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File: 1605392605116.jpeg (301.11 KB, 1242x1242, FC01220B-EC40-4A25-81BA-F887A7…)

No. 1082360

Current -
Instagram: @puppygrl, @pwurring
Twitter: @crepegrl

Past -
Instagram: @pwurrs, @purinpet, @puppygrl, @pocketsizee, @piglwet, @angrwy, @littolest, @prwotect, @kittyggrl, @pupgrrl, @kttiey, @churchgrl, @69angelonline, @scarlctt, @irlbby, @barbiedreamcoffin, @kittiey, @bladegrl, @girlfromthegrave, @scarlettsblade, @warmmilkies, @pukeys,
Twitter: @shypurr, @pwurrs, @maidpurr, @ekittyprwincess
Tumblr: @strawpurries, @warmmilky
Soundcloud: @warmmilky

> 20 year old agere/petre NEET, self proclaimed "legal loli"
> serial photoshopper, copycat, and liar
> doxes people, steals/copies pics and art
> skinwalks every agere/“nymphet” girl even when they beg her to stop, threatens suicide on her ig story if anyone calls her out
> rich mummy and daddy pay for everything
> “don’t talk about my rape or trauma” but mentions it at least once a week
> claims that her entire bone structure, height has changed so much in 3 years that she looks like completely different person
> claims to be anti-ddlg/pet play/kink yet posts that exact content on her nsfw accounts
> calls people out for doing the exact same shit she does
> regularly cusses people out for defending the person she's currently skinwalking despite her ~uwuwu i'm so sweet~ persona
> public sperg posts on the daily
> flirts with other girl's boyfriends on twitter, doesn't understand why nobody wants to be friends with her
> makes alt accounts to harass people who have blocked her
> "i'm sooo shy, insecure, & inexperienced compared to the rest of you~”; goes on to talk about her obscure fetishes, has been posting underaged lewds for years, whines if it doesn't get enough likes/rts
> uses manipulation and passive aggression get away with being a scumbag and seen like a “widdle babie”
> wannarexic; posts aggressively angled / shooped photos that make her look underweight along with captions about how she's starting a "weight loss journey”, bodychecks with captions about how her “bones are starting stick out”

> deactivating, changing and moving her accounts between twitter and Instagram
> buys exact outfits, copies watermarks and poses in photos as other egirls
> starts getting called out by twitter thots
> master thread made about Erin
> chased off NSFW twitter with torches and pitchforks
> strange influx of newfags to the thread because of cowtipping
> “RIP ERIN PAINTER” account
> posts “unedited” “no makeup” pics but is clearly wearing a wig, makeup, eyeliner/lashes and her nose is heavily edited with 70000 snow filters on top
> “I’m ewins fweind and her vwoice sounds the same unwess she gets mad at video game or somethin” - SELF POST
> Cinawoll chronicles!!! Erin Painter self posting in both her own and nymphet soft girls thread! banned by mods. uses a cheap VPN to come back. mods tag all her selfposts, she shits herself and deactivates all social media for a “break”
> “break” lasts not even 12 hours and is back to baiting
> literally useless at FFXIV but is such a uwu gamer gurrrrrlll
> “I don’t look at the thread” but has to prove the meanies wrong within an hour of anything being posted
> given up separating her NSFW and SFW accounts
> “I can’t handle college” but “I’m moving to the city in my own apartment and mummy is gonna pay for me eeeee!”
> rich parents paid for lasik eye surgery, now asking for a nosejob
> “I have a learning disability”
> instagram story sperging never ends
> instantly responds to lolcow posts publicly to prove the big meanies wrong
> “I have a spare room to use for my own space” stores her 100s of plushies on the bed
> no cursing rule is suddenly revoked
> forever claims she never mentioned “daddy” or posted anything “ddlg”
> continues to follow and interact with ddlg accounts
> “stop mentioning my rape or trauma” but continues to talk about it every chance she gets
> considers her online discord daddy relationship as part of her trauma. dedicated and spent “every waking minute with him” but it was an online relationship?
> seems to have literally no friends
> didn’t know what “knotting” (beastiality) was but says it was one of her kinks. a followers come forward and lets her know how stupid she is. cue another sperg.
> someone posts her before/after photoshops on reddit, gets thousands of upvotes
> apparently is going to a “state college” but never mentions it again
> apparently is going to “therapy” but never mentions it again
> starts making “music” on garage band, all are covers but never says so to make it seem like they’re her own songs
> “I’m German”
> song no.2, somehow worse than the first
> tried to make clay food, failed and has a breakdown
> defends some twitter daddy pedophile, receives hate then backpedals as usual
> dramatically starts to change her aesthetic
> next skinwalking victim, Maja (@mjolktander/@childoflamb) and possibly Nicole Dollanganger
> styles changes from pink princess loli to hazy cottagecore creepy cute in less than a month
> constantly wealth bragging without even realizing
> “I have to deep clean all my rooms then I get new furniture”
> publicly talks about her trauma as a child on her twitter in almost direct response to the thread followed by a suicide bait
> “peepeepoopoo widdle babi dance puppets dance” manic-sperg on twitter
> publicly talks about her lolcow ban on her story, uploads a screenshot and everything (thanks erin)
> links her followers the thread
> replies to her own posts using one of her 500 accounts because no one cares
> manic replying to the thread on her story instantly after comments being posted
> extreme maja skinwalking, posts almost identical pictures
> another day, another face
> hates children, but age regresses?
> “I have a little bit of Swedish in me!”
> wants to make heavy mental music with soft vocals all of a sudden
> MERRY CHRISTMAS! mods mark all erin painter & “friend” self posts
> multiple posts are revealed in her own threads and the loli soft girls thread
> turns out to be the only comments trying to WK
> uses edgy twitch lingo to try fit in, makes her stand out more
> many posts anons suspected are erin self posts, including the so called male dorm “friend”
> completely changes her art style within a day, artist calls her out saying that she’s improved/changed her style too quickly to be real
> “I post a total of 1% of my life online”
> fakes self harm
> had mental breakdown showing her cuts and bandaid for attention
> disables account only to come back 2 days later
> continues to post on her private spam whilst ~taking a break~

> starts going through the process of changing her legal name
> goes on live to show her “REEL FACE!!” but only stays on for 3 mins and is switching the filters the whole time
> Fat Erin won’t stop skinwalking and taking all her old usernames
> starts threatening to leave the internet
> Erin emails admins, they just expose her on the thread
> more self posts
> anon cowtips, sends nudes to her mother and Erin gets taken off the internet for good
> egirls start to pretend to be her to get attention
> multiple accounts resurface but none can 100% be confirmed to be Erin
> months pass and she finally reactivates
> her name change is final and she is no longer Erin Painter
> mummy finally caved and bought her a nose job
> complains that the healing process was awful

Threads -
(# 4.5 egirl thread) >>>/snow/1079162
(# 4) >>>/snow/925187
(# 3) >>>/snow/915439
(# 2) >>>/snow/900685
(# 1) >>>/snow/891485
originally posted -
(soft girls thread) >>>/snow/879341
(nicole dollanganger's calves) >>841209
(egirls) >>866897

No. 1082368

File: 1605393077853.jpeg (335.29 KB, 1125x2181, 09160CC4-0A9E-4E0D-B11D-B81CCB…)

New name - wants to be referred to as “Bells” but is yet to reveal her real name

No. 1082369

File: 1605393098067.jpeg (1.01 MB, 3465x3462, E6324298-1560-4F22-8532-883D4C…)

Nose job paid for by mummy

No. 1082371

And this is milk how?? These have already been posted. She doesn’t go on social media and vent for attention like before. You guys have some weird vendetta against her and want her to be milky. Tbh I couldn’t stand her before but she seems mature and nice now

No. 1082378

File: 1605393581650.jpeg (40.89 KB, 589x267, 8ACC3ABF-6D40-46F6-961E-AEA899…)

I was just transferring them from the other thread.
And if you have such a big problem with it, take it up with the farmhands.

No. 1082386

File: 1605394071164.jpg (92.76 KB, 430x668, bf.jpg)

Wasn't she on bumble half a year ago?

No. 1082387

This thread isn't needed at the moment, I feel like it'll scare her away.

No. 1082391

She told her followers to ignore lolcow a couple of days ago, I don't think she's going anywhere anytime soon

No. 1082392

Yeah cause she tried changing for the better but farmers keep nitpicking and wanting her to produce milk. Nothing has happened and if it does post it. But she hasn’t posted any face pics or any suicide bait

No. 1082397

The question is, why do YOU care so much? Is she your sibling or something? Just a random cringe spoiled womanchild from internet. If you worry that much hide the thread or don't browse /snow/ at all, jesus.

No. 1082441

Agreed lmao. Seeing so many white knights for her recently. Really fucking odd for a pedo pandering cow like erin to be protected this much on here.

No. 1082569

She's all of the things you've stated, she's just not currently producing milk. I can understand why farmers find her irrelevant which can easily be interpreted as WKing. This is coming from someone who was following her antics since the ddlg girls thread, and was there for the multiple times she was outed for selfposting. I don't like the idea of forcing milk, coupled with all the tipping at this rate she'll never return to her former glory.

No. 1082679

Sage for nitpick but I’m really curious if her boyfriend knows her entire past, he’s got to be another discord daddy if so.

No. 1082680

File: 1605415015545.jpeg (925.86 KB, 1242x1726, BBC47127-06F5-4F85-B46D-569CA4…)

Bitch is damn near 20 (if not 21?) posting slo mo videos of a character from a children’s game she’s never even at least played.

No. 1082687

ohh noooo she's so old at 20 kek.

No. 1082692

File: 1605415814333.gif (1.1 MB, 320x240, rooting-for-you-tyra.gif)

So what I'm taking from all this new milk is that Erin didn't disappear from the Internet to better herself and become a functioning member of human society, but instead vanished so she could fix her goblin nose and further invest herself into DDLG wannarexic pedo-lite culture. Very cute. Very cool.

No. 1082693

What? 20 year olds can’t have plushies? This is nitpicking beyond belief. She seemed grow out of the attentionwhore uwu phase. I don’t see the point in forcing milk. I have hello kitty plushies at age 20 as well am I suddenly a fucking pedo?

No. 1082698

Anon they’re saying she’s a pedo from her old pedo bait posts. Not because of plushies. I do agree having plushies at 20 is a nitpick though.

No. 1082699

This bitch has an extra room for plushies. Coming from another 20 yo, that’s just fucking weird. Nobody is calling her a pedo because she has plushies, read the old threads retard.

No. 1082701

Call me crazy with the tinfoiling, but I genuinely think erin is back here. It’s 1 wk repeating the same shit over and over again using the same buzz words anywhere she’s mentioned (not only in this thread).

No. 1082707

File: 1605418428922.jpeg (59.64 KB, 1242x503, EB2AEE70-AF9E-4E34-A9AA-B68442…)

Why is she following this account…?

No. 1082746

Yeah posts from a year ago. I have read the old threads but farmers keep repeating old milk. It’s old I’m just saying it’s a nitpick and if she’s problematic post on here but her getting a nose job and posting a plushie video isn’t milk. I’m not even white knighting her, she just isn’t problematic rn

No. 1082760

A cow doesn’t have to be ~problematic~ for us to post about them, just funny or milky. This isn’t PULL. If the thread bothers you so bad hide it and go tweet about it or something.

No. 1082762

anon can you calm down, there's 16 posts in the thread and most are from you defending her

No. 1082805

Exactly. The last more or less unedited pictures she posted (with the scarf) were not very well received here. She didn’t leave the internet because she realized her online behaviour was fake and unhealthy, she left because her real face was posted and she couldn’t keep up with that uwu cute DDLG babygirl persona anymore. Thus, the most important thing for her now is to show that her looks have changed and her post-OP picture is basically the first thing she shares. I am convinced that she will be back to post her photoshopped, facetuned self in no time and just continue from where she left.

No. 1082837

It's multiple anons, I would know because I posted >>1082569 and got sperged at by some nitpicking anachan in the other thread. I'm all for posting Erin, I just think the level of contribution is currently pull-tier save for a few anons.

No. 1082905

Well, that actually looks like a good nosejob at least.

No. 1083871

no doubt if she starts posting herself again she'll be editing the fuck out of her jaw, eyes, and body now claiming she "just had a nose job"

No. 1084159

File: 1605566140232.jpg (205.62 KB, 1081x977, 125798355_399232718095427.jpg)

Her new boyfriend

No. 1084184

why does it feel like erin made this thread to be talked about again

No. 1084309

She is following a call out account made for her? (@exposing.pwurring). That acct was made 6 days ago & it was posted on the egirls thread along with her new profile right after it’s creation. Who tf instantly follows &finds a hate account dedicated to themselves? Either she’s still shit talking herself here/instagram or she’s constantly stalking lolcow again.

No. 1084319

File: 1605578755558.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x2063, 4B660958-9C2B-4A7B-8137-3EBDC0…)

Does anyone find it weird how she kept the stuff on her stories up about her ex? And all of the “uwu look at me squeezed in children’s panties” stories on highlights when she cleared a TON of other shit out of her highlights, including her real face?

No. 1084320

File: 1605578785287.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1242x2130, F7052DCC-298D-4350-B9FD-331180…)

Date with her ex

No. 1084321

File: 1605578812573.png (4.35 MB, 1242x2688, 977BD916-341C-476B-8C8C-6C625C…)

There’s another of these too, saged for not real milk

No. 1084324

Samefag, sry! Ijust feel like if she was actually trying to improve herself for the better she would have taken these down? Considering she erased so much from her highlights and decided to keep the lewds and old date with her ex?

No. 1084339

File: 1605580201980.jpg (294 KB, 813x760, exposing.jpg)

I tend to think it was some weird attempt to promote herself in the spam community, a couple of girls shared posts from that account on their stories. The owner says they're "spreading awareness", but from all things Erin has done, they only mention her extreme photoshopping and skinwalking pretty much. Nothing about bullying a raped girl, her constant suicide-baiting, exposing minors to her "body positivity" porn account, the actual bad crap. They refer to her as "Bells" and say they obtained information from "a forum". Maybe they don't want to say "Erin Painter" and "lolcow" so people can't look the threads up.

sage for tinfoil

No. 1084341

File: 1605580334176.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, B7F17D68-FD7F-427A-9187-0EE2F1…)

sage for spoonfeeding, but does anyone know what facebook post she’s talking about?

No. 1084346

I’m so sick of the agere baby ddlg faggots cow tipping. Get the fuck off of this site and go shit in your diapers while watching Sanrio

No. 1084672

I'd believe this. It probably has the added benefit of recruiting farmers into sympathising with her. We've been disagreeing left and right since she was brought up in the egirl thread.

No. 1084707

Sage for nitpick, but isn't that usedpet / oatgrl's profile pic, I mean erin has a history of skinwalking her and now she's usering her profile pic, and pretending to be veg like her?

No. 1084763

Post a screenshot of usedpets?

No. 1084769

File: 1605640295671.jpg (122.76 KB, 624x563, 0000000.jpg)

She posted this an hour after that post. Does she lurk or did someone cowtip?

No. 1084878

Her instagram is oatgrl, not sure if she still has the same profile picture but it was the exact same one

No. 1084879

Why does she act like she actually left social media as a whole? She just went into a shit attempt at hiding and still had multiple accounts, just none where she was openly herself? This bitch acts like she actually left social media and didnt lurk 24/7

No. 1085139

File: 1605666571552.jpeg (248.53 KB, 750x1213, 2589B532-1242-490B-9DC8-77A0F2…)

> borderline addicted to Xanax
> “don’t rlly count that as drugs”

No. 1085143

File: 1605666734708.jpeg (59.62 KB, 750x456, B7341601-B6DA-4433-A750-00C676…)

Erin made a new account @oatbunn.

No. 1085150

This reeks of her lurking and sending asks on an alternative account.

No. 1085244

She really hasn’t changed one bit. Someone makes a specific post about her, and within an hour she magically receives a question about that exact post.
She can’t even be subtle about it, it’s sad how obvious she is.

No. 1085374

How the fuck does being addicted to Xanax not count as doing drugs?

No. 1085422

i assume she means she had a xanax dependency, in regards to taking them for medical reasons, rather than taking them recreationally

No. 1085535

Jesus she really still is skinwalking oatgrl/aubrey

No. 1085633

File: 1605733617250.jpeg (445.67 KB, 750x1294, D2A88468-4FC1-48F5-A476-2EA7DE…)

Erin’s new name.

No. 1085637

Congratulations to Newnose Beluga! What a choice.

No. 1085654

Wait, did she change her last name too? Why?

No. 1085656

File: 1605735192399.jpg (295.24 KB, 946x2048, JHk9kSJ.jpg)

Does anyone know what she picked her names based on? She's always skinwalking something. If it's anabait Nina I'll laugh. Would make since though since the guy in the film is older.

No. 1085657

Nina Rose Bellucci… she's really doubling down on being an uwu Italian loli, huh.

No. 1085666

Not to WK, but I feel bad for her at this rate. She wants privacy and even had her name changed and people dug it up and posted it.

No. 1085670

File: 1605736235477.jpg (160.54 KB, 1750x580, nina.jpg)

From the previous thread, remember how people were doubting that strawbyu/mewtsuu is her? And now she pretends she wasn't around all this time. Ok Nina Bellucci

No. 1085679

That's kind of what happens when you make an ass out of yourself. Besides, its public record. Maybe she shouldnt have announced changing her name. No one would have looked for it if she just kept it to herself but nah, had to get the pity points. "Oh gosh I'm soooooo booolied I have to change my name uwu."

No. 1085680

It is a bit depressing, I admit, but I think she values attention more than privacy at this point, posts like these >>1085670 are proof of that. Remember, anon, at any point she could just turn off her phone/computer, delete her social medias, and learn how to be mature for once, but she hasn't and probably isn't going to any time soon.

No. 1085684

I think she just picked it based on the meaning
> In Italian, Nina means little girl.
> Bellucci is an Italian surname, derived from the adjective bello ("beautiful")

No. 1085685

That's kind of fucked up if true, which, knowing Erin/Nina, it probably is.

No. 1085689

She's definitely going to say something like "Belluci is my nonna's name! And Nina Rose is the name my mom wanted to give me"

Did she only change her name in august? She says she's been dating her bf for almost a year, does he know her as Erin?

No. 1085697

File: 1605737475879.jpg (46.69 KB, 309x556, p.jpg)

Could it be that call out page is just one of her old Instagram handles that she forgot to unfollow?

No. 1085699

Wow, she's going to regret this when she's older and she has a name she picked to larp as a foreign loli.

No. 1085706

In the last thread, she claimed family and friends switched to calling her by her new name right away. That was in February >>934266

No. 1085707

Wtf is that name? She is going go regret having it later, cringey as fuck. If she cant even choose her own name, why bother changing?

No. 1085710

File: 1605738532356.jpg (138.59 KB, 940x722, uwu.jpg)

Too late, she has to pretend she's Italian loli for the rest of her life now

No. 1085723

… wow. that’s quite the name kek

No. 1085729

> In Italian, Nina means little girl.
Lol that is such an Erin move

No. 1085736

Sage 4 blog but being full Italian and seeing these Americans LARP as UWU ~Italian lolis~ makes me sick.
She wouldn’t last one day in a real Italian household and it shows with how her mum treats her. But ok Nina Rose Bellucci, Italian princess of the North.

No. 1085744

Does anyone remember when she went through her dark-cottagecore-phase towards the end of the old threads and uploaded Kulning?
Back then she was apparently “more German than anything” because she had taken a DNA test and wanted to skinwalk Maja. Guess she’s back to being Italian again.

No. 1085754

File: 1605743324874.jpg (71.38 KB, 619x562, italian loli.jpg)

This is getting ridiculous

No. 1085782

File: 1605745569837.png (1.57 MB, 828x1792, B61A7481-BAC1-4673-AD87-A21E0A…)

Pic from the previous threads lol. She’s just changing nationalities to match whatever her new quirky persona is. “Puta Erin” is now “Loli Nina” I guess.

No. 1085787

File: 1605745960525.jpeg (572.68 KB, 1242x1334, 6FE1B76C-F6BC-4EF5-96EA-C0190F…)

Another tbt to the previous thread when she said she can’t speak a lot of italian and now she’s saying she grew up with it and she’s fluent lmao. Also kek at the “~uwu am pale italian~“ part.

No. 1085788

Is it just american thing or what kind of "I am so boring that I have to pretend to be a diff nationality" illness is that? I keep seeing so many cows pretending to be some european and make up their "im 1% italian" bs.

No. 1085793

Yeah some boring american bitches think their dna test is a personality trait. Most of the time they’ve never even been to that country and can’t speak the language.

No. 1085800

File: 1605746998707.jpg (56.95 KB, 749x768, 1597854493541.jpg)

Substitute BuzzFeed sandwich for DNA test

No. 1085801

File: 1605747051750.jpeg (313.09 KB, 750x1202, CF81C114-4088-4045-BE00-21EE6E…)

She answered the question for you anon, like clockwork.

No. 1085802

File: 1605747196594.jpg (186.72 KB, 614x1011, bf.jpg)

I almost pity him because of the way she treats him, but he's probably a neckbeard pedophile

No. 1085806

File: 1605747833143.png (467.07 KB, 712x1267, loli.png)

No. 1085808

This is so random and out of context. Why would someone ask her that, if she only said it once ~two years ago as a joke~?
Or is it because you are LURKING and asking YOURSELF these questions hm?

No. 1085820

Does this guy even exist? Have they met IRL? I can't imagine anyone putting up with Erin's bullshit for a whole year.

No. 1085831

He must be some kind of cuck especially when Erin has posted her nudes and her pussy to her followers on twitter and thirst tweeted men already in relationships

Or she sugar-coated the truth to him about her mental-instability of wanting e-frame by making 100+ posts to boost her own hate thread and self-posted her underaged photos.

No. 1085833

girl, you are white and inbred

No. 1085862

I wonder if she really does speak italian or just trying to act sPeCiAl

No. 1085902

File: 1605755743550.jpeg (107.88 KB, 750x1136, 18F51D99-33D7-4711-9F55-69A277…)

Ok “legal loli”.

No. 1085904

File: 1605755810407.jpeg (126.51 KB, 750x1333, B50A5A6F-32B9-42FA-A2EB-50F83E…)

“Lil italian loli” …5’6”

No. 1085910

Oh fuck oh shit Erin thread is alive again. Nature is healing!

Wouldn't that be easy to check? There's some Italian anons here, just ask her something in full Italian.

No. 1085929

File: 1605757433716.png (2.26 MB, 2122x1278, 6554_6786_3343_9875.png)

The shortest mental breakdown in history of Erin Nina Rose Belucci Painter

No. 1085936

>some kind of evil mastermind
>that’s never been me
500 posts of self-posting and shit talking in lolcow about self

No. 1085944

she’d probably just use google translate

No. 1085948

No one thinks you're an "evil mastermind," Erin. You're too stupid for that.

No. 1085953

File: 1605759634166.png (932.27 KB, 710x1277, bf.png)

No. 1085955

>neckbeard facial hair
>recessive chin
…Yeah, he looks like an anime boy, sure.

