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File: 1696183287425.png (48.29 KB, 460x232, albv3gvnmzqb1.png)

No. 1907373

This thread concerns creators, artists, voice actors and others who work or are connected to the modern Western American animation and comics industry, filled with cows, hacks, groomers, woketards and self inserters who all know each other and/or have dated.

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Since this is the most active thread on the site for animated content, casual non-milk discussions about comics and other animated topics are also permitted.

No. 1907407

Threadpic made me laugh ngl

No. 1907480

It's a good one. I'm not even into either series and I still keked.

No. 1907717

File: 1696250141487.png (456.68 KB, 1064x2036, Screenshot.png)

Disney literally can't do 2D Animation anymore even if they wanted.

No. 1907743

Feels like bullshit; plenty can animate in 2D still so getting an animator to focus solely on the star character could have been achieved and even if there was a problem in animating it, they should have in theory been able to find a way to circumvent the issues whatever those were.

No. 1907759

It is bullshit, they just don't want to do 2D anymore because it's significantly more expensive because it's a more niche skill to hire for at this point

No. 1907828

milk on vivzi hating on owl house?

No. 1907869

No. 1907913

>2D has too many limits in terms of characterization
What the hell is she talking about? I get the camera thing, because unique angles take- gasp- more time and effort, but characterization? That's a crock of shit.

No. 1907951

what a cope. if they ran out of 2D animators in the USA they could try hiring people from Japan, while western animators were forced to switch to shitty CGI Japanese animators kept honing their skills and now they are stuck with extremely talented animtors wasting their talent on dogshit anime, check onimai and akebi san on sakugabooru if you wanna see wasted talent.

No. 1907953

this is an imageboard post screenshots

No. 1908002

This would probably be better in the artist salt thread tbh

No. 1908010

File: 1696296169104.jpeg (102.6 KB, 1170x1165, IMG_1255.jpeg)

Dana made a patreon!

Does that mean she is done with the animation industry? With canceling her show and all?

No. 1908012

I think that means that with 2D or traditional animation methods, they can’t even dream of having over-designed characters because that would mean either gitting gud at art or not over-designing characters so it’s not a pain in the ass to animate them.

No. 1908018

her art is fucking shit and her fans are all commies on dissability, who's gonna support her?

No. 1908020

oh shit never mind her art is actually really good for modern cartoon industry standars, they truly butchered it in the cartoon

No. 1908031

The style in her show wasn’t hers. She hired an soft porn artist name Micheal Chu I believe that his name to do the design for her show.(sage your shit)

No. 1908089

"Ultimately 2D has too many limitations in terms of camera movements and characterization"
Whew what a lie. I'll tell you one thing, it's got nothing to do with camera angles or whatever other excuse they pulled out of their ass and it has a lot more to do with these people and their early life sections on Wikipedia and the true green-monster that motivates people of a certain "background" that tend to gravitate towards working in the animation industry.

No. 1908094

it’s was claimed by some scorned ex SH employee apparently but there are no screenshots of course

No. 1908097

So she’s a martyr for…cartoon porn?

No. 1908099

Ang is a former animation industry artist

No. 1908172

>Micheal Chu
The guy who did the overwatch designs?

No. 1908343

>too many limitations in terms of camera
Just draw the perspective you want? Highest paid people in the industry and they don't know how to make perspective without rotating a 3D model lmao

No. 1908390

Surprised there isn’t a page about her

No. 1908410

Oh my bad nonnie thank you
Good luck to her. Her art is really cute and the Owl House would have worked a lot better as a comic imo, where her style could shine through a little more

No. 1908424

File: 1696370637558.gif (18.14 MB, 640x360, spare-me-great-lord.gif)

Disney, the largest and most profitable company in the world: uhh 2D hard… can't do it no more…
Japan and China: Hold my beer.

No. 1908469

fr. Most of western animation isn't even animated where they're storyboarded, they send it overseas bc it's cheaper, yet Disney is still complaining about how that's too expensive bc they know that if they actually hired western animators they'll get their shit kicked in by union
actually fucking embarrassing

No. 1908479

File: 1696379513838.jpg (210.81 KB, 593x803, disney2d.jpg)

The animation industry in in a terrible shape. Nothing's getting greenlit, nobody can get a job. Can't blame her for getting a side hustle.
2D animation isn't more expensive, but it provides less control. You can't change things until the very last minute like what happened on Spiderverse, everything has to be locked by the animatic stage.

No. 1908507

>100th year anniversary film to celebrate the biggest and most prolific animation study
>it looks like a ps3 release game
walt's head is rolling in his Cryogenic chamber

No. 1908511

File: 1696383248448.jpeg (560 KB, 1920x1080, D79ADEC0-A3D4-491A-B1F8-7E584E…)

Kingdom hearts has better graphics than this shit.

No. 1908517

The artstyle is genuinely hideous. They are trying to join into the trend of stylized 3D but failed miserably because they dont understand people like the roughness and concept art-style of stuff like spiderverse/puss in boots/TMNT Mayhem. Wish looks both too polished and unpolished at the same thing. It just looks like their regular slop but with a weird filter on top.

No. 1908526

No. 1908547

File: 1696389069610.jpg (30.24 KB, 443x442, 1679257037848.jpg)

The avoidance of 2D has never been rational, and its the sullying of its reputation in the west is entirely Disney's own fault. They devalued their 2D brand by sharting out all of those direct-to-video sequels in the 90s, then they sabotaged their own upcoming 2D projects with shit advertising so they could start using CGI to compete with Pixar and Dreamworks. They burned bridges with 2d-based artists like Aaron Blaise in the early 2000s, and laid off countless more. I personally know several people who refuse to ever work with Disney again over the shit they pulled. All so they could muscle in on the CGI fad. The old guard who knew traditional animation principles is gone, their ranks replaced with Bean Mouth retards and nepo kids.

It was never about production costs. Disney has wasted obscene amounts on a handful of box-office flops in the last ten years. They were mad that other studios reputations had eclipsed their own, and they wanted in on that racket. The shitty """live-action""" CGI remakes are also part of this scheme, they're a combination of holding-pattern, Oscar-fishing, and the misguided belief that 2D animation is a worthless money sink. Nothing reflects their bizarre hatred of 2D more than that awful Chip and Dale movie that come out last year– a film that constantly berates a character for being animated in 2d while clearly using CGI to animate him. Then they had the nerve to call Zemeckis' films "creepy" even though their own """live action""" remakes often look just as bad if not worse.

No. 1908548

>their early life sections on Wikipedia and the true green-monster that motivates people of a certain "background"
You're not slick. Back to /pol/, retard.

No. 1908599

Am I retarded I thought that was a shot at troons/gender specials?

No. 1908631

With all the allusions to this being “the” wishing star and the story being “100 years in the making”, I’m convinced they’re including a ton of other Disney characters in this and a giant crossover is a major plot point that they’re trying to keep under wraps. I can’t imagine why else this trailer and all the promo so far would be so fucking vague and uninteresting.

No. 1908637

I heard it’s supposed to be the explanation of why magic exists in all the Disney films or some shit. A giant crossover would at least be a more interesting train wreck than what they have shown. They are releasing a short film in a few weeks of exactly that, so maybe it’s a sign? (Sorry if this was already posted)

No. 1908651

Why did they change Millie’s’ voice from helluva boss? It’s not like there’s a whole lot going on

No. 1908653

Edit: she’s black. That’s it.

No. 1908740

File: 1696420570246.gif (1009.58 KB, 268x285, tumblr_nly9mvJ7nL1rcnkw9o2_400…)

like really, they have talented people here too and said talented people could pass on their talent before they croak

No. 1908747

>2D had too many limitations
I have never wanted to alog so badly before on this entire website holy shit, we truly live in a world bankrupt of culture and discernment.

No. 1908828

It reminds me of Chinese mobile game ads for some reason. They probably found that China loves that overly polished look or something so that’s who they’re going to cater to from now on

No. 1908866

File: 1696438996846.png (127.04 KB, 740x768, 1Wish2Dv3D.PNG)

>2D animation isn't more expensive, but it provides less control.

Reminds me of this great write-up I found on reddit about Disney's new film: https://www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/16vycjj/comment/k2uagu6/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

No. 1908871

File: 1696439753315.png (126.39 KB, 737x657, 2Wish2Dv3D.PNG)


No. 1908876

>mulan took a decade
the fuck, i cant find anything about it

No. 1908934

I'd wager 3D will persist until Disney experiences some real box-office failures, and then they'll revert to 2D as this supposedly groundbreaking innovation, and the lizard-brain producers will keep pushing for it.

No. 1908998

I don’t understand how Disney the most highly regarded animation studio (which has now all but merged with what was the most highly regarded 3D animation studio Pixar) makes films that get absolutely mogged visually by things like Klaus, which was a premier film for a new and small studio, with only a budget of 40 million. Like what the fuck is going on at Disney/Pixar, seriously. How are they failing so hard to make good-looking movies now. Encanto had some nice scenes, but it was nothing revolutionary. Where is the innovation? The last time I was really impressed with Disney was their water animation in Moana.

No. 1909025

Literally not a single person defending her is in the animation industry.

No. 1909037

Even the writing is bad. So the moral is, "everyone should get all their wishes granted all the time, no matter how ridiculous or disgusting or bad for everyone else they are," and the dialogue is a cross between tumblr posts and marvel movie quips. she acts like an adhd twitter addict. and this is supposed to be set in andalusian era spain? The cultural enshittification is really far reaching.

No. 1909052

Asha's personality is XD quirky and #relateable like all the other recent protags have been. Literally what's the difference between her and Mirabel?
Why is there an east Asian woman in Andalusian Spain too? And get this, she's also fat and disabled. (Official merchandise has the lady with a fucking crutch)Like what the fuck are they doing here? They're beyond parody at this point.

No. 1909086

Why do all female protags have to have this personality now? It's so tired and annoying. When I originally saw Asha's design, I thought she was going to be more stoic and classically graceful, maybe like a Belle or Pocahontas.
>Why is there an east Asian woman in Andalusian Spain too?
This obsession with having the cast reflect modern American diversity regardless of the actual setting of the movie makes everything resemble a cheap Renaissance fair.

No. 1909092

Encanto had a character using the word ''yo'' in some hip hop esque song, they dont give a shit about staying true to the time period. Disney movies have sadly lost their timeless status, these movies are going to be so cringe to watch 10 years from now.

No. 1909105

They’re afraid of getting blacklisted by proxy. Your point?

No. 1909107

I think Rapunzel’s characterization in Tangled kicked it off but Anna from Frozen is where they started really doubling down on this archetype. It’s so tired by now, I think Asha is the worst offender so far. Not a single joke in that trailer lands.

No. 1909109

I think you're right. I really like Raps and it works well for her, and I didn't even mind Mirabel. She was cute and it fit her character. But it's enough at this point, please give us something else.

No. 1909114

Oh my goodness! What a blast from the past. I saw this for the first time as a kid because it was a free cereal box DVD. It's too bad the movie wasn't completed to the full extent that it was intended to be.

No. 1909183

Celebrity voice talent inflates the budget, for one. Gotta have that now, apparently. They've also got to shart these movies out as quickly as possible and focus-group them to hell and back until you're left with an incoherent mess. Frozen 2 is a good example of this, the plot makes no sense and the movie took forever because of some feedback they got from test audiences 80% of the way into production. They had to completely revise the plot to please those retards, apparently, and I guess it was worth it because it made a boatload of money despite being panned by critics.
I know it's a little retroactively tainted by having Johnny Depp in it, but Rango looks better than literally anything Disney (not Pixar) has done in the last fifteen years. Klaus was a breath of fresh air, and looks incredible. Disney has sacrificed the quality of their work for the sake of mass-market appeal and sucking China's cock. DreamWorks and Pixar have the same problem. Seems like the only people who know how to make a good movie these days aren't working for those companies.

No. 1909185

This song is so cancer, jfc. The actress clearly can't sing and perform that retarded character voice at the same time.

No. 1909224

tbf it was dreamworks who really popularised celebrity VA's and everyone else sorta followed afterwards.

No. 1909272

Unbelievable. Shrek ruined the entire western animation industry.

No. 1909324

It actually started before Shrek with Antz, and Dreamworks really had a hit after that. However, all their other 2D films(barring Prince of Egypt) made mediocre box office gains, while their 3D films (even the absolutely terrible ones like Shark Tale) were massively financially successful.

No. 1909350

I wasn't just talking about use of 3D animation and a voice cast of screen actors, I was talking about the use of a quirky/sarcastic lead character, comedic sidekick that's meant to appeal to the dumbest of children (usually an animal, but not always), "subversion of fairytales" plot, and cultural anachronism.

No. 1909425

I know this is an unpopular opinion and I get it if someone wants to lynch me for it, but Moana was completely insufferable because of this. The chicken's wretched screeching, The Rock making jokes about Twitter and constantly raising one eyebrow at the camera. I saw it in theaters with friends and I wanted to leave the whole time lmfao. Sure Aladdin did the whole A-list immortal sidekick who makes lots of pop culture references thing too so maybe I'm a hypocrite for hating it, but Robin Williams had a cokey charisma that works for the Genie that the Rock just doesn't have

No. 1909457

Didn’t Disney start it first with Aladdin?

No. 1909503

Robin Williams was notable because of how much he embodied the role but Disney was casting celebrities even before that. Oliver & Company comes to mind as having a cast of mostly household names.

No. 1909590

File: 1696566547957.jpg (530.95 KB, 1080x1659, Screenshot_20231005_212832_X.j…)

Ang is notorious for suicide baiting. She's managed to get over 30k in the last 6 months from the suckers that follow her and she still does the "I'm really gonna do it this time" routine. If this is the end though then I'll miss her alien abduction rants

No. 1909630

she had 4chan moids in the bag with her shota comic, if she continued it she would have made bank from the simps

No. 1909639

>she had 4chan moids in the bag with her shota comic
I'm sorry what?

No. 1909652

Because there’s no more magic in the storytelling anymore, it’s all just “what will make China happy so they give us money” now

No. 1909668

she was making some comic where some suicidal shota gets saved by a manic pixie dream girl in a van(lol) and they go on adventures or something, she made two pages and the /co/ moids were loving it, to the point the threads about it hit bump limit, but soon after she started sperging and then got ''abducted''. she's definetly something.

No. 1909673

This literally just sounds like it was made for TikTok kids so they can make a retarded dance to it. Even the animation is some abstract dance that has nothing to do with the time period and setting, the lyrics are all over the place too. This is the damage Hamilton has done, the guy writing this kind of kids rap shit needs to be fired.

No. 1909707

The situation with Ang is getting weirder and weirder. She’s apparently got some 20 year old European “proshipper” furry “guiding her through EOL care” and acting as her handler in her “final days”.
Shame she’s crazy, I followed her before all the drama and she’d occasionally post critiques of film/story structure that I thought were insightful.

No. 1909750

wasnt she in some poly lesbian relationship with a weird tif pinocchio husbandofag? wish i had archived everything

No. 1909760

File: 1696598696397.png (664.77 KB, 1209x631, Screenshot.png)

What's the deal with "Skibidi Toilet"? These videos have millions of views and the comments all seem bizzare, some bots with actual children posting

No. 1909771

Actually little children are obsessed with it atm and think it’s the funniest thing ever

No. 1909772

I wish she had an organized page here or on kf that archived all her antics. I’ve missed so much.

No. 1909795

I didn’t even know about this but it sounds hilarious. Wasn’t she claiming to be married just a few months ago?

No. 1909820

File: 1696603195291.png (44.94 KB, 1860x112, 1696391558119.png)

Ang is a complete munchie. In her 2019 suicide note (not the first nor probable last) she talks about constantly showing up at clinics and getting rejected by doctors who weren't putting up with her shit.

No. 1909840

To be fair this isn’t uncommon in the US, there are a ton of conditions that staff aren’t properly trained on, even seemingly basic things like endometriosis or ovarian cysts, women’s pain in general is disproportionately dismissed…but yes, Ang is nuts and probably a munchie. I’m wondering if she’ll go all the way through with convincing everyone she’s actually dead this time or if she’ll be back in a few months with another alien abduction story and a new gofundme. How are all the people preemptively mourning her death going to handle that??

No. 1909899

As someone who knew Ang years ago the whole thing is pretty sad. But when she suicide baited several years ago I legit thought that was it, and mourned her. So to see her pull a similar stunt again, ‘I’m ready to die now guys’ it just made me angry. I wanted her to get better, and she does have talent for art and story telling but, I just don’t know what’s real and what is drama mongering bullshit anymore.

No. 1909904

Could I ask was it the time from 2019? Or another instance? I wonder if this was a common occurrence given that the 2019 one was just about how supposedly shitty her roommates were and how she's totally withering away (https://web.archive.org/web/20190907172550/https://docs.google.com/document/d/18Jy4lLahTs7XWb4c31kw8O5nWyrQJC_6gbx27Nb4EWE/mobilebasic)

No. 1909908

Its kind of scary how much her followers seemingly WANT her to die so she can be a maryter for their "cause" (use in internet slapfights kek). That's a pretty sad legacy to leave behind

No. 1909954

Oh yeah, Oliver and Company's
cast really felt like the sort of casting you'd see with a kid's movie today. Bette Midler, Billy Joel, and Cheech Marin. Bette is the only one who actually fit the part she played imo. They literally made Dodger an adult instead of a teenager because of Billy Joel. However I don't think it set the trend as much as Aladdin did, and Katzenberg was involved with both Shrek and Aladdin. The trend existed before Shrek, but it didn't become the standard for all kid's movies until then.

No. 1909956

>alien abduction rants
Excuse me?

No. 1909962

Yes it was the 2019 drama where she was saying she was going to run out of health insurance and then wither and die. She had all the tweets about how she’s ready to die, ‘gud bye cruel wurl’ type stuff, and while I was sad, I figured at least she’d be out of her misery? Idk I just felt emotionally manipulated by the whole thing. Least I never gave her money.

No. 1909986

there's some stuff in the community watch > proship discourse thread

No. 1909989

File: 1696624577866.jpg (512.65 KB, 1080x1694, Screenshot_20231006_133745_X.j…)

This is just her latest claim of abduction and was just several days before she decided to end it (again). Funnily enough her own followers either tried to coddle her and went along with it or straight up were calling her a schizo lol

No. 1910026

So to summarize, someone draws shota or lolicon and submits it publicly to baraag.net, some dude named Kyle finds out, Kyle DMs nine of his friends saying essentially "this is fucked up and I'm breaking ties with this person", other people apparently do the same, and now the person that drew shota/loli is threatening to kill themselves because they've been 'blacklisted'. But, this same person has a history of suicide baiting and bizarre claims of alien abduction? And now there's a campaign by this person's followers to try and get this Kyle guy removed from a convention? How the fuck is that going to work out? Hey, this guy was deeply disturbed by this person drawing and posting what is considered by some to be CP, so they privately messaged their coworkers/friends about it, and everyone decided that they wanted to cut ties with someone that draws disturbing porn, so now that person is suicidal because of it. And that's why Kyle should leave. Because this suicidal person might actually do it this time, even though they've been threatening to kill themselves since at least 2019. If Kyle leaves, this person won't kill themselves? Wtf is going on lmao

No. 1910038

Who is “Miggs” in this?
Kyle was her old boss.

No. 1910045

She looks like Isabella and like anons said, acts like every single protag since Rapunzel. She even has the same face as every single protag since Rapunzel. They literally can't do any other face than this, it's so tiring. I wonder if there's gonna be another trend before I die or if this is it for mainstream animation in my lifetime.

No. 1910046

was he her boss at the time this went down? Sorry, the threads on twitter are an absolute clusterfuck. I see posts about how Kyle DM'd friends, not co-workers or this person's employer, about how they saw what they were drawing and was disturbed and didn't want to associate with them anymore. Contacted the friends, said hey this shit is gross and I'm out, do what you want with it, but here's the reason I'm out. And now they're calling Kyle a murderer because he has disassociated from the person drawing shota/loli and the other friends of his followed suit. Some people are calling it "invader zim porn", I haven't seen the image in question. Others are refuting that it's "invader zim porn". In one post, Ang tells Kyle he's wrong for exposing her "private kinks", in another post, she chalks it up to art to "deal with her trauma" as a CSA survivor… what the fuck? This is such a mess. And layers of arguments about how people aren't being good leftists because they think drawn child sex is gross, and publicly disavowing people that do it isn't leftist… I'm getting too old for this shit man.

No. 1910075

His show had already ended by the time he sent her Baragg account around but he sent it to their mutual friends/former coworkers. She keeps insisting she was formally blacklisted but one of the funniest things about all of this is that she thinks Kyle has the power to do that. She’s right about one thing, men draw the same shit all the time and no one bats an eye. Tbh if she hadn’t made such a huge deal about this and kept her head down for a while instead of lashing out and writing multiple novel length explanations/suicide notes she could have probably salvaged her career.

No. 1910081

File: 1696635613876.jpg (352.78 KB, 1080x1307, Screenshot_20231006_163556_X.j…)

A bit off topic but a interesting note about Ang. One of her closest friends was a someone claiming to be a blacklisted cartoonist who's whole schtick is that she's currently in a incestuous relationship with her father. The moids on co pretty much determined her style to be very close to a animator that goes by polygotplatypus/nullbackdoorho so this could very much be a elaborate larp (at least I hope so) but a interesting rabbithole nonetheless. Said friend claimed to meet up with Ang 'irl'. She's locked now but she was posting cute relationship comics whilst her best friend is supposedly dying in agony kek. Should mention Ang has gotten in deep water twice before for supporting irl incest

No. 1910084

>Should mention Ang has gotten in deep water twice before for supporting irl incest
when was this?

No. 1910085

File: 1696636240733.jpeg (309.1 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_2111.jpeg)

It never fails to amuse me that THIS guy is the one that got Ang cancelled. He looks like the most stereotypical creeper sex pest ever, but the roles were reversed this time.

No. 1910091

File: 1696637407312.jpg (36.51 KB, 740x246, 8f4d97a75502e22f2aab829580a551…)

Oh I wouldn't put it past Kyle to be a predator given he was in close contact with the John K right before his outing. But for now he's just another creepy white guy with yellow fever in the animation biz. Meanwhile Ang posted these fantasies on a public acc with no disclaimer that its fictional and expected not to get in trouble over it. Everyone in this story is a fat sex freak

No. 1910095

irony poisoning on its way to ruin a new generation

No. 1910100

I definitely think she’s Backdoorho. She did have a tweet right before she locked her Twitter about wanting people to respect her privacy while she grieved the loss of Ang, but that was all.
>Oh I wouldn't put it past Kyle to be a predator given he was in close contact with the John K right before his outing.
Where did you hear this? John and Kyle have never been friendly. John mocked Kyle’s art on his blog years and years ago and Kyle never got over it.

No. 1910102

File: 1696638539828.png (623.91 KB, 1100x739, aang.png)

apparently he wated to fuck her and she refused so he outed her. there is definetly something really weird going on because it's well known that all industry pros draw fucked up shit and post it under a nick, so in my guess she threatened to out some superior as a sexual harasser ala chris savino, they found out, and decided to blacklist her first.

No. 1910107

>apparently he wated to fuck her and she refused so he outed her.

No. 1910109

i swear i read it somewhere but i cant find it so take it with a grain of salt, some people in the art salt thread were saying they had a very close relationship which is extremely weird for a man his age and a young, barely functional autismo

No. 1910113

I believe she was living with him and his wife while working on his show

No. 1910114

no, supposedly one of vee's ex friends (holly meadow disch) went around messaging everyone who knows ang linking them to her porn according to ang herself in her "in case of callout" document (but kyle is solely responsible somehow)

No. 1910119

He looks like if Chris-Chan and Mr. Plinkett got Mpreg and had an ass-baby together.

No. 1910125

I read the comic when it was posted as a story time on /co/ out of morbid curiosity. It was mostly porn, obviously, and I’m sure it’s still in the archives. I dunno, I think it’s the artist’s elaborate fantasy. Too much of it seems… convenient, I guess? Unrealistic? For it to be true. There’s no way I’m rereading it again to prove my point but from what I remember the dad was supposed to be an angry stern out-of-touch dad in some moments then a trendy “anti” who talks in tumblrspeak in others.

No. 1910136

Holly sent the porn to Kyle but people are going after him because they think he holds power in the industry.

No. 1910190

File: 1696650261704.jpg (264.21 KB, 834x1278, Screenshot_20231006_204253_Bra…)

In 2021 Ang was friends with two lesbos that were larping as sisters and she went along with it. People of course didn't know this so they were concerned and Ang outed them out of fear she'd get more backlash (https://web.archive.org/web/20210708013814/http://Twitter.com/politepuppet) Hilarious now given everything with Laika.
And then there was her own larping about a little brother she was molesting but she was like "gais I was just totally joking!" But I can't find any scs. She's got a crazy track record with this type of thing.

No. 1910203

Kind of weird that a lesbian couple in the U.S. would not only be closeted in 2021 but be secretive about it to the point of lying about being sisters. I don't want to be insensitive to whatever issues they may have been experiencing, but what on Earth necessitated that they do that? It's not like they live in Iran or some kind of fundamentalist cult. Maybe I'm just lacking context here.

No. 1910206

File: 1696655395008.png (44.15 KB, 489x864, 5157711.png)

The Homestuck fanartist? I remember there being a bunch of drama on Tumblr because she shipped her teenage OC Anshu with an adult character, or drew porn of her, or some kind of Tumblr faux pas like that. Picrel gives an overview of what happened, but take it with a grain of salt because the person who wrote it is a bit of a cow herself. Also the links are broken because the OP is a retard who didn't bother to archive or screenshot anything.


No. 1910209

File: 1696656293890.jpg (461.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20231006_221828_X.j…)

Ang got a wellness check "forced" on her by a close friend and she's super traumatized now. Obviously this is unforgivable and now she's filing a restraining order

No. 1910214

oh so Ang has the necessary strength to file a restraining order uh?

No. 1910221

Probably just a fetish/attention whore thing.

