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File: 1483318582966.jpg (236.63 KB, 906x653, ec4bd8512c8e2da953e3ae2b4cd4a0…)

No. 225956

Second thread here. First thread: >>213356

Her social media:

The amalgamation of silicone, delusion and failed parenting known as Luna Lanie has always been a source of lols but recently she's made it known what a bag of cockroach jizz she is due to her drama with Mariah Mallad.
It all began in Mariah's 6th thread after a twitter fight where Mariah called out Luna for being trash:

And Luna linked to mariah's lolcow thread then came to the thread herself:
Luna's greatest hits in that thread:

Luna is also known to have drama with cosplayer Kayyybear and as such hates any cosplayer who is friends with her. Luna's "reasoning" for this is found here in Mariah's 6th thread:
Kay "ripped her pants" in high school because they liked the same boy. cue Spongebob ripped pants song

Delanie/Luna is Linked to a twitter troll account that spawned right after Luna and Mariah had their twitter spat and attacks Mariah and Kay while retweeting all luna's photos:
The account's typing style is similar to Luna and similar to the posts made on lolcow in Luna's defense.

After the drama in Mariah's 6th thread Luna took to /pt/ to further whiteknight herself and the thread was moved to snow:

>Call's other cosplayers "costhots" and "ratchets" even though she sells her nudes

>Porked Alex Ramos, internet renowned trashlord and instigator in Amanda Todd's suicide.

>Rumored to have been pumped and dumped by Martin Wong

>Also whiteknights herself in her own patreon exploitation thread on anon-ib

From first thread OP →*I made this thread because a farmhand said that posts about Luna in the thread she made to whiteknight herself were derailing and that we should make Luna her own thread.

Second thread made to continue the conversation on Luna essentially scamming her Patreon clients by advertising "artistic nudes, suggestive, and fetish prints" which has since been deleted off her Patreon.

No. 225960

File: 1483318786667.jpg (96.01 KB, 590x613, dfh2364hhda.jpg)

Calls other Patreon girls like Swimsuit Succubus whores for her "suggestive" photos on Patreon but posts this right on Twitter

No. 225969

Is now trying to advertise her Youtube channel so she can make more money. Promised if she can get to 20k subs on YT that she will start doing weekly videos (please god no…also if you enjoyed videos why wouldn't you just do them? Is there a min sub amount you need to make money of YT?)

No. 226048


The video is literally her on a webcam stripping where you can see her nipples and vag

How in the world is that not porn

No. 226060

literally nothing artistic about this. She is trying to copy Zoie Burgher but at least Zoie is straight up with what she's doing.

No. 226073

File: 1483321789889.jpg (269.94 KB, 577x577, I-AM-THE-SEXY.jpg)

With a face like this, it's no wonder she needs to get naked on the internet.

No. 226077

Wtf why does she photoshop herself uglier?? Taking shoop lessons from Kooter?

No. 226079

why does she always have her mouth open like a retarded goldfish?

No. 226082

File: 1483322019333.jpg (135.78 KB, 1240x1549, 15844062_1202164409870587_7106…)

needs to keep her shooping consistent. every photo her face looks completely different.

No. 226083

>if i was thin and tall people would call it art

Hilarious because SSS is thin with legs to cieling and Luna called her a "thot". She's so mad that people are calling her what she actually is. A porn peddling slut!

No. 226084

She looks like she sniffed a fart

No. 226085

File: 1483322073499.jpg (211.96 KB, 1153x1736, 15732128_1199087103511651_3317…)

to go from this

No. 226086

File: 1483322102370.jpg (416.32 KB, 1365x2048, 15724814_10157859188925618_264…)

to this, like…how?

No. 226090

File: 1483322285753.jpg (802.32 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_1586.JPG)

I love how she kept trying to call Kay and Swimsuit trannies in the last thread when she herself legit looks like one

No. 226108


She's sucking in so hard you can see how her shoulders and chest are pushed out…

No. 226151

File: 1483325332520.jpg (144.09 KB, 879x606, 48273rhjshnf.jpg)

lol someone is triggered

No. 226154

File: 1483325432484.jpg (113.31 KB, 647x560, dfjfjhu2wy38yhhd.jpg)

also luna quit ruining characters i like and smutting them up, then turning around and saying other girls are ratchet or thots for doing the same thing but with clothes on.

No. 226157

Her tits look like flesh covered cantaloupes. Maybe next time don't get a $300 tiajuana boob job.

No. 226158

File: 1483325784900.png (72 KB, 679x750, IMG_1589.PNG)

What the fuck dis she do to her chin/jaw and why does she have a mustache? Lol at her wig

No. 226160

oh god these photoshop jobs i just can't. why don't these people that make this much money from patreon learn how to actually edit their photos properly? surely you can afford to take classes or buy books on the matter at over 10k a month?

No. 226166

This cowgirl video is killing me. I'm not all the way through it but she reminds me of someone's doped up mom trying to look sexy. I'm glad she took the time to film this video before she drops the kids off at her moms for her shift at the local strip club

No. 226168

Using children's books as a prop in your nudes, very classy

No. 226169

oh my god she dances to save a horse ride a cowboy I am done. She's not sexy

No. 226184

Make sure to downvote and flag the video for sexual content

No. 226188

Flag for bullying because I felt attacked

No. 226238

No. 226240

File: 1483337130592.jpg (319.03 KB, 1794x1216, IMG_0027.JPG)


Her own fan is insulting girls who "just wear a wig and a shirt" but half the time SHE DOESNT EVEN WEAR A SHIRT FOR HER "COSPLAYS" LOL

No. 226245

Her fans are even more retarded than she is. I showed her photos to some of the guys at my work and they laughed. Most of them said she looked insane and like an old pornstar. They all could tell she has work done too.

No. 226291

The OP photo of her looks like Courtney Love, in a bad way

No. 226342

That's what I've been thinking, a lot of the non-shooped pictures of her looks like Courtney pre-plastic surgery, but she shoops herself to look like old plastic cracked out Courtney, it's so ugly.

No. 226378

File: 1483379739916.png (1.09 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170102-125428.png)

talk about nigris 5head
why does she look like a bobble head?

No. 226380

actually i take it back she looks like a living Bratz doll lmfao

No. 226439

File: 1483388294624.png (171.69 KB, 1242x1195, IMG_3441.PNG)

Did her patreon drop over 2k in a month? Damn.

No. 226458

o shit…yeah last thread i think she was at 2.6k a week that's a pretty big loss

No. 226462

File: 1483391624974.png (409.67 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170102-161254.png)

lol then she posts this on patreon

No. 226480

So is Luna done coming to the threads to have her mental breakdowns? No more accusing the same 4 cosplayers of being the only ones responsible for any hate she gets on the entire internet, posting phone numbers and flooding the thread with Kiki level sperging?

No. 226483

File: 1483394907381.jpg (63.91 KB, 700x467, lul.jpg)

No. 226547

File: 1483401611809.png (116.13 KB, 750x848, IMG_1645.PNG)

No. 226603

You know, Momo might now be great at video games, or Nigri, but damn this bitch is on Periscope playing "Destiny" right now and the camera is legit just on her tits, and she's just dancing around flashing her underwear. No gameplay, not even a tiny box like Twitch booby streamers lmfao

No. 226606

File: 1483408511494.png (113.22 KB, 750x1114, IMG_9327.PNG)

Popped in long enough to see her sitting with her legs open (exposing her pink panties ofc), bend over and pathetically shake her ass, annnd to get this question. Camera is literally on her she could just be holding a controller lmao

No. 226611

lmfao told you. it's fucking pathetic. she's prob still suspended or locked out from her twitch

No. 226612


she even titled it "fuck twitch" omg she's so salty she got banned

No. 226615

what's up with her weird rolled down stockings? I liked how she's blaring the music through her phone so you can't even hear what she's saying

No. 226617

File: 1483410062192.png (142.9 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0030.PNG)


Did she get banned from periscope now too?

No. 226622

doubt it, it also displays that message when you're offline I think

No. 226633

yeah it displays this if offline. Either way, Luna, if you're reading this: no, you're not a real gamer, cosplayer, streamer, youtuber, etc. Anything that involves you being physically present and opening your mouth is just trash. Stick to photography and modeling, I guess.

No. 226635

The mustache effect comes from her hideous lip fillers, right?

There's something seriously wrong with her psyche.

She's spent plenty of money to make herself look like a generic porn star and all her content is soft porn. And she's apparently willing to trade sex for something she thinks will help her "career". At the same time she sluts shames like whoa. Projection much?

I also don't know how her racism fits with using ebonics (or whatever it's called nowadays). I'm usually ok with racism but hers is pretty fucking unpleasant because she's so filled with hatred and jealousy.

No. 226640


My bad then. Don't know much about the app/site so I thought it was some error like if the account or video gets pulled.

No. 226643

Like I've said before she is literally trying to copy Zoie because she saw how fast she blew up by being "controversial" as Luna calls it…but here's the thing…Zoie has always advertised herself as a titty streamer, and a cam girl. She's advertised wanting to work for porn hub. She's admitted and even video taped getting her breast augmentation. Luna will never be able to copy what Zoie does just by being trashy on camera because she's always so defensive when people call her out.

No. 226644

ugh i caught her shake her ass and it looked so flat and flabby compared to the photos she tries to post of it

No. 226646

Lol Zoie follows SSS. Luna copied SSS's old patreon just like she's copying Zoie so chances are Luna will also anonymously sperg about Zoie just like she's done to everyone she ripped ideas from.

No. 226649


Incoming rant about titty streamers now that she's trying to stream more

No. 226650


No. 226653

Please excuse my ignorance, but what the fuck is a thot / costhot?

No. 226658

Thot is a black people word for ho/slut and Luna uses it all the time.

No. 226661


She pretty much calls any cosplayer that she doesn't like/doesn't like her a "costhot"

So literally everyone is a costhot to her

No. 226666

File: 1483418417932.png (189.75 KB, 314x396, IMG_6996.PNG)

her ugly fucking lips remind me of Anfisa from 90 day fiancé lol

No. 226686

No. 226695

Thots are like Kaybear and Krissy Victory

No. 226703


No. 226725

>>Sage for off topic but
I love Anfisa!

No. 226756

Her face looks like Moomoo's in this one

No. 226760

File: 1483445228603.png (239.79 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170103-070353.png)

Well if you want to sperge about them then make a thread. Know why there isn't one already? Cuz there's no milk. Besides Loonie didn't you just admit to being a thot last night?

Oh and by the way, losing weight doesn't explain the fluctuation of your pics over the past 2 months. And if your tits were real they'd be one of the first things to go. Actually looks like you just lost all the muscle that actually made you look toned.

No. 226796

Wow this bitch is such a sad hypocritical cow.

No. 226803

That Ho Over There to be exact

No. 227094

There's milk on those two thots. Word gets around real fast in the community.

No. 227106


Word definitely gets around real fast when it's just one person with split personalities coughLunacough

No. 227119

funny how Luna likes to try to call out Kay for smoking weed in highschool but admitted in her Periscope video today that she's done shrooms. Word does get around fast when people fucking lie. It's been said in Moomoo's thread and I'll say it here; if you want to sperg about Krissy, make her a thread, this thread is for our camwhore wannabe cosplayer, Luna.

No. 227120

and for the record, I don't give a shit if anyone has done drugs, but don't give Kay shit for smoking weed in highschool which like 90% of the population has done when you used to be a giant coke whore among other drugs, and drink on an almost nightly basis for "fun".

No. 227122

Luna you always give yourself away because no one says thot more than you. And everyone you hate combined doesnt have as much shit to laugh at as you. Nice try.

No. 227124

File: 1483503609062.png (361.3 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170103-231732.png)

are you so bad at games you're afraid to show your "gameplay" then? cuz even when you first started streaming you were typical booby streamer with the game half the size of your webcam…now you don't even show the game at all and just dance on stream and flash your fake titties.

No. 227172

She's always so triggered by something. Thin-skinned old dwarf looking ass.

No. 227209

Such bitter faghags on this thread. Girl is fucking hot only purple pencils and 400 pound dudes who jack off to hentai want fat or thicc. That big booty trend is over unless your into anal sex like Nigri

No. 227210

Stalking her for a while maybe you need some psychological help for that issue

No. 227211


No. 227212

Ok Luna, we get it, you read here.

No. 227213

ive followed her a while never seen any proof of this shit and Kay has very thin skin if she needs to constantly get butt hurt over this shit to post here lol I guess it sucks being an ugly girl

No. 227214

Ahh good ol Loonie projection.

No. 227215

Ok stalker ? who's more pathetic someone who sits on this thread or a fan coming to argue with your bs

No. 227216

Luna probs got her asshole reamed by Alex Ramos, Martin Wong and that dirty looking indian guy whose phone number she posted in the last thread.

No. 227217

Not even I just think you're fucking mental like get some help

No. 227218

Hi momo

No. 227219

Momo makes 14k on patreon. Luna how much do you get for showing your implants?

No. 227221

Why are you obsessed with her I'm guessing she didn't want to fuck you

No. 227222

Momo does whale porn

No. 227223

Lol luna only gets 2k for her nudes

No. 227224

Let me know when anyone relevant cares about these ugly bitches you go on about no one fucking knows or cares who they are and all they do is buy followers likes and pledges it's provable. Patreon is a scam they load up credit cards and PayPal so stfu with trying to use that as proof of income and who the fuck cares all those bitches are so fucking gross nobody with class supports that shit

No. 227225

Ok virgin

No. 227226

15k plus money from her daddy

No. 227227

15k plus money from her daddy

No. 227228

Luna you're pressed you only get 2k for nudes.

No. 227229

Whales r us

No. 227230

She still makes more money than you luna

No. 227231

You know she's getting boyfriends to pay for her life are you that stupid

No. 227232

No she really doesn't but keep telling yourself that momo.

No. 227234

File: 1483521282296.png (82.81 KB, 933x990, IMG_5002.PNG)

No. 227235

File: 1483521390337.png (227.33 KB, 1072x1331, IMG_5003.PNG)

Monos fans lmfao

No. 227236

Momo looks skinner here(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 227238

Luna, go the fuck to sleep

No. 227241

File: 1483522048660.png (31.77 KB, 402x469, IMG_4985.PNG)

Forehead looking like Nigri

No. 227242

File: 1483522085368.png (48.97 KB, 708x587, IMG_4987.PNG)

Boobies already sagging

No. 227243

File: 1483522120696.png (157.33 KB, 1104x820, IMG_4994.PNG)

No. 227248

Curious does every cosplayer that harasses Luna get a follow by Nigri?

No. 227258

Ugly plain fat cosplayers who dickride soccer mom with bald cap are thots. Get it right

No. 227260

More like she strapped on to fuck these fags

No. 227261

They are ugly with or without clothes on otherwise they'd be known more than in the cosplay community

No. 227262

She called her out for having to suck dick to get weed lol see there's a difference than being trailer trash verses a princess who gets shit for being hot

No. 227263

Watch her more maybe you'll learn how to get real followers instead of wasting your money on boughts

No. 227267

File: 1483529288389.png (115.93 KB, 1125x1758, IMG_5006.PNG)

I call it a SHIM that bowling pin shaped body gets me every time

No. 227270

Musstash I bet she's hairy as fuck

No. 227271

File: 1483529520503.png (40.12 KB, 901x367, IMG_5007.PNG)

Get a nose job looks like Rhonda used your face as a sparring partner

No. 227273

Kaybear getting fat like Nigri I bet they going to Miami to get Brazilian butts so they can draw in all those guys that like anal

No. 227291

why does the constant sperging in this thread only happen in the middle of the night? this is the only thread i have seen this level since Kiki holy fuck

No. 227292

lmfao they aren't sagging you fucking virgin she has small REAL boobs delanies only look "good" cuz they're silicone

No. 227293

not everyone feels so swlf comcious they need a nose job like you loonie

No. 227294


Loonie's drunk posting time? (At least I hope she's drunk when tardraging.)

No. 227295

yeah cuz dudes have hips…wtf all your "insults" are so fucking weak dude we can tell you sweaty virgins have never touched a boob before it's ok you want to bring in these randoms luna has gone after go make a different thread dumb fucks

No. 227296

this is absolutely ridiculous her 'fans' only hurt her by doing this shit they do know every time someone new posts it brings the thread to the top of snow right?

No. 227297

sucked dick in highschool vs sucking ramos dick and doing mad coke as an adult for fame yeah ok luna is such a pRiNcEsSsSs

No. 227298

wtf are you even talking about dude? do you even follow luna cuz bitchhas raved about how big her ass is for over a year so i guess luna is into anal too

No. 227299

…except they are well known in the cosplay community its luna everyone hates so i dont see your arguments prupose here.

No. 227348

File: 1483541282053.png (182.42 KB, 1242x1435, IMG_3492.PNG)

"Videos don't lie"

No. 227350


Damn.. That's a hank hill ass right there. And despite having such a small/flat ass she's still fat enough that those poor xs/s underwear are stretched to their limit.

No. 227375

wow so sad

No. 227376


What were you trying to proove by posting these Loonie? You're just further establishing that they look better than you.

No. 227378

File: 1483547787848.png (286.71 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170104-113512.png)

how is she so cringey to look at in these videos she posts if she takes a dance class?

No. 227381

She took a class and still somehow dances like an old white dad at a barbecue in her "sexy" video???

No. 227412

>bowling pin shaped body
Are you seriously insulting someone for having naturally wide hips? What the fuck?

No. 227423

File: 1483555864559.jpg (218.97 KB, 800x1200, IMG_1721.JPG)

Luna was just sperging in momo's thread about swimsuitsucubus being "32 years old" and "short and stumpy". Why is she so obsessed with SSS? Must hurt to look 15 years older than someone who is 32.

No. 227426

File: 1483556010899.png (110.3 KB, 749x639, IMG_1723.PNG)

I love how she shit talks Kay's nose when she has this honker

No. 227427

File: 1483556103860.jpg (476.74 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_1724.JPG)

Keep talking shit about Kay's nose and forhead Luna as if you have any room to say a damn thing.

No. 227429

File: 1483556237217.jpg (27.13 KB, 600x338, IMG_1725.JPG)

Remember how Luna sucked Alex Ramos dick for drugs and e-fame?

No. 227430

she looks like a 45 year old woman who keeps trying to get plastic surgery and makeup to hide her age but it's just making her look older.

No. 227433

Luna's "insults" are so pathetic and just highlight her own insecurities.

No. 227435

File: 1483556691215.png (151.12 KB, 750x1207, IMG_1727.PNG)

Luna's going Loonie in momokuns thread

No. 227461

File: 1483560977292.jpg (93.28 KB, 675x1200, IMG_1720.JPG)

Why is her skin so terrible? All that plastic surgery and you cant afford some proactive?

No. 227525


I hate Luna but her skin isn't too bad I don't think? It just looks like she doesn't moisturizer or wear the right foundation for her skin type imo

No. 227528

Hormonal acne (usually what adult women have) cant be helped by proactive. There's not much that can be done about it. Acne is not a hygiene issue. I mean it fucking sucks to have, if you could just wash your face to get rid of it then no one would have it. I'm not too familiar with this cow but her skin looks fine in that picture anyway.

No. 227535

Her skin isn't too bad but it does look really fucking greasy.

No. 227548

yeah you can't hate on anyone for acne. I'm more disturbed on how fucking ginormous her mouth is in this picture tbh

No. 227551

File: 1483571822718.jpg (63.7 KB, 603x655, 42649shdfhsd.jpg)

However, you can hate her for this thirsty ass shit. This is live right now.

No. 227553

Her skin would look better if she colored her hair a darker cool toned blonde. That banana bleached blonde doesn't look good on anyone. It clashes with her skin color

No. 227554

File: 1483572278822.jpg (68.04 KB, 509x546, djhj238ur.jpg)

lol she literally says in that video "All these cosplayers want to say my ass is flat but look at this, and I still have better cosplays than all you bitches."

Luna, way to prove on Periscope you lurk here you fucking pathetic bitch.

You REALLY need to chill on these lip fillers before your mouth explodes.

No. 227557

File: 1483573513453.jpg (41.84 KB, 584x300, 4837y2hdjhad.jpg)

lol sorry luna you're not quite relevant enough for 3 threads here but keep being effect by your thread and your lurking and i'm sure you'll get there booboo

No. 227561

Love you guys for being so salty and making my day <3 I am just going to be even bigger slut for you all to bitch about everyday ;*

No. 227573


why did you go for 90's wannabe playboy chic when you chose you tits and lips?

