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File: 1642219717718.jpeg (879.57 KB, 2366x2048, A52BFEFF-EEB8-4841-8488-85FC35…)

No. 1417636

Social Media
Ig: bratoutofhell
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/bretdarling
Tik Tok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe2Yvoe6/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/amandabret

Amanda Bret / Amanda Schafemeyer / Labozetta/ bratoutofhell - Since the last thread summary our portly paisano Princess made her triumphant return to her New York apartment, unidread paramour attached to her photoshopped hip. Does the spectre of Eric Cowie haunt the rooms that John the cuck pays for, rattling the chains forged in life off the empty booze bottles that line the halls like statuary? Sometimes, I'm sure. But Amanda has enough alcohol and hard drugs to forget all about her former lover/ pet project, even through posts accusing her of murder from Eric's former friends and victims.

Through falls off balconies, couch jerk off sessions, holidays with the 'rents, way too many TMI posts, and the dreaded 'rona, we've walked along side our borderline babe, eager to see where her journey takes us all. Will she continue to love bomb Dan the scabies man? Or will they crash and burn much like her other relationships?

The last thread was at times unbearable, with bickering re: terms for heroin, pubes, dead acquaintances, and marriage license research. Let's all try to get along this time around!

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Recap of last thread:

Speculation about the relationship status of Mandy and the dread: >>>/snow/1338344

Mandy the rock star: 1338081


Only Mandy has ever had trauma, ever:

The Cowie crew circles in on ole meatball eyes:






An acquaints one of Cowie, Dianna, addresses the farms via her Facebook:



Amanda claims it was a six year wait for her and the dreadmonster to be together (this timeline will change):


Amanda and Dan, New York's grossest power couple, return to that concrete jungle: >>>/snow/1341802

Amanda falls off a balcony…or was she pushed?



Amanda witnesses a drive by:


A year later Amanda is considering a double mastectomy. Cancer waits for no man, just her: >>>/snow/1350005

Just some TMI for your timeline:


Cowie's COD is announced: >>>/snow/1351040

Now the timeline is 5 years: >>>/snow/1354605

Some gentle oozing head scab content: >>>/snow/1354803

Speculation, once again, as to whether or not Mandy and John were ever married: >>>/snow/1365968

A cocaine and piss engagement. Now it's 7 years: >>>/snow/1370960

Amanda celebrates "4 months off the wagon" like she's a fifteen year old, confusing many and enraging others.




A memory of a former lover unearths a comic about Mandy's abusive BPD:


>>>/snow/1382979 - (this is the first part of a multi post saga, it's long but start here for the whole comic)

An anon, noticing the discrepancies in years, points out that Amanda and Dan only met three years before:

Amanda pretends her mom cares: >>>/snow/1385706

Retconning Cowie into fiancé status: >>>/snow/1386879

Christmas texts raise some red flags as to their authenticity: >>>/snow/1403347

Yet another drive by! What a dangerous neighborhood!

A slew on anons claim Dan impairs himself on purpose to get gfs to take care of him, also that he is abusive


Back to 7-8 years: >>>/snow/1409195

Mandy claims to be the super of her building, does a half assed job shoveling while hacking her Covid lung all over the place: >>>/snow/1411882

The first mention of perry the bird in months:


Claims to have Covid though to me it presents more like stomach flu. Who cares either way. Mandy's Trumper mom isn't vaxxed.:



Yet another later redacted claim of being engaged: >>>/snow/1413534

No. 1417653

File: 1642221619368.jpeg (172.46 KB, 1125x1584, 65CB1C85-6EE2-4F2B-94C5-E062FE…)


No. 1417666

thank you for the new post and fabulous banner!!!

No. 1417684

A filter is your savior, not the lord god cbd almighty.

No. 1417863

File: 1642250730269.jpeg (941.98 KB, 1170x1237, 0AEE58BF-74B3-4EC2-9C02-EE14F9…)

More brows and not being able to remember when things happened….

No. 1417867

File: 1642250839265.jpeg (491.29 KB, 1170x1940, 19EE9EDE-0D33-41A4-9C89-9E03F7…)

… because that photo was from 2020

No. 1417868

File: 1642250915281.jpeg (543.21 KB, 590x1277, CEAEA488-0C6E-4013-B945-FFC8D1…)

Never fails with the bad photoshop. Nice “waist”

No. 1418124

I'm reading this as "I used to shoop differently in [insert incorrect year] and dress like a poser who shops at Hot Topic and not a poser who shops on Amazon's generic Hot Topic."

No. 1418274

File: 1642285994111.jpeg (296.05 KB, 1284x1916, 08FBCC49-DFD6-4CF0-AC35-BAC433…)

Was looking at her IG for some laughs and couldn’t help but notice how weird her eyes look closer. Looks like ball sack skin.

Also I’m sure I’m late but haven’t seen much mention on here about her and her ex jay. I’ve watched that relationship start and end on IG before finding this lolcow

No. 1418276

That pic is really putting the ball in Meatball Eyes for sure.

Re: Jay, that’s 2-3 threads ago, a lot has happened since but there was definite coverage!

No. 1418335

She shrank her nose and face so much that the swab looks like a string being pulled out of her nose

No. 1418407

man her eyebrows look SO natural here; must be that eyebrow growth serum and not a dried up sharpie.

No. 1418780

File: 1642345385456.jpeg (232.32 KB, 828x1047, C6500D0B-69F8-4623-BF1D-ED8334…)

Trouble in paradise?

No. 1419119

Must be what John wishes he could say to her if only he had the same balls that she has on her eyelids

No. 1419121

She'll probably follow up like last time with something along the lines of "anyone that thinks I'm referring to my true love Dan needs to get a life. Not everything is about my relationship!"

No. 1419436

File: 1642403873152.jpeg (624.13 KB, 1283x2731, 9D3226FE-F02F-4218-9236-0CF89A…)

So you pick your lovers from the tree, don’t share them but instead slice them up and devour them yourself and hold onto them until they’re rotten and decaying like your dead grandpa? Was that the metaphor you were going for Mandy?

No. 1419437

File: 1642404326210.jpeg (468.06 KB, 1284x2984, 87196988-DC80-4E27-A6DE-080DBA…)

Mandy on dealing with ghosts.

No. 1419441

Is she 8

No. 1419477

I fucking despise this hag. I hope she has some serious Covid related trauma

No. 1419496


The people she attracts are toothless, illiterate junkie scumbags who don't shower and drink themselves to death, so yes she does attract who she deserves

No. 1419773

File: 1642444615488.jpeg (123.46 KB, 827x790, 06DAFF4A-3F5F-4F15-83E7-8D0226…)

A few days late but “adorable nose” sent me

No. 1419866

File: 1642449783505.jpeg (76.6 KB, 600x536, 1923702917391.jpeg)

>i'm insanely adorable
>my nose is adorable

No. 1420462

File: 1642519273281.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3264x2893, F7C8F37F-227B-4BC0-8E77-C18502…)

Not very milky, but Scamanda still hasn’t
figure out how money works, on
Poshmark. Must be so hard having THE
FLU and splurge shopping.

No. 1420490

File: 1642521851913.gif (Spoiler Image, 384.47 KB, 864x1224, IMG_5119.gif)

This is one of the items she purchased. Who else thinks she’ll wear it as an outfit instead of a costume (as intended)?

No. 1420526

Lord she is way too old to be wearing that. That’s a costume for a 20 year old not a dumpy 35 year old woman. Can’t wait to see the embarrassing pics.

No. 1420563

File: 1642527263789.png (172.35 KB, 1526x610, Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 12.3…)

who does she think she is wearing manolo blahnik's. she needs to give up…she's too trash to EVER pull anything of that quality off. Guess Johnny has good taste. Some girl better scoop him up.

No. 1420754


tbh i’m more concerned that she may think “mannequin” is spelt as “manikin”

No. 1420757

it was a typo. manikin is a word
- a person who is very small, especially one not otherwise abnormal or deformed.

I'm sure she's used it to describe just how waif-like she is

No. 1420760

Nobody except a sugar baby would want Mandy's Slobby Seconds. That's an incurable vd dick and you'd have to be more pathetic than Luna Slater to take a guy who still bank rolls his ex "wife" and who wears her old engagement ring around his neck. Anytime he takes a call from her or answers a text and immediately starts whatever task she's demanding of him, any woman would question, "WTF am I doing with my life?! Is there something wrong with since he clearly has shit taste in women?!" And having to see the tattoo on his fat torso that he got to impress that slob… the only way a woman could be with him is if she never had to touch him or kiss him and kept him at an emotional distance.

No. 1420769

You know John didn't buy her Manolos on his own accord. Mandy Slobs sent him a screenshot and told him what color and he consulted the size chart he made to keep track of her troll body and hobbit feet and then bought the shoes. And of course, he hand delivered them like a good little bitch boy while she sat around drinking Twisted Teas with whatever ugly broke loser she was with at the time.

No. 1420802

Imagining overdrafting your account for schoolgirl stripper costume lmfao

No. 1420806

In your thirties to boot.

No. 1420869

She’s overdrawn trying to buy a $30 and an $11 item. Does she have a shopping addiction? These comments are soooooo cringe! You do not need to provide all of these details (with a weird brag added in about ”large purchases”) to a complete stranger. She truly can’t help herself. Total tinfoil but there seems to be a correlation with Mandy running out of money and the 15th of the month. She’s mentioned “payday” before. She probably has a debit card that John puts her spending money on but she gets door dash every night and spends the rest on used school girl costumes.

No. 1420888

You forgot coke. It’s cocaine, doordash and shitty mall goths clothes for mandy.

No. 1420935

kek my bad - this makes it even funnier though. gotta slip in how skinny she is no matter the context

No. 1421623

Idk if anyone can or cares to fix it but the link under “A slew on anons claim Dan impairs himself on purpose to get gfs to take care of him, also that he is abusive” goes to the wrong thread

No. 1421771


Oh shit sorry. I don't think there's a way to edit the post.

No. 1421806

“Issues” with her card or hasn’t had her own money/a job in years? I guess Jonny isn’t handing over as much money as she wants anymore.

No. 1422021

File: 1642641798080.jpeg (281.36 KB, 1169x1213, B148D916-7E76-47B9-95E3-758373…)

“That’s where the girl who takes her tits out lives… some guy died in her apartment”.

That’s what they say, Mandy.

No. 1422041

How long do we think until she either makes a post about how much she misses her “dead best friend” or a post about how much she misses her out-of-state “friend” and shares an old picture of her with some random ugly/old dude? Either way I smell another break up coming.

No. 1422046

I assumed that's what the "ghost" shit was about. >>1419437

No. 1422064

I think the point was that every time she has a fight with her current man she immediately becomes online “friends” with a random guy in another state and then starts dating the second guy. Though now she has Erik to constantly post about whenever she needs pity or attention.

No. 1422219

I've now read this ten times and somehow it makes less sense with each read. Are the apples the supposed men (and women) she deserves?
Weird flex about wearing shit kickers in this mess of word (apple) salad.

No. 1422225

My favorite part is she always has to mention her shit-kickers by brand name "my Justin Ropers", when she's just showing off her backwoods heritage. Ropers are a short cowboy boot with the brand specifically being well known for their western styled boots loved by ranchers and hunters. So when she says shit kickers, she's not referring to the combat boot, since hers are essentially just cowboy boots. She probably thinks the inexpensive boot is stylish yet punk, but it's really not.

No. 1422250

File: 1642671927039.jpeg (391.5 KB, 923x1629, 06130808-FDE4-4C07-A0C1-32A980…)

So I came across this online

No. 1422313


No. 1422322

Oh her aDoRabLe congested nose! And her ginormous meatball eyes and pointy chin! What a living alien bby!

No. 1422422

Please post the whole pic she looks great

No. 1422688

Her nose looks like a fat lil sausage. does anyone remember when she posted how she ‘legit couldn’t pick her nose because her uwu nostrils are just so tiny uwu’ kek

No. 1422733

drugs are bad.

No. 1422741

That could be the caption for every pic of this bitch and her pet dreadlock

No. 1422813

She looks like a bobs burger character, in a bad way.

No. 1422929

File: 1642742154496.jpeg (164.82 KB, 1200x675, bobsburgersgene-1200x675.jpeg)

No. 1423012

Mandy Slobs, put some clothes on! Kek

No. 1423037

File: 1642761581752.jpeg (361.75 KB, 1284x1928, 8B612501-EC74-4B73-B7F3-09A5E2…)

Literally anyone dies and she has to have something to say about it.

No. 1423050

He was 74 and overweight for christsakes… she seems more torn up over this shit than cowie.

No. 1423056

File: 1642765089938.png (903.53 KB, 1191x674, imsorry.png)

i don't completely regret the 20mins I autistically spent on this in mspaint

No. 1423057

Posted at 4:30am like an absolute psycho

No. 1423077

vote for next threadpic

No. 1423093


No. 1423095

I love how she says “fuck the world our generation lives in” like a 70 something year old man would’ve lived a longer life at any other point in history. Scamanda needs to learn a little about life expectancy and modern medicine. He was only 4 years short of a man’s average life expectancy and considering his lifestyle that’s not terrible. Has nothing to do with “our generation” lmao.

No. 1423101

The tattoo on the gut is great.

No. 1423108

File: 1642774945412.jpeg (270.93 KB, 828x1047, 8C10A9C3-6147-4C16-A59B-466EFA…)

That’s scabbies friend/bandmate a previous anon talked about. Scamanda fucked him for a few days (while scabbies was in the apartment) days before she started fucking scabbies. She also bragged to people that the first guy was amazing, much better than scabbies and had a much larger dick lol. So she’s basically commenting “I’m only commenting for your friend who knows how to fuck with the nice dick not my actual tiny dick man”. Super classy.

No. 1423196

who could have expected a supermorbidly obese man in his 70s to die after decades of hardcore drug and alcohol abuse
what a cruel world we live in

No. 1423283

iS oNe ReAlLy HuRtS she says this every time a famous person who she does not know dies

No. 1423315

Yet another person she attempts to jump on inside jokes with and follows on Instagram, who doesn't follow her back.

No. 1423331

Worst part is she fucked him and he STILL doesn’t follow her back. Hilarious. It’s funny she’s also jumping in on inside jokes about a trip the three dudes apparently took together before they even met her and she still thinks “I’m relevant here” anyway lol.

No. 1423338

it's a control tactic. she did that with that ginger guy she dated. she would try integrating with various friends.

Remember West Virgina? She tried to cancel golden retriever by imposing on whatever losers he was associated with and cried abuse. Also thought it was weird how she invited herself to some wedding of people she didn't even know. offered her services as some "pro" make up artist, and had some ugly cry photos of her taken as if she knew the couple forever. Kind of nutso.

so that's the thing, she doesnt have any authentic friends except for her "sister", and whatever idiot internet boyfriends she's currently talking to. if she weren't a cancer faker, drug fueled, obnoxious alcoholic, and overall shitty person she may have a friend or two.

I can't even see Johnny and her being actual friends. Seems like something else and don't really understand it.

shes going to become some shriveled up bar fly trying to be friend all the young 20 something year olds and buying them drinks in return for friendship.

No. 1423343

My favorite arc was how fucking weird she got with that gross ginger kid’s brother and mother. She fully acts like she has known people for decades when they have met once. How are these not red flags to scrotes?

No. 1423406

I personally think it’s more desperation than control. She doesn’t just act like that with her bfs friends (acting like everyone is her bff and she’s in on every inside joke), it’s with everyone she meets in real life or follows online. She’s so desperate for a shred of attention, friendship or love it’s pathetic. But she’s not a nice person so what else can she expect.

I do think the way she posts about her relationships is a control thing. She tries to embarrass (by airing too much dirty laundry) or guilt trip (by making “poor me” posts) her bfs into being whoever she wants them to be. Probably one of the big reasons no one can stand her for too long.

I did not know about this wedding or Ginger’s family saga. If anyone has pictures or screenshots please share them, sounds hilarious.

No. 1423418

File: 1642803455948.png (503.05 KB, 911x451, wedding.png)

No. 1423424

>I felt like a true mua!
>I ALLOWED the bride's natural beauty to show through

Meanwhile the bride's makeup looks as thick and similar to the high school poser look as Mandy's. Once again showing her talent at making everything about her

No. 1423437

anyone here from West Virgina can clarify why you guys hate Mandy?

No. 1423448

If this bitch gave me fucking poorly applied Rocky Horror makeup on my wedding day I would have beaten her. It's not even finished holy shit. I need to see more, this poor girl

No. 1423529

I notice Scabbies is the only one to like her comments. And that's probably because she told him to

No. 1423610

File: 1642817410409.jpeg (106.01 KB, 1080x1080, C1A4459D-1930-4644-86D3-C29BB7…)

I wanted to see the finished look too, but bride wasn’t tagged. This was my first time on her Instagram and I don’t understand how people don’t notice how blatantly distorted all of her pictures are. You have to seriously hate yourself to alter even your childhood pictures

No. 1423812

Holy nonalisa, next thread vote here as well.(sage)

No. 1424009

File: 1642870134366.jpeg (835.24 KB, 1170x1374, 256AF39C-6C44-4896-BFD8-D9BABC…)


This gem showed up on Manda’s reddit.

“Two wide loads sat on two Violet Voss palettes and cracked the mirrors; and I barely had my hair done let alone makeup and everyone had their dresses on and were ready.” Me, me, me.

No. 1424083

80 lip colors sure scamanda

No. 1424143

I actually wouldn’t doubt she does have that much makeup. She’s a shopaholic on her exes families dime, she’s she’s on drugs and probably does most her erratic shopping while high, and who knows how old these products even are. She could be hoarding for years. And the thought of using her used makeup when she’s hooked up with sewer rats makes me want to wash my face with bleach.

No. 1424213

I still can’t get over the fact that she, or really anyone, buys used make-up. So gross.

No. 1424309

For Mandy Slobs, it's all about hoarding name brand shit. Whether it's new, old, used, or coated with mysterious bacteria like Scabies Incarnate, it's (like the song) more, More, MORE!!

No. 1424312

…As long as her human ATM is paying for it.

No. 1424437

60 high-end palettes & over 80 lip colors? no real makeup artist would need that kind of a selection for a wedding unless it was held off-planet. seriously. my old movie makeup case (for moving into the makeup trailer to work on a whole movie) was about my size but certainly didn't have that much eyeshadow in it; I doubt 60 in-package palettes would fit. also, a pro who is hired to work on the bride would focus on her, not her friends or her own self. nor would they put their palettes out on sitting surfaces – that's just rude. and no real MUA would bring a whole Pat McGrath lipstick (instead you'd put a slice of it into a professional lipstick palette) to a wedding unless they were going to give it to the bride. dumb dumb dumb (if any of those things really did happen).

on the other hand, a narcissistically-inclined person might bring too many palettes (& exaggerate the number & quality), stupidly thinking those would be the best choices for wedding makeup, & they would definitely spread their over-abundance of crap out all over the seating spaces that should actually be available for members of the bride's friends & family in the area that was set aside for getting ready. they'd also plan to do some overdone elaborate shit to outshine the bride (Mandy already had too much makeup on in the pic taken supposedly before she'd finished her makeup). my guess is that people were probably pretty annoyed by her & happy to see her leave the event.

No. 1424492


Kek just picture her doing an “exaggerated frantic artiste” bit with tons of unnecessary palettes tossed everywhere as she demands to be the center of attention looking for “the perfect makeup for the bride”(sage)

No. 1424500

exactly! in her mind, she's the star of that show (as she always is)!

No. 1424560


Jeez, look at how Domenick is recoiling from her. Like he’s saying “get this bitch away from me.”

No. 1424567

60 palettes, 80 lip colors, and all of her photos show the same color combo of black, grey, or red smokey eyes.

No. 1424637

Wait I thought the smaller kid was her…

No. 1424640

As usual, she’s the photoshopped one

No. 1424653

File: 1642949241768.jpeg (920.75 KB, 1170x1863, 5882C9CB-1C26-485C-BB77-A76BE1…)

Wait, the caption on the photo specifically talks about about how skinny she was kek

No. 1424740


No. 1424879

File: 1642970135926.png (1.06 MB, 1574x1032, Screen Shot 2022-01-23 at 3.34…)

lol yeah right

No. 1425112

I’ll never understand why she edits her nose that way. Also, sage your shit, this isn’t milk

No. 1425140

Looks like a hot dog

No. 1425160

Hey Dom, we know you lurk here sometimes. Post the real photo please.

No. 1425173

So if you were such a "skinny mini" with a small frame, how did you turn into a hambeast with a linebacker frame?
I like how she avoids mentioning her actual nickname of Mandy Slobs.
More people (1 person, me) have called her Amanda Shoop-liar than any of those "toothpicks" types of monikers.
Her shoop is hilarious because she accidentally gave Domenick a great hip to waist ratio.

No. 1425174

Clearly she's self conscious about having a bulbous nose.

No. 1425179

Of course she’s self conscious. However, this shape isn’t an improvement on her original bulbous nose

No. 1425245

Hey you can only do so much in an app when you have no real editing skills! Plus she tries to make it "believable" I'm sure so that irl she just looks larger everywhere, as if she just photographs well!

No. 1425260

I love how she mentions in a bunch of selfie posts something like “ah well. At least I’m cute/petite/anorexic/dying from cancer.” Am I supposed to congratulate you on being a narcissist?

No. 1425309

Alright here’s a Manda Shop 101 for the newbs here.

When she says “no filter” she thinks she’s being clever because technically she did not apply an Instagram filter. You know,
Like “lo-fi” or whatever. As opposed to that fake Christmas pic she posted with the neon lines and stars. She uses those kinds of “art” filters as a distraction or to obscure a background. She doesn’t do a lot of color correcting or messing with contrast in the Instagram or Facebook apps. Her more egregious shops are done with Facetune or similar app where she’s smoothing her bangs so they fade into her face, bulging her eyes, squeezing her neck in, making her chin pointy, creating a thigh gap etc…Then as a final ode to her body dysmorphia she elongates/stretches and crops the entire photo like a fun house mirror. Her necklaces and common/stationary objects in the background give it away. She is a serial reposter and will often re-edit photos making for a fun game of spot the difference, including childhood photos like the “delicious toddler” one of her in a bathing suit. With each new post her nose gets longer and narrower, her ass bigger,. But in real life she’s looks like an average 5’1” 140ish lbs with a round face and the bulbous nose of an old man. She’s not interested in ACTUALLY changing her appearance, hence the same chewed up bangs, red eye shadow, cheap Halloween costume outfits that she’s been rocking since…2010?! It’s not like she’s trying to pretend like she got a nose job. She’s merely trying to trick men on the Internet just enough to get them to uproot their lives for her. The real mystery is why they stay once they see her irl.

No. 1425312

She gives them what they want (her body and apparent adoration) & men have no standards etc etc

No. 1425342

She doesn’t exactly go for the most respectable, smart or generally good men. I’m sure if she tried to keep a man with more self-respect/self-esteem/an actual personality than scabbies they would split real quick. This man literally has one giant dreadlock and seems to fully dedicate his life to cosplaying being a gutter punk/GG megafan.

No. 1425429

File: 1643042283638.jpg (1.04 MB, 1612x1080, brat-edit.jpg)

she stretches her photos and blurs the background so you can't see how fucked up it is. she posted the left photo unedited at the VA wedding, then posted the right one a little later. she made herself overall thinner and completely changed her face

No. 1425434

File: 1643042507225.jpg (1.37 MB, 1616x1080, brat.jpg)

here are some other unedited photos from the wedding she posted. she's obviously very self-conscious about her chin. she always tilts her head down or covers it

No. 1425439

I’m dying at the pRofEssIonaL brush roll on her hip but using a dirty ass bath towel to clean up instead of disposables. Gross

No. 1425554

She’s definitely self-conscious about her second chin. Those myspace angles just make it more obvious.

No. 1425593

the bride looks like she has been sleeping with her make-up on… on the right it looks okay because it's blurred, but on the left it just looks greasy. I'm not into make-up, but even for me it looks like an amateur did her make-up and as a bride I would be angry with that look.
It's also funny how you can see on her arm how she tried to make herself look skinny, kek. And it's interesting to see how old she looks, she looks like she's in her early 40s, maybe she should skip the drugs and alcohol.

No. 1425611

I love how she claims she's so good at make up and yet has to change it in editing to make it look better

No. 1425637

just like I thought, crap spread out all over the bed behind her. that's why someone sat on her palettes. and it's so shitty for her to call anyone a "wide load" regardless of her (ahem) size. nasty bitch.

why couldn't she wear pants? ugh.

No. 1425652

File: 1643055696250.jpeg (263.16 KB, 790x1280, IMG_7545.jpeg)

Scabies has an Ugg blanket? kek

No. 1425741

So scabbies is a cuck with an ugg blanket. He’s getting less gutter punk/GG fanboy more basic bitch by the moment.

No. 1425751

File: 1643061761141.jpeg (782.34 KB, 828x1203, 3E5F3A10-9A85-4A06-A199-C6A8CF…)

These two are always reposting old pictures. They must be really bored from having no job or anything going on with their lives.

