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File: 1625653169901.jpg (633.58 KB, 1386x1707, 06_francis-bacon_head-vi_1949.…)

No. 847934

Let it all out.
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No. 847939

OT but I remember seeing picrel in a dictionary when I was 10 and it made a strong impression on me, to the point of being some kind of major influence in my artistic sensibilities.

No. 847944

Did it scare you at that age or did you just think it was cool?

I'm not a fan but it's very impressive how he had such a successfully identifiable style, even though the internet is full of edgelord art now I still knew it was his before I saw the file name
I wish I was a successfully recognisable artist

No. 847946

That's so cool! Yeah, I feel like Francis Bacon's paintings are hard to forget. Another one that left a pretty deep impression on me was Soft Construction with Boiled Beans by Salvador Dali. I saw it in elementary school in our textbook and it really disturbed me, I couldn't get it out of my head

No. 847947

God I was about to post "hmm this reminds me of francis bacon!"
I'm not even knowledgable on art, his stuff is just transcendental. I love Silent Hill which is clearly influenced by him >>847944

No. 847948

Anyway I'm having a period of getting upset about my early sexual experiences, and combining it with intermittent self-slut-shaming and being a victim. It's not healthy but I'm really feeling more and more shameful when I actually think about it. I am going to start therapy, but I don't want to be patted on the back and told I'm purely a victim either, I know I had a choice in the matter. (I was 14 and had already started chatting to men online out of pure, unadulterated loneliness)

No. 847950

I'm so mad at how men have treated me when I was younger, too. I'm ugly, and they always had to let me know in the meanest ways possible that I was cringe for existing and not an actual person

No. 847951

And fuck you dad for not being around then or teaching me anything about men, I thought they were like me. I thought sex was more special and loving to men, I really did. Then I just went all hypersexual

No. 847954

It's just projection since men aren't actual people, anon. They have no empathy, you literally have to point out that women on the streets are like their mothers and sisters too in order for them to feel anything resembling compassion for another human being. Not only that, but they're manipulative, so of course they will abuse a lonely underage girl in order to get what they want.

I can relate because I am also ugly, both men and women have treated me like garbage. Still, women stop at being cold and dismissive, some have made fun of me in high school, but for the most part they leave me alone. Men so clearly think I don't deserve to exist just because I don't make their dick happy, anything I do is an annoyance to them, even if I'm just going about my day. I'm only lucky that I was a weird looking fakeboi growing up, nobody paid me any attention. I would've hated to have men use me for sex and take advantage of my feelings too.

Hope you can eventually come to terms with your past, big hugs to you.

No. 847956

>I can relate because I am also ugly, both men and women have treated me like garbage. Still, women stop at being cold and dismissive, some have made fun of me in high school, but for the most part they leave me alone.
>Men so clearly think I don't deserve to exist just because I don't make their dick happy, anything I do is an annoyance to them, even if I'm just going about my day.

You really put it into words, man. I don't want to be bitter, but I'm not going to be fooled into believing men have empathy that isn't conditional (so is it really empathy, then?)

Thanks and I hope you find happiness too.

No. 847958

I think what pissed me off the most is how men will fuck women they genuinely find unattractive, and instead of leaving them be they will look at them like some kind of animal or science project.

One guy would inspect my face, squeeze my nose and my arm fat, and take pictures and say "that's really not your angle…"

The amount of pathetic I was to allow this treatment several times along with pretending to enjoy debasing sexual acts like their little clown whore makes me angry and sad. I didn't have to stoop so low! Other insecure girls didn't, they at least had some dignity left.

No. 847960

Right before the thread locked, anon wrote about women who defend letting their boyfriends degrade them as empowering. Man, my last conversation with an old friend was trying to tell her that getting cum on her face is not in any reality "empowering" or "feminist". She did not want to hear it. Whatever, bitch.

No. 847964

It's pure cope, they don't want to face how disgusted they actually feel deep down, so they force others to pretend along with them that it's all fine and dandy.

No. 847966

i think unless you're with the type of guy that is very in touch with his ability to give out compliments/say how he feels about you then pretty much any guy is gonna make you at least somewhat confused about whether or not he actually finds you attractive. at least this is what my experience has been like

No. 847974

A mix of both I guess, the painting was put right next to a real portrait of the pope so the contrast between the two paintings was stunning. I guess the coolness factor overrode the creepiness, everytime I had to use the dictionary I always opened it at the painting's page to take a look at it before doing my task.

No. 847975

I've lost 25 lbs in 3 months but I'm still fat as fuck and need to lose 40 more to be at a healthy weight. 60 would be ultimate goal for me. Problem is I have a long history with binge eating and emotional eating. My old therapist told me I had BDD and steered me away from weight loss. Kind of frustrating I can't talk about the struggle with others. It's so easy to say "just put the fork down fatty" and I try and tell myself that kek but weight loss is mostly psychological. When I lose another lb I just think how much farther I have to go to get to human sized. I just want to be normal. I don't want to be the fat girl. I've also started chew/spitting when I get the urge to binge. I'll buy cheap chips, cookies, or bread and spit it all. It's better than binging and gaining but I wish I didn't have these binge urges.

No. 847983

My country has been very rapidly going back to normal over the last few weeks and while I’m glad people are able to go out, meet up and enjoy themselves again, it’s jarring just how fast it’s going and how little understanding people have for those of us who can’t go back to normal just yet. I’m currently quite vulnerable but due to technicalities I’m not eligible for a vaccine yet, and I have people at home who are even more vulnerable and not eligible to be vaccinated at all. Yesterday I went to the doctor for a routine check-up and I was the only person there who was wearing a mask and washed their hands upon coming in. People would turn to stare at me, and one guy made a point of sitting super close to me (when there were plenty of empty chairs) and even physically bumped into me in a way that seemed on purpose. It’s like the pandemic never happened and everyone thinks I’m a crazy paranoid person wearing a mask for no reason.

Now I’ve been invited to a job interview. They want me to show up in person and acted like it was a huge inconvenience when I asked if it would be possible to do a video call instead (for more reasons than just COVID, too). Video calling was the norm as recently as just two weeks ago yet now they’re acting like it’s some strange, unreasonable demand. Am I going crazy? Did I just imagine this whole pandemic thing?

No. 847987

I have depression and it hate it that things are becoming normal again. When Covid hit it was as if everyone kinda felt like me - hopeless and scared about the future. It made me feel better about myself. I loved the empty streets. It was as if my inner world was turned outside.
Now that everything is getting "normal" again it feels as if I am getting left behind and people are jumping over an imaginary fence that is too high for me.

No. 847990

Yeah I get this too. It feels so wrong that people don't wear masks in stores and on trams anymore

No. 848005

I saved money by buying the cheapest thinner for my oil paint but it smells sooooo bad my throat and lungs are going to burn up it's like gasoline but not even pleasant

No. 848008

I don't even have actual depression and I feel the same. My whole life I've just wanted the world to stop so that I could catch up with it but it wasn't enough time and I'm still behind everyone
It's made me realise that the way I live isn't sustainable long term but I couldn't figure out what to change during the pandemic so I'll n ever have time to figure it out

You crazy bitch don't cheap out toxic chemicals, the neurological damage caused by solvents can be irreversible. Even if you can't smell your solvents you should be in a well ventilated room, so this should be a wake up call that your ventilation isn't good enough, please don't die

No. 848010

be careful anon, some mineral spirits are really really really bad to inhale. you should try to find a copy of the safety data sheets for your thinner online and see what it says about ventilation and respiratory exposure.

No. 848015

I hate working. When I think about the fact that I will have to spend the majority of my time till I am 70 working for some stupid company I feel like killing myself. I hate the fake positive people that go: "Develop a side-hustle/That's why you gotta be your own boss etc" even more. The world doesn't work that way or else everyone would do that and no one would work for anyone. And that also does not fix the problem. I just hate working.

No. 848017

I really love my boyfriend but he has such a low libido. I thought this would be a great thing because he never wants PIV or treats me like a sexual object in the way most scrotes would do, but he also seems so unpassionate about me. I feel undesirable and creepy constantly asking him to get me off or to send me pictures, even though he's always been responsive and does whatever I want if I ask. It honestly feels like most of the time, I'm forcing him to "humor" me and as if he's doing me a favor even though he does his best to please me. I've brought this up before but he told me he doesn't see physical intimacy as important as talking and spending time together normally, which is why he never initiates or even hints at anything sexual. I should feel so lucky that he loves me so much as a person that he feels this way, but it also hurts having such a high libido and not feeling wanted, too. I hate the idea of having to "seduce" him too, like sending him pictures or doing sexy things, so that also might be part of it.

No. 848019

Maybe he is gay, pornsick or has the madonna-whore-complex

No. 848020

Alright thanks anons for caring about me I will buy a thinner specifically for paint next time. My dad has just always used synthethic thinner for painting so I did the same as him. But he usually mixes oil and thinner so it's not so bad, and I use only thinner

No. 848021

I'm so unhappy I want to kill myself. Nothing feels right. I'm just a garbage human being and nothing's gonna fix that. I cry myself to sleep thinking about the short period of time when I was an innocent child with endless potential to be someone, or at least someone happy

No. 848022

I feel you anon, I'm in a similar situation myself and on particular bad days it eats me alive. Talk to him and see if he can compensate in other romantic non-sexual ways.

No. 848023

Weirdly enough, he's told me that I went too fast and he would feel more comfortable doing those things if we were married, which made me feel more like some sick pervert who forced him into something he didn't want. He's not religious either, I think he just has some reservations, he's a virgin too.
It's weird, I've been fine for a while but it suddenly hit me today even though we had a nice day yesterday. Thanks anon, I will talk to him again.

No. 848025

this scared me because I think I've written this before on this site lol. Sorry to hear you're going through this anon - you have to decide if you can live with it/if it's worth it because of the impact it has on your self-esteem.

No. 848027

same anon as >>848025 but this sort of thinking really fucked with me when I went through the same thing so it's not the most helpful. Whilst those three might be a problem in some cases, sometimes your partner won't be any of them and they just genuinely have a low libido.

No. 848028

I don’t even really care if other people wear masks as long as they keep their distance, but I hate being treated like a freak for trying to be careful. In my current condition even a regular flu could have serious consequences. I get people want it all to be over and don’t like to be reminded of the pandemic, but frankly my and my family’s wellbeing matters more to me than not making people feel a little awkward.

No. 848033

Is he physically healthy? It could also be a thyroid problem or due to anemia or something

No. 848049

Thanks anon. He is so devoted and loving apart from this. Most of the time it isn't a big deal, but I definitely have days where I feel unwanted and disgusting. But that is just me viewing things in a certain way, in the end he is not holding me at gunpoint and forcing me to feel bad about myself.
He is actually very fit, cooks healthy meals, works out multiple times a week and is low bf%. Honestly I wish it was some sort of easy problem that can be fixed but I realize now all I can do is to change my reactions and mindset.

No. 848050

Its a trap. Men dont magically change when theyre married.
Dump him.
Sorry anon but why stay in a relationship if youre not sexually compatible? He doesnt care about your sexual health or making you have orgasms. How is this love?
Do any of you think scrotes stay in relationships where they dont get sex or anything out of it? Also no offense but hes probably a porn addict.
Your boyfriend should be passionate to make you happy in every way possible.

No. 848051

A man who wants sex would never stay in a relationship where hes not satisfied. Why do women do this to themselves?

No. 848052

If you have a high libido dont date someone who doesnt also have a high libido. Thats just retarded and youll feel like shit in the long run

No. 848055

Thanks captain obvious
You won't find out if your libidos aren't compatible until the honeymoon period runs out by which time some people can already be pretty deep into a LTR

No. 848059

I am back to express how badly I need to get out of here. Unironically how can I make this happen? What's the best roadmap to achieving this? I can't do the things I enjoy, I'm just constantly surviving. I feel like I'm stuck in hell. I can't do this anymore. I need to put an end to this chapter. I seriously cannot express how absolutely sick I am of this and how I genuinely cannot take anymore. I'm at my limit.

No. 848061

I see what you are saying. I do get sex if I ask though. He actually tries and puts in effort. He looks at my reactions to see if I'm feeling good, and always asks me after if there's anything he can do better. He smiles and laughs and is very gentle. He doesn't make me touch him or do anything, and is satisfied just making me orgasm. I guess that's the hard part, I know he cares, but it's very hard to initiate if you have a low and responsive libido. I fucking get it though, it sounds like I'm making up a million excuses to be a cuck. I laughed at all the "not my nigel" posters and now I am one of them.

No. 848063

Sorry for samefagging, but I think I'm going to switch 100% to digital for the time being. I absolutely hate this and prefer doing things analog, but digitally is the safest, unfortunately… Now I should just find some sort of safe or good lock for a chest that I can use to store the most important "analog" things in. Just grrr such pointless investments that I would much rather be putting elsewhere. I can't keep investing so much time and energy into being paranoid and anxious and highly aware, simply because my ""home"" is void of privacy and autonomy.

No. 848067

Are you sure he's not just nervous and inexperienced about sex?
When I was a virgin in my first relationship I did a lot of the same behaviours and it's because I had no idea what I was doing or what I actually wanted. I would always wait for my boyfriend to instigate anything even if I did really want to have sex with him.

No. 848072

He's mentioned that, yes. That he felt scared and overwhelmed when we did things together and he still feels nervous about it. I've reassured him a lot, but he still feels like he's awkward and doing everything wrong. What should I do then?

No. 848080

For me it went away over time as a became more confident and sure of myself. It helped that my boyfriend never made a big deal out of it and told me that it was ok if I wanted to take things at a slower pace. I'm now married to him and we have a satisfying sex life.

No. 848081

how long have you been together? this sounds like an issue that could be resolved the longer you spend together. He does sound very nice from your previous posts. Much better than a guy who wants to have sex frequently tbh. I think what you said is right, try not to take it to heart when you have to ask and have an honest convo with him about it.

No. 848083

I'm so far behind on my university exams I don't know what I'm going to do. Catching up feels impossible. I think I have undiagnosed adhd but the idea of going to a therapist to get it treated makes me want to die. Literally the only motivation I have in life to do anything is not upsetting my mom which I've already failed spectacularly at by falling behind in school. The only solution to this is getting off my ass and studying but it feels so incredibly overwhelming… it doesn't help that I hate the subject im studying. Maybe i should switch in September? I'd be two years older than everyone else and it would mean my mom wasted two years of uni taxes

No. 848086

does your uni have a mental health/wellbeing team? get in touch with them and tell them you need help. Some uni's also have an academic progression team you can talk to about this stuff as well.

No. 848089

Disgusting male encounter of the day:
I was sorting in some documents and the issue is a colleague moved his desk and sits right in front of the cupboard. He was talking to a customer who took a bit longer on the phone and my colleague said “don’t worry meanwhile i have a very good looking female colleague here to look at”. And he was literally turned right in my direction watching me??? He was as close as a meter. And he said again to the customer “no no don’t rush my collegeage is really really good looking”

No. 848090

Thanks for sharing your experience, it sounds mostly like a matter of time then and me not getting offended if things don't work out perfectly. I know that adds more pressure.
We've been together for 6 months. It's an LDR (yeah, I know), and we have visited each other only twice. Which honestly, doesn't give him much time to get used to the physical intimacy aspect of things. I realize I also may have rushed things because I am really attracted to him, and didn't realize the extent of how uncomfortable he might have been until he told me after. I thought he was slightly nervous, so I just had to take the lead and be more assertive. I just didn't expect him to be so delicate (which honestly I kind of like, I think it's cute) so I need to be more careful in the future. I even asked him like 10 times for his consent lmao, but maybe a better metric would be to let him come to me, first.

No. 848093

Report this to HR

No. 848094

Covide cases are rising again in my country, god I'm not ready for a fourth lockdown. I've changed jobs since the last one, maybe I'll be able to work this time, I don't want to lock myself up again.

No. 848095

Covide sounds like an italian dude

No. 848096

i’m now raging and pacing in my kitchen bc of some scrote i don’t know. what the fuck? get this dude fired.

No. 848106

Reality is dissappointing and I don't have the power and motivation to engage anymore. I hate this world and this life. I hate that this shitty world is what we get. I hate everyone and everything. I hate that it seems as if other people are able to live and somehow are able to blend in and be contend with their lives. How can you even be happy in this shitty reality. Everything is worthless and everything makes me sick. I hate that a lot of people are suffering, get murdered, tortured and have to slave away and I just hate everyone.

No. 848109

This made me laugh, thanks

No. 848118

File: 1625673740861.jpg (132.37 KB, 733x1100, 11287964-A-stereotypical-Itali…)

>si, come no

No. 848133

I think a lot about this, as I'm sure we all do, and I haven't come to a conclusion myself. I just read a line in this book that said, "Always remember–the door is open. That's what Epictetus said about suicide." It made me laugh because that's the sort of thought provides me some comfort when I feel like you do, but (and this is the point of what Epictetus meant) if things are so horrible why haven't we just killed ourselves? I've resigned myself to aim for being "interested" rather than "happy." As in, interested in how things work and where they're headed, rather than happy about anything (since nothing is going to get better, probably). Like a scholar of This Shitty Reality, rather than a member of it.

I know this doesn't help, I'm just responding because I happened to have thoughts on what you said.

No. 848175

my sweet dog has developed cloudy eyes today because he's getting older, and i can't stop crying over it. i know he's fine, and i know it doesn't hurt or stop him from seeing, and i know he's not that old and definitely has a few years left in him, but just thinking about being without him is so upsetting. i love him so much. i just hate that he has to get old, it's so awful

No. 848204

i've been a following the venus thread since 17' and holy shit watching her deteriorate has been awful. She needs to get out of that country if she wants a chance to live another year

No. 848208

Last night I had positive results on some pregnancy tests. I don't want the baby, I'm not ready…mentally or financially. I vented to my friend group about this, how scared and worried I am. The women were upset for me and said their condolences and were very sweet and encouraging with their words. The other two, one a male…and the other a ~sapphic wlw~ transwoman (who is more just a friend of a friend) just joked about me now being a MILF and joked about executing "Order 66" (some Star Wars thing about murder or whatever idk)

And it's like, damn…I can really see what some people mean by female socialization vs. male socialization. The guys just made me feel worse honestly but honestly I am not that surprised by it.

No. 848215

Much hugs anon. My dog's getting old too and starting to get health issues, dk how many times I cried just thinking about life without him. But also think of it this way, it's much better that it will be us without them than them without us. Spoil him with love, wish you both live happily and good health xx

No. 848216

>joked about executing "Order 66"
I'm usually very against cutting friends off but i wouldn't talk to a guy ever again if he said something like this to me. I am in the same state as >>848096 rn

No. 848230

this is so kind of you anon, I'm tearing up again haha. thank you so much. I wish the same for you and your lovely pup ♥

No. 848273

I can’t stop comparing myself to the girls from his past. I cyberstalked them found all of their social media accounts and they all have things in common with each other, but I look nothing like them. How could he even love me or be attracted to me? Everyone says “he’s with you now not them. He chose you over them.” But was it even his choice or was it bc the other girls didn’t want him? If the other girls wanted him he wouldn’t be with me, but I would always want to be with him regardless of who was interested in me.

No. 848283

Does he really act that lukewarm towards you, or do you think that there is nothing lovable about you at all?
>they all have things in common with each other, but I look nothing like them
Maybe he actually likes you for you? I hate the idea of being some scrote's "type", because you just know most of them only have a pornified view of women to begin with.

No. 848288

i'm realizing that there are absolutely no "good" forms of birth control, from pills to iuds to patches to implants, they all have some potentially horrible side effect (I feel this way especially because I have a massive fear of having a stroke). I haven't been on birth control for over a year bc i've been abstinent and now I just can't bring myself to start bc again. does the method where you take your temperature every morning actually work? i'm not about to get copper shoved into my uterus and have 2 month long periods or take pills that make me gain 10lbs. it fucking pisses me off because you know if men could get pregnant, there would be 50 different birth controls with zero side effects on the market

No. 848294

>i'm realizing that there are absolutely no "good" forms of birth control
Same. Bc fucking wrecked me and stopping was the best decision I've made for my body.
>does the method where you take your temperature every morning actually work?
No. I know people who swore by this method and ended up getting pregnant anyway. It's not worth the risk if you don't want children. Better to practice proper condom usage even though it's not quite as enjoyable as skin to skin.

No. 848296

I’m getting pimples on my butt again and I’m pissed. Idk what to do because I shower basically everyday so it’s not like I’m unhygienic. I’m worried they’ll leave scars since I still have scars on my butt from the pimples I had two years ago. I was already self conscious about my ass pimple scars from before so it’ll be pretty upsetting if I get even more.

No. 848302

File: 1625688519189.png (132.83 KB, 936x1280, Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 4.07…)

yeah, I have been using condoms with the guy i'm dating now but I can't find a brand that doesn't make my vagina feel and smell disgusting afterwards. he isn't an asshole about wearing one but i'm getting sick of it. I was looking into trying the minipill (progestin only) but the fucking side effects, dude. I just finished a 3 month round of antibiotics for acne and if it caused that to come back i'd probably off myself

No. 848305

Honestly men should get a rite of passage of getting a vasectomy at 18 or something. Or we should go back to doing piv only for making babies. This hypersexual shit isn't working out.

No. 848306

Try using an acid to prevent scarring, cosrx bha is good

No. 848307

Maybe try lambskin condoms? You may be reacting to the rubber.

No. 848311

right? i'm pretty sure they're extremely effective and reversal is also pretty effective. it would be so much easier.

No. 848313

NTA and stupid question incoming, but is there actually any physical difference for us when it's skin to skin or is it just something psychological?

No. 848330

File: 1625690329133.jpeg (41.74 KB, 828x243, 03E9F236-E45F-42D2-9749-FEFED6…)

This comment hit too close to home and I’m about to cry bc I’m so broke and I hate being poor. I feel like no matter how much progress my fiancé and I make at any job we don’t get paid enough and rent prices in my area have DOUBLED in the last 5 years so have meat prices and gas. I can’t keep up with inflation and we will be lucky if we can ever own a home. My parents help me pay for health and car insurance and I’m STILL broke. Thank God my boomer dad helps me out but I just cry so much bc I know my fiancé and I will never even have the same opportunities my dad and grandparents had. They were able to buy 40k houses that weren’t complete shit and they could go to college on part time jobs, etc. my fiancé works 2 jobs to pay our bills so I can stay home with the kids. He’s in a trade school rn to try and have a plan B but may not even go into the trade because he makes more working 2 entry level jobs.. If I went to work it would barely cover childcare and I’m considering getting an overnight job as a mental health tech or something. Fml and I don’t qualify for financial assistance with any schooling bc I’m under 26 hahahahhaa

No. 848333

File: 1625690461698.jpeg (76.58 KB, 1022x731, 1FF0CD3F-F921-48E3-88C0-2D5503…)

>me trying very hard not to a-log lib fems

No. 848334

Good luck, anon. I know how this pain feels. I hope the future brings you prosperity, and if not that, at least safety and financial security.

No. 848339

I hate how much I look like my dad. He's not a bad person but his features are longer than ideal for a woman. Ugh.

No. 848341

Do not go for the mini pill. I was on it for two years and it was hell and my doctor kept telling me to just keep taking it and be diligent and the side effects would go away. I followed the rules to near perfection (took one pill an hour late, followed all the follow-up rules) and it never got better, if anything got worse.
It feels physically different. Like the difference of hugging someone with their shirt off versus hugging someone with a jacket on. You can still feel it, and it feels nice, just not as great as skin to skin.

No. 848343

File: 1625691151929.jpeg (115.08 KB, 680x385, 1597602475252.jpeg)

Cunty this, cunty that, fuck you man. This sounds so dramatic but I don't appreciate how gay men just bark cunt and cunty at everything while me and my homegirls have to fight with gynecological shit on daily basis. Fuck it, I am dramatic. How the fuck are these ugly ass bitches gonna talk about fishy and cunts while women still feel ashamed to talk about gynecological issues and norms. Hell fucking dimension and yet things are so good compared to before, I am just a tired piss baby with a hurt vagina.

No. 848344

>trying not to a-log retarded anons who make scrote-tier posts about sexual assault

I hope things get better for you anon!

No. 848349

I disagree with other anon, there’s no difference for me. Same with those “ribbed for her pleasure” condoms, barely noticed anything.

No. 848350

I've been in fucking pain for 2 years due to a stupid motherfucking amusement park injury. Any time I make progress I get a flare up and it sets me back, it happened right where my right shoulder connects. Muscle relaxers don't help, stretching does but it always comes back. I'm afraid of chiropractors. This is ruining my fucking life, I want to be myself again but having pain everyday is so wearing on mental health and I swear to fucking god that if I can ever move my neck again fully I will never take for granted my ability to move without pain again. Thanks for letting me vent.

No. 848362

chronic pain is exhausting in a way people don't understand until they've lived with it. I've had chronic neck pain for years too, I feel your pain anon kek. even worse when people expect you to "just get over it already, it's been so long how can it still hurt" like shit if that were an option I would've done that years ago. I'm glad you've found a way to manage it a bit at least, and yeah fuck the chiropractor in my opinion, it only made it worse for me and as soon as I stopped going it immediately got more stable

No. 848366

Have you tried a pain killer called nefopam? It isn't an opiate and it isn't addictive.

No. 848372


please go to a real doctor. They can give you an injection which might give your body enough time in a relaxed state to heal the injury. And you'll get a proper diagnosis.

No. 848382

File: 1625695384338.jpeg (50.46 KB, 750x392, 1601221158150.jpeg)

My friend's fiance is korean and while he is an okay guy, like a true korean dude, he thinks feminists are crazy idiots. I feel like I am either over the point of no return in my man hate because I wish I could just tell my friend to dump him, my friend is actually quite the feminist, slowly turning into a terf too but I actually am startibg to see her in worse light due to this man.

Why the fuck do you feel the need to "educate" him from the roots up, a grown ass man who has lived abroad should know that the general bs feminism is about equality, not that I believe in that shit, but I digress. It fucking hurts to see my friend stuck with a dumbass like that, he is nice enough to be around but when I think about them getting married, where the fuck is that gonna go? Why would anyone want a retard manchild like that, who you have to teach shit to like a little baby? This bitch didn't even know how to use condoms or know about any sort of protection, jesus christ. Would love to hear if any anons have been in a similar situation, it's frustrating as shit.

No. 848387

just played my first game of d&d i felt so retarded. i asked really dumb questions like "do ghosts live in this haunted graveyard? lol" and it just made me sweat

No. 848388

I just ate 5 pieces of ice cream mochi and I feel so disappointed in myself. I was only going to have one. I was originally just going to have a bowl of oatmeal with fruit, and I feel like such a dumbass for not sticking to that.

No. 848412

I was the anon who said that, and I feel you 100%. When I see a comma in my bank account it makes me feel elated even though I know it’s all going to bills or some shit immediately. Have you considered leaving the country? I’m trying to get out but its so hard to save money

No. 848415

>korean antifeminist moid
girl do whatever you can to get her away from him. if your friend is not korean who knows if we they get hitched he'll start escalating his sexist behavior, also how will his family treat her? is he going to stand up to them for her? i'm not korean but another asian ethnicity and all women should be wary of dating men from such sexist countries and cultures (of course men suck worldwide but i've read plenty of stories of men dropping the nice facade after marriage).

No. 848418

I live with my parents who are getting divorced after 25+ years. My mom is a raging alcoholic, she’s always putting me down and just isn’t fun to be around. I really don’t like talking to her or being near her. But she thinks I don’t want to be around her because I’m “taking my dad’s side.”

No. 848419

From what I've heard his parents are actually quite okay, they don't dislike tattoos or foreigners and treat my friend nicely, but this is what the fuck I'm fearing. They are getting married as soon as my friend gets the right paperwork, she has no job, no school there and she's already living in korea. I think she just wanted to escape her life here in a way but I have been upfront about divorce not being easy, fun or cheap and she says she understands, but oh man. It's her life but I am scared for her and also sad, anon.

No. 848427

Not exactly the same scenario, I can only speak as someone who was groomed as an older teenager by a 30-something and wasted the majority of my 20s being his bandmaid while he leeched off my financial, emotional and physical efforts. My advice is: Please say something to her. After I finally left I spoke to family and people I considered friends and all of them said "Well it was your choice and I didn't want to offend you by saying something" even though they clearly knew it was inappropriate. This is what libfem/choice feminism gets us, being mentally enslaved by a pig because no one wanted to speak out for fear of hurting my feelings. Well, please. Offend me. Maybe I wouldn't have broken up with him then and there, but I 100% believe that if literally anyone had tried to tell me why the situation was going to be damaging, I would've pondered it and felt far more vindicated when I ended up miserable/wanting to leave rather than just thinking it was a wife's duty to "stand by your man." As it was, I wasted years trying to figure things on my own until I finally reached a breaking point. I didn't even realize I'd been groomed until long after I left because no one talked about it! It was horribly lonely, debilitating and soul sucking. Even if your friend is older and should know better, she clearly has a blind spot here. If you care about her, be the one person brave enough to say something so if there's even trouble in paradise, she knows she can turn to you rather than feeling abandoned.

You don't have to go for the throat, just clearly lay out "look I know you obviously love your fiance but I am concerned about you because of these reasons. Why is it that you are comfortable with these things? How do you think this will look for you in a few years and have his views actually changed? If not, why are you comfortable staying with someone who thinks feminists are crazy?" After she has her say just reinforce that you don't agree with her choices and you wanted to say something because you care about her, but you will be civil to him and there for her in the instance anything happens. That's all you can do, unfortunately sometimes people just have to live an experience to really understand how serious it is. It's nice of you to be concerned for her and I get the frustration for sure.

No. 848432

Also: try to put things in perspective for her by relating his sexism to similar scenarios. Would she think a black woman marrying a guy that said BLM was idiotic and blacks don't really experience racism was making a smart choice? How about a disabled woman who had to explain to her husband why accessible design was important? Thanks to the patriarchy people (including women) tend to see any disadvantaged attribute as deserving of respect except for being female. It shouldn't be any different, why spend your days trying to convince your partner of your basic fucking humanity. She likely sees herself as a sort of exception in his mind (nlog); that's embarassing and she's not.

No. 848436

Thank you for the replies! There's been a few times I talked about how I dumped a close friend due to his misogyny and implied heavily how it's just stupid and unfruitful to keep pouring so much love and energy to shit like that, you'll just get burnt out and feel stupid. The funniest thing is that she agreed, she was the one who first pointed out this dude's behaviour, so I have no idea how she can be so blind with her man. I did tell her that she always has a place to come back to, no matter why she'd be coming back but lack of a place to stay shouldn't be an issue ever. You're right though, I gotta try at least, you did make good points, I just need to be able to word them out without sounding snippy. I also am kind of afraid of this man's drinking habits, the times we did hung out, he got very drunk, and even if he was nice, I know my friend doesn't drink and it's making me nervous I had an alcoholic parent so I am especially careful around drunk men
Thank you so much, anon, I know I sound overtly dramatic but this shit has me worried.

No. 848441

File: 1625706289941.jpeg (243.36 KB, 750x1125, AAA74FF1-9B63-4FE1-BA04-2AEBC9…)

Sometimes I really am jealous of (y)ou(t)ube women because they’re allowed to be innocent, free, and loved, while I have to endure my traumas and anger in a crass way that would never be acceptable if I was in their shoes. They’re allowed to be alternative, whispering, transformative and troubled nymphettes who despite many who have undesirable personalities are still loved and worshipped like a goddess. Since I was born not like them, I’m just typecasted as a grungy chick. Every one of them represent Kate Bush or Lana Del Rey, but I’m not a fucking Doja Cat. It’s so tiring

No. 848446

Tl;dr: anon thinks she's more quirky than the quirky youtube girls

No. 848449

Look at the parentheses one more time anon

No. 848451

What things do you like in general? As someone who likes writing, handicrafts, and making visual art, it's hard for me to wrap my mind around people who hate working, it's hard for me to not look down on people who just smoke weed and drink

No. 848482

You're not a gay man. You are a heterosexual closeted fujoshi who calls herself a gay man. SHUT UP. fucking please. And stop trying to dictate whether we call ourselves fujoshis,. I've used the label for ten years, and I'll call myself whatever the fuck I want to.

No. 848486

Class war needs to happen now

No. 848487

File: 1625710133056.jpeg (71.28 KB, 991x941, Eh4q4Q0XkAADowm.jpeg)

Are you a public figure with a PR team trying their hardest to make you "marketable"? If not, you're only typecasting yourself by trying to be understood/defined through lens invented by some retarded scrotes.
You are allowed to be whatever you want. Actually think about it. What are people going to do if you start dressing how you like and writing songs about being troubled but vulnerable, soft and glamorous? Kill you? The answer is nothing. They can't do a single thing except seethe that the world isn't made of walking stereotypes.
Those who would pigeonhole you couldn't help you reach your potential, regardless. They are limited in mind, dying out fast and ultimately impotent. They have no power unless you choose to let them have it. Don't.

No. 848488

tired of being hit on by literal children

what is my life

No. 848491

sympathies. tell them you'll inform their parents.

No. 848493

i worry i may have been exaggerating but these kind of "worst case" scenarios can happen. good to hear his family is okay, but hearing she's moving abroad for a man like that sounds stressful and i wish it works out for her. keep in touch and don't let other shit alienate you guys, maybe try to set up a weekly call or something?

