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File: 1642219717718.jpeg (879.57 KB, 2366x2048, A52BFEFF-EEB8-4841-8488-85FC35…)

No. 1417636

Social Media
Ig: bratoutofhell
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/bretdarling
Tik Tok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe2Yvoe6/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/amandabret

Amanda Bret / Amanda Schafemeyer / Labozetta/ bratoutofhell - Since the last thread summary our portly paisano Princess made her triumphant return to her New York apartment, unidread paramour attached to her photoshopped hip. Does the spectre of Eric Cowie haunt the rooms that John the cuck pays for, rattling the chains forged in life off the empty booze bottles that line the halls like statuary? Sometimes, I'm sure. But Amanda has enough alcohol and hard drugs to forget all about her former lover/ pet project, even through posts accusing her of murder from Eric's former friends and victims.

Through falls off balconies, couch jerk off sessions, holidays with the 'rents, way too many TMI posts, and the dreaded 'rona, we've walked along side our borderline babe, eager to see where her journey takes us all. Will she continue to love bomb Dan the scabies man? Or will they crash and burn much like her other relationships?

The last thread was at times unbearable, with bickering re: terms for heroin, pubes, dead acquaintances, and marriage license research. Let's all try to get along this time around!

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Recap of last thread:

Speculation about the relationship status of Mandy and the dread: >>>/snow/1338344

Mandy the rock star: 1338081


Only Mandy has ever had trauma, ever:

The Cowie crew circles in on ole meatball eyes:






An acquaints one of Cowie, Dianna, addresses the farms via her Facebook:



Amanda claims it was a six year wait for her and the dreadmonster to be together (this timeline will change):


Amanda and Dan, New York's grossest power couple, return to that concrete jungle: >>>/snow/1341802

Amanda falls off a balcony…or was she pushed?



Amanda witnesses a drive by:


A year later Amanda is considering a double mastectomy. Cancer waits for no man, just her: >>>/snow/1350005

Just some TMI for your timeline:


Cowie's COD is announced: >>>/snow/1351040

Now the timeline is 5 years: >>>/snow/1354605

Some gentle oozing head scab content: >>>/snow/1354803

Speculation, once again, as to whether or not Mandy and John were ever married: >>>/snow/1365968

A cocaine and piss engagement. Now it's 7 years: >>>/snow/1370960

Amanda celebrates "4 months off the wagon" like she's a fifteen year old, confusing many and enraging others.




A memory of a former lover unearths a comic about Mandy's abusive BPD:


>>>/snow/1382979 - (this is the first part of a multi post saga, it's long but start here for the whole comic)

An anon, noticing the discrepancies in years, points out that Amanda and Dan only met three years before:

Amanda pretends her mom cares: >>>/snow/1385706

Retconning Cowie into fiancé status: >>>/snow/1386879

Christmas texts raise some red flags as to their authenticity: >>>/snow/1403347

Yet another drive by! What a dangerous neighborhood!

A slew on anons claim Dan impairs himself on purpose to get gfs to take care of him, also that he is abusive


Back to 7-8 years: >>>/snow/1409195

Mandy claims to be the super of her building, does a half assed job shoveling while hacking her Covid lung all over the place: >>>/snow/1411882

The first mention of perry the bird in months:


Claims to have Covid though to me it presents more like stomach flu. Who cares either way. Mandy's Trumper mom isn't vaxxed.:



Yet another later redacted claim of being engaged: >>>/snow/1413534

No. 1417653

File: 1642221619368.jpeg (172.46 KB, 1125x1584, 65CB1C85-6EE2-4F2B-94C5-E062FE…)


No. 1417666

thank you for the new post and fabulous banner!!!

No. 1417684

A filter is your savior, not the lord god cbd almighty.

No. 1417863

File: 1642250730269.jpeg (941.98 KB, 1170x1237, 0AEE58BF-74B3-4EC2-9C02-EE14F9…)

More brows and not being able to remember when things happened….

No. 1417867

File: 1642250839265.jpeg (491.29 KB, 1170x1940, 19EE9EDE-0D33-41A4-9C89-9E03F7…)

… because that photo was from 2020

No. 1417868

File: 1642250915281.jpeg (543.21 KB, 590x1277, CEAEA488-0C6E-4013-B945-FFC8D1…)

Never fails with the bad photoshop. Nice “waist”

No. 1418124

I'm reading this as "I used to shoop differently in [insert incorrect year] and dress like a poser who shops at Hot Topic and not a poser who shops on Amazon's generic Hot Topic."

