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File: 1485040717566.jpg (Spoiler Image, 212.86 KB, 1000x1000, 1484859699805.jpg)

No. 342518

Thread #1 >>93507
Thread #2 >>131172
Thread #3 >>151227
Thread #4 >>167361
Thread #5 >>176096
Thread #6 >>310703
Thread #7 >>320406
Thread #8 >>331309

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram / Snapchat: mariahmallad

The basics:
>body positive, but photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantly
>Proven through twitteraudit that she has bought at least 20k followers.
>laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Samus costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplay
>spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned"
>claims she cosplays because she's passionate about the characters and the hobby, but is only in it for the money
>does monthly "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame
>has to beg for money, con passes, etc. despite making over $6k per month on Patreon
>known to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplays
>pretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwise
>loiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guest

Has hit 15k on patreon, and has moved into her own place with her pet Vamplette. Expect more groping sets (its soft core porn) soon!

No. 342519

File: 1485040812078.jpg (120.9 KB, 900x1200, C2qAMVKWEAAQY78.jpg)

>patreon commission
>someone spent at least $100 on this per month they waited for her to do it
>that puckering
>tape for stripes

No. 342521

File: 1485040850116.png (56.08 KB, 170x368, 170px-Omega_Ruby_Alpha_Sapphir…)


No. 342523

Oh god that pic can we spoiler that has she no selfrespect (i mean i already know the answer to that but still). How is this not softcore porn

No. 342526

File: 1485041522059.png (1.43 MB, 999x1000, momorus2.png)

My amazing Paint skils pt 2

No. 342527

File: 1485041680987.gif (452.71 KB, 200x147, tumblr_m4xmbrp7iO1qj3ir1.gif)

Jesus Christ of Nazareth, nothing could've prepared my poor, fragile eyes for this.

No. 342528

Holy shit, THAT'S what that is?! I had no idea what that was what it was supposed to be. How do you take such a cute design and fuck it up this badly? It looks like a shitty kigu version or something. Wrong colors, no shape, just awful

No. 342529

It's.. not even the right colors? How do you fuck up the colors?

No. 342532

Her awkward nose/mouth area always makes me think of anything4views

No. 342533

OP groping pic was on my Instagram feed, so for shits and giggles, and to mend my poor eyes, I reported the photo as pornography.
Didn't think anything would happen but it appears to be gone now. Kek.

I'm sure other people reported it too. It looks like the beginning of a low budget porno film.

No. 342556

She couldn't even be fucked to resize a dark red goodwill sweater into a dress? Let alone make foam bracers? Where the hell is the money going? I would be extremely pissed if I helped pay for someone to cosplay and they came out with this half assed mess.

No. 342559

Holyshit is this beyond inaccurate. How and WHY do neckbeards keep giving this piece of shit money??

No. 342580


And here I was getting bored of this thread, and then she does some shit like this. Holy shit does that look cheap. It's nowhere near even close.

No. 342593

Are we going to ignore the fact that she STILL lives like a lazy slob??

No. 342594

The pic I posted last thread was used as the new thread pic. I feel so proud of myself.

No. 342595

At first glance, I thought she was trying to do a cosplay of the Homestuck character that represents the Libra sign (Terezi?). It's so off-model from Courtney's design I'm not sure what to think. She couldn't be fucked to get her hands on a red sweater dress with that kind of texture shown? Christ how does she get so much paymetons money? Thirsty neckbeards?

No. 342597

Krissy Victory is now doing "cute groping" pictures too. Glad to know Moomoo is getting more of her trash friends to follow her.

No. 342599

I was going to say something, but I thought people would call me nit picky.

They haven't even been there a week and there's junk all over the place.

No. 342601

File: 1485051419945.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.01 KB, 960x960, 16114879_1192838374117988_4351…)

Those fucking freckles though

No. 342602

I don't think Momo came up with the groping set thing anyway. didn't one of her other friends do it before her? Since momo's patreon skyrocketed after she started doing soft core others are going to follow suit now of course.

No. 342604

so natural!

No. 342605

None of this looks good. I hate these cosplay sluts. Why don't they just go into porn already?

No. 342606

I'm really upset by her nails.

No. 342609

SSS did a groping photoshoot last year I think.

No. 342611

File: 1485052291728.jpg (108.4 KB, 1200x675, IMG_20170121_202924.jpg)

Someone get Moomoo to do a thicc cosplay of this as a joke lol.

No. 342613

I think someone said in one of the past threads that SwimsuitSuccubus did a groping set, but it was a while back. Now that Momo's done it more recently when a lot more girls have Patreon, it's a "new" idea to tel so yeah, of course a lot of people are hopping on that trend. I don't blame them honestly, Momo went from 9-10k to 16k. Those numbers are extremely tempting.

No. 342619

File: 1485052572402.png (72.71 KB, 625x412, img.PNG)

Genji doesn't even say that…

No. 342641

File: 1485053401501.gif (233.45 KB, 500x365, IMG_9441.GIF)

mada mada

No. 342676

Krissy is ugly as sin and not even a good cosplayer i don't get the hype, is it just bc she's black or….

No. 342690

File: 1485056698612.jpg (25.89 KB, 312x240, 66.jpg)

Girl got him wrong and used Dio Brando's quote ffs. BITCH YOU GOT CAUGHT REDHANDED AS A FAKE!!

No. 342699

You actually expect Momo to know anything about the things she claims to be a fan of?

No. 342711


Agreed. Bitch looks straight up ugly

No. 342719

Those fucking freckles and their placement.
Im dead.

No. 342729

It's so easily to Google and copy paste a quote, I'm frankly disappointed.

No. 342790

File: 1485065084974.png (75.54 KB, 601x598, 545465488.png)

No. 342794

There's confidence then there's pandering for money and free handouts while pretending you're some great influence when you're mediocre at best.

You do straight up soft core. Just own up to it and take a class about sewing before you claim you're an expert in the craft.

The horn that's squished at the tip hurts. Those uneven yellow stripes. That triangular piece on the front middle, I have no idea how she thought that was good?

The more I look the more I have no idea how she got the shape of the breast and tapering because it all looks so puckered.

I will say though, at least those hemmed points look nicely pressed.

No. 342797

>"Im just having fun lol"
>"Why can't we all just get along"
>"God forbid someone be confident in their body"

Jesus this bitch is just a broken record. Someone needs to make a bingo card for how often she does the same shit.

No. 342806

EXCEPT YOU SAID YOU DIDN'T EVEN LIKE DOING THE BOUDOIR SHOOTS. WHICH IS IT. Also, I don't think you could make it anymore obvious that you're salty about your lolcow threads.

And Christ, they've been in the house for about a week and it looks trashed already.

No. 342807

We need Momo bingo for everytime she goes on a twitter rant.

No. 342811

Seriously, she would not have 9 lolcow threads if she just owned up to being a attention seeking camgirl instead of putting up this charade of being literally everything she's not.

Momo, we hate you because your a L-I-A-R. I know it's hard for you, but be a fucking adult for once and own up to your actions.

No. 342812

Momo, take acting assets or something! Those faces arent sexy!

No. 342813

I have to admit that I am jealous of their spacious sewing room… that will never be used since they'll still be making 90% of their cosplays in the hotel room the day of the con.

No. 342826


Yep, the best way to indicate that you feel comfortable in your body is to post lots of nearly naked pictures in a grasping attempt to prove to others you are hot.

Her saying she's comfortable in her body is hilarious. That Wicke set looked more uncomfortable than a woman in a Victorian corset wrapped in a straight jacket while wearing glass shards in her shoes. Prisoners strapped to gurneys receiving the death penalty can take deeper breaths than Mariah in that waist cincher.

No. 342848

Cows are definitely supple this season. It's like a competition between who can start the year more horrendous than the last. 2017 is barely a month in and we've yet to see how horrible the Chinese new year mei would be

No. 342849

Yep, nothing says "body positivity" like poorly photoshopped softcore porn shoots in cheap hotels.

No. 342851

Moomoo if you weren't such a fake ass bitch you wouldn't have so many threads. That's why people don't like you.

No. 342894

She doesn't even put effort into faking.

No. 342896

Samefag here. I originally found this place because of her, "needed to get this off my chest" video. I felt bad for her since I make a terrible first impression andT have people hate me for being different. Thing is, she's just fake. I could forgive the softcore if she called herself a sex worker, I could forgive the bad cosplay if she didn't take commissions and talk about craftsmanship, I could forgive not knowing fandom stuff if she didn't pretend to be a fan.

I kind of feel stupid of initially feeling bad for her.

No. 342906

Is that a shower on the right and is that all carpeted? Mold disaster incoming, especially since MooMoo is a slob.

No. 342916

Wtf, you're right. Who the fuck carpets a bathroom?

No. 342922

File: 1485105012552.jpg (266.9 KB, 660x440, winding-the-bobbin.jpg)

I lost it at threading some bobbins.

No. 342930


For fucks sake, what a broken record this bitch is

"I'm just trying to have fun lol"

"Why can't we all just get along?"

" Body positivity lol"

No. 342961

It was an unfortunate home trend in the late 80s-early 90s. My childhood home had a carpeted master bathroom and it got just as disgusting as you've figured.

Sage for no contribution.

No. 342963

Call me crazy, but seems like every time she gets a new thread, she goes on one of these Twitter tirades. And if that's true, congratulations Moomoo, you told on yourself.

No. 342967

My old place had carpet in the kitchen, and that was a fucking nightmare. I'd hate to have a bathroom with carpet.

No. 342976

the idea of a carpeted kitchen makes me want to barf. glad you lived through that anon. I agree, as a teen I had to give up my bedroom and sleep on the couch forever because I had a pretty messy room and a window AC unit. a pretty small drip caused black mold in the room and it couldn't be fixed until all the carpet could be tore up etc. it'll happen eventually and hopefully they notice before they feel sick or anything. it's probably one of the big reasons they phased out a carpeted bathroom

No. 342980

Honestly how DARE she say she's in it for craftsmanship. You're in it for money and attention, you don't care about source material at all nor do you work on your craftsmanship. You slap shit together in hotel rooms because you know you're getting paid either way. You are awful. You are ruining cosplay.

No. 342985

I thought I was the only one that lived through this nightmare

No. 343001

File: 1485115955635.png (226.11 KB, 281x464, fees.png)

Yeah it was terrible, by the time we moved out there were stains all over just from cooking and spilled stuff and what not. Not to mention mold from the sink dripping.

ANYWHOO. Moomoo is claiming she is doing alterations to her Mei cosplay. She actually admits to buying the jacket after someone asked, and actually gave out the name of the ebayer after the person continued to hound her for it. Her idea of alterations is fixing straps and adding buttons btw

No. 343124

This. She puts zero effort at even improving.

Several people I know think she's an absolute joke, so while she can try her damnest to milk as much money from her neckbeard fans, she'll likely never have quality costumers respecting her.

It's even more ironic and when some of my fellow cosplayers are fine with Jnig but laugh at how painfully hard Moomoo tries to emulate her.

No. 343134

Does she really create everything? With the money she makes, I'm sure she buys premade or at least premade parts.

It's so upsetting to me when some cosplay famous person makes so much money and it's wasted on bras and shitty wigs. It could go to a real crafty person and help them travel to other cons to show off their work.

No. 343139


No. 343265

Why does cosplay attract cows so much?

No. 343268

Anything that can potentially attract a lot of attention.

No. 343269

Simply put because it's a hobby that is, like it or not, highly based around attention for many people. Not only that but a lot of disorders like BPD and Narcissistic Personality Disorder are prevalent in the community. Probably for the same reason.

No. 343288

A theory that I read on some 4chan board was that portraying a character elevates a woman's attractiveness level significantly; that is, if she is not conventionally attractive, all she needs to do is simply become a character the male gaze is already fixated on and she becomes more attractive without actually putting in the effort towards losing weight, etc.

I don't get the impression that this is done out of passion; she seems really unfamiliar with source content a lot of the time.

No. 343293

This is extremely true.
I attracted a lot of shitty cos friends at first because they are only in it like moomoo for the attention not the love of the source or creating. After a while they always show their true colors so waiting it out is the best option (and watching their thread with popcorn)

No. 343309

Jesus fucking christ that's terrible. She literally didn't even try.

No. 343310

Attention like others said, plus it's still a mostly nerd/geek/outcast-based hobby (the neckbeard fans with money are legit nerds, anyway) so the 'market' isn't flooded with conventionally attractive girls yet. So even a morbidly obese turtle can get orbiters by simply flashing her tits and ass while cosplaying characters that are considered hot, like >>343288 explained.

As for the cows that seem to be in it for the hobby moreso than the clammy NEETbux, I guess it's a form of escapism or something. Plus the community is very susceptible to the Geek Social Fallacies and even the most ridiculous cow gets people who decide they HAVE to accept them because otherwise you're like those mean bullies in high school. Personality disordered weebs really feed off that kind of unconditional acceptance.

No. 343371

lmao, I don't see how anyone can genuinely like this. it's garbage.

No. 343414

File: 1485199951351.png (150.28 KB, 750x1074, IMG_2238.PNG)

Sorry if this is old news but is this an old account of hers? Why does it say Italian instead of Arab?

No. 343419

Apparently in that period Jersey Shore was going big so she hopped on the bandwagon, probably. Either that or the fact that in 2011 sjws weren't a thing yet so she couldn't use her Arab heritage for oppression points.

No. 343454

her mom kinda looks italian so maybe she was hopping on the jersey shore hype like >>343419
said and only acknowledging the part that got her attention

No. 343465

Eh, Italians aren't a race, they're really mixed so it's difficult to tell. Personally, I don't think she has a drop of Italian blood, she was just faking it like she always does.

No. 343468

Nah it just hides it from you. Its not gone

No. 343653

there have been a lot of impersonation accts I doubt it was really her

No. 343654

Am siclian (island ppl of Italy) its common to be mixed w north African and/or Arabic. If she isn't mixed she's trying to pass it off as I'm white but ethnic looking~ like so many try to do.
Sage for blog post sry

No. 343663

Yeah but this account is from 2011 befor she was known at all.

No. 343715

I don't know what it was but I remember someone posting a screen shot of one of her old social media accounts were she mentioned she was Italian too. I'm not gonna call her a liar on this though. It's definitely possible she is part Italian and fuels my hunch that, like many Americans, her ethnic background is a mix of many different things. She just clings to whatever gets her the most attention. Notice how she stopped being a "proud Muslim woman" as soon as the oppression points ran run low.

No. 343720

I would guess that maybe her dad is Arabian and her mom is Italian. Her mom's photo was posted to the last thread and she definitely looks more Italian than Arabian. As far as I know the muslim faith defines that the child inherits the religion from the father in case the two parents are from different religions.

No. 343793

File: 1485279060404.png (181.91 KB, 1440x1182, Screenshot_2017-01-24-12-27-08…)

Hi MooMoo.

No. 343838

File: 1485286064097.png (121.11 KB, 616x620, Momokun Bingo.png)

Did someone ask for a Momo bingo?

No. 343845



No. 343848

File: 1485287872505.png (432.6 KB, 572x629, ook.png)

Okay I don't cosplay, but is it normal to use shoelace as a trim? i'm sure there has to be better material out there, no?

No. 343851

File: 1485288822572.png (127.08 KB, 750x1084, IMG_2313.PNG)

does this cross out the "messy room" space? Also, is Moochlette in her underwear in the back?

No. 343853

The Free Space should be "lol", tbh

No. 343859

why does she have all this fancy shit to make her cosplays if it just looks like she threw it together on the floor anyways?

No. 343863

File: 1485292961643.png (254.3 KB, 1125x1671, IMG_3318.PNG)

I hope to God this kid doesn't google "real life Wicke."

No. 343864

Isn't that form maybe half or a third of her real size?

No. 343865

Lel that was my comment. Well bitch why didn't you originally say it that way then instead of ~italian kek like ???

No. 343869

Wow. What a fake ass bitch. If she used to identify herself as Italian then go on to change it to Arab just because it was *cool " to do so she can rot in hell. It wouldn't surprise me for a second that she's trying to fit into whatever she thinks will get her more likes though. Terrible human being.

No. 343880


I love how momo lurks here. Hey, bitch~ You're a fat cunt. Admit you're a sex worker that makes shitty cosplays.

No. 343902

Yes you can use shoelaces as trim

No. 343904

It would explain why her costumes are way too small for her and she's hulking out of them.

No. 343912

I would change "Asks for more Patreon money" to "Asks for extra donations on Twitch"
And maybe "Ripped cosplay" should be somewhere in there, but pretty spot on otherwise.

No. 343927

I actually laughed out loud at seeing that. She is in such denial about her size

No. 343964

Didn't she sell her appropriately sized dress form for a smaller one? And even that was, what? 20 pounds ago?

No. 343973

just want to lol about momo jumping on making that mei skin the second she saw it because mei ended up getting TWO skins for this event and the promo images didn't show the bottom of the pants or the huge bow on the back. still going with my prediction that she'll still shit out a new year Mei budior shoot if she does anything

No. 344013

Haha, beautiful. Needs the acronyms "lol/lmao" being used passive-aggressively though. lol i'm just having fun with my body lol why do you care?? lmao And guzma to "whatever popular male character she considers her husband now".

Actually, being TOO hot makes you unreachable and neckbeards don't want to give you money because you're out of their league and look like a whore. A fat awkward cow like Momo is still something they can reach for and have a realistic chance at charming them. Cucks will also feel good about themselves if they can support a fat chick because ~body positivity~.

The cosplay community has a ton of attractive girls, but only a few of them are willing to take off their clothes and most of them are disgusted at the neckbeard attention, but Momo, being the classy lady she is, retweets all the greasy comments she gets.

No. 344014

Nobody is claiming you want to be white, Momo. Quite the opposite, we're saying you're milking having some quarter of an Arab heritage to get brownie points from the internet.

No. 344022

File: 1485334390026.jpg (29.29 KB, 418x334, 013.JPG)

Only if you're too retarded to use/make piping.

No. 344065


She tries so hard to be on the level of Yaya Han, who recently posted how she's making the gold detailing on FE's Camilla using the exact same Cosplayfabric fabric with craft foam technique. Then a few days ago Momo posted on Facebook about investing in the exact same Bernina sewing machine she uses. She's nowhere near Yaya's skill level and can barely sew well on the basic machine she has, yet thinks she'll be able to become a master at cosplay making by doing this 'upgrade'. She's completely clueless.

No. 344071

Yes, you get one point.

I was planning on adding Moomoo's face in the free space, but photoshop crashed so I said fuck this. Maybe I'll redo it better, and "Like", "Lol" and "Lmao" will be united in the same space.

She does both, but on Patreon she gains more and always raises the goal bc greedy. Ripped cosplay could be considered a "half asses a cosplay".
I'm thinking of adding a "buys a cosplay on aliexpress" spot with the bonus "…and claims she's made it"

No. 344083

Side note, anyone else really excited for Yayas Camilla? Every time she posts a wip I end up really appreciating her craftsmanship even more. It's super apparent she likes the character and looking at momo's, the same thing cannot be said for her Camilla since she rushed it and it came out so sloppy. I can see her trying to suck up to Yaya once she's done and it annoys the heck out of me.

No. 344087

Kinda glad Yaya doesn't put up with that kind of shit. She's in cosplay for the money, sure, but in a business way and has no time for people like Momo.

No. 344095


I'm looking forward to Momo's shameless sucking up to her once she debuts the costume which will look great just by looking at the WIP pictures. Anyone who does a character she's done and happens to be way more popular she'll take the opportunity to get points on her own. Momo's is terrible and reduced it to a cheap boudoir set to make up for the flaws, seeing someone else give Camilla justice is satisfying and it's even better when we know it'll piss Momo off lol.

No. 344099

MooMoo is the type of person who thinks the better the materials/equipment, the better the quality. The reason why her shit keeps ripping or looking ratty couldn't possibly be because she lacks the skills (or making her shit too small). She doesn't want to practice the basics and skip to being a super talented cosplayer. If people can make amazing costumes and props from foam and cardboard then it clearly isn't the materials.

No. 344102

Aaaand she doesn't know how to spell Tekken. Her fake nerd is showing again.

No. 344109

So I'm assuming Collette made these and Momo is again not giving credit? https://twitter.com/mariahmallad/status/824100836980629504

No. 344110

Iirc the boots she made with Koreanbarbq's help, idk about the tank though

No. 344144

File: 1485372832504.png (178.06 KB, 1200x632, Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 20.2…)

>has been involved in cosplay for how long now?
>still has to ask other people to link her to cosplayers whose prints she can buy to pimp out her 'sewing room'
You'd think someone so into cosplay and #positivity in the community wouldn't need others to spoonfeed her names like this, but hey.

No. 344191

The best part about that is she literally RT'd a video from the Bandai twitter that has Tekken right in the tweet and the video, and she still spells it wrong.

No. 344240

Yikkkesss. Not good. That shows me she doesn't really care about other cosplayers. Why buy prints of someone if you don't already know and support their work? 'Yo I need prints sooo get me some shit from goodwill ok?'

Whatever happened to one of her early patreon pledges from last year that she would donate money to other cosplayers? Vamp and her friends don't count.

No. 344244

Right?! I don't actively look for cosplayers on the internet but I still have a list of favorites that goes on for days just by casually browsing tutorials and social media. She is literally too self absorbed to think about anyone else besides herself (and Jnig).

No. 344246

File: 1485391998365.png (94.08 KB, 750x535, IMG_4920.PNG)


No. 344316

why is she mentioning tekken? please stay away from my favorite fighting game.

No. 344326

File: 1485413498242.jpg (96.77 KB, 1280x1706, ganryu-vengeance.jpg)


The only character she could accurately cosplay from Tekken. Can't wait to see ~*~cute Ganryu groping sets~*~

No. 344333

File: 1485414464517.jpg (117.04 KB, 1600x900, eliza_tekken_revolution.0.jpg)

i think she is cosplaying this chick. she retweeted this: https://twitter.com/BandaiNamcoUS/status/824086486370787328

No. 344344

File: 1485416385551.png (553.7 KB, 939x403, 32465465.png)

kek yaya han already did it.
its gonna make moomoos look even more shit

No. 344345

yaya's cosplay is decent, but we all know moomoo's is going to be 10 million times worse

No. 344379


Isn't she on a Yaya Han copy kick? I wouldn't be surprised if she started copying well known cosplayers and doing the same characters so when her beta males compliment her she humble brags "people said I did a better job at <insert characters name> but we all know <insert cosplayers name> did just a fantastic job on their's! I brings tears to my eyes to be compared to them lol"

No. 344391

Moomoo please leave my free to play girlfriend alone ;_;

No. 344397

File: 1485440841725.png (124.7 KB, 750x913, IMG_5556.PNG)

Having my fingers crossed that someone leaks this set of a tragedy.

No. 344443

She looks fatter than usual.

No. 344445

Holy fuck. Look at the size of her thigh compared to her shin and calf.

No. 344446

also, that shirt is so ill fitting. which probably doesn't help in regards of her looking massive.

