ward. She is a danger to herself, and clearly the public. I think her goal was to always get on or involved with the show somehow. Her internet presence is the start of that. Also if she is allowed on the show make sure those producers understand she does NOT look like this anime character in real life. She looks like an OGRE. All due to poor abilities on Photoshop.

No. 1342369

OK Amanda.

No. 1342371

Wait is this rat beard or whatever the fuck

No. 1342379

You aren't fooling anyone. Rat beard you're in that video as well. You're fucked. Good bye shitty band, and good luck showing your face in the hometown no one wants you in to begin with. you are just as guilty and shitty as amanda. you are also partially responsible for Perry's death. sick fuck.

No. 1342382

(Sorry, I deleted and reposted due to typos, but I can see the "hi cow/cow bf" comments already. I promise you they like Olde English much more than the English language.)
Some anons really don't seem to understand how the world works. I'm not Dianna, but I can assure you that the Tiger King show will not feature "the friend" who found cold Cowie. She has nothing to do with the ridiculous crazy drama of the show's first season. So whatever NDA you're imagining will prevent people from finding out the tRutH about Mandy, I can promise you it won't an issue. At best, there will be a short "in memoriam" to Cowie and maybe a couple of staffers talking about how they feel knowing he's dead. Shows don't introduce unnecessary bit players in a dead former staffer's life. They have real drama to base the show around, which is why Joe's dead husband's former roommate wasn't featured.
Just like the anons thinking the police are investigating Amanda and asking if she's not allowed back to the "crime scene" where no crime occurred, some of you are just plain stupid with your tinfoils that defy logic. I get that some anons are kids that get too emotionally invested in the lives of our cows and have some weird Justice for Cowie agenda, but no justice is needed when people die all the time due to their own lifestyle choices. Mandy sucks and I hate her punk larping and bad shooping, but this Mandy the Murderer tinfoil is crazier than Joe Exotic's haircut.

No. 1342383

can anyone see her spazzing out at dan and cutting his dread off while he's sleeping? i would think shes pretty violent(sage)

No. 1342385

Same anon as >>1342382
How anyone can read a coherent post and immediately think either Thing 1 or Thing 2 has the knowledge to sage or even use a period, shows how overly invested some anons are. You don't have to know either of those ugly dumbfucks to know that Mangy Mandy won't be on the show and that she's not legally or morally responsible for a grown man who accepts her offer for free pussy and dies alone after she's moved on.
Ditching his old alcoholic ass was shitty of her, but come on, she's a cow because of her me me me bullshit and how quickly she moves on to the next dick that she hopes will give her clout. She does this all the time. But to act like anons need to all jump on the Murderous Mandy bandwagon just because some guy she lovebombed and fucked die is absurd.
I can hate the cow and come here for the milk, but I don't have to drink the Kool-aid.

No. 1342387

File: 1633537049698.jpeg (427.71 KB, 1125x1900, EF379E79-5F9F-4C15-8B3D-5631A1…)

No. 1342389

No. But I can see her moving on and kicking him out of her "significant other's" parent's house.
I don't know Dan, but he did a good job for securing a free place to live in Brooklyn and a free sugar mama! Yes, he has to put up with her annoying shit, but a lot of guys put up with worse for no freebies. I just look forward to her publicly airing her dirty laundry more.

No. 1342395

Ot, but how did you arrive at the nickname Rat Beard when he's more unkempt than a sewer rat and his beard bears no resemblance to any part of a rat? I personally like rats so sorry for my autism.

No. 1342396

File: 1633537954691.png (425.66 KB, 520x634, Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 12.2…)

No. 1342399

File: 1633538701682.png (352.35 KB, 418x614, Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 12.3…)

No. 1342416

Wait was a post erased from the cow and cow boyfriend?

No. 1342588

It was a an anon who reposted it here >>1342382

No. 1342745

File: 1633566229230.jpeg (220.34 KB, 1284x502, DEBE91A0-82F4-4983-B53F-540D71…)

No. 1342751

Sage but can we get a gofundme going for a spa day or something for Dianna, she deserves it

No. 1342758

lol you gotta write 'sage' in the email field, you can't just declare it

No. 1342785


The more you know(don't use emojis )

No. 1342947


I truly love her and hope she has a great day.

No. 1343023

I appreciate Dianna taking the time to post about the potential Korsakoff illness Cowie allegedly had, and posting the messages between Amanda and her, but Domenick also posted milk and no one called for a spa day for him, so the public love declarations for Dianna who purposefully "led" us to her FB is a little much for me. And no, I'm not Dominick. IMHO, trying to lead us to her FB for some AMA action seems a bit like clout chasing. She didn't date Cowie for long and was fired from the zoo and while I understand it might not have been her fault for being fired, she's really immersing herself in the drama and her reposting our posts to answer questions on her FB seems a little attention-hungry, as if to show her buddies on FB that she's a credible source of Cowie info.

Dianna, please post here so this back and forth of reposting us and us reposting your FB as if you're a Tiger King "celeb" can stop. You can post us all you want, but just join the lolcow conversation. Your FB buddies now all know about this gossip site and can post here, too.
I appreciate you reaching out to us, but there's no reason not to join the anons here and our conversation.
The only things you have to know:
- write "sage" in the email field (or if it's new verified information, you can post without writing "sage")
- no emojis or other faces drawn with punctuation
That's it. No other lingo, you don't need to decipher any other rules. If you have any other questions, just ask us, but follow the rules of writing sage and not using emojis. We look forward to you being part of the lolcow community and please understand my frank comments aren't meant to undermine the milk (information) you provided or hurt you in any way. Thank you!

No. 1343052

what was said here? the posts are deleted

No. 1343122

No. 1343184

File: 1633630377962.jpeg (269.58 KB, 1170x964, 07842F78-BA8F-464D-93CB-1FA75D…)

Only if you’re photoshopped to 105 lbs…

No. 1343185

File: 1633630477546.jpeg (964.5 KB, 1170x1367, 228183D0-4929-45DB-BAFC-5736C2…)

No. 1343227

Please post the comments.

I love how she says they are back and natural light is incredible and the space is soooo clean but she posts a pic of herself peeing in a urinal.

No. 1343250

File: 1633639845957.png (724.42 KB, 1125x2436, D95D8190-E3BC-4AAF-A71D-727ACA…)

No. 1343251

File: 1633639939081.png (697.87 KB, 1125x2436, EC0E6D91-3129-476D-89A3-92CEEE…)

No. 1343254

Your icon is showing, you still have time to delete

No. 1343255

lol long island is bridge and tunnel too, scamanda. moron.

No. 1343266


So either they’re moving into a new apartment or she’s implying that she chose her existing apartment specifically so there was space for him to park his van? Long before they got together? Is anything she ever says true?

No. 1343285

The house she was at in Flatbush has a driveway. troi parked his motorcycle there when he came over to smash.

No. 1343314


i fucking gagged when i saw his clump of hair on the bed behind him

No. 1343366

Oh my god that’s hair! If there’s anyone here who knows Dan irl please give insight into why his hair is like this?!

No. 1343415

because he's the coolest crustiest punk there ever was, duh!

No. 1343418

File: 1633654036241.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x1717, 19B7CD0F-0DB5-41C6-92F3-A5CE62…)

Not that important but…

No. 1343441

She looks pretty gross tbh, not as bad as Amanda but more like dried leather

No. 1343452

>IMHO, trying to lead us to her FB for some AMA action seems a bit like clout chasing.
lmao, if she were clout-chasing then this would be the absolute worst place to do it. The fact that she has proof that she kept looking out for the guy even though he held a gun to her face and didn't speak of it in public until after he died, and only to a small group of people on a forum with a bad reputation rather than a place where the story could actually gain legs suggests that she has good intentions.
>but there's no reason not to join the anons here and our conversation.
she apparently already tried and i imagine got yelled at for failure2sage.

No. 1343471


>she apparently already tried and i imagine got yelled at for failure2sage.

not the OP who spoke out re: Dianna, but if she got yelled at, so what? we all do at some point here. she just needs to learn when to sage or not.

and she is delusional if she thinks anyone here is talking to the Lowe's.

it's not all about that hick zoo in Oklahoma, Dianna, hon. do whatever you want, but don't expect everyone to copy paste for your lazy ass.

No. 1343473

>lmao, if she were clout-chasing then this would be the absolute worst place to do it
NTA, I mean you’re not wrong, but anyone who spergs like this on a public platform attached to their face and what is probably their government name is a fucking retard IMO. I don’t think she has bad intentions but it’s so embarrassing. Milky as fuck for us, but embarrassing

No. 1343474

Samefag to add that to the point of >>1343441 this woman looks like my Oma’s handbag, she’s far too old for cringeworthy internet dramu

No. 1343485

I mean Cowie was an old man, it's not that weird he was in a relationship with a woman in his age range. It's also not milk that an old woman looks old.

Amanda was like 20 years Cowie's junior.

No. 1343487

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with her looking her age, it’s not acting it that’s cringy. Social media is cancer in general but literal boomers on social media are insufferable

No. 1343500

I don't know what you expect from someone who dated cowie tbh, even if it was brief. She was at least sensible enough to get out of there quickly and cut ties. She tried to warn Amanda too? She might be cringe in the way any of the tiger king cast is, but the cow of this thread is ultimately amanda.

The dianna ass kissing is pretty cringe though. kek

No. 1343506

For real
>spotless clean
Much punk, so crust. Ffs she is such a tryhard

No. 1343546


ew. her photoshopped body and Stinky's disgusting sleeping spot were not things I wanted to see tonight, but here we are. that apartment is going to be trashed soon no matter what she says. I just hope they don't get any pets to let die while they party.

No. 1343552

>Is anything she ever says true?
of course not, kek. we can look a few months back in her post to know that Unidread was the last thing she was thinking about when she chose her place. she seems to lie to herself as well as everyone; trying to re-frame her life as enviable and perfect.

No. 1343577

Amanda is a peace of shit, dumpster smelling, faking cancer, hairy cunt (it’s true, it cut my face), witch nose, fat piece of shit, ugly faced, fat bodied, manipulative, wannabe bukowski, broke, talentless, user taking advantage of an autistic pushover, terrible sense of style, thief, meatball eye, manipulator, did I say stinky vagina that smells like a sewer from east village 1970s (I can confirm), rat nest loving piece of hair; and her parents HATE her, especially her brother. I’d hate to be this popular for being so hated on the dumbest thing in our lives, the internet. Amanda, please share this screenshot since you love being in the spotlight, you poser who is worst than dirt and who acts like Charles Manson. Your parents HATE you, and I’m sure your grandpa breeze is rolling in his grave screaming that a poser came from his bloodline. The best you could do is some gross ugly dumbass with a dread big enough to feed Africa. I hope you get scabies from it. Virginia hates you., and I’m sure any state you weren’t welcomed in. Go die.(a-logging )

No. 1343597

File: 1633679387804.gif (426.46 KB, 300x200, 66A4F890-94FD-4500-878D-3782AB…)

No. 1343598

r u ok nona?

No. 1343601

how tf can pubes cut a face lmao

No. 1343650


Look when Dominick can contribute to this thread more and give us all the Amanda dirt then I'll chip in for a spa day for him, but so far he's been unhelpful beyond that first day of posting.

No. 1343654

She said she never posted here, but saw us "come down hard" on other anons for not saging and not following rules.
I definitely cringed when she posted some form of "welcome lolcow… I've been waiting for you. Let's begin!" Thanks for the milk, Leatherface, but unless you have more milk to offer up, we're not interested in seeing your FB reposts or asking more questions about a man that's dead and that you used to date. You can start your own thread if you want to be a cow mentioned by name or be an anon (as in anonymous) who contributes here to what is a thread about Amanda's shitty life.
She can keep up her "I do what I want", Rebel Without a Clue reposts all she wants, but unless she has more informed screenshots sent from Mandy and not just her ranting while not getting a response from Mandy, reposting her here is less interesting than a shooped picture of Mandy pissing in a urinal. I know it's Halloween month, but it's horrifying seeing Leatherface's up the nose FB profile picture over and over while the only milk she had was that Cowie cut off the engagement to Mandy and his alleged (not saying it's untrue, but only because it hasn't been confirmed through documents) illness.
There's clearly no clout with us, but she's definitely seeking our attention hardcore and it's desperate and depressing at her age or any age.
I also hate her incorrect ellipsis usage more than I hate Mandy's shooping.

No. 1343655

Her pubes cut your face? Poor baby. Maybe don't plow your face into mangy muff in the first place. I question your sanity for even meeting Amanda and thinking that walking ashtray had a clean pool to dive into.

No. 1343657

Autistic thought- All I think of now when I see Mandy's name is Barry Manilow's song: "Oh Mandy, you gave and you gave without taking…"
Except she took and she took from sugar daddy John without giving and only gives and gives without taking from her crusty fuckboys that John subsidizes.

No. 1343661

Homeboy clearly has the muff diving techniques of a lawnmower. He probably was rejected by every ho in Virginia so he had to settle for Mangy Mandy's muff and is now a-logging due to his own self-hatred.

No. 1343816

File: 1633717339128.gif (1.23 MB, 275x209, 4DA13373-97E3-46E0-9541-E62616…)


An ex from RVA, I presume? Give details.

No. 1343981

I’ve always had suspicions that John isn’t right in the head and she’s taking advantage of that.

No. 1344291

If you read back in the other threads, John is a confirmed autist. Another anon here said it better but the big tinfoil is that he supports her bs cus he’s all she has and if left to herself she’ll probably kill herself ot end up homeless

No. 1344326

Hmmm. Someone seems upset over something very mundane.

No. 1344433

Sage for tinfoil - I really wish we could put this to bed once and for all. It is the biggest mystery on this thread.

Did Johnny and Amanda ever officially get married?
Did they ever officially get divorced?
Is he supporting her financially because of alimony or other “official” arrangement?
Or is he somehow both extremely cucked AND brilliant at hiding this arrangement from his parents/friends?

My best guess is that they did get married but something happened through the divorce process and they never actually signed the papers so they are still technically married. And it’s cheaper to support her unofficially than it would be through alimony (considering she’s retarded and can’t care for herself maybe a judge would award some large amount of rehab alimony or even permanent alimony. It seems far fetched especially considering he could get a good lawyer).

I just cannot believe that Mandy is capable of being this manipulative and simultaneously a completely fucking moron. I just can’t reconcile it.

No. 1344436

Marriage/divorce questions aside, never underestimate the personality disorder partner plus autism partner. Well equipped people can struggle and be deeply impacted by relationships with PD people, those less equipped often more so.

No. 1344520

Not upset, but it's irritating to come here for Mandy milk and instead keep seeing posts from some leather faced older woman hungry for lolcow attention who shared no more than 1/100th of a drop of milk.

No. 1344563


Suddenly everything makes sense.

No. 1344751

She made him get covered in those tattoos (not his arms) from greenpoint and pay for hers(sage)

No. 1345092

sage for irrelevant blog but I dated a guy with Asperger's and he was exactly like Johnny tbqh. Tons of gifts/offers of money, super super devoted, would never have broken up with me if I hadn't insisted etc. I think autistic men just tend to be very lonely and it's easy to take advantage of that if you have no morals about it.

No. 1345179

>>13 45092
Dang, nona. I’m sorry it didn’t work out. It’s shitty. Johnny def seems like an enabler to us (and there’s a ton of evidence that points to him being a knowing and even active participant in her antics) but the reality is that we have very little insight on his material reality and the context of his relationship with Scamanda. Autism affects everyone differently, hence the spectrum, so we have no idea in what ways he is actively participating and/or has fallen victim to. Hence why the only logical party at fault is Amanda. Everything she does is intentional. I’d love some insight from a family friend or relative like how Dom dropped by last thread. I’ve been witnessing her exploit John for years online, but this most recent saga is truly pushing it to the limits.

No. 1348061

The story I heard was John wouldn’t receive his inheritance until after he was married so that was why they got married.

No. 1348133

File: 1634289980836.jpeg (221.02 KB, 1125x762, 7C27414B-1842-4A37-ADF2-77D184…)

No. 1348137

File: 1634290813607.jpeg (113.68 KB, 374x640, 3CC66390-7DD2-497B-BB62-D36E0F…)

No. 1348139

File: 1634290904394.jpeg (101.65 KB, 388x640, 5D67E8A6-BC9F-47E3-9E24-35BA65…)

Spoiler alert: anyone who feels the need to say “I wAs SoBeR bTw”
Definitely was anything BUT.
Such clownery. Here we go again with the 10 paragraph replies. Kek.

No. 1348142


well, that would explain the lack of milk for a bit. who in the world just casually falls off their building? I'm assuming she was drunk, of course (anon, you're 100% right re: anyone who specifies "I was sober" – that's a load of horse shit), but what the hell else is going on? she was shoved in a personal argument (and of course she specifies "NOT dan")??? wow, she just moved in with her magical boyfriend to have the perfect relationship and this happens? sure. makes so much sense.

all of this is just… well, abnormal. but I guess it's business as usual for Mandy. what a mess.

No. 1348161

File: 1634295629684.png (4.64 MB, 828x1792, 46B36F3F-B1BD-4F07-AB3A-894848…)

Oh fun let’s play forensic files!

Ok here is the front of the house. You can see the white brick ledge is very low and the “railing” would be lower than her hips. If shoved backwards it would be easy to fall over this. She says she gripped the verticals poles with her wrists which needs further explanation but is inconsequential to the outcome. If she flipped over backwards it’s possible she hit her head on the low brick wall to the right of the driveway. This is not a 15 foot drop. That trash can is a 32 gal size which is about 22” high. Standard door height is around 78”. The floor of the balcony is probably between 7’- 8’ off the ground. Maybe the ledge adds another 2’ so we’re talking 10’ at most. Is she counting the distance her head fell and including her height ? Wow.

You can get seriously hurt falling from a standing position but she clearly did not go to the hospital so all reference to injuries such as “a few broken ribs” and “no internal injuries” should be dismissed.

No. 1348163

File: 1634295850323.png (6.29 MB, 828x1792, E4C29A40-E897-409A-973E-10DB00…)

I don’t know how to post two pics in a single post so here’s the other angle of the house with the door and trash can for reference

No. 1348171

None of the bones can be casted aka she can wear whatever bandages she wants to milk this for as long as needed.

No. 1348189

File: 1634299987104.jpeg (699.87 KB, 1241x2314, B35ACFB6-5C04-49AF-81D6-9B057A…)

Just some casual 2 am love-bombing of someone in rehab for a critical accident who can’t respond to this and who doesn’t follow her on Instagram. Nice work using someone’s near death experience to boost your brand Amanda!

No. 1348190

File: 1634300041964.jpeg (451.33 KB, 1242x2100, 7B8ABC86-5C08-4935-B3DE-0E2C2B…)

No. 1348208

The description of the size of the assailant sounds a lot like Johnny boy. I wouldn’t put it past her to Easter egg an assault from him as future leverage.

No. 1348232

heads up anon your pfp is showing

No. 1348236

File: 1634307460895.jpeg (200.28 KB, 720x960, 537C5F44-2087-48CE-BC03-5C4B50…)

This is the updated front of her apt. This side faces the driveway and the street

No. 1348237

File: 1634307603267.jpeg (218.5 KB, 720x960, B46D241E-BBCE-4250-9468-3E4491…)

This is the balcony off of her bedroom. It hasn’t been updated on Google street view. I guess she did fall from the front of the house. And the person definitely sounds like John. Who else hangs out with her?

No. 1348266

It’s definitely not John. There isn’t a violent bone in his body. He has never once stuck up for himself in the history of her abuse towards him. This isn’t his falling down moment. If it was John she would have taken this incident and would monologue about his years of abuse and use this as a way to get a real divorce settlement.
Since she’s not going into detail about it, it sounds like an illegal drug exchange gone bad, or one of those bodega boys she picks up now and then.

No. 1348285

Someone “pushed” her off a balcony and then was crying because he thought she was dead and THEN punched her in the face… twice? I can’t with this bitch, she’s too much. She probably was high and trying to balance her fat ass on the railing and fell back. Popped her shoulder back in, does she think that makes her cool?

No. 1348510

I mean, if she was high with some other junkie I can believe it, otherwise no

No. 1348531

“No big bones broke, just little ones”

Why does she compulsively lie about everything!!! This sent me. She broke 0 bones regardless of size LOL

No. 1348534

File: 1634338719605.jpeg (375.8 KB, 1170x1937, B88CD136-EE20-47DE-B452-B8E735…)

No. 1348538

File: 1634339126634.jpeg (477.44 KB, 1170x2417, 7AF805D9-6EE5-451E-8E23-0CFA52…)

Ok filter face… whatever you say.