No. 1910222

Gen alpha boys are actually obsessed with Skibidi toilets right now. That channel helps its popularity with all the cool studio level animated fight scenes. The Skibidi toilets are actually the bad guys, and there’s some kinda war going on with them and the hero’s. The hero’s are camera mans, speaker mans, tv mans, and occasionally their female counter parts like tv woman. They’re basically anthropomorphic guys in business suits with speakers, etc. as heads. Honestly that’s the weirdest part to me. It may not be impressive to you but little boys eat that shit up. I asked a gen alpha boy what his favorite YouTube channel was and he actually said dafaq? Boom! I think it started as an obscure meme a long time ago and blew up, it’s also very popular on Roblox. I think kids watch it for the same reason kids watch Naruto or DBZ- the epic fight scenes. And I think that’s it. It’s basically this generation of boys answer to watching dbz or Naruto fight scenes. Also those ugly toilet men are supposed to be glitching. They sing a Skibidi toilet song before camera mans kill them. That’s why it’s called Skibidi toilets I think.

No. 1910223

When people are gonna learn to stop taking those internet "friendships" seriously? Their friendship is based on their mutual stance on cartoon porn ffs. Then they get surprised when they get their throats sliced by their so called community. I can fathom dedicating so much time to cartoon drama.(sage your shit)

No. 1910224

>a wellness check was called without their consent
Isn’t that what a wellness check IS?

No. 1910226

No wonder kids sound like they're getting their brain fried by stupid nonsensical "memes", everything you just said sounds like some sort of schizo rambling kek (not your fault of course). Parents really shouldn't let their kids use the internet.

No. 1910228

I hate how even questioning the validity of this obvious scam can get you dogpiled by those porn addicts. They are so fucking desperate to have a martir for children cartoon porn.(learn to sage)

No. 1910232

They are obsessed. I've seen multiple videos of boys maybe no older than 5 singing skibidi while in front of (or standing in) their toilet.

No. 1910234

I’m sure you’re making some excellent points here but i can’t lie to you as soon as you referred to “skibidi toilets” as actual heroes/protagonists/characters I checked out. It does sound kinda like schizo rambling.

No. 1910240

Fuck man. I’m kinda disoriented today so I was getting kinda worried how I was coming across as I wrote that. But tbh there’s some abstract surrealness to the characters so I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. Like, get this. The way the camera mans defeat the Skibidi toilets is they fucking flush them. They literally fucking flush them. The fucking toilets. Occasionally take a plunger too.
The Skibidi toilets are the bad guys. The protagonists are camera man, tv man, speaker man and tv woman. I have a nephew that’s how I know all this. I was confused at first too, like why he was so obsessed with some speaker man when there is no immediate reference to this character. What even is a speaker man. Tbh I think this is just going to be one of those things where there’s a generational gap and most older people just won’t get it.

No. 1910245

i am going to save money and reclude myself into the woods i genuinely fear the future generation of moids

No. 1910246

Nta but your explanation was perfectly fine. People without gen alpha boy relatives will never understand the grip these godforsaken toilets have on the generation.

No. 1910249

so this is just popee the performer for modern western minimoids? weird surreal cartoons that shouldnt be for kids being shilled to kids. It's kinda scary how kids keep developing more bizarre and violent fads, how did we jump from crazy bands and pokemon to skibidi toilet and FNAF. wild stuff.

No. 1910267

There's a bunch of Japanese and Korean comments on the toilet videos so not only western mimimoods
Thank you anon for that recap. It did sound like a schizo rambling kek but that made me kind of interested so I checked out some of the videos. Like you said, it's actual nonsense with very well animated war and fight scenes. I feel like it's a successor to the glitchy TF2 memes but on a much bigger scale.

No. 1910270

Samefag, he also does a lot of body horror shit. Between this and small children being obsessed with the ugly huggy wuggy doll shit, I wonder why are small gen alpha children into horror so much. Maybe the aftermath of Elsagate kek

No. 1910296

But… why toilets, why skibidi, what the fuck is that supposed to mean and why is it funny to kids? It's literal jargon. Is this the state of kid's humor now? Just make up words and repeat them non-stop? Just… toilets? And a silly cringy song? It's not even from a videogame, is it?
I know kids like the action scenes and it's like dbz but even if that was bad and corny it still made sense. But here we have toilets for some fucking reason, in a war setting with weapons and soldiers, and there are those fucking faces which are kind of unsettling tbh because they jitter around and make those exaggerated expressions.
It's honestly sad that this kind of stupid repetitive shit is being targeted to male kids. I'm sure it's making them retarded.

No. 1910308

teaching English in Japan and my students are obsessed with Skibidi Toilet

No. 1910331

I was thinking that the thumbnails reminded me of TF2 SFMs, too, but those were never a cultural craze that children would become obsessed with in the sake way they would for a video game series or TV show. They were just silly videos we sometimes watched for a laugh over something silly and nonsensical, not something most of us had any passion for. This seems to be different, for some reason.

No. 1910415

Kids don't have any understanding of good or bad content. In the late aughties crazy frog, a shitty animated frog created to sell ringtones became a sensation. The ugly little thing went from an ad to a chart topping 'musician' who was featured in various award events. This isn't a new phenomenon, repeat something ad nauseum like ads and kids will latch unto it. It is effective in its stupidity.

No. 1910416

Exactly this, kids love weird nonsensical things that doesn't make any sort of sense to us adults. I feel kinda weirded out by kids being obsessed with FNAF and Huggy Wuggy but honestly most kids LOVE getting scared, remember Courage the Cowardly Dog, Goosebumps and other similar shows? It's however definitely a lot more intense now due to kids having easy access to the internet, so it's reasonable to be very put off and confused by it all.

No. 1910420

File: 1696708293713.jpg (496.78 KB, 1080x2014, Screenshot_20231007_124337_X.j…)

The European furry who's currently "caring" for Ang is leaving the internet because too many people were asking questions. She's a cow in her own right with her posting a vid of her stroking a dog dildo with her hairy ass feet for donations whilst ang was having a public meltdown and threatening suicide kek

No. 1910445

Off-topic, but I was under the impression that Chinese animation is crap

No. 1910464

File: 1696717077670.jpg (315.33 KB, 1080x1977, Screenshot_20231007_151611_X.j…)

The Pinocchio fujoshis handle is princessxmisery and as far as I know they were just friends as seen in this goodbye post in the dramatic #angslegacy tag. I believe the last relationship was a qweer invader zim polycule where ang claimed to have been raped but she's claimed to have been raped in all of the last 3 relationships she's been in (yes really) so who knows.

No. 1910505

I just watched all of skibidi toilet and I have to say it was pretty good. I am part of the skibidi fandom now.

No. 1910519

I tried watching it and liked some of it, since it reminded me of shitposting from my youth, but it was a bit repetitive for my tastes. It kind of felt like an invasion manga crossed with an SFM, which is an interesting concept, but the reuse of the same two songs and many of the same animations made it difficult to get too interested.

No. 1910545

File: 1696731659692.jpg (547.23 KB, 2592x3840, magicalgirl.jpg)

does anyone remember this show? i never watched it but i remember it being bashed for like a week and then got forgotten. theres nothing remarkable to say, i just think that this show is the peak demonstration of the current state of the western industry, with its bland art style and generic premise, made only to rot in the back of a few people's minds. high guardian spice is also like this.

most of the reception was negative but i remember seeing slight hype for it because the taller girl was apparently a tranny kek

No. 1910554

File: 1696732652904.jpg (144.17 KB, 1233x204, Untitled.jpg)

Googled something like 'magical girl friendship squad tranny' and got this. what is the truth

No. 1910555

File: 1696732898169.jpg (524.39 KB, 774x2380, MY SELF-INSERT IS NOT A TRANNY…)

No. 1910557

I saw it dunked on in a video about something else, but I've never heard of it otherwise, although HGS is my milk of choice so I should be in the circles as to be informed. Where do they hire these people? I can just picture some daft boomer execs sitting around a table going, "what's popular on tumblr right now? are the kids still into that?" I wish americans would stop trying to copy the magical girl thing, they can't do it right and it's just cringe bootleg at this point.

No. 1910558

Polyglotplatypus is a real freak. Claims to be biologically male on tumblr, but ran a secret twitter account as a biological female with a fetish for female genital mutilation (she also talked about her desire to remove her external genitalia on tumblr, but obviously acted like she was planning on getting a penectomy and didn't mention the fetish aspect). I'm inclined to believe her real sex is female because I've seen selfies and she just looks like an obese FtM, but I also can't believe a real woman would be into that stuff.

No. 1910582

Sounds like a typical terminally online tumblr artist to me

No. 1910603

On her curiouscat she said she got her clit removed because she had vaginismus because she wanted to go anal only

No. 1910606

Samefag but forgot the mention that she tweeted about homestuck causing to cut her clit

No. 1910612

I remember when Homestuck-related health hazards mostly had to do with DIY body paint or over-consumption of junk food. Things sure have changed since the trandom took over.

No. 1910618

I'm not disbelieving you because I know of Adrian and her self mutilation fantasies but could you send a link to her curiouscat or sc? She's also spoken about being denied for surgery so I wonder if that's for the clit or for the externals of her vagina. Regardless very horrifying

No. 1910621

No. 1910624

File: 1696746195727.png (24.62 KB, 1119x171, iiiii.PNG)

samefag but

No. 1910636

We didn't have neither Goosebumps nor Courage in my country and I don't think we had any horror media geared towards children, that's why it's so weird to me. I remember accidentally watching Sixth Sense as a small kid and being pretty scarred from it and hating scary things. None of my friends or classmates were into horror when we were around 6-10. I grew up to quite like horror but I don't think it's good for children's psyche to look at disturbing images (gore, body horror and so on).

No. 1910663

That tbh sounds more like a you problem than a bigger picture that needs to be dealt with. Kids are fine looking at scary stuff catered to kids, like Goosebumps. If your parents weren't supervising you in what you were watching then it's on them, not the movie. Maybe it's because I was raised with a "if you think it's scary just turn it off, shut your eyes or walk away, it's your own responsibility" when it came to media I don't see the issue. My friends at your mentioned ages talked nonstop about Eerie Indiana, Goosebumps, Courage and other "creepy" shows for kids that occasionally had slight body horror. The only times I've heard of kids being scarred by horror is when they accidentally, or by dumb choice and curiosity, watch something they're too young for, like you did. Which, again, is the parent's or babysitter's responsibility to prevent.

No. 1910674

No, I get it. I'm from a similar country as anon you replied to, horror for us is a '15+' affair, you're not old enough to watch horror movies until 15, ergo you're not old enough to watch horror until 15, period.

This may have to do with how hands-off our parenting style is, kids do get into stuff meant for older kids on their own due to normalised lack of supervision. Parents are expected to both work and teachers are meant to have a hand in raising their students. If teachers have to comfort children over scary stuff geared towards slightly older kids, it takes up time meant to be raising the rest of the children. Easier to just ban scary stuff.

No. 1910683

It's awful but it makes a lot of money.

No. 1910684

File: 1696763354313.jpeg (562.84 KB, 828x801, IMG_8909.jpeg)

I think Courage is a lot different than FNAF and Huggy Wuggy because Courage never had gore and the plot wasn’t strictly “they’re trying to kill you”.

In other news, Wish looks like shit! I actually looks terrible! All the comments under this post are praising the designs, i said “They all look like shit” and was immediately dogwhistled as racist for some reason.
The one in the red dress offends me with how bad she looks.

No. 1910685

The gif you’re replying to is from a Chinese series

No. 1910690

would it kill disney not to give their male characters tumor noses for once? they look uncanny compared to the normal women with button noses and 0 exaggerated features.

No. 1910706

These look like ugly game generated sims from the Sims 3-4 what the FUCK lmao absolute garbage

No. 1910707

File: 1696768090559.jpeg (72.07 KB, 600x344, IMG_1731.jpeg)

Look closely at their designs. They’re based on the seven dwarfs.

No. 1910708

This is supposed to be set in Medieval Spain?

No. 1910709

That doesn’t make the designs any more palatable. They’re horrible, the movie looks like it’ll be horrid as well.

No. 1910721

no they are not, they are just butt ugly

No. 1910725

Not excusing the designs, they suck, just pointing out the fact that this same logic is probably going to apply to a ton of other shit in this movie. The entire thing is supposed to be a homage to old Disney.

No. 1910726

File: 1696771847765.jpeg (465.11 KB, 804x922, IMG_8915.jpeg)

SA but I’m coming back to say that this one has personally offended me with how terrible it looks.

No. 1910728

is it actually comfirmed or did you pull it out of your arse? because i genuinely cant see it. outside of the dumbo guy the colors nor the personality really dont match for the rest

No. 1910729

The seven dwarves have big ass noses because they are old men. Also the Wish image looks nothing like old Disney, it looks exactly like the neu Disney 3d ugly shit.

No. 1910730

she looks like asian-girl Shrek
seriously fire the male staff, give us beefcake bishounen for femgaze. it's women paying their bills and buying their movies–cater to us. there's not a single attractive man in this and it's set in SPAIN, home of tall dark and handsome beefcakes. absolutely worthless.

No. 1910733

File: 1696773955193.jpeg (256.3 KB, 1100x1083, IMG_1733.jpeg)

No. 1910736

Lmao at the fact that the main girl is the pretty one. What happened to diversity, Disney? (That’s sarcasm, obviously.)

No. 1910738

Come to think of it, when's the last time Disney even had a decent looking male character? I guess Eugene from Rapunzel.

No. 1910740

They aren’t supposed to be pretty or sexy they’re supposed to be friendly looking so kids feel comfortable about them

No. 1910745

For a minute I thought she was supposed to have down syndrome.

No. 1910748

File: 1696776464656.jpg (36.07 KB, 473x559, prince.jpg)

all the women are pretty button-nosed tiktok influencers while the males have tumor for noses and look special needs. Since this is supposed to be a nod to old disney movies they could have at least tried to make their male characters look handsome like how they used to look in their old movies. Naveen was the last attractive male disney character. And no, i am not trying to imply i want coom and beefcake in my children hollywood slop, but it's annoying how all the female characters look like e-girls while the male characters all look goofy/ugly. At least in older movies both the female protagonist and the love interest were attractive. It genuinely feels like an insult to female viewers.

No. 1910749

it's like this in every piece of media written by moids. take monster or alien species. the girls will be humanoid-ish tittycakes with glittery pink skin and the men will be facehugger-looking abortion bags with fangs. and for disney to make all the male characters hideous, it's telling women, "no matter how hot you are, you deserve to be with a fugly puke-face obese neckbeard with noodle arms. you must settle."

men need to be banned from breathing.

No. 1910753

I wonder what made them change the formula? up until ratatouille all the male love interest characters were commonly attractive, like their female counterparts. Did any fat ugly balding scrote with male envy get in charge around that time?

No. 1910754

Please, I just want out of Disney's probiscis monkey sexual dimorphism nightmare era. I am on my hands and knees, just make it stop.

No. 1910756

really curious to know where you are from because goosebumps has been translated into tons of languages, they were translated even to my language when i was a kid even if not lot of people speak it in global scale

No. 1910761

probably some equivalent beergutted malding scrote like dan schneider wormed his way into an exec seat.
look, i'll point to a woman-lead development like She-ra. Bow is pretty much the only important male character, and he's hot and a human puppy dog level sugar cookie. And when males write the content, you get ugly gassy fat scraggly unwashed scrotes being paired with 10/10 women. men cannot write because their dick gets in the way, and their dick caters to their fetish wish fulfilment, IE that attractive woman will want his crusty ass. men shouldn't be in charge of any decision making. they're best as slave-apes doing manual labor. Remove men from the industry. If a man doesn't look good, what value does he have?

No. 1910763

It reminds me of that creep who wrote himself in as a self-insert for the new PPG reboot.

No. 1910775

Different anon.

We had it in Scandinavia, but only if you were rich enough to pay for cable. And even then, it was daytime programming so the chances of catching it was extremely slim.

Books were translated, but books are a bit different, we have some horror books for kids since they are easier to age-segregate, those are difficult to come by unless you are actively searching for them though, and are often aimed at early teens. My recollection of Goosebumps was that they were easy to read, so not the kind of thing that a reading teen searching for spooky stories would pick up.

No. 1910778

It's different because you're an adult now, all kids fads look bizarre and stupid to adults, including the ones you were into as a kid.

No. 1910791

obligatory acknowledgement that the male characters look like shit, but what is with the lighting and coloring on this movie it looks so dull and unappealing? if they wanted to go for a more muted look (not necessarily a bad thing) they should have changed the artstyle. this movie looks so bad.

No. 1910796

This is is the guy who got in trouble for running a super kid focused show but whose twitter was filled with him retweeting and liking porn?

No. 1910797

Another anon called it “sims 3 base sims” and it absolutely reads as such—the clay/doughy textures look like absolute shit.
Christ, Elemental and Strange World sucked and this one looks like a stinker too.

No. 1910801

Ayrt, I'm also in Scandinavia, though in our households (maybe it depends on countries, or which part of the country if we happen to live in the same place) channels with mostly/only children's content were included with the channels that came with the area's apartment contracts so it wasn't exactly a rich kid thing and actually not all that uncommon. Though since we got movies like Ronja Robber's Daughter and Lionheart Brothers that gets pretty dark maybe we have a different thresholds on what's considered scary?
Also between grade 4 to 6 when my school had "book weeks" we would get a selection of books to choose from in my school where there always was one that was horror themed - either as actual story books or a collection of shorter stories.

No. 1910802

File: 1696785169297.jpg (8.82 KB, 202x202, wishface.jpg)

this woman's face annoys me more than it should lmao. I hate these pseudow-dreamworks faces where the characters tries to look cocky to appear cool for the kids. other anons already has compared it to the Sims but it really does remind me of the expressions in sims 4

No. 1910823

Linguini ruined everything. They made him get with Colette and all the moid creators were thinking "JUST LIKE ME FR FR" and the Disney men never recovered.

No. 1910826

That movie looks like it’s going to be shit. I’m so tired of the shoehorning black characters into everything. >inb4racebait
Just wish they’d do something new and not obviously pander-y

No. 1910827


I grew up in the countryside. My family could not afford cable, nor could anyone I knew, unless they lived in a huge house and their parents had really nice jobs.

Ronja & Lionheart were kids' stories, but they weren't explicitely framed as horror. I think horror was also entwined with violence to a lot of people, violence was a no-no to a lot of moms (and still is).

I recall finding horror books for grades 6 and up in my school library, goosebumps existed as well, although I recall it being very 'easy' to read compared to the horror books. We were not encouraged to read, and were punished for spending time inside the library during recess.

No. 1910828

>almost never heard about children being scarred by horror shit
There's a huge amount of zoomers and young millennials saying how adult horror retellings of MLP and other cartoons made their psyche fucked up. How spending time on 4chan when they were really little fucked them up socially. Same with soft porn on YouTube or hard porn they find online. Just because you haven't heard about it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. And putting responsibility onto children is dumb, you realise children have morbid curiosity and won't turn off something they don't realize is harmful (gore, porn). Children around 5-9 yo aren't smart enough to understand what's not good for them.
Central/Eastern Europe.

No. 1910836

I think Ah Real Monsters and Goosebumps is a lot different than pony gore or the fanfic cupcakes. Even adult me doesn’t like the latter. I loved the first two as a kid.

No. 1910845

For a story about magic and wishes, it looks so fucking dull. what is this design

No. 1910864

File: 1696791447598.jpg (70.28 KB, 700x713, aBnYZ2x_700b.jpg)

This looks like a parody of Disney character designs. Why the hell do men always have gigantic noses?

No. 1910867

At least Colette in Ratatouille had exaggerated features, everyone is a copy of Frozen now with the women having tiny baby heads with huge eyes and nonexistent noses and the men with big bulbous features

No. 1910879

she looks like a strange world reject. and the strange world characters looked like lightyear leftovers.

No. 1910885

This would apply but they’re ALL ugly designs, even the main chick isn’t anything special. I get wanting people to feel seen but also at least make them decent to look at.

No. 1910886

SA and god I’m so sorry because that did sound super moidy but I hope you all know what I mean when I say that the designs are just unappealing. There’s a way to do unconventional without it looking bad.

No. 1910887

yall gotta look up congprincess the delusion is real she thinks shes dating the youtuber iShowSpeed her story is beyond hilarous(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1910888

I'm tired of blind as a bat female whiteknights saying shit like "UMM there doesn't NEEED to be a handsome prince it's for KIDS" whenever anyone points out the obvious. Fuck off with your fake as shit virtue signalling. A pretty princess is no problem, but a pretty prince suddenly is? You know exactly what you're doing, stop it.

No. 1910916

File: 1696802131923.png (188.88 KB, 1080x530, Screenshot_20231008-144910.png)

From the discussion above, Disney had a meeting with a women employees to intentionally make Flynn Rider handsome. The male character designers and directors are so weak and intimidated by fiction CGI men they can't even make a handsome guy unless it's important to the story and called out. They'll make butt ugly quirked up characters with dynamic 'shape language ' because that's the CalArts ticket to make ART (tm).

No. 1910917

File: 1696802308365.png (198.62 KB, 1080x794, Screenshot_20231008-144901.png)

Just sad that this is seen as a funny story - lol women have preferences!

No. 1910923

This is meant to be funny? I always assumed it was meant to be genuinely inspiring in a feminist way.

No. 1910940

what is even supposed to be wrong with ang? everyone is talking as though she's already dead but what is she supposed to be dying OF, other than being so horribly mistreated and being an utter victim?

No. 1910953

That's kind of what I love about the new Fionna and Cake series. Something about the the show feels lowkey female gaze. Like you have all these handsome (to the extent that they can be in the simplistic art style) guys hanging out with Fionna and treating her like a human being instead of an object. It's nothing groundbreaking, but it feels like subtle progress. Shame it couldn't have happened in a show/film with a more detailed art style, though.

No. 1910957

File: 1696809530570.jpg (350.83 KB, 1080x1118, Screenshot_20231008_165436_X.j…)

It's kind of a huge clusterfuck but heres what I sorted out. She claims to have Long Covid, ME/CFS, recurring spinal cord tethering, POTS, MCAS, EDS, and mold sensitivity. Recently she moved into a new apartment in LA with the money she grifted but immediately got sick from cheap digestive pills from china. Given that whole situation & that she's all tapped out of cash she's decided to enter her own form of "EOL" which is so vague her own supporters are questioning it. She talks about her various afflictions in her almost 3 hr long pity vid if you can stand it (https://youtu.be/8Sb3Y0BPIQY?si=5DchTQzIPiiWCpGH)

No. 1910962

okay so to clarify she's a munchie. none of those conditions, most of which are probably psych-based or just bullshit (in her case, not all cases), would cause death or require EOL care. what is she supposed to be dying of??
thanks for the info though. it's definitely what i expected.

No. 1910966

Oh she's a proven munchie and yes none of those diagnoses are fatal. However shes also claiming that without her back medication (supposedly tied to health insurance / employment) her spine will fuse making her unable to walk thus not able to eat/drink. Guess her version of EOL is basically lying in bed waiting to die? She was healthy enough to open the door to the cops though kek

No. 1910973

File: 1696812284779.jpg (474.13 KB, 1080x1448, Screenshot_20231007_155616_X.j…)

she also claims to be unable to work because of her munchie "disabilities"

No. 1910977

She’s def a munchie and I don’t believe she’s dying but can’t you die of complications from EDS?

No. 1910978

They must have asked shoeonhead tier pickmes with low self steem because flynn looks unwashed and ugly, specially compared to barely legal blonde raps.

No. 1910979

depends on the type

No. 1910980

File: 1696814854295.gif (3.39 MB, 540x198, tumblr_7073a60991ddc3adc067a5a…)

They've been improving a lot the last couple years, definitely trying to keep up with Japanese anime and better US stuff like Spiderverse.

No. 1911001

Ten years ago China was pretty crap. How was China able to get so good so quickly, while the US, despite having a longer history of animation, is so ugly?

No. 1911008

western "artists" spend 10 hours a day on twitter. chinese artists spend 10 hours a day grinding. imo western animation has never been good, even the disney stuff was just yassified uguu and squish-and-squash kid junk, but in the recent decade, essentially since twitter's popularity, westerners are all lazy slackers being overtaken. it's even true for books, science, and tech. americans give their kids cookies and potato chips. the chinese stuff their kids into gymnastics training bootcamps or digital art grind workspaces, the koreans send theirs to kpop idol slavemills. sure it's brutal but it's effective.

the only thing holding chinese animation back is the sterile storytelling and obsession with wuxiashit.

No. 1911019

no one likes chinese-made content because it is soulless, and they beat their children for having original thoughts.

No. 1911021

No. 1911022

the animation of the OP is the only interesting thing about that anime and it's more than likely outsourced to Japan like how they outsourced Azur lane

No. 1911028

Asha looks like Elsa and Anna lol of fucking course.
She’s got some insane cope that just because the Chinese artists draw anime shit good that they’ll eventually make something that will appeal to her likely very shit taste. It’s like weeaboos loving all the awful trash like that toenail clipper sniffing anime because it’s drawn pretty.

No. 1911087

I remember one tweet where she talked about how she was becoming more spiritual. I'm sure she gonna resurface as a born again christian or join a cult.

No. 1911099

I think she was referring to her alien abduction bs

No. 1911118

File: 1696852096712.jpeg (167.28 KB, 531x410, IMG_8919.jpeg)

Anna and Elsa but if you made her brown solely for the woke points.

Two more upcoming Pixar films that are getting no advertisement in place for that Wish film—Elio and Inside Out 2. I kind of like that Elio seems to mirror the likeness of Coraline but instead animated and the characters at least look INTERESTING.
Inside Out 2 is supposed to “follow Riley as she becomes a teenager” so I’m already expecting a Turning Red situation where a period is mentioned and everyone clutches their pearls.

No. 1911120

wtf they are making luca in space already

No. 1911127


same. I remember when it was announced a lot of brown girlies got hyped because we have absolutely no representation whatsoever in disney (other than a movie with the talking bear) and Asha is an Indian name. There was a mini-debate in the comment section on whether Asha is supposed to be black or latina or whatever.

No. 1911148

File: 1696859418275.gif (152.66 KB, 526x464, oct16_catlos.gif)

The movie is set in fantasy Grenada, so that's the explanation for black and brown characters. Now, there were black Moors (in fact, that's what they were referred to as), but the vast majority were North African Berbers who would not have looked dissimilar from the Spanish.

No. 1911159

Ariana DeBose Is “AfroLatina” so I assumed Asha was as well?

