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No. 1502873

Social Media
Ig: bratoutofhell
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/bretdarling
Tik Tok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe2Yvoe6/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/amandabret

Amanda Bret / Amanda Schafemeyer / Labozetta/ bratoutofhell -

The last few months have seen Mandy and Dan through the halcyon days of their passionate and ever-changing-in-duration love. Have they been together eight months or ten? Who's to say? Time is but a concept to these New York royalties!

Is Dan a girlfriend abuser whose dick doesn't work? Probably! Will Mandy eventually kill him during his "detox" the way she killed Eric? I'm hoping! As their drug usage intensifies, will her ramblings become longer and somehow even less coherent? Most likely! More importantly, will her meatball eyes keep getting meatier as her photoshopping gets more desperate? Let's find out!

(Since the last thread summary we've seen a lot of infighting and rudeness directed towards Amanda's normal- eyed brother, Domenick. I request you be polite to him as a favor to me because the gentle unraveling of Mandy's lies are a welcome addition to these threads.)

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Recap of last thread:

Mandy's eloquent metaphors leave the farms quivering with emotion:


Mandy can't stop over drafting her bank account buying stripper costumes on Poshmark:


Mandy experiences yet another tragic loss:


Mandy the MUA fat shames some ladies:



Caught shopping childhood photos once again:


A breakdown of Mandy's shooping skills:


Possibly the cringiest video of all time??


As the drug usage intensifies, Mandy's posts fall into word salad territory:







An eagle eyed farmer spots a coke mirror/ pill bottle in one of Mandy's unhinged videos:


Dr. Mandy at her finest!!



Hands down her best shoop yet:


Mandy the gatekeeper:


Proof of a Dan shoop:


Sex stuff/ Dan isn't an abuser!!!!, read at your own risk:


(Note: this brought up an exhausting amount of "we don't have proof that Dan is an abuser!!!" posts. Two women have said he is, I think erring on the side of "he's probably abusive" is safe, but either way whatever)


Mandy the grade school drop out:


Mandy and Dan, two unemployed adults, spend their days shooting Nerf guns at each other:



Mandy's place is a "Brooklyn shithole…" (that she's leaving soon)


… even though it was a beautiful naturally lit friendly neighbor having haven a few months ago:


Mandy needs "an launderer" to do her mountains of laundry:


Mandy rehabs another alcoholic!


Mandy has lots of money!


Dan with his silky smooth raven hair:


Mandy still can't tell just how long it's been since she and RVD have been together

Six months: >>>/snow/1430469
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Eight months >>>/snow/1464920
Nine months >>>/snow/1484218

Speculation swirls as Mandy stops love bombing Dan and starts earnestly vagueposting:





Mandy reminisces about her past:


Mandy is looking still trying to relocate:




Mandy is looking for new wheels!


Mandy has gripes about the neighborhood she used to love:





A round up of Dan info for the Scabies Curious:









A round up of Dom's contributions to the thread:














No. 1502935

File: 1650105543552.jpeg (808.16 KB, 1170x1298, 9F0669E9-0187-4044-89ED-8DC075…)

“Pic for visibility” ok, Slobs.

No. 1502936

File: 1650105634674.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1170x1784, 685E3021-1EEE-4D66-9AF7-895798…)

Possibly in response to Dan posting this pic…

No. 1502971

File: 1650112114578.jpeg (482.67 KB, 1170x2723, BA41D6EC-980B-4915-84FF-7B878D…)

Why is she so disgusting?

No. 1502973

Literally what the fuck is wrong with this bloated wet brain

No. 1502977

That’s disgusting and no one cares…(sage)

No. 1503007

thank you for the new thread, OP!

except reading this just ruined my morning. fucking disgusting. not even her few degenerate followers are impressed. and holy shit, how many red flags are there for 30-somethings attempting to be controversial fb comedians? it’s giving actual brainrot, not quirky gutterpunk like she wishes. the secondhand embarrassment is off the charts.

No. 1503008

Calling a baby future cum lover and then justifying it with saying something disgusting about her mother. I fucking hate this bitch

No. 1503133

I seriously can’t believe she’s 35 years old. She sounds like a desperate tween begging for all and any man’s attention. So pathetic.

No. 1503286

“shit out my mom’s axe wound” wow so edgy. especially for someone in their mid 30s. enter 100 barf emojis here

No. 1503335


She was never this gross. Definitely always a try hard edgelord, but never this crass and plain disgusting. It wasn’t until scabies came along she started really cosplaying a crusty. That very first Facebook update she made when he came along about being the same shit stain stinky punk as him was the first time she talked about herself that way. Pathetic.

No. 1503428

The funniest part is, if you know him, he’s the total opposite when it comes to talking in a “sexy” way. He’s so awkward about sex/women, and she’s overcompensating so hard.

No. 1503468

I wonder how much she’d like it if someone called the baby she was trying to have so many times a “future cum lover”?(sage your nonmilk)

No. 1503469

What? Are you trying to say she has (at some point) said she wanted/tried for children? If so I’d assume it’d depend on what personality she was LARPing as, no?

No. 1503639

I think it was on reddit that she was talking about having a baby

No. 1503654

She vaguely mentions it a lot. I remember her making a post about how much of a good mom she will be, and this one saying RVD and her would have the cutest babies
I don’t think there’s a single person who would believe she’d be a halfway passable mother. She can’t even take care of a fucking cat, the easiest pet to have.

No. 1503658

“They would definitely have amazing skin” meanwhile RVD’s pores are so big you can see them from space and she looks crusty af. The delusion is incredible. Never showering, and living off drugs, booze and shitty food isn’t exactly the recipe for good skin. Doesn’t matter how much of johnnys money she wastes Sephora if basic hygiene is too much to keep up with.

No. 1503711

File: 1650206152578.jpg (311.35 KB, 1170x2184, Untitled-1.jpg)

Claimed to be pregnant with Jon in 2013, where she also posted about it on Reddit. Dom said this one might not even be true. She totally could have tricked Jon…he seems dumb enough.

No. 1503713

File: 1650206390930.png (1.22 MB, 1038x1698, Screen Shot copy.png)

Then this gem after she broke up with Korey and was chilling in Miami.

No. 1503782

Hopefully all the years of drug and alcohol abuse has rendered her or scabbies infertile, because the last thing any child needs is to be in their care, and the last thing the world needs is another little scamanda.

No. 1503784

File: 1650212615141.png (2.06 MB, 828x1792, 6A067107-73B7-472C-BA39-AEFE11…)

Weekly inaccurate anniversary post! Next week it will be a year that they started EnCoMpaSsiNg OnE SoUl

No. 1503799

File: 1650213523036.png (155.54 KB, 202x377, useakirbyonthatshitandcheckthe…)


No. 1503830

Fap bodies?? She is so gross and childish. I can’t believe she thinks she sounds cool.

Also, she’s been making so many negative vague posts about scabbies and now she acts like they’re happy and in love lol. She’s so dumb.

No. 1503861

File: 1650220287398.jpeg (949.6 KB, 1170x1821, CD51D23D-E9D8-4FD1-84C1-9E8A5C…)

Over compensating for something?

No. 1503871

File: 1650220993471.jpeg (139.71 KB, 642x1005, 47AA87B5-9E22-4FFB-A036-1ED8C7…)

fixed for accuracy

No. 1504019

Yes and now. and it was photoshopped.

No. 1504020


No. 1504078

File: 1650235700602.jpeg (446.34 KB, 1170x2246, A354FD3C-A5F2-4719-A5B0-7579DC…)

Just for timelines sake. He didn’t even show up until the end of July 2021.

No. 1504085

Cheers, nonas! I assumed with how she likes to nlog/behaves she’d be one of those insane childfree people
One can only hope

No. 1504089

"Vomit inducing smell".

Gotta assume he either started taking showers since they got together or his really nice smell she goes on about is down to her liking the smell of vomit.

No. 1504144

This post is so funny to me because that day she’s talking about, when Dan did too much acid and cut his head up happened wayyyy before this, when his ex from like 2018 left him. She’s talking about Mallory, who is not 20 years younger than Mandy, but was def too young for Dan to date. I feel bad for that girl,
Dan fucked her up. He ran to her as soon as his other ex martina left him, and then ran to Amanda when Mallory left him. This bitch makes so much shit up to make herself sound special when Dan has been trying to replace his (dead) ex ex gf for so long.

No. 1504219


This was around the time she posted on fb about wanting to have a baby and had to turn off comments because even her weirdo supportive random Facebook friends who don’t know her irl were like no stop please that’s a bad idea

No. 1504281

That’s hilarious.

No. 1504294

It’s also funny because she’s trying to insult the girl by saying she’s 20 years younger than her IE too young for Dan, but any sane person would hear that Dan is dating a girl that young and think “what a creep DAN is” not the random young ass girl.

No. 1504441


and what kind of weirdo calls acid "d lysergic"? she's a word salad moron

No. 1504489

You wouldn’t understand, she’s an inTelleCtUaL ~punk~ with deep ~drug knowledge~ normies just simply cannot relate

No. 1504490

Love that she’s trying to throw a dig at the much younger girl for being on her moms insurance… when her 30 something year old man uses mommy’s credit card and has never moved out of his parents. Making fun of young people doing age appropriate things while scabbies and mandy battle it out with nerf guns is also moronic lol.

No. 1504614

File: 1650304657448.jpeg (279.25 KB, 1170x2701, 0D0F791E-AE6C-404F-B833-4B4FEB…)

Is she larping as a 18 year old boy going through puberty?

No. 1504619

She makes more thirst posts than any single person I know then tries to convince the world that she’s in a happy relationship. If she was even close ti being happy with scabbies (or by herself) she wouldn’t be begging for attention from the entire internet. Pathetic.

No. 1504673

Wait is she really insulting a girl about being skinny when she literally edits photos of herself constantly to look unhealthily skinny? The jealousy is just oozing out of her.

No. 1504702

She called her a junkie, when the girl she’s talking about doesn’t do drugs, and we all know how much mandy loves cocaine and pills. It also sounds like she’s implying the girl having dreads is bad, when her bf is a white guy with dreads. She’s crazy delusional and hypocritical lmao.

No. 1505167

wait martina is dead?

No. 1505365

Isn't she the one that ODd or whatever?

No. 1505377

No, that was his ex teya from over 10 years ago. Martina is definitely alive I saw her at a show in nyc recently.

No. 1505390

AFAIK she only drinks anymore anyway

Seems like anyone getting away from dirty Dan is better off too bad scamanda "loves him so much"

No. 1505414


Anons brought up his ex gf who died on the last thread >>1470125

No. 1506168

File: 1650419456926.jpeg (767.96 KB, 1170x3501, BBF2FFED-C42E-47B2-9173-FBCF9C…)

Most special-ist for fabricating an entire situation? Mmkay. It’s Tuesday. It took this long to remember to make an Easter post in btwn your prepubescent teen posts?

No. 1506173

paging dom! is this complete fantasy or did dan actually meet your parents this time? hope it's the former because i'm dying imagining her having a whole ass text conversation with herself

No. 1506254

martina is so pretty. amanda wishes.

No. 1506590


Not at all, lmao. I don’t know why she insinuates on making this shit up. Who the fu cares? She’s so weird

No. 1506637

File: 1650458535419.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1170x1966, 3020D2CA-93A9-4FA3-8940-5D158F…)

More fake parents house content. She had showed that bathroom cabinet before. I can’t remember when. Probably an old annoying “tour” that she loves to do.

No. 1506642

Someone post the video it sounds like a trainwreck. Also, we all know if he met her parents there would be 900 pics of scabbies with her dad. This is definitely all a lie.

No. 1506651


They’re drunk and he’s slurring. She’s asking him for vodka.

No. 1506653

I love you Dom

No. 1506663


Love ya too kind stranger

No. 1506667

Dom, does this mean the messages exchanged >>1506168 are fake? This is on another fucking level if so

No. 1506672

File: 1650463229659.webm (2.91 MB, 724x1280, the slurpee is for the vodka.w…)

No. 1506716

I can barely understand her and can’t understand a single word scabbies said. I guess they have to be incoherently wasted to be “in love” now.

No. 1506783

Looks like Mandy made this up for sure, I don’t think Scabbies is capable for forming word vomit as bad as this text he supposedly sent her parents. Also agreed to the other anon who said she would have taken 100 videos and pictures of them together if they actually met in person. What is the point in lying about this?

No. 1506806

That text was way too polite and well-spoken for scabbies. He’s a rude idiot with the lexicon of a 15 year old boy. She probably lies to make other people think they’re in a normal healthy happy relationship even though she spent the last few days thirst posting and telling the whole world that she ~~lOvEs cUm~~. Obviously no one with half a brain cell would believe their relationship is good in any way shape or form. She’s an idiot.

No. 1506888

You can tell this post is a lie in the first sentence without even seeing the screenshot. Borrowed a friends car? What friend? We all know nobody can stand her, except scabbies, who likely just wants the free home, booze and drugs. Also… doesn’t she not have a license? She could’ve said RVD drove her in the rape van to make it slightly more believable lol.

No. 1506939

Does she even know how to drive?? Or is it just that she doesn’t know how to ride a motorcycle ? She’s always bragging about getting a car or a bike (always from her dad, too, which is extra sad because your dad giving you a vehicle in your mid 30s is kinda weird) but I thought she didn’t know how to operate either of them and had no drivers license at all

No. 1506958

Imagine if she started driving, she’d have a DUI in an hour.

No. 1506989

not Dom but yes lmao. she did the same thing when dan "met" her parents for christmas last year & they "exchanged" texts gushing about each other after. sorry nona, too lazy to find it rn but i think it's in the last thread or the one before

No. 1507048

Yeah and in that conversation the bubbles were green, as in not iphones, now everyone has an iphone. I know they could’ve bought one, but just one more (large) detail they mandy couldn’t figure out while making this fabricated conversation.

No. 1507090

She thinks her mom has “a huge platonic crush” on scabies?

No. 1507237

File: 1650494618611.jpg (1.92 MB, 1170x12623, lunacy.JPG)

Ayrt, I saw those (picrel) when they were posted >>>/snow/1403347 I just assumed they met digitally and Amanda exaggerated HER version of the story but you’re right, the messages discuss a physical visit (with dad fangirling over Dan to boot!). I also saw that Dom denied the visit but has never really gone into detail. For example: Did he ask his parents? Was he there when the alleged visit happened? I have no idea why I’m struggling to believe someone who faked cancer for profit would fake some messages with their parents and post them but here we are.
Yup, green (picrel)

No. 1507243

Yeah in her disgusting imaginary world your mom crushing on your bf is cool. Just like the creepy way she’s obsessed over her dad at age 35 is totally normal. Good thing none of this ever happened and they most likely don’t even know scabbies exists.

No. 1507252


I remember that fake text and i remember that there were like 3/4 people in that chat and the contacts on top only said 2 lol

No. 1507261

Blog or whatever but this is literally mine and my dude’s shoe sizes and his foot is bigger than my head, there’s no fucking way she’s telling the truth. Why does she lie her ass off about the dumbest shit ever?

No. 1507291

File: 1650497713880.jpeg (138.07 KB, 397x598, FFF3CE30-24DF-4C60-9702-208E16…)

If she’s a size 6.5 I wonder why she bought her peloton shoes in size 40, which is usually US size 9. Oh yeah, she’s so insecure about her size that she even lies about her foot size.

She really wants to be a tiny waif so bad that she needlessly posts her (wrong) shoe size hoping to impress somebody. With how giant her hands are I’m not surprised she wears a size 9 though.

No. 1507326

omfg i forgot about the peloton saga. thanks for the beautiful memories anon

kek nice catch you're absolutely right. it's insane to me that dan has seen these fabricated texts (that supposedly include him!!!) and he hasn't run screaming in the opposite direction

No. 1507328


Related but boring, she bought size 8 shoes off my poshmark lol

No. 1507347


I just know, the way my mother messages is completely different, my sister gets Easter baskets every year, and on top of that my sister can’t speak with either of my parents because she’s fucked up on Xanax and coke most likely

No. 1507367

All he cares about is having a free place to drink, do drugs and sleep at and someone to take care of him. As long as she keeps providing a home, alcohol, drugs and a shred of attention, he’ll stay.

No. 1507445

This is so nit picky but dom is your mom even vegan Lol

No. 1507477


She actually is,

.. but this is like 1 truth out of 1000 lies lol

No. 1507753

lol same. did she pay you right away or did she stall you too?

No. 1507825

Does scabbies like these posts where she fakes conversations between them?

No. 1507832

“a friend”, which means Jon, gave her the bike for one year when she was living on LI. It was probably a hand me down as nothing she owns was purchased with her own money. I can’t find any posts on FB about the bike specifically (possibly erased)

I don’t think her feet are a 9, she’s 5’2” tops, she’s sold a lot of her own shoes at her store and they were usually a 6.5 or 7. Not sticking up for her at all, she’s just fat, not big.

No. 1507835

Wondering the same thing. Does she block him from being able to see it? We know slobs lies about EVERYTHING but for some reason having trouble believing she would go this far. I know dom said it’s all a lie but how do we actually know if he didn’t explicitly ask his parents? Like, the pics of the Easter baskets look legit, did her mom just make her and scabies one and send a pic? That looks like her parents dining table? I want to believe it’s Mandy delusions but idk

No. 1507854

Not all short people have small feet, and size 8-8.5 is pretty average for women. Why would she buy size 8 shoes from >>1507328 anon if she’s a size 6-6.5? Or have size 40 peloton shoes? Even if it was a hand me down, she would’ve probably made john buy her the right size shoes or her feet would be slipping out lol.

No. 1507876

i pretty sure the whole peloton debacle was posted here and some crafty anons were able to see that she had only used it once or twice while claiming on social media to be doing grueling workouts kek

No. 1507920

Dom seems pretty cowish himself tbh. I don't know why so many Nonas itt believe everything he says.

No. 1507938

File: 1650561681191.jpeg (562.72 KB, 1170x2861, D21852A6-D6D0-41CE-BB58-A4ED1F…)

It was on her burner FB account. She paid it off don’t worry.

No. 1507942

File: 1650561775342.jpeg (397.4 KB, 1170x1506, B6C917EC-A6E7-4729-BC25-5F32D6…)

This “straight broke you” kek

No. 1507957

pls for the love of god not the "dom is a cow" argument again. make a thread for him yourself or stfu.

KEK yes this is exactly what i was referring to! thank you for finding it

No. 1508376

Dom - did anyone ever actually call her “meatball eyes” ?

No. 1508484


Nah I didn’t explicitly speak with them; Amanda completely fabricated the Christmas texts, is it really a stretch that she would do it for Easter?

The crackhead who cried wolf

Also to the other poster when she was younger but it wasn’t a nickname.. I think she claims that now because she’s up in a stupor 24/7 and they’re actually really severe bags under her eyes

No. 1508497


Wishing bad thoughts on Amanda and checking this thread every night after my sessions has become a beloved hobby

No. 1508512


kek you make me wish all the cows had a resident salty sibling to dish dirt and shit talk

No. 1508517


OP here. It's almost like I didn't write this in the thread intro!

"Since the last thread summary we've seen a lot of infighting and rudeness directed towards Amanda's normal- eyed brother, Domenick. I request you be polite to him as a favor to me because the gentle unraveling of Mandy's lies are a welcome addition to these threads.)"

Comments like "dom is cowish" clog up the thread and are annoying as fuck.

No. 1508528

this, let's keep it cordial so the milk can flow!

No. 1508699

Dom gets off on this shit so yeah you win..if that's what you think werido. Amanda is a Greek legend . Internet losers rejoice.

No. 1508723

I wonder who could possibly call her brother, I mean Dom, a cow over and over again, and try to divert attention from how much of a disgusting mess mandy is. Calling us “internet losers” while being on the same thread as us, which is dedicated to the biggest internet loser I have ever seen, is also as idiotic and hypocritical as most of mandy’s post. Move on, no one cares what you think about Dom.

No. 1508928

A Greek legend? Which one? Maybe the one with the gorgons who have snakes for hair and are so ugly seeing them turns people into stone.

No. 1508929

tf is a "Greek legend"? She's never mentioned being ethnically Greek, so is that NY white trash slang for something? Surely she didn't mean as in mythological…

No. 1508948

She’s like 90% Italian.. I don’t know why she tries to pretend she’s some white bread WASP

She never embraced the Labozetta name

No. 1508978

You know how Amanda tries to use weird words to explain normal things or alternative words to change common idioms? This reminds me of that.

No. 1509155

File: 1650681178012.png (4.05 MB, 1170x2532, C592E564-C20E-4854-AE83-7DF63B…)

ANOTHER new car? How lucky for her.

No. 1509173

Does this imply she’ll furniture in order to live in it? We’d be so lucky! We know she doesn’t drive, do any of the Danfags know if he drive or has a license?

No. 1509176

On the off chance she’s not flat out lying again, she bought this van so she can live in it. Scamanda homeless travel vlogger arc coming soon.

No. 1509199

He can drive, but he’s way too drunk to live on the road driving. It would be impossible for him to live on the road being the designated driver. Even when his band toured, he pretty much never drove because he’s always wasted, on drugs or asleep. He’s also a terrible driver.

No. 1509201

Didn’t some anons figure out that her lease is up in April? I guess this is her new fantasy life after she gets booted from her free apartment in Brooklyn.

No. 1509229

File: 1650690559680.jpeg (214.48 KB, 593x573, E8149E07-989D-497A-97CB-B4D19D…)

Same photo but the link goes to no cars on the site.

No. 1509288

If youre going to insult us at least integrate first

No. 1509579

Imo this is another 'omg look at my new car word splurge' post and she doesn't actually have the car

No. 1510172

File: 1650788414991.jpeg (79.39 KB, 828x1472, 118A6CD1-AE2F-4F8F-A156-3C5CF1…)

No. 1510173

File: 1650788439329.jpeg (68.07 KB, 828x1472, 06BDE79B-9317-4516-B74C-F94D33…)

No. 1510174

File: 1650788461270.jpeg (53.91 KB, 828x1472, 50B6AC7F-ADB4-40F3-A088-F141FB…)

No. 1510175

File: 1650788483934.jpeg (177.54 KB, 828x1472, B0D80016-681D-4BF7-B5BA-5950C1…)

No. 1510176

File: 1650788543536.jpeg (57.4 KB, 828x1472, 10C02CAA-8D07-485B-9961-B8203D…)

“He” being beaver tail fuck boy…

No. 1510182

these freaks make me so glad I'm a normal lesbian. fucking maladjusted cretins wtf

No. 1510373

Should have asked for pix!

