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File: 1439448283708.png (663.37 KB, 639x638, Screenshot 2015-08-12 23.43.50…)

No. 158146

Instagram: https://instagram.com/isaki.go.boom/
Youtube: https://youtube.com/isakitahashi
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/isaki.tahashi?fref=nf
Tumblr: http://isakitahashi.tumblr.com

This weeb got butthurt after anons on 4chan, so she posted a rant video on YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gr_ua4ISjFU (mirror)

Has she also done anything lulz worthy other than that video?

(All images and videos copyright Isaki Tahashi, who is the sole owner of this content. Original sources may be found at https://instagram.com/isaki.go.boom/, http://isakitahashi.tumblr.com, https://youtube.com/isakitahashi.)

No. 158148

>"If you have a problem with my name, FUCK YOU!!"
>tfw she's not Japanese, and either White or Latina

No. 158150

I fucking ruined the description, what I meant was that she got pissed with the BTB secrets, 4chan anons and other shit.

No. 158170

her ranting sounds like a mad eight year old who didnt get her candy its like shes yelling but its still so quiet

No. 158172

It's really sad that she's such a lolcow because I'd kill to look like her. I wish she was ugly.

No. 158186


She might be autistic, she believes swearing and making a front on the internet makes her seem strong. Nobody with a normal personality can be so socially oblivious unless they're 15 and know no better.

No. 158193


Ugh. I just thought the same thing.

No. 158243

Indeed, like holy shit, was it really necessary to make a video out of it? It's just going to worsen. lol

No. 158247


You guys have pretty low standards.

No. 158255

Never heard of her before, but DAMN, I barely made it through that video. That was like nails on a chalkboard. She seems like she's trying soooo hard to be a hardass, it's cringeworthy.

No. 158316

Hahahha the video is hilarious as shit.
wtf was this about?she's not that known. bitch is overreacting.
She's one of those drama queens who think they're net famous just bc they have 3k subs on YT

No. 158318

Watched that video….I hate her already.

No. 158326


remember jessi slaughter and when he dad shouted so much? yh it comes back to ya

No. 158426

her other videos are pretty cringey too. I think she first appeared on cgl because she was acting holier-than-thou about "omg I'd NEVER spend 100+ on a dress because im a GOOD PERSON and i would rather DONATE the MONEY". She took it down because people argued with her that just because she was too poor to afford brand didn't mean that anyone who buys expensive dresses for themselves is a terrible, selfish person.
This is the "fixed" updated version she uploadded but it's still horribly pretentious. Cry me a river.

No. 158517

shit, she made the video private. Thankfully I downloaded it. Where can I post it?

No. 158518

Upload it to YouTube unlisted, then post the link here in the YouTube field.
That's what I do anyway

No. 158521

Weebs like this make me cringe going to Japan this year

No. 158628


All set, thanks for your help anon.

No. 158673

lmao this. The whole time I was watching all I could think of was Jessi Slaughter's "Haters, Piercings, StickyDrama" video.

tbh she sounded genuinely crazy in that video. For a while I was convinced she was a troll.

No. 158690

This mother fucking parody. <3

No. 158694

holy shit.

No. 158697

she is truly a goddess!! Bless her soul!!

No. 158700


No. 158709

IKR - if she thinks people mocking her name/saying she looks like a child/insulting her choice of tattoo is bad, imagine how she would react if they did what she did and announced that she is a horrible person who doesn't deserve to have children.

No. 158710

omg, I was hoping she'd do a parody of this! I can't wait for Isaki Tahashi sama Pajamarama chan's reaction when she finds it.

No. 158712

pretty sure she already did find it, and that's why she made the original private. no sign of her saying anything to lashy tho

No. 158752

Yep, she's butthurt indeed (and probably is afraid to say anything bc Lashy destroyed her in her glorious parody). No wonder that's why she marked her vid in private

No. 158772

File: 1439506079874.jpg (42.5 KB, 710x210, scrncap.jpg)

someone on 4chan screencapped this. Lashy has a hell of a point. These people realize they don't have a leg to stand on and just give up

No. 158783

File: 1439506894257.jpg (155.61 KB, 1088x1088, image.jpg)

I know we all don't like her, and that's fair, but she definitely has an above average face for a weeb. She does pile on the makeup but I think it works for her (and almost no one looks good sans makeup anyway…).

You're entitled to your opinion, I don't think she looks that great in her videos, but she's super photogenic.

No. 158906

I love Super Carly 64. She is a shining beacon of hope in the lolita community.

No. 158907

>she's super photogenic
Are you irredeemably ugly or something?

No. 158924

for real tho xD

No. 158940

Oooooooooooh my god, I haven't even read this thread but this girl is in my local community. That fake name she uses is so stupid it's like an African kid born in Japan.

No. 158948

IMHO, This girl looks a lot like Hannah Minx (minus the massive knockers).

No. 158954

File: 1439522219140.jpg (232.87 KB, 639x638, twinsies.jpg)

I can see it. I kind of thought she looked a bit like Jessi Slaughter as well but I think her mannerisms in her haters video contributed a lot to that comparison.

I'd say she's maybe a bit above average, but there's something sort of… raggedy about her? idk I can't quite put my finger on it.

No. 158961

She looks like a 30-something year old that smokes. She has that skinny, sallow look and the unhealthy-ish skin. That's what it strikes me as.

No. 158962

She seriously is, she's my favorite youtuber. I don't get how she doesn't have more subscribers.

No. 158968

I was just about say she looks like jessi lmao

No. 158971

File: 1439522928725.jpg (258.67 KB, 1024x681, Samsung Galaxy Club Hosts Univ…)

No. 158976

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought so!

I think you're probably right, anon. She does have a slightly sickly/unhealthy look about her.

No. 158979

stories, anon, dear god please! is she as much of a snowflake irl?

No. 158984

Unfortunetly, I don't have many stories to share since I've only met her once but she did seem pretty annoying. I may be seeing more of her in the future though.

My fucking god, why is Las Vegas turning up so many weeaboo lolcows? She's no Yuuhi Takahiro (aka Mariah Mendoza) but damn. I need to get the fuck out of this state entirely.

No. 158990

Ugh, I blocked this fucking bitch out of my life and here she is popping up on my facebook hahaha FUCK

This fucking weeaboo is super cringe, even IRL when she isn't posturizing. I don't know her current events but the guy she used to go out with made them both look like a pair of anorexic down syndrome patients.

Why is this bitch even relevant anywhere on planet earth?

WHAT KIND OF FUCKING NAME IS ISAKI ANYWAY? Like the M key on her keyboard was broken and she said FUCK IT IM RUNNING WITH IT.

The shit she actually ran with was a pair of scissors and she fucked up.

I think she got mad at me because I wanted to know more about her actual Japanese friend than her. I mean it.


Anyway, fuck this skank. Goodbye.

haha, i know you :D

No. 159013

if you don't like it don't watch it? I swear posts like this are so lame and tacky

No. 159017

I think she's pretty. Y'all are just making up stuff to bitch about : / assholes.

No. 159018

isaki spotted

No. 159020

Seriously bro that is the worst cover up I've ever seen.

No. 159022

Isaki you dumb bitch, I know your typing style anywhere.

No. 159023

>being this butthurt

No. 159031

idk what's sadder
people bitching about how ugly/weeb she looks
or people bitching that she's better looking and straight up admitting they're jealous cuz they're ugly

No. 159032

"her weebness so cringeworthy"
said the most hardcore weebs posting on LOLCOW - cuz they're cows trying to lol about others

No. 159033

Holy crap, she just keeps going! I am genuinely in awe right now.

No. 159036

nah ita, this shaniqua baker and I ain't afraid of no punk ass, privileged obese cow, mooching off her daddy like she some tough shit, shoving cheetoes and pocky in her mouth while she covers her nasty ass keyboard with cheeto crumbs, and gets picky stains all over her "daddy-bought" brand.

look me up, lil bitch cuz a real nigga like me will fuck up a fatty ratchet Felicia cow like you anyday, everyday

No. 159037

get out

No. 159038

what you gonna do? pay your daddy to wipe your ass for you while you stuff more cheetoes and pocky in your face? LOLCOW. cuz everybody lols at a cow like you, it's sad you gotta skinny shame her when your only justification is cuz you're a potato sack

No. 159039

she looks pretty imo. The vids are..well.. she probably an amature at presenting things on YouTube.. but she can become a model. Try to compare her to other weebs and one must admit she looks rather unique in a positive way.

No. 159040

File: 1439533895917.jpg (54.38 KB, 729x694, 1414302665662.jpg)

I will never forget the events that transpired here today

No. 159041

amen sister, preach dat gud shit!!

No. 159042


stop trolling. get out. stop pretending to be "black". kill yourself

No. 159043

At first I thought she was a troll, but then I took her deletion of the video as proof that she wasn't. Now, however, I am starting to believe once again.

No. 159044

nigga, that's fucking stupid. there ain't no motherfucking such thing as a BLACK person, I'm milky caramel brown.

oh and all you diehard weebs telling peeps to go kill themselves? damn, well it can't be as bad as me wishing yo ratchet ass to LIVE! cuz every fucking day, you gonna look in the mirror, suck on more cheetoes and pocky, hate the FUCK out of yourself and living will be worse than hell.

Hope you live a wonderful shitty life like you've been doing the past pathetic years, cuz nigga, if i was you, i couldn't live with being an ugly, cheeto-sucking, pocky-gagging ratchet ass Felicia ita!

if you got a prob with African/Japanese, say it to my motherfucking face so I can rip yo weave off your nappy ass head

No. 159048

So I saw this.. Idk if I even wanna make fun of her at that point.. Does her bf have diabetic issue or something? What if she's making these videos to actually support this guy? That's fucked up man

No. 159050

You're boring anon. No one cares go cry about how much different opinions offens you elsewhere. >>158971
What a horse face. Lol

No. 159071

She says in the description it's glaucoma. I know he seems pretty comfortable to go along with it, but I feel sorry for the guy. This video feels vaguely exploitative.

No. 159078

Oh man it does feel vagely exploitative, but damn if that's glaucoma then how much is the medication for that shit

No. 159165

Dam there's alot of jealous butthurt people on this thread….lots of adolescent idiots that should have been swallowed or aborted…Isaki seems alright to me… because of your hatred I now know who she is and love her now…..weird how you guys think negativity achieves anything beneficial here…hahaha

No. 159171

Hello Isaki

No. 159175


Isaki you're not Japanese, you're a white yank. Deal with it.

No. 159184

But… Tahashi isn't a Japanese last name at all.
And isaki is a type of fish…

No. 159188

Kek, dat fucking vampire knight tattoo thro

No. 159189

I honestly dont even understand. If you don't like someone why even say anything? What good is it when all you are doing is being malicious and hurting another human being? … Kids. That's all you are honestly.

No. 159192

samefag, just get out already Isaki.

No. 159195

No. 159218

did anyone see what lashy said on tumblr? Isaki and Jillian both made posts, and lashy fucking DESTROYED them

No. 159253

top fucking kek, god bless carly. She's got a good head on her shoulders, i hope these two learn their goddamn lesson and stop acting "omg so not bothered" in the future.

No. 159284

She really does, we've needed someone like her for a long time

No. 159334

her face kind of reminds me of peacockfeather

No. 159395

File: 1439585113486.png (97.25 KB, 550x785, 0108765783.png)

for anyone who hasn't seen it.

she is MAD AS FUCK lmfao, carly handled it like a pro. god bless her

No. 159397

spoken like a true autist, isaki

No. 159398

File: 1439585380593.png (75.46 KB, 561x599, 98267261.png)

not that anon but also here's jillian's comment and lashy's reply

No. 159400

god fucking dammit…. o_o

No. 159412

Flawzell Williamz, is that you?

No. 159424

confirmed weeaboo lashychan. nobody likes did nigga, she just posts the same anon like a loser she is while IP attacking reveals she the same dumb shit. get a life, holy jesus

No. 159430


No. 159436

The hero lolita needs

No. 159438

Isaki plz go

No. 159444


No, that's John Karpuk whoever the kek he is. Still, go away you fool

No. 159445

File: 1439587388070.jpg (110.61 KB, 500x278, 215272766.jpg)


No. 159446

How can we view IP address from lolcow posts?
I want to call Isaki on this racist shit.
And all of the other shit.

No. 159448

Trying to get the video deleted as bullying lmfao

No. 159449

I don't even think you can.

No. 159454

Only Admin-sama can but wouldn't that be hilarious If they called her out

No. 159455

No, I'm just able to be objective. Maybe I was exaggerating with 'super photogenic', but she can take some really good pictures. But like all of us, she probably takes 50 selfies before deciding on one she likes.

No. 159461


No. 159462

so apparently she and her boyfriend aren't even together anymore. damn that was quick

No. 159465

Does someone have the original version of >>158426 to link or upload on here? I cant find it and it shows Isaki being much more of an ass than the remake.

No. 159480

I find it funny how people like this Tina and Isaki always resort to calling people on cgl and lolcow no-life basement dwellers so they can feel better about being posted here. It's not like anyone just sits around and posts about her all day, we all have shit to do.

No. 159484

File: 1439589086486.png (40.1 KB, 600x700, keep-calm-and-do-drama-5.png)

Right? We just do this shit on our free time, like when it pops up expectantly on our feeds.
>case in point, basically rn lmao
>don't think we'd care enough about her to constantly post about her
>even I get tired of posting about lolcows every now and then, because I'd rather game than look at lolcows
>then time passes by and they start being lolcows again; that's when the seagulls flock to them and start the circle jerk
>I don't think lolcows understand how it works so kek

No. 159500

pretty sure jillian tried that with the lace parody, and look how far that got her.

No. 159511

I'm in the Vegas comm too. Agreed that the fake name is stupid. She's a major weeb.

She's annoying and an ita. She's improved a little, but still looks like shit imo. She thinks she's an expert on the fashion. I cringe when she gives advice to new girls. I cringed at the Mr Yan meetup too. She spent 20 minutes trying to convince Mr Yan to play a game he said he didn't want to play. Shit was weird.

Don't feel bad for this guy. He's hit her and cheated on her too.

No. 159512

Go away John Karpuk; you white-knighting Isaki isn't going to change anything here

No. 159514

File: 1439591442876.gif (1.42 MB, 271x202, 1439591007628.gif)

look at this gif someone made on 4chan, I can't stop laughing

No. 159533

top fucking kek, "Rei" seems like one of those "friends" that brings bad shit up just so they can stir up more dramu.
Aka, my type of girl. holla

hilarious since she was so preachy about spending all her money taking care of him instead of buying decent lolita pieces. So much for that, guess he was looking for handouts and bailed when she got too annoying.

Also lmao @ her calling other people itas… like girl you have some PT levels of delusion.

No. 159534

I honestly wish she WOULD try to stir up more shit with carly. I'd be happy to see her get her ass handed to her again

No. 159537

Me too haha

No. 159539

Does anyone know if this girl has asperger's or is on the autistic spectrum? Like actual asperger's, not internet autism. I'm really getting that vibe from her video.

No. 159540

File: 1439593957288.jpg (65.13 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nt3dubvDo81so1014o1_500…)


No. 159541

I kind of get that vibe too, tbh. I think she would have mentioned it if she was, though. she seems too special snowflake attention whore-y to let something like that go unknown

No. 159542

She might be undiagnosed and might not know she has it.

No. 159543


No. 159544

could be. if so, she's very high functioning

No. 159546

I wonder if she'll find out that someone is leaking her fb chats

No. 159549

You guys still on this shit?.go outside do something productive in society…i know it will be challenging for you all…just wear a helmet kids…stop being jealous…only jealous kids have so much anger and have been sexually abused…..i feel sorry for you all…get therapy and you can bounce back…

No. 159554

File: 1439595452855.jpg (2.6 KB, 147x147, 1366071758787.jpg)

No. 159556

she's actually really pretty

No. 159558

you wouldn't by any chance be a FRIEND of isaki, would you!? :O

No. 159559

File: 1439595946440.jpg (14.51 KB, 236x314, a9385def1e18b2c73b956fa3256ef4…)

Okay, John–er, 'bob'.

No. 159561

Is the Vegas comm really that bad? I've been considering going to meet-ups since I moved out here, but now… Yikes.

No. 159562

I doubt it

No. 159563

With friends like you, John, Isaki Ishin Shishi Drama-Lama-Sama doesn't need enemies to stir the pot. Keep fucking that chicken.

No. 159565

File: 1439596447508.gif (471.17 KB, 215x211, giphy.gif)

>this shit just keeps getting better

All hail 'bob', a lolcow of his own!
>uses old and tired 'ur just jealous' argument
>I could give a rat's ass about Isaki
>if I was jealous of Isaki then I'd be jealous of PT, too
>but I don't wanna be a lolcow for the rest of my life

No. 159566

If I'm fucking the chicken. …that means you love my cum since you all are the chickens….I'm flattered. ..but still seek therapy for your beastiality problems

No. 159567

Las Vegas Lolitas are pretty chill, but I haven't been to a meet up for a long time now. So I don't know how it's been ever since Isaki came into the scene.
>for all I know she prolly ruined it

No. 159569

Maybe I have the mind of a simpleton, but thanks, anon - I no longer feel bad for him, now I just dislike both of them.

No. 159570

File: 1439596808747.jpg (31.39 KB, 400x300, image.jpg)

I didn't realize how great this was gonna be, and I can't wait for the secrets.

No. 159576

She could be high functioning, but generally Autism/Aspergers are just much more difficult to detect in girls as they find it a lot easier to observe and replicate/respond to social cues and conversational dialogue appropriately. For example a lot of girls on the diagnostic spectrum go undiagnosed because they learned fairly young that people prefer you to make eye contact for some reason and thus force themselves to make better eye contact etc.

No. 159577

File: 1439597116557.jpg (89.52 KB, 736x554, image.jpg)

No. 159584

Jealousy runs great with you fake Lolita junkies….one you get to my high level I may let you be graced with my presence…continue on with the drama or grow up…choice is yours

No. 159588

File: 1439597740485.gif (691.19 KB, 255x209, 1439414861565.gif)

No. 159589

Her behavior really is beautiful. She makes an entire video trying to lambast anon communities, then proceeds to call people cunts, sends her weirdo male friend to "troll" people and generally acts like the sort of 4Channer she accuses us all of being. And she doesn't get it. At all.

No. 159593

This - she shouldn't fight us, she should join us.

No. 159596

I'm in the Vegas comm as well, and Isaki is honestly the only cringeworthy weeb there. The good thing is that she rarely goes to comms because she's "too broke."

No. 159604

Sorry to keep bringing this up but

From your interactions with her, do you feel like she has minor asperger's or something similar, or is she just normal but cringey?

No. 159605


People who type like that need to sTOP.


>I'm not bothered

>still bringing this shit up

They'll learn not to feed the trolls one day I'm sure.

No. 159606

>racist and autistic
Isaki and her whiteknights are the full package lmao

No. 159608


This. You see here Isaki and John, since you two don't get it at all, we're going to continue eating popcorn in front of you until you stop being lol cows. Otherwise, if you've learned your lesson, then you can join us.

See? How is that 'Jealousy'?

No. 159610

The Vegas community is divided enough as it is. It makes me sad that Vegas lolitas/cosplayers turn on one of their own.Regardless if they find her annoying, defacing her online is pretty cruel

No. 159639

Why did certain posts disappear from this thread?
I have most of the shit that was deleted open in an old tab btw

No. 159643

I deleted them because she's going ape-shit rn and is on an unfriending spree

Didn't wanna have my source be compromised. Hope an anon on here saved the screen caps

No. 159648

Diff anon here, honestly she seems pretty normal to me. I've never seen any of this in person. She's a weeb and a little annoying, but nothing crazy. She said she would confront the people from the comm that are posting here, so I might go to the next meetup just for the drama.

No. 159649

She hardly acts like she's part of the comm to begin with. She's publicly made an ass of herself, so yeah people from her comm are kind of coming forward. I don't think anyone has said anything really incriminating about her yet anyways.

No. 159650

How would deleting them help?

No. 159655

She said that she wanted to be shown the links

No. 159658

Tell us how it goes, anon!

No. 159667

I'm confused.
Why would that matter?

No. 159674

I thought she'd have nothing to go by if she didn't see it. Oh well; looks like it doesn't matter anyway now that she's going around, unfriending and saying that one or more of us is a cunt in sheep's clothing lol

I might put the screen caps back up then

No. 159682

No. 159683

Take more caps
>mfw she finds out who you are when she unfriends you and you stop updating us.