No. 848496

kek, I might start doing that. shit's ridiculous

No. 848499

no deadass it works. i ask for their full name, then go like… "Okay, blank blank, your parents are expecting a detailed message from me… around 8 o' clock. You should come up with a good explanation." and peace the fuck out. i got a few scrotes scared with it

No. 848506

oh my god seriously?? that's fucking funny, I was just debating using the block button lmao

No. 848510

I really wish I didn't base all my self-worth on being sexually desirable, i've felt like that since I was molested as a young child, and it's not like I don't have other talents and skills. It's just I don't care about being called smart or articulate or whatever, I take those attributes for granted and I just want to feel ultimately desired by someone, and I know it's stupid but it's all I've wanted forever. All I enjoy is sex, and I basically am sad when I'm not having it. My bf says I just have a high sex drive, but I feel like I can't accept that because I'm unhappy all the time because of it. I wish I could be different, but I don't know how. I don't value my other hobbies or things I do, I just do them because I know I'm supposed to.

No. 848551

Advice is appreciated…if anyone else has crawled out of that hole, please, tell me your secrets. I just want to be happy, to enjoy life as a whole.

No. 848553

I have advice but dunno if it would help you so I will just shut up, good luck tho!

No. 848557

File: 1625721669873.png (287.16 KB, 900x745, 1621643687280.png)

>be me, bipolar and stressed
>manic episode
>"i wont do anything stupid im gonna keep it to myself"
>post stories on social media, very stupid shit i usually wouldnt
>ex watched every single one story
>text ex who i broke up in bad terms with and we havent spoken in around five months
>literally promised myself to never talk to her ever agan not only to myself but to my friends
>texted her
>buzzing notifications, but its just some rando on tinder who i saw two times and didnt feel anything for (i already rejected them).
>very anxious, feeling my entire body cringe now that ex didnt text back and everytime i check my phone its just the rando
>will regret this for months

im getting high now to chill

No. 848559

It's okay anon, you can call me shallow, I won't cry (I will but need to hear it)

No. 848564

I feel so bad for you

No. 848575

File: 1625723065699.jpg (28.84 KB, 463x403, ec3e43ae-f4da-4424-93ee-083d9c…)

Yesterday I had some code that wouldn't load and kept giving me a "couldn't find path" error. Open the editor today and all is fine, no errors. Absolute fucking bullshit. I love it.

No. 848578

I hate being the daughter of a pick-me who chose my physically abusive stepdad over me. She says she regrets staying with him, but she should left the first time he laid hands on me as a preteen. My dad is even more of a dumbass, and I feel so dejected without family to count on.

No. 848582

Have you tried anything to fix it like going to therapy? If you can't afford that have you personally tried something like a CBT book? It will help you identify other good things about yourself so you can work on focusing on those traits rather than just basing all your worth on sex. It's definitely a matter of fixing your thinking rather than just going through the motions of other activites. They won't actually connect and be helpful until your head is in a place where you can appreciate them. You may also want to look into books on recovering from sexual trauma and addressing the hypersexuality caused by it.

No. 848586

File: 1625723897314.png (405.16 KB, 501x385, 84032748032743.png)

I get it. I hate my ex but I still want him to be obsessed with me because it gives me a very shallow and meaningless sense of self worth. I don't need him to be happy and confident anymore but also fuck him and I hope he regrets losing me for the rest of his miserable life. If he texted me honestly I'd probably respond just to be smug and superior. It's petty but fuck it I'm far from being enlightened. It's probably better she didn't respond versus saying something mean, don't beat yourself up anon.

No. 848590

I understand this too well. It feels like no one understands how betraying and shitty it is. People I've told always come to her defense because she was abused by him too. They can't get it through their heads that she went back and put me in that situation after getting out. I've heard her drunk and secretly giggling to him on the phone years after the fact. I learned she went on to see him multiple times after everything had settled. She cheated on her new husband with him. Sorry to vent on your post. I'm sorry you're dealing with this too.

No. 848594

File: 1625725787940.jpg (7.43 KB, 235x232, 1610440115851.jpg)

Found out my ex had a new girlfriend (or fling? he claimed it wasn't a relationship apparently) and they got into some massive disagreement and he now believes she is evil, just like he did with me. I only know through word of mouth since I've been no-contact with him for many months now. I don't give a fuck about his stupid drama, but I feel this weird bitterness that he moved on when he always claimed he'd love me forever even as we broke up. I moved on myself, am in a new and healthier relationship, I hold no love for him, and yet knowing he is not 100% miserable and missing me stings? What the fuck is wrong with me, why do I even care. He was so shit to me that I guess I just want him to be miserable forever.

No. 848598

File: 1625726324431.png (27.18 KB, 655x509, why.png)

>be me

>have an outie
>never cared, until ex pointed it out and refused to give me oral
>"all of my exes had innies, anon"
>time passed, we're not together anymore
>still think about it to this day
>new insecurity, cool
>spend hours every other week looking at what scrotes on 4chan have to say about vulvas like mine
>never wanting to have sex ever again
>should I just kill myself?

Life sucks, anons.

No. 848599


No need to apologize. Even though I truly hate that this happened to us and wish it didn't, I'm comforted knowing someone out there feels similarly. Hope you're having a good day or night, nonny.

No. 848608

Porn has ruined heterosexual relationships. There is nothing wrong with your vulva. I'm so sorry, anon, scrotes are so cruel.

No. 848609

You deserve someone better than that idiot, anon

No. 848610

I honestly can't fathom that scrotes are so obsessed with controlling female bodies and our insecurities regarding it that they nitpick vulvas of all things. I have an outie too and never knew there was an issue until I found out that it's regarded as "gross roast beef curtains only dirty sluts have" and that innies are the pure virginal beauty standard. How can one afford to be so picky about vulvas? It's to me akin to refusing a free car because you don't like how the tires look.

Anyway there's nothing wrong with your vulva, anon. The scrotes being so invested in a woman's labia minora are virgins for a reason.

No. 848612

Men just don't deserve pussy. I love innies and outies. I hope men die.

No. 848613

This sounds so weird to me because I've been with a few girls and I just can't, for the life of me, remember how their vulvas looked like.
Scrotes that care about something like this shouldn't be allowed around women.

No. 848616

>>spend hours every other week looking at what scrotes on 4chan have to say about vulvas like mine
..kek because the opinions of a few fat virgin incels living in their mother's basement is relevant

No. 848619

NTA but to be frank a lot of even "normal" men are pigs when they're given a way to express themselves anonymously. It's not always a loser scrote with a basement full of MLP merch.

No. 848625

I think 95% of americans under 18 are permanently fucked. The pandemic really forced a lot of people into online spaces for their only human interaction and most of them developed terminally online syndrome and are emerging as some sort of tumblr mogai gender with moon/moonself pronouns with the dumbest fucking hot takes on issues they can't possible understand because they have 0 real world experience. i don't think they'll be able to leave the weird cults they've created for themselves on twitter and tiktok and it'll be really interesting (in a bad way) to see how these kids grow up to be adults in college

No. 848626

And that's what we call the female gaze induced memory, coined by my ass that just woke up

No. 848641

I'd be kind of offended if you didn't remember mine. I sure do remember those from women I've been with, because I enjoyed them very much.
I get that you're trying to lift anon's spirit up by shitting on scrotes, but you just come off as a bad lover.

No. 848652

"Diet" food is fucking nasty and makes you sick and weak and I wish my beloved family member would stop falling for the scam, do not even get me started on the plasma that is non fat milk, disgusting. It makes me sad to think that overweight people believe that being a healthy size means eating bland, nutritionally devoid food that is basically zapped of everything that makes it worth eating. I have no idea where they learned this from and can only conclude it's another way to make people hate each other based off of their visible differences. I mean would you want to hang out with someone if you thought they exclusively eat that disgusting bullshit in order to stay thin.

No. 848665

Yeah, "diet food" is cringe. Just eat more healthy food, and less unhealthy food.

No. 848671

Diet foods are such a scam, absolutely agree. Less food per ounce but it costs more because it's been "specialized". I saw a documentary about how when the dairy industry started mass producing non-fat milk, they used the fat they scooped out to make more cheese and butter. Then they pushed it onto women as a "weight loss" food - just preying on insecurities for profit. Makes me rage, especially being a recovered ana-chan.

No. 848677

Agree. Diet food always tastes like shit because, like you said, it has no nutritional values, no fat, no carbs, nothing that actually makes it worth eating or appealing. It's just meant to fill your stomach so that you wouldn't feel hungry, but eating it is an absolutely miserable experience. It's no wonder obese people feel they can't lose weight when they go straight to this scammy garbage instead of normal, healthy food.

And for the record non-fat milk is so disgusting I can't believe people willingly drink it. The best part about milk is the fat in it.

No. 848681

File: 1625738446761.png (181.32 KB, 461x548, 1c9.png)

im graduating from university next year.. since high school i wanted to be a comic artist and go to mcad to study but i settled for a graphic design degree at a public state college instead because it costs much less and designers make more money than most other commercial or fine art fields but im starting to regret it so much. im really not that passionate about graphic design but i dont have the money to move to minnesota and drop 100k on another degree

No. 848682

I really do feel for the detranisitoned anons on here, but my eyes glaze over when they blogpost about their experience. It's always multiple sentences just dedicated to listing how NLOG they were. I get it, but boy is it repetitive (and a bit cringe). Sorry gals.

No. 848683

I'm pretty sure my mother goes through my trash. Whenever she visits me she insists on taking down the trash and 'sorting out the recyclables'. Then she started to make remarks implying that she thinks that I'm an alcoholic because sometimes she found cans of beer in my trash. I drink like once a month

No. 848686

Dieting is personal and can be difficult, people should do whatever makes it work for them. Some things are easier to give up than others, and if non fat milk means someone can eat a different food they enjoy then what's the issue? You find it gross so they should follow your preferred diet instead of theirs?

For me, watery, bland 40 cal/250ml almond milk is what allows me to drink as many coffees as I want with zero impact on my diet. I just have nicer, higher cal milk as a treat. It's not that big of a sacrifice.

No. 848689

something that troons and the detrooned have in common is the incessant need for attention ig

not sure if keto food would count as the "diet food" you're talking about but most keto food is absolute shite. people who do keto have formed their own weird little cult around it too and if anyone with medical expertise points out how people shouldn't do it long term then their medical degrees are questioned by keto freaks lmao

No. 848694

I haven't checked the ftm thread recently so idk if you mean that or something else, but it seems like they just don't want to be sexualized or were raised in conservative households, idg how that's "NLOG" unless you're misusing the term for anyone who has boyish interests

No. 848697

I've never seen them describe "NLOG" behavior, just how they were the victims of sexism and misogyny just like all women are and how it drove them to escape womanhood altogether.

No. 848698

BPDfag moments where I feel so bad I want to die but I’m forcing myself not to do anything impulsive or text anyone horrible things. I haven’t spoken to anyone but my parents in months I feel so fucking rejected by society the only interaction is people calling me an ugly whore on the internet I want to die I want to die god I want to die this breakup is making me realise what a waste of space piece of shit I am nobody will ever want to be in my life. I wish I could get rid of this feeling and all the thoughts knocking about in my head it makes me suicidal from the minute I wake up there is no way to get away from it I am so so tired

No. 848700

Agree. It's hard to feel sympathy when a lot of it reads as ''I wasn't like all you bimbo clone bitches therefore I thought I was a guy''. There's also something very ugly about a woman betraying and trying to abandon her own gender, even for a short period of time.

No. 848708

I'm so sorry. My mom has an outie. When I was a kid I noticed it when I saw her nude, so I asked why she and I looked different down there. She told me all labias are different.. Then proceeded to tell me about an argument she'd had with my dad and he had said ''you and your ugly pussy''.

Then puberty hit and I started developing an outie as well, I was SO ashamed. When I was like 11 I'd get a mirror and try to tuck it in to make it look like an innie. I thought my mom was coping, that no one else looked like us and we just had this secret deformity that I should hide. And now today, I've had a labiaplasty.

No. 848709

I've just noticed in several detransed women's stories (mainly the young ones, admittedly) they like to list off how well they fit the trans criteria and come across as trying to out-NLOG other Aidens. "I was always a gay kid, I loved working on cars, I cried when I developed tits, etc.") I do sympathize, don't get me wrong, it's just always the same shit.

No. 848711

That's how the society treats GNC women though, people keep telling them they're not proper women or they should grow up and stop these tomboy shenanigans. NLOG originally was meant to refer to cool girls who wanted to put themselves above other women to gain favor with men while the detrans aidens are closer to "I don't qualify as a girl at all", making it an entirely different issue from "Not like other girls".

For some reason some anons on this site take it way too personally and immediately assume that a woman talking about the reasons why they felt they were denied womanhood she's trying to be "better than them", and I believe that's some deep rooted insecurity about their own performative femininity.
>How dare this stupid dyke say she doesn't like dresses or makeup, does she think she's better than me??? internalized misogyny much??? I'm so sick of these nlogs ugghh!!!
Or maybe I'm just overthinking it and they're scrotes who don't want to hear about the misogyny women face for not conforming to feminine stereotypes, I don't know.

No. 848714

I'm not angry at them or offended by what they say. Femininity is a prison and we all cope however we can. I just think their blogging is repetitive and often unwanted.
Again though, this is mainly just the young ones so I really should cut them some slack.

No. 848715

Double post, but it comee across like they're still trying to out-Aiden each other. Like, "look at this delusional fairy demiboy who thinks she's a man. I fit all the old-school criteria and yet I'm still a woman." It's just a pointless battle that I wish they could let go of.

No. 848718

AYRT and I totally agree on that front, but the people doing that "look at this demiboy poser who's not a trutrans like me" are pretty obviously current and active Aidens from /tttt/ and not detrans women talking about what drove them to transition.

No. 848721

It makes me sad and angry that you had to go as far as to get plastic surgery on a body part that is perfectly normal and beautiful just because a man decided he didn't like the look of it. I've had sex with many women and it has never even crossed my mind to stop and look at their vulvas? You'd think there are better things to do during sex than judge your partner's genitals. What does it matter what they look like anyway, it doesn't change anything about sex.
Men don't deserve women.

No. 848724

Ah, I guess that's probably true. That level of insecurity is so sad, imo. Like didn't you transition to be "your true self"? Poor fools.

No. 848731

Where else are they going to blog post? Detrans women don't really have anywhere to go that won't make a big deal about it, let them have space here so they can get over it
We see the same stories about anons with shit boyfriends all the time or depressed NEET bpd anons, who cares

No. 848736

Welp, my boyfriend was active on Snapchat 30 minutes ago and he didn’t send me a good morning text like he usually does. I’m trying so hard to not overthink, but if he was on the app why couldn’t he text me? Is he not thinking about me at all? Is he sending good morning texts to another girl?

No. 848743

Maybe he just logged in to watch stories whilst he took a shit and didn't message you because you hadn't messaged him, or because some stupid reason like the doorbell rang and distracted him, you sound unhinged

No. 848747

You're right, I'll work on just letting it go (though I still think it's cringe).

No. 848750

File: 1625749773150.jpeg (18.22 KB, 258x196, B9FEFCE5-9FA3-4F1E-A9EF-AB0C96…)

Being single in Southern California is fucking hell. I can’t afford a goddamn shitty studio because my job pays only decently at best, and I can’t find a roommate that isn’t a college student. If I don’t find one soon I have to move out of my apartment and people keep flaking out on me. I’m seriously ready to scream.

No. 848762

Maybe he is asexual? He maybe used the marriage thing as a excuse to avoid the topic since he seems uncomfy talking about this. Don't know just wanted to add that since it might be a possibility and no other anon suggested it.

No. 848765

Go back.

No. 848767


No. 848768

>and no other anon suggested it
because it's not real

No. 848782

>no other anon suggested it.
That's because we've integrated.

No. 848783

nta but, in anon's defence, I think asexuality due to trauma or mental illness (like autism) is possible, though it isn't a sexuality

No. 848790

>I think asexuality due to trauma or mental illness (like autism) is possible,
story of my life

No. 848792

Why can't these dumb bitches on Bumble BFF actually list their age so I can filter them out???
>header says 25
>bio says "i'm actually 22 uwu"
You're too young, I don't want to be friends with you!

No. 848797

My dad's side of the family left an intense psychological impact on me (as well as the rest of my immediate family, except my sibling) and I'm tired of being the only one who's open about how much it affected me. My mother is a good-vibes-only Stacy kind of person who can brush off anything that happens to her, even serious traumatic events (kind of based I guess) and my father and brother are stoic and easygoing.

My mom recently revealed to me that she had realized my father had suffered from disordered eating this whole time (like me and my brother) and now I understand that everyone is just better at hiding their problems than me. I can't really describe briefly the fucked up dynamics of my dad's parents and sisters or the extent of the damage they did, but it's some serious 4D-chess psychological horror movie shit. They're all eating each other alive. My grandmother spent my entire childhood manipulating and gaslighting me (in the literal use of the word, not the way people throw it around nowadays) until my mother finally banned her from seeing me when I was 9 or 10.

My cousins are almost all females around my age, all tiny and skinny and lovely in the face, but they grew up poor to the point where I always felt pressured to give them my belongings even though they did nothing but reject me and mock me. The most specific memory I have that sparked nearly a decade now of eating disorders: I was 17 and had just graduated high school, I traveled alone to my home country to visit family and the clasp on my favorite plaid skirt broke. I asked my grandmother to mend it, since I knew she could sew well and I thought it could make the skirt even more special–in my mind, Americans always had sentimental stories of crafts and handmade clothes from their grandmothers. When she returned the skirt, I was dismayed to find out that it no longer closed around my waist because she had sewn the clasp waaay off from where it was clearly marked by the original thread. This was kind of the last straw for me in a string of her "gifting" me clothes that were blatantly too small and then calling to innocently ask if they fit.

I don't understand what I did to hurt them. They're worse to my mom, yet I can't brush it off like she does. My cousins are so much more beautiful and confident than me, they've grown up well-adjusted with tons of friends and parties and the youngest female (after me) is now living in NYC and only hangs out with podcasters and children of celebrities and that kind of thing. I don't know why my aunts and grandmother continue to put me down even now. I don't know why your own family would want so desperately to watch you, specifically, fail. I guess I'm venting because my aunt and cousins are coming to visit tomorrow and I'm filled with dread imagining the rumors my aunt will spread afterwards. I'm worried they'll think I'm an ugly loser. I lost all the weight but it doesn't feel like enough. I don't know.

No. 848800

I've done DBT stuff, I don't understand how to use CBT to become different. I feel so alone, everyone says this is the norm for women, but why does no one understand me when I talk about it.

No. 848802

>You may also want to look into books on recovering from sexual trauma
NTA but does anyone can recommend any good ones? I'm suffering from the opposite problem than OP. I wonder if any farmers had positive results from any book

No. 848804

He's a coomer and probably not attracted to irl women anymore due to years of overstimulating his brain with porn. A lot of men nowadays are like this, they are perfectly happy never having sex cause porn fulfills all their fantasies. Dump him. You will literally never feel fulfilled in a relationship where you are not desired. People who say these things are unimportant are dumb.

Asexual men don't exist. Even the most autistic disfunctional spastics still masturbate to shit like plane-porn.

No. 848810

I saw strange font on a couple words in a post and couldn't make it out. I read it like 3 times over but the next time I saw the post it looked normal? Wtf? This happened all in 2min.

No. 848811

File: 1625753969772.png (436.77 KB, 490x490, imagen_2021-07-08_091847.png)

I wanna go back to a time and place when dressing somewhat similar to this was widespread, gendershit wasn't real and nobody sided with troons to stand a higher moral ground

No. 848813

From my side as a more masculine woman than the majority of Aidens, it feels like a huge insult when they're like "ugh I'm so unwomanly better transition"

Same thing as when anachans complain about how fat they are and a normal girl walks by

No. 848815

I agree 1000000000000% with this

No. 848816

It was a better time but the hipster look has always been garbage tbh

No. 848818

even though going 'don't worry, there are men out there who'll fuck you' isn't a good message to send to somebody insecure, but it's true. There are men who fetishize that sorta stuff, and most men would fuck you anyway since men are unpaid whores. I know you might be thinking 'but I don't want to just be considered fuckable, I actually want to be wanted' , but most men aren't worth you tbh

No. 848820

>Zoomer: what, you can look cool and pretty without your tits being out and a dildo up your ass? I don't believe it
>Whoever this is in the photo: shimmering

We're just in a dystopia upside down world blip, every decade wildly differs from the last so we can look forward to troonerism and the "trend" of sex work being a long forgotten joke

No. 848823

This shit is so fucking ugly, can't we go back to the 90s or something?

No. 848825

twee fashion from the 2000s look cute

No. 848827

I just want everyone to dress like they're a minor character in Seinfeld

No. 848831

Hard disagree

No. 848833

>tits out
Don't a lot of zoomers wear big, baggy clothes? I see a lot of Youths out in big pants and big T-shirts. And the whole cottagecore big-modest-frilly-dresses thing.

I'm a cusp myself so I may just feel defensive, but Zoomer fashion is kind of all over the place. So was millennial tbh even if there are some common items like skinny jeans. Billions of people, diversity, etc.

Also can't wait for the sex work bullshit to end though. It's fucking tragic.

No. 848835

>someone kisses my bf and he tells me
>she says my bf wanted it because he didn't tell her off and only simply stopped her
>tell her he didn't tell her off because he was worried how she'd respond
>she freaks out and says she'll commit suicide because of me

No. 848840

>The pandemic really forced a lot of people into online spaces for their only human interaction and most of them developed terminally online syndrome

I've seen so many people express that the pandemic gave them time to find themselves and think about their lives, and now they're trans like no you spent 99% of your time online and memed yourself into being one of the acceptable caricatures. See also: OF girls and TikTok girls. Congratulations, you didn't find yourself you just became part of an online meme social group with absolutely no positive effects on your real life offline. They think they've found themselves but they just joined an incredibly dumb online social group with a limited appeal and lifespan, also maybe destroying their future in the process (surgery/hormone damage, or releasing your own revenge porn for your future self to deal with) that online approval won't pay the bills when you're dealing with the consequences of the harm you did to your own damn self while ""finding yourself" on lockdown

No. 848842

File: 1625756780712.jpg (17.58 KB, 400x400, rei.jpg)

I am very scared of my future. I virtually have no job experience except for a few weeks at a fast food place where I immediately quit because of the treatment I received. I really want to do something art-related but it's such BS that if you put yoursef out there, good things will come. Success is just luck, being there at the right time, and being outrageous enough to grab people's short span. It really is almost like a video game and you're interacting with different characters trying to gain points to see how favorable you are. I'm so afraid of being poor and homeless and I'm 18 and very worried about my single parent who just moved somewhere they can't even afford. With my social anxiety I definitely can't do fast food or even fast-paced retail, why does everything seem so doomed

No. 848845

Cottagecore is just hippy/70s fashion again, for some reason zoomers insist on renaming known fashions and pretending they invented them.

But I do prefer the more preppy/hippy zoomer fashion versus the sexworker Bratz doll stuff which needs to die a slow death.

No. 848849

I'm old and been married for 13 years, at the end of the day your brain can only store so much information. I rather remember other things about the women I've been with, if that makes sense.

No. 848855

A call center is its own type of hell but I've always found it more manageable than fast food or retail, is that an option?

No. 848861

Idk if those jobs are available in America I always see euro anons here referring it to call centre or am I wrong lol

No. 848866

Do a quick search about call center jobs in your area, I found a lot of job listings in America.

No. 848879

I've been pretty disappointed in the userbase lately on lolcow. First in the Luna thread everyone is saying Luna didn't get raped because she's a junkie and a sex worker so she couldn't possibly be raped. I believe she was raped. She said it was just starting and someone walked by. Leads me to believe she was getting raped in the stairwell and another tenant walked in. Whether or not it was for drugs and she changed her mind part way is irrelevant; it sounds like she chickened out and didn't want to go through with it if that's the case. Everyone sounds like a bunch of damn scrotes saying women can't change their mind if sex is involved. Also the fun anon that said she deserved to be raped for being such a bad person. Victim blaming at it's finest I guess but I'm not going to shit up the thread with my opinion. I wish other people would stop shitting up the thread with theirs.

Second, I clicked Moo's thread after she had her nosejob and the posters sound like children or again like scrotes. The amount of comments because she has discoloration in her buttcrack are ridiculously dumb. That's just discoloration from her being fat. It's not weird, most fat white people get them. It does not mean she did not wipe her ass that day. If just means she's fucking fat and needs to stop stuffing her face. Like the amount of underaged sounding scrote tier comments is just getting out of hand. It's not fun anymore when everything sounds like something some 4chan fag would say.

No. 848881

maybe a transcription job?

No. 848883

>That's just discoloration from her being fat
What. Discoloration around the butt and vulva area is just normal due to hormones as well as skin tone, it very rarely has anything to do with being fat…

No. 848884

It increases with weight from friction. Same thing with discoloration between the thighs. It's not dirt it's just from friction. But you are correct it can happen from anything.

No. 848886

how do you correct this?

No. 848888

File: 1625761433547.jpg (589.63 KB, 1080x1080, PhotoCollage_1625761384333.jpg)

This is something I seen today and it reminded me of something that annoys the fuck out of me every time it happens.

People are mad at this girl because she posted an anti diet uwu "it genetics guys" video to body positive tags. The thing is- they're right to get mad.

It's not that shes thin, it's the fact that she knows what she looks like and is using anti beauty standard tags as an excuse to show off her very much conventionally attractive body on purpose. People like her 100% do it to gloat about their appearance but hide behind the "oh well I'm just body positive guys, I'm so down to earth with the struggle of looking ugly and feeling like I'm not enough" despite very obviously having the kind of appearance that gets you praise.

I dont want to come off as bitter and I can already hear the"anon I look like her at BMI 39.222 seethe fatty" anachan posters coming to reply, but you know as well as I do that there are a small handful of pretty girls who pull the "I'm so ugly" schtick for attention just like she is. People are right to be mad at her

No. 848889

Dressing like the 90s is dressing like hoes for zoomers

No. 848891

I genuinely thought this photo was of an anachan lmao.

No. 848893

>gendershit wasn't real
You'd have to go back several decades, anon, possibly even further

No. 848894

Kek it's NEVER just genetics with these ~genetic~ hoes. Wish they'd just own it and trigger the shit out of those wanachans.

No. 848895


No. 848896

It wasn't widespread before you know??

No. 848897

She’s obnoxious as fuck, hope she gets bullied off the internet.
Banging body though.

No. 848898

tell her to eat a hamburger then. See how she reacts

No. 848899

It is. She's severely underweight.

No. 848900

Her body is ugly

No. 848905

Oh she knowsss she's full of shit lol this is just a transparent attempt to farm anachan followers

No. 848909

No, it doesn't. Also, I bet I'm older than you, your age isn't the argument you thought it was. Now you're coming off as having shit memory in addition to being a bad lover. Just stop lol

No. 848913

I would kill to have her body and that isn’t an body positive thing, she’s literally the fucking top beauty standard where fashion accommodates her body features. I can’t stand this shit, this is why I hate body positivity it enables narcissists and body checkers to get validation for their terrible eating and dieting habits.

No. 848915

I hate how much the internet validates narcissim.

No. 848916

Ayrt. The problem is that her body isn't ugly according to the beauty standards shes pretending to be against. If this is "genetics" like shes claiming, then she has no reason to go to anti beauty standard tags to talk about rejecting diets or whatever because she literally is the body that a lot of women are pressured to achieve. She knows that she is the beauty standard even though she, to a normal person, does not look healthy

She really is full of shit. She identified a space where she knows people are using her as an example of perfection, and goes swanning around there because she knows people consider her perfect. Shame shes such an ugly motherfucker on the inside

No. 848918

of course she knows lol. Is tiktok the new tumblr for anachan teenagers?

No. 848920

No. 848922

TikTok doesn't crack down on thinspo/meanspo/deathspo or other forms of ED faggotry so yes this is where they congregate now

No. 848926

What on earth is meanspo/deathspo????

No. 848929

Meanspo is consensual bullying to motivate people to lose weight, deathspo are pictures of girls who are at a BMI where there is no turning back and are going to die as inspiration to lose weight

No. 848937

Kinda reminds me of that time really thin flat chested girls started posting TikToks claiming that bras were useless anti feminist tools used to oppress women, 100% unaware that girls who actually do have boobs need support for their breasts to avoid back pain and to just hold the fuckers up really.

They would always end it with "I havent worn a bra in (amount of time), look at me, this should speak for itself" and not a single one of them ever had a hint of boob to struggle with. Like yeah no shit you can get away with it because you have nothing to worry about.

Same with anachan here. Of course you can gloat about genetics and not having to diet blah blah you have no standard or problem to struggle against. Theres just no self awareness. Embarrassing

No. 848953

File: 1625765521975.jpeg (503.45 KB, 750x712, 1D2A089A-D10D-4BA5-AFDC-167BAC…)

>claims to love women
>never received women in a positive light

terfs don’t exist, it’s just a politically motivated slur against people they don’t agree with. also you don’t have to shower people you love with affirmations all the time, if you truly love someone you would tell them the fucking truth so they aren’t pained with ignorance, such as pornography, sex-trafficking, pedo culture. i’m not a radical feminist but none of these people ever just sit and evaluate what that word really means and how people intend to use it. it’s the mindset of what children do, they just go along and never think

No. 848956

Is this bait?

No. 848968

Who the fuck likes deathspo????
Legit question. I need more info on this

No. 848969

Well, if it doesn't makes sense to you then that's it. Who knows, maybe I have 'shit memory', but why do you sound so bitter over someone on the internet not being able to remember how their exes genitalia looked like? It's not a big deal.

No. 848971

no I came across this account that said they were an ex-terf because they were groomed by one

No. 848972

whoa you are really bad at drawing

No. 848982

File: 1625766828654.jpeg (82.84 KB, 403x287, 4A927935-DBAA-4277-87F7-48FF08…)

>be me
>me be
>go on a road trip with my brother
>in the USA
>the bus station smells like feet
>the bus smells like farts
>annoying kids
>noisy people
>seats are uncomfortable
>wants to die
I hate buses so much, why is renting a car so expensive in burger land? It wasn’t like this when I went to Europe, this is so annoying.

No. 848983


No. 848987

anon I didn’t draw this lmao, I took it from this anti-terf account on instagram

No. 848988

I definitely can’t share you the @ because we’re not allowed to post minors and I’m pretty sure by the quality of their content they are still young

No. 848989

oh no, now the bus/bus station smells are coming back to me… i'm so sorry anon

No. 848992

But like
how can anyone be groomed by a terf??? are they dumb

No. 848993

Mexican travel buses smell like shit too

No. 848994

I think they're new to the internet

No. 848995

File: 1625767272703.png (262.98 KB, 1280x1143, yeshoney.png)

I hate having to explain myself to normies just to be left alone
>Why aren't you drinking anon? You Muslim or something LOL?
>Why aren't you drinking anon, are you pregnant?
>Come on, just a small sip! Come ONNNNNN! Just one won't hurt you!
>You just haven't had a good drink yet! Come on, it'll be on me!
>I can't drink if you're not drinking hahaha, I'll feel self-conscious!
>People refuse to go out with you ever again, never talk to you again unless strictly necessary
Bitch fuck off already. If you know you're an embarrassment to the human race when you consume alcohol, why do you want me to participate? I don't want to have to explain to people that I'm a recovering alcoholic, this shit is so exhausting.

No. 848999

my thoughts went to "groomed into seeing the truth by a mean terf uwu" but probably there is a one or two predatory terf, as bizzare as that seems. why be a terf groomer when you can be a libfem one? why make things harder for yourself? are they into challenge? kek

No. 849004

A lot of men do not have personalities and are not likeable. Their views are outdated because nothing changed for them and they are still the same spoiled manchildren they were 50 years ago. They lack introspection and have nothing to bring to the table because they never ever had to outside of money and even that is rare these days.

No. 849007

A lot of normies place their whole idea of "fun" around drinking because otherwise they are not able to cope with their lives & existence so they will be totally baffled when someone won't do it. Good for you btw, I applaud you for overcoming addiction. Now you just have to get some better friends that will do actual fun things with you

No. 849008

In highschool I had a female best friend I had a one-sided crush on. She was in love with our history teacher and got unnaturally, extremely close to him. Looking back I think they were actually fucking. One time I was at her house for a sleepover and he came over to "pick up his hamster" (while her parents weren't home) and she made me hide in the basement while they were upstairs for ??? hours. Most beta moment of my life, sitting on the steps in my pajamas wondering what they were doing up there. Makes me want to kill myself looking back

No. 849009

oh anon I feel you there, not everyone can or wants to drink alcohol.

No. 849010

jesus fuck anon if that guy is still teaching you should report him?

No. 849012

>over the age of 20
>on tiktok
>half naked on tikok

is she a pedo or something

No. 849014

Jesus Christ you were in highschool and didn't assume what was happening?
It's horrifying that a teacher was doing that but I'm also sorry your friend just made you wait in a cupboard like that, fucked up all around
This also

No. 849042

I spent two years trying to be friends with this girl and she ended up spliting on me and was just a huge fucking bitch. She stole my favorite fucking t-shirt and tried to ruin my relationship. I hate her so much I want to fucking slash her fucking tires.

No. 849044

NTA but honestly you're weird for arguing with her about this, why don't you go knit something

No. 849056

Ugh same, except my mother was the alcoholic and I don't want to end up like her. I don't even go to bars or anything, but people always look for any excuse to drink and then hassle you over not wanting to join them, regardless of the activity. It even happened in a fucking mmo once. I'm not the obnoxious self righteous type who has to let everyone know, I just politely decline. I don't know if that encourages them or what.

