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File: 1486818274033.jpg (Spoiler Image, 911.32 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170211_075543.jpg)

No. 249034

1st thread is years old.
2nd thread: >>213356
3rd thread: >>225956

Her social media:

The amalgamation of silicone, delusion and failed parenting known as Luna Lanie has always been a source of lols but recently she's made it known what a bag of cockroach jizz she is due to her drama with Mariah Mallad.
It all began in Mariah's 6th thread after a twitter fight where Mariah called out Luna for being trash:

And Luna linked to mariah's lolcow thread then came to the thread herself:
Luna's greatest hits in that thread:

Luna is also known to have drama with cosplayer Kayyybear and as such hates any cosplayer who is friends with her. Luna's "reasoning" for this is found here in Mariah's 6th thread:
Kay "ripped her pants" in high school because they liked the same boy. cue Spongebob ripped pants song

Delanie/Luna is Linked to a twitter troll account that spawned right after Luna and Mariah had their twitter spat and attacks Mariah and Kay while retweeting all luna's photos:
The account's typing style is similar to Luna and similar to the posts made on lolcow in Luna's defense.

After the drama in Mariah's 6th thread Luna took to /pt/ to further whiteknight herself and the thread was moved to snow:

>Call's other cosplayers "costhots" and "ratchets" even though she sells her nudes

>Porked Alex Ramos, internet renowned trashlord and instigator in Amanda Todd's suicide.

>Rumored to have been pumped and dumped by Martin Wong

>Also whiteknights herself in her own patreon exploitation thread on anon-ib

> Continually attacks Swimsuit Succubus, Kaybear, Krissy Victory, and Momokun in her thread. Also name drops tons of nobodies constantly.

>Got invited to a convention in Mexico, bragged about it for weeks, then some IG model she pretends to be friends with 'goes missing' (she was fine) and Luna starts going on how dangerous Mexico is (she has never been) and how she is unsure about going to the convention (issue happened at the border, convention is way down in Guadelejara)

> will come whiteknight herself and boost her own thread when it has been dead for over a week

> is in Malibu currently recovering from a secret surgery

> says topless nude is fake and not how her nips look in OP cover image but other wet tshirt image she posted herself on her social media

From first thread OP →*I made this thread because a farmhand said that posts about Luna in the thread she made to whiteknight herself were derailing and that we should make Luna her own thread.

No. 249076

Those nipples are a disaster

No. 249084


No. 249093

That first pic looks like she's standing in a puddle of piss. I get what it's supposed to look like, but the whole thing is unfortunate.

Nipples have diverse looks, but damn, there is no way they are naturally cockeyed like that. How the actual fuck do people think this is realistic?

No. 249105

She obviously got a really cheap boob job or something.

No. 249123

They look like biceps.
Fucking nasty.
That's what you call a black market boob job.

No. 249130

Is that OP pic the one she made a huge deal over on twitter saying "kaybear photoshopped a nude of me to look weird" even though it was a photo taken directly from her snap by one of her fuckboys?

No. 249141

yep same exact one. was posted to anon ib first. they said they went to screenshot it and the phone glitched and removed the emojis she put to cover her nips

No. 249149

So Momofloob , Balding 80 yr old Nigri ,cutter Kay bear , tranny succubus and kris bird woman are still shopping pictures to make them feel better about their trailer trash lives. Sad women but I would be to if I lived like sex traffic workers. No education with a fan base of minimum wage workers that still live in their mummy's and daddy's basement lmao

No. 249152

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's loonie time!

No. 249153

File: 1486840693730.png (147.63 KB, 985x1009, IMG_5177.PNG)

You know what's really nasty? Asians in cosplay that aren't attractive and smell like fish all the time. Another gender bend type of girl boy so I guess not having money to afford the best plastic surgery in the world is triggering right fishface

No. 249154

Wow your insulting nicknames are like, 4th grade level, way to go. Literally all of those woman actually live in their own houses/apartments now (I don't know about Krissy, but I know the other 4 do.)


who the actual fuck even is this?

No. 249155

who the hell even is this

No. 249156

Did you miss Luna's biggest trolling fan I'm actually a guy but I'd love to be her for a day or two

No. 249157

They live in trashy cheap houses and apartments lmao

No. 249158

but out of the mouth of luna herself

"it's a site for only women no men allowed men would never post there"

No. 249159

yeah I'm sure Nigri's giant like 5 bedroom house with a pool and shit is cheap

No. 249160

Is Arizona even in the US guess Nigga couldn't afford a house in lalaland

No. 249162

Only trash would brag about living in Arizona lol

No. 249163

seriously don't understand why it's so hard for her weird ass fans to believe plenty of people dislike her the reason they don't say shit to her is because as soon as they say something criticizing her she blocks them lol

No. 249167

I mean Luna bragged about visiting Arizona

>pot calling kettle black?

No. 249171

Loonie after another random person only she knows, ayyyyy….

No. 249175

You waste so much space please lose weight and get off the Internet. You can't take any criticism but endlessly white knight the biggest botched boob fan scammer out there. Nigri and maybe half of the cosplayers out there have the cheapest boob jobs. Nigri has the worst job at all I think her father must have done them. The worst goes to Lanae that works with David Love the pedophile also Vamp, Ireland Reid, AniMia, Hughley the list is so long there's really no point in dissing someone who gained a ton of weight but now has normal real boobs lol

No. 249186

Jessica's boobs look way better done than yours, Loonie. Pretty sure you know it too.

No. 249188

No Jess has had hers done 3 times and so much scar tissue. They are rock hard which is the biggest sign of botched. I don't know hun nipples move around except Jess who doesn't seem to have hers anymore. Her biggest issue though is the fact she's made her money being dishonest nit the fact she's just nasty to look at now

No. 249189

I have no idea what you're talking about loonie. Chill.

No. 249190

No one except jessica would care so much to defend a botched boob job or sperge on someone who is xxxxxxxx times more attractive lol

No. 249192

God the way these fat fucks defend that old cunt is enough to induce vomiting

No. 249194

I wonder what it's like having to support both parents, a manchild boyfriend and all her truly retarded looking crew of lackeys? It's sad she felt stressed to go under the knife so many times but her nose job was the best procedure to date. Her fans at least paid for one decent procedure

No. 249197


I wonder what it's like getting ass naked on snapchat and shaking your nonexistant ass on Periscope while constantly getting banned on social media for being a whore and still getting nowhere in life Luna while making nothing on Patreon compared to the girls you hate so much

No. 249199

What's really messed up is that Momo and Kay are the ones keeping this sperge going thinking that people will believe it's others. Nobody else would care enough to be this obsessed to keep starting new threads.

No. 249201

I've never seen her naked she's like the most perfect woman in the world it must be hard knowing she has property in Malibu lol

No. 249202

File: 1486844280403.png (2.05 MB, 1440x2560, 1485905452382.png)

here ya go

also Malibu fuckin sucks if you've ever actually been there. I'm sure you've only ever seen it in the pics you see online though, Loonie

go finger yourself on the beach for them patreon buxx tho

No. 249203

a fan offering their house does not count as her owning property idiot lmfap

No. 249207

nigris nose looks exactly the same as it always has. obv her tits are fake but everything else is makeup and contouring and photoshop. are you jealous you have an ugly witches nose loonie? gotta project those insecurities on others? also ryan is a partnered twitch streamer so.pretty sure he does well.enough for himself. also pretty sure loonie crushed on ryan when he was in ATL so again…sorry nigri did it first loonie

No. 249212

Malibu does not suck. And luna if you have properties here in LA then why do you habe botched boobs

No. 249213

lunas boobs are so fucking ugly even she photoshops her own nipples out lmfao nothing natural about those how funny that after everyone called her out for her botched job she deleted her flat as a board chest pics off her ig from 3 years ago

No. 249214

must be sad when the only talent you have in life is posting naked photos on the internet

No. 249221


She looks so disproportionate with those watermelon tits and nothing else.

No. 249256

Loonie still coming to white knight herself and pretend that any fan would constantly bring up the same people who dont even talk about Loonie on their social media ever? I'd love to see loonie try to publicly call out Jess like she did Momo and get completely destroyed. She'd never try to touch Jess publicly because this filthy, irrelevant whore knows she is scum beneath Jess. Not even in her radar.
Also lol at how Loonie is slowly learning our lingo because she spends every day on this site. Took her long enough to adopt "sperg".

No. 249269

Ok but can we stop with the Nigri dick riding. Even PULL doesn't dick ride Nig this much lol. It makes this forum look like a bunch of jnig fangirls

Luna is on Chel's level tbh so idk why not compare her to that train wreck

No. 249275

the only reason anyone defends nigri here is because loonie's creepass fans (or her…lbh) always brings nigri up to compare the 2. otherwise, i don't think anyone gives a shit about nigri.

No. 249276

It's true though that Luna is way beneath Nigiri in every aspect even though Luna/her whiteknight keeps attacking her.

No. 249284

Tbh I hate them both so

No. 249303

Jessica gtfo everyone knows you're a cheater and common trailer park trash

No. 249307

How little you know I'm actually busting at the seams

No. 249309

She called out Jess already and nothing happened because bitch buys her likes and followers

No. 249319


Nothing happened because everyone in the cosplay community knows how psycho and irrelevant Loonie Lanie is and to avoid her lololol

No. 249322

Who would want to associate with trailer trash let me know when you tanks get something else to wail over. Looking through Luna's follows she's more class than anyone mentioned here. Who follows and interacts with Walmart workers like yourselves no one except d listers.

No. 249323

The funny thing is all this shit about Nigri is from the other cow site and these dumb bitches are arguing over facts. Nigris tits and porn all over just google idiot

No. 249325

do you compose your sentences like this in real life

No. 249327

Good joke

No. 249329

how convenient that anytime someone brings up something luna mentioned on her own twitter does the tweet suddenly MAGICALLY disappear?

No. 249331

File: 1486864539238.jpg (49.19 KB, 654x243, bbahahaha.jpg)

hey luna just an fyi you can delete your tweets but they still search up in google search you fucking idiot

No. 249332

apparently the only ones that give a fuck about nigri are luna and her retard followers since no one else brought her up…so obsessed.

No. 249333

yeah luna's follows with the bs follower app she uses…all her followers see is blonde ho with big tits to hit that follow button who gives a fuck

No. 249335


No. 249344


No. 249347

She obviously buys/uses follower apps. Her pics get like 400 likes and she has 100k followers. Compare that to the people she shit talks who like have way less followers and average at least 1k likes. What a phony ho.

No. 249352

Loonie talking to herself

No. 249442

Why are you all obsessed with twitter it's like you work for them lol. You really need to stop deflecting about buying likes since your quawn does it on every post on Instagram YouTube. Doesn't matter how many likes as long as famous people liking. When's the last time that happened to you fatties.its all about the right people not a bunch of necks fawning over your fat fingers in your ass momo

No. 249443

More like the opposite it's so obvious all those pitiful looking cosplayers buy likes and rt yet have 4 comments on a picture lol

No. 249444

Do you agree that Nigri does porn because it seems like you have been triggered big daddy

No. 249445

Momo you have to be the most fucked up specimen masquerading as a female. No wonder the fatties and rejects flock to your hanging arm drapes for the smell of fresh onions and regret

No. 249447

File: 1486885071051.png (383.34 KB, 1121x1307, IMG_5193.PNG)

Now this is a meltdown what a fucking bitch. I can't believe the stupidity of her fans lol

No. 249448

You arent kidding she does have dragon scales lmao

No. 249450

More like she sold her pussy to the highest bidder at all those cons she was invited to. Needed that money to pay off her parents house and get a loser to move out of his moms house to lick her shit stained panties.

No. 249451


This is absolutely nothing in comparison to Loonie's weekly twitter/periscope/lolcow/anonib meltdowns quit trying to drag nigri down luna and just accept you'll never be a fraction as popular as her

No. 249453

Most happy people don't say they're happy they live a free life. I know this dumb bitch thinks she has power but it's gone. People laugh at you and your manchild behind your back. It's just a matter of time before you are on to kids parties lol

No. 249454

What I'm trying to figure out is why you literally sit on this board I bait you and it's 6 mins always until you descend like a fly on shit. If that's not a full blown mental disorder I don't know what to name it kimchi

No. 249455

Duh it's Nigri or her weird father who's always shown on the computer. And he has an active life liking porn stars and big busted teases like his daughter. Do you think she was molested to pick this sordid life

No. 249456

The difference is Delanie has choices because she's that drop dead beautiful whereas All these other girls including baldy are always going to be freaks

No. 249457

Unless you have notifications on and you're really well known no one gets that many likes with twitter. The fact that initial likes on momo nigri and these other Luna haters only rise after hours being up prove they buy them. You uglies are making fools of yourselves on here no one knows about any of you or cares. Meanwhile in Hollywood. . .

No. 249465

Loonie please get a new hobby.

No. 249466

And all of the posts in this thread for the last hour have been Loonie. It's so painfully obvious, these threads are my favorite because of how hard she spergs out in them.

No. 249471

File: 1486888692439.png (268.3 KB, 600x336, Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 12.3…)

"Drop dead beautiful"
lol ok lanie

No. 249482

holy fuck that beak lmfao

No. 249487

The beak, the chin, the awful fish lip fillers. It's all so bad.

No. 249598

She literally looks like a witch. Imagine paying to be uglier.

No. 249663

that's what good camera angles and photoshop is for. i really don't even care about her looks until she acts like a total holier-than-thou cunt. truthfully, i find her photos, especially the newer modeling photos she has been doing to be absolutely stunning. i just don't appreciate people who are still average people that act better than everyone else, then rants about how "women should be lifting eachother up in this community" when she constantly tears others down. quite pathetic.

No. 249730

File: 1486929872532.jpg (169.67 KB, 1155x1732, IMG_2671.JPG)

Her new pics are just as terribly photoshopped as before

No. 249735

Damn this is like an icky Vicky level shoop. She looks like a real doll.



No. 249937

Im going to be honest here. I shamefully masturbate to this thread so hard. Not because of the lewd pics or the alleged sex tapes, I pleasure myself just knowing how we visit this site and easily take a shit on this cartoon of a character named LOONIE LOONIE. Seriously people. If I weren't so involved in making myself look any better, id invest into stocks of how crude these comments can get. I mean if were gonna get political on this bitch, sign me up & bet your ass she'll be the first deported back to zero if she wanna come at me. Lawyer up!? Bitch. please. Throw me a bone! Ill take 3-5 with 2 dykeass bitches and write a book on it just to prove my point! Ill even throw a parade and draw my own protest on the matter. I dont give a fuck. Im here demonstrating what we as americans like to call civil liberties. and for a southern girl, you seem to be on the wrong end of fascist america.

No. 249941

Your post is word salad and you're weird.

No. 249983

did you just write this whole post using the predictive text thing?

No. 250461

This looks like a photo from a Fredrick's of Hollywood catalog from the early '90s.

Also that obviously shooped in snow. kek

No. 250882

Kek at the warped railing behind her, and the weird black shadow that isn't being cast by anything behind her hair, obviously there to hide her terrible boob shoop

No. 250991

Can we all just agree that Zoie is racist(Derail)

No. 251223

wrong thread buddy Zoie has her thread

No. 251245

Hey man fredericks had some cute cheap shit. It was my go to in high school. Luna is more like K Mart

No. 251752

File: 1487123409021.png (161.69 KB, 1124x1207, IMG_5229.PNG)

Yeah she has no chance

No. 251775

Cosplay fanboys are worse than wrestling fans when it comes to liking Kmart she's smart she goes back and forth with her style. she's keeping one toe in the gutter

No. 251797

You can always count on the wonky nippled costhot wannabe to sperg her own thread.
Never change, Loonie. Never change.

No. 251812

Lol such a retard Luna

No. 251814

Proof it's Luna because we know the land whale is always refreshing lol

No. 251815

I wonder when these uglies are going to stop promoting Luna you know she made bank on her valentines promo

No. 251824

Luna go to bed

No. 251825

The only bitch with wonky nipples is nigri who has none and seems to be obsessed with boobs.shes always squeezing other cosplayers and making disgusting comments. Second I guarantee these girls are insanely jealous of Luna's success and the fact that nothing they do prevents her from gaining more fans

No. 251826

I'm on west coast fatass and have all nite to fuck with you

No. 251827

I love how it's the same obsessed bitch on here 24 7 don't you have a man or are you all alone with your flubber tonight

No. 251830

Loonie that's you

No. 251845

File: 1487138207694.jpg (330 KB, 1286x1556, IMG_0738.JPG)

The bows on her lingerie are going opposite directions

More proof of wonky nips lol

No. 251848

laughing all the way to the bank

No. 251849

The only person I think that's this obsessed and miserable who would post here is her ex and his followers. He's so butt hurt she's moved on with someone else lol.