No. 1418274

File: 1642285994111.jpeg (296.05 KB, 1284x1916, 08FBCC49-DFD6-4CF0-AC35-BAC433…)

Was looking at her IG for some laughs and couldn’t help but notice how weird her eyes look closer. Looks like ball sack skin.

Also I’m sure I’m late but haven’t seen much mention on here about her and her ex jay. I’ve watched that relationship start and end on IG before finding this lolcow

No. 1418276

That pic is really putting the ball in Meatball Eyes for sure.

Re: Jay, that’s 2-3 threads ago, a lot has happened since but there was definite coverage!

No. 1418335

She shrank her nose and face so much that the swab looks like a string being pulled out of her nose

No. 1418407

man her eyebrows look SO natural here; must be that eyebrow growth serum and not a dried up sharpie.

No. 1418780

File: 1642345385456.jpeg (232.32 KB, 828x1047, C6500D0B-69F8-4623-BF1D-ED8334…)

Trouble in paradise?

No. 1419119

Must be what John wishes he could say to her if only he had the same balls that she has on her eyelids

No. 1419121

She'll probably follow up like last time with something along the lines of "anyone that thinks I'm referring to my true love Dan needs to get a life. Not everything is about my relationship!"

No. 1419436

File: 1642403873152.jpeg (624.13 KB, 1283x2731, 9D3226FE-F02F-4218-9236-0CF89A…)

So you pick your lovers from the tree, don’t share them but instead slice them up and devour them yourself and hold onto them until they’re rotten and decaying like your dead grandpa? Was that the metaphor you were going for Mandy?

No. 1419437

File: 1642404326210.jpeg (468.06 KB, 1284x2984, 87196988-DC80-4E27-A6DE-080DBA…)

Mandy on dealing with ghosts.

No. 1419441

Is she 8

No. 1419477

I fucking despise this hag. I hope she has some serious Covid related trauma

No. 1419496


The people she attracts are toothless, illiterate junkie scumbags who don't shower and drink themselves to death, so yes she does attract who she deserves

No. 1419773

File: 1642444615488.jpeg (123.46 KB, 827x790, 06DAFF4A-3F5F-4F15-83E7-8D0226…)

A few days late but “adorable nose” sent me

No. 1419866

File: 1642449783505.jpeg (76.6 KB, 600x536, 1923702917391.jpeg)

>i'm insanely adorable
>my nose is adorable

No. 1420462

File: 1642519273281.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3264x2893, F7C8F37F-227B-4BC0-8E77-C18502…)

Not very milky, but Scamanda still hasn’t
figure out how money works, on
Poshmark. Must be so hard having THE
FLU and splurge shopping.

No. 1420490

File: 1642521851913.gif (Spoiler Image, 384.47 KB, 864x1224, IMG_5119.gif)

This is one of the items she purchased. Who else thinks she’ll wear it as an outfit instead of a costume (as intended)?

No. 1420526

Lord she is way too old to be wearing that. That’s a costume for a 20 year old not a dumpy 35 year old woman. Can’t wait to see the embarrassing pics.

No. 1420563

File: 1642527263789.png (172.35 KB, 1526x610, Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 12.3…)

who does she think she is wearing manolo blahnik's. she needs to give up…she's too trash to EVER pull anything of that quality off. Guess Johnny has good taste. Some girl better scoop him up.

No. 1420754


tbh i’m more concerned that she may think “mannequin” is spelt as “manikin”

No. 1420757

it was a typo. manikin is a word
- a person who is very small, especially one not otherwise abnormal or deformed.

I'm sure she's used it to describe just how waif-like she is

No. 1420760

Nobody except a sugar baby would want Mandy's Slobby Seconds. That's an incurable vd dick and you'd have to be more pathetic than Luna Slater to take a guy who still bank rolls his ex "wife" and who wears her old engagement ring around his neck. Anytime he takes a call from her or answers a text and immediately starts whatever task she's demanding of him, any woman would question, "WTF am I doing with my life?! Is there something wrong with since he clearly has shit taste in women?!" And having to see the tattoo on his fat torso that he got to impress that slob… the only way a woman could be with him is if she never had to touch him or kiss him and kept him at an emotional distance.