No. 849059

Imagine being in your 30s or even 40s and arguing over weird shit like this, couldn’t be me

No. 849060

>friends call on me to hang out with them especially when no one else will
>completely ignore me on social media and only interact with popular people because deep down they're shameless clout-chasers
It would be somewhat understandable except they're in their 30s. I have so much secondhand embarrassment for them even if they evidently believe I'm the uncool one.

No. 849064

Yesterday I finally got the vaccine and I feel awful I mean the are no dangerous symptoms but my body hurts I feel tired and just want to curl in a bed and sleep it off. But no I I'm working because I'm an soft idiot because the one that can cover after me is in the hospital after a surgery I know I shouldn't compliant Im working remotely in my bed but I really want a nap

No. 849065

File: 1625772375239.jpg (33.74 KB, 440x437, 1624983899578.jpeg.jpg)

I was texting an acquaintance and fell asleep around 5am, so I quit replying. He flipped his shit when I woke up and posted on ig this morning. Literally it was the most shallow, small talk too.

I went on a date with a guy and he kept saying that her liked that I'm rail thin, but then texted me that my "butt is weird". Yeah it's almost like my figure is more rectangular and less voluptuous, retard. So I told him that he wasn't over six foot and he started threatening revenge porn. Most of the people I considered my best friends stopped talking to me when they got married. I was a sex worker, like an actual hooker and I hate all these pick-me onlyfans girls glamorizing pleasing pornsick to teen girls.

I hate scrotes. I'm fucking over even trying to be nice to them. They're all controlling, manipulative, and selfish. And all of them want to abuse us in some way or another.

No. 849066

I hate those stupid screamer websites. When I was young and stupid, like two or three different male friends would send me these links all the time. The last one of them was when I was in highschool, and he kept sending me these links. I wised up and after he sent me a link, I noticed the .swf ending and said "no, I'm not opening that, I know what it is" and he kept saying "no, noooo, I promise it isn't." Why did I trust men so easily? I was right, it was another shitty screamer. I immediately blocked him and after a few days he realized I was actually upset and not unblocking him, so he begged me to unblock him like the fucking little pussy bitch he was and never sent me those links again. I don't even think it could be considered one of those things where a guy opens up a scary website to scare the girl with him into clinging onto him. They always sent me these things over chat. I was never really liked by guys around me, so they were definitely just doing it to be mean and get a kick out of it.

Why are scrotes like this? Like "haha, I trick this girl into clicking this link and scaring her!" Shame on me for falling for it multiple times, but seriously. These were people who I was on pretty good terms with and we considered each other friends. Thankfully none of the very few men I let into my life are at this level of dumbass, but what the fuck.

Don't come at me for not being able to stand looking at uncomfortably creepy images, I just don't like them and I can be scared of them all I want.

No. 849067

Is one of the symptoms from the vaccine an inability to use commas?

No. 849071

No. 849078

Drink lots of electrolytes, I got my second one yesterday and my arm doesn't hurt like it did last time but I'm so fucking tireeeeeed

No. 849080

Wow, this is cringe.

Someone should tell her that her body type is already positively received by society and that the tags aren't for her.
>teehee genetics~
Kek, right. Homegirl either monitors the fuck out of her diet or she eats less in reality than she thinks.

No. 849086

>be me
>finally have time off
>get dressed up and pretty for a walk and ice cream with my family
>30 minutes in I suddenly get horrible stomach cramps
>literally had to run home to shit my brains out
God hates me.

No. 849090

File: 1625774733692.jpeg (47.47 KB, 720x540, 2A0C2254-42FE-4EB3-BF95-581C22…)

I want to die quick and painlessly, preferably while sleeping as I have a nice dream about hot anime guys being nice to me.
I honestly think I’m not fit to be alive, I’m also too fat to be happy.

No. 849091

All women have outies anon, innies only have kids. Sorry but he lied to you, or he only fucked kids.

No. 849092

I fucking hate fruit flies. Fuck summer. If I could individually drown each and every single one of them I would jk.

No. 849093

If I can't find a way to escape my shithole Muslim country, I'll probably kill myself as well

No. 849096

Google fruit fly sticky trap. Get the yellow ones, they work so well.

No. 849097

nta and there's nothing wrong with any vagina but this isn't true

No. 849098

i'm mid-20s and mine's an innie…am I a late bloomer

No. 849103

I spent a year growing my hair out and then I cut it the other day and should have left it alone because today I managed to fuck it all up lol. I think me cutting my hair is an act of self harm in all seriousness.

No. 849104

At least your mom told you that all labias are different. This reminds me of when my mom suddenly noticed my labia when I must've been around middle school age. She had me lay down and was poking at it because she was honestly so weirded out about it, to the point where we went to the pediatrician and she had the pediatrician examine my labia because she thought there was something wrong with it. I've been an outie all my life, even as a kid, but I always remember this moment.

No. 849108

Omg, my mom did the same!!! She took me to the GP for another reason but also mentioned this and the doctor pulled off my skirt and my panties and examined me. It was so fucking humiliating. Needless to say, he said it was perfectly normal

No. 849113

God that sounds traumatizing

No. 849115

Baja de peso, mensa

No. 849119

Sorry anon that sounds horrible. I remember I had to ask my mother to stop washing me that I was big enough to do it alone and she was odd about it, from that day I pretty much hid my privates from her.

No. 849123

Estoy atascada en el mismo peso, gafa.

No. 849124

Que hartante que sos hermana, deja de molestar en todos los threads

No. 849126

Whenever I try something completely new to me and mess up, I always cringe at myself. It's so tiring because no matter how well I'm doing overall, I always get hung up on the small mistakes I've made along the way. I usually go from "hey this went really well" to "gosh how could I mess up [insert thing I had no way of knowing how to do prior to messing up]" in a matter of hours.
Learning new skills is always a pain in the ass, I wish I could be kinder to myself

No. 849138

Yes that was my fuck I don't care enough and I'm venting symptom
Thanks will do

No. 849140

Sucks that you had that experience it too, but I feel better knowing I wasn't the only one who had to go through this!!

That and pornsick men and their obsession with ~*~*beautiful pink pornstar vaginas*~*~ made me very self conscious for the longest time. I've been fortunate enough that the men I've been with didn't care about how my vagina looked (or at the very least, hid it very well/kept their thoughts to themselves). I don't pursue relationships with men anymore so I don't give a rats ass about how my vagina looks and I've had the time and solitude to learn to accept what I've got lol.

No. 849153

This image has to have been made by a projecting tranny kek.

No. 849157

File: 1625779721458.jpg (58.78 KB, 2500x1353, EPlwBwIXsAAwfCH.jpg)

I found the instagram account of a girl I used to be friends with in primary school. She's an Aiden now, and looks like picrel. Has he/they/it/pup in her profile, as well.
Honestly, it's just sad to see. I'm aware that she'll grow out of it eventually (or not), and I'm also aware that I'm fucking weird for looking her up in the first place, but I just had to tell somebody.
Pretty ironic that she went from conservative to ~uwu soft emo boi~ and I went from raging lib to "evil TERF bitch".

Although I do wonder what name she goes by currently, and also what her family thinks lol

No. 849158

do you have IBS, anon? this kinda shit (hah) always happens to me

No. 849161

Cope harder

No. 849166

She looks so, so weird. Like an anime figurine.

No. 849167

I'm in the same boat anon, one of my friends in high school was a short haired girl like me, it kinda alienated me when she suddenly changed her name and pronouns. I saw her on Instagram recently and her face/voice has been permanently fucked by T, and she was showing off her top surgery scars. I just felt kinda sad? Her natural singing voice was beautiful but now she sounds like a congested teenage boy. She looks happy but there's so much potential for regret with a transition in your late teens.

No. 849172

>anon, you should be more open about your symptoms and feelings!
>I memtion or post about my health
yea it's cancer, I am aware

No. 849174

No I'm not done yet, who the fuck decided that it's not okay to just say you're sick without some asswipe starting a whole ass debate on just how sick you are, I don't owe you shit. Sick people don't want to hear about how many of your family members or high school teachers died of your illness, I am just trying to vibe here.

No. 849177

She absolutely posted that to brag, also probably has some filters going on since those proportions don't look completely natural

No. 849178

nta but sorry she doesn't remember all her exes genitals in loving detail? Not everyone cares about that stuff? It literally doesn't matter? Like idk why you think you're the better person here for having a photographic memory (of genitals specifically kek) but it's not the big deal you think it is.

No. 849179

I'm so sorry to hear that. My friend was also a tomboy all her life, short hair, only wore pants, all that, and never referred to herself as a boy or showed any signs of this shit.
Luckily, SRS and hormone treatments aren't really accessible in my country afaik, so she probably won't fuck herself up too bad.
I feel like it's becoming a trend for gnc women to start identifying as men, which I hate. Everytime a woman who doesn't adhere to gender stereotypes decides to id as a man, the rules of being a woman just get reinforced even more.
Let's not even get started on troons who see any woman with short hair and go "are you sure you're not a boy?".

(tbh I'm kind of interested, how does testosterone mess up your face? I know about acne, but surely it doesn't do anything to bone structure? Does it make your face like bloat up?)

No. 849185

Why do men date, fuck and marry women who they arent attracted to then proceed to complain about it the entire relationship? I understand women date ugly men all the time but we usually dont tell him we think hes ugly all the time.

No. 849193

Literally almost all of the lesbian and bi girls I grew up with trooned out and became stock Aidens, it's not even funny anymore. Like I haven't heard of them in a few years and then find out that they now identify as a man or a ~transmasc nb~ and go by a new name, testosterone has fucked up their features so bad and given them a ridiculous frog voice with a spotty beard, they're dating another FTM and their whole identity revolves around tranny shit. And the whole sudden change took maybe a year at best. When does this ride end?

No. 849197

idgaf if this sounds petty or racist, but im studying in a course that has lots of students from a specific middle eastern country in it and if i know someone is from that coutnry i refuse to friend them on facebook because every single fucking time I add one of them I somehow get friend and message requests from all their creepy male friends and relatives from home who I've never even met who then always try to send me pictures of their disgusting fucking dicks and ive had enough. im not even pretty, why cant they just leave me the fuck alone?

ive never had this problem with people from anywhere else

No. 849218

File: 1625786506032.png (12.5 KB, 474x263, HAHAHAHAHAHHA.PNG)

Oh my god I haven't been so fucking livid in a while until I saw this. The audacity.
I might as well sell out to finance and be an analyst bc at least I get paid. Who the fuck can do a full-time unpaid internship other than a rich kid who has everything paid for? Ik it's naive but out of all industries I wouldn't have expected that you have to be rich to get into the non-profit industry.

No. 849223

Lol fuck that bitch, I can't remember what my ex fiancé's dick look liked and we lived together. It's amazing what you can forget. Although I do smoke a lot of weed.

No. 849226

Fuckin same. The girl whom I thought was gonna be my partner in crime is also Ayden now. It’s tragic because she is literally the FTM stereotype of perma traumatized lesbian. Can’t bring myself to unload TERF shit on her so I just watch from afar.

No. 849234

>Asexual men don't exist. Even the most autistic disfunctional spastics still masturbate to shit like plane-porn.

No. 849235


is it pakistan?

No. 849241

God this pic makes me feel fucking obese. I don't know how normal girls use TikTok, I'd fucking kill myself. That app is never going near my phone.

No. 849264

It's entitlement.
>As a male, I deserve a big titty bimbo who'll do all my chores, watch football with me, make my favorite foods and tuck me in at night while also sucking me off 3x a day and bringing in her own income, but if all I can pull is an average bitch who does a few of those things half heartedly and nags me sometimes that's what I'll have to settle for I guess."
Having a mediocre (in their mind) bangmaid (aka a real human partner with their own wants and needs) is better than nothing at all, but they're still gonna cry about not having the tradthot they feel they deserve.

No. 849273

>goes into bathroom mirror with great lighting, face looks pretty decent
>goes into room with mirror and shitty lighting, looks like an ugly male

i don’t know which one is accurate and it fucks me up

No. 849275

Which country?

No. 849276

No. 849305

Same, I'm fucking hot in my own mirror and ugly everywhere else, in my case, I know which one is accurate kek

No. 849306

With a face that changes dratically in lighting it's like bdd but actually real. I hate it…

No. 849307

My brother-in-law is mad we only have Irish butter cause apparently he needs "normal" butter for his chocolate chip cookies.

No. 849331

Sounds like he knows absolutely nothing about the actual science behind baking. At worst his cookies will come out a bit softer from the higher fat content in Irish butter, which honestly sounds ideal for chocolate chip cookies.

No. 849332

AYRT, not sure if it does anything to your bone structure but I know that it can cause severe acne and weight gain, as well as patchy neckbeard-esque facial hair. I don't understand how a woman would willingly do that to herself. I was almost a victim of the cult myself to be honest, I really wanted to escape from my body so I bought a binder that thankfully didn't fit. I've learned to accept myself and I know that the way I look/dress doesn't mean I'm not a woman. Still creeps me out that I was that close to becoming an Aiden though, it seems that a lot of anons have a similar story

No. 849334

File: 1625797353901.jpg (540.05 KB, 2000x3000, beyonce-carrying-white-telfar-…)

im so sad beyonce bought a telfar bag. Like im happy that she is supporting that dude's business and everything and he must be over the moon. But like damn! now i gotta wait until 2042 to get me a damn bag that takes months to ship anyway. and the price is gonna go up so much now. why was i such a cheapskate now i'll never have a telfar lol.

No. 849339

I never really got the hype around Telfar. I like that it's black-owned and I get that some people consider some luxury itens to be an investment, but the bags are just so plain. Same with Birkins.

No. 849343

dang with that double chin I thought this was Wendy Williams

No. 849345

this look is so cute

No. 849347

Telfar bags look pretty crappy for the price tbh, it's just another hype item that you could buy from a non designer brand for dirt cheap without the logo

No. 849349

i think it also has to do with the fact that because its plain it can be used more commonly and for everyday. I also just love that it comes in so many unique color ways and sizes. And although its "luxury" its still very affordable for the average adult. $200+ for a high quality vegan leather bag that you can get in simple black or a vibrant green etc and not break the bank ($200 is still pricey which is why i waited. but its better than $300+ for a coach or mk bag) is genius to me. Im also partial too because its black owned and it warms my heart that he was able to become this successful over a simple yet unique bag. Anyway the bag was always sold out before beyonce was seen with it anyway.

No. 849357

File: 1625799004125.jpg (31.41 KB, 405x607, 24fb3e23cfe87df38d55d5e6aebfe7…)

That makes sense! I didn't even consider that maybe some people would like them for their simplicity. I've always thought that if I bought a luxury bag, I would get something that's more unique, even if it's not very practical for everyday use (picrel is the first that come to mind, but there's probably better examples). It honestly makes a lot more sense to buy something that you would use everyday though lmao. I also didn't know that they are vegan!

No. 849359

Buttplug bag

No. 849367

the funny thing is is that birkins were made for everyday use which is why they are a simple and boring design too. The woman who it was named after just wanted a bag that she could use everyday that wouldnt hurt her shoulders. Its crazy cuz now the bag is goes for tens of thousands and is only seen looking empty as fuck on the arms of celebrities who probably dont own one either lol.

No. 849376

File: 1625801102992.jpeg (34.17 KB, 500x282, C523FD98-F4EB-450C-9730-72D64E…)

>see myself from the front in bathroom mirror
>looking good
>turn 25 degrees to the right and see myself from the side angle
>fucking Gollum

No. 849392

I don't know why you would mind that.

No. 849394

Actually the way we look in mirrors is never quite right because it's flipped. That's also the reason we feel worse about our looks in photos, because we are so used to seeing our face in the mirror that it feels all wrong, off, and ugly. When in actuality we can never know how others perceive us aka how we really look, but most people (women) do not look as bad as they think.
Guaranteed you don't look like Gollum nons, especially for women no one looks like that. Fwiw I have insecurity about my large nose, and my first thought was "at least her nose must be small because Gollum's is"… The point is everyone has insecurities we hate and compare with each other. It's all in your perception I'd bet.

No. 849398

I feel terrible when I have to clip kitty's nails, she acts so scared and threatened, but she's acting okay with me after I fed her right after so I hope she still loves me. I feel like I'm offending a close friend and am doing my best to offer a peace offering so she accepts me.

No. 849399

I might have gone insane.
>got bedbug infestation from friend
>find several bugs, exterminator CONFIRMS that they are bedbugs
>have treatments but still getting bitten after
>move to a new place and despite precautions still experiencing bites but can't find any bugs
>getting bites almost every day
>another exterminator comes yesterday, looks at my bites and goes 'those are not bedbug bites'
THEN WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY??? WTF IS BITING ME? Have I gone insane and reached the level of hypochondria where my body creates a bite-like rash just to justify my belief that I got bedbugs?? ffs

No. 849408

Cope she looks awful

This, she's morphing into Blue Ivy. Obviously, not a good thing.

No. 849412

Sorry if this is dumb but could they be ingrown hairs?

No. 849413

File: 1625809638353.jpg (101.34 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

It's hilarious to me how my family always complain that I'm not interested in our culture. Why would I waste my time cooking elaborate food for nothing in return? Why would I use up my time to traditional embroider things I don't wear day to day? Why would I go do traditional dancing with overly touchy misogynistic scrotes? Kek your culture can fucking die. If you want to enjoy having a culture then make the men do that fucking work too. Why is it women's jobs to ensure society is comfortable and culturally rich.

No. 849423

Aww but there's nothing wrong with embroidering and making nice food

No. 849426

But aren't photos wrong too because of focal length?

No. 849429

I'm so tired. Every day is painful in some way. My thoughts keep circling around in a mixture of ocd, hypochondria, depression and anxiety. I feel like I have no choice and control over anything. There are things I like doing but I end up disliking those as well. I sleep a lot to not feel headaches or nausea. I just want to go far away and start my life over in some new place where I'm not tied down by relatives or my illnesses.

No. 849432

Yes they are and also vary greatly, which is why I said that only other people know what we really 100% look like. It's learning to be ok with that though since women tend to think we look worse than we do

No. 849433

I am tired of feeling like a fragile leech. I spent all of my childhood and teenagehood in hospitals, yet I still have to spend my partners money on paid clinic visits because free healthcare is complete shit there to a point where they couldn't realise that I had ear infection for a few months. This year generally started roughly for me health-wise, I got a random eye infection and it took me a month to heal it that I couldn't work on anything.

Can't find a job because of a huge unemployment rate. Barely making commissions this year.

Nayrt but I've always wanted to make embroidery and anon's country food is actually pretty cheap and easy to make. Eg I love Syrniki. Doesn't mean that anon needs to make the food for everyone…she can just make the food for herself! But I understand, being forced onto "embracing your culture" sucks and softly implies that anon should turn into a stay-at-home baby maker cuz that's how this country is.

No. 849440

Not dumb, but no, because there are clear bitemarks and they are on places where there isn't much hair (the latest ones are on the underside of my forearm)

No. 849441

>Doesn't mean that anon needs to make the food for everyone…she can just make the food for herself! But I understand, being forced onto "embracing your culture" sucks and softly implies that anon should turn into a stay-at-home baby maker cuz that's how this country is.

Yeah you explained it better. They expect me to cook for everyone and spend my time picking berries to make homemade jam and shit. I have no interest in those things and I hate hate hate being forced to use my time on things that I don't like/don't get me anything in return.

No. 849442

Are you me??

No. 849447

I wish I could go and pick berries

No. 849450

scabies maybes?

No. 849467

Telfar has the ugliest logo, reminds me of essie or essence for some reason and the quality isn't even that great.

No. 849469

>vegan leather
Just say plastic, anon.

No. 849477

It's two of us then.

No. 849479

I don't friend girls from a specific country in Europe because I get messages from their guy friends and they 100% without fail live up to the stereotype of being sexually deranged, very emotionally flat often times weirdly depressed men, literally carbon copies of Kafka and Nietzsche every single one of them

No. 849489

>vegan leather
ah yes just like black caucasians and dry water

No. 849493

File: 1625820899573.jpeg (62.16 KB, 750x391, 1622887991813.jpeg)

I'm so disillusioned reading about and seeing injustices against woman every few hours. Even when I try to avoid any sex discourse or discrimination just to be able to chill and not worry about anything, some shitty scrote will always pop up and say something hurtful. Be it in a video I'm watching, in a random comment on Instagram or other social media or TV programs or movies. Or a male 'friend' or relative. Cute video of a baby girl? Comments say how she's gonna grow up into spoiled princess bitch or a Karen. You failed an oral exam? Of course you're gonna say 'female proffesors are generally moody' and how unfit they are to be teaching. Of course you forget how last year you got screamed at by a male teacher, you'd never think to put the blame on his sex.
I can't even read a normal book about for example alien invasion without reading how the female aliens are raped and how even in human society males are the only one to have a proper culture. Even children fantasy has rape pointlessly sprinkled in, classical books ogle women's appearance and insult their intelligence.
Just fucking shut uuup for a minute about what you think women should do, look like and how much superior on a existential level you think men are. How women are only good for bearing children and feminism is so against the nature, fuck your dumb evo-psych bullshit. How they look disgusting when they don't do certain shit, how female leg hair makes you vomit, how our brains are just worse and we can't be surprised we are under them socially. How every man can overpower every woman but just gracefully chooses not to. How you love porn, how you have to sexualise every character you think about.
Are men not able to go an hour their day without insulting women? Just shut the fuck up, just let me have a moment of peace for a fucking hour.

No. 849501

It's so fucking humid and I can't breathe

No. 849502

felt. once you catch on to this, it's so fucking exhausting

No. 849518

One time I sent my ex a screamer and he ignored me for 4 days straight. You reminded me of that. At the time I thought he was being a pussy now I feel a little guilty. Not a lot just a little

No. 849530

Scaring men is based though.

No. 849531

File: 1625826885227.png (334 KB, 680x483, 9c8.png)

Just think about it this way, men are so insecure with egos so fragile that they have to make up an entire cinematic universe of stereotypes and copes to make themselves feel better.

Do you ever hear rich, pretty, confident people who get fawned over brag about being rich and pretty? No, they don't have to, people already tell them that all the time. Do successful scientists brag how accomplished they are online, do people who have done worthwhile shit in life cling to their ethnicity/race as a crutch? Never.

It's always insecure attention whores with no accomplishments or parents who loved them bragging about being skinny, pretty, young, rich, white or male.

Anyway, just create a bunch of fake accounts and let them know their existence is futile, they are a plague on this planet and have no inherent value unlike women do. They can't even keep themselves alive properly, the only thing they've got is muscle in the age of guns.
The Y chromosome really is the worst disability. They're like autistics who brag about being 9000IQ masterminds yet piss in bottles and can't speak proper.
They need to be made aware of their disability so they can be rehabilitated or kill themselves if they're too weak.
Bully your local male today, ladies.

No. 849538

Aussies are just angy about all the skin cancer

No. 849546

my sister is late for fucking everything and what drives me crazy is that she doesn't care!! We just had to cancel plans because she wasn't ready and she doesn't care! She doesn't feel bad! I hate it so much. Our parents didn't discipline us nearly enough growing up and it's made me a lazy pos too but at least i respect other people and I feel a modicum of shame. Fuck

No. 849556

Honestly, her waist area looks fake, the lines generally look too smooth(?) for want of a better word. I'm getting uncanny valley vibes from this pic. I'm really skinny too, so I know what an anachan body can look like, but it looks off to me. Regardless, she's obnoxious and full of shit. She'd look better with more weight on her anyway, as would I. I only keep myself really small because I have cfs and can't exercise properly or consistently, I end up too flabby at a higher weight and it harms my self esteem further, so anachan it is lol.

No. 849563

I wish they'd be made to shut up. Forever.

No. 849564

thanks for the idea, ladies

No. 849568

I hope your dad never experiences sexual satisfaction again. What a fucking loser for causing this.

No. 849574

I hate seeing people my age look visibly aged, it makes me feel old. I'm still holding on, but it's a matter of time at this point.
I saw one of my former classmates just a few years ago and she looked normal. Saw her again a few days ago, now she's all jowly with massive eyebags. Granted, she smokes a lot and we're in our early 30s, but holy shit. The difference was incredible.
All the guys I thought were cute back in the day now look old, unwashed and saggy. Most are balding, some also have graying hair. I don't know what they're doing to themselves. One had cancer so I'll give him that, but the rest are perfectly healthy. None of them seem to have any joy for life left over, those with kids bitch about their kids and those without are a bit livelier but seem to all have some addiction. They all work dead end jobs, most are fat and eat nothing but garbage.

How can these grown ass people not know they can't live like they're 16 forever?

No. 849575

Basically got a confirmation from my mum that she’s cold hearted and indifferent towards me cause she doesn’t really love me cause I’m apparently not good enough for her like my brother. Important to note that she abandoned me as a child and I only went back to her in my late teenage years. I feel like someone really stabbed me in the heart and now I’m sitting here in my room crying. I have never received a hug or kiss or any other types of affection from her really. It really hurts knowing that the people who are supposed to love you just don’t. It feels like I whatever I do I will never receive that love. She makes me feel like everything is wrong with me.

No. 849578

>stereotype of being sexually deranged, very emotionally flat often times weirdly depressed men
Which country? I had no idea there was any such stereotype, I'm curious now lol.

No. 849596

This post is so pathetic. You deserve to suffer tbh.

No. 849600

you exhibit scrote tier levels of empathy

No. 849633

Nah my empathy isn't a free for all. No patience for wallowing bitches. She is miserable by her own self-harming actions while fully knowing they are harmful and cringe. She can keep crying over her 4chan-unapproved pussy.

No. 849635

im sorry anon but you are not unlovable just because your womblord is a sexist cunt who probably sees herself in you and because she grew up to be a misgonysitc failure who abandoned their own offspring to probably fuck off with a scrote who inevetabily dumped her anyway or to do drugs. (idk her but thats usually the 2 options). while you still remained kind and caring enough to grace her with your presence even after she abandoned you. Trust me she is treating you like that not because she hates you but because she hates herself and everytime she looks at you she is literally faced to face with something or someone in this case that she literally failed all on her own. fuck that bitch you'll find a mother figure elsewhere and she'll probably end up in a home because sons are not the ones who look after their ailing parents its the daughters 9/10. so that will be her karma.

No. 849637

Most people take absolutely shit care of themselves so as soon as they’re out of their 20s it catches up to them super fast. Kids accelerate this process too. Don’t feel old, it’s the shitty stressful diet and lifestyle a lot of western people have, not necessarily age

No. 849661

Western food is disgusting, but french food is by far the worst and most overrated.

No. 849670

I've had massive eye bags and wrinkles since middle school. I don't even do the things that would normally cause that.

No. 849681

I wish I had the patience to be an anachan but I love food too much. kek.

I used to tell myself that if I could still see my collarbones that I wasn't fat, but now I can't see them anymore. They used to be really pronounced, no matter how "chubby" I got. I want to see them again some day.

No. 849694

I always found it weird how people kept commenting on my body as a child the moment I started puberty even though I never wore anything that would attract attention and was never curvy or super developed to begin with, quite thin and scrawny actually, but they acted like I was the opposite. and it wasn't even just scrotes doing it, a few female classmates and some women who knew my parents were like that too, although their remarks weren't as sexual, not even insults or anything like that, more like acknowledgment but it still felt weird how often it happened (although the males were unsurprisingly worse about it). And then there was that one time my friend's mom smacked me on the ass, like right in the middle of a conversation. I'm just thinking how hard are people staring at someone who barely has much for them to stare it in the first place, like how could they even notice anything. All this shit happened decades ago but it still seems odd. For a while I almost thought I looked older than I actually was.

No. 849700

I just bought my first longboard AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I'm so excited to use it.

No. 849703

not true, but if it makes you sleep better…

No. 849735

I am so tired. I already slept 9 hours today but I am still tired and on the verge of sleeping. I am tired every day.

No. 849744

A bat flew into my room last night right as I was about to get ready for bed. I ran out and shut the door on it then spent 40 minutes opening the door to see it still flying around then shutting it again. I gave up and slept in the living room then caught it sleeping directly above the door in my room this morning. Found what appeared to be droppings by a window, going to call pest control because they're not solitary creatures. FUCK these godforsaken monsters of the night and BLESS my mom for giving me a butterfly net when I moved out.

No. 849745

File: 1625849135239.jpg (572.38 KB, 1080x1174, Screenshot_20210709-184052_Fir…)

I wanted to start playing Metro today since everything else bores me now, instead I broke down crying after seeing the "continue" button. The last person to play was my father and he passed away months ago. I'm prettg sure he finished it so I thought I'd be ready for my own playthrough but no, the guilt is way too strong and I had to exit the game. Still bawling, this sucks.

No. 849750

Lmao I'm the same way anon. I know I'm doing alright if I can say hello to my collarbones, but they've taken a sabbatical for years now. Maybe I'll get em back one day.

No. 849801

My dad died this year at 50yrs old of cancer.
I'm not doing good nonnies, I still want to die every day and I don't know if I'll make it.

No. 849808

Sorry for your loss anon. It does get a bit better with time so keep holding on.

Mine died last November and the extreme crying is now at a minimum, daily things don't trigger those feelings as often anymore.

No. 849824

I just had a job training and every body there was fucking autistic and ask so many stupid questions. I hate stupid questions

No. 849826

My dad died 5 years ago and I still miss him. I'm sorry for your loss nona, it gets better I promise

No. 849836

I saw something recently that triggered a whole laundry list of trauma and holy fuck it makes me want to kill my ex. Slowly and painfully. I would absolutely do it if I didn't have to worry about prison. I would do it and enjoy it. I hate him and the thought of him actively repulses me. The rage is so intense it's distracting and I can barely focus on anything else before thoughts of how much I hate him re-enter my mind. I wish I could kill him so no other naively hopeful woman has to suffer like I did, because god knows he'll be on the hunt for the next narcissistic supply soon. I want him dead. All my therapeutic tricks to get past strong emotions are utterly failing right now, I know it doesn't do me any good to wallow in this if I'm not actually going to hurt him, so I guess I just have to haphazardly wait it out in the meantime. My head is spinning. I so wish I could watch him thrash and suffer and die. Scum like him should never have been born.

No. 849839

>I wish I had the patience to be an anachan but I love food too much. kek.
This is where bulimia kicks in

No. 849885

my boyfriend broke up with me. I know I shouldn't get so upset over a male but he was good to me. I miss him so much. I keep remembering different little things and crying all over again. it hurts so much. it kills me that I won't be a part of his life. I have nothing left now

No. 849889

I was eating and got a little food in my windpipe, I probably coughed it all back out but now I'm convinced I didnt and I'm going to get aspiration pneumonia thanks Dr. Google

No. 849897

File: 1625864540514.jpg (118.52 KB, 1124x1885, 26c3b5f368327e1ef3d505bdbe067f…)

I don't know what your circumstances are, but I hope you'll be able to move on and flourish without him. I hope you'll look back on your memories together with fondness, but also acceptance. My ex girlfriend, who was the first partner I had who treated me with actual love and respect, broke up with me and it was probably the best thing that's ever happened to me. I was upset for a long time after, as anyone is after a break up, but I am now enjoying life even more than I had even before I met her.

I've never watched Bojack Horseman but I saw someone post these screencaps on twitter shortly after my break up. It hit like a truck. It's okay to be upset, and I hope you'll come out of this a lot happier.

No. 849899

since i started this job a month ago i've been working 8 1/2 hour long shifts with no breaks + on my feet constantly can someone hit me with their car so i can sue them and live off of that money instead please

No. 849901

Started catching feelings for a guy (which hasn't happened in ages) but I found out that he's a bit of a slut and now I'm sad and disappointed in myself and sobbing to stupid sad songs. UGgghh. Can't we just nuke them all to mars or something?

No. 849920

How is that legal? (Or is this under the table job)

No. 849935

i always feel like a dumbass when i have to delete a post

No. 849937

it's not but you'll have the easy job. we can go out into the countryside late at night (no witnesses) and you just ram me with your car at full speed. afterwards i'll threaten to drag your ass to court and you offer me a million dollar settlement that i'll begrudingly agree to. i'm doing all of the legwork here, i have to find a lawyer willing to represent me AND go to the hospital, you just have to floor it

No. 849942

thank you, I really mean it, I needed to hear something like this today. it was genuinely the best relationship I've ever had so it's pretty crushing atm. I really hope I can improve like that. I've been trying to think of it as a time to centre myself and find a better job/friend situation.

No. 849961

kek hope things get easier nonnie

No. 849986

I was talking to one of my scrote acquaintances about gender vs. crime statistics.
It was a pretty normal convo ( mostly because I've learned how to be way nicer, more cool and collected when encountering bullshit ) - right up to the point where he disagreed with me when it comes to murder statistics.
I calmly say that women can't hold a candle to men when it comes to murder and fucked up violent behaviour. He replies that women easily have men beat when it comes to homicide/murder.
I naturally asked for an explanation and the scrote deadass says "women have men beat at murder because of abortion."

Let me put this in perspective. We're not from a religious country and neither of us is religious. I've known him for approx 15 years but we have minimal contact, so I made sure to double check he didn't turn into a religious fanatic in the meanwhile ( he didn't ). He's not pro life/anti abortion. He wasn't trolling me. According to him he never wanted kids ( thank fuck for that ) so it's not something personal either.
In my mind I'm going "dude what the absolute fuck is wrong with you". I choose to calmly say "abortion has been legal here for several decades therefore we can't apply your personal views to this debate, we should stay within the realms of, well, the actual reality."

You'd think that would do it, right? Wrong. He insists that abortion is murder/women will always be nr 1. when it comes to murder using mental gymnastics that I don't even really have the energy to describe. And all this time I'm wondering where the fuck all of this is coming from.

At the end of the day this is just some scrote's opinion but it did piss me off.