No. 1425826

Now that we get to see unedited Mandy Slobs, it makes a lot of sense that she's into both of those walking staph infections. They're all on the same level of fugly and dirty.
She likes her pOinTy chin, just not the sagging jowls connected to it which is why she's always shooping them out of pictures. She knows you can tell she's a chunky monkey when you see her meaty jowls and she wants everyone to lust over her delicate, small frame, elf-like face and giant meatball eyes.
Judging from that other picture another anon found a few days ago, she also has giant shopping bags under her eyes. She's trying to pretend she isn't the ugly basic bitch with an equally ugly personality.

No. 1425833

Scabies Incarnate knows his golden crusty days with the boys are over as long as he resigns himself to mooching off his Stage 35 clinger.

No. 1426161

It's probably something John Cuck gave the Mandy Slobs but because he's currently part of the Slobs household, he says it's his. In actuality, what's his is hers and what's hers is technically John's (but she claims it's hers).
He wouldn't need a blanket since he has the matted version of Cousin It to keep him warm.

No. 1426462

File: 1643131209419.jpeg (178.25 KB, 827x1123, FC28DDFA-9BF7-4368-9B8A-7021FE…)

Went snooping on scabbies incarnate’s ig to see if I found anything interesting but only found that he’s even more disgusting than I thought before. Oh and that he has a “hairy toddler body” just like mandy slobs.

Saging because it’s an old post.

No. 1426588

Well she does think chubby toddlers are "visually delish" so that's why she finds his soft curves irresistible. She seems to have more hair than him though.
I can't wait for the inevitable breakup when she tries to bad mouth him…
"He actually goes to a salon sometimes, the fuggin fah-get!"
"He didn't notice my new 2 piece lingerie set so I had to post it on FB where I got so many likes!"
"He actually isn't broke! Yeah I know…a total poser!"
And of course…
"He beat me! And himself! Cancel him! I'm always honest and I'm the victim!"

No. 1426672

At least scabbies is a piece of shit who deserves to be cancelled so if she actually succeeds in cancelling an ex for once, at least it’ll be fair

No. 1426700

File: 1643147828427.jpeg (726.93 KB, 828x1441, 758DF98D-C826-4220-872D-DF25C2…)

I hope her gut isn’t as hairy as his.

Also, I love how she tries to convince the world (and maybe even herself) that scabbies is strong and “so scawy” when the hordes of men she imagines are obsessed with her “hit on her” or “harass her” at bars. I don’t know which part is less believable, that scabbies is even close to being manly/strong or that people who see her irl don’t try to immediately run away.

No. 1426729

I think the least believable part is that scabbies would give a shit if someone actually hit on her. I mean, he bought a “would’ve been anniversary” gift for Johnny, doesn’t care that she posts half-naked when she’s desperate for attention and has no problem hanging out with slobs and the men she fucked/fucks.

No. 1426761

He couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag. He starts/picks fights and loses every single time (hence the multiple concussions). He consistently hired/used bigger stronger friends of his to do “security” at the meatlocker which usually meant running off/beating up some homeless guys who bothered the women standing outside

No. 1426776

Please people who went to the meatlocker or saw this happen spill some milk.

No. 1426825

I just did. Not really much more to it than that

No. 1426888

what the heck is up with his cankles?

No. 1427051

File: 1643169194724.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x2001, 5E47F516-09DA-4263-A7CD-700713…)

He probably cleaned up because he felt disgusted at the squalor you live in.

No. 1427081

sly dig at dear Danny about looking after his space?

No. 1427153

I knew it wasn't actually his and he just considers it to be his since he's in the Slobs fam>>1426161
But the fact she considers Diego her brother despite fucking him is disgusting. But at least Diego and Scabies Incarnate are Eskimo brothers now (dudes that have fucked the same ho).

No. 1427236

What is the “fourth load” pun? Is this a joke about cum being all over everything. I’m actually gagging.

No. 1427247

JN/NYC anon here. Diego was out partying that night and they let him crash there which I assume is why he helped clean up. It’s what I do when I stay over with someone. Also, they haven’t banged, at least I’m pretty sure, because the man has absolutely acknowledged that Amanda is off the wall crazy.

No. 1427270

They fucked when mandy first met scabbies and his band back in 2018. Another anon talked about it in the previous thread.


I don’t think anyone was implying he came over last weekend to have sex with mandy.

No. 1427335

Are you saying he has acknowledged that mandy is crazy to you or publicly? I’ve never seen any of scabbies friends say anything about her online or anything. Even when she tags them on posts and comments they ignore her.

I also don’t think any of scabbies friends fucking a crazy/sloppy girl would be that unimaginable. I doubt they have pick of the litter judging by the way they look and act.

No. 1427373

Ayrt it’s come up amongst friends and he’s kind of been like yeah, she’s something else. I think at this point pretty much everyone, even people who haven’t met her, are aware of how unhinged she is

No. 1427384

Diego has fucked/been engaged to equally disgusting slam pigs so I def wouldn’t put it past him to know Mandy slobs carnally

No. 1427419

Not to mention Amanda has 100 percent fucked her previous boyfriend’s friends. Sometimes where they have known/watched/participated. And sometimes behind their backs.

No. 1427420


The psycho girl anon is talking about constantly comments on mandy slobs posts too. I wonder if she knows mandy fucked her ex fiancé.

Someone brought this particular girl up in the previos thread by the way:

No. 1427431

On top of that no one, not even his friends, really respects scabbies or his relationships. There isn’t much stopping his scummy friends or really anyone from trying to fuck his gf. Except good taste and sanity, if any of the people in their surrounding has either (doubt it).

No. 1427444

And on top of THAT everyone in this scene/circle of friends passes around sex partners like village bicycles


No. 1427449

She probably doesn’t care and Diego also doesn’t seem to care that his “lil sis” is friends with her either because these people are all drug addicts with zero loyalty

No. 1427531

Big bro Diego probably doesn't even follow Mandy Slobs on IG either.

No. 1427536

In all fairness, most people don't care who their ex fucks, since it's not like he left her for Randy Slobs.
It's actually extremely common to have incestuous crust/ punk/ metal scenes in any major city since everybody knows everybody from shows and they tend to keep it in the family like any good group of inbreds

No. 1427682

File: 1643236325148.jpeg (560.92 KB, 1170x1514, 1BF9417C-9E6C-457F-B140-C87926…)

Dan is the one person who “loved” it. It’s an old video of her in her underwear.

No. 1427685

NJ anon here. i don't know her personally but can confirm anybody that knows anything about her knows she's batshit. sage for blog

No. 1427805

Post the video so I can see how much she hAtEs the old skinnier version of herself doing an 'I need attention' thing

No. 1427887

No. 1427948

File: 1643252389818.webm (2.63 MB, 480x408, bratoutofhell (Amanda Bret Sch…)

She has to have the kindest followers. I mean, body checking galore in this video. Noneta, I hope you don’t mind it being uploaded, Streamable isn’t known to be very reliable

No. 1427959

>>1427948 she is so painfully unfunny.

No. 1428002

tell me you have body dysmorphic disorder without telling me etc. a.k.a. boring girl is desperate for attention

No. 1428013


sage for not adding anything but I have to say, I don't remember cringing this hard at a video in my recent life… I don't even know what point she's trying to make, I kept watching and waiting for the joke or point (or anything other than a painfully lengthy body check) but…. wow mandy, impressively dull

No. 1428060

i’ve been under the impression she had boobs this entire time. was i just colossally stupid?

No. 1428117

No, just fooled into thinking she doesn't shoop every body part, but looking back at this embarrassing video for some reason she thought was worthy of sharing the first time let alone a second time, you see that those shopping bags under her eyes and her fat face aren't the only thing she heavily edits

No. 1428211

I only upload to streamable because I’m on an iPhone and cant seem to be able to view those embedded videos. Is there a work around?

No. 1428218

Don’t worry, nona; someone can always upload them here. I’ve just seen my share of videos deleted after they were reported by the cows in question. afaik, they don’t work in Safari but I think the work around is Chrome and/or VLC

No. 1428232

Cringe fest.

No. 1428316

That was hard to watch. This is as cringey as that video where she tried to have a New York accent while giving “life advice.”

No. 1428690

I wanna see that

No. 1428881

This is on par with the cringe I get from vickys sword videos

No. 1429204

File: 1643374400617.jpeg (55.95 KB, 828x568, 78B9F864-DA48-4C51-B911-E3B0AF…)

You’re right. He doesn’t. Including his handle because why not, at this point. Funny to see so many NY/NJ people in this thread. Sometimes I wonder who you ladies are or if we by chance know each other kek

No. 1429253

She starts off by saying “what follows is the realness” so you know it’s good.

Enjoy the cringe!

No. 1429295

A lot of these posts sound like they come from people who know Dan personally (which means a lot of people on here probably
know each other better than they think they do). Other posts sound like half of you have no clue who the hell these people are in real life. If you don’t know Mandy in real life, you are lucky. She is unbelievably more wretched and awful in person than her posts lead her on to be. Which says a LOT considering what a cringeworthy and gross spoiled bitch she is online.

No. 1429312

If you’re gonna post just to say you know mandy in real life at least tell us a story or something. Nobody cares if anyone knows these people if you’re not gonna spill any milk.

No. 1429397

this is the wrong site to admit you aren't a woman

No. 1429747

File: 1643424538271.webm (12.57 MB, 480x280, what follows is the realness.w…)

If there ever was an Amanda video to watch, this might be it

No. 1429767

thanks i want to die

No. 1430020

File: 1643465103900.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1284x3212, 7D3A7A32-DEC0-458B-81CA-44BC2D…)

Happy six month anniversary. Here is a long ramble about how great the gift I got you is with an excruciating level of detail about my expensive purchase someone else funded and several pats on my own back about how thoughtful I am for getting it. Oh and nothing of substance about the love of my life except for a few comments about the things he’s done for me and an attention-grabbing tag of his friend to make it seem like people like me.

No. 1430022

Jesus fucking Christ that wall of text really is nothing but barely understandable rambling

No. 1430042

So she bought him expensive shit and he gave her a toddler's gift of random crap hot glued to a frame?

No. 1430057

If she didn’t post 100 pictures of it, his gift doesn’t even exist.

No. 1430099

can someone translate the second half? she sharted while across the room but the guys heard it because they had a field mic and dan got turned on from it?

No. 1430130

A play on June Carter and Georgia Turner.
Because you know….she’s such a song bird/composer.

Also probably her and Dan being gross and off color/racist and “taco” aka jason says Jesus Christ, on a recording, at them.

Also damn that’s a lot of cocaine.
Can you imagine high quality recordings of her wheezing, talking with a cigarette in her mouth and Marlboro laden coughs? Woof

No. 1430132

Lmfao she's on coke it's so obvious

No. 1430403

File: 1643501599258.jpeg (819.58 KB, 1170x1892, B856D860-2E76-4186-8C80-948B93…)

How many months anniversaries can they have it one month?

No. 1430404


Of all the things about her that are insufferable, the most annoying for me is the listing every detail, brand name, and what have you of the shit she pretends to buy, get, or have. Jesus Christ. Pathological lying mixed with autism.

No. 1430469

Wow, what a great gift for someone who wants to record themselves making a podcast or capture themselves and a ton of random noise in the background! The only thing I can see Scabies Incarnate using it for is if he comes up with a gReAt bass line and then presses record or grabs his mic and plugs it in, then records, in which case he'll end up with so much background noise that he can't use it in an actual recording. She wasted John's (at most, if bought on Amazon) $200 on something that doesn't even have a jack for him to plug in an electric bass. He can't edit, master, or do anything worthwhile on that, unless he's going to record podcasts about how much of a loser Mandy is, in which case, it's worth it.
I do think it's pretty funny he found junk outside, glued it together as an anniversary gift less than 30 days after the last anniversary, and got a useless recorder he can sell for $150 on eBay after the inevitable breakup. He's definitely milking the cow (or rather the cow's food source) more than we are!

No. 1430488

Fully agree! No one ever needs to know this came with 4 rechargeable batteries hahaha

No. 1430991

She just wanted to impress everyone that she spent $25 extra of her umpteenth ex-fiance's Amazon account on the bundle, not realizing or caring all that shit was actually only worth $15.
Then she bought even more coke with Johnboy's allowance which is probably why fatty aging Taco showed up.

No. 1431042

I find it needlessly funny that even after reading that wall of text, I can't even picture the object she was on about, actual psychotic babble.

No. 1431232

I feel certain none of her sentences actually came to a conclusion in that block of text. even if they did, no one would ever know.

No. 1431240

Not only do we not do that here, but you're "bumping" an active thread with a post an hour before yours ya fuggin fehg-gut

No. 1431268

Kek thank you for saying that, especially with the on-brand Randy Slobz jargon. Gave me a good laugh

No. 1431372

UPDATE (from original anon to post this): like so many other things the anniversary gift ramble has been deleted from her page.

No. 1431575

File: 1643651609769.png (252.34 KB, 410x615, A2224618-6308-413C-BB75-5C7F5E…)

Found this gem online. I guess mandy did look worse at some point in her life. Look at that tiny little baby nose.

No. 1431662

Other than the early 2000s facial piercings and lesbian hair, she looks better then her fat face and huge eye bags she has now. She looks like more of the geek we know she is and not the annoyingly try hard poser with generic "goff" Amazon bondage pants

No. 1431732

The red raccoon make up, snakebites and monroe piercing combination. She’s been a tacky ass bitch from day 1.

And of course mandy was a scene girl with terrible taste. She’s always been sO pUnK rAwk.

No. 1431801

Wow she’s been doing the red eye shadow for a long time. What a weird choice to have as a signature look especially for someone who considers themselves an amateur MUA. It’s not like a cat eye or a smoky eye it’s bright red eye shadow all over her lids up to her eye brow. I guess it’s about as costumey as her outfits.

Amanda is not especially ugly or fat, her nose isn’t exceptionally big or anything. The problem is that she insists she doesn’t look like this. If she would just lean into what she actually looks like, put on normal jeans and a t shirt, and get a normal hair cut she would look totally average. But that must really terrify her.

No. 1432160


Sage, but the guy in this pic is a real one. Love you Joof(learn2sage)

No. 1432169

This is a very Mandy Slobz thing to say where you just want to point out that you know someone with a little boy body without any information as to why that's even relevant, then commenting sage as if that absolves you of the pointless comment.

No. 1432203

Second anon to pointlessly post just to say they know mandy and now this guy. Judging by how little she’s been posting online and how much she’s lurking in here poor scamanda must be desperately bored and needing attention.

No. 1432394

At least the anon that knew Mandy pointed out that Mandy is even more annoying than she seems to us that don't know her, even though we knew that. This recent anon isn't even mentioning the heifer and talks like "Joof" is in here feeling her lurv.
Mandy really loves these soft af boys probably because they make her feel tough. If you told me Joof the Goof is a woman and Mandy is a dude and they're both trannies, I'd totally believe you, no questions asked.

No. 1432400


Literally no one cares, not even “Joof.” There’s a reason he deleted you off fb Mandy.

No. 1432823

Sage but the guy in the pic looks like he’s wearing someone else’s face as a mask

No. 1433453

File: 1643859152752.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1284x6251, C661FC26-7FFC-401C-A0AC-30C07F…)

And she’s back. Posting the 12+ minute video after. But for now enjoy these two back to pack posts with duplicate content and a bonus meandering tale of an embattled chicken.

No. 1433463

I don’t know how to post the 12 minute video- where she sounds heavily medicated, features Poop dread’s trash art, a tour of the absolute filth they are living in- though there is mention again of a housekeeper, display of Perry’s molted feathers in a jar- and the ones she says he plucked out himself because he is distressed, but you never hear a bird chirping in the background, and there is no evidence that he is in face still there or alive- and then she casually shows two cuts on her hand and says that she got bit by a rat…with no further explanation…..

No. 1433478

Same anon who posted the screencap leading up to the video. Thanks for the recap, saved me some typing. Here’s part 1:


No. 1433481

And here is part 2: the plant tour is a pretty mundane interlude but it’s goes back to prime Mandy at the end.


No. 1433489

That was fucking depressing.

Still in disbelief she even shows his “art”. A 5 year old can draw better than that.

No. 1433491

What the fuck are they on?

No. 1433514

I peeped a coke tray and a bottle of pills on a table in the second video.

No. 1433537

File: 1643868095750.jpeg (570.07 KB, 1170x1455, 7518004D-7EB9-4B0E-9AEF-99783C…)

Does she mean those tiny finger skateboards? Is Scabies a 9 year old underneath that single dred?

No. 1433565

Perry is 100% a goner.

I own a solo budgie. Pulling out feathers in distress is not normal. Not hearing him chirp or seeing him flying around is weird.

Also candles and essential oils are toxic to birds. Burning candles in the same room without the windows open would kill him too.

No. 1433672

"i actually got bit by a rat the other day"
holy fuck do you reckon she sought medical help? NYC rats carry an impressive smattering of deadly diseases but i wouldn't be surprised if she shrugged it off and flexed it as a hxcbattlescardesu

No. 1433674

“Instead of having sex, scabbies and I are playing with finger skateboards from now on”

It’s hard to tell if she actually thinks her own status is cute or if she’s trying to publicly embarrass scabbies for not fucking her anymore. It’s hilarious.

No. 1433694

Bath salts vibes.

No. 1433711

same, i can't get a good picture but it's around 2:40 when she's mumbling about poop dread wanting a rock

No. 1433734

File: 1643904034044.jpeg (91.87 KB, 423x345, 441E320B-AF4E-4B9B-A99C-175FC3…)

A flattering angle for our tiny-nosed skinny waif.

No. 1433744

File: 1643905170965.jpeg (120.37 KB, 739x1336, 85EFA6FD-9658-45B8-B39C-0741DA…)

The coke mirror with the pill bottle on top. Classic classy mandy.

No. 1433779

File: 1643908873094.jpeg (78.09 KB, 1084x728, D27ABD5E-7844-4DA3-8682-814C88…)


No. 1433808

File: 1643911133401.jpeg (371.45 KB, 747x910, F07A185B-BFF6-49BB-B277-C8D437…)

They are both so weirdly shaped.

Also, his “wish” reads like a 14 year old boy who shops at hot topic and wants to be deep and funny.

No. 1433815

He calls the cleaning lady “Consuela” and Mandy’s like who?… but then mentions a cleaning lady putting Perrys bone with her rocks “charging” on the windowsill. They apartment looks like a tornado ran through it. And she has a cleaning lady also?! What a pig stuy. I cannot imagine the smell in there.

Nitpicking, but you don’t charge your stones on days where it’s not a full moon. Guess her $50 a month whitegirl witch subscription didn’t include that part.

No. 1433831

I’ve known Dan for years and “Consuela” is just what he calls all Spanish/Latina women. Just like he calls Asians “ching chongs” and middle eastern people “sand n”.

No. 1433836

File: 1643913624332.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1838, Scabies.png)

Scabies advertising Mandy's skills with the needle

No. 1433842

Are those blackheads on his chest? Spoiler that gross shit.

No. 1433870

wow. the only descriptive word I can think of for this look is "ungroomed." but I'm sure there are way more.

I hope Mandy uses the mint flavored floss to help with healing.

No. 1433875

That does not look like it needed anything more than a band aid. This guy is a real wimp.

No. 1433878

I sure enjoyed their Ted Talk about how the moon affects our bodies and whatnot.

No. 1433884

File: 1643918236118.jpeg (580.78 KB, 1170x1181, D37EBA48-BADB-40CC-8CFF-74BA39…)

Dans comment on the finger skateboard post. Someone else lurks here too kek. Hi Scabies!

No. 1433887

File: 1643918344011.jpeg (807.3 KB, 1170x1976, F28647F6-4826-4230-A273-318658…)

Home surgery. That’s not even a thin needle. It’s for sewing upholstery

No. 1433891

File: 1643918392435.jpeg (35.72 KB, 443x960, F5BFCBF7-8E35-4E7D-8B9A-5A4C96…)

No. 1433894

Sid and Nancy without the talent

No. 1433922

That is not a wound that needs stitches lol just put a fucking bandaid on it
These idiot junkies are so performative

No. 1433929

Accurate. Imagine having even less talent than Sid Vicious.

No. 1433935

kek i thought that too, why the fuck would that need even one stitch. it was probably more of a puncture wound and she just sealed in all the bacteria and he’ll be septic in a week

No. 1433948

Scabbies has a terribly fragile ego. I’m not surprised at all that he reads this thread and gets his feelings hurt.

I’m sure he’s more upset that mandy has her own thread of “haters” and he’s just the repulsive supporting cast. He thinks he’s some badass punk movie character that is so controversial and polarizing in “the scene” when in reality we all know he’s an idiotic poser who still thinks leftover crack and dreadlocks on white people are cool.

No. 1433949

Scabbies really is soft as baby shit. That cut definitely just needed to be cleaned and left alone, instead his dumb bitch probably made it a thousand times worse by sewing him up with that thick dirty needle.

No. 1433977

Next risky procedure Dr. Slobs is gonna perform is 20 stitches on scabbies dangerously painful wittle paper cut he’s gonna get cutting cardboard for his next groundbreaking art piece. Praying for them.

No. 1434180

It is very obvious that scamanda is taking poop dread’s phone and making or editing his posts for him. You can just tell they all sound like her ignorant banters but slightly alternated to look like he wrote it.

No. 1434190

it's hilarious that they're sooo punk and hardcore and yet they play with tech decks all day and in his rant about us he references the power rangers from out of nowhere. so punk. wow.

No. 1434203

Funny how he ends it with the queen part as if we all think she’s so hot and cool when we all find her disgusting and horrible.

No. 1434281

Girl you read my mind. He legit is probably salty to be known only as scamandas plaything. Again, if anyone wants to attempt it, there seems to be enough of us east coast fags to make a legit snowflake thread on these scenster losers en masse. If it ever happens, boyyyy. There’s a lot of milk to be spilled. Till then, $10 on Dan developing staph within the next week.

Cheers, ladies.

No. 1434405

File: 1643978014923.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1170x1991, A7A6DD3D-76D3-404F-A68C-0F2C0B…)

You’re not too far away from it, Mandy….

No. 1434429

Her apartment looks just as disgusting. This bitch is so delusional.

No. 1434441

I’m going to guess she deleted the video where you can see how disgusting her apartment is, and she’s sharing that status to convince everyone she doesn’t live in a pile of garbage that mostly consists of of empty pill and liquor bottles and cardboard.

No. 1434447

And at one point, a dead body.

No. 1434458

Airhorn sounds effect

No. 1434483

There’s probably a dead bird body in it right now too.

No. 1434533

File: 1643995191503.jpeg (442.68 KB, 1170x2301, 75A49019-AE82-4131-B754-212926…)

Her comment…

No. 1434536

File: 1643995296199.jpeg (791.51 KB, 1170x3451, A62C9A5F-0268-440D-9CC3-63E606…)

Her comment on the home surgery post. I can’t even read all of it.

No. 1434539

“Oh you’ve been looking at my thread that you could’ve only found if I show it to you? I don’t look at it though! Never! We both coincidentally make posts that make it SEEM like we look at the thread all the time. I’m too good to read that thread that I know every detail about. I don’t read it at all!!!”

Hi mandy hi scabbies thanks for letting us know you’re both here.(hi cow)

No. 1434542

Is that the third time in a row she’s telling this fake ass chicken story? Who the fuck even cares about the chickens she never had.

No. 1434587

Shes basically admitting to torturing this poor bird. Chickens are incredibly hearty. I've had ones attacked by coyotes and their backs "opened" up and all you do is spray the wound with a special spray and they heal right up. If they're severely wounded after an attack you're supposed to close them up in the dark because they can have a heart attack from shock. You don't further torture them by giving some diy stitches without a sedative. This girl should be banned from owning all birds.

Also, guineas nest on the ground, not in trees.

No. 1434601

she totally wrote his comment

No. 1434615

>the stalker site devoted entirely to me, created by all 7 users
Poser 1 and 2 won't even be worth the basic HTML it takes to form a digital obituary when they OD, let alone an entire imageboard KEK. Guess she missed each major catalog (minus /w/) dating back 6+ years. Get the fuck over yourselves and buy some antifungals and Goldbond, you absolute scabs.

No. 1434627

Mandy tagging scabbies “friend” who hooked up with/tries to hook up with most of scabbies girlfriends. He fucks or tries to fuck all his friends girls and everyone, including scabbies, knows this. But I guess when you have no self-respect you don’t really expect your friends to respect you either.

No. 1434637

Why does Mandy always brag about the people who are in "her" family? Like even if you have relatives who are doctors/nurses, that doesn't make you qualifies to give stitches at all

No. 1434650

I’m pretty sure she’s referring to John’s family too, so it so it even her family.

No. 1434697

well, I don't know about y'all, but my uncle is an oncologist (for real), so of course the family turns to ME for all their cancer needs, rather than consulting an actual oncologist. makes SO MUCH SENSE. oh and the ghosts of all those I failed to cure now hang out & nest in my bedroom because I make them feel so safe, having cured them and all. LOL everyone just loves me what can I say? love, The Queen of All Things Medical

No. 1434759

shut the fuck up amanda, and shut the fuck up to your pudgy trash blackhead-crusted man child too.("hi cow")

No. 1434802

I don't think the issues is Scabies is soft for wanting to get a minor cut sewn up. But it seems so pointless and unsanitary. Like wouldn't be getting stitches be even more painful than leaving it alone?

