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File: 1583803214310.jpg (157.43 KB, 750x1000, UnfilteredQueen.jpg)

No. 943302

Amanda Bret / Amanda Schafemeyer / bratoutofhell - 32 year old self obsessed woman living in Brooklyn or somewhere in New York with either her parents or ex husband. Her life goal is to remain relevant on instagram, cannot help but constantly air out her dirty laundry online and constant oversharing, public breakdowns, etc.

Breakdown/overview of old milk leading into current:

> Covered in tattoos, Cosplays the metal/punk subculture, listens to nothing but shitty entry level pop and hip hop

> Ridiculous photoshopper, edits her face to death to look like a super smooth pointy chin alien, looks completely haggard IRL
> Shitty delusional “artist”
> Had a nice, normal, stable, and financially successful husband that she repeatedly cheated on and cucked for the duration of their marriage
> Husband bought her a store which sells vintage and hipster art/jewelry, barely sells enough to pay staff wages so husband must pay them.
> Made out with a random metal/punk dude in line for the bathroom while her husband was inside the bathroom, on the day of the opening day party
> Gives items away constantly hoping to make friends with people.
> Constantly cycling through boyfriends, sometimes 2-3 in a year, each are the love of her life
> Only dates crusty punk dudes with beards and vests, wonders why she can’t find a good man
> Claimed sobriety for a length of time in 2017 and 2018, fell of and spiraled into an extremely public and destructive bender when she and @thatgingerbastard broke up, accused him of cheating and being abusive
> Current stance on sobriety unclear, continues to smoke cigarettes on her stories despite claiming to have breast cancer

Recent milk:

> Called out ex @mopedkorey for being a pedo and abuser >>880379 >>880380>>880379 >>880408 yet she is friends with known abusers in local scene because clout, obviously

> Claimed to be sober in 2017 when dating @thatgingerbastard, anon says they witnessed her IRL doing cocaine and asked her to please not tell him because he thought she was sober
> Anons finding Amanda in the wild looking chubby and not like curvy ana chan that she presents on instagram >>862169 >>933803
> Announces that she has cancer in IG post with her tits out >>921170>>921172>>921173
> Surgery date gets “pushed back” >>925314
> GFM for cancer surgery set up by a friend got taken down >>932174 then reinstated after she provided “sensitive documents” to prove she had cancer >>928466
> Just two weeks out from her surgery is on instagram body checking in skimpy outfits >>935986
> Love bombs ex husband as her favorite person, anons say she’s seen her talk about sleeping with other guys in front of him awkwardly at the bar >>937312 speculation he’s afraid to kick her out of his life because she’s so unstable
> Claims to be broke and that she’s using her cousins iphone and cousin bought her a manicure, goes and gets a new set of expensive looking acrylics a week later with no mention of cousin >>939256
> Also she made a post talking about her neighbor giving her a box of hand me down clothing, poses with her shirt she got from alleged “box,” anon exposes her by posting her shopping history purchasing the same shirt >>925480>>925520
> Claims she has a new job with a high paying salary >>939767 turns out she’s working at Sephora >>
> Was dating some cringelord with a Harry Potter face tattoo just four months ago >>886518 >>888337 yet already in love and has a new soulmate, some bald tattooed man >>940425
> Posts filtered and glitched out video with audio and video out of synch cursing out trolls who say just because she has a job doesn’t mean she doesn’t need a gofund me, cuts out as soon as her ex husband she tries to hide awkwardly appears in the frame >>940854
> Brags about going on a date and date bringing her back to roach motel just a couple days before flying to Miami to stay at her husband’s parents condo that she claims they now own together >>942641
> Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow March 10th

Social Media
Ig: bratoutofhell
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/bretdarling
Smule: https://www.smule.com/bratoutofhell (cringey videos of her singing)

Extra links:
Old blogspot: http://amandabret.blogspot.com/?m=0
Trolling site someone made of her shop: https://schafmayerandcompany.wordpress.com/

No. 943331


^another old blog of hers

No. 943333

File: 1583808665248.jpeg (697.89 KB, 1191x1606, 4FC8C8F9-267F-4604-AA66-2FA280…)

Clearly using language that could be misconstrued as her having breast cancer when it’s obviously what we’ve all suspected, a simple cyst removal. This doctor is a general surgeon, not a surgical oncologist. Girl just blew her own fuckin cover thinking this would convince everyone. Lololol

No. 943373

I checked out the Dr. he’s a legit oncologist.

It could still be just a mass. Let’s see.

No. 943397

I looked him up too, but I think it’s strange that she’d be just meeting the oncologist the day of her surgery

No. 943403


Oh shit anon, you’re right
I didn’t pick up that detail when I read it.
Smart anon is smart

No. 943537

File: 1583849767878.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 125.33 KB, 367x640, 8E6EFF4C-F594-4726-B5EE-D99D93…)

She is just so inconsistent, in the post where she’s announcing her cancer she says she let a painful lump grow for years. But in the text exchange with her aunt she said she’s glad she caught it early. And In the post about the go fund me being removed she says the lump is starting to get painful

No. 943539

File: 1583849806646.png (619.27 KB, 1125x2436, 44CFCF63-48F9-451A-85A9-29A2D9…)

No. 943540

I've known Amanda for years now and glad to see others see through her bullshit. I haven't dealt with her for awhile but a have a few mutuals.
I'm not sure about this cancer thing, but she lies about SO much. And about just the dumbest smallest stuff. The story about the donated shirt that she actually just bought on poshmark is the perfect example of this. Why would any sane person make up a story about having a shirt donated to them?
She wants to give off this tough as nails, biker chick from hell vibe but besides the drugs and the skeezy guys, she's just a normal girl in a biker costume. I remember when she got her first motorcycle. Her dad tried teaching her how to ride and she ate shit and was too scared to ever really try again. For a few years afterwards she would say "this is the summer I learn how to ride" before giving up instantly and now she doesn't even pretend to try.
The biggest lie which everyone knows about anyways is her ex-husband Johnny. Johnny is rich. And not just a little rich, like old school New York banking family rich. Like family has 10s, if not 100s of millions of dollars. If any of you remember Amanda's lavish Christmas's and July 4ths, it's not her parents buying all those presents under the tree or filling up 4 shopping carts full of fireworks. I have no idea why he's still around, or why he's still bankrolling her store (especially since she got a job at Sephora? I don't believe her on that one)
Supposedly they "co-own" a medical supply business and that's where most of her money comes from (besides cash from Johnny). If the cancer is real, I have no idea why Johnny is footing the bill like he does with everything else.
Every year I wonder how much longer all this can go on. How many times have we seen the same TBTs to Jerusalem or Halloween costumes or the store opening or photoshopped pictures of her as an infant or bikini shots in Miami or her pets birthdays. How is everyone she mentions "her best friend ride or die"? How is she still getting tatttoos? With all that Johnny money why hasn't she fixed her fucked up teeth? Why does she facetune herself into a pointy chinned alien? These are the questions that keep me up at night.

No. 943547

File: 1583851232161.png (1.04 MB, 1125x2436, F491C90A-55C2-418F-8CC5-98A663…)

Anon do you know what the situation is with her education is? Lately she’s been posting about having dropped out of Highschool, and taking adult education classes but her Facebook profile says she went to community college

No. 943554

Hmm, before my time. I think she got a GED? With the cash cow that is Johnny, education is a moot point in her life.

No. 943556

She’s taking “adult education” classes at her former high school which are like one class for $40, barely continuing education. From what I gathered from old blogs (she has so many live journals) she seemed to skip school a lot and clearly had behavioral problems as a teenager. I assume she just never graduated. When did she have time to go get a GED when she was so busy trying to be famous on reddit for her tattoos?


No. 943557

See that’s what I concluded but her Facebook says she went to Suffolk community college for art and design. it’s not that milky I guess though

No. 943559


Thank you for this anon. You’ve validated my feels about her that I sometimes feel guilty about.

Do you by chance know how Amanda and Johnny met? And why he’s such a dedicated cuck?

No. 943572

File: 1583855079287.jpeg (316.55 KB, 1124x1880, 96F74E86-060A-48AB-AC00-46EC29…)

So she’ll be at Wonderland this Saturday. She can’t be feeling all that bad.
This was from 30minutes ago, on the day of her “surgery”.
Can’t wait to see what lies she’s crafting for us today

No. 943586

File: 1583856644568.jpg (38.79 KB, 486x854, WaCm5aO.jpg)

Here’s her and John in bed. They’ve “skipped the gym today to watch such like bums”. Looks like any other surgery day….

No. 943637

File: 1583860614162.png (3.1 MB, 750x1334, 7A61D574-7B69-4B4D-AEDC-488D88…)

Reminder that just 7 days ago she was bragging and sharing this extremely personal letter that her "partner, lover and soul mate" sent to her along with a very generous donation to her gofundme for her "breast cancer surgery" which was scheduled for today. As of today, she's posted up in bed with another man, watching TV, not being operated on. Her lies are shameless and the cucking knows o bounds.

No. 943646


“ photoshopped pictures of her as an infant”

I died at this

No. 943656

File: 1583863650704.jpeg (450.35 KB, 828x817, EAC6E218-2549-4BC6-92FC-A80312…)

No. 943661

Op here. Can a mod help me out and correct my spelling in the subject/title? I spelled Schafmayer wrong, and another anon has informed me that her real name is Amanda Labozetta.

No. 943692

File: 1583869213441.jpeg (57.6 KB, 828x247, BDB51B92-F961-4E41-920E-E5B0B6…)

Seems as if she’s heading to a show on March 14 in Richmond Virginia. That seems like an odd way to spend your recovery time, I had a metal show in a different state

No. 943696

File: 1583869875453.jpeg (884.25 KB, 1242x1766, 7152DF21-B394-4FDC-8097-BAA689…)

Let me get this right. Today is her surgery day, rescheduled from the original date of February 8th or some shit. She says here in the caption that her surgeon let her jump ahead after seeing her biopsy results? But the surgery was postponed already and this is the reschedule? Also, she’s never even met this doctor yet? Consultation, dangerous and traumatic breast tumor removal today, wonderland in three days. Lol. Does anyone actually believe this is anything other than a routine breast cyst removal?

No. 943717

File: 1583874106075.jpeg (1.5 MB, 2880x3840, 7DFEBBE2-C443-42A9-884F-209884…)


It's true

No. 943735

She even edited her dad to look more cleaned up… How embarrassing

No. 943741

She edited her dad's eye bigger?

No. 943757

As “proof” she has GeNetIcAlLy LaRgEr EyEs. Also her toddler neck skinnier and a pointed chin. So so so sad and delusional.

No. 943792

She changed his whole face, jesus christ. Jaw, forehead, nose, every time you look you notice something else.

No. 943798


So, she’s editing old photos of herself that she has posted in the past, that are still on her instagram, to match her newly edited alien face? If you’re going to be a professional liar, at least try to lie well and cover your tracks.

No. 943822

File: 1583885700179.png (6.03 MB, 1125x2436, FAAE616F-732D-4CC6-8979-E9CB69…)


No. 943823

File: 1583885839035.png (4.42 MB, 1125x2436, A36FC83C-08F9-4F1B-9E7A-722AD1…)

No. 943828

Are there any pictures of Johnny? She looks so old in the face. I’m surprised she was able to land a rich dude who doesn’t care about being cucked.

No. 943833

File: 1583888148205.jpeg (253.3 KB, 1125x1548, 663F2BE7-A8BA-480E-B01D-FF227B…)


Here’s a photo she forgot to delete of Johnny from a while back when she faked a pregnancy followed by a fake miscarriage for reddit likes

No. 943835

File: 1583888241218.jpeg (382.37 KB, 1124x1672, 3671CFFC-78D2-4CF9-BBDF-6096EA…)

No. 943866

Why does she look like Nemu? I'm getting flashbacks

No. 943968


He’s cute, successful and rich so wtf is he doing with such a trash human? Johnny, go find a girl who loves you for you and doesn’t make you get tattoos and dress in a way that complies with what this dirty possum looking bitch thinks is insta cool.
Does anyone know if she gave him an incurable STD or if she signed a pre-nup that keeps him locked into this hell?

No. 943978

File: 1583904856791.jpeg (233.04 KB, 1242x1310, A2F48BFC-466B-4CFC-84ED-352CD8…)


According to our girl who can’t tell the truth to save her life, he’s a ChEaTeR. Ironic comment made below a picture of herself wearing a shirt that says “I will cheat on you”.

No. 943984

She used to fuck her vendors, what is she even talking about

No. 944091

File: 1583937915428.jpeg (340.34 KB, 827x1328, 46D6F39B-B254-4FF5-9777-5B4816…)

So I guess they got “divorced” in 2015 by the date on this post. Your family hasn’t known for two years? Maybe because he’s still always around and taking care of you and paying for all your stuff….

No. 944101

File: 1583939867126.jpeg (773.91 KB, 1818x1818, 4321568E-3A6E-459A-97E1-5D18CF…)

If this bitch ACTUALLY has cancer she fucking deserves it.
Asking strangers, most of whom are lower to middle class for money for your phantom cancer when you “OWN” an apartment worth 5x more than what any of us could ever hope to make in one lifetime is fucking deplorable.
I hate this lazy, whiny, Facetuned, biker poser, spoiled rat face bitch.
Show us your surgery scar that a bunch of good hearted poor people paid for already you self-indulgent narcissist.

No. 944121


I love that she shooped her body, but not his.

No. 944202

Poor John. He doesn't look like the kind of guy that cares about tattoos or alternative culture at all. Wonder if Amanda body shamed and bullied him into getting all that work done so he'd be more her "type."

Hit it on the head tho, anon. Even if she had cancer, I wouldn't feel bad for her. If her husband can afford to keep her shop afloat and pay her employees wages, he can afford 8k to pay for her surgery (to say nothing of the fact that she has continued to smoke cigarettes, wtf)

No. 944211

File: 1583956940432.jpeg (726.08 KB, 1818x1818, 0086CA1A-5B6E-4156-B79E-89A252…)

No. 944217

So he’s basically her pet. She’s a hag. I hope finds someone who doesn’t treat him like a customisable handbag that keeps magically regenerating in the purse department.

No. 944268

Huh, he was a pretty cute normie here. All the shit she put him through must be where the depression gut came from. I would feel bad for him, but he made his choices.

No. 944443


Jfc. He was adorable when they met. She's more of a toxic and manipulative bitch than I previously thought. Those full torso pieces hurt like a motherfucker. Imagine getting one just to try to suck up to the massive cucking machine that is Amanda.

No. 944535

File: 1584022834273.jpeg (468.75 KB, 750x1195, E1E0F9BC-8D22-49B6-8142-EAE833…)

Her dad is allegedly buying her a car.

No. 944586

She doesn’t even have a drivers license! Why the fuck would you buy someone a car?

No. 944592

Also those are two different cars.

No. 944593

File: 1584031325433.png (1.21 MB, 828x1792, A5F7ED0D-A545-45DE-B5BA-808E27…)

They’re also stock images from a website. Also this cafe is worth $16,000. Didn’t she need money for surgery? Wonder how that scam is going.

No. 944618


Notice how she listed all the places she needs to drive to but didn’t list her “high paying Sephora job”. Cue Maury - THAT was a lie

No. 944651

File: 1584039921926.jpeg (556.15 KB, 1242x1935, 16B71D0D-471E-47AB-98F9-54745B…)

Deleted all negative comments before I could sc

No. 944668

File: 1584042436550.jpeg (537.49 KB, 1242x1711, E1482BD6-2671-4554-B7C5-068663…)

Amanda perfectly describes herself here. The lack of self awareness is incredible.

No. 944753

File: 1584055597657.jpeg (464.66 KB, 750x1195, D392CDBA-185E-4E7D-915F-4A2471…)

Deleted her car post and removed "Senior florist" from her bio kek

No. 944775

I just needed to add that she cheated on her fiancé, the one in Texas, with Blake. Blake lives in Brooklyn. He was very open about her and him fucking. She’s tired and sad.(subjectfag)

No. 944784

Do you have screens anon? Which fiance is this? And who is Blake? Do you have usernames/Instagram names?

No. 944802


Not the same anon but her ex fiancé is Jay Carey, feral157 on insta

No. 944804

Jay is the fiancé from Texas. She was meant to move there and marry him. She used an old ass ring she bought herself as the ring he proposed with but someone low key called her out on it…. I don’t have his Instagram bc I don’t follow him.
I wasn’t gonna get involved but she came at my man sideways and said some dumb shit so now idgaf and happy to jump on this train.

No. 944807

File: 1584064341551.jpeg (343.03 KB, 750x1167, 2A8DAA6D-6C9B-4967-AEA0-661EC3…)

She'll be 33 this year and still posting this weird shit

No. 944813

Those are bjork lyrics anon

No. 944815

File: 1584065110695.jpeg (191.72 KB, 750x698, 4D958460-90F8-4A9C-9F19-F0FF02…)

May have been discussed already but this made my skin crawl…

No. 944823

File: 1584065386432.jpeg (355.76 KB, 1125x2436, 015D9015-06B9-4BC4-A697-53029A…)

No. 944829

cowtipping is against the rules, anon.

No. 944832

What is cow tipping?(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 944834

They arent the one who commented, their icon is just showing. This isnt cowtipping.

No. 944840

aquateen crackhead is an annoying ass cowtipper who posts screenshots of threads here on their account, maybe that’s who anon was referring to.

No. 944980

File: 1584108441715.jpeg (406.9 KB, 1235x1589, 20D91391-45F1-45E7-8489-0B47DD…)

No. 945000

File: 1584111985943.jpeg (633.32 KB, 1242x1970, 8BFAAE17-3536-44C9-A064-5A4105…)

Still shopping with that gofundme and exhusband/mommy/daddy money.

No. 945013

File: 1584114365306.jpeg (488.04 KB, 1632x1632, E4EB9DEA-4A40-4AC1-83FB-848A57…)

Trying the bare minimum at creating content. Comments are off on this post after erasing her last two photos.

No. 945043

I think feral187 was the one of the many she accused of being an abuser after they broke up. Strangely enough, she recently posted an old gram of them together and was called out for it. I think she deleted the negative comments.

I don't really care how many people a person dates but it's insane how DEEP she goes with these dudes and how quickly. Like from nothing to engagements/soulmates/matching tattoos/non-stop #MCM love bombs. What's probably even stranger is she finds guys that dive and fall just as fast as she does.

No. 945044

No. 945045

File: 1584121730210.jpeg (634.91 KB, 2048x1366, 15581D93-5EFA-4231-9384-F191E4…)


There is nothing authentic about her at alll.

(Same anon as previous post, not sure how it posted nothing… sorry)

No. 945047

File: 1584122637070.jpeg (772.36 KB, 750x1084, 4A498338-199F-4832-BE51-5D974F…)


I’m not sure she ever came up with a reason for calling off her “engagement” with him.

Mopedkorey was the one she’s talking about in the cap here and below.

Thatgingerbastard (Andrew) is a guy she dated right before mopedkorey, she claims the reason for their breakup was because his friend raped her and Andrew didn’t believe here.

No. 945048

File: 1584122659108.png (338.58 KB, 750x1334, C391B085-FDE7-41E7-A677-C70F77…)

No. 945068

File: 1584125539380.jpeg (260.3 KB, 1024x1024, 828D1B3B-41B1-4F5F-B197-BE4A53…)

The one on the left is what she was selling and the one on the right is the original she plagiarized. When she got called out on it she tried to say it didn't matter because it was super old. Like if that was an acceptable excuse for copying art and selling it as your own. It's not an homage if you copy it exactly.

No. 945070

Sorry i meant the one on the right is the one she copied. The left is the original

No. 945072


We figured that. She doesn’t have the artistic ability for simple compositions or brush skills for fine line work

No. 945076

Haha, this story and this picture are a funny juxtaposition. She thinks this is cute enough to imitate, and also dates guys who act like the cartoon. Does she realise?

No. 945084

File: 1584128451698.jpeg (422.58 KB, 1936x1936, A34EB43A-158E-488D-BB3E-02BDEC…)

So she made three different designs of these. She claims to have done the artwork with “design help from John Vale”. John shows up in the comments saying he drew the only one out of the three that was original. So not only did she blatantly plagiarize the vintage ones but she’s also denying credit to the actual artist of one.

No. 945087


Also, rumor is that Andrew actually caught Amanda fucking his friend as they were all crashing at her apartment together after partying. Once caught, she claimed raped.

No. 945095

I believe that. Her behavior around that time was super weird (August 2018) she went on huge downward spiral, fell publicly off the sobriety train and started making a bunch of accusations. She told me personally that Andrew choked her "Eric Garner style" and said "I don't care you fucking cunt." She also accused him of cheating with some other scene thot @davidleegoth

And if it was rape or them just hooking up, dude… Just gross. Either your friends with a rapist or a complete shitbag that doesn't respect your relationship. And Amanda cried over this man. What a shitty toxic scene it is over in Brooklyn.

No. 945121

File: 1584134228721.jpeg (425.17 KB, 2048x2048, BF73DC27-CAE4-4556-B8AD-A58C2C…)

No. 945123

File: 1584134324756.jpeg (764.94 KB, 2025x1980, CC64F736-76E4-4A5C-B27A-FD85CA…)

No. 945126

holy shit this is a new level of pathetic and sad

No. 945134

File: 1584136685949.jpeg (869.97 KB, 2880x3840, F2283D32-65A1-4613-A87C-2174D6…)

No. 945135

what the actual…?

She really shoops her mother and kid self into a strangled neck pointy elf duo to prove her chin is actually like it is? Fml. That’s insane.

No. 945136

File: 1584136795719.jpeg (935.55 KB, 2880x3840, DC36FAF2-A9EB-4BE7-AC13-BBA110…)

No. 945140

Thanks for these caps anon. She is a shit heel.

No. 945144

Moped Korey (aka Golden Retriever because he's this dumb happy dog looking mf) was a lot of mess. There are threads from people on fb who are strangers becoming friends over their mutual stories of him being an awful person. He was her RVA connection. She went to a wedding last year there and apparently got abandoned by her ride back. Then Jacob (aka 5dread) drove her all the way home and now visits every few weeks to shoot "content" in that shitty motel.
This thread is better than 'Love is Blind'

No. 945157


Abandoned by her ride? Do you have details? Was it the wedding she did the brides makeup for? That’s a whole ‘nother Amanda lie. So sweetly on Instagram she said one of the girls broke her expensive makeup pallet but it didn’t matter cuz she had fun. Later on reddit she said TWO fatasses or wideloads sat on them breaking them. Why does she lie about every little thing? Ironically shes looking pretty fat herself now and no amount of secondhand makeup can fix that.

No. 945161


Wait she's active on Reddit?

No. 945165

No. 945505

File: 1584218966537.jpeg (570.02 KB, 750x1131, 962C20BF-8629-4E52-BE7D-EA6DBF…)

Flexing another dude she "can't remember the name of"

No. 945514


And moving to Austin this summer. Halfway across the county isn’t cheap. Go fund me money.

No. 945555

One would think after her delayed again “surgery” she would be too immunocompromised for a move by herself. Also she toyed with the idea of moving to Texas when she was fake engaged, boasted she could buy a house out there and maybe open another shop. Is she just going to chase after Jay?

No. 945622

The way she types and phrases things is just so goddamn try-hard and cringe. Idk how anyone can take this totally rad shit, friend-o.

No. 946021

File: 1584318059312.jpeg (147.03 KB, 828x555, 25B6C0F4-83E7-4454-8928-DD5FF2…)

I just can’t. She’s a “writer” now. I can’t deal with the levels of psychosis she has to live in to call herself that.

No. 946040

File: 1584321215075.jpeg (203.85 KB, 750x1173, F561FFBE-978F-4AA9-B9B8-BA7187…)

‘Coming 2021’
Okay, just as long as you’re giving yourself enough time for another fantasy career, girl.

No. 946099

File: 1584331270422.jpeg (518.11 KB, 1125x2436, C5E519B4-00BB-4839-B09C-CEAB77…)

This is my favorite Amanda shoop

No. 946111


>1,587 followers on an emptyish to-be business account

wow what is her secret?

No. 946152

Why? There are way more egregious shoops

No. 946179

File: 1584357980631.jpeg (535.25 KB, 750x1212, 8C77F6DE-FAC5-48CF-BBEC-82D04F…)

Anus tart. She knows how to pick em

No. 946195

I mean, that's an arrested development quote and probably the least milky thing here

No. 946204


Sure, but it’s still tacky edgelord shit.