No. 1911182

I think it's funny that Disney made Asha a literal colonizer and there's no uproar.

No. 1911202

File: 1696870231255.jpg (612.5 KB, 1189x1393, kjhljhh.jpg)

>imo western animation has never been good
name these animations and i might think you have a right to that opinion

No. 1911203

Omg Pelle Svanslös?? How nostalgic, never thought I'd see that on LC.

No. 1911238

So Gobelins, a reputable animation school based in Paris, has recently uploaded a new video on their channel about the struggles of being an art student aspiring to get into animation school.
I watched it and I was left feeling pretty displeased with the ending.
On one hand, I really felt like they hit the mark in showing just how grueling and thankless the process is of trying to get in, yet on the other hand the ending was so saccharine and didn't make up for all the grievance the character had to go through. And all the NPC's in the comments section going "aww what a wholesome ending" are being insipid retards not realizing just how much of an emotional toll it is when these skilled art kids fail to get into these schools.

No. 1911250

They think it's okay when brown people do it to Europeans but not the other way around

No. 1911258

I see you sperging about ‘brown people’ in every single thread, are you the weird racist pol troon?

No. 1911260

>>1911202 omg nonna, i watched when the wind blows in history class as a kid and i've never been the same since

No. 1911270

Chinese animation relies on a lot of AI and is over polished and soulless

No. 1911272

File: 1696886428717.jpeg (657.7 KB, 1092x1069, IMG_6038.jpeg)

Oh ok. I knew Marceline’s voice actor is half black but I didn’t think it even mattered, it’s a damn vampire character.

No. 1911276

I thought it was because Marceline’s mother is black in the show, which would make her half black. I don’t understand what the issue with Marshall Lee being black, what is the actual problem?

No. 1911304

Didn't we already talk about this?

No. 1911308

you mean cg..

No. 1911365

We did, it feels really weird that this is brought up again with almost the same wording.
Marceline’s mom was black and/or half black. It’s literally been canon in the show that she’s mixed. Also…weird nitpick from the original anon because who cares that he’s black?

No. 1911411

File: 1696904993522.jpg (56.26 KB, 1000x750, gaucho walt.jpg)

are there any latina princesses? Asha definetly isnt considering she's from Spain. Actually quite surprised there isnt a Latina princess yet. They should have made her Argentinian or Latina in general, considering how Walt loved LATAM and a lot of early Disney movies were inspired by latino culture. Also, the second ever short of Mickey was Gaucho Mickey. It's so weird they went with Spain.

No. 1911460

There’s Sophia the first

No. 1911461

Same anon, also Princess Elena.

No. 1911478

the toddler shows? kinda bleak literal who nationalities like whatever Moana is get whole threatrical movies but the second biggest ethnicity in the usa only get low budget toddler shows and Primos

No. 1911500

>literal who nationalities like whatever Moana is
Damn nonna wtf kek

No. 1911511

There’s now Encanto. It doesn’t have an actual princess, bur neither do a lot of Disney Princess(TM) movies. And Pixar did Coco (but that’s a male lead). What would be the best way to do a Latina Disney Princess (TM)? Are there specific folk legends or historical figures that would be good to adapt?

No. 1911519

The only equivalent in the Americas would be the Brazilian Empire, pre-Colombian American Empires and also quite a few conquistadors basically set up their own theifdoms where they LARPed as European royalty.

No. 1911526

Would Pre-Colombian be truly Latina though, or would it be considered indigenous? That also reminded me that Emperor’s New Groove is I guess technically a South American indigenous Disney movie. But again, a male lead and no princess.

No. 1911636

File: 1696938221628.jpg (41.92 KB, 360x578, 1696857300085792.JPG)

I know it’s cringe to know this but she’s not Latina. Maybe, Hispanic, at most, because apparently the country from which her mother is from is based on Spain. But the universe of the show (both Elena and Sofia share the same) don’t have specified nations or countries, they’re made up amalgams of different places.

When the show was announced, I think a writer or creator of the show tried to proclaim Sofia as Disney’s first Latina princess, but there was some outrage because she didn’t “look” Latina, or speak Spanish or anything like that at all. Elena was then created (by the same creator of Sofia the First) as a response to the criticism towards Sofia, and she’s more overtly Latina/Hispanic (she speaks Spanish and celebrates holidays like Day of the Dead).

I know nobody really cares but I think the show is cute so I’ll take any excuse to nag about it.

No. 1911653

>but there was some outrage because she didn’t “look” Latina
why are americans like this? do they think all latinos are poc with dark hair that eat tacos and go ajua dia de los muertos cinco de mayo enchiladas? sofia looks like the average chilean/argentinian/uruguayan little girl

No. 1911705

Take your meds. I'm someone else

No. 1911731

File: 1696959276464.png (198.05 KB, 600x582, troon-who-fetishizes-lesbians.…)

So this is absolutely messed up! Some troon comic book writer had the nerve to pitch a comic where Superboy would become a "trans-girl"? Thankfully, DC publishing had the sense to reject this nonsense. But what really gets me is that this isn't just some random nobody; this is a nominated writer who has worked for major comic book companies. One of their comics was even adapted into a live-action show. And to top it all off, this isn't the first time this has happened, there was another writer(some fujo who used to write slash-fic) who made Tim Drake bisexual.

No. 1911737

File: 1696960428682.png (480.27 KB, 1587x891, Gobelins Try Hard film charact…)


Wow very interesting video anon. I was confused at first because it was only in French audio but I had to open it on Youtube page to see that there were English subtitles for it.
I read the description and I was amazed to see that this animation was just a graduation film made by students. Lel just goes to show the underrecognized talent that exists in these animation schools only for the hacks and the degenerates to somehow get funneled into the industry.
As for the video itself there are definitely many things that could be said. For starters I agree, the ending was abrupt and unsatisfying. All of that hard work Alex invested into getting into the school only for it to mean nothing and not even being given an explanation why. Then again we should take into account the fact that this IS a graduation film, so maybe they were on a time constraint and couldn't give us a more proper ending due to the deadline?
And for us to be expected to be relieved with this "wholesome ending" it is an incredible slap to the face. Just the irony alone that they chose to animate it in a homage of prominent East-Asian animation style from countries like Japan and Korea, where the industry is so cut-throat that east Asian students in particular invest years of trying to get admitted into these prestigious schools and when they don't get in, they can go so far as to commit suicide over something so drastic. With this animation, I had hoped they were going to take the time to address this taboo issue of mental health and how life-staking it is for these students, instead they just completely glossed over such an emotionally heavy subject by saying "Oh look, she didn't get into the school and had a mental breakdown. All she needs to do is drink some bubble tea and get over it." No different than putting a band-aid over an amputated battle wound, you can't just ameliorate something drastic like that with something so trifling.

No. 1911746

tbh in the US despite the fact that Latino in itself is not a race the term is kinda correlated specifically with people of American Indigenous descent mixed with European / mestizo. I think part of it has to do with retarded american racial classification means they can't technically identify as "Native American" since that term is reserved for another group of people. iI know this all sounds very retarded and I'm not saying that it isn't, rather I'm just trying to explain the logic going through their heads

No. 1911751


lolcow.farm has been getting colonized hard by kiwifarms lately

No. 1911754

File: 1696964768221.png (1.34 MB, 604x1080, 1.png)


no you fucking mong, white americans use the term latino as a slur for spanish-speaking brown people, they don't give a shit what your haplogroup or ancestry is

but lately some whites have been doing a "im so oppressed im a latinX/hispanic too see i speak spanish :) feel sad for me my brown simps"

No. 1911755

>East-Asian animation style
Apparently Walt Disney is "east asian" now according to this retard typing fuck

>from countries like Japan and Korea

Fucking kek. You're Korean, aren't you?

No. 1911786

seriously, i know it's realistic but it's too depressing. there are certain types of gatekeepers who get off on sending refusals for extremely talented and hardworking people and seeing them crushed to death, they'd rather nitpick someone good and find a reason to refuse them while giving assrubs to lazy half-assed losers who are the kids of one of their bosses. especially when these jobs don't actually pay enough to live on and you're asking people to live in poverty, and the compensation is their childhood dreams. there's actually two systems: easy nepo hire babies, and deathcamps with mile-high hoops for poorfags to jump through.

if the industry has such high standards, why are the working professionals we see always untalented hacks? two level system. people sense that and get resentful because it goes against ideas of justice. you can see this more easily in other industries like music and novels. great band? going to die poor in obscurity. nepo baby? golden elevator. you can only gaslight us as being "bitter" and "jealous" so long, but we have eyes and ears and can see it plain as day in brother industries to our main.

No. 1911788

NTA but the animator very clearly took way more influence from Trigger than anything Disney.

No. 1911800

That short film was anime inspired, not Disney.

No. 1911806

I almost cried when she got rejected a third time. I hated how SHE was expected to apologize to her friend at the end, and her friend never apologized for throwing the bubble tea in her face?? It was almost like she wasn't allowed to grieve and was expected to pick herself up and be there to support her friend. Like her pain didn't matter at all. And what did her friend do to support her after her rejection?? It's definitely a story written from the perspective of the art students who made it. They don't understand the pain of the artist who got left behind. Getting rejected from a prestigious art school doesn't stop a driven artist, it just makes their journey so much more harder. I would have liked the ending better if they both got rejected the third time, and fought, but came together in the end to make their own independent animation together.

No. 1911812

can you type more like a moid? i love femcels

No. 1911816

>influence from Trigger
I couldn't put my finger on why I hated this short so much, I get it now.

No. 1911831

>Reddit spacing
>Unsaged autism
Damn, a triple threat.

No. 1911833

Thank god I don't live in the timeline where this garbage fire happened. Also, there's nothing wrong with TiM being bisexual. It's nowhere near as obtrusive as making a character a troon and you damn well know it.

No. 1911858

I wonder if the original ending was different but a prof or fellow student stepped in? I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case. Why go to art school when you can instead find your own path without it? (also btw here’s our graduation animation from art school). Yeah, I’d agree that wouldn’t be sending a good message especially if you want students attending.

No. 1911865

You may be onto something because Flynn Rider looks like my ex who was into Lolicon.

No. 1911884

He kind of looks like pre-transition ContraPoints. How embarrassing for that team of straight women.

No. 1911888

File: 1696987152013.png (267.37 KB, 539x844, IMG_0115.png)

This is what straight Japanese women thought was hot (they also had a “hot man” meeting). Gen 5 came out around the same time as tangled kek.

No. 1911890

What on earth?

No. 1911897

that looks like either a tit-less granola soccermom or a flaming twink who works part time as a clown. i had to google it to double check the intended gender. i guess that's a hatecrime now, though.

No. 1911926

I'm not just some homophobe or fujohater! bt making a character who has been straight for 30+ years suddenly gay/bisexual because of your fetish is absolutely wrong. Instead of fundamentally changing an established character, you should create your own character.

No. 1911934

we literally cant have shit. Every single cute twink will be transwashed because the trannies, being born male , can only like male characters if they are force-feminized. Happened to Link, now it's happening to other characters. I hate trannies so fucking much.

No. 1911936

i find 70s men the cutest, but not like this…not like this…

No. 1911942

File: 1697008955123.png (171.33 KB, 980x634, 1692380257355.png)

There exists a specific subset of AGP TIMs, almost all "transbians", who can often be found in fandom spaces and harbor an intense disdain towards straight men, particularly those who are considered attractive to women. they despise them purely because they were never considered attractive in their lives and so this is just barely disguised Incel jealously about getting back at chad. Their chosen method typically involves writing fiction to present "chad" being humiliated and beaten by their trans lesbian OCs who steal their girlfriend or having straight male actually being "trans-girls" themselves. Lily Orchard, Eldena Doubleca5t and magdalene visaggio all exhibit similar patterns, wherein they usually just ignore m/m relationships, whine and raged against m/f ships and excessively fetishized f/f
I remember in his Harry Potter video Lily Orchard talked a few times about how Hermione and Luna should have ended up together and then shared a fan fiction from one of his friend, of Harry discovering he's a trans-girl (and lesbian), like I don't think even the most extreme man-hating lesbian radfem, dislike straight men as much as they do.

No. 1911979

If polyglotplatypus really is the artist behind that fake incest comic that's super fucked up, her dad died of a heart attack when she was a kid. He did look kind of like the dad in the comic, but fatter, and he was an illustrator like the dad in the comic too.

No. 1911996

File: 1697034677736.png (164.09 KB, 540x372, cinnamon roll.png)

Yeah tell me about it. Straight for 7 seasons and then suddenly, time to sacrifice a character who has been straight for 40 years of go-lion content, dead at the altar to appease fujoshi, who still were not appeased. As soon as America got their hands on this they couldn't help it, they just had to fujo the place up. Nothing is safe from their clutches, nothing is sacred. Every cute boy must be a troon or a faggot.

No. 1912043

File: 1697041436408.jpg (1.26 MB, 2082x1600, VPcBmDusQrW9z.jpg)

The comic he got nominated for is Kim & Kim, which is about two punk space bounty hunters. One is a queer girl and the other a "trans-girl". I've skimmed through parts of it, and it's literally just a troon power fantasy. They effortlessly beat their opponents, constantly get high and there's this big focus on the aesthetics of being low-class and facing oppression and again this shit was nominated twice for an Eisner Award

No. 1912052

Kek this is so clocky in every possible way.

No. 1912061

Making Shiro the homo instead of throwing a bone to deranged Klance shippers will always be funny and based

No. 1912075

While it was annoying they pulled a Dumbledore/76, I loved watching the klance shippers shit themselves in rage

No. 1912080

File: 1697048401722.jpg (245.73 KB, 836x1200, cool ass panel.jpg)

holy shit this stuff gets nominated for awards? with that level of art and writting? meanwhile the manga i like often ends up cancelled or with unsatisfying endings despite the writting and art being fantastic. I am glad the whole western comic industry is being absolutely butt-fucked by shonen trash, it's the least they deserve.

No. 1912110

The other hilarious thing was that they advertised/ hyped up the episode as "meet shiros boyfriend!!!1" and then he gets killed off fucking immediately, like minutes after being introduced

No. 1912111

File: 1697052969309.png (71.43 KB, 905x603, Screenshot_2023-01091723.png)

Not just nominated for anything, but the einsier awards, which is basically the highest recognition for western comics. So yeah, just being nominated is a huge deal. It used to actually mean something once, with most of the winners being genuinely good indie comics or unique elseworld tales. That was fine, but now the stories that get nominated and win are usually these types: either self-indulgent autobiographical comics about the creators lives and their never-ending "traumas", or pretentious "queer coming of age stories".

No. 1912192

who's dick did Raina Telegmeier suck

No. 1912230

Sad beige characters for sad beige babies

No. 1912243

it shouldn't be more obvious that Disney is openly racist and hates brown people. Besides Princess and the Frog and Moana (ignore Maui's ugly ass neanderthal face), every time they show a person of color in their newer films they make sure to give them the most ugliest character design possible

No. 1912248

This looks like a dreamworks movie wtf

No. 1912251

Unironically based, the voltron fandom got everything it deserved. Imagine attempting blackmail using leaks and routinely threatening VAs and getting this in return.

No. 1912254

Im Irish so I have zero clue about American race stuff, but I noticed this too. Obvious even to oblivious retards like me, so it's definitely going to subliminally influence kids and build their mental associations, grim

No. 1912258

Why they are introducing so many characters when is obviously not a single of them is gonna be fleshed out?

No. 1912290

More characters = more merchandise potential, potential for a character to become viral (like the attempt with Clod from Elemental), more characters they can say are diverse and possibly get free publicity for having their first gay/lesbian character again, and probably to have more characters that could potentially have spinoff shit made if the movie or characters are popular. Also really obviously they add more characters for kids to like. I know from having nieces and nephews kids will latch onto any random glup shitto in things, I can imagine one of them possibly liking one of the ugly blond enough to beg their parents for expensive plushes. Fleshing out the minor characters doesn’t matter since they don’t even flesh out the main charactersa.

Oh and also Disney is really obsessed with crossovers right now since it’s seemingly popular with kids. I know they’re doing it with their tv cartoons right now vidrel of some shorts they’ve made with massive crossovers of new and old characters. I’m honestly just really tired of all the crossover and multiverse shit lately. and OT but everytime The Owl House characters show up in these it’s just Luz and Amity being in a relationship kek this shows legacy really is just the one popular ship.

No. 1912324

File: 1697086982403.jpg (125.87 KB, 1080x755, Screenshot_20231011_214307_Bra…)

So Tbrainrot a former friend of both Ang & the op behind the Laika acc confirmed it was a obvs larp. This makes the events that transpired even more hilarious because that means Ang pretended to meet up with a fictional character. In spite of losing all her irl friends for drawing shota kek

No. 1912342

Werner Herzog’s cartoons

No. 1912343

It just seemed like they were trolling for laughs to me. Idk, does “Laika” actually think people think she’s real?

No. 1912360

Dunno but I remember one instance of a person saying it was clearly fake and her snapping at them / trying to get her followers to hound them. I wonder how many of them actually believe in it as well. It'd put a damper on the whole "We don't condone these fictional actions irl" thing

No. 1912362

she's a weird schizo she used to lie and say she was friends with shmorky and animated james

No. 1912383

File: 1697097421785.jpg (664.51 KB, 1080x1474, Screenshot_20231012_005553_Bra…)

Whilst Terry is a schizo she really did know "Laika"/Adrien enough to do a art trade and praise. I think the whole shmorky friendship thing was bait/ a gag anyways

No. 1912407

>It'd put a damper on the whole "We don't condone these fictional actions irl" thing
I don’t follow her or her fans but that’s a good point. She has a lot of “pro shipper” support but how do they explain away the fact that she apparently wants people to believe she’s in a sexual relationship with her dad?

No. 1912416

File: 1697105779793.jpg (48.3 KB, 333x500, 513eiItn8NL.jpg)

By being the least awful among a pile of shit, because there are numerous terrible memoirs that get nominated. The only good winner in the last 8 years was Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands, by Kate Beaton(The creator of Hark a Vargrant), which is an autobiographical comic about an actually intriguing subject and experience. The author grew up a bookish type in a lower middle-class family and had to work in the oil fields to pay off her student loans, witnessing the physical degradation of the land and the hardships faced by the workers, also dealing with issues of being sexually harassed by some of the men, but then having no choice but to continue working, as it was their only option. again this was an interesting subject and experience, especially when compared to the other nominees like 'So Much for Love: How I Survived a Toxic Relationship', "It’s Lonely at the Centre of the Earth: An Auto-Bio-Graphic-Novel" and "Welcome to St. Hell: My Trans Teen Misadventure "

No. 1912448

>but then having no choice but to continue working, as it was their only option.
Did she go nonbinary?

No. 1912455

No, I was just using they as a regular pronoun, as its usually used.

No. 1912464

I guess, but for example Sisters came out the same year as The Sculptor, which received pretty universal acclaim. I just wonder how a kiddy graphic novel from scholastic of all publishers managed to beat that.

No. 1912481

I wish it ended with Alex getting a job redesigning the menus for the bubble tea place or something. It was cute, but it would have been cool to see her get artistic fulfillment from something outside of art school too

No. 1912562

Isekai Quartet: Disney edition.

No. 1912594

she was being posted about on kiwifarms and she made those posts to bait the guy posting about her there and for some reason he took it at complete face value

No. 1912620

It's embarrassing how spot-on this is.

No. 1912631

You can tell Fright Krewe was written by a YA author because the trailer literally looks like a percy jackson/power of five spin off. On another note, the cocreator of this is an author known for lying on his memoir

No. 1912632

File: 1697141500160.jpg (146.3 KB, 1093x609, P8X60Qc.jpg)

No. 1912642

File: 1697142942547.jpg (3.03 MB, 3264x1916, 71917-2.jpg)

So this off-topic but there are a slew of these 'Harry Potter/Percy Jackson but' books - PJ but based on Indian mythology, HP but set in a korean boarding school, PJ but based on African American mythology e.t.c. They all get hyped on BookTok. The first book does okay, and two more sequels are ordered, but literally no one cares because everyone only pretended to like the fist one. They never understand what made Harry Potter and Percy Jackson good in the first place. They only take surface-level tropes and try to apply them to their or POC and/or queer characters, and they think they deserve an equal amount of fame, both Harry Potter and Percy Jackson didn't come from this mindset. The genres JK Rowling was most familiar with were mysteries and thrillers, same with Rick Riordan. When his dyslexic son showed interest in Greek mythology, he wrote a book for him by doing her own research on greek mythology and also trying to make it fun for his other children.
All of those knockoffs just try to badly imitate these two, but also fundamentally lack the actual heart of it.

No. 1912644

The animation looks like it's from a cheap Netflix original series. Also, I thought we finally moved on from the commodification of Voodoo, for the most part, but I guess not.

No. 1912663

I wouldn’t be surprised if the people who conceptualized the project were inspired by it, the industry is infested by uninspired people who rip off a bunch of anime shows because they think the reference makes them look smart
sage for slight sperg

No. 1912754

Mention also that they're willing to hire Japanese animators since Anime Companies still pay them the same shitty amount per scene than almost 70 years ago.

No. 1912818

the fat boy makes me want to barf. also this is cultural appropriation, that burying the dead in towers thing is something persians do, and they're just making an entire cartoon mocking it and how creepy they think it is. i don't really give a shit about cult.aprop, but it's clear when a show is slapping you in the face with this much diversity that they do, or pretend to. it's really hypocritical and culturally insensitive. (it's a zoroastrian thing, towers of silence. very old practice.)

regardless this is just poor man's scooby doo and is going to flop. all those characters are annoying from 1 minute of having to look at them. does every male character really need to be a simpering coward? there's straight up nothing appealing about this. shows that are successful have hot characters people want to stan. making a show with entirely ugly stick-figure fuckers and a fat blob services no one's libido.

No. 1912835

I don't see how it's cultural appropriation since in New Orleans they HAVE to bury their dead above ground due to being below sea level

No. 1912899

eli roth is involved in children's content now? I feel like the guy who made the hostel series and green inferno should stay away from kids and from teaching them anything especially. maybe I'm over suspicious of this moid, and granted he's probably just funding it, but his movies have some seriously vile content and morality even if you like horror movies.

No. 1912905

I don't want Eli Roth involved in making anything, much less children's media. He seems like the kind of guy who will be outed as being a serial rapist some day.

No. 1912921

didn't he support some rapist buddy of his?

No. 1912922

because for some reason memoirs were given a favored bias, It got to a point where they just split memoirs in to their own category in 2022.

No. 1912943

which movies are these? they look nice I'd love to watch them

No. 1912949

Nta, but of the ones I know: upper right is Kirikou, right underneath it is the soviet Mowgli, then soviet Snow Queen row down on the left and another row down on the right is When the wind blows.

Sage, but never learned to enjoy soviet cartoons (eastern european). 95% of them are ugly as sin.

No. 1912963

The second from the top on the left is The Triplets of Belleville.

No. 1912969

I don’t think you’re being overly suspicious at all. I love horror, but Eli Roth gives me the major creeps. He made that disgusting movie Knock Knock as well.

No. 1913010

The one with the cats (third right from the top) is Pelle Svanslös, a Swedish production from 1981. Apparently called Peter-No-Tail in English and is available in full on youtube with English dub.

No. 1913062

pretty sure NO doesn't build towers that are open to the air to put dead people in. you have a bad take.

No. 1913069

I image searched it some days ago, upper left is from one of the Corto Maltese movies and lower left is from a movie called Momo.

No. 1913071

>China able to get so good so quickly
Where? 95% of what they churn out is crappy CGI made in pirated soft. They can't blend 2D and 3D at all.

No. 1913072

Still not cultural appropriation

No. 1913204

shitty movies like the Transformers series with Megan Fox & the military propaganda Marvel crap hollyweird releases do much better in china than the US b/c they looove shallow special-effects choked trash over there. so as long as it looks good and is semi-coherent, it's a guaranteed smash hit. the color vomit behind the cringy swaggering anime man doesn't tell me anything.

No. 1913240

I didn’t think this was too bad. You can tell that the creator worked with/Viziepop had some kind of influence in this (ie: the character designs, humor, bad voice work), but honestly I think it’s a lot better than and shows more promise than Vizie’s own work- then again, I’m bias because I absolutely hated the “raunchy” humor part of HH/HB.

Hate the rabbit character tho, no charisma and reminds me of Angel Dust/all of Vizie’s characters

No. 1913278

File: 1697246112902.jpeg (194.47 KB, 1000x1471, IMG_1775.jpeg)

The ragdoll character reminds me of the one from this old 90s stop motion show.

No. 1913283

Yeah I noticed that the voice acting was pretty meh. Ragatha was alright and the voice of the sad mask girl wasn't too shabby but main lead Pomni had Anime Girl Voice Actor inflection winch I hate ( what's everyone's hang up with female voices with some grit, raspiness or depth?). Caine was also meh. Chess piece guy sounded bad and Jax having Angel Dust's voice was weirdly unsuitable and I didn't think he was that funny(learn2sage)

No. 1913291

File: 1697249940934.jpeg (125.94 KB, 1200x1600, D843B98F-1C7C-41A6-9AD6-A4D026…)

Now that you mentioned it, I can’t unsee it.

I was just talking about how all the main characters look similar to the ones in HH, which isn’t a major flaw because they have enough differences, but just something I noticed

No. 1913303

File: 1697252040316.jpg (411.81 KB, 1080x1125, rgozLXk.jpg)

Tara Strong(famous Voice actress, timmy turner, powerpuff girls etc) got fired from a show after she was accused of spreading zionist propaganda and the show that fired her is now accused of being antisemitic

No. 1913305

File: 1697252327989.jpg (395.39 KB, 1079x984, yrsfD9X.jpg)

This was in response to Tara's tweet

No. 1913309

File: 1697252769572.jpg (615.52 KB, 1080x1601, cmXw8ZC.jpg)

One of the employees who got Tara kicked out. Tara will be fine boxtown taking this stance is the exception not the norm. Now all the women in gaza who are about to get ethnically cleansed, not so much

No. 1913350

>White TIM from Portland accusing a Jewish woman of "white woman tears"
I really don't want this thread to be derailed by political infighting over which group of war criminals is worse, but this sort of thing always stands out to me.