No. 1434803

gosh, she is so… stupid… I just can't believe it. I've been self-harming years ago and I sadly had deeper cuts than that one she stitched together and there was never any reason to stitch anything with a fucking sewing needle. Just use some steri-strips and everything will be fine.
She is like one of the mothers, torturing their children to be sicker than they really are just to get the attention, because she is so nice and caring and knows what she is doing. Damn, I hate her and I wish the money spend on her would go to good causes instead of her telling the same bullshit over and over again.

No. 1434813

Wouldn’t be surprised if she has munchausen syndrome but she’s definitely stupid.

No. 1434843

Lmao they were clearly joking

No. 1434848

Scabbies is definitely soft as baby shit but clearly this whole stitches thing was just for attention. Like someone said above, these two are performative junkies with no jobs or anything to do.

They probably spend all day doing coke and swallowing pills with nothing to do, so the one time scabbies gets a little tiny cut they have to make a whole fucking show about it.

No. 1434906

Sorry can you clarify did she just repost a random person’s pic from 2019 to say they are gross?

In that video there’s holes and stains on her bed sheets. The couch is littered with random items. There’s coke dust smeared on the edge of the table. I’m sure she blames this mess on Dan and I’m sure he is disgusting. But so is she. Her hands are permanently stained and her nails are always caked with dirt. Imagine her giving you stitches with those hands!

No. 1434912

She was absolutely panicked doing two stitches but she’s been suturing her family full of head nurses for years…

No. 1434913

My favorite defense that cows try to use with people they know in real life is that this site is like, a small group of people that know them personally and are jealous/have a vendetta.

No. We are lucky to have people with IRL milk. The reality is that it is hundreds of strangers laughing at the shitty life you play online.

No. 1434959

Hey mandy how’s the cancer going? Did you start your treatment? How does your doctor feel about you wrestling, intentionally hurting yourself and getting bit by rats while undergoing or preparing for your procedures?

Oh yeah I forgot you faked cancer to get attention, pity and money from a bunch of people because you’re a pathetic unloveable piece of shit who takes advantage of everyone you can.

I hope that rat was as diseased as your brain is. Xoxo.(hi cow)

No. 1434963

It’s just one of those photos 1000s of people share on FB. It’s not that actual person in the photo.

No. 1435424

File: 1644085455536.png (300.01 KB, 744x906, EB8CE8B2-376C-409D-AF6E-C2C4E2…)

These two act like they don’t read or care about this thread, then reference it all over their fbs and text messages. They’re both so stupid it’s hilarious.

Someone word by word said scabbies has no self respect and he’s texting the same to mandy. But they don’t read this at all.

No. 1435426

It’s also very obvious they’re trying to prove they have an active kinky sex life because we all made fun of the finger skateboard post lol.

No. 1435441

Running into each other in an apartment you share, wow, so serendipitous.

No. 1435589

yes, I was, thank you!!!

No. 1435655

God forbid someone tells Mandy to fuck off here kek

No. 1435708

Seven people who are jealous
Or a few hundred of us, all over the world laughing at a fucking slob of a junkie.

Something to think about Mandy… at least your fucking disgusting antics are known world wide

No. 1435746

Not to mention all the people she calls bffs, soul sisters, most of the guys she’s fucked in Brooklyn, and pretty much anyone that’s encountered her. They’re only friends with her online to watch the slow motion car crash that is Mandy’s life. We all know that’s not what she looks like, and she is truly awful to be around. (I knew her through friends, never any true conversations or hangs with her, just her “secretly” doing coke in the woman’s bathroom, but no real new milk there.)

No. 1435912

File: 1644128268478.jpeg (269.02 KB, 598x714, 5E780DA6-3E04-40A8-9152-3E3FE7…)

So I was looking at my IG tonight of people that I blocked years ago and she was one of the few people I had blocked. I don’t remember the reason I was blocked and I forget why I even followed her in the first place it was like 8-9 years ago. Anyway I was curious and decided to lurk and found this thread and holy fucking shit. What epic bread. She is truly a piece of human garbage and should be euthanized. I will now check back every now and then just Curious & waiting to see what pure rock bottom or death awaits her. It really says something when so many people hate you that their is an actual never ending thread of all your poor life choices consistently being updated. Her true drug of choice is social media and there’s no fucking way she would quit that. Looking forward as a complete stranger to watching her spiral further out of control.(sage)

No. 1435934

why in the fuck does this idiot narcissist think anyone cares. holy shit. she’s off her ass on meth and just rambling.

No. 1436161

This is either Amanda or Dan

No. 1436742

No, unfortunately it is not. I’m literally just a random who used to follow her on IG and she blocked me for some reason so I blocked her back. It was 8-9 years ago minimum. I’m going to keep checking back tho to see this car wreck of a human cling to social media seeking the attention & verification that her father never provided for her. It’s disgusting, sad, pathetic; but more importantly: hilarious.(sage your shit )

No. 1436756

On one of your future visits, read the rules so you learn to sage your shit

No. 1436758

>Defending an unsaged "hi cow" aimed at an obvious joke

No. 1436886

File: 1644237669158.jpeg (725.91 KB, 1170x3724, 86DF0266-0539-4D1B-9AE9-4A63CB…)

No one is jealous of you and your gross caveman. (It’s a short video)

No. 1436889

The is, without a doubt, the most hilarious thing I’ve ever read.

No. 1436909

The worst part about this is that the second paragraph is one big run on sentence.

To Amanda people looking at her is always a good thing. It doesn’t matter that people are looking in disgust, gross curiosity, or because she’s screaming and showing her tits or swinging a knife around in an otherwise chill situation.

But I actually think what she’s trying to say here is that women are jealous of Danny’s loyalty to her. Which is a weird thing to bring up. No one is questioning that? He’s dependent on her financially and for a roof over his head. Of course he’s loyal. Sage for tinfoil but I think she cheated recently and is trying cover her tracks. This is classic Amanda manipulation “you are committed only to me and everyone is extremely jealous that we are life partners forever” when what she’s trying to say is “who me? I would never fuck a loser who has been stalking me online when I could have this insane dirtwad wipe his gut against me whenever I want!!!” When everyone knows she’ll fuck the next best thing as soon as it glances her way. I’m shocked Danny has lasted this long but I’ll be surprised if he’s still living there come summer.

No. 1436939

It’s hilarious that multiple people on this thread and the previous thread have said scabbies can’t get hard, can’t fuck (and needs to watch porn to specifically fuck her), has a tiny dick, and is abusive and codependent. On top of that he’s extremely childish, racist and doesn’t have a job. And let’s not forget how disgusting he is. I can’t think of a single person who could be jealous. No one is lining up to date either of these messes.

Can someone upload the video? I want to see this overly-edited, huffing and puffing, tubby idiot try to show off how “hot” she is.

No. 1436947

File: 1644246307826.png (5.15 MB, 1170x2532, F32430C5-0DD3-4A01-95CF-4AE54A…)

She is beauty, she is grace. And hiding her lunch lady arms


No. 1436949

All of dans exes are thriving with new boyfriends and admit they are extremely embarrassed about having dated him lol this is the most deluded, hilarious thing I have heard in this thread

No. 1436953

Her mouth is so fucking disgusting

No. 1436965

Can confirm that not only are his exes embarrassed by him, but so are many of his ex “friends”.

Quotation marks cause giving people free coke and fireball shots to keep people in your periphery isn’t really friendship but that’s the closest scabbies has.

No. 1436969

holy shit, her gums are the same color as her lipstick. they’re nearly black. her mouth is rotting.

No. 1436981

File: 1644249822322.webm (1.94 MB, 592x1280, black gums.webm)

The expressions! What’s the purpose? Do you think she intends to intimidate people with these? Incite them? Seduce them? The mind boggles

No. 1436991

File: 1644250503220.jpeg (70.08 KB, 605x715, 0948257C-C948-49F9-ACDF-CC1938…)

My favorite part is when her filter screws up and she gets this huge “cheekbone ” bump by her eyebrow. So hot mandy.

I think she’s attempting to look punk by doing the lip thing Sid Vicious and Billy Idol are famous for. Sadly for her she just looks diseased and dumb.

No. 1437002

File: 1644251339574.jpeg (363.98 KB, 1689x2560, C50F3C9E-638F-4141-9B75-A381EE…)

This is grotesque. What tf is wrong with her gums? I imagine the nasty teeth is just a result of horrible/non-existent hygiene.

Also, her nose in the bottom pic looks hilarious. “No filly” at all.

No. 1437033

Free coke, shots of fireball and having their band booked at the meatlocker, which is having shows again and Dan doesn’t appear to be involved at all— more reason for his fairweather friends to all fall off

No. 1437039

I’m sure if scabbies gets involved with the meatlocker again there will be some backlash since it seems more and more people are finding out he abused his exes, stole money from the door/touring bands, and is a generally racist piece of shit.

No. 1437068

Hm. I wonder if women are jealous of her because she is dating a rat faced poop hair boy. Or maybe they are upset because she faked having cancer and stole money? Really makes you think.

No. 1437080

The only thing any half normal girl would be jealous of scamanda for is all the free money she’s getting from Johnny. Nothing about her current relationship is even close to enviable.

No. 1437100

“Feeling accomplished with Dan Rivas”
-neither has a job
-neither pays rent
-neither is a half decent person
-neither showers
-neither can keep a functional relationship or friendship
-both do drugs and drink excessively
-mandy fakes cancer for attention
-mandy can’t even keep a pet alive
…this list could go on forever.

Excuse me, where are the accomplishments? You had sex? Good job, so do 95% of human adults.

No. 1437192

that's what I have been thinking, I'm for sure jealous of the free money, but if I had to be her with that mono-dread guy as a boyfriend, no, I wouldn't want the money. There is nothing about her and her relationship I'm jealous of and my life is shit. Guess if she tells herself often enough that people are jealous she believes it herself and can therefore carry on with her existence without the need to scream every second of the day.

No. 1437228

This bitch is really trying to say that men get boners in public simply by seeing her walk into a room hahhaha. What the actual fuck

No. 1437238

Her own man needs to watch porn to keep it up while fucking her and she thinks random men at bars are getting boners by just seeing her walk in.

The audacity and delusion are out of this world.

No. 1437248

If you have ever seen Dan with his previous girlfriends, you would see he was NEVER publicly affectionate towards them. She’s either lying or forces him to touch her to get others peoples attention. No one is jealous of you ugly bitch and no one is jealous of the shit covered dread you claim to love so much. In reality you just love beating someone up and them not leaving you because they want your money, your place to live, or just can’t find anyone fucking stupid enough to be with them.

No. 1437274

I mean, when have you seen this bitch write a single status that wasn’t mostly lies. First of all, if they were actually going out to bars again, she would’ve made at least five posts every time they go out. It’s pretty obvious these two have been cooped up at home (probably because they’re too broke to go out) so they’re just getting drunk, snorting baking soda and chugging all of mandy’s pills in that nasty ass apartment.
I’m sure when they do go out scabbies barely pays attention to her unless it’s to loudly talk about her peeing on him so everyone thinks he’s soooo edgy, soooo kinky and soOoOoOo crazy.
These two spend so much time trying to convince everyone that they don’t care what anyone thinks or says about them, when it’s so obvious they work very hard on creating this “kinky crazy punk” visage that no one is falling for.

And by the way scabbies, anyone who knows anyone that had the displeasure of fucking you knows how much of a limp-dick bore you are in the sheets. Mandy can’t make enough posts lying about you to change that.

No. 1437339

Decades of cigarettes and unprotected oral sex will do that. She's haggard.
Living for the dragging of limp dick. No wonder she copes so hard about sex.

No. 1437364

Yeah very true— no one who is having stellar kinky sex feels the need to constantly tell people about their stellar kinky sex

No. 1437449

I just love these fairy tales she writes about her preggo-looking husband-to-be (SWOON) w/a massive FUPA & her cigarette-stained, toddler-bodied self. who wouldn't want (to punch) them?

anyway, reading them aloud to my cats puts them right to sleep, so I'm super-grateful to her for spinning these tales.

No. 1437452

What are the comment on this?

No. 1437522

File: 1644290293948.jpeg (608.17 KB, 1169x1674, C633622E-DAD6-4C7D-B61F-13B77A…)

Only the QT comment is from a guy

No. 1437542

One person’s trash is another trash person’s treasure

No. 1437801

it's not hard to sage non-milky posts like this.

No. 1438563

File: 1644384182194.jpeg (736.04 KB, 816x1768, E26C0979-2DE5-4E76-AFCE-006152…)

There you go

No. 1438594

Where’s this from?

No. 1438606

Looks to be the interior of her store, so probably from an event a few years back.

No. 1438694

One of her old employees IG posts, I think geotagged in "her" store. There's some good unedited photos in that location.

Classic example of when others take pictures of her vs what she looks like when she posts herself.

No. 1438723

Thanks! That was a fun look back. She allowed some unflattering pictures to remain tagged, perhaps to appear unbothered? It seems she edits her pictures more now, which is interesting to me

No. 1438741

She looks like a pug in real life.(sage)

No. 1438759

File: 1644423942963.jpeg (140.75 KB, 750x1224, 35D0498D-2545-4795-9187-8AC0C3…)

Sage because i don’t remember those being posted here but i came accross this interview of her from 2020 with those weird pics

No. 1438760

File: 1644424138267.jpeg (269.14 KB, 750x1139, 2C8061C2-77A0-4315-8B16-A492F6…)

Tbh she looks so much better in this second pic.
I wonder when the album she’s probably working her ass off on will come out though

No. 1438768

File: 1644424562392.jpeg (1.89 MB, 3464x3464, 22E74BBC-EA17-42D8-8121-8D9CF1…)

She really hit rock bottom right around the time she broke up with Corey and the ginger. Then pandemic hit and she went full spiral crazy. If you go back a few years she did way less word vomiting and looked happier and healthier. Maintaining her shop seemed to give her purpose. Picrel: the top right is an obvious shoop, look at her wearing the same out fit bottom left. Like another anon said, Schafermeyer and co geotag has more pics

No. 1438769

Bottom right* sorry I am a retard

No. 1438822

File: 1644430196152.jpeg (969.74 KB, 1242x1194, FDF1DE3B-8DB3-45C4-B04A-1AECB4…)

This shoop really made me lawl

No. 1438859

KEK what the actual fuck

No. 1438885

Shoop away the ribcage and stomach but don't fix your mutt ugly mug. Love that. Very believable.

No. 1438890

File: 1644434203713.jpg (583.31 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_5093.JPG)

Just waif things.

No. 1438969

She really made her waist the same size as her knees. Almost the same size as her ankles. Imagine if ANYONE looked that crazy lol.

This bitch is nuts and hilarious.

No. 1438985

new cryptid just dropped

No. 1439131

How could she think this looks good. Just how.

No. 1439152

File: 1644449802437.jpg (146.21 KB, 1080x1350, 19955633_325347067903685_19256…)

This set is great when you consider what she posted herself. It’s funny seeing all of her pictures together, some from the same damned day and how different she looks.

I also enjoyed this one

No. 1439340

How many of her tattoos did she fuck the artist to get for free or have her poor disabled husband pay for it? Safe to say she never got a single tattoo in an honest way.

No. 1439350

> poor disabled husband
Do you know something we don’t know?

No. 1439352

We all know he's autistic as fuck

No. 1439458

File: 1644489951793.png (1.43 MB, 1080x802, Screenshot_20220210-054350.png)

No. 1439460

File: 1644490051064.png (1016.49 KB, 1080x777, Screenshot_20220210-054452.png)

No. 1439512

File: 1644498371890.jpeg (596.28 KB, 1170x1188, 314B6542-BDB0-422E-83DF-FEC2AA…)

Didn’t she say once she was giving them video from her home surveillance cameras?

No. 1439543

yeah and apparently giving them the exact make and model of the gun based on the sound alone.

No. 1439565

not a tattoo artist, used to work in a shop she got tattooed at - she is absolutely the kind of cash cow you want as a client. She can just keep milked for money, because she always has Johnny to pay the tab. Annoying to tattoo, but always has the $$$.

People who get tattoos for free or discounted (you still tip anyway), have people who are actually their friends tattoo them. If you fuck someone you're not going to get a free tattoo.

No. 1439609

She looks way cuter and more natural here than her current alien crackhead shooped meatball eyes incarnation. Too bad she was still a psycho then too.

No. 1439666

This ugly bitch is really comparing herself to Marisa Tomei AGAIN. Delusion at its finest.

No. 1439713

You’re definitely right. Plus she’s made multiple posts praising that motorcycle cop. That ACAB tattoo is a fucking joke. It’s hard to warp my mind around how this cow can be SO delusional.

Scabbies is also a big fan of cops. I’ve seen him call the cops at the meatlocker on mentally ill homeless people a ton of times. They’re two delusional cop loving dirty punk posers.

No. 1442139

File: 1644753632940.jpg (24.75 KB, 800x600, 53871217_10156497068563208_800…)

lady elaine vibes

No. 1442151

File: 1644755383110.jpeg (200.31 KB, 1170x603, 37875D86-34E8-4B59-9F01-ADD5C3…)

Can’t wait for this mess.

No. 1442195

Who the f is mama Margo? She’s not tagged. To get into msg you have to be fully vaxed. I only recall scamanda getting one shot.

No. 1442209

Assuming it’s Dan’s mom with the “future sis in law”

No. 1442222

Oh ok so Dan’s mom and Dan’s sister. But none of them tagged.

No. 1442241

Had to point out it was front row lol

No. 1443419

Wow, no 5000 word paragraph of inherent babble about how perfect their love and sex life is on Valentine’s? Maybe they’re too fucked up or she was out sleeping with other dudes.(sage your shit)

No. 1443547

File: 1644911829343.jpeg (691.81 KB, 1242x2008, C0C1C85F-78F6-4D5B-83B4-20828D…)

Here it is, a 2am babble and 23 pictures of poop dread or her scantily clothed, recycled pictures.

No. 1443600

This is one of the most second-hand embarrassment inducing ramblings I’ve read from her but
>from backstage hangouts with our pals from ‘namedropping multiple bands that just chill and drink with everyone after their concerts’
holy shit how hard can one person pretend to actually know any of these ‘pals’ lmao talking shit and drinking with those bands after their concerts ain’t special. Does she not realize how pathetic shit like this makes her look?

No. 1443642


Love the "my best friend of 8 years " moment here, considering we never heard about this guy until like 7 months ago

No. 1443651

I love how all the photos are all repeats because she can’t take a decent shooped picture of herself anymore.

No. 1443665

“How could I choose just one pic from when we met 8 years ago?” I’d love to see her try. There are none. Because you met in 2018.

No. 1443702

as each month passes without them going up in flames, it turns out she's known him for one more year. I think that's how her special math works.

No. 1443707

as each month passes without them going up in flames, it turns out she's known him for one more year. I think that's how her special math works.

No. 1443905

Love how she added that “bruise my esophagus” pic that is so obviously from the internet in second place. If you just google the phrase it’s one of the first things to come up.

Trying so hard to “show off” their ~crazy amazing kinky sex~ just makes them sound like they haven’t fucked in months lol.

Also love that not a single pic she posted was flattering to either or looked remotely good.

No. 1443913

Scabbies is exactly the same. He just fangirls over any band that’s sexist, racist or controversial within the scene and then tries to become “friends” with them by booking a show or two for them or buying them a ton of booze and drugs. Obviously these scumbags he looks up to love to get a bunch of free shit and praise from him and can very easily take advantage of him or the situation. I can’t tell you how many time the bands he tries to impress laugh at him behind his back. This happened with the murder junkies, the mentors, that one guy from anal cunt he posted about a million times and many many more.

Everyone that scabbies thinks is “cool” usually takes advantage of his desperate attempts to be part of their “in circle”. They get to drink all his booze, do all his drugs and then laugh about him when he’s gone.

No. 1443949

I really hope mandy goes through another one of her “sobriety attempts” and tries to make scabbies sober. That would be one hilarious episode.

No. 1444052

She always has to add one old unrelated recycled picture where she thinks she looks skinny and hot no matter how irrelevant it is. So funny.

No. 1444124

That definitely helps me understand how he doesn't feel completely embarrassed by her cringeposting. Match made in heaven.

No. 1444139

File: 1644963394968.png (729.44 KB, 938x599, sad.png)

IA, reading it was also music to my ears
Just when you think it can’t get any sadder, picrel from an image search

No. 1444379

His dick is too small to bruise any esophagus anyway.

No. 1445182

'Probably will be married' isn't the same as engaged.

No. 1445242

Well she did say she didn't need a piece of paper to tell her she'll be together with Scabies Incarnate forever… same as her and her human ATM. Or she realizes how short-lived her other "engagements" are and realizes marriage won't last

No. 1445258

This scum fuck did not propose to her otherwise we would have seen a mile long post with a handful of blurry pics of him on one knee giving her some gutter trash as a ring. She is wearing a ring she already owned saying “he’s my future husband” like a 5 year old. He plays it off as a joke and she thinks it’s cute and it’s neither.

No. 1445362

There was this post 2 month ago about how he made her a ring of garbage.


No. 1445388

That whole post is obviously a lie too. That ring in the photo is old and there’s no way someone that knows nothing about metalworking would be able to make a ring. Especially someone as dumb as him.

She clearly posts about them getting married without talking to him about actually getting married. Remember when she made a post about her proposing while he was probably asleep and as soon as he got up she deleted it and made a backtracking post?

No. 1445516

DAE think it’s pathetic that both her and Dan change the way they type, like Amanda probably goes into her phone settings and disables capitalization and shitdread looks like he’s screaming everything.. like it’s to make up for the fact that in real life underneath all the fake they’re both just blank slates

No. 1445684

Imagine caring about your “internet persona” so much that you go through all that effort just to type shit ~differently~ even though they’re copying other people since they both have no original ideas. Scabbies is copying Gutter, one of the many NJ locals that’s been mentioned in the thread who is “friends” with scabbies but obviously thinks he’s a dumb fuck. Mandy has tried to act like she’s friends with him by tagging him on posts and shit but always gets ignored as always.

I would bet mandy started typing like that just to have her own ~font aesthetic~ to match scabbies. They’re so pathetic and stupid.

No. 1445700


I think most things they do are pathetic yes

No. 1445766

Is she laughing about her exes “ghost” being in her apartment after she insisted he was her best friend who she respected and loved so much? Typical shitty mandy.

No. 1446042

Are you talking about "houseguests from hell or heaven"? It just means they sometimes have great guests and sometimes they have horribly shitty guests. You're reading too much into it. Mandy forgot all about Cold Cowie until something jogs her memory and she posts it for sympathy points.

No. 1446152

She made a post not too long ago referring to his ghost. She doesn’t forget about anything that might get her more attention.

No. 1446155

It wouldn’t be the first time she refers to his “spirit” being in her apartment. Why would she say “only one way to find out” otherwise? Plus they’ve only has one houseguest.

She might be a selfish asshole who forgets about everyone but she doesn’t forget about anything that might get her more attention.

No. 1446443

Late on this reply but he didn't actually make the ring. She even says he just soldered the ring made of "questionable materials… definitely not silver". So it was already a metal strip, probably not even a broken ring, and he simply brought the 2 ends together and soldered it in place to form a circle. You can see she's hiding the soldered part in between her fingers so you can't even see his shitty handiwork.

No. 1446451

Where have you been? They've had multiple houseguests. Just off the top of my head in the past 3 months, Taco helped pick that useless Tascam field recorder and came over to test it the day it arrived and she protested being nicknamed after her constant farting. Diego slept off the bed while Slobz was in the bed with the shooped body. "Only one way to find out" means you won't know if the houseguest is a piece of shit devil or a total angel until they stay there. She only posts about Cold Cowie when it'll get her pity points. She doesn't try to be sly mentioning him. Every mention of him has been outright talking about her "late friend" so people feel bad for her. It's not that deep when she's clearly saying that having someone over is the only way to know if they'll be a good guest or not.
You'll know when she's talking about Cowie the Corpse. He's not some inside joke to her storyline- He's her favorite source of pity points and she makes it known when she wants the comforting comments.

No. 1446460

I get that Mandy makes convoluted posts, but you're really assuming she's referencing cowie just because of her bad wording. Put the parenthetical phrase at the beginning and it'll make more sense: Only one way to find out if houseguests are from hell or from heaven… which is to have them be your houseguests.

No. 1446556

I’m not sure why y’all are so upset over how one anon here interpreted her post. The truth is none of us know what this dumb bitch means. She probably doesn’t know what she means half the time she talks. She could be talking about real people, a ghost, the mice infesting her apartment, or all of them for all we know.
Yes she has talked about multiple houseguests but she has also talked about the ghost in her apartment without mentioning cowies name before. Heres one example of her talking about the ghost in her apartment and not saying his name

Now can we all agree this detail is pointless and boring and move on?

No. 1446803

I actually interpreted that old "ghost" comment as her almost thinking she liked somebody and then the person "walked over [her]", hence why they're a ghost to her now

No. 1447030

She was dealing with the ghost with scabbies so I doubt it

No. 1447151

Haha I just realized Scabies Incarnate has scabbies on his head.