No. 1510791


That image tho… ugh

No. 1510867

agreed, i’ve seen her at shows and around brooklyn and can attest to her being very different from her photos. very squat, stumpy, stubby, kinda looks like a toe/no neck and kind of a fat back if that makes sense?? pug face. tomato nose. def not slim slender waif she tries to make herself seem. also super greasy bangs every time i see her.

No. 1511066


I love that this girl is so reviled that she is the topic of conversation in more than one group chat (I also have a group chat where we talk about her)

No. 1511120

File: 1650889936011.jpeg (603.25 KB, 1170x1240, 6922429C-7606-4F01-B629-FE68A8…)

No. 1511122

File: 1650890035529.jpeg (639.39 KB, 1170x3160, 4221F8B2-9393-4FE7-87D9-CCE34B…)

No. 1511155


Jesus fucking Christ “little rosebud twitched” makes me fucking gag she’s so cringe

No. 1511171

looking at her bottom half makes my eyes hurt, what a terrible shoop

No. 1511188

File: 1650896056699.png (10.13 MB, 1170x2532, D5018C9B-F368-4DB2-9336-280A83…)

Wtf is going on here

No. 1511194

Kinda looks like she's huffing glue kek

No. 1511205

why, she's carrying herself like a bartender (the world's highest compliment) of course!

No. 1511207

she’s drinking straight from the bottle, still wrapped up in the paper from the bOdEgA

No. 1511232

same anon, I meant her hair blurring into the sidewalk, that weird expression on her face. Her fingernails are like bleeding into the bag. Did she edit this with her fat sausage fingers and miss everything?

No. 1511244

that thigh shadow don't lie, it is massive.

No. 1511275

This shoop is atrocious. The giant hand and weird knee are hilarious. Reading that text you’d think they’re 19 years old still living with their mommies. What kind of 30 something year old still plays the icing game AND brags about being a wastoid? They’re so embarrassing it’s painful.

No. 1511542

Idk if you need to stop icing after you turn 30. But it makes more sense at a vacation cabin or something and not in the middle of the street.

No. 1511592

On metropolitan and union late weekend night? it's all for show for idiot crowds.

No. 1511607

Confirmed. Hipster central, everyone is out making an ass of themselves. Funnily I am also hb a group chat where Amanda and scabies are a topic, lol. Someone in said chat said they met her at madball on Saturday and she whipped out a giant vial of coke and started doing bumps in broad daylight. So badass /s

No. 1511625

The hardest part about this to believe is that he had money to buy a Smirnoff ice.

No. 1511627

We all know who bought it

No. 1511862

Help an ESL nona out, what does ice out/icing refers to? From her account I thought it meant Dan was giving her the cold shoulder, then I figured it was drugs* but then the Smirnoff Ice reference threw me off since it was implied they couldn’t afford it?! It’s a cheap drink here.
* The only drug I know referred as ice is crystal methamphetamine and it feels like this is a local name

No. 1511871

It’s a game. Hiding a Smirnoff ice for someone to find, then when they find it they have to kneel down and chug it. I guess you can just skip the game part and just hand someone one, too. It’s a silly thing that she made sound all pretentious and tough.

No. 1511880

Thank you, Nona! Well, it wouldn’t be Amanda if she didn’t embellish it. I will never understand how no one says something about her bullshit

No. 1511882

I always figured someone gave her a beer, but at the same time thought she gave herself one…………

No. 1512814

For those not in the know, the Malibu/ shaved pussy quote is from Righteous Gemstones. There is nothing authentic about these two at all.

No. 1513008

File: 1651057113029.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1170x1590, 05A84906-C6AA-4EBC-B220-0CA5E0…)

4am post.
There have been past posts showing she doesn’t know how to ride and never had a moto license.

No. 1513039

I’ll never understand her. She is literally such a fucking retard. She says stuff like this every single warm season, and consistently never shows up. Isn’t she embarrassed? Good lord.

No. 1513070


Can someone please mashup each post from every year she’s said this?

No. 1513085

File: 1651065627684.jpeg (698.59 KB, 1936x1936, 497E9D0C-3B4B-49FA-B5A0-4F6B28…)

No. 1513092


why did she shoop her leg like this

it looks like a horse leg coming from her hip

No. 1513097

That bike isn’t even on

No. 1513126


Is this illegal!!!???????? did she delete that comment already or respond

Also wtf is a dm? Endorsement? I have my motorcycle license and I have no idea what this stands for

No. 1513128

File: 1651068250479.jpeg (262.93 KB, 1170x691, A276D437-27C0-42C6-A432-C5BF58…)

No. 1513134

Shes such a cunt

No. 1513147


Love this insult the most because Amanda is constantly documenting the dumbest most insignificant shit so if she were actually out there riding all these years her page would be flooded with every move

On top of that she is the most washed up has been I can imagine - used to be “internet famous” with her own store and all these men wanting to fuck her. Now holed up in an east flatty apartment with some fucking crusty ass loser. Nice!

No. 1513154

She’s 7 years older than the girl who commented. Lol.

No. 1513174

"pics or not true". The pics are right here dumb dumb. She's lucky no one will cow tip, she honestly deserves to be shut up.

No. 1513179

the projection in her reply…whew. "pics or it's not true" is what we're saying, mandy. you don't ride or there would be pics.

No. 1513237

pics of what?? photos of your lack of a license, of you not riding a bike?? her irate response doesn't even make sense but I love how blatant the commenter was and how hard it clearly got under Amanda's skin

No. 1513252

File: 1651078134943.jpeg (595.38 KB, 1170x2418, FE5DC442-0414-43A9-98E5-37DED9…)

Past posts of still never riding it…how many years back should I go?

No. 1513271

Nah I think this is her weighing in on the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard nonsense while trying to make it look like she’s a good person.

No. 1513273

File: 1651079995246.jpeg (530.42 KB, 827x1844, D21A8008-BA1E-475A-846F-CE873E…)

So 2 months ago:
-he would never lay a finger on her “in violence”
-Dan’s ex lied about him being physically, sexually and emotionally abusive
-Mandy threatened to break said ex’s face for “lying” about Dan being abusive

Now Dan is a master manipulator abuser because he’s psychologically, mentally and emotionally “manipulating” her.

I guess if Dan hits a girl or sexually abuses her it’s ok as long as he’s not mean to mandy and does everything she wants. What a piece of shit she is.

No. 1513276

If she was talking about Johnny Depp, she would’ve said so. Any time she vague post it’s about her actual life. Remember her weighing in on the Chris Rock vs Will Smith thing a while ago?

No. 1513281

File: 1651080275174.jpeg (187.85 KB, 762x755, 5965F09F-0147-4272-8E4C-380B6A…)

I posted the screenshot before but cropped it wrong. Here she is finally vague posting about scabbies being abusive.

No. 1513285


Hilarious how little self awareness she has. Literally every single person she has ever been in a relationship has said she abused them and manipulated them into staying with her lol

No. 1513286

I think she’s saying that everyone “fine-toothed combs” her belligerent and disgusting behavior and judges her but the only reason she acts this way is because scabbies is mentally and emotionally manipulating and abusing her. Meanwhile a few months ago she was bragging about giving him a black eye and posting videos burning him with a match. They are both pieces of shit.

No. 1513287

And Dan’s exes say that about him too. What a match made in heaven lol.

No. 1513300

Literally no one thinks their relationship is normal.

No. 1513323

your profile pic is visible nona

No. 1513337

Why’s everyone deleting shit!?

No. 1513338

Which post? I don’t see any profile pictures.

No. 1513339

Someone posted the screen shot of that girl Jazmin calling Mandy out but had their photo in it stating they’re not surprised Jazmin would be the one to call her out cause she’s just as bad and starts drama with strangers daily. Not much missed.

No. 1513346

And another person replied saying that Jazmin is just as horrible.

No. 1513347

ayrt, they deleted it. i think this anon was replying to you >>1513339

screenshot? also type "sage" in the email field when commenting non-milk. that way the thread doesn't get bumped.

No. 1513357

Hilarious that Jazmine was the one commenting on Mandy’s post. Although she’s not as disgusting and awful as mandy, she stirs up even more drama than her. They’re both horrible lol.

No. 1513362

Well ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black. Not to get off the subject of cowey but yes, Jazmin is trash. I’ve seen her go after so many people time and time again. She loves to jump on any band wagon of calling someone out.

No. 1513464


reading "motorpickle" makes me feel like i'm going to have a rage-stroke

No. 1513473

very skim and aged milk, but ~2017, i went with a friend to visit his friend who was "watching the store for her neighbor"

when we got there, i immediately started roasting the whole shop as being a motorposer biker cosplay store for corny bitches. i recall a $40 a candle that smelled like motor oil. i picked out an entire outfit of absolutely stupid-looking fringed and embroidered crap to try on. ugly knives made out of teeth and bones and crap. friend of a friend was mad bc i made fun of everything.

….we all know what shop it was. wish i'd gotten more milk about the owner, but the friend of a friend watching the counter turned out to be a big fat milkcow herself.

No. 1513576

Don’t be shy, who was watching counter?

No. 1513747

yes please name names here…

No. 1514185

File: 1651162679955.png (3.32 MB, 2718x5120, GridArt_20220428_171631588.png)

Scabbies posted this an hour ago

No. 1514203

Do they do anything other than watch tv,
drink and sleep? I can’t imagine how boring that is.

No. 1514224

He should’ve thanked johnny for taking him out. I wonder if they’ll actually get married. It would probably be the shortest marriage in history… unless scabbies doesn’t mind getting cheated on.

No. 1514244

Oh nice he got him or nice postmark screenshot of a ring she bought herself with Cuck’s money.

No. 1514267

File: 1651167242649.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1170x2289, 419F8A6B-5898-444D-98FB-803987…)

He put in an offer on it. It’s not sold. Also it’s a size 4… I’m a 4.5 on my ring finger and I’m much thinner than Scamanda and her beefy fingers. A size 4 would maybe fit her pinky.

No. 1514287

It probably didn't occur to him that rings have different sizes kek

No. 1514302

Dan still uses his mommy’s credit card, still owes people who worked at his restaurant money, doesn’t have a job, can’t pay rent, lives off his gf (who lives off her ex) and he’s trying to convince anyone that he afford a ring? Maybe if he goes to shop at Claire’s instead lol. They’re pathetic.

No. 1514313

File: 1651170947740.jpeg (410.06 KB, 1170x2264, 4886C10F-E0AF-4B65-B11F-A4879D…)

Her comment…

No. 1514331

It’s actually much closer to 3 inches. Speaking from a very unfortunate personal experience. He’s definitely bordering on micro lol.

No. 1514345

Oh anon I'm so sorry, that's hilarious though

No. 1514347

File: 1651174946009.jpeg (784.82 KB, 1170x1974, 29138365-AF24-4721-AB2D-0DD4F7…)

Pearl polishing. Barf.

She really made him post this on his FB, IG, then her page then she reposts it. I’m imagining her taking his phone for the captions kek

No. 1514351

Is she comparing him to some other guy she used to like on their fake engagement post?

No. 1514352

She erased the motorcycle comment kek

No. 1514379


Is she referencing the post as the thing she woke up to? The ring is clearly not even there yet if he even bought it. Did he imply online that he bought her a ring that is maybe for engagement and instead of an actual proposal he tagged her on fb? ughhhhhhhh

No. 1514380

File: 1651177293522.jpeg (902.08 KB, 828x1352, DF60B0C0-222D-4B90-9D9B-611DCA…)

She also made him a whole poshmark account. It’s so obvious she typed it.

No. 1514382

That's the generic Poshmark intro they give you.

No. 1514384

He hasn’t worked in 10 years and lives off mandy, if anyone is buying this ring it’s johnny. This is just another fake proposal announcement, and fake purchase announcement just like all her car posts. She’s so stupid.

No. 1514385

There’s isn’t a chance he made a poshmark account without her making him. She either made it or made him make it.

No. 1514388


Also bewildered by the pricing. This is a $600 ring brand new (lol @ paying $600 for a silver ring) but like…??

No. 1514389

She's comparing him to Woody Harrelson's character in Natural Born Killers.

No. 1514395


can’t wait for the #vanlife saga when they finally get kicked out of the E New York apt her ex’s family is letting them stay in…do you think her parents will offer them the garage for shelter or they’ll just live in a liquor store parking lot like the ~real punx~ they are

No. 1514403

They couldn’t have less in common. Dan is a coward who only hits women and runs away from fights. She’s beyond delusional.

No. 1514406

Also this seems to imply that she sees herself as Mallory and uh… she wishes.

No. 1514439

File: 1651180671337.jpeg (163.07 KB, 714x960, 7928991B-DA43-49E7-8BCE-F51C8D…)


No. 1514441

File: 1651180740084.jpeg (347.33 KB, 1170x2195, EB55FCD7-2EB0-4FD0-BBAD-55A4DB…)

On a post on Dan’s page. She looks like a sleepy paralysis demon.

No. 1514444

File: 1651180943025.png (10.2 MB, 1170x2532, E07FC193-C52E-465D-A640-DB0D0A…)

He posted it!! Does she pre-edit her photos?! How insane.

No. 1514449

I love Natural Born Killers and I'd rather date Mickey than that felted beaver and I won't date mentally ill dudes. Still, it's so annoying how she tries to be so hardcore and compares their love to a serial killer movie and then this ongoing explanation of the length of his tiny thing. Please, just go on a killing spree and get yourself killed, but wait, they are too drunk to even leave the house.

No. 1514451

She definitely edits every picture he posts before he posts them.

No. 1514452

A rare Sasquatch sighting in nyc.

No. 1514539

Meitu and other beauty applications have cameras that allow for real time touch ups and slimming. All she has to do is set her presets and save them for later when she opens the camera. She likely barks at poodread to only use her special camera app and he probably just thinks it's a better camera and not real time Photoshop. He's retarded so even seeing her irl won't phase him. Too drunk to tell a difference.

No. 1514602

> just go on a killing spree and get yourself killed
Or let’s just skip the getting other people involved?

No. 1514625

File: 1651196763043.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1170x1775, CD3770B5-EE18-4801-A348-0C84F5…)

He’s been on there since 2019. Mandy probably just sent him the listing. Also the ring still hasn’t sold. Probably low balled the seller.

No. 1514757

File: 1651203878686.jpeg (655.81 KB, 1170x1515, 8EBBB0A6-CC40-4626-8159-E6FD57…)

This is getting to be over the top. How many dick comments can she make in one day. sO eDgEY

No. 1514784

what went down between mallory and dan?

these two def showing their age by constantly blogging on facebook of all platforms

No. 1514850


I was confused for a second reading that comment too, but following the posts back I realized it must be talking about a character from natural born killers. I haven't seen it yet but just to clear the narrative, Mallory seems to be the name of the leading lady.

No. 1514856

Sorry nonnies! I made that original Mallory comment, forgetting there was a real live Mallory in Dan's life at one point. I did indeed mean the character from the movie.

No. 1514880

If you spend all day every day on social media, trying to convince the world you're having great sex and your soooo hAnDsOmE mutt has a big dick, chances are it's not true, otherwise you'd be busy having great sex and living the dream with your pErFeCt man. Besides, we can clearly see he has lethargic pussy energy so she should tone down the lies

No. 1514895

>lethargic pussy energy

No. 1514998

Met in 2015? Where? Never heard of that.

No. 1515109


Ring is still not sold lsmdjdjdn

No. 1515200


Ok I think I figured out the ring thing. My apologies if this has been posted before.

I’m pretty sure the ring IS sold, hence why it says “sold” in the title and is listed for an absurd price. It could be that they’re trying to do the transaction “off poshmark” to save money. The seller, on poshmark, only has the option to deactivate the listing or delete it. This might be their way of saying “this is sold, don’t buy it” without deleting the whole listing or deactivating it.

Also, the seller has an extensive feed but it doesn’t seem like they do this often (have a listing with sold in the title).

Overall it seems very weird/fishy. Who knows with these two.

No. 1515259

the ring isn't on postmark anymore kek. you cant remove a sold listing, so they must have sold offline for trading some of Dan's rocks and beautiful art. Still it would never fit her unless she bent it open, which you shouldn't do with silver, but what does she know.

No. 1515272

I doubt he actually bought it. Where would he get the money from? His mom? Johnny? If she ends up having it I’m sure it’ll be because she bought it herself and played it off as a gift from him so she can make 500 posts about it.

No. 1515594

This ring is $600 brand new, and still a mass produced item, not limited run or rare in any way. not that an engagement ring needs to be a ton of money but what is the benefit of advertising that it was purchased second hand on Poshmark? As the queen connoisseur of counter culture and luxury and punk shit why is this what she’s apparently coveting this week? It does not get much more basic than Tiffany’s

No. 1515608

Because she’s just a super basic white girl who is cosplaying being punk and “cool”. She doesn’t know shit about punk.

What really confuses me is that she tries to act like she’s a gross gutter punk who’s tough and streets smart, while also pretending she’s loaded and bougie af. It’s like she’s trying to be two opposite characters at the same time. I wonder if ANYTHING she posts online about herself is true or authentic. I really doubt it.

No. 1515669


Not to mention the fact that the Tiffany snake looks nothing at all like the ring Mickey and Mallory actually wear in the movie - you can buy a replica of their ring for like $20

No. 1515672

She wanted the basic white bitch version of it.

Also imagine being 35 years old, watching natural born killers and thinking “that’s just like us let’s get a snake ring for our engagement.” They’re like two 15 year olds with no parental supervision. And no original ideas.

No. 1516056

Guess that just happens if you are on something 24/7 and never had to care for yourself your whole life. It would be interesting to see how they would survive without all that financial background. Aren't they meant to move soon?

No. 1516064

File: 1651316677455.jpeg (811.94 KB, 1170x5172, 0D6604EF-B87E-42A7-BBE7-FAE6D3…)

Is there a baby Scamanda on the way? $300 from carvel is embarrassing. “I don’t even like ice cream” ok fatty.

No. 1516068

File: 1651317990501.jpeg (50.72 KB, 600x678, 1E4EBF46-D038-4D15-ACA9-46FE29…)

Prayer circle that she is just fishing for attention and not actually pregnant. She and beaver tail are unfit to raise a plant, much less an actual human child.

No. 1516070

how embarrassing she writes that out to what is probably a stranger or acquaintance at best. after he commented his favorite carvel ice cream kek

No. 1516071

No child would survive her abuse on her body, and a month pregnant would be too early for any cravings at all. She probably hasn't gotten her period because her body is a chemical toilet

No. 1516074

now I remember her bird, what happend to that poor little guy? Hope her body is just so stressed out by her behaviour that it cancelled her period, those two as parents is the last thing a child would need.

No. 1516095

She’s quickly approaching 40 & opioid abuse can cause early menopause. this is the more likely outcome because I refuse to believe anything can survive in her womb

No. 1516102

Sage for non milk - but ol beaver tail’s supposedly vegan, so the cow’s planning on eating all that garbage herself. Barf.

No. 1516108

Good observation! BTW Nona, sage goes in the email field.

No. 1516181

They’re going through another love bombing period where scamanda makes up things about their relationship (like when she made a post saying she was going to become a wife again) and then after a few days she makes 100 vague posts about being a sad little victim who never did anything wrong.

Let’s hope that’s the case at least because they would be horrible parents. Specially considering dan doesn’t want to have kids and talks about disliking kids a lot.

No. 1516182

File: 1651334371629.jpeg (145.39 KB, 827x1062, C27A91EB-2283-43B7-928E-0BE9E2…)

One of Dan’s friends making fun of him for celebrating a 10 month anniversary like a teenager and Amanda doesn’t get it lol. She’s so smart.

No. 1516184

What is "floor-lip gloss"? Also, why is she always aging herself? She says 20 years ago, but shes in her early 30s right? So her dream when she was 13 years old would have been to go to prom with dan? She did the same thing when she was threatening his ex and talking about "some girl 20 years my junior" implying that Dan was dating a young teenager.

No. 1516273

I considered she was referring to Charlotte Tilbury’s Dancefloor Princess lipstick, since she likes to add unnecessary details to her comments but I’m not fluent in Amanda. Or maybe she didn’t finish the sentiment correctly and meant to say “floor length dress and lipgloss”? That’d be a prom outfit

No. 1516305


Whatever happened to his little vegan restaurant? This just reminded me of that business venture

No. 1516308

Gotta disagree was two and a half weeks pregnant and wanted only lemon pepper hot wings. I also was raging very hard at the time. It’s a terrifying possibility she is pregnant. More likely tho is she’s just getting fat and wants attention

No. 1516370

highly concerning that her word salad comment response seems to imply she's already had a few tests come back positive. She better be lying, it would be beyond cruel to be born to these two retards, but a lot of cows are reproducing these days

No. 1516415

He started that restaurant with help from his friend who co-owned it and his ex gf martina. They did all the work while dan watched getting wasted and snorting coke openly in the restaurant. When the other owner left the restaurant went to shit immediately.

Also, it wasn’t a full restaurant that they owned. There was a restaurant upstairs from the meatlocker and the owner let them open their own little restaurant inside his restaurant. They paid the owner of the actual restaurant a percent of their earnings so that they could operate out of his restaurant and use his kitchen and equipment. Meaning, they didn’t have to find a location, do any restaurant maintenance, purchase any equipment or furniture, get any licenses/permits etc. Even with all the help in the world, Dan could never open a legitimate business. He doesn’t have the intelligence or motivation it takes to be a real business owner or generally functioning human being.

No. 1516416

95% of what she says is a lie, let’s hope this word salad falls under that category. Otherwise, we all better join the prayer circle ASAP >>1516068

No. 1516427

Is that her sick and extremely long winded way of saying three pregnancy tests have come back positive?

No. 1516433

as far as I can decipher it, yes, it's her saying she took three tests that came back positive but is going for a blood test to be sure… I hope I just read it wrong because English and Amanda English isn't my native language.

No. 1516436

File: 1651352733621.jpeg (849.73 KB, 1170x3726, 8DAE5103-1F6E-44F9-9E30-ED979D…)

No. 1516493

Makes a post saying she might be pregnant, followed by a post about partying with a picture of scabbies clearly on drugs. Classy.

No. 1516494

File: 1651357888401.jpeg (414.44 KB, 828x720, 819824B9-67B2-46F9-AE42-E38986…)

The face you make when Amanda says she’ll “help” you sober up but her last sobriety pet project ended up dead.

No. 1516561

I’m pretty sure those bags of ice cream are on her bed. Which really paints a picture.

