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File: 1614249493800.jpeg (2.14 MB, 2880x3840, 713D0C02-403E-4B16-B7EA-488E10…)

No. 1170070

Social Media
Ig: bratoutofhell
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/bretdarling
Tik Tok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe2Yvoe6/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/amandabret

Amanda Bret / Amanda Schafemeyer / Labozetta/ bratoutofhell - 32 year old self obsessed woman formerly living in Long Island with her parents but currently back in the city and ready to live her best life again! Her life goal is to remain relevant on instagram, cannot help but constantly air out her dirty laundry online and constant oversharing, public breakdowns, etc. She is sometimes dying of cancer but more often than not lovebombing anyone and everyone, often without reciprocation! She is very well off, owning several successful businesses and a booming side hustle as a master florist, yet is always begging money from friends to buy used makeup on Poshmark. What lies ahead for our slender, waif like princess as she reintegrates back into big city living?

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A recap of last thread's milk:

Our heroine dodged yet another abusive man, breaking off her engagement to Tiger King Eric by realizing she's too good to stoop to a racist alcoholic's level: >>1023734 >>1085914

Another ex fiancé offered respite, prompting Amanda to reconsider east coast living yet again: >>1027618

She processed love for her precious pooch, holed up in her ex husband's parent's house: >>1029353

She vowed to travel extensively before the end of 2020 in her soon to be acquired car, regardless of the pandemic: >>1032262 >>1073482

She partook in some important self care while exploring her entrepreneurial side : >>1035013 >>1035047 >>1164169

Understanding the importance of democracy, she signed up to be a poll worker: >>1038221

She expressed concern and considered solutions about her mastectomy scars: >>1041815 >>1042272

She got away for her birthday, but was shy to show her devoted ex, Johnny, fiercely protective of his privacy: >>1043567

Could she find true happiness in the arms of her former Texas flame?: >>1049146 >>1049225 >>1063235 >>1065608 >>1071116 >>1077268 >>1092336

She clung to her sobriety, regardless of if she couldn't quite keep track of how long it's been since her last bout of imbibing: >>1049640

She had quality girl time with her "sister": >>1054993

She had a disagreement regarding rent with the landlord of one of her many successful stores: >>1057977

Her cancer continued to escalate, forcing her to consider her own mortality: >>1062461
>>1068350 >>1070942 >>1077273 >>1080847 >>1083932 >>1084050

She dabbled in real estate: >>1066288 >>1082904 >>1119591 >>1121331 >>1157285

She made time to do her civic duties: >>1076339

She expressed frustration with her parents daring to exist in her space: >>1117239

And so we are caught up with our BPD queen.

No. 1170492

File: 1614291982787.jpeg (164.73 KB, 750x624, 345772BA-867C-4BB6-AE07-F4FB2C…)

Oh maybe she’ll abandon that poor bird with John parents or a random “employee”. Imagine it was a parrot and would say back to Scamanda all the shit she says about other people.

No. 1170497

Nah, it will conveniently fly tf out of her stank hovel when it becomes to much work.

No. 1170563

fuuuuuuck she is going to kill this poor thing so fast. budgies have to eat every 24 hours or they will get sick and fade quickly. i hope she doesn't expect it to sing her awake in the fucking morning, she mentioned morning birdsong as a reason for adopting a bird……budgies don't have songs idiot

No. 1170568

File: 1614297143046.jpg (428.29 KB, 750x1141, 8SoNVP6.jpg)

adding cap from last thread…she's "sober" but doesn't accept that she's an addict who could go on a bender at any time and neglect a living thing like she does all her other animals

No. 1170592

File: 1614299071114.jpeg (59.81 KB, 666x324, 9599995D-A79B-4750-8663-4375FF…)

Oh now it’s in the other boob! What a page turner…

No. 1170594

>haven’t had a single craving since I quit
spoken like a bitch who’s lying and about to go back on her bullshit

No. 1170640

this girl unsettles me and I hate her butthole eyes. is she aware that she has had threads on this site?

No. 1170646

yeah, she was vaguely aware awhile back and used to respond on FB about her photos being rill and she rilly is 'that cute', and then someone cowtipped extra hard when she was with tiger king douche. sent him and her the links. go back a couple threads and lurk to see.

No. 1170737

File: 1614308083380.jpeg (283.81 KB, 750x1949, 9CC24B27-86D6-4A76-A94A-E4650E…)

Ahh let the love bombing commence

No. 1171025


So the "couple of beautiful birds" that she keeps referring to as "they" as in plural birds, is named Perry? As in a singular name for plural birds?! Or is she going to out-poser herself by calling the other one Fred so she can have hipster/skinhead birds? She's such a poser that it's nauseating.

No. 1171026


Who tf is this dude that she's lovebombing with her weird inverted triangle head shoop?!

No. 1171096

How fucking wild is it that literally an hour after you make a Facebook post about getting a pet bird, your “friend” finds a BABY PET BIRD on the street, just waiting to be rescued

Oh??? Oh she didn’t buy it for $15 at a pet store? Someone happened to find a budgie on the street in New York. How serendipitous. A regular Cinderella.

No. 1171102

"it will likely be months before i do if i decide it's a good idea, since i would have a lot to read up on."
wow she reads really fast and became a bird expert overnight. very responsible n sane. ppl should definitely trust her with their money

No. 1171104

has this one ever seen her in real life?

No. 1171108

She just posted a photo of her smoking inside, not good for birds at all.

No. 1171114


Cool.. this bird is going to die then. I'm a parrot anon and this might make me hide this thread. It's been fun, but I can't get with watching her do this.

No. 1171149

It’s “5dread” from RVA aka Jake. She made the supposed porn vids with him when they stayed in the roach motel near her parents house last year. They met at that wedding where the fat bridesmaids broke her palettes.

No. 1171410

File: 1614378380263.jpeg (627.28 KB, 750x1457, 3E41E76C-7A3D-4882-B52E-514E9A…)

Parrot anon, you might want to run now.

No. 1171422

File: 1614378974914.jpeg (363.45 KB, 750x2570, 026E2D6E-B939-4418-A18D-1C6A20…)

Some choice comments of hers from this post about a “3 minute old idea”

A friend of hers found a pet bird and brought it in… looked for a bird rescue to take them, other bird owners…. but I guess Scamanda wormed her way in and with zero experience, or lack of even which kind of bird she even wants. She can barely keep a bouquet alive…. and John watches Clyde and I think there’s a cat somewhere… who can keep up with her.

No. 1172078

File: 1614455783994.jpeg (701.73 KB, 750x1201, 7814FFF8-D89F-4495-91D8-62427E…)


No. 1172081

File: 1614455960520.jpeg (172.04 KB, 750x1570, 13996ADD-E7DE-406D-BB66-B4EA70…)

Also she shared a “quote” from Jay on her page 2 years later? Pining for his attention?

No. 1172249

This will be a disaster. The cage is too small and those perches can cause brumblefoot.

No. 1172309

Oh fuck no, this poor baby. I don’t want to know how this will end up.

No. 1172394

So. Manda’s ”friend” just happened to find a common pet bird on the street and she just took it for her own without ever trying find its possible owner? What???

Like I’m not surprised she’d do this but there hasn’t been a peep about trying to find out if it’s a lost pet or not. I might have missed the ss, though.

Also, I’m a dumbass non-american, but exactly HOW common is it to clip a bird’s wings there? I’ve never heard of that before! Sounds absolutely horrifying.

No. 1172422

She also left Jake who was a seemingly good guy who gave her envelopes of money to help treat her fake cancer for her internet engagement to the Tiger King meth junkie. She then publicly accused Jake of abuse that never happened.
If he’s smart, he’ll stay the fuck away and not make the same mistake twice.

No. 1172439

I like how all the “friends” from that wedding in RVA she went to aren’t friends with her, so she must have just reeled Jake back in out of boredom. Texas dude wasn’t feeling it. It’s so transparent even to us lurkers that these dudes are just place holders for her. “Clout” points if anything.

No. 1172797

File: 1614536575946.jpeg (832.63 KB, 750x1496, 271669EE-5984-4A0C-8DB9-83B9DD…)

Here come the Israel TBTs…

No. 1172802

She’s never been this thin

No. 1172861

I bet that someone who photoshopped was her

No. 1172862

What ever happened to the person who was her sister who was taking care of her cat?

No. 1172904

File: 1614546332964.png (3.28 MB, 750x1334, 80BFB075-E535-4BCD-AE70-B3A13E…)

Amanda’s mom, dad, and what seems to be Johnny lugged some of her shit and the Peleton she never uses all the way to her “apartment” in Brooklyn, along with her dog.

No. 1173085

File: 1614560964569.jpeg (107.09 KB, 750x691, 2822BFCF-DA05-4D02-AD9F-946A82…)

Guess they’re friends too. She’s scraping her own barrel huh?

No. 1173099

Didn’t she accuse him of being a pedophile…? Classy, Amanda.

No. 1173107

File: 1614564730897.jpeg (625.96 KB, 750x1315, 4D8DEDF4-EEC6-409A-999E-77F1AC…)


The funniest part of the video is that she has her parents drag “her” Peloton to “her” apt, wearing her Coach shoes from Poshmark…. but this hambeast thinks a fucking thighmaster is going to help her get in shape. Not the $2000 bike she doesn’t even know how to set up….soon she’ll claim she’ll win the Tour de France.

Clyde clearly loves her family and hates being with her. He’s so excited that they come over and cries at the window when they leave.

No. 1173112

File: 1614565695769.jpeg (234.87 KB, 750x527, 3AE12703-9DA9-45FB-A06F-D74269…)

Your parents grew up on Long Island and don’t know one Jewish person with a mezuzah??

No. 1173115

Aka Johnny or his family?

No. 1173116

>got my synthesizer
>ohhh doggy watch the guitar picks even tho ur whining
The las thing on her sc was five years ago then a decade ago like she needs that shit

No. 1173135

I swear to god I would steal that dog from her faster than she stole “her” cat from the bodega (where is Frank btw, Scamanda?!). He is seriously overweight and under-excercised and now she’s probably going to “walk” him to the fucking balcony to piss and shit. My dog LOVES my parents, but he would never desperately cry at the window when they leave. Even Clyde knows she’s a piece of fucking garbage and dreads being left alone with her

No. 1173283

Not only has she never been this thin, she, or most other people for that matter, has had arms so disproportionately long. Her shoopery is reaching entirely new levels.

No. 1173289

Aren't there videos of her from that trip? Pre facetune? I saw some photo of her from when she had a shaved head and she looked sickly anorexic. I thought she was that thin at some point years and years ago.

No. 1173307

File: 1614611181567.jpeg (764.2 KB, 750x1270, ACCDAB26-6968-43EB-ACAE-9A4FC1…)

He apparently did find it on the street

No. 1173315

File: 1614611979433.gif (8.66 MB, 420x480, 84926CE3-C524-4C40-9784-8F398E…)

Here’s a recent repost video

No. 1173368

Healthy looking legs

No. 1173521

She’s the most poser ass idiot I’ve ever met. Fuck Israel.

No. 1173583

love how amanda's miss radical politics but is proudly posting herself with Israeli soldiers. if she thinks BLM is a cute thing to align herself with, just wait till she learns about Palestine!

No. 1173586

has she ever said if this was a birthright trip? i am sure it was… aka trying to marry you off to a nice soldier to keep the bloodline strong.

No. 1173605

she is EXACTLY the reason they send hot IDF soldiers to flirt with everyone on birthright, and it clearly worked, lmao

No. 1173618


You have to actually be Jewish for it to be a birthright trip. She’s just some dumb bitch that went to Isreal

No. 1173660

Yeah didn’t think she came a from a Jewish family nor was Jewish? the tattoos alone would be an issue…not counting her constant lying.

No. 1173818

Johnny’s parents are Orthodox Jews, very religious, live in a very Jewish Brooklyn neighborhood. Scamanda is sort of adjacent in South brooklyn to his families house. They are super mega wealthy, and His whole family went with them to visit, and she got the cream of the crop tour and experiences out these. It’s the ONLY time she’s been outside the country and that’s because they paid for the whole trip.

It’s definitely not a birthright trip as she’s a white cracker with no religious affiliation. Definitely not Jewish.

No. 1173819

It’s so on brand with how politically tone deaf she actually is. She had a piñata of both Clinton and Trump at her store anniversary party like… oh I don’t want to pick and AkTuALY offfend anyone.

No. 1174069

A lot of people don’t like either of those men.

No. 1174265

Hillary Clinton, not Bill… and this was right before the election. Activist, ha.

No. 1174392

Men was still the correct term

No. 1174671

File: 1614727495541.jpeg (157.81 KB, 750x2528, 26E1FD40-9985-46C6-86D2-FAD368…)

Claims she worked out 35 mins on the Peloton… was more like 5 mins. She can barely talk.


No. 1174707

Yeah i don't know if it's the same on an elliptical but 14 cal is def barely 5 mins on an outdoor bike, she's so ridiculous. If she actually biked 35 min it would've been over 150 lol

No. 1174742


Wow how dafuq do you let yourself be a poser at riding fake bikes? You don’t even have to go outside! This girl has no rock bottom

No. 1174760

File: 1614736199121.jpeg (374.13 KB, 705x1128, 0E279FE3-8DC5-4C82-81EE-52B910…)


No. 1174761

“Only finished 30 minutes of the 45 minute workout” she says but it’s titled 20 minute workout and she actually only made it to 4 minutes. Jesus fuck this is embarrassing- thanks anon. This crazy bitch is my favorite cow.

No. 1174846

File: 1614742990171.jpeg (158.16 KB, 1256x373, 70444903-8D62-48AB-93B5-6C7616…)

She is truly desperate for a marriage and to settle down lol

No. 1174902

Kek this even happened before (maybe last thread) where she claimed she did a killer 30 min workout or something but just did 5 mins. bleak.

No. 1174994

>tell me I look gorgeous and waiflike and sexy with no effort

No. 1175021

She said she wanted the bike next to her bed so she could work out when she wakes up “at 6 or 7” but didn’t even get around to it until 3 in the afternoon

No. 1175307

File: 1614792472232.jpeg (181.62 KB, 750x778, EEBE2B55-E17A-4C1C-8329-1A1D86…)

Wow it’s almost like…. if you didn’t exaggerate everything you wake up in the morning totally fine. Maybe it was that 5 mins of working out and putting together a desk that wore her out. Huffing and puffing like a ogre.

No. 1175460


“i’m loving the fact that having a healthy immune system can go so unappreciated” does she…”have” cancer? wouldn’t that affect your immune system like…a lot? this bitch needs to get her shit sorted.

No. 1175536

lolll cadence is usually anywhere from 60-100 a workout, so if hers was 7 for 30 minutes that means she spun for 2 seconds then let the video go so people on lolcow wouldn't make fun of her for quitting this time

No. 1175597

File: 1614816823771.jpeg (153.91 KB, 828x835, 63BBBDF1-F4F8-4D5C-B1FF-FF7535…)

I call bullshit on the bird- she would have posted videos, pictures, rambling posts….
Another thing she said was going to happen…..and didn’t
Add this to the list of lies

No. 1175956

File: 1614867247021.jpeg (345.45 KB, 750x2161, 64936EBB-B47F-40D0-81C9-C58152…)

She’s posted 3 videos with her annoying voice talking to this poor bird. Apparently the bird needs photoshop to see her properly. Her face must be so fat.

No. 1175957

birb is terrified of her fucking eyebrows, you look like something that would eat him in nature scamanda

No. 1176055

File: 1614875663217.jpeg (520.1 KB, 750x1205, 1F29FCF8-0352-4EE2-AA0C-57CC2C…)

Save Clyde

No. 1176345

What are these long road trips she's always talking about

No. 1176363


It's not lost on me that that's probably someone's pet bird and they're probably looking for it

No. 1176992


She must be referring to all the long road trips to meet whatever ugly dude she's obsessed with at the moment… You know, trips that are as real as her giant "meatball eyes" and pointy Facetuned chin and "cancer".

No. 1177052

File: 1614974674606.jpeg (770.22 KB, 750x1472, 7D8F77F7-B7FC-464A-8BAD-0BDE37…)

Still smoking, holed up in this apt with a bird and Clyde.

Tinfoiling: clearly she can’t live on her own, she can’t live with her parents, so John full on long term rented her a furnished apt and she’s slowly moving some personal item in. Is he paying for her to live here, cut off from everything so she can dry out and maybe try and get her shit together? She hasn’t updated the “store” IG in about a year… for no reason. What is she so busy doing? (Besides faking cancer and getting engaged to some Netflix show DList)

No. 1177125

Has she gotten vaccinated? I would imagine someone with “cancer” would qualify for it in her state.

No. 1177175

She alluded to getting her first dose in a comment. With Johnny’s family in the pharmacy biz I’d expect her to sneak in under that guise. Also if you’re over a certain BMI you can get it in NY too.

No. 1177301

Thank god cigarettes aren’t toxic to the human body, you fucking trash can. Can’t wait for this toddler to start back on everything else now that she doesn’t have full-time parental supervision. Hope the bird breaks free and pecks her eyes out before someone notices she’s dead.

No. 1177339

just envisioned that last scene from the lighthouse with dude being eaten by seagulls

No. 1177647

In the state of NY, you need medical documentation or a letter from your doctor to prove you are eligible for a vaccine. She’d have documentation if she actually had cancer.

No. 1177808

Just saw this anon and sage for no contribution but that was so clever i love you hahaha

No. 1177846


Ha it totally seemed like something she'd do

No. 1177848

File: 1615054145771.jpeg (535.62 KB, 750x1393, C93FB2B4-6A9F-471D-BD1A-12D6D8…)

Ahh buying a “professional florist” some basic flowers. Nothing says “that’s from Johnny” like a weird bouquet.

No. 1177854

for the life of me I'll never understand what compels Johnny to simp for her the way he does. I've never met anyone in my life, pretty or ugly, young or old, nice or crazy + awful, who just has some (non family) wealthy benefactor willing to finance their stay at home lifestyle and every whim. What's in it for him??
sage for sperg

No. 1177882

File: 1615058374446.jpeg (350.13 KB, 827x1603, BB4D4235-0E9B-4EFD-8D5C-78218C…)

She thinks she the new tiger king - bird trainer
How long until she gets bored of this and Johnny’s parents have a pet bird to take care of - what happened to her cat Frankie that she never ever mentions anymore?

No. 1177911

it’s like Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII
it’s always some weird-looking narcissistic freak who wraps some scrote completely around her finger

No. 1178008

I keep tinfoiling that she has something on him to keep his wallet open but your situation is more realistic. He's probably just the type to fall head over heels like this.

No. 1178109

Pretty sure she has said he's literally very autistic.

No. 1178160

Taking advantage of someone who is “very autistic” that makes me sick! Kick her out of New York, she should be in RVA with that toothless idiot

No. 1178163

What? Also, sage your posts.

No. 1178195

Can confirm his autism

No. 1178594

File: 1615145375635.jpeg (263.84 KB, 750x683, 8922D8F4-C172-40DA-9715-C1F27E…)

She has Johnny withhold chocolates from her…. so instead she eats dog vitamins because she’s such a garbage can

No. 1178600

Probably the healthiest thing she has eaten

No. 1178833

But smoking around your dog is totally fine.
'It' needed a home and she needed structure. 'It' isn't a teaching tool. Try finishing an entire workout on your extremely expensive bike/program subscription (vs 5 minutes once) daily for starters.
Again…what about Clyde? If you can't be a functional adult and figure out fucking structure on your own, living with a dog certainly requires showing up in life to provide bathroom outings, feedings and exercise/play time. All dogs crave routine. But he's not shiny and new, and you are completely self absorbed so..

No. 1179167

File: 1615214880602.jpeg (860.81 KB, 750x1458, 159A6666-EF24-4B80-A5DA-BCD929…)

Takeaway: She’s too fat move around her 1 bedroom apartment to catch “it”

No. 1179297

File: 1615225191065.jpeg (432.33 KB, 750x955, F9EBBF53-DA9D-4FA1-A5A5-B9105F…)

That tiny nose kek

No. 1179300

>“training birds is HARD”
>gives bird a ton of extra treats and attention for escaping the cage

No. 1179312

Cathedral ceilings in some apt in Flatbush? Ok

No. 1179443

Her chasing that bird around her apartment is a good metaphor for her trying to stay relevant on the internet

No. 1179492

Her creative writing skills are so bad

No. 1179696

i read that as "nightmare skincare routine" first lol

No. 1180861

File: 1615386160884.jpeg (764.11 KB, 750x1522, 56FFB398-E116-4506-BC99-7655DD…)

Haha she thinks she’s a size 2?? Spent all night adding 10 photoshopped photos to her account.

Oh no her Poshmark full of worn clothes is closed until Sept 2021?! Guess she’ll just be using the app just for shopping sprees on he’s husbands card. Also her pseudonym on Poshmark is a poorly spelled version of a family members name which is just bizarre.

No. 1181098

File: 1615408916658.jpeg (469.66 KB, 750x946, 7FD2AE30-1040-40BD-8388-A67DC6…)

Heavily edited meatball on wheels coming to a roller rink near you. Bet she never leaves the house in them.

No. 1181147

File: 1615412552772.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1242x1806, A0F76F98-2596-4BFE-87A0-30BF9E…)

Who the fuck celebrates half birthdays?

No. 1181167

File: 1615414360340.png (2.87 MB, 828x1792, 34721158-6A8F-42C0-B723-1E8FC2…)

Someone who gets ugly presents from John and implies they are from some other guy…

No. 1181172

As another anon said, I will never understand why John never stops hopelessly simping for this bitch

No. 1181198

Do I not get something or are those patches fake

No. 1181301


lol she def photoshopped those patches on

No. 1181869

File: 1615485079135.jpeg (533.79 KB, 750x952, DEE034BA-C1E4-40F4-951E-D86476…)

It’s like 70° in Brooklyn today and this one decides “stay in”

Maybe she’ll work from home and actually sell some shit from John’s, I mean her store.

No. 1182109

trying to shoop away the chub with gravity and a low camera angle against her wasn't a great idea

No. 1182161


“idk wtf my bangs are doing”

Looks like they were cut with one of her shitty ass pre-made knives

No. 1182207

File: 1615507858751.jpeg (293.4 KB, 750x914, ADB5DF1C-DBBA-40C8-8B67-6F06DF…)

Ahhh a nice work from home week of buying more makeup no one will ever see you wear. Legitimately no one has seen this girl since she moved to her parents garage since spring 2019. Also it cannot be an air BnB, its probably just a property Johnny’s family owns.

No. 1182851

"moma site" my ass, the trash can of this is on urban fucking outfitters, so congrats on decorating your first college dorm i guess

No. 1182974

File: 1615585143704.jpeg (491.33 KB, 827x1297, 5E58E20E-AA7F-41DA-98DC-A2CDC7…)

This was her response to a mutual friend’s post criticizing cancelling Pepe le Peu and cancel culture…….her long winded reply about her first (???) husband
How many times is she pretending to have been married?

No. 1183064

File: 1615593153521.png (988.39 KB, 2840x1390, 01.png)

No. 1183067

File: 1615593506324.png (1.77 MB, 828x1792, 5869C396-CC03-49E3-A227-46310D…)

No. 1183072

9 years? And they married in 2010? How does her calendar work?

No. 1183080

wow just as hideous no matter which site

No. 1183246

File: 1615609331176.jpeg (486.11 KB, 827x1303, 95124051-ED1D-4DA5-89ED-E34A02…)

This is more of her reply to the Pepe le peu post - that she has made about herself- and John who allegedly went to Oxford …. and her claim that she just tried flirting for the first time in years - what about the mystery guy she keeps alluding to (that we all know is John) that is buying her flowers, Jimmy choo boots, and ugly tissue box covers which may or may not have come from urban outfitters…or MOMA…oh and she grew up as a New Yorker - in suburban Long Island

No. 1183359

I know this probably sounds stupid but like…does John even know they aren't together? I've seen people say he doesn't use social media at all and she is such a massive liar, is it possible he has absolutely no idea what kind of shit she is telling people and thinks they are still together or something? Sorry for my ignorance.