No. 344463

She always looks like such a mouthbreather

No. 344468

>"Oooh, main character-kun~ let me chuck yer bengis~"

No. 344479


Oh man, now that you can see an unshooped side view, her lack of chin because of her weight gain is really apparent.

No. 344487

Why the fuck on she on a panel?

No. 344488

Is* My bad I fucked that sentence. That video TRIGGERED me. lol

No. 344521

she's a strong WOC (women of cosplay)

No. 344525

Lol she's gonna do a lesbian POV with Vamplette as Lusamine and Wicke. Not gonna lie that's going to pull in a lot of neckbeard bucks.

No. 344526


I forgot to mention it was for Vamplette's Patreon.

No. 344528

File: 1485467628540.gif (24.54 KB, 441x95, IMG_9512.GIF)

No. 344536

File: 1485468628592.jpg (49.73 KB, 470x485, 14374101_1073283956073559_8586…)

God, that Squirrel Girl is so fucking cringey.

See pic. This is going to be hilarious.

No. 344559

Girl you passed thicke and went straight to obese. Only watched a few minutes, but I like how she kept interrupting the others.

No. 344609

Strong? All her muscle she had is most likely flab now and she as hell is not mentally strong since she goes on a emotional Twitter rant when ever she gets criticized.

No. 344637

She looks like lazy trash. Her constant need to play with her hair and glasses tells me she's probably insecure with her appearance. Flailing her hands and bugging out her face while everyone else just sits and talks like an adult.
She's like a socially awkward teenager trying to have a conversation at the adult's table.

No. 344638

Kek $75 for a twerk video. Fuck off Moochlette and get a real ass

No. 344640

File: 1485482517312.png (160.22 KB, 747x1013, IMG_2315.PNG)

No. 344642

Sounds like a damn nightmare to be honest. $75 to watch a cosplayer twerk badly when you can just go to a club and watch people twerk great for free.

No. 344648

She can't fucking twerk. Bending over and kinda spazming your back a bit looks retarded especially when there's women who get paid to twerk at clubs that post videos online for free. $75 to watch her wriggle about for a minute or two. Holy shit the audacity.

No. 344654

Are they going to destroy literally every Overwatch character with this tacky bullshit? Why Soldier76 of all characters? Shouldn't Momo do it instead since she's already rocking the dadbod?

No. 344662

I jumped through it a bit, and got to about 32 minutes in when Squirrel Girl asked about female characters taking the title of classic male super heroes, and Mariah just sat there with a dead look on her face the entire topic. Such nerd, such geek. The only time she speaks up is to talk about Silk, which seems to be the only super hero she knows.

No. 344740

I think what amazes me is that she thinks twerking is still relevant. She's like 3 years too late.

No. 344745

She's at ALA now. Wonder if I'll see her around sometime this weekend.

No. 344756

I would love to speak to any of the guys who are giving her money for this trash. I just want to know how they justify it.

No. 344762

Please report on anything milk-worthy if you do see her.

No. 344763

This is to >>344745

No. 344793


Anyone find proof she did a panel in Halifax? I looked up Hal Cons channel and there's nothing there yet she claims she's done many panels before.

Also you can tell how self conscious she is of herself because she is the only one constantly adjusting her ratchet ass ugly wig and her glasses

No. 344851

You can literally see someone holding her tail at that angle just in frame.

No. 344875

I hate that wig so much

No. 344933

Also at ALA. A friend was telling me that they saw a girl grinding against some dude in the lobby of the Raddison and he was practically fingering her. I wondered if it was her.

But if I do see her in person I'll be sure to mention it here.

No. 344940

>Panel on female characterization in media
>No female writers only female cosplayers on the panel

No. 344942

My thoughts exactly. They're talking about what? Female empowerment? Running around in skimpy outfits, being fap service to males into empowerment. It's the opposite. They're feeding into the idea that women are just sex toys.

No. 344953

That could be literally anyone without further description what they looked like.

No. 344956

File: 1485548869441.jpg (388.74 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20170127_145336.jpg)

Boots still look horrible

No. 344959

the clear bottle on the end table by the bed looks like a half-empty Mike's Hard to me….. kek

No. 344971

That is indeed a strawberry/cranberry Mike's Hard Lemonade (recovering alcoholic here). Good eye! The last thing this girl needs is all that sugar kek

No. 344972

no wonder she gets these world ending hangovers

No. 344974

File: 1485552524266.jpg (388.37 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20170127_145426.jpg)

Her new fuck buddy? The other guzamo cosplayer she's been hanging out with

No. 344977

Isn't he the same Guzma that she was with Vamplette in Las Vegas?

No. 344979

Yup it is

No. 344982

This is a nitpick, but that makeup brush on the hotel carpet is triggering me. I hope she sanitized it.

No. 344984

File: 1485553354321.jpg (703.15 KB, 1012x1207, IMG_9510.JPG)

you already know the answer to this anon

No. 344992

It triggers me how there always seems to be shit all over the place in her pictures. She can't even be assed enough to push all her trash and junk out of the way to at least make it look like she doesn't live in squalor.

No. 344993

She really trashed that room in record time. Momo isn't just messy - she's outright unsanitary. Get your makeup and brushes and towels up off the floor, you disgusting pig-girl!

No. 345003

I'm conflicted because I love his outfit but if he hangs out with Moomoo, he's probably a weenie.

No. 345011

His outfit is just…so tumblr

No. 345017

Ngl it doesn't look very… good either… where the hell has fashion gone

No. 345018

Hope you're joking about his outfit. It's terrible

No. 345019

I see we've turned into what the 80's THOUGHT fashion was going to look like..

ANyway, wtf is with her pose? I can't figure out if she's helping him stay in place with those platforms on or if she's pulling a Pixy

No. 345020

samefag and sage for irrelevant
Maybe she's praying for dick..

No. 345021

I want the jacket. And the shoes.

No. 345030

Isn't he cosplaying as Travis from No More Heroes? The character is a weeb so it would fit

No. 345031

File: 1485560281347.jpg (39.55 KB, 600x525, 3e5.jpg)

its sort of meme pose making fun of rap album covers

No. 345035

is he? my google-fu isn't bringing up an outfit that looks like that

No. 345040


I don't think he is, I've seen him at Vegas cons with Travis but I've also seen him outside of cons and he always looks like a flock of seagulls member

No. 345056

I hope she gets pink eye because of that. Wonder what excuses she would make up for it

No. 345076

File: 1485571291165.jpg (122.64 KB, 640x640, xhhiSYi.jpg)

i think she trying to do this pose cause it such a "huge meme"

No. 345077

File: 1485571514998.png (283.67 KB, 419x380, 1482720914405.png)

dont insult travis touchdown like that sis. that guy looks like a run of the mill tumblr fag. maybe thats just his street clothes?

No. 345088

Why is her face always at crotch level with every guy she hangs with?

No. 345105

Because she's insecure. It's a reoccurring theme that all these insecure girls in the cosplay community have this hyper sexual behavior. They wouldn't normally be given attention, but if they cater to the lowest denominator then they feel like they're wanted. It typically starts as pretty innocent, but it eventually goes to their head and they think that everyone wants them and start exhibiting behavior like Momo and Ash.

No. 345107

Well at least Ash isn't a lying fake cunt from far as I know.

No. 345113

File: 1485585524332.jpg (49.14 KB, 600x450, 1446353300204.jpg)

No. 345114

Probably because she sucks their dicks

No. 345116

eh that doesnt mean she isnt still an obnoxious attention whore who has a haughty attitude about selling pictures of her asshole.

No. 345123

I guess but she is not fat disgusting slob, doesn't causes drama, actually is a fan of the stuff she cosplays, and is not doing cosplay to be "cosfamous" like Moomoo. I haven't seen anything that would label her attitude "haughty" but I don't follow her that closely to know her attitude.

No. 345125

her photosets always get leaked on reddit

No. 345126

I wonder who is the poor sucker that actually pays for that shit to leak them.

No. 345127

File: 1485595185117.jpg (24.76 KB, 274x266, 1484663559580.jpg)

>momo at ALA

oh man I'm going for Saturday, I wonder if I'll see her

No. 345144

Sounds like a vendetta. I dont see Ash creeping on guys like momo does with guzma cosplayers or constantly denying being a sex worker.

No. 345160

The Otakon Vegas video of the panel Momo bragged about is up. What a boring fucking panel. No slideshow or anything, just a discussion about strong women in pop culture amongst a group of nobodies. Of course Momo had to sit in the middle and spent most of it messing with that fried wig.

No. 345166

Not sure how it's a vendetta…? Haven't there been plenty of times Ash has latched onto other people because they were cosplaying some one from an OTP. Maybe putting her on the same level as MooMoo isn't a good comparison, but it's the same type of behavior that is fueled through a medium of cosplay.

No. 345210


where have you been that was discussed yesterday and the day before that on this thread? And numerous people have commented on the shitty wig already

Anyways, it's funny how she's milking this Mei thing for as much as it's worth. It's the first cosplay besides Wicke where she's actually gotten 2k RTS but she's already done a professional shoot and a debut at another con? Sure Nigri wears the same thing more than once but she doesn't hype it up everytime she wears it. MooMoo acts like the alterations makes this an entirely different, new cosplay.

No. 345216

Ash and Momo are two sides of the same coin.
Momo never got enough attention, but wants to be better than the average whore

Ash is a thirsty bitch who married a hubby who would support said thirsty behavior

No. 345221

Who is ash?

No. 345222

Uhhhh Ash isn't married.

No. 345224

A friend of SSS that Moomoo recently put her fangs into recently does the lewd shit too. She was the Symmetra in the pic with MooMoo in the last thread.

No. 345227

Samefag ignore the 2nd recently in my sentence I fucked up.

No. 345229

In the panel when asked about women in pop culture you looked up to when you were young she said she didn't like female characters and that she looked up to Goku and Vegeta from DBZ. If she hates women characters so much and just wanted to talk about male characters why is she the panel? She grabbed her boobs at other points and made sex jokes too. Very uncomfortable panel. Sierra made great points in it though.

No. 345234

Jesus Christ, did anybody give her dirty looks for being a dumb thot?

No. 345236

Travis is a stinky bitch

No. 345237

Did the camera show the audience at the end of the panel? You saw it at the beginning and it wasn't that huge of a turn out, so I wonder if people started peacing out early due to how cringey the entirety of it was.

I only watched the first few minutes of it and it was embarrassing watching her interrupt everyone.

No. 345260

Yes that's who I thought you meant but someone mentioned Ash being married which made me confused since Midna Ash isn't married. As for comparing her to momo I don't see what's similar in their behavior at all.

No. 345273

Dude, she couldn't even say Sailor Moon or some shit? Even if she was lying, people would've easily bought it. Mainly because, most girls in their twenties lived off of Sailor Moon when they were little. There's no female characters she looked up to when she was little? She couldn't even say Bulma?
Feel like she was trying to be edgy with that answer. Though just makes her look stupid

No. 345282

You think she would at LEAST say Bulma since she keeps saying she's a DBZ fan. She even got a shitty DBZ tattoo recently and even cosplayed Bulma once. Bulma's such a strong, dominant character who easily established herself in the DB saga and happily carried herself over to DBZ. She's smart, married to an arrogant ass that she has a good relationship with and slapped a God with no fear. Bulma gives no fucks in a cast filled with strong males. You can even add that Chi-Chi at one point (Dragonball) although a cry baby, was strong and got what she was seeking. Even mentioning the classics (Sailor Moon and Utena with their deep, symbolic themes and strong woman leads) would be A+. But I guess those things aren't strong enough for Momo.

sage because miffed DBZ nerd.

No. 345286

Pretty much this. Too bad after that answer nobody raised their hand and asked her why she was there if that was the case.

No. 345298

Me neither I guess that person has some personal beef with Midna Ash or something.

No. 345299

File: 1485645899597.png (760.31 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4825.PNG)

Somewhat off topic to Momo at Ala I don't live anywhere near Momo but I stumbled upon this guy on tinder with this pic of him and her as his main pic
>the neckbeards into moo moo

No. 345301

Ew, a legit neckbeard who probably masturbates to hentai.

No. 345311

This is like putting pic of you and your friends during girls nightout as profile pic and the looker has to guess which one is you. If you have to have a profile pic, post something that is focused solely on you. I have lost the count when I'm looking more at animals and other people in the same picture than the main person.
would swipe left/10

No. 345320

I was the OP comparing Ash to MooMoo. I meant Asherbee Ash, not Midna. Sorry about the confusion.

No. 345328

File: 1485650546020.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2316.PNG)

Christ those boots

No. 345329

File: 1485650803937.jpg (10.92 KB, 275x275, 1447456327946.jpg)

No. 345330

Holy fuck. Why repaint them instead of remake them, Momo?! God damn, does she have a single costume that isn't literally falling apart?

No. 345331

NOPE. like the boots make the whole picture look like shit

No. 345337

I think the cosplay, especially the jacket was fine. But those boots aren't good looking at all, more like they are falling apart.

No. 345340


The only thing she made was the boots, and they are the things that suck most in the picture. Other than the pants she painted one line on

No. 345341

correction, didn't she make that thing on her back as well?

No. 345346

I believe she did, however it looks completely different now. She said she repainted it, but I have a feeling Vamplette helped fix it up a bit.

No. 345354

File: 1485655172734.png (66.66 KB, 746x806, IMG_5727.PNG)

Her boots are talking omg, who thought that was good enough to not touch up?

No. 345357


All that money being made and she couldn't just get the boots commissioned so they're actually wearable at conventions. But no, she had to make the boots herself with the "fixed parts" so it makes it look like the entire Mei cosplay was of her own work, which is exactly what she's doing at the moment and gullible people still think she made everything.

No. 345359


No. 345367

Please anybody sees her with those boots make sure you tell that Cow how shitty her boots are.

No. 345368

It's ok also who the fuck is Asherbee Ash?

No. 345369

She has a thread on /pt/, too. >>338376

No. 345373

Ew she looks like his mom

No. 345374

Holy shit she is completely insane.

No. 345380

Momo's Patreon is getting lower and lower. Even with the latest updates to her upcoming set.

No. 345384

File: 1485662116012.gif (3 MB, 480x208, oBG9MEQ.gif)

those boots doe
rip money

No. 345385

File: 1485662135698.jpg (365.6 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20170128_225404.jpg)

I'd be so embarrassed if my hotel room looked like this

No. 345387

Because she doesn do shit to protect her content. I dont want to say names and derail but other cosplayers who are friends with momo take down their stolen shit and use water marks, copyrights and have official websites to look more professional. Momo just fucks about while people smear her shit all over the internet so why bother paying for someone who doesnt bother improving with all the money they have and who is so easy to steal from? She's fucked herself.

No. 345401

Why is all her makeup on the floor, there's clearly a dresser right next to her? Ffs
Is that the Guzma cosplayer from before?

No. 345402

her makeup is on the ground including brushes ew ew ew ew ew

No. 345406

WTF? Does she just open an exploding suitcase that bursts all of her personal belongings all over the room? Fucking disgusting!

No. 345407

I think her as Mei actually fits very well
I really like her Mei but that might be bc most of it was not done by her
So I don't know why she wouldn't take more time into making the boots so it would fit the whole costume of looking nice
It's just makes me angry that she COULD do soo much better but is just too fucking lazy to do so

No. 345409

Awful person aside, she does make a good Mei. Thing is, not everyone is talented at being crafty and that's okay. But she has a moral obligation to her Patreons to produce quality content. She makes more than enough money that she could have just commissioned it like the rest of her costume.

No. 345416

>more makeup brushes on the floor
>the bristles less than an inch away from the guy's soles
I'm TRIGGERED. Just the sight of that makes my face itch.

No. 345418

File: 1485669471776.jpg (621.67 KB, 1536x2048, 1485662135698.jpg)

shooping selfies still
why do this if you're taking photos in front of a door where it's easy to tell you sucked in your gut and jutted out your hip?

No. 345420

That's where she fails. Yes she has a lot of fans, yes she has a lot patrons, but are they loyal to her? Hell no. She literally popped up out of no where a year ago and has now descended into taking softcore shots. It took Nigri years before she actually did her first swimsuit/underwear style shoot and by then she had a massively loyal fan base. Most of momo's fans want to see her ass. Once she shows it all, she'll more than likely lose a bunch of them but keep the die hard pervs.

No. 345422


No. 345424

Literally the only thing she had to do was make some boots, and she can't even fucking do that.

No. 345426

Yup which makes me think he is her new fuck buddy

No. 345430


It's because everyone wanted to see her naked and they saw most of her with this Wicke and Lala set and they realized hm maybe her disgusting pudgy body isn't so cute after all. That pic of her licking the whip cream off her tail shows how tiny her tiddies are irl.

Another argument could be that these neckbeards finally realize her low quality shitty cosplay sets are paying for her new house and that doesn't seem fair. Maybe if she commissioned awesome cosplays, maybe if she worked harder on her costumes instead of spending all her time on social media and stalking what everybody is saying about her, maybe if she took some of their suggestions on who she should cosplay instead of shunning them off saying "I don't like that game or character". She's trash man. And I really hope next month it just keeps declining.

No. 345433

File: 1485673193381.png (15.15 KB, 486x141, momo pls.PNG)

Lmao that's not an excuse, Momo

No. 345434

The fact that it's a hotel room means it should be even cleaner than her own bedroom. How do you trash a room that badly in less than 2 days?!

No. 345438

holy shit those shoes are a trainwreck

No. 345445

File: 1485680714297.png (949.86 KB, 536x898, 5353535.png)

im sure theyre all buddy-buddy with each other but there horribly aged faces look like there trying not to sneer at each other

No. 345446

why do they have nearly identical eye bags

No. 345448

Vampy is cool, don't bully her, anon.

No. 345452

Eh, I was pretty put off by the watermark drama with her and the photographer, but that's a whole different story unrelated to this thread.

No. 345480

God i love their cockeyed look from the shitty circle lenses and those blunt cheap lashes

No. 345483

I don't understand how someone can even make so much of a mess in a couple nights! Like I've partied pretty hard in hotel rooms with friends/bachelorettes before but no room I've ever stayed in has looked like that! Plus it's disrespectful to the hotel workers :/ she probably leaves all that gross trash for them to pick up

No. 345494


Holy shit even with shoop she is getting huge those thighs are scary

No. 345495

What a lazy response. It doesn't take a lot to at least kick away what's in front of the mirror. I bet when they leave they won't tip their cleaning lady either.

No. 345497


Looks like she's leeched on to her new Guzma fuckboi pretty fast.

No. 345498


ngl, he's pretty fucking cute though

No. 345499


No. 345500

I thought I was the only one who thought he is attractive.

No. 345502

As someone who worked in the hotel business (aka housekeeping), I use to have guest that would trash their rooms like this and I would be the only one that would have to clean their mess. I find it completely disrespectful because we have other rooms to clean and their lazy ass wont at least straighten it up for us to clean. Yes, we do get paid to clean rooms, but we dont get over time. This girl is dirty and lazy.

No. 345503

File: 1485716235738.png (1.03 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4686.PNG)


For clearification, are we talking about the Guzma cosplayer or someone else?

No. 345511


The latest Guzma cosplayer Momo keeps hanging out with. Guess she got bored with koreanbarbq who was the original one she did the groping Wicke set with.

No. 345512

File: 1485718270076.png (453.07 KB, 388x560, aqs6uklndi.PNG)

Yep was at ALA for Saturday
can confirm that they hung out together as a group with Moochlette

No. 345514

oof I wanna know how bad those wicke tears are now

No. 345515

Pretty much this. She's one pubic hair's length away from hardcore pornography, she already gave neckbeards it all. Nigri was doing just skimpy costumes and she lured people to support her to raise their hopes of finally seeing her take it all gradually off. During the year momo's been around she just threw off her clothes and had a guy finger her onscreen in a dirty motel room, and now she's doing a lesbian porn shoot. It's getting so trashy and tasteless that she's just going to be put in the same category as any other amateur porn star because there's literally nothing exciting about her. It's just a fat girl doing bad porn.

No. 345517

Koreanbarbq's in her con-dinners-and-friends picture kek. Wonder how they were acting with each other.

No. 345520

Not close, just cordial. The situation is complicated, she wants a relationship he never did. She met girls he hit on in the past now she finally gets he doesn't want to date her. But they have mutual friends so they are acting cool around each other but she's incredibly bitter about it. He's just saying she knew what it was but she wanted it to be more.

No. 345531

File: 1485723313157.png (920.2 KB, 1600x900, Screen_Shot_2016-08-01_at_12.3…)

Picture related when I see people on my friend's list share Momo's cosplays and I want to educate them.

She doesn't realize these guys will never see her as more than a quick lay, because she doesn't respect herself.

No. 345532

Same tbh, anon. I was wondering why a decent looking guy would ever touch Momo without a ten foot pole.

No. 345533

File: 1485725085600.jpg (18.91 KB, 420x418, Umaru you nerd _2565f2c2ef9ef8…)

for the attention of course

No. 345538

the photographer is shit anyways and deleted some of the messages so he would look better. sage for off topic

No. 345539

File: 1485727869262.jpg (66.36 KB, 640x960, 16388310_997874357024180_93638…)

No. 345540

>going through such lengths to make it look like you're perfectly curvy when you are just a huge slob

No. 345541

>Lusamine wearing stripper heels

it was really surreal seeing them in person and watching momo waddle around the con

No. 345542

This would be good if Momo wasn't in it

No. 345543

still can't buy a bra that fits

No. 345545

She FINALLY finished Wicke! Guys, she actually finished a cosplay (that she didn't buy). Still looks like total shit but I'm actually impressed.

No. 345546

Her bra is also showing
Why wear black with WHITE?
I cannot unsee this now.

No. 345547

I like Guzma and Lillie cosplays the most.

No. 345549

The garter belt. Every single time.

No. 345557

File: 1485733404708.png (45.98 KB, 150x344, 150px-Sun_Moon_Lusamine.png)

The Lillie is very cute
Vamp still has that inaccurate, casual Lusamine (pic related)
I still don't understand why Momo's cosplay is so see through. I wonder is it ripped again (assuming she fixed the holes from before)

No. 345559

Am I seeing things or her foundation detaches heavily from what we can see of her neck, ears and borders of the face?

No. 345560

Vamp's Lusamine triggers me way more than momo's Wicke tbh

No. 345561

Halloween costume tier

No. 345562

I love that she bragged about gluing some gold pieces on her fabric lmao

No. 345563

Its see through because its cheap spandex spread tight on her body

No. 345566

I saw her hobbling around the Raddison, those tacked on gold hip pieces looked even worse in person and she looked like she could barely move without busting out of her outfit

No. 345567

This is really shitty photography. Everyone looks washed out from wearing so much white with the sun basically being in the background.

No. 345577

moomoo and vamp are terrible
Vamps looks super rushed and Moomoo's would look better if her fucking garter belt wasn't showing

No. 345580

File: 1485737377483.jpg (49.02 KB, 309x269, Screenshot_20170129-164754.jpg)

Well. Guess we know where Moo Moo got her cosplay idea from. Seems like she played it true to form.