No. 849987

I wish I could hug you and make you some warm soup anon. You deserve it.

>I've been trying to think of it as a time to centre myself and find a better job/friend situation.

Yes! Take care of yourself and do right by yourself. Shortly after the breakup I left my job that already was worsening my depression and made me suicidal (so post break up I was a complete zombie and truly struggling more than ever) and after some twists and turns at a very good place in my life. I’m not working a dream job or anything fancy, but I’m at a place where I can truly say that I am happy. I am treated well at my new job, with the respect that my ex showed me that I am deserving of, and surrounded by friends who love me just as much as she did. At the end of the day, you only have yourself. I hope you and I may find loving partners to settle down with in the future, but for right now, we just have ourselves and we have to make sure that we are in a good place. I believe in you anon, and I want you to be happy and live a life surrounded by wonderful friends and full of love. Take the time you need to heal and be kind to yourself. Love you anon ♥#

No. 849994

As if anyone actually thinks, viewing abortion and the murders committed by criminal men side by side, that they are the same level of evil, at all. Even if someone is pro life there's no way they think that, even if they lie we all know the subconscious reality. This dude's trolling you

No. 849998

I wish he were trolling me, yeah. I know him enough to know he wasn't. He's had several severely autistic opinions over the years however this one took the fucking cake and there was no reasoning with him either.

>that they are the same level of evil, at all

I know, kek! I can't wrap my head around it at all. Genuinely wtf. I don't at all understand where this is coming from. Luckily he doesn't have many friends so he's not going to go around spreading this "ideology".

No. 849999

Reservation politics suck. Being abused as a kid they tried to make us solve issues with the elders instead of getting police involved but nothing ever happened because my stepdad was on band council and responsible for years of money corruption that would eventually come out so they buried everything rather than outing him at the time. I'm glad shit is finally changing there and they have a new chief after nearly 15 years.

No. 850003

There's a lot of these single celled orgnisms on Twitter, makes sense they'd be upset about a ball of barely sentient cells being aborted since that's all they are in adulthood.
I don't know what causes it but a lot of men genuinely believe abortion is murder and screech about it all day. Generally the same men who think all women are roastie whores who want to emotionally abuse men and then run off with their money, so we can assume the abortion is murder goes hand in hand with those other deranged thoughts.

No. 850051

I'm so fucking pissy right now. Currently on my period and I want to murder someone. My family is agitating and aggravating me to no end. Glad to know that everyone else can pursue what they want but I have to do exactly what my parents want. Fuck you both when you say you just want me happy. There shouldn't be any guilt trips or aggressive in your face yelling. Fuck, sometimes I wish I was born a guy; I feel like I would have been treated better.

No. 850078

Listening to this song while remembering that I'm actually a NEET and (just) finished college in such a disappointing, lonely, stupid way.

No. 850079

File: 1625882818143.jpeg (98.11 KB, 427x604, 80F8BA9B-5E40-4EBE-A8B2-817061…)

I hate my stupid eczema and ingrown toenails. I know it’s not the zenith of suffering, but this eczema flareup has been lasting for over half a year, and might be a for year at this point. My toenails keep being infected over and over, one big toe heals and it’s like a cue for the other to start swelling and bleeding and hurting like someone shot me in the foot. Between the eczema on my legs making my skin so tight and my retarded toes, it’s so hard to move and walk. They’ve overstayed their welcome it’s annoying I want my normal limbs back.

It would be fine if it wasn’t for my brother telling me to stop scratching every second. He sees me scratching and thinks it’s a perfect idea to tell me to “stop scratching or I’ll get so fucking mad” and raise his voice or hit something in his vicinity. Even in a normal tone it’s so irritating. He then tells my mom that it’s my fault for not getting better because I scratch and he’s the bastion of my health because he tells me not to scratch and that scratching hurts me. Like OK. OBVIOUSLY I know that. I’m not scratching because I never want to get better, I’m desperately trying to get better. Why is this their idea of helping? These itches are inhuman.

No. 850080

I had to unfollow an artsy friend because she let her unsightly, hideous, awkward, and repulsive looking 12 year old son turn into a "girl" and the kid's account is 100% trans shit. It creeped me out so much. This kid looks like he has a mental delay he's so ugly, and now you're gonna put his chunkass in a skirt? Fucking depressing. What a way to put a fence around your child's career options, social life and ability to enjoy oneself. Disgusting. Fucking foul. This poor kid has obviously been forcefed this shit by his absolute libtard handmaiden mother. I had no idea, we just knit together once before and she didn't seem so crazy. Bleak.

No. 850084

Holy fuck now I want to see this shit lol

No. 850088

My stupid ass didn't take a single screenshot before unfollowing, and the mom is private. Would posting her instagram be too much? You could probably follow and get accepted, she's a small account

No. 850097

God now I'm very curious

No. 850098

I'm so fucking sad, listening to music from before the pandemic feels so sad to me. I miss those days, I miss those dumb years. Does anyone else feel like this?

No. 850099

He's gonna grow up to be an angry little incel who blames his mom for letting him do this shit lol

No. 850100

I wish it was 2015 and I was on clique tumblr again

No. 850105

File: 1625884305232.jpg (45.15 KB, 1024x575, god fucking dammit.jpg)

Gen Z is seriously so fucking retarded that I can't stand it. Every generation has their brand of cringe— e.g. you only need to remember MySpace or the early days of Youtube to make fun of millennials— but absolutely nothing compares to the unadulterated retardation of zoomers.

If I have to see one more non-binary, sapiosexual, demoromatic, aspire, xe/xir, transbian 18 year old acting like they have DID with 2948 alters, I will absolutely lose my shit by autistically posting in this thread again.

Why do none of these zoomers have alters who are fat Americans named Stan? Why are they always British anime kings named Toru?

No. 850110

same anon i still reminisce ab when everyone said 2016 was the worst year

No. 850114

A late abortion? (He'll prbly kill himself when he grows up and realizes how fucked hes become)

No. 850117

and the worst shit is that they are actually changing shit with their retard shit, look at how many people think troons are real now

No. 850120

post it anon lol

No. 850124

This is why I hate the internet, it's the biggest factor ruining the health and sanity of my generation

No. 850125

Did you know you can get a surgery to stop ingrown toenails from coming back?

No. 850128

Just had to say goodbye to one of my dogs. Mom and I put him in the car. He couldn't breathe and his digestive system was going out. He's been bad with breathing for the past few months, but this happening felt out of nowhere. I never want to see a dog foaming and gasping for breath ever again. I got to tell him he's a good boy and I love him. I didn't want to see him die, but at least he knows I loved him. Fuck.

No. 850130

Most of the population gaining access to the internet was the biggest mistake
I hate this year I WANT TO GO BACK

No. 850132

If aliens yeeted our satellites and all that shit I would thank them.

No. 850138

No. 850145

Thank you nonnie. He was a big orangeish yellow lab and always acted like he was the #1 guard dog despite being friendly and a big momma's boy. I'm scared that his sister's going to pass soon too, but at least the scene won't be as horrific as his.

No. 850146

I’m sure he was the goodest boy. I hope heaven exists, if only for our beloved pets. I hope he is having the time of his life up there, running and playing with the other pups while he waits for your reunion.

No. 850159

Some 50 year old looking guy in my building just screamed in my face for having the audacity to move his clothes out of the dryer for my building. They were sitting there for at least 90min, I'm not going to wait around and keep checking every 10-15min when I've already waited this long. I just smiled big and said "ok" which pissed him off more but now that I'm back in my apartment I'm shaking because I have huge triggers over men yelling at me. Like in the future should I call the cops if he acts like that again? Do I tell my landlord? Do I complain that we only have one washer/dryer? Fuck that old man for ruining my Friday. I wish my boyfriend was home.

No. 850160

>I hate this year I WANT TO GO BACK
god same

No. 850169

You should definetely say something to the landlord about that old man. He sounds like an asshole.

No. 850170

Paying my tuition late on Monday. I have nothing and my life is a mess, but it's gonna be okay hopefully.

No. 850176

Thank you anon. He was a very good pup

No. 850180

>I found out that he's a bit of a slut
Do you have more details on this? How did you find out?

No. 850192

Zoomers are the absolute worst

No. 850203

While I definitely agree that performative mental illness is cringe, I think the saying applies in this case, that there's nothing new under the sun. These kids just latch onto whatever identity they can find.

I'm bipolar and it basically just makes my life more spicy. I can't imagine using a diagnosis (or self-diagnosis) as the backbone of your personality.

No. 850217

I honestly find it kind of funny tbh, they come off as chuunibyous

No. 850219

I keep missing my weekly volunteer day at this place. The guy in charge said not to worry about it when I asked if I should notify him each time (I could tell I was overdoing it and he said it's only volunteering, "show up when you can"). But I've missed even more and there was an e-mail (to everyone) about something general that briefly reminded us to let him know if we miss. Agh, I missed for valid reasons but I hate having to tell him because I always forget until the last minute. Like now. Pray for me anons and my stupid dysfunctional forgetful brain. I feel like it's worse to message him about it because it's an annoying reminder that I failed them. Well, I'm planning to go from here on out but I couldn't help the last few times as I was not in town. I need to learn better responsibility and be an adult

No. 850250

I have a friend who's a bit younger than me and let me preface this with the fact that I love her and will always support her. However, she got into fwb thing with a coworker after catching some feelings for him and having some reservations about him not being able to commit. Very obviously, he said he liked her but not enough to commit to a relationship due to reasons (ofc men always have reasons!) so they settled for a fwb instead. Pisses me off so much because she's way more beautiful than the guy and smarter too. I just don't want it to end badly for her, but I'm hoping she'll be fine… but you never know with these scrotes.

No. 850281

I’m sorry anon. Men are gross for only wanting to be FWB. Just be friends and not date. I don’t understand wanting to have sex with a ‘friend’. Scrote 101. He could have just been honest and said he doesn’t want to be committed because of previous heart break or whatever, but he’s just purposefully leading her on, which is disgusting. I hope she moves on and find someone who will love her unconditionally.

No. 850285

you are paying this woman to help you. if you hate her that much, find another therapist.

No. 850286

You’re right, deleted my stupid sperg I just needed to type it out. Thanks

No. 850287

File: 1625898890796.jpeg (21.87 KB, 216x233, 0AD010F3-050C-4967-B688-A87034…)

who else up in the early am sad and thinking about how lonely they are?

No. 850288

My close friend's brother killed himself a few days ago and the viewing was today and it is so incredibly sad. I didn't really know her brother but my friend and her parents are some of the nicest people I have ever met and it breaks my heart so much that they have to feel this level of pain. She was greeting all these people at the viewing and was being so strong and it all just sucked so much.

No. 850289

fwiw based on what u said she does sound really unprofessional and weird. good luck finding one who’s a better fit! it’s really rewarding when you actually click with a therapist.

No. 850290

me why

No. 850291

that therapist did sound really unprofessional and I sympathized at first but then at the "she's just an old cat lady who's jealous of me and bitter" I stopped having sympathy

No. 850293

My stomach is bloated from stomach flu and I feel like committing ritual seppuku, GET THEE GONE, FUCKING STOMACH GASES

No. 850303

File: 1625901077930.jpg (141.4 KB, 800x450, 1524114694302 (1).jpg)

I'm living with a literal Chris Chan at the moment, just minus the narcissism.

He seemed okay, just a low functioning sperg. I asked his family if there was any problems with him or if he got into trouble, but they were like "no no, he doesn't do anything wrong, but we don't want him living with you, he's good where he is". He wanted to move in with me because Aunty Jacinda started putting criminals in all the boarding houses. And considering the only other people replying to advert were gang members, and I'm in considerable debt, I had no choice.

Well, he's been here for a month and he's been arrested by the cops three times. They've pepper sprayed him and beaten him each time. It turns out that despite being 43 years old, he's still on the "love quest stage" and trying for girls, teenage girls. He was hiding in the bushes staring at the girl in the coffee van and trying to chat up girls at the gym.

I almost threw him out yesterday because I've had enough. I'm really need the fucking money though, and because my place is an unfinished shithole I can only attract low leval tenants.

His family actually tried blaming me for the entire situation by saying "We told you we didn't want him moving". Yeah, how about telling me he's a stalker that harasses women next time. How about not lying to me about how he's never been in legal trouble. They're pulling the "well he can't stay with us" card, and I'm just at the point where it's like "fine, he can be homeless then".

The thing is, I actually get along with him really well and around the house he's the most well behaved person. The perfect flatmate really, he cooks full roast dinners almost every night and does all the cleaning on his own. It bewilders me that he behaves like a dog outside the house.

No. 850305

i feel like my ana little sister is manipulating me, constantly trying to get me to be a shield between her and our mom.
today she woke me up because she "needs me" and then she whined that she lost so much this week and is now too scared to tell our mom.
that's not the first time this happened, i already told her that our mom only threatens her with a clinic because she's so fucking worried about her and the last time my sister did this i told our mom instead and told her not to get angry at her but today she wasn't even crying only talking in a crying voice (think laura lee).

can crying without tears be genuine or is she actually faking it to get me to defend her weight loss?

No. 850309

It's easy to be bitter and easier to feel vindicated about people changing from their high school selves yet it's such a pathetic well to reach into so I'll dump it here. We all went to an art school so it's easy to find everyone online, all oversharing included. Most of the lesbians are kpop obsessed he/him nonbinaries, the talented ones found the work we knew they would, the nerdy coomers with a chip on their shoulders have honed their art while bringing their new cooms of chubby women and brown women into them, and the beautiful girls air out the abuse they suffered from the men, their suffering still following them to this day. I didn't die when I intended to at 19 and moved on with my affairs yet find myself scrolling their twitters and instagrams so early this morning.

After the eeriness subsided I found I'm fixating most on the coomers. Being friendless left me in their sphere by default and was left to all kinds of criticisms about my race and body and personality. Now they draw women like me in their art and try to reach out to me online. I hate it. At least knowing how volatile mass attraction is makes me care all the less about appealing to people. I'm most annoyed with myself for looking as not being able to let high school go is as pathetic as it's always been in the social collective.

No. 850313

Never said she was “jealous” of me. I have very low self esteem. I just thought she was trying to make me ‘jealous’ of her life by humble bragging, about all the things going on in her life. Like the main focus should be about my mental health, not about what she’s doing outside the office. It might of come off “misogynistic” but that wasn’t my intent. She just has been giving mean vibes lately. just feel shitty every time she brags. I used to think she was cool but I don’t know.
I hope you get well soon anon.

No. 850318

As someone who has had only terrible therapist, my advice is:
If they make you uncomfortable, get out of there
If you hate them or hate driving there, get out of there
If they make you feel awkward beyond the first 2 visits, get out of there
If they start diagnosing you with a lot of shit, get out of there
If you try to explain shit to them and they don't listen/they judge you, get out of there
If they make you feel crazy, hard to love, like you have no cure, or are beyond redemption, get out of there
If you still have things to discuss and still need therapy to adress some things but they keep pushing the narrative that everything is fine with you now, get out of there
If they start getting religious, too close and personal, sexual, or try to close your confort zone and boundaries as a patient, get out of there
If they use their life as an example and keep talking and talking about their life as if you were the one who has to listen to their shit instead of them to you, get out of there

Yes, I've had every single experience on this list. I could explain every single one of them but I'm kinda lazy.
You have to remember a lot of people study psychology because they're trying to figure out themselves/are crazy.

No. 850321

I once had a therapist who insisted I had HPD because I wore a yellow beret and had a makeup swatch on my hand (tried to clean it beforehand but it had a lot of pigment) that she insisted it was a kiss from someone. I said that no, it was a makeup swatch. She didn't believe me and took a book out and randomly started telling me about the symptoms of HPD. Out of all of them I had just one or two but she kept saying that she knew I had HPD because she has it and knows how a person with HPD looks and acts like. She then made me pay for some 500+ questions quiz that wasn't cheap at all just to prove her point. She said that the quiz didn't get the results she wanted so I should take it again. I never came back kek

No. 850322

I fucked up years ago when I went through my TRA phase. I ended up pushing out everyone around me who was level headed and not extremely online and shared the same beliefs as me. Now I feel like a lot of my social media actions are being closely watched by the people I curated. I've kept a lot of stuff I want to say out of my social media, not even super controversial stuff, but just stuff that challenges typical ideas. It's like walking on eggshells.
Honestly, who knows. Maybe that's what they want me to believe out of fear and it's not actually true. I could probably post something a little radfemmy and be fine. Who knows, though. Obviously I could do some cleaning up of my mutuals and friend lists, but there's always gonna be the guys who hide their TRA and libfem views from their own shit and use the comment section of other people's posts as places to sperg out on.

No. 850323

>TRA phase
Care to elaborate? I have advice but I need more context.

No. 850324

trans rights activist?

No. 850325

Yes I know what that means.
I meant telling me about what happened back then when you had that phase.

No. 850330

therapists are the biggest fucking cows, all of them, don't care if yours is super great, they're a cow to me. psychiatrists are okay. but ones with a 4 year psych degree and maybe a masters in some bullshit, nah bitch. this one family friend of mine keeps insisting that i am 'in desperate need of therapy' like a fucking no-manners having ass bitch. like, right in front of my mother and sister. no manners. she's got issues of her own, and narcissism to boot, and she's majoring in psych so i can only imagine the other fine specimen that will be glorified best friends in the near future. literally such a huge scam. can't believe i use to buy into this when i was younger.

No. 850335

Based as fuck opinion. A lot of therapists tend to be exactly like you descrived: narcs who think they're right all the time, who think they know EVERYTHING about EVERYONE and do fuck shit while standing on their high moral ground. I think reading therapy books on your own is way better and you can do it at your own peace.

No. 850336

I never had a proper TRA phase but a lot of my friends drank the kool-aid and went head first into the tranny/SJW cult, so now I have to be extremely careful about what I post nevertheless. I'm paranoid about some extremely innocuous tweet triggering a cancelling because you can never trust these people even if they're your friends. My best friend posted some terfy material once and naturally lost a ton of face for it. I applaud her for her courage, but it put me under the watchful eye because I'm still associated with her. I'd of course rather be true to myself and defend rather than abandon her but it's still a stress factor to know that you could have your online presence ruined over supporting female rights. TRAs control with fear which would in a non-clown timeline label them as a terrorist group.

No. 850337

I don't get you gals who have SJWs friends and TRA people in your life.
Just unfollow them, remove them, unfriend them, block them even. Who cares, you can always get better friends. Imagine being afraid of posting things, couldn't be me

No. 850340

It weirds me out that so many GC anons seem to have TRA friends, whose opinions they are very invested in. TRAs are either genuinely dumb and ignorant, or shitty misogynists/homophobes. They're also simply annoying and cringe. Why do you care what they think and want to be friends with them?

tbh I assume people who post stuff like that are terminally online and talking about their discord friends/only source of social interaction. Most people irl either dgaf or think the whole thing is funny and ridiculous, I've never felt hesitant to make fun of troons irl even with people who haven't made their stance known. If they reacted badly I'm perfectly happy to throw down some GC arguments.

No. 850341

i wish i had your confidence lol. i feel like my best friend is on the verge of converting to terfdom but at the same time she identifies as nonbinary and listens to garbage tranny music 24/7. to be fair i had an enbyspecial phase as well a few years ago but i really don't think she's gonna peak any time soon. sucks having to hide my true self around someone i like so much

No. 850345

That's the thing, even me who went to an art college can't really keep up with their clownery so I just remove all their traces from my life

No. 850346

>I think reading therapy books on your own is way better and you can do it at your own peace.
this exactly, i'm not gonna deny there are good techniques and whatnot that can improve your self-esteem, your thoughts etc, help with anxiety, but therapists are a waste of time, and where i live, a waste of huge amounts of money.

No. 850347

I wish I hadn't made friends with so many guys because the topics they talk about always go towards the same boring nerd culture or history events. We can't talk on the same level I feel like because they're straight up men. I always want to talk to the 2 women I know but I don't want to bother them everyday with messages. I probably am lonely and trying to fill it with online chat doesn't do shit because it's filled with scrotes who quickly or slowly ask for nudes, to be their gf, their therapist all because you talked to them. Then there's the shy or loud girl with them who just doesn't feel like her own person. I don't care for any of it since I just want to talk about general life stuff or hobbies and I'm lesbian so pandering to men is a huge no from me. It feels weird to say I just want to be recognized as a person rather then immediately a woman that will get harassed. I have no shame in being a woman but I am tired of it being the first thing online that matters.

No. 850349

Make more female friends then? what's stopping you

No. 850350

>you can always get better friends.

No. 850351

When they're friends you've had for over a decade and a very strong part of your friend group it's not as easy as "just walk away lol", especially as an adult when making new friends gets harder and harder. And I'm not going to drop my friends due to a political disagreement because that's literally an SJW cult tactic. I know they're good people who mean well but are just ignorant which is completely understandable seeing how TRAs do their all to block GC ideas from ever making it to mainstream. Most of them fully agree on stuff like "We shouldn't push harmful gender stereotypes or erase female rights" but just don't make the connection. Their only experience with troons might be that Nikki whatshisname beauty guru and similar "fierce, inspirational trans people", being completely oblivious to the creepy "Little girls can be kinky too" part of trans community and their influence.

However I have dropped a few friends over disagreements on troons because I have my limits too but they've been the narc libshit type in general instead of the "useful idiot" type with multiple other cons in addition to simping for girldick.

No. 850354

>When they're friends you've had for over a decade and a very strong part of your friend group it's not as easy as "just walk away lol", especially as an adult when making new friends gets harder and harder.
Literally has never been a problem to me lmao when someone doesn't align with my morals or values and they're annoying as fuck then I'm not keeping them in my life, I don't care if we had "history" and I don't care if that makes me into a mean person. I want to spend my time and energy wisely and not being able to make new friends as an adult is a myth.

Well, not in SJWs circles for starters lol

No. 850355

If they're good people who mean well and just aren't making a connection between basic feminist concepts and the way they're regressing as a result of TRAs, would you really need to be afraid of posting or talking about gc ideas?

No. 850356

You don't have to be in SJW circles to see troon defense normalized.
Seriously though, where do you make/have you made friends? It's a genuine question.

No. 850357

It's better to be alone than in bad company and constantly having to walk on eggshells.

Also, not related to the TRA topic but I don't know how the fuck I'm ever supposed to want to have children. Everytime I hear a child scream, it makes me want to yeet myself out of a window. Some mothers really need to learn how to tame their little demon shits.

No. 850358

Alright I'll just copy paste what I said in the advice thread for you:

How to really make friends:
Have a lot of intuition and self respect. Don't try to be funny on purpose. Socialization skills don't matter much if you are nice and confident and if you force them it will look stupid so just talk to people the most natural way you can. Natural to you, of course.
Have hobbies, search people within hobby clubs and try to see who you vibe the most with. Get to know people with similar interests. Use the bff feature from bumble. If someone feels "off" don't excuse their behaivor just because you're friendless. Move on and try to find someone else. Don't attatch too quick because people can be assholes. Beware of the people who lovebomb you.
Not everyone who has similar interests to you will be good enough to be your friend, it's okay to be selective. Say, you like anime, but there's a ton of people who like shitty waifushit. Your tastes don't have to align perfectly but it's also annoying if you're not in the same communication channel.
It's okay to give second chances, but not thirds. It's okay to say no. Some people might look "perfect" for you but things sometimes just don't happen and that's okay. It's trial and error. Be sure you feel relaxed and calm yourself when you feel like it's turning overwhelming. Being relaxed is a big part of confidence. Find a past-time that makes you feel relaxed and confident and bond over that. Most people don't care if you are a little awkward and I assure you they will be a little awkward too. If they are nice people they will help and understand you, if not then maybe they're not worth your time.
Some people are draining and it's okay to have firm boundaries or outright cut them off, think of your own well being first.
It's okay if frienships don't happen overnight, everyone is different. Be sure the other person puts the same time and energy into the friendship as you do. Don't make them stay if they want to leave, bless them and let them go their merry way.
Try to think possitively about yourself, maybe you don't realize it but other people want to be friends with you too. Fear attracts fear. If you truly want friends you will get them some way or another but you have to be open to it.
Every friend is different, the things you talk with a friend might vary and be completely opposite to what you talk to another. It's completely doable to have both nerdy and normie friends. Sometimes you could even consider it healthy for many reasons. You don't have to belong to a tribe, but people from your same enviorment might be easier to handle. If you are artistic, get artistic friends. If you are sportsy, get sportsy friends. As long as your morals and values align, and their personality goes well with yours, whatever else is just complementary.
Good luck.

No. 850359

Look I have a friend who is more of an e-date type of situation who thinks being pro-trans is good because he's a goody-two-shoes who can't kill a fucking fly and that's what he has been feed as an european kinda-left guy. He thinks I'm judgamental for hating troons and I say I hate troons to his face. Does it hurt when he says I'm judgamental? Yes. Do I care? No. He can go fuck himself even if I like him lol my opinions are strong and based, I'm right and TRAs are wrong. I won't change for someone who I have a strong friendship with, why should anyone else's opinion matter? Be confident and stop walking on eggshells.

No. 850360

when my ED was in full effect i hated my body. when i “recovered” on my own, (i didn’t really i just slowly went from not eating enough to eating too much and justified it by thinking that eating more is most important) i STILL hated my body. now i’m full on overweight/obese and it sucks sooo bad because my body looked so good before. i have a body type that carries weight really well so although i’m really fat i don’t look like i weigh as much as i do. i was gaining at a steady rate but quarantine just expedited it. i tried so many times to lose the weight but my mind is so fucked it’s the hardest thing ever. i go back and forth between wanting to give in to my ed and wanting to stay the same bc i don’t look fat and i do like my body sometimes, which is something that NEVER happened in the past or starve myself. sometimes i wonder if my dysmorphia, just like my ed, just went to the opposite direction and now i see myself as skinny rather than the true tub of lard i am. i want to cry all the time. whyyyy did i have to be born into a family that brainwashed me into believing i was a death fat at 8 yrs old. i vividly remember my brother always made fun of my for the roll in between my arm and chest?? as if that’s not a necessary and natural occurrence. especially in a child. he called me fat and bullied me on the daily. there was also this one time when i was 9 my mom was weighing herself in front of her friend and told me to get on but i didn’t want to bc i was called fat every day of my life. i started crying and i finally got on and saw i was 80lbs and to 9 yr old that was like 8000lb. (i think i was average height) my mom yelled at me and i ran upstairs. my mom has horrendous body image and dysmorphia so no surprise i do as well. i just wish she could’ve kept her trauma to herself so i could live in peace.

No. 850362

same anon. i was also taking steroids between the ages of 8-10 for a skin condition so if i was a bit bulkier this could have been a factor. eso because i was really active. i went to dance pretty much every day

No. 850368

I found an adorable manga online, and was actually shocked when I saw the author was a man because of how cute it was. Then, of course, he makes not only one, no, but two fucking PH references in the next chapter. I knew trusting males was a mistake reeeeeeeeeee I should have noticed by how ugly mMC was

No. 850370

Yes, this is exactly my situation as well. My best friend is terfy, and I love her for it, but she's absolved from the expectation from many online friends she's built months to years long connections with. She's not a very online person, which has become easier for her since she moved to a different state, and I wish I had more IRL friends to help.
I recently started sharing my more terfy opinions on a "secret" social media account not tied to my name, because it's honestly the safest as it is right now, but I think this is a good start for me to gain courage to actually drop the act and rid of the TRA and SJW friends.
I've tried to rant something once in a more intimate setting with my closer SJW friends and my rant was policed so hard by them, I had to say sorry so many times. I've been DMed by trans/enby friends asking me if I was transphobic more than once. Like, the dynamic itself is so manipulative.
I just wish I could replace my whole friend circle with people similar to my best friend, and I've working towards that for the past two years, but 6+ year long toxic friendships are so hard to drop. I was raised by abusive parents so that was really all I knew until more recently.
The phase was initiated by Tumblr friendships, on top of my ex boyfriend being a TiM.

No. 850371

They're unironically like a cult, so their reactions are always going to be like that as soon as you step out of line or say the wrong thing

You can't really tell a cult member to wake up, only wait for them to realise themselves or give up imo

No. 850375

Very relatable. Had ED, thought I was fat while my body looked great, lost control and started binging, gave up on my body and just started dissociating away from it to ignore how fat I constantly feel

No. 850384

I’m the adult in tradeschool that was bullied by teachers and students (one student would beat me in class)
They expelled me because I was a nuisance and not because I didn’t get good grades. I started to flunk the last few grades because of what they kept threatening me to do (if I don’t go to a hospital for a whole year they will fuck me off).
I didn’t wanna go because I felt I didn’t do anything wrong except not being social/normal.
I have ptsd from my past events and this doesn’t help but I’m trying to slide it off like a rain coat. I had an A for maths, math teacher likes me somewhat but she can’t do much.
I wanna redo the year so long I stay in school. I am an adult with no education, I feel I should get a degree even if it’s just tradeschool.

I filed a complaint, was this reasonable? Or is this dumb? I didn’t accuse the teachers or classmate sshit in my complaint. Just that I needed some more time to show them I’m work fit and stuff…But if they refuse I’ll start a court case because of the abuse from teachers. (Idc about classmates(

Useless or?

No. 850428

>I could probably post something a little radfemmy and be fine.
i frequently posted things that are standard radfem/gc facts and all my begendered online friends agreed with them, then turned around and retweeted yet another 'nonbinaries don't owe you androgyny!' tweet. they genuinely don't get how endangered women are because they don't see the shit that AGPs are pulling. they don't know about AGPs talking shit about women, trying to coerce/rape lesbians or doing shit like stealing used tampons from public bathrooms. one time i mentioned receiving rape threats on a dating app because i didn't reply to an obvious TIM and the 'friend' i was talking to just stopped replying because TIM feels are more important than your lesbian friend opening up about how dangerous and disgusting transbians are. one of the friends who hugely supported me talking about how regressive trans headcanons are also supports that 'little girls can be kinky' guy at the same time. even when i mention all the sick shit that AGPs say about women, they just turn a blind eye. they genuinely don't care and they don't want to care. they have to peak on their own, which will never happen because they are all terminally online and have no jobs. that's also why i stopped using twitter outside of following artists i like. i just feel no connection with these women anymore because they are too busy identifying as un-women with gender envy for twinky anime boys while also looking like every generic feminine female woman irl. the only thing you can do is to be very open about how critical you are about gender stuff whenever you meet new people.

No. 850433

I hate that people don't listen to you if you're an ugly woman. Literally everything I say or do doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if I train myself to be intelligent and bust my ass off for good grades, some mediocre scrote or some prettier girl is going to surpass me anyway. When I used to study IT I had the best grades, but it was only the men who got called by companies while I had to be a fucking secretary. And when I changed course to economy to be a secretary like they wanted, the professors (and companies) clearly favoured the pretty girls. So nevermind if I'm better at the job, they're gonna ignore that because I don't wear makeup, skirts or accept the clients' flirts. Fuck this shit. It's like this everywhere.

No. 850436

File: 1625922436673.png (9.92 KB, 360x307, png-transparent-crying-frog-il…)

Some local retard has gotten my IP range banned on 4chan. I live in a really rural area too. Wth. Obviously all free VPNs are banned also…

No. 850440

File: 1625922751716.jpg (78.41 KB, 666x666, 00008.jpg)

I wish I could work as one of those artists who make special effect costumes. It's the perfect job, combining sculpting, painting, construction, sewing and you get to make cool monsters. But there's no school for that or demand where I live. I mean I am making costumes anyway but it's frickin expensive, I wish I could at least get my materials paid for. I can't wait until I finish all my responsibilities so I can work on my costume

No. 850474

File: 1625927159568.jpeg (101.72 KB, 350x350, B398B94E-B67E-4C6D-9A91-010B27…)

We are too many people on this earth, and we're destroying each other. Everyone is becoming more and more sociopathic, society caters more to sociopaths, and it's all just a cycle of abuse and evil. The world is doomed and full of evil. Still, the human population is limitlessly growing while being sustained on borrowed time and unsustainable resources. Nobody will be controlled into reproducing less, and if one group does, others will flood their societies instead because the economic system is made for exponential, consistent growth. The genie's out of the bottle and we're heading toward violence and war instead of natural population control. Everyone also seems to know that society is doomed deep down, but carry on in quiet desperation. Or they defend their lifestyles to the death and will shame and threaten everyone into keeping it going. I'm afraid that my compassion, what little of it that exists anyway, will be eroded if I suffer enough in this world, and I'll turn into yet another bitter and evil human being, and complete the cycle of suffering.

I want to try to feel God or reach enlightenment or whatever label that makes you the least uncomfortable. I'd like to separate myself from the world without lessening my compassion or becoming prideful, believing I'm better than everyone or holier than others. I still have to live in the world though, and I have no idea how I will react when faced with personal suffering or competition against others for resources. I want to find balance while living in the world, to be detached yet loving. But I have no hope for civilisation as it is now and seems to be headed. There's too many of us for humans to retain their value, and technology is rapidly contributing to further dehumanization. I want off this ride, but I don't want to off myself either.

Also, phone bad.

No. 850478

Good luck living in a primitive society as a female

No. 850479

You got memed into believing a cringy male ideology

No. 850482

Same anon
Fuck anprim and fuck "muh darwinism" but his opinions on tech fit the bill

No. 850486

File: 1625927985347.png (3.71 MB, 1080x8500, thisbitch.png)

My grandmother is such a stupid old cunt. My mother recently shaved her head because the heat is unbearable in the kitchen she's working in, and she is required to wear a cap. I will add that my mom is really fucking pretty.
So attached is the wacky what the fuck message my grandma sent her after my mom felt hurt by her saying she didn't like her hair. There is a whole history here of this woman being a neglectful, ignorant, crazy bitch so excuse my mom's harsh response to her saying she didn't like it. But the message afterward fucking speaks for itself. This is also the longest text I've ever seen my grandma send, she usually straight up ignores any text or message you send and typically sends one or two word replies.
My grandma has had breast cancer and she was very fortunate to have beat it and had a relatively easy time with it, she did not lose any of her hair during her recovery.

