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File: 1482048828154.jpg (314.37 KB, 1099x987, IMG_0986.JPG)

No. 216440

>fat 30+ year old whore
>has a kid
>post porn and her disgusting nudes for free online
>makes shit tier "cosplay" while frequently complaining anout the cosplay community
>a few months back went on a tirade against Casual Mei cosplayers not deserving attention because it's "not real cosplay"
>cosplays Casual Mei
>sucks the e-dick of loli/scat/guro hentai shartist Shadman on twitter every day for attention from autistic neckbeards
>Shit talks cosplayers who make money from their craft while bragging that she spreads her cavernous anus online for free
>sucked up to Mariah Mallad for a few months before moving on to Suzy


No. 216450

File: 1482049684194.png (115.11 KB, 750x1006, IMG_0996.PNG)

Chel deleted her jealous tweets against other casual Mei cosplayers (specifically Eclair/theawakened_ ) but here's some evidence I found.

No. 216451

File: 1482049719430.png (109.67 KB, 750x827, IMG_0997.PNG)

No. 216459

File: 1482050337839.jpg (462.27 KB, 1280x1707, 89AE055F-7361-493F-A0AA-386EA2…)

Her disgusting Mei cosplay

No. 216460

File: 1482050367111.jpg (Spoiler Image,367.81 KB, 1230x1623, 40A0F515-4D64-4666-87AA-EF32BB…)

Theres more but I can't stomach posting the rest

No. 216470

File: 1482051193950.png (47.67 KB, 750x242, IMG_1008.PNG)

here she is bragging about be a broke slut

No. 216471

She is….. not cute. How do people like this get so much confidence

Is there any dirt on Shad besides him just being a creep? Has anyone ever seen his face?

No. 216472

File: 1482051486076.png (46.56 KB, 750x259, IMG_1005.PNG)

He's just a generic internet pervert edgelord. His type is a dime a dozen on 4chan. Speaking of Shad here's Chel asshurt that people make fun of how hard she rides is coat tails

No. 216478

File: 1482052249867.png (84.18 KB, 750x558, IMG_0998.PNG)

She makes post defending herself but tweets at him litterally every day and cosplays his drawings all the time.

No. 216480

File: 1482052355397.png (99.45 KB, 750x597, IMG_1006.PNG)

She also pathetically tried getting Jnig's attention.

No. 216486

So I've heard of her through the MooMoo threads. What's her reward for doing this exactly? If she gives it away, how does she earn a living?

No. 216549


I'm going to guess she leeches off her husband, who is former military. She never talks about work, which who in in their right fucking mind would hire her when she has gross nudes of her online that she brags about.

No. 216569

what's the point of doing this for free? does she know that nobody would pay to see her spread her ass on her 1984 beige carpet?

No. 216574

File: 1482074641299.png (320.11 KB, 715x719, Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 10.2…)

I'm going off of my poor memory of /ic/ discussions about Shad, but he's a total edgelord artist who draws a lot of incest/futa/loli fanart and slaps nose rings and emo-esque clothing on any character, regardless of their characterization. I find his drawings of underaged characters really uncanny because he keeps them semi-realistic and grotesque looking, versus your average anime artist.

He drew porn of his own mom and showed it to her, and supposedly got kicked out of art school (or even regular college) for continuing to draw edgy shit? I'm pretty sure there's other things he's done (and said–he's on a popular art podcast sometimes), but I can't recall.

But more recently, someone made a bid that if Trump won the election, Shad would have to draw fanart (lewd or not was up to Shad) of some Youtuber's actual young daughter. Which he did, in his creepy style, but it wasn't NSFW but it was very
>pic related

Anyway, based on pictures that are supposedly of him, he looks like a generic white dude and it's fucking sad there are girls begging for his attention when all he's got going for him is being able to chug out drawings at a fast pace and e-fame.

No. 216579

Oh God, Shadman is the artist who drew the Hiloli Cliton porn, right? Disgusting

No. 216583

Shadman has posted an irl pic before and he looked like a ~5'4 rail-thin guy with no chin and dopey eyes. The type of guy you'd look at and think "high school shooter material".

I can't be assed to go find the pic but I'll try later if nobody can find it. I think he posted it on his tumblr? He was posing with some celebrity or cosplayer IDR.

No. 216589

Yeah, that's him. Actual depraved human being. Surprised he doesn't have a thread, he does all kinds of scummy shit.

No. 216627

I find it funny that Chel pretends to have some kind of standards when it comes to Shadman. She'll suck his dick over everything else he draws, but the minute the lolis start coming, she is nowhere to be found, like she suddenly is offended by what he draws. I wonder how she would feel if he suddenly started drawing porn of her kid.

No. 216662

File: 1482090918213.png (106.54 KB, 750x869, IMG_0294.PNG)

No she likes the loli art and praised his mother daughter incest photos.

No. 216667

File: 1482090995203.png (Spoiler Image,218.06 KB, 750x996, IMG_0295.PNG)

Heres part of the drawing she praised. It gets MUCH more explicit so I'm only showing part of it.

No. 216693


I stand corrected then. She's just as much of a creep as he is

No. 216700

Its worse for her since she's a parent.

No. 216703


I'd be completely ashamed if she was my my mom and would do everything in my power to distance myself from her.

No. 216707

>that pillow shading
I'm repulsed.

She posts sad nudes for no monetary gain, right? That and sucking up to a complete degenerate who ignores her? How can someone be so pathetically desperate for attention?

No. 216708


She does all this gross shit without once ever thinking "Oh yeah, I have a kid I'm responsible for". And if she knows that and still chooses to ignore it because she wants to suck everyone's dick for fame, then she is seriously fucked in the head

No. 216720

File: 1482095534760.jpg (Spoiler Image,386.19 KB, 1440x2275, Screenshot_2016-12-18-15-47-27…)

Looks like moomoo is following suit

No. 216726


Why doesn't she just call herself a sex worker and be done with it? Oh yeah, because like Chel she doesn't like being called a whore.

No. 216734

File: 1482096503284.jpg (61.05 KB, 600x494, IMG_0987.JPG)

Theres already a thread for momo, what the fuck does this have to do with what a fucking degenerate whore chel is? If you want toshit talk momo go to her thread.
And a softcore shoot in a bra is no where near chel who posts vids sucking her husbands chode for free online.

Anyway, I like how Chel posts side by side comparisons of her cosplays and the source material. It really showcases how shitty her cosplays are and how bad she looks.

No. 216735

File: 1482096549277.jpg (197.98 KB, 900x1200, IMG_0999.JPG)

This looks like PT

No. 216738

File: 1482096773738.jpg (58.56 KB, 480x480, IMG_1002.JPG)

No. 216740

File: 1482096859034.jpg (164.25 KB, 806x1200, IMG_0985.JPG)


"Guess I should cosplay a thin, cute teenaged Korean girl"

No. 216746


I think I'm going to hurl. Does she honestly think she looks sexy? If it weren't for her sagging tits, she'd pretty much be a dude

No. 216750


I love how you can see her gross gut even through the suit. She's about as fat as they come.

No. 216783

Dead thread

Also, probably related because they're both dumb cosplay skanks.

No. 216785

File: 1482100978489.jpg (380.96 KB, 900x1200, IMG_1022.JPG)

Shes Seriously built like PT

No. 216786

File: 1482101046076.jpg (171.25 KB, 702x1200, IMG_1021.JPG)

No. 216790

> im poopin'

No. 216794


Lol. This is so sad looking. She looks like a desperate mom trying to remain relevant and hip to what the kids are doing. She honestly thinks people find her hot looking like this?

No. 216797


Lol. It's so obvious she edits her photos. Her ass is nowhere near that smooth and is riddled with potholes and cellulite.

No. 216835

File: 1482106941294.jpg (153.06 KB, 900x1200, IMG_1018.JPG)

Her ass looks like a sack o pudding.

No. 216849


I feel sorry for whoever has to look at that everyday

No. 216878


Or like a sack filled with gravel

No. 216891

aside from all the other trainwrecks in these pics, that is a hideous tattoo. looks amateur in every way and it's so big and ugly.

No. 216914


And of course it's a Shadman tattoo. Fucking seriously, how hard is it for her to talk with his dick in her mouth?

No. 216925

Holy shit I didn't notice. That's kinda creepy? She sure is obsessed with him.

No. 216960

File: 1482116615455.jpg (93 KB, 602x1200, IMG_1028.JPG)

This "cosplay" is supposed to be Lucy Loud from Loud House.
What the fuck??

No. 216962

File: 1482116635932.jpg (123.05 KB, 758x1200, IMG_1027.JPG)

No. 216963

File: 1482116733163.png (53.54 KB, 550x510, IMG_1029.PNG)

Here's what the character looks like for reference. And yes, they are a child.

No. 216968


Apparently, it's supposed to be Shad's version of the character. Who you know, is still a fucking child.
And seriously, her ass is just non existent. And yet people seriously blow their load over it.

No. 216981

File: 1482117301860.jpg (55.41 KB, 480x854, chell.jpg)

No. 216984

Fat fetishists

No. 216987


I feel like most of her "fans" are a bunch of 12 year olds who have never seen an actual woman before. It might explain why they cringely call her "Mama".

No. 216990

Only ugly ass women fuck with Shad. If he had any hot fans he'd be sharing their cosplays of his characters and ignoring Chel. Thats probably why she dick rides him so much, she knows she has no hot girls to compete with and get overshadowed by.

No. 216994

File: 1482117861279.jpg (155.11 KB, 982x840, IMG_1030.JPG)

You're 100% correct. Unless he paid them no hot girl would cosplay shads characters.
Have another cringey cosplay of one of Shad's works by ChelShillbunny

No. 217003


She obviously can't handle hotter girls getting more attention than her. She's always claiming that all the "hate" she gets is from jealous bitches who are afraid of her. When really she is the one that is talking shit, then blocks anyone who has something to say about her. She is just like those girls who claim that she can't she can't be friends with girls because they "cause too much drama", when in reality she is the one always causing it.

No. 217008

If I were shad I'd just pay women to cosplay my shit if Chel was the best I could get for free.

No. 217009

shad's art, is just like the musty, greasy, rancid, blown-out horse anus he loves to draw.

so she's perfect for it!

No. 217010


I'd be pretty upset if the best I could get with cosplays of my drawings was Chel.

No. 217057

File: 1482122264220.jpg (79.9 KB, 639x820, IMG_1032.JPG)

Lol found this

No. 217064


Lol. She honestly thinks anyone gives a shit what she thinks?

No. 217073

File: 1482122993120.jpg (17.31 KB, 302x167, IMG_1031.JPG)

She was so triggered by this she screenshot it

No. 217097


How can she call that booty clapping when she has no ass to clap. She her awkwardly jiggling her cottage cheese thighs. I love how immediately defensive she gets whenever someone points out how fat or gross looking she is. Then she blocks them and brags about how she totally "pwned" them.

No. 217147

she most likely has no idea who is even on her phone case

No. 217150

tbf the whole situation with the Tracer pose was ridiculous

No. 217153


Man. Her tits are so saggy and gross looking.

No. 217172

shadman should have his own little snowflake thread his youtube is full of bullshit and the way he talks about himself you can tell he's up his own asshole.

Chel and him shoukd just enlope together. They deserve one-another. They're both mediocre attention-whores.

No. 217174


Quite frankly, I'm surprised she isn't cheating on her husband with him. The way she stalks him all day is just fucking creepy, not to mention getting his work tattooed on her.

Then again, I guess even Shadman wouldn't want to put his dick in her.

No. 217181

File: 1482134896346.jpg (Spoiler Image,822.66 KB, 1280x1707, IMG_1033.JPG)

She probably creeps even shadman out with how obsessed she is. Also her boobs are gross so click this photo with caution.

No. 217189

People fap to this

No. 217190

I'm honestly surprised, this is the best her face has ever looked probably. Pity the rest of her still looks like the human equivalent of a trash fire.

No. 217197

File: 1482138549871.jpg (6.61 KB, 200x200, uncomfortable.jpg)

Those tits are disgusting.

No. 217205

i second this
if i actually knew as much as other anons know about him i'd make the thread.
his art isnt even that good so im amazed he's respected by other artists and has a large following

No. 217359

Hes popular because he has posted drawings damn near every day online for several years. Also the "shock factor" shit makes tons of people go look at his website covered in ads.
Basically the same reason chel has any following. They both spew out free porn that's disgusting enough for degenerates and disgusting enough to make normies curious to look at it.

No. 217372

File: 1482175071263.png (64.64 KB, 745x431, IMG_0210.PNG)

I find that a load of horseshit, since the moment someone says they don't like her or point out how ugly she is, or how much of a disgusting whore she is, she gets triggered and immediately starts insulting and blocking that person.

No. 217373

OP pic is fucking revolting. Y'all need jesus and spoilers.

No. 217417


Agreed. Every time I have to scroll past this I feel like I can even get a whiff of feta cheese….

No. 217468

She really has no class. People should start drawing porn of these losers together, except realistically Shad likes the body of petite/little girls and Chel is nowhere near those standards. Pfft.

No. 217617

This sounds like A suggestion Chel would make since she wants Shd to love her so badly.

No. 217619


I'm surprised she hasn't asked him to draw him fucking her or something already. She already buys up all his prints like you read about. Why not ask for a special commission since she's so fucking in love with him.

No. 217725


She sucks on his teat so often that they should honestly just end up together and be done with it. It's not like she cares about her family with the constant praise and attention she gives to this one random shitty porn artist. Like where is her husband in all this?

No. 217733


Probably some bullshit about how he totally fine with it and doesn't have to worry about her doing anything with him. Which is probably a load of horseshit. I'm sure more often than not, he has to tell her to cut that shit out. I'm sure that if they lived anywhere near each other, they'd be fucking already.

No. 217736

I don't think even shad would stick that behemoth

No. 217740


True. I guess even a degenerate like him at least has some standards. I feel bad for the husband. If I had the unfortunate pleasure to be forced to see a whale like her naked and have to stick my dick in that, I'd feel pretty upset with myself.

No. 217836

Shad seems like a permavirgin to me.

No. 217867

I really don't think susy is going to be friends with her at all, why does she try so hard to get her attention? It's embarrassing to watch and gross tbh. She's basically trying to network with people with similar interests, but there's a stigma for people to associate themselves with people like Chel.

Chel being a lackluster, boring attention-whore woman with no talent for cosplay but uses it as a card to gain popularity without actually working for it. I don't see why she just doesn't craft better.

No. 217871


I'm sure Suzy doesn't even have the slightest clue who Chel is. And that is honestly pretty pathetic that she is an even bigger nobody than someone who makes a living leeching off of more successful people.

Her excuse is always "Well, I don't do this professionally, it's just a hobby". That way she can do shit cosplays then defend herself from criticism.

No. 218075

>He drew porn of his own mom and showed it to her,

what the fuck. Oh, hell no.

No. 218077

This is actually disgusting.

No. 218081

People who are butthurt over Tracer's pose need to stop.

No. 218096

The angle of this picture makes her look like she has thalidomide arms and thankfully that is distracting me from the rest of it.

No. 218097

I think she was trying to appeal to anti-sjw neckbeards that were assblasted over the tracer pose change. She'll do and say anything to impress and appeal to this really low and shit demographic of guys.

No. 218100


She apparently prides herself on being a "pervert" and seemingly likes seeing girls sexualized as much as most guys do. Like Suzy, she is a pathetic girl who wants to pretend like she is "just like one of the guys" when she is the furthest thing from that.

No. 218104

She only likes women drawn by shad. Real women are too much competition for neckbeard attention in her eyes. She never RT other girls and only shares her own content.

No. 218112


Can't help but laugh at how insecure she is. Doesn't want competition from any other girls because that would take attention away from her. Immediately gets pissy and defensive when people point out how gross and worn out looking her body is. Shits on other female cosplayers who do lewds for their Patreon because she knows that no one in their right mind would pay to see her naked in any capacity. She is so fucking pathetic.

No. 218117

People mentioned in this thread how Chel is always blocking people and bragging about it so I wonder if she blocks other girls that trigger her and talks about how they're jealous haters.

No. 218120

File: 1482262549584.png (146.29 KB, 750x990, IMG_1074.PNG)

Lol searched "chelhellbunny blocked" on twitter and found a gold mine.

No. 218121


Not only does she block them and brag about it, she continues to stalk them then proceed to still talk shit about them after the fact. There was a girl that pointed out how much of a gross whore Chel was, Chel blocked her, then proeeded to talk shit when she found out the girl was doing lewds on her Patreon and tried to act like she had the high ground the whole time. She tweeted something along the lines of "All these girls calling me a whore for doing lewds for free and now doing the same for their Patreon. Well whose the whore now? "

No. 218124


You mean this >>216470

No. 218125


Yeah. Its hilarious that she thinks that she has any right to be bragging about being a broke worn out slut. She thinks that "Well at least I don't charge money" somehow makes her better. Seriously fucked in the head.

No. 218129

File: 1482263285922.png (48.64 KB, 750x318, IMG_1078.PNG)

What a petty old slut

No. 218622


She's a mom and she's acting like a petty 14 year old. Fucking wow.

No. 218875

Lol she blocks people just for associating with people she blocks? This slob is so easily triggered.

No. 219798

File: 1482391824444.jpg (83.82 KB, 600x600, Untitled.jpg)

Here is an IRL pic of Shad for anyone curious, though I swear he has posted one without a mask on. He's an ugly little cunt though so I can see why he'd want to hide his face all the more.

I'll have to go digging for it.

No. 219799

Which one is he?

No. 219800

Guy in the mask.

Fuck I'm trying to look for the pic on tumblr since I'm pretty sure I saw it there, and I'm seeing a bunch of actually pretty, in-shape girls (aka not chel) cosplaying his stupid shit. Why???

No. 219801

Examples? I want ro see if Chel has them blocked lol

No. 219810

File: 1482394355309.jpg (34.42 KB, 274x484, Untitled.jpg)

Here's some links, too grossed out by his tumblr archive to look for more. Only one is an actual 'cosplay' but still, these girls look either pretty or in shape which is strange.




And pic related is Shad trying to show off his non-existent abs.

No. 219813

please do i'm really interested in what this degenerate looks like and why he wears that stupid costume

No. 219814

i didnt know he was actual buddies with lyle mcdouchebag and oney

No. 219818

The last one by swimsuitsuccubus was a paid advertisement. She mentioned shad commissioned her. The others aren't obese but don't seem very cute either. Still all three are leagues above Chel.

No. 219822

File: 1482396007334.png (105.4 KB, 750x972, IMG_1202.PNG)

By searching "chelhellbunny blocked" which was mentioned earlier in the thread I found this. This girl was the one shad paid to do a cosplay to promo his site and makes like 12k on patreon doing lewds.
Considering >>216470 and her penchant for dick riding shad all day it's safe to say she actually gets jealous and blocks girls shad pays attention to.

No. 219830

I'd hide my identity too if I drew the shit he does.

No. 219842

The one with the mask is Hizzacked who also draws hentai like shad.

No. 219930


Damn. These girls look loads better than Chel. Not surprising at all that she gets jealous.

No. 219999


Well that explains why she's actually smoking hot, I figured nobody that good-looking would actually be so into shad they'd cosplay his degenerate pedo shit. Anyway yeah the other two girls aren't stunning but they aren't fatties like chel, hilarious she has them all blocked.

No. 220010

I dont know if chel has the other two blocked but there's proof I posted that she blocked the one that makes a lot of money on patreon and that shad had promo his poster. It wouldnt shock me if she did block hizzacked and the other random girl.

No. 220011

File: 1482431968062.jpg (116.71 KB, 600x800, IMG_1203.JPG)

I'd be really mad if someone suggested I cosplay with Chel. Especially in that shitty cheap Halloween store bargain bin Incredibles costume she wore.

No. 220016


Her excuse is always "Well it's not like is my job or anything, so it's okay if it looks cheap. It's just a hobby" so that when people call out how shit her cosplays are, she had an immediate excuse. Literally all of her cosplay look like shitty bargain bin outfits that suburban moms wear to try to fit in and be cool with the kids these days. That Harley one is especially laughable.

No. 220021

>body fat percentage almost in the single digits
> no distinctly visible abs

How DYEL can you get?

No. 220027

File: 1482433272543.png (126.64 KB, 750x1000, IMG_0429.PNG)

Which is hilarious considering how much she likes to tear into other cosplayers. Chel deleted her original tweet but it's clear she was shitting on people for buying their costumes. Oh the irony.

No. 220066


The reason she "gets insults thrown her way" is because the shit that she actually makes looks shitty and cheap. If your going to insult cosplayers for buying their costumes, then at least be able to craft stuff that doesn't look like you bought it last minute at the store.

No. 220079

her ugly ass d.va, Harley and Incredibles cosplay were obviously bought so what makes this bitch think she can say anything about other cosplayers? She needs to keep her big mouth shut and stop talking about others just because she's mad no one who matters wants to associate with her. Every time she kisses someone's ass for fame (jnig, Suzy, Momo) they just ignore her. Besides shad I guess.

No. 220089


She apparently made her own Harley shirt and did a side by side comparison and was like "Look how much better mine is than the shitty ones they sell at Walmart". And yet hers still looked worse.

