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File: 1460562594145.jpg (124.31 KB, 1024x823, image.jpg)

No. 118506

Bringing it over from the KEEMSTAR thread.

Toby Turner, known by his youtube name Tobuscus, accused of sexual assault and drugging girls.

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/tobuscus/
Youtube: https://m.youtube.com/user/Tobuscus
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/tobyturner

No. 118508

No. 118510

No. 118523

i wanna see this dude crash and burn

No. 118524

i believe the accusations. multiple people people have nearly the exact same stories about him being a cheating, manipulative druggie shithead. I don't feel sorry for him at all. He is basically Dennis from It's Always Sunny.

No. 118569

File: 1460565832477.jpg (9.16 KB, 240x200, glennhowerton(1).jpg)

>He is basically Dennis from It's Always Sunny

No. 118626

Here's what makes it so believable:
Not a SINGLE youtuber has come to his defense. From the youtubers I've seen talk about it (lots who have met him or worked with him too) they are ALL chastising him for being scummy.

Not a single person (with a brain) believed when Markiplier was accused of sexual harassment (a much lesser claim) but Toby is being accused of doing a million terrible things and some of the biggest youtubers are like 'yeah that sounds like him tbh'

No. 118632


Except two of his ex gf have said they dont believe April. Yes, they say that he's a shitty boyfriend with emotion and drug problems, but they have made remarks on twitter against April.

No. 118644




Sorry, this one is actually about katers17 who came out the other day about forced drug alligations.

No. 118789

There are still way more people claiming he has a habit of trying to convince others to take drugs. The evidence pointing to the accusations being true are all around more available and believable imho.

Two girls he's probably still banging/supplying =/= the multitude of stories pointing to him being absolute shit.

No. 118801

Forgot to add this too so samefagging a little bit to point out Max Landis' point and view and apparently he's actually seen Toby's texts at some of these girls.

No. 118826


I'm sorry, but when does trying to get other people to take party drugs make someone a rapist? Good grief. I guess all my raver friends are rapist.

I'm not disagreeing that toby is piece of shit, bit come on now, that dosen't prove he's a rapist.

No. 118846

It's not just party drugs, it's giving somebody or coercing somebody to take drugs with the intent of becoming sexual with them. You don't have to make a person unconscious to have sex with them. Drugs can cloud the mind and make a person do things they don't remember.

No. 118898


And you know that was his intent how? He even offered it to guys, did he intend to fuck/rape them too?

Honestly, I think a lot of it comes down to power dynamics, and Defranco highlights it perfectly with 'you don't fuck your fans'. The 3 girl friends who have said he never did anything 'physically/sexually' abusive to them were all relatively successful youtubers who are on similar power levels and thus weren't completely captivated by his stardom.

Clearly, April was completely intoxicated with his charisma and stardom (which is why she hung around all.these years). She probably did things she normally wouldn't.

Now, this gives Toby a good venue to be a shitty person, and he took up on that (confirmed by the 3 other girlfriends) . But I just feel like everyone is hopping on the 'let's air out laundry that's semi-relavent to the accusations' to get a slice of the attention.

No. 118925

Sorry for the clickbait title.

No. 119043

a history of coercing others to take party drugs does make him more likely to slip a party drug into his gf's drink without her consent than someone without a history of coercing people into taking party drugs? Doesn't prove rape but doesn't bode well

don't be delusional.

obv rape hasn't been proved, but that he's kind of a piece of shit that let his interweb fame blow up his ego turning him into somewhat of a creepy drug inhaling Hollywood-wannabe has, and that's enough to kill his reputation

No. 119054


Hahah, just because he 'coerced' someone to take party drugs doesn't mean he wants to fuck them jfc. I have friends who have tried peer pressure to get me take drugs with them then and again, their intent was not to fuck me. They wanted me to experience the same thing as them because the drug experience is better when the people you know are doing it too.

Yes, this makes them shitty friends, and yes it makes toby and shitty guy. Buy unless there is proof his intentions were sexual when asking people to take said drugs… it doesn't add any weight to the rape accusations.

No. 119066

I said there's no proof he raped retard, read it again

No. 119074

imho someone who does party drugs around kids (literally watch any video of him at a minecraft event) doesnt have the self control to not fuck.

Well it seems like one of the girls was pressing charges since she said she was withholding things to show authorities.

Once again it's this kind of reaction that makes it so difficult for actual sufferers of rape/sexual assault to come forward. If anything I think with the general reaction of most people who have worked with him being 'yeah this sounds absolutely believable' is the reaction we should take.

For the most part it's BETTER for the girls to keep their evidence because plastering it on the internet only makes it easier for a defence attorney (Toby can easily afford an amazing one) to break down things like that (as well as give toby a chance to delete things or come up with an excuse)

No. 119113

Another ex girlfriend who has a had unfortunate experiences with toby, but got out when she noticed the warning signs

No. 119116

Jaclyn Glenn's experiences with Toby

No. 119124

So after watching a couple of videos from ex girlfriends of Toby, I don't necessarily know or think there is enough evidence to say he actually raped someone, but he is definitely emotionally and sexually abusive and has a drug addiction that exacerbates his shitty behavior.

No. 119156

I wouldn't believe a word April says. The other girls yes, but not her.

No. 119159

Certain things about her story bug me, like, something isn't adding up. Not to mention she cut out a chunk of it.
I also feel iffy towards Katie's story after reading Seth's post about what happened.

The only thing I can believe for sure is he has a possible drug problem and he's a bona fide cheater.

No. 119162



Kek, you're getting pretty defensive. I never said that you said it proved rape. What I implied in my post is that the way you worded your reply

>Doesn't prove rape but doesn't bode well

Implies that coercing people into taking drugs adds weight to the accusation of rape.

It doesn't add weight, and until someone comes forward with proof that he has used drugs with the explicit intent to fuck/rape someone, it shouldn't be used to insinuate that he is guilty of rape.

