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File: 1480616892753.jpg (203.37 KB, 2048x1364, 1478810848549.jpg)

No. 320406

Thread #1 >>93507
Thread #2 >>131172
Thread #3 >>151227
Thread #4 >>167361
Thread #5 >>176096
Thread #6 >>310703

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram / Snapchat: mariahmallad

Glorified camwhore who pretends to be into gaming and anime to get Patreon bucks, JNig wannabe, ~thicc~ cosplayer. This is now her 7th thread since Feb 15 2016

The basics:
>body positive, but photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantly
>Proven through twitteraudit that she has bought at least 20k followers.
>laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Samus costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplay
>spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned"
>claims she cosplays because she's passionate about the characters and the hobby, but is only in it for the money
>does monthly "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame
>has to beg for money, con passes, etc. despite making over $6k per month on Patreon
>known to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplays
>pretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwise
>loiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guest

Last Thread:
>Thread got upgraded from snow to pt because she has that much milk
>Made a super inaccurate Lillith cosplay and super glued her top up because she doesnt know how to sew
>Got buttmad when someone made a post about how lackluster her Lillith was and wrote an essay in response about how hard she tries
>Actually got invited to some Canada con as a guest and only a single 'fan picture' came out of it.
>Did a shit-tier Destiny cosplay for a group and claimed she couldnt get into Destiny cause it 'didnt have a plot'
>Posted her lewds in the '#ElectionNight' to shamelessly self promote
>When she was called out in the thread for being gross she immediately went on a tirade about how scared her family was
>Finally posted pictures of her 'Samus bikini' and after it was 'her being body positive' they sere highly edited
>Thread turned into 'Everyone shoop Momo' for a while with varying results
>When Pokemon SuMo came out she did a shoot in a Pokemon Go tank top with a mudkip (that doesnt appear in SuMo)
>Started to publicly shit on Luna Lanie and everything went downhill form there (luna continuously showing up to shit up the thread)
>Finished her Cammy and it's as ill-fitting and poorly made as all her other cosplay
>Thread went to shit when Luna officially started spamming it.

No. 320411


Has she beat Suzy at this point????

Also Zero Suit Samus needs to stop existing, these cosplays are so cringey. Nice Airbrushed belly, Moomoo.

No. 320430

Because she's CONSTANTLY doing stupid shit tbh.
Between her shit cosplay, her badly shooped shoots, her obnoxious tweets, and her constant lies she is the most constant flow of milk since the queen herself

No. 320433

Don't forget her frequent body positivity and "I work so hard joo guyz!" tirades.

No. 320434

She pisses people off quite a bit, I think it's because she's a relatively successful fatty in the cosplay sphere and that alone is enough to rustle some jimmies pretty nicely.

No. 320438

I love how she's turned her body positivity bs into about working out to look better and be healthier in cosplay. No bitch, you're insecure as shit and it's finally gotten to you. Despite what she preaches and knowing how she lurks here, she didn't like all the feedback on how obese she's becoming so is now trying to lose weight. It's so sad lol.

No. 320442

I won't discourage her, though I will say if people lose weight for the wrong reasons they're not likely to keep it up long term.

No. 320444

Lol, what. People dislike her not because she's "successful fatty", but because she has a shit personality, shit crafting skills and a lot of drama surrounding her that she herself creates.

No. 320445

Her weight bothers a lot of posters clearly. You just made one.

No. 320448

I think it's more the fact that she is completely letting herself go as of late. She was "thick" when she started cosplaying but not disgustingly so like she is now, even though she was bigger than average she had some muscle to her due to sports she was playing. She doesn't keep up with her body at all now and keeps getting bigger and bigger. She sits on her ass all day and shits out poorly made cosplay for 7K a month. I can understand why it rustles so many people. She presents herself as a "professional cosplayer" and keeping up with appearances is one of the most important things in that line of "work".

No. 320452

I can't see it lasting. It's only for wanted cosplay fame reasons, everything else she makes out it's for is a lie.

No. 320457

If she was just a regular, nice, drama-free cosplayer literally nobody here would talk about her. Being fat isn't milk.

No. 320517

I hate her because she acts like she's a "professional cosplayer" and her craftsmanship is absolute shit. She hasn't improved. Even if she was commissioning costumes, which she can definitely afford to do, I'd be fine with it. But she doesn't. I'd feel the same way about her if she was skinny.

No. 320523

What gets me is how she cosplays characters from games she doesn't play. She only ever talks about overwatch and some animes, she's so self-absorbed that's all she ever posts about. Idk cosplay is bringing a character to life, like you are representing them not just dressing up and being recognizable (which is all she cares about I'm pretty sure)

No. 320529

If she keeps gaining weight she could cosplay Roadhog, its skimpy and has a mask for her mug

No. 320532

she probably sharted herself with excitement at seeing that this thread was titled "7th expansion inc"

No. 320582

I wonder why that koreanbbq guy deactivated all of his accounts? I thought he was trying to ride on moomoo's coattails

No. 320584

isn't he going into the military or something?

No. 320586

Is it possible that shes the next PT>

No. 320591

No way. The queen wasnt actually a terrible person, just extremely immature. I dont think anyone is 'hoping for the best' for moomoo.

Yeah Which proves she was just a fling to get easy laying before he shipped off and could immediately forget her

No. 320598

If we're listing reasons why we hate momo, here's mine:
>Uses cosplay to get money and attention, thus degrading the hobby even further down that slope JNig started
>Is basically just an amateur fetish model but instead of calling it that she's calling herself a "cosplayer"
>When she's actually making her shit instead of buying it for $30 on Aliexpress her craftsmanship is fucking atrocious and clearly slapped together in the hotel room the night before the convention
>She clearly spends the ludicrous amount of money she makes on patreon on luxury shit instead of her cosplays like she was supposed to
>Writes pretentious pageant speeches about what a saint she is..
>..and lies in them all the fucking time, for example claimed she lost her job because of cosplay when she actually quit it herself after she reached a certain patreon goal. She also claimed she was one of the Umineko translators while her Japanese sucks ass and one of the prominent TLs didn't even recognize her. And let's not forget the legendary "that cheap spandex suit got me connections with Funimation", meaning someone from Funimation replied to her tweet.
>Came in the first thread to defend herself in a very aggressive manner, flaunting the money she makes for practically zero effort
>Doesn't fucking know the character she cosplays
>Claimed in the first thread she only does the boudoir shoots to fund her "bigger" cosplay projects, which she never made
>Also "leaked" her own nudes and posts slutty IG/Twitter photos basically slapping her fat tits for everyone to see
>Catty passive aggressive tweets
>Is only a muslim when it allows her to play the victim
>A JNig Stan to an embarrassing degree like claiming during an interview that they're "friends"

She's basically a scammer and a worthless attention whore. It has nothing to with her being a big fatass.

No. 320613


Very funny, OP

Thread #1 >>93507
Thread #2 >>131172
Thread #3 >>151227
Thread #4 >>167361
Thread #5 >>176096
Thread #6 >>310703

No. 320617

File: 1480691241736.jpg (170.58 KB, 1039x1500, 4hc8o03.jpg)

I tried to post this on the last thread, but it already filled up.

I have so much more respect for SwimsuitSuccubus than Momo. Even though her cosplays are better, even though she could probably get away with just calling herself a model, she calls herself a sexworker. She takes on the stigma and speaks about sexworker issues. Meanwhile, Momo pretends to be into everything to get attention and basically sell "lewds". They're like opposites.

Plus, SSSuccubus is actually "thick".

No. 320620

I really like this person too, she never seems to be around much drama and if she is, it's because of Momo.
Shes someone I would want to be friend with tbh.

No. 320622

>Plus, SSSuccubus is actually "thick"
Uh… she looks slim

No. 320623

I thought so too until i found her vine. I really thought her ass was photoshopped but it looks likes its not.

No. 320630

Holy shit. Never understood why people praised her body as much as they did (it's nice, don't get me wrong, but I didn't get the hype)
Yeah, now I see it. That's what's getting her money lol

But yeah, props to her as a person too. IIRC, she was the one that tweeted out something along the lines of "If you do lingerie/boudoir photoshoots for Patreon/for money, then you /are/ a sex worker"
And, again IIRC, Momo has claimed that she isn't a sex worker or that what she does isn't considered porn when really, if you're spreading your ass in photos so men can get off…it's definitely sex work. And there's nothing wrong with that, but don't try to say it's something else just because you've slapped the "cosplay" label on top of it.

No. 320638

>poster by shadman

No. 320649

Oh no not shadman

No. 320668

maybe he finally grew some balls and wanted moomoo to stop using him

No. 320675

File: 1480705750328.jpg (278.07 KB, 1536x2048, Cyr2VYZUAAAXZVL.jpg)

She's such a slob, why can't she clean up before taking pictures like this it isn't difficult.

No. 320679

File: 1480705861307.jpg (280.98 KB, 1536x2048, CyrVWAfUcAAHPb3.jpg)

Professional Cosplayer

No. 320685

What race is this girl? I'm curious

No. 320689

…please don't tell me she's cosplaying who I think she is.

No. 320694

is it midna from tloz twilight princess?

No. 320696

File: 1480712421630.png (378.86 KB, 477x1280, Sun_Moon_Wicke.png)

Wicke from Pokemon Sun moon. Cant wait to see this train wreck. The #1 thing I wanna see is the wig since everything else is really easy

No. 320709

Puerto Rican

No. 320710

Er, no. "Puerto Rican" is as much as a race as "American", "Italian", "Brazilian", etc etc. That's nationality. She could be fucking Asian with the most asian eyes ever and be puerto rican.
If anything she's Latina.

No. 320711

She mentioned that Shadman paid her to dress as creepy susie so he probably paid her to advertise his poster. He probably got tired of only having that pig chelhellbunny constantly kissing his ass and being the only girl cosplaying his shit. Speaking of chel she was all over momo a while ago lol

No. 320712

I'm sorry but who is Shadman?
First time hearing of him

No. 320713

File: 1480717133739.png (210.59 KB, 733x745, IMG_0580.PNG)

I found a candid of sssuccubus and tasha from slcc. Both look cute. It kinda seems like sss has put on a bit of weight since she started. Sage for not momo related.

No. 320714

Just some gross hentai artist, nothing worth getting into.

No. 320718

Oh this is swimsuitsucubus? No wonder Luna was sperging out over her in the last Momo thread. She's cute af

No. 320720

Kinda hoping Lunie comes back to lose her shit in this thread too. It was hilarious when she made her own thread about mariah just to white knight herself. >>>/snow/207238

No. 320722

A porn artist infamous for nazism and pedophilia in his art. He's nasty as fuck.

No. 320723


At this point, Chel practically has his dick her mouth. She can't go a day without tweeting at him about how edgy and perverted she is. It's honestly pretty sad and creepy at this point. She isn't nearly as hot as she think she is, since she is pretty much a walking, talking land whale with "mom body".

No. 320724

my prediction: a flat, shaggy, unstyled wig.

No. 320728

Chel is a mom. She's in her 30's married with a child and makes posts to shadman about how hot she thinks his mother daughter incest art is. She's a fucking sad joke and loves shit talking other cosplayers on her twitter. I think she has a vendetta against sss too. https://twitter.com/tuesdaytuba1337/status/795456137642594304 Probably jealous shadman hired her to dress as his character while chel flaps her cottage cheese ass at him all day for free.
Sage for not being momo related

No. 320730

tbh I suspect she might have commissioned it and that's why she's only working on this cosplay now? She had to wait for the wig to start. Of course she either wont credit the person at all or will credit them once and then, like with her Mei costume , take all the credit in future posts when people congratulate her 'craftsmanship'

No. 320735


Holy shit, she is so fucking pathetic. And yet it's damn near impossible to calI her out on anything because she blocks anyone she doesn't like or says something that isn't fellating her about how great her ass is ( which spoiler alert, it isnt. She is about as flat as they get). I honestly feel bad for her kid. I know I'd be pretty embarrassed if she was my mom.

No. 320742

She was sucking Momo and Vamplettes asses on twitter a while ago but I guess she gave up because even they don't want to associate with her.

No. 320748


Holy shit, you're right. How much of a dumpster fire is she that even they won't associate with her?

No. 320751

File: 1480723300903.jpg (61.05 KB, 600x494, IMG_0590.JPG)

A pretty huge dumpster fire. Also chel posted this comparison herself not realizing how much worse it makes her look. She honestly looks like an older PT. Don't google her d.Va unless you want to vomit all over yourself.

No. 320752


Lol, does she honestly think that looks good. She looks like a gross mom trying to be sexy on Halloween.

And yes, I have seen her D.Va. I damn near picked in my mouth the first time I saw it. The damn thing was pretty much bursting at the seams and her gut looked so gross. And she is so damn proud of the fact that her giggling her fat cottage cheese thighs while sticking her flat ass out in that suit got made into a meme.

No. 320753

She IS a gross mom trying to be sexy.
Loving how Momo has attracted these hilarious cows lately. Chel and Luna are a goldmine of cringe

No. 320755


Her Lucy Loud "cosplay" made me cringe into a ball. Not only is it a shit cosplay, but a shit cosplay of a loli.

No. 320756

File: 1480724420887.png (174.22 KB, 588x391, vuf77.png)

sss posted this a few days ago

No. 320757

what are you trying to show us here? It's obviously a joke.

No. 320762


Yeah I saw it it was even cringier than the last MooMoo thread after Luna discovered it. Honestly it looks like Mariah and her friends decided to shit all over it, let's be honest Mariah isn't a nice girl really and an excuse to trash Luna and call her a washed up mom with fake implants and Frankenstein nipples seems right up her alley lol.

No. 320764


I hate the fact she's decided to cosplay as this awesome looking character and will most definitely have a cheap lewd boudoir photoshoot on Patreon after she steps out in the costume, with "thicc" plastered all over it. Luckily she isn't the first one to cosplay as Wicke, that's a bit more satisfying to know.

No. 320774

I hope she attempts the cloak, it'll be completely flat and shapeless.

No. 320786


i can't believe she'd post this for people to see. i can't. i'm done

No. 320831

>7k a month

No. 320837

Cammy teaser set is here


The image resolution size is so much for how much she's charging for these.

But she prolly doesn't care because people are eating it up anyways.

Also the back of her thigh in the first pic looks weird.

No. 320838


Lmao thanks for that. I'm wondering if how ugly she's gotten has anything to do with weight gain? Honestly the couple pics of her face makes her look like a man…

You can tell how much weight she's gained just by how awkward her posing is in these sets. She's trying to sit up straight without having her gut hang out so she's kind of hunched over lol.

And her arms. God bless those flabby, beefy arms

No. 320842


I just wish she would just sorta embrace how fat she's gotten(or just actually try and lose weight) because I love how fat she's become, but she clearly doesn't.

No. 320847


Tbh I think her body is really fucking attractive (yeah, i'm a bit of a lesbo chubby chaser) but that face… Jesus. I don't know what's wrong with it, but it's kinda off eh.

No. 320850

probably the fact that she manages to cake on makeup but still have giant visible pores

At least you admit you're a chubby chaser but I still think she's gone too far to be 'chubby' Reminder that she's wearing a waist cincher in all of these. if that's how her body looked without it that would be one thing but knowing that there's rolls upon rolls being stuffed away repulses me to no end

No. 320854


It's cos she has those Kylie Jenner lips

No. 320855


Not the person you responded too, but I wish she would show off those rolls more. Their really hot(but i also like fattys).

No. 320857

Out of that sample set I feel only two photos somewhat work. The close up of her face (second pic) and the 6th one (even though her hands are limp and not in a fighting pose). The rest look awkward in some way or appear shooped at the waist. I know Cammy's known for having those high cut sides but maybe she would have benefitied in making them lower like a normal bunny suit so it fit her body a bit better. She's getting bigger but she can adjust how cosplays look so that her body fits in them better. It won't be accurate but I feel sacrificing a bit of accuracy to make it work for your body is more important. This is why making mock ups and testing a pattern's important before you cut into the actual fabrics.

Tl;dr it's okay but fucking basic.

No. 320863

her face is so ashy looking.

No. 320867

Some anon suggested she do this cosplay back in one of her earlier threads.


It's using the Thread numbers from /pt/ and not /snow/ where her first five threads were.

…At least she's cosplaying a mom and not a kawaii teenager. She really needs some support up top. Those tits are sad as fuck.

No. 320873

File: 1480786653337.jpg (374.76 KB, 1001x1500, PRRymHs.jpg)

No. 320875

File: 1480786868911.jpg (327.46 KB, 1500x1001, dSDObU6.jpg)

No. 320876

File: 1480786908120.jpg (182 KB, 1500x1001, khUrosi.jpg)

I like the close-up on the ratty gloves. Also nude nails and nude lips.

No. 320877

File: 1480786962211.jpg (194.32 KB, 1001x1500, gTu7qCu.jpg)

her eyes are terrifying

No. 320880


That's the picture I was talking about when I posted >>320837

Her arms are tucked behind her against her chest because there's so much chub there that she's trying to hide it so hard, I wouldn't be surprised if she was getting stretch marks around her biceps area from weight gain. Her face…like I said I dunno if its because she's heavy but her cutesy makeup doesnt make her look cute anymore her cheeks kinda destroy that :/ and her eyebrows lmfao she actually looks like Nana. Manly, manly Nana.

No. 320881

Anyone here saw here Snapchat from the day before Yesterday I think ?
She filmed herself while playing a hentai VR game thats just…
I don't know how to record videos so I can't give you a proof
Anyways it was weird as fuck because there were people around watching her (a few guys and colette I think)
I mean doing this shit with your friend is one thing but actually recording it while pretending you're fucking someone another

No. 320891

She's so stubby and dumpy… She just looks like a pig in an ill-fitting leotard to me.

No. 320896

File: 1480795235810.png (499.27 KB, 716x719, 0a12b08cd52806d19ab0d06f791aab…)

Jesus fuck how can you just let yourself go like that? You went from fit and healthy to fucking 200+ pounds! Goddamn Mariah way to show your followers how much you don't give a fuck about your health.

No. 320897

File: 1480795406191.png (88.99 KB, 842x394, d0dc99feac930faa1e74dd8ffdc418…)

It's fucking baffling how her "fans" treat her.

"It's okay that you've gained a ton of weight. Its my fetish!"

No. 320901

those unfinished edges are triggering tf out of me please spoiler this

No. 320902


That's EXACTLY how I felt when I read that. I think that's why she has so many fans because there is a lot of weirdos on the internet who actually like fat girls. She got so caught up in being this "thicc" goddess to these neckbeards that she actually ignored her own health just for the attention.

Let's not deny the fact that this cammy shoot shows exactly how fat she's gotten. And considering how the thread died I think a lot of people on here are too scared to make fun of her weight because it is rude to make fun of a fat girl but how can anyone perceive this as sexy? I see a very fast and hefty weight gain that's gonna lead to loose skin and stretch marks. I see someone destroying her body for the sake of "body positivity" and not letting down her legion of neckbeards that only call her thicc because they like fatties.

No. 320904

that foundation mismatch tho

No. 320905

Oh wow, she used to look so healthy and even kind of cute. It's so hard to believe this is the same person as >>320877

No. 320907

I can't look at this without imagining her ripping ass

No. 320912

lol are you new?? No one gives a fuck if someone's fat. If anything lolcow THRIVES on fatties. It's slowed down cause she has slowed down. it's no longer con season so there's just not as much milk.

>barely toned arms
>flabby untoned legs
>back rolls even then

Wow she really is delusional

No. 320913

So were these Cammy pics posted by her or on her patreon? Idk how patreon works but can you just save pictures off of her posts in there?

No. 320934


Saying "it's so weird" about her past body image is just a cover up for the fact she's really insecure about how she looks now and is looking back at when she was actually healthy. With her latest Cammy shots she's doing all the usual tricks to not look as large. So much for that body positivity & loving yourself she repeats to her fans.

No. 320937

Damn she used to have muscles. It's such a shame because I feel cosplayer with muscle definition is great if they can keep up with working out. Sometimes it'll add to their cosplay (especially if you're doing a street fighter character) since it another level of realness to it.

No. 320941

File: 1480805242100.png (387.65 KB, 720x656, Screenshot_2016-12-03-15-43-54…)


No. 320942


Muscles do make a character that has them pop out more. Her figure then actually would have really suited her Cammy cosplay.

No. 320948

I hate these costumes. These were in a cosplay music video where you could see the back side of Momo's literally held together with pins and breaking apart. They also used slow motion on their 'twerking' and everything on momo's back thighs just rippled terribly.

No. 320949

Honestly the way her seams don't match up on her left glove bothers me the most

No. 320950

Vamplette is such a butterface

No. 320961

As if I needed more proof that the moomoo fanpage was made by herself. In what universe would moochlette have a fanpage?

No. 320963

What video?

No. 320965

File: 1480812528855.gif (388.21 KB, 628x428, 1433886376229.gif)

No. 320966

Maybe some of her patrons have a visible pore fetish.

No. 320967

Whenever someone brings up her snap chat ITT I always think it's momo trying to get people to follow her kek

No. 320971

No that's just like the only social media where I follow her
I'm too lazy to look up her Twitter all the time since I don't use mine very often.
Sorry if it comes off that way.
She posts a lot of shit there like her singing to songs so it's not worth it to follow her there really
But sometimes she posts some gems lol

No. 320979

Would it kill her to put some fucking color on those lips?!
This shouldn't even count as one of the sexy boudoir photos because nothing about this is attractive. It's just an up close shot of her shitty sewing job, bad skin, and gross ass lips. Use some color on your face moomoo, you look like a zombie

No. 320980

These photos are TERRIBLE. Can't try to be in character for once in her life?

No. 320981

Why isn't the Photographer and Momo doing any high kick/in character shots? I mean I know she can't get her leg up that high but even lifting her knee to to her chest or something. Even doing those she would kill two birds with one stone, get the whatever booty she thinks she has in the shot with a good angle and its in character..

No. 320986

It makes me laugh that this is her definition of "ripped". Her arms look pretty good, but she's flexing pretty hard, otherwise she's a little bit flabby.

Her and I are the same height, and when I was about this thick, I was very slightly overweight. So chances are, she was already slightly overweight here, meaning she's definitely obese/morbidly obese for her height by now.