No. 251854

Are her tits uneven? The left one (our right)looks way bigger

No. 251856

Also, she looks like she's in her mid-30's.

No. 251859

File: 1487141074315.png (90.83 KB, 813x1205, IMG_5230.PNG)

Nah it's definitely Momo posting I'd be jealous too if all I had was broke kmart workers as fans lol the amount of crisco this bitch must put on her to slide into this cheap outfit must be phenomenal

No. 251860

Jesus that expression looks like she's smelling her taco bell farts

No. 251861

Hi jess

No. 251862

This is how I know it's a virgin posting all smart and experienced people know boobs aren't even sized especially real ones. You just outed yourself faggot now go back to jacking off to more fatties

No. 251863

Someone needs to tell her that fat boobs aren't real boobs

No. 251864

I can't wait to see the thot parade at that nigger con in Baltimore. If someone is smart they'll bring the Baltimore police to accidentally shoot a few of them(bait)

No. 251868

Loonie go to sleep

No. 251870

I know seriously those thots need to be raped(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 251873

Why does this thread kept getting renewed. Momo needs to spend less time on here and more time fixing those hideous cosplays she wears in public lol

No. 251874

No they need to be unjustly arrested then put in a paddy wagon and hit over the head a few times lol

No. 251883


Are you sad you're socially exiled from every popular con Loonie?

No. 252038

Ew what's up with that cheap yandy lingerie? It looks so tacky! Can't she afford better? She must be completely broke since we all know she only gets 3k off patreon to show her tits and no sponsorships. Shitty lighting and the writing looks like someone slapped it on in MS paint. She's also poorly airbrushed so shenlooks like she's nade of plastic. Combined with her creepy stare and vacant eyes she just looks like a sex doll. So tacky and unfortunate. Also since when was she selling photosets? Desperate for money much?

No. 252092

idk she always posts that she likes it but the bodysuit she posted on IG is apparently from VS. I can't give her shit for the lingerie after seeing the disgusting shit moomoo has been posting. she also lost a lot of pledges because of ppl cheating the system last month it looks like…she made a big deal about it on her fb and patreon acct and hid the amount she is bringing in

No. 252097

the thing that proved to me they are fake are all the photos of her laying down but her boobs don't flop to the side at all. since nigri's, zoie b, and all the other chicks i know who have boob jobs are the same way its a pretty dead giveaway

No. 252099

yeah cuz real boobs also fucking move to the sides when you lay on your back not sit perfectly on your chest…nice try

No. 252105

File: 1487181934580.png (341.92 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170215-130434.png)

since it's obvious most of her fans can't tell for themselves

No. 252106

File: 1487181960179.png (387.91 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170215-130427.png)

No. 252110

you do realize that when someone loses weight tits and ass are the first things to go right? can save the ass by doing squats but there is no saving the fat in boobs. which is another obvious way to tell her titties are plastic

No. 252111

Neither are ones filled with saline.

No. 252112

and sage for samefagging but i could give a shit if someone has fake tits especially if they were flat as hell before but what is the point of lying about them being real if its this obvious. you went from a fucking A cup to a DD luna your tits don't magically grow in your 20s

No. 252195

File: 1487190845418.png (37.66 KB, 457x515, IMG_5231.PNG)

Go away ugly cunt you shop your crater face and try so hard to look white with blue contacts All the time. Your an ugly nigger and will always be deformed and now fat as momo lol

No. 252197

Shit look at her beak nose

No. 252255

god you are fucking stupid you can hate kay all you want but anyone can clearly see kay's whole body is like the size of moomoos thigh so calling her fat is literally the weakest insult and seriously how can you be this racist luna

No. 252256

yeah…kay has a beak nose…not loonie's fucking gonzo looking nose

No. 252257

must be pretty fucking embarassing that kay looks way better in person without any work done and luna looks like a 40 yr old coke whore even with her insane amounts of plastic surgery and photoshop

No. 252259

tell me again luna how kay sucked a dudes dick in hs for weed but you sucked wongs dick for coke as an adult

No. 252262

Kay is cute with a small nose. Triggered much, Loonie?

No. 252265

what's worse…the fact that when the original statement this was posted in on anon-ib was obviously supposed to be coming from alex ramos…or that it was even more likely luna pretending the be alex to defend herself lmfao

No. 252266

her makeup and eyebrows look better than yours too loonie

No. 252337

Kay is triggered

No. 252423

File: 1487210617364.png (378.51 KB, 1024x954, IMG_5234.PNG)

Kay cosplaying as white characters

No. 252431

That's not how "triggered" works, Loonie.

No. 252433

It's honestly scary and psychotic how fixated Luna is on Kay. Kay should get a restraining order since Luna/her fans have made threats on her life and violent posts about her. Not to mention involving Kay's family.

No. 252461

I actually really wish an admin would call out Luna's posts. Cause at this point it's not longer funny to watch her sperg out with the same nonsensical insults. It'd be much funnier to see her flip her shit when it is proven that she's made hundreds of posts here pretending to be a dozen other people.

No. 252462

Tbh I think it's in the thousands. Most of the time half the posts in her threads are psycho whiteknighty posts and threats towards Kay. She's made hundreds of comments in her own threads and sperged in Momokuns threads multiple times

No. 252463

Lol and what would that do no one gives a shit about ugly fat niggers, Asians,Indians,Arabs. Get use to white America kek

No. 252464

too bad you just described literally all your fan base loonie

No. 252465

Cant wait forthe admin to expose you Loonie

No. 252466

But no one care about you Kay and no one ever will. You have ZERO power get use to be trampled on.

No. 252467

Except it's not Luna so I'm pretty confident with admins

No. 252469

too bad it isnt kay either you fucking faggot

No. 252471

Could someone explain why a cutter who tries to look like Luna is considered sane? Like what are your standards when it's obvious it's Kay and momo the bipolar losing it on all these threads

No. 252473

Sure the girl was a complete psycho in high school very single white female. Pretty sure she just cosplayed to be like Luna. Too bad she will only end up taking a lot of dick being in Jessica's group of disgusting hoes

No. 252474

I know everyone knows jessica looks like she takes slot of dick in her holes

No. 252475

dude i have responded to like 4 of the 7 last posts against you racist shits and not kay OR momo OR sss or any of these girls you are so fucking threatened by for LITERALLY no reason. even if you are not luna seriously what went wrong in your life to make YOU so hateful and ignorant towards girls youve never met? or to blindly follow some bitch online just because she claims these girls are 'harassing' her when literally the ONLY one to call her out is moomoo? like seriously how absolute trash is your life to defend some dumb bitch…because what…you get to see her botched tits online for free? you really should just go kys then cuz you are just wasting your time here white knighting on a forum that is SPECIFICALLY designed to shit on ppl

No. 252482

File: 1487216414570.jpg (726.66 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170215_223847.jpg)

further proof her 'fans' are fucking retarded
>omgz it is so cool and sexy you speak spanish

you fucking idiots all she did was copy the post the convention posted originally

No. 252484

No one that's not a retard would be a fan of someone so blatabtly and badly photoshopped who posts their bullshit drama on their "professional" patreon.

No. 252485

prolly why she lost like 50 pledges lmfao

No. 252486

Literally what does this have to do with the comment you replied to?

Damn at least with Kiki's self posts she tried to make it seem natural just a little bit.

Luna is more insane than Kiki. Must be her greatest achievement

No. 252488

In her older threads someone posted screencaps of Delanie's facebook posts accusing Momo of bullying her and in the edit history she edited the post like 20 times to include and remove Kay. I guess she figured her vendetta would be too obvious if she left it that way. Lol too bad edit history is public Loonie.

No. 252493

she also originally had sss tagged in it too and removed her even though chel's bs cry for help story explicitly mentioned sss. really cant believe her fan base would back her with that bs when her only "proof" was some crap chels fat pathetic ass made up

No. 252496

File: 1487217637338.jpg (285.19 KB, 750x1258, IMG_2725.JPG)

Found the pics

No. 252500

File: 1487217746528.jpg (283.42 KB, 750x1270, IMG_2483.JPG)

No. 252503

Or could it be because she doesn't give a shit about drama with literal nobodies and she went private because she's in a relationship with someone. She eluded on snap to closing on property then deleted that too.

No. 252504

Yeah you dumbasses still keep bringing up shit no one cares about while she's looking better than any cosplayer out there. She's also posting more cosplays than any of these ugly bitches. Only a faggot nigger lover would fan over Kay lol

No. 252505

Expose me admin lol not Luna but pretty sure you all are dumpster bitches

No. 252506

Loonie please

No. 252507

Nigger please

No. 252509

Luna thinks she cant be caught because she uses proxies LOL okay Kiki 2.0

No. 252510

I meant Nigri please oh I forgot in her former life she was all white republican Nigri until she found out it was cooler to be PC. She hates minority's and porny princesses. I wonder if the fat fucker is still vegan lol. By the looks of thighs it looks like Tostitos has been her main food source BARF

No. 252511

Luna wouldn't waste her time on you nasty cunts lol but good luck admins

No. 252512

people here know Luna is going to succeed bigger than any of them then they will be exposed for the nasty counts they are and lose those fake pledges lol

No. 252513

Seriously the fact that these girls think they are equals is cracking me up

No. 252514

File: 1487219346050.png (155.04 KB, 316x363, IMG_2726.PNG)

>nasty counts

No. 252518

all i have seen are modeling shoots not a single cosplay in like 3 months lmfao

good i hope she is in a relationship so maybe she will stop sperging her own threads constantly and finally have "friends" irl lmfao

No. 252520

she was never vegan? vegetarian and vegan arent the same anon. and what former life was she republican lmfao proof or you can sit the fuck down since you obv have no clue who you are even talking about

No. 252521

lmfao she prolly bangin ramos again

No. 252522

Is he the one with the cocaine?

No. 252523

idk thought martin was the coke head…ramos is just psychotic but that was also coming from loonie so who fuckin knows

No. 252525

Are you stupid or play one in real life? She's with some guy in California obv

No. 252529

I think you projecting you druggie lifestyle Kay because Luna never touched that shit but keep dissing Jessica's photographer I heard he has some really bad photos of her lol

No. 252531

Why do you make multiple posts instead of just one. You're not fooling anyone into thinking you're multiple people.

No. 252532

Yeah probably the much older guy in the background on the deleted snaps

No. 252533

Because I can

No. 252534

Any luck admins on trapping the non ip of Luna who doesn't give a shit about uglyniggers

No. 252535

I mean ugly nigris

No. 252536

last i knew ramos lived in cali…

No. 252541

Lol old guy? Good getting that old rich guy you always wanted

No. 252543

Loonie it's blatantly obvious how in love you are with Nigri.

No. 252547

File: 1487224710355.png (3.48 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_5235.PNG)

Yeah she use to be so hot

No. 252549

File: 1487224842637.png (46.66 KB, 469x558, IMG_5236.PNG)

Nose job Nigri

No. 252562

whatever floats your boat loons

No. 252693

this is obviously insanely photo shopped dont even try.

her nose looks exactly the same except she learned how to finally contour now…you have 0 milk quit trying loonie

No. 252695

honestly looks like she had a deviated septum before which would have made a nosejob not just cosmetic but actually to better her livelihood too…either way looks better than that fucking beak loonie has with that ugly witches chin

No. 252697

File: 1487262152419.jpg (55.21 KB, 500x734, a0f4350efb9ff6eae1f0824f36668d…)

the original image lol jfc

No. 252710

i don't quite see how nigri is even relevant in this post. she has her own thread if people want to go shit that one up…everyone knows she has had work done and has done shady shit…the focus of this thread is the shady shit luna has done and the focus on her obvious tit job even though she is following in nigri's footsteps by claiming they are real. stop derailing the thread with fucking jnigs

No. 252728

Because loonie has a hateboner for Nigri and is now trying to pass off horribly photoshopped pics of her as fact because she's salty. It's sad but still entertaining.

No. 252733

Because it's Loonie shitting up her own thread as usual. Welcome to the show.

No. 252735

File: 1487266025169.jpg (1.62 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170216_122444.jpg)

but why hate so much when loonie is so obv all natural :')

No. 252750

Loonie had potential before she fucked it all up with surgery

No. 252753

File: 1487266616107.jpg (1.37 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170216_123526.jpg)

do boob jobs just make bitches more thirsty and narcissistic she looked so much nicer and even less bitchy before the boob job they were also so much more proportionate for her size

No. 252755

and the pics are literally only a year apart

yea ok all natural delanie i fuckin see you

No. 252756

What happened? She looks pretty cute inthe bottom two pics then wide as a truck with terrible skin and aged 10+ years in the top two.

No. 252759

Probably drugs and drinking

No. 252761

Also photoshop^

No. 252765

yeah i mean last I knew the 2 bottom photos were candid but the photographer who took them probably did shoop her a bit…she just looks so much happier in the bottom too and the top 2 are like the fake as fuck smile like she doesn't even enjoy what she's doing anymore

No. 252768

o right also the addition of lip fillers probably helped too…so obvious since she actually is smiling in these ones and not doing the stupid fish mouth pout

No. 252772

File: 1487267453583.jpg (428.51 KB, 1920x1200, IMG_2740.JPG)

Not sure what ruined her apperance more. The lip fillers or breast implants. Also why does every cosplay ho with a tit job cosplay Rikku with a push-up bra? The character has small breasts. I doubt Luna even played the game, she just copied Jnig.

No. 252773

File: 1487267471914.jpg (974.8 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170216_125002.jpg)

cuz..ya know…lips just grow as you age too…
this is one thing that surprises me that nigri actually HASNT done to herself yet lol

No. 252774

i just dont get why every cosplayer does the x-2 version that game was garbage compared to x. rikkus og costume is way better but i guess it isnt slooty enuf

No. 252780

I actually thought X-2 was pretty fun and cute. People didnt like how it was way less dramatic and serious than X so it was an odd change of pace.
Anyway, it's not like Loonie even played the game. She just coppied Jnig and wanted an excuse to shove her stiff looking implants into a push up bra and parade around. "I'm not an attention whore, I'm doing acurate cosplay!" "I dont do nudes, I just post photos of tits out"

No. 252782

File: 1487268046088.jpg (1.29 MB, 2048x1365, 15550394785_ee68ecde9b_k.jpg)

her "thanksgiving" themed rikku that i'm also pretty sure she just used her snow bunny nidalee necklace for…that fucking schnoz though

No. 252882

this is my new personal copypasta if that's ok
sage for sage

No. 253234

Lol better than fucking square ass masculine jaw and a navel in her chin like Nigri. Who cares if boobs are fake the fact that she has them and you can't afford them or even a decent looking body and face isn't even enough to warrant all these threads. Pretty sure Luna hasn't done anything as shady as Nigri except tell some cunts to get off her shit. Evidence is obvious that she is being targeted but does she care anymore? Doesn't seem to since she's happier especially on the trip she took to California VIA way of pax south. If she was miserable before it was probably from the druggies like Alex Ramos and Martin Wong she was dating. And yes even though ramos deleted a years worth of tweets his career was over two years ago when he got a huge ego and hard drug problem king of like Toby Turner. Very happy to see this douche go down the drain. Wong is just an egotistical creep that still pretends he's off the boat from china. It's like dude you've been in the us for years, stop acting like you don't speak proper English. Either way whomever she's dating now seems to be a positive influence and she's getting invites so this whole "blacklisted" bullshit is wishful thinking on trolls part. Luna is more popular and has the Hispanic audience she could probably be bigger than Nigri in a few years. Remember she's only been doing cosplay for a few years and was going to college unlike the losers posting here lol. Says she's going back for architecture and design on her personal Facebook

No. 253236

Posting fuck old pictures when there are new videos on her Instagram just prove you're jealous lol. Good luck in bringing her down not happening anytime soon

No. 253237

Who cares about this shit except emotionally challenged cunts like kimchi. Interviews with Luna prove she played video games legit for years before she knew what cosplay was unlike the fake gamers out there now

No. 253240

Probably sure only fags and ugly fat bitches are obsessed with ladies body parts. I don't understand the obsession with using pictures 2 to 3 years old, do you think people are stupid and don't go on her Instagram? Fan page? Yeah she had a weight gain looks like all cosplayers who were in the Nigs party crew gain weight but now that Luna left that party con scene she's skinny and much younger looking. I can't wait to see what the 30 year old baby and her man child have planned for katsucon which use to be a lame ass anime con but the party costhots have turned it into a drug alcohol swingers con. Just as disgusting as a furries convention which I heard Nigri loves because her man likes it in the assflap

No. 253248

While the thots are away at katsucon this thread doesn't get its normal SnapBack reply. It's so obvious it's kaybear,momo and Nigri and company of costhots attacking Luna on here. Get over it cunts she acts better than you because she is, deal with it you uneducated sex workers

No. 253249

Oh is that Kimchi bitch at her low wage job or does that bitch even exist?its probably Nigri the way the bitch defends her on every board.

