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File: 1424400322341.jpg (60.34 KB, 480x480, 10923582_1047188265296941_3060…)

No. 51859

Not sure if there is a thread on this girl. I went to school with her, real name Belinda Wang she worked at Mcdonalds and was extremely quiet and is chinese, now she claims her name is Belinda Kovalskaya and is Russian/an Alien bhuddist.

This is her facebook it's mostly public and absolutely hilarious https://www.facebook.com/Vladlena.Kovalskaya

And this is her Ask FM account which is even better http://ask.fm/BelindaKovalskaya

No. 51868

there's no way those aren't all self asks…..

No. 51873

File: 1424402177559.jpg (246.91 KB, 2048x1544, kek.jpg)

I'm horrible. But I love people who create a fake alter-ego on the internet, pretending they're something they're completely not. Idek what to compare it to, but it's so fun to watch.

She's even pretending to have a partner named Dimtry, just like Valeria.

No. 51880

File: 1424403564696.jpg (51.21 KB, 800x600, yuck.jpg)

If you use a gift card you can put any name in the shipping info. The fact that she's probably using this as proof of her fake name is beyond pathetic.

No. 51882

File: 1424403903460.jpg (9.76 KB, 206x220, fvsdadsf.jpg)


No. 51886

god can she just get the nose job instead of doing such shitty contouring

No. 51887

File: 1424404441537.jpg (543.82 KB, 1662x1137, lololol.jpg)

Now this is a cow that can spark a lolcoaster.

With this level of idolization she would probably happily lick Valeria's shit from the ground.

No. 51890

File: 1424404718541.png (564.58 KB, 1184x636, df.png)

I'm reading through her posts and she reminds me of Asha

No. 51891

No. 51893

THAT IS WORD-FOR-WORD VALERIA'S QUOTE. Until the "and unhealthy food" part.

Scroll down to the White Supremacy section https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Valeria_Lukyanova

No. 51894

No. 51897

File: 1424405635565.jpg (91.67 KB, 956x1243, 10998507_1386086171705877_9931…)

I'm so glad you guys are enjoying her as much as me. When I knew her she was trying so hard to be Korean and was into Kpop. This is what she used to look like. She is 18, she frequently denies working at Mcdonalds on her ASKfm and claims that jobs are for peasants, I was at the Mcdonalds last week in Macquarie Park Sydney and she was still working there.

No. 51898

File: 1424405678359.png (30.62 KB, 692x156, tb.png)


No. 51899

lol jfc that makes it even worse

No. 51901

Dmitry is a real guy and they do hang out and take weird photos together, not sure of the relationship. He is russian, his whole fb is talking about him being russian/russian pride and talking to other russians he knows.

No. 51905

she was so cute back then, why is she obsessed with wanting to be white/russian?? or at least not chinese from what you've just said, there are a lot of korean girls that would want to look the way she did then

she exposes herself a lot, like with barely any clothes on, and she's 18 now? I think the vid of her in her thong was last yr

No. 51906

File: 1424406082531.png (49.42 KB, 1383x179, LOL.png)

you've introduced a diamond in the roughs, OP. I'm going through her ask.fm and I.am.dyin.

No. 51908

We went to a school that had a lot of Asian and Indian students, she never quite fit into a typical Asian mold, she was bullied by a lot of people because of how she looks. A lot of the people who bullied her were Indian - Now she despises Indians. Her bestfriend is african/Australian though. It's all so weird.

We stopped being friends because of the whole white supremacy/thin obsession bullshit recently. She even made a VK account https://vk.com/vladlenakovalskaya

No. 51909

lol ah the funny thing is that most people would assume she has a mental illness, but people like this are just sadly and hilariously desperate for attention

No. 51910


Found her youtube, she liked videos on How to videos on Russian accents and Indian accents LOLWOT

She also uploaded a video of her burning the bible https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Cn6BCw8w50

No. 51912

I'm really, really fucking astounded. Going through her ask page and she says she's 100% Russian, born in Vladivostok, Russia, her real name is "Vladlena" and it's on her passport, her natural hair is light brown. And then looking up at that McDonalds picture, Jfc. This is self-hatred to the highest calibre.

No. 51915

File: 1424407025591.jpg (176.55 KB, 1014x473, belinda.jpg)

No. 51916

She had a whole bunch of ask fm questions where she answered saying she had a fiance who drove an Audi, owned several properties and was CEO of a company she could not disclose the information of but she deleted them. Said she coudn't upload pictures of her diamond ring either.

No. 51917

File: 1424407494710.png (15.7 KB, 489x210, bel.png)

No. 51919

somebody make her an ED page before I keel over and die from this

No. 51928

File: 1424409292024.png (223.6 KB, 501x601, cow.png)


No. 51931

She's my new favorite lolcow now hahaha

No. 51932

mine too

No. 51933

Just sent this to her ask.fm

"Why doesn't Владлена Коволская appear anywhere on google?"

manuel translation of Vladlena Kovalskaya to Cyrillic

No. 51938

I officially have a new favorite lolcow post more everyone lol

No. 51941

The contouring as well is even worse in real life, it looks like 2 black lines alongside her nose. She doesn't even try to blend it in at all.

She says on her Ask FM she had a nose job, she didn't ever get one, I'm not sure why she says she got one.

No. 51943

File: 1424410792804.jpg (52.7 KB, 800x600, 10933938_1054273851255049_3586…)

She looks like a demon

No. 51944

That sounds like one of the tamest lies compared to all of the other bullshit she's spewed.

I don't think she has a legit mental illness, but this is definitely some deep level of delusion. She's completely taken Valeria's entire persona, lifestyle, beliefs, everything and tried to masquerade it as her own.

No. 51946

File: 1424411105930.jpg (29.75 KB, 500x663, ophelia.jpg)

She reminds me of Ophelia Vanity. Coincidentally another Chinese girl who lies about being half Japanese and half Icelandic. She also uses her real first name, but a fake Icelandic last name.

No. 51948

File: 1424411426522.jpg (51.06 KB, 604x453, v-3HgZRd0kk.jpg)

This is off her vk

No. 51949

File: 1424411453834.jpg (52.73 KB, 453x604, 4-ahhcjqZb8.jpg)

No. 51950

I wonder if that guy is really Russian. I mean if he was, wouldn't he be weirded out by her bogus claims? Maybe they're both russophiles

No. 51969

look like the grudge bitch.

No. 51970

> Bullied because of how she looked

What do you mean? Was she trying to be Russian then? Cause her kpop phase or whatever was pretty qt.

No. 51972


She has a really small face, really small chin irl and everyone made fun of her/called her ugly and teased her cos she is shy. She would be really quiet in class but around close friends she talked a fair bit. She went through a bit of a goth phase too and got made fun of. She only started pretending to be russian like a year ago, she wasn't in school then.

No. 51976

Damn, I thought having a small face and chin was a good thing?

No. 51977

wow wtf she was cute! people at your school fucked up. i thought asians love that small face/head shit.

No. 51980

Just fuckin look at her

No. 51981

Unphotoshopped her isn't horrendous though. If she'd wipe all that shitty makeup she wouldn't look like the lovechild of the grudge girl and a swamp monster.

No. 51986

I don't think she's ugly, I never thought she was good looking either though. Fat fucks and ugly bitches made fun of her, people are just assholes. Teased her more so i think because she was quiet and not as confident as the popular group and was an easy target, our group of friends were probs considered the loser group. She wouldn't react when the girls would say things and pick on her but would go home on fb and write a racist rant about indian, then she would go to school next day and cop more shit.

No. 52010

Bullying turns people into crazy race benders.

Who were her bullies? Part of me wants to rip them a new one.

No. 52016


is it sad I'd kill for that body shape? :T I'm a rectangle and I hate it. I want hips but a small bust ugh

No. 52019

Shit's photoshopped but I get what you're saying.

No. 52022


I hope so. Just sad otherwise. I have a pretty face. I just got a hogbody gene :(

No. 52024

Yeah, I really want to call her out on her shit (lying, refusing to admit she's a copy + paste of Valeria) but I just feel really sorry for her. It had to be the bullying that turned her into this weird persona with the 'better than you' attitude and fucked up perception of everything. Judging from OP's description and pic of how she used to be, it's like something eventually tipped her over and she just switched all of a sudden and became this…person.

No. 52027

Don't mean to be a dick but can we keep this on topic without the shit-posting.

No. 52039

>I have a pretty face

No. 52041

holy shit she lives in australia?
can I move pls.

No. 52058

File: 1424442200548.jpg (49.48 KB, 600x800, 11001922_1067369216612179_5493…)

dat badly edited pointy ass

No. 52062

And the blur on her hand next to it, so bad. She honestly looks fucking terrifying now, especially compared to here >>51897 where I think she looks super cute. She looks like nightmare material nowadays.

No. 52067

She looks fucking terrifying, not even just her body. Her face looks so dead.

No. 52078

the door is warped, kek

No. 52079

>the 'better than you' attitude

That attitude is not her own. She tries to mimic exactly how Valeria answers people on her own ask.fm, but it comes out sounding like a massive joke:

"Q:why are ppl jealous at you??"
"A:Because they are not peaceful within themselves"

No. 52087

File: 1424451950945.jpg (387.5 KB, 1064x600, bruh.jpg)

too lazy, but I could make a very long list of photo comparisons like this. It would be creepier than the Mila-Felice ones.

No. 52089

I know it's because she's trying to be exactly like Valeria. I already mentioned that and it would've sounded redundant.

No. 52145

File: 1424466976063.jpg (39.07 KB, 600x800, 10988929_1067417833273984_2469…)

This is just terrible

No. 52159

File: 1424470302554.png (308.14 KB, 1141x602, belin.png)

She sent Valeria an ask 3 months ago (translated here by chrome)

her obsession with her is extremely unsettling. She seems even MORE obsessed than Valeria's Russian clones, like that Yulia bitch.

No. 52265

WHAT? I consider myself someone who doesn't like children, especially since i dont want any, but come on now. Who actually says that shit? Is she trying to be edgy? fuck that cunt.

No. 52266

No, she's trying to be like Valeria. Who also hates children/pregnant women and has said equally stupid things.

No. 52268

Yeah, my head would turn alright if i saw her irl. She's scary as shit.

No. 52271

That contouring is killing me. It's so terrible.

No. 52272

I just remembered Valeria thinks the word "woman" is an insult, she only likes to be called a "girl". Belinda probably got told off in that reply video.

No. 52336

wow, flawless

No. 52341

Does she not understand what being past the age of 21 is? You're a fucking woman.

No. 52346

Bitch looking like a god damned One Piece character in this one.

No. 52397

She took a bite of dat gum gum fruit.

No. 52423

in her mcdonald's pic without the shoop, she's actually an absolute qt. if she's really this fucked up because of bullying, i feel terrible.

No. 52432

Forgot to mention I don't have my details or pictures on my fb account, it's just to add people on to stalk.

No. 52434

Good point

No. 52435

File: 1424505106294.jpg (9.91 KB, 258x195, kjljl.jpg)

No. 52473

File: 1424531668770.jpg (66.73 KB, 599x630, 123.jpg)

The guy looks nothing like Russian to me personally. Rather Georgian? Idk.

No. 52482

Is that her boyfriend? I thought it was a blond dude in some of her other photos

No. 52483

Oooh… Then who is this creepy dude touching her innocent 18 yo fully white titties? (>>51948)

No. 52484

File: 1424536912550.jpg (19.24 KB, 500x380, idk.jpg)

No. 52490

Wait I just realized this is obviously fake anyway because she said her birthname is Vladlena, and Belinda is just what her friends call her.

No. 52504

Er yeah obviously. You can put anything in a shipping address, regardless of payment method. You just need to enter the correct name for billing.