No. 1183479

Wasnt she engaged to Jay and the Eric Cowie? Didnt she claim she was going to marry the Ginger and probably also toothless Korey. She says she doesn’t know how to flirt besides being naked on FaceTime but also hasn’t dated. Ok whatever. This girl went on a new date every week when she was in Brooklyn. (no shame just….. you’re married this whole time?). Sounds like John like being a cuckhold. Shes fully told guys she’s banged, “This is my husband” when meeting John.

Also I don’t think John has any idea what she says about him. Also highly doubtful he went to fucking Oxford. For what?!! To work in daddy’s pharmacy?

No. 1183802

File: 1615670482442.jpeg (330.02 KB, 750x1695, 7A0E4D8A-88C8-4A34-9F56-84EFE9…)

She heard someone doing bumps on a loud corner in brooklyn? How is that possible? Living in a loud area usually means it’s not a nice area. She’s in middle of nowhere East Flatbush trying to make it sound like “her old stompin grounds” Bushwick.

No. 1183861


“I heard someone doing bumps” is the Amanda-est Amanda thing ever.

No. 1183878

jesus christ, nobody can hear anyone else doing bumps outside their own apartment unless they have nostrils the size of the holland tunnel

No. 1184422

Well, she can’t have nostrils the size of the Holland tunnel because her nose is so tiny she can’t even pick it…

No. 1184423

File: 1615744970252.jpeg (210.8 KB, 828x1060, E1DF61F0-93AD-41D5-AC2E-743E43…)

No. 1184424

File: 1615745000632.jpeg (203.84 KB, 828x944, B7298A6F-3CE2-44F4-8D83-A20811…)

No. 1184510

Can’t even shoop or filter to death the nasolabial folds out

No. 1184515

File: 1615750469707.jpeg (278.61 KB, 750x580, 0B0A3607-43D1-4415-A60E-DF63F4…)

Wow, so buying used makeup online, not working, not paying rent and that new bird not as fulfilling as you thought? No Scamanda, no one wants garbage your filling your apt with. None of the people she tags even reply or like the post. You don’t have friends.

Where’s all her signature vintage alcohol related and deer antler art? Still in “storage”?

No. 1184558

this melodrama, christ

No. 1184569

That’s a 3 hour drive to the North fork of Long Island for…. home accessories? So bougie

No. 1184617

File: 1615757862483.jpeg (357.44 KB, 750x1356, 2130FBE5-169D-4645-A9FD-51DFF3…)

His @johnnydarling IG has been erased. Maybe she made him do it so he wouldn’t catch onto her BS. I don’t know how he couldn’t by this point. He’s friends with her on FB but doesn’t use it.

No. 1184634

File: 1615759428416.jpeg (615.08 KB, 750x2328, 1F0B3EF7-C2A7-4613-B6B6-BD3EFE…)

Just overly ornate bragging about her loaner apt. As always.

No. 1184665

What injury is she recovering from? I guess she’s all recovered from the ‘cancer’

No. 1184688

Probably “threw her back out” and needed some pills.

No. 1184690

File: 1615764849012.jpeg (417.82 KB, 750x2415, 1339C080-BB55-49AE-AA84-DF640A…)

Someone has figured out a “restructuring” plan only a year later!! What a business genius. I bet HER medical business is booming now, so she probably had no time for her stupid nick-nack store

No. 1184694

>seamstress since 8 years old
>senior custom clothes designer
Where’s that resume we made her, and do we need to add any more genius talent and expertise to it?

No. 1184700

She doesn’t know how to use a sewing machine. She was going to take classes at her old high school kek. She claims that machine sewing isn’t as good as hand sewing… which like… where do you get all your clothes from? Oh right garbage sweatshop crap from poshmark.

No. 1184719

She probably doesn't even have these people's phone numbers so she has to tag them on FB and hope they respond.
Amanda actually makes me sad sometimes. Not to WK, she is a horrible person with an even worse personality so only pathetic men like John get with her.
I used to feel bad for him because she doesn't even hide how emotionally abusive she is to the world. But he's a grown man and he can leave at any time. Or he just has a weird cuck/degredation fetish and this relationship is perfect for him.

No. 1184923

File: 1615808715266.jpeg (827.65 KB, 750x1341, 937B4A7A-9A63-4DC4-A4FF-323348…)

“Hurt” her shoulder. Requires more bed rest.

No. 1184968


Her dad never started a woodworking company, he’s an Ops manager for a storage unit company and Hammer is the name of a group woodworking workshop in Bayport…. not owned by her father

No. 1185020

I’m still stuck on the “I have exclusive use of the driveway” ….doesn’t she not have a drivers license? Why does she need a driveway? So she can force her neighbors to interact with her in exchange for free parking?

No. 1185077

File: 1615825237937.jpeg (240.07 KB, 750x1549, 3749E467-7171-4663-A41D-E47C2D…)

It’s “registered” just like her floral business.

No. 1185082

John probably rented her an over the top apt with driveway so he can park his truck there. She has no license, no car, no motorcycle. But she’ll pawn out her driveway for friends… like she owns the driveway. Wouldn’t it be for everyone in the building? Like why was she talking to police (ACAB) about “her” outdoor cameras. (It’s a 2 story house w a basement apt, she’s on the middle floor)

No. 1185167

Woodworking like screwing some boards together? At least bung that shit

No. 1185188

File: 1615833624835.jpg (213.86 KB, 1079x1194, Screenshot_20210315-143940_Sam…)

From Schafmeyer's (Amanda's) blog. She really makes Johnny sound like a douchy bitch boy. This was from 2015.

No. 1185190


"…the Chinese babes…" to describe who uses selfie sticks, and "banging random shitty men".

As an Asian myself, I'm disgusted by her association of which Asian ethnicity supposedly uses selfie sticks.

But even worse, she brags she's going to sleep with dirt bags now that she's single. Ironic that none of them even want to fuck her except the bottom of the barrel dudes that never have seen her irl

No. 1185206

This is from that fake blog someone made of her. Which is crazy that she really does sound like that

No. 1185235

When you're such a joke people cant tell the difference between the actual trash you post and satire of it

No. 1185247

File: 1615838144565.jpeg (244.26 KB, 750x2526, 97E37ACC-82F5-46C4-AADA-A54E94…)

Amanda we don’t need to know this info about you….barf.

No. 1185361

Sorry but can you please translate?

No. 1185383

Sweet innocent anon.
“Do you want me to come over and eat your pussy till you cum on my face”

No. 1185423


I'm embarrassed for both of those guys, because this is the social media equivalent of 2 dudes in a room glancing awkwardly at each other, knowing they both fucked the same ugly ho.

No. 1185728

File: 1615902348794.jpeg (724.32 KB, 750x1415, CD78F390-49EE-4244-A417-87C368…)

Just “looking” on Poshmark for a Gucci tshirt. Does she even speak English? Has she ever read a book?

No. 1185733

It's Latin for 'with'. What gets me about her is the amount of things she could just Google and then keep to herself. But no, we all have to know how staggeringly vapid she is at every moment.

No. 1185750

did she just admit to being the age she is and has never seen one of the most common latin word usages? does she snicker like beavis and butthead when someone graduates with honors? oh wait she would have to know someone who finished school…

No. 1185755

“BuT mY hUSbAnD wEnT tO oXfOrD”

No. 1186376

File: 1615951376464.jpeg (572.7 KB, 750x2400, 7CFAE31D-A9C8-4FF8-B8E3-E65D72…)

Is she implying a fucking parakeet was living on the streets in the wild? During a snowstorm?!! I can’t.

No. 1186382


why is she so fixated on the sex of this bird and being like “woke” with the gender neutral name. it’s a bird ffs.

No. 1186405


> a wild parakeet

She's fucking delusional kek

No. 1186676

File: 1615996105596.jpeg (642.41 KB, 750x2340, 6898F8B4-AF8F-4435-A79C-7F32B6…)

I’m so poor and regular but look at my expensive new hobby I’ll forget about in 2 weeks. Why don’t you open “your” shop? It’s been closed for a year now… just admit Johnny is your sugar daddy. She has no income… what does she think people are assuming when she posts shit like this?

No. 1186680

please tell me all 14+ photos are just more stock images of this thing…omg

No. 1186689

She has to be on some kind of stimulant??? The novels about inane shit that no one care about ?

No. 1186694

I was thinking coke mixed with autism to be honest

No. 1186698

Honestly sounds like mania mixed with adderall or something. But >>1186694 might be right about the coke thing. How long has she supposedly been clean off it? The last time I remember her bringing up coke was when she was holed up in her parent's garage. These walls of text scream tweaker word vomit though.

No. 1186717

File: 1616000024491.jpeg (1.31 MB, 781x20883, 350B0916-9ACB-483F-AEF1-8A5DCB…)

They are and it’s so many photos. There’s like 7 planters and like “ooh special lavender”

No. 1186723

jesus wept

No. 1186738


Thanks fb anon, this is great. This and the nb bird ramble scream manic drug binge Amanda. This is the most bougie shit ever too, pre seeded pods? For fucks sake. Just get a three dollar plastic “greenhouse”. Love how she’s suddenly a master gardener and this hobby is worth the hundreds Johnny’s forking out while she cosplays a poor person with cancer. Fuck this girl.

No. 1186766


The last time she mentioned coke was 4 days ago in >>1183802 when she said she could hear someone doing bumps from her apartment. Tinfoil: that someone was her.

No. 1186823

An herb and serve vinaigrette maker? You mean a fucking blender?

No. 1186828

None of those are spring flowers. Stock also need to be moved around repeatedly to get to germinate. It's like she's just looking for ways to spend money and not get anything

No. 1186838

she’s an idiot, but there really are flocks of wild and feral parrots and parakeets in New York City, particularly Brooklyn and Queens

No. 1186841

The city I live in has wild parakeets too (not nyc) so it’s not uncommon. But she is a fucking idiot.

No. 1186939

Why is her face not lining up on the right side ? Near the bottom of her frames

No. 1186943

strong lenses do that, anon

No. 1187079

Will not diagnose/armchair, but this is some mania right here. This is some crazy shit you do, buy up an entire website, right down to a fucking salad dressing maker. Because, you know, IT GOES WITH EVERYTHING. Drugs, mental issue, she's riding something.

No. 1187091

File: 1616030310513.jpeg (488.03 KB, 750x1502, BBDEDB97-424E-4F47-BDB0-AE09C6…)

She just bought out everything on this site

No. 1187092

File: 1616030663404.jpeg (296.82 KB, 750x883, 2BA09D44-3140-41E1-8A4F-28C282…)

Love that this is the only comment.

No. 1187095

Can anyone use their big math brain to give us an estimate on the maniaspree? Seems expensive as shit

No. 1187112

Eh just roughly looking at prices I’d estimate at least 500- including her extremely gourmet heirloom pre-seeded pods.

No. 1187120

I have no words, this is so dumb of her

No. 1187405

File: 1616077449497.jpeg (117.3 KB, 750x699, 2C1CB74A-3580-4686-8AFB-29CAF9…)

Maybe 7 hours…

No. 1187580

File: 1616093590558.jpeg (349.28 KB, 750x879, E60C4BAC-7FEF-4860-A9B8-67C06E…)

Who spends this much time chatting with strangers online?(nitpick)

No. 1187588

I find Amanda annoying and cringey, but tbh this exchange probably took all of 2 minutes if that. This is also pretty typical of poshmark interactions

No. 1187683

why not just get a packet of 99 cent seeds and some seed starting pods and grow it on your windowsill…? Rhetorical question, but this mania spending spree is just depressing somehow

No. 1187685

File: 1616101742269.jpeg (328.33 KB, 828x878, 33BE6CB9-9DAA-44C2-8543-B7673A…)

Didn’t she just say she “heard people doing bumps” outside her window, and she almost relapsed, texted her dealer, and “had a horrible night fighting off urges” two weeks ago?….now she’s claiming she has had “no cravings,nothing”
Which one is it?

No. 1187753

File: 1616106151395.jpg (320.22 KB, 720x1124, 20210318_181806.jpg)


Lol wtf. This lady's closet has a TON of children's stuff and mugs with "mom" sayings on them, and then some normal-people fancy clothes. Yellow dress is cool though. Wonder what Scamanda love love loves in it.

This kind of nicey-nice chat being a requirement drove me off of Poshmark.

Saged for total pointlessness, just in that kind of mood this eve

No. 1188294


The nice chat seemed more like Amanda trying to sweet talk the seller into hooking her up next time since she made a point to say how "nice" she can tell the seller is from seeing what their closet looks like, whatever that means.

Yeah, the yellow dress is great for someone trying to pretend to be "into other cultures" aka a fat, cigarette smoking white woman trying to wear Indian clothing in an attempt to look ethnically diverse.

No. 1188383

I know she’s like severely manic and probably doesn’t actually think about her life making sense but is everyone supposed to just forget that she was begging for $2 to pay her phone bill or whatever junkie story she was spewing over the summer?

And now she has her “new apartment” and expensive indoor gardening equipment and it’s just supposed to be fine?

Did anything ever happen with that scam go fund me thing

No. 1188496

File: 1616190992689.jpeg (671.67 KB, 750x2690, C64DB271-2BCD-438E-8FBD-3657C1…)

How many times has she claimed she would sell off all her “high end” (aka used and unwashed by gross Scamanda) items? She started a new “seller” account.

No. 1188498


Didn’t she start living in her parents garage around 7 months ago? Maybe that’s what she meant by “changing her surroundings”

No. 1188720

File: 1616214870003.png (316.29 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2021-03-19-22-31-11…)

"About two toddlers in an adult"

No. 1188814

She was at her parents starting in July of 2019

No. 1188835

350 pallets? This whole rant screams hoarder but I know she really doesn’t have all this stuff.

No. 1189150

Seriously, I’m pretty sure you’re only supposed to keep most make up items for a year or less. Gross

No. 1189337


That's what they recommend but I don't know one woman who doesn't keep their eyeshadow for years

No. 1189456

Okay cool. So you want to buy expired pallets from people online?

No. 1189465


Sage your shit and stop being a retard.

No. 1189548

most brads are 18 to 24 months depending on preservatives they use, however pressed powders don't have the same kinds of liquids in them that can bring them to turn. I have plenty from way too long ago that is fine. Just wipe it down and don't use it after you have pink eye, you'll be ok.

No. 1189621

File: 1616348941084.jpeg (105.69 KB, 750x338, 42C24DDA-EE14-4041-BC28-2AD9B2…)

Give me things for free and specifically meant for me and also indie things that I won’t list and you have to guess.

No. 1189713

please sage your bs and learn to spell "palette".
I am sure she sees herself as a poet, but her walls of texts are always borderline incoherent

No. 1189804

File: 1616362993180.jpeg (415.52 KB, 750x1320, 585D591E-4C6A-4D7E-BF93-DE2BA9…)

Suffolk Community College?? Wow, what a delusion she has going on in her head.

No. 1190074

Somehow loses entire tape collection at some point during a 8 year time span.

No. 1190265


Guaranteed these are all items bought by Johnny Bitchboy or one of the nasty items she bought on Poshmark herself, used it once, and is now re-selling. Disgusting to think of all these items reeking of cigarettes or just touched by filthy Amanda.

She's soooo pUnK yet puts an excessive amount of importance on "luxury designer" shit.

No. 1190596

File: 1616448124809.jpeg (941.5 KB, 1284x2339, F354C95A-543C-423E-9A62-37F679…)

has she given up on cycling already?

No. 1190603


She mentioned the Jimmy Choo's she bought a few months back in >>1188720 which suggests that she's getting rid of stuff at a rapid pace. Either it's to make money to make more impulse purchases, or then she's paying some debts to Johnny, his family or her dealer. I'm betting on the latter.

No. 1190691

she's been mentioning these one pair of Jimmy Choo's she has for like..years. I guess they don't fit which is why she's been trying to pawn them.

Most of the stuff she's selling is things she's "re-poshing". Shit that doesn't fit her chonky ass anymore, that she bought in a coke fueled shopping binge in 2019.

No. 1190883

File: 1616471298052.jpeg (866.58 KB, 688x4809, 3EDF216E-4701-4710-A068-66956C…)

She has a “special first time meal” for people. Oooookaaay. Inviting a random person she’s never met to stay in her apt (sick with “cancer” still?) the way she speaks about food is so unappetizing.
Can’t forget to flex about having caviar with a whale bone spoon because she’s so cultured

“Lemme be yo concrete sherpa!”

No. 1190927

What stupid narc bullshit. If you were really that hard up for your previous cassettes, used music stores are full of them, super cheap.

No. 1190960

Jesus christ the way she talks about literally anything is so fucking aggravating. How high are you exactly, Amanda? People don’t need to know every single painful detail of your oh-so-awesome life! Bigass bed and a TV with ALL the apps! Signed in of course! Just kill me now.

No. 1191068

Jesus Christ. Did she plagiarize this from a recipe blog and then the listing of her Air BnB and THEN some home goods catalogue? Literally who gives a shit about any word of this?
> “Here’s my trendy dinner of expensive, fattening cheese, but I also ate canned fish over the sink”

No. 1191167

Has anyone reverse searched this to see if it’s actually her photo? Would be really funny if it wasn’t.

No. 1191232

“I’ve met many amazing friends that way, mostly French and Colombian…”

Oh reallyyyy. LOL

No. 1191277

Omg this is so horrifying and cringey she is like having a detailed role playing session about how she’s going to make smoothies for this person she barely knows and not actually just chain smoke cigarettes and film them waking up on Instagram live

No. 1191310

This is the most desperate and pathetic thing I’ve read in all these threads and that’s sayin something. I almost feel bad for our cancer faking Scamanda.

No. 1191326

File: 1616529700041.png (2.12 MB, 750x1624, 107B6BFD-0B19-4A19-A08F-22B2B7…)


- eating ice cream for breakfast
- here’s my expensive pod vegetable things
- say Thai basil 20 times
- sounds a little slurry but what’s new

No. 1191350

>the crazy thing is x 1029929
she sounds either drunk or pillheady, but her fingers look kinda swollen? if i just saw this sans context, i would think it was someone's drunk aunt.

No. 1191358

She hasn’t worn any of her hideous rings leading me to believe she’s a balloon. She never takes those things off.

No. 1191396

That lovely booze bloat

No. 1191827

File: 1616599196764.jpeg (289.89 KB, 750x960, 9695BB38-4C2C-4225-BEDB-3010D6…)

Not very milky, but she thinks she’s Snow White out here… she cage trained a “wild” bird that seems to…. already know what a cage is. Also you don’t work… why are you napping for 5 hours in the middle of the day? Mid afternoon blackout?

No. 1191879

She’s always talking about how early she wakes up like ok why don’t you as that to your resumé since it’s such an accomplishment for you

No. 1191881

*add shm

No. 1191915

File: 1616604796498.jpeg (274.78 KB, 1125x924, D703A5DB-C7C9-4906-BB02-4CF493…)

I don’t even have a comment because we have said it all. When will she fucking stop.

No. 1191994

Don’t you remember when she posted her “resume” begging for a job from anyone doing anything including getting coffee and sweeping floors or whatever but she refused to start working before 10am?

No. 1192388


Heifer Amanda hauling her porky ass down the stairs, gasping for air in the pack-a-day way to collect a package of some garbage she had to buy online and have delivered. Pretty on brand. I would like the image of this hambeast in baby blue silk short shorts removed from my brain please.

No. 1192608

File: 1616672922277.jpeg (718.68 KB, 750x4899, F5E83D68-5285-41C1-896E-86F45D…)


No. 1192649

Her tongue makes me want to vomit… she is clearly very unhealthy just look at the white buildup and ridged edges. Keep that nasty thing in your mouth, woman

No. 1192784


Her pOrTrAiT of Perry looks like something from the walls of a 4th grade art class.

I read that people that lie always give way too many details and too much information to try to convince people they're telling the truth. That's exactly what Amanda appears to be doing. Continuously giving way too many details makes me doubt the phony life she tries to portray on social media.

She just smokes cigarettes, sits at her AirBnB paid for by Johnny Bitchboy and does nothing but watch a domesticated bird fly around while she buys junk off the internet, also funded by Bitchboy.

Now that I write it out, it makes sense why she lies excessively to pretend her life is better than it really is.

No. 1192985

ngl, kinda wish this was my life. Never having to work, living in Brooklyn for free, having hours of free time to draw and make arts and crafts, get stoned all day, not really having cancer, an endless supply of pills, and having a simp paypig bankroll my whole existence without a care in the world other than avoiding people so they don’t see what I really look like.

No. 1193069

I swear I'm not trying to nitpick, but,
>fuckin no mascara!
Yeah it… looks like you aren't wearing mascara. Her brows look very full (if she's actually not wearing makeup in them/didn't edit them) but her lashes are nothing to brag about

No. 1193087

That drawing is absolute shit. Why brag about 150 colors and then use maybe 6 of them, muddied by graphite. Like…does she even know how to art?

No. 1193131

There is no 150 set of watercolor pencils by prismacolor, they only go up to 36. Why name a specific kind of pencil that doesn't even exist?

No. 1193187

She leads a lonely empty hollow existence. She's starting to get old and all that smoking will catch up with her eventually. Her own parents neither trust or want her in the house. She's a fatass.

Don't feel bad anon, she's probably depressed as hell.

No. 1193347


I'm a few days late here but this is some of the most desperate shit I've ever read. Wtf is with the extreme attention to detail? It's like self-insert literotica level.

I would never cowtip, and won't, but I almost want to fake befriend her to see if she really simps and dotes on near-strangers like this in real life.

No. 1193419

She looks like Xin Zhui

No. 1193447

File: 1616734756405.jpeg (128.29 KB, 750x308, 051E4564-9A58-4ED0-AE88-BEE96D…)


No. 1193598


There is a 150 set of regular prismacolors, which is what she's using here. She's not using watercolor, she's just a dumb asshole

No. 1193708

File: 1616767187618.jpeg (504.75 KB, 750x2207, 5B6AEB16-8589-4392-B99D-E8028E…)

Word vomit about the bird at 7am. Must be some strong coffee….

No. 1193715

They’re gonna blood the bird to find the sex out since she can’t just wait for it to grow up and show it’s sexually dimorphic traits

No. 1193841


wow the edits she did on this one are more terrifying than usual and the redness around her eyes - yeeesh. “sober” tho, right?

what happened to her precious cat? and her cancer? i’m assuming she’s just hoping that people forget about those with all the word vomit she’s consistently spewing.

No. 1194013

File: 1616788012761.jpeg (419.23 KB, 749x972, 98A71EF9-7B6C-4603-84F9-FE446C…)

Works out everyday for the past 7 months. Your Peloton says no you haven’t.

No. 1194357

“Conquering touch training in only one day”

Omg It’s almost like it was already someone’s pet bird that was comfortable being touched and just had to get used to a new person!

Also wouldn’t a “crazy bird lady” be a “bird-watcher”? As in, someone who loves observing birds in their natural habitat? I’m pretty sure people who actually like birds buy some fucking binoculars rather than binging on cocaine so they can write a 5-page essay about a sad lonely creature flapping about their tiny NY apartment. Im going to have nightmares about sleeping in the safety of my own home and having this disgusting bitch’s GIANT fucking face suddenly pressed against my window

No. 1194461


How many times is she going to explain her perry mason joke

No. 1194511

Why the hell does she care about the gender? She is 100% going to hold a gender reveal event for this bird. Soooo woke and progressive.