No. 946233

File: 1584371754372.jpeg (270.3 KB, 750x1104, F72952C1-DCDA-45FA-A146-674C16…)

Did anyone get caps of whatever this was?

No. 946322

File: 1584392290042.jpeg (160.33 KB, 618x1035, 007A17A2-269C-499B-89A0-58CE12…)


No. 946325

Thanks anon!

No. 946334

File: 1584394025904.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1800, 3A2EC408-1D6C-4548-A1DC-1DB730…)

Jesus Christ. Meth mouth must have ditched the newest baby faced garbage dude. I can’t even with this dumb bitch. The amount of delusional is almost infuriating.

No. 946407

File: 1584412750428.jpeg (198.01 KB, 750x1123, 8F8F7AF5-7CF4-48DB-8EBE-F5D189…)


Remember when Amanda used her "cousin's" brand new iPhone but then also said it was a gift?

No. 946408

File: 1584412798853.jpeg (384.48 KB, 750x1058, 9E3E66F9-2F9A-4CDB-B41E-7DC739…)

No. 946409

File: 1584412845060.jpeg (261.65 KB, 750x903, 69B77AEB-06AE-4B41-9C42-DA457E…)

Last one

No. 946413


Oh sooo hard. Yup, you're so strong and street smart, using dudes and blowing randos to come up in the world. I would absolutely live to "say it to her face", this is another case of all bark no bite. Writing a bid screed certainly shows how much better you are than people who dont have to talk themselves up constantly. What a garbage pail.

No. 946538

Nailed it

No. 946610

File: 1584466786979.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1242x1850, C7C61AA9-CC3F-4B2F-8EF2-A1CF17…)

Kek rant on her story calling her doubters cunts. Acting tough as nails cringeeeee. Also said she wishes she never got it checked out? So you don’t have cancer Amanda? Admiring you jumped the gun? No one at this point is doubting she has a cyst. But the cancer thing is whack as fuck. Even going as far to tag the cancer center when the sign only reads breast care center. Wow imagine that, a breast care center with oncologists for breast cancer patients. Still calling bullshit on her cancer. Delusional pudgy crackhead cunt.

No. 946619

File: 1584468162612.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x1857, 1EA403E3-80ED-4F82-AB88-5A7BFE…)

Says “it’s gotten bigger I’m going to have them take it out I’m not waiting any longer”. If it was positively identified as cancer, would oncologists even give her the option? Would they just let a cancer tumor sit and grow inside her? What about all that shit she said about how ~bad~ it was months ago that the doctor lets her “skip” ahead yet she’s still chilling almost six months later with breast cancer? She just needs to admit now it’s nothing more than a benign cyst and stop lying. Even by posting these videos she’s making reality more apparent: it’s not breast cancer.

No. 946645

She had to get that pink ribbon in there

No. 946647

Sorry in advance for possible blogposting. I'm not a regular in this thread but I keep scrolling past it and seeing that this girl is claiming to have cancer. I have cancer and I'm undergoing treatment. I can confirm that once they do a biopsy and find out that its malignant your treatment plan gets pretty aggressive immediately whether its radiation, chemo, or surgical removal. They don't just allow you to wait months to do anything when you have a cancerous mass because it can metastasize.

No. 946652

File: 1584472348712.jpeg (232 KB, 750x1084, 6C3D85F0-9163-4FF1-B27C-BBDC06…)

No. 946653

File: 1584472444241.jpeg (377.09 KB, 750x693, 7604A595-187F-4268-9BB6-B9ABC3…)

No. 946659


Nice try Amanda. This still screams bullshit considering you were “Diagnosed” with cancer six months ago. Was it only then were you lying and now this time it’s true? What about this is actually “proof” it’s cancer? Still don’t feel bad for you sobbing on your story about how you just cannnttt afford it. We all know for sure thats absolutely bullshit. For the first time I actually hope you really do have cancer.

No. 946664

She can’t afford it but her dads buying her a new car kek

No. 946666


She said months ago it was cancer and now she's saying it was inconclusive then but now is actually cancer. This woman is a nightmare.

No. 946693


Also co-owns a $6,000,000 Miami apartment with a private beach.

No. 946741

I don’t believe she owns any of that apartment tbh but cash cow Johnny probably does. He pays for everything else and he can’t pay for this

No. 946749


It’s more than likely his parents. No one actually believes Amanda and him own it. She’s such a fucking pathological liar.

No. 946750

she's trying to sound so cool and unbothered with the whole "can't even remember his name thing"

actually makes it sound like she was just hella coked out for the whole relationship

No. 946889


Sorry that you’re going through that anon. Wishing you a speedy recovery during these trying times.

Also, thank you for clarifying. I cared for my sister two years back with her battle. It wasn’t easy. Her cancerous mass was tiny, but the removal was immediate upon discovery. It was then followed with 6 months of chemo THEN 3 months of radiation. She only really started feeling like herself again a few months ago. She couldn’t care less that she has scars on her breast and chest from the surgery and chemo. She’s just so happy to be alive and okay. The community really rallied for her and we were able the crowdfund $12,000. Her insurance covered a majority of the medical costs, but her living expenses capsized her in the end. Never would she ever think of using crowd sourced monies for plastic surgery.
It’s really insulting and reprehensible that this girl is faking a debilitating illness to crowd source monies so that she doesn’t have a dent in her breast.

dis bitch

No. 946919

If she really does have a tumour, there's no way it's malign.
I had a benign tumour in my breast that grew a bigger over a year and it's when I had surgery to remove it. Amanda is seriously bullshitting.

No. 946970

No. 947147

would it fucking kill you to use google for five seconds to avoid looking absolutely retarded? i don’t how how dumb you have to be to not realize BREAST CARE CENTER means it’s literally dedicated to breast cancer, but literally the first fucking result tells you this. what other breast related health would there ever need to be a dedicated center for?

being a lazy fucking retard like this literally only makes her case stronger when she says the people who talk about her are liars. she clearly is one too, but making shit up or refusing to actually do ten seconds of research isn’t going to convince anyone who believes her that she’s faking.

No. 947158

You mad anon. Relax.

A breast care center does more than just breast cancer treatment, maybe follow your own advice and do ten seconds of research. Need a mammogram? Other breast health issues you want to take up with a specialist? Nipple discharge? Need diagnostic testing? Go to a breast health center, you don’t have to have cancer to go to one. Now fuck off with ya rage anon. Ur probably Amanda.

No. 947189


If you follow through with the link to that specific place it does not only deal with breast cancer so I am not sure what your point is. They do everything from cancer care to imaging and mammograms. Not to mention Amanda has a history of breast cysts she's posted about since she was a teenager. Not every lump in a boob is cancer. No need to be mad on the internet.

No. 947194

Hi Amanda(hi cow)

No. 947200

thanks anon, and I'm sorry that your sister had to go through this as well. You're right, it isn't easy.

I just came back to this thread to also make a point that due to the coronavirus, most hospitals (all of them in my area at least) will only see seriously ill patients. If she abruptly stops showing proof of dr visits, it could be a sign that she does not actually have cancer.

No. 947205

cancer anon here again, I can confirm that all types of cancer centers deal with all kinds of testing that could lead to a cancer diagnosis. when my tumors showed up on a ct, all of my next appointments took place in the hospital cancer center, before i was even diagnosed. They do PET scans, CT, MRI, blood work, consultations…literally everything

No. 947341

File: 1584599716823.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x1749, FBB58AC4-A21A-475E-800D-7F33F4…)


"School" aka an AE class about like, pottery, for $40 at a community college

No. 947418


Kek trying so hard to remain relevant by posting stupid ass memes, and turning off commenting for anything mentioning her “cancer”. Nice try to divert attention Amanda.

No. 948111

File: 1584775559248.png (813.64 KB, 750x1334, F53125DE-F2A4-461D-A005-B14596…)

Joe Merolla of Saint Vitus bar and Old Stanley's bar in Brooklyn was accused of hitting his last ex, breaking into his exes Caela's house and beating up her new boyfriend Shiro, and knowingly spreading around herpes and then ghosting the girls. What a great person to go to bat for amanda, you absolute fucking tool. Way to stand by women.

No. 948112

File: 1584776254587.png (11.53 MB, 1242x2688, 21730975-8601-4ADF-AD5E-C36D3B…)


Her story had a vignette about how her father heard about people breaking into a car, so he bought this and put it in his yard. Totally rational behavior, totally rational sign. These people are such trash.

No. 948116

Gotta flex to any guy that throw her a bone

No. 948184

File: 1584805206466.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1931, 49F37645-59D2-4E72-B6AC-2C87AE…)



Whatever feeds her totally badass ACAB family lifestyle and personal narrative. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no bootlicker, but this to me is more Long Island white trash than some radical fuck the police stance. Folks like these trash want any reason to fucking shoot someone, even something as simple as being on their property. Not surprising coming from her diehard Trump supporting parents, she posted a story a couple weeks ago of her parent MAGA coffee cup. Amanda is so desperate for everyone to believe she’s some badass radical from an outlaw family but to anyone with a brain she’s just plain white trash. And Jesus Christ, pick a side. Are all cops bastards or only the cops who you don’t think are cool? Fake. Phony. Bootlicker.

No. 948204


deleted the comments and blocked the people calling her out on this but not before replying with ~don‘t you KNOW the owner has ACAB tattoos?!?~ and then saying that s&co doesn’t need their business anyway

No. 948233


Any screens of this, anon?

I never think to check that Instagram account

No. 948239

File: 1584818534442.jpeg (452.47 KB, 1125x1450, 13E422BD-9E48-4DB3-BCB8-71C065…)


had to dig a bit but here ya go

No. 948249

Oh my god

No. 948260

Does she not know what ACAB stands for or ? It isn't some cops are bastards.

No. 948326


A fundamental misunderstanding of ACAB on Amanda’s part. All cops are bastards, Amanda, not “most”. It’s the entire police institution that’s fucked up, the meaning of ACAB, not ONLY the individuals themselves. He’s taking part and banking off of a fucked institution, therefore is a fucking bastard. “Making sure our ragers don’t get out of hand” kek says who? The man? Rage all you want and don’t let some fuckboi in blue tell you otherwise. Or do you want some boi in blue to make sure no one steals your merchandise during your “ragers”? Put them in jail? Another fucked institution for the government to profit off? This bitch is all bark no bite. Can’t even act the punk costume she puts on everyday.

No. 948368

I love how she has to seem like an expert in everything she does. No recipes because it was an old Insta post but she went on about coding as a kid/teen and supposedly making a bunch of money this way. Then I click on one of her old blogs mentioned here and the post goes like "nor do i have an acute understanding of modern technology". Very interesting, truly inspiring.

No. 948371

File: 1584838925555.jpg (903.22 KB, 1125x2436, 2TotqU4.jpg)

Maybe it was posted but I missed it but more cringy boyfriend flexing from reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TargetedShirts/comments/e2unew/my_ex_contacted_me_which_irritated_me_my_current/

No. 948440

Lol Olivia noelle aka @deathrouse is just as much of a cow funny to see her trash ass act so high and mighty

No. 948456

Yeah imagine getting an ACAB tattoo permanently on your body for clout, then publicly hyping and flirting with an actual cop? So very punk.

No. 948549

File: 1584892533631.jpg (70.98 KB, 640x480, 2602485771_bf269e41f0_o.jpg)

No. 948550

File: 1584892563359.jpg (61.11 KB, 480x640, 2602485707_0716fd2f7e_o.jpg)

No. 948552

File: 1584892609131.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.14 KB, 470x573, 2580039454_387ded3de9_o.jpg)

No. 948583

Ew, how old is she here? This screams CP

No. 948653


She’s of age there. She skipped over young adult and went straight from childlike anime nerd to washed up cokehead in a biker costume real quick.

No. 948734

This doesn't show up for me for some reason?

No. 948755

File: 1584930212492.jpeg (359.86 KB, 750x1125, B7DD64F2-1DA9-44E1-B31C-0BD316…)

Pathetic engagement for someone with 63k followers. Hmmm

No. 948757


It’s because she’s limited comments and immediately deletes everything potentially negative or that asks about her “cancer” that manages to slip through. Also pretty sure most the accounts that follow her are dead abandoned or bought kek

No. 948787

Pics pulled from here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/27657010@N07/albums
The picture in question was taken on June 15, 2008 according to Flickr which would make her around 20.

No. 950217

File: 1585329117377.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1242x1856, D87DE724-8416-45B6-BC8B-F5772B…)

Are you fucking kidding me. These people are absolute morons. No word on Amanda’s “cancer”.

No. 950232

there won't be any more info on the "cancer" as long as the hospitals are only accepting patients with serious illnesses. the fact that she hasn't posted a single update or doctor visit since the COVID-19 shit hit the fan proves that she does not have cancer.

No. 950736


As I'm sure many of us quarantined folks did this past week, Amanda binged Tiger King. Enthralled by the toothless and cracked out cast and crew, she immediately befriend one most likely in hopes for a tiger sized romance. SEVERAL photos to follow.

No. 950737

File: 1585451484432.jpeg (568.74 KB, 1080x1710, 3FA08BF9-5325-405C-AB90-145B3E…)

No. 950739

File: 1585451595685.jpeg (327.96 KB, 750x1098, 70B43A69-8048-412B-B815-DC37F4…)

Here she recaps their chats but tells people not to befriend him. She's the only one allowed to be friends and bug him. No one else!

No. 950741

File: 1585451712077.jpeg (307.86 KB, 750x1102, D7832CA0-858A-4009-978E-98309A…)

No. 950744

File: 1585451829921.jpeg (202.94 KB, 686x1074, 5F256A79-5DBD-439E-80D9-CE05FF…)


Hopefully it's a love connection! I know I want to be considered a social experiment, that's always neat

No. 950746

File: 1585452100515.jpeg (221.36 KB, 737x1058, 127A7A05-6FB3-4E16-974B-515576…)

Definitely her type. I can't remember this ex's name but I think he's the one who had her arrested for assault. Or the one before that. Who can keep track!

No. 950749

File: 1585452439973.jpeg (230.91 KB, 750x1085, 81C068F2-642B-4EA4-A58D-DCFBF6…)

Oh no! People added him after being explicitly told not to!

No. 950750

File: 1585452505322.jpeg (231.56 KB, 750x1004, BD7BCE18-11F6-4223-9936-A39E0E…)

No. 950752

File: 1585452692353.jpeg (238.28 KB, 750x1044, 15D89478-4670-491D-8360-43F87A…)


The lack of self awareness is just crazy

No. 950755

File: 1585452889223.jpeg (242.59 KB, 750x1040, E3E40AAE-E702-4BA3-BB79-A43FC3…)

Finally someone asks what we're all thinking and Amanda doubles down on treating this man as a science experiment

No. 950756

File: 1585452927606.jpeg (212.15 KB, 750x935, 2DE679A8-8E9F-472E-94F0-2D10DC…)


And of course no one can call her out without being negative or having something wrong with them

No. 950757


or being call a nazi apparently. does she just think dropping things like “nazi punks fuck off” keeps her ~relevant and cool? give me a break. i can’t roll my eyes any harder at this

No. 950758

File: 1585453374845.jpeg (50.48 KB, 750x309, BE6EB2FA-8D12-4021-9CFA-FDA0B7…)


Kelly responded with a well reasoned comment that isn't milky enough to bother posting. But I'll end with this:

No. 950759


She recently watched Green Room so it must be on her mind

No. 950775

MOPED KOREY AKA GOLDEN RETRIEVER aka "he who shall not be named" eye roll

No. 950778

That's right. Korey Whaley. His Instagram is private.

No. 950842

File: 1585479345066.jpeg (473.94 KB, 750x1211, 27CE97A4-17E4-46EE-8596-27C823…)

Here he is.

Amanda is an insufferable bore.

No. 950889


Omg this is so cringe for so many reasons. Amanda has no friends and is the queen of sure /that happened/. The bit about being wide eyed and shocked? Come the fuck on, people don’t act that way.

No. 950898


By friends I'm thinking she means parents

No. 950929

Gatekeeping “friendship” with a tired, methed-out loser who the entire country is laughing at rather than updating all us skeptical haters about her very serious, very real cancer treatment. Wonder what’s next. Whatever it is, it’ll be “badass as hell”. Cringe.

No. 950932

how long till her “ex”-husband is flying her to hang out with this guy and pet tigers while deflecting any cancer talk and attacking any person who doesn’t kiss her ass?

No. 950953

She has reached all new levels of desperation for any tiny bit of clout she can get her grubby little hands on. Even if it takes flirting with a middle aged junkie who is a background character of a true crime documentary. kek.

If she actually cared about this guy's privacy, she wouldn't have posted all over social media about it. She even said she knew posting about it would cause trouble, but couldn't keep it a secret. Why? Cause she's too thirsty for the attention.

Good on Kelly. I like that she immediately tries to lovebomb her and gaslight her for being "negative". Her manipulative behaviors are so transparent. It's good that people can see through it.

No. 950993


Thank you. Nailed it.

No. 951026

File: 1585519085520.jpeg (281.58 KB, 828x644, 9616BCA4-E8C1-4D0E-B2C2-876F3E…)

When she was arrested in Jan 2019 for attacking Korey. From what I could kinda piece together…. she ran a goFundMe on FB for her dog to have “tumors” removed (raised like $1200 + venmo…. sound familiar?) then magically has Korey come visit her and bought him (and herself) a ton of Xmas presents. She spent a very photoshopped NYE with him and then I guess attacked him, threw his phone at him or something. So he called the cops on her in her own and apt and got her arrested. John paid for her lawyer of course. She of course, used going to court to get support from her fake followers on IG who don’t know her IRL.

No. 951030

What would that criminal possession of a weapon other than a gun be? The phone?

No. 951033


In NYC it could’ve been a knife. Pigs are super strict about them and since she makes them I wouldn’t be surprised. But also ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 951100

File: 1585531867305.jpeg (74.18 KB, 750x262, 13DDDE32-62CF-4545-B588-1298C1…)

She didn't elaborate in the comments but said she is crying/screaming in her bed. Wonder what these dramatics are for.

No. 951105

File: 1585534277176.png (909.59 KB, 750x1334, C4EE93CC-0308-4175-AF7F-83D2B9…)

Samefag and incoming with one more but.. Wtf happened? Highly doubt this is cancer related. I know there are some anons who are close to her, so if any of yall care to dish?

No. 951109

File: 1585534914507.jpeg (657.55 KB, 750x1308, D6F7926E-F11A-4F0A-B071-A16EB8…)

Also she suddenly is claiming to have a new Grey streak in her hair. May seem like a dumb nitpick but idk why she has to lie. This streak is never before seen and appeared just a week or two after her failed grey heart shapes hair spray on her bangs. Amanda is incapable about being genuine about literally anything.

No. 951113


This might be a leak test. She might have posted a fake event to a select few to see if it ends up here.
Careful anons.

No. 951153

Maybe shes just prematurely graying lmao

No. 951157

Having gray hair in your thirties isn't premature.

No. 951159

File: 1585544644530.png (2.74 MB, 750x1334, 39B5B12D-4415-45A0-88DE-CCB48F…)

For reference, she posted this on her story a little while ago. No grays in sight. It's definitely spray.

No. 951160


I literally have nothing to do but wait to see when anon leaks what she’s over dramatizing

No. 951201

Since the thread is alive, here's an old photobucket of amanda in case everyone likes to peek. nothing really interesting though

No. 951214


You're hair can both be entirely silver but naturally black

No. 951239

Yeah, overnight.

No. 951264


chances that she’ll say this traumatic experience that she’ll never recover from caused this sudden grey streak? y/n

No. 951274

File: 1585586682454.png (2.88 MB, 750x1334, 632BA1D6-B462-4AF9-887B-6A4BFD…)

She cringe as fuck. Showing how she manages to smoke cigs whilst writing - says she tried the Hunter S Thompson method but that didn’t work out - has this stupid pinky cig holder which looks like it takes way more effort to actually use without ashing everywhere…so just take a fucking smoke break, no?
Shares a book, does an author shoutout, then says the author advises you read a book whilst writing a book. Oh, fuck off. Also, she has decanted her tailor made smokes into a cigarette holder. Gets ribbon ink all over her try hard typewriter. Nnngh the cringe is real. Fine, do this in your teens, but your thirties? Oh man.

Oh yeah, obviously the grey in her fringe is fake. This chick.

No. 951280

only if she remembers to stick with it..

No. 952086

File: 1585621474618.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1960, 89929D24-9E33-4A9F-9936-B0C1BB…)

one month later “my natural grey patch”.

No. 952092

New here, I amSO glad to have stumbled across this thread about Amanda.

Let me just say, I’m from Long Island, where she is from. Her family lives in Medford, an upper middle class neighborhood. Her claims to be from poor beginnings and her dad working to the bone to pay for that incredibly lavish amount of Christmas gifts under the tree this past year is total bullshit. As others have pointed out, her ex finances her life. But there’s no way her family owns a house in that neighborhood on the blue collar job she projects her father to have. Does her mom even work? Most families in Long Island need 2 incomes to stay afloat with the insanely high cost of living.
Sorry for the long post, just letting off some pent up steam about this wannabe and her family’s “struggle”

No. 952107


Goddammit I meant CANT

No. 952113


I've been wondering what her family does for a living to have what seems like a relatively nice house like that. I assumed drugs and other underhanded shit.

No. 952251

what are these eyebrows??? what a fugly bitch

No. 952283

File: 1585674866438.png (674.61 KB, 1080x2160, chin.png)

Oh man. I was coming from the gram to find her FB after reading her post about her 'traumatic' experience that only fb followers are aware of…
Anyway, i dont know why i was so surprised to find this thread. I only follow her for the guaranteed entertainment and so others must do the same. I joined reddit just to post this pic but im glad i can dump it here…long time reddit follower but only a few karma due to only recently joining so couldn't post there, as intended.

No. 952284

Also, she posted something about thinking about dying her hair with a silver streak a few months ago. Of course she would say the grey is natural…otherwise she has to defend spending $ on salon services. That does not look at all to me like spray on color.

No. 952288

Of course it’s spray look how mismatched it is and she’s posting pics without in her hair. She had to have bleached it if she wanted gray and clearly there’s no bleach

No. 952292

Im not a hair stylist, i was just going by my untrained eye and her past comment.
Can we unite in our mutual contempt and move forward?

No. 952307

learn to integrate and sage your fucking shit jfc

No. 952336

Wait I missed everything lol. What's the subreddit you're talking about? I've been lurking here for a long time but never saw a corresponding sub.

No. 952359

I’m not a hairdresser either
listen to what this anon said. Read the rules

No. 952374


Not the OP but she was basically the mascot of r/instagramreality before they banned her pics so I assume that sub. Some excuse about how the same person kept posting her so they claimed it was “targeted” bullying. Lol dumb

No. 952420

No. 952465

I’m surprised she hasn’t faked having corona by now for attention. Or one of her parents. Ya know, now that the cancer is gone somehow. Maybe another gofundme would come of it

No. 952573

File: 1585713794792.jpeg (186.94 KB, 750x814, 11EC6DC5-57FF-4B87-9C96-876ECF…)

No. 952575

hE’s My FrIeNd && No OnE eLsE cAn EvEn LoOk At HiM

it’s SO WEIRD to parade around a virtual stranger (tiger king) as your new bff. also, what friends? though maybe everyone has finally seen through her desperate lies and pleas for attention

i hope someone gives deets on what happened.

No. 952583

>literally says she befriended him out of morbid curiosity after seeing the netflix show
>tries to shame other people for literally doing the same
But it's okay guys. She's special. Because this 50+ lonely junkie has a "squeeze" on her.

It is beginning to sound like she might have a bit of one back. At least for the weird white trash clout it'd give her.

No. 952598

She is SO insanely insufferable and transparent. Please tell me most of her followers see how pathetic this is.

No. 952612

Amanda Labozetta / Amanda Bret of long island and Brooklyn new york has a white trash fetish and is exploiting her working class followers for money for a made up breast cancer surgery she will never have.