I consider my grandma to be my personal cow and I have so many stories it would make your fucking head spin.

No. 850487

Samefag sorry for the weird gap at the bottom of the image, I thought I cropped that out.

No. 850493

>We are too many people on this earth
>Still, the human population is limitlessly growing
>we're heading toward violence and war instead of natural population control
Global birth rates and fertility/potency rates have been steadily declining within the past 40 years, and sharply declining within the last 15 years. Most developed countries have had a negative birth rate for a few years now, if not longer. Projections from the 1990s estimated that the human population would peak at somewhere around 11 billion by 2100, but the peak has already begun, and the population likely won't reach much higher than 8 billion. If you're going to be "le realist doomer", at least have statistics that are actually correct and reflect the factual state of the world.

No. 850496

Yeah it was mostly a retard vent that reads like I was putting out "truths" with my poorly worded intuitive feelings. Could have been a doomer in my diary instead of posting a pic of ted kaczynski on lolcow farm LOL

No. 850502

"whistling in jail but not on death row"? it's not that deep, jesus christ. Who gives a fuck about hair. Even if your mom didn't have a reason to shave her head, that's her decision to make.

No. 850521

That's still way too many. Do you want the whole world to look like new Delhi, with very high population density and no trees and landscape? Not a life worth living

No. 850531

I fucking hate being autistic so much. The most minor shit will set me off, effectively making me an overgrown toddler. Then there's the compulsion to smack my head I can't seem to control making me look like even more of a retard. Any time I get overwhelmed my brain is like "just blow your brains out bro, it's easier than this" and y'know what it might have a point.

No. 850538

oof… embarrassing for you. feels good for me tho

No. 850564

Don't be so hard on yourself anon everyone has weird tics they do. Hope you feel better

No. 850578

agreed with the first paragraph so much

No. 850589

Jfc that already sounds like hell, if it wasnt already in India

No. 850595

I'm glad other members are noticing things like this. Some cows don't even provide Milk such as the white model in Japan Koka. She does not interact with anyone outside of Japan, does not even type in English and you have anons saying b b but she was 14 she made a homophobic joke AND she photoshops. They also nitpick her looks, IMO it is envy, she is a pretty girl who is a model in japan on a site like this that is going to ruffle some feathers.

Also Shayna - Despite the 1 day ban if you say anything about her vagina, people STILL do this. This is scrote behaviour.

Luna met matthew when she was very young and maybe she did see drug use as romantic due to her age and upbringing, but now she is hooked on benzos, still takes H and is likely to die at a young age. She should be called out for stealing items of grave yards, but I don't get why Anons dislike her so much, she is barely functional and lives in squalor.

Some nonnies here admit to using drugs, too depressed to bath etc

Some observations and content here is funny and entertaining then you have spiteful and scrote like comments.

No. 850599

Thank you, nonita. I'm calming myself down slowly.

No. 850609

The amount of terrible Twitter memes being used here ever since Creepshowgate is making my eye tick act up. I’ve seen Oof, Yikes, my dude, chef’s kiss, and even derp on here lately. Maybe this will finally be the push for me to leave this shit site.

No. 850611

True, I've seen too much 'y'all' too. Gross

No. 850615

I feel the same way. It's so weird going from having normal imageboard interactions to trying to translate twitterspeak, it gives me whiplash and kills the mood dead in some threads.

No. 850616

A lot of newfags in here. If only the mods did something about it though. Y'all has been gaining traction and all i can think of are twitter users coming into lolcow. it sucks

No. 850619

I'm a zoomer and I'm so upset at how much of a missed opportunity this generation is. A few years back it seemed like we were headed in a pretty good general direction with the environmental shit back in 2019 and the push for women's equality with the women's marches and the me too movement, but nowadays they've all drunk the genderspecial kool-aid and that's all they care about. It makes me kinda sad sometimes, not even because I'm a terf or something, but it's just depressing how everyone lost sight of the big picture
I blame quarantine and boredom tbh

No. 850621

The rich american tourists in greece are fucking annoying. Go somewhere else you narcisstic fucks and stop bothering us.

No. 850628

some of us are from the south anon

No. 850637

Why are so many americans daft as hell when it comes to how shit in europe works? I sometimes scroll through my country's subreddit (yeah I know reddit, but it's only a small sub with a few thousand members and it doesn't have much traction anyway and is kept in our language)
and sometimes you'll have an american butt in and ask if a 2k monthly salary is enough to live here because apparently they somewhere got the impression that living in countries of the EU is a free for all, even though it's hard as hell for anyone to come here if you're not a citizen of the EU and only speak English. And most of their questions are things that they easily could've googled themselves and then they act all surprised that living here is expensive as hell and comes with many responsibilities when you're a foreigner.

Don't come here expecting people to serve you a job and housing with your below average high-school eduaction and no other language skills on a silver platter because you'll get it thrown right back into your face.

No. 850639

Sorry for this being late, I'm not on lc as frequently anymore
But anon you sound like you're in EXACTLY the same position I was 2 years ago. Like almost word-for-word. Now I'm taking a new course this September and I feel slightly more optimistic/motivated after taking a short break, not because I'm in love with my new course or ~I found my true path~, but because job hunting without a proper qualification or reason for failing was a genuine nightmare. I suggest at least trying to scrape as many credits as you can with you current course if it isn't too late, then withdrawing. If you can't muster the motivation now to stay up to date then you'll only waste more time (and money) in the long run. As for picking a new course, I'm afraid I struggled HARD with this one since I have absolutely zero passion or true talent in anything in life. In the end I went with something I was decent at when I was in high school, but who knows if I still have those skills after being out of education for a year though. I know I wasn't entirely helpful anon but I hope you can find a path that will ease your worries.

No. 850642

Idk, it might be because American culture is so pervasive even online, so people assume everything works the same in other Western countries and do minimal research. On the other hand I think out of people who up and move to totally different countries, for as many who research well and plan it, there are those who are only able to do it because they're reckless. Plus, I think a lot of people who use Reddit as a regular source of info lack the basic literacy to Google things or find out stuff on their own, so it might just be selection bias.

No. 850646

It’s the ignorancy and entitlement that bugs me the most. I understand that sometimes you can't find aanswers to all your questions on google and are probably better off asking people who live in the country youre planning to move to but I can't even express how many times some entitled douche comes in asking things like "but why do I need to learn your language though? English is a universal language and most people are expected to speak it nowadays". More often than not it's probably someone who read a buzzfeed article on how great living in europe is (which it is, don’t get me wrong) because we have universal health care and other things but it's not Disneyland and most shit is not actually “free” but paid through high ass taxes.

I feel bad for those american expats who actually do try but there are just so many idiots who are responsible for how americans are seen here.

No. 850647

You're a fucking legend for not caving in

No. 850649

We barely know how our country works, how tf are we gonna know about europe?

No. 850650

File: 1625946125798.jpg (98.08 KB, 728x728, fd578e5e2f86a9f9e8c75ba259.jpg)

>moving soon, started packing
>came across circular box
>open it
>it's filled with handmade silk flowers that light up
>was given to me by an orbiter who no longer speaks to me after I wouldn't go out with him
Ugh, never accept gifts from guys like this. I feel bad because it did clearly take an amount of effort and he really did try to make this into something I'd find romantic. The craftsmanship is alright but the taste (color, arrangement, etc) is really poor and ugly quite frankly. I feel bad throwing it away, but I'm married now and seriously what am I supposed to do with such a personalized, unsellable gift like this that will only remind me of this person..

No. 850652

That's so cute, but you're absolutely on your right to trash it. He's not even in your life anymore.

No. 850654


Mhh idk maybe googling shit before you plan on moving to said country? I obviously wouldn’t expect someone to know shit about it otherwise but there has to be a reason why you specifically contemplate moving to this one, no?

No. 850660

I asked my only coworker to switch days with me a week prior and she said no. Fine, ok. I end up sick the night before my shift. She apparently told our boss that I may try to take Saturday off for vacation, so I'm was treated like I'm trying to play hookie. Don't make enough here to afford insurance so I can't afford a doctor's note. Am miserable sick, with a fever, running a store on my own because the owner and her 3 daughters can't he assed to cover because "We'Re BuSy WiTh OuR oThEr BuSiNeSs."

This wouldn't piss me off so much if I didn't always cover for my coworker, come in on my days off, and the fact that the whole family is covid deniers. Both my brothers and myself were hospitalized and every single day for 5 days the store owner would send me those "covid is fake masks are evil" Facebook videos that have been debunked like 8 times over. She felt the need to try to convince me covid was fake … While we were hospitalized for Covid and on oxygen…. I hate it here, I just want to leave but I'm so scared to step into the job market blind ughhhhh

No. 850666

I mean I'm all for informed moving, it's really not hard to google about the country you're moving to, I'm just saying there are rich people in this country who are perpetually ignorant because they can get away with it. Their lack of knowledge is problematic for everyone around them.

No. 850667

Probably selection bias. Normal people google shit. Asking questions on a forum and waiting hours if not days for replies is mostly a waste of everyone's time, outside of highly personal, specific or very niche problems. Also, most stable people don't seriously consider just up and moving to an entirely different country unless it's job related, in which case they probably have onboarding procedures and don't need help from randos on Reddit. I know three people who tried moving to different countries on their own, the only successful one has several personality disorders, the other two are an autist and a girl with an extra chromosome.

No. 850668

maybe they want to hear directly from someone who lives there and not through a youtube video which are often misleading

No. 850670

Before you trash it, could you share a pic? i'm curious about what it looks like.

No. 850673


Yeah, I guess that's to be expected on a site like reddit.


Like I said, I understand it in some instances where it's more in relation to a situation specific to them but more often than not it's basic stuff that’s even mentioned on our government's site in english, but anyway, didn’t mean to extend this rant into multiple posts, sry.

No. 850675

I started working at a cafe and I get along with everyone there fine except for one girl who trains me and seems to really dislike me. I don't know if it's because I'm incompetent and she's annoyed, but all of the other people who helped train me said I was doing a good job and were really friendly so idk. I started to notice because she's pretty impatient with me and always seems kind of annoyed, but she'll laugh and make small talk with all of the other employees and just be totally silent around me. I tried talking with her but she was pretty disinterested, except for if I had questions about work-related stuff. I get that sometimes you just aren't interested in talking to someone you don't know that well, but because it seems like she actively doesn't like me I just feel so awkward whenever we have to work together. I mean I guess I'll just suck it up because there's nothing I can do, but it sucks.

No. 850678

What country? Sounds like mine kek

No. 850686


No. 850692

I emigrated to an EU country from a third world shithole, in immigrant groups on Facebook Americans and Brits are the least liked. They constantly complain despite not bothering to look up things they themselves need, they call everyone an immigrant while referring to themselves as expats, and they won't take no for an answer. As in, they legitimately cannot fathom not having the same rights as the natives.

It's become a meme at this point to repost job ads with "fluent [language of the country] required" and cry how unfair it is with "but I'm an American/British citizen!" tacked at the end. Their tantrums are entertaining but I can't stand their entitlement.
American army scrotes often come asking questions about moving here and think that being in the US military will grant them privileges here lol.

No. 850715

I wonder if that entitlement is a result of being used to everyone catering to/speaking your language.

No. 850719

File: 1625951672960.jpg (43.91 KB, 574x280, ya.jpg)

I moved cross country into an apartment sight unseen and didn't think to ask about air conditioning and now I'm suffering in socal heat

I'm sorry nonnie, bitchy coworkers are the worst

No. 850732

File: 1625952605627.png (87.21 KB, 275x158, EE5D9AAD-BDF2-421C-A8E6-F85802…)

I fucking hate moids so much sometimes. I’ve had this friend since high school who cannot help himself from Scott Pilgrim-being all the women in his life. He develops crushes on all of them and projects qualities that aren’t there in an attempt to fix his self esteem. The only way he thinks he has value is if some woman comes and validates him sexually otherwise he whines and cries about how no one loves him. I would try and tell him that having lots of meaningless flings isn’t all that great and having people using you for sex makes your self esteem worse, but he just complained how that still wasn’t worse than not getting tinder matches. Our friends in high school would tease me about him because they thought we should be together because were ‘so alike’ but in reality it was only because we were similar in the bad ways. Honesty I’ve always found him pretty ugly and his personality was never attractive to me romantically either. I think they wanted us to do some stupid ‘best friends wake up and realize they’re perfect for each other’ thing purely for the entertainment value. He doesn’t really get my jokes, was a contrarian towards things I liked for no real reasons, and in general is just kinda boring. He will also OBSESS over girls he’s ‘dated’. I say ‘dated’ because usually it was some college hookup rando who he would talk to for like two months and then things would fizzle out. He cared like these girls losing their interest was the end of the fucking world and could not shut up about them for YEARS. There is one girl in particular who he only had a thing with for like four months in 2018 who he still bitches about. She didn’t even live in the same state for most of their relationship and he still asked me if we might bump into this girl when we went to a bar last week even though I’ve never met this girl in my entire life. He also told me about how another former female friend of his apparently hates him now but refuses to tell me why. I didn’t want to pry but now I’m worried that something went down.
He got a girlfriend a few months ago who is sweet, funny, and overall a great person who really seems to love him. When he told me this I was super happy for him, and I felt comfortable hanging out and talking with him more because he seemed to be doing a lot better. Fast forward a few months to about a week go, and we all go out drinking. His girlfriend pulls me to the side and drunkenly tells me about how she’s insecure of me and how they’ve had fights over me because she thinks he’s still in love with me. She also repeatedly asks me if I have a crush on him. I have to keep telling her no and it was kinda obvious she wanted me to elaborate on why, but I couldn’t because I didn’t want to tell her that I think her boyfriend is ugly as fuck. She also tells me that apparently her called her by my name during a romantic situation and it made my stomach churn. Lately he’s also been bringing up this random streamer that I’ve been crushing on. Like he talks about how he doesn’t get why I’m attracted to him and how I can “do better” even though I will literally never know this guy. After she told me that I realized that it was probably out of a weird jealousy over a stupid parasocial crush I have and how he is definitely not over me instead of just general friend teasing.
I think I really need to end this friendship and move on. Everyone has problems but he has not really changed or improved on his in the decade that I’ve known him, and I can’t have his hang ups over who he thinks I am holding me back anymore. I tended to hang with people who weren’t good for me when I was younger and I’m only now realizing just how badly I let people treat me, including him.

No. 850734

Genuinely depressed cause female dominated fandoms are becoming increasingly batshit, i remember when female fandoms used to be actually better than male dominated ones, but now i avoid female oriented media so i don't engage with crazy genderspecials. Lolcow is literally the only place where I can relax and have a good time without having to walk on eggshells.

No. 850741

technically you can still watch/read that media without engaging with the fans (unless the fans impact the author's writing like homestuck)

No. 850744

i'm scared that places in america are going to start making wearing medical masks illegal again. i love wearing a mask and i don't want to stop

No. 850751

File: 1625954286346.jpg (27.46 KB, 476x464, wojak.jpg)

What do you mean you don't enjoy reading constant spergouts about how <innocuous thing> is problematic

No. 850755

File: 1625954534925.png (45.98 KB, 400x400, tumblr_1adab7c2aec5784b02bb950…)

its so unnerving seeing trannies skinwalk your very existence online despite it not being the uguuuuu kawaii lifestyle they fetishize, not to mention how isolating it is having both prominently male-dominated and male-fetishized hobbies. its impossible to find other actual women to relate to cause guess what? 49/50 times other autistic lesbian weebs are trannies wearing your skin as a fetish costume and getting off on invading the few spaces you have. The clothes you wear, the things you like, the actions you do, the desires you have, all reduced to a costume to be worn by men and exploited for sexual gratification and asspats online. at least i can take comfort in being an authentic human being, but really, it eats away at you whenever you see it

No. 850756


I wouldn't mind keeping masks around either, at least voluntarily. The pandemic made me realise how much hygiene people lack and I don't want to have to smell bad breath or have someone caugh into my face ever again.

No. 850758

I’m going to start a job in a cafe soon and I’m so scared for when the indoor mask mandates aren’t around anymore. I would want to keep my mask on but I don’t know if my employer wants me to be serving with a mask

No. 850759

File: 1625955171536.png (981.31 KB, 927x707, Untitled.png)

Can't even fucking open my window shade and let some sun in without some fucking scrote creeping by and watching me through my window, We stared at each other for a solid minute before he finally left.

No. 850763

really makes you wanna a-log. At The Very Least.

No. 850766

Omg. A co worker of mine transitioned and he told me I was the blueprint/ inspiration. That… isn’t a compliment. In a way it feels like they’re trying to overwrite our existence

No. 850778

get a realistic looking fake gun and point it at him next time

No. 850781

Or better yet get a real gun.

No. 850783

I deal with that shit at work. Fortunately I work online, but still. I don't wanna be within 100 yards of a skinwalker.

No. 850788

Thats so scary, I would call po

No. 850789

I agree nonnie. I used to be okay with trannies years ago but they are getting more and more unhinged. It's still hard enough for women to be seen as autonomous individuals with rights and not birthing machines and sexual objects yet trannies demand to be included in female spaces and topics related to us without ever having had to deal with the bad stuff while they still partake in misoginy. They also reinforce the stereotypes we still try to fight against and it shows that they're still porn-sick scrotes deep down. Like all women care about is wearing girly stuff, being ditzy and looking sexy. I don't want any of them being included when it comes to issues involving us because it doesn't affect them. Period.

No. 850790

it feels like every other man wants to "Settle down" and are "Looking for a wife" since Covid started. There's a few guys I use for sex, attention and sometimes free meals, who suddenly seem to want "more" from me. It's funny because one of the scrotes I actually wanted more from, but they proved (in their actions) they weren't about shit.
Now suddenly he's been thinking about "us" and his "Life" and what he wants.
Fuck off.

No. 850792

I beg you anon, imagine how disorienting it would be to be born a gender that doesn't align with your mind.

No. 850794

You need to stop going to male spaces and accept your outie anon, you're not a kid anymore

No. 850798

whatever helps you sleep at night

No. 850801

What have they said to you? oddly enough I've seen something similar going on with me as well

No. 850803

Thats literally dumb anon

No. 850804

I can't believe you are still salty with the post from 2 days ago kek.
But it is sad that there are women who do not accept their body.

No. 850811

There's people born without limbs who are more mentally stable. Who don't demand the world bow down and lick their asscracks for existing. Who don't go out of their way to make others uncomfortable for a sick thrill. Who aren't perpetual victims in a ceaseless state of seethe over the fact that others are born with what they want. There are people who deal with so much pain who just pick up and carry on and accept reality for what it is and try and make the best of it, and then there are trannies who want to drag women's rights back to the dark ages over a fucking fetish. I'll take my ban.

No. 850812

How? Gender dysphoria is in the DSM-5, it's science at this point.

No. 850814

That's not what I have a problem with. It's none of my business if they want to transition because they don't feel comfortable being male. What's not okay is demanding to be included in conversations that don't affect them while still talking over biological women like other scrotes or even implying that they're above biological women, like many of them do. I don't deny that trans people have their own issues that need to be talked about and considered but it's rich of them to demand to be included whenever it comes to female topics. Take mother's day as an example. Can't possibly celebrate it without some trannie yelling how transphobic it is because trans women without a uterus (duh) or a vagina are also women (even though MOTHERS are being celebrated but whatever) or whatever mental gymnastics they try to do. It's annoying.

No. 850816

Do you agree, it is a mental illness and it shouldn't be treated with body mutilation? Just like you don't encourage someone anorexic to starve to feel "euphoric".

No. 850817

Are troons science now or did you read it on twitter?

No. 850823

Not feeling aligned with the gender you were born with causes gender dysphoria. The state of transitioning to a different gender is the remedy in that case.

I mean, if you consider the Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders to be "troon science' then yeah, I guess they are.

No. 850827

>TRAs control with fear which would in a non-clown timeline label them as a terrorist group.
That'd never happen unless we had a female president (not Hillary or Kamala). Men will never understand how incredibly fucked up it is.

No. 850828

File: 1625961180781.jpg (104.43 KB, 438x1038, ef21b8076422ccafe0356016_1ca24…)

Ah yes, because the rest of us are perfectly aligned with the universally agreed upon feeling of 'woman'. SO glad us lucky ladies share a spot in the hivemind together!

No. 850829

Imprison Tom Hanks already!

No. 850834

Gender doesn't exist. There's biological sex and nothing else. The whole theory of gender was thought up by jewish pedophile known as John Money. His initial experiments ended with two children being sexually abused and then killing themselves as adults. Suddenly the 41% makes sense.

No. 850840

Gender exists just as much as any other invented societal mechanism

No. 850847

you're not born a gender. gender is imposed upon you due to your sex. gender is a religion and no one should be forced to succumb to it, but unfortunately it happens so often. just because you don't believe in the specific religion forced upon you, that doesn't mean you are absolutely a member of the other popular religion forced upon another group of people based on their sex, and that doesn't mean you were "accidentally" born the opposite sex.

No. 850848

Nah because what if he's a little bitch and calls the police? Anon could get in trouble for threatening him. But a fake will be easier to get away with without a charge

No. 850854

Just popping by to say how that all can be solved by having just one word for sex/gender so everyone with danger hair color doesn't have to sperg out about it

No. 850855

Things like "I want to settle down, I've been thinking a lot about my life" was what one of them were saying. The one I used to want a relationship from said the same thing but was like, "I'm tired of just fucking around with you, I have feelings for you and with everything going on, it's made me realize that more."
I get the state of the world has made everyone rethink life,but It's just annoying. I'm finally in a space where I get what I want, then move on. I hate to say it, but I feel like I treat scrotes how scrotes treat women they just want things from. I want sex, maybe a cuddle and you can come play some games with me or take me out to eat, then leave me the fuck alone. I have no long lasting emotions towards them.
Now suddenly, they are thinking and it's annoying. I really don't see myself with any of the scrotes I'm talking too. It's just like when you want someone, they don't want you in that way, then suddenly they do. Then the way they want you isn't normal circumstances it's because fucking Covid. Maybe I'm just being crazy, I don't know.

it's not even just scrotes that i'm sexually active with (only 2) but sometimes I play around on dating sites and everyones really fucking serious. It'd be nice if I was in that mood and if they legit wanted to have a wife, kids or whatever. It's just because of Covid and I feel when that does go away and things really start getting normal again, then scrotes gonna scrote.

No. 850857

Absolutely agree. I think the majority of the population already uses gender as a synonym for sex, more focused on outward sex characteristics, such as genitals. Hence both words starting with "gen".

No. 850859

Yes it's female and male
Or XX and XY

No. 850871

I ate too much the last two days because I went to a couple of events and I'm too weak to turn down cake. It feels really nice to have eaten what I wanted, but I don't know how to eat tomorrow now. Are you supposed to lower your intake, or just go back to eating healthily, or what?
I probably didn't eat more than 2000kcal each day, but I've been eating and maintaining a BMI of 22 on 800-1200 (ex fatty-chan on gabapentin and tramadol, a recipe for a shit metabolism). It scares me how easy it was to eat way more than normal.
How do I maintain my weight naturally and healthily now, anons? I don't want to be up at night fretting over cake that I ate at a birthday party. I don't want to be unable to celebrate and eat spontaneously like a normal person. Just want to feel like I can trust my body again.

No. 850873

You realize "gen-" is Greek for "to produce" (also "birth", "born", etc.), right?

No. 850888

You should have told him that every time he jacks off and ejaculates, he's killing babies too. Millions of them. What a scrote.

No. 850889

Not what I meant, anon. In my language we only have one word for gender and sex (not meaning fucking type of sex) and of course man and woman are words of their own.
That is not how that word came around though

No. 850896

the amount of newfags who refuse to read the rules or sage (especially in /m) is depressing

No. 850908

It's because they're bored and having been in lockdown/semi-lockdown made them bored and lonely. They probably reflected on their shitty lives and shitty living situations and having to cook their own shitty food. They want a woman as a crutch. If they got sick they wanted someone to take care of them since Mommy isn't there. Moids are parasites. They don't want to settle down and have a real and equal relationship. They want a woman to do everything for them.

No. 850910

Fuck youuuu I was cleaning my glasses and they snapped at the bridge. I don't even have any back-up ones while I wait to see if they can be repaired. I'm going to have to call someone to take me because I can't get around without them. I ordered a pair online (I've been putting it off forever) so I'll have a new pair in a week at least. This really sucks though, I can only see a couple inches in front of me.

No. 850912

Who cares?

No. 850913

File: 1625969309244.jpeg (31.41 KB, 478x315, 41BA3BB7-A7B3-4B43-804D-712A0D…)

>mfw I’ve been subtly pinkpilling / peaking my all-normie friend group
None of them are on the internet much, except for Snapchat on their iPhones, so I’m going to make damn sure my girls are never going to fall under any devil shemale trickery.

No. 850914

Based. My friends are too far gone.

No. 850931

>I hate that people don't listen to you if you're an ugly woman. Literally everything I say or do doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if I train myself to be intelligent and bust my ass off for good grades, some mediocre scrote or some prettier girl is going to surpass me anyway.
I'm seriously asking, what jobs can an ugly woman have?

No. 850932

No. 850936

I'm a liar and wasteful. My boyfriend is a blessing in my life and the sweetest. He keeps buying me food when I mention I'm hungry at work. I think this is partially because he knows I barely eat do to my issues surrounding food and my body issues. It's just I take a bite of it and then throw it away because I can't bring myself to eat x amount of calories in a day because my brain is just fucked these days and I'm relapsing hard. At least this time I have the food to a coworker so someone is eating it. I never felt bad before wasting food because it was my own cash but this is from his money and it's given to me out of his own kindness and fuck I'm a shitty person and being mentally ill isn't an excuse. I'm not going to be careless and mention cravings or hunger anymore so I can avoid this because I can't stand lying to him like this. I don't get why I couldn't have met him when I was chubby and pretty content with being chubby. I hope I can get on health insurance soon to fix my issues, I don't want to ruin everything anymore.

No. 850944

File: 1625974659173.jpeg (17.76 KB, 474x331, download (2).jpeg)

My coworkers ganged up on me today and I'm fucking pissed. My manager start with "what's with you you were totally different when you started working here", another coworker "do you even like this job? Do you" like bitch the fuck I do not like this job and neither do any of you either, it's a fucking min wage hell hole. It's not like I'm not nice to customers. I'm too chicken to say that so I just said "no, it's just stuff at home". Then comes a lecture of "everyone has stuff going on at home when you come here you're suppose to put it away and be happy". Fuck you! Literal fucking soul harvesting assholes.
I was planning to quit anyways but now I just want to stay a few more weeks just to piss them off.

No. 850950

lol do it, that or just don't show up for your remaining shifts and leave them short staffed. I've never had this happen to me exactly but I've had the "you're not nice enough to customers" speech (which is bullshit, I was, and most customers didn't even want to look me in the eye) and it always made me mad. but then when I would quit they would be all surprised pikachu.

No. 850954

>leave them short staffed
That sounds satisfying but my dumbass pride doesn't want me to quit right after they ganged up on me, as if their bullying worked.

No. 850958

have lousy day at work, be in immense pain, take seven painkillers, painkillers only begin to kick in after I'm done with task that was causing me pain, two hours trying not to cry in front of my coworkers only to fail and try and obscure half my face since I'm cooped up in the back room doing shit and they barely see me anyway. oh what a day. now I just feel dead.

No. 850960

File: 1625975998728.jpeg (363.67 KB, 2048x1447, 52A92BF3-3052-42B3-87E4-9BBF42…)

They’re trying to bully you into being an obedient worker, they will seethe if you leave them short staffed.

No. 850963

esp if your coworkers ganged up on you they deserve to be short staffed. drain them of all their energy having to cover you.

No. 850977

Naw it’s a power move anon. I had coworkers gang up on me at my first job like that constantly. I quit in the middle of my shift in the middle of a transaction because I was so fed up. They talked behind my back about how I “couldn’t handle the pressure” but now I have a degree and a job in my field while they’re still working entry level restaurant gigs. Quit, focus on yourself, and find a place that actually values you.

No. 850979

I am so insanely lonely that I feel like making a throwaway email and posting flyers of it all over the city. I don't want to try tinder or bumble or omegle or imageboards or twitter or instagram or whatever. I want to have meaningful conversations but I don't want to be perceived, and I don't want to see the other person either.

No. 850983

right, like the ones who stay behind stay licking boots. employers say they hate workers who move around a lot, but if you look further it's usually because the worker moved because they found a better paying job.

No. 850986

They really think that the more time and energy they pour into the same thing the better things will get, which is usually not true in those situations. Successful people know when to cut the cord on something that isn’t working. I thought I’d never get a job again after I quit like that but it’s never had an consequences. Don’t show up and tell whatever job you have next not to contact your previous employer kek.

No. 850994

Being lesbian with bad eyesight sucks, I see a cute girl, oh shit nvm that’s a man. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many troons

No. 851013

>handmade silk flowers that light up
we absolutely need a pic. gosh that's so cute.

No. 851028

How do you deal with the payment tho? My place pays ppl 2 weeks later in cheques… Probably because they've had lots of ppl just not show up after dealing with stressful work.

No. 851040

Obviously you would need to plan out the quitting. Save up a little to stay comfy enough until you land your next job, having a shared rent helps a lot. Even if you do quit before that two weeks, you still have to get paid by them, at least that's how it is in burgerland. I've managed to land a newer job in as short as 4 days and as long as 1 month later, so even with that time unemployed, I knew the better paying job was coming my way. My boyfriend recently up and quit his most recent job due to them expecting so much from him, I barely saw him, 2nd time he's done that this year, but now he's getting paid $4 more than the beginning of this year.

No. 851105

My mom giving me advice: 'You shouldn't let your PMDD affect your performance at your workplace'
Sure mom, Imma just switch off those suicidal thoughts and the general feeling of hopelessness. No biggie

No. 851147

Thinking about ending it all today. My partner left me, and my job last week imploded. My therapist confirmed with me that i'm being bullied, as I've been gaslit so much i don't know what is real anymore. How pathetic is that?

No. 851151

Your life may feel like it's in shambles right now but you can build it (back) up to where you want to be with a healthy, loving relationship and a job that makes you happy or whatever it is you want in life. Don't give up on your work with your therapist, it's a good thing you've identified the bullying problem, that means you now know where to put your energy and attention to solve that problem. You can do it!

No. 851152

I know it's cliche, anon. But it does get better. Like >>851151 said you can build yourself back up. In the mean time, be selfish and live for the little things in life. I've been suicidal myself recently and looking at the Big Picture scares me so I live for the little things. I live for my hobbies, I live for good food and long naps. It gets me through the days and helps me to start taking steps towards addressing the bigger problems. Maybe try that? Do your hobbies when you can, escape into whatever world you want to. Eat like a queen! Do what it takes to keep going, one day at a time.

No. 851191

take this as an opportunity to start a better life. sometimes life goes on without giving us a clue that something could be the wrong path for us. years into it, we realize we fucked up but there's no going back, we're in too deep. in cases like yours, you don't have to make the difficult decision to quit something you've invested in. it may seem like a wave swept everything out to sea from under you, leaving you with nothing, but there are so many possibilities lying in wait. you now have the ability to really look inside yourself and ask what you want your life to be like. you now have the opportunity to craft your life to suit your desires. all too often people get caught up in their lives and their routine/etc begins to dictate their choices. this is no longer with you. as for the bullying, there isn't much i can say since i deal with the same thing. despite that, there's a lot to look forward to, anon.

No. 851215

Yesterday when I going home just outside my house there were all these police cars and everything was sealed off. I’ve never seen this before because I live in the middle of nowhere and there are barely any people who live there. I hadn’t seen anything driving in so I parked my car at the side of the road and immediately these people I hadn’t seen before started banging on my window and telling me there was a horrible accident and I should go somewhere else so I wouldn’t have see it. There were people stood outside crying and unable to stand and telling me that the accident was extremely gruesome and that I shouldn’t walk past it to my house but when I spoke to the police they said I would have to leave my car parked there and wouldn’t be able to drive in for over 12 hours and I had nowhere else to go so I had to just walk past to go home. They had tried to cover it but because of the nature of what happened it couldn’t really be covered. I won’t go into graphic detail here but it was basically just an extreme amount of bloods and brain tissue all over the street, and you could still see the body. I couldn’t help but stare at it as I walked home but I was kind of unsettled by my reaction because I walked past and didn’t feel anxious or unwell or anything at all. I’m extremely squeamish and have always gotten light headed even hearing people talk about blood, I could never do dissections in biology etc and I am usually very sensitive, an old family friend died recently and even though I hadn’t seen him in decades I cried for days over it and still think about it all the time but for some reason I didn’t feel affected by this accident, which makes me feel horrible to say. It was so gruesome that it just didn’t register as real almost? And it all happened so quickly I just didn’t really process it as it was happening and then when I went home I immediately fell asleep and slept for like 22+ hours and when I woke up and got my car everything had been cleared and it felt like it never really happened and I still didn’t really feel different. I’ve never seen anything remotely like that or been in a situation similar to it and I’m not sure what the normal reaction is, but it just made me feel guilty that I reacted like that, like it made me feel sociopathic that I wasn’t more upset like there’s something wrong with me.