No. 320989

Her nose bothers me, I feels like it's never contoured properly and it makes it look like its curved weirdly

No. 320997

it's the saddest thing about momo. her nose isnt 'ugly' it's just awkward and if she knew how to work it properly she wouldnt look at terrible but I feel like the tries too hard to hide it like someone who doesnt like their teeth and always does weird stuff with their mouth in pictures. If anything I feel like if she embraced it and actually emphasized it it wouldnt look so awkward since trying to hide it really doesnt work.

No. 321001


So like how Suzy tries to hide her chins in every pic she takes?

No. 321003

Jesus dude did she make it too small, make side panels, thus fucking up the turtleneck???

No. 321013

I kinda think she just fucked the turtleneck up by cutting a too-big neckhole. Those side panels are such a giveaway though.

No. 321016

flabby then, flabbier now. what a surprise.

No. 321017

Wow, she definitely was pretty and healthy looking back then. She had the potential, god dammit Momo!! Get your shit together!!

No. 321019

I think it's funny how different these responses are. The dichotomy between many different posters stating "she was fat then and she's fat now" and "she looked good" is really interesting. Can't forget how many Ana Chans there are still lurking.

No. 321022

Moomoos nose bothers you? Me too but not nearly as bad as Vamp's does, it puts off like any attractive features she would have and just leaves me uneasy….

No. 321032

I mean, she's probably slightly overweight there given that she's only 5'2". Compared to now though, she looks amazing. She had a pretty decent shape and her arms look good, she's just a little flabby, but nothing that's beyond average.

No. 321048

She's not 5'2"
I'm 5'3" and I've met her, she's a bit taller than me but not by much. I would guess 5'4"?
Sage for height sperg

No. 321051

It says she's Arabic on her twitter bio.

No. 321061

The vacant, parted mouth expression she always makes reminds me of Brianna Wu.

No. 321065

They arent talking about momo.

No. 321069

Holy shit, this is the PT pooping pose

No. 321078

Suzy recently did the exact same thing 'look at how good looking I used to be, doesn't bother me tho heheh' Come on.

No. 321079

It's a FB trend that started with people posting their first FB with their newest and turned into 'everyone posting teen them and now them' of course moomoo is too much of a coward to post a truly comparitive side by side.

I dont see why snoozy keeps getting brought up cause at least she fell off in her 30s rather than moomoo who ballooned up bigger than her in a year and is actively wasting her prime years.

She was flabby. She's obviously not fit or skinny then (average at best) but just look at her visible back? I realize thinner people can get rolls too but she's not bending a bunch or anything and has back rolls so no they're not being an ana-chan and she WAS flabby. Also sometimes there are chubby people who have more 'solid' fat and they arent as flabby. They're basically saying that even during the height of her sporting days she was never toned as she should be.

No. 321082

technically this is the 8 or 9th thread for moomoo

sage for off topic

No. 321083

Suzy isn't in her 30s, I think she's only a few years older than Moomoo.

No. 321084


Suzy's only about 26, which is even sadder because she looks like a mom in her 30s

No. 321085


I mean to add an 'almost' in there my bad she's 28. Either way moomoo's the one trying to make a living from her body at the moment and is obese at 21 sand is still like 3x the size of the GGcow so it's still laughable. The comparison still doesnt land because momo is almost a decade younger and is the bigger one. No need to bring up a smaller-time cow up in this prime rib thread.

I dont even like suzy but to say she looks old and fat in a thread about momo who is 7 years younger and looks just as busted and is twice the size is retarded. Take it to her thread.

No. 321087

Seriously, Suzy and Momo have 2+ kids mom bodies. Granted both having other things going on like weird faces they hide with makeup, boring as fuck but trying to seem interesting with memes and 'I'm a gamer girl, look how knowledgeable I am', latching on to other people to seem relevant and cool, and using their fans sycophantic praise to excuse their shameful weight gain.

To be fair Suzy has a husband who doesn't seem to care and isn't fit or attractive either that supports her, I don't think she is under any pressure to get better where Momo is a cosplayer making money off of her figure.

No. 321089

To be fair if Momo is still making money despite the weight gain then she has no reason to change her ways. It's on the people who are giving her their money.

There was a similar argument back in the day about JNig's poorly constricted and uncredited cosplays and that the only reason she got away with it was because of her boob jobs that she routinely denied. So neckbeards threw her money despite not being a professional, barely improving, and then doing lazy prints.
She's finally fading from relevancy. In fact the neckbeards stormed reddit after they finally got too pissed at Nig's lies and awful backer rewards. But JNig never changed either, she had not a reason to.

No. 321093

Seriously how the fuck do you fuck up a Cammy cosplay this bad? The beret is inaccurate, the wig looks nothing like the source, the bodysuit is the wrong colour and doesn't fucking fit, the gloves look like they're thrown together in 10 minutes complete with uneven seams. Seriously moomoo, it's not that fucking hard to give just a half a shit about your cosplays.

No. 321099

She'll never give a shit about quality. She gets paid by neckbeards who think she looks stunning in this shit and as long as it brings in the money, she'll keep up the poor work.

No. 321116

So all of her images were uploaded (finally the neckbeards are being smart and not paying for this shit) and honestly i have to say yeah we made fun of her in the first thread for being too fat but these pics of her from the beginning look 1000x better than this Cammy shit. This cammy shoot has her looking like she's been through the ringer lol.


No. 321120

File: 1480891168794.jpg (13.54 MB, 4000x6000, _DSC0145.jpg)

holy fuck moochlette

No. 321124

Holy shit they look so awful. The photoshop is also hilarious. And people pay for this shit…

No. 321126

Who thought using chromatic aberration on this picture was a good idea?

No. 321128

holy shit I've seen this costume a million times and I'm still in shock at how poorly made it is. Couldn't even use hot glue correctly

No. 321130


I can't believe fans pay for these poorly done photo shoot image sets. It's always in a outdated con hotel room or on that cheap ass white bed, her makeup always looks the same, the costumes look ruined up close and the editing is horrid.

What the fuck.

No. 321131


Who's the one dressed as Juri? Because holy fuck. It looks like they took a bat to face.

No. 321144


No. 321174

Fire your photographer or friend or whoever takes your pictures. The shoop on this is awful. I'm viewing this on mobile and usually problems aren't so apparent but they're BLARING right now. Momo's leg is wonk, there's no shadow to it and they didn't shoop out all the leg properly. Vamps left arm is also wonk, her hair, which is frizzed at the top suddenly becomes smooth when it meets her arm. She also suddenly has no arm it's. Where did those go? There's usually a natural boob line when you raise your arm and either it's hiding under vamps hair or it was erased. The extra sharpening does not help the photo at all. It just ENHANCES the bad shoop. Seriously, just go online, check out some Professional Vegas photographers, check out their portfolios, nab one for $200-$400 and get some quality back. Seriously.

No. 321175

Arm pits*
Rip phone.

No. 321179

holy shit this shoot is so unfortunate. the use of that airbrush is so fucking awful… who ever edits the photos needs to be fired. jesus christ.

No. 321183

File: 1480905761881.png (1021.88 KB, 1013x722, 546.png)

no one thought it would be a good idea to edit out moomoo's booger?

also she actually looked kind of nice in her earlier sets. what a difference a few months and massive laziness does to someone

No. 321189

File: 1480906074196.jpg (12.71 MB, 4000x6000, _DSC0169.jpg)

why include something like this? it's not funny, it's disgusting.

No. 321193

Because her neckbeards and legbeards will think it's funny.

OT: Never realized how much of a sugar bomb Mountain Dew was. I picked one up the other day out of curiosity at the store and it had something like 320 calories in the bottle whereas I think even Coke and Pepsi have close to 100 calories less. No wonder gamers are so hyper and angry all the time!

No. 321196

It's the Gremlin DVa meme. I'm more grossed out that she wouldn't bother doing her nails for the shoot.

No. 321201


At least the bottle she's posing with is a "diet" Mountain Dew lol.

No. 321203

File: 1480907824132.jpg (1.3 MB, 1104x1940, Screenshot_20161204-221456.jpg)

This leg just looks so fucking weird

No. 321206

File: 1480908552653.jpg (105.61 KB, 435x580, 000.jpg)

Just typical fat girl knee chub. Looks like she's starting to get that weird knock-knee effect that obese people often get too.

No. 321207

File: 1480908789579.gif (858.6 KB, 500x280, yuck.gif)


dat knee chub.

i can't even believe how poorly edited this is lol. you can see the glow(?) of her skin that was edited on, sharpening the image didn't help at all either. the skin just reminds me of raw chicken breast.

No. 321221

look closely at her legs. Not only did she not really shave that well, but whoever shooped it ALSO forgot to remove the hair everywhere… jfc

No. 321222

File: 1480913954437.jpg (253.25 KB, 800x878, 6857465412.jpg)

omg I didn't even notice

No. 321223

Wow.. The pic on the right looks actually kind of cute, her face does anyways. She has fallen really fuckin hard. If she didn't over shoop it, it looks like she gained even more weight since then

No. 321224

I'm pretty sure that ck shoot was heavily shooped (black and white shoots are usually an easy way to do shooped shoots without having to worry about colors matching.)

No. 321228

File: 1480915711600.jpg (1.18 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20161205_002736.jpg)

No. 321231

What the fuck do you have body dismorphic disorder or something? Your shoop is hideous

No. 321233

Stop being triggered lol

No. 321234

File: 1480916298650.jpg (6.18 KB, 181x200, 3654654565555545.jpg)


what the actual fuck

No. 321236

I like what you did with Mooch's makeup, but the rest of the shoop… yikes.

No. 321239

Why do people waste heir time photoshopping pictures of her in her anyways? A polished turd is still a turd, no matter how you look at it. If you want to bang her, just say it and stop trying to justify with "But seriously guys, she'd look good if only she looked like this". The reality is that she doesn't, so what is the point of editing pictures of her?

No. 321240

what's the problem? That shoop is pretty nice tbh

No. 321241

File: 1480920947456.png (85.67 KB, 655x515, IMG_3731.PNG)

Dirty nails, mustache, booger, and that fuckin jaw shoop.

No. 321242

File: 1480921241661.png (5.19 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161204-201210.png)

I opened up this pic and my phone was resizing it in the best way possible.

Some people just want to practice shooping anon, chill out.

No. 321243

File: 1480922645965.jpg (169.22 KB, 1139x822, PicsArt_12-04-11.20.00.jpg)


Damn this bitch was not easy to photoshop

No. 321244

File: 1480922772936.jpg (183.2 KB, 1086x790, PicsArt_12-04-11.22.01.jpg)


Moomoo wasn't an easy fix. She just looks like a porn star.

No. 321245

fukk! i keep forgetting how shitty that costume is wtf its offensive..

No. 321246

These are both awful

No. 321251


Holy shit I think that's the best adjustment to moochlette that I've seen.

No. 321270

File: 1480940742558.jpeg (1.08 MB, 960x1280, image.jpeg)

It makes me gag to say this but this is actually the most decent looking wicke wig I've seen… Although I don't think she made it.

No. 321271

Just the mere fact the wig doesn't have sideswept bangs proves she didn't style it at all

No. 321272

File: 1480944108786.png (857.94 KB, 577x523, wicks.PNG)

I'm more partial to fluffy and not-stringy looking. But of course, for Moo's standards that wig is really good.

No. 321275

File: 1480946369818.jpg (398.06 KB, 904x495, Untitled-49.jpg)

I think I made her look too plastic somehow. The camera flash and/or the person who edited the original has smoothed out any dimension she might have in her face.

Idk, I tried.

No. 321276


She looks like choke lol but I like your shoop. It's very good - in fact, it makes the original one looks fake

No. 321278

File: 1480949833442.jpeg (4.3 MB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)


Did some digging, she posted this earlier. Well for Momo's standards this is decent. Maybe all the lurking in this thread has taught her a thing or two.

No. 321279

She is reaching that border "thic" girls often reach. They will get attention from people who have a fetish for fat girls. But if she gets any chubbier than this she will lose a lot of support unless she goes into fetish modeling.

This is the heaviest Momo has ever been. It will be very difficult for her to lose this weight. She destroyed herself. Even if she did lose the weight, I feel like she would have floppy flabby skin, so she will never have that toned body again.

No. 321281

Her lips always remind me of a corpse.

No. 321283

I saw her snap of her showing the progress she's made on the wig. It's good for a beginner but I wonder how the wig will hold up considering she doesn't take good care of even her basic wigs. I can only imagine it would look like shit after a few wears if she isn't mindful of the wig and the work she put into it.

No. 321285

You can see a patch of hair on her arm too. And dem crusty elbows.

Both of their faces look painted on, Moomoo's leg and left arm look broken, and Vamplette's left arm looks wonky. Anon doesn't have a great grasp of anatomy.

Lazily done and neither of them look like themselves anymore, but they do look like attractive humans rather than Bratz Dolls or animu, which is something a lot of PS anons can't manage.


No. 321286


She's been fatter, let's not forget her first attempt at being "famous" by trying to be a fitness inspiration when she was a super fatty in school. I came across a Facebook page somewhere actually, that she made. I feel like she's always tried to be famous that's something she's always wanted. But she never lost enough weight or got toned enough to be a fitness model, so throwing nudes on her tl and being an overall attentionwhore it was!

You can always bounce back from being super fat until you get older, your skin is still stretchy and can handle a lot. Once you hit like 24, 25 it gets a lot more difficult and leaves a lot more damage.

No. 321295

File: 1480957196182.jpg (115.38 KB, 540x960, 14520412_1102816419802280_3033…)

I still dont buy that she did it herself. It's like how she posted pictures of the half of her Destiny armor that the dude did but then when it was all finished you could tell that pieces of the armor were done by different people. Either way it's still not a great job cause she's pretending to do a 'glasses' pose but is actually holding up her bangs. (she's even using the heart stickers to try and cover that up)

imho you dont even need to style a Wicke wig '100% accurately' for it to be good but that's obviously what she's going for. I'm hoping that wig isnt supposed to be done cause the ends look stringy and gross.

If those are her glasses I'm laughing at how lazy she is. They are not even remotely accurate and it's not like large cateye frames are hard to find. W

>pic semirelated: this chick was brought up in a previous thread and doesnt have a '100%' wig but I think it looks nicer than moomoo's

No. 321314

File: 1480961510354.jpg (262.1 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20161205_131056.jpg)

Full pic

No. 321318

…I think I can see her panties through the skirt.

No. 321320

I like not seeing her fat jugs on display. Unless she cuts a hole in the center of the sweater, which wouldn't surprise anyone. Or smearing concealer on her lips even though it makes her look dead.

No. 321322

Holy fuck the wig looks actively terrible in this pic. It looks like one of those Hot Topic DBZ wigs Also idk why she decided to make the skirt out of that fabric cause it's terrible and really doesnt suit the character. Also now she'll have to make the shawl out of the same thing and it really wont fall well.

No. 321323

But she's spandex senpai, of course she needs to fo spandex.

No. 321324

File: 1480962806977.jpg (54.92 KB, 720x627, _20161205_133230.JPG)

I just pic her saying this in an overly sexually tone.
Miles from Rooster Teeth btw

No. 321326

I doubt she made it, it's not that hard to find this kind of skirt in stores.

No. 321330

It looks worse than the first photo… Chuckling because a few people thought it was a good wig.

No. 321338

Why is she saying that she wants him to see it? I'm confused.

No. 321340

because he's single and she wants to be the new Meg Turney probs

No. 321341

Oh. I thought there was some big connection between him and the character.

No. 321344

He works for rooster teeth and voices Jaune for Rwby, he writes for the show too. He stated that he likes wicke because he's been playing Pokémon.

No. 321348

Her lazy ass opted for a store bought pink sweater for Wicke instead of making it like the so called "professional" she is. What a failure. She can boast about using Yaya Han's line of fabric all she wants but it'll still look like shit.

No. 321357

I hate Fatmo and even I can say that her wig is better than this.

No. 321382

to be fair our standards are so low for momo that even the mildly shitty stuff she scraps together looks leagues better than her usual shit

No. 321389

File: 1480992075194.png (346.1 KB, 720x606, Screenshot_2016-12-05-19-36-11…)

Lol don't give her any ideas please. Even if she doesnt do a neko bra like this autistic is suggesting I'm pretty sure we can all guarantee she will be getting naked with the fucking Wicke wig very soon.

No. 321397

Nah, it looks like fabric just rolled over, folded under at the top (I can see another layer there) and a simple hem at the bottom, not a skirt hem. She made this shitty thing.

No. 321400

she'll either crap out on the cape,make it and it'll look awful, or come up with some other excuse and then end up budoiring it wearing MAYBE the shoes, the top for some shots, the wig and hair. I feel like she's going to do it for sure.

No. 321430

File: 1481005794634.png (139.66 KB, 750x1065, IMG_9026.PNG)

omfg lmao! can't wait to see the shoot now! and those bobo ass shoes! I feel like these will probably end up being her worst photos yet honestly. There's no way she can capture tracers character and no matter what she does it'll end up looking sloppy

No. 321432

also the awkward wording of "I don't like the body suit so I'm thinking of getting another pair." is she trying to pass it off like she didn't buy a whole body suit and just bought leggings instead?

No. 321491

Knowing Momo, I believe she's the one behind this cringy ass account lol

No. 321493

File: 1481037985877.png (97.82 KB, 223x598, wicke.png)

>tacky cheap glasses are the wrong shape and have rhinestones on them for some reason
>collar is too thin and short
>shirt ribbing is too narrow
>skirt doesn't have a slit up the sides

Basically she bought a bunch of clothes that sort of looked right. The only things she did herself were paint cardboard and glue it to her shoes, and do a crappy job styling the wig.

I can't wait to see how she fucks up the details and cape.

No. 321499

I want to say "I wonder if she's going to include pockets in that skirt" but we all know the answer. Also, I'm with the other anon >>321397 that she made the skirt herself. The usual bottom hem is completely missing.

No. 321505

For a beginner I'd say it's fine that she's missing details since it's a fairly easy cosplay but if cosplay is your only 'job', you don't work, you get a boatload of money per month, AND the con season is over, you can bother with the smaller details. The time for it is there.

No. 321519

>alternating the jacket

No. 321530

I don't think we still classify her as a beginner can we?
Shes been doing it for well over a year or two and gets paid 7k to do it. With that kind of money and all her free time I don't think she has a reason to half ass things anymore.

No. 321566

File: 1481064191083.jpg (50.86 KB, 720x960, 13445496_10206688880837082_579…)

These tryhards need to go. All they do is comment on every post on Twitter and Facebook for attention.

No. 321570


No. 321572

So judging by both of their "Twitter names" and the fact that it looks like David is working on a Guzma cosplay my money is on both of them debuting their crack ship together at the next con. Wicke and Guzma, oh this girl wanna be Jessica and Ryan so bad lol.

No. 321575

File: 1481066847225.jpg (55.65 KB, 540x960, 15219459_10207796155358253_454…)

Attention seeking no doubt.

No. 321577

MooMoo sure does likes to keep average to below average people around her.

No. 321579

She has hot friends too like gabby and tasha.

No. 321581

Gabbys fucking fatter than Mariah. Tasha is the only cute one.

No. 321582

Kay is definitely more attractive than all of them imo. Cute face and nice body

No. 321583

Oh yeah I forgot she's also friends with Mariah. Kayyybear is really pretty.

No. 321584

On her recent snapstory she was talking about how well she's doing Winke and how she used fabric herself and painted some wood gold and sewed some buttons on. Then she goes to greasy hair no make up facecam to say how shes so proud of her self for "not rushing" this cosplay and that they come out better when she puts time into them. Also says shes trying to "improve her craft". (Idk how to save vids from snap)

She might have been "cosplaying" a long time but when it comes to making cosplays shes beginner rank all the way.

No. 321590

Kay has horrible skin though she's got really bad acne. Mariah has nicer skin than hers. They are all pretty messed up TBQH

No. 321591

Learn how to properly reply to a post.

No. 321601

Sage your off topic bullshit

No. 321632

File: 1481109626896.jpeg (1 MB, 1632x2448, image.jpeg)


this might be pretty late but, this shit was def not easy to fix lmao (threw a little filter over it if it could save this mess at all)

No. 321637

Your photoshop makes them look inhuman.

No. 321639

Don't try too hard, farmer. There is some random shit who keeps letting herself be triggered over all of the photoshopping. >>321637 Even though her triggered whining about how all the photoshop displeases her is truly derailing, since she is the only important anonymous farmer here, we have to comply.

No. 321640

lmao they already looked inhuman before. just messing around with my shooping skills, chill.

No. 321643

Only a god could rescue them from their hideous fate but at least Mariah doesn't look like a vegetable staring dumbly into space anymore

No. 321658

File: 1481121529429.jpeg (301.15 KB, 1920x1464, image.jpeg)

God, I really tried. I don't think anything can help this poor girl.

No. 321663

I think the problem is that her pictures are so heavily photoshopped already that any additional touching up automatically makes them look worse. Also in >>321658 she's got Pixyteri's body proportions lol

No. 321664

You're right, completely lol. Just wanted to see what I could do to make it look.. kinda pleasing to the eye? Dunno, just messing around with my shooping skills like the other anon.

No. 321669

>PT's body proportions
…which is actually kind of sad because it just goes to show if PT were a little more confident and a little less loathing in her younger cosplaying years her weight might not have gotten in the way as much as she thought.

No. 321670

File: 1481124443122.jpg (196.83 KB, 500x758, MichellePhan.jpg)

I watched many makeup tutorials and used my knowledge to produce this.

Pls crit

No. 321671

Is she imitating Jessica Nigri with the stupid face?

No. 321674

Now she kinda looks like the bootleg version of the girl from iZombie. But it's not your fault, that face is just unfixable

No. 321675

Face 10/10, good job anon. Too bad we couldn't do the same for her body.

Yeah, she's been doing that for a while now. It's part of her ~quirky~ personality.

No. 321709

Idk, her skin actually looks rather clear normal to me. Kayyybear also doesn't shoop the shit out of her photos and actually looks the same in candids as she does in other photos.

No. 321733

No. 321752

File: 1481154480967.jpeg (48.01 KB, 640x376, image.jpeg)

Screenshot for the anons who don't want to go to her Twitter

No. 321760

Who wants to bet she fucked up part of her cosplay and is sulking about it?

No. 321763

wow a whole day off the internet, she's really serious about her well being.

No. 321774


Lol but of course right after that she releases the Samus swimsuit video where she's running around like a beached whale.