No. 1516588

This is Dom:

She’s 100% not pregnant. She’s pulled this shit multiple times and even implied she had a miscarriage from purging.

She’s probably more barren and infertile than the normal junkie

No. 1516589

Also, can scabies lol pinky dick even get hard enough to knock her up?

No. 1516598


ya this is like BPD playbook #1 but total speculation I wonder if she’s just playing up a fake preggo now when they’re abouttt to be kicked out of the apartment…then will be soooo devastated about losing the fake baby. Far too sad to ever move out or get a job

No. 1516615

That was my first thought too but to play the pity game with the retards parents who own the apartment. I think she’s banking on the fact that she believes they still like her and would never throw her out if she’s carrying. I hope it’s not true but if so, dom has got to report her for drugs if she continues

No. 1516622

Same for me with habanero peppers at 3.5 weeks, and it was exclusively habanero. She seems to be implying that her appetite is ravenous given she listed like 6 fatty foods she scarfed down. That’s not an early pregnancy symptom. More likely it’s a symptom of opioid use.

No. 1516637

i'm willing to bet she probably has PID or something else to delay her period. she eats like a TLC show subject and is constantly on something. there's a dozen reasons why she'd be late other than pregnancy.

No. 1516647

Posted about this before, but when I first met her when we were like 14 she also claimed to have had a recent miscarriage ( to explain why she’s usually skinnier than me but was not at that moment) so yeah a tried and true attention seeking lie that she can then blame being a chubber on

No. 1516716

seriously I think this is just a lie to explain away the $300 Carvel order kek, plus to get pity from John’s parents

No. 1516860


There’s clearly something very wrong with her, they probably think she’s too mentally ill to work/support herself so they support her..and if she’s running their patience thin by openly doing drugs and killing old men in/messing up the free apartment they gave her then its prob time to fake a pregnancy to get some more sympathy points back

No. 1516861


I’m really surprised she’s not on birth control though? Hasn’t she mentioned having endo/ppd/other hormonal issues before?

No. 1517957

Yes, but she also lies about everything and doesn’t take care of herself/her body at all. I’m not surprised at all that she doesn’t take birth control and whatever other meds she clearly needs.

No. 1518019

So apparently she’s telling people that she owns the building that she lives in and is a landlord. Doesn’t Johnny own it?? Why lie???

No. 1518061

Did you hear this from people in bk? She made a post claiming to be a landlord of her building but I think pretty much everyone agreed she’s full of shit. I wouldn’t be surprised if Johnny’s family asked mandy and scabbies to leave the apartment and they just didn’t lol.

No. 1518086

Not people in Brooklyn and definitely people that didn’t even ask. Sounds like she was boasting about it out loud.

No. 1518094

i thought she claimed to be the building manager. isn’t that different?

No. 1518106

Spill the milk!!!

No. 1518405

File: 1651573689669.jpeg (761.93 KB, 1125x1649, 655AE18A-3B80-43DF-B48E-B3D5FE…)

No. 1518412

so fucking depressing if true, but she's obviously the type to make it up and cry miscarriage, and as twisted as that is, its better than if she's actually knocked up. Has she been making any other comments about it? If it is a lie, I wonder who the manipulation is directed at. Johnny, his parents, Scabies in a ploy to make him pay attention to her?

No. 1518434

So she already went from a month to two and a half months pregnant, and claims to have always wanted to be child free even though we have posts of her wanting kids… what a nut

No. 1518443

Hasn’t she been drinking? Let’s hope it’s bullshit like everything else Amanda shares.

No. 1518469

This face >>1516494 says they’ve been doing a bit more than just drinking.

No. 1518484

2.5 months late period means 3.5 months pregnant, or 14 weeks. Think it’s pretty obvious she’s lying though. She’s had three positive pregnancy tests and is in the second trimester but is only “fairly positive”?

No. 1518554

shouldn't she find out if she is really pregnant very soon? After all, there is only a certain timeframe to make a decision if you want to have that child or not. Also, she's been drinking and smoking all the time (and maybe other things), the last time we saw her drinking her beloved Smirnoff has been 8 days ago. At her age she should know what to do and not to do while being pregnant. Hope she stays child free and maybe they can find a permanent birth control solution.

No. 1518575

This. I’m surprised she hasn’t gone to the doctor to get a definite answer but then that reminds me, she has no health insurance so she probably couldn’t afford a visit especially if she does come out as not pregnant. If she is preg she can get on stage Medicaid and have everything taken care of.

No. 1518630

it seems she still has got time, 24 weeks in New York City. Didn't know that you've got so much time there, in Germany it's 12 weeks and I thought somehow you could apply that to her situation, but she can still think about it for another few months. Even if she doesn't have health insurance, she could have used that money for that ice cream order on a pregnancy test taken by an actual doctor.

No. 1518639

anyone else imagining this baby emerging with a fully formed poop dread?

No. 1518719

File: 1651607943225.jpeg (1008.95 KB, 1170x2003, 7E20C369-19EE-4B28-9CF0-E19B6A…)

“Where’s all y’all when I need somebody to call me”. Not putting up with your selfish shit probably.. surprised she didn’t think it was a pre-civil war canon going off.

No. 1518729

File: 1651608497940.jpeg (506.98 KB, 1170x1131, 168FB275-D351-40A6-AFE2-F657CB…)

Gotta keep her lies, i mean stories straight…

No. 1518748

The poop dread actually replaces the usual maternal umbilical cord. Kek

No. 1518770


Do we take bets on how this story evolves or what? I’m saying toilet miscarriage in a few weeks

No. 1518777


except she is 1000% not pregnant so it doesn’t matter

No. 1518818

Two votes for 100000% not pregnant just fat

No. 1518862


Third vote for not actually pregnant

No. 1518913

I wonder if mandy will use this fake pregnancy to make the current news about roe v wade somehow about her. I bet she will.

No. 1518989

This is a next-level disturbing idea if that’s what she spins this lie into. Something she would definitely do nonetheless.
Voting for not pregnant. Most likely a lie for attention or to trap scabbies from leaving her.

No. 1519026

File: 1651630611297.jpeg (324.62 KB, 828x662, B3D65F5C-48EA-4DA1-B778-7FED63…)

So she made that comment about “2.5 months late” and she went back AFTER that, and edited the post to say she was a “months late” l, some the original said she was “a month late”

No. 1519034

File: 1651630832654.jpeg (303.44 KB, 828x674, CD431DA7-97E7-42ED-8A45-2407F8…)

Sorry for the typo - and this is what comment i was talking about- where she says she’s 2.5 months late, so she had to go back and change the original post

No. 1519040

yes nonnie we know, you just repeated exactly what the ayrt was saying?? also idc if you care, but the name you blacked out is completely visible

No. 1519113

Now that I’m rereading this and the other posts I think she’s saying she got three NEGATIVE pregnancy tests but still believe she’s pregnant so she wants a blood test. Her posts are so hard to translate. She may still fake a miscarriage, though. But three negative pregnancy tests at 14 weeks means you’re not pregnant Mandy.

No. 1519256

File: 1651665011392.jpeg (384.06 KB, 1170x1380, 4A9EDC1E-9146-496D-926F-3D4476…)

What in the fan fiction is this? Barf

No. 1519272

File: 1651667606814.jpg (28.43 KB, 480x360, 1647725543317.jpg)

No. 1519296

File: 1651669832648.jpeg (20.28 KB, 450x450, BBEC41ED-4E80-43B2-A4E4-1D0BE7…)

What the fuck.

No. 1519309

I love that her shitty legend span continents.

No. 1519378

She erased this kek

No. 1519411

File: 1651680446249.jpeg (17.43 KB, 201x250, FB449942-79B8-4386-B9EA-972C72…)

No. 1519418

File: 1651680780140.jpeg (46.28 KB, 400x593, EC021144-A578-4F42-9CCB-D2A269…)

She probably hasn’t read a full book in her life lol

No. 1519565


this is incredibly uncomfy however, i love how clear it is that she didn’t even write that. there’s way too much punctuation kek

No. 1519887

She definitely didn't write it, I remember reading that years ago somewhere on Facebook.

No. 1520022

File: 1651717515515.jpeg (305.98 KB, 828x766, 1BB1CE33-6719-4ED2-960C-2BA160…)

She’s so edgy and political

No. 1520029

File: 1651718107753.gif (966.91 KB, 498x268, Ain't you tired?.gif)

I also feel I’ve read something similar but I can’t find it now.

No. 1520038

She regurgitates liberal boomer humor as passed it off as her own original Facebook posts and it’s fuckin embarrassing

No. 1520101

File: 1651722691924.jpg (217.72 KB, 1036x800, Screenshot_20220504-234853_Sam…)

Yeah Slobz, "Community" was a great show! I shouldn't be surprised that she's quoting the show without mentioning it's a quote for the sake of being a try-hard.

No. 1520104

File: 1651722745832.jpg (366.79 KB, 1079x1713, Screenshot_20220504-234930_Sam…)

Maybe next she'll quote the line posted below it on this reddit page about "Community"

No. 1520137

Then she’s gonna try to insert herself into the current Roe v Wade discourse in some way while virtue signaling with pro-choice memes until she gets bored with it and moves on to her next attention-seeking scheme.

No. 1520460

she erased this post too

No. 1520476


I am interested to see if this garners sympathy effectively from her ex husbands orthodox Jewish parents? Shouting your (fake) abortion while relying on a conservative family to bankroll your drug cave seems…misguided

No. 1520769

Her uterus is already filled with oil

No. 1521031

File: 1651789604225.jpeg (354.43 KB, 1170x752, 046B862A-A523-42EA-B66E-9CBDEF…)

Incoming post blast.

No. 1521033

File: 1651789702383.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x2001, 4A3E142C-BC1E-44DE-9294-A3C7D9…)

No. 1521036

File: 1651789727797.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x1899, 329F6219-14CB-460C-9341-943A8C…)

Her face has never looked like this irl

No. 1521038

File: 1651789753974.jpeg (1002.22 KB, 1170x2001, D3B4787D-5482-407E-B46C-B6F9CC…)


No. 1521072

It’s so embarrassing how proud mandy and scabbies are that EHG pays attention to them. I’ve seen them a bunch of times and have hung out with them every single time. They’re friendly dudes, they’ll talk to anyone at their shows. Mandy acts like they personally remember her from their last show in nyc months ago as if she’s that impressive or memorable. Those dudes play so many shows a year they have no idea who tf she is lol. Maybe they remember scabbies because of his horrible hair and smell. Other than that, the only thing about them that really stands out is how beyond fucked up and dirty looking they are. I’m sure a recovering drug addict like the singer of EHG loves talking to two strung out blabbering idiots who can’t form a single coherent sentence.

No. 1521076

Nothing about her face in that picture has ever looked like that irl. The only thing that doesn’t look horrendously edited are her ears lmao.

No. 1521078

Sitting around at home trying wigs on is productive? I guess when you don’t have a job, any real hobbies or friends or anything to do other than get fucked up and watch tv it feels pretty productive in comparison.

No. 1521107

File: 1651794479209.jpeg (508.9 KB, 1936x1936, 5FD18136-953F-440F-BC76-8761AB…)

Just a reminder of what she actually looks like lol

No. 1521313

God her nose is bulbous squidward looking ass

No. 1521366

This is true about EHG but also I feel like Mandy is lying, because she's the type of person who'd post 10000 pictures if she really hung out with them. In fact iirc there were doubts last time she posted about them.

I like EHG just fine but let's not pretend they're anything other than drunken 50 year old junkies

No. 1521523


saged for medfagging but her eye bulging really looks like grave's disease. she's tubby enough that hypothyroidism would make sense

No. 1521549

Oh no, don’t give mandy another fake medical reason to cry online for pity, attention and/or money. Fake cancer, fake pregnancies and fake miscarriages are enough lmao.

No. 1521558

File: 1651845957484.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 46.53 KB, 369x375, 55DD5980-F8A8-4E19-BE80-B83073…)

that’s just her meatball eyes anon

this does look like her though

No. 1521578

imagine telling everyone you "babysit" your boyfriend while you hang out with other guys… kek

No. 1521612

I think all his ex girlfriends have said they babysat him too. He really is the epitome of a manbaby.

No. 1521671


remember when she was always “acab this acab that” and then randomly posted a photo with “an actual good cop” dude who was her friend talking about his cop motorcycle and shit lol. Lib boomer energy for sure

No. 1522090

are there any previous threads that mention anything his exes have said about him? super curious and have scrolled through but didn’t see any and wasn’t sure if i was just missing something since a lot of anons seem to know a lot of about his prior dating messes

No. 1522625

There was a lot in the last thread, here’s a few:

No. 1522701

thanks anon! i saw those but was wondering if there were any actual like screenshots of posts his exes have made about him rather than anons posting about things they’ve heard

No. 1523509


this is so weirdly specific, why do you want screenshots of his ex’s social media posts about him? most people talk to their friends in person and don’t blog about their whole lives/relationship problems on social media so

No. 1523547

not asking for any. just wondering if any public statements have been made about him considering there’s so many anons that seem to know all his exes and everything they’ve said about him. a lot of anons are also alluding to allegations of abuse and rape and i’m curious as to where they’re all coming from.

No. 1523798

Ok Dan

No. 1523955

I’m sure Dan being abusive and having a small dick isn’t “everything they say about him”. The last thread had enough people (though I suspect a certain two people) demanding screenshots from his exes social media or text conversations. Clearly they haven’t made posts about it and they’re friends respect them enough not to post their private conversations. The “callout” Amanda claimed on HER post was an ex telling multiple people in person that Dan was abusive. Some of those people are here. Get over it and move on or go get your proof yourself.

No. 1523998

Wouldn’t be surprised if scabbies exes have him and mandy blocked and this is their way to find out if they’ve called him out or not lol.

No. 1524279

File: 1652116655353.jpeg (263.85 KB, 1170x1443, 31FE114B-0CC6-4591-8B34-831863…)

You posted asking this two months ago and derailed the board with your nonsense. There’s no screenshots.

Only Mandy take an annoying amount of screenshots as “proof” of things.

No. 1524408

Hi, that’s not me but to clarify I too felt like I missed some posts in the previous threads. I’m not a part of her scene so IDK if it’s just common knowledge among friends/the scene but it felt like I missed some posts that established his exes made any allegations at all. But I guess not and it’s just known within in the scene

No. 1524448

We’ve already gone over this extensively, which is why posts like this one and these >>1523547 makes anons suspicious of who the questions are coming from and what their intentions are.

Mandy isn’t in any “scene”. She clearly spends all day holed up at home getting fucked up and watching tv. People know about Dan being abusive because at least one of his exes has told multiple people who are in the NY/NJ music scene about it. A lot of those people told other people, and others posted about it here. That’s how a lot of us know about Dan being abusive. There’s no public post and I doubt any of her friends will post screenshots here. Can we move on now?

No. 1524469

Why would anyone be surprised a piece of shit like scabbies was abusive to his exes?

Oh yeah I forgot a certain cow and her poopy dread beau like to obsessively follow and comment on Mandy’s own thread then post on fb to act like they barely know about the thread and don’t care about it.

No. 1524584

This. Is. A. Gossip. Site. Based on the insane ramblings of a wasted manic liar. It’s all hearsay and rumors. It’s entertainment. Receipts are good but not necessary. Draw your own conclusions and stop asking for “proof”.

No. 1524655

Thanks for the clarification. Not sure if the other anons were, but I wasn’t asking for proof or receipts, just wanted some milk lol

No. 1524688

bullshit. you were absolutely asking for proof and/or receipts. that's what screenshots are. stop lying and integrate or move on.

No. 1524864


To be honest these sorts of call outs are just as annoying as someone asking for posts about Dan's drama. I don't even think asking for screenshots is that weird, but yelling at people for it is pretty cringey.

Though you do bring up a good point in that if there were screenshots, Mandy wouldn't be able to help herself and would post them just to threaten to kick some ass or whatever

No. 1524869

File: 1652179510781.jpeg (432.55 KB, 1170x3570, 622A7AE5-BA32-492C-877A-1AD276…)

Shooped child photos, “killing” Dom and a new shooped face.

No. 1524874

I'm the anon that asked in the pictured post. Why did I ask? Maybe because I don't know either of the Degenerate Duo and considering we post receipts on this site, I wanted to see what receipts there were. Not everyone on here who questions the validity of a few "friend of a friend of a friend" anons is Mandy and her Manchild Minion.

No. 1524881

There's at least 3 or 4 anons who have asked about where these rUmOrs of abuse are coming from. We post receipts on everything here. If no one has receipts on it, then just be aware some of us might take allegations with a grain of salt. No need to get butt hurt. Sounds more like you're dumb enough to befriend someone who dated a cesspool of stupidity, are willing to believe everything they said, then rage at anons who aren't privy to your "everybody kNoWs" backstory. Maybe anons keep asking because there have never been receipts, just "oh I've seen him be mean to *insert some gullible bitch's name".
I'm of the opinion that every person that dates Scabies Incarnate or Slobz for longer than a month is a questionable human being.
Agreed. Anons are getting overly defensive about a simple question.

No. 1524883

Man, she's so insecure about even baby pictures! But she keeps the uunibrow. What an ugly kid who turned into an ugly mooching aDuLt

No. 1524889

dgaf about who asked for info about scabies or his exes, has she posted anymore about her mystical imaginary pity-tool embryo?

No. 1524929

I bet she’s been lurking in here and that’s why she posted a picture with Dom’s face hidden. This isn’t the first time she’s done that.

Also, the editing in her childhood pic is so ridiculous it looks like she copied and pasted her eye from a different picture. The added eyelashes with fake mascara are too much lol.

No. 1524932

File: 1652189693732.jpeg (930.26 KB, 3264x3264, 3E8624E4-BC1D-4ADF-A87A-C3B08C…)

Compared from a photo from her FB. What a psycho. She looks like an Aphex Twin album cover.

No. 1524934

the obviously fake lashes are sending me… what an unfortunate inbred individual

No. 1524936

Did anyone comment asking why she 86ed her little brother?

No. 1525008

The fact that she feels compelled to edit her kid pictures hotter is just..so hariously deranged. My fav Amanda thing

No. 1525017

She also edits current pictures to look younger/childlike (giant eyes, tiny mouth etc) and lies about her physical appearance/size to also make herself sound waif/childlike. We all know she’s not actually skinny, but she’s isn’t short irl either. She’s actually pretty average height. I don’t know why she’s obsessed with making others think she’s short, tiny and has a baby face when it’s a) very creepy and b) NONE of it is true. It’s hilarious level delusion.

No. 1525056

File: 1652202659780.png (339.58 KB, 986x1000, B344D0D8-E2A4-4D15-A574-DD3764…)

Now she’s always vodka drunk. Good job mandy, she changed and grew so much since 2014.

No. 1525275

Her unshooped face from 2014 looks better than her shooped face from any time period. I get having insecurities, but what's the point in completely fabricating what you look like in pictures when irl people clearly can see you don't look like that? That just calls attention to the features you hate: her fat face, beady eyes, chubby shapeless body, and bulbous nose.

No. 1525376

She hates that she’s gained 50 pounds from her “glory” days. Addictions stunt your mental growth and I think she believes it’s still 2014.

No. 1525400

It’s just the usual pedo pandering we see from lots of lolcows. They’re not attractive or interesting enough to get the mainstream attention they feel entitled to, so they LARP as smol sexualized babies to attract attention from bottom feeding perverts. Notice it’s always unfortunate-looking alcoholic losers like Shay and Amanda who pedo pander the hardest, instead of cleaning their act up and trying to get attention by actually looking good and/or accomplishing literally anything in life.

Didn’t Dom claim she abused him throughout their childhood? Extra gross graphic if so.

No. 1525404

Omg the full on resolution change from the photoshopped child face to the rest of the photo, you’d think by now she’d be expert enough to put a texture filter over the whole thing how can she use photoshop so much and not improve her skill set after all these years?

No. 1525409

man she was an ugly ass kid. i would've thrown the whole kid away.

No. 1525437

The solid black filter lashes she put on herself LOL

No. 1525652

her nostrils look AMAZING in that totally-not-photoshopped pic on the bottom. I love how they're pretty much both on one side of her face; the warped dimensions & planes are very cubist. it's art!!! kek

No. 1526346

File: 1652319437015.jpg (1.32 MB, 2160x5121, IDGI.JPG)

One of the most puzzling things about Amanda (to me) is how no one really questions her about the insane picture edits or the constant throwbacks to 2013-2014. Scrolling through her Instagram to find the earlier version of this picture >>1524869 to do a comparison, is like a fever dream. Not only because of the uncanny valley aspect of most of her selfies but because you see the same pictures over and over again, and on each iteration, the editing gets crazier and crazier. I’ve always assumed her family wasn’t privy to her social media presence. So, imagine my surprise when I saw Amanda’s mom follows and occasionally comments (along with a few other family members). You have to wonder what they think when they see what she does to her childhood pictures? Especially when she takes the liberty to edit them as well (picrel)

No. 1526523


I assume that, even in the case of family members, everyone stays quiet so they can continue to have access to it all and mock her

No. 1526598

I think behind the scenes this is the least crazy thing they have to deal with. It doesn’t even register because they have to interact with her IRL. It’s difficult enough to be related to an addict, and then to have one that’s so batshit on top of it is probably kinda tough

No. 1526605

File: 1652353567230.jpeg (363.46 KB, 1170x1820, 61444B1C-4549-4C6A-B807-A38050…)

4am. Can’t just stay home with your other boyfriend and wait for a new boyfriend to come over with his poop dread and beer, GO GET HIM kek

No. 1526634

File: 1652356866779.jpg (527.72 KB, 1183x1911, February 2017.jpg)

Sure, maybe the cousins but the mom? Although the dynamic of the family to me seems off and they’re a bit weird (Sorry, Dom!)
You’re probably right, she has mentioned ruining things for her family (picrel)

No. 1526639

This seems to be a common cycle with Amanda. She talks to her parents and they are the best parents ever or, or she decides her mom is a bitch when she isn’t talking to them.

I’m assuming because she did something to them that was just like “oh there she goes again”. I’m sure this last round has something to do with the Cowie/relapse/drug den she’s associated herself with.

No. 1526659

That screenshot is from 2017! I feel I should’ve specified, sorry about that. I don’t think I’ve seen her say anything bad about her parents? If anything, even in her delusional states she’s always complementary to them. Happy to accept if I’m wrong, though. Ultimately, even if she has these cycles with them, you’d think they’d talk to her about her behaviour, no? Another cow I loosely follow was recently “called out” for posting throwback pictures and trying to pass them as current without saying they were old and I’ve never seen anyone do that with Amanda.