No. 952643

File: 1585740958821.jpeg (473.05 KB, 750x1173, 41A5F9E2-36D5-4D3D-8687-93DAE4…)

He's sending her animal dreads and she's writing him a letter, lol. Watch him become the new love of her life Keck

No. 952652


“dainty country flower” i’m surprised this didn’t lead to 2+ cringey paragraphs about how she’s a new yorker and tough as nails and such a badass or whatever

you’re a 30-something white woman living at your middle-class family’s home in the suburbs. what a fucking try-hard

No. 952673

File: 1585752212367.png (Spoiler Image, 2.81 MB, 1125x2436, 6D585D14-ACB8-4335-B837-E41BC1…)

No. 952677

File: 1585752717767.jpeg (253.67 KB, 828x1868, 938E0E23-EC99-40DC-9A61-F1CB52…)

Good thing she’s taking advantage of still having two boobs, gotta make that quarantine money. She claims her CC info was stolen and she’s “in serious debt” If your credit card info was stolen you dispute it with your bank. You don’t go into debt because of that, you go into debt for buying Instagram brand jewelry and splurging on Poshmark. She’s still claiming that people are “gifting her” leather jackets and expensive shit. No trail on her Poshmark.

No. 952678


Wow imagine the talent to take a screenshot one handed the exact moment to show how ~shocked you are. Dumb cow in so incapable of anything genuine. Why post paragraphs of your new love to people who didn’t give a shit at your new “lowest” if not only for riding the tiger king clout. I feel so bad for this Erik guy. And Jesus Christ now she’s acting like this county girl? When she’s spent years tailoring the badass New Yorker chick with a knife aesthetic. I can’t even.

No. 952679


Erik (Tiger King) god she’s so desperate. If this was a shred genuine she wouldn’t have to put up caps and clarify (tiger king). This is almost peak Amanda cringe.

No. 952698

Did anyone discover what the latest FB drama was all about?

No. 952703

Almost positive it was a false flag leak test visible to only a few to see who’s posting her caps and drama here. If I had to guess it’s probably something about breaking up with that jake guy ensuring she’s the victim, as she makes her way into her new relationship with Erik (tiger king) kek while trying not to attract too much negative attention from going from soulmate to soulmate to soulmate.

No. 952706

This is absolutely peak Amanda cringe. I can’t understand the delusion she lives under to where she doesn’t realize how embarrassing it is to post all of this and to BEFRIEND someone solely for the attention she thinks it’s going to get her. She doesn’t do a single thing in her life out of genuineness.

No. 952707

I have to admit I was going to "donate" some money. I thought <<let's see some titties and help a poor ill girl.>>. Then I found this thread. I'm glad I did my research. I had some relatives who suffered of real cancer and yeah, you do not have the luxury of spending half a year asking for money, you just do whatever you can to survive, immediately.

Titties not worth it.

No. 952715

in the midst of all this Coronavirus shit her emergency cancer surgery never happened? We all knew it was false just a benign cyst, but now she can’t even get surgery to feed her cancer narrative because of the quarantines.

Furthermore all small business owners are facing serious possibility that they’ll be unable to afford to open up shop again after this is over. How’s she paying rent on her Brooklyn shop while it’s not bringing any income? Why hasn’t she made any comment of it if she claims her shop is her livelihood? Because it’s not a concern of hers, Proof Johnny is her pocket book and floating all this. Amanda is a scam artist.

No. 952721

Has anyone noticed that her shop's website has been down for weeks? Even prior to corona the links on both Instagram accounts sent you to an error site. Now the entire site is gone. I work with small businesses like hers and most of them are selling via their websites trying desperately to stay afloat. But the shops gram didn't even make a post about it? How do people even work there?

No. 952726

I think you’re right anon, thanks.

No. 952730

Bankrolled by daddy Johnny. As soon as this covid shit blows over she’ll magically be afloat even tho she’s “dead broke and in major debt”, slinging cheap shit again but mostly giving it away free in hopes of making friends. Also hiring strung out alt kids half her age on johnnys dime in attempt to stay relevant.

No. 952736

File: 1585762369439.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1242x1959, DF8A38E7-C831-46B0-9E73-7CBF25…)

The lack of self awareness is immeasurable. Poor Amanda is such a victim.

No. 952737


what junior high bullshit is this?? jesus

No. 952738

She said the label printer for internet orders is all at the store (and I guess no one thought that would be important to get) so the store is closed until after covid-19 passes. I dont know why you would shut down the whole site, instead of just turning off new orders. Clearly she doesn’t need to make any money from that store.

No. 952739

Someone should warn this Erik guy about her. She’s treating him like a freak show case study, detailing their relationship for attention/ trashy clout.
Coming from an actual white trash town on Long Island, I know people who would kill to have the advantages she has. But she’s got that “white trash fetish” as another anon perfectly put it. Speaking from my own experience, people that actually come from that background are embarrassed of it and don’t flaunt it.(cowtipping)

No. 952740


i honestly hope someone reaches out to him with screen grabs and warns him. on tv or not, he doesn’t deserve to be treated like a 6th graders shitty social experiment

No. 952752

I kind of hope someone releases the nudes lmao

No. 952753

Have you seen how she photoshops her face and body? Those nudes will not resemble her troll body in the least lol

No. 952764

You have a good point.

No. 952769


I would agree with this but she also posted about it on her Facebook. If you're doing a test for leaks you wouldn't do that.

No. 952784

i'm guessing she screen records her facetimes with this dude

No. 952857

Has that place ever been profitable? From what I’ve seen it’s just run-of-the-mill Etsy-tier Americana and EBay finds with the price jacked up. I’d be surprised if it’s turning a profit at all.

No. 952858


Christ I mean she also posted it on her Instagram. Sorry I'm a moron.

No. 952863

Anyone friends with her on fb?

No. 952874

I’m glad I didn’t say that to you, now. lol.

No. 952901

File: 1585787504475.jpeg (213.83 KB, 1125x704, E6A98759-B1BA-41C9-9AE9-51B0BB…)

you think the desperation for attention has peaked and then…

No. 952904

there has got to be some milk in those comments.

No. 952908

Yes! Comments pls capping anon.

No. 952911

File: 1585788529229.jpeg (252.9 KB, 1125x512, AE1E1E7D-B5EE-46EE-8C9E-1C0570…)


only this is even remotely kind of milky. there’s literally nothing interesting — just people kissing her ass.

No. 953054

File: 1585822124585.jpeg (761.16 KB, 2048x2048, 976BDAF2-915D-4E45-9A46-E0CE8C…)

Yup! Lurker here.

No. 953076

Amazing, thanks anon.
Can you do some digging? There’s gotta be milk around and about.
Tiger Queen? She’s a Cringe Beast.

No. 953083

Amanda (Tiger Queen)

No. 953088

File: 1585831529914.jpeg (106.79 KB, 750x341, AB0EF7E5-9585-4B10-9CA7-BE22FE…)

Amanda is actively complaining that everyone she thought was close to her, she hasn't specified friend or family, bounced when things got tough for her and now she feels alone in a space with "no love" (1/2)

No. 953089

File: 1585831594814.jpeg (223.71 KB, 744x587, D5B94BD3-CF56-42E6-882D-56B495…)

This is what happens when all your friendships are based on appearances//hanging out at bars/doing drugs together. If you're 30+ and still have no real friends at all, it's time to take a long hard look in the mirror.

No. 953090

File: 1585831932201.jpeg (185.07 KB, 750x497, 4E4B0B47-8036-41F8-A11C-EBAF3F…)

Sorry I am a retard. Here's the screencap I meant to post this with.

No. 953095

What’s with these emotionally retarded adults who quite frankly should have grown up years ago.

No. 953096


narcissism, entitlement, & privilege but heavy emphasis on narcissism

No. 953100

Drug addiction stunts your ability to process anything new… so you never grow up beyond when you started using. (And i don’t for a second think she’s 8 months sober) For her, not surprised, she acts like a teenager.

No. 953101

File: 1585834714546.png (4.17 MB, 750x1334, C2581B4B-6204-489B-8EA9-EE2157…)


Hourglass frame kek who does she think she’s fooling? Old milk for ref. This dumb cow lives for deceiving and lying about being anyone or anything she isn’t. The insecurity is immeasurable.

No. 953102

File: 1585834996702.jpeg (839.3 KB, 750x937, 910653D1-A919-4DA0-B319-796EF0…)

What's rich is this is a photo she posted from the same day that horrible screen grab was taken. Brazen abuse of photoshop.

No. 953103

File: 1585835201233.jpeg (406 KB, 1632x1632, 344C9562-41FA-4097-9F39-CE044C…)

Edited IG story video to what she posted No curves, so much editing.

No. 953104

File: 1585835758633.jpeg (207.3 KB, 1242x1110, 94FB2167-6B8F-471D-AC73-C70A35…)


This shit she’s spewing sounds exactly like this post on one of her old blogs. Amanda is a 16 year old trapped in an aging, washed up 33 year olds body. Living back at home where HeR PaReNtS ToTaLlY HaTe HeR. She’s trying to use language that isn’t obvious she’s literally bitching about her PARENTS. AT 33. “these people” she says. kekekekekek.

No. 953113

File: 1585837403591.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1242x1838, 8735D89E-1719-46ED-B9C5-0E3903…)

Can’t even consistently shoop the size of her tits, let alone the rest of her body

No. 953123

File: 1585838921126.jpeg (361.69 KB, 707x1107, 41362EEB-DCC5-4933-A223-F9429F…)

Her tits were way bigger in this one from just a day or 2 ago

No. 953127

I don't really understand these paid editing apps. I've seen the cheap ones but how does that even work to edit her body that way? Wouldn't the furniture around her be way more warped?

No. 953133

Is she even sending people nudes?

No. 953135

Peep those wavy jagged lines around her ass and both outer sides of the legs. That pulling in and blurring around the waist, esp the left side. That jaggedy ass thighs are killing me softly.

No. 953140

Doublepost but if you use photoshop on your comp you can isolate the body, edited it away from the background by itself, then paste it back in to the pic over the background, replacing the original body. Leaving very little to almost no blurring or warping if the background. The way to spot those is based on the outer edge of the body (where it would have been cut from the background) and it’s blurring, sharpening, how it blends in with the background, and if the lines are smooth and realistic. As well as more obvious blurring/warping of pixels (when zooming in), jagged edges, distortion of body shadows/hair/tattoos/etc.

What Amanda seems to do is the sad pathetic trick of upping the sharpening, darkening, vibrancy of her body (and the background too), so the blurs and jagged lines of the sh00p become more dense, thicker, refined, and blend together more seamlessly. Dumbasses do it all the time thinking they’re fooling ppl into thinking “oh it’s more HD, the lines are sharp and it’s not blurry, so it’s not sh00ped” when it’s just a dollar store trick. (Example of her doing this: >>953102)

No. 953144

File: 1585842439912.jpeg (122.67 KB, 1125x1832, 157D0539-7CDC-4C81-B5EF-D64483…)

Anything I need to dig for? Someone was correct; no actual friends, just a whole lot of acquaintances. I keep her on the friends list for the fuckery. Multiple boyfriends, and some crazy “traumatic” incident happens after every breakup. Claimed cancer after being dumped. Wants donations for a dog she abandoned. Complains that she gets more likes for nudes and not artwork, when she barely posts artwork that is stolen anyway. The selfies are priceless.

No. 953147

Oh snap I see it now. On the right side her rib cage abruptly shifts in. People are insane man.

No. 953149

Any super raunchy pics she uploads?(thirst)

No. 953151

File: 1585842719948.jpeg (200.28 KB, 636x832, 8513CA71-B4FF-43F0-9F45-505730…)

An example of her horrible body shoop. Her filters she uses (cat ears, bunny nose aren’t IG filters l, she’s using Meitu which does live video editing in your face. Makes for the jagged glitched lines around her neck on literally any selfie video of her

No. 953154

File: 1585842938851.jpeg (312.88 KB, 827x1148, A1D0EB8A-E988-43DD-886E-98F6B4…)

Her “ex fiancé” Jay got mad she posted this saying the internet sees more of her than he does. She yelled at him for it. Then in the comments that he said she never answers her phone.

No. 953158

I work in the mental health field. Amanda’s behavior screams Borderline Personality Disorder. For those that are unfamiliar, here are the hallmark symptoms (copied and pasted from psycom.net):

Having an unstable or dysfunctional self-image or a distorted sense of self (how one feels about one’s self)
Feelings of isolation, boredom and emptiness
Difficulty feeling empathy for others
A history of unstable relationships that can change drastically from intense love and idealization to intense hate
A persistent fear of abandonment and rejection, including extreme emotional reactions to real and even perceived abandonment
Intense, highly changeable moods that can last for several days or for just a few hours
Strong feelings of anxiety, worry and depression
Impulsive, risky, self-destructive and dangerous behaviors, including reckless driving, drug or alcohol abuse and having unsafe sex
Unstable career plans, goals and aspirations(armchair)

No. 953160

Something is clearly wrong. Bpd?

No. 953163

I think we’re all well versed in BPD here…

No. 953191

File: 1585847497826.jpeg (435.59 KB, 702x4712, 03148FDA-ADBE-496B-8194-71A68F…)

Her “menu” that she says she doesn’t use anymore.

No. 953196

File: 1585848335604.png (Spoiler Image, 1.57 MB, 862x1386, amandas.png)

Sorry for sperg, but every time I see the way this chick shoops/filters herself, the strangest feeling makes me think of that autism-faker, Amanda Baggs. The tiny chin and weak jaw, the upturned potato nose, the thick brows over gigantic blank eyes, and the cat eye glasses are the cherry on top. So, this dark thought needed to be shared with others. Apologies in advance.

No. 953205

Omfg thank you. I’m dying. It’s uncanny.

No. 953206

Hahaha holy fuck yes. I knew there was something I couldn’t place, and this is it.

No. 953207

>as I am a public figure…


No. 953211


Filming and editing a 7-10 minute video in a way that doesn’t reveal her true face and body is so much more work than actually working at Sephora for $340

No. 953213


Which partner tho?

No. 953215

File: 1585850143775.png (Spoiler Image, 3.12 MB, 750x1334, 466F2EE5-ADCA-4A58-A3DA-15FFD0…)

I feel sick

No. 953227

I can’t imagine how god awful the content she filmed in that grimy motel must be. Remember when she would always filter hers and jays face in video and it would glitch out showing what they really looked like? Imagine that but her getting porked by her newest overweight, baby-faced balding but ginger “boyfriend” who she may have just broken up with recently anyway. I’m gonna throw up.

No. 953230

File: 1585852472872.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x1424, E7104029-F867-473D-985D-AA887C…)

No. 953232

File: 1585852705708.jpeg (2.06 MB, 1242x1932, 79494938-A163-4CE9-9BE0-10C78A…)


Probably this guy. Someone teach ol’ butthole mouth how to smile or just get her some fucking chapstick. Why does her mouth alway look so gross and pursed? Maybe she’s born with it maybe it’s meth mouth.

No. 953234


I thought Bigclive was gay?

No. 953239

File: 1585854490977.jpeg (373.6 KB, 1242x1211, 9FA057BB-77BA-4E98-8598-43AC7D…)

Amanda is so full of shit.

No. 953243

Fuckin' bullshit. I work in the hospital/healthcare industry. If it is imperative to your health, they kept appointments. I'd call a supposed cancerous growth a medical necessity.

But I mean, she's a dumb bitch, so….

No. 953249


i had a friend with cancer go in just last week for a surgery. they didn’t cancel shit on him!

i’m hoping her bullshits, lies, and scamming hardworking people out of their money comes back to bite her in her SUPER JUICEY CURVY (tiger queen) ASS a thousand times over

No. 953269

Nah, someone I know just had her surgery for diagnosed stage 1 breast cancer postponed for at least six weeks. A lump that may well be/probably is benign isn’t on anybody’s radar right now.

No. 953288

I think the fact that the surgery isn’t happening proves it wasn’t something serious at all

No. 953319

not gonna lie though, im glad at least one of these shoopers know to hide wavy doorlines and whatnot while shooping. at least sometimes

No. 953405

File: 1585874105595.jpeg (170.98 KB, 749x1179, 64805164-DBDC-4FD0-9366-A107DC…)

Live from NY (not actually live). She’s singing away on her IGTV.

No. 953423


did she…make herself cough after saying she has a smokers cough??

chances this “cough” turns into having corona?

No. 953431

Yes. Hideous.

Big chance.

No. 953448


Holy shit keep ur eyes on her necklace as she sings and you can see her fucking filter goings insane glitching out. God this dumb ugly bitch is so delusional

No. 953476

I couldn’t take my eyes off her slit in a pie mouth or those matchstick teeth.

No. 953479


Excuse you, those are her "kiss pillows"

I'm so glad i found this thread, been following her on ig for a few years and always wondered what her fucking deal is. She's so irritating lol

No. 953481


It looks like the lock on her necklace is singing with her kek

No. 953496

File: 1585885199955.jpeg (301.76 KB, 828x1513, D14AF57E-8205-4785-9F3E-346C9D…)

Copying and pasting the exact same comment in the same reddit about Tiger King regarding her private friendship with Erik from the show. She doesn’t want privacy, she wants upvotes and likes. She yelled at people on her FB for befriending Erik after she told everyone “her secret”.

No. 953503


The natural gray streak is already gone I can’t breath

No. 953534

Someone needs to take this bitch's electronics away. She could write her badass memoir on that edgy typewriter and idk, go walk her dog?

No. 953535

I checked her reddit. It's amazing how to she keeps up posts from 7 years ago with her old husband exclaiming they're going to be parents. She didn't delete them like she did on Instagram because she's a sucker for reddit karma points. She can't stand seeing that fake internet point counter go down.

No. 953548

Shes been using reddit for 7 years and doesnt realize that posting to different subreddits instead of spamming the same sub for the entire of an hour would make her look less retarded and gain herself more karmapoints?

No. 953552


I just downvoted every copy and paste of that retarded attention seeking shit lol. Pointless but she's asking for it with that tomfoolery.

No. 953573

Reddit ignores these types of mass down/upvoting. But it's the thought that counts anon, if I could I'd downvote her irl.

No. 953577


I can't imagine being 32, living at my parents' house, and selling nudes and lewds from my bedroom. Pathetic stuff.

No. 953586

God damn anon. Top kek it doesn't stop moving or changing shape. And she turned comments off before anyone could call her out LOL.

No. 953600

Lol anon, lol.

No. 953632


The natural grey patch is already gone, snow filter set to max and glitching, zomg I have such a smokers cough forced fake cough. Just add in a Erik (tiger king) is my bff and no ONE ELSES, I HAVE BREAST CANCER, RIDE OR DIE TOUGH AS NAILS and this sums up all of Amanda’s current self.

No. 953639

File: 1585925327538.jpeg (426.88 KB, 1125x933, E25D17C1-40A1-48BF-A4E6-156FC3…)

a casual reminder that she stole a cat from a bodega, tried to play it off like it was being abused/thought it was her cat that ran away and is consistently changing this story to make it sound like she didn’t steal a random cat from someone

No. 953667

File: 1585929772342.jpeg (438.12 KB, 1125x1450, D08558F5-271A-4F52-9A47-779DDA…)


The odds of Amanda performing her best Covid-19 impression for sympathy engagement is are pretty high

No. 953681

Wow. She’s really edging towards it, huh?

No. 953708

File: 1585935770793.png (193.45 KB, 496x677, Screenshot_20200403-021409.png)

Sage because old and not that interesting but another example of how badly she always trying to look like she's so good at everything she does. "Had 60 high end palettes laid out". Bitch just shut the fuck up.

And she definitely gonna covid-slum if she doesn't actually get it (that would have a chance of being real for once)

No. 953709

Within two weeks she’s going to “have it”, for sure. Gotta slowly build up to the lie.

No. 953710


“two wide-loads”? all for women-supporting-women and body positivity, though right?

No. 953711

Even this is a lie if hers. On Instagram she said one girl broke one pallet but Amanda was oh-so-sweet about it and totally understanding!

No. 953714

File: 1585936529238.jpeg (837.24 KB, 1242x1816, D7F04B13-6E06-4078-ACA3-81A7EB…)

No. 953720


RVA isn’t 8 hours from Brooklyn. This girl can not tell the truth to save her life.

No. 953738

LOL @ the need to show off about everything but I believe the 60 palettes part. She has a full blown makeup addiction which is a fine hobby but I think I mostly see her wearing the same red eyeshadow look so I guess she just gets off on collecting new releases.

No. 953740

> one of my $200 palettes
MFW she can't stop showing off her Natasha Denona stuff and now has to insert it in a post as if it was some diamond encrusted rarity.

No. 953750

I thought an Anon literally edited this as a joke

No. 953754

Whomever wrote this review is completely and utterly in Love with her Obsessed with her to an extremely unhealthy and unnatural level. Kinda looks like you spend all your time looking at her life. Gross. Creepy and wow. Think you need to be locked up before you kidnap her and lock her in your basement because that’s exactly what kinda person knows this much about anyone’s personal life that isn’t famous, just has a modest amount of followers. Get some therapy sicko. This is the worst I’ve ever seen. Stalker Lever 100! Ewe.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 953756

What's with these newfag retards lately? Home isolation boring you?

No. 953800

No it’s her friend from FB, her name is there.

No. 953830

File: 1585951504974.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x2084, 842E166E-D59D-49AF-851F-ED42EB…)

No. 953832

File: 1585951539633.jpeg (412.68 KB, 1242x833, 32E3B2E1-3C02-4965-9961-7E7AB7…)

Top kek

No. 953858

Yet another typical internet BFF flavor of the week that will stick up for her even though they’ve never met her or have dealt with her for longer than a few months. We might be weird for making fun of her but that weird to stick up for someone you don’t know. She love bombs randoms for sport.

No. 953892

Someone take one for the team and leak her nudes(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 953896

If it means paying her, hell no. Very scrote like behavior.

No. 953907


Ya no one wants to pay for facetuned hdr edgy coochie

No. 953910

We're not on the same team

No. 953999

File: 1585971839306.jpeg (649.63 KB, 828x2392, E3242B8E-F2FB-4620-A6E7-9B8936…)

She is on one. She’s claiming she has no money and all this debt… so people need to buy her garbage art. Then says it’s for a lumpectomy. Then she’s says she has $4gs in her Venmo “overnight” meanwhile her GFM is still sitting there untouched. And she’s taking mushrooms… but claims sobriety. I didn’t think she could get any lower…. why don’t you sell your motorcycle John bought you and you never rode…. or the money you make from one of your 3 (4?) very successful companies. Nothing makes sense. Her brain is mush.

No. 954002

Lol anon I was just gonna post this. She is beyond delusional. I absolutely do not feel bad for her knowing she made so much "overnight" yet is still "nowhere close" to her alleged breast cancer surgery funds. I can't imagine being one of her friends or donors; must be one repeated slap in the face after another.

No. 954010


“Friends and fans”(emoji)

No. 954016


Being dominated by who? Her and her gross bf broke up. She lives with her mom and dad.

No. 954018


Who takes her shit seriously to the point of giving her money? This shit is so infuriating, she comes off as such a self centered privileged douchebag. I don't get it.

No. 954040


Thirsty, toothless men

No. 954116

Ha she erased the money post… any anons have any of comments before she deleted it? Someone must have called her out.

No. 954171


As infuriating and annoying this is, the thought of her making hand over fist, I have to remember that it’s most definitely all a lie. She thrives off deceiving others, any attempt to keep up the facade that she’s better than everyone else and thriving even tho she’s had sooo many setbacks, is a victim and struggling.

No. 954361


She has money in that gofundme, anyone can see it

No. 954407

Sure, but 4K overnight for nudes?

No. 954531

This is a fair point

No. 954533


She's probably full of shit

No. 954612

No. 954613

File: 1586099164759.jpeg (973.43 KB, 828x1494, AB372E4C-454A-4B00-8946-2E2277…)

Sorry for the blank entry. So last night picture showed no great hair. She lies about the smallest things. Oh where is your new car that your dad finances for you? Or that floral business you had of rearranging a pre-purchased bouquet?

No. 954615

>rearranging a pre purchased bouquet
Got any more on this? I too noticed her floristry business, ‘coming 2021’ kek, had suddenly vanished from her main.

No. 954629

is her "babes" the tiger king guy? lmfaooooo

No. 954633

File: 1586102781266.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1536x2046, 722C34EF-A6F3-4E4E-9114-07F0DB…)

Lol her fucking filter glitched and showed her actual head

No. 954636

File: 1586103332543.jpeg (155.48 KB, 828x939, CC061971-B4B9-47BE-A7F1-5066ED…)

From her IG in August, that bouquet on the table already has paper, ribbon and cellophane. It’s already from a florist. She’s just trimming the bottoms and sticking them in a vase. That’s not how flowers come from a commercial supplier.

No. 954656

Yeah. They are drugstore flowers. Oh boy. Kek.