But yeah, it so obvious she is upset that no one wants to be associated with her. She keeps desperately reaching out for internet fame, yet no one in their right mind would want to ever be associated with her, besides a degenerate like Shad. And then she blocks anyone who isn't kissing her ass or she is intimidated by because she looks like a worn out cow by comparison. Even a massive leech like Suzy knows to stay away from her. She's so pathetic and desperate that it's actually fun to watch. To see her desperately try to get others attention only for them to completely ignore her.

No. 220109

This is even more hilarious when you see the other girl's Violet cosplay. https://twitter.com/SSSuccubus/status/806288215833460737
Who in their right mind would think chel could stand next to that? I swear her fanboys are delusional AF

No. 220112

"Swimsuit enthusiast, newbie cosplayer and supporter of cute girls. Will RT and promo ladies who ask."

More talented, prettier, cuter, and a hell of a lot nicer of a person despite all of that. Pretty hilarious.

No. 220114


Sounds a hell of a lot better than "Gamer/ Cosplayer/Pervert". Of which she is neither.

No. 220116

well…the pervert part is right.

No. 220123


She reminds of Suzy, where she is such a tryhard, thinking that she is "just like one of guys. I like ass and titties as much as the guys do", and it just comes off as awkward. Like she thinks that's all guys think about all day and thinks she can relate because "lol, I like bewbs too!"

No. 220132

File: 1482447278062.jpg (100.36 KB, 640x853, 20160514091244a0eeo7do716caa1g…)

Here's the casual Mei cosplay girl that chel was hating on a few months back as referenced in >>216450 and >>216451
What a surprise that she's much cuter and not a grotesque whore.

No. 220135


Imagine that, a cute cosplay that doesn't feel the need to show off ass and tits for no reason. No wonder Chel hated on her.

No. 220137

File: 1482448444278.gif (970.71 KB, 450x188, raw.gif)

No. 220142

Jesus christ this is so disgusting but I still laughed.

No. 220144

File: 1482449244528.png (50.9 KB, 646x292, Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 5.26…)

also this video triggered her

No. 220147


Lol. Okay, that was pretty funny. Unfortunately, I was subjected to looking at that sack filled with gravel that she calls her ass. And the fact that she got so triggered about it, makes it even funnier. So much for her claiming that she is "just like one of the guys".

No. 220168

Also all the ratings are disabled for her gross youtube vids. They're all flagged as adult so watching her desperate ham flailing doesn't give her any money.

No. 220172

what the fuck is that noise at the end
sounds like water splashing

No. 220180


Find it more and more funny that all her desperate whoring doesn't make her a dime. No Patreon, no Twitch streaming, no YouTube channel. If she at least saw any kind of money, then it'd at least be something. But she is so worn out and gross looking that no sane person would spend a single cent to see her naked. And yet she has diluted herself into thinking that it somehow makes her better.

No. 220181

that's the most unsexy thing I've ever seen.

No. 220182

>when your thighs giggle more than your ass does

No. 220183


No. 220185


What ass? Her thighs and ass are practically the same. she is so god damn flat that it's not even funny. Every time she tries showing that thing off, it makes me want to to barf, yet neakbeards blow their load over her constantly.

No. 220187

Because she is easy. A hot girl getting paid to be sexy is intimidating. Here's this sloppy cow willing to show everything for free while she shit talks the women these neckbeards could never have and makes it clear that male attention is her top priority.

No. 220604

File: 1482526616142.png (99.96 KB, 750x924, IMG_1243.PNG)

Wow look who this fat sow is trying to kiss up to now. I swear this bitch just sits on lolcow to find the lowest cunts to suck up to. Let's have a laugh at the fact that not even Luna Lanie, one of the most delusional self whitknights in lolcow history will never fuck with chel.
Luna's thread: >>>/snow/213356

No. 220613


Lol. This just keeps getting better and better. No please, continue Chel. I'm sure they'll all eventually come around and totally want to be best friends with you and will just ignore how much of a creepy stalker you are.

No. 220735

File: 1482542738899.gif (Spoiler Image,1.53 MB, 264x340, 1482454819067.gif)

I thought you guys were exaggerating how far up shadebase's ass she was but jesus christ. Is she trying to dickride him for e-fame or does she genuinely have a boner for him

No. 220740


She definitely wants to fuck him. Writing someone's name on your asshole kind of epitomizes that. Not to mention having his pictures on your phone and buying practically everything he puts out. In addition to all the Twitter stalking as well. But I'm sure even Shad doesn't want his dick anywhere that land whale.

No. 220742


But she tries to play it off like "Lol, I'm just a pervert just like him. No harm done"

No. 220744

She also has his art tatooed on her arm, don't forget that. She's so fucking weirdly desperate for his approval.

No. 220752


But yet she is all like "Jusy because I I do all that, doesn't mean I'm on his dick constantly". She's seriously deep throating him, balls and all. And it it only induces more cringe each passing day. Instead of being happy with her family, she stalks some degenerate porn artist all day and imagines fucking him.

No. 220755

File: 1482544688235.jpg (25.64 KB, 222x379, 1475063127336.jpg)

how did she manage to write his name in her asshole? thats disgustingly impressive. like seriously im grossed out as fuck but i cant help but be in awe.

No. 220756


oh what the fuck. who wrote that? if she were at least getting paid for this gross shit, i could understand but for free. she has her asshole on the internet for free. what a loser.

No. 220761


In sure she had her husband do it. Which, holy shit, they both must be fucked in the head if he agreed to that.

No. 220763

I can't believe she has a child in her care. she seriously spends her days on this degenerate shit. How will this child feel at school when other kids see it?

No. 220770


Can't imagine she even thought that far ahead. Nor do I think she even gives a shit. As long as she gets to suck Shad's dick, nothing else matters to her.

No. 220771

When that kid grows up they're going to be so ashamed of what a filthy old free use skank their mom was for a mediocre scat and bestiality hentai artist.

No. 220773


Most definitely, that kid is going to get shit because of her.

No. 220774

Her husband must be #1 cuck to let his wife and the mother of his child flap her roastie all over the internet. For free, even.

No. 220775

I mean, people were degenerates before the internet (see Fred and Rosemary West) but it makes me wonder if she even keeps this stuff separate from the child at all, which is fucking terrible if she doesn't.

No. 220785

Doubt it considering she has a whole wall full of shads hentai prints.

No. 220788


Yeah. She displays them out in the open for people to see. She calls it her "Wall of Shad". As if it couldn't get more cringey.

No. 220799

File: 1482551115596.jpg (439.43 KB, 2048x2048, 0BE164F6-F6CD-4579-9589-A44D97…)

Has she ever gone a day without sucking shad's taint?

No. 220801


You can almost set your watch to it.

No. 220804

File: 1482551958024.png (51.11 KB, 741x470, IMG_1254.PNG)

The cringe never ends.

No. 220807


Was just about to post that. Holy fuck, she really wants his dick. Lol, this is just too sad to watch.

No. 220811

What makes this even more pathetic is that for all this dick sucking and flirting she does, most of Shad's responses are, if any "That's whatever you're talking about for ya". Dude doesn't engage in any of her bullshit at all. Just hoping that she implodes from her own cringe and just takes the hint and stops on her own.

No need to let her off gently Shad, just tell her to fuck off. That's the only way cows like her will listen.

No. 220820

lol and RIGHT after this shit pile, there's this related vid

Bet she blocked this person too.

No. 220821


See Chel. Now that's an actual ass. Not that sack filled with gravel that you have.

No. 220822

damn this school shooter looking autist is getting pussy thrown at him. fuck so it's true theres always someone out there that would thirst for you. kek

No. 220823

Every white boy who says 'nigga' should be punched in the face until they lose teeth, seriously. It's always tiny skinny shitbois who do it too.

Does Shad even reply to Chel or is she just sucking asshole into the void?

No. 220826


He really doesn't. And when he does, its nothing more than a "Lol yeah". They clearly don't talk to each other often and its so obviously one-sided. She stalks him all day and replies to everything he posts while he almost never replies or comments on any of her tweets. Not even her shit cosplay unless it's one of his characters.

No. 220828

Wow thats pathetic, cant even get attention from one of the most subhuman wastes of air on the internet.

No. 220835

I mean…look at her. Always blocking and getting triggered while trying to be edgy. Shad draws dog dicks and even he has the decency to just ignore bullshit.

No. 220839


She's about as "edgy" as a 14 year old that just discovered porn and curse words

No. 220842

I like phat asses but that really looks like implants to me. Still all around less ugly than Chel but neither of them can twerk for shit.

No. 220844

I don't really give a fuck about this girl just thought it was funny that that one is in the related vids when its superior in every way.

No. 220847

Lmao I can't stop laughing at this Wonder bread

No. 221188

File: 1482634264836.png (129.75 KB, 750x983, IMG_0213.PNG)

Even if vouches could accommodate you your fat land whale ass, for fucks sake, don't you have a husband? I'm positive Shad doesn't want his dick anywhere near you and this is coming off as desperate and pathetic.

No. 221196

How…despicable. Did he even reply?

No. 221199


Of course he didn't

No. 221205

She comes off as really desperate and aggressive with her sexual advances. His art is so gross too? I hate the way he draws turds and he never shows his face. This is the type of dude all sane women try to avoid online lmao and here she is writing his name on her chocolate starfish.

No. 221218

>I hate the way he draws turds
So is there a way to draw scat that wouldn't offend you?

No. 221222

Yeah he never does yet she just keeps on going. I wonder if he finds her pathetic but reblogs her ugly cosplays of his characters anyway since she's the only girl doing it for free.

No. 221226

File: 1482640089245.jpg (317.65 KB, 765x1200, IMG_1287.JPG)

Wow she is truly enormous. She really should lose some weight.

Also look at these disgusting cosplays she did that shad shared on his site. I wonder why he didnt share her shitty Lucy Loud based of his art that she did on his site too?


No. 221227

File: 1482640148491.jpg (104.04 KB, 600x800, IMG_1285.JPG)

Alone she looks huge but god does she look fucking massive when standing next to another cosplayer

No. 221228


Holy shit. She is enormous. How the fuck did she even fit through the door?

No. 221229

File: 1482640482680.jpg (92.66 KB, 600x450, IMG_1286.JPG)

No. 221231

File: 1482640750947.png (169.52 KB, 750x974, IMG_1290.PNG)

The comments on her pics are hilarious. Here's just one of many complaining about how gross she is.

No. 221232

Scat in any form is going to offend me because it's fucking shit but if you're gonna draw scat at least put some dimension/texture into it. He draws them in perfect cylinder shapes. You'd think if you were someone who got off to that sort of stuff you'd want to look at realistic doo doos is all. Those are lazy turds.

No. 221234


Lol. What the fuck did she expect? Even people who like Shad's work have some standards. And of course, Shad nowhere to defend her. Face it girl, he don't give a fuck about you.

No. 221235


. . . Are you fucking serious?

No. 221237

File: 1482641064552.jpg (134.7 KB, 600x800, IMG_1288.JPG)

I bet her cuck husband took this picture for her.

No. 221242


Jesus fuck. She is just so gross looking. Busted face, tits and ass. She literally has nothing going for her besides simply getting naked. She's practically a dude. If I were her husband, which thank god I'm not, I'd check for a dick. And for an Adam's apple underneath all that chin.

No. 221246

File: 1482641735312.png (105.96 KB, 750x587, IMG_1299.PNG)

Chel even creepshots other women to gain male approval online. She's not like those other feminist sjw bitches! She's edgy and one of the guys!

No. 221248


Lol. Oh yeah, she is soooo "edgy". About as edgy as a 14 year old. And just as pathetic if she thinks creeping on girls somehow makes her "one of the guys".

No. 221250

That's really… nasty. It's one thing for a perverted guy to post this, but it makes it even more disturbing coming from another woman. Like there's something not right with her mentally. The fact that she's a mother makes everything on here even worse.

No. 221254

those pics aren't even doing that girl any justice anyway bc she really just looks average and a little overweight

No. 221259


No wonder other girls don't like her. And yet she claims its all because they are just jealous bitches when its really because she does shit like this.

No. 221277

Wow, could she be any more disgusting? No wonder she doesn't have any female friends. Creep.

No. 221279

File: 1482643801670.png (96.21 KB, 750x605, IMG_1296.PNG)

Found some of chel's "art"

No. 221286

File: 1482644241816.jpg (357.25 KB, 680x750, 1447557155679.jpg)

holy fuckin' shit

it's like drawing fetish art when i was 11

cunt's seriously thirsting for shad's dick

No. 221289

lmao it looks like it was drawn by a child

bet shad the pedophile with the oedipus complex would enjoy it for that fact, he can pretend a little kid drew it in lust for their mother

No. 221477


Oh. So not just her cosplay is shit? Good to know. Lol. So not only does she have the "edginess" and sexual awareness of a teenager, but the art skills to match.

No. 221488


Tfw she probably drew this with her kids coloured pencils

No. 221793

File: 1482745279147.jpg (13.41 KB, 960x540, Old thread but this is shadman…)

I guess this is what Shadman looks like. Not sure where this picture is actually from though.

No. 222254

File: 1482799278912.jpg (108.41 KB, 600x976, IMG_1289.JPG)

Why is does her ass look like it was sculpted by someone with parkinsons?

No. 222255

*why does her ass look

Lmao that typo

No. 222257

goddamn, do your laundry or just fold it and put it away.

No. 222258


Jesus fuck, I think I;m going to barf. Seriously, her body is so gross looking. That "ass" looks like a worn out sack filled with gravel. I swear she looks like a dude most of the time with that potato body.

No. 222259

I don't know what's worse her disgusting personality or her ass.

No. 222260


They both are equally as disgusting

No. 222272

File: 1482799930794.png (130.81 KB, 750x663, IMG_1338.PNG)

Chel got triggered by two children on overwatch lmao

No. 222273

File: 1482799942176.png (130.21 KB, 750x1074, IMG_1337.PNG)

No. 222274

Looks like black market concrete ass injections.

No. 222277


Of for fucks sake. She's the one always going on and on about being a disgusting pervert and saying heinous shit. Now all of a sudden she gets triggered because some 12 year old trolls online said some stuff she didn't like? Seriously, get fucked Chel.

No. 222287

Yeah she's old as fuck, obsessed with a dude that draws furries shitting on each other, married and with a kid yet still acts like some sad fat highschooler in anime club.

No. 222295


Exactly. She reminds of those fat cringy girls in high school that are super into anime and try to act like their girls in those series by trying to act all perverted around everyone and trying to speak what little Japanese they picked up on from watching subs without the slightest clue of how desperate and sad they look. Then they get all buttmad whenever someone points out how much of a loser they are.

Except that she is damn near thirty with a child and should have grew out of shit like that 20 years ago. My guess is that she was one of those fat girls in high school that blamed everyone else for her problems instead of ever trying to better herself . It wasn't ever that she was simply a shitty person, it was always that the other girls were just jealous bitches and skanks that she could never be friends with because they cause was too much drama and she could only be friends with guys. And the only guys who ever talked to her were only the ones desperate enough to fuck her. And then married the first cuck that ever had a lapse in judgement that decided to fuck her.

No. 222297

this is ridiculous, she's a degenerate.

No. 222298

NERF THIS cottage cheese in a trash bag

No. 222300

This gave me flashbacks to that video of her flopping her cellulite riddled ass that someone edited a fart sound over.

No. 222301

thats what im referencing

No. 222308


Your description is spot on. Her ass looks like that one woman's face that has actual concrete in it.

No. 222309

Besides her drama with Eclair and other cosplayers over Casual Mei has she had any other drama woth cosplayers? I kinda wanna find out who else she has blocked.

No. 222669

That looks like a mixed or black guy and shad looks super pale. I'm surprised

No. 222679


The other members of SleepyCabin (A podcast Shad is sometimes on with his friends from Newgrounds) always described him as "beige" or slight brown looking. I think Ricepirate or Oney once straight up said he was black or Swedish black.

No. 222682

Then whose this white ass dude? >>219810

No. 222685

The filters on that pic coulda just whitewashed him

No. 222691

File: 1482866488876.jpg (82.54 KB, 558x800, IMG_1293.JPG)

Wow maybe this is why he covers his face? Because all his little edgy nazi wannabe fanbois would lose it if their idol was a blck guy.

Here's a closeup of Chels disgusting tattoo based of shad's drawing.

No. 222720


Surprised she didn't just get a tattoo of the Shadbase character himself (The Nazi skeleton). Although I guess that would be too edgy even for a fake edgelord like Chel.

No. 222765

File: 1482877008059.png (146.66 KB, 750x1071, IMG_1361.PNG)

Wonder how old her kid is.

No. 222774


How ever old he is, I feel sorry for him that he has to call this woman his mother. And of course she is like "Not my child". With a Mom like her, I'd quite frankly be surprised if he did troll other kids online.

No. 222778

"My son isn't like those other kids whose usernames I publicly shared with my degenerate fanbase"

No. 222782

i dont even think she gives a shit about the "vulgar" kids tbh i think she just wants to remind her neckbeard followers that she plays overwatch for the 347,864,310th time

No. 222786


More proof that she does shit without thinking about anyone but herself. I'm sure those kids will love getting harassed by her degenerate fanbase. But no, it's okay, because they hurt "Mama Chel's" feelings.

No. 222814

That's so pathetic and embarrassing. "These children hurt my feelingssssss!!! Shad come help me!" As she tattoos shad's bestiality porn on her forehead*

No. 222831


I feel a lot of things she does can be described as pathetic and embarrassing.

No. 222859

This tattoo is so trashy I can't even imagine how embarrassed her kid is going to be or already is of her

No. 222881


I'm sure it's safe to say that everything about Chel is pure white trash.

No. 222894

I've watched his streams and he is super pale and him or some other YouTuber said they were kidding and he's not really mixed

No. 222897

File: 1482896534513.png (1.67 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3720.PNG)

It's so sad watching her beg for his attention and he replies like this. Kek

No. 222899

i hope she sucks off a horse in her desperate plea for his attention.
i want her to cross that line for this nobody.

No. 222900


Lol, even he knows how desperate and pathetic she is. This is t just your regular everyday cringe. This is , advanced cringe

No. 222902

Thank god it's just a cow statue. At first glance I thought it was a real horse and wouldn't put it past this filthy creature to sink low enough to pose with a horses ass for Shad's approval.

No. 222905


I have no doubt that she would absolutely suck off a horse for Shad's attention. And I hope she does. I want to see her degrade herself even further for that degenerate

No. 222909

This is the cosplayer Luna Lanie has been sperging about in 3 threads. Funny how now Chel is trying to cozy up to Luna considering this and the fact that Luna got into a huge fight with Mariah Mallad (who Chel was also sucking up to but ended up getting blowb off by)

No. 222910

Here's evidence of Mariah calling out Chel for her hypocrite bullshit.

No. 222918


I love how she immediately backed down when she got called out. She likes to pretend like she is all edgy and tough, but the second someone checks her, she runs with her tail between her legs.

No. 222927

Mariah must have given Chel the boot. They shared a few friendly tweets but now they arent talking. I really think chel reached out to Luna because she was mad momo didnt want to let her leech fame.

No. 222929


Yeah. I noticed that too. She was on her dick a few months ago, a now they haven't even said two words to each other. I guess Mariah caught on to how much of a leech and degenerate she was and said nope to her bullshit.

No. 222931

Chel has really fucked herself. Cosplayers wont want to be her friend because of her disgusting slut antics and camgirls wont want to be her friend because she shit talks women getting paid for lewds.

No. 222933


Yet she claims it's everyone else who has the problem. That they are all just jealous, insecure bitches who pick on her for no reason and proves why she cant be friends with other girls because they start way too much drama. For fucks sake, take second to look in the mirror you bloated cow, it's all because of you. You're the problem Chel. And no amount of sucking Shad's dick is going to change or protect you from that.

No. 223003

File: 1482927057729.png (292.15 KB, 1242x1791, IMG_3725.PNG)

He's not even paying attention to her desperate comments

No. 223011

File: 1482929434841.png (397.41 KB, 1080x1920, tmp_31983-Screenshot_2016-12-2…)

This is honestly sad. He doesn't even throw her a pity comment or anything. Shipping yourself with a guy who clearly wants nothing to do with you is just pathetic at her age.

No. 223056


This is just embarrassing. The fact that she "ships" herself with him is just so cringeworthy.

No. 223065

Where the fuck is her husband? Does he not give a shit about her practically opening up her vagina to some pedo internet artist?

No. 223078

Dude's a cuckhold. I bet he's the one who helps her take her photos and also wrote Shad's name around her asshole.

No. 223080


He does. Chel said that he is the one who sets up her poses and takes her photos.

No. 223090

File: 1482942811779.png (139.95 KB, 640x1099, IMG_1488.PNG)

Jesus fuck! What kind of adult gets #triggered by kids saying dumb shit but dont look back and see their WALL OF STRAIGHT UP SODOMY that hangs proud on the wall for her child to see???? Which is made by some fuggo dude who has a nazi skeleton as his persona, its laughable but also utterly despicable.
Plus the cunt needs to learn to do a squat once in her fat fuck of a life…
(kekking at the thought of her son liking that whole mommy incest shit too, like what then are you gonna praise your son for wanting to fuck you??? Inb4 'theres a difference between real life and 2D porn!!!')

