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File: 1658525802372.jpeg (1.77 MB, 2880x3840, 8AEBE280-944D-4596-A845-CEAFB8…)

No. 1594746

Social Media
Ig: bratoutofhell
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/bretdarling
Tik Tok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe2Yvoe6/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/amandabret

Amanda Bret / Amanda Schafemeyer / Labozetta/ bratoutofhell-


As we barrel headfirst into Amanda's one year anniversary with Dan "Scabies Incarnate" Rivas, a man with bugs in his gigantic beaver tail dread, we reflect back on the past few months and the rollercoaster that is Mandy Meatball's life. One would think that spending three months coked up, drunk, and holed up in an apartment that is owned by a cuck ex (emerging only to go to shows or drive around in a dirty truck) would be BORING. But au contraire! Mandy faced many challenges: pregnancy, cancer, a back injury caused by slipping in vomit. Still, she found the courage to do some fashion shoots, even encouraging Dan to join her! She also helped nurture his blossoming comic career while he convalesces in bed from ailments unknown. Where is Amanda going? Where has she been? As she and Dan head towards parts unknown in a truck covered in as much trash as that in Dan's hair, we await the next chapter with bated breath.

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No. 1594787

Thanks anon. Solid thread. We could use some college Chans on deck for next thread pic but your summary is on point!

No. 1594800

Hail fellow Nord, I am a college chan from Winterhold lol

No. 1594846

Omg, lol. I deserved that. I meant collage* but 10/10 joke nona

No. 1594899

I do like when someone submits a collage, I would've put more effort into the one I made but again, traveling. Thank you!

No. 1595013

This one is pretty good tho. The two junks are displayed up perfectly up there ^ not sure if I see the grinch or the grinch?

No. 1595015

Oh wait I see goblin that doesn’t have arms big enough to fight a hamster and a grinch who stole a lot of money from many ppl and the next America’s most wanted. Guess she won’t like it when they don’t photoshop her mugshot……

No. 1595016

The thing bottom left looks like a toilet that flushed but left some brown residue and makes you go ugh.

No. 1595018

Bottom right is a nose that screams give me all the coke you have since my nose honks like a ham horn.

No. 1595033

The 2nd image will never not crack me up. She shopped herself into looking like a mamobot drawing and the earth is fucking quaking beneath her

No. 1595168

Doesn’t matter how shooped she is, those meatball eyes don’t fool me!!!! if I ran into that one the street, I’d scream at the sky to take me now!!!!!!!!

No. 1595178

File: 1658563913839.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1125x1891, 304D6FC1-568A-4856-9EDE-A62759…)

Guess who

No. 1595180

File: 1658564052270.jpeg (858.01 KB, 1125x1856, B54E2335-8743-4AA5-858D-20BF47…)

No. 1595255

File: 1658576143885.jpeg (818.71 KB, 1170x1161, D1B4EFAE-DA70-4DE4-8113-51A487…)

No filly

No. 1595281

oh my god it's like a fucking Aphex Twin album cover

No. 1595311

Did she have to walk ten miles cause their shitty ass truck blew up?

No. 1595335

Oh the return of the wavy chain! Honestly it’s completely natural for your hair to blur into your face like it’s being sucked into a black hole.

No. 1595378

god she is so fucking annoying. i will never understand why everything she says has to be so long winded and detailed. most people would just say “can’t believe my lipstick lasted x hours without a smudge!” or something simple. and she’s too stupid to realize most people that post unfiltered photos don’t feel the need to point out constantly that they didn’t use a filter.

No. 1595470

Lmfao… Thanks, now I know what it feels like to shoot Red Bull out my nose.

No. 1595492

Here is nearly four minutes of your life you’ll never get back. You can hear the postnasal coke drip. Mandy behind the wheel is a new level of terror.


No. 1595502

She edits herself to look like an evil child from a Dreamworks movie or something. And I guess if Dom is to believed, she fits the role well too. Imagine being so deranged that you edit your child self to look sexy instead of innocent and cute

No. 1595656

Amanda seems to be working hard to find a new man (if this post was aimed at non-potential partners, she'd have mentioned the lipstick brand/shade name/where she overpaid for it/etc). instead, she's trying to claim she looks fuckable even after a "workout." no filly!

maybe someone has realized that her "future husband"'s mumbled "luhyuhtoo" might not be sincere. oh my days! the shock!!!

I think the posts about her "smol kitty" and his beautiful "d" or whatever are really aimed at the same crowd – potential new mates.

and didn't you guys know all posts made in NY come out warped like that? gosh

No. 1595667

their discourse is a bit too highbrow and classy for me to follow, but they seem to have SUCH a great relationship. I'm jealous; I want my own stinky, bug-infested dirtbag to slur my drunken, unintelligible ramblings at while singing to wrong words ABBA's "Take A Chance on Me" whilst to attempting to drive. sadly, such is not my fate in life. ::holding back the tears::

No. 1595707

Id bet my entire bank account that the smell would subside if she closed her mouth and/or legs for a bit.

No. 1596062

File: 1658663465183.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1324, F59E9352-AD29-4989-9E44-C7BA15…)

Did they… just spray paint the hood? The side of the truck is definitely blue. Also… her father doesn’t have a whole car painting tent and sprayer just ready to go….I say she shooped the car. I also don’t believe she went to her parents at all. And that is definitely the car from Dans parents driveway….

No. 1596075

This pic is outside of the Dino mart on 112 in patchogue. It only took me a minute to find it on Google maps. The planet fitness sign in the background made it easy.

So what Amanda must have had to walk 10 miles and slept in a park the day before because the truck broke down on the way out to Long Island? Imagine these two coked out of their minds wearing all black skin tight jeans in 100 degree weather walking along the side of the Long Island expressway.

In the previous video he said they spent $500 on the truck. Certainly Johnny’s money. So to the anon who asked I guess “shared” truck just means the two of them are sharing it? That’s just an insane persons way of saying “we bought a truck”. Despite having attended high school slightly longer than she claims she is absolutely dumb as rocks and doesn’t know how to express herself through words. Although I love to watch her try.

No. 1596077

Wait why does she keep calling it a truck is it not an suv?

No. 1596086

File: 1658666321249.jpg (Spoiler Image,56.31 KB, 1196x669, Screenshot 2022-07-24 053803.j…)

I see she is starting her own Polish plait to match her fat yet atrophied boyfriend.


What the fuck is he wearing?

No. 1596089

Reread caption. Let it sink in.

No. 1596093

File: 1658667157290.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 3264x3264, cocaina.jpg)

Looks like he keeps the coke in his wallet (samefagging to add more pics) You can see the baggie fall down into his wallet as he opens it. See my autistic collage for proof. Also, I hate how they try to act cool while driving, turning the wheel with one palm and revving the engine. Retards.

No. 1596107

Yelling at her bf calling him an asshole what a sweet perfect relationship.

Also, I’ve known Dan since high school and he has always hated cigarettes. I think all of his exes smoked too and he never picked it up until now. I guess the stress of living with mandy really got to him.

No. 1596108

I know him and can confirm he does keep his coke in his wallet and is not by any means sober (for the anons in the last thread).

No. 1596109

Even with all the editing she looks like shit. Her hair looks nasty and she shrank her face so much that it looks like she has football player shoulders.

No. 1596184

The pic was last night, it was "painted" today

No. 1596193

Is this a brag? She looks like a corpse.

No. 1596262

File: 1658684912198.jpeg (650.29 KB, 828x1142, 3D9C5E8C-CAA4-4BF2-BAAD-0142AE…)

Looks like he only has one pair of shorts.

No. 1596379

please spoiler this did not want to see another pic of dans doughy body

No. 1596381


Her “grampa’s” bike was a yellow Triumph…

No. 1596633

Same paint as on the trailer. Her grammar and punctuation are dizzying.

No. 1596741

File: 1658711882474.webm (10.27 MB, 360x166, it’s not only the car, Amanda.…)

Words escape me. Here’s the .webm
I think she meant to imply it was the same paint used in all the three? Although I’ve sort of given up trying to decipher what she says. I feel like any grasp of the English language I have starts slipping from me.

No. 1596980

There is no way these aren't Amanda's shorts.

No. 1597050

Yo my bf dick is average size and his balls would be hanging out of those shorts or stuffed in the underwear part there would certainly be a bulge lolllll No shame to the small dick community I’m just saying if this dude fucks half as hard as she says he does he’s strapping on.

I need to see the back view of this pic with what is going on with the hair. Is it wrapped in a bandana? There’s people on the beach so I assume he didn’t get it wet otherwise they would be fleeing in the background.

No. 1597061

Lol you're right, even the bread dough standing next to him is casting a shadow in that department.

No. 1597065

it's either tucked or it's tiny and her vag is as small as her shooped nose.>>1597050

No. 1597090

That picture is from before they were dating so they’re definitely his.

I’ve seen it and it’s very tiny. Like verrrry tiny. I’ve also never heard a single person who had sex with him give him any praise like she does. She’s 100% lying. I doubt they’re even fucking at this point.

No. 1597224

This mf wears the tightest jeans on earth and has no bugle at all, literally looks like there’s nothing in there.

No. 1597232

File: 1658770990835.jpeg (715.94 KB, 1170x1218, EE8C1A1A-2457-4FF2-B754-4D9036…)

Amanda it’s been thunderstorming today…

No. 1597320


is this her trying to imply she’s at her parents house using their pool and diving board but somehow has not posted 9000 photos as proof

No. 1597324

Does she not even get up to look out the window before blatantly lying online?

Also lol at her still tagging Diego. That’s Dan’s friend who she fucked for two days before she started fucking scabbies as soon as Diego got bored of her back in 2018 when they first met. I don’t think he ever even answers.

No. 1597513

File: 1658788864637.jpeg (421.53 KB, 1170x954, A6784259-D40F-4BE8-8E78-0540CE…)

Such a cool kid

No. 1597527

If he needs a go fund me for a burner phone then he absolutely cannot afford a regular cell phone and THAT, not a “social detox”, is the reason he doesn’t have one.

No. 1597660

His mom must’ve finally cut him off. I mean he IS 30 something years old, about time.

No. 1597683

They sound like they’re in middle school and it’s their first time staying alone without a babysitter.

No. 1597723

File: 1658802732545.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x1882, ED011767-E28F-40E8-ACCA-4B223F…)

Still in BK

No. 1597769

Legit thought someone shopped a giant turd into the picture

No. 1597777

Dare I ask what’s on the pillow next to him

No. 1597780

Imagine jumping him and pulling that thing

No. 1597820

File: 1658811292442.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1260x1560, 77DFA99A-2058-4A7C-89ED-19B843…)

Imagine this shit pounding away at you with his teen peen, such shudder

No. 1597959

“Teen peen” is too big for him honestly.

No. 1597988

“Pounded” is a strong word. It’s more like being clumsily bumped few times in complete silence while making no eye contact until he gets too tired and you either have to help yourself or give up and admit you’ll never come fucking an alcoholic doughboy beavertail with no stamina and have made a huge mistake by giving him one single chance.

No. 1598377

>I've seen it
how, why, and are you okay now

No. 1598393

It was a horrible judgment call during my darkest times. And I’m not ok… I need a few decades or centuries of therapy to heal.

No. 1598401

thoughts & prayers nona

No. 1598562

What state was his hair in? Describe the odor please!

No. 1598759

Nta but lmfao I love you bitches

No. 1598808

i think of him more as a thumbing in a softie kinda guy

No. 1598989

> a thumbing in a softie kinda guy
Nona, help your local ESLfag, please. I think it might mean he uses his thumb when they (attempt to?) fuck? Am I off?

No. 1599074

Hell, I'm a native English speaker and even I'm confused by that visual. Entertained by it nonetheless.

No. 1599091

The smell was a combination of mold, roadkill, wet dog, rotten onions and sadness. I barely survived.

No. 1599099

If he can’t afford a burner phone then he also definitely can’t afford the ring she claims he bought. More proof he bought it herself with johnnys money.

No. 1599122

I've definitely never heard that combo of words either, but I think anon means that he would use his thumb to push his limp dick into someone.

No. 1599133


As per Urban Dictionary:

Thumb in a softie-
The action of inserting a flacid or semi flacid penis into ones sexual partner using a thumb or finger in an attempt to engage in coitus. The action is usually performed after the consumption of a considerable amount of alcohol and is regarded as a token effort at sexual intercourse

No. 1599140

How could he afford anything at all? What would he be doing for any kind of money? The only thing he could possibly be doing from her gross apartment with no phone is what, flipping coke to the neighbors in person or something? It’s not like poop dread has a savings account he’s been living on lol

No. 1599142

He could never flip coke because he can’t have a bag and not do all of it immediately. The only money he had up to now was mommy’s credit card, but if she stopped paying for his phone bill she probably took the credit card away too. My guess is mandy is paying for everything with johnnys money or she gives dan a little allowance from her own allowance. They’re pathetic.

No. 1599162

god this is so bleak. Could you imagine being in your 30s and having nothing to show for yourself? They both try to be part of the like music scene punk subculture but neither of them do anything. They sit around in this gross apartment that someone else’s parents pays for and they just do drugs and stay up until 3am watching tv or gluing their toenail clippings to a piece of cardboard. They never have any friends over because they don’t have any, they don’t travel because they have nowhere to go, they don’t go on trips to the beach or to any places because they are such gross broke addicts they literally sit in this apartment alone and drink tall cans of cheap booze and waste away. How could you be fine with this being your life? sitting in this cramped little shithole in a gross part of Brooklyn putting baby aspirin up their noses in their 30s because they can’t think of anything better to do and have no talent or creativity.

It’s so annoying too because she literally has free money at her disposal and does nothing with it because they’re both such losers they can’t have a single interesting thought between them

No. 1599175

Don’t forget all the pills they take on top of the baby aspirin coke. They keep buying coke and street pain killers like that and their bound to end up with some fet soon. Truly bleak.

No. 1599211

I dunno; it looks kinda like dried blood. which is neat! I'm assuming he has bedbugs in his unidread and they come out to bite them when they sleep and express their displeasure w/the pattern of bites they make; that body part then weeps blood onto the sheets.

this was supposed to be a story so ridiculous it would be funny but it's neither. the bedbugs in the dread are way too believable.

No. 1599296

You can literally see a bug crawl out of his dread onto their pillow in a video posted in the last thread. So you’re definitely right.

No. 1599347

File: 1658953454685.jpeg (1003.01 KB, 1170x1426, 17AAC595-96C2-4D28-AB57-803D1A…)

Walk to the store with two trucks… oooook

No. 1599370

“PS here’s my fake ring again.”

No. 1599382

File: 1658955613767.png (415.11 KB, 828x1792, 01D5DB42-8405-40B3-AFD2-090C76…)

>>1599347 this is the edited post- here’s the original caption, where she implies she owns the building, referring to the “other” landlord - among other claims of what a badass she is

No. 1599383

File: 1658955636916.png (1.82 MB, 828x1792, B22E3FBB-FA0F-443B-85F8-94CCE3…)

The rest

No. 1599428

No one thinks you or the Pillsbury rat tail are murderers or anything besides hipsters. If a tenant is nervous around you, it's prolly coz he thinks you'll discover he's cooking meth inside apartment or something and might have a legit concern.

No. 1599434

To be fair, they probably think they are murderers because a D list celebrity died in their two room apartment with them home.

No. 1599448

She is showing the ring but she’s also blocking the license plate just like he was with his hair in the pic where she announced they bought the truck. Why are they so concerned about hiding the license plate? She never seems to care about privacy otherwise…

No. 1599450

Kek she doesn’t have a drivers license and has probably driven 5 times in 20 years. Bragging about parking is so retarded. And it doesn’t matter how big the van is it will never make up for Dan’s micro dick.

No. 1599459

I’m sure the neighbor isn’t scared at all, he probably just hates them because they’re two entitled, unemployed, gentrifying, disgustingly dirty white people who constantly yell the n word and other racial slurs.

And probably because they have to hear mandy screaming at scabbies every night because he doesn’t want to fuck her/doesn’t care about her/can’t get a boner /still talks about his exes/doesn’t shower her with an unnecessary amount of compliments to make her feel better about being a fat and ugly.

No. 1599461

They could buy a whole train and it wouldn’t make up for that limp micro dick. Nothing could make up for it.

No. 1599472


20 years back puts her and I both at 15 years old. In all my time around her at that age not once did she ever mention driving, nor anytime after high school while in her 20s

No. 1599533

“crawl out the passenger and onto the wall up to the first floor of my apartment” she spiderman now too?

No. 1599536

Probably nose blood from doing too much fake coke/snorting pills.

No. 1599641

Carfag here, people call SUVs like the one they're driving trucks because they're kind of like trucks. The "GMC Jimmy" is a re-badged Chevy Blazer, and the Blazer was based on the S-10 pickup truck. General Motors (and most car companies) share platforms like this to save money and increase their profit margins.

Back in the '70s when SUVs were a new thing, a lot of people called them trucks because it was the closest thing to a vehicle they were familiar with. Nowadays, people call them trucks to flex on unibody crossover SUVs like RAV4s or Ford Escapes or whatever. It's incredibly stupid, but so very Amanda.

No. 1599643

Truck nonna, ily. Just want you to know

No. 1600129

File: 1659013385699.png (9.37 MB, 1170x2532, FC5CC246-0F9E-4E2B-AF26-F71A17…)

Oh she added a new $30 ring to the “engagement”

No. 1600133

right?? Their neighbor is not scared of them because he thinks they are “og cartel killers”. He doesn’t talk to them because they are crazy junkies who stay up all night tweaking out and yelling nonsense at each other

No. 1600135


How and why is she still getting her nails done

No. 1600152


she constantly brags about doing them herself which is not hard to learn if you have nothing but free time. But since they do not look like she did them in the dark without eyes, I’m going to say they’re stick ons

No. 1600247

And I love these threads about Scamanda, you all provide quite a bit of entertainment. I'm happy to contribute whatever useless information is floating around in my head if it's of any help to fellow nonnas!

No. 1600392

I don’t believe they even could afford to register a car and pay for insurance let alone have the “basic human understanding” that would be legally required. Who thinks they’re just driving around uninsured/unregistered?

No. 1600398

They’re probably press ons. Did you see how bad her nails were in the last post about her ring?

No. 1600430

Dan’s mommy always paid for his insurance, either she’s still paying for it or you’re right.

No. 1600436

Given Amanda’s nonstop production of absolutely inconsequential less, it amazes me that I am still really dumbfounded on occasion. The “I’ve got 20 years of driving experience; can I park or what????” flex is just…I don’t know, man. Cocaine makes people both weird and boring.

No. 1600523

She is honestly bpd personified

No. 1600600

Doing cocaine when you have absolutely nothing to do is psychotic. Who likes sitting around grinding their teeth for hours? I guess these two. All those painkiller they take probably helps with the comedown though.

No. 1601039

File: 1659069864871.jpeg (540.09 KB, 1170x1015, 7B4E0A54-F475-472E-8995-4E301A…)

No. 1601062

This is probably just her trying to be deep/wise. I’ll admit I got excited before the “you dodged a bullet” part.

No. 1601101

i think we’ve all learned by now that she tends to overcompensate for things she feels insecure about by bragging about the opposite, like the post she made about fucking 18 times everyday or whatever… this is probably just all the shit she feels is going on in her relationship with dan but just trying to brag like her life is perfect and she pities everyone else for not having the amazing relationship she has

No. 1601252

I’ve known Dan for years and can confirm he is a huge liar.

I think what happened is that they’ve been riding a manic coke-fueled bender where mandy feels so ~in love and badass~ But now they’re back in their shitty apartment and Dan is back to lying in bed all day and is probably ignoring her/lying as usual. This is making mandy spiral, so she’s making posts about potentially breaking up to make Dan “scared” she’ll leave him (which won’t work) and attract new potential victims/partners.

This has happened a few times before, where they go through a huge bender where she love bombs him online, then when it’s over she starts making dramatic posts about him being a liar/manipulative/whatever. Then she goes radio silent and then the cycle repeats. She’s very predictable for being an insane person lol.

No. 1601257

File: 1659102886362.jpeg (679.99 KB, 1281x2230, 94C58FDE-05CC-4F89-A38F-9148E2…)

A heavy candle blown in off the window sill? Is this Mandy’s equivalent of saying Dan walked into a door?

No. 1601264

I bet mandy hit him with the candle. Look how miserable he looks.

No. 1601271

Sage for sidebar but I brought my guy to the ER a few months ago in Brooklyn and I was totally allowed into the area where they were keeping people. You aren’t even required to wear a mask. Why does he also have no blood on him?
Also the part about her stealing fire extinguishers and first aid kits and sleeping in a bus (what?!?) Such punk cosplay.

No. 1601272

Damn. She definitely threw it at him.

No. 1601293

File: 1659107452988.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1170x2033, AE41A914-62C5-4CCA-9CAF-110759…)

Seriously though. Just stapling his dirty ass hair onto his wound is unsanitary. The area doesn’t even look like it’s been cleaned.

No. 1601295

yeah what the fuck. also, ew. this looks like some at home DIY stapling post coked-out brawl, i wouldn't be surprised if she made literally every part of that story up

No. 1601300

i have to wonder what was in his system and if they tried to get any pain meds. they probably did the bare minimum to get him out of there. i also wonder if scamanda was avoiding being there because she's the one that caused the wound.

No. 1601303

They didn’t go to the hospital. I’ve been to some really horrible hospitals and they still do the bare minimum. No hospital would staple a wound that’s dirty and covered in hair like that. And if they had gone she would’ve posted 20 pictures of his hospital band or would’ve stolen the hospital gown to flex how ~badass~ they are.

Amanda made a post about being angry and frustrated with Dan, saying they’re falling out of love and that he’s a liar. A couple of hours later he has a head injury. She has an extensive history of DV. There is no doubt in my mind that Amanda hit him in the head or threw something at his head, then probably continued to scream at him then when she was done she stapled him herself. Remember when they first started dating they stapled themselves/each other? Probably the same stapler.

No. 1601309

i remember the self-stapling shit now that you mention it, nonna. looking forward to the incoming poop dread weeping head abscess arc

No. 1601312

I love how she specified that the candle is heavy yet it magically blew off the window sill by itself like a sheet of paper. Even though it wasn’t windy at all last night in bk, just a light breeze. Sounds like a totally real thing that could happen. She definitely threw it at him.