No. 1195261

File: 1616895990862.jpeg (654.44 KB, 750x1365, 591280BA-A662-4C31-A575-69D49B…)

Another conversation that never happened.

No. 1195262

File: 1616896024838.jpeg (126.7 KB, 540x960, 02AD0C4C-26B7-4349-9825-9AB4D0…)

Super natural

No. 1195301

literally looks like she’s got those wax lips on her face ew

No. 1195368

Sine when does she have lips? This is not her normal pursed butthole mouth.

No. 1195696

File: 1616946057226.jpeg (294.43 KB, 828x1453, 5E654E64-75D0-4516-BA10-6B873F…)

Conversations that didn’t happen- and more lies yesterday
She hasn’t had a car or a license the whole time of living in Brooklyn- we see you in the passenger seat Amanda while Johnny shuttles you around - also- she (by she I mean Johnny) rented some dumb sports car the ONE trip to Miami she took about three years ago- taking a photo of yourself in the drivers seat and reposting every so often didn’t fool anyone - it was once, years ago, and Johnny drove it

No. 1195756

Walk 10 miles?! To where? The nearest 7-11 when Johnny can’t drive you to pick up your carton of reds? I have literally never seen this bitch drive, she can’t ride a motorcycle. Maybe she can just weeble-wobble back to Patchogue.

No. 1195951

this ham planet has never walked 10 miles in her life

No. 1195989

Looks like filters and bad overlining. She should just ask Johnny to buy her fillers, not like she won't be able to come up with some ridiculous convoluted bs to explain how her ~kiss pillows~ magically swole up lol

No. 1196738


Wait this is such a weird level of lying. She posted constantly about never having her drivers license. Why would she so casually talk about driving a car she doesn’t own and can’t drive?

No. 1196742

Hey leave Patchogue out if this, she’s from Medford

No. 1196969

File: 1617052687685.jpeg (496.22 KB, 828x889, AE8AD797-A8F4-4429-8D55-E42CA7…)

She qualifies for the vaccine now - for being over thirty - apparently fake cancer isn’t an underlying condition

No. 1196975

File: 1617052827429.jpeg (591.16 KB, 828x1100, 7E17E5D1-3A1C-4825-A52F-4EFD64…)

No. 1197170

Wasn’t she planning out “treatment options” and how her hair was definitely going to fall out? She also claimed to have gotten one vaccine shot weeks ago.

No. 1197191

File: 1617075095172.jpeg (571.27 KB, 1170x1581, E0DD4966-2B01-4AE0-8947-9CD0AD…)

She really outted herself here, bad year to claim fake cancer. Her lies are so painfully obvious. I’d love to see her response to that comment.

No. 1197200

The comment on that post was instantly removed by her

No. 1197208

hilarious she deleted a comment that was still giving her the benefit of the doubt instead of just deleting the post that reveals her lie.

No. 1197419


It sounds good if you're used to working and being busy all the time, but trust me, hanging out with the internet all day with nothing else to do and nowhere to be all day, everyday, life gets very dull and meaningless and drug/food addictions are common.

No. 1199825

File: 1617320998077.jpeg (179.11 KB, 750x560, FD84E23D-4317-4E3A-B8DE-D7F646…)

No. 1199840

Uhhh she chose which vaccine to get? Idk what it's like in NYS, bit when I booked my appt it was basically a scramble to book whatever was available. I definitely didn't get a choice in which one I wanted to get

No. 1199853

Yeah, that’s what it’s like in NYC too. Nobody gets a choice of vaccine, everyone getting vaccinated here right now is getting Moderna. Is she’s trying to imply that her “BFF”’s family and pharmacy has access to a variety of vaccines?

No. 1199869

So she’s got some sorry sap in Florida waiting for her? She’s getting boring, it better happen soon. But once she goes to Florida (if ever) she’ll have to post selfie’s and then we’ll see the true bloated potato she really is.

No. 1199915

File: 1617329699335.jpeg (600.98 KB, 750x1142, 85981676-E77E-4CF9-BD43-20044B…)

Not buying the blurry photos

No. 1199916

File: 1617329732602.jpeg (210.62 KB, 1104x2048, CA4B58C3-6B4A-4174-B37E-3B1D68…)

No. 1199918

File: 1617329800444.jpeg (196.67 KB, 1152x2048, E9B77CC0-CCE7-4CC1-AB9A-25EF7E…)

No. 1199919

File: 1617329849705.jpeg (346.17 KB, 2048x1118, C0EDC608-34EE-42B1-9C0D-1112F8…)

No. 1199951

The way she has the plant in the back shoved against the wall has me laughing. It even looks like one of the leaves is shoved behind the blanket ladder. Pretty sure it’s a bird of paradise. So she just has half the plant smooshed against the wall in a dark corner instead of taking care of it.

No. 1199952

She forgot to shoop her double chin kek

No. 1199966

okay so florida is only 3 states away from new york now??

No. 1199984

Who’s the new Florida boo?

No. 1200076


To be fair she said her boo is moving to Florida, not that they're already there

No. 1200123

NYS is shit with vaccines. People are driving up to 4 hours away to get a vaccine. It took me a MONTH to get an appointment and that was with a preexisting condition. There is no fucking way.

No. 1200187

File: 1617360980256.jpeg (221.48 KB, 750x1474, C2B525FD-2984-40A3-AC1C-2230B7…)

Few choice comments on the vaccine post.

Apparently Miss Amanda gets to choose which vaccine she wants. Eyeroll. In NYC you might be able to find a site giving one type of shot out, but getting an appt at a very specific location is hard. My brother thought he was getting Pfizer and wound up getting the J&J. There’s no way to choose ahead of time.

Oh ah now just visiting Miami? Not moving your new dude to florida? Sounds logical.

No. 1200256


“I love Florida in January”

Wait, is she talking about going Florida next January or does she not know that it’s April….

No. 1200417

are you blind? she's responding to the person saying they moved to florida in january.

No. 1200751

Did she think this looks good? Her head/face look shrunken lol and idk exactly what else she edited in the picture but you can tell by looking at her arms that she's a fatty fat-fat. Can't wait for her to get her vaccine of choice so she can get her precious ass out in the world again and produce better milk than this sour ass shit.

No. 1201044


Not blind anon, just mildly retarded like everyone else that posts on here

No. 1201048

File: 1617461673034.jpeg (408.71 KB, 750x980, 6B72AF16-9732-4A58-B3C4-895F51…)

Welp she’s banging Troi. Shocker. Why is she acting like no one can tell who tf this is?

No. 1201059

which means she still hasn't had him as a "guest" even though that was definitely totally happening in February

No. 1201114

Isn’t everyone her best friend?

You think they’re fucking? I hoped he’d have a little more dignity than that. I personally think he sees their friendship as platonic (and probably feels a little bad for her) and she thinks that he is the next husband. That dude is well known around here and can have any cute aging hipster in Brooklyn, but he’s choosing Hamanda? I don’t think so. She’s fucking delusional.

If Troi’s the bae, then Who’s the bae 3 states away in Florida then?

What will she do with Johnny Wednesday night? Does he get stored in a closet? Or does he sit and watch as she wines and dines Troi on his dime?

No. 1201197

Troi is an absolute fucking moron who probably have half the bushwick/ridgewood scene covid after being the most shamelessly reckless. two dumbasses in love how great

No. 1201219

File: 1617482867773.jpeg (135.8 KB, 750x847, 4CAA463F-981A-4D2F-A520-90DDE5…)

This is the year GUYS!

No. 1201231

File: 1617484020350.jpeg (563.39 KB, 750x2304, B5ED588A-EFDD-4358-AD54-FBBAAA…)

She doesn’t even mention the cancer anymore. It’s almost like… it wasn’t real?

No. 1201263

is "physical disease that was killing me" her casually referring to her ~cancer~ in the past tense lmao

No. 1201328

I think she’s referring to her addiction

No. 1201947

File: 1617584154337.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1770, F9790ABC-B040-4718-BEA8-C43E6F…)

Not one, but two!, pixies referenced posts today. An Easter miracle

No. 1201948

File: 1617584190491.jpeg (416.76 KB, 1242x1696, E8100AA0-6E19-4A11-8591-F5368F…)

No. 1201956

File: 1617585415880.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 298.4 KB, 750x1375, 75D79C02-9350-475C-AF6B-EACBBE…)

I hate when she says shit like “oh this memory from the summer popped up” like you’re not sending out a thirst trap

No. 1201962

File: 1617586747014.jpeg (297.83 KB, 750x676, BD544373-E8BA-4BB4-AAD6-C873FA…)

Hahahaha please someone go watch her roly-poly ass try to maintain balance (and sobriety) while she does this. Doubt this will ever happen. She’s not a wall painter. Hey how about you open your store? No? Ok then.

No. 1201963

I think her dad works for whatevery long islnd based moving company this is.

No. 1201970

File: 1617588771210.jpeg (601.55 KB, 828x1442, 347EF904-1F1F-4984-A76D-60CD51…)

Sounds about right- company is located on Long Island, and he recently had business in Greenpoint (where the mural will allegedly be) to take care of - the day he came to see john’s - I mean her apartment

No. 1201980

Tinfoil sorta but if it’s not her dad there’s also constant craigslist job ads in Bk for corporate “street art” mural painting gigs, usually taken by scuzzy bushwick Carhartt-type dudes (wonder how she heard about it…/s), if not Home Depot day laborers. Either way, isn’t a glamorous or well-paying job and she’s too much of an entitled, fat, lazy fuck to actually be a reliable worker in this position.

No. 1201985

wasn’t she looking for a mural artist over the summer to paint the roll down gate at her shop? but now…she does it??? okie doke scamanda. i want to know when the “cancer” will make a reappearance.

No. 1201988

Gotta pause playing Homescapes to text daddy asking him for her shit

No. 1201998

Omg good eye kek such a badass

No. 1202016

File: 1617595701372.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1170x1624, FCB1B7D7-7FC6-4A89-BBDA-FC2EA8…)

“My dad got a new car this is the code and also the code he uses for everything”

What an idiot.

No. 1202118

Her dad works for PODS storage. Not sure if they’re associated with a a moving company too.

No. 1202154

She mentioned he had a new job not too long ago but ok

No. 1202157

He prob does work for them. They’re based in FL and recently expanded to Long Island (prob when he got the job) and are opening a new location in greenpoint (I tangentially know these people)

I cannot imagine why anyone hired her to paint a mural, none of the people involved in this business (except maybe her dad?) would “approach” her since it’s based in Tampa FL??

Also I love her bragging about them hiring a photographer. Yes, a business hires a photographer to take a photo of their new location. That’s…not because you’re famous

No. 1202445

File: 1617662737149.jpeg (568.76 KB, 750x1527, F09B0870-C290-4D55-B225-4F975B…)

For your nightmares…

No. 1202454

Her teeth look like they are all about to fall out of her head.

No. 1202480

File: 1617668369617.jpeg (165.97 KB, 750x485, E324C3BE-0247-448D-96E0-FA649B…)

The date hasn’t been set yet but she totally has this job. Because that’s how people do business. They hire contract workers with no date in mind but have a photog and are renting scaffolding for her fat ass. And everyone will have forgotten about it by then, including her.

No. 1203416

File: 1617817153374.jpeg (234.28 KB, 750x914, 9C64C3F8-FA35-4DD6-88A6-97313A…)

Fun fact! Love that this guy was just telling her Happy Easter and she had to tell him this word salad about 7 Seconds and then a completely unrelated comment about some other show she went to

No. 1203627

Are her nostrils collapsed from cocaine?

No. 1203653

Was the Philly riot fest anything like the chicago ones? Because if so, she absolutely did not stage dive.

No. 1203820

she edits herself so ridiculously all the time that I never take any notice of the dumbass features she gives herself, but I've just looked and you might be right tbh

No. 1203839

File: 1617886024234.jpeg (416.13 KB, 750x1495, CF4BF386-D7B5-4AFC-86D2-D7259C…)

Buy some more or her crap, that she doesn’t clean.

No. 1203922

File: 1617895730872.jpeg (1.48 MB, 3264x3264, 76E7BEEC-BF6F-4676-92D2-4E3577…)

Not very milky but she’s reselling “vintage” pillowcases for more than she bought them for? You can’t just make up seller fees by raising your price. She even said who she’s reselling it from and you can easily find what she paid for it. Also what’s this cottage core crap shes filling her apartment with? I thought she was a bad ass punk biker babe… she has throw pillows from west elm? How chic.

No. 1204105

A normal person would’ve probably just put the first line and the pictures/video.

I actually typically appreciate people being thorough and providing lots of detail but this stimulant induced rant isn’t even helpful, it just sounds nuts.

I don’t have Facebook but I’m dying to know if she’s edited this post 3-5 times like she’s prone to doing

No. 1204135


We've already established she's not punk at all, considering how much value she places on dEsIgNeR shit made in third world countries and she's just the ultimate poser for her love of name brands.

The closest she gets to being punk is how dirty and smelly she is.

No. 1204138


She gives so much unnecessary info about everything, from junk she buys to junk she's selling, to her own life and everyone she knows around her.

She really seems so exhausting to associate with.

No. 1204166

File: 1617915914327.png (1.35 MB, 828x1792, 8C12C6E7-30B9-4511-A8D5-026B0B…)

Selling a coffee grinder for more than Amazon is asking?

No. 1204637


That sounds like a typical thing for Scam-Manda to do.

No. 1204906

File: 1618004050962.jpeg (606.89 KB, 1125x1800, 3E14B043-B8B0-4C47-9D00-7A2B9B…)

Yeah TECHNICALLY you were a teen ager in the 90s….buuuuutttttt I’m not sure that gives you any cred in that realm….always such a reach

No. 1204916

if she was born in Sept 1987, she turned 13 in Sept 2000. So she was never a teenager in the 90s. Does she not even know how old she is at all?

No. 1204921

class of 2000 here and as we used to say, POSER!!!!!!!!

No. 1204953

Whaaat, I was born January 1987, can confirm I was never a teen in the 90s.
2000-1987=13. We were not teenagers until 2000.

No. 1205071

This is probably one of her weirdest lies/flex thus far. She just posted in September about her 33rd birthday, caps in previous thread. Even if she /did/ turn it 13 in 1999, that’s not really adequate to claim being a teenager during the 90s like she wants it to.

No. 1205099

File: 1618027553348.jpeg (114.65 KB, 688x330, 2887A465-43D3-4BF7-8CA3-851B1B…)

Overdrew her Venmo. Sounds like great money planning for a successful business owner of three successful businesses. Someone commented (now erased) asking if she still did nude photos and she said no.

No. 1205115

Wtf do you have to do to get Venmo revoked?

No. 1205258

File: 1618063188025.jpeg (81.86 KB, 750x351, C77855E3-8E9D-4065-A6CF-FEF421…)

Nah it was on IG

No. 1205285


Haha I feel you on this!

No. 1205286


I'm a year older than Amanda and I was 14 and a freshman in 2000, so she was 13 and probably 7th or 8th grade in 2000

No. 1205354


Not only was I in the same grade as Amanda, but I went to/cut class with her during that time (including math, explains why she can’t count..) we are the same age. And turned 13 in 2000

No. 1205391

File: 1618076747065.jpeg (187.2 KB, 828x557, 878E206F-F790-432B-BFDA-A85DB2…)

Thought I’d post this for fun…so she was never older than 13?? In the 90’s…given all signs point to being 13/14 in 2000. Does she forget people understand birth year = XX age AND google exists??

No. 1205504

I imagine Amanda does not even have her GED. Can’t wait to see how her forties are gonna treat her.

No. 1205545

Is she on hard drugs

No. 1205773


She has never been able to keep her age straight. A few years ago she was 31 through 33 interchangeably.

No. 1205847

File: 1618153053060.jpeg (719.69 KB, 750x1485, AC2E825B-739D-40C0-8C34-E2210A…)

“I’m actually a d cup but I fit into b cup retail store sizes etc” D cup on what planet. Maybe now that she’s gained weight?

No. 1205848

You can have small tits and still be a, D cup

No. 1206029

it really depends. if you can fit comfortably into B cups, you might have too much space in some brand’s D cups like VS. but for the most part, if your boobs are bottom heavy and teardrop shaped, you can probably make do with a D cup.

this is all irrelevant though bc looking at the thread pic, she probably barely fits into a C.

No. 1206049

File: 1618173309708.jpeg (321.58 KB, 750x869, 264F6DE8-7090-40DA-8EB1-1B1068…)

Yes because Johnny’s dad runs a pharmacy. And pharmacies don’t have doctors giving the vaccine. Speaking of that we never got to see her virtue signal about getting her vaccine that she “chose”

No. 1206140

Bra size is based on the difference in inches between ribcage and bust. D cup is a 4” difference. So D cup with a 26” ribcage would have a 30” chest, still very small. The whole r/abrathatfits thing really only applies to women in a size range outside of what’s mass produced. It’s weird that she would tell herself she’s actually a D, especially because she’s probably a 34/36 band. It’s not like she will ever have any issue finding her bra size, the way <30” and >40” would. If you wear a B cup and it fits, that means you’re a B cup Amanda.

No. 1206194

Not that there’s a problem with keeping clothes or anything, but I used to own this bandeau, almost TEN YEARS AGO. Weird that she has so many and is selling them.

No. 1206203

File: 1618193608811.jpeg (208.43 KB, 750x729, 6E41BD00-1831-4F9A-80CA-8C3149…)

she bought it in March and is already reselling a $9 item. Seems a little silly for someone who has so much more “expensive and luxury” items… that we’ve not yet seen.

No. 1206366

File: 1618231751166.png (1.43 MB, 750x1624, 2A09A739-9719-40BB-943A-9E943F…)

Does she really need to include the spiritual lyrics to this album that will just end up being mega photoshopped summer photos?

No. 1206544

File: 1618251412872.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1242x1783, D9816EBF-E563-443B-AAC8-A2E5E3…)

Since when is Amanda a "they"

No. 1206758


gonna go out on a limb and say that since it became trendy and edgy and stopped be the butt of everyone’s jokes 100% of the time. she’s such a poser with everything she does that it would be embarrassing if she wasn’t such a piece of shit.

No. 1206868


Literally every boring pickme cis woman who is stuck in 2010 uses she/they now. I wonder how many actually get called “they”

No. 1207188

wtf @ posting lyrics to a song that was a metaphor for racism and lynching

No. 1207204

File: 1618322674381.jpeg (159.14 KB, 750x936, IMG_7276.jpeg)

so Amanda and Kenzie aren't following on FB or IG and she still is "babysitting" the cat since Summer 2019.
Guess Amanda lost a cat. Can probably assume she won't be working at Schafmayer and Crap when is has a grand reopening after over a year of being closed.

No. 1207253


Uh, why is she finally learning how to find out her bra size on Reddit when people were using the same common formula 15+ years ago, most of us actually learning it when getting our first real bra as an adolescent/teen?! Measure circumference under boobs, measure circumference of boobs at the apex of your nipple, subtract difference, 1" difference = A cup, 2"= B, etc. I guarantee this basic formula has been used by bra fitting employees at stores well before Reddit taught Amanda. How are you a female and this dumb?!

And I'm positive the 4 inch difference she's apparently claiming between her band and tit circumference is only equating to a b cup because she needs a large band size for her big body… meaning she's not a D cup and is measuring herself wrong. She can't be seriously saying her ribcage is soooo small that brands don't sell it. They make 30D. She's saying she's smaller than a 30 band?! Fat lying dumbasses are the worst.

Edit: sorry, I got so fired up reading about her stupidity that I missed what >>1206140 said, which is what I'm talking about. Amanda just makes me irritated and ready to rant before reading more, sorry!

No. 1207631

File: 1618347100664.jpeg (225.61 KB, 1125x757, 4D3B970F-BB09-4982-BFF1-D05DB5…)

nyc -> miami, okie doke, crazy. im just patiently awaiting a cancer update or for someone to call her out on it tbh.

No. 1208526

Interesting….since that Kenzie chick was the one that organized the Gofundme for Scamanda’s fake cancer……..she must have finally figured out what a lie that all was

No. 1208573


Pretty sure she didn’t organize it…

No. 1208580

File: 1618440316000.png (2.31 MB, 828x1792, 92D421A0-07CD-4B89-8CFD-DC695A…)

Oh you’re pretty sure yeah? That’s why it says organized by Kenzie Skye

No. 1208745

File: 1618456080064.png (1.54 MB, 828x1792, 4369BB06-5AD7-4F16-8DCF-07652A…)

She’s posting stories about how she “takes care of” her delivery people, including bringing them into her home to “dry off”. I mean, my only regular delivery person is the Usps guy, and I think he’s great…leave him a generous tip at every holiday, offer a bottle of water when I happen to be home on a hot day, make my asshole dog sit for a treat when we run into him on a walk. Really love him…But I don’t have delusions that he wants to towel himself off in my foyer before he goes straight back into the rain to finish his day. WTF and she acts like this is some huge delivery that makes her an important customer…it’s like 4 Poshmark packages! I honestly can’t handle how much she annoys me

No. 1208752

These stories today were peak cringe. She sounds so delusional texting with a ups driver and the way the bird kept trying to get away from her was hilarious.

No. 1208768

File: 1618457832929.png (3.43 MB, 1242x2208, E728B905-1D45-4B3F-B5F6-1C0732…)


That poor thing was trying so hard to get away. Meanwhile she’s got a cigarette in the other hand, claiming she doesn’t smoke inside.

No. 1208916

This is the third time recently in a post that she’s said “mind” instead of “don’t mind” which is so painfully and perfectly scamanda I just have to point it out.

No. 1208938

I understand anon, she’s the kind of retarded that makes many people’s blood boil.

No. 1208965

These actually almost made me sad if they weren’t so fucking weird. She got to-go cups, SLEEVES, and a full coffee bar because she’s that desperate for interaction that she’s luring the mail carriers up to her apartment?

Like she got cardboard sleeves. She considers inviting the mail carriers inside to “play with her bird” and take a coffee to go from her apartment such a regular occurrence that she bought special accessories for it

What is wrong with her

No. 1208967

It doesn’t have to be a regular occurrence for her to spend money on it- like it’s not her money after all so who cares. She seems to have a mighty fine habit of getting really excited by some thing, bragging about it and spending a bunch of money on it and then just as easily getting bored and abandoning it. Come to think of it that’s how she treats people too. Maybe she’ll claim the bird was verbally abusive too when she eventually tires of it

No. 1209126


that xanax slur though…

No. 1209269

Why is a “cancer patient “ who still needs “treatments” letting randoms all the way into her apt to use her towels? That’s not how protecting yourself from Covid works. Also wasn’t she super busy this week working at Johnny’s family pharmacy, helping people get vaccinated? Also something anyone I know with cancer wouldn’t volunteer for.

No. 1209463

File: 1618526639904.jpeg (145.25 KB, 750x591, 621EAC4B-3DFE-4BB7-9982-0FB34A…)


No. 1209592

Not the third time. It’s every single time. My guess is that it’s part of her redneck cosplay bs. She must have heard some toothless drunk somewhere say this and thinks it makes her sound homespun or something.

No. 1209593

Ok I was thinking this at first too but — coumldnt this just more evidence that she’s living in an Airbnb? I’ve stayed at places with a coffee set up like this. Although I also wouldn’t put it past her to use literally anything to bait some unsuspecting fool into coming into her apartment

No. 1209610

Probably, plus she’s retarded. To say mind means “be mindful of.” In this case it actually would make sense to say “mind the blanket; it’s wet” to a guest about to sit on it. It makes zero sense in the context of a Instagram story though.