No. 954661


i believe at some point she said they were from Big Y which like, wow what an artisanal, high-end commercial floral source

No. 954727

They look like store bought flowers she arranged, not even well. She deleted it but at one point she said she had a huge order coming from Holland. Maybe it's nitpicking but sourcing flowers from overseas is some the most corporate/least punk bullshit I've ever heard. t's like her mom picked up some shit from rite aid and was like "looks good manda you should do this for a living" and she just took it way too seriously

No. 954736

Oh yeah, that cringey time she drew all over her face. That glitch is hilarious.

The thing is, she’d still be considered pretty without all the filters and editing.

No. 954833

I don't know anon. Even without the filters she looks an awful lot like >>953196

No. 955177

File: 1586209119308.jpeg (233.32 KB, 705x363, 7B934F93-8326-452D-8195-1115BC…)

Holy shit

No. 955181

She straight up looks like her head has been slammed shut in a suitcase, then someone jumped up and down on it.

No. 955482

File: 1586277294344.jpeg (377.14 KB, 750x1055, 9E01075D-94FA-473F-90DA-46053F…)

No milk just sad how literally any time someone does anything nice or has a positive interaction with her, she has to document it and post about it. Imagine being this needy or starved for attention.

No. 955629

File: 1586297836702.jpeg (428.04 KB, 1242x1172, 6C24DEF6-88E7-44F9-902F-2F7701…)

the delusion kek

No. 955631

One thing to compare herself to bjork which she doesn’t resemble in the slightest, but the NERVE to say “young”. Amanda’s years haven’t been kind to her, she looks more weathered than most 33 year olds. This is almost sad how out of touch with reality she is. No amount of makeup or filters can help her.

No. 955669

“thicc” where?

No. 955679

File: 1586305662575.jpeg (774.07 KB, 1125x1786, 6372DF82-F6E6-49A3-BEB9-37F902…)

And yet posts a picture of her ex in the comments to prove how they look alike.

No. 955680

File: 1586305718503.jpeg (493.6 KB, 1125x1315, 62399653-5660-4F71-83C7-B8C0DD…)

No. 955696

File: 1586307590669.jpeg (476.56 KB, 828x1297, 82EEF743-598A-48D0-B88A-43935D…)

Who called it? She’s going to claim to have it by next week.

No. 955701

Oh, she FOR SURE is coming down with corona soon.

No. 955703

File: 1586308407502.jpeg (44.66 KB, 190x640, 49E82A2A-1401-4ABC-B6EF-C92A53…)

She just uses him for FB content. Can’t wait for the fake engagement.

No. 955704

Since she has cancer … why isn’t she a high risk patient. Seems like something she could mooch for more money from strangers. Why bother selling nudes and amateur arts and crafts when you can just monetize your fake sickness?

No. 955711


She smokes like a chimney, of course she's at risk. But blaming it on the psych meds makes her so much more special.

No. 955717

My favorite part is the
>you have a 59% chance
>The average is 62%

No. 955743

She must've forgot about her fake cancer lmao. I bet she's kicking herself because it would've increased her "risk" and gained her some internet sympathy points.

No. 955776

File: 1586323067361.png (4.81 MB, 1125x2436, C3210004-3613-4630-84FA-E338D3…)

She cried for 15 minutes straight, you guys. I am so sure that that is accurate.

No. 955780

File: 1586324247841.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x1875, 116B6B8A-1D24-41D0-A924-EDA4C4…)


I've been thinking a lot about the time frame of her legal troubles with her ex Korey and her time at her family's house. I wish I still had screenshots but I know she moved in with her parents in July and the legal issues happened shortly before that… issues she said were completely bogus and ultimately dismissed.

What are the chances she is at her parents' house as some court ordered mandate? It's just a theory of mine but timing fits and I've never believed she got off scot free for assaulting him.

She originally played it off as going there to grieve over her dead friend. Of course she posted a risqué photo to commemorate the deceased.

No. 955788

This makes me sick. When my friend died I couldn’t even go on social media, let alone text my other friends back.

No. 955793


. >>955780

She’s had other violent incidences in the past. Now I can’t remember if it was the Montana’s Trail House opening block party or the Bushwick Collective, but at one of those huge events that year (2014/15?)she was day drunk and coked up by 3:00pm and pulled out one of her handmade knives on some dude. I don’t remember the reasons why, and I was too far away to hear the beginnings of the commotion but she put on this HUGE public display by screaming “nO oNe fUcKs wIT mE” while waving this 2” knife. I remember the dude just kinda shrugging her off and laughed at her which made her crazier and louder. Everyone around her started yelling at her to “Go Home”, and her child posse dragged her away. The cops were called and showed up after she left. She Immediately made a post about it on FB bragging about pulling the knife on this dude for “being a clown”. I think that was the first day of her social decline. A lot of these Brooklyn scenesters started avoiding her after that because a few days later she tried to turn the story into a false accusation of assault against the dude which was quickly debunked.
It seems to be a theme with her. Amanda assaults man, man calls cops, Amanda cries abuse, or assault, or rape.
I’ll try and find that post if she didn’t delete it.

No. 955843

File: 1586346457521.jpeg (741.57 KB, 1125x1923, 04F7BC73-75B9-4EB0-886D-33B125…)

Sew some metal patches on it? Because that's how people who actually listen to metal talk.

No. 955854

File: 1586350689462.jpeg (403.64 KB, 1125x1244, 7DC78416-C52E-4ED7-92C4-D4AD03…)

the place she’s posted a photo of is in the hudson valley, not long island and this is just an image pulled from the first page of a google search. she’s also claimed to stay here before with its correct location) why LIE about this? lies about nothing, or easily debunked things? girl, come on

No. 955878

File: 1586357934753.png (381.51 KB, 1080x2160, Polish_20200408_085647935.png)

Did i mention im going to drink? You didnt acknowledge it. Well, im going to drink because im so devasted because i am so personally affected by this loss.

No. 955958

Wow, she must be a real artist and music fan to relapse because of a death of musician. Wish we could be as creative and passionate and genuine as she is. 🤮

No. 955986

I think she posted a bunch of Instagram stories from there some time ago (I lost track) so she probably did stay there on her husband's buck.

No. 956008

File: 1586379547767.jpeg (232.96 KB, 1242x1114, CD7D2857-5281-4D46-88FC-DDAD9A…)

posted on her facebook. someone just sent me this SS. I unfriended her a long time ago… but damn… how long till we see another gofundme out and about again?

No. 956015

This page was just brought to my attention and I can't stop laughing. Which I kind of feel bad about because I know Amanda in real life, and anyone that knows her knows how completely and totally insane she is. I could write a novel on the fucked up shit I've seen this girl do; OFF the internet. She's even more delusional and insane in real life than online, even if you think that's not possible.

- she's a legit nympho. She fucked 5 DIFFERENT dudes in a bar bathroom in one night. She seems to think people think that's cool but honey, NO ONE is impressed by that.

-somewhere in her life she learned how to make/keep friends was to suck up to them. gift bombs, nonstop compliments, inappropriate groping. It got to the point when I'd see her come in a bar I'd avoid her. If she spotted me it was OH MY GOD YOU SEXY FUCKING BITCH and general weirdness.

- Johnny, her husband. Lawd where to start. He comes from money but not as much as you guys think. Definitely well off, but not billionaire status. She is straight up abusive to him. Not funny haha abusive. But legit. That guy is so mentally abused and has been told that hes a fat ugly piece of shit by her so much I don't think he knows which way is up anymore. His entire family obviously hates her.

- Unsurprisingly she is a raging cokehead. So is her dad. I've done coke with both of them.

- She got arrested in Philadelphia for drunk and disorderly after getting kicked out of a hotel. I wasnt there for it, but apparently the cops did everything to NOT arrest her and when she spit on them, they arrested her. She INSTANTLY started sobbing and crying hysterically. Her husband Johnny flipped out and when the other girl they were with (who told me this story) said "we can't pick up her til the morning lets get another hotel." He was shaking and crying and insisted on sitting in front of the jail to she was released at 8am. The front desk told Johnny "you johnny? Boy is she mad at you." She came out all puffied face and makeup streaked and stomped out the front door. Was mad Johnny didn't "defend her" and let her get arrested alone. Demanded Johnny take a picture of her from behind flinging her leather jacket on and posted it with a caption about fuck pigs and how she had beat them up. The girl who told me that story said when they got to the hotel she was so abusive to johnny, she yelled at Amanda and then left. The next day she made a PUBLIC announcement she was done with her.

- that same girl Amanda was obsessed with and everything she did, amanda would copy.

- she was busted by a mutual friend who had crashed at her apartment. she was ordering food and the guy picked up her ipad to look at the menu and it went to the photos which were all screenshots of art from etsy she had made exact copies of with long winded captions about her process.

I could honestly go on and on. She's a big joke in Brooklyn. The sad thing is, I think sh has a good heart. Honestly. She's just mentally insane and has NO support. Johnny does and gives her whatever she wants. Her parents seem to not want to deal with her. Her "real" friends run for the hills once they get to actually know her. Just a fucking trainwreck.

Lastly, did you see her guitar glitching out from the filter on her Prine post lmao(namefag)

No. 956054

….good heart? Uhhh folks with good hearts dont do this kinda shit.

Exactly as I suspected about the coke tho.

No. 956060


Lmao amazing anecdotes, Johnny.
Keep ‘em coming!

No. 956062

??? what? By this description this sounds metastatic? non elective surgeries are still being done is major hospitals! there's no way a doctor would postpone tumor removal surgery because of corona. what a fucking liar.

No. 956063


> demanded Johnny take a picture of her from behind flinging her leather jacket on and posted it with a caption about fuck pigs and how she had beat them up.

Is that still up somewhere i really want to see it lol

No. 956067

Thanks for this. Really too funny. I can picture it all.

No. 956135

File: 1586393005031.jpeg (142.51 KB, 828x449, 5E2E301E-076E-49FC-81A7-50F6D9…)

Said she’s owned that bag for years…. she had bought it on Poshmark a few months ago. Why lie?

No. 956139

Oh dear god. Yes..the guitar makes the filter undeniable. Good eye on that

No. 956141

There’s someone close to me with cancer and I know for a fact that if they were concerned, she would have started chemo to stop the cancer from spreading. The only surgeries being rescheduled are ones that are low risk. If she really does have cancer spreading to another breast, she would have already been on a treatment program of some kind by now.

No. 956144

File: 1586393684032.jpeg (794.17 KB, 828x1464, 4556F77D-5D8D-4F60-88E1-DAFC03…)

Speaking of john. She’s airing out her dirty laundry about him. She talks about him like he’s an idiot.

No. 956146

File: 1586393723905.jpeg (422.59 KB, 828x1142, 069C2A43-B4AC-45B8-9ADD-09BDBB…)

Wow she’s so smart for telling him not to come over.

No. 956147

Also an IRL friend here. I was totally telling someone a few weeks ago all about Amanda and said I feel like she’s single white female’d me. I felt like I sounded crazy giving examples of how she copied thing I’ve done and now to hear someone else say it, I see it now.

No. 956165

God, what a bitch. It's one thing to act like an asshole in private, but to post this and think it makes you look like the bigger person? Jesus

No. 956176

>I’m also a chronically sick little duckling
Do fuck off.

No. 956177

And laughing at his (admittedly piss poor) spelling. She’s a super cunt.

No. 956188

Any of her irl mutual know what happened between her and twiggy levy? Been wondering for years.

No. 956192


More proof she has him wrapped around her finger. Really sad he’s choosing her over his own family. He should be isolating from their toxic fam

No. 956200

can we talk about how gross the sentence “my big brother now, who i was a wife to for just about a decade” is???

No. 956204

Yes: she’s patronising, self-important, self absorbed, has an over inflated ego, cocky fake sass manner, and deserves to be taught many humbling and mortifying life lessons. She sucks.

No. 956217

File: 1586399617832.jpeg (126.08 KB, 598x960, DC0719C8-65B2-47C4-AAD4-86CB62…)


Why isn't Clyde, the dog she loves more than life itself, the gentlest snuggliest never hurt a fly pup she has raised since birth, with her?

(Also why does she want to drug him with Benadryl?)

No. 956220

File: 1586399757998.jpeg (199.47 KB, 750x1334, 846653CA-E0CD-4EB8-BC76-D24FC0…)


It's because her dog doesn't get along with her parents' dogs!

All these people seem to be scared of her dog. Maybe he's not that sweet? Clyde is someone else's problem now, how dare Johnny inconvenience her

No. 956221

>drug dog with benadryl
>leave dog alone for 16 hours
>dismiss others' discomforts
>as they simultaneously do her a favour by hosting her dog
>which is also a breed many don't trust around their children

whoooosh she feels absolutely entitled. It's disgusting to watch!

No. 956223

Holy shit. She’s the worst.

No. 956226


Wasn't she bragging about her super nice crib in bk she still pays rent for not too long ago? Why won't she just move back there with her angel dog? Nothing's ever her fault she's such a sick duckling victim and everything is so hard. John Prine died y'all she gotta down a bottle of Beam to ease the pain. Johnny can deal with the dog.

No. 956235

File: 1586403995499.jpeg (467.05 KB, 828x1187, F12A000C-8660-4679-BC90-C636BF…)

Looking at her comment edits makes you kind of see how her brain processes her weird lies.

No. 956236

File: 1586404633879.jpeg (695.04 KB, 828x1264, A8BC3A02-7CAA-4463-A6EF-0C5118…)

Apparently she’s been charging her own employee, who is subletting her BK apt, pay her “part” of the rent. Amanda isn’t paying for this apt, Johnny was always there. I’m almost positive he is paying her rent. So that means she’s pocketing her “bffs” and employees money.

No. 956240


Who the fuck is she even talking about? The toothless dude, the ginger dude, the toothless ginger dude, or the toothless tiger dude?

No. 956250

maybe that guy in miami that she’s always saying she’s headed to visit? but who knows; anyone’s guess at this point tbh

No. 956251


Oh right, her ride or die employee who's also taking care of her cat while paying Amanda rent that her Johnny is actually taking care of?

What an absolute leech.

No. 956255


Don’t worry. Poor Kenzie’s parents fund her “cool” lifestyle. They’re happy with her working minimum wage at a prop clothing store as long as she’s no longer dancing the pole.

No. 956257

Dancing on the pole at a bar… not a even a strip club…

No. 956258

File: 1586407970376.jpeg (839.98 KB, 828x1670, D94795F1-DEFB-4793-8C0C-621837…)

She’s still “dating” Jacob in RVA. He’s the one she goes to the gross highway motel in Long Island when he visits her. The guy in Miami she was going on about is John Vale who’s shop she went to for tattoos last time she was there. In her ex’s parents apt. With Johnny.

No. 956282


A bar that she got fired from for starting shit with the other dancers. One of those dancers being her hometown best friend that was apparently letting Kenzie live with her rent free until she fucked over said friend.

Off topic, yes, but fuck Kenzie too. They’re both scabs.

No. 956295

Can you dish anon? Screens? What bar was she dancing at and what happened with the beef?

Kek this is Vicky Singleton level shit editing. I'm so happy this thread took off to help others see through this manipulative, toxic, catfishing leech.

She won't even give him a fb official relationship lmfao. Must feel bad, man.

No. 956298

>She won't even give him a fb official relationship lmfao.
She's still holding out for tiger king guy. This one's got too many teeth and not enough clout.

No. 956310

File: 1586424206521.jpg (100.46 KB, 591x1280, photo_2020-04-09_11-18-54.jpg)

> accuses every ex of abuse and manipulation
> keeps their photos on her mirror
> complains about said photos, says she hates them

not strange at all

No. 956326


No screen grabs as this was word of mouth gossip.
Kenzie’s best friend, a dancer and bartender at Lucky13, got her the dancer job there. From what I hear, she’s the typical messy druggie asshole and fucked over her best friend by not being able to pay any of the shared bills while living with her. Her best friend was dating the bar owner at the time and knew how much money Kenzie was making. When confronted, Kenzie created a story about getting robbed. The owners fired her for getting wasted every night she worked and starting shit with dancers and patrons, but mostly because of how awful she was treating her best friend / owner’s girlfriend. Apparently Kenzie is permanently banned from that bar.

No. 956368

Who knows, twiggy levy is horrendous. She actively steals from her followers and never sends the products. Wish there was a thread here for her.

No. 956373

I know Twiggy personally from when we both lived in RVA. Shes a piece of shit

No. 956382

Am I missing links in OP to older threads? Seems to be a potential sea of older milk to catch up on?

No. 956390

She has stolen thousands from her followers buying her art and never sending it. I’m one of them. Total trash. Her BBB and revdex reviews say it all.

No. 956392

Ive followed her trainwreck of a life for years and have seen her lie about many things, including having over 10 thousand stolen from her ppal with no chance of getting it back. She also had a few gofund mes for various reasons and then had money issues immediately after. For years, there was always something dramatic going on with the end result being she couldnt get product to her customers. And when they get upset, she is the victim. Sounds familiar, doesnt it?

No. 956421


How very punk of her to tell her to put a sign in the window. They’re not rent striking if someone, anyone, is paying the rent. Anything to uphold her very punk rock fuck the system image.

No. 956447

Is twiggy where Amanda was getting her coyote pelts from? She'd lose her shit when someone would call her out on it and said her friends out west "found" them as roadkill but Twiggy actively brags about shooting them on her ranch and I know they were friends. Nothing is punker than shooting wild animals who come after the bait (goats) you leave out for them then selling their skins to idiots in the city. Cool cool

No. 956454


As far as I know they had a big falling out years ago. They had matching tattoos for some failed startup (tattoo the company name on yourself before even launching kekekek) and Amanda got hers blasted over and posted some dramatic thing about it on insta like “out with the bullshit”. It was called lylas and they both got it tattooed on their necks. So punk.

No. 956455

I agree for the most part with you but when you have predators or other varmints coming after your animals you do something about it, i.e. killing the prairie dogs that leave holes that will injure a cow or shooting coyotes when they try to get in the chicken pen.Even then a warning shot does the trick.But lying about the source is shitty especially when folks think you're just finding them.

No. 956464

I don't know man, I live on a small homestead in a rural area and we deal with predators too. You put the time into proper prevention and care of your animals to avoid situations like that. There are sustainable methods of farming alongside predators but it takes work. The attitude that it's your right to kill something wild because you brought something domesticated into their territory is a cop out imo.

No. 956510


I know Twiggy lurks, and has probably contributed to this page because her instagram is suddenly private.

I can hope that these cows can actually read the truth of themselves here and actually grow from it, instead of defaulting to their usual victimhood.

No. 956521


Lylas means "love you like a sister", I assumed those tattoos were just like best friend tattoos.

No. 956523

File: 1586460878223.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x2148, 9E7D248B-5EC9-4AD8-8F79-1168C3…)

No. 956552


Oh thank you for this, I had no idea. What happened that caused their falling out? I assume run of the mill insanity?

No. 956559

A actively irl friend of hers told our mutual friend that she went on live gram this morning talking about this thread and how anyone who keeps tabs is a stalker and everything she's called out on is bs. She clearly lurks.
No proof but maybe someone can verify…

No. 956609


Brat or Twiggy? Nothing from Brat.

No. 956776

File: 1586527275817.jpg (179.31 KB, 751x1516, PicsArt_04-10-04.00.43.jpg)

If you guys ever wondered… I tried to recreate the original picture by taking a look at the pixels where they've been moved and where not. I know this is not perfect but I think it's close to the original

No. 956850

File: 1586545585925.jpeg (697.54 KB, 1242x1859, EAD3D0DF-890C-47AF-8505-7327BC…)


She’s definitely lurking here, she just changed her relationship status since being called out in thread.

No. 956856

File: 1586546858662.jpeg (238.64 KB, 828x602, 365150E9-4B62-48FE-9E30-9CB84D…)

Name drops 3 people if you don’t count her bff Erik, and 1 TV network to get thru quarantine. She feeds off of likes.

No. 956866

Lol “I saw it first guys” clout. If we all could be as cool as her. She’s insufferably self obsessed.

No. 956870

I spent a long time feeling pity and empathy for her and I think I've 180'd there again now after a period of festering hatred which was very valid and reasonable given my experience but also clearly unhealthy to carry…Especially reading some of the stuff here. No, she's not someone who should be admired or praised or coddled by any means. And there have been many people in her family and otherwise who've made futile attempts to help her so it's not like it's just been thoroughly unchecked (although as many have pointed out she does make it a point to suppress and deflect with vitriol any criticism that she does encounter) She's clearly a sick person who has a slew of mental health issues stemming from im sure more than just her substance dependency. Regardless, her penchant towards violence, abuse, manipulation, slander, lies that actually affect other people's lives, and otherwise general social toxicity are the real issues at hand here. While it's laughable of course, her desire to have a head shaped like a teardrop with googly eyes tacked on-despite her insistence on its natural origin- is really of little issue. I don't care if she wants to fuck every dude in a bar bathroom or how many teeth they had combined between them. What is scary and noteworthy is that she truly can be a dangerous person to herself and others and I think that gets lost here focusing on her wanting to post pics of her speculated on tiddys or throw a litany of filters on. Of course that speaks to some of the body image issues which have been alluded to here and I hope she finds peace with her self someday in that and all things. In some sense, I'm glad she's vocally and publicly being called out. While everyone in NYC pretty much knows the deal and mostly avoids her, sometimes with all the legions of worldwide ~fans~ and their adulation, it may feel like you're in some misinformed minority when you take issue with her. As many have mentioned here, she's likely lurking and I think overall in some twisted way this may be feeding into her desire for attention, however it may come.Not to mention this is giving ammunition to her arguments of victimization and harassment and all "the haters" which she uses to rally her supporters who only "know" her from arm's length and find her inspiring. Just some thoughts

No. 956924

TL;DR: she’s a cunt

No. 956943

I'm literally crying what are those jobs she listed there. I can stop laughing, what the HELL is that? Is there even anything real about her? I heard she never had a job and isn't working at all atm
Btw is there anything new about her fake cancer surgery?

No. 956946

She worked at Variety Coffee in Brooklyn. It’s a tiny place, nothing crazy. She of course thinks of herself as a coffee connoisseur.

No. 956949

File: 1586559917494.png (330.97 KB, 828x1792, 057E0861-219C-4312-B681-FC854F…)

Guess she’s had other legal troubles… don’t feel like sharing those with the world? Wonder why not?

No. 956966

Just some added insight from someone who actually knows her unlike a lot of people here I’m sure and has legitimate reason to dislike her since you all are clearly very invested in knowing every juice detail of her life

No. 956967


ok bud, we got it. no one said anything disparaging against your comment

No. 956968

Actually I think >>956966 is the one who said ‘tldr she’s a cunt’. Which made me laugh heartily, btw.

No. 956969


apologies because that’s a comment i can get behind lol

No. 956970

Haha yeah was priceless.

No. 957082

Finding this page has made me not feel so crazy. I’ve been a long time watcher of Amanda. I use to be a fan but now I’m not. She’s a trash fire that I can’t stop watching. Anyways, I’ve noticed loads of these things mentioned here. I thought maybe I was crazy to think it but now I’m so stoked I’m not the only one who sees it!

Here’s my Amanda story;

It was a couple years ago at Born Free in California. I knew she’d have a booth there and I was pretty excited to finally meet her. When I met her I was instantly shocked at how much thicker she was in person. I didn’t think anything of it, I thought “Damn! She looks so good online, I can too sense we are the same size!” Sooner than later I knew what was up. Hours later i ran into her an after party where she was drunk and crying in the back of the party. I asked her what was wrong and she said that her boyfriend he ditched her and won’t talk to her. I said who and she pointed at this dude that I personally knew who is a known fuck boy. He never has girlfriends! I remember later on asking him what was up and he said “she literally hit me up on Instagram wanting to meet up and ride on the back of my bike. She invited me to her fancy hotel and we had an awesome drunk fuck session” She was literally crying over some dude she just met and fucked in a different state and called him her boyfriend! Thats when I realized she was crazy. Years have passed and I know of other dudes she has fucked on the side that have never been mentioned and it’s so sad. She is soooo thirsty for attention and love. She has even posted things of people claiming they are best friends when in fact that person doesn’t like her at all and has her blocked!

My mind is constantly blown by her.

No. 957090

Someone mentioned John Vale the tattoo artist. I for a fact know they fuck. Amanda only travels or goes on vacations to fuck other dudes. It’s weird. I’ve seen her claim to be traveling and visiting several men that she met online in the past year….

I can’t wait till she visits tiger meth dude!