I don't see anything on her post about her and Scabies Incarnate both almost feeling something for the ghost of no one, but perhaps you read something that isn't posted on here.
Then again, Slobby makes no sense even when she's overly descriptive and thinks she makes sense so I'm sure we're all right and wrong simultaneously. She's like a Rorschach test where it's all a Slobz blob subject to interpretation.

No. 1447348

File: 1645315765141.jpeg (186.85 KB, 1242x1520, 2AFAD26D-E31A-43E3-A2EE-F50F9B…)

The only person herding this cow is her cuckhold ex; Scabies can’t afford soap, much less dinner.

No. 1447793

File: 1645361908144.jpeg (71.29 KB, 1170x1037, 1AF09DBD-57E2-4426-9304-E0AE14…)

Not a humble bone in her chubby toddler body.

No. 1448182

She must think she's so clever and mEtAl by saying doofus Kendrick Lamar's lyrics, but backwards.

No. 1449300

Has Mandy Slobz and Scabies Incarnate really been this quiet?!

No. 1449417

File: 1645544810141.jpeg (611.44 KB, 1170x1258, 48CF2EF1-2D8D-4E5D-A36F-75DBD5…)

She logs into Poshmark everyday, so she’s still alive. Scabies got someone to do a new logo… why not super talented Mandy?!

No. 1449456

File: 1645549127914.jpeg (798.83 KB, 1585x2560, 5187C219-D243-4D5D-B67C-6A92B8…)

A quick look at his band page and I see the “new logo” looks exactly as the “new logos/designs” from 2010, 2012, 2016, 2017, 2021 and now this one. How original.

No. 1449524

They are falling into a dark hole in that gross apartment where they just drink and do coke and Xanax and I’m assuming blues or heroin. It’s hard to be super active on anything when you’re zonked out of your mind all the time. The videos she posted lately where she’s speaking in what sounds like slow motion means they’re clearly in a downer phase. The junkie cave is so sad and dirty. I wonder how her ex’s family feels knowing there’s just two unemployed 30 something drug addicts crushing pills and hoarding trash in a free apartment they could actually be making money off of.

Her life is less funny train wreck and more just like sad aging junkie now which is less entertaining and more depressing. just yuckkkkkyyyyy

No. 1449567

File: 1645559963973.jpeg (1.85 MB, 3264x3264, 1F22CA32-2684-48F0-8388-4A931A…)

Her crappy taste continues to blow my mind. Doesn’t she have so many diamonds and all this silvery jewelry she just steals from her store? Now she’s buying $16 Claire’s rings in Poshmark. Cringe.

No. 1449572

Which one of these rings do you think she’s going to pretend is their new engagement ring?

No. 1449654

Now she’s gonna have black gums, black lungs and green fingers. She just gets hotter by the second.

No. 1449659

Dulchguls, the band everyone tries to show up after they've played or walks out on to go smoke.

No. 1449680

Newsflash: heroin doesn't exist on the east coast. Mandy was being sarcastic with Scabies Incarnate last year about being on "heroin" because it's a baseless, ridiculous assumption since Mandy and Scabies Incarnate were both never opiate users. Coke and Xanax, yes.

No. 1449684

Benzos make you slur and black out. Anons need to stop claiming cows are junkies when there's no proof of opiates being used. That's like calling their apartment the anorexia cave.

No. 1449685

Don't forget black spit, the phrase she tells everyone she coined and named her nonexistent band after!

No. 1449703

I seriously hope whoever said heroin doesn’t exist in the east coast is either kidding or from somewhere very far away from here. NJ has an insane problem with heroin/opiate addiction.

No. 1449707

News flash: you’re an idiot. There’s a ton of heroin in the east coast and scabbies has bragged about trying it/doing it to a bunch of people.

No. 1449712

Only mandy slobs would be proud of having black spit. Has she posted about this recently or was this her made-up band from years ago?

No. 1449718

A person can only listen to the same 5 songs that all sound the same so many times. Maybe if scabbies wrote one new song or had one original idea someone would give a shit about his boring ass band. Being Mandy’s bitch boy is the most entertaining thing he’s ever done.

No. 1449726

My thoughts exactly. Mandy on a booze bender = lots of posted then deleted content but were quick and usually catch it. If mandys not posting she’s either sulking back to her parents in Long Island, scabies is moving out, or they are in such a dark drug hole that she is incapable of posting. My moneys on the hard drugs.

No. 1449796

drug bender. it’s tax season! she got her tax refund and she’s spending it hard. or she got her ex’s tax refund and is spending it hard.

No. 1449810

You really think any of these people are responsible enough to do their taxes early? I’ll bet anything their moms still do their taxes too.

No. 1449825

taxes for what she literally doesn’t have a job

No. 1449828


Ok so everyone touched on how stupid and wrong the first part is (unless you meant that heroin in nyc is impure and is actually just stepped on fentanyl? but thats..everywhere)

But the second part made me laugh for real. Do you think this girl and her crusty beaver scab boyfriend who used to actually sleep in the dusty basement of a semi illegal venue run by an old dried piss stain of a junkie who nods out during shows have some kind of drug code of ethics? Do you think the girl who proudly accepts and displays fingernails and dead skin glued to a piece of cardboard as art and fan girled over and then killed her meth head FIFTY year old ex boyfriend from the trashiest part of the Midwest is..above doing heroin? You think opiates are a line she simply will not cross? Ok LOL

No. 1449855

Let’s also not forget that both mandy and scabbies are known for abusing their exes, stealing money from people, lying about everything and anything you can think of, publicly doing and speaking about doing coke and many other drugs and being proud alcoholics (remember when brave strong mandy QUIT SOBRIETY wow what champ). Mandy also has cheated on almost all, if not all her bfs and scabbies has some abuse allegations way worse than hitting girls.

Why would anyone think they have ANY morals at all? Maybe they don’t do heroin but let’s not pretend they’re too good for it, or that even they would think so.

No. 1449886

Dogpiling here but I personally invite you to visit K&A in Philly, you dumb bitch

No. 1449898

snake for sure

No. 1449953

sun and moon. they’re sTarCRoSeD LOvErS. did you know that they met before?? and that they’ve been waiting to date each other??

No. 1450004

It's not heroin. It's a white powder called fetty which is heavily cut fentanyl. China white has been dead for years. This is common knowledge to anyone working harm reduction.

No. 1450008

You're right on the first part of it being heavily stepped on fentanyl. Another anon mentioned it's called fetty which is correct.
I am ashamed to admit that during a dark time last year I asked Mandy if she knew anyone with opiate pills (roxies). She said her and Scabies Incarnate don't even know where to find it since them and their dealers don't fuck with it, only coke and Xanax. I told her to let me know if she hears of any. She's never brought it up again.

No. 1450010

Skip this post if you have no desire to learn about opiates.

I've looked in the Badlands. They have fetty. A lot of the dealers even called it heroin. I have test strips and everything tested for only fentanyl. Breaking down fentanyl patches, which is pure fentanyl, doesn't look like that lactose cut fentanyl they sell. Before you call someone a dumb bitch, understand people have struggled with addiction before and maybe aren't talking out of their asses. It's like calling a meth head a crack head. Just like uppers, opiates are a world apart and fetty vs heroin is the difference between life and death.
Btw, I'm clean now so no need to tell me to get off it.

No. 1450065


News flash you absolute retard heroin use is so bad on long island it was literally addressed by the president but go off with your east coast facts

No. 1450096

Can we stop sperging about whether or not heroin exists? It does even if most things are fentanyl now. No one cares if you are a junkie, we only care of Amanda is. Heroin is never going to not be a thing.

No. 1450100

Hi Mandy.(hi cow)

No. 1450104

Nice hi cow you got going there when that isn't even Mandy

No. 1450937

Don’t be stupid Mandy would never capitalize run proper nouns or write a complete sentence.

No. 1450970

File: 1645708182953.jpeg (999.38 KB, 1170x1945, 322E9D09-4CC9-4C11-B82E-57F2F4…)

Ah another story that never happened about Manda gatekeeping music from other “cis-queer” women.
Why specify that? Couldn’t that have been left out?

No. 1450979

I was going to comment on this when she first said it a few threads ago but forgot…she claims she has black spit from spit shading paintings. I work in the tattoo industry, if your mouth is black from spit shading, you’re doing it wrong. Most tattoo inks, acrylic inks & watercolor inks are toxic if orally ingested. When you’re shading a painting, you have a rinse cup of clean water. If your brush has ink on it, you dunk it in the rinse cup to clean it & then suck on it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mandy has some sort of brain damage from eating toxic paints.

No. 1450987

Can someone please translate this? I think this reads as she was testing lesbians about band knowledge, but I've reread this twice and I'm trying to understand the last half. Is she pissed that the cis-queers like that music?

No. 1450993


according to scamanda, the dwarves write music about straight people fucking so obvs these lesbians can’t enjoy their music

No. 1450998

Pretty simply : "Hey poophair, aren't I so much smarter about shitty music than these dykes? Give me a disgusting cigarette kiss so I can make them even MORE jealous of ME."

No. 1451002

She’s mad that “cis-queer women” have the gall to “flex like” they listen to “notoriously offensive band[s]” despite actually “living the opposite lifestyle” by not being similarly revolting on a personal level. Also kek at Mandy trying to play scum punk gatekeeper when she can’t even get the title of her alleged favorite song right (“let’s just get high and fuck some sluts” is in the chorus, but the song is actually called “the dwarves are still the best band ever”)

No. 1451006

That's so obnoxious. Bet you her coke drip and meatball eyes paired with the neckbeard gatekeeping behavior threw these "cis-queers" through a loop and they drew a blank. Who in this year of 2022 is not immediately laughed out of an interaction for pulling this autistic pickle shit?

No. 1451054

This just sounds like mandy bullied some random girls because they were having fun and she’s a miserable cow. I’m sure she thought the girls being normal and friendly meant they were ~sOoOo jealous~ of scabbies and her so she had to be a rude asshole and kiss him to piss all over her poopdread territory.

Gatekeeping past high school age is embarrassing enough. Gatekeeping fear as if they’re not one of the most well-known 70s-80s punk bands is extra stupid and embarrassing though.

No. 1451083

let me try (though others have done an excellent job already): Mandy is a narcissist. someone else was talking and could potentially receive attention so she felt a bit of anxiety re: her little fantasy world where everything revolves around her. she decided to show those potential attention-getters a thing or two!

anyone observing this scene in real life would immediately just clock her as a huge asshole.

No. 1451103

It’s funny too because she did that stereotypical asshole gatekeeper thing “oh you like this band??? Name your top 3 songs”

How does she not see that whole interaction as so cringe and annoying? Who cares this much at 30 something about other people liking music? everything she does is the worst

No. 1451131


The girls probably responded that way because it’s so cringe to even engage people asking you to name songs

No. 1451133

that's a typical male thing to do, "you like Star Trek? Well, what happend in episode 10, season 2 of Star Trek Voyager and name all the characters appearing in alphabetical order".
Every time I had such a conversation it's been with males, trying to tell me that I don't know shit about things and that I'm only into it to impress them.
She could just let people enjoy their time and shut up, but no, she has to bully someone, who actually didn't care about her and her personal felt mat.

No. 1451139

Why is she even pointing out they’re cis-queer? Is she moving away from being woke queen mandy to being more of a judgmental conservative idiot like scabbies? Does she think it would be worse if the girls hadn’t been cis? It makes no fucking sense.

Makes even less sense that she KNOWS the girls were cis or queer. I’m sure they weren’t wearing a fucking sign that said so and I’m even more sure she never takes the time to ask people what their gender identity or pronouns are. This whole post has real “I call non-binary people it” energy lmao. She’s so fucking awful.

No. 1451231

Yeah I was gonna say, the only people who have ever done that shit to me have been middle-aged men who don't want to believe that younger women could possibly know/like their favourite band. It reeks of insecurity and inadequacy.

No. 1451302

This is men of all ages tbh. I’m not surprised mandy acts like them though. She is the definition of a pick me bitch.

No. 1451319

Felt mat fucking kek my sides

No. 1451352

yes, it's been men of all ages for me, especially if you invade "their" space, like playing video games or watching Sci-Fi. She is so afraid of other women that she has to act like a man and she doesn't realise that no one wants her "soulmate for 8 years".

I originally wanted to use the German word "Filzmatte" (it sounds nicer), but I thought it would be nice if you all would know what I'm talking about, kek

No. 1451826

File: 1645801698658.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1789, Screenshot_20220225-150613_Fac…)

Posted an hour ago

No. 1451864

And not reposted on her page kek

No. 1451878

Would bet any amount of money that post was mandy’s idea

No. 1451888

They had a 4 month anniversary Jan 4th


Time flies when you're coked out of your mind.

No. 1451899

The only comment on his post is a cop. All these posts gatekeeping punk and bragging about her ACAB tattoo yet both of them seem awfully chummy with a bunch of cops. Cop-loving posers trying to gatekeep punk is pretty fucking funny.

No. 1451902

I love how she chose a picture where they both look like they’re on drugs and haven’t showered in days. I’m guessing that’s an accurate depiction of their lives, but most people would try to find one cute picture for an anniversary post lmao.

No. 1451908

Sorry I’m late to this post but … I can’t really tell about mandy cause I’ve never seen her irl and we all know how shooped her pics are, but could her bf get any uglier? Why does she think everyone is jealous about their relationship? I see everyone here seems to think they’re both wastes of space, but does anyone know if people generally like scabbies or think he’s talented or ANYTHING?

I guess what I’m trying to ask is - is there an actual reason for her to think people are jealous of them or is it full delusion?

No. 1451913

It’s full delusion. But honestly, based on having seen her in real life, and all of his pictures being candid, he is honestly more conventionally attractive than her. Minus this disgusting shit load growing out of his skull. Her face and body are VERY different irl.

No. 1451979

As someone who knows both irl, they’re both disgusting and ugly tbh. He looks even worse irl.

No. 1452076

If they were both trying to get drafted for a team and had stats listed in various categories, I'd still say Scabies Incarnate comes out ahead and would get drafted before the Slobz. Scabies is the more confident one based on not shooping everything about himself, seems more comfortable with himself being a loser, has hobbies besides looking for validation, has friends, has somewhat of a job even though it's not paid but at least means reduced rent, people defer to him about something even though it's just trying to book shows at a shitty venue that most bands who have never played in Jersey have ever heard of, and temporarily had a vegan restaurant that he didn't just pretend to own for internet clout while it was in someone else's name that he just stole shit from and tried to give things to so he could pretend he has friends.
I can't think of 1 stat that Mandy has that is more appealing than his. It's not a stat, but the only thing she has that trumps him is that she used to date someone rich that pities her enough to cough up charity for now. But that's dependent on John Bon Lonely, not something Slobz has anything to do with.

Compared to Mandy, Scabies Incarnate is a #1 draft pick while Mandy wouldn't get picked at all, or would be tossed to some team in a package deal to keep the benches warm for the real players, and never get to play a game until she's cut at the end of the season.

No. 1452153

I’ve known both of them for some time so I’m gonna correct some of this misinformation:
-he has zero self-confidence, that’s literally why he has that giant dread and why he works so hard on his fake punk persona. It’s palpable if you spend time with him.
-he hasn’t had a job since like 2013-2014. He’s not at the meatlocker anymore and when he was he barely did anything. He made the girl who used to work there and then mallory do everything for him pretty much. And if there were any problems that needed handling he made his bigger male friends take care of it. One time he threw himself down the stairs to avoid fighting a guy.
-the “restaurant” he opened was inside a different restaurant he didn’t own. He didn’t cook any of the food or did any of the work. The other owner jake did everything. Dan also got the money to start it from his mommy because he has been unemployed for so long.
-he doesn’t really have any friends, at least not by any decent persons standards. His “best friends” have all fucked the girls he was dating behind his back and he knows this. He has so little self-confidence or self-respect that he doesn’t do shit about it and keeps being friends with them.
People in NJ talk so much shit about him that now we all know the stories. I’m sure that’s why he’s always in bk now.

Both of them are almost equally as pathetic. Though I guess at least dan actually started and kept a band instead of talking about it online so you’re right he wins the most pathetic draft in history.

No. 1452154

I like this metaphor anon. Basically they let Mandy play because she owns the ball, not for any actual merits.

No. 1452168


So basically ones peak accomplishment is getting one man and the others is starting one band. Not very impressive. I’d rather sell my team than draft either lmao.

No. 1452298

They let Mandy warm the bench because because she used to fuck the team's general manager and the team gets some other good perks, like a free stadium and maintenance. But the whole team groans behind her back and says, "Fuuuck she's going to run her mouth the whole year and do Slobz sobs about how she deserves some playing time and we can't even say shit." The whole team and even the coach does everything to make her feel unwanted so she'll quit, but she just doesn't get the hint.
That's Mandy.

No. 1452361

Why does his face look like someone glued a fucking fake beard on a baby

No. 1452368

>One time he threw himself down the stairs to avoid fighting a guy.
I kek'd out loud

No. 1452407

File: 1645870080079.jpeg (575.69 KB, 1170x1088, 07EB3B1D-61E5-4841-9DFF-DD7708…)

No. 1452408

File: 1645870143295.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1170x1989, 0F3CC836-6D6B-4F25-AB2F-BFF2B1…)

She purses her lips like her mom when she tries to smile and hide her awful mouth.

No. 1452445

is she going to do this every month until 1 year or they break up? it’s really pathetic. i’ve never seen grown ass adults do this

No. 1452465

she spends her whole “sweet” post about her mom talking about herself. god, she is so insufferable. but she’s right, she should feel bad that her mom looks better than her.

No. 1452467


Mandy could only hope she makes it to her 50’s to look even half as good as her mother.

You can tell she edited her picture too, with the gigantic bug -eyes and pointy chin. Imagine your child editing your picture? She’s disgusting internally and it’s starting to deep through her pores.

Her outside is now becoming as ugly as her inside.

No. 1452515

File: 1645892680490.jpeg (601 KB, 2560x2059, E5B7EDBE-B3AD-4FD0-9287-0A6BE4…)

Is it me or did she shoop his nose to make it look thinner? He posted the pic on the right wearing the same sunglasses and his nose looks different lol.

No. 1452521

wow this is amazing

No. 1452533


Yeah she put them both through Snow App: sad.

No. 1452538

Kek! Yes I think >>1452533 is correct, she probably ran the pic through snow or a similar app and it applied her pinched nose pointy chin filter to both of their faces

No. 1452550

Making them look like brother and sister lol

No. 1452680

heroin is definitely a thing on the east coast.. in NY and NJ… but it's okay Mandy and Dan are doing crack.

No. 1452699

They sound pretty tired for people on crack. Please tell us you heard a story or they told you this.

No. 1452975

Look at the width of the sunglasses on her right eye vs left. And the right side of her face is a straight line. We’re supposed to believe this? Also I thought their 8 month anniversary was last month?!

No. 1453130

No, it's just more tinfoil as usual. We can only confirm coke and Xanax

No. 1453180

File: 1645978001410.jpeg (582.1 KB, 828x1323, 5976AB3A-BB6D-4B50-989E-0BCF6C…)

Trouble in paradise? She didn’t like the post lol.

No. 1453300

File: 1645990224394.jpeg (1.06 MB, 828x1477, A741EF07-B4F6-4A0C-A493-9C1363…)

Wow her mom took the exact same photo eight months ago, in September 2019! There might even be the same photo posted before that, but I got tired of scrolling through her shooped album of multiple reposts. It was a hilarious trip down memory lane- there were a lot of lies and storylines I forgot about- remember her CANCER that was allegedly still untreated…..?!? Plus so many more whims and tales……

No. 1453344

File: 1645993917425.jpeg (691.82 KB, 2560x2560, 0779CBB5-CD77-4630-9811-A78DAF…)

I never realized in how many of her stories you can clearly see coke on her nose or the dead skin people get on their nose from snorting shit too.

No. 1453480

File: 1646001296294.jpeg (394.89 KB, 1170x1630, 2B029CD5-B749-4ABF-B4D0-E7FB45…)

Oh like how you make people tell you their favorite songs and gatekeep music?

No. 1453615

File: 1646014035015.jpeg (413.5 KB, 828x1466, 8E90C457-4B75-4948-8494-E2A2A5…)

The old post and delete from a couple of hours ago
Will have to break it up because I don’t know how to put the whole thing in one pic
TMI again with her description of scabbies jerking off on her while she’s asleep? But it’s ok she consented not like the abusers in her past that nobody believes her about…

No. 1453617

File: 1646014066762.jpeg (201.87 KB, 794x694, CF9B3FCB-FC4E-40C6-A810-69601F…)

No. 1453633

File: 1646015139980.jpeg (320.82 KB, 1170x2217, 38F61E93-6D3A-41A3-BB0B-294A7C…)

Choice comments on the mom photo…

No. 1453697

Mandyslobz says “last fiancé” so casually. The way I refer to my last car.

No. 1453724

is she referring to her ex’s comic where he talks about she would hit him, call him a faggot and chain smoke?

No. 1453812

Not only did they catch wind of Dan getting called out for abusing multiple ex girlfriends, but Scamanda herself has wedged her way into thinking she is important or even remotely relevant to his disgusting acts. This is her pathetic attempt to cover it up by saying she could hurt people. But she cant.

No. 1453833

He jacks off onto her in her sleep?? Jesus christ that's so vile

No. 1453912

“Dan doesn’t hit me or sexually abuse ME so he’s not an abuser” jfc this girl has reached a whole new level of cruel narcissism.

No. 1453916

Not only does she not believe an abuse survivor, she’s also threatening to hurt them even more for having the audacity to stand up to their abuser. She’s a real woke feminist qween.

What a horrible person.

No. 1454017

File: 1646069546092.jpeg (1002.2 KB, 1170x999, 60A3F4DC-6F44-49F9-ABD8-8612CD…)

Elementary school drop out….please people who went to school w her come forward.

No. 1454019

What the fuck is she even talking about?

No. 1454034

People that went to high school with her have been on the thread before. You just gotta go back a couple pages.

This kind of sounds like she’s trying to say the only reason she deleted that last awful post was because someone was picking on her grammar? Is this bitch serious?

No. 1454047

Just a couple of mentions of her going to school at age 16 which is obviously high school lol

No. 1454061


Is she trying to flex being as illiterate as someone who dropped out of elementary school? Does she know that you can't drop out of school until you're like 16 or 18?

No. 1454163

Did anyone see comments/likes on this awful post before she deleted it?

No. 1454637

She's talking about Scabies Incarnate not being an abuser.
Then she closes by saying she knows what a real abuser is because she's been sooo abused and she's willing to throw hands if she catches any of her own past aBuSerZzz

No. 1454667

Are you sure? It sounds to me like she's threatening whoever is calling out scabbies. Especially the last 2 sentences of the post where she's calling them ugly, sounds like she's speaking about a woman

No. 1454670

even though her writing is so shit that it's a bit unclear, I agree she's threatening Dan's abuse victim (using language similar to what she's used in the past when talking about Dan's ex), not her own abusers. ugh.

No. 1454682

She’s definitely talking about scabbies ex. She’s saying whoever lies about being abused discredits HER (not all abuse survivors, just her) so clearly he’s talking about scabbies ex or exes.

She’s so narcissistic that not only does she think that because scabbies isn’t currently abusive to HER he’s never abused anyone, but is also implying scabbies ex from years ago is lying about being abused because they’re jealous of their relationship. Then calls scabbies ex ugly for no reason. She’s so vile.

No. 1454769

erased the post on gatekeeping music…

No. 1454811

Love how she’s saying she’s pissed no one believed her about being abused, while also not believing another woman about being abused. Yeah mandy, I’m sure scabbies is super honest and straightforward about physically and sexually assaulting his ex. No way he could be denying it to cover his ass like most abusers (including mandy) do.

Only mandy slobz could be so incredibly selfish, narcissistic and stupid to hear a story about somebody else who she doesn’t even know being abused and immediately thinks “I’m gonna make this is about ME.”

Also… the way I read her post sounds like she’s basically saying “scabbies might have hit his ex but he never hits me” and then says he jerks off on her in her sleep? Way to make your own man sound like even more of an abusive horrible creep.

No. 1454861

but anon, she loves "getting a load dropped on her" Vomit

No. 1455057

not tinfoil. there's no way of me revealing how i know without being exposed basically, so uh, guess i'll just wait to say i told you so once she inevitably slips up.

No. 1455133

I’m sure you can tell us if you saw it, heard it from someone or heard it from them. I doubt either of these dumb fucks will figure it out.

Scabbies has personally told me he’s smoked crack before, but after he told the whole story it was clear he had gotten shitty coke, tried to smoke it and pretty much failed lol.

No. 1455174

not Mandy Slobs, infamous only for how repugnant she is, shunned and laughed out of every scene she’s shoved herself into, who can only date other laughingstocks equally shunned by everyone….still posting this illegible pseudo macho bullshit. I feel like I’m gonna die waiting for her comeuppance. It’s sad she’s so irrelevant no one can even be bothered to fuck her shit up.