No. 159697


No. 159698

File: 1439607393996.jpg (409.69 KB, 520x987, 1439597860557.jpg)

Reposting from cgl.

>Jillian being this fucking jealous that she isn't as loved as Carly because she's a jealous, self-absorbed bitchtit

No. 159702

File: 1439607606011.jpg (75.64 KB, 1440x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

Alright, enjoy it while it lasts. I'm gonna spam a buttload of them

No. 159704

File: 1439607749976.jpg (64.5 KB, 505x106, dumbass.jpg)

So 'bob' is not Isaki; it's one of her white-knights that keep on posting in this thread:


No. 159705

HA!!! Jealous as fuck, dumb bitch

No. 159707

>"the queen is back. SLAY SLAY!!!!!"
So.. she does come on and read what we write about her??

No. 159708

File: 1439608007122.jpg (399.8 KB, 523x856, lolcows2.jpg)

She hardly has posted here at all because she was too nervous to do so, and looking at this thread is panic-inducing for her. So 'bob' here did it for her.

No. 159710

File: 1439608082996.jpg (644.69 KB, 507x967, lolcows3.jpg)



Woah, I didn't know that /cgl/ is on this already. I haven't been on there in a month.

Anyway, here's moar. Serves her right.

No. 159713

File: 1439608258913.jpg (457.47 KB, 492x846, lolcow4.jpg)

Here's the one with the fake name drama

It's the same thing with the whole 'ur just jealous' argument, SMH

No. 159717

Got any more, anon?

No. 159719

File: 1439608730974.jpg (563.64 KB, 518x831, whatevs.jpg)

Tried to find more lulz; don't know if this counts but OK

No. 159720

File: 1439608770555.jpg (34.44 KB, 531x58, dumbass3.jpg)

I got the ones on 'bob' saved lol

No. 159721

File: 1439608852363.jpg (379.89 KB, 528x733, lolcows1.jpg)

Looks like it, cos she was sending her knights over here

No. 159725

Just wait till Carly has more subscribers lmfao

No. 159726

>What the fuck? What the fucking hell? If that bitch gets found out who the fuck she is- there will be hell to pay! I am not nice about that shit. Luis and I may no longer be together but they do NOT …

Who actually writes or talks like this? The melodramatic words and forced profanity and everything. It sounds like something either a young child would write, or a really terrible fiction author trying to write dialogue between two characters. She has the same stilted manner of speaking in her rage video. It sounds so unnatural and contrived.

I don't know for sure but I think something's not right about her. Either she's an aspie or she's trying really hard to intentionally put on an act of sounding like a little japanese girl. Or both.

No. 159727

Hey Bob, how small is your penis that you have to play Isuckey's little "troll" in the hopes that she might let you get it in her crusty snatch?

You're so fucking whipped bruh. She is only giving you attention because she thinks we care about the shit you say. But please, keep feeding her fire so we have more juicy caps to post :^)

No. 159729

I just read the /cgl/ Cringe Thread 2.0 oh wow so much lols. Maybe I should post some caps on there too

No. 159730


It's actually confirmed for John.

No. 159731

Definitely, although it might make the mods take it down

No. 159732

>"I didn't even watch it, just reported it."
Isn't that against some rule on youtube?

No. 159736

Idek kek. And /cgl/ just said that she's a grown-ass woman compared to Jilian.

All I just know is that we need to hurry up and cap her before she unfriends us all lol

No. 159739

File: 1439609979248.jpg (316.73 KB, 519x978, ohsnap.jpg)

Well shit

No. 159741

are you the guy she is talking about though?

No. 159743

File: 1439610672482.gif (481.01 KB, 250x186, tumblr_m7igrvumlt1qc9svto2_250…)

No. 159744

that reaction image is perfect.

No. 159747

File: 1439610956209.gif (467.77 KB, 500x375, 1439139857236.gif)


>her face when John is the one behind all of this

No. 159751

>this shows that they clearly don't know you

I've never understood this logic- what would knowing the lolcow change about them being a lolcow? Dumb shit is still dumb shit.

No. 159753

It sounds more like people who are all like:
>I said stupid shit
>but maybe if I guilted people into empathizing with me aka "if they knew me" they'd be more likely to excuse the dumb shit I've said instead of holding me accountable for it

No. 159754

why is the only lolcow worthy material the actual people trying so damn hard to make just one girl look bad?

at the end of the day, nothing has changed: you're just a cow, using anonymous and trying to lol at people who do your hobbies better than you cuz your only talent got siphoned away! kudos to you, stalkers and neckbeards of the internet

No. 159755

motherfucking shit, dis stupid ass nigga.
>say stupid shit about one person, crying for empathy
>reposts as multiple people with more stupid shit
>still a stupid shit at end of day

No. 159756

We aren't trying to make her look bad, she is doing that all by herself. We are just laughing at what she is doing and has done in the past. Maybe if she stopped posting about this the new material would stop coming, and people would stop talking about it.

This is not a site dedicated to Isaki, we discuss lots of people here - how pretentious do you have to be to believe that it is dedicated to "one girl"? Jesus Christ, you really are full of it.

No. 159757

this dude is lolcow material! someone post his Facebook profile roflmao

No. 159758

Not really…

No. 159761

damnnnnnnnn. chill out, i just pointed out the obvious shit you too butt-hurt to notice.

i mean, i only spent 5 minutes on this stupid thread to realize people just need to stop living in mommy and daddy's basement, self-loathing themselves while calling random anons pretentious.

i mean, what kind of dweeb goes out of his way to screen shot, copy, & paste someone's facebook comments cuz he thought it was funny? ironic how you tried to make this person a lolcow but you're the lolcow, being a neckbeards and sucking on twinkles while posting on this thread.

thanks for being my entertainment bitch ;) your stupid ass was too easy to piss off( you're welcome ;) )

No. 159762

>implying screen shotting takes a lot of time
top fucking kek, youre trying so hard to make this seem like its a big deal. it's not, even for farmers, isaki pajama rama sama is just another drop of delicious milk in the bucket. if she stopped running her mouth we'd get bored of her, why don't you be a real friend and tell her to shut up and lie low? or just keep whiteknighting and let her make an ass of herself so she can go down in /cgl/ history. lol

No. 159763

Can this entire post become copypasta

No. 159764

File: 1439612636654.jpg (269.47 KB, 450x600, 1338062924635.jpg)

>assuming anyone who dislikes this girl is a stalker or a neckbeard

I'm just following what anons post here because I need a good laugh before bed. And as far as my life goes, I look better than this bitch and have more accomplishments than her. Plus my friends don't secretly backstab me and think I'm insipid and stupid, because I'm not.
If I get attention it's because I've done something worthy, not because I made an Youtube vlog looking for asspattery from other asshats who are only looking to get popular via the 'moral' highroad.

Feels good being not Isaki, or you for that matter.

No. 159768


please keep posting, you're like the only one making this thread interesting

No. 159770

File: 1439613165464.gif (576 KB, 400x290, the cat's me-ilk.gif)

>>you're welcome ;)

That's gonna piss John off. Hue.

No. 159771

>isaki pajama rama sama


No. 159780

I wasn't mad? Not even remotely… I'm just trying to explain in simple terms, so perhaps my lack of tone gave that impression, idk…
Either way, it is extremely pretentious to assume that we are trying to make you, specifically you, look bad. If you read through other threads on this site you will see that we laugh at many people.

And really, am I the lolcow here? All I have done is point out flaws in what you said. Rather than come up with a suitable counter-argument, you decided to insult our integrity. This is extremely shallow, and the common mark of someone who has no excuse for their behaviours and is trying to justify ignoring their opponents opinions to themselves and others.

Insults only hurt when they are true. I can see your butthurt through your insults, which means I must have struck a nerve with my comment. You need to stop projecting.

No. 159794

File: 1439614257182.jpg (54.92 KB, 486x409, 1311949083856.jpg)


No. 159795

John iz dat u

Also, you must have missed out on PT, Miyu, Jnig, Yaya Han, FranDan, Adella, etc.

Although the sad part is that Isaki is becoming like the next PT. If she became like Miyu instead (where Miyu is today), none of this would have happened.

No. 159860

Say that to the /cgl/ thread about her, nonnie

No. 159886

This is fucking gold holy shit

No. 159888

You see, I didn't even know that Isaki lurks /pt/ or that a thread about her was even on /pt/ until she posted it and her dramu showed up on my FB feed.

No. 159903

File: 1439621841237.gif (8.62 MB, 720x405, post-61137-Mira-Sorvino-popcor…)

Come share the popcorn with us while it lasts

No. 159908

File: 1439622655661.jpg (146.33 KB, 511x286, kek2.jpg)

>moar kek from the knights

No. 159909

I really wanted to believe that Isaki was a cool smart person, but after all of this I can see she's nothing more than an immature 12 year old.

No. 159911

you know what an isaki is? fish. a grunt fish. even google translated the only anime character's name I could find as "chicken grunt".

No. 159912

Can someone explain to me how adults, like people over 18, actually throw such huge hissy fits over people online not liking them? I literally don't get it.

No. 159921


From his videos, John not only has a neckbeard but looks a bit pedo-ish.

The fact he thinks he's 'trolling' is precious though. Like seriously John, you're adorable. Keep showing us what a big strong man you are, that'll sure teach us goshdarnit

No. 159926

Oh my lawd I actually thought he was an autistic Black kid, given the type of comments he posted ITT

>never mind; he is a legit neckbeard omg

No. 159929

Why does every single lolcow who discovers their thread think the entire website is about them? Do they not realise how image boards work?

No. 159941

Because they're all attention-seeking, entitled narcissists, or they wouldn't be lolcows in the first place!

No. 159942

I thought Isaki knows how this shit works since she was the one that posted her lolcow link to her followers.

Although her followers are completely ignorant on how image boards work, given to how they've knighted her:
>"zOMG I can't believe they'd waste their time talking about YOU YOU YOU AND ONLY YOU OMG who spends this much time dedicating a board to ONE PERSON!?!?!?!!11111"
>ermagerd idk how image boards work and who's replying to who lolz

The only ones that aren't are those who've posted on 4chan before, or know about 4chan/cgl.

No. 159945

File: 1439627402389.gif (3.25 MB, 480x270, O70s0oC.gif)

>Nuuuuu don't say that about our queen!
>What has she done wrong to you???!?!?!?111
>Obviously u don't know her cuz she's sweet and charming IRL!!11!!
>I bet ur just jealous or else u won't be posting this much about how she's so confident about herself and likes herself so much that she deserves the attention, itaaaaa~~~~~
>Ur just jealous that u can never ever reach her level of e-fame
>I feel so sorry for u guys who spend all day here posting about ONE SINGLE SPECIAL PERSON!!!!!!!
>I don't understand why everyone on the Internet has to be so mean!!!
>stop it with the bullying! It's tearing the community apart!

No. 159955

You know, I haven't even been on /cgl/ in a while or even lolcow. But when shit like this happens and the lolcow fails to keep it private (as they so often do because they secretly want the attention and dramu) you bet yo ass I'm gonna LOL at you and expose it. Then after that, I resume my merry way IRL.

No. 159981

I actually agree with all of what Gabby says here. It's right sometimes it toxic and outright vicious at times, while also having it's good side. She put it really nicely even. You can't expect to put videos out on Youtube and get no critics. I guess this is her first (and possibly only) backlash.

No. 159984

/cgl/ agrees with Gabby, too (saw that the cap was also posted on the Cringe thread)
>this is also why I don't make YouTube vids, unless it's to review something like contact lenses or whatevs

>also waits to see if Isaki is gonna unfriend Gabby lolz

No. 159987

File: 1439637696806.jpg (46.12 KB, 349x278, 1439585743880.jpg)

I found these on /cgl/

No. 159988

File: 1439637722181.png (21.41 KB, 297x301, 1439637011643.png)

No. 159990

File: 1439637819079.png (111.46 KB, 720x529, 1439634586187.png)

>mfw Isaki and John stumble upon the Cringe Thread in /cgl/ where she is mentioned

No. 159991

File: 1439637859924.png (99.89 KB, 720x548, 1439632763134.png)

No. 159992

Holy shit.
She actually can't see why saying that someone having an std makes them a bad person would offend anyone. Or making up stds to slander someone else isn't bullying behaviour. She better realise that when she calls us bullies, those fingers are pointing right back at her.

I hope the social justice crowd gets on her case. Maybe she will listen to them since they aren't "rahnonymous".

I vote that when commenting in this thread, we replace the name field with "Rahnonymous".
Rahnonymous does not forgive, Rahnonymous does not forget. We are lergeiern.

No. 159993

Yeah never mind; looks like cgl already did all the dirty work for me kek

No. 159994


I haven't laughed this hard at a thread in a long time. Fucking props.

No. 159996

I was about to say 'quick! Someone tell John that /cgl/ is calling Isaki out on her BS too' but then I saw that she finally took down all her dramu posts on Facebook. Oh well.
>t'was fun while it lasted

No. 159997

I wanna see someone repost her tumblr BS so that her white knights on Facebook can see how much of a hypocrite she is when it comes to bullying

No. 160015

How about Anonymous-chon.

No. 160020

>listing self as (goofball)
>dat cannabis cover photo
>dat pedocreeper facial expression
>dat "lolz I trolled dem I am master" attitude

John… John… look at your life choices

No. 160023

>"This community only has 700 participants"
Kek, does she really thing EVERY SINGLE PERSON on cgl watched the video? Not to mention that the viewcount is over 1300 now.

No. 160024

Can someone post caps of his face? I don't want to log into FB just to see a neckbeard

No. 160040

I'd say Isaki is closer to Kiki than Pixy. Keeks is constantly reacting and on the offensive, trying to shut down threads and sue her "harassers"; as a result, she just gets it worse. Pixy, on the other hand, is aware of this and other boards but just ignores us and gets on with it. So a lot of us actually have affection and an odd respect for PT.

But it sure is funny watching Isaki chimp out.

No. 160048

Actually…, I think John just may be a master troll. I could be giving him too much credit, but I'm thinking this guy is trolling Isaki hardcore by convincing her he's an adoring follower/white knight while fanning the flames on LOLCow. Just something to consider.

Or maybe he's just an idiot, I'm just not sure yet.

No. 160077


No. 160149

File: 1439662425951.jpg (45.48 KB, 960x960, bob.jpg)

how old is this guy?

No. 160261

Ah yes, PT my lolcow queen!

No. 160268

As much as I dislike social justice wankers, this is the one time I wanna see them wank all over someone and I don't get irritated with it.

No. 160275

I think he's kinda creepy TBH. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and most likely gonna say the latter: he's an idiot.

I know those types of guys who think they've succeeded in trolling by acting all 'Black' or whatever at the place where their damsel is being 'harassed'. If it was legit bullying, like on tumblr, then most of the time they got the trolling down right and the bullying would stop. But since this is image boards we're talking about and they haven't got a clue how places like LOLcow, /cgl/ and PULL are run, they most likely failed in this aspect. 'Trolls' like John failed to take into account that we're not singling out Isaki, and she's not the only special little snowflake on here whose BS needs to be pointed out.

And I have to agree with
no one has said anything really incriminating about her yet anyways. Although Isaki would like to think so and go on a 'waaah waaah they capped my BS I'm gonna unfriend everyone!' rampage.

No. 160285

File: 1439669879301.jpg (197.62 KB, 514x345, dumbass2.jpg)

Since it seems like our mini-lolcow here isn't coming back sometime soon (unless he likes to stalk this thread), I'm gonna post up whatever I have left of the lulz.

>although TBQH Isaki, you know if I was in your shoes and I did something incredibly stupid, I'd just take it in stride. I had this shit done to me before and I learned from my lesson. I take the drama in private over to Skype and only tell my closest friends about it, if it's that bothering. And I learn to run with it if I see that I've been posted on these sites. If a post about you has been made on a site like lolcow, /cgl/ or PULL then that's when you should know that you really have done something wrong. Learn to damn run with it and you'll emerge from the ashes like Miyu, or ignore it like PT. Or you can be a LOLcow forever and join the echelon of LOLcows. That's moar entertainment for us and popcorn to chew.

No. 160338

She treats him like a toddler…

No. 160344

Yeah she unfriended Gabby.

No. 160348

>says she looks like a fucked up drag queen
>uses drag queens and stds as a way to describe things she doesn't like


No. 160377


No. 160378

File: 1439678384690.gif (2.31 MB, 390x277, f11df0a49788cfbab44f22d03d236e…)

She'll never suspect who exactly did it
It's someone that she least expects

But still
>ultimate kek

No. 160379

File: 1439678592363.jpg (121.66 KB, 511x522, saltyassbitch.jpg)

Speaking of which, I just found this on her Wall today

No. 160381

btw she has a public Facebook page:


No. 160384

Our tears of laughter? Because yeah, she's got me going.

No. 160399

File: 1439679243435.png (57.33 KB, 502x360, Screenshot 2015-08-15 at 3.51.…)

MY SIDES. She doesn't understand the "anonymous" she says she's supporting here is literally 4Chan. And that cgl is part of 4Chan.

No. 160446

lmfao what a god damn moron… I think she might legitimately have some sort of mental disorder

No. 160450

OMG – this bitch is totally KiKi Ver2. She's gonna take on the Interwebs and WIN!!


No. 160460

You are your own worst white knight.

No. 160467

File: 1439683613460.jpg (50.45 KB, 500x498, You want me to eat cat because…)

No. 160471

My god, this girl really is even dumber than I thought…

No. 160472

video got taken down someone reuploaded it here

No. 160476

File: 1439685170162.jpg (52.14 KB, 275x275, billybobjohn.jpg)

>btw I made this thing lol

No. 160574

>She has the same stilted manner of speaking in her rage video. It sounds so unnatural and contrived.

This is why I was convinced she was a troll at first, but obviously now I know she isn't. Some of the things she does are just so awkward/stilted coming from a real person. Does she have some kind of impediment/disorder/etc?

No. 160581

No, she just writes everything out but doesn't practice it - so she's awkwardly reading everything out loud for the first time. Especially in the rant video you can see her eyes moving back and forth and a few halts when she has to read the next line of text. There's nothing actually wrong with her she's just a moron

No. 160615

File: 1439702930569.png (35.04 KB, 270x375, 1439694790789.png)

>The salt is strong in this one

No. 160616

File: 1439702959623.png (49.7 KB, 455x258, 1439690130251.png)

Akso found this one on /cgl/

No. 160618

File: 1439703432099.png (12.72 KB, 395x401, 1405204651309.png)

She's losing her mind and thinks everyone who's speaking against anything she says is a hater from 4chan this is too good

No. 160674

>(and almost no one looks good sans makeup anyway…)
is what ugly people tell themselves so that they can feel average.

No. 160677

People do look worse without it though. I've only seen a couple people who look better without makeup and even then it's not like they were breathtakingly gorgeous, they just had strong features that makeup detracted from.

No. 160681

The anon I quoted said that almost no one looks good without it, which is very different from saying people look better with it.

No. 160683

File: 1439711445921.gif (951.67 KB, 245x234, 1438404527141.gif)

Absolutely beautiful. I've never been this amused by anything a lolcow has done in my entire time on the internet as I am this.

No. 160684

File: 1439711710721.jpg (14.71 KB, 350x335, 1380349084496.jpg)

Someone should tell her on her public Facebook page and then cap her reaction

No. 160685

This reminds me of when this kid I was friends with kept making a huge deal about how down he was with anonymous on FB, then when he asked me if I knew about them, I said something like "well, obviously, you know I go on 4chan". He got really butthurt and went on about how annoying it was that I always credited 4chan with starting things. I had only mentioned twice before that something was from 4chan… because they were. The funny thing about it was that after I explained to him how hilariously wrong he was, he didn't acknowledge that I was right, but a few weeks later, was talking among a group we were in about how people don't realize how many memes originate from 4chan and how Anonymous started there as if he was cool for knowing it.

No. 160695

Why is no one talking about her massive ass tits that she seriously needs a better bra for?

No. 160699


See this post made by >>160381

No. 160700

I didn't even notice; probably cuz she doesn't hang them out like Jnig

No. 160705

When she's standing, it's kind of impossible not to notice. Rewatch her message to 4chan, this was one aspect genetics weren't on her side with. She needs a decent bra ASAP.

No. 160722

Don't mean to derail, but what happened to Miyu?

No. 160731

How old is she? She isn't exactly ugly but looks ugh…mature

No. 160738

I actually think she's very cute – until she opens her mouth and exposes her stupid and her giant horse teeth.

