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File: 1628943635371.jpg (1.42 MB, 1098x1386, edwin.jpg)

No. 1299845

Unable to decide if he’s a super woke mega virtue queen, or a snivelling edge lord who oozes racism and thinks women are worthy only of his abuse and sucking his tiny grinch dick.
There’s a fuck tonne more just in the last couple of years, but I don’t have enough hours in the day.

Took part in the Onision ID documentary despite publicly blasting anyone else involved for going ‘against the victims wishes’

Lies to said victims when they ask him about rumours he was going to be on it

Gave his twitter password out to people in his discord, and his twitter is subsequently ‘hacked’ and dms are leaked. Suspiciously, loads of his replies are deleted first, and this happens around the time He’s getting a lot of heat over the Onision Documentary.

Cries on stream for 9 hours over some very gentle constructive criticism from Jaclyn Glenn

On stream laughed with his goonie pals over joke cartoons about George Floyds death

Is constantly drinking. Regularly hammered on his livestreams which can go up to 9-12 hrs in length because homeboy has zero other reason to exist.

Compared YouTube copyright flagging him for singing karaoke to ‘being stopped and searched by police as a black person’

Left a video with his real name (Edwin Ramos) up on his channel for 9 years, then deleted it so he could claim other youtubers had “doxxed” him when they used it.

Bosom buddies with such dramatards as Nick DeOrio, John Swan, Bowblax, Augie et all.

Goes on false copyright flagging spree on YouTube for anyone doing commentary (the exact same thing he does) on his behaviour

Invites Petty Paige to a debate (she never responds), then declares she ‘backed out’ when she didn’t show up.


No. 1299877

This idiot takes all of his content off lc because his gf and friends got their own thread on pt

No. 1299962

he takes it all down? how? grinch bitch cant take any heat on him

No. 1300005

His other Twitter account was removed a few months go for breaking twitters guidelines, anyone have any idea what he did?(sage)

No. 1300027

i was hoping edwin would end up with a thread eventually, his "i'm just a nice guy who always gets manipulated!" persona is so fake
also he's like 32 and his gf is a decade younger than him kek

No. 1300039

They also have a gross DDLG relationship iirc. For someone who looks like a twig with troll doll hair stuck to it, he does a lot of smug faggoty posturing

No. 1300055

How genuine is their relationship? I've been watching their youtube channel and they've spent 4 and 6+ months apart and seem to film every moment when they are together, including when they meet up at the airport, say goodbye, etc. There are a lot of things that don't feel genuine, make me cringe and wonder they don't keep it to themselves instead of posting. I think he even filmed asking her out? She was 19, he was 27

No. 1300060

Didn’t shannon say he was closeted and it doesn’t matter because he sees mina like once a year

No. 1300068

Not that closeted ig, unless these types of videos were supposed to be a joke

No. 1300084

File: 1628973527953.jpeg (294.52 KB, 750x645, 7FA50AD6-5D6D-45A7-9B1D-8AA034…)

This thread has been a LONG time coming…anyway, the drama between Dasha and Edwin was recently dredged up when one of Edwin’s ~haters- decided to interview Dasha, you can see clips of it in this video but unfortunately the full interview was removed.

No. 1300092

File: 1628974008682.jpg (510.76 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20210704-113138_You…)

Finally, a thread about this snake of a manbaby. Such a victim of anyone and anything. Cannot take the slightest of criticism. When he sees a thread dedicated to him has finally survived on lolcow, his narc smug smirk will surely dissapear.

No. 1300146

File: 1628979075982.jpeg (124.93 KB, 1125x498, 4A6BCF01-EF35-488D-AF0B-1EB464…)

Didn’t they break up?

No. 1300162

Actually, Edwin has a channel called “chooliska_lies” and he has clipped the discussion (it wasn’t an interview) most of it is their on that secret channel

No. 1300186

File: 1628983415997.jpeg (402.96 KB, 788x1254, 30004646-3440-4AA1-83A4-27C161…)

The irony of Edwin making statements like this

No. 1300272

File: 1628991778795.jpg (165.91 KB, 1080x818, 20210814_203843.jpg)

his livestreams are so fucking funny. i got scared when his channel disappeared from youtube after being mentioned in the trashlee thread, so i'm glad to see him back and shitting on the goon squad. for reference, this is the guy they refer to as 'dirty' when they do they own livestreams.