No. 345585

File: 1485738863537.gif (1.25 MB, 369x520, kurolaughing.gif)

No. 345596

File: 1485742786381.png (163.21 KB, 750x1013, IMG_5595.PNG)

So this fat, lazy cow wants to just crop the boots of disaster out of this photo and pretend that the disaster can just be forgotten about? Hm

No. 345613

kek, of course. And even then, you can see the straps don't reach all the way around the boot. It just look so half assed. By now, she should realize that parts like the bottom of shoes (her Wicke) and the back of her costumes will be see and she has to make the entire thing look good, not just the parts that she thinks are going to be see.

No. 345617

File: 1485749147687.gif (291.47 KB, 500x373, 1483104281214.gif)

it's kind of funny that mooch picked lusamine to cosplay because lusamine is actually a 40 something mom and mooch looks the role 100%

No. 345621

File: 1485751035429.jpg (194.07 KB, 750x708, IMG_2412.JPG)

She posted this screencap on twitter. Did anyone actually say anything about the Lilie being "disgusting" or is momo just preaching for brownie points?

No. 345622

She tries to seem so woke, but she has no way to articulate herself.

No. 345623

So, you are telling me, the only decent looking woman out of their cosplay group was a dude?

No. 345624

File: 1485751791940.jpg (7.69 KB, 267x200, 68545423.jpg)

oh that's fucking great. does anyone know who the Lillie was?

No. 345626

File: 1485752452738.png (244.68 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4711.PNG)

Poked around. On her Facebook this was the only comment I found that was in regards to the Lillie.

No. 345627

Well I certainly couldn't tell.
Still the cutest one out of the group.

No. 345629

File: 1485752586741.png (130.25 KB, 750x799, IMG_4709.PNG)

Bonus file. The quote she put was "you won't be getting past us" on >>345539 for Facebook

No. 345631

This guy seems autistic

No. 345633

i wouldnt be surprised if she outed the lilie cosplayer because he did a way better job then her and mooch. everybody was probably praising lilie so moomoo got jelly of all the attention not being focused on her

No. 345634


lmao thats a fakeboi

No. 345635

She really has no clue about those fucking characters.

Lol yeah. That's definitely an actual girl.

No. 345636

Oh suprise suprise the fake gamer girl doesn't know the character she cosplays as. SHOCKER

No. 345637

are the fuckbois catching on to possibly one of the few proven fake geek girls they rag on all the time?

No. 345640

Can we talk about Stella chu, Martin Wong and the other frat bros hanging out with Momo and her stripper escort bff. I use to have respect for those people because they represented the elites in the cosplay community but it's basically a sex workers squad now. How low do you have to be to hang with this obese crazy

No. 345641

I agree she's a new level of fake trying to get the trannies to pay for her trash on patreon. News flash momo the gays and trannies don't like lazy sloppy fatasses

No. 345642

Stella chu did nudes for cosplay deviants and LOL at Martin being "elite". Also someone can do sex work and still be a good cosplayer, Stella does great work.

No. 345646

That's a… Man?! Damn! If that's the case, they did a fabulous job. And can't help but feel momo just lowkey outed gim

No. 345648

Smells like she's fishing for brownie points hardcore. She's hitting a vein of gold though, LGBT allying is the hippest thing you could be into these days. Anyone else think she's going to latch on to the crossplaying guy to milk the "I'm so accepting and open-minded" thing for a while?

No. 345651

Doesn't Stella and her hubby do the swinging stuff? I heard a lot of couples do this maybe the reason their significant others are ok with them putting their pussies out on display. It's like using their hot wife or girlfriend to bring in the kinky time . Just watch the movie suddenly last summer, it's common with effeminate men who want the best of both worlds. Pretty sure anyone associated with martins group is a sex deviant and Coke addict

No. 345652

It's a fakeboi, anon. In other words, a girl roleplaying as a boy for attention. Very popular these days. They also do girl cosplays constantly and claim it's "crossplay" because they're actually "male".

No. 345653

I would bet 20 shekels on it.

No. 345656

File: 1485757552905.png (50.23 KB, 747x447, IMG_0254.PNG)

So, you are telling me that Lillie is actually a girl playing as boy to cosplay Lillie? In other words, shit started over nothing?

No. 345657

File: 1485757741913.png (212.7 KB, 600x496, 661.png)

No. 345658

File: 1485757855908.jpg (25.57 KB, 342x378, Capture.JPG)

The lillie cosplayer in question

No. 345659

Yes. It's happened so many times before.

No. 345660

that Lillie is as much of a dude as Plainey is

No. 345661

File: 1485757993112.jpg (49.78 KB, 427x474, IMG_3025.JPG)

Seriously? Jesus.

No. 345662

File: 1485758162603.png (778.69 KB, 886x597, 8686868.png)

yep.why do all the fakebois always have the most feminine features?
mooch would make the perfect fakeboi cause her features are very androgynous.

No. 345663

PS. Sounds like attention whoring. I doubt no one said nothing bad about the Lillie and Momo had to make a post about literally nothing out of the blue. No one had an issue with Lillie's cosplay.

No. 345664

This is a video from Lillie's channel. I don't understand why people want to be fakebois and pull this genderfluid shit. Just be yourself? No one cares???

No. 345666

Is this person a transtrender? Not an actual trans, but piggybacking with the idea of being a trans?

No. 345668

That emote on the upper right corner sums up how I feel about this whole mess.

No. 345670

Yep, she's a fake transboy she's not in transition either just attention whoring and moomoo is just fishing for brownie points as usual. The con wasn't that packed moomoo was not getting crowded like she leads people to believe. If anything people were minding their own business or ignoring her. This lilli thing is just to get more attention from the SJW set.

No. 345672

momo is only known here and to lowlives that want a free fuck at a con

No. 345674

Wouldn't SJWs be after her if they knew she is just playing? Because fake presentation is what LBGT community needs to be taken seriously?/s
How popular ALA is? Does it gather thousands of people or is it a small con compared Katsucon or Comic Con?

No. 345676

Moomoo can always pull the "ummm I'm a proud muslim poc woman remember uwu" card if SJWs come after her so she can have her transtrender toy to get all the ally points she wants. Despite looking white as fuck and never practicing the muslim faith in her life.

No. 345677

File: 1485760865812.gif (247.86 KB, 400x300, IMG_8763.GIF)

Great. They have come up with a defense force that somehow enables them to be untouched if something questionable happens. Unless the others have ability to see trough their BS.

No. 345680

I think it's a new one. I saw her old one at Fanime and it looked like it was falling apart then. Her old one also had a black tube that connected the gun to the tank.

No. 345681

Ala is small. No no one really gives a shit about it.

No. 345685

Ah. I see.

No. 345686

File: 1485763531287.png (378.62 KB, 332x527, fgdfs.PNG)

>The con wasn't that packed moomoo was not getting crowded like she leads people to believe. If anything people were minding their own business or ignoring her.

this, only a couple of people came up to them there was no crowd
ALA is a small con but does get quite a few attendees, but for the most part people usually hang with their own friend groups

No. 345690

Were you stalking her through the second story window wtf

No. 345691

I think that person was doing a Animal planet documentary on the rare Land Whale lol

No. 345694

Of course not, the view from there is really pretty and I was taking pics from there
I just happen to spot her so I zoomed in

No. 345699

So in other words she is getting praised in Twitter for speaking up for a person (I doubt no one asked about the gender of Lillie cosplayer, nor really cared) who is not even queer, but fake?

No. 345700

File: 1485774159019.jpg (66.79 KB, 425x443, IMG_7606.JPG)

That Guzma, unf.

No. 345708

File: 1485781360853.png (98.59 KB, 453x492, 1480927274827.png)

I didn't even notice the Lille was a boy. Damn good job.


No. 345709

Okay then I actually read the thread and it's a fakeboi fml

No. 345715

Did her Patreon go down to only 1k a month now? From what, 20k?

No. 345717

says $14K when I look at it?

No. 345720

It was 15k a few weeks ago. It'll probably bounce back up after she releases her next set.

No. 345721

Do any of the neckbeards that donate to her get the rewards for their chosen tier? Apart from the high quality lewd photo sets, she promises all sorts like signed prints, Polaroids, meet ups at cons , gaming sessions, personal chats and with how lazy she is its hard to imagine she actually delivers to all of them each month.

No. 345723

Her $8000 goal said "For this I'd like to do something like a really big giveaway!! Instead of the little giveaways I do."
Has she ever done a giveaway? If she did I don't remember

No. 345725

FtM dude, so not technically a dude

No. 345727

Don't think she has. Her goals change constantly and all she does is carry on with making more explicit photo sets without acknowledging any of the things she's promised fans since she made it on Patreon. They're all being fooled badly and she's laughing her way to the bank.

No. 345736

Shouldn't there be some sort of a buyer's security thing with Patreon if the person you're donating to isn't delivering the promised goals? It seems really stupid that the only thing her patrons are getting are the porn sets and nothing else when she's talking about all this shit.

No. 345739

In that case, patrons have to: contact the creator, ask for a refund, cancel pledge. Patreon will do nothing if the creator drops off the face of the earth and doesn't deliver.

No. 345779

I know some FtM people who are legitimately taking hormones and transitioning to become guys, but this girl's just playing it up for identity points.

No. 345826

File: 1485811425831.png (115.13 KB, 238x326, IMG_9937.PNG)

What a fucking joke.
I'm suprised people are fine with fakers, when they don't go trough the things a transitioning person would nor have to experience the things they do.

This reminds me of last November during recess when one the senior student (FtM) announced that they are able to start transitioning and hormones. Then right after they loud brag about the fact that their doctor was whatever about it (for them taking hormones) and that they "cheated the system" which left a bad taste in my mouth.
Sounds like a fake person to me but I didn't ask further nor do I care for them as long as they don't plan to abuse the treatment for lulz, because it's actually something to take seriously. You don't take hormones and have surgeries for fun.

No. 345835

But a-anon! Don't you know?? if someone identifies themselves is transgender without going through transition, they are still transgender!

look, I have a friend that is trans (MtF) and she tells me that the experience is really hard to go through. She also hates it when people say that are transgender, but don't go through transition. She believes its a slap to the face to actual trans people. I dont care either, but don't do this shit if you are trying to do this for brownie points

No. 345836


Agreed. Transitioning is a huge deal for many and they take it seriously, but then you have ones who simply use it for attention over social media, especially in cosplay, it's just fucking sad. It's not some quirky phase or joke. Momo and her new 'crossplayer' friend can fuck right off for trying to get sympathy because of fans apparently losing their shit which is hard to believe.

No. 345839

sage for going completely off the rails here, but there are legit reasons why people can get the surgery, or they simply aren't ready to go through that major change yet. So it really depends on the trans person and their circumstances.

However there is a clear difference between those that have no intention to fully transition because they know what they're doing is a phase and trend. "Lol, I wear pants and have short hair. I'm trans!"

No. 345846

15K a month and this bitch cant put in any effort

No. 345849


Is all this bullshit saged? Has nothing to do with Mariah and of course she pretended like one comment was "a bunch of hate" because MooMoo is an attentionwhore and blows shit out of proportion. Did the kid even claim to be "transitioning"? No. Calm your panties maybe he just likes makeup there's a bunch of male YouTubers out there who genuinely like makeup and experimenting with their faces and they are doing it to make themselves happy. Leave the kid alone.

No. 345852

Transition can mean many things, besides the treatment and surgery and I get that not everyone is ready nor want to do that, my wording sucked. What I meant with was does this toxicsomething person do anything to prove that they are trans or is it just like >>345839 said that they have no intention to do any kind of transition and just play it off for a while until they get bored. I have never met a trans that hasn't started at least a hormone treatment or got an official statement by the doctor after many examination etc.

No. 345854

You don't see an issue with people who claim to be trans but actually aren't?
And the person in question is female, read the thread before you sperg.

No. 345863

whether or not anon sees an issue this thread isn't about transtrenders so take this shit elsewhere ur shitting up the thread with stuff more than half of us dont care about

No. 345868


How long was she walking around with those broken boots

No. 345869

Unlike the rest of the people, you seem to have difficulty to simply ignore things that shouldn't matter to you anyway. And the reason why this was even discussed because was because Momo talked about the person in their Twitter. Not like her friends or aquitances aren't talked about here (read: almost every thread) so it's not entirely off topic. And you are participating "shitting up thread" too which would have ended earlier until you decided to reply to other anons. So shut up if you want to end it here.

No. 345870

I've noticed that she doesn't really talk about doing anything at the cons she goes to. She just hangs around and talks with friends and people. She never mentions any panels, or going to booths, or buying merch. Yeah she was in the panel at the last con she was at, and there have a been a few mentions of her at events and such. But everytime its brought up its also mentioned how she just doesn't pay attention or care. Its so obvious she just goes to the cons for the attention.

No. 345871

I would never walk in public with those boots. How can someone just think that those boots are fine when they look like they are falling apart in any minute.

No. 345872

So, she goes to cons to stand in the hall in a cosplay for hours? Sounds boring. Like not going to panels or workshops or anything? Just standing there and doing nothing?

No. 345874

File: 1485823675848.png (180.64 KB, 750x1019, IMG_9533.PNG)

This is fucking ugly

No. 345875

File: 1485823824351.png (2.75 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9535.PNG)

No. 345877

Idk, its just something I've picked up on while watching the hambeast evolve into a hamwhale.

It really does boring, especially id you're going for all 2-3 days of the con. Yeah seeing all the cosplays would be super cool, but how can you not be interested in all the other fun stuff that happens there?

No. 345878

i think the answer to that one is simple - cause momo doesn't actually care about any nerdy/geeky shit, only the attention she gets from looking like a geek girl

No. 345879

Yeah. I would never go to a con just to do nothing. Like the tickets, traveling and hotel room already eat up money. Might as not go at all if there is nothing to do or see. I do shopping in artist alleys and bigger shop stops, go to panels and workshops that interest me. Game rooms are usually packed with people so I most of the time skip those. If I had friends that were interested in cons, I would hang out with them too.
I guess it really doesn't matter why you go to a con when you make a lot of money.

No. 345880

So many cosplayers do this now. Loiter around not actually taking part in most of the events. I can understand if it's very crowded, but besides that all they want is to stand out in costume and get photos or be featured in CMVs, hoping to be acknowledged.

No. 345884

File: 1485826024309.jpg (50.65 KB, 300x388, draw-pinocchio-step-last.jpg)

pinocchio ass lookin bitch

No. 345885

I don't necessarily think it's wrong to stand in a spot for attention, but it wouldn't be something I'd do the whole day, and definitely not for three days which is pretty desperate imo

No. 345889

I mean you can still get plenty of attention wandering around too…I've wandered aimlessly looking at stuff in exhibitor halls and been stopped by random people asking for a photo because they liked who I was dressed as. Only once have I been stopped for photos in a unorganized group shoot and although it was really fun to be included in it, I don't think I could waste the entire day doing it. I'd rather take candid shots with lots of people and other cosplayers and do the "professional" shooting outside the con.

No. 345892

Same. Momo seems to do this at every con for each day, changes into normal clothes when it gets boring and gets wasted with her friends each night. There's nothing really exciting about her 'cosplay career' as all she does is stand around the halls. Never see anything about her fans either who maybe attending the same con, no sign of meeting with any or the Patrons.

No. 345898

She goes to cons to get drunk and get attention, whenever I did see her she was in the middle of a photoshoots. She rarely does anything but take photoshoots, She did buy stuff though, but these two would walk around and expect attention. The people who do seek them out are thirsty fuckbois who are trump loyalists. I'm not even fucking kidding about that:

No. 345899

File: 1485829864410.jpg (111.74 KB, 600x262, MasterOfDisguise.jpg)

No. 345907

>I'm not even fucking kidding about that:
Is this supposed to continue or was that a typo?

No. 345909

What photoshoots. I genuinely rarely see any pro photos come out with her from cons. I get more than her and I'm a nobody.

No. 345912

But usually all the photographers/videographers stay in one general area. because it is the best place to shoot at. Ex: AX everyone is at the horseshoe, Katsucon everyone is at the gazebo or fountain, etc.

No. 345914

moomoo's actual face to body ratio.
she has a ridiculously tiny head but a hambeast body

No. 345923

Fucking grammer cunt

No. 345925

u ok there m8?

No. 345937

File: 1485844236972.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2317.PNG)

Can this bitch just stop?

No. 345939

Jesus fucking Christ can this bitch please stop sexualizing every single character she cosplays.

I remember seeing her at ALA and noticed just how huge she was irl. She was in her Wicke and I don't think she could even sit down properly because of how tight everything was on her. She had to plank herself in a chair or her cut would of exploded out of her shapewear.

The garter belts were pressing through her skirt so much.

No. 345940

I went to ALA on Saturday and kept an eye out for her. I didn't see her though but then again I mostly hung out inside and was there from 11-3

No. 345941


U wot m8?

……Noticed her flirting with another 76 cosplayer on Twitter. Let's see how gross she gets towards him until his girlfriend steps in (she's in his bio)

No. 345942

Screencaps please!

No. 345943

Ooooo this should be funny.lol

No. 345945

No. 345949

I was in the lobby the second night and spotted Mariah with koreanbbq. Totally had his hands all over her and it was just the two of them.

No. 345951

>imagines the fish smell emanating from her crotch
>no longer hungry

No. 345954

This isn't even remotely hot or funny.

I was in an elevator with Vamplette. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was really her (her nose was the obvious giveaway) since it's been surreal seeing all these pictures of her and finally seeing her in real life.

She looked rustled about something and in a hurry. I didn't run into MooMoo though.

No. 345955

But she's just having fuuunnnn!!! lmao if u have a problem with it just fuck off lol why do people cause so much unnecessary drama like lmao she's just being body positive and expressing her love for Mai lol umm I mean Mei from Overlook lmao!

God look at the size of her thighs though, she's just ballooning up like crazy.

No. 345956

That's the same Guzma cosplayer in the back, right?

No. 345960

File: 1485853441320.png (139.33 KB, 234x308, 22432.png)

he looks like he already smelled the rot in between her legs

No. 345966

He's fucking ugly kek. moomoo and him are in the same league of attractiveness or lack thereof

No. 345968

>start a blizzard in your pants
…What? Do these cosplay sluts even understand what they're saying? You don't need to make literally everything about a character sleazy.

No. 345970

No. 345973

He is much more attractive, how Momo catched him is beyond me.

No. 345974

Literal cockblock.

No. 345987

He reminds me of Nigri's fakenerdboi or whatever he goes by. That's the impression I get from his pictures.

No. 345997

she has no personality so she has to resort to being overtly sexual to seem the least bit interesting

No. 345999

He's alright, but his personality is just as annoying as momo's tbh

No. 346001

Moomoo's inner circle is full of idiots. How anyone can be friends with someone so full of themselves and who thinks they're god tier in cosplay is beyond me. Must be the money she makes that keeps them close.

No. 346006

Aw, too bad. Though his comment about people not liking his cosplays being that he is not cosplayer was a bit contradicting. Considering he has cosplayed Travis, Guzma and that one dude from Catherine.
I'm disappointed if what you said about him is true.

No. 346009

He hangs around Momo anon, and we have quite the proof that whoever could stand being around her is just as vile as she is. Birds of a feather flock together

No. 346010

Yeah. I guess. Momo's friends wouldn't be talked about here if they were nice and decent people.
The people you hangout with does tell something about you in good and bad.

No. 346016

Tell me about it. I saw him at Otakon vegas and he swears that he's the best guzma or something. Super cocky. I actually think that koreanBBQ was a better guzma.

No. 346024

File: 1485883936598.png (123.37 KB, 750x839, IMG_4762.PNG)

I only now started tracking her patreon. Two days ago it was at 14,390 (dropped from 15k) at 658 patrons. She's lost 20+ patrons. Kind of staggering how losing so little can cause such a big drop. It'll probably bounce back up once she releases her next set though. Not sure if those were real people or fake pledges though.

No. 346025

Damn it. Well, good to know.
Isn't Koreanbarbq kind of flirt or has reputation as ladies man?
Hard to say. Didn't she release her ToLoveRu pictures recently, before ALA?
Maybe they were patrons that gave her 50+ or more per month and got sick of her, or some patrons got sick/disinterest of her. It will probably blow up again when a new set featuring her and Vamplette is released.

No. 346026

I don't think she has yet. I've been poking around where they're normally leaked and no ones made any mention of that set yet. They might get released the beginning of feb.

No. 346028

File: 1485885407519.png (527.02 KB, 732x832, 1477855647493.png)

>I saw him at Otakon vegas and he swears that he's the best guzma.Super cocky.

this, he was the same at ALA
a little ot,but at ALA a really cute Guzma cosplayer that had a cool voice and looked just like Guzma came up to me and gave me some jellybeans, he was a way better Guzma than momo's friend imo

maybe they finally got sick of her shit or met her irl and were like NOPE

No. 346031

Oh, so the ones I saw where teasers or something.

No. 346032

>Guzma giving jelly beans
I read a ALA aftermath thread in cgl and someone mentioned about Guzma cosplayer giving jellybeans there too. Now I'm jelly.

No. 346043

Oof I wonder what she'll do if she loses too much money to pay rent. Can't wait for that milk.

No. 346046

I wonder the same too…she'll probably have to hit a new time low And show actual tits and her sloppy vag. Can't wait for that train wreck

No. 346047

maybe them neckbeards FINALLY got a hold of some sense and realized instead of paying to see a fat land whale naked, they can see it for FREE!

No. 346100

She probably wouldnt be losing so much money if she understood copyright. Most of these patreon girls at least try to report and delete stolen shit. Momo just let her shit spread everywhere. Why pay when anyone can see for free just by googling her name? You dont even have to look longer than one minute.

No. 346104

But compared to other costhots out there, does she really make that much? Yeah, $15k a month from Patreon for doing the bare minimal is a lot of money. But thats her only source, while a lot of the other cosplayers that have made it a buisness have other incomes. Moomoo doesn't stream often, doesn't have any ad revenue from other sites/ youtube, doesn't really seem to do any sponserships etc etc. She would never in a million years be paid to guest/ do big events in the community.

She gets $15k sitty on her ass all month, but she still ain't shit.

No. 346106

Do you have to manually repledge every month on patreon? If so, seems like quite a few people that just wanted the Wicke porn don't really care for anything else.

No. 346107

Nope. I donate to a few artists and it's automatic every month

No. 346111

File: 1485902644783.jpg (465.35 KB, 1500x1001, 24.jpg)

Have her derpy-ass Camille pics been posted here yet?

No. 346114

Doesn't Patreon take a slice from that money and she also has to pay taxes. So how much in the end she earns after those?

No. 346115

Love yourself anon. He's ugly. Perfect match for moomoo. Both are shitty people with inflated egos.

No. 346116

he looks like a lesser ben schwartz

No. 346132

Momo's definitely lurking here again, the decreasing goal amount on her Patreon has been removed so she's probably set it to private now. It's a set percentage, at the moment it's 91%.

No. 346136

Her goal was $15k, she reached it but it dropped down to 13k again. Probably going to use that as an excuse to not do any of the stuff she promised.

Its funny that she changed it, I would think she'd love to brag about the patreon bucks she's getting.