No. 1348545

Is the filter creating those red splotches on her face? If not, is that acne or scrapes from falling off her balcony? It looks terrible.

No. 1348557

anon, it's the filter. The upper half of her face is nothing but an illustration in that pic.

No. 1348575


certainly little to nothing about her story makes sense, but I think we're meant to believe there was another friend there with her as well as the person who shoved her. I guess the other friend was two busy crying over her MANGLED body whilst Mandy scraped herself off the ground, popped her shoulder back in and then pushed the assailant out of her apartment (with two broken, sprained wrists and numerous other smaller broken bones). then she typed up her manifesto on the subject, and after that she typed out her ME ME ME posts re: "her" leatherworker who was in a critical accident, all with broken, sprained wrists. THEN she put on half a pound of makeup with her broken, sprained wrists and went out looking SO HAWT that someone "undressed [her] with his eyes" for over 10 minutes while Unidread… did nothing, really, but apparently it was very hott. and she took a selfie of herself, Unidread and her friend Manny (must be a super-close friend, since she hasn't gone on and on about him before this as far as I know) with one of her broken, sprained wrists. sounds SUPER believable to me.

I'm gonna hazard a guess that she didn't go to the hospital because she couldn't drink in there & didn't want to have the DTs. and also she didn't have any real injuries.

No. 1348577


must be the serious bruising from all those punches in the face that DEFINITELY happened.

No. 1348585

Well this railing actually looks harder to fall over. Shed have to be sitting or at least perched on it to be pushed over.

I didn’t even stop to think about how insane it is that she just glossed over this assault and just called it a “personal argument”…? This man pushed her off a balcony causing broken bones and a concussion then punched her twice and she’s not calling him out? Just casually posting a crying laughing emoji about how her limbs were all fucked up.

Regardless it sounds like she’s back to partying at this apartment.

No. 1348589

>>1348538 holy hell this is a junkie face even with the filters. Maybe she’s trying that make up freckle thing? But maybe her face really did get fucked up and she called the make up on. This wig is so fucking bad even if it’s a Halloween thing.(sage your shit )

No. 1348603


How does somebody just start partying again in the place they found a “loved one” dead (from partying with them), weeks after the fact? Do you think she replaced the bed or just flipped the mattress?

No. 1348608

File: 1634349272625.jpg (183.97 KB, 250x542, 2451058-da25f67bb908f53e3335be…)

>>junkie face

No. 1348624

Knuckin. Oh, you mean fighting? You are so street tough that you use this word, yet add an ' at the end of the word.
Also,there is a black dude in this pic. Has anyone noticed her word choices changed briefly when she 'became friends' with the black person she met outside of a bodega? So hood in ten minute increments.
Also, bitch, you are either too flabby, or if your filters are to be believed, to frail to fight. Being covered in tattoos and pretending to be tough is cool though.

No. 1348627

File: 1634353604432.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1242x2166, FBC73B87-288B-4645-84F9-63E50A…)

This edit has me crying it’s so unnecessary and it took her four fucking tries too.

No. 1348629

File: 1634353733336.jpeg (787.34 KB, 1242x1942, EAA71799-82A9-497C-B844-CB66D4…)

Donna in the comment section with the important questions.

No. 1348631

Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me, but this porch looks completely caged in with narrow bars and a door? I don't think she could have fallen from there.

No. 1348639

This had to be a drug deal gone wrong. Of course she was sober. She hadn't gotten the drugs yet!

No. 1348675

Donna passively aggressively saying what we all know.
Also, the I have tattoos on my palm comment. Heavily tattooed people don't talk usually about their tattoos, unless you are a poser looking for cool points.

No. 1348683


it's a song

No. 1348688

File: 1634360455357.png (88.62 KB, 864x176, Screenshot 2021-10-15 at 23.58…)


on top of everything else she also has x-ray vision and can tell exactly which (small, not large) bones were broken and to what degree and also knows how these can be treated. and her scary hott boyfriend is an amazing nurse! these two are so talented they should open up their own hospital.

No. 1348691


you killed me dead with this one

No. 1348699

Elderly anon here- it's also a term that's used in black culture.

No. 1348706


true. note that she referenced the song ("Crime Mob") in her post. -another elderly anon


No. 1348711

Thank you fellow elder, I do know it's a song. Just trying to point out another identity crisis for the person who was gutter punk for 5 minutes.

No. 1348731


ah good point, Elder One!

No. 1348822

Also love how whenever she gets hurt she always has to over exaggerate it. “I broke multiple bones” pfffffff

No. 1348858

File: 1634388832373.jpeg (549.07 KB, 1170x1393, 1B9BF1CB-640E-45D3-B975-00C102…)

She’s so hood guys.

No. 1348859

File: 1634388865931.jpeg (746.58 KB, 1170x1234, D75B99EF-EF5F-4E7E-8013-66E4C0…)

Sleeping back in the room she found Cowie dead. Classy as always.

No. 1348860

File: 1634388981973.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1170x1757, 5514E5F7-119C-496C-8B46-5C28B4…)

Oh and not the 5 packs of cigarettes you smoke a day?

No. 1348869

File: 1634390082841.jpeg (2.82 MB, 1170x13541, 3F70D4D7-1776-451E-AF46-D0BED3…)

Literally her response to someone telling her they think they live near her. I forgot about all her training in the IDF kek. And your address was leaked when the news said where Cowie died. She’s such a try hard with these blog posts.

No. 1348873

“Foo” isn’t even a a Puerto Rican thing, it’s a Mexican/California thing… cereal milk weed? What? She’s so bizarre. I just literally can’t follow what her though process behind her posts is.

I skimmed this very lightly for my own mental health but god damn she is such a tryhard. Trying to flex how well she knows her neighborhood or her and Dan were around for a shoot out? Good god, the hipsters won bushwick and ridgewood, this is such an embellishment if not a flat out lie.

No. 1348915

What the actual fuck?

No. 1348958

I love this cereal milk lie. As someone in the legal cannabis market i can assure you that her bodega is buying the bags from amazon and putting 10$ weed in it and selling it to her moron brain for 60$+. She’s bragging about being scammed. scamanda will never let us down, even in the details.(namefag)

No. 1348978


There’s literally nothing at all on any news sites about any drive-by shootings happening in Flastbush in the last few months and that’s something that literally always gets coverage. So that (along with 99% of the other sus-sounding information in that novel) leads me to believe that she’s full of shit, as per usual

No. 1349118

Oh yeah, we call those "heighths" in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury neighborhood, because idiots not from the area are paying for "eighths", but they're just getting ripped off… like Amanduh.
You can tell how non-street this suburban bitch is because anyone from the hood knows not to be caught dead taking cell phone footage of a drive by and then blatantly talking to cops to give them license plate info. She only isn't getting murdered for her stupidity because she's a white gentrifier bitch clearly not from the neighborhood. Miss ACAB out here trying to narc on these supposed gang bangers. She's such a poser that she doesn't even realize how much she's outing herself as a poser that's not hood at all and lacks any street knowledge. But sure, Amanda, saying "shup foo" in a FB post will surely trick anyone on FB to think you're a hard af badass from the streets of Long Island!

No. 1349145

She grew up in a middle class white suburb. Patchogue/Medford isn’t know to have drive by’s.

No. 1349202

She deleted this post as of Saturday evening.

No. 1349203

This one as well

No. 1349245


I grew up in Patchogue and only witnessed one drive-by and it was via paintball gun, but Scamanda is IDF trained so she’s probably more familiar

No. 1349393


I'm sure the cops were super-impressed with her assessment of the scene and secretly admired her amazing knowledge of weapons and shells and all that shite. I hope/am sure she remembered to include lots of important details for them, just as she did in the post that I think was meant to welcome someone to the neighborhood but went way beyond TMI territory into WTF land. loved the bit about her nurse friend "who sometimes cooks oxtail for [her]" (from that one time she demanded a plate of food from a stranger so the kind stranger brought it over – cannot imagine anyone going back for more Amanda after one visit, so I doubt there's been more than one oxtail meal for her) (and the original one was in takout packaging anyway, so… I doubt there was ever even a first oxtail meal). but yeah, I'm sure Malik is constantly over there watching Squid Game so he can remain at her service in case she needs to go back to the bodega to overpay for more alcohol and/or weed (no compliments, please, foo'!) and to sip that delicious single Olde English malt liquor while she and her guy are doing super artistic stuff and can't be bothered to stoop to watching a Korean TV show that's just too hard for her to follow. the story about Cowie getting wasted while she cried herself to sleep was a great one, too.

oh jeez I know way too much about this woman I've never met and hope to never encounter in this life or the next. I tried to write as much detail as she included in her comments but I. just. can't.

No. 1349684

File: 1634501066206.jpeg (505.3 KB, 1169x1707, 5E4F3FC5-6342-4593-B603-94D9FD…)

The irony that she thinks Sid and Nancy are idiots, but her letting someone die of alcohol abuse in her apt is toooootally different and yes Amanda, you’re so right with your punk gatekeeping.

No. 1349808

She sounds like a 14 y/o who just outgrew the Sex Pistols bc tHeY’rE a FaKe BaNd

No. 1349817

I feel like the whole "sEx PiStoLs aReN't AcTuAlLy PuNk" argument is taught in the schools of kinderpunk 101. She should have graduated like 20 years ago

No. 1349818

I feel like the whole "sEx PiStoLs aReN't AcTuAlLy PuNk" argument is taught in the schools of kinderpunk 101. She should have graduated like 20 years ago

No. 1349960


It's so dumb anyway. These are two different types of music. It would be like saying "morbid angel is better than any disco music you like". It doesn't make any sense. But I do love the try hardiness of a 32 year old claiming her music is cooler than anyone else's. Who over the age of 17 thinks like this?

No. 1350004

File: 1634527370900.jpeg (944.35 KB, 1170x1497, 24C6F50F-DD93-4100-A796-8CB4F9…)

But you just posted the photos…now. How did they already message you. Someone needs to feed the Amanda attention monster.

No. 1350005

File: 1634527448541.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1735, D0403CDC-4CD7-4108-BD26-202642…)

You don’t normally get over a year to decide you idiot. Oh god remember the edit she did for this one kek

No. 1350113


LCIS is NOT cancer, so I really doubt chemo was suggested. removal of the lobules and careful follow-up (regular mammograms) are the standard of care. but of course Mandy's LCIS is SPECIAL.


No. 1350229

File: 1634552867073.jpeg (303.08 KB, 1170x871, 9290D3FB-E328-4D19-8E38-2D7506…)

Duel jerking off while watching a Will Ferrell movie… the visual is too disgusting…

No. 1350261

>Duel jerking off
It's called mutual masturbation anon

No. 1350279

Yes I know what it’s called. Still a gross visual of Scamanda and the stinky dread doing that to each other.

No. 1350332

Perfectly friendly content for sharing to family and friends on Facebook.

No. 1350406


she is older than 32 anon

No. 1350478


this almost made me barf. why would you share this on facebook, or anywhere for that matter. i also cannot understand why this ends with a voltaire quote.

No. 1350726

File: 1634600084058.jpeg (296.4 KB, 1242x1241, BEE64699-B00E-45EE-8587-35C77E…)

Looks like she’s still flexing on the Voltaire, this time paraphrased and shifted into total nonsense. She writes with the depth of a stoned fifteen year old who got turned onto philosophy by a some greasy college freshman she lost her virginity to.

No. 1350818


This is the first time I’ve ever laughed out loud on this site

Life changing noisy handies

Fuck. I could not hate everything about this girl more if I tried. I can’t imagine how her family feels, reading this dumb shit and having to picture roadkill mcdreadlocks wrist deep in her while they get off to will ferrell

No. 1350882


Yes but much like Amanda herself I can never remember how old she actually is

No. 1350908

the juxtaposition is beautifully absurd and unintentionally hilarious

No. 1351035


Just read Amanda's horrifically bad interpretation of the gun used and I literally laughed out loud. The Beretta M9 is not likely being used in her hood since it's considered old af, and more difficult to clean than it's Glock counterpart. Most kids in the hood don't know how to clean a gun properly, so a Beretta is the worst choice since they often misfire due to all their working mechanisms. Also, just because she fired a 9mm (M9) and a rifle (M16), does not mean she's better than gun professionals, who have fired every conceivable 9mm brand and still can't tell between the sound of 9mms with the same barrel length. And unless Mandy had a microscope to compare shell casings from the suspect's Beretta M9 with what she found at the scene, it's impossible that she'd be able to tell what the suspect was firing besides just a 9mm. Lastly, civilian M9s usually carry a 15 round clip, not 10 rounds. 10 rounds is not sold to the public at all. She also would not be able to determine much from the sound of the gunfire, since she wasn't firing it and would just be hearing the echoes off the buildings.
Tl;dr Mandy suddenly is knowledgeable on bullet forensics without a microscope and yet doesn't even know that the 1 m9 she shot during her tourist vacation hour with the IDF isn't the same M9 that would be found outside of war zones, let alone if it even is an M9.

Source: my dad is a Vietnam vet who even named me after a gun because he was planning on teaching me about guns from a young age.

No. 1351038

Quotes Voltaire and then Rupi Kaur= someone spent the past hour reading quote feeds on IG.

No. 1351040

File: 1634639691990.jpeg (349.7 KB, 1125x929, DE57F6F3-EA12-4876-B927-1FA245…)

No. 1351045

Sorry to disappoint "Mandy the Murderer!!! (Pitchfork and fire emojis)" anons

No. 1351064

Saint Mandy the sober, hasn't purchased alcohol since she was in IDF training.

No. 1351102

This made me laugh out loud. The “life changing noisy handies”, jerking off to Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart, turning it into a lesson about “love and friendship”, and closing with a Voltaire quote?! I canNOT with this cow kek

No. 1351133

File: 1634654013205.jpeg (430.16 KB, 1170x1094, 187FCE24-676F-4205-B292-DB3D35…)

She can’t even type anything that makes sense.

No. 1351145

She still helped him drink himself to death in her apartment where she brought him on the promise of sobriety. So.

No. 1351220

Thank u gunslinger girl anon that was very informative and interesting. I feel like she's been watching that show On My Block or something with her pretending she knows exactly what gun was fired (in the first episode they all guess what gun is being used to shoot up a party they run from) and it takes place in CA I think because it's Mexican gangs and she says foo like she grew up here idk lmfao her hood larp is hilarious though

No. 1351648

When she says"trained w the IDF" she and John went on a family gun tour, like the ones you bring your kids too right?

This woman is fucking amazing on bending the truth. My dream crossover would be her and lil bo tweak doin something together kek

No. 1351867

Yep, that's why she was allowed to film and wear her dumb "I'm so tuff I'm wearing a leather jacket and boots while shooting gunzzz" outfit.
It's the same as the police department doing active shooter training at my job and I tell the world that "I trained with the police on how to mitigate potential threats".

No. 1351884

She made a similar claim about being a seasoned horse back rider and that she owned a horse but really she went on a 90 min guided horse ride around the beach trails on Long Island in pleather leggings.

No. 1352051


Wait wow this manic episode was impossible to follow but this little gem was good.. she has a HOUSEKEEPER? Not only does she have a free apartment, her ex husbands family also pays for someone to come and clean up her coke baggies and floor vomit???

I honestly am equally impressed and disgusted by the level of scam she has achieved. How

No. 1352244

File: 1634764496249.jpeg (341.88 KB, 1170x2074, 79705D6A-1234-4DA7-AAE8-F1D112…)

I though Manda was always bra and panty free?

No. 1353031

She always posted her oh-so-sexy bed pics wearing boring full coverage underwear so I think her tough talk about not wearing underwear to the liquor store or claiming she's always nude is just her posturing in hopes guys will profess their love to her over the thought of her leaving her snail trail all over Flatbush and the Birnbaum's apartment.

No. 1353971

File: 1634944688776.jpeg (110.29 KB, 1242x736, 014F9B90-5220-4DFD-96CC-E653B3…)

No. 1353973

Damn she really puffed up.

No. 1354014

How dare you…she’s grieving the loss of her dearly beloved….whilst getting fucked up in the same bedroom she gave him the means to die in….I’m sure she has a reasonable (insane) explanation for the bloat

No. 1354156

This is from a video from like last year when she wash looking at apts…. Why post it now?

No. 1354605

File: 1635043411174.jpeg (654.7 KB, 1170x2079, 4719C775-AD4E-4633-9349-12AC25…)

Aw he asked for a bump, how romantic.

No. 1354609

>"scratch the scalp under his matted dreads"

thanks i wanna die

No. 1354683

No man calls a cami a “cami”

No. 1354690

is this supposed to be a romance story? what body parts are sown on screen in that fuzzy photo (seriously, I am grateful for the lack of definition). does fisting bring up the super-romantic memories for them or what?

both are rhetorical questions, really. they answer to both is "YES, OBVIOUSLY" and again I wonder "why am I reading this?" I'm just gonna blame it on mysterious cow fascination and not worry about it more.

No. 1354691


samefag but maybe I'm wrong and her boobs are what's near the camera and her butt's facing away but now I'm just upsetting that little bowl of cereal I had earlier and I was better off before I thought about it. SIGH

No. 1354777

She's laying on her left side, scabies incarnate is taking the picture behind her with her ass to the camera, and she's twisting her upper body to face the ceiling.
But yes, this picture is just her trying to thirst trap random dudes despite the fact this should be a private picture because no one wants to see this

No. 1354803

File: 1635079487071.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1170x1901, 654E6583-D784-431E-BE91-F3DE76…)

I’ll get the videos in a bit.

No. 1354804

File: 1635079516991.jpeg (872.71 KB, 1170x1339, 0BCCFD59-E788-4A24-95BF-E632DA…)

No. 1354805

File: 1635079731121.jpeg (131.16 KB, 960x759, 4FD82C46-5C99-4F77-885E-B91ACD…)

No. 1354809

File: 1635080383990.png (4.51 MB, 1170x2532, C1932429-220C-4026-A722-49D092…)

No. 1354810

Cleaning head sores isn’t romantic. It’s poor hygiene and embarrassing.

No. 1354811

File: 1635081284935.jpeg (74.66 KB, 429x640, 0AB99B66-356B-403F-A84E-7CA39A…)

Boy that previous booty pic sure does look different than this one. Where a whopping 342 people liked the pic… she’s acting as if 10k people double clicked. Either way… gross.

No. 1354819

This pic is also mega edited from way back when

No. 1354822

Yeah you catch more flies with honey, but you catch the most flies with shit, which everyone knows you’re full of, Amanda.

No. 1355015


My man has the muscle definition of a toddler

No. 1355098

File: 1635114061382.jpeg (370.25 KB, 1125x1774, 9A63EED6-859A-438A-8DF4-BE37FD…)

No. 1355100

>Lack of bad facial hair
Excuse me buddy… We have all seen your unkempt beard and stringy, scraggly ass moustache

No. 1355110


they BOTH have the muscle definition/shape of toddlers. I guess she truly does think toddler bodies are visually DELISH as she once said. which should be a huge red flag.

but what about those two isn't a red flag?

No. 1355122

I literally couldn’t tell who was the female bodied one without looking at the head.

No. 1355164


that's it; that's the positioning in the pic. thanks for reading my horrendous half-asleep typo-ing and for explaining the nightmarish arrangement of more nightmarish limbs. "Scabies Incarnate" is probably my favorite name for Unidread so far.

and you are right – no one wants to see this.

No. 1355169


she's judging this dude's "lexicon" (of course she really means "vocabulary," but whatevs) by comparing… this one sentence fragment vs Unidread's sentence fragment? or has she gone & wasted time on Strangetroop's social media to determine his position in society vs Unidread's? ugh ugh ugh these people are trash and she at least got one thing right – she is a piece of shit. I don't consider her a lucky piece of shit, though, considering she has to pick scabs off her toddler-looking man's scalp and she lives off her ex(?)-(husband(?)'s money. she should never be allowed to adopt an animal again – I've seen people be put on the DO NOT ADOPT lists for way less than the way she let that bird die of neglect in a fumed-up, smoke-filled environment.

No. 1355202

I can’t even remember the last bird post she made. It’s been weeks right?

No. 1355203

This sociopath is absolutely incapable of loving another human being (or even herself)

You’d think the actual love of somebody in her life would mean she would stop the pathetic social media bullshit, but no. She’s still posting shitty, edited thirst traps and seeking the attention of random dudes online.

Remember this clearly, Amanda is incapable of love

No. 1355214

It’s been at least 3 months

No. 1355232

Hey dumbass, real dreads don't have crusty nasty shit in them. They make shampoo for that. Your white Hispanic boyfriend has a polish plait from neglect because he was never taught how to groom himself. It's not cool. It's a sign of mental illness.