No. 223093

That's some witchcraft to have such a flat but fat ass.

No. 223096


She pretty much has no ass at all. Its all flat and filled with cellulite. Even when she is bending over it still looks flat as fuck. She is just plain fat.

No. 223104


No. 223171

File: 1482954877299.png (201 KB, 552x1232, IMG_1378.PNG)

While lurking through shad's sodomite website I found these hilarious comments on the only photos of another girl besides Chel he's ever shared. I think this is the one he paid and the one in the screencap saying Chel blocked her.

No. 223174


Lol. She's getting roasted.

No. 223177

I laughed out loud at the one that called her a "fuckin bag of potatoes"

No. 223179

And of course Chel had to comment and try to act like she wasn't triggered but she clearly was since she blocked that girl. >>219822

No. 223184

She has a half decent, (mostly consisting of fat) ass.
The rest is fucking disgusting.

No. 223186


Lol. Of course she did. Bitch can't handle anyone even slightly prettier than her.

No. 223188

> half decent
I'd say like….1/10th decent

No. 223189

>>223171"Oh please explain how her ass doesnt look like a condom filled to the brim with frozen jello."

We found god.

No. 223191

>>223188 I just saw one good picture, after seeing more a quarter is kinda pushing it.

No. 223192

Let alone several times better looking with an actually nice ass.

No. 223215

File: 1482959893496.png (Spoiler Image,162.46 KB, 640x1053, IMG_1494.PNG)

I know you probs mean it in good will but you even see the bumps and dents through the fishnets of pure costco brand cottage cheese.
(Spoilered for obvious body horror lmao)

No. 223219


Ugggh. I think I'm going to hurl. Why does she insist on showing that gross thing off? Looks like a sack filled with gravel with potholes.

No. 223224

Looks like it's leaking around the baseball bat.

The squareness also reminds me of ancient stone building blocks. They say you can't even slide a piece of paper between her cheeks.

No. 223232

it looks like she has gigantic puss lips under that bat

No. 223242

Her ass is a perfect square even when she's pushing the fat up w that bat….. it's so rectangular. I'm really questioning the guys who choose to follow her. You'd think with the never ending supply of cosplayers who are much more attractive than Chel she'd be insignificant.

No. 223247


Except the other prettier ones won't give them the time of day Chel does. It's not because she is popular, it's because she has so little fans that she actually has time to respond to all of them. She is incredibly easy to get access to. You just have to suck her dick about how "pretty" she is and the things you'd do to her ass and she'll come flying in because of the compliments. She is so desperate for attention that she'll respond to anyone and that gets the neckbeards hard because a girl actually responded to them,

No. 223253

She has a pretty big fanbase on twitter of 40k actually. Since she does free gross porn and sucks shads dick every day for over 2 years she has fans. The sad thing is that even with the porn without shadman she's nothing. She owes her entire fanbase to him/

No. 223260


And how much of that 40k is actually real? Numbers like that mean jack shit when there are loads of bots and people who don't even interact with her. Of that 40k, maybe 1200 of them actually interact with her.

No. 223275

Even if all 40k are mostly real she makes no money and provides free porn to guys who jerk off to hentai of people fucking animals on shadmans website. She's a total loser. Even shad makes money off his content.

No. 223863

File: 1483052885142.png (47.17 KB, 750x375, IMG_0214.PNG)

Good god. The cringe. I can't take it!

No. 223865

im sick of seeing this disgusting fat bitch spread eagling whenever i visit snow

she's so punchable

lol @ the fart vid

No. 223867

Please tell me he replied with "lol"

No. 223870


He didn't reply at all actually lol.

No. 223878

This is so embarrassing. He didnt even reply. When will she stop this delusional one sided relationship??

No. 223879

does he fave her tweets at all?

No. 223880


Not unless they are of a cosplay of one of his drawings. Other than that he largely ignores her.

No. 223882

He usually shares her cosplays on his website but he didnt share her gross lucy loud. >>216960

No. 223883


I guess even he saw how shit that looked and didn't want to give it any attention.

No. 223890

LOL. I saw this on 4chan the other day and there were actually a couple posters whiteknighting her.

I don't have a problem with her body tbh. I just have a problem with washed up cosplay whores in shit cosplay.

No. 223899


If I'm thinking of the same thread you are, the one white knighting her was Chel herself. She chimped out and startin getting buttmad, basically called everyone there ugly, jealous losers who are too afraid to show themselves (Even demanded everyone post pics of themselves; as if to say "I ber none of you look any better") and say shit to her face, then ran off when everyone laughed in her face at how pathetic she was.

No. 223906

File: 1483058742252.png (173.69 KB, 750x927, IMG_0427.PNG)

Was this on /cgl/?

No. 223909


Yeah. She tried to act like she had no idea what it was, yet it was completely obvious she was the one white knighting herself.

No. 223910

What i find interesting is some of those same whiteknight comments I saw sounded the exact same as some comments in other threads insulting other cosplayers. Chel most likely frequents cgl to shit talk other cosplayers.

No. 223913


Of course someone as insecure as her would stalk other cosplayers to shit on them. She immediately starts bitching the second another slightly prettier cosplayer gets more attention than her or when she gets ignored because no one is slightly interested in a land whale like her. And to act like even more of a pissy child, she blocks them then continues to talk shit like she somehow won.

No. 223919

File: 1483059468783.png (169.69 KB, 640x1102, IMG_1502.PNG)


tw: square ass and play-doh tier leg anatomy

No. 223920

It just amazes me that her husband doesn't divorce her ass even though he knew that his wife is exposing her asshole for free just to get this one artist's attention. Doesn't Shadbase already have a girlfriend?

No. 223924

Who would date him?

No. 223934

Its repulsive to think she has a son and a husband while shes spreading her brown halo and generally being scum online… even if she deletes it all now its backed up on other sites and i bet her son knows about 4chan / reddit and shit.
anyday my friends… hes gonna see his mom in some awful cosplay showing her ass/tits/swolen vag. I mean shit theres even YT vids up around fuCK

No. 223935


Either he is the biggest cuck in the world, or there is some bullshit about how they are secure enough in their relationship and that it's all okay because she'll never do anything. Either way, he's got to be an idiot to believe that.

Also, Shad has never made mention of having a girlfriend or anything like that. Then again, the girl would have to have serious issues to want to be with someone like him. Although it's funny to see that even Shadbdoesnt want his dick anywhere near a land whale like Chel.

No. 223936

File: 1483060457255.png (274.1 KB, 488x302, shit.png)

Can't find the original, but I have a feeling her thigh to ass transition is less realistic than in this picture.

No. 223939


She doesn't give a shit about any of that. All she wants is Shad's attention and dick.

No. 223940

What even draws her to him? He doesnt even show what he looks like.

No. 223941


She just likes his art and how fucked up he is. Bet she has a shit ton of daddy issues.

No. 223946

File: 1483061666173.png (109.17 KB, 750x673, IMG_1475.PNG)

It must really eat her up

No. 223948

*this must really eat her up

No. 223954

I really hopes she gets jealous and everything goes great

No. 223968

Can she see the retweet if she blocked SS though? If not, she'll at least see it when it's posted on Shadbase

No. 223970

I don't know since I dont have anyone blocked on twitter.

No. 223974


Ohh. This should be fun. I bet she is going to lose her shit when goes up on Shadbase. An actual attractive girl cosplaying one of her precious Shad's drawings. I expect her to chimp out and start attackig and blocking people when she is compared to her and she looks like a worn out mule next to her.

No. 223977

I hope she shows up in the comments like she did the last time SS was on the site >>223171

No. 223981


Of course she will. Bitch can't help herself. She shows up whenever her name is mentioned, just looking or something to get offended by.

No. 223983

File: 1483064968268.png (89.1 KB, 746x634, IMG_1476.PNG)

I thought Chel was being nice to another girl for a moment but then…

No. 223984

File: 1483065011463.png (Spoiler Image,105.27 KB, 750x577, IMG_1477.PNG)

Guess she's only nice to girls when they have a dick or she thinks she can suck ass for fame

No. 223985


Of course not. It's obvious that all the other girls hate for no reason and that they just jealous of her. Delusional cow.

No. 223988

File: 1483065497792.jpg (110.27 KB, 1280x720, [Final8]Mirai Nikki - 22 (BD 1…)

>Desecrating D.Va in this way

No. 223990

And I thought Shad's futa porn was just to pander to his degenerate neckbeard fanbase……

No. 223991

Pretty sure he genuinely likes it

No. 223992

that dick looks like it has two heads

No. 224033

how old is her son?

No. 224083

>as a mom

Yeah, it's okay to forget being a mom and have an entire wall of your house devoted to a guy who draws incest, realistically proportioned children, bestiality, etc., but nu-uh, when other people are shitting on you, suddenly you're totally a responsible and respectable mother!

Bless SSS's proportions though. I'm glad Chel gets pressed as fuck by her very existence.

No. 224110


I wonder why SuSu does these…Shads art is gross and he's a fucking degenerate himself. I love her but I hate this Shad cosplay garbage.

Sage bc ot

No. 224239

Because he pays her to do it. She's said the first photoset she did for his site was a commission so I assume this one is too. I dont care if cosplayers work for him as long as they dont act like him.

No. 224247

File: 1483118093421.jpg (119.72 KB, 595x1199, IMG_1486.JPG)

She managed to make her shitty tattoo look even worse. She posted on twitter that her brother worked on it.

No. 224249

at least now it's less obviously a shitty titty ghost from a distance?

No. 224271

Yeah, the colors are shit and aren't coherent at all but at least the subject matter is less obvious.

No. 224276

I feel physically sick when I see people getting shitty big ass tattoos, especially when in places that everyone can see like arms or chest. This is absolute shit

No. 224279

And yet she thinks it's the coolest shit ever with how much she tweets about it. 100% white trash.

No. 224284


Exactly. No one gives a shit about your shitty Shad tattoo Chel. You dumb whale.

No. 224287

Exactly. No one gives a shit about your shitty Shad tattoo Chel. You dumb whale.

No. 224288

And yet she thinks it's the coolest shit ever with how much she tweets about it. 100% white trash.

No. 224289

I feel physically sick when I see people getting shitty big ass tattoos, especially when in places that everyone can see like arms or chest. This is absolute shit

No. 224290

i wanna dive my small head between her big soft thighs. i wanna get cozy between her pillow breasts. i wanna pee on you all.

No. 224323

What pillow breasts? Her breasts literally look like two fried eggs nailed on a wall.

No. 224324


Or like two bags filled with pudding oozing off the top of her chest. Either way, them tits is busted looking.

No. 224325

This lady looks like she stinks. Such a sad situation for her kid. The DexterLab smut drawing is fucking weird and gross. I can't even imagine having disgusting parents like that. Hope CPS gets called on her ass

No. 224327

I bet the only breast youve seen was on porn or small then. her breast looks normal for her size. and really soft.

No. 224329

No there are plenty of nice looking big natural tittes out there. Chel's tits aren't even that big, they're actually pretty small considering her frame…

No. 224332

I didn't say they're big. I said for HER size they look normal. There are better boobs yeah but most don't look like your perfect porn boobs and hers don't look bad either.

No. 224333


Lol ok, sure buddy. You keep telling yourself that her tits aren't busted and flat looking.

No. 224337

Because they aren't? Ive seen eonugh breast irl to know they aren't? They're avarage but really soft looking.

No. 224338


Even by porn standards, which don't look great most of the time due to most of them getting implants, hers still look like shit by comparison, just like the rest of her. Bitch ain't even pretty enough to do porn.

No. 224339

What is this shit whiteknight? Looks like Chel found the thread.

No. 224340

They're soft looking bc she airbrushes her nudes lmao. Still busted tho. I'm surprised she only has one kid bc just by looking at her breasts it looks like she's had 5 kids sucking those tiddies minimum

No. 224343


I figured it was only a matter of time before she did. Next she'll demand everyone post their own pictures for comparison and call us all ugly, loser virgins who can't get real girls or jealous bitches who are afraid of her.

No. 224344

you do realise it doesnt matter how many kids you have for your boobs to change shape? Some people get flat saggy boobs after one and some still have perky boobs after 6. SIMPLE BIOLOGY

No. 224346

Just because I find her body attractive it have to automatically mean I'm her? You're funny, because it doesn't.
But you're right it would be nice to see pics of you to see if you really are better looking :) Because I doubt it. Boobs like hers are more common than you think. Especially if you're a mother.

No. 224347

Lol ok Chel/Chel's cuck husband

No. 224349

I'm not her? Or him? I don't even live near them? I'm from Australia?

No. 224350

Lol look at this fucking dweeb

No. 224352

Very convincing.

No. 224356

File: 1483127720159.jpg (Spoiler Image,466.01 KB, 1280x1707, IMG_1487.JPG)

There's no way one of our own would whitknight these miserable looking tits. Gotta be Chel or her cuck.

No. 224358

They're cross eyed for fucks sake

No. 224359

Is it really that hard to believe not everyone has unrealistic expectations because of porn like you? Must be sad to be you.

No. 224360


Dear god. I think I'm going to barf.

No. 224361

Why? Did you look into a mirror?

No. 224364


No. 224365

i can't get over how much she looks like amy schumer with the blond wig.

No. 224367

Chel's lips remind me of that one time when Amy Schumer wore red lipstick tbh

No. 224372


How will I ever hope to recover? Surely the "You looked into a mirror" comeback has been ironclad since grade school. Sure I must commit suicide, for I have brought shame upon my family.

Although it still doesn't change the fact that Chel still looks like a worn out cow. But that comeback though, it will surely take me weeks to get over.

No. 224373

I'm sorry but I find it ironic that her neckbeards fans defend her unfortunate looking tits by calling them realistic and normal when these guys literally whack off to cartoon shemales.

No. 224374

>because of porn

That's not the only place we can see breasts chel/cuck. Get this whiteknight outta here.

No. 224376

…Why did you copy and paste my post?

No. 224377

They did the same to my post, I don't get it.

No. 224378

…Why did you copy and paste my post?

No. 224379

They did the same to my post, I don't get it.

No. 224381


Don't you see? Chel/cuck thinks that the only we we can see tits is porn because we are all such "friendless, loser virgins who waste their time all day stalking her"

No. 224383

Isn't that what you doing though hahaha

No. 224385

Ah, a new troll just a couple of days after the one in Mariah's thread. Sigh…

No. 224386

and you look like a troll :)

No. 224389

Sure Chel

No. 224393

File: 1483128971018.jpg (Spoiler Image,503.95 KB, 1280x1707, IMG_1490.JPG)

chel even makes free porn for bronies. She really wants that neckbeard approval.

TW for body horror

No. 224394


Yep. This is the work of Chel. Right down to the childish school yard insults.

No. 224397


. . . Nope

Just nope to all of that. I'm sure whatever that is will be the stuff of nightmares, so I won't even dare to click on that.

No. 224399

How can you push life from your vagina and then decide to do degrading shit like this.

No. 224400

File: 1483129155957.png (45.82 KB, 473x839, IMG_1506.PNG)

Is it really that hard to believe not everyone has unrealistic expectations because of porn like you? Must be sad to be you.

No. 224403

File: 1483129246221.png (61.42 KB, 640x1004, IMG_1505.PNG)

Isn't that what you doing though hahaha

No. 224404

Tbh im so glad my "body horro" trigger warning caught on b l e s s

No. 224406

Chel your jowels are giving me foreverkailyn vibes please pirate photoshop

No. 224408

(Also kek at the claires jewlery)

No. 224411

this is really hot tbh. She might do shitty things and be a bad person but she is a total milf.

No. 224412

i hope she didn't give that blanket to her kid afterwards.

No. 224415

You'd probably wank over it if she did LOL SADDO

No. 224425

File: 1483130766670.png (885.6 KB, 667x889, chelsmelldummy.png)

No. 224426


Yep. That's about right

No. 224428

I'm not a neckbeard or her though. You all go into assumptions really easily and its sad.
Btw its funny when someone defends somebody on here you all automatically assume it's the person. But realistically most of these people wouldn't waste time on pathetic people like you because they have better things to do than that. They don't care about your opinions because they have less negative and insecure people to focus on and they have things they love to do. I recommend you getting less negative hobby too. It's unhealthy.
BTW this website have really ugly layout. I'd recommend hiring a graphic designer.

No. 224433


Lol. Ok Chel

No. 224437

If I was her you'd see a lot more people defending her here since she would probably ask her fans to shut you up so yeah. Logical thinking doesn't hurt, you should try it.

No. 224440

See I told y'all. That's eggactly what they look like. Egg tits.

No. 224443

They don't though. http://www.007b.com/breast_gallery.php I recommend.

No. 224446

File: 1483131692927.jpg (67.39 KB, 500x750, IMG_0568.JPG)

i love when cows come to defend themselves

No. 224449

It's a chan. Tf why would you expect the layout to look nice.

>They don't care about your opinions because they have less negative and insecure people to focus on and they have things they love to do.

What less negative people does she focus on? Shad? The dude who draws little kid porn and chicks with dicks shitting on eachother? And what is it that she loves to do? Post her disgusting naked body on the internet for non profit? And you're telling the people here to get a hobby? Lmfao.

No. 224450

File: 1483131803893.jpg (406.81 KB, 2048x2048, E596215A-7805-4276-96D9-1FFD62…)

Talk all you want about natural breasts but that ass is caused by nothing other than laziness and fatassery. CAR DENTS.
I saw some POV pics of her sucking her husbands cock and she clearly married within her league.

No. 224451

lol those are real tits, but I just want to tell you that I shopped the eggs right onto her tits. Matching the yolk placement and all.
So those are basically her tits. Which look like eggs.

No. 224453


She is completely flat as a board. I simply laugh when neckbeards go on about how amazing her ass is. She's just fat is all. No ass.

No. 224455

You don't even know her life apart from what she's choosing to share? And I don't think posting porn for free or drawing disgusting porn is anything "negative". You might not like, I don't either but it definitely doesn't hurt anybody.

No. 224457

Hey dipshit everyone has seen that site and the majority of those titties look better than Chel's. Try again sweaty.

No. 224460

Her breast looks better than majority of these to me? But well I guess you have a shit taste. :)

No. 224461

How is drawing loli porn not negative? If you think shit like that isn't normalizing kiddy porn then you're a dense motherfucker.

No. 224462

It is if you're stupid and can't tell fiction from real life?

No. 224465

and this is the point where this becomes a circular argument

No. 224466

No. 224467


No. 224469

>"B-But if I fap on drawn kids I'm not a pedo!!! You're only a pedo if you molest real children!!!"
Get out

No. 224472

Do you get off by having the last word on everything

No. 224473

Drawing it and fapping to it is a different thing though? I think fapping to drawings is pretty sad no matter what.

No. 224474

No. 224476

While drawing child porn is totally cool and a-okay. I wonder what did he use for reference, you know, to draw kid genitalia…

No. 224480

He didn't have to use anything. Or other loli drawings.

No. 224490


Don't do this

No. 224493

I really don't want to deffend shad but i've seen his loli drawings and the genitalia just looks any other bald cartoon vagina

No. 224505

Do what?

Also possible, but still messed up.

No. 224519

File: 1483137458029.jpg (Spoiler Image,502.52 KB, 1280x1609, IMG_1512.JPG)

Honestly what is that expression on her face im dying, its like shes checking for a yeast infection. Also how hard is it to place a speech bubble holy fuck Chel you are talentless.

No. 224529


It's hard to make any sort of expression that isn't resting bitch face with her busted face. Her face is as trashed as her saggy tits and flat, non-existent ass.

No. 224531

But why tho? what stems a person to draw loli porn? Is it because they like the look of small children? or do it because others like it and you just want to get profit from it? jc

Pure disgust

No. 224532

Labia piercing just fortifies the term 'beef curtains'.

No. 224534


It's because he is an edgelord. He explained in a video that the reason he likes drawing loli is that it's taboo and looked down upon. He practically gets off on going against social norms and proving how edgy he is.

No. 224536

On the topic of his youtube vids I watched a couple of them last night and I couldn't even get through one of them. He's so fake deep and everyone in the comments was eating it up. The guy is not an intellectual he's just…… cringy. Also I find it funny that he throws around autsism jokes when most of his fanbase is most likely autistic.

No. 224538

Raven after 20 years retirement.

No. 224541


More like if Raven was just a fat guy

No. 224554

i am 100% that chel posts herself busting it wide open for free because she knows that no one would pay for it.

No. 224555


Of course. Also, I'm sure she thinks it doesn't make her a whore if she isn't making money from it.

No. 224557


just dumb as shit. as mediocre as her body is, she could at least make some pocket change with it. #normcore porn. shit man, let those titties buy you a $5 box at popeyes or something smh

No. 224558

I crack the fuck up every time I watch this

No. 224560

Lmao $5 box popeyes

No. 224561

It doesn't though. Whore is a person who sell their body. She's not getting money from it therfore she's not a whore lol

No. 224566

File: 1483143464220.jpg (Spoiler Image,388.51 KB, 1280x1707, IMG_1513.JPG)

God the photoshop of her husbands skin to look like Marshall Lee but in reality it just looks like shes sucking off an Ogre….