No. 1085956

erin you and your bf will never be smol animu characters, stick to larping as italian

No. 1085957

File: 1605760468339.jpg (23.97 KB, 333x513, dec48b74c72e3b964225a211b8022e…)

but anon, that's exactly how a neckbeard daddy discord dom that calls his little 5'11 Italian puppy a loli would look like

No. 1085971

File: 1605762649403.jpeg (81.18 KB, 389x378, CBBD582D-36A0-4CA2-90F0-2A066B…)

No. 1085982

Is this bitch really comparing her fat neckbeard boyfriend to an anime character? LMAO
Also, the guys profile makes him looks like Erin Painter/Nina Rose Belucci with shitty facial hair

No. 1085992

This has been posted every single thread and it gets me every single time. Too accurate lmao.

No. 1086005

People have asked her so many times to speak Italian on video and she won’t. She doesn’t even know Italian

No. 1086012

File: 1605770061905.png (741.97 KB, 978x749, mr burns.PNG)

This comment must've triggered her to post a photo of her neckbeard bf >>1085820
It fills me with joy that my tinfoil of Erin is still lurking and never really left, girl couldn't handle her thread slowly dying for barely 6 months.

I wonder how many weeks it's going to take her to be desperate enough to start an onlyfans, it seems like pattern for every cow here

No. 1086034

I just got into reading about this cow and I laughed out loud when I saw the end of the name change document….Erin Painter. Literally the most plain Anglo whitebread name ever, who does she think she’s fooling

No. 1086045

literally, she's back and already bragging about how her animu bf calls her a loli 24/7 to ~make her sooo mad!!~ identical bullshit she was spewing a year ago. glad to have you back, ewin.

No. 1086061

Nina belluci more like Stinky fat pussy kek who remembers her gross twitter nudes

No. 1086077

Is she really bisexual? Even if she is, I really doubt any girl would want to date someone who panders to pedo men. Why does she think she's changed, when she does the exact same shit and is continuing to put on her ~innocent uwu facade~?

Imagine all that farmers haven't covered up: there was literally a twitter meme made about how she constantly victimized her classmates in hs. I can imagine her doing pretty bad shit, but only when she thought she could get it away with it. Just check her lolcow logs kek.

No. 1086106

imagine getting a whole ass name change and nose job because of lolcow, jesus fuck

No. 1086109

She only hangs around other submissive ddlg losers, all of whom are equally vapid, boring, and unstable. If she were to date another woman, it'd have to be a mommy dom or something (ick). I think that's unlikely though.

Considering the agere comm is full of fakebois, kweers, and other genderspecials of every insane variety, Erin likely pretends to be bisexual just to fit in. She's already down a few points for being "cis scum," kek. Gotta make up for it somehow.

No. 1086112

She's straight.

No. 1086181

Yeah, the "uwu I have a loli role in neckbeard-kun's discord" thing alone makes it clear she hasn't changed at all.

No. 1086197

You guys are blind hes totally older yuuta and shes totally Rika uwu

No. 1086205

Nina doesn't mean little girl in Italian, it's just a nickname for Anna and Giovanna. I think you mistook it for the Spanish niña.

No. 1086208

erin said that her bf followers her on insta. can anyone see if they can find his account?

No. 1086261

can you sage your bs?

No. 1086264

i can't picture erin being in a same sex relafionship bc of her complex over wanting to be a smol loli, it'd go about as well as when shayna tried "dating" a girl. if she ever does get a girlfriend watch it conveniently be someone taller, fatter, older, and uglier than she is so that she doesn't get insecure

No. 1086269

God desperate scrotes never cease to amaze me, I get them putting up with this shit with cuter/hotter girls, not an overweight goblina, who's only good trait is admittedly, a good nose job. He might be dating her for her mother's money aswell.

No. 1086274

She never even left social media kek she just hid out while constantly lurking and being an uwu 5'6 160 lb loli on her neckbears bf's discord

No. 1086296

She really never did, posts like the pic in >>1085670 is the proof she has always been around (because who else would've known her new name for real?) - she simply enjoys having randos on the internet talk about her

No. 1086324

File: 1605809225033.jpeg (410.65 KB, 1242x2147, 03298DF5-A580-4100-9C1C-6CD38F…)

Idk I’m not Italian but this what google says. I’m sure google is the extent of her Italian language knowledge so it makes sense

No. 1086327

From the public accounts that she's following

My best guess
https://www.instagram.com/colby_/ followed by all 3 of her accounts, he also follows her spare account @oatbunn. He has no facial hair in the pic, but it's from 2017.


But her boyfriend might have a private account and she might not follow him at all. Looking over 7k followers going to take forever.

No. 1086332

who's gonna bet it's the meme page guy

No. 1086379

I'm gonna take that bet. Because that meme page posts shitty somewhat edgy memes Erin probably thinks he's a bad boi.

No. 1086425


i think spreeest has too much chin to be the guy in >>1085953

No. 1086427

File: 1605818692402.png (2.58 MB, 1242x2208, D3AA1482-D5EC-4B2A-839C-56E124…)

She’s like clockwork. Might as well come here and answer the questions directly Erin.

No. 1086436

By the icon asking the loli question, I wouldn’t be shocked is her on a sock account

No. 1086437


i searched through her followers with the letters "st" and no acc came up with that profile pic lmao

No. 1086466

Lol Erin is truly my favorite cow

No. 1086467

File: 1605821459112.jpeg (86.79 KB, 750x1057, B7755F50-B592-4D62-8655-A9C131…)

Tinfoil but she still has the @strawbyu account. She’s known for keeping dead accounts up to save the usernames in the past.

No. 1086482

She has removed all these from her highlights. Definitely lurking.

No. 1086494

File: 1605825053296.png (8.94 KB, 179x39, Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 5.29…)


ill add on my own tinfoil, but strawbyu on tumblrs name is "bella" and kind of fits with wanting to be called bells like here >>1082368 AND only started posting in march 2020 KEK

No. 1086511

Wasn't she the one who had a SoundCloud and uploaded weird Scandinavian singing stuff there?
Is that still active?

No. 1086522

Might also be a coincidence because the aesthetic doesn't quite match hers, it stopped updating in April too

No. 1086524

Some things never change. Wonder how long it'll be until she's posting in here again, if she isn't already.

No. 1086901

File: 1605850771626.png (2.95 MB, 750x1334, 4CE53145-33B5-4A88-B517-DAD91F…)

No. 1086926

To all the anons I would like to apologize for white knighting I thought Erin changed for the better since she’s still so young but alas she’s back to pandering and stalking lolcow she will end up like Shayna if she keeps getting on the internet sigh I wonder why her mom let her continue going online especially when she saw Erins nudes

No. 1086934

Probably got tired from Erins whining and decided to finally let her ruin her life. She’s been up to this Internet drama and attention seeking since school age, she’s an adult now and her mom finally got fed up with having to do the same thing over and over.

No. 1087088

She's not that young, she's 20 I believe, a young adult yes but not young enough to not know that pandering to pedophiles is wrong

No. 1087111

File: 1605892935298.jpeg (884.65 KB, 3464x3464, 9C82E35C-CE90-432F-8AE4-E3F0BB…)

An anon should update this

And I meant that she can still turn her life around but honestly she doesn’t want to so it’s pointless trying to convince her to get off the internet

No. 1087175

what would the update be? italian nina still skinwalking pixie but the remix

No. 1087180

Japanese cat cosplayer baby

No. 1087201

does she still cosplay though?
she only ever did two or three low-effort ~loli characters~, took one photo of each and then they were never seen again

No. 1087268

I think one should be added purely so it can be nosejob related

No. 1087273

I wish I could see a truly unshooped photo of Erin/Nina now. She has to still look the same, even with a nosejob she had such a bloated face and skinny, thin eyes and lips.

No. 1087275

MATURE not erin
-"lil italian loli"
-definitely doesn't lurk lolcow anymore
- nosejob w mommy's money
- neckbeard irl anime bf

No. 1087435

File: 1605912913759.jpeg (127.96 KB, 750x1094, E6E2024A-4BBE-44A5-9D4F-11DA59…)

Erin is still simping over anime Twitter daddies. The cringe will never end.

No. 1087437

File: 1605912981990.jpeg (156.53 KB, 750x1160, D4CE376F-A02A-456D-BEB4-509697…)

It’s always obvious that whoever she is obsessed with at the time, doesn’t give two shits about her.

No. 1087535

File: 1605922515134.png (1.88 MB, 1242x2208, 19701D53-3E8D-4C93-8036-1797CA…)

So if her bf “graduated law school a while ago”… how old is this guy? around 27?

No. 1087544

File: 1605923478196.jpg (244.01 KB, 716x1211, loli.jpg)

"My daddy is totally not a pedo guys uwu"

No. 1087545

File: 1605923502153.jpg (260.21 KB, 720x1268, innocent.jpg)

No. 1087546

File: 1605923558423.jpg (152.22 KB, 712x1262, vegan.jpg)

She's ~totally vegan~

No. 1087548

LMAO she was 19 last year when all the drama happened. So pathetic how she’s back to pretending to be an innocent uwu angel and trying to make people believe all the bad shit she’s done was soOo long ago

No. 1087550

All she does all day is answer instagram questions?
Girl get a job and stop being a stay-at-home neet, no wonder why you're mentally unwell and your mother thinks so too

No. 1087551

She still doesn't seem to grasp how unhinged it was for her to come here last year and post all that shit about herself, if she really thinks her putaerin phase/high school classmate drama was her low point and not that

No. 1087552

File: 1605925031415.webm (7.73 MB, 640x1136, 126818496_207425140781555_4181…)

No anon. Nina Rose Belucci also watches cartoons with her stuffies and pocket heals her daddy in games. It's very very exhausting.

No. 1087584

What progress does she think she's made? She's still lying about herself and her intentions, skinwalking more interesting women to mask her sham personality, involving herself in tons of drama, and lurking the damn lolcow thread. I bet she's already posted, too. Changing your name to avoid accountability is not growth, Erin.

No. 1087632

File: 1605935239196.jpeg (188.13 KB, 750x1251, 054F435C-4D9D-4781-81A3-0E78EC…)

She’s back at it with the room just for her plushies kek. She hasn’t changed at all.

No. 1087634

File: 1605935471994.jpeg (278.14 KB, 750x1205, B9AAA7D1-1494-4FCE-B739-5DCA35…)

Samefag but now she’s apparently moving in with her bf next year? Definitely will be milky.

No. 1087697

Has this bitch even finished school or gotten her GED? She just got a nose job and changed her name which an anon found pretty easily lol, that’s not progress changing your appearance is actually kind of regression. But since she age regresses she might not care

No. 1087774

B-but anon, she got a nose job and changed her name to something more loli! Clearly that will lead to longterm and meaningful progress and not just feed into her superficial habits!

No. 1087790

There's no proof she has a job or does any studying. All she does is whine on Instagram and play video games. I can't fathom how exhausting it is to live in a pretend world like Erin does.

No. 1087834

Now lets wait for her to post proof of her having a job/going to school, she's probably going to anyways if she reads here.

No. 1087838

File: 1605968343933.webm (3.37 MB, 720x1280, 88639428718345802398150.webm)

How much does all this shit cost?

No. 1087841

File: 1605968528499.png (414.72 KB, 537x893, wicca.png)

She's a witch now

No. 1087844

of COURSE she is

No. 1087849

with that nose (that she used to have)? I can imagine

No. 1087857

Kek her nose is still giant, just not crooked

No. 1087887

>U give me witch vibes.
Oh so she sent this to herself so she can talk about how uwu witchy uwu she is?

No. 1087992

File: 1605983868152.jpeg (230.43 KB, 750x1251, 646D8BD4-4CA9-47F0-8E81-56A804…)

Both of these posts were 11 hours ago.
How convenient that she was asked if she has a job WITHIN the hour of anon posting this.

No. 1088071

What happened to her mom not letting her get a job ??

No. 1088098

File: 1605990927534.png (2.31 MB, 828x1792, 0D8FFCFE-0610-4D04-BC24-5570D6…)

No. 1088099

File: 1605990949782.jpeg (169.42 KB, 749x1171, ED49FD5E-EB57-4B32-A1D4-B946DC…)

No. 1088100

File: 1605990986401.jpeg (153.65 KB, 750x1248, 7A4EF5C3-5FAC-4987-B8F1-2D0FD3…)

Such bs

No. 1088106

How old is this bitch now?
>my mom will kill me if I get a job
>but would you support me if showed my crotch to support mommy??
Mommy’s not gonna ask where the moneys coming from? She’s not tryna help her out. Just say you wanna lay in bed all day and show ur pussy for pennies

No. 1088109

>so much happens behind the scenes
She's really avoiding the "You only see 1% of my life"

Also, anons remember she tried to come off as an anon who "just finished work and hated the comments on her old thread?"
I'm pretty sure she's just LARPing as someone who has a job & goes to school, she constantly lies about everything, I can't believe her followers still believe the shit that comes out of her mouth.

No. 1088111

Literal clockwork

No. 1088115

These are from the old thread anon, I just posted it because she says she has a job now

No. 1088119

So her mom paid for her nosejob when she got a job? I thought she’d kill you if you got one? Why would she do that?

No. 1088143

She’s 20 years old but her mom won’t let her have a job?

No. 1088162

that’s an older pic anon, not sure what changed tho

No. 1088165

If you're so busy, how do you still have time to obsessively refresh lolcow and send yourself questions on Instagram?

No. 1088173

Cannot believe I used to feel slightly bad for her before she left, she truly will never change for the better.

No. 1088212

All these screenshots are from previous threads. Heaps of her followers would ask about getting a job and this was her answer every time. ~Mummy will kill me uwu~

Honestly her mum is as much of a cow as Erin is. Shes an enabler and basically pays for anything she wants.

Any anons remember her saying “I need to clean my room, then I get all new furniture!” This was at the start of the year maybe?
Like you don’t already have a chandelier in your bedroom? She’s so so incredibly privileged and spoiled, doesn’t realise and constantly humble brags to her followers.

No. 1088216

File: 1605999677715.jpeg (275.62 KB, 1242x1978, 5B7D0B85-3236-4B3C-B07D-8CDF4F…)

yall think this is erin? i can’t find her puppygrl acc and this one literally just followed me for some reason. i was mutuals with one of her accounts so i’m not sure

No. 1088224

I think it's the fatter blonde Erin

No. 1088228

File: 1606000522788.jpeg (135.91 KB, 750x1173, 65C208EF-1DDD-4527-B631-6AF462…)

Puppygrl is gone. I think it may be her. I typed in her user and this popped up. Angrwy is definitely one of her accounts.

No. 1088402

File: 1606012172059.jpeg (151.96 KB, 750x1113, 17D1ED06-40E3-44E6-9A01-83AA09…)

From her twitter.

No. 1088448

who does she even talk to? if you have ppl you want to talk to just instant message them on discord? She makes deleting social media so dramatic. “I wanna delete my social media but it’s hard not to talk to u guys :(” bitch who? Literal strangers? It even seems like 3/4 of her questions on IG were from herself

No. 1088474

Erin has too little personality to carry a one-on-one, two-sided conversation. All she can do is talk at people, and social media is the perfect medium for that.

No. 1088708

That’s her old acc she used to come back around the summer, she doesn’t use it anymore lol

No. 1088714

Lurk and get your feelings hurt, Erin

No. 1088939

I care less about the plushies and more about that horrible setup with the TV on the floor. She must be slouching so uncomfortably on the floor to use that to play games.

No. 1088946

b-but sitting on the floor is uwu, anon!

No. 1088971

The fact that she’s an adult with plushies doesn’t bother me, it’s the fact that she actually plays with them and surrounds herself with them while playing on the floor like a child.

No. 1088978

The worst part is knowing it's all part of her uwu loli fetish. Erin Painter reeks of autopedophilia.

No. 1089037

File: 1606085977975.jpeg (69.98 KB, 750x645, 33779393-47A6-406F-BCCC-64CFD3…)

We all know you LARP as an uwu gamergirl, Erin.

No. 1089336

I was thinking exactly this, imagine how bad her posture must be

No. 1091135

File: 1606286307702.jpeg (58.93 KB, 750x419, 7F091D98-EAD7-406D-9D54-53960E…)

Erin has already reactivated and is back to answering questions. Her new username for @puppygrl is @strawbgrl.
She lasted a whole 2 days.

No. 1091144

File: 1606287890622.jpeg (80.98 KB, 750x710, F0F8E7BD-743E-430E-981F-9CB1F4…)

Erin being bothered by this tweet is so funny, kek

No. 1091175

I'm honestly incredibly surprised that she chose Nina Bellucci and not something to match her cringe aesthetic like Lily May Rosabel or sc something. Nina Bellucci sounds like the fat chick in italian class that doesn't speak a lick of anything other than English but pretends she does to be uwu quirky.

No. 1091234

Jesus Christ that’s pathetic. Why the fuck does she obsessively need social media? Does her uwu boyf not give her enough attention?

No. 1091308

Does she think she's the only one allowed to use overdone egirl screen names?

No. 1091329

>crepegrl, puppygrl, churchgrl

No. 1091635

Fat and ugly girls thrive off of online attention because they don't get the same adoration irl that they can get online with a facetuned pic of them in cheap aliexpress lingerie. To someone like Nina Rose, sexual attention is like a high. I just hope this Nina Rose Bellucci phase blows over quick so we can have jersey tramp Nina back, kek. Then she can really dig into her faux Italian-ness

No. 1091842

Lol at that other cow following her. Def a farmer lol

No. 1091937

File: 1606368105955.jpeg (11.06 KB, 300x300, erin or nina or whatever.jpeg)

No. 1091979

Is this a new pic kek

No. 1092039

File: 1606383394951.jpeg (138.15 KB, 750x1217, 668FF236-928D-45AE-8723-6E7823…)

Some highlights from the questions she recently answered. (1/4)

No. 1092040

File: 1606383427266.jpeg (249.92 KB, 1335x1024, 1D8C01FD-B2A9-4964-A378-93628D…)

Idk these seem so disingenuous. She’s done so many of these ~constructive criticism~ question boxes in the past and it was just an excuse for her to sperg out.

No. 1092041

File: 1606383448575.jpeg (399.36 KB, 1327x1024, 6F6B6B21-B560-4F80-9191-1EB9A9…)


No. 1092043

File: 1606383497912.jpeg (298.61 KB, 750x1210, 9EF799D9-8BC2-4564-98BB-A8D716…)

~uwu I don’t look at lolcow but answer farmers’ questions on my story almost instantly~

No. 1092057

I think the issue is the cum part, not the grl part…

No. 1092073

Why not just say that you don't look at it instead of writing a whole ass paragraph like anyone asked you to justify yourself for something you apparently haven't done in months? sure thing

No. 1092114

Why did she ask for advice if she's just going to argue against it? Everything she says is so disingenuous.

No. 1092128

this bitch reminds me SO MUCH of liana judd, trying to get her pathetic name(s) and multiple faces out there in any way possible. pathetic

No. 1092130

"I wish everyone I've ever hurt would reach out to me because I don't give a rat's ass about apologizing to anyone. It eats me up every day that there are people that don't see my fake trauma rape as an excuse for my shitty behavior. I just want lolcow to leave me alone"

No. 1092181

Yeah, if you're sooo upset and remorseful about the way you treated people, then you should be reaching out to them with a genuine apology, the onus shouldn't be on your victims to start a conversation. You also don't apologize just in hopes that they'll "reconcile" to make yourself feel better, you do it to help the people you hurt and accept that they may or may not forgive you and that's just the potential consequence of being a shitty person.

No. 1092341

File: 1606424935737.jpeg (167.35 KB, 750x1231, EBA46D4C-2976-4C6D-9A64-B9A1B5…)

Everything she says contradicts her actions. She doesn’t want to stay on Instagram yet asks people to share her posts?

No. 1092342

File: 1606424984637.jpeg (61.35 KB, 750x1017, 56B30DDE-D21F-41D5-A3D9-AB6698…)

She changed her user back to @puppygrl. I was curious to see if she changed the @strawbgrl user to a different account and she made a spare to keep the username. For someone who doesn’t like Instagram, she sure puts in a lot of effort.

No. 1092350

Are her followers blind to this hypocrisy or something? They're going to get tired of her soon.

No. 1092361

I theorize that she'll always have some base quantity of followers who are farmers

No. 1092485

Why does Erin hate other women so much..? Anyone else notice this? Anything past a shallow fake nice interaction and she's so hostile. Jealousy?

No. 1092491

File: 1606439481344.jpeg (226.87 KB, 1125x1197, AECBAC02-68A9-455E-8370-F54EA3…)

She can’t possibly not be stalking lolcow… this is 12 min after somebody asked why she hates women so much lol(namefag)

No. 1092501

File: 1606440351172.jpeg (189.88 KB, 1125x1070, A1EF17FE-1AB8-4ACD-9045-6C7C85…)

I know for a fact this girl doesn’t actually play WoW…at least the way you’re meant to. She’s the ultimate “gamer gorl” that plays games for male attention only. And shiiiiiit, $18 a month all for that incel attention. That’s what I call pathetic dedication. She hasn’t changed at all, it’s quite sad. I honestly feel bad for her at this point. It’s pretty obvious she lacked almost any attention as a child. Both female and male. Now she’s hella fucking thirsty.. uwu uwu

No. 1092505

> i never had a girl bff girls are sooo mean :(

Who wants to be friends with a girl that makes fun of rape and tries to steal other people's boyfriends?

No. 1092508

Fwiw it’s obvious as hell she only goes as far to seek out other people’s boyfriends because she never had the chance to experience what it’s like to genuinely be sought after, be admired, flirted with etc. She acts so extreme with her “i wan attention uwu cute baby 5”3 doll” because she finally realized what she’s “missing” is what she wants..aka male attention so she goes as far as making her entire purpose in life now centered around this. It’s extremely embarrassing. I can’t wait until she realizes how much of a fool she’s making herself out to be. She severely needs therapy. She’ll never be on other girls’ levels if she keeps milking this…act….so much. You’d think somebody as old as her would realize this by now.

No. 1092512

That's part of the reason why I find her Nina Rose Bellucci shtick to be so cringey. She's not changing her name from Erin Painter for any reason besides to fit a dated ddlg aesthetic, all for male attention and validation she'll never recieve irl because even with a nose job she looks like a chunky goblin with severe mental issues. Hope being Nina Rose Bellucci works out for you somehow, Erin, seeing you'll probably be wanting to change your name again real soon.

We all know she only changed her name to try to disassociate with this thread but it won't work out well for her kek

No. 1092521

Retail is babby's first mmorpg anyways, ofc she'd jump on that while it has some fleeting popularity from the new expansion.

No. 1092544

It's cause she hates herself, is a pick-me and sees them as competition, the only possibility of her having "a girl bff" is so she can try to seduce their boyfriends.

I wouldn't be surprised if back in high school she'd stir shit and said sexist comments about other girls in her class to get the boys attention. When they'd call her out she'd cry bullying.
It's cringe thinking about it and the fact she doesn't have any real friends

No. 1092546

I'm salty we arent calling her New Nose Belluga. It fits to a tee and is catchy.