No. 1210050

File: 1618605141865.jpeg (198.48 KB, 652x1214, 66418712-5F25-45A8-8B05-57ECBF…)

Claiming to be 115 lbs now lol

No. 1210072

Not a single mention of cancer or cancer treatments impacting her body?

No. 1210145

Gaunt and puffy at the same time? That’s the filter Manda.

No. 1210247

I’m thinking they’re in an apartment that Johnny’s parents own

No. 1210249

I met her in real life. I’m 5’5”. She’s 5’2” at best in her kick shitters.

No. 1210582

File: 1618674578585.jpeg (141.18 KB, 750x490, 1E599F9D-59D5-43F8-8E51-E283BD…)

So Johnny’s family owns the house Amanda is in. I didn’t want to completely doxx her, so editing.

No. 1210833

File: 1618702265512.jpeg (580.46 KB, 750x910, 5047D3EA-D074-4C15-AC3D-5E23F5…)

Her apartment must be a black hole of time where pods fully mature to grown parsley in 24 days. It’s usually 70 to 90 days. Just to lie about anything…

No. 1210860

Def not white knighting this dumbass bitch, but are you thinking 70-90 growing from a regular seed? Most aero garden herbs are mature in a month or less after they sprout. It’s also possible that the herbs she used are not even ready yet.

No. 1210873

It’s also possible she put her doordash meal on a plate to take a photo

No. 1210947

What happened to Troi? Done with that already?

No. 1210992

Was wondering that too. He never made it over for one of her gross meals. Guess they haven’t “…..yanno” gross

No. 1211269

File: 1618757036288.jpeg (67.69 KB, 1125x390, 7632A470-701E-4073-9468-035385…)

His parent's pharmacy has some pretty bad reviews

No. 1211272

File: 1618757335475.jpeg (268.39 KB, 1125x1599, 62FA1EDB-0E19-4C55-9889-6F46CC…)

There are more reviews if you search J drugs Brooklyn reviews

No. 1211315

Pretty sure he and his family don’t need to be brought up as they have no drama and he doesn’t even have any social media presence.

Sage posts without milk.

No. 1212233

One could argue that by financially supporting her all these years and taking care of her animals when she abandons them they could be enabling her abhorrent behavior. In which case they are not beyond reproach. Perhaps if her safety net was pulled out from under her she might be forced to confront the entitlement and actually do something useful on her own or just actually starve and die like the anachan she pretends to be. Fine by me either way

No. 1212397

Can confirm she and Troi are not boning. Haven’t hung in a year

No. 1212406

leave the email field blank, Jess.

No. 1212459

File: 1618868506015.jpeg (844.54 KB, 828x1527, F1B2158B-ACA8-4E74-8C6A-016BB8…)

But he’s the LOVE OF HER LIFE
And he didn’t even like the post

No. 1212517

Oof. I wonder if he knows about this thread

No. 1212520

I hope he does honestly kek

No. 1212541

Yeah I’m sure it’s just that she is “not comfortable going to bars yet”, not that she’s been 86’d from pretty much every venue and dive in the city

No. 1213090

File: 1618948978989.jpeg (572.84 KB, 627x1166, 39FB9B85-5F59-4A10-9752-B32663…)

Yeah johnny gave you two and you gave yourself one you already owned (or that he also paid for) when you were “engaged” for like 3 months to Texas dude.

No. 1213310

File: 1618974450806.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1170x1399, 46E4D0BE-B2A2-41C9-AA91-597BD5…)

J for Johnny, works for Jay or Jacob too …

No. 1213416


Wow I saw this and thought “she doesn’t look so haggard here” then realised it’s from seven years ago.

No. 1213618

Kek ikr. This must have also been before she started editing her nose to look permanently pinched, like she always has glasses sliding down them

No. 1213620


Could also work for

Jobless, junkie, just avoid

No. 1213752

File: 1619037987486.jpeg (429.95 KB, 750x1045, 6C65D50B-88D7-406C-928C-4C1D2C…)

Oooh Troi’s coming over kek

No. 1213754

File: 1619038040773.jpeg (566.3 KB, 750x1402, 5C4D7105-37DB-45A6-8F46-1F6EDA…)

Also have to let everyone know Johnny is still bankrolling her candle collection?

No. 1213759

File: 1619038386292.jpeg (296.18 KB, 750x831, 74D63E7D-6890-475E-8141-590A94…)


She hangs out in leggings like this an expects Troi to take her anywhere? On a motorcycle? He barely stayed for an hour.

No. 1213781

this dumb bitch can’t even muster up a “thank you”. those candles are expensive and her response was “good” W H A T

No. 1213784

She calls John her SO while telling him what she’s up to with another dude who she’s calling the love of her life….

No. 1213792


Whats saddest is knowing she likely agonized over what to wear and she came up with this costume. Feeling very much second hand embarrassment.

No. 1213888

File: 1619053360638.jpeg (433.58 KB, 547x1094, 591B8FD1-165C-451A-B3D4-1CBB85…)

Is stalking someone to their place of work and flashing your crotch with an inner leg tattoo, maybe banging once… what you can “intermediate dating”??
She screwed him on those Valentine’s cards that he drew and she took credit for.

No. 1213925

File: 1619057301688.jpg (40.73 KB, 631x563, johnvale.JPG)

who tf records and posts their guests arriving to hang out with them? and the way that she dramatically calls him "my baby" over and over only when he's off-screen and can't hear her… I wonder what Troi thinks when he sees this shit on her story

his facebook actually lists that they're "in a relationship" so I guess this one's not purely delusion. still embarrassing to update your fb relationship status in 2021. especially to be "official" with a guy you haven't seen in two years

No. 1213935

Troi is a dumb scrote, I wouldn’t doubt he went to smash and eat some shitty food I and then bounce. Of course Amanda hyped whatever micro fling they had up. It’s what she always does.

This John Vale shit is so cringe tho lol. Like after years of reposting that one photo over and over she finally harassed him into a relationship.

No. 1213941

Wait, so is she dating troi or John? Milk or sage or some shit for not adding new stuff just curious

No. 1213952


He sure has creepy small hands for someone 'ginormous', he's probably like 5'8, try harder to seem smol scamanda

No. 1213999

File: 1619067210180.jpeg (961.9 KB, 3464x3464, 6E63BA9D-D07F-45EF-933F-B25020…)

Lunch lady arms spotted on Troi’s story

No. 1214100


Kek, what a wAiF.

John Vale hasn't seen her in years and is probably thinking she looks like how she shoops herself. Despite his talent, he's old and not on anyone's hot list. I don't blame him or any of these other ugly sCeNe dudes for agreeing to be her bf, since I'm sure she's been sending them suggestive photos for years and flirting for years, all while waiting for someone to finally lay claim to dating her.

No. 1214101


That double chin turkey neck thing she has is clearly what she always shoops out. She looks horrific. No wonder why she only gets ugly dudes, but of course she chases after the ones that's considered hip/cool within the scene. A perfect achievement for a top poser. The dudes are happy to get pussy and she's happy trying to pretend she gets street cred.

No. 1214109


>115 lbs

No. 1214112


Ah the return of her HoUrGlAsS shape and bubble butt! Definitely not lumpy gut with beefcake arms and a sagging turkey neck. She looks less like a beach ball than she did the in infamous Hulu hoop video, I’ll give her that.

No. 1214152

File: 1619099122385.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3264x3264, 49D699BE-B247-49EC-B174-F9CF5A…)

Still a ham beast, that turkey neck is really bad. She has no jaw line.

No. 1214162

File: 1619100738333.jpeg (67.41 KB, 369x303, B522083E-9E76-44A8-B7F5-024392…)


Got more chins than a Chinese phone book

No. 1214186

Jesus. Looks like mitch mcconnell lmfao

No. 1214210

You think Troi came to smash but soon realized he got catfished and bounced?

No. 1214223

File: 1619109418831.png (5.84 MB, 1125x2001, 46658CE5-F05D-4A3C-A3F2-9D5322…)

A tool for a tool

No. 1214233

File: 1619110973136.jpeg (530.63 KB, 828x1138, 2CE3649F-B6A2-46F5-BBD0-F818E6…)

Well, her “clean and sober” is apparently the bullshit “California sober” - that doesn’t count weed- so she’s not really sober- cutting out the cocaine appetite suppressant and smoking weed and getting the munchies isn’t really working out for her smol haven’t eaten in days this size double zero is huge on me body

No. 1214234

File: 1619111010672.jpeg (233.86 KB, 828x530, ECF085D4-09BE-4DC1-AF6F-FAAA7C…)

No. 1214302


Oh yea Scamanda I’m sure all of your “friends” would love to ride their bikes 60+ miles out to the suburbs to go in your parents pool during the summer instead of riding somewhere cool and fun like anywhere else on the planet that’s near water

No. 1214326


I highly doubt she smokes much weed since she likes to show off her while boring life and all I see are cigarettes in her mouth or hand. And if she does smoke, that same dealer probably knows other people with other drugs so who even knows how sober she is.

Weed also isn't considered a real drug for most people in weed legal states now anyway.

I'm more annoyed she's trying to get people to bombard her parents' house when she doesn't actually have friends and also should be having her imaginary friends bother her at Bitchboy's parents' place and use her "bistro table set". She really reminds me of someone in high school using too many words to try to make something sound better than it is or meet a word count in an essay. Most people would say they can't wait for good weather and lounging in the sun on their front patio set. She just does her stupid word Olympics to try to convince everyone she's as swanky as she wishes she was.

No. 1214333


I'm sure his ugly old ass knows how gross she is, but can't get much better so he stopped by in hopes of getting laid and left when he realized it isn't happening.

John Vale really looks like a bitch now that she's posted stories calling Troi "my baby!" and saying she loves him and that they're gonna "yanno", yet is also saying she finally got someone to agree to be her bf when she never sees him irl.

She chases after any ugly dudes with the smallest bit of clout in the scene. Her desperation is truly embarrassing to females in the motorcycle/tattoo/music community who aren't chasing the low-level clout dick of an ugly aging dude past their prime.

No. 1214478

File: 1619135948771.jpeg (148.62 KB, 750x715, 16A58B23-F628-4ECB-9920-CB5C91…)

I’d be praying for John Vale that he doesn't have to see Scamanda. I'm sure his son is fine. Also…. florida.

No. 1214493

File: 1619138114859.png (581.17 KB, 495x789, scrennshdodc.png)

waiting on covid test results, so he brings him to the lego store?

No. 1214497

File: 1619138518988.jpeg (18.42 KB, 200x339, 20C7CB92-6816-498B-A45E-4F3763…)

Sleep paralysis demon

No. 1214498

I've never seen her with a dude that has clout. lmao. We ran in similar circles in Brooklyn and she dates trashy losers with zero cred.

No. 1214502

Wow, excuse you anon, she was definitely going to marry that one toothless meth head from ~tiger king~ that one time a while back. How much more clout could a girl want? kek

No. 1214543

I just wonder if she owns any other shirt than that ragged grey wife beater.

No. 1214546

File: 1619143548563.jpg (41.91 KB, 320x240, 176653-22325-0.jpg)

She looks like that fucking alien from MIB

No. 1214554

Kek the mouth looks accurate, but she only wishes her nose was that tiny

No. 1214557

File: 1619144658130.jpg (115.38 KB, 679x1214, 614tsMxmfHL._AC_UX679_.jpg)

She's giving me weird female impersonator mask sorta vibes.

No. 1214558

This is so creepy hahahaha spot on it is her.

No. 1214599

File: 1619151088941.jpg (305 KB, 2048x2048, 26513__62783.1434044205.jpg)

It just needs some hair and brows

No. 1214632

Holy shit her side profile looks exactly like Mitch McConnell. I don't see how this could be a case of a bad angle either. How the hell do you develop such a saggy gobble gobble ass neck by your 30s?

No. 1215189

File: 1619217045867.jpeg (403.9 KB, 750x1775, 79B60739-70F3-48EF-9A8F-A68BE9…)

>Been wearing fully hand studded leather jackets since she was 13? Eyeroll.
>”wishes” her store was still open?

No. 1215192

File: 1619217350079.jpeg (314.12 KB, 750x1528, 087CAE15-B993-4ADD-8007-5CF219…)

Oh ok Manda. “Our song” but it’s not your rich cuck-husband? Are we supposed to believe someone else has put up with the her for years?

No. 1215277

File: 1619225240160.jpeg (1.18 MB, 750x4321, 2B9B99AD-3709-4EC4-9A10-D615D0…)

Uhhhhh guess her dealer picked up.

TLDR: She wants to dye her hair at home.

No. 1215278

Her hair isn't even that long kek it's like mid-length/maybe a smidge longer

No. 1215294

really strong American Psycho vibes off the list of things she does to take care of her hair. and all this for the ugliest fucking color possible… this bitch is the most boring cow on the farm and yet I cannot stop hating her

No. 1215322

File: 1619229750093.jpeg (617.2 KB, 828x1385, 8BC1222F-1427-409F-9EEC-0BD24F…)


I’m sure she does, since it’s a dog grooming place now (aka a business that actually brings in revenue)

No. 1215336

her shop is to the left of that, with the gate rolled down. often one address applies to several shops if they are apart of the same building.

No. 1215372

Holy fuck this is just too god damn much. Why the hell is she like this????

No. 1215406

By staying bloated and looking down at a phone every waking moment

No. 1215419

Has she ever been hospitalized for being manic? This hair essay is crazy even for her.

No. 1215434

File: 1619239267423.jpg (1.64 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210423-233935_Map…)

that graffiti artist who tagged it works harder then she does

No. 1215481

File: 1619242142552.jpeg (476.36 KB, 750x2598, 69B80FE3-49F0-4604-9A2B-E4D2F2…)

Still going…..

No. 1215570


I’ve been there, the place you’re thinking of does tax preparation (on the right) and there is now a dog grooming shop on the left (which used to be Amanda’s storefront)

No. 1215591

She erased the post, kek

No. 1215596

i’ve been there before too, her storefront is the one with the black gate to the left of the tax services shop, not the dog grooming place. it’s okay to be wrong.

No. 1215610

File: 1619269918066.jpeg (242.13 KB, 750x1437, FE5F650E-E9D7-4965-915F-47BCED…)

In a friends comments. Which exfiancé is this? Erik Cowie? Texas Jay? There’s been so many.

No. 1215627

She sounds manic af. There’s not enough cocaine in Bolivia to fuel that deranged dissertation, that’s mento illness luv. She could’ve written 1/10th the amount of words, delivered the same information and made more sense.

No. 1215630

File: 1619273660289.jpeg (1.17 MB, 828x1447, 6F126D17-6B24-4910-B1F6-AC4155…)

Dog grooming spot is to the right of the tax place. 134 Boerum St. The shop has been there since 2008. Please use Google.

No. 1215634

Since when is she associated (by family) with hells angels??

No. 1215649

>giving a fuck that your ex has moved on years later
Is this why she constantly ropes them back in every few months? Fucking bizarre.

No. 1215661

File: 1619278067537.jpeg (593.07 KB, 750x1190, 3F25AA0D-037C-4240-8D17-170C0B…)

Shes bragged about it before. It’s not her real cousin. Everyone is this idiots “cousin” and “sister”

No. 1215670

oh man thanks for this. she’s such a twat. she will latch on to anything to make her look tough and badass.

No. 1215730

There's a lot to point at but the 13yo wearing a leather jacket isn't that outlandish, what is outlandish and fucking stupid is her whining about her "store". Bitch, open an etsy store or something and stop whining then?

No. 1215742

File: 1619285248793.jpeg (592 KB, 750x1259, 62D8CE47-D794-487E-91A8-E302A7…)

Was looking for this post. He handled her a double barrel shotgun. What the fuck is she talking about?! The lies are unreal.

No. 1215781

So funny to see her trying to play being a "woke" punk, friends with cops, and a honorary "family member" of a racist biker gang.

No. 1215820

Has anyone ever called her out on any of this ridiculous shit? Confronted her about being such a narcissistic loon? Like in real life, not on social media where she can delete comments. She's clearly insane and it just gets more and more outrageous year after year, there's no way the people that know her in real life aren't aware of this.

No. 1215836

Well anons that know her irl have said that she's not well-liked in the local scene, and that she's banned from a lot of bars and clubs, so… Probably lol

No. 1216038

Yeah she either tries to spin it around on them, tries to get ahead of it by trying to slander them online to the few people who haven’t caught on yet, tries to physically assault them, or some combination of the above.

No. 1216046

>tries to physically assault them

What? Please elaborate

No. 1216085

nta but I watched her get removed from a street party during the bushwick open studios a few years back when she pulled a tiny knife out on a guy who was laughing at her drunk poser nonsense.

No. 1216120

She also assaulted Golden Retriever, claimed he threatened her with a gun… not rooting for toothless over here, but that cow stirs the shit everywhere

No. 1216158

Why tf do people still associate with her crazy ass? Surely she has a reputation for being a liar as well. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with her?

No. 1216193

No one who is kissing her ass on FB is even from New York. They’re just randoms who found her through her half naked photos. She adds everyone and they’re all her BFFs. She could totally be out in Brooklyn seeing friends and talking to someone besides her bird. No one wants to deal with her crap anymore. That’s why she’s holed up in East Flatbush with Johnny. He’s the only one who can put up with her. No one else sticks around for very long.

No. 1216265

On numerous occasions likely heavily under the influence of at least one substance she’s made threats of physical violence against people, waited outside bars ready to fight or even with a knife waiting for the person to come out…one girl she beat up for no reason bad to get her jaw wired shut some years back. I don’t know how scrappy her smoking hambeast ass is these days. I would imagine she’d probably get winded just from swinging her arm back to throw a punch but she’s overall a very violent person. Sometimes people don’t speak out and just walk away and ignore her cause it’s easier than being targeted by this mentally unhinged psycho.

No. 1216314

Uh…that’s assault and she should have been arrested and sued for that. How have we never heard her brag about this? I believe you anon, but it’s not like her not to brag.

No. 1216350

I think that particular incident was a long time ago like before her social media antics. But in one of the other threads someone posted a pic of her in front of a police precinct bragging about some ‘badass’ nonsense she supposedly did. when she does brag about being violent she always spins the story in a way that makes her entirely justified and the hero and she brags about how amazing her lawyer is who is probably on retainer by Johnny’s family to deal with her ass. Also sage for speculation but IMO I think she might not brag about it as much cause she’s trying to put out this image that she’s just such a sweetheart who takes in and cooks elaborate meals for strangers and is always being hurt by others. People finding out that she sent some girl to the hospital who looked at her the wrong way might spoil that perception

No. 1216368

Amanda is soooo weird with dudes and I’ve had the experience with running into some
of the guys she has dated in the past and all they have said was that she is insane and extremely clingy, like right after their first hangout she is already claiming their her boyfriend. I’ve only met her once and she seemed to be crying about something. I asked her what was wrong and she said “my boyfriend is ignoring me and off partying with others” trying to comfort her I finally asked who her boyfriend was and she pointed at this dude that I’ve known to be a huge fuck boy in my town. I kinda laughed about it cause that dude NEVER has girlfriends and talks to every girl he meets. Turns out she had flown to town and just randomly met him. Of course she got on the back of his bike and took all the photos she could. Later on I asked him about it and he said he had to shake her loose cause she was being all crazy and trying to seduce him with all her fancy shit and money, trying to buy him all this stuff, and telling everyone that he was her boyfriend after meeting him one.

I just feel extremely bad for this girl, everything she does it just a front. After seeing her obviously fake cancer I lost all respect for her. How is that going by the way?! Interesting how she doesn’t mention it anymore huh? You think she would given how she goes off on all these pointless rants about hair die and dumb experience junk she bought online.

No. 1216391

She must not mention it anymore end aide Long Island Amanda had cancer but Brooklyn Amanda has a bird. Can’t keep up with both at the same time.

No. 1216393

How has she not been called out or canceled publicly!?

No. 1216399

anon have you posted that story in one of her threads before? I definitely recall reading an identical story (which I believe 1000% happened)

No. 1216413

I've known of Amanda since the MySpace days (via a certain dude I used to talk to from LI that had a one man band for about 10 years) I remember wishing I looked like her/thinking she was so cool, I also 100% still remember a picture she uploaded of her in a fight being on top of some girl in the middle of the street and the caption was like her bragging about it. So I also thought she was a bad ass for a long time too, before ever seeing the first thread and learning how beyond lame she actually is.

No. 1216414

File: 1619383665665.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x2176, 04056476-66A5-4E00-A13E-9639B4…)

Yeah maybe instead of getting covered at 27… you shouldn’t have made Johnny spend thousands on your traditional flash tattoos, and actually have some foresight to save space for newer style tattoos. She reposted one of my tattoos once and was like “I wish I saved some skin”

No. 1216463

Mötley Crüe are a fucking embarrassment and that artwork looks like shit, so she's honestly better off.

No. 1216488

File: 1619391905564.jpeg (575.67 KB, 1170x1254, C4ADBB8D-63B7-4AA7-88E4-FCC85B…)


No. 1216508

I’m really confused who she is in a relationship with?

No. 1216565

“theydies and gentlethems” is some horrible, tumblr-level cringe. also kek @ “not shoving it down throats” as if that’s what she hasn’t been doing.

No. 1216574

John Vale the tattooer in Miami. I guess we’ll see how long this one will last.

No. 1216648

take your pic. is it john vale? is it troi? didn’t she also mention in a comment (screenshot on this thread) that she was helping her “babe” move to florida at some point?

No. 1216649

File: 1619408866316.jpeg (556.62 KB, 1125x1980, 7E2CA63D-9154-4C2C-905D-2FB4DC…)

No. 1216844

thanks! I was really confused what happened with troi because weren’t they supposed to “yanno”. She’s next level cringe talking about a long distance relationship the way she is. I am curious when the last time she even saw this dude was (in person).

No. 1216889

Figured i’d share: definitely saw Amanda at a show in Bushwick area last night. At the bar. The only reason i realized it was her because of that ridiculous leg chain harness. She is in fact frumpy.

No. 1216894

How frumpy? Was her saggy neck as bad as it looks here >>1214152

No. 1216900


What bar/show? Also kek so much for this rant >>1216488 and her “sobriety.” Was she drinking, anon?

No. 1216951

File: 1619453491737.jpeg (413.27 KB, 828x1358, 583349B3-BD0D-4D79-A9E5-2C566D…)

Post about her “sister” got more likes than her story about her love life kek

No. 1216953

It was a Madball show. She was with a couple of dudes. I saw her at a show before when she was with that toothless guy. She never socializes with many women i’ve noticed.

Pretty frumpy like that screenshot of her. She’s gotta weigh around 150. She has terrible posture lol

No. 1216973

Madball played at tompkins square park? At least be specific with the bar if you claim you saw her in one.

No. 1216980

Madball played a couple of shows, chill

Quick google search tells you they played at Arrogant swine last night. She was chilling at the bar inside, i don’t know if her drink was alcohol or not but a sober person saying they’re avoiding bars/etc at a bar is sus

No. 1217005


Ah I was going to say, I thought they only played Tompkins. And yeah I agree, anyone chilling at a bar with a beverage while claiming sobriety is sketchy. Especially considering the kind of people she surrounds herself with. Doesn’t surprise me that she doesn’t have other woman friends, she’s an absolute pick me and probably is constantly competing in her head with other women.

No. 1217096

Yeah she doesn’t socialize, just clings to whatever dude she’s with. Which was surprising considering her “social media clout” but she doesn’t interact with anyone in the punk or metal scene here. also she said she wasn’t going to bars but lol here we are.

No. 1217126

I can’t tell if it’s sadder that she posted bragging about never coloring her hair or that I know and remember this, but …are we supposed to believe the “natural grey streak” in her bangs like a year or two ago was both natural and spontaneously appeared/disappeared or??