No. 1420769

You know John didn't buy her Manolos on his own accord. Mandy Slobs sent him a screenshot and told him what color and he consulted the size chart he made to keep track of her troll body and hobbit feet and then bought the shoes. And of course, he hand delivered them like a good little bitch boy while she sat around drinking Twisted Teas with whatever ugly broke loser she was with at the time.

No. 1420802

Imagining overdrafting your account for schoolgirl stripper costume lmfao

No. 1420806

In your thirties to boot.

No. 1420869

She’s overdrawn trying to buy a $30 and an $11 item. Does she have a shopping addiction? These comments are soooooo cringe! You do not need to provide all of these details (with a weird brag added in about ”large purchases”) to a complete stranger. She truly can’t help herself. Total tinfoil but there seems to be a correlation with Mandy running out of money and the 15th of the month. She’s mentioned “payday” before. She probably has a debit card that John puts her spending money on but she gets door dash every night and spends the rest on used school girl costumes.

No. 1420888

You forgot coke. It’s cocaine, doordash and shitty mall goths clothes for mandy.

No. 1420935

kek my bad - this makes it even funnier though. gotta slip in how skinny she is no matter the context

No. 1421623

Idk if anyone can or cares to fix it but the link under “A slew on anons claim Dan impairs himself on purpose to get gfs to take care of him, also that he is abusive” goes to the wrong thread

No. 1421771


Oh shit sorry. I don't think there's a way to edit the post.

No. 1421806

“Issues” with her card or hasn’t had her own money/a job in years? I guess Jonny isn’t handing over as much money as she wants anymore.

No. 1422021

File: 1642641798080.jpeg (281.36 KB, 1169x1213, B148D916-7E76-47B9-95E3-758373…)

“That’s where the girl who takes her tits out lives… some guy died in her apartment”.

That’s what they say, Mandy.

No. 1422041

How long do we think until she either makes a post about how much she misses her “dead best friend” or a post about how much she misses her out-of-state “friend” and shares an old picture of her with some random ugly/old dude? Either way I smell another break up coming.

No. 1422046

I assumed that's what the "ghost" shit was about. >>1419437

No. 1422064

I think the point was that every time she has a fight with her current man she immediately becomes online “friends” with a random guy in another state and then starts dating the second guy. Though now she has Erik to constantly post about whenever she needs pity or attention.

No. 1422219

I've now read this ten times and somehow it makes less sense with each read. Are the apples the supposed men (and women) she deserves?
Weird flex about wearing shit kickers in this mess of word (apple) salad.

No. 1422225

My favorite part is she always has to mention her shit-kickers by brand name "my Justin Ropers", when she's just showing off her backwoods heritage. Ropers are a short cowboy boot with the brand specifically being well known for their western styled boots loved by ranchers and hunters. So when she says shit kickers, she's not referring to the combat boot, since hers are essentially just cowboy boots. She probably thinks the inexpensive boot is stylish yet punk, but it's really not.

No. 1422250

File: 1642671927039.jpeg (391.5 KB, 923x1629, 06130808-FDE4-4C07-A0C1-32A980…)

So I came across this online

No. 1422313


No. 1422322

Oh her aDoRabLe congested nose! And her ginormous meatball eyes and pointy chin! What a living alien bby!

No. 1422422

Please post the whole pic she looks great

No. 1422688

Her nose looks like a fat lil sausage. does anyone remember when she posted how she ‘legit couldn’t pick her nose because her uwu nostrils are just so tiny uwu’ kek

No. 1422733

drugs are bad.

No. 1422741

That could be the caption for every pic of this bitch and her pet dreadlock

No. 1422813

She looks like a bobs burger character, in a bad way.

No. 1422929

File: 1642742154496.jpeg (164.82 KB, 1200x675, bobsburgersgene-1200x675.jpeg)

No. 1423012

Mandy Slobs, put some clothes on! Kek

No. 1423037

File: 1642761581752.jpeg (361.75 KB, 1284x1928, 8B612501-EC74-4B73-B7F3-09A5E2…)

Literally anyone dies and she has to have something to say about it.