No. 1913354

isn’t this Alex Hirschs show

No. 1913387

He is definitely power tripping.
It is Alex hirsch show. It's supposed to come out fall 2023 and it is already October.

No. 1913389

This isn't even a show, just a failed pilot. It had multiple kickstarters, of which the last one failed. It's like being fired by the girls scouts

No. 1913392

I want to say Alex should just go back to producing new Gravity Falls seasons since all other projects he is even marginally related to fails, but he would probably just ruin it out of pure disdain of it being his one and only claim to fame.

No. 1913397

File: 1697271531176.jpeg (647.11 KB, 1170x1627, IMG_1779.jpeg)

No. 1913399

Wtf i love trannies now

No. 1913402

Based Tara strong, making troon terrorists seethe

No. 1913406

Ew, go chase tranny dick elsewhere
>Islamic FAITH
WHY do they always do this? Islam is not a fucking race, why is someone criticizing Islam (which still allows honor killing of women btw, this is what they love to defend regardless of the current situation) is suddenly racist?

No. 1913407

Token anthro characters always scream furry bait to me and his design is also just plain boring. The way the mouths are animated is kinda creepy to me but that’s a nitpick, overall I liked it. I don’t have high hopes for the fandom this will create tho, get ready for this to be treated similarly to Eddsworld or Welcome home.

Kek haven’t they hated Tara for a while now for being problematic?

No. 1913417

Some of the jokes were actually funny, but I hate overly smug and meta humour, also Tim Standing is just a rehash of Grunkle Stan.

No. 1913426

>Sage, but never learned to enjoy soviet cartoons (eastern european). 95% of them are ugly as sin.

op of that post, it's not really about enjoying anything but my point was that if that anon is not aware of how diverse western animation is then i don't respect her opinions on it

No. 1913451

nta but vidrel covers the history and style of soviet animation fairly well.

No. 1913500

Nonnie I think there is plenty wrong with Islam and hate how libs white wash it. but she is painting out all palestinians as jihadists so america can give isreal military aid and people can stop talking about how many palestinians die thanks to the idf. I am over how celebs are basically rage baiting everyone into getting into another forever war like they did after 9/11.

No. 1913504

the movie in youtube is the shittier pelle in america sequel, sadly not the original 1981 movie, you can find that from vimeo in parts. idk if linking copyrighted stuff here is alright but you can find it by googling it (peter no tail 1981 movie vimeo)

No. 1913507

LMAO HOLY SHIT hahaha speaking of russians, i just started watching the english dub which i have never seen and it starts with some comments about russians, how because of them taking the best of the rain the cows aren't producing as much milk?? is this in the original swedish dub too or did my country just censor the slight anti-russian remarks?? this is so fascinating and honestly would make sense if my country really did

No. 1913524

At least Eli Roth makes movies. What is James Frey doing there, making cartoons about black kids? He's a white man who wrote a fake memoir about being a drug addict. Roth makes no sense either don't get me wrong but Frey is even stranger.

No. 1913541

>Eli Roth makes movies
This is being too generous.

No. 1913545

Quality and questionable content aside, he is involved in production of visual stories, and not a 1 time Oprah book club participant. What is the link between these two moids

No. 1913592

This is supposed to be an adult series?TF?it looks like shit already

No. 1913593

Was this made by an autist?it looks like it's trying way too hard to be uNiQuE also why does the clown girl look like a kid?

No. 1913596

does it really have to be calarts beanmouth with puke pastels? how many of these cringe ass series do we need? this is why everyone prefers anime. why is western doubling down on this ugly childish style? when something that looks like it's drawn for 7 year olds says "fuck" it's so out of place and disorienting, it's neckbeard humor. normal people are turned off by this.

nuke calarts, just let studio mir dictate art education. korra and voltron had writing issues but the char design and animation were gorgeous and everyone enjoyed it. i'm tired of noodle-limbed beanmouths. learn how to draw elbows and noses and deal with it.

No. 1913598

File: 1697316955417.mp4 (4.48 MB, 640x360, HH2024.mp4)

Hazbin Hotel preview taken from x/twitter, names of voice actors at the end.

No. 1913601

It was reportedly made by a TIM who is friends with Vivzie IIRC.

No. 1913603

I actually really like Charlie's design and voice.

No. 1913604

God I hate Vaggie's design so much.
>enormous ass hair, wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for:
>le edgy X eye that clips through the hair
>le edgy X tits (Sucre from OFF did it better)
>random hairbow that matches nothing else in the outfit and is already competing with the giant shape of her hair
>most uninspired 2011 off the shoulder dress, which is one of the very few stock female character outfits Vivzie can do
>asymmetrical arm warmers for no reason
>different colors and sizes of lace on the dress and socks
>asymmetrical tranny socks
>dress curves downwards but socks curve upwards, literally failed art 101
>random strips at the bottom of the hair
I will never stop being mad at how she's known for her character designs when they are the most ugly ass amateur deviantart shit in the world.

No. 1913606

it's not vaggie, all her other characters seem overdesigned.

No. 1913607

>"Furry isn't a fetish, it's based on Disney, it's just anthro, calling us degenerates is ableist and queerphobic because most of us are male autists and heterosexual trannies"
>Furries couldn't restrain themselves from adding a furry BDSM voyeur sex scene to what is presumably episode one of the show
>inb4 "it's just a joke, porn funny"

No. 1913644

Why is the animation so bad though?

No. 1913661

Because the animation is puppet rigged,they didn't use hand drawn animation like they did in the pilot.

No. 1913679

Yeah it was never going to be hand drawn unfortunately. No studio wants to spend the money.

No. 1913684

Vivzie's entire design philosophy is completely based on making every character as asymetrical and overdesigned as possible so she can flex harder about her series being decently animated.

This sound like a really bad decision. When people talk about hazbin it feels like a major selling point of it was "le random internet dwellers can animate better than professional studios".

No. 1913703

File: 1697336118307.jpg (517.34 KB, 2048x1536, 20231014_201256.jpg)

sage for nitpicking but i hate how frumpy vivzie is even at events. her wardrobe and makeup is so unflattering and cringe. the thick shitty cat eyeliner, the oversized sweater, the plastic bow tie from party city, the gaucho pants that emphasize her futa and seemingly have cat fur on them, and of course her signature dead fried hair from too much bleaching. she's stuck in 2012 and it ages her so bad.

No. 1913706

File: 1697336784695.png (353.01 KB, 611x740, 1697324770286.png)

No. 1913707

File: 1697337083101.png (464.34 KB, 628x339, carrozza.PNG)

the moids in this industry look like this. vivzie isn't a beauty queen but at least she isn't actively trying to make herself look eyebleedingly awful

No. 1913710

Who cares about how she looks

No. 1913716

>the gaucho pants that emphasize her futa
Emphasize her what

No. 1913725

I meant to type fupa lmao sorry I've been drinking.

No. 1913735

Do you know what site are you posting in kek

No. 1913737

She's an animator, not a model. We clown on her because she acts like a cow.

No. 1913739

NTA. Do you know what thread you're posting in? If a cow sells her looks like Mariah or Shayna, her appearance is fair game. But Viv's cowish qualities and industry fuckery has zero to do with how she looks, aside from the fact that she draws herself inaccurately.I'm not saying it's ~offensive~, it just isn't milk unless the person is like, comically bizarre-looking like this faggot: >>1913707

No. 1913752

File: 1697343942855.png (3.48 MB, 2160x1620, IMG_0299.png)

And to think this is how she looked pre-Hazbin Hotel
Just goes to show what being a degenerate porn sick fujo-loving Tumblr faggot will turn you into KEK

No. 1913805

Wtf? She used to look relatively normal. Now she looks like she coordinates her outfits by throwing darts at a closet full of Shein impulse purchases and gets makeup advice from AGPs on Discord. Idk if I've ever seen someone's appearance decay to match the worst parts of their personality so accurately before, outside of works of fiction where it's done deliberately. It reminds me of that Roald Dahl quote about how if a person has ugly thoughts, it starts to show on their face.

No. 1913847

I’ve been told she Uber eats a lot of Wendy’s chicken nuggets.

No. 1913886

That’s her?? I thought it was one of those concept art twins that’s obsessed with Meet the Robertsons, kek

No. 1913895

boxtown is going to be shit, it looks like any fox adult cartoon that gets axed after its first season. I dont understand the point of making indie animation and then making it look like the slop that gets aired on TV anyways, at least HH/lackadaisy have very unique styles that would have been calartsifyed to death on TV.

No. 1913897

lol ofcourse a tranny is defending muslims, he's probably one of those hijabi sissies that gets off women's suffering(racebait)

No. 1913923

Alex is only going to voice the pilot. His actual show from Netflix is in development hell since April of last year.
https://www.alexfurlin.com/netflix-animation(screenshots needed)

No. 1913938

Huh, why's the show in development hell? That's a long ass time for something to be in the writing stage
I love that Alex was so afraid of GF being his only notable thing and also his first notable thing, and now that has actually come to pass. Must suck being washed up at 39 years old

No. 1913944

He's notoriously very difficult to work with and can't handle not getting his way. Gravity Falls ended because of this. Disney wanted more control and more episodes, but he couldn't handle the stress. Instead of giving it to someone else, he basically did the equivalent of breaking his toys so no one else could play with them. That's why the finale was rushed and seemed to come out of nowhere.

No. 1913946

Does Tara think Islamic terrorists hate Jewish people specifically kek the conflict in Israel is about the occupation, which started because of religion, but is so much more than that now. Being a successful voice actor doesn't mean you're educated or smart or a good person though. Animation autists love to conflate fictional characters to the real people who play them.

No. 1913955

Yeah I know that much but even Disney didn't tolerate that, so why would Netflix? Netflix doesn't spend nearly as much money on their originals as they used to like 5~ years ago, so it seems weird that they'd put up with that behavior

No. 1913979

Netflix basically greenlights anything(for 2 seasons with six episodes each)

No. 1913983

Netflix cancelled so many animated series and movies ever since the animation department got new management. They called Leuren Faust’s Tolls and Trouble and Bone series. But they never cancelled Hirsch’s that never passed from the writing stage. I think Netflix still believed he had some star power.

No. 1913988

File: 1697392726999.png (786.8 KB, 1233x795, ToilNTrouble.png)

Genuinely saddened by the cancellation of Faust's show. Toil and Trouble really looks like it could have been something nice.

No. 1913996

>Women are ugly because of immorality!
Right, because as we all know, attractive women are uniformly good people, pure and virginal as the driven snow. You retards sound like scrotes.

No. 1914007

Her husband Craig McCracken has talked about how, in this era, studios have completely stopped approving animated content that isn't a recognizable IP anymore (even for experienced showrunners). That's how garbage like Velma gets inexplicably picked up and promoted, and with the success of the Barbie and Mario movie, it's only going to worsen.

No. 1914082

i feel so bad for her, if any industry person deservers to get their own show it's her.

No. 1914114

>in this era, studios have completely stopped approving animated content that isn't a recognizable IP anymore (even for experienced showrunners)

This might’ve been talked about before but I believe that a few companies, HBO included, confirmed this- ever since Covid hit, it’s been a downward spiral for animation, so we may not see any “new” ips until the next decade or at the very least the next 5 years.

No. 1914146

File: 1697413717433.jpg (9.48 KB, 236x236, 3ea5f016131df807da4ddf7e2c857d…)

I hardly see a difference

No. 1914148

Wow I hadn’t even heard of this. These designs are beautiful.

No. 1914149

File: 1697414001756.gif (3.46 MB, 498x497, posing-king-magnifico.gif)

I want this movie to bomb do hard,not because I hate Disney because this shit looks lame and shitty.picrel he looks like a rejected overwatch character also his face annoys me I've never wanted to punch a Disney character before sorry for the sperging

No. 1914156

This looks so cheap, what happened Disney?

No. 1914162

I love how this is supposed to be disneys answer to the stylized animation we’ve been seeing in Spiderverse/Puss in Boots/TMNT but all they did was throw in a few arbitrary outlines on the animation lol. It looks like a weak tiktok filter.

No. 1914164

it's really nice of disney to make dreamworks' next movie for them.

No. 1914181

Do you think this guy is going to get a bunch of rabid thirsting like Bruno did?

No. 1914189

Why are his eyes and cheekbones so feminine looking, wtf? It’s not even pretty male eye structure, it’s just female eyes.

No. 1914195

you just know the twitter pickmes are all going to be over this uggo and calling him a ''dilf''

No. 1914197

disney's first TIF

No. 1914198

File: 1697423256794.jpg (76.82 KB, 580x300, tumblr_8499dd4eb3a7ef999307951…)

King Magnífico?even the name is bland as hell,I doubt it.what I can say however that he's to be as interesting as stale bread.he doesn't give me the impression of a typical Disney villain but of a Saturday morning bad guy

No. 1914199

This wants to be ENA so bad. YWNBE. Also, I get they want to do the whole “she’s losing it she’s being totally mind broken!!!11!1” thing, but that doesn’t work at all with no buildup. I’d understand if she’s scared and confused in the first episode, but already losing her mind is just stupid.

No. 1914202

File: 1697423850085.gif (1.49 MB, 498x498, winking-king-magnifico.gif)

Disney desperately wants to make him the next Tumblr Sexy man so badly it's painfully stupid.

No. 1914203

Gosh I don't know which one's a bigger eyesore,this or anything Vivziepop related.

No. 1914209

With the current Hollywood relying existing IPs, how long until Hirsch and Disney comes in terms with a big fat kiss?

No. 1914254

Welcome to St(inky) Smell

No. 1914365

>Noooo the trailers only look bad because of video compression, it's supposed to have watercolour effects that are literally invisible anywhere outside of a movie screen but will be totally super beautiful on cinema I prommy
I feel that if those supposed effects are so subtle that they are completelly unnoticeable on the trailers then they're probably not visible enough to actually be noteworthy or impressive. We'll have to wait for the movie to come out to see, but if I turn out to be right then it's honestly impressive how afraid disney is of any semblance of a visually interesting experimental style even when other studios are making huge bank on it (and if it flops they'll still probably take this to mean that they shouldn't do it at all)

No. 1914492

Nonnies I have a question. Is it normal for companies like Disney to release toys for movies like a month before the movie actually releases? I saw a Wish doll set at the store and its weird because the Movie comes out on November 22. I don't have any young family and I'm not into Disney so my knowledge of how they market toys is slim.

No. 1914511

yeah, that's how the plot of their movies get filtered. I wonder if they are actually going to care about wish or if they are just going to release a book spoilering the story anyways.

No. 1914528

I love Pomni so much I love Pomni so much I love Pomni so much

No. 1914533

Remember how Helluva Boss was supposed to be about demon hit men helping people take revenge on those who wronged them in life and after like 3 episodes it turned into a gay shipping fanfic? The same is gonna happen here, the redemption concept is gonna go out the window and probably just become a melodrama.

No. 1914563

whats there to love about her? theres next to nothing to her character being a wuss and being the cliche this must be a dream! anime death game character, i liked king though

No. 1914601

Jax kinda reminds me of the dogisaga rabbits kek. I really watched just because Pomni is so cute but the humor doesn't really land… It's all overdone Tumblr stuff (real tranny moment stealing typical nerdy girl humor I guess), all thrown in your face with no buildup. Wow, THE VOID !!! what a hilarious and novel and surprising joke ! It tries to be random but it's the opposite because it's such cookie cutter randomness you just see all of it coming. Jax is funny at first, but since 100% of his character is just being an asshole, it ends up killing his charisma. Everything is very one-dimensional (besides Ragatha who seems pretty well balanced) and the overall result sounds extremely autistic. In fact it's so autistic I instantly wondered if the barf scene was here for fetish reasons.

No. 1914606

Still waiting for the Wish gold-binded book to spoil the entire movie before release date

No. 1914620

File: 1697484755703.jpeg (123.09 KB, 811x1118, bnm6517-Pomni-(TheADC)-The-Ama…)

I know this sounds retarded but Pomni is just coomerbait for Twitter tards.that fact that she looks like a child is gonna attract a lot of pedos

No. 1914628

Hmm, for what it is worth I saw a trailer for WISH at the movie theater and thought the animation was strikingly beautiful. Hadn't heard anything about the movie before seeing the trailer.

Haven't watched a trailer online, don't know how it compares.

No. 1914633

Everyone says Pomni is cute but to me she's just annoying, they really had her have a comical freak out nearly every sentence for the whole episode. Like, we get it, she's freaked out, do they have to shoehorn a "hehehaha i'm going crazy!!" joke every time?
The jokes don't land either. I don't know if it's a pacing issue or what but it's just unfunny. And there's a lot of boring jokes packed in there, literally one every two sentences, it gets tiring fast.
Pomni's design is just ugly and autistic idk, I can't stand le quirky clown characters. I do like the concept, it needs to be executed better by people who aren't such unfunny shut-ins.

>In fact it's so autistic I instantly wondered if the barf scene was here for fetish reasons.
That… felt weird to me too. The character making a huge puddle of vomit could have been acceptable as a joke because they're teleporting and all that (although usually the character in these types of jokes just gets nauseous or barfs off camera but whatever), but the bubble character slowly licking it up afterwards?? The fuck?

No. 1914671

File: 1697489739904.png (184.54 KB, 360x615, BlenderPomni.png)

I don't know, not a particular fan of this pilot but calling her coomerbait seems like a reach, her canon design looks like an Adventure Time type of stick figure.

No. 1914692

I think she's cute, I love jesters. I also like her black internals and she looks like she's made out of rubber.

No. 1914703

It's a dumb argument because every female character is coomerbait to moids. And all the "coomer" art of Pomni I've seen gives her huge tits, so it's not like they even like her actual design. They just want to see female characters with large assets.

No. 1914713

Ummm…Islam literally says they want to take over the world. She’s not wrong

No. 1914715

It's really the pacing that's awful in the first half. Don't get me wrong I didn't laugh once, but I noticed that in the latter part of the episode even though the jokes stay the same, they are paced a bit better making it more entertaining.

It's not really about the design itself, and more about the fact that it was put into a series for non-children in the clussy fever era, on purpose - and there is the convenient excuse that she is "a woman". They know what will happen to her and they know they will benefit from it.

Her cutesy design really sells the whole thing to me, I love it but I wish she was the protagonist of a quality fun show for actual children instead.

No. 1914720

i thought it was pretty cute overall. I've liked gooseworx's stuff in the past and it feels very on brand even if the humor seems a bit dated now.

No. 1914762

File: 1697499786913.png (1.33 MB, 1506x508, digitalcircus.PNG)

Wow, I really enjoyed this! I didn't like Jax the rabbit much + he will probably have a really annoying fanbase, but all the other characters and designs seemed really cool and I dig the concept. I want Ragatha and Pomni to become close friends and escape together. Is anyone else suprised they're selling so much merch already though? Was this kickstarted or something?

No. 1914815

The books are out, I flipped through one in person the other day but didn’t get pics. Feel free to take with a grain of salt until someone else provides scans:
there is no “twist” villain, the king is evil because he doesn’t grant every wish he’s given. The story ends with him being defeated by the power of love (yes seriously) and he ends up trapped in his own wand. Asha is given her own wand and becomes the new keeper of wishes, the end.

No. 1914875

File: 1697506040936.jpg (210.62 KB, 600x808, autismstare.jpg)

you look at the creator's eyes and figure out why something he makes is so autistic kek

No. 1914881

>Hate the rabbit character tho, no charisma and reminds me of Angel Dust/all of Vizie’s characters
Agreed, the dude fucking reeks of tumblr sexyman bait and I'm sick to death of his character trope.
Pomni is adorable and I love her though, I'm already tempted to buy her plush.

No. 1914898

Aw man the creator is a fucking troon? It's not like I liked it that much to begin with but that does instantly ruin it

No. 1914905

What the FUCK!? Granting everyone's wishes is a recipe for disaster. That's absolutely, brain-dead retarded and people in the second trailer legitimately wondered how Magnifico is a villain for that.

No. 1914906

Late but didn't a lot of (male) animators back in the day complain about having to draw princes like Phillip, something about them being more boring than the women? Figures.

No. 1914908

I get what you mean. I think Pomni is coombait as well, but not coombait in the sense of having a sexual design. To me, she appeals to a specific niche of moids who like seeing cutesy girl characters in pain, suffering, or undergoing abuse.

No. 1914931

I actually expected something like the princess only giving wishes to the people that needed the help and encouraging others to work hard for their wishes to come true because they’re supposed to be actually easier to get than what they think or whatever.

No. 1914934

They really don’t care anymore do they kek.

No. 1914937

File: 1697517629308.jpg (497.39 KB, 720x3667, Wish 1.jpg)

Taken from the other farms

No. 1914938

File: 1697517730045.jpg (547.77 KB, 720x4212, Wish 2.jpg)

No. 1914939

Cool concept but I can just tell the most annoying people ever made this so I’m really turned off. The overly breathy voice work from the main character makes me want to a-log. I don’t want to hate it but something really rubs me the wrong way and I can’t get over it.

No. 1914942

They are finally doing more non white main characters yet doing the least uninspired storytelling ever. Of course Disney’s always been way better at adaptations rather than fully original works but still. Asha is cute but her dress is so boring and forgettable. It’s not iconic in a simple way like a lot of their older female leads were. She looks like the best friend of a different princess kek. They’re trying to change up the style of their 3D but it no exaggeration looks like and episode of Sofia the First. I wish they had saved Princess and the Frog for a later year as it might’ve actually been appreciated had it been released now.

No. 1914951

”Breathy” is the word I was looking for. It’s the same amateur technique that makes it obvious to me when a VA got their start voicing MLP fan animations, kek

No. 1914962

>Grandpa wishes to make something that inspires
I can see why the king finds that dangerous. Even if grandpa has good intentions, crazies can be inspired by it in the wrong way

No. 1914964

File: 1697525155467.png (37.64 KB, 991x878, 77793B28-E395-44DD-A54B-595D9A…)

I think she’s really going to appeal to those Deviantart autists that all draw like this and be a huge target for fetish artists. Gooseworx’s characters all give me that designed by /co/ moids vibe.

No. 1914987

'Muslim' is not a race, retard mods.

No. 1914991

This story is so boring. It's like Aladdin except Jafar is the genie from the start. Why should the grandpa's wish be granted? Because he's related to the main character? Zero depth or motivation to any of these characters outside of Defeat The Bad Man.

The concept of a "fairy godmother in training" would have been better for a wish-centric movie. If the King didn't grant the wish because he was wise and could sense the danger, but the protagonist steals the wand/power to grant the wish and then bad things happen. This story is boring because the main character seems like a spectator in her own story, things happen to her and she reacts, but she doesn't take any initiative or make mistakes on her own. She "wins" in the end because she's the good guy.

No. 1915004

i hope no one thirsts for him and instead disney remains baffled as to why bruno had a bunch of fujos thirst after him and not their screen tested and boringly-conventionally-attractive sexyman.

chatgpt ass story

No. 1915007

>Why should the grandpa's wish be granted? Because he's related to the main character?
Because it’s innocuous I guess? I realize it’s not that kind of story but it could have been interesting to explore the ramifications of his wish being ambiguous or morally grey but it’s the most boring basic shit, there’s no nuance or depth to any of this.
>This story is boring because the main character seems like a spectator in her own story, things happen to her and she reacts, but she doesn't take any initiative or make mistakes on her own. She "wins" in the end because she's the good guy.
Exactly, it’s like she has no real agency. Not to add to the Sofia the First comparisons but this sounds like the plot of a made for tv movie based on a show for preschoolers, not Disneys big centennial theatrical feature. I wonder if it story issues in development because I can’t imagine this being the plot they had in mind all along, unless they’re intentionally trying to “subvert expectations” by delivering an extremely straightforward fairy tale with none of the tropes they’ve become known for in their current era.

No. 1915016

File: 1697541622554.png (584.67 KB, 1194x943, gooseworx.png)

That would be because he started out as a fetish artist, still is one mind you. His fetishes include vore, inflation, transformation/TG, and characters getting literally drilled in the head.

Vore art from his @gooseworse account: https://8chan.moe/vore1/res/6167.html

No. 1915017

File: 1697541653965.png (Spoiler Image,539.49 KB, 599x1264, drilling.png)

The drilling thing. Didn't watch Digital Circus but it seems like covert ryona shit in the same vein.

No. 1915027

Wasn't there a serial killer, or just regular killer, who drilled some boys' heads in like that? Also look how he only draws women being drilled in the head. At least he draws himself accurately.

No. 1915029

i mean the whole "mind forced to live in a body that doesn't belong to you" thing isn't that subtle

No. 1915032

as someone who’s sat through the entirety of sofia the first i can tell you that literal preschool show has higher stakes than this. sofia takes more agency than asha KEK.

No. 1915036

so that's what's boring, but sameface disney princesses are so fun and interesting? lmao, male moment

No. 1915047

Jeffrey Dahmer? Anyway every troon I’ve seen online has a whole list of serial killer-esque fetishes, somebody prove me wrong

No. 1915048

They mean they can’t draw titties nonna

No. 1915058

unpopular opinion: he is a DILF. Look at how wide his shoulders are. Look at that hairline.

No. 1915081

Ew I hate being right, Pomni makes those similar braindead expressions every 5 seconds so that’s something that got snuck it. This is just those degenerate porn art where a woman is literally being fucked in the brain through her skull or ear canal, but somehow even more serial killery.

No. 1915100

no, he's a GILF, he's a grandpa at this point

No. 1915132

File: 1697554442770.jpg (98.61 KB, 946x1080, d07188a033216979f1c57488c8dcf2…)

??? grey hair means dilf now? he doesnt even have wrinkles nor the rugged face? Rapunzel's father had more dilf features than this hippie guy fieri

No. 1915161

kek bruno can still get it tbh

No. 1915186

sick of the shit taste trend. muh miguel, muh astarion, muh [any generic muscular 40 year old man with cartoon promotion muscles and grey hair], you all need to be silenced permanently.

No. 1915187

File: 1697560766881.jpg (192.88 KB, 1242x2208, even-gooseworx-knows-that-rule…)

I don't get what's appealing about these. Wait til he hears about lobotomies kek

The fact that even so early on, with just the pilot out, he admits it's alright for people to draw r34 of Pomni. I bet he was waiting for this. He says it was bound to happen, but I bet he created this show because he wanted more people to draw fetish art of his OCs.

