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No. 1417635

past threads:
1 : >>>/snow/866800
2 : >>>/snow/1005403 (created by @babivampire)
3 : >>>/snow/1047741
4 : >>>/snow/1079162
5 : >>>/snow/1131138
6 : >>>/snow/1219460
7 : >>>/snow/1287867

last thread happenings:

>keeps being a disgusting hobgoblin, jumps on the incestuous daddy-daughter train for more views (didn't work)
>keeps on ebegging with gofundmes instead of getting a real job since her rank pussy doesn't make numbers on OF
>post lolcow screenscaps to her insta story but she's totally not lurking and totally didn't shit talk her friends here
>has a wannarexic phase, posts on edtwt then flounces when rightfully told she looks porky after asking for meanspo herself
>keeps plaguing edtwt by pretending to be a teen movie bully despite embarassing herself in several ways
>ends up apparently losing weight and humblebrags about it on instagram, still looks like shit and claims people are jealous about it

>bedroom is still ridden with filth
>keeps acting like a pornsick troon, LARPing as a teen girl
>(unsurprisingly) revealed to be fat irl

>still shoops ridiculously and tries to come back after the racist scandal
>anon friends in the same state saw her drinking all alone at bars, talking to scrotes or trying to attract attention
while wearing cheap Aliexpress hoe clothes
>gets a new cuck boyfriend

>still acts like she's a teen despite being a 26yo woman with children
>still a deadbeat mom
>now apparently nonbinary, also pretends she's part asian and says her kid is a POC for the clout

>a degenerate egirl taking coomer pandering to a new level: buys fucktoys meant for men and pretends to love cartoon kiddy porn
>still lives with her parents despite her bedroom being filled with said cartoon kiddy porn.
>has her brother call her oneechan and reveal she openly discusses hentai with him
>brags about being better than other girls for posting thirst traps for free. Still ebegs anyway
>tags coomer bf in a tweet about how much she loves him, boyfriend doesn't reply and keeps posting hentai instead surprising no one

>releases a boring sex tape and equally boring nudes

>writes in japanese and keeps trying to pass as asian, denying she's as white as wonderbread. will dodge the question of her race even when asked directly about it
>harasses teenagers for no real reason
>is found to be way chunkier than she looks,proving that the mcdonalds obsession wasn't just for show

>keeps rabidly harassing teenagers over them "copying" vo1dchan or her. Tells them to starve and kill themselves.
>claim she's obsessed with yume nikki to the point of harassing teens who kin madotsuki, only to have a couple hours logged in on her steam, hour count suspiciously increase as farmers point it out
>still thinks LARPing as hikkineet is cool despite having a job and looking close to 30

>downright unhinged voidchan calf
>harasses teenagers the same way m4d0t5uk1 does, seething obsessively over them sharing a similar handle or aesthetic
>stalks underaged e girls for weeks out of misplaced rage
>an actual pedo who gets off to underaged girls 2D and 3D alike
>refuses to aknowledge she's white like every other hikkineet larper and insists she's slavic (she's not)

>babivampire changed her twitter to livingvampyra, trying to create a new persona instead of taking care of her kid, failing miserably
>iamdollbb stays an insufferable little cunt bringing everything back to her race. tries to sell ugly cringey hoodies, failing miserably
>Aislin and Olivia keep hating each other yet stalk each other resulting in a humorous loop
>Aislin gets recommended for intensive outpatient by her psych, causing Olivia to gloat about it in public on her twitter
>discovery of Mira
>tiktok costhot yandere.freak accidentally kills her friend with gun and is charged with manslaughter
>nyabeat/jusagipon/1kerosene goes into hiding once more as their apology is shown to have been nothing more than words and that
they are still linked to that bizarre nazi proana cult named kaliacc. Also still actively doing sketchy shit in private and befriending
real neo-nazis
>instagram account @japancoreaboo keeps tabs on the whole kaliacc cult situation that involved nyabeat/1kerosene, revealing it runs deep
>jazmin bean,hoboj0e,vampjunk and others just pretend to cut all ties with nyabeat following the proana nazi cult scandal, actually are still in contact but lie about it to keep up appearances
>vo1d and her calves keep harassing random underaged e girls claiming they're skinwalking. Have a little groupchat called "neo nazi lolicons"
>hikiwiz shows herself to be a pedophile amongst other things,despite shitting on little girls all day. probably because she realizes she's rapidly aging from being so bitter all the time
where they seethe over 14 years old posting Micky D and Sanrio all day or share edgy 4channer memes despite all of them being grown women in their twenties
>the whole hikkineet "community" reveals itself to be a bunch of adult women without any originality or mental stability whatsoever trying to pass as asian, constantly regurgitating what they've seen in their vietnamese cartoon magazines,copying each other, then crying skinwalker at each other, surprising no one
>a lot of these girls still obsessively check this thread, notably vo1d and her hoard of unwashed mcdonald bag huffing hikkineet larpers

Links to notable people:




Lena Kitsune/ Simone Medearis

Arisa Vurr/r4cistfairy

https://www.instagram.com/tiredmoogle/?hl=fr (privated)

Nyabeat/Jusagipon/1kerosene (both now privated)

Vo1dchan/""Nashi"" is seemingly gone or has a new username now



Hikiwiz/gutturalsnug/futabachanneI/neetvomit/terrydavis kinnie/rina/Catherine
(bawleeted everything because she couldn't handle being posted)

No. 1417643

Lmfaooooo I like the collage.