No. 1092547

The girls got weird daddy issues, if her father doesn't give her attention she needs to seek it from strangers on the internet.
When her father does give her 'attention' it's to take her watch Frozen 2 five times or when she stays over at his house she takes lewds for her followers and makes sure people know about it.
Her relationship towards her father is so bizarre.

No. 1092563

Didn't we have proof in previous threads of her old twitter accounts and such? And it was proven that she was a massive fugly cunt in high school to the point where she got mocked consistently? Luckily it won't be hard for her classmates to find her new name and mock her even more for her bullshittery.

I don't know, Nina Rose Bellucci is pretty funny due to her obsession with being 1/100 Italian and her choosing "Nina" because it means little girl. She really is on that pedo shit.

No. 1092597

File: 1606458897934.jpeg (182.76 KB, 750x1201, F6CB94ED-C7C8-4F95-B6AD-6614CD…)

> uwu it was werry expwensive

No. 1092631

This is a real nitpick but…
On a laptop? Does anyone who actually knows how to use a PC call the programs "apps?" And cute ones at that! What kind of program would that even be? Is Erin downloading free smileys? Kek.

No. 1092636

Apple macbook programs are called apps. You get more from the App Store as well.

No. 1092646

Windows 10 refers to programs as apps now as well. It's fucking maddening but appears to be the accepted term.

No. 1092670

Sage for WoW autism but I’d die to get the chance to look up even 1 of her characters on the armory. I wanna see how much of a gamer girl she is based on her achievement points and achieve dates

No. 1092787

I remember in the last Erin Painter/Nina Bellucci saga, someone found her on one of the games she plays and she was basically LARPing in-game as an uwu little baby girl down to her chats, voice and character she was using, running up to random players and trying to flirt with them. It was some of the milkiest cringe I had ever seen.

No. 1092792

she’s probably some sick pedo named vulpera acting all helpless playing the game. If she even did the work to unlock the race that is

Sage for wow autism. Repost for spelling error

No. 1092840

It truly sounds like she has no friends and doesn't know how to make them, at least not without sticking to a fake personality and heritage. Reeks of insecurity.

No. 1092847

as anon previously said, she definitely only knows how to talk AT people and not WITH people. It’s so hard to have a genuine conversation with her. She only reads your dm if she’s certain it’s regarding some rumour about her. She eventually pretends not to see any of your other dms when you know she’s active and is receiving the notif at the top. Coincidentally, she stops replying when the conversation is no longer about her. She can’t seem to have a back and forth chat with somebody. It’s always gotta be asking /her/ questions about /herself/.

Tbf, she’s not obligated to respond to anybody. But this happens when she goes out seeking “female friends” and comments back “yes please!!!” to anyone that agrees. I wonder if she even ended up dming that girl from Twitter that agreed to be her friend.
It’s gotta be all for show. But..why?

No. 1092850

It's funny when you search "Erin Painter" and this thread + dozens of pictures of her are the first things to pop up, little does miss Nina Rose Bellucci know that all decent employers that aren't Walmart and McDonald's require previous name background checks. As soon as they search for her previous name they'll know why she changed it.

No. 1092862

Feel free to call me stupid but, ehh I doubt it. With the way we all talk here in combination with the thread images and how long each thread is: I doubt they would waste their time reading through here for (1) employee who wouldn't have that good of a position or be that high up in the first place. Would be super easy to just spin this as targeted harassment tbh.

No. 1092865

NTA but I think you both have a point. Nobody hiring her for a minimum wage retail position is gonna care enough to comb through Lolcow before rejecting her application. It'd only matter for an actually respected profession, which we all know Nina Rose Bellucci will never qualify for. She's too busy crytyping on Twitter to have a career.

The real issue is her romantic prospects. Any scrote with low enough standards to find her moderately attractive will be immediately turned off after a simple Google search. Then again, they'll probably still pump and dump like all the other men in her life. She's got that going for her, at least.

No. 1092894

I'm the anon that made the original post and you're saying the same thing I said, which was that only minimum wage jobs would hire her with her history, and respectable professional jobs wouldn't want an infamous fuck-me-raw-daddy-ddlg-brat working for them. I've worked a few jobs where my specific role was hiring and background checks for professional and secretarial positions, and an online search/what comes up during that background search plays a pivotal role in the hiring decision, and it's be pretty tough to pin it solely as targeted harrassment when it's pictures and posts she herself made, which is why previous names are kind of a big deal. Nina Rose Belluci really fucked herself by doing this stuff online and not sticking to using her screen name. At least she can work her way up the food chain at Walmart!

No. 1093096

File: 1606516237976.jpeg (418.55 KB, 1620x1363, 4F1A25B4-1A73-41C7-BE24-FA0A40…)

Not WoW related but some stats taken from previous threads. She’s also known for dropping lots of $$$ on ffxiv, even before she had a job. Thanks mommy.

No. 1093097

File: 1606516404227.jpeg (582.98 KB, 1726x1351, C4C5C0DD-359C-4E66-8506-E0D3D0…)

Erin uwu-pedo-baiting ffxiv daddies.

No. 1093122

Imagine being like this

Imagine any real, kind, loving, caring, handsome, and physically fit man who doesn't wear a fedora wanting to be with a girl like this

No. 1093182

Why does she keep making new qna’s on her story? Is that truly the only attention she gets? I guess it makes sense. No school no job. The only attention she gets besides her ig followers are lanky incels in video games who are essentially the male equivalent of erin, making big buff characters for female attention. Role playing is one helluva drug. And the “comedown” is reality for her.

No. 1093191

Right? If her neckbeard soyboy boyfriend actually loved her or at least liked her, then she wouldn't need a constant stream of validation from internet strangers. And most of the questions come from her own sockpuppet accounts, anyway. I'd feel sorry for her if she wasn't so annoying.

No. 1093192

She's obviously just bored af when she's not trying to suck the smegma off her neckbeard boyfriend for instagram likes. I'm sure 98% of the people sending her asks and commenting on her pictures are farmers trying to infiltrate so they can laugh at her. Don't be a retard and do this, btw. That's cowtipping.

No. 1093222

File: 1606523394142.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, 82703876-2F51-465A-8839-D5831C…)

mental breakdowns are back ladies!

No. 1093229

Oh my god, here we go

Yeah, sure Nina Bellucci/Erin, you've done everything. Except admit that you were a snake who self posted here for 2 threads and posted about other girls while pretending to be an "uwu sweet babi". Keep lying to yourself.

No. 1093234

Using language just vague enough that the unitiated might pity her. Sorry that it catches up to you when you act like a fool in public. Next sobbing Instagram Live when??

No. 1093237

I think it's related to >>1084159 this
> i want to like myself for once
She typically says that when she's having body image issues and she posted pictures from the doctor's office not so long ago. Could her boyfriend fuck up her nosejob?

No. 1093259

File: 1606525943749.jpg (512.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201127-200522_Ins…)

Feeding your cat Thanksgiving tablescraps is ill advised, as even a tiny bit of box stuffing can hurt their stomachs and give them diarrhea or make them throw up. Cat's stomachs are extremely sensitive to an array of human foods, I figured a woman who wants to be a vet would know this.

No. 1093264

File: 1606526600801.jpeg (204.34 KB, 2048x1189, ACF6EE6F-B86E-4A29-B2C9-A4426C…)

The second picture has me howling. Just imagine the dude behind that character. It’s probably a morbidly obese dude Aww and he’s holding his goblin faced waifu #♥##

No. 1093300

Nina deleted her story crying about wanting to be left alone, probably wasn't getting all of the attention she was seeking.

No. 1093307

File: 1606529971055.jpg (85.49 KB, 1280x720, 519.jpg)

>I haven't looked at lolcow in months!!!

Nina the Beluga needs an actual therapist, she must be extremely bored due to lack of education and no job to constantly shit-stir and refresh her thread all day. It must be nice being privileged enough to stay home, play video games and pretend to play as an uwu victim

No. 1093310

File: 1606530166729.jpeg (394.57 KB, 1765x1365, 884870C5-3393-4B60-A6D9-075E1A…)

Nina Rose Bellucci is already codependent on her boyfriend. Typical of her.
Being honest I’m excited for the milk when they inevitably break up.

No. 1093314

Part of me thinks they won't break up for a while because they're both just the right amount of cringe for eachother. I can see them getting married, Nina Bellucci in an XXL pink dress from aliexpress and sanrio hairclips stuck to her veil, and her boyfriend in a fedora and dorito stains on it. Mommy will pay for the wedding, of course.

Anyways, people like that tend to stick together while having a million fights and mini breakups, until either the inevitable wedding or she gets knocked up.

No. 1093315

Stop nitpicking it looks like mostly whole chicken breast or turkey which is safe for cats in small amounts. The cat isnt eating a whole fucking leg.
Also with quantities that small it wont do any substantial damage to the felines, I bet you're fun at parties.

No. 1093319

File: 1606530763491.jpg (259.5 KB, 1080x800, 20201127_213234.jpg)

Stuffing contains garlic, spices and onions which are not safe for cats. No one was talking about the chicken/turkey or even the mash, both of which are ok for cats. (I have no clue about butter on mash though, but it only looks like a tiny but so that probably won't bother it)

Also, learn to sage.

No. 1093321

Erin is way too grating of a person to hold onto any relationship for long. He'll tire of her soon, if he's not already completely over her. Ultimately it all depends on how quickly he can ensnare another desperate e-girl. I bet he's already got his eye on someone else.

No. 1093326

File: 1606531432099.png (4.84 MB, 2048x1365, C371CFCC-0579-4790-A9C1-55B8FC…)

~thinking about when I used to photoshop myself into a completely different person uwu~
But I’ve changed guys I swear!!!

No. 1093339

That turkey looks awfully pink, but it could just be the filter.

sage for nitpick

No. 1093340

this is stupid and I hope you feel stupid. cats can eat meat raw with no problems, end of this dumb turkey talk(chill)

No. 1093346

Are you fucking retarded? Nina should not be feeding her cat stuffing and buttered/seasoned mash potatoes, and turkey should not be given to cats unless it has no seasonings and it plain. The Turkey isn't even the problem. Stop being dense.

No. 1093364

That anon didn’t even mention the cats, just how pink the turkey was. calm the fuck down girl.

No. 1093431

File: 1606538797285.jpeg (29.18 KB, 275x258, DE6256DD-6BEE-4990-845B-9175C4…)

Thinking about what Erin?? Photoshop? She’s never going to change her shitty fake personality since mommy can’t pay to fix that kek

No. 1093460

File: 1606541060115.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 3464x3464, 20AD63E7-EF11-4E70-B99B-CF66B3…)

literally what the hell is nina-erin doing right now

No. 1093466

LMFAOOO Jesus this is so bad.

No. 1093467

maybe she’s stalking this thread and trying to find the “best” vids of her as a way to proof shes attractive?
The worst part is usually somebody who is confident in themselves, they don’t repost the same 4 pics overrrr and over over the span of like 2 years. I pray this woman gets help and finally starts working on her self esteem in… real ways.

No. 1093468

Her hand pulling her belly button up to make herself look thinner, my fucking sides.

No. 1093471

Sage for samefag and possible nitpick but does anyone notice how far her upper body past her waist goes out? Looks extremely weird and reveals her true weight

No. 1093473

File: 1606542289585.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 35.05 KB, 750x420, 9C6D5912-8DC4-4317-A99B-87CAD2…)

Classic Nina posting old body checks. We all know this is what you really look like tubby.

No. 1093475

shes posting nudes already?? i thought she was traumatized by the internet

No. 1093482

File: 1606543091476.jpeg (213.06 KB, 1124x2330, DA21BCE7-45D8-4D2C-9B9E-7FD282…)

i just watched her story for the first time ever and she blocked me for no reason LMFAO

No. 1093486

She really hasn’t changed, has she lol.

No. 1093488

same fag as >>1093460
but i’m honestly wondering what her boyfriend thinks of her publicly posting what’s essentially a nude?

No. 1093490

To all men thus far, Erin has been nothing more than an easy lay. So I doubt he personally cares about her having a public meltdown right now, especially one spurred by the fact that they couldn't hang out >>1093310 kek. I wonder when she'll become more trouble than she's worth?

No. 1093497

Samefagging, but God it's incredibly funny how her "best pictures" are all throwbacks. What's stopping you from taking new nudes, Erin? Too fat to photoshop yourself into a low effort thirst trap? Love how in these >>1093326 you can still see the fupa, too.

No. 1093509

Uhm it's a fat upper pwincess awea, not a regular ol fupa, anon, geez. Maybe cutting back on the dinner rolls with chocolate chips would help but maybe mommy will pay for liposuction do cuz of the scaaaawy eating disorder she had. It's real scary when you can't stop being a carb vacuum!!

No. 1093532

No. 1093780

>back to posting body checks
So happy our cow is back

No. 1093813

I had no idea fat people partook in body checks. It's so dumb how hard she's trying to make herself look skinny when even in those photos you can tell she's flabby. She'd be better off using her chubbiness to her advantage by saying she's a soft chubby marshmallow uwu.

No. 1093832

>body checks elitism

No. 1093844

Anon, that was obviously a snarky joke.

No. 1093860

She needs professional therapy. she has clearly not advanced…Shes still trying to prove herself to randoms whenever she feels attacked. If she wants to come off as this young cute sexy desirable girl, first rule of thumb is to show you don’t give a fuck. Confidence is literally the most desirable feature, speaking from experience. Fake it till you make it, the male attention will come flowing lol. If that’s what you really want.

No. 1093879

File: 1606601771841.jpeg (78.86 KB, 750x317, 091C6788-58A1-475F-8945-653675…)

Anon, why are you giving her advice? You know she lurks.

Also, please.. SAGE!

No. 1093892

Ntayrt but I dont think any advice given to her would matter anyways, she's always going to be the same attention seeking goblin, judging by the fact that she had months to think about her actions, what she did and said and how she affected people, and instead of bettering herself she changed her name and came back as the same imbecile she was before. She had oodles of advice at her fingertips and threw it away to play ddlg.

No. 1093908

i should have saged, sorry i'm new.
my advice was barely any advice at all. let her realize how much of a cow she is being and see if she chooses to make a difference within herself. the main reason she's a cow anyway is due to severe insecurity issues and just an overall lack of proper social communication that she so desperately needed in her developing years. I think it's unnecessary to look down on anyone giving her advice, especially since it'll probably go in one ear and out the other anyways. Not trying to be a white knight at all, but come on…we can't give her advice? Let her realize how much of a fool she is being. we can't stay on lolcow forever.

No. 1093912

File: 1606604394305.jpg (152.48 KB, 1080x801, 20201128_175807.jpg)

Back at it again with seeking validation and attention. Even whennobody is saying anything negative on her instagram she still threatens deactivation to get people to powder her flabby ass

No. 1093919

She talks like someone would actually miss her.

No. 1093925

Didn't she say how she ISN'T going to deactivate since people advised her not to…? Only about..15 hours ago?
Jesus christ…a 20yo woman should not be this emotionally immature.

No. 1093935

But Erin HAS been faking it. Literally everything she does is a hamfisted contrivance for attention. No personality, no self awareness. Nina Rose Bellucci isn't a person, she's 140 characters of plagiarised crytyping.

No. 1093945

I guess what I meant by faking it is to fake that you give a shit about how you come off. To stop reposting 5 of your best highly edited pics as a way to come off confident, etc. You're right about the lack of self awareness, that is exactly wht she is missing. If she was self aware, maybe she'd be able to talk herself out of her coming off so blatantly insecure.
"why am i reposting these pics? what am i seeking? attention? from who? why?"
"OK, let's not post this"

THATS what she needs to be doing as a big old 20yo. She's not 13 anymore. Her lack of this type of awareness is top level cringe

No. 1093961

File: 1606607994068.jpg (753.29 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201128-185758_Ins…)

Nina Rose Bellucci / Erin painter back at it with the suicide baiting. I'll be honest at this point it straight feels like attention seeking, and not at all like it's coming from a place of truth. If she really felt this way she'd try to better herself.

No. 1093970

It’s so fucking obviously she lurks here because there’s no other explanation to why she feels so hated and unwanted online. Who actually even bothers to keep track of her besides us?? Ain’t nobody in her Twitter or IG dm’s twamatizing her. Lolcow makes her unhappy and yet she refuses to stop lurking here. Obviously deactivating her IG is her way of trying to feel control over the situation because 95% of her bullshit we see if from her IG. She’s so damn annoying

No. 1093971

I mean she could have control over the situation by leaving the internet. It's so simple yet so hard for her.

No. 1093972

File: 1606609290608.jpg (858.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201128-192006_Ins…)

I feel like she got pissy because her tweet about deactivating got pretty much no interaction so now she's just bring her woe is me to insta

No. 1093975

File: 1606609376285.png (448.16 KB, 680x376, CB262750-4D70-42EE-9E4C-44D457…)

No. 1093976

File: 1606609378896.jpg (980.31 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201128-192231_Ins…)

Sorry about the image dump, saying because I don't want to keep bumping

No. 1093977

Same anon from above. You’re absolutely right. At this point not to armchair but she might seriously have a social media addiction

No. 1093988

Who is she trying to fool? She never left social media at all and she's been lurking Lolcow the entire time. It's so embarrassing watching her throw these public tantrums when she doesn't get the attention she thinks she deserves. You're a grown woman, Erin. Start acting like it.

No. 1094021

File: 1606611788400.jpg (527.3 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201128-195148_Ins…)

Who wants to bet she's posting all of this while stuffing her face, dry-eyed and playing video games? If she hasn't changed over the course of almost a year-long break, she's not going to change after another one.

No. 1094061

kek she only took a break to heal from her nosejob

No. 1094077

She keeps finding one big reason to take a break and then realizes it doesn’t actually change her life in the way she thought she would, cueing the mental breakdown. At this point I genuinely hope she realizes this cycle of hers is not the way to deal with her issues….

No. 1094333

Not gonna lie, that does looks comfy

No. 1094380

Sure, if you're a pastel pink hunchback.

No. 1094428

Instagram lets you deactivate only once a week, why not just uninstall the app and not look at it, it's not that hard unless you're lowkey addicted to social media (probably a bit too late for that huh)

No. 1094683

File: 1606684877205.jpg (496.22 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201129-151933_Ins…)

Apparently she has a tiktok, and these are Nina Rose Bellucci's active accounts.

So, in her words, she's deactivating her Instagram so she can "focus on her mental health" and "better herself" and she doesn't want to be on social media, yet she's said her Twitter and tik tok will still be active? That's some next level dumbassery but you do you I guess.

No. 1094903

Social media addiction at its finest. she said she would log out of instagram for the weekend while she's at her boyfriend's yet already managed to break that rule and post on her story. wonder if she's aware she keeps breaking her own rules or is she truly can't take a day off

No. 1094968

File: 1606712240997.jpg (863.03 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201129-235430_Ins…)

Nina Rose Bellucci's rape joke explanation, per her instagram story.

She tries to explain away not holding herself accountable and apologizing the girl who's rape she trivialized and made a joke out of by saying she'd be "selfish" to apologize. She really doesn't want to apologize to anyone.

No. 1094999

This is a slight improvement over her other explanation. Last time, she prioritised whining about her totes legit trauma umu over expressing remorse for her insensitivity. Baby steps, I suppose. It'd be nice if she stopped lying for good but I'm not optimistic.

Also, is this a question she sent to herself for an excuse to stir up drama? Or are her uninformed followers stumbling upon her Lolcow threads and naiively trusting answers straight from the cow?

No. 1095079

>if you DM me
Uhh don’t the questions show up as DMs in the first place? Huh almost like she’s not answering a real person or something…
She stages the weirdest things to answer the strangest questions.

No. 1095097

drinking game suggestion: take a shot every time she says she's gonna deactivate her instagram

No. 1095105

File: 1606735755429.png (3.14 MB, 1242x2208, 525CD00D-C3FE-4B8F-B596-E845DB…)

Funny how she says sorry for pretty much everything except the shit she’s actually done and the people she’s actually hurt. If she was truly sorry she would’ve owned up to everything by now, but she just manages to dig herself even deeper into her lies.

If she keeps going she’ll never be able to pull herself out. So self destructive.

No. 1095108

Her followers are getting annoyed with her bs like just deactivate or post your cutesy images and go, nobody cares about the whining

No. 1095211

If I were her I’d be embarrassed there’s a whole community dedicated to pointing out my hypocritical mistakes. What keeps her here? She needs to find some friends I think. The only reason why she’s so obsessed with social media is that she has no one else to turn to irl. Idk her past with her classmates, but maybe there’s a reason why she can’t find new friends? Jealousy you think?

No. 1095298

imagine you go to see what your gf is up to on insta and she’s talking about lolcow and her rape trauma that was proven to be faked and posting nudes and hardcore attention whoring and then you gotta see her the next day and pretend it’s not awkward. like what do you even do in his position, kek.

No. 1095335

File: 1606758142011.jpg (454.9 KB, 1080x1233, 20201130_124136.jpg)

Ngl I saw pic related and instantly thought of what her bf must look/act like

No. 1095341

I feel like she might have lied about her bf knowing her entire history on social media.. especially lolcow. If he knew, I think he’d be lurking too…

No. 1095372

Pretty sure her bf is way older than her and not into social media. She could’ve easily tricked him. Either way, I doubt he gives a fuck since he’s just there for pussy.

No. 1095386

tinfoil but she most likely didn't tell him about lolcow, otherwise he would at the very least look up her threads because who the hell wouldn't be curious? If he doesn't know what this site is (most neckbeards are religious 4channers, they know), he'd sperg out on us defending his tiny cute innocent loli gf

No. 1095396

So can somebody clarify this to me? I don’t know where to ask so I’m hoping a sage is all I need to do to ask a question.

What exactly started this thread? From what I gathered, she used to try and steal other girls’ boyfriends, always hated on and was jealous of other girls and so eventually was bullied into getting homeschooled? So she slowly she became more antisocial and insecure, started editing the shit out of her pics, continuing her male attention/female-hating fiasco on the internet using the uwu im innocent facade because she realized her regular self never gets attention from men, which is what she wants at the end of the day? am I missing something?

No. 1095426

roughly that yes, she’s been a cow since day one practically. there was old twitter comments responding to a now deleted acc of hers basically ragging on her because no one liked her and she always started shit for no reason. she always craved male attention, even at 15-16 years old. she’s just been shit from the start

No. 1095434

Wow. I’d be long gone off the internet by now if I were her. The fact that she hasn’t changed one bit is frightening.

No. 1095437

She also self posted here numerous times to the point where the mods threatened to reveal her posts if she didn’t stop.
Annnd she didn’t stop lol so all of her posts were revealed.
She vehemently denies it though despite her IP address and her device being tracked, and has jumped through many hoops to lie about what she did.

Oh and she posted self harm on her Instagram to try to make us feel bad, but all it did was upset her followers and get herself into trouble lmao

It’s really worth reading the threads, quite the roller coaster.

No. 1095441

When Nina Rose Bellucci / Erin Painter was in high school, one of her classmates was raped and had gotten pregnant as a result. Nina taunted her about the pregnancy and at one point openly asked the girl while she was pregnant how old her "rape baby is".