Or, she's doing to hide how much she gets for when she files taxes, hue

No. 346137

I went to ALA and can def confirm there were better Guzmas. There was one walking around with a Wimpod and he'd asked to take pics of it on people's heads lmao it was cute. The jellybean Guzma was so sweet too.

Moomoo had like no one around her most of the con. I remember seeing them doing a dancing video as well and she looked so shitty and unenthused. The other two in it were dancing and having fun and she just kind of swung her arms a bit and looked bored af. Probably was too out of breath.

No. 346139

File: 1485910054547.png (77.53 KB, 750x814, IMG_4780.PNG)

Someone is still reading this board.

She lost 3 more pledgers since the last post.

No. 346141


Sorry anon I'm dumb. I saw her patreon before updating the board first.

No. 346142

She obviously doesn't want people to notice her sudden drop in moolah. Guess we just gotta sit back and watch the patron count drop instead.

No. 346146


Probably also being hit with the realization of budgeting and living independently, since moving she's been at cons. Now it'll sink in more.

No. 346168

This one is almost cute. show em

No. 346173

Yes so cute sucking that huge belly in so hard.

No. 346184

Maybe with the sudden drop but I doubt it will last long. With how childish Momo has proven herself to be she would most likely have to get into some serious shit before she thinks about budgeting. With her now hiding the amount on her pateron (and obviously feeling the heat that people are noticing) she might start flaunting big purchases to keep up the appearance she's still making $15-16k. I'm looking forward to seeing some insanely unnecessary upgrades to her nearly empty house soon.

No. 346190

>There was one walking around with a Wimpod and he'd asked to take pics of it on people's heads lmao it was cute.

ahhh I saw him too, such a cute and creative idea

that'll be fun to watch
The fact that someone actually monitors this thread is fascinating to me

No. 346194

Her Patrons really are dropping, since she's hidden her info it's gone down to 633 Patrons. Here's to hoping the neckbeards are noticing their money is being wasted on lazy trash and could be spent on far better elsewhere.

No. 346198

File: 1485919215797.png (939.43 KB, 640x960, momoneymomoproblems.png)

No. 346199

Ten out of fucking ten, anon.

No. 346200


Bless you anon for this and that file name.

No. 346205

File: 1485923571076.png (54.2 KB, 636x397, img.PNG)

We need one of those counters that says "___ days since Momo last bitched on Twitter"

No. 346207

It's still dropping, which is actually kind of suspicious that she has dropped that many patrons in such a short period of time. Maybe she's pulling all her fake pledges that people have theorized her having before getting charged on the first/tomorrow.

No. 346208

WhAt has she said???

No. 346212

People probably just delete pledges before they have to pay. I see similar large drops close to payout time with other patreon content creators

No. 346213

What is she even talking about?
Looks like she is going to Katsucon too.

No. 346219

probably "people"
Twitter has a pretty limited character count

No. 346221

Someone please make this the main photo in the next Momo thread lmfao

No. 346224

File: 1485928436027.png (41.03 KB, 720x178, Screenshot_2017-01-31-21-45-16…)

Second tweet to PewDiePie in two days. I don't see why it's so important to her for online people to notice her. It's like when she was dickriding Rooster teeth and no one but the bait. What exactly is she trying to prove?

No. 346225


*Bit the bait, sorry

No. 346234

Can this thirsty hoe just stay in her damn lane?

No. 346235

File: 1485931788769.gif (3.93 MB, 235x176, 6a00d83451b8c369e201538e946176…)

Is that a tweet calling Pewdie out or being ironic, or is she serious and attempting to brownose? If it's the latter…

>dude paying people to hold up "Kill all the Jews" signs less than a month ago and all his past history is 'woke'

Okay, Momo.

No. 346236


> I don't get jokes

calm down there anon, you're reaching

No. 346244

Yes, moomoo basically thinks she can go straight to the top by tweeting to the celebrities of her choice. And if they ever happen to notice her and reply, she can brag about them being friends to the whole nation. Like her "connections with Funimation" was just a guy working for Funimation replying to her tweet. Pewdiepie must get millions of mentions every day and I think verified account (the one given to celebrities and companies etc) allows you to block most of the notifications.

That fucking cat bikini was seriously the cosplay basic bitch version of duckface in 2015. Every patreon hoe was donning it because JNig did it and it looks so ridiculously tacky and awful. It's designed so that your tits look saggy no matter how firm they are because of that low tit window and high riding upper hem.


>No, the person looks biologically female but I think may be gender fluid and ID as male (I'm shit at genders sorry).
The word you're looking for is woman, anon. That person is a woman. A transtrending woman claiming to be a transmale for tumblr points despite being quite efficient at presenting as feminine.

Does anyone know how big of a cut Patreon takes? Despite making 15-16k on Patreon moomoo isn't really living the life of someone you'd imagine to be making that much money. She always buys cheap ass lingerie and aliexpress suits and doesn't seem to commission people for better cosplays. And she stays at seemingly economy class hotel rooms for conventions and her photoshoot locations are always motel 6 or her bedroom tier.

No. 346246

To tell you the truth I think they keep her around as the one friend everyone makes fun of for being complete garbage.

No. 346250

So I did a little bit googling and Patreon takes 5% from the top. So if she makes 13k, Patreon takes 650$ from that. I'm not from USA so I don't know how taxation there works but in here where I live the more you earn, the tax prosent is higher.
So I would assume some of that 12,350$ would go to taxes and then she would be left with the real income. What we don't know.

No. 346251

And transaction fee is 5-6%. Another 650$ off from the 12,350$ she makes. 11,700$ per month.

No. 346270

She also dumped big time over night?? Last night there were 633 patrons. Now there's 558. 75 over night.

No. 346273

All evidence points towards her either saving, or spending the money.
Honestly 11k is a fuckload to spend in a month, and i've never seen Momo being very "glamorous".

That or shes fostering an insanely expensive drug addiction, who knows.

No. 346275

I'm guessing that they are fake pledgers getting deleted or dissatisfied patrons.
Saving money is certainly better than splurge it every month on unnecessary things. I would be more concerned if she didnt't save any money at all. Though I would like to see her use that money to get better cosplay related stuff and put more effort in them. Those Mei boots were unacceptable condition. Her Wicke cosplay is decent and nice, I can see that she is capable of great work when she wants to.

No. 346286

Holy shit, I don't think she's had such a huge drop before. It honestly points to fake pledges she bought or something. Especially since they all dropped the same day.

No. 346293

File: 1485966829112.jpg (80.62 KB, 640x653, image.jpg)

Whoa It's now 538

No. 346296

I'm seeing a huge dip in lots of other patreons too. Usually many declines are accidental and the number will raise back up a bit the next few days after payment. However she was losing large numbers before this too so I think people just arent happy with her content.

No. 346297

Has this affected her income? Nvm, it's hidden.

No. 346298

She'd be making a little over $100k a year after taxes, still a sizable amount. You would think she'd put more money towards her cosplays since she has plenty to invest.

No. 346299

I think it would be interesting to see the number of high level patrons dropped.

No. 346305

Based on her goal and that she hasn't changed the final reward from 15k to something else, she should be down to 11.5k

No. 346306

File: 1485969996710.jpg (510.47 KB, 1001x1500, 11.jpg)

Ok, I'll post a few of them. I can also just upload them all to imgur later.

No. 346307

File: 1485970038583.jpg (424.86 KB, 1001x1500, 19.jpg)

No. 346308

File: 1485970082260.jpg (420.36 KB, 1001x1500, 20.jpg)

No. 346309

File: 1485970111487.jpg (535.71 KB, 1001x1500, 10.jpg)

Whoever told her this facial expression was good didn't have her best interests in mind.

No. 346310

File: 1485970246681.jpg (50.83 KB, 600x337, 1483493344244.jpg)

Do you know what this means? Moomoo is on her way to do actual porn

No. 346311

File: 1485970264480.jpg (515.02 KB, 1500x1001, 21.jpg)

As far as Moomoo goes, this one is pretty flattering. Anyway, I also have the rest of her sets as well. I know most of Wicke's was posted but can't remember seeing some of the others here. Might post a few highlights from those, too.

No. 346312

You can kind of guestimate going by the percentage of her next goal, which is 15k. Before she hid it, it was at 90% and making around 13.5k. Now its at 77% so I'm going to guess its around $10k now.

No. 346313

She's going to be so desperate to get the neckbeard bucks back, I see her doing this 100%

No. 346314

For reference:
Tier 1: $2,000
Tier 2: $3,500
Tier 3: $5,000
Tier 4: $8,000
Tier 5: $15,000,

No. 346316

I need all the pix I can get for shitty momo manips

No. 346317

File: 1485971447888.jpg (1.12 MB, 720x404, IiXaFhh.jpg)

Oh yeah, this was a part of the video in the Wicke POV folder.

No. 346325

Man I was kidding about her losing her rent money but if Patreon keeps dropping at this rate. Is this Momo's version of tax evasion or was something a catalyst for the neckbeards leaving her Patreon?

No. 346326

I puked a little in my mouth

No. 346327

Well her next lesbian POV shoot with Wicke and Lusamine is going to be posted to Collette's patreon, so maybe all the neckbeards are hopping over there for the month.

No. 346329

Don't patreon numbers usually drop the 1st of the month? They'll probably go back up in a few days.

No. 346331

Yeah. Though I wonder why she hid her monthly earnings.

No. 346332

I have a feeling its a mix of the people that donated just for the Wicke set leaving, and some of her fake pledges dropping. Not sure how fake pledging goes but if its something like "pay $$$ for x amount of months" then maybe her months are up and she never bought more or some shit?

Either way its hilarious.

No. 346333

I think she hid the amount because people really are backing out and it's hurting her fragile ego.

No. 346334

Here's a video of Mei from ALA, starts about 2:55 and then there's a small interview as well.

>obnoxious screaming in megaphone

>fan comes up to take a photo
>barely even talks or anything, kind of snubs her when she compliments her cosplay
>goes back to being obnoxious for the bois
>says on twitter: "I didn't even know you were filming!!"

the interview was boring and all she said was that she wasn't going to party because she needs to get ready for her Wicke cosplay the next day. Also that she has 180 hours on Mei, and calls the guy cancer for playing Bastion

No. 346335

You can still see how much she makes, you just have to have a patreon account. It says she's at $14,073.

No. 346336

That does not add up to 77% of her 15k goal at all. Provide screen shots of the amount along with her current patron count. Word of mouth means nothing.

No. 346337

oh really, where does it say that? just looked and it still has the percentage

No. 346339

nope. i'm logged in and only see the number of patrons, no money.

No. 346340

File: 1485977434973.png (274.14 KB, 1240x1160, IMG_4186.PNG)

I agree that it doesn't add up or make sense
But this is what I'm seeing

No. 346341

and it just says that on her front page, didn't go to a specific page or what?

No. 346342

Ugh the "ching-chong" Chinese.

No. 346343

Someone could just add all of her pledges +numbers up, I did a rough add and it was at around $10k which makes more sense. Too lazy to do an accurate count right now

No. 346344

MooMoo is just terrible at doing her face make up, like cake face aside the way the eyeliner goes in basically a straight line from the unner corner to the outer literally closes off her eye and even makes it look slanted instead of open and awake. So she ends up looking fucking dopey speacially when she does the half lidded "bedroom eyes" with such shite make up…. she looks like shes part of Special Ed dude

No. 346345


Oh wow she does snub the other cosplayer. She seems so happy about Momo's costume and all she can do is smile and rush her off as to say "yeah I know just leave" so she can get back to acting like a twat.

No. 346347

File: 1485979511270.png (131.26 KB, 640x1047, IMG_4261.PNG)

It triggers me how moomoo will accept praise for her Mei but won't give credit to the store that actually MADE the coat,gloves and pants! She only ever credits Kelton for the pouches and rawrbomb for the gun but only to keep them on her good side. Same goes with the samus swimsuit Fit2bTied made it not Mariah. Give credit where it's do you fat cow!

No. 346348

She looks like Voldemort in a wig with that nose edit.
Not sure why she loves the editing when her face looks flat with no definition.

No. 346351

She doesn't credit anything if she buys it from a store. Her new Mei coat is from ebay, and it took a fan pulling her teeth to admit it was from a seller called "diywigs" or some shit.

No. 346363

Is that her nipple poking out? Pretty tacky..

No. 346364

I never realized how flabby her boobs really are when she's not wearing a pushup bra. She's literally holding them up just to get cleavage.

No. 346371

To note, the number that is/was shown on the front is a close value to what she is actually making, after the 10% Patreon/processing fee.

Patreon updated this like a year ago, to give the viewers a more accurate glimpse into what the take-home pay is.

So again, when it showed like $14-$15k, that was how much it is AFTER the fees.

No. 346388

Holy shit
>yells ching chong shit at asian guy through megaphone
>"You look so cute!" "Yeah."
>admits she can't do anything that night because she's working on cosplay in her hotel room despite not having a job or being in school

No. 346393

File: 1485988758315.gif (998.71 KB, 400x226, nene-shakes-her-head.gif)

God, Momo's personality is insufferable
She distinctly reminds me of girls in high school that thought being loud and annoying was cute

Ouch, she really did snub her
>"I love it!"

No. 346398


Once had a similar experience with a cosplayer years ago who acted just like Momo, too full of themselves to give a shit. It's a cunt move and I hope the girl didn't feel like she made a fool of herself for wanting a photo with her.

No. 346399

So her making what is said on the her Patreon page is after all the fees have been taken?

No. 346408

Dude Moomoo sounded like a bitchy middle aged mom.lol Also Moomoo if you read this since you constantly look at this thread fuck you for blowing off that fan. You didn't had the decency to be nice and give her a compliment back you smug cunt.

No. 346414

>You didn't had the decency to be nice and give her a compliment back you smug cunt.

RIGHT? I don't know who the girl was cosplaying but she looked so beautiful in it, and she was clearly doing poses for the character. While MuMu just leaned in for an awkward shot and went about her buisness.

No. 346415

Gotta be the numbers for the previous month. If she was still making $14k RIGHT NOW why the hell is she suddenly so butthurt and hiding the dollar amount? Oh yea, because she's not.

"I'm all about cosplay positivity and the community guys! Let's all be friends!" Well well Momomcunt, the day of reckoning has finally come. You showed your true colors and this time it was on camera for all the world to see.

No. 346416


The girl was Chinese New Year DVA from Overwatch.

The exact fucking GAME.

No. 346417

She really was a bitch to the girl. Like, you know for sure that if the fan were a guy she wouldn't have been so cold and full of herself. She sounds like the kind of girl that says "I have only guy friends, the girls are so full of drama xddd"

No. 346418


Best thing is she had no idea she was being filmed either apparently.

No. 346422

File: 1485992743113.png (484.16 KB, 635x413, gobblegobble.png)

lool, chances are she either didn't recognize it. Or she was buttmad someone had the audacity to do an Overwatch cosplay.

also I need a gif of this moment where her expression dead ass changes immediately afterwards.

No. 346429

File: 1485993928148.gif (9.41 MB, 480x270, momokunt.gif)


She looks annoyed as shit. Like she had to force herself to pose for a photo and listen to what the other cosplayer had to say so she can get back to her fuckboi posse.

No. 346432

I mean even if her cosplay was bad SHE WAS ONE OF YOUR FANS!! That girl was polite and respectful she did not deserve to be blown off like that. Moomoo was probably pissed that girl's cosplay was 10x better then that cunt's trash.

No. 346433

Who wants to bet, Momo will see this and make some piss poor excuse?

No. 346434

>Asian mates

Why are these fucking idiots putting up with that shit damn

No. 346436

I hope she does just to see the bullshit she comes up with.

No. 346437

she sounds like those white guys who go around calling everyone nigga because he's got two black friends

No. 346438

crying on YT part 2

No. 346439

File: 1485995201401.gif (628.07 KB, 500x281, kenya.gif)

I'm waiting for it, it's only a matter of time

No. 346444

File: 1485996754202.png (1.59 MB, 1613x1440, EwWHY.png)

She needs so much makeup to cover her flaws that it made its way to her cosplay

No. 346445

Ugh, gross.

Sadly with all that makeup, it isn't enough to hide the rest of her disgusting body.

No. 346448


What a shit stain on the Overwatch community and to Mei. How terrible in the video she talks about working on a costume in her hotel room that night. She has all the fucking time in the world & this is her 'job'-but she can't get it done before the convention?

No. 346459


That happens with my white cosplays too..?

Maybe she just forgot to seal it

Damn some of you guys are soooo nitpicky and reach so hard it's like the laundry thing again lol

No. 346460

with momo there is no "forgetting" just lazy.

No. 346461

someone who makes up to 15K a month on cosplay should know how to makeup properly

No. 346462

Is it really nitpicking if this is her full-time career and she gets $14k a month to do this?

No. 346465

You know she's furiously trying to think of some excuse for her behavior.

"I didn't mean for it to look like that!"
"I was really tired!"
"My friends were calling me back!"
"I did compliment her, you just couldn't hear it!"

No. 346466

Hi momo

No. 346467

File: 1486001658265.png (77.86 KB, 633x651, IMG_4262.PNG)

Seriously are barely shooting It tonight, fucking lazy as shit! If people are paying you money at least make it good!

No. 346468

I'm excited to see Vamp's shit fucking tier Lusamine in HD way more than Momo's Wicke tbh.

No. 346469

She looks like somebody's middle aged mom.

No. 346473

I doubt she was a fan, she might have just been a cosplayer who liked her Mei and went up to talk to moomoo and compliment them. That's the point of cosplaying! It breaks the ice and than you have new friends to geek out with. Moomoo is all about mugging for the camera she could care less about chit chatting with people she thinks are beneath her which is fucking rich because she can barely hem a fucking skirt. All the Asian dudes she's hanging out with are youtubers that's lethalsoul right there, moomoo doesn't hang out with anyone who doesn't have 20000 likes or is just a regular con goer haven't you noticed that all her friends are trash tit patreon cam girls, twitch streamers, and or YouTubers?

No. 346489

She seems like just one of the most obnoxious, stuck up, shitty girls ever. I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with her.

No. 346503


Actually she did respond on Twitter saying "I didn't even know you were filming lol". MooMoo always looks annoyed when fans are trying to get a picture with her and only retweet the ones where she actually looks good in them. She's so concerned about her image which is hanging by a thread anyways in all that shapewear and makeup that one wrong angle or bad lighting makes her look like shit. Honestly I think that's why she avoids anyone with video cameras or cameras in general unless they're professional photographers lol

No. 346505

File: 1486010841801.png (553.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-01-20-46-18…)

The comments lol

No. 346513

I know the Lethal Soul guys personally and they're really nice guys so it boggles my mind why they would hang with her so much outside of proximity. Maybe she puts up a super nice face to her friends? idk

No. 346514

She's probably mad that the girl is way cuter than her. lol

No. 346520

Sometimes it's really annoying how bad momo is at hiding her writing style here.

Damn I feel bad for that girl. The whole gif just made me cringe way too hard.

No. 346523


I half expected a handler to show up and give Moomoo hand sanitizer while she mutters to him " Can you believe that bitch actually touched me?"

Like jeez, she looks like such a bitch here. Like the girl was so beneath her that she couldn't wait to get away from her.

No. 346524

I hope that gif of her blowing off D.Va goes on reddit or some shit. That was so rude

No. 346525

File: 1486017674330.jpg (221.93 KB, 2342x626, hours-on-mei.jpg)

“I have over 120 hours on mei”

No. 346526

In her defense, you're only showing hours she played on quick play. That doesn't show current comp, season 1 and 2 as well. She's still a shitter tho. I actually dislike people who only play one champ. You srsly have no life, and if you're gonna waste time on the game might as well play a variety of champs to help your team for competitive, not just because you like their aesthetic. She's probably useless more than half the time to be playing mei so constantly

No. 346527

I'm dying to show this to everyone who defended her when that dude brought up the fact she damaged his friend's cosplay prop. Cause this right here… If this doesn't show she disrespect people. Not sure what would

No. 346528

I almost want to touch the poop and do the deed but idk what subreddit it'd go on so I guess that's good.

No. 346530

The gif needs captions, then someone post it

No. 346531

Why would she lie about something like that? 47 hours is still a lot. What a fake person.

No. 346533

Next thread can you just name it momokun part 10, brushing off fans one at a time lolz

No. 346534

File: 1486023481754.png (422.12 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5407.PNG)

Took some screens of the comments on the video posted, looks like everyone agrees on moomoo being a total cunt! MOOMOO BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE CHING CHONG SLURS (what happened to the positivity moomoo??)
Also moomoos lips kinda remind me of vagina lips, you know how people make fun of people with really thin lips lmao

No. 346536

File: 1486023528306.png (621.81 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5409.PNG)

Here's the other one

No. 346537

Whoops sorry didn't see u screened them lol

No. 346541

Given that it's tax season, I'm wondering if these numbers might be fluctating so that she might avoid falling into the hole too much if these numbers are fraudulent.

No. 346543


tbf this site isn't accurate - I looked at my own stats for good measure and it was like 40 levels behind and the hero and competitive stats weren't up to date

No. 346544


Momokun has a subreddit dedicated to her

No. 346545


she's has absolutely no fucking class. she has no right to have her head shoved that far up her own ass and be rude to that girl when she looks like a fucking rhinoceros with down syndrome.

also love the gobble neck when she turns her head just fuckin' prime

No. 346546

File: 1486029587163.jpg (94.63 KB, 485x716, ss (2017-02-02 at 01.59.22).jp…)

No. 346547

Something about that color lipstick that really trips me out and looks so bad with her skin tone.

Dem veins.

There's no way she can deny not doing porn camgirl shit when she's perking those deflating whoopie cushions and making them the center of her selfie.

I just can't believe how low this cow is sinking but whatever fall from grace she has, I hope it's massive. I also hope her 'fans' are wising up and realizing their money isn't going towards anything but food and cheap as hell cosplay with hotel porn shoots. At least decorate the room a bit for some kind of atmosphere.

No. 346548

File: 1486030311646.jpg (155.68 KB, 960x1280, 8zFTnVO.jpg)

No. 346549

File: 1486030470821.jpeg (107.02 KB, 801x1200, 851b23accee249f2a1d55e5037cb01…)

that cottage cheese ass though

No. 346550

File: 1486030690573.jpg (216.76 KB, 750x750, zlZcgIA.jpg)

selfie ft. tree trunk legs and ill-fitting bras

No. 346551


No. 346555

File: 1486031486656.jpg (164.52 KB, 900x1200, C3pnN2QVUAEkdbl.jpg)

Lol. Fat pig getting spitroasted anyone? Not like we didn't know her sets were gonna venture into exploration with pornography, her neckbeards can only pay for so much teasing before they get sick of it :) once they all finally see her nude and getting fucked then they'll stop paying for it. Quit while you still have your dignity MooMoo sheesh

No. 346556

Oh no she's released cheap bondage shots on Patreon from the look of things as her numbers are hiking back up. Classy.