No. 1355285


Did she post a close up video of herself putting ointment on the oozing sores under the matted hair on her boyfriends head? Romance? Is that what that is??

No. 1355299

Dude just needs to shave his head and call it a day. Disgusting.

No. 1355319

"Something something catch more flies with honey than vinegar"

That's the whole saying though! Why the something something? Why is she this way?

No. 1355320

The bird has not been seen since the start of amanda and dan's bender

No. 1355378

Careful, you're going to get that dumb white knight anon on the case.
>Mandy is no bird killer you're all fucking stupid don't drink the kool aid the bird was an adult

No. 1355412

trying to find something I care about less than some white knight anon and coming up with very little

No. 1355430

"Beautiful new apartment"? Did I miss something? Has she moved out of the Cowie Death Apartment?

No. 1355457

It’s the same one. She made John get it repainted and probably a new mattress and sheets.

No. 1355458

Yeah it’s 7 minutes long of her poking into his giant poop dread by his scalp with qtips… IN THE BED, and she’s in that ridiculous bodysuit. They’re so disgusting and it is such crackhead behavior.

No. 1355489

File: 1635169779159.jpeg (272.43 KB, 1125x769, 925E7050-C289-4DAB-9383-6AFC06…)

They’re engaged?

No. 1355492

kek this is such a nitpick but that really pissed me off too she literally said all of the saying and acted like she didn’t know it or something

No. 1355510

I wonder if she's ever dated anyone for longer than, say two weeks without becoming engaged to them. fantastic way to start a relationship, right? how many times has she been engaged in the past year or two?

but I'm sure this time will be different because it's Tru Luv.

No. 1355796


This one is different because he’s her ride or die

No. 1355822

ah yes, her only Ride or Die. cue the scream crying on the floor in a month or so. maybe less.

No. 1355851


Well they did experience two deaths together, first the bird then cowie. If that doesn’t bond two dirtbags I don’t know what will. Maybe fucking on the bed that dude just died in

No. 1355985


Dudes way too high off heroin to get hard..

More like two stuffed animals smashing into each other

No. 1356077


Saged because no one cares since these 2 wannabe Natural Born Killers aren't on heroin, but you can fuck on heroin just fine. You just can't cum easily. It's not like coke dick.

It's sad when 2 people have anons thinking they're on heroin when they're just naturally this disgusting.

No. 1356082


I believe I might be this "wk anon" that you speak of, but "coming up with very little" was exactly what I was pointing out about 3 weeks ago when dumb anons unaware of how legality works claimed she "murdered" a man because she invited him over to feed her ego and he just stayed on his own and died due to his addiction issues. I said plenty more about her being a piece of shit but explained why she'd never be charged for a murder that didn't happen, yet you choose my factual reasons for why no crime was committed as wking. I'm simply not a fan of people being so wrong it's idiotic.
How that's a wk situation or why I'd say "adult birds" can't be neglected to death is clearly the unique opinion of some dumbass anons. Sorry your Lolcow screenshotting investigation didn't pan out.

No. 1356084

You usually have a ring if you're engaged, which Mandy doesn't have. They probably just said they're going to "be together FOR-ev-VOR" so she put it in her bio to prove they're sooo serious that someday they'll be married.

No. 1356088

Not that I care about some bird she begged off someone that found it in NY, but we actually don't have any evidence that the bird even died. Knowing Mandy, she very well could have pawned it off to some other former fuck buddy, like the "ex hubby" John. She seems to have an affinity for tiring of things easily and letting the fire left in her wake be put out by ol' boy BurnBalm.

No. 1356097

She did hint at someone or something dying. There was a post/comment on Facebook where she said she was dealing with a loss. This was after the internet friend died but before Cowie. It was definitely two threads ago but I can’t find it now. Safe to say the bird flew out the window.

No. 1356105

… and into the waiting arms of Sir Cuck Boy John, who arrived on his steed to save the bird's day at the request of Lady Shady Mandy.

On that note, if Mandy was clever her scene name could have been Mandy Savage, after the old wrestler Randy Savage.

She very well could have been talking about the bird, I just know we never got confirmation on it so I didn't want to spread tinfoils and perpetuate it to become a "fact" in a future thread summary.

I don't doubt that since Cow-ie died, she's been really grieving… Grieving the loss of a shot at F-list fame.

No. 1356124

one of the posts you're referring to is a comment I made, in which I stated that I couldn't really come up with anything I care about less than "some wk anon." and that stands. post all you want; I don't particularly care but I'm sure others do. I never claimed she murdered anyone and I think you need to remember that you're not just talking to one person here. my comment was simply that I don't care about your posts; not about anything else. in this case, 2+2≠4. but let me get back to screenshotting and obsessing about everything "you" might say, ANON.

No. 1356271

File: 1635274044744.png (1.62 MB, 775x1346, Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 1.46…)

absolutely revolting

No. 1356286

File: 1635276320232.jpg (59.27 KB, 401x604, IMG_6254.JPG)

Pre-unidread he was quite the Abercrombie homeboy. Just loving his Starbucks, listening to New Found Glory. Life was good.

No. 1356294

This tracks. The pipeline from basic East Coast dudebro to train hopping crusty usually starts with veganism.

No. 1356295

What a surprise, posers finding love.

No. 1356432

Does he not notice how much she photoshops her images? It seems bizarre how someone could just be cool with this??

No. 1356479

What is with her always cuddling with his poop dread? It's not even a dread, just a disgusting matd.

No. 1356482

yeah it's insane to me. he is friends with her on fb and interacts w her posts frequently, though, so there's no way he hasn't seen her ridiculous photoshops. i can only assume he'd be embarrassed if it weren't for all the drugs?

No. 1356516

He’s getting free sex a place to live and drugs alcohol. Of course he doesn’t care.

No. 1356700

File: 1635337766962.jpeg (524.92 KB, 1170x961, 0D47BB3D-5F96-4045-A2BA-2CCE58…)

I thought she “used” to be a lesbian

No. 1356787


she’s never claimed to be a lesbian, anon, just bi. also, women can have ~peckers~ too soooo

No. 1356977

I hope you're joking, nonnie

No. 1357343

Ntayrt, but I hope you're joking because you missed the sarcasm in their joke. >>1356787 probably meant lesbians can have strap ons/dildos as a dick, too… which is why they put the "pecker" part in basically quotes.

No. 1358094

saying you love peckers doesn't mean you don't love clams

No. 1358108

File: 1635523053569.jpeg (939.71 KB, 1170x1664, 7D6E5FBB-FC2B-4C8E-997F-EEC331…)

Looks like John bought her a new couch for her to clean Dans feet on. That’s dead skin on the floor, btw.

No. 1358113

>I'm just annoyed I had to peel my own

Ma'am, you're just the paypig. Your ex knows how it feels.

No. 1358124

File: 1635526404111.jpeg (85.03 KB, 800x548, 543E40B0-3239-4813-86AF-296B62…)

No. 1358142

File: 1635528590813.jpeg (787.07 KB, 1170x1179, C6A0C3FA-9EC9-40D5-A5B9-821371…)

Just leaving this here when they inevitably break up and she accuses him of abusing her.

No. 1358145

isn't this common "my favourite person" type of post supposed to focus more on how that person makes you laugh and smile, not the braggart other way around? She never fails to make me laugh

No. 1358324


Same vibes as sharing Cowie’s “favorite picture of her” when he died lol

No. 1358349

“Masque slippers” what the fuck is wrong with this bitch. Does she think she’s Shakespeare? It’s fucking Baby Foot. It’s a foot peel. It says it on the box. Also to choose to be number 2 to some idiots bass lines is pathetic.

No. 1358404

So bleak. The fact she's proudly flaunting the fact she's this filthy poopdreaded nobody's paypig/caretaker is just sad. I get that Mandy is no prize either, but I just can't imagine any woman being so desperate that they'd happily brag about picking oozing head scabs and peeling dead skin off a junkie's feet. This bitch was better off living in her parent's garage.

No. 1358620

yeah but he's so amazing because she makes him smile and laugh and that's what a narcissist cares about I guess. though IMO, if she REALLY wanted him to stick around she'd braid his dead foot skin & scalp scabs into her own hair. imagine how much he'd smile and laugh then!!!

(oh please let this happen) (I'm on a diet & wouldn't mind more true thinspo) /s?

No. 1358957

File: 1635678434738.jpeg (910.05 KB, 1170x3584, DDE01B9C-7C5D-439B-886E-0F3D4B…)

Which loaded gun? The one over FaceTime or Koreys pellet gun? This bitch can never stop bragging.

No. 1358961

File: 1635680636369.jpeg (754.64 KB, 1170x1757, F8FEC24D-7B01-4495-AE11-6B317A…)

No. 1358978

these are literally all problems she created for herself. Amanda, you've never faced real hardship.

curious that she never mentioned her cancer. you'd think that would be higher on the list of traumas.

No. 1359021

-"i don't ever compare my struggle with another adults'"
-post is all about comparing her (exaggerated, often self-inflicted) struggles with other adults

time for her to edit her post to include "if you've never had the cancer doctor tell you both of your breasts are shitty" to her list

No. 1359039


Wait wait wait

Did she really post all of this because someone younger than her asked her to cover their shift or am I reading this incorrectly

No. 1359040


peep died in Nov 2017 so maybe someone did that to her in the past but that wouldn't make sense as the catalyst for either her original post or the rant

she's still a weird idiot tho

No. 1359103

I’m gonna vomit nonas. This is so gross and bleak. The skin all over the floor made me stomach turn.

No. 1359107

her fingers threaded through his TOES was enough to make the bile rise up for me. eeeeeeeeeewwwwww imagine what they smell like after being crammed in the same pair of boots every single day.

um, sorry.

No. 1359126

she had schafmayer in 2017. so if this story about covering for someone when lil peep died is true, then she had an employee call out and she (as the owner of the store) had to cover for them. I mean, that's what a responsible owner should do no matter what the employees excuse is. your employees are entitled to a day off

No. 1359199

Could she be talking about Kenzie? She’s not 22, but Manda doesn’t even know how old she is. She liked ketamine and lil peep.

No. 1359234

Jesus what a mother fucking bitch. Anyone that does this is deeply fucked up and so self obsessed that anyone else has problems, and how dare they acknowledge theirs instead of hers. If she was posting about her issues separate from comparison, it’s her page whatever. Who the actual fuck is she to punch down on someone younger than her??? How fucking seriously ugly. You would think as a millennial she would want to respect someone else’s growing up process, she’s well aware how fucked up of a world it is and that person is all of 22. His death was fucked up for a lot of people because his content was openly about suicidal issues and drug addiction, his death was preventable and from negligence of people that didn’t actually care about him, and It made a young generation confront the fact that that kind of lifestyle results in death frequently. He was at the height of his career, why is she so disrespectful to anyones grieving process for any reason because she chooses to live in a city?? How do her gross and ugly in every way exes have anything to do with this? Is the peep fan supposed to apologize that this lady can’t just enjoy sucking a toxic dick without getting her feelings involved like a grown woman? What does that have to do with a young person responsibly taking a mental health day to process an internationally publicized wrongful death of someone her age? These same people bitch about capitalism and authority or w/e tf but she can’t respect that her employee is trying to live and enjoy their life, and she wants to punch all the way down and out her for spending a small amount of money on ketamine. Let her live. Millennials hating on gen z is so fucking pathetic and embarrassing

No. 1359259

File: 1635723334042.jpeg (211.71 KB, 1170x610, B1507487-520E-4ED4-961F-FBBE25…)

Speaking of…

No. 1359276


No. 1359279

File: 1635725686603.jpeg (132.6 KB, 980x653, Weekend-at-Bernies-crop.jpeg)

It looks like she's propping him up Weekend at Bernie's style

No. 1359281

holding a grudge about that for four years is lame as hell, but calling off work because a stranger died, no matter how much you liked their music, is also quite lame

No. 1359335

That'll do lil peep fan. That'll do.(namefag)

No. 1359342

Very based anon. I felt your outrage. I’m a ny local and when peeps news broke, so many of us were affected. He was like a retarded little brother in the scene, but it was no less traumatic bc the feeling of youth insulated us. Amanda is a flaming piece of shit. If not for acknowledging this this reality, then bc of how she dragged anyone who isn’t living her same version of reality.

No. 1359517

File: 1635767895046.jpeg (491.11 KB, 1170x2540, 0DA95E95-405E-4B04-AC6A-405EE8…)

Where’s the giant fake cancer scar?

No. 1359584

soooo she changed her prof pic to an old one with just her in it and seems to have removed her relationship status (if there ever was one?? correct me if i'm wrong). unidread breakup saga when?

No. 1359622

File: 1635780304710.jpeg (868.19 KB, 1170x1155, 0E14A937-5B10-44DF-9B7D-634D32…)

Looks like Dan was allowed off his leash to hang out with other people. The last picture he liked was her with the glory hole pumpkin.

No. 1359665

Such a weird brag. Nobody cares about these washed up old dudes anymore.

No. 1359677

Thank you for understanding lol. I don’t even think you had to be a fan at all to feel it, it was just fucked up and a lot of people were fucking with those same drugs, or were just affected by a death that public. The video of him not able to breathe was viral. My point was that her employee is young and taking a mental health day is a good thing. Like blooblooblooo you had to come in to cover, she’s younger and you have no idea if she had friends who died young or related in some way. It’s not about peep, it’s that she’s throwing a tantrum about some really stupid things that she still wants attention for, and it’s in comparison to a girl from four years ago. If those things happened, they’re real enough to not weaponize them against this girl. If she was taking ketamine she was on one of the drugs he was addicted to, and that’s a hell of a wake up call and I’m glad she processed it. This woman should take the day off instead of posting this shit to process her bullshit also instead of being the most insufferable millennial. Maybe don’t move to a big city you can’t function in and keep fucking the same kind of narcissist you are, Jesus. It’s one stupid fucking shift.

Also sorry your retarded lil brother died, rip big love energy.

No. 1359696

genuinely sorry for the infight/derail but jfc this is cringe

No. 1359719


This is so amazing because she is still brand name dropping “north face off your back” while bragging about being robbed

Also, making fun of someone because their mom pays their rent. WHO PAYS HER RENT!!!???

No. 1359748

Fully agree!

I guess these anons can empathize with all the addicts that took time off work when Heath Ledger and Brad Renfro died. And I'm sure everyone who drives took the day off work and school when Paul Walker died. Most importantly, I think we can all agree that anyone who drinks alcohol to get drunk took the day off when Cow-ie, Amanda's "closest friend" died. After all, he was like our retarded alcoholic man child dad! Keeeeek.

No. 1359764

It might be a generational thing but for a talentless guy with the 2D face of a pug, Lil Peep meant a lot to some people. There were a lot of "omg not him" dramatics when Ledger died too.

No. 1359773

Did she go to a show full of her “friends” from Brooklyn and didn’t manage to see any of them… or get totally covered in filth? Who goes to see Gwar on Halloween in an “adorable and sexy in a mini backless strappy mesh dress. the perfect combo. cute and kinky.”? Oh right, Scamanda does.

No. 1359788

Didn’t Amanda have some kind of performative meltdown when John Prine died?

No. 1359823


Yes, she did!

No. 1359851

The 22 year old took off one single day, it’s more like a Kurt cobain thing in that they related. It does fuck with mental health and she’s young, you don’t know her. Shitting on a younger generation is ugly as hell, I’m sure she had big feelings she didn’t understand at 22 and at least was responsible enough to take the day off. It’s been four years and Amanda hasn’t taken a personal second to get the fuck over this girl if she’s “so much older and more mature”. She can’t get over a simple favor and bitches about the world being cruel like her attitude doesn’t contribute to it.

No. 1359869

Straight poser shit. You wear a white tee GWAR because you get fake blood and green shit sprayed at you. And seeing gwar without Dave? May all your holes be torn asunder.

No. 1359877

Eyehategod is from my hometown, they are literally washed up nobodies and you could "party with them" at any random dive bar on any night of the week. And GWAR hasn't been relevant since the 80s. If you're gonna be a desperate groupie, at least pick a group with some clout.

No. 1359883

Scamanda is cringe but all the Lil Peep sperging in this thread is also cringe

No. 1359891

Don't worry, Amanda will post another text wall about shaving her back seductively or wtf soon.

No. 1359955

Dans ex Mallory was at the same show Amanda was partying at- I didn’t see a steel toe cat fight… or a Dan for that matter… or an Amanda…

No. 1359988

File: 1635816841358.jpeg (378.31 KB, 828x1153, 39A97DD3-ABF7-4B7C-AD47-2813E2…)

“Partied” ……exaggerated….then admitted it was less than 15 minutes spent with them ….more clout lies , it never ends

No. 1359999

Is eyehategod still a bunch of dirty smackrats or nah?

No. 1360053

I mean I don’t follow them closely and Mike claims to be clean now, but they’re hanging out with junkie hoodrats like Scamanda so who knows…

No. 1360058


so she claims

No. 1360066

File: 1635823098894.jpeg (334.32 KB, 1242x1452, 6DF7E65F-52A2-44DE-B7D8-81ED2A…)

looks like homie was getting high on stage. im guessing the most appealing thing stuffed into that dress was amanda’s BUNdleS.

No. 1360176

What? Snorting heroin on stage? Who even calls it dope in 2021. These guys are busted and gross lmfao

No. 1360519

A very wonderful and beloved woman in the ny punk scene just passed away. A woman who was definitely not a fan of Amanda’s. Just putting it out there before she inevitably tries to make someone else’s death all about her and makes a post about what close friends they were

No. 1360575

As cringe as bragging about hanging out with a band is, no one has mentioned bragging about getting her tit signed yet?

Also, Eyehategod is most certainly not touring on a tour bus so either she is exaggerating hanging in their van or completely full of shit and got an autograph by the back door

No. 1360632

Bandwagon. How did Lara pass away

No. 1360676

Like she did with Izzy and then claimed she couldn’t find any photos of them together to post. She made some private FB event which was just gatekeeping someone else’s death.

No. 1360687

Then prepare to have your mind blown because 99% of heroin/fetty addicts still call it dope.

No. 1360698

dope def still a term my guy

had this ^ typed out before u posted that & forgot to send. i cant even think of what an outdated term for dope would be. smack maybe?

No. 1360724

No. 1360793

Kek, their ‘tour bus’ is probably just some van with a bit of space to sit if anything. These guys are just some crusty old dudes who still make music, also this >>1359851. Hence why it feels a bit surreal to see them being discussed on here. But here we go:
>claims to be clean now
oh my.

No. 1360815

File: 1635941498325.jpeg (872.84 KB, 1170x3787, 2C91F370-AD34-41F1-BA22-9C340D…)

No. 1360820

Lol sounds like the neighbors have as much love for Scamanda and her scabies and lice ridden boyfriend as we do

No. 1360837

File: 1635943828102.jpeg (379.03 KB, 2048x1536, 463F10B6-BCF5-43EE-AA8A-DC9824…)

Where’s the bird Amanda?

No. 1360841

wow, impressive. nothing more punk rock than complaining about your housekeeper being lazy.

No. 1360879

>We'll be back in Manhattan where we belong

No. Stay in your crackden. That's actually where anyone with an lolcow thread realistically belongs.

>Weird ass ghetto


Lmao what? Fire her, clean yourself. Save money to move since it's so bad.

No. 1360900

I thought she loved Brooklyn, got along great with her neighbors and even adopted a blaccent because they loved her so much? Or did they finally get sick of her and her boyfriend’s junkie antics? Kek

No. 1360902

you can see the cage under the blanket, in the corner. Although the bird should be uncovered during daylight, if it’s still alive

No. 1360909


This is so insane. So she is unemployed, in a free apartment, sitting there watching the house keeper who she DOES NOT PAY FOR clean in front of her and then complains about the job she does. Super punkkkkk

No. 1360917

File: 1635953191300.png (939.43 KB, 1215x1085, Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 10.2…)

stumbled home at noon to pass out on the couch, but not before having a strong drink apparently. nice

No. 1360975


and she's unemployed? what's stopping her or is she a sexworker? First time in these threads, don't worry I'll try and catch up. But lol imagine complaining about where you live while doing absolutely nothing to change it. Admirable.

No. 1360990

The previous two threads or so, in which she begins courtship of Cowrie, are not to be missed! Enjoy your journey, anon.