No. 160746

File: 1439727456608.png (183.94 KB, 1070x1401, 20150816_081245.png)

God she's such an asshole in these asks. I wonder if she has alot of followers with this attitude. It doesn't help that she has the humor of a 12 year old either

No. 160748


same i think she's actually quite pretty

but speaks a ton of shite tbh

No. 160760


You guys either are trolling or have really low standards.

Her meth addict-like face kinda reminds me of Hannah Minx. Same dark circles and the whole unhealthy look. She looks like garbage.

No. 160857


you can find someone lulzy pretty idiot

i do think shes pretty, not amazing but enough to pass for pretty i guess just white girl average pretty

No. 160858

I think she's very pretty. Different strokes for different folks, it doesn't mean we have low standards. Not everyone is going to find the exact same people pretty, even people like Beyonce aren't considered pretty by some people.

No. 160862

File: 1439742725587.png (158.74 KB, 446x400, 1437977062550.png)

Oh god, she's literally handling this like an especially shitty 13 year old. She's such a cunt to anyone pointing out she's responding horribly, that any tinge of guilt I felt about my participation in bashing her is out the window. She probably thinks her comebacks are so witty and clever, too.

No. 160884

and then she responds on facebook with "wahhh i'm so depressed that this girl is being mean to me"

No. 160979

File: 1439752391334.png (98.79 KB, 485x519, fb.png)

Good lord, the butthurt is strong with this one. I left this comment on her page and she deleted it and blocked me from commenting. She kept the post up, though, which I'm confused about. I don't know if she doesn't believe me, or doesn't want other people to know, or what? I would think even if she blocked me, she'd still take it down so that she didn't look stupid. I really don't get how her brain works.

No. 160984

Does anyone else get their cringe triggered whenever they see a Guy Fawkes mask? Embarrassing.

No. 160989

Yes, especially on Face Book

No. 160990

File: 1439752977632.jpg (66.16 KB, 478x328, 12160.jpg)

Also from her public page.

No. 160994

File: 1439753620383.png (87.02 KB, 498x562, lolwut.png)

She'll probably just delete this too, but whatever.
Oh god, now she's talking about herself like she's some sort of anti-bullying martyr and that's the only reason she's getting attacked. It's been a long time since the lolita community had heifer with this much milk.

No. 161000

File: 1439753886078.jpg (52.86 KB, 720x540, 249979_205306406178220_5277441…)

Gained access to her private FB photos. This girl hits everything on the tryhard cringe bingo card.

No. 161004

File: 1439754090086.jpg (69.35 KB, 690x458, 581219_255458801217967_1412134…)

How has no one posted this gem from her public page yet?

No. 161095

There difference is, just because no one said it, doesn't mean it's NOT misinformation.

No. 161105

No one bothered to even watch that video before she became a lolcow, that's why no one said anything lol

No. 161114

I think she thinks her youtube has a lot of followers or something, even though all her videos get an average of like 500 views.

No. 161131

File: 1439760728725.png (68.57 KB, 485x509, whatisreality.png)

Guys, she's refusing to accept that Anonymous is from 4chan. I have no words.

No. 161132


No. 161151

She's 25 or 26

No. 161155

That genuinely concerns me. I'm not saying that to be a bitch, I'm being dead serious.

No. 161156

Well she has refused to accept anything that doesn't say "you're perfect ignore the haters" even facts i.e. "you are bad because you have an std" shames people with stds
So I don't know how we could expect any differently.

No. 161173

File: 1439762903957.jpg (41.98 KB, 680x441, 1583057110.jpg)

>She spent 20 minutes trying to convince Mr Yan to play a game he said he didn't want to play. Shit was weird.
>An uncomfortable situation involving a lolita and Mr. Yan where he is not the creeper, but the victim

No. 161176

That's what I've been repeating in the thread for the past few days. I still think she has asperger's or something even if everyone else who knows her seems to disagree. A grown ass woman acting like a young teenager is either not right in the head, or going out of their way to completely fake their whole persona as some ageplay thing.

No. 161179

File: 1439763358636.jpg (489.78 KB, 890x713, 1432511843289.jpg)

OP here, I was without internet for a few days bc of travel, but holy fucking shit. I'm cracking up right now. That bitch is so fucking salty, she should continue to eat more salt so we can milk her more.

Oh wait…the milk would be salty from this lolcow huh? LOL

No. 161189

I've known so many people with Asperger's, and not one of them was as bad as her. Whatever is wrong with her is more extreme than Asperger's, I think. I'm not a professional, so I don't know, though.

Honestly, the more this progresses, the more literally sad it gets. Between her age, immaturity, over-emotional responses to everything, denial of the connection between Anonymous and 4chan, and just every other thing about her, it's clear there's something very wrong with her. I'm almost feeling guilty, but she makes it so hard.

No. 161217

Unfortunately I have to regularly interact with someone who seems to have a lot of mannerisms in common with Isaki. The individual I deal with DOES have Asperger's, but also a number of other mental issues and is generally a jerk on top of it all. So I'm guessing Isaki is similarly a grab bag of crazy.

No. 161233

Yeah, she's referenced having several different psychological disorders.

No. 161241

Where did she say that, and which ones?

No. 161251

I know her IRL and I don't think she has a mental disorder. She's just high strung and gets stressed easily. A year or so ago, she went from a size 9 to a 0 because of stress. So between breaking up with her fiance recently, being posted here, problems with money and buying food, I'd say she's ready to explode.

No. 161254

I wonder if they broke up because of Carly comparing him to a stuffed elephant…

No. 161263

>She's just high strung and gets stressed easily

Sure, but on top of that she just seems… not right. Just the way she speaks and writes.

No. 161267

>A year or so ago, she went from a size 9 to a 0 because of stress
Yeah, I noticed in past pics that she was chubby
In the comments on the FB status she made asking people to report all the sites talking shit about her, she said she had depression. She also said she had really bad anxiety, but I'm not sure where.

No. 161286

Where even IS Miyu today? I haven't heard of her or seen her in ages.

No. 161295

She is really pretty. Too bad she talks.

No. 161334

lmfao isaki is on the 4chan thread trying to say that Carly really had chlamidyia
>failing this hard

No. 161335

Are you blind anon?

No. 161345

Yeah, so what, you ableist jerk??

No. 161349

She looks TOO skinny now, as if she's malnourished

No. 161358

That video got posted to the cringe thread on cgl though. Lots of people laughed at it.

No. 161378

How is shaming people for being stupid enough to get STDs sexist? top kek

No. 161385

Why is chlamydia funny??? It's not and I would know since I caught it from her. If you have an STD why the fuck wouldn't you tell your partner????? Carly is nasty and just doesn't want people to know.

No. 161386

Okay buddy

No. 161391

Wanna fuck sensually?

No. 161394

I know it's OK bitch.

Lol what?

No. 161396

slut-shaming is not a issue tho
never understood why tumblr get their pantsu twisted at this

No. 161397

People can get stds aside from being "stupid enough". People can be raped, coerced, or just not have proper knowledge of sex ed due to the faulty education on such things in various places. I'm sorry that your wordlview is so small that you couldn't understand that, Isaki/one of Isaki's minions.
>inb4 I am anti std-shaming, just laying down some knowledge and putting things into a wider perspective

No. 161398

u anons made my day

No. 161399

bitch is delusional

No. 161400

This just makes me want to show up to a Lolita meet and punch her in the face…

No. 161401

>implying cyberbullying exists
>implying bullying is people telling her not to slut-shame
she can go fuck herself with a cactus.
this is not bullying. this insults people who have been bullied

No. 161402


No. 161404

"No permission is given for this video to be shared, copied, or redistributed in any way on 4chan.org, http://behind-the-bows.livejournal.com/, http://rebeccablacktech.com/, or any pornographic site what-so-ever."
Then dont fucking upload it on youtube, dumb bitch

No. 161412

STDs are just like other sicknesses. Having one isn't what makes you rude or a bad person, it's how you behave about it.
It's like saying that if I got a cold, this negated my worth as a human being. If I went up to people and sneezed on them and rubbed my germs on their faces, this would matter. Not the having of the cold, but shoving it onto other people.

Granted STDs are somewhat more personal than other illnesses, but they don't dictate a persons worth as anything other than a sexual partner. So unless Isaki wants to have sex with Lashy, it shouldn't even matter.
I fully support Isaki if she wishes to come out about her lesbianism. It's ok, she's just insecure because she thinks sex is wrong or dirty.

No. 161414

I don't think it's possible to actually control what happens to things that you put publicly on the internet…

No. 161415

good one m8

No. 161416

I'm confused. That's one of Lilixandra's works. Is she claiming that she made the costume?

No. 161428

This is the rumour girls I knew used to make up about others when we were all 14-16. Ugh grow up.

No. 161443

Isaki DOES want to fuck Lashy. She told me.
(Just as believable as lashy having STDs)
I'm the one who she came out to.

No. 161447

How is a 25 year old woman so stupid that she doesn't realize she has zero legal authority to tell people she can't share the videos she uploaded to You Tube herself?

No. 161449

It's sexist because women are more vulnerable to STDs (men can often be carriers, but not have it themselves or test positive for it) and comes from a very anti-sex view. Also, you realize some people in monogamous relationships and rape victims get STDs too, and condoms don't protect against everything, right? If you're seriously stupid enough where you can't imagine scenarios where STDs can occur outside of careless promiscuity, there's no hope for you.

Also, 95% of people who have had sex at all get HPV at some point (most people just have it come and go without symptoms and don't even know they have it) so you've most likely had one yourself, unless you're a bitter virgin.

No. 161451

Because slut-shaming is based very much in sexism and also just shows the person in question is a judgmental twat in general

No. 161453

the very fact that she thinks ANYONE would believe her shows how desperate she is

No. 161456

Ladies, be careful.
Isaki/whiteknights are clearly trying to invade those threads. Do not go with the crowd, consider what you are saying/doing at all times as they may try to bait us into doing or saying things we shouldn't.

No. 161457

very good point anon.

No. 161458

No. 161460

It's super important because there are lines that could be crossed which could have legal ramifications.
So if someone is taking things too far, call them on it and don't allow the behaviour to continue.

No. 161461

Such as?

No. 161462

>>161458 lined to the wrong person >>161460
if you consider the fact that whiteknights are already pretending to be 'one of us' then it is no stretch of the imagination that they could pretend to be us to pit others against us.

No. 161465

oh harassment and such.
I'm not familiar with legal stuff but it's definitely something to keep in mind.

No. 161470

how? it's an anonymous board. kiki's lawsuit against jane doe is laughable

No. 161472

new cringe thread btw, for anyone not keeping up on 4chan

No. 161475

She is already filing complaints against websites where people shared her pictures.
It's just a warning. Theres a possibility nothing will come of it, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
Nowhere on the surface web is ~that~ anonymous.

No. 161479

You have to go pretty far to get in trouble for online harassment. No one here is hacking her and posting private nudes or shit like that. Not sure what people are worried about?

No. 161483

Genuinely not trying to be rude, but are you relatively new to internet drama? People do what she's doing all the time. There's nothing illegal about reposting things she publicly uploaded and making fun of it.

No. 161487

You must be new to internet drama. This happens all the time to people on chans and such and nothing comes of it.

No. 161498

It's just precautionary.
She seems like the kind of person who would dox herself and leak her nudes to try and get us in "trouble".

No. 161507

She claims Anonymous isn't a part of 4chan, I don't think she's smart enough to do those things.

No. 161516

her behaviour reminds me a lot of Regina George.
That's why I was concerned.

No. 161686


Last I heard, Miyu turned her life around for the better. She cleaned up her act, became a born-again Christian, a fit-as-hell fitness instructor, and teaches figure skating to kids.

She quit cold turkey on drugs, although still struggles a bit with her mental issue. She was on a good track until she got all neurotic on /fit/ with that dude who went by 'And Then I Was A Bear" or whatever. She sort of 'Relapsed' mentally, and then when she made enough fool of herself on /fit/, she hit the panic button and deleted everything on the internet, never to be seen again.

Her transformation was admirable and intentions noble, but I believe she still has a long way to go in terms of functioning like a normal human being instead of crazy. Still, at least she made the effort, and even realized her mistake the 2nd time around when she made a fool of herself.

She's not perfect but at least she tried. I wish all the other lolcows followed suit.

No. 161945

File: 1439833461269.png (132.17 KB, 250x250, 1436425670307.png)

>her behaviour reminds me a lot of Regina George
Fuck you, she is nothing like that Goddess. Regina was witty, clever, and cut a bitch down. Isaki is a compelte idiot whose "insults" are too retarded to even be remotely offended by and laughable in a very different way that Regina.

Yes, I mad.

No. 161950

If she did that and there was an investigation, they would know they were posted by her. That and if one of us were to do that, they're the only one who would need to worry about getting in trouble. The popo aren't going to go after everyone participating in the thread, that's just straight up crazy and paranoid.

No. 162018

File: 1439836486404.png (96.11 KB, 1162x514, Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 19.3…)

Trying to get her stuff removed from behindthebows?

No. 162062

Top kek.

No. 162107

File: 1439839695281.png (6.49 KB, 390x470, Oh-You-Make-Me-Cry-Laughing-Me…)

No. 162189

I keep laughing over her wanting to take shit down off rebeccablack. Bitch, that's just where the /cgl/ archives are located.

There is some legit retardation here.

No. 162198

I don't understand why she thinks she has legal authority to tell people they can repost her videos and make fun of her. If that were the case, doesn't she think all the other millions upon millions of people made fun of on the internet would have done something about it?

No. 162281

hey, that's my ask

No. 162286

you had an excellent ask, anon, and you should be proud to have rustled her jimmies so obviously

No. 162288

I think what I love the most about all this is how chill and avant garde carly is about the whole thing.

No. 162297

"I'm confused. It must be the chlamydia."

No. 162335

exactly, she's such a cool bitch

No. 162409

I….am not going to make fun of her now

No. 162430

But this is the perfect thing to make fun of her for. She's using her ex's disability for entertaining her viewers.

No. 162432

Then protect yourself better. simple as that. I'm not a virgin (which is not an insult lol) but it's not sexist.
Obviously rape is an exception. please do not try to make std-shaming seem like a real problem

No. 162433

Eh, you really think so? It seems like the opposite of that. Hundreds upon hundreds of girls do the bf does my makeup tag. Why shouldn't she just because he has a disability? Or am I missing s/t? I don't see the issue.

No. 162435

Although I hate Isaki, I don't think there's anything wrong with slut-shaming. it shows the person have morals. idk theres a difference between women and men hence why there are double standards.
then again, people shit on guys that bang with a lot of girls so lol

No. 162438

>people shit on guys that bang with a lot of girls
Breh don't guys get high fives? What the fuck.

No. 162440

she's a bad person. do you really think she's kind?

No. 162443

Tons of girls shit on guys who are manwhores
tons of guys shit on girls who are whores

No. 162455


No. 162458

is she exploiting her boyfriend's blindness for youtube followers?

No. 162466

>it shows the person have morals.
There's nothing immoral about being slut if you're not in a monogamous relationship, though. You only think that way because you subscribe to this out of date standard of morality that doesn't hold any actual basis in reality. Judging people and shaming them for being a slut makes you a judgmental self-righteous cunt, no way around it, and yes there is something wrong with it. This is coming from someone who's pretty prudish themselves.

Besides, you realize everyone has different standards for what's considered a slut, right? There's no shortage of people who genuinely see any woman has sex before marriage as a slut. If you were only sexually active with your committed partner, would you just be like "okay, cool, nothing wrong with that" if someone was telling you what a whore you were for it? Most likely not. Not to mention, as established, being a slut isn't the only way to get STDs by a long shot, so STD shaming is just a dick move across the board because rape victims can and often get them, so yeah.
Guys don't get shit on for being sluts nearly as much as girls, though.

No. 162470

> BUT ANON!!! GUYS are called WHORES and totally shit on for having consensual sex ALL the time!!!! NOT A DOUBLE STANDARD!1!1!1

No. 162480

File: 1439857900171.jpg (76.53 KB, 249x699, 1439416577748.jpg)

>Then protect yourself better. simple as that.
How fucking stupid and clueless about sexual health are you? No, it is not "simple as that". You can only do so much to protect yourself against STDs, it's like saying girls won't get raped if they "protect themselves better". You can get them from things like toilet seats and no matter what people like to think, they never know 100% what their SO is doing when they're not around. Plus, as stated, people can be carriers without testing for anything themselves. I have a friend who got tested with her boyfriend and both came up negative. She ended up getting an STD from him that he didn't test for, but was carrying. Explain to me what the fuck else could be done to "protect yourself" in that situation? Also, people in loving relationships sometimes cheat, so you could think your SO is totally faithful, only to get something two years in the relationship because they betrayed you.

Also, again as stated (it's like you just ignored everything explsined to you), almost all sexually active people get HPV, so you've pretty much without a doubt had an STD before. If you really don't see STD shaming as a real thing and think it's acceptable, not much else to tell you other than that you're an ignorant retard and I hope you end up in a relationship with a guy who ends up giving you herpes from some better looking co-worker he eventually starts banging on the side, unbeknownst to you. You certainly deserve it, just like Isaki does.

No. 162481

I don't really care that the STD remark is ignorant, personally. The funny part is just how incredibly childish and petty it is. Like her entire personality.

No. 162482

Same. It's more like "really, you have to resort to blindly accusing people of having STDs they probably don't even have?" and the hilarious hypocrisy that she'll complain about what judgmental bullies we all are while shaming people with STDs. I just can't get that mad about anything that girl says, even though I think it's really stupid to hold having an STD against someone.

No. 162483

Yeah, not to sound like an abstinence preacher, but the only way to 100% guarantee you won't get an STD is to just not have sex. Kind of horrifying that there are people on this board who seriously don't get that.

No. 162485

>Then protect yourself better
>I'm not a virgin
Then you put yourself at risk for an STD and are nothing more than a hypocrite on a high horse

No. 162494

Another 100% way to not get an std is to not go to doctors either amirite?
Better not get those shots!

Seriously though, unless you stay away from most things, there is no 100% way not to get an std.

It's easy to keep away from stds however.

No. 162497

File: 1439859785051.jpg (70.58 KB, 720x720, image.jpg)

No. 162502

>idk theres a difference between women and men hence why there are double standards.
No differences between the gender justifies the double standard. Please don't give me that "well, men can't help it, women should know better" nonsense that people usually have for reasoning.

No. 162507

Please be a troll because if not, you're a real piece of shit. I bet you love to victim blame too, right?

No. 162521

File: 1439861775218.png (35.25 KB, 563x338, 5587753.png)

love her so much..

No. 162554

Both genders suffer double standards get over that women are victims shit or go back to tumblr.

No. 162629

I don't think she's kind I just don't see the point of desperately grasping at straws by saying "God she's fucking using her disabled fucking boyfriend what a piece of shit" lol.

No. 162652

File: 1439870214574.jpg (106.63 KB, 500x500, 1439867885223.jpg)

from 4chan

No. 162701

lol I got warned on /cgl/ for saying we should go harder on Isaki and give her shit directly, since it's all been on anon hate sites and she's acting like we're being way worse than we actually are.

>Don't bring community vendettas onto this board. Singling out individual cosplayers for the purposes of trolling them will not be tolerated.

Seriously, though. We should make a legitimate effort to drive her out of the community.

No. 162702

Also, I like how they called her a coplayer and not a lolita… it's like they knew…

No. 162709

Never said they didn't, but we're specifically talking about sex. What, am I supposed to add "but men go through unrelated double standards too!" just to not sound SJW-y to the crowd that likes to blindly say "go back to Tumblr" to fit in, when I'm just stating facts?

No. 162712

>justifying slut shaming because "MUH MORALS!!111"
>on lolcow

No. 162723

Wait, I recognize this girl. I think she used to run a proana tumblr, I remember her from when I was going through a hard time in high school. Let me see if I can find it.

No. 162875

I wondered if she was pro-ana because of her rapid weight loss, but someone from her comm said it was stress. "Stress" is an easy excuse for her to use, though.

No. 162881

doesn't surprise me at all. she doesn't look healthy in the slightest.

No. 162883

You can all suck my ass, all of the shit you chlamydia infested liars say is a lie. You are pathetic losers with no lives and if you really think making your stupid little comments about my videos will EVER get me down then you are so fuckin wrong bitch… Like "oh she looks like she is 13" yeah so fuckin original I don't even care, I'll be mocking you when you are 30 and have terrible skin, whereas mine will be unblemished and beautiful due to my genes. And insulting my name… how stupid are you? Is the worst thing you can say about me really that my name is "Japanese"? Who gives a crap! What's wrong with that? I don't care and anyone who is actually fooled by your lies is a idiot. It's just a fucking name, if that is the most offensive thing I can do to you then you need to pull that stick out of your ass and find something to do with your life.