"I'm gonna pretend to be sad for a bit so all my neckbeards tell me how awesome and beautiful I am I need validation oh wait but there's so much attention whoring I still need to do."

No. 321775

No. 321776

No. 321778

File: 1481166502987.png (227.61 KB, 477x299, 98789678.png)

jesus christ these eyebags
not to mention literally everything else in this teaser

No. 321779

ugh that contouring

No. 321780

The beauty of video is you can't hide anything if you've forgotten to hide or tape down something. I mean there's a slim chance but that editing would be hell and no one has time for that bullshit.

No. 321786

Christ. And I thought I was fat. Girl is a fucking whale

No. 321788

nah, she's fat but i find her hot n fuckable chubbs. the real problems with her are her shitty personality and her fucking face. i cant get over how ugly it is, especially in video

No. 321790

What a fat cunt

No. 321792

Aha, those cringy poses. Some look like suzy level of cringy.

No. 321824

her face is above average, anyone who says otherwise is nitpicking, but her body is a fucking atrocity. putting on that much weight in such a short period of time.. even if she loses it all, her body will be destroyed.

No. 321828

>Above average face
>Whoever says otherwise is nitpicking!!
Whoever says otherwise has two functioning eyes.

No. 321830

i need a gif of that fat struggle jog at the start

No. 321836

>nearly 1/3 of the video is literally a boring shot of some seagulls
>the rest is lens flairs and out of focus shots of moomoo
>those eyebags
>those backrolls
>that contour
>that puka shell necklace
0/10 bad effort

No. 321837

Oh please, come back to reality. Shes a fat fucking cow and fake/stupid to all hell, but if her face was less chubby she'd look fine. Does that detract from her shitty cosplaying and everything else? nope. She just has an alright face to the majority.

No. 321839

I think her face is alright too. She can wear no makeup and still look okay imo. I'm comparing her to Mooch/Jnig.
Other than her nose, her face is fine.

No. 321840


Aside from those eyebags, nose, and no upper lip, okay.

Sure, her face might be okay in itself right now but she's like 21 or 22. Her face looks more like she's in her late 20's to 30's.

No. 321841

Yeah, shes bad a posing and her makeup is god awful. But personally I don't think her face is too bad. She just needs to lose the weight shes piled on and take some makeup lessons or something.

No. 321848

Her face is average at best, potatoish at usual, ugly at worst. Not painfully ugly, but not pretty either. Unless in your area everyone is ugly as sin, considering this >>320877 >>321270 "above average" is off the table

No. 321863

The ugliest thing about Momo is her attitude. Granted she could seriously lose some weight, stop making those idiotic "quirky" faces, and learn how to put on makeup, its useless to argue over something as subjective as overall attractiveness. Unless Momo goes and a tirade calling everyone around her ugly (thus showing once again the vast extent of her hypocrisy) debating the averageness of her face/facial features is a waste of time.

No. 321884

What is up with Momo's obsession with certain male characters and calling them "daddy" & saying things like how she wants them to choke her? Lately she's obsessed with Guzma from Pokemon and it's fucking cringey.

No. 321886

File: 1481241265766.png (313.26 KB, 720x1134, clip_now_20161208_184806.png)

Gonna be that person… THIS post. This right here ticks me off and yet, I'm laughing so hard. Pokemon is an anime. Does she not realize this? Maybe it's me, but referring to Pokemon like this…. Just really shows how she's faking

No. 321887


Giving how fake she is, she's only jumping on the Sun & Moon hype train and will be over it as soon as she's done milking her "Thicc Wicke" cosplay. She hops from fandom to fandom to keep relevant.

No. 321889

Everyone goes through a phase of anime crushes. When they're like 13/14 lmao. It's really creepy when an adult is still going on

No. 321890

She seems like she is just copying what she sees other young female neeeerds do, little does she know only nerdy teenage girls do this cringey shit. All of the older, and non-cringe female nerds got over this phase a long time ago. Yet another clear indicator to how fake she is.

No. 321891

As a once die hard Pokémon fan in my youth:


No. 321893

Was she being serious with this post? It looks like Ash is fucking Rowlette

No. 321895

File: 1481246207052.png (388.9 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161208-201405.png)

This is a sad ass

No. 321901

Momo is fake as fuck and tries to seem like she knows what she's talking about when she never really does. But I think you're reaching with sperging so hard about this, just because she calls the new series a show and not an anime.

No. 321902

I agree with this anon. Everyone has favorable and unfavorable features they like. I think we can give her a 5/10 not good not bad just …there

No. 321903

What ass?? It just looks like the bikini bottom is too big and sagging a bit

No. 321913

Exactly how I feel. I don't pick over minor things either. This post just seemed really off. Find it also funny she hasn't mentioned much about playing Moon or Sun

No. 321933

I use the term "show" when reffering to anime all the time. and just say 'comics' in referring to manga. it's less alienating to people who may not know what anime/manga is and just trying to have a chat about what you're watching/reading. plus you dont get to sound like sperglord talking bout your animus. Idk, it just makes it sound more casual in my opinion. I think that's a silly thing to get mad over.

No. 321939


Except Moomoo has built her entire persona around "Anime and (nerd gaming not COD) is the best I still love it despite being bullied about it multiple times and I love anime and cosplaying so much I'll do it even though I gets tons of hate" so tbh it seem out of character for her to call any kind of anime "a show" because if she calls it a show then she can't show off how into anime she is and how amazingly knowledgeable on the subject she is.

No. 321947

I assume if you grew up watching Pokemon (like most people in their 20s) it was more of a show than "anime" while you were a kid. This is kinda nitpicky

No. 321948

Agreed, there are better things that prove that Moo fakes her knowledge. Like the one time she didn't know what OST means. Or the time she admitted a Zelda game was her ~fav~ despite never finishing it and only watching LPs on Youtube. Or the time she thought a Higurashi poster was announcing a new season… when it wasn't. Etc. Etc. Etc.

No. 321951

It's the popular consensus in the TEENAGE female fandom, you're supposed to call your fictional crushes daddy and how you want them to beat you up and step on you and spit on u cuz u such trash uwu!!!!! Originates from Tumblr of course.

No. 321953

Or the time she fumbled through explaining what Metroid was about, or the several times she's tried to show off how "into" Smash she is by repeating the phrase *~* Down B *~*

No. 321977

What if she starts the dd/lg route too. She could pander to diaper fetishists

No. 322185

File: 1481394255275.jpg (109.11 KB, 720x749, _20161210_132223.JPG)

Person asked/points out something simple. Momo says he is being stingy…

No. 322186

File: 1481395545883.jpg (10.58 KB, 225x225, images (2).jpg)

>lol don't be so stingy lol I'm not hurting anyone haha

No. 322187

you can always tell when momo is mad as fuck when she uses multiples "lol" and even throws a "haha" in for good measure

No. 322193

File: 1481397951815.png (1.35 MB, 1500x1001, kek.png)

thanks for the link to the better image quality anon

No. 322195

Who cares? Milk is drying up so fast

No. 322196

Lol milk isn't drying up. Momo is still Momo. She still putting people who disagree with her in the slightest on blast. Then her white knights jump on the poor people. The guy who pointed out that she sexualize any characters she likes, wasn't being mean. Momo could've handled th at better or simply ignored it. She didn't.

No. 322198

hella cakeface

No. 322273

File: 1481411874065.png (541.67 KB, 720x1013, Screenshot_2016-12-10-16-14-26…)

No. 322290

Lmao now very humble, is she?

And didn't you says milk was drying up lol

No. 322320

File: 1481418715605.jpg (20.25 KB, 450x450, 57291379-cannon.jpg)

>head + cannon

I don't think it's a spelling error, she's just describing her body type.

No. 322345

if its so special and near and dear to her heart then why has she never done this cosplay ever again?

No. 322346

I think she can only feel okay saying that because diane is a giant and since momo is a fatass she feels like a kindred spirit.

It's not that uncommon though to be told you're the perfect X character though? Like there's a character my friend cosplays that he's really known as being that character at a lot of cons, and has quite a bit of notoriety for it, and I think even he knows better than to let that go to his head and claim that people look at him as their headcanon.

No. 322355

>drying up so fast
>burn through 7+ threads in a year
uh sure

No. 322370

She doesn't do Diane anymore because she can't fit in the costume, and as we know Mariah's too lazy to bother making a new one. Plus she's milking the hell out of current popular things like Overwatch and Pokemon, it's why she hasn't worn her Shion anywhere.

No. 322371


I find this video kinda funny because 1. Momo is acting fucking obnoxious while the other girl is looking at the camera like she's on the office 2. Apparently Momo stepped on her foot? Just like that other video on her insta with the squeaky Pachimari where she plows through two other cosplayers like they're not even there.
She getting so big she's crashing into everyone while trying to make a scene and draw attention to herself

No. 322379

Given that her fuckbuddy David is a Guzma cospayer, I imagine this is her fantasizing about her and David's relationship and trying to play it off like it's ideal that she's just one of his random side bitches.

No. 322382

File: 1481439278744.jpg (70.28 KB, 720x960, 15317816_958755667602716_15531…)

Her Wicke wig is already losing it's shape and becoming a tangled, frizzy, gross looking rat nest. I can't wait to see her wear it to a con so we can hopefully see some candids of this hot mess in action.

No. 322383

That last part as Momo laughs hysterically and the girl just stares off to the side probably thinking 'I gotta deal with this shit for a few more hours'

No. 322385

File: 1481439489069.jpg (70.68 KB, 560x415, rs_560x415-131104124556-1024.t…)

No. 322400

I'm unreasonably angry about those glasses. Newsflash! Wicke's glasses don't have any ugly ass rhinestones! Obviously Moomoo's going to mess up any cosplay she does, but how hard is it to find glasses that don't have fucking rhinestones on them??

No. 322446

Who the fuck cares she's ugly as fuck in photos and irl stop deluding these ugly girls into thinking they are Victoria secret models

No. 322454

File: 1481487927092.png (51.24 KB, 518x611, ocDzDNV.png)

I find Momo's updated Patreon laughable.

For starters, she's getting pretty salty over the fans who release her photoshoot sets to the public. Does she honestly expect anyone to "respect" her and actually listen about keeping the sets private when she doesn't even respect herself?

Then there's the nerve of recommending that the $100+ tier patrons "tip more" to pay for extravagant costumes because cosplay is 'expensive' for her. She slaps together badly made and rushed outfits using materials that are nowhere near to breaking her $7k+ a month bank balance.

What a fucking joke.

No. 322482

Lol they can do whatever they want with them pics. As long as they aren't reselling, she can't do a thing about it.
Momo just mad because she thinks people would fork over that lovely 7,000 if those pics are posted

No. 322488

Wrong, there is such a thing as the digital millennium copyright act that protects content creators from having their work shared in ways that they dont agree with. Patreon itself says that the work creators post is not for redistribution and if you're proven to be a patron releasing content patreon will ban your account. Only an uneducated 12 year old thinks anything online is for free use.

No. 322506

Cool, but she still can't do shit about it. Things get pirated all the time, no one is going to give really care about some rando fat chick's lewds getting shared for ~free~.

No. 322511

Except that you can get slapped with a lawsuit??

Not saying that it isn't dumb, but that's how the legal system works buddy.

No. 322535

Whenever I think of it I'm just… 7000 a month. 7000. That's an insane amount of money even just for cosplay, the most expensive armor I've ever seen costed 1000 and was super good quality and also a full body armor. This to say that with 7000 a month you can do top quality cosplay with all the best materials and stuff. And yet…

No. 322536

Do you also think everyone that distributes pirated content gets slapped with lawsuits? No, because most of the time the owner of content can't prove who posted what. Just like moomoo can't prove it either unless someone admits it to her.

No. 322540

Please try to stay on topic and/or sage your copyright law derailing.

No. 322544

Every shot in this is cut so quickly you can't even see shit. Is this how she gets around not being able to photoshop irl? Most of these "sexy" videos are shot in slow-mo to emphasize the sex appeal, but not hers. Gotta cut away from every shot before the viewer has a chance to register what they're seeing.

No. 322555

Right, because mariah is going to spend her "hard-earned" patreon bux on getting a lawyer and going on a witchhunt for the people anonymously sharing her shitty cosplay lewds. I'd honestly love to see her try, the milk would flow.

No. 322559

$100 for a cosplay is pretty reasonable if you just hop online and buy from one of the Chinese cosplay shops. I could see it working out well if you time managed and limited the tier to a certain number. Imagine 10 people want 10 different cosplays from her. Just buy those cosplays online, knock them out and save yourself the time to make the costumes. Unless you're a work horse, the $100 tier sounds like shit for cosplay making (unless you're making bikinis and lingerie) and anyone who throws money for that tier may get disappointment in return.

No. 322603

File: 1481506224059.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1517, Screenshot_20161211-172031~2.p…)

"I'll suck your dick for a dragon ball" pt. 2 Naruto edition
way to keep it classy, moomoo

No. 322627

With all the cash she gets, I'm surprised she hasn't considered lip fillers. She looks like a lizard.

No. 322639

you're an idiot and don't how pirating really works

No. 322647

File: 1481521860601.png (223.26 KB, 318x452, Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 9.47…)

she already tried the ddlg route. there's an old picture on her twitter (~2014) with a caption that's something like "I miss you, daddy."

the still at the end of the video is basically a visual description of how other cosplayers feel about her.

No. 322649

>Acts like a petty, defensive bitch towards everyone questioning her and posts passive aggressive rants regarding them
>I just don't get why do people bully me online??? I'm a sweet angel just trying to have a good time here wahhhh

No. 322678

Has anyone sat down and thought about the fact that the only person right now on this site gaining threads as fast as Moomoo is an abusive, near paedophilic, vegan youtuber?
Sage for no contribution I'm just saying, how shitty of a person you gotta be to be comparable to onion

No. 322683

>Sage for no contribution I'm just saying, how shitty of a person you gotta be to be comparable to onion

Or maybe there's just not much milk elsewhere right now. Keek week was pretty epic.

No. 322705

File: 1481554470650.jpg (20.46 KB, 500x377, moommcmllad.jpg)

No. 322716

Hey now, anon. That baby turtle is way too cute to be compared to any lolcow.

tbh I still can't un-see Spike from Land Before Time. I think it's her head/face shape.

No. 322730

File: 1481562196475.png (367.24 KB, 720x1134, clip_now_20161212_120011.png)

Omg.. Momo you're taking it too far. It bothers me when people make jokes and there's a child in the pic

No. 322733

Yeah. I would be upset if I was that kids parent. It just gives a weird bad vibe when people make sexual jokes when kids are involved directly or indirectly.

No. 322739

Gross and fucking inappropriate. If she wanted to make that joke why didn't she just crop the kid out? Because she doesn't fucking think. As another anon said, if I were the kids mother and saw that tweet, I would demand an apology for attaching a vulgar joke with my daughters face in it (even if it was not obviously directed at her). She doesn't think before she acts or 'jokes' and it's so obvious since most of her 'jokes' are cringe af.

No. 322745

Oh, completely agreed. It's why I said she's taking things too far. I reported that tweet to Twitter straight away. Cause like you both, I'd be super pissed if I was the parent. I'm hoping Twitter actually sees it and does something about it.

No. 322757

I'm right with you, anon. I can't fathom how $7k a month buys such mediocre shit. I could have a pretty decent brand new car in just three months of that. Everything about this is so sketchy. I can understand putting a cap amount on the $100 tier shoots, but damn, she can do better than this.

That's not how you tickle the pickle.

Real fucking classy, Momo. I'm sure shit like this would go over really well if someone decides to make you a cosplay guest. They won't, because you're such a hot mess. kek

No. 322760

File: 1481567947464.jpg (203.15 KB, 1956x1276, i did try but shes so hammy.jp…)

I ended up making her look like a child prostitute imo but I tried. You don't realise how hammy she is until you shave off half her body.

No. 322762

kek she's cosplaying hammy not cammy

No. 322766

It makes me cringe to no end every time she says "when I'm done dieting". You're never gonna be done dieting unless youre the kind of person who starves to lose weight and then binges and gains it all back again. Her body is gonna be so gross by the time she's 25 if she seriously thinks just dieting is a good idea. Go to the fucking gym lol you lazy slob. You get paid to half ass a costume that looks like no effort was put into it and you have no job. You have time to go to the gym.

No. 322769

File: 1481572337074.jpg (119.55 KB, 1366x768, xMvMxIA.jpg)

Top kek anon

No. 322771

oh….oh no…… didn't she say that was her cousin?

No. 322772


She's fucking disgusting.

No. 322775

it still blows me away that she makes 7000 dollars a month for this garbage

these threads remind me that life isn't fair at times

No. 322807

I still can't believe there are actually people who pay her monthly for these cosplays.

No. 322839

I thought about making that joke with my cousins who are about the same age in the picture and the thought was so disgusting I couldn't even fathom it. She must really hate her family

No. 322856

File: 1481602455703.png (137.48 KB, 416x338, whywouldyoucontourlikethis.png)

She contoured the hell out of herself hoping that the filter would handle the rest…but the close ups were so unfortunate. Kind of sad considering that she was trying for the natural Cali beach vibe in her video.

No. 322863

I just wish she would have carried around her gun or something, like for some variety throw in some pew pew pew shots in the sand

No. 322864


right? she can't even put on and wear a wig properly….fucking fuck man

No. 322873

That… is one tragic picture. Jesus Christ, she gets paid $7k a month and this is what she looks like without tons of shoop?

No. 322878

File: 1481616402246.png (3.09 MB, 1956x1276, MMedit.png)

I tried. Damn this photo was/is tragic.
She should really be putting out some decent cosplay with how much she gets paid.

No. 322910

Especially when you think about the fact that with $7k you can afford good quality surgery, if you have to use that money for yourself instead of cosplays anyway, at least use it for legit improvement

No. 322937

Her head is already too small for her hammy body, the contouring accentuates this. She looks like a fucking drag queen.

No. 322973

anyone else notice theres something up with her left eye? like it droops down more than the right. she has hair covering it all the time so its kinda hard to see.

No. 322980

File: 1481672679113.jpg (69.29 KB, 720x697, _20161213_184402.JPG)

No. 322982

My friend Dave said this bitch has been fuckin guys for props like that Destiny armor

No. 322985

File: 1481675160595.png (484.34 KB, 580x569, Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 7.24…)

Bitch keeps prayin Jessica will acknowledge her

No. 323016

File: 1481682762341.jpg (61.61 KB, 720x564, _20161213_213018.JPG)

You aren't small Momo.

That wouldn't my surprise me. However, there's no actually proof besides hearsay. Unless if y out friend somehow has proof?

No. 323065

7K a month and can't afford protection. Heard from my buddy Jordan that she's spreading chlamydia at HalCon.

No. 323066

File: 1481699351174.jpg (71.61 KB, 500x375, 2dhgu3k.jpg)

somehow it wouldn't surprise me if she has multiple STIs

No. 323067

'Said, heard from' unless there's proof, don't bring it up otherwise it's just bullshit.

No. 323068

File: 1481699745721.jpg (32.38 KB, 290x366, 1480898273226.jpg)

I hope you're kidding anon. WTF.

No. 323075

Yo, I'm somewhat close to her, like, we don't talk a lot but we casually chat from time to time. I know her friends a lot better than I know her, but she doesn't have chlamydia that's a complete lie. Though, one of her other close friends for sure has an STI, though it's a minor one and she manages it well.

No. 323076

I hate this cottage cheese whale, but come on. This is like that old copy pasta that was all over the place on /cgl/ back in 2010

No. 323080

Jordan and Dave huh? these posts seem kinda similar hmmm

No. 323092

hi momo

No. 323097

ha ha you backstabbing bitch, you're saying Moochlette has herpes then?

No. 323100


"Yo" Momo, defending yourself again eh?

No. 323102

File: 1481717297042.jpg (1.71 MB, 1389x1389, IMG_1798.JPG)

When the photographer takes out time for a free shoot and edits your photo - you turn around and edit the photo sloppily and crop his name out.

No. 323122

What a nice way to thank York.

Also a good way to never shoot with a photographer again if they find out you cropped their credit out.

No. 323134


Did York even edit the photo at all though lol

No. 323135

$7000 and she can't buy herself a nice eye cream or lip balm. Fuck this dry bitch.

No. 323148

Lol that's what I thought, maybe she's just so disgusting it was unsalvageable but left doesn't look edited at all.

No. 323149

File: 1481739007146.png (840.99 KB, 1080x1103, Screenshot_20161214-100058~2.p…)

Hmm I wonder why she changed this to something so simplistic, plus I guarantee when Pokemon s&m dies down more she's going to change it to become relevant again. Also maybe she dosnt want to identify as a "professional" cosplayer anymore since she's shitty at it hence the "I cosplay sometimes" like it's not something she makes a living off of

No. 323150

it's lightly edited the way most good photographers do. her skin is smoothed but still looks like skin.

No. 323155

The way that diamond is drawn on bothers me, it's so lopsided

No. 323166

Oh god those hi-res eyebags. The Vegas weather has not been kind to her skin.

No. 323214

I feel like it's just a silly quip that doesn't mean anything. Like when someone says 'I may play x from time to time' but their total hour count is something like 1,000 hours on that game.

No. 323216


That look on koreanbarbbq's face.

No. 323291

Sup Momo. Everyone knows Collette and Laura are dirty. These hoes ain't loyal. We all at HolMat this weekend talkin about it now lol

No. 323346

She looks like she's in her late 30's.
Does she take any care of her skin, fuck.

No. 323354

File: 1481769329365.jpg (1015.89 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20161214_213454.jpg)

No. 323364

File: 1481770688768.png (174 KB, 720x1134, clip_now_20161214_215734.png)

She can't even make good quality cosplays…..

No. 323371

File: 1481772037820.png (471.25 KB, 852x583, 54654474524.png)


Even just minimal editing to her creases makes her look somewhat better. The photographer probably knew she wasn't worth even that much.

No. 323437

Wtf is she gonna show, how to click buy on Aliexpress? How to not put in an invisible zipper properly? How to turn a wig into a ratty mess?

No. 323452

File: 1481786133827.jpg (506.4 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_20161214_230840.jpg)

God they all just look terrible…

No. 323465

File: 1481786957643.png (622.3 KB, 680x629, d07.png)

It's a very well known gamer meme….

No. 323481

File: 1481787694751.png (101.75 KB, 155x533, 2275116-sakura_haruno_shipp_de…)

God awful group cosplay, the Hinata is the only one that looks semi decent, but over all there's not much good to say about any of this.