No. 1423050

He was 74 and overweight for christsakes… she seems more torn up over this shit than cowie.

No. 1423056

File: 1642765089938.png (903.53 KB, 1191x674, imsorry.png)

i don't completely regret the 20mins I autistically spent on this in mspaint

No. 1423057

Posted at 4:30am like an absolute psycho

No. 1423077

vote for next threadpic

No. 1423093


No. 1423095

I love how she says “fuck the world our generation lives in” like a 70 something year old man would’ve lived a longer life at any other point in history. Scamanda needs to learn a little about life expectancy and modern medicine. He was only 4 years short of a man’s average life expectancy and considering his lifestyle that’s not terrible. Has nothing to do with “our generation” lmao.

No. 1423101

The tattoo on the gut is great.

No. 1423108

File: 1642774945412.jpeg (270.93 KB, 828x1047, 8C10A9C3-6147-4C16-A59B-466EFA…)

That’s scabbies friend/bandmate a previous anon talked about. Scamanda fucked him for a few days (while scabbies was in the apartment) days before she started fucking scabbies. She also bragged to people that the first guy was amazing, much better than scabbies and had a much larger dick lol. So she’s basically commenting “I’m only commenting for your friend who knows how to fuck with the nice dick not my actual tiny dick man”. Super classy.

No. 1423196

who could have expected a supermorbidly obese man in his 70s to die after decades of hardcore drug and alcohol abuse
what a cruel world we live in

No. 1423283

iS oNe ReAlLy HuRtS she says this every time a famous person who she does not know dies

No. 1423315

Yet another person she attempts to jump on inside jokes with and follows on Instagram, who doesn't follow her back.

No. 1423331

Worst part is she fucked him and he STILL doesn’t follow her back. Hilarious. It’s funny she’s also jumping in on inside jokes about a trip the three dudes apparently took together before they even met her and she still thinks “I’m relevant here” anyway lol.

No. 1423338

it's a control tactic. she did that with that ginger guy she dated. she would try integrating with various friends.

Remember West Virgina? She tried to cancel golden retriever by imposing on whatever losers he was associated with and cried abuse. Also thought it was weird how she invited herself to some wedding of people she didn't even know. offered her services as some "pro" make up artist, and had some ugly cry photos of her taken as if she knew the couple forever. Kind of nutso.

so that's the thing, she doesnt have any authentic friends except for her "sister", and whatever idiot internet boyfriends she's currently talking to. if she weren't a cancer faker, drug fueled, obnoxious alcoholic, and overall shitty person she may have a friend or two.

I can't even see Johnny and her being actual friends. Seems like something else and don't really understand it.

shes going to become some shriveled up bar fly trying to be friend all the young 20 something year olds and buying them drinks in return for friendship.

No. 1423343

My favorite arc was how fucking weird she got with that gross ginger kid’s brother and mother. She fully acts like she has known people for decades when they have met once. How are these not red flags to scrotes?

No. 1423406

I personally think it’s more desperation than control. She doesn’t just act like that with her bfs friends (acting like everyone is her bff and she’s in on every inside joke), it’s with everyone she meets in real life or follows online. She’s so desperate for a shred of attention, friendship or love it’s pathetic. But she’s not a nice person so what else can she expect.

I do think the way she posts about her relationships is a control thing. She tries to embarrass (by airing too much dirty laundry) or guilt trip (by making “poor me” posts) her bfs into being whoever she wants them to be. Probably one of the big reasons no one can stand her for too long.

I did not know about this wedding or Ginger’s family saga. If anyone has pictures or screenshots please share them, sounds hilarious.

No. 1423418

File: 1642803455948.png (503.05 KB, 911x451, wedding.png)

No. 1423424

>I felt like a true mua!
>I ALLOWED the bride's natural beauty to show through

Meanwhile the bride's makeup looks as thick and similar to the high school poser look as Mandy's. Once again showing her talent at making everything about her

No. 1423437

anyone here from West Virgina can clarify why you guys hate Mandy?