Right now all we have are two 'stories' about what happened and one person claiming to be there for the Katers17 thing and completely denying that it happened. Seth's side of events reads just as fanfictiony as April's post, and he arrived after her initial breakdown so I honestly don't think he's telling the truth. Here, incase you didn't see it.


I'm just gonna end this with a triggering opinion; everyone involved with this drama is fucking retarded and handled this like a auitist.

Sage for shit posting.

No. 119168


Cory Williams (Kater's b/f at the time and successful youtuber) vouches for Seth's story.


No. 119173

You just called me defensive for using retard and ended it with calling everyone involved retarded.

You're so determined to defend Toby but sorry when so many people come forward calling him a piece of shit I'm more obliged to believe accusations against him implying he's… A piece of shit.

"b-b-but a piece of shit doesn't mean he raped her" whatever doesn't mean he didn't rape her either, stop trying so hard

No. 119175

Another one of his exs. I found her take on this interesting.

No. 119212


her take was interesting until she said having sex with a drunk girl is a mistake and not rape.


she seems like a killer personality though.

No. 119221


Yeah, I kind of side eyed on that, but I think it depends on the situation and she should have elaborated on that if she wanted to use it as an example.

Her exposing Amelia Talon though confirmed my suspicions that some of these girls might be doing it just for the attention. Amelia privatized the video unfortunately, so I can't watch it again to see what exactly she said.

No. 119338

Didnt he date ijustine at one point? She's being pretty quiet about the whole situation

No. 119414


Probably in her best interest.

I think that Kater17 girl was posted on cgl for a bit because of her WOW cosplat. Don't really remember if there was drama surrounding her then.

My question is why did people let these things go without saying anything? I'm not talking about the rape and forced drug accusations, i'm talking about the groping and other aggressive advances. It's clear people (men and women) have witnessed him be extremely innapropriate to women over the years, and they just… did nothing. And i'm not talking about those who were subjected to the abuse by him, buy, but those who were present to see it. I guess I kind of understand not wanting to rock the boat in an industry that is all about appearances and networking. It just makes me a little sad for those who were abused by him buy had to wait until now to voice the abuse they endured.

No. 119440

Honestly it's sadly not surprising that people did not raise the alarm or reprimand him for such behaviour. People, whether they are strangers or loved ones turn a blind eye to abusive behaviour all the time, either they are cowards, agree with the abuser or just can't be bothered.

In the UK we had a major scandal where many BBC presenters were found to be systematically sexually abusing women and children, be it in the studios, at theit homes even in hospitals and it was made clear that people just turned a blind eye.

No. 119441

also think of the power imblance too.

No. 119443

If he did rape her, I hope he pays for it. If he didn't, I hope he sues his accuser. False rape accusations piss me off so much.

No. 119449

Same. Although the drama is delicious, I hate that it all got aired out on the internet pretrial.

No. 119453

Found this on Reddit.

I don't know what to really think about, since she was really cozied up to him but she kept somewhat rejecting his advances (if you call that rejecting), but I figured I'd leave it here.

No. 119454


Apparently she was uncomfortable with it all and didn't want to cause a scene by getting up (lol wat, just say you gotta pee) so she just stayed put. She made a statement on her blog/youtube about it, but was pressured by certain people (I can't remember who they were exactly, but those who worked closely with everyone involved) to take it down and not mention the issue again.

No. 119455

jesus christ, that possessive death grip he had on her arms the first 2 minutes made me wanna puke.very creepy behavior

No. 119456

Was Hank Green behind it?

No. 119457

That poor guy in front of them. That's gotta be awkward as hell

No. 119466


I have no idea. Here's the post from reddit that detailed the scandal. The alleged blog post is gone and I'm unsure if nay screen caps exist.


No. 119471

File: 1460624359061.jpg (34.34 KB, 960x540, 960.jpg)

>mfw I happened to be wearing a Tobuscus shirt when all this shit came out

I used to be such a big fan of his back in the day, this sucks.

No. 119476

I used to like him too. It feels bad and it's scary how I didn't notice what a creeper he is.

No. 119507

One of the things that's different with her, is that toby and this girl were just fuck buddies who did drugs together. That's why toby didn't treat her like shit and cheat on her, they didn't have a singular relationship where the other party didn't want to do drugs or drink.
Her take is different because their story is different. Her entire goal was to get dick from toby from day one, so she really doesn't have much to add to the drama.

No. 119509

File: 1460640987497.jpg (144.54 KB, 540x518, 594cd551-af12-4646-bf01-046354…)

I hope this isn't too blurred, but someone pointed a lie in April's post.

No. 119520

Apparently April said that that picture was prior two days before it happened, which could sound legit. Though if I had just been drugged, i wouldn't be posting ye old memories on instagram, i'd be at the fucking hospital.

No. 119526

Yo, Toby's response to all this from 3 days ago.
Doesn't mean shit either way, but I figured we should note that he did respond to all of this.

No. 119528

His mum spoke out about the allegations too.
Was Toby really still living with his mum at this point?
I used to watch him years ago but I thought he lived alone.

No. 119535

It seems to me that in the YT-fame crew there is a common agreement to not air dirty laundry on other youtubers because it causes shit storms for everyone. It usually takes one person with balls/ not as famous to come forward that gets the ball rolling for the other Youtubers to come forward so they can get the views before the "trend" of talking shit about someone dies off.

No. 119538

The picture is dated as 2/26/2013 on the file. The same date as when it was posted and when the situation allegedly happened.

No. 119543

That's what I was wondering too. I'm pretty sure Toby made off like he had his own house by that point.

No. 119553

i feel bad for his mom because obviously she is going to want to protect her son and doesn't want to admit he is capable of the things he has been accused of, but if it comes out that all of the allegations are true then this post is definitely a cover up. None of the girls he had move in with him ever mentioned him living with his mom so this just seems off.