Seriously if you dont wanna barf, dont open the imagine.
Plus shes probably watched Adventure Time with her son and think about how shes sitting there watching the Fiona episodes like 'cant wait to cosplay her and suck my husbands cock for those POV pics for the world to see so people know i love sexualising kid cartoons for the aknowledgement of a Nazi skeleton and other disgusting NEET freaks!'

No. 224569

Sure she aint a whore, she a hoe.
A disgusting degenerate hoe.
Bottom of the barrell kinda hoe.
Said the Lorax

No. 224574

Usually I would agree because people on here tend to have ridiculous standards on how boobs should look but her boobs are actually bad.

No. 224593


No. 224594

those aren't boobs, those are saggy flaps

No. 224596

I hope that is just photoshop….
it looks like he cut off blood supply to his dick.

No. 224606

So their kid is going to have deal with seeing his mom's porn AND his dad's??????? I legit feel bad for this kid

No. 224609

yeah those are pretty fucking bad. the worst ive seen in awhile, and this is lolcow after all.

No. 224623

File: 1483148834563.jpg (Spoiler Image,558.47 KB, 2048x2048, 9042208E-3C3E-461C-AF70-EFBB0E…)

Do not fret fellow farmers, like i stated it is indeed photoshop. Here is an atrocious side by side of micro dicks photoshopped dingle dangle versus regular worm chode.
Still as disgusting, but less necrophilic than the corpse purple 'Marshall Lee' shoop.

No. 224645

I feel like his dick looks so small in comparison to her ass is bc her ass is massive (from that angle at least)

No. 224659

I really feel bad for her child since he/she's gonna grow up humiliated based on their parent's actions; especially the mother. Its one thing to do porn for income but to have the nerve to show for free for a man she never met IRL speaks alot. I wonder what got her to become Shadbase's #1 fangirl? There are a shit ton of Hentai artists who are amazing at their work and I can list a few.

No. 224674

Probs because he is the only one who acknowledged her and who she didnt have to compete for attention from. She kissed ass to hentai artist ZONE but he has tons of cute girls cosplaying his Zone-tan character.

No. 224675

File: 1483154013611.jpg (577.18 KB, 2048x2048, FE82F761-FC22-4DF2-A18B-EAF015…)

For example

No. 224676

She doesnt have this kind of competiton with shads characters.

No. 224681


Did she eat the other girl? Holy shit.

No. 224691


It's because Shad is the only one who actually responded to her. Everyone else can see how desperate and pathetic she is. Plus, girls aren't exactly lining up to cosplay his stuff, at least not any pretty ones or ones with any kinds of standards. So she has no competition. And any that she does get, she chimps out and gets angry that Shad is paying attention to someone that isn't her and blocks them.

No. 224692

The quality of her costumes is so shitty and the fact that she takes most of her photos in her bedroom and is too lazy to put up a backdrop really bothers me

No. 224694

Holy shit, this has me legitimately fearing for her kid. She seems deranged enough to exploit them at some point.

Fucking ew.

No. 224695

File: 1483155396932.jpg (164.33 KB, 614x709, Screenshot_20161230-193510.jpg)

should really avoid thigh highs

No. 224697


No. 224700


Her excuse is always that she is not a professional and that it's just hobby. Except she shits on people who buy their cosplay even when hers are shit by comparison.

No. 224702


Fucking lord. That's gross. I think I'm going to be sick

No. 224707

File: 1483156235282.jpg (24.09 KB, 600x451, b4f.jpg)

Women who are not thin or fit should never wear short skirts and thigh highs. Ever.

No. 224709

File: 1483156331636.png (Spoiler Image,136.9 KB, 640x1095, IMG_1536.PNG)

Oh no son its ok all the hip moms are cosplaying and getting complete nude for the sake of getting the dicks of anonymous people online hard!! Its natural!

No. 224710


Yeah. That kid is going to be scarred for life.

No. 224711

Has anyone seen the vid of the guy cumming on a picture of her in Quiet cosplay? I've seen the screencaps of it on her search results but I'm to horrified to go to the link

No. 224712

Tragic, Looks just like fat mantitties.

No. 224717

File: 1483157389501.jpg (42.08 KB, 640x562, IMG_1521.JPG)

Im gonna be very tumblry and say I cant believe shes making herself a sexual object for the sake of approval from some dude(s)
Way to go thats gonna set a great example for your son.
Plus its gotta be fun being her husband and seeing her openly suck Shads cock on twitter. I would get him taking pics of her and them doing their thing and having an agreement but how shes so aggressively coming onto Shad on social media is way beyond so many boundries.
Like emotional cheating tier or whatever they call it aaaaaa fucking degenerate

No. 224719

Even if you have a cuck fetish why a dude that never shows what he looks like and draws horse assholes online???

No. 224720

File: 1483157694198.jpg (76.25 KB, 774x1032, chelhellbunny_booty_by_luigibo…)

Sage for ot

No. 224726

Most of them look better than hers and the only ones comparable said they have been or are overweight, so I don't see what you're trying to prove.

No. 224731

Yeah the only breasts that looked worse than Chel's there were the severly lopsided ones

What gets me is that her husband allows this and helps her take these photos and he's aware that she's not making a dime from it. Like I would somewhat understand (not really) if they were doing this for financial reasons but she's really only doing it for approval and validation from other men. Her husband is truly a cuckhold.

No. 224732

This is so ugly and they signed it like they're proud

No. 224733

File: 1483159878692.jpg (34.5 KB, 413x395, moredrinkspls.jpg)

No. 224735

No. 224737


The cringe. I can't take it! Holy shit.

No. 224739

I can't stop fuckin lauvhing OH MY GODdd

No. 224740

File: 1483160800494.png (653.98 KB, 813x596, why.png)

Why does her finger nails look like toe nails. These look like she bought Dollar store stick ons for toes and applied them to her sausage fingers. Wtf.

No. 224741

"On fleek"

No. 224742

I think this just kind of proves that her only fans are autistic.


No. 224744

…wtf… are these really stick on toe nails??

No. 224754

I hope she didn't get that shit done at an actual nail salon. I'd be livid.

No. 224767

I legit think so, there's no way a pinky nail should ever be that wide on a finger. Even if you do have ogre hands.

I seriously think that she is using store-bought and was playing it off as getting her nails done at a salon. There's no way in hell these are professionally done. They look awful.

No. 224787

Hey man, big girls can be cute. It's just that Chel happens to have a gross cottage cheese body in addition to being big. She's not ugly BECAUSE she's fat, it's just the way her fat sits (sags) on her body.

No. 224789

I don't think they were saying big girls can't be cute, just that short skirt/thigh high combos aren't flattering on them. Chel is just gross no matter what she wears though.

I briefly thought her face was pretty alright, but even that outside of filters is gross. Add her cringey personality and the lady doesn't really have any redeeming qualities…

No. 224796


You're absolutely right. It's her busted tits, face and ass that make her ugly

No. 224875

Still a better ass than Chel

No. 225720

File: 1483297025877.png (138.5 KB, 750x1033, IMG_1577.PNG)

Looks like Chel has CRINGE competition in the Shadman ass kissing department.
This girl is cosplaying his Hilary Clinton Loli porn

No. 225723

File: 1483297175455.jpg (170.76 KB, 900x1200, IMG_1579.JPG)

No. 225727

File: 1483297270403.png (92.97 KB, 750x916, IMG_1578.PNG)

Surprised Chel is praising this girl but then again they're both built like a fridge and this girl only got 300 likes after shad retweeted so guess she isnt competition.

No. 225729


They both deserve each other. Just funny to see them try to out cringe each other. Although I think Chel still takes the cake, and probably eats it too.

No. 225730

god dammit I love this thread. I love seeing all these pathetic women fellating such a degenerate.

No. 225741

Didnt bother screencapping chel's desperate comments to shad but she's getting even more pathetic.

No. 225743


Is that even possible at this point? I mean, writing the guys name on your asshole seems like as low as you can go

No. 225747

Her thirsty comments are becoming more and more frequent. Just look at her twitter.

No. 225752


I stand corrected. Looks like she is doubling down now. This should be fun.

No. 225754

This is so fucking ugly and gross. People like this who think it's cute to exploit and sexualize children don't fucking deserve to live. They're so openly scummy and are proud of it like my head is going to explode..

No. 225756

Not to mention the ghetto hat and underwear. Couldnt she iron on the words or use a lettering stencil? Disgusting subject matter and hideous execution.

No. 225764


Looks like trashy cows like them travel in herds. Scumbags like them absolutely deserve each other and the fact that a Chel has a kid makes her even more of a piece of shit.

No. 225767

post caps man i dont see anything on her twitter besides shit about a cat and lame retweets

No. 225771

I don't know, I read it as a "force myself to be nice while actually I'm fuming because who's this bitch and how dares she tweeting to my Shad!"
It's like high school mean girls fake complimenting other girls while actually it's shade

No. 225775

Anime matsuri? That mean she lives near Houston ??

No. 225818

File: 1483310854238.png (86.82 KB, 750x842, IMG_1582.PNG)

Her age wasnt a problem when she did that shitty d.Va cosplay or Lucy Loud.

No. 225827


Exactly. She wasn't too old to cosplay actual children characters. Why is it a problem now? Is it because she knows how sad and trashy she'll look considering her previous attempt at an Incredibles character?

No. 225923

No. 225936

I have a lot of insight on the psychology of people like Chel and Shad (I used to talk to him) but it's super long. Would you guys like to read it? It's not meant to be a roast, though to be honest I wouldn't be here if I didn't have harsh things to say.

No. 225947


Go for it

No. 225953

File: 1483318549621.jpg (293.32 KB, 777x1024, IMG_1584.JPG)

No. 225970

File: 1483319013377.jpg (745.36 KB, 2048x2048, CCADC76C-4FEC-4533-9B94-C82232…)

"Grrrl gamer" ft Chels disgusting wall.
This is a warning imma dump some twitter salt real quick if nobody minds

No. 225977

File: 1483319135754.png (Spoiler Image,107.32 KB, 640x805, IMG_1552.PNG)

Chel even has videos of her gobblin' down on micro cocks dingus.
Spoilered for Chel eating a worm publicly.

No. 225981

File: 1483319209726.png (88.28 KB, 640x789, IMG_1556.PNG)

Somebody sounds alittle shook… its as readable as when MooMoo uses 'lol' or Luna uses 'thot'

No. 225986

As hilarious as the roasting is, I feel bad for Chel not because I don't hold her accountable for being a useless, shitty person, but because her parents failed her. She's obviously got a lot of mental issues for her to desperately seek out the approval of someone like Shad. Kind of like women who obey guys like Charles Manson. I think it's a mild case of hybristophilia. Shad being the edgelord he is (and other things I will go into later) she's obviously very drawn to that edgy image he pushes to the world and not necessarily the person he really is. Kind off topic, but it reflects a lot on Chel.

I used to talk to Shad, because like a lot of people would say, he seems like a nice guy despite being a desperate attention whore. At the time I wanted to know why someone would draw things like guro so I decided to try and pick his brain. Over time, I realized he'd take a lot of small jabs at me and play it off as a joke with no punchline, just like all his over the top comics. I can take a joke so I brushed it off but it got to a point where it became obvious he was trying to get a rise out of me. I think it's fine to do that as an entertainer, but with people you consider friendly acquaintances/friends (he uses that term very loosely) you don't push their buttons and constantly try to tick them off if you give the slightest shit about them.

So I just stopped talking to him and that quickly revealed how much of a narc the dude is. When narcissistic supply walks away, they try to burn everything to the ground so it doesn't look like you rejected them. It's a defense mechanism and I think the guy has abandonment issues if you take into consideration his bad relationship with his family. He tries to push this grandiose image of an anarchistic führer (the guy has no idea what actual anarchism entails and he has never seen war but likes to stand on the graves of people who experienced it because it makes him seem like a bad ass) when in reality, he's weak and lonely. It's said that there's nothing worse than being around people who make you feel alone and I get the sense that he struggles with that just like Chel does.

Also, notice how he'll promote a new artist regardless of how shit their work is for a while or pay attention to a certain girl (Chel for instance) but then it slowly dies out and they just drop off the radar. He's always looking for new supply. He only tolerates Chel because she has 40k following and she promotes his shit for free. He's using her and I think she's aware enough to realize that. She's smart enough not to leave her husband because without him, she'd probably die or end up in prostitution.

Anyway, it's whatever, but I can't help but think how backwards the world is to reward people who have no interest in creating anything good. Shad makes over 10k a month and despite his antics, still continues to grow very quickly. I await the day someone surpasses him just like he surpassed Zone. So yes, quality over quantity is the method to success nowadays. But then I remember who exactly their audience is, and they aren't necessarily the kind of people you'd want reflecting you as a creator.

The occasional good artist or hot chick will associate with Shad because of his E fame, but without that, they would ignore him just like they ignore Chel. When Shad talks about his story, you can sense the resentment in his tone. It's similar to how Chel talks about how she was bullied in high school. The only guy who paid her any attention is her actual cuckhold of a husband (who I've seen before and let's just say she married within her league) and now that she's getting constantly showered with praise online, she feels entitled to shit on other people, but the people she wants approval from still don't want anything to do with her and that eats her up inside.

As for Shad, he hates that popular hentai artists shunned him in the beginning and now that he's bigger than them, he boasts of his E fame but they still want nothing to do with him and that gives him more fuel to do more outrageous things. “Look at me! Look at what I can do! Please just look at me!”

I'm personally indifferent to the subject matter these people are interested in since they aren't criminals and I don't think they are evil people, but it's amazing how rejection during a person's development can infantilize them as adults. Remember, they were rejected during their teenage/young adult years and it's argued that scientifically, people don't fully develop until well into their twenties. Their parents didn't provide them with the proper tools to deal with rejection in a healthy manner or maybe they just aren't genetically strong enough to do so. Either way, the way they seek out approval and attention as well as the way they lash out at others is reminiscent of a neglected child. I feel bad for both of them, but at the same time, I kind of resent their existence.

No. 226007

File: 1483320091710.png (107.81 KB, 640x800, IMG_1550.PNG)

In thanks to Psyche Analysis anon here is more 'im not like other girls' twitter shite

No. 226009

she bans her child from this room, right? cuz this visual hypersexualization around a child should count as child abuse. How old is her son anyway? Young enough to gloss over this shit or old enough to wish he was aborted?

No. 226010

File: 1483320178436.png (95.91 KB, 640x808, IMG_1551.PNG)

"Women hate me cuz theyre mostly just drama whores except for me cuz its not like i constantly hate or act hostile towards women unless theyre traps cuz Shad dick"

No. 226014

why does she go looking for people shit talking her? nobody @'d her she's always butt hurt

No. 226016

File: 1483320306465.png (1.26 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1555.PNG)


No. 226017

Holy shit the accuracy

No. 226022

Like how she blocks other cosplayers who don't even know she exists? Lol the hipocrisy >>219822

No. 226024

do you mind directing me to or sharing a pic of her husband? I want to shoop something so badly with them both in it.

No. 226029

File: 1483320878962.png (1.35 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1554.PNG)

Had to delete post cause i forgot to capture her reply (aka context)
Have no waist Chel promoing shadshuck with her overly blurred face and asschin

No. 226033


I think I'm going to be sick. Who on earth finds this sexy?

No. 226036

edgelord chic

No. 226037

The backwards hat offends me more than the shirt

No. 226045


It's because she is incredibly insecure and always looking for attention.

No. 226058


No wonder she was trying to suck MooMoo's dick so hard. They are practically the same with that "Other girls hate me so much because they cause so much drama. Not like me, it's never my fault. No wonder I can't can't be friends". Although, as far as I know, Moomoo doesn't block people like a huge pussy like Chel does even though she tries to act like she is this tough bitch. I bet she turns tail and runs the second someone checks her.

No. 226068

When Momo called out chel for being a huge cunting idiot about people buying costumes Chel immediately apologized and backed down.
Tbh Chel is worse than Momo because at least momo promotes other cosplayers and makes money meanwhile chel sucks dick for free and blocks any girl hotter than herself.

No. 226088

it actually makes me sad that she spent her christmas eve playing fucking overwatch instead of spending it with her young son

i love how the tweets from the kids shit talking her were from august but shes so far up her own ass she had to throw a tantrum now

No. 226093


Sorry, it's been so long since I saw that image on twitter. I think Mr. Bunny shut his account down anyway.

No. 226115


And what makes that even funnier is that the shit she makes looks like garbage by comparison. At least store bought costumes can be made to look semi-professional. Hers looks like some kindergartener's school project. If you're going to talk shit Chel, at least be able to make better props. Otherwise, sit down and shut the fuck up.

No. 226134

What a dumb thing for her to say with those ugly zentai suits she wore for d.va and the halloween store incredibles costume.

No. 226182

ah well, I'll find it someday…

No. 226417

File: 1483383609737.jpg (123.81 KB, 900x1200, IMG_1633.JPG)

Her fucking forhead jesus

No. 226425


Fucking lord. People really fap to this caveman looking bitch?

No. 226504

i wonder if theres a market for megamind porn

No. 226517

File: 1483398492725.jpg (739 KB, 900x1290, IMG_1643.JPG)

No. 226522

I'm spooked

No. 226523

File: 1483399546171.png (71.24 KB, 798x552, Untitled.png)

yet she pays more attention to the guy who pretends to be a seasoned vet (he's only done minimum mandatory training but is purposely vague so it seems like he's done more). Accepting that valor is almost on par with stealing it because it's undeserved. And it's well known that wives of soldiers are huge whores, at least nowadays.

No. 226524

She just posts shit like this for brownie points and likes. Anything to get attention.

No. 226525

No. 226526

File: 1483400036832.jpg (58.94 KB, 600x800, CGJJZZZU4AA_B27.jpg)

No. 226527


i get enraged from the disrespect she shows people with functioning eyes by posting pictures of her sad body everywhere on the internet.

No. 226544

Why should we respect him? She sure as shit doesn't.

No. 226551

File: 1483402313707.png (922.84 KB, 900x1200, chellmegamind.png)

*Am I sexy, Shad-sama? uguu~*

No. 226552

File: 1483402344323.png (59.6 KB, 640x610, IMG_1572.PNG)

The only times you see tweets by other people of some form of female persuasion its 90% of the time a trap cuz shes edgy
(Tweet incl is another trap like the other one further up the thread)

No. 226557

File: 1483402452330.gif (640.19 KB, 244x168, IMG_1573.GIF)

HAAH thank u anon

No. 226566

Holy fuck. I love you.

No. 226572

Traps are always doing porn idgi

No. 226596

bc theyre degenerates

No. 226685

they have to make up for the fact that no men like them except as a fetish. so they prance around deluding themselves into thinking they look like a reak girl lul

also chel is 27?? only shit i thought she was a couple of years away from 40. must be the cottage cheese body, jowls, and nonexistent lips. screams middle age white woman

No. 226707

27?!?!?!?! what the fuck

No. 226851

>When Shad talks about his story, you can sense the resentment in his tone.

What story are you referring to?

No. 226867

Not the same person but pretty much in every single one of Shad's videos he comes off as aggressive when he speaks. You can tell this guy has some pent up anger, also he acts like he's so fucking almighty to the point where it's laughable. Like dude… all you do is draw disgusting nerd porn gtfo.

No. 226873


He is slot like most of the people of topic on this sight. A bunch of losers who got picked on, rejected and ostracized early on life and now that they have a small following think they are the biggest, most important people in the world without once ever stopping to think how pathetic and sad they look. That despite "making it", they still feel the need to go back and shout at everyone who was ever mean to them.

No. 226984

File: 1483489230706.png (32.69 KB, 600x171, Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 6.19…)

Guess this explains why she whores herself for free. The attention really is payment enough for her.

No. 226991

I highly doubt Chel would go out in public and spread her cottage cheese ass cheeks apart for all to see. If that were the case she'd put her being an exhibitionist to good use and become a stripper so she could make more money for her family. She only has the balls to do this shit online bc body positivity is trendy atm and herds of neckbeards are willing to cum in defense for her slightly below average body.

No. 226992


Absolutely. It's complete bullshit. She isn't an exhibitionist. She is an attention whore who looks to neckbeards fapping to her as validation because her precious Shad won't give her the time of day.

No. 227177

… this makes me feel better about my own tits. i've always worried they were saggy and flat

they look nothing like this. thank you chel

No. 227180


The same story he tells everyone about getting kicked out of art school for being too edgy and how his family didn't support him and the thing about hentai artists blocking him without ever speaking to him at the beginning of his "career".

No. 227183

He draws scat and bestiality. Of course normal people dont want to deal with that. Only gross slobs like Chel genuinely like that shit.

No. 227184


he does? Ive only been fortunate enough to see the hilloli bs

No. 227185


He doesn't do scat really anymore, ut every now and then he will do bestiality.

He has really doubled down on the loli stuff lately. Since he is such an edgelord, I imagine it's because he is getting so much shit for it. Teling him not to do it is almost like daring him to do it. So the more people tell him how fucked up he is and shit on him, the more he feels inclined to do something.

No. 227187


He said that drawing keemstar's daughter is worse than drawing Muhammad even though artists have been murdered for doing that.

No. 227188

I honestly just don't like how he tries to compensate for a lack of substance by saying offensive shit. By all means, be offensive, but disingenuously doing it for attention is just annoying.