No. 346557


Samefagging and no sageing I'm sorry but you are disgusting and so pathetic. But I guess a girl with hardcore daddy issues who has no real contributions for society can only settle for something as lowly as selling your body on the internet. She's not smart by the sounds of things, she's not model material, she's too lazy to do sports. Just nothing to offer except shocking people with her gross naked flabby body.

No. 346559

I feel sorry for any kids that Google up Wicke. Pokemon Sun and Moon are great games and it's sad to know this shit will likely crop up somehow. Wicke is nothing like this yet Momo had to turn her into this trash. I don't get why she actually choose characters that are actually sexual to do. She gotta fuck up everything she touches. This is the lowest and Vamp isn't helping herself either.

No. 346560

>implying Moomoo ever had dignity

Last month: lol it's just a cute groping set lol why can't we all just have fun lmao

This month: lol I'm just having fun it's just a cute bondage groping set lmao why can't women lift each other up lol

Next month: lol it's just a cute ass-fucking set cos I'm so body positive lmao why so serious lol

No. 346562

You shaved half of your jaw off, you dumb bitch.

No. 346563

File: 1486033464358.png (3.22 KB, 314x264, thats questions.png)

In this day and age who the fuck pays this fat cow to take half naked shots when you can find any kind of porn after ten seconds of googling? If I'm really desperate for some hippo dressed as a Pokemon character action I'd just reverse image search it, surely someone must be leaking these.

I'll never understand people who pay for her or really any patreonwhores pics, even incels would laugh at this concept.

No. 346566

>that pic

No. 346568

>kinky photoshoot
>using the cheapest bad-quality bondage set on the planet

Pure trash

No. 346569

File: 1486035822561.jpg (397.12 KB, 1102x1098, 3268-dios-mio.jpg)

Who would even pay for this.

No. 346575

Oh my fucking god she crossed the line. This is fucking hardcore fetish porn and there's no way she can deny it anymore. It's not in good taste like softcore, it's meant to be sexually arousing and kinky, enough to qualify for hardcore porn despite her not showing her nipples or vagina. You're disgusting momo and there's no way you can call this a "cute groping boudoir set uwu".

No. 346577


"cute bondage hardcore fuvking set" is a go apparently. fuck, she's so gross. That lip color is not doing her any favor.

No. 346584

File: 1486039262677.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5631.PNG)

Can't wait to see what other shitty soft porn photo shoots they'll do in the future

No. 346586

I really wish they would've at least chosen a mature series to cosplay from.

No. 346587

Keking at that fat roll down at the bottom of the pic. Vamplette may have a butter face but at least her body isn't bad.

No. 346588

I am so cofused why she shows her ass when it's clearly not good. Like when people do these photo shoots they focus on their best parts not their worse.

No. 346596

I just puked up half of my breakfast. Plz, someone post this fucking disaster of set. I can't believe she's sinking this low.

I've never seen someone shoop their face so much and do nothing about their cottage cheese ass or veiny funbags. She looks like she 40 fucking years old!

No. 346604

We all pretty much called it when her numbers dropped so much. Anything to get the neckbeard bucks.

No. 346605

That poor condo/ apartment/ whatever it is, will be haunted by the images of these two when they move out. Fell bad for whoever moves in after

No. 346610

Okay that's not what hardcore porn is. come on she's laughable enough without you having to reach so hard.

No. 346620

No penetration, so it's still softcore. It is still porn, though.

No. 346622

Knew Vamplette would go downhill once she moved in with Momo. No turning back now. Fucking shame. This next lewd set will be piss poor, would see better in a hentai gallery.

No. 346627

File: 1486056187589.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5633.PNG)

Dear god that belly fat poking up

No. 346628

I'm kind of surprised no one has gotten on her shit about the ching chong garbage considering the nigri "creamy delicate asian" thing.

No. 346630

File: 1486057614222.png (83.71 KB, 593x978, IMG_4272.PNG)

Has gotten so far her armpits are darkening and she didn't shave them. Nasty ho

No. 346631

She's gotten obese, this is hardly thicc what she claims to be. What a mess lol.

No. 346632

oh fuck, i'm guilty of being like this. people will compliment me and i will be kind of cold but i don't mean to, i'm honestly just really shy and awkward as shit. i need to work on my social skills because i don't want to come off like such a total cunt as momo does.(nice blog)

No. 346638

Christ, Momo, get a new fucking bra. That sad lacy lavender bra is barely holding on, the lace is worn out and doesn't lie flat and the part on the sternum is so mangled I can't even really tell what's happening.

Look, I know that the neckbeards who pay for this shit aren't the sort to notice when their fat chick is wearing a bra that any sane woman would have retired long ago. But there's an overall grubbiness to Mariah's work and photos that not even her fat, veiny tits hoisted up under her badly photoshopped chin can distract from. Take some pride in your work!

And as has been noticed before, Wicke as done by this dumb trick looks so uncomfortable. That bra that doesn't fit, stockings that give thigh muffin top, garters biting into her legs, torso fat crammed into bizarre new roll configuration. I can see why sadists would be into this because she can't breathe and has to be uncomfortable to the point of pain.

No. 346639

you do realise that the muffin top over thigh socks is a fetish in itself though… right?

No. 346640

Imagine having to physically hold your boobs to make them look nice and not saggy

No. 346641

It's pretty sad she has to do this in every photo or wear ill fitting bras to achieve this look. If she's that desperate for a huge rack to win over thirsty neckbeards she has the money to get fake ones.

No. 346644

Her bra is too small. All her fat rolls are bursting.
Her skin is cake-y with no contouring to help her poor features.
Her lipstick doesn't look right on her mouth/face at all.
Her lack of lips is cringe worthy when she puckers for every photo.

And people pay for this. I can't even.

No. 346648

I wasn't aware thigh muffin tops was a fetish on its own. Not surprising, I guess - dudes who are into her thicc schtick would be out of luck if they weren't into various rolls bursting out here and there.

No. 346655


Disclaimer there are boobs in this album.

No. 346657

File: 1486064983165.jpg (109.48 KB, 818x1024, ifTaB9F.jpg)

Holy shit
I know she's wearing shapewear here but it's so apparent how much weight she's picked up. This wasn't even that long ago.

No. 346658

She was actually curvy here, now she's endangering her health and it's getting worse.

No. 346659


Her being obese is a fetish on its own. Have you seen the comments on Reddit and her Facebook? The neckbeards are drooling over how thick her thighs are they love how fat she's gotten. And those are the people who pay for her sets so I don't think she intends to lose weight anytime soon. It makes sense to cater to the losers who like this shit. She doesn't deny how flabby she's gotten either, it think she's just accepting she's trash and owning it for the time being. Which is what she should have done from the beginning instead of fighting so hard to defend her Photoshop. She doesn't even deny her Photoshop which is a good thing because it's just another lie no one would buy.

It's sad but it makes her money. Go be the fat slutty cow everyone loves and adores that's what you're good for, own it.

No. 346662

File: 1486067088496.jpg (7.44 MB, 3456x5184, povwicke 15.jpg)

Looking back on it, she used to honestly look pretty good! I can't believe how much she's let herself go.

No. 346664

Her dad was livid after the Wicke pov shoot that's the real reason she moved out can't imagine what he's thinking now. Her mom is like whatever this and that shit. But no denying she's straight up going for porn these days which is just fucking sad. ALA was actually a huge pr disaster, yes a lot of folks were nice to her face but soon as she was out of site they straight up started bad mouthing her and how loud and obnoxious she was. A friend of mine is a patron still and he said after meeting her that she is pretty shitty as a person and that she has indeed gotten fat but still pays her because it gives him a good laugh to see her crash and burn.

No. 346665

I know it's like she aged 20 years in like a year. Too bad she didn't mature 20 years in a year as well.

No. 346672

Where you getting this info about her parents

No. 346674

This. My little cousin is obsessed with Pokémon Sun, it's the first Pokémon game she's ever played and Wicke is one of her favourite characters because she's kind and motherly and wears pink. I dread the day she googles Wicke or Lusamine and gets this disgusting porn shit. At least some of the other games or series Momo's cosplayed from have a more mature audience and some vaguely sexual content, but Pokémon is completely innocent. Keep your cum-encrusted whore talons off of children's games, Moomoo!

No. 346675

>Her dad was livid after the Wicke pov shoot that's the real reason she moved out
I imagine how it went.
"Lol dad it was just a cute groping set lmao it's not porn, I'm just trying to have fun smh why are y'all always judging I hate drama"

No. 346680

Whatever happened to not wanting to disappoint dad? I can honestly see her crying while saying, "its not porn! Just cute groping set!"

No. 346683

Wouldn't be surprised her mom is one of those parents that's proud of their kid no matter how trashy their business is. The photos of Momo with her at Otakon Vegas make it seem that way at least. Happily walking around a con knowing your daughter acts like a tasteless coswhore for money, seems fab.

No. 346710

moomoo has stated that her mom helps her pick out lingerie on amazon. Now if her mom can help her find about 8 more different colored bra and panty sets and not that same lavender bra that should boost up patreon fuckbeards

No. 346711

only reason she wore garter belts with this is because she doesnt know how to put elastic on the thigh highs, fucking noob.

No. 346727


FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FILL YOUR FUCKING ACRYLICS it makes trashy fucking French tips look even trashier.

No. 346729

If it's true her mom is OK with her daughter being a slutty cam girl she's clearly one of those people who believes the amount of dollars justifies the means. And if so, mom is total trash too. What kind of good parent would encourage shitty behavior and life choices like Momo's??

No. 346732

Momo is an adult. Her parents have no control over what she does now so they can either accept it or lose their relationship with their daughter. No need to even drag her family into this.

No. 346736

File: 1486087781735.png (428.07 KB, 720x1134, clip_now_20170202_210723.png)

The guy who posted the con video answered one of the comments. Why wants to crush his delusional dream?

No. 346738

He seriously think she makes her own costumes when she's straight up admitted to not making Mei! That's a laugh

No. 346739


Sounds like every other delusional fanboy of hers. Poor thing needs to see the light.

No. 346741

You can't talk sense into a fanboy, hers think with their dicks

No. 346743

sage for ot but how great/awful would it be if vamplette cosplayed vince noir y/n?

No. 346746


her shitty makeup makes her look dirty

No. 346750

Nothing wrong with being a slutty camgirl, it's how some of us make a living.

No. 346752

But she's not a slutty cam girl, shes a ~*cosplayer*~

No. 346753

No one has a problem with it if you admit it. But MooMoo acts like she's better than camgirls and a "cosplayer" instead of just owning up to it.

No. 346763

File: 1486099266291.png (274.45 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170202-234745.png)

what's wrong with people

No. 346764

What subreddit is this?

No. 346765

Understanding the primal needs of humans, the reasoning goes like this

No man of quality is attracted to Momo. She attracts "neck beards."
Why? Because Momo physically is a female version of them. Right in their teir.
Over weight, lazy, "nerd", homely.

No. 346767

File: 1486101855198.png (146.74 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7335.PNG)

Lol and she said she played The game yet knows nothing about the character she cosplays or her so called "otp ship"

No. 346768

Very fitting their Reddit names are neck fat & egg and cheese lmao

No. 346772

>Wicke ad Guzma being friends in the game
Not true, they never once interacted in the game nor spoke of each other. What is this person even talking about?

No. 346773

Maybe they're trying to mess with her

No. 346775

Oh, its the fatass gamingkoala. She posts here a lot. She's really fucking cringey

No. 346776

No. 346777


Momo you never pay attention in any game you play. It's a case of 'oh that character looks sexy i'll cosplay as her and milk it for money'.

No. 346778

File: 1486109897076.jpg (140.74 KB, 960x1142, C3tv1kIUkAIvB1K.jpg)


No. 346780

To be honest I was just thinking that maybe people paying for her patreon are just looking for a laugh. Her pics are so cringeworthy that it's safe to say that they're more comedic than erotic. if it didn't mean funding her I would probably pay a few bucks to laugh at them. The dad throwing her out after a porn shoot makes sense though, especially seeing how she's mentioned that he doesn't approve of this stuff. It also fits with the theory that only her dad is Muslim and Arabic and her mom is Italian.

Hearing all the accounts and seeing the videotaped stuff (like her blowing off the D.Va cosplayer) makes her look like she's one of those obnoxious "queen bee" girls who tries way too hard to be "one of the guys" (by being loud and obnoxious) and considers every other girl to be her competition.

It's also sad to see the imgur album, she's gained so much weight in such a short time that I can't help but think how unhealthy it is. She looks so uncomfortable in all of her cosplays, her bra, shapewear and clothes are so tight I can't imagine how she's able to breath. The burst seams and the garterbelts poking through her skirt in her Wicke cosplay looks painful. Moomoo is reading this anyway so please put on clothes that fit you, tighter clothes don't make you look slimmer, they make you look fat and uncomfortable.

I wonder if her mom will be the next Margaret Palermo?

She still makes a small part of her costumes like the awful boots for Mei so she can post WIP photos and fool people into thinking that she made the whole cosplay. And her chubby-chasing fanboys will gobble it down without a doubt. It's sickening.

God, the momo diet is working. Looking at her fat whale body makes me more aware of what I eat and seeing gross as fuck pics like this makes me lose my appetite.

No. 346781

Pretty much this. From what I've seen she's one of those girls who act overly sexual to obnoxious levels to catch male interest and tries to emulate what they do in order to seem more approachable, such as claiming to be into male-oriented anime (like DBZ) and video games (like smash bros and MGS) to send out the "See, I'm not like the OTHER girls!" message. During the female character panel she just boasted about always being more into male characters and hating female characters while growing up, she got drunk during a stream and blurts out offensive stuff to the camera while being surrounded by guys etc. Neckbeards love that shit, they adore a girl objectifying herself and sinking to their level. And because she's fat, she's easier to put on their level. Because she doesn't need to take care of her appearance, neither does the neckbeard.

Vampy seems to be the only girl she hangs out with because vampy's a pushover that seems to do anything she wants and isn't much of a competitor to her. All the other girls seem to have drifted away from her toxic personality. It's a good sign of a shitty person when she only has one submissive "best friend" and the rest of her friend group seems to change every two months.

No. 346782

why don't you go back to loonie's thread where you belong

No. 346783

same anon. girls like this and chel make me want to better myself i dont want a cottage cheese ass

No. 346785

What is so off-putting to me is how this is supposed to be from Pokemon. I thought that she chose Lala because she could justify how it was from an eiichi series at least, but this is so far away of from what I think of for a Pokemon cosplay. It's kind of pathetic considering how she's been trying to shoot for this higher moral ground but isn't losing sleep over making porn from a kid's series.

It's sad when you don't even need to hear her, "YEAH" in this .gif to know what a bitch she acted towards that girl. Her body language alone is so off-putting and isn't even encouraging or kind towards her. I get that sometimes you can get scatter-brained at the con, but the least you can do is politely thank someone for taking the time to take a photo with your ugly ass.

It reminds me of that article of the valedictorian who took a picture with an indifferent James Franco on her graduation after he bashed her speech.

No. 346786

File: 1486115182389.png (740.44 KB, 848x832, tumblr_oi7lydqqII1ryqmayo1_128…)

Why can't she just admit she didn't play the game and be done with it

What I never understood, was all this hype around Wicke? Is it just because she's ~thick~ ?She was so hyped up, when I played the game I was surprised to find out, of all the characters she's the most boring, especially compared to Lusamine and Guzma

No. 346788

File: 1486115262373.png (124.25 KB, 750x954, IMG_0524.PNG)


No. 346789

She looks like she's full of regret in these photos lol. No turning back now.

No. 346790

lol the only bottom lining is she doesnt have fucked up nips like loonie.

pretty funny how she is dumb enough to escalate the risque of the photos this quickly, so she has to keep upping the shock factor

No. 346791

this is my inspiration to keep losing weight jesus christ

No. 346792

I'm just counting down the days until she does full nude. I wonder if she's ever going to have an "escort" tier on her patreon if it means she'll make more money.

No. 346793

The photo on the left could be pretty cute honestly if the focus wasn't LITERALLY on her feet…..

Like it's a "sexy" and flattering angle for her but it doesn't show anything but nope, gotta HQ them toes

No. 346794

This. She's upping it so fast that she's going to lose her audience once she shows her nipples/vagina and they get bored of her.

No. 346795

Unfocused pictures are a common trend in her photosets. I honestly believe that none of her photographers even know how to manually adjust where the focus is at.

No. 346797

Spoilers, anon! That's the coolest part of the game!

No. 346799

If you go to sabakon's fb page there is a slide show with pictures of Momo in her Inuyasha costume

No. 346800

>I wonder if her mom will be the next Margaret Palermo?
Nah, Margrot is a controlling narc who wouldn't allow her cash cow to be a sloppy bitch in public. I don't know much about Moomoo's parents' parenting skills (does she have any siblings who turned out better than her?) but if anything her mom would be on the neglectful 'cool mom' side.
>Oh, so instead of going to college or getting a job you're selling fetish pictures of yourself dressed as Chinese cartoon characters online under your real name? Fine with me! You go girl!

No. 346802

>Oh, so instead of going to college or getting a job you're selling fetish pictures of yourself dressed as Chinese cartoon characters online under your real name? Fine with me! You go girl!

God, when it's put that way it sounds so much worse. Imagine her finally applying for college or trying to get a job and her real name bringing up photos of her having whipped cream on her nipples and getting ready to suck a guy off. I doubt she thought about the consequences.

No. 346805

Probably because she's thinking that MooMoo is still young and will only be that age and have a potential market for only so long before she'll eventually have to make a choice on finding a new career, if that's even possible.

A lot of these parents are also in the dark when not realizing that for as much money MooMoo might be blinding them for the meantime with to justify how popular she is, there's a lot of shit she's pulled and people she's stepped on to get there. So her mom's probably thinking that her Patreon speaks for what a great, talented spokesperson she is because she knows nothing about the cosplay world. Or she might just be really supportive of having her daughter take money from suckers in general and teaching her to give no fucks as long she can keep them for a meal ticket.

No. 346825

part of me wants to believe the mom is kept somewhat in the dark.
as mentioned above her mom helps her pick out lingerie but its possible she didn't give the full reason as why or maybe only did it once and thought it was not to be shown the the extent it has been…
>dont worry mom is for a fun cute little photo shoot it'll only be peeking out my clothes and barely seen at all its fun!
meanwhile the reason it's barely seen is cause it's used as a background prop behind her naked body kek

sigh, sage for optimism i guess

No. 346826

what is funny to me is Wicke isn't even really thicc
like yeah she is curvy but the photos of her character sprite make her still look super skinny…like she has Pam Anderson measurements and I would never consider that over weight or thicc really. I don't think people know what thicc means anymore. And I don't want to spoil more but…I am surprised for how much she says she loves Guzma she never talks about how good of a guy he actually is.

No. 346828

The lack of production smh
She should just go into porn already, is she what- afraid to lose daddy's money?

No. 346829

File: 1486128682396.png (Spoiler Image, 340.51 KB, 1024x910, i_couldn_t_think_of_a_good_wic…)

>inspi for moomoo?

No. 346831

She loves him because of his looks. She hasn't played the games, so she doesn't know that Guzma isn't a good person per se, but he developes a little at the end. And probable gets better under Hala's training.

No. 346841

idk the series is so contradictive too. I read that the anime makes it so the Aether team knew Team Skull was funding them the whole time and not just Lusamine running the show so it is just a weird story line to begin with. I don't even find Guzma attractive I actually liked Gladion more when I met him haha but tbh it's a fucking game I have played since I was 5 so I have a hard time sexualizing ANY of the characters

No. 346848

>Aether team needings funds from a team that can barely get by in the game
Something doesn't add up.
Lusamine is wealthy, why an earth would they need funds from a team that steals Pokemon and items to earn little money.

I have not seen the SM anime from the episode 6 forward, but at this point I treat the anime and the game as a separate stories.

No. 346853

It hasn't even been a day and her set's been leaked already. Such a good fanbase she's got

No. 346854

Well that was fast.

No. 346855

Where's the set at?>>346853

No. 346856

Where's the set uploaded at?

No. 346860

I'm downloading the Lala set right now. Will dump ASAP.

No. 346861

File: 1486144930402.jpg (11.94 MB, 7360x4912, _GIL7132.jpg)

While you're waiting, here's this. Ugh.

No. 346862

File: 1486145245419.jpg (6.82 MB, 5002x3335, IMG_5845.jpg)

Omg, she looks like a bloated monster in some of these. Jesus christ, Momo.

No. 346863

Doesn't she protect her content at all? No watermarks or anything?

No. 346864

File: 1486145292557.jpg (9.79 MB, 3840x5760, IMG_5881.jpg)

She's channeling our queen in this one. In a few of them, tbh.

No. 346865

File: 1486145347648.jpg (8.02 MB, 5760x3840, IMG_5888.jpg)

I don't know.

No. 346866

File: 1486145386593.jpg (9.14 MB, 3840x5760, IMG_5899.jpg)

So wide, so unflattering

No. 346868

File: 1486145469014.jpg (10.27 MB, 3840x5760, IMG_5910.jpg)

Apparently was worth including in the set!

No. 346870

She looks like an actual hippo in headlights.

No. 346871

File: 1486145554636.jpg (10.95 MB, 3648x5472, Lala-10.jpg)

Aaaand here's the ~lewd~ part of the set. I'm going to dump all of it into imgur after I post a few of them here.

No. 346872

File: 1486145608435.jpg (11.59 MB, 3648x5472, Lala-11.jpg)

S-senpai… lmao

No. 346874

File: 1486145701013.jpg (10.59 MB, 3648x5472, Lala-25.jpg)

I'm going to take the liberty of rotating these pictures since she didn't, for some reason.

No. 346875

Why the fuck is she randomly holding her tail like that lmao

No. 346877

File: 1486145761152.jpg (12.03 MB, 3648x5472, Lala-21.jpg)

(she's lazy as fuck)

No. 346878

Christ. Too much cottage cheese.

She unbuttoned her shirt too much to that you see the waist cincher in action.

No. 346879

File: 1486145812748.jpg (13.93 MB, 3648x5472, Lala-17.jpg)

dem proportions dat thigh

No. 346880

File: 1486145890673.jpg (12.31 MB, 5472x3648, Lala-35.jpg)

Seriously, why the fuck are THESE sideways?

No. 346881

File: 1486145999550.jpg (13.31 MB, 3648x5472, Lala-38.jpg)

"Momokun, stop! 8 of these pictures with little-to-no-variation is enough!" but seriously tho

No. 346882

File: 1486146040601.jpg (11.95 MB, 3648x5472, Lala-39.jpg)

but seriously tho

No. 346884

File: 1486146109626.jpg (13.2 MB, 3648x5472, Lala-43.jpg)


No. 346885

Looking at this on mobile and I seriously thought a dick was out and my jaw about hit the floor

No. 346886

File: 1486146325597.jpg (12.66 MB, 5472x3648, Lala-50.jpg)


No. 346887

File: 1486146332753.jpg (11.4 MB, 3648x5472, Lala-42.jpg)

mmm, backfat

No. 346888

File: 1486146366311.jpg (12.34 MB, 3648x5472, Lala-49.jpg)

~*shapely goddess*~

No. 346889

why the fuck is it all over her hands lmao

No. 346890

File: 1486146501240.jpg (12.37 MB, 3648x5472, Lala-46.jpg)

imgur is being difficult :(

No. 346891

She looks psychotic, like crazy 'going to bite your dick off and murder you in your sleep' and not in a cute animu way.