She has basically been a cold-hearted and boundary-lacking bitch since high school, and she basically has no leg to stand on when complaining about how "bullied" she was because the "bullying" was a.) A result of her treating others like she and b.) The people Nina/Erin was bullying sticking up for themselves/witnesses sticking up for the people she was shitting on. She likes to pretend she was picked on because she was ugly but it had nothing to do with that. Everything that came after (the threads, her social media cycles) was just a result of her lifelong poor attitude and inability to treat others with kindness and civility. She still refuses to apologize to the people she's hurt, instead making excuses to not interact with them or straight up denying what she's done.

No. 1095464

Yikes. How’d she taunt her classmate other than that comment? I think that’s the only screenshot I saw.

A part of me thinks she secretly (and disgustingly) is jealous? of how other girls DO get so much unwanted attention. I don’t know how to explain this without it sounding fucked up, but the vibe I get from her is that she wishes she was the one men can’t stop bothering. No wonder she’s obsessed with dom kinks and ddlg. She should be aware enough to notice how severely screwed her way of “coping” with her lack of male attention is…and go to therapy. Instead she sits in her room all day hoping she can cure this trauma of hers (aka realizing she’s not like the rest?) by pretending to be one of them.

Does anybody have a screenshot of that one ig post during her white kitkat phase? Captioned “when we’re done, will you give me a white kitkat hehe?” or something along the lines of that. When you’re done what exactly….Nina?
This was during the time she swore she didn’t sexualise her shit.

No. 1095469

It's funny because she still sexualizes herself. She posted a nude (not a full one, covering her nipples and vagina) the other night, it's glaringly obvious how badly she wants attention. She can't even say she's a butter face, because her body and face are equally atrocious when she's not photoshopping the hell out of them, but she has to use sexuality to get anyone to pay attention to her because it's all she has. No personality, no charisma, no charm, just "HEY! Look at my uwu body, betcha want it!" Hell, it was not too long ago when totally not sexual and sweet Nina Bellucci asked her followers if they would subscribe to her onlyfans if she made one.

No. 1095494

File: 1606770715391.jpeg (761.93 KB, 1125x1980, FF8DE10C-E6D7-4B8D-83B2-8538DC…)

I’d at least wait a little before sending in an ask to yourself coincidentally after having somebody mention ddlg in this thread.

No. 1095510

What’s with all these newfags wanting to be spoonfed lately? It’s all across /snow/ right now.
Read the threads, maybe? Instead of asking questions that can easily be answered if you read. the. threads.

No. 1095522

I mean…there's almost 6 threads worth of content straight from her own social media accounts that proves otherwise but keep lying to your followers, Nina. That totally shows how mature you are.

I also find it ironic that she says she doesn't support ddlg yet the majority of the people she follows are ddlg thought who showcase their ddlg kinks on their accounts.

No. 1095714

>that barrel-sized ribcage
so smol

isn't her entire thing being obsessed with 'daddies?' lol

No. 1095749

I just find it so extremely sad that this girl spends hours taking several takes of the same shot over and over. If you really think about it, she’s more sad than she comes off. Every photo she takes, she takes 50 versions of the same photos. Then finds the most acceptable one and Facetunes it.
She wakes up, browses Instagram, tumblr, pinterest, screenshots the pics she wants to copy. Copies them, get called out. Threatens suicide. Goes to bed. Repeats the same thing the next day.

Zero friends. Nobody to go to.
Sure attention is “nice” in your early teens. But everyone here making fun of her will move on to live their own life. What about her?
Where do you think she’ll be 10 years from now? Lol

No. 1095752

Cant even imagine how she is like with her boyfriend. She probably wished for him to be this big daddy dom man that calls her baby girl, always tells her how hot she is and how he loves to take advantage of her or whatever the fuck she fantasized about before.

In all honesty, makes me cherish the fact that I didn’t have to fake my own persona this hard to get attention lol. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 1095763

lol. she essentially did all this all because she wanted attention from guys. she ruined her life because she wanted attention from men. that is so unbelievably sad. imagine not being “enough” on your own that you have to resort to ruining your entire life for an OUNCE of attention from random incel men.

No. 1095765

File: 1606790209323.jpg (309.06 KB, 1080x1517, 20201130_213421.jpg)

So, I'm pretty sure this Zervox guy is her boyfriend. They interact with eachother on each other's tweets a lot, and only in very flirty ways. This small interaction was under Nina's tweet about leaving her boyfriend's house and missing him a lot, I'm assuming his name is Kevin.

No. 1095774

File: 1606790807245.png (3.54 MB, 1242x2208, C1AAB87B-FF40-4E8C-9E0D-791716…)

No. 1095776

File: 1606790903136.gif (388.76 KB, 267x200, C4C41794-B5C6-49D0-B9BC-4B1312…)

No. 1095777

Lmao there’s nothing to get out of that screenshot. She is purely posting this as a way to show her bf calls her babe. This is genuinely so depressing for her. Oh my god.

No. 1095783

File: 1606791432330.jpg (717.8 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201130-215325_Ins…)

Follow up. This all but confirms this guy is her boyfriend. He does stream according to her and he also interacts flirtingly with her on twitter. Either this guy Kevin is her boyfriend or she's flirting with other guys behind her bf's back which wouldn't be surprising. He's @ImZervox on twitter and twitch, I don't know if he uses face cam in his streams.

No. 1095793

File: 1606792760663.png (676.44 KB, 735x583, hm.PNG)

She says they've been dating for almost a year but if this is her bf pic related would indicate he was dating someone named Lauren (who seems to be another ethot) in March. I guess they could have broken up immediately after this tweet and she's just rounding up how long they've been dating?

No. 1095796

I'm betting on it, because when I went and watched one of his past streams, the character he was using is Final Fantasy was identical to the character Nina is always lobbying with in this pic >>1093097

No. 1095798

File: 1606793108337.jpeg (189.1 KB, 828x387, E3C89F5D-2440-4904-ACF2-57CCEE…)

maybe a nitpick but i swear this says ‘daddy’ lmao. i cant work out the second word but it’s a bit ironic considering her ‘i DO NOT support ddlg!!!!!!’ stance from literally this week

No. 1095801

She said she doesn't support ddlg but in a recent q&a post on insta she said she supports agere and takes part in it herself. I don't care what people say agere and ddlg shit are nearly the same fucking thing, especially when agere is being done publicly by soft girls on tumblr/instagram. They dress up as little girls and sexualize themselves, that's gameplay and Erin is retarded for thinking there's a difference

No. 1095803

No, she’s replying to the anon who asked if her bf knows about her past kek

No. 1095808

She’s dumb cause she is into DDLG
Idk why she won’t admit it
Not every girl who calls their man daddy is a weird ddlg girl

No. 1095839

File: 1606799293554.png (88.87 KB, 1080x534, Screenshot_2020-11-30-22-44-56…)

Erin is following Kevin's ex girlfriend. He used to horny post a bunch for her when they were dating but Erin doesn't interact with his cutesy gamer anime couple retweets. I found his Instagram too, but he's not following Erin. I'm pretty sure Kevin is her boyfriend though. His twitter is the only one she follows that isn't a uwu agere account.

No. 1095840

What's his instagram? I haven't seen her following anyone who's not a ddlg thot

No. 1095846

@zevrox, like his twitter. He has no posts and is only following 8 private accounts. Not interesting at all. She doesn't follow him either. Maybe they unfollowed each other so we wouldn't track them down. Or maybe it's just an old, inactive account. Sorry for useless info lol

No. 1095866

File: 1606801815988.jpg (364.4 KB, 1080x1211, 20201201_004957.jpg)

It's so obvious she's reading here and trying to throw us off the fact that he's her boyfriend even though it was solidified by the FF characters and their flirting, we see you Nina. ImZervox is your boyfriend, it's fine.

No. 1095879

she tweeted about getting to round 96 on cod a few days ago and so did he, not a coincidence. i think it's absurd for her to claim she "sees her boyfriend every weekend" if he apparently lives in georgia tho? either that or she has an irl bf too?

No. 1095895

File: 1606806519294.jpeg (562.8 KB, 1242x1667, 163220B0-D1C2-427D-BF34-ABAFF6…)

Her simping for this dude is beyond embarrassing

No. 1095897

No that’s not him, it’s some guy who lives in another state she simps for online

No. 1095906

>i love my bf! he excuses all my bad behaviour! he's so thoughtful and wise, he says that that girl who had her rapist's baby in high school is probably doing great in life right now!

No. 1095934

File: 1606810769272.jpg (814.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201201-030908_Ins…)

She's trying hard to convince everyone the guy she's openly flirting with who was playing the same FF custom character she was cuddled up to online isn't him. If he wasn't her boyfriend she wouldn't be trying to deny is so hardcore.

It's sad as hell, and if he truly isn't your bf Erin you're honestly a jerk for flirting with other guys online while you're in a relationship. Rethink your relationship if your simping for other guys.

No. 1095938

Yeah, it's definitely him. So now I wonder why she's trying to keep it a secret? Maybe Kevin is ashamed of her. He seems to rebuff her constantly on Twitter. They're not in each other's bios or anything. If they're so committed and in love and planning on moving in together, then I think internet-obsessed Erin would at least list their anniversary date somewhere.

Also it's embarrassing how she does a piss poor job hiding usernames and icons so she can pretend a ton of people ask her shit. I swear her online interaction is 99% sockpuppet accounts. Make some actual friends, Erin.

No. 1095940

That's another thing I was thinking. She literally wouldn't have even addressed it if she wasn't reading here, because no one interacts with her tweets (besides him) and no one mentioned anything about him in her comment section. She's trying really hard and failing to act like it's not him.

No. 1095954

It also seems like he only responds when she tags him. I'm almost sorry for her being in a completely loveless "relationship." But we all know she can't do any better.

No. 1095962

He’s going to be a lawyer but types like a brain dead teenager?


No. 1095967

He's literally a neckbeard as evidenced by half-photos she's posted of him, kek. What a great boyfriend, encouraging her to not apologize for what she's done because "dunno babe she prolly has a kid and husband. Bring burger king when you come over"

She makes it incredibly obvious that she still reads here.

No. 1095974

didn't she say that she got a job at an animal sanctuary (or something similar) earlier this year? so she lied about it then?

No. 1096068

File: 1606831645868.jpg (425.69 KB, 1080x1140, 1582226818771.jpg)

It was back in february, pic related is from her last thread

No. 1096074

IIRC anons also speculated she was only volunteering at best. Doubtful that she actually did it at all.

No. 1096129

She deleted a bunch of her recent tweets about her boyfriend and the tweetscinteracting with imzervox.

No. 1096140

>anons speculate if her bf could be one of these guys
>radio silence from Erin

>anons suspect her bf is Zervox
>Erin enters full tard mode, spins damage control via Insta Q&A, mass deletes posts, probably crying and self posting ITT as well

No. 1096142

File: 1606840503584.jpeg (122.29 KB, 750x999, 34B58122-197D-421A-B78E-E160F4…)

Her bf and this Zervox guy supposedly don't have the same birthday though.

No. 1096143

File: 1606840548610.png (3.1 MB, 750x1334, 8779FA06-1FE3-4782-A327-1F9B4B…)

No. 1096145

It's been said a thousand times already but it's just hilarious how she makes her lurking obvious every time, it would be easier for her to just go private (she might do it as soon as she reads this, I apologize in advance kek)

So zervox dude is either really her bf or really a rando guy she flirts with who is not her bf and she doesn't want to be caught/feels bad because farmers pointed it out

No. 1096150

WHO cares istg the only ones asking her questions are either farmers or her sockpuppet accounts

No. 1096161

Uhhh, most people start law school at 24, but Erin says he graduated a few years ago? >>1087535 One or both of them are lying.

No. 1096173

Sage for animefag nitpick but does anyone else find it funny how she only likes the popular anime that would guarantee her attention from male weebs?

No. 1096177

"I want to work at an animal sanctuary" isnt this the bitch that got rid of a husky after like a week of having him bc he kept playing with her uwu stuffies?

No. 1096181

I’m more so concerned for her lack of people skills when it comes to getting a real job. this is exactly what retail/customer service jobs are good for when you’re young. She’s making a huge mistake choosing to stay jobless right now

No. 1096194

This probably sounds dumb but I 100% would not be shocked if Erin begged imZervox aka her boyfriend to play along with her trying to spin a tale that he's not her bf, citing lolcow and screeching that we're crazy stalker who would harass him if he didn't.

Specifically, she told him "No pussy for daddy dom Kevin unless you go along with my unhinged craziness"

No. 1096292

That poor husky probably would’ve taken his own life if it lived with Erin and her mom. Erin never goes outside, the dog wouldn’t have been socialized, it would’ve been no more than a prop for her instagram pictures. Also kek at it pissing in their suburban joke and Sanrio plushies.

does anyone else think it’s weird how Erins mom paid for her nose job? Like wouldn’t most moms discourage that? Wouldn’t her feelings be hurt too because that’s where she got the nose from?

No. 1096406

She’s def lying. Either about his age or about him finishing law school. Not sure which one is more pathetic. I don’t understand why she feels the need to lie so much, even when it’s just mundane shit.

No. 1096455

It would be even funnier if her Discord daddy dom boyfriend was the one who lied about his education and Erin believed it.

No. 1096598

slight tinfoil but in the original it looks like it says “daddy wolfie” and his contact picture is a wolf baring it’s teeth…I’m gonna die of cringe. she said she needs a girl BFF, maybe she should hang out in the shayna thread and they can be dogfuckers together.

No. 1096642

They dumped the husky because they couldn’t be bothered toilet training it.

Her mother is pretty well off and Nina Rose Bellucci is extremely spoiled. Nina asks and she receives. They went and saw Frozen 2 in the cinema 5-6 times for gods sake.

No. 1096754

Yeah, that makes no sense whatsoever, if he's 24 he would be too young to have been finished for a few years, you need to do undergrad first. Maybe he has a paralegal certificate and she's overblowing it into "lawyer" lmao

No. 1096762

lol anon be careful with giving her ideas that'll support her lie!

No. 1096790

File: 1606872972084.jpg (110.04 KB, 1080x350, 20201201_203527.jpg)

Nina Rose Bellucci the notorious art thief wants people to credit her for her art, like she DIDN'T when she was tracing over other people's work and claiming it as her own

No. 1096844

does anybody know what happened to her old job she’s had while she was gone? is she ever going to find a new one or?

No. 1096847

I know a lot of people suspect she never really had a job and was lying about it to seem mature

>inb4 she conveniently sends herself an ask about said job

No. 1096853

File: 1606877243057.jpeg (326.98 KB, 750x1210, 51DD51FF-832E-4A65-8EC8-A913A6…)

When cows collide.

No. 1096857

nika and nina , two of the worst moos. they should collab.

No. 1096860

File: 1606877692983.jpg (736.45 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201201-215508_Ins…)

No. 1096876

To add, it would be very unlikely for her to get a job since the start of covid, I'm sure her "controlling" mother would convince her on that otherwise

If she did she probably only lasted a week cause she's glued to her phone and addicted social media

No. 1096880

File: 1606879225378.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201201-221831_Ins…)

Samefagging, more insta stories about the topic.

Nina Rose Bellucci don't lie. You literally were practicing ddlg, calling yourself a loli while posting nudes on your instagram, there are threads worth of proof that are incredibly easy to look at and connected to your name so how could you lie about something like that???

No. 1096905

File: 1606881950379.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, 79986BCB-7A54-4F10-9280-C7073C…)

first of all, describing herself as a “short petite girl” okay 5’6 goblina

No. 1097050

>I also act shy in sexual situations
-Posted her whole ass pussy on twitter
-Constantly posts photoshopped nudes/lewds online everywhere
-Millions of ddlg hentai posts liked on her old twitter
-Lists her kinks and fetishes to random strangers

Holy fuck she’s insufferable. She hasn’t changed at all, she’s just gonna keep pretending she’s some innocent girl who didn’t know any better isn’t she?

No. 1097051

Also it wasn’t even a year ago when she called herself legal loli. She needs to get off the internet

No. 1097054

File: 1606896960710.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1652, 288289C4-CE1F-4370-9D36-1035DB…)

Fucking kek at this throwback

No. 1097145

Obviously the situation isn't comparable. Erin is a shut-in NEET so she hasn't had the chance to approach much less hurt any children. While DDLGfags are insufferable freaks deserving of scorn it's simply not on the same level as exploiting Actual Teenagers for money and sex.

The problem, Erin, is that you're still LYING. It's flabbergasting that she presents herself as an innocent uwu baby who is conveniently forgetful and ignorant whenever she's in trouble. It's both hilarious and disgusting.

No. 1097274

Why is she so insistent on 5'6 being short and tiny? I've been 5'6 and not once ever thought of myself as short let alone tiny. (not to mention "petite" when all the clothes she sold on her depop were a size L+)

No. 1097297

"2 years ago" when it's literally been just a few months since she last called herself a loli. Why lie, Nina?

No. 1097303

Nina is a liar but don’t think she said it this year after returning from her hiatus? Unless I’m retarded and don’t remember. The legal loli post was from the old threads about a year ago

No. 1097316

File: 1606932542935.jpeg (390.65 KB, 1125x1243, DFF808B5-AF2B-4602-9556-04E118…)

Nothing is woman does is original. I can’t believe she spends all day copying shit from others. From photos to usernames to art to her entire being. How is she not humiliated yet?

No. 1097325

was just about to post this, it’s actually embarrassing and sad knowing nothing about nina has changed even though she was “gone” so long…guess somethings never change

No. 1097328

the only thing that's changed is her name and she's alreadyon the road to fucking that up too. Once this thread hits 1.1k I'm sure the new one will be titled using her new name. If I were her I'd stop ASAP

No. 1097330

sage but how did we find out her new legal name was Nina Rose Bellucci(not saged)

No. 1097333

someone looked it up and found it there’s a screenshot in the thread

No. 1097337

The name change is a public notice, she shot herself in the foot by announcing she's changing her name, nobody would look it up otherwise.

No. 1097339

the saddest part of all is that she had the chance to start a new life, pick a name that suits her and leave the internet for good. sign up for school and a new job using her new name, start being less jealous of girls irl and being nicer to everyone.
instead, she chose a name that literally took her two steps back. a name that LITERALLY translates into little girl. reactivated her accounts, and hasn't changed one bit. still lies, still skinwalks and tries to compete with girls she wishes she looked like.

this woman is going to regret her decisions in the future. i just can't believe how big of a chance she had to actually change and instead she did the complete opposite. straight foolery.

No. 1097341

File: 1606933714308.jpg (84.63 KB, 828x1792, yytIwX.jpg)

Why she insists on giving her credit for reposting her art when she basically copied someone else and didn't give them an ounce of credit?

No. 1097344

The irony is that just yesterday, she made a whole tweet about how she wants to be credited in her bio if anyone uses her art as a pfp.
She'll probably say it's not the same as being "inspired", but I'd say OPs image is nearly identical. Girl on right side, stars going out into text field. That's still copying, Nina Erin.

No. 1097348

File: 1606934252114.jpeg (215.83 KB, 1242x645, 9AB477F2-0A7B-4710-9EA0-94C31E…)

Nina is barely an adult at this point. Thought she wanted to be loli but ig she’s accepting the fact she’s grown

No. 1097350

Why are you spoonfeeding the newfag?

Completely unrelated: I cannot wait until Erin is exposed for self-posting again.

No. 1097353

I can't believe how obvious her lurking is. Anon calls her woman instead of girl on this thread just now and she's already trying to act like it doesn't bother her. I'm assuming that shes waiting for someone to say Omg no youre still a youngin!

No. 1097356

File: 1606934812578.jpg (19.02 KB, 307x87, 1.jpg)

She messaged the original creator, what for?

No. 1097373

reminds me of one of her selfposts where she called herself an "18 year old girl" and some other egirl a "20 year old woman". of course she wouldn't stick to that standard for herself kek

No. 1097395

Your icon is showing

No. 1097452

Why do you think Nina hasn’t posted a selfie? You would think she would show off her new nose

No. 1097460

She’s got a long way to go with the swelling, last pic she showed of her nose was her being concerned she’s developing i think it’s called beak deformity? when it slopes down from lack of support. Maybe that’s why. I’m sure it’ll turn out fine but it’d be very obvious if she posted a pic with an itty bitty nose right now considering how long recovery actually takes

No. 1097489

Nose jobs don’t help much with actual size, just the shape. Her frontal view will most likely still look goblina-esque.

No. 1097490

I think she got fat.

No. 1097495

That’s true, especially if she has thick skin which I think she does. there is a chance for the surgeon to slim the cartilage enough for it to be visible from the front, but you need to find a surgeon who really knows what they’re doing for it to turn out visible. And the nose would have to be more upturned for that

No. 1097513

Yeah, any additional weight really shows on her face, and she got fat again during this year. Right now she can only show her legs when she's faking a thigh gap and repost old bodychecks for the 1000th time

No. 1097518

The other problem with getting a nose job like the one she got is that if he took off too much cartilage or shaved down the bone too much to get a slope, it's very possible that her nose could collapse or become deformed in a couple of years or if someone hits it.

Source: Had a nose job, all stuff my surgeon had to go over with me

No. 1097522

> become deformed in a couple of years or if someone hits it.
lol her neckbeard daddy recently hit her nose on accident. tragic

No. 1097531

She officially deactivated her instagram and renamed it.

However, she's still on Twitter and tiktok as crepegrl. You go nina rose Bellucci, saying you're offline but actually staying online like a need attention whore!

No. 1097535

Wdym she deactivated? she just changed usernames I think. How many spares does she have though jfc, that's some middleschool behaviour. Always changing usernames and saving the others so nobody can steal them. Only people who live their entire life on the internet give a shit about that lol. Go ahead and patent all the other cutesy ____grl users at this point.
She probably uses these spares to send in Qs to her qnas kek

No. 1097536

>be Erin
>boys don't want you and girls know you're fake
>photoshop every pic and pretend to be uwu loli anachan to get attention
>everyone still hates you
>mommy spends thousands of dollars fixing your ugly face
>finally have a sliver of a chance at positive male attention!
>first guy to date you hits you in the face
>your nose is ruined and irreparable

No. 1097540

No, she changed her name and then deactivated. She's still active on twitter so we can just follow her shenanigans there.

I lost it anon, thank you. Does anyone know where she got her nose job done?

No. 1098000

Yeah, I don’t know about America but I’m in the U.K. and when I studied animal care I learned there is literally a queue of people willing to volunteer in these places, including vet students, and people who are qualified in relevant skills. What few paid positions there are in the larger rescues - admin etc. Are not going to be given to an unqualified pleb like Erin(blog)

No. 1098107

File: 1607016621343.jpeg (245.09 KB, 750x971, 9C08AE28-99B3-4B70-A9EB-D07819…)

Damn, is she already back from deactivating???