And if you are calling me anorexic I dare you to say that to my face, bitch.

I have not given permission for my videos or any information about me to be posted on this site. I will be contacting the DMCA and police about this.

No. 162887

I was about to screencap this from 4chan, but looks like the dumb bitch has it covered for me

No. 162888

You look anorexic.

No. 162890


No. 162893

Oh really, bitch? Oh really? You are nothing, NOTHING. You must be pretty sad to write such awful things online. I feel so bad for you, you're so jealous of me.

No. 162895

At least she didn't misspell her own name this time, although she did forget the sama-pajama-rama-chan part

No. 162899

lmfao this is a sad day for humanity..

No. 162900

I'm calling troll. Whoever was shitting up the Jillian thread probably got bored and moved on to this one.

No. 162901

>whereas mine will be unblemished and beautiful due to my genes


No. 162907

Wow bitch. You really think I am faking? Huh? I don't fake unlike you ANONYMOUS COWARDS I can show my real face. You are the one who is fake hiding behind your little screen typing lies from your stupid little mind. Well, you are such fakers that you can't even put a name to your lies. If the things you say about me were true you could say them with your name attached.
You are so sad I feel bad for you.

No. 162908

if you're so confident, why don't you prove it's you by saying something on your tumblr about it?

No. 162909

settle down

No. 162910

File: 1439882511581.bmp (929.04 KB, 674x470, 7789646.bmp)

No. 162915

Where is this from?

No. 162917

her faq video, she just posted it earlier tonight.

No. 162919

Her tits are too huge to be that bad of an anorexic if she is one. Then again, she was pretty fat, so she had a long way to go before she's at the skeletal point…

Holy shit, it just dawned on me. I felt bad for her because her tits were so saggy, which I just chalked up to gravity not being on her side genetically, but it's because she's an ex-fatty.

No. 162921

That's even worse. That means they're flab tits instead of sag tits

No. 162930

All I can think of when she starts talking about Neil Diamond is Saving Silverman

No. 162933

That part is so cute tho, she gets so excited

No. 162934

That's not an insult. That movie was amazing. The main characters are a trio of best friends whose common interest that unites them is their terrifying obsession with Neil Diamond.

No. 162935

Oh, gotcha. Never heard of it

No. 162937

No. 162939

Anyone else get the feeling that Isaki is the type to seriously have a psychological break over this? She's been getting worse and worse and today she wasn't online at all. I'm wondering if we might end up driving her over the edge?

If you like Jack Black, you should watch it. I don't really, but I like it anyway.

No. 162957

No. 162969

I don't know. I genuinely dislike her from the moment I saw her, but to be apathetic about it, that requires some vendetta and real effort. Don't you understand how fragile she is already? She's upset from merely the idea of us talking about her like this. There's a point where it just gets creepy, like confronting someone irl or hounding them on social media. I want her to improve and just chill out, honestly. It's not like I loathe the ground she walks on.

Lolitas tend to like to drive the stake into anyone imperfect that's a Youtube personality. Youtube personalities are just cringy by default and I personally hate 90% of all of them, but that doesn't really mean I should go attacking them until they quit.

No. 162979

>"The only anonymous I support is the very thing that has been pointing out at my bullshit."


No. 162984


No. 162991

File: 1439894561277.jpg (119.53 KB, 550x404, objection.jpg)

Can someone like, go over copyright laws with Isaki PAJAMA RAMA please? I don't think she's gets it.

>In its most general sense, a fair use is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner.

No. 162993

Open your ask box on tumblr then if you aren't afraid of ppl showing their faces and call you out. Stupid shit you are saying about ppl having STDs and coming here to fight and just saying more stupid shit will get you in trouble and hell, someone might make a callout post on tumblr and they will drop hell on you.

If you value yourself as a person then chill out and take criticism like a normal person, sit yourself down for awhile and I can promise you that you will just be a stupid memory for most ppl.

No. 163004

Do people ever take advice from people on here?

No. 163013

Yeah apart from the first sentence, isn't that just word for word what she was saying in her video?

No. 163087

Kind of how I feel too. She's obviously not well mentally so we might be doing serious damage

No. 163096

anyone still facebook friends with her? has she really not been online at all?

No. 163097

Isaki's video reminds me so much of the one scene in Paul where the hardcore Christian girl tries out being immoral. The cursing is just so damned awkward.

Yeah, I think it's probably a new copypasta.

No. 163099

"I'm her to tayukk you back down!"

No. 163115

You go ahead and message her then? cgl is not your personal army. I cannot stand her, but starting some sort of vendetta is not the way to go. She'll either implode and leave the community on her own, or fade into obscurity.

No. 163123

I probably should have been more specific. I don't mean going thaaat hard, just directly telling her why she's a fucking idiot and why off of anon on Tumblr or whatever. Not spamming her with messages telling her to kill herself or doing anything IRL. Either she realizes she's stupid and changes or she gets out, either way we win.

No. 163131

… am I the only one who doesn't get the massive hard-on for Carly? Don't get me wrong, I like her, but she just has a few funny parodies and not much else going for besides being pretty real about everything. Her coords are higher end of average, she's not very attractive, and none of her non-parody videos are interesting or in anyway fun to watch. Is it because you guys want to be like her or something? IDGI

No. 163135

I think she's attractive and I like her coords, but tbh I think what draws most people to her is the fact that she's so fearless and levelheaded. It's something we don't get in the Lolita community. Also, I like her other videos but that's because I like games too, and most seagulls don't.

No. 163142

Wearing Lolita to work aka unemployed

No. 163145

Yeah, so far she's handled the little hate she's gotten like a pro. It's hard to believe she's only 19, I would have guessed she was 23-26 based on how she acts and handles herself. She may not be the best lolita, but the way she conducts herself online and handles criticism is something to admire.

No. 163151

Holy fuck, I had only seen Carly's parody and thought she was making it more dramatic and OTT than it was…. I was so wrong….

No. 163160

She also said she's only been wearing it herself for a year and a half so she probably still has a smallish closet. Personally I see a lot of potential if she continues to get more pieces.

No. 163164

Yeah, the original is actually more butthurt than the parody makes it look. Even a theater major couldn't quite capture it entirely.

No. 163169


Literally quoted the "whimsical and fun" part. This girl is the definition of a tryhard.

No. 163177

File: 1439921862110.png (1.18 MB, 1184x888, Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 11.1…)


Not only is this ugly, she's recommending wearing this to work and says she used to wear this every day. Calling this "ouji" and claiming her nickname in high school was "the prince."

lolololololol i can't

No. 163200

Yeah I think it's because she isn't all that spectacular but is aware she's a normal girl and doesn't have the same notions a lot of internet personalities have about being special or different, but she still has the balls to call people out, despite not having the comfort blanket of believing she's god's gift.

No. 163202


Her nickname might have been the prince, but uh it wasn't a friendly kinda nickname…

No. 163234


You sound like you're 13 too. And not in a good way.
What is it with you and chlamydia anyway? Is there something you've not told us? Because you seem to go for that specific disease often. Is it because you have chlamydia, Isaki?

No. 163325

She was online both today and yesterday.

No. 163332

did anything happen?

No. 163339

Nothing out of the ordinary. She uploaded a new video, but it doesn't seem to have anything to do with any of this.

No. 163340

By the way those two were me trolling.
I can make an excellent impression of her if I do say so myself.

No. 163430

Yeah, spamming her with messages telling her to kill herself would just reinforce her view that we are bullying her, and if it gets to that point, then it is.

No. 163433

I thought seagulls are into gaming, since half of the board is about cosplay and a lot of it is from video game fandoms. I was always under this impression that Lolita and games go hand in hand (especially if it's like Pokemon or whatever). I guess not.

No. 163443

Carly is only 19!? Wow, she is totes level-headed. I was still an adolescent tard at that age. Her maturity is astounding.

So since Carly is 19, how old is Isaki? She looks to be mid 20s but is mentally 12.

No. 163450

I am. I'm the anon that took the FB screen caps. She hasn't posted much else in relation to this thread, but did post random non-sense (like videos she liked).

I want to call out on her Anonymous BS that she posted on her public page and cap it, but she might unfriend me if I do and I'll lose my source of lolz. Doubt she'll be saying much else on her friends-only FB wall anyway, since she thinks everyone's out to get her.

No. 163463

someone pointed out on the 4chan thread that she seems to be super healthy too. like, she works out, dances, has other activities and a job. she's 3000% more put together than most 19 year olds. it's like she's one side of the maturity spectrum and isaki is the other.

No. 163465

the fact that she posted that other video that was so totally forced, with that giant grin the whole time… notbotherednotbotherednotbothered

No. 163477

Ahaha that was me. I think it's surprising in a weird way to see a lolita that doesn't (seem to, at least) suffer from anxiety or other similar issues the way a lot of lolitas do. She must have a very healthy mindset and image of herself, which makes me admire her a lot. We need more girls like her.

No. 163516

I think that's why most people like her, more than anything. She points out the bullshit, which is great, but she seems confident in herself and clear minded, and that doesn't happen with a lot of lolitas (even the ones like Jillian, who claim to be confident and "above it all")

No. 163586

Not really, you were just quoting things she already said. I didn't believe for a second it was you, especially since it was right after the obnoxious Jillian thread imitations that led to a new one being necessary.

No. 163590

Yeah, most seagulls are definitely into gaming. Maybe not lolitas as much, but /cgl/ is dominated by cosplayers and most of them are gamers, we're in the minority.

No. 163618

>and no; I didn't ask that
Somehow I doubt that

No. 163917

oh my god this is the first time someone I know personally has showed up on here. I haven't read the whole thread but jfc it's strange.

No. 163994

Got any stories about her? Is she as obnoxious irl as she is on the internet?

No. 165153

I know next to nothing about Star Wars or Star Trek, but I get so enraged by how she ends her videos with "use the force" while doing the Spock hand signal.


I can't even imagine how that makes Star Wars or Star Trek fans feel if I get this annoyed over it when I don't even care about them.

No. 165156

No. 165160

I don't want to give her video views or listen to her voice. Can someone give me the cliff notes or tl;dr?

No. 165237

I swear, she's 14.

No. 165239

Even most people outside fandoms/general geekery know this. The fact she does it even after people have tried to correct her is even worse.

No. 165245

I didn't even know she did this and now I'm experiencing such rage. Not even a Star wars fan (I'm more into Star trek, but can appreciate the SW movies) … but most basic people know the fucking difference between the two fandoms and their most famous lines. (ARRRGH)

No. 165256

holyshit, she's amazing. I'm dying here.

No. 165295

Da fuq did I just watch??

No. 165296

Believe me anon, you want to see this for yourself. The only way it could possibly be better was if Carly parodied it.

No. 165297

Oh god she's describing blood drawing

I'm like actually legit triggered

No. 165302

What is with this girl and sex? Literally the only reasons she give for liking Vampire Knight are that it has vampires and isn't sexual. She brings up anti-sex shit in half the videos I've seen. Video very much related, surprised it's not already in this thread.

No. 165307

Also, I like how she says fanservice is almost never done with guys when anime/manga is perhaps the most equal form media when it comes to the sexualization of both genders. Has this bitch somehow never heard of Free? This really shows how little anime she actually watches.

… and I literally want to shriek when she calls Beatrix Kiddo "Kill Bill" as if that's something people call her.

No. 165449

jfc how are her videos all so stupidly long and rambling and cringey the whole way through?! I swear this shit did. not. end.

No. 165464

Eh, not really, the percentage of female fanservice anime greatly outweighs the male ones. It's still stupid to complain about something like Highschool of the Dead, that's basically all about the T&A. There's more than enough anime without fanservice.

No. 165467

File: 1440089366115.jpg (188.7 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Speaking of "fanservice"…

No. 165468

File: 1440089384348.jpg (192.23 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 165484


No. 165672

Quick! Someone suggest this to Carly!

No. 165702

Lately I've been noticing more and more anime feature fan service for women. Things like added bath scenes or scenes where guys have their shirts off/changing. If she watched more than five mainstream animes she'd be aware of this. Even Kill la Kill had fan service for women.

No. 166295

god fucking dammit…

No. 166310

Legitimate question, but is English not her first language? If not I am convinced she is mentally challenged because at 25 years, you'd think she would be able to speak properly. Like, her choice of verbs and nouns are all over the place…

No. 166380

She complains about EVERYTHING, I swear. Whine, whine, whine.

No. 166466

I can't believe she is my age with the way she behaves.
I'm convinced she has some mental problems. And I would feel bad for her if she didn't behave so poorly.

No. 166521

File: 1440203327284.jpg (130.6 KB, 929x594, 8212015.jpg)

Such a nerd.

No. 166546


She brings the lulz and trolls on herself though tbh

No. 166553

Is it sarcasm?

No. 166574

guys she is perfectly away that the hand sign and quote are from different series… shes not that retarded. she just thinks shes funny for doing it.

No. 166608

There's still thousands of yaoi fangirls lol
female fanservice isnt higher than male ones.

No. 166653

File: 1440219168673.gif (1.09 MB, 248x200, thisistheend.gif)

This is NOT okay.

No. 166655

Are you actually retarded? There's like maybe…maybe…10% BL stuff. Most of it is in doujin forms and maybe BL games, but the amount of Hentai games, dating sims games, hentai anime series and hentai comics is insane compared to what 'female fanservice' exists….

No. 166661

I'm telling you. Asperger's.

No. 166691

It's just some /r9k/ faggot who thinks his opinions are relevant.
He probably thinks shirtless male characters in DBZ count as "female fanservice".

No. 166702


That shirt is brilliant.

No. 166706

Ok, I laughed out loud and spilled my tea. Thanks anon

No. 166751

File: 1440234434065.jpg (225.75 KB, 517x919, yess.jpg)

Shit will go down in a minute

No. 166753

File: 1440234475346.jpg (13.13 KB, 466x61, forever in our hearts.JPG)

Someone on cgl dared someone to mention the clap, someone did.

No. 166754


This person is the hero we needed

No. 166767

I'm glad I did the dare now. I can't wait until she responds. This is too good.

No. 166773

You beat me to the punch anon, but thanks for the glorious moment, I will forever keep caps will the end of the days.

No. 166795

File: 1440243420880.png (63.65 KB, 556x589, 1440239683885.png)

She blocked everyone who liked or commented on it after Victor's comment. Damn she's the real fucking coward if she can't face her stupid mistakes that she herself said.

No. 166868

I can't stand people like her. Like, if she watched some gothic ~vampyr~ version of Free, she'd probably have a meltdown. She's just like those girls that love graphic yaoi but the moment she sees something for a straight guy, it's sexist and bad. It's not for her and there's nothing wrong with catering to someone else's sexual preferences.

I enjoy both sexualized and violent series and kind of more "innocent" things like Miyazaki films. Why does only one type have to exist to these moral outrage type people? Anyone who hates sex appeal just has some anti-sex issues and the problem is inward, not the series. It's like those people that complain about violent movies, go see an R rated action film, then complain it's too violent. Don't watch it then?

No. 166896

It's probably her way of being edgy. Like… I think Chris Chan has better comeback material than her.

>actually, now thinking on it, they're so similar….

No. 166909

lmao if you end up with a STD, it's your fault.
that's it.
keep being a slut

No. 166910

why should we be soft to a bitch like her?
who cares about her feefees lmao

No. 166911

then she could delete her online persona.
but she wont do that because she likes the attention.
cyberbullying doesnt exist.
if shes hurted the she should stop going on lolcow and erase her persona lmao

No. 166913

You're ugly
you'll never be Japanese
your skin is terrible
your body is shit
your coords are shit
i'm just waiting for you to act suicidal and shit even if YOURE A FEARLESS WOMAn!!!!!!!!!
pls gtfo and go get an std

No. 166914

>thinking slut-shaming is bad because "MUH BODY MUH RULES"
>while we constantly shit on lolcows for everything they do

No. 166915

can you stop taking names and putting shaming into it?
what's next, hair-shaming?
i mean now we have STD-shaming, slut-shaming, body-shaming, fat-shaming, skinny-shaming.
jesus christ it's embarassing
some girls get bullied for their nose
i get nose-shaming exists too right?

No. 166916

*i guess

No. 166917

Nah, you can get it from a cheating partner. With all the Ashley Madison stuff, it'd be interesting to see what comes of it. But those are just "sluts that deserve it" to our girl here.

No. 166920

File: 1440258260707.png (45.1 KB, 493x482, Ns5ebmb.png)

Where'd this happen? This is obviously between Batty and Isaki.

No. 166938

understandable, but isn't it you poor judgment that led you to date a person that would cheat on you? get to know the person before you have sex with them, just sayin'.

No. 166943

Man, what a stupid statement. Because no one can EVER be a good liar and manipulator, right?

No. 166948

be a good judge of character? at least try~

No. 166960

I'm an excellent judge of character, but you could be bound for an ugly shock if you convince yourself someone you've known – even for years – can never surprise you. Smart people who have been married for years are sometimes stunned to discover a partner's hidden life.

Not saying it WILL happen, just saying no one should ever get complacent.

No. 166970

if you're involved enough i don't see how there could be a hidden life that you would be unaware of, but that's just me and my experience. i can understand that it could happen and i do agree not to become complacent but rather stay diligent.

No. 166985

>"sluts that deserve it"
>mfw 95% of the Ashley Madison userbase were revealed to be guys
Men confirmed for not trustworthy

No. 167002

i think this just confirms that women are smarter or at the very least less desperate to depend on a web site that advertises cheating to cheat on their spouses.

No. 167203

File: 1440285011712.jpg (16.89 KB, 450x234, 1440234034188.jpg)

ofc carson commented

No. 167301

/cgl/ has had THREE cringe threads taken down already today.


No. 167304

shit ain't funny anymore. But Isaki sure is.

No. 167314

Shut down.

No. 167320

File: 1440295955256.jpg (133.61 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Shit, that didn't work. Here's the dropped image.

No. 167324

No. 167329

File: 1440296167698.jpg (126.96 KB, 637x853, image.jpg)

No. 167332

>/cgl/ has had THREE cringe threads taken down already today.
Make sure to link lolcow so people know where to go, in case some seagulls still don't know there's an alternative.

No. 167336

Thanks for capping this, I missed these last few comments

God Isaki is the worst. "Your reaction to my comment is not the kind of reaction I want so remove it"

No. 167356

>Your picture and quote have nothing to do with the original post.
She has a point here. She asked for "shit lolitas say to other lolitas" and Isaki isn't a lolita, she's just ita.

No. 167361

The funny thing is that Isaki is a real, if uncommon, family name 井崎. Of course, she doesn't know that and uses it as her first name.

But Tahashi is unsurprisingly pulled out her ass.

No. 167383

Who is Carson? And who is Victor for that matter? I hate these weird males that hang around lolita when they don't dress in it and they have no girlfriend. I don't like Isaki, but I wish guys like with would gtfo lolita drama. It's so much more fun when someone like Batty calls people like her out.

No. 167390

Victor wears ouji if memory serves. Don't know who Carson is though

No. 167397

carson is yellow star chan, the infamous selfposter from cgl

No. 167419

No. 167449

File: 1440312443541.jpg (43.9 KB, 494x324, 1440244020158.jpg)

>"Don't get on the web if you can't handle it"

Uhhh OK Isaki…say that to yourself…

No. 167468

File: 1440314121211.jpg (14.97 KB, 258x284, 1440284713981.jpg)

I can't even

Oh the irony

No. 167470

File: 1440314270772.png (110.12 KB, 720x375, 1440294114929.png)

I'm beginning to think that perhaps Isaki and the chick that made the My Immortal fan fic are the same person

No. 168996

File: 1440483934326.jpg (200.06 KB, 665x277, isakilol.jpg)

Did anyone see this? It was posted on BTB two days ago.

No. 168997

Hahaa That would be amazing.

No. 169018

Hate to burst your bubble, but this is the chick who wrote My Immortal.

No. 169019


Wait sorry this link is easier to view

No. 169028

She's exactly how I pictured her. Wow.