Whipped cream? Or something trying to look like whipped cream?

No. 346892

File: 1486146718960.jpg (12.4 MB, 3648x5472, Lala-44.jpg)

Since I'm having difficulty with imgur, can I post a mega.nz link? Just the ending hash… :X

No. 346893

I know its whipped cream but why is it all over her hands like a baby playing with sudocrem lol

No. 346894

File: 1486146843383.jpg (9.29 MB, 3840x5760, IMG_5841.jpg)

She has no idea what 'flattering' is for her. She looks constipated in a lot of her facial shots.

No. 346895

File: 1486146886105.jpg (9.57 MB, 3840x5760, IMG_5867.jpg)

holy burn tool

No. 346896

Momo has lost anything resembling a jawline.

No. 346897

File: 1486147066072.jpg (11.43 MB, 3648x5472, Lala-1.jpg)

Momo's upskirt guides you in~ enjoy


No. 346898

Jesus, is she taking these photographs on a timer with the camera set on the tripod? They're all so ridiculously unfocused.

Also lmao @ her hiding her gut behind a blanket in the topless photos

No. 346900

She still has no idea how to pose or look decent in photos. She always does some awkward sitting or laying down pose and covers everything up. How do people find this worth paying $50 for?? Theres way better girls!

No. 346902

Dat lazy eye.

No. 346905

Can't get over this derpy face. The more you look at it…

She looks like she's going to sneeze. Very sexy


Her face looks unusually good in this? Shame that the shot is tasteless and trashy af. This kind of shit is going to bite her in the ass in some years.

This is going to bite her hard in the ass later, part 2

Momo, why won't you try to work on your facial expressions. For fuck's sake. People are giving you money.

This is utter trash. Cheap photography, bad makeup, and don't even get me started on the poses and facial expressions. If this is what you want to sell, at least try to improve, since you're making 14,000 bucks a month. I feel like she's going to crash and burn in a matter of months. Even cosplaydeviants has better made material.

No. 346908


Can these get spoilered please.

No. 346911

I would be so pissed if I worked at that hotel and had to clean this shit up.

No. 346912

Also, why not clean up the background? And better yet, WHY NOT BOOK A ROOM WITH A KING BED rather than a double? It just looks so trashy. What hotel has tiled on the bedroom walls like that? I hope she checks her shit for bed bugs after she does these shoots.

No. 346916

Mah dude shes the ones that helps spread the bed bugs didn't ya know?

No. 346918

This whole Lala cosplay is so unflattering on her. She looks awful in all of these pictures.

No. 346922

File: 1486151599119.jpg (538.73 KB, 749x1004, 1486145469014-1-1.jpg)

>when that kush finally hits you

No. 346923

File: 1486151692527.png (2.88 MB, 1106x1411, 001.png)

How is she still so bad at making things? That tattered and unfinished bow, those awful messy paint lines all over the skirt, the whole thing is a mess. Her wig looks tangled already too.

No. 346928

File: 1486152516885.jpg (122.22 KB, 1200x800, IMG_9575.JPG)

Does she always buy lenses too big for her eyes or does she always hold her eyes way open like O_O

No. 346931


I cannot believe that people are willing to pay for this. Actually disgusting.

No. 346934

File: 1486153361946.gif (1.76 MB, 320x240, cn0I-d.gif)

No. 346935

It looks like she's about to shoot eye beams, jesus

No. 346938

Wasn't the wicke lusamine pov thing supposed to come out lol and vamplettes patreon hasn't budged since she announced it, 'no one wants to see your butterface lezzing out with moomoo moochlette get a nose job

No. 346941

not the momo!!!

No. 346946

File: 1486154971678.jpg (571.81 KB, 702x553, thelandbeforemomo.jpg)

swear to god she reminds me of spike every time her face derps out

No. 346947

File: 1486155111095.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.87 MB, 3705x5558, IMG_5852.jpg)

Good call, sorry about that. Here's a super thiccc picture to express my condolences.

No. 346948

File: 1486155279858.png (Spoiler Image, 1.45 MB, 1129x687, 1486183257631.png)

Uhhhh, someone on a different imageboard just pointed this out… Possible nip?

No. 346950

That's a nip.

No. 346971

File: 1486161500507.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1570.PNG)

Oh god. Not mentally prepared for this tragedy.

No. 346973

Did this bitch just cut open an existing sweater ?

No. 346974

What's this monstrosity going to be?

No. 346975

A cute trend immediately ruined. Good work Moomoo.

No. 346976

File: 1486161988267.png (17.48 KB, 480x320, DBCEAABA-63BF-46B9-BF92-DF0749…)

No. 346981

Didn't she just share her friend wearing one of these sweaters on Facebook? Trying to copy much?

No. 346983

whatever is happening make it stop. please.

No. 346984

It's supposed to be the virgin-killer sweater meme that's spreading around rn

No. 346985

cutting open that sweater is the only way she could make it fit …

sage for samefagging

No. 346988

File: 1486162888105.jpg (44.71 KB, 487x820, 6ae.jpg)

Here's a picture of what >>346984 is talking about.

No. 346990



No. 346991

File: 1486163225665.jpg (48.15 KB, 640x736, a02.jpg)

And another. I really don't know why she's trying to make her own when you can just as easily buy one from Taobao.

No. 346992

Her boobs aren't large so much as always in a super small bra that makes them pop out, and even here she is using her arm to make them look bigger. They are prolly just full of fat and saggy.

Why does she look like she had a stroke in every photo? Why are her legs the size of trunks? Ugh people. pay. for. this.


No. 346993


She wouldn't fit in one the could buy, so she is making a piss poor rip off for her body.

No. 347007

believe it's /r/kappa or something like that, basically FGC dudes discussing "thicc" women who aren't thicc all day and complaining about fighting games they don't play.

No. 347009

File: 1486165489047.jpg (9.85 KB, 480x360, backrolls.jpg)

No. 347012

File: 1486166493697.jpg (73.62 KB, 850x852, C3sqlZYW8AIHTWU.jpg)

What character do you guys think she is gonna use for a ~cute POV set~ with the shitty sweater?

No. 347013

Ahh, good old new stretch marks on her upper arm, looks recent. I wonder if she has somehow not realized all the weight she's gained still kek

No. 347014


Holy FUCK this is such a shit job for someone who makes a living off cosplay. The bow isn't even hemmed, it's literally a long rectangle piece of fabric tied & pinned to the shirt. Makes me want to quit my job and become a overweight costhot if I'd known it was this easy.

No. 347017

"costhot" Loonie is that you?

No. 347018


> implying loonie knows what the word "hem" is

No. 347019


Costhot, coswhore, coshoe, what's the difference and why is it only a word that is linked to Loonie? It's hardly a new thing to describe the cheap & tasteless career that Momo has landed herself in & the poor craftsmanship in these HD photos make people question reality and the future of cosplay. $15k or however much she makes now each month, for mediocare photos in another costume falling apart at the seams in a hotel room. It's actually depressing.

No. 347020

Good point. Still weird to see people here using Loonie's phrasing.

No. 347021

The minute she does, I'm returning overwatch

But I'm curious as to who's the guy she keeps doing those groping sets with. I guess it's plausible that it may be the camera man
but could it be someone Moomoo knows well enough?

No. 347025

It's a reddit called "Mariah Mallad", not kappa lol. Kappa had a thread on her a long time ago and people were making fun of her, while some were like you said into that thicc stuff.

Also, that pic in that Reddit had a shooped version of that wicke ass photo lmao

No. 347026

Not to mention we all know Luna's full of herself but since she makes a living off of shit cosplay she would clearly have no place to talk. And right now, even just modeling at least Loonie is putting actual effort and skill into her shoots currently, which is sadly more than anyone can say about Moomoo. I'm actually super disappointed that I am more proud of how Luna is spending her Patreon money currently than Moomoo…what has the world come to.

No. 347027

samefagging. The most disappointing thing is that she is playing off she's trying to like…save her integrity by "making" all her cosplays but they literally look SO bad that people would actually prefer she just commission or buy them at this point.

Essentially, I don't consider most "cosplayers" that operate a patreon on as real cosplayers. There's only a very small handful that actually use the platform solely for craft and not just to sell their half naked images on.

No. 347028

bruh what the FUCK did the photog do to the back of her knees
We can see what her legs look like under the shoop they didn't even try blending it out

No. 347029

This is her worst shoot yet.
I'd be so pissed if I paid for this garbage.

Why are her eyes so wide?? And that fucking face she makes that she thinks is sexy.
I'm embarrassed looking at this garbage.

No. 347034

WHY DIDN'T THEY EDDIT OUT THE WEIRD WRINKLES??? I'M LIVID! The whole leg is smoothed out and the editor didn't bother to continue cleaning up the rest of the leg?

No. 347035

momo deserves these editors that put as much effort into her as she puts into her costumes

No. 347040


How is she so fat but her ass is so small and flat???

No. 347044

Both those dress forms look way smaller than Momo. Maybe if she got a dress form actually her size she wouldn't be making these shit costumes so uncomfortable that they burst at the seams.

No. 347047

I thought it was her new Guzma but I guess there's no evidence that it is.

No. 347048

I'm fairly certain there's a bit of areola peeking out

No. 347049

File: 1486177966718.jpg (4.63 KB, 260x194, imgres.jpg)

girl literally has a hank hill butt, look at it

No. 347054

What is this hand gesture?
"Please, no. Thank you. My dick is now soft."

No. 347055

File: 1486180489573.jpg (Spoiler Image, 176.89 KB, 1426x1428, IMG_20170203_225403.jpg)

god no… Why?!

No. 347057

This fat asses fans need to be gassed or firing squad

No. 347058

It's so sad that the whipped cream here looks better rendered than the photo, and they got her derp expression dead on.

This is bothering me too.

No. 347059

True. Hank Hill has better legs though.

No. 347060

It looks like she glued the buttons on ??? Or am I seeing things ?

No. 347066

You can't see the long red thread dangling from the button? No, they're not glued on. Whoever made this jacket made the buttonholes in white instead of yellow. Maybe you're seeing that and think it looks like messy dried up glue? But oh god the commissioner did not give a shit about making this jacket. LMAO it's still miles better than the parts Mariah made.

No. 347067

I see some red string, maybe they're popping off. This whole set is really reallly bad and I have a good feeling that she didn't even bother looking at the set before she dumped it all online. They're so tacky, especially that mysterious hand that keeps coming in to hold her tail and the bad editing.

No. 347075

She probably didn't do much editing at all because she wanted to upload it as quickly as possible. I think that's her major flaw. She's impatient with everything. She tries to make shit on her own but lacks patience when being neat or making something correctly. Once she teases something she knows will entice her neckbeard fans, she gets impatient and does a hasty post-production, so there's barely any touch-ups or when there are, they're poorly shooped and warped. She's also growing impatient with how she's going to keep her fanbase interested, since she went from a matter of weeks to "skimpy" shoots to softcore porn, so it'll only be a short while before she goes hardcore.

She might be her own demise at this rate.

No. 347076

File: 1486191127760.png (225.03 KB, 586x583, ohmomo.png)

Never change, Moomoo.

No. 347077

The editing is tragic.

This should be her next thread pic.

No. 347078

Will just get spoilered again
definitely think >>346198 should be next thread pic

No. 347079

Her tiny flat butt in juxtaposition to her leg fat wrinkles made me burst out laughing. Idk, this pic is more funny than gross. Lol

No. 347080

File: 1486194181218.png (124.86 KB, 632x990, IMG_4279.PNG)

As if the first attempt wasn't bad enough. If she's aiming for katsucon just to try and show off to Yaya Han that's FUCKING sad. Yaya had spent months on Camilla, moomoo is trying for it,again, with them con happening in less than two weeks. Camilla deserves more love than this shit

No. 347081

>>wicke shoes just thrown on the floor

No. 347082

She's setting herself up for failure with this one. I mean, she does have SOME self awareness that she's going to look like trash next to Yaya's Camilla, right?

No. 347083

File: 1486194634808.png (462.61 KB, 1242x1818, IMG_1421.PNG)

Yaya just posted this on her IG too. Just give up, moomoo.

No. 347084

Whew, that axe is beautiful. You should have just left Camilla to retire, Momo.

No. 347091

Yaya's lookin' clean and bangin' like always.

Tmw you realize Momo has enough money to buy tons of pro prop material but she doesn't.

No. 347093


>Lol all my haters are irrelevant I'm having fun lmao can't see the hate lol

Meanwhile she has to constantly address how much she doesn't care because she thinks that's going to stop people from having bad opinions about her.

No. 347094

Not a big Yaya fan but I feel like this is the perfect cosplay for her, I'm actually really excited to see it. Mariah's costume is already laughably bad, I can't wait to see how she remakes it.

No. 347095

Also she shouldn't have to be trying to justify her way out of striving to make quality work when she's actually being paid by people to produce good work.

No. 347097

Wwooooooowwwww not a huge fan of yaya but holy shit this looks clean as hell and that axe!!! I missed seeing yaya in something like this vs that weird ruffle Victorian kick she was on for awhile

Low key kinda wanna see moomoo in her shit tier camilla and get all the information wrong about her again, also someone should do a comparison of hers next to yaya so her dumbass neckbeards can shut up about her being soooooo talented
Reminds me of friend of mine cosplays Kaeden from birthright and she commented on his pic saying bring the fox one he's so cute!!! Like binch if u played the game you'd know his name because he does make an appearance in conquest and is in it with you in revelations lmao

No. 347098

File: 1486200842576.jpg (19.17 KB, 480x360, omglmao.jpg)

No. 347100

It says a lot about a cosplayer when people who don't like Yaya Han are praising Yaya Han.

No. 347102

File: 1486201837091.png (62.4 KB, 620x589, IMG_4280.PNG)

1st of all; you aren't a cosplayer moomoo! Your a fetish model/cam whore! Cosplayers actually show love for their hobby, not just use it as a vessel to get money and attention from horny fat guys and stoners who can't even get a Woman with low standards in real life so they have to pay you for a fantasy because they know they won't score irl.

2. Some of those people "telling"you how to cosplay even if they don't probably payed you or encouraged you, yes I just said they are horny neck beards just a second ago but mind you they are paying you so you better stop with the word vomit because you just come off as a brat and that's why you dip so much each month.

No. 347103

File: 1486203208878.gif (353.55 KB, 450x300, IMG_9736.GIF)

Does anyone in this thread actually cosplay? I think she does bring a point when she says that it's funny when people who don't cosplay tell others who cosplay how to do it.

No. 347104

I feel like this is normal shit cosplayers deal with everyday, not just her. Or any hobby really. It's up to you to be mature enough to know what's constructive critique versus useless comments.

But she probably chooses to think that the only people criticizing her aren't cosplayers to keep up the denial that her critics aren't qualified enough to distinguish the quality of her work from others. Even if it's unfair to compare her skill to Yaya Han on her Camilla, there's a lot that she could have done in a year than take the lazy route out to have met the tier of other decent cosplayers and actually be worthy of some kind of recognition. But she chooses the lazy way out and later whines that no one in the higher tier seems to came about her, and then regresses down to, "Oh well, but I'm doing it for funsies anyway!!!111"

As a cosplayer who is around several SoCal circles, I can honestly say that I've seen so many FB statuses or conversations from several "qualified" fellow cosplayers who have placed her work in the lower tier, because that's exactly what it is, and they consider her a thorn in the cosplay world who probably won't be remembered for contributing to anything worthy.

No. 347106

But that's the thing anon some of us posters are some aren't, but why does that invalidate our criticisms of her whether we're cosplayers or not?? It's like telling someone who can't sing they can't sing, and then they say well you're not a music producer or whatever
Anyone with ears can tell when someone's off pitch, just like anyone with eyes can see moomoo sucks lmao

No. 347107

I think Yaya is an old attention-hungry hooker who doesn't know when to stop but god fucking damnit this looks so much better compared to moomoo.

I've been cosplaying for almost 10 years, won multiple contests and have a wide selection of costumes in my portfolio. I know what the fuck I'm talking about when I say Momo's costumes are shit and she's using cosplay to monetize on a hobby that shouldn't be about a fat chick licking whipped cream off her saggy tits. I understand the point behind "people who don't cosplay shouldn't tell others how to do it" because I agree with it 100% but I think it's pretty obvious that moomoo is talking about people not approving of her cringeworthy softcore sets and overall shitty attitude, especially how she doesn't even know anything about the characters she cosplays. I don't play football but I think I sure as hell can tell when someone isn't really playing but instead is rolling around on the field topless in badly fitting lingerie.

No. 347109

>I don't play football but I think I sure as hell can tell when someone isn't really playing but instead is rolling around on the field topless in badly fitting lingerie.
My sides, someone should tweet that at her.

No. 347110

Telling someone to improve their cosplay or that their cosplay doesn't look nice at all is normal, taken that she's involved in a creative/artistic industry. Grow the fuck up moomoo, I don't think you'd last a second anywhere near in the professional field like illustration or production. People criticize you on the daily when it comes to art, and people sure as hell are picky about something that looks off. Especially if it looks like shit and you're getting bank from it. That's how art really is in general, and cosplay isn't exclusive from it.

No. 347111

ditto. looks fantastic.

No. 347112

Pretty sure MoMo had the commissioner do the jacket just days before the shoot. I forgot her name (its one of the old threads if you look) but she is alright in general, but she was clearly too rushed for this jacket.

No. 347113

I love that she's "touching up" her older cosplays instead of just doing new characters.

Going to be interested to see what she bought from eBay this time.

No. 347114

I mean, doesn't it say a lot when people who don't even cosplay can tell her cosplays are absolute garbage? I don't cosplay at all, but I can still know she is shit at it.

No. 347118

Even with constructive criticism about her costumes she either chooses to ignore it or throws a fit online about how the "hate" doesn't affect her. She's so pathetic it's actually funny.

No. 347128

I didn't even know it was possible to get multiple back fat rolls without a tight-fitting bra. Momo keeps surprising me.

No. 347129

As someone who is also making an FE cosplay, I am mad fucking jealous of how clean and neat this looks. Especially those gauntlets and torso armor. I dislike Yaya but holy shit, this is fantastic.

This. Cosplaying is a pretty competitive hobby, and as with any artistic field you really need to learn to take criticism and use it to improve yourself.

No. 347136

she should at least buy decent contact lenses, her eyes are always incredibly creepy

No. 347140

Momo's salt is real. I cosplay for fun when I go to conventions, but most of my shit is bought because I don't have time to make everything if the costume is too complicated, but I sew in my free time and I sure as hell wouldn't go out in public with frayed ends. That's quality you expect a teenager who's just starting to produce. She just can't grasp the concept that she's being paid to produce do this so she's morally obligated to produce a quality product.

No. 347146

Cosplayer for 10 years too. Also a designer, prop maker, photographer and I have a background in fashion. I see it as a different way. People can tell others how to cosplay as long as it's constructive criticism. An art curator who has spent hours looking at different paintings can give you a critique but most of the time, they can't create art themselves. Does that make their comments invalid? No. They are giving you a different perspective based on the thousands of pieces of art and techniques they've seen. The comment Momo got was from someone who said 'you shouldn't have to adjust a cosplay so your tits stand out more'. I half agree. If it's a serious cosplay I would suggest not doing that so your craftsmanship is seen more (unless it's also part of the character). If it's for a photoshoot and a one time thing (like for her patreon), all tits out I guess.

Same. I have friends that I keep up to date about this. They don't cosplay either but think her work is pretty absurd and can't wrap their heads around it. Momo also has thin skin so that's why she can't take criticism and lashes out at the 'haters'. If she had thick skin, she wouldn't be perusing this board often and we wouldn't see comments like 'haters are saying…' from her. She would benefit from taking criticism because that's how you learn and get better. Every artist, and really good cosplayer has had criticism before and if they don't take it then progress on getting better gets slower (or not even at all).

No. 347151

File: 1486229164219.jpg (481.51 KB, 2048x2048, 4B060820-5FB0-485C-8D46-995686…)

It truly is the small things that get to me.

(On a more 'serious' note this is why you dont buy cheap dense lashes that cost a dollar for 10 pairs on ebay…every single fucking one of these patreon cosplayers ERRTIEM)

No. 347153

what am I supposed to see here?

No. 347157

File: 1486230679770.png (427.31 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2228.PNG)

Redeeming my dumb ass post about the possible ass pimple with some
Soured Moo Moo Milk

No. 347158

When Momo should take her own advice.

No. 347159

It doesn't help that her eye liner looks crusty and uneven. It looks like she did it after putting the eyelashes on.

No. 347160

Well I'm glad that I'm blind then.

No. 347166

I know this is autistic as fuck of me to say but it bothers me when people fuck up a meme's format like this. It's laid out for you, just plug in your idea. How do people fuck up something simple when the formula is already there.

No. 347167

Imgur can't stand her either.

No. 347172

What's shittier about this is it's Koreanbarbq in LaLa set as well taking the pics and shit. Like these 2 shit heads fooled around before he supposedly joins the military and she expected to stay good friends even though " if circumstances were different like distance and military we'd totally be together." What did you expect Momo? You wanted your cake and to eat it too cuz you're a hoe. And because you're a hoe your shit is already on Imgur and Reddit with whole Google drive of all your sets and probably soon the Lusamine and Wicke shit. She's alienated everybody that cares about her and soon she's gonna do it to Collette over having more money but no strength of character.

No. 347174

Like Collette aka Vamplette has admitted to being a stripper and how she regrets being one. But you gonna do the same shit now but with cosplay. Actions speak louder than words and both these bitches just mooch and use people with the excuse of well I'm in my 20's or I'm a strong woman and these weak boys can't handle me. As in examples with all of Mariah's boy toys this past year and Collette dumping hers but you still see Eric/Maroon Cosplay with her at cons. Even Lethal Soul dude posted a thing about her saying " sorry I didn't catch the enemy team and give you heads up" which obviously about his friend Koreanbarbq being there too trying to talk to her to make amends and she ain't having it so she's manipulating shit. She even posted " I don't want to be affiliated with him anymore." Then deletes the tweet but goes and likes his shit on Twitter. These bitches think they're slick but they aren't when you put the focus on them and screen their bullshit

No. 347176

Wait, wait, hold on sec. What are you talking about?
K is taking the pics? Were they dating or something?

No. 347177

Ya just she friend zoned his ass cuz he's joining some branch of the military and cuz LA is supposedly too far. All the POV shit is him groping her and holding her tail. You can catch him in some old pics of hers taken when she was doing the shoot and he's there with the white dress shirt on

No. 347178

You know, I gotta give it to him for joining the military. And K deserves a better, FLEXIBLE, loving girlfriend anyway.
Wasn't ALA somewhere close to Los Angeles? Meaning she could have technically gone there to meet him occasionally, but just a)isn't in to LDR b)isn't that into him or vice versa c) IDK.