No. 1915215

File: 1697566298815.png (1.01 MB, 617x869, Cooper_Smith_goodwin.png)

I hate this fugly tranny so much. Just another white man who trooned out because of the coom

No. 1915221

Yumes, anon. Unless they shipped Bruno with another guy, those aren't fujos.

> not their screen tested and boringly-conventionally-attractive sexyman.

The people that like Bruno are the same type of people who thirsted over Bill Cipher and the Onceler. Tumblr sexymen are rarely considered "conventionally attractive." Bruno is tumblr sexyman af

No. 1915235

The bubble character is voiced by the creator >>1914875 kek

No. 1915248

File: 1697570365269.png (1.97 MB, 2048x1536, 1697569984172.png)

The Amazing Digital Circus (terrible name btw) is just ENA but also Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. Digital circus did not make me laugh, the jokes are very "omg kids' looking rainbow show happy fun time with ni cursing is actually DARK CREEPYPASTA backrooms lOrE!!!!" I hate that adult indie animation is either horny demons cursing or silly kids clowns attempting to curse while realistic blood comes out of their eyes!!!
Side recommend: the BBC4 DHMIS series is amazing, incredible production level and actual funny and enjoyable to watch.

No. 1915259

No wonder I like TADC so much, I'm a fucking weirdo into weird fetish shit and so many things in the pilot appeal to me. I really liked that scene when Pomni puked up black goo(blogposting degenerate)

No. 1915265

I fucking knew something was up with Pomni doing the shocked anime girl expressions and the dizzy mindbroken swirly eyes thing every minute. It felt so fetishy.
I also noticed that all the female characters are whimpy scared polite uwu girls, and the one who isn't gets dismantled and is away for most of the episode. Ragatha gets glitchy and is in pain, the mask girl's sole trait is being sad, the triangle girl doesn't get screen time and Pomni is doing the mind-break thing the whole time. It does feel like one of those torture misery porn animes.

No. 1915266

I'll side-recommend ENA. Way more creative and entertaining while at the same time being less pretentious than the typical indie animation stuff. Much better music and visuals as well. Absurdist humor actually lands, creepy moments that are actually creepy. It reminds me a lot of yume nikki spinoffs and other rpgmaker games.

No. 1915270

…Seek professional help

No. 1915297

I should have known, it even has that giant toothy slug creature and the tranny bubble is a essentially a big transparent mouth, perfect for vore fetishists.
I just fucking hate it when fetish fuel is purposely put into everything and looks innocent enough to normies that it’s just ignored as a trope of cartoons. At least this time it isn’t a family friendly cartoon, there is no other reason why so many cartoons have farts, burps, fat scenes, incest fuel and feet shit.

No. 1915314

Noticed how it's only the female characters getting physically maimed and/or pushed around?

No. 1915325

I don't think that normies ignore it. I've heard of moms telling their kids "That's gross, I don't want you watching that." and making them change the channel when gross fetish shit appears on screen.

I usually like the surreal 90's aesthetic, but this show felt off to me. Pomni, Jax and Ragatha stick out like sore thumbs, they don't fit into the "wacky" character designs of early 90s at all. Ragatha didn't turn out to be that bad character-wise but Pomni is so out of place its hilarious. Of course characters like Kinger and Zooble can look strange and interesting, but heaven forbid the female lead act like anything other than a suspiciously underage looking fragile anime waifu.
The whole thing falls apart just from the waifubaiting and ends up feeling like an inauthentic quirky OC display with a 90s backdrop.

No. 1915328

File: 1697580886747.jpeg (131.66 KB, 1170x818, IMG_1284.jpeg)

The creator of Boxtown is getting harassed by Tara’s fandom.

I’m surprised Alex Hirsch said nothing on Israel-Palestine conflict lol

No. 1915347

Is there any proof of this "incitement of violence", or does this person consider Tara complaining about getting fired from a project she helped to get off the ground as being "incitement of violence"?

No. 1915353

They have horrendous taste, they always call other women into young guys pedos too. They are overcompensating hard.

No. 1915355

i miss when we didnt have to know the political opinions of famous peole

No. 1915357

creator said pretty explicitly on twitter that ragatha is based on raggedy ann, specifically from the 70's movie. I agree it feels a little out of place but she fit fine to me as i chose to view the digital circus as like, an internet poisoned version of Toy Story. The early cgi aesthetic and the way they're all kind of entertainment for the tooth creature but presented as more self aware reminded me a lot of Toy Story.

No. 1915370

You know the answer to this.

No. 1915381


No. 1915624

yeah, no thank you

No. 1915667

What the fuck. This is disgusting. I don't understand how Ang is getting so much support.

No. 1915680

I assume it's people who don't look into things and just accept the narrative that she's dying at face value.

No. 1915881

The “pro” shippers couldn’t have chosen a worse poster child. She wasn’t drawing goofy cartoon porn of the ninja turtles fucking or whatever, she was writing out detailed sexual fantasies involving children. Kyle and co shots themselves in the foot by not even mentioning this aspect and making it all about her drawn smut…the written shit is way more concerning imo.

No. 1915943

>Lora Craft Animated Series by Netflix
This is so gonna bomb.

No. 1915962

I honestly liked the pilot and Pomni and Ragatha. It was occasionally funny and interesting, but I've seen enough coomer moid artists to know where this is going. A genuinely neat premise gets shit and trampled on because the man making it has to insert his fetish shit. I think Goose can last a little longer than his fellow coomer but it's only a matter of time before the coom completely destroys anything enjoyable in this. I'm still hoping it turns out good, but knowing he's a porn artist, my expectations are very low.

No. 1915974

I just saw this and this screams coom. It’s obviously some retarded excuse to make the girl characters suffer unnecessarily, and it has the waifu main character who is just slowly turning into a manic pixie, maybe not a dream manic pixie gf, but definitely a manic pixie that screams and shouts every 5 seconds. I predict that if this shit gets any fans, there’s going to be some episode of her turning into some evil glitch monster that’s conveniently sexy.
It’s just coom shit.

No. 1915976

other then the teeth guy, I did find it weird there were basically only two male characters, it's something joss whedon also used to do(and was praised by libfems for it)

No. 1916032

i hate this style of animation, it's so ugly

No. 1916064

I liked the circus thing, actually. I was sure I'm going to hate the style, but it isn't ugly for some reason. The jokes are not there really, but the weird parts are okay. And I couldn't hear the English voices because youtube switches to my language dub automatically, so I'm spared another Angel Dust experience.
I wish nona up the thread didn't show that half of the things happening are some obscure fetish, thought, and the rabbit thing could be cut out entirely, he is obviously just Gooses' furry coom material.

No. 1916089

Tbh this faggot purposely ruins animator’s chances at getting jobs and made a whole ass comic about it.

No. 1916096

File: 1697754620883.jpeg (179.4 KB, 828x1412, image0.jpeg)

He sent this to everyone in the industry

No. 1916102

Is crazy how little those people know about how the real world work. I doesn't matter if Tara is in the wrong, she is still a big influence in the industry and hold much more power on it nobody. He can perfectly move strings so he can't never get a job again.

No. 1916111

I've never seen an indie creator so pathetically desperate before. just accept failure like a normal person and move the fuck on.its not the end of the world.(learn to sage)

No. 1916115

File: 1697756012780.jpeg (252.21 KB, 1920x1080, image0.jpeg)

Of course it gets worse. He’s a scabber.

No. 1916116

what's a scabber?

No. 1916119

in music, if a band doesn't get any fans, they generally break up and move on. in writing, if an author can't sell a novel they wrote, they write another and move on. for some reason in the western animation space they latch on and drag, obsessing over the same garbage idea everyone has already turned down, spending years and years trying to bring it to the surface. which is how we ended up with high guardian spice. after getting turned down that many times raye should have taken the hint. instead as an adult she obsessed over some generic garbage she wrote as a teenager. this dude, same shit, they just cannot take criticism and get it through their heads that their idea is just crap. i mean, are they so creatively bereft that they can't just come up with a series that has more potential? people in this industry have never worked in the real world and their sense of privilege shows.

No. 1916120

people who violate an active picketing motion for their personal benefit. so while SAG is on strike, this rat moves in with dollar signs in his eyes.

No. 1916124

A scab, a person that goes to work when everybody else is on strike

No. 1916149

Finally watched this after all the commentary ITT and I fucking hated it lmao thanks, just a half hour of cringing for me. Couldn't shake the feeling that it's trying to be so edgy.

I remember loving this show

Same it bores me to hell

KEK "support this project. it's all about me and my brain worms"

No. 1916152

please share more

No. 1916218

File: 1697777042638.jpeg (426.23 KB, 1125x925, IMG_0190.jpeg)

I’ve been looking for the comic and I’ve been having a hard time. I remembered posting it a year ago to the webcomic thread in /m/. I went back and found out it’s gone with this response being the only thing left.
A source sent me a copy of the comic and I will post it later today. Charlie cannot erase his past.

No. 1916222

File: 1697777726271.jpg (387.38 KB, 1280x1684, tumblr_cd53f3270a7c6dcb9f70cc9…)

Not much of a loss tbh
It looks like Big City Greens mixed with Craig of the creek,no thanks.

No. 1916244

At least one of these characters will use they/them pronouns and people will eat it up

No. 1916254

Artists in general seem incapable of moving on. Pan pizza's failed webcomic shit idea got laughed at by genddy and ignored by his fans, but he's still dead set in turning it into a pilot even though literally no one cares. He's been at it for 10 years now, he should move on and work on a better idea, jesus christ.

No. 1916256

I was about to say this. Isn't this supposed to be set on Al-Andalus? None of the characters look North African, Spanish nor Jewish kek, what is this?

I hate the quirky personality they give female protags all the time. Also the "uuu my father is evil because he's a responsible functional adult" always pisses me off.(learn to sage)

No. 1916269

That's just unrealistic, creators have to constantly change their pitches and Ideas depending on the conditions, Most famously Matt Groening was supposed to adapt his comic 'Life is Hell' for the Tracy Ullman show, but he was afraid of potentially losing the rights to his characters. As a result, he created 'The Simpsons' as replacement cartoon on a whim.

No. 1916271

File: 1697801246960.jpeg (398.49 KB, 1200x630, IMG_0198.jpeg)

Don’t forget Growing around by mr enter. LS mark is making an animated short but we’ll see where it goes (looks like shit too kek)

No. 1916300

lol i was just about to post this. another series created solely for horny teenagers and jobless adult failsons/quirky aidens. and it's obvious the creator wants people to draw porn of the clown girl and the purple rabbit. fucking yawn, i miss when cartoons werent made with intent to see coomer art made of them

No. 1916302


To be fair to pan, genndy didn’t laugh at his idea or was even rude. He just was trying to figure out the general point of what the show would be. It didn’t help he used a word document and screenshared, he wasn’t prepared on what he would overall say. It felt like a friend sharing this oc lore with other friends and a cold pitch for a project to respected artists and one of the board heads at the time.

He overall they gave critiques that wasn’t even harsh just helpful and the one of them did think the overall idea was cool. My gripe with pan project is that with all the connections he has to ask for general advice or even help he doesn’t use it.

Example why the hell would he use a word document to share this project pitch? Why didn’t he make a slideshow? Why didn’t he run it by some friends/people in the industry for addy run before the pitch.

No. 1916359

This looks like an early 2000s learning game with much worse character design. Any pics of ls marks?

No. 1916371

> He just was trying to figure out the general point of what the show would be
Then why pitch for a show? This question isn’t directed at you op, but it’s crazy to me, yet explains why some shows, especially indie cartoons’ pacing is so off sometime. The creators just take elements of things they like during that week and pitch it as their own original source

So weird to me that some of these creators can only think of one concept to pitch, some don’t even try to adapt/rehash their original content…

No. 1916433

Always hated this guy's whiny comics.

No. 1916452

Wasn't he also an alcoholic? I remember a lot of his vent comics on Instagram and some where about how hard it was socializing now that he was sober.

No. 1916489

File: 1697834655975.jpg (177.06 KB, 1993x1058, lsmark.jpg)

his pilot is just a SOL tom and jerry set in hs in the 2000s(an era he didnt live in), it sounds and looks horrible
you can check more on his art twitter https://twitter.com/MarkArt__

No. 1916490

>set in hs in the 2000s(an era he didnt live in)
idk why this made me chuckle.

No. 1916493

this looks like a fake cartoon inside a show. not all shows for adults have to look super gritty and serious, but this looks so childish.

and this one looks like a stock image kek. no personality whatsoever.

No. 1916496

File: 1697836022424.png (3.19 MB, 1944x2304, faggot.png)

Here's Charlie P Gavin's comic he wants to suppress.

No. 1916497

File: 1697836236318.gif (239.07 KB, 280x207, 4512bc4309275b24e22c2f75e535d3…)

i dont wanna start with east vs west again, but why are american industry artists so bad? the disparity between western animators and japanese artists will never not sadden me

No. 1916524

He admitted he had addiction and depression in interviews.

No. 1916536

Honestly, no idea. I assume it may be because western culture, primarily adults, isn’t as crazy about animation/still views it as a picture show for kids than an art form that it could be.

What’s strange though, is that back in 2010, (deviantart days, new grounds, ect) you would still actually see so many indie artists draw and BE experimental. For me that was so inspirational, but now I have to go digging for artists like that because art has been popularized by the younger gen who look for specific styles

No. 1916537

File: 1697841930663.png (68.62 KB, 548x224, the-answer.png)

Most westerners live for themselves, whereas living for your work is more common in east Asia. There's a difference in values.

No. 1916549

I sometimes think about that. I think it might be that in Japan there is such a huge volume of animated productions that there's always going to be at least a few productions that value higher quality and value higher art skills, so the competition might be more "great artist works in big prestige anime vs mediocre artist works in crappy anime", whereas in the West there are very few cartoons being made at any given time yet money-brained studio's have close to zero respect for the craft so the competition might be more "guy that can scribble more shit faster gets a job vs everybody else is jobless".
Then there's also the bit that most western animation is actually animated in korea, so westerners are mostly actually only storyboarding.

No. 1916555

>"Oh no, [character] died! Anyway-"
I hate those quips and whatever that trope is with this rabbit character and Angel Dust. The lanky, sarcastic, wisecracking guy that always has an apathetic or smirking face that Tumblr goes fucking bonkers over

No. 1916558

File: 1697843336898.png (147.12 KB, 348x271, Screenshot 2023-10-20 160841.p…)

i already hate everything surrounding this. it will only appeal to people who either want to fuck the clown or fuck the rabbit, both equally insufferable internet beings.

No. 1916569

ntayrt but I agree fully. I said a very similar thing about Pan Pizza and why his current pilot will never amount to anything. Even if it does, it probably wouldn't be as good as a fresh idea. It's just arrested creative development. They are so obsessed with their one idea they never become a better artist by moving on to new projects.

No. 1916596

The fandom is going to be insane. The rabbit was engineered to be a tumblr sexy man.

No. 1916605

Literally couldn't get through 10 mins it was so boring, visually interesting but that's about it, a wannabe Popee the performer kek

No. 1916621

File: 1697852303882.png (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 850x847, horrifying.png)

Censored and spoilered because horrifying, but nonna wasn't wrong.

No. 1916629

that still doesn't answer why american industry artists are so bad. French/european animated movies mog the fuck out of american trash

No. 1916635

what if i want to fuck the chess piece(unsaged retardation/bait)

No. 1916637

how about just not wanting to fuck cartoons designed to appeal to horny teens and made by degenerate trannies

No. 1916643

This looks so damn creepy and pedophilic

No. 1916656

File: 1697857979682.jpeg (251.8 KB, 926x1248, IMG_0206.jpeg)

It’s creator is a tranny so im not surprised

No. 1916664

It's fucking obvious that Pomni is a female avatar with the real person behind her being a man. Just you fucking see

No. 1916666

Cause it is nonna. That last box is covering up a whole dick and there's the text that quite literally reads "child body" circling her flat chest.

No. 1916671

do trannies ever wash their hair

No. 1916672

i chalk it up to a differently structured entertainment industry. i think the stuff in the american & english live action film and tv industry is often a lot better and japanese live action film and tv often falls short in innovation, acting etc but the animated media is clearly a league above. the 1960s-1990s "dark ages" of american animation is when hollywood was considered to be changing the game and the american entertainment world was focused on film before all else. meanwhile that same span of the 60s through 90s was considered japans own golden age of animation

No. 1916682

spoiler that shit please.

No. 1916687

This, but I also think American individuality comes into it. Kids and teens getting into the industry aren't idealizing the people with the most skills, but the ones with the most ~unique~ style that makes them stand out as an individual. They don't want to actually recieve criticism on their fundamentals because i-it's art, it's personal expression, it's supposed to be an extension of meeeee! It's a tale as old as time but it still stands true imo. It's part of why Vivzie is so beloved with younger artists.

Also from my own perspective from a somewhat successful artist that draws in a style that is very currently trendy and blends in with Japanese styles, there is a weird sense of jealousy from other artists in American spaces. It's just my interpretation of how they interact with me, but there is a sense of "I like your art but I-I don't want to draw anime because it's so overrated!! I'm going to focus on muh unique style because it has more character/soul/whatever!" and then they get upset that their works only get 5 likes because it's not what people want to see. Not to say that people have to like whats trendy, or that chasing uniqueness is bad, but I actively admire Japanese artists and their work ethic and put in hundreds of hours of studying, whereas I often don't see that type of raw studying in peers who rely on uniqueness as their crutch. There is a lack of self-criticism, and the most growth as an artist happens when you can look at your own art and criticize it and choose to improve it, which many young Americans don't want to do, lest they admit their current abilities are shit and that being talented in middle school doesn't mean you will be talented as an adult.

No. 1916688

This is the third time this exact picture has been posted now. I can't imagine what it must be like to be one of the people who has to suffer through seeing his face regularly, since even just three times is making me wish he had died a long time ago.

No. 1916691

File: 1697868223033.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1461x1628, IMG_6355.jpeg)

The real horror show is this bone structure. Unsalvageable.

No. 1916695

the scratchy pink text looks like it was inspired by shad. not surprised.

No. 1916696

hon rebecca sugar

No. 1916698

My theory is that America's hypercapitalist structure puts little value on artistic creativity. It's all about making the most money from the least amount of effort. This is especially true for animation which is already a labor-intensive process that requires a studio to pay for many people's salaries. Plus, art education here is seen by many people here as a massive waste of time and resources. Many of the people in American animation these days are from families who could afford to pay for their expensive art school degrees and aren't necessarily the most creative or passionate artists. European and East Asian cultures seem to value the arts more so it makes more sense that their cultures encourage the arts to flourish.

No. 1916732

File: 1697881181743.jpg (349.67 KB, 536x722, XL.jpg)

Why is it that media created 100 or 50 years ago still manages to be entertaining? I mean, seriously, I can read novels from the early 20th century written by literal aristocrats, and they are way more captivating than the garbage being produced today

No. 1916734

My theory is that they didn't have much else than human relationships to focus on back then, which every person can relate to because people read to feel connections to characters. Modern stuff is focused on unique gimmicks instead. You can't "just" have a comfy book about a woman and her love life, you gotta make it a steamy story about how she signed a contract to be a bdsm bitch to a rich dude, which is obviosuly less relatable. If you write a story the first advice people tell you is "but how does it stand out, how is it unique, I've already heard that idea so you gotta change it".

No. 1916750

the worst type of coomer is the kind getting off to women's discomfort of men's actions. The ones who write their characters to hate everything that's done to them and the men getting off to them are a particular kind of fucked up. They don't want a happy partner and mock women's agency believing we're meant to be unwilling coom bait. These men get off to children worrying over being pedo targets and to women anxious a man will rape them turning every part of our misery into porn for them. no wonder men don't care about women and children, our plight is just free coom

No. 1916780

File: 1697893829638.jpeg (618.71 KB, 1125x1264, IMG_0209.jpeg)

The fact that 4chan picked up on this reference

No. 1916790

I'm scared to look up what that is?

No. 1916793

porn of a children game character from animal crossing made by coomer zonetan

No. 1916796

and when was it refenced?

No. 1916806

It’s literally timestamped

No. 1916814

Can men, especially tranny men, live without thinking of coom? Pathetic

No. 1916820

holy shit. Granted at least no child will know the reference but it worries me with the blatancy of the fetishes. What else might he put in there that might infect a child's brain? I know inflation fetishists and shit have been all over children's cartoons and worry what deranged shit this troon likes since cp is already among them and these types literally get off on corrupting children

No. 1916855

File: 1697902710789.jpg (94.89 KB, 983x571, oi87987.jpg)

>this looks like a fake cartoon inside a show. not all shows for adults have to look super gritty and serious, but this looks so childish.
seriously, all those characters look like parodies of existing characters. the kid looks exactly like the okko kid, i swear i have seen similar dog character somewhere, that detective dude looks like he's some simpsons knock off, they all look like they're copied from somewhere

No. 1916857

Omfg a house/building bouncing to the music is not a fucking ankha zone reference. It's a super old animation trope which is why Zone did it too. It's a major stretch to call this a reference but I guess it makes sense for 4chan scrotes to have never watched anything else but porn

No. 1916929

File: 1697904521678.png (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 828x5065, era doc.png)

Yeah that's a stretch from anon.

One thing about Gooseworx recently was him being friends with someone who was posting ryona art in a private VK.com group, picrel. Though it's likely a coincidence and he wasn't involved, as Era's public accounts were all SFW. (The last part about Yana didn't have any proof)
I doubt that Goose will ever get legitimate heat for his vore/fat/transformation/etc. fetishes since that Pyrocynical nonce set a precedent for those being acceptable Eceleb-wise, but ryona would be controversial, so I'd appreciate hard proof of him being into it besides the drilling shit.

No. 1917021

File: 1697908397707.png (13.77 KB, 681x157, fdsfdsfds.png)

>I'd appreciate hard proof of him being into it besides the drilling shit.
He's a troomer. I would be surprised if he wasn't into ryona tbh. But I do I agree with you the OP should provide hard proof if they put up the doc again.
>I doubt that Goose will ever get legitimate heat for his vore/fat/transformation/etc. fetishes since that Pyrocynical nonce set a precedent for those being acceptable Eceleb-wise
Pyro's audience is zoomer boys. The audience for Amazing Digital Circus is kweer Tumblr and TikTok kids. The latter is more likely to find degen fetishes offensive. JelloApocalypse still gets dragged to this day for being into scat kek.

No. 1917173

I think it’s just a coincidence even if the creators are obvious coomers bouncing buildings is in a lot of cartoons. The song at the ending is really close to the ‘over the horizon’ ringtone known for Ronnie Mcnutt (dude who killed himself on a livestream) but that doesn’t make it a reference to Ronnie. I hope, but knowing Goose is into ryona/guro makes me a little less positive.

No. 1917234

>JelloApocalypse still gets dragged to this day for being into scat kek.
You can't just post this and not give us any source lmaooo

No. 1917241

>JelloApocalypse still gets dragged to this day for being into scat kek.
How can moids be so open about their degenerate fetishes… like if I somehow had a sick fetish I would make sure no one in the whole fucking planet would know about it, but with moids (animators, youtubers, voice actors, artists, writers) they just HAVE to let people know. It's like they get off to people knowing they're degenerates.

No. 1917248

File: 1697916014719.jpg (Spoiler Image,46.93 KB, 540x547, tumblr_1becb8eedbd4c8f52a8b907…)

>You can't just post this and not give us any source lmaooo
AYRT, it's old milk and his fetish art makes me want to throw up lol. IIRC he drew scat art of his underage waifus too.

No. 1917272

Zone also made porn of a child character using voice clips of the literal child voice actor of the character. They are all pedos.

No. 1917276

>i swear i have seen similar dog character somewhere
probably this parody video about modern cartoons.

No. 1917382

Source on this??? I hate scrotes so much it's unreal.

No. 1917387

Way way back in the day he made a flash animation on Newgrounds of Toph blowing Aang using audio from their voice actors, both of whom were under the age of 13 at the time. There were screenshots of it on Encyclopedia Dramatica and it's part of the reason won't do loli porn anymore.

No. 1917448

File: 1697939778802.png (303.11 KB, 566x685, Screenshot 2023-10-21 185555.p…)

Thank god there’s a lot of hate despite the slobbering hivemind

No. 1917451

I'm kind of sad the digital circus isn't a kids show

No. 1917456

i'm kind of sad pomni isn't a boy

No. 1917461

it's made by a disgusting mtf, what do you expect, nona?

No. 1917466

Why the fuck is his face shaped like a foot???

No. 1917467

Bill's rage reminds me of season 1 Brock Samson rage.

No. 1917470

>it's a strech!!!
anon the creator gets off to inflation and lobotomies, you thinks he wouldnt put a porn reference in his fetish cartoon?

No. 1917471

men are incapable of drawing cute male characters

No. 1917472

File: 1697943690802.jpg (88.13 KB, 640x1003, 0dbf3fbdc82703c6c5616440acacc4…)

Interestingly enough its been trending on Tumblr for a least a week, everyone's eating this shit up like crazy.btw the trooner told his already retarded fandom full of autists to behave or else he'll make the show bad on purpose

No. 1917477

>having an egotrip over a shitty cartoon for cringy teens
he's going to get called out for grooming, mark my words

No. 1917487

File: 1697945546810.png (1.9 MB, 1300x2496, Raggie.png)

Sorry for the unnecessary sperging
More like a shitty, bland,rip off.a straight up cheap copy of Molly & Raggedy Ann.the troon didn't even bother making her design not feel plagiarized at all.

No. 1917503

I think it's meant to be obviously referential to both those characters but I agree it's not different enough at all

No. 1917543

File: 1697959367528.jpeg (810.54 KB, 1170x2169, IMG_1825.jpeg)

I could see “referential” in regards to Raggedy Anne, Molly’s design is probably an homage to her too, but the TADC rag doll design is just so damn similar. I thought it was supposed to be the same character when I first saw fanart of her a few days ago

No. 1917551

wow he suck the soul out of it like a vampire, fascinating

No. 1917562


No. 1917575

If western includes things like non-American animators I have no idea what you’re talking about they’re equal to the best Japanese animator. Even if you include America and Canada there’s plenty of great animators.