And in typical Moomoo fashion, her cosplay is horribly inaccurate. Boots are all wrong, Shorts are too short, she's missing Sakura's leg-wrap, etc.

No. 323498

Gabby is back with Momo again? She's disappointed me.

No. 323513

Same but maybe she's just in it for the free fame?

No. 323568

every night i come to this thread and remember that there cannot be an omnipotent entity that would allow such a thing as momo's existence

No. 323647

and gremlin D.Va is an Overwatch meme

No. 323657


Damn, not only Moomoo has the wrong boots (while everyone got it right), i swear to god she probably had no blood on her feet when that pic was taken kek look how tight that shit is!! Her thigh is going to burst.

No. 323662

This is bad. If none of these people had a decent following, this picture make its rounds as a cringe cosplay meme.

No. 323673

I don't think they meant the Doritos meme when they said that picture was disgusting, anons.

No. 323674

>Fat Naruto
>Diaper Hinata
>Fat Tsunade
>Fat Sakura
>Grandma Temari

This is cringe cosplay.

No. 323682

Love how to top insult is always "fat cosplay" have you guys ever seen an actual fat person? Weak af.

No. 323689

…Are you trying to deny Moomoo is fat?

No. 323690

Wahwah. There are good fat cosplayers and bad fat cosplaers, being fat doesn't make it automatically bad, but when you are bursting from your bad cosplay and popping seams like momo…

Look at the pic again, anon, it's a shit-tier group cosplay.

No. 323691

Bloody hell.

I do find it weird how some people are considered fat as soon as they have a bit of chub, but she's definitely fat. No two ways about it. Were I her, I'd really consider a healthy diet and regular exercise. Her joints will be better for it when she hits 30.

No. 323736

Ah the basic Patreon bitch cosplays that always look shit in group form. None of them look good as predicted.

No. 323742

I feel like if the photography was different like less contrasted all the wrinkles in their clothes and faces and momos cottage cheese thighs wouldn't be so noticeable.

No. 323771

File: 1481834826595.jpg (64.05 KB, 308x418, CAN I SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER PL…)


No. 323773


'Professional cosplayer'.

No. 323776

She could have done Sakura shoes. Naruto shoes are the easiest things in the world to do especially when people have complete breakdown tutorials on how to do them and they've been up for years. I did my own once, literally so dang easy.

No. 323780


They also look like the same boots she used for Cammy just by looking at the belt loop detail. She literally doesn't care.

No. 323786

She could have also outright bought already made ones from any cosplay store.

No. 323790

$7k a month on Patreon, yep

No. 323794


Why does everyone in this thread suck at photoshop.

No. 323799


They remind me of the socially awkward weeb kids during my highschool days when it was still cringe and embarrassing to like manga/anime in public. (Which somehow makes me feel older than I am)

No. 323805

All of those creases, ugh. Have these people never heard of ironing their clothes?

No. 323806

"Diaper Hinata"


No. 323882


A better question is why does everyone in this thread waste their time photoshopping this useless land whale?

No. 323916

I've been asking myself this for a while, after the first few we already know it's not possible to save her

No. 323931

It's because they all want to become based photoshop anon so they can tripfag and get asspats

No. 323939

I actually like Hinata's costume a lot, she's cute and suits the character.
Funnily enough, I think Vamp looks pretty good as Temari, I have no idea why but she does. Maybe cause her wig hides her harsher features or cause Temari is not particularly good looking.

No. 324002

Cause they never took more than a year of graphic arts

No. 324007

Shit costume aside, why is Momo the only one that isn't posing in character? Everyone else is at least trying to do an in-character pose but her. Hanging on Naruto's shoulder, pointing to herself with bedroom eyes while everyone else is in fighting stance/'tough' pose? It just looks so off.

No. 324010


pity she is 96% gay.

the other 4% is reserved for the most alpha of alpha cock..

No. 324016

It's something fun to do when you're bored.

No. 324017

lol if they're studying for a fucking year i'd expect they be 10x better than the crap in this thread

No. 324038

File: 1481872783252.jpg (34.36 KB, 500x440, ROce2lC.jpg)

but anon asked why she included the doritos and mountain dew while she's just following the meme.

with this it makes even more sence

No. 324041

>implying it's not cringe and embarrassing to like manga/anime in public anymore

No. 324047

Kek touche anon

No. 324064

File: 1481876816152.gif (431.27 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_9098.GIF)

No. 324081

I think that anon was wondering why she included that picture in a set of photos that 1. cost money and 2. are supposed to be sexy/attractive.

No. 324086

>only Moomoo has the wrong boots (while everyone got it right)

The chick cosplaying as Tsunade is wearing fucking Birkenstocks.

No. 324092


Stop being so fucking triggered every few "photoshopped" shit you see. As long as the "photoshoppers" don't samefag repeatedly like some of you, demanding attention be given to the edits, there is no problem with people "photoshopping." You fuckers derail the thread so much.

No. 324095

Tsunade wears strappy sandals, part of the biggest issue is her sandals are supposed to have a heel.
But it's not as offensive as Moomoo's boots.

No. 324099

File: 1481899371521.jpg (721.71 KB, 1134x718, too small pants.jpg)

Look at the crotch. The pants are too small for her, so they're about 15cm below her actual crotch.

No. 324110

Did Naruto and Sakura eat ALL the ramen? This group is awful. Only the Hinata is semi decent. damn.

No. 324112


Says the anon bringing attention to those things and also derailing the thread. You're 2edge4me.

No. 324118

I sense Tasha or friends of Tasha in this thread ngl

No. 324148

No I didn't. It's her face that's disgusting. It's a boudoir/"sexy" shoot and she includes that?

No. 324201

File: 1481920903589.png (754.15 KB, 720x949, Screenshot_2016-12-16-12-36-53…)

Lol okay so she's saying people got "mad at her" for "getting paid" to promote flat tummy tea. First off its called flat tummy tea and most girls who advertise it are super skinny with flat tummies so this is just hilarious to me. Second off the shit doesn't work its useless and third of all you are so desperate for fame and money you're willing to sell your soul to Instagram products that don't actually work lmfao. Watch her be the next wannabe Instagram girl who sells everything from waist trainers to detox wraps lol.

No. 324210

File: 1481921908659.png (25.63 KB, 298x218, sellout.png)

>Guys no one buy this stuff, it's a ripoff
>Get over yourself lol

What a bitch. She's the only one in the comments getting mad.

No. 324211

Fat ass needs proper diet and exercise. Just another pig making excuses. She's waddling into obesity territory.

No. 324241

It's basically a laxative. Some times people with eating disorders end up buying it because you can purge without most people realizing you're purging. That said, I'm sure Mariah's just an idiot and also that the company isn't paying an obese chick to promote them.

No. 324261

i love this stuff because everytime i see someone promote it on IG i know they're a piece of shit, money grubbing sellout.

No. 324270

Fist off…I can't decipher between her legs here? Is that one huge thigh crossed over or are her legs so huge she's squeezing them together? Whats going on here. also wtf a promo pic of her in a lawn chair next to a dirty storage bin with no make up on? Like 0 effort here. Secondly she's been talking about "working out" and "dieting" for only about a month now…that's it. Idk how insta promoting goes but wouldn't they target healthy looking fit people to promo shit….unless they're trying to feed off her following and chubby gullible people who might buy it?

No. 324273


This. Everytime I see some cunt advertise this I assume that they are definitely a cunt, and a sellout one at that. Momo's taking the easy route and trying to "diet" using this bullshit tea. Highly doubt she's even drinking it. It's just another tick on her list of things to use to gain more attention.

No. 324287


She has an unfortunate habit of shooting herself in the foot. Nobody is going to want to sponsor or pay you if you go around telling people it was a paid sponsorship ad, that's rule number one lol people have to believe you actually use it. Also she fucks herself over every time she tries defending herself "I never said it works I just said I like it" MooMoo for the love of God look at the other bimbos on Instagram. They say their piece and put their promotional pic up and leave it alone. Don't even bother responding to comments lol you can't defend selling out to Instagram promos. We all know and see what youre doing. Props to her for the money but stop caring about what everyone thinks holy shit

No. 324297

Didn't Nigri try to promote this a while back and it backfired so bad on her AND her BF?

Momo, don't take the shitty route. Just go for a fucking jog. Exercise can help with bloating if you're really that concerned. Shit diets don't work but getting off your ass to walk every day does. Now is the best time too. It's a lot cooler in Vegas so she should take advantage of the nicer weather.

No. 324299

Fit Tea, was it? I seem to remember Phil DeFranco weighed in as well.

No. 324301

You can get into legal trouble if you do not say something is sponsored or an ad.

No. 324322

Holy shit, now that I see it it's so annoying

No. 324338

Kim Kardashian got legally slammed for not saying that one of the products she featured on her Instagram. She had to take down her post and re upload it with a full disclaimer.

No. 324339

Forgot to add because I'm dumb, would report the image to IG since she didn't state it was a sponsored image.

No. 324408

File: 1481943449746.png (184.21 KB, 1080x1163, Screenshot_20161216-185343~2.p…)

Holy shit, she just can't not respond to hate.

No. 324435


Kinda not fair to arm wrestle someone when yours are is 20 pounds heavier than theirs

No. 324447

All this over a handful of disapproving comments. Thanks for the steady milk flow, Momo!

No. 324473

She's so immature and embarrassing. I would take her for no older than 16 just from this post if I didn't know any better. Acts like a teenager and looks like an aging soccer mom. Fucking Moomoo lol.

No. 324478



No. 324494


I think the best course of action on this would have been to have just edited the original post to say 'this is sponsored! Hide if you don't like!' Or delete entirely and do another post where it's harder to see that it's an obvious sponsored item.

But no
Instead have an outburst and whine about people who hate sponsorships because we all suck, amirite? It's not like we're pelted wth ads every single day and you decided to become an ad yourself.

No. 324522

It's not even bad that she did it for money, I mean anyone would to get an easy $200, but she needs to learn to accept the criticism, if she's gonna do the sponsorship, she needs to go all in and not freak out

No. 324578

Mariah is usin Famebit promotin dat shit tea. My friend came back from Dasihio and got grilled by Krissy about Nathan Deluca. Said Nathan fucked everyone in her circle and they all gonna get tested. These hoes ain't loyal. I be side eyein them with their vaguebook post on Twitter. Like really?!?! If you only knew. Momo got no friends who got her back. on da real. They all usin her to climb the social ladder while they still friends these fuckbois.

No. 324776

>those ugly ass boots and fat legson Sakura
holy fucking shit moomoo
they all look so bad

No. 324827

Calling your followers "idiots" is certainly a great way to continue getting sponsorship deals.

No. 324831

>I be side eyein them
you seem like a really cool person

No. 324848

How old is this person and why is her communication method so weird.

No. 324849

How old is this person and why is her communication method so weird.

No. 324856

Not surprised by the attitude. Mariah and her group hate their followers, but are eager to take their money every month. They view other cosplayers as competiton and slander them behind the scenes including Jessica Nigri. They'll try to be first to like, comment, share and retweet Jessica to beu on her good side, but can't stand her.

No. 324858

For real nothin sadder than women caping for men who don't give a shit about them.

No. 324879

Like how she threw Gabby under the bus here…. And she's pretty much admitting she'd lie about a product as long as she's getting paid enough Lmao

No. 324890

I wouldn't say she threw her under the bus, it's not like she said she forced her to drink it.

It does however really sound as though she'd say she likes anything she's paid to try and she definitely broke the FTA rules and could be fined for it.

No. 325080

I think she threw Gabby under the bus. She pointed out how Gabby introduced her to the product. Momo didn't need to mention that. She just wanted to prove that she loved the tea before the sponsorship. Knowing Gabby is more likeable. Got Gabby to even comment on the post

No. 325110

These teas remind me if the bs Chinese diet teas I used to use (BTW, I used it cuz I actually had an ED at the time. Today I wouldn't touch that shit with a ten foot pole.) Which did nothing but cause diarrhea. Any "weight loss" is just massive dehydration(so good for you, right?) I'm pretty sure this tea does the exact same thing and I hate how people try to pass it of as healthy. If Momo really likes this tea i hope she enjoys that a 24 hr case of the hershey squirts!

No. 325304


No. 325374

https://mobile.twitter.com/johnhather13 lol what the actual fuck is happening here

No. 325377

This is the cringiest white-knighting I've seen in a while.

No. 325420

File: 1482028306391.jpg (298.68 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20161217_213031.jpg)

What is all over the floor? Like how hard is it to pick up after yourself?!

No. 325451

Who is Hinata here? She is adorable

No. 325490

Trashed rooms in the back ground are one of my biggest pet peeves. Sure cosplay makes helluva big mess but at least move that shit out of view or take a pic in a different room.

No. 325537

I think that's Tasha

No. 325550

She looks like an old lady

No. 325553

Like 2 packs of super glue and instax camera film laying around on the floor? Why just sweep it out of the shot omg also looks like there's a stain on her skirt already…

No. 325601

File: 1482041013459.jpg (136.75 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20161217_214004.jpg)

That hair

No. 325603

Literally a bunch of fake fuckin girls who need to be validated by either the "cool" people they hang with who aren't even real friends, or by bringing down the "cool" people they want to hang with in order to look cool.

No. 325605


No. 325606

So apparently what happened was her hair was fried from the last time sje dyed it, so when she when in to get the color retouched she had to chop off all her hair.

No. 325612

7K a month and still can't do it right

No. 325615

File: 1482043938734.jpg (68.63 KB, 720x960, 15542427_968941629917453_65737…)

No. 325619

I'm gonna be honest…I don't hate how the costume looks. I think she did an alright job making everything.
There are some inaccuracies but overall, it's not too bad.

No. 325621

Yea, I'm in the same boat. Maybe my opinion will change once the Calvin Klein undies and boudoir shoot pics pop up, but she's not spilling her tits out and it looks reasonably put together.

No. 325632

File: 1482047929317.jpg (58.07 KB, 720x960, asdsadasdasdasd.jpg)

No. 325649

This is honestly pretty good so far, albeit incomplete, but she completely fucked up the folded over part at the top of the skirt.

Her thigh is nearly as wide as her waist.

No. 325658

File: 1482057412801.png (266.65 KB, 587x398, Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 1.34…)


No. 325659

^ to me it's like wtf? You're parents are aware of this since you went to LA to shoot this. Spent Patreon money to go to the hotel to do so. Koreanbarbq is going into the Military and you're just "friends" yet you do this and still hang out with your ex at the gym. Can we just skip to the part where she ends up just like Chel clapping her ass or cam girling? Cuz Funimation or any company for that matter isn't gonna hire a girl who does this.

No. 325660

Oh hey I'm Mariah Mallad the marketing representative where you can google my name and see softcore inuuendo cosplay porn of me blowing an underaged character while I play an adult

No. 325662

Or better yet how is she gonna explain to the next dude she's with that there is an entire Patreon set of her and Koreanbarbq role-playing. After Korean dumps her when tires of her hoe ways

No. 325670

Spoke too soon lol

No. 325671

She calls herself a "serious" cosplayer, still hides behind the whole body positivity thing and bullshit boudior self empowerment horseshit but is straight up doing soft core porn here. Is that even allowed on patreon? This is a disgusting new low even for this fucking bitch

No. 325678

File: 1482063109717.png (238.19 KB, 1125x2001, IMG_1959.PNG)

No. 325679

File: 1482063188303.png (276.36 KB, 1125x1920, IMG_1960.PNG)

"my precious photos"


No. 325681

LOL, oh no, Momo. You can't call this "boudoir" at all.
This is softcore porn. Straight up, you can't try to call this anything else.
She's gone full ChelHellBunny with these.
10 bucks she'll include a photo with cum all over her face

No. 325685

File: 1482065509450.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.93 KB, 200x117, 1477906995765s.jpg)

This is the kind of thing that gets funded on Patreon, so I'm not surprised.

Then again, good luck to her when she'll be looking for a normal job in a few years.

No. 325745

File: 1482072226072.jpg (60.95 KB, 720x519, _20161218_094328.JPG)

Lol comments on the porn pics.

No. 325757

Oh this is absolutely softcore porn. I'm so disgusted with this and it just reeks of desperation to cash in on horny fanboys who will never see her as fap material.

I don't even understand how she could have pride in this. This isn't professional at all. This is desperate as fuck.

No. 325762

I see she had to finish the cosplay last minute in a hotel room.. AGAIN.

No. 325765

so porn

she's doing softcore porn now

No. 325776

This is one of the only good cosplays she's ever done and she's ruining it with this soft core porn "boudoir" bullshit. GG Mariah.

No. 325782

But will this be popular? I feel like the neckbeards that pay her might get upset like, "how dare a man touch the pure thicc waifu!!!!"

No. 325786

and she still can't wear a fucking bra that fits

No. 325787

Right? I was just thinking that, its actually a decent cosplay for Momo, and she totally ruins it by doing porn.

"professional cosplayer" bitch please

No. 325795

I'm calling it, in a year or two she's going to pull an Ophelia and will be starring in a FakeTaxi video or similar.

No. 325807


Yah this is disgusting lol. What a skank. Maybe the rumours of her spreading Chlamydia in Canada are true lmfao. If you're gonna be a raging slut in real life might as well own it eh MooMoo? How does she even think this is going to make her even more famous? I'm just shaking my head lol.

F.Y.I. Patreon funds so much source film material porn, the fact that anyone thought Patreon didn't support pornography in this thread is just retarded.

Shes just another sad statistic. Insecure Vegas girl who doesn't have any other talents or smarts to offer to the world (or so she thinks anyways) with daddy issues who winds up on the Bang Bros casting couch. Once you're in you can't get out so I would love to see her ruin her life with porn that would be funny.

No. 325832

File: 1482084855219.png (98.74 KB, 640x802, IMG_4010.PNG)

These comments cringe worthy she's now at 8,100 bucks so I guess softcore is what she's going to go for now. Especially since she's terrible at making cosplay, so momo just change your title to sex worker not cosplayer. Real cosplayers are fucking sick of getting fuckboy followers who think we're going to strip for them.

No. 325853

'Cute groping'
When has being on your knees been cute.

At this point just strike up a deal wth cosplay deviants and be done with it.

No. 325859

She's copying Jessica Nigri, that's why… I can't find the picture but it shows her boyfriend caressing her in a very similar POV pose like this one.

No. 325872

She had the caption "Mei-rry Christmas" with that pic. Is that supposed to be Christmas Mei??? She's wearing the wig but that's not meis new skin at all…why half-ass a character when you could just be yourself? She's going to milk Mei like she milked Samus smfh

No. 325875

not going to lie, I've done pictures similar to this with my bf in cosplay before and I would absolutely never post them online for my friends and even family to see…

I like how some of you say she won't be able to get a job with this stuff associated with her name but she's from Vegas so there's places that won't mind that stuff I'm sure or if she actually completes her studies (which won't be soon cause " attention whoring comes first") she could move to Japan and clean her act up

No. 325878

This is the most disgusting thing she's done. What a slut. Holy shit is this what the patreon funders want? Why not just spend their money on cam sites?

No. 325879

>cute groping
>on your knees
>in front of his dick
>fngers in mouth

also there is nothing cute about "groping" when it more or less means do it against someone's will.

how cute.

No. 325880

I give her one more year before she does full on porn.

No. 325881

File: 1482090368598.jpg (Spoiler Image, 157.97 KB, 1000x1500, IMG_0899.JPG)

Actually swimsuit succubus did a groping set back in 2015 and some photos from it went viral on reddit. I know she's friends with momo.

No. 325882

Calm yourself Nathan DeLuca

No. 325883


I don't understand how people are okay with Susu but when Mariah copies her everyone loses their shit. Then again susu never called herself a professional cosplayer.

All this hate against her lewd stuff is only going to push her to keep doing it. She's been talking about Trisha paytas for awhile now if she really looks up to her like she says she does then obviously she will keep doing things that people hate.

>Feminist logic: I'm gonna use my sexuality to empower myself

>Posts pictures getting groped and manhandled by men
>Degradation of a woman is totally empowering guyz

No. 325884

No one cares because as said earlier in the thread SS calls herself a sex worker and the few times she has done a cosplay (teen titans raven and the daughter from incredibles) they look good, decently made and arent just the flavor of the month characters. If momo started out saying she was doing some mild sex work and didnt call herself a pro cosplayer then no one would be so rustled over her sexual content.

No. 325886

I don't have a problem with Swimsuit because she admits that she's a sex worker and owns it. On the other hand, Momo calls herself a professional cosplayer, but turns around and does lewd shoots/"boudoirs". Sage for OT

No. 325890

As other anons have said, SS is very open about being a sex worker, that is what she does. I have no problem with women who do this type of work, get that schmoney.

However Mariah wants to pretend she's some sort of amazing professional cosplayer with her nose in the air, but at the end of the day what she does is SEX WORK. There is no shame in that, but don't go around the cosplay community acting like you're a god among everyone because neckbeards throw money at you. They throw money at her because she does sex work, but she would never admit to it because she looks down on people like that.

No. 325901

Wow, she literally copied SS, especially with the one on the right.

This is terrifying, it looks like a rape porn.

No. 325906

I wouldn't go that far it seems like kind of a generic pose for pov content. I have all of SS's set so we'll see about the copying when Mariah's comes out.

No. 325915

Not the anon you're responding to, but I also get the weird non-con vibes from this >>325678 specific shot, largely because of Momo's expression (or lack of?). The other shots look better in that regard, though.

No. 325918


Fuck, I'm -621 anon. How could I have overestimated Momo so much.

No. 325920

File: 1482094933703.png (18.99 KB, 589x119, Capture.PNG)

Oh, we notice.

No. 325921

"It's just a *~*~Cute Penetration*~*~* set"

No. 325938

File: 1482098354097.gif (2.01 MB, 275x202, 1460034359616.gif)

It's so gross that she's doing this with pokemon characters. At least go with an adult series…

No. 325954

this is hilarious.

oh momo, when will you learn

No. 325960

File: 1482100418107.jpg (25.38 KB, 600x375, CxRfsUIUoAErjWn.jpg)

No. 325962

This legit softcore porn. lol Who is she trying to fool.

No. 325984

I really hope she reads this thread because this is beyond disgusting. This girl is fucking sick the head. From posting a video about cumming with an underage girl sitting next to her, to doing Pokemon soft core porn (for real, that's what this is), mariah is a disturbed individual. Seek help. Please stop spreading your disease for others to see online.