No. 1360994


“Back in Manhattan”

She has never lived in Manhattan. Also LO-fucking-L that poopdread got knocked out and robbed in her neighborhood because that means 1 of 2 scenarios: 1- he looked like an easy target and was sucker punched, or 2- he was confronted and didn’t/couldn’t defend himself and was knocked out

No. 1361002

She couldn’t even get John to pay for her to live in Manhattan, you mean. She needed to be close to “her store”. Maybe she’s moving to a tent outside Tompkins. Hurry up Manda, heard they’re taking those away soon.

No. 1361013

As if people in Manhattan want to be assailed by the stench of poopdread alcoholic junkies any more than people in Brooklyn do.

No. 1361036


Any comments on this anon? I’m curious about the discussion, if any there.

No. 1361037

File: 1635964682461.jpeg (498.67 KB, 1170x1721, 17BB0E25-49C1-4E95-8F54-7DA445…)

Nothing exciting

No. 1361071

Why does she continuously sound like a weird16 year old playing house and smoking cigs because they they it makes them look mature and cool? Everything she writes makes me cringe. How did she ever have a following with shit like this coming out of her brain?

No. 1361073

She is such an absolute NEET. I don’t think she’s worked a day in her life. Hanging out at her store that her ex paid for doesn’t count. God, I need to find me a rich cuck asap. This bitch is living the life not having to do fuck all pretty much ever.

No. 1361078

Sage for samefag but I wanna spoonfeed anon bc it’s kind of unbelievable if you haven’t been where a while: Amanda trapped some autistic Jewish millionaire kid from Long Island. She constantly refers to him as her ex husband even tho there is no public record of them being married. He bankrolls her lifestyle no matter what she does. Some anons think he has a cuck fetish, some think she has dirt on him, and others like myself think he just feels bad for her after all these years because if left to fend for herself she would probably actually die/kill herself. She had a shop that didn’t make money and she used to give stuff away to make friends (which he also paid for and Venmo’s her employees) and she once had a “menu” of sex work stuff (not full service) that she hasn’t spoken about again since.

She literally. Does. Fucking. Nothing. All day every day. Her paypig husband pays for everything. Pretty sure this apartment is confirmed to be one of his parents properties as well.

No. 1361085

John is from Mill Basin Brooklyn. She’s from Patchogue, Long Island.

No. 1361317

File: 1635994228451.jpeg (286.39 KB, 1170x843, FD88384A-1988-437A-A885-06C65F…)

Her one longtime nice friend, Jeff Kennedy, is even calling her out now. He’s been around since she was 13-14 years old, Matt Casey/live journal days.

No. 1361319

File: 1635994394826.jpeg (822.33 KB, 1170x1176, 8358A3DA-CB10-41D5-BDEA-3A2451…)

In response to this photo

No. 1361322

File: 1635994576097.jpeg (651.14 KB, 1170x1959, 33CCBF74-038E-43E6-B32A-F63A19…)

You never finish anything manda

No. 1361339

>> 1337960
WTF is a chondo

No. 1361346

There's no way this scab-headed fiance of the month wasn't buying/selling drugs when this happened if he isn't just entirely making the event up. Straight up Luna/Lurch junkie story energy.

Bonus kek at her super punk comments about the housekeeper too.

No. 1361419

Or maybe it was the common Oakland welcome where clearly drunk people are jumped because they're easy targets and everyone knows they don't know anyone on the block who will defend them.
Mandy just doesn't get jumped because most hood dudes don't beat up random girls, especially ones that flash their tits around town.

No. 1361421

File: 1636013457425.jpeg (702 KB, 1170x1828, 7E6C72CD-C827-43DA-8AD2-937260…)

“Marrying” kek. How many times has she claimed to be engaged?

No. 1361434

>attempted crustie larp

No. 1361435

This is exciting! We’re getting to the engagement/finance part. Tinfoil…Next she will gift herself a ring, then a new/old bf will start popping up in comments and there will be love bombs. Dan will get man, Amanda will post him getting mad and respond like “what I told you my dearest ride or die friend is coming to visit me and we’re staying in a motel for a few days sharing a bed and it’s NOT a big deal.” Then Dan will go on “tour” never to return again and she will post how she’s been abandoned at her weakest moment snd let down again.

No. 1361492

Anyone able to/has archive that gross video of her picking at his sores? My only source for her stuff is here.

No. 1361519


I know it’s because she oozes BPD out of literally every pore in her body but I kind of wonder if she’s never actually had a shotgun/impulse elopement with any of her super punk fiancé’s because if she actually gets married married her ex would stop supporting her

No. 1361522

I’ve wondered that too, also been unclear on if she and Johnny have a marriage license or are legally married (or divorced?).

No. 1361554

In trying to find an answer to that question, I stumbled upon a post where she described eloping to Atlantic City with Johnny. Anons where looking for public records, and from my understanding, NJ’s wedding records are not publicly available online. I give her the benefit of the doubt on that one. Why else would cuck finance and enable her wretched life?

No. 1361787

File: 1636058303147.jpeg (556.71 KB, 1170x2082, 3882AB53-9274-4ED7-8D2C-C70881…)

Posted this in her FB stories… this was the “band” she was trying to start with Troi in 2019

No. 1361790

File: 1636058482099.jpeg (439.92 KB, 1170x2194, 2DFE3264-EB60-42B0-BF51-D2294B…)

Nothings been touched on the IG since 2020. Way to go girl. EP out soon kek

No. 1361908

doubt this alleged drummer is even a real person. let’s see if she can con dan into writing all the songs. kurt and courtney 2.0 hope she doesn’t kill him like she killed tiger king

No. 1361910

Is it one of her bad jokes w the housecleaner, like she is the housecleaner but complaining to Dan because she know she can't clean for shit since she's "PuNk"

Does it make sense?
We know she reads here so a jab at us and herself and a inside joke at the same time? Or am I overthihinking it?

No. 1361915

Sadly this is not a joke it’s a brag. She’s bragged about having a housekeeper before. Who knows what she means by “now that she knows she can get away with it.”

No. 1361963

File: 1636077205514.jpeg (875.64 KB, 850x3890, E08C986A-D803-4BB6-8401-C3A256…)

I don’t want to completely doxx her so I kept her info private. But this is the first edit….

No. 1361966

File: 1636077566983.jpeg (985.89 KB, 955x3462, 943F6A24-895D-4A3C-B70B-EE396E…)

This is the second edit You guys decipher it. My eyes hurt.

No. 1361978

I love the fact that she glossed over the fact that she’s almost 100% Italian..


No. 1362006

This is the third publicly announced engagement this year. There was fat Miami Santa, dead in bed Erik and now the unidread with girl arms

No. 1362012

Tweaker ass posts

No. 1362039


troi is def a real person, he used to go over to her house to smash. I wonder if he knows he is in a band with her tho, hahah

No. 1362091

Guess Boy Toy Troi is dropped out of the bAnD because as Mandy says in >>1361966 , "Black spit" is her solo (not by choice) music SIDE project. I guess the other 3 full length albums she put out on Soundcloud weren't well received because nobody's heard of any albums so this 4th one will surely bomb even amongst her nonexistent friends.

No. 1362127

“Idk why my many many email addresses which I will itemize in plain text below are filled with spam. Please stop emailing me at these 10 email addresses unless it’s out of a desire to give me money and do NOT sign my new email address up for any spam!!!”

No. 1362160

“Struggle with addiction to keep anonymous”. She puts her every breathe online for viewing.

She doesn’t know what adultfriendfinder.com is which is like the basic dating site that’s been around forever.

Paid gigs for brand sage already wears… this is a private post… how would a “brand” even find you?

I like that you can ask her when the stores reopening through email kek (aka never)

Change your passwords “thrice” a year and make sure to use a pen to write it down. Ok grandma.

No. 1362244

You can’t ”convert” from romani ffs, it’s an ethinicity not a religion.

No. 1362246


>offers for paid gigs involving modeling

No. 1362323

"…dangerously stalked by obsessive people…"
Nobody wants to stalk this lumbering disease, despite the ease of going to the Birnbaum's rental property she's mooching off of. Why would anyone even want to interview her? She puts everything online, including all the TMI details like "life changing noisy handies" and dead foot skin picking with Scabies Incarnate and even if she was granting interviews about the 2 months ago hOt tOpIc of cold Cowie, she knew absolutely nothing about her "dearly departed love". Anyone wanting to interview her about her many "art and music projects" that never come to fruition might as well just make up the answers too because that's all she'd do anyway.
The only questions anyone might have for her are shit she would refuse to answer, like how much spousal support did she demand from John Cuck Birnbaum and if she realizes that everyone sees through her lies and bad shooping, straight into her lonesome poser heart.

No. 1362523

I bet she was “dangerously stalked” by people she fucked over or owed money to.

No. 1363057

she codes now???

No. 1363269

Oh I know Jeff, he’s a really genuinely sweet dude kinda hot, but defiantly on the spectrum

No. 1363291

File: 1636243249960.jpeg (377.24 KB, 1170x950, 910EC1C8-89EF-4FD8-963C-4DD2EA…)

No. 1363298

File: 1636244451004.jpeg (337.94 KB, 1818x1818, 691B9C67-1864-42FF-8D27-76A3D6…)

It’s Facebook official!

No. 1363328

File: 1636247670263.jpeg (352.66 KB, 1170x895, 297D11B6-A4BA-4A99-8A1F-87B092…)

Is she talking about drugs, wink?

No. 1363461

If those emojis mean anything, maybe? I know ice can be slang for meth, but I'm not sure if that's commonly used or not.

No. 1363504

The lonesome poser heart in her couldn't resist posting that she knows how to pronounce Sufjan - SOOF-yahn - Stevens' name correctly. That was the entire point of her post, and that the festering sore she calls a bf still helps book at his old venue room for rent.
I really think an x-ray into her brain would be like that episode where they look in Homer Simpsons' brain and see nothing but monkeys picking bugs off each other and eating them… Except her brain would be her dressed in her oh-so-goff leggings and picking crust out of Crust Gut's head and eating them.

No. 1363505

The ice cream means she wants "dessert" aka drugs. Meth has a bad rap and is not openly used in the punk and metal scene she's forcing herself into so she's most likely not publicly asking for meth, otherwise she could have used the snowflake or ice cube emoji.

No. 1363623

File: 1636295267392.jpeg (501.89 KB, 1170x2502, 3EF89224-6774-4E25-9A27-516216…)

No. 1363658

TOPKEK… nona do you have the video that goes with this I really need to see it

No. 1363767

Pls post the video, I want to see this awfully retarded story in action.

No. 1364128


Hey now, leave Joof alone he’s a real one

No. 1364144


What, did she set it upright after it got knocked over or something

What a weird attempt to be “in the band” and not just a groupie kek

No. 1364424

Can someone decipher this for me? His Tom shit the bed? Did she just magically have another one for him to play one OR did it fall over and she picked it up? Why did she mention not shitting her pants? Does the video look like she shit herself lololol

No. 1364558

Someone please post the video

No. 1364683

Here’s the video. It’s not that exciting. She just picks up a floor Tom that tipped over.


No. 1364734

She knew how to pick it up because she allegedly took drum lessons at age 9….therefore she’s an expert- so many skills

No. 1364745

What. With what she wrote I thought she took over kek. Also love that she has to mention they have sex every post.

No. 1364754

Her finger is wet when she points at the drum.

The fact that her word choice is on purpose is really fucking me up.

No. 1364824

File: 1636417431176.jpeg (148.64 KB, 1125x539, 52826EBE-715C-4A06-B17A-534226…)

No. 1364838

When this ugly bitch is t killing somebody, or faking cancer or scamming somebody, she’s actually really boring.

No. 1364862

Usually when people solicit commissions they link to a portfolio of their art. The audacity of this bitch.

No. 1364904

The way that she phrased this it sounded like she took over playing. Love that she continues to film the whole time while unsteadily propping it up too, so expert but also punk and raw.

No. 1365011

My favorite part is the bLaSt bEaT that is so orgasmic to Mandy's poser ear is one of the easiest things to drum because the kick drum, snare, and cymbal are all played exactly the same. So your foot, and both hands are literally doing the exact same thing at the same time. Even patting your head and rubbing your tummy is harder.
Glad Mandy also put in the part about crushing on her drum teacher. It perfectly shows her current life choices, as in her dad tries to teach her a life skill like music, but all she cares about is musicians' dicks.
Speaking of which, I hope somebody gets to land a coveted interview with Mandy about the mural she painted on the side of Daddy's work building.
Oh wait, she never did that because nobody actually wanted her to do it. Her dad probably just said, "You should paint a mural on my work building" and she told everyone she had been asked to do it.

No. 1365012

File: 1636445029113.jpg (1.6 MB, 934x4716, Screenshot_20211108-052053_Sam…)

These are old as fuck, but I found Mandy's old blog and she used to write with better grammar, but was still a boring loser.

Here's proof though that she's always had cysts in her self-proclaimed tIdDy

No. 1365014

File: 1636445186247.jpg (500.39 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211108-052325_Sam…)

And John Birnbaum was her ticket out of working in an office cubicle because she used to always dream of having money. She was just waiting for the right rich kid to sucker in with her metal/punk larping.

No. 1365046

only someone with extended drum lessons at 9 years old would be able to spot a gigantic drum falling over! good eye, amanda!

No. 1365141

File: 1636468938838.jpeg (116.27 KB, 1170x374, 96FD5006-5A4C-4AB3-BA90-D68C94…)

No responses because no one cares about after hours in the LES on a Monday.

No. 1365143

File: 1636469120411.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x1536, 9A36107B-ADF7-4652-B399-C35763…)


He looks so annoyed by her shit. That granny laugh in the beginning is terrifying.

No. 1365160

It's just a matter of time now before he realizes the free shit isn't really free because Amanda is always right there with her phone in his face.

No. 1365167

she legit sounds and acts like an old crone getting ready to eat some children lost in the woods, jfc

No. 1365175

bars in nyc close at 4am. the fuck does she need an AFTERHOURS bar for.

No. 1365207

Just drink at home, you alcoholic freak.

No. 1365285


Is this against the rules or can we make predictions on if she will ever actuallly pretend to have a job/“store”/career of any kind again? is she just never going to mention what she does in her life? She’s not even pretending to run a store anymore or anything and she’s definitely not “in recovery” so are her parents going to put her back in the garage or is this just going to continue on indefinitely

No. 1365327

Holy shit he doesn't even look at her once

No. 1365376

it really looks like he's about to slap the phone out her hand. his distaste is palpable

No. 1365380

File: 1636488135975.jpeg (382.95 KB, 543x1176, A938EA6F-C958-4C5A-9948-267AAF…)

Is she wearing an “engagement” ring? Did she make John buy it, or just recycled and old ring like her Texas dude?

No. 1365390

File: 1636488752342.png (299.34 KB, 436x430, Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 3.11…)

he flicks his eyes at her in pure annoyance for a millisecond after her cackling, kek

No. 1365402

He deserves the annoyance for being a couch surfing mooching bum, loves to see it kek

No. 1365429

This is what you have to put up with by being the semi annual guttercock and ego stroker for some place to live/drugs/booze when you're an ugly fucking oogle retard.How long until he ODs or runs? I got thirty funky ass dollars riding on running in two weeks, what do you anonymisses think? Place yer bets.

No. 1365473

He seems to have lasted longer than most do in real life. Probably because he's soaked in booze 24/7. On her dime, I'm sure.

No. 1365836

I noticed this wedding ring looking piece of shit too and guarantee she's just wearing her own ring on that stubby finger and know her current broke fuckboy didn't give it to her. I'm positive she tells every dude "Do you want to be with me forever? I want to be with you forever!" Then she just runs with the marriage idea once they mutter "yeah sure". Just like when she first was talking to Taco on the phone and said "Dan said I love you to me today for the first time without me even making him say it!" She love bombs these dudes so hard that they just let her run with the idea so they can keep getting freebies and attention. And since none of these dudes are desirable to most women, they probably think why not.
I've seen a lot of desperate women, but Mandy shows a level of neediness and desperation that trumps even the ugliest and loneliest of dudes.

No. 1365841

Dan is a lot of things but he's definitely not an oogle since he never tries to larp as homeless, especially now that he lives rent free in Bk and John might soon be helping them live in Manhattan.
BTW, anyone else notice the thumb holes cut in her sweatshirt >>1365380 like she's 14 again?

No. 1365882

The contempt he shows her in that vid is just chefs kiss perfection

No. 1365967

File: 1636549371531.jpg (804.66 KB, 972x2907, Screenshot_20211110-064441_Sam…)

Samefag as the previous literal old blog post, so look away from my newfaggotry if you don't need more confirmation that 20 year old Mandy is the same as 35 year old Mandy, except she was slightly less of a poser back then. I've only been reading her threads for the past year so seeing her old blog with less posturing has helped me understand her mindset and choices more, since she hasn't mentally changed since at least '07.
- She was a broke af barista always stressing about money and dreaming of being rich
- She hated/hates being alone, especially sleeping alone
- She drove and had a car
- Mommy drove/drives a $50k Cadillac (at least back in '07)
- She was/is quick to call people friends that she only met/meets that night
- She doubted/doubts herself a lot, and expected/expects to be praised and rewarded for basic shit, like going to work and doing her job without taking extended breaks
- She wrote in a "I wish I was a writer" kind of way, using short, often fragmented sentences. She writes the same now, but makes even less sense and uses unnecessary details, typically name dropping
- She liked/likes dudes in bands

It's pathetic that she hasn't changed at all in 15+ years and she clearly made a choice to be with a dude that wasn't in one of the scenes she tries to larp. John the Jew was simply a stepping stone to help her escape her pAuPeR lifestyle and pursue her passion projects of fucking dirty dudes that she thinks will help add to her "street cred".

No. 1365968

Mandy was never married, at least not in NJ. I checked the NJ marriage index for the years between 2007 and 2016 and she's not listed. I just double-checked the marriage records in person using the state's database in Trenton and she's not listed there either. So no actual marriage in the state of NJ.
I'm not surprised she lied, but she really lies about the dumbest shit.

No. 1365969

Here's the online marriage index link that I first looked at before going in person to view state records.

No. 1366349

You went in person to check state records on her? Damn, that's some dedicated trolling kek

No. 1366368

Get out faggot

No. 1366448

Nothing in your body signaled that what you were doing was creepy as shit and that you were crossing a boundary? I don’t understand why anyone could care about someone online like that to do that, how was this even posted here like it would be accepted

No. 1366499

You have to go back.

No. 1366611

Baby please get a job

No. 1366622

There are multiple threads on her that people have been asking about her mArRiAgE for literal years so no, I didn't think walking a block from where I was waiting for an appointment in downtown Trenton was creepy and unacceptable. That's some Mandy logic you got going there. I had the time, I was right there, and it took less than half an hour to put the discussion of is she or isn't she married to rest.

No. 1366730

Since she’s been claiming marriage for 12 years to John, it’s totally appropriate to search public records to see if it’s true. It’s not like she’s ringing her doorbell and calling her a scammer. It’s for continuity of the board and finding out that literally everything out of her mouth is a lie.

Marriage anon did you search specifically Atlantic City, 2010? that seems to be when she claims she did it.

No. 1366932

The staff member said the database covers any marriage licenses given by the state of NJ, which includes Atlantic City. I checked from 2007-2016 to make sure I didn't miss anything and nothing for any of those years. It's possible she got married in NY and then went to AC for a "honeymoon", but then a NY anon would have to check the NY public records database. I doubt it though. I also checked on a people search online site where it lists family members and spouses and Jonathan E. Birnbaum was never listed under her section and when I ran his name, Amanda B. Labozzeta didn't show under his section. She was also never listed as living under the addresses he lived at meaning she was never on any of the leases he was on, which isn't a surprise, but it makes her look way more pathetic than she already looks. She really relies on him for everything.

No. 1367613

File: 1636723970354.jpeg (680.43 KB, 1170x1461, AD547FAE-2E34-4376-B1B2-63228F…)

No filter

No. 1367619

Lmao the delusion, she literally looks like an alien due to filter abuse here

No. 1367731

She posted this like a month ago saying she just had on "skin mattifying lotion and lippie" and then "he says I'm beautiful. I believe him."
Sure, maybe there wasn't a filter being used, but apparently she doesn't believe her bridge troll enough to not abuse her beloved photo editing apps.

No. 1367944

I think this was also the one where she quoted Scabies Incarnate (someone else's nickname for the boyfriend flavor of the month, but I really like it) as saying something like "you have such gentle features." I'm assuming she just left off the end of that sentence, which surely was "when you use that filter."

surprised he didn't ask where her other nostril went. it seems to have disappeared. I guess that makes ones features look more gentle and beautiful.

No. 1368035

File: 1636780769881.jpeg (316.04 KB, 1125x1834, 4076DD46-66B5-47C0-8DF0-0404A3…)

Break up?