No. 52506

File: 1424539235185.png (669.53 KB, 1228x1215, wut.png)

I'm confused. She had a conversation with the translator of Lifeinplastic21, where she admitted that she regularly reads her blog, yet denies that the girl in the Mcdonalds photo is her. So what exactly does this mean for her "Valeria who?" lies.

No. 52710

She can deny it all she wants lol. I went to school with her, girls at school worked at mcdonalds with her as well. She still has a lot of school friends on her fb too, myself included.

No. 52711

Dmitry is the blonde guy. Not sure who that guy is.

No. 52720

File: 1424563445003.png (310.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-02-22-10-53-54…)

No. 52721

File: 1424563542800.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-02-22-10-56-13…)

No. 52739

more pics of her without the horrible makeup and shoop? she looks cute without it, but i want to confirm.

No. 52752

File: 1424570003146.jpg (134.5 KB, 427x652, upupupup.jpg)

This is too good.
To have such a prime lolcow, and undeniable proof of her bullshit come so fast

No. 52964

File: 1424612252105.jpg (143.57 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Hey guys, it's lifeinplastic21. I just wanted to say that I discovered this girl thanks to you (I often read this board btw, generally because i love PT) and one of your anons who submitted an article about her, and my first reaction was "wow, she is just brilliant, I want more", so I wrote her on VK and even asked her for an interview in a hope that this would be entertaining enough to post it on my blog, but what I've got was very short and ordinary answers, just a huge waste of my time. So I am very disappointed, especially in myself. I mean, why did I expect this would be interesting?

Anyway, if you want, I can post some fragments from this conversation.

No. 53032

File: 1424626657635.jpg (92.73 KB, 207x200, loll.jpg)

You should have interviewed her in Russian.

Of course she's gonna tone it down when talking to you lol. I can't imagine how embarrassing it must be to try to impress people by raving that you're Russian, and then speaking to an actual Russian person who's been informed of your BS. She probably would have reacted very differently if the person asking for an interview were a random anon she thought she could fool with ridiculous lies. But she knows she can't fool you with them.

No. 53038

yaaas, please do! I'm sure it's kek-worthy.

omg, that would have been amazing. she'd no doubt have just been google translating back and forth but it probably would've been obvious, at least to lifeinplastic21. they could have asked the questions in a way that made it hard to translate, I wonder what she'd have done then. probably make some excuse like her russian isn't so good anymore because she forgot it since coming to australia or some bs.

No. 53073

Alrighty then! I'm dying to comment what you guys said, but nobody loves spoilers, so I'll just post what I've got.

No. 53076

File: 1424632947230.png (286.54 KB, 640x960, belinda1.png)

So here is my story.

First I wrote a nice comment in Russian under one of her pictures and sent her a friend reguest on Facebook, but then I noticed that she actually visits and updates her VK, unlike many non-Russians registered there, so I decided to contact her there, because I feel much more comfortable on VK. So I wrote her a message on VK in Russian:

"Hi, I wrote you on Facebook ^_^ May I talk to you?"

Imagine my surprise when two hours later I recieved the following message in very bad Russian (obviously Google translated):

go fuck yourself liar)))"

No. 53089

File: 1424633759097.png (444.89 KB, 1280x960, belinda2.png)

So I wrote "Why are you so rude? I liked you and I just wanted to talk" or something, but it appeared that she blocked me. As I found out later, she also blocked me on Facebook and deleted my nice comment.

But two hours later she unblocked me and wrote the following:

"Hi :)
I read your blog all the time when I'm bored because it's funny and entertaining.
I hope you're not upset with my swearing before
there was a misunderstanding as I thought it was you who composed the article"

(she's talking about this post: http://lifeinplastic21.tumblr.com/post/111620117667 )

"I read the pointless article again and realised it was some extremely jealous anti-fan with no life and an ugly soul who submitted it.
the photo of the girl holding a trophy of mcdonalds is not me because I've never worked at mcdonalds before
Certainly a blurry photo with an asian girl who has the first name Belinda is not a valid proof of anything.
Your blog is small.
I can only laugh at how jealous people are of me"

No. 53103

File: 1424635500413.png (445.96 KB, 1280x960, belinda3.png)

(I apologize for my English in all my messages during this conversation as I wrote quickly and didn't check them for mistakes and typos)

I still was creeped out by her "omg i'm so russian" behavior back then, so I just wrote her what I think about it, but doing my best to sound friendly:

"Girl, you don't even look less Asian no matter what you do with you and your pictures, you need to realize that you're beautiful the way you are. Turning yourself into a person of some other race is so… self-racist? I mean, girls in the whole world find Asian girls super cute and dream of looking like them, you could use it to turn yourself into an idol, if you want to be popular so bad. Instead, you just look weird trying to look like someone else. You don't need it to be beautiful, because you're ALREADY beautiful.

I'm not a bad person and I just want to help you. Hope you realize it."

Here is what she wrote next:

"Help me with what?
I don't look asian at all.
Thanks for offering to 'help'. But your motives are delusioned and false.
I don't think you're a bad person, and you're actually good looking."

So when I read "I don't look Asian at all" I just gave myself a huge facepalm and decided to give up trying to convince her that being Asian is great and decided to play up to her instead…

No. 53112

Oh my, she's completely delusional!

No. 53114

File: 1424636463751.png (265.63 KB, 640x960, belinda4.png)

So I wrote:

"Fine, you're Russian and don't look Asian at all. Do you mind continue our conversation in our native language? It's weird that we, two Russian girls, have to talk in English"

And guess what she replied? That's right!

"I'm more fluent in English as I grew up in Australia."

Very smart, Belinda.

No. 53126

but damn, her 'Russian' needs to be seen

No. 53127

File: 1424636976028.png (274.4 KB, 640x960, belinda5.png)

Then, for some reason she decided to share her thoughts on my blog with me:

"Honestly, I'm not concerned of where that reader of yours think I'm from

I can only imagine that the most uneducated and hopeless people read your blog."

(hopeless like you, Belinda?)

"Buuuut you read it, too. Surprise)"

"I used to)"

(yeah, right, bitch, who cares that first you said that you READ it all the time, not USED TO READ, because it's FUNNY and ENTARTAINING)

"Haven't went on in a long time until you tried to add me on facebook and I recognized your face"

No. 53128

She is so offensive and rude in the worst way. I felt bad for her, but now I just want to punch her in the face.

No. 53129

File: 1424637359612.png (11.19 KB, 694x122, damn.png)

the way she just shuts down the asker with a 'cool thanks'

No. 53131

File: 1424637570281.png (268.85 KB, 640x960, belinda6.png)

Then she suddenly switched on her thoughts on fame. Have no idea why, I said nothing. She just said that my blog is a shitty place for losers and then wrote this:

"Becoming famous as a real life barbie is pointless to me, it's so empty.

now you know that is not my motive."

"And what is your motive?"

"None of your concern."

(my thoughts at this moment: what a BITCH arrrrggh)

"Alright, I understand"

No. 53135

File: 1424637989033.png (298.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-02-23-07-35-05…)

She's deleting all her old posts from before she was 'Vladlena' so I'm dumping them.

No. 53136

what the fuck

>When did you turn 18?

(4 months ago)

>How old are you?

(25 days ago)

No. 53138

File: 1424638306248.png (167.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-02-23-07-38-23…)

She's deleted all statuses talking in Chinese now. There are a few where she is google translating Japanese though.

No. 53140

File: 1424638406707.png (425.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-02-22-10-53-30…)

No. 53141

File: 1424638510307.jpg (199.61 KB, 1080x720, 24674878.jpg)

Bitch, really?

No. 53143

Also, apparently all the screenshots of her are edited.

No. 53145

File: 1424638947975.png (282.94 KB, 640x960, belinda7.png)

"So basically that post is nothing. It stand for nothing and has no value whatsoever. There's no true entertainment in it either"

(trying to not sound rude… THAT BITCH… not sound rude…)

"But I believe that you, as a pretty intelligent person, should realize that it definitely LOOKS like you want to become famous as a doll.
For god's sake, you post a picture of you next to a stand with Barbie dolls, holding a box with one of these dolls and write that you're a new Barbie doll! This is your words, not mine, not that person's who submitted that post

Don't get me wrong, you can be whatever you want. But your controversial statements are very confusing, and that's basically why your personality causes questions and misunderstanding."

No. 53146

This is too good. More please

No. 53148

lol those warped shelves
does this bitch even try?

No. 53149

File: 1424640651057.png (256.51 KB, 640x960, interview1.png)

Finally, I asked her for an interview. I send her a list of questions, and I believe that even a goddamn fyre hydrant could give me more interesting answers. Sigh…

Anyway, her interview:

- How came you live in Australia? Were you born in Russia? Have you ever been there?
- I was born in Vladivostok,Russia. My parents moved to Sydney when I was 3.

- In your opinion, why Russian women are considered the most beautiful?
- We just are.

- Who is your inspiration among famous Russian people?
- I love our president Vladmir, he is strong and a man who keeps his word.

(bitch, really? You're a GIRL, and your personal inspiration is Vladimir Putin??? Could you at least try to Google some Russian actresses or singers? You're not even trying!!!)

No. 53152

Let me guess… Her favorite drink is vodka and her favorite toy is matryoshka?

No. 53153

She also has a pet bear and plays the balalaika.

No. 53156

File: 1424641612436.png (245.5 KB, 640x960, inter-2.png)

- What do you do for living? Do you work/study?
- I don't work at the moment, work just isn't for me.

- Do you have a boyfriend? Please tell about him a little.
- I do not want to disclose my relationship status

So I felt like I want to punch her in the face because I asked her for an INTERVIEW, I gave her interesting questions, I spent my personal time writing them down, and all I've got - very short and super ordinary answers, like if I was one of annoying peasant Anons on her Ask.fm.

So I asked her to give me more detailed answers before it's too late and she answers all of them.

No. 53159

So much blur tool. is this bitch delusional? She's so ugly.

No. 53160

File: 1424642361913.jpg (40.39 KB, 600x800, 1800489_831871330161970_304531…)

How can she deny she is asian when she looked like this?

No. 53161

File: 1424642395247.jpg (56.73 KB, 450x600, 10422915_1032388066776961_6684…)

No. 53162

File: 1424642470715.png (724.1 KB, 1800x960, inter-3.png)

- You once posted a fascist swastika on your Facebook. Does it mean you are a white supremacist?

- The swastika symbol first originated in India. It is a sacred symbol associated with Hinduism and Buddhism and means peace. Hitler took the design and made it into something bad.

- But you posted exactly Hitler's swastika

- I was using it in the Indian way.

No. 53165

File: 1424643004734.png (223.25 KB, 640x960, inter-22.png)

Forgot this one, my bad

- Can you say that you are popular? Were you popular in school?
- Popularity is so overrated. What's actually important is power. I honestly don't remember anything from my high school life. It was a long time ago.

- A long time ago? But you are only 18


No. 53166

Ew. Her "high and mighty" attitude is not one of someone who actually believes they are high and mighty. You can tell it's coming from an insecure place who only knows how to blurt out what she thinks other people would say, but fails at sounding real.

No. 53167

whats with the pencil thin brows, ugh

No. 53168

LMAO she's just a fucking parrot, calm down Valeria 2.0

Oops that's a compliment.

No. 53169

this is hilarious because she hates indians

No. 53170

As a Russian female, I am cracking up

No. 53171

This os what happens when you bully an insecure but also a really dumb person

No. 53172

File: 1424643608311.png (274.18 KB, 640x960, inter-4.png)

- What are your measurements? How did you achieve such beautiful body?
- 170cm, 45kg. I've always taken care of myself ever since I was a young girl by eating healthy.

- What are your beauty standards? How a girl should look to be considered beautiful?
- I only use the highest quality cosmetics and skincare. I know that not many people can afford to have such a high standard. A beautiful girl would have a small,defined nose first of all. Small chin. And of course it's not all about the face. Figure is very important as well, so noticeable breasts, small waist and long legs are ideal.