No. 326006

File: 1482102170033.jpg (21.94 KB, 315x304, momo.jpg)


No. 326062

>makes more than beginning lawyers for "making" shit cosplay
>still complains about money

I wish I could order a spandex suit off Aliexpress, take a few racy pictures and make as much as a beginner lawyer

No. 326065

I think her Wicke costume is pretty good, but to see she's ruined it with literal softcore porn style photos is just sad. What a way to ruin everything. It's cheap and tacky.

No. 326076


She has read it and she still does this shit.

To be honest it was a smart move considering so many people are thirsting over Wicke herself, there were a few articles written about how many guys think she's thicc af and Mariah simply capitalized on all of those perverts. She made their waifu become the irl hentai they all fap to.

There is so much salt in anitwitter right now over this. If anyone wants links to the most active accounts I'll post them but there are too many screenshots to mention haha.

No. 326077

Please link them, anon! I could use a laugh.

No. 326080

Seconding, please post.
I'm going to guess it's because she's sexualizing a character in a game popular with children? If it's not that, add mine to the list of reasons why this is awful.

No. 326086

No. 326090


The latest white knight. I think both of these are enough considering all the retweets on both their timelines are funny as fuck lol.

No. 326092


You have to scroll to about two hours ago but all the retweets are priceless.

No. 326096

File: 1482104846900.png (81.37 KB, 639x449, Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 3.44…)

Is this supposed to be drama?

No. 326097


Especially considering that there seems to be some intelligence/thought behind the things that SSS does. She seems like she has some sort of goal (purely conjecture on my part), and is extremely straight forward with what she does. Also she's so gorgeous, it's kind of unreal. Moomoo on the other hand, appears to do things for shallow reasons. Because she is a shallow person.

No. 326099

File: 1482104899915.png (243.79 KB, 605x349, joblessvirgins.png)

No. 326106

Every time I see those damn photos I keep thinking it's going to turn into a nasty gif.

No. 326111

File: 1482105511796.png (130.5 KB, 640x585, Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 3.56…)

Not into these idiot weeaboos who have to say the n word in every tweet, but lol they're mad.

No. 326112

File: 1482105535743.png (144.22 KB, 646x576, Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 3.57…)

No. 326116

File: 1482105692861.png (140.41 KB, 616x586, Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 3.59…)

No. 326118

File: 1482105724860.png (79.31 KB, 606x248, Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 4.00…)

This is amazing

No. 326119

These guys sound really fucking retarded. What is this "anitwitter" weeb shit they keep bringing up? Why do these weebs hate mariah so much?

No. 326121

I honestly expected more of her neckbeards to be upset that someone is tainting their waifu. But anything for some tits I guess

No. 326124

Gosh I hate those fat, dumb Cosplay girls…rich for doing NOTHING

No. 326135

As gross as this is maybe if she stopped calling herself a cosplayer, she could just be considered a sex worker and we'd be done with it.

No. 326152

This is exactly my issue with her. SSS is very open about being a sex worker and honestly there's no shame in it just be honest.
Mariah parades around as a "professional cosplayer" acting holier than thou because she "isn't a sex worker". Even though she's sucking up hard to SSS she can't even admit that she's basically doing a softcore shoot, it's just "cute groping".

No. 326156

Lots of cam girls do straight up hard core porn in cosplays and no one cares. Momo should consider rebranding.

No. 326158

Most people can only think of porn when they see nudity though. Thats why all these cosplayers jumper on swimsuit succubus "no nudes just lewds" thing because they think it protects them from getting called out as cam girls. Sadly for the most part it works.

No. 326163


Except SSS openly refers to herself as a sex worker and owns that she's basically selling her body even if it's not totally nude. That's why it seems so pathetic when these cosplay ho's latch on to her but still try as desperately as they can to separate themselves from sex work.

No. 326164

I've never heard of anitwitter until now and it seems to be some post-irony, "dank memes :^)" section of Twitter that may or may not be 50% attention-whoring and gaining followers:

SSS is very business oriented, imo. I follow her on Twitter and she's very private in many regards? She's good at interacting with her followers/demographic, but on a personable–not personal– level.

>that one time I showed SSS to a friend as an example of sex workers hustling on Patreon

>she called her "average" looking

More on topic, but I don't really see the problem with Momo doing NSFW shoots of Pokemon cosplay, because at this point in Pokemon's lifespan, porn of any of the adult, human NPCs is very vanilla…

No. 326171


They hate her because she used to be one of them. This is her abandoned roleplay account. If you don't believe it's her scroll through her pictures from two years ago and you will see that on Mariahs account there are comics she posts that are similar to the ones on this account.


She did a lot of stupid shit back then that pissed off a certain group that I'm not going to disclose for their anonymity and I guess grudges spread far and hold thick in the anitwitter community.

No. 326205


Wasn't there a "based god" Sasuke or ichigo writer that leaked her nudes? There were some people who called themselves "trillbardock" and "trillgogeta" or some shit too that had a boner for her. Wouldn't be surprised if a lot of writers for roleplay aka anitwitter that are still salty about her.

Mariah Mallad has been in and around anitwitter for years but you would figure they'd let go of their grudges by now lol.

No. 326223

Where is her upper lip?

No. 326255

>it's just a cute groping set

I'm so excited. How low will she go? Extra tier patreon for topless photos? Private camshow? Escorting at cons?

No. 326258

God damn that muppet face is the most unattractive thing ever

No. 326277

File: 1482113073795.png (71.25 KB, 750x503, IMG_9150.PNG)

oh…well i mean i guess

No. 326282

How the fuck is groping "cute"? This is hilarious. She wants respects but degrades herself for easy money from thirsty neckbeards. I'm surprised SJWs haven't jumped on her case yet.

No. 326290


Nothing "cute" about groping. You're just touching someone inappropriately often against their will or without their consent. So what, now rape can be "cute" to according to her?

No. 326295

Stop. You're getting really ridiculous with your reaching.

No. 326297

how is that reaching? groping is literally putting your hands on someone sexually, most often against the person's will.

No. 326324

go back to your safespace

No. 326337

The boudoir photos got stale, and judging by that jump in neckbeard bucks, every month will probably have a softcore porn set. Now we just sit back and watch them gradually slip into hardcore porn every month.
Readying my popcorn for the "I'm not a sexworker, I'm just a regular fan" tirades.

No. 326379

File: 1482127848063.jpg (367.79 KB, 1152x1536, 9ceb0e141c704422a2122b2f7f40a5…)

Her mirror is so fucking dirty

No. 326401

she looks deranged

No. 326403

She makes 10k on patreon now btw

No. 326405

I don't think that mirror belongs to her, anon

No. 326407

HOnestly, all I can focus on is the black leather couch in the background….

No. 326410

>it's not done
>but it's done enough for me to use it in an I Can't Believe It's Not Softcore Porn shoot!

There's a huge difference between unwanted groping and rape, you twat. And despite "groping" often meaning "non-consensual touching," it doesn't always mean that, and there's nothing seemingly non-consensual about the groping pic, so calm the fuck down.

No. 326412

This almost as bad the camwhores who make those shitty cosplay sex videos
Why doesn't she just stop being a "cosplayer" and just go be a camwhore like really

No. 326414

What a nasty pose, the line going down the middle of the floor makes it looks like she's peeing kek

No. 326418

File: 1482138164109.jpg (224.47 KB, 1424x467, Screenshot_20161219-005603.jpg)

By "something big" does she really mean "half-assed and showing my tits/ass off"? Can't wait to see what a $10k worthy cosplay looks like to her, wait I can already guess:

>well-known female character

>shitty wig
>many missing pieces
>bought, altered, and then claimes that the whole thing was handmade

No. 326462

File: 1482141290086.jpg (9.09 KB, 184x275, 1476874707987.jpg)

isnt 10K the amount most of y'all thought she was gonna peak at? holy shit is a moomoo downfall approaching?

No. 326472

She can slap in the proud Muslim title she boasts about as well when she wants to get more views. Sure that's a fetish out there.

No. 326474

She uses those shoes for every fucking cosplay she does, I swear.

No. 326476

why should I keep going to college and graduate and struggle to get a job even with a STEM degree when I could just gain 100 lbs and do "sexy," inaccurate costumes for basement dwellers and earn 120,000$ a year? Why should I even try, anons, when this bitch gets it all without even trying?

No. 326478

File: 1482142823595.jpg (494.43 KB, 2048x2048, 97D2F005-C948-483F-A468-B4CE24…)

I tried.

No. 326479

File: 1482142883857.jpg (482.78 KB, 2048x2048, 4A5E16A6-FFFB-4E08-89DF-A45E34…)

Samefag but I couldn't do just one.

No. 326503

Please stop anon, these are actually terrifying.

No. 326509


I feel your pain.

No. 326510

If you want to earn a decent amount of money for 10 years tops and then have nothing else to do than marry some stupid guy who's going to feed you for the rest of your life, sure.

Otherwise, struggle for now, then live a decent life with the money you earn yourself, whether in a STEM-related field or not.

No. 326518

Peter Coffin may want your number.

No. 326522

Yeah, this. Resting completely on what God gave you, like having a vagina is the best you can offer the world, sounds absolutely miserable even if it does pay well.

No. 326523

I actually usually support photoshopping adventures for this cow, but these are really lumpy and bad….

No. 326528

Think of it this way anon: when the novelty of being "thicc" wears off, or she gets too big for even her neckbeards to support, she won't have anything. She's uneducated and doesn't even have the skills to break into costuming/prop making, not to mention her horrific spending habits and ability to burn all her bridges.

Don't get discouraged because some fat girl on the Internet is having her 15 minutes of fame.

No. 326529

File: 1482158704505.png (733.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-12-19-06-41-02…)

This is unreal to me. How is she making so much money.

No. 326532

I'm still convinced she's donating to herself. There's no way that 536 people looked at her cosplay and thought 'This is really good, I would pay for this'

No. 326534

She appears to be popular on 4chan, and by that i mean her pics gets spammmed all over the place, so that may play a part in it i dunno.

No. 326542

So much virgins in this thread, it's hilarious. lol

No. 326543

You'd be surprised how much money people will throw at their waifus. They don't care about her cosplays. They just care now that she is doing legit porn. And she knows it, that's why her shit is so bad. Why put effort when people still throw money at her?

No. 326544

To be fair I'd chip in for something degrading

No. 326557

i can't believe she's making this much money??? when lurking on her page it looks like her posts on Patreon never get above 20 or 30 likes while other girls with half her number and less get 50-100 likes per patreon post?

No. 326568


I'm glad she's making that much(though I also believe she's funding herself), because the higher she rises the farther she'll fall. And she'll no doubt plummet with her widening body and shitty attitude.

No. 326574

Do you even know how rib cages work? I'm all for practice shoops, but you need to look at an actual slender torso and try again. This is horrifying.

No. 326576

File: 1482172924256.png (2.49 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_1975.PNG)


No. 326577

File: 1482173010225.png (2.92 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_1976.PNG)

No. 326586

File: 1482175980268.jpg (43.42 KB, 313x407, IMG_3898.JPG)

She reminds me of john travolta in Hairspray

No. 326588

Maybe she can clean her vagina now

No. 326589


Well it is the season of Sun & Moon and Wicke is the sizzling new Pokemon character for fanboys to fap to now. She's living out their fantasy and showing it in softcore form. They'll give her money for anything she does.

No. 326598

This is so fucking disgusting. It's just trashy smut and not a "sensual boudoir shoot".

And it's certainly not a "cute groping set". What the fucking fuck.

No. 326599

File: 1482179554713.jpg (618.15 KB, 1016x2048, Quit.jpg)

I give up. Meh.

No. 326610

File: 1482180061719.jpg (231.75 KB, 1125x2001, 1482172924256.jpg)

No. 326614

Do you have body dimorphic dissorder?

No. 326615

Some of these shoops…one liquify tool doth not a good shoop maketh.

No. 326616

No, I'm just shit at anatomy.

No. 326633

File: 1482182265586.jpg (67.67 KB, 735x702, C0EVRhjVIAAVzEV.jpg)


No. 326634

File: 1482182387755.jpg (106.21 KB, 1280x720, IMG_5169.JPG)


No. 326637

Now she's gonna pull the bisexual card, good job MooMoo

No. 326639

At this point I'm more offended by the visible hair and wig cap than the nasty pandering.

No. 326641

File: 1482182687530.jpg (Spoiler Image, 133.01 KB, 829x1200, Cz_QFMAUAAAfsTX.jpg)

Same posting because I'm just going through Momo's recent tweets, but this is Vamplette with no makeup and holy shit yea she's a butterface but I really think she should find herself a new makeup style. Her makeup face looks way worse than her no makeup imo.

No. 326642

Guess I should've clarified, this was meant to be a "I tried" in that it's horrible and funny. (I used bad phone photoshop lol)

No. 326644

She could do a killer Link cosplay imo

I like her face a lot more without makeup.

No. 326646

Without trying to sound mean, she's not as ugly as I thought…just very androgynous. She could definitely find a makeup style that works for her a lot better than her current one.

No. 326647

With no makeup, she looks a lot more "Unconventionally attractive", in a way. More interesting to look at without being straight up horribly unattractive. Has she tried crossplaying before?

No. 326648

God damn, Vamp would make a great crossplayer.

No. 326651

10k a month and she can't even figure out how to put on a damn wig

No. 326657

how much has her patron number gone up?

No. 326658

File: 1482185756115.jpg (22.63 KB, 217x326, 86008248.jpg)

Imagine being a cosplayer and having to accept this manatee's tongue in your mouth for a photoshoot

No. 326674

She can fly Nathan Deluca coast to coast and spread more disease at every con

No. 326677

File: 1482187149965.jpg (386.47 KB, 1536x1022, o-MANATEES-facebook.jpg)

Hey, manatees are too cute to be compared to the likes of Momo's detestable meatbag form.

No. 326700

Judging by more than one comment here about her making 7k a month, around 3k since she released Wicke, which is insane.

No. 326710

No, the actual number of patrons, not the amount of money. With 10k she's got 536 listed what was it with 7k?

No. 326753

This is better than the Blac Chyna Rob Kardashian drama

No. 326754

File: 1482197232718.png (39.28 KB, 611x274, howareyoustilltalkingwithherdi…)

No. 326769

Ok wtf but Swimsuitsuccubus has over 1k patrons and makes 12k so how is momokun almost making the same with half as many patrons?

No. 326772

She tries so hard to get her attention. Its hilarious

No. 326774


or there's a certain base amount she puts in herself.

No. 326775

SS only charges like a dollar to view her content
moo moo on the other hand likes to rip off her patrons

No. 326793

Why does she do this when she knows Nigri won't acknowledge her? It's so embarrassing.

No. 326794

SS charges almost half of what Mariah charges for her sets. SS's highest tier is only $20, while Moomoo's is $50, and the one below that which actually offers her sets is $35.

No. 326796

>Okay…. brb gonna start crying. To think when I first started this I wouldnt even make $100 to now this… I don't even know. If this is reached the month that it's reached I will release 3 different boudoir sets. 2 location shoots. and 2 different "Groping" sets ( since apparently you guys are crazy for those. Honestly I will do my best to just overwhelm you all. Because this would be overwhelming for me.

People are crazy for the groping sets because you're doing PORN mariah, jfc just admit it.

No. 326798

also looking through all her previous goals and I don't think she's done a single one?

She said at $2k she'd do weekly streams, which as far as I know she doesn't do. and at 3.5k she said she was going to build her own studio in her home for photoshoots. Don't thin kthats happened she still takes her sets in trashy hotel rooms. And at $5k she said would travel more for shoots. I mean, she went to a bitch once? I guess?

No. 326799


meant beach lmao

No. 326803

Wow. Well if dudes are paying why not charge a lot I guess.

No. 326817

File: 1482209360621.jpg (922.65 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20161219_234726.jpg)

Sage for off topic, but omfg, vamplette, plz change makeup style.

No. 326818

She needs to save for a nose job bad, then she'd be okay.

No. 326819

She can fake haha and lol all she wants but that's straight up pornographic material. When she calls it "groping shots" that's what it is. Porn. It's like she thinks calling it by another name changes it.

No. 326823

Where did her jawline suddenly go? She def looks better in the 2nd though.

Nosejob, fix her teeth, and do something about her muffin top and she'd be alright. She's not the worst, but she definitely is a bit of a butterface.

No. 326827

pt vibes like hella

No. 326828

Probably bad tip from Krissy since she always name drops Nigri.

No. 326832

OT but how the fuck is Krissy even known at all? None of her cosplays are good and her face is kind of busted, yet she seems to be semi-known?

No. 326833

Can Momo use that money to fix her face?

No. 326839

I've noticed that the patreon sluts all name drop and retweet each other, so I'm guessing that has something to do with it.

No. 326840

File: 1482216936615.jpeg (594.19 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)

Nvr 4get

No. 326841

becuz workin hard and sleepin around are the same rite?

No. 326842

Vamp has gorgeous big eyes and her makeup makes them tiny. A nose job could make her very pretty. Cover half her face on the no makeup pic and she looks like a very pretty girl.

No. 326846

She's just a big mouth ladder climber who tries to be fake friends with everyone on Twitter.

No. 326851

put a bag over head to fix it

No. 326854

She's so buttmad on twitter that people keep calling it that.

No. 326855

Because if her overroided Dad finds out she did borderline porn with the Korean boy in LA he'll ground her ass and stop her from seeing him..
…Can someone send those to Allan Mallad plz to do that

No. 326856

" I want my dad to be proud of me it's my biggest fear." Well Merry Christmas your Dad's not since you posted pics of you on your knees to the dude you keep seeing for the whole internet to see. Dad will be proud of that especially with him being Muslim

No. 326857

Can people actually do this. Her Dad has the right to know.

No. 326861

File: 1482223480284.png (86.67 KB, 584x360, Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 12.4…)

From looking at her twitter it sounds like she thinks porn is only video of people having sex. Therefore her pics aren't pornographic because there isn't sex and it isn't a video.

No. 326862

> How are photos of a man grabbing my breasts and sticking his fingers in my mouth while I'm on my knees in front of his dick pornographic, I don't understand
Holy fuck Moomoo, you can't be serious.
This is what I can't stand about this bitch. There isn't anything wrong with being a sex worker, but it's obvious she believes there's something wrong with it considering she won't admit that what she's doing counts as sex work and slaps a different label on it. Sugar coat it all you fucking want, Momo, but sex work is sex work. Just because it's in cosplay doesn't mean it doesn't count. Call it "Cute groping" call it "boudoir", it's erotic content meant for people to get off to it. You are no different than SSS, just fucking admit it and OWN it. It just makes you look worse if you deny what kind of content you're making.
/ Sorry for the rant but fuck, this is what bugs me about this bitch the most.

No. 326863

he doesn't have "the right", it'd just be interesting is all

No. 326865


He followed Trump guys lmfao

No. 326866

Agreed. It'd be funny to see the aftermath, but it'd be a pretty dick move too.

No. 326867

You positive that's her father? There's not much off the profile to verify.

No. 326868

Look him up on facebook. He works at a hotel/casino in Vegas.

No. 326869

Okay, that clears it up, thanks.

No. 326872

He's not following Momo. Does she have him blocked?

No. 326874

File: 1482230187503.png (236.51 KB, 1113x1923, IMG_1982.PNG)


No. 326875

File: 1482231355604.jpg (5.41 MB, 5184x3456, IMG_1987.JPG)

… I dont hate it kek seems are decent. It's just comedic that the moment she makes a decent cosplay and I'm like oh she's actually going to try and COSPLAY, she goes and shits all over it basically with this "POV"

but why did she go with Wicke being a "Dom" Wouldn't she fall in with a sub more being the "Soft spoken mommy type" I don't understand the stepping references shes using. Is it her own fantasy?

No. 326876

It's to lure in the guys who want to be stepped on. She's got sub pics with the Guzma groping and sticking his fingers in her mouth and probably others to come too.

No. 326878

I tweeted her dad,don't know if he will see it though.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 326880

Just catching up with this shit. Lol what a slut. she figured out that taking off her clothes = get money. But now she found out doing porn = more money. How far will she go!?

No. 326884

No. 326888

Been lurking moomookun threads for on and off for a bit. It's surprising how much time you folk are willing to invest in hating on someone's hustle. You should be angry at the kissless virgins on her patreon, not her.

If I could make 10k+ a month doing hack jon cosplays and softcore shit I would and I would laugh straight to the bank at all my haters.

Go invest some time in yourself. Learn a trade, a new language, anything. Fuck.

No. 326889


It's not about her selling nudes to deluded neckbeards online that pisses people off. It's the fact that she keeps DENYING what she's doing is sex work, and acting as if she's any better than the girls who do the exact same thing but actually own up to it.

No. 326890

But she pretty much admitted sexualizing everything in the tweet that asked her why she does that.

As long as titties, ass, or pussy aren't out then it isn't even softcore. "Groping session" sounds stupid as fuck but it's closer to being that than actual softcore porn.

No. 326891

Unless she does have images like that, in that case nvm. My knowledge of her only extends to what's posted in these threads and I haven't seen every pic.

No. 326892

Tell her to go tested

No. 326893

Been lurking too.

I don't think it's good to hate on her patrons either. If they want these pictures and they have the money, everyone's happy, really.

No. 326894

Time to send her nudes to her dad

No. 326897

Time to send her nudes to her dad

No. 326902

No. 326904

Does anyone have any links to her patreon photo sets?

No. 326906

No. 326910


Her foundation is so cakey. It looks like I could scrape it off with my nails..

No. 326912


When will people learn to stop tipping the cows? It never fucking works and you'd just be giving her a valid reason to say she's being harassed online.

No. 326913

It's because in her mind she's ALWAYS the exception (which is why I hate her) to every rule/standard.
*Going thru friend circles faster than a 5 dollar hooker and starting shit in the comm? Anyone who does this would be seen as a stain, but no, not Momo. She's always the good person you guys!

*Cosplays that are obviously unfinished with messy craftsmanship even Photoshop can't fit would never be considered the work of a self proclaimed "professional cosplayer." But it's ok when Momo does it cuz it's Momo!

*Using Patreon funds for things other than the intention of the page (creating "good" cosplay in Momo's case) is cheating and dishonest by the site. But it's ok when Momo does it.