No. 1368038

File: 1636780863793.jpeg (256.37 KB, 1125x1408, 91979014-4CF6-48E3-8118-800B80…)

Never mind had to scroll further sorry(don't use emojis )

No. 1368270


this one kills me so bad. Why would she go out of her way to explicitly say there’s no filter on the photo when it’s so obvious it’s filtered that she doesn’t even look human? is it a joke or is she just that crazy

No. 1368451

option B

but also, she's a troll.

No. 1369148

File: 1636951017271.jpeg (592.07 KB, 1170x1097, CD4668B5-7502-49E6-9904-000362…)

On a mutual friends post about a new BF and a friend Preston comments about how love looks good on her. This Amanda’s comment. Rolling her eyes at Dan and still feeling the love? What?

No. 1369256

She should be "overfilled" with envy at her friend finding love and happiness, but no! She's going to be happy for her friend goddammit! Fuck you Scabies Incarnate!
That's totally what I'm getting from her me me me comment.

No. 1369280

Whyyyyyy does she have to make up new terms for everything?! “Friend chat” instead of “group chat”? “Overfilled” ?! It’s like she’s a little kid trying to pretend she’s smart or British or something.

No. 1369409

what an awkward and confusing way to do the same shit she always does – make the conversation all about HER. what she said could mean many things, but the one thing it DIDN'T convey was how happy she was for this *friend.

*she has friends? IRL? I get the feeling they're pretty one-sided (probably all just about her love bombing) if they do exist.

No. 1369426

File: 1637001118763.jpeg (339.37 KB, 1170x996, 53186BCB-A524-491F-B2B7-70F8C4…)

You don’t run anything except your mouth and Johns credit card.

No. 1369428

File: 1637001186396.jpeg (521.96 KB, 1170x1585, 0E9A9596-0D56-45D8-9B57-0E72A6…)

It’s the afternoon and she’s drinking whiskey, how chic. Oh and she never wears underwear guys. Just in case you forgot.

No. 1369580


She literally posted about walking around Flatbush wearing crotchless underwear…

Gotta start remembering your own lies Scamanda, you’re contradicting yourself again(sage)

No. 1369690


Wait so her man tried to show her something he thought was funny and she rolled her eyes at him I'm so confused is she supposed to be the good guy in this interaction or am I lost

No. 1369716

I think she's just the drunk person in every scenario. making sense comes second to making sure she talks about herself.

No. 1369897

I know them personally and they are a perfect couple. Dan used to hit his ex of 4 years, says crazy racist shit all the time and stole money from bands playing the meatlocker to buy coke. I don’t see any reason to feel bad for that dude.(namefag)

No. 1369932

She never does anything right so I shouldn't expect her to do a dumb fake wrestler name game right. The color of her underwear isn't nude-for-about-two decades just like pint is an amount and whiskey is a beverage.
If she really was going without underwear, the color of her skin would be the color of her non-underwear. Whiskey's main ingredients are grain and yeast. So Mandy could have still kept with her chosen image of no underwear and whiskey and had a wrestling name of The White Yeasty Grain.
But I guess that doesn't sound cool enough for her.

No. 1369936

I don't think anyone feels bad for a guy who looks he has crabs in his pube looking dread. I do feel bad that you know both Tweedle Pee and Tweedle Poo and that you were so excited to post on lolcow for the first time, you failed to read the rules on how to not put anything on the subject line.

No. 1369957

Spill some real milk.

No. 1370016


Ok uhhh I am not the person who knows them but where tf are the rules that say not to write anything in a subject line? The rules link at the top just says regular “don’t doxx” etc things

No. 1370063

File: 1637102539452.jpeg (59.63 KB, 544x120, 0626B14E-E989-4DCE-A374-87D279…)

It’s part of imageboard culture, integrate

No. 1370082

Do you see any other reply posts with a subject anywhere on this imageboard? There's your answer. Don't subjectfag.

No. 1370960

File: 1637238890861.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1170x2090, 6D78473D-EE88-4752-9BB3-B43465…)

No. 1370964

I just like how one sided all of Amanda's greatest loves of all seem to be. Dan is just covered in ticks looking for his next scam, meanwhile Amanda is composing sonnets.

No. 1370965

She’s been “engaged” since before Cowie died? Must have been amazing to live with your ex-fiancé and current one. Not dysfunctional at all. Even if none of it is true, it’s still insane she would type all that out for people to read.

No. 1370987


Nothing says true love like pissing on a ring before you give it to your beloved aw

No. 1371102

File: 1637259896025.jpeg (256.45 KB, 1170x825, 49CDE1E1-F166-4DB2-BF09-BB83EA…)

She’s could be talking about herself and is too stupid to understand that.

No. 1371107

Wow the projection is visible from space

No. 1371154

File: 1637265159523.jpeg (462.12 KB, 750x1036, 660C0C7A-42B7-446C-BE18-5EDFCD…)

No. 1371156

File: 1637265191609.jpeg (161.85 KB, 731x942, 29387684-9A7C-430E-95FE-8A91DC…)

Fucking disgusting

No. 1371162

“Death is the only Rehab”…bit of a tasteless statement when his forever partner’s ex-fiancé just died from drinking too much under her supposed “rehabilitation” supervision

No. 1371172

Is this a dig at Cowie?

No. 1371247

pretty sure this is their genuine punk tourist life motto

No. 1371270

I feel like her level of self awareness has gone out the window and she doesn't even realize that "death is the only rehab" has no correlation to her "ex-lover" dying in her bed 2 months ago. She's onto the next loser with who is helpless without her

It's so funny to have watched her date the Ginger, who seemed relatively normal, then Corey who was a lunatic, then Texas guy who basically never saw her but like lives in a camper, then 5 Dread, Cowie, back to John Vale (virtually) then Cowie IRL, and now Dan. They just are worst than the next. Her next dude is going to be missing a limb, have a glass eye and fully be unemployed, maybe be addicted to something else like ketamine, with her as his only means of money. Cant wait kek.

No. 1371418

Wait wait wait…I’m this comment she says this picture is of her “shitty line drawings” (wow truth for once) and a “stunning” frame that Dan made??!! This piece of cardboard with ballpoint pen and glass/plastic glued to it? This looks worse than an elementary school craft project!!! How is this a frame?! I had to zoom in because I was looking for a wood frame and had no idea what she was talking about. Then the real cream on top is her saying he doesn’t like to post about her because it wouldn’t “be a wise decision”. Why? Then a laughing emoji? This girl is so fucking manic I can’t even read between the lines.

No. 1371422

I just realized it’s a cut up pill bottle and the cap is at the top. Wow so deep. This trash art is so sad.

No. 1371424

Same anon as the two above I’m so sorry for going on and on but I just had to look at the art again and it’s painted with …BLOOD?! Ahahaha it just keeps getting better. Honestly someone please save this for the next collage it’s too perfect.

No. 1371437

cackling at your analysis anon. looks like amanda also drew a border of pills around her uh…"line artwork"…to really drive that druggie edgelord motif home. the fact that this is the work of two 30-somethings tickles me to no end

No. 1371454

She’s starting to rival ScorpioAssHeaux in the bad art department

No. 1371465

File: 1637292713271.jpg (329.05 KB, 2048x1365, Cricket_season_11.jpg)

>Her next dude is going to be missing a limb, have a glass eye and fully be unemployed…

No. 1371570

To clarify her badly written comment, this is Dan's drawing and fRaMe. The other 2 he made were for her shitty line drawings so he didn't post them since he doesn't post about her or anything she makes. He posted this because he drew it.

No. 1371665

Ricky cricket would still be a better person then her usual type

No. 1371860

File: 1637346837014.jpeg (988.37 KB, 1170x1494, CFCCC3E7-339A-44C0-A0B6-3D8808…)


No. 1371885

File: 1637348158767.jpeg (801.32 KB, 1242x1358, 32D757D7-75F1-4A93-980F-D34CDC…)

I almost forgot that among her other accomplishments she’s also an expert on herbs from her manic pod garden shopping spree as well as a lavender aficionado from that one time she went to a lavender farm.

No. 1371917

File: 1637351047152.jpeg (566.1 KB, 1125x1726, C982C5CB-9248-4C17-8E4B-2AF0B0…)

Unless there’s an alternative page she never made the review

No. 1371922

At least she knows that it's very Karen-esque of her to never write reviews unless it's a bad one.

And I think she meant to say she likened the flavor of all those ingredients to snorting Adderall, although since she's into patting herself on the back, she probably likes her comparison of food to Adderall, in addition to liking Adderall, in addition to liking that people will know she's snorted Adderall. She could've just said it tasted like sulfur, but of course she has to mention drugs in a bad review, which is helpful since anyone reading her review will immediately know not to trust anything she's saying. It wasn't enough to leave a bad review comparing food to snorting stimulants, she had to post it on Facefuck so she can share another try hard attempt at humor.
How much further from self aware can she possibly get after posting >>1371102 ?
Mandy says being dangerous and not caring and being a try hard is embarrassing and uncool, yet she's clearly trying hard af to appear reckless and dangerous (like when she said she was "hanging out of" drunk Jean Claude Van Dan's vehicle like a "reckless asshole") only to showcase how embarrassing and uncool she is. She is the epitome of a poser that's been soaking in a smelly ocean of hypocrisy.

No. 1371926

looks like she's reviewing on doordash and your screenshot is from yelp, but i could be wrong

No. 1371930


Ahh probably right - just so eager to call her out woops(sage)

No. 1372162

when you order from things like DoorDash, your order is prepared soon after it's placed. if you offer a worthy tip, a Dasher will pick it up immediately. offer a worthless tip and your food will sit there as Dashers pass up your order for better ones.
her food was probably cold because she left a horrible tip and no one picked up her order for an hour.

No. 1372265

File: 1637409700460.jpeg (325.36 KB, 1170x1165, 76AEF342-51D4-474E-A401-CEA034…)

Who celebrates publicly that you’ve been drinking for 4 months… Scamanda has been drinking since she moved to this place, who is she kidding?

No. 1372267

File: 1637409805699.jpeg (780.64 KB, 1170x1607, 608A49A1-E363-46CC-A965-484203…)

“Quit sobriety”

No. 1372273

File: 1637410281281.jpeg (624.64 KB, 1170x3003, BD3DF03D-93DB-478F-B811-9886FA…)

6 figure engagement rings? Ok idiot.

No. 1372279

“Mind our disgusting hands” noooooo thank you

No. 1372296

File: 1637414306677.jpeg (485.94 KB, 1170x1996, 1E29148A-7DD4-45FD-9350-E32659…)

In response to her latest FB post about “being off the wagon” We might have actually found another cuck who’s just as if not more effed up than Mandy pants. Cringe AF.

No. 1372300

File: 1637414830876.jpeg (138.94 KB, 1170x452, D28D53F5-AFC1-4D4E-B4A8-BD35C4…)

Same anon.
Scumanda takes the cake with her constant projecting. This is gold.
How do you know when Amanda is lying? Insert answer to bad joke we’ve all heard except in her case it’s REAL LIFE.

No. 1372302

File: 1637415124285.jpeg (156.87 KB, 1170x445, 023600BC-B4C1-405C-9345-1C4C7B…)

Dear Elizabeth;
Congrats on finding someone who inspires you to be a good for nothing drunk in her mid 30s. Not sure you understood what she meant by “officially off the wagon”
Nothing to congratulate. Quite the opposite infact.

Amanda’s “friends” = one dumbass after the next

No. 1372306

“Political convo” = probably Dan dropping the n-word

No. 1372493

what liar DOESN'T know they're lying? does she really think this is a brilliant quote? she's just another idiot with a platform.

No. 1372568

To be fair, Mandy's posts are often so wordy and confusing due to all the extra tmi info, commas/parentheses that I don't blame any of her "friends" for either not knowing what she's saying or them assuming she meant something different. Lizzie Taylor probably thought that there's no way anyone would celebrate and count when they started getting fucked up, so Mandy muuuust have meant to say ON the wagon. Which leads me to confusing post number 1,372,300+ >>1372300
To clarify Mandy's convoluted attempt at being profound when she's actually just being profoundly stupid, she's saying someone that continues to lie despite knowing the other person is aware it's a lie, is worse than someone who just lies.

I think we should avoid calling Mandy Scumanda, since she'll see that as a compliment and post a punk larp videos singing "Bite it, you Scumanda!" Scamanda is an insult to her, whereas Scumanda would be a compliment of the highest GG Allin-esque regard.

No. 1372653

>To clarify Mandy's convoluted attempt at being profound when she's actually just being profoundly stupid, she's saying someone that continues to lie despite knowing the other person is aware it's a lie, is worse than someone who just lies.

AH, you're right; I missed that. still definitely profoundly stupid.

No. 1373254

File: 1637530712749.jpeg (1012.64 KB, 1170x1327, 07E1E1AF-C368-4728-82F2-25806E…)

Likening her POC fiancé to a monkey. Nice.

No. 1373258

Jesus Christ lol

No. 1373262

> the cutest curly monkey & darling poc ever
The funny (or sad lbr) thing is in her warped brain this is a compliment. I hope she tries it on someone who isn’t using her kek

No. 1373276

jesus christ - our woke princess at it again. everything about this is full cringe, from her calling him a monkey to bragging about how immature he is.

No. 1373286

She erased it, kek

No. 1373296

File: 1637537643573.jpeg (592.7 KB, 1170x1393, ED9B07C8-1AB3-48E4-A16B-604C5C…)

Welcome to Home Sweet Home. It’s been there for like 15 years. It’s not that cool Amanda, relax. Good job being a “probably needing chemo - cancer patient” to “dancing shoulder-to-shoulder” with strangers.

No. 1373297

Same Anon… Jasper is who she got her bird through… no word on that poor thing.

No. 1373320

Given how she talks about her black neighbors, I have to assume she's never fucked a black guy, otherwise we would have heard all about it during the George Floyd protests and regularly after that.

No. 1373334

Dan isn’t even a POC, he’s Jewish(sage)

No. 1373377

God she's so fucking upper middle class long Island it hurts.

No. 1373522

Being of the Jewish religion (which I don't think be is, but I could be wrong) doesn't relate to whether he's considered a POC. I think his nationality is Hispanic, though.

No. 1373655

Upper middle class is a stretch… all those Christmases her family worked so hard to save for! All the off-brand cereals they had to eat to afford Xmas! She if, anything is just straight middle class white trash. Patchogue isn’t a “high end” neighborhood of LI by any means.

No. 1373664

He’s not a POC. He’s white and “ethnically Jewish”. She’s probably using the fact that he looks ethnically ambiguous to get social justice cookie points by pretending he’s a POC or some weird shit.

No. 1373683


She’s not from Patchogue, she’s from Medford which is even shittier

No. 1373692

His last name is Rivas and perhaps he is Hispanic?

No. 1373704

Don’t know anything about Dan other than he’s vile but wanted to say you can be a non-poc Hispanic person and, you can also be a Hispanic Jew

No. 1373751

Sure thing, PCfag.

No. 1373769

Either way it’s pathetic and weird to pretend your bf is a poc for internet cookie points or whatever. Especially after posting those videos of him saying racist shit.

No. 1373898

look at him, though, he’s not one of those blonde, blue-eyed Hispanics like Cameron Diaz or Ricky Martin

No. 1373910

File: 1637612078644.jpeg (472.99 KB, 1170x947, E70E4F81-C2B7-4949-A859-7B617F…)

Wonder when she’ll erase this…

No. 1373952

pop off, emily. we’re here for it, girl. however, let’s not feel sorry for this vile excuse of a person, she’s made her own bed here.

No. 1374051

How is that scabies infested piece of shit not in jail?(sage)

No. 1374113

File: 1637631865606.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1170x1734, 69E2DCC6-08AB-4F35-B0FB-7CE37A…)

Wow, who would have though rent would have gone in brooklyn? I don’t think she knows what her rent is.

No. 1374123

> huge
> gigantic
> huge
lol okay girl

has she noticed this yet?

No. 1374304

Wow, you recorded your fIrSt eP on an outdoor fire escape outside of the city (which is what people call Manhattan) in Brooklyn? I'm sure you got such a clean sound with all the background noise and lack of acoustics, which everybody would hear if they actually cared enough to listen to it! Such a savvy home recording artiste with so much audio engineering knowledge! No real musician needs a quiet place to record and to put up isolation walls to block out the background noise! Just record dead center on a fire escape and you'll get a clean sound!!

No. 1374490

File: 1637689910312.png (2.68 MB, 2034x1164, Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 12.4…)

also the building has an apt for $1436. not $2600, it's Crown Heights, not Williamsburg, relax Scamanda.

No. 1374494

File: 1637690125957.png (150.38 KB, 690x1084, Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 12.4…)

tinfoiling but why wouldn't she post about getting married on FB?

She said they got married on a trip to Atlantic City after he chased down the person who stole her tip jar.

So in this we see that John didn't save it. She only was just taking a trip to Atlantic City, which is why NJ has no marriage record for them.

She claims 2010 is when they were married but besides a backyard party at her parents house there was no mention of anything official btwn them.

No. 1374698

She didn't post about it because it didn't happen and people would probably ask too many questions she wouldn't have answers to, like someone responding with "I got married there too! Where did you get married? Let me see a picture of the dress!"

No. 1374702


that says $1,435,800, not $1,436. sage your shit.

No. 1374712

File: 1637704010792.jpg (864.63 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211114-061423_Chr…)

Here's her on Reddit saying she was married, but implies she just had a courthouse wedding. She loves living in her imaginary world of tall tails.
She's so obnoxious, busking in AC when John "Darling" paid for everything and still does. I saw those videos of her playing and singing on her FB and no one would be able to hear her, let alone give her money. She looks very well fed and doesn't exactly look like she needs money. She loves putting forth an image of being a tough metal/punk scene bitch who drinks whiskey, smokes cigarettes, and suffers for her aRT, when she's just an annoying, smelly, poser with no life skills and no friends who relies on her ex's rich parents' money.

No. 1374790

File: 1637707599751.jpeg (446.06 KB, 1170x1532, 87DB0D05-7450-482C-9180-CA1D22…)

Looks like she claimed marriage on Reddit too

No. 1375081

Kek at her basic bitch taste in music. She always outs herself by admitting she likes terrible music.
I bet her "wedding" was them exchanging "6 figure" rings alone on the beach while reciting their vOwS to each other with no one around because they're too free from society's constraints to need a piece of paper to say they're in lurv!

No. 1375584

I do believe they are legally married. It is way cheaper for Johnny to float her scab life style and feed her limitless drugs from the pharmacy while hoping she OD’s rather than divorce her and give her half of his millions. There’s no other reason as to why Johnny and his family are continuing to support a person who is truly horrible in every way imaginable along with all the gutter roaches she collects.

No. 1375957

File: 1637886637817.jpeg (812.98 KB, 1170x1285, 8E3ECC44-C134-4391-A654-2CFCD3…)

It looks like a dog shaking off after it gets wet

No. 1376029


Perfect lmao

No. 1376086

Beta blockers… that explains her mumbling and her obnoxious rambling. I bet she's abusing them. People can get high on them if they take a lot, as many are mild tranquilizers. The ones Mandy takes especially (which I saw in one of the previous threads' video where she's opening her box meant for holding nuts, bolts, and screws and it's full of medication) are often abused and the government is trying to put it in the same schedule of drugs as Xanax. I'm avoiding saying the name of them since it's a common medicine and I don't want to encourage abuse of it, so please don't ask.

No. 1376090

I don't think you thought out your comment. If you think pharmacies don't have to account for their medications with legit prescriptions and that the son of the owner can just take a "limitless" supply of them for his ex gf, I have news for you : That's not how pharmacies operate. If that were the case, every pharmacy would order a ton of meds for the employees to freely take.
Did you miss the entire post where an anon confirmed there's no marriage record for the Jonathan Birnbaum or Amanda Labozetta in NJ? I myself even looked in the NJ marriage record link anon posted and there was no marriage on the books for them for 2009, 2010, or 2011. So he wouldn't need to give her "half of his millions" (which, btw, is John Cuck Boy's parents money) in a divorce when there'ss no legal wedding. He alone did not earn millions ever, especially during the few years they weren't married but pretended to be.
Let me also remind you that John's parents aren't the ones offering to help Mandy. Considering they own a lot of property and their beloved son comes to them and asks them if they have a house so his ex can keep a roof over her head "since the pandemic has kept her from working and I know she'll die aka kill herself if I don't help her"), it's easy enough to oblige. They probably have the mortgage paid off already, too, so I imagine an emotionally fragile asshole living there for free doesn't bother them if their son is happy. John is the one that helps her financially because I'm sure he has a comfortable financial situation… just not millions.