No. 228042

File: 1483647591429.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.69 KB, 702x554, IMG_1750.JPG)

Tw for body horror

Did her husband write Shad's name this time too? Who the fuck wants to be a cuck for a skinny dork who draws people fucking horses and shitting on each other??

No. 228072


Good god. That is some horrific stuff. She might as well be a trap with that flat, non-existent ass of her. Thankfully, there is no sad attempt at booty clapping or twerking, which is just her awkwardly jiggling her gross cottage cheese thighs.

No. 228083

The first time she did this it screamed desperate attention seeking slut but the second time? Oml. Also the lettering looks like a 6 year old wrote it.

No. 228085

Thanks to you, I now imagine that her son wrote this for her. I hate you

No. 228088


Considering how much of a degenerate she is, that wouldn't surprise me at all.

No. 228124


I'm completely shocked that she doesn't have a Patreon or some shit like already since there is no way she has an actual 9 to 5 considering the photos of her online. I'm guessing she leeches off her cuck husband while sitting on her fat ass all day and stalking Shad. As for why she is drawn to him. I guess it's because they both are fucked in the head.

No. 228150

File: 1483657676647.png (75.34 KB, 640x646, IMG_1779.PNG)

I laughed.

No. 228153

File: 1483657765709.png (1.03 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1778.PNG)

Ugh cuz that poor disney character is a fat marries cottage hog bodied wife with a son in tow and a not a well trained healthy childrens movie character

No. 228157


Lol. I'm sure Shad has to stop himself from vomiting every time he looks at her. As if she'd be his "muse" lol. But of course she desperately wants to be. Is she completely unaware off how pathetic she looks?

No. 228174


As if she wasn't content cosplaying children characters. Gotta pander to the furries as well. Man, she'll suck anyone's dick.

No. 228182

I actually do feel bad for Chel that she's so consistently desperate for some faggot porn artist's attention and she can't get more than a 2 word response from him. Like, the lack of self-respect is astounding.

No. 228199


If she's too much of a dumb, worthless bitch to see that Shad doesn't give a shit about her, then that's her own problem. She has a husband and child, yet she chooses to spend all day stalking some degenerate porn artist online and showing her saggy tits and flat ass for attention. Forgive me if I don't feel bad for her.

No. 228201

Yeah she could be making money selling her porn and catering to MILF and BBW fetish but instead she'd rather make free porn for autist losers online and suck up to a nobody. She's not too ugly to make something off her content but she just caters to these retarded ass demographics for free.

No. 228242


but omg she's not a whore like these other girls!! she does this because she's confident and secure in her body and sexuality!! not because she's furiously aware of how unattractive she is to the general population and using her twitter followers to stroke her ego and tame her insecurity.

No. 228279

She didn't even get the bunny ears in the picture… like isn't that the whole point of that character…… the being a fucking bunny part? Also where tf is the tail at?

No. 228300


Lol yep. That's her alright.

No. 228698

does anyone have a pic of her husband?

No. 230459


Fortunately, there aren't any photos of him online. Other anons have described him as just as much of a hideous chud as Chel is.

No. 230464

File: 1483988747261.png (1 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1839.PNG)

'It would be weird to cosplay her since im 27'

Atleast it seems like shes over the general embarassment of that edited D.va video

No. 230465

File: 1483988781549.jpg (385.16 KB, 960x1280, IMG_1838.JPG)

fart stock sound

No. 230473

the blur/filters she puts all over her photos is so embarrassing.

No. 230490


Jesus fucking Christ. She is as bad as Suzy is when it comes to filters

No. 230776

Unfortunately, it looks like she is back on Tumblr doing "lewds" again. Over/under on how long it takes for her to get kicked off again?

No. 230963

Why have all these gross bitches started calling their nasty ass naked photos "lewds"???

No. 230966


They do? Jesus. For me lewds means exposed body parts such as legs, thighs, little bit of butt/cleavedhe etc. At most maybe a bit of boobs from under your hands/something infront, but don't call your photos lewds if you're fully nude

No. 231101

how is she so fat but her ass has no shape whatsoever

same with her tits

like how does this happen to your body

No. 231106


Check the adam's apple. Might be a dude. Because other than that, I don't see how she can be so fat with no kind of shape at all.

No. 231116

Isn't that how fat people usually are? It's just heavy, lumpy, saggy fat weighing itself down so it's not going to be round or perky. You need some degree of muscle tone to get that perky roundness.

No. 231227

D.Va's hair doesn't even look like this is she blind?

No. 231769

File: 1484199836248.png (1.57 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-01-11-23-41-42…)

Chel just posted this screenshot on her Twitter.

No. 231771


Lol. This is just too rich. 2 cows colliding each other into one massive train wreck. Chel was literally kissing Momo's ass a few months ago and is now pissy that she got ignored. Please, eat each other alive. This will be fun to watch lol

No. 231994

File: 1484239991314.png (142.68 KB, 519x540, IMG_1908.PNG)

Momo posted this as proof that Chel sent some sob story to Luna. The wording matches up with what momo said. If it is really chel she is even more pathetic than I imagined.

No. 231996

File: 1484240009545.jpg (159.65 KB, 750x911, IMG_1909.JPG)

What Luna posted

No. 231997

File: 1484240026471.jpg (93.66 KB, 516x921, IMG_1910.JPG)

No. 232011

File: 1484242705197.png (355.27 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0221.PNG)

"Waaaah. You didn't immediately take my side in this stupid, bullshit petty fight! Fuck you! Unfollow me!

No. 232012

Chel is such a fucking pussy. Crying to Luna because Momo didnt give her attention and because her precious Shadman pays SS to cosplay for him. Then not even having the balls to back up her petty little lies.

No. 232019


She's always been a chicken shit pussy. She tries to act all tough but the second someone calls her out she turns tail and runs. Then blocks them and brags to her followers about how totally badass that makes her. It's like getting the shit kicked out of you, the other person moving away, and then bragging about how you totally kicked their ass. The second Chel gets any comment that isn't praising her, she immediately gets defensive and starts crying to everyone looking for sympathy. Guess she still has some holdovers from being a fat loser in high school.

No. 232026

Can you post the whole screenshot of the messages?

Im not even into cosplay/weeb shit and i find this bitch so funny/ pathetic. Shes so two faced lmao and its glaringly obv she really does have low self esteem

No. 232028

That's all I got from another thread. Momo deleted all the drama on her twitter.

No. 232609

File: 1484344198909.jpg (38.2 KB, 527x309, IMG_1976.JPG)

I found this screencap on twitter so disregard that it says "you" as if I reblogged it. Maybe Chel took this to heart and decided instead to get attention for herself by kissing up to Luna Lanie instead of Shad.

No. 232615


Nah. Shad is is still her number one target. It's just that she is so desperate for attention that she will leech in to anyone, regardless of how crazy they are.

No. 232621

File: 1484345099638.jpg (Spoiler Image,424.64 KB, 1185x1800, IMG_0033.JPG)

Stocking anon should get a kick out of this,
'Casual' D.va ft Walmart soccer mom stick on nails and 2 lazy to buy brown contacts

Tw for obvi body horror

No. 232622

File: 1484345193284.jpg (Spoiler Image,425.54 KB, 1131x1630, IMG_0034.JPG)

How can land so vast… be so flat … yet weirdly angular

No. 232630


Dear god that is unfortunate.

No. 232632


Her body truly is an enigma. All that fat, with no shape whatsoever. Like, how does that happen? And lol at her saying she "needs to get in better shape".That ship has sailed. Hate to break it to you, but unless you crash course diet, your stuck with your unfortunate body. Fried eggs tits, flat cardboard ass and all.

No. 232639

Her lack of a pussy crease is truly disturbing

No. 232660

I can't even find any drama anywhere related to this message so obviously Luna made it up herself or Chel made it up to throw two people she was jealous of under the bus.

No. 232664


Yeah: sounds like Chel made it up to make it look like she was the one being picked on and bullied and that she went to Luna with a sob story and how Momo told her not to talk her. Except for the fact that she tried kissing Momo's ass months ago and was promptly ignored and got buttmad that everyone preferred SSSucubus' cosplay over her gross, flabby man body on Shadbase. So pathetic that she has to make up drama to feel important.

No. 232665

Definitely jelousy. Momo was creeping in in Chel's territory by being a fat girl doing sexy cosplay. Except Momo got tons of cash and way more popularity than Chel even with all the pandering to autistics and free porn. The other girl Succubus got a ton of praise on Shadman's website over her. Getting attention is the most important thing to Chel so anyone getting a little more popular than ger must be triggering.
Remeber that fit she threw over casual Mei cosplayers? She was so angry to see cuter girls getting into cosplay that she had a total melt down on her twitter then scrambled to do the exact same cosplay to compete. Now she's doing that disgusting casual d.Va.

No. 232668

Lol SSS didn't even address that post and there's nothing in her mentions about it because everyone knows it's bullshit. Momo wouldn't have gotten any shit if she just ignored it too. No one cares about Luna's mental ramblings. Now Momo went and did Chel a solid by gaining her more attention and helping her further suck up to Luna by giving Chel an actual reason to openly dislike her.

No. 232681

File: 1484349165472.png (80.92 KB, 749x577, IMG_1980.PNG)

Chel must be so pleased. Racking up those brownie points with Loonie just like she tried doing with Momo.

No. 232690

File: 1484349619565.jpg (347.51 KB, 2048x2048, 4C6EA802-4DD3-477E-8474-7D0A87…)

So Chel is clearly trying to play it off like she didnt send that message to Luna yet why is she responding to posts involving her with Momo and ssuccubus? If she really didn't send that message why are her fans involvinh her with the two girls mentioned?

No. 232701

her vag is an actual square, wth

No. 232704

She probably lacks any muscle tone. Like how some girls are skinny-fat. Skinny, but mostly just a lot of fat and no muscle. She's just literally a skin sock stuffed with adipose tissue.

No. 232714


Lol. She is so full of shit. Is she honestly going to pretend like she wasn't completely up Momo's ass and trying to act like they were best friends? She is sooo buttmad that she was ignored by her. This is just too funny to watch.

No. 232733

Can't wait for her to turn on Loonie too. I doubt Loonie will want anything to do with Chel outside of trying to sabotage Momo and SS

No. 232734

How are they ruining Chel's life? She's doing a fine job without them. She's a stay at home mom with a kid who's old enough to be at school all day. She doesn't have shit to worry about other than getting too fat. There's so much she can do with her life like make actual money from whoring herself online like Momo and SSS, but she wants to feel like she's better than them because she's too lazy to run a Patreon. If I were her, I'd make some cash and invest it in actual hobbies or something. What a worthless whore.

No. 232736


No doubt she will. She's as radioactive as Moomoo is at this point. Just another thing they have in common. You know, aside from them both being fat, lazy, whores who pretend to be "cosplayers" in order to get validation from loser neckbeards who jak off to the all day. But no Chel, remind me how you are so different from Momo. Luna will realize how worthless she is and drop her just like everyone else did.

No. 232744

Yet there she is. Getting obese, writing guys names on her ass hole, posting free vids of her sucking her cuck's dick and resorting to asskissing for attention online. If she wasnt a useless retard she'd have made some pocket change at least from internet whoring but I guess she'd rather stay at home living off her husband while she humilates herself online every day and hates on other women all for getting more attention than her.

No. 232761

File: 1484361484517.png (197.43 KB, 1440x1074, Screenshot_2017-01-13-20-35-26…)


No. 232762


Jesus fuck. She's as bad as Suzy with this whole "I'm so fucked up and edgy" shit. Just shut the fuck up Chel. You're about as edgy as a 12 year old.

No. 232763

Her edgy nightmares would put vets with PTSD to shame.

No. 232765

"Snow Bunny" So, she exclusively fucks black guys or….

No. 232767


"I'm so fucked up and edgy ad hardcore. You guys wouldn't even be able to handle it"

Is that why you bitched out the second Momo called you out and went crying to Luna? Or why you block anyone who says the slightest negative thing about you? Fuck outta here with that shit


Well, black guys seem to be the only ones attracted to trashy white girls like her. They also have this retarded idea that she has any kind of ass at all. So it wouldn't surprise me. Maybe the husband is black. Never seen a photo of him, so maybe.

No. 232770

weve seen pictures of his dick, hes not black

No. 232772


Well, since I refuse to look at any pictures of her sucking chode, I honestly had no idea

No. 232779

ok? the pics are literally in this thread… youre making it sound like its so crazy to have seen it
anyway.. is her new snow bunny thing just to attract shad? i cant imagine many of her followers are black dudes shes trying to pander to

No. 232780

going off the theory that shads black i mean

No. 232787

Sometimes people on twitter change their names during holidays. Probably just for christmas/winter time.

No. 232823

Her husband is a fat, balding, white guy and shad is an anorexic white guy. If you haven't noticed, the guy lies a lot. He'll say anything to get attention. But yeah, you know how BBWs like their men skinny. I'm surprised they aren't together yet. Wish they would. The cringe would be delicious.

No. 232834

Nah her husband isn't fat or balding but he is white yes.
He is EOD in the army

For people to actually stalk and criticize her you seem to really know little about her.

For the record she doesn't suck up to Shad either
They have been friends for the past 3 years
Which they talk on Skype and twitter messaging frequently

But since you don't see that
You have these grand opera ideas to make yourselves feel better.

No. 232837

ok chel

No. 232838

Hi but no

Not Chel
Just her biggest fan.

But you won't believe that seeing as y'all say that anytime someone defends them on this site. :)

No. 232839

File: 1484373425236.jpg (25.3 KB, 527x157, 1.jpg)

friends huh? shad obviously thinks very highly of chel.

No. 232840

Is this the same white knight who linked us to that realistic tiddy database and defended Chel's frisbee tits?

No. 232841

File: 1484373570373.png (97.62 KB, 206x275, 2.png)

eggs. they look like eggs.

No. 232842

>i wanna get cozy between her pillow EGGS.

No. 232843


You can be fat and in the army. Not all jobs are physically rigorous. I've seen his twitter. He looks overweight, bald, and white. Prove that he isn't.

No. 232848

>just her biggest fan

Wow how sad. To whiteknight so pitifully for someone so low and pathetic.

No. 232849

And what is mr. Bunny's twitter?

No. 232850

He does
In fact has spent many of times gloating on her in his streams even when she isn't around.

You must be one of the shad girls who is jelly of her huh

No. 232852


I don't remember. Chel mentioned him in a tweet a long time ago. You'll have to search through her tweets if you want it that bad, but he might've deleted his account.

No. 232854


Yeah, so jelly of a fatty who gets ignored by a guy who draws kiddie porn.

No. 232855

hey chell pretending to be your own fan is down right pathetic, just like your life and lifestyle. i suggest you move along unless you have something interesting to provide besides sad self aggrandizing to justify your shitty actions and choices. kek of course youre biggest fan, you got those sweet saddlebags on your shitty ass body to show for it.
i never understand why whiteknights and cows love coming her to try and defend themselves, nothing they say is going to stop anything it'll just fuel their cow status

No. 232856

File: 1484375999200.jpg (109.14 KB, 600x800, IMG_2043.JPG)

>one of the shad girls
Chel is the only one who calls herself a shad girl. You outed yourself.

No. 232857


Instead of trying to justify her behavior, she should just get on a treadmill and get off the internet. Maybe spend some time with her child instead of sucking up to a creep who draws sexual images of actual children.

No. 232858

yeah, it's really pathetic and sick. reevaluate your life, Chel.

No. 232864

I didn't out anything

Try prying further and you'll see Alexia was once calling her myself a Shad girl

It was a title that many sought out.

So nope still not chel keep guessing though

But you keep calling me that
It seems to make yourselves feel better about it.

No. 232866


He never had one and never will
Only thing you'll see of him is a photo of his uniform pants and unit badge

No. 232867

Ignored huh
Nah they talk all the time
You seem to miss understand how they play with their fans

They eat they shit up

Something your small brain can't comprehend

No. 232869

i think shes just doing that thing (mostly just fat chicks do) where you jut your ass backwards to try to give yourself a thigh gap

just makes it really obvious here since its shoved so far back lol

No. 232872


Hi Chel

Maybe instead of being a pathetic stalker, you could spend some time on a stairmaster you bloated cow. Are you really that insecure that you have to come here to white knight yourself? So what, got tired of Shad ignoring you for the hundredth time and needed something to do?

No. 232876

Maybe if she put down the fork and exercised a bit instead of white knighting herself on lolcow, shad would hire her instead of SwimSuitSuccubus.

No. 232879

Hi anon who still thinks I'm chel
You enjoy being trolled by someone who isn't chel?

No. 232881


Doesn't matter if you're chel or not. You're equally as lame for defending a cow who pays more attention to a kiddie porn peddler than her own son.

No. 232885

What how do you know this?
Where is your proof for these baseless accusations

No. 232886

Burden of proof is on you since you're the one here trying to (in vain) defend Chel. At the end of the day, with no proof, we don't care or believe what you say. You're just filler Chel's next fuck up.

No. 232887

Me is no fuck
You is
And you keep responding to me feeding me

No. 232894

File: 1484383796016.jpg (62.46 KB, 900x900, Saddo.jpg)

>Me is no fuck
>You is
Get your shit together anon.

No. 234721

File: 1484416504506.png (114.56 KB, 750x918, IMG_2045.PNG)

No. 234732


The only people "obsessed" wth you Chel are autistic neckbeards who haven't ever seen a real woman in their entire lives, since they clearly mistake you for an actual woman when you have the body of a 40 year old man. In case you haven't noticed, no one likes you. Not even your precious Shad whom you spend all day stalking. Even to him, you are just another drop in a sea of cringey retards who follow him.

Trust me, no one spends more than two seconds thinking about you and you are forgotten about just as quick. You aren't special, you aren't a "thicc goddess". You're just some desperate fat cow who hates being ignored and was quite frankly, too stupid to actually charge money for looking at your gross, flabby body. But then again, no one with a functioning brain stem would pay to see the horror show that is your naked body.

No. 234733

Damn you really hate her. I mean me too, she's a repulsive hypocritical cretin and a degenerate insecure attention whore but damn.

No. 234734


I'm just sick of her "oh woe is me. Why does everyone hate me so much?" bullshit, like nothing is ever her fault and people are just making shit up to not like her. I just wish she would shut the fuck up and stop complaining and actually look in the mirror for once and see that she is the problem, not everyone else. But no, its much easier for her to cry to her retard followers, play the victim and beg for asspats.

No. 234736

I spat out my lunch while reading this. Drag her tapioca pudding ass.

No. 234773

File: 1484433187775.jpg (68.1 KB, 400x400, 1481408352311.jpg)

does she know that regina george gets hit bus?

No. 234779

You poor poor hate filled creature

How sad is your life
That you are just jealous because Shad will be your buddy
While chel and hit it up all the time

Keep crying and complaining as your life will never be as fulfilling as Chels

No. 234781

Hmmm you must be the ugly trans Asian that is obsessed with Shad

Since only his faggot ass hates her that much

No. 234791

Chel only you care enough about some douche lolicon scat fetishist to think anyone on this board would make fun of you just because you suck up to him so much. Look at the posts retard. We laugh at you because you make such an ass of yourself. Outside of your little safe space bubble of autists, no one likes you.

No. 234800

if living a fulfilling life = desperately vying for the attention of a pedo and cucks who lost the genetic lottery, then yes, that is certainly an accomplishment to be jelly of.

No. 234816

You sound like a fugly teenage girl
whose bubble is so small that the only thing that matters is anime and cosplay

Chel is and always will be better then you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 234823

Chel wants to be like Luna so bad with the nonsensical whiteknighting.

No. 234825

Why do cows always want to believe others are jealous of them? Is it just projection since they themselves tend to be the jealous insecure types?

No. 234832

Ho damn, this is hilarious. Take her to hell anon.

No. 234839

I've always wanted to know this as well.

I'm not sure what there is to be jealous of.
She doesn't make any money. Her body is repulsive. Her face is average.

Maybe she thinks we are jealous of all the attention she gets on social media. Which is weird since spreading your ass apart for a camera takes zero effort. And only lonely sad house wives and 15 year olds think "likes" are a form of self validation.

I guess if I had to choose why I might be jealous of Chel, it would be the ability to lack self confidence and the ability to do mental gymnastics that always makes her a victim.

No. 234849


Being associated with a degenerate like Shad? I'm sure that's all you ever want Chel, but I think I'll pass on that. I'm sure that you and Shad talk in your dreams, which I'm sure just ends in fucking anyways. But please, prove to us how you and Shad are totally best buddies and talk all the time and that he doesn't completely ignore you and you're desperate attempts to get his attention like everyone else does. Even Momo and Suzy know to stay away from your trashy ass.

And as for that "fulfilling" life you have, remind me how spreading your asshole in the internet for free for neckbeards to jack off to while begging for the attention of a degenerate porn artist resembles anything of a fulfilling life.

But please, keep coming back to defend yourself Chel. Usually you have to pay for entertainment this good , but since you are so accustomed to doing shit for free, please carry on.

No. 234852

you've got a child, you degenerate.

No. 234887

Why are you guys feeding the troll? Just ignore it.

No. 234921

You are jealous of chel and the biggest fans of her
You can't ignore her and keep stalking her every move

You have no self worth or self confidence
Otherwise everything she does wouldn't bother you and you would move on.