No. 1526683

File: 1652364875587.jpeg (730.94 KB, 1170x1561, C3DB22EB-EF32-4515-AA39-4BDCE3…)

I feel like these are always about Jon not giving her something he said he would, and so she’s calls him out on social media where he can’t see.

No. 1526694

What makes you think they’re about Johnny?

No. 1526717

This is definitely about scabbies. Every time she goes on a love-bombing tangent for a few days like she did recently, it’s followed by days of vague posting about him being a manipulative liar and insinuating she will leave him because she has ~sO mUcH sElF rEsPeCt~ and deserves better. Which we all know is the biggest lie ever.

No. 1526726


This video from her IG live of her pestering her parents and Jon, yelling at them for not accommodating her “here we go nah” nagging is pretty much par for the course.

No. 1526757

File: 1652372557261.jpeg (354.06 KB, 671x961, AE704AFB-0249-4467-B19D-E08173…)

I love that even the dog looks like he’s thinking “is she fucking serious right now?”

No. 1526760

uh tbh I instantly thought this was about Dom, given the fucking sticker she posted over his face recently in that photo she could've just cropped him out of, assume she saw his posts here and is going feral

No. 1526789

This is Dom..

I haven’t visited in a few days. I love as soon as I stop paying attention something about me comes up lol

No. 1526791

Also that’s my lulu!! She passed last year, but she’s literally like my baby. Shout out to the beautiful soul she is

No. 1526792

File: 1652375592652.jpeg (212.74 KB, 1280x960, 9D2FE092-07D3-4816-BF47-F1FEF9…)

I know it’s unrelated but that picture made me really happy

No. 1526794

Hi Dom. Speaking of your cute dog, has Amanda EVER been able to take care of a single pet she got? It seems like every animal that has lived in her apartments ends up with different owners or mysteriously disappears.

No. 1526797


I know, she was such a beautiful dog

Amanda is really really really bad with Animals. It’s a telltale sign that someone is a psychopath if they aren’t good with animals like she is.. she slammed my cat in the door, used to verbally abuse an older dog we had, her own dog mysteriously jumped off of a roof.. it’s terrible

No. 1526807

sorry about your dog bud! she was a beaut.
while you're here, any thoughts on this >>1526634 totally absolutely real and not faked text exchange?

No. 1526809

sorry for samefag, but also dom how tf does your mom comment like everything's a-okay on these spooky shoop posts? >>1526346

nta anon who originally posted these but i am equally perplexed

No. 1526843


I can’t get through a paragraph written by her, my brain kinda strokes out when I to read her word vomit

Seriously, someone mentioned that’s really mild compared to how she is; if anybody would have brought up the photoshop she woulda snapped and thrown a tantrum

No. 1526926

File: 1652383617200.png (81.98 KB, 824x660, 489iufjkhfdjkhdfklj.png)

This is why I don't think its always about Dan. Dom said she is abusive to Jon and I feel like this is how she gets one "over on him", by complaining about him online.

No. 1526942

I gotta vouche for Jon, I don’t think he deserves the shit titles from being associated with Amanda. He’s not a cuck or anything, she legitimately takes a clean soul and tries to taint it

No. 1526967

Don’t forget mandy makes scabbies like all her posts (if she doesn’t just snatch his phone and does it herself) and sometimes even comments for him. They have very different ways of writing so it’s always painfully obvious.

I just don’t see why she would say Dom is a liar when he hasn’t posted here in a while. I think the last thing he had said before this post was like two weeks ago about her not being pregnant. It seems like she already dropped that lie herself too, so I don’t see why she would post about it now that it’s been two weeks. Unless Dom thinks there’s another reason she would suddenly vague post about him being a liar?

With how crazy she is that post could literally be about anyone. She could be talking about cowie or the dead bird for all we know lol.

No. 1526968

Are you Dom or someone else who knows him? Spill some milk about him and mandy. Is it true he’s on the spectrum and she takes advantage of him?

No. 1526969

I agree these are probably about Dan, she has never really ranted about Johnny in this manner (that I’ve seen), plus I don’t see how he’d be affected by these if she doesn’t give enough context clues to tie it to him and he doesn’t really have a social media presence. This >>1526926 doesn’t say much to me as there have been other moments in which we’ve theorised she has access to Dan’s phone and maybe his social media because of things he’s posted.
She really couldn’t read the room, huh? She’s insufferable and watching this gave me so much secondhand embarrassment.
I want to remind everyone that >>1526634 is from February 2017. I only added it because >>1526598 mentioned how difficult it was being related to an addict and I thought the screenshot proved that even Amanda knows she’s difficult to deal with.
I don’t think Johnny needs to be vouched for, it’s pretty transparent that Amanda is a horrible person that through grandiose lovebombing gestures, ‘traps’ people. If Johnny is really on the spectrum, and has been in her life for so long, he might not know how to cut things off with her. Nevertheless, he’s a cuck.
> cuck
> a weak or servile man who is often dominated by their female partner
It’s a shame her parents seem to enable their relationship, if he’s indeed ‘vulnerable’.

No. 1527141

File: 1652401122023.png (4.21 MB, 1620x2160, 7C840416-B88C-470E-989C-4AF669…)

In case any of you were wondering what personality disorder Amanda likely has, itS without a doubt grandiose narcissism. This is why she has no ability for empathy in seeing, from another persons mind, how her behavior appears. The photoshopped image she puts on the internet is nothing more than her false self. It’s a mask she created by mirroring other people’s interests and personalities, and claiming it as her own. She has to do this because she never developed an actual self that occurs in normal childhood development. She can also never be rehabilitated from this condition..(namefagging)

No. 1527169

oh for sure nonnie i understand it's a throwback pic, but i wouldn't be surprised if she's been faking text exchanges for…forever

No. 1527182

I don't get how she manages to stay this chubby while tweaking this hard, it's truly impressive

No. 1527273

She bought, and probably ate, $215 worth of ice cream the other day >>1516064 which I feel isn’t as rare as she’d like us to believe.

No. 1527274

Tweaking is meth. She's clearly not on meth. Remember the video of her singing Auld Lang Syne in front of her giggling "friend"? The bitch is psycho and drunk 95% of the time

No. 1527281

You don’t need to fill out the name, and since what your posting is your opinion and not actual milk, you need to write sage in the email field.
> The photoshopped image she puts on the internet is nothing more than her false self.
I don’t think it’s that deep. She edits her images because she’s insecure and this is what she wished she’d look like. No one is going to listen or be interested in the Amanda on the right (in your shitty screenshot) but people would be interested in the Amanda on the left.
> she never developed an actual self that occurs in normal childhood development.
I don’t know if I agree. What we all can agree on, probably, is that she’s a lying piece of shit.

No. 1527304

If that’s the case, then her life is so much sadder and she’s much more enabled (both parents follow her) than what I could have previously imagined and I already think she’s pathetic.

No. 1527356

Remember when someone bought a domain for her shop and listed a dog parachute? That was amazing. A+

No. 1527426

I had no idea this happened. Is it discussed in the earlier threads? Is this why the website is thebreezelives?

No. 1527436

File: 1652436006002.jpeg (273.96 KB, 1242x1278, D0B35D62-CE16-408E-A0F7-6D2E89…)


No. The Breeze Lives came first. She's just a moron who didn't think to register her domain name.

It's accessible on the way back machine. If this doesn't work I'll take screenshots:


No. 1527465

> Maybe if someone didn't post every time they sneezed this wouldn’t happen.
This was a beaute, thank you for linking.

No. 1527533

This is hilarious I wish it never ended.

I’ve never seen this, is it on the thread?

No. 1527548

File: 1652447938777.jpeg (520.22 KB, 1170x4038, 97D878C1-5179-48E6-B37E-8C9C81…)

Can you imagine the shit fit she threw to make Johnny scoop up all these domains, after already finding out someone bought her domain? The insanity.

No. 1527551

File: 1652448503854.jpeg (274.92 KB, 1170x1695, 3B99D526-E237-4CBE-92AE-636DC8…)

She had been announcing the name of the store, so everyone knew what it would be called. It’s not that hard to buy a domain Mandy.

No. 1527610

She’s so stupid lmao

No. 1527679

Idk nonna, she definitely seems to be on uppers in some of these videos. That weird jerky repetitive manic behavior isn’t just caused by alcohol. That said, the booze could be what’s keeping her fat.

No. 1527703

She does a ton of (baking soda) coke. Multiple anons have said they saw her openly snorting it at shows/bars and she’s talked about it a lot of times on social media. Scabbies is a big cokehead too, so they’re probably really pumped full of powder now.

No. 1527707

In a lot of her videos when she sounds and looks manic she’s constantly sniffling and has super dialated pupils/red eyes which are telltales signs of coke abuse too.

No. 1527728

File: 1652463456921.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x2080, 7FA37704-6C19-4637-83CF-043C1E…)

Old video but prime example of how geeked out on coke she is. The mindless rambling and repetition.


No. 1527739

KEK why on earth would she need to swatch 250 lipsticks "every morning"? (rhetorical question, i know these are the nonsensical ramblings of a deranged cokehead)

No. 1527748

It cracks me up that she’s so proud her lipstick lasts for days when to any other normal human that’s absolutely disgusting. Wash your mouth mandy!

No. 1527781

Who wrote this I’m dying. It’s too well written to actually be Mandy for the content is spot on.

No. 1527789

This is still my favorite coke rant video where she attempts to give relationship and life advice while living trapped in her parents garage sooted out of her mind:

The horribly faked tough New Yorker accent is a nice addition too.

No. 1527793


here's the crazy yell singing she was doing for attention.

No. 1527954

Damn this girl really cannot be funny no matter how hard she tries or how much coke she snorts.

No. 1527981

Ayrt and are you joking anon? She's geeked out of her mind, and "tweaking" can generically refer to uppers which she is high on in every video. If you think all that head bopping and jaw popping = drunk, then you've clearly never interacted with a crackhead before (lucky you)

No. 1527990

Relax enough people already pointed out she does coke not meth and tweaking is 100% used for meth users not coke (at least in the US).

No. 1528156

At the beginning it sounds like someone is trying to shush her lol. I bet it’s impossible to get her to shut up though.

No. 1528278

File: 1652498707972.webm (11.3 MB, 166x358, Here we go now (?) .webm)

WEBM 1/4
You can hear someone (maybe her mom) go “stop, Amanda”. The fact that she continues for way too long, berates Johnny in the middle and end, gets angry and declares (while in her room, of course) that “dude makes me need to take a fucking Zoloft, man” (dude being her dad for not doing this little chant she wants him to do, while displaying a large amount of pills (while claiming to be sober) is just something else.

(Most of the Streamable and Gofile.io links of the first thread are dead, so pardon the autism, I’ll be archiving those linked from here to preserve them, despite them being old milk)

No. 1528284

File: 1652498951263.webm (2.79 MB, 354x640, 250 lipsticks that need to be …)

WEBM 2/4

No. 1528289

WEBM 3/4 - sorta
Refer to >>>/snow/1429747 as it was archived then

No. 1528291

File: 1652499334700.webm (2.61 MB, 740x1280, Too old to act like this .webm)

WEBM 4/4

No. 1528294

Yeah, whoever was trying also kept laughing which probably feeds into her “aren’t I adorable and funny?” delusions.

No. 1528510

File: 1652526461473.jpeg (501.07 KB, 1170x3413, F86410B7-1433-4618-A6FE-764294…)

“Milking” She drapes that thing on her skin and in their bed and he NEVER WASHES IT.

No. 1528513

Vile, repulsive and truly vomitrocious. Locs can and should be washed, don’t know about the monstrosity he has. If it smells bad when wet, it has probably mould or mildew. Loc rot is determined by smell when the loc is wet, this smell usually dissipates when the loc is dry. I cannot imagine how that apartment smells inside.

No. 1528528

Lol she says he hasn't washed it in years and then details how she supposedly washes it

No. 1528540

I think that routine refers to the part of the hair that isn’t dreaded? She always has to brag about brands she uses, as if DevaCurl was anything special.
I’d love them to get into a fight and have Amanda go psycho on him, as she supposedly does, and take scissors to his hair. Preferably if he sleeping, so he doesn’t hurt her.

No. 1528547

So this bitch washes the front part of his hair around his face and beard with deva curl (a company who has been sued for making ppls hair fall out) and then conditions with an oil based product while his dread is held up by a 3m hook in the shower?? I’m sorry but this image is absolutely vile. How can someone who smells sooo good and who has absolutely no bad odor despite looking like they should stink also have hair so full of filth that if even a drop of water gets on it the stench becomes unbearable? Imagine typing that about your significant other on social media! He’s going to get gangrene or some kind of horrible scalp infection if he doesn’t already.

No. 1528580

I have to iron wool on a regular basis and the smell is sometimes quite strong, still, the image she gives us here makes my think that ironing wool smells great compared to what his hair must smell like when being wet. Being on drugs 24/7 might help with all those horrible things surrounding them.

No. 1528603

I knew him and he 100% has mold or mildew in his dread. The smell is totally obvious even when dry, but it truly is disgusting in the summer when it gets sweaty and wet. And this was a few years ago so I can’t imagine how much worse it’s gotten.

No. 1528616

remember when she said he smells sooo good kek. so can he just not go outside when there's a chance of rain?

No. 1528631

An ex of his once told me he had bugs in his hair that were biting him

No. 1528667

I’ve heard this from his ex too and also that he slept in a mattress that his previous ex had pissed on and he never cleaned it and slept in it for years until she made him get rid of it when they got together. He’s disgusting and mandy can’t convince a single person on earth otherwise.

No. 1528671

It’s not just his dread that smells bad too, he has that smell long time alcoholics have where their sweat and skin smell like old liquor. On top of that, he never showers so he also smells like a rotting onion. So basically he smells like mold, liquor and rotting onions. Mandy is either ridiculously disgusting or her nose is broken from all the shitty coke.

No. 1528746

File: 1652556329692.jpeg (180.62 KB, 826x1221, 7053BA2D-9614-4147-8646-5A408E…)

The “milking” is referring to the last time he washed his hair because his ex gf made him. The water left in the sink was this greenish milk looking liquid he’s holding. I remember when he posted it on fb years ago when we were still friends. He was so proud about that disgusting sludge that came out. So gross.

No. 1528747

File: 1652556439051.jpeg (324.18 KB, 828x1218, 0D6B469C-38C5-41A5-8322-FE6DC7…)

Also, while looking for that post I found this post on his ig that did not age so well after all the allegations about him being physically abusive going around right now.

No. 1528751

jfc i just threw up in my mouth. that came out of his hair?!? what…the fuck

nona you might want to change your prof pic, it's visible here

No. 1528835

So the last time he washed his hair was 2015?! I was looking for pics of other single dreads like this on Reddit hoping I’d come across someone talking about him. No dice but I found a few stories of people saying the dres becomes so heavy at some point that it will simply fall off. I don’t think it’s past his knees because Mandy lies about everything but if it’s to his waist it must be sooooo heavy. And based on how much like a mullet it looks I don’t think he’s incorporating the front part of his hair into it. It’s got to be close to falling off right?!

No. 1528975

I question the sanity of anyone willing to be with him, he’s not even remotely attractive. Can dick really be that good? I doubt it.
Everything you said is repulsive to me, viscerally so.
I know men with ~ironic~ hair and facial hair because of where I live and never have I seen an mono-loc. When we first were introduced to Dan, most of the images I came across of mono-loc’ed people seemed all to be homeless.

No. 1529153


No. 1529535

so she’s like…not pregnant right

No. 1530598

File: 1652691560707.jpeg (596.96 KB, 1302x1364, 23D54AA4-897C-4A49-8986-B33791…)

The mere fact that she’s trying so hard to “separate” herself from other addicts is fucking cringe. The entire post is just gross. It screams “I am better than everyone else AND im definitely lurking the gossip page”

No. 1530625


"I have no hate for heroin addicts, but also I'm not a piece of shit heroin junkie, they're disgusting, how dare you"

No. 1530654

Lurking and not really setting the record straight, I think the consensus has always been they’re coke heads and alcoholics, no?
> one thing that separates me from the addict trope is that i won't lie
The gall she has to “say” this

No. 1530680


LOL I love the logic here. What a line in the sand. So you do coke, Xanax, mix that with alcohol, throw in some painkillers, do mystery powder and pillsand are a compulsive liar - but heroin is a LINE you WILL NOT cross!!!!!

definitely true

No. 1530795

She’s really making a post trying to make herself look morally upright because she doesn’t do heroin when she drinks excessively, does coke, takes street pills, had a hand in the death of her ex, faked cancer, fakes pregnancies, fakes miscarriages, abused her exes, mooches off her other ex… and the list could go on forever.

Whether she does heroin or not is inconsequential at this point. She’s done far worse things than that.

No. 1530821

Putting her last two posts together it sounds like she’s saying that someone very close to her is going around saying she’s on heroin. She says it’s obviously not true and documented (how someone can document something you haven’t done is very Mandy logic). There are so few people this could be in reference to. Most obvious is Johnny but we know he’s not posting on socials. Perhaps Johnny told her family she’s using and he generalized by saying she’s on “dope”. She says “friend” in both posts so That rules family out. Third option is some random person is gossiping about her and per typical Mandy she’s pretending that person is a close friend.

Can anyone name a single person who considers her a friend? Maybe we can work backwards here.

No. 1530854

It’s just so tone deaf and weird to post. “I am addicted to drugs, but not to THAT drug, THATS GROSS!!”

Like?? As if being holed up in your free apartment pissing the bed and blacking out or going on 3 day coke benders is somehow less sketchy than doing heroin? oooookay

No. 1530907

The only person “very close” to her is scabbies. It’s pretty apparent she is not close to her family (thanks Dom!). She doesn’t have any real friends, just online “friends” who likely only follow her to have a front row seat to the trainwreck her life is. My guess is that those two posts are unrelated. The post about someone lying is about scabbies (she’s made posts about him being a liar and manipulator before) and the heroin post is probably about this thread. She says “close friends” because she wants people to think that she not only has friends, but that said friends are ~sO mEaN~ to her and spread rumors about her. Just one more reason for poor little mandy to get all the pity and attention she desperately wants.

No. 1531027


everyone I’ve ever known who does heroin has been like “no way I don’t do heroin” [immediately nods out] so…not super convincing but she’s “fucked” either way

No. 1531029

it's funny, heroin is only mentioned on this on post from her and no one had accused her of doing heroin on this board. She made posts about being a junkie a few times but we kinda figured it was just another punk larp of hers.

Cocaine makes you paranoid, huh Mandy?

No. 1531727

File: 1652805565748.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.72 MB, 1170x2118, 2507C633-CD56-4547-861A-39372B…)


NOT poop dread’s head… popped up on my feed and I’m sure what the inside of that matted nest looks like. Barf.

No. 1531918

File: 1652819329403.jpeg (943.15 KB, 1284x2061, E0AF0D7F-F2B4-49E3-8E21-F0332A…)

No. 1531975

File: 1652824933045.jpeg (359.17 KB, 1242x2113, CC2D7600-10FF-4AD9-B8E4-59E78B…)

Posted and deleted
Cringe lyrics from a band that proudly flies a confederate flag…so punk

No. 1532003

File: 1652826824864.jpeg (593.75 KB, 828x1487, E00B743B-D869-4DC1-B9E3-20CCA4…)

Maybe she likes them because so many of their song titles suit her perfectly.

No. 1532038


such a woke, look-at-me punk, posting some stars and bars band for clout (or whatever). every single thing she does and says is a contradiction of something else she’s said and done. what a burnt out loser.

No. 1532065

Posting so many baby pics of yourself is not normal, she needs to stop

No. 1532077

Why does she even post so many baby pictures? I don't get it

No. 1532094

Because she NEEDS to post something for attention constantly. She hasn’t done anything interesting since she left her ex dying in her apartment while she ran around Brooklyn topless, and she looks like shit now. So she resorts to childhood and overly edited pics of her face while she wastes away in her disgusting mice infested apartment getting fucked up and watching tv all day.

No. 1532143

Because it gives her attention plus she truly thinks she looks the same.

No. 1532229

File: 1652843293655.jpeg (422.44 KB, 1088x3039, 4235CB36-0A06-4C78-A5C7-A0576B…)

Even his friends know she’s a clinger.

No. 1532283

> also can replace the "see also -" with perpetual button nose / baby face.
Here you go, Nona. Amanda answered herself.
If I were Amanda I’d be mortified, Elmyra loves and babies everything to death, sometimes literally.

No. 1532378

Wait I thought her “thing” was pulling those ugly glued together knives on people outside of bars. Did she not get arrested for this once?! She’s constantly threatening violence why would she be surprised people call her Stabby? And if it’s so inaccurate why is her boyfriend publicly calling her that?

No. 1532443

File: 1652877823442.jpeg (237.98 KB, 1125x2436, EA253757-FFBE-4A4C-84C1-420FA1…)

K Amanda, whatever you need to tell yourself.
Imagine facetuning fucking baby photos to distract yourself from the fact that you look like Squidward with a felony. Imagine typing comments for your semiconscious bacteria cloud of a bf so that a handful of Facebook followers can see that you have super sicc bantz. So witty and totally not cringe, we’re all seething! At least Anthony Gutter knows what’s up, kek, though I’m sure that’s not saying much.

No. 1532586

File: 1652891696740.jpeg (567.05 KB, 828x1441, 91802FDC-64C1-43BB-BB88-7F919C…)

Looks like Johnny bought scabbies a gift. How nice of him.

No. 1532595

She was such an ugly baby and child holy shit. Not sure what it is, but she looks like the stereotypical ugly child character that’s a bully and no one likes. It’s funny she tries to say she looks the same when that means she’s still ugly

No. 1532613

It's because she is. Her own brother has posted about her bullying the shit out of him and hurting their cats in one of her tantrums.

No. 1532671


And likely threw her dog off a roof >>1526797

No. 1533400

File: 1652965661491.jpeg (458.5 KB, 1170x1856, ADF081BF-96B8-40E9-88F9-831BAE…)

Maybe get a job or a hobby besides cocaine

No. 1533406

File: 1652966018126.jpeg (651.75 KB, 1170x1645, E8D6F56A-B062-468A-B8E5-F31B51…)

Changed it so the post doesn’t link to her FB. Maybe she doesn’t want people to know she still has Jons credit card.

Where’s the Tiffany ring?

No. 1533407

> he's never awake long enough to
Oof, I hope for his sake, that she’s just trying to be funny

No. 1533452

The seller took the Tiffany ring post down

No. 1533465

I meant why hasn't she shown it off yet?