No. 227575

bitch you sit here and post about yourself

No. 227580

You thought bitch

No. 227583

No one is proud of you for being a slut. Hope you find a beta for an exit plan otherwise you're going to be homeless very soon

No. 227584

it's ok guys she is just doing the old Kiki trick to make it seem like that's the first time she's ever posted on her own thread :')

No. 227585

This is funny do you think we support Luna because of cosplay stupid cucks she's getting $$$$$$$$$$ despite your rants

No. 227587

You thought bitch

No. 227588

Why don't you ask her via twitter since you stalk it nonstop ugly biych

No. 227602

File: 1483580163219.jpg (78.05 KB, 629x768, received_10202556407788789-1.j…)

Very proud of my girl. She's only getting better; while you jerkoffs sit at your computers talking mad fuckin shit about someone who has a solid heart of gold.
You mother fuckers believe you know what's up behind screen. Well i'll tell you this much, just like every poster om this forum, everyone talks and it's because of some closed minded fucks like you she lost renown in the cosplay community. But thats ok because with every setback comes another opportunity to do better and thats exactly what shes doing.
So just remember, for every time you look up at the evening skies and see a waxing crescent above your head, know that it will always be her smiling down on all your sorry asses.

No. 227612

go away beta boy, do you like Luna because she reminds you of mom back home in the trailer park?

No. 227617

All the whiteknights are luna. They all talk the same. So sad.

No. 227621

Stop trying to act like you're a different person Luna. You've been shitting up 5 threads. Two momo threads you've been caught acting like a retard in, 2 of your threads and that pathetic thread you made to white knight yourself a while back

No. 227622


what's flatter the worbla or her ass? For anyone who couldn't enjoy earlier

No. 227628

Mariah swimsuit succubus kaybearrr and their minions probably Alex and raquib he'll maybe even nigris trolls are the ones posting endless shit in hopes of making people from supporting but it's done the opposite.

No. 227630

She has a perfect body the thing is you girls are either fat as fuck or look like creatures I can see why the jealously but try to calm your tits

No. 227632

File: 1483582172545.png (56.34 KB, 750x605, IMG_9341.PNG)

*I got my red dress on tonight
Dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight
Got my hair up real big beauty queen style
High heels off, I'm feelin alive*

No. 227639

File: 1483583001735.jpg (88.23 KB, 639x595, dldh374.jpg)

the funniest part is how you don't even show the whole story. you want to act like nigri gives that much fuck about luna to sit on her page and stalk her shit, so you post this screen cap to make it seem like she just interjected herself in the convo…yet fail to mention this person who tagged nigri and brought her INTO THE CONVO that Luna was CLEARLY SUBTWEETING ABOUT HER because she's such a salty, jealous cunt :')

No. 227645

Admin can you move Luna to /pt/?

No. 227648

when you arch your back but still have no ass. kek.

No. 227651


She's a literal FREE camgirl lmao

No. 227652


She wants to be black so bad omg

Her projection of her hate for Kay, her constant attempt of "ghetto" language, her constant attempts to twerk, trying to make her lips half the size of her face. Jeeeeezzzuuuussssss

No. 227657

She really should be in /pt/ the sperging and delusion is unlike any cow ever posted here.

No. 227658


Holy shit this video was so incredibly cringey. Can we get this saved as a webm? She thinks she's being so clever but you can see how all this is really eating away at her since she can't shut up about it hahahaha

No. 227661

How the hell does she have a "heart of gold" when she is constantly posting hateful things about cosplayers on every social media she owns?
If this is truly what she thinks of herself, she is way more loony than we thought

No. 227662


I don't think they were talking about Nigri with that heart of gold shit

No. 227666

Betas will say anything for approval from internet bimbos

No. 227670

She looks like pixyteri here

No. 227671

Looks like Luna had an opinion.
Clearly it shows Vincent intentionally bringing in Nigri & Raychul Moore as something tp compare. Don't think Luna's intentions were to offend the two.

No. 227672


She didn't just have an opinion though because she turns around and does that exact same shit /cough/ Martin Wong /cough/ and who knows how many other boyfriends she's had take photos for her.

No. 227673

pretty sure they are trying to say her 'beef' with nigri is why ppl in the cos community shunned her but really luna took it upon herself to dissociate herself from the community BECAUSE she didnt like nigri

No. 227676

Luna makes an ass of herself daily. The community shunned her for being a pathetic mentally unstable shit starter

No. 227677

cmon…she insulted the polaroids on patreon and everyone knows nigri started that trend. half lunas ppl dont even get physical merch just digital bs you can see her tits on her twitter even why pay $100 for that all youre supporting is giving her a free pass to do as she pleases even if it means acting like a huge cunt and being super sexual yet talking down to others that do the same

No. 227679

She's a bigger "thot" than everyone she insults. It's clear she is desperate for attention and validation hence why she gets so obsessive about attacking others doing better than herself.

No. 227680

Is she actually blowing Ramos in that pic?? LOL

No. 227681


Seriously. Like how many times did she poorly attempt to shake her ass in that thong in her Periscope video?

No. 227689

actually Raychul Moore started the entire polaroid thing and was on patreon before anyone. Jnigs started hers after Luna's and Raychul.

No. 227691

Martin wasn't a serious boyfriend just one of her con fuck friends. Martin Never took softcore porn of Luna like Ryan does. How do you know so much? Sounds like you are Jigs fat fuck dad.

No. 227692

Didn't Luna Lanie like Jessica Nigri? I mean I know they met, but what happened since?

No. 227694


Holy how dumb are you

Wanna check back on the first thread where kimchi posted DMs of Luna admitting he was her boyfriend or are you too stupid to do that too

No. 227695

>> tfw you're in the same league as chellbunny

No. 227697

Jessica Doesn't like any competition and got annoyed people called Luna the next Jnigs

No. 227698

Oh yeah j.nigs implants sure where shaking in her boobs when Luna came on the scene I'm sire

No. 227700

Not living together and didn't even date publicly. Ryan and Jessica are cringe material for days

No. 227701

All popular cosplayers shake their tits. Just watch that cosplay show.

No. 227702

I think this is everyone's jam for tonight:

No. 227703

File: 1483588472207.jpg (61.6 KB, 599x382, IMG_1738.JPG)

Luna used to kiss Jnigs ass for e-fame and is mad that Nigiri didnt but her bullshit

No. 227705

idk who Raychul is but now that you say that I do remember Nigri started hers a bit later than most. I remember the whole announcement video for it. but i will say nigri puts way more time in her shit than luna does. could be from her having more money and more physical help, but the content produced blows luna out of the water. and she was doing it all (minus polaroids) before she even started a patreon. but this thread isnt to shit talk nigri. she has her own thread to sperg on.
luna tried getting close to jess and met her but i think whatever happened with luna and martin caused nigri to dislike her. nigri has been friends with martin a long time but its not like hes the only photographer she uses either

No. 227706

obvious who you girls are that talk shit about luna since all these threads were created after luna dragged momokun the whale. I unfollowed all of you costhots. XD XD XD sad cosplay you have to pick sides nowadays from jealous small tittied hoes with horse faces.

No. 227707

im sure nigri caught on fast that luna is a pathological liar and huge attention whore

No. 227708

After breaking up with martin to date alex again for the 100th time Luna said she hated the cosplay community because they all treat fans like shit and act high and mighty like celebrities when they aren't anything.

No. 227709

actually the threads were made because luna posted moomoos thread and her ip address was caught sperging in moomoos thread and white knighting herself. the ppl who are here i guarantee visit multiple threads and are not anyone in her "communities". except maybe moomoo since she spergs her own thread

No. 227710

Oh yea and they have weird swinging parties after the big con dinners

No. 227711

She was in california sucking my dick for 4k oil money

No. 227712

lol well yeah if you only get to know the ones who got their fame the easy way being virgin weab fap material and pandering to neckbeards rather than having actual talent…yea im sure they treat their fans like shit

No. 227713

luna got noticed the exact same way nigri did, actually…whuch is kinda funny. so if you find nigri to be a scam artist and incognito cunt when luna has followed her branding almost step by step why would you not assume shes the same way?

No. 227714

moooooooo mariah moooooooooo go eat some more big macs

No. 227715


No. 227716

go sperg on moomoos thread she isnt here

No. 227717

sage for ot but idk what this means lol wtf is 4k oil

No. 227718

All this hate & animosity. Why can't we get along and accept each other for the work we put into our craft?

No. 227721

nigris circle is only like 10 ppl about of thousands of cosplayers tho so why shun an entire community. she shunned ppl that genuinely liked and supported her just because they followed nigri and she wants to talk about cosplayers giving zero fucks about their fans

No. 227723

well that is a bit ot now though since luna constantly picks on cosplayers and has alienated herself from that type of branding. she doesn't want to be considered a cosplayer anymore

No. 227724

can you show me you asian kitties for 4k oil?

No. 227725

Where is the pics of her picking on people? Never seen her tweet hate only when she is getting attacked. I would bitch people out to if they came on my shit to be cunts.

No. 227726

Shut up you are annoying

No. 227729

her entire periscope video tonight was picking on cosplayers lmfao

No. 227730

She threw a huge pathetic tantrum and attacked several cosplayers because her shit harley quinn cosplay didnt win a contest.

No. 227735

she said she was making fun of herself…? and it was a joke. Do you not watch comedy central? They pick on everyone.

No. 227738

Jessica didn't even deliver patreon rewards on time so I left and never posted anything new.

No. 227739

yeah she has a whole subreddit dedicated to that bs

No. 227741

Luna said she'd do nudes then deleted all mention of it. No wonder her patreon dropped over $600

No. 227742

She never attacked any cosplayers WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE OR SCREENCAPS OF HER ATTACKING PEOPLE. You all just lie because you wish you had her following.

She did ;) I have them and it was only for December to bad you bitches will never see them to finger yourself to them

No. 227744

Her patreon is almost 3k a week so 12k a month and even more if she does extra paid posts you guys are broke and spend all day on here. Do you guys work the graveyard shift at walmart?

No. 227745

lol then just keep an eye out on anonib im sure someone will leak them. not that it even matters her naked body is plastered all over the internet already anyways

No. 227746

graveyard shift? its only like 1130 lmfao

No. 227751

not our fault this ho always wants to.start shit and tells ppl to @ her if they got something to say then preemptively blocks them and subtweets the fuck out of them. thats what i like to call a grade a pussy ass bitch

No. 227753

You lie there are no full nudes of her on the internet no vagina dumb bitch like you want to slut shame while your fucking community promotes body positivity. You are such fucking hypocrites and all of you deserve the bad shit thats coming your way. I unfollowed Swimsuit Succubus, Mariah Mallard Kay Thomas and now Nigri who is nothing but a washed up cam girl trying to stay young. I guarantee her boyfriend makes her builds and she's getting "work" done over her Jan break. Too bad that trend of big asses is over now and only lowlifes want a Kardashian body lol

No. 227758

Last I checked its her social media she can block whoever the fuck she wants only someone fucking mental would get offended by it lol. Like you people are fucking insane and jealous and now you all are exposed and hum 11:30 is east coast time isn't Atlanta east coast, i.e. Kaybearrr Also there are NO @ so you all sit and assume she's talking about you lmfao talk about bitches with complexes sound like all the threads I've read on Nigri on ED and PULL

No. 227759

You only get 2k Luna you lying camwhore. Anyone can look at your patreon right now and see. Dumb bitch.

No. 227761

The people that support Luna get banned on here just saying its run by the people that have been bullying her so its kind of pointless to argue with idiots

No. 227762

Luna lunas nudes and pics showing her implants are worth less than Momo's groping photos lmao. Momo makes 14k and Luna out here with that pathetic 2k for doing free cam whoring shows on periscope and nudes. Embarrassing.

No. 227764

Luna is making 2900 a week you dumb cuck A WEEK not a month and I just pledged to her because of this thread I saw posted on her Facebook

No. 227765

Give it up Momo you ugly fat fuck you pledge to yourself and everyone knows it. I bet your Muslim dad is proud of his daughter being being molested in a cheap hotel room lol

No. 227766

File: 1483591652001.jpg (181.13 KB, 1242x1195, IMG_1739.JPG)

It says 2k bitch. Mad your nudes and implants are worth less than Momo's fully clothed shoots?

No. 227767

Everyone knows you suck dick for coke.

No. 227768

Lmao 2k that's it? She strips for free on periscope and thats all she gets? What a sad whore.

No. 227769

Old screen shot but nice try and it say weekly, now its at 2900 a week she's closing in with REAL pledges

No. 227772

That screenshot was from a day ago. Guess you been donating to yourself to look more successful hust like you accuse others of doing.

No. 227774

12k and has a store and this is def Momo the skank who is obsessed with money. And why always charge your fans you greedy arab indian or whatever the fuck you are scamming people with your fake likes and pledges when you're a nobody

No. 227776

Pretty sure you're donating to yourself and you still make less than Momo even though you do porn. Lol what a loser.

No. 227777


She's said herself it's not per week it's for each photo set and she only puts out content… what? Once a month? So I'd call that monthly~

No. 227779

A taco bell manager makes more than Luna a month lol.

No. 227780

Sugar daddies like myself and I don't like fat fucks with stretch marks

No. 227781


It's all over her twitter. Spend your time digging instead of blindly whiteknighting

No. 227782

>sugar daddies like myself an I

No. 227783

or, you know, NY time

No. 227784

Screenshots of her saying this because you're lying its all there in her information when I signed up, she makes 4 sets a month so yeah you lose bitches and she sold calendars something you fat fucks were too lazy to do or even deliver on rewards

No. 227785

Luna is so buttblasted that she makes only 2k a month stripping while everyone she hates on makes at least 4 times that

No. 227786


> do you not watch Comedy Central


She's literally making fun of girls who make fucking ARMOR and make ARMOR TUTORIALS. Shit she could never even DREAM of doing.


No. 227787

Guys I think Loonie wants to beat moomoos record of threads :')

No. 227788

lmfao prolly because the ppl posting here AREN'T FUCKING COSPLAYERS can you all make up your fucking mind are we walmart workers or salty models dayum

No. 227789


She wants her thread numbers to match how many surgeries she's had

No. 227790

Loonie wants to make more cash than momo so bad she's already doing shitty porn and donating to herself lmao

No. 227792

How can we get this moved to /pt/?

No. 227794

You have nothing to say when you are smeared with the truth. She put you on blast on twitter and Facebook and we are going to defend her against bullying bitches who literally can't compete because they are too busy trying to find non existant dirt on her. Lets talk about all the dirt on you guys and the fact that you all sit in group chat taking turns on stalking her 24/7. If that's not psychotic behavior I don't know what is. Maybe you are really lunatics lol

No. 227796


No. 227797

Oh the bitches are crying because they got pwned exposed and hung out to dry go tell your old lizard queen that you failed

No. 227798


> pwned

You trying to make it onto the chive, Luna?

No. 227799

Her posts are public or do you not know how to read because you obviously don't know math either. Just know that we are going to keep supporting and paying her more money and you thots less

No. 227800

Who got "pwnd"
Luna you are still an hag faced whore.

No. 227801

Do you just assume everyone on the internet has a patreon? Keep donating to yourself Luna. It's hilarious.

No. 227803

OK you're poor good luck with the fat fucking hardball

No. 227804

File: 1483592847745.jpg (2.67 MB, 1155x1732, IMG_1741.JPG)

Luna's "fans" publicly leak her gross pics all the time. No one has respect for this cheap dwarf looking whore.
No neck
Linebacker shoulders
Huge arms
Wide waist
Flat ass
Proportions of a midget

No. 227805

This makes no sense but keep projecting because its funny as fuck and I don't assume I know but keep talking in circles

No. 227807

Oh its such a body positivity community but nice picture she looks fit with pounds or without too bad you have such a poor body image yourself that you attach other females

No. 227808

OMG is this one of her nudes lol

No. 227810

>attach other females

No. 227811

File: 1483593124966.jpg (2.51 MB, 1155x1733, IMG_1742.JPG)

Wow her ass is so flat. Incoming butt implants

No. 227812

have we actually confirmed or denied if she's actually on some sort of drugs or if she's just generally stoned/drunk a lot? she always has that slurry sleepy eyedness which says pills to me but IDK

No. 227813

File: 1483593396387.png (239.18 KB, 565x498, IMG_1743.PNG)

Luna camwhores for free. But everyone else is such a thot.

No. 227830

She reminds me of Courtney Stodden

No. 227841

File: 1483599717872.png (1.22 MB, 650x975, thot.png)

No. 227845

pls stop posting this nitpick boring shit

No. 227848

Why did you post this same photo of Luna twice?

No. 227853

File: 1483602945438.png (231.42 KB, 643x537, 1483409455411.png)

>a heart of gold

No. 227856

Loonie's body wouldn't be that bad IMO. It's mostly the horrible bolt-on tits that don't fit with her general body shape at all, so they make her proportions look weird. Oh, and then there's that tacky as fuck tattoo. What does it say btw?

Her face's another story, it's sorta busted, she looks like she's on her mid-thirties, desperately trying to cling unto her fading youth. Not to mention those fucking godawful lip fillers (not that I've seen them look good on anyone).

Still, I'm saying her personality is the biggest issue. Luna, you're reading this. We all know it. You should use some of your Patreon money to get a decent therapist who you could tell everything about feeling idadequate, desperately wanting to be loved and how you have problems dealing with someone else being more successful than you. It'll pay off in the long run.

No. 227862

But Courtney is at least pretty

No. 228044

File: 1483647635671.jpg (278.79 KB, 1600x1067, IMG_1737.JPG)

No. 228045

File: 1483647695565.gif (74.53 KB, 376x362, IMG_1751.GIF)

Her nose looks like shrek's

No. 228049

at least shrek had a fairly decent personality compared to luna

No. 228052

did she pay for that nose? sad

No. 228054

She has layers

No. 228060

She just hates ugly people what's wrong with that she's doing gods work?

No. 228066

she looks like an orc. the only time she looks remotely pretty is when she has the shit shooped out of herself.

No. 228096

Commenting on her looks is just petty. I automatically find her unattractive because of her "personality" or lack thereof. She's been pulling the same bullshit for years, even back before she started cosplay and was just Ramos' girlfriend. She gets super defensive under ANY criticism, blocks and harasses people that she finds threatening to her (or back in the day, girls that fangirled over Alex) and she has the biggest victim complex yet the only reason she has so much drama around her is because she IS the OG source of the drama. All her fans want to turn around and say "Moomoo attacked first, Kay shouldn't have 'leeched' her followers after she 'bullied' her in highschool." Why are you letting this bitch get away with acting so fucking pety and immature over dumb ass shit that happened 7 years ago, anyways? If you want to keep standing up for Luna saying people change, why are you so hypocritical to call out Kay on all these old ass rumours that only Luna is spouting? I have 0 respect for this girl, and all she has for fans are serious ass kissers. I promise if ANY of you ever ONCE says something to her that is constructive criticism, she gets all defensive and says rude shit to you. It's what she does. Stop falling for her tricks. This girl used to be a good student, and took AP classes, and yes she may not have been the best cosplayer craft wise but at least she used to try, but now she's just taking shortcuts, being abusive, and acts like she has the mentality of a retarded teenager. I can't stand her, and I will never understand why anyone supports her while she continues to act this way.

No. 228105

The attacks on her looks happen because of how delusional she is about it. Did you not notice how much time she has spent in all 5 threads she's sperged in attacking other girls looks? None of us would make so much fun of her grotesque appearance if she herself didnt try to put others down to put her own looks up.
There's plenty of criticism towards her shit behavior in the 3 threads she's had. We dont only focus on how ugly she looks. That's just one small part of this dumpster fire.

No. 228116

What's funny is you all say Luna posts shit but never provide proof. Even the post that jessica stalked she wasn't tagged and to assum it's her that Luna was talking about is just teaching because you girls are so fucking jealous it's pathetic. She's a beautiful person and Alex and his fans are shitty people so they should have been blocked. Deal with it not everyone is going to like you and OMG you might get blocked but is that reason to go on rants here? You are just showing people how fucked up you are. No one has to put up with shit talking and once you provide solid proof all you gutted out windbags can take a hike

No. 228118

there's absolutely nothing interesting about this garbage bag except witnessing her nightly sperg outs while she pathetically attempts to white knight herself

can her obvious posts just be marked so she finally fucks off?