No. 851226

There's nothing wrong with you anon, your brain is just processing and protecting you
Hopefully you're well adjusted enough that you're able to deal with seeing that without any further issues but don't be worried if it hits you in a month because that's normal, please talk to your friends or family if it does

No. 851230

i know it's dumb to care about this so ignore it but the age fixation some anons have in the celebricows thread gets to me sometimes. like anyone who doesn't look 16 is considered "old" looking or "pushing __" but to me they look normal for their age? like almost everyone in the world can be considered "old" by their standards over features that are common. it happens in every instance of those threads yet i still read it anyway for some reason.

No. 851301

File: 1626019120343.gif (82.96 KB, 162x90, 1549337752547.gif)

I have literal mosquito bite boobs, like AAA-A size. Flat as a teenage boy. Not even enough tissue to get inplants.
Im disgusting and I want to die!!

No. 851309

people are more willing to openly project their internalized misogyny on celebrities

No. 851320

File: 1626020923285.webm (89.05 KB, 720x404, the cure.webm)

>grown ass brother makes a mess
>”anon can you clean that up? i’ve tried telling him to do it before but he never listens”
Oh but you had no problem shouting until I learnt how to clean up after myself when I was young
>grown ass sister sulks around and talks disrespectfully
>”anon can you ask her whats wrong? she just shouted at me so i have no idea.”
But when I used to shout it was the biggest sin in the world? When I’m not in the mood I’m actually ungrateful and throwing a fit? My sister’s behaviour has been unaddressed so much that the pure disrespect is just her natural state now.

Amazing how I’m in a family of obnoxious, self-centered people and my mother still chooses to favoritize all my other siblings. Why? Because I’m eldest daughter. Because I’m given different expectatations from the rest of them. Thanks to that, anything I do that isn’t going above and beyond means fuck all. I‘ve been painted as “the lazy one” in the family growing up because I don’t want to clean up after selfish cunts who don’t know the first thing about empathy, respect or cleanliness.

I want to run away and leave these fucking losers in the dust. Make them realize how much they fucking need me and would completely crumble without me.
But despite everything I’m still the bigger fucking loser who can’t imagine ditching my inconsiderate mother like that. Fucking hell. I wish I could be as selfish as these cunts. I hate that I’m so weak. I drew the worst possible cards when it came to my societal position in life. I wish I wasn’t fucking born.

No. 851323

The standards for what counts as fat and what counts as old are kinda nuts on here at times. Like are those anons going to turn 25, gain 5 pounds and just give up on life? Or will they starve and get endless filler instead? How do you live with yourself when you have those insane standards?

No. 851388

>How do you live with yourself when you have those insane standards?
They don't. That's where the bitterness comes from, resentment towards their own body. Nobody who feels content and secure about their physical appearance has any reason to care about the physical appearance of others.

No. 851400

File: 1626028067180.jpg (67.43 KB, 1062x866, 9yzidkvuoiu31.jpg)

This is a stupid first world problem rant. I haven't had a job for months, I need the money because I'm completely broke and dependent on my mother but I cannot for the love of God make myself to look for one. The workplaces I had before were horrible and just when even the thought comes up about having to work for some narcissistic asshole with unresolved anger issues who doesn't pay me shit but wants me to act like working in that place is the greatest thing that happened to me since my mother gave birth to me, I'm just filled with dread. I'm also socially anxious/a misanthrope and the concept of having to be with the same people all day long for fucking years and having to pretend we like each other and we love the job we're doing just makes me want to bash my head against a fucking wall. And I KNOW complaining about this is fucking immature, my friends told me already. It's a (big) part of adulthood to do shit that we don't want, I know.
A big source of my bitterness I guess is that I was rejected from the positions that I was actually, GENUINELY interested in and all the other shit that I'm not interested in but qualified for are gonna be the usual 'narcissistic management terrorizing employees' scenario, I just know it.
I'm starting to get this feeling that to be actually successful in the whole job searching process of sending myriads of CVs and resumes and interviewing and filling out retarded psychometric/roleplaying/IQ/writing/other tests and having to sell yourself as the ideal employee without burning out you have to be on the fucking psychopathy spectrum. End of pointless rant

No. 851405

this pic is so dumb I laughed so hard lol

No. 851411

this is how every primary school receptionist in the UK look ngl

No. 851416

kek I know, that's why I chose it. I had a lunch lady in my elementary school who looked just like her

No. 851418

eldest daughter syndrome here too, i always got a notable amount more discipline than my other siblings…i guess i was just more of a free thinker…

you'll get through it anon

No. 851419

File: 1626028943456.jpg (24.02 KB, 675x379, emma-the-office-worker-supplie…)

The closeup on her face is actually terrifying

No. 851436

Thought that was Nic Cage for a second

No. 851446

>I’m still the bigger fucking loser who can’t imagine ditching my inconsiderate mother like that. Fucking hell. I wish I could be as selfish as these cunts. I hate that I’m so weak.
I believe in you, you can become as selfish as you want. Please don't end up being a free carer for them when they get old.

No. 851454

I hate hate hate the "pushing x" pettiness, they always exaggerate the person's age and, when called out, snidely respond "ummmm there's nothing wrong with being x, I never said that, but at that age she should be acting/dressing more mature".

I remember when someone said Sharla was "almost in her late 30s" and should be more mature. They couldn't say 35, her actual age? They couldn't say mid-30s? She's not even milky and she doesn't dress inappropriately for her age at all, but the fact that she was in Japan was apparently reason enough to call her old. Because 35 year old women aren't allowed in glorious Nippon unlike Jvlogger manchildren apparently.

No. 851458

Why does he keep trying to tell me shit I do not care about

No. 851468

I really hate how people, women especially seem to only punish other women for being involved in an affair. There's this asmrtist whose videos I liked but she's going to stop making videos because she was with some other asmrtist who was married and is now getting death threats. The guy gets off scot-free of course. The same scenario played out with Mary Elizabeth Winstead iirc. I really do hate our society and I say this as someone who never cheated and doesn't like cheaters.

No. 851470

there is no way this isn't a facemorph of Brian peppers and Nic cage

No. 851474

> Because 35 year old women aren't allowed in glorious Nippon
That's fucking depressing. I've only recently started getting my shit together, financially and emotionally now that I'm 30 and will be finanly able to afford visiting Japan next year, my lifelong dream.
What's so immature about visiting Japan? Admittedly, I'm still into anime and manga among other things but I really hate the restrictiveness that women face when it comes to interests and habits unlike men.

No. 851476

Who was the ASMRtist? Please don't say Goodnight Moon

No. 851478

Is it Jim ASMR?

No. 851479

People online are mentally ill and will shit on women for just existing, I hope you have fun anon. There's absolutely nothing immature about visiting Japan, I'm guessing that the people shitting on Sharla are poor weebs jealous that she gets to live there and they don't.

No. 851480

Crinkleluvin. I don't like her personally but she had some great personal attention ASMR vids.

No. 851486

Do you sincerely find this depressing/care about this/think this is actually a big deal? Like literally no one on earth thinks it’s weird for you to go to Japan. Even the mentally ill person the anon you’re replying to is quoting didn’t even say that, and it’s something she is essentially baselessly extrapolating from someone saying Sharla is immature which is a huge reach. Obviously no one thinks you’re too old to go on vacation but I feel like you probably are too old to be this insecure. Even if this was a thing that some random sperg on lolcow thought why would you care.

No. 851487

ありがとう、アノンーさん! (thanks, anon) I had a rough life and I never thought I would be able to afford traveling there but now I'm finally making some plans and have comfy disposable income for that. But it's the general attitude people have for women and some women seem to reinforce that attitude too even if it's against their best interest which is what surprises me and saddens me. It's not always easy to ignore but I hope to see more women stop giving a shit and perpetuating the "life stops at 30" for them.

No. 851493

You can't ignore that society has some expectations of how women should behave after a certain age and it's hard not giving a shit when you partake in it daily. There's like a plethora of things that women are usually faced with from dressing, activities, lifestyle, interests and so on that are under constant scrutiny for not abiding under a set of social unwritten rules even in this day and age where so much has changed in most civilized world. I doubt most people would think of me less for wanting to go to Japan but someone thinking that it's immature for a woman to do that wouldn't surprise me the least because I've heard and read similar things on various equally trivial matters only because the subject was a woman. Being a batchelor is cool, being a carefree woman who doesn't serve to her family is a spinster/wine aunt/insert flavour of the month insult. I don't care for the most part but sometimes it does get to you.

No. 851504

Idk, I feel like fantasising about being told you’re too old to do something that literally no one even thinks, but possible someone out there somewhere maybe in theory could and it “wouldn’t surprise you,” and then lamenting over how depressing that non existent scenario is, is extremely weird and you’re just looking to feel sorry for yourself at that point. Like some of you just sound like you genuinely never leave the house or want to larp as if you live in the 1920’s. I find it hard to believe you are “under constant scrutiny” for your hobbies/interests/lifestyle/clothes day to day at 30 unless you’re literally wearing toddler clothes or something? I don’t think anyone cares that much about what you or anyone is doing. It sounds extremely paranoid and unrelatable to everyone I know that age or older. Being a woman who doesn’t “serve her family” or does such radical acts as “going on vacation” at 30 is extremely common and normal, but some people here seem to almost want it not to be because they want to act like they are horrifically persecuted over like reading manga. But you saying you “read” someone saying something similar, and mentioning the wine aunt thing makes me think this is something you’re exclusively getting from like incel men on social media or r9k or something and no one irl has said anything like this? in which case you’re too old to be spending time there and these people are very easily avoided. I don’t get why some women here act like these non existing fringe opinions you can find about literally anything online are some huge burden or has any impact on anything. They just seem addicted to self pity and viewing themselves as the Most Victimised Woman because an imaginary incel could theoretically think them going to Japan is immature.

No. 851508

Lol fuck my new management. Why the fuck do you have to change the breaks and make them unscheduled??? It’s so goddamn haphazard no ones gonna get anything done now. This shit is so dumb.

No. 851516

Some absolute schizophrenic retard is spamming Crystal Cafe with accusations of everyone being in some kind of secret circle conspiring against him, and is making a weird game of it like hes the joker or some shit. I just want to post about horses and use the pinkpill thread. Why do mentally ill troons have to ruin everything?

Half tin foiling that someone accidentally summoned that crazy bitch who took down the Rabbit streaming website by mentioning her name in a thread. They basically research themself all day to figure out who is talking about them because they think anyone against them is a part of an underground criminal ring

No. 851524

I remember that mentally ill woman. If anyone needs info u Can find it on n*xpo channel where he goes into deep dive about her and how much she affected him and people around him.

I think she just ended up finding this place out, cause even after people started making videos about her it never stopped.

No. 851526

Why did you censor Nexpo

No. 851529

Why censor Nexpo lmao are you from twitter? whats the reasoning behind this?

No. 851537

They're currently accusing random anons of being a middle aged English woman running the forum and spam posting about pinkpill the pinkpill thread. They also keep talking about having their opinions "ban hammered", but its next to impossible to get banned from CC unless you post porn, are a moid, or are trying to start a loli thread (or some degenerate shit equivalent). Starting to wonder if its actually a troon upset that we have very active terf threads. Wouldnt be the first time they appeared but I guess we're lucky hes not posting the same illegal things they normally post here. It's super weird the way they behave in conversation as well

No. 851545

Anyone else watched that match? Bruh…

No. 851549

It was exhausting to watch, pasta boys played dirty

No. 851551

File: 1626041385502.jpg (61.76 KB, 680x383, 033.jpg)

Our struggle continues

No. 851552

A little, why is literally none of them hot?

No. 851555

Southgate is an idiot for using Saka, he's a kid and not putting Grealish on earlier.

No. 851556

Time to eat pasta

No. 851559

Poor kid also got yanked like a horse by that Italian player

No. 851562

Next time…

No. 851563

If it's really that woman from Nexpo's video, cc is doomed. She's completely unhinged and seemeingly has all the time in the world to spam forums and stalk/harass people. I wouldn't want to go near any discussion of her with a 10 foot pole.

No. 851565

And he only got a yellow card smh. Honestly mad at how the pastas were allowed to act

No. 851570

Can I just say how nice it is to see football discussed here in a non-aggressive way? It's such a male dominated sport it's always vicious and racist shit-flinging online, and here you all using food nicknames. I love it, you're all the best.

No. 851578

In my early 20s my friend group consisted of people 30+ and thinking back they made me feel stupid a lot by calling out mistakes I was making in my life instead of helping me or giving me advice. Now that I'm in my 30s idk why the fuck they were hanging out with me and I can't really imagine hanging out with or dating a 20 year old. God and all their petty drama? I was forced to pick sides and keep secrets I didn't want to keep and had boundaries pushed because I was so inexperienced in having friends (I was homeschooled lol.) I went along with so much because when they were cool they were pretty cool.

No. 851579

I have a friend who is openly gender critical and the other day in large server, a mutual acquaintance brought up how transphobic he thinks that she is based off her personal twitter. Normally I wouldn't give a shit about this, but the discussion turned into whether or not she would be fired from the big tech company she and he both work at for these views. This made me really uncomfortable, especially since the tweets were just shit like "sex and gender are different".

I'm suspicious of this guy's intentions, wondering if he would share her twitter within their work org in an attempt to have her fired. I'm torn on if this thought is paranoid, or if I should let her know that he is regularly checking her tweets for anything he deems problematic. Should I tell her?

No. 851581

In a scenario where the stakes are high, it's better to act assuming the worse. I'd give her a heads up that this guy was vocal about disagreeing with her gender critical tweets and has evidentially found her personal twitter. She can then choose how to act and you don't have to be any more involved.

No. 851582

Yes, tell her. He's waiting to try to fuck up her life if she ever speaks "out of turn" or sexually/romantically rejects him.
Fuck scrotes, fuck trannies.

No. 851601

File: 1626046757821.jpg (131.85 KB, 480x480, original - 2021-07-12T012538.1…)

I think I'm going to have a ptsd from my very first encounter with cannabis. I ate a whole edible cookie and it was too much for me. It's been 12 hours and only now I stopped feeling nauseous and dizzy. At first it wasn't scary, I was flying and seeing bright beams of light, I felt I'm beyond time and space, I saw every little process occurring in plants and animals and some numbers flashing before my eyes, the most trippy thing was that I saw everything in four dimensions, not in 3D, everything existed in a cube inside of another cube. Then I was back in my room but I saw myself from all perspectives, then every moment started to repeat itself infinite amount of times; I tried to move and I was seeing my hand moving in the same direction over and over again, I could not get out of this loop, I started to cry I can't move and I want it to stop, the person I was with tried to calm me down. Then I got into a state similar to sleep paralysis, I couldn't move and I had this crushing feeling in my chest, I was sure I'm going to die and I started to cry again. Then I felt like my body was being crushed from both sides by some invisible walls, I was in terrible pain. Then I got into a serious paranoia, and my brain started to make up some horrible, more realistic scenarios. I started thinking that the person I was with gave me drugs on purpose, and that they were going to sell me to someone, I saw strange men coming into our room and kidnapping me, I felt betrayed, hopeless and so scared, but I couldn't scream, I was sure I'm in hell. I think I slept for a while after that. When I woke up, everything around me was still spinning but I was more connected to reality. I tried to eat but vomited, I had terrible stomach ache and sore throat for the next few hours. I woke up from the nap now and I feel really tired. I'm scared this shit will still affect me when I'm at work

No. 851606

>I doubt most people would think of me less for wanting to go to Japan but someone thinking that it's immature for a woman to do that wouldn't surprise me the least
Anyone who thinks that has never been to Japan or even on a vacation in their life, because I'd say the majority of people doing overseas travel are rich retired old people and middle aged parents with their kids. You can safely assume it's jealousy and weeb delusions about Japan being a kawaii paradise. It's an extremely popular tourist destination.

No. 851621

File: 1626049029623.jpg (30.75 KB, 800x600, 2_16self.jpg)

I hate how I never orgasm during sex, masturbation, or 2d porn no matter how horny I get but only orgasm during random moments or when I stretch my butt after working out

No. 851622

Anon, wokies are absolutely rabid for the taste of non wokie flesh. That motherfucker might not show it but he is frothing at the mouth to get those virtue signal points for exposing an ebil TERF. Tell that girl immediately so she at least has a chance to do something to save her ass before this guy decides to stage his social justice hero moment

No. 851625

The fact none of them (Nexpo, SomeOrdinaryGamer, MamaMax, night docs) have made a follow up leads me to believe that Nexpos fucking edgy film about her didn't actually lead to anything and reporting her to the FBI fell through. Its actually incredible how the mere mention of this woman has a Beetlejuice effect. If it is her, I will shit, because the spamming started only a few hours after I seen an anon mention her Rabbit antics

No. 851627

Probably to reduce the chances of that psycho woman coming here from her searches and flooding the forums with span, blame yourselves if it happens

No. 851639

Spoonfeed pls who is everyone referring to?

No. 851643

Oh no, anon! I hope you're feeling ok now… As a tip, when you feel like your high is too strong, eat some crushed black peppercorns. It won't rid of the high completely, but it'll help to take the intensity down a bit. Drink lots of water and sleep well!

No. 851646

I’m starting to lose hope in my job search but I today I applied to a kitchen position at a decent Uni I live near. I only did this because the kitchen staff at the college I attended seemed to enjoy their work a lot. It’s kind of depressing to live in an area without a lot of job opportunities but my entire family lives here and they’re literally the only people I talk to.

No. 851647

I think it's Padma Mccord

No. 851657

I hate that with instant messaging I'm expected to respond to people within the hour or I'm accused of ghosting or ignoring. Like fuck me if I just want a day or two to myself without talking to anyone.

No. 851661

You've cursed us all anon you should have looked at the videos of the YouTubers mentioned or Googled them
When people make videos or articles or whatever about a certain individual the site or account gets overrun by spam and legal strikes

Just do it and get them used to it

No. 851681

My dad slept in my bed for a few days while he was over and I slept with my mom. (They are divorced) And today I went into my room and my bed frame is full of white stains plus my floor was gross and sticky. I'm 100% sure he cummed in my room since when I lived with him he used to cum in the bathroom floor and just leave it there. I'm so scared he touched some of my clothes principally undies or did something groos to my stuff. I'm so disgusted and I feel violated in a way. Like my space was tainted.

No. 851689

tech me ur ways

No. 851692

Confront him and make him hire a cleaner, what a fucking sicko. Even if you don't specifically say it's cum you should point out the stains and embarrass him to the point that he concedes

No. 851694

Girl fix your radar, I'm legally blind and even I tell a troon from a glance

No. 851699

That's fucking disgusting. If I was you I would honestly throw out any dirty laundry and underwear that was in there, but maybe I'm just paranoid.

No. 851701

take pictures/video and blackmail him

No. 851707

Pretend you don't know what it is and ask other family members to look at it to see if they have any suggestions on what would remove the stains.

No. 851708

Seriously considering just getting into hard drugs or something. I can't keep up. I don't care.

No. 851711

File: 1626059323875.jpeg (20.58 KB, 494x369, 1618569120427.jpeg)

I hate it when fiction tries to emulate life, like the reason why i'm reading a story is to escape from it why the fuck should i be interested in global politics of a fantasy land. It all makes me feel really alone

No. 851718

i just (kinda) cheated on a test for the first time in my life and i feel so dumb and slimy for having to. i just started a really hard class and only had half the amount of time i would have to study and had to submit the test so i used my textbook even though it was supposed to be closed book. i hate online classes oh my god

No. 851724

I've been researching how to commit sui for two weeks already (don't have access to a gun and no high rise buildings where I live, sadly) and for every good method I find there's dozens of testimonies of it not working in certain forums dedicated to the topic and I don't know what to do, I'm at my wits end. How the fuck do people manage to do it successfully? What is their secret?

No. 851728

Take it as a hint from the universe not to do it, I can't imagine anything worse than being suicidal to begin with and then ending up disabled or chronically injured from a failed attempt. Don't even risk it.

No. 851746

Another day, another night where a scrote decides to vent his life while I'm watching a movie, and yeah okay, look dude, I feel kinda bad for you. But I was watching a movie and you kind of ruined how focused I was on it.

No. 851747

I know! the threat of becoming a vegetable is scary af. But I have to do this no matter what. If I could pay someone to end me I would lol

No. 851748

Just do shrooms, LSD and weed - at least you can quit those whenever. Maybe even amphetamines in moderation.

No. 851750

yeah, take like 60mg adderall once every couple weeks just to fuck around see what happens

No. 851769

i’m really at the end of my rope, but i feel like a little bitch complaining because i could have it so much worse. i have a lot of important things to do this week that were already stressing me out, like stuff that requires all my attention, and now my dad wants to divorce my mom because he’s having some kind of midlife crisis.

he’s probably just bullshitting because he’s threatened to leave us in the past, but that only happened when i was too little to remember. he just flies into narc rages every few years and says crazy shit. i want to empathize with him because i know supporting a family is hard, but he… basically does the bare minimum and has been emotionally detached from all his children. he called my mom useless, he said we never do anything for him, and that all we do is weigh him down and keep him from reaching his goals. my mom is a saint and puts up with it somehow.

between this and the things i have to do i feel so much fucking dread. fearful for my mom, stressing that i need to open an account to put in a portion of every paycheck just for her in case he decides to fuck off and leave her with debts. and lesser so, worried that this is going to impact the shit i have to do because his fuckery is at the front of my mind.

i can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t calm the fuck down. like maybe it is better if he fucks off and leaves, because i have a job that can support at least two people and i have her back no matter what. but shit man i’m barely into my 20s and i don’t know how to process this

No. 851777

File: 1626067837413.jpg (28.68 KB, 600x584, efd.jpg)

I'm very frustrated over having my ideas stolen by bigger "content creators" and being taken advantage off. It is very frustrating to see someone steal your ideas/skinwalk you and get a larger audience and more recognition than you do. Then I was of course guilt tripped and everyone acted like I was schizophrenic when I complained about it. I'm very sad, lonely and I miss doing shit on the internet, honestly.

Now I have to give up on my Twitch which I worked really hard for and put a lot of effort into and spent hundreds of hours to barely have like 200 followers because I'm bad at pandering and I don't sexualize myself on stream. I need to change my Twitch because the bitches that copy me watch me on my Twitch. I want these insane hoes completely out of my life.

The first one has been skinwalking and upsetting me for over 2 fucking whole years. I used to be a camgirl and I was non nude, so I did not get a very large audience, because obviously the more you show, the more simps you will get. This Ukrainian bitch has been skinwalking me since I started camming. She would repeat entire sentences that I said, after I'd talk about interests I had she would immediately have those interests too. Copied my hair. Copied even the way I talk. After I'd complain of my mother's suicide, suddenly she'd complain her mom was dead too. Fucking sociopathic bitch. Then she'd send her coomer, braindead simps to harass me for "copying" her. She was a cluster B 100%, her body was covered in scars and she seemed to lack a sense of identity. She could have been my friend, but instead she decided to skinwalk me and harass me. After I quit streaming on the camwhore site she found my Twitch through my Twitter and the skinwalking continued, of course.

When I was on Twitch I started going on this girl's stream that had a couple of rad fem opinions and I am rad fem, but then I realized she'd just shit on sex workers to make herself appear superior meanwhile her entire career was built around her wearing a cleveage and having huge boobs and of course she had to cope really hard when I called her out on it and call me jealous. I'm not jealous bitch, you're literally prostituting yourself on Twitch and you are a 30 year old woman with no social life and no skills. After I confronted her about having cognitive dissonance and shitting on sex workers while building a career of simps that coom at her boobs she started watching my stream and she'd share very similar ideas to mine in her streams and it bothered me because if she thought I was interesting or found inspiration in me she could have helped grow my stream instead of just stealing my ideas.

Now I need to make a new Twitch and message it to the friends I made on stream and start again with 3 followers and get in the partnership programme again, but it will be worth it since these hoes will lose track of me.

No. 851782

this is very hypocritical coming from me, an internet addict, but for your own sake you should really consider stepping away from those communities and just… do something else. for yourself. at least for a while. idk if it’s just a hobby/side hustle for you or if you do it for primary income but it’s clearly causing you more stress and negative feelings than it’s worth. skin walking is real and annoying but all of these problems would be resolved if you maybe just game with real friends or do something else that’s more worth your time. really not trying to sound harsh, this is advice i need to adhere to in my own way as well. it’s not worth your mental health and you could be doing much more productive or fun things. life is short, don’t spend it worrying about random thots on twitch.

No. 851783


I love Ted anon and he is very right in so many aspects and he is my favourite philosopher, but please take care and don't let his ideology overwhelm your life and find balance and stability

No. 851790

It is not my job or anything and I would not like to depend on something like this, it seems very stressful to have to depend financially on being an internet figure. You can get canceled at any time plus you have to pander really hard to a chosen audience to be able to live off of it. I initially needed money and I became a camgirl because I was very desperate and I live in a third world country and my environment was unstable, but now I have money and I'm trying to build skills and have a real job (I'm still very young). But I realized I like streaming on Twitch, I like sperging about my interests and doing small projects. I'm very lonely. It helps me and I miss it. I just want these girls to not know I exist anymore.

I'm also worried about rad fem being appropriated by women that do not care about other women and that just use rad fem perspectives to make themselves appear superior to other women.

No. 851802

Don't say her name, you spaz, she operates like Beetlejuice.

No. 851803

File: 1626073141563.png (192.12 KB, 1500x1200, E744D31F-8599-441F-92F8-F43FC7…)

honestly I'm a little crazy. like I want to buy a paintball gun to teach this dog a lesson. it keeps crossing into our territory and killing things, chasing children. I'm going to show it who is boss. I'll stand there, gun at the ready, waiting for this mongrel to strut its dumb ass across that line. just waiting for it. cock that gun, it's ready for fire. I riddle the dog with paintballs. a few miss and splatter on the pavement. ARUF ARFF ARRUF I bark at that fucking dog! I hope it can understand my intent thru my tone. it should help in making the association between me and the pain the paint caused. stupid kjiller will be orange by the time I am done with it. the other guy was going to shoot it with a real gun. I'll get there first

but it;'s also like the time I did all the shit like circling people while driving a van. tinting my brothers bedroom windows with seven layers of iridescent film. told that mf he could shine bright like a diamond. never heard from him again. we were 35 and 56 respectively. has not a dime to his name, that old Buick was his last asset. and I turned that shit into a dragonfly eyeball. no one would ever miss that coming down the road. he did not share the same opinion. it's really tragic but he's a good man. off out there somewhere.

No. 851804

I feel like I am never going to get help for my panic disorder in my shithole country. We live in a literal bureaucratic dystopia and I feel like no one wants to help me. I guess I should just die.

No. 851805

This whole post is fucking insane
>we were 35 and 56 respectively
How old are you now anon?

No. 851808

I can't even tell what the fuck you're trying to say beyond that you're apparently a forty year old woman who wants to abuse an animal. Get therapy, Jesus Christ.

No. 851816

My cat is going to shit herself to death and is fighting me every step of the way to helping her. She won't eat, drink, take her meds, eat her probiotics, let me clean the shit off her fur, ANYTHING. I feel like such a villain every time I try and help her, she gives me the dirtiest looks. I know she's in pain but this sucks. I love her so much. We already dropped 1.5k at the vet to determine that her colon is a little upset. We have medicine to calm her nausea, stimulate appetite, and probiotics to feed her to help her gut heal. She's old and I accept that she won't be here forever, it's just that I can't stand that she's going to die from her own refusal to drink water of all things! She takes medicine for seizures, and tbh I preferred those to this. She didn't know what was happening and would be right back to her old self in an hour. With this sudden onset of diarrhea with no clear cause I don't know what to do. Hospitalize her on the chance she'll recover but risk her dying alone in a scary place and pay a few thousand more dollars for the privilege? Or keep feeding her little bits of baby food that she shits out hours later until she slowly succumbs to dehydration? At what point do I say fuck it and let them stick a needle in her? This is so hard. Also I think it's my fault because I bought her some cat grass to help her get up hairballs and a few days later this happened. Fuck fuck fuck every time I try and help her I make it worse!

No. 851817

>the other guy was going to shoot it with a real gun. I'll get there first
Sorry to a-log, but I hope "the other guy" misfires and the bullet ends up in his fucking rectum instead (yours too if you agree with him). Can't stand dog hate spergs.

No. 851827

anon I'm so sorry you two are going through this. I don't have any advice but I really don't think it was the cat grass. hope you and your kitty are okay.

No. 851857

This is a really stupid small vent but I can't escape the feeling that my French teacher despises me because I'm not putting enough effort into my studies. Recently she told me that she's gonna go travelling again and therefore not gonna be teaching for 2 weeks but she has an aquaintance who also teaches French and 'I might want to get in touch with him if I want lessons'. When she told me this, the first thing that came to mind was that she hates me so much that she's passing me on to this other teacher. It might be just PMS paranoia, who knows

No. 851860

Sorry yo hear anon I had a pet refuse to drink at the end. Its heartbreaking but might be kinder to put them to sleep if they're suffering. If your cat doesn't drink in say 24 hours I'd go to the vet

No. 851872

I feel so ugly and gross. I got depressed in my early 20s and ballooned up to an obese BMI. I've been doing okay with weight loss this year but my main motivation was to lose weight to be attractive but I look grosser than I did when I was fat and it breaks my heart every time I look in the mirror. I lost all my boob weight so I have these saggy flat moob-like things and I hate them. Lost all my butt and thigh weight. I went from being potentially okay looking in a chubby girl kind of way to looking like someone's gross dad. I was so excited and happy when I first started losing weight and now I just keep having nightmares about hooking up with a girl and she laughs at my deflated man boobs and bullies me like it's a high school locker room.

No. 851875

Thank you so much anon. I would always skip past sad vents about dying pets because I couldn't handle it lmao so knowing someone read it makes me feel less alone.

yeah, I don't want to prolong her suffering, I want her to go as peacefully as possible. I just don't know if this is the end end or if she's handling a tummy ache badly because she's old. When we got back from the vet the first time she had been rehydrated with an IV and seemed pretty much back to normal, so the idea of putting her down if she just needs proper treatment vs if I'm being too hopeful and making it worse is really messing with me. We'll take her in later today and do whatever the doctor recommends I guess. Fiance wants to hospitalize her, but if she's going to die anyways I don't want her last days to be in a scary place like that. But what if she just needs a stable place to heal and can recover? Aaahhhhh it doesn't help that the vets are all overcrowded. I don't want to waste a doctor's time if there's another animal that could be saved. My baby's had a decently long life, I just don't want her to shit herself to death lmao

No. 851876

I had really grandiose ideas of love and since I was young I've always been swept up in crushes and boys. Always dating someone and preoccupied with fairy tales and bullshit basically. It finally took until my late 20s to get burnt out, chewed out and spat out of love. I resolved to finally figure out who the fuck I am. I've literally been paired up with the other sex since 14. Moved out at 18 for boy. Broke up. Met another. Repeat.

Now that I've had time to ruminate. The concept of love seems lost on me now. Also with covid restrictions not having the opportunity to be in group settings, there's been no chance encounters that can spark that romance that I usually find myself falling quickly into. So I thought I may as well take time to heal.

I thought love was chance and fate lol. Yet dating is like sampling people to see if they'll do. And do what? I don't know what I want lol. Of course someone that is nice and has a good sense of humour and I find attractive, but like there's probably a million of them. What is love? Is it just settling? It always just happened for me but I was also young and dumb af. Now that I've made a point to stay single and not date, it feels hard to change. I would like affection, but not just from anyone. Met a guy off tinder and after a few dates (before I decided not to date last year) he was talking about living together and I hadn't even figured out if I was attracted to him. Like are people in their 30s completely desperate to partner up? How many other girls off tinder is he asking to live with? There's nothing romantic about being thought of one of many baby factories to choose from. I wish soul mates are a thing.

No. 851879

Hey anon, this might be some corny shit, but love is real and it can happen really unexpectedly. It happened to me when I wasn't even looking for it. It was as simple as complimenting his hair the first time I saw him on the bus, and everything just fell into place. It was like magic, and he's perfect. It's wild how compatible we are. What's even crazier is that we had lived just five minutes away from each other for nearly 5 years before we met for the first time. It's real, true love. It's been six years since that day and our love is so deep and awesome. And it can definitely happen to you. Don't give up on love and romance, just focus on loving yourself first and foremost and I genuinely believe that love will find you one way or another. I've never dated in my life, btw. I went all 21 years of my life up until that point never having a boyfriend and honestly believing I was disgusting and unlovable. I was proven wrong!

No. 851893

I think it's inevitable that you will wonder if you've settled, no matter how perfect the relationship is. The grass is always greener. It wasn't until recently that it dawned on me that there is value in the time we've spent together. I know this type of thinking can keep people in bad relationships, (if you're not happy or ever think he might be a bad person gtfo!) but in my case, the years we've spent together have only made him more precious to me. We've become like family - it's not perfect, but you love each other regardless (not including abusive situations!). Sure, there might be someone somewhere out there who suits me ever so slightly better, or there might be 10,000 people with whom I could've had just as pleasant a time. But I didn't. This is where my path lead me, and if I let myself worry about what ifs my life will be over before I know it and I won't have enjoyed the wonderful person by my side. Follow your heart, anon! Your path is unique and it's yours, walk it with courage.

No. 851902

I LIED I DON'T WANT THIS STUPID ADORABLE CAT TO DIE I'VE HAD NIGHTMARES ABOUT THIS MOMENT FOR YEARS I LOVE HER MORE THAN MY FAMILY I know I will get over it and move on, I've had several close family members die I know I can do it but fuck not my kitty AAAAAAAAAAAA

No. 851903

You're going to make me cry, I'm going to send every bit of good mojo I have to your cat, even if it kills me, HNNNGGGG

No. 851906

I hate people who archive pay-walled article pages. What the fuck do they think they're achieving? Do they think saving the link will bypass the restriction or something? I just had to trawl through 40 links to see if anyone who actually had access archived anything ffs.