No. 1533477

I’ve heard from an ex that he sleeps all day until the evening when he gets up and starts drinking/doing coke. I guess he’s still following the same schedule lol.

No. 1533496

does anyone remember what her legal troubles of a few years ago were? I think it was around the time she was with moped korey?

No. 1533516

I thought the legal trouble was a domestic violence charge against an ex?

No. 1533541

Do you mean when she was arrested for attacking Korey? >>>/snow/951026
Or when she was arrested for drunk and disorderly? >>>/snow/956015

No. 1533543

She’s been arrested twice, to our knowledge.

No. 1533604

File: 1652983512289.jpeg (376.83 KB, 1170x822, 6291CE6B-FD49-43DB-8A74-E524E6…)

This was her throwing her phone at Korey or something (no one got a real story) so he had her arrested from her own apt. Then I think was trying to get a restraining order? It all got dropped because of Jons lawyer.

No. 1533616

She was known for pulling out knives at bars to act tough, I wouldn’t be surprised if she did the same to him too.

No. 1534145

File: 1653054330293.jpeg (646.99 KB, 1283x2658, A53563B2-8ED9-45BB-84F3-5C545A…)

Yesterday’s random ramble on a Mutual’s profile pic post from 2011. I don’t even know…

No. 1534179

4 tickets split 2 ways? His half won’t let her go unless she does her make up like Peter criss? Who tf is his half? What is she even talking about? Lmao.

No. 1534181

File: 1653057540079.jpeg (273.96 KB, 828x1066, 6C436C1B-5775-4170-AE60-D22DF2…)

If she made that comment yesterday she might wanna check her tickets because Kiss will be in Europe all of June lol.

No. 1534201

Jargon aphasia fuckery.

No. 1534228

File: 1653061789004.jpeg (826.25 KB, 1284x1313, 41AF2FDE-8137-4850-90AB-E887C7…)

It’s Ace Frehley solo, not Kiss

No. 1534284

So the pregnancy thing is never being mentioned again I see

No. 1534286

yeah I think it is…not which is probably for the best

No. 1534292

The pregnancy disappeared, the wedding ring disappeared, the vague digs at scabbies are back lol.

No. 1534488

Youre saying that yesterday she commented on a pic from 2011 inviting the person to a concert with her this coming June 11? She went digging for a pic from 2011?! Is the person she invited known to still be friends with her? Imagine if an old acquaintance of yours commented on your profile pic from 10+ years ago with a rambling nonsense invite to a concert!

No. 1534663

Sometimes she serves major Lil Bo Weep vibes. When is she going to attempt an OF with this chubby little man child? I feel like they’re both always too fucked up to even understand how to record a video. She brags about their sex life all the time in spite of countless reports that he can’t even get his dick hard, I say prove it. Otherwise yawn shut up.

No. 1534698

Yep. That’s exactly what she did. And as far as I know this person is not an active friend of her’s, never was. He’s a bartender that most people know from around and is a super nice dude but I’m also fairly sure she’s 86’ed from the bar he works at?

No. 1534713

> but I’m also fairly sure she’s 86’ed from the bar he works at?
That makes it more delicious to me. I wish he’d respond.

No. 1534721

File: 1653100160560.gif (2.06 MB, 498x279, D78495A4-F3C8-4C74-B7AE-BB6913…)

No. 1534737

File: 1653101266867.gif (1.05 MB, 330x216, Think about it.GIF)

Which makes perfect sense for Amanda!

No. 1534762

Lemme take a STAB at this translation. Her and Scabies Incarnate bought 2 tickets each to see lower than basic bitch tier Ace Frehley. Scabies Incarnate and his bf were fucking with her and told her she could only go if she painted her face like Peter Criss. Slobz, being an emotional toddler in need of male attention, decided to act like they're super serious and would block her from entry if she doesn't have her face painted like Peter Criss. So she's breaking away to find a muuuch cooler date. She remembers this dude having an Ace Frehley profile pic and checks his old profile pics (usually people don't have that many) until she sees a bad rendition of the Star Child himself. She buries her date invitation so only this dude is privy to her invite in case he turns her down for a free shit concert. But if he says he'll go, she'll spend the whole overpriced concert taking pics of them together as her new "ride or die"

No. 1534777

Whoever this old "friend" is, he's probably going to assume this is cokeposting. Which it definitely is.

No. 1534873

I think this is close but I feel like she posted in the past that they were going to this concert with scabies' mom and sister (?) and the seats were really really close, so I interpret it as 4 tix split two ways (mom + sister, Dan and Slob)

No. 1534982

Bingo. Amanda is revoking DANS ticket and inviting bartender to make him jealous. This makes a lot more sense. She keeps saying MSG though and it’s not. June 11 is just another lose end we’re all waiting for Amanda to tie up. June 1 is coming…let’s she if she moves out of her horrible dangerous neighborhood.

No. 1534988

File: 1653139558769.jpeg (186.39 KB, 1170x562, 8A9B257D-14C8-4F92-B3BD-145C3B…)

They were supposed to go the a Billy Joel concert which they never did.

No. 1535073

Tbf there’s still some dates for that show that haven’t happened yet

No. 1535445

Billy Joel plays at MSG every month (sometimes more than once). The one she was talking passed a long time ago.

No. 1535814

File: 1653191432478.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6814.PNG)

I always thought this was an allusion to filming sex vids ("content") but doesn't seem like it ever went anywhere

No. 1536740

I thought the same nonnie and I’m so glad that never came to fruition. I guess thank goodness there isn’t a huge market for mold porn.

No. 1536782

lmao is it troi?

No. 1536936

File: 1653303184456.jpeg (480.69 KB, 1170x1765, C0913B36-1AE0-42BD-929A-CCF9AC…)

Excited to sell merch at 33 yrs old. Really moving up in the world.

No. 1536937

File: 1653303322379.jpeg (269.14 KB, 1170x1015, 4EE47521-B07C-4AD5-98BB-C0617B…)

Seems like they made $200 for the night. Raking in all that money must be hard, kek.

No. 1536955

Not Troi, if it was him I wouldn’t have cropped out his name since he’s pretty firmly cemented in her sad saga after that brief flurry of Troi bff banging love bombing content. I don’t actually know Troi but every time I see him around I think of this thread.

No. 1537022

It must be so embarrassing to see a nearly middle-aged woman dressed like a teenager and falling down drunk/high at a concert, like somebody's auntie getting too lit at a wedding

No. 1537082

Lmfao, “to be asked” no you were not asked to work for Primus, Mandy. Your boyfriend asked you both to work for $200 (assuming it’s split between you two). Your just lucky Scabbies is desperate enough to work for clout. Takes close to no skill to work a merch table.

No. 1537087

>being in your 30s and bragging about making $14/hr to do a "job" teenage groupies can do


No. 1537093

Absolutely this. I've sold merchandise at 16. It's truly a "first come, first serve" gig. If you can stand upright, you've got the job. The only "asking" involved is the touring staff asking the public for help.

No. 1537102

You know the second they got those $200 they spent it on baking soda and the cheapest vodka at the liquor store too. They’re beyond embarrassing.

No. 1537515

File: 1653349108444.jpeg (981.68 KB, 1170x1334, C33814CB-2AF2-476E-9D07-C022AB…)


Dear god, try being on a tour alllllll summer in a multi-person bus and no idea of a hotel shower in sight. And doing actual loading in and out for the day. She acts like “Ooh I ran a successful store by myself so I am very adept at selling merch” These people paid tickets to see Primus, you have a captive audience to sell merch to. You didn’t achieve anything.

No. 1537520

“Know your product” it’s t shirts? What the fuck is there to know??

No. 1537524

His brain is mush now so having more than ONE person ask questions at the same time really overwhelmed him. Its pathetic. No wonder they don’t have jobs, if they find doing merch so difficult they could never even work at a fast food restaurant.

No. 1537553

They work one night and we get (at least) three posts about it. I love how she says “I need to hire” as if she has any say in their merch operation. Classic Scamanda. Who is Michael Beer?

No. 1537596

sage for nitpick but Paul Stanley is the Star Child, Ace is the Spaceman

No. 1537614

“Way totes, mega-dumb-adorbs” she sounds like a boomer cosplaying a 14 year old girl fangirling. Also how do you even get that someone is talented from doing merch with them? What’s the talent? Being able to talk to people? This bitch has done so little with her life that she thinks someone displaying basic social skills is a talent.

No. 1537619

File: 1653358385708.jpeg (380.63 KB, 2472x2154, F71FD843-DBBF-431B-BE13-85D873…)

They both made their accounts private lmao. Guess they’re lurking again.

No. 1537631

File: 1653359692877.jpg (277.6 KB, 1920x712, ??.JPG)

Interesting, they’re no longer private. I just took these.

No. 1539094

File: 1653447230636.jpeg (835.65 KB, 1242x2200, 5978527B-4B0A-4BA2-B221-038CA1…)

Here we go…

No. 1539095

File: 1653447255554.jpg (467.5 KB, 1078x1958, Screenshot_20220525-125219_Fac…)

Here we go again!

I wonder if the Tiffany ring arrived or if she's using her previous "engagement" ring. How many times has it been now that she's posted she's getting married?

No. 1539134

File: 1653449287802.jpeg (599.12 KB, 828x1310, 7F69115D-327E-4798-B9A2-FBDCD6…)

Somebody please go to poopdreads show at Tompkins this weekend and report back!
His band is Dutchguts. Imagine Slobs at her “fiancés” punk show?!?!

No. 1539256

God imagine kissing those long mustache hairs. This pic is hilarious with her eyes open and those stupid sunglasses looking like a little tiara. This is exactly as expected so she’s right about one thing.

No. 1539264

File: 1653477895357.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1170x1352, 964511D4-945F-4D9C-86FB-7A88A9…)

Friendly reminder that 1 year would be July 29. She still can’t tell how long it’s been.

No. 1539315

I wonder if she’ll delete the post as soon as scabbies wakes up again.

No. 1539343

File: 1653487869857.jpeg (130.76 KB, 1170x331, 5ACB0F83-6C1B-4B7B-B1D3-7D6C58…)

Her comment on his post about working at the Paramount. 9 years of what? Being a messy drunk?

He “reposted” on his page too. All the comments are congratulating them. She “limited the comments” on her post.

No. 1539347

I wonder how they’ll support themselves once Johnny finds out his “best friend” has a new fiancé. I doubt his family will pay for their lives when they find out lol.

Announcing an engagement when neither has a job to pay for a wedding, let alone their rent or any basic necessities. They’re like 8 year olds playing house. It’s unbelievable they’re both over 30. They’re so stupid and pathetic.

No. 1539357

Aren’t they supposed to be “moving to an apartment in alphabet city” or something soon (lol@ the thought of either of them paying rent)

No. 1539364

She has gotten engaged with each relationship and that hasn’t stopped Johnny from supporting her before. I don’t see how this one is any different.

No. 1539415

she's obviously measuring time using the Loony Calendar. d'uh!

No. 1539422

I wish she'd add that content warning (vomit) to all her posts/photos/etc.

No. 1539477

I really hope this is the ONE time mandy actually gets married so Johnny’s family stops bankrolling her. Imagine these two idiots getting married then having to find jobs and pay rent? They’d end up homeless or living with scabbies parents in an instant lmao.

No. 1539524

I never realized there’s a video in this post. Is it just her hanging out under his gross appendage? Can someone post it?

No. 1539525

I sincerely hope this engagement announcement has nothing to do with her thinking she might be pregnant

No. 1539550

It doesn’t. It’s just typical mandy behavior. She’s “engaged” or “pregnant” every other month. Her brain is so fried she probably forgot she just claimed being pregnant a few weeks ago.

No. 1539607

Hah! I thought it was a teeny tiny top hat. Anon, thank you for this clarification.

No. 1540111


The only thing I can ever think about is how satisfying his neck cracks are going to be once he finally lops off that super heavy dead beaver mat

No. 1540840

He’ll probably never cut it off. It’s his only “accomplishment” in his mind. I can’t wait til his scalp gives up and it starts to fall off though.

No. 1540886

File: 1653581894284.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x2051, D8A27AAC-3A9B-4C7B-A026-8A6441…)


On the subject of his gross hair. Here are two videos (from one old post) of her cleaning his scalp with qtips and alcohol, IN THEIR BED.

Part 1. https://streamable.com/a23g7r

Part 2. https://streamable.com/k1a7hi

No. 1540890

Omg this is vile. He ha sores on his scalp because of his disgusting mono dread? I'm gonna be sick

No. 1540897

In the first video around 1:48 there’s definitely a bug crawling out of his head up the pillow. Absolutely vile.

No. 1540914

File: 1653583886461.jpeg (502.22 KB, 1920x1632, D35C6EC9-C586-4D27-8B23-02CD09…)

Crazy strong and scary WHERE? Beat the shit out of WHO with those marshmallow arms? This bitch is so delusional, I’m sure her arms are bigger than his lmao.

Those videos were absolutely disgusting and I definitely saw that bug too.

No. 1540939


Who is she even talking about her dude is built like a cabbage patch doll

No. 1541103

File: 1653596180370.jpeg (642.37 KB, 1284x2080, 61B33FF1-CFCB-4CE3-8118-4DCACF…)

No. 1541111

File: 1653596725840.webm (15.39 MB, 296x640, no.webm)

WEBM 1/3

No. 1541114

File: 1653596898429.webm (15.7 MB, 296x640, again, no.webm)

WEBM 2/3

No. 1541118

File: 1653597045778.webm (396.57 KB, 296x640, “curvy”.webm)

WEBM 3/3
Preserving >>>/snow/1354809 found in the thread mentioned by >>1540886

No. 1541124

The double glasses, the wig, the lipstick and overall, the editing. He’s as much of a clown as she is.

No. 1541159

File: 1653598601519.jpeg (162.65 KB, 828x1015, FE351D44-D7CE-4B0E-B4BA-FB0886…)

I can’t with her editing. (On FB with the other photo)

No. 1541164

File: 1653598701972.jpeg (1015.91 KB, 1170x1870, ED2C4F0F-DDEF-423C-A540-A1B4BF…)

Is this the Tiffany ring?

No. 1541197

i’m confused there’s an intentional joke somewhere here right - or are they really completely oblivious as to how shitty everything in this is - cheap party city wigs and double glasses wtf

for someone trying to larp as edgy and punk her place looks like she got everything from the live laugh love section at homegoods

No. 1541242

Who the fuck is this even?!? The photoshop on the face is insane I wouldn’t have even known it was her.

No. 1541247

The drawn on shadow on her jaw I’m screaming

No. 1541250

Right? The editing is so bad it makes her look like she doesn’t have a ribcage or hip bones.

Imagine how many pictures she made scabbies take to get one where the background behind her waist and stomach is plain so that she can squeeze her non-existent waist into oblivion without the background looking like a funhouse mirror.

No. 1541260

Those wigs are as much of an eyesore as she is. Gross gross gross.

No. 1541278

File: 1653607631347.jpeg (636.42 KB, 731x1276, 30788F66-92F4-4232-82EC-D4BCDF…)

sorry if I format this wrong/don’t sage ect… what is this shadow? Is this poorly color-matched background or from lighting ?

No. 1541282

Its like she's stuck back in time at a certain age which she thought was at her peak.

No. 1541284

The Marlboros in the underwear jfc so try hard so cringe

No. 1541292

It’s from “smudging” the image. She pinched in her waist, among other egregious shoops. Look at the shadow on her thigh in the pink hair pic. And look at the actual pink hair, the bun part it’s all blurry and swirly? Her lips are a disgusting mess. She seriously looks ill. I guarantee the original pic looks better.

No. 1541294

bitch how are these the same thighs

No. 1541329

jfc it doesn't even look human-like, that is not a human shape, how does someone just … post this and think it's OK?

No. 1541354

The worst part is that plenty of people actually fall for it even though she looks completely ridiculous.

No. 1541393

File: 1653621235843.jpeg (711.34 KB, 1170x1158, C231284D-886F-4160-A994-B84060…)

Dirty, dirty hand stuff.

No. 1541394

File: 1653621656140.jpeg (658.98 KB, 1170x3028, 4EAFA879-CBA2-44B6-8535-5036FE…)

Reminds me of this insane edit. Also she hasn’t reposted the new photo on her FB or IG

No. 1541413

> while watching nofx live on our 62" tv
Wouldn’t be Amanda if she didn’t include a poor attempt at a flex.

No. 1541471


dirty, dirty hand stuff entirely bc his gummi worm dick situation makes PIV not an option

No. 1541473

OT but those 45 or 46 songs must be truly terrible if they weren't good enough to be on a regular NOFX album

No. 1541609

File: 1653659731137.jpeg (513.43 KB, 828x970, B50FBF8B-4058-47C7-ACB3-555E8A…)

With these hands - so gross - look at the dirt under the nails

No. 1541615

The edit done by an elderly man.

No. 1541622

she had surgery on them after a bad accident when she was 7

No. 1541636

Lmfao OK Mandy how doped up are you at this hour to comment dumb lies like this with no context

No. 1541643

The drawn on shadow on her jaw, the extremely obvious blacked out part on her neck to make her look like a giraffe, she didn’t even bother to redraw the wig hairs she literally drew awful lines over. How embarrassing.

No. 1541651

nayrt but are you retarded, it's like a decade old shitpost

No. 1541652

Ntayrt but they're quoting a meme. Sage goes in the email field.

No. 1541903

File: 1653684261806.jpeg (443.03 KB, 780x872, 57C06864-67DA-4460-B3ED-9A94A2…)

This is hilarious. I cannot believe how stupid they are.

No. 1542230

I'm personally a big fan of Whoa on the Whoas

No. 1542314

File: 1653721720204.jpeg (589.53 KB, 1170x1435, C0487C0B-4B1D-4832-B1E8-77E883…)

Is she actually clever enough to be trolling us, at this point?

No. 1542356

I don’t think she is, I truly believe she doesn’t get how crazy she sounds.

No. 1542394

My exact thoughts anon. Lately every post I see I can’t help but feel they are written in hopes of trolling us. Unrelated note: Her attempting at being “punk” “crust” always mentioning piss and things of the sort, you’d think she was 15 if you didn’t know any better. Kek.

No. 1542425

This is obviously her veiled excuse for not showing off a ring in pics after announcing an engagement. I believe she lost this twisted up paper clip in her junk drawer of an apartment. I’m just surprised she’s not blaming the cleaning lady.

Also coincidentally she says her real ring only fits her pinky and that Tiffany ring was a size 6 I think? And at the time we all joked that would never fit her baseball mit hands. I would love for that to be true!

No. 1542480

File: 1653745098818.jpeg (744.66 KB, 1284x3337, 0F1ED9AE-46D7-4B7D-88A6-4B7CE7…)

More performative shit fuck titty slut content. It’s the back and forths via Facebook between people who live together that do it for me.

No. 1542506

"jew squirrel" i-

No. 1542649

This was the ring post… it was a size 4… she hasn’t been wearing all her rings in years… probably because her finger got too fat. They can’t pay $50 to get it resized?

No. 1543345

File: 1653830642706.jpeg (340.42 KB, 1284x1014, 90517D4E-F8B0-4D0E-978C-3CBAB8…)

I had sex in the bathroom at Mars Bar in my twenties and even I think this post is gross.(ew)

No. 1544029

File: 1653899855083.jpeg (398.69 KB, 1170x2261, 7F75E3AF-A4EE-4F48-A1A5-144D4F…)

How big is this magical non-existent apt?

No. 1544076

Every single post of hers would be like five words if you removed all expletives and “badass” adjectives.

No. 1544093

joking about giving her two black eyes. just charming. barf

No. 1544724

File: 1653972100741.jpg (298.98 KB, 1080x1195, Screenshot_20220531-144011_Fac…)

I bet Scamanda was able to identify each and every gun that went off….

No. 1544864

What I know about guns I know from TV and I know that a Glock is a brand of 9mm gun. There would be no to tell by sound if gun is a Glock.

No. 1545019

but she trained for 2 hours with the IDF!!!!! of COURSE she knows the difference just by sound kek

you could probably physically put these in front of her and her dumbass wouldn’t be able to tell you what’s what. she’s so stupid jfc

No. 1545281

I must say after the years I’ve known Dan seeing him make posts like this is so weird lmfao you can tell Mandy is either posting these for him or maybe Dan is just a massive poser loser (bit of both really)

No. 1545284

I’ve also known Dan for years and he’s always been a poser loser. He used to have a few more brain cells so his act was more believable, now it’s completely obvious. Even while he was running the meatlocker - he couldn’t book a successful show for the life of him because he doesn’t give a shit about local bands and doesn’t know any good ones, he used to steal money from touring bands that actually needed it so he could buy coke and so much more. He’s always sucked, now it’s just blatantly obvious.

No. 1545287

last year Amanda spent 4th of July keeping Erik "safe" from PTSD from fireworks and also managed to befriend a local man and he took a video on her phone.
see here >>1273227

Wonder what she manages this year?

No. 1545319

Wow to think that just 10 short months ago she was making kink videos with Cowie bragging about how great her neighborhood is. Today is May 31 so let’s see if she moves tomorrow!

No. 1545688

When did she say she has to move by a certain date?! I thought her decision to move was so she can be living the dream of being a mid-thirties Manhattan pUnK
It really is hard to discern the tinfoil nonsense from the ridiculous shit this heifer says.

No. 1545850

File: 1654089503460.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1500, 23D554FB-E5C1-417E-9015-CEC13D…)

15,000 steps? This bitch can’t even get on her free Peloton more than twice. (I bet she can’t sell it because it was a “gift”) Also, why would you have more sex in the summer than any other time of year? We all know they’re not.
Oh and all the comments are just them quoting some show back and forth.

No. 1545957

already erased kek

No. 1546356

The only way they hit a 15000 step mark by 11 AM is if they spent all night and morning prowling the streets desperately looking for coke.

No. 1546427

File: 1654128435581.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x2085, 4CC465E7-77F3-4327-9B14-94E5F9…)

I just hit 15000 at 8pm and I commuted, worked, took the train to the gym, worked out, and then home. Scammy and Scabby have never done all of that in one day, definitely not by 11am

Pic is the one post in her “fitness” highlight on her IG

No. 1546429


noooo lmao not the barred out amazon shopping again. i see she got into the butt pad leggings this time

No. 1546447

Do you also think a deer was in her front yard licking her asshole. Or that she has a yard. Or that she goes outside.