No. 347179

Wants to play the victim care about him breaking her trust or hurting her but wtf did you expect when you're being trailed along by a hoe. Says we can't be together but you want me to be the POV guy in your sets that gets to grope you. Then she flirts with other dudes like Overflow or tries to dig at Miles Luna from RVB or other people in video games/anime. So it becomes no wonder Korean gets pissed.

No. 347180

If they had a relationship/fling I don't really get it? Doesn't seem like a healthy and respectful one at that.

No. 347182

Not at all. But the thing is he knew what he was getting into. He still did both sets and made his choices. She made the choices of stupidly revealing who the guy was in the POV shoots and still post them. The thing is though people are wising up which is why her Patreon went don't almost 5 grand and even though it's all posted it hasn't bounced back. Like all her sets are out there LaLas entirely and it's only been a day lol

No. 347188

>…her Patreon went don't almost 5 grand
it did? Can't see her income on the front page. Looks like her patreons went up because it's 600 something. Good thing it's over between them I guess.

No. 347189

I ALWAYS see this when I look at her pictures. It looks like she bought a pair of mink lashes three years ago and kept wearing them without taking off the old glue. Crusty af

No. 347191

If he's a Korean citizen in any capacity he has to do 2 yrs conscription with shit pay in RoK Army (since DPRK and RoK are still technically at war, just under an armistice agreement) or enlist into the US Army for however long and get paid a bit better plus US citizenship. Honestly from what I know enlisting into the US Army is by far the better decision. Being a RoK soldier or KATUSA is shitty, no cellphones or electronics overtly for 2 yrs.

No. 347194

>Being a RoK soldier or KATUSA is shitty, no cellphones or electronics overtly for 2 yrs.
>…(since DPRK and RoK are still technically at war, just under an armistice agreement)
I hope he enlists to the US army. Sounds way better option IMO.

No. 347195

Their pay is -really- bad as RoK Army too, like $137/mo (or something, I don't really recall) compared to $1599/mo at lowest rank in US Army

No. 347196

That's fucking peanuts compared to $1599/mo at lowest rank in US Army

How are even allowed to pay that low in RoK Army?

You have to be crazy self-hating person if you don't pick US Army at this point.

No. 347198

Well I guess they made up cuz they're hanging out right now planning something

No. 347203

No. 347206

following moomoo gives me some serious déjà vu every time she releases something
>releases a set
>rants on social media "lol just having fun lol you hater lmao get a life"
>repeat until everything falls apart

No. 347207


She knows she's shit and can't deal with the backlash from the general public & fans alike on how terrible her 'career' actually is. It's a neverending cycle and she's just making it worse for herself each time.

No. 347208

This is a career?
I thought this was a quick way to cash in while being popular and then disappear to obscurity.

No. 347210

At this point I'm actually not sure if Momo is dating Tony (Guzma dude) or KoreanBBQ. Momo was walking around ALA while holding Tony's hand, but also Saturday night during the Radisson lobby party KoreanBBQ had his hands all over her. Maybe she's playing both guys? Or maybe both guys know she's just an easy lay anyway.

No. 347216

Most likely for the easy lay. Girls like MooMoo will do just about anything.

No. 347217

Hand holding isn't always done in sexual reason. I have hold hands of my girlfriends and boyfriends and thought nothing of it.
Well, none of the men have said anything about dating her and I don't think she has said that she is dating neither. All we know is that they have cosplayed with her, hangout with her during cons and done photoshoots with her. These guys could do so much better, so why would they pick her out of all girls?

No. 347221

Before she posted her new set it went down from about 15k to around 10k~ for guestimating from the percentage. Its probably fairly close to 15k again now.

No. 347222

Actually its probably closer to 13.5k now, looking at it. The percent is 91%, and when she privated it earlier this week it was 90% at 13.5k as well.

Lala set didn't even get her back to her 15k, kek.

No. 347223

Can we also just laugh at this? The first picture was posted by KBBQ and the second was posted by Momo.

Dat Meitu abuse

No. 347224

File: 1486246727966.png (1.06 MB, 891x599, trash.png)

im dumb

No. 347225


No. 347226

its a beauty app

No. 347229

I honestly do even know if she thinks of herself as that bad. Momo always came across to me as that bratty kid who was put up on a pedestal so much she grew up to think her shit don't stink.

No. 347230

No. 347231

I can feel the "annoying cunt"iness emanating from the first photo
you can just tell she's one of those girls who's loud because she thinks it's cute but is really tolerated by everyone.
Look at that smug fucking face, she thinks she's funny as fuck

No. 347232

This sounds a bit reaching. She is hardly smiling, nor look smug. She isn't even looking at the camera on the first one, second is basic selfie photo that you see everyone and their mother taking of themselves.

No. 347235

>you can just tell she's one of those girls who's loud because she thinks it's cute
>she thinks she's funny as fuck

This was pretty much confirmed in the Cow Chop video she appeared in.

No. 347236

File: 1486247670484.jpeg (21.24 KB, 460x276, issi-finger-salute.jpeg)

momo confirmed to be ISIS

No. 347238

Could we please keep /pol/ out this?

No. 347253


She acts the same in many videos her friends have taken at cons too and on Snapchat. Obnoxious, loud, has to make a scene and thinks she's fucking hilarious with her stereotypical 'I'm such a random nerd' humor when it's actually just pure cringe.

No. 347257


Hate to be an ana chan but I noticed the cold pressed veggie drink in her hand. I like how she is making an attempt to eat healthier. But isn't she in a restaurant/cafe?

Would be funny if she was making healthier choices just to eat junk right after
"Okay I finished my shake. now time to order lunch."

No. 347260

You can have a juice and a salad………..

It's not like you can only juice or eat lol

No. 347262


I think what the anon here meant >>347257
is the possibility that she has one healthy choice then pigs out on junk food after.

I would believe that since she seems to be gaining weight. It is common for people to "reward" themselves with a bad choice when making healthy ones.

No. 347269

I actually found this thread cause someone linked me her Camilla bc "look it's the same one you're doing" and it was so bad I got curious as to why they were linked to me in the first place. I've won a few awards and working on more, but again as others have said you don't have to be a cook to know meat is rotten, you don't have to be a singer to know someone is out of tune, and you don't have to be a cosplayer to know that she looks like hot garbage.

No. 347274

Money and attention?

No. 347277


because shes easy and cheap, plus she brings exposure. none of her friends actually like her except for colette, every single one of them is actually using her and deep down she knows it.

No. 347279

File: 1486256216879.png (325.99 KB, 640x480, mah boy.png)

No. 347280


girl you know she's gonna have the juice, the salad and then drive by mcdonalds on the way home to her fridge.

let's be real.

No. 347281

Wouldn't exposure/attention from her be bad publicity for anyone who she affliated with?

No. 347311

She's the biggest mess, all negativity is focused she n her and her friends look ten times better next to her. Hell girls on here we're talking about how koreanbbq deserves better when he's been accused of sexual harassment!

No. 347320

>has been accused of sexual harrassment
Any deets or proof about this, because I can take "he deserves better" words back if this is true.

No. 347326

So much derailing….Anyways here's a link to the latest sets…There's a particularily funny one in the non POV Wicke set where she literally looks like a beached whale.


No. 347329

I love that these get posted right on her reddit and no one says anything.

No. 347330

File: 1486262865121.jpg (822.2 KB, 1078x1586, Screenshot_20170204-214533.jpg)

Lmfao her tits are actually starting to fall out here
Bitch should finally get some good fitting bras

No. 347333

About how long ago was her Camilla done? Like, I know they're all edited to fuck, but honestly she didn't look awful in that one set. How the hell has she gone downhill so fucking much so fast? Honestly I only started following her shit in the last two months, so I don't know how old the Camilla ones are. I'm just in awe with how much worse each new set gets.

No. 347341

Old news but the gloves for Cammy are so upsetting

No. 347344

I love how, in the Wicke shoot, she switches from suspender belt and stocking to full tights like half way through. Must be control top tights so she can take off her shape wear!

No. 347347

Looking at the banner on that sub, she looks so much slimmer in her Dva cosplay. Shooping or has she really gained that much weight since then?

No. 347352

She really has gained that much weight. There was a decent amount of shooping and shapewear going on but Moomoo is the size of a WHALE compared to what she was just one year ago.

No. 347356

From one fat chick to another Momo invest you in a fucking Maidenform bra if you insist on stuffing your udders into a bra like that.
That, or, do some upper chest exercises.
Seriously, how sloppy do you need to be to expect people to pay for this shit.

No. 347357

Does anyone remember what her job was before she ~*quit it to be a cosplay queen?

No. 347358

Barista I think

No. 347362

Barista at Starbucks

No. 347363

her face just looks so…unfortunate. Like damn, do something about your face before taking photos, moomoo

No. 347374

It's so weird because in some she looks really cute, like some pics in her chun li set, but holy shit is her craftsmanship still fucking shit and lazy, looking at her Camilla I was like wow that's not that bad then I looked more into the set and it's a fucking cheap "waist trainer" from ebay with fucking gold shit glued on… really moomoo you couldn't add the armor on top of the shapewear to at least make it look somewhat good???

No. 347384

Hard to believe how far she's going. It's straight pornography. Whatever community is supporting her disgusting display is garbage itself. I feel sad for the losers giving her money for this shit, but I guess they don't have anything else to spend money on? I hate this world.

No. 347403

God this is so unsettling to look at. Her face is like an amalgamation of features from different faces just jigsaw-ed together. And then her head is so puny compared to that girthy, linebacker neck and silverback gorilla body.

No. 347409

File: 1486291784303.png (245.78 KB, 326x388, 3434.png)

No. 347411

File: 1486292755751.png (242.17 KB, 424x448, image.png)

No. 347418

I honestly feel bad for Vampy about her face. Even a nose job wouldn't fix it. She should find flattering angles and a makeup style that would compliment her features.

No. 347419

OT: Fix the OP thread links for the next thread. The first 5 threads are in /snow/ but the rest got moved to /pt/ because moomoo's milk is flowing so hard. Now they redirect to the /pt/ posts with the same ID but have nothing to do with momo.

No. 347421

File: 1486298889904.png (158.54 KB, 1277x1260, 1455629570618.png)

Just as a throwback: Momo's posts to /cgl/ after her nudes got spread there. And these are only a year old so I doubt she's changed much from these posts - she's still the bratty self-centered bitch that she presents herself as in these posts.

Also lmao
>And oh you got my nudes?! Wonderful, maybe you can use those for body motivation to lose weight or something.

No. 347423

File: 1486300117306.png (1.66 MB, 1482x726, 1478158074798.png)

This wouldn't surprise me at all. Most obese people I know seem to think that healthy choices somehow cancel out bad choices, like if they have a greasy burger but also a salad it's suddenly okay and not unhealthy anymore.

She's been gaining weight at a worrying pace in the last year or so. This comparison was posted three months ago, she's probably even fatter now.

No. 347434

File: 1486304164707.png (174.66 KB, 267x248, 35434.png)

No. 347435

File: 1486304225795.png (100.38 KB, 209x198, 35.png)

No. 347442

reminds me of Julia Graf

No. 347450

Wow, in the first one she actually had a decent waist despite still being chubby and a nice ratio to her hips.
What a waste.

No. 347460

Her throwing Vamp under the buss is A+

No. 347473

Is this how Vampy used to look or this photoshop?
She used look healthy and fit before. What happened?

No. 347474

Cosplay happened

No. 347475


Over 10k a month and can't buy herself a bra that fits

No. 347476

Wouldn't surprise me if she gets fitted at VS, which is known to do it completely wrong and simply so they can sell you their products. Her tits look to be way too big for VS products at this point, tbh.

No. 347481

This, VS only goes up to a DDD and momo definitely has a bigger cup size but she's so basic she probably only gets her bras from VS.

No. 347484

I'm pretty sure their DD and up cup sizes aren't even actually those cup sizes. She's probably closer to a legit E cup judging from some of her photos.

No. 347489

File: 1486319840943.png (38.76 KB, 721x237, 0989ed7d584d56ae554912110cbea6…)

Tell moomoo to take a hint

No. 347491

File: 1486320123603.png (132.3 KB, 724x776, 50de6128b12fc323bbccbfebc747ef…)

No. 347494

Pretty sure every cosplayer with a patreon is guilty of this. Doesnt seem like a jab at moo specifically.

No. 347512

her fucking nose lmao

No. 347514

Theres some people that really want to push drama between momo and her friends that's just not there. This is like the 2nd or 3rd time someone posted a tweet by SS acting like it was shade to momo.

No. 347525

Its probably not directed straight to Momo, but come on, all this perfectly applies to Mariah. SSS is totally bitching about the kind of cosplayer Mariah is, there's no denying that.

No. 347530

Is she? I think she was talking here >>347489
in general how some cosplayers who do "boudoir" get it mixed with "glamour" sets. Though there is nothing glamourous about Momo's photos.

No. 347536

Yeah that one tweet fits Mariah to a T, but SSS doesn't seem like the type to vague tweet someone in particular. But she clearly doesn't like the kind of cosplayer Momo is so, idk lol

No. 347543

It didnt even seem like bitching just that people use wrong terms for their stuff. Most cosplayers doing slutty patreon pics arent smart though so they dont bother even looking up the right terms for their work. They just copy whoever is successful with no research of their own.

No. 347550

Moomoo has her blocked anyway. She's just sharing general info that can be applied to any amateur cosplay ho. Moomoo is just an obvious offendor.

No. 347553


Since when did Momo block SSS? I though those two were on good terms.

No. 347554

As of the dramu between MooMoo and Chel, SSS and Momo were still friends. When did this change?

No. 347558

If this was true, why did she like her tweets? That shouldn't be possible if you are blocked by the person.

No. 347567

She's still following her on Twitter. Are you sure you're not talking about Chel or Loonie?

No. 347851

Is chel the one who tried to say momo and ss bullied her but had no receipts? I remember momo posted a bunch of screenshots and went on a twitter tirade against chel

No. 347856

You're right anon. My bad, it was Chel. I got confused because I've seen both their fat asses in blue spandex.

No. 347860

Chel did say that Momo and SS were bulling her to Loonie in the previous thread.

It's alright anon. All these coshoes are practically the same I don't blame you for getting them confused.

No. 347899


Chel tried to claim Momo and SS were bullying her, but it was more because Momo had completely ignored Chel when she tried kissing Momo's ass for fame a few months ago and she was jealous of all the praise and was upset at the comparisons being made between her an SS when she was featured on Shadbase. Everyone loves SS and was talking about how much I a worn out cow Chel looked by comparison. Momo tried to warn Chel about Loonie, but she instead took that info to Loonie and tied to spin it as "bullying" but it was so obvious she was still buttmad about being ignored and being laughed off of Shadbase.

No. 347903

Does Chel have a thread too? I know there's been several for Loonie.

No. 347904

yeah, she has one on /snow/ but it's not bumped often

No. 347909

Chel's thread is here: >>>/snow/216440

Fun fact: apparently Momo follows Shadbase as well.

No. 347997

Ugh this is so depressing. She had such a cute body before. I don't get how she just doesn't care about the weight gain, but she seems to not care about a lot of things.

No. 348298


No. 348317

Hi Mariah? How are you cunty?

No. 348368

Relevant video from Lowtiergod about female cosplayers in general. I guess some of these guys are finally wising up.

No. 348471

That was the dumbest video I've ever seen are you fucking stupid? His point is that he hates cosplay because he can't have sex with them. That's literally it. He doesn't even mention Patreon he thinks it's bad to even comment on a cosplayers page positivdly. Fucking idiots. Has nothing to do with anything talked about on here.

No. 348483

Fuck off you shill. This video was just fuckboy nonsense.

No. 348502


Go back to r/kappa and stay there. No one cares.

No. 348515

Jeez, if you want to bump the thread then go find something on her Twitter to screencap for us to discuss. No need to try and ruffle some feathers. Don't worry, even if people let the thread slide for a day people still hate her.

No. 348634


No. 348639

This is just awful, cringeworthy MGTOW shit and has nothing to do with Moomoo.

No. 348640

LowT3irgod needs his own thread on how fucking pathetic he is. Lol

No. 348733

>knowing anything
>having a valid point about anything
Listen to his rant about Brazilians, you'll find out how stupid he is.

No. 348775

You're a complete retard for linking this shit video and acting like it's anything other than some idiot complaining about red pill/incel tier shit.

But didn't Momo make a huge rant about this fucking loser's pathetic video because it upset her?

No. 348795

Back OT, armored Moana cosplay confirmed? https://twitter.com/mariahmallad/status/828729704177823744

No. 348796


Why is she trying to cosplay Moana? Who wants to be Momo is gonna slut her up

No. 348797

definitely. i hope she's stupid enough to darken her skin too.

No. 348798

Cant wait for the sjws to rip her apart if she does :)

No. 348801

Maui would probably be a bitter fit for her though.

No. 348806

We've seen her armor, Zach Fisher's designs may be boring and repetitive, but they're not simplistic. How's she intend to manage that?

No. 348807

I feel bad for the little girls who plug in Moana and find her ass :(

No. 348808

File: 1486497753773.jpg (372.32 KB, 1920x804, moana-pig-bird[1].jpg)

she'd be better suited to dress up as pua the pig

No. 348810

pua is too adorable

No. 348811

That cute little pig does not deserve to have MooMoo portray it.

Here's hoping she'll have the decency not to sexually objectify Moana (assuming that's the character she plans). I honestly think she's sick in the head that she seems to want to sexualize characters predominantly marketed towards kids. Not to mention her inappropriate behaviors around kids.

No. 348813

Zach puts lots of details in his designs, there's no way she'll be able to replicate it. It'll be an ugly mess. Unless she gets one of her friends/boy toys to make it for her.

No. 348816

She's already done it for Wicke, what makes you think she'll stop here?

No. 348817

If she does moana and proceeds to slut it up a good majority of the cosplay world will turn against her, considering how loved moana is and how passionate the fans of moana are it would be the stupidest thing for mono to cosplay because she is most likely going to do a sexy shoot or boudoir. Slutty Disney cosplays are popular online me but not loved by fans or cosplay enthusiasts. Momo is just setting herself up her, we know she's going to half ass it and offend fans of moana.

No. 348818

Why would they want to put Moana in armor? Warriors from the island didn't wear armor, just look at Maui! This sounds like a stupid concept. If she wants to cosplay moana why not just do a legit moana cosplay?…right that would actually require work and dedication. Nvm.

No. 348820

Moanas canon outfit is way simpler than armor though.

No. 348821

duh don't you know how to cosplay?

take fairly plain dressed character
add armor (or make a bunny suit version)
profit bc omg so original and badass!!!!!!

jnigs guilty of this a ton

No. 348823

Ugh so tired of this trend

No. 348824

OT but I love that you called her mono.

No. 348843

She is a disease honestly lol

No. 348845


She better fuck off if she sluts up Moana. This is one Disney 'princess' that so many young girls look up to lately and it's a nice change from it being Elsa or Anna from Frozen. Momo is just a grade A cunt if she stoops this low.

No. 348866


Why is everyone so triggered by this video? What he is saying is EXACTLY what's happening in cosplay.

MooMoo is a perfect example of fake geek girls with low self esteem who thrive on the validation of these neckbeards.

Look at every girl who has a Patreon and sells lewds. They are completely average looking, not much going for them. Considering the social stigma around "real geek girls" (everyone always assumes real geek girls are fugly) these average looking e girls with terrible insecurities come into a hobby that's not necessarily dominated by attractive women (again I apologize if social stigma offends anyone here) and all the neckbeards flock and worship because oh look, a female who isn't a total troll is cosplaying. She must be a geek goddess! They feed her need for validation.

These neckbeards literally think if they are nice to girls like this they're gonna get nudes and/or establish a relationship with these girls. That's why half the shit in their comments are so awkward and creepy some guys really are this socially retarded and awkward.

He's not saying he hates cosplayers because he can't smash. He's saying he hates these bitches who pretend to be into video games and be your favorite fantasy and manipulate the fuck out of gross awkward dudes on the internet who think they might have a chance with these average chicks who are, yes "just like them" it's not really an attack or anything he just wants the neckbeards to stop falling for the "Fap Trap" but you can't stop them to be honest. That's their choice.

I'm not OP of the video itself and I will save for being off topic if you really think the video is off topic but I'm just saying he does say, and I quote, "oh there's a girl in a Samus suit in a blonde wig she's so hot…Don't fall for it."

No. 348869

At this point I think she's going to do it just to 'prove a point'. But a boudoir of Moana would leave a bad taste since the character is technically 16. Yeah, momo isn't 16 but an adult sexing up a young character though. Her fans will probably love it but those in the Disney community won't. And that community is huge.

No. 348898

thanks for this long ass rant white knighting a total fuckboy.

Anyway, does anyone have screenshots of when Momo responded to Lowtiergooch's video?

No. 348901

I agree. I don't think the lot here understand what hes really getting at- and immediately gets defensive about thinking he's directing at cosplay in general. yeah lowtiergod is a jackass, but he's on point about the problem of attention whores clogging social media, patreon etc, and taking advantage of horny nerds. He said it in an asshole way, but you can't deny the truth of it. It's gotten bad to the point that people are using cosplay to gain money and attention and removing its whole purpose of being a geek and creating awesome things. It's nothing but a competition between fake gamer girls and shit, and I'm glad he's one of the only few people who's said something about it because everyone else is so damn afraid to say anything from the backlash. Skye was one of the few people who sorta said something about girls and taking advantage of the nerd demographic for money, and even then a lot of ppl attacked him and he had to back down.
And yes this is completely related to momo because this is in fact what she's doing, and a lot are denying it. I think he was low key remarking about momo too because he suddenly started talking about fat ppl and samus with a blonde wig.

No. 348929


Yah my guess is that little jab was about MooMoo too lol.


Not whiteknighting just breaking down a video that everyone here instantly got buttmad about without actually breaking down what the idiot was trying to say.

It's pretty much the same thing all of us have been trying to say yet none of the neckbeards care. They just get to see nipples, and if they try real hard to make her feel special, like buy her Patreon pics and follow her on all her social media, they might get to see more than that (cue REEREEREEEE psycho music in the background)

It's how this whole cosplay thing works now. Neckbeards don't realize they're just being manipulated with boobies to buy mediocre shit. But hey they get to jerk off to a "real life geek girl who's actually a real person they might get to know someday"

That's appealing in itself, they get to watch them play video games on Twitch and they interact with them online so they feel like they actually know these girls, and they're not just an "untouchable celebrity".

No offense but I'd be creeped out if some dudes always commenting on my tits and telling me they love me. Coshoe fame isn't something I'm striving for.

No. 348939

People slut up Anna and Elsa and all the other Disney Princesses and no one gives a shit.

No. 348942

I guess we could argue that most of the princesses have more "womanly" bodies than moana does also I feel like a lot of times other princesses age isn't really stated in their movies which makes it a little easier to suspend your disbelief and have them as adults in your head. I haven't seen the movie but it seems a little more centered around the fact that she's 16?