No. 1217146

>BLM pin
What a moron.

No. 1217188

File: 1619469572379.jpeg (708.1 KB, 1170x1658, 99F67510-ECEF-4E40-B108-36234C…)

Payday from where? Didn’t pay her phone bill? What job could she possibly do?

No. 1217231

maybe Johnny or his family gives her an allowance?

No. 1217333

pics or it didn't happen

No. 1217357

I live in Bushwick and am actually in the punk scene and can confirm she is disliked, hardly tolerated and very much banned from many bars/venues not to mention, not at all involved in the punk scene in any way. I’ve lived in Bushwick for 6 years and I’ve literally seen her at a bar maybe… twice? For someone so into punk and her hand studded jackets, I can genuinely say I’ve never seen her at a single gig. Last time I saw her was a year and a half ago at Second Chance when she was dating/engaged to Texas Motorcycle man (sorry, I don’t remember his name, I really can’t keep up or distinguish any of them.) She was completely wasted at the bar and Texas Motorcycle was talking with some other people briefly. Amanda became so enraged that he stopped fully focusing on her for 3 minutes to say hi to some other bar patrons, that she grabbed the closest dude to her, draped herself across him and began an incredibly blatant, beyond cringe, theatrical display of what I can only imagine she thought was a sexy and alluring flirt session? Texas Motorcycle pretty much looked over at her, rolled his eyes, and then went back to talking to the other people. Once again enraged, Amanda took his phone from the bar, threw it on the ground and stomped on it. When he confronted her she started screaming at him and then literally left with the random dude. Texas Motorcycle, fully fed up, just pays the tab and leaves. A mere 15 minutes later, while the rest of the bar was fully engrossed in the gossip, Amanda reappears, realizes Texas Motorcycle left, outraged once again, screams something unintelligible toward the bar, and stomps out in her hand polished studded 25 year old refurbished poshmark boots or whatever and that’s the last I’ve seen of her in public since. Also, the bartender specifically told me that she was banned from that bar previously but it had been a while so they let her hang, only to then be banned again after that incident.

No. 1217381

Out of that entire picture, the BLM pin is what you criticize?

No. 1217400

Thanks anon, I live for these stories.

No. 1217431

So she doesn't care about what her hair looks like but has a multi step process for taking care of it? Ok

No. 1217442

File: 1619489094067.jpeg (171.27 KB, 1170x432, F632FA41-4232-428F-B47F-82AA0B…)

Yes, Amanda, the rest of NYC has actually tried to keep their businesses afloat and that’s why they’re still open. What happened to your nipple piercings you were definitely getting in Miami? Or that road trip to Miami this year? Or the cancer you definitely would need treatment for and to shave your head? Or that new car your dad was definitely buying you? Or operating a motorcycle? Or moving to Texas, buying a house and opening a store.? When were your going to work at Pumps? Or start an Onlyfans? Or when you were a professional Dom?
There’s so so many more pointless claims she makes. It drives me nuts.

No. 1217451

Also, even one glance at Starr’s Instagram would tell you instantly that, yes, her shop is open… what’s the point of “I hope they are open” just Google it????

No. 1217461


how are people not constantly, publicly calling her out? (i’m sure they are but they get deleted) but this bitch really wants people to believe she still has cancer but hasn’t gotten the vaccine, is having “friends” over, going to bars/shows, and (claims) to be getting her septum pierced? like, how does ANYONE believe any of the dumbass shit that spews from her disgusting mess of a mouth??

No. 1217469

I feel like she’s just so irrelevant at this point no one even has the energy or care to call her out. Her only “friends” are randoms on the internet who find her old bikini pics and follow her. No one fucks with her at all, so there’s no one to even hold her accountable if she were to be called out. I am curious bout that go fund me tho, like will any of those people get refunded or is that money just locked in gofundme jail forever?

No. 1217476

File: 1619492923220.jpeg (128 KB, 1124x512, 96D0D24E-62E4-482A-BC4E-22F0AA…)

No. 1217646

Amanda is the human version of that old, embarrassing livejournal account you wish you could delete but can't remember the password to.

No. 1217651


I’m pretty sure her parents are the only ones the password to delete her

No. 1217679

File: 1619523597386.jpeg (608.4 KB, 1125x1137, F78B5E5E-6076-40BE-9E77-7A22C4…)

Did anyone know her when she looked like this? Was she actually that skinny at some point?

No. 1217691

File: 1619525053633.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3464x3464, B4488097-4767-41FB-87D9-DF95D4…)


Too many more to tag but please type “sage” in the email field when replying with non milk so you don’t bump the threads.

Anyway, I’m friends with Amanda on Facebook and decided to take a dive into her tagged photos. It’s a mess. It looks like around the time of shaved head pic >>1217679 she was kind of ana chan but that was short lived, picrel. I’d say she’s been shooping herself down to look skinny again since 2015-16

No. 1217695

File: 1619525542738.png (2.93 MB, 828x1792, BC4FB6DC-54FB-42B3-AC17-03DDB9…)

Seems to be shortly after shaved head. I’d say she was always average weight and has a complex now that she’s older and heavier.

No. 1217731

You can’t get any piercings under your mask. What an idiot thinking she’s going to go to expose her cancerous self to all the scaries in the outside world… and it’s not even legal to get that piercing yet? The shop hasn’t been called Sacred in forever. Amanda has no piercings now, why would she know anything about where to get them?

No. 1217786


I was wondering what kind of chumps in their mid 30s are still getting new piercings like an 18 year old and now I know

No. 1217808

I called her out on insta a while back (during the protests and said she was silent especially with a business etc etc). She ended up blocking me lol. In person, she’s a joke and no one fucks with her

No. 1217834

Shes done that to friends of mine who called her out. Erase and blocks. Maybe erases the whole post. But yeah, she just “erases” people who call her out. She is a joke in the “makers” scene in Brooklyn since she doesn’t do anything fully and just half asses all her projects. Can’t wait to see that giant wall mural she’s definitely doing this spring.

No. 1217836

I called her out on her business account on Insta last summer and one of her friends went to my page and trolled a bunch of my posts.

No. 1217848


Lotta cow tipping in this here thread, let her live so we can continue laughing at her. Not that any of these call out have prevented the milk from flowing.

No. 1217914

File: 1619546481958.jpeg (452.83 KB, 1170x2692, BEE33668-738D-42C9-8BC4-A54D4E…)

Not going to shove my relationship down your throat… but I really am

No. 1217920

File: 1619546951150.jpeg (967.53 KB, 1125x1980, 5BC0A2BE-4D79-4A18-8BC7-F1784F…)

Not sure why this popped up on my feed but seems she’s still obsessed with ol Tiger King - this is commented on a video about Carole Baskin’s camera guy getting hit by his car….

No. 1217928

hilarious. "every. ex. fiancé. i've. fuckin. ever. had." - it's ridiculous that she has more than one ex-fiancé. I don't know what the number is but that punctuation makes it seem like a lot. she probably only means texas motorcycle dude

No. 1217952

File: 1619550261912.png (443.41 KB, 673x649, fdvdavdvs.png)

had to pull this one from the vaults because I will never be able to unsee it. those "leopard spots" look like open wounds. not cute, definitely not sexy.

No. 1218295

File: 1619566000791.png (3.86 MB, 828x1792, 9FE0AD4D-FF08-4D2F-8FA4-FD7649…)

Not the same anon but another from the vaults. Amanda looking like a normal person. She’s a little chunky but completely average for her age and lifestyle. That she feels the need to compulsively photoshop herself and lie on the internet is legitimately sad.

No. 1218321

honestly, i'm no fan of hers, but i think she's cute in this pic. and i wouldn't say she's chunky in the pic. i mean she's not the ana queen she edits herself to be now but she's not chunky. not sure what the women look like in every anon's neighborhood but sheeeesh

No. 1218389

File: 1619571471831.png (3.48 MB, 828x1792, 03E2A4FC-9E0A-4DF2-94AA-D18F77…)

Not to blog but I used to have body/eating issues so I didn’t mean to say she looks fat. I def meant in relation to what she shoops herself to look like. Having a full face/cheeks is not bad at all. Picrel, she’s not fat at all for her age, just average. What’s nasty is her attitude, that she faked cancer and continues to cuck and milk Johnny for money.

No. 1218438

Curious what the rest of the captions says, does she admit she’s not actually 90 lbs like her shoops?

No. 1218483

File: 1619578749398.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x1868, B63D72E1-431C-4154-9451-CC5868…)

No. 1218583

I've been lurking her threads since day one and this is the first time I've felt any sympathy towards her. Sad.

No. 1219030

File: 1619639130193.png (332.37 KB, 394x671, vxc.png)

I’m trying to pinpoint why her legs have an off looking vibe. is it the pigeon toes or is she slightly bending her knees to pull off a thinner looking leg (or straight up photoshop)?

No. 1219055

No gods flip flops, big ass Jesus tattoo

No. 1219058

She stretches photos taller and narrower to made herself look skinny. And she stand pigeon toed all the time to give the illusion of a thigh gap

No. 1219078

File: 1619641316688.jpg (1.79 MB, 3611x2160, itsastretch2.jpg)

stretch game strong >>1219058

No. 1219192


She remains friends with these "ex fiances" in case she needs a backup dude to validate herself with.

And of course she claims they're all trying to hit her up since they're so jealous she has a tAlEnTeD man she never sees.

Also, it says a lot when you're always the ex fiance and never the bride

No. 1219204


She definitely looks chubby here (as always) with that round af face being bigger than middle aged mom's.

Not sure how big you and your friends are, but she's definitely in the chubby category and not average for her height and weight.

No. 1219206


Loving how she's hiding her round face like the insecure bitch she is, yet pretends to be showing the rEaL her

No. 1219209


John vale looks pathetic for having his entire relationship and conversations with her blasted all over social media. He's gonna lose his reputation fast.

No. 1219235

File: 1619653791370.jpeg (784.22 KB, 1011x3271, 7FB7512F-A848-4B9C-B2D6-AC917C…)

Off topic… but anyone remember back when she posted this raging post back in August about some meth head woman from Tiger King’s roommate? Amanda was all “stay away from her” to a bunch of FB randoms, ok weird.

Fast forward to now… this toothless woman is posting all these lovey dovey comments on Amanda’s page. This…. This is who bigs her up in comments. Racist, Trump voting, meth mouth randoms from Oklahoma, whom Amanda has never met.

No. 1219241

“He pointed a gun at me on the phone!!!” This is one of my favorite Amanda claims. The delusion is soo thick…

No. 1219285

File: 1619658642772.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1170x2266, FB6044D9-9B4B-4B1B-A4BC-547CEA…)

How high is she? Very. She sounds worse than Britney Spears (bless her)


No. 1219291

Wait, what is the reasoning behind swatching all her lipsticks? She says it like she’s being made to do it by her job. This is what happens when you go years without having actual employment…

No. 1219292

damn it sounds like what your voice sounds like after drinking and doing coke all night, not so much a smokers voice but OK. also why does she see her mailman every day? why does she need to “swatch” 250+ lipsticks??? always so many questions.

No. 1219310

File: 1619661109646.png (810.71 KB, 782x860, Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 9.49…)

She looks like a fucking alien lmao. And I guess she's swatching them all to sell because she's decluttering or whatever. I can't tell if she thinks having that many lipsticks is a flex or what. Unless you have a makeup-related job, having that many just indicates a shopping addiction to me

No. 1219573


Sage buT SELLING USED LIPSTICK IS SO DISGUSTING! How do you “sanitize” a lipstick you have used?? Is she using a disposable wand and only dipping it once (no lol)

So gross. And during a pandemic. But also regular gross.

No. 1219659

Because she’s coked up and has no idea what she’s even talking about. Why do you have 250 lipsticks? Why are you swatching them? To sell? Google a swatch photo you idiot. Don’t put it on your own lips. She’s acting like she’s wear testing them and I bet she doesn’t even realize how geeked out she sounds. No one on Poshmark wants your dirty shit Manda, go back to scamming people for money for fake nudes or get another goFundMe.

No. 1219781

File: 1619723293216.png (197.08 KB, 278x404, Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 2.04…)

ole long lock consistently blows up her stretch game.

No. 1219799

She has pretty small lips so she either enhanced the hell out of them on FaceTime or she painted the lipstick a good quarter inch around her actual mouth

No. 1219851

How in the hell is that just lip primer and “some color” that’s full on liquid lip stain. What a clown!!!

No. 1219960

File: 1619738820950.jpeg (713.63 KB, 1170x1260, C179BCE3-5F40-4C61-B72E-51AD2E…)

Johnny parents are finally making her work… or conversations that only happen in her mind?

No. 1219964

File: 1619739326205.jpeg (496.16 KB, 1125x1504, 3AECC045-4089-49F1-939E-8591F9…)

Generally people are just good people and don’t have to scream their “good deed” (which is actually just treating people with decency) to a bunch of strangers on the internet…not Amanda! We gotta know how aware and kind she is!

No. 1219971

Ah, right, pharmacies, which are notoriously lenient about what a patient’s name is listed as on their prescriptions and have the authority to just change that because of a phone conversation. This totally happened.

No. 1219972

This absolutely did not happen. Love how she feels the need to make it about herself by saying some shit like how she wouldn’t be allowed at camp? At the end I bet everyone in the pharmacy clapped.

No. 1219977

She probably wouldn’t be allowed because she’s not an orthodox jew. Or because she’s an adult? Not sure why the boast about being excluded. Amanda’s life is just… so hard gUyS!

No. 1219990

Never in my life heard of people being allowed to volunteer at pharmacies….where drugs are…

No. 1219995

is it her former in-laws’ pharmacy?
because “for fuck’s sake, we pay your bills, come in to cover somebody’s shift” would make sense

No. 1220004

Not to mention letting a literal drug addict do so

No. 1220138


Is that even legal? To change the name on a prescription of a child like that? Maybe an adult who got their name changed but I would think it would be way harder to change a name on a prescription, especially a child’s prescription. Don’t you have to show ID when picking up your meds?

No. 1220282

No. Pharmacies are only allowed to copy exactly what the doctors script says. Any alterations is HIGHLY illegal.

No. 1220296

Exactly. And working at a hospital, we’re only allowed to put a patient’s preferred name in quotes after their legal first name.

No. 1220305

I've never shown ID for scripts. I even pick up for family. But I have never had any of the commonly abused prescriptions.

No. 1220309

I like how she felt the need to say it's a true story

No. 1220387

That’s not remotely true. Doctors fuck up all the time and absolutely nothing would get done in the pharmacy if we had to call the doctor every single time they made a mistake writing a prescription. Pharmacists have to make minor changes to scripts alllllll day and some doctors are too lazy to even write the patient’s NAME on prescriptions (literally happens multiple times a DAY).

I’m not familiar with New York laws, but in my state, if it’s for a non-controlled drug, there’s nothing inherently illegal about changing the first name that goes on the prescription bottle. At corporate pharmacies, changing the name in their profile will completely fuck up the billing and their insurance company won’t pay for the meds when the names don’t match but most systems have a way to override the profile to print a different name (it’s just a pain in the ass)

The real problem here is that she’s gossiping on the Internet about patients. This could potentially be a HIPAA violation, especially at a small, independent pharmacy. It doesn’t matter if names aren’t mentioned, what matters is she’s giving enough detail that someone could still potentially identify these people. If she left out the shit about how the kid is about to leave for camp, it would be a little bit better. This sort of thing is why pharmacies don’t just let people “volunteer.”

No. 1220409

Calling out the HIPAA violations is spot on.

No. 1220507

File: 1619807094353.jpeg (234.64 KB, 1170x1379, C92B06CF-70F1-4B36-B7FA-4BA765…)

Amanda 2019 : I hate this

Amanda 2021 : I want a tattoo of it

No. 1220611

File: 1619818655519.png (140.5 KB, 491x774, Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 4.34…)

hourglass eye roll

No. 1220756

She’s outright obsessed with talking about having an hourglass shape when she’s short and pudgey. I wonder if she even recognizes almost everything she says is a lie or if she’s truly delusional?

No. 1220840

wonder if John Vale is a fan of iasip

No. 1220894

File: 1619864030407.jpeg (868.91 KB, 1125x2029, EE68B977-8D80-418E-B1ED-F09F7B…)

God she’s so cool - has tats and makes fun of other women

No. 1220903

she sounds mad that her exes were able to move on but not her

No. 1220923

Wow Amanda how feminist of you to be such a gatekeeper to other women. Who cares if someone doesn’t have tattoos? Oh right her. Don’t forget she made Johnny get tattooed for her.

No. 1220930


I can't discern if she's ridiculing the flower tattoo or the admittedly stupid "diy tattoo kit" company. Although if it's the latter, her handpoking while wearing a bandana post isn't that far off except everything doesn't come in 1 pre-boxed kit. If it's the former, that's even stupider because rose tattoos are American traditional classics.


She's a poser, remember? She thinks having a tattoo makes you tough when in reality this isn't before the 1980s and tattoos are not an outlaw thing anymore. Everyone and their mothers has one and kids start their oh-so-cohesive and social media worthy half sleeves on their 18th birthday.

No. 1220932

Her fake body isn’t even hourglass. She shoops herself into Lil Mayo.

No. 1221841

File: 1619986596993.jpeg (230.2 KB, 1170x498, B146A990-958C-4322-BDE5-3F6AA2…)

You mean Johnny is taking you to the zoo. She doesn’t hang out with anyone else. Why does she constantly pretend that it’s not obviously the only person in NYC who can stand her?

No. 1222279


She'll probably tell dumbass John Vale that yes, her ex aka SO aka BFF aka second family took her to the botanical gardens, but the beauty there made her think of him and how she can't wait to do these things with him, hence the "springtime rOmAnCe" line.

Then she probably told Johnny Bitchboy how much she enjoyed their "springtime romance" date.

But in actuality, she's just trying to be mysterious so her audience believes she's so loved that she's being spoiled by a romantic man.

TL;DR- I really get the feeling she's the type of bitch to lead on as many men as she can because she wants get validation that she's attractive and desirable, then combine all their positive qualities into one mysterious man to try to make her audience and haterz jEaLoUs.

No. 1222599

File: 1620068316855.jpeg (60.61 KB, 750x688, 5165895B-FB3D-4941-8F39-E33F47…)

Her so called boyfriend doesn’t even follow her on ig lolol

No. 1222686


This screenshot proves that he follows her lmao

No. 1222701

Thats her backup account

No. 1222703

Bratoutofhellofficial is a back up account she hasn’t posted on since 2019 her main is bratoutofhell she also has bratoutofhell again which has no posts. Im not sure if there’s others.

No. 1222805

He unfollowed her at some point after she obsessed over him and moved on.

These dudes always forget to remove her side account and “store” IG from their followers because she never posts to them. It’s so they don’t have to see her meatball eyes and shooped hourglass figure.

No. 1222819

File: 1620083317983.jpeg (466.5 KB, 847x1655, 96435EAE-E141-4463-8C99-3B4804…)

Fiancé #39447474 coming right up.

No. 1222934


Oops my bad, u right, wasn’t paying attention to her handle

No. 1223666

File: 1620174625133.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1983, 9C83B7EF-BA82-47C7-8280-BB3566…)

Really long video of her talking about yet another new hobby, resin casting so she can make pins? The goal was unclear, and she has really tacky taste, shocker. I haven’t priced out that UV case she has but I’m sure all this garbage cost someone (Johnny) a few hundred dollars. Because she SO BORED GUYS.

There’s some mirror body selfie action. Definitely not 115 lbs or waify or hourglass.


No. 1223667

File: 1620174685673.png (6.07 MB, 1170x2532, FAF771DE-0495-4257-8A5A-84F9EC…)

Dumpy mom butt, no curves

No. 1223668

File: 1620174733272.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1170x1999, 401D7F0F-4BAC-4345-BFCF-179436…)

A terrifying moment…

No. 1223670

Lmfao I saw this on the front page and just knew

No. 1223758


It’s fitting that she’s wearing a NASA shirt since this dumbass lives on another planet

No. 1223807

File: 1620194035955.png (595.96 KB, 678x632, Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 10.5…)

Behold the matchstick neck, supporter of the swollen head & meatball eyes.

No. 1223860

File: 1620205855359.jpeg (40.07 KB, 516x502, EE99E103-B040-4213-9DF3-E39472…)

Is she pregnant? Why does she keep showing off her belly in that video?

No. 1223883


A normal super talented artist would find out how to make molds and casts on their own and not spend hundreds of dollars on 20 pounds of plastic they'll use once or twice. You don't need a uv light to cure most epoxies and there are literally hundreds of inexpensive resin kits at craft stores that don't require all that garbage. She just saw an expensive thing online with hip advertising and fell for it.

No. 1223955

File: 1620225385600.jpeg (697.85 KB, 1126x1628, F4B8B3FD-DD33-4564-9A50-CB21B1…)

Not the photoshop… it’s the potato chips. Ok. Why do you look totally different in your video 2 minutes earlier? Potato chips.

No. 1223959



No. 1223978

The commenter said that

No. 1224205

I’m retarded

No. 1224270

Exactly what I was thinking. Can’t imagine how much that all cost and she’ll get tired of it after like 2 days.

No. 1224290

My tits change diluting my period so this is believable…for someone that doesn’t lie. Hard to believe she didn’t work some photoshop magic to make her tits look like that. It’s obvious she doesn’t have the body she thinks she has.

No. 1224297

File: 1620257330853.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x1552, 162C2BAB-1404-4120-A190-B72CBB…)

Manic pixie nightmare

No. 1224399


"manic pixie nightmare fuel" is the Scamanda x Hot Topic collab I didn't know I needed

remember when she designed (lol) a shirt for Forever 21 (lol) and it was LA-themed, inscrutably? lo how the mighty have fallen

No. 1224530


She's sooo knowledgeable with art that she calls mica powder "mee-ka powder". My-kah… sounds similar to saying "my God", but without the d… as in my God she's dumb.

No. 1224532


Love how she's going to ruin Johnny's parents place with all resin globs that'll drip onto the counter and floor and windowsill. And guarantee she's not wearing a respirator despite heating what is essentially plastic…

No. 1224577

File: 1620309343696.png (7.18 MB, 1170x2532, 930B5D2E-64ED-4D9A-93F3-0E9EB1…)



Says that “people” keep telling her she’s going I make a mess and then says she’s mad at her ex husband because he’s driving her crazy. Kek maybe don’t live in his parents apartment? Ungrateful bitch. People are out of work and in danger of losing their healthcare and housing, food insecurity and this girl complains about resin molds and tries on wigs.

No. 1224580

Something so funny about how she moves the camera and her jackets so erratically at the beginning of this video. Why does she slap them so much too.

No. 1224585

File: 1620310423279.jpeg (507.24 KB, 1170x1189, 9A815CB4-CB86-4F47-86C4-BC713D…)

She can’t leave the dog and bird alone? I thought Clyde loved the bird. Come get a coffee and stay! Girl, go on Amazon and get overnight delivery. Also you’re in East Flatbush, not East Bushwick. Stop trying to sound fancy. Thought she got her license? Where’s her motor pickle? No BFFs or ride or dies to come save her?

No. 1224621

File: 1620315079842.jpeg (195.1 KB, 828x1256, ED8166AC-1370-43D3-850F-F79376…)

She reposted this from 2016. Since she’s definitely packed on more pounds since then, it’s no wonder she shoops herself to death.

No. 1224624

I noticed that too. Maybe it’s all her home-brewed artisanal coffee that makes her movements so erratic or more likely some stimulant she picked up at her “volunteer” pharmacy “job”.

No. 1224844

Lol with all that sniffing happening in her stories lately, I bet she’s back on coke again.

No. 1224850

It sounds like she’s lonely and wants company but is too lazy to leave her house so she’s resorting to e-begging for friends.