No. 119585

Oh I see. Sorry i couldnt really see it. Lel then.

No. 119595


You can still get raped and be forced to take drugs while being a fuck buddy. She even says in the video that she eventually told Toby she didn't want to take drugs anymore and he respected her wishes after she took them up the ass as a last effort to see if she would react differently to the. One thing that I think makes her a bit different is her attitude on sex. But, yes her intentions to fuck him definitely make her reactions to being groped and kissed different, he clearly has issues with that. But some of the allegations are rape and being forced to take drugs, so I think her experiences are good to hear.

One thing that I'm a little curious about is her previous video where a year ago she details her first sexual encounter with him. They met at a party and she says that his 'friend' tricked her into taking Molly. Now I don't know if she was really 'tricked' but she says that when toby left to go to the bathroom, his 'friend' came up to her and asked her to stick out her tongue without explination. She did and he put crushed up Molly on her tongue. She didn't know this was going to happen, but she took it anyways I guess cuz she recounted how sick it made her during the rest of the night.

No. 119600

I would let him rape me tbh

No. 119602


Yeah, I believe it was because she reuploaded it from someone's instagram who posted a day or two before. I'm pretty sure there's another set of images floating around that prove it. This was brought up in the first few days of the scandal, but kind of lost steam since it turned out to be a repost.

No. 119610

I suppose I mean with her defending him being an asshole, that her intentions were to get dicked by him so she didn't care about anything else. The other girls probably wanted a genuine relationship with Toby and when he was sleeping around and lying to them and trying to get them to take drugs with him it made him an asshole. She doesn't care who she has sex with, or who toby does so that's why her take is different. Other women don't have the same lifestyle as she does.

Other people that were friends of him are pointing out that he is indeed an asshole who can't control himself, so this girl trying to be his defender is stupid. Ofc she's going to see nothing wrong with him when they did the party lifestyle together.

No. 119620


I don't think her intention was to defend him 100%, but to share her experiences with him. Just because they don't prove he's a rapist who forces drugs on other people doesn't mean her story shouldn't be heard.

Again, she had her limits and boundaries, and he respected them. They definitely were bigger boundaries than the other girls, but they were still there and respected.

There's no denying that Toby is a fucking creep with drug, and sexual assault issues. That's pretty clear (even she admits he has drug issues and can be pushy). But the two things that are really at the center of this scandal are the rape and forced drug allegations. Based on what you're saying, all experiences with him 'need' to involve rape and forced drugs in order to be shared, if that's the case, everyone but April and Katers should stfu.

No. 119622

Based on what you're saying, you're implying all experiences with him 'need' to involve*

Sage for edit

No. 119634

I didn't mean it that way. I only meant to say that her saying he's not that bad goes against what a lot of others are saying. Not just women accusing him of rape and being drugged. There are other stories of him being a piece of shit.

No. 119679

finally some fresh juicy internet drama

No. 119702

I really didn't think she's his type.

No. 119730

File: 1460666975969.png (180.22 KB, 500x743, tumblr_inline_mhs0ah5J6y1qz4rg…)

found this on reddit. If this is real, it sort of validates Toby and April did in fact date and did in fact have a rocky relationship. Doesn't prove the rape accusations or anything but it seemed interesting

No. 119755


what are you even talking about??? that only talks about her being pressent while he recoded a song, and being depressed about SOMETHING, nothing else.

Wtf srsly

No. 119756

Does anybody happened to download Amelia Talon's video acusing Tobuscus? she deleted it and I've been really wanting to watch it.

No. 119765

I did not but I watched it and honestly she sounded like she was lying lol. Basically she said she was in a relationship with Toby and he cheated on her but she didn't care. Literally every time she said something about what he did in the relationship it always ended with " i don't know why I didn't care… but I didn't lol idk" Her video was weird and was not needed at all. All she really proved was that he cheats a lot which, at this point, everybody already knows. She also said something about how she went to his house and a girl he was with ran to the restroom and ofc she was like "idk I didn't care or anything I just wanted to know who that was lol".

No. 119855


I think his type is vagina. I wonder if he'd be down for a Trans woman.

Anyways… I have a feeling we won't hear more about this until it ends up in court. Toby has been relatively quiet about everything (which is in his best interest legally… socially and career wise noy so great, but even if the courts rule in his favor, he's done enough fucked up stuff to lose everything)

$5 says he commits suicide after the court case.

No. 119869


>>implying somebody would do something more serious than accusing him on a tumblr post

No. 119874


I guess I don't know what you mean by this? He could be the one initiating legal action and take her to court if he feels the accusations are false.

No. 119878

Why would he commit suicide?
If he wins and then successfully sues everybody for defamation, he'll never have to work again.

No. 119880

She does not look comfortable at all.

No. 119887

If his mom believes everything she has said, I feel bad for her. After reading everything, it's obvious Toby abuses drugs and is very capable of sexual abuse as well.
Also she's trying to turn an obvious mental abuse situation against the victim, which cannot play out well for her, so she needs to step back and accept that her son may be guilty of some other these accusations.

Also April will know better than anyone whether she was raped or not. She clearly blacked out after taking MDMA and alcohol together, which after a bit of research I found that other people have experience this as well. If she feels that she had sex during this time then that would be classified as rape as she was not in the right state to make a clear decision as to whether she wanted it or not. The only problem here is Toby was also high, so it depends on if he was sober enough to make his decision.

However, if she had taken the drugs on her own accord, which she states she didn't and Toby was also too high to make good choices then there wouldn't be a case.

Her case solely lies on the fact that he spiked her drink in order to get her sexually aroused.