No. 1601316


Here’s the staple post, looks like the same size and type of staple >>1301170

Let’s also not forget she gave him a huge black eye >>1300486 and burned him with a match >>1301281

Not only does she have a history of domestic violence (including at least one arrest) with her exes, but she has a history of violence towards scabbies too. Can’t wait for this shitshow to finally implode.

No. 1601323

Fb anons, if there’s comments please post them. I’m surprised not a single person scabbies knows is worried about him. I guess no one cares.

No. 1601344

He actually does look so miserable. I guess I would be too if my crackhead girlfriend nailed me in the head with a flying object.

Imagine being this abusive and then making your victim (although it is difficult to consider Dan a victim) pose for pictures so you can post them on social media. She is so fucking vile.

No. 1601350

So let me get this straight….the “heavy” candle blew in off the window sill, blew in hard enough to shatter on his head, but not hard enough that any small pieces of glass would be caught in his hair/head. Hospital then takes a look at this perfectly clean head of hair and then proceeds to staple his wound closed without shaving the area? What the fuck?????

No. 1601359

File: 1659115624366.jpeg (675.82 KB, 1170x1785, 1E5C461F-F38E-4A61-BB94-051A90…)


No. 1601362

I’ve had staples in my head and I will say that they did not shave any part of my head or remove hair in anyway but they sure as shit didn’t staple a strand over it like that kek. It looks like they, Amanda, just bent staples around it but she is a crazy bitch and probably did split that shit open so idk it’s weird.

No. 1601369

he's likely surrounded himself with shitty users like he is. why be surprised? fake friends aren't going to come to your aid.

No. 1601384

I guess scabbies finally knows how he made his exes feel now lol

No. 1601412

The punk cosplay really got me too. Like who thinks doing that at age 35 when you’re not homeless is cool?

I noticed there’s no blood or dried blood too. It’s a little strange. If they had washed blood of his nasty head I’m sure it would take days for it to dry so I doubt that’s what happened.

No. 1601415

That thousand yard stare, kek. I can't muster up sympathy for a stinky, abusive scrote, but it sure looks like a DV situation here Amanda.

No. 1601446

Sage for tinfoil. I’ve got a theory. These pics are old. He did have to go to the hospital but it was when he went MIA. Hence the unexplained hospital bracelet that showed up a few weeks ago and the blood stained pillowcase from a few days ago. She mentioned in the log sawing videos that he had been to the doctor recently but you don’t get a hospital band for a doctors appointment. I think he bashed his own head and got sent to the nut house for a few days and when he got out she had gotten rid of his phone. Now she’s backtracking and pretending her anniversary was ruined by the heaviest candle on earth blewning off a window sill at 3:30 in the morning and cutting a 69” laceration in his head (was he on the floor under a window?!)

No. 1601457

Google maps anon here, They were definitely at Kings County Hospital the background checks out. (They do have a psych ward but he could have just gone to the ER) It’s only a 20 min walk to her apt from there. Why did she have to sleep in a bus? Take a cab or walk home. Your tinfoil does sound kind of on point.

No. 1601471

I’m sorry nona but you’re definitely overthinking this. He wasn’t missing for three days, he just doesn’t have a phone because he can’t pay the bills without a job and mandy didn’t post about him for a second. They are HEAVY coke users. People who do a lot of coke get nosebleeds all the time, that’s probably where the pillow stains come from. If he had a head wound there would likely be more blood than two little drops.

I’ve (unfortunately) known Dan for a very long time. He has been in the hospital numerous times and never ends up in the psych ward. He’s not an actual born psycho like mandy. He used to be a really chill guy and once he started larping as a crusty/gg allin worshipper he started drinking excessively and doing a ton of coke which has made him into the person he is now. When I met him he was literally straight edge, had clean hair and dressed like a normie. Also, mandy is neither smart nor patient enough to make a ploy that long.

I think >>1601303 hit the nail on the head. They probably walked to the outside of the hospital just to take the picture. What kind of ER doctor would staple hair INTO a wound? Makes no sense.

No. 1601638

that tear in his shirt looks amazing, such style, I'm amazed. Do we know if it's really the background near a hospital or did she just put staples into his head, they drove to parking lot and took pictures. I don't feel sorry for him, because he chose that way to live, but Amanda is a narc with munchausen syndrome by proxy and she will ruin everything and everyone getting close.

No. 1601806

She stapled him then drove outside for the photo op 100%

No. 1602133

How can you tell? All you can see in the background are cars and tree tops and it’s very blurry. The only thing you can see in the picture that isn’t cars and trees is a building with a red circle. I also checked on google map and I didn’t see any building or wall with a red circle at the top.

This is definitely what happened.

No. 1602137

If he had gone to the nut house Amanda would have made a post about it. She loves to portray herself as a saint who takes care of everyone in need without asking for anything in return (we all know nothing could be farther from the truth, she killed the last person she was supposedly taking care of). It would have been the perfect occasion to virtue signal AND humiliate scabbies, which she also clearly loves doing.

No. 1602152

Different anon but I found it. hes standing in front of Clarkson Pharmacy which is across the street from Kings County Hospital, right in the boarder of East Flatbush. The “Son” and “Ph” in the sign we’re easy enough to make out. I know there’s a Clarkson Ave close by that hospital. I let Google auto fill in the rest.

No. 1602163

East Flatbush is a really sketchy area and that’s a really poor hospital. It’s not outside the realm of possibility a doctor or nurse or intern or whatever did this and called it a night. They probably thought he was homeless and cracked out and just wanted him out of there

No. 1602166

I’ve been at the hospital overnight and shared my room with an actual homeless crackhead and they didn’t treat him any different than me. And this was at a sketchy hospital too. No matter how unprofessional a hospital is they would not staple hair INTO a wound. I don’t understand how anyone on this thread believes her after all the crazy lies that have been documented here.

No. 1602202

This photo is taken outside the ER of Kings County Hospital which is walking distance from their hovel. But I agree with >>1601806 that it's staged

No. 1602206

NTAYRT and sorry for blog but I worked at this hospital for years and instantly recognized the background, it's 100% Kings County. and as shitty a place as it may be >>1602163, no, the ER would not staple dirty hair into a wound

No. 1602216


ok no now I’m looking at it again and there’s no wound?? Did they just put staples on his hair like a barrette? This is so weird

No. 1602223

There is no wound, no dried blood, doesn’t look like it’s been cleaned to prevent infection and that is not how staples are placed. 100% that this retard let his girlfriend staple his head.

No. 1602241

thanks for the clarification about where it is and how far it would be away, love to get such detailed information from you all and I agree with everyone, he got stapled by her, that doesn't look in any way like a professional job.

No. 1602247

File: 1659197133898.jpeg (682.57 KB, 936x3533, 5029D428-D6FC-4F6B-8420-F4A4AE…)

Can confirm

No. 1602298

This bitch really needs to get a new hobby other than coming up with weird elaborate lies to get attention and pity from strangers. Or maybe get a job and stop being a burden on everyone she knows/society at large.

No. 1602391

IF his injury was as bad as she claims, these photos could be old and this could be the wound healed up. The only reason they would be at the hospital with it looking like this would be to get the staples taken out. She probably hurt him weeks ago.

Not saying I pity this guy but it would be really fucked up if she killed him too. He looks absolutely miserable.

No. 1602394

Makes a whole post about a tragic injury all about herself and what SHE went through. Poor Mandy couldn’t go in the hospital with the boyfriend she definitely inflicted this shit onto?! Classic. This girl needs a straight jacket.

No. 1602430

yep. this is not a post-hospital shot. there's not even a wound, and no blood (head wounds bleed a LOT). a competent doctor would probably have used glue on a laceration that small (so small I can't see it), not staples – but if a doctor had done staples, of course they wouldn't have just done them over his hair.

giant candles have a lot of mass; they don't just blow off windowsills. physics-wise, this doesn't make any sense. what DOES make sense is that either Mandy hit him or he hit himself. or NOTHING happened and somehow they decided he should pose as injured and staple his head for the photo. fucked-up in all ways, whatever happened.

man they are miserable humans, aren't they? who could possibly be happy in this mess of a lie-filled "relationship?" it seems really humiliating for Dan to have to pose for this photo, for some reason, but for all I know this could have been his idea.

the whole post reeks of insanity.

No. 1602449

I’m really surprised not a single one of his friends commented even something snarky. Where’s Diego? Where’s taco? Where’s gutter typing in all caps calling Dan a retard or something like that? Did he unfriend everyone with ties to him? This is all so sketchy

No. 1602464

Q: so where is this invisible 3 inch "laceration" that DEFINITELY wasn't treated in a hospital?

A: it doesn't exist. never happened. maybe something else happened, maybe not, but those staples are not from a hospital and there's no scar.

No. 1602505

I have talked to some of the “friends” mentioned here and the reason they don’t comment or react is that they literally don’t care. They have said to me that they don’t expect him to live for another year, but they don’t care enough to do anything about it. The few “friends” he has left kind of see him as a laughing stock/don’t want to defend him publicly because they would be aligning themselves with a publicly known abuser. Diego and Gutter aren’t that stupid. Dan literally has no real friends, his family is sick of him and he has no job. All he has left is mandy and her drugs.

No. 1602654

You know it's fake as hell too because if her story was real she'd be posting pics of herself these gutted buses she's talking about

No. 1602706

Not sure if it’s fake, but she was probably too doped up to remember what happened.

No. 1602765

I think a lot of them know about this site and that keeps them from interacting as well

No. 1602787

Am I retarded or are there not any staples in the old post you quoted? It just looks like wimpy puncture wounds, didn't even push hard enough to get the staple in.

No. 1603104

Maybe the anon who is familiar with the area can confirm or deny there are actual gutted buses around there

No. 1603244

who let the Republican in?

No. 1603250

huh? that's not how hair would grow back (threading itself through the staples), and the staples would be taken out WAY before his hair in the area even had a chance to grow more than stubble length (a deeper cut would require stitching different layers & more, not staples). why is anyone here trying to make her story make sense? I'm just here to watch them be stupid.

her stories don't make sense – don't try to make sense of them.

No. 1603329

>these are nasty home made thick ass acrylics that are crawling onto her cuticles.

No. 1603340

I whoops sorry for the half post.
Calling these press ins is an insult to sally Hanson and all $7 drug store nails, these are nasty ass 1/4” thick home made acrylics that are crawling up her cuticles, witch will cause them to lift and considering the hygiene level will most defiantly have nail fungus in no time.
A press on set could never look this bad

No. 1603365


There’s actually something wrong with her nails that exemplifies how bad her manicure looks. If she was able to do home made acrylics we’d know about it. If she went for a manicure we’d know about it. These are very likely press instructions. But her nail beds are huge for her fingers AND she pics too big of a press on. Her fingers look almost clubbed. And although she does photoshop her eyes they do bulge more than a normal person. So sage for med fagging but something is genetically wrong with this bitches thyroid or something.

No. 1603414

there are a lot of different vehicles around bc it's a huge hospital complex, but none of them are "gutted." Mandy passed a parking lot while walking the hospital's perimeter looking for photo-ops for Scabies and his barrette, and the buses became something to riff on in her latest coked up word vomit, that's all

No. 1603802

The weird fingers and facial features (especially obvious in childhood pics of her) kind of make her look like she has Cornelia de Lange Syndrome. Not saying she has it or whatever but damn she sure does look like a tard

No. 1604136

She does talk about doing her nails herself. And that’s what terribly executed acrylics look like. So add that toxic nail salon smell to whatever else that place reeks of

No. 1604139

Hhh this is so accurate! Ugh poor thing here we all thought she was narcissistic psycho she’s actually a tard with no handler

No. 1604147

wouldn’t be surprised if she blocked his IRL friends from seeing the post.

though tbh they probably just don’t want to give her attention over her inane and obvious fan fiction. and they probably post here. lol

No. 1604270

Lol I didn't know there was a name for this look. She really does.

No. 1604341

File: 1659361827658.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1170x7751, 1E71E11D-CBBC-4896-9271-E957AB…)

The longest replies ever

No. 1604364

Ah yes mandy, every single person in east flatbush and the entire world wants you and is stalking you, the most important person in the whole entire world. She’s unbelievably stupid and delusional.

Someone did a little too much fake cocaine.

No. 1604393


she writes like an incel describing women

No. 1604398

I always thought the same. Specially when she makes “sexy” posts. She writes like an incel pretending to be a woman.

No. 1604403

The fact that she has to mention that she was wearing a crop top and panties. Such a fucking desperate slob.

No. 1604416

I don't believe a word and why would you have to clean that wound several times a day? Just leave it alone, change the bandage once a day and that's it, you don't want to irritate the skin while hit heals. And sure, she had a knife with her, what knife, a plastic knife?

Wish I had the money to visit the place where she lives, I can't imagine that it's as bad as she describes it, I also don't think she has the neighbour she made up in that story.

No. 1604417

the MOST absurd part to me is that she states she was wearing a "sheer tie skirt over panties and pajama bottoms" like… so you were wearing underwear, Amanda. the word salads are getting to the point where she shares that she was wearing underwear underneath bottoms. I guess perhaps it was such a novelty to wear them properly she felt the need to include that detail. who knows.

No. 1604489

I think she constantly specifies what type of underwear or whether she was wearing any because she thinks it’ll make people think about her “tiny kitten”/stinky vag and somehow they’ll wanna fuck her or something. Instead she just sounds like a crazy desperate person.

No. 1604525

Ebony Darkness Dementia Labozetta strikes again

No. 1604537

I absolutely love the lack of information or regard for Dan’s wellbeing in all of this. It’s just some story about wearing a see through skirt over pajama pants with pool slides. And the incorrect revelation that a bus only has one door.

No. 1604590

Sorry for autism but
I love how this story makes no sense even with her added details. On his bedside?
Like the sill here is tiny but if the wind blew the shades there's no way it would knock off a heavy candle. And unless it ricochetted off the bed post and landed on Dan it wouldn't have done anything. A heavy candle would bump his head maybe but the glass probably wouldn't break and cut him in the way she's describing. Makes no sense

No. 1604600

Shes only talking about herself because a) it’s a made up story and b) she only cares about herself. Mandy doesn’t give a shit about scabbies, and at this point it seems like his family and friends don’t do either.

No. 1604631

Not to mention the staples would be on the right side of his head and not his left…

No. 1604666

You’re right, based on the photos, he lays on the right side of the bed and the window is to his right. If a mysterious 50lb candle fell on his head, he would have had to be laying on his right side for it to fall on the left side of his head. The physics still don’t add up. Mandy definitely chucked something heavy at his head, probably while he was sleeping honestly. She seems to lack any empathy for this entire situation. It’s all about her skanky outfit she wore after she abandoned him at the hospital.

No. 1604670

Despite how empty of a head our Mandy has, I can’t help but think. “Damn, the New York State school system really failed here” after reading those run on sentences.

No. 1604675

Don’t blame the system she would’ve been a failure even if she went to all the best schools in the world. The system is still awful though.

No. 1604710

Did anyone reply to her insane comment?

No. 1604808

trying to imagine what this looks like, not sure why she tried to make it sound like she was wearing nothing when it sounds more like she’s walking around with a ton of layers.

>>1604537 yeah it kinda just sounds like she’s raising herself up as this oh i did so much just to get my bf to the hospital when all she did was walk him there and then write long fan fiction about her own ordeal. then writes his laceration off as no big deal and he’s laying on clean linen (lmao yeah right).

can’t find it but to the anon that mentioned she has munchausen by proxy - you were right. all she cares about in this situation is attention on herself.

No. 1604836


>three inch laceration

No. 1605047

On top of the fact that there’s no actual cut and the whole story is most likely made up. She is insane.

No. 1605183

I've known Dan for going on fifteen years at this point, the reason no one who cares is commenting on her posts is because she's deleting comments & removing people. She doesn't let him use his own phone but he doesn't give a shit because he's living rent free off of her parents.

No. 1605185

my favorite part about this whole thing is that it’s fucking Brooklyn, you can take an Uber or a Lyft home from the hospital

No. 1605192

I known him for over a decade too and another reason his friends or acquaintances don’t comment is cause we don’t care. She’s obviously not deleting all his friends comments because Corey Nygards is Dan’s friend from NJ, not Mandy’s friend. Dan isn’t a good person and has fucked over a lot of people and bands over the years. A lot of his past friends are also currently friends with his exes who he abused and we want nothing to do with him.

No. 1605193

Or a bus, or a cab, or a citi bike… the transportation opportunities are endless in nyc. Unless of course you just want to run around half naked showing your tits to everyone for attention.

No. 1605200

Dan Anons (Danons?) welcome to the thread! Please tell us how you know Amanda is not letting Dan use his own phone. She posted that he’s detoxing from social media but what’s the real word on the street?

It makes sense that he does not care because she’s paying his way and that he’s burned so many bridges that no one else cares either. I’m just personally curious to know if he’s saying everything’s chill and fine and they are in love or if he’s rolling his eyes and talking shit on her to his friends behind her back.

No. 1605207


i have never heard anyone but this retard use "east flatty"

No. 1605216

Ex friend danon here. I can’t confirm exactly what’s going on right now, but I do know that Dan is basically addicted to his phone, so I doubt she was able to take it from him. I can also confirm that it’s true his mom paid all his bills like another danon pointed out before. My guess is his mom isn’t paying his bills anymore because he’s gotten so much worse in the past five years and because he’s brought Amanda to the family’s house and they hate her. He’s always been a cokehead alcoholic but from what people tell me now he’s taking a ton of street pills, has at least done heroin a few times and smokes coke (they don’t do crack, they’re so stupid that they smoke regular coke lol).

No. 1605218

And to clarify I broke ties with him during the last five years, so I have seen his downward spiral firsthand. The last time I spoke to him he bragged to me about trying heroin, smoking coke and totally bloodying his hand punching a mirror after one of his exes left him. I don’t understand why but he seems to think the worse and more pathetic he gets, the cooler he is.

No. 1605477

tin foil but mandy probably just smashed his phone during an argument and he’s too broke to get a new one. doesn’t seem like he works or has any sort of income

No. 1606508


I’m sorry no milk, but lmao, walking 3 miles somehow takes less time than asking their neighbor to move their car? Also.. I dunno. Lyft? I just can’t with this shit. Your bf is bleeding profusely from a supposed 3 inch gash in his head and y’all are like, let’s take a leisurely 3 mile walk to the hospital. OK.

No. 1606637

it’s not that hectic at all. i lived in that part of brooklyn a decade ago and it wasn’t that rough. she’s full of shit.

No. 1606704

wait you're claiming to be the subject of a thread on KF? or did i misread

No. 1606755

wow, even if you google "east flatty," it just returns a couple of results to this site and one other that's not related. she's in her own little world, truly.

No. 1606976

All I got was east flat rock NC and this thread lmao. She’s so dumb.

No. 1607463

I just did a quick wiki search on Cornelia de Lange syndrome. It would make A LOT of sense if she had it based on her behavior, hair, and eyes.(armchair)

No. 1607660

File: 1659666939658.jpg (22.9 KB, 390x220, maxresdefault (3).jpg)

pics of kids with the diagnosis have a resemblance, its a spectrum disease so its possible she has it but they just figured she was a plain old regular ugly kid

No. 1607814

File: 1659686709291.jpg (53.99 KB, 283x352, This_Man_original_drawing.jpg)

I like to call it the This Man phenotype

No. 1608044

Ok at what point do we consider this a thread about a mentally disabled person?

Dom can you let us know if this has been diagnosed of considered

“Behavioral phenotype of Cornelia de Lange syndrome”

“ Symptoms associated with hyperkinetic disorder were present in 74% of the patients (table 1), including an attention span of less than 10 minutes (47%), fidgetiness (49%), chaos creating activity (31%), and overactivity (40%).”

“ Symptoms of aggression occurred daily in 49% ”

Here’s the link, it also talks about excessive body hair, small or deformed hands , and temper tantrums


No. 1608052

I'm pretty sure she has the teeth characteristic associated with that

No. 1608054

File: 1659711599185.jpeg (169.17 KB, 1170x702, 484AA3ED-AD4E-437D-8768-40DFFF…)

No. 1608056

another disaster about to happen

No. 1608112

Y’all gotta stop making excuses for this monster’s behavior or trying to diagnose her. Unless you know her VERY well in person and happen to be a medical professional, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Can we move on from trying to diagnose her? She’s just ugly, cruel and has become extra stupid from excessive drug and alcohol use. It’s not that deep.

No. 1608120

What can he even lie about that would be so important? He can’t be trying to contact his ex again or any other girl without a phone. He has no job or money, so she must buy all the drugs and alcohol, so he can’t be lying about that either. He’s with her 24/7 with no money, no phone and I’m sure she watches him like a hawk. What horrible lie or sneaky shit can he be pulling when he’s basically her pet?

Maybe he lied about trying to marry her and she just figured it out. Mandy, he only likes you for the drugs, booze and bed.

No. 1608292

File: 1659732867732.jpg (10.38 KB, 273x185, corneliadelange.jpg)

nta and I know we shouldn't armchair but compare mandy to second from the right on the top row and tell me you don't see the resemblance. Also every paper about this disease mentions it's underdiagnosed meaning it's possible she has it and doesn't know. Although this is reaching tinfoil territory perhaps.

No. 1608298

Plenty of people without this condition are ugly with thick eyebrows. I think trying to diagnose her with this, or honestly anything other than BPD, is just gonna give her more excuses for her shitty behavior.

No. 1608429

Yeah but we know she reads this would be funny if she started identifying as profoundly retarded

No. 1608507

Riiight, because that would happen.

No. 1608558

File: 1659759396829.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1007x1995, 12CA9AB3-8DE2-43BA-86A7-5D4DD8…)

She truly does look like a retard after reading and seeing this condition

No. 1608712

She looks like any ugly dego kid. Unibrows among Sicilians isn't uncommon. She's stupid and bpd but isn't retarded.

No. 1608772

File: 1659794306573.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x2797, A7343312-436B-4948-9438-AB81E1…)

They don’t just drink and get high… they play like 5 year olds as well.
Why don’t you open your store again Amanda? Too bored?