No. 1423448

If this bitch gave me fucking poorly applied Rocky Horror makeup on my wedding day I would have beaten her. It's not even finished holy shit. I need to see more, this poor girl

No. 1423529

I notice Scabbies is the only one to like her comments. And that's probably because she told him to

No. 1423610

File: 1642817410409.jpeg (106.01 KB, 1080x1080, C1A4459D-1930-4644-86D3-C29BB7…)

I wanted to see the finished look too, but bride wasn’t tagged. This was my first time on her Instagram and I don’t understand how people don’t notice how blatantly distorted all of her pictures are. You have to seriously hate yourself to alter even your childhood pictures

No. 1423812

Holy nonalisa, next thread vote here as well.(sage)

No. 1424009

File: 1642870134366.jpeg (835.24 KB, 1170x1374, 256AF39C-6C44-4896-BFD8-D9BABC…)


This gem showed up on Manda’s reddit.

“Two wide loads sat on two Violet Voss palettes and cracked the mirrors; and I barely had my hair done let alone makeup and everyone had their dresses on and were ready.” Me, me, me.

No. 1424083

80 lip colors sure scamanda

No. 1424143

I actually wouldn’t doubt she does have that much makeup. She’s a shopaholic on her exes families dime, she’s she’s on drugs and probably does most her erratic shopping while high, and who knows how old these products even are. She could be hoarding for years. And the thought of using her used makeup when she’s hooked up with sewer rats makes me want to wash my face with bleach.

No. 1424213

I still can’t get over the fact that she, or really anyone, buys used make-up. So gross.

No. 1424309

For Mandy Slobs, it's all about hoarding name brand shit. Whether it's new, old, used, or coated with mysterious bacteria like Scabies Incarnate, it's (like the song) more, More, MORE!!

No. 1424312

…As long as her human ATM is paying for it.

No. 1424437

60 high-end palettes & over 80 lip colors? no real makeup artist would need that kind of a selection for a wedding unless it was held off-planet. seriously. my old movie makeup case (for moving into the makeup trailer to work on a whole movie) was about my size but certainly didn't have that much eyeshadow in it; I doubt 60 in-package palettes would fit. also, a pro who is hired to work on the bride would focus on her, not her friends or her own self. nor would they put their palettes out on sitting surfaces – that's just rude. and no real MUA would bring a whole Pat McGrath lipstick (instead you'd put a slice of it into a professional lipstick palette) to a wedding unless they were going to give it to the bride. dumb dumb dumb (if any of those things really did happen).

on the other hand, a narcissistically-inclined person might bring too many palettes (& exaggerate the number & quality), stupidly thinking those would be the best choices for wedding makeup, & they would definitely spread their over-abundance of crap out all over the seating spaces that should actually be available for members of the bride's friends & family in the area that was set aside for getting ready. they'd also plan to do some overdone elaborate shit to outshine the bride (Mandy already had too much makeup on in the pic taken supposedly before she'd finished her makeup). my guess is that people were probably pretty annoyed by her & happy to see her leave the event.

No. 1424492


Kek just picture her doing an “exaggerated frantic artiste” bit with tons of unnecessary palettes tossed everywhere as she demands to be the center of attention looking for “the perfect makeup for the bride”(sage)

No. 1424500

exactly! in her mind, she's the star of that show (as she always is)!

No. 1424560


Jeez, look at how Domenick is recoiling from her. Like he’s saying “get this bitch away from me.”

No. 1424567

60 palettes, 80 lip colors, and all of her photos show the same color combo of black, grey, or red smokey eyes.

No. 1424637

Wait I thought the smaller kid was her…

No. 1424640

As usual, she’s the photoshopped one

No. 1424653

File: 1642949241768.jpeg (920.75 KB, 1170x1863, 5882C9CB-1C26-485C-BB77-A76BE1…)

Wait, the caption on the photo specifically talks about about how skinny she was kek

No. 1424740


No. 1424879

File: 1642970135926.png (1.06 MB, 1574x1032, Screen Shot 2022-01-23 at 3.34…)

lol yeah right

No. 1425112

I’ll never understand why she edits her nose that way. Also, sage your shit, this isn’t milk

No. 1425140

Looks like a hot dog

No. 1425160

Hey Dom, we know you lurk here sometimes. Post the real photo please.