No. 119894

File: 1460717625951.jpg (115.04 KB, 1200x600, image.jpg)

No. 119896

>>118508 It's hard for me to believe a single thing Katers has ever said. Not only did she get a married man to cheat, she constantly lied about her YouTube channel and things going on in her life… from stalkers to babies.

The other girls? Sure, but Katers17 probably deserves her own thread. She's tried so hard to rebrand herself by deleting and deleting multiple YouTube accounts, but at this point it's super hard to trust her.

No. 119899


The only person who he would get money out of is Keem. Everyone else is bum fuck poor. Besides, most people who have been 'defaming' him are talking about their own personal experiences, it would be a waste of money to go after them since they're not 'lying' persay. Even then if he did, if he can't win any money off of them why bother, legal fees are no fucking joke. He will likely end up losing money if he sues April.

No. 119902

Can we have a thread on katers17? I used to watch her a few years back and I would have considered myself a fan, i lost instead and later found there was drama but didn't find much. I'm genuinely interested on what milk she has considering i used to think she was such a down to earth, relatable person.

sage for irrelevance to thread.

No. 119904


Honestly I don't think there was much. It seemed (from what I remember) it was just the usual seagul cattiness about how she was a fake cosplayer cuz she was attractive, successful, and relatively good at cosplaying. It was sooooo long ago though. Geez. The cosplay was a wow human priest, maybe you can find more with that.

No. 119907

I remember watching vlogs way back when, when she was making that. When she got arrested for stealing sunglasses ect. If i remember correctly there was some drama with Dudelikehella or something? I'll have to do some digging. Thanks Anon.

No. 119913

Didn't they say she was schizophrenic? And that she'd stopped taking her meds around the time all of this happened (her youtube being deleted, shaving her head) and all.

No. 120759


Let's see, the thing with Mr. Safety (whether you think she ruined a marriage or not is up to you). There was the cosplayer strive for attention, asking for donations for costumes, etc. At one point a stalker tried to break into her building when her and Mr. Safety were engaged. Then she deleted her account or just disappeared for awhile.

She came back after they broke up with a shaved head, dated a magician (I think?), but she was acting really weird during this time. She went from really sweet to five years old. She's had a few gigs here and there where she's cropped up, but nothing really after that.

I didn't realize she began vlogging again, but after all the issues I'd rather not watch. That's all I really got to be honest.

No. 120793

What do I think? It doesn't matter what I think, serious allegations need to go to court.
April made a tumblr post with what intent? She said she didn't go to the police for "victim" reasons but if she wasn't seeking justice then what is she seeking by making a post like that? A witch hunt?

Yes lots of women have come forward but they only prove he's a drug addict and a bad boyfriend, but rape? No, april is the only girl who's made rape allegations.

Remember mattress girl? Yeah that turned out to be a FAKE rape allegation, the guy never went to jail but his reputaion and his life is forever ruined.

Let's not forget April was the one who introduced toby to molly and other drugs. Another youtuber revealed april slept with toby despite being married. There's more to the story. Sources show April tweeted about Olga out of jealousy and throwing shade.

There's more to the story and serious allegations should not be handled on social media, yes I am skeptical because in this day and age it's so easy to ruin someone.

No. 120797

does that make april a rapist too? She is the one who introduced tobuscus to drugs according to another youtuber :^)

No. 120798

I agree I feel like April could be angry out of jealousy because she wanted toby alot of things don't add up. she claimed she couldn't walk for 3 days but photos of insta were found of her smiling with him.
People also thought the post was fanfiction because there were lines from jessica jones???
She also threatened jaclynn on twitter lmao

No. 120799

seth isn't credible tbh, he believes anyone who isn't a feminist is evil. If he's her eyewittness then I'm doubting it

No. 120801

that doesn't prove rape but yeah it's a little awkward

No. 120802

so she did lie ~

No. 120805

anyone is capable of sexual assault or rape (two different things)

No. 120807

just because the picture was uploaded that day doesn't mean it was taken that day. there's no way to prove its from the same day and whoever created that image might just be slightly retarded for not considering this.

No. 120826


I think the girl who was married was Amelia Talon, not April, unless April really was married at that point… I don't remember reading anything about that.

No. 120827


Did you even read Seth's post? He's saying Katers is a liar and told his side of the story since he was there. He's basically saying Toby didn't rape or drug Katers, and that it was all due to her having a schizophrenic break down.

No. 120861

Oh I'm talking about someone else vouching for april then. There's a reddit thread discussing I'll find a link

No. 120865

i'm happy it's archived because someone just deleted the twitter post

No. 120872

april has threatened jaclynn and seth for providing a recount of events that contradict her

No. 120909


Link to her threatening seth? I saw where she was being a bitch to Jaclyn. Made me lol.

No. 121014

DudeLikeHella is Mr. Safety. Mr. Safety started on YouTube around 06? 08? Somewhere in there, he was known for pranks and skits, but started DudeLikeHella to separate his vlogs. The drama was certainly with him.

When Katers moved from the UK, she lived with Mr. Safety and his wife. Shortly after, they got divorced and there was a LOT of evidence that Mr. Safety and Katers had been dating for much longer than they publicly revealed (gurugossip has some old screenshots about this).

They got engaged a year or two later. Then everything fell apart, the sunglasses thing, the stalker, etc. It's a big clusterfuck. Have fun researching! lol

No. 121016


Did the marriage end because of her?

No. 121467

its her reply to seths facebook post lool

No. 121481


Thanks, not sure how I missed it. So Kate had BPD, not schizophrenia.

April is coming off as a huuuuge bitch. Not making her seem very sympathetic. She is very much on the defencive atm, her twitter is a mess.

No. 121487

I think so personally, but there's nothing that says so either way. They tried to keep a lot hidden. I mean, I can understand why. Your husband invites an eighteen year old from the UK to be your assistant and live in your house. Er…

No. 121491


Wow. I take it the wife initiated the divorce then. Poor lady. :/ I guess that makes Kate a home wrecker then (cory is just as responsible though).