No. 1608786


Oh cool so you aren’t two losers getting drunk & high all the time, you’re just two losers… got it

No. 1608797

She definitely made this post in a response to this thread. Sounds like she really is trying to make herself sound retarded now.

No. 1608833

holy shit, GET A JOB

No. 1608848

She stretched out the picture to make Dan look tall. He’s chubby and probably like 5’7” or 5’8” and she’s trying to make him look like he’s tall and skinny. Imagine your own partner editing pictures of you because they don’t think you’re good enough lol. She’s probably giving him even more of a complex than he already had.

Also, I believe they occasionally play with nerf guns or whatever childish shit she’s describing, but they’re still doing it while being wasted and on drugs. And most of the time they’re still lying around getting fucked up and yelling at each other. She literally spent most of their relationship making posts about being wasted, doing coke and pissing on each other and now she read the thread and doesn’t like what people are saying about them. Shes embarrassing.

No. 1608871

His legs look skinnier than his arms, but even the trees look slim next to the reeking mass of the beaver tail

No. 1609037

File: 1659817403680.jpg (15.48 KB, 650x450, XOkfdrCvIOQh8lv9btELchlg.jpg)

>>1608772 rickets lookin ass

No. 1609062

Witch hazel is not a substitute for washing his hair, Scamanda. Holy shit he’s so gross.

No. 1609086

It’s because she stretched the pic. Zoom in on his foot in the foreground it’s completely skewed. This is her go-to lazy bitch shoop.

“By the way” If she’s putting witch hazel in his hair it’s because there’s mold or mildew and smells bad. Maybe the witch hazel will mask the smell temporarily but if his hair is moldy the only way to get rid of it is to cut it off. And I’d he has moldy hair and an open wound you’d think they would just wash it with, you know, soap! I hope his head gets infected and he has to shave it.

No. 1609104

There is just no way I can take this caption seriously, I read the entire thing as a sarcastic jab at dan

No. 1609110

Wait what’s going on with the color of his hair? Maybe it’s my screen? But is half of it dark red?

No. 1609169

Probably stained in blood from his head wound.

No. 1609177

His hair got darker as he aged. The lighter hair at the bottom is from 10+ years ago when the beaver tail was first born. It’s very common for peoples hair to get darker as you age.

I’ve known him since before he had the dread and I can confirm with 100% certainty his head already had mold back in 2016. I saw the mold myself and was also told by his ex that his head was moldy and smelled horrible. I can only imagine how much moldier and smellier it is now. Barffff.

No. 1609179

File: 1659830713680.jpeg (1.07 MB, 827x1652, 4EDFAB42-9568-42A9-B513-12E5AE…)

No it’s not a gradient with lighter hair at the bottom. It has a hard stop (see arrow). I guess this discoloration could be from a filter? It looks so…strange.

His dread is only 6 years old?! That seems like way too much hair for only 6 years of growth. Or are you saying that 6 years ago the dread had mold already?

No. 1609190

he probably already had long hair before it coagulated into a mono dread.

kek anointing his hair with witch hazel sounds medieval - and unhygienic

No. 1609191

Somone probably just sprayed Lemmon juice, peroxide , or sun in on it at some point that’s the color it goes on darker hair

No. 1609206

I hadn’t noticed that line before. It doesn’t really look real, it looks like she edited his hair color and forgot the bottom. She claims he has “raven black” hair, which he doesn’t, it’s just regular dark brown. Maybe she tried to edit his hair darker and forgot the tips because she’s a fucking idiot.

No, the dread is well over ten years old. 2016 was when I personally saw the mold on his scalp after his ex gf told me his head was moldy and I had to see it to believe it. So the mold is at least 6 years old, but it could be much older. I don’t even want to imagine how it smells now.

No. 1609210

File: 1659834709968.jpeg (Spoiler Image,155.64 KB, 368x654, DD2D24C2-EBAB-428B-82AB-0C647F…)

She used an app that finds your hair and changes the color, but since most of his hair looks like actual fossilized shit, the app probably didn’t identify most of it as hair. She either didn’t notice, thought no one would notice or was too stupid and lazy to manually fix it. If you look closer it’s not just that line that’s very different, there’s a weirdly shaped patch of hair that’s a different color. I outlined it here but made it a spoiler because no one needs to see that clump of shit three times in a row.

No. 1609216

kek, jiminy rickets

No. 1609219

Slight nitpick… those Vans aren’t exactly super cheap (especially for two unemployed idiot loadies who live in the most expensive state) and they look kinda new. I wonder who realllyyy paid for them, his mom or Johnny? Idk who’s more pathetic, Johnny for being a total simp that floats his gross ex and her gross current consolation prize, Dan’s mom for raising a smelly mama’s boy, or Dan himself for being such a pathetic excuse of a grown man. It really is quite the dilemma.

No. 1609236

Anons, did any of you read the actual characteristics of someone with this before armchairing? You guys have the only mental retardation because Slobz has no actual symptoms of what's also called "Amsterdam dwarfism". She has a unibrow and a small nose. The similarities end there. To the other anons beside the initial retard armchair, quit hopping on the confirmation bias bandwagon.

Some tinfoils here are truly embarrassing.

No. 1609245

I'm also curious if john has seen this thread. I have his number if we're unsure if he has or has not. hmmm…

No. 1609514

Do you (or any other Danons) know why he’s done this to his hair? Seems like a lot of dedication to be as disgusting as possible.

No. 1609547

I know. It seems harder to keep it than get rid of it so that kind of rules laziness out. I assume it’s wrapped up, literally, in his identity. If he isn’t “Dan with the dread” or whatever then…who is he?! No one! And now it’s becoming Amanda’s personality too.

No. 1609583

Danon here and >>1609547 hit the nail on the head. He’s even said that no one would remember his band if he didn’t have the dread. And honestly, he’s right. His band is very forgettable.

I think Dan and Amanda both have no real sense of identity, and that’s one of the reasons they LARP being crust punk so hard and why both of them can’t be single. Their whole identity depends on what other think about them, not their actual personalities, interests, hobbies, jobs, etc. They don’t have any of those.

No. 1609655

So what I’m hearing is that it’s true love

No. 1609672

This is why I’d love to see what would happen if he lost it. Preferably if Amanda cuts it in a fit of rage.

No. 1609805

All I’m hearing is that they both desperately need jobs.

No. 1609811

or maybe it's tru luv©

No. 1610132

oh my god. you put a lorena bobbit grand finale image in my head of amanda cutting his dread off in a rage

No. 1610226


No one needs to be cowtipping or contacting anyone.

No. 1610584

i’m going to vomit that is disgusting. plus i’m sure the sheer weight of that moon dread has caused massive breakage and half of the hair in that dread isn’t even connected to his scalp anymore, yuck

pleaaaaase can you get his ex on here for an ama lmao

No. 1610886

File: 1660018301925.jpeg (776.65 KB, 3072x3072, AECD690B-B3F9-4E4F-9231-D9C5A8…)

She also looks very much like a child with facial features of Fetal Alcohol syndrome. Especially the flat philtrum, upturned nose, low nasal bridge, micrognathia(small , underdeveloped jaw),thin upper lip, and behavioral characteristics we observe via her social media. I’d be curious to see her ears.

No. 1610887

is there a cow on this site that doesn't get diagnosed with this?

No. 1610894

I haven’t read any other threads about other cows, but I do work with children with disabilities and have thought this about her since seeing her. Also, the epicanthal folds. It’s pretty uncanny.

No. 1610895

I genuinely believe not kek anyone who’s not completely conventional gets that same comparison. I see it all over social media too to the point it’s completely ridiculous like collectively the entire internet found out about this and now it’s the biggest insult and not just some sad birth defect.

No. 1610908

Kek this is so true but I also think a lot more people have FAS than people realize. Slight derail but even some developed countries didn’t make a huge deal about drinking while pregnant until the 1990’s.

No. 1610918

This is spergery anon, please go outside. Every single cow on this site has FAS according to some of you.

No. 1611001

> Lorena Bobbit
This is exactly how I picture it. He’s asleep and she is (unlike Lorena) unjustifiably enraged and lops it off. Hopefully upsetting Dan enough that he shares all that has gone down since he moved in.

No. 1611004

Same anon, I rarely visit these threads but when I saw Williams syndrome mentioned I kek’d. She really does have the facial phenotype but all the kids I’ve worked with who has Williams Syndrome had quite significant intellectual delays whereas Amanda’s seem moderate (that’s a joke, kinda - maybe she’d come under the “mild intellectual delay” side)

No. 1611045

Honestly I'd love for her to cut his hair, it would be so funny

No. 1611053

I am shocked it hasn’t yet caught fire. Seems inevitable.

No. 1611183

oh god. can you imagine the smell

No. 1611205

Ny is 98% humidity from around mid April through November, Im suer it’s mildly damp at all times even if he’s not showering

No. 1611298

It’s probably always moist and moldy. Barf.

No. 1611390


Sage for hair sperging but Jesus Christ…rarely check this thread, just saw this and realized dude's got a full-on Polish Plait. absolutely vile. There's no way that thing doesn't smell like dog shit. What a disgusting duo

No. 1612786

File: 1660216176621.jpeg (510.46 KB, 1170x1124, EFC8D422-6B79-4519-81B8-4DA9B6…)

No. 1612787

File: 1660216241128.jpeg (118.94 KB, 1170x319, 2EC935C2-49EA-4955-BF69-DE6DA1…)

The best response

No. 1612816

These threads have really gotten to her huh lol. Best decision I ever made online was making that original thread. Glad to be watching this actual garbage person spiral with you other Nonnies.

No. 1612828

Not that I can muster up much sympathy for poop dread, but damn she really has him trapped. I bet that Jason guy doesn't get a phone call kek

No. 1612836

Thanks for sharing and please keep us updated on the comments, Nona!

No. 1612923

She looks dead eyed, like the kind of kid who would bite you for no reason, and pull the legs off insects. Fully feral.

No. 1613025


wild speculation but is this about her family or Jon???????? Hmmmm

No. 1613045

Amanda, you are a godawful person.

No. 1613049

No one has a single good memory of you, Mandy. You are a horrible person to be around, even as a bystander at a bar.

No. 1613053

Does anyone else think this Jazon dude sounds exceptionally worried about Poopdread's welfare in this response to the Facebook Post?

No. 1613078

They’re all comments from FB randos talking about how cool she is even though they don’t know her kek

No. 1613083

can you post a screenshot lol
does she really have no actual friends post a memory of her?
that’s actually… really sad.

No. 1613108

File: 1660245796932.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1969, C5146581-64DD-41F6-B45A-9386B1…)

Scamanda probably doesn’t like that he’s friend with Dans ex

No. 1613112

File: 1660246069506.jpeg (2.83 MB, 1170x16956, EDB613A8-9B9D-4744-AC52-8D59EE…)

I think a handful of those people know her IRL

No. 1613191

If you’re thinking that this is Dan’s ex based on this photo, that is not correct. That’s Matt Pike’s wife.

No. 1613248

Fucking vampire.

I hope she really gets cancer and all these randos move on with their lives

No. 1613334

Agreed. But that includes you too, Dom.

No. 1613479

>you inspired my sobriety

No. 1613693


OP here. This is not a Dom thread, stop sperging out and create one if you're that desperate. Don't think I don't notice that this happens every time this thread gets some milk.

No. 1613694


Lol this is my favorite. second favorite is the "I don't know you but I skimmed your fb and seem cool" comment.

No. 1614195

That’s Dan’s friend Taco. He’s another alcoholic, cokehead, racist piece of shit.

He’s the guy on the phone with scabbies in this video https://streamable.com/nenxzc

No. 1614214

This has to be about Johnny’s family. If it was about her own family she would have said so, like she has in the past. She has literally no friends. So unless she’s referring to scabbies in the plural for some reason, there’s literally no one else it could be about. I really hope Johnny found this thread and his family is kicking her and her human pet out.

No. 1614290

Actually, she inspires my sobriety, too. I don't want to be a sloppy fucking wastrel like her so I've significantly reduced my alcohol consumption since finding these threads.

No. 1614325

Dont read to much into her saying “some people” she speaks in retard riddles and could easily be talking about just ”some” person. It would be especially retarded to refer to your family members as people you’ve “known for decades”. We also know she has a completely warped sense of time so she could have known this/these person/people for 5 years or more.

If I had to guess, and Sage for tinfoil, I’d say that she reached out to an ex because Dan is over her shit and the ex rejected her, said they heard about whatever bullshit she’s up to and said they don’t want a part in it.

Every single one of her posts is a compliment grab. The whole point of this one is to say someone has rejected her. So someone who would see this post. Has to be an ex.

No. 1615389

File: 1660446784163.jpeg (613.49 KB, 1170x1208, FFA7FC9F-4087-4176-9562-6B61C0…)

“Didn’t expect this” Literally asked exactly for this.

No. 1615409

You can tell she doesn't drive if she really thinks the far left lane is the "fast lane".

No. 1615436

Uh, it literally is though?

No. 1615562

Anon, it is literally the passing lane. You're supposed to stay on the right or the middle UNLESS YOU ARE PASSING. Then you go to the far left TO PASS and go back to the middle. Middle is for traveling. Right is for exiting or traveling. Ever had someone tailgate you while you're in the far left? They're telling you to gtfo of the way because you're not passing anyone. There's no point in a speed limit if there was a "fast lane" specifically for speeding.
I guess you and Amanda both are the asshole drivers of the road who never learned how to drive properly.

No. 1615563

Ntayrt but no shit. People call it the fast lane

No. 1615574

Not the same anons as the other two but uh… Literally everyone I know calls the left lane the fast lane regardless of what you're actually doing in it

No. 1615598

google “slower traffic keep right” signs. the left lane is literally for faster traffic in some states

No. 1615648

New Jersey has entered the chat. Yes people colloquially call it the fast lane. Call it whatever you want but if someone is coming up behind you in that lane get out of the way.

No. 1616077

are you kidding me? Anyone who has driven in most of the country knows the left lane is the fast lane and is for speeding. Yes yes we all know “ well technically it’s the passing lane” now please tell me a story about how jay walking is actually illegal, fuckin narc ass baby(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1616163


Best response.

No. 1616511

She was driving on the NJTP so I should hope someone in NJ is paying attention. No one cares they you live in the middle of the country where driving slow requires you to keep right. We are talking about v Mandy on the NJTP.
Anons that think you're supposed to use the left lane for speeding, try explaining that to a cop when you get pulled over on the NJTP for speeding in a passing lane. Keep feeling personally attacked and showing a lack of knowledge, just be aware this thread isn't all about you your middle of nowhere state.

No. 1616516

File: 1660566449918.jpeg (812.99 KB, 1170x1820, 2FE58144-5B74-4569-AE50-3D56AD…)

Oh great, another animal to neglect and kill

No. 1616518

Oh nooo…is that bodega owner naive or crazy? Imagine having lots of people asking to adopt your cat, and choosing to give it to pet-murdering crackhead Scamanda

No. 1616524

Didn’t she have a cat in her old apartment? Where is THAT cat?

No. 1616525

So she’s not pregnant. We can close the books on that.

No. 1616558

wasn’t her last cat stolen from a bodega who is now ????? we don’t hear about clyde anymore and if we do, it’s just the same pics she’s been posting on repeat for years. perry the bird…rip.

charmin does seem like an appropriate name for a cat being adopted into a house with a bunch of messy assholes though. poor thing.

No. 1616560

Stop derailing the thread. No1curr.

No. 1616872

>Middle of nowhere state
Lol alright anon yeah we clearly live all in the boonies or are reckless drivers. Why are you getting so pressed about this? People call it the fast lane and use it as such, get over it. Now go back to your crossing guard job or whatever you do

No. 1617090


Are we supposed to believe a New York bodega owner is getting fined for their cat? Isn't that like quintessential to NY bodega ownership: having a cat?

No. 1617665

File: 1660659005704.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1170x2141, A8B996D6-DC59-4B83-8D8E-FF791F…)

She gave Frank to her old employee, Kenzie, who started the GoFundMe for Scamanda

No. 1617743

Do we just pretend the bird never existed? She definitely killed it and then just quietly threw it away right

No. 1617885

File: 1660673724803.jpeg (272.76 KB, 1170x864, 06DCA5D5-33C6-4A3F-B4BA-C6FE33…)

This was the last post she made about Perry

No. 1617957

Yeah this would never actually happen anywhere in nyc. No bodega gets fined for having a cat. And even if they did try to fine a bodega, they could just say it’s a stray that wondered in. There’s way bigger problems in nyc for the health department and/or cops to worry about than bodega cats.

She’s either stealing another cat again or made up the entire story again.

No. 1617971


For real there’s literally an IG called bodegacatsofinstagram this is nothing new, Not to mention bodegas are TIGHT with their cats nobody’s just kicking one out - funny this recent headline made me think of her immediately


No. 1618449


Ok it really depends on the owners bc like everywhere some of the bodega people are great and some of them are assholes who don’t feed the cat and don’t fix the cat and just let it get pregnant and have multiple litters that they give away for free to neighborhood kids or just dump on the street. But still a better life than dying in Amanda’s squatter hole

No. 1621556

File: 1661083520196.jpeg (801.56 KB, 1170x1450, 0215AB7F-FB99-44AF-82B8-FE5ECC…)

Someone misses Dan…

No. 1621616


I'm starting to think it's less of a relationship and more of a hostage situation

No. 1621677

Lookin' like a propped up corpse on the back of that motorcycle, jfc alcoholism is a hell of a thing

No. 1621803

I bet mandy loved seeing the pic on the left with scabbies ex lol

No. 1622497


He really has a type huh? Feral

No. 1622923

Considering Martina is dating Josh Walton of Pink Mass and Necro fest now, yeah, you’re right. Remember when he got accused of selling heroin to minors? She and amanda have the same type. Worthless dirtbags.

No. 1623055


When did josh get accused of selling heroin to minors?

No. 1623152

Makes sense considering Scabies Incarnate looks like a feral omega.

No. 1623242

It's been like a week since any Mandy milk has spilled. Where is she? Why is she so silent? Did they die and they're just festering in the apartment?

No. 1623244

He is also known to have sexually abused multiple females and sold several people heroin that they overdosed and died on. The whole scene is feral.(derailing)

No. 1623245

One can only hope

No. 1623326

the poopdread became sentient and killed them both in their sleep

No. 1623370

The first time I met Josh he told me he beat up his ex girlfriend. He was banned from the meatlocker for selling heroin to minors

No. 1623403

I know this is the Mandy and Poopdread account but I'm rightly intrigued now and would love some insight into Josh and Martina's relationship, compared to how glowing it looks on the gram!(stop derailing about random people)

No. 1623408

File: 1661267278863.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x2088, 7D8B0244-102B-4A52-B4D0-BDFCD1…)

She’s alive and still on Poshmark

No. 1623471

There’s not much to it. They’re just drug addict scumbags

No. 1623489

Ken this sounds like the plot of a low budget Taiwanese horror film

No. 1623743

They’ve both been clean for years and have no connection to mandy or scabbies anymore. I don’t see why they’re relevant here. No one cares about ancient NJ drama, let’s go back to talking about the piece of shit this thread is supposed to be about.

No. 1623786

Did that strike a nerve?

No. 1623888

Right? It’s so obvious it did.

No. 1623890

You’re a fucking liar lol. Did we forget Joshua Walton sold heroin to minors? They’re coke addicts. Everyone in the tri state knows this. Why do you think Necro fest was almost canceled?

No. 1623898

For some odd reason these retards think that having a $100 a day coke habit makes them better than people who shoot heroin

No. 1623945

Or that pretending to have cancer to steal money and get attention from people isn’t worse than doing drugs in general.

No. 1624008

No one said they’re better or worse than Mandy so relax. Sorry some people are speaking simple facts about your friends but this is the last place for you to get butt hurt about it

No. 1624012

Selling heroin to minors, contributing to overdoses, beating your girlfriend and sexually assaulting multiple women are all actually worse than faking cancer. why are you defending this kind of behavior?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1624230

No one is butt hurt about an anon sharing a bunch of regurgitated rumors dan started over a decade ago. It’s simply irrelevant to the thread. Dan and his ex broke up over 6 years ago and she has no connection to mandy whatsoever. I don’t think amanda has ever even met her, they have no interactions online, no pictures together or anything that shows any connection to her. All these posts are derailing the thread and sharing the names of two people not related to mandy’s drama. This isn’t a thread about scabbies past life. It’s a thread about Amanda.

No. 1624240

She probably got too fat for snow app to hide so she can’t post overly edited selfies begging for compliments anymore. Or they’re in the middle of a bender again and she’ll come back once the post-bender depression sets in. There aren’t that many options lol.

No. 1627191

Going on two weeks of silence. Is this a record? If not deep in a binge then what?! Amanda are you out there??

No. 1627420

This must be the calm before the storm

No. 1627687

Dan’s birthday is today and no 1000 word ramble post from Mandy? Interesting

No. 1627770

File: 1661657620521.jpeg (285.73 KB, 1170x2120, 01A3BFCE-334E-4C88-8573-AEC19F…)

Pretty sure her store has been offline for a while now.

No. 1627853

File: 1661661199693.jpeg (577.84 KB, 828x1398, 405EB622-6451-4111-A775-3E4745…)

I guess only one person cared.

No. 1627855

She might not be posting on social media, but she’s clearly been very busy and concerned with this thread in the last few days. My guess is a combination of bender and fighting with scabbies.

No. 1628209

File: 1661687022270.png (414.33 KB, 1080x1492, Screenshot_20220828-124123.png)

Still active on poshmark

No. 1628217

What do you mean “clearly” very busy? Clear to who? How do you know?

No. 1629037

File: 1661728725217.png (1.84 MB, 828x1792, DA395C8F-1257-4122-BFD6-9C52E1…)

Some Facebook activity today… reposting thirst traps from three years ago

No. 1629108

It would seem as though Miami & Israel are the only places she’s ever been/enjoyed in her life, how sad.

No. 1629118

File: 1661733070018.jpeg (480.88 KB, 1170x2833, AC0A36EB-A7A7-4D6D-84BA-77F5C4…)

It’s just a “throwback” to one of the 3 times she went to Miami (not for nothing, but if I was “married” to someone who had access to a free condo I’d be there every year for a vacation)
Oh and also pictures of her employee Brandon who was accused of rape and people brought it up on the @schafmayerandco IG.

Nice Amanda.