No. 1300274

File: 1628991848893.jpg (195.41 KB, 1080x800, 20210803_125849.jpg)

alt kek

No. 1300416

His Twitter header is a picture of Mina so I doubt it

No. 1300468

Well it basically involved Deity asking Dasha a bunch of questions about the drama with Edwin which I would pretty much consider to be an interview lol?

No. 1300538

Shannon's notoriously full of shit, though.

No. 1300765

Dasha was proven long ago to be a provoker in drama when she was outed for her posts on lolcow. She also has had underage followers say they were manipulated by her which was always weird and creepy to have 'close' friends that are children when you are an adult.
Her and cyr broke up ages ago and shes now fixated on outing her newer ex Chandler riggs for liking horse porn on her insta which she changes the name too constantly. Her thread died ages ago and is now at max. She should have let it die.
Sage for not being about Edwin

No. 1301013

Deity at the start of the stream stated it was a discussion and that he wanted to do a real interview at later point- then lost access to Twitter which is where he was in contact with dasha. In regards to Edwin specifically so much of the drama with dasha I believe was way too amplified. Especially given thier ages at the time. Edwin removed most of his dasha related videos in June 2021. Along with a lot of other videos. I find people that deliberately hide things hide them because they have something too hide

No. 1301018

Kind of weird how Edwin had a thread made after he posted his video on Shannon.
Interesting timing.

No. 1301021

Maybe she's trying to not ruin her e-thot career by association with him?

No. 1301022

All Shannon’s posts are added to the post thread of hers

She’s also ip banned from my understanding, for breaching the terms of service. I don’t see it as odd that Edwin has a new thread at all. I’m actually supprised he doesn’t have more. He’s had threads before. Before Shannon started posting on lolcow.

No. 1301023

Mins has been on the last few of Edwins lives that are now members only

No. 1301044

>Edwin removed most of his dasha related videos in June 2021.
Very interesting given how adamant he always was in these that this is extremely important topic to be exposed and discussed

No. 1301086

yeah, funny how he hides his old content and also issues takedowns on any other channels who cover that content. Shifty fucker.

No. 1301114

File: 1629117532745.jpg (72.26 KB, 720x800, 20210816_093206.jpg)

A bit of a nitpick but I came across this painfully cringy video where Mina is crying because she's overwhelmed about Edwin's family being so friendly and he decides to film it and upload it and makes a fake sad voice saying " oH dOnT Be Sad" Idk it felt very weird and attention whoring to me

No. 1301356

File: 1629137390737.jpg (1.36 MB, 1125x3399, Group.jpg)

DickEd coming into a girls twitter thread to call her a coward, then running away and blocking her. Lol boy, do you even see yourself??

No. 1301380

I don't know if this thread is shannon getting revenge or OP actually dislikes him, but I'm here for it honestly. He can't take any sort of criticism , he's even gone off on his subscribers during livestreams.

No. 1301384

it's obviously not shannon, she's ip banned. if anything, the shannon situation has brought more critical eyes onto her friends because they all jumped on the chance to insert themselves into the drama.

No. 1301397

I only feel bad for Mina in all of this, she's the only one in that 4 (edwin, mina, dasha and cyr) that seems to be a genuinely good person

No. 1301418


No. 1301526

Nahh she's probably just better at covering her ass. Anyone with Edwin has to be a trash person.

No. 1301756

why does anyone making threads about Edwin or Ashlee have to be Shannon? Contrary to what they want to believe, there are a lot of people who cant stand them and happy to point out their many many failings.

No. 1301814

Their couple vlogs were always so attention seeking and TMI. He had one titled "what it's like to date a sad boy" or something like that, I don't know if it's still there, but I remember the visceral cringe from watching him be uwu sad to his gf on camera

No. 1302546

Just watch the first few seconds, not racist though right

No. 1302588

isn't he also a rape apologist?

No. 1302596

she's still a delusional degen. one look at her ridiculous photoshopping and you can see that. she is just smart compared to the ugly bunch and doesn't post drama online

No. 1302621

he's cosy with Nick Deorio and Gabbie Hanna who are both loud & proud rape apologists.