No. 1425173

So if you were such a "skinny mini" with a small frame, how did you turn into a hambeast with a linebacker frame?
I like how she avoids mentioning her actual nickname of Mandy Slobs.
More people (1 person, me) have called her Amanda Shoop-liar than any of those "toothpicks" types of monikers.
Her shoop is hilarious because she accidentally gave Domenick a great hip to waist ratio.

No. 1425174

Clearly she's self conscious about having a bulbous nose.

No. 1425179

Of course she’s self conscious. However, this shape isn’t an improvement on her original bulbous nose

No. 1425245

Hey you can only do so much in an app when you have no real editing skills! Plus she tries to make it "believable" I'm sure so that irl she just looks larger everywhere, as if she just photographs well!

No. 1425260

I love how she mentions in a bunch of selfie posts something like “ah well. At least I’m cute/petite/anorexic/dying from cancer.” Am I supposed to congratulate you on being a narcissist?

No. 1425309

Alright here’s a Manda Shop 101 for the newbs here.

When she says “no filter” she thinks she’s being clever because technically she did not apply an Instagram filter. You know,
Like “lo-fi” or whatever. As opposed to that fake Christmas pic she posted with the neon lines and stars. She uses those kinds of “art” filters as a distraction or to obscure a background. She doesn’t do a lot of color correcting or messing with contrast in the Instagram or Facebook apps. Her more egregious shops are done with Facetune or similar app where she’s smoothing her bangs so they fade into her face, bulging her eyes, squeezing her neck in, making her chin pointy, creating a thigh gap etc…Then as a final ode to her body dysmorphia she elongates/stretches and crops the entire photo like a fun house mirror. Her necklaces and common/stationary objects in the background give it away. She is a serial reposter and will often re-edit photos making for a fun game of spot the difference, including childhood photos like the “delicious toddler” one of her in a bathing suit. With each new post her nose gets longer and narrower, her ass bigger,. But in real life she’s looks like an average 5’1” 140ish lbs with a round face and the bulbous nose of an old man. She’s not interested in ACTUALLY changing her appearance, hence the same chewed up bangs, red eye shadow, cheap Halloween costume outfits that she’s been rocking since…2010?! It’s not like she’s trying to pretend like she got a nose job. She’s merely trying to trick men on the Internet just enough to get them to uproot their lives for her. The real mystery is why they stay once they see her irl.

No. 1425312

She gives them what they want (her body and apparent adoration) & men have no standards etc etc

No. 1425342

She doesn’t exactly go for the most respectable, smart or generally good men. I’m sure if she tried to keep a man with more self-respect/self-esteem/an actual personality than scabbies they would split real quick. This man literally has one giant dreadlock and seems to fully dedicate his life to cosplaying being a gutter punk/GG megafan.

No. 1425429

File: 1643042283638.jpg (1.04 MB, 1612x1080, brat-edit.jpg)

she stretches her photos and blurs the background so you can't see how fucked up it is. she posted the left photo unedited at the VA wedding, then posted the right one a little later. she made herself overall thinner and completely changed her face

No. 1425434

File: 1643042507225.jpg (1.37 MB, 1616x1080, brat.jpg)

here are some other unedited photos from the wedding she posted. she's obviously very self-conscious about her chin. she always tilts her head down or covers it

No. 1425439

I’m dying at the pRofEssIonaL brush roll on her hip but using a dirty ass bath towel to clean up instead of disposables. Gross

No. 1425554

She’s definitely self-conscious about her second chin. Those myspace angles just make it more obvious.

No. 1425593

the bride looks like she has been sleeping with her make-up on… on the right it looks okay because it's blurred, but on the left it just looks greasy. I'm not into make-up, but even for me it looks like an amateur did her make-up and as a bride I would be angry with that look.
It's also funny how you can see on her arm how she tried to make herself look skinny, kek. And it's interesting to see how old she looks, she looks like she's in her early 40s, maybe she should skip the drugs and alcohol.

No. 1425611

I love how she claims she's so good at make up and yet has to change it in editing to make it look better

No. 1425637

just like I thought, crap spread out all over the bed behind her. that's why someone sat on her palettes. and it's so shitty for her to call anyone a "wide load" regardless of her (ahem) size. nasty bitch.

why couldn't she wear pants? ugh.