No. 957143

File: 1586617100791.jpeg (417.21 KB, 1125x1208, 3984C039-A593-4701-9643-B38B56…)

fuck cops except for all the “good cops” and ones that ride motorcycles and the pigs she’s friends with, right? it’s okay though, she has an acab tattoo on her hand y’all

No. 957147

Fuck cops for capitalism

No. 957151

So stupid. Now every time she posts art or drawings she does, I immediately google it. If you add “tattoo”, that’s usually where she gets her ideas from. Like I googled “cop car on fire tattoo” and bingo, she didn’t come up with the idea. I did the same with “angry Doberman tattoo” when she did that block print recently and found the drawing she literally copied.

No. 957152

File: 1586619171092.jpeg (275.46 KB, 1263x918, D1E4727C-788E-4CD5-87A0-B2D0AA…)

No. 957171

Are there local artists from NYC or other places that she has gotten into trouble for stealing from?

No. 957176

File: 1586624339088.png (495.82 KB, 1546x866, Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 12.5…)

there have def been artists who've made comments on posts of her plagiarized work that of course she takes down right away. or shell call something a collaboration when in fact its just the actual artist involved. i dont think she tends to steal from ny artists as it tends to be more obvious nor do i think theres been any legal action which shed worm out of anyway. it is fucking weird though that this is the actual only photo up on any of her store's socials….

No. 957183

this seems different enough that i'd say it's "inspired" by instead of straight up copying.

No. 957191

I think "almost plagiarism" is still pretty frowned upon by any artist who values originality. Especially if you're trying to make money off it

No. 957230

File: 1586632010411.png (588.91 KB, 1440x2619, Screenshot_20200411-150553~2.p…)

Her current rates:

No. 957233

Actual vomit at the 220 package.

No. 957236

“community activist” kek

No. 957238


“public figure” kek x2

No. 957282


Lol who does she think she is? I could understand these rates for customs, but these are already made.


No. 957292

File: 1586640675735.png (5.41 MB, 1242x2208, F9779C25-A748-4C6A-9F80-79BC62…)

Old milk but she really out here tryna make people think she naturally has a kardashian ass. This has me in stitches.

No. 957689

File: 1586720568109.jpeg (744.52 KB, 1125x1144, 96FAD42A-7929-47D5-85D4-68AC83…)

Now every time I see her I think of the sloppy deep throating “specialty”(emoji)

No. 957699


lookin’ less then ~sober here

No. 957713

The face-tuned bug eyes x specs combo makes her look real special ed. All she needs now is some orthopaedic shoes.

No. 957754

Even with the obvious photoshop this would have been a reasonably cute pic if shed been able to restrain herself from the “teehee not posing, all natural” caption. So embarassing

No. 957874

She looks high and haggard. Crazy that she would edit her eyes/chin and doesnt objectively see what the rest looks like

No. 957979

God these specs don't work on her, did she take a cue from another cow (Heather sparkles)?

No. 958117

ngl i would love to see these videos just for the filtering/ editing alone

like all the movement and weird positioning must make her filter glitch out like crazy, just the thought of her chin constantly flipping between normal and super tiny as she performs her "speciality" is making me lol

No. 958199

File: 1586809389584.jpeg (721.35 KB, 828x1412, 8BDB436D-C5ED-4F8B-9988-897FF3…)

No makeup, but “auto color filter” showing off her fake grays. She been posting songs on her FB but with no video to accompany probably because her necklace keeps glitching out from the filter, and its SO noticeable.

No. 958307

File: 1586817936603.jpg (169.25 KB, 264x364, Inkedlolcow2.jpg)

Someone is so desperate for any sort of "real" media attention she's looking to be part of Lion King 2? Or does she not realize that the Tiger King/Joe Exotic shit was last months news and no one cares anymore.

No. 958312


Someone tell her she doesn’t have thick eyebrows aside from her using paint pot to paint them on lol. No one is impressed but those rotten banana strings you call eyebrows manda.

No. 958374

>"natural" photo still has makeup/filters
Kek, what is the point of this? Just post your fake alien-faced shops and get your fake compliments.

No. 958383

Why does she want to shoop herself this way? I know someone who actually looks similar to her shooped face irl but it’s because she’s a preemie and her dad is a dwarf

No. 958393

File: 1586831085734.jpeg (235.04 KB, 1632x1632, DC9E4ABE-88AB-49DA-949B-A5580A…)

Kek, posting a photo today that it from November of 19… why bother? Who cares? “Hey look at my big stupid face. quarantine makes me glam up for no reason” what a caption

No. 958395

File: 1586831250812.jpeg (475.06 KB, 828x1506, 4D69ECD9-B4BA-46B1-93EE-10CFF5…)

But minutes earlier posted in her own comments about her grey hair “they sprout over night or something changes the whole fucking strand” how delusional is she… also where’s your “glam” makeup? Lies all day.. like it’s air to her.

No. 958453

What a piece of shit. She would go out there to hangout in another trailer with some meth mouth jack off. I hope she is reading these and knows no thinks she’s cool. I mean… besides the fact that she is a completely delusional psycho fake lying trash on the internet and steals money from people with her fake sicknesses, she is also willing to fuck some loser in some documentary about meth heads abusing tigers for money just for attention. God I hate this human. I literally hope she dies in some awful way. She deserves it.

No. 958461

File: 1586840346969.png (107.99 KB, 478x576, SCREEN SHOTTT.png)

No. 958478

File: 1586843079740.jpeg (379.99 KB, 828x810, 542BF418-D59A-48D5-9A32-EBFF1F…)

She claimed her credit card and venmo was stolen and she so so in debt. Something about how she can’t buy new ink for a printer she (John) got from the store. Look like she can’t keep her grubby hands off of her Poshmark. Bought a $50 chained belt and a $7 tank top. How punk. Not too long before she boasts they were a gift.

No. 958492

Thank god someone said something. I wouldn’t have been so nice about it though. Doubt she’ll listen… she’s so selfish she rather go and play with tigers for the personal experience than realize she’s supporting animal abuse.

No. 958579

Married a couple times? Johnny isn’t her only ex husband? Is this another lie or does anyone know the details on that?

No. 958599

Anyone catch the cringe story from yesterday? Singing terribly, looking trashed and no filter.

No. 958601

File: 1586878650121.png (979.31 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-04-14-09-29-12…)

No. 958603

File: 1586878992653.jpeg (404.1 KB, 828x901, FA5F6976-EDE2-4D04-9D6C-5B9110…)

I think she knows this thread exists and specifically did a video with no filter. She also got banned from FB for posting an album cover with nudity. She started a new FB, in the meanwhile… I’m sure to weed everyone posting her friends only posts here.

No. 958606


she would fit right in with those trailer-trash methheads! holy shit that's rough… like, if anyone needed a little confidence booster today, this is definitely it…

No. 958627

Sperging out about the "dumb shit i’m going through" and "fakes i know irl are shitbags". Uh huh huh.

No. 958630

She has this romanticized view of trailer trash scumbags. She honestly deserves to find out what they’re really like the hard way.

No. 958632

She knows this thread exists. She’s talked about it, and it’s also the only reason I (and other friends) also know this thread exists. A quick google of Amanda Bret and cancer will lead you straight to this treasure trove.

No. 958652


She’s not punk guys, she’s black metal. I know because she told everyone about sewing black metal patches on her so black metal d list designer UNIF bag, that’s so black metal. Also she’s sober but who the fuck cares! Look at this Xanax that may or may not have been shooped on her tongue! So fucking black metal.

No. 958664

I suspect she posted the unfiltered video because of this thread too, but I can’t help but question her logic there. Like, she just proved herself how gross she looks without the filter. She never makes any sense so I’m not even surprised.

No. 958666


Good. She’s starting to learn that dishonesty and facetune lies aren’t impressing anyone. This page wouldn’t exist if she didn’t lie about every aspect of her face and body, lie about having a life threatening disease to crowd source chumps into buying her breast implants, dragging, manipulating, abusing poor Johnny for all these years, thinking that everyone is below her, stealing art from artists and posing it as her own, public ally talking shit about her parents that do so much for her, accusing innocent people of assault and rape to fit her false, attention whore narrative, and countless other narcissistic, sociopathic behaviors that she can’t help herself from posting about every single day.

Amanda, if you’re reading this, you’re not the victim. Your insufferable, fraudulent, try hard, non stop attempts for fake internet points has earned you a spot on this page.
If you actually gave a shit about people, instead of collecting people like accessories, your “friends” wouldn’t repost your fake ass insanity here. No one is making this shit up about you. We’re laughing at the goofy shit that YOU post.

If from here on, you look in the mirror, take responsibility for your shit, and somehow do the work to be become a genuine human, then you would no longer be a fucking cow and this thread will end. But until then, it doesn’t matter how many new pages you make, or “friends” you delete. If you’re still behaving like the self-obsessed, selfish, asshole monster that you are, your regarded posts will make it here.

No. 958677


No she wouldn’t. She’s such a spoiled rich bitch that she’s never known a hard day of work, or experienced any dire straits in her entire fucking life. She could never live in a roach shake or do the physical labor to live on that tiger farm. She’s going to meet this dude, get her selfie with him and the tigers, accuse him of abuse/rape, make a tear streaked video about the “horrible” experience and fly back to LI to coast comfortably off of her parent’s and johnny’s money without even breaking a nail.
Dis bitch fetishes the life, she doesn’t want to actually live it. She’s a fucking tourist.

No. 958687


She doesn’t look bad, just completely different from the alien filters she normally layers on her face. She looks just like a normal white woman in her 30’s.

No. 958691


Even meth mouthed, hick, yokels know when they’re getting catfished. This dude will meet her at the airport, take one look at the real her, and hightail it out of there.

No. 958697

That’s fair. She’s just such a repulsive individual that she appears hideous to me.

No. 958704

I'm still kicking myself for not screen shotting, but I vividly recall her filming a story inside the shop when the younger guy that works for her flashed an entire handful of xanax bars.

No. 958711

Amanda once posted her parents home address to her story. She is a fucking idiot.

No. 958754

File: 1586894694520.jpeg (200.84 KB, 750x607, B99C3CC2-DF7A-456A-BD8B-886C49…)

Is she doubling down on her acab shit because she got called out on this thread? Lol Amanda, aww.

No. 958972


I actually have that screenshot but wasn't clear on the rules about posting it so I erred on the side of caution.

For someone who attracts so many scumbags she's not even remotely careful about her personal info being plastered on a public post

No. 958973

If you google “bratoutofhell” her street in BK shows up on google maps. I don’t know if she did it or some creep did but it is very weird.

No. 958986


The one I have is her parents' address

No. 958989


That’s not her address. That shitty apartment that’s she renting out to Kenzie is in Ridgewood queens.

No. 958990

The one in Medford is her parents house. I saw that too

No. 959620

File: 1586999679328.png (486.27 KB, 828x1792, AF44F25D-5C5D-4B5A-A25D-EE5295…)

Part 1. Ok WOW you’re SO COOLLLLL

No. 959622

File: 1586999768773.png (533.89 KB, 828x1792, 63F988DD-0453-440B-BDBD-322AF0…)

She is name dropping her BFF Erik without even saying his name. Her life is just so amazing. Such a ride or die bitch. I can’t.

No. 959629

Omg her friends are sO CrAzY. Actually no, just being trashy low life’s.

No. 959641


“i know them well” yeah ok

also “his gun was pointed at us” girl, you’re video chat, knock that shit off. no one thinks you’re tough.

also, lmao @ her pretending to know shit about guns now. this isn’t funny or ~so crazy~ it’s fucking reckless and STUPID

No. 959643

anyone knows why comments on her newest insta post are turned off?

No. 959646

>the clip wasn't even in
Idiots like this who own firearms are why guns are seen as dangerous

No. 959648

Because she’s basically saying she’s relapsing by taking Xanax again. Claiming she got a prescription. But, she at some point said her therapist was nowhere to be found, so I’m sure John just got it from his family’s pharmacy. She doesn’t want any comments because she knows everyone is going to give her shit and she just, of course, wants to do what she wants. Which is get fucked up.

No. 959695


"My friend is a psychopath who shoots at anything without caring" sounds great Amanda. Amazing stuff. Very normal.

She was posting about a broken heart again yesterday. Does anyone know what that was? Besides her 8th broken heart of the month?

No. 959718

Sounds like someone's been watching too much Tiger King kek. Her life is literally a constantly evolving fan fic.

No. 959725

File: 1587015081888.jpeg (196.77 KB, 1080x1178, 81DFF2D9-F10B-4794-B822-F28DD2…)


Oh I found it! Still not sure what it's about

No. 959784

Wasn’t she complaining that her ex korey held a gun to her head? But if eric from tiger king does it, it’s cool, he’s just my ~crazy~ friend. This cunt is so insufferable, just stfu already.

No. 959785


No. 959818

gotta love how she's putting that other guy's life in danger because she wants some dumb edgy story to tell on facebook.

No. 959841


if it’s even true…

No. 959842

File: 1587043120945.png (3.27 MB, 828x1792, 28CB40F9-E460-41DF-8DA6-67C1CB…)

Well the newest love of her life doesn’t have her new FB account added anymore. (She did initially) and he’s not “in a relationship” anymore. They’re not following each other on IG either. Wonder if she’ll still sell their sex videos kek.

No. 959843

File: 1587043731420.jpeg (317.34 KB, 1632x1632, 19CB3584-C245-4513-8037-96A917…)

Well looks like she pissed him off for talking with her fake PTSD gun toting tiger king.

No. 959866


I’m glad this guy got out. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, and it looked like she was seasoning him to become the next cuck Johnny. This ride or die is loyal to no one.

No. 960110

I'm surprised she hasn't posted throwbacks to her dog's birthday or her ass on the beach in a minute. I hope those pictures are doing well.

No. 960178

She definitely lurks this thread and has quit posting most the things she’s been called out for, which is like, everything actually.

No. 960265

File: 1587085695469.jpeg (325.3 KB, 828x850, 6B4640A1-9668-4004-B6DA-9F89A9…)

So she can post ? Or not… but she posted this… initially with no “HEY GUYS LISTEN” BS. Is everyone really reporting her or is it just (probably) for attention?

No. 960423

File: 1587114878400.jpeg (34.37 KB, 750x395, 19785E38-EC49-40E8-AE97-56950E…)

Already moved on to the next victim

No. 960425

File: 1587115206835.jpeg (127.57 KB, 729x1070, B539A4BE-8637-4064-92ED-27D416…)

Her “~crazy~ bff” just out here casually dropping the n word, of course. White trash power couple! So desperate to be associated with these garbage humans for clout LOLOL. What a perfect match, he’ll fit in so well with her white trash family..

No. 960426


Can't wait for them to get engaged, for her to cheat, and then for her to accuse him of rape or attempted murder or gaslighting or whatever the hell

And yeah she definitely lurks here, but much like every time she's featured on Instagram Reality, she'll calm down for a bit then ramp back up. She can't live without attention.

No. 960437

How many times a day does she change her profile picture? Isn't that the one that had no-filly-no-makeup-its-just-hot-in-my-house?

No. 960438

It will be the same as always, some pathetic lies painting her as the victim and her ex as a monster when in reality, she is the abusive one. She’s out here cutting her exes, hitting them, threatening them, screaming in their faces and airs out all their shit online when shit goes down. They are all definitely pieces of shit but so is she. How dare they defend theirselves from her abuse? Let me tell everyone what a piece of shit you are even though I had no problem with any of it when we were dating and it’s only problematic now because we are not dating so everyone should hate you now.

No. 960440

She just recycles old overly filtered pics because she’s too fat to post pictures of what she looks like now.

No. 960443

Hey Amanda since you’re reading this, when are you going to admit you don’t have cancer?

No. 960575

her trying so hard to pretend she was there in person and not just on facetime is fucking hilarious

No. 960840


For real. She's trying so hard to live her bad girl trailer trash fantasy it's SO embarrassing.

No. 960857

File: 1587171923194.png (5.21 MB, 1125x2436, A64869BE-5562-4110-A937-E31147…)


No. 960862

Bragging about buying weed from her dealer and sitting in his car… so cool on the social distancing because you’re sick with cancer and oh also sober. She brags about being on FaceTime with him 9 hours a day. She must be intolerable to be quarantined with.

No. 960868

>see this picture on the front page
>click over to see what kind of fucked up deformity filter this person is using and what level of body dysmorphia they must have to think this is an "ok" look
>see thread pic

I'm… I don't even think I can read the summary to find out what the fuck deformity this creature has to look this way. Would be having a 32 year late abortion if I found out this was my long lost daughter or some shit.

This is beyond the extent of my usual morbid curiosity with cows; I wish you guys luck with this area 51 escapee

No. 960880

File: 1587174541163.jpeg (249.52 KB, 1125x2010, 0C22FEE0-0106-47B0-BD71-C8EC7B…)


#nofilter #nosnow #nomeitu #allnatural

No. 960883

There is a line from 30 Rock that I hear whenever I look at her….
"You have so many unsolvable problems. Like your mouth. Looks like somebody kicked a hole in a bag of flour."

No. 960890


“Her love Eric Cowie”? Are they officially in an internet relationship?

[puts pop-secret in the microwave and waits]

My favorite Amanda combo move is the “Publicly bash and lie about current boyfriend while leveling up with new boyfriend” aka “The Double Dick FB Death Strike”

No. 960893


holy shit the lips ON her hands i can’t i can’t

No. 960897

Hahaha the best thing I’ve seen this eve

No. 960904

File: 1587177828130.png (6.03 MB, 1242x2688, FAB90AD4-170B-4E35-8CB9-F1951B…)


I am happy we all were on the same page with posting screenshot of this video.
She reminds me of Eddie Furlong in T2. Ghoulish.

"My hair is already dry because my bangs are so short". Who cares? Why does she say the things she says? She needs a diary.

No. 960917

lmao. Knew it. She just couldn't resist the clout and was already calling herself "tiger queen".


No. 960971

File: 1587185581316.png (339.08 KB, 540x960, YBH1fec.png)

Amanda is going off on her story, ranting and screeching, "fuck all y'all, you get no love from me! if you know me then get the fuck out! y'all are a bunch of snakes in the grass!". Wonder if she got called out for clout chasing lol

No. 960974

File: 1587185783569.png (88.04 KB, 250x176, csdhavsdvjhsd;dsjlkas.png)

old photo or not (she mentions it's not new), ive never met anyone prescribed BARS of xanax - definitely not in the last year+ when they started clamping down on controlled substances. if her anxiety was that bad, a doc would most likely prescribe kolonpin bc it's much less addictive ESPECIALLY when you've abused xanax in the past. considering i saw her employee once flash a handful of bars in a story, homegirl prob has plenty of access. I sure hope johnny isn't risking his family's bizz to toss her BARS. so fucking cliche.

No. 960976

File: 1587186103765.png (361.41 KB, 540x960, plQDjms.png)

Then she started yelling about how people posting about her are creepy and obsessed with her and "bored, boring, sad, and no one gives a fuck about you"

No. 960984

File: 1587187225017.png (2.25 MB, 750x1624, 9287B10A-9CD9-4F4B-B155-ADB26D…)

Nightmare fuel.

No. 960986

File: 1587187363108.jpeg (135.07 KB, 750x1301, 552812E7-FC98-48EE-B5DB-5474EE…)

Tweaked out.

No. 961003


There's no way she's sober in these stories.

I've lurked but am still unsure what's the preferred way to post a video here. Imgur? Something else?

No. 961006

Ive seen a lot of anons post vids on dropbox

No. 961126

I'll figure it out in the morning.

Amazing I got a copy because, and this is not a surprise, she deleted the rant from her stories

No. 961168

What is wrong with her nose? She looks like mf squidward. >>960986

No. 961172

File: 1587216882265.png (3.52 MB, 828x1792, 3E75C623-0338-42C9-BA2A-2FC8B3…)

She going live on Facebook. Wonder how many shaky necklaces, i mean filters, she’ll have on.

No. 961177


It’s the nose narrowing filters she’s addicted to. She has a normal human nose in real life.

No. 961181


She’s talking about this thread. What she doesn’t realize is that if she admits she doesn’t actually have cancer, gets a job and contributes to her family and community, releases Johnny from his cuck/paypig status, and stops spamming all of our social media feeds with delusional self flattery rantings that are so far from her reality that they’re comical, then this thread will end. But instead she gets fucked up on xanies, weed, and “bottles of bourbon” and publicly doubles down on her lies and blatant narcissism creating the fuel that keeps this thread going.

Amanda, we’re not talking shit about you, we’re discussing our opinions on your despicable, selfish behaviors, and your piss poor facetune and Meitu photos and videos that you’re trying to pass off as “the real you”. We’re just reposting what you give us.
Become a better person and we’ll have nothing to discuss here.

No. 961183

Nailed it.

Anyone have a recording of this freak out?

No. 961184

File: 1587220216893.jpeg (793.13 KB, 1242x1636, 3B4CFBC9-3D50-43F9-9020-303F69…)

Sure lol

No. 961187

Love how she announces it like she’s some sort of celebrity. She’s so delusional. Maybe, just maybe she’s making an important announcement, like how she’s been lying about having breast cancer for six months, lied about a Sephora job, lied about her 6mil mansion, lied about sobriety, lied about her parents buying her a car, etc etc etc.

Just come clean Amanda and people would stop nitpicking your filtered to fuck rat face and let you live your best fake trash life. Stop being scum and we’d have nothing to talk about.

No. 961195

I’m calling out for it too! Anyone?

No. 961247

Please post the video

No. 961260


Anyone catch her noon live performance?

No. 961266

File: 1587235254749.png (2.59 MB, 828x1792, 499E8CE3-FF4B-4373-9858-A8A663…)

She didn’t do one… not that I saw. She did post this.

No. 961280

She probably said she was going live so she could look at who watched the story since that’s likely a smaller list than her friends total to try to narrow down “the haters and fakes” to think that she would in a million years own up to anything she’s lied about or done or the pain she’s caused so many people is a crackpipe dream

No. 961286

File: 1587237826604.png (Spoiler Image, 994.59 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-04-18-13-17-46…)

She compulsively has to show proof proof of knowing this doofus.
Queue the cardi b 'do anything for clout'song rn.

No. 961289

i've seen burn victims with better skin

No. 961313

I really don't understand why Amanda thinks it's brag-worthy to be dating a 50-something addict, who participated in animal abuse and continues to work for the same shitty people, living in a trailer in bum-fuck Oklahoma with a bunch of other redneck addicts running around with weapons and poorly cared-for exotic animals. She legitimately could get killed if she actually goes out there, but it will be 100% her own fault. she told other people to fuck off for trying to show concern, all because she thinks it makes her cool and edgy.

No. 961327

She’s so delusional, she would never make it for even a week at that animal abuse trailer park. She calls herself tiger queen but she’s not chasing clout. But please move to Oklahoma, you’d sure fit in there with your meth mouth.

No. 961349

File: 1587247196643.jpeg (326.7 KB, 828x1424, 9915FF3F-F6A8-4FF3-8C86-F1234E…)

Why is she pretending she went to this show in Brooklyn, when she has barely been out of her parents since she crawled back to Long Island. This is a new account she made last week. Wtf?

No. 961352


I want to know what she does to get rid of the discarded “loves of her life.” Does she pay them off? Some of them seemed to be real shitbags, yet none of them ever say a peep about her ever again. You’d think someone would have something to say.

No. 961355

Don’t know about the deal with all of them as there are far too many to keep track of but I know some she blackmails by saying she will male abuse or rape allegations against them if they “spread lies” about her or try to get them fired from jobs or kicked out of bars or shows . I think some are probably too embarrassed and/or scarred from the experience to say anything.

No. 961359

She dated a dude I know, but he was a total loser/cuck who would let his friends fuck her literally in front of him. She dates alcoholic drug addicts. Bottom tier dudes. What could they say about her?

No. 961374


I have a video of last night's freak out I just don't know what way to upload it. I don't have Dropbox.

No. 961375


It's not so much what they could say about her, as much as it's she can lie about them. She's always crying rape or abuse. I'm sure it's easier just to disappear for them.

No. 961379

Try Imgur

No. 961486

No. 961497

Oh god I hope she moves to OK and becomes friends with Dolly Mattel, please gods of milk make this a reality

No. 961501

I didn't know who Dolly Mattel is so i looked her up and bitch does not look badass tough as nails enough to be friends w Manda sorry next

No. 961514

Thanks for posting that video anon. It brings me pleasure to know that if she's talking about not being bothered by us, it obviously is a lie and means she's very bothered by us. Keep up the good work.