No. 121527

File: 1460970336184.png (80.78 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-04-18-10-01-11…)

It's all over now.

No. 121551


I guess he has so much money he really gives no fucks. This is the second toby joke he's pulled, and April had a bitch fit after the first. Sometimes I wonder if he hates his job.

No. 121559

Fucking savage

No. 121580

As someone in this thread I think said before, I am LIVING for the new 'no fucks given' pewds. I watched his lets plays as a teen but eventually grew up and couldn't deal with his autismo vids, but now I'm actually watching them again. I bet the whole 'he made a rape joke in one of his vids and he had to make a public apology' debacle wouldn't happen now, he just wouldn't care.

No. 121610

???? Why would he give a single fuck about a piece of shit like Toby when he has over 6x the amount of followers.

Also 'second toby joke he's pulled' you act like that's a lot when there are hundreds of jokes to make about toby.

Well I think he's definitely learned from it. I feel like he's going to avoid obviously 'generally offensive' stuff but when it comes to niche offenses (in this case toby fans getting butthurt) he's not gonna give a shit.

No. 121626

>There's no proof of rape!
>Why didn't she go to the police???


No. 121627

I was sexually assaulted twice in my life. Once in college, once afterward. Never reported either incident because 1. I didn't want anyone else to know and 2. other than he said, she said, there was no proof.

A lot of incidents go unreported for various reasons, and it doesn't mean it was fake.

Now, I will agree there are plenty of people that DO make up allegations to get back at someone or whatever, and that's gross.

No. 121634

The thing that makes it seem so fake to me is that she made a fucking Tumblr post about it. Tumblr is known to hop on the bandwagon and believe any crazy shit in the name of social justice. Toby is a straight cis male too, so of course they're going to go for the kill.

And I think April knows this. I think that's why she purposely made the post on Tumblr and not on, say, Facebook. She knew people would instantly believe her without question, and it seems to have worked. She instantly got a ton of supporters to back her for no reason other than "she said." (Not to say there aren't April-supporters based on actual evidence, like Toby's confirmed drug use, but those came later.)

No. 121641

If the allegations aren't true and tarnish Toby's reputation, then can't he sue for libel/slander?

No. 121713


Yeah, but he's fucked anyways. I posted earlier about this, he's not getting any money out of anyone but keem (if he sues keem) because everyone is fucking poor. Additionally, he has to directly PROVE loss of revenue/money (as this is the only money he can sue for), and that's pretty difficult since everyone and their aunts dog has been throwing in their two cents about him and the situation. Finally, Toby will be paying legal fees no matter who's on the legal offensive, and legal fees are fucking crazy. In all likely hood Toby is going to lose a shit load of money, and his reputation (which he already has).

Dude is fucked.

If one of April's goals was to fuck him the hardest way possible with what she had, she definitely achieved it.

No. 121721

Can't he sure for defamation of character. All he would have to prove is that the false statement hurt his reputation. It would be a pretty good way to clear his name tho(on paper).

No. 121723


What are you even on about. I know he doesn't give a fuck about Toby, that's not what I was saying. His flippant attitude on such a controversial topic is why I said he must not give anymore fucks. Tell me of those other jokes people have said, which of those had 25k+ likes/retweets or came from youtubers whose income depends on their online reputatiom? If any other youtuber pulled this type of joke they would be risking their 'job'.

I found the jokes funny (mostly because of the context, and April's little hissy fit after), but you'd be delusional if any other youtuber would not receive crazy amounts of fallout if they were the ones to say it.

No. 121724

Yeah, he could, but that's a shit load of money down the drain and for what? It might help him emotionally, but for otherwise its useleS. No one is gonna hire someone who most of their customerbase think is guilty, reguardless of what the court outcome is. No company is going to risk staining their reputation with this type of stuff. And I believe suing for defamation of character is difficult as well.

No. 121733

Dang, this guy is literally fucked either way.

No. 137788

I used to date his cousin, who was also a rapist so I really don't have any doubt about the accusations.

No. 137789

>If your cousin is a criminal you must also be a criminal

No. 613348

No. 613350

lol this was worth the necro. what a looney

No. 613361

Wow, holy shit, what a cunt. That last bit at the end especially pissed me off. Glad his career's ruined.

No. 613364

I mean, you shouldn’t be inclined to always believe someone just because they >say< this and this happened. I know this is a sensitive topic but it’s extremely dangerous when you can just throw allegations and it’s the truth by default just because you’re a woman. With that said, this guy has shit character and is probs and asshole like everyone’s been saying, I mean that fucking ending. Gross.

No. 613395

Lol @ how he wasn't relevant for 2yrs until he associated with LGH.

No. 613398


Not to nitpick here anon but I think there's a lot more backing up claims of his disturbing behavior towards women than just the one woman's allegations.
Male and female Youtubers have come out talking about his escalating predatory behavior towards women that they witnessed first hand.

No. 613399

is there a link to that "debunking" post it he mentioned?

No. 613400

No. 613402

File: 1529259285436.png (155.22 KB, 1242x1134, IMG_7234.PNG)

Fucking kek at him pulling an Onision and trying to get a more popular Youtubers attention and being ignored

No. 613405

Anyone can sum up what is said? can't watch right now

No. 613450

File: 1529261959757.png (356.62 KB, 1242x1626, IMG_7241.PNG)

So this is Toby's current gf/wk/possible next victim. She's the epitome of "uwu I'm not like other girls…" She's WKing all over Twitter about how her man "could never be capable…" ect Make your own judgements Anons but she seems just as milky as some of the other cows in snow

No. 613451

File: 1529261989551.jpg (238.11 KB, 750x949, IMG_7242.JPG)

No. 613453

File: 1529262013472.jpg (254.23 KB, 747x1030, IMG_7243.JPG)

No. 613455

File: 1529262286850.png (259.43 KB, 1242x1565, IMG_7239.PNG)

Here she is claiming she's somehow managed to get a peek at an inspector's report which…sounds illegal?