No. 169070




No. 169788

What is….What is this????……

No. 169798

but anon, these two girls were found out to just be two sisters trolling - the real tara is out there

No. 170199

File: 1440639518869.png (17.85 KB, 913x127, isaki.png)

Got this message on my YouTube channel, and I just found it really hilarious since I've also been laughing hysterically at all the drama surrounding her lol

No. 170383

I'm 99% certain I know who you are, and I'm 50% certain I know who the commenter is as well.

Oh no.

No. 170411

File: 1440670439605.png (56.44 KB, 723x575, 12.png)

Bless her, she thinks that writing that will stop people calling her out.

No. 170413

File: 1440671350015.jpg (37.87 KB, 500x374, no.jpg)

She is trying to be miss super muh edge lord queen now.

No. 170422

File: 1440674087326.jpg (145.32 KB, 540x720, feeding the gulls.jpg)

Victor is a sassy as fuck aristo, he's definitely one of us.

>very envious "acquaintances"
what are we even supposed to be envious of though

No. 170473

File: 1440687351453.gif (231.27 KB, 500x281, 1439358438565.gif)

Holy shit she is so butthurt

No. 170497

Okay now I'm curious, what video is this?

No. 170548

every time i try to search her name google asks me if i mean misaki takahashi, it's great

No. 170635

I watched the video and it was just…so boring. Like, who tf makes a "People say to" video in this dull a manner? Also, who does this in 2015? I can definitely sense the butthurt in the segment about tattoos and the bit at the end.

No. 170639

This video is literally "Crappy things people have said to me and I'm trying to defend myself"
We don't want to hear your excuses Isaki, we just want you to quit being stupid.

No. 170686


No. 170688

Holy shit her sleeves are way too big on her

No. 170721

Oh well. More lulz for us if her whiteknights drop by.

No. 170749

Wow did she seriously just compare criticism of tattoos to criticism of natural skin color?

No. 170758

Hajimashite? What the fuck? She can't even be a proper weeaboo.
Good god that music at the beginning couldn't get any louder could it?

Lmao yeah just like her shitty comparison to people who work in the fashion industry. Yes, they wear high fashion and business suits because it's normal to. They're not dressed down in japanese princess style whilst working.

No. 170810

I found that very entertaining - she said "this is part of my body" "it's not something I stuck on"
when that is essentially exactly what she did by choosing to let someone stick ink into her skin. To compare a choice to a genetic trait is just terrible. If you don't want people to insult your choices, suck it up or cover them.

No. 170955

File: 1440753277220.png (150.71 KB, 497x505, cabbage.png)

Victor is my One True Love, The Hero We Lolitas Deserve, The guy that stands up and says what we all think.
He dresses in aristocrat. Look him up: AGentlemanDoesNotConga

No. 171223

File: 1440801939742.jpg (86.42 KB, 846x390, so stupid.JPG)

So apparently getting shit on from having tattoos is exactly how ppl with dark skin gets shitted on!!! Oh the horror!

No. 171224

File: 1440802003406.jpg (104.15 KB, 841x536, did she really say this..JPG)

So another person called her out on it and she said the same thing that it's the same as getting shitted on by color skin THEN SHE DARED TO SAY DARK SKIN PPL CAN JUST BLEACH THEIR SKIN

No. 171227

File: 1440802263221.jpg (62.46 KB, 761x294, tell it to her.JPG)

In response to isaki's racist ass

No. 171229

File: 1440802644389.jpg (33.58 KB, 788x136, keep it up preach.JPG)

Isaki has made no move to delete the comments as of yet but caps are forever

No. 171232

Exactly which video do you mean?

No. 171243

Her responses are so embarrassing and cringy. The people commenting made articulate and polite points and Isaki just answered with that typical 'it's my opinion therefore it is true for me' bullshit that ignorant people always pull out when they don't want to admit to being wrong.

I'd put money down on her ranting like a hypocrite about these two commenters 'bullying' her, but that's a complete safe bet. This is what we get for bringing up children who think that everything they do is wonderful, all their choices are the correct ones, they are special and unique and no-one can tell them any different. Fuck the Participation Trophy Deferred Success Generation. Fuck them.

No. 171274

File: 1440813579377.png (191.94 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-08-28-05-40-09…)

No. 171275

File: 1440813662597.png (190.1 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-08-28-18-58-15…)

So appreitnly, saying that lighter skin ppl have it less rough of racism is racist and that its all equal like okay whatever you say

No. 171276

File: 1440813717610.png (196.95 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-08-28-18-58-27…)

She doesn't want to admit her racist remarks and just says "Its my opinion therefore it is!!!"

No. 171278

She is preaching about how there should be love and no hate in the community but then compares two things that aren't even alike and when two ppl call her out on it, she says it's either ignorant, dark skin ppl can just just bleach, and that boohoo my tattoos get just as much hate as dark skin ppl!

No. 171329

The video where that girl left a comment and mentioned Isaki

No. 171333


Ah, just checking. It's not on a video. That's a private message I received on my YouTube channel lol

No. 171344

I want to punch you, in the kindest way possible. This isn't Facebook. You should at least make an effort to type words out.

Sorry, but I've been seeing a lot of it recently - not sure if it is just one person, but I'm thoroughly sick of it.

No. 171351

No. 171369

You should give her advice that would expose her hypocrisy and make her aware of it. Then tell her the reason why her 'acquaintances' turned on her is because we don't want to be friends with someone who lacks self-awareness. It's embarrassing.

No. 171372

Ppl that get this mad over trivial shit to chill.

No. 171373

Need to*

No. 171440

Yeah, if tattooed people were as oppressed as non-white people (e.g. getting killed because of your skin colour alone), then she'd have a point. But they aren't, never will be so she doesn't. And that's not even taking into account the tattoos are a choice and tattoos aren't a choice thing.

She should know/learn that you can't form an opinion about something you clearly know nothing about. If you're showing your opinion to be uninformed, then it is wrong: 'You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.'. And you sure as hell can't go around parading your uninformed "opinion" about stating its correct because its yours (the fuck?) and upsetting people just cause. She's extremely ignorant about race issues (and internet debating) and I feel for the commenters trying to remain calm while trying to educate her on this. It would be wise for her to shut up and listen, but that's probably expecting too much of her.

No. 171441

File: 1440848068651.png (744.11 KB, 937x602, 5kDKCzkwa8.PNG)

oh god

No. 171456

File: 1440854159223.png (89.42 KB, 1168x782, isaki.png)

Looks like Isaki has been trying to legally silence criticism!

No. 171460

Poor chicken doesn't know the difference between defamation and opinion informed by facts (that she put out there btw!). Also, it's a fucking anonymous imageboard and it's the internet - if you're allowed to wave your racist "opinions" and expect respect and no opposition for them, so is everyone else allowed to wave theirs about too. Can't deal with that? Get off the internet.

No. 171461

File: 1440854936549.png (39.79 KB, 1340x354, isakilol.png)

Haha holy shit

No. 171463

File: 1440855198194.png (8.69 KB, 555x94, asdf.png)

Here's one of the posts she attempted to remove. She really doesn't understand the law.

No. 171468

Jesus Christ, she really doesn't. Usually defamation applications for removal are for shit like "This person is a dog rapist" that has no verifiable proof and can actually cause harm to one's character or business if said statement (not opinion, statement) is spread around the internet. Some randomer calling her a weeboo (their opinion) does not cause harm to her character or business (does she even have one?). It's a fucking opinion. She is fucking deluded if she believes otherwise (in my opinion ;)).

No. 171545

haha I wrote that, it's like one of the least inflammatory things that has been written about her on the internet. Girl needs to chill.

No. 171630

I seriously want to believe that Isaki is troll of the year, but I'm not sure. There just can't be someone so ignorant…. but there is.

No. 171677

>people are being treated differently based on their skin color
>WOW, are you implying there is a difference? RACISM!
What the fuck is wrong with her, I'm getting a headache.

No. 171820

I know Isaki. I've seen her around. She's super sweet, friendly, dependable… I know some of you think otherwise but I think she's very pretty too. She'd probably turn her back on me if she knew I was here though.

Problem is, she doesn't handle hate well AT ALL. I wish she would just ignore these forums and let everything blow over, but she keeps blowing it up with more stupid shit. She's a smart girl, but her social skills aren't all there. It kills me to see people shit on her but I also know she brought it on herself. Not gonna whiteknight her because I know she isn't handling internet criticism the way she ought to, but she is a very nice and genuine girl deep down. She just doesn't know how to handle shit like this properly and blows it up instead.

No. 171876

>She's super sweet, friendly, dependable
>Smart, nice and genuine
How come none of her social media reflects this then? Even before all of this happened, nothing she posted would give off these qualities. She should really reconsider putting herself out there if she is this incapable of expressing herself.

No. 171879

You must not know her very well then.

No. 171915

I have only met her a few times and your right she is sweet and friendly, I even thought me and her could be good friends eventually.. Until she made that comment to carly that threw me over the edge. I was raped when I was a young girl and she decided to pick on the exact std I had to deal with.
Trust me, that's not her only problem.
-She acts like a 14yearold fresh off Gaia when she posts online
-she CANNOT handle others opinions, its her way or the highway
-she thinks her videos are actually making a huge difference

This never would have gone that far if she didn't make that 'to 4chan..' video.

No. 172078

what comment? pls I want to know

No. 172083

That Carly had chlamydia (and this supposedly made her a bad person).
It had no basis in fact, and Carly has debunked it. That is actual slander she could get in trouble for, not "ugh so and so has a weird sounding name, is it real?"

No. 172181

File: 1440990923823.gif (513.36 KB, 320x240, tumblr_nlszazqQ3q1so1014o1_400…)

No. 172187

File: 1440991703893.jpg (145.61 KB, 800x1080, kim-jong-il-death.jpg)

Kek there's no way that Isaki PAJAMA RAMA is going to win.

Also, I think she's the female equivalent to Kim Jong Il or any sort of totalitarian dictator. Glorious leaders can't handle any criticism whatsoever.

No. 172335

File: 1441030179434.png (902.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-31-16-04-46…)

She's everywhere. Just saw this unnecessarily patronizing comment under a video of another lolita announcing she will go to Japan.
>recommending kanadajin3

No. 172383

File: 1441036937193.jpg (53.02 KB, 640x310, H429BrS.jpg)

Isaki got a few secrets this week. None of them have new info, but I'm pretty sure she'll have them taken down soon.

No. 172384

File: 1441036954820.gif (114.9 KB, 640x363, y0CNzNl.gif)

No. 172386

File: 1441036998448.jpg (143.87 KB, 573x374, YVubtSk.jpg)

No. 172438

Rwhy is she talking like she's been to Japan before? Also am I the only one who finds it funny that she loves maid cafes, considering the fact that she hates otaku and anything pandering to that type?

No. 172467

File: 1441045701789.png (94.94 KB, 321x631, isaki_btb.png)

Had trouble getting this one uploaded.

Also kek at the uncensored name in the last post.

No. 172477


OMG did she actually get last week's taken down too? I remember she was blowing up comments threads last week trying to get secrets taken down that were even defending her, or if not outright defending her just saying "who cares?". Ugh ffs.

No. 172478

Really though, maid cafés are just wish fulfillment for gross otaku. I guess she only dislikes fanservice when there are no kawaii costumes.

No. 172482

Is it just me or is BTB dying? Simply because I didn't see hardly any comments in general, and no comments on the isaki secrets.

No. 172577

I hope not…
I'm still saving each secrets page so if any get taken down, I have a copy.

No. 172733

HPV is also carried along families, like a bunch of other STDs. It's entirely possible for someone to be a virgin and have an STI/D.

HPV is especially notable because almost everyone has it; i think the US statsistics are 1/2 or 1/3 of adults.

No. 172758

I can never figure out the schedule for the submissions and miss them and the fucking idiotic captcha with the dumb shit puzzles never load correctly. It's annoying and bullshit.

No. 172924

I'm not sure if it's just me, or did the last few weeks of secrets just vanish? Secrets for weeks 187-190 aren't showing, but submission posts are still up.

No. 173001

They were taken down. Somebody (Isaki) reported them.
I can't see what LJ is going to do about it, none of them broke any laws.

No. 173119

If you use someone else's photo without their permission and they can prove it, all they have to do is file a DMCA and LJ will remove the post, no questions asked. So I'm assuming that's what she did.

No. 173153

File: 1441163801996.jpg (90.03 KB, 795x385, yLUZfi1440834440.jpg)

Uncensored secret post from BtB 191. Just a bunch of jokes.

No. 173159

Just because it's not illegal doesn't mean it's not against a site's rules.

No. 173160

Did she ever respond to the FB post about Anonymous?

According to all the sites that came up on Google, it's about 90% of everyone who has had sex.

No. 173177

I love how she is so butthurt over people not liking her tattoos and disapproving of her lifestyle choices when she is so hilariously anti-sex and uses sex related insults on people with no factual basis.

No. 173211

This is a very judgmental and naive way to look at it. Some people are expert liars, just look at all the serial killers who have literally everyone in their life fooled into thinking their great people and say how they could never have imagined they could do something like that. It isn't the other person's fault if some Oscar worthy sociopath happens to be the perfect liar.

Also, I need to point out that all but one person I knew who thought like this ended up with someone who either cheated on them or stole thousands of dollars from them. Or had a felony arrest warrant.

No. 173214

>disregarding literally everything said in post
That quote about how opinions don't change facts, but it's a shame facts don't change opinions is coming to mind.
Right, slut shaming totally isn't a thing, that's why women in some countries are imprisoned for sex out of wedlock and on the lesser side of the scale, there's people in this thread saying anyone who gets an STD deserves it and its their fault as of there's no possible way to get them without being an irresponsible floozy. When will people learn that just because you don't want to acknowledge facts doesn't make them less true?

No. 173253

Honestly, I thought every fandom/comm/whatever secrets sites have move onto tumblr, and call them '(insert fandom/comm here)' confessions. I'm surprised that BTB has gone on for this long.

If there's an active Lolita secrets/confessions page on tumblr, I might submit some Isaki ones, kek.

No. 173273

Lolita had a tumblr one that was popular but it didnt last too long. I doubt btb is dying, people just have stopped commenting because they know it isnt worth it anymore.

No. 173578

Can we make an ED article on this specimen? I'm kind of pants on head retarded when it comes to being clever in those.

No. 173596

funny cause i think the people you're describing are what i would consider naive. it's no ones fault (besides those that like to fuck with people), just be observant and cautious. bad shit does happen regardless, obviously.

No. 173645

Both are naive, but the idea that all you have to do to avoided being deceived is be a good judge of character is more so in my opinion, on top of being very arrogant and "holier than thou". Like you said, people need to be vigilant and do what they can to protect themselves from shitty people, but it's impossible to be fool proof.

No. 173775

File: 1441246048746.png (49.17 KB, 917x393, isaki2.png)


Well I made my reply. Tried to be civil but who knows what will happen next.

No. 173801

Honestly, you have given sound advise. But even with sound advise, Isaki is prone to rejecting it. I hope she takes your words to heart, because you have given her probably the best thing she can do.

No. 174242

File: 1441307003940.png (30.45 KB, 745x345, this is why we cant have nice …)

BTB needs to move to Tumblr or something else. LJ has too many restrictions.

No. 174243

Every site removes things using photos on request, Tumblr is even worse than LJ.

No. 174266

What about reddit?

No. 174342

Just post the secrets here about her here instead.

Has she found this website yet?

No. 174353

If everyone reported her youtube account for talking about copyrighted things, would it get taken down?
Just curious.

No. 174375

Other butthurt drama llamas have cracked it over having secrets about them posted and tried to take down BtB using the copyright of images excuse. Just submit secrets that don't use her image or name, she can't do shit about that but cry on her FB and YT while waving her LACE banner.

No. 174388

So mention her in a subtle way that people know who it is without using her name or pics? Could work, she is pretty dense to not figure out shit

No. 174457

"Miss Banana-Rama is a phony pajama :')"

No. 174486

This makes me mad, I feel like she's won or something

No. 174488

I feel the exact same

No. 174493

Just post them without her photos and call her "Pajama-rama-sama"

No. 174545

We can keep posting about her, we just can't use her name or pictures so we have to work a bit more but now Isaki can't request to take it down because it's not literally directed at her but could be anyone really since it's not using any name that is directly linked to her so we can use "Pajama-rama-sama, Butthurt-rama-pajama-sama, etc" because it's not connected to her but can be connect to many others.

No. 174591

File: 1441368524461.png (494.38 KB, 860x618, fuck you Isaki.png)

How's this? Too subtle? Posted the original source material for reference here. Need to find a bow for Ron Perlman's head.

Poor Ron Perlman. I feel bad for using him as an Isaki analogue.

No. 174651

Talking about copyrighted things is not forbidden though.

No. 174705

She has named lolcow specifically in her blahblah do not share on ____ sites copypasta.
See >>170411

No. 174809

I dig it. Its stuble enough to not point to her but if you get it, then yea you get it. Nice job.

No. 175098

File: 1441441119001.gif (99.76 KB, 922x490, omg.gif)

She doesn't just act stupid on her videos. Everything apparently has to be about her. This was posted on a Black Friday video. She is such a snowflake.

No. 175099

File: 1441441271724.gif (64.7 KB, 929x244, omg2.gif)

No. 175136

>mentioning "lolitas" in a Normie context with no explanation
No one even knows what you're talking about, why?

No. 175189

I have Asperger's and can almost certainly confirm that she does not have it. She would have a lot more trouble talking to the camera if she did. In a conversation with another person, it's easier to hide the fact that you're autistic because you can mimic them. But when you have to talk by yourself, like to an answering machine or a camera, it becomes very difficult because there are no social cues to mimic and use.

No. 175214

File: 1441467830280.png (114.98 KB, 559x564, n6f9nAi.png)

Ony one secret, I hate that it feels like she's won. Isaki Banana-rama-sama is probably feeling all high and mightY and we can't just let that happen now, can we?

No. 175219

This was my understanding of how Aspergers worked, but I don't have it or know that much about it, so I didn't want to say it.

No. 175249

Amazing. These really can't get deleted since it has nothing that she can say "I HAVE THIS COPYRIGHTED AND ITS USING MY PICTURES AND LIKE!!!!" We pretty much still won in a way because she can't complain that its her in the secret.

No. 175251

Lets all just spam next secrets post with secrets about her :^)

No. 175305

This. Let's just flood BtB with secrets about her that don't break the rules, so she can't do shit.

No. 175313

No. 175327

I'm in too
Yeah mimicking is how I managed to avoid an autism diagnosis for years. I got diagnosed later than most kids (in 6th grade)

No. 175344

I vote that her new nickname be chlamydia-chan

No. 175348

I dunno. People may mistake chlamydia-chan with our homegirl Carly.

No. 175433

>>174591 and >>175214 were my secrets this week (COME AT ME, ISAKI).

The Ron Perlman one didn't make the cut not due to size but because the mods felt it skirted to close to her. I may modify it and try again with it next week. Last thing I want to do is give her a reason to take down BtB again, it will just fuel her delusional mind and power her up.

Just make sure that we don't piss off everyone else. Make something that will make people laugh or that will make a point. Remember how everyone got shitty with the NW UK girls constantly posting "BITCH SLAG MOLE"? We don't want to be associated with those losers.

I am very sure that in the upcoming week Isaki will provide much fodder for BtB.

No. 175464

File: 1441512751138.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-05-23-10-28…)

Well this explains quite a lot don't you all think so?

No. 175538

File: 1441530563049.gif (47.12 KB, 903x242, omg2.gif)

Ok isaki we all know you have tattoos, doesn't make them good. Commenting on Ayutamas tutorial.

No. 175540

File: 1441530700837.gif (47.13 KB, 819x275, omg3.gif)

Seriously this chick is showing up everywhere. It is like she is having a party now that she had her secrets removed. She must be feeling extra special now.

No. 175541

I would laugh my fucking ass off if next weeks BtB was nothing but Isaki. Would they allow Isucky in secrets since we aren't allowed to use names?

No. 175544

Not only is Isaki a dumb shit but she likes other dumb shits. Genevieve's profile pic makes no sense because you are supposed to have yourself as the profile pic and post that arrow-pointing-to-the-profile-pic to it, otherwise the sentiment is just pointing to no one.

No. 175627

I get the feeling she's one of those Alice In Wonderland "fans" who hasn't actually read the books and just jumps on the band wagon because it's almost considered mandatory for goths.

No. 175690

Who hasn't read those books, though? (Other than people in super conservative countries.)