No. 961520

I actually know her ex korey, he lives in NC. I’d tell you guys a story one of my friends told me that happened to them but I feel like it would give their identity out. All I’ll say is that they both put their drama onto a complete stranger within minutes of knowing them. I wish I could explain more cause it’s insane. She is unstable and so are the people she dates.!

Lastly He told me many times crying his eyes out that she beat him and afterwards would shower him with gifts. She would talk about other dudes with him and make him feel bad. Even tell him she’d have her dude friends kick his ass.

Also!!!! He never called the cops on her either! Their whole fight was outside some bar and the whole thing was caught on a cops body camera. That’s how she got in trouble!

No. 961529

Wow, she sure exudes happiness and the feeling of being well-adjusted. She looks like she has a craniofacial deformity and acts like she's about 16-years old, it's strange to remember that she's double that age

No. 961536


She’s fuckin WASTED dude. Also, Amanda, we don’t post about you because we’re sad/bored, we post because you orchestrated a fraudulent cancer scheme. Come clean and I, for one, will be content to watch you Meitu your face into tiny-chinned alien horror show without further comment.

No. 961538

who knows what substances mixed with Xanax + being allowed access to the internet - this.

No. 961544

Her idea of "adventure" is going to fuck an old toothless junkie in a trailer who is famous for being an animal abuser/murderers errand boy. Boy, I sure am jealous! lmao.

An abusive narc addict and a paranoid old junkie with ptsd who sleeps with his gun. Can't wait for their first fight.

No. 961568

Holy shit how can I hear her real face in her voice

No. 961572

So is she back on coke or having a manic episode?

No. 961578


she has the nicotine-stained voice of a fat mountain dew addict

No. 961602

God, you can just tell the way she says 'ya'll' is so fake and forced like she's trying to sound more hood or something. If I act this fucking cringe in my THIRTIES just put me down.

No. 961607

She’s trying on her redneck cosplay before she goes to OK.

No. 961620


Probably my favorite part is how it jumps from "look at my bangs" to "AND FURTHERMORE FUCK ALL YALL SNAKES". Like was there something not uploaded in between?

No. 961646

Holy shit, her voice…she must smoke a minimum of 2-3 packs per day.

No. 961697

Hopefully she just gets real cancer from
smoking cigarettes In the future in exchange for having faked cancer now.

No. 961707


Jesus Christ, the first part where she’s talking about grey hair had me doubling over cringing. Then the tough guy rant with “y’all” thrown in there too many times to not be forced. You’re from Long Island Amanda lol

No. 961716

I'm wondering why this bitch has so many ATX mutuals with me. Prolly south by southwest. My ex roomie told me to avoid this bitch like the plague when she acted crazy when he blocked her ass, that was a long time ago tho. Isn't she up in the north east?

No. 961718

Do give more details. Why did your friend block her?

No. 961728

Why is the GFM still active? Do the idiots who’ve donated 4K thus far not want any follow up? Also, you’re a piece of shit Amanda, you don’t have cancer but you did tell people you do to get them to pay for an elective boob job. “It’s gonna be 13K but we’ve set the limit at 8K” I WONDER WHY?

No. 961732

the way she makes her chin tiny makes her look like an old toothless granny which actually fits quite well with her voice

No. 961734

Imma try to leave out identifying shit cuz somehow this broad knows some of my people. This was after I moved out of his place. Apparently they met at a show he played [notorious band fuckboy, I mean he ain't even THAT talented but a good dude to have as a friend] and kept following his ass around to all the local shows that happened post SSXSW. They banged and she wouldn't leave him alone after he tried to nicely say he wasnt looking to be a couple. So there was a slew of nasty texts and shit and he told me to avoid her if I wanted to be drama free. Since she isn't local people here dont know her history. Makes sense she targeted this dude, hes got a nice house and is a popular metal band member that's building in popularity/touring more. Apparently when he ditched her she went to other shows and mean mugged him the whole time and told other chicks that he's an awful person, cant keep it up, sells coke [not true] and his mommy pays his rent [also not true]. Over all shit stirrer.

I'll see if there's anything else he wanted to mention. We got on the topic of crazy asses we dont want to see at shows.

No. 961747

She posted something semi recently about moving to ATX this summer, either one of her many lies or another pipe dream she’ll never achieve.

No. 961764

My personal favorite part of her latest story was when she widened her eyes trying to look all incredulous and outraged, and the filter went crazy, making her look like something out of "waking life" kek, or better yet, an actual lucid nightmare.

No. 961781


Sounds about right. One guy in particular told me they lasted a week or two. He told me he stayed far away because he was afraid to come home to his cat boiling on the stove. Jay wouldn’t put up with her because of talking about other guys, or flashing her ho shit all over social media. Pretty sure she made the cancer story up to win him back.

No. 961816

Whewww she better fucking not. The metal punk community here is tight as fuck and will not put up with this shit. If she moved here and showed her whole ass like usual she'll get 86d from anything worth doing. We've had enough coke whores screaming abuse and shit poser dudes acting a fool to do this shit again.

No. 961855

And her shit is private again. Kek. Took her long enough.

No. 961948

File: 1587336645197.jpeg (251.69 KB, 827x1335, 024508E9-DC22-4365-86BE-6052B4…)

Run on manic sentences. Unraveling.

No. 961950

I also noticed how this bitch said shes coming to Austin to hangout with “all her friends” Thats all bullshit. She probably just lurked the shit out of her ex’s friends list that lives out there and further lurked more of their friends. Sooner or later one of them dudes will try and talk to her. All she cares about is where she is going next…

No. 961983

Omg stfu, literally starved for attention.

No. 962002

how is even her being anti-racist is a performance? would love to hear how she could possibly justify her new loser boyfriend using racial slurs. yikes.

No. 962016

I wouldn't expect the girl selling culled coyote skins saying they were found in the wild to care about the animal abuse in the show in the slightest.

No. 962036


This thread only started because of her fraudulent go fund me for her fake cancer.

No. 962038

Lol at her thinking anyone is obsessed with her, no bitch you are a constant source of entertainment. You’re a real life train wreck who broadcasts every single thing you do, you are a fucking clown.

No. 962062

File: 1587349850251.jpeg (285.26 KB, 1125x1833, B9FD46AA-4903-4263-AFF6-4CB4F9…)


I mean….

No. 962111


Oi vey!

No. 962112

Why doesn’t she just lose weight instead of editing her face and body for every single picture? All that time she spends obsessing over herself and her pictures and editing them, she might as well work out lol

No. 962142


Last year she was banned from Facebook for a week for trashing Hasidic Jews

No. 962156

Meanwhile she’s always posting and reminiscing on her life changing trip to Israel…

No. 962165

Fucking hell that’s bleak. If this is the kind of shit she feels safe sharing public ally because it’s a “joke”, I dread to think what venom she’s spat at him behind closed doors.

No. 962173

File: 1587375133999.jpg (Spoiler Image, 290.44 KB, 1109x809, 55968_123345247728128_3877493_…)

I mean, jokes are jokes but when you get so worked up about "smashing nazi punks" or something, and then Johnny's old posts are like

No. 962175

Hmm I remember her having a working out phase complete with pics and videos on Insta (super cool ride or die tough gym guysss, either crossfit or powerlifting I think), then it stopped and later she mentioned some terrible horrible injury that made her drop the gym.

No. 962183


Is she actually Jewish? Is Schafmayer her last name or johnnys?

No. 962185


Her last name is Labozetta

No. 962194

People work out constantly and still have difficultly losing weight. In your thirties it's even more difficult. It's just genetics. Lots of people struggle with it and I personally don't think it's right to call her fat or make fun of her for her weight. What I do have a major problem with is the fact that she edits her body SO much and her "fans" comment asking what her workout routine is and that they wish they could look like her and she demands that this is the way she looks naturally. Posting super edited pics and people thinking it's real is the stuff that fuels eating disorders. That's something worth shaming imo

No. 962201

She used to work out with a trainer at a CrossFit place. She claimed she put 250 lbs on the bar (without her trainer knowing?) and tried to squat it and hurt her back. That’s why she always needs painkillers… supposedly.

No. 962203

File: 1587386148261.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200420-143530_Ins…)

You can just clearly see where she edited the image. Doesn't she even care it's visible instantly?

No. 962208

So basically she bragged about the weight that is considered elite powerlifting level for trained athletes at her presumable weight class as per this table (allaboutpowerlifting.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/2011-Female-Lifter-Classification-Standards.pdf). Yeah sounds totally plausible.

No. 962209


Here she again displays zero responsibility for her behavior and actions.
The full-on “It’s not me, it’s everyone else in the world” victim shit.

Amanda. Join a meditation class, go to a real psychiatrist to treat your narcissistic borderline personality, get on mania meds that aren’t drugs, covet what your friends and family share with you instead of posting those intimate moments all over the internet, unplug and sit with yourself and rediscover who you really are, stop lying to and conning the people that care about you, stop the alien filters that you claim are reality; you have a beautiful face, stop shopping your body; your body is fine, get a job, contribute to the family that has to chronically care for your 35 year old ass, stop sobbing about every tiny thing, stop crying wolf, buck up and be as hard as you pretend to be and then your friends will return.

No. 962210


claims she b r o k e her back. remember, it’s gotta be 100x worse for her than it never has been for anyone else ever, so simply getting hurt would never do.

No. 962227

jesus christ, you can see her eyes and nose distorting and changing shape throughout the video lmao
like this is clearly a filter, is she still trying to go with the #nofilter schtick for this vid?
Mickey and her should exchange tips, cow crossover!

No. 962237


Big oof. Wow Amanda, so random and quirky of you. No wonder johnnys family hates her, she only leaches onto their family culture because she has nothing except fake white trash roots, y’all. Did y’all know he grandpa ride harleys, y’all. Y’all need to back up y’all snakes in the fookin grass y’all.

No. 962265

I personally think her body and face is fine. The obvious shopping is so out of control and can’t understand how she thinks that anyone is buying that her face is naturally shaped like a godamn alien with gigantic eyes. Everyone can see that all of her photos are heavily edited but then she freaks out anytime someone says anything.

No. 962302

File: 1587402091945.jpeg (505.85 KB, 750x795, 68AE277C-B1F9-434B-9AB2-58D20D…)

New alien selfie posted to her Alt fb page last night. Just angles and circle lens yall she totally really looks like this yall.

No. 962311


The gravity defying necklace makes another appearance

No. 962317

No way angles could disappear her whole ass six chins

No. 962319

File: 1587404721300.png (2.26 MB, 750x1334, A9A6D387-7738-4D1F-8F37-17D15F…)

Another new profile pic, this time with added fake face tat. Upthepunxxx

No. 962321

Also her face is NATURALLY this smooth you guys, she’s really been working on her skincare in between trying to kill herself multiple times.

No. 962324

Looks like a fucking rod of iron kek

No. 962333


This filter always makes her traps bulge like crazy, it cracks me up.

No. 962335

File: 1587407040247.png (449.85 KB, 750x1334, 94B2B43A-957D-4DF8-A4DF-52A8E1…)


Has she ever treated Johnny like a human instead of an atm?

No. 962350


Clearly unedited. It’s very common for the human eyeball to be substantially larger than the human mouth. Just look at photos of her dad.(emoji)

No. 962360

File: 1587409934685.jpg (193.79 KB, 600x590, R-7465344-1442025563-5052.jpeg…)

Even "brat out of hell" isn't an original username after all. It was the title of an album cover in 1997

No. 962362

File: 1587410119687.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x1921, D016AAA4-E7DD-4F2A-A5EA-E250BE…)

This tumblr is hilarious. Why ask for your name to be removed if you're just going to repost it?

No. 962367

File: 1587410303384.jpg (83.24 KB, 1000x667, P1050536-Edit_1024x1024.jpg)

Clearly edited (smooth skin) but still she looks so much better and normal there!

No. 962372

Agree she looks like an actual human.

No. 962383

is this her actual weight? she looks great. it suits her well.

too bad her dysmorphia and delusions get in her way of seeing that. gotta be the smollest black metal brooklyn bitch.

amanda is quickly becoming one of my favorite cows. she's like the hipster version of Vicky Shingles

No. 962384

That's the thing. She's very pretty without the edits

No. 962390


Yeah, she’s mostly always been short and squat, kinda chunky/chubby. She did get pretty thin a few years ago and gained it all back, but kept editing photos to give her more shape.

No. 962395

Yeah y’all are fuckin snakes in the grass! :P(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 962400

She can’t keep the weight off when she’s sober, which is probably why she keeps going back to coke. She claims she’s 140lbs recently, but hasn’t posted and real body photos in a while.

No. 962433


Where did she say that? 140lbs on a girl her height is not small. Recently she was bragging on ig about being back to her 2019 "bod" so that makes no sense lol

No. 962491

File: 1587420587654.jpeg (274.41 KB, 828x705, E52653B8-B527-41C3-84DE-583B99…)

End of February, quoting 130 lbs. Check the next post…

No. 962495

File: 1587420720212.png (3.01 MB, 828x1792, FA12E070-9CBC-45F3-9DC4-CAE5BE…)

She’s 5’2” tops? That’s a lot of jiggle to shed in 8 weeks… especially with her eating garbage constantly. (Those IG instant coffee, sugar & milk drinks? Gross)

No. 962504

i’m about the same size as her (i’m a little shorter), with a similar build and i’ll let you right now that’s definitely not what 130-140lbs would look like.

also, where is the ass she keeps talking about?? the delusion is strong.

No. 962514


Yes, always with the super self flattering conversations she has. I’m sure most of these quotes never even happened.

No. 962528

She said some time ago she was 5' 4"

No. 962530

yeah super delusional. most of those conversation are with John and she doesn't want anyone to know they are together almost constantly

No. 962537

File: 1587422740286.jpeg (166.65 KB, 828x1045, 198EACCB-A9DE-4F8C-928E-BFD659…)

Seems like her first IG name was @whitetrashprincess kek. What’s the deal with this Benny guy? I get the feeling he and her dated, after she was married to John and they all lived together. Any Brooklyn anons know the deal? She’s always posting #tbt of him and his pit-bulls.

No. 962556

Why does she call her brother a Schafmayer if that’s her married name? Or do I have that wrong?

No. 962558

Schafmayer seems to be her mom’s maiden name.

No. 962606

Yeah this is nitpicky and I don't want to body shame or whatever but I'm 5'7" and close to 130lbs and i know that if i were her height at this weight I wouldn't look the way she edits herself. If she's gonna lie about that too why not try and make it believable?

No. 962979

File: 1587491171590.jpeg (411.03 KB, 828x1105, 28BFAD57-A8CD-433D-9077-57DFB7…)

No makeup! Massive filtering tho!

No. 962985

File: 1587492558136.jpeg (263.71 KB, 828x1346, DC6BAA7D-4BF9-4F91-9BA2-6CF81B…)

Hmm I wonder why girlfriends don’t trust you? Also why is some dude sneaking to talk to you? So you can’t post it, but you post it.

No. 962987


The physics defying necklace makes an appearance yet again.

No. 962990

“demonstrate social distancing” kek like anyone was trying to go near you before this all started

No. 963014

her cheek extends past her glasses on that last pic lol

No. 963020


Part of it making it worse could be her Rx, mine give off that effect.

No. 963046

File: 1587501571359.jpeg (761.08 KB, 828x1038, DA5FA1E3-5ADF-4B68-9E51-F9BACA…)

Oh right so thiiiiiiis is the year she finally learns how to ride a bike. What’s this, since 2012 when John bought her that bike? She doesn’t even have a drivers license kek

No. 963047

Scooter trash confirmed. Even the sluttiest bitches wouldnt wear that on the back of a bike cuz if you wreck, that's a lotttt of skin grafts. Larp as fuck. She's not gonna ride, it's too hard to get ripped shit wasted and then balance on two wheels.

No. 963059

Am I missing something but what's with her giant Jesus tattoo?

No. 963060

File: 1587503218518.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1125x1868, F461BF83-D456-4C45-8866-1F47A8…)

Her employee is taking the cat Frank. She’s moving out of Amanda’s. Who has her beloved Clyde?

No. 963064


Her helmet isn't seated on her head correctly, either. I have bangs and have to just let them get smooshed- there's no other way. Anyone riding without protective gear is a joke and deserves their tattoos getting destroyed by the road rash she's going to get in her poseur outfit. AGATT is a thing for a reason.

Good luck to her if she thinks she's going to be able to pick up a Sportster by herself when she inevitably drops it. This bitch should be on a small 300-something until she actually learns to ride. Or a dirt bike…she can be cool with the 11yo wheelie gangs, which is more her scene than actual motorcyclists.

Love, a moto anon

No. 963107

Can’t wait for the next gofundme, I’m a fucking moron and tried to ride my sportster and crashed immediately before getting a cool pic.

No. 963136


It's "finally on the road", but is her ass riding it?

How about pictures that are not 6 years old. Also i thought her parents hated her or some shit.

No. 963137

You know that’s another lie anyway, if it was ready to ride why wouldn’t she take a picture of it now instead of from 6 years ago.

No. 963138

File: 1587512818399.jpeg (318.21 KB, 824x1384, 5C99474A-0FDC-4B10-A38B-EBCA15…)

When you make your bf to post your weird alien animorph makeup free photo along with mandatory praises kek

No. 963196

I absolutely agree with this. I am so anti body shaming. but let’s for sure dog her for lying about her looking that way naturally.

No. 963217

I know this photographer personally. these photos were taken 2016-2017. she seemed so normal to me then. my partner had been telling me for years how awful she was/is. he’s known her for years. he told me the first time they met she walked up to him and pushed him up against the wall and was like “omg who are you?, I’m taking you home.” Or some shit like that. he was married at the time and she also did this in front of Johnny. anyways, yes, she looks better without the edits, I’ve always thought she looked pretty. it’s too bad her soul isn’t.

No. 963221

Schafmayer is her late grandfather’s name on her moms side.

No. 963540


Anyone know the story as to why they broke up? He still has her photos all over his insta

No. 963546

No. 963549

File: 1587581590790.jpeg (348.76 KB, 828x2013, CA546FFC-6525-49C3-BD18-4AC270…)

Here’s some few choice comments she posted on her IG in August. He was supposed to come visit her in LI and magically never arrived. She had been on a bikini/nude/very shooped posts and he got mad at her in the comments, saying she never picks up her phone and the internet sees more or her than he does. She erased the photo. Let me look for screenshots.

No. 963608

The continued complete lack of self awareness is continuously appalling tho not shocking in the least. didn't want her to have dude friends…got intensely jealous for no reason even from afar, wanted to know everything she was doing, shitty poser 'artist'…thats literally her whole MO to a T. man it sounds like she really did let the one get away that time kek. I guess makes sense some people here saying the cancer diagnosis was made up as an attempt to reconcile. you know if you have 457902934 "soulmates" maybe you'll be right on 1!

No. 963617

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of stupid bikers/tattoo artists/toothless meth heads in the sea. She’ll find a new soulmate who she’ll be engaged to in less then a month. Keep hope alive!

No. 963702

also pretty sure she posted a pic or video of him tattooing her unless that was some other scratcher she let doodle on her

No. 963736


The endless string of loves of her life is the single most disturbing thing about her, imo. From 0 to deranged obsession in 24 hours. I’ve seen her do it in real life and on the internet so many times, and she always manages to keep the narrative that their love for her endures forever. Like with Jay, she trashed him on her IG while posting “I miss being called your fiancé” on his. It’s insane.

No. 963742

File: 1587596786737.jpeg (62.96 KB, 1242x261, ADF42B74-9CA9-46F8-8F3F-BC090C…)


It’s still there!

No. 963832

File: 1587607106053.jpeg (1.03 MB, 828x3579, B224FACC-BA30-4007-BAD0-C1D0CA…)

Her long winded explanation after her and Jay’s breakup, complete with like 2 ex’s ago rape story. This was 6 months after they broke up. They don’t follow each other, they aren’t friends on social media…. also catch that last comment about how he wasn’t abusive but she was verbally abusive to him. She’s such a liar, she speaks so highly of him here but will be the first one to call him out in being a “prepper” or a terrible tattoo artist. She let him tattoo her on her leg the first time she went to see him.

No. 963859



I’ll give her credit for admitting to shit talking him and being abusive despite the back pedaling, self preservation bit.

How she slumps him and all the other ex’s together is a reflection upon how everyone is a disposable plaything to her.

Hopefully she continues admitting her faults and speaks better of those that care for her.

No. 963914

I’m not buying that comment. That dude fed up with her shit and I bet she posted that around the time she went back and said “I miss you calling me your fiancé” just to manipulate him back into her life.

No. 963915

This bitch attacked me only because her ex korey tried hitting me up saying they were soulmates and trying to have babies. A week later she is posting all about this dude. I can’t fucking stand these delusional long going loves stories she keeps spitting.

No. 963973


Can you clarify this? She attacked you because he… hit you up about being in love with her? Why would he do that? Why is that grounds to attack you? Was this physical or just an online thing?

No. 964059

She attacked me online because her ex Korey DM’d me. Told me to back off because they are in love/engaged/trying to have babies. A couple days later she was with Texas dude…

No. 964066

Ew, so she was going thru his phone? What a weirdo. I hope Amanda never has children. I can't think of anyone except maybe PnP who would be a worse parent.

No. 964148

She was dating that Jacob dude a week after her and jay were over. “We were loyal to one another” hahaha bitch please, you don’t have a loyal bone in your body and have cheated on every single person you’ve ever dated. I guess it doesn’t take even a week to get over “the one”

No. 964155

File: 1587665230447.jpeg (140.37 KB, 750x990, 51D7BAF8-9E9A-4F1F-BC32-2D439C…)

Working on roping in her next target

No. 964365

I hope these “attractive dudes” do some research and find this to realize what they’re getting themselves into…

No. 964401

File: 1587683437210.jpeg (254.6 KB, 828x675, 8660E64B-2652-4156-A3EE-3D3D06…)

She changed it after you posted that kek.

No. 964405

I assume that’s why she’s always trying to pick up dudes online from different states, everyone in ny knows she’s a toxic cunt.

No. 964640

Quietly watching, I scratch my head every time I check in and wonder what can anyone possibly find attractive in her? Seriously looks like an alien, even with all the shoops.

No. 964658

I only lurk here for the cancer updates.

No. 964667

its weird how she lies about even the littlest things or things people clearly know are a lie like saying she didnt get tattooed by jay when she did or saying she dated people for some amount of time thats way longer than whats true and just other things she can easily be caught in it almost feels like shes either so brain addled herself she doesnt even know what the fuck is going on which im sure is true besides her being a complete liar and/or shes trying to seriously gaslight everyone who looks at her shit. its absurd

No. 964676

I’m pretty sure her brain is fully shot from years of cocaine and alcohol abuse. I do not think for a second she is sober. Her videos and behavior are erratic and attention driven. She’s scurrying around trying to churn up exciting news about herself CONSTANTLY, almost 98% never following through. Last year she said her parent a were giving her their house on LI, she’s claimed that she’s wants to adopt a child (kek) she claims she owns 4 business… her name isn’t on anything, anywhere.
It’s all a thin veil to hide that she really isn’t some famous, wealthy, cultured, skinny, hard working, tough, well liked, diamond in the rough. Some people seem to buy it, but literally within minutes of meeting her you can tell it’s all fake. She just assumes people don’t know her IRL.

No. 964702

Yeah fair points. I think this thread in particular must be hard for her to wrap her head around handling cause on one hand she gets to go on one of her insane tirades to rally all the droves of edgy teens or whatever who think she’s cool but on the other hand they might actually dig in and realize this many people saying it and the degree of detail can’t be bs. Has she mentioned it other than the chaotic fake tough girl rant on ig ?

No. 964705

That's such a mystery to me, like does she actually have IRL friends? Was she always like that or did her behavior deteriorate after something happened? Are her friend messy "free spirit" junkie enablers? I used to know someone who'd always act out and Amanda reminds me of that girl, she'd use any conversation or subject to one up you, including childhood abuse stories or drug use. She was pretty talented but lacked drive and consistency so her talents went nowhere. TL;DR I don't think anyone is born like that so may someone who knows Amanda tell the reasons to this? She looks like someone who could actually become semi accomplished if she tried.

No. 964770

She doesn’t have any real friends. She has internet orbiters and her bottom bitch ex husband. Any “real” friends she has are very, very fleeting.