No. 1098108

I don’t think she ever deactivated, but damn how many times is she going to change her username? I’m guessing she’s drawing lil bread drawings now? just like how when she changed her user to strawberry something, she drew strawberries haha.
Erin there’s no need to use these things as part of your identity. you can still be puppygrl and like bread kek

No. 1098129

If that’s what you thought they why preface it with “legal”

No. 1098162

You're right, there's absolutely no need to add "legal" unless she knew it means a sexualized child. And if she's "aware" about true meaning now, why she still allows her boyfriend to call her that? Wouldn't it trigger her PTSD from being sexually abused as a child? Your "trauma" makes less and less sense, Nina Pedo Belucci

No. 1098381

File: 1607032284088.jpeg (835.22 KB, 1125x2001, E7724E89-C4F8-4D95-82C2-0ADF2D…)

Love how every question she gets she turns it into a way to emphasize how smol n skinnee she is and how the other person must be “wide legged”. Girl please. I think the saddest part is that you refuse to post any selfies or body pics, only old reposts. That says more about how you truly look irl. We all know if Erin was as smol and desirable and she edits herself to be, she’d be posting non stop.

No. 1098415

I have a feeling she isn’t posting any selfies because her boyfriend now follows this account. So she can’t edit herself into oblivion again unless she blocks him. Or maybe because she knows the majority already knows what she actually looks like and is just hiding behind her fake uwu aesthetic and mannerisms, hoping people will assume she looks like all the other uwu girls.

No. 1098441

my bets on the fact the bf follows and she will be too embarrassed to post edited pics

No. 1098513

File: 1607039472454.jpeg (477.46 KB, 750x950, 2A3BFC12-1D1A-4D73-B0F1-03959B…)

we heart it board dedicated to herself

No. 1098528

No. 1098570

What's her boyfriend's handle?

No. 1098573

No. 1098574

Every time I see her face it makes me laugh how wonky and bulged her eyes are in real life

No. 1098586

why did she upload old photos of my boyfriend? what the fuck is she going to attempt to steal him

No. 1098588


No. 1098590

>location: "in daddas lappy"

she's disgusting and obviously ddlg

No. 1098592

File: 1607048275072.png (3.48 MB, 1242x2208, 34B04548-A75D-4E66-9BB7-4C34F6…)

“a medical test” yes because a medical test tells you your 5’5 out of nowhere you dipshit

No. 1098593

File: 1607048296062.jpeg (187.99 KB, 716x408, 38557556-191D-490E-8507-4BF553…)

this as well…

No. 1098594

No doubt Nina Rose Bellucci is still into that weird, pedo-ddlg crap with the handle "In dadda's lap". That's honestly disgusting. It's one thing to call your man "daddy" in bed, it's another to do it while dressing and talking like a fucking child.

No. 1098596

File: 1607048696758.jpeg (370.33 KB, 750x1053, C7DF0596-AE3C-4B58-9019-CF5BA4…)

why would they post erin for aesthetics tho? especially this ugly pic, i wonder if this is just her spare account where she steals people’s photos

No. 1098600

File: 1607048923553.jpeg (383.34 KB, 750x869, 6CF22CFC-276D-4634-8B63-7DBE10…)

random but what is this dot on her leg

No. 1098603

File: 1607049005388.jpeg (364.36 KB, 750x887, BC11A137-D7F8-4745-98C7-A1B6B0…)

anyone else remember when she say like 2 years ago her “master” said she looked like this dog? why lie about this

No. 1098604

She's definitely not a naturally pretty girl who can just throw on a little mascara. She needs a full face to look half decent

No. 1098620

She needs helpp, oh my god.

Love how she just had to justify why she isn’t showing her face, clearly lurking again or one of you anons asked her

No. 1098630

a piece of a soul she stole from a girl she skinwalked

No. 1098631

What is her natural hair color I get so confused each time I see a picture

No. 1098635

Please sage if you don’t have milk, it bumps the thread for nothing

No. 1098638

Her natural color is brown. Please sage and don't samefag

No. 1098647

In younger pictures of her hair was red and she has red eyelashes, she dyes it brown because being a ginger isn’t uwu pedo loli enough for her

No. 1098673

File: 1607055450806.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x1961, B5AFD2E3-DB6B-47AA-ACE6-D8FD0A…)

This girl is so far gone, I truly think she is. She’s still trying to act like this rando has so many followers because of her extremely edited pics. I think she’s lied to herself so much that she believes that’s what she actually looks like now.

No. 1098676

Nina stop making it so fucking obvious that you read here you dumb ddlg-loving pedo-sympathizing cow

No. 1098694

Kek she used her sock account to dm her main so she can pretend she was notified and “totally not lurking lolcow uwu”

No. 1098696

> I would never post pics like that
Is this bitch for real?

No. 1098724

She made this one so painfully obvious. She's literally always lurking here, way more than any of us. Holy shit

No. 1098755

Looks like an ingrown hair, probably from shaving her legs with a cheap razor.

No. 1098847

Is it not just a mole? She's pale, and the pink-ish filter probably makes it look less brown.

No. 1098910

im surprised she didn’t edit it out actually it looks gross regardless what it is..

anyways nina please stop lying about ur we heart it accounts, many of us been following it for a while and KNOW it’s you. stop stalking the thread and deal with your skin tags

No. 1098925

it's not her… It's that fat Erin girl. She posted Erin's art and asked to dm her to get it removed. It's the girl that stole all her handles in the past.

No. 1098935

both erins are fat so you could’ve left it @ just saying the one who stole all her usernames

No. 1099053

File: 1607100758819.jpeg (482.27 KB, 1242x1512, 89298913-DCFA-4C58-BF14-AD01CD…)

Apparently this acc is friends with @strawberriz, don’t know if she’s friends with Erin but if so then it could still possibly be her

No. 1099071

"a big medical test thing" finding out if her bmi is just overweight or obese? kek

No. 1099112

Really? I feel like ginger fits the soft cottagecore petite little girl ideal.
It could be a small bugbite or even a freckle.

No. 1099126

Erin's weird mole is significantly less interesting than her massive thighs. Call me an anachan IDC, but she's doing all the thinspo tricks (sitting on the edge of the seat, knees together to emphasize potential gap, socks folded over to contain fat spillage, angled photo) and they're still touching.

No. 1099141

but it’s barely ginger, it’s a frizzy rusty orange mess which is why she basically NEVER shows it.. if it was cute little girl ginger she would post it 24/7 and make being ginger apart of her identity and probably make her account gingergrl

No. 1099202

File: 1607109234352.jpeg (530.29 KB, 918x1094, 3EB1DBB9-7B17-4ACB-A639-FEE8BE…)

I hate to nitpick but if you look at her left thigh, the part above the sock significantly goes out and touches her right thigh. Meanwhile the right one is magically straight like somebody with not a lot of thigh fat. So it’s pretty obvious she was sitting on the edge of her seat or maybe even lifting her legs so they don’t widen out

No. 1099205

She is definitely doing all those things. Further tinfoil: she took the photo with one hand and pulled her fat aside with the other.
>If you don't have an authentic thigh gap, store-bought is fine.

No. 1099401

File: 1607118104290.jpg (129.18 KB, 1056x595, uwusosmol.jpg)


i fired up paint because i was so inspired by your comment, nonny

No. 1099460

This is beautiful anon

No. 1099578

still waiting for screenshots on this lol

No. 1099765

File: 1607141302274.jpeg (791.36 KB, 1242x1651, 458FFB03-9AD6-4DED-85AF-390303…)

sage for nitpicking but her art quality on this definitely diminished, she probably traced/copied other art or pics of anime girls for her other works

No. 1099782

Screenshots please anon!!

No. 1099829

"i SWEAR i'm smol and tiny!!"

No. 1099879

File: 1607148279805.png (682.16 KB, 789x465, ,33.png)

NTA but why are you all so incapable of doing basic clicking around. The only pictures of guys she uploaded were these 4. They're all pictures of the same guy captioned with

>- 𝘷𝘪𝘢 @6𝘴𝘯𝘰𝘵 𝘰𝘯 𝘪𝘯𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘨𝘳𝘢𝘮 (𝘥𝘮 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘳𝘦𝘮𝘰𝘷𝘢𝘭!!) 𝘪 𝘥𝘯𝘵 𝘴𝘶𝘱𝘱𝘰𝘳𝘵 6𝘴𝘯𝘰𝘵 𝘢𝘯𝘺𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘦 𝘥𝘶𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘦𝘷𝘪𝘥𝘦𝘯𝘤𝘦 𝘢𝘨𝘢𝘪𝘯𝘴𝘵 𝘩𝘪𝘮 𝘣𝘦𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘢 𝘱3𝘥0

so yeah I guess anons boyfriend is a pedophile. Congrats, here's that attention you ordered.

No. 1099889

I’m surprised she doesn’t watch all her ig stories, Theres hella people talking about her

No. 1099891

It's an imageboard, newfriend. If you're going to bring up pictures, post the pictures.

No. 1099898

I didn't bring up shit you retard which is made very obvious from the way I phrased my post. Learn to get info yourself so we don't have 30 anons in here begging for screenshots for 5 posts in a row.

No. 1099900

>begging for screenshots for 5 posts in a row

This wouldn't happen if people would lurk in the first place. It's too much to ask in an Erin Painter thread, I know.

No. 1099908

I can’t believe it. Nina really does stalk this forum. She magically watched my story (and prob others) after this point lol. Probably felt the need to watch her all her followings’ story. Omg..(samefagging)

No. 1100064

no proof ever posted of him being a pedo.

No. 1100079

What's with the obscene amount of watermarks on this low-effort drawing (her other "works" are covered in watermarks as well) and why does she feel the need to post each of her drawings multiple times? At least this one's clearly not getting as much attention as her other drawings, man do I wonder why!

Also please learn to sage, why is this thread full of newfags?

No. 1100085

I thought Erin posted full face pictures on her Instagram of Kevin and it was anon’s ex or something idk. These are just uwu aesthetic pics of generic white kid trying to be cool.

No. 1100097

exactly how are we supposed to know this white kid trying to be edgy is an anons ex lmao

No. 1100106

Don't derail.

No. 1100176

Ok pedo boys’ gf

No. 1100196

they literally said why did Erin post my ex, learntoread

No. 1100230

there’s multiple guys on her account

No. 1100274

There were multiple guys posted on her account but guess she deleted them, I remember one pic… it was a mirror selfies of a couple? they both had cat ears on but the guy looked like Erin's type.

No. 1100301

File: 1607198183906.jpeg (393.65 KB, 750x1010, 2BDC4427-0152-4E43-BEA9-48D498…)

No. 1100327

"it's not that serious to me"
>lurks her threads religiously
>adjusts her behaviours and words whenever pointed out by farmers
>flees her socials for reasons completely unknown to her non-farmer followers looking like a paranoid idiot every time

No. 1100336

No. 1100380

>i'm sick of people asking me this
If you're so fed up then stop looking at and responding to lolcow? Simple.

No. 1100383


it's insane she has a q&a up on her story 24/7, she really has not changed one bit

No. 1100393

Imagine sitting in front of your phone 24 hours a day waiting for someone who bothers enough to ask you a question (otherwise you might just as well ask it yourself with one of your 5+ sockpuppet accounts), but she's TOTALLY focused on school, work and her relationship

No. 1100398

File: 1607203595430.jpg (129.25 KB, 1125x2000, 1.jpg)

She's asking for relationship advice (1/5)

No. 1100399

File: 1607203616944.jpg (140.3 KB, 1125x2000, 2.jpg)

No. 1100401

File: 1607203711774.jpg (97.99 KB, 1125x2000, 3.jpg)

No. 1100403

File: 1607203812291.jpg (97.02 KB, 1125x2000, 4.jpg)

No. 1100405

File: 1607203912665.jpg (122.65 KB, 1125x2000, 5.jpg)

No. 1100407

Money can't be the issue here when she's literally from a rich family, sounds more like he simply doesn't want to

No. 1100410

She could move in with him if she didn't spend all her money on toys and online games, for me it sounds like she just expects him to do all the job (notice how in >>1100403 she says he's the one that saves up)

No. 1100418

Didn’t she say she had a job?

No. 1100433

First IRL relationship? What about the boys from her high school that she bragged about fucking on Twitter? Or the guy she cried about on Instagram because the sex was painful? Or that college dorm full of guys, including the one who apparently pulled down her skirt when her ~panties were showing~? I guess none of that counts– or maybe it was all made up.

No. 1100440

A guy pulled down her skirt in front of a roomful of watching people, at a college he could've gotten permanent suspension from. Gobnina, if you're going to make up sexual assault at least make it realistic.

No. 1100441

File: 1607206793506.png (3.88 MB, 828x1792, 1579360689953.png)

She literally mentioned her IRL BOYFRIEND before. She either lied about the relationship to her followers or she lied to her boyfriend about never having a relationship before. I bet on the latter

No. 1100444

File: 1607206907032.jpg (447.09 KB, 717x1275, 1579332328404.jpg)

If that is true, I feel bad for her current boyfriend. Not only she talks shit about him, but she also lied about being an ~uwu virgin~.

Didn't she also mention giving this Matt guy the "bestest blowjob"?

No. 1100446

Surprised she’s being so open about her relationship issues lol, it sounds like the guy doesn’t want to move in with her. Weren’t they dating for like half a year? Don’t scare him away by moving too fast…
and you ever going to clear up how he’s managed to finish law school, btw?

No. 1100449

at the age of 24 i mean.

I don’t know how she doesn’t realize how it makes her come off. It’s literally the only socialization she gets outside of her uwu buddies lol.

No. 1100479

the story was the fact erin was being quirky and he pulled it down to cover her butt bc the skirt was too short NOT sexual assault .. but we all know it didn’t happen

No. 1100508

She said she was only friends with him and she lost her virginity like a year ago to someone from tinder. I think she obsessed over “Matt” and he was probably just as repulsed by everyone else in her life

No. 1100578

File: 1607214690349.jpeg (222.44 KB, 750x1219, 5DB6F9C7-7242-4347-B661-87FDBD…)

Of course her boyfriend ~refuses~ to let her pay. Just like her mom ~forbade~ her getting a job. She’s so insufferable and easy to predict.

No. 1100611

How the hell did she save up enough money to be able to make monthly payments with her temporary minimum wage job lol is she lying bout the money too?

No. 1100627

No, Matt is a different person. The guy she did sexual activities w was some guy named Ryan from Tinder who she knew for less than like a week then he ghosted her after sex lul

No. 1100633

She just needs to log out it embarrasses me to see her ask herself questions on sock accounts. The thread would die if she stopped being a pedo panderer. There would be no milk if she got off the internet and stoped suicide baiting online

No. 1100645

I love how she’s acting so above pretending to be other people while discussing herself. Remember when she came to lolcow, posted a million times in her own thread while insisting it wasn’t her, and to top it all off she put on a dumb hick accent and slammed out a tremeeeendous paragraph about how irl she’s “I know her and she doesn’t look like shit like she does in all them there pictures! She’s actually skinny n tiny, it’s just an urban legend that she eats, nobody done ever seen it! And her little voice done goe’d up when she wuz playin vidjya games, like one of dem anime lolis, y’all! N’ she’s kind as a peach pie too! Believe me please!”
So fucking bizarre. I can’t believe she’s still just as addicted to random stranger attention. Get a job and a grip, lady.

No. 1100656

Not sure, but she probably lives rent and bill-free at her mom's house- maybe her mom gave her some money too(?).

No. 1100701

Idk, she's not poor, it doesn't matter if it's her money or her mom's.

Read the room girl, he just doesn't want to live with you. Stop guilt-tripping him into taking days off to spend time together, how can one be so entitled? Do you want him to lose his job over that? He's too nice to outright tell you he's not ready to give you ~ uwu validation~ everyday, it must be exhausting.

No. 1100712

yeah, thread died once she left.. why not just leave forever

No. 1100714

anon u killed me i busted out laughing

No. 1100728

the biggest kek for me is when she tried to LARP as anon who had a job who posted on the thread during work hours.

No one in their right mind would post about their "fun work day" she has so much time on her hands she gives backstories to her anonymous posts

No. 1100810

Probably because that college guy was her kek he called her so thin she looked sick

No. 1101118

The biggest bone I have to pick with her is the fact that seeing him for two days a week isn’t enough for her. If she wants a change so bad why did she even get into a relationship with someone so far away? Logically you have to make adjustments and if that’s all they can do right now there’s no changing it any time soon.

No. 1101160

That’s probably because it’s the highlight of her life. she has no other people to hang out with, no hobbies and no responsibilities lol. Her relationship is going to turn into a shitstorm if she keeps pestering him to move out so soon. Or if he finds out about lolcow

No. 1101171

Does anybody else think she may be on the spectrum? HF autism maybe?

No. 1101179

Don't give her any excuses to cling to or she'll go out and get a big medical test to certify her 'tism.

No. 1101206

Last time she was suspected for being on the spectrum, she acted like it was a shameful thing lol. Don’t think she’d want to use it to her advantage as it doesn’t fit her uwu aesthetic

No. 1101214

her bf follows her, right? isnt it embarrassing to see your gf asking for relationship advice on instagram stories instead of just… talking to you? or maybe asking a friend privately? lmao

No. 1101224

When she was dating Dawson, she used to hide her stories from him so she can cry to her followers about him being abusive and that she can't leave him. I think it's the case here as well? She literally says he's not meeting her expectations. And we all know how defensive she gets when called out, so I doubt she would say that if he could see it.
kek when was that?

No. 1101247

File: 1607280238487.jpeg (637.81 KB, 750x1215, 4440579A-72F8-43C6-BEF1-4BC3C8…)

No. 1101259

>I'm here all night

No. 1101263

The fake dialect gets me every time. Is it supposed to be a black guy?

No. 1101275

i pictured a white country hick like the other anon

No. 1101276

File: 1607281680808.jpeg (455.67 KB, 716x1123, B3F46858-808E-4B5D-B82A-894AB6…)

1 year ago saying a boy said that she looked like cocker spaniel

No. 1101277

File: 1607281729783.jpeg (376.75 KB, 750x887, CD4263F5-7E36-4323-BE74-B5960A…)

the other day

No. 1101302

Kind of a nitpick but also funny because Lady isn‘t even a cocker spaniel. Watch Erin have a mental break down and eventually back paddling saying that her new guy meant Cavalier King Charles Spaniel all along

No. 1101318

OH MY GOD. wonder how she’ll weasel her way out of this way. you’d think she’d remember all her fake compliments she gets? Is her bf even real? or is that her cousin that she secretly took a picture of as “proof”? kek

No. 1101356

she’s probably going to ignore this one.. along with many other recent claims.. also erin u STILL haven’t posted a selfie nor a selfie with you and your “bf” included.. better pull up some family photos featuring a male relative and get to editing

No. 1101412

I'm pretty certain at this point that she doesn't even have a bf but wants one so bad she's willing to use pics of her sitting near a guy friend or male family member to make it look like she has one.

Damn you Nina Rose Bellucci, always lying and pretending to be someone you aren't

No. 1101436

File: 1607286717761.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1518, BBE90C69-7650-4228-AB90-0CB906…)

late for this one but this is her bf:

No. 1101507

Kek anon was right about the hick accent I read it like a country inbred boy
This will never not be funny

No. 1101509

My sides anon

No. 1101605

…she is a cocker spaniel, lol, not sure where you got cavalier from.

that being said, does anybody else find it a little weird shes still so focused on being compared to a dog given the whole knotting incident?

No. 1101612

While I also doubt she actually has a boyfriend, she posted a story a few days ago that was a video of a guy apparently playing with a cat. It was captioned something like "my bf loves my cat more than me." There were no faces in the video. It was shot over his shoulder so we only could see the back of his shirt and the back of his head. It was dark, too. I don't even think you get to see the cat.

Really wish I had caps but I didn't think to save it! Now, though, I'm wondering if it matches up with her timeline seeing as they only see each other on weekends. I think I saw the story on a Friday, so it might fit.

No. 1101708

Why does this sound like Erni to me FFF
Lol if it's not, yeah maybe she has a boyfriend but the way she's seeking advice on her stories, posting only the back of him and how he's a 24yo who's already graduated law school…isn't adding up.
Wouldn't you want to take selfies with your SO? Or at least be allowed to take pictures OF him? Why is she only taking pics from behind?

No. 1101780

File: 1607299936766.jpg (87.96 KB, 591x676, ffxiv.jpg)

Zervox is her boyfriend

No. 1101786

File: 1607300007330.jpg (1.17 MB, 2048x2048, 1583493974217.jpg)

Her character in ffxiv (taken from the previous thread)


No. 1101790

In the rare case it isn’t, the way she behaves with him online to this day is so fuckinggn weird if she claims to have a boyfriend now lol.

No. 1101808

I don't blame you for thinking I'm Erin lol. She loves to post unsubstantiated garbage ITT. Either way it's incredibly suspicious that we've never seen the bf's entire face or a photo of them together. She overshares and overexplains everything so why is she so cagey about this? The whole Zervox thing >>1101780 makes me think he's ashamed of her or something. For good reason too, kek.

No. 1101819

File: 1607301419434.jpeg (502.61 KB, 1242x1045, A463F6D7-B555-4919-B05C-3FB7F6…)

There is literally no way she’s not lurking here all the time what the fuck. I checked her insta right after seeing the post on the thread and she posts this immediately after.

No. 1101820

Pretty sure imZervox is her bf and he's just embarassed of her and wants to flirt with other e-girls

No. 1101823

twitter* not insta. At this point she might as well do a Q&A here directly

No. 1101828

File: 1607301814044.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x1929, EAD47D6E-49BE-4931-9608-0458EF…)

Lol. Definitely lurking.

No. 1101839

This is so embarrassing. Doesn't she realise she's only incriminating herself further? She's making these posts specifically for Lolcow but NO ONE here ever believes her bullshit.
>inb4 hi lolcow its erin :3 AMA!

No. 1101841

I think the worst part is just tricking her followers that these are normal posts, when it reality it’s her doing “damage control” to prove farmers wrong. I can’t imagine living such a bleak yet mentally exhausting life.

No. 1101856

I wonder if her boyfriend is embarrassed of Erin, and hides their relationship cause she doesn't work and does nothing with her life.

Even costhots have to make money some how.

No. 1101880

If your interactions with other men are enough to make people think that you and the guy in question are bf and gf, it's time to stop and reevaluate if what you're doing is appropriate, especially if you're in a relationship already.

Anyways, we all know imZervox is Nina Rose Bellucci's bf so it doesn't really matter kek.

No. 1101895

Sounds like she’s the same homewrecker she was all these years ago, constantly fishing for attention from other girls’ partners or online incels. All for attention. Erin you should be aware of this, time to get some serious help. Nobody likes homewreckers.

No. 1101903

Really can't wait for the day her threads show up in the top search results when you search "Nina Rose Bellucci"

No. 1101909

she really fucked her life up AGAIN.. she’s a lost cause

No. 1101965

You can’t be a home wrecker if no one wants you kek she certainly tries though

No. 1101982

Honestly, this is really sad either way. Either that Twitter dude is her bf and he doesn’t want to publicly acknowledge her at all due to how embarrassing her past and present is, or he isn’t her bf and she’s doing all this gross ass “teehee let me sit in your lappy daddy! omg u dork! ^_^ “ shit behind her boyfriends back with some degen she met over Twitter. No matter what, pathetic situation to be in.