No. 228120

Oh I see you're starting early tonight, loon.

No. 228122

lol she's one of the beautiful girls I've ever met in person. Everyone shops look at you girls mentioned here I've seen you all in real life and you don't look a thing like your photos. Keep reaching maybe the reason Luna is more popular than you all is because she's more special than you basics

No. 228123

except Jessica was tagged and brought into the convo, just not directly by Luna. But nice try.

No. 228125

this is like vicky shingles thread 2.0. lahv it.

No. 228126

how do you get passed the way she talks is what I want to know. She sounds so slow and is so fucking awkward when she speaks it's like she's perpetually wasted

No. 228128

this person always saying every positive post is Luna is a fucking psycho I'd try to find out this mental case and have time terminated

No. 228129

i love how that vince kid deleted all his posts to make it seem like he never shit talked jessica in that convo to luna. i bet he's the one posting all these screencaps to defend her :')

No. 228130

her fans are just as delusional and pathetic as she is at covering her ass so who the fuck cares you're all giving her thread attention and keeping it at the top of the lolcow chain so not like you defending her is actually helping anyways lmfao

No. 228131

Jessica wasn't tagged she was mentioned but that Bitch stalks her name no stop no surprise she's insecure now that she needs more work done to keep up

No. 228132

have you not noticed that the thread will die for a day or two after someone insults her and her whiteknight fans will come in and sperg all over it for like 15 straight posts and make it relevant again? hilarious

No. 228133

omfg you grade A imbecile SHE WAS TAGGED IN THE PHOTO LIKE HALF THE PAGE UP holy fucking shit you are retarded

No. 228135

She's more popular than the other bitches like Kay,momo,SSS and only a matter of time before she's more popular than Nigri. Who cares if it's bumped the world should see what petty bitches you three are with Nigri instigating the whole assault on her character. But this also has backfired

No. 228137

literally am not one of those people. you're so delusional to yell at the people insulting luna like she hasn't made other enemies except those 3 girls, yet the only one out of that group that would ever be in this thread is moomoo. and moomoo has her own thread with all her trash so go talk about her there.

No. 228138

Jessica straight up assumed it was her because jessica was shading Luna on her twitter accusing her of using her friends I. E martin Wong for get ahead Loki don't know why this dumb bitch doesn't think we all know the games she plays like she did with Monica. She's just a super insecure person that sits on the internet seeing who writes what about her and that's been confirmed on here, ED and PULL it's nothing compared to three threads of bullshit by jealous ass minions of Nigri all they do is harassment from her and in return get a shoutout or a follow lol

No. 228140

for the last fucking time, not a friend of jessica, she has her own thread too so go sperg about her there. luna has made plenty more enemies that the 4 you keep assuming is here and holy shit can you please PLEASE learn how to fucking read because it's been posted as proof like 4 times now that jessica was tagged, @'ed, whatever the fuck you want to call it on that post

No. 228143

There's no delusion you're most likely a guy that she told to fuck off or some crazy fan that ass kisses nigri or some no name cosplayer that got blocked or maybe even her exes or some other nutcase that takes anything on the internet seriously who the fuck cares who you are your nothing but a bitterfag

No. 228144

Other cosplayers fans are the fucking worst they interject themselves into drama because that's all they can do to feel important in life. Explains why they hang out and post here

No. 228145

I'm not even a cosplayer I just come here to laugh at the train wreck. such a hot mess who's desperate for attention. this is a girl who said "no one wants to pay $100 a month to look at your armor tutorials" implying that instead of selling something useful on patreon (like tutorials) or nice sets period she struts around on periscope of all things for free

No. 228146

Not one thing any of you fucks have posted here shows proof of anything you try so hard to bait people with.

No. 228147

He deleted his account lmao

No. 228148

Luna posts here too before she even made herself her own thread (to make herself feel important.)

No. 228149

for real. i don't give a shit about nigri or any of these bitches, the "fans" that post here are almost more entertaining than loonie is since they'll all illiterate cucks

No. 228154

Why you are posting lies Luna is winning at life

No. 228155

I've got her latest Periscope video saved lol. If any con for some reason tries to invite her as a guest or company wants to worth with her (which I doubt) they're getting that video emailed to them. Do they really want someone with that sort of outlook and attitude to represent cosplay for them?

No. 228156

No. 228159

No. 228160

I loved it. i didn't know you could click back and see all of her other videos too. Check em out if you haven't anon

No. 228162

lmfao she can add it to her list of hypocritical lies if she ever does accept an invite to a con. she's stated multiple times that she would always rather go to a con on her own than be an invited guests because the con staff "treats cosplayers like shit" and she doesn't want to be stuck behind a booth all day.

kinda like how she said that lootcrate used her for promo (LMFAO) and how they were super sketchy and blahblahblah but then she just posted a promo for lootcrate with her 10% OFF CODE like a couple weeks ago

No. 228163

That's funny because they invite camgirls and pornstars to cons not ugly bitterfags no one fucking cares about cosplayers they want sexy popular famous people

No. 228164

why are YOU posting lies Luna is winning at being a free cam girl wow what a life

No. 228166

File: 1483658277118.png (194.54 KB, 750x1233, IMG_0066.PNG)



Oh how convenient.

No. 228167

lmfao you've CLEARLY never been to a convention then like this is too fucking funny you are hilarious sir. i've been to multiple cons (as a paying guest) and i've seen longer lines for fucking nigri than some of the "celebrity" guests they bring in.

seriously, it's fucking annoying cuz nigri's booth is always in the center of a bunch of vendors and all the people are in the fucking way

No. 228168


No. 228169

oh wow that timing…THAT'S FUCKING AMAZING

No. 228171

my biggest beef with this chick is that when she went on that huge tirade against ppl that followed Nigri and blocked them…she also blocked a couple friends of mine that WERE PAYING COSTUMERS ON HER PATREON. they literally never did anything wrong, and she blocked them, WHILE STILL TAKING THEIR FUCKING MONEY like what a fucking bitch

No. 228173

What's funny is she still works with lootcrate pinkcity who jessica went after lol and lots of people in the gaming industry they don't give a shit about some jealous bitches posting lies on here why do you think you people control anything . She's funny and makes fun of everybody including herself . Maybe if you got that stick out of your ass people would give a shit about you opinion

No. 228176

she's been with pinkcity forever.
but she straight up talked mad shit about loot crate when they promo'd her for a convention and yet i guess she wants free shit so bad she's willing to promo them again 2 years later

No. 228177

Maybe get new friends.

No. 228179

Proof where's this tirade

No. 228181

? wtf does that mean they didn't do anything wrong except be fans of her that's a super dick thing to do and an even more dick thing for you to defend her shitty actions

No. 228183

Proof of talking mad shit about lootcrate

No. 228186

Proof that you're not making shit up who are these friends that got "ripped" off names please. You all must be mad as hell that she's gaining

No. 228191


Shouldn't you be prepping to lie about going to "10 countries" Loonie?

No. 228197

Poor salty nobodys shouldn't you be working on self improvement

No. 228198

why would i post people's names they are just average people …what so you can go and harass them? no fucking way psycho. i don't have to validate myself when i know what happened and it's fucking shitty for her to do

No. 228200

lol pot calling the kettle black. you all defending her are just as pathetic as the ones insulting her

No. 228202

>>228181. What I want is some mitherfucking proof give me some motherfucking proof some modeefycking proof muddier ducking proof

No. 228204

here's the proof you're an autist

No. 228205

Post it bitch because you're lying and your no good at it . If someone was ripped off they could complain but see your just making up shit again and no one believes tou

No. 228208

Maybe I have autism you are so mean

No. 228210

It's definitely loonie time.
I'm just surprised it's happening in daylight hours.

No. 228211

Coming to your town to steal your bitch tell me how pissed you are right now on a scale of one to committing

No. 228212

Stalking her shit is more loonie so go drink some bleach

No. 228213

Hi I'm a stupid bitch without a life and my job in life is to stalk the number 1 cosplay queen and then rub my clit

No. 228215

Why does Luna keep bringing up Kay and Succubus? I get her shitting on Momo since Momo publically insulted her on twitter but what have SS or Kay ever done to her? She mentioned highschool drama with Kay but is a 7 year long ago beef worth ruining your professionalism for? And as far as I've seen SS has done nothing. Every time she's brought up its just to say "SS is jealous" or retarded insults that make no sense. No accusations of anything bad being done to luna.

No. 228216

Why did you just randomly bring this up again for the 100th time it's almost like you want attention taken away for the fact that Luna is winning and you're losing

No. 228217

What? Anyway still no explination on why Luna is so adamant about bringing up Kay and SS all the time.

No. 228218

This bitch is probably sss because in every thread she interjects herself it's like krissy the stripper go sit down no one wants your ugly vag

No. 228219

Anyways no one gives a fuck about basics to answer you because they aren't on the same playing field ✋ trying to make it happen you embarrass yourself

No. 228220

This makes no sense you brought her and Kay up in your post. So why are you so obsessivley angry with them?

No. 228221

Meaning you have no reason to hate Kay and SSS. You just do so because of weird jealousy. Thanks for clearing up what was already obvious.

No. 228225

You're the one who keeps mentioning the same people, faggot. You litterally bring up the same cosplayers constantly even if they have nothing to do with the topic. Obsessed much

No. 228227

so you guys think she even has a knight here or is it all her? even on here she's following in the steps of the greats Kiki and Vicki by spamming her thread with herself and shitty comments.

let's not forget how Kiki and Vicki both hate other women and love to talk shit about them, but they also loooove to talk about how hot they are and how they're the best. waiting for "dudes who dated her" and "random cashiers" from her regular stops to start commenting.

No. 228229

I really think it's just her. Why would a random fan of hers keep bringing up krissy, kay, momo and sss?

No. 228232

The "whiteknights" all sound the same and say the same shit and trash the same 3 cosplayers. Pretty sure its just luna. They all post at the same time too.

No. 228234

can we get a check for self posting from admins? breakin a rule and all

No. 228236

Self check it. Isn't her she was hiking on her SC story all day and now is at a bday dinner with her family. You girls are ugly inside and out. Better get a guy to jizz in you so you can trap him.

No. 228237

it would also give that PROOF

No. 228238

Unlike you all she actually has people who care about her.

No. 228239

Wow Luna is posting in her thread during dinner with her family. How sad and obsessive

No. 228240

>>acting like you can't use this site on your phone

No. 228241

you do realize you can use lolcow on a phone right

No. 228244

Of course she does. She's doin it right now.

No. 228246

Those are the bitches Luna called out on Facebook stupid girl so of course I'm going to mention them and already unfollowed

No. 228247

No. 228249

No. 228250

Ok so why did she bring up Kay and SS just cuz Mariah hurt her feelings?

No. 228251

Proof that you arent posting right now, Luna.

No. 228255

Why don't you tweet her instead of sperging on here lol it's obv you stalk the shit out of her not the other way around mental cases

No. 228257

>post personal screnshot of own phone with number of obscure indian kid no one knows
>uses same insults on social media as she dows in lolcow
>posts on her twitter multiple times about her threads
>self white knights and sperges in her own threads.

Has there ever been a stupider cow in lolcow history than Luna Lanie?

No. 228258

Because they posts the most shit and everyone sees it stupid

No. 228259

No. 228261

Do you have a plug stuck up your ass? Omg here you are obsessed as fuck over someone you're jealous of yet can't provide anything except insults. I'm so glad you bitches got exposed because general public and average cosplay fan doesn't give a shit about catty shit posted here only girls that can't and don't get attention and fame they think they should have would post here

No. 228264

No one follows those bitches or cares they are ugly as fuck

No. 228268


Because this is the only place Loonie will talk without hiding and blocking people. Even if she is spewing nonsense

No. 228269

I think Luna's new thing is replying "proof" even when it's not relevant lmao

No. 228273

How many times will you make a useless reply to the same post not answering the question? You sure are triggered by such a simple question. You must be really jealous and feel really insecure when you see these girls since just asking why you dislike them sends you into a Loonie fit.

No. 228274

No she's too famous to have anything to do with you I know you want to believe you matter that much but you really don't but hold on to those fantasies girl

No. 228275

Luna go back to family dinner

No. 228288

I'm from the Mariah thread and I didnt actually know Luna got her own thread after the disaster in the seventh expansion thread lol.

I'm just curious as to why everyone does keep bringing up SwimsuitSuccubus? I follow her on Twitter and I've never even seen her bring up any sort of drama. Like at all for the last two years?

Did she have a bunch of drama in the beginning of her career or something because I'm sure she didn't even address anything to do with the conflict when Mariah was sperging on Luna.

It's not an attack or blatant denial, I'm sure Susu isn't an absolute angel, it's just that I've never even seen her subtweet someone before, I'm almost sure I've seen her go out of her way to avoid all the drama, like not being online until a good ten hours after the drama happens or not responding to or retweeting Mariah or even favoriting her passive aggressive posts. I just can't find any dirt on Susu.

No. 228293

literally all we have ever found on Susu is one mention of Luna about how they used to be friends, and Luna supposedly stole her Patreon layout and blocked her. That is it.

No. 228297

File: 1483666926538.jpg (86.65 KB, 640x478, IMG_1622.JPG)

People bring her up as an example of how other cosplayers should aspire to act since she has 0 drama and admits to being a sex worker versus being like Luna and calling it "artistic nudes" or like Momo and calling it a "cute groping set" while getting all defensive.
This is the only interaction ever found between her and Luna that was even slightly negative. Had to dig it up from the previous Luna thread. No one knows why Luna attacks her so much. Not even Luna or her lackies have explained.

No. 228305

File: 1483667854257.png (49.05 KB, 750x342, IMG_0781.PNG)

Too think this lone tweet triggered luna hard enough to say shit like this

No. 228324

Nobody brings her up except herself constantly posting here all the time go back to India ugly bitch

No. 228327

Positive it's that sick fuck of an ex boyfriend who posts this shit no one cares about her make another thread if you want but stop bringing her ugly hairy ass up all the time

No. 228329

File: 1483670829016.jpg (70.94 KB, 735x490, IMG_1736.JPG)

Look how triggered you are lol
>no one bring her up
Like you dont mention her multiple times in every thread. And still you have no good reason for your obsession. Anyone can scroll up and see your comments.

No. 228330

Who Alex Ramos? He's a piece of shit but do you really rhink he comes here whiteknighting for Luna?

No. 228332

No one is triggered just saying she's always bringing herself up when she's literally a nobody but you're welcome to your wrong opinion

No. 228333

Swimsuits boyfriend cuck stop trying to make ramos happen his career dead

No. 228334

Litterally who?

No. 228336

You just said Luna Lanie called her out on her facebook and thats why you've been here whiteknighting and insulting kay, momo and sss. Keep up with your own lies Loonie.

No. 228338

Haha you mean she mentions herself in every discussion god can she be more thirsty for attention sss you're boring your video was a joke you have as much personality as my dog

No. 228339

File: 1483671378029.jpg (147.28 KB, 1200x799, IMG_1719.JPG)

Did she shoop out her nipple?????

No. 228341

Its public go look for yourself are you stupid because you just brought them up again and literally no one fucking gives a shit about them

No. 228343

This is horrifying. She has to be on drugs to think this looks good, what the shit.

No. 228344

Luna seek professional help

No. 228345

File: 1483671620000.gif (248.61 KB, 300x167, IMG_1764.GIF)

No. 228346

Why the fuck has nothing been done about all this blantant samefagging?

No. 228347

It's not against the rules unfortunately

No. 228349

i just searched and couldn't find anything so someone is lyingggg

No. 228351

Of course not because Luna is here whiteknighting her self as usual. She made no "call out" because even she knows how insane she'd look bringing up cosplayers totally unrelated to Momo's twitter and facebook attacks.

No. 228352

File: 1483672308659.jpg (187.79 KB, 1242x2022, IMG_1735.JPG)

Luna: brings up same 3 cosplayers in multiple threads to trash them
Also Luna: "why do you keep bringing up these NOBODIES NO 1 CURR!!"

No. 228353


She has nothing to call out in the first place lol. Only her own behavior

No. 228354

it's not unlike her though. she did it to people before and posted their names on her fb when her twitter got suspended temporarily essentially giving her crazy fans the go ahead to attack them and then when she realized she just locked herself out and it wasn't bcuz her acct was reported for harassment she deleted the post

No. 228357

8. Do not post threads about yourself in /pt/ or /snow/. Do not deceptively post about yourself in existing /pt/ or /snow/ threads as a way of attracting attention.

No. 228362

File: 1483672844261.jpg (59.7 KB, 706x960, 11903969_856406081113090_14069…)

she honestly looks so much better without all the makeup. i think the biggest thing that has been making her look older, to me personally, is the eyebrows? idk that sounds weird but she's posted photos recently that seem makeup free so it's the only big difference. oh and i guess thinner face. this was only from a little over a year ago.

No. 228364

File: 1483673266961.jpg (66.4 KB, 478x544, 4723947hdj.jpg)

So that's 2 years in a row she's said she was going to NYCC and then bailed last minute so let's see how she sticks to her promises this year.

No. 228366

She still liked Jessica in this video. At around the 7:40 min mark

No. 228367

Wow, she actually looks really good here. It's sad seeing her recent selfies compared to this.

No. 228370

it's like all the bitchiness and saltiness just festered in her face and aged her in the past year

No. 228376

File: 1483674499970.jpg (92.31 KB, 495x459, 4728fuhfsh.jpg)

lol she tried to ass kiss Ryan back in the day too apparently

No. 228470

You all are tbe physco bitches not Luna

No. 228471

No proof just lies

No. 228569

I was told they hooked up being in the club scene in Atlanta maybe that's the issue not cosplay. It wouldn't surprise me she's such a slut

No. 228570

Yeah they knew each other on Facebook before he dated Jess

No. 228571

File: 1483721326157.png (226.77 KB, 1125x1382, IMG_5017.PNG)

She's better now I disagree

No. 228572

File: 1483721360859.png (220.45 KB, 1125x1467, IMG_5018.PNG)

No. 228573

She's much younger and sexier than Nigri he made the wrong choice lmao

No. 228574

oh shit I totally forgot that he was even living in ATL it's been so long. It seems like everyone in that community is a little incestuous in terms of who they hook up with. That's kinda gross though cuz she was barely legal when Jess and Ryan first started dating o_O

No. 228575

I mean if he DID hook up with Loonie it would've been before she was even legal and he's almost 10 years older than her so that's pretty fucking creepy

No. 228576

agree to disagree then. Those lips are just awful for her face. She looks like she has a perma-stache since they are so duck like they constantly shadow under her nose. Too much filler

No. 228578

although I agree that she looks good in this photo, she said she's been dieting and lost like 20-30 lbs…you can tell she lost some of it in her ass, but how can you deny her tits aren't fake when they haven't changed at all. Boobs and ass are usually the first things to go when losing weight.

No. 228581

why does the floor molding get larger and bend weird between her waist and her arm? That dent looks rather unnatural…this still reeks of photoshop considering how much of her skin is still pouring over the top of the band on her bra on the left

No. 228582

no defined waist here in selfie

huge dip in waist here in staged photograph but only on one side?

No. 228592

Ugh so many red flags in this video.

Says she's excited for Star Wars and likes Star Wars yet admitted to not seeing the movies until a couple weeks ago.

Says Momocon is her favourite convention, yet later that year releases her "I was harassed at Momocon" video, with multiple eyewitnesses (Katie Cosplays, Lindze Merrit, Monika Lee, among others) said that she was just asked to cover up because it was family day and her ass was hanging out of her skirt. She over-reacted to the staff and freaked out, which is why she was escorted out.

As soon as she released her Momocon video, and it reached enough outreach, she places ad revenue on the video. It's all about that $$$

Still ass kissing to Nigri and other cosplayers; so whatever happened between them must've happened sometime in the late Summer/early Fall.

Says she's single in video but her and Alex were actually dating then?