No. 349011

File: 1486515346694.png (28.68 KB, 277x234, 1344127229568.png)

I'm pretty sure if she's doing Moana in armor, it's her trying to do the same thing as Jnig and trying to get her credit up so that people can't bag her on how she has bad craftmanship.

When Jnig did her armor, she'd gotten a lot of help from her boyfriend, but then put out videos about how she worked on parts of it. I'm sure she knows how to do some stuff, but it was a blatant attempt so that people could defend how "legit" she really was.

I'm pretty certain that considering how MooMoo's craftsmanship has been long confirmed as shitty, she's attempting to rack up her nerd credits up so that she can try to shove it in people's faces that she's legit and can do actual work.

She's probably salty that people here have been praising Yaya, so naturally, trying to do an overdesigned armor would be her counterattack.

Even if she tries to do a good chunk of work on this, I hardly doubt that it'll turn out to be anything even remotely good, or it'll stand enough for her to take a selfie or two before she stops wearing it and telling people that it's "uncomfortable" when we all know that it broke after the first wear.

No. 349065

File: 1486519307621.png (163.27 KB, 880x520, Fj2352y2f52-5329.png)

Note how she just forgets to mention the casual racism.

No. 349085

Wtf? Her fans should come before a conversation because the fans are the reason she can sit about spreading her legs in a cheap hotel room while some guy with doughy hands gropes her and get 15k a month. What an unprofessional and ungrateful fuck.

No. 349087

Where is the casual racism you speak of?
It's her side of that con video showing the part where she and dva cosplayer took a picture together and went immiedietly back to her friends. She wasn't dissing her or anything.

No. 349090

What. I understand you want to go back to your conversation, but you can still be polite to someone who asks for a photo. The girl asked, she didn't just pushed herself into your group and start taking selfies. She asked, you said yes (really excitedly btw) and when you were done you pretty much told shrugged her off, like you got what you wanted, the attention.

Like, her cosplay was even from the same game! She didn't even do a simple "Thank you so much! I love yours too, I love D.Va! You look so cute! Bye now!" It was just "Yeah, thanks" and then bitch face.

Fuck off Momo. Just admit the only attention you want is from fuckboys.

No. 349091

I think anon means the "Ching Chong" speak she was screaming into a megaphone before the girl approached her. Its funny that Momo doesn't even try to explain that away.

No. 349101

I'm sorry, but WHAT A FUCKING CUNT.It takes some cowardly balls to post this and think that people are going to overlook her behavior.

She didn't need to insult the cosplayer to come off like a cunt. She clearly acted like an arrogant bitch and now plays it off as if she was busy and too engrossed to even stop to acknowledge that that girl is supportive of her cosplays. She might even be a paying fan. What kind of ignorant fuck doesn't stop to think that their public behavior won't be judged when she's asking for people to pay for her persona? Even if she didn't want to start a new conversation with her, she shouldn't have used that "YEAH" tone with her, and not even showing the slightest to appreciate that the girl stopped to compliment her. The girl was also polite to come to her, and it wasn't like she was overwhelming her space and taking her time. The whole scene happened in less than a minute.

If she's doing this as a job, she should realize that her priority should be public relations with her fans. Using a conversation, which was really just sprouting memes with fuckboys, isn't a viable excuse. I really hope that people don't shove this aside to realize that she just can't sit on her ass and expect for people to like her persona if she can't be arsed to act like a fucking decent person in public. I've seen Yaya and JNig at least put down some effort to talk to their fans, and even though they're probably not willing to do it, they know it's part of the whole social obligation to the people who support them.

>I just wanted to vent that out

No fucking shit, you wanted to cover your ass since the comments are flowing. You're not here to repent, you're here to try to humanize yourself and playing victim of being "wrongfully recorded" when you should learn better how to think before you do something, you twat.

No. 349110

Is she physically incapable of admitting something is her fault? How hard is it to say "yeah I came off as rude for no reason and I'm sorry for how I acted"?

No. 349117

File: 1486522239926.png (85.39 KB, 640x713, IMG_3334.PNG)

Oh, that. Speaking of that, this isn't apparently the first time she has said "ching chong". I was googling her around and found this other forum (uglylittleliers something) that had a thread of her too on Little Snowflake section.
Anyway, she has apparently said "ching chong"

No. 349119

…has said "ching chong" before. I don't understand why no one points her out that it's not appropiate. Then again she is an adult and should know better.

No. 349121

She said it into a mega phone at her Asian friends face. Pretty racist even if they're friends imo

No. 349131

I know. But because she didn't mention it in her FB post and other anon replied that she forgot to recognize her racist remarks towards Asians before the dva cosplayer asked to be photographed with her, I got confused.

No. 349156


What a cunt.

No. 349173

i think as she turns away it sounds like she says 'yeah' but she actually says thank you. it sounds like thehkyeeah because of her cunty accent

No. 349174

File: 1486526445194.png (34.99 KB, 821x173, moomoo.png)

She had to post her response in the video comments as well. So much for "None of this gets to me, lol. Just waste your time hating me, it doesn't hurt me at all." If it really doesn't bother you why waste your time bringing attention to it?

No. 349177

I hate the tone that she's using with these. It's almost like she's blaming the D.Va cosplayer for approaching her when she had better things to do.

I feel really bad for the D.Va because she was super adorable and would of gladly chatted with her before parting ways.

No. 349183

Your friends aren't going anywhere, Momo. Even just complimenting the D.Va the same way she complimented you with a sentence could have cleared you of this faux pas.

Also, if Momo really does go through with armor Moana, who wants to bet that either Vamp or some other cosplay guy's going to build the whole thing for her?

No. 349193

She's so full of herself, like the D.Va cosplayer should be thankful that MooMoo let her take a picture with her. It's not hard being nice, but apparently it is for MooMoo, so I guess it would have been fake if she tried being genuine with someone who isn't a fuckboi. I know you're reading this. You should have taken the high road and said, "I didn't mean for me to come off as rude, but I'm sorry that it did. It wasn't my intention." Instead, you just made a sorry excuse that makes you look like an even bigger twat than if just didn't say anything at all.

No. 349196

Maybe if she put half the amount of effort into making a good cosplay and be a lot nicer to people in the first place instead of responding to Internet comments and childeshly dismissing people with an lol or a emoji, than people would probably shit up. I don't know any cosplayer with a small following that actually comes out and starts trying to fight comments back and fail miserably every time.

No. 349197

File: 1486527650221.png (16.67 KB, 758x89, amazing.PNG)

its ok anon it's just a joke~

>I was in the middle of a conversation and I wanted to return to it

Is she serious?
what conversation? she was literally yelling ching chong at her friend through a mega phone before the DvA asked for the photo

No. 349198

Mariah is a brat, last year when it was a lot fuller and people actually were trying to get more pictures of her this definitely would have looked less douchey but nope she comes back does it again and only this time someone filmed it so there's proof of her doichebagger! Still snapping at people isn't the best response moomoo last year she pulled this shit on a ton of people.

No. 349201

Serious question: has Momo ever apologized for anything?

No. 349206

Once, when she did that ask me thing and everyone was hammering her, she did Apologize but even than not an actual I'm sorry I did this! She even said come up to me at a con and as a token of how sorry I am I'll give you a print of myself!

No. 349207

She apologized to that one guy whose prop she broke at AX. Though it was probably more of a "I'm sorry people say I broke it on purpose I feel bad because people are calling me out on it no 6 months later so I'm going to show I'm a good person by apologizing and settling things with you" than an apology

No. 349216


Shut the fuck up lol. You got caught being a bitch on camera and you're trying to dig yourself out. "Oh I don't have time for the people who support me I was talking to people who actually matter lol". Theres not enough video proof of this bitch to be honest. Sad this is the only one.

No. 349217


This made me so angry, but since we all know she lurks here…

Fuck you Mariah, you're the biggest asshole in the cosplay community. I don't care if your cosplays are poorly made, I hate you cause you're an AWFUL person and you deserve all the hate you're getting. She was a fan and you ditched her. I hope all your other fans realize that they're going to be treated equally. Do you even realize that's the reason why all your other friends left you? YOU'RE A FUCKING JERK. As the other anon said, it's almost like you're blaming the other cosplayer for interrupting your "conversation"! Start respecting your fans/patreons for the sake of god, they're paying you 14k/month and that's how you give back to them.

Don't come with another crying in the car video cause "I receive so much hate but I'm a good person", you're fucking disgusting.

No. 349223

Same. Out of the bunch the Lusamine is the worst to me.

No. 349254

is she legit trying to frame it like this? this girl, who kindly asked for a photo of her, interrupting her casual racism joke with her friends like it's some sort of important conversation she was having? are you fucking kidding me?

No. 349264

I rewatched the video just now and realized that the so-called conversation wasn't even happening. They were laughing and her friends even stopped and lingered while taking she took her picture. Brat trying to fool people that she was having an important conversation. Her friends were still fucking there.

No. 349272

Hey Moomoo you just made yourself a bigger cunt from your recent statements shifting the blame on the D.Va cosplayer in the situation. Seriously go fuck yourself you cunt.

No. 349278

>incoherent Chinese from a scripted video
>Ching Chong Ching Chong

Yeah okay. Go ahead and keep watching racist videos

No. 349301

What a fucking fat cunt… like if that isn't problematic behavior idk what is, trying to deflect her faults on someone who did nothing wrong like wtf??? I feel so bad for the cute dva cosplayer, moomoo made it seem like the dva was being the asshole by "interuppting" her oh so important conversation she was having which is a load of fucking bull, moomoo is a true bitch and the video proved it, otherwise she wouldn't be scrambling all over the place trying to make herself look good
Why can't this fucking girl apologize??? It's not that hard, if you can fucking be racist in front of the race you're making fun of and have no issue and then u can feign a sincere apology…

>>sage for personal rant but holy shit she reminds me of an old friend I used to have they would blame me for "triggering" them when I would make a joke about oh yeah i love pain and when they would get shit faced drunk she would blame me for making it seem like I made it seem I was okay with them trying to hit me or smth.. it was fucking wild lmao and then would tell other people that it was my fault for making a joke like l love to die when everyone in the fucking world has been doing that lately, like what??

No. 349310

That guy looks like a retarded tatted ham and has no place telling other dudes what to do with their lives. That guy would lead people into brick walls, what an insufferable person.

No. 349312

Even if it was a joke, it's one of those things to be tactful about when joking in public. I'm sure that yelling, "Nigga" at someone might still be an inside joke, but it's a public event and not something you'd especially blare out with a fucking megaphone.

No. 349341


She's definitely lying. By claiming she was in the middle of a conversation with friends, she makes it seem like the DVA cosplayer completely interrupted everything and should have never asked for a photo, hence why Momokunt looks annoyed as fuck and can't wait for her to leave. This is really grinding her gears now lol.

So yes bitch, you are fake.

No. 349348


Momo you're such a stupid cunt. You couldn't take one minute out of your pitiful life to speak with that d.va cosplayer.

Maybe you've fucking forgot, but its not your dumbass friends that made you "famous". So maybe next time a fan wants to say hi, stop being a fucking racist for two minutes and try to speak with a fan ya sloppy hoe. okay?

No. 349351


Not to mention those friends are part of her usual fuckboi posse that she hangs around with after the con at restaurants and parties, she acts like she doesn't see them for years at a time.

No. 349366

Even while make an excuse she's rude haha, girl just can't help herself!!
She could have easily said "I was caught off guard, but I didn't mean to come off as rude at all, if anyone knows the D.Va show her his comment, I'm so sorry if you felt I was rude blah blah blah" it wasn't even a SORRY???
Like whenever I do cosplay and people ask for a photo it's almost always interrupting something - but that's also cause I do more than just hangout and wait for people to ask for a pic like momo… but as a cosplayer you should know that people who ask for your photos admire your work and it's not always easy to get the courage to ask someone for a pic like???? She's such a Bitch, way to make that D.Va feel worse than she probably already did.

No. 349367

I agree. Cosplayers are accustomed to being stopped at any point. There's obvious limits, like when someone's eating or actually having a REAL conversation, not bantering idly with fuckboys, where people should be mindful of coming up to someone for a picture, but the video explicitly shows how she wasn't even in some in-depth conversation with her friends when the D.va cosplayer came by, nor did she walk in aggressively into the middle of their group.

Honestly, if I was the D.va cosplayer, I'd be so fucking pissed right now that she's been thrown under the bus to make MooMoo sound like a victim, just like she did when she tried crediting the commissioner for making the Lala skirt with the shitty paint job so that people could throw the blame on her for it instead of her. Typical cunty MooMoo.

No. 349369

Meanwhile if some neckbeard stopped her for a photo, you know she would be compliant.

No. 349383

Because she knows the lowest denominator is paying her the big bucks. Why should she pay attention to a girl who's cuter than her that doesn't benefit her at all?

No. 349397

>UGGHH I was in the middle of hanging out with my friends and she just came to interrupt me GOD I talk to people plenty! I mean I talk to my friends huh? Ain't that something?
This is some grade A nonpology, moomoo. If you wanted to address it, you should've just said "It was impolite, I'm sorry" and nothing else. You always have to come up with some huge aggressive rant to defend yourself over every fucking thing and that makes you look even bitchier than the original drama did.

That's basically her every "apology" ever. She has to make it all about her feelings being hurt by someone else being offended, not really apologizing for screwing up.

No. 349402

Lol @ Moomoo getting dragged in the comments and facing the cold truth because her hugbox isn't there and only 1 comment is whiteknighting her with no success. I'm waiting for her new crying video where she explains that she's a good person.

No. 349406

Its only 25 comments, but every single one is berating her for how she treated that cosplayer.

I'm lovin' it.

No. 349418

Think she deleted her original comment on that video. Saw she posted another comment before deleting. Didn't get to read the whole thing or screenshot it. All I saw was; "You guys are unbelievable". Thing it just disappeared on me.

No. 349419

File: 1486575693189.png (64.4 KB, 633x526, IMG_4294.PNG)

Momos carefully posted "progress" pics really make people think she made Mei or remade a super complicated overcoat before ALA!!! All momo did was cut out fabric and sewed over the pieces on a coat that definitely was commissioned, blind followers that comment without doing their own research is how moomoo gets to make so much money but not actually deserve it.

No. 349423

What happened to her
"This stuff doesn't get to me my dudes" mindset?
Honestly I'm glad many people are still calling her out

No. 349424

Too bad something stupid like perhaps the D.Va cosplayer will come forward and say "oh no my fault leave her alone" something like that, Moomoo has always lucked out with this because a lot of these cosplayers she's wrong don't want drama and will immediately give her a pass much like that new cosplayer who just took money for the umbrella she broke and gave her a pass. Do people not understand that by letting her get away with shit it gives her more opportunity to hurt or embarrass others?

No. 349426

That's the reason why I am so annoyed with her.
Ahe could have just said sorry ??? Like everyone has their moments when you come off as bitch (even tho she is one) and by simply saying sorry no one would have cared. But no she has to make a huge deal out of it and make her look like a victim I mean wtf ??
I have been stopped countless of times by people while being in Cosplay or whatever but me and everyone of mine friends always try to give a compliment back because basically everyone tries to give their best with their costume even if it doesn't look so good yet. But I guess since Momo isn't doing that she might not understand lol
She basically takes these compliments for granted because she is so spoiled by these neckbeard fans

No. 349427

File: 1486577534309.jpg (119.55 KB, 1366x768, xMvMxIA.jpg)

Lmao she's mad. C'mon Mariah, bless us with a long rant that will do nothing but prove your haters' point. Show your true colors Moo

No. 349429

I think she's that immature. Don't think it's a matter of people getting to her. But more like, she can never be wrong. She's never has owned up to her mistake. Only time she has was half-assed

No. 349432

>screaming CHING CHONG NIP NONG at an Asian dude through a microphone
>"muh important conversation"

No. 349433

Lmao I can't believe she had the nerve to say she was having such a conversation with her friends that she never sees when all it was on camera was just a shitfest with a bunch of guys who she sees regularly at conventions, so much for the attempt at a guilt tripping sob story. Everything about her is just so tragic and yet people love her. Swear she's a fucking narcissist.

No. 349436

The beauty of it all is she didn't realize she was on camera! Lol in the video after the dva thing happens she then starts bullshitting with Landon then looks at the camera and says oh your recording?

No. 349446


She did.

>>349197 is still up for the time being.

No. 349449

File: 1486582362968.png (15.2 KB, 838x112, delusional.PNG)

they're the ones that defend her after all

No. 349453

File: 1486582965532.png (133.25 KB, 640x866, IMG_4295.PNG)

From an article she just posted, creates and designs her own cosplays??? Now that's reaching! Where is the credit to the costumer who made the jacket? For kelton who made the pouches? For rawrbomb who made the gun? Or even fucking koreanbarbbq for making the base for the boots? The only thing she actually made was the shitty backpack with no head on top like it's supposed to have and the shitty paintjob on the boots. She keeps wondering why people call her fake smh

No. 349457


The truth always brings her down, luckily there's a screenshot of her reply as she discreetly removed it and moved on like it's no big deal. What a pathetic bitch lol.

No. 349460

Someone should contact the blog writer and ask them to revise the article since she only makes 50% of her costumes (especially since there's evidence behind it).

No. 349462

Didn't she say she didn't know she was being recorded in the same video…??>>349436

No. 349471

File: 1486585588888.png (84.59 KB, 640x411, IMG_3286.PNG)


No. 349473

"I'm fartin" pose. Can we start doing that to her ass pics now, just like with Pixyteri in the golden days?

No. 349474

Footfag reporting in in the midst of this. Hadn't heard of this chick up until recently. Looking further into it I wish she was just a cosplay foot model instead of this. Not enough of them (at least that don't require me to browse in moonspeak) and she honestly has decent feet already; if she would take care of the soles, that is. Could probably get away with those low-effort bathroom camera shots too. Judging from the rest of the threads and her attitude though, it seems like she'd find a way to fuck it up anyway.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 349478


thank you for your important contribution to this thread

No. 349484

the next thread should be called "lying and brushing off fans one at a time"

No. 349490

Anytime, anon.

No. 349500

How dare a female in the same fandom approach her while she was being a racist hoe in front of her fuck boys? She should have never approached her anyway unless she was another fuck boy.

Bitch was caught on camera. The least you could have done was say goodbye or had some kind of closing to that conversation. She literally pretended the other cosplayer stopped existing when the photos were taken.

Her mind set was "I pretended to be nice to this chick. Now that there is photo evidence of me being nice. She can't say shit lol, watch me give her the cold shoulder… oh shit are you video taping me?….. She should have never approached me! How dare she! I was with my FRIENDS who I RARELY see!."

No. 349519

I feel like the best way for her to have handled it would have been
>I'm sorry
>I'll be more mindful in the future
>D.va looked amazing and I'm sorry if she felt left out
>my bad dudes

>you can't expect me to talk to you instead of my friends!!!

No. 349542


I bet her ass smells.

No. 349549

Considering she wears those leggings everywhere probably smells rancid

No. 349552

The video was removed or set to private

No. 349555

And the once again moomoo had her fuckbois cover for because the video is removed removing evidence that she's a jerk, this is what I'm talking about people always cover for her and she owns up to nothing

No. 349572

We still have the gif of the moment though >>346429

No. 349574

>my friends Landon and Kein
>close friends I don't get to see much often
Bitch, all of you live in Vegas, if they were from another state this might hold true but this is just really misleading.

No. 349589

Think it's great that her supposed crew of "close" friends never come to her defense in these situations but gladly let her buy them plane/con tickets. Surrounded by neckbeards and yes men.

No. 349610

It was removed but reuploaded, so now all the comments are gone. Also he conveniently cut out the scene with the D.Va or the "Ching chong" shenanigans.

No. 349614

Well that's really shitty. So I'm guessing she just begged that guy to edit it out. So instead of apologizing or admitting being at fault you're gonna cover it up which just shows you being more guilty

No. 349625

Now I just want commenters to continue but bring up it being edited to showcase how shitty it is to edit the true situation where Momo acted wrong.

No. 349629


How much did she pay him to edit the video I wonder.

No. 349644

Probably didn't. Just whined and begged him to do it then thanked saying " you're a true friend" then will never speak to him again lol

No. 349658

The original uploader and Momokunt need to remember that people can save videos any time they want.

He can edit all he wants to and Momo can try and save her ass but it won't work lol.

No. 349696

It's okay, once she burns bridges with these people for being a cunt they'll most likely take to the internet to reveal the nasty on her.

No. 349703

Good work anon. Perhaps include "Momokun" in the title of the video, so it pops up easily if someone searches her

No. 349749

File: 1486598396814.png (48.52 KB, 571x426, o3xAvnH.png)


All done. Would like to mention how she lost her cool and became her bitchy self just hours before the original video was deleted.

No. 349752

Bless you anon for saving the video!!!! Honestly like a lot of my cos friends are friends with her, but none of them really reach out to her or share her stuff compared to my other cos friends
So other anons are right no one cares for her until they need a fuck or con ticket, and if they're lucky, both
I wonder if she's aware of how none of her "friends" that she claims to be so engrossed in don't really care about her

No. 349763


She spent her 21st birthday alone on Twitch with her fuckboy fans and not a single friend celebrated with her in person. Apart from Vamplette, nobody gives a shit about her.

She has nothing and relies on money or her efame to keep 'friends' close.

Your welcome btw lol. We all knew it'd be removed once it escalated.

No. 349766


She practically tells on herself whenever she does the "lol you guys are totally making stuff up. It's not like I really care, I'm just trying to have fun lol. Why can't we just all be friends lol. I hate drama lol" bullshit. Like, could you not make it more obvious that you are full of shit?

You got caught being a bitch, either own up to it or apologize. But don't act like some self righteous bitch who is the victim in all of this and beg for asspats for being "such a good person". And don't be a chicken shit coward and delete the footage to pretend it never happened. It only makes you look worse in case you were too stupid to realize that.

No. 349773

She's so obvious. Everything connects now: nobody was asskissing her in the comments so she decided to throw a fit in the comment section first, then beg the uploader to remove the video.
I'd also suggest to write both her cosplay and real name in the tags, then comment in the "real" video, relax and watch her furiously DMing you telling you to take it down.

No. 349781

File: 1486599079729.gif (929.94 KB, 250x250, sip.gif)

Oh Momo, will you ever give up

bless you

No. 349907

She could have simply apologized, but noooo "you guys have to make shit up lol" was her answer.
How can one person be so immature.

No. 349943

Anything is possible, I mean trump is president and people actually voted for him. Just like people actually pay her to act like an asshole.

No. 349949

Bless your soul,Anon
Even if the uploader edits her parts out,the damage has been done

I hope she goes apeshit knowing that's the video is still up.

No. 349955

Sorry for samefagging but have we heard anything from the d.va cosplayer?
Or do we even know who she is?

No. 350033

Holy shit, first time seeing the clip, she's so rude! The way she responded to the other girl's sweet compliments with a very sarcastic and abrupt "YEAH" and turning away quickly… wow momo.

No. 350040

it's not 'yeah', its 'thankyou' in a trashbaby accent

No. 350076

I hope she comes to more east coast cons, because if I happen to see her acting like a twat you bet your ass I'm goi