No. 1546727

File: 1654151238422.jpg (737.53 KB, 1062x1117, Screenshot_20220602-133839_Goo…)

Its not even her. Catfishing again.

No. 1546732

i didn’t interpret that as her claiming to be in the photo, just that she made the stupid meme.

No. 1546735

sorry for my tism but if she walked 2.6mph for three hours she would have to be like 170lbs to burn that much. isn’t she supposedly like 5’2”? wow skinny queen

No. 1546897

She lies about her height too. I’ve seen her in person and she looks pretty average height. Definitely not the skinny little waif she claims to be.

No. 1548491

Joke's on Slobz because Glock makes other calibers besides just their popular 9mm chambered handguns. I like how Scabies Incarnate shows what a sheltered bitch he is when he doesn't realize that gun manufacturers make more than a singular caliber or truly believes that his dumpy dirigible of a heifer can recognize the brand name of a weapon from sound alone when she couldn't even correctly guess caliber.
This explains why he doesn't say anything about her excessive shooping or text "conversations" with him and her parents- he's a sucker.

No. 1548504

File: 1654309973938.jpeg (640.92 KB, 1170x2576, CCA94346-B8E8-4A54-AACD-CFF04E…)

Ok manda

No. 1548505

File: 1654310035631.jpeg (1.2 MB, 3264x3264, CBB5B9E3-CFF6-44DB-9800-07CB23…)

Also we know you’re not skinny…

No. 1548545

I cannot wait until Johnny finally wakes up (or is forced to, idc) and cuts her off forever.

No. 1548605


I was waiting for this comparison.. thank you!

No. 1548703

This pic is years old and has been floating around forever. It’s wild how she just says whatever she wants and thinks no one will notice.

No. 1548709

That’s one bigass fat roll she’s got there

No. 1548746

I know she reposts a lot, I’ve never seen this picture before Dan posted it of her a few months ago…. Which she made him take down because it’s not on his public FB kek.

When is it from? I think she has on those stupid blind people sunglasses her and Scabies both wear.

No. 1548793


She really thinks she’s hot shit flexing sheer terror and hanging out with Paul bearer huh the one and only pic of them “together”

No. 1549024

I am dying about her choice of the term “sweethearts” to describe the toothless decriptutde that is Bobby Liebling and whoever he’s hired to back him as Pentagram. These are not people to brag about fake knowing.

No. 1549548

File: 1654394241809.png (399.27 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220604-215228.png)

No. 1550110

File: 1654451297235.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1170x1948, 7B1BB17A-F712-42B7-8651-AF2A87…)

Nice eyelashes

No. 1550112

File: 1654451323072.jpeg (1.43 MB, 3264x3264, 95402417-DDFE-41C6-8160-20857B…)

No. 1550113

File: 1654451402877.jpeg (794.25 KB, 1170x1627, AE5DC543-0BFB-4D5B-9C3C-25D3BB…)

Reposts this from some guy…and tags him. Hope he’s invited to the wedding!

No. 1550116

I’ve never seen anyone edit their baby pictures to be more “”attractive”. Like what kind of sick fuck does that?? That’s pedo pandering behavior and it’s fucking weird.

No. 1550157

At least she didn’t shoop her baby self to be thinner this time, that was fucking demented

No. 1550314

File: 1654463089433.jpeg (307.36 KB, 1170x1189, 24406D92-708D-4370-8910-F388C6…)

You are hairy as hell still, you had a unibrow. You also overplucked in the 90s and got them microbladed. Lies lies lies.

No. 1550336

She put eyelashes on herself! zoom way in. The lashes are in front of the glare mark and the glasses. Holy shit

No. 1550349

File: 1654465396857.jpeg (260.67 KB, 414x874, 4670E485-47D0-403E-BCA0-3CC13E…)

Nice unplucked brows

No. 1550419

Those are some sad tiddies

No. 1550852

I’m honestly pretty surprised we haven’t gotten any fresh milk on the move out of Brooklyn by now. I guess I would have expected: 1) a goodbye Brooklyn post with some cliche about not being able to take Brooklyn out of the girl, 2) some not too humble brag about scoring the most exclusive 4 bedroom apartment priced under $1200 a month and how all her new neighbors love her waif charm, or 3) acknowledgement of how culturally empowered she and Dan gets to now be post move with all their new Doordash options for delivery. Alas, here we are.

No. 1550895

Right? That post saying she’s not spending her wedding anniversary with Johnny was definitely her round about way of saying they are on the outs. She’s been squatting in his parents Airbnb for over a year now (minus the days for crime scene clean up and fresh beautiful new paint job). The clock is ticking. The end is near! My money is on “summer at Dan’s parents”. Does anyone know anything about his mom? Like is that even a viable solution?

No. 1550935


New York tenant rights are pretty great so if Scabbies and Mandy are in fact squatting they may be there longer than the summer - John’s family would have to take legal action if they refuse to leave and that can take a very long time

No. 1550963

Came here to say this. Also, according to what I’ve heard, Dan doesn’t give a fuck about what she does and with whom sexually, so she may just find someone else to con into paying for her lifestyle. I wonder if Johnny is finally cutting her off. This is the longest relationship she’s been able to cling to in quite a while.

No. 1551021

interesting, any other details on this? while it doesn't sound surprising at face value I am a little surprised Amanda would do that since she's obsessed with pushing her ride or die soulmate twin flame perfect relationship drenched in piss. It's clear he doesn't give a shit and isn't attracted to her anyway, also I assume this doesn't go both ways because she would never allow it?

No. 1551033

I don’t think anyone but Amanda wants to fuck scabbies so she’s probably not too worried about it.

No. 1551724

File: 1654572865511.jpeg (940 KB, 828x1412, B66F4E67-BD3F-4D76-BE3C-523597…)

Remember that van she also said she bought on April 22? Maybe there going to live in that. Oh right- that was another lie.

No. 1551731

how many "new babies" has she pretended to have over the past year or two never to be seen again? lmao

No. 1551925

File: 1654603527967.jpeg (479.16 KB, 1170x1054, 66DB4C3E-9558-4D44-A6FB-FDA09A…)

So not cancer? Don’t trust anyone with 2 bad tattoos? Or that don’t have 2 bad tattoos? That’s the more likely situation. But her brain is mush.

No. 1552040


She didn’t have a room in an apartment at 16, she was still cutting school and living at home…

No. 1552332

Scabbies has no tattoos, so I guess she doesn’t trust him either? Lol.

No. 1553943

File: 1654746154909.jpeg (643.03 KB, 1242x1506, 24EDD238-2122-4F43-8838-0EAF0F…)


No. 1553956

she’s a fucking sped. who pairs a whole paragraph about anything at all with a meme about masturbating?

No. 1553960

wtf she is truly unhinged wtf even is this

No. 1553979

Does she ever get any comments/engagement on stuff like this?

No. 1553990

She's totally had sex before, guys, great sex, the most sex anyone has ever had, so much sexy sex time. That's definitely how you describe real sex.

No. 1554000

lmao but also is she also indirectly saying dan has a small dick that’s perfect for her lol

honestly i wouldn’t be surprised if even one like or interaction fuels her

No. 1554017

what we always assumed, she now proved for us, she doesn't leave the house and stays in bed for 18 hours. Can't wait for her to have to leave the flat for good and I guess the neighbours will be more than happy, too.

No. 1554018

File: 1654749592416.png (377.5 KB, 592x572, Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 11.3…)

shit like this is why she's my favorite cow

No. 1554137

Methhead energy

No. 1554343

Not that long ago she was complaining scabbies sleeps literally all day and now they’re up having the best sexy sex for 18 hours a day. Totally makes sense.

No. 1554349


Never awake but also always having sex? Ok. This post is especially funny after so many anons have said scabbies can barely get it up, can’t get it up at all for her without porn and only lasts a few minutes.

No. 1554529

Not to mention it seems like one of his ex girlfriends is a farmer and said he had a near micro penis.

No. 1554950

I have to nit pick. Why is there a question mark at the end of that extreme run on sentence? And I wouldn’t call someone who’s having monogamous sex a whore. Semantics aside, this is truly an insult to Dan. She’s basically saying, no shade to girls who like a large dildo but I prefer my small bfs penis which fits perfectly in my tiny pussy tyvm?

No. 1554979

the question mark is there because it's an extreme run on question, not sentence. She's daring her friends to say how their sex life could possibly be better than her alleged bonkathons.

No. 1555003

I guess it is hard to top her fantasy world with reality. Her real life is nothing but depressing and darkly hilarious.

No. 1555019

agreed. It's hilarious because if you've ever had great sex then you sort of lie there in the glorious aftermath and bask in it, not jump onto facebook to write a status about it. The fact that that's how she's getting her sexual satisfaction tells on the stories she's telling.

No. 1555275

She's implying that she's so tight his big dick can barely fit in her. She's not saying he has a small dick.

Her run on is incoherent because it should say "what's better than", not "is"

No. 1555385

She probably meant that, but his dick must be so small she can’t even write a decent lie about it lmao.

No. 1555735


Ah yes, the huffing hambeast and her flapping bingo wings has such a small /kitten/.

No. 1556173

File: 1654884218811.jpeg (717.25 KB, 1170x1529, 3F08091E-88D8-45AB-97AF-9B6088…)

Imagine being in your mid/late 30s still acting as if being a boozing loser is some kind of claim to fame.

No. 1556204

She's utterly disgusting & pathetic, but she owns it I guess

No. 1556218

what. this is the most disgusting bullshit I've ever read. she's claiming she slipped & fell on her slipped disc, "re-breaking" her back and thus giving her SCIATICA? that makes NO sense. the only part that does seem potentially accurate is she and her floors being covered with vomit.

of course, specifically: a "stomach's worth of vomit." as opposed to what?

No. 1556230

This is the type of embarrassing shit you tell your best friend and no one else. I guess since she doesn’t have one single fucking friend she has to post online about in hopes one single person would think this story is remotely funny instead of just depressing and disgusting.

Also, I bet being covered in dried-up puke and spending all day laying down on the couch is nothing new to this cow. The only thing she does is drink, do drugs and lay around watching tv/posting online.

No. 1556235

Someone screenshot the comments. If her dumb ass followers give her any sort of positive comment after this disgusting post I’m done lmao. Though when she announced she was “off the wagon” some of her followers still congratulated her, so I wouldn’t be too surprised.

No. 1556248


Thank you for translating.. for real, I can never fully get through any of her paragraphs before my brain says no

No. 1556254

File: 1654887574633.jpeg (191.84 KB, 454x1280, IMG_0491.jpeg)

I love that she always claimed she "broke" her back lifting.
"Breaking your back" is not a medical term for anything with your spine. She claims she could lift over 200lbs? That pack-a-day, alcoholic/addict? on what planet?

No. 1556286

"my 105 lb body" lmao okay.
What is the "entitlement" comment referring to? Is she saying that Scabies is complaining at her for crying out in pain and shading him because she would have totally nursed his hangover? These two are such dysfunctional addicts.

No. 1556289

File: 1654889171623.jpeg (602.61 KB, 1170x1939, 863727C7-797B-4639-A6D2-97D64C…)

She claimed here she was lifting 125. Also nice comment showing off to Cowie.


No. 1556314


She literally posed for the picture, she didn’t lift shit

She is such a piece of shit was of spit not even fit to be called human

No. 1556330

She is saying she had a blanket on, with a bottle on top, and scabbies yanked it off her to cover himself. Then when she screamed out in pain he yelled “what the fuck” at her. She’s surprised this abusive alcoholic piece of shit clown she’s dating doesn’t care about her drunk-vomit-slip injury like the dumb cow she is. It’s hilarious.

No. 1556518

O noes, your worthless poop dread many baby moocher isn't taking care of you? He's a sad fucking alcoholic who lacks empathy and brain cells, she's acting so surprised.

No. 1556551

No like or reply from cowie lol

No. 1556629

Kek I think this legitimately made her upset and hurt her feelings. She does soooo much for poopdread and was expecting something in return. He’s just using you for drugs and a roof, I sense a breakup really soon.

No. 1556682

File: 1654909550233.jpeg (471.24 KB, 1284x2251, 3883DCDF-A500-4531-840F-6EC20B…)

Omfg how many tattoos has she just randomly picked out of someone’s flash? Is the “a” with three drops for her ex fiancé Andrew the only one that “means” anything? Also who paid for all of them? Hey, pot it’s the kettle calling.

No. 1556702

File: 1654910940109.jpeg (276.97 KB, 828x564, 38C02397-F27D-4792-A06F-39FB58…)

This delusional ass bitch thinks we’re all scabbies’ two exes talking to each other here? Lmao she’s pathetic. There’s literally people from other continents posting on this thread and some of the videos posted here have thousands of views. This one has over two thousand.

No. 1556707

File: 1654911216146.jpeg (508.03 KB, 1170x4004, 49F3D94B-9C48-4D37-B7C6-B1C996…)

The last time Dan responded to one of her posts was 5 days ago….

She also posted this to taunt him in sure. I thought she loved her sexy, perfect schlong angel baby, fiancé’s, disgusting, moldy, bug infested beaver tail.

This coming from someone who edits their baby photos. She’s evil.

No. 1556711

Is she watching his exes accounts counting their tattoos? This post makes her sound like she stalks his exes. What a fucking weirdo.

No. 1556732

I live across the country from her and I follow this shit for her complete uselessness. Nobody wants your tiny peen man, Amanda. Although at this moment I am recalling the time she hinted at OF (maybe not, she said something about “content” so I assumed) and wondering how she’d edit that. Would this smol kitten be as pointy as her chin?

No. 1556812

nah she doesn’t have the self respect to break up with him

she probably does, obsessively. she’s mentally catalogued all their tattoos


kinda sad she’s covered in old vomit because she can’t get up from a “broken sciatica back” and dan can’t help bathe her? and yells at her - you’re right, this is so abusive and sad.

No. 1557061

kek, I'm from a whole different continent and never in my life would I date a drug addicted felted doormat, never. I'm just here for the psychological case of a narcissist with addiction, sleeping in other peoples vomit.

No. 1557110

2007? She’s really making fun of his dead ex girlfriend from over ten years ago for no reason. Pure class, mandy.

Also, I noticed she wrote “2007-2022-____” as in fill in the blank with the next girl he dates that she will call a poser. Though I’m sure she is trying to imply she’s going to break up with him and he’ll get another gf just like his exes as a passive aggressive dig at scabbies, it kind of makes it look like she’s including herself in the list of poser gfs. Which is hilarious because she is 100% describing herself in that post, not his exes.

No. 1557144

Yeah so she’s saying all of Dan’s past and future girlfriend are scene girl posers but she’s the exception? Riiiiggghhhhhtttt

No. 1557157

File: 1654960329342.webm (479.54 KB, 344x480, goblin squats .webm)

> vomit isn’t mine
> attracting flies
Does anyone else think she keeps things vague to later be able to say: “it wasn’t Dan, he’s perfect and doesn’t smell”?
Local archive attached.
Always thankful for those who translate. Thanks, nonita.
Yours aren’t better, Amanda. You’re financially abusing a borderline disabled man and not only for your tattoos. Although I’ll admit I don’t quite get what she’s saying.
What’s the context of this?

No. 1557162

not that it matters but she's saying she was on TOP of the blanket and bottle and he pulled it out from underneath, tablecloth magic trick style. it does make a much funnier visual.

No. 1557181

What is she on about? I had sciatica and with exercise it was gone within a few months. She’s not only so stupid she doesn’t know what sciatica is, she also just revealed she never fucking move from her couch

No. 1557248

This is the third time I’m mentioning, but is anybody like.. not able to read her paragraphs? It’s like every time I try, my brain instinctively stops reading like it’s protecting myself from stupidity

No. 1557262

Her writing style is truly confusing. She thinks she’s got some kind of bukowski hunter s Thompson thing going on. But she makes so many typos, has a really limited vocab, and invents slang so it makes it even harder to understand her. On top of it she tries to incorporate this internet/meme talk ie “when you fall in vomit…”. She doesn’t seem to understand verb tense and has no sense of time so it’s hard to tell WHEN she’s talking about. Some of that is on purpose in an attempt to rewrite history. But mostly she’s just stupid and has a hard time turning a thought into a sentence.

No. 1557281

File: 1654968231822.jpeg (299.88 KB, 1196x1196, F0D6FAE4-9B72-4307-BBE7-1D470F…)


You hit the nail on the head lol

I tried reading this three times, very slowly and I’m still drawing a blank

No. 1557335

The “to cover another body” is the weird part. Is there a 3rd person there?

No. 1557360

Here's my interpretation: Amanda is lying on top of the bed covers, with a bottle under her back to try to help with her back pain. Dan then yanks the covers over to his side of the bed to cover himself (his being the "other body"). This causes Amanda to almost fall off the bed and cry out in pain, to which Dan responds "what the fuck?!?!?" presumably because he was asleep and her scream woke him. She finds this very offensive because she has already explained to him that she used a large quantity of lidocaine on her back and it didn't help.

No. 1557544

I’m just surprised she didn’t provide the brand name and price of the blanket.

No. 1557570

it reminds me of the chapter in American Psycho where he describes his sound system (I guess it was that) set-up. I just couldn't read that, after 3 sentences I noped out and nothing made any sense anymore. You must also keep in mind that I'm not a native English speaker, so her bullshit is even more tiring for me as it seems she is very eloquent while the only thing she does is putting drunken sentences in a row with way too much unnecessary and boring descriptions and there is nothing intelligent or educated to be found. A text about the scientific use of garlic as an antibiotic makes more sense to me than what she is writing.

No. 1557592

Yet this delusional ass cow still thinks we’re all scabbie’s exes talking in a vacuum. Sorry mandy, but you’re internationally mocked and hated.

No. 1557864

also the alcohol brand!

No. 1558060


I think what makes her rambles truly incoherent is that she goes back and adds in the ridiculous details later. I think the middle part initially read: "Imagine laying there in excruciating pain then having the covers you’re laying on top of being yanked to cover another body" i.e. poopdread stole the covers for himself. HOWEVER she decided her audience needed reminding that she's boozing in bed bc she's sooo wild and cool AND that she's an uwu tiny 105lbs. So she added those two parts in and created the abso insane sentence we see before us today.

No. 1558161

File: 1655042122488.jpeg (113.29 KB, 1170x730, 4C1739D7-76B1-45E2-9505-563F4C…)

These comments kek

No. 1558219

Keep us updated on her response to these, please.

No. 1558611

Oh my god this is so spot on it makes me gag how great of a comparison this is

No. 1558933

literally the sheer amount of unnecessary embellishments and details and tangents is truly pathological - i mean we all know she’s mentally ill but her last couple long rambling posts and comments are spiraling

No. 1559096

File: 1655120755199.jpeg (467.1 KB, 1170x1021, B101418B-FC09-4DDB-B58B-7E89F1…)

Cancer pity part 2! Chemotherapy starting! Can’t wait to see all the medical proof of this.. and reasons why someone waits 2 years for treatment…

No. 1559101

Who else thinks she threw in the cancer bullshit so no one would question why the party was cancelled?

No. 1559105

I love to take the summer off before starting my cancer treatment.

No. 1559106

File: 1655122975866.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1863, F1F8D558-59AD-4170-9666-884239…)

Just leaving this here

No. 1559110

File: 1655123656993.jpeg (57.91 KB, 640x430, C893291F-4FB6-4D13-804D-6D1469…)


Jeez idk amanda - could it be that you have a pile of vomit just sitting hanging around on your kitchen floor long enough to attract flies? And then you claim you stepped in it and then must have been covered in it when you fell

No. 1559111


My guess:

Dan is fighting with her so a) the engagement is off for the moment and b) she absolutely CANNOT let that steal her limelight so not only does she have a broken back but her STAGE 2 CANCER (that she has had since thread 1 but it’s politely stayed in the background) IS BACK

No. 1559119

It’s either this or she’s slowly getting rid of scabbies, but she cannot lose her limelight during the process of finding some other loser to replace him.

No. 1559151

…you don't wait this long to start cancer treatment. i think a few things are happening here: has not vacated the apt that she was supposed to be out of a few months ago? This is a ploy to stay because she has no where to go. Also a ploy to potentially set up another go fund me. I think unidread is getting sick of her, and maybe using cancer to be like "you cant leave me". God shes sick.

Dom, have you heard anything about cancer treatment from your parents? looks like shes slipping further from reality. she needs 5150 or whatever hold at a institution.

There is this one unidread woman I see on my way to work mumbling obscenities to herself and begging for money..that is future Amanda Slobs.

This is such an insult to anyone that has been diagnosed with cancer and fought for their life. She deserves everything coming to her.

No. 1559155

ayy lmao

No. 1559680

Did anyone comment on the post or did she delete it?

No. 1559761

Oh yeah. There's trouble in "paradise" but she can't tell the truth, so it's back to the ultimate attention ploy in her bag of tricks. She is so full of shit. I see another ebegging spree on the horizon. And claims of Scabbies aboose.

No. 1559791

File: 1655169227710.jpeg (637.09 KB, 1170x3477, 888704D3-D271-41B0-A4EC-333F98…)

Comments on the chemo post.

No. 1559797

Goddamn, that Tom Harrison guy’s post breaks my heart. Fuck her for tricking actually vulnerable and kind people into caring about her lies.

No. 1559803

> R T MF H‘s post
Amanda, you’re fucking scum and not in the quirky way you so desperately want to be.

No. 1559830

not an east coast anon so i guess i'm out of the loop. who is he?

No. 1559835

She'd rather just dIe from stage 2, aka early stage, breast cancer with a 90-99% 5 year survival rate even if she did have it. So her stage 0 breast cancer surely has a 100% survival rate. Good job, Slobz- beating the odds! So brave!

Also why how did the couple anons tinfoiling she's getting kicked out of John's parents' AirBnB turn into fact where other anons are saying "what date does she have to move by?" Answer is: she doesn't have to move. She was just pouting she wanted to move away, no one kicked her out.

No. 1559843

You don't have to know him to read that he has stage 3 cancer and Slobz is suckering actual cancer patients for sympathy

No. 1559851

for sure - it's enraging to see actual cancer patients share their stories with mandy like she's one of them. just couldn't tell if there was more to the comment than that

No. 1559871

Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply there was more. As others have echoed, it’s simply the fact that here’s an actual cancer patient (unless he’s lying) reaching out in solidarity to help her out and give her some solace in this supposed troubling time. Except that we know it’s all bullshit. I hope she has the decency to simply thank him and wish him good luck in his “journey” rather than try to “outdo” him.