What you’re trying to say is why isn’t there a huge abundance of amazing or even great animators in America (cause there’s plenty of france and so forth), the answer has been the same for 20+ years now. Nobody is paying for it here. If you spend the time to actually look up the animators portfolios or work profiles you’ll find a lot come from other countries. Outside of basic beginner “animated the ball” classes there isn’t advance 2D animation workshops available to the public. It’s behind either an artschool paywall or a private workshop you can only get through connections. The really advance teachers aren’t just accepting anyone as mentors. You have to go abroad to even get taught how to animate 2D if you aren’t willing to teach yourself.

Fast forward to japan or even france, whole schools dedicated to teaching how to animate 2D. And if you’re wondering why I keep bringing up france, it’s once of the countries if you want to work as an animator in japan they’ll accept you if you go to an artschool there.

Nobody is teaching advance level to the point of Rodger rabbit levels or realism(weight of the character movements,advance expression) or if you didn’t luck out by connections to have a mentor and not autistic enough to self train why bother unless you’re gonna go the artschool route. And even if you do, nobody is hiring to animate in America for traditional 2D. You won’t find work here.

No. 1917688

The industry has always squandered its chances with 2D animation for adults, I keep thinking about how horrible Cool World is and how much 2D animation for adults could have been vindicated, dark, and good, plus it had a young Brad Pitt and theatrical release push. Instead this movie is an absolute coombrained mess, men can't keep it in their pants to make art and instead made a pile of literal animated sludge. Try and watch this ending, how would anyone EVER trust a 'industry vet' again when this is the result? Rotoscoped boobies jiggling around while thousands of random things bonk and crash around the screen. Now we lament indie animators that are all degenerates like Panpizza, Gooseworx, Zone, even Vizie who can't get out of her own way- but at least they only damage small parts of the internet and no one will give them multimillion dollar projects (no, an Amazon prime TV series doesn't count as a big influencial project
- streaming content has basically no cultural impact and get buried after a week. Like Clone High season 2, Wendell and Wild, even Smiling Friends).

No. 1917692

File: 1697987191209.jpeg (138.56 KB, 1280x720, IMG_1287.jpeg)


>Too many projects were greenlit left and right.

>Animators chased new audiences and indulged in personal agendas rather than appeal to traditional segments and genres.
>In the rush to build the studio and attract top talent, animators and producers were given significant pay bumps before their value were proven.
>Too much freedom for artists led to creative indecisiveness, wasteful spending, and costly protracted cancellations.
>No studio identity or cohesive mission.
>Revolving door leadership comprising alpha-type executives from other companies operated in conflicting ways.
>Too much resources and shifting manpower between projects.

No. 1917695

God thanks for reminding me of this trash fire of a movie. I watched it when I was younger bc I thought Holli Would was drawn cute but it became apparent to me immediately what a coomer mess the whole thing was. Ralph Bakshi gives major coomer creep vibes in most of his work tbh.

No. 1917707

>Too many projects were greenlit left and right.
that an issue with Netflix production in general, it literally runs on a loss

No. 1917717

>Instead this movie is an absolute coombrained mess, men can't keep it in their pants to make art and instead made a pile of literal animated sludge.
As bad as it is, it's actually less of a coombrained mess than Bakashi wanted it to be. The studio actually toned it down from his original story.

"in 1990, Ralph Bakshi concepted a new film project, conceived as a live-action animated horror film, involving a cartoonist who created a comic book while in prison that makes him an underground "star". The cartoonist would go on to have sexual intercourse with a femme fatale "doodle" named "Debbie Dallas [name changed to Holli Would later] (a play on the title of the pornographic film, Debbie Does Dallas)" and father a hybrid child with her; half-cartoon, and half-human. The child, growing up resenting its father for abandoning it, would grow up and go on to make a pilgrimage to the real world to try to hunt down its father and kill him. "

“The studio didn’t want him, they didn’t know who he was,” says Bakshi. “They said if I wanted Brad Pitt then I would have to take Kim Basinger, who’s a beautiful woman but a little old for the role. What I saw was a girl, somewhere around 20, who dances very well."
He had wanted Drew Barrymore for Debbie/Holli, who was 17 at the time and he had wanted Brad Pitt to play Jack. Brad Pitt was 29. Basinger was 39. The studio insisted Brad play Frank because they wanted someone famous for Jack.

No. 1917742

the original story gives the coomerness meaning and casts it in a negative light, much like american pop. bakshi grew up in a very coomer point in history and depicts it very darkly.

No. 1917814

File: 1698002669460.png (766.85 KB, 612x755, 73e559fc4cda83a23c46009cc5bfe4…)

there's precious few "pure" cartoons that aren't created solely for retarded moids to draw their fetishes into. and they never get the recognition they deserve aside from people being like "man that cartoon was fucking cool".

No. 1917816

This precisely why I think some censorship is crucial. Manga would be nothing but a chaotic mess, driven by coom, if it weren't for editors who enforce proper story structures and prevent the sexualization of underage girls from dominating entire chapters.

No. 1917819

Why is there suddenly a huge boom of Lilo and Stitch merch from Disney? Lilo and Stitch was always my favorite Disney movie, but merch for it was hard to come by, even back when it was new. Japan always seemed to have more merch for it than the US. Now, it’s suddenly everywhere. Shirts, socks, leggings, plush toys, blankets, backpacks, purses. Disneyland is currently selling these Stitch hats in all of their park stores. I see at least two kids every day with some kind of Stitch item. I’m happy but also a little jealous that there wasn’t any of this when I was a kid kek.

No. 1917822

It's scary to remember that manga/anime, as it is now, is restrained, considering the vast majority of ot still has lolis, panty shots of teenage characters, emphasis on giant boobs, and incestuous "romances".

No. 1917824

probably planning a Live Action Reboot.

No. 1917835

File: 1698006851551.png (938.29 KB, 1080x608, EeCjSNeWkAAAX3X.png)

This isn't even an exaggeration btw, Kazuhiko Torishima the editor of Akira Toriyama, was essentially the sole reason why every other chapter didn't include scenes with Bulma in her panties or shots of Goku being naked, he also pushed it to be an action series with plot and pacing and pretty much the entirety of early Naruto was cause of editor meddling.

No. 1917837

File: 1698006986217.jpeg (64.08 KB, 800x184, FF8B327F-4BD5-43DA-AE20-E138BB…)

I don’t really know why, I just know that Twisted Wonderland even has a collab with stitch that was made for the summer event.

No. 1917850

File: 1698009245483.png (382.71 KB, 350x486, 679806.png)

Stitch is huge in Asia. China and Japan even have their own versions of the Lilo & Stitch animated series.
The recent boom in merch is probably for the live-action reboot. Production for it keeps getting delayed though so who knows if it will ever come out.

No. 1917860

they keep pushing live action for everything, but does anyone actually want this? every single time they try it, it flops.

No. 1917872

I've seen theories that it's a method of extending their copyright ownership of these properties, but I'm not familiar enough with copyright laws to know if that holds any water.

No. 1917905

to be fair, as a fan of ralph bakshi's work, that's his weakest film

No. 1917913

There are sm youtube videos
"How to find your style"
So many people want a quirky style rather than learning how to draw.

You see this in younger generations who are like
"My style is star eyes and short legs. DO NOT STEAL"

No. 1917922

This is so bizarre to me, like I'm looking at Lilo and Stitch from the Bernstein Bears universe. What happened to Lilo here? Did she grow up and give Stitch away? Or is this an alternate universe where Stitch crash-landed somewhere else?

No. 1917923

That's not censorship retard, that's editorial oversight.

No. 1917931

Didn’t Lion King make a lot of money? And Little Mermaid? It makes me sad that the live action versions and remade songs are what kids now are growing up with and forming memories of.

No. 1917955

tvtropes ass show

No. 1917956

It’s already in production.

No. 1917960

It's partly the live action as other anons have said, and also the 20th anniversary of the original release (I assume the live action was meant to coincide with the anniversary but got pushed back)

No. 1917961

Exactly. You can always tell when an artist is obsessed with “style” because they’ll shoehorn ugly yet distinctive traits (something stupid like an eye shape as you mentioned) in every single drawing they do in a way that feels contrived and unnatural. It’s not enough to just develop an organic “style” over time, they need a way to standout from their tumblr peers NOW!!

No. 1917963

In the Japanese show, Lilo grows up, gets married, and has a child, and Stitch runs away from her, presumably because she's too busy to spend time with him like she used to. The Chinese show's plot is that Stitch was kidnapped by aliens, ends up in China, and befriends a new girl there. Jumba and Pleakley show up in the Chinese one with the intent of returning Stitch to the Galactic Federation, though, so I think the writers just gave up on trying to make it seem like a follow-up to the original movies/show and assumed kids wouldn't wonder why the earlier content in the series was seemingly retconned midway through.

No. 1917967

Do you have more info on kishimoto’s editor being such a huge influence on the manga? Tbh I BELIEVE IT bc of how much the quality in every department fell off at a certain point….

No. 1917978

Caved and finally attempted to watch this. The voice acting was so awful that just decided to mute it and turn on subtitles about a third of the way through. The male actors are all obnoxious Octopimp-esque amateur character voices and the female ones are just bad community theater, like the scrotes in charge hired the only women who answered their emails. This project is dying for a better lead actress.
The premise is alright and I like some of the character designs, but none of the jokes were funny. You can tell they're were trying to replicate the tone and Tim Burton-esque qualities of Invader Zim, but they just didn't have the chops to pull it off. The animation is just… ugly. I don't want to harp on that point too much, because it's just a pilot, but it seriously looks like those terrifying cgi Scary Godmother holiday specials, but with an added layer of fetishistic subtext. I'll save any other judgements for if the pilot actually gets picked up, though, since a lot can change when a show formally enters production.

No. 1917985

I think the shitty animation is suppose to replicate the bad 3D animation from the early 2000's. Or at least I hope that's what they were aiming for.
It's weird to me though. It feels like a cocomelon short for adults just because it has some "swears".
I will say, I still like the show. It's not great, but I'm sad coomers are gunna ruin the fandom

No. 1917994

>The male actors are all obnoxious Octopimp-esque amateur character voices
>the female ones are just bad community theater
I have been trying to find a way to describe the voice acting since this came out. It’s been bothering me a lot actually. This is the one way to. Hit the nail on the end.

No. 1918033

As someone else ITT put it, it’s that breathy overacted anime dub voice that’s the dead giveaway.

No. 1918068

ESL. what do you mean by this though?

No. 1918076

File: 1698051240971.png (32.53 KB, 642x336, Screenshot.png)

It's fairly well known, kishimoto’s original idea was a story-of-the-week with Naruto and Jiraiya (or a figure like him) wandering around helping solve peoples' problems, it was actually more similar to Baruto in a way.
picrel are basically the confirmed changes that Kishimot admitted that he was forced to add in.

No. 1918233

File: 1698082897306.png (1.35 MB, 1000x1000, GFart.png)

Guys is it just me or do most animation youtubers guys tend to date the most annoying pick me women known to man. They almost always draw like garbage too. It's almost uncanny. I'm thinking Neoncaffeine, secret narcissist, Veronica And jelly, Lex dog. They draw themselves as coomer bait a few times, make horny twitter meme comics and then they get a financially well off animator to date them. Neoncaffeine and Secret Narcissist annoy me the most tbh

No. 1918242

I loved the story arc with Zabuza and Haku when I was a kid, I thought Zabuza was so cool lol. Makes sense that it was editor-driven because it has a way different tone than the rest of the story after it.

No. 1918286

nta I think it's most people's favorite out of the early arcs, simply because of the different tone. Which make the fact it's editor driven absolutely hilarious.

No. 1918304

Yeah, I really like Sr. Pelo, especially Spooky Month, so I thought he and his gf would be cute, but no she's annoying as shit and only posts gratingly coomer stuff. Her OC almost comes off as a parody. And she includes Pelo in her drawings and it's just so weird and gross. He doesn't really post sexual stuff for the most part, so it kind of tarnishes my image of him. I think they might have broken up though.

No. 1918329

But these internet animators are all loser-coomers with no connections and only tangential clout, so only pick-me wannabe nlog e-thots are interested in them. It's damaging women in the end to be tied to men in the industry, everyone picks up that Dana Terrace only got her own show because she was the gf of Alex Hirsch and so on. Maybe it's the only way up for women in animation to be pick-mes until they secure their own bag.

No. 1918337

What makes you think they broke up anon?

No. 1918343

I was watching one of Pan's streams recently, he was talking about his Loki irl pilot. Of course the stream sucked it was boring as shit but then Mango came in and just could not stfu about herself it was so annoying how she hijacked the stream. She was talking about the most mundane shit in their personal lives then someone called her out for being annoying so she invited a bunch of her random simps to the call for comfort, further derailing the stream. Then she started talking about her cringey OC's. Pan's streams are already pretty pathetic so his low tier aiden gf is the last thing that needs to be there

No. 1918351

Samurai 8 was the instance where Kishimoto was given more control with little editorial oversight and it bombed. Editors don't get enough credit.

No. 1918375

I'm not a frequent twitter user so I might be wrong, but from what I can see, they don't follow each other anymore. And a quick scroll through their feeds I can't see any interaction.

No. 1918402

It's easy. She would obsessively post weird, coomy art of her and Pelo in sexual situations that made everyone uncomfortable, and now she does not.

No. 1918413

panpizza's tif gf is specially annoying, she's insuferable and tried too hard to be as funny as pan without realizing she comes as obnoxious tryhard

No. 1918414

File: 1698106613946.jpg (45.26 KB, 632x800, a4e6357525708d27d0248cd9f1b96c…)

you forgot veronica

No. 1918415

No they didn't kek

No. 1918417

my bad then just woke up

No. 1918423

I'm having telepurte flashbacks
Too bad he's coming back next year to animation and the states. Poorly tracing edited E-girls and pick me's who send him nudes

No. 1918426

he doesn't deserve to be that popular, western animation is doomed

No. 1918432

He's scummy behind the scenes like all men in animation but he's also so private so it's hard to call him out. He was actually legit pissed when youtube banned him the first time for posting porn. Rubber Ross, Sabor Sparks and other big names are up his ass for "Being a mans man!"
Also his obsession with is OC is weird as fuck. First he claimed that's how he sees himself (tranny) to "She's my ideal woman".
He traces the bodies of girls he gets nudes from and slaps his OC's face on them. Why she never has a consistant body

No. 1918496

> It's damaging women in the end to be tied to men in the industry, everyone picks up that Dana Terrace only got her own show because she was the gf of Alex Hirsch and so on. Maybe it's the only way up for women in animation to be pick-mes until they secure their own bag.

Daron Nefcy got Star Vs. to be picked up after she polished the pitch and at the time she was with her now husband who was a filmmaker and not in the animation field.

Leuren Faust was with McCracken for 2 decades and many of her original projects got cancelled before showing what she can do.

Women who got leadership roles exist but there are a few even the best talents had hard times to achieve that role.

No. 1918518

File: 1698124008187.jpeg (1.21 MB, 4096x3250, IMG_0301.jpeg)

Lol I’m saging because he’s so irrelevant and gone now at this point, but I remember when AnimatedJames was still around even his gf at the time ToxicSoul77 gave off major coomer girl pick-me vibes. And ironically enough she is still online and posting the same tasteless art

No. 1918540

that's the one that got groomed by him, rigth?

No. 1918541

Literally threw up in my mouth a little. Poor girl was groomed by a coomer brony. She was screwed from the start.

No. 1918547

The fartporn guy
who are you talking about

No. 1918580

mediocre animator whose only joke is ''lol sex coom booba awooga''

No. 1918581

This is so fucking ugly, jfc.

No. 1918609

And Whenever these whiny voice actors are reluctantly tasked with dubbing an action scene, it invariably ends up sounding something like vidrel, most likely cause these are people who have never experienced a real confrontation in their lives.

No. 1918679


Ugh…. Not THIS piece of shit. Fuck Telepurte. I used to belong to a popular animation server on Discord called Hyun's Dojo and this faggot was always in voice chat streaming his coomer art, then a bunch of fanboys would fill the capacity of the voice channel slobbering over his shit. Everytime I look at a video of his I associate those horrible memories of being there. That guy can take a long walk off a short pier

No. 1918694

imagine if women were as obsessed with penis as men are with boobs. do men know they're subhuman? they're literal slave class apes. the male is entirely controlled by the mere thought of two jiggle-sacks like a dog on a leash. they should be forbidden from education and literacy. the rightful place of the male is in manual labor.

No. 1918712

I was in the Hyun's dojo too! He doesn't show up since a few people called him out on being disgusting on sfw servers with children around and for verbally abusing THREE of his ex's on voice. Sadly in other servers he's in he still brings his "bitch of the month" and publically breaks up with them on voice servers.
I mean don't go back to Hyun's dojo. The server is still full of pedos and pervs. Hyun and staff still defend perverts and sweep shit under the rug. But Tele has and will always be a huge problem in animation circles.
Last time he was in chat a couple weeks ago he was saying how dumb his fans are for giving him money when he retired years ago and how at this point he just wants to BUY a GIRL. That's how he sees women. Something he can buy. I mean, yeah pick me's are women you can buy, still gross he thinks that way though.

No. 1918759

>the guy who only animates coomer porny scenes of his girl oc with big boobs turns out to be a creepy shut-in sex pest who hates women
Damn who would have thought

No. 1918796

she is so obsessed with herself she literally only likes to draw herself in weird sex situations. I still laugh when she had a curiouscat and someone asked her if she would have OF and she was like ew never. This was when she was with Chris

No. 1918825

He really dodged a bullet. I honestly feel bad for LS Mark.

No. 1918827

I hate Veronica she is the definition of pick me and she's like 30. She's hella weird too you can just kinda tell she hates other women.

No. 1918941

File: 1698201525150.jpg (277.1 KB, 938x1250, D2C84276-730A-4530-BBE2-D00293…)

she's actually trying to open a gallery with her mediocre art abilities kek. Pic rel is something she thinks it's worthy of being hang in a gallery… This is what drawing nothing but mediocre coom does to your skills.

No. 1918942

what the actual fuck, that's demented

No. 1918977

Kek, who is this person? I don’t follow youtubers

No. 1918987

I thought I was on the pixyteri thread kek

No. 1918998

File: 1698221268224.jpg (64.02 KB, 800x800, eed2477beede49c6c3c056943745af…)

wife of cartoon youtuber LS MARK and big cheater/pickme/liar. From her Patreon
>And the second project is the wench paintings! I love drawing sexy women, but I feel that my creative energy is being exploited by being so damn thirsty! So I’m taking a change of course and going back to my roots on slice of life comics! I hope you enjoy my slow transition! I should mention, I’ll still have sexy bitches on here, but that won’t always be the main attraction!
her art is awful, i think she's working alongside mark in his god-awful pilot

No. 1919033

No one holds Telepurte accountable so he just gets worse as time goes on

No. 1919061

thalidomide amy…

No. 1919100

What in the Holly Brown is that perspective on the bottle KEK

No. 1919136

I miss when villains had villain songs.

No. 1919139

I don’t understand why he married her. She not only cheated on him but on every other boyfriend she’s had. And she’s an alcoholic. Is this just some scheme to get a green card? Because otherwise he’s totally screwed himself over. He’s what, barely 20? And left all his friends and family to move to a foreign country and legally bind himself to a crazy person.

No. 1919140

It sounds incredibly boring, the singer doesn't have an interesting voice and what the fuck are those lyrics?

No. 1919186


Don't feel bad for Mark, he's as much as an autist as Veronica is with shittier art.

His obsession with Butch Hartman and overall faggotry has landed him a blacklisted position from the animation industry, the moid thinks that bringing popsicles down to the strikes will get him a job.

No. 1919207

LS Mark and Veronica are married?? I only know her as Oney’s ex, I thought they only started hanging out this year???

No. 1919212

He looks like a background character of a DreamWorks movie, not a main villain.

No. 1919219

What are these lyrics?
"Peep the name"? The modern slang is so incredibly cheap. Imagine if Little Mermaid had "finna" or "doggo" "lol" in the villain song.
The "I got these genes from outer space" line feels YouTube parody song level. Is Lin-Manuel Miranda to blame for these rated-G Yo Yogi raps and modern slang in songs? I also despised Encantos's lyrics.

No. 1919222

File: 1698258862286.png (241.87 KB, 1000x1500, ddssjiz-d4707a81-25ab-454c-b35…)

I don't understand this reaction. These are nerdy men who feel entitled to have attractive women fawning over them (as if there aren't plenty of genuinely passionate women who appreciate cartoons and animation without looking like Instagram models). So, when a remotely appealing e-girl shows even the slightest interest, they promptly abandon all else and devote themselves to the pursuit."

No. 1919270

Kek I also though this was written by Lin-Manuel, but apparantly not. Maybe Disney got a taste for Kidz Bop gentrification music after Moana and are going to put it into almost every movie they make until they're called out on it, just like they did with shitty twist villains.

No. 1919271

Lmao yeah I don't feel bad for him he's such an autist. Veronica is hilariously autistic and shes 10 years older than him lol. They're perfect for each other. She's so narcisstic it's funny to see her dedicate so much time drawing herself with a huge ass

No. 1919275

She's pretty, of course he would go after her. Male animator nerds aren't exactly being chased by Stacies, so they will jump at the first non-nerdy looking woman that throws attention his way. Her personality doesn't matter. And other male nerds probably love that she's a coomer artist too, the perfect gf in their eyes.

No. 1919289

File: 1698268185641.jpeg (232.65 KB, 1474x2048, F9ApQzCaQAEkHwa.jpeg)

Had to Google her to check and picrel is one of her latest pics, so.. I guess you're right! Having seen glimpses of his face she, being a notorious cheater and drunkard, looks wise is still way above his level.

No. 1919307

File: 1698271201800.png (2.85 MB, 9362x4258, d8g4at.png)

There's a KF thread on her. The person who made it made some timeline of events here. I don't know if they updated it though. Here's the link

I noticed she's been making self insert furry porn of herself and some oc from a webcomic too now.

No. 1919317

yea i will always maintain she is very pretty and very funny (until either fades away). this is just one of those people i enjoy as a comedian but it feels like her strangeness and personal problems are always looming or causing shit. i don't hate her so i hope she gets more stable from here on out, not less so

No. 1919326

It's kind of cringe but I guess some people just have their husbandos lmao

No. 1919327

Why does he have a punchable face??

No. 1919328

It's weird, I always felt like Veronica was the type of person Oney and Zach/the rest of the crew would make fun of

No. 1919329

Tbh it seemed like she didn't start going all the way out weirdly sexual and austistic until like after her and chris broke up. She did say in her callout video that she had a cheating addiction or something related to drinking though

No. 1919330

I blame Lin Manuel-Miranda for these lyrics

No. 1919368

Don't get me wrong, she's really gone downhill but let's not act like the Oney crew aren't a bunch of autistic weirdos either. especially since they associated with Shadman at one point.

No. 1919389

This is so true. I enjoy some Oney plays content but they are all retarded and autistic. Zach in a weird way seems the most level headed.

No. 1919393

all she does is mimic the humor of whatever moid she's currently tied herself to. Also she would be pretty if she didn't dress like a teenaged goth in her 30s

No. 1919407

you will never be her

No. 1919408

> the moid thinks that bringing popsicles down to the strikes will get him a job.
he did that or am i too ESL to understand what you said?

No. 1919449

File: 1698298794207.png (1.42 MB, 1122x955, 1698289033723610.png)

The songs in this movie are literally written by pop songwriters. Julia Michaels who writes for Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Sabrina Carpenter; Benjamin Rice who’s written for the Jonas Brothers; and JP Saxe who’s really only known for dating Julia Michaels. None of these people have backgrounds in musical theatre or film. Where have the Alan Menken and Howard Ashman’s of the world gone? These aren’t even particularly good pop songwriters, if they had to go there.

No. 1919461

I’m so glad to see people calling out how awful every early peek at this film has been so far. There’s something about it that gives off a weird smug vibe that I’ve never gotten from the marketing of any other Disney film, as lackluster as their recent output has been. I think it’s how they keep emphasizing that Wish is somehow the culmination of 100 years of filmmaking but everything about it seems so contrived and dull.

No. 1919483

This movie feels like one of their live-action remakes, but animated.

No. 1919484

I hate how it's "Chris Pine's" villain song, and not the actual character in the movie. Corporate slop.

No. 1919518

File: 1698313816368.jpg (80.82 KB, 662x789, Noblemans-son-shrek-2-50.1.jpg)

Yeah he has the same vibes as the guys from Shrek 2 who get their clothes stolen.

No. 1919530

kek, your right.

No. 1919549

Everything is just so dull and ugly in this movie. The characters look and sound forgettable and derivative. It's just like those clichè bootleg princess movies, all the classic elements (princess, talking animal, stars and fairytale setting, evil king/queen) but absolutely zero charm. And this is supposed to be disney's 100 year film, fucking Sleeping Beauty felt more unique and interesting than this.
They also look like dreamworks characters with the cocky smile and eyebrows they have. If they really wanted this to be seen as a great one of a kind movie they should have gone back to 2D for once and let go of all the "pop quirky" shit they love to put in now.

No. 1919606

i saw a video awhile back noting how movies with voice actors nowadays have a selling point of "omg! a celebrity you know is voicing a character!" rather than relying on the talents of actual voice actors who know how to create a whole character solely with their voices.

No. 1919615

>There’s something about it that gives off a weird smug vibe that I’ve never gotten from the marketing of any other Disney film

I get that from most modern pop cartoons/animation, but I think this movie, even the creators have nothing going for it except that they need to push the movie out for Disney’s 100, and that includes the talent going behind it. Everyone wants their paycheck, and they know that you’ll watch it, because Disney

That’s been going on since the beginning of Hollywood, it only seems more prominent now because all the companies want to spend their money sparingly by hiring people that they know can do a ok job and already have an audience behind them

No. 1919634

This is why I think there has to be some big crossover gimmick they’re hiding, but maybe I’m just in denial, lol. It just seems like such a dud.

No. 1919667

The goldbinder books already spoiled the movie. It's going to be lame as hell and I still don't think the king was wrong

No. 1919687


It's funny, I was watching a Matt Walsh video the other day where he was being forced to review modern Disney songs, and he was making the same critique as well, that Modern Disney songs sound more like pop songs rather than musical theatre. The song he critiqued the most was Encanto's song "What Else Can I Do?"