No. 253250

Yeah usually momo or Kay answers immediately so it's obvious who kept this thread going. They are probably in a drunken stupor with some ugly neckbeards dick in their mouth lol

No. 253251

File: 1487338428085.png (Spoiler Image, 174.87 KB, 1124x739, IMG_5163.PNG)

Take a look at the Queen who's going to rule in the next few years. Bye bye bye

No. 253252

I can't wait until her faggot ex comes on to say something about her tits being cockeyed when it's so obvious they photoshopped that pic of her from snapchat. Also most girls shop out their nips for social media.kind of sad Ramos and Wong can't get over the fact they were dumped but maybe they can hook up since they are both Coke whores and like cock in their ass

No. 253254

File: 1487338856482.png (Spoiler Image, 67.35 KB, 628x640, IMG_5175.PNG)

Anyone who thinks this is beautiful is fucking mental and must be on drugs

No. 253255

File: 1487338943724.png (Spoiler Image, 138.98 KB, 961x1261, IMG_5238.PNG)

Normal small boobs and why? Because she lost the abusive boyfriend and gained self respect. Keep trying lizard lips to bullshit people

No. 253257

>must be on drugs
Methinks you're projecting a tad there, Loonie.

No. 253278

Loonie sucked dick for coke and looks more of a crack head then the girl she's claiming is a druggie. Notice the flood of white knighting after we all pointed out how much better she looked before she got shitty surgery? Top kek. She's so transparent.

No. 253281

Notice that it's only druggies that accuse others of being druggies. Pretty sure she was heavier during this time you say she sucked dick for Coke lol. Go back to eating Asian sperm fatass no one cares about your turtle looking face and going to a convention known for being a lame anime convention isn't something anyone but white trash Nigs lover would brag about.

No. 253282

File: 1487343132503.png (188.08 KB, 999x1224, IMG_5237.PNG)

More like Victoria Secret model than Kmart granny panties thumb in fat vagina looking cunt Momo

No. 253283

Yeah her boobs have gone down with her weight plus are soft as fuck in that Instagram video let's see Nigri try that? She can't because there's so much scar tissue and low self esteem from having 3 boob jobs

No. 253284

I can't wait to see that half retarded face fan James Wurtz with all these fat ugly girls at Katsucon. He stays on these boards nonstop but looks like his parents shit him out in their 50s. He's the stereotypical tryhard fan who thinks these cost hits are"friends" with him when they irl lol at him behind his back. I wonder how stupid his parents are to fund his obsession for fat girls pictures all the time?

No. 253285

once again…thread was dead for over 18 hours and these retards dug through pages of threads to pull it back to the front page. fucking retards

No. 253286

File: 1487343857297.png (517.5 KB, 1212x667, Auntlegs.png)

No. 253289

loonie is the one who claimed in that paintball vid like 2 months ago she was a DD so you tell me buddy

No. 253290

yep cuz normal tits look like 2 baseballs without actual bra support jfc yall are so delusional

No. 253291

it's ok loonie. keep renewing your own threads. if you haven't noticed it is your sperging that has kept them alive this long. must be depressing that the ppl you hate who aren't all even together at katsu cuz they have dozens more friends than just each other there are out having fun while you arw home alone typing on your computer. must be depressing that your only friends are the ppl who pledge on your patreon. fucking loser.

No. 253299

Ew who would even want to associate with the trash at katsucon lmfao. Last I heard Luna was in a three week vacation in California. Then she closed on a condo in Malibu so I doubt she cares about a bunch of white trash fatties that rent and fuck faggots

No. 253303

File: 1487346565315.png (172.86 KB, 329x290, IMG_9110.PNG)

Never change loonie. Btw I'm not MooMoo or any of those bitches you'll probably claim. Also take a look at our other cow Luna, she does coke and she's still pretty hammy.

No. 253311

for someone who talked a LOT of shit about how much she didn't like CA and how happy she was to be home near her family i find it super hypocritical she plans to move all the way back to CA over some dude…

No. 253313

She's not hammy anymore dumb bitch so fail

No. 253314

i guarantee at least half the attendees at katsu dislike luna and the other half have never heard of her and a good portion of them are the more popular/talented seamstresses and crafters

No. 253315

idiot they responded to the person saying luna couldnt have possibly been into coke back when she WAS hammy damn you all are dumb

No. 253318

I never saw her talk shit about California lol you're so delusional. The only thing I saw was she was going home to be with family. She said she was bicoastal so for the retards that means lashes living both places.

No. 253321

>lashes living

No. 253324

Yeah but all the people at your con are retarded, unemployed, fat and ugly so does their opinion matter? No lol

No. 253325

L2r you dumb cunt. I said look at the OTHER cow called Luna Slater who was also into coke yet was a hambeast. Your ego is so fragile loonie, you hammy, cock-eyed nippled bitch.

No. 253327

alex go get a job and stop hanging on a girl board you little faggot

No. 253328

Luna never did Coke you dumb cunt stop spreading rumors you fat fuck

No. 253329

lol these fags think Luna would be on this board like why do you think you're important when you are literally losers

No. 253331

You really get worried when people point out that you're Luna. I guess you just type the same, know all the same stuff as her, have accsess to screeshots from her phone and vehemently whiteknight because you're just a random fan, right?

No. 253332

Can anyone find that screenshot luna herself posted of some guy she fucked trolling her saying he knew lolcow admin and she fucking posted the screenshot from her phone on here with the dude's number on it?

No. 253340

File: 1487349886483.png (1.1 MB, 1125x2001, image.png)

here you go, just scrolled down her 2nd thread to find it

No. 253342

this is the post she said "lolcow is getting shut down because they're giving out IPs" on. She knows she outed herself. Wonder why mods havent exposed her for self posting.

No. 253347

File: 1487350746893.jpg (37.28 KB, 530x297, IMG_9809.JPG)

Loonie is such a dumb cunt kek.
How did she not think this would backfire at all?

No. 253354

Backfire? Ok I'll explain since it's obvious you have no education. Luna has real fans not bought to make it look like she's popular. She also has celebrity friends she met from being followers. I think kimchi is obsessed with the fact Luna has so many famous people following her and not her fat old hag Nigri. And no fag game creators and you tubers aren't celebrities. Then let's see who's paying Luna's appearance fees to attend con s verses you losers who don't get invited at all or just attend to drink yourselves into a fat stupor lol. So classy. It's obvious you are nobodies even Nigri had to pull strings to get verified because Luna got it first without doing shit. She's 2 years into cosplaying and has put out more content and grown faster without buying followers likes and rt. The dumb Indian dude is her exs butt buddy and everyone knows he got fired for sexual harassment. He's so fucking weird that after a year and a half he still tries to stalk her shit and talks it on his twitter with his ex tranny girlfriend who inserts herself into every fucking thread whether she's brought up or not. These people are dumb ugly and will never be on the same level which is why they hang out on this board 24/7. So what's the dirt? Cons are still paying for her to attend. She has loyal patreons that dumped your whore friends and I'd say more people hate your fat bloated queen Nigri than her for being a liar and scamming people. Let's not forget Nigri has been doing cosplay for 10 plus years and hasn't become anything but a soft porn model with a drinking problem(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 253355

starting early today eh loonie

No. 253359

How is getting paid to attend cons and being able to live on both coasts worse off than you ugly bitch

No. 253360

Pretty sure Luna paid me to roast you lol jk I'm doing it for the lulz

No. 253361

Loonie stop talking to yourself

No. 253364

Because it's not Luna you dumpster diver

No. 253365

sure, now "she" pays "other people" to… "roast"… suuuuure….

No. 253366

Kay go get some lipo you're so fucking fat now it's a shame

No. 253368

yes, someone who is not Loonie posts screenshots directly from loonie's phone while white knighting Loonie in loonie's thread every day and taking great offense to being called Loonie.
Makes perfect sense

No. 253369

I'm lol my ass off because you think it's her when the admins would have exposed her by now remember the ugly Muslim said he could do it but was just fucking his cats and fucking trannies

No. 253370

Kay doesn't want to date you, Loonie.

No. 253371

Yeah it actually makes as much sense as you saying your random people when no one gives a shit about you

No. 253372

Admin doesn't need to expose you because everyone already knows it's you. It wouldn't be any surprise. Plus your sperging is the only thing that keeps this thread going. You are irrelevant otherwise.

No. 253373

Loonie get help.

No. 253374

Remember your facts fatass Luna is with successful people maybe if she wanted a slave girl for her guy she'd pay Kay's escort fee

No. 253375

Loonie is so successful she sperges on lolcow all day

No. 253376

No it's momo and her ugly fucks that start threads they are so obsessed with perfection

No. 253379

Dont you insert people into your own threads that werent even involved? Case in point your post here: >>249153
You keep posting photos of kay, momo, succubus and randoms in every thread and bringing them up. It's really weird.

No. 253384

I don't even like Moomoo and equally write on her thread and I started this thread so nice try. Plenty of people hate this cow and post here. Quit trying to be so narcissistic to think literally only 4-5 people dislike you when I can guarantee many, many more than that could give a fuck less about you and think you're a joke, Loonie.

No. 253385

You sure know a lot about loonie if you're not loonie.

No. 253386

literally at least 100's of people there that have more talent and beauty in their fucking pinky finger than you have in your entire body, Luna. Grow up.

No. 253387

So loonie IS a fatass. Ok got it.

No. 253389

Comes with being in her personal and no one would care as much so stop trying to cover the fact that you ugly cows are the same cunts that started shit with her on twitter

No. 253391

Who the hell is this Kimchi person Luna keeps bringing up?

Seriously why does Luna continue to name drop all these random people no one even knows when white knighting herself? Does she not think herself even worthy enough to have her own merits, she is only capable of being "better than" whichever random cosplayer she is jealous of at the moment?

Luna, you might seem less crazy if you quit your obsession with all these other girls. You are the only one who continuously fills these threads with your blind hatred for these people.
They are not posting about you because they literally don't care about you. You are making yourself look obsessive and pathetic.

And no, I am not whichever random person you've decided hates you most today. I am just another anon that doesn't even cosplay, but can't comprehend your serial-killer level of obsession with ththe she random girls.

No. 253392

Only momo started shit. It would have been slightly believable that you werent Luna if you inly attacked Momo but your Kay ovsession really gives you away LUNA

No. 253394

Tries to defend her cock eyed nipples, but posts a photo of herself that clearly shows her nipples pointing in opposite directions.

Oh loonie. You are so dumb.

No. 253396

Literally all cosplayers are try hards and the ones that succeed move on to better things the fact that these girls are way to ugly and fat to do anything else except cosplay is the main reason they post and make new threads.

No. 253397

Are you drinking so early in the day loonie? Your English is starting to go margo levels of crazy.

No. 253399

Go fuck yourself nigri

No. 253400

you do realize that most people actually do other things and cosplay is their hobby, right? like, have jobs, go to school, etc? be mad at moomoo all you want yes we know she's a shit cosplayer and literally gets paid to do nothing but aside from your dumbass she's like the only other one who gets paid to show her body online and doesn't have a job loonie

No. 253401

File: 1487353742189.png (534.21 KB, 533x800, IMG_9807.PNG)

RIP to the pretty loonie

No. 253402

No bra support and both tits are completely round veiny flesh spheres practically stuck together. So obviously fake. They look like the doctor shoved two cantaloupes under her skin and called it a success.

No. 253404

I'm sorry you had to have 3 surgeries Nigri it's sad you spend your life on messageboards

No. 253405

So Luna, what exactly are these "better things" you are doing besides cosplay?

Cause I wouldn't really consider nude modeling any better on the scale.

And on that note, since you think you are too good for cosplay, why do you keep measuring your self worth by which conventions you get invited to?

No. 253409

proof. you all wanted proof for loonie so please indulge us…we all know nigri has at least one tit job so please give me proof that there were 2 more. all i see is nigri got them done so long ago that maybe she went with the saline implants over silicon that makes them look more fake…but usually saline means under boob and silicone is through the areola and there are no incision scars anywhere else on her tits so…please…where's your proof of 2 extra nonexistant surgeries

No. 253410

Take your own advice, crazy pants

No. 253411

not to mention her dumbass didn't even get invited to PAX South and these retards keep bringing it up. She had a guest pass for ONE DAY. Like…guest passes mean she bought it herself or one of her friends bought it for her. That isn't being invited.

No. 253412

Must be shitty to have paid to go to acting classes yet the people you're so obviously jealous of have been paid to voice act or actually act in popular TV shows, webshows, or commercials. Sad Loonie is sad.

No. 253415

Maybe loonie should get with keekz and they can both act in an awful horror movie or in that guys apartment.

No. 253426

File: 1487355207611.jpg (442.57 KB, 2048x2048, 35DD9538-B4F4-43CD-8BF0-0AF281…)


No. 253428

File: 1487355323971.png (75.28 KB, 750x726, IMG_2752.PNG)

Also why does she do this awful 90's porn star hair?
Make note of the likes. 200k follows and only 5k likes on a 4 week old pic lmao. Compare that to everyone she shit talks and it's clear Luna bought IG followers.

No. 253437

Her nose is so bulbous. She should have gotten that fixed instead of inflating her lips

No. 253460

Instagram's new algorithm God you are so stupid. Already ran yours Momo and your friends and comes up with 70 percent fake. Point is everyone knows you are anything can't get verified and work for free. Patreon are fake as fuck

No. 253467

Post the screenshots proving that momo's IG likes are fake.

No. 253469

Run it yourself you lazy fat fuck that not even a fat retarded looking Asian wants lol

No. 253471

Doesn't vamp do that too lol. Basically everything you rage on Luna about you're idols do so there's nothing here except a bunch of jealous freak shows that are mad they got called out from being Nigris bitches

No. 253472

Post the screenshots proving it or is everything you say just lies?

No. 253473

Luna admits to buying likes lol. "W-well other people do it too so its ok if I buy fake validation!" Pathetic

No. 253506

God you people are stupid as fuck doesn't vamp do horror movies? You know straight to you tube kind and weren't you making fun of "cosplayers" like that. So basically you raging on vamp then raging on Nigri Yaya and every other cosplayer that has fake tits. So give us something different than makes her worth your attention. Oh yeah she called out Nigri and she hates ugly niggers but what else lol

No. 253507

You can tell everyone has no education on this board. It's pathetic that these people have nothing better to do with their time

No. 253513

I mean you said it yourself. She's a racist who "hates ugly niggers" and tried to have a beef with someone 100xs more popular than herself to garner attention. Not to mention how she lied about being sexually assaulted at Momocon, sucked dick for cocaine, lies about other cosplayers she's jealous of with that bullshit post she made about momo and sss bullying her with no evidence, also tried to accuse Kay on FB of the same thingwith no evidence and whiteknights herself to extremes that put Kiki to shame.

No. 253514

Why did you randomly bring up Vamp? She another cosplayer Lunatic Loonie is jealous of?

No. 253526

literally no one mentioned vamp except loonie/her fans
like half the ppl that get mentioned here for literally no reason
like no one even said they liked vamp here lmfao

No. 253539

File: 1487369518845.png (2.49 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170217-171015.png)

o maybe i figured it out. vamp is now sponsored by pink city which nigri started working with a couple months ago…maybe loonie is jealous a sponsor that was with her from the beginning doesn't only use her for advertising?

No. 253559

Jesus Luna really is a fucking psycho. Also Vamp looks way better than her so guess she'll start shit talking her looks now too.