No. 1318739

File: 1631097919261.png (210.98 KB, 1186x368, Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 11.41…)

Edboi getting his panties ruffled over being called 'frantic'

No. 1318742

File: 1631098052972.png (276.95 KB, 1186x562, Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 11.46…)

lol sure pussy

No. 1319023

He's always in some fucking drama.

No. 1319112

I want to know what this is about but all of alicia's videos are ike 1-2 hours long or more, I do not have the time for that

No. 1320624

File: 1631290195411.jpeg (107.62 KB, 1170x845, E-5lwNaXoAI3OfL.jpeg)

pickle dick had a 'chat with haters' stream where his chat was set to sub only and anyone who ever disagreed with him was blocked. Because this fragile little flower CANNOT TAKE ANY FUCKING CRITICISM

No. 1324492

Sub only mode
I cant believe this man in in his 30's

No. 1347368

File: 1634223611718.jpg (40.44 KB, 233x186, 70623477.jpg)

Well well well, I was looking through Shane Dawson's Dailybooth because he would regularly ask his child audience to send pictures of their crotches or undressing and what do I find, Mr Costa here was a fan of Shane when he was at his height of his pedo shit. https://web.archive.org/web/20121218045209/http://dailybooth.com/shanedawson/27442311
No wonder he refused to make a video calling out his shit. I knew he was fishy from the whole best friends with Cyr and Cyr kissing Onion boys ass but this rabbit hole keeps getting deeper

No. 1431579

File: 1643651873705.webm (2.52 MB, 333x720, DKKZ7968.webm)

“You don’t know how the fucking law works dude”
“Maybe I’m the idiot here”


No. 1726962

File: 1670998695517.jpg (78.48 KB, 886x538, 20221214_011741.jpg)

Edwin and Mina broke up in october did he get another girlfriend already? They seem to still be friendly but I have a feeling that some drama may come from it given Edwin is connecting himself closely with Keemstar and they keep making messy drunk streams

No. 1727099

File: 1671018563957.jpg (108.58 KB, 1080x1080, 20221214_054407.jpg)

idk, but he's been guesting on/moderating salvo pancakes youtube channel recently. kind of feels like he's trying to become active again on social media after getting btfo over the onision documentary.

No. 1727289

Oh this gonna get good… he’s already done a slew of completely intoxicated streams with this new girl, just weeks after announcing breaking up with Mina. He’s riding his salvo n keem dick riding high and the crash is going to be epic

No. 1727771

Who is the new gf? I can't find anything on his social media. She's apparently a streamer?

No. 1730590

Does anyone have any access to his deleted videos on Dasha and Cyr?

No. 1730600

I won't be surprised if something gives eventually. Considering how Edwin let it slip in his New Year's stream from almost 2 years ago when drunk that Mina thought she was a lesbian, he's gonna let something slip. The fact that Mina apparently doesn't think it's weird she's hanging out with her ex and his new girlfriend on her birthday just seems off to me.

No. 1730611

For clarity, some of his videos are on archive.org, but some of the more damning ones he's deleted aren't. Can only find small clips from other videos.

No. 1730764

Saying you think you’re a lesbian is just a cop out to get out of a relationship without having to dump someone. My tinfoil is that she was afraid to break up with Edwin because he’s an anorexic rat who lives off drama fodder

No. 1731016

Could be, but why did it take them almost another 2 years for them to break up if so then? The thing is that Mina helped him in his attempts to cancel Dasha and Cyr and she's still helping him. Plus, they apparently still talk and hang out, so why'd they actually break up? Nothing about their relationship really makes any sense and I doubt that she said that to get out of it.

No. 1731359

While the site was down, Edwin’s new “girlfriend” asked to come on the Keemstar show with him and ended up cucking him for Keemstars girlfriend and driving very very far away from him. Hilarity ensues!

No. 1731383

Apparently its just a meme, anon

No. 1731445

So.. Where's the tiny Grinch dick we were promised?

No. 1731454


Weird “meme”

No. 1734054

kek keem is live saying it's either some woman named babs or bailey. he's also saying he had a 3some with salvo.