No. 1376101

File: 1637918604504.jpg (1.18 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1637918484079.jpg)

She's not "obviously a girl". That looks like a chubby kid with bitch tits.
She looks better without her bad shooping.

No. 1376127

I hate to say it but that legit looks like a picture of agp torpedo boobs under a shirt

No. 1376147

that statement (reddit comment in the image) about someone preferring wide shoulders, therefore men, therefore they must be gay – in response to a criticism about her – NICE homophobia. that pisses me off as much as anything about her.

No. 1376319

She's really just projecting because she's upset that someone doesn't want a woman with noticeably wide saddlebags aka A-man-duh. So she's going to say he's gay because he wouldn't find her attractive. What she's not considering is that for every guy not into her, there's some ugly, smelly, crusty bum who lives at a venue in their 30s who will gladly accept free pussy, and free gifts and food paid for by her John!

No. 1377677

Wonder what she did for the holiday? Usually she posts countless videos of her heavy breathing and chewing while showcasing her moms food on dixie plates and her annoying tf out of her dad…(sage)

No. 1377714

I doubt her parents are talking to her. She hasn’t mentioned them in a long time. I’m sure they were not excited about the Cowie situation.

No. 1377842

Curious if anyone watched the new tiger king season and noticed if they mentioned cowie’s death

No. 1377856

Yeah, they showed interviews with him and stuff. And dedicated the show to him with a vague RIP.

No. 1377896

File: 1638153168929.jpeg (237.19 KB, 806x1280, 2D730210-B260-4E9B-BF56-8965A7…)

No. 1377952

File: 1638157170921.jpeg (623.08 KB, 1170x2154, D6F764E9-D4C7-4C22-8AB1-4A6B60…)

How does her “thankful for her BF” post turn into a story about herself?

No. 1377959

>"i'm thankful that i'm hot"
got some bad news, amanda

No. 1378033

Maybe if they’re desperate for a season 3, they’ll investigate Cowie’s mysterious death

No. 1378062

File: 1638172456021.png (1.27 MB, 1027x643, delulu.png)

>cosplaying 13 year olds and not look much older
>knit socks, exact choker, exact same bunny
>or just having found the exact garments from my closet
Yep, looks EXACTLY the same manda. wow

No. 1378065

scabies can’t be good for the cancer, Amanda

No. 1378096

>thankful I look 13 bc my genes are great

not only is it obviously a straight up lie because she looks like a grocery bag full of custard, but what adult woman WANTS to genuinely look like a 13 year old? Such a dumb bitch for real

No. 1378151

““The professional” promo shoot. “
She seriously has the ability to make the least amount of words sound the most confusing and insane. She put the quotes around “the professional” which shows a hint of self awareness but then calls it a Promo shoot. Promotion for …what?! Halloween??!!! Also this “professional” couldn’t find a white background? She didn’t even get the pose with the bunny right. And just to back up one big step this is her Thanksgiving post??? Reading between the lines (basically all you can do with this trash post) she must not have done anything for Thanksgiving because if she did she would be posting the Absolutely stunning filet mignon she seared on her grandfathers perfectly cared for cast iron pan.

No. 1378190

You’re retarded anon, not to wk for scamanda but the professional is the name of the movie the character is from.

No. 1378320

File: 1638214812663.png (87.13 KB, 832x538, Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 2.37…)

Nice that she had to specify that 3 days later.

No. 1378498

Ahhhahahah of course I should have known any hint of self awareness must be a mistake. I’m still jot sure what this pic is promoting.

No. 1378513

I think she means promo image for the movie.

No. 1378661


First off I’m 99% sure that pic is from Halloween almost a decade ago (when she still couldn’t pass as 13). And second, one of these last few years she was posting/bragging pics of herself in the expensive ass plague-doctor mask and cloak that John got her for Halloween

No. 1379004

File: 1638292052339.png (1.55 MB, 1125x2436, 121BF930-4F4D-4857-8D8E-D29D3B…)

She stole the idea from IG - castlebasas
I don’t believe she has come up with a single thing on her own. Credit should be given.

No. 1379078

File: 1638296156043.jpeg (301.45 KB, 827x1524, CA404B1E-30CD-4918-88E0-71BA1B…)

My favorite thing about this messy cow might be how bad she is at math. She’s made multiple posts saying she’s been “pining” for Dan for 7 years… and they met in 2018. Both of them made posts after meeting each other in August 2018 lol.

No. 1379084

File: 1638296338726.jpeg (356.92 KB, 827x1548, 46135D5B-B431-4A36-AB88-63EFC3…)

They had never interacted before.

No. 1379085

File: 1638296461962.jpeg (323.4 KB, 772x1532, 36C0C63B-27B7-42D3-8143-C002C1…)

And she was on the rebound from a “traumatic breakup” then too

No. 1379263

"Do not text me asking [if I want to] get drunk" as she posts a picture of drinking with hashtag ratguy and brags about being "off the wagon" and on a long bender.
And as usual, the clueless poser has red laces, as if she's killed someone before, yet it's only on 1 shoe so she can probably use it as an excuse for not meaning she's a hardened murderer. Anyone in the punk/oi scene knows about "earning" your red laces (traditionally a race killing, but some just wear it to imply any killing). She went from chunky anime geek at 21 to sugar baby punk poser overnight and it shows.

No. 1379266

She loves to pepper random open ended parentheses all over her convoluted essays.
Rat Face is so hard he's drinking a Belgian craft beer.

No. 1379511

I bet you even craft beer hard you can’t see that cocktail wienie

No. 1380524

Well. Now she HAS killed someone so…

No. 1380608

In the punk scene wearing red laces traditionally meant they’re a neonazi skinheads too. Which is funny because she acts so woke while clearly she and her bf are racist.

No. 1380623

topkek, nonnie

No. 1380770

While enabling someone who has untreated addiction and mental health issues (like how her cash cow John does to her) then abandoning them for another grimy cock isn't exactly moral, unfortunately for Mandy Poser the Oi community wouldn't consider that homicide.

No. 1380956

A lot of people in the NY/NJ scene have been talking a lot of shit about Amanda since Cowie died. Many blame Cowie’s death on Amanda and scabbiesman.

No. 1381833

Nta, but I book punk/oi shows in NYC, and anyone who is dumb enough to think enabling an addict earns red laces has never been in the scene. Also I've only heard a few girls gossiping that's she's a piece of shit, but that's not homicide.

No. 1382018

so weird going through tagged photos and old journal entries etc. seems almost like she kinda snapped around pandemic time (which tbh has befallen many people). can't help but feel sad for her… but like so many car crashes i can't keep from looking…(scrote)

No. 1382033

File: 1638452288013.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x2001, CBB13E85-AC69-482D-BE60-F55EDF…)


They are partying…with their doordash guy? She gives them flowers? What the hell is she talking about?

No. 1382058

Oh no, there were several intense benders and displays well before the pandemic. You missed the ginger fiancé, the Texas fiancé, the constant stories posting of her shitfaced and half-naked with every shitty touring heavy band at her apartment, and my personal favorite the toothless RVA fiancé who called the cops on her.

She’s been on a spiral for the better part of a decade anon.

No. 1382069

Someone please show this toothless RVA fiance

No. 1382070

he refuses the second smirnoff ice because he “already threw up blood today” while amanda teases him for throwing up multiple times a day. gross

No. 1382075

1. your email is linked
2. any time you ~feel bad~ for her remember she FAKED CANCER and took thousands of dollars from her followers

No. 1382112

no idea how to delete. faaantastic.

No. 1382116

james stephen brown? scrote confirmed

No. 1382255

Don’t forget she didn’t just fake cancer, she also faked pregnancy/pregnancies, beat her exes, tortured her brother, and I’m sure a lot more. It’s hard to keep track with how awful she is.

No. 1382305

File: 1638465451501.jpg (148.83 KB, 1218x1218, 42427532_10157088244933352_369…)

Here is super edited Korey and creepy Scamanda before she beat him up and he called the cops on her. Like Cowie, he has since gotten his teeth fixed

No. 1382322

I was kidding. Also lmao at the “New York Oi scene.”

No. 1382378

lmaoo for real. tell us you’re a poser without telling us you’re a poser. “oi scene” kek

No. 1382451

File: 1638470547685.jpeg (320.54 KB, 1170x818, C4BFB682-5268-47BB-A5AB-94565A…)

Her brain has holes in it

No. 1382457

File: 1638470679514.jpeg (748.9 KB, 1170x1348, C1490721-C2E0-40F2-8E27-95B6EE…)

Who took the photos Mandy? Oh right, John. He’s as pathetic as her. I really have a hard time feeling bad for him.

No. 1382487

Did she Shoop on butcheeks????

No. 1382594

I get intense 'couple lurred man/woman into their flat for alcohol and killed them' vibes off both these uber crusty punk fakers

No. 1382633

yes she very much shooped her butt

No. 1382759

I was going to say ntayrt, but who ARE you referring to? No one said "NY oi scene". In fact >>1382322 started talking about a scene and the other anon was not douchey enough to use the word scene when talking about the oi community aka "scene". Oi is different than punk and is the original community that claimed red laces.
The "joke" about Amanda being a murderer didn't come across as a joke at all, but way to call yourself out for being a poser using the word scene >>1382322

No. 1382765

Who cares if anon is a dude? Maybe they're using an anonymous email or a partner's phone.
What's up with the dickhead anons today? Can't we just unite to talk shit about Amanda?!(do you know where you are?)

No. 1382778


Agreed. No one cares about any music scene. We care about Amanda being a fat slob for our amusement.

No. 1382804

Exactly! Thank you anon!

No. 1382811

Kek, she's really on FB talking to herself about her lying (shooped) ass and her need for a time out to ponder her pathetic reality.

No. 1382817

She's dumb af. No one sends you a photo they're going to use to "blackmail" you. She should know this since I'm sure she's attempted to blackmail people and failed miserably. That's when she uses a liar's "most useful tools" of "forgiveness and trust" >>1382451

No. 1382818

This is the second or third time she’s vague-posted about scabbies being a liar. Seems like they’re both lying, alcoholic slobs living off someone else’s money.

No. 1382979

File: 1638495949195.jpeg (100.36 KB, 1066x1600, A9748119-A5FA-499F-9624-DAFAE7…)

Guy she shared this place with wrote and published a comic book about their young love, sorry I don’t know how to do multiple photos in one post

No. 1382981

File: 1638495974561.jpeg (291.69 KB, 1066x1600, 20AC8D09-E8F6-4648-BA72-994627…)

No. 1382982

File: 1638496012756.jpeg (293.05 KB, 1066x1600, A5172E94-803C-4AE5-B146-50E6EB…)

No. 1382985

File: 1638496051421.jpeg (204.84 KB, 1066x1600, 152FC375-847D-4112-A345-F1D8EF…)

No. 1382986

File: 1638496086843.jpeg (253.48 KB, 1066x1600, 0A98A856-76CC-4897-B87F-978E94…)

No. 1382987

File: 1638496112550.jpeg (295.56 KB, 1066x1600, 70B92342-CAB3-4957-9424-FFBAD8…)

No. 1382988

File: 1638496156479.jpeg (241.68 KB, 1066x1600, 583F247A-7898-4E6B-8EC7-6A8DEE…)

No. 1382989

File: 1638496201178.jpeg (289.7 KB, 1066x1600, DC542D91-E1CD-4E1C-BA2F-696048…)

No. 1382990

File: 1638496235840.jpeg (248.78 KB, 1066x1600, 273F2DB1-C8C6-4DA6-AB1C-4B69FA…)

No. 1382991

File: 1638496262634.jpeg (379.96 KB, 1066x1600, 6A5EFDDB-C1FA-4D66-A722-550FE5…)

No. 1382993

File: 1638496297049.jpeg (229.84 KB, 1066x1600, B7E6ED00-CA48-4046-9E04-57F503…)

No. 1382994

File: 1638496331653.jpeg (173.26 KB, 1066x1600, F88B4953-0939-4656-8148-5714A6…)

No. 1382995

File: 1638496362728.jpeg (296.19 KB, 1066x1600, FC46A057-F92A-4EE3-A122-4C7C18…)

No. 1382996

File: 1638496407878.jpeg (218.67 KB, 1066x1600, CB5872DA-E094-4ED0-8FFE-4B0376…)

No. 1383036

holy shit anon, this is amazing. is there more? i love that "brittany" is chainsmoking the whole comic

No. 1383060

This is outstanding but this panel in particular really captures her energy. I wonder where along this timeline she is with rat boy unidread?

No. 1383069

This is exactly how I imagined it. Good for dude to make this. How awful. She reminds of nauseating Nancy (Nancy spungen)

No. 1383080

Did anyone noticed how he drew her exactly how she looks. Unshooped….

No. 1383114

shocked she was with a dude that could put together anything of this quality, how did that happen?

No. 1383120

Wait, how do we know that this artist dated her?

No. 1383121

Haha yes he drew her fat with saggy tits, I non Mandy related but I like his hairy little butt.
love that she posted that apt throw back as a happy memory and this is how that dude remembers it

No. 1383129

Look at the name on the post about the apt and the name of the artist(learn2sage)

No. 1383137

File: 1638503306380.jpeg (29.6 KB, 269x419, 3AF00DFA-1B23-47A6-B682-9D07A1…)

Someone please make this a photo on the next thread

No. 1383138

Damn meatball eyes(samefagging)

No. 1383150

Damn that comic hits hard, thx to whoever shared it

No. 1383161

Meatball eyes indeed.

No. 1383269

Wow, this is definitely crazy Mandy he's referring to! You can hear it in her voice when she's yelling at Scabies Incarnate to "open your fucking throat hole" when he's on 1 knee for some reason drinking. And this is why she's always "engaged"… she sweet talks the dudes into how this is real love and wants to marry them, when she's just really looking for validation. She truly is a disgusting monster.
And unshooped monster irl!

No. 1383354

File: 1638535057943.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x1762, 607AEC2F-A8A0-4E37-8737-2F76D1…)

Because he’s this guy….

No. 1383475

did he like or comment?(sage your shit)

No. 1383495

14 years ago also checks to be 2007, which is the end of his and “Brittany’s” timeline

No. 1383514

Has Amanda seen the comic? If so, I wonder how she reacted. She openly brags about beating up her new poopdread boo and her brother accused her of physically abusing him as a child. She’s a psycho and she should be in prison.

No. 1383536

At least her new poophead boo is an abuser too. So she can live her lame ass “scumfuck gutter punk” fantasy while living off someone else’s money.

No. 1383541

File: 1638548327082.jpeg (806.22 KB, 1170x1966, FE91F40A-77BD-4A35-8D87-E5C394…)

Her doordash guy took the photo of her fake ass. She just met a guy, let him in the apt… then he takes photos of them passed out. What in the crackhead hell is going on in that apt?

No. 1383550

Yeah that’s true, ideally these psychos would both be in prison but if they’re just getting wasted and beating on each other, at least there are no innocent victims involved.

No. 1383571

Don’t know if she’s seen the comic but it’s on his public blog It’s not a secret document

And I know it’s about her because I know him and it’s about her

No. 1383586

File: 1638550370210.jpeg (74.17 KB, 671x499, C22E1AC9-39A5-47D2-934A-949FCB…)

I think scabbies took it. The guy in the background isn’t him, he doesn’t have any tattoos and that arm sure does. The DoorDash story is probably made up to make herself seem special, who tf would go into THEIR house without knowing them.

No. 1383591

I understand Mandy's convoluted posts are hard to decipher, but the initial anon made it more confusing by claiming they were partying with the dasher which they weren't. They gave the female dasher (yes, it says "she" in the post >>1382033) 2 road beers and a flower. Honickle is a male, albeit a long-haired one. He's also the one that took the photo, which is why he's patting himself on the back ("great job @ the photographer). There's also only 3 people in the apartment, which we know since Mandy posted the video of just the 3 of them, and she always has to document everyone that hangs with her to prove she has "friends". The picture is of just Mandy and the Undead Unidread, which logically means Honickle took the picture.

No. 1383608

Pretty sure poopdread took the picture and the other guy is behind her. Poopdread doesn’t have any tattoos, look at the guys arm.

No. 1383615

Uh, when did she ever beat up Scabies Incarnate?! Are you referring the black eye picture when she says "whiskey kiss or just deserved it"? I'm not sure if the video right before that post was ever posted here, but she posted a video right before the black eye one showing Unidread trying another WWE move and smacking his head on the pavement and she talks about how she was laughing until she saw all the blood and realized he knocked himself out and was unconscious. She talked about how she was so scared and crying because she thought he died. He gave himself a black eye from that, hence the caption about him deserving it.
If there's another incident where she says she beat him, let me know.
I'm not at all surprised how confused some anons get about anything she posts. She's probably confused as to what she means, too.
I've noticed some things anons have guessed about get repeated until it's just an incorrect "fact" and I'm not trying to give Mandy the benefit of telling people we just make shit up to fit our anti-Mandy narrative.

No. 1383623

Makes sense, thanks for noticing that detail! My bad, I never noticed if Unidread had tattoos and was too lazy to compare pics.

No. 1383627

Sage but do we think she made him get tattoos like she did John? The piece of matted mess we’re seeing definitely looks like him…

No. 1383638

I don’t think so, scabbies doesn’t have tattoos in any of her other recent posts and the other guy does have tattoos and dreadlocks.

No. 1383689

pst, type 'sage' in the email field. simply declaring it does not work

No. 1383696

File: 1638553628147.jpeg (177.74 KB, 827x864, 098490AE-9A91-4D35-8051-59BF1D…)

No tattoos and some hard boiled egg looking cokehead eyes

No. 1383757

Nitpick but god does his facial hair piss me off. It looks like he has one of those weird Amish neck beards because it doesn't grow on the front of his chin. That combined with the scraggly ass moustache looks so nasty

No. 1383958

File: 1638566101633.jpg (78.91 KB, 750x1177, Ring.jpg)

First and only time I'll ever comment - had to share a pic of her "six figure" ring from John(newfag)

No. 1383966


JESUS did that idiot give her a family heirloom where is that thing now

No. 1383977

Probably pawned off for coke.

No. 1384048

File: 1638569924910.png (3.05 MB, 828x1792, F244D8E1-BACE-49E7-9145-F11DB5…)

In the archived video where Dan drinks the Smirnoff the other guy has the star shaped tattoo and dreadlocks. It’s definitely him asleep on the floor which means Dan took the pic

No. 1384099

Guess scabbies really loves being cucked

No. 1384126

yeah, that’s late 1950s/early 1960s
nice stones though
(obviously not “six figures”)
her fingers are absolutely covered with hair, kind of bizarre

No. 1384197

not bizarre at all, people who grew up around her have made comments about how she was known for being hairy as fuck. it looks like regrowth too.

No. 1384230

File: 1638580396764.jpeg (439.04 KB, 828x1234, 5AC3A354-086B-400B-8C87-6C474B…)

She has to make up for her bf since he can’t grow a full beard or a single chest hair

No. 1384246

Kek they both have the Amish half-beard!!

No. 1384266

John wears it around his neck on a chain, with her other engagement (smaller) ring he gave her first. She posted a video during Covid when he was staying in LI with her and the family, and there it was swinging around his neck. Truly cucked.

No. 1384314

Someone please find this video that’s hilarious

No. 1384592

Huh. Where I'm from (not the US), white laces = neonazi White power skinhead, red laces = trad\RASH skinhead. I wouldn't bet on her choosing a certain meaning though.

No. 1384606

“This is love let’s get married” from Brittany.. yeah that’s def Amanda. Holy shit.

No. 1385191

She looks just as boring to fuck in this cartoon as I imagine her to be.

No. 1385376

Yeah, the US has the same meaning for lace codes where white or red means you're a racist skinhead, but in the racist skinhead world, red is only worn if you spilled blood for your "people".
Amanda's a poser though so she wouldn't know shit about lace code. Or maybe we're all wrong and she read it somewhere and wears red because she's racist (like calling Hispanic Dan a monkey) but since she's not actually in the skinhead world at all, she doesn't know those neo-nazis expect her to be a racists nurderer due to her lack of knowledge.

No. 1385706

File: 1638727703663.jpeg (1014.11 KB, 1170x1229, 99A74DDB-C88E-4D28-83E0-4C7108…)

She has no job, no rent, a free apt and life. What hard things is she doing… showering?

No. 1385790

Where does she get money from? She always has booze, doordash and goes out (and drugs I assume.) Who is paying for it? Does she get an allowance?