No. 253569

Maybe loonie should get with keekz and they can both act in an awful horror movie or in that guys apartment." Says the person who just brings up randoms So sorry that I knew that Vamp did Horror movies lmfao. So if Vamp does awful horror movies is that cringe worthy. You basically bring up negative shit about Luna that every other popular cosplayer does so this thread is pathetic at best

No. 253572

Pink City fangirls over shit like Defranco not a legit designer just another lame t shirt company with a dude that likes to fuck cosplayers. Pretty sure Luna gave all her Pink Shitty stuff away its so poorly made lol

No. 253573

Loonie learn how to post properly or stop bumping your own thread.

No. 253574

Loonie always says "pretty sure" before making a statement about herself in 3rd person that only she would actually know. lmao.

No. 253575

Momo don't you have another Asian to suck off, get off the internet and work out you fatass

No. 253579

You try so hard to be a detective but just waste space on this thread. Again you can't reply to the fact that Vamp was brought up not out of jealousy but because she is a terrible actor in Horror movies lol. You bring up Nigri because its you that are guilty of loving a cunt with botched boobs and nips. You bring up a group of unpopular promoted cosplayers that no one cares about trying so hard to say they are equals with someone who is actually invited to cons, verified and has real pledges. No one is fooled by maybe 2 people constantly pretending to be a bunch of different people and who the fuck cares about girls hating other girls lol

No. 253581

>thinks Kiki is a random
What a newfag!

No. 253597

girls hating girls is like 90% of this thread so why are you here if you don't care?

No. 253598

vamp being in horror movies was NOT the first time she has been brought up in this thread so nice try "detective"

No. 253617

Fake tits it's all the same you could bring up every popular cosplayer and they have fake tits so next

No. 253618

Yeah and do they have a fat Lebanese starting thread after thread about their fake tits? So let's talk about Leanne's, linda lee, Kristen Lanae , Yaya, Kristen hughley, animia, Riddle, Maria claude etc

No. 253619

Kiki is hot you Asians need to get a new hobby

No. 253620

Enji Night, hendo art, Stella Chu, elise laurenne, Alyson Tabitha, Reidf, joanie brosas, ashlynne dae, maid of might all have natural tits and are more popular more talented and more respected and successful than Loonie. Nice try.

No. 253624

Watch Luna say these cosplayers you listed are also posting in her threads. I'd love to see her try to make a bullshit call out post for them too.

No. 253627

Vampy and Mia's tits are fake? Vampy still has super tiny tits that are always very obviously shoved in a push up and sometimes even contoured, and Mia has always seemed very…proportionate to me. I figured the rest did but am surprised on those 2. Lindsay Elyse, Deanna Davis, and Monika Lee are always more popular than Loonie and none of them have fake tits either (plus Elyse is part of CLG now and Monika works for Blizzard which are wins in my book)

No. 253628

idc if someone has fake tits until they are a cunt about it to anyone else that has fake tits and constantly lie about it lol

No. 253661

No. 253662

No. 253663

Please provide posts where Luna is a nut about others tits?

No. 253664

Good number of these cosplayers are cosplay deviants or camgirls glad to see you like classy females who are basically spread eagle with dildos

No. 253665

jesus christ Loonie has been sperging all day long… new personal record.

No. 253666

Luna strips on periscope and snapchat. Photos have been posted so nice try again.

No. 253667

I think you have a hard on for older women it's cool anon pretty sure listing a bunch of has beens really proves the point that what Luna is getting attacked for is common. And Luna has been harassed more than these other fake titters just because she called Nigri out for lying. It's always great when dumb trashy sluts bully the one that stands up to bullshit. It doesn't matter other cosplayers don't like her they don't book her at cons or buy her stuff.

No. 253668

Sorry Loonie but Kiki actually loves Asians. Try harder.

No. 253669

Really being in More than a bikini is stripping lmfao you're reaching and lying anon

No. 253671

Then fuck her fishface

No. 253672

Let me know when dancing and joking in a bikini is the same as sticking shit up your vagina nice try anon but all these skanks including Momo are disgusting pigs

No. 253673

Just wait until she's like upton and you are eating stale pizza in your cheap ass rental

No. 253674

yeah cuz posting a photo of you rubbing yourself and literally popping your titty out while you do so is classy…

also have never seen any lewd things with the above mentioned cosplayers so unless you post proof you can stfu

No. 253675

kate upton hasn't been relevant in like 2 years so who gives a shit?

No. 253676

at the time nigri called her out luna was with ramos again so she didn't really prove that nigri was lying. does it mean ramos took the pic? no. but it also doesn't not prove it…

No. 253677

Really? She's on the cover of SI dumb cunt 3 times

No. 253680

This is another lie and already disproved threads ago nice try Indian fag

No. 253684

She's in a national park retard and here you said Luna wasn't an actress fooled you and your potty mind. The other you're referring to is a nip slip which is a big difference from fingering yourself on cam or posting full spread vag dildo pics

No. 253688

No one mentioned in this thread does spread vagina or dildo pics retard.

No. 253690

It was classy unlike you Momo with your fat vag lips being groped by a fat finger lol

No. 253694

Nothing classy about your patchwork nipples and boob loaf.

No. 253695

Lol so stupid many mentioned are cam girls or posed nude and a couple have porn out so you're the one judging all of them by saying a nip slip is stripping and both periscope and snapchat weren't taken down so nice reporting but it just proves how hypocritical you are

No. 253696

Nothing but photoshop done by jealous bitched named Kaybearrr cosplay and Momocunt

No. 253697

Momo don't you have a one night stand to spread your diseases to?

No. 253699

you'll never get on there with wonky tits though. something to consider.

No. 253702

literally zero proof keep saying the same shit over and over but without any proof you're just talking out your ass

oh and ps a nip slip is accidental luna flashes her tits online for fun all the time

No. 253705

so post the original kek

No. 253707

You have zero proof and keep saying the same thing. Stella is a stripper and deviant. Elise is a camgirl but who the fuck cares you're the one saying nipslips aren't classy when everyone shows nips. And sorry there are too many normal nipple pictures of Luna out there to disprove the ones you shopped. Pretty sure she already is connected with the right people so just wait and watch

No. 253708

She has though lol

No. 253710

Has what?

No. 253720

Seriously, Luna. If that cockeyed nip pic is fake, then you'd jump at the chance to prove It by posting the original.

Also, if all these girls you're jealous of have naked porn pics, why not post them? All you've ever posted are normal non-nude photos.

No. 253721

Luna has been in the cover of sports illustrated? Maybe in her delusions

No. 253733

Loonie aka Delulu etc

No. 253744

This is the dumbest attempt at defending something you have an issue with. So you are saying cosplay deviants, playboy plus and cam girls are above what Luna does? Are you fucking retarded or just play one on the internet? Jesus please learn to hide your bias a little better if you ever want to be taken seriously. Also google is your best friend learn to use it, nobody cares about nudes in this day in age so your attempt at slut shaming sounds like you're old folk. Please remove yourself from society if you think any of the popular cosplayers are anymore than soft porn for nerds.

No. 253748

Does anyone ever look at momo,s pics and hope she chokes on her food in her sleep after a con drinking binge. You have to wonder what fatties like her had happen to them in their childhood. I'm guessing dad or an uncle sexually abused her to make her want to layer herself in globs of tissue

No. 253752

File: 1487398775764.png (249.64 KB, 999x1430, IMG_5242.PNG)

Luna at 18 for those who don't believe in late bloomers

No. 253757

File: 1487399971353.png (174.16 KB, 701x1096, IMG_5243.PNG)

When cosplay turns you into a fat fuck Jesus Christ what happened did the eating disorder fail you Kay?

No. 253758

I think being hefty is a requirement for cosplayers these days how else will the mouth breathers think they have a chance at true love lol

No. 253759

Notice how everyone around her doesn't give a fuck?

No. 253761

if only kay had 'good' photoshopping powers like you loonie so she could be both skinny AND have nipples pointing the right way.

No. 253763

Notice how 95% of this thread is just you replying to yourself? And the other 5% is people who don't even know you but find your behaviour in these threads to be a laughingstock?

No. 253765

Kay use to be a stick what happenef

No. 253766

Notice how you give a shit and reply though even though it's not Luna but you wish she cared about your opinion

No. 253768

Is pretending to be bisexual another classy angle for poc these days? Her partner Dakota looks like she's standing next to fat Albert

No. 253770

Hey hey hey

No. 253771

you're a hilarious person "anon"! but seriously, whatever you're on, it's not doing you any good.

No. 253772

File: 1487402537112.png (129.23 KB, 558x1147, IMG_5246.PNG)

Under the definition for faggot cosplay fanboy in Webster dictionary I submit this picture. This is the face of mental illness, I even cut out Momo because that bitch and the fans she attracts are the dregs of society. Can someone do an intervention for this man child lol

No. 253773


No. 253774

There goes Loonie, dragging randoms in again. Fucking psycho has been here all damn day. This must be a new record.

No. 253775

Momo please go kill yourself and have a friend Facebook live it

No. 253776

No one answered if it was a girl or boy lol. Jesus don't you want to round these losers up and drown them like kittens

No. 253799

I like how you never posted the "original"

No. 253817

literally no idea who these people are you guys are on some next level stalker shit.

k still looks skinnier than luna if you actually think that is actually fat kindly walk off a bridge you delirious fucks

No. 253846

still thinner than you, loonie.

No. 253847

Uhhh do you even know what comment you are replying to? Nothing in that comment said anything remotely close to slut shaming.

No. 253848

Luna doesn't have any friends

No. 253849

Soooooo you can't pony up the evidence of your constant accusations so you just start supergiant about something completely unrelated to the comment you've replied to.

Luna, get help and stop stalking these other girls on the internet.

Have you been trolling Facebook all day for katsucon pics of your rivals?
Since they're all at the con, guess they aren't the ones posting here after all.

No. 253850

Lol "supergiant" was meant to be sperging. Awesome autocorrect

No. 253869

Kay use to be 20 pounds thinner she even said that in her twitter meltdown. She looks like 5 feet so that's an unhealthy amount in a short period of time. However fat is the new black for costhots

No. 253872

Luna just locked down her personal Instagram and Facebook because she doesn't want to share her friends there's a big difference. Especially when all the ratchets here stalk the shit out of her. Good luck in finding out any information other than cos

No. 253876

You've been here for 24 hours posting over and over. It must really eat you up how much attention they're getting at katsucon while you just sit at home refreshing their instagram and saving photos of Kay.

No. 253892

maybe if loonie weren't such a ratchet cunt she would have friends too :') pity.

No. 253970

Its an anon board it always amazes me how people try and call others out for posting. Get over it. Grow some and if you're going to go on a rant and make threads then deal with the backlash coming your way. Stupid

No. 253972

File: 1487452074456.gif (2.35 MB, 440x440, IMG_9822.GIF)

On a scale of 1-loonie how mad at you?

No. 253975

File: 1487452253555.jpg (192.86 KB, 1233x2048, IMG_9823.JPG)

She looks a lot better than loonie

No. 254089

your all talkin about who luna dates when kay date a guy whos like 40 and has like a 16 year old daughter costhot i found her facebook shes like 20 by the way

No. 254093

??? Loonie… No one is talking about that. No one cares.

No. 254149

congrats on being a stalker???

No. 254179

Talking about Luna in a thread about Luna?
No fucking way.
It's almost like…this thread is about Luna.

No. 254197

Cindy doesn't deserve this.

No. 254232

This thread boring

No. 256233

File: 1487814914361.png (39.35 KB, 750x438, IMG_0918.PNG)


No. 256909

File: 1487925876255.png (Spoiler Image, 139.62 KB, 480x767, Screenshot_2016-05-16-15-53-37…)

Where's your whiteknight now Loonie?

No. 256915

What is she even going on about

No. 257015

Those raw files you still haven't shared that will prove OP pic is shopped ?
Suuuure loonie

No. 257078

y'all reaching to keep this thread alive. I'm the OP of this thread and even I know that comment was from forever ago cuz she hasn't had that pic as her profile image for like 5+ months…

No. 257107

File: 1487963164327.png (332.55 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170224-140402.png)

>lemme just boost a false narrative to bring to light bullying in the community even though im one of the biggest bullies here

No. 257142

File: 1487968313861.png (948.61 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170224-152857.png)

things I find hilarious:
>luna signal boosts this post that claims lisa is bullying another cosplayer named helena steele
>said cosplayer supports kay against luna who bullies her
> fuckin KEK

No. 257156

File: 1487969758027.png (122.4 KB, 750x1283, IMG_0949.PNG)


Thanks for letting us know anon
I couldn't help myself

No. 257177

File: 1487972726974.png (217.13 KB, 1109x1320, IMG_5328.PNG)

Must be awkward for Helena that Kay and Lisa friends lol

No. 257179

Bullies always ban together right?

No. 257181

Tell your friend that she's needs to grow thicker skin because I did a search on twitter and found nothing linking them except one tweet in 2015

No. 257183

at this point I just think all these chicks are fucking crazy in the cosplay community but hey if you just cosplay for you and for fun you don't have to associate with any of these ppl anyways!

No. 257186

this helena chick ass kisses so many cosplayers that have all been openly friendly with lisa so idk…sounds like a lot of these girls are a tad emotionally unstable

No. 257188

How is this a tweet directed at Kay. It's so obvious the people reviving these threads are the real bullies and who cares enough to make a fake twitter to harass someone lol. You girls are fucking crazy and have nothing to fall back on after people get fed up with you

No. 257190

you are on a hate board anon.
we hate lots of cows on this board.
provide milk proving ppl other than regular lolcow posters are posting here, or gtfo

No. 257192

Probably just another desperate girl trying to get famous. Can't wait to see what she does that causes her to get her own thread though.

No. 257195

Yeah that Helena chick is friends with Kay she must be mental lol

No. 257200

File: 1487975757295.jpg (460.6 KB, 1439x1548, 20170224_173447.jpg)

no idea who this is but have seen her post on the lisa stuff a bit recently and saw this lol

No. 257202

anon its the 21st century lbh there arent just girls shitposting on this thread

No. 257205

If you actually go look at the tweet or previous threads, that tweet was made in response to when she claimed Kay photoshopped her nipples in the OP picture.

But keep whiteknighting yourself Loonie.

No. 257209

File: 1487976273894.jpg (1.06 MB, 2400x1009, Collage.jpg)


In case some of you are too lazy/stupid

No. 257213

Not @ so continue with your fantasies >>257205
No one cares if anything Kay just wants Luna to give her a shout out because that's the only reason she got attention in the first place lol

No. 257217

nah she got that from nigri and riot not luna lol

No. 257218

So reaching anon go out and get some fresh air.

No. 257220

Again no one gives a shit about the lewdcrew everyone knows they dickride more famous cosplayers

No. 257222

keep whiteknighting loonie
everyone in the world knows you have a psycho vendetta against kay and you tried to blame your botched nipples on her

No. 257223


Even though dulsional delanie licked Jessicas asscrack for any inch of attention she could get hahahahaha

No. 257225

Still stalking Luna's Twitter daily what a sorry group you people are lemme know when you get relevant

No. 257226

Pretty sure this fatass is one of Lisa's suck up friends. Probably trying to stick up for her and ride her curtails to fame.

No. 257233

Is it coincidence that this thread gets active when momos on her thread whiteknighting herself. Kay isn't an angel so drop the victim bullshit she's just another new cosplayer who wants cosfame with the elite acting clique. It's not special to associate with Nigri because she has so many haters and lately looks miserable at cons

No. 257247


No. 257250

All one has to do is look at Lisa Lou friends list on twitter it's filled with some of the most toxic elitist group of losers. I don't understand why these people think they are so important to cosplay when there are literally hundreds better out there

No. 257260

Not all of us follow her to such degree to now how long she keeps her profile pics

No. 257267

Well, I've learned something today.

No. 257270

These kind of comments always make me laugh. Why do these cows think any of us want to be "relevant"? As if Z list internet fame is something we all should covet or consider ourselves worthless.

No. 257274

Yeah like arrogant Wong who pushes MFC porngirls instead of real cosplayers. I can see why windofthestars and others like her are leaving. Nigris group just looking for loose woman to fuck her male friends lmfao

No. 257275

Who are you kidding obvious you're cosplayers no one else would care to stalk this hard

No. 257278

who says everyone here is cosplayers, loonie

No. 257281

So is Luna actually admitting she isn't special or interesting enough to have anyone that isn't a coslayer give any shits about her?