No. 1417649

ty anon i made it with all of my love for you guys

No. 1417682

>no mention of freya/futabachannel even though she was a large part of the thread and started the gutturalsnug sperg
>offtopic file name, which is what gave her away last time since no other anons ITT did that
>obvious baby’s first thread
Not to hi cow but… hi cow! You forgot to include the part where you filled up the thread (and now this current thread summary) with your vendetta, looking forward for the (created by futabachannel) next time kek

No. 1417687

File: 1642225567611.jpeg (62.81 KB, 200x275, A623522B-F992-4A72-9A49-834F20…)

Made a thread summary for her since shes too baby to make one for herself.


>Freya (futabachannel/voidfriend) is the nonny who started the gutturalslug sperg because her uwu animecore idol unfriended her and attacked her

>Shit at hiding her identity and got caught being the sperg
>freaked out on her story claiming to be a 12 year old, changed her age after this multiple times
>MAL screenshots of her watching lolicon anime
>Lolicon and flat chest listed in her likes on mfc
>Extremely graphic lolicon dakimakura in her mfc wishlist
>Deleted her accounts because she couldn’t handle being posted, her mfc, while private, is still active, and with enough searching you can find the lolicons she is friends with
MAL: melonchans
MFC: voidfriend

No. 1417690

Don't be shy Nona, post her whole face.

No. 1417706

File: 1642227495669.jpeg (847.99 KB, 2915x1289, 48817DA3-26F2-4F79-A8CB-F3654D…)

Not sure if she has ever posted her full face before, these are the only photos I can find. Her fucking eyeliner in the third pic, KEK.

No. 1417732

File: 1642230817006.jpeg (376.21 KB, 1125x862, 0204F23E-DE26-43F3-8D10-ECD375…)

Samefag, forgot to mention this in the previous thread, but she had someone friended on MFC who had straight up loli hentai on their profile. She even commented picrel on it, lol. It seems like this user was banned or something, but luckily I found an archive. NSFW warning obviously, the images are fucking vile.

No. 1417768

File: 1642237034462.jpg (253.23 KB, 1080x1751, 20220115-025045.jpg)

Sage for no milk
But lena_kitsune now Lena Foxx/ thatfoxxgirl (can't even keep up anymore) is trying to start a yt career by posting regurgitated tiktok videos
She has also talked about twitch streaming
This new saga could get milky

No. 1417775

File: 1642238712454.jpg (275.41 KB, 1080x1747, JKO7DHA3NCJ0NAQ2.jpg)

lena still out here posting "before" and after makeup videos as if she didnt have a cake face on already

No. 1417823

tf all that's missing is eye makeup

No. 1417848

Not her, chill out anon. Thanks for the add. I made this thread before going to bed and had to reread the whole thread again so i forgot some stuff because by the time I reached the spergfest that is the hikkineet community i was getting real tired.
The filename is linked to one of files i have seen itt before though, i have the humor of a 10yo.

No. 1417851

samefag but i didn't know FutabachanneI was Freya because my pea brain kept mistaking one for the other, these bitches all look alike when you spend 20 minutes trying to figure out who is who kek. Sorry for the thread missing stuff nonnies, i really just volunteered to make one on the go. Someone had to do it.

No. 1417922

This is a shit OP I literally had a way better one fleshed out KEK OP can't greentext or wait til a thread is maxed out, good job

No. 1417923


post yours

No. 1417935

>that overuse of KEK in each post
sure is samefag around here. sorry i don't spend my whole life on imageboards like you do nonette but people can go and use your thread if you're that bothered about it i guess i'm just a lurker and i don't intend spending a whole hour of my free time to make an OP satisfying you personally

No. 1417939

There's standards for threads. That's why "shit OP" is a red text ban sometimes. It's just easier if lazy newfags don't try creating threads and keep to lurking and posting. Poorly formatted threads kill themselves. You can take it personally or you can realize there's kind of rules here to posting.

No. 1417942

Fair enough i suppose. No hard feelings. I'll let this one sage and we can agree to use the new one.

No. 1421122

File: 1642566474424.png (289.87 KB, 684x473, Screenshot (1114).png)

Idk how much Mira milk I should be posting but she recently got fired and was begging for money selling lewd cosplay pics to be able to pay for dental work. Instead she spent all of it on wall scrolls and figures of anime girls with giant tits.

Mira's absolute degenerate coomer boyfriend just flew out to her. They posted nonstop about all the sex they were having. I can't believe this woman is in her mid 30s and posting like a high school girl having sex for the first time. In her mid 30s, still living with her parents and posting about having sex with her gremlin eboyfriend for strangers to jerk off to on twitter. Its so sad

No. 1421129

File: 1642566859074.jpg (119.29 KB, 594x592, uguiygjghkj.jpg)

Mira retweets so much seriously disturbing content. Drawings of tiny little girls getting assaulted, all ages of school uniforms, some girls looking like 7 years old. The most degenerate content you could imagine, but for some reason has a problem with this type of shit? And on top of that, her pinned tweet is literally her in a fucking collar. She can't even keep up with her own larp

No. 1421338

yo anon wrong thread, this one (mine) was shite so we abandonned it. new one is there:

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