No. 964810

Yeah exactly and she treats all her “real friends” like she does her relationships in some ways, intense love bombing/gifts/online long winded lovey posts about how they’ve been ride or die best friends forever even if they met a week ago and then they either are just using her for drugs and free stuff or discover her general chaos and dip or get roped into it unwillingly. But even then the ones she finds even for a little bit Are usually some sort of crazy borderline people as well just not at her level because honestly who is

No. 964832


Is this really true? The friends use her and take advantage of her desperation?
Any REAL former friends lurking here?
Is she actually a shit human? Or has her untreated mania attracted terrible people that keep her in this manic loop?

No. 964834

Yes, it's true or at least used to be. I don't know anyone who hangs around with her now even for free shit. Cant imagine the experience of her friendship is worth it for anything. But yeah your point on the manic loop is entirely valid as well so the answer is both but her untreated mental health issues and her adamant refusal to do anything about them despite the amount of people and times shes been told to are part of why shes a truly horrible human

No. 964835

It’s an equal opportunity. She prefers to have people around who she get can something from. For instance, she was just dating someone, and that ended when she found the tiger king guy. It’s for weird cool points I thought scene girls only cared about in their late teens/early 20’s. It’s not so much the seeking of valuable relationships, it’s more of seeking what’s better, more interesting and more popular. And it’s virtually impossible for women to be friends with her because she will still act thirsty around the guy her friend is dating. It doesn’t matter who she hurts, she wants what she wants

No. 964844

File: 1587773255363.jpeg (572.48 KB, 828x1165, FB39D43F-7475-45CD-AE7C-16C8A8…)

Moving… with what money? To one of the more expensive areas in brooklyn, all alone? That’s $2gs a month. Maybe she can cash in her gofundme for a deposit.

No. 964850

this is probably just as real as her dad buying her a car or her owning a beach house though lbh. but yeah shes hard pressed to find something in that area alone and in a big apt at that for that amount. but seems like shes got an endless flow between her ex husband and other peoples mispaced charity

No. 964878


bUt wHaT aBoUt hEr eXpEnSiVe cAnCeR sUrgErY sHe cAnT aFfoRd oN hEr oWn

No. 964890

She curiously stopped posting / spamming stories on Instagram. Does being blocked on Facebook also blocks you on insta?

No. 964980


No, I don't believe so

No. 965006

You startled the witch? Why does she post that photo all the time. It is SO dumb, she is the least witchy person of all time. You are a mass consumer, you give zero fucks about the earth, you don't go outside. You have dark hair and wear black. You also have a giant Jesus tattoo. Those are completely conflicting ideologies.

No. 965016


So she moved back to LI for a while to get sober and regain some stability, am I right? How does moving to Bushwick or Ridgewood which are absolutely brimming with hipsters and party bars help her maintain any kind of sobriety or stability? She could easily live in a more quiet part of Queens or Upper Manhattan if these were actually things she prioritized. I can't wait till quarantine is over to witness her mania spiral out of control online if she actually moves once the NYC lockdown is over kek

No. 965022

Doesn’t she already rent an apartment in Bushwick? With a tenant currently staying there? Why not live there? I feel like she has a singular fleeting thought and immediately makes it her whole exact plan, details be damned. Explains the men and tattoos too. Zero impulse control and lack of accountability is a nasty combo.

No. 965029

with the same money she's always fucking around with. her simp ex-husband's money. it wouldn't shock me if he paid for her 1st and last and security deposit if she just held her hand out.

No. 965038

a lot of suburbanfag showing in this thread

No. 965117

Saying you’re a witch or putting witch in your bio is the new live, laugh, love

No. 965142

She “can’t” live their because there’s too much trauma in the apt, since she hit bottom there like 12 times and the alleged rape. Her apt is a small one bdrm. Lease is up May 1st. Kenzie is living there now, but is looking for a new place and apparently moving Amanda’s stolen bodega cat too. Pretty sure she was making Kenzie pay rent. She’ll just rent a new apt through a broker again and John will pay for it.

No. 965253

Anon it’s not that deep, it’s from the game left 4 dead

No. 965280

Somebody should report her to Suffolk county police for fraud and theft, if she actually has cancer then the investigation will be over quick and will prove all of "the trolls" wrong. Otherwise, she will go to jail. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 965289


I'm 965253, your post has nothing to do with my post? Also "yoghurtropes" don't enter your email on anonymous imageboards okay newfag? Enjoy your stay.

No. 965384

File: 1587871007695.jpeg (376.91 KB, 827x1425, A9AB04E4-7B49-44CD-BFA0-40AEB3…)

If your going to advertise your naked body you might as well get people to pay your employees. Two for one.

No. 965386

File: 1587871328379.png (6.37 MB, 1242x2208, 684AD4BC-D5FA-404A-BD0D-BDCED4…)

She looks normal here. Looking through her tagged would show immediately that she edits the fuck out of everything

No. 965388


wow i don’t think i even would’ve recognized her if you hadn’t mentioned it, anon.

also, the new insta story, lip-syncing is super cringe

No. 965398

File: 1587873331319.jpeg (359.04 KB, 1632x1632, 512B0031-FAE6-4B45-BBAA-F767D0…)

My favorite tagged photos

No. 965400

File: 1587873915105.png (473.88 KB, 386x680, hfxlanfq2.png)

had to toss this one in for good measure

No. 965401

File: 1587874797091.png (101.06 KB, 632x445, kksdfpd.png)

interesting insight as to why johnny is so devoted to her. his family is orthodox so his lack of experience (even at age 26) makes sense.

No. 965413

she genuinely looks like a goblin, how unfortunate

No. 965426

Anyone else she her story from this morning? In her back yard…

I noticed she’ll most shit as if she’s panning around and not really saying or doing anything. Sometimes words come out but it really just seems like she’s extremely fucked up on drugs and recording shit on accident. It’s so fucking weird and like looking thru the eyes of someone is on drugs

No. 965431

Seems like the Xanax is kicking in.

No. 965434

yep & definitely heard her slur "so much shiiit" when she panned to her dads shed. xanax heavy tongue in full effect.

No. 965463

Yes and constant horse voice that sounds like she smoked 2 packs of smokes in an hour.

No. 965476


This is an image board: post screen recordings please! Some of us don’t have social media but just pop on here every so often to laugh at people like Amanda.

No. 965530

File: 1587905029691.jpeg (33.19 KB, 480x360, C71CA6A2-A5A8-4274-91FE-48D993…)

I had to watch it twice to believe that anyone has it in their power to be that cringe. She gives me creep chills. I think of Witch Hazel every time I see her…

No. 965555


this image is so bizarre like why did she photoshop her legs this way. it looks like they keep going and never connect at the top

No. 965557

File: 1587911486777.jpeg (436.08 KB, 1125x1625, 913B3403-AB9F-4FAF-BD7F-87748F…)

Another example of her insane fake thigh gap.

No. 965584

File: 1587919032779.jpeg (692.31 KB, 828x1371, C255D3BB-EA05-4B37-BB71-481848…)


Her IG story from yesterday. I think she said “that’s my shed”

This is from her FB stories.

-Um no honey, the Ginger was two years ago. You were trying to trap James last year with a ring you already owned.
-sunglasses getting warped terribly with her face filter
-casually dropping a text screenshot from the Tiger guy
-longer lipsync complete with filters and glitchy necklaces

No. 965587

Thank you for the uploaded clips, anon!

No. 965589

I love how she leaves her double chin in some of the photos but the then uses filters for her videos. At least stay consistent.

No. 965604

Thanks anon.
Her slit-in-a-pie mouth is all kinds of horrible. Why’s it all wonky like that?

No. 965607

Damn that Xanax be hitting hard. Girl needs help.

No. 965628

moar liek glitchywoman

No. 965648

Imagine thinking some b-side who eats expired Walmart dumpster meats is worth bragging about.

No. 965655

new link for FB stories video

No. 965702

Thank you anon.
Keep em coming.

No. 965729

File: 1587937582550.jpeg (520.99 KB, 1241x1792, 33B68015-5E18-45F0-85EC-1E084D…)

What could have been :((cowtipping)

No. 965742

I hope whoever posted that bottom comment has made their way here

No. 965763

Lol the post is already gone for me

No. 965769

File: 1587941927209.jpeg (733.44 KB, 828x1370, 581B52A1-FE21-48A8-8B6A-B86BB2…)

She erased that caption immediately and locked the comments because so many people were calling her out. This was right after Korey got her arrested and she made John let her take a trip to Miami.

No. 965775

Stupid me thought it was a recent post. When I found her reddit years ago she had a post about preparing to be a mom (with Johnny), then allegedly something happened and she had a post or a comment about never being able to have kids again.

No. 965776

File: 1587943127480.png (4.4 MB, 1125x2436, B889FBD8-4BC7-474F-87AF-0F1982…)

Her one and only ride or die. Didn’t realize she dated girls too

No. 965780


“I dated a girl once I dated a girl I dated a girl once did I mention I dated a girl”

This is the most hetero/acting like she’s not straight shit. Anything for clout.

No. 965783

File: 1587944185584.jpeg (98.52 KB, 828x534, C2CAE99D-3C3E-49F8-97AD-49ACAB…)

Okay found it. It's skim milk but milk nonetheless. Amanda announces the baby, plus minor drama that's on the screenshot (pure speculation but I wouldn't be surprised if she'd been intensively active on r/childfree which resulted in the comment https://www.reddit.com/r/happy/comments/1aw5y0/were_gonna_be_parents/
Amanda kicks out two Planned Parenthood patients bc perfumed skanks https://www.reddit.com/r/pettyrevenge/comments/1braka/unplanned_anger_at_planned_parenthood_not_sure/

No. 965787

File: 1587944801709.jpeg (106.04 KB, 1125x359, CB7CE090-50CE-404A-975F-12EACD…)

did you know that if you say “ indigenous” it makes it not racist?

No. 965808


No. 965931

“looking like they got fucked in the face one too many times” I guess it’s only ok when you’re trying to charge money for it? Also wow what a feminist as she claims to be. “Cheap skanks” real classy and pot kettle

No. 965943

I'll copy her answer to a similar comment here because it's hilarious (and references '''badass bikers''' randomly).

> I didn't say they were sluts, I said they were skanks. I love sluts. I, too, am a slut. These humans were barely respectable women. Anywho, not all sluts are good people, just like not all badass bikers look good in leather. Sorry if I offended you.

No. 965962

Ok so you get to judge who's a respectable woman? Gimme a break

No. 965963

File: 1587999869809.png (1.82 MB, 828x1792, B0200CF3-959E-4DF5-954B-382B77…)

Can not even begin to imagine what vaguepost this is about. Run on thoughts, not making sense, calling out fakes. It sounds like she’s talking about herself be no way is she ever that self aware.

No. 965965

some Live videos she posted yesterday on FB. Yelling at John and her parents. Cringe of her trying to maneuver to start her motorcycle and it's out of gas. 2nd video coming.


No. 965967

File: 1588001151130.jpg (118.49 KB, 809x1280, neverever.jpg)

oh the post irony

No. 965979

Oh sweet lack of self awareness. Sounds like it’s from her to her own self

No. 965985

File: 1588003110150.jpeg (167.13 KB, 828x1472, E0298522-98F7-439F-AFA2-382A48…)

2nd video

-her dad filling the tank on her bike
-calling her mom a bitch under her breath
-not really knowing how to operate the bike and her dad telling her how to do everything.
-some "no filter" reflections in the mirror
-barefoot on a motorcycle? You're so cool and not a dirty poser at all.


No. 965999

Is she smoking while her dad is filling the tank? Noice.

No. 966004

File: 1588005106987.jpg (79.3 KB, 640x853, bcs59mph1er41.jpg)

kek yes, and calls herself out for be an "Erik Cowie." He famously refilled gas tanks while smoking cigarettes on TK.

No. 966012

Wow, she looks nothing like her photos. That face bloat does not look healthy.

No. 966024

File: 1588007477493.jpeg (327.87 KB, 828x554, 6F069269-68BD-4429-B593-6F3B77…)

How not romantic at all…. And I’m sorry… still married in 2018? She claims they divorced in like vaguely 2015?

No. 966038

File: 1588011677785.jpeg (20.79 KB, 194x259, A7367BB4-CE1F-4574-862A-95998D…)


Whoever said she looks like Amanda Baggs is fuckin spot on I can’t get past it.

No. 966042

Kek me neither. Just so accurate.

No. 966045

Why did she even post those videos? Can’t start, move or park your own motorcycle, it’s so embarrassing. She wants to be a bad biker bitch so bad but can’t even do anything on her own. And she’s still name dropping that Erik dude like anyone gives a shit about the either of them.

No. 966066

File: 1588016739221.jpeg (222.79 KB, 828x1472, 44EE90A5-9E63-4D80-9069-1F2085…)

I like how Johnny has been her own personal pharmacy, probably since they met. That’s one of his family’s pharmacies and medical supplies businesses. Her personal Xanax machine.

No. 966073

1- loving that ANXIETY graffiti totally seems legit and doctor approved
2- professional insane person- um dont you mean because im a relentless drug addict?

No. 966078

Yeah, a hand scrawled diagnosis on a prescription label is just not something a doctor or pharmacist would do. It’s like having “definitely for pain” on opiates lol.

No. 966087

I’m so confused about how she snagged a rich husband being this fugly…

No. 966095

He also fugly…and weak.

No. 966096

It seems like she was just a typical hipster chick then started getting tattoos and got married and lost a ton of weight because of having a really bad ED. People are gross and became obsessed with her under weight body and she got caught up in that attention and ditched her husband. Now has to use filters that make her look insane to hold onto that attention even though she looks pretty and fine the way she is

No. 966097

Wow whoever wrote that is dumb af, thu can’t even spell “axiety”. Totally legit you guise

No. 966099

it's an n

No. 966111

I can’t find any unshooped pics where she looks really thin. She only looks slim but not sickly in these Flickr albums from 2008

Any unshooped pics after that she looks chubby and bloated

No. 966114

There are pics of her on gram that are from like 2014. Were those editing apps around then?

No. 966121

Nah she was still skinny in 2014, she started getting chubby after that and it’s been heavily filtered/shopped pics since

No. 966139

I think the deal is she chooses fugly/insecure dudes who don’t have much luck with women but importantly DO carry some kinda badass clout (tattoo artists, bikers) until she comes along as this overwhelming presence who suddenly loves/fucks them and is immediately “ride or die”. Easy to pick low hanging fruit.

No. 966141

File: 1588035570442.jpeg (1.08 MB, 828x1285, AD0A21DE-F7E5-488A-B045-8AF028…)

This doesn’t looks like human proportions. She always exaggerated her thigh gap. Even back then.

No. 966152

What a fucking idiot, she has no idea what she's doing lol. if it weren't for her dad being there she would have been crushed under that bike, not to mention almost slipping cuz she's doing it barefoot, grabbing a hot tailpipe and burning herself, and smoking while her dad's pouring gas. She thinks she's cool but she's just got holes in her brain from all the drugs and booze.

No. 966160

Fucking hell does she post 10 times a day? I scrolled down her IG to 2016 before finally giving up.

Thanks for dropping the pic anon

No. 966166

I don’t even think it was an eating disorder, it was most likely all the cocaine and whatever johnnys pharmacy provided her.

No. 966194

She looks like Amanda Baggs with a clean shave and 50lbs lighter, but hell if this ain't spot on. Wonder what her future looks like, especially if she follows through with her "tiger queen" dreams. kek.

Her ex husband seems like the ultimate simp. It's honestly kind of sad, but she's also probably exaggerating a lot of it as she seems to do.

Photoshop has been a thing well before 2014, it's not unlikely she's edited pics prior to the apps she abuses currently.

Can't tell if the booty edit or the face are the funniest parts of this. It's all so bad.

No. 966208

File: 1588051696094.jpg (1.43 MB, 2053x1558, fffffffx.jpg)

No. 966210

What a horrible piece of shit. I’ve known her since roughly 2010 and she’s always treated him like a lil bitch. She used to make home drive her and pick her up from fucking other dudes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 966228


I’ve met John several times that first year of Schafmayer. He is a legit cutie with a little bit of tub and a great smile. Average height, and could easily have a nice body if he put in the minimum effort. The problem is that he is very awkward (aspergers maybe), emotionally broken, and I’m pretty sure he hasn’t been with another woman since Amanda. He barely speaks, but when he’s comfortable, he could be very funny and witty. If he would ever give me the chance, I’d blow his fucking mind every night, shower him in compliments, proudly show him off to my friends and family, share the fiscal responsibilities, and help him rebuild his self-esteem by giving him a stable, loving environment.
Johnny, if you ever see this, know that there are happy girls out there with real careers, all of their teeth, stellar mental health, and an aversion to Xanax, that are thirsty for you!

No. 966241



> I've never cheated


No. 966244

The pic on the left is pretty cute but he gained fifity pounds? wtf. Shame this woman got her claws into him

No. 966257


This makes me so sad. I can't imagine being this mean to someone I supposedly love. She's a horrible, abusive person.

No. 966264

And telling the world he was a virgin and never kissed a girl at 26. She is horrible. Hopefully all her heartache since then are karma for what she’s done to him

No. 966268

File: 1588073965787.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x2099, 413435A5-C3DC-4C62-9AC6-39E9C2…)

No. 966269

Hahaha too bad you gained like 50lbs and are a horrible person, Amanda.

You get the face you deserve.

No. 966275

I'm all for body acceptance but when you go to such lengths shooping yourself skinny which probably takes up a lot of time / mental energy, why not just, you know, lose the weight.

No. 966277

We can't say that a person could just lose the weight because maybe she can't. Anxiety and depression or addiction are huge factors for someone's ability to get out there and get in shape. But you could say if she spent half the time she spends taking pictures and videos of herself trying to get attention maybe she could go outside and go for a hike or get a hobby that made her more active she'd be closer to the person she claims she is physically, artistically, and spiritually. I've personally had a past ED triggered by Amanda and her lies about her "natural" look. And I know I'm not the only one. All the poor, struggling people that she tries to get adoration from probably are triggered too. Lies hurt, she wants to act body positive but ignores the fact that posting inhuman images of yourself for attention and dying on the hill of them being unedited makes people think they have to look that way too to be considered pretty.

No. 966279

Yeah you put it much much better than I did. I also find it really infuriating because obviously she doesn't owe her followers stuff but why admit you had an eating disorder and then lie about your shooped body acting smug about it, photoshopping yourself skinny and making captions about "chubby toddler body"? That's just shitty behaviour. Hope you got better anon.

No. 966282

File: 1588076724559.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1125x1635, A8FE031D-E683-442C-ABF0-DE5547…)

I first got to know her during this time (2017). She was verbally nasty, then she’s sweet. It’s a weird abusive cycle. I have heard her bring other women down based on their appearance, and it was always bizarre considering the woman in these pictures was not the woman I knew in real life.

No. 966307

File: 1588083115855.jpeg (524.99 KB, 1632x1632, 66F12B64-61FB-4698-B003-441696…)

Same day….

No. 966313


Wow, these two posts show what a truly ugly, nasty person she is. Real rich she spend so much time calling John fat when she looks like that. And the way she speaks to people, truly hideous. She'll just chalk it to up to being a Real New Yorka and that's just how her family communicates. What a piece of shit.

No. 966314


Holy fuckin lunch lady arms, bigger than she shoops her thighs. A real beefcake.

No. 966315

Without being there she exudes the “oh god it’s her, avoid” vibe. Have known plenty scenesters like this, and it’s just that sinking feeling when you turn up at a place and they’re holding court. lol.

No. 966316

Me too - I was referencing what she’d been saying about John. Or trying to, at least.

Well, in the first sentence anyway. The second was just a bitch slap.

No. 966317

Oh lawd this made me laugh.

No. 966326

File: 1588088413573.jpeg (325.06 KB, 1632x1632, C68E1FEB-B8B4-4052-9E2C-2D457A…)

Live from her FB.

Moving back to Brooklyn? When? During a pandemic and you’re broke and your shop is closed? But wants double the space? What about your cancer?

No. 966328

>Poof, you're tea

Honestly that gave me a smile and sounds really fucking cute. She sounds like a cunt as always

No. 966330

Also not gonna rehash the obvious that she's stout and chubby, but riding a fucking bike with shorts and a tank on because she just HAS to show off her skin and tattoos? Any actual biker would laugh her out of it. Actual biker women know how to handle their bikes and fucking dress appropriately, Amanda

No. 966361

She wants to ride but literally posted almost ten minutes of live proving she has no idea how to ride, which was the exact opposite of what I’m sure she was trying to accomplish. “I forgot about the choke” and her dad telling her not to burn the starter out. What a fucking poser joke.

No. 966375

File: 1588095905761.jpg (2.29 MB, 2526x1577, OSIFOSIF.jpg)

petty, but I think it's time she retired this photo.

No. 966382


No. 966384

I feel so bad for her parents. They even seem to cringe when she talks.

No. 966387

I’m sure Johnny, her personal atm and xanax supplier, and her parents will pay for her new place so they won’t have to deal with her dumbass. Imagine just trying to go about your business and this stupid cunt is recording everything like anyone gives a shit. The only reason anyone watches your shit is to make fun of you.

No. 966408

I had a feeling they were maybe legally married still. But who even knows with Amanda, every other thing out of her mouth is a lie.

No. 966423

Omg that collage is legendary kek. Between that picture and the one with the old beardy guy in Miami, I don’t know which one she posts more.

No. 966425

File: 1588105625254.png (3.41 MB, 828x1792, 3E8FE4D2-E8D9-44A2-9D26-839A08…)

A good old shoop. What kind of fucked up proportions are those, her arms look 12’ long.

No. 966428

is anyone even asking or calling her out on the cancer lies anymore or is she just deleting everything or has everyone just given up?

No. 966431

"i know the prices are going to be real low" lmao in brooklyn? in the areas shes looking in?? even with the housing market right now dont think drawing a negative salary qualifies you for anything. i guess time to reach into that poor kid's wallet again probably be able to bypass the credit and income checks required through his family's orthodox connections as that's most management companies here or get him to sign on as a guarantor. or maybe its just a big fat made up lie like everything else coming out of her rotted out face hole

No. 966435

File: 1588106515036.jpeg (461.41 KB, 828x1537, 3DF6763B-9E98-4199-8457-5F43A2…)

kek, he bought her that bike in 2014. 6 years later, she’s yelling at him how to move it.

No. 966442

File: 1588107363563.jpeg (188.15 KB, 750x463, 4E4407D2-1D66-419B-B408-C6DA12…)

Didnt she just claim to be 5’3 the other day? She really just lies about fucking EVERYTHING.

No. 966443


Don't forget the topless at the beach in jerusalem one, it's a classic. And her dog with the birthday bacon.

Speaking of her dog, she's getting him back when she moves back to BK, right? Or she has another excuse to dump him on Johnny again?

No. 966446

File: 1588107887231.jpeg (132.31 KB, 703x416, 31287C95-72EF-4D7B-8D4D-2603D9…)

No. 966456

The dog fully lives with Johnny’s parents in another part of Brooklyn. It seems Johnny lives with her in LI, and she’s posted sometimes about a “sitter” but sometimes she says in-laws.

No. 966496


Lol love the fully recolors her tattoos in every post. Like sure you've had some of these for more than ten years but they still look as good as they did when they were freshly healed? Who does she think she's fooling?

No. 966501


kek. Remember when she said Johnny cheated on her and that’s why that broke up? She accused him of cheating and being abusive. Does anyone have that post?

No. 966502

When do you think her noods will be leaked?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 966504

There was a video she posted of her lighting their wedding photo on fire in their backyard bbq close to Valentine’s Day. The caption was something passive aggressive. And then of course he takes her out for dinner somewhere fancy for valentines day. I’m pretty sure she erased it but it was gold.

No. 966509

File: 1588117561185.png (346.55 KB, 496x792, Screenshot_20200428-184407.png)

What happened to her grey patch? Can she edit her eyes even bigger?

No. 966511


lmao did she read that on a shirt from hot topic and then think it was super edgy?

No. 966513

I can attest to seeing it. It was back then when I first started following her, and the first post that made me question her. I think there was also a letter / letters, and she complained about years in an abusive relationship.

No. 966514

I love that she makes god references and shows adoration for certain religions and has a huge tattoo of Jesus then sells imagery of burning churches

No. 966517

And don't forget the bodega cat she stole and re-named CHVRCH

No. 966578

File: 1588131215662.jpeg (593.56 KB, 1242x1720, 25A34845-CCA5-41FD-91E5-A1CA8E…)


She claims her tattoos still look that good even with her tanning all summer long because the artists drill the ink in deep. Crazy that she doesn't care about cancer here!