No. 175736

Lets make this happen Anon, we just need to find a way to refer to her that wont get the pposts banned, so far ideas are chlamydia-chan, I like Isucky Banana-rama

No. 175741

How was the ron perlman one too close to her? I'm a bit of a newfag admittedly but I have a hard time seeing the direct connection

No. 175742

True, perhaps we could combine it with something more directly associated with her, like Isucki Chlamydia-chan

No. 175751

I'm down for Isucki Chlamydia-chan.
(New to lolcow, so I don't know how to reply to posts, forgive me >_<)

No. 175768

>considered mandatory for goths
I love the books, but how is it remotely gothic?

No. 175780

I'd like to know this too - this is the first time I've heard of them being referred to as such after being a not-so-closet goth for years.

I'm loving the new nickname: she'll fucking hate it!

No. 175785

The Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland shitfest is popular with like the hot topic crowd so that's probably where the association comes from

No. 175865

A lot of goths are obsessed with Alice, it's as popular among them as Poe or Lovecraft. If you look at Alice stuff online, you'll notice the overwhelming amount of "dark Alice" shit. Not to mention that two of the most popular versions of it are the Tim Burton movies and American McGee games.
It predates that version, but that definitely made it worse.

No. 175883

well we can in fact talk shit about her while following her stupid rules. she just banned us from talking about her on /pt/, we can still talk about her on /snow/
Also the only real way she could stop us is by issuing a cease and desist order

No. 175891

Please do it.

No. 176008

>she just banned us from talking about her on /pt/
Did she? When?

No. 176050

File: 1441613724182.gif (109.44 KB, 922x477, 2.gif)

She has been adding it to all of her video descriptions. It wasn't there before but now it is.

No. 176051

File: 1441614071372.gif (76.48 KB, 856x673, 2.gif)

I just clicked on the link provided in her videos for her public FB page and this popped up.

No. 176067

Her instagram is isaki.go.boom

No. 176068

See how at the top of each post there is:
Anonymous 13 hours ago No. 175751

Click on the number and it will generate a >>175751 in the reply box for you.

No. 176069

Nah, we can still talk about her, she just wants us to stop posting her videos here. Although she might be able to takedown a LJ post (because LJ usually fold straight away on any copyright infringement claims) she may have a harder time trying the same with an image board.

>Go on, Isaki honey. Try it and see.

No. 176079

I have a question about the whole BTB thing.
Can the mods of BTB block her? That way she can't copyright anything because she can't see the secrets.
Or move to another site where the site itself can't pull down posts and pictures willy nilly?
Not to say close the comm/journal and only people they invite or join can see because I think it being open is what makes it sorta popular.

On another note, how can't she see she's digging herself into a deep hole?
Delete the WHOLE secrets because some mentioned you is sad, and makes you seem immature because you can't get your head out of your ass for one moment and think about your actions and what might have caused this whole thing in the first place (hinthint: You're behavior)

No. 176108

Blocking her doesn't keep her from seeing the secrets, just posting comments.

No. 176111

Isaki has absolutely zero legal ability to keep us from sharing her videos and talking shit about her on here. The only reason we can't on BtB is because LJ honors any request to have images removed by their owners.

No. 176117

BTB allows anonymous commenting. You don't need to log into your LJ account to leave a comment. Since only actual accounts can be banned there is no way to block her from the page.

Other people have tried to take down BTB and failed. Isaki will be just be another crazy in a long line that has to learn the hard way how to deal with internet criticism.

She can't see that she is making things worse because she is totally convinced she is in the RIGHT here. She wants to teach all us bullies A LESSON. She just wants to get back at the people who are saying she is ill informed and ignorant so she can feel better about herself. It will just make her situation worse, provide more BTB fodder and make her feel worse too.

>seriously Isaki, the best thing you can do right now is walk away.

No. 176135

She would have to take her head out of her ass and have some actual integrity to just walk away. I doubt she will.

No. 176210

She's too stubborn. Also if she doesn't want walk away it means we can keep milking her.

No. 176251

I thought the Mana-sama worship was a relic of the pre-2010 days, guess I was wrong.

No. 176252

He looks like he listens to Dragonforce and brony nightcore.

No. 176259

File: 1441651347600.jpeg (54.19 KB, 379x450, 5.28-Crying-Babies.jpeg)

No. 176390

File: 1441663431640.gif (122.21 KB, 860x586, 2.gif)

teehee* Everybody please come look at my channel. I have kewt little kitties. I am just going to keep commenting on all the goth videos I can because the lolis won't be my friend. Will you be my friend, I'm so lonely.

No. 176399

Oh I see. I didn't know that. Sorry!
Sad to see her take down anything she wants if she baaaawwws like a child.

No. 176425

Guys, in all seriousness: Is this or is this not her? Someone keeps tossing bait into these lolita threads and everyone is just eating it up. If it's her, where is the proof?

No. 176444


See this loser >>163340

No. 176657

File: 1441710853634.gif (67.82 KB, 256x192, Phoenix_Confident_2.gif)

Can someone please PLEASE make a secret about Isucky being unfair about copyright use and that she's one who's violating laws and limiting our freedom of speech? I'd do it but I'm on mobile right now and no access to a computer for a few days ergh. I'd do this in a heart beat and go at her, Ace Attorney style. It'd be great if this can also be included:

>In its most general sense, a fair use is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner.

No. 176869


If I can fit the definition and what fair use includes, I'll do it.

No. 176874


Got it made and ready for the submission post. I made DOUBLE sure that we were all protected under the fair use law, and we are. We are free to criticize and comment on her shit using her shit.

No. 176979

File: 1441752539681.jpg (25.28 KB, 297x276, GW297H276.jpg)

Omg omg THANK YOu
I can't wait to see this and show it to Isucky, top kek will be had.

No. 177038

If PAJAMA RAMA CHAN ever ends up commenting, I got a whole arsenal to unload on her about the positives had with the freedom of expression. Like for example: If Marcel DuChamp wasn't allowed to draw a mustache on the Mona Lisa and pit 'L.H.O.O.Q.' underneath it, we wouldn't have the modern day form of Dada (basically troll art). Or if SNL actors were banned from parodying the president, then this country would be in a darker place with the censoring of commentary.

I'm not afraid to call Isaki out on her BS and call a pussy dictator/the next leader of North Korea if it comes down to that.

No. 177049


I'm so excited to see her throw a tantrum over fair use. I wonder if we'll see a video about it from her.

No. 177248


Got it submitted as soon as they opened submissions. Can't wait to see all the other Isucki secrets.

No. 177321

She must have deleted it, I guess

No. 177323

File: 1441805105949.png (863.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-09-09-22-47…)

she unironically calls herself an otaku. jfc

No. 177556

File: 1441840704771.gif (1.5 MB, 319x157, GIF-Big-Bag-of-Popcorn.gif)


All y'all come share my popcorn
The fun is about to get started

No. 177603

Do you guys think they'll accept a really heavily altered photo of her for a secret background? I pixelated it to the point where it's unrecognizable unless you know what you're looking at. Or is that plus calling her Isucky too much?

No. 177679

I remember when I was in the weeb crowd in hs and "otaku" was this ultimate badge of honor to this one girl who refused to acknowledge anyone other than herself until they "proved themselves".

No. 177681

It's still using her image, so I doubt it.

No. 177688

Try it anon. I don't think they'll notice

No. 177726

I don't think they'd care to go through the hassle of un-pixelating the pixelated. Just give it a shot and see if it will go through.

No. 177810


The problem would be Isucky recognizing it and bitching to LJ till they take the whole post down like they did twice. IMO, I wouldn't risk it.

No. 177854

I think the clever thing to do here is to put that fair use disclaimer on the picture so that Isucky has no power to report it.

No. 178000

This. She wants the world to burn. She's not going to go by the "rules" in place.

Besides, the mods said they weren't going to accept secrets about "a certain 'lolita' who made a butthurt rant on youtube" and if it's obvious enough, it won't make the final cut anyway.

Just my .02

No. 178052


If she does then who fucking cares? We're not using her images or videos so we're not breaking any rules.

No. 178059

I'm not sure that Isucky is going to be the cockblock; it's going to be the mods rejecting it before it's even posted, probably because they don't want the bullshit fallout.

See >>174242

If you're talking about posting them elsewhere, then sure, go for it.

No. 178270


Well, I mean they did say to not use secrets that has her photos/videos in it. Unless they mean not to make secrets about her altogether.

No. 178294

So, I'm mostly dropping in this thread because all of the mods are at our wits end with this chick and would love for her to be railed on. Honestly, the pixel one is the only secret submitted of her so far (thank you all for all of your generous submissions) that skirts a little too close for comfort. If it were me, I would reject it for the sake of I think at this point she will try to reach for any possible straw she can to get a secret removed or the thread disabled. I'm not sure exactly what misterlolitas final call on it will be but were on a 'better safe than sorry' with this person.

No. 178297

Is there any way to contact LJ directly about what she's doing? Because it's completely legal to use someone's image for parody or commentary purposes. She shouldn't be allowed to do this

No. 178301

They don't care. We keep getting flagged with violations from her and made to 'promise not to post copyrighted material '. I wish I were kidding. If they get a report we can choose to dispute the claim legally but obviously we won't bother with that. But that is the only option that we are given.

No. 178306

Pixel secret anon here. Would it be okay if I remade the secret with a plain/unrelated background?

No. 178312

I thought your secret was really clever. I'm just nervous about her trying to find any sort of excuse to take the post down.
If you do make your edit, when you submit could you just fyi along with it that you'd like to replace the pixel one for your new one so ML is in the loop?

No. 178315

sure thing!

No. 178316


Different anon here.
So, if you're able to tell us, is there enough Isucky secrets to make it Isucky week in BtB? ;)

No. 178320

I'm so Isucky pumped, it's not even funny. I wouldn't say flood, but not to damn shabby. I applaud you guys.

No. 178326

I made like 10 secrets. Not sure how many will get through but it is all for the effort.

No. 178327


Aw man, I gotta make sure to bring snacks when it comes out. I hope Isucky throws a fucking fit.

No. 178329

So far so good. You guys have been pretty on top of your game.

No. 178330

So, watching her "awkward 50 facts about me" i'm fucking stunned that she thought that Johnny Depp was in Friday the 13th. I HAVE to make a secret about that.

No. 178331

I know she's an autist, but this post is the definition of grasping, anon

No. 178332


Eh, you're right. Just wanted to make a secret calling her an uncultured swine. xD

No. 178335

>>calls Isucky uncultured swine

No. 178337

She wouldn't have a legal leg to stand on if you decided to dispute the claim, honestly. I guess I understand if you guys don't want to bother though.

Could she still report you if you simply linked to an image someone made rather than putting the actual image in the LJ post? Technically in that case she would have to take it up with whatever company is hosting the image maybe?

No. 178341


Aw, come on. Just having some fun, anon <3

No. 178395

File: 1441981858849.jpg (43.11 KB, 500x376, c743a511b5124637a6cdbaecf030bd…)

He was, though? Not his best role, obviously.

Most of the images are hosted by imgur, right? Jesus, it's been so long since I've actually used LJ, but I think I remember having to link my pics from photobucket or something because LJ only kept smilies/avatars.

No. 178399

Dude, that's Nightmare on Elm Street.

No. 178424

The number of secrets you guys have made is pretty impressive, some great dedication there. I just hope they get through, I want to know how she'll respond.

No. 178458


Johnny was in Nightmare on Elm Street, which is what that scene is from. NOT Friday the 13th.

No. 178485

She gets a lot of shit mixed up. Like the starwars\startrek shit she does in her videos. No doubt she's doing it on purpose now, but I feel like it was a mistake the first time she did it.

No. 178720


I'm not talking about Isaki, i'm talking about anon who posted a pic of the scene and said that it was from Friday the 13th.

No. 178736

File: 1442026176629.png (86.74 KB, 755x1255, LOL-I-TROLL-YOU.png)

Can someone edit this but change "lol I troll u" to something along the lines of "you have chlamydia". Id do it myself but I have no access to a computer until Monday

No. 178804

File: 1442038289161.jpg (26.73 KB, 512x391, fguox1.jpg)

Secrets for this week are posted. You know what that means?

No. 178807

secrets are up

No. 178827

Wow, like half the posts were Isaki related. Good work, everyone.

No. 178856

File: 1442053498388.gif (167.39 KB, 733x716, l.gif)

Lolita memes spreading the love. No friends for Isucky. The bow on the lama is a reference to her "tips for wearing lolita to work" video.

No. 178873

You guys are amazing.

No. 178926

Awww, so many secrets this week. Anyone have access to any of her tantrum throwing?

No. 178978

loving it

No. 179060

Ugggh the fucking spam robot challenge won't come up for me so I can inform everyone on what the fuck is going on and why half the secrets are Isucky

No. 179065


I'm keeping an eye on her videos. I don't think i'm gonna watch any of her social media. I'm sure other people that those covered.

No. 179069

I'm having the same problem.

No. 179071


Looks like it fixed itself when I refreshed. So you might have to refresh a couple of times to get it to work. I wish they would go back to typing a word. :(

No. 179086

Isucky really needs to learn the difference between having haters, and being the hater. Tons of big celebrity's and YouTube stars have it way worse but they keep going, ignoring the negativity. She's just harming herself more by keeping it going. It's gonna continue eating at her since she's actively searching out what people say and either responing like a child or trying to delete it. She's mentally fucking herself and her dictator like attitude will be her biggest downfall.(Legal=/=Moral)
It's kinda sad because deep down she probably feels that if she becomes this superhero that everyone will love her and the hate will stop.

No. 179166

It's funny because her throwing a huge shit fest is only going to make people watch Carly more.

No. 179197

File: 1442110853869.gif (138.98 KB, 538x834, l.gif)

Just waiting for the fallout. It looks like she is trying to ignore it. Her behaving is still a win but I kinda wanna see her flip shit and not be able to do anything.

No. 179200

Oh cool am I famous enough for lolcow? That's my post. Thanks m8. Couldn't censor my name?

No. 179210

You're being dumb because literally nothing has happened in this thread so there's no reason to post caps


and you're being dumb because we don't censor names here. Two seconds browsing would have told you that.

No. 179212

I'm well aware of that. If I had done anything worthy of actually being posted I wouldn'tve cared. I don't need my name out on these boards.

No. 179215

Hahaha thanks for letting us know your one of the people in the post.

No. 179224

If you are aware that we don't censor names here then why bitch about it?

No. 179225

It doesn't really matter to me.
It just wasn't relevant.

No. 179236

We can all see how notbothered you are

No. 179245

"you" aren't being posted here. The comments and the post are.

In saying that your butthurt reaction and claims that it is all about you are pretty cringey. What is also cringey that you couldn't read the BtB comments for the past two weeks that have contained references to Chlamydia to get your answer. Chlamydia hasn't really popped up elsewhere in lolita circles other than BtB so don't pretend you don't go there.

No. 179255


Agreed. Considering i've been telling people who "chlamydia-chan" is, it would've taken you 2 seconds to figure out who it is.

No. 179273

You're all dumb

No. 179281

Go back to facebook already

No. 179282

So. Read through entire page. That Lolita page at the bottom is what led me here.

As an aspie myself, I am convinced I could worm my way into her circle of friends if I tried. Wondering if lulz would be had if I did…

No. 179290

Why, because we pointed out you are wrong? Save your crybaby response for elsewhere.

No. 179292

You're so very #notbothered that you had to respond one last time and then bawwww and bahleet the Rufflechat thread.

No. 179302

Always good to have an inside man. Or woman, as the case may be.

No. 179304

You would have been so much better off not saying anything about it, now you just look butthurt and stupid.

No. 179367

Im startimg to fear Isuky finally learned how to lay low and stop the drama.
Im afraid the keks are over.

No. 179385

Have faith my friend.

No. 179405

Did she really? Lol what a baby

What was her last comment

No. 179430

yall are really grasping onto strings

No. 179443

How so?

No. 179445

Are you still here? You're making this worse, you never should have commented in the first place

No. 179474

Damn girl ur just as bad as Isucky with all this #notbothered BAAAWING.

While I personally censor the names of the caps I take (except for John becuase he's topkek), I can't control others who don't for theirs and it should be something go except from an anonymous board.

You could've better covered your aaa by not saying anything, or pretending you're someone else on an anon board.

>prepare to have your own LOLcow thread in the future, kek

No. 179481

File: 1442183534711.png (645.49 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-13-15-28-47…)

So I checked Isucky's Facebook page to see if she's raging again. Nothing new, and I was scrolling down to see if I missed anything, and lo and behold, I found this gem of a comment from another known Lolita on here and /cgl/.


No. 179483

File: 1442184079934.png (803.33 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-13-15-39-59…)

Yeah, she's doing it on purpose now with this shirt thing that she wants

No. 179488

The only comment on it amuses me

No. 179493


Jillian, pls

No. 179518

OT but why do you keep saving your screenshots as gifs, it looks shitty

No. 179592

File: 1442218948939.gif (133.12 KB, 256x194, N7Ng129.gif)

>oh my lawd
I just saw your submission at BtB and it is beautiful anon

A+ gr8 job you have me laughing and crying tears of joy

No. 179593

I'm legit raging at this.

No. 179599

Another one will be along soon. Remember IfWinterEnds? ODiP Marie? Rosaire? They come along and play with us for a few weeks then head off to their little mental home.

It's STRAWS, fuck head. You make it sound like someone yanking on a
tampon. We don't yank on people's tampons here, we aren't deviants.

Don't feed her, that's what she wants. That mixing up shit is only funny to basic low IQ bitches.

No. 179602

File: 1442224181062.gif (650.5 KB, 497x360, tumblr_mlkio5xsPU1qzk2upo1_500…)

I just finished reading all the Isuck These Bananas-in-Pajamas secrets in BtB and lost it at the Banana/Pajama stuff and the Eric Cartman one.

Good job everyone
This was a gr8 pajama party
Lots of good lulz were had

No. 179867

She posted a screen grab of her FB comment being posted here, had a cry about being dragged into drama and not having her name censored. Others commented with 'no one cares' because 1) nothing was really said in the grab and 2) Lolcow has no rule about censoring. Basically she was told she's getting worked up over nothing so she deleted it.

No. 179870

But she's always been doing it on purpose to trolololol. I can't believe you guys are falling for it. She's an idiot but she's obviously just trying to be edgy and obnoxious.

No. 179919

It was not on purpose at first.

No. 179920

Pepper yer angus

No. 179928

"Don't waste your time on pathetic assholes of the world"
I don't know, bb, you sure wasted your time when you made LJ delete 2 secret posts and made a whiny ass rant video.

No. 179932

No. 179974

File: 1442307577639.png (78.68 KB, 484x522, 8a82f349dc40dcce651fa562dec760…)

No. 179975

File: 1442307618935.png (11.15 KB, 493x104, 394befbcb0cf4c13b62f038029f1ff…)

Giggled at this one.

No. 179977

>complains about weebs
>has fake japanese name
>unironically calls herself am otaku

No. 179981

Her fuckery never ends. Maybe we should rename her Herpes. She comes back every time.

No. 180002


I'm so done with her "no u" tactic of self-denial.

No. 180036

I honestly hate anyone who posts this kind of garbage on facebook.

No. 180038

This irony…

No. 180190

I really wanna post on her stupid Facebook page something like,

>"so it seems like you read the recent secrets on BtB based on your reactions here. Does that mean I can finally use your videos and pictures under Fair Use laws? You know because if you keep taking them down,you have absolutely no basis for it. Don't be like Kim Jong-Il with your hypersensitivity. :)))))"

No. 180196

>don't waste ur time on the haters

>spent the past several weeks not ignoring the posts that reveals her bullshit and learning from it, instead whining and trying her best to take down posts that reveal her weakness

No. 180325

But Isucky! We don't hate you because we are jealous of you. We hate you because you are an arsehole.

No. 180330

That's even better than Chlamydia-chan
Thanks anon
Also isaki blocked me on Facebook. I'll have to rely on the kindness of strangers for caps

No. 180333

File: 1442406546973.png (308.99 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-09-16-05-28-02…)

This is worst than being a weeb.

No. 180337

What is there even to be jealous of? I don't think this girl even owns a single brand dress, all I've seen is Bodyline.

No. 180339

What if Isaki is just the most elaborate troll Lolita has ever seen?

The more time progresses, the more likely it is.

No. 180342

Exactly. Why she thinks we are all jealous haterzz boggles my mind.

>ha ha not going anywhere
Just like Herpes!

Trolls have better comebacks than what is posted here >>180333
They also provoke their audience with a subtlety that Isucky Tahaherpes does not possess. They also don't block people because they want maximum reaction from the trollbase.