No. 1629121

File: 1661733271367.jpeg (915.4 KB, 975x1340, CBD91523-4ADE-4F66-8A8B-FBC71A…)

anachan curvy waif, delish toddler body

No. 1629134

Lmao why tf did you scribble over the dogs eyes

No. 1629160

They can call us “sociopathic 4chanite femcels” all they want in the media because the truth is like the sun, it can not be veiled nor shielded. Nonnies are meek-hearted like lambs, gentle like jersey cows and will put pink scribble over photos of pitties as to protect its honour after the agents of a local gazette come to lolcow searching for a photo to use as a mugshot after the inevitable happens. Stay Blessed.

No. 1629258

I didn’t want that poor dogs honor shamed.

No. 1629311

i’ve seen her in person, can confirm she’s squat and has literally no neck or waist.

No. 1629498

The face is what makes it so hard to believe it’s her irl. People gain and lose weight so our brains have a little bit of an easier time accepting it’s the same person we remember/saw before. But the drastic s change to face shape, features, and proportions are so confusing the times I’ve seen her irl i had to just tell my brain to stop trying to figure it out. It’s fake.(learn2sage)

No. 1629513

Some people always think the posts asking about her are just her self posting. It's retarded nonsense

No. 1630565

yeah…. and her michael jackson pinched nose edit is nowhere close to what her actual nose looks like. she has a bulbous nose. idk if she says he nose is so tiny she can’t pick it. she’s full of shit lmao

No. 1630697

Still no birthday gibberish posts from her? Odd

No. 1630699

woof! I am that dog; thank you. the trauma of being around that lady that day was bad enough – notice I refused to look her in the eye.

No. 1631245

She looks waaaaaay better like this than whatever this is >>1623408

She's changed every single facial feature in the profile pic shoop she claimed her senior citizen "neighbor" made of her. It's insulting to human intelligence and Slobz's (lack of) intelligence to think anyone who isn't blind would believe this is just all-natural Slobz.

No. 1632640

File: 1662035502792.jpeg (889.48 KB, 1284x2698, 84D2E258-A7DB-4EC9-B265-909FBC…)

And she’s back with a wholesome dose of pure delusion.

No. 1632684

What the fuck? That's not how doordash works. If they don't have the item at the store the driver will text you and ask if you'd like a similar item or just a refund. No fucking doordash driver will pick out a sex toy for their customer as a surprise. They would be fired for sexual harassment. I know she lies but who does she think will believe this?

No. 1632748

I am really really worried about this cat

No. 1632750

Bought it for herself and is making up the most bizarre weird story justifying the fact that she bought it to her bf

No. 1632753

Impressive, she managed to turn a post about a made up arts and crafts project and a cat into a scenario where She’s again being sexualized by a stranger, very creative

No. 1632759

This all seems very out of character, no photos of some fucked up home made birthday cake? No pictures of kitty chapel? I’m thinking scabies is dead and she can’t figure out what to do

No. 1632879



No. 1632882

wait… they had the cat a few days before he realized he was an animal person…? so, she surprised him with a cat knowing that he wasn't an animal person? even though the cat had a name, he chose to call the cat, ‘cat’? what great owners.

No. 1632949

So the bird is dead, correct?

No. 1632954

This whole post doesn’t have a shred of truth in it. She posted a pic of every single trash “art project” scabbies did, so if he made a cardboard castle with her face on it there’s a 0% chance she wouldn’t have posted that. And if scabbies had held a cute animal for 0.5 seconds she would have also posted a picture of him and the cat. This is 100% all a lie.

I wonder if scabbies is dead or just full on bedridden now. Seems like none of his friends (or mandy) cared about his birthday and we haven’t seen a picture or video of him in an alarmingly long time. I hope this trainwreck relationship has finally reached its end. Judging by her past each bf is worse than the last, so who is she gonna date after THIS?

No. 1632957

There’s no chance in hell the doordasher brought her an unsolicited sex toy. I have also never seen a rite aid that sells sex toys in the actual store, and I live in nyc too. I don’t even think the cat is real, so my guess is this entire post is made up? They must be really bored if this is the best story she can come up with after 2 weeks of silence lol.

No. 1632975

same. cuddling my cats extra.

No. 1633186

How the fuck are her and Tuna Slater not best friends yet? They’re basically the same fucking person and Mandy might actually look waifish next to the giant Tuba. Seems like a match made in heaven to me. Imagine the double dates!

No. 1633326

Slightly ot and not like this matters because Slobz is lying, but Rite Aid sells sex toys. It's a small stock just like CVS and Target and Walgreens, but it's there. They've been selling it for years. You just probably never noticed (shoutout to your insane libido, as Slobby would say!)

No. 1633337

bc luna isn't hardcore. luna is too tumblr girl for her. idk tho bc matthew seems like the exact kind of guy she goes for. a sick addict that she can use, abuse, and dump. she'd have fun breaking them apart and showing off matthew as her new pet project.

No. 1633350

omg i could imagine an altercation immediately. they're both self absorbed low lifes with almost similar upbringings. i would pay to watch that white trash mess play out

No. 1633366

Cat fag here but no cat needs 20 different types of food to figure out it’s favorite. She’s so god damn ridiculous. Perhaps the vibrator can provide her some post-masturbation clarity on how fucking stupid she sounds.

No. 1633505


I don't understand. He is obsessed with the cat so he built… a "church of Amanda"? Why wouldn't it be a "church of the cat" instead?

No. 1633536

ESLfag so sorry if what I say is not super clear. I think with that she implies that despite him being obsessed with the cat, he’s even more obsessed with HER. Everything that enters her orbit worships her.

No. 1633633

Danon here and can confirm with complete certainty that Dan does not like animals. He used to joke around all the time about how he’s vegan because he doesn’t want to be fat (which didn’t really work out for him) not because of the animals. This whole post is ridiculous.

No. 1634122

So do you know if he’s still alive?

No. 1634627

Danon here……. Dan would never spend this much time off of his phone. Seems like he is actually forbidden from using his phone. If his phone broke or something Dan wouldn’t last an hour without it and would find a way to replace it. Why doesn’t Mandy buy him a new one? Because she controls him. His friends and family can’t contact him

No. 1635070

I think his mom stopped paying for his phone bill. Even if mandy bought him a phone, he wouldn’t be able to use it if his mom cut him off. I’m sure Mandy’s parents or Johnny pay her bills and I doubt they would pay for Dan’s too.

No. 1635081

> Why doesn’t Mandy buy him a new one?

Because he’s a 30 something year old grown man. He should buy his own phone.

No. 1635743

How does one get to 30 years old and can't even figure out a way to pay for their own phone bill, I've met people who were literally homeless but still able to manage a basic ass prepaid plan. Old boy sounds like a waste of space. Bro cut that moldy mite infested giant turd and go file for welfare or some shit since apparently you can't do shit for yourself.

No. 1637143

File: 1662393338154.jpeg (608.03 KB, 1170x1858, 05353DE0-D656-4472-9833-CF91B3…)

She lives

No. 1640039

What about the other cat as well?

No. 1640187

File: 1662518179313.jpeg (448.75 KB, 1170x2257, C2F8A343-9C84-4D2C-BAB8-4E6CC7…)

Kissin pillows

No. 1640361

The famous gray streaks!!! They're like super real!!! Call the fucking press

No. 1640377

I like how obvious her stub neck is here. No amount of her ayy lmao shooping can hide those slopes. Bitch looks like she has turner's syndrome

No. 1640542

she shooped her nose so hard, the tip disappeared

No. 1640544

So glad she’s soaking up the sun while she harbors a dead body in her house. Again.

No. 1640682

It’s been gray and raining for two days straight in the nyc area, where she find the sun? Lol

No. 1640791

File: 1662561613469.jpeg (630.02 KB, 828x1308, D849C5FF-A595-4D76-915A-3516AB…)

No doubt that this is from the same day….3 years ago..looking through her pictures to find this was hilarious - how many times she reposts pictures years later, all of the new cars she allegedly bought, all the dudes she tried to trap…

No. 1640860

Why she badly edited her hair to look reddish in the new one is beyond me. It looks incredibly fake and terrible.

No. 1640956

She looks like she’s 45 not 35.

No. 1641157

nona she didn't edit it, it was the orange table umbrella she was underneath.

No. 1641163

Oh yeah I forgot she doesn’t use “fillys” or edits her pictures.

No. 1641392

these pics reminded me of when she had that "friendly old neighbor" that "wanted to practice taking photos with his new camera" on her lol

No. 1641470

Mandy is dumb, but this take is dumb as all hell.

No. 1641510

Ha I was shocked to see her at her parents house but you’re totally right it’s from the same day. And who knows if the date of that old pic is even correct. Thx for doing the emotional and physical labor of scrolling back that far.

No. 1641713

File: 1662600040780.jpeg (583.75 KB, 828x1412, F8C00577-4EC4-46C5-9D6E-67231E…)

Phone status update

No. 1641730

Nayrt but is it that dumb when it has happened and it’s obvious Dan has been MIA? Danons have said he was glued to his phone previously.
Totally normal domestic life.

No. 1641754

Danon here and I don’t believe any of this bullshit. There is no way Dan is choosing to be phoneless. My bet is mommy stopped paying his bill, giving mandy the perfect scenario to fully control and isolate him from whoever still gives a shit about him.

I can also confirm those “mutual” friends don’t exist. A lot of Dan’s “old friends” stopped being friends with him in the last few years, and the couple he has left can’t stand mandy and think she’s a complete psycho. All of Dan’s old friends AND current friends make fun of her … and of Dan for being with her. It’s pretty hilarious. I don’t know of a single person who approves of, likes or respects their relationship or her. Unless you count her internet followers who don’t know them irl.

No. 1641874

holy fucking gollum this is the grossest shoop she’s done so far. it’s like lil bo weep level gollum looking shoop

No. 1642212

Don’t play gollum like that, he’s so much cuter than her!

No. 1642569

File: 1662666420385.jpeg (568.17 KB, 1170x1108, A03CF9C6-3980-40D2-A9C3-187DBD…)

She really got the landline. Maybe she saved on a bundle with her cable and internet! Kek.

No. 1642585

No. 1642631

“You don’t sound like your normal depressed way” oh yeah it definitely sounds like scabbies loved ones have nothing to worry about. He’s just completely isolated, depressed and only allowed to communicate with the outside world when she lets him. A totally healthy normal domestic life mandy. She’s an idiot.

No. 1642652

"i don't know my number yet" maybe try, i dunno, calling yourself?

No. 1642713

I fully believe Slobz is annoying and guilt trips and yells at Scabies Incarnate for preferring his phone over paying attention to her, but there's always a few anons in every thread that are hell bent on sharing what amounts to a conspiracy theory. It seems almost like wishful thinking and anons tinfoil everything from hard drugs to aboose to murder/death without any evidence besides radio silence. These aren't hardened criminals, but cows. Just because an old alcoholic died in the apartment she rents doesn't make her Aileen Wuornos.

No. 1643091

He wasn’t in the video

No. 1643112

I mean, would you want to be in her annoying video?! I don't blame him at all for choosing to not make a cameo in a video about an outgoing voicemail.

No. 1643349

File: 1662727237615.webm (5.07 MB, 480x468, “You didn’t sound like your no…)

> you didn’t sound like your normal depressed self
> huh?
> nothing

No. 1643450

They don’t know their number yet because johnnys parents probably added it to the cable bill. But as another anon pointed out she could call herself. Unless her cell phone has been shut off!!! They have no money, no jobs, a stray cat and a dead bird and winter is coming. This is going to be bleak.

No. 1643513

Until she posts a picture of the cat I’m not believing she has one. Let’s pray she didn’t take another bodega cat to neglect and eventually abandon.

No. 1643795

There is NO way in hell a bodega owner would have a folders with the cats vet records lmaoooo

No. 1644413

Damn, the pure passive aggression in that one encounter

No. 1644671

The fact that she is this proud or happy that they got a landline phone is really fucking depressing. They really need to get jobs, hobbies and lives in general.

No. 1644735

Looks like coke confidence to me. Who wiggles their spirit fingers over a phone and says "MAGIC! MAGIC!" because they're proud they recorded a voicemail with a lIfE pArTneR who said 2 words on the recording?! People on stimulants, that's who.

No. 1644738

File: 1662839190170.jpeg (670.56 KB, 1170x2791, 54CBA2EC-2DD5-4F8A-B23C-204A65…)

No. 1644758

File: 1662840838313.png (7.13 MB, 1170x2532, 4C800A8A-9BA9-4172-B9CD-FED42C…)

Nice pig stuy Mandy

No. 1644884

Dan making jokes about screwing it in deeper when he has the tiniest dick I’ve ever seen in my entire life is a little bit funny I guess.

No. 1645117


Cat toys but still no cat

No. 1645496

Is that a wooden stand being used in a shower 🤢 Can you imagine the black mold

No. 1645658

what I'm asking myself, is that a carpet she is standing on in the shower? Please tell me, that it's something else, something designed to be used in a shower.

No. 1645668

i thought it was a carpet at first too nona but once i noticed the drain hole i figured it's a shower/bath mat with a pattern that just happens to look awfully…carpety. fuckin HOPE that's the case, can you imagine the smell/squish otherwise eurgh

No. 1645880

File: 1662947707102.jpeg (502.22 KB, 828x1547, 3F6C334E-68A5-4C8D-8B91-E32C87…)

Trying to prove their “love” again, pictures from the post in reply

No. 1645881

File: 1662947759929.jpeg (1002.32 KB, 828x1476, 46EB22A8-F022-4CA2-8C76-FA21CC…)

No. 1645905

“awesome and adorable butts”

and again hinting at a pregnancy announcement…..what happened to those 3 positive tests months ago?! Guess that faded out like the life from that poor little bird

No. 1645942

File: 1662954924416.jpeg (519.67 KB, 946x2048, AC554160-CF69-4F10-88A2-3DBAAB…)

No. 1646046

What kind of try hard wears heels to a show?! Wow Mandy, you're such a thin waif- I'm sure you totally look like this irl and don't have the lunch lady arms like you have in all your other pics!

No. 1646118

The only true part of this is that their bodies fit perfectly together.

No. 1646169

She really still thinks they met 8 years ago? And if she actually thinks she’s special for spending every single day with Dan, she’s dumber than I ever thought. That’s Dan’s whole thing, he can’t be alone, he’s possessive, and just hops from one girlfriend to the next. It’s astonishing that they’ve made it this long together .

No. 1646308

Yes anon, they obviously met in 2013 when she was still visibly married, trying to have another fake baby, hadn’t opened the store yet… but knew she was going to be dating Dan.

This bitch doesn’t know what she did yesterday, let alone 8 years ago.

No. 1646379

For me it still looks like a carpet, they just cut a hole into it, I hope I'm wrong, but with those two…

please, don't be pregnant, the world doesn't need another child with horrible parents

No. 1646755

File: 1663034003112.jpg (182.73 KB, 1080x1583, Screenshot_20220913-115305_Ins…)

No one cares scammy

No. 1646779

the fucking shower hook
can't imagine living a life where my partner and I vomit on the floor so often we clean up each other's sickness often enough to note

No. 1646953

File: 1663066476731.jpeg (995.32 KB, 1170x2137, 4422E124-C13E-473D-84ED-036CB3…)


It’s back. No new posts tho.

The real site is still down for the store.

No. 1647154

Over 500 people have liked this. 500!!!!!!!

No. 1647163

Praying they update it. Whoever runs that page is hilarious.

No. 1648868

File: 1663259180461.jpeg (986.29 KB, 1170x3828, 30691DE6-08B2-43C7-81D8-015A78…)

Hey did you guys know Scammy has tattoos?

No. 1648913

To read all that I feel like I'd need as much coke as Scamanda snorted to write that bullshit

No. 1648940

jfc that made my brain hurt more than any tattoo ever could

No. 1648949

Im only going to make one comment.. I am both shocked and disgusted at the effort that has been put into dragging Amanda. The pettiness is beyond disgusting (nails, hair, weight) especially knowing most of you would never say any of this in person. If I was Amanda and I saw this thread, honestly I would contemplate suicide.
If this was just based on some wrongs she has done, I would feel like this is good for society to have a heads up. But thats not what this is. You're honestly all disgusting
I wonder how any of you would feel if she killed herself. Making a mockery of her addiction and mental illness with zero heart as to what that actually consists of. She so desperately needs inpatient help and kindness. Shes had long periods of time of having her shit together and I think its terrible how far she has spiraled and I attribute it to this thread and her shitty choice in these asshole men. I pray she gets help and heals. Amanda, delete social media, and pick somewhere to move and start investing in yourself and your creative endeavors. You have to get the hell away from this entire scene before its too late.(namefag)

No. 1648979

Go WK someone else. Bye. She stole money from people for fake cancer. She IS a cancer to friends and family and SOMEONE DIED IN HER APARTMENT. She deserves everything this board says, she is milky as hell, she earned this. Go back to Tumblr and simping over her.

Are you her or just a “ride or die” friend?

No. 1648980

Cope harder retard
No1curr about your boner

No. 1649042

Amanda knows of this thread, it’s how I found out about it. I am assuming she thought telling people about this thread would bring supporters here to fight for her honor, but she is toxic and people keep their distance. Her addiction and mental illness is exactly how she gets away with so much bullshit, people enable her behavior and walk on eggshells just to avoid her wrath, being in her life is fucking exhausting. She’s creeping closer to 40 and still behaving as if she’s 22 years old — it is not cute. This little girl is an emotional tornado to the people in her life. She will never hold herself accountable, she will never take responsibility and it will always be someone else’s fault.

No. 1649171

This girl has single handedly psychologically, physically, and emotionally manipulated and destroyed people to make herself feel in control. She has stolen SO much money, more than anyone on this thread even knows for real. She says absolutely disgusting things to other females that she feels intimidated by. She has caused so many problems for people in her immediate life AND from a distance. This girl is not just mentally unstable. Yeah, she needs help: by being locked in a hospital with a straight jacket. She is a walking disease and it is astonishing that she hasn’t overdosed yet. She has caused serious harm to many, MANY, people, and deserves no pity.

No. 1649178

Also forgot to mention someone died on her watch and she kept partying while he was dead in the other room. Now she is holding someone else hostage and hopped up on drugs so he can’t contact ANYONE who knows or cares about him. A lot of his friends, even people who don’t talk to him anymore, are concerned for him because she keeps him prisoner. She is a dangerous person.

No. 1649345

fucking cope italianagangsta@aol.com kek you’re in the wrong place to be simping for scamanda. she’s had a million chances to get her sorry ass straightened out but what’s she do instead? fakes cancer and steals money from people. you’re taking all the responsibility off her and placing it elsewhere. she’s waddling towards 40 and doesn’t need to be coddled. if you care about her so much, do something about it ffs. we’ll see how long it takes her to love bomb and then abuse you too.

No. 1649413

Where I hold sentiment to the pettiness of poking at weight and mental illness/addiction, amanda has abused, taken advantage of, assaulted countless people. I know addiction first hand - this is much more than that. It's insidious, calculated, manipulative, evil. She's also body-shamed women while over-editing her own ever-changing fake-dying body. She made life a living hell for many she's held as employees, "friends", partners, family members, etc. They're all here, and if they're not yet, they will be. Find a more useful hobby because scammy is a lost cause and a bad person.

No. 1649465

File: 1663301395827.jpeg (452.25 KB, 1170x1981, 8087D5CD-64A2-47AB-BB96-AD6967…)

This is how people felt about her in 2014 when she was semi-tolerable.

She shoved coke at me in a bar bathroom. I had just met her. We weren’t acquaintances.

She’s tried to pay people at her store in sex. I’ve heard this verbatim.

She tried to hurt her childhood cat and tortured her family, ending up in a psych ward as a teenager.

People have tried to help her. She’s a dirtbag and will always be a confused kid, but that’s no reason to think she’s a good person. She won’t change without her enablers (aka the Birnbaums) cutting her off. She couldn’t survive.

No. 1649470

Pretty sure @xovictoryxo on Instagram is the person who posted this, her account links to the Instagram hashtag italianagangsta and she follows scammanda.

No. 1649491


Go fuck yourself retard, go suck Amanda's clit somewhere else because we sure as shit don't want you

No. 1649615


Personally, Italian gangsta, I would not like for her to kill herself because I enjoy making fun of her. But also, I don't care if she does, because one less grifting, drug addicted scumbag is a gift to the world

No. 1649748

One of the reasons I love this thread is because most of the nonnies know Amanda irl and have similar stories. I’m a regular in another thread, thought I recognized Amanda’s photo, read the OP and realized she’s the retarded chick I’ve seen at shows & in local shops. This thread is full of people who have been fucked over by Amanda, her own family posts here. Amanda won’t off herself because shes too much of a narcissist. When she inevitably dies of an OD, a lot us will be relieved she can no longer harm to the people around her.

No. 1649755

I would definitely consider pretending to have cancer to scam people, promising to help someone you “love” just to leave them to die alone in your apartment while you party with your new man in the room next door, beating your boyfriends, pulling knives out at people in bars for little to no reason, body shaming/threatening/trying to fight women because you’re jealous of them or want to start shit for attention, encouraging and pressuring others to do drugs or drink excessively with you, neglecting and abusing several animals (some until they die), using a man on the spectrum who loves you for money, lying about everything imaginable, amongst many other awful things, “some wrongs”. So yeah, this thread is a good heads up for anyone who comes into contact with her.

I don’t know what lies this lying, scamming piece of shit leech told you for you to come here to her rescue, but you are wrong about her and this is the wrong place. Amanda is a cruel, manipulative and abusive pathological liar. She has no redeeming qualities at all. All the photoshop in the world can’t cover up her inner or outer ugliness.

No. 1649759

i think you're right, it can't be a coincidence that the only use of #italianagangsta (kek) on ig just happens to be from someone who follows mandy

No. 1649787


to be fair for some people shoving coke at you in a bathroom would be a very nice gesture indeed

It is weird everyone here calls her a ham beast or whatever, she’s just average sized and has a normal looking nose and body. The extreme editing and filtering is bizarre but I guess this is a bullying platform so it makes sense some people would go too far.

She’s clearly spiraling/has already spiraled into a really dark addiction hole and it’s made her BPD probably much worse. It’s sad she has nobody to do an intervention or whatever because it’s clear at this point she needs intense inpatient rehab and therapy.