No. 234928


Yawn. Come on, surely you can do better than "Jealous of her" and "lol you're such a loser whose obsessed with her". That's weaksauce And please, you practically wrote the book on stalking and no self-worth or confidence, Chel.

No. 234933

Wish i had screencaps but she whiteknighted herself saying the exact same things with the same retard typing on cgl.

No. 234936


I remember that. Next she is probably start demanding everyone post pictures of themselves because "I bet you all look hideous by comparison" and "are too afraid to show yourselves in public so you hide behind your keyboards"

No. 234947

There is no need to ask for proof

Your vitriol proves just how ugly you already are :)

No. 234948


Ask and you shall receive


No. 234952

kek @ chel calling people fat/ugly

No. 234962

Chel is very fat and VERY ugly. She's just projecting. She'd kill her own kid for Shad's nonexistent approval

No. 234966


Proof that Chel is a fucking moron. She doxes herself, thinking she's roasting people with her train wreck of a body. She's not even 30 and she's hitting the wall so hard. At least she has enough sense to stay with the cuck she's with; other than being used as a cum receptacle she's virtually useless.

No. 234968

File: 1484461415561.jpg (87.31 KB, 692x782, DAB56C09-2211-4F52-BD02-1B3EB8…)

Hope you don't mind me posting a few from that imgur album.

Notice how the current whiteknight in this thread talks exactly like the one whiteknighting chel on 4chan? So one "fan" is somehow finding every thread making fun of her?

No. 234969

File: 1484461446246.jpg (104.94 KB, 746x650, IMG_1875.JPG)

No. 234971


It sounds like Chel. She's always talking shit about girls who actually try to be productive with their e-whoring. At least they're making money and potentially investing in their future. She just wants to feel better about being completely worthless.

No. 234973

It's always the ugly fat chicks with the most confidence. We don't post pictures of ourselves because we're anonymous and not dumb.

No one is jealous of you

I love how chel('s "fan") disappeared as soon as the screenshots were posted

No. 234979

Anyone with the audacity to insinuate that they have any sort of integrity or are even worthy of being the object of envy to anyone after doing something like WILLING posting pictures of their spread, pulsating anus with the username of a man who isn't even her signifigant other (not like it'd be any better if it was) needs to get their head checked. Buy a treadmill, be a parent to your kids, be a wife to your husband, and find a new hobby Chel.

No. 234980

seriously this

No. 234985


Absolutely this

No. 234999

Nah I'm still here

Currently farming my bird in final fantasy xiv

So don't have any time to troll y'all as much

But that first image you posted was me with ugly comment

The second picture that was posted wasn't though

Still funny how you think I'm chel though and cute

No. 235001

Chel does have hobbies

Just ones you seem to be upset about

No. 235002

lol, I'd be completely surprised if you weren't Chel.

No. 235003

Like I said earlier
Big fan of hers

I have a 4 day weekend with nothing better to do then play FF14
And spend time with y'all miserable fucks(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 235005


Lmao. The pride behind that comment is sad.
Almost as sad as the thought of you finding Chel's retched asshole grade A yank material.

No. 235008

No. 235009


Hehe thanks

No. 235019

Can a mod get this anons ips address and prove this is chel pls? Or ban them

No. 235023

caught yourself out… she doesn't have any fans.

No. 235055

I like how she used the "if your body is so much better why don't you post yours uh hurr durr no? Well you must be fat and ugly then durrrr" Like that's not how it works lmfao. The reason most people choose not to post their bodies online is because they have enough confidence and integrity to not want to put themselves out there like that because really all that ever boils down to is neckbeards fawning over you and beating off to your body. In fact just the idea of that grosses most people out. Chel is down with the syndrome if she really thinks she is gleaming with confidence.

No. 235093

File: 1484494906723.jpeg (34.22 KB, 400x400, Q8n6wtmb.jpeg)


No. 235097

Go home, bait-chan.

No. 235135

File: 1484504940416.png (153.65 KB, 748x1024, IMG_4218.PNG)

Chel's "fans" even think she's a gross whore with fucked up tits.

No. 235138


Lol. That is too funny. Even her "fans" don't even think she's hot and know how busted her tits look. They even think Momo is better than her.

If you're still lurking Chel, please, remind us what exactly is it that we have to be jealous of?

No. 235142


I bet she'll cap this, post it on twitter and cry to her followers about it. And in the ultimate bitch move, will block them and start bragging about it.

No. 235254

lol she deleted all of her revolting youtube videos https://www.youtube.com/user/gunnerchel/videos

No. 235257


lol really? Although, the less of her there is on the internet, the better. Maybe she got some comments letting her know how much of a trashy hoe she is and couldn't take it, as usual.

No. 235258

Wow lol. Someone's having a meltdown

No. 235260


I'm just waiting for the inevitable Twitter tirade she will no doubt go on where she'll block everyone, throw out lame insults, get super defensive and eventually deleting the tweets hoping that everyone will forget.

No. 235269

pretty sure after her episode as luna's little lapdog she'll just turtle and collect asspats. Those pitiful call out tweets from Luna and Chel's screenshots of Momo's ranting only got around 100 likes. No one cares about their fabricated drama. Both Luna and Chel are probably sad their little plan didn't go as well as they hoped.

No. 235278


True. She has to have realized how lame and pathetic she looked trying to start internet drama. Best to sit back and play the "I'm such a nice person. I hate drama and fighting lol. Girls need to stick together" garbage. Although, since she clearly has zero shame and does mental gymnastics that would make an olympian jealous, maybe she'll sink further down?

No. 235281


looks like a picture of Sinner, though he is a fan of Chelbunny, I highly doubt he has the time to come here and do nothing. He updates daily I think.

No. 235290


Her life is so fucking great that she has to make up problems to rage against.

No. 235292


I wouldn't say it's because "her life is so great". It's more like she is so boring and useless that she has to make up drama to feel important. Since she clearly doesn't work and spends all day stalking Shad, she needs something else to occupy her time when she gets tired of him ignoring her.

No. 235297


I'd have to disagree. All of her expenses are taken care of for the rest of her life. And because she's female and hasn't hit the wall to the point of no return, she can earn a decent income from her porn or e-begging and fund all sorts of hobbies. Or she could do what she's doing and continue over eating, sleeping, shitting, prioritizing shadman/genetic lottery losers over her family, playing games and surfing the internet for the rest of her life.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 235301

>she can earn a decent income from her porn
Did you miss the part where she makes her gross porn for free? If she started charging no one would want to pay since she's been spreading herself for free for years.

No. 235305


She makes absolutely no money spreading her asshole online. Mostly because no one in their right mind would pay money to see her naked. And partly because she was too stupid to charge at first. Also, she doubled down ob shitting on girls who do lewds for Patreon. If she started doing them now, she'd never hear the end of it.

No. 235309

There's a market called BBW in porn. If whores the size of Jabba the Hut can make a living as a porn star, then Chel can too. You don't eve have to watch porn to know that. There are documentaries of fat cows who can make a living eating on camera and not even take off their clothes.

No. 235317


But then she gets labeled a whore if she does porn and that makes her feel bad and she can't act like she is above all those "bitches who made fun of me and are now doing lewds on Patreon" anymore

No. 235320

Chel thrives off of talking shit about the type of women her douchefag fans want but can't ever have and the type of women she could never hold a candle to. It's all a sad circlejerk of losers trying to feel better about themselves. As if her fans wouldnt want the hot young girls making cash on patreon over the fat sloppy white trash mom but they know they got a better shot with ol chel.

No. 235324

we are not ignorant. she's nowhere near big enough to be part of that scene. her market is "burned-out degenerate floppy mom bod at too-young an age".

No. 235328

you sound like a robot

No. 235336

uggh, so flabby and gross. Who would want to see that when women (right side) have actual nice figured they worked for?

No. 235337

File: 1484530474883.jpg (1.14 MB, 2048x2048, 81D45314-7F47-41EB-B230-0D0891…)

There are so many women online with nice asses so how did Chel get people to think her ass is actually nice? Hers is just wide and flat, it doesnt even stick out.

No. 235338

>And because she's female

Ok, robot

No. 235339

Re-upped because I accidentally posted the shitty photoshopped verison of the original girl on the right. Posted real version.

No. 235340

It's all good, anon. My statement still stands. Her body is a wreck and not sexually appealing at all. Ugh

No. 235342

<< 235324

I don't like her either, otherwise I wouldn't be here, but let's be honest. There are no rules to being part of BBW other than being overweight, severe or not. If her husband is willing to fund her for the rest of her life there are mostly likely other cucks out of the 40k+ following her that would be willing to shell out some cash to see her nudes.

No. 235343


The same thing with fat girls with huge tits that aren't actually huge. It's just the fat around it makes them look big. Just because it looks big, doesn't mean it has any actual shape. Hence why I say anyone who thinks she has a nice ass clearly hadn't seen an actual woman in their entire life.

No. 235349

>admitting you're a robot

No. 235354

Report for derailing and ignore.

No. 235366

File: 1484532666071.png (44.12 KB, 750x247, IMG_0234.PNG)


Good lord what a trashy hoe.

No. 235401

I only have one nice thing to say about Chel and it's at least she puts effort into sucking dick

No. 235403


If anything, she is at least dedicated, or at the very least desperate. Most people would have taken the hint if they were ignored as much as Shad ignores her.

No. 235446

my eyes just immediately go to that fucking hideous eyesore of a tattoo tbh

what. standing on tiptoes while getting 'doggied'? i assume doggy-style? that's when you're on your knees though. wtf chel.

No. 235449

i think she just means getting fucked from behind in general. like standing for shower sex and stuff
shes so snowflakey about it though like yeah every girl has to stand on her tip toes unless you're fucking a literal manlet

No. 235596

File: 1484580395196.png (180.09 KB, 734x1289, IMG_0235.PNG)

I think I'm going to be physically ill. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with her?

No. 235610

I really wish people like this would all fucking die. Not even saying this for the edge points but theyre two steps away from being scum of the earth.

No. 235615

File: 1484585823377.jpg (26.14 KB, 435x326, absolute-disgust.jpg)

>make lolis legal again

This is really fucking vile.

No. 235617

File: 1484586678002.gif (2.06 MB, 300x169, teamamericasick.gif)

>be my daughter pls
>my daughter

I think…..that I've finally confirmed if she's sexually attracted to her own kid.

No. 235618

>American loli
So, fat? Lmao

No. 235625

Someone call child protective services

No. 235634

i love when they say loli as if that changes the fact they're talking about pedophilia. "make lolis legal again" aka "make child rape legal again" lmao does this greasy snot demon really thinks she's cute. she doesn't even look as underaged as she continues to brag about.

No. 236133

File: 1484678664233.png (51.24 KB, 737x556, IMG_0240.PNG)

Considering that pile of shit drawing that was posted earlier, I doubt anyone is looking forward to your kindergartner level drawings Chel. And I'm sure she'll attempt drawing porn like her precious Shad does.

No. 236134

File: 1484678798082.png (56.16 KB, 750x414, IMG_0241.PNG)

Too bad that fear doesn't extend to your shitty attempts at cosplay. That, we could definitely do without.

No. 236154

Sage for ot but is this girl of legal age? This is so fucking disturbing to me and even if she is I feel like twitter needs be more proactive about shit like this that normalizes and supports the sexualization of underage girls. There is no way anyone who has decent morals an look at this and not feel like it's borderline child porn

No. 236160


In her reply to Chel, she mentioned not being too far off age wise to her. Which of course doesn't make it any better, but apparently she is of age.

No. 236467

File: 1484717112429.jpg (142.64 KB, 900x1018, C2Yj1j4VEAQauj1.jpg)

Shad opened a discord and so far it's been cringy as hell.
Pretty sure the user "ShadGirl" is Chel.

No. 236476

File: 1484718403687.png (69.14 KB, 739x645, IMG_0242.PNG)

Looks like you inherited his body too Chel. 27 and you are already sporting "dad body"

No. 236484

>implying she is super talented and creative

No. 236489


Yeah. Because spreading your asshole in shitty cosplay online for the attention of a degenerate porn artist who constantly ignores you is absolutely the pinnacle of "talented" and "creative". You're a trashy cow Chel. Nothing more and nothing less.

No. 236494

File: 1484720382634.jpg (28.73 KB, 496x368, 1483004404585.jpg)

this dumb bitch is built like a fridge, i guess theres not much she can do with her body type in whole sad porn cow industry?

No. 236511

it's funny how all the girls she praises are average fat chicks like her

meanwhile the hot thin cosplayers are #blocked

No. 236595


It's because a chicken shit coward like her can't deal with any kind of competition.

No. 236853

she's still fat here but christ she was much smaller here than she is now. she's ballooned like crazy over the past year and a half.

No. 236917

ugh why do fat girls wear thigh-high socks
you need VERY thin legs to look good in them

No. 236921

Has anyone bought as much of this fucks art as she has? Jesus

No. 236924

She acts like no other porn artists exist

No. 236943


She's been kissing another artist's ass lately. Goes by hizzacked. Probably because Shad isn't paying attention to her. Although it doesn't appear she has gone full stalker mode yet.

No. 237296

>Lost my mojo
There's no "mojo" to lose, she felt like doing other shit more than drawing so she stopped. It's easier to draw in high school because there's constantly a pencil and paper in front of you. So when you leave you actually need to put effort in making personal time.

>I guess I'm too worried about failure

Normally this would drive someone to improve their work. Since you don't have to show others your art you can practice in private until you're confident enough to start displaying. But that would require not being an attention whore

No. 237329


She's like those fat girls that always talk about going to the gym and taking pictures of healthy food, only to not do shit about it. She's just signaling for asspats that tell her "how great and talented she is" and doesn't plan on actually drawing.

No. 237349

Needs those asspats since Luna didnt give her the promo she hoped for lol.

No. 237552

I beg to differ. I've seen thick girls (not fat like Chell) rock it

I wonder how that will go.

No. 237618

File: 1484942985748.png (572.54 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0246.PNG)

You're not fooling anyone Chel.

No. 237643

"No actually, I just buy every one of his works, tattoo his porn on my body, have my cuck–I mean husband write Shad's name on my asshole, do free nudes with Shad's name written on my saggy deflated tits, comment on everything he posts, cosplay his drawings and make ignored sexual advances constantly."

No. 237778

…….how can she say this when she blatantly spends hours each week trying to thirst trap him

No. 237833

Cosplay whores eating each other alive is the funniest thing. I wish we could pit more against one another. They're all such narcissists with low self esteem.

No. 237894

File: 1485011987103.png (276.12 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0248.PNG)

Like, how stupid is she really? We know that's complete bullshit Chel. You were clearly trying to kiss the ass of another online personality. And is completely bullshit Thanatos you wouldn't know who Jesse Cox is. You're just buttmad as usual that you got called out again.

No. 237902

Idk that tweet is pretty fucking douchey so there's not much shits to give about on Chel's part

No. 237904

Oh my god I almost choked on my coffee laughing at this, and it got even funnier after her reaction >>220144

No. 238076

same tbh

i die laughing at the vid and then i die laughing at the comment of hers

No. 238086

File: 1485053555054.png (6.18 KB, 450x83, ew.png)

No. 238089

wow imagine being this guy

No. 238094

She's the only real girl on shadbase so…

No. 238101

File: 1485056767381.jpg (88.28 KB, 768x768, pleasestop.jpg)

What about her?

No. 238102

Good god, what is wrong with these women?

This girl, as plain as she may be, is definitely better looking than Chel. Still clearly an attention desperate sickfuck though, so there's really no "winner".

No. 238113

It's funny that shad's "loli" has more curves than that girl. She's built like a twin size matress.

No. 238115

this girls pudgy square body triggers the fuck out of me

No. 238280

The way she's leaning backwards and trying to stretch her torso out to make herself look thinner, but you can still tell she's chub.

No. 238373


I mean, she at least looks better than Chel.

No. 238392

File: 1485111946646.jpg (70.99 KB, 1022x576, gremlins.jpg)

That artwork is really unsettling. She looks like a gremlin, not a cute girl.

And holy shit the text on her underpants makes me vomit. This is sick.

No. 238483

This thread is my first introduction to this butter golem; I spent some time reading through it all, and though I'm not saying I hate her, I probably would unplug her life support to charge my laptop.

jesus christ. What a train wreck.

No. 238722

Not gonna lie I think Chel is gross but she looks a lot better in this cosplay than her others. I don't know what it is though.

She desperately needs some cocoa butter for those stretch marks on her thighs

No. 239126

girls this ugly and out of shape are so desperate for male attention. explains it all.

No. 239183

lol r u srs

look at her legs………….she doesn't have the body to cosplay thin characters, especially those wearing thigh-high socks.

No. 239323

File: 1485296766240.png (160.88 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0251.PNG)

Yeah right. More like it was because you got buttmad someone edited in a farting sound effect and everyone thought it was real.

No. 239333

I hated how she always got on the floor on all fours like some type of bovine and did that sad flopping that sloshed her fat back and forth. Never even had any music or anything. Just some old bitch jiggling on her ugly ass beige carpet.

No. 239340


It's honestly very cringe inducing. Like, this sad desperate woman is someone's mom and here she is sloshing her fat around like some cow for the attention of even more pathetic neckbeards who either can't get or have never even seen a real woman in their life.

No. 239683

Fucking obviously she doesn't, all I said is she looks less gross here, probably because she's not wearing underwear or a shitty skintight bodysuit being stretched to it's limits.

No. 239881

File: 1485386572571.png (64.05 KB, 750x595, IMG_0252.PNG)

Good god this is so pathetic and cringey. And no shit he didn't even reply to her. Take the hint you dumb cow.

No. 239884

File: 1485386736162.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0253.PNG)

Speaking of "shitty skintight bodysuits being stretched to their limit". Please Chel, spare us and yourself the embarrassment of actually wearing that "cosplay". It just looks too damn sad.

No. 239885

i have a feeling that she makes other twitter accounts and sends herself tweets saying how cute she would be with shad. i don't even care for this girl but jesus christ this is embarrassing. shad's probably not trying to start anything by resisting the urge to block her.

No. 239949

Lol it's just a cheap looking shitty print out suit. I can't believe this hag ever talked badly about other cosplayers.

No. 239991

how can a lower half look so fuckking large but there be no ass? this woman is a wreck

No. 240028


It's because she is so shorty and stumpy

No. 240030

the length of her asscrack triggers me

No. 240058

"Progress"? That implies she's actually making literally anything and didn't just buy it online lol

No. 240065


And this bitch had the nerve to shit on other cosplayers

No. 240287

File: 1485451154870.png (105.8 KB, 745x839, IMG_0254.PNG)

No shit Sherlock. It's because no one likes you, not even your precious Shad

No. 240319

Wow I'm so fucking shocked. Does she still kiss ass to that American Loli chick? I see shad's fans and shad really like her so I assume chel unfollowed.

No. 240322


Other than the "I wish you were my daughter" tweet, they don't seem to talk much. Probably because as you said, she is getting more attention and is thought of as prettier than Chel.

No. 240578

File: 1485492792303.png (Spoiler Image,86.37 KB, 640x930, IMG_3817.PNG)

Quick FYI for anons that see any vagina and automatically it's a "roastie". /These/ are roasties. I don't know if anons saying it in this thread are baiting and if you are, try better because she clearly doesn't have one you just seem dumb.

Not even whiteknighting, just.. if you don't know what it means and are using it to be ~so cool~, stop.(don't derail)

No. 240814

File: 1485544647860.png (79.19 KB, 750x643, IMG_2347.PNG)

"D Va twerk meme girl"
Why would she brag about that when the only reason the vid got popular was due to the fart edit that she got triggered by?

No. 240815

File: 1485544946177.png (69.09 KB, 750x461, IMG_2239.PNG)

The comments are hilarious. This guy summed her up perfectly after she got all asshurt over this

No. 240821

File: 1485545995490.jpg (271.24 KB, 618x609, IMG_9443.JPG)

twerk meme d.va girl as if there is anything girl about you….you're all woman.

No. 240822


Exactly. The only reason anyone knows what that was is because of the fart. Everyone thinks her cosplays are shit and she looks so god awful and tragic in all of them. But I guess she needs something to brag about to feel important.

No. 240824

Can u not

No. 240825

Yeah I remember seeing that fart edit in a cringe compilation months ago before this thread was even made

No. 240826


Lol. She got absolutely roasted in the comments. No wonder she deleted the video. But of course she is dumb enough to delete the video she thinks made her famous. Bet she's hoping people she stick to posting the gif of the video instead with no sound.

No. 240828

Just for good measure

No. 240840


Yeah, her awkwardly sloshing her fat cottage cheese thighs isn't "twerking". She just looks tragic.

No. 240847

File: 1485549977536.png (92.93 KB, 750x806, IMG_0255.PNG)

. . . Holy shit

Am I dreaming, or is she actually admitting that Shad doesn't give a shit about her?

No. 240850

LMAO who will this miserable leech latch onto for attention now? Momo ignored her, Suzy ignored her, Luna Lanie threw her under the bus when she sent that bullshit message about "being bullied" and even shad doesn't want to deal with her. She has a husband and child so it's not like she has nothing to live for outside of being a free use e-slut.