No. 228598

I never said her boobs aren't fake I said she looks better now

No. 228599

This is sad why bring up stuff that's 2 years old it's been rehashed before. If the video is before momocon happened it makes a better case for her telling the truth about her experience there. Meg Turney, Nigri and others supported her so those other cosplayers came in after because they are associated with the convention. Hell monika went to Georgia Tech so her opinion is bias since they put on the convention. Cosplayers always say they are single when most are married so I fail to see the scandal even if she was dating but was this video during fananime? She was definitely with Martin at this convention and from then on until SDCC

No. 228609

The shoop is terrible in this. Her knee looks like it was chizzled away. Also, her arms have never looked that small in any other photos. And the left side of her torso has a bend that looks extremely unnatural.

No. 228614

She's too skinny in her snap and Instagram stories can't believe she's trying to lose more weight

No. 228616

I see slight shop in her waist but the rest is her.

No. 228624

So what if she lost in her ass it was fat and not in proportion to her frame. The only people attracted to big asses are rappers and fatty worshippers. She use to complain about Hollywood wanting her super thin maybe she got the message.

No. 228636

because she always brags about how big and nice her ass is, the only reason I said that. She's white I don't expect her to have a huge ass booty haha

I actually liked her curvier :/ when I first started following her she was breaking the mold from these other cosplayers and I supported it; she wasn't super skinny like Jessica but not "thick" or bigger like Ivy DK and the others…just right.

No. 228638

I just feel like she doesn't understand how to properly train…she got mad at her trainers at Equinox cuz she said they made her gain weight but my guess is that it was because they wanted her to build muscle. I guess she figured out with dieting and just doing cardio she can get the results she actually wanted.

No. 228640

I think the arms looking different is just shadows. She has lot a lot of weight in a short amount of time. But it doesn't look like she shooped her waist. The right side looks really jagged and weird because of it. Nothing too insane though compared to past photos

No. 228642

video was posted mid March.
Only reason I see significance of her lying about being single is because of the beef she had with Nigri posted above seems a bit hypocritical. Actually, the Momocon video is around the time that she started to act really closed off and started detaching herself from the "cosplay community", isn't it?

No. 228649

Delanie, if you're reading this, I'm sorry if people were mean to you in this community and caused you to turn your back/turn cold towards anyone that associates themselves as a "cosplayer" or finds friendship in those you've deemed your "enemies". Petty comments aside, you're a pretty girl and you've proven you're talented and working to grow and get better. But you can't continue to treat people the way you do, and think it won't have any backlash on you, because people don't like it when people act superior to them, and don't like when someone acts disapproving of someone following their dreams when that someone is following the same dream and deems it OK.

I don't personally find this thread has any milk or warrant to continue, until someone does an IP check and CONFIRMS that Delanie was indeed posting here before she outed herself. Otherwise, the rest of this thread is just randoms sperging, and it's bringing other people into the thread that don't belong here, either.

No. 228658

White trash

No. 228672

She was single in march of that year and was starting to go to conventions so what you're saying about her comment to jessica a year later is irrelevant. She went to wondercon after this video met martin, Jono, elyse etc . People dwell on her starting shit when it's others who starting attacking her after she broke up with Martin. I'm sure he told Nigri he was used because he was hurt she went back to her ex. Martin is very preachy and has a very high opinion about himself but if he didn't want her selling his pictures or using them to promote he would have done something legally by now. I wouldn't call it kissing ass when all cosplayers try and get attention from people more popular. Look at jessica putting that ridiculous tweet from the rock in her banner on twitter. Also going out and having sex with guys isn't dating it's called being 21 or 22. what Ryan does is what hughley, vamps, Moore etc do to their women. Is it distasteful? Maybe to conservatives but the cosplay community is more liberal so it's an acceptable thing to do.

No. 228675

No it's when she was the most popular and tons of people in the community sided with her. She distanced herself when she moved to California that's when she unfollowed people and changed her pages to Delanie Frances

No. 228681

i mean i guess if you plan to continue using your image like that as a career even after you settle down with someone you'd rather have your spouse taking those photos instead of a rando photog friend. the only logic i can see in that. but idk the only couple i genuinely enjoy is lindsay and her hubby zach. i've met ryan a couple times since he's been with jess and he's always been kind of a dick and definitely favoured paying fans over ppl that just wanted to say hi to her

No. 228689

Again with blaming the victim lol. There is nothing except a post she made about kaybearrr over a year ago. I've seen kaybearrr @ Luna many times after that post and Swimsuit and Mariah, krissy and other lewd train girls join in. They are snarky because she called them out for stalking her socials and it's true, look at the people posting here, they aren't casual they are haters. I can see why she turned her back the community its full of catty attention seekers and if someone gets more than the other they can't handle it. I looked up that gaming koala person and she is one of Nigris biggest fan girl went all over Reddit defending the fittea scandal. So yes I do think after hearing how Nigri followed Kay after Luna called her out In 2015 is suspicious but I deferred judgement until she followed her ex Alex right after it was said he was with her only days before. My guess is he did something luna kicked him to the curb and he contacted nigri or vice versa. Had she not followed him I'd say Luna was being paranoid but nigri has history of petty shit with cosplayers I think she felt threatened when Luna was getting popular in 2014 and 2015. It's also obvious after momo went after Luna Nigri started following her again and interacting. This is my observation people can disagree I don't have a horse in this race

No. 228699

> and you've proven you're talented

how is clicking "buy now" on premade costumes a talent

No. 228700


You guys don't realize that martin didn't give 2 fucks about her just like everyone else didn't give 2 fucks about her

that's why she had to fuck him for photos

so when they split he didn't go crying to anyone because he didn't care

No. 228701

How do you see all the racism and disgusting things Luna/her lackies have posted in the various threads and still whiteknight this hard? This all started because Luna/her fags came to 2 mariah threads to shit it up with racism and retarded insults then created a thread JUST to whiteknight Luna.

No. 228702

The drama between Kayyybear, Mariah and Luna wasn't even that big of a deal until Luna sperged out in several threads.

No. 228706

More like they did it to make her look racist and pretended to act like her doubt she would ever say anything racist publicly or anonymously.

No. 228707

All they want is cosfame that's why they dickride every cosplayer and tried to dickride Luna in the beginning

No. 228708

of course she would never say anything publicly because she's not that dumb. I'm assuming they made that "Hunter Thompson" twitter too? The same night the thread defending Luna started here? To send themselves racist shit? Makes sense.

No. 228714

Wouldn't surprise me I know both of them from HS and Delanie kept to herself and was quiet but so fucking ugly and thick waisted like a raccoon. Kay was hotter but bullied a lot of girls and guys with her hipster friends in the art hall. She cut herself and made up scenarios that never happened like getting raped behind the classroom trailer.

No. 228716

She wasn't here that's probably Momo trying to get in good with the lewd clan.

No. 228717

>she reminds me of a 30-year old stripper named CoCo that gives out sad footjobs in the back of her '96 Honda Civic.

No. 228719

Change the subject again so jealous

No. 228720

Unless you're martin you don't know shit I love how all these random anon think they know her personal

No. 228721

Plus they act like the dude is a catch when numerous 4chan threads have him as a duck sucker

No. 228723

You kind of remind me of a salty bitch boy that thinks you are creative but end up fucking your mom everynight

No. 228724

It does when your a petty no known bitch trying to get on Nigris dick for that attention

No. 228726

lmfao i am the gaming koala you cuck and i am the one who just posted how i met them both last year and ryan was a total dick. yeah i was on reddit and i reported that fake page that was harassing ppl including nigri but idk how you took what i said as defending her on that

No. 228727

why do you reply multiple times to the same post? No one believes you're multiple different people.
looks like it's LOONIE TIME

No. 228728

thick waisted? every single photo ive seen of her young she looks like she weighs 90 lbs?

No. 228736

You're the only bitch who isn't a legitimate cosplayer that stalks Luna's shit like to the point of obsessive. You also posted on Nigris Reddit about Luna back in early 2015 so bitch please you are either a sick twisted over the edge fan of Luna's or trying to get a follow like the rest of the thot team

No. 228740

bitch please. Luna followed ME, a nobody, first, before anyone even knew who the fuck she was. Sorry I get salty about some fake gamer bimbo that does a follow for follow train on me and all my friends then turns around like "I am so popular. I am the queen of cosplay. All other cosplayers are just a bunch of dumb thots."

And to THINK I believed this stupid bitch when she apologized to me and then lied to me and said someone else was using and abusing her social media? After she posted photos of me and my Twitter online telling her fuckbois to attack, report, harass me when she got herself suspended from Twitter? You are fucking right I have a vendetta. But I posted that shit like 8 months ago. Then to come into Momo's thread and see someone is posting my shit up here too when I never even heard of this site until a couple weeks ago? Fuck outta here.

No. 228741

It wasn't a fake page your girl scams and lies and tries to fuck over any competition she sees as a threat. Fucking joke when she's never made any of her cosplays except boobybra ones everyone knows she doesn't do shit for herself. And why are you still stalking her shit psycho bitch you said she was blacklisted from cons yet she was invited so gtfo thinking your the authority and her business

No. 228743

Where did she even remotely say that miss projection. You're so fucking jealous anyone can see you're one of those mental people that get salty over unfollows. No bitch she unfollowed everyone last fall that had anything to do with cosplay. Your friends fucking buy likes rt and follows that's sad

No. 228745

You're a fucking psycho because you felt attacked after being called out on your shit talking. You started it bitch and you know it then you post how attack you were but there's no proof any of your socials got deleted. Seriously go get some treatment and stop stalking her every fucking day

No. 228746

adastra26 on reddit you all can look for yourself I am done defending myself from these cunts when I keep getting dragged into shit I have NOTHING to do with. People can clearly see that I tried to defend Nigri, then listened to the facts, and backtracked my argument against her on the promo bs. Secondly, I posted the Luna shit right after she attacked me on Twitter cuz the psycho searches her own name (just like Nigri). All I said, without @'ing her (the bitch had 80k plus followers I never thought she would even see my post) was "ugh that dumb Luna Lanie chick keeps showing up on my TL complaining about fake gamer girls isn't that exactly how she got famous?" cuz um…that's exactly what she did.

No. 228747


because he knows literally everybody and everybody knows him

thats why loonie tried so hard to ride his dick in the first place

No. 228748

my friends? It's fucking twitter. I have never met any of these girls. the only one i talk to is kay and she has never once tried to sway my opinion on luna. even when i decided to trust what luna said about someone abusing her site. so sit the fuck down

No. 228749


So defensive. Hit a nerve there Luna?

No. 228757

File: 1483740831328.jpg (159.15 KB, 592x926, 7834hd.jpg)

why even bother lying about this shit. I called her out. She was hella rude to me. Then she kissed my ass afterwards. So why would any of you think that I would bother to make shit up. She should've deleted these tweets like the ones she had that said "sorry I don't game all day and let my ass cheeks spread" and calling me a pussy bitch, etc. Whateverrrr

No. 228762

File: 1483741178498.jpg (24.28 KB, 587x152, 47ehsfjhsj.jpg)

No. 228764

So that doesn't say she wouldn't attend if she was invited lol You people try so hard and it's like Nigri hated in camgirls and pornstars then turned around and gave backhanded compliments when she had fuckboy filming softcore porn to get more patreon sign ups . Cosplayers aren't politicians kek

No. 228767

You're so triggered I bet you live in New York and you suck vincent The hispanics dick all day. Dude is one of the biggest creeps on the con scene

No. 228768

Um…yeah I've posted multiple times I live in NY and Luna knows that too since she's asked me. But I spent the entire convo arguing with that little fuck face he was very much on Luna's side not mine?

No. 228769

and for the record, I also posted the above because this thread has gone to shit and unless they can confirm Delanie ever posted here aside from the one time, this is PULL level. So kindly hop off muh dick

No. 228770

Go back to your group chat people I'm sure with the amount of serious patreon fans and full time jobs you have there are better things to be doing with your time. Btw there's video from wondercon showing martin in the background taking pictures before she fucking knew who he was

No. 228777

Luna was just on periscope doing her free camgirl shit lol I'm sure her whiteknights are here

No. 228779

o I know they are. Or one is. Her fans are the same as Alex's were, fucking psychotic and take it to a whole new level. I really, personally, don't think Luna would be on here because she can get others to do all her dirty work. However, I am getting really sick of being dragged into this shit over and over when I haven't spoken to or about this chick since October. Really frustrating.

No. 228780

The thing I want to know, truly, is how people can see all the shit she has deleted; convos with people she hates now, the post regarding Kay bullying her is gone, etc…and not think, even just a little bit, that she's trying to cover her ass? How naive can one be.

No. 228781

Then just stop posting. You too, Luna.

No. 228814

Covering her ass over what? Nothing is ever deleted on the internet so if it ever existed like you say it is it can be found. But it doesn't exist and bringing up drama constantly that happened over a year ago trying to make it revelant is just Kay trying to start drama or her lewd group. If you don't want to be offended get off the Internet at the very least stop stalking her shit. If you think she's shading your friends get over it because it's a free country. She's too pretty and has a large fan base for some mediocre cosplayers to try and go after. If if nigri was behind it she's lost the popularity she use to have a few years ago. And don't even try to pull up her fake numbers she's been called out on YouTube botting and other shit.

No. 228816

And to add no one except catty bitches give a shit. Men fan over beautiful woman do they care about this "she unfollowed me" "she called cosplayers thots" hell no but they'd pay to see you mud wrestling each other

No. 228825

Luna was the one who brought up the drama. She's the one constantly posting random bullshit and lies about others publicly to her social media, posting shit about Kay, SSS, and attacking others but brands it as "being real". It's not called being real, it's called being an asshole.
None of those girls confronted her first, she makes the first move and looking for attention. The screen shots are up there, yet you continue to be in denial. The ONLY times the other girls say anything about her is in retaliation. I'd like to see even one screen shot of kay, SSS, momo, or whoever is brought up in this thread shit talking Luna or anyone else first. If Luna didn't constantly start drama she'd be a nobody (she still is tho).

Bad attention, good attention… who cares right? Doesn't matter because any kind of attention is all she needs to make her feel good about herself. She's a person that will never be happy with herself and always live with a feeling of inadequacy. I hope she finds the help she needs rather than coming her to constantly defend herself. It's more sad than funny, really. Truly.

No. 228845

except tweets CAN be deleted. there used to be an app to track down deleted tweets but you can no longer do it. just like you can no longer track fake vs. real followers on IG now that FB owns it. Only twitter has an up to date audit function. But go ahead and believe what you want

No. 228848


You seem to be confusing men with brainless pigs. Some actually have a brain. You wouldn't know thought because that's all you associate yourself with Luna

No. 228849


or "beta ass pussy males" in your words

No. 228850

You keep posting the same shit but never provide screenshots then you try and spin it as if they were deleted. It's not drama it's jealous no names that hate someone who got cosplay fame so fast and then decided she didn't like the people in the community and guess what it doesn't matter. There's nothing scandalous about her except hating on ugly bitches that deserve to be roasted

No. 228851

If it had of been important someone would have screenshot it so tell me another bullshit excuse why you have nothing

No. 228852

Many of those pigs follow you momo but keep posting I have all night to argue with trash

No. 228864


We know because you argue against your schizo self every other night Luna <3

No. 228866

ITs been every night this week so far

No. 228870

but…like…I just…can you really not read? the things that WERE screenshotted and LATER deleted are all over the past 2 threads? i just don't understand how one can be in so much denial. even if you like her, the proof of her starting all this drama is still up there regardless if you think it was warranted or not?

No. 228872


No. 228876

This chick acts like she's a fucking Targaeryen but really this bitch is Cersei through and through

No. 228879


I had tons of screencaps that weren't even posted in the last thread from her major meltdown last year. I deleted them because they were just wasting space and now I wish I didn't

No. 228912

So why not find those magical screen shots and post them here.

sage because this thread is a fucking dumpster fire.

No. 228914

I've relinked them dozens of times I've done as much work as I can do the scroll button is right fuckin there

No. 228952

We know you have nothing new to say but certainly are attention seeking momo

No. 228955

All I see are someone's attempt to paste a bunch of there own tweets on top of a picture of her. God you people are truly retarded

No. 228958

One tweet to Kay over a year ago and she's still bitching about it but what do you expect from someone who cuts themselves

No. 228961

Ok you're admitting to saving screenshots of hers? That's fucking weird. Ha "I was building my case against her but my walmart hp couldn't hold everything so I had to delete the file" you realize if it was something she posted publicly everyone saw it and doesn't care. Why do you think cosplayers are role models?

No. 228964

Ok this whole thread is that dumb Reddit bitch can we move on now that we've proved she doesn't know shit. Says Luna is blacklisted from cons. Luna gets invited to cons. Says Luna is racist because she used the word thot and ratchet . Basically is being racist herself by saying those words are "black. In addition to calling her a host of other insults way more salty than anything Luna has posted to anyone in the cosplay community

No. 228968

Luna is racist though. She calls black girls niggers.

The only cosplayer who does that is maybe Nigri because of her Nigri Please slogan, but at least that's not outright saying it. Luna is racist on a whole other level

No. 228975

Really? Show me or is this another one of your "deleted" screenshots. Also please don't copy and paste your crazy all over one of her pictures that's called being a lunatic lol honestly girl I think you have a hard on for Luna but I don't think she swings that way

No. 228978

I think gamingkunt Reddit bitch is actually Nigri or Jason Chau without eyebrows

No. 228990


I screenshotted to laugh at what a pathetic excuse for an attempt at a defective Barbie Luna is with my friends because holy FUCK she is the stupidest person I've ever met and god damn her screencaps gave me some good laughs

No. 228991


> why do you think coaplayers are role models?


No. 228992

No. 228995

delulu loonie

No. 229017

It's blubber time its true fatties hate themselves

No. 229018

Barbies hot you're not go get some plastic ugly bitch and delete your life

No. 229019

You've met her? Really I thought you said you've never met her

No. 229020

Anyone else feel like this is mostly one person conversing with themselves? When proof is asked, only excuses are given. It feels like this is just some dead cow someone's prodding because it's boring. She has an eccentricity negative personality and is rude, so what? Compared to others, she's pretty dull and just another cam girl.

No. 229023


Did you not read the word "defective" or can you not read either Luna

No. 229024

I'm not Kimchi lol

No. 229025

Yeah it's gamingkoala pushing all these threads because she's posting from Bellevue hospital

No. 229026


> she's pretty dull

uh did you not see her half naked psychotic breakdown on periscope

No. 229027

Let me know when you get new material fag

No. 229028

Why do you think entertainment and milking fanboys is a breakdown are you a virgin

No. 229029

File: 1483767261167.jpg (104.93 KB, 399x939, 4.jpg)

Anywhere here's some more for your """heart of gold"""

This is all still public btw

No. 229030

File: 1483767277654.jpg (129.91 KB, 586x940, 2.jpg)

No. 229031

File: 1483767320790.jpg (77.3 KB, 727x394, 3.jpg)

> calls people retarded then wants people to be nice and not say the word crazy

No. 229032

File: 1483767401192.jpg (91.79 KB, 798x597, 5.jpg)

Tried to get Monica fired over a Twitter spat because Monica defended Lindze getting attacked when Lindze said Luna's Momocon video was bs.

No. 229035

You forget lindz went after her first for posting the momocon video. Like literally came into her mentions but of course you don't post that because you samefagging the same bullshit over and over. If you're going to come after Luna be prepared to get fucked which is why you hide here and don't @ her anymore. Can't wait until she reposts the video again every year before momocon especially now since her following grows larger. 18k plus new fans on Facebook this week alone and almost 200k on Instagram.

No. 229039

I literally said that in >>229032 you fucking idiot

No. 229040

Really it was bs a year later where was she when meg turney and jessica nigri was defending her the year it was actually posted. All of this people your sopping over are bff with the people running momocon lmao

No. 229041

Who the fuck cares those cosplayers are fat like momo and everyone know fat chicks hate themselves more than anything

No. 229043


None of her followers are even in the convention scene. Look at the comments they leave. They don't know what the fuck cosplay is. They just see a half naked girl on social media and click "follow". Don't kid yourself by thinking she has the SLIGHTEST influence in the convention scene.

No. 229044

Oh so it's ok to be a bitch to Luna but if she defends herself she's the bad guy? This is funny get lost gamingturdgirl you're batshit crazy

No. 229046


How the fuck is attempting to get someone fired defending yourself

What the actual fuck are you on

No. 229047

You can't combat loonie with logic. She doesn't understand it. It makes her brain fry.