No. 1385845

Yes, John pays her to fuck up someone else's life and is happy to stand by and be her bff.

No. 1385853

File: 1638741781512.jpg (927.12 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20211205-165806_Sam…)

Wow, that's so nice of Lisamarie to send you the ad for the blanket and cut out all the basic white bitch script font decor surrounding it.
Or is she sending you the actual blanket because she knows the real you and not the metal/crust/grindcore/doom persona you put on for Dan?

No. 1385863

Samefag, but I call bs on her mom sending it to her. First, she doesn't live far enough where mom needs to send it. And second, you know Amanda would take a real picture of it if her mom really gave her a $45 blanket that wouldn't go with John's parents' decor. I think Amanda just wants us to believe she's living a hard life and everyone is sooooo proud.

No. 1385915

Her mom could also be sending her the photo and not the actual blanket…

No. 1385919

Yeah that's what I took the original post to mean. That her mom sent her the pic

No. 1386246

Ah that makes sense. It's mundane enough for Mandy to want everyone to know that her mom sent a screenshot of an ugly blanket.

No. 1386450

File: 1638809746511.jpeg (246.31 KB, 1170x736, B52A4A31-8BE7-4345-89EB-AA5DD8…)


No. 1386656

File: 1638825511673.jpeg (241.02 KB, 1020x1199, Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 4.14…)

I'm pretty sure her mom knows what a skank she is.

No. 1386856

File: 1638840084389.jpeg (542.1 KB, 1125x1697, 265329A4-C038-41A9-9ABE-256FEA…)

No. 1386874

There's no way in hell that bird is still alive.

No. 1386879

File: 1638841932971.jpeg (246.04 KB, 827x1394, 8ED722A4-3E59-466F-A3B5-94A409…)

She’s calling Cowie her fiancé - but she abandoned him for her new fiancé when he died …

No. 1386890

The cognitive dissonance of this bitch is unreal. Fiancée? No help from a loved one? Where was the turd haired "love of her life" she met 4 or 7 years ago?

No. 1386893

People somewhat agreeing with a vague status
Plz get some therapy girl

No. 1386926

Well she dumped(/ditched/locked in a room alone/supplied with enough substances to be knocked tf out enough not to bother her and Dan) Cowie before he was dead. Her timelines are always off(sage)

No. 1386950

did anyone else notice her story changes every time she mentions “finding her dead fiancés body” ? she first said they weren’t together anymore and wasn’t he found in a different room?

No. 1386955

they did not know each other 7 years ago. i have known dan for years and they met like 3 years ago.
also, all of his friends really hate her. he only brought her around to piss off his ex-gf but she didn’t seem to care and dan made a HUGE fool of himself lmao(learn2sage)

No. 1386983

>^ y’all don’t sound like ME ME ME ME ME ME

No. 1387034

Funny how her story completely changes. Wasn't Dan already her fiance by then? Wasn't she in the living room getting fucked up with Dan and watching SVU/posting selfies? Didn't they not find him until hours later or something? Also, kek at "without help from a loved one" like she wasn't all up Dan's ass and out of the house with him while the clean up crew scrubbed cowie's existence from that room. Okay Amanda. Is she trying to write Dan out of the story suddenly?

No. 1387120

She's doing her usual ME ME ME storyline switcharoo to try to drum up sympathy since people didn't respond positively to her vague Chucky TV show quote.

No. 1388101

File: 1638978906608.png (128.08 KB, 373x732, Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 7.49…)

No. 1388135

Just what happened to Cowie

No. 1388194

File: 1638987700789.jpeg (333.57 KB, 943x533, IMG_6517.jpeg)

this is an old post she loves reusing. 2018. who would have though she would've killed someone by then?

No. 1388267


My favorite part is going from first to second person halfway through

No. 1388268

File: 1638995778415.png (265.74 KB, 1170x2532, C549CDB8-18EF-4178-A883-B396E3…)

They’re still “in a relationship” but not friends on FB anymore?

No. 1388282

I noticed one of them deleted the “coming out as official lovers and life partners” post too. Looks like trouble in scumbag paradise.

No. 1388311

Either that or you’re not friends with him.

No. 1388367

If I go to his page I can see my other friends in common with him, but she’s not there anymore. He’s not on her list either and you can see all of her friends.

No. 1388377

So weird to leave their relationship status but unfriend each other. Maybe Mandy just “needs some space” on the internet so that she can start setting up the next relationship she’s gonna jump on without Dan noticing.

No. 1388474

I think she just changed her privacy settings. They’re probably still friends. When I go to his page it says we have 2 friends in common and it only shows 1 of our mutuals

No. 1388491

They’re not friends. He doesn’t show up on her page and she doesn’t on his. Him and I have 4 mutuals and they’re all listed. I’ve checked his page before and she’s there.

No. 1388548

They show up as friends for me. Still weird they deleted that post she was gushing so hard on.

No. 1388852

Looks like we're nearing the end of poopdread. She's probably already got the next loser lined up to be her ONE TRUE LOVE if she's easing off this one and switching up stories to write him out of her life.

No. 1388869

Uhhh she's never done that with anyone because she can't convince anyone to even marry her, not even Cold Cow-ie.
And I'm not surprised because after her ex Greg's comic, I can see that everyone quickly realizes there's something very wrong with her.

No. 1388872

File: 1639043057219.jpg (99.23 KB, 1047x573, Screenshot_20211209-044142_Sam…)

I see they're still friends, but I also see the "official life partners" bullshit is deleted for both.
As of 2 days ago, she still loved him though@

No. 1389026

she changed her FB settings so you can only see your mutual friends in common with her. guess this public bitch watch some privacy kek

No. 1389461

Her bird is a parakeet anon are you blind

No. 1389720

Yes a very healthy and happy parakeet that is absolutely stoked about the amount of indoor chain smoking that goes on in that sad apartment

No. 1390665


ah yes Perry the budgie, who oddly hasn't appeared in photos nor has he been mentioned since Cowie showed, I believe, except for one time when Amanda insisted he was still alive (the budgie, not Cowie). if he is alive he's probably got his own full-blown nicotine addiction, judging from the disgustingly full ashtrays in Amanda's pictures. but I truly doubt he's still around. his sad life of being a lone budgie; a lonely bird with no budgie friend and only a crazy person who didn't give a shit about him – that life is probably over, and I'm sure he doesn't miss her. raise a glass to Perry.

No. 1390858

File: 1639286517303.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x2025, 317DD18F-3387-4249-96EE-794296…)

Hedwig and the Angry Inch lyrics

No. 1390910

I'll take obscure love quotes for 100 google.
What a punchable face she has.

No. 1391022

A punchable shooped face!

No. 1391034

File: 1639317743948.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1170x2001, E4098C3D-2706-43B8-B61F-16EA2F…)

This was not a yeah ago moron. You were in the garage last year.

No. 1391036

File: 1639319095297.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x1596, 7AF4E93F-3741-49D9-8F10-688062…)

Mom also sent that same image 2 years ago? What a coincidence!

No. 1391103

who knows; maybe that WAS Clyde a year ago. I very much doubt Amanda was there, though. someone probably sent her a picture. not very sure why there's an Xmas tree in the background, since I think Clyde lives with John's (Jewish) parents, but I've known plenty of Jews who put up Xmas trees (including members of my own family); it's not unheard of.

of course it could totally have been a different year/different place, too. impossible to trust anything she says, really.

No. 1391110

File: 1639329735008.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1162x1749, 03D542FD-F7AF-4990-83D1-7B589D…)

That’s the “tent” her and Corey made before he got her arrested (that’s his dog). It’s in her old Brooklyn studio.

No. 1391186

aHA! so the pic of Clyde totally WASN'T last year!!! even the books on the bookshelf are exactly the same. what a lying liar who lies!

No. 1391245

It's not that surprising considering she posts pictures from 4 or more years ago while talking about how confident she is now.
You know though if anyone called her out, she'd have an excuse like, "I didn't say the photo was taken today, I just posted it with a caption of how I feel today. You're being a stick in the dick and a stalker for knowing exactly which pictures are from when!" Then she'd quietly delete their call out comment.

No. 1391255

File: 1639342891999.jpeg (610.22 KB, 828x1417, 0B29663A-63C9-4883-B18B-245F73…)

I wonder why she posted a stock picture of the toy from some website.

No. 1391260

File: 1639342925819.jpeg (727.32 KB, 828x1107, 5D389672-B444-4783-8FEA-15C467…)

And no sight of pink unicorns on this table how strange.

No. 1391341

well she must have hidden them behind the other toys because she's so modest! that HAS to be it. or wait, it's because her toys are so special and she's really in with the band so they kept the toys she bought separate from the ones from the regular people. because she's so special. I'm sure there's an explanation that includes how special and/or modest she is.

No. 1391363

Not to wk, I thought she was maybe using them for the show tonight? Because she says “for an show __ band is playing tonight” just my thoughts on it, I’m probably wrong though

No. 1391383

The second screenshot is all the toys collected from the show she was “donating” those toys too.

No. 1391406

the post about the show "tonight" is from two days ago (look at the date stamp on the post). gutterchrist's insta post is from a few hours ago.

No. 1391452

File: 1639357757638.jpeg (582.29 KB, 750x1013, AAC4547E-3FC7-4B65-97F4-F93D88…)

Had a nose and this post is from 2 days ago. Still no sign of those unicorn boxes though

No. 1391467

they must be invisible! right? I mean, she'd NEVER lie or exaggerate.

No. 1391692

Oh you mean the star belly toys john bought with his rich kid money? Amanda would be happy to tell you how they're either still in transit due to the slow holiday shipping time frames or that they're "WHAT'S IN THE BAAAAG?!" I'm sure she'd shout it at you like Brad Pitt in the movie Seven.

No. 1391988

>"WHAT'S IN THE BAAAAG?!" I'm sure she'd shout it at you like Brad Pitt in the movie Seven.
wow, that's quite an image!!! love it. and of COURSE; the star-bellied sneetches must be in the BAAAAGs.

No. 1392726

File: 1639498633757.jpg (114.12 KB, 710x1067, Untitled-1.jpg)

sage for old and not too exciting, but if she cant keep stupid "facts" like this straight, how can she keep anything else truthful (that ring is also not 7 karats)

No. 1392836

File: 1639508038774.jpeg (734.18 KB, 1170x1597, C1719E6D-E3E0-44D3-AA8B-AE8A70…)

Does… she think wrestling is real? Uck that shitlock and his arms are smaller than hers

No. 1392874

File: 1639512254979.jpg (89.76 KB, 465x640, IMG_0162.jpg)

"Kill your ego". That's rich.

No. 1393079

i've been skimming her threads for a while now and this is the first time i've seen her mention being a fan of pro wrestling. am i dumb or is this out of the blue?

No. 1393156

In the one edit she refers to John as "medical business supply partner"

I know his parents own a pharmacy or some shit but has she ever been proven to be a "partner"? I wonder if that's why she still had some form of income.
I'm going to put my bets on exaggerated lies, but just curious.

No. 1393205

File: 1639555307693.jpg (93.82 KB, 709x569, Screenshot_20211215-030055_Sam…)

J Medical Supplies is owned by Larry Birnbaum… John's daddy. It's in the same building as his other company J Drugs.

No. 1393207

File: 1639555495999.jpg (296.47 KB, 972x3256, Screenshot_20211215-030407_Sam…)

The other partner in the 2 person company is Jeffrey Pomerantz

No. 1393217

File: 1639556590076.jpg (111.24 KB, 512x848, Screenshot_20211215-032133_Map…)

And here's where she claims it's her company while making the flier when the name was different.
Peep the same phone number as what's now called J Medical Supplies

No. 1393218

She also misspelled "flier" on the flier.
Idiots tend to think it's spelled flyer.

No. 1393290

Both are acceptable ways to spell it in America

No. 1393297

File: 1639570481943.jpeg (466.71 KB, 1170x1195, 8A5DDCF8-4F80-47EC-8D18-42CA83…)

Same friend of the Birnbaum’s that is on “Amanda’s” store.

No. 1393299

Mid pandemic, I want to say maybe a year ago? She mentioned that she had a handshake deal with the landlord of her store that she didn’t have to pay rent during COVID and that once the rent moratorium was up he was coming after her for the cash. We never heard anything more about it and now I realize this Jeffrey man probably had to pay all of the back rent. His business, his name on the lease. If I remember correctly it was around $16k. Wonder who this guy is?!

No. 1393320

File: 1639573643009.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x1953, B0E19A9D-8633-4D9A-8925-F2A4AA…)

Cancer free tiddys?

No. 1393339

File: 1639575284031.jpeg (73.18 KB, 715x769, D9AB79AB-5BF2-4FF4-9DF0-456187…)

She also posted and deleted these

No. 1393433

Her poor poor cancerous tiddies. What a brave soul wearing this crop top after having a mastectomy.

No. 1393453

What’s going on with the two different shadow sizes?

No. 1393469

multiple light sources?

No. 1393542

her left titty looks weird. photoshop?

No. 1393651

“Very few perks of having perky tiddy’s”.

What exactly would be all those numerous terrible things be?

No. 1393671

She just didn't want it to be a completely barefaced brag, so she had to imply that there are downsides. She's so fucking irritating.

No. 1393773

The lighter shadow looks like it's from the room light and then the other darker shadow is her standing in front of a brighter light like a lamp.
I love how she shooped her waist to accentuate her normal tits that are just being squished in by a too tight shirt. But her shadow looks like she's a hulking behemoth.

No. 1393978

File: 1639627998515.jpeg (345.18 KB, 1170x1219, CFC1A6FD-4578-4B04-9B0C-C043CC…)

Part of me wants to accept a free front-row seat to the Amanda circus, but a bigger part of me wants to just keep her in limbo

No. 1394909

Don't cow tip. Posting this was probably not smart.

No. 1395257

File: 1639744630526.jpeg (311.91 KB, 1170x2300, A62BC921-BDE0-4A46-AFA7-D779BA…)

Looking like totally not shooped normal people. So punk to be drinking a $200 bottle of Dom.

No. 1395272

Sounds like someone is not getting as much attention from Poopdread as she wants…

No. 1395293


If you think she’s annoying on the internet you should see her in person, I don’t blame him

No. 1395321

She always tries to sound so deep when it’s not necessary? Writhing doesn’t technically have to be used to describe pain but it is more often than not. “Writhing her hips” does not sound sexy at all.
Idk why I get the impression her vagina stinks.

No. 1395354

your vagina smells much different (smells terrible) if you smoke. same with your sweat etc

No. 1395887

File: 1639795573188.jpeg (122.49 KB, 1168x476, F62B17C7-B1A7-45EC-A511-4DBD2B…)

She deleted both posts kek

No. 1395894

Imagine how someone so pathetic and starved for any type of attention that they visit a site that was created directly to hate her, including anonymous family and close friends

No. 1395895

lmao it's abusive to not be interested in sex sometimes? amanda has always been so shit at lying.

No. 1395950

she IS the type of vile people who use the internet and abuse its power to boost her toxic ego

No. 1396132

I don’t know….if we want to go pound for pound on pathetic I am pretty sure Amanda will beat everyone on this forum. Perhaps we can start with lying about cancer? Taking peoples money for cancer? Should it go on or maybe you could come to terms with her being the piece of shit sometime soon?

No. 1396161

I’ve heard he can’t get it up and/or needs to watch porn while having sex with her, so I’ve been waiting for this dead bedroom relationship to blow up for a month now.

No. 1396205


Oooooo any more info? Is this just with her kr is this a common thing with him?

No. 1396210

I’ve also heard from an ex of his that he “can’t get it up without coke”

No. 1396255

Lol what? But coke makes your dick soft

No. 1396323

He uses his cell phone to watch porn while he is having sex with her. She complains a lot, she’s super needy, hates that he has friends, thinks he cares more about his friends and she is a full blown regular cocaine user. Whatever relationship she’s portraying on with him Facebook is not reality. I’m pretty sure the only thing that keeps them together is drug use.

No. 1396328

Anon plz give us more info on how you know the deets.

No. 1396511

Pretty sure this was just a cope because she (and everyone else) know he is a playdoh brained coke addict

No. 1396562

He blames it on painkillers he abuses.

No. 1396918

File: 1639905843461.jpeg (383.83 KB, 1170x2006, FCA3807E-1C01-4934-99C9-1D2DED…)

Pretty sure she’s never gonna post a picture with him again.

No. 1396921

File: 1639905996381.jpeg (970.91 KB, 1170x1609, 43BF373B-47DD-4E04-9C7E-EDC2F7…)

Can’t wait to see when she starts selling that “content” again. Barf.

No. 1396944


I was kinda high when I wrote that so I worded it pretty badly lol

I meant Amanda is the pathetic one

No. 1396966

like anyone wants to see her naked, let alone her naked fucking a guy with disgusted matted dreads.

No. 1397017

File: 1639920633875.jpeg (218.18 KB, 828x944, 25B35FDD-5935-430E-BD78-F36CD7…)

Were supposed to believe she has this dog 4 days a week in that apartment and there hasn’t been a single photo of it?! I love how she thinks people will be concerned that the shared custody is somehow unfair.

No. 1397192


4 days a week Yet somehow the neighbors only know her as the lady with her tits out and not the lady they always see walking her dog

No. 1397317

I’m not the anon who posted it, but it says Amanda sent that 40 weeks ago… highly doubt Amanda’s dumbass would remember who she sent a friend request to that long ago.

No. 1397319

I honestly feel like the “aw post a picture of him with you now” comment was a little “malicious” (can’t think of a better word).. like that person knows her bullshit and she never sees/takes care of the dog and that’s why she posted one from 2014 lol.

No. 1397378


I mean, good on them. More people really need to grow a pair and call her out on her bullshit. This board is wonderful for venting, but the general public and the people she’s trying to fool really should see what a gross person she is.

Impressionable young women, cucks and incels, and stupid people in general are her followers

No. 1397405

He can’t get it up without coke and has a tiny dick. A ton of people in NJ know this.

No. 1397721

File: 1640002761192.jpeg (642.58 KB, 1065x3106, 9F80E7EC-0FC4-4A8F-92A1-2E2011…)

Still has cancer? Also I’ve had mammogram’s and I have like a small B cup, that machine kept the breast squished as hell and was not going to let go.

If her breast were “slipping out” she just doesn’t have enough tissue. But yet it’s too dense? Which is it? No boobs or dense boobs? One lie after the other. Also no one waits this long for treatment for chemotherapy after surgery. She’s an idiot.

No. 1397740

File: 1640007847978.jpeg (588.85 KB, 1170x1970, 0F69B241-89C0-495B-93DC-8151EF…)

Big strong arms? You mean baby noodle arms? They probably weigh the same kek

No. 1397742

this lying bitch omfg

No. 1397743

I'd pay good money to see this unwashed scrote attempt to write even one paragraph as emotionally invested, as she does for him. It's almost saddening.

No. 1397745

Remember that video of her slurring “he said I love you without even asking him too. Isn’t that sweet?” So delusional.

No. 1397747

File: 1640008295500.jpeg (767.52 KB, 1170x1919, E402FB79-9C86-45E9-91FC-85DB30…)

She woke up with the couch melding into her ribs? Odd

No. 1397770

File: 1640012500654.jpeg (997.42 KB, 1170x1908, B9CAAD25-63F5-4EFB-83E9-6C8A28…)

Caption update, bragging about herself more

No. 1397782

>he makes me feel so tiny, which I love and has seriously helped my EDNOS
I wish I had a scab boyfriend with a poopdred that could cradle me like a mother and make me feel small. I hope she takes aesthetic bodychecks with his cum and puke stained megaplait.

No. 1397784

Blow nose? Or is she cosplaying as someone from Animal Crossing?

No. 1397789

File: 1640017367484.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 92.31 KB, 768x768, c70447e24a23878e91a8d903a64d5d…)

Nice blow nose

No. 1397795

I’d bet anything that her arms are bigger than his baby shit arms, this bitch is delusional as hell.

No. 1397797

This might be her worst shoop yet. That waist and nose are hilarious.

No. 1397806

It’s so funny how she went from knowing him for 6 years, to 7 years and now 8 years in the last 4 months. Even though we saw on their igs that they met in 2018. How dumb is she lol.

No. 1397840

Dear god she looks rough as hell. Her face looks like it's melting.

No. 1397849

She actually said, "he finally said he loves me without me MAKING him say it!…" But Dan and Taco were too busy talking and ignoring her so they never responded. We heard it though, Mandy Slobs. We heard (and documented) it!

No. 1397853

"I love him because he makes ME feel tiny, he makes ME feel loved, he makes ME…"
ME ME ME ME ME! This is Mandy's dream life: John paying for her new poser life with Scabies Incarnate and both of those idiots at her beck and call.