No. 257307

although this person is supporting loonie, they aren't really wrong. i am pretty sick of the elite crew of cosplayers as well it is a big turn off to see them all continually get praise for shit work when ppl that actually have talent get such a small spotlight. definitely sick of seeing moomoo though that is for sure

No. 257310

If people would get rid of Nigri and her hanger ons the community would be a better place. The people they promote are talentless and porn for the most part. Years ago you'd never see camgirls and escorts being pushed so hard. Wait wasn't yaya an escort?

No. 257367

nah yaya used to be a flight attendent and would brag about all her travelling and money made via cosplay but no one knew she actually used her flight attendant job as a primary income and was able to get free flights because of it too

No. 257429

So basically an air escort lol

No. 257580


no loonie not every person fucks for money like you

No. 257596

Not every person that posts is loonie fagtard

No. 257600

Who is this paranoid bitch posting the loonie shit all the time if she gave a fuck she would have started threads for these other hoes

No. 257614

File: 1488002262407.png (296.14 KB, 1105x1666, IMG_5330.PNG)

Right loonies you're saying the actress from charmed is pledging to you. This bitch lost it

No. 257740

Rose McGowan doesn't even have a Patreon account…don't you have to have one to pledge? How dumb does she think people are?

No. 257743

she did follow her on Twitter but it seems like it's operated by a bot that follows verified accounts only.

No. 257746

I mean…grats to her I guess but I thought she didn't measure herself by Twitter followers? Also why not actually write about it on Twitter then if she's "such a big fan"?

There are plenty of women who support other women. I don't see Luna doing much to support anybody else? You get what you give, honey.

No. 257849

But you still stalking she's still winning

No. 257855

not the OP of this but…lying to your "fans" is not winning in my books anon. regardless if people keeping tabs on her or not. everyone on this board is essentially a "stalker" of some sort then.

No. 257862

Lol she has said twitter followers don't matter?

Didn't she use the whole "you only have X number of followers so your opinion doesn't matter" argument during that twitter fight she had with Lindze ?

No. 257882

How's she lying anon? Just because you say she is? Just admit you some reject lowlife she didn't want to associate with and move on with your sorry life

No. 257891

When dumb bitches try to bring up old drama lol. I wouldn't be surprised if the admins from that lame ass momocon convention post here. Fucking gay ass twinks

No. 257930

cuz rose mcgowan doesnt have a patreon acct you twat

No. 259388

And the envelope says Rose you dumb twat

No. 259562


No. 262807

File: 1488577544156.png (139.74 KB, 1042x1373, IMG_5341.PNG)

Photoshop? Loonie looks different or did her lips deflate?

No. 264309

File: 1488826242166.png (123.89 KB, 750x1296, IMG_1135.PNG)


No. 264315

This looks okay, especially for loonie. What I don't understand, however, is why did she opt for such an obnoxious red lipstick? It makes her look a lot less like mercy, even from afar.

No. 264330

How does it look ok?
It's a bought zentai suit that's d.vas pattern with mercy colors and all the props are photoshopped in lol

No. 264400

Everything Loonie does is so shitty and half assed looking. Litterally shoops a cosplay onto herself. Lmao

No. 264417

Just call her Kristen lanae lol

No. 264451

It doesn't look shopped but it's a shitty print but didn't she do other shoots at this place? The red dress one and a few others the red lipstick is probably a hold over from those

No. 264452


The photoshop is so bad too like there's no shadow for the staff at ALL. Not even an attempt hahaha

No. 264460

File: 1488842855777.png (133.53 KB, 927x1647, IMG_5343.PNG)

Looks like this isn't shopped land nips are much bigger than the one Kay shopped to look ? wonky.

No. 264465

Please tell me she's not trying to gain weight like Momo. Why are all her pictures low quality?

No. 264466

Loonie time

No. 264468

Lmao at those blow up doll lip fillers

No. 264470

She's squeezing them together and they still are cock eyed lmao

No. 264475

when will you just accept that your nipples are cockeyed loonie? you should get on periscope and cry about it…

No. 264673

Jessica seems to have this complex about her nips but Luna's look real. Big real bitties don't face straight on lol that would look fucking weird. You must like men or flat chested monkeys if you think that nips look like headlights

No. 264674

Yeah her arm is up on her head so how is that squeezing together. God you're the dumbest bitch on this thread lol

No. 264677

Go to bed, Loonie. Your whiteknighting wont stop anyone from laughing at what a disaster your shitty ass Mercy "cosplay" is.

No. 264689

File: 1488876487434.png (139.11 KB, 947x1708, IMG_5342.PNG)

Lol momo youre the only one obsessed with Luna to keep reviving this thread. No one cares about her cosplays she doesn't need to post them or disgusting porn like you do for likes lol

No. 264690

File: 1488876636314.png (75.3 KB, 1099x555, IMG_5344.PNG)

Oh god someone tell this ratchet escort that no one wants to fuck her 49 year old garbage man

No. 264691

She hardly get likes or rt unless she buys them.can she go cut herself some more

No. 264701

at this point im not even worried about loonie anymore. she has been civil on social and tbh she has what…almost 200k on fb/ig following and 100k on twitter yet can't even get over 200 ppl to pledge to her patreon so…she can keep doing her thing, she is nothing special. the only thing i have noticed recently is how much more of a 'pretentious' "artist" she is becoming

No. 264703


Go to sleep loonie

This lack of sleep is why your mental health is non existent

No. 264704

Do you not see the abundance of arm fat on the arm that's tugging on her shirt? It's clearly being pressed as hard as possible against her tits

Try harder next time

No. 264705


She thinks being pretentious makes her classy. It doesn't but it's the only way she could have any class.

No. 264707

These same pics are in Luna's anon-ib thread. It's clear she posts advertisements for herself on that site. How desperate for money is this whore?

No. 264728

she posted a wiki link on her Twitter bio and I was like "oh I guess Luna has a wiki page now…"…nope. it was a wiki to the definition of "artist". Fucking eyes rolled into my brain.

No. 264729

yeah real big tits also don't look like two canteloupes without support so please explain to me the physics of her tits in floppy lingerie and bikinis

No. 264730

i think it's just the makeup/hairstyle, anon. idk though, her nose always looks so much better in pictures than any footage of her in person.

No. 264732

who knows. She only has 190 Patrons and even though she charges more than most people I see on that site, she changed it to show her number of pledges vs. amount taken in…so I am thinking she lost a few. Her goal has been 500 pledges on her page for a while now, and I haven't seen the number move from 190 in weeks. As I said >>264701 pretty sad that someone with such a large social media following can't get more than 190 pledges.

No. 264734

Hers might look like cantaloupes but yours look like basketballs pushed under your skin by a blind man with parkinsons lol

No. 264735

you say about a random tweet that has no picture attached that was posted less than 9 hours ago…yet Luna hardly receives more than a thousand likes even on her tits showing…and has almost 3 times as many followers…ok.

No. 264736

? You don't know what I look like anon cuz believe it or not, I'm not fucking Nigri lmfao.

No. 264747

What don't you understand anon? twitter is where it's at and that's why these girl date so much time stalking

No. 264749

She charges more and she's not spreading her pussy like most of the others lol. So classy

No. 264751

But she still shows her botched nips and gets nude. It's not the same guise it's ~*artistic*~

No. 264752

File: 1488893756058.png (Spoiler Image, 184.85 KB, 938x1192, IMG_5346.PNG)

No. 264753

You're seething with jealously of Luna's perfect tits Lol the only thing I can say is it's sad how you keep returning to bump this thread.

No. 264755

It's not any different than what you see on Instagram. None of these other cosplayers will ever get real jobs with their groping spreading and inserting furries in their asses lol

No. 264756

Lol you mean that dirty nigglet Kay? The one who had a twitter meltdown at Katsu

No. 264760

first off quit samefagging it's obvious the same person is responding to all of these.

2nd, nothing Luna is doing merits a "real job" either, so I don't see how you can bash the others yet defend Luna when her content is still low-tier and not real modeling. I mean…maybe she'll get there one day but she needs to actually film and shoot with more reputable people than she currently is if that's the case. I personally think she is better just doing glamour modeling than any of the cosplay stuff she's doing…she never fits the characters she cosplays and they are always half assed but her glamour and pin up modeling are actually decent.

No. 264761

I don't even like Luna but I would still prefer to see her "artistic" nudes vs. Moomoo's gross suggestive POV sets though.

No. 264762

SC? Cuz there's nothing I see that appears to be a meltdown for her…

No. 264765

Your consistent lol at the end of every fucking sentence is giving you away, Loonie.

No. 264768

lol kaybear is dating a guy whose got a daughter like 17 or something she has issues so meltdown is no suprise

No. 264769

>"Your consistent lol at the end of every fucking sentence is giving you away, Loonie."
>Loonie now puts the lol at the beginning because she thinks that makes her less obvious

No. 264774

still waiting on screen caps loonie

No. 264778

Luna is so obsessed with Kay she's even stalking her boyfriend

No. 264780

More like Kay is stalking loonie since she's the one who started this whole shitfest of nothing on here

No. 264781

Where's that restraining order it's so hysterical how Kay obsesses so much on twitter about loonie.

No. 264782

Kay and her daddy issues it's so sad the girl needs serious help with her mental issues. Did she ever see someone about her cutting issues? Or did she just hop on that trend like the rest of the tumblr girls for attention

No. 264784

I think anon was saying that Luna isn't ruining her reputation with porn on the internet

No. 264785

Luna probably living off student loans and patreon.

No. 264787

Sorry Loonie but Kay doesn't want to date you. You need to move on.

No. 264789

Has Kay ever posted about Luna on social media other than mentioning a restraining order? Because Luna has brought her up on twitter every chance she gets. I think Luna is literally stalking her

No. 264794

You must be fucked in the head Kay because Luna has mention You one time two years ago

No. 264804

I don't think Luna wants her stds and I think there are old Facebook posts when they were in high school. Kay was constantly posting on her pictures like a spurned lover.

No. 264805

Lets see the screenshots

No. 264807

Listen we all know it's the lewd cosplayers that started and cont posting on here. Unless you have real proof of anything and not jealous ranting let this thread die

No. 264808

Ok Luna

No. 264823

funny how ppl against loonie actually post proof yet you fags that are shoved up her ass make ridiculous claims without ANY proof to back it up.

No. 264844

I am so with you anon!

No. 264849

And when she said that she "needs to die" because she blamed her shitty botched nipples on Kay photoshopping them lmao

And every time momocon comes around

And all the time with "costhots"

Stop being delusional

No. 264850

You realize Loonie created the first thread herself right

How stupid are you people

No. 264859

WTF!? How could you throw someone under the bus like that!? Especially someone who had nothing to do with the fuckin thread! Why the fuck would you do that!?

No. 264901

I never see proof at all though. Produce the tweets of Luna's that @ Kay with all these wild claims.

No. 264904

Yeah like anyone that reads or stalks in your case her twitter can't say the same shit on here. Give people real facts because you sound like a psycho

No. 264909

"Silicone & Delusions"

No. 264936

think whatever you want, loonie

No. 264955

They've already been posted in multiple threads. We've all seen it but I guess we have to dig them back up again since Luna is so mentally challanged and deep in her own web of lies she actually believes she's innocent.

No. 265001

No dumb bitch she @ Kay 2 years ago and it's you're delusional brain that assumes every tweet posted is about that ugly hoe

No. 265007

I've never seen a cosplayer more psychotic and obsessed with another than Luna is with Kay.

No. 265049

No. 265051

these violent delights have violent ends

No. 265059

Have you not read your own comments about kay on your threads, Loonie?

No. 265088

You revived your own days old thread just to randomly talk shit about Kay.

And while we're on that topic, you think just because you don't @ someone specific on twitter that means you aren't talking shit? Every time you talk about "that girl I went to high school with", everyone knows you're talking about Kay. So it's the same damn thing. You're obsessed with her.

But please, to be fair, go ahead and post screen shots of Kay talking shit about you. Should be really easy, cause I am sure you have them all saved.

No. 265191

She will never post proof because everything she says is a lie.

No. 265388

File: 1488980907242.png (224.96 KB, 1109x1159, IMG_5348.PNG)

LOL Jesus selling yourself so cheap just get your furry ass to Vivid and start doing the porn you were born to do Kaybear

No. 265420

File: 1488986011384.png (Spoiler Image, 2.07 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_5351.PNG)

Someone needs to tell these ugly fat cows to stop omg

No. 265434

She's not fat or ugly, are you blind?

No. 265441

It's just Luna going on her daily self hate fueled tirade again

No. 265442

File: 1488990061490.png (198.22 KB, 1035x1379, IMG_5271.PNG)

It's not the same guys. It's artistic.

No. 265445


Why does she look so deformed? It looks like she has one of those cases where certain body parts stop growing. Like her head and boobs grew but everything else stayed small

No. 265457

The early loonie catches the worm

No. 265475

The people that defend lewd cosplayers are trash. They are into kinky pedo shit so there's no use in arguing here. They're mad because they are below camgirls who actually get paid more to do the porn they are doing for nickels

No. 265480

game changer; i bet loonie actually subs to kays patreon secretly to keep up to date with her

No. 265481

no one is defending anyone we just think this psycho bitch isn't any better lmfao

No. 265487

She definitely does

No. 265488

Luna IS a lewd cosplayer. If she really thinks she isn't then she's just as delusional as JNig who thinks if she makes goofy faces somehow that means what she is doing isn't porn.

The only ones who deserve respect are the ones that do it and own up to it. When they tried to act like they're above it all, THAT is when they reach trash level. As of right now, Luna is on the level.

No. 265581

Luna's delusion never sleeps. She thinks if she slaps "artistic" infront of her tacky low res nudes that it gives her the moral high ground over these chicks she's obsessed over. Also who the fuck is this new girl Luna's hating on? No one even mentioned this person. Loonie loves giving herself away.

No. 265598

there've been like 5 people's photos posted in this thread that I've never even heard of and don't think are even associated with her…so no clue what good it does to put them on blast on this thread for luna OR her whiteknights

No. 265638

Stop bringing up Jessica. Final warning.

No. 265735

This is the only thread I've seen on here that people constantly bring random people up yet aren't getting banned/reported for derailing. Why is that?

No. 265760

Who the fuck is that?

No. 265761

Oh you wish thot

No. 265767

The constant self whiteknighting, sperging and bringing up other people as well as breaking the "dont self post" rule makes me wonder why mods havent outed her. I mean Luna posted screenshots from her own phone and talked abou relationships only she would know about so I really wonder why she hasnt been exposed. We all know it's her but why havent the mods confirmed?

No. 265768


Seriously. Mods, plz. Out this cunt.

No. 265789

It's been months and she even made a thread to whiteknighte herself. At this point I honsetly think she's made more or at least just as many sperg comments as Kiki.

No. 265889

Hard to out someone random.>>265767
She shares a ton about her life on patreon not publicly but I'm not sharing where she actually posts

No. 265911

File: 1489035181291.png (2.01 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1200.PNG)

That cheap plain eBay corset and knit leggings….

That aluminum foil belt….

This is like a spirit Halloween ciri lol it's so inaccurate and lazy

And then she captioned the photo with a geralt quote, not even a ciri one

The scar doesn't look bad though I'll give her that.

No. 265914


And then the wolf emoji when ciri didn't even go to the school of wolf (just trained at a location) and even has a school of the cat medallion lmao

What a fake gamer

No. 265918

she looks cute in the face but has giant boobs. It's creepy.

No. 265920

Do you think any cosplayer will ever expand their patreon to teasing/play videos? Or even Scat/Dom/Kiddy?

No. 265978

This is atrocious. It really looks like a halloween store outfit. Everything she wears is so fucking cheap and shitty. Remember that valentines day photoset she did wearing that ugly yandy lingerie? Or the yandy ribbon lingerie she wore in that one video with that youtube guy?

No. 265980

Kayyybear is going to do tail plug shoots I believe but petplay is a pretty harmless and common fetish. Just look at all the girls wearing forever 21 cat ears all the time. Momo probably isn't far away from doing actual fetish videos though. I don't think any cosplayer will be willing to venture as far scat though unless they upgrade to Dubai escorts lol

No. 265993

Luna probably lets thise Saudi arabian guys pay to piss and shit on her. Then she comes here to talk about how a fan gifted her a $1000 purse lmao.