*ANYTHING intended to be whack off material is PORN. P-O-R-N. (clothed or not). You can not sit there and tell me that Momo with her mouth open ready to take a dick wasn't intended for neckbeards to jerk off to. But according to Momo…. it's not?!?

And these are just a few examples. She is such a hypocrite in every aspect it makes my head spin.

No. 326920

>None of her cosplays are good and her face is kind of busted
Mariah fits this description too, and yet

No. 326921

Pornography is printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement.

Hers is certainly risque stuff, but just because it's supposed to elicit arousal it doesn't mean it's porn.


No. 326924

Disgusting boots on the bed. Ew.

No. 326926

This is why anons here called it "softcore". Even her followers called it that. Not actual pornography, but totally something you would see in a nsfw blog

Hey Moomoo, still trying to save face I see.

No. 326929

Heh. Whyd that come out so blurry

No. 326932

Honestly, I'm surprised she doesn't capitalize more on threads like these and milk that victim card (or does she already do this). There's money to be made for a female with a bunch of fans on the Internet in these types of situations.

I bet it would make you neckbeards absolutely livid if that happened. Personally, I love it when autists rage over nothing on anonymous image boards.

No. 326937

Probably doesn't want to draw too much attention to this because her betas might realize how much of a scam artist she is and they can put their beta dollars to better cosplayers who also don't charge as much (since people have been comparing her to others on here).

No. 326941

She went off saying she loves what she does and she loves the people who support her and she's untouchable when it comes to people who hate her.

Why continue to be angry when it's clear this bitch really doesn't care? She's so caught up in everyone blowing smoke up her ass and worshipping her, and all her gross ugly friends kissing her ass saying she's amazing and a sweetheart.

Honestly there's no point to this board anymore if it's not going to get to her anymore. You're just yelling at a wall.

No. 326942

Anon, the point of the board is not to "get to her". It's never been. If anything, it's been frowned upon to go snitch to the cows about their thread. The point of the board is to vent out your frustration towards the cow, or laugh at her, or whatever. It's not to ruin someone's life you idiot.

No. 326948

It's funny, you guys are actually arguing with her and her friends. This isn't usually the people who post on here. She was the one who wrote stop in reply to someone messaging her dad her pictures. Along with a few other posts, as usual. Probably cried to Korean guy and vamp and they're in here posting too. It's laughable. And obvious.

1 - it is softcore porn. Includes still photography that pertains to a sexual nature. That's the definition on Wikipedia. POV, knees on the floor with a man towering over you and his crotch as your mouth that's gaping open, his hand in your mouth, grabbing your breast, groping, all softporn. The "it's just a cute groping set" and "I'm just having fun" doesn't take away that it is still softporn.

2 - to anon that wants to send it to her dad, ok. That's petty but her posts are public. If you google her name, they come up. It's not hidden on her Patreon, it's on every social media she uses which any person can access.

3 - she is a cunt. Mariah and friends that are posting on this, you know this. Any time this girl gets together with friends, she talks a lot of shit about a lot of people. "Thirsty fans" and of course, other cosplayers. She's not a good or kind person, in any capacity. Look at the people she works with, only people who do T&A like her. Look at the people she promotes? Only the people who do T&A like her. It's a circle jerk.

4 - read up on Patreon last night. They have a policy for nudity/sexualized posts. Fucking tired of cosplay and this site being a cesspool and infestation of cosplayers becoming hoes and ruining the community and name of cosplay.

No. 326951

Hi moomoo

No. 326955

This post is insulting her tho

No. 326957

what a fat ugly cow

No. 326959

I've noticed 1 too many posts about people saying shit like "why are you all like this" "get a life" "stop hating on her" etc. I'm assuming it's either cause her new porn set is getting her more attention (people google her and this is like the second result) so noobs come here posting not knowing what this site is about. Or this anon is right moomoo is lurking it and bitching to everyone to post here.

Speaking of the attention she's getting from this "~*POV inocent cute touching uwu hehe~*" porn set of fucking Pokemon characters her patreon is now at 11k, regardless of if she's putting her own money into it, it's going up after she posted this shit so I think since she's the attention whore of the century she's going to bite and post more and more risque and pornographic material. I'm sure the neckbeards will love to see Momo naked with that koreanbbq guy's small dick in her ass lmao trainrek incoming

No. 326960

her new is $15k, and she said if she reaches it she'll release 2 more groping sets since "you guys seem to really like this!" no shit, you dumb bitch, people like porn.

No. 326963

*new goal

No. 326966

That's the thing though, she's even stated that her biggest fear is her Dad not being proud of her. It's like are you retarded then for posting shit where you're obviously insinuating blowing a guy and fucking him in your set. With the dude you keep going to LA to visit and share hotel rooms with before he leaves to join the Military. If that was my daughter I'd be livid. With her for doing this but also the boy who is just fucking my daughter and is only staying with her since he's joining the Military where everyone is scared when they first join

No. 326967


She's an adult who posts this shit for all the Internet to see and has the the largest ego possible; she can handle herself if she's "harassed". Her dad kicking her out would be a great start if he sees what she gets up to, she makes $11k a month just about, she can get her own place and stop being a lazy cunt living off her parents.

No. 326970

>3 - she is a cunt. Mariah and friends that are posting on this, you know this. Any time this girl gets together with friends, she talks a lot of shit about a lot of people.

Do you have screenshots of her shit talking?

No. 326975

You can't screenshot what she says in fucking person. In vegas 90% of the cosplay community actually fucking hates her because she's belittled con goers in fucking person! Her bimbo squad gets together and talks shit because they know everyone else is talking shit too but because she's hurt or embarrassed people to their fucking faces! She may think she's better than everyone in the vegas because she makes money in patreon but it's not because she's talented or skilled it's because she gets naked and sells them to neck beards who aren't into cosplay and just want fap material. She can say she's talented all she wants and so can her lowstandard neckbeards but in the end this bitch knows she ain't nothing but a cam girl

No. 326976

>her bimbo squad
Who are they? I didnt know she hung out with other cosplayers in Vegas besides Vamplette.

No. 326978

Why does she always set her goals higher and higher? I mean, it's basically a neon sign saying "I only care for the money". Is her fanbase this dense?
10k is an insane amount of money anyway, after all the whiteknight who posted before was right. Where I live the average factory workman earns max 800 monthly and works his ass off full time. Maybe I should start cosplaying too… if a fat, ugly girl can make it, basically everybody else can too

No. 326979

Execpt hardly anyone who cosplays or even does cam girl/porn stuff makes money like that. Mariah got really lucky.

No. 326980


Because she's getting greedier and greedier. She was comfortable with her original goal and stating she would be able to be financially secure from making cosplay her job, now it's gone to her head.

No. 326982

doubt it, her mom? step mom? is friends with her main account on facebook, but her dad isn't. I think he just doesn't want to see what she's doing tbh.

No. 326983

Yeah, it may be. It depends on what your standards are, for me even 1500 would mean being loaded.

I can understand what's going on in her mind, kinda. She's not talented and uneducated, started cosplaying for attention whoring and noticed soon that milking her fanbase for a good income was a possibility, so she went on with it. Momo has no other way than carrying this thing on for as much time as possible. By saving that money she could really be financially secure for a long time. If only she chose a stage name for the underwear shots and didn't do that softcore pov shit she could've avoided future embarrassments, for when she'll have to find a real job… a job that fires women for being involved in certain stuff

No. 326988


She can't possibly sustain this long enough IMO. I wish she was intelligent. She could milk the neckbeards for as much as they've got, make some investments and be smart with the money….And likely be comfortable for the rest of her life.

I have no issues with what she does, but the way she does it is what makes her shitty. Oh well.

No. 326999

No. 327004

What is SSS?

No. 327007

Swimsuit Succubus.

No. 327011

Why is she being brought up so much? She's not a cosplayer.

No. 327029

Wha? That is the exact definition of porn. Material used to elict arousal. Even her dense neclbeard get it. If Momo didnt want to make such blantant masterbation material she wouldn't have made this "groping"set. Just except it.

No. 327032

Because Momo kissed her ass and now they're friends. Plus their line of work is very similar, only SSSuccubus is upfront about being a sex worker while Momo keeps trying to deny it.

Also, SS does cosplay every now and then, and the ones she's done are very well made.

No. 327038

Swimsuits Sucubus isn't nude or doing sex acts so how is she a sex worker? Doing nude pics doesnt even make someone automatically a sex worker. Neither her or momokun are sex workers. That's like saying instagram chicks who post sexy photos for sponsorships are sex workers.

No. 327043


If her dad finds out on his own by googling her name or her leaving her Twitter open I'm all for it, but don't go sending him this shit. She's not a minor, you're right, so that means there's no real reason to send him that shit. Her parents are already somewhat aware of her shenanigans anyway so they'll eventually see her whoring on their own.

No. 327046

Gat daaamn what a shit show lol! Lol so I'm one of the patreons that put up money, downloaded her sets and posted it online. Patreon let's you retract your money so all it takes is making fake accounts to do this because these cosplay bitches are to stupid to realize that we can scam them just as hard as they try to scam us. Anyway this bitch deserves every bit of hate because she's so full of herself. And I know you're reading this momo. So, hi! Go fuck yourself. Better do this for as long as you can before you get old and dried up! It doesn't surprise me if over half of what patreons site claims she's making is fake. It's very very easy to make yourself look popular on there. You can effectively double your money by making a fake account and using the real money you get from one to fund the other. Fucked up but that's the scam! I'm enjoying all this and I'm pretty sure she's getting her friends to post in here too so hi vamp! Save up and get a nose job. It could save your face.

No. 327058


She makes a living off of photos for people to fap to. That's what makes her a sex worker.

No. 327059

So she's doing porn now or just pornographic photo shoots? Because I just see pornographic photos on her Twitter. Unless she's actually posting the action somewhere else.

No. 327063

Anyone notice that only sssuccubus and Midna ash and that fat pink haired girl are the only ones who retweeted her boudoir Wicke teaser? Kaybear, Tasha, Krissy and Gabby amd Vamplette never rtd it haha

No. 327065


Funny enough I follow Bear and she retweeted AllieCat, one of the better Wicke cosplayers instead lol.

No. 327072

try harder moomoo

No. 327075

>midna ash
>fat pink haired girl

Who even are they and why did you bring them up?

No. 327077

kek by law porn is just stipulated as something that when they say it they'll know its porn. not all nudity or any type of visual genitalia is porn.
get off your faux intellectual high horse anon and go whiteknight some other lost cause

No. 327079


Not the point of the statement. The girls that keep circle jerking her didn't even mention nor retweet the pics she posted online.

No. 327083

Yes I get that but why did you bring up those two? I've never seen them mentioned in any momo thread ever.

No. 327097


Stop making up definitions for words.

No. 327099

I don't think Kay, Tash, Gabby and Krissy trust them. That's the vibe I get.

No. 327100

they all rt from moo all the time though.

No. 327106

looks like you should've gone to college moomoo. seriously you learn that in US government 101. It was the supreme court ruling in Jacobellis v. Ohio.
maybe pick up a book instead flashing your saggy tits for a couple of bucks

No. 327128

Sorry bruh, but that's not an argument.

No. 327148

Different anon, but if you look at any of their twitter feeds, they're all part of the "Patreon T&A group". They RT each other and pretty much only each other. I've been seeing that pink haired girl pop up constantly ever since she linked up with SSS' crew. I don't even think she's a cosplayer, but because she does sexy Patreon shit, she's part of their little clique now.

No. 327152

File: 1482288036211.png (133.67 KB, 1128x438, Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 5.36…)

Kek she complains like a bratty child

No. 327158

wow just caught up on thread sure are a lot more "farmer(s)" trying to defend moomoo now

No. 327159

SSS is not a cosplayer so of course she groups with other girls who do lewds. I dont take issue with SSS but the problem with her is that other girls keep copying her but NOT calling themselves sex workers and always getting all offended when anyone points out the sexuality of their stuff. SSS is smart but unfortunately all these stupid girls are just doing whatever she does. They honestly wait for her to do something then do it too. After she added that more expensive pasties tier on patreon all these other girls were scrambling to try to add something new too, even re-using old shit SSS already did. For example: that grope set Momo did.

No. 327162

That neodrao guy is creepy as fuck, I see him comment on all of my cosplay friends' pictures.

sage for OT.

No. 327167

Krissy is also sex worker with her stripping

No. 327175

Ok thanks?

No. 327178

Not that I don't believe you but is there proof that Krissy definitely strips?

No. 327192

Check out Deja Vu

No. 327197

yeah i think she's lurking a lot of these responses reek of bait and people are falling for it
if she tries again we should call her out on it

No. 327199

File: 1482298572747.jpg (66.97 KB, 251x201, 1476303420802.jpg)

No. 327207

>person brags about threatening to release content in hopes that I won't see

she really needs to take an English class because her sentence barely makes any sense
plus people already release her patreon content on anon-ib and 4chan anyways

No. 327209

>greentexting on twitter

No. 327232

I had to re-read it a ton, is she saying
>person is bragging about releasing content
>they hope I don't see it
>block this person entirely

sage for being retarded

No. 327236

She's admitting that she's lurking.

But she's saying that the person is bragging about releasing the content like she isn't going to see it.

And then she blocked someone.

No. 327238

We always knew she was. We're all anon here so she probably blocked some innocent person.

Hi, stank ass! Please put your fish cooch away and get some self-respect!

No. 327242

Wow, look at the spike on her Patreon earnings over at Graphtreon. Search for Momokun.

No. 327243

Thanks Momo.

No. 327245

The implication there is there's no way she's going to go back to no softcore shoots. Though I wonder exactly how much she's stretching Patreon's rules.

No. 327246

Do they actually have rules about content?

No. 327259

Is she talking about >>327046 ?

No. 327263

Yeah, how does she know who would be the leak? Maybe she's just blowing smoke and she didn't actually block anyone. Or she blocked a legit fan.

No. 327269

You have to mark your Patreon according to your content and hide adult content posts from non-patrons. Additionally:

>The glorification of rape and sexual violence is not ok and Patreon reserves the right to review and remove accounts that may violate this guideline. This includes:

>-images (illustrated, animated, and otherwise) that glorify rape or sexual violence, accompanied by titles/captions/descriptions

>-depictions of rape or sexual violence within the context of a personal/historical narrative or satire are subject to review
>Additionally, Patreon does not tolerate content that sexualizes children in any way.

No. 327272

Has anyone actually reported her patreon?

No. 327273

She posted a lot of emo bullshit about people not missing you in your absence and shit, and I think Vamplette was dating some dude in an open relationship, can anyone confirm if Mariah broke up with David? It's entertaining to watch her use her social media to bash her ex boyfriends and make everyone tell her she's best girl and "never deserved that loser anyways" like she did with Eric lol. Don't post your personal bullshit on an account with 50k

No. 327301

File: 1482343006293.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4838.PNG)

How tf do people pay to see THIS face? Aside from the fat lard everywhere

No. 327322

But anon, she's "above average"!

No. 327337

Where did you hear that? Some of her tweets seem a little emo-ish but I didn't think it was breakup-level heavy.

No. 327349

more like above average weight

No. 327375

Fam, she's been doing that for a while now with Moochlette.

I agree. I think she tries to overcompensate her wonky nose with contouring and makes it worse in the end. Like many other cows, Vamp would look much better with a more natural makeup.

>weekly streams
Well, afaik she's /tried/
>build her own studio
kek, nope
>travel for more shoots
Sure, maybe. That might help her get to more cons to get shoots, but she still begs for tickets every now and then. kek I'm not sure going to a studio counts as 'travelling'.

She's tried. You've also revealed your newfaggotry, since the majority of us are grills. AFAIK, she's probably self-posting all over cuckchan or she probably wouldn't be as popular as she is.

It's just a thread to archive the shitty things she does. I think you're looking too far into it.

I'll admit I have my tinfoil hat skepticism on her total. I just think it's going to be fucked up, because if that's the case, her taxes will be the ridiculous.

No. 327385

Seems like she just realized that Koreanbarbq is a fuckboi

No. 327393

File: 1482362131748.png (42.63 KB, 622x329, fakeasf.png)

is she becoming self aware?

No. 327395

Nah, she's just fishing for dem neckbeard compliments. "Nooo Moomoo you're our perfect thicc waifu!"

No. 327396

I am having a deja vu: didn't Nigri tweet almost exactly the same thing a while back?

No. 327400

Doubt it

No. 327408


Holy shit. Can she make it even more blatantly obvious that she is fishing for compliments? You'd have to be an idiot to not be able to see what she is doing.

No. 327412

You know what I find pretty interesting? Her Patreon rewards. How she's suppose to be doing VIP meet ups at cons, skype calls, etc. and with the fucking massive amount of self-whoring she does by RT/reposting what all her "fans" post of her, I don't see any screenshots of conversations or testimonials about these VIP meets, of whatever. Which leads me to actually believing that the there is a good amount of Patreon subscribers that are fake.

No. 327416

David doesn't follow her on Twitter anymore FYI. So I think he really did play her.

No. 327425

File: 1482368280205.png (66.2 KB, 1172x157, TroubleInThePasture.png)


Yeah, definitely seems like it. Were they ever officially together though? It seemed like they were fucking and dating, but Bbq probably wouldn't call Momo his girlfriend lol

No. 327427


I dont think this girl has a giving or compassionate bone in her body. Wonder if David caught onto that and gtfo.

No. 327428

File: 1482368485716.png (1.01 MB, 945x1275, RemoveYourFootFromHisPeen.png)

I'm not understanding this dominatrix approach Momo is taking with Wicke. I guess she had some submissive photos for her too but it's just bizarre overall.

No. 327433

Tbh he doesn't seem like the commitment type, so I'm not surprised he bounced. What I am curious about is if something in particular happened to make him leave her now.

No. 327435

>>327433 he got his Christmas gifts smashed, and ran.

No. 327441

File: 1482370705524.png (311.27 KB, 1125x1873, IMG_2005.PNG)

Well well well, isn't karma a bitch Mariah. I hope you're seeing this and realizing the bullshit you pulled off before came back and slapped you in the face hard.

No. 327443

File: 1482372849262.png (170.23 KB, 750x922, IMG_4853.PNG)

Daaaaam mariah, back at it again with that nappy Samus wig

No. 327444


I was just about to post this pic! Anyone else feel like she's trying too hard to copy JNig here?

No. 327446

She probably had her cousin taking this pic lol

No. 327448

It so sad how she needs to whore out to get attention because she's too ugly to actually do anything of talent and not sexualized. Maybe that's why you can't sleep at night Momo

No. 327449


it looks like her tits are crushing her

No. 327452

It's sad that she puts on a wig and calls it "samus" cosplayer my ass

No. 327491

Dude she needs to stop this shit. You can't call that samus cosplay. She's whoring herself out again immediately after revealing that being a whore fucked her over. She needs better friends to talk her out of this darkness.

No. 327502

Samus? Holy shit what a try hard. Is that necklace the same one she wore in the "swimsuit Samus" shoot at the beach? Since when does Samus wear that even? Stop killing characters moomoo you're a piece of shit

No. 327503

Why doesn't she just use this wig to do Nova from Starcraft? She could still wear a stupid bodysuit, but actually have an accurate wig for a change.

No. 327504

File: 1482378414169.png (271.46 KB, 1125x1384, IMG_2019.PNG)


No. 327506

File: 1482378494180.png (210.53 KB, 1125x1821, IMG_2020.PNG)

No. 327507

New profile pic who dis

No. 327508

>being a whore fucked her over
What do you mean?

No. 327512

She looks like fat Sarah Palin

No. 327520

God, she's really gained a lot of weight.

No. 327521

It's probably just me, but she looks better here than she has in any of her other recent pics, ratty wig, dress ready to bust and all.

No. 327530

File: 1482386250237.png (452.01 KB, 733x415, momo.png)

Momo is currently on stream. She's about to do drunk Overwatch. Not sure if I'm watching any longer since I'm getting bored.

No. 327532


I hope that bar isnt some type of donation bar for Momo's personal use.

No. 327535

It says ALA 2017…

No. 327919


Are you shitting me? ALA is a convention here in SoCal and it isn't even that expensive to go to. With what she makes on Patreon why the hell does she need $400 for the con?

I'll be at that convention and I'll make sure to keep an eye out for her so I can give my "Momo report."

No. 328540

File: 1482389631655.jpg (34.03 KB, 450x268, 584-jackie-chan---head-full-of…)

>ALA 2017

No. 328543

I've watched her stream a bit now and here's what I've noticed: she keeps losing games like she'll just run in and die, get 3 kills overall and then complain about everyone else sucking, she gets thirsty about fictional characters calling them daddy as well as sexualizing everything, eating greasy af food, trying to save her nerd cred with oh I have that game but just haven't played it yet, and speaking obnoxiously like she's trying too hard to be funny/entertaining/memey

No. 328545


You sure you aren't talking about Suzy? Because that literally sounds like her as well.

No. 328549

Her overlay is obnoxious.

She should be doing something else with the donation money she's getting from Twitch. Idk maybe donating to a charity would be nice since you already have 10k (or at least a nice chunk) that you CAN use to go to ALA since it's a cosplay related expense.

No. 328550

The fact she acknowledges that she's making so much money only to turn around and ask for more donations just shows how much of a selfish cunt this girl is. I can't even fathom asking for more money if I was making a generous 10k+ a month.

No. 328558

File: 1482393157122.png (807.39 KB, 901x613, biggoof.png)

I just realized something. Moomoo has cosplayed Samus numerous times. How can she be so stupid to leave out Samus's beauty mark all this time?

No. 328570

god the pilling on that suit is horrible. she needs to put that cheapass suit out of its misery. with 10k a month she should be able to get one professionally made and of higher quality

No. 328579

anybody have a link to all her nude sets? i just wanna nut(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 328581

You could litterally just google it and find it in under a minute. Every time a man wanders in here he's always fucking retarded and unable to function.

No. 328589

feminism in action xdxd

No. 328592

Goin to ALA to spread that chlamydia

No. 328614

You seem to be thinking she actually cares about accuracy. There's plenty proof, in this thread alone mind, she couldn't care less. If it vaguely resembles the character, it's good enough.

No. 328631

People are tearing into her "Christmas Samus" finally waking up to this shit show she calls cosplay

No. 328632

File: 1482412101038.png (2.43 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_2025.PNG)

11,500/month Patreon

No. 328633

File: 1482412224633.png (204.18 KB, 1125x1493, IMG_2028.PNG)

Who the fuck makes an event for themself like this? Fucking pathetic. Also where's your booth? And if you're so popular, why aren't you a guest? this is a smaller con anyway. Maybe because taking off your clothes is only good for one thing -money. No future, no respect, no professionalism.

