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File: 1589097704455.jpeg (2.31 MB, 2880x3840, 3AEA2C61-A198-4B6A-A6EF-CC3273…)

No. 971778

A continuation of the Amanda Bret thread: >>943302

Social Media
Ig: bratoutofhell
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/bretdarling

Amanda Bret / Amanda Schafemeyer / bratoutofhell - 32 year old self obsessed woman living in Brooklyn or somewhere in New York with either her parents or ex husband. Her life goal is to remain relevant on instagram, cannot help but constantly air out her dirty laundry online and constant oversharing, public breakdowns, etc.

New milk since last thread was formed:

Continued lying about her breast cancer, has moved around the date for her surgery a bunch (pre-corona). Continued to cuck her ex husband.

continued grifting any and everyone for cancer funds, including her boyfriend at this time, "five dread".

claimed her dad bought her a new car. We have yet to see this car. All posts have been deleted.

Rips off vintage and other art as her own

Claims to be sober for x amount of time even though she's been doing coke and drinking etc

Moving to Texas!


Tries to prove breast cancer


ACAB, except when the cops are cool

Here is where corona lockdowns begin and a new romance forms: Eric from Tiger King and Amanda start chatting. No one else can talk to him though. Just her.

>> 951026

Some background on her arrest for assaulting her ex

Claims she has a gray streak. It is never seen again

>> 952673

Back to selling nudes and sex tapes

>> 953088

Trashes her parents even though they've been supporting her for almost a year


Just shitting all over her ex husband who does everything for her


Five dread breaks up with her due to her Tiger King Eric obsession


A very sober Amanda yells about snakes in the grass


Moving back to NYC!

>> 968076

>> 968077
>> 968078

A series of videos happen over the best few days with increasing levels of Xanax and incoherency

Heading to Oklahoma!


And the newest true love is solidified, the cycle continues.

No. 971781

Ugh sorry for typos and formatting issues with some of the links. This is my first time posting a thread.

No. 971783


Nah this is great, thanks!

No. 971785

Probably worth mentioning that Amanda Bret / Amanda Schafmayer is also known as Amanda Labozetta: https://www.gofundme.com/f/amandabret-cancer-fund

No. 971786

File: 1589099474566.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 48.85 KB, 750x246, A364EFB8-305C-46E9-A98F-E3D17E…)


Detail from the GoFundMe for Amanda’s fake cancer: it’s currently 10th May i.e. over 3 months after she absolutely had to have this surgery… seems to be doing fine without it though. It’s a medical miracle!!!

No. 971790


Dammit yes I knew that too. Not sure if I can edit the title so maybe it's good to remember for next time. Thank you!

No. 971793


No worries, if we mention “Amanda Labozetta” a few times in the thread it’ll probably show up on Google anyway.

No. 971797

How is she going to run her "very sucessful businesses" from Oklahoma? Second, how will she mooch from her ex? If he sends her money to keep her low iq new love and his disgusting hoard of exotic animals afloat, we shoild name him Johnny the king of cucks.
I kind of want the deets of what's going on irl. I have a feeling she's been financially decimated, ergo the go find me.
If she's expecting some huge windfall from shacking up with the toothless tiger king.. well.. come on he can't take care of himself.

No. 971826

Her FB status says "widowed" now. Maybe they had a falling out and he's dead to her now. Would put money on her thinking they'll do a spin off show for her and Eric. Which is why she wants their first meeting "documented" just in case the producer wants back story

No. 971828

I wonder if the cancer funds are going to pay for her Oklahoma trip

No. 971832

Good point. Lmao.
She probably thinks she’s fucking with us by changing her status to ‘widowed’. Although I guess whoever it was that cowtipped might have fucked things up.

No. 971928

If by widowed she means still married to Johnny (probably because he was too niave to get a prenup, and she'd get half of his shit if they actually divorced, so it's cheaper in the long run to just pay for whatever she asks for/demands until she either sobers up and comes back to him or ODs and isn't a problem anymore) then yea, I guess she's a widow

No. 971978


They’re still married and she’s killed his spirit, so she kind of is a widow I guess.
Also definitely back the tinfoil that she’s getting her meeting with Tiger Peasant filmed because she reckons she can sell a reality TV show about their ~love story.

No. 972023

It's clearly a…Corona Virus get rich quick scheme. Let's not forget…she's this brilliant entrepreneur so she's always identifying her next big thing. She probably saw Tiger King day 0 of quarantine and was like, there's a sequel waiting to happen here, the perfect NEXT opportunity that I can use to sell my new brand: "Tiger Slut"

No. 972066

she loves toothless men

No. 972069


Eric Goode (the director/owner of the Tiger King doc and name) would never sign off on an official tiger king spin-off as his life’s ambition is animal rescue/conservation- not toothless, drug addict, garbage-ass, racist, honkys. The only reality show in her future is her embarrassing Instagram feed.

No. 972073

…which she’s keeping quiet on since that cow tipping idiot.

No. 972137

File: 1589171094781.jpeg (638.59 KB, 828x1603, BF4D48FF-5309-476B-821E-8264CF…)

Seems like he doesn’t want to keep quiet. She posted this “update” today and he just left this weird angry comment at… people?

No. 972209


Awesome. Giddy up.

No. 972249


Is he implying that if you clean all the debris and shit off of your side of the street, you too can find yourself a girl like Amanda?

No. 972262

Do y'all fellow snakes in the grass think Amanda will continue making her porn vids with Erik?

No. 972272

This gonna be so juicy. Literally the only reason she is interested in pursuing this is so it can all play out on social media. If there were no observers, can you imagine her continuing this charade? Hell, she even thrives from our attention. Even the negative. Imagine all the metaphorical cameras being switched off, the interest dries up, and it’s just her and toothless Erik in a bust up motor home in butt fuck nowhere, little baby Cleetus hanging off her titty. I don’t think so. lol.

No. 972283

File: 1589201881199.jpeg (386.09 KB, 1125x1232, 3C9615AC-016D-4A66-963F-2A7A96…)

too many lies going that she forgot she’s supposed to hate rape apologists?

why isn’t she going ape-shit on this dude instead of posting cringe spongebob pics to fb

No. 972285

File: 1589202387269.jpeg (483.21 KB, 555x1108, BBD5A47C-16B2-4B9B-9C49-B43520…)

“How good your life is”
She complains constantly about her life. Your making low budget porn vids in your parents house for money, because you can’t be trusted to live on your own.

No. 972307


i GUESS spending the money you got for faking cancer is considered living a good life

No. 972344

she didn't fake cancer for money, she is the cancer and needs money

No. 972345



No. 972452

File: 1589225327514.jpeg (229.75 KB, 1125x1121, C4C34BA0-EA6C-425F-8D6B-672777…)

Strongly suspicious that that chin is a liiiiiittle too pointy for a young kid… anyone have access to where her mom posted this so we can compare the original and the edited?

No. 972613


The good life: multiple relapses, disappointing your family, unable to have a healthy relationship, not having any true friendships, being in your 30’s with no education. If her life wasn’t boring, she wouldn’t feel the need to constantly induce drama and make shit up.

No. 972622

The fact she roped the TK guy into her insanity is absolutely hilarious. Like totally out of left field preposterous. It's the best she could get in terms of star fucking and I cannot wait to see how this saga unfolds.