No. 229048

This con hasn't been relevant ever >>229046
Monikas a bitch no one likes her

No. 229050

You can't expose shit and that's why you all keep spinning your lard. Anyone she's called out deserved it but still doesn't explain how pulling up shit from April is new dirt

No. 229051

I guess that goes for all the pornstars like Nigri too because that shit she posted in December was nasty

No. 229053


New milk happens appears damn day. You asked for old shit that hasn't already been posted OR deleted and you got some.

No. 229055


She showed less than Luna tho so what's your point lol

No. 229061

This person also didn't pos the tweets where Luna accused Lindze of being a pedophile and sleeping around on her husband. Then Luna cries about defamation like a hipocrite

No. 229075

Showed less? OK your darlin Nigri is joke now because of that crap she posted all month. Everyone knows she's one bus stop away from chicken ranch lol

No. 229076

Again no one cares about fat married cows she's been milked move on

No. 229077


> implying Luna was ever anything more than a laughing stock with silicone

No. 229078

Well since Luna appeared on here her numbers have increased on Facebook Instagram and moved up to almost 12k a month on patreon maybe everyone should be exposed here it's good for business

No. 229080

Where are your fantasies coming from cuck she made a laughing stock out of your friends

No. 229081


You seem to know a lot of details about that Luna. Sure you aren't funding your own patreon?

No. 229082

No I think Nigri holds that title

No. 229084

Really like how gamingkuck knew so much maybe I'm her split personality sperging out of control

No. 229088

Also I know addition unlike the fattie who kept posting that she was making 2k a week. I bet you all and by that I mean the one person that keeps this thread alive is pissed that Luna is getting invites to cons

No. 229089


You know you can condense you comments into a single post, right?

No. 229099

Luna does this to look like multiple different people whiteknighting.

No. 229100

Fagtards want to believe they matter to Luna and not just their cats

No. 229107

File: 1483779590480.png (166.08 KB, 901x1401, IMG_5021.PNG)

Who let this cow become popular and what's with the blue contacts in every picture. Girl MySpace called hey want their mermaid ghetto kween weave back

No. 229119

looks cute

No. 229123

She looks fine but did anyone notice the goddamn cuts on her arm? I didn't know black people did the cringy emo shit.

No. 229128


???? yeah black people are well-known for never suffering from depression or self-harming for any reason. Div

No. 229130

lmfao wow, again, gamingkoala here, and haven't checked this thread in over 12 hours. you guys are fuckin nuts why you so obsessed with ME when i have only posted her a handful of times? you jealous that luna used to slide into my dms or something holy fuck

No. 229131

i find it absolutely hilarious that you all think only one person can hate someone who is in a media spotlight. keep on hating haters.

No. 229135

jessica nigri:
2 mil on IG
500k on Twitter
2.7 mil on FB
1 mil on YT
makes over 25k/month on patreon
twitch partner

please continue to tell me how much better and more relevant Delanie is…please. No one has to even like Nigri to be able to do the basic math.

No. 229150

Agreed except early on her likes on fb were bought and now inflated cuz of it

No. 229153

She still buys likes. Likes on photos don't flucate from 2k likes to 30k every other photo?

No. 229173

the only fluctuation I see in current photos are photos in cosplay get more likes than her in civ clothes which to me would make sense cuz more ppl would retweet and share coeplay photos over photos of her with her friends

No. 229174

also have yet to find a photo on ig less than 19k likes?

No. 229199

She actually makes over 50k on patreon

No. 229202

sage for ot but damn if that is true she makes twice as much a month as i do in a year lmfao

No. 229302

You almost have to pay for promotion on Facebook now to be seen

No. 229303

What do you mean?

No. 229305

Nah when she first started she was at 6 to 8k a month then all of a sudden jumped to 20k. She's definitely doing something to make herself look more in demand. When Sarah jean Underwood started her patreon it started high and has maintained and she's more famous and attractive than Nigri and she makes less money …. yeah right

No. 229307

What I meant to say I believe she was at 6800 for a couple months then it jumped up for no reason. During the time she wasn't doing much of anything for her patreons and people were complaining on Reddit .

No. 229313

Tbh I wouldn't be surprised if her patreon was like a money laundering thing. Actually I would because money laundering requires effort so nvm

No. 229322

Sarah jean Underwood stopped being relevant like 10 years ago
It's sad how much you idolize her Loonie

No. 229332

Idk she took down the thing that says how much she makes a month…but considering how huge a following Nigri has all around the world I really wouldn't be surprised if she were legitimately making that much because she had a lot of spots open for her mid and high tier slots (that charge $40-60) so with over 3.1k pledges it's actually more surprising to me she doesn't make more. she must have a lot more $1-20 pledges. plus nigri doesn't charge for access to her snapchat, and gives discounts to her fans on her store. i know she's done questionable things when it comes to promo-ing and shit but to me it's pretty believable she makes so much

No. 229333

Facebook has completely tanked the outreach on business and fan pages, which is why out of the 100+ pages I follow on FB, the only ones I consistently see are bigger companies such as IGN or Sony, etc. I am subbed to a lot of cosplayers and shit but none of there stuff ever shows up on my feed. I think the posts have like a 6% reach or something stupid unless you pay FB money to boost it now.

No. 229338

listen, I get why people accuse Momo of this shit because of the way she treats her "craft" and takes care of herself there's no way someone making almost 15k a month can't take better care of themselves, or produce better content. But Nigri also started her Patreon at $1-20 pledges and then expanded it from what I remember, for a while I even remember having a $100 tier, so her jumping from 8k to 20k in a couple months doesn't surprise me at all with how big a reach she has.

Now, Momo making 15k/month and barely having ANY reach and still is confirmed 60% of her twitter following is bought? That is the suspicious one.

No. 229342

The math on Luna's Patreon doesn't add up at all. If you add up all her pledges and their amounts it comes to $2,130.50…where did $800 magically appear from a week?

No. 229358

From loonie pledging to herself out of anger that everyone she shits on makes more money.

No. 229446

She supposedly has millions of fans yet has only 3148 on patreon lol.

No. 229448

Kind of like Nigri lol. ok what about Laci Kay Somers and I'm not Luna but I mention them because on graphtreon they were newcomers to patreon

No. 229450

For example Laci only has 121.6k YouTube compared to fake nigris 1 million yet she's bringing in 32k to nigris 42k a month. I venture to say Nigri has been boosting her numbers for a while and she probably have half of the fans she would like people to believe

No. 229452

This lewd group are like yapping dogs pretty soon the dudes who support them will be over the same boring photo sets and move on to real cosplayers

No. 229477

Nigri isn't more relevant than pentatonix who are also on patreon. nigri is so insecure and has to look worth it that she's literally paying taxes on donating to herself. What a fucking idiot

No. 229483


literally who?
she looks like iggy azalea got burnt in the tanning bed

No. 229515

They all make more than Loonie

No. 229516

Patreon is for losers

No. 229569

good cuz delanie isn't a cosplayer anyways just a bimbo that likes to where a tshirt and wig and pose in lewd and suggestive images

No. 229571

never heard of any of these ppl they keep bringing up to try to make their points "relavent"

No. 229572


yeah they're just bringing up random instagram models now lol

No. 229574

again i am afraid youre likely wrong. she doesn't even have her monthly income listed anymore so how would any of you even know shes making 50k

No. 229576

or she boosts more ad revenue? cuz despite nigri putting up content semi regularly she could just possibly not be using yt just for money. i mean i don't get slammed with ads on her vids like i do with sssniper wolf

No. 229666

Real cosplayers look like my aunt Bessie I'm all for pretty girls who dress in sexy costumes

No. 229669

Talking about patreon pledges just showing laci has less fans but is probably making the same amount as nigri. I'm sure nigris YouTube gets flagged for adult content plus didn't she get in trouble for not disclosing she was getting free stuff to promo for advertising. >>229572 one is a dj and gamer and the other was playboy playmate and graphtron shows everyone's patreon numbers even the ones hiding them

No. 229670

Nothing as disgusting is momo people subbed to her need to be put in front of a firing squad

No. 229682

i guess the difference is momo still calls herself a cosplayer and delanie doesn't but then neither of them admits they are essentially selling soft core porn

No. 229692

something happened with fit tea and there were claims she was using her mail videos and pretending fans were sending her this shit but it was actually company promos. but then the whole thing fell off the radar and i haven't heard anyone bring it up again.

i'm sure some of her numbers are inflated but her following on IG at least should be fairly accurate as IG is the only one that tries to delete bot accounts and inactive users on a fairly regular basis. apparently even huge celebrities like Kim Kardashian buy followers which I find even more ridiculous tbh

No. 229697

I just really can't understand even with Luna having a way hotter body than Momo that someone would pay upwards of $200/month for basically just lewd snapchat access and digital prints. I guess we'll just have to wait to see if she delivers on all the physical merch she's planning for her top tier Patrons. Otherwise you're paying like $100 more a month for nothing lol

No. 229705

Luna doesn't put it in her description that she's a cosplayer but she was invited to the same convention in Mexico that Vamp and Monika attended a few years ago. Any idea on who her Spanish speaking male companion going with her will be? People on her Facebook were telling her Mexico wasn't safe and she said she was bringing him along. I hope it not her ex Alex Ramos isn't he Mexican?

No. 229708

Yeah but what does she do in that hour of private skyping lol

No. 229710

I mean she essentially cam girls for free on Periscope and Twitter so no clue what she could possibly do on Skype lmfao

No. 229713

I'm a little concerned too because I thought Kay was also invited to that convention…it's easy to dodge people when you attend for fun but when you're invited you are usually around the other invited guests.

And Ramos might have Spanish heritage but I really don't think he is actually Spanish to the extent he can translate for her. Also some parts of Mexico are fine. I'd be more concerned for her traveling to other countries because she acts so weird in public sometimes and it might be considered disrespectful or offensive…I get a little cringey watching Jnigs travel videos sometimes because of the things she does especially places that are considered very "sacred" like how she acted at the vatican or in Japan in the shrines

No. 229714

Is it La Mole? Cuz I don't see her name on the invited guests list

No. 229717

I've seen Luna at cons and she's only goofy acting & social during interviews and meeting fans. She tends to being aloof and serious when the camera isn't on her.

No. 229721

good. I hate people that act stupid and disrespectful in other countries, I mean at the convention is fine just don't be weird out in public if you don't know the culture lol.

also if it's that Big Toys Expo they pretty much only hire booth babes it looks like…which is kinda sad to see that Monika stooped that low with her talent. Vamp does it all the time so that doesn't surprise me.

No. 229724

maybe that's why she bothers me is because it's all a show; her quirky, fun, nerdy side…

No. 229732

I had to go find it on her Facebook but it's con comics tour in Guadalajara I think Holly Wolfe was also invited because I follow her but I don't see Kay. La Mole is in Mexico City and that's sketchiest location I believe

No. 229749

Anyone who is in the public eye has a professional way of behaving doesn't mean they're fake

No. 229751

So yeah maybe she doesn't say she's a cosplayer but she's still doing cosplay lol

No. 229769

except you would expect normal people to act more professional and serious in the public eye and more quirky and fun out of it…loonie does it the other way around.

No. 229770

oh I've heard decent things about Guadalajara…yeah Mexico City is very sketchy. I think Kay was invited to one in Mexico but I also might be thinking of this past year, not 2017.

No. 229777

i mean she can call her modeling what she wants and if she doesn't want to associate herself as a cosplayer that's her prerogative. but at the end of the day if you're dressing up as a fictional character i'm sorry but that's cosplay so don't go around talking down to or insulting cosplayers and get defensive when someone calls you out for doing the same shit lol

No. 229800

i don't see luna on this guest list either lol

No. 229896

Well her Facebook said invited to it I'm sure she's charging a shit ton which is why I heard she doesn't get invited to cons

No. 229900

No it's not plenty of actors, carnival workers, broadway musicians, street acts, promotional models dress up in fictional characters and don't have anything to do with cosplayers. Now there's the influx of playboy, cam girl, pornstar gamer that are cashing in on the trend. I would call yaya and others like her close to wardrobe designers and Nigri a soft porn / lingers model as long as we're labeling

No. 229906

The thing is the lewd crew copied her, went after her fan base, and had their fans or maybe even them sign up on her patreon. It's the only way you could be getting the information momo posted when she went after Luna on Facebook. Of course momo deleted those lol. I've never heard of Luna going on anyone's patreon and posting patreon posts or private dm like Nigris group. And yes they are Nigris group of minions, it's not the first time she's gone after a cosplayer she sees as a threat. Also didn't Nigri call cam girls and porn models shitty names on twitter? Seems like either people change their mind or are hypocritical depending on whether you dislike them or not

No. 229911

idk momo does a lot of shady shit. but if you're going to accuse nigri of shit like that where are your receipts since you all constantly want more proof than screenshots whenever someone calls loonie out for something?

and yes, i agree the paying to infiltrate someones patreon and steal their content is fucking dumb, and personally if i hate someone the last thing i want to do is give them money.

no one copied anyone, if you want to go there, cuz they all did the same exact shit and luna did the same thing in nigri's footsteps or yaya or any of those bigger well known cosplayers she ass kissed before she got bored with it.

i really don't think nigri gives a fuck about luna…or really any one in that community for that matter. maybe momo but that's only to try to deter attention from the shitty things she does

No. 229913

I mean I guess but she still called herself a cosplayer the other day so idk what the fuck she wants to identify as anymore. She flip flops her brand like every month.

No. 229939

I think Nigri cares why else would she follow Luna's ex lol. and I'm not saying she's friends with anyone everyone knows she uses people to appear friendly which is why I like Luna better. I don't feel she circlejerks and was the reason she called people out. You see the same "fan" cosplayers on these girls feed kris kittle is one I can think of quickly. I'd rather a cosplayer be real with fans than trying to look like a group of high school cosplay groupies

No. 229945

All of Luna's stuff is posted on anon-ib and here

Found both sites in less than a minute just googling "luna lanie nude"
No one needs to join her patreon to post her photos and laugh at how bad they are.

No. 229950

you say you'd rather someone be real with their fans but then luna goes around slut shaming and calling others costhots and gets involved with drama…even if someone else started it why instigate? she bs'd and said she's a passive person who hates drama so why feel the need to do things like, idk, subtweet about someone spending their time cosplaying when their dad is dying? i think shes just as bitchy and catty as the rest. yea id rather have someone be a bitch to my face rather than nice to my face but a bitch behind my back…but what id REALLY like more is for them to just not be a bitch at all

No. 229951

instead of just believing every insane conspiracy she comes up with, the way more likely answer as proven by reddit is dudes take turns paying for her content and share it with their "bros". and there are plenty of dudes that have gotten butt hurt over her payment system to do that.

No. 229953

File: 1483904994266.png (206.65 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170108-144901.png)

kinda like how she says lolcow is a female only website and only girls can post here…lmfao

No. 229955

If you click that link you get virus/adware FYI and I've seen those nothing new has been released since she kicked off a bunch of weirdos. One dude threatened to kill himself , next day is at twitchcon then few days later Nigri is liking his tweets. I literally watch this bitch daily and let Luna know if I see a person who's caused her problems associated themselves with Nigri. One day she or it could be Ryan is going to fuck up.

No. 229960

There's proof and only blind ass Nigri fags turn a blind eye to her drama. The funny thing is all these fans who defend her know about all the other even illegal shit she's done but theyre literally that retarded and usually try to change the subject. i.e. Cumonmyfatpussy.com And FYI I'd rather have someone call bitches out than think everyone sits around roasting marshmallows when the community is full of jealous cunts

No. 229967

first off you can learn to read because I said I'd rather just have someone not be a bitch at all vs how Luna handles shit and B there is zero proof that Nigri is behind this or that she even has any leverage to tank Luna's career because, as you said, Nigri has done mad fucked up shit and she also doesn't get invited to as many good cons anymore because no one wants to pay the appearance fee she charges. But if Luna is going to post naked on Twitter anyways how does it even matter if someone "leaks" something since she leaks her own content anyways

No. 229968

You mean the bros that want to get free shit lol. It's funny that none of the new stuff gets leaked and even if it does like the bikini Elsa so many people paid for them it's not really a big deal. It's not like the top tier people that pay 200 upfront are leaking the sets of 60 pictures. And I don't donate for the sets I get to text her, Skype and basically talk to her all the time. Who else does this on patreon. all the other cosplayers are full of themselves and hardly communicate at all

No. 229969

What's naked I've yet to see more than a nipple even that you have to zoom in lol. Do you know anything about modeling? Because you seem very sheltered. I consider cosplayers dressed up and having themselves groped more problematic

No. 229975

Luna is less porny than Nigri and she doesn't put up with sexual deviants and rapist like Nigri

No. 229983



No. 229989

mmm yes paying for friendship is so authentic how fast you think she'd drop your ass if you weren't giving her money lmfao

No. 229991

>> when you have to pretend you have a big ass

No. 229999

HOW exactly is a girl who has actual nude photos on the internet less porny than someone who has never posted nudes? Please, explain your logic. I really want to know what makes you think Nigri is more porny than Luna in any way.

Not a Nigri fan, btw… but this comment is still preposterous.

No. 230004

LOL Jnig has never and probably will never see Luna as a threat. Luna isn't even making as much as Momo and Nigri apparently supports Momo, so why would she give two shits about someone who is so far down on the totem pole?
Nigri isn't dumb. She has kept her top spot for so long cause she knows how to schmooze her fans and fellow cosplayers. She may be full of shit, but it hardly matters as her public appearance is what keeps her where she is.
Luna is toxic publicly and everyone sees it. Her few fans are willing to overlook it cause boobs and the hope that a big tittied girl might notice them, but those kinda fans are fickle. They're likely to do the same to any girl with similar "assets"

No. 230010

I've never ever in the years I've visted this site seen whiteknights as mentally deficient and delusional as the ones in Luna's threads. It's hard to believe anyone but Luna herself would whiteknight this much.

No. 230018

Pretty much summed up all cosplayers idiot

No. 230022


You have to pay to talk to someone wow that's sad

No. 230026

How do you know how much she makes or anything you dumb cunt. All I see is one salty bitch who got unfollowed on twitter posting the same bs. Said Luna was blacklisted from cons …fact is she's not. Hasn't posted nudes on the internet no matter how much samefags keep saying but the difference between Luna and the others mentioned is she's Pamela Anderson hot and guy's that fan over cosplayers want attainable. Why else would some fat fuck with a finger up her ass be supported by Nigri lol no competition.

No. 230027

I pay for the things she creates the friendship is a bonus

No. 230033

Where are nudes I don't see vagina or bare breasts but I saw tons of soft porn i.e. 2001 playboy style videos from Nigri lol

No. 230035

Nigri looks like a milf in pornhub videos those tits are disgusting

No. 230042

You're kidding, right?

Listen Luna. It doesn't really matter what your definition of porn is, but if you think the below images are not "nude" then what the fuck are they?

Jessica has never posted anything as nude as this, but what she does actually doesn't matter because it doesn't take away the fact that you have, in fact, posted photos of your nipple and nude body.


No. 230043

And she's still making 46k more than you, Luna. How does it feel?

No. 230045

God damn you're stupid

No. 230046

So Loonie actually thinks she has never posted nudes just cause her vag isn't showing? Uhhhh thats not the definition of nude, loonie.

No. 230051

Too bad you fucks are too ugly that all you can get money for is putting on shitty costumes lol

No. 230055

What's the definition Momo? Is it bending over so you can see vag lips like your friend who started the whole lewd term lmao. More like convention escorts

No. 230057

File: 1483914765967.png (285.34 KB, 676x502, IMG_1837.PNG)

Lina posts her tits online for free. She is so desperate for attention and validation that she doesnt even ask for money. Just being noticed is enough for this coked out slag.
Found these screenshots on google. Your nudes are so easy to find Loonie.

No. 230058

Didn't Luna bang Alex Ramos to get drugs?

No. 230059


Totes not Momo. Just a random who is baffled by your insanity.

But honestly - How come you can never answer the topic at hand? You always respond with insults about people that aren't even in the conversation. Are insults of girls you're jealous of all you have?