No. 613458

File: 1529262373496.png (249.73 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_7236.PNG)

More ranting about other females in defense of Toby

No. 613460

Oh ok, sorry for not being fully informed. I have no doubt he has/had problems with being aggressive in sexual ways and generally being an asshole to girls, it’s just the rape part that I’m torn about since everyone throws around that word it’s starting to lose its meaning.

No. 613462

File: 1529262567023.png (180.13 KB, 1242x1328, IMG_7238.PNG)

And peep that hypocrisy

After she tweeted thanking Onision someone called her out and then another person attempted to defend Greg badly- at which point she tweeted this. Can't have people criticizing Greg out in the open can we? Then people might start to question what kind of person would actually publicly support Toby

No. 613474


Nah, no problem anon.

I get what you mean. Hearing a lot of his behavior described by so many other Youtubers who had worked with him/knew him, I feel like it's not a huge leap for me to think that he could have assaulted/raped her but, we really can't know for sure and it is dangerous to not actually pull back and look at things critically.

I think what's pissed me off the most since he put out the video is the amount of people willing to take his word for it when his story is weak af. Granted, a lot of them seem to be from r/incels but like…I think if people are going to be skeptical in a situation like this that should apply to both sides regardless of gender.

No. 613537

Trying to disprove what happen 2 years ago while using the #metoo hashtag
idk why he though that would work

No. 613538

I gotta feeling he was high when he made that video

No. 613540

File: 1529270170885.jpeg (141.42 KB, 750x914, 531E0F0A-5E7E-4900-A66F-9BB37C…)

after watching how he behaved in vlogs around that time, hearing accounts of his behavior from people that knew him along with multiple girls making accusations and now that video where he tries to make it about the “me too” movement and calls the girl a stupid bitch at the end… it definitely adds up in my mind. The guy is the real life Dennis from Always Sunny.
This is his girlfriend. Im trying to figure out how old she is, she looks pretty young to me?

No. 613541

19-24 at most

No. 613544

her instagram account says 27

No. 613546

File: 1529270557008.jpeg (89.12 KB, 640x514, 57F7164E-D5BB-4097-86D1-5E1C78…)

imagine your boyfriend giving you a picture of him for christmas kek

No. 613549

If that doesn't scream narcissist i don't know what does

No. 613568

File: 1529271424538.jpeg (64.26 KB, 640x389, 2F5D75C8-E509-4D61-8753-699E6A…)

we are reaching critical levels of narc

No. 613580

He was better off not saying anything and just shuting the fuck up on the #metoo movement how the fuck did he just make it about himself? Either way he just re-killed his career

No. 613582

lol she is the laineybot of toby turner. Also thinks she will be treated different from all the other girls he dated! Girls who want to be "one of the guys" and hate other girls are so annoying.

Even if that one girl lied about rape, there's several of his ex-gfs who said he was abusive and a cheater, etc.

No. 613585

Not to mention Philly D said he did some shady shit too and even he expected that he did do the things he was accused

No. 613597

File: 1529272795031.jpeg (39.44 KB, 640x201, 69BFE884-94E0-4416-8CD1-A1D2AE…)

weren’t the allegations made over a year ago by the time she posted this? she almost obsessively mocks tobys accusers over twitter and blindly defends any male celebrity when abuse allegations are made against them

No. 613602

she can't complain when it happens to her

No. 613608

Toby the rapist is back?

No. 613609

Good god I never thought I'd see a couple more cringe than the onion lovers but…

No. 613612

I wonder if incels will be his new target audience. Some of comments talking about how women dont deserve rights and his ~not-like-other-girls~ gf seem straight out of trp.

No. 613615

Yep and doubling down on the "i didn't do it" narrative

No. 613620

File: 1529273966774.png (170.85 KB, 1242x1508, IMG_7248.PNG)

She's sure got that same smug vibe Lainey has as well

kek its not the audience he wants but it's the audience he deserves

No. 613622

That is so cringy you sure she not younger than 27 because i find it hard to believe she 27. No 27 year old would type some shit out like this let alone post it on twitter.

No. 613623

Toby is only asking for his book deal back why not ask for his toy deal too because im sure his new Incel fans would want to collect his toys

No. 613624

File: 1529274207641.jpeg (112.01 KB, 640x532, 965F3D36-6B0A-4FB0-BE59-B8A798…)

this girl is also shoe0nhead tier obsessed with looking younger than she is

No. 613636

… i gave my partner photos of myself for a present? lmfao it's a good gift, stop reaching.

No. 613637

She maybe old af but she sure acts like a 12 year old

No. 613638

it’s signed “tobuscus.” maybe if it was just the portrait it wouldn’t be as weird but i really don’t see that as normal anon

No. 613640

its not its fucking weird and narcissistic

No. 613641

File: 1529275320990.jpeg (48.32 KB, 633x229, 8B866F49-4AFB-4E16-A4FD-BC7F12…)

uh…why would you even post this

No. 613642


I thought I was in the shoe0nhead thread for a second

No. 613645

yes.. it says 'merry christmas jessica' and he signed his nickname? that's pretty fucking standard with gifts/cards. i prefer signing my nickname over my real name too. not to mention, it's a framed piece of art, not a selfie, that was saved as christmas memory. but you guys can't relate, so you call it cringey and move on.

again, stop reaching. they do way more embarrass shit. this isn't milk.

No. 613647

Errr I literally gave my father framed photos of me and my sisters as a gift today?….