No. 1224902

Why is her tongue black tho?!

No. 1224912

File: 1620331589572.jpeg (1.47 MB, 828x7867, 66369162-CF23-4DC0-A408-0B9811…)

This is her reply to someone’s comment on that post about gesso
Sorry for the overlap but trying to fit this irrelevant ramble on one picture was a task

No. 1224915

Yeah no way this bitch isn’t coked the fuck out. What a messy ass comment. Flight of ideas much?

No. 1224964

god she will gatekeep literally anything, even if she only sees it in passing. the fog in Georgia is not fucking haunted, you silly bitch. how does she reconcile her so-powerful spiritual experiences with her "no gods" flip-flops

No. 1225227

What in the unholy fuck? Who is going to read all that pointless drivel by this turkey headed Mitch McConnell looking ass? The sheer volume of sniffle snacks fueled rambling she does makes her sound schizo.

No. 1225486


Her attempts at singing are painful, especially because she's trying to do a weird accent like she's from the "eye-lands, mon!"

Amanda consistently attempts to sound knowledgeable while butchering terminology and/or using it incorrectly… a gauntlet is a partial glove that covers your wrist, just like the sheer mesh gauntlets worn in burlesque where your fingers aren't covered. Her jacket has a zippered sleeve she shows that she studded like a 13 year old pUnK after their first Warped Tour. There is no gauntlet anywhere in sight. Yet she calls her work in progress a "gauntlet-sleeve". Good Lord she's truly dumb when she tries to show off her crafting knowledge. Seamstress grandma that taught her how to "tailor and customize anything" at the age of 7 must be sobbing in her grave.

No. 1225489

File: 1620411289672.jpg (57.82 KB, 246x428, Screenshot_20210507-140947_Gal…)


Yes Amanda, that could be your hair, but that'll never be your face or nose no matter how much you FaceTune those chins to make them appear nonexistent or shrink your snout.

Slightly OT, but it's common in Eastern medicine for acupuncturists to check your tongue since a lot of information about your health can be gleaned from your tongue. Her tongue is consistent with someone with "Qi stagnation", meaning she's often stressed, often depressed and upset as well as emotionally unstable (pic attached of visual diagnosis).

No. 1225500


The constant fidgeting with the boring ugly jacket that looks way more poser than punk is very reminiscent of stimulant use. Especially the zipping and unzipping of the pockets and sticking her hand in the pocket for no reason, touching every corner of the jacket like a blind person trying to feel the jacket to see what it "looks" like, all while mumbling a song… this is just weird.

No. 1225503


Love how she leaves out the trip was entirely funded by Johnny Bitchboy and the truck was his, but now she's saying the trip was just her and 2 dogs, like she's sooo independent.

No. 1225508


What a long post that's completely unrelated to anything anyone cares about. Even if someone asked her a question like "where have you traveled to" or "does your dog like road trips", this rambling post never staying on a basic topic is an absolute wreck. There's no way stimulants aren't involved, especially based on her constant sniffles.

No. 1225510


She's always the ex fiance and John Vale will never marry her because she's impossible to actually be around irl for an extended period of time. Can you imagine living with this rambling porker while she's FaceTuning every picture and saying that's just how she looks? I can't think of anyone who would put up with living with her.

No. 1225517

This ramble was a comment on her post about asking if some one could bring her gesso - her “friend” said she would if she could but she’s been traveling, and this was her brag response

No. 1225901

am I the only one who didn't know her fucking dog sewer cided yeeting itself off the top of a building???

No. 1225927

Shes told this story MANY TIMES. The dog was with a sitter (who runs her business out and apt of the same building Amanda’s store was in) and jumped off the roof.

No. 1225937


I don't blame her dog taking the only opportunity for a humane way out of living with Amanda. The dog couldn't off itself when Amanda is around, sequestering the poor dog in the house, so it waited for the paw-fect op-paw-tunity. Smart pup.

No. 1225979

File: 1620486104542.jpeg (791.9 KB, 1170x1896, 0F4BBFC3-7CD1-463C-B532-9BAEA3…)

This is barely English.

No. 1225998

File: 1620489467473.jpg (37.77 KB, 735x735, 1620364773246.jpg)

No. 1226411

File: 1620545143597.jpeg (1.77 MB, 2344x2636, 405E7801-1109-473E-9883-82D5F6…)

No. 1227072


Uh yeah you could be magic, or you could have BPD and attach yourself to people immediately because you're mentally ill

Either way

No. 1227168

File: 1620659257828.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1170x5302, 32E40F6B-83F9-4066-B300-DF4B8D…)

No. 1227175

Can’t get gesso… Johnny’s aunt owns an art supply store… hmm ok. I am DYING to see her progress. Will everyone have bug eyes and pointy noses and chins?

No. 1227210

I’m sorry but, what the fuck is she talking about. Not only does it take years and years of practice to be able to pull of photo realism in portrait painting, but she’s never even worked in oils before yet she’s confident it will be photo realistic? Also, the image is being printed onto.. the canvas…? And then she’s going to paint, over it? Everything about this screams that she is absolutely not taking an art class and this is just how she thinks you paint portraits. Why would you need professional head shots of people to paint them? Literally any selfie works fine. Why does the type of paint align with someone’s gender? Lol. “Acrylic paint is better for more feminine features?” What…? I’m sorry for nit picking but I’m a portrait artist as my full time job and I’m just having a really hard time with this insane post lol.

No. 1227214

I also can’t get over “I had almost every tool I needed besides gesso and oil paints” you mean, you had everything you needed except the one thing you need to paint with oils, OIL PAINTS. Jesus Christ.

No. 1227217

File: 1620665248547.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1170x4637, 31B2689C-9577-4FCF-87B4-723432…)

Sniff, sniff.

No. 1227222

lol didn't cuck Johnny lovingly surprise Amanda with this painting class as a gift?

No. 1227223


I was just reading that. I could not help but remember the rocks she painted at her parents', and the quote she painted on wood for her mom, but then she painted something over it…fucking ugly. Her boasting about art always enrages me.

No. 1227225


No Vale. Pay attention, this cow is about to get milky.

No. 1227257

even her email addresses are cringey hipster-signaling, coogi sweater? are cosby sweaters punk now…or is she just the ultimate authority on all art and fashion (in her mind)

No. 1227260

File: 1620668417712.jpeg (1.11 MB, 2448x3264, C2D66115-5765-4F6C-AD2B-82DA48…)

No. 1227263

You can't convince me that there's a single person that actually reads her facebook posts

No. 1227264

>>1227260 ooooooh yeah, wonky lines, awful shadowing, uneven lettering, 5th grade art class type of composition and coloring…that woman is about to paint a photo-realistic oil panting FOR SURE

No. 1227266

>>1227217 man, that chick LOVES listing things to sound smart it's really cringey

No. 1227298

File: 1620672269390.jpeg (291.97 KB, 828x676, 0B19CEE2-80F8-4CA0-A41A-241CB9…)

Don’t think it was Vale who paid for the class - since the art supplies came from Johnny’s family’s art store

No. 1227447

File: 1620688706484.jpeg (494.98 KB, 1170x2507, E54251BB-3BC7-4BF7-8A23-B921A6…)

Tarzan? You look like a circus clown

No. 1227477

She didn’t realize how she looked yet most chat programs have a small window on screen so you can see yourself? Surreeee, Jan.

No. 1227566

When you have 20 different personalities and all of them suck

No. 1227586

i would hope that a world-'renound' artiste like john vale would be able to tell by the warped proportions that she morphs her videos, but i guess an aging scrote like him doesn't care. i know he's met her irl so perhaps he's accepted in his heart how she actually looks, but why is this not weird to him? most men complain about women not looking like their photos, he must like the ruse on some level.

No. 1227623

I just can’t get over this shit. How many name brand names can she drop in one amphetamine fueled rant at once. What tf is she even talking about, dropping all the brands of paper she has???? The delusion is palpable

No. 1227625

I just, as an artist, none of this is an issue, ever, why is she breaking down erasers in this way, why is she acting like you have to be a professional “mural artist” to know which type of eraser to use, and why does she have so many types of erasers yet not know which one to use?? This shit is so unbelievably bizarre. It makes me want to get a Facebook just so I can read this in real time.

No. 1227650

ayrt re: the anon who said vale paid for the class. I knew Johnny paid for it, just like he did for her expensive ghey candles ~with a free notebook~, that she didn't even say thank you for. I'm gay and hate men but ffs Johnny can do so much better and I wish a nice lady would try and get him away from scamanda's leeching ways

No. 1227723

Who takes an online art class expecting to be able to do photo realism at the end? High schoolers? It's a testament to her insanity that she thinks buying the top of the line tools is going to make her a good artist. Dude just google what eraser to use. That's shopping addiction for you I guess

No. 1227745

How the fuck are these weird facebook memoirs not a huge red flag/cringe enough to dump your internet girlfriend? This shit is so embarrassing and weird. Dude is a loser.

No. 1227768

Who cares? No one is forcing this random scrote to pay for her cracked out hobbies. He chose this life.

No. 1227820

Its long distance right? He can pump the nose beast, gets some free coke and then leave. Typical motorcycle as a personality "i do tattoos" loser. 100% has done this before to some other bar donkey scooter trash goblina.

No. 1228172

File: 1620773929816.jpeg (775.46 KB, 1125x1900, 5FAA341F-4927-47EB-9847-C0D637…)

I feel bad for this girl. She is constantly commenting on all of Amanda’s posts and this one…just like girl she’s never gonna hang out with you. Ever.

No. 1228286

File: 1620786187964.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x2096, 11F2698D-3EA0-46B1-B5A4-971767…)

This is her whole life. Giving strangers weird gifts in hopes she get something out of it. I’m sure a repairman totally worked for free for her, just for fun. What white privilege nonsense mirage could she imagine happening?

No. 1228307

Cold bottles of Essentia, boise noise cancelling headphones, to-go station, black w/ moon & stars to-go tumblr ….. all things that didn’t even need to be typed yet here we are yet again over sharing the dumbest shit.

No. 1228310

You beat me to it, I was cackling at cold bottles of eSsEnTiA and NoIse CaNcElInG bOSe. Scrawny arms what? Amanda you are queen beefcake with lunch lady arms. peak delusional and I love it.

No. 1228314

I’m so confused..first she’s tough and has muscles, very diy etc etc but is now a “damsel in distress” who allows some stranger to “help” her

Ps her lack of awareness of neighborhoods in Bk is concerning. Idk how u get bushwick and flatbush confused 😂

No. 1228321

Or what kinda place in either of those neighborhoods has enough yard space to require a sprinkler system? Maybe she lives in a nursing facility or “special” home run by the state.

No. 1228466

Lmao. Some guy just stopped doing his job (installing sprinklers?) to sand for her? She's so exhausting.

No. 1228509

File: 1620824578249.jpeg (613.75 KB, 1242x1913, 3F0E3C2C-5CF2-4E61-BCB9-524B5E…)

>black with moon and stars water tumbler
I….think I might have the same water bottle as her kek

No. 1228750


She printed the photo onto the canvas?! I've taken a lot of painting and drawing classes in college and not one professor ever told us to print the picture on the canvas to use as a template. This is like some weird paint by numbers shit.

No. 1228769


Wooow… I can clearly see her lettering and painting skills are exactly like a world "renouned" artist like John Vale (that actually isn't even world renowned). Right, Amanda in Delusion-Land.

No. 1228915

Omg yes about him not being world “renound”, didn’t want to bash on him but his following on Instagram is minimal compared to other tattoo artists that are famous (meaning they are in the 50k and up status and he is definitely not…..). Something has to be wrong with him if he is into her.

No. 1228984


World renowned? That dude couldn’t tattoo his way out of Florida if his station was on the state line

No. 1229092


While there are artists who are revered within the industry but less Instagram-famous, he isn’t one of them. He’s just a mid-tier tattoo artist from Florida

No. 1229152


Dropping name brands and describing details no one asked for is hilaeiously ridiculous, but the fact she claims her lunch lady arms are sCrAwNy is the funniest shit.

No. 1229157


Exactly. Most tattoers have heard of the shop, but not of Vale. Plus the shop is also considered popular due to all the tourists who want to get a Flori-duh tattoo from their drunken vacation as opposed to being popular due to great art. Tattoers certainly aren't falling over themselves to visit or guest spot at Ochos Placas and Vale doesn't have a waiting list at all.

But sure Amanda, keep name-dropping somebody as notable as Johnny Bitchboy.

No. 1229169

File: 1620907214095.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x4058, 486A4F6A-C0ED-4F59-97BC-4E2294…)

So she brings up her “sister” (friend) who passed away as the reason she got sober but then is thanking Vale (or secretly Johnny but pretending it’s Vale for optics) for being there for her bad-ass “I can kick coke all in my own in my parents house” just like a Trainspotting character

No. 1229282

Is it even possible to withdraw like that from cocaine or did she have an opiate problem too? Doesn’t check out. Though I’m sure she can cook up some harrowing hardcore heroin story too.

No. 1229287

Saw some empty fireball bottles in the subway this AM, thought of our girl…

No. 1229294

Coke withdrawals aren’t how she described, no. Pretty much your biggest risk with cocaine withdrawal is becoming a huge irritable bitch for a couple of weeks. It’s honestly pretty similar to nicotine withdrawal.

No. 1229356


“Cook up a heroin story”

I see what you did there. Well played anon, well played👏🏻👏🏻

No. 1229409


Quitting opioids isn’t screaming-on-the-floor intense for most younger users. You get sick and feverish and it’s awful but she literally just watched fucking Trainspotting and thought the artistic portrayal of withdrawal is what it’s actually like

No. 1229531

She's def describing opiate withdrawal. Bananas help with the muscle aches and restlessness. You don't puke from coke wds. Coke wds don't take days, opiates take about a week for the physical symptoms to end. So ladies, what's the verdict here? Is she making all this shit up, per usual, or was Mandy a little speedballing freak on top of everything else?

No. 1229600

seemed like she was always getting Xanax bars and painkillers from Johnny's pharmacy because she "broke her back" Even with those, combined with coke and booze, is not the same as heroin withdrawals. Xanax (benzo) withdrawals are anxiety, sleeplessness, maybe some nausea but nothing you can't make it to the toilet for. Did she shit in a bucket for 3 days too? Use the toilet like a regular junkie Scamanda, you're so full of shit.

No. 1229715

Kicking an addiction is great but it irks me how this reads as bragging that she did it all alone cold turkey with just a bucket just a banana just water. It’s annoying seeing her pretend she’s a special breed for this.

No. 1229811

Benzo addiction is a physical dependence, withdrawal can give you seizures. It’s actually very serious.

Also I doubt she’s getting controlled substances from his family pharmacy for no reason. Maybe she is getting them filled there but someone has to be writing them in the first place.

No. 1229841


She probably doesn't even have a rx to begin with, i know enough people with a benzo addiction who don't get their bars from doctors. And yeah detoxing from benzos is brutal and should be monitored, i don't believe ONE second her little badass-kicked-the-dope-all-by-myself-with-a-puke-bucket story. Fuck her and her fantasy bullshit, i don't doubt she has some sort of substances abuse problem but her constant romanticizing being a drunk cokehead is so insufferable.

No. 1229918


Can confirm, when she found out my weed connect also sold Xan bars years ago she asked me to get a bunch for her (which I did at the time, didn’t seem like a big deal since she paid for them up front) but then kept pestering me every few days to get more. Finally I just gave her his number and after that she’d name drop him and act like they were best friends and talked all the time (this dude was 110% not that type of dealer and I had known him for years). I asked him about her once and he had no clue who I was talking about

No. 1230041

File: 1621012255786.jpeg (818.3 KB, 1170x1986, 5BF6CB7E-50E5-4D69-B627-AC3DE2…)

Well she probably never got off of the Xanax. This was from last year when she annoyed her father with “here we go now!” for 20 mins and then ran into her room to take her pills. Clearly Xanax is not a beta blocker. But I guess to Amanda it must be (couldn’t get a clear pic, this was a close as I could get)

No. 1230382

File: 1621036564362.jpeg (372.25 KB, 750x1174, 9F7A5FB4-68B8-4E6C-8A31-9135BA…)

Her dad bought her a “herse” because he’s proud of her. What happened to the Beetle he bought her?

No. 1230483

File: 1621048814942.jpeg (558.85 KB, 1170x1432, D7F0AEB6-9515-4F63-BE3F-0B0CDF…)


No. 1230513

Someone needs to compile a calendar of her achievements/gifts/claims…guarantee we will never hear or see proof of either of these

No. 1230667

File: 1621085296531.jpeg (647.45 KB, 1170x2291, ABD7E277-97E7-4EA6-B913-722952…)

More ridiculous comments…her dad always had new “cards” and also she into “drums, motorcycles and cars, contact sports, heavy metal concerts, grilling” Amanda those are all things you watch people do. You don’t participate in ANY of those arenas besides “heavy metal concerts” which you still just watch.

No. 1230669

File: 1621085570546.jpeg (448.95 KB, 1169x1178, B8C2EE55-FBA8-4BE5-80A8-5C345E…)

I won’t say how much money… but then she does. 3k of coke in one night? ok. I’m sure you paid with it all with your own hard earned money.

No. 1230711


the nerve this bitch has to post this after STEALING MONEY for her “cancer” but ok. how about you give all your followers their money back before you “go to college” (yeah right), scamanda

No. 1230716

"Heavy metal concerts" is something only posers and writers for bad tv shows would say

No. 1230762

Even the hardest coke addicts aren't doing $1k of coke a night. An 8ball (3.5 grams) is like $350 tops and it would be hard to do even that much in a night by yourself lol

No. 1230870

Absolutely insane this woman. No one can possibly really be her friend. All her fb friends must be farmers.

No. 1230902

I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but it would be hilarious to listen to a conversation between her and Vicky Shingles. The lies and made up accomplishments getting more wild and outlandish by the second while they try to out do each other's stories about their "perfect hourglass figures" and "~heavy metal chick badassery~", and delusions of artistic talent in accents more exaggerated and forced by the minute. Heh, maybe Vicks would even talk Amanda into letting her add some tattoos to her collection. Who is the bigger scammer? Which is worst at photoshop? It's a tight race, I honestly can't decide which one is ultimately the more delusional narc bitch.

No. 1230984

File: 1621122863022.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1170x1306, A0BD2462-E9FA-4BCC-9A94-6F50B8…)

No. 1230986

File: 1621122907239.jpeg (977.98 KB, 1170x1901, 12C58833-9893-46D8-9F1E-2986EF…)

“It was benign!” Excuse me?

No. 1231013

The GALL of calling her fucking tiny lil excision a partial mastectomy. The fucking nerve.

No. 1231042


Why add the shirtless thirst-trap looking picture of your dad to this post? That all could have been said without having to show Daddy off so that everyone can see where you got your giant shnozz and unibrow from

No. 1231046

She def wants to fuck her dad. She's got more issues than Vogue.

No. 1231069

File: 1621136717472.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1170x1879, 3F6A21C8-EDEB-41FB-B462-A981C3…)

No. 1231084

I suppose her manlet dad is better looking than most the men she chases. Besides the whole fact that he's, you know, her dad.

No. 1231866

No. 1232014

he legit looks smaller than her, I'm guessing 5'2? those shorts are def not intended to hit the shin.

No. 1232042

File: 1621277052400.jpeg (360.28 KB, 1170x924, 4FA7CB08-4E66-4F71-A401-8AD276…)

Virtue signaling because her “boyfriend” is bilingual?

No. 1232046

Which fucking boyfriend is this now? How many loves are we up to?

No. 1232191

Assumedly Vale

No. 1232192

File: 1621285994316.jpeg (249 KB, 1125x696, 22A5E186-58F5-467B-B6F8-06C35D…)

The ONE photo they have together and this is the SECOND mention of Spanish in a day…not like she’s not BORN AND RAISED NEW YAWK where Spanish is rampant and she would have encountered Spanish numerous times but I guess only now is it worth a mention ….

No. 1232225

This is so weird. For one, he is an old man, and two, it’s her “boyfriend”? So why wouldn’t she say so.

No. 1232246

File: 1621291435546.jpeg (182.96 KB, 1170x385, 97067F1B-00E0-4627-8B30-AC62E6…)

No. 1232259

Does that mean Vale's with her in person right now? 'Cause I thought they hadn't seen each other since before her "surgery"?

No. 1232272

I imagine Vale maybe pretended to kiss it over FaceTime, just like Cowie almost shot her over FaceTime. Amanda is a retard, also fuck her with the partial mastectomy flex.

No. 1232301

File: 1621295370744.jpeg (619.51 KB, 1170x2795, 56439DB5-15A5-4DD6-A10B-B80B18…)

Comment a useless fact so you can word vomit about how bi, I mean pan, you are. How edgy. Also, no surprise you can’t find women who can deal with all your garbage. So you date loser “cis males”. Amanda your a boring white girl from the suburbs and you’re not special, no matter what you label yourself as.

No. 1232383

File: 1621304600814.jpeg (113.77 KB, 828x454, 76B90934-585D-44E0-9726-F504B0…)

He’s not with her, it’s just more of her bullshit
Now she’s making it out like he’s usually with her but now he’s away….they have one picture together she constantly reposts- which I believe is the only time they actually hung out in person

No. 1232420

for those who are friends w her on fb can you tell if she's got her posts set on a specific/restricted audience? when I had fb I'd pull that if I didn't want someone to see a status I made or if I did, etc. like I wonder if she's posting this crazy shit hoping vale will see it or if she's hiding it bc she knows she's weird.

No. 1232653

You can only see if it’s public or for friends. You can’t see who she might have left out. Considering he doesn’t like any of her FB posts about him… I’m assuming he doesn’t see them

No. 1232756


4 boyfriends have the same birthday but one of them was a girl that you dated for a year but have never mentioned once? So not only do you not know the difference between boyfriend/girlfriend but you’re now trying to tell us that you’re bi/pan when you’ve literally only ever dated men (sometimes multiple simultaneously)

I’d believe that girls don’t poop or that the election was stolen before I believe anything Scamanda says

No. 1232940

Why is he on a job site if he tattoos??? Did I miss something?

No. 1233279

File: 1621392629064.png (2.56 MB, 1170x2532, 86064BBD-0EE1-487F-ACB4-19662B…)

Saw this in Vale’s IG highlights… guess someone decided to sell his own work himself. Since Amanda probably didn’t sell any of those Valentine’s cards he made “with her”

No. 1233286

>brok ents hear club

No. 1233307

File: 1621394646962.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x2425, 909D0C50-244B-4632-A86A-D40752…)

No. 1233337

Vale is only 41. not 55

No. 1233349

Not to be an astrologyfag but there is no such thing as being a cusp sign, Amanda

No. 1233690

Mural, maybe?

No. 1234470


I think she means cuck sign

No. 1234490

If she’s so free about telling everyone who she’s dated and what kind of kinks she into… why can’t she just be straight forward and say Johnny is her cuck husband and they have an open relationship. It’s so telling that she can’t be honest about what he does for her, but has no problems making up crazy stories with super detailed add ins.

No. 1234559

I really don’t understand who kissed her scar? Vale? All the way in Florida? She’s too god damn much.

No. 1234562

I really don’t understand who kissed her scar? Vale? All the way in Florida? She’s too god damn much.

No. 1237216

File: 1621901186176.jpeg (485.15 KB, 1170x2299, 82071273-8C82-4AB6-BC3D-646C85…)

“Intimate parties” ::shudder::

No. 1237229

Begging to be invited to parties lol classic

No. 1237328

One of her bf’s kid is trans, explains her always overly trying to be a trans alley lately.