I hope she survives and gets sober and really into crystals and new age spirituality after rehab. I think her trying to start a cult would be entertaining. Just saying.

No. 1649850

Holy shit it couldn’t be more obvious who this is. “Get sober and really into crystals” how about you go smoke your shitty baby aspirin and shut up.

Also, most people don’t like having anything shoved into their face by a complete and total stranger, let alone drugs at a time when everything in bk is laced with fet.

No. 1649864


you don’t know who I am and I’ve never met her IRL it’s just what everyone who is really into drugs in Brooklyn does when they stop doing drugs

I was making a joke about the coke thing, jeez. Lighten up it’s the internet

No. 1649871

I’m from bk and used to do drugs. You’re just making shit up. Most people who stop doing drugs don’t carry drugs to give away to other people. Most people who stopped doing drugs try to avoid being in contact with them at all. Not only is it triggering to be in contact with drugs as a recovering addict, but they’re expensive and harmful to others.

Amanda is the only idiot who would claim sobriety while carrying bags of coke shoving bumps into peoples faces… and the only idiot who would believe that other people do this.

Also, I noticed you deleted your first post so you could add the little “ I was making a joke about the coke thing, jeez. Lighten up it’s the internet” comment at the end. Reminds me of someone else who constantly deletes and edits her posts when they don’t go as well as they meant them to.

No. 1649890


people who get sober get into crystals and new age spirituality oh my god go outside and touch grass

No. 1649906

Yup, everyone who stops doing drugs gets into the same exact interests you’re totally right. You sound stupid. Maybe spend less time reading about yourself and playing with crystals and more time working on yourself and getting a fucking job.

No. 1649922


you’re nuts and so angry. I was saying it would be entertaining if she got sober and then got really into crystals and new age spirituality and did the internet cult thing like other Brooklyn sober losers, not that she is currently sober despite actively being in obvious addiction and offering strangers coke in bathrooms

Seriously cool your jets weirdo

No. 1649934

No one is giving you an intervention or cares about how badly you’re doing because you have treated everyone in your life like absolute shit. Like someone said before, people have tried to help and there’s no point. You’re not a victim. Stop feeling bad for yourself and trying to make others feel bad for you because you’re a lonely, manipulative, mean person and actually try to change for once.

No. 1649953

She already collects crystals and “rocks” with her prisoner, I mean fiancé. She could douse herself in rubbing alcohol and that wouldn’t begin to clean off how scummy she is. Literally and figuratively.

No. 1649974

"sober losers" hmm? Would you say all sober people are losers? Or do you have to be a loser to be sober? Or is it just the fact that they're in Brooklyn? Do reply, I'm really on the edge of my seat…

No. 1649983


Generally former addicts who make preachy sobriety their entire personality are pretty insufferable to be around but this doesn’t really have anything to do with scamanda because she’ll never stop snorting baby laxatives and drinking 3rd gen four loko in her death cave

No. 1649989

Agreed. I just wanted to needle her about this little detail because it was so telling and I found it hilarious

No. 1650040

Yeah I love how obvious she is, then as soon as someone calls her out she calls them nuts then disappears. Just makes it that much more obvious who made the posts.

No. 1650049

File: 1663358909538.jpeg (509.12 KB, 1936x1936, BEAB7FF6-4238-4237-9B2E-704211…)

No one would make fun of her fat body if she didn’t edit herself to look less than half of her actual size while she body shames and makes many other women feel like shit about their own bodies. And I’m sorry but there’s nothing normal about this internet nose vs irl nose. Or entire face to be honest.

It’s like mandy thinks everyone makes fun of her just for being fat, when she we’re really making fun of her for being that fat while hiding it behind the most ridiculous ugliest shoops ever as if no one will ever see her irl.

No. 1650588

File: 1663602737794.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1170x1463, 5CD200E4-A8B7-4A3A-A9CA-C2466D…)

Sage for no milk, but she posts this every year.. usually when she’s been in a fight with Jon.

No. 1650611

NTA but can we please stop claiming every anon with a different opinion is the heifer? Especially since you all look ridiculous being wrong and running with it. It's obvious the anon originally was saying it would be funny if Hammy got sober and got into dumb crystals and suddenly anons dog pile on her like "it's sooo obvious this is Slobz!" It's clearly not since Hammy would've used a plethora of parenthesis, and one long run on, nonsensical sentence with only a period at the end. Every anon has been accused of being Hammy because of dumb anons thinking they're Sherlock Holmes while being wrong.

No. 1650730

Agreed. There's a real lack of reading comprehension going on in this thread and it gives me second hand embarrassment.

No. 1650731


can you stop being so triggered and making this about yourself? milk or gtfo

No. 1654270

File: 1663855797780.jpeg (238.36 KB, 1282x941, 522A913D-A3B2-498D-8564-7D8BA5…)

No. 1654304


>he chose not to have a phone

>he lost his phone

So which one is it mandy?

No. 1654313

the new iphone, which i'm sure dan tooooootally cares about, just came out last week. problem solved mandy!

No. 1654315

I’m sure they can totally afford it with such good jobs too.

No. 1654317

kek totally. and everyone knows there's nothing more punk rock than wanting the latest apple products!

No. 1654335

Is this thread on auto sage now? Why didn't this bump it?

No. 1654766


Right? “I talk to Margo” “we visit jersey” ok but what about him

No. 1654903

Slobby is implying he lost his phone and then just chose not to get a new one until he could get a new iPhone. That part isn't crazy if you're always with your possessive, clingy significant other and they're attached to their phone, plus you can never see your friends alone anyway so why bother getting a new phone if they're about to release a new one.
It's also not a surprise he didn't get the new iPhone yet even if it came out last week like the other anon says… Mom probably is demanding he do his laundry before she'll buy him one.
I don't think she's forcing him into isolation. I think he's choosing it since Slobz always tags along with him and he's tired of feeling embarrassed to be seen with her. Makes sense.

No. 1654933

This is weirdly similar to Perry also disappearing into thin air.

No. 1655204

No. 1655328

It’s her birthday today. Her FB page is filling with HBD posts from friends. Let’s see what she gets up to this year.

No. 1655339

File: 1663933456888.jpeg (369.12 KB, 1170x2267, BC5387B6-1E18-4B62-B9AE-E96571…)

This is definitely how people who are in love, and only one is allowed to have a phone, communicate.

No. 1655550


I doubt it’s even that deep. He just doesn’t care bc she’s feeding him free coke and benzos, and I would be so incredibly surprised if they’re not doing heroin at this point. nobody stays that isolated just doing coke and making fingernail art eventually you come down

I just want to know how much money John is giving her because that’s an expensive habit to feed for two people every day

No. 1655651

I agree. If they’re not doing heroin, they’re at least taking fake pills, which is basically the same. No one stays indoors in bed all day every day for months while doing coke.

No. 1655776

perry is definitely dead. not usually a pet sperg but i once had a budgie that was my best friend, the way people are tight with their dogs and cats. bird people know that birds evolved these air sacs in their bodies to keep themselves light, they inflate them to fly. unlike lungs where you can just exhale anything gross or toxic you inhale birds can't get harmful stuff out of their air sacs and thus are incredibly prone to being poisoned. bird owners have a really long list of shit NOT to use around your birds, nonstick pans, candles and incense, etc. i think i recall seeing scamanda smoke in her apartment which would have just nuked poor perry's air sacs. she couldn't do the bare minimum. sorry for the sperg, parakeets are just such special sweet little animals and it burns me hard knowing that she killed hers by being a piece of shit when other people were stepping up to take him.

No. 1655785

They both smoke inside and she has posted videos of her lighting candles and burning pieces of paper and matches in the apartment. That poor bird has been long dead, he never stood a chance. RIP Perry.

No. 1656109

Alcoholics do.
I know she doesn't have pills or opiates because everytime I've asked her, she always says "nah, I don't like that shit". She's an upper bitch.
Side note, I don't use anymore, just mentioning this again since anons love saying cows are on hErOin or have FASb despite no actual evidence

No. 1656410

no pet would survive two people smoking inside 24/7, let's wait for the cat (that doesn't exist) to get cancer because of secondhand smoke or the days that invisible cat will have to walk through their vomit on the the floor. Those two shouldn't own any living being, they can't look after themselves, how should they be able to care for anything else?

No. 1656922

I kind of think there is or will be a cat just because there were cat supplies in the background of a picture, but we all know her propensity of using old photos and lying so it's possible the cat is as real as the love between Scabies & Rabies.

No. 1657336

yeah but this was years ago wasn’t it

No. 1657688

Last year

No. 1658024

I doubt all these pills were prescribed >>966652

No. 1658025

well she’s a pathological liar but she also definitely at least does a shit ton of Xanax so it’s not a jump

No. 1658308

If you look at those pills, none of those are controlled substances. The hardest thing in there is gabapentin. It would explain her manic behavior.

No. 1658544

No insane updates about her birthday?

No. 1658639

She didn’t reply to anyone’s bday wishes on FB. Don’t worry she was on Poshmark within this hour. She’s not dead.

No. 1658645


Her manic behavior is because she’s the walking definition of BPD and she’s constantly doing coke and getting blackout drunk enough to puke on the floor in her little hoarders nest of a free apartment

No. 1658720

Did scabbies friends or anyone reply to this? I’m a little surprised no one seems to care that he’s been gone and disconnected from any family or friends for a while now.

No. 1658831

No one has commented besides this.

No. 1660450

Some of his friends care but there is no way to actually contact him besides her posts. The few people that care about him just hate her too much to start a real convo with her cause she speaks gibberish lol

No. 1660691

Couldn’t they text her and ask scabbies to call them? If they were really worried about him dealing with some “gibberish” shouldn’t be too much of a big deal. I’m not saying I expect mandy to be very helpful, but it just seems like no one cares enough to try to contact him or anything.

No. 1660703


He’s a drunk asshole who spent the last few years growing out a massive rats nest on his head and sleeping in the basement of a dusty old meat locker that has local shows. His friends are also drunk asshole friends of convenience/scene friends, he’s not a cool nice dude

No. 1660718

You forgot he’s also a cokehead who stole from the bands that played the venue he “ran” so he could buy more shitty fake coke and liquor. He’s a piece of shit, that’s why no one is worried about him.

No. 1662594

Really don't understand why this thread is autosaged/not bumping.

No. 1662644


You're not missing anything, nothing is happening in the Brat world rn anyway

No. 1663557

Tinny Foily, and forgive me if I’m wrong but didn’t she go radio silent for a lil bit when Cowie went to the great big tiger park in the sky? Bet OnlyDans croaked in the same bed.

No. 1663579

Interesting tin foil there nonnie kek. I'm thinking more they're too drugged up and drunk to post anything, that and maybe to stop Dan from wanting to get his own phone Scamanda has stopped using hers as often too

No. 1664473

Scamanda has never been too drunk or drugged up to post constant nonsense. Her birthday passed with no rambling posts? Suspicious. I don't want to tinfoil too hard but I would bet something is amiss.

No. 1664603

Maybe she is pregnant, like for real this time, and maybe it's not that easy for her body to handle a pregnancy after everything she put her body through.
I think there are only a few possibilities why she stays offline and death of Dan, a pregnancy, law problems or rehab are the only things I can think about.

No. 1665578

File: 1664800421767.jpeg (492.54 KB, 1170x1100, 8D24613E-8251-4C0D-B2E5-C205CD…)

She’s still kicking and buying clothes that are too small on Poshmark

No. 1665604


do you seriously think it’s more likely she is secretly pregnant or that her boyfriend is dead in her apt than that they got really into benzos and dope and she’s just too sleepy to be manic on the internet?

No. 1665708

With substance misuse like hers she could have increased intake because of her tolerance and really just be too off her box

No. 1665951

File: 1664832148336.jpeg (572.95 KB, 828x1219, 14AA53C9-42E0-4AB6-A149-D2FC41…)

I am not sure this link will work this way but this chick on Facebook with 2.2 mil followers has this video making fun of Instagram vs reality and meatball eyes gets called out!!

No. 1665954

File: 1664832233668.png (2.15 MB, 828x1792, 85646A79-34BD-4FD0-BFEA-F2799F…)

No. 1666181

She forgot to add the edited baby photos. Otherwise this is hilarious

No. 1666561

>>1665708 the only thing powerful enough to keep best off social media is embarrassment and shame. Maybe they got kicked out of that place finally. Maybe Johnny told her to take a social media time out OR ELSE. I’m not waiting around for some big explanation. She’s really fading into nothingness.

No. 1666764


she has no shame or self awareness, she is a junkie and they are holed up in the apartment doing downers and nodding out all day. There’s nothing to post about except chain smoking cigarettes. I doubt they even got the cat

No. 1667190

File: 1664930349760.jpeg (557.31 KB, 1170x2015, 1F5B79D2-936B-4D29-BF80-466042…)

Welp our liberal, accepting of all people and pronouns, pro SW, feminist… is just a Nazi in 5 yr old UNIF clothes. (1/3)

No. 1667192

File: 1664930379268.jpeg (929.77 KB, 1170x2136, E27E47FD-0F8C-49F6-946A-0AFB88…)

No. 1667195

File: 1664930676708.jpeg (983.14 KB, 1170x2102, 95027967-05F5-4E64-BD39-0F4C47…)


(pls add to next intro) She is following a cousin of hers that doesn’t have her last name, and a bunch of wrestlers. So essentially she’s turned into Dan? I don’t know him but, she morphs into any relationship as she’s utterly codependent.

Following Joe Rogan and Ben Shapiro.

No. 1667655

God she’s so embarrassing. I wonder if their next phase will be being full on Trumpers lol.

No. 1668064

Like WWE wrestlers a la Scabies Incarnate? Or like lucha libre or college wrestling? I don't have a Twitter account so I can't see who she's following.
I'm not surprised she follows a lot of right wing shit. However, are we sure this is her real Twitter and not like her "website" written by a farmer to fuck with her?

No. 1668108


I feel like a lot of people don’t understand how Twitter works too. It’s normal to follow accounts you don’t agree with because you want to read the insane shit they post. As in….this place

No. 1668264

More like 36-36-36

No. 1668365

following kyle rittenhouse? this seems too obvious.

No. 1668512

I highly doubt this is really her.

No. 1669086


Pretty sure her parents are Trumpers and it would go hand-in-hand with her whole “biker trash” persona that she’s been pushing for years

No. 1669377


Fair, but counterpoint: she's a narcissist and that account has no user photo

No. 1669378

Same anon- additional counterpoint: there are several other "brat of of hell" accounts that are not hers as well

No. 1674172

are they dead or what

No. 1674846


Lmao wondering the same

No. 1674918

Ok this is far fetched, but is it possible she finally figured out that she won’t be ridiculed on the internet if she stops posting on the internet?

No. 1675229

Odds are better they’re dead.

No. 1675409

I feel like this is only true if she’s also deleted everything she’s posted lately bc if she leaves up pictures of toenail art and romantic posts about cleaning up puke but then is too embarrassed to post new updates ..no

No. 1675430

If only Dom would drop by and fill us in but other anons probably scared him off

No. 1675557

I have a tinfoil that she's stopped posting on social media because she's not allowing poopdread to contact his friends, and she's sick of them asking about his welfare. So if she doesn't post she can pretend they're just "super busy" and that's why dan hasn't contacted any friends.
That or Dan is pissed she gets to use social media and he doesn't so she doesn't post so she can continue to stop him from having/using a phone.

No. 1675627


I doubt it’s that deep she probably just has nothing to say because they’re in a deep addiction hole and not leaving the trash nest except to buy drugs and tall cans around the corner

No. 1675683

She definitely isn’t posting because she’s slowly killing Dan and doesn’t want anyone to know. It’s that deep, anon. We laugh about this stuff but their lives are severely in danger because of her.

No. 1675697

nayrt but mandy is a stupid lazy junkie, not a calculating serial killer

No. 1675771

Is Perry there?

No. 1675993

i’m thinking that maybe johnny just stopped footing her phone and/or wifi bill and she doesn’t have access. like someone else said, she’s not a calculated killer, she’s a self obsessed lazy idiot (on a good day).

No. 1676131


yea hes doing the dishes

No. 1676406

She probably swapped him for a G of coke

No. 1678093

File: 1666057965300.jpeg (605.24 KB, 1170x2001, B4DBB2FD-373E-4DAE-BDE5-14DC65…)

She lives

No. 1678094

File: 1666057990099.jpeg (180.84 KB, 1170x659, 71DAD7B0-B016-47D8-B37B-A3214B…)

No. 1678095

File: 1666058035714.jpeg (243.97 KB, 1286x965, 9AF3CAB6-D340-48E1-BA95-5855F4…)

No. 1678375

Lmao she totally bought these for herself. Has she been so doped up that she forgot her own birthday until now? No handmade gifts from her “fiancé” ?

No. 1678797

Agreed, there is no way she woke up to a stoop full of gifts, let alone a bunch of anonymous surprises. She would tag or at least mention anyone who sent anything because she loves pretending to have friends.

No. 1678935

Awww, so nice of Money Tree John to bring her presents. He's the only one she never acknowledges on social media.

No. 1679530


Hundreds and hundreds woah! And from people she knows in real life! Wowie her life is totally like awesome and everyone loves her like in Disney movies but it’s real life, everyone is soooo jealous of her!

No. 1679870

File: 1666240199066.jpeg (633.32 KB, 1170x2833, B0242C03-7361-4158-A783-3FA557…)

What savings? You have worked in 2.5 years? Oh, must have been all that wood she sold.

No. 1679888

Awww and John even paid for her to have a weekend getaway with the ol ball on her chain- He loves getting cucked!

No. 1679991

I can't think of anything grosser than eating oysters in bed

No. 1679996

So glad to have this exaggerating, grammatically challenged (“an city-hour drive”) princess back on my feed. I love how she’s even bragging about how big her Sephora samples are as if a 5-star hotel won’t have quality bath products.

Very likely Johnny paid for this, maybe as a b day gift, or perhaps to get that disgusting apartment fumigated! Who could say.

One thing I do know is that Bluepoints are out of season. Something any good Long Island girl would know.

What’s a ssdd relationship? I googled and all it says was Somatic Symptom Disorder which seems correct but probably not what she meant. Help?

No. 1680001

Based on Expedia. Com there is exactly 1 hotel that has 4 stars (none with 5), an indoor pool, a gym, a spa, and oysters in the menu within an hour drive of EaSt FLatTy and that’s the Garden City Hotel in Hempstead Long Island.

This is taking her word for those amenities and assuming they are staying this week or next.

How close is this to her parents? Is she trying to weasel her way back in?

No. 1680029

Same Shit Different Day, SSDD. I had to look it up because I don’t think anyone uses that abbreviation

No. 1680054

Wow so after 3 years of not working and almost 6 months of not leaving her apartment she’s finally bored.

No. 1680075

File: 1666270509701.jpeg (602.84 KB, 1179x2112, 7B6CFA57-0EA4-4C0A-8DA6-D24F35…)

She’s been busy using her peloton bike for yoga kek.

No. 1680253

File: 1666289623630.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x4377, C6E89499-50A1-4139-81F1-55A9B9…)

Doesn’t sound like Dan is even there. Also flirting with the repair guy, no shame.

No. 1680255

File: 1666289760647.jpeg (656.02 KB, 1179x2379, B79E8126-B86B-4528-8D15-EA9531…)

Also just looked it up.. that’s not break the bank money for a room… but unemployable Mandy must be living in the lap of luxury.

No. 1680262

File: 1666290506133.png (423.92 KB, 956x618, Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 1.27…)

it literally says 4 star hotel at the top of the page when you google it kek

No. 1680271

Nothing says “treat yourself” like Morristown, New Jersey.

No. 1680275

File: 1666292585784.jpeg (389.7 KB, 1170x2687, A175EE29-1B8A-4BE1-83B4-259BE2…)

She’s moving. And not to the downtown Manhattan, super open air space, for all of her dead pets and fiancés.

No. 1680277

I live a block away from that hotel, wonder if I’ll catch a sighting at the 711

No. 1680317


Doesn’t she not have a drivers license? Who’s “truck” was she driving

No. 1680469

Dan is from the town right next to Morristown. His parents live there. They’re probably staying at his parents house and she went to the hotel to take pictures of the lobby so she can pretend to be taking a “fancy” vacation instead.

My guess is Johnny’s family finally kicked them out of the apartment after they spent the last month so drunk and drugged out that she didn’t even post on social media. So now they’re staying at Dan’s parents house but since that’s not a very glamorous story, she’s trying to pass it off as a “staycation” at a hotel. Truly pathetic.

No. 1681141

So dans moved home and she drove the “truck” without a license to stay in a hotel near him to try to patch things up or in an attempt to get his mon to let her stay there and got spun out on the parkway at 1am. Not really that shocking all things considered.

No. 1681816

this sounds most likely, considering the Disappearance of Dan, the Skeddadling of Scabies Incarnate, ummmm, I've run out of words

but yeah, I agree

No. 1682079

File: 1666525540458.jpeg (930.21 KB, 1179x1350, 18C192C0-292A-4F0F-8209-CB228D…)

But you can buy her used Gucci bathing suit!

No. 1682097

But it’s literally pre owned? The need for drug money is going crazy here.

No. 1682104


“with panties on” - isn’t this clown always talking about how she nevvvvvver wears underwear? (because apparently that’s sexy???)

No. 1682109

I hate this b so much. This is (if it’s real) a Gucci bathing suit with a full brief butt and no snaps in the crotch. Why doesn’t she lie about completely inconsequential details? She wants to make sure we imagine this piece of clothing touching her asshole directly? Fucking filthy.

No. 1682294

File: 1666546361803.png (34.92 KB, 359x640, B01C62D4-4EDD-484D-B0AA-7D7620…)


This is what the real one looks like no way they would print those edges nor make something that looks like cotton Jersey lol

No. 1682349

Real Gucci has rounded corners on the belt part lol

No. 1682376

So no price, but it’s for sale.

Thirst trap one of many. To let all the men know she’s back in the game. (Without saying it) Also she hasn’t looked like that in years… if she even looked like that without editing.

No. 1682816

AliExpress fresh!