She is pretty much just a nobody who wants to be a somebody. She tries to be edgy and unique to do so, then getting super butt hurt when she isn't received with accolades and applause. She is now portraying herself as the persecuted online character who will rise above the haterzz because she is a magnificent powerful beautiful female who is just soo smarter than everyone else and is going to teach them all a lesson. Deep down she knows what the critics are saying is true, she is covering for her inadequacies and just desperately wants attention and approval.

>the longer you run from it Isaki, the worse it is going to be when it catches you. Turn and face it now and admit your flaws to yourself. Stop using all this other crap as a crutch.

No. 180640

Let us know if anything comes of it

No. 180690

I'm a girl with AS and i can assure you she haven't. Her life seems too social, filled with drama, lies and shits and… usually people that are aspie have some brain and not act like a bratty rebellious teen. Maybe she has some BPD traits, who knows. Or just a horrible personality.
As anon >>161189 said, the people with AS that have serious issues have co-morbid mental conditions, it could be a personality disorder, bipolar, etc.

No. 180898

File: 1442539073450.png (15.68 KB, 348x127, 9f2d681bb317af8978de03e0563974…)

lol, you can't adult everyday.

No. 181054

File: 1442593529825.jpg (43.56 KB, 959x400, m.jpg)

I just found this gem. Just like every other weeb she claims she can speak Japanese. She probably couldn't get a 1 on her JLPT.

No. 181066

Most Japanese people can't pass JLPT 1. on top of that, it's just a test. Cram for it, learn the ancient hardly ever used grammar and all the 2500+ kanji then take it. Just because you pass it doesn't mean you're fluent in Japanese, either.

No. 181089

>Tought myself
Maybe she could get a few books and have a go at learning English.

No. 181159

1 is the hardest level… I don't think she could even pass 5.

No. 183166

File: 1442656381696.png (105.05 KB, 600x600, WhfBERh.png)

Secrets are up

No. 183172

Most junior high school kids could pass N1. It's only tough for foreigners. It's hard but it has nothing on Niken, JBIZ etc. Those are difficult tests.
N2 and below are almost laughably easy. I passed N2 and my study consisted of watching TV, reading comics and talking to strangers a lot.

No. 183210

I really like the art done for this.

So many Isuky secrets! And a few of her defenders submitting this week. Their attempts are pretty sad, to be honest. …maybe it was her??

No. 183216

Junior high school students don't know all 2500+ kanji yet… smells like bullshit.

No. 183235

They do by third grade. High school they learn extra ones outside of jouyou.

Kanji is the easiest part anyway for JLPT because you just need to know meaning and reading, not writing. I learned all jouyou kanji in a year using RTK. Granted, my writing of kanji sucks shit, but I rarely write in my daily life.

It's a shitty test. Doesn't relate to real abilities.

No. 183919

File: 1442810912028.png (247.64 KB, 1000x243, Untitled.png)

No. 183923

File: 1442812604061.png (739.51 KB, 893x881, Untitled.png)


No. 183944

Thus fringe makes her look like Alfalfa from Lil Rascals.

No. 184088

File: 1442863134323.png (202.36 KB, 759x340, tay.png.f06c96f3cf0674da727097…)

Just found this whole lurking PULL. Isucki being an asshole as usual. Its funny how she's commenting on another snowflakes profile, probably trying to get some of her followers

No. 184107

I think it's funny when obviously jealous girls like Isaki can't openly pick on someone else's looks without getting called out for their own, so she nitpicks at other things like 'cultural appropriation' so she can get away with insulting without being as direct as saying "IM HAWT UR UGLAY D:"

Lol what a little shit.

No. 184115

I love how she changes her voice based on the subject manner.

No. 184151

This actually makes a pretty good reference for drawing (goofy) facial expressions IMO. Too bad she's so annoying.

No. 184241

But Isucky is just beginning to shine!

most likely Isucky; doubt anyone is as crappy as her to become her whiteknights

Either that or it's that John Karpuk guy from earlier ITT that submitted them, LMAO

>her #1 whiteknight

No. 184262

File: 1442888826066.png (906.37 KB, 874x945, Untitled.png)


No. 184355

File: 1442906540358.png (92.42 KB, 510x354, 3edgy5u.png)

No. 184480

No. 184490

Did I misread this, or did you? (I'm not a IG user) It looks like to me that Isaki was bashing the person calling out taytay_xx, not bashing Taylor R.
I won't deny she's probably trying to mooch followers or ride this person's coattails, though.

>Pirate's code
Ha. That's like the only thing they do adhere to rigidly. Such a poor comparison.
>Skin type
Dat persecution complex
>Bodyline - odors are sketchy (?)
Is this a hidden Venus joke? (or did she say orders?)

No. 184516

No. 184586

she's so weeby she's pronouncing the chan in "channel" like it's the honorific. 4CHON OMG

No. 184749

File: 1442983196987.png (29.92 KB, 628x361, o.png)

and nothing sinks in

No. 185038


So I'm watching this girls videos and I look in the comments and who do I see? Shit-sucky plugging her himifashion code in this girls comments. Am I the only one who thinks self advertising like that is cringey as fuck?

No. 185111

This was the first thing I thought when I saw her.

No. 185114

>I write novels

Poorly she means? What novels has she written and published? Amazon self-publish doesn't really count…

No. 185309

I think she meant fan fic

No. 185323

I think she just means her youtube replies are lengthy.

No. 185845

So them secrets this week ;)

No. 187543

File: 1443686779314.png (624.84 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-01-00-57-40…)

Apparently Isucky suffers from anxiety

No. 187544

File: 1443687121128.png (1.43 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-01-01-09-24…)

I have to admit that she does have a nice face… Sadly such prettiness is ruined by her terrible behavior a la Kardashians.

>here's a cap of Isaki without make-up on

No. 187545

File: 1443688378747.gif (864.4 KB, 500x265, Aubrey-Plaza-deadpan-stare-in-…)

No. 187547


I think she's talked about her anxiety in one of her videos. Can't remember which one though.

No. 187548


I don't know if its the shitty picture quality on her phone, but she looks OLD.

No. 187557

she almost looks like batty

No. 187584

Oh Isuky… we all have that. Join the club FFS.

Not going to lie, she is visually appealing. She isn't ugly and has nicely balanced features. Too bad she behaves in such a nonsensical horrible way to people.

No. 187701

Wow that new video on confidence. I seriously believe she is delusional. She does not seem to understand why people dislike her or at least some of the things she has said.

No. 187883

If she's really insinuating her name is isaki then that's hilarious

No. 187981

File: 1443841622030.jpeg (68.9 KB, 627x479, 423455.jpeg)

She looks wrecked here. She is drinking but she doesn't look drunk. She looks like she is sick as hell.

No. 187982

File: 1443841980083.gif (100.82 KB, 588x606, 423.gif)

>>187883 I think this is as close as we will get but it looks like she is saying Isaki is a nickname

No. 188038

Great Isucky secrets this week guys! I fucking died at the Gram Negativa. Also, I think it's still too early to think about getting a ED article of her. I don't know.

No. 188042

>>188038 glad you appreciated it. Someone in the BtB comments said they thought the pink and blue color scheme was cute and it inspired me.

No. 188149

is this week's influx of Isakana secrets in response to something?

No. 188163

File: 1443917446420.jpg (21.86 KB, 533x477, 1408641174801.jpg)

>mfw when he said that Isaki Tahashi is a badass name

No. 188227


I'm sure the confidence video has something to do with some of them at least.

No. 188483

File: 1443983231257.png (454.09 KB, 987x452, Untitled.png)

No. 188487

File: 1443983867314.png (69.95 KB, 478x216, Untitled.png)

No. 188488

No. 188489

My biggest nightmare is someone taking a video of me talking and taking a shitload of awkward-looking caps like this from it tbh

No. 188490

how old is she? she looks like, 25 here

No. 188541

She is actually 25, or 26. Can't remember, but she is in her mid-late twenties.

Although she actually mentally 12.

No. 188549

Jesus based on how she acts i thought she was an unfortunate looking 16-18 year old

No. 188933

Same with me. I move my eyebrows a lot and look surprised in most of my videos, which would look awkward as hell if they were screencapped.


No. 189363

I know it's not directly Isaki related but Carly is going to be in a lolita podcast with some random chick, she posted about it on her twitter

No. 189421

She was posting on Yumi King's latest video.

No. 189451

File: 1444197677030.png (104.54 KB, 1024x484, Screenshot (8).png)

In response to a dress with glowsticks on it. Of course she likes Yumi's worst ideas.

No. 189459

I'm confused. She made a dress with glow sticks sewn in or what?

No. 189460

No. 189501

wow that shit is tacky

No. 189510

eh, it's halloween costumes. even non-diy ones are tacky.

No. 189592

The one with crosses is pretty cute for something casual and diy.

The sushi one is tacky, but it's not bad for a Halloween costume.

The glowstick one looks pretty bad and wasteful, I'll give ya that.

No. 189596

File: 1444251716068.jpg (7.25 KB, 221x81, Untitled.jpg)

Her comment on the latest Sebastian Columbine video. It irritates me so much. The video is about being yourself and loving yourself. I am 100% willing to bet she will keep speaking in the same fake voice, keep denying everything rotten she has said and proceed to live in her fairy tale world.

No. 189645

She could have easily sewn the glowsticks on to avoid the issue of them not being able to switch them out when they die

No. 189800

It would probably be easier to sew two loops of ribbon and then run the sticks through them. Instead of directly stitching the glowsticks in place. It still looks bad. I am not sure what the look was going for. Wonder if Isucky will try any of the looks out.

No. 190351

She'll be going to a meet next month and I wonder if she still plans on confronting the comm. She hasn't attended a meet for months now. Not sure if that's due to the drama because she very rarely attends any.

No. 190353

dets when it happens

No. 190377

>>190351 Oh wow! Make sure you take pictures of her coord and makeup. Hopefully she will behave nicely and won't ruin it for everyone else.

No. 190424

File: 1444407818421.jpg (191.8 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Was scrolling through my Instagram, when suddenly, a wild Isaki appeared…

No. 190448

her self-promotion on everything is so disgusting

No. 190478

I've never seen anyone go so overboard with shameless self promotion like she does

No. 190479

Wait, she said she was going to confront the comm? Details?

No. 190496

her dream dress is ita af. not a big surprise

No. 190509

What's the name of this dress?

No. 190510

If she does I will be sure to confront her on the chlamydia comment. Vegas is the last place someone would want to slut/std shame, its pretty well known here to mind your own damn business about shit like that.

No. 190511

It was during her FB meltdown when she removed most of the comm from her friends list.

No. 190632

No. 191022

File: 1444499647144.png (96.48 KB, 488x299, 816cb096afbb41b0b7bb2864d1b767…)

Ugh, she's a lot worse than I thought.

No. 191024

File: 1444499747212.jpg (37.54 KB, 641x356, image.jpg)

Oh god WHY

No. 191033

File: 1444502098726.jpg (91.04 KB, 640x406, image.jpg)

From this week's BTB. Forgive me for saying this, but who's Dolly Doo Doo?

No. 191066


Only "doll" I can think of is Princess Doll.

No. 191074

File: 1444512869340.gif (325.31 KB, 440x440, onision_gif_by_muffinofgood-d6…)

Isucky liking one LOLcow to another…help me

No. 191075


PD will be jerking off over this post for days

No. 191076

File: 1444512931029.jpg (131.75 KB, 614x774, 10428436_846647495400953_80191…)

of COURSE she does

No. 191098

Pretty sure it's Doll Delight guys

No. 191100

Can someone please lighten me about who is chlamidya chan? Thought it was Isaki Pajamaramabananansama first

No. 191101

It is her.

No. 191105

Oh ok thanks.
It's absolutely disgusting wow

No. 191367

I'm getting so pissed about all the ass patting Isuki is getting on BtB. Like were not gonna stop until she apologizes.
>you hear that Isaki, apologize or else.

No. 191385

Yea seriously, I wonder if she's called her friends to her defense again

No. 191399

I don't think it was the dumb bitch friend that came to her defence this week, I think it is a few other people who are sick of the bashing week after week. The tone has changed to "stop picking on her she's great" to "you guys are just bullies". Makes me think the LACE crybabies are coming out of the woodwork.

Make sure any secrets posted in the future have a point to make and aren't just random "Isuky sucks ass" and the ass patters and LACE losers won't have a comeback.

No. 191592

Doll delight, that is one of her dresses.

No. 191593

File: 1444694337027.jpg (272.5 KB, 2000x740, 12091176_908110145922725_87952…)

>>191033 This is about Dolldelight and Isaki. That is one of her dresses.

No. 191625

What happened between them though?

No. 191631

They're just both really ita and hated by the comm

No. 191717

Yeah, since we covered on her "don't steal MUH copyrights for fair use" BS and the Carly stuff, we should point out her needing a thicker skin and alsp point of her hypocrisies… Like how her whole liking Anonymous thing LMAO

No. 191720

I thought BTB already had some secrets about that. Besides, there should be more secrets about her comparing tattoos to skin color.

No. 191724

I don't think she'll confront anyone in the comm. She probably wrote that in anger?

No. 191804


She seems like one of those people where all they do is talk shit on the internet, but won't say anything to their face.

No. 192510

Maybe this should be the next BtB secret about her, kek

No. 192969

I just did a random Google search for isucky and apparently she has a pull thread. Oh man, how many people has she pissed off?

No. 194173

No. 194356

No. 194559

Thats only because theres a pulltard infestation here and they saw the thread

No. 197262

File: 1445967551416.png (1.68 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-27-10-37-19…)

I saw this on Isucky's personal Facebook and I had to lol. This person needs to be enlightened about Chlamydia-chan.

No. 197300

Wow, I didn't know that PULL was back up, kek

No. 201142

File: 1446862404466.png (9.08 KB, 490x139, isaki no meetup.png)

She might not be going to the meetup next week after all.

No. 201161

Good. I wonder what trash anime tattoo she is getting.

No. 201167

It will be one that symbolises her struggle in the last few months against the bullies, so that every time she looks at it it will remind her to Stay Strong! Be Yourself! Fuck Haters!

No. 201236


I wonder if she did it as an excuse because she's too much of a pussy to say anything to anyone's face.

No. 201257

Guess we'll see if she skips ILD as well.

No. 201884

She's going took get a perma-GAWTHIC black tearz tattoo rolling down the side of her cheek, kek

No. 201885

File: 1447059225392.jpg (123.46 KB, 1410x423, Screenshot_20151109-005033.jpg)

I found out what kind of tat she's getting.

No. 202123

No. 208157

File: 1448596852630.png (5.29 KB, 367x72, cant-hide-shit-from-me-bitch.p…)

I have a plugin that lets me view tags on youtube videos and got curious so I looked up one of hers and



Uh huh. Also:

>mois meme moitie

At least spell it right

No. 208176

Seems about right

No. 208215

What's the name of the plugin?

No. 208426

File: 1448670735097.jpg (34.41 KB, 544x960, 12119002_10207823120755152_621…)

This is her new tattoo.

No. 208427

It's upside down… she is so fucking stupid.

No. 208445

Vid IQ

No. 209365

If it's on the inside of her arm it's not upside down.

No. 209374

My bad! Still stupid though lmfao

No. 209377

That I can agree with lol

No. 211168

Did anyone go to the Vegas ILD? Anything new?

No. 211419

File: 1449441305025.jpg (76.66 KB, 597x960, back together 1.jpg)


She's back together with Luis. He beats her up so I have no idea why she'd get back together with him.

No. 211421

File: 1449441408139.jpg (56.78 KB, 480x720, back together 2.jpg)

No. 211422

File: 1449441729426.jpg (31.34 KB, 456x320, 1426858342702.jpg)

No. 211464

Why isn't she wearing shoes in this picture?

No. 211473


No. 211503


I think it's to let midget-chan feel less like a midget

No. 211505

Wow, without those myspace angles she's absolutely disgusting

No. 211511

She's already applying too much ointment. It's not supposed to be that fucking shiny. It's going to damage the healing process.

No. 211512

Gross hispanic manlet?

No. 212298

It is shitty ink anyway. Who cares if it heals wrong. Look at how thick and uneven the lines are. She can't even research good artist.

No. 212657

Luis in her Winter ILD video was so cringey. Especially during the part where she was talking about the slot machines.

No. 212788

He's disgusting and just as cringey in person. He makes inappropriate comments often, like calling himself our group's "pimp", and makes most of the group visually uncomfortable but neither of them notice/care. He's also always on top of Isaki like >>211419 .

No. 212855

I thought she was against brand? She's clearly wearing some.

No. 212858

iirc a friend of hers sent her some aatp in one of her videos. that must be what she got

No. 212861

Tbh I actually feel a bit bad for her now, having that in her life. A lot of times girls are really blind to how douchey their bfs are, even when it's hurting them.

No. 212885

Why, she exploits him just as much as he is a douche. Don't forget her making a big deal about his blindness and how she has to take care of him. She couldn't just say her boyfriend did her makeup, she just had to ad the word blind to the tag. Then she went all over her other social media claiming she was a good person for putting her money towards his medicine but of course that is none of our business. If anything feel bad for the people that have to put up with their bad behavior.

No. 212946


Yikes. I hope I never run into a Luis when I find a comm that's closer to me.

No. 213230

File: 1449899318717.jpg (27.28 KB, 967x128, Untitled.jpg)

Just thought I would share this delightful face palm filled comment.

No. 213362

wtf is that supposed to mean

No. 213370

The fuck? No one, no one is going to assume you're a witch just because you wear crystals. I'm a Wiccan and that is bullshit.

No. 213519

Or how about the fact that she is saying she wants to go to hell? Believes in bible but does not accept Christ into her heart.

No. 215927

File: 1450583317331.jpeg (332.62 KB, 640x558, image.jpeg)

Was OP trying to insult the comm? That still puts Isaki at below average to very average at best.

No. 215961

I don't see why people think she needs to be banned from her comm. She says and does a lot of dumb shit (like having the goddamn secrets taken down) but she's not blatantly harrassing or threatening other lolitas, she isn't a creep, and she isn't breaking any rules; she just has shitty opinions and a garbage youtube channel. If they banned her it would literally look like they're discriminating because she is disliked on the internet, especially now that she's been lying low for a bit.

No. 215988

>not Christian but believer in the Bible

No. 215996

A Wild Isaki Appears!

No. 216005

Why does she choose to talk like that? She sounds like a 14 year old boy whose balls just dropped.

No. 216007


Wouldn't really say "Wild Isaki" anytime she's throwing a party or out, Isaki's mostly right there behind her.

No. 216148

You're kidding right. Just scroll up. Her behavior makes people not want to attend meets. Outside groups don't want to associate with the Vegas group because of her. My comm was planning a trip with a coordinated meetup but decided against it. We don't want to bother possibly running into her backwards racist dumbass weeb self.

No. 216169

No. I'm in the Vegas comm, and let me clear this up.

There are some really good people in this comm. Even the itas tend to keep to themselves and not cause any trouble. We've been one of the quietest comms with the least amount of drama before this whole Isaki ordeal happened. Call Isaki as many names as you want, but do not root her with the rest of us because of her problematic behavior. I can assure that there are quite a few people in this comm who want nothing to do with her now that she's been gaining notoriety. Yes, I'm mad. Yes, I wish she would leave our comm. I wish I had the power to ban her. If I had, then trust me, she would have been kicked out a long time ago.

No. 216184

shes fine but good lord does her voice get on my nerves

No. 216537

After that last group photo was posted to btb I don't think I'll ever go to a meet again. I was there unfortunately………..

No. 216692

She's the only person in the comm who has started drama with other members. That along with the rest of the bullshit in this thread and added negative attention to the otherwise quiet comm would be enough. There is just no official leader in the group who people can go to if they have a problem.

It's funny because Isaki is such a shitty friend to this girl.

That really sucks. Maybe just do small meets with friends?

No. 216705

The thing of it is you can't clear it up. If she can show up to group realted meetups and complicate things it is what it is. I think everyone understands that people want to distance themselves but as long as she is a member you can't when it comes to the group.
>>216537 Don't let some secret about Isucky stop you from enjoying meetups.
Are you saying you comm doesn't have moderators or a head organizer. My local comm has 5 mods and when someone acts up like her they have a meeting and vote on things like removal or probation.

No. 217077

Her facial expression looks stupid in those pictures.

No. 217242


Not the anon you were replying to but yes, we do have 1 mod. She's quiet and kind, so I don't think she'll do anything about Isaki.