No. 966581

What a fuckin bitch!that person was showing concern for not using sunscreen. Who told her acting like a fuckin yeast infection is punk rock? That doughy ass annoying fuckin smear of a mean hoe. Sage for irrational anger but who says that to someone showing concern for you?? I just cannot deal.

No. 966619

File: 1588148217780.jpeg (92.8 KB, 750x558, 6D3125C8-4C48-4587-8EF0-0B64E1…)

Saged because it’s from 2016 but this photo of her mouth still haunts me.

No. 966643

Her gob is creepy as fuck. Imagine sidling up to kiss her, then the hell cavern creaks open.

No. 966652

File: 1588163402152.jpeg (171.61 KB, 828x1380, A018A735-A784-4D44-B058-11EC6D…)


She posted this major cringe video on her page last night.
-annoys the hell out of her parents (and probably anyone watching it)
-shows John at her house, even though he’s a “frontline” worker and capable of infecting them. He’s clearly covering his face with his shirt to avoid being seen.
-flashes her pills container “beta blocker” container clearly has Xanax
-unedited cringe mirror shots and her dirty room


No. 966655

> bitches on Reddit about John making a "Make me a tea - Poof you're tea" joke that annoys her
> acts annoyingly

No. 966659

Omg how hasn't anyone slapped her she is SO annoying

No. 966669

Even the dog looks like he’s had enough of her shit hahaha

No. 966671

Kek. Why would she out herself like this?

No. 966673


seems like we’re entering full blown mania territory or mental break?

idk but that’s definitely not how zoloft works. too bad johnny won’t get himself out of this situation and stop fueling this behavior. everyone stuck in that house with her seems truly miserable.

No. 966674

I thought she got her “2019 body back” kek

No. 966676

Thanks anon. Holy fuck she’s unbearable. Also, she can hardly breathe. Yeah go have a smoke Amanda, do yourself some good. Jesus.

No. 966677

Why do all benzo addicts get fat

No. 966681

Hope she keeps getting drugged up and showing us how shitty she is.

She takes a pill from her big box o' pills and drinks it down with old coffee she had on a shelf. At the end you can see a bunch of similar half full nasty cups on her night stand.

She has the shower running as she's running around repeating "here we go nah" and her mom yells at her about it. She lies and says "no it's cold water". John goes to the bathroom and she pushes in front of him so he doesn't go in and she just runs back to her dad repeating "here we go nah".

Shows her dirty clothes and hog body in the mirror unedited. Just incredible.

These last few videos seem like she starts recording to show off something she thinks is cool and it just goes to shit because it was another delusion. Moving her motorcycle in the rain with no shoes on and she can't manage to hold it up or follow directions. This "super fun and quirky" interaction with her dad who's sick of her shit. It must be exhausting living in Amanda's World.

No. 966682

Benzos make you hungry. Like real hungry lol.

No. 966703

Skimming through her LJ to see what her formative years were like and she straight up says she cheated on someone in an entry dated 21 Sep 2003
> 8)Cheated on someone? i'm sorry scott.
But now she magically says she never cheated on anyone >>965967

Keep it classy Manda.

No. 966711

She lies about so many things and combined with the drugs she can't keep any of her lies straight

No. 966732

Best parts of Amanda's long and rambly journal https://candidgrace.livejournal.com from when she was 16. Actually does pain a picture of her as an insufferable brat. Out of context this is nipticky but that's Amanda, all small details make up a bigger picture.

> how is it, that i always manage to fuck up someones life within a year of knowing them? i can name about five right now. without even thinking.

talking about how she got in trouble in school when she cussed out the security guard and then pretended to be another girl
>  i accidentally got another girl in trouble by telling them that her name was mine. well, news flash, it's not. these people are SILLY.

wow turns out she wasn't a die hard punk rock kid growing up like she pretends to be
> What CD is in your CD player right now? tape deck=eminem. discman=brand new.

> so far, i've gotten asked on dates by fo people. god dang FO people yo. i'm proud of myself. maybe if they all weren't ugly.

> i want a lover i don't have to love. i want a boy who's so drunk he doesn't talk.

> my boyfriend just "broke up with me." haha.

and he told me to "try not to fuck anyone this time."

random tidbits not included in the greentext: everyone hates Amanda and should die, I had so much fun today, leave a comment and tell me things I want to hear, had sex on a trampoline while a bunch of friends watched, "accidentally" kissed a guy friend but then told her boyfriend (the one who broke up with her in the greentext) and he was fine with it, people who attempt suicide are retards, raving about a date with a "coolest kid ever while she's dating her boyfriend and generally being entitled.

No. 966734

Welcome to the wild world of pill popping. You don’t poop. You’re bloated and severely constipated. You eat nothing but shit. 4 am? LETS EAT CHEETOS BECAUSE WHY NOT

No. 966743

File: 1588182481599.jpeg (361.64 KB, 828x1330, 7AE8B9B1-0C93-4121-9567-0971D3…)


Then she looks COMPLETELY different in this video. Giving relationship advice kek.

She posted another live video with no filter and it’s like 16 minutes long, so I’m not going to try and watch that shit. Something about her getting mail and puts on a handkerchief to avoid showing her 5 chins without a filter. Maybe I’ll get screen grabs.

No. 966745

Can you imagine just being consistently terrible in the same ways throughout your entire life and not changing at all as a person from the age of 16

No. 966750


Holy shit. When she’s showing off her bruises, her fingernail is so stained with nicotine that it’s BROWN.

No. 966752

Who would take relationship from this gremlin? She has a new soulmate every 3 months. When quarantine is over, everyone needs to continue staying 6 ft away from this succubus.

No. 966755

This is mania. Super energetic, inflated sense of self worth. Thinking anyone wants to hear her relationship advice? Can’t wait to see how this goes

No. 966760

Grabs please!

No. 966789

Holy shit this videos is a psychologists dream. Any illusion she put up is obliterated by this video.

No. 966799

It’s her huge heart that gets her into trouble, guys. Not the lying, cheating, and backstabbing stuff.

No. 966813

part of those are bright eyes lyrics, don't give her credit for being halfway poetically shitty.

No. 966815


Lift each other up? Like call them a fat jew? Or tell the world they were a virgin at 30 or how they annoyed you by trying to be cute? Or abuse them? Or wind them up by acknowledging them publicly in a positive light for once only probably to extort money and drugs from them?

No. 966818

File: 1588195094221.jpeg (54.25 KB, 1125x287, 3B940688-CCB7-45E0-AACB-6790A0…)

No. 966824

I actually feel bad for that dude. He must be so fucked in the head, it's really sad.

No. 966825


She’s reacting to our “Justice for Johnny” posts. He has fans here, so now he’s worth something to her again.
It’s like when a baby sees another baby playing with her toys.

No. 966845

If it took him that long to get laid then he probably had terrible self-esteem related to relationships; after a few years with this shrew tearing him down he's probably entirely convinced that she's what he deserves. Poor guy.

No. 966848

One word Amanda. Nailed it.

No. 966858

File: 1588200349143.jpeg (729.09 KB, 828x1450, 7F5BD977-FA59-4466-B489-04CDED…)


-15 mins of her showing off some samples she got from the screenprinter and covering her face in a handkerchief.
-REAL manic
-Talks about tshirts being for sale thru her email and PayPal. She’s only going to print them as ordered. (What kind of business is running? Seriously?) It’s a design by her tattoo artist John Reardon, and she just printed it white on black “for the first time ever!” As if that’s somehow groundbreaking. -She yells at her mom, then apologizes, making a big deal of it.
-Seems like she’s trying to “act“ normal but she looks like she’s about to go off the walls

No. 966877

Couldn't watch the whole thing, it's so shaky and annoying. And did she eat her pointy alien chin? She's such a multi layered creature.

No. 966888

Holy shit. Is this manic or coked the fuck out, or maybe she’s just holding her eyes way open as proof of them being genetically larger than most kek. She’s a fucking wreck.

No. 966889

File: 1588205846386.png (1.39 MB, 972x1718, ggdgdggg.png)

similar vibes to when she would go through every single make up product she's ever purchased or go through every piece of jewelry she's over owned. rambling for way too long. also, I've never in my life seen a beta blocker shaped like a bar of xanax.

No. 966898

Trazadone is another sedative, there is no way she is getting this many sedatives legitimately

No. 966909

Getting prescriptions filled in NY state for multiple pain relief (that doesn’t look like ibuprofen 400mg) and sedatives is hard af

No. 966912

File: 1588209175710.jpeg (483.94 KB, 750x876, 247E8621-B14E-4009-A98B-A6C9F2…)

Only reposting bc the link you posted is broken for me anon. But here's the same image anon tried to share. Amanda reposted if them in February. And now again in April… Why? Lol its so obvious she's stalking this page and obsessing over how much of her bullshit we have collectively unearthed. Poor Johnny. I'd hop on him in two seconds flat. Manic bitch has no idea what she has. I hope he's aware of this thread and that it gives him some perspective. There are other people out there John, and they won't all abuse the fuck out of you the way Amanda does!

Sage for no milk. Just thought it was hilarious she reposted so soon as a clear response to lurking.

Also, Amanda: how’s your “cancer?”

No. 966916

amanda is insufferable. i feel so bad for her family, especially her father. picture stewie from fsmily guy saying "mom" over and over again.

at the same time i do feel bad for her. she must be so lonely. it sounds like she's begging for people to text her. i wouldn't doubt she has no one to really talk to. at her own fault, of course, but it's so sad when people are truly alone.

No. 966919

I take the lowest dose of trazadone and it totally knocks me out like dead to world could not form a sentence.

No. 966921

Yeah especially if her history of benzo addiction is documented, which it should be. Most addicts i know could never get a script for their poison of choice.

No. 966922

I was feeling the same thing watching the last video. Any normal established 30-something woman wouldn’t feel the need to document their life this way. I feel the sympathy but then I’m reminded of Amanda’s nasty character and it all goes away.

No. 966934

My ex boyfriend lived around the corner from her store. I passed johnny standing outside on a few occasions and always found him extremely attractive.

No. 966950


Shhhhh. Now that she sees that others want Johnny, she’ll dig her claws in even deeper and he’ll never break free. Johnny’s best bet for a good life someday is if Amanda dies from her phantom cancer. He’s too broken to leave on his own.

No. 966970

File: 1588218266327.png (150.09 KB, 640x1136, 0D13FB3A-696B-4F58-B053-748C3A…)

No. 966971

How to report fake cancer claims(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 966980

Pharmacy tech here.
Xanax and its generic equivalent alprazolam both come in bar forms, usually in higher dosages (2+ mgs.) It's actually very common, I fill with them daily.

No. 966981

Oh shit bad reading comprehension please ignore me. Sorry to double post

No. 967003

File: 1588227957092.png (2.89 MB, 828x1792, 6F6AD805-5694-45B9-90B8-3AD16B…)

No. 967013

I think what OP meant was that xanax is NOT the same thing as a beta blocker and she has two obvious xanax bar (and a half) in her beta blocker compartment.

No. 967015

File: 1588230786770.png (2.88 MB, 750x1624, CDCC9BAA-B6BD-4B09-8D2C-86969E…)

So many un-shooped body shots, what a treat!

No. 967136

File: 1588261385124.jpeg (493.59 KB, 1632x1632, 382754D3-3660-4220-887D-F69973…)

Truly, truly horrifying. Wasn’t she the one who said “I have a chubby toddler body and i couldn’t be more proud. chubby toddlers are visually DELISH” who gives a baby a thigh gap and curvy waist? People were responding like “ooh you really look like a doll”

No. 967140

Omfg this is the most fucked up thing ever. Trying to rewrite history and use a “filly” over her entire life. She’s so utterly fucked in the head.

No. 967141


Is this a new post on her FB or insta? If so, she must enjoy feeding this thread.

No. 967149

File: 1588262601099.jpeg (91.15 KB, 1632x1033, 79D195FF-8CAE-49C9-A1A6-EB20CF…)

All the baby photo re-dos really make me wonder wtf story she is telling herself. Insanity.

No. 967150

No it’s old. just found the original now.

No. 967202


Accuses ex-boyfriend of being a pedo.
Sexualizes baby photos.

No. 967208


This is her most disturbing edits. What the fuck is wrong with you Amanda.

No. 967225

Wow this is just on another level of fucked in the head

No. 967270

What’s the pedo story anon?

No. 967283

>>>/snow/880379 Her ex Korey supposedly had pedophilia photos on his phone and was following weird IG accounts.

No. 967290

Got it. Can’t keep all her false accusations straight. Is she using some kind of random generator to come up with this stuff?

No. 967292

File: 1588282478418.jpeg (416.92 KB, 750x1116, 470A5CB9-6B67-4C8F-84EC-B7EB26…)



Here they are together…looks like she’s up and down with how much she hates him. It figures, does it not, that either he isn’t into what she accuses him of, or forgives pedo peddlers. Which is it, fuckface?

No. 967293

File: 1588282502625.jpeg (217.71 KB, 750x843, 6C1B134E-7ED2-4EDE-A012-33C892…)

No. 967337

File: 1588287854756.jpeg (376.35 KB, 1632x1632, 2DA2FE3C-383B-450F-B628-A30B13…)

Sounds like she made some enemies with one of her “ride or dies” from RVA after breaking up with the dreaded guy.

Also 3 rents? On fucking what?

No. 967346


Her apt in bk and her 2 very successful businesses that Johnny definitely doesn't pay for, she just sticks around him to lift him up because she's a ride or die leech.

No. 967347

It took me ages to realise the first cap wasn’t about Amanda. How can anyone be so self unaware?

That second cap is her showing off her property portfolio (that John pays for).

No. 967358

File: 1588290523421.jpeg (274.53 KB, 750x1210, 05F6CAC2-7DE6-48BA-8DB5-A79DBF…)

That cap though…

No. 967361

File: 1588290954717.jpeg (277.27 KB, 750x1035, 5646AE39-95B6-4913-8C83-B3A9F8…)

There’s a buzz of activity on her IG, including…

No. 967362

File: 1588290979919.jpeg (573.95 KB, 750x1137, 896677A7-0553-4103-87B7-93C4B6…)

No. 967364

I’m crazy! But it’s YOUR FAULT!!!

Wow Amanda, you’re so woke and rehabilitated. Nah, you’re still fucked beyond repair. It’s clear she’s responding to this thread. Admit you lied about the cancer, lie about everything including your mansion in Miami, how broke you are (well, that’s probably true but we know Johnny pays for everything), shopping every picture and saying it’s not including BABY PHOTOS and we’ll have nothing to talk shit about.

No. 967367


No one ‘makes’ anyone else go ‘mental’.

She needs therapy.

No. 967392

File: 1588294105483.jpeg (800.23 KB, 1125x1595, F45D0616-3FBA-454F-8197-9BC0A9…)

No. 967415

File: 1588296382878.jpeg (365.26 KB, 828x2382, C948D9D3-8DAC-4063-A698-F7464D…)

This was from last August and magically not even a year later she’s “broke”

Found a bunch of weird shit on her FB. Will be posting.

No. 967417

File: 1588296543701.jpeg (458.92 KB, 828x988, 190F2FC3-5AA2-4A4D-91D1-B6778A…)

This is her meds list. She has been going on and on about Spravato. How the hell would a former addict who takes Zoloft (basic old style antidepressant) expect to get a ketamine type medication? Does she just hear things and decides they’re “her thing” now?

No. 967424

Lamictal is a mood stabilizer (and anti seizure drug) that is INCREDIBLY helpful for people with severe anxiety, rapid mood cycling and depression. it's not an anti-depressant, it's not an antipsychotic, but the mood stabilization (if you are willing to TRY and put down all other forms of self medication) can really help get your head above water. I hate to say it, but not everyone wants to be better, they are their mental labels. they like having an out to accountability.

No. 967428

Oh, Amanda. Your disorders aren’t treatment resistant, it’s you who is resistant, dumb fuck.

No. 967438

File: 1588299842980.jpeg (493.58 KB, 1632x1632, B35AD17F-2EC0-4D67-87FD-A7EBC8…)

So this is her qualifying for Medicaid and SNAP (food stamps) even though she’s, ya know, a business owner of a company worth 7 figures.

Then this is also her magically having her copay bumped up? That doesn’t mean you’ve been dropped. None of this makes sense to start that goFundMe, which is still up.

No. 967448

She has a psychotic disorder?

Gabapentin made me gain weight like crazy. She’s going to continue to get bigger…if she’s even telling the truth about her prescription. Since her “beta blockers” are obviously bars

No. 967452

Sooo she’s basically publicly admitting to fraud?

No. 967460


It took everything outta me to not comment on this post “So how the cancer?”

Fucking stupid crazy cunt…

No. 967463

Its such a trigger and just all around bullshit seeing Amanda flash around these disorders and meds as if shes trying make it seem like shes a victim and fault for her problems. Also extremely upsetting to see if used as an excuse to use drugs. I myself have lived thru trauma (REAL TRAUMA) I’ve been dealing with and still do and I go to therapy. It’s not pretty nor is it fun and i don’t like to paint myself an image “LOOK LOOK AT ME! Im damaged!l” i don’t abuse my meds and I’ve winged myself off as of now. But seeing her post are so upsetting…

No. 967477

seen you in multiple threads, you weird Lamictal advertising bot. Creepy as hell.

No. 967485


No. 967598

What?! STARTED a “medical supply” company in her twenties? The #2 in the tristate area, at that! Has she literally ever mentioned this again?

No. 967605

File: 1588345561211.jpeg (420.11 KB, 1242x1803, C5ACC4C4-5860-44CC-AB99-517A2D…)


Mentioned here. It’s exists sure, but likely not to the dollar amount she claims. Like most things, it’s probably johnnys or his family’s, she just has to put her name on it.

No. 967608

I have a feeling she probably meant psychiatric disorder, maybe some sort of Freudian slip. It’s surprising she would admit psychotic tendencies, might as well admit she’s lied about the cancer and literally everything else in her life. There’s not doubt she’s psychotic, but her admitting it is truly surprising.

No. 967622

File: 1588349078686.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1620x1346, 23640779-E5DC-4532-A6BC-EBE0BC…)

No. 967625

File: 1588349206122.jpeg (41.52 KB, 750x325, 50F1D6CD-82A7-49EA-A3CB-406B68…)

Another lie

No. 967639

Interesting the president is same contact for the head pharmacist here

No. 967645

File: 1588351073018.jpeg (186.89 KB, 828x965, 2FAFE37F-60FF-4F78-9925-AEFD03…)

He owns a bunch of pharmacies in NYC and Miami. And also guess who shows owning a condo in the building Amanda “owns” in too! Too bad her last name isn’t on anything, anywhere except this site.

No. 967665

Her idiot parents spoiled the fuck out of her and created the annoying, incapable, entitled, old, little shit she is.
Johnny sealed the deal by showering her with unwavering love, money, and pills.
Now that she’s an old, fat, self obsessed, annoying cunt, everyone who has to deal with her are constantly feeding her pills to shut her the fuck up and calm down her daily baby tantrums. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to live with her, I’d want to throw pills at her too to get a moments peace.
Everyone around her is enabling her personality disorders and drug use by not having the ability to say no to this little shit.
As long as she has umbilical cords attached to her family and Johnny, and access to nonstop drugs, she will never grow and recover. An OD/suicide is a sad possibility. which is what Johnny’s parents are probably hoping for as they immorally signature off on the high volume of Benzos she requests. Hoping each pill is the last so their son has a chance at a nice life.
It’s all very dangerous and everyone around her has a hand in her demise.

No. 967817

File: 1588373906761.jpeg (223.64 KB, 750x1112, 96B7B01D-F2B4-4CB1-B693-A5EAAB…)

Worst “filly” plus shoop yet?

No. 967839


Nah, giving her baby photo hips, tits, and a thot thigh gap is definitely her worst work.

No. 967899

Anyone see her latest stories/posts? On about yet some other ex love or whatever

No. 967903

File: 1588386517220.jpeg (274.34 KB, 827x1156, A027BD55-F071-4B9F-9671-444090…)

Taking dogs at her ex fiancé who dumped her and she’s still butt hurt about it. As if he’s protesting the quarantine. Does she have proof? Or is she admitting to dating a proud boy?

No. 967917


Imagine being that old and butthurt over an ex like that. Real mature, totes handling your slew of psychotic disorders beautifully.

No. 967932

Kek she took down that account of cringy, high as hell, bad singing Smule account.

No. 967962


This dumb hoe is jeopardizing Johnny, his family’s safety and business by publicly displaying what we can all assume are illegal Rx’s for fake likes and internet points.
They can lose their licenses (and her sugar daddy money) if she’s not careful

No. 968061

File: 1588431488693.png (718.05 KB, 540x960, 95869254_2664908077131567_6345…)

Amanda went live. She was rambling on and on about her sunglasses after one person said they liked them, while someone asked about her health. She finally addressed thee comment and gave some vague answer about how she got a voicemail she thinks is her doctor's office (she said it was a 1-800 number?) She said they're supposed to call her soon but it's a non-emergency surgery that's being rescheduled, no updates apparently but didn't seem too worried about it. Same BS as always.

Also what's up with her teeth?? Never noticed how bad they look before….

No. 968065

File: 1588431891152.png (8.98 MB, 1125x2436, 04BD2105-285B-4D31-8B4D-773961…)

No. 968067

She said “I use filters, y’all aren’t stupid”

No. 968075

I got banned from posting here. Why?

No. 968076

File: 1588433343089.jpeg (758.69 KB, 750x1111, 69C70FAC-62CE-4BE6-80CB-6F22F0…)

No. 968077

File: 1588433367894.jpeg (759.82 KB, 750x1105, E354C69C-C689-431E-AB9B-216E2F…)

No. 968078

File: 1588433389791.jpeg (698.46 KB, 750x1011, E11EF64F-2696-4532-92D5-CBDF45…)

No. 968082

File: 1588433680340.png (10 MB, 1125x2436, 730CC74D-86C3-4AAC-8D11-89BE06…)

This ones kind of not fair since screenshotting any persons video can come out bad, but … lol

No. 968087

She’s been on ig live for a while now for no reason looking haggard rambling about nothing and only addressing people who comment complementing her and kissing her ass. Assume it’s too long to save video but it really is something to say the least if you are online now and want to be even more confused

No. 968091

I couldn’t keep watching that trash even for the sake of milk. I felt my brain rotting almost as much as her teeth

No. 968097

File: 1588435665177.jpg (135.53 KB, 1152x2048, LcBvkPO.jpg)

She was just smoking cigarettes and petting and scratching a dog and now she's rubbing her nasty hands all over her face. So gross

No. 968109


Sorry to nitpick but god her nose combined with her glasses looks like one of those disguise glasses. Legit squidward nose.

No. 968112

File: 1588437769181.jpeg (789.74 KB, 750x1130, 36258908-F063-4CA5-AAC2-345464…)

This one was good….

No. 968114

She’s still going…did anyone catch the argument with her parents? I missed that big. Saw her tell Johnny to gtfo of her room. Will summarise later…she’s still going.

No. 968118

She mentioned that a pathologist diagnosed her. A PATHOLOGIST. Must be a privilege to be this dumb. That’s not what pathologists do dummy.

No. 968119

Never thought she'd go on a 3hr long live without a filter or even makeup, ngl.

No. 968136

Anyone notice when shes talking about the cancer and other clear bs its one of the only times shes actually averting her eyes from the camera. interesting

No. 968137


What did she say about the cancer?

No. 968141


She hardly spoke on it. Started avoiding looking at her camera and was saying shit about how she has haters and is a victim. Still won’t say what stage she has just mostly deflected to how her aunt had stage 2. Said her current medical condition is her “worst case scenario” which is obviously an attention grab.

No. 968147

how the hell is this live session still going on? what hour are we at? i hope someone posts The Highlights

No. 968149

she started a new one. put on some makeup. maybe decided to have a family argument off camera for a few minutes. but yeah she could probably chain smoke talk about herself and be brought to fake tears by validation from strangers all day long im sure

No. 968151

she smokes and probably grinds her teeth besides of regular neglect and being in her thirties…

scrolling upwards she seems to be missing lateral incisors from her upper jaw. not that uncommon but leaves gaps. probably a fashion statement, just like the gold crown.

did she ever mention whether it was decayed or did she snap it?

No. 968157

At one point Johnny gives her a carton of cigarettes, says something intelligible, and Amanda immediately bitches him out saying “this is not the time to bring that up. You realize this is