No. 851908

Not long in to dating my current boyfriend we talked about pet peeves with partners. He asked if I do the silent treatment because his ex did that to him all the time and he couldn't stand it. It's funny, he's giving me the silent treatment right now. All because today I didn't feel like having a pointless political debate we have had a dozen times and never reach an agreement on. He hates when his ex gives him the silent treatment but does it to me all the damn time for reasons as stupid as this.

I don't act like that because I'm above it and refuse to stoop to his level. Not sure why I bother at this point. I have my shit together so why do I only attract little bitches like this?

No. 851909

I'm looking for a job and my mother is being so annoying. I have experience in translation but she randomly makes remarks like 'Why don't you study and become a physical therapist?? You were so caring with (sick family member) when you visited him in the hospital. It would suit you so well' or 'Why don't you apply to the Embassy? They are looking for a personal assistant. It's so YOU'. She completely disregards who I am or what I did before, it's fucking baffling

No. 851913

Did you point it out to him that he's doing the very thing he couldn't stand his ex do? A little shaming wouldn't be bad to have.

No. 851926

File: 1626091237191.png (64.11 KB, 1080x364, d8c5eab363359c2a7b276c80058aea…)

i hate scrotes so fucking much. 'males' have no place in civilised society

No. 851928

He probably just misplaced his waifu pillow. I doubt any scrotes on 4chan actually have wives.

No. 851929

Interesting. I read that in a jokey tone. Where are you from?

No. 851931

File: 1626091765651.jpg (31.29 KB, 640x640, 5a8.jpg)

ingerland (picrel)

No. 851934

not at all transparent.

No. 851939

I just want to get my tits sucked
Is that too much to ask? I need a hug too

No. 851948

He scoffs and walls me off even more if I point out his hypocrisy. I plan on pointing this out when he stops completely ignoring me, but it won't get us anywhere. He can do no wrong in his mind.

It's a dead end relationship and I can't even care anymore. I'm just frustrated because this kind of shit happens in every relationship I've had. I don't want to die alone but I'm also not going to settle. Sucks.

No. 851995

I’m slowly going off my antidepressants and I feel the like shit and my ocd is acting up so I have to let it out: I was never taught about dental hygiene from my parents and just in general never taught to clean up my room etc. which obviously became a habit then to be a messy ass person. Subsequently I have from very early on neglected dental health and I had to get a bunch of cavities filled as a teen. A few years ago I got my teeth scaled and everything cause for years I had periodontitis. I then tried to be more mindful about my teeth as I’m so scared I eventually lose them and I know how expensive it is. But then covid came and I was stuck at home and reached an all time low and went back to being negligent cause I was just too depressed and lazy to be bothered. Now I see that in some areas of my teeth I again need scaling and I just feel so guilty and hate myself for it. Like why can’t I as a grown woman take proper care of myself. I feel like such a loser I’m so ashamed of myself. I’m good with dealing with chores now cause messy places stress me out but I still have so much work to do. I feel so embarrassed.

No. 851998

these riots and stabbings that have been happening in the UK over a damn game of kicking balls made me realize even more that men are an unhinged species and to never date one that is heavily into sports because he'll probably beat you every time his shitty team loses. God i hate men.

No. 852006


Your mom is just trying to help based on the skills she knows. If you have better choices, YOU propose them to her.

No. 852031

I hate trannies so much. I can't believe this mental illness is being paraded around like something normal. I haven't had the misfortune of meeting one irl but I'd go out of my way deadname then and use the original correct pronouns tbh, don't care if it makes me petty.

No. 852046

File: 1626104147915.jpeg (248.29 KB, 828x697, 370E260C-AB34-4B44-AA4B-C46BDF…)

How am I supposed to not a log men? These things are literally subhuman filth. It is time that we rid the earth of these vile creatures

No. 852048

File: 1626104408133.jpg (839.1 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210711-000837_Ins…)

Scrotes always disappoint.

No. 852062

Sending love, anon. Your kitty will be okay.

No. 852070

My skanky ugly sister is being a nosey bitch, listening to my voicechats. She got on my nerves two nights ago, demanding my brother to push me to appoint a driving test. I planned to take the test in the time frame she wants it to be done. Fcking bitch is hungry for control and getting me mad just because I'm having fun chatting with my friend. She has always tried to ruin my friendships and relationships. I'm not fcking letting her ruin this one friendship. In fact, none of my family will. Fck her and fuck them. I return to live with family just to deal with more abusive bullshit and triangulation. I'm now starting to verbally abuse her when she's outside of my bedroom door eavesdropping. I don't care if its not right or whatever. This cunt has literally betrayed my trust, pitted me against the family, made me feel ashamed of my own body. I have to be stuck here until I have the skills to move the fck out. I have so much anger, might as well take it on what deserves it. Fck this and fck family.

No. 852072

My ex found out he has bp and it makes sense but it just makes me angry. He literally rewrites history in his brain sometimes and there’s no use bringing up old shit from the past but sometimes I still get bothered by it. Less so now because time has passed but some key shit that bothers me -
Would keep me up at night when I needed to work and he didn’t, even if I didn’t respond to him calling me a cunt/bitch/generally shouting at me or making quips … even when I told him to stop or asked him to let me sleep he’d keep this shit up
- rewrote a whole section of a fight where he threw something at me, said it was because I was poking him in the chest when I was actually on the opposite side of the bed telling him not to call me an idiot/baby, when he told me to stop talking to him I didn’t, so he threw something at me and then told me he was aiming at “the wall behind me” and generally pretending his intention wasn’t to scare me into shutting up
- endless guilt tripping about the sex I didn’t want to have
- one night in particular when we were both on molly and he wanted to have sex, we were enjoying ourselves and then he yelled at me because he couldn’t keep it up because I wasn’t playing with his dick enough, I started to cry and he kept yelling at me….

None of this is worth bringing up to him. It just hurts me that I still thought something was wrong with me and I needed to get over it / ignore what I was feeling and keep trying to make the relationship work… and he calls this me leading him on. It infuriates me. Any time I tried to break up with him, I would then have to tend to his emotional needs so that I could get some peace because we were still living together and it was hard to find a new place. It wears you down and makes you think it’s better to try again so he will stop holding you emotionally hostage and making your life difficult…

I wanted to just say that being diagnosed with something / mental illness is not an excuse for how abusive he was but I knew that would just make him spiral out and then try and guilt me for not being sensitive about everything he’s been through…


No. 852073

You wouldn't have been on the final if not for a fake penalty.

No. 852076

I'm a bad caretaker. I have no patience and I have no energy. If I had kids they would suffer, I have a cat and due to my situation I can't let him out of my room. My roommate refuses to put up his pit or train him to not attack my cat so she's stuck in his kitty room all day until I go in and hang out or take him out in a carrier. I lose my patience and yell, sometimes my cat will cry to be let out and I can't stand it with my autism and tinnitus so I grabbed his scruff and tossed him on the bed. I feel so bad. I want to throw myself. I don't know how to keep a grip anymore. The men in my house put all the housekeeping on me when I'm trying to teach myself a new language, care for myself on my own and a cat. I'm meaner to myself and my cat because of all the pressure these men put on me at home and I wish I had the funds to leave but I can't. I have to wait for my disability to be approved and then get my housing grant.

I wouldn't even be disabled if men had not hurt me as a child but now I just have to live with the scars and mental deficiencies from them while I'm cornered into babying men that aren't even related to me. It never ends. I just want to take my life but I'm so sad and dumb I can't even do that right. I just want to be in a one bedroom apartment with my kitty and a fireplace. I just want quiet. I just want to feel safe. It's so loud and painful here. I wish I had a girl friend or any women to relate to. I'm all alone and any women I do meet are just doormats to their husbands out here. No women show up to places I go to. I would do anything to have a friend like Nana or one of the girls from Sailor Moon. It's so retarded and childish but I cry reading those stories now cause I just want to be a normal woman with girlfriends and a safe home. Is that too much?

No. 852088

Have dated someone pretty similar but I feel like my ex will likely stay undiagnosed for life. He told me all 3 of the women he dated before me were probably bpd…. bugs the absolute hell out of me to see how men throw everyone else under the bus just to save face when they're actually the raging emotional mess. You'll never get the acknowledgement or apologies you're owed. Like you said..history has been rewritten in his head and god knows how deliberate that is or if that's truly the illness. I'm sceptical.

No. 852089

Was planning on going to go to an community festival tonight but I'm so fucking tired of showing up places by myself, I just look pathetic. Whoever suggests single people just go out and have fun solo was severely coping. I've done it for years. All I ask is for one person to talk to and go places with but that's like pulling fucking teeth. I guess I am extremely hideous or off-putting. the longer time goes on the more I teeter towards either killing myself or go full innawoods hermit

No. 852097

Same. If you're on the island of Ireland hmu and we can be loners together

No. 852100

I have two friends who have been married for almost a decade. It's recently dawned on me that one is emotionally abusing the other. I'm talking badmouthing them to others constantly, giving them week-long silent treatments, refusing to communicate, gaslighting, etc. I don't know what to do. I've tried talking to my bf and our other friends about it but they're refusing to look at it as abuse and claiming our abused friend can "handle it." Because of this, abused friend also believes that they are the problem and have basically become a complete depressive shut in. I'm so sad about this. I was in a similarly abusive relationship that almost broke me and it kills me that I can't help my friend.

No. 852103

Friend let me meet with her bf and he oozes narcissist and incel vibes. I can sniff his hentai (and possibly loli) collection from a mile away. She's being naive and he's disgusting. I can tell he's trying to change her because she's been acting like a coolgirl (playing shitty gdr games and checking out hentai games saying that they're ok and pretty) lately and I hope he doesn't show his true colors anytime soon.

No. 852110

Speak to your friend now that you've spoke to others. Let her know she can confide in you. I was in a similar situation and became a shut in and lost a lot of friends. No one ever checked in on me apart from my parents and parents are different cause you can be immature and disregard them, but I think if a friend would have said something I would have listened and come to my senses sooner.

No. 852111

she or he anon, this isn't twitter and gender does matter in these types of situations

No. 852114

I've been dealing poorly with my roommate drama all weekend, but I got through it, felt my feelings and accepted the situation and my part in it. I felt zen returning to my pond. And then I looked at my favourite Crone group and saw that a bunch of MTFs have joined and want to share their older woman wisdom and sexy middrifts with the group. Bye bye zen, I'm overflowing with disgust at amount of "stunning and brave" ass pats the troons are getting from women who just the other day were complaining about older men being in the group (but being completely honest that they're men and admittedly have no business popping into the menopause/birth posts).

No. 852125

That sounds like hell anon. Is there any way you could reduce the amount of housework you do? So stuff like for food just make frozen food, and just do less and less over time. Living with scrotes is trying I have tips from my time. The key is to look really tired when you actually aren't, so they think that you don't have any energy to drain. Fake dark circles with makeup, moving slow and shuffling, no feminization like doing hair or coording outfits, practice that dead eye look in the mirror, lock your door when you're home and pretend you're not there (hide your shoes from the front), industrial earplugs. I hope you can get your grant soon and experience peace.

No. 852128

If you're gonna leave then might as well say it anon. "Mtfs have ruined all the groups I've been in by butting in with their male socialization"

No. 852132

Ironically the more you want to socialize the less people want to socialize with you bc of "desperation".

No. 852140

I was at the grocery store and I basically grabbed a defective item so the cashier told me she would wait until I got a not-damaged item to replace it. I didn't want to hold up the line, so when I moved passed them to grab my stuff I just said "sorry!" really quick because they'd all already moved out of the way- and then when I had to cut back to the cashier I said "sorry, I just need to cut through behind you." After that while I was checking out the rest of my stuff this old lady in line was muttering really loudly about how "all you needed to say was 'excuse me'" and how I was being "entitled" and "really rude." I'm pretty sure what I said was basically the equivalent of 'excuse me' though? Honestly, sometimes I feel like saying 'excuse me' can sound more rude depending on the context, but at the end of the day as long as someone is letting you know that they have to move around you who cares how they say it? Jesus, not everyone has to word things exactly the same way as long they're getting their point across and not being assholes.

No. 852143

Next time just say "excuse me, sorry, I need to pass, thank you"
she was prob entlitled herself tbh

No. 852145

god I think I actually am a fucking mean-spirited, ruthless, vindictive psycho

No. 852147

I'm trying to do something easy for food prep. I started doing vegan prep meals I can freeze and cooking with things they won't eat so they don't ask. They're so picky they'll go without food, so maybe doing that sometimes will take the load off me. Plus, I can eat what I want that way. Thank you for those tips too. I seriously need some ear plugs or something because my over-ear phones don't do it. Hopefully this grant comes through before the end of this year. Me and my kitty boy deserve some fuzzy naps and cuddles, no more pain.

No. 852148

My mom is sick with a very serious autoimmune lung disease that she's on immunosuppressants for so I've been confined to the house for the entire pandemic for her safety and I'm starting to get really frustrated and disheartened about not being able to go out and make money.

Nothing I've tried online has panned out no matter how hard I try. I really wish I could get at least a tiny bit of income from my YouTube channel but idk how I'll ever reach 1000 subs. Everything seems impossible right now buy everyone else makes it look so easy.

No. 852150

I always say sorry and then give a polite smile, I find that when people say "excuse me" it can sound rude or sarcastic, probably because where I live it is just often used in an aggressive way. I get you on that.

No. 852152

I noticed working in customer service that older people (55+) have a hard time with language and if you don't say the precise word/phrase they expect you to even if the meaning is the same, you automatically get written off as rude. And it's semantic shit like "pardon me" vs "excuse me" and saying "no worries" after they say "thank you" instead of "you're welcome". Don't fret anon, she probably doesn't know which fork to start with at a banquet either.

No. 852157

Praying she leaves that guy, sounds like a nightmare

No. 852158

Np, hope you get confident enough to just stop cooking for them all together. Hope you don't pay for their groceries though.

No. 852161

She's a cranky old bat don't even bother thinking about it anon. Those kinds of old ppl are just looking for an ego trip.

No. 852177

File: 1626115958946.jpeg (66.72 KB, 750x675, B6C54D0F-C199-4B49-A2EC-350BF7…)

I have to write this stupid essay because I’m applying for graduate school but I’m such a moron that I can’t even explain why I’m passionate about my major. I just am - I don't even know how to explain it. All that happens is I start to drool, word vomit comes out and I finally just say “I love it so much u just don’t understand”. How I made it this far in life is beyond me.

No. 852182

I'm looking to rehome my two dogs because they're getting too much for us to take care of (very busy and about to move away some time in the future) but sadly my mother doesn't want to because my grandpa loves talking to one of our dogs (he enjoys over feeding him with random shit) and the other is now blind due to fights he has gotten into with the said dog.

I always said that we should have them neutered so they'd tone down the fucking aggression but my mom believes that it's cruel. They've killed one of the stray cats that live in our neighbourhood for fucks sake and it doesn't help the fact that my cousin likes to tease the dogs.

No. 852183

I met a girl before COVID who I thought was cool so I introduced her to a bunch of friends, one of them is (literally) autistic and a famous artist in my country. They met, she manipulated him into buying her stuff and driving her everywhere although they weren’t dating. Now rumors have spread that my friend sexually assaulted and/or harassed her. he had proof that everything they did was with her consent (It wasn’t sex). Still the girl gaslighted my autistic friend into deleting all proof and into thinking he is truly a bad person who hurt her terribly.
Now he believes he has to go to therapy but she still messages him about hanging out and invites him to places. (he is autistic and doesn’t understand that she wouldn’t want to hang out with him if the situation had truly hurt her so badly to spread the word of him being capable of assault or harassment) I later found out the she has plenty of history manipulating dudes into casual relationships to get stuff from them, only to shit talk about them in their backs with things like them being stalkers and that she truly never wanted to do anything with them and everything is a misunderstanding. She’s also known by other female artists groups as a trouble maker.
When she was confronted by another one of my friends about a similar situation that happened with another dude (the girl had kissed him and hanged out with him regularly, told him they could be something else but shit talked about him to my friend and even showed her the guy's nudes)
She denied everything and said the guy was harassing her.
It pisses me off how she was able to gain fame and support from other artists who believe in her word because she is sex positive, believes in free love and is in an open relationship.
I wish I could make a thread about her because there’s just so much shit she has done through the years that I found out after the accusations. She’s probably going to escape to the us too so I hope that if she keeps behaving like a cunt abroad someone calls her out and I can finally upload all the receipts somewhere.

No. 852195

>fights so severe they're blinding each other
>killing cats
Put them to sleep and slap your mom for me.

No. 852201

I changed my hair color and I feel so fucking ugly and feel like nobody in my life is being honest with me about how it looks. Like if it looks bad just say it. I miss my old hair color :(

No. 852205

Oh God rehome them immediately or take them to some kind of no kill shelter for fucks sake, your family should not have those dogs. Those incidents are not normal.

No. 852207

NO anon, it's not the dogs fault they were raised by irresponsible people, they deserve to be given a chance somewhere with people who know how to care and rehabilitate dogs. Why are people so cruel, fuck meeeeeee

No. 852215

I'm so fucking beyond stressed. Long story short me, and my roommates are getting evicted at the end of the month due to our landlord's insane ex-wife taking the house in their divorce for the sole reason of fucking them over. I've never moved like this, either I was too young to remember packing(and my parents did most of it,) or I didn't have to totally pack everything, as when I moved out of my parents to this current house, I could leave a ton of shit there and do small trips back and forth. I'm also admittedly not used to this level of cleaning too, I was fairly… spoiled? as a child, of course I was expected to tidy up my room, but nothing to this level. My brain hasn't even totally registered all that's happening too and is just now catching up with the situation. Thankfully, we have a place to go, but this came up totally out of nowhere, all while I'm working a 32-34 hour work week on average at a store that has barely any workers, and is basically falling apart while getting hit with insane levels of business, and my eating disorder is worse than ever which is affecting my ability both at home and at work, but right now I just cannot seek out more intense help for it with everything going on. I want to fucking not exist for a while.

No. 852232

what the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 852234

File: 1626121050543.jpg (525.3 KB, 2641x2008, GettyImages-515461052-dd32da34…)

I got my oil changed last week and asked them to change the battery as well but the guy insisted "cleaning around it will be fine, no need to replace it". naturally, i got stuck in a grocery store parking lot today in 95 degree weather, waited an hour and 40 minutes to get it jumped. as i was taking it to get the battery replaced my transmission got fucked up somehow and now it is undrivable and i have to get it towed and i want to fucking scream at the car dealership people for not doing what i asked. i was going to sign up for a ceramics class today and now i cant because i will be using that money on getting my transmission fixed. fuck you henry ford you lizard looking piece of shit

No. 852250

I guess my bf mentioned some mental health stuff I'm going through to his mom and she got bitchy and said he should get me pregnant so I'd finally smarten up. Wtf lol

No. 852262

One of my mutuals is getting on my nerves because they're documenting each time they attempt to micromanage their coworkers in the name of "muh pronouns". Your coworkers literally do not care. You going out of your way to DM a coworker to work on their "bad habits" just means you have an inflated ego and think the world revolves around you. I doubt them saying ladies when addressing a majority group of women was said to spite you specifically. "I'm fine with us being referred to as guys" just admit you have unchecked internalized misogyny and need to work on yourself. Don't take everything as a personal attack and make the entire workplace conform to your wants.

No. 852276

I got a big vitamin stuck in my throat. I can breathe fine but it hurts. I can't dislodge it, and I'm too afraid to eat anything in fear I'll make it worse. I hate everything.

No. 852279

I’m so fucking pale and I never tan, I just get sunburnt then pale again, ive tried building up a tan and it never works. It just turns out patchy at best. Fuck.

No. 852280

I'm no medical expert so please don't take my word for this, but wouldn't a Heimlich maneuver help in this case?

No. 852285

Just drink more water lol vitamins are designed to dissolve in saliva/fluid. If it’s a gel cased one it will slide down.

No. 852328

It's been one day since I ate my very first edible and I still feel anxious and very sensitive to stimuli. I struggled with being over sensitive because of my autism but weed made it so much worse. I drink lots of water but I still can't eat because of the nausea. Idk what to do

No. 852340

Just wait it out, weed hangovers are common

No. 852346


Thanks Nonnies, I got it dislodged.

No. 852347

take a bath, sip some juice or broth

No. 852356

Currently the LSA thread is clogged with either racebaiting tards or self victimising spergs, there is no in between

No. 852359

sometimes i wish my boyfriend would get really sick or injured as penance for the suffering him and his infidelity cause me

No. 852360

None of the fun places online are safe anymore and they all rot your brain eventually, man it sucks

No. 852367

unrelated but I always assume racebaiters on this site are male

No. 852368

Honey, slip stuff into his food and drink

No. 852383

Damn, you ain't fucking around.

No. 852396

I really need to stop coming here so often lately. It's fucking up my mental health

No. 852402

No. 852407

File: 1626133287375.png (275.88 KB, 420x300, 1612495493397.png)

I had a gastrointestinal surgery a few months back, why the fuck was I supposed to give my surgeon "a detailed" description of my sex life after doing some other surveys online? I told her I am not doing that because I don't see how it's relevant and she just said how it's really not required per se but they would like to know. I don't have a partner, I am sick and recovering, how the fuck am I supposed to be fucking? I even asked if it was something hormone related or something that usually happens, no, they just wanted to know. Weird shit, still feel gross.

No. 852408

Then why did you do it?

No. 852410

I don’t wanna live. Today may be my last day. I keep getting rejection emails I have an overdue phone bill and now my cat may have a breathing problem. It’s stupid but I just finished a long manga series and caught up on my fav tv show so now it just feels like. There’s nothing more I don’t know what to look forward to

No. 852412

Do it for kitty. The rely on you and need you.

No. 852413

Don’t think anon did

No. 852414

I feel so bad. She wakes up in sneezing fits and I’m scared one day I’m gonna find her dead and not breathing. I can’t afford a vet

No. 852419

Where the fuck did I ever say that I did?

No. 852421

Maybe she is allergic to something in the air, could you get a fan or a non-ozone HEPA air purifier? (iirc ozone is bad for animals, but HEPA air purifiers are something I rely on and will be cheaper than vet bills)

Also you can always rewatch your favorite things, I only like a few things so I often rewatch series I like.

No. 852422

File: 1626134053067.png (87.93 KB, 600x600, 210483_7bEsouz4.png)

Cosplay is such a retarded hobby and a huge money sink. Plus I'm definitely getting too old for this shit, but It's still hard to let go of it completely. I've had a lot of fun with it, lots of good memories and It's sad to put it away for good.

No. 852428

I have the ceiling fan always on. I’ll check if it’s ozone related tho if I’m here long enough

No. 852429

Ex texts me hi.

Texts hi back.

Doesn’t say anything else for two hours.

Did you mis click and thought I was your new whore or what you fucktard.

No. 852436

Yeah cosplay is such an expensive hobby. I get cosplay cravings here and there but then I remember my friend in her 30s still trying to be famous online.

No. 852452

I’m this person, it’s nothing personal I just have a life outside my phone. I’ll get to it at some point. If I wanted to have an immediate conversation I’d talk to you in person or over the phone.

No. 852460

File: 1626136704755.jpg (429.86 KB, 1024x578, spital_6758493857685402_236867…)

I'm so sick and suicidal from all my physical and mental illness and from all the abuse I've received and from the lack of help.

I have TMJ and have to get braces and surgery and if not my teeth are literally gonna fall off in 5 years and my face is going to become even uglier from my teeth pushing into one another and from the misalignment of my occlusion. I need 4k to get surgery and braces. I will have to return to sex work because it is literally impossible for me to make that amount of money any other way, but even when it comes to sex work I don't even have a platform that I could turn to because the camwhore website I used to work at has like 30 or 40 simps that are mad at me and hate watch me and a camwhore that skinwalks me and hates me and would physically hurt me if she met me in real life.

My pain is so bad and I cannot continue to take pain killers, I take around 3 per day and it ruined my stomach and the rest of the time I take quetiapine and sleep because I cannot put up with being awake. I am ill, completely dysfunctional and I live in a world where some people have millions while others suffer from hunger and illness with no help. All those that say the world is improving are narcissistic liars that do not want to face the fact that they are part of the problem.

I have so many illnesses, physical ones. I have a heart disorder, I have Ehlers Danlos, I have Staphylococcus aureus from the hospital, I have PCOS and really bad hormonal issues from PCOS that made my face full of acne and ruined it. My kidneys and liver are completely fucked too for some fucking reason I dont understand.

I've spent around 2 years of my life in the hospital from pic related being tortured and catching more illnesses. There's no help for me honestly and never will be. Rich people are greedy and evil. I cannot immigrate, I am too retarded and sick to do it and have no real skills. I cannot fix my health getting a normal job in here because normal jobs pay like 400 euros for 8 hours of work 5 days per week. I will live in this shitty town in my father's house until I gather the courage to kill myself. I will live in pain and misery. I want to kill someone. I really do. I want to take some entitled rich bitch with me to the grave. If I were rich I'd give half my money to the poor. I see so many entitled rich bitches constantly complain and whine about stupid shit while silencing those that should complain, I see them spend their money on expensive clothes and expensive shit they don't need. Why the fuck do you need a 300 dollar shirt or jacket for? You insane consumeristic bitch.

The pain from this TMJ shit is unberable from my gums, to migraines, to pain that goes down my neck to my jaw being shut and being unable to eat. There is no reason, absolutely no reason for me to suffer like this and no justification for my past suffering or for the death of my mother. I've seen so many intelligent valuable people die in misery and suffer from poverty. I am tired and my hatred towards the world is justified.

I was abused by scrotes so much, they don't care about anything but their dicks. I've even told the guy that used to give me money for my nudes about my situation and despite all of that he could not give me one gram of empathy or try to help me out of being genuine or a good person. He kept going on about how the world is improving and acting as if I were some nihilistic irrational bitch for talking about how the world is not improving but going down because of capitalism, greediness and narcissism. He could have given me the money he gave me without requesting me to get naked for him especially since he knew my situation.

I've been guilt tripped and hated so much for calling out narcissism and greediness and rejected from all social groups. There's no reason for me to not take a greedy narcissistic bitch down with me to the grave before I die. This world is chaos and just that. Nobody was there for my mother when she was desperately ill had no electricity in her house, no food, nothing although she was a genius. She could speak 4 languages, was a retired chemistry professor and an artist as well. She had to prostitute herself to rich Italian men 3 years before her death because we live in a world where absolutely nobody helps you if you are in need.

I'm so full of hatred and unfortunately it is all justified.

Both women and men are horrible, don't lie to yourselves. Women have hurt and sexually abused me just like men did. Rich women choose to become prostitutes because they enjoy it and want attention and only care about themselves and the amount of fame they can get. Stop lying to yourselves. This world is deplorable.

No. 852461

Nta but when it's an ex that likely changes things. I can tolerate slow replies pretty well but if my ex reaches out.. he better get to the point. My dad can take 5 hours if he wants to.. but not an ex who starts a chat.

No. 852471

Please please please humiliate that sick fuck any one of the following >>851692 >>851707

No. 852472

Based. Fuck dogs.

No. 852476

My dad is like $35k in debt and won’t stop spending like he’s not.
I want to help him out by increasing rent I pay (I live with him and pay rent anyway), but I’m also super broke since I’m a student.
I’m just so tired and broke and tired of being broke, and tired of other people also being broke

No. 852482

>my boyfriend (present)
>his infidelity

No. 852490

Im glad they locked the lsa thread but i had just finished writing a long ass response and now i cant post it. FUCK

No. 852494

File: 1626141901830.jpg (96.97 KB, 1456x1128, 1609338509309.jpg)


Thanks for the support, nonies. That was the push I needed to go and tell her. It feels crazy, because it's so fucking stupid. Wishing a very "Rot and Fall Off" to all "girl" dicks.

No. 852498

File: 1626142217951.jpg (122.33 KB, 429x518, 151 - iF3tOlR.jpg)

"If you want to feel better about yourself, just know that your name is a touchy subject for another couple."

I wanted so badly to be this person but now that I am, it's fucking annoying. I don't want your husband, you weird bitch. I want my friend.

No. 852508

not rly a vent but idk where else to put this, i have neighbors who live in another apartment complex (my porch faces their porch) maybe 200 feet away, and i hear their baby scream its head off EVERY DAY. if i have my slider open the baby will be screaming bloody murder at least once. i am honestly concerned about the baby but idk what to do

No. 852510

Call child services, and be sure to record when the baby screams. They might be abusing that baby.

No. 852511

the thing is i don't entirely know what unit it's coming from, there's about 3 within distance and since it's a different complex i can't tell where it's coming from. what would be the best way to give info to the relevant authorities without like walking around trying to figure out the apt number

No. 852517

Ever considered the kid may have colic? There isn't really an easy fix or cure for colic. You could try to complain to your landlord but they may not be able to do anything; you can't just evict someone because they had a kid and kids are hard.

No. 852521

Laredo, TX is a boring ass shithole town compared to other Texas cities and only serves as an entrance to another shithole town in Mexico.

Pinche pueblo de mierda!!!!!

No. 852531

My ex is telling me that his wife has major problems with us talking, despite me assuring her that I'm really happy in my relationship of five years. I'm not sure why he's coming to me with this information. What does he want me to do about it? I can't change her mind. Is he building this up to tell me that we can't be friends anymore?

No. 852538

File: 1626148094690.jpg (65.25 KB, 962x768, ff5f0c3054ef845bef4ec4447b219b…)

English is not my first language. sorry if this is grammatically awkward.

i have a friend that i confided to about my deteriorating relationship with my mom, and i feel so shit about it. i ended up telling her about a really big fight between me and my mom. the problem is, is that because i told her about the situation, she started opening up to me about her shitty life (not that I'm mad) but she over does it, the only thing she talks about is how crappy her life is, or how annoying her family is. she milks the whole situation into me feeling bad. she's just naggy all the time. then she took it to a another level, where she started talking about ideology ect. how she hates her religion blahblahblah. ( i hate that type of talk)

i honestly blame it on one of her friends, he's a good for nothing kid. doesn't go to school, does drugs, tries to awkwardly tries to talk to every girl he meets, he once sent my friend a dm calling her "my queen" and said "all women are queens" unironically. I've said no to him multiple times when he asks to hang out. even when i rejected him and told him to respect me and my decisions. overall very delusional.

for some reason i always get stuck with these kind of kids, i feel like I'm being overly nice to the point where i attract these degenerates to be my friends.

No. 852550

I have not been handling my mental illness well and gave myself two black eyes from banging my head against a wall the other night. I’m usually much better than this and feel like an ridiculous bipolarfag atm

No. 852557

Why the fuck u text me for? my ex who pushed me to almost killing myself unblocks me for 5min tells me something about coming over for some dumb keys he left and then deletes the text and blocks me again??? what the actual fuck u want from me leave alone please just leave alone sicko mf

No. 852558

>Is he building this up to tell me that we can't be friends anymore?

Yes, I made a good friend online and it was less than a week before that topic being brought up (uwu my girlfriend doesn't like us having completely platonic conversations) and him blocking me. He also then persisted on online stalking me for years afterwards, so this might go strangely for you.

No. 852561

Samefag, a week between the topic being brought up and the cutoff, to be clear. The stalking suggested she was right to be worried, I guess, maybe your ex's wife is seeing something you aren't seeing in his behavior.

No. 852570

I've been crying so much recently. it's not a bad cry, but cathartic crying. I never realized the true extent of my abuse until I got therapy. How little me was just surviving, dragging around years of sexual exploitation. I lived so long with PTSD, and now it's so strange that my symptoms aren't as bad anymore. I'm still working on a lot of things but I feel… content. I've been crying so much and processing and it's been a lot. But I feel like this is just the beginning for me. I'm following the best path into a good life. I can see the dawn now. All that's left is for me to watch it rise

No. 852571

I keep seeing something on the edge of my vision but i cant fucking catch it. I tried purposely pinching myself really hard when it pops up so that it would think i was in pain and id be able to see it. I fucking hate it

No. 852574

im too scared to open the mtf thread and /ot sometimes because of the gore raid that happened awhile back. I can still see some of the girls that were posted and its honestly been haunting me that we'll never know who they were, those could've been current missing girls with families looking for them and they've been reduced to gore porn for scrotes. I hate scrotes so fucking much why were they created if the only thing they do is destroy and kill

No. 852582

I mean, there is no “why.” There’s only the way it is. I’m sorry, anon, but the atrocities men commit every minute of every day are enough for me to know that there is no god.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 852583

yep i have no backbone. i think i might be brain damaged or something because i don’t wanna leave him. i am so sick of him

No. 852586

If it even makes you feel a tiny bit better a bunch of them I saw were edited and photoshopped to add the gore in.

No. 852589

He tells me he doesn't want things to change between us and I believe him but I feel like his wife is going to keep nagging until he either agrees to stop talking to me or until she can just accuse him of cheating.

No. 852590

I hate my sister I hope she dies

No. 852593

why did she get banned she was right

No. 852606

Yes, it's rarely got anything to do with you and always got everything to do with him. He's probably simping for you and neglecting her, which she noticed.
Every time I read one of these
>uwu I can't be fwiends with a scrote because of his evil bitch girlfriend
the girlfriend always ends up being justified in worrying because scrotes don't have a concept of loyalty and think basic friendliness means you want his dick.