No. 217274

>>217242 Wow, one mod? That must be a lot of work. I can't imagine her dedicating any time to dealing with the situation.

I wonder if anyone has reported Isakis facebook page for using a fake name.

No. 217511

I thought we had two mods? I guess I must be mistaken.

Either way, I wish Isucky would stop attending meets. She's so fucking backwards. I haven't been to a meet in a long time but if I do go to one in the future, it's probably going to be hard to avoid her. She's one of those people you just want to beat with a bag of oranges.

No. 217585

File: 1451168190116.jpg (8.46 KB, 199x254, barbie.jpg)

It's like some dumb static Barbie smile.

No. 217652


Two people are listed as mods, but only one is here in our comm. The other one moved out of state a long time ago.

No. 217715

Most of the active members seem to be avoiding her. Just plan something that costs some money and she probably won't be able to make it.

No. 218229

She's got a new vid!
I can't stop cringing.

No. 218542

File: 1451485634248.png (147.44 KB, 369x274, 2.png)

OMG she is so basic. She can't even pull off duck lips right, or whatever the hell that was.

No. 218791

She looks horrible here. What even is that outfit. It looks like she's wearing an XXXL schoolgirl skirt and with those fingerless gloves it's like baby's first trifted coord.

No. 219081

Isn't she like 25? she looks like a 40 year old woman here trying to be hip and cool

No. 219091

Eternal radiance blessed by Mana and Lisa Harper.

No. 219137

They look so ita, what is going on with that plaid skirt

No. 219185

She always wears those. It does not matter what she wears or where she goes, the gloves are there. She has been told by people so many times that they look horrid. I honestly thought they would fall apart by now. She probably doesn't wash them.

No. 219197

Meilin is cute and all, but her she has a weird mouth. Like when she smiles it looks really weird.

No. 220210

File: 1452036591231.jpg (335.51 KB, 522x888, topkek.jpg)

Isucky saw the BTB confession, and looks like some of the more active Vegas comm goers did, too.

>awaits for teh lulz and keks to be had

No. 220213

They're just now seeing this. Why are they looking at old secrets?

No. 220218

Haha, I like how that starts out. "Just saw another post [about me] on btb." That's not a good thing, babe.

Naw, the date on the FB post is 20 December, which is about when that secret was posted.

No. 220220

Oops totally missed that.

No. 220221

Originally I was scrolling to find this other derpy face on Isucky until I found this gem instead.

I don't really pay much attention to Isucky to follow all the stuff she posts on FB. Nonetheless, it's still hilarious to see how Isucky slyly omits her own name on, "BAWW I don't like how BTB posted a group picture…(that mainly pointed me out)".

Like bitch plz, we all know what you're up to again with the self-pitying.

No. 220227

All of that is so cringey.

No. 220306

File: 1452058757813.jpg (310.52 KB, 640x558, Si8ap2Y.jpg)

Is anyone else wondering if they all realize she just insulted the majority of the comm?

No. 220309


No. 220475

So at the last meetup did anyone catch a glance at her ID?

No. 220757

She has a vlog channel now. The least she could do was get a better camera that's meant for good quality vlogs. She looks like a middle aged woman going through a mid life crisis with that hair.

No. 220764

>catch a glance at her ID
That's fucking creepy, dude. I hope no one intentionally does this.

No. 220785

Are you new here? Creeps live here. Her actual name has been in question for a long time. She keeps insisting Isucky is her real name.

No. 220794

File: 1452227534459.jpeg (111.88 KB, 961x749, image.jpeg)

No, but:
>No egregious stalking or harassment which crosses over into the real world
Following someone around irl for the sole purpose of seeing their government-issued identification is fucking creepy stalker shit.

In Isaki-related news, looks like she's not wearing any makeup in her vlog channel announcement video. She looks kind of old and gross.

No. 220796

She looks the way I would expect her to look without make up. I'm more concerned with that hair. Seriously if you're gonna dye it all to hell, invest in a deep conditioner.

No. 220797

she looks alright without makeup

No. 220806

No one is actually going to follow this bitch around.

And did you miss all the shoplifting threads?

No. 220814


meet ups =/= "following someone around" or "creepy stalker shit"

No. 220815

No one is following her. I guess you don't know what a meetup is. She voluntarily left her home and went to a public get together. Asking if someone saw or heard her real name while at the meet is not harassment or stalking.

No. 220817

Heard her real name was Johanna or something like that

No. 220977

I used to live in Vegas & thought everyone in the comm was relatively chill. At my new comm I mentioned I'm from Vegas, immediately get asked about Isaki. I left right when Isaki joined, so the drama was news to me considering how chill everyone was. So basically people thought Vegas comm was drama filled just cause of her.

No. 220978

Does anyone happen to know if she's going to the anime con next week? Comm was asking for deets on her & I literally didn't know about her til they told me. & I'm back in Vegas for the con, so kinda wanted to see what she's like irl if she's attending.

No. 221345


She never goes to cons, so I don't think she'll be there.

No. 221530

At least she won't be ruining the Lolita panels.
I only watched 1 of her vids, but I've seen her comment on every single Lolita related video that I've watched since being told about her. (It's so strange, it's usually the top one.) So it seems like she's the type to give out advice that's not very accurate sometimes…

No. 223634

This video is painful for a couple of reasons. I feel bad for her, but mostly because she seems to have to be begging for a couple hundred bucks for bus fare from LAS - SFO?

She can't get help from "various organizations" because of Luis' "nationality?"

She just lost her "seasonal job" and was going to re-apply for a permanent one but can't because they "cut the budget?"

This is all so weird. What's going on with her? I feel bad, but it also just sounds like her situation is a hot mess. She can't come up with a few hundred for travel expenses? I just checked airfare on Kayak for the 26th LAS - SFO and she can fly jetBlue and Frontier non-stop for under $60 round-trip, each.

Anyway it's only a 9 hour drive (and apparently she's not working so she should have the time) so if she's that skint, can't she drive?

This is all so weird. Good luck to her but, what in the world is going on with her?

No. 223637

I don't like her but I'd still give her the money.

No. 223814

Go for it, she only needs another $200 on her gofundme.


No. 223848

I do feel bad for her since she seems pretty honest.
I'm very confused about her wig (hair?) here. I guess she just got out of the shower?

No. 224103


We live in Vegas. Any decent looking female can make bank here. She could easily make $400 in 1 or 2 days. No, I don't mean selling her body. She could charge $150 to $200 for a simple dinner date. She could dress in lolita, go down to the Vegas strip, and hustle tourists for pictures and tips. It's not hard.

No. 224107

I don't believe her at all. She is showing no evidence of need, these companies and this was all of a sudden. If this is true I am thinking her BF is more of scumbag then ever. He gets back together just to ask for money?

No. 224142

Don't feel bad for this bitch at all

No. 224363


This is what I just don't get. She only needs $400. I agree, in Las Vegas in particular, that seems like chump change.

But she needs it for what–for bus fare? That doesn't make any sense. I just checked, and one-way bus fare from LAS to SFO on Greyhound is going for less than $50, if she buys online. Again, flying is almost as cheap. And driving, even cheaper, with gas at record lows.

She says the Lions Club is providing funding for the operation and the lodging, so all they need apparently is transport and maybe meals. She seriously cannot scrape that together?

I'm not so sure about Luis, either. I do appreciate her honesty, but she said he's had Type I diabetes most of his life, and his eyes are in the shape they are because he didn't take care of himself. OK, it doesn't mean he doesn't deserve compassion, and it's nice he cares enough now to take care of himself (now that he's almost completely blind), but it's not as heart-tugging as if he had taken care of himself all along and had had misfortune fall on him anyway. It's giving me the impression he's basically screwed around his whole life, probably done drugs, and otherwise been a complete nihilist.

And what's that about his "nationality?" Is he not a US citizen? Is he here illegally?

Also, if she's so broke, how can she afford this ridiculously expensive (and completely frivolous) hobby? I don't feel like going back to look @ her videos about this; maybe everything she has is hand-made? But if she has any burando, that's worth a bus ticket or two I imagine.

I mean, she got people to give her money just by asking nicely, so, why not. But, the whole thing is just weird, and doesn't quite pass the smell test IMHO.

No. 224401

Smells like bullshit. I don't trust her or Luis and feel bad for all her younger viewers getting guilt tripped into donating.

No. 224747

File: 1453423888976.png (906.49 KB, 847x445, Untitled.png)

It is cheaper to drive, she can drive. She is asking money for more than food and travel. She is saying she may need other things. The part time job was supposedly her only job but in a prior post she said she had a full time job. She also monetizes her videos.
Luis is a citizen of the US.
She has roughly 3 bodyline skirts, 2 BL shirts, 1 burrando skirt and 4 pairs of BL shoes. She has various brand novelty items as well. Plus she has a tone of anime figures both statue and gashapon. Don't forget all her Nightmare Before Christmas collectibles. She is so full of it.
I don't like that she is asking for money but she obviously knows her audience. No harm in trying, even if it is scummy.

No. 224771

Yeah, her audience….some comments provide insights into her core demo:

"my parents won't let me donate, but I'll post your video on Tumblr…if you send me his full name and city, I'll send reiki energy of the universe his way…I can't donate right now, I'm struggling with my rent…really wish I wasn't poor, but if either of you ever need a kidney or a liver, I'm very healthy!"

This reminds me of that old Bobcat Goldthwait joke about how he scored in like, the lowest 9th percentile on his standardized tests. "But that means, there were still people below me! I could find them, and be their leader!"

No. 225194


The brand was a gift. She says she never buys brand.

No. 225239

In her latest video (about creepy people on public transit) she says she doesn't currently have a car. Her life sounds a bit of a mess. She probably needs to just focus on herself but instead it sounds like she's got a boyfriend who needs her help all the time. Hope it works out for her.

No. 225355

Ok? How is that relevant? Brand as gift and brand bought by your own hand can be sold. So what was your point Anon.

No. 231346

File: 1454754803383.png (115.16 KB, 687x270, ll4.png)

I wonder what the bridal registry will look like. They just got back together, what is up with this?

Again she is making the comment about her. I just want to know who liked this comment, just why did they do that?

No. 233167

File: 1454919390423.gif (2.23 MB, 599x332, whatsgoodmiley.gif)

Well shit, apparently SOMEONE decided to report my video as copyright infringement.


No. 233741

Does anyone know if she even listens to goth music? She calls herself a goth, she might as well (or is she only one in words, as with lolita?)

No. 233747


I would highly doubt it.
She's Hot Topic-tier "goth".

No. 233811

Wouldn't surprise me. I actually found about her only because she commented on a video by Sebastian Columbine about how she didn't agree with a shirt in their haul that said ''Be a slut do whatever you want''. Kinda struck me as having an 'I am relevant' attitude, much later I knew of the whole Chlamydia thing and it just made too much sense.

No. 233818

Fiance so quickly.
God I hope she's not pregnant.
I hear chlamydia is bad for babies.

No. 233862

Does she mean her "fiancé at the time?" She's talking about a job that occurred at least two years in the past. I'm not sure I see it as "her finance right now."

OK, that YT takedown page is kind of funny, actually. Well, it's been two weeks since she's been posted on BtB, so maybe this will help her get on for this Saturday.

No. 233899

Well guys come on she likes the Black Veil Brides and that is pretty hardcore gauffix. I am sure the only time she listens to goth music is when she is trying to get attention in the comments section of Toxic, Sebastian or Black. Even then most of it is post punk.

No. 233912

Post-punk is def. goth. Although I doubt she likes it if she never talks about it except when she's trying to look cool with the YT goth crew.

No. 236418

That's a great idea anon, I've submitted a BtB secret~ Hopefully it'll go through since I had to block names and shit.

No. 236882

No. 237294

File: 1455468047568.png (17.63 KB, 800x84, 1455373452166.png)

I accidentally posted this on the Jillian thread… Anybody else read this? She just copied and posted her name in.

No. 237300


I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not about BVB being goth.

Anyway, it doesn't matter, really. It's not like there aren't a million mallgoth cows.

No. 237367

I've never felt so much secondhand embarrassment. I didn't get to watch this before. Did she delete the video because she realized it was stupid or was it because of the parody?

No. 237869

Well, it made it along with another, and now she's NOT BOTHERED NOT BOTHERED NOT BOTHERED again, you people who belong in a mental ward. Someone call SuperCarly…

No. 237874

>it doesn't affect me
>makes 7 min video about it

Tbh she sounds like Jillian here with her "I CHANGED LIVES" bullshit. Why do all the shittiest youtubers insist they're doing god's work by churning out inane videos about their nothing in particular?

No. 237887

I dunno about Jillian but she did say recently she's a fan of Kanadajin3, who also went on a rant not too long ago about how she "inspires" people by "being strong" in the face of so. much. hate. So, maybe they have an alternate annual youtube conference they attend and that was this year's theme.

Anyway, she mentioned the cat thing again. Can someone point me to where these "sicko" messages about "the things they want to do to my cat" were originally posted? I got to this drama after the SuperCarly parody so I missed whatever made her a lolcow before all that.

No. 237909

"some friends asked me…."
>continues to talk to strangers about it

bitch if your friends ask you if you're okay, tell them. Not the internet.

No. 237915

Here's a reupload of Jillian's LACE video. The "I change lives" part is around 4:00. It's eerily similar to Isucky's at some points.

No. 238115

She generally sounds like an adult alright but whenever she swears it makes her sound like a child who just learned curse words.

No. 238205

File: 1455682498380.jpg (204.18 KB, 810x598, 81057.jpg)

Please don't. Expecting this to be a mess full of incorrect info.

No. 238623

Completely sarcastic, it was a band she had listed on her likes for goth music on the old FB page. I should have taken a screen shot. Too late now.

No. 239028

Is that purple checked dress bodyline?

No. 239482

File: 1455999786672.jpg (22.65 KB, 209x241, Dolly bow lattice dress from h…)

She mentioned in a comment on one of the videos where she's wearing it that it came from a store she links in her descriptions. It's called "Dolly bow lattice."

No. 239541

I only read the CC because speakers don't work atm. I think she explained it pretty well imo.

No. 239555

This may seem random but I'm impressed she's doing CCs for her videos now. Someone submitted "community" captions for one of her recent videos, and it looks now like she's doing them herself for all her new ones. I think it shows she's taking her channel seriously.

No. 239676

>tfw Isucky replied to a random tweet I made even though she doesn't follow me
>tfw her reply is condescending as fuck

Ha ha ha, no

No. 239679

No. 239684

don't know if anyone saw carly's new video but she made a jab at isucky, it was pretty great.

No. 239685

seconded, i want caps

No. 239692

File: 1456094749881.png (214.22 KB, 1079x1138, 20160221_174115.png)

I'm not so dumb as to assume that I won't get judged if I wear lolita in public and I really don't need her to tell me something I already know. The smiley face just really pissed me off.

No. 239693

Whoops I meant >>239679 not my original post

No. 239695

Don't be pissed, anon. She's just defensive because deep down, she knows she's a cringey weeaboo and a massive ita.

No. 239702

I really disliked this, honestly. And not just because she made it, normally I enjoy Isakis videos.

If I were a parent I'd have even more questions after asking this, mainly pertaining to what the fashion has to do with fetishes/dressing as babies, since she has to make the distinction that it isn't either of those (which would imply that it often gets confused for something erotic).
Maybe that's just me, my parents had no idea what the book was until I told them, that people ever dressed up/behaved as babies or that fetishes involved anything other than leather and whips and shit. Them hearing all of this from a video that's supposed to teach them about the fashion would have been a very bad thing and I would have had to have waited years to be able to wear lolita.
I did appreciate the toned down coords she pictured though. I felt she should have gone more into the stylistic features of the specific fashion, as the rococo era that she said was a huge influence was known for being quite hedonistic (wouldn't help with convincing parents that this isn't a sexual thing if they knew much about it) and excessive. There are also a lot more influences to the fashion. Simply pinning rococo and saying that they go out to elegant activities makes it seem like a historical reenactment group of some kind.

Maybe it's just me nitpicking, I only except perfection when people are teaching others about the fashion.

No. 239710

I've long argued that Lolitas should flat-out stop a) saying "we have nothing to do with Nabakov's book" and b) distinguishing themselves from ageplayers. By even acknowledging those, you've given in to the critics. Eff them, make the critics prove that you're age playing jailbait if they want to throw that around.

No. 239834

I haven't been part of the Vegas comm since I moved to another state ans left it for a completely different scene (sorry guyz; fashion tastes shifted), but I lurk every once in a while for those days that I do go back to Vegas to visit family and stuff.

So I once posted a message on the FB group, asking folks if they're into Goth music, know any good Goth/Industrial clubs, and if they're interested in meeting up in one.

I saw Isaki "like" my post….can't remember if she said any poser crap, but I know members of the group whose music library is more legit than hers.

I doubt Isaki even knows bands like who Joy Division or The Sisters of Mercy are.

Maybe she knows The Cure but that's it.

No. 239836

No. 239898

the Isaki joke starts at :31

No. 240041

I think the fact she doesn't mention the music she listens to is pretty telling by itself. If she listened to goth music I'm sure she'd be proud to talk about it. Maybe she listens to stuff like BVB and knows it's not… well respected so she doesn't want to show it. Either way, music is the most important part of the subculture, I think she shouldn't be constantly throwing the word goth at herself if she's not into the music, imho.

No. 242973

In her new video is any of that even gothic outfits? I'd call it edgy hot topic shit myself.

No. 243032

It is actually hot topic shit.

No. 243053


Are itas a thing in the gothic fashion community? Because holy fuck.

No. 243056


I'd say even though it's generally reserved for 'goths' who don't listen to the music, 'babybats' or 'mallgoths' can sometimes be used for poorly-dressed hot topic-tier goths, too.

No. 243084

Oh my goodness she is delusional, that is not goth fashion.

No. 243093

>reserved for "goths" who don't listen to the music
So she fits the bill then? That bvb shirt though…

No. 243131


Yeah, she's a mallgoth in every sense of the word. Tragic.

No. 243815


Oh my God.. can Itacky be any faker? It's like she's 12 in every way.

No. 243816

File: 1456899844359.jpg (16.63 KB, 301x145, bleh.JPG)

And also this.
''Uhhh yeah, I love… The Cure, Joy Division…. Brickhouse, The Brothers of Compassion, The April Pansies <4 fave bands haha''

No. 246445

Oh lord, their wedding is April 30.

No. 246472

And she's placed Dragon Ball seasons 3-5 on her gift registry…uh, well, good to know she'll always be who she is. Good luck to her and Luis.

No. 246509

File: 1457477237429.png (100.77 KB, 668x756, screenshot-www.tumblr.com 2016…)

No. 246948

Has Isucky been stalking this thread again? Because she claims to like these bands: >>243816

Hmmm gonna have to press her harder….ask her what her favorite songs are or something

No. 246949

I was gonna go to Isaki's Facebook page to see if she posted anything about the wedding, and also give her some ~*~tips~*~ that about registry stuff that actually matter in helping them out start their new home instead of animu DVD shit (I wanna see if Isucky actually listens to sound advice), but when I tried to access her FB page (both public and private), it's not there anymore. Did she finally block me, or did she just take down her pages or something?

No. 246956


Pretty sure she took them down. I'm getting nothing under the name Isaki Tahashi.

No. 247004

File: 1457561302461.jpg (84.35 KB, 654x639, tumblr_nvn5olDwaN1udwanoo1_128…)

What a bummer. I guess she couldn't handle the criticism, then.

I'm gonna miss the good milk I got from there.

No. 247015

After I heard the "HELLO EVERYONE" from her featured video, I just noped the hell out.

Does this girl fake her voice or it normally sounds like an old door?

She is pretty, though. Not stunning, but no one is stunning in this time and age anymore without the help of meitu or PS.

Any backups for the rant video?

No. 247025

She fakes a higher one, which you can see because sometimes she deepens it.

No. 247078

Yeah, I remember her crowing about how good life was without Facebook somewhere, so I'm pretty sure she closed them down a while ago.

Try leaving your thoughts on her YT page about the video. Her registry really is kind of cringy:


Dumbells, a cat carrier, a Swiffer Wetjet, a $25 Regal Cinema gift card, LED party lights…the foundations of any loving home.

I mean I guess it's nice she's not asking for $1K china sets, but, I think it's alright to aim a little higher than this Dollar Store shit.

No. 247091

File: 1457575070555.jpg (24.8 KB, 400x386, Laughing-Frog-Meme-07.jpg)

This can also explain why she isn't registered anywhere like any other sane