No. 972649

Been goefore finding this board

No. 972650

Previous message, greasy fingers anon. Before finding this board i just thought she was a rich kid self obsessed and a attention whore but she has so many more layers of insanity I can't wait for the facetuned selfies with her TK future husband.

No. 972664

File: 1589250065094.jpg (86.59 KB, 1200x628, aba_143_try_1110_v0092_rec709_…)

She wants to look like her for some reason

No. 972704

File: 1589260025793.jpeg (423.03 KB, 2048x2048, 5A242E4D-BC14-4B97-8935-606174…)

Here’s what her unedited face looks like lol

No. 972711


How recent is this? She actually looks cute in these, there are so much worse candids of her floating around.

No. 972721

They’re almost 2 years old. I don’t think she looks bad without filters. It’s just ridiculous how much she edits her face and body and how defensive she gets when she gets called out on it and then lies. I used to think she was okay but she’s really just a horrible person and nothing about her is genuine.

No. 972767


She used to look just fine but now she's fat as hell

Which is also fine. Who cares if you're fat? But when you go to such extreme lengths to shop yourself into an anorexic it's just pure hilarity. I would love to know what her exes/ dudes she's fucked on the side really think when they first meet her.

No. 972793

File: 1589282675307.jpeg (598.61 KB, 1125x1556, BC96169E-97EC-49FE-B44B-55AFC6…)

I’m guessing she means not getting her nails down at the po-dunk zoo

No. 972864


Yeah, it’s clear bait for someone to ask her why she’s not getting her nails done for the foreseeable and for her to wax lyrical about being a Tiger Queen now. Pathetic.

No. 972914

Between the teeth and those brown ass stained nails, she’s going to fit right on in

No. 972972

Do you have pictures of her current state?

No. 972984

File: 1589312411166.jpeg (138.55 KB, 660x1251, C72EAD31-C162-4983-84F9-7AF850…)


I don’t think it’s even about old vs new photos; it’s about ones she’s tagged in vs ones she’s uploaded herself. Like, this is tagged 2015:

No. 972985

File: 1589312445823.jpeg (110.84 KB, 680x1078, 136FB1AB-8903-44DC-8660-D7B89F…)

No. 972988

She should lay off the photoshop
I just wonder how people react when they first meet her off the internet

No. 972991

We are surprised as hell. I met her after following for years and couldn’t believe how chunky she was. I was naive and thought she posed well. I know better now. I remember she posted a hotel room bikini and cigarette pic during the event I was at, and she looked 50 pounds lighter, seriously. I had just seen her the night before. That’s when it dawned on me that it wasn’t posing at all.

No. 973002

Your pfp if u care

No. 973006

File: 1589314285188.jpeg (234.42 KB, 750x1102, E2056A98-AF50-43E6-80F1-2964A3…)


Joining in with a cropped comparison - here’s a self posted body shot from 2016.

No. 973008

File: 1589314722238.png (5.44 MB, 1125x2436, CDD071F9-0475-45B4-866B-F289DC…)

Why didn’t she mention Tom petty then? Here’s an Instagram post from 2019

No. 973009

File: 1589314750694.png (2.21 MB, 1125x2436, 336A65B7-223C-488A-9296-F5DB46…)

No. 973010


Tbh she posts so many “flashbacks” and “throwbacks” or straight up just posts old photos with an irrelevant caption, it’s hard to grasp any sort of timeline of her life. Those Israel holiday photos from 2014 are dusted off every few months for example.

No. 973015


5 years back from then would be September 2014, so it seems likely that she reposted it in 2016 not being clear that it was a throwback photo. Most of her throwback body shots seem to be from 2014 and before i.e. when she last seems to have been slim without using photoshop.

No. 973020


Oh god did she actually post “feeling myself lately” with a two year old photo without being clear that the photo was old? That’s actually pretty sad. In general I find the amount of old photos she recycles not so much irritating as I know others do, but more… bleak. It’s like she knows she’s over the hill already. Her “golden years” are gone and now she just sits in her parents’ garage, chain smoking, popping xans, reposting photos from 5 years ago and heavily editing more recent ones. Fucking hell.

No. 973021

File: 1589316207252.jpeg (163.71 KB, 592x1143, 20327CDE-A09B-4734-8C8B-E9B2BA…)


Adding to the tagged photos, this one posted in the old thread is 2017.

No. 973022

File: 1589316313076.jpeg (880.27 KB, 1125x1490, F09CE687-8597-44E9-8B89-E1AA53…)


Her proportions are all wrong
If her legs were actually that long it would look like she is walking on stilts

No. 973023

Wow what a difference

No. 973031

File: 1589316887877.jpeg (735.95 KB, 1125x1122, F9C4AD2E-8217-406B-BEEE-4D60D2…)

Holy shit she even edited her ex’s eyes
So weird

No. 973038


She’s edited her dad’s eyes bigger too in her creepy slimmed down baby photos, anon: nothing is out of bounds for her in that regard.

No. 973039

File: 1589318358822.jpeg (1.5 MB, 2880x3840, D167D864-BD34-4DD6-B8BB-E62DDC…)


True lol

No. 973041

That neck…lmao.

No. 973046

File: 1589319515710.jpeg (223.84 KB, 1125x795, B61AAB9B-3269-40E9-B0EA-7C0760…)

Is there an edited version of this one?

No. 973049

Seriously? You need to lurk more.

No. 973056

File: 1589320177762.jpeg (434.02 KB, 885x541, 39C3A6B3-DA4A-4099-823D-6BF68C…)

Thanks I will

No. 973058

Hahaha okay, okay, here you go…

No. 973059

File: 1589320679457.jpeg (706.21 KB, 750x1153, 9A8425B7-E3A2-43AC-912C-A4B8D4…)

Ffs phone slipped before I could add this. Reposted from last thread…

No. 973066

File: 1589321191608.jpeg (596.34 KB, 800x800, 1AB12A4C-B111-459A-8671-3BE398…)

Why has nobody pointed out that homegirl likely has fetal alcohol syndrome

No. 973070


…what the

No. 973073

can you retards stop saying every ugly person with a thin upper lip has FAS?

No. 973076

God please. It’s the new nasolabial folds.

No. 973079

Thank you, anon.


No. 973097


Please learn to sage and stop nitpicking old milk. Read the rules and go over previous threads here of Amanda Bret. Makes it better for everyone, thanks!

No. 973099

File: 1589324589345.jpeg (459.62 KB, 1632x1632, EB06A61C-2B01-41D9-A8AC-D27987…)

Not new milk, but it’s not on here. One of my favorite before (2017 on left, 2019 edit on left) and afters.

No. 973101


She definitely inherited her dad's unibrow too

No. 973125

I work in mental health and have had clients with FAS. She definitely doesn’t have it.

No. 973127

File: 1589329925857.jpeg (386.05 KB, 1632x1632, 166A87D9-83D3-44E6-965A-A751C5…)

from 2017 too, this is my other favorite edit. Hers on the left and the “fans” on the right.

No. 973138

File: 1589330899147.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x2120, 4E9DA2F2-4F5C-4DEE-852D-28B428…)

Do we even have to block out his name?
Anyway looks like she has his Facebook password.