No. 1455238

I never understood why she does all that macho posturing when most of the time she’s trying to act like she’s every man’s dream. Especially when she types like she’s writing some shitty fanfiction porn like when she said she “loves getting a load dropped on” her lmao.

Did she miss the memo that being aggressive, stupid and purposefully uneducated is usually not in the top 5 qualifications a man is looking for in a woman? Or that anyone is looking for in anybody else? She is so DUMB.

No. 1455270

Do we actually have abuse proof from Scabies' ex? Because I only recall anons saying they know her or knew he hit her. I don't recall anything other than heresy from anons, let alone proof that the skinny fleabag is a rapist.

Both Scabies Incarnate and Slobby love to talk about people "needing a good dentist" when they both need a good dentist. Although as usual, I think Mandy is just taking on the attributes and phrases of whatever reject she latches onto.

No. 1455273

I mean, she never says anything like this to people's faces. Just online. To anyone's face she tries to be their friend.

No. 1455276

She knows she's not any man's dream. Since she's not winning and beauty pageants, her best bet she thinks is to be like a bro they can hang with that they can fuck because she's down for anything.

No. 1455290

I am not the nonnie you responded to, but I can confirm that street drugs are definitely being used because that was the excuse he would use to why he couldn’t get it up, even if they’ve been out of his system. He just did not have sex with her.

No. 1455313

Did I miss something or was there milk/proof of him admitting to watching porn while fucking her or not being hard? I keep seeing this brought up but never saw it posted.

No. 1455326

What kind of proof are you looking for? Most people don’t get to record their abusers assaulting them so I’m not sure what your point here is. It seems like a lot of people here either know him directly or know his exes too. He’s obviously an alcoholic, drug addict and a pretty shit person. What reason do you have to believe he’s NOT abusive when two girls who dated scabbies have obviously said he’s abusive?

No. 1455629

File: 1646225234640.jpeg (690.74 KB, 1117x2961, FDEAC5A2-A8FD-47A0-8234-733020…)

there’s nothing about her voice sounds like “music notes”….maybe garbled phlegm…

No. 1455637

7 months is not even close to almost a year she’s so dumb.

The idf training lie might be one of her stupidest. What kind of idiot seriously compares shooting a real gun to a nerf gun too lmao.

No. 1455642

my good friend is close with dan and has been for years, and my friend (let's call them P) P hung out with them one night maybe a month or so ago and told me that they straight up told P they were doing crack. not really proof but yeah.

she also knows about the thread and told P that she posts ridiculous bs on facebook just to "mess with us." lol okay.

No. 1455755

File: 1646237118463.jpeg (404.5 KB, 1170x996, D3C3F27C-195F-4CC7-BAD1-0F0F0A…)


No. 1455760

so you mean looking like this? >>1438890 i'd think you were 45. a very rough 45.

No. 1455809

Face and body look 45, that mouth looks 150 years old though.

No. 1455818

File: 1646241566158.jpeg (312.1 KB, 1125x1397, 496FFD53-3046-4923-9883-9231A8…)

This was a response to a comment a friend made about the nerf bag dans holding about how they’re hair curlers - literally nothing about tshirts…it’s deleted now

No. 1455859

File: 1646243583797.jpeg (245.09 KB, 828x1006, FB5ECF5E-D54C-4186-B584-3E8A52…)

I’m sure she’s more than a couple size bigger than him (even though he’s definitely not a size small with them floaters).

No. 1455886

There’s a lot to unpack here but… Is she really bragging about her slipknot and korn shirts while also claiming to be the queen of punk? Lmao.

Also hilarious that she’s suddenly Jewish, with a whole new background story, because her bf is Jewish. And she’s typing in all caps like him all the sudden too.

No. 1455942

Her “teeth”look a century old.

No. 1455982

Is there a post or text where an ex said he raped or hit her? We haven't seen any ex's messaging anyone that he hit her or raped her and here's the circumstances.
Not saying he's not a lousy person, but anons saying "I know his ex/him and this DEFINITELY happened" doesn't really lend a lot of credibility to these stories.
It's fine to say you heard a story if you want to, but it feels like a game of telephone where anons hear a story or "know him" and then many posts/threads later, anons say it as fact.
It would just be nice to have some kind of proof to back up the stories otherwise we're just writing the Legend of Scabies and Slobs.

No. 1455987

He definitely has and I’ve personally seen him be very emotionally abusive to an ex publicly. The reason why there is no call out post or text is because he is beloved by the NJ music scene still for whatever reason so no one is going to say or do anything about it

No. 1455988

Emotionally and verbally* my bad.

No. 1455994

Like the other anon said, attempting to sMoKe shitty coke (when I doubt they actually know how to smoke crack or how to turn coke into crack) isn't the same as smoking crack.
Plus they don't have enough money for crack. The high is shitty and only lasts a few minutes if you're lucky. Knowing these 2 and the fact John gives Slobs her weekly allowance and she doesn't pay rent, they're buying coke and maybe attempted to freebase. But really that would be a horrible waste and a short high so I doubt they're doing crack.

No. 1456015

So what's the "emotionally and verbally" abusive scene you witnessed? Being vague doesn't help your case.
And now he's loved (or bElOvEd) by the music scene when other anons have said people hate him and talk shit about him being a pansy poser that doesn't even book shows himself?
No one is saying there needs to be a call out post. But somebody that knows his exes must have had a text conversation at some point where "I'm so glad you dumped him because I never understood why you stayed after he raped you/ hit you" and the ex replied "yeah, me either. I still have photos of my injuries from the last time that skinny fat loser gave me a black eye but he's so loved in the scene that no one would ever believe he did it". Something, anything like that? Out of all the anons that claim to know him and his exes, we don't have an iota of proof of any claim that he's beating and raping women? Can someone that knows an ex at least ask them for an old text where he apologizes for hitting her or says the punch to the face was an accident? Or ask for texts showing him being even emotionally and verbally abusive?

I'm having a hard time believing this skinny wimp gluing dead skin to cardboard can say or do something to any woman without that woman kicking his ass without trying.

No. 1456019

This whole post is sus. Skinny wimps can be abusers too. Idk what crawled up your ass to defend him so heavily by demanding proof so that doubt is cast on the idea of him possibly being abusive but it’s annoying. If there is proof show it otherwise he must be a troll to some degree for being with scamanda. Move on.

No. 1456022

Kek you really think any part of that post is defending him?!
This isn't the first time in lolcow history anons have asked for some kind of receipts. It's what's expected in every thread. Just because Scabies is cow-adjacent doesn't exempt his stories from receipts.

No. 1456029

Nta but it's actually sus that you're saying you witnessed him being emotionally and verbally abusive and when anon asks what you saw, you come back with >your post is sus, move on

No. 1456030


stfu you’ve clearly never been in a situation where this has happened to you. not texting someone about this is super normal because it is TRAUMATIZING. not everyone has the same response as amanda and needs to blast their experiences (or in her case, “experiences”) everywhere

No. 1456034

Wait so if all of his exes never texted anyone about it, where are these anons stories coming from about him being a rapist and woman beater?!!

No. 1456039

I've known Dan for years and I've personally witnessed 3 different exes hitting HIM. His ex Mallory put him in the hospital last time after they got in an argument and she threw a full bottle at his head and he needed multiple stitches. He's known to date crazy bitches which is why I'm not surprised he's with maniacal Mandy. Just wait until she puts him in the hospital after calling him a fuggin fehg-gut

No. 1456084


There are many many text conversations from his exes talking about scabbies being abusive, but fortunately for them, they have decent friends who wouldn’t post their private and traumatic conversations on an anonymous thread online for some jerkoffs to see “proof” of abuse. Maybe just believe women instead of demanding “proof” that a piece of shit like scabbies is an abuser.

No. 1456090

So… we should believe Mandy Slobs and all the other cows like Tuna Slater when they cry rape/abuse? We post receipts on here which is what lends credibility to these threads.

No. 1456094

I totes believe you, but just to confirm I'm understanding, these many text conversations from many exes have all been texted by them to you? And there's no way you could, you know, block out their names and numbers?

No. 1456098

It's okay to talk about it, just not hide details that would keep their identities private? I'm honestly confused as to how this is credible information then. I don't doubt Dan's a shit bag, but there's a lot of conflicting info and a lot of stories and no one has any proof so excuse me for wanting someone to have something to back up claims.

No. 1456136

This is 100% Mandy making up lies with no proof. I know Dan and for years refuses to go to the hospital for any reason, and his exes never PUT him in the hospital. It’s pretty fucked up that you’re all asking for proof and then let this absolute lie fall through the cracks.

Since when did this thread become a Scabbies fan club?

No. 1456141


I’m not the original anon but we all know which of scabbies exes everyone is talking about. He only has two recent exes and they’ve been talked about on this thread before. Go back one page and there’s screenshots of them and everything. Even if their names were blurred out we would all know they’re either talking about martina or mallory. It’s 100% understandable that their friends don’t want to post private texts here.

And way more importantly, it’s very fucked up to share abuse stories without the survivors knowing. We have no idea what these girls might’ve been through, and having their private stories posted on the internet could be triggering/traumatic to them. It’s bad enough mandy is posting about them and trying to deny their entire abuse experience.

No. 1456145

Here to confirm this. I used to be close to dan and have seen him in multiple situations in which he should’ve gone to the hospital (all caused by himself) and he wouldn’t go under any circumstances.

I personally never saw him be physically abusive, but he was very emotionally/verbally abusive to his ex and the way she reacted definitely seemed like there was a lot more going on. She flinched when he yelled at her like she was ready to get hit.

There’s a reason so many people on here say they know dan but no one fucks with him anymore. He’s a bad person who treats everybody like shit while constantly throwing himself pity parties and expecting everyone to feel bad for him.

No. 1456147

I’ve talked his ex and the reason there’s no call out post is because she’s scared of him. He was physically and sexually abusive while they dated and for years after they broke up (even while he dated other people) he kept stalking and contacting her.

I’m shocked this is even something that needs to be explained. Most victims of abuse are scared of their abusers. For every call-out post you see there’s dozens of people too scared of the consequences of calling their abuser out who stay silent.

No. 1456150

To all the idiots saying they’re surprised scabbies abused his exes because he’s a skinny wimp. First of all, that’s not how abuse works. Second, have you seen his exes? They’re both tiny and at least one of them is like 5 feet tall. I’m sure mandy slobz can knock him out with those lunch lady arms, but I don’t know what you expect from the other two lol.

No. 1456154

He got stitches on his head without shaving the dread off? Yeah ok lmao. Smells like fat lunch lady arms typing over here.

No. 1456168

haha she's "JEW(-ISH)," which I guess in her mind is somehow distinct from Jewish? as an actual Jewish person, I think what she means by "JEW(-ISH)" is "shiksa," because that's what she is.

No. 1456172

fuck you for expecting abused women to share proof. I was abused (by no one related to anyone on lolcow ever). want proof? eat shit and quit demanding shit you have no right to see.

No. 1456173

in general, hospitals/doctors don't shave your entire head to do stitches in one area (though how anyone resisted shaving that putrid pelt off is anyone's guess). not defending lunch-lady-arms nor baby-arms here; they're both assholes.

No. 1456177

exactly. the only people who saw pictures/proof of my ex's abuse (bruises, written out descriptions of what he did, etc.) were the police, the state attorney general's office and my lawyer. I used those to get a restraining order. none of my friends saw that shit – I was too down and too humiliated to show them to anyone else. my ex called/texted me over 100 times after he was served with a restraining order that demanded no contact – again, the only people who saw that evidence were the same ones mentioned above. when someone is terrifying you (shutting off your utilities/putting passwords on accounts, beating you, etc.), it can take a while before you're ready to share the story.

to this day, my ex claims HE was the one abused. I should have let it go to court; I would have won, easily. but I wasn't up for it. I got divorced without having to pay for the attorneys and that was enough for me. if you haven't been through this shit, you have NO idea how terrible it can get (and I definitely didn't have it as bad as others). women in my position are often lucky to escape with our lives; our last concern is gathering proof for internet onlookers.

No. 1456214

I'm very sorry you both went through this; I think there's been a misunderstanding. I believe the girls asking for proof are saying that the exes have never said anything publicly, and while it's possible it happened, we shouldn't just repeat it as a confirmed fact as it muddies the waters. It'd be entirely different if some girls were asking proof after the ex-girlfriends have said something publicly.

No. 1456246

Instead of trying to defend why the people asking for proof are right why don’t you ask yourself “why would a bunch of random anonymous people make up that dan was abusive to his exes and they told them directly?” Would any of us gain anything by pretending we know his exes and they told us he physically, sexually or emotionally abused them? No. There is nothing to gain here for the people who know them.

So why not believe them instead of demanding proof for something that no one has any reason to lie about. Everyone here seems very quick to believe every horrible outlandish story about mandy, but when it comes to scabbies you suddenly need proof directly from the source? Makes no sense.

No. 1456411

Not that it matters because I believe he’s capable of it but I’ve seen people make up things about other cows without having anything to gain other than whatever thrill they get from being a “source” or misdirecting the conversation

No. 1456505

Agreed. That's exactly what I was thinking. The "I know a cow/ cow adjacent and this happened for sure and no proof is needed!"

No. 1456506

That's a blog post nobody wants to hear about. Thanks for sharing something totally unrelated on a cow thread.

No. 1456507

There's this phrase we have in the US called innocent until proven guilty. Every cow in here was innocent enough until there was receipts showing otherwise. Don't act like we all know Scabies and his exes.

No. 1456510

100% this. I am not Mandy Slobz and I don't know Scabies Baby Arms. They're both clearly fucking idiots. But proof on a site that lives off of receipts other than believing anons isn't crazy. I haven't seen the exes saying anything about it, just anons. You're asking us to believe random anons, not "I can't believe you don't believe vIcTiMs". There's a difference.

No. 1456543

Someone please put this whole thread out to pasture it’s so far off the farm.

To recap:
1. Rumor has it that Dan has been abusive to his two most recent ex’s.
2. Scamanda made a post saying she’s heard the rumors (recently?), they are false, the girls are ugly, and she will beat them up if she sees them.
3. Scamandy also says she has been abused several times but NEVER by Dan past present or future.
4. We have witnessed Dan hurting himself several times.

So the debate is…is Dan an abuser? Do we believe scamanda that the rumors are NOT true? Do we believe the anon testimony of the ex’s friends saying the rumors ARE true?

This is NOT a “believe women” conversation kek. Please stop blog posting your own trauma. Spill the milk or get out the barn.

No. 1456766

“Innocent until proven guilty” applies to the legal system, not gossip websites. People are allowed to have opinions about what seems likely to them.

No. 1456784

I don’t understand why some are obsessing on having proof about scabbies being abusive, while they seem to believe anything anyone says about mandy here. Plenty of people have said she was abusive to her exes and no one demanded proof. We all think she’s lying about having cancer, yet we don’t have proof and no one is demanding it either. When people claimed to be her ex-coworker, friends or classmates, nobody asked for proof either. We also have no proof that she stole the bodega cat, that she hurts the bird, that she leeches off jonny or his family… I could go on forever.

Why are y’all so ready to believe any thing said about mandy but feel the need to nitpick anything said about scabbies?

I’m not defending mandy but it’s ridiculous to treat these two scumbags so differently.

No. 1456842

Because someone is desperately trying to derail this thread

No. 1456878

you're right. thank you for the kind words and I did really get off-topic there. apologies.

No. 1456880

go fuck yourself.

No. 1456929

That’s a post you could’ve ignored and not read instead of being a dick to someone who went through a very traumatic experience. Your comment was way more unnecessary and irrelevant than theirs idiot.

No. 1456971

Let’s all just agree that we want this horrible woman to overdose and feel all the pain she’s put on other people.. I’m eagerly awaiting the day

No. 1456977


Same poster as above, but I wanna correct myself. She isn’t a woman, she’s a spoiled little child who was literally born from something sinister. This goes so much deeper than faking cancer..

I’m still dealing with her scars 30 years later

No. 1456982

At what point are we going to call out her brothers obsessive participation in-thread as cowlike behavior? Go heal bro.

No. 1456983

Spill some milk if you’ve known her that long! You have to have at least one good story you can tell.

No. 1456985


Kill yourself whore. This is the only catharsis aside from massive amounts of medication and therapy sessions. I sincerely hope you feel every bit of pain you’ve put on everyone in your life.

I will smile when I read about you dying.(a-logging)

No. 1456993

File: 1646344255785.png (6.25 MB, 1284x2778, 04D1C124-B10F-42F8-9B43-F913CB…)

Since I’m venting anyway, here’s some fat pictures of amanda

No. 1456995

File: 1646344282853.png (6.35 MB, 1284x2778, E8C09B56-89CB-48DF-83DC-437467…)

One more

No. 1456999

File: 1646344529701.png (6.5 MB, 1284x2778, 130EFD1D-644D-4C8C-AD54-DF2AF3…)

Lol waif

No. 1457002

File: 1646344636328.png (6.89 MB, 1284x2778, F6709263-25E9-4A36-817A-96576B…)

Whatever you do never drag my mother into this mess. She is the only one who’s been there holding down the fort. She’s an amazing woman(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1457004


Unhinged scrote confirmed. Need I say more nonnies.

No. 1457008

Shut the fuck up and let the milk flow. We all rallied around the bitches being abused by Onion. Let her brother post. Maybe he can confirm if her and John were ever really married, or if she's still living off his money.

No. 1457012

Bets are on 3 years before Slobs brother snaps and wears her skin.

What milk? Family selfies of meatball eyes is not milk. He's been here since thread 1 - yall can't look at >>1456985 and think that's a totally functional noncow not worth looking into.

No. 1457014

What are you airing out though? That she edits her selfies? We already know that.

Then stop posting pictures of her, you fucking weirdo.

No. 1457016

I don't think that's Amanda babe but I do love how much you hate her lol

No. 1457020

Sometimes the males eclipse their relation to the lolcow we have a thread on. I see this scrote being a cow too.

No. 1457022

I honestly don’t give a shit what you think. I got god on my side, fuck that evil bitch

No. 1457023

Also, kiss my Italian ass, and make sure you keep checking on me just like you’re making fun of me for checking on her!

No. 1457024

Fucking hypocrites, making an entire anonymous thread for years to hate on somebody and insulting me for doing the same.

Though honestly I guarantee the fat whore is behind a lot of these comments

No. 1457026

How many of Amanda’s close friends are here posting about how horrible she is? Good for them. Don’t start shit with me for being open about it

No. 1457028

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate the unspoken dialogue this photograph. It is beautiful. The shell shock in Biker Dads eyes. Mother wishing it to please stop. Kek. Fucking love it.

No. 1457029

“Go touch grass” you fucking anonymous keyboard warriors

No. 1457031


Therapy is clearly working. So did she touch you growing up or is mental illness the reason you're this pressed over nonas recognizing the strong stench of moid today.

No. 1457033


Who the fuck are you? You’re a literal nobody, anonymously lurking on a hate website, entrenching yourselves in a culture using retarded words. You will make no notable impact in your entire life

No. 1457039

Y’all are way too hard on Dom what the fuck.

No. 1457041


Thanks.. I think Amanda is behind a lot of the consecutive posts and started a domino effect

No. 1457046

He’s been here before. He doesn’t know why Amanda has such a hold over Johnny >>>/snow/1278673 and, to my recollection, never confirmed if they were truly married.
The first time he identified himself was here >>>/snow/1277547
Other appearances:
Proof of identity >>>/snow/1278453 and >>>/snow/1278494
>>1457023 If you’re here, why not share the latest things from your and/or your parents’ perspective? She’s deteriorated a bit since you last were here. You know how we operate as you’ve been here before unless you’re here with milk delivery; we don’t care about your presence.

No. 1457047


My parents are over and done with her. Every time I talk to them they kinda just sigh in relief.

And yes, my mother called her evil, but I think she blocked that out

No. 1457048

It’s a bit funny because here we have someone with potential milk and not afraid to share proof, and we go rabid.
I agree

No. 1457050


I agree. Nonnies will bitch endlessly about lack of milk then do everything they can to scare it away.

No. 1457052

I'm glad to read your parents have finally freed themselves from her, and I hope you manage to heal from what she's done to you and free yourself too. However, I understand why you're here and don't hold it against you. Sometimes screaming into the (lolcow) void helps.

No. 1457055


For real I think you’re awesome for the human empathy, yeah I have some pretty serious mental issues from what she’s done to me. I’m really intelligent, but I got a lot of shit going on lol

No. 1457063

Funny, I thought I was going to catch a "hi cow" ban but then your Intelligence really shone through with that spergout. Continue to get Therapy. If you see your sister in these posts then I don't know what to tell you other than I was right. Go heal bro. This isn't healthy for you. The difference between us is I'm having a laugh at Mandy and her shenanigans. You are legitimately emotionally invested in a very unhealthy way.

Sorry for the derail nannies. You aren't losing milk from him. He's been here before as >>1457046 kindly sourced.

No. 1457067


Legit advice.. thank you internet stranger

No. 1457070

Any more information? What do they think of ein dread?

No. 1457074


Not really sure, but I really think I’m gonna take the above posters advice, checking this every other day hoping to read something about an OD or whatever isn’t healthy. This has been a good place to vent but I prolly shouldn’t contribute anymore. Ween myself off it 😂

No. 1457078

Did you enjoy talking to yourself?

No. 1457080

No. 1457081

So basically she's very delusional, always has been and this sudden mom sperging is coming via pictures years old. Mom and dad have yeeted themselves out of her drug fueled life.

No. 1457144

File: 1646351013436.jpeg (1.47 MB, 3264x3264, D4806B0D-6AD8-495E-83F6-98A6B9…)

I love that she posted that pic on the same day he took the photos.

No. 1457145

Some of us enjoy having you here to answer questions with real information instead of pure tinfoil. Also those pictures are hilarious.

If you’re still here can you answer some questions. Did mandy actually go to your parents for Christmas? Did she bring scabbies? Have your parents ever actually met him? And do you know if Johnny is still in the picture/how she even pays for rent?

Also, people here don’t know you and are most likely not mental health experts. They don’t know what’s best for your mental health. You don’t have to listen to any of us, for all you know we’re all fucking stupid for even being interested in these two idiots lmao.

No. 1457175

literally everyone jumping on a scamanda’’s brother ask yourself this

if you were forced to grow up with this thing

wouldn’t just a few posts about how much you hate her be ok

moid or not this guy has had direct prolonged contact with this absolute black hole of a person whereas we haven’t and still rabidly hate her


No. 1457189


sage for tinfoil and hi cow but some of the most vitriolic responses here do kind of read like Slobs. I'd be curious to have farmhands check IPs. the boards get a bit intense sometimes but they really jumped down his throat out of nowhere, not to mention she talks about/responds to the boards often in posts lately, and the derailing/infighting has been way above average the last few days. tbh i'd be surprised if it wasn't her or unidread, but if not then kek calm down and prioritize yourselves nonnies.

hoping dom doesn't take it too much to heart, I also don't blame him for posting as an outlet, and Dom hope you're able to find some peace and a healthy relationship with checking the threads/thinking about the past. most of us spend too much time here some days, though it's mostly casual.

it sounds like Amanda was fucking traumatic and evil to grow up with. where else would be appropriate to discuss that, really?

No. 1457215

Yeah I’m not dom but it’s a little suspicious how the same thread who loves to jump on her pictures and call her out on bring fat is suddenly jumping on someone providing actual non snow-edited photos

Absolutely could be Amanda muddying the waters being messy

But he did provide milk in form of unflattering photos- it just wasn’t a dead fiancé or a paper cut being sewn up with floss so I guess that’s an excuse to go in

No. 1457216

I'm the original anon who brought his lurking up and am behind some of the more vitriolic comments. I do regret what I said about Mandy touching him, that was too far, even for lolcow standards. His initial response >>1456985 definitely made me jump in a little harder than what was deserved. I initially brought his lurking up because I've noticed comments here and there that are bizarrely pressed and personal just as her brother had gotten today. I do sympathize what growing up with Mandy must have done on his psyche, but I stand by my comment that he's pursuing his hatred to a pretty unhealthy extent. Posting family selfies on an imageboard and actively wishing for your sister to OD on lolcow is cow behavior and that won't change my mind. His "nvm I'm actually intelligent" post-spergout comments is why I maintain that he is on some levels cow-worthy. I don't think Narc behavior is limited to just Mandy. Didn't mean for this to blow up. I know IP checking doesn't happen often but I'm curious to see how much comes from Brother himself and how much is from Mandy & Co. Would be an interesting reveal.

Sorry for the massive derail today guys. I know this > me me me post will rightfully get some heat but I wanted to put the Mandy-posting to bed. Not her, am just a shitty derailing farmer lol.

No. 1457218

you’re good, but if a cow is present let it provide milk

don’t scare it away

No. 1457225

Alright to correct the derail… has this been posted? I just realized she's in a FB group I'm in. Is she regularly in the NJ scene or was this the beginning of unidread saga?

No. 1457227

File: 1646357990605.jpg (483.64 KB, 1080x1918, Screenshot_20220303-173202_Chr…)

Dropped the screens, sorry nonas.

No. 1457294


How about you think next time you type out your snarky response? I don’t give a fuck who you are, I’m not your cow or whatever the fuck you wanna call it. I live in the real world, I went on this site to vent, and your dumbass decided to comment with some complete bullshit.