No. 1735178

Apparently, Edwin had a 3-way with his new girlfriend and Salvo at some point. He refuses to talk about it, though. And, according to Augie last night, Edwin got cucked by Keemstar because Keem fucked his new girlfriend. Don't know if that was a joke, but they weren't laughing at it.
He also had a weird tweet about the Salvo allegations, which DeOrio responded to. It's…something…

No. 1735404

could you post screenshots, not links

No. 1737403

File: 1672876439039.jpeg (390.05 KB, 1170x1942, BA3E612E-D3D9-462A-A40E-FDD63C…)

Found the new girlfriend. 10 years younger than him, seems to have some confidence and daddy issues.

Retweeted about the threesome so I guess it’s true? Imagine sex with Edwin and Salvo at the same time. Girl sort out your fucking rancid taste in men.

No. 1737604

Old milk, but I was watching a smaller twitch drama commentary streamer and Edwin hopped in. Mina joins around 33 minutes.


No. 1737616

Caps since you watched it? The video is stretched to an hour. Also remember to put YouTube links in the YouTube field

No. 1737628

I always knew this moid was fucking nasty and obnoxious. I won't forget that when he was hosting a stream about onion boy forcing his sexual deviancy on women and he felt the need to ask about fetishes in the same fucking live stream. He also asked if he was one of the girls and they all said no and he got triggered.

No. 1737773

You would have thought Mina would have learned from the last time she hung out with an ex and his, at the time, current girlfriend… old habits die hard. Let’s hope she doesn’t also push this one to dashputin levels of insanity kek.

No. 1737955

Exactly. I think it goes to show either that Mina lied about what actually happened, or she's 1 of the stupidest chicks on the fucking planet.

No. 1737969

It's the stream where Edwin and Mina accused Cyr and Dasha of sex trafficking Mina, which isn't what actually happened, if that gives you any idea of the shit that was said in that stream.

No. 1738219

keem is live and in the middle of shitting on edwin and going over his salvo response response. he also keeps teasing he's got babs (edwin's new gf) in the studio with them to prove they had a 3some KEK

No. 1738221

edwin's response denying everything

No. 1738464

It is stretched out. Chudlogic is a drama farmer, and I'll admit I've been subbed to twitch for over a year. His youtube is mostly just reuploaded portions of his VODs with very little editing. Definitely something only his followers are going to be into.

It just threw me for a loop. Edwin made that comment about Cyr on stream, drunk of course, during all the Mizkif shit. I had stopped following the milk around Edwin a years ago, I thought he had "moved on".

No. 1738808

You had too much hope Edwin was actually done with Cyr and Dasha, tbh. He's never done with them. They kicked him out of the apartment and he NEEDS to make them suffer whenever possible.

No. 1738863

File: 1673042658317.jpeg (369.84 KB, 1170x717, 4E6D2277-EE41-4909-9CD4-FFAF8E…)

I’m not watching the 1 hour dramafags videos, so he had a threesome with a fat Mexican and some thot and then got cucked by keemstar? Guess the nona calling him a fag was right

No. 1738884

didn't he sleep with a troon and gave some vague answer to about Creepshow saying he was closeted? It's well known he's a bisexual/gay coomer

No. 1738914

File: 1673049664066.png (985.63 KB, 1278x868, wtf.png)

this is hilarious
>>they pressured this girl to fuck them a second time while she's hungover and not really into it
>>keem asks straight up if edwin & salvo did gay shit. she says "if they want to come out about what they did together, they can". draw your conclusions from that nonas KEK
>>started by salvo asking to rub her feet. they both are rubbing her feet while she's in the backseat and salvo starts jacking off
literal sex pests, they were pestering her to fuck them a second time, fucking ew can you imagine having sex with this guy? he acts gay and looks like a middle aged lesbian. he calls himself a "homeboy" and his teeth are too big for his mouth. i just started reading this thread and i already hate him. im gonna watch the rest now kek

No. 1738935

this is a tiny nitpick but when the guy asks edwin "was there a clear yes or did she just not say no" and edwin goes "i would swear on anything that she never said no to that" it reminds me of when he got on melanie martinez's ass for saying timothy heller "never said no to what we chose to do together" because "not saying no doesn't equal consent." funny he's using that exact phrase
also i thought we all knew edwin was gay

No. 1739011

File: 1673059153736.jpg (105.91 KB, 1067x1080, 20221230_160522.jpg)

i wasn't able to get an audio recording, but keem got edwin on some twitter chat, where keem asked edwin if this was true, and edwin adamantly denied this. keem bounced immediately after lmao.