No. 973146


Guarantee this is because of the anon who cow tipped and send these threads to him. Amanda’s way of controlling and manipulating this idiot old man. Making sure no one friends him etc. Amanda Bret is scary as fuck, and I thought the fake cancer was her lowest.

No. 973149

Any time I see a candid it surprises me how straight beefy she is everywhere. Its fine to have extra weight, being chubby whatever. but she just looks like a stout, mean, little goblin monster with those saggy flabby arms and her thick neck it’s just insane how (usually) well she photoshops herself.

No. 973153

>stout, mean, little goblin monster
Yes anon lmao. Perfect description.

No. 973175

>Anyway looks like she has his Facebook password.
I wonder why? I feel like it’s not normal to have access to your partner’s social media passwords.

No. 973182

Annnnnd the post is gone.

No. 973189

She mentioned on her FB early on when she started talking to him, that she was helping him keep his FB super private and that no one could add him but her. She might have finagled him into giving her his password to help. Also that lovey doves post about her on his page just screams her work.

No. 973251

I wonder which one of them deleted it

No. 973274

I love how she hasn’t mentioned her fake cancer this whole time but already have had three separate plans to move to Texas, back to Brooklyn and now Oklahoma. What a scamming ass bitch lol.

No. 973326


she's just going to take her and Johnny's private jet that they own together and fly back to NY when she "finally" gets her surgery, duh

No. 973392

I met her IRL at a bar a few years back and was shocked at the drag queen level of makeup she was wearing. She is fairly short (I’d say 5’2”) and all that jangley jewelry and belts and chains is just trying to camouflage that she’s not the shape she looks like in photos and she was thin at this point, but thick thighs and definitely no curves waist. She is a bit off putting, in person. And very very loud. She also gave coke to my friend when she was “sober” in the bar bathroom.

No. 973435

I had a similar experience (2016 i think)
She didn't give us blow lol, she was actually really nice but yeah, rather obnoxious. And taking pictures like we friends and shit.

No. 973547

not very milky but an FB live from this morning. no filter, talking about her childhood friend who passed away, complaining about a bad morning (no explanation why) she ate her moms almond butter out of the container and claimed she would buy more (with what car or money?) mom says John got it for her already. says he's staying there. says she FaceTimed with TK dude. that's about it.


No. 973604

did she use a weedwacker to cut her hair?

No. 973695

She said Johnny went to deposit her paycheck …..so she’s “employed”?

No. 973697

Her hair and nails are so disgusting and she just keeps ashing in her hair and on her shirt. Take a fucking shower amanda. It’s bad enough your family is stuck with you, now they have to smell you too? HAVEN'T THEY SUFFERED ENOUGH?

No. 973774

File: 1589441885854.jpeg (136.37 KB, 750x1246, 53D4EDE8-BB82-43F1-9CBE-B3598D…)

Lmao she started the live saying her nose looks big because she’s congested. That’s not how noses work, Amanda. You just don’t have a filter on it. Thanks for the video anon, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the whole thing, it was too bleak.

No. 973827


(insert squidward laugh)

No. 973867

she says it's because she can't play her precious guitar with "claws" like these. I call bs, but I'm an uneducated fucker when it comes to guitar playing.

sage for same-not contributing

No. 973884


Put sage in the email field to sage. And no, it’s almost impossible to press into the fretboard with trashy nails like she usually wears. To be fair tho I feel like it’s less about her passion to play music and more the fact, you know, covid closed all nail salons. When orders lift she’ll likely have them immediately and not worry about her precious guitar that she had a mental breakdown and subsequent relapse over when the string broke.

No. 973950

Her hair looks like a little kid who was left alone with scissors for 15 min.

No. 974057

File: 1589486635918.jpeg (545.68 KB, 828x742, 3F53AB6C-A419-41D0-8A1E-F4924C…)

New FB post. Wow her nose looks smaller, must be less congested. Funny how the edges of her sunglasses are wiggly around her nose.

No. 974061

File: 1589487085449.png (354.66 KB, 997x822, hthththt.png)

you ain't lyin!

No. 974065

File: 1589487317145.png (90.66 KB, 360x360, 7E2C2264-0E15-4617-ACB3-E4C710…)


No matter if she edits it or not, she’s got one ugly ass honker. The glasses only make it more squidward like. It’s all I ever notice.

No. 974068

Especially here >>973774

No. 974071

she should've just got a nose job if she hates her nose that much. probably costs as much or less than all her ugly tattoos combined

No. 974098

Lol she’s so concerned about her bigass honker she forgot to shop her arms!

No. 974211

File: 1589500006809.jpg (212.13 KB, 1080x1216, 20200515_014608.jpg)

She also edited her neck smaller
Or her hair just has a weird unusual kink idk

No. 974451

File: 1589556570102.jpeg (392 KB, 828x1020, 266FC8CA-EFDC-40B3-827F-89EF8A…)

Moving to Oklahoma. No, now moving to Brooklyn. It was cancer, now it’s a lumpectomy? How is her goFundMe still allowed?

No. 974454

FWIW a tomosynthesis mammograph is just a fancy word for a 3D mammo scan. It doesn’t mean she has cancer because she throws around medical terms.

No. 974459

Once she cashes that go fund me and in reality does not have cancer, that is fraud.

No. 974476

File: 1589561358090.jpeg (963.83 KB, 1242x2236, 825F3703-98E3-4172-813A-4CD17A…)

Also now listed as single

No. 974479


So first she was renaming the bodega cat she STOLE >>953639

then decided to give to the the trash fire Kenzie >>963060

Like, nothing, no matter how significant or not is ever consistent with this manic bitch

No. 974483


What’s with the new last name Ellis?

No. 974490

Maybe a rip of Bret Easton Ellis

No. 974500

That has my vote.
One of the more irritating things about her, apart from absolutely everything, is that cloak of being into the most page-one of alt writers and novelists (that every fucking off-the-peg literary punk wears).

No. 974551

File: 1589572430210.png (115.48 KB, 640x1136, 4822978C-688D-4556-BDA0-1D210F…)

Porn career that successful huh?

No. 974555


The website works, that must have been a server glitch.

No. 974635

File: 1589582043456.jpeg (359.33 KB, 1290x1935, 71168953-A225-40BC-9D95-D99B48…)

Looks like business isn’t good. If only these people knew what a lying, conniving person amanda was before ordering, at least they realize now.

No. 974651

Good find anon. Hadn’t thought of looking up reviews. Not surprised at all by this, especially love the fact she sent a ‘catty’ response implying she didn’t need their money. Kek. What a bitch.

No. 974695

>stealing people’s money during a pandemic
Sounds like a stand up girl!

No. 974698

File: 1589591383293.jpeg (820.63 KB, 828x1069, 27C8849C-B9AC-4FF6-AFE5-DA42EC…)

I can’t deal with these edits after all the chunky squidward live videos. “I made my mom get me something!” She called her a bitch under her breath in one of her videos and complains about her mom. All lies

No. 974703

File: 1589592134933.jpeg (131.91 KB, 750x665, 796FDE3E-5EE7-4479-8F98-700001…)

Still going to OK it would seem?

This from yesterday.