No. 53174

File: 1424643715414.png (984.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-02-23-09-18-03…)

She looks so much cuter as an asian.

No. 53175

This is funny because irl I am 5"2 or so and Bel is shorter than me.

No. 53177

File: 1424644049351.png (700 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-02-23-09-24-36…)

No. 53178

File: 1424644097997.jpg (214.48 KB, 1064x575, belinda3.jpg)

In order to be a good liar, you must first have good memory.

No. 53179

File: 1424644167832.jpg (473.7 KB, 1398x1144, belinda2.jpg)

That's it. ED article commencing now.

No. 53180

I'm extremely underage, and I'm 47kg.
Not only am I 47kg, I'm extremely thin. How can she even think that's fat? I've been told to gain weight. (5'1 here)

No. 53182

File: 1424644488385.png (293.17 KB, 640x960, inter-5.png)

- What advice would you give to girls who want to be pretty? What should they start with?
- If you want to be pretty and want men to fall for you, you need to take care of yourself as early as possible, eat healthy, exercise, abstain from cigarettes and alcohol. It's quite basic really. But the reason why so many young 18 year olds look like they're 30 nowadays is because they don't take care of their body.

- Thank you for your answers :)
But I'm still confused because you said you've been in school a long time ago, but you are only 18!

Aaaaand she just ignored me, again! I'm pretty sure she won't answer this question, because she has nothing to say except "Ok, I lied".

That's all for now, folks.

Hey, comrade Anon! waves

No. 53184

Anon, I know you mean underweight here, but I'm giggling thinking at underage

No. 53185

I know. I thought it would look dumb if I said it, because then I realized im not underweight.
I am 15, though.

No. 53186

I meant I USED to be extremely underweight, now I'm average and you can still see my ribs extending from my stomach.
I feel sickened by my own lack in typing skills.

No. 53187

File: 1424645326810.png (763.89 KB, 451x604, bel.png)

i was going trough her pictures and like why would you even post this, it's so obvious

No. 53190

File: 1424645492486.jpg (57.31 KB, 453x604, WXoClPXdisM.jpg)

and that mouth photoshop hahahaha

No. 53191

Remember the other human Barbie doll chick? The one who claimed to be 15? She got away with it SO many times.

No. 53193

Somebody needs to link her to this thread.

No. 53195

No, why? Then she will just delete all her shit and stop posting.

No. 53196

Requesting older pictures of Belinda for the ED article

No. 53197


This is a facebook account under her real last name she made in 2013. Same birthday and only friend is Belinda Kovalskaya.

No. 53198

Or she'll just come in to whiteknight herself and totally shit up the thread.

No. 53199

If she is as obsessed with becoming famous as she looks, I won't be surprised she already knows about this thread by googling her name.

No. 53201

Don't think it's really important but she also has a profile on a meet-up site

No. 53204

I'm already making the ED article, so sit tight until I'm done with my part before doing something else, incase we end up making 2 pages or something.

No. 53206

File: 1424647618873.png (361.54 KB, 586x714, bella3.png)

No. 53208

File: 1424647908747.png (346.97 KB, 576x498, lollolol.png)

yep, the truth always comes out Belinda.

No. 53209

Thanks Russian-chan.
It's been a long time since we've had an actual lolcow.

This girl is such a terrible liar, jesus.

No. 53212

lol I think even the bindi is shopped, the area around it is way lighter than her skin

No. 53213

Yeah, you can clearly see the circle around it that was half-assedly blurred in with her skin. She must've photoshopped it on from another picture of someone.

No. 53229

I don't get it, why do so many people want to be Russian/pretend to be Russian? I can see people obsessing over anime/weaboo kawaii shit and wanting to be Japanese - but what is so great about Russia?

No. 53232

Rumor says russians are born as perfect models which is why they export the daughters of poor russian farmers as high fashion models to other countries.

No. 53243

Many people? HOW many? Names please! And since when being Russian is cool.
I, as a girl who was born in Russia, actually have always found it kind of embarrassing. And not only I. You would be surprised to know how many russophobes are among RUSSIANS, lol.

No. 53248

The obsession is not with Russia it's with Valeria. If Valeria were Greek then she would probably be waving the Greek flag behind her pictures and claiming she recently got surgery on her big Greek nose.

It's probably also a mix of racial self-hatred. But the specific country was chosen because of her.

uh, no. Something as stupid as that doesn't qualify as a rumor.

No. 53255

Thanks. I've just seen a lot of people online say they are Russian/Ukrainian and use fake eastern European last names. I have a friend who's Serbian born in Australia who is OBSESSED with Russia, owns Russian flags, will only listen to Russian music, wears Russian sports Jerseys, says Putin is his idol, writes his fb statuses in Russian etc.

No. 53266

File: 1424652653852.png (114.75 KB, 1456x789, ac70dd3873f68e0670bf21d4fa19ff…)


No. 53270

Wow, that's really weird. I see no reason to pretend to be Russian or Ukrainian, these countries have nothing to fall for them, with all my respect.
Oh, alright, for some reason Russian women are considered the most beautiful, this is the only reason why this desire makes sense. Though I personally disagree with this statement. All women are beautiful, no matter where they are from.

No. 53273

>for some reason Russian women are considered the most beautiful

That's not an official statement anyway, m8.

No. 53274

File: 1424653095164.png (16.43 KB, 346x175, ac6a95b785e035b70207b2a4e981ca…)

No. 53280

Bwahaha! Bitch, u serious??

https://vimeo.com/80678590 (0:39)

No. 53282

0:53, sorry

No. 53283

Done. https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Belinda_Kovalskaya you guys can edit it now or whatever, I'm pooped.

Oh wow, that's another of Valeria's quotes. I better go add it.

No. 53286

This is so great. Thank you.

No. 53293

Mwahaha, I'm laughing so much.

No. 53296


I wonder how she's gonna react when she finds out about this, lol

No. 53300

Well, maybe she'll give us some additional lulz if we give her a link on her Ask? Let's find out, shall we?

No. 53352

File: 1424660099298.png (9.01 KB, 887x222, lolololol.png)


No. 53355

This is the best thing to come across lolcow in a long time, bravo OP.

I can't help but feel sorry for this girl in a way, to hate herself and her own culture so much that she creates an entire fake persona, not only online but presumably irl as well.

No. 53366

She a bitch, tho. It's just funny, and I hope she continues to provide lulz.

No. 53429

You know, as much as this girl denies shit and tries to believe she's Russian, deep inside she knows she's a huge insecure fake. I somehow doubt she's built as tough of a shell as other lolcows. As far as we're concerned no one's ever confronted her with the conflicting Facebook posts and such, I think she'd have a meltdown if she saw her ED article.

Surprised she didn't straight up just deny it all.

No. 53435

OP looks to have tried confronting her about her BS numerous times by the look of some questions on ask.fm. Asserting that she knows who she really is, that she sees her at her work, sees her smoking, knows her real last name, etc. and Belinda blatantly denies them.

No. 53443

OP here. Funny thing is a lot of the asks aren't from me, I've sent a few referring to our school and Mcdonalds and she doesn't answer them cos I use her last name or call her Chinese. So a lot of other people who know her irl are asking them…or she sends them to herself.

No. 53446

Jeez, she must be a laughing stock then. That's so embarrassing.

Bte, do you have any idea when this Russian obsession began? And is it as bad irl?

No. 53449

It started about a year and a half ago.

Since I met her would obsess over kpop stars, youtube celebs like Community Chanell and Bubz Beauty, then she started to try and be goth as well for awhile.

When she decided to change into her Russian persona, she realized people knowing who she actually was would get in the way so she deleted everyone from school and anyone who knew her irl, I have an old account that is still friends with her on her fb though, that's how I got the friends only posts to show you guys.

She is popular in my area as well, a lot of people talk about her she walks around the shops in huge high heels and tiny shorts, big sunglasses and sometimes a wig. She came into my friend's work a few weeks ago and ordered something in and put her mobile number down and name as 'Belinda Kovalskaya' LOL, so I guess she takes it really seriously irl.

No. 53462

File: 1424673253345.jpg (51.38 KB, 453x604, 5OYVQhuEC7Y.jpg)

Her boyfriend legit looks like a skinhead.

No. 53463

Wow. She sounds like she's already off the deep end.

No. 53475

So… by that logic, it shouldn't be too long till she finds a new persona right?

No. 53480

With her racist beliefs, it's not too far fetched.

No. 53508

Eh, looks like she's always been ugly and fake.

I almost hope she's an elaborate troll but I get the feeling she isn't.

No. 53510

She contradicts herself;
>the photo of the girl holding a trophy of mcdonalds is not me because I've never worked at mcdonalds before. Certainly a blurry photo with an asian girl who has the first name Belinda is not a valid proof of anything
>with an asian girl who has the first name Belinda
>an asian girl
She implies that she shares the same traits as this girl, but that they are broad and could apply to many people. Yet in saying this, she is still implying that she, too, is Asian.

>I don't look asian at all

She really can't keep up with her lies.

No. 53518

Ugly? She looks super cute here…looks a bit shooped but she looked cute in the McDonald's award photo too and that was clearly unedited. I don't think she seemed 'fake' at all really. None of us except OP know her, so we can't really make assumptions as to how she used to be, but OP said she used to be shy and reserved, nothing about her being 'fake' or a bad person.
I'm not sure exactly how I feel about her. I dislike her when I see the recent pictures and posts from her because she acts so stuck up, thinks she's better than everyone, is racist, hates pregnant women (wtf?), lies, the list goes on. But when I see the pictures of her pre-Valeria 2.0 era, I feel really bad and just sympathize with her. It's like they're two completely different people. I still think this phase of hers might've been a product of the bullying she experienced. That's mostly why I feel terrible, because she might've gotten away from the bullying since leaving school and now it's sort of coming back. I dunno. I want to know if OP thinks she deserves to get called out on all this shit and ridiculed or if it's just kind of a sad situation.

No. 53526

When I said bullying, it wasnt as bad as some of you might be interpreting it, although maybe Belinda took it a lot worst. Belinda also started lying about what school she went to, she dropped out in year 10 and told people she went to a more prestigious girl's school then changed the story to being accepted into a very good university underage without having graduated high school, she was actually just working at McDonald's full time. Obviously no one believed her and laughed it off. She never got much attention either though at school and she always loved lady gaga and would say she wanted to be a pop star like her. I feel like this whole persona is something she has taken on to feel confident about herself and be glamorous. She was always kind to me because we were in the same friendship group, but then she changed and wasn't just a cunt on her statuses but thought she was too good for all her old friends and deleted us or ignored us. Now she is a whole different person like she became possessed.

No. 53536

File: 1424687370044.png (41.52 KB, 524x459, 12121.PNG)

The bitch pisses me off by literally copypasting Valeria's old creepy posts. Write your own posts you lazy shit!


No. 53538

"By the way did you know that alcohol is a shit of bacterias?"

(godzilla facepalm)
In moments like this, I can't believe she's not trolling. I mean it. There is no fucking way she uses idiotic Valeria's quotes like this one for purposes other than trolling.

No. 53544

>But you posted exactly Hitler's swastika
>I was using it in the Indian way


No. 53546

OP, so I don't get it: she said to lifeinplastic21 that she don't remember anything about her high school life because she finished school "a long time ago", she makes tons of semi-nude selfies, some gutyeven holds her naked tits on one of these selfies, but… she is only 17-18? How old is she actually?

No. 53550

Her entire style looks fakey and, in my opinion, rather ugly in order to cover up that she's an average looking, sort of plain Asian girl. Just chalk it up to different tastes I guess, I find that style really ugly, what can I say.

And I can't feel bad for her because from what I'm reading here she is just a copycat bitch that can't even be original, she has to copy someone else–word for word, no less– to make herself seem interesting. At least others here do their own shit, this is lolcow plus another layer of pathetic.