No. 328635

File: 1482412324730.png (341.75 KB, 1125x1633, IMG_2027.PNG)

didnt this say muslim before? acting like the victim, fan urself with that upwards of 10grand Patreon money and shut the fuck up mariah

No. 328640

Forgot to mention that I watched her live stream of her "holiday samus" shoot last night, and the guy holding moomoo phone had made a joke about giving the guys watching her water bc they were "thirsty". This fucked up bitch had the nerve to make a joke about opening up her legs and giving them that "momo juice" AND A KID WAS IN THE SAME ROOM LISTENING TO THEM. Moomoo IS really fucked up in the head

No. 328654

Wow, now the fat is showing in her face too…

No. 328659

>above average

No. 328668

Of course when we start mentioning how she never streams she streams. She's so fucking obvious

No. 328678

She definitely has a mental problem. Her view on sex is very twisted. Making sex jokes with kids in the room or gifs with kids in them if very telling. It's an actual psychological disorder more often than not brought on by a sexual predator when she was young. It's a viscous cycle of those who are sexualy molested to pass on their now twisted views of sex to others without realizing it. Momo seek help. Stop making everything you do about sex and get a therapist.

No. 328681

Tbh I hope nothing like that ever happened to her, nobody deserves that. She does seem inappropriately hypersexual though.

No. 328683

The heat from her "special muslim snowflake card" being debunked finally got to her,eh.

No. 328686

She used to be so much thinner…. lol

No. 328687

She said something about having daddy issues unironically, plus I think she's just pandering to horny neckbeards too much so she needs to always make obnoxious sexual jokes.

No. 328692

File: 1482432779487.jpg (490.27 KB, 1440x1765, Screenshot_2016-12-22-13-50-59…)

Lurking this thread confirmed

No. 328699

Sorry Momo, I'm just working on making quality costumes instead of working on whoring myself out. I don't need help on that though, thanks. I'd like to be able to get a different job in the future if I want to

No. 328700

She sounds mad as fuck.

No. 328701


Lol, no. I don't think it has anything to do with this thread anymore, if you read the comments on her Face Book page she has been getting a lot of hate lately and shes so insecure about what everyone thinks that she's just gotta rant on every outlet of her social media.

Which is exactly why I think her and Korean BBQ split. He did a photo shoot for Kiki's Delivery Service when she was away doing whatever it is when she travelling. It looks like she was probably so insecure about the little cosplay girl he took the photos with. Can't be in a relationship with girls who have as many insecurities as she does man.

No. 328703

Nah I'm betting he got angry about how much money she was getting since he posted on his personal Facebook that cosplayers who get Patreon money but don't have real jobs are shitty. That and most likely he got tired of the constant drama that follows her so he probably checked out to find his ex to get back together which I think is the same girl in that Kiki cosplay

No. 328704

People fap to anything. That hardly makes her a sex worker.

No. 328707

People like her make me laugh, they think they're so important that even making a small negative comment about them means going through their stuff all day for them… Dumbass it only takes 10 seconds to 1 minute to write a post to laugh at you, don't believe we're thinking about you day and night

No. 328710


I just don't believe she's making as much money as she says she does. I think you can definitely pledge your own pledges on Patreon with a fake account and all the people we see drooling over her are the same neckbeards she's always had. plus she's still begging for money on Twitch. I want real proof that she's actually making that much money before I stop thinking she's just blowing smoke up her ass and pretending to be this famous cosplay chick when she really isn't.

Having 50k followers on Twitter and 89k on Instagram doesn't mean fuck all if the only thing she's ever been paid to endorse is fit tea because they pay everyone lmfao.

I just don't buy it. Her cosplays are still all the same too, only this time for Christmas she bought some cheap ass forty dollar Yandy.com teddies. If she was making that much bank I can guarantee she would be buying armour pieces and commissioning some bad ass cosplays. I'm just not buying it.

No. 328711

For months
she's been saying they are just friends and if it wasn't for him going into the army they might be together (and given that David is a known flirt on fb) it's clear they were fuck buddies but she wanted a relationship. Like really momo? You thought he'd commit to you? People in general don't get into serious relationships with sex buddies, and he's got a rep!

And this whole rant on how so many complain about her "cosplays" and how much more money she makes compared to us "insignificant" people. Well bitch if your lurking like I know you are momo you fucking cunty ass troll; your not making that money because you are a "cosplayer" you make money because you are a SEX WORKER, your "cosplays" are somehow always fucking awful despite you having so much money because you have no love for what you do and not do you actually try because you know half assing it and showing your saggy ass and tits will get you money from honey desperate losers who don't actually even like or care about cosplay. You only care about attention and money and expect the world to praise you for work you don't even actually do! Have you ever actually credited the shop that actually made your Mei jacket because we all know you sure as fuck didn't make it, you can't even finish your hens to save your fucking life! So if we're nothing to you and mean nothing to you, why do you care what we think? Because it hits a nerve and you know you've peaked at only 21.

Lets see how momo reacts now.

No. 328715

Oh RIP, I only follow her on Instagram and Twitter so I didn't see that. I just assumed because there weren't any negative comments on the aforementioned platforms. Gonna go look now tho

No. 328716

She made a comment on fb about how she spent weeks making this costume and it's literally on amazon for 30$

No. 328717


Lol. This bitch is about to go nuclear. It's so obvious that she cares way too much what people think of her even thought she claims she "Doesn't give a damn". Lol, you basically told on yourself that you stalk these boards and actually pay attention to what people say about you here.

And even then, she still wants to pretend like she is still the better person. That she would gladly extend a helping hand if people just stopped shitting on her for once. But we all know that is so damn false. There is a reason she is considered radioactive in the cosplay community. It's because if you even think about associating yourself with her, make sure to check for the knife in your back that she will stab you with at a moments notice.

And does she honestly think that the attention that she is getting is in anyway positive? The neckbeards who jerk off to her gross body will eventually find someone else when they get tired of her. And all the other attention is not more people support in her on Patreon or Twitch. It's people falling her out for how shitty she is and collectively talking about all the shit she's done. In what way is she talked about positively here? And the white knights who defend her? They'll eventually get sick off her shit as well. Face it you cow, everyone hates you, and if they don't, they eventually will. Because you are a selfish bitch who thinks she's so much better than everyone because a few losers on the internet actually pay money to see you show off you land whale body.

I say get your popcorn ready folks, cause the show is only going to get better from here.

No. 328718

To change her about like that she's definitely lurking these threads from how many times everyone has said she claims to be a professional cosplayer and held her to it, now she's making it seem like she isn't …Like she's doing this for fun when it's literally her only job. That or kbbq guy called her out on some things she's insecure about so she changed it to petty herself somemore.

Also I thought she was going to school to be a Japanese translator? What's advertising and marketing have to with that?

No. 328719

"Spend that time bettering yourself" says the girl not in school, without a job, with no sewing or crafting ability, rapidly gaining weight, can't model, and has an awful personality. But we have issues.

No. 328720


Gotta love the excuse of "If you say anything bad about someone on the Internet, it means you have no life and you spend all day stalking that person looking for something negative to say about them". She really thinks that she is so important that anyone would waste more than two seconds even giving a shit about her?

No. 328721


How long until we get another video of her fake crying into the camera about how "good a person she is and that people just want to hate on her for no reason at all" so that she can have her neckbeards throw her another pity party?

No. 328727


No. 328728

LOL. I love that she tries so hard to be humble at first, but ofc her true self comes out with "HELL I'LL EVEN HELP YOU PROSPER" Like bitch, thanks for revealing your true colors again.

No. 328738

File: 1482444696664.png (141.77 KB, 750x925, IMG_4856.PNG)

Seriously doe moomoo, what filter do you use for your selfies cause they definitely blur the fuck out of your face?

No. 328740

clearly it has to be true if you're fucking here reading this bullshit

No. 328742

"Cosplay however the hell you want" lol her defense for just throwing on a wig and calling herself "samus" or "mei". Pathetic man lol

No. 328757

Is this the original size? My cheap tablet does this, but you have to look at the picture magnified x2 to see something this bad.

No. 328759

How is that bad though? Isn't she saying she'll help others out?

No. 328767

it's not a filter it's potato camera

No. 328770

To me it comes off very snobby, its not just "i'll help you!" (lol I'd never take advice from her anyway???) its "I'm great, and I'll make you prosper just by being near me"

No. 328774

I read it more as "even though you hate on me I'll even help you if you decide to do stuff to better yourself".
Don't get me wrong, she writes like an idiot and she's more often than not nonsensical and even rude, but this one just doesn't read like her revealing her true colors. Whether she means it or not of course is another matter.

No. 328776


I read it more as "I'm such a good person, I obviously would have helped you if you weren't so busy being mean to me". Which is a load of shit of course. She doesn't use her status to help people, she stabs them in the back and steps on them to prop herself then acts like it's everyone else who has a problem.

No. 328812

hi moomoo

No. 328813

Good question. With how lazy and selfish she is, the more expensive rewards on Patreon sound like a myth. Her putting time aside for fans? Yeah sure she is.

No. 328821

Then why do you come back to write more lol

No. 328823

Bc it's funny to watch a trainwreck and we just so happen to like talking about it, still doesn't make you special moomoo. But we all know we mean a lot for you to come checking on us (;

No. 328824

I'm not her you walnut. There's 7 threads on her and I don't believe for a hot gay second that there's nobody in this thread who isn't a little obsessed with her.

No. 328826

Whatever helps you sleep at night moomoo. We're not obsessed with you, we're tired of our friends talking about you and not realizing your a piece of shit human

No. 328827

She tells people to work on themselves but admitted all she does is slap on a spandex suit and idiots will give her attention
She has been gaining weight and doing more shoots, slowly becoming a cam hoe and possibly just a regular hoe.

It's people like Momo that make it hard for real cosplayers be seen because people expect cosplayers to be sluts and porn models.

No. 328829

No she couldnt, Link is cute, and she is not. But I could see her pulling off other male characters based on that pic.

SAGE for ot

No. 328830

"I worked so hard and so long on this Christmas outfit and put my blood, sweat, and tears into it!"

LOLOL no you didn't. It's a bra and a skimpy Christmas dress thing you bought. Nigri did the same damn thing the other day, stop trying to be her.

No. 328835


To be obsessed means someone would actually have to give a shit about her, which no one here does. She's just a shit person.

No. 328837

She is a shit person. Ran into her at a con before and she either was in a shit attitude or just always like this, but she wasn't happy or friendly. She looks like she's only at these conventions to get her picture taken and hope to gain more followers.

No. 328845


It's either that, or she's there to pretend like she is either knows/is friends with more notable cosplayers so that she can feel more important than she really is. One day, I'd love to see her try that shit on camera and have her immediately called out for the ratfaced liar she is. The dumb look on her face alone would be worth the price of admission and watching her awkwardly try to back pedal would be just so much fun to see. It'd probably be the one thing that her fat greasy ass is a part of that I would actually pay money to see.

No. 328861

File: 1482463187815.jpg (397.92 KB, 1152x864, Emomo.jpg)

More emo tweets from Momo. I wonder if Koreanbbq is the reason she got drunk last night while she was streaming.

No. 328868

File: 1482463872610.jpg (36.24 KB, 400x399, 1475122984064.jpg)

nice try moomoo
oddly enough its you who is obsessed with this thread. why waste your time trying to justify your shitiness to a bunch of people who dont care. as long you keep acting the way youre acting and producing entertainment for us you'll always have a thread. the reason you have so many threads is because your cancerous persona fucks up everything you go near. you create drama without even trying. almost as if it's intentional. just fuck off and keep leading your sad excuse for a life and stop coming here. no one here is even hurting you. we're just sitting here watching you crash and burn over your self inflected bullshit. you fuel this fire all by yourself so you have no one to blame but the fat cow that looks back at you when you look at your pathetic reflection. act high and mighty all you want but deep down your a sad empty shell of a person who needs the validation of thousands to feel just a tiny bit better. you are nothing but a clown performing for us, so sit your ass down bitch and keep fucking up.

No. 328875

No. 328876

Apparently my computers stupid right now. First link was for >>327443

No. 328878

It always baffles my mind with the place how easy it is for you guys to be so sure that you're replying to momo when someone questions why the fuck we're doing all this in the first place.

No. 328885

Guys let's be real here. No Korean guy would actually date this literal cow. Sorry to disappoint the fatties in the West, but Koreans do not have a fat fetish. lol

No. 328887

He's pretty chunky himself tbh, but nowhere near Mariah's ever expanding girth.

No. 328888

File: 1482472810371.jpg (34.56 KB, 599x435, Bj4WN_mCYAE_81d.jpg)

eh it's better to be safe than sorry. she lurks here so she'll get the message anyway :^)
it's really fucking annoying when people come here to question the point of the thread. christ if you dont like it dont look at it.

No. 328890

God dammit, Momo, fucking love yourself lmao
Seriously get the fuck over this tool he obviously doesn't care about you.

No. 328913

Not Momo you fuck face idiot so pathetic you can't tell when it's her posting(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 328950

…is she talking to Nigri's boyfriend in the chat?

No. 328954

To think that this bitch is on 7 (actually 9) threads, pretty sure she's about to cap this one. Yet people think we write on here cuz we're jealous, is it really hard to comprehend that she is a shitty person and we're just letting other people know so they don't fucking waste their time sucking up to her just to be fucking disappointed by this desperate wannabe.

Btw mariah-if your reading this: try not to fuck the guy your seeing on the first date and then agree to be fwb with hopes of it becoming serious because it won't! Have some fucking self respect and hold out!

No. 328972

how does it make anyone pathetic to think that it is? wouldn't it make you more pathetic to recognize some internet nobody's manner of speaking? youre the one thats pathetic cause you stalk this thread whining about how much you dislike it. shit man theres tons of other threads to look at why are you so fixated on this one? what benefit do you get out of bitching?
look you autistic piece of shit you best fuck off and lick moomoo's fecal coated asshole some other way if you're not going to contribute to this fucking thread. take a look at yourself you stupid disgusting bitch. you're arguing with a faceless person on the internet over some stupid cunt who doesnt care or even know you exist. you're wasting your time refreshing this page and bitching about nothing. is it hard to comprehend why this thread keeps growing and growing? are you that much an imbecilic waste of space that you cant comprehend simple human nature? people love to watch car accidents, they like to witness the slow destruction and unraveling of another individual. Look at tabloids, shitty gossip sites, watch the news for crying out loud. if you dont like it go to your safeplace on tumblr and watch cat videos.

No. 328984

If anyone saw her snaps right before her stream she says something about "drinking it all away" so I'm pretty sure thats why, plus she got super drunk super fast and looked like she was gonna pass out on stream

No. 328987

>>328950 yeah in the stream last night they were talking. And checking her Twitter Jnigs is apparently "friends" with her now by association she's tweeted to momo randomly

No. 328992

File: 1482491196063.jpg (39.72 KB, 1280x720, IMG_3552.JPG)

No. 329008

These millenials will go on suicide watch than lose their cosfame

No. 329013

You're the autistic because I'm not autistic in pointing out the autistic that auted in the autism.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 329021

File: 1482498504033.jpeg (265.73 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

So if you look into it more Fuck boy was talking about his "current mood" and it was Widowmaker looking at her husbands grave. And by his recent tweet. I think she let go of the con rapist; realized he was probably using her. And dropped him like a a bad habit. But of course she's going to milk this to play Victim. But I don't think he left her from what I've seen. Cause his insta story talks about how he's been in "bed the last 2 days". So congrats momo another person you hurt on your way to fame.

No. 329035

It still takes a minute or less. One can browse lolcow while waiting for a tv show episode to load in the other page, or when they have nothing else to do for twenty minutes.
People assuming we sit here all day just because there are a lot of posts are simply delusional. There are a lot of posters and not everyone comes here daily.

Because she lurks and she has been writing here whiteknighting herself. Also is kinda suspicious how every two weeks there's a whiteknight invading the thread and always saying the same stuff "Blah jealous blah stop stalking her blah do something else"

No. 329036

I browse lolcow at work whenever I have a 5-15min wait time, which can be really often on some days when there's a lot of lab shit to do. It's not a long enough time to really do anything useful, so why not entertain myself? Clearly though I should just quit grad school and start taking neckbeard-pandering fetish pictures of my tits in cheap costumes to "better myself" instead.
/sage for blog

These cows like to think they're so wonderful that only a handful of people could dislike them, and so important that they have stalkers that spend every minute of their time obsessing about them. When in reality Momo's just the fat whore equivalent of a funny image macro.

No. 329051

Can you elaborate on the whole con-rapist thing? I know someone said earlier itt he has a reputation, but I missed where it referred to more than anything beyond a fwb type relationship between them. Unsure if that's a hyperbolic use of the word or maybe a reference to their photoset (weird that they're still using the same cosplays in their userpics too). I read all the other threads, but probably over a month ago now so I don't recollect everything too well. Sage for not lurking enough ig.

No. 329062

File: 1482518784577.jpg (741.18 KB, 1125x2186, 1482180061719_mr1482518671589.…)

i regret nothing

No. 329066

Not sure if I should make an eating joke or a dick sucking joke

No. 329079

11.6K on her Patreon right now.

I don't know any more. I already didn't think much of Nigri but if this woman can make that much, we'll find that Peacockfeather can earn a fortune too.

What the fuck. I retroactively slap my past self in the face for ever worrying so much about my appearance past hygiene and taking care of myself.

No. 329082

Moomoos final form

No. 329087

Apparently he had/has(?) a bad reputation in SoCal for being extremely sexually aggressive. I think someone mentioned he used to run with a prolific group there but they dumped him because of it.
I don't know the details though and from what I recall everything in the thread has just been "I heard from…" or "My friend said…"

He didn't rape Momo if that's what you're asking. They were definitely fucking, she loves the kawaii azn boys, anon

No. 329088

let's not forget Nathan Deluca was actually desperate enough to take advantage of Moomoo

No. 329178

File: 1482539057658.jpg (219.86 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20161223_192256.jpg)

She kinda looks like a man here

No. 329179

What's up with those duck lips and big eyes staring you down, it's horrifying

No. 329185

Merry Cringemas indeed

No. 329197

she looks like one of those tumblr fake bois.

No. 329198

File: 1482545141313.png (38.9 KB, 598x349, gross.png)

im pretty sure shes lying but its kind of gross her mother supports this mediocrity.

No. 329209


No. 329210

File: 1482547750039.jpg (32.8 KB, 618x413, lol.jpg)

No. 329212

I've been noticing in her tweets she's mentioning Gogo and Lando more, and they're pretty close friends of David. Is that how she's coping?

No. 329230

I heard that he invited her to a convention in Canada just to get some. She probably didn't want it because he's not a azn pretty boi

No. 329239

Or she's attempting to associate with less shitty people so as to make people think she is less shitty lol

No. 329241

Heard from HolMat last weekend that Nathan was fuckin Momo and like a couple of her friends. Bet you they're all getting tested.

No. 329243

Only goes to Canada if DeLuca is border patrol

No. 329250

It amazes me that decent looking guys would try to stick it in moomoo tbh. She's not even a very good looking fat girl. I get that korean bbq was kind of chunky himself and busted in the face, what's up with this deluca guy? He has a rep? Because personally I think he's decent looking. I'm not very heavily into the cosplay scene though.

No. 329257

eeek incestous friendships. do they know they're all doing it?

No. 329259

File: 1482558855100.jpg (15.91 KB, 365x351, C0ayrbBVQAAruRW.jpg)

meat claws

No. 329262

File: 1482560680165.jpg (225.17 KB, 1183x412, Screenshotsss.jpg)

Throwing shade at Momo?
I really appreciate that Swimsuit owns the fact that she's a sex worker and doesn't try to deny it. I respect that about her. Much more than I can say about Momo, who keeps trying to deny that her Patreon content is sex work.

No. 329264

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Momo just make a POV cosplay porn that would be considered sex work? I don't find Momo unattractive at all but I don't know too much about her.
SwimsuitSuccubus is a real cutie and as far as I'm aware, she's pretty cool too. She makes about ~144K+ a year, which I'm kind of jelly of but good for her tbh.

No. 329265

Swimsuit seems really nice to Momo so I don't think it was throwing shade though it does apply. She probably frequently gets comments like that and got annoyed enough to comment on it.

No. 329281

Yeah, she did. Read a little further up the thread, someone commented on it calling it softcore porn and she said "Nah, it's just a cute groping set"
Then later made more tweets saying that what she does isn't considered pornagraphic at all.

No. 329292

File: 1482572511960.gif (51.35 KB, 199x300, 1434280197949.gif)


No. 329310


SSS doesn't really throw shade. She supports every girl who doesn't attack her. Pretty sure those comments were a response to people who think sex worker is an insult.

No. 329329

File: 1482601337305.jpeg (154.2 KB, 750x1052, image.jpeg)

They're following each other again and liking each other's shit again… Did momo actually precious aznboi back?

No. 329331

I might get judged for this but I'm a cam girl who has done some actual cosplay porn stuff and I don't consider Momo a sex worker. I do find it annoying how defensive she gets about people calling her stuff porn but as someone who makes actual porn I would never called a fully clothed photoset with some grabbing porn. It's definitely sexual content but not everything sexual is porn. I don't consider SS a sex worker either, just a glamour model with erotic undertones. I kinda wish SS wouldnt call herself a sex worker just because retards brand her photos as "porn" when it so clearly isn't.(no1curr)

No. 329344

Nathan DeLuca doesn't even need his best. I was talking to senpai and he said Momo, Krissy and the others sleep around all the cons to bring down cost for hotel rooms.

No. 329347

welcome back Nathan

No. 329350

File: 1482605076386.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5010.PNG)

Lol what are does doe

No. 329353


Lol. But don't call her a "sex worker" though. Lee telling yourself that Moomoo

No. 329356

I feel bad for that snowman being so near her nasty ass

No. 329364

>"I-It's just a cute groping set!!"

No. 329380

I can see how that'd be frustrating. I just keep calling Momo a sex worker because of how defensive and pissy she gets if you imply that she's doing anything near pornographic.
You do you girl, but if you're gonna do it then own it.