No. 1559997

>I hope she has the decency to simply thank him and wish him good luck in his “journey” rather than try to “outdo” him

I love your optimism that these are the two most likely options, nonna. Knowing Scamanda she’ll be hitting him up for GoFundMe sympathy cash any minute now.

No. 1560014

Don't you think if this was really happening, she'd do GoFundMe and talk up the mastectomy and the perfect titties she's going to buy herself for being so strong, much brave. Chemo in the fall, who is falling for that bullshit?

No. 1560032

Does someone have that photo or story she posted pulling up to the hospital where she has a biopsy and reported malignant but was actually benign? Myself or anyone really should report her for fraud and noting that she used the hospital for false claims on her cancer diagnosis. They don’t take those things lightly, she will be flagged. Also, someone or Dom should let her parents know shes fabricating a new tale about having cancer again and better yet share it with johns parents. This still can be reported to her original go fund me and will officially be blocked from any sort of fundraising that has to do with her. If her dad can afford to buy her all these cars, he certainly can afford to help for her cancer treatment. Read it and weep, smelly cunt cancer loving POS. Go ahead and try to stab me at a bar, you worthless walking polyp. She’s fat and looks like shrek irl. Looking forward to her losing sleep over this. Best wishes, your ex.(don't touch the poop)

No. 1560269

Hey vendetta ex, no one's cowtipping so sorry you regret dating Shrek but that sounds like a personal healing journey you need to find

No. 1560280

Hey ex people DID report the go fund me and it WAS taken down only to be put back up after she sent in her “proof”. It’s too late to do anything now, it’s been up for years at this point.

Do not show up here and start cowtipping. One great thing about Amanda is that she tells on herself constantly. Dom is here, he knows what’s going on. Her parents raised her, they know her antics, they have already cut her off.

I’m sorry you were too dumb to scroll back in her feed far enough to see the last ex she screwed over before you started fucking her. But you’re on the other side of it now. So sit back, relax and spill the milk! What was it like dating someone who posted screen shots of your texts???

No. 1560285

File: 1655206433240.jpeg (880.82 KB, 1170x4458, 18A7F8B1-4D92-447A-A993-21A355…)

Her and Scabies are two sexy peas in a vomit fill pod

No. 1560288

File: 1655206477560.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1968, 399379C7-FF04-4F98-92A1-D7CDDF…)

How my “cock and balls” …

No. 1560295

File: 1655207858916.jpeg (595.28 KB, 1170x1383, D5DFD628-0099-4911-A28B-2CCE49…)

Morning word salads.

No. 1560361

File: 1655215880424.jpeg (269.75 KB, 1080x1066, Screenshot_20220613_180410_com…)

I would fuck Beetlejuice over Dan any day though

No. 1560497

it’s not even one full year! Cowie died in September 2021 and she was still “engaged” to him at the beginning of the summer, yeah?

No. 1560510

Amanda didn’t post this..it’s just a reaction pic

No. 1560576

yes, but she was going on about them being together for a year, which they haven’t

No. 1560669


Her definitely real pregnancy just kind of faded into the wind so I’m betting the definitely real chemo she’s going to get will do that too…I wonder why she bothers if John doesn’t have social media and she has his family blocked? It’s just to explain why her definitely real engagement party show was cancelled?

No. 1560673

Wow, she REALLY sounds like Vicky here. Mandy sword swinging saga when?

No. 1562711

Fb anons, did she make that cancer post and go radio silent after? I’m shocked she hasn’t made 5 follow up posts about her “cancer”.

No. 1562793

You gotta have at least one good story you can share from when you dated this disgusting trainwreck.

No. 1563210

File: 1655429386930.jpeg (182.61 KB, 828x742, 52101D54-88DC-4D0C-99B8-312453…)

She’s a week behind real life - maybe that’s why she didn’t move to her amazing EaSt VilLaGe apartment yet

No. 1563217

> who's counting?!
Apparently she is, Mike.

No. 1563243

What kind of middle school bullshit joke is that? 6/9? Good one Mandy.

No. 1563478

her life is social media. she probably recently came across a post referring to this and wanted to repost to seem cool and make it seem like her own. what a loser. literally all her posts lately refer to sex or more like what she wishes she had since ive read that dan lacks in that area. seems like shes in heat - definitely not pregnant, and certainly does not have cancer. having cancer you lose all ability of a "drive". i can attest to that. every time i don't see a post on here for 24 hours i assume shes dead.

No. 1563494

i giver her less than 2 years

No. 1563508

You're thinking too optimistically. I wouldn't be surprised if she lived an above average lifespan while draining the life of everyone around her

No. 1563547

Nah. Her days are numbered

No. 1563552

Cockroaches don't die easily

No. 1563676

Also check her Poshmark because that’s ALWAYS active and shows the last time she signed in. She’s never to fucked up to buy used makeup.

No. 1563705

File: 1655476237939.jpeg (87.84 KB, 828x409, 3335A07B-F9C5-4C63-8928-FD45A0…)

Lmao you’re right.

No. 1563711

File: 1655476497789.jpeg (659.67 KB, 828x1478, A51C0061-2CFF-452C-8015-8C7C74…)

Imagine being so self-conscious about your body that you want to convince complete strangers on a secondhand shopping site that a size L is “too big” for you. It was probably too small for her, why lie?

No. 1564280

File: 1655505168998.jpeg (804.02 KB, 1170x1643, F45C900A-9B4B-4D17-BF3A-254557…)

“New” old pic

No. 1564298

She’s quoting a song called “he stopped loving her today” which is about a guy who is still obsessed with his ex and loves her until the day he dies. She’s like a sad teenager on myspace quoting dramatic lyrics for attention from scabbies and whoever else. It’s so pathetic and childish.

No. 1564518

Can’t edit out the saggy bulldog jowls

No. 1566224

File: 1655683514387.gif (1001.14 KB, 924x924, 2894D5B4-95A5-4078-9DD3-3FBF35…)

She tried making her face smaller. It’s a photo from 2016.

No. 1566449

ugh… every time i see her shrink her face and nose i remember that long post she made about her nose being too small for her to pick it

No. 1566701

File: 1655727783455.jpeg (690.99 KB, 1170x1578, 3634A44E-7A47-413B-A010-068B6D…)

Aww did Scabies not remember your half birthdays and celebrations of the 3 times you went to Miami or 1 time you went to Israel?

No. 1566926


Pickmes never prosper sweaty. You fuck and glorify men that can't even wipe their own ass or brush their hair, how can you expect them to see you as anything other than a warm fleshlight?

No. 1566986

A warm fleshlight that provides free booze, drugs and a bed!

After seeing them not too long ago I’m honestly surprised she expects him to remember anything at all. Between all the drunken slurring, stuttering, sniffling and constantly going “uuuuuh” he can barely string three words into a single sentence. And she didn’t sound, look or smell much better either lol.

No. 1567051

Amanda you're a proud alcoholic dirtbag who hangs out with other alcoholic dirtbags who can't even remember where they left their last vomit puddle. Why would they "remember small details about you"? Considerate and thoughtful people wouldn't be caught dead around someone like you, and if one accidentally ended up in your orbit, you'd scam them.

No. 1567614

File: 1655810073626.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x1730, E7055680-B080-4C58-A1FF-F9E082…)

Oh god she had something to do instead of go to a concert?! What sacrifices she makes for the better good. Kek

No. 1567615

File: 1655810119072.jpeg (372.02 KB, 1170x948, 7FCA5F22-5EF0-4A11-B809-BDAF7A…)

Sounding like she’s holding Dan hostage. Really Misery vibes.

No. 1567616

File: 1655810175356.jpeg (780.67 KB, 1170x1143, 7AE12733-B938-4C0F-92F0-02BB3A…)

And topped the last post off with how sweet and nice Dan is. No one believes it Mandy!

No. 1567633

File: 1655813199838.jpeg (296.45 KB, 1170x989, 85FD25E9-51BE-4A40-A892-ACF548…)

Not sure who she’s vague posting about. But she doesn’t even know how to ride… so

No. 1567673


She’s probably making the old “sPoRtStErS aRe GiRl BiKeS” joke like she rides a big twin and didn’t crash her sporty the one & only time she rode it almost a decade ago…

No. 1567691

I know Dan and she’s definitely holding his phone hostage. There is no way he would willingly give up his phone, or any of the other “vices” she mentioned. And “blowing up” her phone? I’m sure maybe one person called or texted looking for him. We all know neither of them have real friends and his family is most likely relieved not having him around.

No. 1567719


Something doesn’t add up here lol

No. 1567730

Someone should do a wellness check

No. 1567734

Dan is the next Cowie saga incoming.

No. 1567745

File: 1655819989632.jpeg (420.59 KB, 973x3397, 74A345CC-C3A6-4BC1-9AB3-7841F7…)

Comments on the bike post

No. 1567749

i dont understand how she speaks. she sounds stupid. someone who made up the idea of having cancer should maybe not be calling other people out…especially referring to a "girls" bike. who cares? also YOU lied about having cancer. What a loser.

No. 1567758

Why? He’s as much of piece of shit as her. He chooses to stay with her, he chooses to continue drinking and doing drugs, he chooses to continue using people (including Amanda) for drugs and alcohol, and he chooses to stay unemployed while mooching off amanda/Johnny even though he’s in his 30s. Not to mention all the allegations of sexual and physical abuse against him, or that time Amanda had a mysterious black eye that his “car” gave her. There’s no reason to worry about him or feel bad for him.

One can only hope.

No. 1567903

File: 1655832417569.jpeg (431.34 KB, 1284x2246, 2ACC9411-FA1C-4AA8-8A7D-F47F73…)

Pretty sure she deleted the last comment which feels very off brand - was hoping there’d be a fight

No. 1567906

nona your prof pic is visible

No. 1567910

File: 1655832823275.jpeg (36.07 KB, 282x235, AEACE55B-C3B2-42CC-9DF8-8B2A74…)

Your boyfriend looks like Tobias Fünke

No. 1567952

Dan would NEVER turn off his phone. He would purposely break his phone before voluntarily turning it off. She is definitely cornering and controlling him from talking to other people. This is insane. She probably caught a text he said about her being a psycho.(sage your shit)

No. 1567979

I bet he either got caught calling her a cunt/bitch or trying to talk to his ex again.

No. 1568072

Of course people go offline for a while, but it's sooo suspicious that Amanda is posting about this instead of Dan himself if that's his choice.

No. 1568179

Yeah the fact she had to add “by choice”. Who is she fooling? Watch him already be dead and her and Johnny covering this up in some crazy way(learn2sage)

No. 1568188

If you have to cut off communication completely to the point of removing your SIM card you are not ok even if it is by choice.

No. 1568345

File: 1655858556831.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1170x2129, 3905168E-ABAD-43F3-99D0-034C34…)

Don’t forget when she gatekeeped who could message or add to Erik on FB when she made their ”relationship” public. They were engaged too…and dude ended up broke, drunk and dead in her apt.

No. 1568371

Although he was broke, drunk, and nearly dead before he arrived so we shouldn't expect someone named Slobz to save the day

No. 1568374

Dan didn’t show up with much more besides a van.

No. 1568560

Im new to this page and just read through everything and WOW. Is there a real chance this Dan guy is dead now? Seems like she’s covering something up. Not a snitch but shouldnt someone notify authorities if this is a real possibility?

No. 1568622

File: 1655896336615.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x3170, 442B600F-EB26-4AE9-890B-D34A6C…)

No. 1568631

File: 1655896812493.jpeg (1007.77 KB, 1170x1888, 4C6B2345-C626-4504-81F6-8D0727…)

The biggest lie out of all of this is someone let her keep a hoodie because “he’s super sweet”. Who did you use to date who you still like? Ginger? Korey?

No. 1568646

probably jonnys

No. 1568769

No. It’s anons tin foiling like retards. Relax.

No. 1568816

She really was trying for punk, then failed miserably when it became necessary to mention her Jimmy Choo boots. Such a special pick me.

No. 1568859

Very punk of her to dry snitch on her neighbor like that

No. 1568870

Her circular explanation of him borrowing the hoodie so he wouldn’t get id’d on his way to borrowing the hoodie. She can’t even lie right.

No. 1569264

Okay good- I’m not having a stroke. She’s actually that retarded.

No. 1569320

My Immortal levels of over explaining your outfit

No. 1569325

Funniest comment yet (wake me up)

No. 1569330

lmfao spot on. a real life ebony dark'ness dementia raven way

No. 1569348

i’m confused if he’s her neighbor why didn’t he just change into a different outfit at his own damn spot or just … hide out in his apartment lol

No. 1569363


my favorite part of all of this is her saying that she owns two motorcycles? doesn’t she not know how to ride them or have a license of any kind?

No. 1569452

Also if he's her neighbor why would it matter if he changed his number? She could just knock on his door????

No. 1569549

You guys are overthinking it. This is obviously a lie/larp to show you how “cool” and “down” she is with everyone in her neighborhood which feeds into her lie about having street cred, lol. I’ve never seen this pic on her feed before so chances are it’s a new photo. Might even double as an opportunity to make Dan jealous with this stupid story, who really knows.

No. 1569676

Remember her neighbor Malik (I think) drove her somewhere once and she took a video of her feet on the dash. I think this pic is from the same day. If she left the house in a car recently we would have heard about it.

No. 1569730

File: 1655991250434.jpeg (548.11 KB, 1170x2667, 51677C77-0AB6-4945-8893-38BB11…)

“Fun fact” it’s from April 2021.

No. 1569984

File: 1656009235546.jpeg (592.34 KB, 1242x1286, B091FB24-EEE4-4755-AAFA-880940…)

So poetic

No. 1569991

Is she having a stroke?

No. 1569993

Probably in regards to that Tobias Funke having chick.

No. 1569995

Wtf is she even trying to say? She’s such a horrible writer it’s almost impossible to figure out.

Is she saying people who hate her are fake to her then kiss Dan’s ass? 99% of people who know either of these jokers don’t give a single fuck about them. They only have online followers because they are embarrassing, hilarious, drug and alcohol addicted trainwrecks who can make literally anyone feel better about their life. I’ve never seen someone who is so delusional and so good at lying to themselves as Amanda. They are truly pathetic.

No. 1569996

She’s definitely stalking the thread again. She can delete anyone’s comments off her posts, but she can’t delete this thread.

No. 1569998

Translation: I'm unwilling to admit I have no real friends, only people who make polite conversation with me in public, due to being an insufferable tryhard who smells like a juggalo lighting up a cig in a portajohn on the last day of the gathering.

No. 1570014

File: 1656011576297.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x7907, 11703F5B-AEBE-432F-AB04-407F56…)

Nice bendy cigarette and terrible editing. Also did she emoji “cut you up”? Wow, what a child.

No. 1570023

File: 1656013270926.jpeg (346.05 KB, 786x564, 913C19F8-AC63-4710-86C3-7F7EF8…)

Still looks fat with the editing here. Also wtf is that last picture? It looks so “2005 hello kitty obsessed, fake goth, scene queen teen on myspace” shit lmao.

No. 1570025

The face wrinkles in that last pic are fucking jarring.

No. 1570044

Lunch lady arms for sure.

“Yeah I just lay around in cheap, hot topic lingerie, while bugs crawl out of my sexy, smelling oh-so-good, fiancés hair, into our hamster nest bed.“

No. 1570055

what the fuck is happening to her chin area in the last photo

is she really that haggard

No. 1570066


Has anyone heard anything about the pet bird? Did she at least give it away or did it just quietly fly out the window or what? Chain smoking indoors has probably killed it but man I feel bad for that thing

No. 1570317


either it’s dead, she let it outside, or she gave it to someone. hopefully the latter but probably one of the first two!

No. 1570346

Smoking cigarettes in the bed that your unwashed stinky man lays all over and that a 50 something year old redneck junkie died in. Absolutely fucking bleak

No. 1570353

it's gotta smell fuckin nasty in there between both of them smoking and their gross vomit body odor

No. 1570386

I just realized they’re both smoking in bed. It must smell so fucking gross in that room.

Also, I used to know Dan pretty well and he never smoked and never liked other people smoking either. Funny he picked up the habit in his 30s after living in that rat nest with this disgusting cow.

Wonder how her “cancer” is doing.

No. 1570391

Don’t forget the piles of dirty laundry she’s incapable of washing, the nyc garbage scabbies brings in to make his “art” and the untopable stench of his poopdread. I bet no one but them can withstand the smell of that apartment. Or each other.

No. 1570431

File: 1656042930172.png (Spoiler Image, 706.31 KB, 850x482, Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 10.5…)

TUSK 2, coming to a borough near you.

No. 1570435

Fucking kek

No. 1570452

hairy unwashed ass? no thank you.

No. 1570555

Yasss Queen, Fall out boy lyrics, so punk !

No. 1570781

File: 1656087529307.jpeg (296.23 KB, 1170x1640, 11EB03AB-3FF5-4077-8D41-45E5D0…)

The videos are so stupid it’s just him singing and them in bed.

No. 1570784

File: 1656087656440.jpeg (630.55 KB, 1170x3064, 61B0D61A-F65C-4131-AB8D-0CFAF4…)

Hi I’m 13 and welcome to my livejournal.

100% she posted this to talk about her “partial mastectomy” with no reconstructive surgery and two normal shaped tits. Amazing how her body regenerates.

No. 1570785

File: 1656087748356.jpeg (156.62 KB, 1170x846, 2858F253-CDDC-4CAA-8BD9-27836D…)

And this gem

No. 1570789


jesus christ his child arms and weak build drive me insane

No. 1570824


I saw a wall of text and assumed she had somehow already found a way to make the roe v wade thing about her, in the most graphic way possible of course. I guess this is somewhat better.

No. 1570835

“Nobody worry about my boyfriend! He just hasn’t gotten out of bed in days because he’s so happy and healthy. He doesn’t have his phone for his own good, not because I’m a controlling psycho who doesn’t want him to talk to anyone but me. Even though he looks like a noodle-armed corpse playing guitar on my rat nest bed, he is happier and better than any of you!” Ok Amanda.

Can a fb anon post the videos? I want to see how terrible he sounds lol.

No. 1570837

The deer part is one of the most ridiculous lies in there. Yeah I’m sure the same girl who smashed her cat against the wall cradled a dying deer in her lap to “make him feel better”. If this was even true she would’ve just made the deer more miserable and scared. We are their number 1 predator, being in close contact to a human is terrifying to a wild adult deer. She’s so fucking stupid it’s unbelievable.

No. 1570839

That poor deer died thinking "well I guess this ugly bitch is going to eat me now."

No. 1570842


no she prob just threw it in her trunk and made her cuck husband hang it up in her “store”

No. 1570849

She probably didn’t even stop at all. She’s heartless.

No. 1570907

"thanks dad for showing me the most effective way to get lyme disease, rip deer."

No. 1570974

exactly! wild animals aren't exactly known for loving cuddles, especially while literally dying. also "tought" ugh this bitch is fully retarded

No. 1570987

File: 1656102806385.jpeg (67.25 KB, 450x640, 6026BCA8-9BC3-4FF0-9BCE-C5290F…)


Pls enjoy this gem - let’s not all line up at once now

No. 1571014


Do you think it bothers her that his arms are more fem and dainty than her bingo arms?

No. 1571019

thought this was a tif

No. 1571021

File: 1656104792686.jpeg (130.1 KB, 403x640, C03596C4-6988-491A-B8BB-FFB103…)


Given the projection going on in the caption the answer is…yes

No. 1571029

honestly anybody who just lopped that hideous shit off his ugly head would deserve a goddamn Medal of Honor

No. 1571080

If i didn't know better, I'd think someone photoshopped his head onto an alcoholic woman's body.

No. 1571101

tfw a flea ridden, disgusting hairy hobo is built more feminine and slender than you. tfw you’re barely that size even when edited and squeezed down as much as possible. tfw a dainty felt mat is a trigger to your body dysmorphia. Amanda’s life is so fucking bleak lmao I love this sweet schadenfreude.

No. 1571133

His arms are more feminine than her lunch lady lurch arms kek. This is great. And she tried to pretend he was this big tonight guy who would beat up anyone who even looked at her wrong in the beginning of saga

No. 1571134

His legs look like they’re covered in dirt. Barf.

No. 1571135

Somebody post the videos from these posts

No. 1571174


Track marks on thigh perhaps?

No. 1571176

Same, his body is so girlish, flabby and unattractive that it makes me uncomfortable.

No. 1571213

File: 1656122184288.gif (497.79 KB, 500x250, tumblr_meht5gR1nw1qjxkg2.gif)

No. 1571304

I don’t know which I’d want more, this or her eviction.
Streamanon, we beg you.

No. 1571729


I’m glad it’s not just me that thinks he looks photoshopped. His head is so big on such a scrawny little body he almost looks like a Goldeneye N64 character

No. 1571750

i dont know how someone would mildly find that attractive, he's so weirdly proportionate. He also has kankles and a beaver tail for hair BARF

No. 1571757

Not tracks marks. Most likely scars from when they thought it was cool to hurt each other months ago.

No. 1571817

There are literal piles of trash in the background. He looks so disgusting I was sure she posted this pic of him. But the fact that he posted it somehow makes it worse. Is this there attempt to show proof of life? Sounds like she wrote the caption.

No. 1571849

She did write the caption. Read it again.

No. 1571878

Ok I see. She is literally speaking for him. It’s so easy to get confused with her random use of quotes and doublespeak. Also summer just started. But we already know how bad she is at keeping track of time.

No. 1572218

File: 1656209144699.jpeg (1009.13 KB, 1170x2124, EB541CC5-9FC9-40C4-9226-DC1588…)

No. 1572249

holy fuck kek where to start? the dead look in his eyes. the clink of bottles on the ground when he puts his guitar down. mandy's slurred whispering and witch cackle. the staredown!!!

No. 1572261

His baby arms! HAHAHA. They literally look like they belong to a toddler or a cripple

No. 1572262

that's just some kind of filter that makes him look like he has a gigantic head and a tiny body, right? right???

No. 1572341

Why am I not surprised that they're listening to Kid Rock and that Gumby's body double knows all the words to a Kid Rock song? And ol' witch Mandy thinks this is so funny (because she's drunk af) that she shows off her witch cackle and snorts like a pig.

No. 1572362

mr and mrs jabba the hutt

No. 1572378

File: 1656223724162.webm (2.25 MB, 352x640, Gross .webm)

Thanks, Streamanon. Here are the .webms (1/2)

No. 1572379

File: 1656223752181.webm (4.43 MB, 360x622, Somehow, even grosser.webm)

No. 1572471

He looks like an invalid. He looks like he's been wasting away, atrophying in that bed for months.