So yeah, it is sad that she got bullied apparently but that's no excuse to be a cunty lolcow.

No. 53555

There's this stereotype that Russian men are hardcore machos who don't afraid of anything, so some guys who are unhappy with 'softy' left-leaning (from their point of view) governments or the influence of feminism in their country idealize Russia as some kind of badass manly-man haven. I don't understand it either but yeah, I've known guys like this, too. They're always creeps and tend to be white supremacists.
The actual Russian and Ukrainian people I know are actually very intelligent, sensible people who don't condone machismo or white supremacy at all, and tend to be embarrassed by the stereotype.

No. 53585

File: 1424703516718.jpg (67.91 KB, 720x540, 10929968_1044234305592337_3027…)

Guess nobody reminded her that she's skipped arm day.

No. 53642

I've seen nicer wigs in the Halloween section of Walmart.

No. 53653

anon you must be murrican because 47kg at 5'1" is NOT thin

No. 53664

You're retarded or deluded if you think that's not thin.

No. 53668

I wouldn't say it's "extremely underweight", though. I'm three inches taller and weigh about 44kg? Like yeah, it's less than average but I wouldn't say 47kg is aggressively thin.

No. 53671

Top kek.
47 kg is 104 lbs. At 5'1, that's most definitely chubby.
You sound like one of those stupid Lifetime movies where the 'anorexics' weigh 110 lbs and have a covering of baby fat and everyone is shrieking at them that they'll die at their weight.

No. 53674

File: 1424716952572.gif (982.65 KB, 500x364, 1403856383022.gif)


>mfw I was anorexic throughout my teens and consumed every ED-related piece of media I could get my hands with in my obsession

>I know EXACTLY what you're talking about

No. 53676

File: 1424717151807.png (389.22 KB, 461x574, capture-20150223-193939.png)

lol so some chick commented on how the doors were bending behind her arm and she was just like "bad photographer"

No. 53677

Yeah, it's not "extremely underweight." It is thin though.

104 lbs 5'1" = BMI of 19.6. Healthy/"normal" range is 18.5-24.9.

inb4 "BMI doesn't count because bodybuilders."

No. 53679

Yes, her "native language" is hilarious.

No. 53680

She wrote it backwards. "photographer bad"

No. 53681

File: 1424718742828.jpg (125.52 KB, 600x800, belinda.jpg)

She looks cute here. It's that horrid nose makeup that ruins everything

No. 53682

File: 1424718784480.png (134.91 KB, 221x529, Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 2.08…)

God damnit, anon. That's how I know too.
I would strongly recommend Starving in Suburbia if you haven't seen that one yet. I just watched it last night and it's the most batshit insane one of those films I've seen thus far.

More related to the thread, '"Belinda Kovalskaya"' likes the page 'Beautiful Anorexic [BA♥]' on her VK; tagline 'Худей, жируха' / 'Slimming fatty.'

That's kind of a funny thing to do for someone who photoshops their limbs into sticks in every picture. Not to mention when she self-submitted 'so you don't even fear gaining weight haha?' to her ask.fm and answered 'Why would I fear gaining weight? I won't. It's not even a possibility.' So fucking strange. Like she had to post her fear publicly for her to farcically deny it.

No. 53683


Oh lol I think one of the worst ones I saw was called "When Friendship Kills" or something. God it was awful.

I do remember this super cute one though about two girls that get swept away to become Playboy bunnies, and one is like a stereotypical blonde who gets all the male attention and the other is a shy brunette, and it turns out the shy brunette is a better bunny than the blonde so the blonde starts starving herself and drinking to compete with her friend and it's actually pretty good you should watch it.

It's called A Tale of Two Bunnies in some countries and The Price of Beauty in others.

No. 53691

Take it to /b/.

No. 53692

File: 1424719679446.gif (453.21 KB, 600x800, belindashoop.gif)

shooped her.

No. 53695

I'm scurd.
tbh I think she's already quite pretty, she just fucks her face up with the ridiculous contouring and eyebrows.

No. 53699

I know, I was just trying to turn her into "Vladlena's" description of herself.

No. 53711

Oh, well in that case you nailed it. Def looks like Russian beauty she wishes she was.

No. 53718

File: 1424721934295.jpg (336.31 KB, 600x800, belindabrows.jpg)

That and the brows. Just change those two things and she looks great.

No. 53719

On second thought, the brows I shooped on may have been a little too dark/thick. Idk, still better than pencil lines I guess.

No. 53721

File: 1424722407288.jpg (70.02 KB, 367x550, fergie.jpg)

Features aside, why is nobody talking about the AWFUL crimped hair?

That shit doesn't suit anybody except maybe black women, and even then it's sparse.

No. 53722

she has that tiny mouth that is so sought-out for among Asians. She could really work her Asian features and become popular by that.

No. 53755

ugh I think crimping looks awful on everyone, except maybe lizzie mcguire lol

No. 53756

the korean flat brow would look good on her, though I agree a lighter color would have looked best, and maybe a bit higher?

No. 53779

that eyebrow style isn;t supposed to be high above the eye. gives you a bigger face.

No. 53780

Anyone else notice her boyfriend's name is Dmitry and Valeria's husband's name is also Dmitry? Lmao

No. 53781

why'd you have to shoop her non asian? her features are already pretty just take away the shit makeup….

No. 53782

Because 'Vladlena' is non-Asian, anon.

No. 53783

File: 1424728331136.jpg (58.01 KB, 453x604, 4IUVYqd-zKc.jpg)

I can't believe she actually went to the gym like this.

No. 53784

File: 1424728412853.jpg (30.28 KB, 453x604, UUbSY3rA4PA.jpg)

No. 53785

>sunglasses indoors

No. 53786

If he's really Russian then I guess it's possible, because Dmitry is insanely popular. Just like the name Olga.

No. 53790

In some earlier pics her face is really round with no chin, low mouth then other pics she has a slim face with a small chin. Is she editing her face shape as well?

No. 53798

That is how she wants to look, anon

No. 53819

It's like she wants to be made fun of

No. 53897

Does she? She's constantly holding her face in a tight way (I can't describe this well at all) to make it look smaller and she probably photoshops it. The weird face poses she does look so damn try hard.

No. 53938

This is an exact description of my ex. Are we thinking of the same person? Was he from Arizona?

No. 53939

I'm 5'9" and 108lb and I'm not that thin. You sound fat as fuck to me.

No. 53940

This is maybe the most obvious troll I have ever seen

No. 53942

How so? I didn't say I was fat, I'm just not that skinny. But to be around my weight at 5'1"? Lawd.

No. 53957

You must hold your weight like shit or something, because you are thin.
BMI wise, you are very underweight.

No. 53959

forget it, it's a troll.

No. 53960

All I hear
>me me me look at me

No. 53962


Keep in mind I don't work out. Again, not that thin. Unless you're a fat fuck. (Which I'm sure you are.)

No. 53965

>I don't even work out & I'm thin!
> OH I'm not THAT thin anon

No. 53966

How can you see what your typing with your nose that far up your own ass?

No. 53969

Why are you so scared of the word thin? Your weight doesn't fit the average of your height, hence the usage of the word. No one is telling you you're "too skinny, gain sum weight heheh uwu" … Just that you're thin for your height/weight combo.
Holy fuck.

No. 53972

Really? All I'm saying is that if you're a fucking midget at my weight, then you might just be a fat fuck. I'm about average weight, so if you're that short and weigh the same as me, then you're a fat piece of shit and should consider suicide.


I'm only slightly underweight, which is "not that thin". I never said I wasn't fucking thin, but you must be a bucket of disgusting lard if you're my weight and short.

No. 53980


Belinda has lied about her height as OP says.

No. 54008

She looks like a deformed bratz doll

No. 54013

Go purge somewhere else, geez. Stop fucking up the thread.

No. 54017

File: 1424761768795.jpg (50.89 KB, 600x800, FB_IMG_1424761525791.jpg)

This made me lol cos she's doing the \m/

No. 54021

File: 1424762574210.png (383.03 KB, 1067x1650, 2015-02-24 18.19.30.png)

The more you lurk her the better it gets, status said 'asians look similar to those with down syndrome' these were the comments. Even better, she had to edit her comment 3 times to spell 'aesthetic' correctly.

No. 54023

Nope, the guys I'm talking about are all from Western Europe. Apparently this is A Thing.

No. 54091

I like her outfit on this one, she actually could look super cute, IMHO. She just needs to work on facial expression so she doesn't look so damn "try hard" and stop ruining her face with this ugly makeup and overcontouring. And of course, pull that "omg i'm white" shit out her stupid head, and quick.

No. 54119

That horrific crimped hair… christ. Ulzzang wannabe Belinda was best Belinda.

No. 54139

The anon said she used to be extremely underweight

No. 54141

I'm 5'2, 112lb and I'm pretty skinny. e-e
Flat stomach, no chest, no butt..

No. 54142

Nobody cares.

I kind of wonder how serious this self hatred stuff is. This is so strange to me, especially since she apparently used to embrace being Asian.

No. 54143

no one cares fatty

No. 54145


Hahahah oh man, I feel slightly bad for her because it's obvious she hates her own race so much, but she is so laughable. She looks asian and no photoshop gonna change that.

No. 54166


There is no outfit there.

No. 54207

The more I look at this the more I think she really deserves that ED article.

No. 54353

Kind anon already made one.

No. 54357

http://forum.baginya.org/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=5838 Has anyone seen this? Anyone got a translation or can tell me what they're saying about her.

No. 54367

wow I feel such horrible second-hand embarrassment right now.

This like a weeb being made fun of by real Japanese.

No. 54368

The funniest comment to me goes something like this:

>I couldn't begin to imagine what it was like for the Japanese when they first became 'in vogue' and girls around the world raced to get ahead, trying hard to look like Asians. Now I can imagine how freaked out they are, watching these wannabe white girls squeaking in broken Japanese trying to be 'Asian' and 'kawaii.'

No. 54370

Meh. Nothing interesting.

>> No wonder she does it [copycats Valeria], Asians always fall for cheap but colorful things.

>> Now I can imagine how Japanese must have felt about first wave of weeaboo craze, when girls all over the world started jumping out of their panties trying hard to look like Asians) They must have felt so creeped out looking at all these white girls speaking bad Japanese and trying so hard to look "Asian" and "kawaii"))

I first felt super creeped out looking into her overshoopped slavic eyes))

No. 54371

Also, I'm slightly confused as to who originally posted what.

Who posted the interview first? Was it someone here? Because both lifeinplastic20 and someone on baginya took credit for it as well, in addition to using some of our posts here.

No. 54373


>> Exactly. I am so amazed by all these weebs,i mean Asians fap to European appearance, use skin lightening cosmetics, get eyelid surgery, dye their hair.And these stupid white girls buy it, thinking that Asians actually look like this [like haffu]. And what we get in the end - white girls looking like Asians girls who try to look like white girls.

No. 54379

Life in plastic did the interview, she may have also posted this on this Russian forum. Not sure. But she posted her interview on this thread before her own blog.

No. 54380

The comments on that forum really pissed me off. Belinda does not represent the majority of Asians, especially Asians in Australia.

No. 54383


>> Oh those loyal Russian patriots)) "I'm so pretty omg… Well of course! I'm from Russia. But I prefer to live in Australia" :-)

>> Yuck. She is disgusting.

>> This is so horrible, how can she look like this at her age? O_O


>> Epic fool. I noticed that there are two types of people who were bullied at school. First type are people who managed to resist bullying and fight back, they grow into normal people. The second type are losers who desperately look for a social niche, kiss asses of "cool" guys etc. They try to look "cool" themselves, so they pretend to be hot and popular bitches. Vladlena obviously belongs to the second type.

No. 54385


>> Such a kind-hearted Russian girl.