No. 1682935

File: 1666583977541.jpeg (614.8 KB, 1170x3504, 0C3BF854-B1E9-490B-BD7E-6BC383…)

It’s vintage, no it’s second hand, or it’s brand new? Who knows!

No. 1683140

File: 1666611006861.jpeg (1.45 MB, 3258x2284, 1C661811-4D53-4AB4-A919-945DD5…)

She forgot to shoop the new photo to match the old one

No. 1683223

File: 1666618630216.jpeg (525.23 KB, 1152x2871, 1B307EA5-55A0-4A59-89F9-A1396B…)

Choice comments (and her edits…)

No. 1683350

Hit a guard rail going 75 and spun out to a 720 rotation in the far left lane without colliding with another vehicle, miraculously just got a flat and then a kind man with face tattoos helped her change her flat, and she took no photos to document this harrowing tale?

This is without a doubt Mandy speak for she got a flat, did not know how to change it herself, called Johnny crying who sent a service to help her and she was back on her way.

No. 1683365

1. This hotel has a 24 hour service desk and does not say anything about a check in deadline
2. This hotels websight says nothing about a full service spa just a standard pool and hot tub

No. 1683455

No breakfast room delivery and also no Pelotons kek

No. 1683715

“Sent breakfast up” = they let the Doordash guy up to the room rather than making her go down and get it.

No. 1684078

File: 1666690889759.jpeg (596.15 KB, 1170x2424, D0355595-D764-4A4A-A3E0-7EE964…)

Panhandling for money now, for the fake accident. She still doesn’t have a license. How would she be insured? I’ve never been on a BFs insurance to drive their ugly van, I mean car.

No. 1684181

"when i meet a goal i feel is enough" KEK

No. 1684248

Love it! The fake crash details, the random nj laws, the allusion to a sex tape, and allusion to her being something other than cash rich, and the best part, that she will shut down the fundraiser once she’s deemed she’s earned “enough”. Nothing is ever enough for this lush. won’t you spare a buck or 20? I’ll show you my butthole ;)

No. 1684253

her acting like needing front and back plates is just oh so shocking when it’s exactly the same in NY. but, to her credit, she doesn’t have a license and is absolutely clueless because her head is so far up her own ass that i’ve sure this is news to her.

No. 1684351


the irony of her posting right before this that she “splurged from her savings” to stay at a fancy hotel and now is “cash poor” from getting into a car accident that she made a point to say caused no damage to the car she was definitely legally driving is just…she has to have brain damage

No. 1684954

Even if this did happen and she lost control of the car due to being cut off, the other driver nor their insurance would be liable unless that driver hit her

No. 1684964

“some fun content we’ve been playing with” nobody wants to see that moldy shit plssss

No. 1685213

What insurance company will insure her without a license?! None. This is all a lie. Dan’s not there because she was with Johnny, who paid for the room, the flowers, and drove her lying ass out to Jersey. If any bit of her take was true, she’d be in jail for leaving the scene of an accident while driving without a license.

No. 1685278

Steve’s in parsippany is also an independent contractor for AAA (I work in auto in NJ) I think they broke down and the cop who helped them recommended her and Dan to use them and she had to pay $200
If Johnny was with her I’m sure he would have taken care of it. I could ask my friend over there if we really wanted to know.

No. 1685542

Check if they have a guy “H” with a face tattoo and a new teddy bear

No. 1686052


can you find out if Dan was actually there and if she was actually driving?

No. 1689308

"hey Huxley, is it true that you have a new teddy bear? just a rumor I heard!!!"

No. 1691564


'Just cosmetic damage'

Needs new radiator, had to cHaSE the fender down the street, needs other tires patched…

No. 1691932

late post but my friend got married there. It's just a standard hotel with large spaces for weddings and meetings. Has a semi popular restaurant attached. Nothing fancy (I stayed in one of the suites for the wedding). Just her usual lies.

No. 1691996

Just re-reading and realized she calls it the “fast/pass” lane after previously calling it just the “fast” lane. Do you think she saw our drawn out argument?! I wish she would do more to appease us.

No. 1692444

Maybe she means Fastpass, like the thing you put on your dash to go through the tolls? In Boston it's called a fastpass

Or she's a moron… either or both ways, I suppose

No. 1692515

It’s EZ pass in ny/nj and there’s no way Dan has that on his shitty van

No. 1692820

Oh for sure, and the argument confused her so much she can't decide which to call it now, so she called it both. Not to say she isn't stupid enough to think that's what the Fastpass lane refers to.

No. 1694464

File: 1667652909660.jpeg (577.78 KB, 2048x2048, 38775519-DF77-4A63-A704-4243E0…)

Watered down milk but her profile no longer says engaged. Dan deactivated and her profile went from engaged to Dan Rivas to just engaged to no relationship status posted. Dan content on her profile is still up so she isn’t fishing for a new “fiancé” just yet but the clock is ticking.

No. 1694974

It could be called both. I find it funnier she seems to be flexing about driving 75 MPH but that's standard or even a bit slow on the NJ Turnpike.

No. 1695079

File: 1667711004443.jpeg (749.27 KB, 1179x1723, 9D23460E-23C3-4987-9974-46BE80…)

No. 1696026

No it's not? Not like it matters since all pike lanes are EZPass only now anyway. Not to split hairs though, let's not start another lane name argument, please kek.

No. 1696282

Nta but you really felt the need to put in your two cents and disagree with an anon, then hurry to tell all anons to not disagree with you since it doesn't matter.
Keep posting your poser life, Mandy Slobz- We're bored here.

No. 1696536

Yeah I'm totally Mandy, So much that I chimed in saying I live in Boston? Not everyone is Mandy you fucking retard. I know the milk is dry but fucking hell get a grip. You're probably fast lane sperg from upthread kek

No. 1696560


I find it funnier she made the whole thing up because she literally doesn’t have a drivers license or know how to drive right??

No. 1696566

Sorry i didn't clarify, but I was telling Mandy that we're so bored here that we're getting posts like yours. Clearly you're not the Slobz.

No. 1696575

I believe she has a DL and knows how to drive. She just never had her own car and Cuck John used to chauffeur her sloppy fat ass around. I might be mistaken, but the no license and no ability to drive is a farmer tinfoil. She was seen driving away after their "fascinating" car wash video so it seems to me that she can drive.

No. 1696975

Uh she does not have a license she has posted about it. I will dig back through thread 3 (?). And as evidenced by this idiotic car accident and her horrible driving in said videos she absolutely cannot drive for shit. Dan obviously let her drive through the car wash the way a dad would let a 10 year old steer in his lap.

No. 1696978

Same Nona.

See >>1072663

Here she says she’s finally gotten her license renewed after it had been expired for over two years. As an astute Nona pointed out in NY State after a license has been expired for over two years you have to do a vision, written and driving test. I’m sorry but there is no way this bitch took or passed any of those. She is mentally retarded. As someone else said it’s likely she got her NYS ID card and is just calling it her license”. Just use your brain. Whose car would she have driven for a test? Would we not have heard all about how her ride or die came all the way from the next state to let her drive their amazing car? Would we not have heard about how she got along so well with the dmv employees they were all telling her how she looked way too young and small to be driving? Would she not have posted her perfect driving test score and about how she parallel parked with ease? Don’t be dense. She does not have a drivers license. She does not have a car. She did not get spun out on the turn pike in a road rage incident. Dan left to his moms she took his broken down truck and tried to drive it to go see him and broke down on the way. Couldn’t call for help on her own because she DOES NOT HAVE A LICENSE.

No. 1697186


I bet she used to have a license since she grew up on Long Island and her parents are semi normal so it would be weird to just skip that life milestone. She didn’t grow up in Brooklyn or wherever where it’s normal not to learn to drive despite her trying to pretend she dropped out at 15 and squatted in a punk loft in Williamsburg before it was cool or whatever she thinks her life was

No. 1697283


She just dated guys that were old enough to drive while she was in high school until she dropped out and made her way to the city to make coffee/play shitty indie music

No. 1697542

Why is this thread autosaged? I've missed this thread

No. 1698216

File: 1668220562598.jpeg (127.19 KB, 1179x1792, 483DDC5C-6DAB-483D-80C8-AA5638…)

No. 1698218

File: 1668220752703.jpeg (1021.43 KB, 1179x1804, 9595A328-9D1A-487D-B023-2439FF…)

No. 1698416

File: 1668256601092.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1179x1983, DA4DB4CC-320A-4052-89F4-BC9EC7…)

No. 1698437


Lmao she definitely had jon pay for her Morristown business hotel vacation

No. 1698668

she lost her nostril again

No. 1698760

the only curvy thing here is her shooped face

No. 1698953

File: 1668349831241.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1179x2187, 076B80D5-32C4-4516-A441-CA1B0B…)

From 2021

No. 1699571

File: 1668427726164.jpeg (887.08 KB, 1179x1958, 9396916E-FF48-4C3B-A816-9CBB38…)

This brilliant comment on her post about needing money

No. 1699590

It’s hilarious that everybody knows she doesn’t work. She overshares every detail of her pathetic life, of course she would do the same if she actually had a job lmao.

No. 1699738

PLEASE update on her response

No. 1699806

Option 1 she deletes the comment.
Option 2 a list of excuses on why she can’t get a job.
Option 3 actually she has several jobs and has worked every day of her life since she was born and one of the jobs is so important she can’t even really say the details here but you’ll find out soon;) But she has cash flow issues because the bank has LIED to her.

No. 1699877

The way option 3 is so dead on, kek.

No. 1700440

She is formulating 3 as we speak!

No. 1700483


You forgot option 4 - vague mentions of tragedy and art that she is “working through” alluding she is too sad and creative to work

No. 1700626

File: 1668542250088.jpeg (120.73 KB, 843x690, F2F3C85A-65F1-442C-B694-B50402…)

How can we be attention seeking clout chasers if this is an anonymous board kek. We just enjoy laughing at your train wreck life because you’re a scammer, liar, and generally insufferable person.

No. 1700630

Sounds like she totaled the car and owes Dan money to replace it… not likely for her to tell this story repeatedly without pictures for proof.

No. 1700675

I bet he just drove them to his parents house and the entire story didn’t happen at all. I bet Johnny kicked them out and they’re living with scabbies parents now.

No. 1701223


Did she answer the comment

No. 1701552

File: 1668635833676.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1179x2033, 55E57340-81C7-46E2-9044-D33053…)

New EdGy PuNk post

No, I don’t think she’s noticed it.

No. 1701832

File: 1668657312019.jpeg (562.05 KB, 828x1336, 5F13CF48-E681-4C15-A139-4523BA…)


No. 1701833

That was on the replies of her last post - Dans friends notice that the he has gone missing……..

No. 1701847


kek that's not gonna look good when the investigation starts

No. 1701994

File: 1668685622547.jpeg (805.72 KB, 1179x1631, 71D1D563-46FF-4D1C-ACBB-83F573…)

A third friend asking…

No. 1701999

This would be…what, second guy to mysteriously disappear with her?

No. 1702005

That we know of…

No. 1702009

The plot thickens, it's been a while since she's posted a picture of him

No. 1702097

I’m in a GC with many other New Jersey heads and some of dans “close” friends and can confirm nobody has been able to make direct contact with him in at least one month.

No. 1702118


what’s his deal do you think he’s doing dope or just so drunk and coked out he doesn’t care

No. 1702130

File: 1668703608067.jpeg (820.15 KB, 1179x1757, 4080AEEE-7FE0-49F7-A60C-E9A396…)

This was at least the last time she mentioned him. Over two months. Does someone want to call for a wellness check?

No. 1702161

The only halfway intelligible phrase in this word salad is so pot calling the kettle black, but also lol at "morally-broke". Like I bet she thinks she's sounding so cOoL and eDgY when her malaprops really just make her sound dumb.

No. 1702265

What do his “friends” say? It seems to me like no one is really trying too hard to contact him. It’s obvious commenting on Mandy’s posts is not going to work. If multiple people on this thread know that scabbies is most likely back home because they drove to his parents area, why don’t his friends try to contact his family if they’re worried? Or do they also enjoy the hilarious trainwreck mandy and scabbies life is? It just seems weird that this man loses his cellphone and suddenly it’s impossible to find him.

No. 1702451

It’s because he has always been kind of a sketchy wanderer. He has a matted dead chuck of hair the size of an elementary school child hanging down his back, he’s not like a functional member of society who has a strong social circle and good relationships with family and friends. He’s a sketchy aging scene drifter who was sleeping in the dusty basement of a washed up diy venue in a small city in New Jersey . If people were legitimately concerned or the behavior of disappearing into a toxic relationship to go on long genders was out of character that would be one thing but its just people causally being like hey haven’t seen Dan around in a while…wonder where he’s at

No. 1702514

File: 1668733201747.jpeg (523.28 KB, 831x2011, 17A19EA6-C4AD-4298-AA1F-22F7C1…)


No. 1702519

…where he at tho

No. 1702529

Saying he’s off social media/the internet still doesn’t explain why no one can speak to him, reach him or even knows where he is. She keeps making herself sound more controlling and psychotic while making him look like a pathetic loser who lets everyone walk all over him. It’s honestly hilarious.

No. 1702535

classic pathological isolator talk right here, if she's said any of this to Dan. she's trying to make it sound like only she can judge who is good for him and who isn't. not that we needed more red flags.

No. 1702536

She erased the comments from his friends looking for him

No. 1702552

And Anthony Gutter is the one that posted the "he's gone missing" meme… the same guy who always seemed close to Scabies Incarnate and was even cool with Slobz in the annoying videos she posted where she shoved her phone camera in his face to prove people are in her life. Clearly I don't think anything bad happened to him, but she's definitely being extremely possessive and controlling by speaking on his behalf and chastising everyone for simply asking where he is.
I'm just picturing her nutty self as depicted in her ex's comic, all wild-eyed and threatening and yelling at him to pay attention to her "ya fuh-gin faggot!"

No. 1702573

That genuinely creeps me out …

No. 1702789

File: 1668773039798.jpeg (579.52 KB, 1179x1594, FD88BB6D-93A7-4E9B-8EDC-F2C67A…)

Comments on the Misery post.

No. 1702815

Wow demoted to “boyfriend”

No. 1702901

File: 1668790156931.jpeg (104.73 KB, 1179x341, 15B7FAC5-A109-4BD1-B9AE-93DF9A…)

Wise observation

No. 1703416

with the bird

No. 1703771

Did she delete or reply to this?

No. 1704111

No more posts or replies on anything

No. 1704228

File: 1668911844053.jpeg (609.49 KB, 1179x1246, BE20D611-35B6-47C1-B690-C3F568…)

Now Dan is the brat…

No. 1706679

I’m sure he smells spoiled

No. 1707535

File: 1669222562021.jpeg (1007.85 KB, 1179x1916, F9D2C2CD-0468-411A-B9C2-0342EC…)

She’s back to being “engaged”

No. 1707610

This pic always makes me mad. My queen Siouxsie Sioux does not deserve this blasphemy.

No. 1708439

File: 1669287143069.jpg (66.92 KB, 600x449, SS.WeekendAtBernies.jpg)

>>1702514 "driving around the city making memories"

No. 1715777

File: 1669903720834.jpeg (380.94 KB, 1179x1487, E3781827-39E3-4B4D-AD31-16B30B…)

No. 1715778

File: 1669903758755.jpeg (847.98 KB, 1179x1918, 67F25391-8123-45A9-84FF-A00258…)

“home grown herbs”

No. 1716721

The stench in this photo, holy fucking shit.

No. 1716769

Those dirty fucks don’t even have cutlery and use plastic forks. Bet that was a DoorDash order and she’s lying per usual.

No. 1717325

He looks like a cro-magnon

No. 1717396

Her need to constantly mention his “rock hard” dick is so embarrassing considering she’s in her late 30s and he has a micro penis. Who does she think she’s fooling or impressing?

No. 1717397

Honestly shocked they even had a plate lmao

No. 1717399

“Farmed chicken eggs” lmao as opposed to what, wild ones? She’s just so fuckin fancy but also so gutter punk

No. 1718564

File: 1670195334661.jpeg (325.01 KB, 1179x752, B2EACCBA-200D-4631-80E5-965006…)

No. 1718701

omg he lives

No. 1718921

Sharing basic, mundane shit with unnecessary details to an already mundane, unnecessary story is very on-brand for Slobz

No. 1719030

This is giving “bae caught me sleeping” vibes

No. 1719223

Has there ever been evidence of her lurking here? I think I've read all the threads but I don't recall her ever referencing it.

No. 1719890

She only makes vague posts about “people who engage in gossip and LIES” or “people that don’t have anything better to do than make up stories about her”. Tinfoil but I assume, just like her social media posting, she reads the thread in waves. I think she likes the attention.

No. 1721672

I just cannot shake the mental image of her holding his decomposing hand while typing this tripe with the other.

A Rose for Miss Amanda, if you will

No. 1721823

File: 1670469505277.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1179x1862, 5E467A5A-4BBD-4223-A862-F4EC22…)


No. 1722721

Does she filter his face or what?

No. 1722803

jealous of what? I'm sure all of us could find some smelly, useless dude to leech off us, too. oh, but this one can cook "farmed chicken eggs!" and make picture frames out of the shittiest wood imaginable! wow amazing unbelievable

No. 1722900

She definitely blurred his skin either on purpose or because she always uses that same picture setting for her dusty mug.

No. 1723005

I know him and she definitely filters his skin. I also remember her editing his nose to look smaller in the past.

No. 1723045

File: 1670599478907.jpeg (316.98 KB, 1179x2509, B71420D7-D110-45B4-971A-9D4454…)

That person she commented to didn’t even like the picture…

No. 1723046

lol what in the absolute fuck did she do to her nose here

No. 1724907

Could be finally collapsing from drug abuse

No. 1725469

Yeah because the dudes from EyeHateGod don't even know who tf she is. She keeps showing up with the other low-aiming metal groupies with Scabies Incarnate in tow thinking she's friends with the band that mooches off as many fans as possible.

No. 1725841

Does he even follow her? It looks like the tag didn't work.

No. 1726072

I will. Thank you. Kek.

No. 1726314

File: 1670933352869.jpeg (158.03 KB, 1179x1172, 362A4C93-8E76-4450-8EA8-DDE0EA…)

Nope. They’re not friends on FB.

No. 1726434

Ha, classic Mandy!

No. 1727167

God damn this is so pathetic and sad.

No. 1727265


she didn't spell his name right so it wouldn't have tagged him, but she never bothered to check

No. 1727280

Kind of even worse imo. Like she wanted everyone to think that she knows him but didn’t actually tag him because he could possibly reply “who is this bitch” lmao

No. 1728072

Doesn’t really look like they’re “moving”

No. 1728110

Not moving, not getting her license, not going to college, not staying sober, not re-opening the store, losing the website. She honestly must be so bored and boring… no job, no real friends, family doesn’t talk to her, she cut off all Dan’s friends. Pathetic.

She hasn’t done anything in 3 years.

No. 1728617

File: 1671193220785.jpeg (919.13 KB, 1179x1714, D5DEE790-D742-4550-BEE8-C2C4D4…)

Not showing “engaged” anymore

No. 1728618

File: 1671193310336.jpeg (859.38 KB, 1179x1285, E4DADBE9-FB6E-44DD-AC3B-593C0B…)

Reposted this photo from last year….

No. 1728675

Why is she so stupid this is not a halter top

No. 1728692

Love how she edited her whole body except the arm, which looks about as big as her shooped thigh lol

No. 1728700

File: 1671203955318.jpeg (595.08 KB, 1284x1348, 997B9889-5D6C-4E26-B384-A8E24E…)


No. 1728709

oh do you remember the 6 definitely positive pregnancy tests too

No. 1729475

She clearly does not read the Shayna threads

No. 1729880

at walmart!! i—-

every time i think she’s outdone herself with unnecessary embellishments and lies she goes and does it again

No. 1730670

No. 1730678

File: 1671455002954.jpeg (591.08 KB, 1179x1376, 9B2929F3-15EF-4169-BAE7-B5F4E7…)

“Cash poor” until Jon gives me more money in January.

No. 1730679

File: 1671455058856.jpeg (217.24 KB, 1179x479, 2EEB4F15-6E88-416D-ABFB-AA087F…)

Who contributes to this crap?

No. 1730680

File: 1671455134892.jpeg (965.17 KB, 1179x1976, 21C08F74-7322-45C7-BD73-AACD49…)

But doordash twice in two days. But she’s too broke for presents?

No. 1730681

File: 1671455218314.jpeg (804.16 KB, 1179x1459, 47886052-D214-4991-87C3-F29F12…)

Aye, might as well repost the photos you took the day Cowie died in your apt.

No. 1730713

They are unemployed. Can't they just walk to the restaurant themselves to save a couple of dollars?

No. 1730719

isn't there public transport around her? And why does she have money for shows and not homemade food when she is so poor at the moment? It always amazes me that people will donate money to someone like her.

No. 1730828

walking around the city is free tho… this bitch is shameless and absolutely delusional

No. 1730885

She’s in East Flatbush. The closest train is about 10 mins from her.

She’s walked to the hospital in a see-through lace teddy 3 miles away! That’s not problem! She’ll get in all of her steps for the day!

No. 1730967

“A standard one way home and to the city” you know, you’re standard one way, both ways. Can’t wait to see if she actually goes to Long Island. Begging for money to buy gifts, go to shows, and take Ubers is so pathetic but not as pathetic as the guys who donate with the hopes of receiving “hoochie” content.

No. 1730968

Seriously Amanda show us his dick. At this point I want to see it.

No. 1731061

This would have meant a bunch of people donated from 1am-2pm. The post has 7 likes. HIGHLY unlikely anyone donated.

No. 1731903

File: 1671967586449.jpeg (817.86 KB, 1179x2779, 34692A6F-905A-48E1-BA92-912363…)

“Hey remember when I used to pretend to work?” From Dec 21st

No. 1731923

Just grabbing random dudes junk who were nice to her that day and bragging about a kegstand, at her big age. Her life is so sad.

No. 1732032

hoochie content lmao! tempted to send her money just for the laughs from her “hoochie content”.

her fucking run on sentences kill me.

No. 1733104

File: 1672218258445.gif (1.97 MB, 325x375, 381BD1E6-1711-416D-AD84-B1F7F1…)

Holy fucking shit, that’s my homie on the left.