No. 1397855

I like how they’ve been together for like 5 months and she’s bragging about how she still likes him lol

No. 1397910

And he gets to do drugs and drink all he wants on Johnny’s dime. What a fucking life these two losers have. Seems like the only down side for scabbies is fucking her lol.

No. 1397970


Oh my god tell me she is going to do another one of those “I want a baby I am a stable person who should procreate don’t make negative comments” posts soon.

Is this her longest relationship? It does seem to be going well, so far there has only been one casualty (maybe 2…still no bird life evidence)

No. 1398015

File: 1640041660115.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1170x2083, F3F26438-CDFC-4095-883F-ADA6BA…)

Honk, ew. I loved you so much I let you die of alcohol poisoning in my apartment while I fucked my new boyfriend 10’ away.

No. 1398262


So her boobs are too small for a mammogram but big enough for a grown alcoholic to honk for comfort

No. 1398329

Where is that frickin bird. It's sad… poor birdie deserved a better life.

No. 1398358

File: 1640074624638.jpg (1.43 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1640074160329.jpg)

4 months ago, this is how much Cold Cow-ie the Man Child meant to Mandy Slobs.
And this is what she thought of Dan and his "junkie gf" that he was with.
Amanda surrounds herself with ugly lovers to make herself feel normal and validated. She wants so badly to believe she's desired and special that she lavishes attention on her fellow freeloaders.
But you guys, she really misses her sweetheart lion god!

No. 1398519

Wait, how old is Amanda? Isn't she early-mid thirties? Dan was dating a 13-year-old "junkie"?

No. 1398573


so according to her, he was dating an early-teens “junkie” who she…threatened to beat up and curb stomp? and send to jail? (acab tho, right mandy?) where are we even supposed to begin with this…

No. 1398593

File: 1640103289454.jpeg (742.65 KB, 1170x1526, B0ACF75E-CFFD-4A53-A4CB-25E09B…)

Her comment…

No. 1398607

I’m pretty sure the ex Amanda is talking about is in her early 20s and doesn’t do drugs. But keep projecting and pretending you’re ever gonna beat someone up Mandy.

No. 1398626

tiger king < lion God

No. 1398629

I thought he was a world class chef? Kek

No. 1398658

Jeez, I actually hate this woman

No. 1398773

Alexandria Margret is another trainwreck NJ village bicycle that everyone hates but pretends to like so her and Scamanda are two peas in a pod

No. 1398966

What post was this comment on?

No. 1399311


its here, her love note to poop dread

No. 1399343

The funniest part is that Amanda fucked her ex “fiance” too

No. 1399369


Apart from the melting couch and coke nose, her eyes look totally dead

No. 1399424

Which one?

No. 1399563

Just catching up and saw this. Funny Mandy says having "small" and "perky" tits means it was so hard for her to have a mammogram to detect her cyst, oh sorry "cancer", yet men have just enough tissue to get the same mammograms done.
I should've known that she wasn't paying attention when the doctor said she IS the cancer, not that she HAS cancer.

No. 1399566

She worded this like it took them 8 years to get their breakup and menstrual cycles in sync with one another.

No. 1399567

It's hard to understand anything Amanda writes while on uppers/benzos, but she's saying she was willing to be incarcerated for beating up a supposedly 12 lb teenager.
I don't know what's worse: saying she's willing to beat up an underweight kid or braggingthat her millionth ride or die/future ex bf is a pedophile. And we know she couldn't curb stomp anything bigger than a PBR can with her "steel cat" boots that she reminds everyone are her Justin Roper designer boots.

No. 1399598

I once heard scabbies brag about his older
ex gf looking really young because “it’s like dating a 16 year old without getting in trouble” or something along those lines. Meanwhile scamanda brags about looking 13 (even though she would never pass for under 30). They are both so gross.

No. 1399673

she's 24(dont post personal info of unrelated people)

No. 1399764

He was bragging that his ex LOOKED 16 not was 16. It was years ago when he was dating his other ex. Just like mandy brags she “looks 13” he likes to brag about his gfs looking like teenagers.

No. 1399776

yeah, that's what I got from what you wrote. not sure why someone misread it and construed it as you writing that he said his ex WAS 16, but… I guess Mandy does live in a pretty confusing world.>>1399764

No. 1399835

I’m just surprised that unwashed scrote has any exes at all

No. 1400412

File: 1640299940237.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x6795, 73683DEF-1656-41DC-A36D-DB9188…)

From November and not very milky, her and the human dread went to a wedding. She thinks her last name is Schafmayer now. This bitch is so full of it. Just create a new persona and move on. Nice meatball eyes.

No. 1400425

Look how red those meatballs eyes are. Guess that bender was still going strong.

No. 1400455

What's with the weird pursed mouth in every selfie she takes?

No. 1400497

the way she insists upon describing her ~~super cool and sexy outfits~~ in great detail as if anyone gives a single fuck gives me serious ebony dark'ness dementia raven way vibes

No. 1400510

File: 1640311440340.jpeg (362.98 KB, 758x943, E9C12F0D-041E-4EB1-9955-C79529…)

Man oh man those meatball eyes sure do make those pupils look tiny…

No. 1400536

what in the world is she talking about when she says "FINALLY after so many weddings etc" – they've known each other a few years (not 8 as she claims) and have been together less than half a year. how many "weddings etc" have they attended in that short period of time, when not busy neglecting/enabling people?

No. 1400537

Maybe it’s editing, maybe it’s opiates (the tiny pupils)

No. 1400562

This is 100% their first special event together, going to all the entry level punk bars in brooklyn don’t count

No. 1400605

Of course he is wearing a casual red sweatshirt to a wedding while everyone else is wearing suits.
They're so inappropriate.

No. 1400641

Not to defend him but that is definitely a button up shirt.

No. 1400814

Definitely a button up, good eye, but that hair is inappropriate in any setting.

Also no pics of the bridge and groom or the s’mores or even her in the gold cart, just selfies and a pic of a barn? Not even a full body shot of her outfit. I’m perpetually confused by her antics.

No. 1400818


But we get a list of full names of practically everyone in attendance im sure it’s appreciated she blasted all the attendees info out to the Internet

No. 1400820

There’s a no sound video she took, of her outside alone, getting into the golf cart and then not driving it. Not worth the screen grab besides her chunky toddler legs.

No. 1400825

File: 1640355419812.jpeg (904.2 KB, 1170x2113, D67618F3-0530-44D9-B0D6-C1C502…)



Fine, I uploaded it, nothing that exciting tho.

No. 1400874


Jesus fucking Christ she wore THAT to a wedding

And then snuck outside to take a body check video

How lame can you be

No. 1401260

Well it's certainly NOT to accentuate her nAtUrAlLy pointy chin and not elongate her not round face into its nAtUrAl heart shape, OBVIOUSLY!! Signed, not A-MAN-duh!!

No. 1401406

You are glorifying her eyes. She usually looks like she has Down’s syndrome

No. 1401690


it's funny that this has always been her go-to move for making her eyes look bigger, like she's trying to look babyish, but now pursing her lips gives her these lines and marks that really show her age. I guess the last year or so of benders hasn't treated her skin great.

No. 1401707

Guess she hasn’t had time for all of her high end designer skincare. I mean her apartment was BaSiCaLly a Sephora. Passing out on your couch in makeup, after drinking vodka from a plastic bottle…. didn’t do her skin any good. Maybe she needs some culinary lavender.

No. 1402022

File: 1640544404963.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1170x2187, 2D2C372A-917F-474C-8A95-EA8429…)


Posted this odd video that’s from her old apt. For some reason she needs to flash some underboob and crotch to show her tattoos.

No. 1402035

Lol, just saw this. The way you can see her shirt and sides are swimming due to the filter is hilarious.

No. 1402993

How did Lara pass away?

No. 1403146

Nyfag here. Lara overdosed. New nona, when asking questions or not contributing please write “sage” in the email field. Read the rules.

No. 1403223

Are you lost? Nobody gives a fuck about Lara. This is a thread about Amanda the cow, unless you have a picture of something Mandy Slobs posted related to this idiot Lara. Cold Cowie is even more relevant to this thread than nobody-gives-af about-cold-Lara.

No. 1403333

That’s not true at all. Stop speaking on something you know nothing about. It wasn’t an OD accidental or otherwise

No. 1403347

File: 1640707391179.jpeg (1.94 MB, 1170x12623, E02D654E-0322-4D32-8F5B-E0F0AF…)

I’m betting those texts are all fake. That photo of him is in her brooklyn apartment and the photo of her in her parents house is old.

They bought him gifts after they’ve been dating 6 months? Never met him? Sounds like a great idea to buy him expensive gifts. Where’s all the Tiffany and Apple products for Scamanda? No presents to brag about this year from John?

No. 1403412

Oh there are so many bits I want to dive into here. But the info she’s left out is most telling. No mention of what her parents got her, what Dan got her, what Johnny got her.

But the most obvious lie to me is If her foot is a 6.5 his is certainly NOT a 14. Why would you even bring up your own shoe size when talking about buying shoes for someone else?! Red Wings, Wolverine, Frye etc good boot brands make size 14. Does she think she’s calling out these brands in her post? She’s not tagging them? Is she trying to frame some excuse why she didn’t get him a gift?

No. 1403436

What black tie events are they needing all these new shoe options for? Botanical gardens? Museums? What in the holy deep fried fuck are you talking about Amanda.

No. 1403686


Can someone who is better at internet sleuthing please confirm that pic of him is at the Brooklyn apt? Insanity

No. 1403740

FYI they had pasta for dinner.. she’s so fucking weird

No. 1403763

How did Lara die? I used to date this girl. I met her WITH Amanda. I assumed she got some bad stuff or something? Her boyfriend deleted his Instagram and all social media…(derailing)

No. 1403769

Sorry for your loss BUT tell us about meeting scamanda with her. Did she try to steal you from the other girl like she so often does?

No. 1403771

File: 1640745646019.jpeg (757.7 KB, 1170x1234, D81DB5DD-E902-4288-8C7D-A1CB0B…)

Here’s a pic of him in her room. Compare the door, closet doors, window, smoke detector and wall color

No. 1403778

That’s definitely her apartment in the pic of scabbies but I doubt that’s her kitchen in her pic. Her kitchen probably has empty liquor bottles everywhere and no real food. I bet she went by herself and her parents opinion and the text screenshots are fake. Also, do these people ever shower? They’re fucking gross.

No. 1403780

Someone forgot to edit her fat toddler thighs

No. 1403783

She was no longer doing drugs. She took her own life

No. 1403784

I can 100% assure you scabbies doesn’t go to any of those types of “events” or places. He only goes to the meatlocker (aka that shitty NJ basement venue ran by a pedophile and an abuser), shitty cheap bars or wherever his current gf/mommy lives. He’s a herb.

No. 1403790


Lara did NOT overdose. The way she passed is way sadder and has absolutely zero to do with drugs

No. 1403794

It’s her parents kitchen. She’s posted a lot of pics and videos from their house. I scrolled back in her Instagram pretty far and couldn’t find the original pic. But I can say that it’s December in New York and although it’s not super cold yet it’s not warm enough for shorts. Who knows with her though.

No. 1403799

File: 1640747691053.jpeg (331.25 KB, 827x1538, 54875348-2FCE-4A36-8D30-9095A5…)

Here’s a pic of her in what I think is her parents backyard. Same bandana, same neckline in the shirt, same make up look. Dec 29,2019 so maybe the pics came up in her “memories”.

No. 1403804


Sorry kind of off topic but HOW is the meatlocker still open?? It was a seriously disgusting shithole 15 or so years ago and that creepy old junkie who runs it would definitely peep on all the teens in the bathroom. Imagine being like in your 30s and bragging that you hang out in a dusty old basement where teenagers go to drink vodka from water bottles

Also the texts have to be fake there is no reality where someone would discourage that man from getting a haircut

No. 1403805

File: 1640749076644.jpeg (400.92 KB, 1170x1661, 60672A29-ECF9-4DBE-911D-18BF34…)

No. 1403807

how many brain cells does he have left after having like a concussion every week??

No. 1403809

how does anyone near her let this shit fly? so dan is too concussed to call her out on social media that the photos she posts of herself are old as fuck? how does she see people irl and they don’t see past her shoops or posting very old photos??? i’m so confused how she sustains her lies

No. 1403836

File: 1640751897439.jpeg (202.52 KB, 808x632, 64C7FE9C-4B00-4FBA-B7F0-7E87E4…)


Is it just me, or does his head look weirdly large in this. Like those airhead commercials

No. 1403848

Either people on Facebook who have never met her (you’ll see she siphons through a new crop of people commenting every few months) who are also shooped to death and are just as delusional as her.

Or people who know her in real life, to talk shit behind her back, but keep her on radar just to watch her fail… like a reliable trainwreck.

Everyone in Brooklyn has a story about this bitch and none of them are stories of how wonderful she is. They’re about coke and how fucked up she was.

No. 1403869

amanda is the only girl who ever sits differently on a chair. only her. no one else.

No. 1403871

maybe she’s born with it. maybe it’s Adobe!

No. 1403872

it’s just your meatball eyes playing tricks, anon

No. 1403963

This is not relevant to the thread just like it's not relevant for me to ask anons how much bags of stepped on weed cost at the bodega Mandy and Scabies Incarnate frequent even though more people would care about the latter than the former.
Not to mention I'm sure someone you "dated" wouldn't want you discussing the details of their death amongst strangers in a cow thread like it's the latest gossip.

No. 1404150

File: 1640786934500.jpeg (851.77 KB, 1284x4783, 5FF47C11-706A-434C-A385-82F4B0…)

“gender fluid in my expensive handmade ceramic flower pots” aka mass produced factory made Anthropologie garbage. But what about your Waterford Crystal Mandy? Initially I usually feel sorry for her new victims but not this one.

They are such fucking morons playing the baby punk GG gross out game like they are teenagers. I don’t wanna hear about it Rivas unless one of you drinks that piss after. Baby Arms and Meatball Eyes act like they are auditioning for their own reality show filmed in the most banal depth of hell.

No. 1404151

Can confirm the bathroom at the meatlocker has a peephole to the owners room (yes, he lives in the meatlocker). I think people are either too scared to call scabbies and the owner out on their bullshit or they feel bad for scabbies. He’s always playing the victim or tries to get pity from other people one way or another, so that no one calls him out for hitting his exes/constantly saying the n word and other racial slurs/being a general drunk piece of shit. Hopefully people will finally start to see through it soon.

No. 1404198

I think a lot of her rambling, overly detailed comments are just for show. Dan probably doesn’t know wtf she’s talking about, she’s just showing off to her followers that she knows all these cool words, has expensive stuff and has SO many fun inside jokes. It’s the online version of being in love with your own voice.

No. 1404232

I remember he used to do the same shit on social media with his ex from years ago (the one he dated for like 4 years or something). They seem like two pathetic try-hards love-bombing for attention.

No. 1404501


Who is Lara?

No. 1404523

File: 1640821306703.jpeg (190 KB, 1169x1161, 0ECD393F-C320-46BB-B0FF-DAFB4F…)

Her neighbor? Sounds like some junkie shit

No. 1404542

She’s acting like she can’t order a new card, what a moron.

No. 1404550


Lara is someone who should have never been dragged into this thread because she literally has zero to do with any of this. Some anon just felt the inexplicable need to preemptive mention that she didn’t like Amanda in case Amanda pulled another “woe is me, RIP bestie” about someone she barely knew as she’s done in the past. She was a very loved member of NYC’s actual punk scene who passed a month and a half ago and we should table conversation about her from here on out. She hated Amanda like the rest of us and doesn’t deserve this shit.

No. 1404555

It’s a scam. She’s hoping someone will say “I’ll help you with my card” so she can junkie them out of money.
“Not sure why my Zelle didn’t go through to you”
Spoiler: card doesn’t work because there’s no money in the account

No. 1404576

I know, WTF? any normal person would just order a new card. apparently she needs cash, but who uses cash these days? the money in my wallet is probably crumbling to dust because it hasn't been touched in years.

No. 1404595

Or she can’t order a new card because she’s not the primary on the account…I mean she’s not exactly self-funded here.

No. 1404612

I do and so do many other people. For me it really helps with spending. I find it's different when I can see the actual money leaving my hands.

No. 1404624

that's totally fair, actually. I used to do that too when I had a tight budget; it helped a lot to keep me from over-spending.

No. 1404654

She could also just go to the bank during business hours and get money out of her account from the banker… if her account had any money in it. Guess it’s time to call Johnny or get a new dumbass bf who actually has money to pay for all her shit.

No. 1404658

You can see in this old video from the first thread.
10/10 should watch. It describes how her family feels about her perfectly. I always get a hearty kek. Sharing for posterity and for the cringe.

No. 1404674

Who was pulling up their shirt in front of the camera? Guess her pops can’t stand it either. Ma said something about the water to get her out of the room. Sad.

No. 1404678

Just in case anyone thinks Turdlock isn't earning his keep, he gets to look forward to at least 12 hours of this a day. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

No. 1404680

Tits aren't looking so perky here. Wonder the downsides of having small AND floppy ones.

No. 1404712

this is legit a recipe for a murder-suicide

No. 1404747

Well there’s already been one…

No. 1404776

That’s Johnny her ~BEST FRIEND~ and “ex-husband” … but mostly he’s her walking wallet.

No. 1404850

File: 1640862327137.jpeg (455.84 KB, 750x1252, F8EE6AFF-C535-490B-8DFF-77855F…)

>save me from this insane troll, please

No. 1404913

Even the dog looks embarrassed.

No. 1404923

File: 1640875648051.jpeg (850.18 KB, 752x1877, D98B5A5D-3689-457F-8C07-EF8662…)

Picking this one apart because it’s so delusional…

“i have always had very creative & innovative partners with talented, skilled, extremely intellectual quick-witted minds — and unlike most all others i’ve spent some of my life with — he’s always making me things.”

-who are these genius partners she’s had?

“his found object work is flawlessly flawed & beautiful”.

-Uhhhh ok that makes zero sense

“an old camisole, strapped knee hole leggings, and some leather madewell slingback pointed flats”

-why is this tidbit even necessary, she’s not wearing shoes

“(with a 5” tiny-ass saw tool on a brookstone utility hammer multi-tool i keep in my junk drawer) which took damn long but not as long as you’d think because it would take a non-motivated person much longer.“

-nonmotivated means no drugs?

And there is no way her Trumpy parents got her a RBG toy and pins.

She’s telling herself so many lies to keep her fucked up brain happy.

No. 1404924

File: 1640875728584.jpeg (2.98 MB, 1170x15572, BB2F9659-4102-4FAD-A978-D6F202…)

The whole post. (I use an app call “Stitch” to make the giant screen shots, if anyone cares)

No. 1404936

jesus fucking christ, all those words to say he stapled some stolen wood boards together and slapped some cardboard on it. a toddler could do this

No. 1404942

This guy is not the prize she thinks he is lol yikes

No. 1404951

do they not have a table? does he really have to do his arts and crafts in bed?

No. 1404954

“hand ripped” leftover brown paper bags. I’m cackling. Artisanal hand made ripped up paper bags.

The sadness

No. 1404965

1. I kinda feel like she's trying to prove that these walls are in her current place, and that the pics of Scabies Incarnate were not from her Brooklyn apartment, and
2. has anyone notified a gallery owner re: this amazing artist? I've never seen anything as gorgeous as that stunning frame in my life. he must have done SO MUCH MATH to make this, OMG! ummmm, /s in case you weren't sure.
3. we needed to know she was wearing brand-name flats even though she wasn't wearing them and wearing shoes in the house is gross anyway (IMO).it's important that we know what brands she's wearing with her literal garbage bag. now I can run out and buy them and be JUST LIKE HER! well first I have to damage my ATM card (that probably belongs to another person) and xfer money to my neighbor with Zelle and then pester them to withdraw cash from an ATM because neighbors exist to compliment me, help me or for me to mock, period.

No. 1404976

If my partner gave me that as a gift I’d be so pissed and disappointed. Garbage is not a present.

No. 1404977

of course she watches family guy LOL

No. 1404987

File: 1640882730913.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1170x2187, 06BE3BDE-BA3A-4AB1-8C63-D77D39…)


The video on the post is short but just her being annoying as usual.

“I love you more”.

No. 1404997

She could have just summed this entire mess up with "I got new leggings" and left it at that. Props to her man child for being able to use a stapler though, much skill.

No. 1405003

Lmfao the mental image of her sitting in bed watching family guy while he cuts wood on the mattress next to her