>> It kinda creeps me out that whites try to look Asian and Asians try to look white. Why nobody tries to be what they actually are? I just don't get it.

>> I'm not aggressive at all, but this fucked up girl makes me want to punch her so bad.

No. 54390

"most improved" I cracked up

No. 54397

As a British person I feel this awkward way about anglophiles/britaboos/sherlock-who super fans

No. 54425

From my perspective she seems like a girl suffering from BDD with a lot of racial self loathing.

I think this is all in the pursuit of trying to be special and unique, and it's really heartbreaking that she can't see her perfectly good foundations but instead has to create a whole new character copied from somebody else.

I hope she sees how ridiculous she looks, or at the least gets better at makeup and photoshop, and can somehow embrace her real identity.

I dunno, I just felt really depressed reading this thread

No. 54427

me too
i know she's acting really rude and mean but bullying can really fuck up a person so I honestly feel sad for her
it really seems like those bullies made her hate her ethnicity and herself so it explains why now shes pretending to be someone else

No. 54449

File: 1424830455265.png (8.02 KB, 784x107, hahaahahahahaha.png)

No. 54453

what even goes through her head when she writes these?…

also, I wonder if she blurts out this "I'm Russian" crap irl, I wonder if her parents know about it.

No. 54460

She must since she hangs around all these Russian dudes irl

No. 54471

but…….Don't they laugh at her?

No. 54473

They see the shit she posts online, and some of the guys have liked her white supremacy shit and judging by their facebook pictures and statuses they also agree.

No. 54476

That doesn't make sense though. White supremacist liking an deluded Asian girl?

No. 54483

They are probably so stupid they think she's actually Russian. There are a lot of half Asians in Russia.

No. 54490

File: 1424836287796.jpg (125.64 KB, 600x800, asian.jpg)

I doubt it, unless they're downright retarded. Even in her VK pictures with the heavy makeup on eyes and nose she still looks fully Asian.

No. 54499

A lot of russians look asian because of the Mongolian blood. I've definitely met many russians who I thought were korean

No. 54501

This is true. She seems to know next to nothing about Russian culture, she only ever brings up Russia when someone asks her about it, and the only time she didn't was when she said that Russians naturally have big noses. Seems like a strange thing to say about a race of people you love so much that you pretend to be one.

The pic of her in front of the Russian flag was probably only to copy Valeria's as well.

No. 54502

From her facebook, she is apart of groups like "Russians in Sydney" "meet Russians in Aus" etc and adding only Russians, she listens to Russian music as well on youtube. I'd say she's obsessed with Russia lol.

No. 54507

The obsession is extremely shallow though. When asked questions about Russia she can only come up with common knowledge answers that anyone could give.

No. 54519

doesn't she realize cateye makeup is gonna just make her look more asian? look up one them japanese halfu tutorials or something girl!

No. 54523

File: 1424846234625.png (863.88 KB, 775x536, wat.png)


Her tits look mega fucked up.

No. 54524


Her "boyfriend". Someone should send him a link to her ask.fm.

No. 54525

Also, he's definitely not a racist of any sort, looks like he's close friends with an Indian guy.

No. 54527

What if it's not her boyfriend though….. I mean there's only some pictures of her putting her arm around him. You could do that to someone who's just a friend.

Plus, there's something fishy about how she declines to mention him whenever asked about her relationship. Having a Russian boyfriend would seem like the first thing she would be boasting and gloating about.

Maybe somebody could just ask him "is Belinda your girlfriend?"

No. 54529


It's probably not her boyfriend, she probably just stalks him/hangs off of him in photos.

No. 54531

Yeah was going to say, same here. Also met a few Russians who looked East Asian. Its a large country so not surprising some look that way depending on the region.

I doubt Belinda knows this, she wouldn't have to change her look and still get away with calling herself Russian.

No. 54583


You guys know that many Russians are racists and it's quite a normal thing there? So she wouldn't get away with that shit, at least among fully-Slavic Russians. They still would call her a "mongoloid" or something and wouldn't take her seriously.

No. 54599

If I wasn't on my phone, I'd probably spam the thread with kawaii indians.

Also, am I the only one who jumped for joy when they found out it wasn't an American/Canadian for once?

No. 54602

I always assume they're British, I guess we all assume and feel pre-emptive shame for our nationalities

No. 54621

I kind of notice a lot of white supremacist/Russian-boo white guys are, hypocritically, really into Asian girls. Even if they knew she was full Asian (and, as others have mentioned, some Russians do have Asian features) they'd lap it up no matter what.

No. 54623

Her everything looks fucked up.

No. 54684

I always assume they're American/British/Canadian, poor Australia doesn't get enough attention lol.

No. 54704

Welp, she's an otherkin.

No. 54852

File: 1424918506770.jpg (70.17 KB, 800x600, FB_IMG_1424918305654.jpg)

She has got to be trollin

No. 54878

WHAT. My mind is blown. She could have really rocked the ulzzang look, or hell even like that she still has a kind of cool/edgy look and actually, she is pretty. She could have gotten popular like that, man what a weirdo…

No. 54885

File: 1424925314858.jpg (5.54 KB, 200x200, alien.jpg)

No. 54899

File: 1424929400629.jpg (51.22 KB, 604x453, mbsaJevB1w0.jpg)

That bad shoop tho

No. 54910

is this recent or from her goth phase?

No. 54920

What, really? What's her kintype?

No. 54921


No. 54947


Holy cow she pretty much did the same photos as Valeria at the beach just in a black bikini lol she's such a wanna be

No. 54951

"How are you such a perfect Aryan princess? thanks, although I'm more Nordic than Aryan"


No. 54966

Obviously not white enough, lol

But seriously, wtf is happenning in her stupid head if she identifies herself as Nordic, ie blue-eyed blonde with pale skin! What the fuck is wrong with you, Belinda?

No. 54968

Actually she's trans-ethnic


No. 54976

Lmao, she looks like a fucking neanderthal, i get her wanting to change race, jesus christ.

No. 54977

File: 1424950750114.jpg (6.32 KB, 281x179, beauty.jpg)

She'll never be this, she should just accept it.

No. 54986

There's a laser procedure you can sign up for that turns brown eyes blue, because brown eyes have blue pigment in them. It's still in the beta stage, which is why you have to sign up, but the procedure is completely safe and works.

I could see her doing it tbh. That and bleaching her hair.

No. 55019

True, it's so hilarious watching her strive to be another race and just looking like an ugly seamonster.

No. 55020

>Anyone mistaking this beast for white

No. 55037


wtf I'm 5'3'' and 47 kg and I am far from being thin. fml.

No. 55041

weight is a bad way of telling is someone is thin. if you have no muscle and only fat and you weigh 47kg you might not be thin, but if you exercise a lot and have muscle 47kg is probably quite thin, since muscle weighs far more than fat.

No. 55049

stop ruining the thread you skinny bitches! Nobody cares of your weight. Take this shit to /b/!

No. 55061

I never understood Valeria calming to be Nordic either. But with this bitch it's SO fucking ridiculous I can't even find it funny. How can she be retarded enough to boast about being Russian, i.e Slavic and say she's Nordic?

And btw, anthropologyfag here and to be the Nordic type is not just eye and hair color. It's facial structure down to the bone. Your jaw, forehead, nose, chin etc. have to be a certain shape.

No. 55073

There is literally no way you are not thin at that weight and that height uless you are missing limbs. Stop comparing yourself to shoops.

No. 55074

I would say you should stop giving these worthless attentionwhores attention because nobody gives a fuck about their stupid measurements, but I kind of agree, measurements are better.

I thought this was funny too. Why not claim to be slavic if you are trying to be Russian? Probably just because "nordic" sounds better…even though in all her fakeness she doesn't even bother dying her hair blonde or using blue contacts.

No. 55085

Gonna say one word.
I'm 5'2 but my age is an awkward one, and i'm around 47kg.
I have some pudge in the bottom of my stomach, but my ribs are still outlined. I am not chubby, because I'm muscled in my arms, and have a big head. I'd post a picture but that's going too far.
If you have thighs, and figure, it's perfectly fine to be 47kg. But if you're a complete stick, you'll look fat. Weight'll drag down more.
You can also have a lot of fat in your calves, which often isn't accounted for. Or in your ankles.
Just saying. Sorry to be a bother.

No. 55091


No. 55098

She's almost like the bizarro PT. PT's white and wants to be Japanese, Belinda is Chinese and wants to be Russian.

No. 55101

File: 1424984096159.png (38.12 KB, 826x157, Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 3.51…)

Apparently it takes years to bleach your hair.

No. 55102

In the future, some day when we have brain transplants, I can see asian russiaboos and anglophiles bodyswaping with koreaboos and weeaboos

No. 55106

you should write a book.

No. 55110

I'm writing one actually, but it's a sci-fi about warfare/robots, one of the characters is Russian, since seeing this thread I'll need to change that though.

No. 55131

There are russophiles?

Well now I've seen everything.

No. 55137

No. 55139

Russia has a rich culture and yet these russophiles choose to imitate bydlos- basically white trash of Russia.

No. 55143

I'm laughing imagining how popular her picture would be on those types of sites? I kinda want someone to create a fake profile, get super popular and then watch her try to claim that its her and no one believe her

No. 55147

what do people eat in Russia? like besides borscht? I'm imagining Belinda with a fridge full of beets to try and anglophy herself even more

No. 55151

A rich culture of human trafficking and baby consumption.

No. 55152

Baby consumption? Sorry what lmao.

No. 55174

Vodka. No joke. They sell this ditch vodka and the dudes sit around drinking all day until they die at like 50.

No. 55236

This is my fave ever lolcow

No. 55246

I have never seen any one want to be an Australian or New Zealander.

No. 55273

Had to google this
I've never heard about most of these dishes.

meh I really like 19th century Russian literature (Russian realism) and Russian ballet but when Russia became commie everything went to shit

No. 55299

Mr Yan wants to be Australian, fyi

No. 55304

Cause that's what most Americans think all Russians are like, and the Russophiles (much like weeaboos) don't know enough about the country they worship to know it's not true.

No. 55567

I met a guy in Tokyo who wanted to be an Aussie. It was Australia Day in a crappy Australian themed bar in Roppongi. I gave him 2 Caramello Koalas and taught him how to speak like a Bogan.

No. 55614

I'd take chubby/cute over skinny/ugly any day. This girl definitely falls in to the latter. She's really gross looking.

No. 55617

>I was using it in the Indian way

burst out laughing. if you're going to be a giant racist then at least stick to your beliefs when called out on them.
also, she's pro hitler when if hitler had succeeded he would have killed her for not being part of the aryan race. is this bitch for real?

No. 55637

She's claiming to be Slavic again. I think she doesn't know what the fuck those terms are suppose to mean.

Actually Hitler was cool with Asians.

No. 55638

Yeah, but she's not Asian remember? She's a Russian goddess.

No. 55651

File: 1425152695913.jpg (49.41 KB, 604x453, y-S6dxXOfp8.jpg)

oh my god. that is way cringe-worthy. that outfit is horrible enough without the wig and sunglasses. so much secondhand embarrassment.

No. 55686

Valeria also looks very cheap, so I believe it's fine for Belinda, too. Lol

No. 55760

She has no muscle tone whatsoever. I bet she just hangs out and takes selfies for half an hour. God I hate those people.

No. 55790

Idk if it's just shoop but her head shape is scary af

No. 55848

true, but in russia/ukraine valeria's style isn't that unusual. this chick lives in australia though.

No. 55941

She must be lying about her weight. A girl of that height would look anorexic and be severly underweight. I am 1.55 m and the lowest i may go without being classified as underweight is 50 kg. So standing at 1.75 and 45 kg would be spoopy scary skeleton time.

No. 55942

She's lying about everything.

Anything she says should be dismissed as a lie unless proven otherwise.