So I ask again: Do you really think what you're posting isn't nude? What do you consider the photos that >>230042 has pointed out if not nudes? I really, really want to know.

No. 230061

File: 1483915135889.png (1.1 MB, 584x1034, IMG_1838.PNG)

More of Luna's nudes that were posted publicly to anon-ib. Your tits are one google search away Luna.

No. 230062

What do you meeeean Anon? She's totally never posted nudes! Nigri's content is WAY more porny. It's true because she said it!

No. 230063

File: 1483915233882.jpg (339.18 KB, 1732x1155, IMG_1839.JPG)

But wait! There's more!

No. 230064

File: 1483915287071.jpg (589.25 KB, 1732x1155, IMG_1840.JPG)

Wow Luna for someone who doesnt do nudes your NUDES sure are all over google.

No. 230067

File: 1483915440261.jpg (110.76 KB, 540x720, IMG_1842.JPG)

I dont'k know what's the worst part of this photo.
That forehead
That retarded expression
The oddly placed nipples
The giant piss stain on the floor

No. 230071

File: 1483915788718.png (72.8 KB, 746x1018, IMG_1843.PNG)

Why is Luna Lanie's hairline the slope Y=-2X+1

No. 230090


I'd rather have a costume on than have nothing on like you do Loonie

No. 230096


This was her "Kate Upton cosplay" lmao

No. 230097

File: 1483918644601.jpg (91.01 KB, 1022x276, IMG_0108.JPG)


Forgot pic

No. 230098

Her face. Hahaha what is she thinking. Just crop your head off at that point or wear a mask

HAH nailed it

No. 230105

Shaped like a fridge. A psycho racist spergy fridge.

No. 230115

well so is Kate Upton, to be honest.

No. 230118

Lol you all are playing right into her game it's pathetic.The more you attack with insults the more popular she become

No. 230119

Omg we got a virgin or a faggot

No. 230120

who reported her periscope? she's all salty on her twitter right now and believes the 4 ppl she always goes after are responsible and i mean i don't like her but idk reporting her shit seems petty

No. 230121

I can answer and I'm not Luna but pick up a copy of playboy before they went nude free that's the educated answer. You reek of old semen and cheetos or Momos Stinky asshole

No. 230122

She's brilliant

No. 230123

But you're ugly as fuck so no one wants to look at you lol

No. 230124

She's skinny as fuck Raquib but it's hard to see when your dick is in that prostitute friend of yours

No. 230125

lol jealous cows like you that stalk her if course

No. 230126

File: 1483922295551.png (84.19 KB, 750x601, IMG_9367.PNG)

don't worry guys, they're going to get SO MUCH BAD PR!!!!!!!!! for this if they're targeting sweet genius Luna. as if her and her fans could really raise some big stink vs periscope

No. 230127

Luna shouldn't you be preparing to travel to your 10 countries this year?

No. 230128

can you just shut the fuck up even this 'salty cow' can fucking know that reporting her periscope is petty so sit the fuck down and save your attacks for the 50 insulting replies above me you fucking twat

No. 230135

We all know it's momo posting, then you have Kay the kutter and swimsuit suckafartass and let's not forget salty exes and fans lol. Don't you all need to be fucking your flesh lights and producing more fattychaser porn

No. 230136

You have to get banned in order to make money zoie 101

No. 230138

ok luna keep convincing yourself only 4 ppl hate you jfc defending your stupid ass isnt even worth my time just keep using your fans and riding that pity train so they give you free shit even though you live such a privaleged fuckin life

No. 230139

or sarcasm?

No. 230140

yeah i dont get how they didnt get that either but w/e

No. 230143

File: 1483924353153.jpg (49.9 KB, 608x357, 43qradefae.jpg)

What the actual fuck. How is it ok for this cunt to attack the same people over and over claiming they are bullying her, with zero proof; all assumptions…and then her fans reward her with shit like this? "Oh I'm so sad I get bullied…oh nvm I'm not sad anymore this random guy is letting me use his condo without him for a WHOLE WEEK!"

No. 230156

She's obviously fucking that guy to stay in his house.

No. 230157

Those are honestly the most pathetic insults I've ever seen. Attacking someone for self harm because they hurt your widdle feelings like 7 years ago. I don't even need to explain why "suckafartass" is a retard level insult. Luna always brings these same girls up without failwhile accusing everyone else of "stalking". She's so weirdly paranoid it's like she's on heavy drugs.

No. 230160

File: 1483925786856.jpg (387.78 KB, 492x999, playboy-loonie.jpg)

How is that even an answer?
Are you trying to say the photos you post are not like what is in Playboy? Cause I beg to differ.
Just cause you don't show vag doesn't mean you aren't nude. There are plenty of women in playboy that don't show vag.

But you've also said you don't show nipple which is clearly a lie AND you still claim Nigri's content is more like porn than your own. We all know this isn't true. YOU must know this isn't true.

Btw: no one gives two shits if you wanna post nudes. But claiming to be better than others who do less lewd stuff is moronic. Get your head on straight, ffs.

No. 230162

Don't play the victim no one cares about thots except to make fun of them

No. 230163

THANK YOU. No one here is trying to slut or body shame, all power to ppl comfortable to share their body with the world. But don't do this shit then call out others doing less revealing or non suggestive stuff

No. 230165

Luna is mentally insane. She gets fixated on anyone she thinks wronged her. This is why she obsesses over Kay for upsetting her years ago in highschool. Luna has no basic human empathy except for herself. She's viciously attacked Lay for self harm, attacked Kas mother by posting photos kf her with racist comments and in the past taunted Kay about her father's death.
She says that swimsuit girl should be killed, says racist shit about her being a terrorist and calls her a prostitute even though she doesnt show as much as Luna all for making one tweet saying what Luna fid wrong to her. One fucking tweet.
Luna is a vile narcissistic maniac and reason and logic DO NOT work on these types. All she wants is any kind of attention and validation. She will never get help and just slip further jnto her own insanity. No point in arguing with anything she says. Every time a reasonable point is brought up she goes mental. She is incapable of seeing any flaws within herself because she is actually mentally ill.

No. 230166

Sorry for typos, sent this on a tablet and my nails are long

No. 230167

im sorry your mommy called she wants you to massage her feet

No. 230168

No. 230169

Looks like you just proved >>230165 's point hook, line, and sinker. Good job, Loonie

No. 230170

this entire thread is proof

No. 230171

Wow talk about someone triggered lmfao

No. 230172

A perfect example of what I just said here.
Luna could not come up with a counter argument against >>230160 so she resorts to her usual tactic of incoherent unrelated sperging. A narcissistic nut case can't face their flaws no matter how well they are laid out before them. They always resort to any tactic they can to deny even if what they say makes no sense. There's no reason just unadulterated sperging.

No. 230175

Ok I'll type slow for the special thots posting and sperging out of control. You look mental, the fact that you post non stop and in real time of her posts on social mean you're one of those obsessed psychos. Let's see I'm guessing you're one of these ugly females white knight who fancies himself a psychology professor. Crystal ball says it's name might be Wombat

No. 230177

>I'm not Luna
>You reek of old semen and cheetos or Momos Stinky asshole

Ok Luna

No. 230179

Guys. I think Luna must be on drugs. It's the only explanation to these nonsensical posts.

No. 230180

And here Luna demonstrates another favorite tactic of a mentally ill narcissist: Projection.
Since Loonie can't have any flaws in her mind, she projects them onto others to aboid facing what a disgusting human being she is.

No. 230181

>posting nonstop

How do you explain what you are doing Luna? Everyone ignores your thread until you start sperging all over it again at the same time every day lol

No. 230183

I think you are trying too hard and all you people do is repeat the same lame shit you talk about in group chat. True we do too but let's see who keeps this thread going and keeps making new ones. Not ours it's always the haters with zero proof and when asked they have none. I've read the threads and you people are fucking insane

No. 230187

>>230181 Lol like I said totally insane

No. 230188

File: 1483927527301.png (58.62 KB, 750x657, IMG_1844.PNG)

More projection coupled with paranoia and fixation. I wouldn't be shocked if drugs came into play here considering the way she acts in this video:

No. 230189

I guessed right it's Wombat lol you're posting right in a row too and this threads been going on all day all night different times but how would you know unless you sit her all day

No. 230190

…Wombat? Luna please no one knows your imaginary friends. Get offline and get help.

No. 230191

>posting in a row
loonie narrates her life

No. 230192

Says the person who thinks having a personality is having a melt down lol

No. 230193

No. 230194

oh god she is sooooo salty towards other cosplayers she can't stop talking about them even in a video she is supposedly doing for her fans?

"I still have better cosplays than them" LOL

"Who wants to watch a fucking armor tutorial?" Uhhh everyone who isn't just there for the tits?

"Hey Haters! Shout out to the stalkers!" OMG why are you so obsessed with us??

All this was heard by me literally skipping to random parts of the vid. she just would not shut up about her obsession with cosplayers more popular than she is.

No. 230196

God you're so triggered I would say a meltdown

No. 230197

Why does this bitch always cut her hair short and immediately get a shitty ass weave put in?

No. 230198

Omg Becky did you see her ass

No. 230199

obviously you're not making new threads why would you make a new hate thread to white knight this bitch?

No. 230201

Which ones did she mention I'm deaf and only read internet Braille

No. 230202

Ask quora

No. 230203

I see 1300 new fans on that video

No. 230205

Any attention is good attention to an unstable narcisisst.

No. 230207

Trump won with bad publicity and smear tactics maybe some of us who have been fans of cosplay for a while are tired of you SJW coming on the scene

No. 230209

Also armchair psychology majors who fucking hang out on hate sites says more about your mental state than hers

No. 230214

Huh? Her hair has been shoulder length for years and they're called supermaryface clipons peasant

No. 230215

>clip ons

sounds like you're the peasant, loons

No. 230216

Sorry Caucasian women don't do weaves unless they are bald like Nigri

No. 230217

Or when you're Luna and you can't afford bonded extensions because you blow on your money on fillers

No. 230218

Oh wow original comeback did you learn that studying for jeopardy

No. 230222

lmfao yea and peasant hasn't been used for 500 years

No. 230223

I thought you said she was privileged a second ago? or was that the Asian thot

No. 230225

Luna got screwed with Periscope, now she trying to get her Youtube up and running again. Id say we should crash that party too.

No. 230226

maybe if she stopped frying the hell out of it with bleach she wouldn't need extensions

No. 230227

Who is this bitch always giving us timelines must be a ratchet cause only themselves knows about weaves

No. 230228

nah a whitey said she was privaleged idk wtf asian you are talking about last i knew asians weren't in the "costhot" group

No. 230230

>only themselves knows about weaves

wtf is this ebonics class for southern white trash now?

No. 230232

I think it was a plan to be zoie

No. 230233

If I was southern I was born in the north stupid thot

No. 230234

you write like you were born under a fucking bridge regardless

No. 230235

yeah because only blondes wear hair extensions lol

No. 230237

Maybe I was and then I fucked your mom

No. 230238

you fucking twat bleach kills your hair more than regular hair dye anyone knows this…

No. 230239

lmfao these goes luna's "only women are allowed to post on this site" theory

No. 230243


Common knowledge from a commuinity college psychology class isn't equivalent to an "armchair psychology major". Stop trying to use big words, Loonie, because you can't.

No. 230247

Well she can't monetize sexual stuff on youtube right? Didn't they remove that last year? I remember them removing monetization for a few things and adding a bunch of rules and a lot of big youtubers weren't happy about it

No. 230251

She still has twitch why would anyone game on YouTube

No. 230253

She's banned. It's a second account so she'll get banned again.

No. 230255

No it isn't she was on it the other night cuck the same old one with the old cringe design

No. 230256

Then I guess she's still just salty they suspended her a year ago since she titles every periscope "fuck twitch" HAHAHAHA talk about a grudge that's absolutely fucking pathetic and sad

No. 230258

No it's super funny and faggot keep up she was banned after not being on a year not a year ago

No. 230259

uhhh twitch doesn't ban for inactivity

No. 230263

File: 1483935187788.png (154.27 KB, 1440x793, 20170108_231143.png)

No. 230276

Yeah they do when assholes find a banner offensive stfu

No. 230277

File: 1483937805465.png (247.13 KB, 1111x1355, IMG_5033.PNG)

just your friendly neighborhoe could someone find out how much she charges(stop derailing)

No. 230278

Bahahahaha you friended her on her personal and you say she's crazy.

No. 230279

Zoie burgher does but got two strikes for showing nips

No. 230283

Soooo they banned you for inappropriate content then. Not inactivity. so… stfu?

No. 230289

Are you trying to be special? Where did I say she was banned on twitch for inactivity. Her twitch channel sat over a year and she got a 24 hour ban for literally the same content that's been up for two years. She was told it was haters reporting but does she care or use it to her advantage.

No. 230290

Why do you know every detail of Luna's life?

No. 230291

Why do you gamingkoala?

No. 230301

running out of cosplayer names to throw around, loonie resorts to random animal names…

No. 230302

She was calling someone a wombat earlier lmfao

No. 230333

game over

No. 230361

this thread doesn't show in the catalog anymore?

No. 230365

Not sure who posted this >>230263 but I am guessing whoever did is the reason her private FB is now actually private. She also deleted all mention of going to Mexico off her fan page?

No. 230415

I see it just fine

No. 230430

Must be you can only see it if you are following her personal page also. That way she can still kinda track who sees her personal page without having to make every person who wants to follow be preapproved

No. 230431

woops thought you were replying to something else

No. 230508

I'm sure regular cam sites are open, Loonie. :^)

No. 230513

105k followers on Twitter and can barely get more that 1100 likes on even her most nekkid pics…what was that about botting?

No. 230516

I know this is sage for complaining about someone having enough time to do this when I'm posting shit here…but how does she have time to sit there and follow/unfollow 200-300 people every day on Twitter. She clearly is using a bot or she is trying to do that follow for follow shit and then drops them as soon as they follow back.

No. 230552

crowdfire is the app following but it's real people. It's probably automatically done throughout a time period. If she went to webcam like NFC she'd make more money than cosplaying everyone knows cosplay fans all work at dollar store lol

No. 230553

I see it too guess you were banned lol

No. 230564

nah i can still follow her but not gonna

No. 230565

why use an app to follow ppl you dont know/dont give a shit about

No. 231128

The way she fucking talks…jesus christ, it's like she snorted too much coke and lost 25% function of her brain.

No. 231145

she says it's because of her accent. ie southern accent. i grew up in the south…i could still talk faster than 5 words a min even if i pronounced milk as meelk and said y'all all the time

No. 231167

I get how shady buying followers is but how is using a free app to follow random people to hope they follow you back, and then immediately unfollowing them any better? Yeah she is growing her numbers but I am guessing most see that 105k and verified and think they are special cuz a hot chick followed them and follow back without knowing who the fuck she even is. Doesn't seem like it'd produce authentic fans.

No. 231477

File: 1484168253891.png (Spoiler Image, 257.64 KB, 459x724, 1484194833762.png)

this was posted in a luna thread on anon-ib. found it with google. Just further proof that Luna shares her nudes publically. Spoilered because those tits are one of the WORST boob jobs I've ever seen in my life.

No. 231478

File: 1484168345582.png (81.67 KB, 267x269, Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 2.58…)

jesus christ…

No. 231483

Ok now I sincerely hope is is on drugs cause at least that would be an explanation for this train wreck

No. 231487

real boobies don't look like that lol. nvm the cockeyed nips but no boob that big is naturally that round

No. 231488

Which is worse lunas boobloaf or seres wall-eyed frankentitties

No. 231494

LMFAO. god, it's so pleasing that her tits are horrible. sorry about your nipples Luna,m

No. 231495

File: 1484171272640.jpg (5.13 KB, 330x239, nips askew.jpg)

No. 231504

also that camera don't lie she truly is built like a box lol

No. 231511

She claims she makes tons of cash so why couldnt't she buy better tits? Those implants look like they're trying to merge into a uniboob. And the nipples! Was her plastic surgen partially blind???

No. 231513

90s porno boobs, nice

No. 231516

pretty sure she got these before she became "famous"…i think the intention was "these will make me money" lmfao

No. 231518

also who the fuck even took this photo?
like why would you snap this and hit send?
the OG post said their were emojis covering her nips but the phone glitched and deleted them…even with emojis covering those this wouldn't look good lol

No. 231527

File: 1484174154376.png (544.59 KB, 1114x1478, Screenshot_20170111-143348.png)

It legitimately looks like she could just be wearing one of these silicone boob bibsbtyat drag queens wear. Except with worse nipples.

No. 231530

Samefag. *Bibs that drag queens

Typing on a phone is apparently challenging for me.

No. 231582


All hail chameleon tit

No. 231584


I call bs on the guy saying it's an old snap.

Didn't she JUST recently get her hair cut like this?

No. 231587

as one of her creep white knights said above, she always has her hair short and just puts extensions in it constantly

No. 231598

um she is saying this is fake and someone put her head on another body but her tattoo is still there…

No. 231599

also how do you explain those lopsided titties in her wet t shirt then lmfao

No. 231600

File: 1484181854244.png (630.04 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170111-194335.png)

No. 231602

File: 1484181994351.png (189.43 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0144.PNG)



No. 231603

File: 1484182049407.png (314.19 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170111-194619.png)

jfc she is telling everyone basically that kay did this without zero fucking proof

No. 231604

File: 1484182196049.png (184.77 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0145.PNG)

>completely covered


No. 231607


What happened to her hating people using the word "crazy" because "oh what if I am mentally ill"? And now she's calling someone a nutcase ? 10/10

No. 231615

File: 1484183457182.png (83.11 KB, 750x649, IMG_9407.PNG)


I went to check out her anonib thread (because I wanted to confirm her chameleon eye nipples) and she's white knighted herself all over the place in there too. couple mentions of being a crazy bitch in there too.

No. 231617

File: 1484183709738.jpg (Spoiler Image, 935.16 KB, 1002x937, IMG_9410.JPG)

same fagging one more time bc i like prodding this cow. yes your tits are fucked up looney unless someone photoshopped every picture to make them point different directions

No. 231625

it's always the right nip that's super cockeyed you can see it in all of her photos idk how she can say this is fake it looks the same as all her wet tshirt photos

No. 231628

Luna you dumdum. GO ON BOTCHED. I said it in the first thread. It will save your life

No. 231631

File: 1484186254935.png (176.56 KB, 360x961, IMG_9411.PNG)

Luna has released a statement guys

No. 231632

File: 1484186290058.png (184.4 KB, 386x957, IMG_0153.PNG)

She's….. so delusional

Delusional delanie

She seriously thinks only a few cosplay girls are the only people who hate her

She's honestly trying to play off that Snapchat as an edited photo

She thinks she can sue lolcow

This is just too much lmfao

No. 231634


> I don't always wear a lot of clothing but it's always covered

> has multiple wet t-shirt pics CLEARLY showing nipples


No. 231635

We've said it before and we'll say it again, she can't even be original as a cow. still following in the badly photoshopped self posting queens kiki and Vicky. ooh maybe they can all team up for a MEGA lawlsuit.

No. 231637

>> "I know the repercussions and hate I would receive if I posted a full nude that wasn't artistic"

No. 231640

No. 231641

Please do meet with your "legal team". We're waiting.

No. 231643

>shooped my head on a different body!!
>tattoos are the same


No. 231646

File: 1484187215084.png (230.51 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9408.PNG)

From the anonib thread, there are dozens of people on her team guys. literally dozens

No. 231649

File: 1484187250938.png (219.58 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9409.PNG)

the bottom

No. 231650

Defenses in Internet Defamation Cases

Truth. Truth may be a complete defense to defamation cases. In other words, if the statement at issue is in fact true, it can't be defamatory.

Sorry Luna…can't sue when A) It's a matter of opinion that this thread believes you got a boob job given past photos from 3 years ago vs. now

B) It was written on a social website or blog with 0 monitoring by the owner, and you have 0 proof that any specific person attacked you or posted these

C) Half this shit has been proven by screenshots and videos YOU yourself have posted and then back tracked on…maybe instead of embarrassing yourself by trying to sue, you could just start, idk, telling the truth so you don't have to keep your stories straight?

No. 231651

Holy fucking shit she is INSANE and so obsessed! Kay needs to get a restraining order on this nut job.