No. 1572509

File: 1656240105332.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 51.67 KB, 640x301, 158DB4AC-8409-4DFD-8CF7-2BA84D…)


It’s giving sloth from the movie SEVEN vibes
that’s for sure

he actually looks crustier and more feminine than shayna tho with his lady fingers

No. 1572670

Amanda sledgehammered his legs Misery style to stop him from leaving her

No. 1572859

What are the odds that his legs are chained to the bed?

No. 1572865

File: 1656268245288.jpeg (114.49 KB, 1200x675, CDBBBFBE-1047-429B-8A27-1CFBF6…)


He’s got the Ricky Berwick build

No. 1572928

File: 1656273219565.jpeg (592.2 KB, 1170x3479, 76FB3702-60EA-4935-A4FA-ED95CE…)

The rest of the photos from the post are just as bad.

No. 1572933


He has a very feminine browbone and forehead

No. 1573009

Is he vegan? He looks like he could use some protein

No. 1573034

A man literally has to try to be this out of shape

No. 1573099


He has an alcoholic body, it’s not new. It’s like all the skinny old men you see with little pot bellied shaking at the liquor store in the morning. Scrawny arms and legs and a mini beer belly because he eats only what he needs to survive and is bloated from just drinking a ton of alcohol constantly

No. 1573108

wow look at all the trash just sitting on the floor in the hallway. Mandy slobs really living up to her name huh

No. 1573418

"hahaha let's make fun of the disabled person hahaha I'm so mature"

there's nothing wrong w/you making fun of Dan – he's made himself who/what he is now. but leave Ricky Berwick and other disabled people out of it and grow the fuck up.

seriously fuck you

No. 1573436

>let’s make fun of the disabled person
literally the entire point of this site but go off nonnie

No. 1573448

His head looks cartoonishly large in these videos and that screenshot. I was convinced it was a filter too but it’s not. Excessive drinking does make your face really puffy. Plus the beard and awful posture is making his neck disappear and the sides of his head appear larger. All in this is an extremely disturbing image that kept me up last night.

No. 1573450

You know what I don’t get about this engagement? This guy offers absolutely nothing to Mandy. Past boyfriends, fiancé’s, etc either have some perceived clout, a motorcycle, they live somewhere Amanda deems travel worthy, they are a quasi famous tattoo artist, etc. but what is she getting from Dan? He has a broken down van, zero clout, they don’t go anywhere or do anything. He does the bare minimum amount of social media groveling but that’s it. Sounds like he doesn’t do chores, doesn’t cook, doesn’t clean the apartment, their clothes or himself. What is in this for her? She can’t stand to be alone but has she really exhausted all other options?? Is Dan’s moms credit card and his ability to make friends with senior punks the only thing holding this relationship together??

No. 1573484

He has a giant disgusting beaver tail stuck to his head. None of the other guys can offer that.

No. 1573527

She thinks he has clout in the punk scene because he is gross, slept in a venue and is generally known by everyone she wants the approval of. Even if the things other people know him for are totally negative, she believes because he has the nastiest hair and plays in a band that makes him the king of the scene and everybody wants him, thus making him a valuable hot property.

No. 1573542


I’m the anon that posted that; Ricky is a fucking G, I was only making fun of Dan. Simmer down tardo

No. 1573554

I think he doesn't try to change anything about her and comes without attachments. She just found the best partner, someone doing everything she wants, not caring about the lies she tells online and she can stay the same, without the need to ever grow up or get sober.

No. 1573561

He’s not known in the nyc scene at all. People in the north jersey scene know him because he used to help run the meatlocker and his band played the meatlocker every other night. Now most people either forgot about him or distanced themselves from him because of the abuse allegations and his relationship with Amanda. Amanda only cares about having cool Brooklyn clout and she doesn’t seem to know anyone in NJ other than scabbies and his few “friends”.

I don’t understand why she keeps him around either. He definitely doesn’t contribute anything at all like >>1573450 pointed out. I think she’s either out of options or she likes having full control over him. He’s ugly, broke, and needs her for alcohol and drugs so she knows he won’t leave. He might as well be her pet lol.

No. 1573740

Without saying all of that, i feel most people would find it strange that he has a beaver tail on his head. That alone would make me run the other direction. Yuck. He’s severely mentally ill to want to live like that. Also what kind of person would consider gg allin their hero? That guy was nuts.

No. 1573877

The punk cred is stored in the beaver tail. You guys are overthinking this.

No. 1574101

Thats why she likes him. Nobody knows him and he doesn’t have a horrible reputation at these corny LES punk bars. Hanging out at Tompkins, oooh how eDgEy. It’s not the 70s, or even 20 yrs ago.

He also hasn’t been 86d from every place in BK like Manda. No one knows who he is. He can bring her to bars and introduce her to mostly dudes who haven’t gotten tired of her… yet. I’m sure taking over his phone is going to make things really fun for them this summer, while he has a digital detox like some 60 year old, LA mom.

No. 1574274

kek you have a point and made me laugh. I'll relax.

No. 1574278

I'll simmer down. it must have been some sort of PTSD from those last videos. love, tardo

No. 1574437

File: 1656412487749.jpeg (338.55 KB, 1170x2262, 442D9055-BA3A-4B5D-920C-A1BE89…)

No Manda, the years are showing.

No. 1574440

File: 1656413052578.jpeg (786.27 KB, 1170x1896, B8A4FD47-114C-4FCA-A7F2-0F22F7…)

Just posted, but definitely old

No. 1574453

I remember this from a few years ago. She must have severe wet brain to think nobody will remember this. Can a friend anon go back and find the original?

No. 1574472

hold up. no fucking way. Mandy's had trauma in her life??? why has she never mentioned her tribulations before? please, do tell us more, Our Lady of Constant Sorrow (While Still Being Devastatingly Sexy). I await your wordz o' wizdom with bated breath.

No. 1574479

Who the fuck tells a 35-year-old they're "mature for their age"? That's what people tell children and barely adult people when they either want to groom them or parentify them. Nobody is going to be surprised when a 35-year old who has been a legal adult for half of their life is acting mature.

No. 1574651

Bragging about her "good looks" whilst posting a pic of such low quality you can't even see her nose

No. 1574696

File: 1656439832758.png (330.47 KB, 1068x661, Screen Shot 2022-06-28 at 1.31…)

Here is the original posted to her instagram Aug of 2020. She claims it was for a collab with @cvntycvnt. That person did release T shirts in Aug of 2020 but Mandy's design was not part of that. https://www.instagram.com/p/CEkiK2dDbdE/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_linkhttps://www.instagram.com/p/CEkiK2dDbdE/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

What bothers me most about this is not that Amanda is reposting the exact same pic that was on her insta not even two years ago and not remembering it. Its the signature on the drawing. WHAT is that? I looked back through other art posts she made and i dont see it anywhere.

I did a reverse image search on the pic and got nothing, also zoomed in on the signature and did the same search and got nothing. WTF is it…

No. 1574784


It looks like she's using the "@" symbol or some weird shit like that for the A in her name, then it just looks like she's signing "Bret."

No. 1574813

OK I see the @Bret. It looks like a child wrote it but I can see it. Does anyone know where the "Bret" or the "Ellis" for that matter even came from?

No. 1574818

Anyone else think she didn’t even draw that?

No. 1574823

What was the video on this post?

No. 1574839

bret easton ellis is a famous author (he wrote american psycho).

No. 1574841

Yes, in fact there's a post on a previous thread with a cap from FB in which she explains it. Her tard logic explanation: "My initials are ALS, so I was trying to think of a nickname and went with "Amanda Bret 'Ellis'". I didn't even think about/know about the author named Bret Ellis!"

No. 1574844

Yes but she claimed to have zero awareness of his name when she used that. I'll try to find the old post if someone doesn't beat me to it.

No. 1574846

kek of course she said that

No. 1574858

No. 1575078

kek, sure she didn't know that author, except that the way she writes feels exactly like the pointless descriptions over whole chapters in American Psycho.

No. 1575151

I appreciate her dedication to the lie. She shooped out the '20 from her signature in her recent repost kek

No. 1575382

File: 1656499677447.jpeg (803.12 KB, 1170x4947, 572840D3-0E86-4D76-AD1C-1CEFE1…)

Some John BFF word salad at 2am

No. 1575385

File: 1656500237775.jpeg (470.55 KB, 1170x2393, 413A1B83-A0F4-40C1-9265-E20BB8…)

Are these the hens she tortured by sewing them back together like a true veterinarian? Hold some more dying deers heads in your lap. She’s a psycho.

No. 1575387

File: 1656500443486.jpeg (437.26 KB, 1170x3448, 0D3CBED2-17A9-46BB-9BE0-F8EF6B…)

And this genius post “for a friend”. You wait at least three months, idiot, welcome to the world. No way she could be… click baiting people with this post!?!

Since she’s never been pregnant (for real) or talks about birth control, I’m going to guess she can’t get pregnant.

No. 1575393

There's no way she had 6 tattoos in 2003. We are the same age and we would have been 16 that year. More lies.

No. 1575403

File: 1656504144128.jpeg (501.79 KB, 1130x1600, 2B02C1C3-FDC2-43E7-AC52-911C88…)

Not sure if anyone has ever posted these but came across Johnnys FB and found some gems.

No. 1575405

File: 1656504187479.jpeg (1008.42 KB, 1069x1421, CE4F2C2A-DAC9-4DDE-A8D0-3DDD09…)


No. 1575406

File: 1656504245384.jpeg (466.17 KB, 1129x1425, 7787739E-1891-4F82-B2BC-FB54B7…)

There is an embarrassing amount of posts from SCAManda to Johnny on his page. None of which does he reply to.

No. 1575422

File: 1656506322237.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1991, 4502536A-9329-4E74-AD14-7FFF3D…)

Also I doubt they ever “dated” during Manda’s one Bi phase.

No. 1575428

File: 1656507082297.jpeg (1 MB, 1170x2001, 643D3F53-CD31-4E20-81C5-2B11BE…)

They BOTH were in an open relationship, then just she was with her and mushrooms. She’s talking about Benny Hageman.

No. 1575437


Not only same age, but unfortunately went to school with Mandy Slobz. She had no tattoos at 16, 100% still lived at home, and didn’t drop out of school until we were 17

No. 1575490

Please tell us some high school mandy stories. Was she as evil as she is now even as a teenager?

No. 1575555

File: 1656518800594.jpeg (528.27 KB, 1025x3228, 37644F4F-5AB1-4FF6-B38A-440035…)

I’m fucking crying, at her telling Joof, that Dom is excommunicated from the family kek. Nobody found a dead body in his apt or faked cancer… Dom any word on this?
That Dana person is one of Jon’s family members… I think she mostly pities Amanda.

No. 1575558

The way she worded this post makes it seem like her and Johnny never even dated. He tried to get her to date him for a year, then she gave in to marriage (but not dating for some reason that totally makes sense) and then she went off to live with some other scrub. Weren’t her and Johnny together for year?

No. 1575573

Who would ever want to date or marry this slob, kek.

If there is a slight, extremely unfortunate, chance that she is pregnant, does that have anything to do with Dan not being allowed to have a phone? He might have googled abortion, even jokingly, and she probably took the SIM card out and hid it from him like the psycho she is.

No. 1575607

I have a feeling they can’t afford his phone bill and it got shut off. So when you call him you got the “this number is no longer in service” message. That’s why she had to add the lie about removing the sim card. Otherwise if his phone were simply off you’d get his voicemail.

I’m inclined to believe this because her store website is also down. The domain hasn’t expired but if her payment lapsed with Shopify it would go down. I think they are running out of money and getting desperate. Cue the pregnancy rumors, chronic back pain (which landed her in this Airbnb to begin with), the cancer treatment, and the 2am love bombing. I expect the situation to excel late rapidly… can’t wait!!

No. 1575657

I think the recent cancer posts were to see if a good hearted friend would start another gofundme, like the last time. But no one did because it was obvious she highly exaggerated a biopsy/lumpectomy the first time.

No. 1575665

I’ve known Dan for years and I know for a fact his mom pays for his phone bill. He’s never paid rent or a single bill in his entire life.

No. 1575780


I’ve spilled as much milk as I can without identifying myself, I know she lurks these thread

No. 1575851

Which good hearted friend? She probably made Kenzie setup the gofundme last time because she was renting Amanda's apt from her (and Amanda was probably charging her rent, on top of Jon covering the rent)

Also noticed Twiggy has a gofundme now for her to go to taxidermy school. Wonder when Manda will claim that for herself. She loves gross, dead things.

No. 1575891

File: 1656541984294.jpg (611.54 KB, 2048x2048, CM_Photogrid_1656541945130.jpg)

Can't someone call her out on her page about her previous posts?(cowtipping is against the rules )

No. 1576180

Lmfao she should absolutely be cancelled but most people probably don’t want to deal with whatever psycho revenge she would plot against whoever calls her out.

No. 1576206

File: 1656566787087.png (1.3 MB, 1284x2778, E15F307F-11C6-43E4-8B7F-DDB5DC…)

This is Dom, she needs to die already.. here’s a text from my ma today after I was speaking to some A&R reps

I really want her to die(this website isn't a replacement for therapy)

No. 1576210

Amanda is uncancellable due to having no success or reputation to lose in the first place. What are they gonna do, get her fired from her job? Kek

No. 1576224


It's cool Dom I'm not even related to her and I also want her to die(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1576226


Amen brother/sister!

No. 1576284

No. 1576340

Thanks for confirming, Dom. Try and not let this affect you too much. While it’s probably hard, remember that those that’ve known her for any significant amount of time don’t believe most of what she says. Her dying won’t do much, unless she’s actively harming you. As trite as it sounds, living your best life is the best “revenge”. Don’t do it because you want her to notice and “suffer”, chances are she is incapable of doing so. Do it because you (probably?) deserve to be “free”.

No. 1576403

Not Dom (who I think is awesome for being here at all), but it makes sense you're responding during Bitter bitch man/milk-hating hours.

No. 1576519

No. 1576644

I'm glad there are a couple of nonnies who recognize that Dom is seemingly unhinged himself.

Inb4 someone calls me Scamanda/bawws about scaring away milk. Dom has actively posted here since thread 1, he's not going anywhere kek.

No. 1576677


Hey wench, I only came around last summer. Who are you again?

No. 1576693

One of the first anons who noticed how unbalanced you are in regards to your sister. Justified hatred or no, you got some big fucking issues and it's apparent with your post history. (You also reply extremely quickly whenever you're mentioned. Get Therapy instead of haunting your sister's thread. Or keep providing alternate milk on your behalf, it's pretty entertaining.)

No. 1576698


Hey wench, I only came around last summer. Who are you again?


No. 1576699


You’re perpetually on the rag and also probably really ugly in real life, why are you lurking on her thread again?

No. 1576703


You know what you nasty cunt? I’m not going to get sucked into your spiral. Continue hating yourself. Peace whore

No. 1576713


Need I say more nonnies? Scrote is gonna scrote.

No. 1576804

Wow. I'm not a Dom-hating nonny typically but the misogyny is palpable. Fuck off Dom, get some therapy.

No. 1576843

OP here and Holy shit could you retards fuck off with this Dom hating nonsense? This happens every fucking thread and I am sick of it. If you think it makes you sound any less unhinged than you claim others to be you're wrong.

No. 1577021


It’s okay to call me a scrote tho right? Hypocrite

No. 1577059

100%. anons need to back off of dom. obvi none of us know half the shit he went through with her, stop attacking him. if anything he’s helping to prove amanda’s claims as the lies they are.

No. 1577072

If the shoe fits…

No. 1577074

agreed, Dom's contributions here are valuable unlike anon's opinions on him. We ask for his input on something Scamanda is claiming about him/his family and when he responds anons think insulting him is the right response? Fuck off salty anons. It's no wonder that Dom responded angrily after WE asked for his opinion and then some of you shit on him for no reason.

No. 1577075

wow it's almost like insulting people for no reason elicits an angry response from said person? you anons are fucking dense.

No. 1577076

I really hate monopolizing this negative attention when it should be devoted to dismantling the hambeast this message board is devoted towards hating.

So to everybody aside from the puny little angry-at-nothing anons, sorry this keeps happening

No. 1577108

File: 1656630163457.jpeg (1.92 MB, 1170x1666, C25A52A3-1352-4F59-A884-32BEAC…)

Her building. That she owns and runs. The delusion is real.

No. 1577110

File: 1656630357530.jpeg (898.87 KB, 2048x1536, B6A2B906-4170-44E5-975B-060997…)

The makeshift vibe of this chair setup, has real crackhead vibes to it.

No. 1577123

sometimes I'm really jealous about the way her brain functions and then I remember that one day reality will come and bite her in the ass. To be a good liar you have to remember every lie and don't think that the lies you tell are the reality. Wonder how long she will be able to live from other peoples money, maybe one more year or 5?

No. 1577125

Let’s be real, everyone in that family is probably messed up on some level. It’s not like these cows birth & raise themselves. I don’t see the point in attacking one who is consistently bringing milk here though? Yeah no shit he’s “unbalanced” in regards to his insane abusive sister, but no one asked you to morally approve of the scrote. Let him do what he came here to do.

No. 1577143

Yeah I agree. Idk why people feel like the need to police people's behavior on a gossip board. I feel like Dom could have a better relationship to his sister but the point of this thread is to talk about milk, not provide therapy

No. 1577170

The Dom shit isn’t valuable. It’s just further proof that Amanda was raised piss poorly. She provides her own tastier milk than Dom whining about how her BPD caused him pain growing up.

Thread is better without Dom “milk” and him being a spastic moid when he gets made fun of.

No. 1577183

I know she does coke but do they do fent or anything else like that? I don’t recall ever reading that I’m just thinking about how weird it is that they can just lay in bed smoking all day, I guess I’m just wondering if they’re getting all fucked up on opioids too. They’re also worthless shits so the lazing about could also be only that. Just curious.

No. 1577187

If you >>1577021 don’t see how: >>1576698 , >>1576699 and >>1576703 are not comparable to >>1576804 you might be closer to Amanda than what you believe. Your contributions are appreciated but you’re not above criticism or reproach because of them.

No. 1577276

How about this, let's not attack Dom when people are SPECIFICALLY ASKING for his opinion or input. You people are fucking dense. Then he gets booted from the board? Stupid, all of it.

Anon: hey Dom, Care to comment
Dom: comment
Some absolute retard: WOW U R A SCROTE

Fuck off with this horseshit. It's embarrassing.

No. 1577310

I know Dan abuses prescriptions. He blames his inability to wanna fuck her because of it. Amanda has gained a lot of weight, so I wouldn’t be surprised if benzos or opioids were partially a cause of it.

No. 1577325

and you know this how…?

No. 1577328

what kind of prescriptions does he abuse & how do you know?

No. 1577379

I can’t go into further detail and stay an anon. I know some nonnies here hate milk without the proof, I have been here since the first thread so I am sorry. A few months ago, Amanda was bitching about how the honeymoon was over, they never have sex and he needs to watch porn when they do. A reason he told her it was because of whatever pills/drugs he had taken (and provided by friends), even if it was out of his system a few days.

No. 1577381

How much do you think she weighs now? Does Dan know she faked cancer?

No. 1577398


they’re in their 30s and stay up all night doing coke and slamming drinks and chain smoking. They stay in bed all day because they have death hangovers from chugging 19 beers until 8am and they probably take Xanax to come down. She is a compulsive liar so probably not very reliable but has said a lot of times they don’t do heroin or whatever so I guess that means…maybe

What I really want to know is WHERE IS THE BIRD???? She brings her plants outside to get some fresh air but not the animal with a respiratory system? That thing has got to be long dead :(

No. 1577444

lmao this in comparison to that excruciatingly long tmi fb post she made a little while back about fucking 30 times a day or whatever - seems like whenever amanda goes off on a fb word salad rant it’s usually to overcompensate for some insecurity or cope. kek

No. 1577448


I agree that they don't really need to be on anything harsher than coke. The mix of coke + booze + benzos (I'm assuming) is more than enough to keep them fat, sloppy, and unable to fuck.

No. 1577549

100% this. I'd much rather have Dom here than the whiny bitching of literally 2 anons.
Agreed. Tbh, I asked her for opiates in the not-too-distant past when I was kicking and she didn't even have a connect for it. Side note: yes I'm off opiates so no need to lecture.

No. 1577623

I can’t say 100%, but she has said that he has accused her of stuff, and that he will listen to his friends over her. Knowing her, his friends probably said some shit, he asked if it were true, and she sees it as a personal attack because she’s an honest good person who has been abused so how dare you question me

No. 1577653

could you please contribute something interesting to the thread or STFU? no? you have to continue to whine and waste our time? well aren't you special, bless your heart.

but also STFU. most of us appreciate Dom's contributions. no one cares that you don't.

No. 1578521

File: 1656757452329.jpeg (451.69 KB, 1170x1200, 70E6E692-29EF-464B-835B-067F2E…)

Can’t afford $40 on Poshmark…

No. 1578528

She always "has debit card issues" kek

No. 1578601

She always does this kind of shit right before the first of the month or “payday” as she calls it.

No. 1578846

Does anyone else think that Amanda is secretly a huge lady Gaga stan or at least was maybe when Gaga was first coming out? Her entire persona is kind of a larp of Gaga’s aesthetic lol and I could totally see her secretly obsessing and pulling from her style but then making it “metal” and pretending to like Judas Priest and shit.

No. 1578947

… what?

No. 1578955

These threads are about your crazy Amanda, not for your crazy.

No. 1578963

You're stupid and so are your ideas. Just don't talk.

No. 1578981

The actual fuck are you talking about? Shes obviously LARPing as a generic hardcore chick and dan is an oogle.

No. 1579223

Slobz larps as a metal/punk/alt bitch- she's never posted about hardcore bands or dated a hc guy. The closest she's gotten to hc is hc street punk.
At least you're not like psycho up thread and said she stole her aesthetic from Lada Gaga. That crazy anon must think Gaga was the original GG Allin fan.

No. 1579504

Sage because mostly OT but something interesting I've noticed:
Amanda is definitely an emotionally stunted dipshit, but it's so fucking crazy to me that there are apparently plenty of grown ass adults that are this obsessed with categorizing and gatekeeping these ridiculous "alt scene" labels based on fashion and band preferences. I haven't heard anyone say this kind of shit since high school, yet these threads are rife with these kinds of comments.

No. 1579595

That's because plenty of scenes have their gatekeepers. It comes with the territory when people wrap their entire personalities into music - they start to seethe at the thought of casuals or 'tourists'. A lot of it is in