No. 55945

Why do eastern Europeans have such horrible taste in fucking everything? Every single one that I've seen fucking CAKES themselves in makeup and wears really tacky over the top clothing. Their hair is also fried and filled with hair spray to the point of stiffness.

No. 55946

She's pretty short looking from all the pictures I've seen. Lie lie lie.

No. 55976

OP said she was 5"2 or something and Belinda was way shorter than herself.

No. 55979

idk man. i am from (south)eastern europe and there are some pretty girls here but they cake on makeup so much, especially when they go out, they literally look 20 years older and uglier. And they ruin their skin. It's a shame because some of them really have potential.

No. 55986

this is why you guys should use archive.today and archive.org.

No. 55989

What do you mean by that?

No. 55991

There is no blue pigment in eyes. Here's an easy read: https://medium.com/@ptvan/structural-eye-color-is-amazing-24f47723bf9a

No. 56160

File: 1425292000700.jpg (5.73 KB, 194x260, images (2).jpg)

I just realised that her makeup looks like how people tend to do their highlighting/contouring horribly for attack on titan cosplay…

No. 56161

File: 1425292026866.jpg (21.91 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 56439

File: 1425337017255.jpg (56.54 KB, 453x604, N_NDdJroJro.jpg)

No. 56526

That gigantic barrel chest is so freaky looking. This is the weirdest body I've ever seen. Can't even tell what of it is a photoshop failure and what of it is that she's fucking ugly any more.

No. 56536

Soo.. is anyone gonna help with contributing/editing this? https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Belinda_Kovalskaya

It's pretty short and all over the place.

No. 56886

lol Isn't "her belief" that you need to stay away from smoking if you want to remain beautiful, or whatever?

No. 56889

Haha, someone categorized it as crap. I guess I could rewrite some of it.

No. 56890

Damn. This really does need to be longer. At least one of the PULL members was able to edit JNig's ED article a bit. This one really is too short.

No. 56891

That would be awesome, anon.

No. 56901

yes please

No. 56906

File: 1425430633250.png (784.34 KB, 997x975, Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 7.53…)

It's funny cause in reality she's only 2 years older than that but looks like a Chinese auntie.

No. 56909

That is …wow. That incredibly self centered post. And haha, agreed. She looks like she's in her 30s.

No. 56917

>looks like a Chinese auntie

a misshapen Chinese auntie

No. 57003

Edited it a bit and moved it out of crap. It still could use some work, though.

No. 57009

Thanks! Much better now

No. 58507

File: 1425792478281.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-03-08-16-22-14…)

No. 58509

File: 1425793149668.png (6.53 KB, 407x89, belindaisatrip.png)

This cap is old but I laughed really hard when I read it.

No. 58511

Ah, just realized I whited out the names for some odd reason? But yeah, her weird level of narcissism coupled with her insistence that she's from another planet (like Valeria) is too funny.

No. 58517

She looks really fucking weird here (as if all her other photos aren't, lol), her forehead looks huge and alien-esque.

No. 58528

Isn't the gym where people like her expect overweight people to be? Maybe she thinks the gym is somewhere you go to pose for stupid photos in Barbie wigs or something

No. 58552

I don't get how anyone could like such a blatantly conceited anglophile twat like this, wtf

No. 58555


No. 58581

>complains about how society is overweight and it's disgusting how people allow this to happen
>actively goes to a location (seemingly) just to mock people who are actively trying to change that (lets be real, she is just standing around in there trying to look pretty/get attention, she's probably not doing anything worthwhile)

At least those fat people are doing something at the gym and don't just spend their time watching other people. She's lazier than a fatty.
What does she even want from these people?

No. 60098

File: 1426040502316.png (36.14 KB, 695x719, bella.png)

Does she send these all to herself?

No. 60102


No. 60104

Lol that misleading weight bullshit that women buy into.

No. 60117

Who goes to the gym to watch people work out? What a fucking weirdo.

No. 60137

honestly some of them are probably troll questions (I know I sent a few). Her answers are so incredibly boring that I doubt most are self-sent.

Her identity issues are fucked up, but her personality is so dead that it ruins the potential fun. On top of that, she's so fucking stupid. Not even the funny kind, but the "wtf is inside her head?" kind.

No. 60319

Amen, brother Anon. I used to expect a lot from this lolcow in the beginning, I mean, look at her legend! "I'm fully Russian you ugly peasants ur juz jealous of mah nordic beautey gtfo". It's soooo hilarious it's almost brilliant! And her crazy contouring… And her shoops! In the beginning everyone agreed that she has everything to be a gold mine of lulz.

But then she opened her stupid mouth and started talking - that failed interview, then her stupid answers on Ask, and… yeah, now we have what you have said: she is incredibly boring, extremely unoriginal (even for a complete copycat!) and just SOOOO stupid, but - again - not even in a funny way!

No. 60463

>you are all jealous cattle

My sides.

No. 66551

File: 1426981055231.jpg (39.45 KB, 600x800, 10484775_1087865741229193_1755…)

I haven't checked her facebook in a while, and the first thing I saw was this.
How does someone get worse at something the more they do it?

No. 66561

That contouring looks like she rubbed dirt on her face

No. 66605

… are those her panties?

No. 66741

I wonder if she fakes a Russian accent in real life. That would be fucking hilarious IMO

No. 66835

Why does she look like Michael Jackson in some of these pictures?

No. 66837

She looks like a creepy misfigured barbie doll.

No. 66845

Holy fuck. I don't even want to know how that contouring looks in person.
She really layered it on and managed to look white here.
But jfc, the amount of make-up to do it…

No. 67208

I think this indicates shyness on her behalf irl

No. 67298


I agree. She is playing a part of who she wants to be, but in reality she is shy/incredibly insecure. (Sadly, I can relate) When you're that insecure in yourself and you receive the negativity that she's been receiving from people recently (for good reason, though, I'm not white-knighting) you really just want to disappear. That's been my experience, anyway.

I really hope to see more from her, she started off infinitely amusing. :( Maybe we should work on building up her confidence so we can see more lolz.

No. 67673

This makes me laugh. She looks so beautiful when she doesn't do this weird contouring. Grrrl embrace being Chinese, this shit is wrong. I think she's got an identity disorder but then again I'm not a doctor so have no right to judge. Hope she gets herself sorted. :( Also why would you wanna be Russian? I'm Russian and it's not anything special like really no one gives a shit. On her ask.fm she talks about white being superior. It scares me.

No. 67701

maybe a Russian anon here can speak to her through VK? She seems to go there often, her last comment was an hour ago.

Insist on speaking Russian. No one who leaves their native country at whatever age forgets the language enough to not understand everyday conversation unless their parents made an effort for them to never be around that language.

No. 67705

I would although she'll just use Google translate, but what we have to watch out for is her getting the endings of words wrong (Google is bad for that), or saying "you" informally to someone she just started talking to instead of formally. Anyone else wanna? Plus I don't have VK sadly. I can translate any shit she says, that's about it, if anyone wants.

No. 67708

nah don't worry, google translate would be obvious if she writes more than 2 sentences (which she'll probably avoid doing). though maybe the use of slangs or chatspeak like 'lol', if Russian has any, wold confuse her.

No. 67709


No. 67714

I guess so, hopefully someone will point it out if she does. Also she's obsessed with Putin, pretty unusual for someone her age. :S

No. 67724

I doubt she's really obsessed with him. Putin is just a prominent symbol of Russianism for her.

No. 67791

A couple of things:

1. A native Russian speaker has already tried to speak to her in Russian. She refused.

2. It is VERY easy for children to forget their native language when they move from their country/start speaking another language as their main. I've seen it happen many times.

No. 67793

(Not that I think Belinda's native language is Russian; it obviously isn't.)

No. 67804

actually I'm one of those children. I left my native country at the age of 4, and English is absolutely my main language now. However, there's no way in hell I wouldn't be able to hold off a basic conversation with someone in my native language. I may do it with a shitload of misspelling and weird speech pattern, but I'm still 100% funcionable in it…..(woah now that I think about it, she could use this as an excuse for why her Russian is so bad lolll)

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I can say the same for any other kid like me, unless a real effort was made for them to discontinue speaking/hearing that language. Like what Mira intends to do to her kids.

And to answer #1, Lifeinplastic21 gave up too easily when she said that, if someone pushed for it and challenged her excuses for why she couldn't, she'd have no choice.

No. 67807

I just saw this in her ask.fm

>I was born in Vladivostok, Russia and went to 5 years of school there

idk much about Russia, but I seriously doubt you go to school the minute you're born. I think she was trying to imply that she left Russia much later, before she changed her story that she left at 3 years old.

No. 67836

>she could use this as an excuse for why her Russian is so bad

Could she though? I don't know much about Russian specifically but I think people with some grasp of a language (including people who spoke it on and off as a kid though they have a different dominant language) won't make the same mistakes that google translate does. I speak a second language and while I often forget words and may screw some things up, even I can tell when someone tried to use google because it ends up having a weird and unnatural "flow", if that makes sense.

No. 67856

I hope to God you don't mean Mira as in Kanadajin, I pray to God that inbred derpface never procreates.

No. 67863

Idk, my best friend in middle school had a parent that spoke her native language as well as all of my bff's grand parents, aunt's uncles, etc. but she herself could not speak a word of it despite it being the only language she spoke her first 5 years of life

she could grasp some of the basic meanings, but the very basic, intermediate level meanings

not that I'm defending belinda, just that people are capable on forgetting a language even though the people around her speak it, idk why though

No. 67871


Yeah, my mom's native language was Spanish. She stopped speaking it around the age of five or six when she was forced in school to start speaking English. She knows a few words still, but can't converse/understand much and her Spanish pronunciation isn't good at all.

So yeah, >>67804,

While some people retain the language (like you, apparently) others don't. It is simple to forgot when you are that young and don't have opportunities to practice. It doesn't take any "real effort" at all to not retain it, it just fades away if you don't use it.

No. 67872


No. 67875

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, in my mom's case she has always been brilliant at math and science and not so good at language skills. Perhaps that is why she didn't retain her native language well, I don't know. Let's just agree that everyone is different.

And I guess it's really kind of irrelevant because in Belinda's case she is just entirely full of shit.

No. 67974

Well if you put it that way you may be right. I'm terribad at math, but have ace language skills lel.

No. 67977

Does OP know if she was born in China or in Australia, and at what age she came? Just curious.

No. 68276

Does OP still come here, I wonder? D:

No. 69778

Serbia is not western Europe.

No. 69894

I've been sending Belinda asks every now and then. Some general questions about her, some ass-kissing, some critiques about her behavior. She ignores most of them, answers the most general ones (If you can even call them answers.) And occasionally answers the compliments but I feel like she mostly just brushes them off in her replies.

The other day I noticed a "happy birthday" button appear on her ask page and I wished her a happy birthday. She ignored it, but answered another one I had sent the same day.

So disappointingly dull.

No. 70078

I do the same. Every now and then I ask her questions about her life, or trick questions about Russians or something. Surprisingly she answers almost all of them.

I really hate how people send her a paragraph of comments/questions and she answers the whole thing with 2 words. Ignoring 90% of what was said. You'd think somebody this crazy would have a personality to match. It's no wonder she ended up being a carbon copy of another person, she has no character of her own at all.

No. 70100


Yeah, I think you summed it up pretty well. No personality whatsoever. She's so vague with her answers, I wonder how one even gets into her social circle (which so far seems to exclusively be that supposedly Russian male friend.)

Or maybe she's just not good at making friends with anyone, it kind of seems that way.

No. 70164

It would spice things up if somebody with a facebook can ask Dimtry about it. Something like asking if he's aware she's lying that she's Russian, and how much she's exploiting pictures with him.

No. 83130

File: 1429210728277.jpg (516.74 KB, 500x2041, belinda.jpg)

After over a month of silence, a Belinda "white knight" pops in out of no where.