No. 974704

File: 1589592287148.jpeg (509.13 KB, 1936x1936, 7226BFAF-B4DF-45F1-9FDA-1917F8…)

iTs JuSt FiLtErS

No. 974728


lmao why is she pointing out that it’s 711 brand like some kind of gourmet shit

No. 974751

File: 1589599137904.jpeg (213.47 KB, 1125x719, A7F68B99-E504-478F-A1AD-4A5A76…)


No. 974753

didn't she just mention 7/11 in regards to buying wine too? she's angling for that coveted 7/11 sponsorship

No. 974777

People who grew up on Long Island have a thing about 7/11. It’s not that anyone thinks it’s fancy, but they’re everywhere and open late. I can’t explain it fully, I’m not from there. She’s in the Patchogue-Medford area. Everything she needs is from there, smokes, fake wine, garbage junk food and apparently her favorite cookie.

No. 974843

I think she's still going to Okla, she's just Raven Bradley V 2.0. Useless lies and subterfuge to create drama to keep the attention coming in.

No. 974916

File: 1589640201197.jpeg (609.84 KB, 1936x1936, AEBE6DB2-56B9-42BC-9F96-CA1356…)

Sage for well known photo shopping skills, but from beefcake to ana chan.

No. 974969

File: 1589647383053.png (14.09 MB, 1242x2688, 0B35436A-66DD-4646-9ED7-6C20D2…)

When you forget to shop your nose shadow

No. 974974

File: 1589648530445.jpeg (257.99 KB, 828x2191, 80F15185-0FC3-49C6-A2E0-C3AB83…)

She tried to hide the comments from the public… Can’t wait for the move OKC!

No. 974975

File: 1589648737627.png (355.63 KB, 496x705, Screenshot_20200516-120341.png)


Just came to post this same picture from ig lol. Y'all it's just angles and good ol vitamin D! No filly!

No. 974978

Sorry for double posting but i love how she changed the way she usually does this gross pursing of her lips. Now she's gonna be pouting like a 15 year old in every pic, watch.

No. 975061

File: 1589662787345.jpeg (559.52 KB, 2048x2048, 97CDC55B-1E93-44F8-B69E-8F0F4A…)

one thing is not like the other

No. 975068

The thick lips edit is a new one

No. 975108

Her “kiss pillows” ickkk

No. 975110

File: 1589669530404.jpeg (383.32 KB, 1242x1344, 1554E685-F792-43BA-9D25-6532A8…)

Trouble in paradise? Is she moving into a new victim post Erik tiger king? Wouldn’t put it passed amanda, she’s always on the prowl for the next victim before she’s even finished with the current.

No. 975144

File: 1589673849864.jpeg (449.85 KB, 828x1012, 4D53D52B-4271-455A-ACD0-030B37…)

Trying to reach out to Twiggy Levy by mass texting a bunch of numbers. Classy move.

No. 975168

So is she saying she’s been sending random pics to this number?

No. 975171


“Sending photos of each other”???? You mean, you sent unsolicited pics to an unknown number. I assume our boy Joshua didn’t supply return pics of Twiggy. You’re so stupid, Amanda.

No. 975245

If you can find more of the photos from this event she threw at her shop you will see the scariest unfiltered candids of her in the background of all the group photos.

No. 975246

With some of the milk in this thread its highly possibly Twiggy is one of the maids here.

No. 975260

No shit. Shes been mentioned in this thread as well.

No. 975262

File: 1589709949348.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1242x1834, 53AE3B3E-7A06-447D-9299-9AECC5…)

Honey… you were never sober, come on now

No. 975317

File: 1589733941301.png (3.93 MB, 750x1334, A48FC262-FC60-4291-B826-FF7B27…)

Stories update:

>dad comes back on Harley, she’s immediately out there filming for edge points. He ignores her.

>asks why he didn’t wake her up cause she wanted to go for a ride. Ignores her. Maybe later? Ignores her. Cringe.
>shows off about being woken up by a Harley
>pads around a bit
>declares she’s gained a tan and lost 15lbs
>makes stupid faces
>proves it in a mirror then sticks her finger in her belly button (which made my stomach churn)

No. 975330

It’s almost like her family would rather ignore her than tell her to get the camera out of their faces. They’d rather ignore her than dare criticize her… like they know she’ll fly off the handle.

No. 975333


there have definitely been videos of them telling her to stop filming and she’ll either up the shrill annoyances or will lie about no longer recording and keep going.

i can’t imagine there’s any winning while living with her. it seems fucking exhausting.

No. 975376

File: 1589743634672.jpeg (904.45 KB, 1125x1784, 404072FE-CF85-46C1-8DB9-779D3C…)

Says her booty is popping but I never realized how much she shoop’d that ass. She has the ass of a chunky girl who sits a lot. No curve from back to booty. It droops down, like a really sad ass that gave up on life.

No. 975385

un-shooped, she’s got the body of a bulldog.

No. 975466

You're right anon, and even she seems to know it. Looking at her pics now, she def photoshops her lower back curve a lot

No. 975496


Yep…look at this >>974916

No. 975716

File: 1589820406997.jpeg (552.72 KB, 828x1269, FF20D145-1DE6-4770-9BD5-9EC1DB…)

No. 975718

Sorry meant to include that it’s official! He’s Facebook engaged and she’s still listed as single. Can’t wait for the second season of TK that will never happen.

No. 975719

Good thing she already has a ring

No. 975746

Maybe she’ll buy herself a new one!! Or just recycle an old ring she already has like last time.

No. 975795

he lives in the UK? thats quite the commute to work

No. 975881

Has she been known to buy Instagram followers? A ton of the follower accounts are completely bogus.(namefag)

No. 975884

She hasn’t done it in a while but I’d seen it jump 10k in a day or two with a bunch of no photo accounts

No. 975945

File: 1589845198417.png (7.64 MB, 1125x2436, 66D30206-00F4-4897-A8C5-663CCD…)


No. 976207

File: 1589904927262.png (2.12 MB, 750x1334, A182BD72-1F4B-4F81-A804-5D4BB3…)

Still can’t believe she’s so proud to be e-dating this nasty methhead. Also zoom in for her enormous honker. She must be “congested” again.

No. 976220


what a strange thing to always be recording a convo you’re having on facetime

No. 976264

She looks like she smells like BO, cigarette butts, and bad decisions. Woof.(emoji)

No. 976308

It’s not so much of her body odor, but more of a bad oral odor. Someone joked to me once that he swore she has a rotten tooth, and it was pretty accurate.

No. 976332

File: 1589918861777.jpeg (485.43 KB, 825x1433, CFB1A78F-8474-4343-98B2-3523E5…)

She’s talking about her parents and john, who do nothing but put up with her. Living there rent free with your husband. She’s so unappreciative. But yet is also SO HAPPY GUYS.

No. 976338

the complete lack of self awareness is truly outstanding.

No. 976938

File: 1590032461128.jpeg (835.47 KB, 828x1516, 47E8C312-7AF8-4EB8-9226-95809C…)

How many people is she dating on FaceTime?

She posted something today (and erased it) about how “the first place she’s going to visit is Indiana.” That’s where her “Bff” dude friend Denver lives. Which clearly is not where her TK fiancé is. Also those ridiculous photo edits

No. 976956

Lol imagine spending all that time editing that stupid face all wavy and then forgetting to edit the deodorant mark. Also why would you take a pic of those fucked up feet?