No. 265998

funny enough she started this costume and posted a makeup test back when witcher 3 first came out too…prolly saw ciri in a trailer and jumped on the hype train without playing the game. same with her mercy "cosplay"

No. 266000

ew ppl keep saying on her comments how they wish they could cosplay geralt and making sexual suggestions when ciri is basically his daughter. she also said meet me on the unicorn which is yennefer not ciri…

No. 266158

Until she's riding a camel in Dubai like all the other trader people who go there I don't see it. Plus she's so racist I don't think she'd touch a terrorist

No. 266166

Luna is not racist, she dated that one black guy once remember???

No. 266171

Yeah but when you're the cosplay queen it doesn't matter what you cosplay. Paper bag would get more likes than someone with actual skill

No. 266173

I thought her valentines was sonico. I'm pretty sure no one, even her considers lingerie stuff cosplay.

No. 266174

Youve been stalking too long anon get some help

No. 266184

Loonie time

No. 266201

not really she just posted she did a makeup test for this 2 years ago on twitter like yesterday…

No. 266203

not the sonico set. the red lingerie and ribbon set. though all the facial in expressions in the sonico set looked fucking retarded.

i don't get why she even cosplays sonico…considering the person she claims she hates is the english VA and official sponsor for sonico…

No. 266208

File: 1489085774980.png (149.08 KB, 1159x1816, IMG_5381.PNG)

This graphtreon websites says that she's lost about half of her Patreon supporters from her highest amount, which was once in the 400s.

No. 266262

Yet she told my friend who does the London con she was closing on a house in California. Plus on live yesterday I saw moving boxes

No. 266274


She's so fucking fake lol

No. 266276


So that's why she's resorting to fingering herself

No. 266293

all I see is a picture of her leaning back and blocking her vag. Unlike the skanks posting here. What happened you got tired of making fake pledges on her patreon losers

No. 266294

Welcome to the fingering yourself and fake pledges loser club then kek

No. 266318

if there were pictures of her actually fingering they'd be ion a cumdump site. Nice try though but you all are still low tier porn creators without real popularity lmfao

No. 266320

Don't you have more butt plugs and pov rewards to shoot you ugly fatties

No. 266322

Lol if she's a California homeowner she's richer than you so chew on it nigger

No. 266327

Im calling this. Out!

No. 266331

She already is on a cumdump site……………….

It was posted last thread you fucking inbred

No. 266335

couldn't pay me to live in Cali…fuck that.

No. 266336

go finger yourself and play with your fake tits on video more loonie

No. 266354

File: 1489100198189.png (93.93 KB, 496x1306, IMG_5355.PNG)


No. 266358

No I think jess does that with her pervy dad

No. 266361

Oh really faggot I don't see a fingering set or anything porn worthy as hardcore Momo and Kaybear

No. 266362

Go fuck yourself you spineless fuck you deserve everything that's coming to you xxx

No. 266372

Neither of them sell nudes thiugh so nice try Loonie. Oh look, Loonie Lanie bringing up another random girl she's jealous of. >>266354
When will the mods confirm its Luna? We all know it but this insane cow wont stop playing pretend until she's fully exposed.

No. 266379

I agree, I think the mods need to expose Luna so that Kay has definite proof for when she gets a restraining order and if she decides to sue in the future. Luna is actually psychotic and obsessed with her.

No. 266390

seriously who the fuck are any of these people none of them even look familiar…i'd understand MAYBE if they were friends of these girls that luna bashes on but i don't recognize them at all

No. 266392

please report mods.

No. 266393

or at least fucking ban these shit heads it's obvious it's the same person/2 people posting here regularly to white knight loonie

No. 266395

I just find it funny she has already posted here at least once and has outed herself and namefagged yet they keep claiming she's above it all to post here but even aside from the anon posts she actually has posted here and on anon-IB and even used her name to do so…? These followers of her are retarded

No. 266407

Lol you retards need your own show for the stupid crap you spew. Kay's never going to get a restraining order unless she's physically attacked and Luna does it. Do you think she'd waste time on a fucking ugly cutter who sticks shit in her ass? Swimsuit seriously go get killed by a bus. You're so nasty no one that smells like you look should alive

No. 266414

If it bothers you so much get off being on anon boards. Here no one is safe from getting roasted and only the person getting torched is triggered. It's easy to guess who keeps posting by looking on social media. Luna hardly posts but the others are always bitching or shading. They seem really uneducated and low class. And whoever is justifying furry porn shit as harmless needs to be lobotomized

No. 266416

File: 1489105996987.png (203.27 KB, 1038x975, IMG_5356.PNG)


No. 266422

Wow Luna is so fucking insane and the mods just let her run amok. She's honestly worse than Kiki because Kiki was sperging on purpose. Luna is just so mentally fucked she believes her own lies. Tbh I wonder if she has some type of split personality disorder going on and she genuinly believes she's not the one posting here.

No. 266423

File: 1489106383419.png (240.96 KB, 1019x1434, IMG_5357.PNG)

No. 266424

Luna if you want to bitch about all these other random bitches, start a thread for them.

Also LOL at the claim that Luna doesn't post shade and stuff on her twitter. The screen shots are literally in this thread you crazy crazy nutcase.

No. 266436

Marking posts is a ton of work and not really worth it in this case since most users have been able to pinpoint her posts pretty accurately. She also ban evades like crazy. Your best course of action would be to ignore the bait. Sorry.

No. 266441

Well at least he have some form of confirmation now. Luna thought she was clever…

No. 266483

Get a job stop wasting your time sticking animals up your ass

No. 266484

Oh you poor poor thing please kill yourself

No. 266490

Prove that it's Luna instead of making false claims. You girls are so petty to think she has time to waste on a black girl trying to be white and a fat ass. I will always stand by her since the bullying and when she posted this website to her fb. I find it amusing triggering you all and always will.

No. 266492

Pin the Ips admin and you will see we come from all over the world she has friends in high places سوف يموت

No. 266495

There's no confirmation and I just notified others to hack on behalf of the lunatic army

No. 266497

لدينا مجموعة مواقعك كاليفورنيا … تكساس …
أريزونا. ليس علينا سوى الانتظار لتطهير.

No. 266500

We've been waiting

No. 266502

This board has more down syndrome in it then a cosplay convention. lel.

No. 266504

lunatic psycho freaks is damn right. all of her hardcore followers have severe social disorders and are cringey as fuck. keep doing you…she will never suck your cock lol keep wasting time on an imaginary (because everything she chooses to show you about her is fake as fuck) instead of going out in the real world and finding a real chick that might actually like you.

No. 266505

The owner needs to be brought to our justice

No. 266507

Loonie's having a mental breakdown now that admin exposed her. Lmao at that google translated arabic. This bitch is the craziest cow I have ever seen.

No. 266508

Mark her ip if you know where she is. She posted once a long time ago when she exposed this board for bullying.

No. 266509

she has already proven she has enough time to waste all over her twitter and facebook. god how high can you really put someone you don't actually even know irl on a pedestal lmfao so fucking pathetic

No. 266510

Yes mark her admin

No. 266511

No we watch this board no admin exposed her by saying it's all over. We notify the others. We don't need girls like you ruining cosplay for everyone with the porn.

No. 266512

You just outed yourself make sure you watch your animals dear

No. 266513

i don't even cosplay or have a patreon i'm just here for the mental breakdowns it's a good laugh

No. 266515

You are disgusting we have tracked your ips go do some more software and hardcore porn. You all post when this board has been dead for days because you get triggered.

No. 266516

Luna is sperging so hard to take attention away from the fact that admin exposed her. You can't keep playing pretend Lanie.

No. 266519

make sure you watch your dick 'dear'. be a shame if someone were to chop it off…

…that is how ridiculous you sound. get off the internet you obviously can't handle being here freak

No. 266521

I'm laughing so hard!! Admin, please mark the IP (s). This is a sperg of epic proportions. Lol Lunie!!!

No. 266523

oh and btw this site is under some of the highest ip protection, hence why no one wants to put in effort tracking loonie. do you realize how much effort and time it took to track kiki? i would love to see a bunch of psychotic whiteknights try

No. 266524

Oh Atlanta we got you now

No. 266525

File: 1489116036873.jpg (51.53 KB, 612x612, ANON.jpg)

If you thought it was her so much wouldn't you confront her? You hide. You make posts. I wouldn't be surprise if half the post are you crazy SOBS pretending to make her lookalike she is "sperging" by hiding. You guys don't think she has told her fans about this place?

No. 266527

Women are so petty they are only good for porn

No. 266528

Protect your love ones hold them close and don't cry for me Argentina

No. 266529

it is right on her fb and twitter dude we all know she has shared her own link with her crazy fans. but it is fine…many of us probably have confronted her and guess what she does? blocks us and then talks mad shit on her social media. if you weren't actually scared you wouldn't copy paste an image from fucking google with a V mask on lmfao

No. 266530


No. 266531

Lmfao not even close. I'm cackling!

No. 266532

Aw poor baby

No. 266533

lmfao wrong coast buddy

No. 266534

Yeah I wanna see that black bitch insert that plug without lube.

No. 266536

Oh right Canada

No. 266537

Of course you do Luna. You're obsessed with her.

No. 266538

She has not posted anything negative always defends herself from deranged cosplay women but has been quiet these days.

No. 266540

I love orange pussy on my face like KFC

No. 266541

only on loonies thread do her "fans" actually threated to hurt ppl and their families with zero proof of any of them even instigating :')

No. 266542

File: 1489116366747.jpg (158.67 KB, 667x500, make-me-laugh-d884e93a2b0d0bca…)

No. 266543

I'd rather take a slice off that fat bitch Momo and serve her to my rotter

No. 266544

It is finger licking good but only if you call me Kernel and let me penetrate that tight wrinkled raisin.

No. 266546

? who the fuck out of the chicks yall claim keep attacking her even lives in Canada

…also canada isnt a coast?

No. 266547

I wish I could eat her like roast beef at arbydennyship

No. 266548

Losing over half her patreon followers and getting exposed by Admin must have caused her to have a mental breakdown.

No. 266551

How will she ever get a real job especially since I'm on her patreon and plan a dump of her porn

No. 266552

Canada is where the walrus is

No. 266553

She doesn't do porn I asked her to send nudes and she wouldn't.

No. 266554

Pissed me off so I left I don't need to see teasing.

No. 266555

momo lives in vegas you retard hahaha

No. 266557

Post it here hopefully she inserts a buttplug like you girls do

No. 266558

File: 1489116574333.jpg (37.75 KB, 800x642, Looniesnewroom.jpg)

No. 266559

Lol she was only making like 3k before showing her cheap ass tiajuana boob job and now she most likely makes less than half to do nudes and finger herself on abeach in "honor" of Marilyn Monroe. What a pathetic whore.

No. 266560

Momo lives in texas where all cows go to die

No. 266562

Oh right with that stripper named jack

No. 266563

Atleast she has boobs and isn't a peacock keeper

No. 266566

I would feel bad having so much cock in my asshole. Maybe one day you girls will get famous for porn.

No. 266567

What is it you seek Delanie?
Its a fair question and I believe all (if not most) deserve this response considering the impact you've made upon the community.

No. 266569

LOL delanie is delilah doolotttle doo

No. 266571

I need a mental asylum after reading all this it's better entertainment then Fox news

No. 266572

File: 1489116774907.png (110.28 KB, 750x759, IMG_3082.PNG)

Luna lanie is trying so hard to take attention away from the fact that mods exposed her

No. 266573

I'm sure Nigri ate Momos ass a couple weeks ago I head she loves to rub oil on those boulders and slide them in fat puss

No. 266574

I go outside and I spread my anus for the world to see I shove whales sealions and cosplayers dignity

No. 266575

Why do all the spergs go for the gross stuff ala kikispam?

No. 266576

no…i just…its right on her thread she lives in vegas dude vegas is in NEVADA not TEXAS holy shit all of loonies followers are as dense and uneducated as her too ffs

No. 266577

Fat pussy is a delicacy in my town. All the lads fist fuck and record girls undercover.

No. 266578

for real it was funny at first but now it is just sad

No. 266579

We just want to serve her I have cum on her face so many times she is my master

No. 266580

lol this is the cringe response i expect from loonie herself

No. 266581

Illogical uneducated get on the special bus because the only tards here are cum puppies

No. 266585

No. 266586

Highland park is the only place that I've ever been to the most amazing thing ever happened with the other two guys and the best thing about it was that it happened so much for me the whole night is so weird but wow I love you so much and you can just come back

hi loonie, hitting the predictive text button sounds just like you

No. 266587

Is that Jessica? warning don't bring her up in this thread or you will be banned.

No. 266588

In highland park you got gang banged by luna? Did you take photos?

No. 266589

File: 1489117225966.jpg (76.08 KB, 655x1300, IMG_9827.JPG)

that is literally a picture that comes up from googling "woman in a straight jacket" it's a mannequin

No. 266591

I have one thing in common I like blondes with big boobs

No. 266592

File: 1489117257247.jpg (3.68 MB, 2931x2966, IMG_5358.JPG)

I got to penetrate Momo beast she's so popable

No. 266593

Guys she's literally talking to herself in constant succession pretending to be multiple people. The most that have posted on her behalf have estimated between 3&4, and not as much as she's defended herself.

No. 266596


No. 266597

I know where jess lives

No. 266598

This is boring now that the admin is gone I can't wait for them to come back

No. 266599

We all do in her dad's basement

No. 266601

I'm grabbing admins by the pussy then twisting them on my daddy stick

No. 266603

Can you send nudes in the meantime I'm sure you have a nice snatch

No. 266604

Loonie, just get off tor. Not only are you bumping the fuck out of this thread but you're seriously embarrassing yourself.

No. 266606

Guys? You mean just you lol

No. 266607

She probably thinks spamming will get her thread deleted or something

No. 266608

Tor? fucking ignorant bitch can't even use the correct term

No. 266609

Please don't quit your day job of being a pornstar.

No. 266610

Can you do a tribute and send your cum kool aid?

No. 266612

It's 11 o'clock do you know where your children are

No. 266615


its cool loonies nudes all over the internet

No. 266616

God her tits are so bad. Imagine paying to have your body ruined.

No. 266617

That's not even nude you dumb bitch and old shit please post new stuff.

No. 266618

I want to my dick to get wet

No. 266619

Lmao she sperges in that thread too posting fake nudes of Jessica and going on about her ex Alex Ramos. Even the fuckboys on anon-ib say she's crazy.

No. 266620

the ones who fuck Susu so she never gets posted? Yeah they are pretty fuck boyish.

No. 266623

Lol who? Now Loonie has imaginary friends?

No. 266624

File: 1489118263715.png (Spoiler Image, 185.86 KB, 1019x1671, IMG_5360.PNG)

You keep saying "loonie" brings this thread to life when it's really you jealous bitches. Anyone that has a brain will recognize it as I use to fan Nigri but once I read about all the shit she did on pretty liars it all made sense.

No. 266625

Jealous girls either
3)got raped
4) Drugs

it's a shame they use to be hot before all the drama with luna

No. 266627

you guys need to get paid for being her marketing.

No. 266628

Now go back into your swamp where you belong

No. 266630

You stalk her social you must know she has friends. But they don't stick fur up their asses

No. 266631

I use to like this board but you let cows flood on each others board. We all now who posted the OG thread.

No. 266632

I wonder what it smells like after the deed

No. 266633

Then stfu before I send my big dick to choke that pretty little mouth of yours

No. 266634

Ok don't get violent while defending our queen. You will just make the ugly girls have leverage and feel wanted.

No. 266636

LOOK at her fucking talking to herself lmao!!!

No. 266638

She looks so dirty dude and what are those tattoos. I bet she did it with an easy bake tattoo maker they are so bad

No. 266639

tbh I would subscribe to cosplayer's patreons if they would to some pony play for My little Pony sexy themed shoots

No. 266640

Look at you talking to yourself ;) you are such a big girl now

No. 266641

Id rather have rainbro bright lights but I want a sprite doing POV

No. 266643

I'm going to sub to Momo because I wanna see her hogtie and groped by that fat Asian noodle

No. 266644

Everyone just stop responding. She'll tire herself out eventually. Just sit back and laugh

Sage for contributing to this nonsense

No. 266645

File: 1489118989948.png (1.1 MB, 1120x970, Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.0…)

Must be sad to be sitting on a computer ALONE while our queen is being paid to fly to places. I would be upset too. Now go shoot some more porn at home.

No. 266646

This shit is getting trite. Loonie, you need help. Badly. Stop white knighting and gtfo for your own mental health. You're arguing with yourself for fucks sake. Stop shitting the thread and if I were you, I'd get them nips fixed.