No. 613649

It reads like he gave her an autographed photo of himself for Christmas

No. 613651

File: 1529275710002.png (9.19 KB, 367x70, toby.PNG)

I find it hilarious that his gf constantly mentions Toby every other tweet yet on Toby's twitter there is hardly any mention of her. I actually found him retweeting something his ex posted before I saw anything retweeted from her

No. 613652

is it weird that im getting abusive relationship vibs now that you mention that

No. 613655

That not narcissistic what is is giving a signed photo of yourself to your S/0

No. 613662

File: 1529276539177.jpeg (39.64 KB, 640x333, A6F6B225-2B43-4FE1-A837-F03BBD…)

im genuinely surprised about the like to dislike ratio on this video and how well it is being received by the majority of his audience because I feel like it is pretty well documented how much of a piece of shit he is

No. 613664

You seem really defensive…
It's cringe for a celebrity to give their S/O an autograph.

No. 613666

I would never want an autographed photo of just my SO as a gift. Idk how you think thats a good gift. Props to your SO for pretending to like that gift.

It's different to give a picture of you and your siblings to your parent. If it was for a SO, you'd expect a framed picture of you two together, or a drawing of either her or them together. It's literally a portrait of just his face autographed by him lmao?? That's narc as fuck.

No. 613667

No, anon. Judging by his reee-ing at the end of that video, I'd say his attitude towards women is still pretty shitty

No. 613669

You gotta remember when the fact first came out some still choose to still not believe it and now that this vid is out (seriously im still surpised he kept it up) it only confirm their notion that he's innocent

No. 613673

File: 1529277456467.png (306.36 KB, 1242x1240, IMG_7249.PNG)

The cringe is too strong. Toby Turner's "female"

No. 613675

Anybody wanna bet Toby told her what to write on her twitter?

No. 613679

Agreed and he's taken advantage of the fact that it's two years later- so he can twist the details here or there and the heat has died down.

In the video he claims they were just friends however, two years ago when he intially adressed it he admitted they had dated- even called her an ex gf. From what I can tell he took the original video down

No. 613681

what career LOL. less than 1% of his subs are watching his videos. he's had to resort to incest donations with onision in a desperate attempt to save the shambles of his shitty YouTube channel. he can try to go viral with this shitty me too video but his abusive ass will never be popular again.

No. 613714

File: 1529281525091.png (2.03 MB, 1676x1200, Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 20.4…)

The cringey hashtags on this one

No. 613745

ok but why the fuck does it look like he has like about 7 phones in his pocket like how tight does he need his jeans to be?

No. 613796


Holy shit she's the absolutely fucking worst. What a cringe. Truly a weapon to surpass Laineybot.
And I don't know what locker room she visits. What women would speak about such degenerate plans in a public space? And she says it happens constantly. I call bullshit. But of course she stands with men shitting on women. She will be in for a nasty surprise when he finds a younger and more fertile female willing to fuck kek

No. 613798


Yeah, personally have never heard anything like that said in a "locker room" or… anywhere. Sounds like bullshit she conjured from thin air to justify hating other women.

And yet, she's so insecure that she has to label herself as "Tobuscus's female" in her bio… There are many, conflicting issues to unpack here, lmao. Pls learn to love yourself.

No. 613802

Did she legit pull a trump with the whole "locker room talk"?
Yeah girl your man isn't innocent when there have been people who came out against him and if i remember correctly two GUYS one on twitter and one on youtube came out against him so how "innocent" can your guy be

No. 613817

How can people defend this ass hat after the evident is out there
also Onion boy made a vid(because of course he would) on Toby vid

No. 613944

How are his jeans that tight but there's not even a hint of a package?

No. 613975

File: 1529321451732.jpeg (56.82 KB, 640x381, 9BFD44A6-A0DD-4603-A307-C1CA80…)


No. 614035

This may not be worth posting because I don't have anything to back it up, but a while ago Toby was livestreaming himself playing that kindergarten game. During one of them, he and his gf (pretty sure it was cutegirlvoice) got into a pretty ugly argument booking her brother a room or something along those lines. He was pretty awful to her and it was really not fun to listen to… When he finally realized he was recording, he pretty much continued on like nothing happened. He barely addressed the argument. That was the last time I watched him as a "fan". I wanted to hold out up that he wasn't a sleazeball, but here we are.

No. 614060

File: 1529331945904.jpeg (97.73 KB, 939x638, EC2648F6-6B68-4935-9EDF-EC6C46…)

i know this is an old video but i was watching that video of toby acting super inappropriately during a stream and holy shit… look at how pushy he’s being. this is so uncomfortable. i have no doubt in my mind this is a man who has absolutely no respect for womens boundaries

No. 614141

And yet he's the "victim" and the girls a "stupid lying bitch"
fuck off Toby

No. 614196

Thanks for posting this anon, I wonder if someone has a copy of the stream up. If I can stomach his narc long enough I'll try to find it and post it.

He doesn't even bother trying to hide how much of a prick he is and yet, so many people are willing to just take his word for it

No. 614209


Holy shit. I was looking for the stream and came across this. There's a lot of weird things about this video but is it just me or do they seem strung out af? Especially her- like she seems drugged to me.

No. 614216

You know the type of people who have two phones? Guys who don’t want their girlfriends knowing what’s on one of their phones…..

No. 614234

File: 1529347842006.jpg (64.15 KB, 480x800, IMG_7261.JPG)

So going back through his subreddit I found something kind of relevant to how he treats/treated women. In 2012 he and Olga Kay had been broken up for a while. They were at a party together and I guess they had a mutual friend there as well. Toby was high/drunk off his ass and Olga and this mutual friend, who's a guy went to eat without him at 4 am and he went on this twitter rant towards her about it.

No. 614238

File: 1529347876515.jpg (59.41 KB, 480x800, IMG_7262.JPG)

(Read bottom to top)

No. 614239

"Stop pulling my strings" sounds so rapey

No. 614250

2 years old but offers Phillip Dranco view on Toby Turner

No. 614303

File: 1529355311880.jpeg (147.65 KB, 881x739, 62DE6905-0485-45DE-B938-28D47A…)

Ehhh two phone, Toby? Lmao your gf posts that not even realizing that anon >>614216 is on point.