No. 977035

File: 1590054254896.jpeg (91.84 KB, 750x936, 9DE1FDA8-5DFF-4DBD-8CBB-8D0827…)


This is egregious.

No. 977039

File: 1590055645838.jpeg (886.07 KB, 1125x1885, A45E9E7F-2F3B-4C49-9F05-0EF1F7…)

No. 977071

File: 1590066162570.jpeg (355.29 KB, 1632x1632, 989D9DFC-C712-44B7-8BDD-450495…)

I love when her cigarette gets bendy with her filters. She can barely get her face to match her edits. You could chop ice with that chin.
Also good call anon, about the deodorant stain. Filters don’t have a “dirty pig” filter. She should create one.


No. 977084


wow what happened to that insane ~natural~ gray streak lmao

No. 977099

Lol that shape shifting necklace is always hilarious

No. 977101

File: 1590075902013.jpeg (333.16 KB, 750x851, C77F190D-347A-422E-8191-F6A7F2…)

Meatball eyes lolol okay Jan

No. 977105

File: 1590076023648.jpeg (502.23 KB, 750x983, 1334A02A-D087-452F-BD1C-5AC1CF…)

Not sure if this was posted already but how many dudes is she e-dating right now?

No. 977121

ugh i can't stand her "tee-hee i didn't even have to get READY for this date" and she looks completely done up and her outfit doesn't look like pjs or anything. just stfu, amanda. what's the point of a caption like that? just post your selfie and go.

No. 977128

File: 1590078750116.jpg (379.12 KB, 887x494, BLHEFHLJLJSC.jpg)

she posted about this dude a few times back in sept/oct, complete with "sneaky facetime screenshots"

No. 977139

File: 1590079818577.jpeg (314.88 KB, 793x525, E5879F68-8E0F-4977-A1B7-840C1D…)

Considering she’s never actually MET this dude because he lives in Indiana (before that he was in “Hollywood”, only people in movies say that.)
Sure, they may FaceTime without filters but she doesn’t have big eyes! Her eyes are normal sized. She’s needs to stop pretending people are “hating” on her and realize people are annoyed that she lies to editing her eyes (and most other things) to look different.
If this girl went missing I wonder which photo they’d choose.

No. 977140

In her edits, her eyes are wider than her mouth. The thing is; a combination of body dysmorphia and pathological lying means that she probably is convinced that’s how she looks. It’s wonderful to watch.

No. 977148

I guess if you edit everything else on your face much smaller your normal eyes look bigger? That is a crazy hill to die on

No. 977183

File: 1590085569505.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1125x1674, 34162800-9F11-4A67-9CDC-F157CE…)

Speaking of meatballs.

No. 977185

File: 1590085659797.jpeg (155.38 KB, 717x685, DA8ABC15-B7AE-49B5-95A5-A71D02…)

~I don’t edit my eyes to look bigger, they’re naturally big/filters~ okay bitch we’ve all seen you edit your baby pictures and you even made your eyes bigger in them, just stfu twat.

No. 977194

Why do people act like filters aren’t literally just photoshop made fast

No. 977195

File: 1590086194566.jpeg (129.23 KB, 709x516, 33977FC9-2F80-42A5-BBD8-B4AC91…)

Eyes don’t look bigger then anyone else’s

No. 977197

File: 1590086251745.jpeg (147.25 KB, 606x693, CA094990-128D-478D-B111-8400FF…)

No. 977199

File: 1590086368758.jpeg (92.9 KB, 412x738, F1AB945E-819B-4082-82B9-B5D7DB…)

No. 977201

File: 1590086389790.jpeg (217.49 KB, 483x825, E845B35C-4FEB-42BF-B434-5DAFB0…)

No. 977239

File: 1590088781098.jpeg (760.54 KB, 2048x2048, 04254010-DF4A-456F-A6DA-65191F…)

This bitch has never had any curves in her life, don’t be fooled by her edits lol

No. 977240

File: 1590088836682.jpeg (157.2 KB, 749x754, DA090D8F-F6F1-4058-8C23-AF9B18…)

Cute. Of course this moron thinks this is funny.

No. 977259


Eh, Hollywood is a neighborhood and we do call it that. That said, I know this guy and he’s a hipster idiot.

No. 977320

Harry Potter face tattoo on Hollywood. So fucking stupid.

No. 977354

It's funnier cause she actually has pretty small/narrow eyes from what we've seen in candids. She just has massive eyebags all around. kek.

No. 977397

jeez what year is this from?

No. 977425

My thing is that this is a totally normal body type and face shape for a white woman who doesn't get much exercise in her late 20s or early 30s. If she weren't such a liar and adamant about proving that her ana Chan body and alien face shape is real, there wouldn't be a problem. She setting and pushing unrealistic expectations for who knows how many girls and women who follow her and buy into her "this is all natural" lie. It's is OKAY to not be a fucking stick. She looks a-OK in this photo, it's just her extreme editing that people take exception to. Sage for body posi sperg.

No. 977428

File: 1590104767178.jpeg (800.59 KB, 828x822, 8C644A12-2A63-474E-9317-2DE238…)

That other post was from 2011. This was 2012. Amazing what you find when you scroll back.

No. 977435

Yeah. She got prawn eyes. The little half moon meat sacs above and below her actual goggle eye balls. Prawn eyes.

No. 977600


Exactly that: she’s doesn’t seem to be a total hambeast irl, she’s just a regular kinda pudgy. It’s the absolute delusion of her shoops and defence of them that is ridiculous, on top of the cancer scamming which is the real issue here… the alien eyes and anime chin are just delicious extra milk.

No. 977610

File: 1590144702778.png (163.03 KB, 750x1334, 79459B71-8D1E-47BE-98C2-710288…)


No no it's just a quirky coincidence!

No. 977613


The audacity lol

No. 977616

Amanda you are so fucking pathologically toxic that you even need to share your lame justifications. Hand to god, you're fucking a POSER and the only cancer you have is diluted soul you sold to Satan at Saint Vitus for tickets to see Pantera when she gets to hell. Side note…I personally know one of her exs and I have confirmation that not only does she spend HOURS per photo edited, it's something that can't be spoken about or addressed. She apparently does it secretly to control her reality narrative.

No. 977624

GTFO Amanda. When things go so wrong you’d pathologically lie about not knowing an author you most likely spaff over. Which is if, ignorant or lying? lol.

No. 977654

File: 1590156488621.jpeg (170.92 KB, 1242x573, 812EAB07-97A7-4B3F-BBA6-2B9AA9…)

What does any of this mean? She’s since deleted this post. I’m gonna need her to get engaged to the new love of her life already and buy a house in whatever new state she’s moving to this month. Because these current posts are boring.

No. 977668

File: 1590158242554.png (3.48 MB, 750x1334, 200BE424-3647-4F2B-902C-E2B4FB…)

Amazed she included John in the cut and even spoke his name. She wrote on one slide I forgot to cap that her dad cleaned and rearranged the whole garage and said it was hers now and she cried about it. Why would her dad "give" her the garage when she doesn't even ride? Wonder how embarrassed her dad is to see her scrambling to film him anytime he comes home knowing he raised a total poser. Wonder what the dudes in his MC think too, no way his cornball daughter is a secret kek


She's talking about us anon, and people who believe whatever they read here. Amanda, there's documented proof of everything you've been lying and scamming about, to say nothing about your egregious photoshopping. Nice try, though.