No. 231654

It's actually ridiculous Kay hasn't done anything she has been busy doing other shit and Luna still plays it like Kay is the one behind all of this harassing her…or these conspiracy theories that every single move Nigri does is to target Luna…she really is a fucking class A narcissist

No. 231655

Defamation Must Cause Financial Injury

In order to determine the damages from a slander or libel suit, there must be quantifiable damages. Defamation of character damages a person's or company's reputation, and it must be proven that the damage to reputation correlated with a loss of money, property, relationship or was subject to harassment that led to any of the above losses.

She's only gained money since these threads have brought attention anyways cuz she started sharing her nudes online so I don't really think she has a case. Luna, your half-assed degree was in micro-biology…I promise you that you know NOTHING about law. Stop acting like you didn't fry your brain from your coke-whoring days.

No. 231656

Vicky shingles also pulled the "THEYRE PHOTOSHOPPING MY BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS TO MAKE ME UGLY BC JEALOUS" card. literally who would take the time.

No. 231658

No one. Because it's 100% her body. She just can't tell it's really her body anymore because SHE photoshops it so much she actually believes her end results in photos is actually what she looks like. Yet her videos all have that same no waist body frame.

No. 231664

No one does because that's why cows exist in the first place.

No. 231665


Really…this is the video that got her patreon suspended temporarily…jfc I wonder why

No. 231668

when she got banned she said she was going on periscope to chat. ya tons of chatting, in all of her vids

No. 231669

No. 231679

It's clear she is only getting more delusional and mentally ill. She's starting to believe her own lies and her paranoia and obsession is trickling into every aspect of her life. Look how much she posts about this on her social media.

No. 231688

pot kettle black

No. 231698

Someone just ratted Swimsuit Succubus and Momo out as the harassers.

No. 231707

File: 1484192641375.png (1.35 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170111-224000.png)

can confirm

No. 231710

its still hilarious to me though because all of these images were taken directly from lunas webpages and soooo many ppl even before momo existed or she even knew sss has said her tits, nose. etc were fake that she is a liar etc soooo

No. 231717

File: 1484193656873.png (394.82 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170111-225942.png)

omfg it was none other than another cow, chelhellbunny sucking up to loonie im dying

No. 231719

her tattoo is still there and her silicone bags i mean tits are still cockeyed!

No. 231724

what happened to her "being too good for cosplay" and "cosplay is for losers" or whatever the fuck she has been spewing? kek

No. 231734

File: 1484194757726.png (326.6 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170111-231814.png)

shes trying to play the good guy now lmfao

No. 231735

So Luna is taking her delusions to real life now lmao.

No. 231742

File: 1484195327303.png (310.36 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170111-232735.png)

> im open to talking to anyone with namecalling

> yo but fuck this crazy stalker bitch

No. 231744

Loonie sending messages to yourself isn't proof of anything.

No. 231746

hi Luna


No. 231747

nah is was chel the fat whore that sent it lol

No. 231749

Luna wins round two against Momo

No. 231751

what message are you reading?

No. 231760

I'm fucking ROLLING this is so funny. This one a fucking dumpster fire. This is one of the WORST boob jobs ive ever seen. Bless you anon.

No. 231773

File: 1484200041975.jpg (251.6 KB, 1935x1290, IMG_0157.JPG)


No. 231777

you all say awful shit about her constantly. I feel sorry for Kay, Momo, and Krissy I would of hired a hitman from the deep web by now.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 231778

There goes Loonie with more death threats right under a photo of her making death threats.

No. 231780

they need to kill Luna for talking about Kay that way

No. 231784

No. 231802

The only cosplayer that actually supports Luna is Chel hahahahaha the same person who promotes beastiality, cartoon child porn, and tweets photos of her asshole. That's so fucking sad that really says something about the kind of person Loonie is

No. 231804

It's just Loonie trying to make it look like she's getting death threats herself.

No. 231806

Luna wins again and was that a thumb on your fat labia Momo. You're a disgusting mentally unstable cow that does porn. God the fans that support this shitshow of a group need to be nuked

No. 231807

Loonie talking to herself

No. 231809

Momo needs to go to the bacon making factory

No. 231810

Loonie go to sleep

No. 231811

We all know its you now Momo no need to hide behind anon and this isn't Luna you ugly fat fuck.

No. 231813

File: 1484208337465.png (238.49 KB, 500x342, mrrogers.png)

No. 231814

File: 1484208345284.jpg (581.78 KB, 1732x1155, 2 (1).jpg)

Her nipples look perfect but whats next Momo? We know Nigri's been behind this since talking to her abusive crackhead ex. So its great that not only does Nigri support rapists, crackheads and pornstars but also fat cows that like to take pics of fat fingers on their labia

No. 231815

I think Momo needs to go back to bombing churches, schools and airplanes

No. 231816

I think Momo wants to fuck Kay why else is she showboating so hard for that chocolate

No. 231817

No. 231819

Luna your nipples look "perfect" there because you aren't facing the camera with them.

No. 231828

Her body is okay, not enviable but not too gross– but goddamn, her face could stop an eight day clock.

No. 231831

File: 1484212202000.jpg (8.75 KB, 183x275, 1483419021666.jpg)

lets talk about disgusting

No. 231833

File: 1484212381208.jpg (9.89 KB, 275x183, 1483418942344.jpg)

Momo you look like a cow in heat you have no right to talk about anyone considering you do porn(derailing)

No. 231834

Jesus people pay for you to finger yourself in some cheap hotel room

No. 231845

File: 1484213594955.jpg (483.17 KB, 1085x811, 1484031610965.jpg)

No. 231848

Jesus Christ spoiler please.

No. 231850

I only needed to see this once goddammit

No. 231852

Look can we all just agree that you're all basically doing the same thing (pandering to guys for money, EVEN if you do like the things, you're still pandering by boudoir) with very little effort (less effort than you all should for the money let's be honest) both Luna and momo have their respective nudes out there and easily google-able which levels the playing field. I don't know what we'll do about Luna's actual insanity though but maybe after we figure out what she's always on we can get her some rehabbing and crank her out into something more useful like an actual cam girl. eventually momo too will fade away like tears in the rain. all of these cosplay girls, just shooting stars out into the universe. a blip at a time

No. 231861

Luna doesn't have her pussy out there just nip slips and the fake topless pic that was an obvious edit because no one would post that shitty of a boob job.

No. 231897

how the fuck do you explain these photos Luna herself posted then? Her nips are always fucking cockeyed

No. 232042


She's so high she forgot which picture was even going around the internet to defend herself over. She says the "real unedited picture" is the one where she's in front of the mirror holding her phone with the pizza emojis on her nips, yet this is the actual photo circulating? Also when she claims "she was completely covered" how do you explain the bra hanging around your elbows???

My boyfriend followed her on snapchat last year but then unsubscribed because he said she looks like she's going off the deep end, always partying and looking like she's on drugs. I don't think she's crazy or has a mental condition I just think she's snorting too much blow haha

No. 232043

And by the way, Delanie, you can't actually sue lolcow considering the basic rule of freedom of speech. Unless one of us goes out of our way to stalk you in real life, track down your address or try to find you, or stalk your personal friends and family to try and talk to them about you or even try to establish a relationship with them, it's not illegal to voice an opinion.

No. 232221

No she didn't give up dumbass you're going to be irrelevant by next year

No. 232228

you know she's definitely going to swear lolcow users are showing up at her house or something.
She is delusional enough.

No. 232229

You are already irrelevant, Loonie.
Nothing about you is interesting except for how poorly you white knight yourself. Actually that's getting pretty old now too.

No. 232230

most of us are already irrelevant. we're just shit posting and laughing at this cow on the internet.

No. 232234

Pussies more like it I hope she sues you guys

No. 232242

i sure hope she does too because it will not go well for her lmfao

No. 232263


That is the most entertaining part. I wonder if it's really her or a very desperate neckbeard.


Lmao. I already am irrelevant. I just think it's funny how even a guy like my boyfriend noticed how fucked up you are, considering most men see blonde hair and tits and automatically view it as "hot"

No. 232341

Your boyfriend is a fat fuck and still lurks Luna's Instagram stories lol

No. 232357

just keep outing yourself Loonie lol

No. 232362

Why do you think you matter so much that she would post on here? You have a warped sense of self to believe she would ever consider cosplayers on her level most are grotesque and lack any creativity

No. 232436


It's been proven multiple times that you post on here Loonie quit trying to cover it up

No. 232452

lmfao not even counting her hiding behind anon she legit has posted here so she obviously cares enough that she has shared this with all her 'fans' and stirring the pot with all these "rumours" which if there weren't some truth to them why care so much when making 'all that money' regardless

No. 233268

funny how quiet this thread is that momo and her thots are at a con lmao

No. 234740

You just can't let this die, huh Luna?

No. 234777

funny that it's quiet when Luna spends less time posting shit herself…oh wait

No. 234813

God forbid us farmers have lives and don't always want to talk about what a skank you are.
We'll be back to talk about your pug-eyed boob job tomorrow.

No. 234970


Just like you guys have all the time in the world to make seven threads of Mariah, right? You have time to talk and shitpost about her costume seams all day but can't be bothered to stalk Luna all day?

My bet on whos responsible for half the rants in this thread is Momo. God if it's true you really are a sad individual who just hides it so well.

No. 234974

I read this three times and it still makes no sense.

No. 234976

Someone's somehow jealous they're not the center of cow attention.

No. 234978


Ive been keeping up with this thread every time I take a shit.

No. 234992


I'm just saying you can't just say "we have lives we aren't going to stalk you all day" when there are people in other threads stalking other cows every second they're awake.

Although Luna is definitely less active on Twitter and not provocative enough so I understand maybe that's why it's so slow.

But I'm confused as to why everyone's out to say Mariah is such a shitty person yet everyone here refuses to believe she would actually be involved in this thread.

Unless everyone here is just insisting so hard to cover up who they actually are.

Sage for not really being about Luna.

No. 234994


Although there's a possibility it was Luna who started the thread because she was hoping the exposure would give her some infamy.

She said so herself that she thinks MooMoo is the one running all of her threads because it's free advertising.

No. 234996

File: 1484466733379.png (209.55 KB, 750x1293, IMG_0188.PNG)

what… are those………..

No. 235018

that is some sad looking sushi

No. 235026

File: 1484471208919.png (62.89 KB, 384x357, IMG_0188.PNG)


I think it's supposed to be Ciri's belt from the witcher but it looks like aluminum foil lmao

No. 235033

Oh god I hope you're wrong, not Ciri

(Ciri's belt doesn't have any purple gems tho, only blue/green)

No. 235035


I think the color of the gem is the least of her worries in terms of accuracy lmao

No. 235036

The real Ciri is Kristen Lanae

No. 235049

she posted a makeup test of Ciri like 3 years ago I had believed she had already done it.

No. 235050

I mean I personally have been more focused on Chel and Moomoos thread ever since Luna threw Chel under the bus lmfao

No. 235052

and I am positive Moomoo posts here. We know she posts on her own. But even the 4 Luna insists always post here are still not the only ones who do lol…well actually I never thought SSS posted here but the others maybe

No. 235367

File: 1484532745140.png (1.34 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170115-210936.png)

No. 235372

File: 1484532964723.png (572.54 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170115-211101.png)

yep she is mad you 'unfollowed' her…not because you stole her patreon model after pretending to be her friend and then blocking her on all her social media. the only person who actually tries to white knight for sss is moomoo but sss just doesn't give a shit cuz she is still successfull even with luna trying to drag her through the mud

No. 235382

File: 1484533324788.png (458.44 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170115-211835.png)

except you sent your minions to attack kay with some bullshit petty story. despite what you believe, loonie, kay doesn't control what these other girls do. if moomoo wants to force herself in and make this shit about her then whatever, but we all saw the shitty subtweets you posted about kay and her family on her twitter…you are not innocent in this

No. 235389


SSS is way more sought after than Loonie could ever hope to be and she doesn't have to flash her camel toe or cock eyed nips to do it lmfao the only jealousy is on Loonies side

No. 235390


Like Luna's completely naked "body paint cammy" lmao

No. 235392

Sss hasn't even addressed Luna's "call out" posts so I guess Luna decided to try and get a reaction by taking to her other social media. She's getting desperate since no one is harrassing SSS like Luna clearly hoped they would.

No. 235402

File: 1484535701089.png (108.81 KB, 750x581, IMG_2075.PNG)

Luna's bullshit post on twitter only got 89 likes and no response from su or anyone even @ing her about it. No one gives a shit.

No. 235408

File: 1484536614809.png (268.28 KB, 750x1270, IMG_2076.PNG)

Lmao look at the edit history of this post

No. 235409

File: 1484536652238.png (275.48 KB, 750x1258, IMG_2077.PNG)

No. 235415

Kay is so damaged she needs to grow thicker skin especially if she stalks to find subtweets that may or may not be about her.

No. 235420


LOL she's trying so hard

No. 235421

Sad isn't a cosplayer though so no one cares about her porn

No. 235428

everyone knows it's Mariah posting she has an ego the size of her fat rolls.

No. 235429


No. 235431

What a psycho! Lol there she goes trying to drag Kay into this mess again. Guess she edited that out because it would give away her little obsession with Kay.

No. 235433

SSS is porn not cosplay the only company who would work with her would be adult industry cons or hentai

No. 235434

Mariah time

No. 235437

More like Momocunt time

No. 235438

Stop trying to make Kay and SSS happen they are fucking gross

No. 235439

She's been trashing and harassing kay for years. Anyone see when Luna taunted Kay with photos of her dead father?

No. 235440

File: 1484538559293.png (96.53 KB, 750x387, IMG_2076.PNG)

you're the one obsessed with them Loonie.

No. 235442

Kek she's suddenly active on twitter.

No. 235443


Loonie is literally a cam girl lmao

No. 235475

Momo just because you started the Luna thread doesn't mean you can keep bumping it over irrelevant shit. We can read girl stop rp

No. 235478

How delusional does one have to be to think anyone as attractive as Luna would be obsessed with disgusting fat costhots

No. 235493


> attractive

lol k

No. 235494


My bad meant

No. 235496

Either way you're replying to the same person kek

No. 235505

Imbecile go hike please and gtfo the Internet

No. 235506

She edited this post every couple minutes and still hardly anyone actually gabe a shit. The betas will say whatever to get attention but they aren't going to give an actual shit and do anything about it. Luna's trying so hard to get whiteknights attacking based solely off her own projection and paranoia.

No. 235537

Ok you literally keep saying the same fucking thing I think OCD medication can help you

No. 235543


That's not what OCD is. If you saw your psychiatrist Luna you might know the difference

No. 235563

i have literally NEVER seen a single other person use the word costhot other than luna.

its like fetch from mean girls


No. 235564

lol momo might post here but i promise not sss kay or momo started this thread cuz im the op. idk who was op for the first two

No. 235565

not really stalking if luna harasses her just saying. more likely its mutual fans that let her know luna posted about her. just like how she posted pictures of her mom in the last thread like a fucking psycho

No. 235566

sss openly calls herself a sex worker and has STILL shown less on camera than Loonie so keep reaching anon

No. 235567

sorry not all of us consider bleach blonde hobbits with pug eyed nips and a fish mouth as 'attractive'

No. 235568

cuz literally no one in the cosplay community expects anything less from luna after her tirade last year. they all know she's a pathological liar and sociopath so why bother getting worked up over her when it is just as easy to ignore her and be the bigger person which momo needs to learn

No. 235613

This. I never knew what thot meant until Loonie's thread.

No. 235707

How hard is it to copy someone to make it appear it's them? She hates Nigri , Nigri obviously taunts her but at this point I think it matters more to Momo and random fans that are obsessed with drama when it's been over for 2 years

No. 235733

she needs to talk to somebody. If not a therapist, then somebody she comfortable with cuz she definatly depressed. Just look at the delicate sushi video on her twitter at the end. the face says it all

No. 235795

nah cuz ppl have posted here shit about kay that not even those girls know. like personal pics of her family taken off their private fb. kay knows luna's whole family and vice versa it has luna written all over it

No. 235850

File: 1484619715412.jpg (349.88 KB, 960x752, 1433648650103.jpg)

I found this from the dead thread someone posted a year ago, it looks like Luna really was just a crazy bully from the get go. It's sad because she's was a pretty girl before all the Botox but I think her weight is what always made her super insecure. She didn't even look bad when she was a little heavier but she let the trolls get to her early in her career that's why she's so angry now trying to prove shit.

No. 235892

I don't doubt that Loonie is a total batshit liar, but out of curiosity what was her "side" of the story with this incident?

No. 235897


probably just called her a thot

No. 235971

I doubt that Momocon incident was anything but gaining attention. That was way before any media focused on her

No. 236022

Yeah makes total sense that she said it was her favorite convention just to plan to lie about harassment. Also great foresight on her part to predict anyone would see the video she made or that it was garner attention.shes a fucking social media genius if that's the case

No. 236025


…no duh the video would get attention? That was the point of making it? Not social media genius just social media common sense lol

No. 236054

You're stupid first she wasn't a You Tuber and had hardly any following on there. People make videos like this often and no one cares. The con wasn't well known except by Georgia tech nerds. Those same alumni didn't fuck with her the year she made the video in fact she got support . Other cosplayers had the same experience made videos and they didn't "get attention ". Also I love how you try to dig and find something you think is revelant every week when there's no smoking gun. What I love the most is how you bitches try so hard and fail because none of your posting here matter. >>236025
You're stupid first she wasn't a You Tuber and had hardly any following on there. People make videos like this often and no one cares. The con wasn't well known except by Georgia tech nerds. Those same alumni didn't fuck with her the year she made the video in fact she got support . Other cosplayers had the same experience made videos and they didn't "get attention ". Also I love how you try to dig and find something you think is revelant every week when there's no smoking gun. What I love the most is how you bitches try so hard and fail because none of your posting here matter.

No. 236071

except multiple people called her out as soon as she released the video the cosplayers that supported it weren't actually there to know that she blew it way out of proportion and let's not forget her bullshitting the cons attempts to rectify the situation when they contacted her immediately to resolve the issue and she gave them the impression it was handled well then went and put them on blast on social media. who the fuck cares she didn't have a following on YT back then cuz she STILL doesn't, but she posted that video on her twitter and fb where she DID have a following you twat. and after the video hit enough views, know what she did? turned ads on to profit from it. funny how all those cosplayers who 'supported' her turned their back as soon as it came out she had lied about the incident and was actually kicked out for causing a huge scene

No. 236073

this girl actually worked for dragoncon not momocon so apparently it is not the first con luna has done this at

No. 236075

momocon gets over 70k visitors a year it is pretty well known…

No. 236125

None of this is true just like people that come back and try to write history books. Everyone believed Luna until she broke up with Martin Wong and ever since then the smear campaign headed by Nigri has continued. Thing is fans don't care and neither do cons. I wonder how it feels to know nothing you post here or the attacks on her character have stopped her popularity. In fact I think her being an outsider and not associated with the people she was before has helped not hindered her growth. Everyone knows the Momocon drama it was almost two years ago try harder next time anon

No. 236190

this is literally a site to shitpost on people we hate do you think this site has had an effect on ANY of these people? no. so get the fuck off lolcow and go white knight elsewhere

No. 236191

geeze Loonie, you seem to know a lot about loonie's personal details before/after/during, for someone who isn't Loonie. lmao.
Also w2g not even answering the damn question.

No. 236192

Loonie please.

No. 236220

Sadly i have to agree with this

Leave Jessica out of this. Who gives a shit about anyone's old relationships? It honestly seems like everyone has some kind of faith in this girl regardless of what type of impact she's left on the community

No. 236221

Loonie contain yourself in your own thread.

No. 236225

File: 1484688071268.jpg (11.17 KB, 224x224, IMG_20170104_225254.jpg)

"When will the circle be unbroken?"

No. 236235

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little thot? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in Cosplay, and I’ve been invited to numerous conventions , and I have over 300 patreon subscribers. I am trained in modeling and I’m the top cosplayer in the entire US. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, thot. As we speak I am contacting my lawyer and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, thot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, momo. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I'm traveling to 10 countries this year. I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my botched nipples. Not only am I extensively trained in cosplay, but I have access to the entire arsenal of Joann's fabrics and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the convention scene, you little thot. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn thot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, momo.

No. 236278


Lmao I love this.