I’ll look for it too, are most his streams archived on twitch? I thought a twitch streamer could choose to not have a certain stream archived? If you could give us a time period of when this stream occurred it would be easier. Do you remember which month or around which month the stream was from? And what were they saying? Was it about booking her brother a hotel room or something?

He’s obsessively deleting comments (and replies to comments: 20 replies, only 2 will show, etc) on this video so only the good, supportive, incel comments show. He deleted my comments within minutes. He also is buying likes on the video. It’s very very obvious he is purchasing them through a YouTube video like-botting app. If you look at previous videos (on both tobuscus and Toby turner channels, main channel and vlog channel) all the videos either A) have barely any likes or dislikes (in the single, double digits, or a few hundred here and there) B) more dislikes than likes in a VAST majority of his videos, with depressing like amounts C) the like amount of his metoo vid was nowhere near 114k or anywhere above 2-5 k then shot up too 114k likes coincidently when his video started receiving thousands of dislikes D) Barely any of his main channel vids breach 2k likes, more dislikes than likes, and on the rare vid that gets 500,000 views (the metoo vid has 1mil views, mainly bc of drama) he gets about 20k likes. Which if he got a million views would be about 40k-50k likes. But it’s inflated to 114k likes, with only about 1-3% of his subs (the ones who stuck around, most are dead accounts, ppl who don’t watch, ppl that don’t remember they were subbed) actively viewing and liking his vids now-a-days.

Toby is buying likes on his new video, and mass deleting bad comments and replies to make people think everyone’s supporting him: CONFIRMED


What a pussy. Someone should tell his new sh0e-like girlfriend that denial is not just a river in egypt.

No. 614428

File: 1529362834467.jpeg (316.44 KB, 1242x1244, 5E3C9DA2-6E8B-4724-8E0A-72CAC8…)

Their relationship is so early-Lainey-Greg tier. But more fangirl-like. She stans him on Twitter like a 13 yr old fangirl, got a generic tobuscus autograph, replies to his every tweet, he barely responds back to her publicly, and she makes autistic fan references. Cringey af.

You don’t even see plainey do that shit anymore. Or any YTers gfs/wives doing that shit. Can’t wait till the cracks in their relationship turn into canyons and she gives up trying to deal with toby to ~prove the haterz wrong~ and comes out with a twitter post about how everything she posted was him just manipulating her and she’s not responsible ~totes victim~ and buddies up to all his exes.

Reposted bc dropped pic

No. 614635

I'll try and dig and see if I can't narrow it down a little more but it would have been a stream from July 2017. What started the argument was her brother being flaky about a trip they were all taking or something. It escalated pretty quickly and it was an unsettling look behind the curtain. He kinda tried to play it off after he realized he was still live, and then just pretended it didn't happen.

No. 614799

File: 1529387843050.png (89.81 KB, 1242x901, IMG_7285.PNG)

'Waaaaahh waaaaaahh you MEAN there are social consequences for people who creep on others!? So unfair! They should be forced to accept me back!'

No. 614809

27 isnt old but it is weird to make your whole persona about your voice.

admittedly, she sounds young, but there are lots of women with young sounding voices that don't make their entire youtube/twitch career about having an underage voice like wtf.

the funny thing is that even with his scandal, he's still getting more views than onion. i mean, it's shitty and he should have 0 views, but it's truly a testament to how boring and nasty greg is

No. 614827

Still searching around for the livestream. Checking through blogs to see if I can pinpoint it closer. Haven't found that yet but I did find a couple of videos that I thought were 'interesting.'


Around the 3 minute mark in this one he starts going off about vidcon and then launches into this whole rant that's obviously aimed at the girl he 'allegedly' assaulted.

Then there's https://hooktube.com/Dqw6bLGGGF4
In which he attempts to guilt trip old YouTube friends who he claims he 'paid to do nothing' and now they won't help him. He also implies he's pissed at Jessica/cutegirlvoice because she wanted him to open a box and he planned to wait? Mentions things like that just 'set him off' kek WTF
Him, Grease, and Tits are all so eerily similar.

No. 614841

Her voice isn't remarkable in any way..? She really built a persona around this? I thought she was going to have a naturally uguu voice or something but she just sounds like most girls in their 20's.

No. 614845

i think she does sound pretty young, like, 14 or 15, but it's not that uncommon and for most women it's a source of shame because it's like… dweeby and losery? it isn't alluring or sexy. sure, she sounds young, but she just sounds like a dweeby kid. not cute or hot at all.

No. 615070

Dude. He should have just accept the fact his career ended in 2016 and even without the scandal the way youtube is his fame would have died out (i.e see Fred, Annoying orange, Grade A Under A)

No. 615423

File: 1529451830901.png (329.32 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_7308.PNG)

I don't watch RATSTAR does anyone remember this?

No. 615426

File: 1529452061574.png (210.07 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_7310.PNG)

Also Toby is not smart like at all…
The people advising him not to make the video were right. It makes him look even worse. Like most cows Toby is allergic to good advice and common sense. He's obviously buying likes and subs as >>614303 pointed out.

Also this random tweet is lame but I got a chuckle.

No. 615431

Old Keemstar vid talked about the situation without really fact checking but for the most part did state the allegation against toby other parts he pulled out of his ass.

No. 637623

lmfao, good comparison(necro)

No. 637627

That's a very good point. Youtubers are usually quick to come to the defence of their fellow comrades, even if they are guilty of doing something slightly shitty.. But Tobuscus got no help. This just sealed the deal for me. No longer sceptical.

No. 926332

is he still dating that retard cutrgirlvoice or has she dropped him?

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