No. 977714

File: 1590164327924.png (3.29 MB, 750x1334, C02FAFF3-C56E-4D50-8472-91C843…)

Most likely because all of his stuff smelled like an ashtray and desperation.

No. 977718

Why is her shit getting organized if she's going to ride the wild tiger king, lol.

No. 977720

File: 1590165316526.jpeg (146.68 KB, 495x1024, 725EA3D5-A71A-4488-ADE3-CF40FD…)

She sh00ped her entire nose tip off I’m fucking cackling kekek. I didn’t know MJ had a twin!

Looks like one of those low-tier, sloppy sh00ps dakota and taylor r did when they got lazy with PS and switched to meitu. Tho amanda somehow comes off even more Sméagol-like.

No. 977731


I wonder if it’s the same ex, but I know one of her exes used to poke fun of her about the photo editing. He also wasn’t a fan of all the thirsty nude/semi nude photos she was constantly posting at the time. She didn’t like that very much, then had the balls to use it as an example of how he was mentally abusive.

No. 977736

File: 1590167748878.jpeg (854.97 KB, 1242x1830, 5F66D886-BF79-44E0-A2BF-BE7D2F…)

I’m going out on a limb here to guess this never happened.

No. 977743

no storage? not even an empty shoebox she can stash under the bed? that's disgusting to leave your sex toys anywhere not in your room when you're living with other people.

i feel so bad for her dad. her mom is probably so thankful amanda doesn't like her and isn't all "Mom….mom…mom….MOM" every 10 seconds."
>he just closes his eyes, sighs, shakes his head no, and rides away.
i feel that's how most of their interactions go, kek.
this video is from last thread, it is so telling with how amanda's dad feels about her. despite being annoying and distracting as fuck and getting all up in his face he doesn't even LOOK at her.
>except once but with lots of disdain in his eyes.

No. 977744

Didn’t she just say she found a place in Brooklyn to move back to? Why would her dad rearrange the garage for her shit if she’s just moving out soon anyway? Looks like another manda lie!

No. 977749


Maybe to make space for the car he bought her kek

No. 977772

Maybe it's her new room since she don't know how to act.

No. 977777


Re: cocaine pic. Whyyyyy do this? I can’t get my head around people who like to show off their drug use. Amanda (“sobriety” aside) loves to use blow conspicuously. Every event I’ve seen her at for years, she’s doing it in the middle of the crowd, offering it to girls she doesn’t know in the bathrooms—side note: who does this. Shit’s expensive—and she talks about it all the time like it’s exclusive or glamorous. It isn’t. It’s commonplace as fuck. Everyone does it at every motorcycle scene event, everywhere.

No. 977782


Imagine being Amanda—kek—reading these threads, and KNOWING that loads of the posters know you IN REAL LIFE. Whenever events open up again, she’ll be selling her garbage t shirts and basic chopper girl shit, and every time she hears laughter or sees someone looking at her, she’ll wonder if it’s someone from here. I’d die of paranoia.

No. 977793

File: 1590178621335.jpeg (77.37 KB, 635x593, C3A3453A-5298-4A24-BC53-4726B8…)

No. 977842

The funny part is I first found out about this because she posted about people saying she was faking cancer. I was telling someone that after every breakup, something SO DRAMATIC happens so it wasn’t a coincidence that she was saying she had cancer after the Texas guy. Thought it was foul she started a gofundme, googled Amanda Bret and this was the second link. Curious if she keeps changing her name on Facebook because of this thread. I can’t imagine someone googling me and this thread being at the top results.

No. 977849


They're giving it to her to get her the fuck out of their actual house probably

No. 977857

same. ive been hate following her since 2013. how many times have I seen her claim sobriety, then post bizarre stories narrated with extremely slurred xanax speech? does anyone remember when she kept posting stories of her singing while laying in bed with an unseen dude that rubbed all over her? the way the dude awkwardly pawed at her gave me the creeeeepiest vibes. **it just occurred to me now, but could that have been john? the alien at the airport claiming NO MAKEUP is a forever classic.

No. 977871

It’s another desperate attempt to cement that ~white trash princess~ image of hers. Idk why anyone would try so hard to be trashy. People that come from actual backgrounds like that (my self included) know that it’s not something to flaunt necessarily.

No. 977872


That video you posted is one of my top fuckin 10, man. WTF is she on? She’s like an 8 year old. It’s so fuckin weird. She’s an adult. Her family looks like they’d rather die than participate. And the way she scrambles for a pill. Do you think she even sorta gets how bad this looks?

No. 977876

Is that Johnny in the back? He looks like he might be slimming down. Hope the dude meets a nice girl while she's bumming around a trailer in Oklahoma.

No. 977879

what does she…do all day? like obviously not working at those SUPER successful companies and that she definitely owns. maybe painting on rocks with paint markers again? (a personal fave) the whole thing is mystifying.

No. 977901

Probably is on FaceTime all day with TK and Hollywood, updating her FB 10 times a day, checking this site, and talking like an asshole to her whole family. it's exhaustive being that self centered.

No. 977906

Cringed so hard at that video. She said it best: “I’m a disgusting human being.”

No. 977916

That's real shit anon. I'm the OP of the original thread and an IRL she's given shop freebies too lmao. This shit is embarrassing. If I ever found myself on this website I would pull a Phoebe Tickner and nuke all my social media to start all over and consider changing my name even lmao. Thankfully this cow is too addicted to even consider that bc the how would she get her daily fill for attention and validation?

No. 977919


Same anon you replied to here. I totally believe it. I know her superficially but have lots of friends in common with her, and have as this thread and the old one forwarded to me by LOTS of people. This shit is being read and shared widely. The next Born Free’s gonna be embarrassing as fuck for old Amanda.

No. 977960

File: 1590207081532.jpeg (57.36 KB, 732x685, 2134CB2A-3797-4A0F-94F6-2A4310…)

Dem crazy eyes

No. 977998

File: 1590223045732.jpeg (81.88 KB, 954x717, D8FA4558-19A1-4892-A27E-96A2E5…)

Wow, what a naturally pointy chin and heart shaped face.

No. 978018

She's always been average growing up. Not really talented at anything, certainly not the cool, cute, or even funny girl growing up. She's gotten good at being the "somebody" in a pond of "nobodies". Trying to be a big fish is just not something Amanda is talented or capable of being. When you live in NYC, it's very easy to feel like your just a number among some of the most talented people of their trades. Amanda chose to be somebody in a scene where it was easy to market herself at the top. Most of the older metal scene folks are happy for an easy on trend girl to throw herself at them for little effort. And when she looks like an extra from Sons of Anarchy…you're probably excited that a tattoo'd, black eyeliner cock sucker is pulling you into the bathroom randomly. Also, look at the company she keeps as friends. Only people who are either too ignorant to notice her escapades or people who have such poor taste they think she's actually talented.

No. 978049

Has anyone actually seen the knives she "makes" from blanks? Do they hold up? It's easy to make a shitty knife look good, but it actually takes skill to make them well. Even if you are just buying blanks online and epoxying them onto bones you also bought online.