No. 329382

hot carls in the chamber

No. 329415

So lets be real then.
You can't compare her to an actual cosplayer, she isn't. She is a hoe. With 9,000 or so a month She is reaching your average wage of an escort or a dancer

An average escort will make about 5,000-8,000 a month

A well demanded escort can make 20,000 easy. Don't compare her wages to a cosplayer.

No. 329416

File: 1482614241911.jpeg (474.7 KB, 1789x2048, image.jpeg)

Apparently she got a camera now too… honestly she should just stick to photography. This didn't turn out too bad. If cosplay doesn't work for her then maybe this "photography" thing might give her chance at a actual job.

No. 329419

that's actually a decent look for moochlette. she needs to lay off the dark heavy makeup.

No. 329423

Goddamn Vamp, please stick to these soft looks or become a crossplayer.

No. 329447

She definitely looks nicer here than usual, but really she should stop trying to cosplay "cutesy" characters like Chii and that korean Overwatch girl, and instead cosplay more mature characters suited to her face

No. 329450

I can't even tell this is Vampette. She looks that good. Daaaaamn. Please learn from this, girl. It does you good.

No. 329452

Holy shit, you gotta put a spoiler on that. My fucking eyes!

No. 329471

This is pretty okay. Just wish vamp brushed her damn wig or Momo pushed the fibers back.it can be fixed in Photoshop but will Momo do it? Nah.

No. 329544

>momo said she'd do weekly streams but she doesn't even do those
>momo does one stream
>momo said she'd make her "studio" in her home
>momo gets a camera

pathetic trash

No. 329608

you know who did a cute cosplay of this? Allie Cat. Looks way better than Momo's.

No. 329610

this is actually really cute. I think Vamp is super talented, and Momo would have better luck just photographing and promo-ing Vamp. Just put her narcissism aside and take the hit.

No. 329611

Nah, SS is straight up. No drama. No shade. Just tells it like it is. I only see her throw shade when it gets thrown at her first. And she never seems to result to trashy insults that have nothing to do with the convo.

No. 329613

idk if I'd believe that or not for Nathan. I know Destiny and she's really good friends with him and Destiny tends to not ever get very involved with drama or anything…I could be very wrong, but I don't know if she'd openly associate herself with him if he was that shady. He always came off as gay to me, personally.

No. 329614

This is pretty nice. I think that once fixed her nose and teeth, Vamplette would definitely be pretty. Her face already has potential, she has a sweet look when she doesn't overdo her makeup.
Definitely more fixable than Moomoo.

No. 329648

Talk to Chris Mandeville

No. 329716

File: 1482710738410.png (Spoiler Image, 284.43 KB, 818x300, asdfsdgjfkd.png)

From her latest IG vid.

No. 329718

Why the hell would she even want to show that? It isn't flattering with her poorly shaped ass and ugly thighs. That's not attractive.

No. 329731

looks like a horse's ass

No. 329737

File: 1482715030534.png (216.64 KB, 571x314, momowot.png)

Christmas 'Samus'…is just a hot mess.

No. 329739

File: 1482715542144.png (16.64 KB, 300x225, 10D40069-BD03-4192-B5D8-E70094…)

No. 329748

Report for nudity :^)

No. 329768

Krissy told one of my friends that Nathan basically raped her. I'm assuming since Nathan is more well known he's trying to do damage control with her. I don't know either of them though

No. 329783

File: 1482725354977.jpg (40.7 KB, 625x415, 14654654.jpg)

No. 329790

My friends also heard from Krissy that Nathan DeLuca had his way. He also did all her friends at ColossalCon spreading STD's. A pretty sick group since they act like nothing happened.

No. 329792

Full story if you can explain it all please

No. 329806

is it just me or does the shoop make her lower torso look like it's about to extend into a centaur's horse body

No. 329818


It's the most blatant copying of Nigri she's attempted so far. "Look how sexy I am, I'm violently shaking my boobs and showing my ass– LOLSORANDUMBFACES!!1!"

No. 329847

wow that is sick if he really raped her and she's doing nothing about it. As much as I dislike her I think she should do something about it. Maybe she's worried about his fame or her reputation being on the line? I don't get these "famous" cosplayers sometimes

No. 329876

I didn't know anyone here ordered cottage cheese

No. 329883

Nigri didn't invent Xmas heauxplay tho lmao

No. 329885

File: 1482765978462.jpg (61.06 KB, 600x600, 371.jpg)

No. 329887

Fucking Christ, this is a character from a kids game, yeah adults play it, but still. At least do this with a character only adults would know about. I don't know why but seeing this stuff with a childrens media character makes my skin crawl.

No. 329891

I doubt this fatass had the dexterity to do a slut drop.

No. 329893

File: 1482768688494.gif (4.42 MB, 640x360, Project 1.gif)

No. 329896

Weird thing is they're all friends with him. If it were true, why not out him and stop enabling him due to threats of losing your cosfame. Your cosfame means nothing when you're old.

No. 329897

How can you be this fat and still have no ass. Flat as a board.

No. 329899

I'm a nurse, and her legs look similar to a chairbound severely overweight patient I have. Gives me triggers because I have to wash her creases with a sponge on a stick, smells like a cadaver. They look just as ashy too. Weird.

No. 329900

lol she had to bend so far over to give the illusion of having an ass … and even then it's flat.

No. 329901

amazing. she was bending over and pushing her ass out but it looked as flat as board. wow

No. 329904

Lmao what are these idiot cosplayers gonna do when they reach that ripe age of looking old? They act like they're famous and shit but there's such a small community that even knows who they are. If she's really trying to be nigri she'sgona need to get more serious and learn a real talent. I mean nigri does way more than take her clothes off at this point.

No. 329905


That's her face when you say you're taking her to McDonald's.

No. 329906


Holy crap, I know everyone already said that but damn, she gained a LOT of weight.

No. 329908

File: 1482772694805.png (36.81 KB, 688x414, IMG_5022.PNG)

That back fat that's bulging out looks nasty. Like I wonder how she'd look in that dress if she wasn't wearing a corset like she always is

No. 329910

What is this about someone maybe raping her? I'm assuming it's because she gets drunk and high at these con parties and someone probably took advantage.

No. 329917

Interesting. My mother is 65 and I was thinking that the legs look like hers but my mother isn't charibound. She did smoke a lot all her life, though, so that maybe makes things worse. She's also really overweight.

No. 329919

Read the thread, it's about Krissy not Momo

No. 329924

and why be so afraid to out him? he isn't even that popular in the community he only has like 2k followers on Twitter.

No. 329925

Her ass is so gross. She's is so fucking gross, how can you have no self-awareness of how repulsive this is. I know fetishists will pay and fap to it anyway but they fap to anything. At least try to look good. Look sexy instead of slutty.

No. 329937

God, this is so disgusting. I use to like her a lot when I first followed her. But seeing that she is going down the route like this, it makes me want to fucking vomit. We all know you lurk here Moomoo, do yourself a favor and have is dignity in yourself. You are disgusting.

No. 329946

>tfw I think that my ass looks like her's here

I'm glad my local gym is open after the holidays…

No. 329950

File: 1482783175066.png (Spoiler Image, 39.18 KB, 640x732, IMG_4044.PNG)

Eww. Btw what happened to the "cute groping" set she was supposed to release? Did David not give her all the pictures since it was shot on his camera? Lolz

No. 329951

I can't help but cringe at the comments on IG about her ass and how the gym work is paying off. She's been working out for only a couple of weeks or so she reckons, that's not the ass of someone that's dedicated. It's shapeless and flabby, thirsty fuckboys will never learn.

No. 329955

Good fucking lord, her arm is as big as her head.

No. 329975

This is so embarrassing to watch.
If you're going to show off your ass, add some movement, a little swing of the hips, add some light jiggling(not twerking ).

Bending completely over for 5 seconds and turning around is the opposite of sexy. Literally looks like your trying to push out a fart.

No. 329977

You can report like 60% of her content for being sexual.

No. 329978

That character doesn't even wear tights… Like wtf. Why wear these when she already has the boots/stockings…

Also find her legs weirdly shaped

No. 329980


She has massive ham thighs and smaller stumpy calves so it throws off the proportions of her legs and makes her thighs look long in comparison to her calves.

No. 329981

I agree about the legs. I can't figure out how it's possible for her to have thighs the size of tree trunks when we're all very doubtful she worksout.

No. 329983

Ugh, I'm watching the vod of her playing Wind Waker, how is she bad?? It's one of the easier Zeldas, and she literally never presses Z for the auto-target lock.

No. 329984

^ how is she 'so' bad oops

No. 329990

Wind Waker is one Zelda game that is easy to figure out definitely. Momo is a typical quirky so random11!!XD gamerrrrrr guuuuurl who knows fuck all about anything and just wants to look cool for the boys watching her on Twitch.

No. 330020

File: 1482797526626.png (1.79 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-12-26-19-11-37…)


No. 330034

Why do they all call it "budoire". I dont know why but its annoying

No. 330035

It's like these girls have no other ideas for Patreon rewards besides "boudoir"

No. 330037

because god forbid people think its porn

even though it is pure fap bank material

I was just thinking this, why not come up with rewards that actually revolve around your, you know, COSPLAY? just proves they're after that $$$$

No. 330042

Even steff does this why are you all so surprised?

No. 330059

kimmy too

No. 330087

File: 1482811904375.png (239.53 KB, 383x416, Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 11.1…)

best role model lol

No. 330089


Why does she insist on making those retarded looking faces. It's not "cute", "sexy" or "quirky". It just makes her look fucking stupid and obviously proves that she is completely incapable of being sexy because of her gross land whale body, so she makes stupid faces to compensate and make people go "look how cute and quirky she is".

No. 330090

Tbh I thought she was going for ahegao stuff here

No. 330092

Nigri and Momo and other cosplay girls who do the whole "quirky", not like other girls thing do it so that they can't branded hoes when they put their t and a on display. They think it gives them some kind of relatable personality and makes them think they actually mean something to their fans when in truth they are just fap material lol

No. 330110


yikes at that arm flab

No. 330111


Well if she half as much physical gymnastics as mental gymnastics, she'd actually lose a few pounds. Seriously, she completely dilutes herself into thinking she isn't anything more than a whore who guys rub one out to. She thinks she's being super inspirational and breaking new ground, that she is somehow making the cosplay world better just by being here when it couldn't be further from the truth. She inspires no one, not even haters to do better than her. She ruins the cosplay world because now guys think that all girl cosplayers are just like her, selfish attention whores who are only in it for the money and are just begging for sex with any neckbeards who are willing to pay enough. That every female cosplayer is expected to desss as lewd versions of their characters because that's the only kind that will get attention. She's just some fat hoe who got lucky and exploits the hopelessly naive and desperate nerds who can't get a real girl. And when guys are sick of her and her bullshit and find some new fap material, she'll be stuck holding the bag and by then she'll be a used, worn out burlap sack that not even her stepdad would want to touch.

No. 330124

Trying to find a cosplayer who only offers rewards that are meaningful and not cheap tactics to gain a quick dollar is rare. All these girls are becoming the same, uncreative sellouts who can't offer nothing else to please fans.

No. 330138

People arent willing to pay for anything else. Look at Danielle Vedovelli. Over 300k facebook fans, gorgeous, incredible body but her patreon has no lewd content. Even though her costumes are nice and she's got a good personality people dont spend much on her patreon because no one wants to give money just for good cosplay.

No. 330148

With that in mind and back to Momo, I can understand good sex appeal in cosplay, it can work and look great, but hers is downright trashy. The "groping" Wicke set, the latest no effort Christmas Samus with pointless bending over, next year it'll probably just get worse. Awaiting full nude photos in character, it's bound to happen.

No. 330153


No. 330154

Momo went out of her way to try to start shit with one of kbbqs old flings or something check replies to "apparently that is my exes hand lmao"

No. 330156


She could have just ignored it but no, of course she had to say something to defend Kbbq, looking like the desperate sad person she is.

No. 330157

What's eye roll worthy for me is that there are plenty of sexualized characters that it would make sense to do lewds for. I would have more respect for her if she did legit cosplays but then funded herself by doing lewds for characters that it would make sense for. She seems like a hyper sexual type person and there's no shame in that, but she wants to call herself a cosplayer when in reality she just wants to strip and be beta men's spank bank. I would also have more respect for her if she would stop lying almond treating people like they're disposable.

No. 330158

what a dumb bitch, she replied to her super fast too which just proves she lurks the fuck out of people that make fun of her. also the fact she felt the need to attack one of the most tamest comments on that post too. girl is has 0 confidence in herself.

be the bigger person and ignore it, but she really tried it huh. and people went in on her.

No. 330161

Because "cringy photoshoot of half naked me for you male fans to fap to" sounds too camwhorish and they want to pretend they aren't

No. 330162

Samefagging, but holy fuck the comments are full of guys calling her a cheap whore, a thot etc. and she replies to the less hostile comment?? Reminds me of another girl I've seen, the comments full of guys calling her a whore and suddenly another girl calls her a whore too and she instantly comes in and chimps out like crazy.
Is she that desperate for male attention?

No. 330163


Holy shit. She is getting roasted in the comments.

Please tell me there is more to come. I love it when she chimps out because she can't handle being called out like the whore she is and starts attacking everyone in sight.

No. 330166

Did anyone get screencaps of this? Was the comment deleted, or?

No. 330174

Krissy Victory said Nathan DeLuca raped 3 of her friends

No. 330181

File: 1482856700846.png (74.31 KB, 1140x625, moomookunwishes.png)

It wasn't deleted but here's a cap of the first few comments.

The rest is more people roasting her and pointing out how Mariah decided to defend herself against this one comment, despite all the super OTT stuff people were saying.

She also later said her and the Jay girl were messaging because she can't speak to her in public without people jumping in.

No. 330183

Can we not make shit up and blame a guy for rape without any proof? And stick to the shit we actually have proof of?? It's really derailing.

No. 330184

I honestly think its just been one person with a vendetta thats been going hard with this rumor. Probably the same person that kept posting about how MoMo spread chlamydia to everyone at a con.

No. 330189

What is a toth? UD is no help, it has several different definitions and none seems to fit her. Unless she really is an Egyptian deity, a medieval sex toy and a car dealership in Dallas.

No. 330190

No. 330192

A thot is a slut

No. 330194

I'll just ask the man himself and show him this thread

No. 330195

File: 1482860177828.jpg (48.69 KB, 720x553, _20161227_123339.JPG)

Maybe pick up your carp? How hard is that? Also gross. What a professional cosplayer.

Been working with animals for seven years. Peeing outside a litter box if they're trained, is a sign of a health problem. Better take that cat to the vet

No. 330198

"deludes herself" not "dilutes herself" - only pointing this out because I've seen it on here a few times lately.

>be the bigger person

No. 330199

Now I'm just inclined to believe she smells like cat pee. I wonder if MooMoo's the type that doesn't realize she smells like a litter box.

No. 330200

I mean, if he has raped anyone I'd doubt he'd admit to it.

No. 330204

Huh, weird I didn't get that. Thanks!

No. 330205

thats because you spelled it toth, when its thot. the t-h is at the start, not the end.

No. 330209


No. 330210


Seems like she's too busy being a lazy coswhore to have looked into this problem when it first started. At least she's financially able to afford the bills if it has to visit a vet.

No. 330214

Hey Momo, why didn't you just message the girl in private to start with?
Publicly making a comment like that, shows how immature you really are. Wasn't it a few months ago, you were on here, claiming to change and be working on your ways? You haven't changed one bit lol.
Also, why are you defending the dude? Sure, he is a friend. But bet you, he can fight his own battles. I'm glad everyone is blasting you right now. Hope you learn a lesson.

No. 330226

She wasn't defending the dude, she was just jealous. I looked at the girl's profile and she also looks prettier than Moomoo and a better cosplayer, so this doubles the anger.

No. 330228

Can anything be done to save the cosplay community at this point? I feel like none of them have matured past high school it's a huge mess. It's so toxic and the girls exploiting the lonely guys for money is going to far. This is so fucked up. And now I'm hearing about this rapist Nathan guy from other sources and I'm just sad. The girls have no respect for themselves and are just taking their clothes off to the point that all girls are excepted to. This is a bad precedent. Holy shit I wish there was someway to change it.

No. 330229

>girls exploiting the lonely guys for money is going to far.
That statement is retarded because everyone knows you can find free porn all over the internet so it's not like these guys couldnt jerk off for free if they wanted. They arent being exploited.

No. 330236

Just because the guys are stupid enough to give them money doesn't mean they're not being exploited. The cosplayer girls act like the poor fools friends by interacting with their audience. They are absolutely being exploited for money. Other wise the cosplayers would just give them their pictures and not ask for money.

No. 330237

Retard alert.

No. 330241

I think momo especially is targeting and exploiting her followers as a source of income. We've all known her to be fake as hell so all the happy thank yous and smiley emojis aren't going to mask what she's using them for.

No. 330242

According to her Twitter a few minutes ago , this bitch now wants to cosplay a Disney character. Moana. Gonna slut it up!!!!!! I can already see it. I feel sorry for any little girls looking at Moana pictures online to ever see momo make it nasty.

Also, of course she's exploiting the neckbeards for cash hahahaha! That's exactly what's going on here.

No. 330247

As much as I dislike this kind of cosplayers, they're not "exploiting" anyone. The neckbeards choose to give them their money because they're thirsty cucks.

No. 330248

Why is she choosing all these characters from children's series? It's the kind of thing that leaves a bad taste in the mouth. I don't get why she can't she pick already provocative characters from adult series? There are so many of them.

No. 330249

To exploit something is to make full use of and derive benefit from a resource. Well, their loneliness is her resource of income.

No. 330250

To add to that, I understand the word exploit holds a very negative connotation however it's the very definition of the word. And it's certainly how the cosplayers are using their fans.

No. 330251

Who is demanding that ogher cosplay girls take their clothes off? Just cosplay for fun and ignore the retards. If what you really want to say is that to get attention or money you need to show more skin then you just want the market to change depending on your preference. Sex sells everywhere.

No. 330253

wow wow i can't even with these thots

No. 330254

No. 330256

The slutty cosplayers are making it harder and harder for us regular cosplayers to go a day without being hit up for lewds and nudes. They're pretty much ruining the fun for the rest of us and it's increasingly hard to ignore.

No. 330258

It isn't very exploitative. She preys on the hopeless losers and socially awkward guys who can't talk to girls in real life and are feelin desperate and lonely. She pretends to be the perfect girl for those types of guys "See, I'm not like those mean girls who won't give you the time of day and think this stuff is lame. I'm totally into anime and video games and we'd spend the whole day geeking about all that stuff lol. Not to mention I'm reasonably attractive so you won't be embarrassed to date me". When of course that's all a crock of shit and she pretends to be into it so that she can hook guys in. After that, she lets you in just enough so that you'll keep paying, keeping alive that sliver of hope that you'll ever actually have a chance with her. She does all the "sexy" photoshoots to say "See? This could be all yours for the right price. If you give me enough money, I might make you my favorite and this will all be for your eyes only". But you know that deep down, she's already got your money, so why would she still give a shit about you?

Just pure exploitation of the lonely and desperate.

No. 330259


* It is

No. 330260


Yeah it really really baffles me too. Hopefully she will try to make this one discreet and tasteful ………. Hahahhahahahha no way that happens.

No. 330261

These are grown men though. You act like they are helpless children. Are you one of these guys or something? You seem to really feel for these neckbeards.

No. 330263


I don't feel shit for them. If they want to piss away their money on a cow like Moomoo, then so be it, I lose no sleep over it. Just explaining what her process is.

No. 330268


Are you momo or one of her friends? you're trying to justify their actions pretty strongly here.

No. 330272

What if David told her she can't release the groping set now that they're broken up? Imagine all those angry neckbeards who subbed an extra 2k+ this month won't be getting their "cute groping set xdd"

No. 330279

She dead ass said she was going to cosplay Moana. She is about to butcher something sooo fuckin hard. She also implied that moana is Hawaiian. Wtf

No. 330280

File: 1482872455665.jpg (116.45 KB, 990x1532, IMG_3254.JPG)

I did what i could

No. 330282


Oh great. More shitty photoshops.

No. 330283


She said she wants to shoot in Hawaii

No. 330285

Omg I hope she does I can't wait. I can't wait to see inappropriate boudoir shots of a character from a children's movie.

No. 330287

because she's probably tired from pretending she knows anything about anime/ video games. so might as well cosplay basic ass characters

No. 330289

Okay, I am more and more convinced she got shook when people here pointed out that she hasn't done any of her goal rewards yet.

Also how interesting she's going to go to Hawaii again after getting 11k+. Why do I feel like this has all happened before…

No. 330303

gonna report this bitch to the IRS

No. 330306

>Granny pantyhose
>Granny bra
>Granny glasses
>Granny arms
good lord this is awful

No. 330307

Can't wait for the """"cute groping set""" she does with Maui

No. 330308

File: 1482876903388.jpg (348.1 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20161227_171246.jpg)

Claims these were her legs after Hawaii last time. Why she couldn't cosplay. Damn. That's bad. But amused how she didn't show how bad it was until months later.

No. 330311

probably. her thread has been dead for 2 days so she needs more attention xD(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 330313

probably luna again

No. 330314

and i only say that because i've talked to them about this and they have no idea what i'm talking about so def made up

No. 330316

You guys notice the recent streams too? Im pretty sure she noticed the comments here about her not delivering on those goals and now she's trying to catch up on them

On a side note I can not stand reading her Twitter all she dose is talk about her self and retweet other people's tweets a out how 'amazing' she is and then kisses up to anyone she can use for more publicity…thats it and it's fucking annoying.is she even passionate about anything other than herself?

No. 330320

That's all she uses these guys for it seems. Cosplay couple fantasies that can earn her some extra cash.

No. 330324

yup, her streaming and getting a camera right after 2-3 people mentioned it here seriously proves it.

No. 330331

Momo cosplaying Moana requires:
>curly, healthy looking lacefront wig
>exposed midriff
>fabrics that imitate (or are) banana/pineapple fiber textiles
>detailed patterned fabric
>a lot of cowry shell embellishment
With her dependence on her corsets and refusal to style wigs, how the fuck is Momo gonna pull this off?

She doesn't even look anything like Moana, and it's not like she'll make up for the disparity with craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Also when you mean by Moana being Hawaiian according to Momo, is she ignoring the Pacific Islander and some SE Asian influence in the movie? Yikes.

No. 330332

File: 1482881286409.png (258.61 KB, 1080x764,