No. 1237336

File: 1621913740643.jpeg (561.07 KB, 1170x2528, F4708881-3567-4B41-AAB6-08F7A8…)

You can’t dye synthetic hair. You might not live in the garage but you might as well.

No. 1237493

File: 1621941021271.jpeg (907.49 KB, 1170x2145, 5577CA36-9EE5-4902-BB1B-FB52CD…)

Wants to go to Florida… didnt complete here vaccines. She got her first shot a month ago, it’s only 2-3 week in btwn appts. She so full of it.
Also a stepmom? Kek, where’s your cat and dog that you barely take care of?

No. 1237559

In the garage, I feel safe, noone laughs about my ways…

No. 1237574

File: 1621951083568.jpeg (565.45 KB, 1170x2532, AE507425-DFEE-4DDD-B1EB-9A3B35…)


Studied globes…its just like attending college. Not putting down people who don’t go to college but she’s just so high and mighty for being “self educated”. Well, it got you a 15 year drug addiction, you live alone with a bird and your best friends are literally imaginary neighbors… so…not sure how well that all worked out for you.

No. 1237595


She goes on to say that she dropped out at 15…You aren’t even legally allowed to do that? The earliest you can drop out is 16 in ny state. A weird nitpick but like. why always lyinnnnnnn

No. 1237639

File: 1621956866934.jpeg (939.96 KB, 1170x3575, 25D9CADF-0D3A-4151-8C57-76960C…)

No. 1237701

File: 1621960543507.jpg (424 KB, 750x1694, IMG_3509.jpg)

this poor lady is still commenting trying to hang out with brat. so pathetic

No. 1237709

Bipolar is the manic depressive disorder. Does she have double bipolar? Kek

No. 1237784


If I called some guy over at 7am to cuddle me shirtless in bed, my boyfriend would dump me and block me. She truly has no boundaries. No wonder she can’t keep a man.

No. 1237790


You’re dead-on and not just nitpicking. I not only went to school with her, but also had classes with her, and would skip said classes and school altogether with her sometimes (not bragging since I didn’t graduate either) and I can tell you for a fact that she dropped out when she was at least 16

Unrelated fun fact: her high school nickname was Mandy Slobs, and her younger nickname was Monkey Arms because they were so dark and hairy.

But yea… “look at me now mom”(emoji)

No. 1237800

File: 1621968222224.jpeg (266.03 KB, 975x1451, 9A7A5A0C-E6BF-489E-A048-8745EA…)

What the fuck did she do to herself? Anachan she is not…

No. 1237801

It's not necessarily a lie? I dropped out younger than that and it's illegal where I live too, still happened

No. 1237811

Right? This John Vale dude must be a mega cuck, I can't imagine any self-respecting man being ok with his OfFiCiAL LaDy FwIeNd gushing on social media about her "platonic" half-naked cuddle sessions with other men while he's hundreds of miles away.

No. 1237812

File: 1621969526487.jpeg (132 KB, 750x1214, 70571096-ACAB-45B1-BAB0-1D433B…)

Shops her whole body but leaves her face looking like this lol

No. 1237822

>Mandy Slobs

This sent me so hard. Thanks for the info anon.

No. 1237905


Ok retard I didn’t say it was a lie because it’s illegal. I said it was a lie because I was there in school with her after the age of 15

No. 1237911

File: 1621975478169.jpeg (949.8 KB, 3264x3264, F8432ABE-6481-4E42-B5EB-4E0729…)

That’s a pretty wavy doorframe…

No. 1237916

Stop infighting and sage your hit, dropout-chan.

No. 1238011

Yeah seems highly sus to brag about a man being in bed with you shirtless and “napping”. Even the most trusting loving relationships should see this as an odd red flag???

No. 1238029

That is definitely a “we just fucked” face on the right

No. 1238139

I'm so confused. Scamanda usually begs for friends. What's wrong with this woman that she doesn't want to hang out with her? Does she not fit her aesthetic?

I feel so sad for her. She must be so lonely that she willingly wants to see Amanda.

No. 1238157


Nobody rides 20 minutes at 7am to lay in bed with a girl for 2 hours without getting their dick wet. Let’s be real

No. 1238188

It’s a random FB friend from across the country… so she only knows Amanda’s through filters. Also she keeps offering to take photos for her… and we all know only Amanda can catch her own good side.

No. 1238196


When she breaks up with John Vale, she will say that she can't be with someone who is jealous that she has male friends. She does this every time she breaks up. She says that every guy she dates has problems with how close she is with her cuck ex-husband or any male friend yet she posts pictures with them shirtless in her bed.

No. 1238215

is it just me or does this seem like she posted this as an outright cuckold fetish thing? maybe for Vale. gross.

No. 1238253


This girl moved to Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago and has been commenting on everything Amanda posts reminding her that they need to hang and that she’s in town and that she’s dm’ed her her number several times before

No. 1238257

Maybe, or maybe she’s just that dumb. But I guarantee they’re either fucking or he’s trying to fuck because no straight man is riding across town, taking his clothes off and getting in Scamanda’s bed due to her sparkling personality and witty conversational skills. This is a girl who literally has to beg for anyone to hang out with her because she has no real friends. Posting this makes her look either dumb/naive af or shady/skanky af, no in between.

No. 1238380

File: 1622028776150.jpeg (736.22 KB, 1170x1498, 6C501D02-3F7C-4797-A86B-A38131…)

“I’m his muse” It’s literally his job to draw.

No. 1238393

No. 1238434

>says I'm his muse
No Amanda, you said that. And he said "lol"

No. 1238438


nailed it, fuck she's so embarrassing.

No. 1238457


"Kicking" (aka simply stopping) coke is a walk in the park compared to a cold turkey heroin kick à la Mark Renton (Ewan MacGregor) in Trainspotting. Amanda's parents probably didn't even know she was "kicking" since quitting coke just would make her rude and a roller coaster of emotions, which is something her parents surely expect from her as her regular personality and attitude.

No. 1238461


Typically quitting any addictive drug will give you the opposite feeling of the drugs you were using, like opiate addicts can't sleep and your arms and legs will feel very restless. Coke and meth addicts do not usually get sleepless and want to chat when they kick. They usually are very tired all the time and lethargic and it's well known that the "withdrawals" are predominantly mental, not physical. Amanda exaggerates literally every single thing she posts or says.

No. 1238468


Amanda just has to tell us how her sooper knowledgeable aunt expected fragile, waif-like Amanda to go to the hospital due to quitting coke… uh, is your aunt as dumb as you, Amanda? Why would she even think going to a hospital would be an option when hospitals would never watch over a drug addict kicking drugs, unless the withdrawals were unleashing potentially lethal side effects like seizures from withdrawing from a lot of benzos or a high methadone dose? No Amanda, a hospital would maybe give you 600 mgs of ibuprofen/aspirin and a list of local rehab/detox facilities to call on your own time and then send you on your way to make room for patients that actually need medical treatment.

The only thing fragile about Amanda is her ego, especially when no unwanted dudes are paying attention to her.

No. 1238472


Exactly. Even Mama June, Honey Boo Boo's crack addicted mom and her hubby weren't going through 1k a night. Crack is cheaper, but it makes you want more immediately once you finish what you have, so many people easily spend way too much on it.

Although I might believe Amanda's 1k/ night coke story since she looks like a gullible poser idiot and I wouldn't doubt any dealer would rip her off by charging triple the cost. If I found out she was using again, I'd totally pull a Lurch and middle man coke to her and triple the cost.

No. 1238474


Ah, that's right, Juan Manuel Velazquez aka John Vale. Yep, a totally legit Cuban "from" Miami.

No. 1238476


It’s $100 a gram or $350 for an 8-ball here in NYC (cocaine is bad, I just like the way it smells) there is no physical way she could do $1000 worth of coke in one night and not OD, much less every night

No. 1238479

This. An 8ball is even hard to get through in a single night with a whole group doing it. It's so telling that she's lying because she doesn't even seem to know basic shit about it to back it up

No. 1238483


She dropped out of school and is soooo pUnK like Hot Topic, yet still can't spell mohawk ("mowhawk").

And not saying Amanda did/didn't drop out since she's always exaggerating or lying about every little thing, but you can drop out of school at any age, just like you can leave home at any age. Even if her parents reported her as a runaway at 14 years old and the cops stopped her panhandling in NYC, she still wouldn't be taken home and forced to go to school. Truants and runaways aren't a priority to any law enforcement or court system. If she was committing crimes and skipping school to hang with gangs and got arrested, THEN she might get court ordered to attend classes or be threatened with being removed from her parents' home and moved to a group home or foster care where she can be monitored to attend class.

No. 1238486


Or maybe Vale knows this "relationship" is mostly talk and friends with benefits while tossing in "I love you" every now and then to get her facetuned nudes. He's a grown man with kids and a job living in FL and I'm sure he assumes Amanda is just another ho wanting free tattoos from him and is more than happy to oblige and go along with the fair trade. He probably doesn't give enough of a shit to care who she's platonically cuddling with, especially since he's followed the trash she posts on social media for the past few years and knows what she's all about. He probably just figures he'll care if she actually moves to Miami and co-habitates with him. Then I'm sure he'd veto the "platonic cuddle with shirtless dudes" ego boost she swears by.

No. 1238487


Pretty sure McKenna is just putting in the time like a typical horny dude to get pussy for when shit inevitably goes south with Vale.

No. 1238561

File: 1622051161596.jpeg (58.28 KB, 731x599, 980B4240-4801-4191-A9FF-EA427C…)

I’ve done blow with her (around her) and she wastes so much of it “do it off my boobs” etc. She doesn’t ever use the “anatomical sniffer” in the top or your hand like a regular addict, she dumps it out and snorts from it off of whatever. She’s so sloppy she wastes most of it.

No. 1238627

Lol thank you cokeanon I’ve never heard it called the anatomical sniffer before, gave me a chuckle. IIve never seen her do coke but I’ve been around her at the deuce where she was obviously coked tf out and taking bathroom/smoke breaks every ten minutes. My friend at the time said she bummed a cigarette off of her and could see crumbs of it falling out of her nose. Definitely wasteful and abused it. I wonder if she’s actually coked out like some anons have been speculating because apparently these a big batch floating around Brooklyn now that’s been laced with fentanyl.

No. 1238681

Tbh he probably thought he was getting booty called. If a girl messages you in the middle of the night and says she's lonely that usually means she's trying to fuck, but Amanda just took pics of him and fell asleep lmfao

No. 1239505

File: 1622076779847.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1775, 5E27F404-A2D3-4194-9297-2C2946…)

So then open your store…it’s been way over a year.

No. 1239520

Imagine riding across Brooklyn thinking some skanky chick is gonna give you ass, but she just wants pictures of a “platonic cuddle session” to make her long-distance bf jealous and prove to social media that she actually has friends. Poor lil scrote lmfao

No. 1239552

facebook anons, please tell me neither Rachel nor Jessica responded to this

No. 1239555

lol why didn't she post his on her "friend's" wall? she's so performative I can't

No. 1239731

Rachel “loved” it, nothing from Jessica.

No. 1239733

File: 1622114528353.jpeg (611.75 KB, 1170x2771, 894E09F8-0257-4C40-B635-95128E…)

No. 1239741

Anyone “famous” living with her can’t be doing too well in life?!?! People meet celebrities all the time, her weird name dropping like she’s someone special is awkward at her age.

No. 1239743

File: 1622116357252.jpeg (123.24 KB, 1169x563, CD4798B6-7305-498D-9E7C-B4C3DC…)

Another dude? Vale must be so excited.

No. 1239746

yes you can…

No. 1239813

File: 1622125498798.jpeg (452.33 KB, 1170x1176, 5CAD651A-ADF5-49FE-B10B-E1CD6A…)

Seems he’s just finding out too…

No. 1239815

Oh hell yeah, here we go!

No. 1239816

Lmfaooo, so she’s fucking/shacking up with a Tiger King or Duck Dynasty character and her “boyfriend” is finding out from FB? This cow is such a hilarious mess, loves it.

No. 1239820

She didn’t say it was Erik Cowie… a friend was guessing

No. 1239828

if this is real there's no way she'll keep his identity a secret for long. she takes pictures of herself with literally everyone who is unfortunate enough to visit her or even facetime her (except Johnny) so as to keep up the illusion that she has friends.

also jesus christ, the name dropping is so cringe and these stories are not believable in any way. she's so delusional, i love it.

No. 1239856

Aren't those Duck Dynasty people insane Trumpers/homophobes/racists etc etc?

No. 1239858

Jesus christ. This is one of the most embarrassingly tone deaf things I've ever read on here. This cow is next level

No. 1239859

yes but it doesn't fucking matter because she never interacted with the duck fucker people…if you're talking about tiger king, go back and lurk old threads to see exactly what kind of trash he is (and she is, by association)

No. 1239869


This is so desperate and pathetic. She won't be able to contain her excitement and will name drop the person living with her "as long as they want", which won't be that long considering how annoying she is. This is on par with the celebrity-obsessed kids on Tik Tok that flirt with a "celebrity" and then eagerly out them when they respond.

Amanda, no one is impressed by your D-list cElEbRiTy brushes with fame except yourself. Even if a real celebrity like Ryan Gosling left Eva Mendes to live with you and you posted it all over the internet, no one would think you're a catch. Everyone would just feel bad for Gosling for having to find out in real life how terribly annoying you are.

No. 1239878

We know it's not a "real" celebrity or she'd have posted an entire photo essay of selfies with them, obviously it's a D-list reality show star down on their luck at best kek

No. 1239880

the way she just rattled off a list of made-up and overly detailed NLOG experiences involving celebrities… this is too good. it’s exactly like reading a circa-2012 wattpad self-insert. like she must be on the verge of revealing she’s reconnected with her long lost childhood friend, a member of one direction.

No. 1239886


Ok so Dee Snider lived in the 3 village club, on the north shore (Amanda is from Medford, which is on the south shore). His kids are all in their late 30s except for their daughter Cheyenne who was dropped off in front of her house by the schoolbus (source: my wife is one of her childhood best friends). I’m not even going to acknowledge that crap about Frodo, because that’s just a an obvious load of shit. This about is as likely her saying the nice old man that lives next door that taught her how to play piano is Billy Joel.

No. 1239891

Calm down, it was in response to multiple posts mentioning it and her friends comment

No. 1239896

i am calm, i just like to cuss? sage your dumbass bullshit

No. 1239958

File: 1622138972150.jpg (269.51 KB, 1440x1770, 20210527_130849.jpg)

Her exbf or whatever he was from Tiger King just got a dui a week or two ago. Maybe he's moving in so they can live sober edge life together.

No. 1240033

This is a good take, he’s moving in with Amanda to escape his “bad influences”. Lmao. I love these fast moving autist relationships.

No. 1240034

File: 1622147953956.jpeg (966.29 KB, 1170x1845, 6D6CE9C0-53B7-48A5-95F3-6DB8A9…)

He’s not moving to NYC anytime soon…

No. 1240037

File: 1622148139783.jpeg (918.19 KB, 1170x3916, 60CB0DE3-EC13-4710-9132-B35ED0…)

What an asshole. Right up Amanda’s alley.

No. 1240040

File: 1622148256875.jpeg (644.37 KB, 1170x1808, 02551F42-B147-465E-8C30-357F9B…)

Even Joe Exotic is calling him out kek

No. 1240049

I beg u nonnies please let’s not turn this into a fuckin Tiger King thread. Lay off the tinfoiling on who’s staying with her until we see some actual evidence. It’s likely that it’s a complete fabrication like a lot of her posts are.

No. 1240259

Any update to this? The milk is flowing.

No. 1240367

The wtf remains unanswered, and the cow hasn’t spilt the milk as of yet.

No. 1240374

ot but Jesus it's hilarious to see Joe tell anyone they should grow up. I knew about GW Zoo and was very familiar with Joe's antics pre tiger king and dude was a meth head and a half.

No. 1240504


"I love you"

Classic Brat

No. 1240574

Amanda, the self-described muse, went from being so stoked about her ability to artistically inspire her bf that she's met irl once and has been virtually dating for less than a month, to getting hot, bothered, and sooo starstruck over someone staying with her and clearly hoping they'll want to cohabitate with her.

As she lives in a house owned by her ex's parents.

This is fucking unbelievably insane.

No. 1240586

This will just be another thing we never hear about again, this CELEB living with her. Just like her cancer, her vw bug her dad bought her, her floral business, the hearse her dad bought her, her 5mil condo she co owns, etc. Soon she’ll drag Vale’s name thru the mud and talk about how AbUsIvE he really was, just weeks after playing step mommy. Incredible.

No. 1240604

File: 1622215850402.jpeg (64.17 KB, 1125x538, FD62F389-8206-4192-A909-F311AD…)

No. 1240609

Another example of her totally healthy relationships & communication… bring on the milk!

No. 1240652

Wooow, I wonder if she told him about how much her crackhead "celebrity" friend loves her lingerie choices over text too? This chick is going to die alone by her own shitty choices and still see herself as a victim kek

No. 1240670

Grow some balls and kick her ass out John. You’re not her savior.

No. 1240860

Omg very lol recap- I forgot about all the cars she got but were never mentioned again…

No. 1240897

File: 1622243147957.jpeg (91 KB, 1170x300, D90A003C-A12C-4278-A015-CFC141…)

Not a milky update…

No. 1241037

Anyone have a guess of who the “celebrity” could be? Like if it was an ACTUAL person.

No. 1241067

I was kind of hoping to see the final product of her portrait painting class by now, but I guess she got bored of that and forgot about it like her herb garden, resin crafting kit, bird, dog, cat, and fake punk swag store.

No. 1241922

I would be willing to bet it's some washed up band guy who peaked in 2007

No. 1242227

File: 1622397628877.jpeg (901.46 KB, 1144x1956, 3FA31F28-3673-45DF-B3E9-B55AD0…)

Is this even English?

No. 1242253

Johnny boy bought her a new MacBook Pro for Christmas last year… already broke that?

No. 1242409

It’s her iPhone that’s shattered. The one she claimed was her cousin’s but soon realized ppl would see it in mirror selfies.

No. 1242436

File: 1622412857671.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1872, B308F461-C842-44E2-B7DB-EDEBD6…)

“Houseguest” has arrived

No. 1242463

Both of their nails look disgusting, major junkie vibes

No. 1242488

File: 1622420482135.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x5469, 2F1AF828-F630-4135-95D6-9CED3E…)

For the record it’s was rainy and cold in NYC from like 3pm on. It wasn’t a nice day really, not sure why she’s sweaty in a dress. She’s walking… but then she’s in the passenger seat of her car? This sounds 100% fabricated.

No. 1242498

this weekend in Brooklyn is a cold snap, not 'finally nice out,' and that plate of food is most definitely a takeout container

No. 1242514

why does she start every sperg with "when you…" like she's posting a meme? why can't she say "Today I…" and tell a fucking story, she's that brain damaged?

No. 1242548

So awesome that the neighbor had take out containers

No. 1242549

Does compulsive lying disrupt her life?

No. 1242551

File: 1622428749489.jpeg (107.12 KB, 542x964, 5DE80473-643C-4380-A452-DEA3CC…)

I hope she walked around Flatbush in this exact outfit with her ugly, half finished cheapy leather jacket. What a psycho.

Also kek at this old Photoshop job.

No. 1242652

She must be the only woman in New York who takes cat calling as a compliment (even though it definitely didn’t happen).

No. 1242773

She erased the post.

No. 1242807

File: 1622469811945.jpeg (268.55 KB, 1170x1224, B40DCE11-33A5-4C2E-970F-5EEECD…)

Too late, you’re too fucked up to go back.

No. 1242830

Were there any comments on it? Did people finally notice that she lies about literally everything, including the fucking weather?

No. 1242890

>861 cat callers
>496 marriage proposals
>made immediate besties 4 lyfe with her neighbors who hand delivered her food bc they were so charmed by her sparkling personality after 5 minutes of conversation
>everyone stood up and clapped for her, in literal tears

This girl is SO thirsty and desperate for any validation whatsoever it’s hilarious.

No. 1242914

Does her life disrupt the imaginary world she’s created for herself?

No. 1242943

in the text msg, the part about her grandma that she redacted says "she was literally born in a g—y —–n" any guesses as to what she typed, anons?

No. 1242947

samefag but i think the g-word is 'gypsy', i see now why she covered it. jfc.

No. 1243010

Gypsy wagon

No. 1243079

Ah, so she wanted to signal to everyone that she has "a black friend" without coming out and saying it, but embarrassed that she casually dropped an ethnic slur, which she was comfortable using with the 'new friend'? I guess in Amanda's addled mind, her followers are too cosmopolitan and sophisticated for such language, but not Ms. Doordash Oxtails for some reason.

No. 1243317

File: 1622512142756.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1170x4645, 07EFD8CA-2888-4ED7-94CC-A9D4A3…)

I can’t begin to recap…

No. 1243329

Why is her new thing writing weird detailed accounts of drug withdrawals? Also can’t severe alcohol withdrawals cause seizures?

No. 1243331

She said this was her ~best friend~ …Is this also her big “celebrity” friend? So he’s maybe a famous chef?

No. 1243334

yep same guy. probably some nobody that lost topchef.

No. 1243341

Her “best friend” but also the celebrity she can’t tell anyone is living with her? To be fair she calls everyone who’s unfortunate enough to be in her presence her BFF ride or die.

No. 1243354

who tf is perry

No. 1243382

The bird she took in. Poor guy.

No. 1243400

Yes they can so even if this is true (and she sure emphasizes the severity of the situation) this is incredibly irresponsible.

No. 1243408

She try’s so damn hard to seem like she’s got this insane busy life but honestly all her strung out long text give me the biggest headache. Anyone who writes>>1243341

No. 1243409

Why is always just dudes? She never hangouts with chick friends! I have so many mutual friends with her and they all love and live her stuff online. It truly makes me question how dumb are these other people for not noticing her bullshit.

No. 1243440

So all this hype was about some nobody "celebrity" chef? Ok sis. And OF COURSE she airs her "best friend's" personal business on social media, makes his alcohol problems all about her, and toots her own horn as the savior of a guy who needs medical care. This post would be incredibly creepy and intrusive if it wasn't such an obvious work of fiction. Is this what happens when narcissists try to have "friends"?

No. 1243548

>>1243317 She really made the entire post all about her and how awesome and capable she is, it's insane

No. 1243569

File: 1622550038506.jpeg (810.17 KB, 1170x3917, 43282659-3D52-4E1D-81E6-F51E63…)

Can’t have a long post without a story comment…

No. 1243582

She can’t do anything for anyone else without bragging and making it all about herself to feed her narcissistic supply. This is why she has no real friends and has to settle for random loser moids who hang around her because they’re desperate and have no standards.

No. 1243601

Erik Cowie is staying with Amanda. He skipped his court hearing for his DUI case and now has a bench warrant out for his arrest in Oklahoma.
I suppose he was a “chef” when he was helping Joe Exotic make roadkill pizza at the GW zoo.

No. 1243603

I knew it! I strongly felt it was the Tiger King dude by the way she was talking. Imagine thinking harboring that animal abusing nutjob is a flex of any kind. This is going to end really badly kek

No. 1243606

File: 1622557664370.jpeg (1019.79 KB, 3264x3264, EF3A9069-E9F5-4C66-AB12-B15387…)

Same gross nail and hand

No. 1243624

File: 1622558971772.jpg (63.07 KB, 720x839, 20210601_104755.jpg)

No. 1243630


>star struck



No. 1243658

Really who else would it have been

No. 1243662

No. 1243670


but a man who eats dumpster meat is rating your food a nine out of ten, kek.

No. 1243677

God dammit anon, sage goes in the email field. Funny point though

No. 1243701

cowie finds a cow!

No. 1243708

wow. this dumb bitch. can she be arrested for knowingly harboring a fugitive?