No. 1739097

Here's what apparently happened. At some point, Keem's girlfriend Brantley steals Edwin's ex-girlfriend Babs away from him. Then at some other point while they were drunk, Babs, Edwin, and Salvo had a 3-way. Edwin confirmed the 3-way, as did Babs. Edwin denies doing gay shit with Salvo, but Babs contests that.

No. 1739101

This is the guy who defended known pedo Karim Abridged sexting 14-year-olds by saying it's creepy, but not bad, or whatever and tried to excuse Karim telling another 14-year-old girl her boobs were "20/10" in DMs by saying because she didn't have any psychological damage, it wasn't that bad. I think expecting moral consistency in consent and shit from this douchebag is a fool's errand.

No. 1739103

Considering Edwin lied about the 3-way for a while before cracking under pressure on SFTP, we can assume that shit's also a lie.

No. 1739906

File: 1673206083231.jpg (470.06 KB, 1536x2048, 20230104_185723.jpg)

sage non milk

twitter can be pretty funny sometimes. pic rel is an edit someone posted after salvo started posting on twitter again kek

No. 1751854

Has anyone seen this. Hes parodying Graphyte TV who is a black creator and literally doing blackface(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1751894

It's from a failed collab channel Edwin ran with several other YouTubers back in 2009-2011 called CincoDeVloggo. GraphyteTV is apparently a friend of his from all the way back then and he was apparently ok with it.

The blackface has basically been discredited by people because he used blue facepaint, but that was part of the joke in the video itself, so it's fine to take offense to it imo. I take more offense to the use of "tranny," but it was how things were back then. Not the only time he's been bigoted in a shitty old comedy sketch either.

No. 1751900

>i take offense with the word tranny
Interesting anyways edwin actually had sex with a tranny

No. 1751902

Didn't he say she was post-op in that video, though? Or am I misremembering? There, it seems like he was playing one pre-op and in a very offensive way.

No. 1751926

All I know is Edwin slept with a man, pre op post op or post office, I don't care. So he made fun of troons only to sleep with one

No. 1752313


I went on a splerg on the channel CYR IS SO UGLU

No. 1752440

Thank god you're too much of a newfag to figure out how to embed videos because this is 12 years old footage of a man who is still ugly and no one cares. I can't tell if Edwin is posting his own gossip that no one cares about to try to be relevant or if Onision is really bored but it's not working, move on.

No. 1752664

Ah, transphobia. Ok, done with you.

What a random thing to say. Who cares? You're looking at 12 year old footage of Cyr on a dead channel he once contributed content to. What does him looking ugly to you have anything to do with anything? It has nothing to do with Edwin, or the 6 year old beef he keeps going with Cyr. Keep shit on topic, or start a thread about how ugly Cyr is to you, ok?(lost newfag)

No. 1752675

>Ah, transphobia. Ok, done with you.
Are you lost? Do you know where you are?

No. 1752685


Go back to twitter.

No. 1781626

How are more people not talking about the whole babs ordeal and how edwin basic watches sexual harassment and did nothing(sage your shit unless providing milk with caps)

No. 1782204

I tried to look into it but everyone involved is unbearable to listen to. Can you do a recap?

No. 1783181

What is babs onlyfans?(thirstposting)

No. 1786463

Basically, Babs and Edwin went to Salo's in Ohio before he drove them to Buffalo for Edwin to be on the Keemstar Show back in December. On the way back to Salvo's the next day, Salvo whipped out his dick and started jerking it to Babs while she was hungover (I think) and doing weird feet shit with her feet. I believe this was the morning after the 3-way, but could be wrong.

No. 1977181

I watch his videos, also were is the sex he promised to do with Damon??? And he kinda looks emo, no offense. Isn’t Edwin’s boyfriend Damon??? I want to see some more of that juicy content. I NEED MORE OF THAT SEXY, HOT, & WEIRD CONTENT BOI!!! WHY HASEN’T HE POSTED IN A LONG TIME!!! I WANT HIM BACK!!! WE NEED MORE OF THAT GOOD CONTENT. PLEASE ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!(learn2integrate)

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