Hasn’t this thread been about victim shaming and girlfriends getting abused? And you decided to comment some nasty shit getting sucked into it? Grow the fuck up.

No. 1457306

You're A cow. The extent of your venting, a-logging, and self-insertion to your sisters thread has revealed that. You seethe while we laugh at Mandy's cringe.

You're not an abused girlfriend you're her brother posting photos with your mom to an imageboard trying to posture against anons and seeing your sister in every reply against you. Cope better jfc this is embarrassing. Is there fucking lead in the water out that way or are you naturally retarded

No. 1457318

So was she ever or is she still married to the cuck or not?

No. 1457322


Know what? I ain’t fucking with you.


No. 1457334

Mandy Slobz's own brother came on here and proved who he was with a photo and stories about her. Mandy's ex Greg had a comic he wrote in the thread pic.
I don't believe some of the stories about her on here, even though they're entertaining and not too far off from what we know about her. But most of us don't know either of those idiots and that's why some of us are curious what kind of proof any anons have. We're not talking about believing victims or women. You're asking us to believe anons, which is… not how we do things here.

No. 1457353

Tf is your issue? We actually have a legit source of milk and not just "I definitely know her and this definitely happened but here's no proof".
I personally enjoyed seeing non-edited pics and not just "no filly fer realzies" yet totally edited pics.
I also don't know how the rumor got started that dudes can't post on here. This isn't a women's-only club. Read the rules, it says men just can't point out they're male unless it's relevant. So saying "unhinged sCrOtE confirmed" is stupid and makes you look unhinged af.
If anons didn't try to call out Domenick, he wouldn't have said shit about who he is, I believe.
Domenick, you don't have to pay Q&A considering some asshole anons are trying to make up their own narratives without evidence and will attack you, but feel free to drop any pics or anything you want and feel free to stay anon. Just show proof so you're not like some of these other idiot anons.
Thanks for putting up with dirtbag anons in order to humor some of us non-dickhead anons.

No. 1457380


well spoken, I second all of these points. imo he was contributing pretty anonymously and fairly until anons baited him and got him mad, and I can't blame him for rising to it. I don't get why ppl try to police others posting on an image board so severely beyond the rules sometimes, we're all here posting meaningless shit. let the dude express a thought if he wants, damn.

No. 1457440

I fully agree!

No. 1457494


Way to go retard, Domenick's venting is actually interesting and I want to know more about how much Scamanda fucked their family up and here you are, screaming into a void and scaring people away. What milk do you have to contribute except for getting MATI for no reason?

Dom come back and tell us how you hope Mandy dies!

No. 1457501

his milk was not interesting. he was whiny and annoying. he has 0 relationship with his sister currently so what is he going to tell us? she's an insane bitch and always has been? we get it.

No. 1457516

literally no one else here agrees with you, so shut the fuck up and quit attacking him. YOU are not the sole judge of the quality of the milk, asshole.

No. 1457519

what the fuck is wrong with you? scaring off sources of milk and lashing out at traumatized women? who the hell are you and why are you acting like a complete asshole?

No. 1457580

We really should make it a thread rule to not be mean to Dom. He's been through enough being Amanda's brother

No. 1457581

File: 1646407285127.jpeg (400.6 KB, 1170x2625, 57C99D69-8A55-485C-A6F1-903B44…)

imagining her fat, uncoordinated ass trying to skate in these. Kek

Also she wore those black impalas literally once for a photo.

No. 1457584

not the same anon brainaic. the new faggotry reeks itt

No. 1457600


Laughed really hard at this

No. 1457609

File: 1646409232271.jpeg (948.96 KB, 1170x1494, 70A02C94-8F34-41E4-A1AC-5FBCB4…)

No. 1457613

It's not a-logging if you're talking about someone who actually abused you and caused you trauma you dumb fuck. There's no way you're not Mandy or Dan because no one else in this thread can possibly be this retarded or have such delusional hate towards Dom.(hi cow)

No. 1457614

This bitch literally has no friends, who tf gonna join her team? Dan? He can barely walk straight lmao.

No. 1457617

I think most of us have figured out that it’s them. How about we just ignore the Dom vitriol/scabbies defense posts until they give up instead of engaging with these ugly idiots? They’re clogging up the thread and trying to derail this into a dom hating scabbies supporting group lol.

No. 1457621

I’ll make sure to share some juicy stories of when we were children and I’ll dig up some old pics of her monkey ass(emoji)

No. 1457643

so she's just lying and admitting to credit card fraud, right? "accidentally bought" bitch what?

No. 1457656

Still not Dan and Mandy but I concede. Yall are fucking weird if you think a family member of a cow eager to show his sisters "monkey ass" isn't at least a little milky behavior. But since we're obviously desperate for a crumb of milk I'll stop engaging with the scrote.

She wants to form a skate team (which already exists in abundance in NYC) yet she's name dropping Impalas? Damn she really outs herself. Impalas fall apart insanely easy, not to mention they're usually a beginners skate.

No. 1457681

It must be physically, emotionally and mentally impossible for her to make a post or say two sentences without mentioning a brand or tooting her own horn for accomplishing nothing lol.

No. 1457731


Guess you’re not up with street lingo.. not literally her ass you dork

No. 1457899


OP here. I'm going to add that in the next thread because I think it's important (I know I have no real say in what rules there can be but as a courtesy to me I'd love if people didn't lash out at one of the few people who know Amanda most).

No. 1457916

Y’all are annoying lol. How is anything that Dom shares considered less interesting or less relevant than the daily musing and opinion pieces that are shared here constantly. If Dom wants to complain, bitch and gossip, so what? That’s what literally everyone else here does. At least we can guarantee for a fact that he knows Mandy, and whether or not he has a relationship with her currently, he has first hand experiences with her vs half the people here who are still debating whether you can find heroin on the east coast or not..? Let him bitch, this is a literal gossip page. Go off Dom, I’m here for it.

No. 1457948

Exactly. And I would like to add for the idiot anon who lashed out at Dom and then used the excuse that it’s “not good for his mental health” to be here. It’s probably bad for all of our mental healths to be here, but who tf are you to tell someone how they deal with their trauma? I’m sure you’re neither a mental health expert, nor have had similar experiences considering how you react. It’s much weirder that you spend so much time hating a person you don’t know at all AND HER BROTHER than to hate someone who ruined your life. Shut the fuck up.

No. 1457994

You are as unhinged as Mandy Slobz. Actually, worse. If Domenick is sharing everything you already know, cool, then get out. Nobody agrees with you.
Unless you see an excessively run on sentence making no sense with a lot of parentheses inside of parentheses action or all caps that also make no sense, it clearly isn't Slobz and her 1-Man Mob.
I haven't seen any posts supporting Mandy, tf are you talking about?! You mean anons that asked if anyone's ever posted any comments or texts from Scabies Incarnate's exes that back up anons that swear he's been abusive but have never shared any receipts? If so, that's just asking for receipts like all of Lolcow, not anyone wking Big Schnozz Slobz.
I can't believe that one stupid anon was bitching about a legit victim like Domenick's first-hand account of Mandy, while we're supposed to blindly believe, other anons just because they're referring to female possible victims without receipts.

No. 1458012

Holy shit why are we still talking about this. There is clearly someone here trying to derail this thread and they’re doing a very good job. Can we move on?

No. 1458040

she had zero presence in the scene here before dan (and the ginger guy from a long time ago)
i heard a rumor once she had a marriage before the cuck and that guy was from some hick town in nj but she’s never posted about it (shockingly)

No. 1458049

She still has no presence in the scene here. I have never seen her at a single show. I know she was at a show scabbies played a few months ago, but I avoid any show that creepy piece of shit plays.

No. 1458052

Yeah I personally do not like him. Part of the reason I stopped going to shows at the locker

No. 1458065

Woah woah woah Johnny was her second marriage? Don’t let this get buried in the dom hate. She would have been younger than 21-22?

No. 1458098

Yeah, I was told it was at 18, and to a relatively regular skate bro. but that’s all I know, and never heard her make any reference to it so idk. Could be something the bro could shed light on lol

No. 1458245

Matt Casey maybe?

No. 1458253

This thread obviously has attracted a lot of people personally involved with Slobs, I can’t help but wonder if John would ever show up or if his Stockholm Syndrome is too strong for that. Because what the fuck even is that relationship? His side of the story would be milky af

No. 1458277

NJ scene anon here. I’m old enough that I would be aware of anyone in the scene since 2006. The only M. Casey involved in the scene currently is too young and reasonable to be involved with her. Which Matt Casey are you talking about?

IF Johnny knows about this thread, or if he finds it now, the way y’all have treated Dom will prob turn him away. Dom never made the choice to be Mandy’s brother, and some y’all excessively jumped down his throat for venting about her shit here. Imagine how much more shit to vent about Johnny has? And he CHOSE to be in her life, so he would probably expect y’all to be even more mean to him. If he ever finds this, y’all pre-scared him away by treating Dom and the girls talking about scabbies abuse this way.

No. 1458486

File: 1646490125455.jpeg (905.72 KB, 1170x1868, 1032116C-D407-41C3-8179-8257FB…)

She mentions dating this dude Matt Casey on her Livejournal somewhere but I couldn’t find it. He’s about her age I suppose (mid 30s)

No. 1458603

I know she dated Matt Casey who was a known bmx rider in NY/NJ. This was back when she was alt indie girl. They weren’t married tho. Maybe they got married later?

No. 1459023

According to NJ and NY marriage records, she's never been legally married.

No. 1459026

My partner is a bmx rider/photographer. He says there's a pro named Pat Casey, not anyone named Matt Casey. And my dude is super involved in bmx on the east coast, goes to all the bike jams, even has a bmx chat group with pros from all over the world. If "Matt Casey" rides bmx, it's nothing he's really involved in besides biking to the store and riding a few skate or bike parks.

No. 1459185

This is Dom, she really did date a scrawny guy named Matt Casey when she was 15, they drove around in a beat up white car with sharpie marker writings all over it.. she ran away from home to “marry” him like 5 times lol. He was terrified of my dad

No. 1459327


In his defense, I was terrified of your dad when I was 15 as well. Hope everything (besides your sister) is going well Dom.

Not going back to find whoever to reply to but I can confirm she most definitely went to high school until she was 15 or 16 before dropping out.

No. 1459334

Thanks for the confirmation
>she ran away from home to “marry” him like 5 times
So as far as you know she didn't ever legally marry the guy?

No. 1459428


It's like she's incapable of reading a room filled with people fed up with her bullshit. Apart from her, they look…tense.

No. 1459816


if you're not bringing milk, learn 2 sage please (Dom, I'm not aiming this at you – you're providing milk – please ignore the probably one or two people who are attacking you)

No. 1463271

Slobz must not have received her platform heeled roller skates if there hasn't been any shooped pictures of her trying to look hot

No. 1464915

File: 1647083082803.jpeg (856.84 KB, 1170x1396, D91116D5-58A2-47DB-8251-731A4B…)

No. 1464918

File: 1647083167181.jpeg (790.82 KB, 1170x1666, 8FF949F2-169E-4396-92CF-6AE113…)

So punk of Mandy to liked a Warped Tour band.

No. 1464920

File: 1647083227907.jpeg (655.41 KB, 1170x1568, 9F0E45C0-89ED-4353-A9DD-AA79B2…)

Time traveling to 8 months now.

No. 1464929

File: 1647084500343.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x1301, 7F8ADB0D-397B-4B51-95B0-08BBBF…)

Just for clarification… he showed up and never left the end of July. That makes this 7 months…

No. 1464930

File: 1647084674397.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1170x6360, 2CB7D0CD-46A8-4726-8AFC-542524…)

She probably weighs more than him… excluding his hair abortion.

No. 1464938

File: 1647086641708.jpeg (639.27 KB, 1170x1041, 86C9BA52-72A7-4676-AFFF-CBE74C…)

I call bullshit.

No. 1464941

File: 1647086844613.jpeg (598.98 KB, 1170x1551, 7BAB0636-D787-44E4-A8D0-198EB8…)

We’ve all not only wondered, but have known, he stinks. His nails are always dirty, you can see the dirt lines on his face, poop dread has to smell rotten. Hilarious @ “naturally smells good” Just another way to say he smells like the body odor of a pubescent 15 year old boy who hasn’t showered in days.

No. 1464978

Dan smells disgusting

No. 1465070

like she can even still smell

No. 1465115

It’s actually hilarious that this isn’t some honest love story where they lived thousands of miles from each other and had to wait to be together for 8 years (which we established is a lie anyway), but they live in NJ and NYC. If they were actually supposed to be together they could have. Makes them both look dumb as fuck.

No. 1465152

File: 1647105868299.jpeg (507.08 KB, 1284x1913, 96CC8A8E-E2F0-4B4A-AA40-15E56A…)

Replying to one of the comments. Thanks for all this totally relevant and necessary info Mandy.

No. 1465237

File: 1647109394925.jpeg (426.91 KB, 1170x957, 93B52CF8-8D74-4E17-AAF2-D66E55…)

There’s video of her peeing on him and them downing handles of cheap vodka and he NEVER smelled like alcohol? She literally has fried her sense of smell from 2 packs a day and cocaine.

No. 1465275

>brooklyn shithole apt
Remember when she first moved in and wouldn't stop gushing about how it was a perfect luxury apartment with TONS of natural light and she loved her Jamaican neighbors who always gave her food kek

No. 1465307

"Leaving this Brooklyn shithole apt"? Are John's parent's finally kicking them out?

No. 1465321

Where does she even find these low rise jeans has she had them since 2006?! I would love to see what she actually looks like in them lol they look way too small

No. 1465423

File: 1647116684457.jpeg (2.2 MB, 1170x2257, CD0AA00C-EA7C-41D0-99CB-7C147A…)

She’s the only person who liked these on Poshmark. She’s probably editing the photos so much that they look super low rise.

No. 1465507

I’m sure no one believes this bullshit, but I’ve known Dan since before his dread got this fucking big and nasty and he has always smelled horrible. He never showers, wears deodorant, brushes his teeth or does his own laundry (his dad or ex used to do it lol). The only time he ever did was when his ex from like four years ago used to make him and he still smelled like 5-month old Florida roadkill. He has also been drinking every single day of his life since he was in high school and smells so much like booze and must that him and his friends used to have a running joke that he smells like an “abusive father” because of his old alcoholic man smell. Him and his friends also joked about his insides being so “pickled” that even before drinking he still smells like alcohol.

You could be homeless for 5 years and smell better than him. She’s lucky all the shitty coke broke her sense of smell so she can stay this delusional.

No. 1465511

Did she say “content warning dick pics” because his dick is the size of that pinky or?

No. 1465515

I don’t understand how this bitch makes herself look literally half the size than she actually is irl. Her waist looks real blurry in the photos though, someone’s gotta work on those shooping skills.

No. 1465555

His ex martina lived in the city too and he didn’t seem to have a problem crossing the pond constantly back then. But I guess mandy had to wait longer since she’s scabbie’s two-time rebound after martina AND after mallory lol. How does she not see he runs to her after whatever girl his dating that he actually liked leaves him? This isn’t a fairytale meeting of star-crossed lovers mandy, it’s a sad drug-fueled rebound with a man-baby who can’t be alone.

No. 1465590

Lmfao can confirm all of this

No. 1465613

File: 1647127359056.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x1716, 449F4F4D-815D-4305-94E1-792011…)

Can anyone see the 11 comments on this? They won’t load on my FB… I wonder if someone called her out on the shooping.

No. 1465621


Can confirm this is all not only hilarious, but 100% true.

No. 1465622

There’s no comments on it. She must’ve deleted all of them.

No. 1465629


I happen to have seen the comments and it was just some crusty old dude completely thirsting over her and she was trying to play dumb talking about the trash bag behind her

No. 1465636

Lmao does her stomach actually say Sister? Kind of ironic considering her only sibling is hoping for her demise

No. 1465676

File: 1647132064345.jpeg (519.66 KB, 1170x1328, A356E05F-C88C-4325-BB38-BD2D11…)

It says “shout sister shout” which is still stupid for her to get. She is an awful woman and sister.

No. 1465789

Everything about her is stupid.

No. 1466115

No. 1466120

Dated her friend From pequannock, played +100 shows at the ML, originally from town next to mtclr, know Martina, can confirm Dan smells horrible can confirm Montclair vegan was horrible, can confirm Mand is fat, if you know AIDS DICK NICK from Wayne (the Greek) then you know Amand is fat M. Casey was a friend of Joofs, Pequannocks Ex just pedaled bmx not a pro Joof ride well though. Dan is a pos and Dutch guys is a joke(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1466149

Thanks for sharing. I hope the other nonas see the value in your comment and don’t chase you away. In case you catch a ban because you didn’t sage (write sage in the email area) please come back and answer questions.

What do you (and the people that know Amanda) think of her Facebook antics? Do you follow along and laugh like we do here? To your knowledge, has anyone called her out? If not, WHY?

Thanks, Chipper.

No. 1466200

These past few posts have been rife with the same sort of dig meant to be a brag.
“people think he stinks but he doesn’t”
“I thought I was fat until I stood next to my boyfriend”
“The way my boyfriend looks is offensive”
“When I first met him I was shocked that he smelled like fresh laundry”

These are not brags. These are backhanded compliments. And to treat your partner this way is just sad. She clearly does it to make herself feel better like a true bully.

No. 1466275


I have some more questions to ask. First though, can you explain who Joof is? She used to always post a picture with him but they’re not even friends on fb. Also, if you were all bmx people and she was hanging out with you guys, did she pretend to ride or be into bmx to fit in like she does now, or is having a different persona every other month a new thing for mandy?

You said you know Dan and Martina, so do you know if Dan was abusive? If you don’t, were you surprised to read about it or is he as much of a POS as the anons claim?

No. 1466396


Not Chipper

But Scamanda is from Medford with was chock full of bmxers in the late 90s-mid 00s so naturally they were the first ones she skanked around with. LI/NYC bmxers are tight with NJ bmxers since they’d all ride in NYC. Joof is a non-pro NJ rider that is a legend and all around good dude that is/was one of the only people I’ve ever seen genuinely be friends with her over the years.

No. 1467078

This is Dom, Joof/Jeff is a genuinely cool dude, I’m honestly surprised amanduh managed to worm her way into his group

No. 1467251

She didn't worm her way in enough if she can't even get a social media follow from the dude, kek

No. 1467262

File: 1647267129448.jpeg (544.66 KB, 1170x3049, A9AC699E-4256-4E71-9940-E48ACC…)

Comments on this pic. She cries everyday… but Dan makes her so happy! How can this be!?

No. 1467319

This reads more like two 15 year old girls complaining about how ~hArD~ their life is on livejournal than a lazy, unemployed 35 year old leech living off other people complaining to grown ass strangers on fb.

No. 1467401


Hi dom, glad you’re back! Do you know if your parents have actually met scabbies irl? This is not the first time she has said they met in Christmas, but I doubt it’s true since she didn’t post 200 pictures of scabbies and your dad together. If they didn’t, do you think they want to meet him? Are they fully fed up of Mandy having a new love of her life every two months or do they still care who she dates?

If they did meet him, did they actually like him? Did they comment on his small like she claims?

It all reads like senseless scamanda lies to me but confirmation from her family would be great.

No. 1467487

“closer to those who matter”
Are they moving to NJ to be closer to Dan’s friends? Anyone friends with them in person that can get an update on this?

No. 1467647

I doubt they’re moving to NJ. First of all, I don’t think Johnny would pay Mandy’s rent if she moved to NJ with another guy. Im sure part of the reason he pays for her life is to keep her in his periphery in BK/NY. Dan has never moved out of his parents house and paid rent in his life. The only time he doesn’t live with mommy and daddy is when he’s freeloading at his current girlfriends house. So unless they want to move into Dan’s parent house at age 35, I don’t see how they’re gonna move. We all know they’re not gonna get jobs for the first time in a decade and pay rent like normal people.

On top of that, most of Dan’s “friends” don’t fuck with him anymore. Word about him being abusive and racist has been going around the scene in NJ for a while now. The guy she’s talking to is older and most people also don’t fuck with him because he’s racist and a big trumper. I don’t know anyone in the scene who still likes him.

No. 1467659


Hey 👌🏽

They’ve never met the rat nest, I dont even think they’re aware of him. All those texts and pictures were absolutely fake. What the duck is the point of that?

No. 1467699


Hey dom do you have any idea why her ex’s family gave her a free apartment? Do your parents know the amount of drugs she does or is she just kind of a lost cause at this point? Why isn’t she in the garage anymore?

No. 1467700

kek that's fucking hilarious. i mean, it didn't seem likely that your parents would declare that poop dread smelled good, but damn mandy is really insane to fabricate entire conversations when literally no one cares. wonder what dan thinks about those?

thanks for coming back dom! appreciate the milk

No. 1467849


I just looked at the old Christmas post again and the fake text conversation even has messages from scabbies. Except his messages read exactly like how mandy talks and nothing like him. I bet she just took his phone, made this whole fake conversation, took a screenshot, deleted it, posted it and then he found out he “met her parents” through fb. Just like when she announced their engagement while he was asleep and immediately deleted the post when he probably woke up. How can this type of behavior not creep him out?! She’s such a creeper.

Also Dom, is your mom actually vegan or did she sprinkle that lie in the Christmas post just to sound cool?

Here’s the post for reference:

No. 1467859

I second this, is there any way we can get some light shed on the insane circumstances surrounding Johnny and Amanda’s relationship since we’ve got a couple IRLs actively lurking? like what on earth possesses him to bankroll the life of this rancid, hateful creature? My hopeful tinfoil is that they have to move because she’s finally being cut off.

No. 1467928

People who know them both on here have said they think he has autism/is on the spectrum. If this is true it would make sense that he has a hard time letting go of her since people on the spectrum often have a hard time with relationships but try incredibly hard to make the other person happy no matter what. It would be way easier for her to manipulate him into financing her life too.

I really can’t find a reason why he keeps this black hole of a human around other than she’s manipulating the shit out of him.

No. 1468533

File: 1647348107113.jpeg (404.23 KB, 1284x1892, 64ED5D8B-0A4D-4FBA-9173-74CB45…)

Imagine being on the other end of this request at the restaurant. Sigh

No. 1468549

Wait, so does she want cheese or not? Idiot.

No. 1468562

The fact that she has to tell every stranger on the internet that they have sex (so crazy that a couple has sex, who would’ve thought?!) and mention that she has a boyfriend on a food order so even restaurants don’t think she’s alone is truly pathetic.

Also, what kind of grown adult feels the need to brag about having sex? Most of us do, mandy, it doesn’t make you special. The only thing that makes her a little special is wanting to have sex with a walking scabby dread.

No. 1468597

File: 1647352343618.jpeg (823.24 KB, 1170x1132, 10F15A22-4A95-48B0-9AD1-FA9B86…)


No. 1468618

Revolting but wtf is that third picture of scabbies? Did she photoshop him in?

No. 1468643

“Water glasses” lmao we all know both them drink nothing but beer and liquor.

That’s a Billy Joel album cover with his head photoshopped on top for some stupid reason.

She is so embarrassing. Posting HIS old pictures from before she knew him. Most people do their own 10 year challenge.

No. 1468649

This posts is full of lies. They never have sex and scabbies can’t keep his dick hard for more than ten minutes.

They probably woke up from a drunken stupor to buy food and for some reason she thought this was a good chance to talk about their imaginary sex life. She’s so stupid.

No. 1468681


God her projection is off the charts - fair to say anytime she posts shit like this is a complete and total exaggeration and the opposite of what is true

So Amanda, he gets super sick from cheese yet you want to double up on the cheese for you and then you guys are gonna make out? Strict vegan but he will swap your dairy spit. Ok.

No. 1468719

Scabbies is a pretty weak vegan. He doesn’t give a shit about animals. The only reason he’s vegan is the “cool points” and because it makes him feel skinnier/like he won’t gain weight. He used to be really overweight and is super self-conscious about his weight and body.

No. 1469140

There goes that single parenthesis inside of parentheses action she loves to do so much. If you're going to overdo the parentheses, you might as well be consistent and close the inner parenthesis. She's so into correcting nobody in particular about the proper usage of fiancée vs fiancé, but doesn't even recognize that parentheses come in pairs.

No. 1469147

Correction: She had to tell the restaurant that he's NOT just her bf, but her "basically lifelong-vegan fiancé".
I still don't know if she's saying he's basically a lifelong vegan or basically her fiancé or both. I don't know why she put the hyphen in between lifelong and vegan, but she's just so extra that she's even extra with punctuation.

No. 1469152

He's not even vegan judging from the beer he drinks.

No. 1469156

Man, he used to look decent in the first picture. Way to run your looks into the ground asking with your hygiene, Rape Van Dan.

No. 1469217

File: 1647385862101.jpeg (178.24 KB, 629x515, 6A6800C6-E594-4F59-AAD6-A827E0…)

This comment on one of his post has me dying lmao

No. 1469238

His shoulders are freakishly narrow and he has no muscle in his body… how does he even support that big ass dread???