No. 978094

i'm so fucking curious what her and Johnny boy's wedding looked like

No. 978104

File: 1590253184250.jpeg (812.13 KB, 828x1371, 304F1782-0A96-41E5-9E5B-8BA18D…)

She’s posted this (2018) about her “apprentice” making knives and you can tell it’s an old mans hands. Doubtful she’s teaching anyone anything. Never have I seen her post her making a knife besides whatever situation she has set up at her apt with the backyard. She complained it was too hard to use.

No. 978105

File: 1590253364580.jpeg (142.35 KB, 828x849, 9288FCDB-C33F-45D8-A1D0-8050E9…)

Guess she forgot she posted this… about how she has no background and doesn’t make knives in 2014. I had to laugh when I found it. She’s such a poser. Going from knowing nothing to have in an apprentice?

No. 978110

And an apprentice who’s been supposedly learning from her for 5 years…

No. 978115

Buying blanks and adding the finishing touches is the paint your own pottery of knife making.

No. 978116

I’ve realized that most likely, 90%+ of her Facebook following are people who are just along for the self-sabotaging ride and don’t give two shits about her ; myself included.

No. 978118

Damn I am so happy this thread exists. This girl is insane in the worst way. A close friend of mine was manipulated into having an art show at her “store” last summer, and when I got there to support her, Amanda was nowhere to be found and left my friend and one of her employees to run this art show alone. Then Amanda shows up 4 hours late, shaking uncontrollably, and begs my friend to lend her money to buy coke across the street. I hated her since that day- and I’m glad to see so many others do too.

No. 978134


this comment fucking killed me. how long till this literally happens though?

No. 978144

Oh damn…I just assumed she’s forging the knives herself. So it’s just a decorating job. Christ, she really is the lamest of the lame. Not because she can’t forge her own stuff, but because, even with a garage and money to buy a forge etc, she doesn’t invest any time into being an actual maker. So lame. It’s exactly as >>978115 says.

No. 978148

Thanks for the insight, anon. Anything else to share? I love the turning up shaking for blow. Lol.

No. 978200


I don't understand why the supplier has to be a secret. I don't know much about the knife-making world but I'd be upset if a customer of mine didn't recommend my product. What do yall think?

No. 978249


a friend of mine asked her on insta when posting about knife-making why she was doing a certain thing (ask he has knowledge on this and was genuinely curious) and instead of explaining she got super aggro and defensive and more or less accused him of man-splaining. instead of just answering the basic fucking question.

No. 978284

File: 1590283667612.jpeg (300.19 KB, 750x986, DD74E216-51F0-4825-A380-1DBA0B…)

I remember that… but she also often goes off at people asking her genuine questions.

No. 978286

Do you guys remember her live videos on insta? Where she has been live for hours? It happened some weeks ago…

Anyways, she promised to send two books as a gift to two different people. With sorta stuff.

She chose two people and guess what it didn't arrive both of them.

No. 978294

This chick is such an asshat

No. 978313

File: 1590289661755.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.92 KB, 300x400, 22608609.jpg)

Found a good example on her tumblr of her naturally pointed chin, large eyes, and nose for all of you haters that think she edits her pics

No. 978314

>That angle
Was this taken from the space station?

No. 978321

File: 1590292421200.jpeg (155.7 KB, 750x766, 137D8CF3-28D6-4DB6-A289-656D23…)

I had a stroke reading this

No. 978323

File: 1590292813989.jpeg (247.93 KB, 828x620, 0BB94360-F069-4162-A819-0E9C57…)

She misses brooklyn. Oh and Texas for some stupid reason? Her ex is there… what about all your new TK friends? Or all your BFF, cousin, sister, “ride or die” friends? Which is it?

No. 978324

How old is this? You’d need to find a recent picture to have it prove anything. Her chin isn’t pointy irl. Her videos prove it

No. 978329


It's at least 10 years old and she still has the same exact face shape, don't need any videos to show me that she shoops

No. 978335


She’s bored and none of her “babes” want to FaceTime her, so she’s here now I guess

No. 978340


You don’t think she Facetunes/meitus her facial proportions?

No. 978343


Fuck no lol I 1000% think/know she edits and filters the hell out of her pictures. Sarcasm just doesn't translate as easily on the internet, my bad

No. 978356


It’s not you, it’s me. I was a little too high reading that

No. 978367

File: 1590305692839.jpeg (506.89 KB, 750x1135, 0A0F4412-7948-4363-9F64-E83DE3…)

Posted 3 mins ago. Wonder if she’ll delete. What are you doing up nude posting at 3:30am, Amanda? Flexing writing in journals of all things?

No. 978368

So stupid. She probably writes other people’s poems into the books, just like she copies all of the visual art she does.

No. 978422

You all just talking shit or anyone got her nudes she sells? I don't care either way she sucks but titties are titties.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 978428

that's three things..

No. 978440

what an awkward pic

No. 978442

the grime under her nails in this pic is disgusting

No. 978443

Everything about her is so embarrassing (the 10 min long cringe 3000 vid of her harassing her folks, especially her dad like a fucking toddler is unbelievable, how and why would you put that online)

Considering she's aware of all her shit being called out down to being a hack even at making arts and crafts, i can't comprehend how she'll be able to show her face again in bk like everything is gucci.

Amanda, Erik TK definitely is your best option at this point. YOLO.

No. 978449


“cuterus” this is so fucking cringe

No. 978451

File: 1590330539592.png (2.71 MB, 828x1792, FA3ABA78-F111-4156-9BCC-282AB2…)

Wow so hard to find kek. If her “pen pal from Malaysia” sent her this book how does she have a red one from the same store?

No. 978452

File: 1590330685176.jpeg (951.81 KB, 828x1316, 3FD6A0FF-620A-440B-B1C7-74B8F1…)

When she first got the book like 4 months ago. Only way to post nudes without extreme editing, seems to be to coverup your whole body in books you made John buy for you. I’m sure he took the photos for her too.

No. 978453


nobody’s ~pen pal~ is sending them a $300 journal kek

No. 978455

Why does she always have to write an essay that doubles as a specs sheet for every edgy hallmark object she gets her paws on, like bitch literally no one cares the paper in your try hard journal is "hand made" and "blank". Reminds me of that day she was feeling emo and writing those deep heartfelt letters to her rideordies™ on that urban outfitters ass typewriter. Such a poet. Meanwhile she had no idea who Bret Easton Ellis is, right?

No. 978472


Actually it's on sale for $300, it's normally $600. So double down on that notion that no random penpal from a developing nation would buy someone a $600 blank book from Romania

No. 978473

She loves to pretend like she has any actual friends. People only put up with you for the free drugs. She stays begging people to talk to her, buys things online and claims it was gifted to her and all this nonsense. She’s a 30+ year old woman who can’t take care of herself or her pets so you have to live with your parents and yet all this ungrateful twat waffle does is complain about living with them. Everyone she knows has read everything on here and is constantly making fun of her even before this all came out. Everyone think she’s an obnoxious fucking cunt. Just move to Oklahoma and stfu already, no one cares about you.

No. 978490

File: 1590339136501.jpeg (122.24 KB, 278x602, 85487893-8666-452B-AAF5-B6D8EA…)

From her FaceTime adventures last night. She must be super congested because her nose is huge!

No. 978495

Lol I was trying to think of a way to say this exact thought. Love her “ink fountain pen”…would never have guessed.