No. 1102141

File: 1607340965307.jpeg (685.48 KB, 1242x1689, 6F91B28A-70DE-4546-A7A2-C3BE5F…)

sage for nitpick but does anyone think it’s kind of weird she has this as the name of her character when Belle Delphin has a history of selling underage girl’s nudes and pedopandering lul

No. 1102142

File: 1607341008992.png (183.93 KB, 394x373, 3BD64C9C-8F08-431A-B4C2-BFA2B2…)


No. 1102146

File: 1607341388934.png (132.72 KB, 727x756, 2020-12-07 124052.png)

>cheering over 1k likes for a crappy 10-minute drawing that's most likely traced anyways

No. 1102184

she wishes she looked like how belle edits herself you can tell in her edits

No. 1102245

File: 1607355873719.jpeg (918.25 KB, 3464x2390, 669E592D-DAA0-420A-A364-B64E23…)

Her bf isn’t Zervox, they both have different setups. Shitty gaming laptop v mediocrely clean pc setup. It’s clear Nina Rose Belucci is an unfaithful human being, and attention from someone irl for the first time isn’t enough for her.

No. 1102274

So she's just a slut then

Does her boyfriend even follow her on any if her accounts? I've never seen a male account following her. I can't imagine what it must be like having Nina Rose Bellucci as your girlfriend.

No. 1102281

He definitely doesn’t, I think she’s lying. She’d be too scared of people finding him and linking him to her threads.
Wow. I think that’s even worse than this zervox guy being her boyfriend. She’s constantly tweeting at him with no reply back. And >>1101780 just goes to show she probably DID try to seek attention from him as well. Constantly seeking male attention, single or not. Erin, this is an issue you need to fix in therapy before you hurt your first ever boyfriend and destroy not only your internet rep, but your rep irl.
Wonder if zervox knows about lolcow?

No. 1102282

Honestly, I bet he doesn’t even know her handle on anything. No respectable guy would see how hard she drools over and begs for attention from other dudes, how she documents every minuscule interaction happening between the two of them, and how embarrassing her self-sent anons are and be okay with it.
I’m starting to doubt that he “knows everything” and accepts her; I have a feeling she just gave him some sob story about the backlash for the tWaMaTiC rape baby debacle and omitted all the other fucked up shit she does.
poor dude is getting cucked and catfished at the same time, wew

No. 1102294

>Wonder if zervox knows about lolcow?
he probably doesn't and we should keep it that way

No. 1102296

Question for mods/Admin: if Erin/Nina is/starts posting again, I'm assuming her posts will be revealed as her, right? I'm only asking because of what happened last time.

No. 1102316

Sorry to ffxivfag but alot of people name their alts after stale memes, it's honestly more cringeworthy that she feels the need to tell everyone it's her bcs QuIrkY

No. 1102334

She wrote a post about how she hates belle delphine sexualizing children and “abusing her animals” so it is weird
a bunch of similar pedo pandering ethots were sperging about how belle delphine is the devil like indigo white when belle was at the height of her popularity

No. 1102337

Nina absolutely yearns to be Belle Delphine. I bet she burns with jealousy when she sees a picture of Belle because she knows she'll never be cute and pretty

No. 1102352

Why anon?

No. 1102367

Don’t cowtip retard

No. 1102599

File: 1607384391566.jpg (323.4 KB, 2048x1625, EnTW8ypUUAEsKmJ.jpg)

Her inspo

No. 1102604

File: 1607384492555.jpg (549.93 KB, 1113x1111, EkY6a4yXgAEC9EE.jpg)

See also >>1097316
There's something so creepy about this girl

No. 1102605

File: 1607384574920.jpg (40.01 KB, 1125x750, EoNZAOQXMAAXO8o.jpg)

Erin's art for comparison. I think this is nice but when you look at the other girl's art it seems very obviously traced/inspired.

No. 1102617

I'm sorry, how is this supposed to have been traced when literally none of the lines match up? I firmly believe Erin does trace but these don't seem like they could be the source for this one. The styles don't even match.

No. 1102629

yeah, true assumption but terrible evidence shown in these pics

No. 1102648

File: 1607387968011.jpeg (70.22 KB, 717x422, 92FA8ABE-684F-42AA-9190-6890D5…)

To be fair; I don’t know why anon didn’t post the original drawing milkgrrl did. It’s weird though, because it seems shes deleted it from her twitter. Tinfoil, but based on this >>1097356
I think Erin messaged her asking to take it down because people were “being big booooolies being mean to her when she was just inspired UwU”

No. 1102649

ok creepy tryhardfag. you really put a lot of effort into this don't you???

No. 1102650

File: 1607388042015.jpeg (45.96 KB, 1125x632, BF5A28E8-6A86-4F56-A061-61C88B…)

Another picture Erin did with the same style. She’s really trying to milk this.

No. 1102655

I wasn’t even the same anon; it’s just something I noticed as a casual lurker so I replied to the question. Milkgrrls original picture is only a bit of a scrolls up. I just cropped the art from the tweet so it was easier to compare.

No. 1102715

Hey Erin, in case you’re stalking. Post a VIDEO of your nose, not a zoomed in facetuned photo lol

No. 1102717

File: 1607396144878.png (3.43 MB, 1242x2208, 8A0F71CF-1205-4650-B00F-121EA1…)

I thought her doc said no pictures…?

No. 1102721

The quality is poor 'cause our girl ran it through 3 different filters, not because she couldn't drag her fat ass out of bed to turn on a light.

No. 1102737

File: 1607398370776.png (216.13 KB, 593x841, Opera Instantâneo_2020-12-08_0…)


No need for tinfoil, I found the original from milkgrrl, it's not deleted it was just posted 2 years ago so that's why it wasn't in her recents tweets.


No. 1102813

Amazingly convenient. We seeketh and the hamchan delivers

No. 1102824

This is still incredibly zoomed in, and at a weird angle at that.

No. 1102852

It's by the same artist, Erin's art is obviously a combination of multiple references from milk.

No. 1102854

For those who are missing it, look at the shape of the shoulders and chest, the position of the body, and the cheek/curve of the face on the left. All the same as those two examples by milk, combined with the original star reference/idea. The eyes seem to be from sonewhere else, they were just the most recent milk artworks to compare with.

No. 1102876

I wonder if Erin ever seethes over the gossip in this thread that she can't easily refute with pretend Q&A. She should just come back and post here herself. She spends all day lurking, anyway.

No. 1102971

File: 1607444637421.jpeg (1.26 MB, 3464x3464, 542A590A-10BF-475A-9AF1-4C5A3D…)

saged for nitpick but does it bother anybody else at how inconsistent her art is? sure she uses the same brush but the way she draws characters never stops changing, even between the two anime style pbs it’s so different. If I find the original art she traced I’ll post it, shouldn’t be too hard

No. 1102972

File: 1607444895955.jpeg (630.06 KB, 1936x1936, A3D16EF1-E6B6-4BDE-86E8-8D8E00…)

This one from milk seems pretty spot on, down to the hair pattern.

No. 1102974

File: 1607445050756.jpeg (588.73 KB, 1920x2560, 0F01FBE5-D284-4239-B678-9D1D99…)

And another one contrasted with the same artist where the hair pattern/face shape is extremely similar.

No. 1102978

Literal autism. They have bangs, long hair and they are facing in a similar direction, but these are really the only similarities.

No. 1102981

File: 1607445593162.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1920x2560, FFCA43FE-3A42-4338-AA2E-4195DC…)

All three of these pictures were in her likes and seem to match up

No. 1102994

I'm not an artfag but what's milky about using references as long as the finished product looks nothing like the original artwork? Are these drawings all from the same person? Not sure why you're making high effort collages about what looks like a generic animu triangle face shape where none of the lines even match up. Twitter migrant

No. 1103005

Sage for sounding like an anachan but you can tell her face is pretty fat, wonder if she's gained even more weight kek

No. 1103011

Probably. This is exactly what baffles me about her. I can’t imagine feeling humiliated on the daily, HAVING the control to stop this and choosing NOT to.

No. 1103025

File: 1607450334905.jpeg (703.43 KB, 1125x1935, 305A0264-AA9F-41C8-9B2C-C218C8…)

It is literally physically impossible for somebody with a bulbous tip to have such a refined one 1 month post op. The fact that she’s still editing her nose after surgery, and her jaw to seem slimmer…is just so troublesome. Doesn’t sound like she’s too happy with the results. I don’t know who she thinks she’s fooling, because we all know if she actually was happy with the way her nose looked she’d be posting videos ASAP lol.

No. 1103037

Honestly at this point I don’t think she even has control anymore. Despite the apparent constant agony she faces online she still chooses to constantly engage in all her social media bullshit

No. 1103048

sorry this is super OT and does anyone have her like normal high school pics and then her latina phase? or like which threads would those pics be in? idk how to sage im newfag sorry(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1103049

File: 1607453718043.jpg (151.01 KB, 1125x2000, 127867878565.jpg)

No. 1103050

File: 1607453757194.jpg (202.49 KB, 1125x2000, 129746284.jpg)

No. 1103055

I love how she says her doc told her not to take any pics or vids because “body dysmorphia” but only when people ask her for photos that actually show what it looks like. If she’s able to perfectly edit a pic, then suddenly she’s allowed.
Idk about you but THATS more worrisome than posting a photo of your nose being swollen…as expected.

Didn’t her bf hit her in the face a week ago and she posted a picture of it facing downward and really swollen? It doesn’t bounce back like that. Any minor trauma to thick skin takes a long time to revert to normal, not to mention it staying upright.
If you compare the two pics she posted, there’s no way it’s not shooped considering a rhino does not actually make your nose smaller. Yet her tip is magically half the size. Dead giveaway.
Erin why?

No. 1103061

Did she actually post stuff from when she had the surgery done? Like bandages or something?

Maybe she’s just saying she had surgery so no one questions her edits kek

No. 1103067

Wait a few mins I’m sure she’ll repost the photos on her story once she sees your comment kek

No. 1103078

You are grasping at straws here, seriously. Liking a post of anime girls facing forward and then drawing a girl facing forward is not milk in any form.

No. 1103090

Am I tripping or does her nose still look ugly? I thought she’d go for a cute upturned nose, it still looks bulbous to me, esp from the front. What a waste of mommy’s money.

No. 1103091

anon kek her post-op nose is >>1102717. it's still wide as fuck tho

No. 1103098

It’s shooped. She used facetune to shrink the tip. She should wait to post pics until it’s more believable kek

No. 1103111

it's the same photo taken at different angles.
Her wet hair is literally the same in both of them LMAO

Erin is so fucking embarrassing, she has to lie about every single thing no wonder why she doesn't have any friends

No. 1103113

>i havent talked about it in a while
I guess 12 days ago >>1092043 is ancient history then. Erin, your lurking is painfully obvious. Stop sending yourself questions and do your homework.

No. 1103146

Jesus fuck her lurking is so obvious but she claims she doesn’t look on here. Repetition of the same thing that’s been said on here but she never ceases to be despicably dumb and dishonest

No. 1103154

Lmfao I’m retarded thanks

No. 1103167

File: 1607461001813.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 424.5 KB, 1242x1006, 26217CE5-C5DB-4090-8B24-A0DEB2…)

She’s such a hypocrite. How many times did she claim to be agere and post her whole pussy online? Then pretended there was nothing nsfw about it.

No. 1103178

All she does is lie, it's honestly sad how much she's managed to fuck up such a privileged life she's been given. She has no actual problems besides "bullies", being overweight and below average looking, and her pretend trauma. All of which (besides her face) could be easily fixed, but she's so unwilling.

No. 1103218

File: 1607466202754.jpeg (460.21 KB, 750x1229, A7210114-CD52-4CA7-9AC7-2B2898…)

> pls stop asking about finances!!!1! I don’t want y’all to know I don’t have a job and mommy paid for everything

No. 1103225

Why can't she just admit shelurks? somebody questions why she isn't posting videos of her nose, next thing you know you posts a boomerang lol. Not even a true vid, ofc cause thats too hard to edit.
Why do you scratch your eyes out? Why so zoomed in? Scary af if you ask me. Why not post a normal photo? Like what? Imagine how many takes she probably took of that video

No. 1103236

File: 1607467976533.jpeg (219.39 KB, 1125x1943, E462DBF2-BF1C-42EF-9D21-BB293E…)

You’re reaching so hard it’s cringe. Those are all generic anime girls facing forward, are you saying they all copied each other? mlkgrl doesn’t give a damn either. Erin has issues but pretend artists sperging out in here is autistic when her art is fine and looks like any other amateur anime artist.

No. 1103244

umm hi nina

No. 1103247

where did this screenshot come from

No. 1103254

Pretty sure it’s from her twitter but either way that does sound like Nina lol. Nobody is talking about the art anymore you’re hours late. derailing from the obviously shooped vids of her face

No. 1103327

She loves using manipulative language on others to gain sympathy

No. 1103352

While I wouldn't be surprised if Nina us caught tracing because she's a notorious art thief and tracer, I would be wicked surprised to know that she traces but somehow still manages to make her artwork look like shit. It's at least extremely obvious that she very heavily references other pictures, because some of her work looks like straight up dog shit compared to other pieces.

Anyways, Nina Rose Bellucci, stop lurking and go clean your room, piggy.

No. 1103360

File: 1607477228096.jpg (775.87 KB, 981x1744, Screenshot_20201208-172631_Dis…)

No. 1103363

File: 1607477349415.jpg (398.83 KB, 1080x837, Screenshot_20201208-172942_Dis…)


No. 1103366

i hate your newfaggotry but holy shit lmao. great reference

No. 1103370

File: 1607478163390.png (50.48 KB, 600x361, download20200306093457.png)

I'm assuming her nose kind of looks like pic related, but a bit more rounded and bulbous. While her photos are most likely shooped, it still keeps the general look if you analyze the pictures.

If you look at her pre-op pictures ( >>1103049 and >>1103025), you can see she has a narrow nose bridge which extends to all the excess cartilage that made her nose accentuate the crookedness. Not only that, but the tip of her nose was facing downwards.

If you look at this picture specifically ( >>1103218), you can tell her nose is still downturned and keeping of its original shape (look at the way the tip, instead of keeping a straight, almost slightly sloping look the way a naturally upturned nose would, faces downwards and droops); the camera angle purposefully tries to mask this. Also, if you look at both of her post-op pictures, you can almost see her left nostril drooping a bit as well, in the exact same direction where her pre-op nose was crooked. Again, like it would probably look like pic related. Saged for nose-autism.

No. 1103376

She knows what she’s doing with the angle. notice how she only took pics from under the nose? because almost every post op nose looks good from that angle lol, it doesn’t show the slope, it just shows how the surgeon obviously tried to make the nostrils even and more triangular as any surgeon would. and it hides the actual slope since the tip sticks out more

No. 1103382

Found another white knight lol look who’s really cringe
She’s always showing her nostrils to throw people off, she’s done it before and made them close so it would reduce the size of her nose (she had slits for nostrils like a lizard) and it’s obvious using that angle is a tactic of hers

No. 1103383

File: 1607479744559.png (551.69 KB, 419x543, wig.PNG)

Isn't that just Erins ratty wig she loves to wear?

No. 1103386

yeah it looks like a wig .. wouldn’t put it past erin to lie about hair as well

No. 1103408

Even a nose that's very straight with a sharp tip can look like a tiny upturned button nose from the front at the right angles.

That being said, if Nina's surgeon did in fact take off that much cartilage, tissue and bone during the first procedure, I feel majorly bad for her because that shit's going to either a) collapse in a year or 2 or b) the slightest knock, bump or accident will pretty much destroy it.

No. 1103429

It’s from her twitter. Not a White Knight and not Nina either. Just tired of the constant art spergs in her threads when she does plenty of gross shit like pedo bait, skin walk, cheat on her boyfriends and attempts to homewreck every “cute” boy in her vicinity that is actual milk. It just comes across as shitty artists who wanna draw anime girls and get jealous. The comparison collage is actually autistic it’s just straight up anime girls facing forward, if you think that’s milk you’re a fucking retard.

Erin threads always have the most autistic newfags in them.

No. 1103434

I was curious so I went back and took a look, and the majority of the art posts except for 1 or 2 were saged. You're coming across as if you want to gatekeep the conversation when Nina is known to partake in art theft and tracing. Nobody's saying it's milk, people are saging, why do you give so much of a shit that you keep sperging and trying to shut down the convo? No one is "jealous" of her art or her, and so far this thread's been incredibly tame. I don't see why you're whining about it when the only person sperging out about art is you.

No. 1103440

>Not a White Knight
That's all I needed to read

No. 1103442

File: 1607486639453.png (1.51 MB, 1089x920, F6641397-0FD2-4F4E-847F-BB625D…)

This is her real hair for reference. Top row is real. Bottom is the brown wig.

No. 1103443

Why doesn’t she go live anymore? not even without her face?

No. 1103444

Why do her eyes look so odd? It looks like she's perpetually squinting one eye. I know she said she got laser eye surgery but even afterwards her eyes have always looked off.

No. 1103447

probably squinting in an attempt to hide her terrifying bulging eyes

No. 1103458

ooo good catch anon. I’ve never noticed before but looking at those photos—she’s very clearly got a lazy eye. damn, Erin / Nina really lost the genetic lottery in so many ways lol

No. 1103463

File: 1607489662426.jpg (Spoiler Image, 266.07 KB, 1280x940, tumblr_lkd53cg33r1qij8bto1_128…)

If you look at both of the center pics in >>1103442, you can also note that one of her eyes is significantly smaller than the other.

No. 1103491

There were multiple posts and collages of her art. Same crap happened in old threads. Other anons called them autistic too. Clearly they think it’s milk if they keep trying to compare a million posts. I come here to laugh at her pretending to be 12 not shitty artists crying because they’re upset some autistic egirl can draw anime shit better than they can.

This thread is incredibly tame because people are desperate for milk so badly they compare mediocre anime art.

No. 1103500

Why are you so stuck on this retarded "They're just jealous cuz they're bad and she's a good anime artist!!" Just stfu already and move on, you are the only one who keeps freaking out about this. I have no clue where your idea that anons are jealous of a known-tracer's sub-par tablet art comes from. If you're not into the conversation, ignore it.

No. 1103505

It’s been hours since anyone said anything about this. This is lolcow. If you’re late to the topic currently being discussed, then dont reply. Take your own advice and only comment if you have milk.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1103569

saged for autism but jesus fuck that's one gross photo, she should stop buying plushies and invest into a new phone instead

No. 1103744

File: 1607532923932.jpeg (1015.83 KB, 1242x1699, FB852AF3-F214-4C3E-A92B-2AB2E3…)

Found it really funny since anon was excusing her and simping over her art saying she used “references” and she likes a Twitter post with art references. >>1102994
Nina Rose Belucci trying to cover up her digital footprints of notoriously tracing art.

No. 1103749

Jesus LMFAO. Nose job isn't enough to fix that horrendous face.

No. 1103769

At least she got rid of that nose, it was the worst thing to look at. Wish there was bulgy eye surgery

No. 1103775

is she 18+ or agere? I thought they weren't the same thing.

No. 1103817

File: 1607539217409.jpg (6.26 KB, 261x193, sad.jpg)

i want to read this thread but the picture at the top scares me too much (╥_╥) can we change tha pic or make a new thread?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1103818

erin/nina stop lurking

No. 1103826

No. 1103869

I think she puts 18+ to trick people into thinking she's "uwu just turned 18!!! Baby ewwin is a barely legal loli". I hope it's just that and doesn't mean she's going nsfw later because she's mutuals with a lot of minors

No. 1103946

This has to be satire… the fucking chocola username…

No. 1104028

believe it or not anon there’s people that retarded enough to post here like this. so many newfags in here that misuse the forums and ask dumbass questions

No. 1104039

File: 1607554728614.jpeg (451.88 KB, 1311x1925, 196FD2B1-7AE4-4994-B13A-BC9088…)

Nina was asked this about why she keeps her usernames, her response was pretty passive aggressive. She always shades her followers and they are too caught up in being a pedo pandering ddlg-fag to notice.

Wanted to see how many blank accounts Nina has to keep usernames and this is what I found. Please post if you find anymore!

No. 1104040

File: 1607554758707.png (750.85 KB, 1080x1920, EF63552D-D3FA-432F-AF12-ECBCC0…)


No. 1104171

File: 1607564156420.jpeg (503.87 KB, 1242x1269, F9057D57-0440-437D-BD6A-3103FD…)

Isn’t it embarrassing how she likes this yet has a history of trying to steal other girls’ boyfriends? As well as her being too friendly with a rando on Twitter. Nina can never have too many daddies

No. 1104177

you have to be joking right

No. 1104249

File: 1607576507873.png (550.01 KB, 868x770, uwu.PNG)

Who's gonna tell Nina that she's not an uwu loli?

No. 1104250

I wonder what kind of dumb "uwu I'm so small I can't drink alcohol I'm such a teeny lightweight!!" shtick she'll put on when she turns 21

No. 1104345

Nobody cares about her so much that they'd use "her" usernames maliciously, they're just usernames and pretty generic ones too. Some weebs are gonna use them and not bother about who the fuck you are in the slightest, Nina. Let go.

No. 1104438

File: 1607613712718.jpeg (579.53 KB, 1242x1329, 6C1020FD-7F82-439B-A36C-C40BBC…)

Moment of truth: Erin makes more of a fool out of herself revealing she named herself after an anime character

No. 1104498

That's a tinfoil

Tbf she's been pretty dry recently, no milk, only cringe

No. 1104499

how is it a tinfoil? she’s horrible at hiding anything she does and most likely tweeted that because of her blatant lurking. most of her stuff is milk since she’s too dumb to cover up any of her tracks

No. 1104510

File: 1607621907945.jpg (30.63 KB, 646x324, OOGABOOGAGOBLINA.JPG)

Are you serious anon? She looks JUST like that anime girl! …

No. 1104544

>the nose shoop on the left pic vs. its width on the right pic
You can remove the bump, but your nose is still gonna be huge

No. 1104624

File: 1607635211112.jpeg (255.85 KB, 1242x1454, 804C7A2E-4073-4FFA-B305-868798…)

thread is dry on milk but made this for tribute

No. 1104653

I remember an anon in the previous threads saying that the picture on the left isn’t actually Nina, it’s someone else.

No. 1104655

Nina? You mean Erin. And yeah it is her.

No. 1104676

Nina is her new legal name, dolt.

No. 1104711

Her now legal name is Nina Rose Bellucci.

No. 1104728

thank you i love it so much
"fat lol"
"cucks her bf for a man online that pays her no mind"

No. 1104828

What is her ethnicity

No. 1104831

No. 1104837

She’s an Italian starlet and a latina hyna a Swedish cottage girl and an asiana loli desu

No. 1104856

She white. She was born in America and only speaks English.

No. 1104882

inbred white

No. 1105052

Learn to sage dipshit and stop asking to be spoonfed.
Stop responding to the retard newfags. The people on this specific thread are so fucking autistic and ruin the whole thing.

No. 1105209

Can you not minimod? Report and move on.

No. 1105270

Why does this look exactly like her? kek
Good work anon

No. 1105278

newfag enabler.

No. 1105285

File: 1607722733545.png (2.79 MB, 1684x938, gremlinaction.png)

there she is with her new e-bf

No. 1105290

> this guy is an edgy weeb who mains Yasuo and plays as male Au'Ra
KEK he cant be older than 21

No. 1105306

Anon, it's a copypasta kek. Not that funny when it really sounds like something Nina would say though.