No. 1469361


Guessing she probably edits him too(sage your shit)

No. 1469465

No he really has narrow shoulders irl. She did edit him in that recent pic with the dumb sunglasses, it’s really obvious on the pinched nose. He’s kind of small and soft-chubby irl, he’s not a very manly looking dude. I think he has that weird long neck beard going on because he thinks it makes him look more manly.

No. 1469506

Wait, what are you referring to? Unless I missed something, are you talking about the smiley face at the end of her note? Cause that… doesn't count as punctuation

No. 1469565

yeah disabled people are so hilarious amirite

blow me(infighting)

No. 1469572

File: 1647406637883.jpeg (189.69 KB, 1170x498, A4034982-85E6-435D-A5B9-22A304…)

No. 1469831

Everyone reading the post: barfing.

No. 1469904

Shes trying to say she said that in her sleep? This is the equivalent of the “bae caught me sleeping” pic.

No. 1469933

Yes, she is saying she’s mean even while she sleep-talks lmao

No. 1469947


This girl has so little going on in her life that she has to make a whole post about things that every normal adult does. She makes posts about ordering food, about sleeping and about having sex. There’s a ton of comments from her talking about peeing in the bathroom. A ton of us do all those things every single day, while also maintaining jobs, caring for our families and having actual friends - but we don’t have to tell the entire world.

I guess if I had nothing to do other than order food, drink alcohol, do drugs and hang out with my equally boring bf, I wouldn’t have much else to talk about either though.

No. 1469952

I’m curious… has Amanda EVER had a job? Like an actual job. I’m not counting “owning” a store her man bought and maintained for her.

No. 1470028


She worked in some coffee shop when her night in shining autistic armor (Johnny) came and saved her from a life of being self-sufficient

No. 1470075


I remember him making very weird aggressive posts like “you’re not clean if you’re on suboxone” and I was like A. why do you care and B. who are you to judge? I was friends with his ex who passed away from an OD, I can only assume that’s why he had such a weird hate boner for people using suboxone but they were broken up when she passed and it’s not like he’s EVER been a good partner either.

No. 1470125

I used to be close to dan and he uses her passing as an excuse for everything. Hating drug addicts, being an alcoholic/drug addict himself (don’t you love hypocrisy), not trying to move on with his life, not cutting his hair, not changing his life in any way shape or form… you name it, it was somehow her fault. Any bad thing that ever happened to him is his exes and her other partners’ fault. They were broken up at the time she died but he acted like her death was literally all about him. He even said his ex killed herself in their anniversary on purpose to “get back at him”. Oh, and he bragged about punching her in the face while she was dead in her casket before her funeral. In front of her family.

Yet he still makes a posts every year about how much he misses his “best friend”. He’s the worst type of scum.

No. 1470160

Lol wait he punched in dead ex in the face???? I never heard that part of the story but I can confirm he uses her death to play victim and to excuse benders he goes on. He obsessively talks about the dead ex to current girlfriends and his exes (the living ones)

No. 1470169

He also has no issue with sharing coke with people who are recovering heroin addicts. So apparently you’re not clean if you’re using suboxone but coke is fine!

No. 1470171

My bad I forgot to finish my thought. His living exes feel traumatized by him obsessively talking about it and acting like a maniac because of it

No. 1470182

Yes, he told me directly at the meatlocker in front of a few people, so I’m not the only one who knows. I was so shocked when he said that and then laughed. I had no idea how to respond. One of the many reasons I’m not friends with that piece of shit anymore.

Can confirm this is all true. He acts like he gives a shit about the opium epidemic in NJ but he only cares that HIS ex died and left him alone. He care less about the fact that she lost her life or how her family feels, only how it affected him. He’s as selfish as they come.

No. 1470189

Just to clarify HE laughed not me. I was horrified.

No. 1470273

Dom, you look way more attractive than your sister. Assuming it's probably all the drugs and shit you dont do. It's interesting that you two have very different noses, wonder if the nose cartilage caving has begun for her due to her never ending coke habit

No. 1470429

I wonder how Mandy copes with this. That’s bound to start a fight eventually since Mandy and Dan have been soulmates and star crossed lovers for 20 years

No. 1470442

He already deleted all the most recent posts about his ex. I’m sure mandy made him.

Kinda sounds like someone is saying some random shit to take attention away from how shitty scabbies is. Dom hasn’t replied in days. How interesting lol.

No. 1470458

Kinda weird how it keeps happening whenever anons who know Dan talk about him hmmmmm

No. 1470488


Glad I’m not the only one who noticed. I wonder who would want us to stop talking about him. Especially seeing how everyone here who knows him hates him.

No. 1470506


>>not cutting his hair

What in the Scott Pilgrim bullshit is this?!

No. 1470592



Don’t get me wrong, I’m into my own shit over here, I just don’t brag about it all over social media.

I have no doubt her nose is starting to collapse into itself, I remember someone had pointed out she started getting a coke nose and I haven’t been able to look at it any difference since lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1470597


My bad, I responded to the wrong person

No. 1470611


Funny how multiple people pointed out that it seems like someone keeps trying to take attention away from scabbies being human trash and then these pointless comments happen. No one has been talking to Dom or commenting on mandys nose in days. And definitely no one cares that you’re into your own shit since we’re not supposed to know who you are. So which post were you “trying” to reply to originally?

No. 1470615


Whichever post called me out. Why are you so sour ? Take a pill

No. 1470620

Last time someone mentioned her nose before this person trying to take attention away from scabbies was actually over two weeks ago. Dom hasn’t replied in two days. Clearly someone is bothered that people who know scabbies are exposing how awful he is.

No. 1470637


Whoops I guess I took the bait.. back to exposing these two gaping assholes

No. 1470728

What are you even talking about? Are you lost? Cause I only see one person getting called out on this thread and it’s dan.

So what was the original post you meant to reply to instead?

No. 1470769


Are you an actual retard? I was answering a question addressed to me, I’m Domenick. Go find something to calm your nerves down

No. 1470823

How do you not realize people catch up on the thread because not everyone reads it every day? Nobody who is friends with Ugly Thing 1 and Ugly Thing 2 is going to compliment their dreaded enemy Domenick while putting down the Slobz. That makes as little sense as to you being a dick to Domenick who was literally responding to someone talking about him like he isn't here. Please leave the dude alone until HE chooses to chime in with inside info. Quit trying to bait him into saying he's here and then being a dick by saying "why are YOU replying?!" It's an asshole move and the dude is legitimately not an asshole to anyone here, even the dickbag anon(s) who deserve it for being a dick to him. He's not a cow so leave him out of this until he wants to make his presence known.
Sorry you gotta deal with this shit when you've already had to deal with annoying Mandy for years.

No. 1470841

File: 1647479813697.jpeg (351.78 KB, 905x1606, 27760AB8-C7D9-43F0-AFB6-8ECC44…)

No. 1470906


Thanks friend, I will make sure to chime in with some good stuff when requested(don't use emojis )

No. 1470921

Agreed- thanks for saying this.

No. 1471000

I’m grateful for the skim milk but at least read the rules and stop emojifagging, Domenick

No. 1471223


Not that it matters since he's commented since, but Dom was literally here the day before last. I'm the OP of all these posts and even I don't check it for weeks sometimes. Stop being a cunt to Domenick, I like having him around more than I like having you around and I would prefer he stayed. How do you even know he's not posting? It's an anonymous message board, you dipshit.

It's not a grand conspiracy that people are directing questions towards him and it's not an attempt to stop talking about Dan. How much can you possibly say about him that hasn't been said before?

In short: shh

No. 1471263

an idea: consider leaving one of THE best source of real milk (Dom) alone, and stop backseat modding/busting his balls over something like an emoji.

No. 1471330

File: 1647525451385.jpeg (261.64 KB, 1170x1274, B41BF298-C6A9-446D-9859-8D58FF…)

She’s so cringey posting things like this. You’re a mean, hateful person. Her superpower is the denial she lives in everyday. This is a post a 60 yr old divorced aunt would make.

No. 1471341

The world did nothing to her, amanda refuses to take accountability for her actions. If anything she caused more headaches and turmoil for everyone else. Shes an abuser to her family, very much so Dom, and the guy with the Comic Strip. It's clear pattern going on for years. Life is only useless because she is useless. Get over yourself Amanda, you are scum.

No. 1471416

Its actually pretty accurate if you read it as “my life is useless and filled with useful idiots”

No. 1471464

Catching up and seeing that she posted that her and Dan are moving out of that apartment in a months tops. I’ll believe it when I see it BUT I scrolled back to thread 3 and it has been about a year since she moved in. So maybe Johnny’s parents are giving her the boot. My guess is that they will end of “vacationing in Jersey” at Dan’s parents for the summer. No way her parents accept her back into the garage with dread in tow.

No. 1471544

Maybe his parents will kick them out too and they have to become the 35 year old crust punks they pretend to be and live in the gutter. Or Mandy’s cancer will suddenly come back so she can beg for money on the internet instead of getting a job.

No. 1471556

I looked at the gofundme listing that seems still active. did she recoup that money? if i knew what doctor or hospital she went to i would have sent them that listing and advised them of the fraud shes committing and using them to obtain cash

No. 1471577

Domenick, do you know anything about Amanda’s cancer?

No. 1471663

Yeah, dying to get the truth on this one

No. 1471674


The very last time I saw her in person she was in a pathetic state living with my parents. I sat her down still with the assumption she wasn’t lying and told her she needs to quit smoking or she’s gonna die.

She got indignant and angry, and that very night she left to move out of the house. She’s been chainsmoking the same amount as she was before the “cancer”, so that was the biggest red flag of her being a lying skuzzball

No. 1471692

for how long has she been smoking? she's asking for cancer. also all the pictures she posts referring to her smoking habit is just vile. her band "black spit" ew i can even imagine her having black spit barf

No. 1471695

so she has convinced your family she has cancer, too? christ, that's vile.

No. 1471714

For the 20th time she never said her spit was black from smoking, it was from wetting her paintbrush with her spit, which turned it black. Stop this dumb obsession. Yes her mouth is god awful but not like that.

No. 1471972

that's disgusting too tbh. and learn2sage

No. 1472116

She pulled the money out of the go fund me shortly after it was reinstated after being taken down briefly. She posted that Go Fund Me requested “proof” of her cancer and humiliated her. People were definitely reporting it as fraud to Go Fund Me but whatever she showed or told them they bought it and reinstated the fundraiser. Her and Kenzie had a falling out shortly after. Would love to hear the milk on that. Weird that Kenzie wouldn’t delete it.

No. 1472143


Is Kenzie the one who (thank god) kept the cat?

No. 1472230

>>965142 Kenzie was living in Amanda’s old Bushwick apartment at the time Amanda was getting kicked out of her parents and the rumor was that Kenzie had the cat too. I don’t know her or follow any of her socials so idk if she’s even around anymore. But people did seem to think her snd Amanda had a falling out based on some of Kenzie’s social media posts.

No. 1472335

GoFundMe doesn't require documents showing a positive cancer diagnosis, just docs showing you're going to the doctor for the general reason you're claiming, whether that's receipts of bills, upcoming appointments, records showing a potentially cancerous mass requiring removal, etc. It's also not hard to fake records since Go Fuck Me can't verify document authenticity, which seems like a Slobz thing to do.

No. 1472639

File: 1647598887775.jpeg (252.93 KB, 1170x793, A5EB4297-492D-4471-A17E-4857AB…)

No. 1472640

File: 1647598910091.jpeg (601.14 KB, 1170x1007, B3FBFF32-C135-450E-AF8F-53BDC4…)

So… she’s saying she’s a liar too?

No. 1472826

Scabbies’ called his ex his “ball and chain” too. I’m sure he calls all his gfs that. Funny she added the “we ruined your lives” line after anons here said scabbies says his dead ex ruined his life and uses her as an excuse for all bad things in his life.

How many times has she vague posted about him being a liar now? I feel like this has already happened a bunch of times.

Also lol at her making these melodramatic posts and changing her profile picture from her and scabbies together to that awful “goth make up” look.

No. 1473118

File: 1647630365932.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1876, D482AC68-AAFD-49B2-A2D0-496A06…)

Did she finally remember she used to have a store she abandoned?

No. 1473119

Really telling on herself there …yes scammy we already know you hate yourself

No. 1473619

Oh Man-dy. This reads clumsier than your shoops and probably not in the way you wanted it to sound.

>What (do) you all hate most to your damn core? Me?

Truth excluding? Same shit (because I'm full of bullshit)

Kek, she's asking if we hate her, calling us liars, then saying excluding the truth, so does she because she's full of shit.

No. 1473625

It was more like a friend of John's family's store that she just pilfered from.
Ah 6 years ago, the last time she didn't despise her body as much and didn't have to shoop every photo.

No. 1473718


I read it the exact same way, except the last paragraph was unintelligible

No. 1474721

File: 1647749658867.jpeg (958.43 KB, 1170x1319, 09CE8FD9-186C-4716-A72F-BE0C81…)

What about her cat Frank that she gave to Kenzie? Has she forgotten so soon?

No. 1474725

File: 1647749791645.jpeg (201.62 KB, 720x960, 8DE74C15-693A-415E-ADB0-E38DD8…)

I thought it was a catsuit. Thank god it’s only leggings.

No. 1474728

File: 1647749830707.jpeg (876.03 KB, 1170x1623, 32E29EBF-2B3E-4791-9C76-236526…)

She’s so cringey

No. 1475035

It’s hilarious that she’s trying to act like she cares about black people, when she was a kid she came in a the afternoon crying that a black person tried to grab her in a van and drive off.. in front of a crowd of people.

No. 1475067

We know she’s racist, Dom. That’s why she tried so hard to make it seem like she has black friends.

Have you hung out with John? What is the reason he stays with her? He seems attached to her hip. Always at the family holidays and such.

No. 1475075


Yeah I’ve hung out with Jon a few times one on one. He’s a nice guy, it just baffles me that he allowed that witch to walk on him. He was always spending, he liked spending on my parents & I when I would come to Ny, but I never knew how to accept it

No. 1475090

Jon if you’re reading this:

You’re young, wealthy, attractive and have a good head on your shoulders. You can do so much better than my sister. Don’t let her poison set in and make you think you aren’t worth it. Cut that bitch loose and let her flounder

No. 1475111

I second that, you will legit see how greatly different life will be without her. Spend that money on yourself

No. 1475527

>good head on [his] shoulders

I know it would be funny to see Slobz trying to beg people for help for everything and anything or see her being forced to live the crust life she pretends she lives, but let's not lie to a chubby, lonely kid who definitely isn't socially/ mentally all there. It also could be like cult members experiencing Stockholm syndrome. It's the ultimate sell when the cult leader doesn't have to tell their followers that they have nothing going on for them without the cult and they just believe it all on their own.
Slobz clearly doesn't have the charm of a cult leader, but she knows how to pick weak-minded fools to be her victims and then breaks them down even further.

No. 1475533

Let's be honest: What would the dude even buy with the weekly allowance he gives Mandy, since his parents own the apartment and make money from the other tenants? He looks like he has no interests or hobbies now that he doesn't need to impress a poser by getting tattoos.

He has a car, a place to live, and food. To him, Slobz and her 1-man-mob is like his philanthropic purpose in life.

No. 1475591

Strange how these two comments came consecutively after one another. How’s the fat rolls doing Amanda? Is Scabies tiny Dick not hitting your g-spot?

No. 1475745

Homie, you gotta actually click on what you're replying to. But if you're referring to both >>1475527
And >>1475533 ,they were both written by me, the same person who thinks you seem chill. Mandy doesn't call herself Slobz, doesn't formulate sentences that make sense, and wouldn't admit she only has 1 person in her "mob". You know this as well as any of us.
Also what you're doing is called a "hi cow", which isn't allowed. Even if you know a heifer is lurking or posting, you don't address them directly.
To clarify, I'm not saying Mandy's Bitch Boy should keep helping her and Scabies Incarnate. I'm just saying he's not attractive (although he looked like a sweet kid before he gained a bunch of depression weight from knowing Mandy) and certainly can't be right in the head if he's supporting a shooping fatty AND Rape Van Dan when he's not even getting laid by either of them. He also doesn't seem to have any hobbies besides donating to A-man-duh, but I don't personally know him so he might be a huge collector of toy trains and train conductor hats.

No. 1475822

Rape Van Dan has me in tears. First choice moniker

No. 1475837


Gotcha. The anonymity got me paranoid

No. 1475846

File: 1647841342673.jpeg (172.68 KB, 791x790, 230D4964-F392-453B-A157-69AEA3…)

Who ya reckon hurt her now?
How long before she deletes? There is an edit history of course- took a few tries to get the word salad just right - anyone want to translate?

No. 1475978


The "they" in this word salad seems to shift several times but I think she's saying people don't realize they're being taken advantage of and will consider anyone to be a friend when in reality no one really cares? Or something? It's almost complete nonsense, if she has a point in there it's lost in her desire to sound profound. Just say what you mean you vaguebooking twat

No. 1475982

Ahhh, I get it… she's talking about herself and how she's surely being manipulated but is too narcissistic to admit to it, and knowing nobody will cry when she's dead because she has no real friends.

She didn't mean it that way I'm sure, but it just fits perfectly.

No. 1475996

I wish she was vague posting about Cowie, but she’s prob at talking about more friends that won’t hang out with her.

No. 1476020

I think this is about scabbies and she’s implying he’s being manipulated by “fair weather friends” who wouldn’t even go to his funeral. Maybe he went to NJ and she felt betrayed that he has the audacity to spend time with someone else, since she’s the only one who has “truly tried and do some good by” him.

Scabbies and her seem to be fully codependent and barely spend time with anyone else. It seems like all her recent posts have been about him. She’s still using that old over dramatic pic, instead of switching back to their new snow app couple selfie.

I also know scabbies, and the way her post reads is very similar to how he speaks. I’ve heard him talk about his funeral/how many people would go a lot of times, it’s one of the ways he says he measures if people have “real friends” or not. Very edgelord of him lol.

No. 1476021

Yeah at this point she might’ve already forgotten him. Been awhile since shes made a “my best friend who I neglected and dropped for unidread passed and I miss him please feel bad for me” post.

I have a feeling whenever scabbies runs his course she’ll go back to posting about her fake cancer and/or cowie lol.

No. 1476041

im just waiting for another comic strip at this point(sage non-milk)

No. 1476188

And…..it’s deleted now- she must have made up with poop dread.

No. 1476219

File: 1647882087269.jpeg (141.89 KB, 960x959, 559665B5-7244-4C58-8C60-697A39…)

This makeup “look” is so bad. It looks like a 12 year old just discovered who Brody Dalle is and stole her moms makeup. I’d say it’s looks like shitty Siouxsie makeup, but that would give her too much credit. I can’t believe she keeps bringing this pic back lol.

No. 1476616

File: 1647909947653.jpeg (170.12 KB, 1170x500, 8B6892D3-CCC7-45DB-B525-C78D21…)

More word salad.

No. 1476617

File: 1647910004986.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1161x1649, 2DDEF0A7-E993-42F7-BD82-30D682…)

And this…

No. 1476649

"So kind of you to use a shooped picture of me instead of a candid otherwise I'd make you delete it and make you sit in the corner and think about what you've done while I call you a fuggin' fehg-gut!"

No. 1476734

I don’t know what’s more pathetic, that she likes whatever this shit is so much that she got over whatever melodrama she was upset about, or that he was so happy with his work and her reaction that he has to post it on her timeline, probably seconds after she saw it irl for… who? What reason? I have no idea. Are we all jealous of their fated special love yet? I don’t think so.

No. 1477132

Pretty sure this is a Curb Your Enthusiasm reference… which makes it even less original and less funny…

No. 1477244

This only got one laugh react from his own friend. Guess mandy didn’t find it as funny.

No. 1477271

Her reaction

No. 1477272

File: 1647967983149.jpeg (201.75 KB, 762x826, 91DD6598-9805-4C44-B076-DECD9D…)

Meant to attach

No. 1478536

Imagine publicly calling your live in boyfriend narcissist entitled ungrateful loud mouth ignorant with no real friends then mere hours later saying that you’ve forgiven every horrible thing they have ever done to you. This rollercoaster is bound to fly off the tracks soon. The only thing keeping it going is that both of them are broke and unemployed.

No. 1478822

At least she described him accurately. She’s only missing abusive and bum to fill out the scabbies bingo.

No. 1478932

File: 1648062535041.jpeg (522.22 KB, 1170x1590, D774E33C-157C-4CB6-BFF5-24147D…)

This is what two unemployed idiots do with their day. She must put all of her IDF sniper rifle training to good use.

No. 1479031

i’m surprised she didn’t tack onto this post about being so good at nerf guns because she “trained” with the IDF

No. 1479047

I don’t know either of these two and I’m asking with sincerity. Do either of them have a developmental/learning disorder? Sometimes I think scabbies might be on the spectrum like her ex. The shit he says and does seems a little beyond the 14 year old stuck in a 31 year old body bullshit she posted lol.

No. 1479090

File: 1648069169589.jpeg (2.81 MB, 1284x7586, D73DA60E-887C-4A9D-895F-B43CA3…)

Here’s a four screenshot stitch of her asking for someone to do her laundry filled with random irrelevant detritus and a Perry mention.

No. 1479126

So she has so much laundry…..she can't do… even though there is a full size washer and dryer in her apt? Does she know that there are pick-up drop-off laundry companies?

How many times does she change clothes that they have that much laundry? Throwing sheets out after one week… wow. So punk of you.

She's disgusting. She has a house keeper and is going to pay a laundry person three digits to do her laundry in her own apt, while she just sits there and what, does rails of coke off of Scabies baby arms?

Jon must be adding more money to her account so she can shop on Poshmark, I mean, pay for laundry services.

No. 1479128

I think she is paying for company.

No. 1479181

im sorry kek, an AIR BNB?!?! Who the fuck would want to stay there? and when does she ever leave the apt? to get a carton of Reds and a plastic bottle of vodka?

No. 1479255

Somehow after faking cancer, leaving a fiancée to die in her room, posting about unidreads smell, making up entire text conversations between her and her family, and so much more… this might be the post that gave me the most secondhand embarrassment ever.

What kind of 35 year old adult person thinks it’s TOO MUCH to clean a house and do laundry while being unemployed. How is cleaning up after her and scabbies SO MUCH WORK if she has a housekeeper? Does she expect anyone to believe that she fixes anything around the house, let alone SO MUCH STUFF that it leaves no time to do laundry? Does she not know most people have jobs while cleaning their own houses and doing their own laundry without having housekeepers?

And most importantly, how can anyone be SO DESPERATE for EVERYONE to think they have an ~amazing sex life~ that they somehow have to insert it into a post about LAUNDRY. We get it mandy, scabbies isn’t fucking you right! Now please stop trying to convince everyone that he is. It’s so sad and pathetic.

No. 1479263

“Unemployed unemployable couple ISO employable adult to do our disgusting piles of laundry for an undisclosed amount of money.”

How fucking stupid can she get.

No. 1479303

Tbh Luna Slater should apply

No. 1479329

They both wear the same three outfits for weeks on end, yet have FIVE loads of laundry a day?

This cringe post alone would be enough for me to dump Mandy out of embarrassment.

No. 1479335

File: 1648079964195.jpeg (101.53 KB, 1170x351, 87BDA99B-51EA-4E77-B720-EADA0F…)

The one comment

No. 1479377

this is the cow crossover i need

No. 1479402

He hasn’t had one in about eight years, he should probably take up the offer and put away mommy’s credit card.

No. 1479535

Ah there it is. One yeah ago she put down the deposit on this apartment. A couple months ago she claimed to be the superintendent and manager. Now she’s the property owner who rents it out on air bnb only when she doesn’t have to live in it. But also she needs to e beg to treat her fake cancer and she owns a condo in Miami. Can her lies get more absurd? Does she really think everything johns parents own is hers?

No. 1479574


I’m her brother: loudmouth bipolar and possibly autistic underneath all the lies. Also her brain is basically mush at this point from all the drugs. Like all the word salad posts

No. 1479605

I do love when the brother pops in

No. 1479619

I'm still stuck on "an launderer."

No. 1479627

it very much seems so.

No. 1479646

Does this refer to something or do you mean literally? Sorry ESL fag

No. 1479667

can you imagine interrogating this woman? she'd just go on and on about meaningless things in detail that do not have anything to do with the topics asked

No. 1479684

File: 1648115085652.jpeg (242.94 KB, 811x1332, 5CD56C69-CDD6-4C84-B339-784476…)

Poop dread seems to be kicking drugs (or alcohol)

No. 1479696

Just another alcoholic for her to kill.

No. 1479701

Be careful Scabbies, we all know what happened to the last alcoholic she tried to fix….

No. 1479702

File: 1648119688133.jpeg (339.93 KB, 1170x1118, 5DB2A42E-EE84-4746-BBF5-7C7D99…)

How much AA vernacular can she use in one post?

No. 1479727

She’s said this a bunch of times and it was never true. He’s probably never going to quit drinking or doing drugs. He can’t go more than a few days without drinking.

This bitch is ridiculous. Makes a whole post just to say she owns a bunch of stuff and she’s going to use it to help her nephews or nieces. Meanwhile she has no job and her own brother hates her. Not that long ago she was begging for $5 on fb like a junkie but now she has multiple savings accounts. Yeah ok.