No. 266649

This whole thread is a dying it's always her people defending vs the same people saying the same shit and using old pictures. Where is anything new or Juicy? There is nothing because she is a nobody and fucking boring. You all have a vendetta against her but it's just high school drama so get over it and drop it. This is clogging up other real cows.

No. 266652

Like this what is the point of this???? same shit said in the past 2 threads and then I got bored and annoyed. If you have problems with someone be an adult instead of ruining this community.

No. 266656


No. 266657

Its unbeknownst to me why she would put a new york phone number out on this thread

No. 266659

Why do you wear contacts when you cosplay?

No. 266660



No. 266661

Oops meant to reply to


No. 266662

Where can I find her real naked photos? I need it…

No. 266664



No. 266665


She said kaybear needs to die ON TWITTER because she blamed her ugly nipples on kaybear photoshopping a nude which NEVER HAPPENED

are you a fucjing idiot

No. 266666


Lol this

Every time I think she can't get any more crazy she proves me wrong

It's amazing

No. 266667

we should team up and scare her to stop being a bitch

No. 266668


Have fun dealing with a DMCA Loonie. Especially since there's proof of you admitting to it here.

Mod can you mark at least this post for legal purposes?

No. 266669

let's blackmail her with her porn what is her email?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 266670

Wish the mods would at least mark some of the death threats

No. 266671

screenshot it I am blocked on her twitter

No. 266672

Keep making up stories. There has never been death threats for anyone on this board or twitter besides you all self posting to play victim.

No. 266676


> what is mobile

Literally every screenshot posted has been on mobile you fucking twit

No. 266677

Loonie has posted multiple death threats against the other cosplayers she has a disturbing obsession with.

No. 266678

can't spell right?

No. 266679

Mods is there a way to keep OPs from just shitposting the same thing over and over from previous threads?

No. 266681

File: 1489121132340.jpg (1.06 MB, 2400x1009, IMG_1222.JPG)


While incident is in the previous thread

No. 266682


No. 266687

Doesn't mention the name so you can't do anything and this is the only proof? You are assuming because you have your own personal vendetta against her. So you pretty much just proved who we all knew you were. You are a stalker and need some real help. You have been stalking her for years. You post on this thread 24/7 instead of improving your craft. I don't get why you waste your talent being a bully. P.S. A lot of people use that term online nowadays I don't agree with it but the internet is not a PC place.

No. 266690

Kay please go see a shrink for your stalking, and cutting issues.

No. 266691

Maybe one day she will be popular enough to have her own thread to stalk.

No. 266745


> you post on this thread 24/7 instead of improving your craft

Projecting much, Loonie? LOL

Quit trying to cover your ass because you didn't mention her by name Loonie. Everyone with an IQ of at least 20 (so none of your followers) knows you're talking about Kaybear because you have some dumb high school vendetta.

No. 266909

File: 1489159045213.jpg (518.01 KB, 1155x1732, IMG_8423.JPG)

Since admin won't mark posts (understandably, since Luna is a nobody who has made a million sperg comments that everyone has accurately pinpointed themselves) here ya anons go….. + more to come

Ps. Luna I was one of the MAIN posters on your 1st and 2nd thread and I'm not even in the cosplay community, litterly Kay, momo, SS, Kristen, & Nigri have never posted here. Most of us posting are regular lolcow members who just came upon your thread (without knowing you) and thought your BS and sperging was crazy and funny. You literally are just paranoid over nothing bc all the girls you're obsessed with just honestly don't ever think of you, it's just you, being crazy. Plz I spent many a minute making collages of you. Take this advice if any, seek some professional private intense therapy, I sincerely mean this.

And by the way that Arabic you posted pretending to be multiple users is copy&paste in google translate. I'm fluent. There are litterly NO white knights, it's ONLY Luna. And using VPNs doesn't mean your invisible, retard.

No. 266923

File: 1489160215723.jpg (601.56 KB, 1439x1439, 20170310_103513.jpg)

this doesn't even look like her…and that nose does not look anything like her live videos…

No. 266940

File: 1489163524115.jpg (265.13 KB, 734x1024, IMG_3552.JPG)

"This is the only proof?"
Don't forget about the sockpuppet account Luna made on twitter at the start of the drama (before her first thread was even made) that she used to bully, talk shit, and spread lies about the girls she's obsessed with, all while promoting herself at the same time and retweeting her promos, and she called them out by name AND even @ and tagged them in the twitter posts. And it was 100% made by Luna, a fact.

>nevar forget

No. 267018

File: 1489174339399.jpg (224.26 KB, 685x1024, IMG_8429.JPG)

No. 267019

File: 1489174394707.gif (977.54 KB, 162x288, IMG_8450.GIF)

Gif proving her tits are fake and hard cantaloupes

No. 267021

File: 1489174587075.jpg (Spoiler Image, 341.63 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_8482.JPG)

Just a peek at Luna's "professional artist glamor modeling that's super classy and not slutty at all like Kay" lmao

I have 3 more collages, one for bullying kay & two for racist comments, death threats, and sexual creepy loonie shit. I don't want to flood the board, post em later? I figure it's at least close to marking her posts.

No. 267037

File: 1489176482058.jpg (1.1 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170310_150703.jpg)

since ppl like to bring up everyone else's plastic surgery here…

No. 267042

btw I have zero problem with anyone getting work done. I do have an issue with people judging one person for getting work done but praising another for getting the same exact work done.

No. 267063

She wishes she was jnig lmao

No. 267070

Post them now anon

No. 267084

File: 1489181513812.jpg (484.92 KB, 1155x1729, IMG_8476.JPG)

Your wish is my command anon.

No. 267086

File: 1489181564494.jpg (444.16 KB, 1732x1155, IMG_8428.JPG)

No. 267089

File: 1489181673863.jpg (490.81 KB, 1155x1732, IMG_8477.JPG)

No. 267104

how can anyone possibly believe these huge melons on such a tiny girl are real

No. 267106

She's just a late bloomer, anon.

No. 267131

socially, physically, and mentally i guess

No. 267140

No. 267227

Damn that nose has some blurry lines…..

No. 267283

File: 1489198486780.jpg (855.03 KB, 1135x1575, Screenshot_20170310-211233.jpg)

def got a nose job. all of a sudden she is dropping all these side profiled pics and this one doesn't seem photoshopped.

No. 267302

I still cant get over how ancient she looks. She got popular at 19 and is now 21 yet looks to have aged about 15 years in only 3 years wtf happened???

No. 267316

i think she is now 22 going on 23 but yeah…still…

No. 267319

you mean how she paid to rent a studio and hire a photographer lmfao

No. 267321

Oh nooo :( her doc went way too small and her nostrils are already exhibiting that pinched look which is the dign of a botched nosejob… she's gonna have major issues with it and need a revision in 5-10 years. That sucks. I mean yeah she's obnoxious as heck but I still feel bad for her.

A bad nosejob is way worse than no nosejob

No. 267327

A botched nose job and botched tit job. Why can't she afford better surgery? Also isn't this already her second nose job?

No. 267336

nah the rest of her photos were all photoshop and makeup contour…we thought she had already had one until she posted candid video and photos from pax south before her surgery

No. 267342

File: 1489203902513.jpg (536.33 KB, 816x1235, Screenshot_20170310-224253.jpg)

this was taken about a week before her "mystery surgery" (around pax south…late jan i think?) and the other side profile photos are both recent

No. 267350

File: 1489204498378.jpg (524.05 KB, 1920x1200, IMG_3986.JPG)

It's so ridiculous that she denies having a boob job, all while ragging on jnig for her tit job (and lying, saying nigri had 3 boob jobs, when she's only had 1), when she literally went from an A cup at age 18/19 to a DD in a period of a year.
>"Luna is a late bloomer!!!!!!1111"

That's just not biologically or physically possible. It's one thing to lie or be private about plastic surgery jobs, but the hypocrisy of spreading false rumors and shit talking others for the exact same thing she has done is what bothers most people.
And the nose job is obvious, and not just deviated septum surgery, but a full on nose reconstruction. And pre-surgery she would shop her lips, nose, and boobs to look like she does now. But it's not surprising since she lies about almost everything and talks shit about others when she does the same thing, or in most cases, she does even worse, accompanied by the "holier than thou" attitude. And the "Luna is more popular! She is more famous! She makes WAY more money than so-and-so!" When everyone she compares herself to DOES make more money and ARE more popular, like as a fact. How delusional are you that you believe your own hype and are so egotistical that you are completely blind to numbers, views, patreon money, likes, sponsorships, etc? How can she boldly proclaim she makes WAY more patreon money than nigri or momo and that "they wish they made as much as her! They wish they were as popular as her!" When it's documented and graphed as a fact on patreon? It's a whole 'nother level of insanity.

No. 267359

wew lad that nose. She looks like a white goblin.

No. 267364

right? and her patron subs have dropped to only 186 now. like none of us are saying we, personally, support or even like these other cosplayers she constantly sperges about, it is just statistically proven they are more successful despite whatever the fuck they do.

No. 267365

File: 1489205111179.jpg (55.59 KB, 750x342, IMG_3638.JPG)

Don't forget this gem. I'm making an imgur account with all her old, racist, sexual harrasing, rape & murder threats, disgusting tweets from her sockpuppet account, her old Delanie highschool account, & her official one she uses now (all twitter + tagging herself and the girls she hates) Will post soon.

No. 267373

you're doing gods work anon

No. 267375

2k per week is 8k a month.

No. 267376

Looking forward to this

No. 267377

Still less than everyone she shit talks even though none of them flash their bare titties.

No. 267378

fun friday I am depressed this gives me pleasure

No. 267379

All cosplayers do softcore porn. They all are trash

No. 267465

File: 1489233115512.jpg (540.26 KB, 3994x1851, IMG_3641.JPG)

Is it just me or do people think Luna copied Kay on her cosplays? After Kay did these cosplays, Luna only did them afterwards (not counting the third one in leotard). It might just be coincidence, but it's funny that she always says Kay copied her when she did these same outfits AFTER Kay….

No. 267468

I think the Quiet cosplay Luna did first…idk about the rest…Kay has made some pretty quality stuff so Luna can't even compare to her cosplay skill regardless. Plus she chooses the most cosplayed characters.

No. 267470

no…anon…only the cosplayers on HERE do softcore porn…there are hundreds of cosplayers who actually are good at their craft and don't pander to a specified audience. luna wonders why the community is so toxic…she did the exact same shit people hate nigri for and blame nigri for ruining the passion of the community and obviously gives 0 shits about improving her skill or making quality content yet gets tons of notice because her tits are out every chance she gets…and she's surprised that actually skilled cosplayers may not take her seriously? god these bitches are dumb.

No. 267472

yeah but those are also old stats…she only have 180~ patrons now. moomoo also lost pledges. but i think susu, nigri, and kay have only gone up.

No. 267474

she also keeps trying to sexualize ciri which is really annoying, and she's even trying to get noticed by the game developers by tagging them in her pics when she didn't even complete the fucking costume hahaha

No. 268057

File: 1489317460218.jpg (31.77 KB, 604x235, Untitled.jpg)


God what a narcissistic cunt.

No. 268311

Lmao at her saying shit like this when she dresses and looks so cheap and cant even afford nice lingerie.

No. 268333

Now now Kay everyone cant fuck old men for money for nice threads

No. 268334

Loonie time

No. 268336

File: 1489354327833.jpg (1.73 MB, 1933x3657, IMG_5362.JPG)

Its hard to be Kay Thomas when your mom was a stripper

No. 268340

Wow Luna goes DEEP to stalk Kay. Since admins confirmed it's you posting, Luna, enjoy your inevitable restraining order.

No. 268341

wow Luna you REALLY want to out yourself when no one else could ever possibly have this info. This is an all time low considering there is zero proof Kay has ever done ANYTHING to you, fucking psycho cunt. How convenient you were just active on Twitter, too…

No. 268343

sorry Luna not everyone can live the privileged life of a blonde white bimbo…I don't know anything about Kay's family but for someone who is literally selling your tits for money online I can't see how working as an exotic dancer is much worse than selling your body online.

No. 268344

Luna, I'm sorry you're such a sad pathetic lonely whore.

I hope you get help soon. Because god damn, it's painful to watch you publicly shit all over your own face.

No. 268346

Triggered confirmed that Kay and Jessica are the shitstarters. This was so easy

No. 268348

My IP is from the North East so nothing was confirmed you retard…quit acting like you know shit.

No. 268350

Posts private photos of Kay's family that are on private accounts.
Posts screenshots from her own fucking phone.
But of course, it can't possibly be Luna posting here…even though it really isn't much better that she just tells all her little twat minions what to post here FOR HER.

I hope the bitch does get a restraining order against her, Kay goes to the cons I enjoy so that means I won't have to worry about this fucking cunt attending them.

No. 268353

Poor Kay just imagine all the daddies her mom brought home when she was little. That would fuck a girl up especially if they got too familiar if you know what I mean winky face

No. 268358

god you are demented I really hope you seek help this is an all new level of low that you have so little dirt on Kay that you have to bring her family in on this…how about Loonie's retarded alcoholic sister that supposedly fell off a fucking roof? Two can play at this game…makes it easy since Loonie shares this shit like it's nothing with a bunxmch of fucking strangers

No. 268360

There's dirt on Kay all will be revealed but we wanted to let you know we see everything

No. 268362


Fuckin psycho with a god complex when you're as useless and dumb as a rock

There's no dirt on Kay you pathetic talentless bimbo

Nobody likes you

No attractive man wants you

No company wants you


No amount of shit talking Kay or her family will change any of that

No. 268363


Or what about how Loonies mom paid big bucks for her to move to Cali to go to acting school for her to drop out half a year later because she was so bad at it lmao

That's why she moved to California in the first place

Not cosplay, some scam trade "get famous" acting school in Hollywood.

She used to call herself an actor before she realized she has NO talent even after paying big bucks with mommy divorce money and just went porn model

No. 268366

must suck being the least talented of your siblings. before acting school didn't she drop out of actual college too?

No. 268367

you dug up a photo of someone's MOM from like 20 years ago by the looks
good job
you are insulting Kay with shit she has zero control over
that doesn't make her look bad, but it sure gives me a whole new level of hatred towards you

No. 268368


Not sure I didn't know her that far back. But I wouldn't doubt it

No. 268369

she could barely handle the two lines she had in that stupid christmas video lmfao

No. 268374

This is hysterical I'm going to let Luna know we scored with that infiltration she will have to give us cred now

No. 268376

Kay stop pretending to be a bunch of people we know you're too fucking weird to have friends. Otherwise they'd be defending you and giving Luna shit on her socials. You're the psychotic bitch that stalks her and wants to be her. You come from trash and trash you will always be no matter how many white men you hook up with to improve you're self esteem issues.go get help girl sounds like between the cutting drug use and fucking in grade school for drugs that you have some serious victim complex

No. 268379

god you are pathetic. i have been a third of the replies the past 20 mins and I am not kay. you deserve to be locked into a mental ward, whether your luna or not, because you are actually psychotic to have this obsession over a girl luna hates just because you worship luna. like seriously…seek. help.

No. 268380

Also look at every fucking cosplayers friends list and followers they are nobodies and that group of cos celebrities try so hard to fit in by moving to LA but they end up doing burlesque or escorting. Look at Kay she shacks up with a daddy who flies her and babysits her at conventions and probably pimps her out like all her past daddies. I really feel sorry but she's past the point of saving

No. 268381

Hi Momo how's fetlife

No. 268392

you all obviously cant track ips for fucking shit cuz again…moomoo is in vegas and mine came from new england. wrong again retards

No. 268393

lol at least they have friends unlike your pathetic lonely ass :')

No. 268396

Really wild how mods wont tag a single posteven though they said it was for sure Loonie. One tag would end this bitch and her ridiculous farse. Anyone with a brain knows it's her since she posted screenshots from her own phone of texts she got but her fans (the few who arent bots she purchased) are dumb as fucking rocks. Only solid evidence will get her to stop.

No. 268405

I think it's funny how these supposedly randoms non cosplayer posters know so much about Luna lmfao. if you haven't spoken to her in years how do you know anything. And Kay just because you can cut and paste a bunch of quotes that you or your trash friends posted doesn't mean she's been on here except to laugh at your psychotic rants

No. 268406

Kay comes from trash, waiting on former patreon to send dump of her nudes and fetish porn. Wait for it

No. 268409

Wait does having your degree in sucking off old mans balls make you famous on here. Why do the mods protect Kay and Nigri so much on here? Again look at who follows these three and then let me know who has the real power.