No. 83157

I don't know what you've done with the screenshots and wtf with their order, but here's the link to the original post

No. 83180

lmao sorry

I kinda want that person to come here and whiteknight, we can still squeeze juices out of the Belinda drama yet.

No. 83195

"Only my russian friends can pronounce Vladlena correctly"


No. 83753

So cringe.
Russia is actually my native tongue but I immigrated to Canada when I was pretty young. I probably would of forgotten the language completely if my mom didn't force me to go to "Russian after school-school".
That being said, I can always try and befriend her and get some details?

No. 83789

Dude, you almost forgot your native language and your English is horrible as well. You either retarded or a sheer genius at speaking some other language, like French.

No. 83801

Lel, so typical of Belinda.

As a native Russian, I kinda would like to talk to her oh-so-russian friends. Of course, if they are not imaginary (and I believe they are). If you remember how she told me to gtfo in broken Russian before she realized I am a native Russian, you can imagine how second-hand awkward this conversation could be. I mean, if her "friends" are real and they are Russian wannabes like her.

No. 83803

File: 1429281516342.png (468.08 KB, 631x651, Сниsaxaxaмок.PNG)

PS: she pisses me off with posting shit like this. This is how foreigners see Russians, and it's kinda offending, like any stereotype.
As oh-so-native-Russian, she should have known that only foreigners OR complete patriot redneck morons would enjoy shit like this.

No. 84500

Please do. Her friend Dimtry (blonde guy found on her facebook) appears to be a real Russian. It'd be interesting to know if he's aware of her identity swap and how she uses him to appear mor legit.

No. 84912

I don't know, man, all the Russian people I know in the US have totally embraced their ethnic stereotypes because people think it's cool and funny. Because of all the Cold War shit it's just seen as an amusing relic from the past.

No. 88521

File: 1429996310020.png (477.3 KB, 523x553, be yourself.png)

She's my favourite lolcow. I'm staring to believe that she's genuinely oblivious to what she's doing.

She really needs to stop using that orange ass bronzer as a contour. I'm on the same boat, but I have the sense to stop using it.

No. 89026

Ugh, her contouring….yeah, she's becoming my favorite, too.

With pale skin, you need to use cool toned contours that are light in color. Bright ass orange and brown on fair skin just looks like you have dirt smeared all over you.

Well, it's going to look like dirt all over her anyways 'cause this poor girl doesn't know how to blend shit properly nor know how to use a light hand for application.

She had a post a while back yapping about drugstore products (NYX, Maybelline, Covergirl, etc) and how she would never use such, acting as if she was above them and materialistic. Bitch please, your makeup application looks like a 14 year old just went crazy at a drugstore buying their first products from the clearance bin. Hell, I've seen 14 year olds apply their makeup better… I know I can be picky too with brands, but damn if I see it at the drugstore and I like it, I'll use it. No care here.

No. 89352

I'm Russian and this is not entirely true, but yeah, only rednecks or patriots would enjoy this on daily basis. There is also country music teachers and their students who genuinely enjoy playing this stuff as well, but I guess it's more of a team spirit + they are getting praise and money out of it.
The only times any other Russian citizen would enjoy this kind of music are national holidays. To be honest I never even heard of this song she posted.

No. 89373

I really would love to show Dmitry this thread.

No. 89596

he probably gets mad pussy from her though. He'll probably dump her when he finds something better.

No. 89619

>That self hate
feels sad for the Indian girl.

No. 89625

File: 1430169397602.png (667.02 KB, 983x977, belinda.png)

>All humans are apes. Hominidae = great ape.
>She's probably talking about chimps or gorillas.
>That's impossible, a human can't be more "insert other species" than human.

No. 89634

Anon, she's a dumb idiot, what do you expect her to say?

No. 89636

She looks like ET here.

No. 89697

What a racist bitch she is. Fucking hell, I hate her so much. Prevet, ti bolshaya doornaya suka. If she understands that I applaud her.

No. 89711

Oh god that hair is absolutely disgusting

No. 89717

I only understand "Hi, you" and "Bitch" lol

No. 89759

I think it was sarcasm, but yeah, would be sad if she was serious.

No. 89771

What if they're both just fucking around?

No. 89774

Yeah, why does she think the crimping is a good look? Hasn't someone told her otherwise?

Also, I love how she always wears sunglasses to hide her Chinese.

No. 89776

I wouldn't put it past that he hangs out with her because he's flattered that she's so obsessed with this culture and probably worships guys like him. Kind of like what I imagine Japanese people feel when they read stories about weeaboos.

No. 90009

Is this what you really believe in?
Cause I'm Russian, and all I want to do with her when she starts spreading this "Omg I'm so Russian" shit on the internets is punch her in the face. I don't feel flattered at all. AT FUCKING ALL. She creeps me out with her public insulting of her own race and pisses me off with claiming she is white/Russian.
I wouldn't be surprised if Japanese feel the same way about weebs. In fact, I'd be surprised if they actually feel flattered.

No. 90086

File: 1430250902776.jpg (125.16 KB, 600x800, asian.jpg)

Her Russian friends don't seem to think like you. It's clear as fucking daylight that she's Asian, and it should be even more noticeable irl. I suppose at most she can pass for mixed race considering all she does to change her features, but you'd have to be pretty stupid to think she were a full white woman.

So if her Russian friends are aware she's pretending to be Russian and saying all that embarrassing shit, why do they still hang out with her?

No. 90088

File: 1430251039612.jpg (49.54 KB, 800x600, dim.jpg)

here's his facebook https://www.facebook.com/dimasik.karepov

Also it looks like the 8ch guys are sending her asks.
>You don't look Asian at all. Instead, you look like my Slavic cousin after she dyed her hair black to look like a Gypsy-Emo type thing! Was it wrong for me to have gotten intimate with her provided she looks almost like you?

No. 90186

goddamn dat contouring

No. 90201

the thinner the eyebrow, the crazier the woman

No. 90636

Honest to god, I think her and her Russian friends are playing a joke on the interwebs. I bet they're intentionally trying to mimic Valeria.I think people want to believe that she's just this insane because it's interesting. She pretends to be Russian around her Russian friends, and none of them say anything? I think they're all just having fun together.

No. 90785

I'm sure she fucks them plus maybe they keep her around as their personal lolcow.

No. 90960

File: 1430354839482.gif (78.28 KB, 500x288, 0102.gif)

>>keep her around as their personal lolcow

I hope so, Anon, I hope so. This is the only really reasonable explanation which justifies them in my eyes.

No. 90981

File: 1430356062022.jpeg (29.45 KB, 200x200, ugh.jpeg)

has someone figured out how to milk her yet…. just fucking invite her here, let her whiteknight herself. whatever, just gimme the juices

No. 90990

Why don't you? You can send her the link anonymously through her ask.

No. 91009

I sent it. Probably possibilities:

1. she deletes fucking everything and goes into hiding.
2. she bitches about us on facebook.
3. she comes here but with unfunny and confusing one-liners, dodging everything she can't answer for.

No. 91026

File: 1430360584542.gif (428.88 KB, 320x240, tumblr_n7e32dzrM01s6sc4lo2_400…)

I gave her a link to the thread, like, years ago in a hope to milk her a little. She played her traditional "too important to give a shit" act and only said:

>>People will gossip and gossip and gossip. But at the end of the day, it's only gossip amongst simpletons.

And that's it.

Still, I'm sure she checks her thread regularly. She is too self-obsessed to ignore the fact that people on the internets discuss her.

No. 91030

Plan B. Somebody make a spare account and tell this guy to come over. I don't wanna do it.


No. 91035

I'm on it. Just gimme a little time, guys (I need to make a fake FB account and stuff), I'll try to talk to him a little later.

No. 91095

I wouldn't be surprised, but at the same time I don't think she is.

No. 91173

i have had Dmitry on fb for a couple of months, they have not been fb friends for the past 2 months but she continues to upload photos of him.

No. 91195

File: 1430377410473.png (314.92 KB, 720x959, Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 2.50…)

are you OP?
that sounds weird. Maybe he found out about her shit, but she's still using him for show.

No. 93280

File: 1430726723956.png (112.99 KB, 499x353, Milkman.png)

So I tried to contact Dmitry, but had no luck - he refused to reply. I sent him two messages for this whole time, and got no answer.
If someone else on here wants to try - good luck to them. I'm tired of this stupid cow and failed attempts to milk her or her environment. She is totally worthless.

No. 93287

What did you say to him?

No. 93335

Not much, I just tried to start a regular conversation and be friendly, so first I asked "Hi! May I talk to you? :)" in Russian, then, after like three days of silence - "Hello?" (again, in Russian), and still - no reply.

No. 93539

Damn, she has an amazing body shape.

No. 93547

I'm sure he understands english, since he lives in australia

No. 93549

File: 1430775556532.png (8.25 KB, 665x90, neutral.png)


No. 93759

But he is oh-so-Russian and proud of it as fuck, makes reblogs from proud-to-be-russian groups on FB and stuff! Of course I tried to contact him in his NATIVE laguage, kek.

No. 93762

This is "I'm too stupid to say something interesting" said in an alien Barbie hipster way.

No. 93776

well fuck. I'm getting tired of getting my hopes up. Belinda is way too dense to milk. By the looks of her ask.fm, various people from pt, /cow/, random trolls, and even people who know her irl have tried to get some kicks from her, but she's too stupid to deliver.

No. 110557

Seems she has slowed down significantly on posting. Bummer; I was fascinated at the level of copy cat / lulz going on

No. 110629

File: 1432607718075.jpg (64.83 KB, 653x503, whut.jpg)

Is she trolling, or really just this dumb? I wish I knew the answer.

No. 110658

This chick is honestly the stupidest person to ever live
and it's hilarious

No. 110666

that's not even on the surface of the stupidest things she's said. she really is that retarded

No. 110670

does she even know what nazis are?

No. 110985


I saw this last night as well, I have to think she's just either really air headed or so "smart" that her idolization of Valeria is fairly spot on with all of the controversial statements and then denial. Honestly, like everyone else has already said, she's wearing a mask.

When she changes her face and body in photoshop, she can be whoever she wants to be online. I can't tell if she is deliberately trying (failing) to be an ignorant alien barbie queen or if she's actually a hateful person with no IQ.

No. 111127

> if she's actually a hateful person with no IQ.

She seemed like a hateful person with a low IQ when she dressed like a sweet gothic lolita.

No. 112065

read through the whole thread and i keep thinking she's trolling hard, especially with those loud "5 edgy 6u" posts in the social media.

No. 112518

Holy shit her Facebook page blew up. You guys have to check out all the people ripping her apart haha

No. 112523

Lol @ her whiteknights. I'm surprised she hasn't made her FB private after all these people slamming her

No. 112524


Who are all these people? Was this planned?

No. 112526

No idea. I want to know what happened

No. 112527

Aaawww, I can't access her page D: I wanna see! Halp

No. 112534

File: 1432821951557.png (439.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-05-28-09-01-00…)

you were not fucking kidding.

It's like a war of lolcows over there, battlefields as far as the eye can see, soaked in milk and salty tears.

No. 112542

fucking tyrone i cant breathe

No. 112544

File: 1432824931912.jpg (63.38 KB, 960x960, 11350885_926409327417976_60321…)

No. 112580

I messaged the girls who commented on literally everything because I was curious myself as to how her profile became infamous that quickly. Honestly I thought this site was responsible but I was wrong

No. 112583

Most of the posters appear to be black and/or are calling Belinda out specifically for racism against black people, so I assume that someone must have (rightfully) reported her racist ass to a particular community. About time bitch gets what she deserves.

No. 112587

I agree. I've always wanted to call her out but frankly never have enough of a shit to actually do it. So beautiful to see justice- but I'm sad too because she'll probably delete her wannabe Valeria profile now

No. 112636

She has such a vacant look in her eyes.