No. 852619

They hated jesus because he told the truth

No. 852620

I have a feeling I've literally never going to find a job. I've been unemployed for half a year now. I'm not getting callbacks because I only have a degree in humanities and useless back office experience (administration, translation) and obviously front office experience is much preferred by employers. I can speak English which would be useful in an ESL country if I had other skills than that, but I don't. I'm also considering cleaning jobs but also not getting callbacks because I don't have experience in it. I feel like I'm literally unemployable

No. 852638

File: 1626160942545.jpg (40 KB, 650x650, 1609565260291.jpg)

All the posts in the Stupid Questions thread genuinely talking about demons is wildly cringe. I thought this was a website for above-18s.

No. 852644

Retards don’t unretard themselves when they hit 18.

No. 852658

The pic made me kek so hard I love it

No. 852661

I’m supposed to be on what is essentially bed rest for the next month and am not supposed to be moving around too much, and especially not doing any heavy lifting or bending over. Friends and family keep scolding me whenever I’m too physically active while doing chores but at the same time won’t lift a finger to help out. We can’t afford a housekeeper or to get food delivered all the time and my husband is gone most of the day so someone has to prepare food, clean, tidy up, do laundry etc. and if nobody else is doing it for me of course I’m going to have to do it myself.

My in-laws are especially annoying because they see no problem with having me make them coffee and lunch but then protest when I try to take their dirty dishes to the kitchen. So will they do it themselves? Nope, they’ll just leave their dirty cups and plates and spills and shoe marks scattered around the room, perfectly content with having me clean up after them after they’ve left. They’ve already done their duty by telling me “Nooo Anon sit down you need to rest!” a few times, no need to do something that would actually be helpful.

The worst was when our cat barfed right in the middle of the living room and everyone told me not to clean it up. Okay, so is someone else going to clean it up? No? We’re just going to leave it there for my toddler to find when she wakes up? Cool.

No. 852672

File: 1626165169612.jpg (639.51 KB, 1080x1876, IMG_20210713_100919.jpg)


I just remembered a reddit post that reached the front page a couple of years ago and I had to go read it once again to make sure it (and the comments) were as retarded as they were when I read them for the first time.

The comments are a mix of moids (and pickmes) sperging about how there's nothing wrong with underage girls dressing in a sexualized manner in a plubic place to make money because "they wore the same clothes they would wear at the beach".
I'm scared at how retards like these are allowed to teach in schools and influence young girls.

No. 852681

maybe u should come to the nhs and try and see? nhs does provide emergencey care for foreigners, im not sure to what extent though

No. 852682

I'm definitely gonna get banned for pinkpill sperging or whatever, but I fucking hate how we're never ever allowed to talk about how much adult men love to sexualize teenage girls, often blatantly in the mainstream but even moreso in porn, and if you call it out at all you are instantly labelled a crazy feminist or a rabid manhater and told to take your pills or whatever. everyone always acts like gay men are super predatory towards young boys but honestly straight men are just as bad, if not worse.

I watched hot girls wanted and the sequel (which was a series) on netflix… and the porn producer who would recruit young (as in barely legal, underage looking) girls into porn would literally refer to them as "teenie boppers" and dress them in literal girls clothes. and then there was a female porn star who would also recruit women, and straight up told a girl who was in highschool doing porn (I'm assuming she was 18) to save all her panties because if you sell panties from when you were in highschool you can make tonnes and tonnes of cash off of them. disgusting.

also there is this one yt channel of a gamer guy who basically just attacks female porn stars/ethots 24/7 and he made a video about how an 18 year old girl made an onlyfans on her birthday and that's why he doesn't want a daughter. I left a comment saying if men didn't want their daughters to start doing porn they need to stop jerking off to "teen" porn and he deleted my comment, rotflmao.

No. 852687

>I want to help him out by increasing rent I pay
Don't. People like that are black holes. They'll waste whatever you give them.

No. 852691

Lord please give us our man hate threads back. Please, please, please. A bitch is about to burst

No. 852694

>I left a comment saying if men didn't want their daughters to start doing porn they need to stop jerking off to "teen" porn and he deleted my comment, rotflmao.
KEK. Men are such cowards when faced with the truth. The fact he straight up deleted your comment instead of trying to debate you definitely shows his guilt, imo. I'd bet my life savings he's whacking his pathetic little worm to the same women he judges on his channel.

No. 852699

Omg. Wtf was he thinking?? Like literally

No. 852715

Men legitimately cant see they're the source of the problem, it's insane.
I've seen Hot Girls Wanted just recently too and it was overall so depressing, but I guess no amount of showing the truth will open people's eyes.

No. 852718

My father's such a fucking cunt, talking about how much he wanted a son in front of his three young daughters. Personally I don't care, I'm too old to care. I got that from a stepfather constantly so I'm used to scrotes lamenting about the lack of a pwecious widdle boy. But to say that in front of my sisters? He's lucky it was a webcam chat, had I been there in person I'd drag him out to the garden and tear him a new asshole. Fucking scumbag. He's been so lucky in life, I didn't meet him until I was in my 20s and he was fresh out of prison. I could have told him to fuck off, but I didn't, I was there for him while he put the pieces of his life back together. Then he landed on his feet with a wonderful girlfriend, an amazing stepdaughter and was blessed with two more daughters. But no, it's never enough. None of us have the XY mutation so we're inferior. Lord give me the strength to remember my anger management classes and not drive to his place to punch him in his stupid fucking face.

No. 852724

File: 1626172038786.gif (463.33 KB, 260x208, girl-waving-hairbrush.gif)

I hate that disappointed "oh" sound people make when they hear how long I've been going to the gym and some even add "and you still look like "this"", like what the actual fuck?

I'm a bit fluffy becauae of bulking but obviously muscular, I just don't have a gigantic ass or a small waist because genetics and I don't care about my ass right now. It's nice as it is.

Next time I'll throw a fucking kettlebell at someone who dares to say shit like this.

No. 852725

Do it anon, people are retarded and think one month of gym will turn them into a fitness model. I know people who go to the gym regularly for years and are not ripped because their focus is just on different things, you do you and they deserve a kettlebell in the face

No. 852728

Sounds like you are surrounded by assholes, anon. Find some new friends

No. 852759

How do anachans do this? And are my family members wannabe anachans or what?
I stopped having lunch and breakfast because I’m traveling, I’m at my cousins’ house so I’m just doing what they do, I don’t want to make any unnecessary noise nor bother them.
But instead of losing any weight I gained like 10 kilos in a month and I want to die, isn’t this the famous intermittent fasting thing? Why is it not working? I stopped having anything with sugar a long time ago already but all I do is gain weight and fuck up my cycle, randomly bleeding and such.
I honestly want to give up and hope to die of a heart attack as soon as possible, but here I am again, trying a new diet and a new routine of exercises.
I want to kill myself or wake up dead.

No. 852765

if you consider that you might be retaining water due to the sudden caloric deficit, 10kg really isn't all that much, anon. my advice would be to eat more, don't worry about causing noise if you need to prepare meals. this is what you do in order to survive. maybe you'll even inspire them to eat breakfast/lunch and you'll all feel healthier.

blog incoming but recently I started eating a lot more than I used to. at first I felt like I was going to gain a shit ton of weight (and I did) but within two months or so I realized I was gaining the lean mass that I wasn't seeing from a year's worth compulsive, underfed workouts. now my body is a lot firmer and I look better, but the scale calls me fat.

No. 852766

Wtf are you eating at night? Is it possible you're binging to compensate for the missed meals? Are yoh sure you've actually gained fat and it's not just water weight? You seem to be focusing on the wrong thing here, IF/OMAD are just strategies for eating less. The timing of your meals wont actually make much of a difference, the only thing that matters is the calories.

No. 852767

Your body isn't used to that eating rhythm so it may be thinking you're starving and everytime you do eat, it latches onto that shit. Starving never works longterm, it also fucks up your hunger cues so you end having to put alarms just so you realize to eat.

No. 852773

Any fasting method will not work if what you are eating is not nutritionally adequate.

No. 852774

Intermittent fasting always sounded like bullshit to me. Maybe it works for superfat Americans who think snacking throughout the day is "normal" and not eating between meals is "fasting". But in my family we all eat 2 meals on day on average, sometimes even just one big meal at the end of the day and we're healthy and of normal weight.
It's probably not working because it isn't actually a diet/fast at all.

No. 852775

tf is this shitty fear mongering pseudo science anons. It's been a month, she isn't fucking up her metabolism. She hasn't gone into ~starvation mode~ and her body isn't clinging to food. She's eating later in the day, it's really not that dramatic and it's not a drastic fast.

No. 852783

I had sex with my fwb after not seeing him for months. As soon as we finished I told him to get out. As he was leaving he tried to kiss my nipple as a joke and hug me but I told him don’t do that and pushed him away. We end up waving goodbye. But then I remembered he bought a brownie for me but forgot it in his car so My dumbass went downstairs to get it. Tell me why my stupid empathy kicked in when I saw him with the stupid brownie and I let him hug me and kiss my nipple . I’m such a stupid bitch. Although it was kinda cool having the power to give a man the walk of shame and make him feel like a slut. He put on his clothes so fast after I repeated myself to get out too lol. It’s not fair why can’t I be those bad bitches who kick dudes to the curb and feels nothing afterwards. Is that just a myth!?

No. 852787

I'm so fucking mad. I started working in a hospital today since we have to do that for 80 hours this summer, it's for our med school.
The nurse probably misunderstood and thought I'm only a carer or another nurse so I had to you know, sanitize beds, clean stuff etc. I don't mind that because I thought they don't have any other work for med students. While changing to my civil clothes to leave, I met a classmate. She told me she actually goes to see surgeries, didn't have to clean anything at all for the week she's there because it's officially not part of the curriculum. She had a name card to open doors, got things she watched explained by doctors and so on.

I said 'oh OK, no problem, it's my first day and the nurse I talked to misunderstood, I'm gonna go talk to the top nurse to sort this out. I see you also have another document, I will print that out and bring it to them because that might've caused the misunderstanding'. Which is 100% what happened, it's a bit chaotic in the hospitals.
For some reason, the bitch tried so hard to stop me from talking to the nurse. She told me to absolutely not print any document, that it's too complicated. She said it's all full and crowded already, there's no place for any other students - which is bullshit, she's the only other student and I already have the contract to work there in the same position she had. It's approved by the hospital and they know how much place they have. When I said I need the name card, she told me I should just print it out and not bother with it, how it's too complicated to talk to the nurse. That I should just kinda stealthy go to the morning meeting, I don't need the card.
Bitch, fuck you. Why should I be stealth and print my name card when I'm supposed to be there? I'm supposed to have the same privileges you have!
Why the hell are you telling me I should just not worry about it, there's no place for me anyway..
Are you saying I should just do a cleaner while you go to see surgeries? I genuinely don't understand why was she trying to put me down, she wouldn't get anything from it. Or was shr trying to brown nose the doctors and I might be a nuisance there or what? I really don't get this.
When she tried to talk me out of it again, I just told her talking to her is more complicated than sorting it out with the nurses and she got so mad. Granted, I was pretty cold already when I said that.
She ended with 'Don't think that I don't wish you luck. I wish you luck, you know. Wish you luck so you'll have what you want'.
… The fuck?
Bad thing is, the class I'm in now is so cliquey, I fucked it up with her and I can expect half the class not to talk to me once the school year starts. I'm too old for this shit, I'm 3 years older than my classmates (went to study exchange) and this childish shit is just so fucking tiring.
I'm fucking seething though, what a manipulative asshole.

No. 852792

Hmmm, maybe she lied that she's seeing surgeries and doesn't want you to find out when you talk to the nurse. That would explain her behaviour.

No. 852793

Fuck that dumb bitch for acting like this is a competition, you're both there to fucking learn. I wouldn't worry about the cliques honestly, if she's that unpleasant to you I doubt she's a ray of sunshine to anyone else she sees as a "threat", and who the fuck wants to be friendly with someone like that? She's probably a shit talker. Honestly I'm seething just reading it. Hope everything works out anon

No. 852794

This was so frustrating to read. What the fuck was up with her, was she trying to feel more Advanced and Special than you? What the hell. I'm glad you got the hospital sbit sorted out though, even if the stupid school drama will continue.

No. 852797

Got my wisdom teeth on the left side removed yesterday and omg I'm rabid. The pain isn't bad because my dentist just had to pull them out because they already came through completely, but that means I can't eat anything besides liquids for the next 5 weeks, just like last time because there are no stitches and food residue gets stuck there super easily.

I hate it. I hate it. I'm constantly hungry and light headed because all the liquid makes my stomach feel sick. My gyn also recently told me that I had to gain weight/body fat because I've been starting to have issues with my period and losing weight is really not something I can afford right now.

No. 852798

I'm moving this week into our first house and my husband WON'T STOP SAYING AND DOING STUPID SHIT THAT IS STRESSING ME OUT.
Ex. He will have $5k leftover after closing costs. Although I thought we talked about using it for furniture before, suddenly he wanted to use it to pay off his credit card debt instead of helping me fund the furniture we need. This is after I just took on more debt to finance kitchen appliances I bought under my name. It took me getting angry at him apparently to realize how selfish that decision would be, and agreed to only put money towards his credit cards AFTER we get the major things we need.
Fucking stupid! Sure he listens to me, but do I really have to point out basic decency and common sense? People are telling me that it's all moving stress but I'm so exhausted fam.

No. 852800

agree with this, I've noticed obsessive behavior in a boyfriend and had my concerns written off as "jealousy" but were completely substantiated. listen to the people in someone's lives. they know them best

No. 852805

while it probably is moving stress its a little red flag that i would keep in the back of my head. Like he knew all this time he had cc debt he needed to take care of why tf would he wait until you guys are STILL in the process of moving to realize "huh maybe i should pay off my debt now" its also annoying that it took you getting angry for him to understand how selfish he was being. because even though you were in the right because you got mad at him you probably feel guilty lowkey. But dont fuck him. And everything you have in your name write that shit down. But congratulations on your new place!! I hope that was just a one off stupid thing he was thinking about doing.

No. 852827

File: 1626181109072.png (889.32 KB, 599x615, c39d300a7f628fb45a2e345da21e76…)

>fighting with bf
>go to the park cause it is comfy and i need a place to sit and think
>find a place to sit relatively quietly away from the path
>suddenly hear tiny little kid voice yelling at me
>see smoll scrote like 6-8 on nearby balcony watching me
>he keeps yelling obscenities at me and the ducking behind the railing

No. 852833

yell some back, bitch

No. 852834

I've been out alot the last few days just passing time by visiting nearby towns while a bunch of men are refurbing my house. I need to get away from the noise here (and all the strange men) I can't even sit in a nice cafe cause of covid. Everywhere I go, every park bench I sit on, public bench, train station bench… kids flock to the quiet spot I had found and they run circles around it and scream. I swear they can sense when you're desperate for peace.

No. 852837

I had this issue with an ex. He was always bringing up his ex gf but fucking dating stories etc. So I was sick of it and said you talk about her a lot you'd think you're still talking to her. And he was all maybe so what if I am!! Saw the messages between them and she was insulting me and he was obviously basking in the fact his ex won't get over him because he encourages it. He got dumped.

No. 852838

I fucking hate living in the city. I only moved here for University and now I desperately long to move to a log cabin in the middle of nowhere. Everyone around me is so excited for covid to be over and to "socialize again" And I just want to be left alone forever.

I also fucking hate summertime. When you can bundle up in a million layers you get left alone. In summer your choices are either to die of heat or to deal with harassment from scrotes. Even if you wear a dress down to your ankles.

No. 852856

Didn’t they give you one of those syringe things to flush out food residue? Both my lower wisdom teeth left big holes after they were removed but both times I was able to eat solid food a few days after the surgeries. Cleaning out the wound is annoying and kind of gross but definitely better than living on liquids for weeks.

No. 852864

I hate the new 4chan captcha holy shit

No. 852865

Looking mighty fine today, I got my premenstrual acne and I also got a bunch of mosquito bites on my face (which is usually never a thing), I'm keeping my mask at work.

No. 852866

I went out to eat with a friend last week and my dumb, touch-deprived self did it again. I started to become ''touchy'' with him, we were about to cross the road and I grabbed his arm (to be fair i can barely see with my glasses and the fog from the mask) and obviously he took this as it meant i liked him when i don't. Fuck i swear i do this every time, i feel really bad for giving them these false hopes. I just lack an older male figure in my life i guess. I really need to get a boyfriend, the hornyness is starting to hit me like a train at full speed.

No. 852876

I swear Twitter was just made for arguing. I also find scrotes who are very desperate to make edgy jokes and just reply to randoms for attention. People criticize the block button but that shit is a blessing.

No. 852891

My left side above my butt really hurts, I thought it was sciatica pain from standing all the time at my job and now it’s making it painful for me to sit down or bend over on that side.

No. 852892

File: 1626186659283.jpeg (25.52 KB, 305x337, 138E103D-8734-4FCB-BA78-2816D1…)

I’m sick of anyone who tries to feed me, I’m fat, buddy, I don’t need you to give me second helpings nor extra portions, I just want to eat what I should eat as a woman of my age and height.
Why is it that whenever I want to have a normal or smaller portion than usual, I get weirded out or pitiful looks? I won’t starve myself just because I’m eating normally, we don’t need much food to survive in today’s world anyways, we’re not hunting, gathering or walking long ass distances to find a drop of water.
If someone isn’t asking for more, nobody should even ask if they want more, it’s honestly annoying having to constantly go through the same conversation over and over again
>Hey nonnie, I noticed you finished your food, do you want more?
>no, thanks
>are you sure? There’s more
>no really, it’s okay, I’m fine
>but you seem like you want more
>it’s just that I’m full, really
>it’s okay, nonnie, here you go
Ad Infinitum.
Last week I even got an awful headache and probably seemed rude as fuck while telling my brother’s mother-in-law that I was okay with just one slice of pizza, I swear I could hear everyone’s thoughts
>Wow you’re such a fat fuck yet you’re only having one slice?
Being alive is tiresome.

No. 852894

Just throw the food back at them when it lands on your food if you can't make yourself clear enough

No. 852903

this happened to me and i think it's because people were used to me being fat and it made them feel better about themselves so they tried to sabotage my self improvement by forcing food when i didn't want it. people won't admit it but they get twisted satisfaction and feel superior at watching fat people eat. fuck them!

No. 852907

damn im lowkey jealous of this, even when i was super skinny people would moderate my food and tell me how many portions i eat and if i eat too much i would be fat.

No. 852910

They did, but I'm too scared to use it while the blood clot is still in there and even last time I still had it up until the second/almost third week or so.

No. 852916

I honestly prefer getting my portions restricted over having people being fake-kind to me, it just hurts more when someone won’t even say to your face that there’s something wrong with you or that you don’t fit in (in many ways) like a backhanded compliment.

No. 852945

Sadly she's pretty social. I genuinely don't understand her 'I wish you the you'll have what you want' outburst meant, she seemed like a normal person but this sounded psycho as fuck. I also forgot to mention she recommended I try to apply to work in a hospital in a different far away city… While I already have my contract here and this hospital is like 10 minutes from my home. Bitch, you can go somewhere else yourself if you can't stand not being the only med student there.
But to be honest, her clique of friends that shun other people from our class doesn't really interest me anymore. They're the nastiest to the more attractive people kek
What makes me pretty sad is that I'm new to this class and because of covid, I didn't get to meet people properly. I just kind of hover around shyly when we have to meet up for a non-online class and it seems I'm just not gonna find close friends there. But what can I do, I have other friends and I just want high-school-level drama to be out of my life already.
Really sucks that I have to work with her this week, I'm kind of dreading it because I just want to chill without conflict.

No. 852976

I booked a hotel stay lately and the app I used to book it through was meant to give me 10 percent of that trips cost back in credit to put towards my next trip. That played a large role in my decision to book that first stay. I want to book one more night away soon and use that credit to keep the cost down. I had a plan.

It said it could take up to 14 days to show up on my account… Then only after I checked out of the hotel I checked the app again and it now says it can take 60 days? ffs I had it all planned out. It's no good to me to have that credit after a certain date. I'm rechecking the app like a crazy woman but I know it won't show up in time.

No. 852977

I’m not trying to be a victim but I’ll cut myself with a big knife and fucking kill myself
I’m tired of myself
I’m tired of existing
I will finally die hopefully

No. 852978

It's so tiring… I just don't eat around others now. If you're skinny or fat then the hassling never stops.

No. 852993

I'm sorry anon, I wish I could help you. I don't know you but I hope you'll feel better. Hope things will get better for you.

No. 853033

eugh i'm so tired. my whole entire life is ruined, all of my teenage years wasted, potential all gone, not made the most out of college, i'm just fear and immobility. fuck my life. i'm so mad about all this trauma and how easily it could have been avoided or reduced if any of my literal cries for help had been answered when i was a teen, but i wasn't worth the attention even though i constantly asked for help. i feel soiled not by what happened to me, but that everyone allowed it continually over a period of years. and i made so much progress but the life i'm trapped in is so fucked by what happened that i still have to deal with consequences of what happened without anything done to me being acknowleged. i feel like garbage.

No. 853050

my mom just called me completely drunk (it’s not even noon and she just got out of rehab) complaining about how i don’t like her. apparently my sisters told her that i prefer our dad which is why she’s freaking out. i’m so pissed they told her that, because now i’m never going to hear the end of how she’s such a “great” mom, even though she would constantly show up drunk to all my important events when i was a child, even when i would cry and beg her to be sober for just 1 day so i wouldn’t be embarrassed by her.

No. 853056

I didn't understand the cramps I was having a few nights ago they were so painful and my period came early yesterday and all day I've had the worst fucking cramps. I just want it to end. I'm due my second dose of pfizer next week, is this a thing now plz no

No. 853068

The dirst dose also gave me cramps! But the second dose only made me a bit tired so I hope it will pass

No. 853187

>bf's family makes assumptions about my life in front of me
>correct them even though it's kind of an uncomfortable subject
>tell me that's a little heavy for a dinner get-together

Don't fucking make assumptions to my face then. My whole life makes them uncomfortable tbh. Bf's sister recently took a stab at me when she found out I dropped out of university (10 years ago mind you) and when I told her it was either that or my siblings go into foster care SHE got upset and embarrassed. And I was just supposed to sit there and not defend myself? I wouldn't care but I've been with my bf so long and I'm tired of letting them assume things.

No. 853201

I bumped into a guy that I like while shopping the other day. We hit an awkward lul in our smalltalk and he asked me what was in my shopping basket. I had a moment where I almost panicked because I know some days my shopping is pure trash food. It wasn't too bad that day but that moment was a type of wake up call for me. I live alone so nobody can see what I eat or judge me for it. I'm not overweight so nobody would ever know how bad I eat. I guess my portions aren't big but still it's all coffee, energy drinks and carbs/snack foods. No fresh food. I'm not even familiar with that section anymore.

Yesterday and today I started working on it. I had a large orange yesterday, today I had chicken with some cherry tomatoes and a couple of apples afterwards. It's small steps but I was glad I'm addressing it. It's 8.30 pm now and I had to run to the bathroom. It was a similar situation to how my bowels get after a night of drinking. I have a busy day out tomorrow… I hope I'm just adjusting and that I don't let this stop me. For years I had ibs and I think my carb and junk diet was actually pretty easy on my stomach. I'm only remembering now that it might've actually played a role in my extreme diet limiting… how the fuck did I forget that?

No. 853222

She's just embarrassed at how you showed she's a judgmental, rude person instead of letting her get some cheap gratification from feeling better than you, don't stand for it and cheers.

No. 853310

Most people don't know the first thing about fitness. Just look at the amount of "fitness" influencers that are literally just skinny. Who then make videos claiming circling your arms in the air for 30s gets you "toned".

Keep chasing those PRs nonnie.

No. 853322

Really hate that I’m so love starved and lonely Im getting emotional attachments to a fucking YouTuber. I hear a nice voice talking to me and it’s like yes please more I dont wanna be alone. Lol. (Joel Vargskelethor is anyone was curious)

No. 853339

I want to die

No. 853346

>Really hate that I’m so love starved and lonely Im getting emotional attachments to a fucking YouTuber.
Oh my god this is me too, only that I'm "dating" the youtuber I got attached to.
And guess what, it wasn't worth it. He's such a fucking pussy and he's balding. I feel like such an idiot and I want to get out of this now but I still have some small feelings for him. At this point I'm just going to keep pretending that I am 100% happy with this dude because there's nothing else. But he bores me out, triggers my bpd, idk I hate this shit.

No. 853349

why doesnt your bf defend you anon. I wouldnt be surprised if he is secretly talking shit about you with his family when you are not around considering they feel comfortable being rude to you as his gf.

No. 853351

I don't want you to die anon.


No. 853385

I miss my ex. I’d miss him normally, but now I know there’s nothing left to look forward to.

No. 853389

We're trying to rent a bigger house and it's taken like 3 business days for someone at this fucking real estate company to get back to me. Dude ended his email with, "just warning you we've had a lot of applications for this property" like no shit and I would have been one of them days ago if someone at your damn office would have sent me the link for said application or answered the phone!!

No. 853398

Nah, he does and has in the past but that doesn't stop them being shitty and taking jabs under the guise of banter or whatever. We really only go to those things to make his grandma (who is very lovely to me) happy.

No. 853412

I had to take a Covid test at the doctors office yesterday, and I can't stop thinking about it because it was so embarrassing. The first time she put it in, I immediately gagged, second time she tried the same happened with me being about to cry (because that's what happens when I'm gagging and about to throw up), third time I held out for longer until I seriously couldn't anymore and reflexively tried to smack the stick away, and then kept apologizing while crying. She wasn't even sure if it was enough to get a result. I hate having such a weak gag reflex, I literally start gagging if I'm not careful enough when brushing my teeth furthest back, and that squeeze your left thumb advice is bullshit at that level.

No. 853441

I'm really worried about some of the anons on here to the point where I have dreams about them.
Please look after yourselves.
I also had a dream last night that I was megapermabanned and couldn't even view the site. But the ban message was strange - admin had written me a confession of love based on my incessant schizoposting. She said she was doing it for my own good and that she wanted me to be happy.
Never fall asleep browsing lolcow after taking hypnotics I guess.

No. 853443

File: 1626220575201.png (45.17 KB, 871x612, 3C161562-AC83-4BE9-9EBC-7494C1…)

Really hoping I don’t fail this summer class.
I feel like a retard taking so long to finish school.

No. 853444

I'm sorry anon but the part about you smacking the stick while crying and apologizing made me laugh kek. Don't worry, I'm sure she understands and there have been people with worse reactions

No. 853445

Her female competitive streak on 1000%, she needs to dial it back a bit

No. 853466

File: 1626222708358.jpg (1.03 MB, 2150x3035, upuem22qlau51.jpg)

I had some extensive dental and jaw work done in the span of six months and for most of that time i could only drink liquids, which was fine, i got everything sorted out and was ingesting enough calories and nutrients to maintain my health and weight (god bless ensure), it was quite unpleasant as that kind of thing is but you know nothing too traumatizing.

But when I finally was able to eat again I developed such a nasty binge eating habit, it's not emotional, I don't have any fucking triggers, but when I look at food its like my brain goes blank, I eat and eat and eat, without even feeling the flavors, I gained about 30 lbs, none of my clothes fit me anymore, I have high cholesterol, I feel sluggish and depressed, I hate showering and looking at my body in the mirror, but still when i try to fucking diet it's like im going to die, the hunger pain is close to unbearable, i feel like im going to faint at any moment, my vision gets blurry, and that's a normal 1200 calorie weight loss diet with mild exercise not anything anachan.

I feel like I've completely lost control of my body, I don't recognize myself, I avoid leaving the house to do anything, my health went down the drain and I genuinely don't know what to do.

No. 853470

1200 cals? if you're binging to the point of gaining 30lbs try 1600 to start.

No. 853471

>1200 calorie weight loss diet
That's anachan level. If you're working out you need more. Go to Dr to make sure you aren't deficient in anything, you may have depleated some mineral or something.

No. 853476

I know the pic you chose is some kind of fetish art but I legit think the chubby one is very cute

No. 853477

My major problem is that im just 5'0, so im concerned that eating 1600 isn't going to make much of a difference.

No. 853482

your life is not ruined, get moving

No. 853485

maybe ~1400 then, i have no idea what your goal/original weight is. calculate how much you're eating now and you'll be able to tell pretty quickly where the excess is coming from and what you need to cut out.

No. 853488

File: 1626224009268.jpeg (29.44 KB, 300x300, 8F6F274F-9B47-4989-B9BD-F7A1AD…)

I noticed the love my mom had for me started declining when I turned 13/14 and now that I'm 20 I think it's actually gone for her. Why does she see me as competition? Why did she have to get pregnant? Why can't I stop loving her too?

No. 853493

I’m very scared of getting a job, I don’t want it to be like that fast food job I only worked for 2 weeks and was barely trained and berated at. Why can’t I just have amazing luck or something and be able to make money so I can stop being a burden I’m pretty sure I’m not even a real living person as well

No. 853506

Some scrote online literally sent me the most disgusting messages (and of course a picture of his penis). I don't know what I did to deserve this. I know Im being very dramatic but it's just something I didnt expect to see fuck why

No. 853511

I want to try breathing exercises for stress but they genuinely make me uncomfortable because I had a counsellor who would get me to do them as a kid (along with other relaxation techniques because I was so neurotic) and I feel exploited by that experience. He would tell me get me to do very specific things in poses and tell me to focus on relaxing certain body parts and if the warmness from that felt good in my crotch. Shit like that. Now as adult when I try to do them I feel sick and uncomfortable.

No. 853515

Shit anon, fuck him. I'm sorry that experience tainted such a good thing like breathing exercises. Maybe you can try guided meditations (perhaps with a female voice) or a short yoga session for relax? Or maybe relaxing music while trying the breathing exercises so you can focus on that

No. 853522

File: 1626227802852.jpg (140.15 KB, 870x964, Untitled.jpg)

my stomach bloats just like this after eating and i know it's normal for women but i hate it so much

No. 853523

I find relaxation excercises also stressful can you try listening to rain sounds or stuff like asmr?

No. 853525

Is that really a normal amount of bloating for women? Some bloating for sure, but that level seems pretty weird unless you have a fair amount of volume in that area in the first place.

No. 853540

I appreciate both your suggestions so much <3

No. 853543

I don’t want a phone anymore. Email is barely better. I wish I could go back in time to where everyone had to write letters to get in contact with you.

No. 853544

you probably have a food allergy or systemic problem.

i bloated like that and found out it was related to an autoummine disorder. now i have a strict diet, and i can also eat much more than i used to since i don't get uncomfortable fast.

No. 853550

The instantenous ability of someone to reach me and then the expectation to repond triggers my autism.

No. 853551

nayrt but how did you go about getting that tested?

No. 853559

I bet the parallel world version of myself is having shit loads of fun right now fuckkkk

No. 853561

File: 1626232324567.png (749.65 KB, 870x871, Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 11.1…)

you sound like a scrote but yes

No. 853562

unironically kind of want this too even though I’m the very person people hate when they have to text someone I’m very needy and need instant replies. something about writing letters back and forth within a few months sounds genuinely cute and fun

No. 853564

I find it really not hard at all (have never seen the other site though, so maybe it's just confirmation bias…) Why not try it for a week or a month or so?

No. 853566

Tomorrow I work 7:30 to 4 and then I'm in class from 6:30 to 9:30 I might die

No. 853573

I feel like the world’s biggest asshole right now. There was a stray kitten outside my apartment that was friendly to me and in a moment of sheer impulse I brought it inside just for me to suddenly come to the realization of just how impulsive and irresponsible that was. There are multiple, solid reasons as to why I can’t care for another animal. I felt so fucking bad putting it back where I found it although the whole incident took maybe 25 minutes. Doesn’t help that my boyfriend is treating me like I just committed a genocide.

No. 853577

ive been in a really bad place since as long as i can remember because my home life was always fucked. im starting to realize the people ive chosen to surround myself with arent any better than my own family who are abusive and cruel. i still care about everyone but its so hard realizing the most everyone you care about is very bad for you. my best friend since i was a kid has turned on me because she has a controlling bf. she takes all her frustration and anger out on me. she has openly admitted to emotionally manipulating me and made it out like its a joke. im realizing shes acting just like how my mom acts towards me when my dad hurts her. its such a painful place to be in because theres really not much you can do. when you try to communicate with people in these abusive situations they just shut down or shift blame onto you. im moving to another state soon so maybe it'll get better, but i feel so alone.

No. 853582

Why not keep it until you find him a new home? Not judging btw just wondering. I know what it feels, i almost bring a cat home once too.

No. 853587

Our apartment is extremely small and we already have 3 other animals, 2 cats and a dog. Our male cat started yowling uncontrollably the second we brought the stray in. We just moved into this apartment a few months ago and getting the animals we already owned to acclimate to this new environment was stressful enough, it just seemed unfair to introduce a new animal into the mix. Also I don’t know the medical status of the stray and I wouldn’t want him/her introducing anything to our animals. If we didn’t have an extremely small place I would have considered keeping the stray in his/her own area/room and gone from there, but it’s just not doable with the space we’re in now. It just sucks. There are people in my complex who care for the strays here and it’s a pretty quiet complex in a suburban area so it’s not the worst of place to be a stray cat….at least that’s what I keep telling myself

No. 853589

why does food gotta take so damn long to cook? FUCK YOU FOOD, cook faster im not even hungry anymore waste of fucking time

No. 853598

Could take it to a shelter? Stray kittens get snatched up by adopters immediately at least where I live.

No. 853600

I'm going t