No. 240852

File: 1485550558996.png (52.29 KB, 750x275, IMG_0256.PNG)

Or maybe it's because you have finally come to the crushing realization that your precious Shad doesn't give a rats ass about you and that you want nothin to do with him anymore.

No. 240858

Chel can't handle people not sucking her ass even when she clearly just wants to be seen interacting with them for attention.

No. 240912


She's practically become radioactive at this point. No one with any brains would even think to associate themselves with her now.

No. 240915

File: 1485558970011.png (60.25 KB, 746x544, IMG_0259.PNG)

That's not fair. Literally everyone hates your guts Chel, not just one specific group. If you got your head out of that cottage cheese ass of yours then you'd see that you are the problem. Maybe stop being such a shitty person and people might actually like you and want to be friends with you.

No. 241119

File: 1485591652385.png (344.7 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170128-032013.png)

No. 241157

Does she even go to cons? From what I've seen all she seems to do is take creepy pictures and vids in her house and wear her sad, badly done costumes there.

No. 241212


She doesn't do cons at all. No way would she be allowed to do any of the shit she does at home. Also, no one would be stupid enough to invite her as a guest.

No. 241433

they probably hated you because you were a fat cow trying to hit on their husbands. don't think it was because you were attractive or that it was working tho chel, it's just that no one likes to see human filth hanging off their SO

No. 241761

File: 1485735850635.png (99.28 KB, 750x726, IMG_0260.PNG)

Why does this retard think she has any sort of high ground? Literally every time she gets called out, she immediately goes to "Lol, you do nudes on Patreon. whose the loser now?" You're still a dumb hoe who is still too ugly to actually get paid for doing nudes online.

No. 241762

File: 1485735973385.png (77.09 KB, 750x702, IMG_0261.PNG)

Maybe it's because you're a trashy, desperate attention seeking hoe.

No. 241775

File: 1485736946597.png (98.79 KB, 750x808, IMG_0262.PNG)

But cosplaying loli characters is a okay with you? Despite not being a nazi you are still a piece of shit Chel

No. 241779

File: 1485737557588.jpeg (34.68 KB, 600x375, image.jpeg)

>writes a fetish artist's name on her pulsating asshole in a desperate plea for attention
>criticizes someone for putting nudes up on patreon

No. 241787

This! Why does she shit talk people who at least get paid for nudes? Tbh I think she's just jealous. She did free nudes thinking it would get her more popular than the hotter girls who do pay content but the reality is girls like Momo who just do skimpy cosplays get paid and more fame than she could ever.

No. 241789

Samefag but thats obviously why she sent luna that bullshit message about Momo and swimsuit girl. Momo 'stole' her thicc cosplay ho status and Swimsuit 'stole' her precious shad.

No. 242446

This is gonna sound like such a selfpost but I've been browsing MFC more b/c of the thread for it and this girl keeps talking about loving Shad http://www.myfreecams.com/#Ellenblack

First thing I thought when I saw her is that Chel would be so jelly.

No. 242769

File: 1485902304291.png (69.47 KB, 640x652, IMG_2152.PNG)

I sniggered.

No. 242778

File: 1485903993464.png (330.98 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0263.PNG)

That's bullshit and you know it Chel. You're just buttmad that she completely ignored you when you tried kissing her ass for fame. Always trying to play the victim like some pathetic chicken shit coward.

No. 242787

I like that Momo proved that it was Chel who sent Luna that message via screencaps and Chel is just hiding like a pussy pretending she had nothing to do with it. Everyone can see her posts ass-kissing Loonie after Loonie and Momo had drama. She was clearly playing 2 sides trying to get attention from both but when she didnt get what she wanted from Momo she figured she'd try latching onto Loonie.

No. 243051

File: 1485952374016.png (436.67 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170201-072642.png)

sadly luna still gives her attention after that stupid drama i hope they actually do meet IRL chel is about as much of a "cosplayer" as loonie is anyways. was hoping loonie would just dump her after the momo drama but this just further proves chel was the one that started all this shit for brownie points with loonie

No. 243156

I saw that fart clip before I knew her name via this thread- her infamy will always be that lmao
Like soooo many people think it's real, didn't she repost the original? It will never die.

No. 243173

They're both such desperate whores. No one who matters works with cows like them so Loonie will keep getting more and more desperate on patreon and Chel will continue living off her cuck.

No. 247322

Has this fat bitch given up on stalking Shadman yet? I havent seen as many tweets to him as usual on her twitter.

No. 247711

File: 1486606722364.png (143.62 KB, 750x944, IMG_2612.PNG)

RIP Chel.

No. 247716

And Chel was never heard from again

No. 247721

We can only hope

No. 247932

File: 1486651081235.jpg (324.74 KB, 1200x1196, C2IZ7sNWIAAZ0-Z.jpg)

Someone needs to explain what the hell the deal is with these Shadman fangirls. I don't get it.

No. 247939

File: 1486651920922.jpg (62.58 KB, 600x480, he said this is the world he s…)

No. 248059

Dumpy, average girls desperately looking for attention and to be deemed attractive. I think the whole loli thing attracts the chubby/small chested ones? Probably hopeful the whole flat chested thing will be seen as more desirable.

No. 248074


Ohhh this should be fun to see. No doubt Chel will chimp out because of this. The girl she tried to start fake drama with talking to her precious Shad and him actually initiating conversation with her? Ohhh, this will not stand.

No. 248076

File: 1486669381865.png (58.02 KB, 750x537, IMG_0280.PNG)

No doubt she's talking about Shad daring to talk to Momo. Bitch can't handle any competition since she knows she looks like a bloated whale compared to everyone else. So damn insecure it's sad really.

No. 248086

Must be upset her plan to slander momo failed so spectacularly. now shad is paying attention to momo even after she publicly shit on chel on twitter because of chel's bullshit message to loonie

No. 248088

Whose name will she write on her butthole now?

No. 248091


Probably caught on to how batshit insane Chel is and is trying to distance himself from her. I mean, Momo isn't much, but she is a hell of a lot better than Chel. One can only look at fried egg tits for so long without vomiting.

No. 248220

You must not have seen Momo's ass before. Both of these fat cunts are equally vomit-inducing.

No. 248227


I'd take Moomoo any day over Chel's fried egg tits, landing pad forehead, beer gut, cottage cheese thighs and pasty white non-existent ass.

No. 248327


No. 248487

Shadman probably realizes that giving her attention would be a bad idea. Imagine if you were an artist and someone married with a kid suddenly started sending you nudes and vids and sent pics of your art tattoed your art on themselves. Practically out of nowhere.

Sending any sort of approval that way would make them literally start showing up at your front door in the middle of the night and phoning your house, and then you've got this crazy person who has dumped their family to try and get with you.

No one with any sense would touch that with a ten foot pole.

No. 248493


I find it funny that she does all that stuff, but when she gets called out for how ceeepy she is, she is immediately like "I'm just a fan of his! Is that such a crime? We're totally best friends with each other and talk all the time!". Fans buy the occasional print or maybe give a simple "Good job" on Twitter. This bitch is writing his name on her asshole, cosplaying his children characters, tattooing his art on her and replying to ever single thing he says in Twitter, regardless if he was actually speaking to her. She is a full on stalker creep.

No. 253561

Well. Apparently I got blocked for liking tweets about her that called out what a gross cow she is. Didn't ever say anything to her, just liked a few tweets. Holy shit what a thin skinned coward. She can seriously go fuck herself. Bridge officially burned and you won't ever hear any sympathy from me for her.

No. 253613

well, why wouldn't she block you? it's hardly a good example of her blocking someone for no reason. your outrage is a little ridiculous; you sound like a former fan.

No. 253781

File: 1487406161854.png (297.36 KB, 608x827, 18cb202ff5e61bbe734c11f1b12c86…)

Honestly I feel like Shad just replies when he feels like it.

No. 253789

Every fucking time I scroll down and this OP pic pops I'm grossed out. There is a good collection of ugly mugs over here but this smug fatty cunt in a cheap cosplay ready to land a fart won the price for me

No. 255989

File: 1487780073521.png (98.76 KB, 750x757, IMG_2809.PNG)

Sucking Loonie's ass hard after she tried using "Momo is bullying me!" to gain pitty points.

No. 255996

Loonie would know something about talking shit about people on anonymous lol

No. 256008


It's almost cringe inducing how little self awareness she has. Like, she honestly believes people hate her for literally no reason and that she is this perfect snowflake who can never do wrong and it's just bitches being jealous of her. The mental gymnastics she does would make even Suzy think twice.

Also lol at her dame hopping to Loonie after no one believed her "Momo is bullying me!" bullshit, which she only did because Momo flat out ignores her bullshot when she was trying to kiss her ass a few weeks ago. She will literally hop on anyone's dick who gives her attention.

No. 256012

No. 256014

File: 1487785435340.png (168.35 KB, 750x1057, IMG_2806.PNG)

No. 256015

File: 1487785481685.png (83.41 KB, 750x563, IMG_2807.PNG)

Here's the account of the girl she said she blocked. Looks like she'll block any girl she thinks is too close to her precious Shad, lmao

No. 256021


No surprise. She hates being compared to other "Shad girls" because she looks like a worn out cow next to them. She's like those fat girls that say "Fuck skinny bitches", because putting down the fork and exercising is way too hard for them, so fuck anyone who looks better than me. She knows and must be terrified that the second a hot girl starts talking to Shad like she does he's instantly going to ignore her.

Plus, she has to be absolutely livid that Shad actually talked to Momo. I take it that means he doesn't give a shit about her drama and that they aren't super best friends like she claims they are. Hell, for about two months he didn't respond to a single thing she said.

No. 258456

File: 1488097895862.png (139.13 KB, 613x916, IMG_0285.PNG)

Ass is flat as a pancake and almost nonexistent, face is totally busted looking and tits are as tragic as a car wreck to the point of having to hide them. Does anyone with a functional brain stem actually find this bitch attractive?

No. 258458

File: 1488098140022.png (84.82 KB, 735x701, IMG_0286.PNG)

With those fried egg tits and that pothole filled flat ass, I'm pretty sure you age more like milk Chel.

No. 258461

File: 1488098538171.png (62.49 KB, 748x506, IMG_0287.PNG)

Literally one person asks why she hasn't updated her tumblr and she is like "Omg I'm under so much pressure and stressed out".

No one is begging to see your shit "cosplay" Chel. At best they are just looking to rub one out to you because no girl in real life will actually talk to them and they clearly haven't come in contact with one since they find you attractive and your the only bitch dumb enough and ugly enough to get naked for free.

No. 258499

File: 1488102720809.png (68.86 KB, 750x418, IMG_2875.PNG)

Ew someone drew porn of her and shad

No. 258500

File: 1488102791394.jpg (Spoiler Image,257.28 KB, 800x1200, IMG_2874.JPG)

Heres the full image. Spoilered because its gross. Also it's hilarious how much thinner the artist made her and how they improved her floppy pancake tits

No. 258515


Why would ANYONE ship these two
Are we sure she's not commissioning porn of herself and Shad? There is no way people are this sad

No. 258537

I wouldn't put it past her. She must be desperate for his attention at this point considering he was talking to Momokun and how he flirts with that pettanko13 girl

No. 258613


Lol, that looks nothing like her. Her tits are totally busted, ass is way flatter and she has a caveman forehead.

No. 258616


She must be livid that he talked to Momo after trying to start drama with her and getting called out on it.

No. 258804

As if it wasnt more obvious that shad doesnt give a shit about her. She posts a sob story AND gets shit on publicly by momo via twitter and shad still follows her and comments on her tweets. Chel is so pathetic to be obsessed with someone who doesnt give a damn about her being "bullied".

No. 258810


Exactly. She tries to act like they are best friends and talk all the time, when really he doesn't give a shit about her.

No. 258895

Will she ever fucking give up? I'd be scared if I were shad. This bitch is demented.

No. 258907


Unfortunately no. There is no reasoning with her. The mental gymnastics she does to always make herself the victim in everything is astounding. Also there is no shortage of neckbeards virgins looking to defend her simply because hey jack off to her.

No. 258908

I dont get it. There are much better fat women to jerk off to for free than Chel so it's really strange how she has any "fans". Everything about her is just so gross. Her face, her body and her desperate attitude are all so unappealing.

No. 258917


It's because she is the only girl who will actually talk to them. They are so desperate for female interaction that they will settle for girls like Chel. Anyone with eyes can see she looks like a land whale.

No. 258933

Wait this cow is only 27 years old? If I had her saggy body, i'd probably kill myself (or at least get a few surgerys).

No. 258937


Getting pregnant early and eating nothing but Doritos and Mountain Dew while sitting on your ass doing nothing but stalking porn artists will do that to you.

No. 259014


No. 259019

Real talk, Chel should start over, like go to a hospital to have a break from her own mind and have someone sit her down to give her some perspective to turn her life around (which is possible)

I'm gonna do some arm-chairing but her psychological problems are just so evident and vigorously flaunted into everyone's face and I feel like she's just irretrivably caught up in dysfunction

First of all, her being hypersexual and aggressively pushing her sexuality onto ppl on the internet all day every day? That's like a deep-seated serious issue if you look at how she actually feels about this persona. All this lewd buis and her whole online persona causes her so much trouble and yet she's painfully obsessed with maintaining that sex freak image. She is obviously not confident in her sexuality and sexual attractiveness because there's so much drama, obsession, victim-playing, rejection, frustration and spite around it. The thing she's painfully obsessed with is just constantly hurting her.
She's an internet addict. I'm not judging. But she is alone on the internet putting so much effort into being someone she's not (a sex baddie) that noone really wants her to be in real-life or online. Like, does she have friends that are not half-assed, lose alibi online contacts?
Arm-chairing but her HUBBY does not help her with her issues and it reeks of co-dependence. Like, he's the only one close to her that we know of that could support her and challenge her dysfunctional behaviour but he supports it? By writing a creep's username into her ass? Being her tool in her porn? Enabling all this fake bs?

I don't think she's too bad of a person, she's just a desperate online loser. The best thing she could do for herself is stop playing the victim and denying she has issues and see a specialist who can help her find some integrity and the will to improve her sorry life for herself and the people around her.

For all I care she can continue to do lewds for free till she's sixty. Like just imagine for a sec if she was actually confident and care-free about her exhibitionism, her body and her need for attention, that would already help her in my humble arm-chair opinion

But with all this hypocrisy and drama and make-believe going on, she's the cow headed for the biggest fall.

No. 259029


As long as she has neckbeards excusing her bullshit and defending her she will never change. I say just sit back and watch her implode on herself.

No. 263023

It honestly makes me laugh the level of virginity in this thread. Shows that just because she may have been a bit mean to you guys you all act like she shit on your b-day cake.

No. 263025

hi chel! back again?

No. 263030

yeah this isn't obvious at all

No. 263073

You guys are so quick to use the fact she's married and has a child shit to act high and mighty. Who cares if shes pushed a kid out of her. Plus her tits are like that cause of some painful health condition. The level of self-pretentiousness in this thread is hilarious.

No. 263082

File: 1488623659354.gif (3.99 MB, 480x253, wat.gif)


No. 263093

what condishun

No. 263099

Having a child means taking responsibility, owning the fuck up, and maturing. Not acting like acting like a dick-thirsty beast to some creepy pron artist online.

Her priorities should be her child and raising them with good ethics and morals, spending all this time being an attention whore online, what if her child see's them? Imagine your own mother doing all this, and salivating over some guy online while posting her saggy ass tits she used to feed you.

No. 263104

Wow you sure now an awful lot about Chel. It's almost like you are her.
Also nice namefaggin

No. 263121

I love this gif so much, thank you for this anon.

No. 263137


Hi Chel

No. 263139


The land whale herself said her tits are so busted from breastfeeding at an early age. So its her own damn fault.

And the fact that she does all this shit and has a kid to take care of makes it all worse.This kid is going to grow up knowing that his mom was nothing more than a thirsty whore online for some degenerate porn artist who starts drama with equally pathetic land whales.

No. 263142

imagine kid accidentally jacking it to his mom (he's in his teens, right?)

No. 263143


I think she said he is around 8 or 9. But yeah, either way he is ore than likely going to stumble upon her pics

No. 263149

Considering how early on kids now get smart phones and tablets and know what shit like thirsty etc means…yeah. It's not going to take long for him to find up what his mom's been up to. He's going to turn into Shad 2.0 at this rate.

And seriously I was going to ask, what "painful condition"? Breastfeeding through teething? Give me a break. They're just saggy breasts. Honestly, I don't care much about them, but let's not make up snowflake illnesses as to why they exist.

No. 263154


Yeah. She bithched on tumblr when she kept getting comments about her saggy tits and how upset they made her because she apparently is self-conscious about them and explained why they look so busted. She was obviously just looking for asspats.

And that's what pisses me off about her. She tries to play herself up a this super confident, fuck the haters, sex goddess. But when people point out how much of a gross, sad land whale she is, she immediately cries to her neckbeards for asspats and blocks anyone who doesn't kiss her ass constantly then brags about how awesome that apparently makes her. Even now, for some retarded reason people ask for ass shots of her. But now she gets super pissy about it like "Stop asking for pictures of my ass! I have other things going on in my life! Like my family!".

Except for the fact that the only reason anyone knows who this bitch is, is because of the pics of her ass. She even brags about that shitty twerking D.Va meme she is known for. And now suddenly her family is super important to her, but apparently it wasn't when she is stalking Shad and other porn artists and trying to start shit with Momo.

No. 263167

File: 1488639448798.gif (471.27 KB, 275x188, 1483500423468.gif)

Chel graced us with her presence.

No. 263171


As hilarious as that would be, Chel has explained that her busted tits are from breastfeeding, not from some "painful medical condition". Unless she is using that excuse now to get asspats.

No. 263177

Im pretty sure having your milk ducts dry up is considered a painful condition. it's like for guy's having their nuts twist in their nutsacks

No. 263179

You guys also comment on how she's fat and shit. There are plently of other women online who are fatter than a god damn beachball. Chel is just thicc. Close to BBW at most.

No. 263181

but none of them are as cringey as chel

No. 263182


Just because there are fatter girls out there doesn't make Chel not fat. She clearly is. Hammy arms, fat gut and flat pancake ass makes her fat. The fried egg tits and caveman forehead just make it worse.

No. 263185

File: 1488641545690.png (183.77 KB, 277x299, house.png)

The butter golem is really here. She has blessed us all on this glorious day.

No. 263186


I love how you can always tell its her. Just check for "Chel's not fat you loser virgins". Next she'll demand everyone post pics of themselves because "I bet you all are ugly trolls who have no lives"

No. 263201

Whats even funnier is the fact you guys actually think I'm Chel. I was just breezing through links and found this. The reactions i'm getting for throwing gas on the fire is quite entertaining

No. 263204

>I'm not actually Chel; I'm just a degenerate pigfucker who happens to know about her speshul condishuns


No. 263208

File: 1488645393966.jpg (40.81 KB, 381x254, surejan.w529.h352.jpg)

No. 263217

Ah yes, the comments calling me a pigfucker. What a great way to show that I'm the idiot/asshole here. Brilliant idea. Just brilliant.

No. 263230


Sure you aren't

No. 267812

File: 1489281855284.png (52.64 KB, 750x512, IMG_3122.PNG)

Looks like Chel found yet another cow to try to suck fame off of

Momo, Suzy, Luna and now Aki.

No. 267819

And of course she go no response from Aki, lmao!

No. 267927


Lol. It looks like this dumb cow will never learn. Everyone knows what you are trying to do Chel and no one other than Loonie gives a shit.

No. 267938

Loonie has probably tossed her fat ass aside by now since Chel is too big a pussy to try to start drama with Momo publically besides sending that retarded "anonymous" message and blocking Momo after.

No. 267939


Exactly. That is why she is resorting to bitchy passive-aggressive comments whenever Moomoo and her ilk are brought up around her. And of course everyone tries to forget that she was kissing Moomoo's ass in the first place and got buttmad that she ignored her.

No. 270206

File: 1489603845594.png (85.35 KB, 749x601, IMG_0307.PNG)

I swear she is as bad as Suzy and Momo are with this fake nerd gamer girl bullshit. And of course that didn't stop her from dressing up like Link and showing off her fried egg tits and gravel filled, pancake ass.

No. 270242

Why would this sow ever admit to that? She's so fucking retarded she cant even keep up her own bullshit "just like the guys" persona. Cant believe this hambeast had the balls to shit on other cosplayers for doing casual mei.

No. 270290


Probably because she is so retarded that she thinks admitting to not liking Zelda makes her so fucking edgy. Like "See, I'm not like those other fake gamer gurls who only like Zelda. I only play real games!"

No. 270309

Hahahaha who would even want to clarify they're not a fan? Dis bitch could've not responded but a little voice told her to be real fucking extra

No. 270328


Probably because she took it as a personal attack, like she does with fucking everything. She takes any comment that isn't kissing her ass as an insult and tells them to unfollow her.

No. 273958

File: 1490060188415.png (53.84 KB, 750x275, IMG_3372.PNG)

I hate when this fat slob tries to get preachy. Also havent seen any interaction with Luna Lanie in ages lol. Already tossed aside I see.

No. 273981

Luna just retweeted Chel's tweet lol

No. 273988

perhaps she misread 'nothing' as 'something'

No. 274000

File: 1490062453328.png (121.29 KB, 750x902, IMG_3373.PNG)

It's a well known fact that Luna Lanie is a regular here on lolcow. She obsessivley checks the boards and sperges worse than Kiki.