No. 978497

File: 1590340603469.jpeg (53.1 KB, 600x450, 4F8093F2-662D-467E-BE9F-5465BC…)

Constantly congested

No. 978574

She’s so painfully average & dumpy

No. 978600

File: 1590356067405.png (6.5 MB, 1125x2436, 8F96AE91-47DF-4A8C-AF12-C90BBE…)

From her stories just now. She looks at least 50 lbs lighter in this than she actually is. There is no way. Looking like an ana 13 year old

No. 978602

Does she make it look potato quality on purpose?

No. 978603

File: 1590356356504.jpeg (470.14 KB, 1242x2022, 6B7B5BCD-40EE-490A-AF88-AD6F18…)


Also from her stories a few hours ago. I've never even seen this bitch wear a face mask or even leave her parents' house.

Question: was she actually ever married to Johnny? Like, legally? Did they have a wedding?

No. 978604

The ball gag thing is the cringiest thing ive read in my fucking life

No. 978617

File: 1590357655187.jpeg (483.96 KB, 828x911, 85490F1F-09DA-404F-A79F-BD0F24…)

Shes posted a text post on FB about it before and it was just as cringey and makes no sense IRL, like you can’t talk as you’ll obviously see the harness straps on the back of your head… how does that accomplish anything. She pretends the be this super edgy “pro-domme” like actually claimed a dominatrix has intercourse and she doesn’t so it’s OK and people who are actually were pros were like…. uh you shouldn’t let your subs/clients in your apartment. (Aka probably John)

No. 978618

File: 1590357741650.jpeg (696.99 KB, 828x1466, 265E71CA-7D97-4F7A-873B-2602CD…)

Just posted this on her other FB… gets popcorn. (That’s her ex fiancé from TX)

No. 978624


So she’s claiming to be a dominatrix making six figures now? Fucking lol

No. 978626

Lol okay is she broke begging for money or is she financially secure? Pick a lane

No. 978659

That's from 2018. Still probably 100% bullshit tho.

No. 978662

File: 1590364462152.png (4.08 MB, 750x1334, 8F9D105B-F832-453B-ADA8-4AAB30…)

Top drawer cringe on her new story.
Who is she trying to catfish now?

No. 978663

File: 1590364494972.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1125x1707, 7FA010BE-D329-4536-83DD-B7257C…)


She’s using the “perfect me” body and face shaper app

No. 978665


Wasn’t she tooting the other day that she lost 15lbs but dat booty popping?

No. 978670

wouldn't someone who runs a successful business not need to sell their body on the internet to pay bills for said successful business? You're not supposed to use one business to pay the other Amanda, that's called FRAUD. Just sayin.

No. 978686

File: 1590367254823.jpeg (775.02 KB, 828x1268, 67CC6CCB-D945-49A2-A6F2-B461FC…)

This particular body shape was from Miami like 2 years ago. Her legs don’t even make sense in this photo. She has zero curves

No. 978706

All those videos she posted on her story are old literally says August up top lol

No. 978709


Oh HELL YEAH. Wasn’t this the “scratch artist who lived in a trailer” after they broke up? Wtf, man, have some fuckin self-respect. What do these fools see in her?

No. 978740

File: 1590380639941.jpeg (751.65 KB, 828x1222, 53D9F96B-2C7E-4711-A05F-B468A7…)

The editing on these is top notch.

No. 978741

File: 1590380681116.jpeg (400.47 KB, 1632x1632, 6758757B-12C9-40DE-BDE6-94B160…)

Tho it does remind me of someone.

No. 978747


"Somebunny" "cuterus" "kiss pillows"
I hate the way she talks, does she think it's quirky or cute?

Also, she seems to be confirming her parents kicked her out to the garage. Can't blame them, honestly if i were them i would beg John to find her a new place to get her the fuck out of the house for good lol

No. 978751

Considering her many successful businesses and immense overall success, why is she there at all? Shouldn’t she have some sort of badass, rustic, vintage Harley kitsch-adorned chalet of her own somewhere? Baffling.

No. 978806


She uses the Snow app for her face

No. 978824

Makes sense why her dad did all that cleaning of the garage! The background of all the recent pics and glitchy videos are the garage.

Also she keeps posting about how she’s got the place to herself. She sounds like a 15 year old who’s parents left for the weekend. You’re a grown woman.

No. 978841

File: 1590412036518.jpeg (514.63 KB, 750x1204, 69514B1F-D4C1-41E4-97B1-93A09C…)

Just spent way too long trying to find this post so I can tell you this will never, ever cease to make me cringe into an early death.

No. 978890

File: 1590422389676.jpeg (223.61 KB, 1306x967, D6688B92-E2F0-4587-95B2-28037A…)

No. 978918

File: 1590428115647.jpeg (381.89 KB, 1014x1638, AAEB7B87-3F48-4E3F-9CB5-482FB6…)

still putting an ex on blast years after. the same ex she was dating during a time when she had told multiple people: don’t tell my boyfriend, he thinks I’m sober.

No. 978925

File: 1590429987858.jpeg (624.23 KB, 1241x1785, 743EB226-26B0-4657-BB73-358A3D…)

This will probably end in Amanda crying even more

No. 978962

File: 1590434636841.png (742.27 KB, 1069x1615, Screenshot_20200525-211448~2.p…)

No. 978964

File: 1590434755156.png (1.12 MB, 1063x1785, Screenshot_20200525-211702~2.p…)

No. 978985


I see a woman in her 30’s wearing a Halloween low quality wig, getting drunk alone, reminiscing about exes on social media and celebrating how she lives in a garage. Just when I start to feel bad for her, I ask, how’s that cancer? How’s the cancer you needed donations ASAP for because surgery was ASAP for breast cancer you refused to even say what stage it was at. The thousands of dollars you needed, where did it go? Did you use your cancer donations buying your tiger king boyfriend stuff on amazon? Did it go up your nose? Did you buy things for yourself and disguise it as a gift?

No. 978988


So much this

No. 978998

So I guess she’s just done pretending to be sober now? And whatever happened to her having to be in strict quarantine because she’s a sick bunny or whatever bullshit she made up to yell at Johnny a few weeks ago?

No. 979002


Now that she can’t play the cancer sympathy card, the only sympathy card left to be played is the “watch me drink myself stupid in my parents garage wearing my crazy cat lady wig”

No. 979004


Literally thought the same. Getting shitfaced in your parents garage in your 30s is embarrassing as FUCK. You don’t look cool and edgy, Amanda. You look like a hard case of failure to launch. You should be embarrassed to have people know this about you. The wig makes you seem like a lunatic, you don’t look “hot” so much as you look sad and delusional.

No. 979006


#inlovewithanoutlaw was, hands down, the most embarrassing hashtag she’s ever used. Also, her eyeballs are as big as his nose in that pic.

No. 979035


iT’s JuSt CiRcLe LeNsEs AnD nAtUrAlLy BiG mEaTbAlL eYeS

No. 979043


Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't cancer spread if you don't operate ASAP? So you mean this highly regarded cancer doctor that you're being treated by would choose to push back a patient's "urgent" surgery to remove a cyst? Nice try Amanda, but no. No doctor in their right mind and not looking for a malpractice suit would neglect any stage cancer and just let the patient carry on for another 3+ months. Give everyone back their money you fucking fraud!

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