No. 1105356

Cut the shit and stop infighting.

Is this still imZervox or a new guy? She flirts with so many guys behind her boyfriend's back I can hardly keep track anymore.

No. 1105434

sage for no milk but look at those sausage fingers kek, so smoll~

No. 1105471

It’s the imzervox guy.

No. 1105482

It's still incredibly hard for me to believe that imZervox isn't her boyfriend. I know that there's been "proof" and stuff, I think I just have a hard time believing it because I have no idea how 1 girl could be so horrible as to screw around on her irl neckbeard boyfriend with another neckbeard online.

No. 1105503

File: 1607739541168.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1702, 46AC568C-B7E2-433D-A278-CAD848…)

Are we 100% sure it’s not the Zervox guy? The facial hair looks similar to me.

No. 1105511

ich wusste bis vor kurzem nicht einmal, dass die bekannt ist. hatte mal vor jahren irgendeine video von ihr gesehen, es für scheiße befunden und dann nie wieder was von der gehört…dachte die wär nur einer dieser tausenden pädophile weebs(wrong thread)

No. 1105546

I still think it might be, but either way, it's hilariously sad seeing how imZervox reacts to Nina online, or really how he doesn't react. She humps him virtually and then just kind of ignore her or replies to her tweets very curtly

The facial hair, wispy messy sideburns and chin shape are similar. It's a reach tbh, but I think how they act together online is more telling of if they're together.

No. 1105589

File: 1607746800424.png (30.73 KB, 878x167, zervox.PNG)

I highly doubt it's Nina's boyfriend. He's posted about being in a different state long before she said anything about it while she has images of her boyfriend IRL. Maybe she just has a thing for neckbeards.

No. 1105600

Ah, there it is.

I'm starting to think maybe she's poly or her flirting with other guys is some sort of weird sex kink thing she and her boyfriend are into.

No. 1105602


personally i just think she is constantly craving male attention and validation to feel good about herself. even if she's in a relationship.

No. 1105781

File: 1607789203966.jpeg (267.13 KB, 1242x973, 113C4D90-AF4F-4C5B-8DC3-AC7EA2…)

nitpick but she can’t be serious -

No. 1105790

It's not cheating if a partner plays video games with someone of the opposite sex.

It's gross, rude, and weird for a partner to play video games with somebody and in said games cuddle, sit on their lap, and flirt with them to the point of other players thinking they're an item, Nina Rose Bellucci. You should know better.

No. 1105823

File: 1607794348155.jpg (600.93 KB, 1022x2037, muhgrowth.jpg)

Does she seriously think that her former classmates still remember her ~pink tiny pussy~ 5 years later? I wonder what they would think if they knew that the Latina baddie puta Erin is now larping as an Italian toddler and her name is actually not "Erin" guys!! So much growth.

No. 1105826

WHAT I'm cackling

I've never seen these before, I knew people hate Erin but wow, it goes beyond what I thought. I can only imagine them laughing to themselves when they google her and find out that she's now Nina Rose Bellucci the not-so-petite internet loli

No. 1105830

File: 1607795429504.png (1.02 MB, 598x1126, irlcatgirl.png)

Yes, Erin, that's exactly how you look like irl

No. 1105835

blonde hair and mint/sage green eyes?

No. 1105867

She's right here in this thread, lurking every single day

No. 1105876

I'm 100% positive that if Nina's boyfriend was play FF and a cute little girl avatar was sitting in his avatar's lap and playing with him online every day, she'd have a conniption and cry on instagram.

No. 1105931

Erin is that one girl that swears her blue eyes are green

No. 1105932

Or says her brown eyes are hazel and change colors in the light

No. 1105935

My eyes change colors with my mood ~uwu ~ she has boring blue eyes though

No. 1105943

i would do that if i had as much free time as her. i log in at 4am and she will still be there sucking e-dick

No. 1106277

this chick… she dotted her "irl" drawing w blackheads on her nose. she's so insanely insecure.

No. 1106299

This is a picrew doll

Unless she's traced it and is trying to pass it off as her art…wouldn't put it past her.

No. 1106323

File: 1607836654143.png (1.28 MB, 828x1792, 6E8E8F17-F448-47D7-885E-77B6B6…)


No. 1106329


why does this bitch go to her ig story for everything like tf we gonna do

No. 1106335

File: 1607837079704.jpeg (508.07 KB, 828x1446, 52794A7C-5A9D-45C3-8BA7-426728…)

No. 1106342

girl if this is real ask your mother or a therapist for help, what are your underage followers gonna do to help you?

No. 1106343

Thought you guys were going to move in together Nina? What happened kek

I’ll say this happened sooner than I expected.

No. 1106344

Wtf happened to her saying her bf follows her on instagram? Is he just watching her post these stories kek

No. 1106345

I have a feeling that the situation she's describing is fake, and she's just making something up so that she can have an explanation later as to why she broke up with her bf and started long-distance dating imZervox.

No. 1106347

Does she really believe her neckbeard with the “law degree” is gonna go somehow find heroin and kill himself over her?

No. 1106349


maybe he broke up with her and she blocked his ass and is now making up all this shit to victimise herself.

it just feels so weird to me that just a few days ago she was gushing about how in love she is and how they're gonna move in together, how dependant and clingy she is with him. now all of a sudden she's "not happy"?

No. 1106351

He probably got fed up with her or he found her lolcow lmao

No. 1106352

This is probably it tbh, he definitely broke up with her and she doesn't want to admit it because no other guy wants her. Well, no other guy but an online neckbeard who lives hundreds of miles away kek. I knew it wouldn't last

No. 1106360

No wonder. The fact that she thinks playing video games with other girls is cheating while she sucks e-dick is all kinds of scuffed. Not to mention she's…Erin. Props to him for putting up with her BS for as long as he did though, thats gotta take so much willpower.

No. 1106361

I have respect for the dude for getting through that, I'm sure it was tough and with Nina's history I'm sure all she did around him was whine and complain and act like a literal child

No. 1106372

Why are you guys pitying some bottom of the barrel neck beard who called her big ogre ass a loli
>acted like a child
Implying he didn’t like that.

No. 1106392

File: 1607848319006.png (326.24 KB, 714x1290, live.png)

She went live on Instagram because her mom wouldn't pick up her phone and she needed someone to talk to while she's driving. She was crying/having a panic attack. She broke up with her boyfriend and said she feels guilty. She said she might see him tomorrow to talk things over. She deactivated her main because she's overwhelmed/she doesn't want to deal with him (?). She mentioned that he accused her of cheating. Everything else she said was pretty much the same as >>1106323

No. 1106395

File: 1607848816705.png (975.96 KB, 717x1243, bf.png)

> it just feels so weird to me that just a few days ago she was gushing about how in love she is and how they're gonna move in together, how dependant and clingy she is with him. now all of a sudden she's "not happy"?

I know right? Just a couple of weeks ago she said this, but now he's "condescending" and "never has anything good to say about her" and her mom thinks he's "mean to her"?

No. 1106399

File: 1607849352754.jpg (111.11 KB, 1091x657, 484739299475234590.jpg)

huuuuuge tinfoil, but what if her (ex?) boyfriend lurks here? By the end of the last thread there was a guy that matched with her on bumble, could it actually be him? Is there a possibility that he accused her of cheating because speculations about her and zervox being a thing got to his head?

No. 1106404

That counts as a tinfoil? Sounds like a pretty solid theory to me

No. 1106405

It's a pretty solid theory, but here >>1082386 she says they've been dating for "almost a year" but he supposedly posted the bumble pic 8 months ago.

No. 1106409

File: 1607852700855.png (67.62 KB, 533x439, 11.png)

There's no way they've been dating for almost a year because Erin was still lusting after twitter e-boys ~11 months ago. I think she just rounds it up, or she has a weird sense of time "I called myself a legal loli 2-3 years ago" when it was last year, etc

No. 1106410

also if they've been dating for almost a year, what is up with her using a dating app 8 months ago?

No. 1106411

This is such pickme bullshit. Saying “I love you” to a guy who has a girlfriend is disgusting.

Uhh, this is a baseless reach. I could definitely see Erin/Nina getting involved with men like this. Especially since she wants to badly to be desired. She probably has a tendency to become attracted to men who become unhealthily attached to her.

No. 1106413

File: 1607853600598.png (26.22 KB, 592x210, 0.png)

No. 1106426

>every single gf has broken up with him

Well if that’s not a huge red flag I don’t know what is

No. 1106429

Did she deactivate her insta account or something?

No. 1106430

scroll up >>1106392
she's still active on @pwurring

No. 1106431

nina rose belluci 3 days ago: i'm dating a ~lawyer~ who calls me his uwu loli and we're gonna move in together!

nina rose belluci now: he's threatening to kill himself and i want to break up so badly and he's actually been mean this whole time :///

CLASSIC erin painter, now nina.

No. 1106438

Sorry for spoonfeeding but anyone catch a screenrecording of the live??? I missed it.

No. 1106450

that profile is so obviously fake and not her

No. 1106469

Not to wk but that sounds pretty bad, as much as I dislike Nina I don't wish any violence upon her and dude totally sounds like a manipulative creep from what she's saying - sure she could make shit up and also she should've noticed the red flags, but lets just hope he won't physically harm her at least.

No. 1106510

Anon there isn’t a single thing this girl doesn’t lie about. If you can’t tell she’s bullshitting, please read the previous threads… or just posts about her bf on here for that matter. Nothing about it adds up.

No. 1106511

File: 1607879065553.png (7.15 MB, 1242x2208, A1E0A403-BF9A-4322-8CC7-E2007F…)

This reminds me of her shooped pics of her pussy she’d tweet out on her nsfw twit

No. 1106515

I mean the way she’s been acting with the Zervox guy (and other twitter neckbeard daddies uwu), I wouldn’t put cheating past her. It sounds like he found out about it and broke up with her. Now she’s making up these stories to be the victim once again.

No. 1106526

Spoiler this weird dolphin vagina anon, damn

No. 1106532

He mentioned her cheating? So he definitely must have found this thread

No. 1106533

She’s saying she’s the one that wanted to break up with him. Pretty surprising if you ask me. She said she thought things were good between them, so why was she trying to break up with him? things aren’t adding up

No. 1106535

Are you blind?

No. 1106539

File: 1607881757064.jpeg (979.2 KB, 1125x1624, ED2F6644-AF5D-441F-9BD4-36144B…)

Doesn’t he follow her twitter though? Or do you think maybe she didnt want to share her twitter knowing she’s flirted with the zervox guy before and that’s what lead him to think she’s cheating?

No. 1106540

>replying to all anons in this thread with just one post
thank you Nina, thanks for clearing things up for us kek

No. 1106543

A joke, anon

No. 1106563

File: 1607883298556.png (496.38 KB, 720x1924, 655490875.png)

When she went live she said they broke up, but now she says they didn't

No. 1106575

God they're too old to be acting like teenagers in their very first relationship, the cringe is real. Also I don't see the need to make all of that public in the first place, like it's not anyone's business and her bf certainly didn't consent to that either. She should be able to act these things out by herself and with the one involved only like an adult. Literally what's the use of crying online to your underage followers who are TOTALLY curious about your relationship, is this an irl drama show?

No. 1106590

No matter how emotionally immature somebody is in a relationship, outing them out like this to hundreds of your followers is a shit move on her part. If she respected him she wouldn’t spread such personal problems to the public. I can’t tell if she’s just that new to relationships or whether this is all fake so people don’t assume he’s the one that broke up with her

No. 1106608

ayrt English is not my 1st language I'm sorry, I meant that they're behaving like teens who have never had a relationship before
(also I don't think it's Nina's first relationship, she did talk about having a boyfriend before in her Insta stories that were still visible to the public a few weeks ago)

No. 1106609

File: 1607885461232.jpg (189.54 KB, 717x1277, 3322324.jpg)

They broke up. How long until she finds a new boyfriend or returns to posting nudes? Place your bets!

No. 1106614

how many real relationships has she had though? Online ones don’t count imo.
either way the way she’s posting about this for all to see is super immature of her no matter who’s in the wrong. Contact his family and leave it at that.

No. 1106617

Why is she posting all of this? She needs attention that badly?

Didn't she say that she needs privacy and prefers to keep her real life private damn.

No. 1106621

For now she'll probably just cry about being unlovable, woe is me, being so sad and heartbroken as if she has ever loved this guy in the first place

No. 1106645

We all knew it wouldn't last. No doubt she probably treated him like shit during their relationship with her track record of mistreating people. This whole thing is so cringy and juvenile

No. 1106692

She’s never had a real relationship. She still met her boyfriend online and probably will never try to meet guys like a normal person

No. 1106741

OT but implying that meeting people online isn’t a “valid” way to meet people. It’s the 21st century anon, majority of people meet others online.

She just goes about it the wrong way.

No. 1106749

Funny how this is the most we've seen of her hideous face since she came back. I think she's only doing it as proof that she's been crying. How pathetic.

>I don't have anyone else
Jesus Christ Erin. If you don't have any friends then cry to your mom or something.

No. 1106750

Are you seriously implying that the majority of people in this day and age their significant others online playing games on discord?

Please go outside more.

No. 1106753

agreed .. most normal ppl meet their s/o at work, school, mutual friends… not internet lmao

No. 1106757

Those are supposed to be freckles, anon.

No. 1106777

File: 1607899460286.jpeg (454.69 KB, 1242x1042, E768D07D-F1B8-47AE-89ED-CB1820…)

soooo dramatic. she’s dragging this on too much, maybe to cover up on her secret lover zervox

No. 1106782

In her story about how they met she said they met in early 2020, which would line up with the post being from 8 months ago. I'm sure she's rounding up to make the relationship seem longer than it is.

No. 1106785

seems like a nitpick anon. plenty of people meet their partners on tinder, bumble, etc. especially with covid going on
kek this is so petty

No. 1106787

> Go outside more.
While over half the world is in lockdown for the global pandemic. I’m pretty sure people right now are meeting others online. Don’t be dense, anon.

But let’s stay on topic.

No. 1106790

No one ever said anything about COVID or going out during. Stay on topic.

No. 1106791

She broke up with him, why does she pretend that she's the one hurting? Neckbeard or not, I feel bad for that guy. All she ever said about him? "He's 24 and a lawyer! He took me to build-a-bear! He took me to arcades! He took me to the restaurant! He took me to get some more toys for my collection!". Then he says he can't provide for the two of them in the near future and suddenly "I am not happy anymore, I need to do what's best for me". Watch her cry for another month or two and then she's going to find another sugar daddy.

No. 1106795

Even without pandemic, this mommys piggy girl was doing nothing but being a stay-at-home NEET, going outside only once in a century only when "mommy invites to uwu", sitting around her cluttered mess of plush toys off Ebay. Don't forget her older threads lol

No. 1106810

>>1106787 this is about Erin and she can’t meet anyone outside the internet because she’s a grotesque socially inept neet. most people who meet through online dating still have a life outside of it.

No. 1106836

You can still go outside just wear a mask and distance, Karen

No. 1106850

Why would you feel bad for a 24 year old scrote who dates erin painter and supposedly calls her a “loli”
Unless she was lying about all of that, which since it’s erin she probably was

No. 1106940

The only reason to pity the XY Parasite is that he lost access to the convenient hole he's been masturbating into. But Erin seems like a terrible lay, anyway. Certainly not one worth the histrionics.

No. 1106965

why would you feel bad for a 24yr old scrote who called his goblina gf a loli and seems to be a huge cunt? cmon anon

No. 1107010

this may be a controversial opinion but if she keeps this shit up she's going to become the watered down pt of her generation.

No. 1107012

She already kind of looks like pixyteri so you're not completely off the mark

No. 1107135

File: 1607947979579.jpeg (199.24 KB, 750x822, 06D1AC0F-A98C-4901-B59A-EAF386…)

Nina Rose seems to have gotten over her breakup pretty quickly, she’s already back to LARPing on ffvix within hours.

No. 1107140

She'll come back to whining soon enough, let her enjoy a brief moment of peace - also learn to sage non-milk

No. 1107211

>mentally ill abusive bf who pulls the suicide card
>going to a "last meeting"
If this is true, she really shouldn't go. In my country it's a common advice that women shouldn't go see their dangerous exes for a last meeting, as so many times it ends up in the woman being killed or assaulted.

No. 1107217

Aren't they both in their mid twenties??? This is how I would expect a 15 year old to act, jeez

No. 1107226

I highly doubt that's going to happen. They seem like they're just 2 dumb adults that act like they're 14.

No. 1107228

This is my tinfoil too. Maybe the bumble guy from the last thread was legitimately him.

No. 1107293

File: 1608038553337.jpeg (616.08 KB, 1125x1485, F256C923-5C01-4900-B5F2-033490…)

No. 1107295

Acting like he's the crazy abusive one

No. 1107296

Oh my god Christmas came early. Can't wait to see the fallout again in the future

No. 1107426

Fucking christ.. this bitch is so whiny, I honestly doubt he was even ever "mean" to her. How is she one to talk also when she cheats on him with virtual neckbeards acting as a child? LMFAO Poor fucker is probably only staying with her because she's the only one who he can pull, sad.

No. 1107428

Samefag but "be more careful ab how he talks to me" kek can you imagine being in a relationship or even friendship with this bitch and having to tiptoe around all the time so she doesn't sperg out

No. 1107443

For real though, he probably slightly raised his voice in front of her after getting rightfully upset over the fact she's flirting with other guys online and she started crying like sToP yeLLiNg aT mE i'M bAbY. It's time for her to grow up, how long is she gonna keep up with her "sensitive little girl with very special needs" persona?

No. 1107463

Why does she need his friend to talk for her? Why is the friend involved? Instead of whining she should actually push for better treatment instead, not have some random guy defend her against her bf. Embarrassing, Nina.

No. 1107689

She's really out their antagonising her bf to her thousands of followers.
He probably told her to get off lolcow cause it makes her manic

Girl really has a martyr complex.
>mother is abusive and won't let me work!
>boyfriend is mean to me
>father doesn't want to be in my life
>all the other school girls were bulling me

She's so privileged but chooses to seek out non existent issues in her boring life and forcing her bf to walk on egg shells

No. 1107759

Genuinely this. She probably bitched to him about lolcow constantly and he told her that she just shouldn't look at it or he didn't care and it was just drama, and she lost it in typical Nina Rose Bellucci style and cried all the way to instagram that he was being abusive and mean.

No. 1107762

She told friends of Slip that he was mistreating her after they broke up, so I guess that's what happened here as well. And then his friends tried to help them.

At least she didn't falsely accuse her bf of raping a minor like she did with Dawson. Dude lucked out.

No. 1107768

Who's slip?

No. 1107787

newfag check other threads for the drama

No. 1107809

I've been using this site since 2016 and was involved with the original Erin threads, retard. I doubt most of the users in this thread know who "Slip" is, especially because Erin came back after an especially long hiatus so I've forgotten small details from her older threads, Slip must have been a minor character in the Erin/Nina saga if they're forgettable.

"Newfag" has been thrown around itt so much lately that it's essentially lost it's meaning, especially since it's been primarily used by dumbasses who are just looking to insult/infight.

No. 1107901

Nta but Slip (@slipls) was Erin’s e-bf who dumped her. Not that minor, she posted about him a lot. It’s in the earlier threads.

No. 1108307

File: 1608140750047.jpeg (881.39 KB, 1125x1525, E2CA0764-26A3-4093-8463-6BA2ED…)

The sheer projection is insane. Isn’t she the one to fake their voice and act all uwu innocent smol doll sitting in daddy’s lap in video games?
I feel like she’s trying to detract her reputation away by acting like she’s always been the other way around.
Nina you choose to make even more of a fool of yourself by switching up so fast. Why is it so hard for her to stay off the internet or shut up about things she knows she’s a hypocrite over. biggest cow I’ve encountered.

No. 1108323

It definitely hit a nerve for her. She’s the exact type of bitch that does that uwu shit to steal other girl’s bfs, and she knows it damn well too. She reeks of insecurity and jealousy herself, what a hypocrite. No wonder she doesn’t have any female friends, every girl with a brain can see how fake she is. Even her 2 male friends don’t take her seriously (no matter how much she throws her ~loli~ pussy around).

No. 1108533

KEK at erin thinking that conventionally attractive thin girl would ever be jealous of fat ddlg girls like her who lack irl male attention

No. 1108552

Nina the fake feminist feeling personally attacked for her shitty discord shenanigans

I would not be surprised if we found out that she's tried begging for money on discord servers before and is too inept to even go to community college

No. 1108579

File: 1608158934967.jpeg (624.7 KB, 750x1226, 68D5FE99-F44E-4B74-84FF-4ED4F4…)

Surprised no one caught this, Nina directly responding to the thread as per usual. Stop lurking, Nina Rose Bellucci.

No. 1108593

Why doesn’t she ever post on her account? what she got to hide? If she’s so obsessed with Instagram why doesn’t she actually…post.

No. 1108651

she made a whole response to the thread trying to prove her eyes are green and they’re still not green

No. 1108652

it's quite the reach to consider that a direct response to the thread

No. 1108668

They’re too patchy and weird looking to determine, it could just be an ugly hazel combination, nothing more.

No. 1108681

Usually I think speckled eyes are pretty but hers just look really splotchy and weird. Her eyes are definitely more hazel brown with the usual blue mixed in.

No. 1108690

I usually see hazel eyes as dark with brown and green. hers are just light blue with yellow and freckles. definitely not green or brown

No. 1108724

not wk but they actually are just a weird green-blue with brown specks lol, i know anons dislike nina but cmon her eyes are infact not hazel brown

No. 1108740

there is such thing as blue hazel eyes. it’s only funny that she tries to call her eyes green when they’re obviously not green

No. 1108764

yeah true, but idk why anons are using hazel eyes as some sort of insult to her as if they’re ugly, plus hazel is pretty much green

No. 1108776

File: 1608175698657.jpeg (24.46 KB, 389x388, BB8B4EA2-BA91-41F2-B73B-7DDCA8…)

sage bc not milk just seen someone repost this pic of erin onto an aesthetics account .. miss tiny midget loli looks huge compared to the counter no need to climb just grab it

No. 1108793

Poor Near I feel bad for him. I don’t know why Nina got him if she was just going to give him away

No. 1108810

Hazel is not green, stop giving Nina Rose what she wants
kek anon

No. 1108849

File: 1608185002511.jpeg (753.95 KB, 1242x1087, B96DCC66-8E3C-4920-B5FD-5D3177…)

Sorry to break it to you anon but it is. Her bulgy dull eyes aren’t even great so it’s whatever

No. 1108857

Erins eyes don’t look like that at all kek

No. 1108919

I think her eyes just look like that because she put the camera flash directly into her eye. I personally think they're fine kek.

No. 1108923

anon it says it “consists” of brown and green and the color “appears” to change green. it’s not green, erin just has speckled eyes

No. 1108929

Are you guys seriously arguing over eyes right now? Who cares.

No. 1108998

because as usual she has hyperfixations for her aesthetics … and she clearly grew out of him

No. 1109616

File: 1608275434192.png (655.2 KB, 750x1334, E3A833FB-C503-417E-9027-319D62…)

is she about to start skinwalking belle delphine now? kek

can’t wait for your onlyfans Erin!