And the “fuck you plans” part is honestly insulting. Not everyone drops all their family and friends to move in with the first man who gives them a shred of attention. Maybe they’ll be busy going to college or having a job. Most people don’t base all their life decisions off of the dick they’re riding at that time.

Did anyone comment on this dumb ass post?

No. 1479729

It’s always the most racist white bread mayos who want to use as much AA vernacular as possible lol. She just sounds stupid.

No. 1479735

She’s having an identity crisis, now she’s suddenly a hoodrat

No. 1479765

I'm pretty sure they were saying, Amanda is trying to pay someone to hang out with her, basically. To keep her company in the apartment

No. 1479783

She’s basically looking to hire a friend/mom because even though she’s an adult she can’t do shit by herself.

No. 1479810

I'm willing to bet 3 figures that the money she's offering for "an launderer" is John's money since his parents would legit kick her out if they knew her and Rape Van Dan are driving down the property value with their stench.
If they both bathed and washed their hair more frequently (dreads can be washed), there wouldn't be a need for changing pillowcases every other day.

No. 1479836

No anon, you don’t understand. They are having amazing kinky sex multiple times a day. So much amazing kinky sex they need to change the sweat soaked kinky sex sheets. Did I mention the sex they’re having is amazing and also kinky?

No. 1479880

Both the “an launderer” and “still got mad loot” posts have been deleted. My guess it isn’t from shame but because they didn’t get the engagement she was seeking. It’s pretty impressive how someone with thousands of “friends” gets no responses to her posts outside of Dan and Rick ta Light aka whoever that Gutter shithead is.

No. 1479898

Did they mention they also have handy battles as part of they’re amazing sex that is also kinky. The handy battles are also kinky and amazing. They even have amazing kinky nerf fights because they’re just so kinky and amazing.

She might’ve looked at the thread and saw everyone calling her a dumbass too. I’m sure her narcissistic ass checks it daily.

No. 1479958

Can someone tell us what day/time they were posted. I hate that you can never see that in the screenshots. My guy says that she’s posting in a blackout state and the. Wakes up feels really stupid and deletes.

No. 1480099

so this one >>1479702 was posted about 6.5 hours ago, assuming nonny brought it straight here. it's 4 in nyc right now so that would be like 9:30 this morning or thereabouts.

for this one >>1479090 we'll round up to 21 hours ago, which would be around 1 pm eastern.

No. 1480101

sorry, samefag, but meant to add when you're posting non-milk (you too, >>1479919 ), type sage in the email field before you post so you don't bump the thread

No. 1480303

Any time she posts/comments like this I know she’s on that baking soda again lol

No. 1480320

“I have a ton of clothes that have gotten enormous on me after losing weight”

“I myself am low maintenance as fuck 😘”

Being the most pick me ass lying bitch even when she has her own man who’s the “love of her life” is hilarious.

No. 1480478

Wonder why with all her money and loot and cars and nice things why she hasn’t opened her business again? Surely she can afford the rent easy peasy. And she definitely can give everyone their gofundme money back for her poor sad cancerous breasts that never ever have to be in a bra?

No. 1480692

No time to do an hour of laundry every other day when you have housekeepers doing the actual cleaning, and no time to cook or get your own food, and no time to work, but plenty of time to (not) have amazing kInKy sEx, glue junk to more junk and paint fortress cities for Nerf battles. Sounds like typical Scammy the Hammy and Rape Vanney Danney.

No. 1480700

She couldn't keep up with crack lifestyle. Coke is more her thing since she can blow (pun intended) John's money and not have to re-up for a day or 2. She'd be selling John's parents washer/dryer for crack money and would definitely have no time for indoor activity time.
I also feel like correctly managing a crack pipe and the nuances of getting all the crack out would just be too much for those cave idiots.

No. 1480776

The insanity of throwing out a set of bedsheets because she couldn't wash them for a week and a half… this bitch is insane and wasteful as fuck. Hilarious

No. 1480885

Amanda is always lying about something. In this case I think she actually threw them out but probably because they were uncleanable. Dan’s head must shed crust bits and bleed By the look of her hands she’s filthy. And the one set of sheets seen in all pics has this water color pattern that looks like stains to begin with. No doubt they are sleeping on a bare mattress.

No. 1481145

>it’s overwhelming to me being just one person
surprise, surprise, her toddler boyfriend doesn’t do laundry or contribute to housework

No. 1481281

File: 1648238603771.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1719, 43717A2F-9CA3-477E-A2FA-0FFC7F…)

What a caption, so eDgY. Nice pointy chin.

No. 1481306

File: 1648239939629.jpeg (462.16 KB, 828x1100, 8E5DCE51-1165-4EAD-93D5-33CD8D…)

Everyone else has a hole in the their cheek/jaw and one eye double the size of the other, right? No filly!

No. 1481340

Wtf does this caption mean???

No. 1481357

"i'm mentally 12 years old and i still think being as crass as possible is totally punk rock"

No. 1481429

It's like saying "In your dreams" since she's implying her shooped face is like a dream, but she's basically saying, "Suck it, you'll never get this dream woah-man-dy."

No. 1481496

For always bragging about her NatUrAllY ThIcK eyebrows they do be looking over plucked McDonald ass arches.

No. 1481599

Ballsack eyes

No. 1481891

File: 1648292204854.jpeg (535.2 KB, 1161x1178, 6DD909B2-2A22-40B6-AC2C-89989E…)


“Full-binder-long listing of mental health damage” Also doesn’t sounds like Mandy’s Rehabilitation Center is working on Dan.

No. 1482015


I can’t even begin to translate this word salad.

No. 1482025

I think she’s trying to say that Dan is a selfish narcissist who just told her that he no longer feels the same way about her as he did when they first started hooking up. While she, the trauma ridden, empath Mother Theresa is sacrificing her quality of life while nursing him into sobriety.

No. 1482029

It cracks me up because they’re both the malignant narcissists in this scenario

No. 1482057

At the beginning she says something about being interrupted by someone trying to relate to her struggle? But then rambles about how her struggle is so much worse but THEYRE the narcissist?

No. 1482150

100% and that last universe imploding everything inside is it is so pathetic. Scabbies really is the only thing she has going on with her life though and vice versa. She must be so bored lol.

No. 1482704

File: 1648343618349.jpeg (476.66 KB, 1170x2038, C7E79045-E913-4FB9-9D48-65DBE1…)

Passive aggressive posting about Danny?

No. 1482707

File: 1648343878328.jpeg (746.47 KB, 1170x1634, 13E45983-AD2E-4D4F-8FBC-47A03E…)

Also celebrating an FB anniversary but managing to drop a few unrelated comments about apartments we all know she isn’t moving to. Also “if” Dan is home? Kek.

Don’t want to invite your “friend” over to you crack den for some cheap vodka and pills?

No. 1482716

File: 1648344473147.jpeg (540.55 KB, 1170x1987, 98B8C864-E424-4F45-89B5-8AC706…)

There’s a video but I can’t deal with his hair.

No. 1482747

Needs a good shave and also it's chestnut brown.

No. 1482759

She said interrupted but she meant interpret

No. 1482767

Raven black?! This bitch is so blind.

How much do you think his hair weighs? It’s bigger than I thought. Do you think she’s jealous his hair is longer than hers?

No. 1482775

I'm dying to hear his reasoning behind this gross shit. I know it's laziness but I'm sure he pretends to have some deep meaning.

No. 1482783

File: 1648348416624.jpeg (536.17 KB, 828x1226, 28EBC099-EA91-4365-82E1-820A08…)

Doesn’t look like he successfully kicked drugs the other day when she was nursing his detox- those pupils look mad pinned

No. 1482790

Reads to me like a corny "peacock." Like, it makes him soooooo unique. Without it, he'd be nothing. Meanwhile it's almost as embarrassing as his girlfriend.

No. 1482816

I’ve known Dan for a decade and this is quite literally the worst he has looked since. This bitch is crazy.

No. 1482817

Successfully did more coke than the night before every day is what this looks like.

No. 1482857

Beautiful glass shine raven black wavy hair. Is she fucking blind

No. 1482886

At this point I think we know "nursing a detox" is a-la-cowie, or code for "will OD in my room soon."

No. 1482894

>>1482783 he looks shell shocked

No. 1482904

He looks like a POW with a gun to his head off camera

No. 1483313

the fact that she is trying to get someone clean from drugs and alcohol at home, alone, without a medical professional tells us everything about her and the success it will have. She should know how dangerous it can be to take away the drugs and alcohol from someone who has been abusing them daily, especially after someone died right beside her. But no, she wants to be the saviour of him, no matter the costs.

No. 1483461

don’t worry, she owns a pharmacy/medical supply company, which she could sell at any moment for seven figures, so she’s basically a doctor

No. 1483475

Why do all of her rehab patients have to go cold turkey? She can’t give them some benzos? She really wants them to be miserable and reliant on her huh

No. 1483526

She definitely has munchausen syndrome by proxy and is probably hoping for another death so she can receive that sweet, sweet internet sympathy.

No. 1483708

File: 1648401589405.jpg (621.98 KB, 617x647, Untitled-1.jpg)

don't forget. brat is so good at detoxing even her aunt - who's a nurse - couldn't believe she did it all by herself with a case of water and a banana

No. 1484038

His hair looks exactly the same as in every other photo, what is she blabbering about?

Can someone please upload the video? I want to be horrified by the disgust.

No. 1484052

Scabbies is a “malignant charming narcissist”.

Scabbies is “sweet, compassionate” a few hours later.

How can anyone take this bitch seriously? Lmao.

No. 1484171

Cow-ie didn't "die right beside her", especially from quitting drugs and alcohol. He died a state away with plenty of his trusty alcohol to keep him company while she was lusting after the boy that was actually right beside her- Rape
Van Dan. Slobz likes to post about how she left BK in the middle of the night to cold turkey kick at her parents' house and she thinks she was so successful, that she should pass on her foolproof sobriety tips by kicking off the detox for her "malignant narcissist" pencil-armed boy.

No. 1484179

>He died a state away
Didn't cowie die in her bed while slobz and scabz partied in the living room?

No. 1484211

He died in her apartment in Brooklyn. The address was in the news… This is old news.

No. 1484218

File: 1648428023412.jpeg (454.26 KB, 1170x1275, 377D141B-1547-4178-93A0-4E91C5…)

Mandy can’t tell how long they’ve been together yet.

She’s about as punk as Avril Lavigne with the fart jokes.

No. 1484219

File: 1648428070998.jpeg (911.24 KB, 1170x1740, CAEEF6CA-30E5-45D4-B127-51D840…)

March 12th was 8 months…

No. 1484229

LMFAO. Hasn't it actually been about 7 months since he showed up?

No. 1484295


In this >>1464929 post on July 29, he came over the first time.

So it’s actually 8 months. She’s an entire month off. Time flies when your barely conscious.

No. 1484322

i thought she has like a million blankets and throws that she absolutely makes herself and they're both recovering alcoholics?

No. 1484332

I’m sure her timeline’s a little fuzzy because at some point she had Cowie and Dan shacking up. imagine the stench, even before Cowie was a corpse

No. 1484747

He died a state away from her because she was in NJ frolicking around in the rape van.

No. 1484750

They've been together for 10 years by now, I'm sure, which explains
how they both are looking the same in this picture. There's no business like Snow business!

No. 1484838

No that weekend she had a night out in bk at rocka rolla. The next morning she posted a selfie with the bedroom door closed in the background. The next day it was reported they found him dead around 5:30pm. She was at her apartment.

No. 1484891

ok she’s right that relationships are work and not sunshine and rainbows 24/7 but “not talking for days” and endless arguing is NOT normal

No. 1484962

What even is the video? Her “fixing” his hair?

No. 1485145

File: 1648495736880.jpeg (336.49 KB, 1170x882, A8D36497-976A-4ED0-8814-EB80C4…)

The dread video. There’s no sound on her video. So… enjoy.

No. 1485154

She desperately desperately wants people to believe Dan doesn’t/hasn’t for the past 10 years smell like a mixture of alcohol sweats, moldy towels and onions

No. 1485156


What the fuck are you talking about? She was posting pics of herself dressed like a whore standing on the table while he was dead in the next room. They weren't in New Jersey. Go read the old threads and stop talking nonsense.

No. 1485166

This is correct— her and Dan went to NJ after Cowie died because the place was “being cleaned” or some shit

No. 1485182

Ew you can see literal dirt in his hair and she’s tryna say he smells good lmao.

Also the girl commenting is Dan’s bandmate’s ex. She knows firsthand how bad he smells and mandy still trying to convince her he doesn’t smell like sour cream, cheap liquor and sadness. She’s so stupid.

No. 1485189

“Being cleaned” is one way to say “under police investigation after a man died in the bedroom.” I bet she cleaned up anything she thought was incriminating and then ran away to scabbie’s parents house in NJ before the cops got there. I feel bad for his family lol.

No. 1485196

I agree tbh

No. 1485378

You're probably right given apparently only one bottle of alcohol was found by the police despite the flat inhabiting three alcohol/drug abusers

No. 1485390

I can’t say how I know this but I know she texted people telling them that she found him dead and blue, Dan tried to revive him and they called the cops. It was in the news article, that a woman called them and was there when they came. How long after he died that she called, I don’t know. So she could have cleaned the apartment of cocaine or pills. His tox report was negative and I’m sure NYPD wasn’t spending time with the CSI unit at her shithole apartment. It’s not a TV show. She probably didn’t want to stay there and scurried off somewhere with Scabies to get wasted over a person who died of… getting wasted.

No. 1485418

File: 1648514960964.jpeg (721.84 KB, 1170x1131, 118C270E-8021-4926-A5AC-F21667…)

No milk, but of course Slobs needs to comment on this… as if her opinion is so important to anyone.

No. 1485464

We all think Mandy and her Brillo Pad haired "future husband" are losers, but can we stop rehashing Cold Cowie like Mandy had some obligation to keep playing savior or that she was ever a sUsPeCt ? People die everyday and just like we've already witnessed, Slobs and Rape Van Dan don't get searched because there's no crime. And they didn't need to take drugs out of Cow-ie's corner of the apartment because they weren't even paying attention to him for those last few weeks, let alone doing drugs with him. There's plenty to laugh about- anons don't need to keep leaning on a tinfoil that was already proven to be wrong.

No. 1485468

Bish, poke, street, 'bows. Holy fuck she's got mushmouth when it comes to slang. NONE of that goes together.

No. 1485548

No. 1485597

This anniversary post is now removed. So is the hair grooming post. It looks like they possibly aren’t friends on Facebook at the moment…I am friends with her on fb and on his mutual friends list with me- she doesn’t come up….is this the end?….to be continued I’m sure….

No. 1485599

Also doesn’t say in a relationship with him anymore on her fb

No. 1485709


It's relevant because she brought Eric there to detox and she is now "helping" Dan detox too. Calm down.

No. 1485744

They're still following each other on Instagram, and weirdly, her dad is following him on there as well.

No. 1485801

File: 1648552331441.jpeg (363.79 KB, 1170x1915, 4B95C6D5-4ECE-4A42-B162-A9961E…)

Dan didn’t get the memo… she barely uses IG anymore. So no rush to remove him there. She doesn’t have a “relationship” viewable on her FB profile.

No. 1485876

They’re still friends on Facebook

No. 1485955

I’m sure she got mad at him because he doesn’t give a shit about anything, and is being melodramatic to get his attention/make him act differently. We all know she’s incapable of being alone, and so is he. Until she doesn’t make a post about FaceTiming with her “out of state best friend” or “reconnecting” with sone random dude she doesn’t actually know, they’re not breaking up. She’s gotta have someone prepped up to replace scabbies before she can get rid of him and he’ll probably never leave his cash and drugs cow by himself.

No. 1485958

They’re perfect for each other — just not in the inflated romantic star-crossed punk lovers way she tries to portray. Both of them are codependent, drug addicted alcoholics who can’t stand being alone and having to face the reality of who they are: weak, cruel, stupid, manipulative assholes with no friends, no jobs, and nothing really going for them in life. They need someone with them at all times to stay fucked up and distracted.

No. 1486128

I also guess it isn't that easy to get and stay sober while your "lover" is still on alcohol and other drugs. Maybe he got a clear moment for a minute and walked away or she is pissed because he isn't doing the "getting-sober-thing" like she wants him to do it. In the end, it's all about her, she has to safe him, she has to be the hero and if he would tell her, that he wants to go to therapy or stuff like that, she would find a way to make him think otherwise.

No. 1486158

Dan will never help himself in any way. He looks for people with savior complexes. Everyone he’s dated took care of him. The big difference here is that mandy is a fucking trainwreck and can’t even help someone as messy as him because she needs even more help herself.

No. 1486230

Anyone here who met her on social media and then met her in person? How much of a shock was it and or how different did she look? did you make a comment or say anything like wow you look DIFFERENT

No. 1486262

I saw her recently at a show. It’s very shocking. She’s completely different irl. Her face shape, eyes, mouth, nose, body size, body shape, even her hair color, look totally different. She’s way bigger than she seems online, has a big nose, and def doesn’t have that pointy ass chin or giant eyes. And she most definitely doesn’t have an hourglass shape. Her shape is way more boyish.

Except for the nasty teeth/gums and general awful demeanor, she just kind of looks like any other plain chubby girl cosplaying being into motorcycles/heavy metal/punk. She really doesn’t stand out as much as you’d think from reading her posts about how everyone always stares at her or hits on her lol. If I hadn’t known about her through this thread, and if she didn’t have the worst smelling, grossest looking bf next to her, I probably wouldn’t have noticed her.

No. 1486275


I've been wondering if the fact that she thinks he doesn't smell means that she's on about the same level of stank, and her nose is acclimatized. Loving all the anons in here confirming he reeks kek

No. 1486298

She looks dirty and sweaty too lol. I’m sure she smells terrible, but more than anything, she smokes a disgusting amount and has been doing coke for over a decade. Her sense of smell and taste have to be completely shot.

No. 1486305

She added me on Facebook, we had a lot of mutual friends at the time. The night I actually met her, I had no idea who she was until she posted a selfie later that week and realized THAT was the strung out drunk Amanda I met. During this time, she was claiming sobriety on social media so I was really confused because the girl I met in person was definitely anything but sober. She doesn’t have much of a shape, pudgy, and her clothes always looked like they were too small for her.

No. 1488427

File: 1648764307984.jpeg (234.1 KB, 1170x1582, A30F2F74-FF9A-47CA-B8C7-8308F8…)

Too narcissistic for suicide, who is she kidding.

No. 1488441

I wonder what scabbies did for her to be this emo for so long lol

No. 1488468

She reminds me of my mother and I can only compare horrible persons to my mother.

Also, isn't that a very close adaptation of a quote from Juliette Lewis? And why is she quoting something telling us that nobody really knows, everyone knows and can read about everything she ever "felt" and "thought", there isn't anything that stayed hidden after all.

No. 1488555

He’s probably at “band” practice and this is her visceral withdrawal response. >>1488441

No. 1488879

File: 1648812146249.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1284x4156, 8204CEE3-D18C-46BF-BA26-6E7BEF…)

Meatball eyes, bobble head, teeny tiny button nose. You know the drill.

No. 1488896

This is mean, but she was such an ugly child. Also, pretty much confirming Dom's claims of a lifetime of abuse, though she seems to think it's ~silly~ and ~quirky~

No. 1488918

there is nothing normal about breaking your brother his nose, even as teenagers…

No. 1488939

She's STILL hairy all over!! WTF is she talking about "rubbed off in the crib"

No. 1488982

its almost like she's trying to flip the script. Dom comes here saying she's abusive, she admits to abuse under the pretense of being a "feral child" who had to be taught better. Laughs it off with her "siblings amirite" comment and then mentions he would later instigate fights as teenagers. He punches HER and then she cracks him with a skateboard.

No. 1488985

File: 1648824394470.jpeg (497.82 KB, 1170x1829, 90A667E2-D2DE-4908-9779-1E096B…)

Not ready to talk about it but will tease you with vague info.
Also what has she changed? Still drinking, still unemployed, still fat and faking it with photoshop, still doing fucked up shit, fucking over Jons family, and her own.

I bet she lost the apt (her lease started in April) and this is some sob story lie.

No. 1488988

File: 1648824797534.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1981, 68D02F35-564C-48F9-8C79-32C294…)

She changed the caption to this.

No. 1489020

what the fuck is this caption? and what does “meatball eyes” even mean?! Dom pls help

also I agree, she was a hideous child.

No. 1489053

This is some passive aggression aimed at Dom. There's no reason for her to even bring him up or post his picture other than to prod at him. My estranged mother in law does this shit, it's pathetic.

No. 1489071

All the shit about her early childhood she’s explains as if she was ~so special and different~ literally all kids put their toys in chairs and pretend they’re alive. Nothing she said was exceptional — except how exceptionally fucked is it is to hit someone in the face with a skateboard. Who does that to ANYONE let alone your own little sibling. I punched my older siblings when I was little too (which is also normal until a certain age) and they never fucking broke my bones.

Her cruelty, dishonesty and inner and outer ugliness never ceases to amaze me.

Dom, if you don’t mind me asking, what’s your age difference? Because if she really broke your nose when she was a teenager and you were a child that’s way beyond fucked up —that’s abnormal, sociopathic, violent behavior.

No. 1489073

“When I was a kid I was cuter and also evil and abusive” could’ve been the whole post.

No. 1489074

She def was an ugly child and she grew up to be 1000 times uglier.

Hopefully she lost her apartment AND scabbies left her.

No. 1489107

Nah not mean, you’re right. She has a pinched in face that looks like she’s inbred and always squinting

No. 1489140

Why is she so obsessed with lying about having a tiny nose?! Who cares about nose size THAT much it’s weird af. Her nose is anything but a button nose. It looks like a cartoon witch nose lmao.

No. 1489204

File: 1648839230432.jpeg (205.05 KB, 828x1283, 8101BBF7-0258-4AB2-B6A1-00DC86…)

New trauma …vague details

No. 1489207

File: 1648839273780.jpeg (170.2 KB, 828x670, 2E90EF65-0C2B-425D-BB4B-C2D345…)

And this is the post before it

No. 1489237


sage sage sage whatever absolute speculation but I bet she’s losing the free apartment and is now trying to lovebomb johns family because her and poop dread won’t have a free nyc apt anymore and the idea of paying for housing with money from gainful employment in your 30s is enough to simply too traumatic to bear

No. 1489247

or, her parents finally saw what she really is like and we have a whole "my parents are abusive" story ahead of us.
I support the "family is chosen" theory, but how she treated her brother just shows that she is the rotten apple in the bucket.

No. 1489263

Well she also has zero chosen family anyway because nobody can stand her for more than a few days. Unless by chosen family she means the dog her ex has to take cares of, or the cat she stole from a bodega who disappeared, or the bird she has probably neglected to death by now. Being scabbies cash and drugs cow is not family Lmao.

No. 1489267

Is scabbies liking any of her posts? Dying to know if they’re finally done or breaking up.

No. 1489361

File: 1648846296163.jpeg (408.12 KB, 828x948, E611FD89-0E06-43B5-9521-918043…)

Oh and this was the post before the other two- and poop dread Dan didn’t like any of them- and the repost from Dan’s friend about chosen family- looks like that guy doesn’t follow her either - there are one or only a few likes on all these posts - none from scabies

No. 1489418

Wonder who this bullshit post is about. Don’t all her exes hate her except jonny?! I wonder if he finally got a new gf and isn’t funding her disgusting life anymore.

No. 1489489

johnny always appeared to have stockholm syndrome for me, I don't think that he has anyone new, rather that felt mat Dan has walked away because he didn't want to be sober while she still is high on every drug she can find. Or, he really tried to be sober, needed help and she refused to get him help because she knows better and he walked away.
Give it a few more days, we will know everything about it.

No. 1489521


It’s Dom. I don’t recall ever hitting her in the face, she definitely got the memory backwards. I was a pretty chill kid until she came stomping in, I still have claw marks on my arm from when she sunk her hands into me because I was using the computer

No. 1489522

I’ve known Dan for a years and he’s definitely not trying to get sober. He’s very open about being ok with being an alcoholic for the rest of his life. I’ve also heard his exes say they felt like they have Stockholm syndrome from him, it’s funny you brought that up about Amanda. Dan and Amanda are so similar. Makes sense two borderline sociopathic narcissist would end up together. They’ll probably end up together until they destroy each other’s lives.

No. 1489524

Also that post almost made me feel something.. but than I saw you all remind me of the other crappy stuff. She used to do this stuff all the time, I almost fell for it again lol

No. 1489526


Sorry for the multiple posts, but she’s 3 years older than me

No. 1489529

File: 1648860021158.png (2.87 MB, 828x1792, A123DD23-9F1C-41ED-A048-B188DD…)

No. 1489546

I think they already destroyed each other's lives. But I also think, that if he would try to get sober, she would be the last person to support him, because if he is sober, he would see through all her bullshit and she would be alone in the end.

fights over a computer were a thing back then, but no fight between siblings I've ever encountered has left marks until the present day. Just wondering, is she still in constant contact with your parents or is she just a visitor on some holidays?

No. 1489625