No. 236303

You hate on people you never met? Sounds mental but continue with your rants while Grace Kelly gets ahead lol

No. 236314

nope just this stupid cunt. the rest of the cows don't bother me. but still the only white knighting you see in ANY threads here are 98% of the time the person they are about so…carry on loonie.

No. 236315


> "i can kill you in over seven hundred ways and thats just with my botched nipples" lmfao im dying

No. 236316

GRACE Kelly died in 1982

No. 236318

maybe they meant post Cobain Courtney Love instead of GK

No. 236357

Damn Luna. Your boyfriend must be a real patient & tolerable guy. A real grade A stud in which is too good for your cocky ass.

No. 236392


Actually I think it's an homage to Mariahs "cheap spandex suit" chimp out and how it got her connections to FUNimation and invited as a "guest of honor to numerous conventions".

Honestly I don't want this thread to continue. Yes she's a psycho yes she's hypocritical but if Mariah learned anything from lolcow it's that infamy wether good or bad gets you exposure. And if she was smart she would realize the same thing and stop shit posting in this thread. Luna doesn't deserve the attention.

No. 236393


its the navy seal copypasta meme from 2010 lol

No. 236456

agreed. there are tons of people that thrive off of this exposure. look at sssniper wolf…she gets lolcow value VIDEOS made about her on the regular and still sits at 3m subs. it sucks that people look up to little shits like this…but what can we do except stop giving her exposure and just don't cross this chicks path.

No. 236497

I find it so funny that Luna actually thinks SSS would be jealous of her. Shes more successful and her body is out of this world? Luna has no curves. How sad. She has nothing SSS would want.

No. 236506

No. 236542

Just like she thinks Kay is jealous of her. Kay looks so much better and isnt known as a psychopath. She's also has talent with her costume making.

No. 236633

at this point it isn't even a competition because they aren't even doing the same thing. idk why Luna keeps trying to make it out like she's better than these girls, when she barely cosplays anymore. In terms of "glamour" modeling, yeah, Luna is doing more than Kay or SSS, but SSS has a niche hobby for swimsuits and Kay is still strictly a cosplayer for the most part…like I just don't get why they compare any of them to each other. I find all 3 to be physically attractive but Delanie's personality is such shit that it turns me off from her.

No. 236636

And not to come off as an SJW but Delanie is also a stereotypical blonde aryan girl with big boobs; despite what anyone may believe, strictly because Kay/SSS have different ethnic backgrounds they receive a lot more hate from strangers I would imagine than Delanie does. I mean I've seen a lot of my POC cosplayer friends have to put up with racist comments on their photos every day. Delanie is privileged and she doesn't even see that. I also don't get why Delanie couldn't have just been an adult and talked to Kay back when Kay first started cosplaying personally…why did she pretend to be friendly to her for a couple months and then block her and write that bs message to her fans? She clearly only did it to hurt Kay's following, not because she was actually scared of her…she is such a shady piece of work.

No. 236845

File: 1484781067177.png (753.18 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170118-180856.png)

ummm wasn't this from her bullshit periscope cosplayer meltdown? not snapchat? does she think this will make more people pay for her sc?

No. 236925

sniperwolf is gross especially with those lip fillers

No. 236926

LMAO yes it is I feel like I posted that earlier in this thread/late in last

No. 236936

there should be a thread about sniperwolf

No. 237124

how is there not a thread already? she's even more psycho than delanie is when people call her out. i saw that one kids videos the other day…hectotic? I think? laughed my ass off. Zoie also just made a video that used the Sssniperwolf Disstrack in the background

Sage for OT but wow I really can't believe Lia doesn't have a thread here

No. 239272

File: 1485286728660.png (1.14 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170124-143321.png)

maybe it is the Ciri cosplay. She did a makeup test for this over a year ago though I swear

No. 241695

File: 1485724635677.png (427.81 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170129-161611.png)

well that was fast

No. 241817

she didn't even wear a cosplay at pax lol

No. 241864

Probably realized she can't make anything lol

Maybe she should stop shit talking those armor tutorials and start watching some

No. 241872

File: 1485751498387.png (167.34 KB, 738x1312, IMG_5142.PNG)

That's because she's not a cosplayer guy's omg lol. I will admit she's lost weight and better without the massive nigri jugs but her fans are creepy

No. 241874

She actually looks nice here. Hope she got some psychological help and stops with the awful photoshopping. I dont know if she got her implants removed or what but she looks much better when her boobs dont look like boulders.

No. 241878

Here's a screenshot of the troll getting on her about her friend who was supposedly missing and Luna RT the post. This guy jumps in with the racist mantra but look who he follows lol. If anyone needs psychological help it's the group of lewd cosplayers who try and fail every time. And FYI kristan birdnose and Suzi Q and fat cow it's a gaming con no cosplay required especially if you're attending to met fans without being an attention whore. Btw the only person that has mental problems are the losers she knew in high school that can't move on. Good info I hear she got invite to WWE backstage

No. 241879

File: 1485753547715.png (153.79 KB, 1125x1144, IMG_5144.PNG)

No. 241880

Never had implants get over it she's fabulous

No. 241885

File: 1485756193626.gif (Spoiler Image, 9.19 MB, 678x392, uhhuh.gif)

sure jan

No. 241886

Like I said fabulous I wish I looked this good on video without all the filters I have to use to hide my hideous wrinkles

No. 241890

Why use a filter when you can do what lanie does. Dark lighting and a poor quality web cam.

No. 241907

Wasn't that from her periscope? triggered anon? I guess you should buy her a better phone to see all that perfection next scope since you creep. It's ok I'm gay too

No. 241913

oh god how often does Loonie refresh this thread?

No. 241915

I saw her at PAX very little makeup she looks like a child. Nothing packed on or unnatural like when she does cosplay. I wouldn't have recognized her but saw her being interviewed at the walking dead exhibit

No. 241918

I know momo does every 5 seconds Luna is her goals

No. 241920

Yeah she's too pretty to be a cosplayer it's a waste of her talent

No. 241921


Jesus Luna, stop already. Find something else to do.

No. 242056

she is a 5'1" midget with a huge nose and head that only looks good with a ton of photo shop and 2 VS bombshell bras stacked on top of each other to fake having DD boobs…the only talent she has is being a fucking good liar and con artist to her fans

No. 242058

i believed that her tits are fake but now i am realizing it is all photoshop and push uo bras stacked on top of each other. every candid photo she has taken of her she looks flat chested and in some old photos i noticed she had 2 VS bombshell bras stacked on top of each other. nothing natural about her still

No. 242077

funny how she deleted the post to go report some guy that was calling her ignorant on IG and the post claiming the missing Insta model was 'her friend' when A) the model wasn't fucking abducted and her acct was compromised & B) Luna has never even met these girls and is leeching off them for attention. How moronic can you be. I posted the screenshot of her talking shit about going to Mexico as bait and she immediately fell for it.

No. 242079

File: 1485787987623.png (219.52 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170130-091554.png)

within a couple hours posting this here.
keep checking lolcow loonie even when your thread is dead

No. 242081

she posted like 4 days ago how she was working on a cosplay for pax you twat. no one cares she didn't cosplay it they care she constantly says she is gonna do stuff and backs out immediately

No. 242101

guess her instagram got banned again. as much as i dislike luna and how she acts i still would never report her pages…but i dont think its the same people she constantly accuses because if it were why couldnt she just flag their pages for the same shit? nothing she has posted on ig recently merits a report even for the super prude ppl on ig

No. 242107

Lol what "talent"?
She wasn't talented at cosplay anyway, but if she's too talented to be a cosplayer, what are these other so called talents she possesses?

Self posting? Self white knighting? Fighting with people on the internet?

No. 242210




No. 242211


She's not even talented at white knighting because she can't do that well lol

No. 242212

she just got invited by a 'friend' to attend it not go backstage her fans on here reach way too far lol

No. 242789

File: 1485905452382.png (2.05 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170131-182839.png)

so apparently this is what is going on on loonie's patreon now?
she is 'cosplaying' as marilyn monroe fingering herself on the beach now i guess

No. 242795

She everything about this is weird. It looks like she chopped off half her body in Photoshop. Her head and neck look huge

No. 242796

So* not she

No. 242802

"i don't do nudes"

No. 242823

Had you critical thinking skills, you could pull your head out of your ass from the constant need to harp and nitpick and see that's a picture taken of a screen. Lol.

No. 242828

Posting porn for FREE now? Lol that desperation

No. 242830

She's chel tier

No. 242838

which is the exact resolution luna posted to her own patreon as i screenshotted from my phone…not saving her case right now

No. 242858

Thread's almost maxed out.
What should the next pic be?
Her Marilyn Monroe fingering cosplay?

No. 242867

that or one of the photos she posted herself with her pug eyed nips since she keeps trying to claim that one photo of her topless is fake but anytime she even covers her nips you can still tell they are cockeyed or she just shops them out completely lol

No. 242870

>pug eyed nips

play whitney houston at my funeral anon

No. 242871

wish i could take credit for that but i think another poster used that phrase earlier in the thread and it's stuck in my head anytime i look at her ever since.


No. 242880

File: 1485914386033.jpg (190.88 KB, 937x693, 427y4o8hr.jpg)

Is this who she's trying to emulate? I laughed because I saw on that bow lingerie photo someone tried to say that Sara Underwood copied Luna…who wore it better? hahaha

No. 242889

….And, anon, when you take photos of a screen, it's typically at a angle so the upper part of the photo will appear larger. Golly gee! Who woulda thought!

You can't be this dense I am so.

No. 242894

I mean, I didn't post the part about her head looking bigger. Just that she uploaded a photo she took off a computer screen to her Patreon. And…

> "You can't be this dense I am so." …

Was there anything else? Your sentence kinda just…cut off there…

No. 242895

Also, I don't get how you can defend how the photo "distorted" her when that wasn't what this post was about…

or did shooting the photo off a screen at an angle cause her to look like she was fingering herself naked?

No. 242901

File: 1485916061481.jpg (44.41 KB, 536x213, hdfkjhwueh.jpg)


No. 242903

File: 1485916121470.jpg (58.95 KB, 523x226, 4782hrhqwq.jpg)

A trusted friend…or you saw people shitting on your craftsmanship already on this forum?

Also…you started Ciri almost 2 years ago how the fuck have you not finished her yet?

Quit cosplaying characters from games you know nothing about, Delanie.

No. 242904

File: 1485916330793.jpg (28.11 KB, 542x211, cnncjasdjah.jpg)

I find it funny her fans call her Loony.

> btw this isn't retouched

It's ok Luna you're touching yourself enough in this photo as is

No. 242905

I assumed you were the same anon because you replied to the post for that anon.

Yeah, it cut off. Because no one here should have to explain that when you take a photograph of a screen rather than a screenshot, it's going to be distorted because you're never at a perfectly straight-on angle. So yeah, criticizing how "odd" her neck and head were was retarded.

I don't give a fuck that she looked like she was fingering herself and that clearly wasn't what the post was about. Just stop.

No. 242906

Then just stop…cuz I'm the OP for the photo and the caption I wrote literally says "she is 'cosplaying' as marilyn monroe fingering herself on the beach now i guess" so obviously it's what my post was about

No. 242907

It's hilarious how she's always outing herself like this yet still denying it lmao

No. 242923

WHY are you still talking about this when I've already clarified I replied and was referring to >>242795 comment about the head and neck looking large the entire time? Seriously why are you still doing this?

No. 242945

She's actually losing patrons for her retarded drama posts attacking the same cosplayers she's been obsessed with for months and still doesnt get the hint. All the damage to her rep has been done by herself. Men who jerk off to bimbos like her dont come to sites like this. She/ her fans even started the first thread of her here. She's so self destructive

No. 242968

> I purposely didn't do Ciri at PAX


> because I was given information from someone I trusted

wait what the fuck does that even mean LOL

> Mercy

incoming hair in a ponytail with a pair of $5 halloween angel wings

No. 242976

Seems like she's always copying someone else's style. Poor girl can't just be herself for once? Whether its Nigri, Abi Ratchford, Marilyn Monroe or this new Sarah girl she's trying to be a clone of. No one cares about the cheap rip off lol

No. 243046

File: 1485951534698.jpg (104.02 KB, 960x1280, FB_IMG_1485951377130.jpg)

taken off her FB. from august 2015 lawl

No. 243132

the only cosplayers fans support are ones that are easy to fuck. She's lost patreons because she's not attainable sexually in neckbeards warped brains. People that think these guys are supporting homely and fat girls for their skills are delusional.

No. 243133

You arent losing patrons because you act like an unprofessional twat and air your drama on your patreon it's because you're just too sexy.

No. 243151

You're mental and disgusting if you think I'm Luna weird person I'm stating an opinion no need to be so rude

No. 243155

hi kay

No. 243420

yeah her going up to her creepy ass fans licking their faces and making non stop sexual innuendos isn't misleading at all. im sure the dudes paying her over $200/month know they can't fuck her even though she sends her highest paying fans nudes constantly on her snapchat.

No. 243991

loonie disappears to the dessert for 2 days without service and suddenly the white knighting stops…how ironic.

No. 244324

Lol you must be super ugly and repressed. Please go get some self worth and stop worrying about what girls out of your league do.

No. 244328

Loonie time

No. 244332

File: 1486176622859.png (168.8 KB, 743x1103, IMG_5162.PNG)

Lemme know how sad your life is that you're always on here lmao. Took 10 minutes you must be refreshing constantly but still can't compete with perfection

No. 244333

File: 1486176687691.png (174.87 KB, 1124x739, IMG_5163.PNG)

Off to fuck your bitch

No. 244336

Well, we all know what she actually looks like. I'll say though, this is one of the better shoops we've seen of her at the very least.

No. 244338

You don't know shit you ugly nigger go celebrate black history month with fried chicken and watermelon bitch

No. 244339

Who's "we" nothing but a group of disgusting tryhards and their fagneckboys who couldn't get anyone revelant to notice them

No. 244340

Why do people like you always bump the threads of the people you're trying to defend?

No. 244342

Because we can

No. 244345

File: 1486178444545.jpg (265.13 KB, 734x1024, IMG_3552.JPG)

You can always spot Luna's posts because they either are littered with racist shit, have the word "thot" "whore" "hooker" & rip super mega over the top on Mariah, SS, Kay, & krissy. I was here in the beginning of ~the queens first thread making tons of:
>pic related
I stopped after Luna sperging actually bored me (which is saying something about how much time she spends whiteknighting herself on here, just her, almost as much time as she's been trying to more subtly hide her delusional sh00p)

I missed you loonie, still ranting about niggers and fat Arab pussy?

No. 244349

File: 1486178942642.png (46.45 KB, 750x319, IMG_3836.PNG)

"Because WE can"
>wholetime it's just Luna

At least be honest, don't pretend you have a bunch of loyal fans who write just like you and spend every waking second refreashing your lolcow thread, responding extremely personally, with intimate & private knowledge that ONLY Luna herself would know; loonie you've litterly been here since the first few post on your first thread, and even then you tried to convince people you were multiple people whiteknighting yourself, to make up for the fact that you're not popular enough nor 0 fucks are given enough about you to this obsessively defend your ratchet ass, LOL. Everyone already knows. It's just weird to keep pretending.

>pic related: one of Loonies first attempts

No. 244360

When you have nothing else to say lol sure we all know who's always on here because they are crazy jealous

No. 244365

You act like you have an audience when it's just the same thot hoes posting. Were here to tell you no one gives a shit about your ugly asses or anyone that matters in real life.

No. 244367

>still bumping your own thread

No. 244376

Remember when Luna posted a screenshot of her own phone of a text she got and claimed she was someone else posting in her own defense?

No. 244377

I don't like excluding people who aren't good at Overwatch or the games they play, but does this bitch care about the game at all? I don't want her to fuck up Mercy and make her trashy.

No. 244381

Overwatch is for idiots destiny is much better js

No. 244382

Still pretending that anyone gives a shit about your stank ass. Jesus can you wash nigger I smell you from here

No. 244385

Why not you lick nigris clit with her fat renditions of popular characters? Nothing original with any of you posting on here but then what's special about dressing up as someone else's artwork

No. 244386

That's nice. But has she even played the game is what I'm asking? Has she shown she does anywhere on social media at all or is she like those LoL cosplayers that are just doing it since it's popular right now?

No. 244423


I love how absolute spot on this is. A few hours after she posts something on twitter there are 20 posts here of her freaking the fuck out right on cue. Just beautiful.

No. 244424


No. 244426


1. No she's never played the game. I doubt she can even spell "Overwatch".

2. Destiny? Good? Stop trying to act like a gamer Loonie anyone with a brain knows Destiny is shit. Just saying random video game titles doesn't make you look savvy.

No. 244441

Anyone have this screenshot?

No. 244443


Im her friend. She aint tell me shit

No. 244455

Only the cow in question gets so rabidly defensive when called out for self posting lmao

No. 244456

yes. Wasn't it the thread before this one?

No. 244956

File: 1486262043154.png (139.53 KB, 714x721, IMG_5155.PNG)

Omg she's so racist i wonder if they ate each other out after this pic

No. 244963

Why do you keep drawing attention to this thread when it would just die off if you didnt come here to necro it every few days?

No. 245002

Probably.They DID state she's "down with the team" followed by the #atlhoe hashtag

No. 245493

File: 1486330175025.png (142.1 KB, 750x1022, IMG_0577.PNG)

I can't stop laughing at the lone hot dog

No. 245498


All dressed up and still just alone by herself

No. 245575

tbf I thought she looked good here. Sad thing is she constantly talks about how trash Atlanta is and how it only produces scumbag people so I find it amusing her sudden "loyalty" to her "hometown" when she also always makes it know she isn't originally from GA

No. 245576

I mean this is very obviously just staged but her hand is straight on the grill. Anyone else feels like she doesn't even look like herself in this photo? Is this an old photo? Or maybe the paint is throwing me off.

No. 245673

File: 1486340494944.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0582.PNG)

Hello darkness my old friend

No. 245682

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. Maybe her lips have just deflated.

No. 245686

It's staged I'm sure she's out with her California boyfriends

No. 245688

The grill isn't lit lol

No. 247295

apparently Luna got a surgery done while in CA.
Says it was for a bone that had been broken before that was never set properly.
I know she "broke" her arm months ago and went to the hospital but then never saw a cast on her.
Also heard she got punched in the nose and broke it back when she dated Ramos by his ex.
Wonder which is getting fixed?

No. 247319

Oh great another nose job. She'll be on botched in no time.

No. 248690

i wonder why Nigri is so obsessed how would anyone know all this private information about Luna besides her? I don't see any mention on anything about broken arms or being punched by her ex. Nigri your trash your boyfriend fucks other girls in Arizona you know nothing about. Go get a tummy tuck or lip that out and get it put in your non existent ass. Then get some class because you look like a smelly stripper

No. 248700


No. 248712

actually, if you search Luna Lanie Alex Ramos in google, it comes up with a short story Ramos' ex wrote where Luna went into her store to bitch her out and threaten her to never talk to Alex again and his ex punched her and broke her nose.
And if you look on her Twitter literally around SDCC she said she "broke her arm" and showed makeshift bandaging about how "cosplay saves her in all situations" so…no…not Nigri…it's literally there in general public fucktard

No. 248716

File: 1486772363810.jpg (88.12 KB, 632x880, egyiqgrdhkbf.jpg)

here ya go bud, kinda just out there for general public to see.

No. 248717

File: 1486772374389.jpg (78.98 KB, 639x851, 42803yh.jpg)

No. 248718

File: 1486772398578.jpg (88.45 KB, 903x314, 47289hjahljhd.jpg)

No. 248719

You know why you'll never amount to anything even with a titjob in a field where 250 pound Momo with shitty cosplays makes over 10k bucks Loonie?

Because you are fucking retarded. Every single time this thread is dead you come and shit out your stupid delusions bringing the thread back alive.

No. 248722

File: 1486772627274.jpg (54.01 KB, 529x171, edahdahd.jpg)

Taken from this. It was creative writing but she leaves an "author's note" saying Violet (AKA Delanie Wheeler) is a bitch, so I'm pretty sure this story is true lmfao.

No. 248732

she wants that 4th thread so bad I can feel it

No. 248735

ah, this may have just been one of Alex's pyscho little fan girls…retract my statements from earlier