No. 1733132

I miss unhinged Amanda. Why is she so Fucking boring now? Did she get a lobotomy? I yearn for the vintage Amanda of years past, the schizophrenic Christmas haul posting, the tall tales about friendly neighbors, the old men who would photograph her for no reason at all.

No. 1733326

Poor nona, I hope you mean "homie" like from the same neighborhood, and not actively still friends.

No. 1733339

“Homie” literally means “friend,” nonnie, and he has no idea who she is. The other guy, her “closest friend” doesn’t even follow her back on IG. Not everyone who crosses her path is a POS like her, or even knows/cares she exists lol.

No. 1733385

File: 1672261504844.jpeg (1.04 MB, 634x5213, 6745B2CC-E575-4238-B757-556B91…)

Guuuys! Christmas is here!

(I highlighted every gift) Good thing she panhandled for money for gifts!

She probably gave them bad art with a Scabies garbage frame, and they pay her on the head like she’s a retarded 5 year old.

No. 1733386

File: 1672261558267.png (7.32 MB, 1179x2556, 85DD1177-84C1-458B-892F-66D42A…)

My favorite part… that stocking totally says John and she tried to hide it kek

No. 1733388

File: 1672261894372.jpeg (425.47 KB, 1179x2366, A23F4941-57DE-430F-864E-D436B9…)

Also this question to what happened to her store (on her Born Free crotch grab post)

Maybe she’ll open again somewhere!! Damn her employees for getting jobs since 3 years ago, even accomplished ones who hated working for her!

No. 1733436

There’s no way this happened. Where’s Dom at when you need him?

No. 1733439

There’s no way this happened. Where’s Dom at when you need him?

No. 1733505

Anon, at least read what the anon was replying to instead of making up what you think they're saying. If you had read it, you would know they're baffled as to why an anon is so proud of being friends with the same person that lets Slobz grab his small balls and they're hoping for anon's sake it's not an active friendship.
It's time to question your life choices if you're willing to admit you know one of Mandy's Manhandled Men let alone call him a hOmIe. Real wannabe cow behavior.

No. 1733517

Work on your reading comprehension, weirdo. They aren’t friends (and he’s clearly not enjoying that shit.) Also this was taken at a random bike fest in California, the opposite side of the country she runs amuck, they aren’t her friends. As other Nona said, she’s just grabbing the dicks of a couple dudes that gave her the time of day. And (not)sorry the term “homie” bothers you so much, it’s pretty normal to people who are from LA and not geriatric, hope that helps.

No. 1733958

File: 1672354139252.jpeg (790.84 KB, 1179x2004, 0E68C5CF-3E21-402B-8CE7-D2DD7B…)

Going all out to spend $25 on a magnet for her father. Spending hundreds on takeout all week long, plus her Poshmark binges…embarrassing.

No. 1734135

No one said they're friends, illiterate dumbass. This is about an anon saying they were homies with the guy that knows Mandy. I never said anything about homie being weird verbiage either. You thinking there's only 1 anon on here makes you look stupider than your lack of reading comprehension.

No. 1734271

You're being more retarded than anyone else right now and that includes Mandy. It's not everyone else's fault you got mad at nothing.

No. 1734508

Lmao thank you. Felt like I was taking crazy pills for a second trying to level with this moron.

No. 1734558

Lmao total tinfoil but what are the chances this is actually for a cat named Dan and not her feral matted boyfriend? There’s cat treats and cat toys in that stocking

No. 1734609

Kek good catch, why does Dan have a cat scratch board and Meow Mix treats as his "stocking stuffers"? Mandy wrote that he's "so grateful to have" those items.

No. 1734610

The name was altered.

No. 1734673

about 4 months ago she posted about getting another bodega cat >>1616516 I’m guessing that’s why there are cat toys in the stocking.

No. 1734850

File: 1672494900335.jpg (841.72 KB, 1080x2714, Screenshot_20221231_085423_Ama…)

Cheap retard gifts for retards

No. 1735658

File: 1672626827942.jpeg (717.17 KB, 1179x1586, 8BFE82ED-EE62-4E83-927E-1921B5…)

Ok Slobs

No. 1735673


No. 1735796

Okay Amanda is a fucking idiot but I won’t hate on her for being sad the world lost a true legend. It is a legit bummer. RIP Boo.

No. 1736047

Yes, Mandy, because there's a correlation between some shitty rap group member's death and the holidays. It's not like people die everyday. It's a reason to hate the evil holidays.

No. 1736076

ok easy on three six mafia.. first horror hip hop group in existence.
but yes, people die from shit on any holiday, idk why new years is to blame.

No. 1736453

It was actually Gravediggaz.

No. 1737167

Do you really think they would get a whole cat that they actually have for months and never once post a picture of it

No. 1737186

Even though she doesn't post much any more, I still don't think she could resist the urge to post a 2,000 word essay on how she spent hundreds by door dashing the most expensive organic wet and dry cat foods, toys, bedding, & collar for it, tipped her dasher $500 because holidays, all while wearing just a little black bra with a hint of nipple, fiery red lipstick, and vintage Justin boots with replaced soles and laces and if anyone wants to send more just cash app, will gift you with CoNtEnT in return.

No. 1737336

noticed there were no bird toys this Christmas. do you think the bird starved to death or just dropped dead from secondhand smoke

No. 1737420

I think the joke was that she’s larping as a hip hop head for sad points.
Show some respect, nerd.
Love the reference but… Girl, no. lol.

No. 1737756

File: 1672927296065.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1179x2002, F26F28A1-BA43-457A-83A1-939C74…)

“brother-owned vintage paper-thin deadstock tee”

Pretty sure this is one run on sentence

No. 1737757

File: 1672927543911.jpeg (694.05 KB, 1179x1169, 28A1C4E7-AA03-4D08-B264-2892F8…)

Why does it have and IG icon and a weird watermark at the bottom?

It’s a video of her singing “House of the Rising Sun” and not playing so well.

This isn’t from her IG (I don’t think, I don’t remember seeing this video ever?) The watermark seems bizarre to me.

No. 1738821

File: 1673038254120.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1179x1991, E176FF66-0D99-4E84-ABFF-53CFB1…)

Nofilly and an old picture.

No. 1738866


I know she chronically posts old pics, but damn she must be looking ~rough~ lately to be actively avoiding a single new selfie. When was the last one that wasn't a repost? Almost a year ago?

No. 1739034

Sage for off topic but why is this thread autosage? Is it because of Dom or because she's slowly killing hobos one at a time?
Love the nonnies keeping it alive, one of my favourite threads here

Imo she's just too fat for photos, but the drugs definitely could be prematurely ageing her. Her Photoshop skills are limited, she can't shop fat away and even in some pics from a year ago, she's got some extra weight she's struggling to hide. The muffin top in the brat shirt pic is intense considering how much she shops and talks about being tiny.
Dan looks like he's gained some weight to me so my tinfoil has been daily doordash fucking her up.

No. 1739735

I wish Dom hadn't been chased away by the retards in past threads. He was great for holiday intel. Dom if you're out there, OP here asking you to give me the scoop on Christmas.

No. 1739736

Same Anon but I also agree that given the amount of door dashing happening Mandy has hit a weight that is finally unable to be shooped away. Some NYC farmer is going to have to take one for the team and go to an eyehategod show in hopes of catching her in the wild

No. 1740457

This picture made me want to scream of flashbacks to a girl who would skinwalk every thing about me and every thing I did back when I was growing up. She looks JUST LIKE Mandy, so much it makes my skin crawl. This girl literally ruined so much for me growing up, we met through a friend and she immediately became OBSESSED with me, started telling everybody I was her cousin lol, I just went along with it for a while because she was few years younger than me. Anyway, blogpost sorry, every time I see Mandy I get reminded of this psycho girl who became obsessed to the point that she made her way into every circle or people I ever considered friends and also went after my ex boyfriends as well.. and she was a huge ~iM a PuNk rAWk gUrl~ despite being the biggest poser and loser.

No. 1740962

Nobody cares about your boring blog post, poser. Mandy Slobz doesn't even look like the pic she posted. Nobody wants to be you because you're an annoying blog poster. Never post your dumb stories here again.

No. 1741624

God some of you bitches are really unbearable. There has been zero milk lately; she at least said something related to the cow. If you so desperately need 100% scamanda, go sit outside her apartment. We all know the address. Otherwise, it’s not fucking cnn. Relax.

No. 1741625

No. 1745113

Being drug addicts AND fat, ouch. Why don't they take some uppers or something? But isn't Dan fat and a cokehead at the same time?

No. 1745180

Shut up scamanda. You’re a dumpy little gremlin and a cokehead. These things aren’t always mutually exclusive.

No. 1745363


Why would you assume that's Amanda? Please stop being retarded.

No. 1745446

Yeah I read that wrong sorry I’m retarded

No. 1748228

File: 1674144913301.jpeg (223.43 KB, 1179x2148, 62235222-D9AF-49AF-A878-887C93…)

No milk, but seems Jon has been active on “his” Poshmark. While Manda has been radio silent on FB and her Poshmark account.

No. 1748349

File: 1674159210335.jpeg (605.13 KB, 1296x1879, 5C059B85-1385-4C1E-BEF7-64B364…)

No. 1748408

That’s not even her chunky hand.

No. 1748411

File: 1674165617978.jpeg (892.08 KB, 1179x5518, 7515E63B-127B-487D-BF55-1E5C23…)

Omg the edits kek

No. 1749052

What the fuck? I know she does this a lot but there are hardly any words in this post, how could it possibly need so many edits?

No. 1749800

File: 1674347107858.jpeg (323.59 KB, 2048x2048, 326907070_689382762924036_2104…)

New prof pic

No. 1749828

She erased this story, that never happened

No. 1750725

File: 1674491634709.jpeg (866.12 KB, 1179x1856, D4946DE9-E559-48F7-A837-96A672…)

It’s from 5 years ago kek. She’s digging into the archives now. Maybe she’ll post her “motorpickle” that she can’t ride!

No. 1750782

and yet she leaves a typo in. amazing job.

No. 1751751

absolutely love that she needs to mention it was charcoal wipe for trendiness points

No. 1754687

The proportions of her face never cease to amaze me. Her eyebrows are as far apart as the width of her mouth. And her eyes are bigger than her mouth. It’s bonkers.

No. 1755736

You’d think with how much she milks Johnny she could get him to buy her some lip fillers or at least edit some onto herself. Her eyebrows are thicker than her mouth.

No. 1756437

Her eyebrows are not actually that thick, just dense. Also did you guys forget anything she posts is a facetune nightmare? The only thing she can't edit out is that insufferable pursing pout she does with her lips, idk why but it makes me irrationally angry kek

No. 1757404

The lip pucker thing drives me up the wall too, nonnie. Her mom does it too it’s so gross looking.

No. 1762196

Should we start taking bets on what her Valentine’s day post might say? How her and Scabbies have been “pining eachother” for eight years? Or that they’re happily in love and not two jobless drug addicts rotting away in an apartment living off John’s money

No. 1765011

It will go one of three ways: a coke fueled word salad that's edited 45 times about the wonderful homemade handcrafted artisan gifts they gave each other, a passive aggressive jab, or radio silence.

The change in posting is just so odd. Things must be very very bleak; if they were dead for weeks I wouldn't be shocked.

No. 1765136

She was one of my favorite cows. I wonder what the hell they're doing.

No. 1765807

Absolutely nothing. No one has heard from Dan in a while too. They’re probably just too high and wasted to function.

No. 1765854

The store has been closed for 3 years, the website is down, she’s never had a job in the past 10+ years. A D-list “celebrity” died in her apartment in 2021. Her and her “BF” are radio silent. She claims to be keeping control of his contact with people.

I have 2 theories:

A) she realized spewing her personal thoughts all over social media was so cringey and her terrible photo edits (and caption edits) were becoming too unmanageable. So she’s trying to be private.

B) she’s so high she can’t post anything, but even at her previous rock bottoms she was so vocal about it.

No. 1765935

It’s hard to imagine her being self-aware, but the second one is highly likely.

No. 1766644

Complete tin foil but the only times she’s checked her behavior in the past have seemingly been when Johnny has threatened to pull the plug on his handouts. Pretty sure he stopped paying her rent in bushwick because she was so fucked up and got in that legal trouble for assault. So she sobered up, or claimed to, and moved into her parents garage so he’d keep giving her money. She faked a back injury and alluded to a pregnancy when her 1-year mark of living in his parents building was coming up. Losing him and his wallet are the only things that seem to really affect her behavior. I would not be surprised if she’s staying quiet to keep the cash flowing.

No. 1766981

File: 1676268023815.jpg (30.01 KB, 400x298, 2580039424_2a1031a139_w.jpg)

She is so damn ugly, i hadn't seen these photos before.

No. 1766984

File: 1676268157858.jpg (39.98 KB, 400x300, 2579209767_9445dff322_w.jpg)

No. 1769400

File: 1676555143012.jpg (Spoiler Image,136.35 KB, 1124x1480, IMG-20200720-WA0010.jpg)

This what y'all are waiting for?

No. 1769414

No one cares about her ugly nudes scrote.

No. 1769550

Ew no one wants to see that squat goblin’s shooped nudes

No. 1769811

Where’s the cancer removal scar? Oh right she never had cancer.

No. 1770088


spoiler that gross shit, nonny

No. 1770611

I like em, keep em cummin(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1772459

File: 1676890700711.jpg (Spoiler Image,184.46 KB, 1600x1200, IMG-20200720-WA0004.jpg)

Welp what else do you want?

No. 1772498

Nice nipple hair

No. 1772530

File: 1676902239464.jpeg (234.47 KB, 1179x1749, B13A3072-0CB8-422E-A840-5DE875…)

She’s still active on Poshmark, new name kek

No. 1773006

It’s a CaNcER sCaR you bitch!

No. 1774270

Did old meatball eyes herself pop in to drop a nasty? This reeks of the retard.

No. 1777613

Those photos are years old too. No feet tats yet

No. 1779257

She doesn’t want anyone to see how big she is now.

No. 1779680

That actually crossed my mind, why else would she post a years old nude here haha. Classic Slobs.

No. 1780382

I feel bad for her brother if he decides to come back to the thread now lol

No. 1781615

There's new ones?

No. 1781901

God this thread is shit now. Slobs used to be my favorite cow.

No. 1782397

Same, I'm the OP and it sucks. I wish the retards didn't chase Dom away, I'd love to know what's actually going on. The complete silence after years of insanity is so shocking that it had to be something major.

No. 1782489

Sage for speculation but I feel like she may have FINALLY figured out that by not posting anything, we farmers would have no milk to post here. And also she got fat and nobody likes her, so an internet presence became largely pointless.

No. 1783616

I don’t think that’s far off. She’s fat, old and irrelevant and the only people following her feed were us farmers. You’re probably right she finally caught on.

No. 1783835

Wouldn’t mind more nudes though(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1784185

I mean, sometimes I search her name in the New York death certificate registry when work is slow and I remember she exists, but that's not what I WANT, that's just what I expect.

We're definitely in the final season of the Amanda Schafmayer Show. And it's shit.

No. 1784289

I don't know if this is new lore and I don't care enough to read but Dan's facebook page was deleted recently.

No. 1787212

File: 1678611885357.png (167.16 KB, 1290x2796, C8A2E157-4C62-433A-BBEF-E68D61…)

No. 1787214

File: 1678611934218.png (159.87 KB, 1290x2796, A19F539C-511D-4459-AE4A-234688…)

No. 1787224

File: 1678613284841.jpeg (491.57 KB, 1290x2231, 57456B8D-815D-4EE5-A8AB-AEEE96…)

No. 1787225

File: 1678613460478.jpeg (434.77 KB, 1290x2332, 9A843B97-A510-4DC8-B6FB-9CB518…)

No. 1787226

File: 1678613494323.jpeg (547.31 KB, 1290x2349, D503E95B-E3E7-404D-84D1-AA9015…)

No. 1787242

And so many people are commenting all wanting to send her money. Jesus she’s so full of it.

No. 1787249

File: 1678624206997.webm (Spoiler Image,4.48 MB, 720x1280, received_2926539521002300.webm)

Fuck her

No. 1787299


I cannot find a single article online about this. How could something this horrible happen without even making the news?

No. 1787369

And no pic of her hospital bracelet, blood on her stoop, screenshot of the surveillance video that makes her look tough, etc

No. 1787387

File: 1678645701825.jpeg (264.73 KB, 1179x1982, BE98E9E7-724A-4223-8FCE-59B10C…)

No. 1787388

File: 1678645723688.jpeg (208.64 KB, 1179x1948, 2F188FED-642F-469B-9A3B-82D90C…)

No. 1787390

File: 1678645814187.jpeg (229.7 KB, 1179x1642, D4C0535C-EC2F-454E-A6F2-E881DF…)

New engagement ring?
Bracelet says 2/16/2023

No. 1787522

Sorry I don't know how to post here. But there is another page to the comic showing her reaction.

No. 1787543

Her story is another excuse to ask for donations. Someone asked why not start a GofundMe and she said she doesn't like their policy of asking for "proof". Lies. Something like this would make the news yet there's no report. She's so sick.

No. 1787574

File: 1678659956689.jpeg (170.33 KB, 1179x1809, 02B80F8A-E31C-4C90-9898-0A24A9…)

Her precinct never posted a “wanted” post for someone she said hid from the cops (but ACAB right Mandy?)

Literally no news about this happening to anyone in Brooklyn. If she’d left the house in the passed few months she would know crime is up on the subway, not her stoop.

This is just so she doesn’t have to show her fat ass in public and can hide behind her “injuries”. Also if she needed reconstructive surgery, medicaid would cover it. Or Jon should just pay for it, since they’re still married.

She never was attacked last time when she said she fell over the stairs railing on the porch. This is the second time she’s been “attacked” at her home and someone died in there. Maybe you’re just bad luck.

No. 1787576

File: 1678660144268.jpeg (186.21 KB, 1179x1626, 6A51BC41-0519-4F37-820C-BB9037…)

No. 1787579

File: 1678660306038.jpeg (160.03 KB, 1179x1227, 8BC1B7A0-C55B-4116-9F2D-99595E…)

Oh btw she had cancer in both “tiddies” NBD

No. 1787591

It's so obvious her stories are all lies to get people's sympathy money..you have this person, who recently at Christmas asked for money from her Fb friends, disappears for 3 months then comes out with this story and again asking for money.

No. 1787649

i almost vomited at the dirt under the fingernails reveal omg

No. 1787692

This checks out
3/22 had face was spilt open during a RaNdOm AtTaCk and insurance won’t cover surgery

12/22 needs to enjoy the city during XMAS!!!
10/22 needs money from mysterious car crash on NJTP (possible DaManda breakup?!)

12/21 (atm card not working??!!)

4/20 (her foray into SW)

1/20 The Great Cancer Fake

No. 1787704

Do you mean 2/22? It's only 3/12 now.

Regardless, I call shenanigans. Since when does she shy away from posting gross shit? If she's busted up Dan probably did it. You know with all that thriving he's doing.

No. 1787724

Sorry, I’m tired, I meant 3/23 (month/year)

No. 1787770

Oh I get what you mean now

No. 1787844

Isn't this the bracelet dan had from when jumped off something or some shit.

Also, poor fucking cat she stole has a worse life now having to live in her filth.

No. 1787884

Someone get those “proof” pics I have to see this GiAnT gAsH.

No. 1787950

All of this is pretty classic Amanda, I'm just wondering why she had to share that she pissed herself on her walk home.

No. 1787960

File: 1678722734692.jpeg (57.2 KB, 1060x478, C25FAA1C-A098-4DD7-B51C-9A9B72…)

You’d think you’d reevaluate your life if you’re approaching 40 and need to beg for money on the internet every couple of months. She left the hospital before discharge, so Medicaid won’t pay for her visit. She has no idea she needs plastic surgery, nor consulted with a surgeon. No CT or MRI to diagnose a concussion. No observation of concussion symptoms. Apparently, she was hooked up to an IV while sitting in the waiting room for 12 hours. From her story, the only thing they were able to do for her were stitches. If she truly had head trauma, she would have been under observation…. lying down in a room, not sitting in the ER waiting room. I am only assuming from this comment she had left is that she needs money for basic needs, not surgery.

No. 1787961

I have been in the hospital with a concussion and with terrible cuts and there is no way I would’ve been able to leave without the doctors taking all the stuff they put on you off and LETTING you leave. Because I had a major concussion, I didn’t know where I was or which direction the way out was. IF she really had a concussion AND was cut up that bad there’s no way she snuck out of the hospital without anyone noticing. She’s so full of shit.

No. 1787964

Would bet anything that she got wasted, slipped on puke again, cut her lip a little and is using this whole thing as an excuse to get her lips done cause she never had any to begin with and farmers have been making fun of her mouth for years. We all know she looks at this thread and how much it affects her.

No. 1787977

That’s a very long and creative story to make excuses to get plastic surgery. Girl, just get your lips done quietly and move on. Everyone would understand why you did it.

No. 1787981

A white girl getting her face slashed by a “gang member” and beaten up would’ve definitely made the news. She’s so fucking dumb.

No. 1787985

For the sake of story-telling, of course. The same reason she said this took place on Valentine’s Day but the admission date on the hospital bracelet says 2/16. Anything and everything to make herself more desperate and sad, although she already is. Just not in the way she /wants/ to be.

No. 1787986

She walked home safely even though she was alone, with a major concussion and half naked in the middle of the night in a neighborhood she claims is so dangerous there’s constantly drive bys, robberies and assaults without getting lost, hurt, robbed or anything? Sounds super real lmao.

No. 1787989

All that money begging and she still had time to kill her ex and her bird! Impressive!

No. 1787994

File: 1678725118469.jpeg (113.27 KB, 828x1792, 4A894F98-E13B-4D47-8D47-85CEEA…)

The heavy rains washed all the blood off!

Except it didn’t rain a single drop on February 16 in New York City.

Screenshot from the weather underground weather history for NYC.

No. 1787997

Video isn’t working for me, what is it?

No. 1788000

This sounds correct lol

No. 1788001

He probably deleted it so he doesn’t have to face the horrible embarrassment of reading and getting tagged in Amanda’s ridiculous made-up stories like this one lmao.