No. 1425652

File: 1643055696250.jpeg (263.16 KB, 790x1280, IMG_7545.jpeg)

Scabies has an Ugg blanket? kek

No. 1425741

So scabbies is a cuck with an ugg blanket. He’s getting less gutter punk/GG fanboy more basic bitch by the moment.

No. 1425751

File: 1643061761141.jpeg (782.34 KB, 828x1203, 3E5F3A10-9A85-4A06-A199-C6A8CF…)

These two are always reposting old pictures. They must be really bored from having no job or anything going on with their lives.

No. 1425826

Now that we get to see unedited Mandy Slobs, it makes a lot of sense that she's into both of those walking staph infections. They're all on the same level of fugly and dirty.
She likes her pOinTy chin, just not the sagging jowls connected to it which is why she's always shooping them out of pictures. She knows you can tell she's a chunky monkey when you see her meaty jowls and she wants everyone to lust over her delicate, small frame, elf-like face and giant meatball eyes.
Judging from that other picture another anon found a few days ago, she also has giant shopping bags under her eyes. She's trying to pretend she isn't the ugly basic bitch with an equally ugly personality.

No. 1425833

Scabies Incarnate knows his golden crusty days with the boys are over as long as he resigns himself to mooching off his Stage 35 clinger.

No. 1426161

It's probably something John Cuck gave the Mandy Slobs but because he's currently part of the Slobs household, he says it's his. In actuality, what's his is hers and what's hers is technically John's (but she claims it's hers).
He wouldn't need a blanket since he has the matted version of Cousin It to keep him warm.

No. 1426462

File: 1643131209419.jpeg (178.25 KB, 827x1123, FC28DDFA-9BF7-4368-9B8A-7021FE…)

Went snooping on scabbies incarnate’s ig to see if I found anything interesting but only found that he’s even more disgusting than I thought before. Oh and that he has a “hairy toddler body” just like mandy slobs.

Saging because it’s an old post.

No. 1426588

Well she does think chubby toddlers are "visually delish" so that's why she finds his soft curves irresistible. She seems to have more hair than him though.
I can't wait for the inevitable breakup when she tries to bad mouth him…
"He actually goes to a salon sometimes, the fuggin fah-get!"
"He didn't notice my new 2 piece lingerie set so I had to post it on FB where I got so many likes!"
"He actually isn't broke! Yeah I know…a total poser!"
And of course…
"He beat me! And himself! Cancel him! I'm always honest and I'm the victim!"

No. 1426672

At least scabbies is a piece of shit who deserves to be cancelled so if she actually succeeds in cancelling an ex for once, at least it’ll be fair

No. 1426700

File: 1643147828427.jpeg (726.93 KB, 828x1441, 758DF98D-C826-4220-872D-DF25C2…)

I hope her gut isn’t as hairy as his.

Also, I love how she tries to convince the world (and maybe even herself) that scabbies is strong and “so scawy” when the hordes of men she imagines are obsessed with her “hit on her” or “harass her” at bars. I don’t know which part is less believable, that scabbies is even close to being manly/strong or that people who see her irl don’t try to immediately run away.

No. 1426729

I think the least believable part is that scabbies would give a shit if someone actually hit on her. I mean, he bought a “would’ve been anniversary” gift for Johnny, doesn’t care that she posts half-naked when she’s desperate for attention and has no problem hanging out with slobs and the men she fucked/fucks.

No. 1426761

He couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag. He starts/picks fights and loses every single time (hence the multiple concussions). He consistently hired/used bigger stronger friends of his to do “security” at the meatlocker which usually meant running off/beating up some homeless guys who bothered the women standing outside

No. 1426776

Please people who went to the meatlocker or saw this happen spill some milk.

No. 1426825

I just did. Not really much more to it than that

No. 1426888

what the heck is up with his cankles?

No. 1427051

File: 1643169194724.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x2001, 5E47F516-09DA-4263-A7CD-700713…)

He probably cleaned up because he felt disgusted at the squalor you live in.

No. 1427081

sly dig at dear Danny about looking after his space?

No. 1427153

I knew it wasn't actually his and he just considers it to be his since he's in the Slobs fam>>1426161
But the fact she considers Diego her brother despite fucking him is disgusting. But at least Diego and Scabies Incarnate are Eskimo brothers now (dudes that have fucked the same ho).

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