No. 112650

File: 1432837284097.png (1.39 MB, 522x7454, snap00228.png)

Phew… I documented every fucking thing. In case she deletes it or her account.

No. 112695

lel, what a shitstorm

No. 112758

>beautiful outfit
um, okay

No. 112774

the people commenting/insulting her are almost as ludicrous as Belinda herself.

I'm looking at you, Chay Chay & Katie Jo.

also wtf at the people posting 'white oppression!' memes, isn't Belinda chinese or something?

No. 112789

jesus fucking christ, everyone is annoying is fuck. fucking cancer.

No. 112794

>>Chay Chay

Will it be racist of a white person to say that the bitch is ugly as fucking shitty fuck?

No. 112802

>>isn't Belinda chinese or something?
That's what pisses me off most of all. Half of those stupid niggas act like they really believe she's white/Russian.

No. 112804

File: 1432849686162.png (1.16 MB, 769x5628, snap00001.png)

Moar screen caps for the history.

No. 112805

File: 1432849710149.png (1.07 MB, 774x5149, snap00010.png)

No. 112806

File: 1432849748487.png (987.77 KB, 838x3707, snap00050.png)

No. 112808

File: 1432849996027.png (365.68 KB, 498x799, snap00009.png)

No. 112809

File: 1432850036566.png (284.4 KB, 506x1921, snap00019.png)

No. 112810

File: 1432850074918.png (497.42 KB, 765x1644, snap00023.png)

No. 112847

These next level ass comments ??? They're absolutely murdering her lmao

No. 112925

Somebody please spam her ED page for them to see

No. 112926

File: 1432857161785.jpg (65.25 KB, 600x800, belinda.jpg)

>You ugly dying looking bitch

No. 112927

omg I can't stop laughing at that "dying looking bitch" comment, I think i'm gonna cry

No. 112958

did anyone figure out how they all found her?

No. 113029

Why are they acting like she's white?

No. 113036

she's blatantly claiming to be white and doesn't look too obviously asian in some of her horrendous pictures (thanks to makeup). so they don't have a reason to suspect she isn't.

No. 113308

File: 1432914468966.png (83.33 KB, 603x244, Снимок.PNG)

No. 113500

Aaand her facebook is gone. I'm surprised it didn't happen right away, honestly

No. 113597

aw, is this the end of Belinda? her vk and ask.fm are still up, but I doubt they'll be active now.

No. 113615

I wonder if she's having a meltdown

No. 113638

This probably escalated her racism actually, given that most of the people attacking her were black. Just like how she began hating Indians when they bullied her. I don't think she's smart enough to learn anything from this.

No. 113640

rip in peace, Belinda.

No. 114040

No. 114050

Yeah, this isn't over, bitches. Looks like she deleted her FB for like a few hours, lol.

No. 114053

She's soooo boring, she doesn't react to anything.

No. 116943

I never got a reply on how her profile blew up. I guess the people hating her are as ignorant as she is. What a let down- I just wanted to know how they found her profile. Hm

No. 117817

File: 1433629465683.png (9.99 KB, 533x206, Фото (2).PNG)

Guys, lifeinplastic21 is here. Remember I made a post about someone who tried to whiteknight Belinda after I posted her on my blog?
Today he(?) suddenly wrote me the following message (pic related).

So I'm confused and not sure what I should reply to this. Should I say that no matter what she does with her life, this doesn't justify her shitty and extremely racist attitude? Or should I express some compassion and maybe try to get some more info? Ideas?

No. 117885

was this in a conversation, or is that the only message they sent? So Belinda is a prostitute, I assume. That has zero to do with racism or racial self-loath so idk what "truth or real story" they're trying to make here, as if that excuses anything lol. The facebook backlash was a perfect example that her racist/superior shit isn't just ridiculed by a few group of "haters", this is how the whole general public reacts to it. There's just no defending it no matter what sob story you wanna attach to it.

No. 117911

This is a single message, no further conversation, as I decided to discuss it with you before replying.

No. 117928

I'd try to get some more info if I were you..

No. 119079


hey lifeinplastic21, any new developments?

No. 119385

File: 1433916912995.png (1 MB, 1480x5738, диалог.png)

Sorry for being silent you guys, here's the full conversation with that guy. Pardon my shitty English, I don't feel well lately and make lots of mistakes.

So he suddenly wrote me two months after our previous conversation, like, for no reason at all. And before I even replied, he told the rest of the story without me even asking. lol.
And… well, read the conversation.

No. 119387

>>bitch aint got no ass
>>twig bitch


No. 119389

Why are niggers the most butthurt race of all?

No. 119392

Wow you sound racist as fuck, are you Belinda?

No. 119393

LOL I love the obvious photoshop in her picture

No. 119394

oh no racist

No. 119397

OP here, can't believe what I just read. I came across Belinda's fb again because I reactivated my old fb account. Is there a link to her seeking arrangement account?

No. 119412

>"Russian beauty with dark hair"

why is this the most shocking part for me out of all this? even as prostitute she still pretends to be Russian, lol talk about false advertisement. And way to go calling herself the same name she uses on her personal profiles, idiot. Also whoever that person is sounds shady/pretentious as fuck and almost as stupid as Belinda herself.

So her adoptive parents are from Uzbekistan. I half don't believe that, I mean it would be a reason why she doesn't accept her own race, I guess, but then again OP has posted pics of her writing in Chinese, and she has several Chinese friends on facebook too.

No. 119415

seekingarrangements looks to be a website for finding sugar daddies. How did that guy get those screenshots of her messages and was able to see her profile if it costs $70 a month?? The person's name is pixelated, so I can't see them, but are you sure that's not Belinda you're talking to? Calling her a "brilliant actor", "fame she has received", "master manipulator"- all this shit doesn't sound like anything anyone but Belinda would say about herself. she's far from brilliant or a master of anything, she's dumb as hell. idek how this random roommate would have even found LIP21's page in the first place. But if they know about her tumblr, then they most likely know about lolcow (maybe the reason they went straight for telling the rest of "the story" despite LIP21 not saying anything to them directly?)


dumb fuck

No. 119566

What if he's that Russian bf from her pics?

No. 119743

I don't believe it either. She speaks Chinese and her last name is Wang.

No. 120192

anything new?

No. 120225

>sweet gothic lolita
what? this wasn't in the thread before.
Got pics?

No. 120235

I call bullshit. Why would they tell you this? In hopes that you'll post it on the Internet; to me, they sound like Belinda, or some of it atleast sounds like total bull

No. 120239

nah. i don't think anyone would spread a rumour that they're a prostitute, when they're really not. If she just wanted attention she could have come up with something far less humiliating. plus the account profile looks pretty legit. i agree though that the person sounds sketchy. no one with half a brain would call Belinda a "brilliant, master manipulator", and they're really confused about their own motive for letting this out.

No. 121045

kinda have a feeling that the guy is the one who owns the account for some reason idk
just the encouraging you to talk to her on it thing

but i can obvi be wrong

No. 122406

Does anyone have any update on her ? I see she just uploaded new photos and a video of her on Facebook.

No. 122959

Afik, Seeking Arrangement does not send the sugar baby money for getting views or messages. Perhaps the profile was made by Belinda herself, but not used, in an effort to show that she is pretty enough to be used as a catfish? It's a stupid reason, but some people who base their entire worth on looks, might find it reason enough.
There are some pretty sketchy ppl on that site and it is relatively easy for sugar babies to make fake profiles with fake pictures, even though the images are reviewed before being accepted.

No. 124360

Sounds like she's really obsessed with keeping her hair healthy from this and other ask.fm posts. Maybe she's planning on bleaching it once a year or something to keep her hair from getting damaged lol

No. 133424

File: 1436232556585.jpg (11.91 KB, 640x360, FB_IMG_1436232471572.jpg)

Her 'no makeup'photos are frightening

No. 133425

File: 1436232585222.jpg (12.08 KB, 640x360, FB_IMG_1436232468258.jpg)

No. 134503

She's uploading again, which is fine. At least her posts don't contain racism or any bullshit now… But her one video she just posted is freaky. How is looking at the camera and slowly blinking attractive? What are you trying to prove? She looked so cute at the end when she actually smiled a little. I don't get this chick.

No. 134530

She looks like a goddamn bog body.

No. 134657


all her posts now is janky snapshots of herself along with cheap "inspirational" quotes.

No. 137690

Talk about a real nutjob. I seen homeless people that are more normal than her.

No. 138272

at least she's not passing off kitkat bars as contour now

No. 218373

No. 218418

fucking christ anon.

No. 218516


Can you even view SA accounts outside your own? I think that's totally her.

No. 218522

you don't have to pay to view profiles on seekingarrangement, you just have to have an account. speaking from experience…

No. 218536

it doesn't cost $70 a month lmao i have an account on there and i'm a greedy fuck
>inb4 whore
i'm just trying to supplement my income to pay for college and going on dates with rich old men seemed like a good solution

No. 218544

Those fake ass iphone screenshots

No. 219164


I'm 5'5 and weigh 9 pounds. You're all fat fucks. Get over it.

No. 219167

>replying to 10 month old bait

No. 219172

>replying to blatantly obvious bait

No. 219199

And yet he somehow seems dramatically out of her league

No. 219200

someone PLEASE make this part of a banner

No. 219202

I bet you she climbs that niggas dick like a tree. Why else would he stay?

No. 219208

I'm starting to think that maybe this girl actually thinks she's a white Russian Barbie. Maybe she has Schizophrenia?

No. 219224

I'm not OP but I can definitely tell that she is an international student from China. They usually come midway through high school (year 9 or 10). This explains her weirdly punctuated posts early on and her improved english now.

Also, seeing as she is not studying or in full time employment it is possible she is in Australia illegally and is living with her white boyfriend with hopes of marrying him for citizenship.

No. 219229

But realistically, if he is a Russian he is probably here illegally as well.

No. 219236

A lot of international female students here typically pair off with aussie guys quick smart. She would have nothing to gain from latching onto another international. I don't doubt he is Russian but he's definitely either born here or come here with his family as a young child.

No. 219546

what happened to all her links?

No. 219612

How dare you do this to me I thought there was new milk

No. 220124

>But her one video she just posted is freaky. How is looking at the camera and slowly blinking attractive?

which is exactly what her idol Valeria used to do in like 90% of her videos before she discovered that vlogging thing in 2013 or 2014. After that only 60% of her vids contain that pointless narcissistic staring in camera. At least unlike Belinda she's got something to say now even if it's mostly new age bullshit, shitty beauty tips and boring vlogs. Too bad Belinda is too dumb even for that.

Old Valeria's quote, almost literally copypasted.

No. 220143

It's crazy how this girl is too dumb to even be fun to laugh at

No. 439144

No. 439182

HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT'S INSANE. She looks so different. She looks great though!! Wow!!

No. 439209

(If this is real) it warms my heart a little. Hopefully her other weird behavior has stopped

No. 439250

Seeing this thread bumped brought up a lot of memories, she was one of the first cows this site introduced me too.
But are we sure this is her? The woman in the picture has a very squared face, in all the other pictures posted ITT her face looked oval

No. 439251


i think all of those old photos were heavily photoshopped, like >>52145

also her The Ring hair hid most of her face and other anons said she was very heavy handed with contouring, that may be why she looked like she had a pointy face. honestly she looked like an alien in most of them, i'm glad she looks a bit more self-possessed now.

No. 439259

If this is real good for her! I'm glad she finally stopped trying to copy that cringy barbie bitch. That living doll shit was so bad, I know a lot of those girls weren't awful people but damn, looking up in the thread that eye makeup and gross contouring was cringe city.

No. 439451


Is she still racist tho?

No. 439678

thats whats im thinking about too lol
did she clean up her act because she legitimately realized the error of her ways or just to keep people off her back?

No. 441392

she was pretending to be a white russian - white supremacist. I think she was being pretty delusional at the time

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