No. 1243726

Tinfoil but I’m thinking she’s been texting Tiger boy about his addiction status and it has inspired her rambling Irvine Welsh-esque melodramas and recent fixation on withdraw and recovery. She’s been foreshadowing for us

No. 1243729

Plus sexualizing his recovery process by talking about how much he loves her lace panties while he's supposedly shaking and puking in a bucket. This girl is totally insane. Imagine thinking it's a flex to be banging some washed up junkie reality TV "star" who's best known for abusing captive animals and getting DUIs.

No. 1243791

Jesus fucking Christ. Regardless of whether the dude’s a shitbag, you’d think ACAB Amanda would know better than to post all over social media about where her friend with warrants is staying

No. 1243831

Is harboring a fugitive a criminal offense in NY? I'm thrilled for another Scamanda Legal Saga

No. 1243854

Maybe it's aiding and abetting. But idk if a bench warrant is enough for that charge.

No. 1243949

Reading this again and knowing it’s about cowie has me dying of embarrassment for Scamanda. I love how this washed up redneck drunk from some meme documentary who she was just condemning months ago is now the celebrity who makes her start struck. You can’t make this up.

No. 1243965

If Cowie is sleeping in her bed with her, where is Johnny Darling sleeping?

No. 1244036

File: 1622599333965.jpg (108.77 KB, 650x353, footofthebedmichael.jpg)

No. 1244041

noooo anon hahahahha too good.

No. 1244043


“That one night, you made everything alright!”

No. 1244087

You still have time to repost without the emoji, anon

No. 1244164

>>1244043 At least Jan Levenson was hot

No. 1244188

File: 1622632606559.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1170x2077, C2DE3415-99AD-4B64-96F1-0DA6DE…)

Nice not-oval mirror you got there…

No. 1244197

File: 1622636567222.jpg (54.62 KB, 570x855, il_570xN.3042815062_eqj3.jpg)

Not to wk but asymmetrical mirrors are a big thing right now

No. 1244199

Regardless her photoshopped body is obscured by how far away she is from the mirror

No. 1244201


why does miss badass biker mama tattooer up the punx have a boho macrame wall hanging and a west elm mirror or w/e? not even amanda related but wtf has happened to aesthetics and subcultures? fuck

No. 1244213

It's because she lives in an Airbnb

No. 1244286


Out of all the weird shit she spewed in this diatribe, between deeming cowie a fancy chef and the unnecessary filler about how she put on the "bad sheets" in case cowie pissed the bed, what stands out the most is her use of the word "nosh". I got to "nosh" and though oh for fucks sake. Nosh. Kill me.

No. 1244303

That's because LARPing as a Jew is ranked just below her LARPING as a punk.

No. 1244307

This whole saga is making me kek, Eric Cowie is such an unrepentant asshole that he completely deserves being trapped in Scamanda's apartment, puking and pissing on the sheets while she manically liveblogs his every bowel movement to feed her narcissistic supply. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Excellent milk!

No. 1244321

wait so the reason she was sperging in >>1243317
about not being able to reveal the identity of her "sooper secret celebrity guest!!" isn't because it's some huge star who needs their privacy it's because he's literally on the lam and has a warrant for his arrest lmaooooooo

No. 1244324

I tried to go back and figure it out but was she “engaged” to him at some point too? It’s hard to keep track of her many many suitors.

No. 1244432

they were engaged via Facebook status after a few weeks of talking, having never met in person.

No. 1244433

File: 1622667260833.jpeg (563.29 KB, 1170x817, IMG_1213.jpeg)

I hope she's talking about eating the expired steak, taken from starving animals, from a dumpster. Perfect for Amanda and Cowie, oh and I guess John Vale and Johnnyboy. kek what a mess

No. 1244452

We’ve heard nothing of Vale for a few days, and now she’s calling Cowie her SO? Or does she mean A significant other, not her single SO. What a fuckin dope. I’m sure we’ll hear nothing more of Vale.

No. 1244453


That was before she was ‘shot at’ by Cowie via FaceTime kek.

No. 1244510

Second this. I bet the whole Vale thing is over now that this mega secret celebrity is staying with her. What idiot would tolerate his long distance girlfriend having sleep overs with her ex long distance celebrity fiancé?! (I’m using celebrity very very loosely……)

No. 1244543

She sat on her phone and…what happened? Facebook app opened, her ass clicked “post” this pic was automatically selected and then the butterflies appeared and her ass clicked “save”?! Regardless I don’t think this is a recent pic. She posted a selfie with her most devoted bff cuddle Buddy 8 days ago and her bangs were right above her glasses. They are noticeably shorter in this pic. She could have cut them, just seems like we would have heard about it.

No. 1244560

Celebrity is an awful strange way of saying "some metal band dude with an under $500 flying v".

No. 1244715


Her use of the word “rucksack” instead of “bag” sent me over

No. 1244869

What’s so funny is that when it happened and she was “engaged” to Cowie she was all like “oh ahah omg my fiance is so crazy you guys he’s wilddd” and after their break she turned it into “he literally pulled a gun on me (though FaceTime though)” like her life was somehow at risk through FT??

Plus I can’t believe she’s kind of implying here >>1239733 that he’s a big shot celeb cause she’s ran into Elijah wood and Whoopi Goldberg but acts like Cowie isn’t just a redneck shitty zookeeper who lives in a trailer and looks like a sunburnt foot. Chill Amanda.

No. 1245033

File: 1622726666171.jpeg (920.58 KB, 1170x1359, F2E4E061-2111-4993-A3C0-F80A1C…)

You’re literally not even responsible for yourself. Stop taking in animal abusing addicts to the apt you don’t even pay for.

No. 1245096

they're still listed as in a relationship on his facebook kek. how many cucks can this bitch accumulate??? stay tuned.

No. 1245101

What is her power lol like I’m equal parts disgusted and impressed she can manipulate so many people at once??? Never once would I want to be like that BUT looking at her what’s her god damn appeal??

No. 1245114


Saged for speculation and nothing more, but I think she’s truly a master manipulator and liar. I think she zeroes in on the thing that will hook (for a time) a particular loser, and fuckin RUNS with it. Says she’s pregnant, says she’s a 3rd gen Hell’s Angel or whatever, says she’s got money, says she’s broke, says she has cancer, says she’s a rad craftsman, an artist, whatever. And these dudes are flattered as fuck that this internet-famous person takes an interest in them. Then it goes to shit but those first weeks are golden.

No. 1245124

She love bombs damaged people into trusting her. The ones that see through it, are probably the ones contributing to this board.

No. 1245152


There’s at least one

No. 1245174


Cant get over this post, despite the celeb only being some freak who appeared in a docuseries. Anyone who hangs out with famous people doesn’t get “star struck” and sure as shit doesn’t post bragging about it on Facebook, unless you’re one of those lowkey braggers who maybe posts a group pic or something. It’s usually actually the opposite; you usually don’t want to bother your friend who already receives too much attention.

No. 1245636

File: 1622776338232.jpeg (338.22 KB, 827x1119, 0BF99D48-E6C8-40DC-9907-A279D5…)

Sage for old milk, just a reminder how several months ago cowie was a piece of shit abuser but now her BFF ride or die best friend

No. 1245711

Please, someone find the screen shot where she wrote this huge long thing about how she hates him now and threatened her with a gun over FaceTime. Didn’t she always say he jerked off on the phone with her? So fucking gross.

No. 1245715

It’s her money. I once had a conversation with an ex of hers once and I picked his brain a little. He said Amanda bought him sooo many times! Like a new iPhone and a whole new wardrobe. It was extremely sad to see this person get all fucked up when talking about her. She gets her claws in deep to people.

No. 1245728


*cuckboy Johnny’s money

No. 1245887


Below is the saga. Him (or his roommate?) jerking off, making enemies with her competition, him almost killing her and her LITERALLY dodging a LITERAL bullet but over FaceTime.


No. 1246227

File: 1622850579863.jpeg (437.14 KB, 1170x1117, 7E946573-9DCB-4E88-AB20-42D4DA…)

Do you miss running a store too? She could have been open since last year. What’s the actual hold up. Seems like they still own the website, doubt anyone order anything

No. 1246415

File: 1622862040613.jpeg (520.63 KB, 1170x4272, CF196B6F-8626-4F8D-B0CF-72F73C…)

No milk, but her emotional state swings around like crazy.

No. 1246540

File: 1622870272921.jpeg (295.46 KB, 1170x2597, AD0590D5-28B0-469F-A474-7F1A9B…)

Vale decided to respond to her “send me your favorite song”. Those are the lyrics. Sounds a little scorn to me.

No. 1246544

Serving BPD realness

No. 1246698

File: 1622891648855.jpeg (501.69 KB, 1168x1987, 7D8E4FC2-C7A2-4AC6-93DF-3206B3…)

Aaaand he removed that he’s in a relationship with her.

No. 1246700

File: 1622892219572.jpeg (260.86 KB, 1170x2005, 3D12491D-0D05-4D4A-8D13-F321D4…)

Same anon. Seems she didn’t wake up to the news yet. Cue incoming scorn.

No. 1246768

Cue self-pitying whining about how “abusive” he was by not validating her wise brave choice to shack up with Tiger King junkie fugitive.

No. 1246794

I have a question. I went back to the old tiger King thread that an anon linked and realized it was when she was quite literally living in her parents' garage. Does anyone know the situation with Johnny? Were they fighting and he said no more meal ticket? Did he say if you don't get sober I won't help you anymore? It just seems so strange that she's somehow got this limitless cash but also ended up sleeping next to a motorcycle in long Island for a year. Idgi.

No. 1246913

I can’t decide if this is more embarrassing for vale or amanda.

No. 1246935


While Amanda’s existence is a proven nonstop embarrassment, I don’t know many adult men with children that wouldn’t just cut ties and keep mum about their long distance breakup with a tattoo groupie kek

No. 1246955

File: 1622918441634.gif (844.12 KB, 245x145, 4E5E8603-FD41-4C47-9E57-0F3D4A…)

this is gonna be milky

No. 1246959

I don’t think it can get any more embarrassing for Vale. Just the mere sniff of an association with Scamanda, that tops everything.

No. 1246974

But who will she visit when she GoEs To MiAmI?

No. 1246977

Vale, definitely. Scamanda isn’t socially aware enough to feel embarrassment. He should be embarrassed for associating with her as a grown ass man who is employed and a father.

No. 1247065

This John Vale dude is definitely a cow, very embarrassed for him.

No. 1247067


Definitely him.

No. 1247209


Honestly if anyone deserves being tipped off to this site I’d vote for the (seemingly) decent guy that has a family and an actual successful business that doesn’t need to be involved in Scamanda’s shit-circus of a life

No. 1247277

According to the photo that she edited and then posted on rotation every few months for several years, he’s known her for quite a while. If he didn’t pick up on her desperate scammy vibes by now, there’s no saving him.

No. 1247591

Sage for old milk.
She left her apartment in bk to move into her parents house to get sober (her explanation). For a while someone else was staying in her apartment (Kenzy?) but eventually moved out and at some point all of her stuff was moved into storage. After a year at her parents they made her move into the garage (it started because they went on vacation and didn’t trust her to be in the house lol). Her financial situation has always been confusing. One month she’s made thousands selling nudes in under 24 hrs and the next she’s asking people to venmo her $2 for her phone bill. It’s possible that Johnny is giving her a monthly alimony payment, and then buying her gifts, letting her live in his family’s apartment etc. it’s not clear if they ever were legally married, still married, are divorced, etc. she once recently mentioned “payday” but we knows she’s “volunteering” at their pharmacy. Seems like his family has her on a tight leash at the moment. Wondering what will happen when they find out she’s got tiger assistant staying there…

No. 1247635


They are not and have never been legally married, neither of them ever applied for a marriage license which is public record. I’ve never understood what their relationship/arrangement actually is but I have personally seen Johnny pick her up from dates, being sent out to get food for her and current boy-toy, and him paying for services done in “her” store

No. 1247650

File: 1622990496844.jpg (25.47 KB, 512x185, Screenshot_20210606-104144_Ins…)

I'm surprised her ig still says planeemoji Miami kek

No. 1247695

Thanks nonny. I'd kill to hear his parents talk about her.

No. 1247709

Her FB still says in a relationship but doesn’t say with Vale.

No. 1247732


So during COVID I married someone and didn’t want my family finding out because their crazy and there’s a second way to get married where literally no one can find it out through public documents. I forget exactly what it was called but it was made basically for celebrities to be able to marry without tabloids going crazy about it. You are legally married and fill out all the documents. If you guys can’t find this it could be the reason why.

No. 1247756

She has also mentioned that they eloped and got married in Atlantic City. Not sure if the New Jersey records were checked along with NY’s.

No. 1247782

Oh boy so what she’s just gonna replace Vale’s name with FaceTime Shooter just like that, without even removing the status entirely. We can see this, though, Scammy. Kek.

No. 1248500

NJ marriage licenses are not public record.

No. 1248962


I can’t get over being attracted to that man in any way. I am already disgusted by hairy bearded biker losers, but I get why some women are into that. This tiger assistant guy is like truly disgusting even for a cow like Bret

No. 1249351

not been on fb in forever but when I was active on it, the relationship status wouldn't change for someone if their ex (so John Vale in this case) removed that he was dating her from his profile. it just wouldn't show his name/link to his fb profile

No. 1249427


Her status still says in a relationship but it doesn't say with who.


He is disgusting, but he gives her attention and was on tv so it doesn't surprise me. Any little crumb of fame is right up Amanda's alley

No. 1249596

Does this mean we’ll finally stop seeing that one fucking photo of them that she constantly shares?!?

No. 1250005

Help us out, nona, what’s the latest? Is there seriously just radio silence?

No. 1250091

File: 1623193287583.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x2236, BEFF5769-64B5-47D8-A495-864EFB…)

This is the last this she’s posted. Relationship stays hasn’t been changed.

No. 1250098

Still repeating that acab story then. Wheeling it out once every few. Kek.

No. 1250112

Yeah, it's like fucking a weird uncle at a family reunion in Virginia.

No. 1250117

The want the real thing bit is from a Cramps song about being a drug dealer called "Garbage Man," lmao. Listen, Amandumb, the lyric you deserve from that song is "You ain't no punk, you punk."

No. 1250245

File: 1623203686622.jpeg (586.12 KB, 1170x1156, F5898003-6F9E-47A3-AC22-B03F42…)

old photo: Cowie updated his status on this day today last year.

No. 1250304

I’ve lived in Jersey and it isn’t like Vegas where you can just elope at the drop of a hat, there’s a 72-hour waiting period before a marriage license is even issued. I don’t see her having the foresight to arrange that. I think we can add Atlantic City elopement to her ever expanding pile of lies.

No. 1250779


I 100% knew it was him, especially once she wrote the story post about him living in the "sticks" and he's an alcoholic. Haha, definitely not a celebrity that she should be "starstruck" over. She's pathetic with her attempts to gain clout over knowing someone that some people have heard of. She's so happy he liked her cheap "lacy" crop top and shorts… I guess she wasn't scared he was going to point his gun at her AGAIN, like he did on FaceTime. What a trooper for risking her life to rehab an alcoholic animal zoo workers that she claimed was aBuSiVe.

No. 1250781


He can't even spell "Michael" correctly, but who cares since he's a cElEbRiTy that she's going to try to kidnap.

No. 1250785


No. A bench warrant for not appearing in court for a DUI in OK isn't going to make the US Marshalls stop by at Amanda's and take Cowie and the cow to jail. But luckily she's ready with to-go cups and containers to make coffee and become BFFs with anyone who knocks on her door, then hold hands and sing kumbaya together.

No. 1250792


Yes it is a punishable offense to knowingly harbor an actual fugitive… not just someone with a bench warrant out, but a real fugitive. Usually they'll only follow through with charging someone for that if the person they're harboring is actually wanted for a serious crime, as in the person has to be dangerous enough to warrant the cost and manpower of sending US Marshalls out after them. Otherwise, people only get caught for bench warrants if they're stopped by the cops for something else and their name gets run, the bench warrant in OK appears, then they'll usually be extradited. But whoever they're staying with won't get in trouble since it's literally just a bench warrant.

No. 1250799


Her descriptions kill me. She's "back in fighting form", she rescued Cowie and got him "back in fighting shape"… And she's still a chunky monkey shooper and he's always going to be the same loser alcoholic. Neither of them will ever be in fighting form.

I am cracking up that he was a "fancy chef" at a place called Michael's Grill. No Amanda, a line cook at a grill isn't the same as a fancy chef.

She is an embarrassment.

No. 1250803


Ah, I can explain this. That's because she's not a badass, not a biker (unless you count grasping the back of a real biker), not a mama, not a tattooer (trying to bone them for cLoUt doesn’t count), and not a punk… It's because she's a codependent poser relying on a rich Jewish kid and his family to pay her way through life and provide her with shelter.

No. 1250813


I guess you can call it a "power", but really, it's just throwing yourself at ugly dudes who are used to even uglier girls. Show them constant attention, tell them you'll feed them and care for them, send revealing pictures, and stroke the egos of dudes who like females with a tattooed "alt" aesthetic who usually only net really ugly, dirty chicks. It's like bumper bowling… you're not challenging yourself and not trying to better yourself, but your chances of hitting a pin are much higher. That's Amanda.

No. 1250817


Because when one person (like Vale) takes you off their relationship status, it'll just remove their name from then other person's page, but won't remove that they're in a relationship. So it'll just say Amanda is in a relationship, as opposed to saying she's in a relationship with [insert idiot of the month here].

No. 1250982

anon it's June kek. looking at that status again it reads exactly like she made him post it, especially seeing the edit to tag her fb. Amanda you have zero standards, congrats girlie

No. 1251064

The “updated” one was from June. She edited it, in typical Scammy form

No. 1252936

File: 1623421442993.jpeg (324.17 KB, 828x1354, E7B8EF21-4387-4C19-A68E-D427EB…)

This is the last thing she has up on her FB and her IG has been inactive. Wonder what could have happened to actually drive her to log off? Anyone have the milk?

No. 1252953

My tinfoil is Eriks dui problem caught up with him and the police found him at Amanda’s apartment. Now she has to keep quiet because she’s being investigated.

No. 1252963

In case her family knows about this speculated legal trouble, I'd kill to be a fly on the wall at one of their family dinners and hear their takes on the situation. Wonder if any of them have public social media pages?

No. 1252971

Johnnys mom tagged Amanda and her brother Dominick on a Facebook post two days ago regarding a family members college graduation, so she must still consider them both part of the family I guess? They’re not in any of the pictures but maybe they were present…? It’s all very awkward. I tried leafing through some of their profiles but I didn’t find anything milky.

I’m tinfoiling that with meth head Cowie in town, he asked her to help him cop and now they’re on a bender together in her apartment. I doubt the cops in New York care about some out of state nobody.

No. 1252975

That's her aunt that tagged her in the post, with her cousin who she always calls her "sister" She didn't like or comment the post

No. 1252978

Ah okay, thanks for clarifying anon! I was thinking one of those girls looked familiar.

No. 1253178

My guess would be that Johnny/his parents found out she was harboring a nasty ass criminal in the apartment for days so they kicked her out/stopped paying for it and now she doesn't have anywhere solid to say but can't figure out a lie to tell about it online that makes her look good so she's staying quiet.

No. 1257419


Very wishful thinking. But we all know Johnny Bitchboy would never put her out on her poser ass on the streets just as the US Marshalls aren't "coming for" Cowie. The worst thing that would happen is Cowie gets stopped by a cop for something basic and unrelated and they discover the OK bench warrant when they run his name, then extradite him back to OK. NYPD aren't the US Marshalls so they don't go looking for people with bench warrants and skipping a court date doesn't justify the time and money to send the marshalls after Cowie. OK police also wouldn't be sent to NY to pick up Cowie even if they had his new roomie cow's exact address because it's just a bench warrant and not like he's skipped town for a violent crime that'll put the public at risk. OK police wouldn't even ask NYPD to pick up and extradite a nonviolent old dude with a bench warrant. A lot of people have bench warrants for failure to appear and years go by with them working, filing taxes, getting new state IDs mailed to their homes, and still never experience repercussions. Cowie will turn himself in when he's ready or when he's busted for being drunk in public.

No. 1257694

>a nonviolent old dude
Uh, excuse you. This man pointed a gun at poor Amanda on Facetime!! She's lucky she survived.

No. 1257845

File: 1623820193312.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1170x8287, 52592D34-8152-4EEB-A1F2-5A8844…)

I can’t….

No. 1257848

holy shit how are her nails so disgusting?? and kek at describing Cowie as "worldly" and "soulful"

No. 1257850

If she got ink everywhere tattooing, it tends to remain under the nails if you don't wear gloves and I doubt this dirty bitch does. That, and dirt and grime.

No. 1257852

samefag, sorry, but I just read through that again and there's so much to unpack here. that tattoo is fucking AWFUL and also a hilarious punchline to see after her screed about the ~super cool~ rig she made.

also if she's creating so much, why aren't we seeing any pics of that? "miniature enchanted landscapes", holy shit. my sides.

No. 1257986

Lmfao she's invented a method for riding the tube while handpoking. No wonder it looks like shit. I seriously can't with this bitch thinking she's a ~craft goddess~ when she can't even look up a ten minute tutorial on how tattooing works

No. 1258020

Imagine seeing this chunky harpy sitting on the porch of this house, dressed like this in the daytime, on the floor (where’s her café table and chairs!?) and living in the house next door? Between her and Cowie.. there goes the neighborhood. I mean “enchanted landscape” kek

No. 1258087

"Worn out hand towel" and "tattoo" shouldn't be in the same sentence.

No. 1258649

File: 1623936726928.jpeg (742.71 KB, 828x1458, 36F9FD7A-8B72-4407-9C94-FC6FED…)

Well if you compare it to the other hand-poked turds on her ankle it actually fits in perfectly and reflects her creative skills pretty accurately

No. 1259125

For someone who claims to “save real estate” for good artists, she wastes an awful lot of skin on shitty disgusting pen scratch. God I would LOVE to meet this goblin in real life and call her out. I also wish she’d piss her parents off to the point where her dad would tell her what a disappointing poser leech she is. You know he has to be so fucking embarrassed by her

No. 1259334

She’s back on drugs again. I bet. That Eric dude came over to “get clean” but it did go over so well for her. I feel like when she goes MIA it’s cause of drugs.(sage non-milk)

No. 1259355

Is that pig doing what it seems to be doing? That's disgusting.(sage)

No. 1259407


That’s just a tattoo of her and her super cool motorcycle riding cop friend(sage)

No. 1259448

kek. acab tho!

No. 1260129


That cop dude she grovels over is a lonely loser. I had checked out his profile and made the mistake of liking 1 picture of a post he made showing a classic 80s old school punk album.
Within 2 hours, he liked multiple pictures of me and then followed me, then tried to message me about how "beautiful" he thinks my tattoos look on me. I haven't responded to anything, but he still likes every picture I post where I'm in it. And this started like 4 months ago and he's still going strong. Desperate af.

No. 1260855

You think that bird is still alive?

No. 1260882

anon it's interesting you ask because when she said in her last post that she was dealing with a loss I immediately wondered if it could've been the bird kek. her lack of specificity is noteworthy considering how over-sharing she is hopefully this isn't a tinfoil, oops

No. 1261491

File: 1624301466980.jpeg (244.8 KB, 1170x2009, 539E713A-58CF-4467-A793-499D75…)

who the fuck has she been dating for 7 years? This bitch is such a retard.

No. 1261561

her pfp is still the tattoo guy. This bitch is delusional.

No. 1261633

I think it’s what we call in the biz a “joke”

No. 1262314

John Vale liked it? weird