No. 274093


Good lord can she please shut the fuck it and get off her soapbox? All she ever does is bitch about haters despite her constantly saying that she doesn't care. Seriously, no one gives a fuck what's in that empty head of yours Chel.

No. 277093

File: 1490462371319.png (49.4 KB, 748x253, IMG_0314.PNG)

So she has officially given up on her Tracer cosplay. Mostly because the hype for Overwatch cosplay has died and no one wants to see her stuff her sausage body into an ill fitting catsuit. And as if that weren't insult enough, she is just going to do a "lewd" version instead. Bitch is practically becoming another Momokun.

No. 277094

No wonder she made up shit about momo. Chel wants to take her place so bad

No. 277096


Fat land whale who ties to claim they are "thicc". Check

Does shit, cheap looking cosplay and abandons it to do lewds instead. Check

Always getting into Twitter drama despite hating it? Check

Blocks anyone who isn't kissing her ass? Check

Yup. She is definitely becoming another Momo.

No. 277099


Also can't forget: "Constantly tries to leech fame off of other more famous internet celebrities"

No. 277104

Chel is always so pitiful lol. Everyone she sucks ass to ignores her except Luna Lanie who is a total joke and failure.

No. 277107

File: 1490464292596.png (66 KB, 750x446, IMG_0315.PNG)

Not sure who she is talking about, this is pretty much proof of how pathetic she is. She stalks her own thread here and looks for what people are saying about her.

No. 277110

Using thot now. Looks like she's absorbing Luna. Also what she said totally applies to Luna herself as Luna posts nudes and constantly whiteknights her own threads.

No. 277111


She's so fat that her gravitational pull is causing her to absorb other snowflakes.

No. 277114

File: 1490464847176.jpg (24.84 KB, 340x343, IMG_3448.JPG)

Also this was about some girl who made fun of her on tumblr. Someone tweeted this screencap they took and they blocked out the girls name.

No. 277118


I'm guessing Chel blocked her as usual?

No. 277141

File: 1490466781325.jpg (629.7 KB, 1333x1867, IMG_2925.JPG)

You seem to have some fat cash to waste on dumbass game merch but throwing in like those few extra dollars for a lace front is too much huh??
Gotta stick to wigs that cost as much as your nudes.

No. 277161

That wig is shit. All her cosplays are so fucking bad and ugly. She's also always cosplaying thin young fit characters. Such delusion.

No. 277163

Lmao at that shitty smoothing filter and that eyemakeup that looks like an infection.

No. 277172

Is this supposed to be Aloy?
Looks awful.

No. 277176

File: 1490470704003.png (52.93 KB, 750x307, IMG_3447.PNG)

How ironic. Chel talking about others trigger blocking…

No. 277189


So does she like have no kind of self awareness? She is the biggest bitch in the world and blocks someone the second they don't kiss her ass and tell her how hot she is.

No. 277192


And when people call out how shit her cosplays are she gets super defensive and says "It's just a hobby bro". Yet she constantly shits on other cosplayers.

No. 278536

File: 1490641776825.png (102.7 KB, 711x890, IMG_3462.PNG)

Still sucking Loonie's ass. The first thing I find hilarious is how hideous Luna looks. She's only 21 and looks mid 30's. I wonder how long before Chel follows in Loonie's footsteps and also gets a cheap boob job to try to fix those deflated condom tits she has.

No. 278544

>>278536 holy fuck. 21?!

No. 278548

eh let them kiss each other's asses. chel barely makes money off her bullshit hobby, and loonie has been losing pledges on her patreon consistently the past few weeks. they're both pathetic cows

No. 278550

Drugs and plastic surgery will fuck you up. Just check out Luna's thread if you want to see how deep the rabbit hole of insanity goes: >>>/snow/249034

No. 278553

Correction, Chel makes NO money off spreading her anus and writing a lolicon nazi's name on her holes for everyone to see. She even brags about it >>216470

No. 278584


And yet she is always kissing the asses of those girls right up until they completely ignore her and her desperate attempts to become famous through them. Exactly what happened between her and Momo. Was all up in her ass stalking her andnand trying to pretend they were best friends until Momo decided to completely ignore her. Then she went to Luna of all people with some bullshit sob story about how Momo was bullying her.

No. 278603

This bitch truly is one of the most oblivious and insufferable cows on the farm

Stop typing like a relatable cool teen, Chel, you're an old, pathetic, slutty landwhale with a kid

No. 278604

This bitch truly is one of the most oblivious and insufferable cows on the farm

Stop typing like a relatable cool teen, Chel, you're an old, pathetic, slutty landwhale with a kid

No. 278608

This bitch truly is one of the most oblivious and insufferable cows on the farm

Stop typing like a relatable cool teen, Chel, you're an old, pathetic, slutty landwhale with a kid

No. 278616


I doubt she gives a shit about that kid. She only brings him up when she is looking "Mom of the Year" asspats.

No. 278657

Or to try to come of as a MILF. She's fucking 30 and seeking attention online from little teenaged 4chan dorks.

No. 278679


Except now she gets all pissy when you ask for that type of stuff. The bitch's only claim to "fame" online was spreading her asshole for everyone to see for free and being a sex obsessed milf and now she gets upset whenever people treat her like that and now all of a sudden her family is important to her.

No. 278717

File: 1490653390849.png (Spoiler Image,159.3 KB, 750x1033, IMG_0317.PNG)

No one wants to see your saggy pancake tits Chel.

No. 279053

This is actual horror considering we know the terror that lies beneath. Also wow her tits are mad saggy for how small they are.

No. 279201


They seriously look like fried eggs

No. 280662

File: 1490877912940.png (55.22 KB, 734x439, IMG_0319.PNG)

No one gives a fuck what you think you dumb cow

No. 280819

I read that Shadman is Swiss. Meaning her attempts to suck him off were even more pathetic considering he lives on the other side of an ocean. Not to mention the loli scat guro incest porn he draws and the fact he didn't gaf about her

No. 280841


Shad has been living in America since he left the military. He just moved from Philly about a month ago.

No. 280857

Oh my bad. Thanks for clarifying

No. 280879


As if anyone wants to hear her bitch more about worthless stuff than she already does. Besides, I'm sure she'd just block anyone who didn't agree with her or she'd disable comments.

No. 281011

Lol yeah right. This fat bitch got triggered by some kids that were mean to her in overwatch. Why does she keep trying to act like she has any edge at all? The only thing offensive is how ugly she is and that sad flapping she calls twerking . Here's the post of her crying that some children hurt her feelings in a moba >>222272

No. 281019

Isn't that what her twitter is lol?

No. 281031


She always tries to act like she is this hard core bitch who doesn't give a fuck what people think about her. But the seconnd someone says she doesn't like she immediately gets triggered and blocks them and cries about people hate her for no reason. And the bitch has the nerve to complain about it when people do it to her.

No. 281130

File: 1490917595368.png (69.16 KB, 735x576, IMG_0320.PNG)

Looks like her precious Shad might be getting this ass thrown in jail.

No. 281179

>>281130 Probably all the borderline child porn he draws.

No. 281189


She hasn't been on his dick lately because of all the loli and autism shit he has been doing.

No. 281267

File: 1490925641511.png (12.67 KB, 347x161, 2017-03-30_19.58.50.png)

comments on this thread are fucking embarrassing.

No. 281416


It's disgusting that people are still looking to defend this guy.

No. 281446

I think she just caught wind of the fact that he's not actually attracted to her at all

No. 281449

I think she just caught wind of the fact that he's not actually attracted to her at all

No. 281453

About time. Hope this weirdo gets vanned.

No. 281492

As much as I have grown to dislike Chel. Shad's art isn't that bad. Yes he does do some cringey 'emo' shit comments with his fans but his art I do enjoy. Hell, he hasn't even drawn scar or guro for a few years now and only just started up loli shit in the last few months. His stuff last year and even the year before that are still quite good.

No. 281561

And besides, hate the artist not the art. I'll still watch a movie that has OJ Simpson in it even if he killed someone. And I'll still check out Hitler'a paintings before the Nazi.

No. 281566

Die lonely and unloved, post-modernist shit

No. 281573

that's still supporting the artist, so you're actually just retarded

No. 281585


So you're just a retard then?!

No. 281591

I never said anything about hating on him. I honestly think he is a pretty chill guy when he isnt having to deal with edgy guys. And besides, different strokes for different folks and clearly some people here have strokes. Good day.

No. 281650

As gleeful as I would be knowing his pedo ass could be thrown in jail, is drawn child porn a crime? I don't know where he lives.

They say that "he draws child porn ironically" (and that they watch it "ironically"). That's like the dumbest excuse ever and really makes you question the mental age of his followers. It's an excuse only an underage idiot could come up with. "Ironically"? Seriously?

No. 281660

not being a pedophile is "political correctness" to these clowns


No. 281681

It's a complete victimless crime. Who the hell cares

No. 281684


I'm not sure if it is enough to get him thrown in jail, but he is definitely on some kind of list and being watched. Although, because he was drawing photos of actual people who are children, that might void the whole "All characters I draw are 18" bullshit.

This is exactly what happened when he was in Switzerland, where he was reported to the police for the stuff he drew and they threatened him with jail time if he didn't take down his art and pay a fine. Except this time he can't avoid it by joining the military.

So yeah, I expect he may be getting a ceast and disist notice and that if he gets caught drawing children again he might get thrown in jail.

No. 281713

Maybe they found out actual child porn on his computer, after all everyone would expect it.

No. 281729

Lol now whose name will Chel write on her asshole?

No. 281731


Probably Luna or whatever other batshit crazy person she is stalking on Twitter now.

No. 282000

Unfortunately it's Roblox suing him for art, not his kiddy porn, that's landed him in trouble.
Source: https://twitter.com/nickmon1112/status/847929418748133376

No. 282013

Yeah that's the biggest surprise. Freaking shitty discount Lego whatever the hell Roblox is comes out swinging with a freaking metal bat.

No. 282020


Well that's no fun

No. 282056


>literally every character has the same exact face

>shitty eyeliner and lipstick drawn on supposed lolis, ruining the cute-and-innocent look
>""lolis"" have the physical proportions of adult women just on a smaller scale,
>pillow shading in every picture
>noses look retarded and have wrinkles where they shouldn't
>honestly seems to find a new and even more fucked up way to draw teeth every drawing
>cute but fundamentally unsexy art style ill-suited for an artist who primarily draws porn
>tryhard normie-pandering twitter memes
>absolutely terrible at drawing dirty/stained surfaces yet still seems to incorporate them needlessly into his work every chance he gets
>relies on same 4 over-exaggerated facial expressions ("sultry" lip bite, poorly-drawn ahegao, constipated-looking face of concern, smoking a cigarette at a weird/unrealistic angle between teeth and looking off to one side) in every single piece
>weird nipples
to be honest, for me it isn't even that he seems like a shit person, i just don't find his art that good.
he is quite good at drawing saliva trails though.
to be honest i dont look at porn or draw it, so im not really a good judge.

sage for being a huge autist

No. 282065

Different strokes for different folks I suppose. Some people just have different tastes.

No. 282074


I didn't mind his drawings before. They weren't exactly amazing or anything. But the constant loli and autism shit just got too tryhard and gross. I guess that's why Chel stopped hopping on his dick all day. Now all of a sudden she gives a shit about her son and wants to take the moral high ground. And yet she still has that shrine of his drawings in her house I bet.

No. 282081

i mean, yeah, but fixing things like badly drawn stains on clothes wouldnt hurt anyone's enjoyment of the work. thats just technical skill. he should push himself to fix the flaws in his work.
like, he has good technical ability, his work could be a lot better
also, i mean
>different tastes
well yeah i guess but there's still objectively good and bad qualities an artists work can have. giving the same face to everyone you draw is never a good thing even though its a cute face
i liked his hilloli set though

No. 282185

The hilloli stuff was definitely a funny gag especially during the whole shit show last year.
He did say a while back he wasn't in the mood for drawing porn. And while Loli stuff every now and then is fine by me there is a hard limit people can have for that stuff.
Also as someone in a art college he falls under the catergory of a artist who never learned the fundamentals of certain things and never pushed himself to keep getting better. While his work now is better than 2014 there is that foundation pattern he always does. It's muscle memory.

No. 282202

Ugh that Hiloli set was atrocious both thematically and artistically. Also that roblox thing is probably a diversion since he just screencapped their TOS. April fools joke? Maybe. Have to wait a day and see. Publicity stunt? Possible but unlikely. everyone is assuming he's being shut down for being a pedo. Not the kind of publicity you'd want, but then again, he wears it like a badge of honor with all the pedophelic jokes.

No. 282284

In the interest of getting back on topic about Chel. She is currently chimping out on Twitter about mass effect.

No. 282377

File: 1491084795393.png (75.21 KB, 750x597, IMG_0321.PNG)

Maybe if your fat ass lost some weight then people wouldn't mention it so much. And don't try to act like you have the moral high ground you dumb cow. It's no different than you instantly going to the "14 year old virgin" insult whenever someone isn't kissing your gross ass.

No. 282539

Not to mention his gross art tattooed on her arm lol

No. 282544


Exactly. She can't ever say shit to anyone. The dumb bitch actually tattooed that mans artwork on herself and write his name on her asshole for all to see.
~I'm a lucky girl...whose dream came true
but underneath it all...I'm just like you~

No. 285671

File: 1491500627713.png (160.79 KB, 750x1015, IMG_3896.PNG)

Chel trying to show how cool and edgy of a gamer girl she is only to get laughed at in the comments

No. 285673

File: 1491500818389.png (131.27 KB, 750x759, IMG_3897.PNG)

No. 285674

File: 1491500882155.png (135.57 KB, 750x915, IMG_3898.PNG)

There's so many comments roasting her stupid ass that I can't screencap them all. Just including some of the highlights.

No. 285675

File: 1491500970795.png (132.73 KB, 750x913, IMG_3892.PNG)

It's so funny how she thinks she's this informed gamer when really she's just a fat ass casual trying to get brownie points for being a gaymur gurl

No. 285678

File: 1491501207148.png (87.94 KB, 750x592, IMG_3900.PNG)

Last one because lmao at #saggytits

No. 285686

I kinda agree with her tbh. Don't think anyone really "roasted her."

inb4 "hi chel," knowing her she probably did just say it to be edgy.

No. 285697

File: 1491504031596.jpg (157.76 KB, 1014x1200, IMG_3899.JPG)


No. 285700


lol. She looks like a fucking stuffed sausage

No. 285702


Fucking lord she thinks she is such a pro gamer gurl that knows all the ins and outs of making video games. And she always does the same tired condescending insults where she thinks everyone is a 14 year old kid and she thinks she's totally schooling them. All that does is make her look more pathetic since she apparently, despite being a married woman and a mom, spends all her time getting into Twitter arguments with children. I'm glad this stupid cow got roasted since she never shuts the fuck up and thinks she is the big bad bitch that isn't afraid of anyone. Guaranteed that she blocked all those people so they couldn't respond to her.

No. 285707

You agree with her in what? As people have said on the capped tweets, writing and tech teams are not the same people.

No. 285709


Exactly. She is just some dumb bitch who thinks that everyone works on the game at the same time, proving that she doesn't know she and is just looking for neckbeard attention for being a "gaymer gurl"

No. 285711

No. 285714


How long until Chel finds this, sees the comments and chimps out to her followers about it? Guarantee that she'll try to turn it around and make it a "fuck skinny bitches, real gurls have curves" thing.

No. 285715

She saw it and was like "I'm used to these comments" and one of her delusional fat fetish neckbeard faggots (who was obese himself) came along to say "You look better, chel"

No. 285730


They'd actually have to be blind if they honestly though Chel looked better. She looks like a fucking packed sausage that is bursting at the seams. And of course she'd try to play it off like "I get these comments all the time, no big deal", yet she always responds to them every single time like the insecure cow that she is. And it is always with her condescending "Lol honey, what's the matter? Never seen a real woman before?" bullshit, as if everyone who doesn't like her and calls her fat are all 14 year old virgins who have never kissed a girl. Because that's easier for her ego to manage even though all it does is make her look more pathetic.

No. 285951

holy shiiiiitttt

No. 285965


"When the D in D.Va stands for Diabetes"

No. 285976

I actually laughed out loud at this

No. 285985

No. 285986

I'm so sick of fat D.Va cosplayers.

No. 286036

to be fair to her she probably sucks a mean dick

No. 286119


That's all she seems to be really good for since she doesn't seem to do anything else.

No. 286676

She actually has a couple videos of her doing that very thing

No. 286683

Same. And those lazy ass lycra suits need to die.

No. 286927


I thought that all she did was shitty twerking videos. And that she deleted all of them because people weee ripping them and editing in fart noises.

No. 287074

Nope, she's sucked off her husband in two videos. One in Mrs. Incredible and one in Quiet.

No. 287087

File: 1491680367297.jpg (Spoiler Image,511.6 KB, 1660x1660, IMG_6474.JPG)

Wow she even had one as raven too…

No. 287093


As if seeing her gross pancake ass and fried eggs tits weren't bad enough.

No. 287097

She had one as Fiona from adventure Time too

No. 287224

now I need some bleach for my eyes and some sulfuric acid

No. 287231

What's the sulphur?

No. 287245


She looks like a packed sausage in all of these.

No. 289294

File: 1491938998773.png (53.31 KB, 750x273, IMG_4035.PNG)

Lol at her saying "quality content" like her disgusting photos have ever been anything more than vomt inducing and tacky shit tier garbage you'd find on a shady backpage.
Also knee therapy and meds? When will this bitch take a hint and realize she needs to stop being an obese slob? It's wrecking her health.

No. 289528


No one gives a fuck about your shit pictures Chel. And even before all this you were bitching about how you were in a bad mood and didn't want to work on anything. You're just a fat lazy slob. Get over yourself.

No. 289535

Probably feeling the burn from all those people roasting her after she tried to call out Bioware.

No. 289564


And she tried to act like she totally schooled everyone by treating them like 14 year old virgins which only made her look even more pathetic

No. 292752

File: 1492377690695.jpg (39.31 KB, 557x157, IMG_4108.JPG)

So Chel's precious shad got sued by the representatives of the actress who plays X-23 in the Logan movie for usingg images of a real child to creat child porn and he also got his patreon shut down for child porn. This is the guy who's art she has tatooed on herself and who she writes the name of on her asshole for.

No. 292753

File: 1492377726696.jpg (74.74 KB, 1224x503, IMG_4107.JPG)

No. 292793

fucking kek, this is wonderful. bets on whether she'll jump to his defense or pretend she never really liked him that much? maybe she'll finally be as embarrassed about her shit tattoo as the rest of us are for her?

No. 292857

File: 1492391557956.jpg (Spoiler Image,548.83 KB, 1660x1660, IMG_6537.JPG)

Happy Easter ya'll~

No. 292914


She hasn't been on his dick as much lately. Bet it's because she doesn't want to end up on some list like him and have her kid taken away.


Fucking ewww. Why does she insist on shoving her fat land whale body into people's faces? Can't she just fall into obscurity already?

No. 292917


i hope shad's livelihood is destroyed after this, is there a thread on him? he seems like a cow character tbh

No. 292934

This is the ONLY pose she ever does. Can this fat sow even stand? Always that shitty bent over on all fours pose to hide her gut and pretend her flat broad ass is impressive.

No. 292936

Also when will she learn that that tacky viginette doesnt make her awful photos look good? In fact it somehow manages to make them look even more cheap. That home decor just shrieks "white trash"

No. 292947


It's because any other angle will show what a fat cow she is. She has an obvious gut and her tits are a disaster, so she does the same all-fours pose from behind so no one can see. The problem is that her flat, pothole filled ass is on full display because of that, which only retards and gross neckbeards like her think is anything but disgusting.

No. 293175

File: 1492443771731.jpg (19.84 KB, 500x226, 14224734_694117137405146_19533…)

I'm sorry but he deserves it so much and this makes me happy, I really hope his website gets shut down. Waiting for the pedo neckbeards whining "B-But he draws CP ironically! This is censorship! Damn SJWs!"
Sweet sweet justice.

No. 293181

File: 1492444771526.png (53.88 KB, 750x324, IMG_4123.PNG)

Looks like Loonie and Chel support the pedo

No. 293189

>Detailed, explicit porn of an actual child
>"Muh artistic expression! Damn SJWs!"
Is this seriously related to the Shad question? Because if so, I knew Loonie was bonkers, but defending CP? Wow, that's a new level of craziness.
These people are so detached from reality they believe that nowadays common sense is "social justice".

No. 293210


I didn't think she was actually defending him but if she is then she and Chel are seriously fucked in the head.

No. 293214

Pretty sure chel retweeted itthinking of shad

No. 293279

File: 1492455551351.png (8.15 KB, 240x240, oyeeah.png)

It's about time, his artstyle was shit anyway

No. 293756

Thats honestly fucking douche to say shit like 'i hope he loses his livelihood'. fucking christ thats like having people hope you die a slow painful death of cancer. It's his art and he draws what he wants. I dont care if he draws porn of underage characters who arent even real. its a victimless crime. no one is being hurt or damaged in anyway