No. 1919703

Idk why but so far a lot of Disney/marvel villains in the past 4 years have been based

No. 1919705

It looks like it has Shrek’s colour scheme which wouldn’t be inherently bad if it weren’t a fucking Disney princess movie.

No. 1919721

>Also she would be pretty if she didn't dress like a teenaged goth in her 30s
It's her generational experience, at her age she was the original mall goth. The look belongs to her age group.

No. 1919722

File: 1698341374895.png (5.46 MB, 3736x1657, young magnifico.png)

Concept art book was posted on /co/. I'll post the concepts I found the most interesting for this cursed film.

Here is a young Magnifico. We were robbed. Asha was robbed.

No. 1919723

File: 1698341451188.png (5.01 MB, 3673x1615, Evil Couple Goals.png)

King Magnifico and Queen Amaya evil power couple

No. 1919726

File: 1698341577862.png (7.63 MB, 3478x1657, shapeshifting star.png)

Star (the luma ripoff) was going to have shapeshifting abilities, one form being a cute young man. Disney really hates having any potential romantic interests these days, even if Star and Asha were only meant to be friends. Can't have kids assume they'd fall in love!

No. 1919734

>Disney really hates having any potential romantic interests these days
I don't see anything wrong with that though, as somebody who doesn't care about romantic plots I prefer when they put more focus on other points. Movie still looks bland as fuck.

No. 1919741

that's the thing about it, back then stuff like this would not manifest in real life and would just stay on the internet as it is.

No. 1919749

>Why is it that media created 100 or 50 years ago still manages to be entertaining?
Only good / popular stuff has longevity. There was plenty of garbage and pulp being produced in the early 20th century that just ended up forgotten, because it was shit.

No. 1919752

the trailer is bland but these concept art are beautiful and full of potential. idk why they bother to hire good concept artists just to disregard everything they come up with. are disney execs trannies?

No. 1919756

File: 1698344019251.png (5.91 MB, 3691x1612, we deserve better.png)

My complaint is that in adding an attractive character of the opposite sex, that would make people want to "ship it" therefore Disney simply can't have that. We've had nothing but the most hideous males in the past recent years thanks to this. Look at Asha's fugly male friends. Ugly blonde, Shrek, and Tumblr-nosed Linguini. Disgusting.
There is nothing wrong with platonic relationships at all. Everyone is capable of being just friends, however, it becomes a problem when they go overboard and make it meta in the actual movie itself. Did you forget that Frozen drove that detail every single moment it could? At this point the new Disney mantra is to subvert audience expectations and shit on the old movies for being "problematic."

No. 1919765

In an alternate reality we get that cute human version of him, Tumblr and Tiktok go wild, LC calls him a trash faggy husbando, and teenaged girls stalk the character actor of him at Disney parks like back in the good old days with Peter Pan.

No. 1919766

File: 1698344500627.jpg (471.6 KB, 3643x1636, concept asha.jpg)

I'm doubleposting, but look at this Asha concept. She looks beautiful, especially in the far right concept art. A unique look we haven't seen in Disney but instead they just made Elsa with a wider nose.

No. 1919770

Off topic a little but this is a reason why I'm so confused about why genderspecial/sexuality shit is even part of kids' shows these days at all. Why do kids need to a cartoon characters' sexual preference? I don't know about anyone else, but I remember that I really disliked romance plots and "kissy scenes" (kek) when I was a kid, I just wanted to get back to the adventure and jokes.

I know! I've seen such beautiful concept art for so many Disney movies and I would absolutely love to keep some of these styles for the animation. But nope, gotta have everything look like Frozen now, I guess

No. 1919771

Pet peeve of mine is those big, bulbous red noses like that character on the right side of the page

No. 1919772

Oh nevermind I'm an idiot, I think he's supposed to be Sneezy. Carry on.

No. 1919773

File: 1698344927145.jpg (3.22 MB, 4096x4096, concept_vs_endresult.jpg)

I don't know shit about music theory but this feels like a complete compositional failure. It's not villainous, barely even sinister, boring lyrics. It sounds like something you'd hear in a McDonald's commercial in 2009 back when they gave out Kidz Bop CDs with their Happy Meals.

Buy "Making of/the Art Behind" type books and you'll see that a lot. Sometimes it's budgetary (I suspect picrel), sometimes it's corporate dumbasses interfering, and sometimes the director/art director/someone is really stupid. Concept art is really cool to look at when the finished product is great and really sad when it's not.

No. 1919775

I want to be in that alternate reality, but also in the one where we get the twink star a the villain is the young hot Magnifico

No. 1919779

Just watched DC and Pomni would feel a million times less like loli bait without the constant anime mannerisms and body langue and a better voice actor. It’s uncomfortable how pandering it was.

No. 1919787

Be Prepared and Poor Unfortunate Souls are absolutely iconic. We need more dark, dramatic villain songs, I'm so over that Lin Manuel Miranda-style shit.

No. 1919791

These are slightly cooler but there's still something missing from this movie. Maybe it's because the setting is so vague and generic? It looks bland, even in the animation the backgrounds are so sterile-looking to me. This is a land (spanish inspired I think??) where wishes come true and stars are sentient and you have these dull colors, generic shrek-like clothes, ugly simple side characters, dark or bland castles and silly weak villains. Compare the Magnifico video with him strolling around like an idiot around a blue-grey plain castle with some green splashed here and there with something like Be Prepared where you have this strong bright green scenes with Scar softly singing first, then it turns to yellow and you have the hyenas marching, and then you have all red with fast dynamic scenes towards the end, or even the super dramatic Frollo song, or anything from Fantasia.

No. 1919792

Sorry but all the concept art being mid already flat and overly rounded looking digital is a huge part of the problem. I wonder if any of those people can draw with a pencil not looking at a reference

No. 1919793

If they wanted to celebrate Disney, they should've gone back to their roots and made a simple love story. The star turning into a boy is a really cute concept.

No. 1919795

Concept art is done digitally because it's faster. It doesn't matter how this art looks, it's like brainstorming with pictures instead of words.

No. 1919798

I know a lot of nonnies here are against romance in animated films, but I never hated them even as a child. I think a simple love story with some sort of magic or wonder would've been a great love letter to Disney as a 100-year franchise.

No. 1919803

I'm one of the nonas who complained about romance scenes earlier but now that I think about it, I think you're absolutely right. It would be nice to have a sweet sort of prince charming romance, with an ending where "they all lived happily ever after" as a nod to the classics like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

No. 1919846

File: 1698351894246.jpeg (467.02 KB, 2048x2048, 4A371BA1-887B-4E11-BC19-1B905E…)

Her art was never super standout but I did think it was very cute, crazy to see how badly she’s devolved.

No. 1919863

She used to make such cute pieces when she was with Oney and I genuinely liked her voice and personality when they played games. Sucks she couldn't get a grip on her issues.

No. 1919881

File: 1698356545866.jpeg (75.77 KB, 700x700, a1155577754_65.jpeg)

So…what do nonnies think of Monkey Wrench?

No. 1919889

It does matter how concept art looks actually

No. 1919890

These two look like a pair OC's by a TIF.

No. 1919893

kek that makes too much sense

No. 1919895

Osmosis Jones as made by a low-functioning autist whose special interests are Sonic and YouTube gamer men who make fart and penis jokes.

No. 1919900

I like Zeurel's fan animations, but I never watched Monkey Wrench because it just doesn't look appealing. I don't like the character designs and the setting doesn't interest me.

No. 1919923

it's ugly. why can't we just have a series about attractive people, which is what makes anime so popular. would it kill americans to draw attractive people?

No. 1919927

Lin is actively ruining disney songs and musicals. Everyone who comes to work at Disney now is gonna be "inspired" by Hamilton and encanto and all that.

He's not even a singer really. He wrote a musical HE could sing relatively easily himself, vocal range and stamina, and cast himself as the lead.

No. 1919931

I take that back about encanto. Those songs are more theatre-y than wish and their pop sound reflects the current times fairly.

The cultural influences are fairlu accurate aswell.

No. 1919932

Tell me you don't know what concept art is without telling me you don't.
How concept art looks is really fucking important because that's what the final character and set designers and modellers and animators are going to look at for reference, if the art is shit and bland that's how the final product is most likely going to turn out as at best.
Go look at American McGee's Alice design Bible's (online and free) to get a good grasp of how concept should look at the bare minimum.

No. 1919934

File: 1698362083042.jpg (172.68 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


If I'm a ceo of an animation company, which I'm not.

And you're pitching me your idea for a cartoon and all u got is concept art and story outline that looks like this.

I don't care how rough and brainstormy it is, it's going in the trash

No. 1919938

Katy Coope's book really was a curse to an entire generation of artists

No. 1919950

I'm dead lol I had that book

No. 1920007

I might be upsetting alot of people but I honestly can't see how anybody would like miraculous ladybug.

Its the only animated show airing on TV where I'm at right now and it's dreadful.

Characters either blink sm or not at all.
Running is slow in their regular forms with quick awkward blender camera pans to hide it etc.

No. 1920010

I remember trying to watch this show a few years ago when it was really big and i stopped after just a couple episodes because the pace of any given episode was too overwhelming to me. It was so fast to me somehow. I felt i was watching at 1.5x speed permanently idk

No. 1920023

I tried watching it and I thought I was being trolled because the first episode came off as a show for literal toddlers learning their ABCs. I couldn’t understand how it eventually turned into this show full of crazy drama and unrequited love.

No. 1920026

I tried to like the show when the 2D music video came out. If it was an anime it would have been 10x better. But the excuse was the spots were too hard to animate, which is bullshit.
That and the creator is just a coom brained pervert so of course the writing sucks.

I'm just mad that the two are finally together, but no one gives a shit because it took ten years for this shit to happen

No. 1920028

File: 1698378845342.jpg (17.37 KB, 480x365, copium.jpg)

this is the level of art skill you need to be a professional disney worker nowadays? i own several old-school 2D disney artbooks, and some modern ones from other studios(spiderverse, puss in boots, the bad guys) and they are miles above these guys skill-wise. This looks like something i would see in the instagram of some teen girl who refuses to get out other comfort zone.

No. 1920036

>That and the creator is just a coom brained pervert so of course the writing sucks.
what, post caps

No. 1920069

Tbh people are going to ship her with the Asian girl anyway lol. Probably even more if they’d given her a male love interest

No. 1920070

I remember hearing that lot of the art in “art of” books isn’t actual concept art, it’s commissioned from the vis dev artists specifically for the book. Not sure how true that is.

No. 1920072

it's not true lol

No. 1920075

File: 1698390041415.png (307.67 KB, 3600x3000, communityIcon_1txaa0xoiks51.pn…)

Your definitely omitting Squizzy/Hyojin from this, granted Pyro isn't really an animation youtuber but I do feel she hits tons of those points

No. 1920080

whatever happened to this girl? pyrocynical is the living proof of moid privilege. He got accussed several times with proof and has an open fart/vore fetish and it's still widely popular.

No. 1920083

File: 1698392353541.jpeg (255.86 KB, 563x872, 0E6E1E8D-28B4-41D6-A793-3E4B40…)

It always made me laugh when she draws herself like that. She looks like some short chubby weeb who probably can’t even make a phone call without breaking down.

No. 1920095

i think kids like skibidi toilet because it seems like something they shouldn’t be watching. On the surface the models and hl2 characters being defaced is disturbing even to older people.

It gives the young audience this overwhelming special cool secret feeling like ooo mommy would never let me see this

No. 1920108

You're stretching it a bit too far nonnie, its just cause kids like watching dumb stuff and skibidi toilet is a example of that. Also i dont think video game npcs would scare any fully functioning adult lol.

No. 1920109

Perhaps but this is why i used to watch like parody animations on YouTube alongside fnaf and yandere sim

No. 1920118

I don't get get why any adult would watch it, it's a show for literal children, it's not even like Steven Universe where there's double meaning for adults or something.

No. 1920120

wasn't she underage looking?

No. 1920121

Its weird how everyone let him get a free pass yet went after animatedjames. ik animatedjames was a pedo but his fart fetish was the only thing i saw people hate on him for.

No. 1920124

pyro was a pedo too he roleplayed his fart shit with minors, i have no idea how he managed to scrub that under the rug. I get forgiving jontron because saying retarded shit is something every big figure is bound to make online and it ultimately only harms him, but roleplaying fart vore shit with minors is vile.

No. 1920134

Has everything to do with the audience you cultivate. Pyro's audience were already degenerates who don't give a crap about their king being the same as them unlike AnimatedJames' audience. Look at the commentary community. The entire community is based around judging other people from a place of righteousness so when their favorite youtuber turns out to not be so righteousness, they turn on them.

No. 1920141

i still dont understand why everyone shat on turkey tom, his pyro vid has 111k fucking dislikes what the fuck

No. 1920175

>fart vore
kek what

No. 1920205

File: 1698421044335.jpg (485.43 KB, 456x576, 20231027_113306.jpg)

His fetish is plastered on brand sponsorships (Gamersupps, which is basically Youtuber JSchlatt's personal free handouts company) and people are giving him free fetish art even though there is visible proof he was ERPing with a teenager

No. 1920209

Hyojin collaborated with several youtubers to knowingly spread false abuse allegations for the purpose of ruining another youtubers life- and got away with it for years despite this being common knowledge to anyone familiar with the situation. That's extremely privileged actually. But you're right about Pyro I have no idea how he managed to admit rping farts with a minor and getting away with it. Once it came out that the minor in question had been lying about his age to everyone in a Discord, a lot of people very quickly turned a blind eye to the fact Pyro was fully aware he was a minor

No. 1920264

File: 1698429576155.jpg (371.62 KB, 1536x2048, FHKxKFpWUAEvaN7.jpg)

Kek I love it when fat weebs try and draw themselves as uwu pervy waifus

No. 1920284

I know it's massively popular blah blah etc but its in 3D,3D cartoons tend to be short lived.I highly doubt this is gonna get more than 3 episodes.

No. 1920303

They’re so grossly horny yet awful at real sex. It’s hilarious.

No. 1920334

File: 1698438157431.jpg (165.56 KB, 1080x616, Screenshot_20231027_215852_Sam…)

Saged for (ambiguously) sour milk but somebody hijacked the wiki page of Digital Circus and doxxed the tranny that created it by replacing every page's content with his full personal info.
It was a few hours ago and wikia mods already fixed it but I copypasted all the info as a reflex (gatherer instinct ig). Picrel is my only evidence since for some reason the Google search results for the wiki didn't update yet and I didn't screencap the hacked pages when I saw them, sorry for being a tardlet.
I posted the transcript on here just earlier because I forgot doxxing is against the rules, whoopsie… hope this is milky enough anyway.

No. 1920336

i should add that the doxxing was always followed by "how to troll: deadname him, etc" which makes me think either Kiwifags or EDfags are responsible. Hopefully being doxxed will scare that TiM away from grooming any kids.

No. 1920395

It’s soyjack party probably

No. 1920410

NTA but read the old threads, it's there.
I doubt that'll do anything to scare him or his fans away. If anything it'll make them rally around him even more.

No. 1920420

both great picks. for me, it's hellfire. it scares the fuck out of me, frollo scares the fuck out of me. he's just a man. a man who's existed for hundreds of years damning a woman for rejecting him. it's a really terrifying song, disney doesn't go this hardcore anymore.

No. 1920492

saged for nonmilk but this circus show is so bad. i couldn't make it longer than five minutes through the cringe "humor" and pomni's voice actor sounding like she is in a porn video. not surprised it was made by troons.

No. 1920506

Hellfire is incredible, possibly the best villain song out there. Though I am very partial to "Friends on the Other Side." It's so catchy,

No. 1920619

Yeah this one’s a fucking banger. Facillier was their last fun villain. Every one since then has been boring af

No. 1920623

Pomni kinda sounds like jimmy neutron

No. 1920624

Thinspo ngl

No. 1920735

Hard agree. Princess & the Frog is one of my favorites, and I wish they’d go back to 2D so bad. This song fucks.

No. 1920763

File: 1698504199606.gif (906.92 KB, 400x237, a0f30eb0-e3e3-4d45-a055-3feae2…)


One thing I miss so much about Disney song is clever wordplay and musical theater rhymes full of idioms and puns that make double or triple meanings to songs.
The Wish King's villain song could have had the phrase "Come in, sit for a spell" and other ye ole idioms/phrases. I love looking back at Lion King and Aladdin for having great song lyrics. In 'I Just can't wait to be King' Zazu sings "this child is getting wildly out of wing" while flying and there are so many layers to the phrase that work. Like wildly- Simba is wild/not trained to be King, but he's also a wild animal. "Out of wing" is a phrase basically no one in the modern world says but works so well here for a pompous royal bird like Zazu to say. It means "getting out of control"- Zazu is flying with his wings, while he is unable to control Simba. Simba is out of wing/beyond Zazu's control but also faster than Zazu who is flapping his wings to try and get to Simba before he runs away.
Ok I'm a close-reading sperg but lines like these tickle my brain and there might not be many more examples from Disney now.

No. 1920776

ah, when animated movies were treated like pieces of art and not something used to entertain ipad toddlers for an hour

No. 1920804

Nta but can confirm that soyjack provided the dox because I also saved it when I saw them do it kek

No. 1920808

ew, soypedos are back?

No. 1920814

It's literally just "degen troon got his hands on Poppee the Performer and made it shitty"

No. 1920918

Poppee itself is pretty meh. Definitely not bad but does not warrant an entire series inspired by it.

No. 1921007

File: 1698539970596.jpeg (260.8 KB, 1125x1563, E4289146-508D-4AEA-A154-57CE95…)

TADC just hit 40 millions views earlier today and now it’s got another million. Children and coomers have some insane fucking influence, it’s got almost more than twice the views of the Murder Drones pilot which was uploaded in 2021, getting close to the 2nd most viewed Eddsworld video which has 61 million views and was uploaded in 2016, picrel is what Tiktok says the views on just these hashtags are.

No. 1921029

And yet it will be forgotten completely in two years time.

No. 1921046

some of my online acquaintances have started to comment on it and it feels so forced, as if they were programmed to like it. like ooga booga new popular quirky thing released, must consoom.

also they're the same kind of people to shit on hh/hb and feel superior for hating it when the same people are behind both projects kek.

No. 1921188

Yep. Does anyone even remember Yuri on Ice or all the new Star Wars shows/movies?

No. 1921194

Err.. I remember Yuri on Ice, but only in relation to Free! and other yaoi-adjacent anime popular at that time. What do you even call cartoons/media like that? When it comes to anime everyone "likes" (a.k.a. only watches because others watch it), but forgets in 6 months, I call them "seasonal", but can you call popular movies everyone watches and forgets in due time "seasonal"?

No. 1921244

Reminds me of shit like Squid Game and all the other Netflix shit that came after that I don't remember the name of

No. 1921272

New episode of HB

No. 1921276

Love that one of the first jokes out of Mammon's mouth is about how women stink.. They aren't even hiding the girl hate anymore.

No. 1921277

They didn't even wait one episode to revisit Fizzarolli's character, ffs Viv LEARN HOW TO PACE YOUR SHIT. Only 10 minutes in and it's absolutely painful.

No. 1921286

Okay holy shit, this is even worse than the previous episode. The only thing I enjoyed was the pandering moment with the deaf kid, and that's only because I'm a big sucker for small scenes like that. What is with her obsession with Fizz and Ozz all of a sudden?

No. 1921287

File: 1698609191276.png (317.29 KB, 750x370, image_2023-10-30_065242768.png)

Couldn't get past the 1st minute mark because of Mammon's horrendous fucking accent.

No. 1921290

I promise she will eventually get bored of this one and introduce yet another retarded furrylike yaoi pairing to focus on, if given the opportunity.

No. 1921307

This episode sucks so bad. First of all we're still focusing on Fizz while the entirety of the rest of the cast is ignored (how long has it been since we've seen Moxxie and Millie? Loona?) I literally couldn't care less about the melodrama with Fizz but it's the main focus of this episode, again. As an anon above mentioned, the first joke out of the Mammon's mouth (another random fucking character introduced for no reason) is blatantly sexist and unfunny and absolutely reveals the sexism in this show. Speaking of sexism, I don't know why Vivzie didn't just make Fizz a woman because she absolutely doesn't know how to write male characters and it really shows with him in this episode. His dialogue is absolute wattpad-tier insecure fanfic y/n girl, especially around Ozzy which made me audibly groan multiple times while watching this episode. Also, the implications of abuse on Mammon's part, especially the hint at eating disorders, is just so distasteful and poorly handled, it just feels thrown in like "uwu feel bad for fizzy hes such an uwu sad boy with a tragic backstory" which mimicks real life issues that exclusively FEMALE stars face but of course Vivzie won't talk about stuff that effects women because she has to write her retarded fujo fanfic.
Then there's the clown pageant. This shit is so stupid. Why hold a pageant if Fizz just wins every time? Wouldn't there be clear bias if Fizz was the biggest brand for Mammon but still competed in the pageant? Why do they not address Ozzy showing up in public with Fizz at the beginning of the episode but Fizz says that he shouldn't be there later? It's a poorly written excuse to have more songs and, to be fair, the songs in this episode are pretty good (except for Ozzy and Fizz's love song for obvious reasons). However I couldn't help but feel disgusted at how the female rivals were handled. As usual the female vivziepop characters get about 2 minutes of screentime and are always portrayed as mean and bitchy because Vivzie isn't like the other girls and sees all women like emo tumblr middle schoolers see them. But god this episode is so frustrating and shows Vivzie's amateurish writing to a tee. Sorry for the long rant but hatewatching this show has become a concerning pastime of mine.

No. 1921312

sorry for sameposting but about the eating disorder thing: it doesn't even make sense when Mammon says Fizz has to be skinny because earlier in the episode the ad about the weird Fizz sex robots mentions they can be as fat or as skinny as they want, but then Mammon says that they "like the robots skinny as fuck" to shame Fizz into being skinnier, it just makes no sense and another reason why this topic is poorly handled and the writing in this show blows absolute chunks.

No. 1921314

Honestly, Fizz's character is so over the place. He seemed pretty cool when he was introduced in the first season, but now he's just another sadboi uwu cinnamon roll to throw on her sad gaiboi pile. I kept being confused on why he couldn't leave Mammon, like okay he is supposed to be indebted to him but we haven't been shown enough about Fizz as an entertainer and his relationship to Mammon to truly understand his anguish. Mammon himself was an awful character in voice, personality and design, just redo all of him.
And let's not even start on the crazed fanboy… Also I agree with you on the songs, they're still not quite as "good" (serviceable) as in the first season but definitely better than what we've been presented with thus far in season 2.

No. 1921315

Yeah I was thinking about that too. Fizz is probably the most inconsistent character in this show by far, I kept thinking throughout the whole episode, where the hell did this melodrama come from? why is he so insecure when he was portrayed as an arrogant unapologetic asshat not even 2 episodes ago? It just shows that they can't come up with a character besides "uwu sad boi" "big evil mean guy" and "bitchy woman" And as >>1921290 said, it seems the shift has gone entirely to these two just like how it was on Stolas and Blitzo for a while, Vivzie's fujoism is a black hole of writing that consumes any interesting character concepts and turns them into shallow, one dimensional cardboard cutouts.
And yeah, the fanboy shit was stupid as hell and was part of what made me ask "why not just make fizz a woman" since there is no such thing as fanboys like that for male celebrities as Fizz is supposed to be, it just makes 0 sense.

No. 1921316

why the fuck is the attention still on Fizz? where is the rest of the main cast?

No. 1921319

>>1921272 almost finished the episode. this has got to be one of the worst episodes so far, why do we care about fizz so much all of a sudden? he was just a background character in the first season. where is the plot of this show even going anymore? there was technically some buildup towards the olivia and stolas conflict but that's just… not there anymore? we just have to suffer through more episodes about this clown with an annoying ass voice. also gotta love how whenever a female character(s) is introduced they're 99% of the time catty/oversexualized. how was their final act even clown related? she can't make any new female character besides verosika clones.

No. 1921322

Would it kill Viv to have even just a single female character who's positively defined by anything but her relationship to a male character. Wouldn't it have at least been slightly more interesting if the twins actually won at the end and just ended up in the same place Fizz was, perpetuating the neverending cycle of consumerism? Or better yet actually follow the premise of the show and actually have an episode where they have to do a hit? Every episode of this show feels like a shoddy fanfic of the last and it's gone do far that if you stripped the faces and names off it would be completely unrecognizable.

No. 1921323

Might as well name this shit excuse for a cartoon "Helluva Fizz" at this point

No. 1921328

I was thinking that too, the way the fanboy talks about Fizz is like he's a comedian, but even his stuff is very loosely clown related. The girls, however? It was basically just a k-idol performance tbh, I agree they are verosika clones and painfully shallow. Fizz's voice is annoying but something I also noticed is BLitzo's voice in the beginning when they're teenagers is off too, it's really odd it sounds kind of strained or robotic almost?

No. 1921329

The voice acting in this episode was really off, I’ve noticed a real decline in the voice acting quality in general these past few episodes. I wonder what’s going on behind the scenes

No. 1921331

>>1921329 Just got to the end. Ozzy and Fizz's song stuck out as particularly shitty sounding to me. I don't know if it's just because I personally found the song really shallow, but I think there was a decline in Ozzy's singing from House of Asmodeus to whatever that was.

No. 1921332

Is it just me or is Ozzy's voice different? He sounds distinctly more… sassy sultry black gay guy in this episode than before. Along with the kpop girls they're just hitting all the stereotypes it seems.

No. 1921339

File: 1698615664220.mp4 (3.61 MB, 1280x720, 'Joke'.mp4)

>Shoved in writer's credit after shitty sexist joke
Smooth Viv

No. 1921342

KEK how did i not notice this (maybe the green on green color scheme, this show hurts my eyes sometimes i swear) this is gold nonna

No. 1921343

File: 1698616867701.mp4 (9.29 MB, 1920x1080, helluva.mp4)

Blitzo's voice sounds AI generated here

No. 1921353

The va can't make a "young" voice so they probably just edited the audio, but it came off as very digital-sounding instead.

No. 1921356

Aw shit he looked cute. Like some sort of genderbent Tinkerbell companion. We were robbbeeeed.