No. 1788008

I know that nothing she says ever makes sense, but I'm struggling to understand how so many people could believe that she's not only missing a chunk of her lip, but that it's such a big chunk she was able to locate it on the ground. From a box cutter going in a line down her face… how? Why is nobody asking to see?

No. 1788009

Also it was raining SO hard that the blood was completely cleaned off but the water or wind didn’t move the lip chunk? Nothing in her story makes sense. It didn’t even rain in NYC on Valentine’s Day OR February 16.

No. 1788021

>send me money then I'll provide proof
So fucking full of shit. More like send her money and she flakes out forever because there's nothing to send.

No. 1788113


Since when do they let you wear jewelry in a hospital

If she was a fall risk wouldn’t they latch her to the bed

No. 1788142

”Realizing who was really his friend” How can he have any friends if you stole his phone and keep him prisoner in your apartment with no way to contact family or friends? I call bullshit.

Dan had a fall-risk bracelet when he was hospitalized a while back. Basically wore it like a badge of honor. Funny her picture of the bracelet is already cut off. Obviously she posed Dan’s hospital bracelet for “proof.”

No. 1788146

Sounds like a pretty elaborate sob story she’s using to fund plastic surgery. Watch her post a “post-op” photo with “residual” injuries from this alleged stabbing. Her stories just get worse and worse.

No. 1788167

I don't believe anything she ever says but if it's actually just for soup as she mentioned, that's even more hilarious. A gofundme for a $5 can of soup, yes indeed they are thriving!
This all makes less sense the more I think about it. She'll send "proof" to anyone who donates but she'll blur the name of her attacker… why?? Why protect someone who just stabbed you in the face. God she's a fucking maniac. Glad she's back though!

No. 1788189

Assuming you or some danon in here knows…. Have any of his friends talked to him since he disappeared from social media? Because she certainly tries to makes it seem like HE doesn’t want to see them, but it seems so weird to suddenly decide all of your friends are terrible.

I don’t understand how a 30 something year old man would allow his gf to take his phone and social media away like she his mom.

No. 1788198

She can’t afford a $2 can of soup but she can afford to drink unimaginable amounts of booze, snort even more coke and pills while she spends all day shopping on poshmark and ordering grubhub multiple times a day. Yeah ok. More like she wasn’t able to extend Johnny/mommy and daddy’s allowance until the end of the month so now she needs help to buy more booze and more coke and get a little attention and pity on the way. Classic mandy.

No. 1788222

Last I heard, they were having major fights because she was jealous whenever he was around his friends. She would chastise Dan for listening to his friends over her, this is a fact.

No. 1788470

I can imagine every single one of his friends told him to break up with her at some point lmao

No. 1788649

If this was real, wouldn't she be trying to get money from her attacker rather than Facebook friends? She says if any "donator" requires proof, she will conceal the ID of the attacker. Why would she be protecting her attacker? She keep saying she won't use GoFundMe because they require proof.

No. 1788697

This is all an elaborate cover for drug money and a surprise new face of fillers, guaranteed. But she’ll be a saint for it, not vain like other girls, because even though those girls look beautiful and she’d never shame another woman for her choices about her body, Saint Amanda wouldn’t ever have fucked with her mama’s good looks. 100% this will be the narrative.

No. 1788758

She doesn’t want her attacker to pay because she’s just soooooo nice and sooooo ACAB. Just kidding the whole story is completely fake. She just wants surgery and drugs.

No. 1788761

The fact that this woman who isn’t too far from being 40 years old is posing hospital bracelets and masks in front of this poor cat to get pity and money from online strangers is a level of pathetic that is truly hard to grasp. Someone save that poor cat before he ends up like the poor bird.

No. 1788782

I think its for drugs too and that they owe money and being hounded for it. probs why Dan's deleted his social media.

Doubt she'd be getting plastic surgery. She might claim to but we all know it's probably going to be some photo filter instead.

No. 1788843

Do you know if it’s true he willingly gave up his phone and social media? Because it really seems like she has him imprisoned. Do you know if he’s even allowed to speak to his family?

No. 1788844

One more vote to the post being an excuse to get surgery and ask for money for the surgery and whatever drugs they currently are doing.

No. 1788847

Dom please come back. We want your insight. Sorry those few rabid retards chased you away.

No. 1789046

It’s hilarious how she pointed out that the hospital staff “legit thought I FELL!”….well that’s because that’s exactly what happened and they knew from the second your drunk disgusting lying self stumbled into their ER to once again waste resources and cause a scene

No. 1789048

She probably thought they would give her some pain killers if she acted hurt enough. I’ve seen it happen before.

No. 1789327

Omg 10000%, you covered all the bases lollll

There’s no way she moaned and screamed, then these G patients spoke up for her to get meds. They’d be annoyed as hell and wouldn’t give a shit. So dumb

No. 1789353

She is imagining she is Uma Thurman in Kill Bill pulling the IV out of her arm and walking out of there.

No. 1789404

This couldn’t be anymore accurate.

No. 1789618

For real kek anyone i know who's ever tried pulling this shit ended up in restraints, with the optional Ativan shot if they decided to be extra about it. She's so ridiculous.

No. 1790147

Scammy bought nits drain dred dude a phone for his birthday like 18 months ago while she had a rotting chuffing Tiger king feral in her room. So possible she's a Indian giver and smashed it. Hence no social media.

No. 1790253

File: 1679067657490.jpeg (357.95 KB, 1179x3179, EBB4217F-0D5E-4C46-9B0B-C91CC5…)

She let him have the phone almost a whole year!

No. 1790257

File: 1679068214222.jpeg (367.95 KB, 1179x1816, 4C3A761A-6574-4E6A-A22E-E8B60D…)

Was somehow setting it up in November….since gifting it in August…hmm

No. 1790288

“Thank you for caring about my sweetheart” she says to absolutely no one. I don’t even think his family cares.

No. 1790290

Such a kind captor.

No. 1790295

File: 1679072187146.jpeg (291.53 KB, 1179x1503, CCE9F5B7-9CF0-4D38-8E9F-498849…)

One month after The Unplugging this happened… took his phone so he can’t ask for help?

Is this some Misery type story arc?

No. 1790336

Yeah, I’m starting to wonder if these emergency room trips are from them beating eachother.

No. 1790342

I wouldn’t be surprised. She has a history of DV and it seems scabbies does too, that’s not something that usually changes.

I remember a while back they both had black eyes and Amanda hinted they gave them to each other as if it was a cute joke.

No. 1790353

File: 1679079128105.jpeg (871.38 KB, 4096x3072, C6D3F8F7-6E90-4339-9C20-CC9882…)


Remember when scabbies first showed up they gave each other black eyes and she made posts making jokes about it like it was cute. Plus that time they stapled each other, or the time she burned him with a match then laughed hysterically about it, or when his head was soaked in blood and she gave no explanation as to why. Theirs is no doubt there’s physical abuse going on in that house. Maybe he punched her and split her lip who knows.

No. 1790354

Omg or the home stitches she gave him! She’s stitched her chickens back together when she lived on a farm. A true professional!

Why didn’t she just DIY her own surgery in the kitchen? She’s not punk at all!!

No. 1790356

“Painstakingly” setting up his phone? You mean tapping on the screen like three times and then waiting for it to start?

Must be so hard having no real job for a decade and have to sacrifice five minutes of your busy day of coke snorting, pill popping and booze drinking to set up a phone. She’s such a saint.

No. 1790360

Did she even explain why scabbies “needed” stitches? She probably cut him and stitched him herself lol.

No. 1790368

File: 1679080788838.jpeg (315.89 KB, 1179x1838, 6F61EB45-14AE-410B-A6F5-28457F…)

Feb 2, 2022

No. 1790382

File: 1679082320435.jpeg (199.87 KB, 1170x1976, 8C4B5BBA-BC48-43DC-A53F-64E7DE…)

His comment is gone from the post after he erased his account. >>1433887

No. 1790412

She probably just cut him with the scissors. How do you fall on scissors and get a deep cut? Were they standing up wide open like an X? And how do you even get cut right under the armpit if you’re practicing your elbow drops? You’re literally falling on your elbow not your armpit somehow. Makes no sense.

No. 1790415

I still can’t get over how small that cut is and that he proudly posted it online like a battle scar. I got bigger cuts learning how to ride a bike when I was 5.

No. 1792051

I wish Dom would come back and let us know how his poor sliced up sister is doing.

No. 1793833

Did she delete that ridiculous post yet or has she gone back to silence? I’m surprised she hasn’t made ten follow up posts asking for more money, pity and attention.

No. 1794088

No replies to anything else. Hasn’t taken down the post or posted anything since.

No. 1794695

tfw you think you're Luna Vachon but you're actually Luna Slater

No. 1795027

Crossover we need to see. Maybe lurch and luna can die in Amanda's room while she tries to detox them kek

No. 1795279

honestly i swear i thought a jonny craig and amanda crossover happened but i guess i’m delusional

No. 1796258

Any combination of JC, Amanda, Jake Munro, and Pumpy I would be thrilled about. Just rivers… oceans of milk…

No. 1796686

I’ve been begging for this for like 3 threads lmao

No. 1798713

lol well she certainly has the bangs and tattoos if she wants jc’s attention. the milk would be glorious. imagine syd vs mandy lmao

No. 1798854

Imagine Mandy vs Big Jess kek

No. 1799577

File: 1680260448598.jpeg (214.58 KB, 1179x2255, IMG_5519.jpeg)

She’s alive, not milky tho

No. 1799946

I hope she goes back to her parents garage

No. 1801415

mandy vs skid would be the better showdown lol. bpd vs bpd, pure entertainment.

No. 1801523

File: 1680517874111.jpeg (35.95 KB, 1179x375, IMG_5581.jpeg)

Amanda, you are not a good person.

No. 1802233

“The world is full of good people, if you can’t be one, use and manipulate one” would’ve been more accurate for her.

I wonder if Johnny is still even around.

No. 1805376

File: 1680977271240.jpeg (211.15 KB, 1170x1259, CCDFEC52-0FA5-445E-BF32-8A8BF1…)

Only she could make a large thyroid sound so SERIOUS

No. 1805574

File: 1681003056178.jpeg (122.07 KB, 1179x1282, IMG_5676.jpeg)

She’s going to blame any weight gain from now on her being immunocompromised, thyroid issues… but nothing is ever blamed on the cancer she claimed she still has and needs treatment for? Where’s the posts about all these surgeries and treatment visits?

No. 1805644

well, not the goiter crossover we wanted >>1796258 but a goiter nonetheless.

No. 1805828

I got blood work back from a physical in a week (for reference) Why would this take from Feb to April to diagnose to see a specialist to find the “perfect dosage”?
No word on her “buck fifty” injury and panhandling for money?

No. 1806007

Here comes another post begging for money to treat some life threatening condition she doesn’t have. I wonder if her allowance is up or their habits are just getting so expensive that she’s back to begging for money online.

No. 1806048


she's so utterly full of shit. it's not in any way rare for women of her age to be diagnosed with hashimoto's thyroiditis. women in their thirties are arguably the most commonly diagnosed demographic. and you know what makes it worsen to the degree that it kills your thyroid and you go hypo? drugs, alcohol, processed food, lack of exercise

No. 1806063

File: 1681083777563.jpeg (174.35 KB, 1122x1280, 94BA9885-E12E-41A2-913F-406D32…)


Like clockwork

No. 1806278

Sounds totally legit.

No. 1806280

March 11th was the box cutter incident.
Tomorrow is the 11th…

This is such a crackhead scheme. Go sell some wood kek

No. 1806993

Ah yes, reselling gift cards, the most popular crackhead/dopehead scheme to get drug money. Next step is stealing newspapers from trucks and trying to resell them to bodegas and strangers.

No. 1806994

She’s finally gone full crackhead lmao

No. 1807477

>gifts that I just found
She’s such a dipshit. I’m pretty sure a non-crackhead would know if they had a $500 gift card and wouldn’t “forget” about it. I hope someone takes her up on this because I can’t wait for the long description of why the gift card didn’t work.

No. 1807627

Was thinking exactly the same. If anyone is dumb enough to fall for her scheme I’d bet anything she doesn’t have a single useable gift card. Real garbage people.

No. 1807684

Are there any comments on this post?

No. 1808479

File: 1681469625330.jpeg (256.84 KB, 1179x1789, IMG_5770.jpeg)

Just one comment, she “liked” it

No. 1808486

That’s embarrassing.

No. 1810529

when my thyroid was completely inactive i was put on meds right away. the prescription does not require a specialist & the meds cost like $15 for 30 days without insurance.(sage your blogpost)

No. 1813650

how did she not suspect she had a thyroid issue with her bulging meatball eyes and weight fluctuations

No. 1818570

Do you have to sage a thread if the thread is on auto-sage? Related question, why is this thread on auto-sage?

No. 1822201

I’d like to know too? Finding this thread was quite difficult.

No. 1823404


Been wondering this for months now, I think it must have been accidental because I can't think of any actual reason it would be.

No. 1823947

I was reading the complaint thread in /meta/ last night and admin said it was auto-saged by a former staff member and she’d fix it. Unless I’m retarded and there’s another Amanda in snow or I misread something lol

No. 1824447

I hope so
I know this thread is running dry but I still scroll for ages to find it and its little occasional updates

No. 1824559

I’m dying to see if the incident with the box cutter is real or not….

No. 1825258

i for one am definitely tinfoilling that amanda somehow knew/contacted the former farmhand and got them to autosage it.

No. 1825796

File: 1683903440622.jpeg (68.65 KB, 1284x566, 584C0103-E926-4BEA-AA02-5EF236…)

She’s back. Deleted the gift card money grubbing post as well.

No. 1825827

You'll be fine, Amanda. Just hire that badass high-profile criminal defense lawyer from the last time! He'll totally understand and probably take the case pro bono to send a message to other would be Brooklyn street thugs!

No. 1825990


Can someone pull up the ny court records and see if this is actually happening next week

No. 1826081

She’s so full of shit. If she’s the victim of a crime she gets to chose to go to court or not. You only face jail time if you skip court after YOU committed a crime.

From the NYC courts website:
“The victims of certain felony offenses shall be consulted by the DA in order to obtain the views of the victim regarding disposition of the criminal case by dismissal, plea of guilty or trial.” And yes, having your face slashed with a knife falls under “certain felony offenses” for sure.

No. 1826509

File: 1683998043578.jpeg (224.99 KB, 1179x1921, IMG_6466.jpeg)

No. 1827004

ACAB but not like all cops. god she’s so stupid.

No. 1827012

When was she in jail before?

No. 1827017

When she beat up Korey and he had her arrested from her apt. Jon bailed her out that night.

No. 1827146

Complains about having to relive it in the courtroom, willing to talk about it on her own time on the internet. Okay.

No. 1827230

File: 1684099832084.jpeg (263.04 KB, 1179x1965, IMG_6479.jpeg)

A whole 12 hours

No. 1827308

>Subpoenad in front of a grand jury
This all sounds false and i don't even understand why this would happen? If she was stabbed in the face, she wouldn't have to testify to a grand jury?? All they do is determine if the case's circumstances require a full prosecution/real trial, they do not determine guilt or innocence. They wouldn't need to put her on the stand to establish that it happened? The medical records and police record would be enough?

Did she watch the trump trials and learn all her legalese from his legal issues? This makes no sense and it's just random legal buzzwords.

>District attorney offered to be my personal body guard and chauffeur because he's not busy being a lawyer
Kek why is she doing this, not even movies would suggest something so dumb. It was a random assault, why would the DA care so much?

No. 1827325

We never saw a news article. None of this ever happened. She’s making everything up. No pictures from the queen of oversharing? Unlikely.

No. 1830027

File: 1684455503575.jpeg (60.76 KB, 1179x858, IMG_6577.jpeg)

No. 1830342

God her feet looking fucking huge

No. 1830349

I served on a kings county grand jury 6-7 years ago for two weeks. We saw about 40 cases. Several of them called witnesses who were asked basic questions to determine certain specific details that affected which changes the defendant would be charged with. In one case someone’s backpack was stolen and they were claiming it was grand larceny because of the total amount of available credit she had on the credit cards inside the bag. They brought her on the stand just to confirm the list of items that were in the bag. That’s it just a few quick questions. No cross examination or real testimony. Just “confirm your name, your address and the contents of your bag that day”.

So it is possible scamanda would be called to the stand for the grand jury. But the kings county court house is a fucking circus. There’s all kinds of people walking in and out of there including celebrities, politicians, etc. There is no way in hell she’s getting a private escort to court. She’s not that special. She’s kind of making it out to seem like it was some sort of gang related thing? But I also don’t think her story is real. Just tin-foiling.

No. 1830530

No milk - but it’s a tin-foiled thought that keeps coming up since she mentioned being summoned.
I know Cowie’s death was recorded as“natural causes related to long term chronic alcohol abuse” but what if there’s finally an investigation?
There’s no way she’d stay this quiet if it was for the attack, she’s never stayed quiet long.

No. 1831923

has there been a scabies update in the last two months, haven't heard anything from friends but pretty much everyone has entirely lost contact even via mandy

No. 1832320

They’re full blown junkies at this point, they don’t have anything to share and probably don’t see anyone anymore or go anywhere

No. 1832935

File: 1684866108931.jpeg (320.38 KB, 1179x1864, IMG_6688.jpeg)

No. 1832986

so…. Dan has a phone now?

No. 1832992

Apparently and it’s a “crappy” one even though he was waiting for the new Iphone to come out (or whatever her story was)

No. 1833266


in what world does a bodega cat have “papers” she’s so full of shit kek

No. 1833272

There's so much to dissect in this post… but "gender neutral" cat..? "Female parts"? Calling her "it"? I know she's insane but what the fuck kek

No. 1833445

File: 1684930280299.jpeg (162.42 KB, 1179x1564, IMG_6742.jpeg)

Just had to add the cat on the kitchen counter…because gross.

No. 1833636

what is the crackheaded tinfoil/crushed can thing happening behind the cat?

No. 1833639

I'm nauseous after reading this

No. 1833694

I'm wondering the same thing. A crushed Twisted Tea can on top of a foily, thriving!

No. 1834236

Looks like a soldering/ pyrography/rotary tool with the crushed can acting as the stand and the metal foil protecting the counter from whatever mess she's making.

No. 1834244

File: 1685020238668.jpeg (214.24 KB, 1179x1125, IMG_6783.jpeg)

It’s all healed guys. No big deal. Why don’t the courts consider she’s a lazy POS? She needs her beauty sleep!

Oh and her mom has worked 5 days a week for 36 years….ok Mandy.

No. 1834249

File: 1685021189378.jpeg (369.01 KB, 1179x2163, IMG_6786.jpeg)

And the edits

No. 1834256

thought her lip was fucked, because mouth wounds heal so fast. And sure, she dislikes waking up early, it's not like they have other cases to deal with, her case is the only one the whole day.

No. 1834290

File: 1685028540585.jpeg (183.78 KB, 1003x992, IMG_6788.jpeg)


“The sharpest pair of shears there are”
But sure only an eyebrow scar…

No. 1834311

I am laughing at the people who donated to her plastic surgery fund to fix her mangled face kek

No. 1834355

Pics or stfu slobs. I love this new level of scamming where she doesn't even bother trying to prove anything any more.

No. 1834493


Why is the cat in the OVEN what kinda of candid cat pic is that

No. 1834565

Why would she be alone, her bf has no job and no friends and goes nowhere. He can’t come to the courthouse with her? Is he busy???

No. 1839038

Probably too busy sleeping in a pile of puke and trash to help her.

No. 1839386

why has no one said anything about this disgusting video?

No. 1839512

can’t see it

No. 1839540

No fr. I gotta be real with you guys, I have no idea how to open these files on this site. I use safari and Firefox on my iPhone and they just never ever load (cba to use this site on my laptop as I only open it for work)

No. 1839603

Use Chrome

No. 1840127

Gross wtf lol who posted this shit.
Also no word from Dan, she doesn't mention him supporting her through her "court case". I honestly think it's a Tiger King 2.0 situation, or about to be.
The scamming is so obvious at this point no one responds to her posts. I can guarantee its about to get milkier, sadly neither of them post anymore, do anything, or have any friends.

No. 1840217

Cowies death was not anything criminal, he died 2 years ago… They didn’t find drugs in the scene (that part I do not understand how it’s possible) Wouldn’t they be a little faster about a criminal charge for her, if it was about Cowie?

I don’t think she got slashed or is at the court at all. She probably just had a drunken fall and needs to cover up the embarrassment of that with an “attack”


Also holy shit where did that video come from? Can a mod check the post IP and see if they posted here before? That was not on her FB for sure. It’s either a self post or from Dan. The comment “fuck her” seems a little off for a farmer.

No. 1840279

Also can’t see it. Can anyone upload it in a different way?

No. 1840287

The only way I could view it on my iPhone was to download it and open in the VLC app.

No. 1840628

can someone just describe what happened in the video. don’t really wanna download jt

No. 1840716

She’s not wear any bottoms. She self filmed her squeezing her own butt and then (I shudder to even type this) sticks her dirty fingers in her crotch and shows her wet fingers to the camera. Barf.

It’s definitely something she took on her phone, so if someone posted it here I’m not sure how they got it. Unless a scrote she sent it to posted it.

No. 1840784

She always offers "content" to people that "donate" to her scamming. It's not that deep.

No. 1840812

No one buys her content, I’m sure it’s scabbies or one of the many exes that hate her.

No. 1844050

File: 1686401112236.jpeg (942.75 KB, 1179x5193, IMG_7147.jpeg)

the insane editing… not milky but WTF

No. 1844834

“my neighbors take care of me” is that why someone pushed you off a balcony and slashed your face with a box cutter?
what does she gain from acting like she’s gangster for living in the hood but then saying she’s safe and says what a nice house they have(sage your shit)

No. 1844910

Warrants or too drunk and stupid to stand up

No. 1845388

Nitpick but Miss Raised By the Streets is so lousy at her larp that she conveniently doesn't realize that she's saying she drops to the ground every time she hears what she thinks is a gunshot. At least she knows she isn't dodging bullets.

No. 1846554

File: 1686764131685.jpeg (183.2 KB, 1179x1478, IMG_7227.jpeg)

Only posts to call people out for clout I guess…

No. 1847766

That drawing is almost as corny and ugly as she is. Why would you even post such a bad drawing and the repost it again.