No. 1109620

sage or post some real milk

No. 1109629

i want this so bad. pls dye it pink ewin

No. 1109685

File: 1608293300170.webm (2.54 MB, 576x1024, 166433347834524286.webm)

She's huge. yikes

No. 1109695

she can always ask mommy for lipo next

No. 1109700

those are some thick ass arms and calves. it wouldn't even be that noticeable if she wasn't trying to push that she's some tiny childlike waif lol

No. 1109703

Not to wk but she's pretty much a healthy/average size for a woman in her twenties - kinda tragic for her though since she's still far from being the dainty little girl she loves to larp as.

(How long until she reads and starts posting ed spergs and "bodychecks" with her belly sucked all the way in again?)

No. 1109707

She has calves the tree trunks. They wouldn't seem that way though if she didnt try to make herself seem uwu smoll all the time. Inb4 she starts posting body checks and pictures of her calves angling herself to look skinny

No. 1109715

She can't lose them, can she?

No. 1109720

Large calves are extremely hard to make slimmer depending on your body type. If your calves are still thick when you're skinny it's a good indicator that your large calves are genetic and part if your body shape.

Judging by (real, candid, unphotoshopped) pictures of Nina/Erin's body in the past, it's a safe bet that it's just her naturally bigger body type.

No. 1109747

she's wearing a mask kek

No. 1109751

That and her wide ass shoulders + wig + mask make her look like some MtF… She didn't lose any weight since her sex worker phase too. It just makes her look even more ridiculous when she tries to look like a ""smol loli"".

Just accept that you're a big woman, Erin

No. 1109768

File: 1608306861954.jpeg (427.14 KB, 701x1118, 134FAC6C-65B2-44E2-81E4-C307D3…)

lmfao the fatass hands

No. 1109775

Girl's got donut dimples

No. 1109796

File: 1608308433627.jpg (44.63 KB, 504x234, uwu.jpg)

Her hair looks so thin and fried when she bleaches it.

Nina, just stick with your brown hair. You can't pull that look off, you just don't have the face for it.

No. 1109821

Does that wig stay on during sex?

No. 1109825

File: 1608311364223.webm (1.3 MB, 640x360, electric chair.webm)

No. 1109877

>>1109751 no need to come off as transphobic, anon

not trying to wk but her body and is fine. it's the larping as a cat girl for me kek

No. 1109879

Fuck off newfag, learn to integrate or go back to tumblr

No. 1109889

> no need to come off as transphobic, anon
It's lolcow. And Erin needs to be reminded she looks like a man in a wig

No. 1109896

gtfo trannie-chan

No. 1109901

File: 1608319167327.png (2.63 MB, 1242x2208, 9A9EAF1E-8EDB-4A51-A0AE-788EA4…)

When cows collide kek
Alida with her botched Nika lip fillers

No. 1109912

i wouldn’t consider alida a cow anymore, atleast she has a life and and grew up and matured- isn’t anywhere close to erins pathetic antics

No. 1109960

KEK she never even lost weight, looks the exact same she did when she was a "fat 13 year old"

No. 1109961

File: 1608325115150.jpeg (791.93 KB, 1125x1433, F2E6C8D1-EDF4-4916-AB7E-C4BE8D…)

Random user on tiktok called her out lmao. It’s obviously a wig, I don’t know why she couldn’t have just said that. maybe because she’ll feel less authentically cute if ppl know shits all fake?

No. 1109974

>no need to come off as transphobic
you must be new. Please exit if you have a penis

No. 1109982

File: 1608327048534.jpeg (1.01 MB, 814x1466, AAFF4228-DE14-4AD0-A9B5-42CC91…)

this is so embarrassing. she should just leave the internet all together if her mindset is this fragile

No. 1109983

Why not even specify the trigger??

No. 1109986

Please read the rules and don't cowtip

No. 1109989

She knows what she’s doing. “thank you for the wake up call”
since when was this sort of victimisation trendy? This is so embarrassing and cringe. something a 13 year old does for people to swarm their dms with validation that she’s so obviously seeking. As a 20 year old id expect more self awareness. She should be over this phase by now, the fact that she isn’t just goes to show how important it is to stay in school and make friends/ at least be around people more often when you’re young.

No. 1109993

minus the emoticon this lowkey sounds like a farmer

No. 1110009

nta but how is that cowtipping

No. 1110018

This is absolutely someone cowtipping, and she filled in the name and email fields the first time she posted the screenshot. And even now the name field is filled in with "anonymous" kek

No. 1110022

Did Nina deactivate her pwurring or did she block me lmao I never even interacted with her

No. 1110026

she deactivated

No. 1110030

File: 1608329638683.jpeg (167.92 KB, 1242x1112, 02BED896-5DFC-4C97-AB2A-A3A5B5…)

She’s “leaving” again

No. 1110036

What work?

No. 1110037

At the kitty rescue facility obviously! Get with the times anon

No. 1110039

no one here is impressed by your cowtipping, faggot
>on hiatus
see you in a couple days erin

No. 1110043

Fat bitches would be better off trying to be an insta baddie, instead of a tiny anorexic loli ethot

No. 1110047

She tried that already. She had a ~puta latina erin~ phase for a while. Didn’t work out for her, but ig tiny 5’6” chonky loli is way worse.

No. 1110064

she doesn't larp as an ig baddie anymore because it doesn't allow her to be a perpetual victim like her uwu loli persona does

No. 1110094

Sadly this website is just transphobic. I’ve been here for like 5 years and it still makes me sad. Best to just ignore it and not reply.
(Yet if you insult lesbians people go fucking nuts.
Insane double standards.)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1110098

Remember how she used to say the same shit when someone pointed out her weight during NSFW twitter era? It's been a year and that "uwu wake up call" didn't do anything. She's still 160 lbs yet larps as an "uwu tiny anorexic loli" and calls other girls "wide-legged" while stuffing her fridge body with sugar crap kek.

No. 1110106

Go back to your safe space tumblrina

No. 1110108

Yeah you know I’d honestly feel bad for her but it’s the lying about being tiny that makes her so unlikeable in this situation. And she calls other girls wide legged? I’ve seen her give others backhanded advice trying to hint that they might not be an XS like her but wow never saw the wide legged comment lmao

No. 1110115

Ew imagine comparing trannies to lesbians. Pls go back to twitter with that bs.

No. 1110127

>social media is distracting me from losing weight
i know it's an attention grab but literally what

No. 1110139

She did here >>1098381
The person that sent her ask didn't even say anything about them being tall/fat, but no, it's cause they are fat and they have to search for places that sell socks specifically for fatties. It's not like obese loli Nina Erin orders all her shit from aliexpress.

I don't understand her crying about the ED when she used to expose her followers to stuff that can trigger ED (like asking if she can eat/saying she's not gonna eat dinner/posting body checks) all the time. And every time she's called out on that she acts completely clueless. It's funny seeing her use that for pity points now

No. 1110142

Is she pretending this is her real hair?

No. 1110149

Lesbians aren’t nearly as annoying. Get the fuck off of this site go cry about it on an Instagram callout page

No. 1110160

She’s never been extremely skinny, she never will be. She posted that video knowing she looked bigger then what she pretends to be. It’s just sad that she was gone so long and hadn’t lost any weight. Also she filled out the entire sweater she wasn’t small or anything she just looked dumb

No. 1110166

was my first time posting in lolcow ‍♀️ didn't know how it worked(newfag)

No. 1110176

File: 1608338864325.webm (1.67 MB, 576x1024, 6892813189.webm)

> She posted that video knowing she looked bigger then what she pretends to be
She posted it because she thought she can fool people with baggy clothes, but she can't. It's even more obvious once you look at all the people who made video with the same sound. She looks overweight and awkward in comparison

No. 1110194

to the agere/twitterfag that posted this and cowtipped, no one wants you here and nobody is impressed kek

lolcow is full of gc radfems. if you don’t like it, just ignore

sage for derail & ot

No. 1110199


This is just annoying thottery she doesn't look ham.


Male fandom is active today

No. 1110213

File: 1608344333860.jpeg (109.42 KB, 750x806, 10AA1170-8354-4EAE-8DCC-0367CF…)

Sorry this is retarded but how do you view stuff when its posted like this?

No. 1110221

webm videos often have trouble playing on mobile

No. 1110235

Yeah I haven’t been able to watch the videos on mobile or computer. I’m not new here either I just never figured it out

No. 1110263

I was able to watch it im on mobile, its just another egirl whos smaller than erin. Although its just as cringe because she has her self harm put on display. No milk.

No. 1110268

The PlayerXtreme app lets you watch them

No. 1110276

>focusing on school, work, therapy
Why the fuck is she always lying.
All she does is play final fantasy and wait for her neckbeard boyfriend to finish work

No. 1110291

Off topic but she hasnt tweeted anything to that zervox guy since people started speculating that she was flirting with him

No. 1110886

what is usedpet/oatgrl new insta @? I wonder if erin is still copying her

No. 1111028

Anachan sounding nitpick but since shes 5’6 she’s probably around 180, she could just have a large frame but saying she’s only a few lbs overweight is generous kek

No. 1111089

she's built like shane dawson

No. 1111179

File: 1608468405216.jpeg (126 KB, 1280x720, B56D01CD-A787-4011-A262-E1DF6B…)

Shameless Anachan nitpick: looking at >>1109685 I'd wager she's clinically obese (above BMI 30). Since she's 5'6" that puts her around (and most likely above) 200 lbs. Not sure why she expected to be an uwu tiny loli after sitting on the floor playing video games and binge eating for a full year.

No. 1111329

File: 1608491616277.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 164.05 KB, 750x420, 1580532322714.jpeg)

Nah man, with those arms + legs she might be overweight for sure but I hightly doubt that she's ~clinically obese~, at least pic related does not look clinically obese to me.

No. 1111336

This picture with her head cut off reminds me of a turkey about to go in the oven or something… why cut the head out of frame? That’s so creepy.

Lmao this is borderline weird of you. I’m not WKing but it’s clear she’s very pudgy, not obese. If anything you’re giving her a reason to prove she’s not actually obese.
What makes her weight more dramatic is how hard she tries to come off as tiny.

No. 1111380

File: 1608497193507.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, 50FFE938-2612-49C4-82BB-D59DD3…)

That pic is super old, though. If she still looked like that, she'd be posting bodychecks and snapshots of her "innie vagina" on the regular, yet lately she won't even show her face. All we get are reposts of her supposed greatest hits, as seen further up ITT.

She's gained weight, definitely, and based on her "big shirt" video it's a pretty severe case. Just look at this. Girl is wide.

No. 1111399

i'm cackling at her sitting farther back on the bed so she looks like a teeny tiny loli and not the hulking weeb-beast she is.

No. 1111419

i like how she put the biggest stuffies she owns on the bed to make herself look super tiny! uwu in comparison, it didn't work, erin.

No. 1111434

Kind of a nitpick but the way she stretches out her legs showing her feet, totally not catering to all them foot fetishist neckbeards

No. 1111445

Hasn't she posted pictures showing her feet before in an attempt to cater to foot fetishists?

No. 1111448

She did, too lazy to look for the pic but iirc she used to have those tights with the catpaws printed onto the bottom which is a pretty questionable fashion choice in itself but I'm not gonna derail here

No. 1111449

Those arms are WIDE

No. 1111592

ngl when I saw the video I half thought she wasn't as big as I thought but this screenshot proved it.

No. 1111605

The first time I saw the video I didnt even pay attention to her weight. It was until the second time around I remembered everything she's claimed about her size. I dont think she realizes that her weight is genuinely – "whatever"… it's the fact she lies about it that makes her seem bigger than she really is. she needs to stop putting so much of her internet attention on her size if she doesnt want people to actually notice her real weight.

No. 1111648

Sage for meaningless banter but I looked a lot similar to that when I was at a 32 BMI (I’m also her same height, with a different build but still) A 30-33 BMI really isn’t as huge as people think (It’s big obviously but not the stereotypical “obese” look)

No. 1111661

stop trying to act like being overweight is okay

No. 1111703

File: 1608527372513.jpeg (353.15 KB, 1125x998, 58E2B5DC-9416-4E9D-A8CE-B816EE…)

Self awareness?

No. 1111726

Just keep the internet on, Belch, you'll only get milkier.

No. 1111796

Wait why isn't she on hiatus as she said in >>1110030
Oh right, she has social media addiction!

No. 1111888

nayrt but you put it into words perfectly. Even as an anachan myself I don't think she's that fat (nor do I give a shit) because the actual comedy is in the way she tries to portray herself, not the fact that she's fat. The weird hick voice larp she did calling herself "so thin it's sick" was one of the funniest things I've seen on this website in a while.

No. 1111891

erin ain’t noe fat arse like yall be preachin on hur… she is so thin it’s freakin sick .. yall got dur wrong idea(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1111955

I'm not LMFAO, I'm saying bmis in the early 30s are more "normal looking" than the classic view of obesity, anyways im gonna shut up and stop clogging the thread with anachan sperging.

No. 1112161

i remember this from another thread. she copied it from a nsfw twitter. it struck me as wanting to be an uwu tiny cat girl more than anything else

No. 1112262

File: 1608593821605.png (753.27 KB, 479x920, IM ANDOREXIC I SWEAR.png)

shes roleplaying an eating disorder again

No. 1112277

File: 1608594987499.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x2067, C8EEFEFC-9E7C-4664-B4C5-1DBBFF…)

Yeah no kidding. It’s so fake it’s hilarious.

No. 1112288

File: 1608595999852.gif (2.21 MB, 376x364, tumblr_3396ad6de06e3148c7c64a6…)

This is so obviously untrue it's pathetic.

No. 1112291

holy shit this is the kind of sperging i'd expect from a 14 year old wannarexic, what's wrong with her

erin, if you are anorexic then why are you fat?

No. 1112292

No, this is totally true! Of course she'd have a small dinner after bingeing all day. Her eating disorder is valid uwu It's just not the one she so desperately wishes she had.

No. 1112293

Bitch go hope on a treadmill, she’s most likely (unless she’s just larping) gonna have a caloric deficit and turn flabby

No. 1112294

She’s so widdol n fwagwile uwu

No. 1112314

she really hasn't changed. so much for the new me mature phase

No. 1112326

File: 1608598913931.jpg (155.4 KB, 418x750, beautiful-not-eating-perfect-p…)

good job

No. 1112376

Well since a single strawberry is six calories, totaling her meal it’s a full 36 calories, this is untrue for someone with severe Ed. 36 calories won’t make the skinniest girl full

No. 1112484

She'll be able to continue eating like this for a week until she gives up because she won't see any results right away. Restricting won't get rid of those calves either because they're likely muscle and part of her genetics. It would be just so much easier to stop larping as a literal CHILD but instead Nina Rose Bellucci decides to go on a public ed sperg yet again, hoping someone will pity her for the poor, little, frail soul she is. Oh, she could only eat a couple of strawberries! How awful! Are you having fun, Nina?

Also adding no trigger warnings whatsoever, why not put a big red TW!!! on it like she does on her ig stories?

No. 1112490

File: 1608625431028.jpeg (198.78 KB, 1125x1092, C457E5D1-0B5C-4BCC-A86D-2AD70A…)

this ana-chan larping is hysterical lol. I love how she attempted to come back to the ~I don’t wanna make anyone uncomfy uwu~ persona even after the blatant attempt at encouraging concern with the strawberries for dinner post. Also “i’m starting to lose a lot of weight” surejan.png

No. 1112491

Her supposed "wake up call" was just 3 days ago… >>1109982 How much does she think she's lost in that time?

Maybe she's trying to reverse-psychology herself into developing anorexia.

No. 1112502

>i’m starting to lose a lot of weight
lmao, how does this make any sense? Either you've started to lose weight so it won't be much yet, or you've been losing weight for a while so it's a lot. So basically she hasn't lost anything but has grand ambitions to do so, and it's not gonna happen if she thinks the best weight loss strategy is pretending to be full off a few strawberries.

No. 1112632

Wasn't she just talking about how much she loves cooking and eating with her boyfriend? If she is losing weight it's probably the same 10 lbs of water weight that she gains back then loses over and over.

No. 1112641

File: 1608658395238.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1781, 28ACA0BE-71E0-4B99-87BA-FC04B0…)

so much food for her teeny littol frame uwu

No. 1112653

Love how she pushed the food away from the center of the plate to empasize how little it is. This embarassing

No. 1112655

God she’s pathetic. Why can’t she stay off of social media and not embarrass herself for once. Like girl… just stfu.. holy shit

No. 1112667

banana; 90-110 calories
bread, assuming it isn't light bread, 100 calories
egg: 90, her fatass definitely fried with oil and butter, so add 60 to that
Nearly around 350 calories give or take, (300 if it IS indeed light bread) a normal, healthy breakfast, is something for her to brag about kek, funny because so many non-disordered, healthy people don't even eat breakfast.

No. 1112669

samefag but it's also 1pm in new york and she's eating breakfast KEK, life of a neet. Also just proves her wannarexicness, anyone with a restricting ed would see waking up that late as an excuse to skip breakfast and even lunch, but of course goblina is gonna stuff breakfast and lunch in.

No. 1112671

>so much food :)) lolcow are you seeing this?

No. 1112674

File: 1608660694902.png (50.85 KB, 732x347, 190800.png)

Samefag but I just thought it was funny how she calls extreme restriction (at least thats what she wants it to be) "cutting portions and eating healthier foods", quite insensitive to those who are actually anorexic, don't you think Nina? Her followers are mainly minors too, she shouldn't be posting shit like this in the first place.

No. 1112676

Not all of her followers are from the spam com too, or hate follows, quite a few are people who saw her traced art and followed her to see more, wonder what they think of this lmfao

No. 1112689

Why can’t she learn? just a few days ago she tweeted how she realizes she did cringe things in the past and how it’s only getting worse or something. Yet she continues to do the very same things that make her a cow. is she genuinely not aware or is she that desperate for any sort of human contact outside of her mom kek

No. 1112695

> i’m not happy about eating eggs again but my diet calls for them right now
Couldn't her mommy buy her healthy vegan food? I don't understand why she pretends to be empathetic towards animals when she showed she eats ham and cheese sandwiches with her boyfriend. She claimed she's a vegan that only eats chicken occasionally not so long ago.

All of this wannarexic shit started because 1 person outside of lolcow called her fat, it's ridiculous

No. 1112705

girl has major identity issues. notice how everytime she deactivates she changes her bio, pfp and username? she seems so insecure about her personality/looks that she can’t help but copy somebody else’s every few days. you know and in a way i get it, this is what a lot of people do when they’re 12 and just starting to figure themselves out. however at 20yo, this is just laughable. i truly don’t understand how she isn’t able to control herself, cause im sure she’s aware. she has zero self control it seems like

also is she even with her boyfriend anymore or did they actually stay broken up?

No. 1112720

God I wish she was revealed to be trolling because this is genuinely hilarious. I can't help but love this cow

No. 1112767

i mean…fucking cool? no1curr that you ate some burnt toast for breakfast. reminds me of my aging father

No. 1112784

File: 1608672226589.png (142.78 KB, 594x1103, anachan.png)

Can't she make another account for her pro-ana bullshit? She has plenty of minors that probably only following her for the agere crap. Is she going to expose them to "body checks" (ass and pussy-shots) again?

No. 1112795

i literally can’t imagine erin being anything other than fat… her frame isn’t suited to be skinny, why can’t she just accept that she’s got a larger frame and figure and embrace it??? no matter how much she tries to starves herself, she’s always going to be pudgy, especially considering she doesn’t exercise and sits on her ass all day pedopandering to her ffxiv daddies. nina rose belluci will and always be a fat ass. just accept ur not a ~tiny fwairy anachan loli~ and have the lunch lady bod nina.

No. 1112802

Gee guys! y’all are getting it totally heckin’ wrong. I knew lil’ miss erin (loli as we used to call her) when she worked at the heckin’ darn kitten shelter I work at! She heckin’ volunteered for a good few darn months with no heckin’ pay you wouldn’t believe! We practically had to heckin’ bribe her to leave because she was so heckin’ sweet as a pumpkin pie and sweet to the tiny heckin’ kittens! Gee she was almost as heckin’ tiny as the kittens are! Sometimes we’d be heckin’ confused and mistake her for one of the kittens! She really is a real life loli kitten y’all! She’s little as can be! Gosh, i’d say she’s about 3’10 in real life? You gotta heckin’ believe me! Have no pictures though because she was heckin’ camera shy (even though she was as pretty as a peach). Sweetest girl in the town though, wouldn’t hurt a heckin’ fly. She came in every day with just a single strawberry to eat for dinner, believe me. Didn’t talk very much and had a little tiny high pitched voice, sounded just like an anime girl i’ll tell y’all that for sure. I’ll be on for a while, so ask me any questions y’all have about her. She really is tiny in real life y’all, y’all have pictured her so heckin’ wrong.

No. 1112806

>so much food :))
How I missed her. This is great.

No. 1112809

kek anon

No. 1112851

kek at her acting like she’s ever been thin enough or unhealthy enough to actually be diagnosed with an ED, “ muh recovery” lol. if she actually did manage to stop stuffing her face long enough to develop real issues, then she would know how fucked up it is to be posting 6 strawberries for dinner to her impressionable minor audience. but Erin is gonna Erin, attention above all

No. 1112853

anon my sides can’t take this

I wonder if Nina Rose Belluci ever lies in bed thinking about all of her selfposting comments being exposed here. True karmic justice lol

No. 1112858

It’s like everything she posts is just meant to subtly say that everyone else eats a lot, or to prove that they’re so wide legged or “big” compared to her. It’s weird

No. 1112866

the thing is, if she actually just exercised for once and was active enough to actually tone her body, she could have the whole Marilyn Monroe- curvy is beautiful thing going for her. but no, she insists on portraying herself as a literal child, so of course she’s never going to be satisfied with her weight. she should’ve just stuck with her thicc latina baddie phase kek

No. 1112900

She’s deleting tweets right now kek

No. 1112908

Too bad all her bullshit is forever archived and attached to her legal name.

No. 1112987

You can delete tweet, tiktoks, and social media accounts, but you can never delete the internet history attached to your name. And her nudes with ddlg captions are all over the place with "Erin Painter / Nina Rose Bellucci" attached to them in blinking neon lights. Sadly even her own mother's name is partially attached to this trash because of her.

No. 1113030

Classic Erin.

i can't imagine being such a tubby bitch yet still trying to pull this act 24/7 for years upon years.

No. 1113033

>nina rose belluci will always be a fatass

No. 1113050

I can’t understand why it’s so hard for her to not post anything food/weight related. All she’s doing is garnering more attention to the things she’s desperately trying to change about herself.

No. 1113054

Regina George but it's Nina Bellucci
>"Aliexpress is the only thing that fits me right now"
>"On Wednsdays we wear cat ears and dog tail butt plugs!"
>"Are strawberries and butter a carb?"

No. 1113086

This is so fucking weird, pretending to be soooper sick and anorexic is one thing but pretending to be recovered and blaming your higher weight on “getting better” when you were never even thin (or in erin/nina’s case.. a normal weight) to begin with is so strange.

No. 1113113

File: 1608697711541.jpeg (515 KB, 1125x1483,