No. 1921395

>Michael Cusack as Mammon
>Zach obviously doing all the background voices
I think it was just my residual fond feelings of those guys and Smiling Friends creeping in, but this episode was more bearable for me. I also like Tom Cardy and liked his song.

No. 1921444

Just a reminder to everyone here that millie still hasn't had an episode yet. A character like fizz got 2 before she (literally on the cover) got one

No. 1921449

Viv is a huge fan of kesha so this plotline was likely based on her experience with bulimia and being sexually abused by her producer

No. 1921476

This shit is so cringy, fizz and Mammon are just angeldust and the pimp from hazbin. Blitzo and cherry even play the same roles. Viv really likes that character dynamic lmao.

No. 1921481

Then why apply those experience to a gay clown, when she has verosika. a more typical female pop-star design.

No. 1921484

I just realized that this is another abusive, homophobic dad dynamic. Can she have any other sort of backstory for her characters?

No. 1921494

I do want to know more about Verosika, Millie, and Blitzo's sister. tbh I'm bored of Fizz. I just want one female character to have this much dedication. Viv is like allergic to some of her own characters.

No. 1921501


No. 1921521

Just finished watching and I agree with you all, this was a bunch of bullshit. I will admit that I thought it was cute when Fizz did sign language for the deaf imp kid but aside from that, I am tired of Fizz and Ozzy. I want to like them because I like romance but their relationship is being shoved into our eyes with no breathing room. We GET IT, they love each other, can you just fuck off and focus on someone else for awhile? This episode could've wait a few episodes in between. I'm also annoyed that we haven't seen any attention on the female characters at all. Still waiting on that episode where Millie will get to be her own person and not be tied to Moxxie who will undoubtedly steal the focus from her. And we haven't seen Loona in awhile neither, hell not even Octavia. Am I the only one who wouldn't mind if Octavia and Loona had another episode together and got to become friends? I wish Viv would get her head out of the fujo gutter and give some attention to the girls for at least an episode or two.

>gotta love how whenever a female character(s) is introduced they're 99% of the time catty/oversexualized
FFR. I liked the twins designs but of course they have to be as stereotypically obnoxious as possible. The only normal-ish female character we have is Octavia and we hardly ever get to see her.

You know the thing that bothers me about HelluvaBoss is when you see how the fanbase just eats this shit up and don't see the sexism to bordering misogyny. I tried talking about this with my friend who thinks I'm taking the show too seriously when I said that it sucked how the female characters don't get much characterization. She argued about Millie with the summer camp episode and I explained how it didn't really count since it focused on Moxxie's jealousy and she just didn't get it. The only people I see who take the show to task are you folks here.

No. 1921522

Same. It would be nice to see Verosika again and see her more chilled out. How does she interact with her own gang? What is she like when not dealing with Blitzo. I mean fuck, if Viv is going to be putting focus on Fizz, a character who was a side character in season 1, she may well do something with the other side characters.

No. 1921523

What >>1921481 said. This would've been PERFECT for Verosika They totally could've done something else for Fizz, we don't even get any inclination that his whole clown shtick had to do with exploitative big business. At least like anon said, Verosika is a popstar and it could've been a good way to characterize her and show that her life isn't as glamorous as she boasts about.

No. 1921611

Even though one dimensional, Glitz and Glam are still the highlight of the episode

No. 1921614

I decided to go rewatch the first couple episodes of season 1, and of course they are miles better, the show is almost unrecognizable now, but one thing I thought was interesting was a part in the loo loo land episode where the robot Fizz mentions they are shipped from Ozzy's factory specifically. Guess they just forgot about that or retconned it to have Mammon the big bad evil guy produce the sex bots now? They can't even keep their shit straight because it would be icky if Ozzy did that instead… and the gaybois trump above all

No. 1921615

never seen this. the character designs are disgusting

No. 1921616

what insightful commentary

No. 1921618

File: 1698673585584.png (1.45 MB, 1264x620, colorvomit.PNG)

My god this was awful. I struggled to finish this but I really wanted how much worse it could get. It's somewhat decent (still full of holes, but not as embarassing) in the first half but then it turns to absolute shit.
Making Fizz a troubled performer who gets abused by his boss isn't a terrible idea (although I also thought that this would have been way more fitting for a female character because this shit happens to women, not gay men) but we need to be shown Fizz's performances and ordinary life to get how he suffers. You can't just tell me "he performs, he has a mean boss, he can't leave" when we've only seen him on a musical number with Ozzie and a couple of frames where he's dressed like a clown in a flashback. Viv can't develop her characters right, she just introduces a vague concept and then skips to the characters being involved in some dramatic gay love fanfiction where you're told there's supposedly a lot of history and suffering between them but you're not shown anything.
Speaking of fanfiction the bits of Fizz and Ozzie going "Waahh you only love me because I'm famous" and "I do love him" while confronting Mammon are beyond bad and embarassing. Again Viv does not know how to be subtle and thinks her wattpad tier lines are so deep and complex.

Also I'm begging the artists of this show to actually study composition so they can tell how to draw a good shot. Picrel is a good example of what NOT to do. Look at this shit, there's so much going on and you can barely make out the main characters. Why does the background have the same level of detail? Why is everything so bright and colorful? Learn how to build a good scene ffs.

What? Viv focusing on female characters? How else is she going to show everybody how much of a good pickme/faghag she is if she doesn't call them sluts and whores every two minutes?

No. 1921620

honestly, i liked this joke even if it's really on the nose with "women ain't funny but look this show was written by a woman!"

No. 1921622

File: 1698673990561.png (2.4 MB, 1705x963, Asmodeus.png)

This screenshot reminded me of something that bothered me in the episode, albeit a minor nitpick - Asmodeus can't fit in the room, but then like 2 minutes later the scale is completely different (picrel). and I agree the visuals are really too much in the episode, it's a consistent problem with this show but it was really noticeable this time, especially in the scene where the two girl rivals perform

No. 1921647

Sorry the thing you like looks like shit

No. 1921665

Nta but who said anyone here liked this show lol

No. 1921668

I cringed when I saw it was another Ozzy x Fizz episode and cringed almost the whole time watching it. I used to look forward to new episodes but the writing is so bad and fanfiction-y now. The way Fizz and Blitzo's relationship conflict is resolved so quickly and they even make Ozzy lampshade it at the start. What about the other characters and unresolved plot points that were just dropped? The "Klown Bitch" song was funny at first but I found the music overall to be shallow and forgettable. They're straying further and further away from all the potential that the pilot had and it makes me sad.

No. 1921694

She doesn't need to write an essay. She's allowed to just say the character design is hideous.

No. 1921729

Pomni's voice acting is so irritating it's quit-watching worthy. Any of the other dubs is probably better than the original because I'm fairly sure other languages don't have the annoying breath technique that English language voice actresses tend to use for quirky girl roles.(sage)

No. 1921744

Seriously, does Vivziepop even have a plan for this series? Or does she just decide what to do as she goes? The writing is too messy, like she doesn't have all the episodes already planned out, something you should always do when making a show or just writing a story in general. First it was about Blitzo and his company killing people, then it shifted to Stolas, Stella and Blitzo fanfiction, then now it's about Fizz and Ozzie. How many episode does season two even have? how is she going to tie everything up (the humans seeing demons, Moxxie's dad, Striker assassinating Stolas, Stella and Andrealphus, Octavia and Loona, now Fizz and Ozzie and Mammon threathening them) if she keeps introducing things and plots randomly and even retconning them? Even the characters are being rewritten to fit her sad gay boy fanfictiony settings. Ozzie especially seems like an entirely different character (big menacing lord first, now he's a kind sassy "top" to sad boy Fizz), Fizz also started off being genuinely aggressive towards Blitzo and now their rivalry is some sort of comic relief. She cannot fucking write.

No. 1921747

My friend and I both hatewatch this show together, and she just brought up a very interesting question:
If pretty much all the mains are uwu gaybois that think about others, why aren't they angels? As their personalities are now they don't really fit in as citizens of hell.

No. 1921751

I think it's because they went to Hell for being gay

No. 1921756

How I would fix this mess of an episode:
>As other has said, change the focus to Verosica.
>Turn the clown pageant into an annual battle of the bands, with Verosica's backstory being that's how she got big. Mammon is still holding the competition, but rather as an investor in the winning pop star instead of a manager. Have the actual manager sexualize and body shame V instead.
>Also make it a Loona episode, have Verosica's hellhound get sick and call Loona in for a favor.
>Loona agrees, not only because she still has a crush on Rex but also because she gets to work for a celebrity.
>Loona asks Verosica about her past relationship with Blitzo, we get some flashbacks to their time dating.
>Verosica has a breakdown similar to Fizz, Loona gives her a peptalk and Verosica gives Loona one as well for her insecurities, which helps Loona on the right track to get over her crush.
>Have the Fuck You I Quit song sung by Verosica, she still wins the battle of the bands and when offered the option to hand over the win to the twins she laughs and takes off with the trophy, highfiving Loona in the process.
>Octavia who has been watching everything on tv sends Loona an excited text when she sees her on screen, showing that they've been in touch.
>Perhaps a plot B where the others are out on a hit job and have been trying to get in touch with Loona all night, who was supposed to be on standby when she got called in to help V.

No. 1921762

I've gotten a similar feeling that she doesn't plan out her show. I posted above about some inconsistencies with previous episodes and even within the same episode. Pretty sure they completely dropped the plot about humans seeing demons I mean they walk around clearly visible in the human world several times in season 2 or just really bad disguises. It's so frustratingly inconsistent. Also it feels like Stolas has been written out entirely like what happened to him being assassinated like you said?

The whole concept behind this episode is fundamentally broken. It's yet another episode that's completely derailing from the plot and while I like your ideas of focusing on the female characters more, it's not addressing the main problem which is the lack of story/plot progression. They set up a bunch of important long-running arcs and questions in season 1 only to ditch them and focus on character stuff that's not even related to the original premise of the show. It feels like every episode is the out-of-place beach episode in the middle of the climax of an anime, except with whatever flavor of the week Vivzie wants to do now (gay clown circus competition, hostage episode #23, etc.) At least the hostage episodes somewhat progress the plot, this was just an irrelevant, embarassing mess of writing.

No. 1921769

ayrt, I know the show has other problems. This is more of a "if this setting and episode is absolutely necessary, then this would probably have been much better". If this episode has to exist, use it to flesh out other characters instead of another awkwardly written fujo-episode.
Viv loves introducing all these villains but she does nothing with it. I'm still waiting for the cupids and the agents to make a comeback, they were the most interesting ones imo.

No. 1921781

With how all over the place the writing is, it makes me wonder if Viv is collaborating with other writers effectively. I get that it's her IP but working with side writers can prove helpful as they might be able to see things that the main creator may not see and offer some constructive criticism to help make the narrative flow better. And FFS, can she at least hire on an actual gay male writer who can help with the gay relationship writing because it's just terrible, it's too much…

>The "Klown Bitch" song was funny at first but I found the music overall to be shallow and forgettable
I'm just getting tired of the same old EDM Pop music. The Millie/Moxie camp episode's music with the rock pop song was a nice change of pace and it's just annoying how she doesn't seem to have much range going for the Kesha-tier pop music. I get she's her favorite singer but geez lol.

>She cannot fucking write.
Which is all the more reason why she desperately needs to collaborate more with her co-writers. But as long as she has a ton of sycophant fans who praise her shit writing because uwu sadgaybois, I don't think she'll ever improve. I wonder if she even watches these episodes once they're put out.

>why aren't they angels? As their personalities are now they don't really fit in as citizens of hell.
Yeah like Fizz being kind to the deaf demon. If he truly were supposed to be a despicable person who deserves to be in hell, he would've ignored or pushed that child away. Don't get me wrong, it was a cute wholesome moment but I'm just saying, he doesn't come off as evil demon. Cursing like a sailor =/= evil lol.

Awesome re-write anon, I could picture that all and it would've made for a MUCH BETTER episode than whatever the hell we got. I especially like how you got Loona involved, it helps that she even likes her music so that would've been another enticement for her to get to work with Verosika. And I don't think Verosika would see the harm in explaining her past with Blitzo to her. But eh, this layout feels too "girl power" for fujo-obsessed Viv and she more than likely would never put so much focus on the female characters sadly…

No. 1921788

File: 1698700653306.mp4 (12.4 MB, 1920x1080, nasty.mp4)

Why does it seem like viv is implying past feelings/jealousy between Blitzo and Fizz? Tone of the last episode with the reconciliation between them made it seem like they're past lovers and vidrel can be taken as Blitzo being jealous. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, he gets kinda grossed out at Moxxie and Millie sometimes and it could be the same reaction here, but also stalks them Moxxie and Millie so I don't know about him genuinely being grossed out by love. Might be farfetched but with the angst between them and the uwu sadboy shit from last episode, I wouldn't be surprised, given vivzie basically turning her show into melodramatic fanfiction, love triangles are par for the course.

No. 1921803

I think it was referencing how fizz and ozz publicly shamed him and stolas date. More specifically the musical lines "is your date a demon prince? Stolas is that you are you sleeping with an imp? My dark lord how the mighty do fall" "I hope you didnt give it up so you and him could get it up, you sold your life for a thrust, now that's the spirit of lust." as in fizz/oz throwing it all away and a high rank demon dating someone lower. They knew they were doing the same thing.

No. 1921804

why would michael cusack and zach hadel attach their names to this pile of crap

No. 1921841

>And FFS, can she at least hire on an actual gay male writer who can help with the gay relationship writing
Isn’t it cowritten with Brandon Rodgers? Maybe he is just responsible for all the cursing and dick jokes.
I think it was only a matter of time since they are in the same friend group and are sort of the same niche of internet animators breaking into mainstream industry.

I hate every HB character, but Mammon has been the one I hate the least so far. Maybe it’s because I’m tired of all these supposed demons being sad gay softboys and it’s refreshing to see a truly evil and irredeemable one. He also reads “greed” better than the other demonlords do for their cardinal sins. It might also just be that I love Cusack’s aggressively Australian accent. So I’m okay with the big Aussie Christmas tree, for now. Watch Viv somehow turn him into another tragic uwu.

No. 1921848

File: 1698707166782.jpg (123.85 KB, 1200x892, bambi.jpg)

Couldn't find the post, but there's a full flipthrough on youtube, it starts with a multi page foreword about the legacy of disney… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSbdHO_NsYE

In my opinion the "watercolor" backgrounds look embarassing, they looks like regular 3D backgrounds with a grain filter applied. By contrast in one of the behind the scenes videos for arcane, they talk about how they imitate the painted look, by painstakingly painting and repainting the textures and vfx for every scene. Meanwhile I don't think there's anyone on the wish team who could create the watercolors they where supposedly imitating.

No. 1921876

I'm starting to believe she lied about having this show fully written, the show changed completely I'm thinking she's dropping her dumb shit on helluva cause they wouldn’t let this shit fly on Hazbin and guessing hazbin is shit also cause both sides couldn’t agree on anything

No. 1921878

Was just catching up on this thread and this was my exact thought that entire episode. I like her design, but her voice is so insufferable and cringe that I already hate her ass lmfao. Like holy shit only a coomer moid would want to hear that.

I want to keep watching to see what happens bc I like the specific niche of horror theme it has going on and the designs. But also when the nonnas further up thread pointed out the fetish shit I couldn't unsee it and now the whole thing feels really gross.

No. 1921883

How fucking hard is it to like…turn down the saturation/brightness or whatever of the background so the characters actually stand out??

Also full disclosure I've hardly watched this show but oh my god are the characters always this..annoying?

>hey this obvious asshole is an asshole and you're miserable maybe you should sit this one out since you've won like 11 times in a row

>"b-but i HAVE to win!!!! b-because…because i HAVE to!!!!"

Repeat 10 times.

No. 1921925

Everyone who says their project is fully written is lying. If the project is indie then they're double lying.

No. 1921926

this shit looks like invader zim for zoomers. japan should have nuked the US twice.

No. 1921928

Nah in this recent episode Ozzy says he doesn't like making the robots with Fizz's likeness. So Ozzy owns the production facility but Mammon is the investor/supplier I guess?

No. 1922009

I'm kind of sad that TADC and Pomni are made by a troon with sick fetishes.

They can only draw shotas and traps/femboys just to coom to them.

No. 1922036

File: 1698735203675.jpg (169.27 KB, 657x1135, aN08UMb.jpg)

For a threa dedicated to animation cows, I'm surprised we don't bring up Thomas Astruc the creator of miraculous more. He regularly argues with his fans online, takes offense of any criticism and even made a literal self insert of himself in the show to be petty with his fans. Not to mention he also bashes one of his characters (a female one of course) and will belittle any fans who show interest in her

No. 1922037

File: 1698735389494.jpg (159.33 KB, 720x1600, obPSBTW.jpg)

He hates chloe(a character he made) so much he will bully his fans for shipping her with another character. The character in question is just female flash Thompson kek

No. 1922039

>Miraculous Ladybug is a brand more well-known by kids than Pokémon
He's on something way stronger than copium. Fentanyl, perhaps?

No. 1922040

she looks like someone who would bully him in middle school. Which he deserved

No. 1922041

No, every actually good project has been written entirely beforehand or almost entirely while having at least a vague idea for the missing parts. You can always tell when projects haven't been planned completely beforehand because the pacing is all over the place.

No. 1922055

I don't know shit about this show but this is the most stereotypical "bitch" character design I've ever seen, she was clearly not made with love. She looks ridiculous, even in the 2000s they tried harder than that. In a way it's kinda based that there's fans who actually like her and want to see her grow instead of throwing her to the wolves for daring to interact with their emo boy husbando. I know it's probably just because "opposite trope" ships like goth x jock are popular now but still, I support this EmoStacy ship

No. 1922058

never watched this show, but they look cute together, don't know why he would have an issue with it.

No. 1922060

Probably because Thomas is a seething incel.

No. 1922064

>self insert
For those that are not aware, his self insert is the father of the main girl and he based the mother of said girl after his ex girlfriend whom I believe had broken up with him before the cartoon show started.
He also have stated before that the "mean blonde girl" would never have a redemption arc or any character development. Any development with was pushed by the studio or writers I think.

No. 1922120

File: 1698757347724.jpg (159.14 KB, 1000x1000, bum ass loser.jpg)

>his self insert is the father of the main girl
He has two. The one you mentioned, named Tom, and a literal self-insert. As in his name is literally Thomas Astruc in the show also and he’s a director. He throws a shit fit (becomes akumatized/villain of the episode) in the show because people don’t appreciate his work enough. That’s literally the plot of an entire episode.

No. 1922139

This has always been my gripe with both this and Hazbin. I never know what the fuck I’m supposed to be looking at. It’s downright painful on the eyes.

No. 1922144

Everyone in this show looks like possessed dolls.

No. 1922153

How do people even enjoy this show? The characters look like unfinished uncanny ugly models. The blue haired guy doesn't even have eyelashes while everyone else does.

No. 1922168

I think a lot of it is nostalgia. The show came out at the end of 2015 (in the US) and it's prime demographic is toddlers to preteen girls. 18 year olds today were about 10-11 when the show came out. And that's without taking into account the 2012 pv that came out.

No. 1922170

this looks ai generated

No. 1922175

I had a friend who was really into it back when it first came out/was blowing up on tumblr, and I'd say a lot of it was around the convoluted shipping shenanigans surrounding the two leads (their civilian and superhero identities were almost treated as separate characters when it came to who was crushing on who, with the female MC being into the male MC when he was just a guy but disliking his superhero alter-ego, with the male MC liking the girl as her superhero self and not noticing her regular self. Or something like that). It was a bit of a meme, I guess, and I think it's one of those shows where more people are fans of the fandom rather than fans of the actual show.

From what I remember the MCs looked appealing enough, and the animation was passable for the most part, but yeah the side characters were pretty janky. Shockingly it's difficult to make a cgi show with a larger cast and monster-of-the-week format and have it look good (especially when it comes to human characters)

No. 1922203

File: 1698769600184.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x1703, F9BE2676-1200-4F0D-A43B-A9DD09…)

From an outsiders perspective at the time the fandom was like a mini Steven Universe with how they called out aspects for being problematic but that never leaked out onto other sites besides Tumblr. People here just aren’t into it, I watched a couple episodes and didn’t understand why anyone over 10 would be into it. There was that really bizarre official comic where Marinette lands naked in a dumpster and has to wear a cardboard box, then meets some black people and racially profiles them that floated around some too.

No. 1922219

I was waiting for someone to post this comic after the transgressions of lady bug were brought up lol.

No. 1922226

lol, why is that dude wearing a welding mask and carrying a pregnant woman? I can excuse racism but I draw the line at some random dude wearing saggy jeans while welding and then carrying a pregnant woman. Feels like something that is hilarious out of context and pretty stupid in context.

No. 1922260

There was a fanbase even before the U.S. debut. The PV and many trailers and behind the scenes production teasers built up hype. I was like 12 watching the episodes in French or Korean (because they would debut there first) and I’m 20 now. I remember when the episodes would take weeks, if not months, to get subbed. The fanbase is so big and international now they get subbed within hours.

I called Thomas a weirdo for this comic on Twitter when I was teenager and he called me stupid kek. A grown ass man behaving like that.

No. 1922263

This is already weird, but it becomes much weirder when you remember that he designed Marinette to be what he imagined his and his ex-gf's child would be like if they had had one.

No. 1922280

At this point, a famous male artist that isn't a degenerate is the rare achievement.

No. 1922363

Why do I get the strangest feeling that Hazbin Hotel is gonna have recycled plots from Helluva such as Valentino’s Abusive Relationship with Angel Dust, Lilith being viewed as a bitch during the fight with Lucifer, More one dimensional bitchy female villians, and more Fujoshi style plot?

I think the reason why the stories in the earlier episodes and pilot was better because someone besides Viv was able to help make the episode stand out. Season 2 is just getting horrible as it’s the same old Schtick and even the fans are getting bored with it.

When I saw TADC pilot it’s nothing but fresh air since it’s more interesting than the recent HB episodes.

No. 1922374

File: 1698803725345.gif (2.44 MB, 373x350, jax-pushing-over-gangle-the-am…)

Sorry for rambling and cringe but I have mixed feelings for Jax. I kinda like him and find him strangely attractive except for when he's mean to the girls. With the whole Gooseworx conspiracy here and seeing TADC girls being treated as torture/bully material for comedy and his secret fetish, it might be his intention of grooming girls into falling in love with asshole men like Jax; becoming masochists, romanticizing toxic relationships and seeing this mysogyinst behavior as normal. Plus he's made as a Tumblr sexyman so it's baiting girls into liking him. I don't mind mischievous characters who prank and teases sometimes but when it comes to physically bullying girls who are fragile felt off-putting, unnecessary and mean-spirited like when Jax pushed Gangle. If Gangle where a guy I'll let that slide. Some people say it's his way of coping for being trapped in a digital world but that's just straight up being an asshole. I wouldn't be surprised if he's actually gay since his VA also voiced as a gay spider who I find very unlikable.(unsaged blogpost)

No. 1922386

Late, but Octopimp is a streamer who originally became known because of his Free! Abridged series and comic dubs. He's notorious for using really exaggerated, annoying character voices. That's what the voice acting in Digital Circus sounds like: an anime fan dub made by college kids.

No. 1922387

File: 1698805785414.gif (2.08 MB, 498x280, romantic-rose.gif)

>I have mixed feelings for Jax. I kinda like him and find him strangely attractive
You're one of those weirdos who thirsted over the Warden from Superjail, aren't you

No. 1922390

File: 1698806045168.png (1.39 MB, 900x1200, Gooseworx.png)

anon just fucking stop. the show is made by an ugly TIM. all the characters are made by him. just fucking think about that for a second. i'm trying to help you. you should not be enjoying something made by a cumbrain tranny. there are so, so many better series with characters who are just like that rabbit and aren't made by THIS.

No. 1922392

The Little Mermaid was made in the 80s, so this is basically like if Ariel talked like Bill and Ted.

No. 1922393

Jesus Christ, that shovel chin and serial killer eyes. That's a face only a mother could love.

No. 1922394

Incredibly autistic post, thank you

No. 1922397

hes also purposely trying to hide that face with his gross hair and it still looks massive

No. 1922399

This is late as hell but I just realized what this animation style reminds me of. It looks like Fire Emblem 3 Houses cutscenes, generic old timey European location included

No. 1922403

Why does Fizz sound like Gilbert Gottfried, who on earth could take this seriously??

No. 1922412

oh my god. i'm not even the anon but look in the mirror, you sound exactly like people who think harry potter is the devil now. I do not give a fuck how ugly the creator of a work is. I don't really care about their politics either, for the most part. You sound so condescending lol(infighting)

No. 1922439

File: 1698815062693.jpg (20.37 KB, 559x219, BJFiHIy.jpg)

>>1922412(low effort post/infighting)

No. 1922463

NTA, but critiquising a show made by a man with weird fetishes who keeps putting fetishes into his work, that may unintentionally (or not) appeal to children due to its bright colour and character designs which also nudges towards those said fetishes is definitely on par with Jehova Witnesses shitting themselves over Harry Potter
>inb4 "it wasn't made for kids though",FNaF wasn't made for kids and yet in its peak had six year old fans

No. 1922465

I felt the urge to clear my own throat constantly while listening to that voice

No. 1922473

Cooper should learn how to use conditioner instead of jerking off to characters drilling holes in their heads kek

No. 1922476

File: 1698819669377.png (Spoiler Image,70.75 KB, 300x300, 1844494-ao_oni_large.png)

Same vibes

No. 1922478

people will also argue like well kids wouldn't even recognize that it's fetish content!! But i absolutely think they can. I remember as a little kid when I'd watch those Totally Spies episodes I would feel like…icky and disturbed.

No. 1922480

Why are TIMs incapable of making normal human faces in selfies? Moids can't take selfies to save their lives

No. 1922486

NTA but I also felt icky when I watched those PPG episodes, fuck
Why do males have to insert their pornsick tastes into everything

No. 1922506

Oh yeah definitely, it's like when kids know when an adult is up to weird shit, if they're not isolated they get a really good radar for those things. Like when nonas before were talking about getting weirded out by an Adventure Time episode upthread.

No. 1922507

File: 1698826714922.png (107.46 KB, 250x301, Pomni_with_unicorn_horn.png)