No. 268411


If you're referring to my posts about knowing why she moved to California, I never said I wasn't a cosplayer. Believe it or not Loonie, everyone hates you.

No. 268422

What happened to the anon saying they were making an Imgur album with all Luna Lanie's melt downs, racist comments and death threats?

No. 268425

You sound like you are 5 years old and I think my girl cut ties with you ugly cunts years ago. Of course you're going to hate on the pretty and successful newcomer that got more attention and doesn't have to work at it like you pathetic losers. You really don't know why she came to la you believe what you read or gossip. The facts are she's still involved w acting you all are just to lazy to dig and find the things she's doing and not sharing but I have faith in you. You all have no jobs except spreading you legs on patreon or dancing at the cosclub im sure you'll figure it out

No. 268426


> pretty

Stopped reading right there because that's where the biggest lie was

No. 268427


"You all have no jobs except spreading your legs on Patreon"


No. 268429

Oh you mean Kay I think she's having another meltdown. God the girl takes so many mental breaks and vacations I wonder how she does college and sends out rewards. Oh wait she doesn't those are mostly fakes. It's ok maybe that old dude will wife you and make some nigglets. Hey Kay did you met him at the strip club like your mom met all your daddies and uncles?

No. 268432

You all are pussies none of you have the guts to confront her. You all know she has more power and clout than you but you still obsess on a cunt board. I guess lowlifes will always hide and bitch while the queens conquer

No. 268436

hard to confront the biggest pussy of all that as soon as you call her out on something will block you on every social media platform and ignore you

No. 268437


She's blocked every account I've made to confront her on

She's the biggest coward

No. 268440

All Luna does is project her fucked up personality onto others. I swear she has some type of mental dissorder. Maybe she can use the insanity plea in court when she gets sued for her lies and threats.

No. 268441


Don't give her any ideas, she deserves to be punished for what a shitty person she is

And I know she doesn't make much on Patreon but she makes enough to afford therapy at least

No. 268446

Loonie please

No. 268449

This entire thread is a massive tumor, can everyone please stop giving this cunt attention and responding to the obvious bait and self posting?

Admins you guys banned Ember and Emily over this shit can we please nuke this thread? There's not even milk at this point just loonie ban evading and talking shit about other girls

No. 268451

The hilarious delusions are quite entertaining. Why cant you hide the thread?

No. 268454

I feel disgusted reading through most of this thread because I don't find it entertaining to see girls in their early 20's acting like children fighting over a toy in daycare. It actually makes me feel sort of sick.

Hey ladies. Let's have a little reality check here, shall we? I'm talking to you Luna, Kay, and Momo:

1. You are all sex workers. You all make money with your bodies. None of you should feel better than one another. You're all in the same trade - cosplay softcore. You are all internet strippers.

2. You are competing with each other over something inherently worthless and ridiculous: internet fame. Unless you are diligently documenting (for tax purposes) and saving every single penny you're making online right now to either fund your way through college or trade school or buy some property… You are wasting your formative years. Everything you do (or don't do in your cases) will affect your future.


If you continue spending all your time on social media and all your money on cosplay/trips to cons/plastic surgery/drugs/chinese takeout/etcetcetc you will wake up one day when you're 30 and realize that you HAVE NO VALUE.

You won't be qualified to get anything other than a minimum wage job because you didn't pursue an education. You won't be able to buy a house because no lender will give you the time of day. You'll be stuck throwing your minimum wage down the black hole of renting an apartment for the rest of your life.

At that point you will have lost your opportunity to be independent and your only shot at stability will be marrying someone who can support you and hoping he/she doesn't mind you leeching off of them.

Will you be able to find a husband who doesn't have a problem with a woman who has softcore porn on the internet? Will your future partner be ok with the things you're doing now? Should they be ok with it? Again, the reality is that most people wouldn't be comfortable starting a family with a girl that makes her money from guys jerking off to her on the internet.

Maybe right now you girls don't have any desire to settle down with someone you love and trust and have a nice place that you own together and maybe start a family, but that can change in 10 years. Do you want to rob yourself of that possibility by being a complete idiot in your 20's?

Yeah. Think about it.

Luna, this is a personal note to you: The direction you are going in right now is going to ruin your life. I think best case scenario it will leave you either: A) stripping or in some form of prostitution, B) in a psychiatric unit (and if you're extremely lucky on a shitload of pills and living with your parent(s), or C) broke and living with/financially dependent on an abusive partner. I'm not "hating on you" or trolling you. I am not jealous of you. I'm too old to give a shit about anything you think is valuable. I am only telling you this for your benefit so you have time to change what you're doing in life and avoid disastrous results. I speak from experience. I really wish I had someone online tell me this same shit 15 years ago because it would've saved me almost two decades worth of pain and abuse and struggle. Don't be stubborn and DROP THE ADDICTION TO ATTENTION. It's only going to get worse. That beast is always hungry and will never be satisfied. Cosplay is bullshit. The internet is bullshit. None of it matters. Get off of here and go back to school. Make yourself valuable. You'll thank yourself later.

No. 268456

File: 1489364206298.jpg (67.65 KB, 570x571, IMG_5370.JPG)

Kay's been projecting since she started this plugfest and you know she's has this up her poophole look at the goosebumps

No. 268459

Sounds like someone's 40+ year old christian auntie wandered in here from facebook.

No. 268460

slow clap anon
i feel you
but i really do not believe kay has been posting here regardless, she is the only one already in a relationship, going to college, and hopefully if she knows better, not shitposting on the internet if she wants to take her restraining order against loonie seriously. i couldn't know for sure, but she has been the only seemingly genuine one out of this.

No. 268461

but…they are correct. the internet and cosplay is bullshit. any job that relies on your physical appearance so heavily is bullshit because you. will. get. old.

No. 268464

Bitch that wrote a novel how do you KNOW she isn't in college? Married? A homeowner? You certainly act like you or any of these dumb cunts know her other than what she wants you to see online. you listen to some dumb bitch who admits she hasn't seen or talked to Luna in 8years lmfao. You people are the ones who need mental help since you're stalking a stranger. Constantly bringing up a post written almost 2 years ago just to start drama when there's nothing on her socials that indicate she gives a fuck about these hoes. Get over it she's moved on from high school stop making stupid posts because she didn't want to talk to you or associate with you. So what if she's a climber it will catch up but someone who leaves Los Angeles sounds more sane than these desperate bitches in cosplay who think they are models or actors.

No. 268467


No. 268468


Everyone knows Loonie dropped out of acting school last year quit trying to make it seem like she's doing college on the dl

If she couldn't even handle a few acting classes no way she could handle real college courses

And she doesn't make enough to be a homeowner lol just look at her one and only job: selling nudes on Patreon and she doesn't even make that much

No. 268470

>So what if she's a climber it will catch up but someone who leaves Los Angeles sounds more sane than these desperate bitches in cosplay who think they are models or actors.

That's literally what Loonie is tho lmfao

No. 268483

Lol yeah I know I sound like that. Nothing wrong with being a Christian though, you at least got that part right.

"Bitch that wrote a novel" here. Hi. I'm going to assume you're Luna because you probably are. I don't understand half of what you just typed and I have a sneaking suspicion that you may think I am someone else - or at least way more informed in your dramu than I actually am. Listen kiddo, you have no idea who I am. I came way before your time. I don't browse this place much, I come here to check up on my old buddy Pixyteri once every few months. I browsed this thread out of sheer boredom while I had some very rare free time and was surprised by how much you remind me of myself when I was your age. I just wanted to slap you with a nice dose of reality before you get any worse.

So here's my prescription for how Luna can become a normal girl who is not a mental unstable shitstain on society:

- stop doing drugs. Yes, weed is a drug. Alcohol is a drug. Stop that shit.
- stop cosplaying. Forget about cosplay.
- stop taking revealing photos
- stop taking photos of yourself and posting then online in general for awhile. Just stop attention whoring until you are no longer addicted to it and don't feel the need to do it.
- work toward going back to school
- figure out a way to make money that doesn't involve men paying you to show them your body. A normal job. You know, a real one.

That would be a good start.

No. 268485

Lol again with these losers ok hun pretend you know any of these people. Now go back to your vibrator and cats because this place is for trolls and ugly bitches who are 300 pounds with plugs up their asses

No. 268486

Lesson for all of you learn to stalk better before you try and fuck with someone on an anon board. Start simple see who interacts who follows back who favors it's all done right under your noses.

No. 268497


Can you make a coherent sentence

No. 268509

File: 1489369737837.png (Spoiler Image, 2.6 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_5373.PNG)

Am I a pretty girl

No. 268510

File: 1489369801133.png (2.21 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_5375.PNG)

Yeah Kay you are now lick this pussy

No. 268511

Jesus look at all the bought likes and rt

No. 268512

File: 1489369876999.png (59.09 KB, 562x677, IMG_5377.PNG)


No. 268513

File: 1489369940919.jpg (3.85 MB, 2898x3577, IMG_5366.JPG)

What gaffesishlistms happened

No. 268514

File: 1489370116654.png (Spoiler Image, 1.76 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_5374.PNG)

Guys I'm a cute girl this is where daddy puts it

No. 268518

hi Loonie

No. 268629


HI LUNA! We ALL see you. Please seek therapy. That is the 2nd time you have posted Kay's mother, that is so wrong, how would you feel if we posted photos of YOUR family members or private information. Especially considering that I think Kay's mother died recently (?) Your comments are so disgusting, perverted, sexually charged, racist, homophobic, mean, rude, nasty, and just shockingly disturbing and quite unstable. The OP of this thread, and this threads MAIN posters (including me) have all come forward to say that none of us are any of these girls. We don't even know half the people you randomly post or claim are posting here. I truly think you are extremely paranoid, because you KNOW you have said horrible, disgusting things about these 5 specific girls, that you think out of revenge (which tbh you 100% deserve) that they are the ones posting here bc you KNOW you deserve it. And because sadly, that is what YOU would do if the roles were reversed. But the sad thing is, they aren't. Which is so sad. Because then you KNOW that if they aren't the ones posting here (which they aren't bc all main posters have told you, including those who started the threads that none of us are those girls/arent even "cosplay e-famous") then those 5 girls (momo, krissy, kay, SS, nigri):
A) they don't care about you
B) your nothing to them
C) they have better and bigger things to do (which you obviously don't since you're here everyday)
D) they are morally better than you
E) they're above you and your crazy obsessive disgusting comments
F) youre all alone
G) tons of people hate you (not just these 5 girls) but lots lots more who are posting here
H) the girls you obsess with don't think about you when you think about them daily
I) your way too in deep after all these comments and are struggling to strike at anything in the nastiest way you can desperately (and it shows)
J) you're 100 times worse then they will ever be bc none of them have gone anywhere near as far as you have with insults
K) your not as big or popular or well known or important enough
L) that even though you've said the worst things about them, that they're better than you than to stoop to your level
M) your uglier than all of them on the outside AND ESPECIALLY on the inside
N) you can un-burn your bridges
O) that even though all those girls (most likely) have been informed/are aware of your disgusting hateful comments, that they dont care enough about you to respond
P) you're crazy, you respond to yourself, make sexually harassing comments focused on their vaginas like the creep you are and that they (most likely) are aware of them and probably hate you a million times more than they did in the first place when that twitter call out momo did months ago (which is the only time they've really ever mentioned you)
S) you realize because all this your extremely jealous, spiteful, lacking self esteem, and spiteful of these girls bc they have what you want (sponsors, more money, more fame/popularity, more fans, invites to cons, popular cosplays, houses, boyfriends, education, traveling, tv shows, web shows, ads, more well known, liked by the general public, connections etc)
And T) this was all for nothing and you made your shitty situation that would have blown over quietly in a short time into a full on shitstorm that you will never bounce back from (bc just a quick google of your name and all your fuckery shows up with all your racist, nasty, death threat shit)

And it's all your fault. Your own doing. And you are all alone in this. And you're SO GUILTY that you can't help but paranoidly & wildly point to every single posts that critizes you, saying "I know it's you Kay!!!!!11 Hi momo get out of here!!!!1 Jess I know you posted this!!!!11 SS stop talking about me!!!!!1111" because you know you've done all of them wrong. It's just getting so sad and appalling watching you meltdown like this all while knowing this girls just don't even think about you daily, if not ever. You stalk them seeing them have fun, making more money, getting attention, going to cons, having friends, living on social media while your just here…. on your own lolcow gossip thread, alone, sticking out like a sore thumb, sperging almost 24/7, using proxies on your computer & VPN apps on your phone, thinking no one knows (so naive top kek). You might as well hold up a fucking sign saying "HI LUNA HERE!" on every post and everyone in the community knows what you've said and done, everyone, even people who had no idea who you were.

There is something SERIOUSLY fucked up in your head. I have never seen ANY lolcow act or speak as disgustingly as you, EVER. Not even Kiki & not even the pedophilic ones, and that's saying something, STOP and get help man seriously.

No. 268630


>I truly think you are extremely paranoid, because you KNOW you have said horrible, disgusting things about these 5 specific girls

I'm not even one of those 5 girls and she's shit talked me briefly in previous threads with her little "hi (insert location here) I know it's you" when it wasn't even me lol

She's so paranoid because she's burned every bridge she's come across from shit talking because she's THAT disgusting of a human being

No. 268634

File: 1489392658114.png (37.19 KB, 750x421, IMG_3604.PNG)

I'm the anon who made the collages and said I was going to make the imgur album with Luna's nasty ass tweets, don't worry, I didn't forget ;) I've been using all my free time to crop, circle, underline, organize, and arrange them in a easier-to-understand order. I've already created the album and started to upload. It will also include (besides the 3 twitter accounts) every collage from every thread, other anons evidence and collages, the worst self posts (+evidence that it's her posting, the posts where she gives herself away, reveals info only she would know, cellphone SC), the photoshopped photos with the shopped parts circled/pointed out/comparison of candids vs ones she posted/sh00pd, super slutty hooker hypocritical pics, 1st person callouts who've witnessed her behavior IRL, & recently, her lies concerning the "sexual harassment" at momocon from years ago, + bonus old pics (I have loads) of what she use to look like (esp Ramos-era shit). It's a lot of images, so bare with me. If you guys have any more suggestions or images you want me to add, holla.

Pic related is how crazy I imagine Luna looks like irl, shitposting here all today.

No. 268717

and aside from Momo and Nigri, none of these other girls have a thread. Hell, Nigri's thread is shared between like 5 other cosplayers, so it's not even dedicated to her. If people actually though SSS or Kay were that shitty, they would make a thread. Maybe Loonie thinks making a thread would pinpoint her when she's already given herself away dozens of times.

No. 268790

this thread is so vendetta and old news. If you have real problems adults discuss it not on a board for 12 yr olds. So much cringe here

No. 268806

K Luna

No. 268814

then get the fuck off this site no one is making you read this you dumb cunt

No. 268865

Like me explain this in retard for you. No one cares, you people are the ones who like batshit nuts and stop thinking pasting words over a picture indicate that person wrote them. You all hide here with the admins blessing and this site will be gone within the year and you can copy and paste that for your scrapbook losers

No. 268866

No. 268869

I guarantee this isn't Luna and Kay has copied and pasted this site under her name all over the Internet. It's obvious who's posting on here and you have been baited so many times and called out. You gave a great idea though about starting a thread but as you said they are nobody's and the attention they seek on an anon board is all they'll ever have

No. 268876


> that shit spelling and grammar

> threatening to take lolcow down

Luna confirmed lmao

No. 268895

You're so triggered and sound like you forgot to take your meds anon. Get a fucking grip

No. 268925

Thank you for further proving my point

No. 268937

Nothing is proven except youre posting on both Momo and this thread like a retarded chicken with its head cut off. nobody takes chan boards seriously so calm yourself down anon

No. 268945


> nobody takes chan boards seriously

Except you Loonie who was weekly, if not almost daily, sperg outs and mental break downs over them :^)

No. 268954

please try to take lolcow down, Loonie
I look forward to the fake legal threats lol

No. 268960

The funniest melt down I've seen is after Kay's stripper moms pic was exposed which proves the only one posting here is Kay and her accomplices. She's a sad female I feel sorry for her. Who would chose to make people in the cosplay community their fam it's disgusting

No. 268975

I really hope Luna goes to fucking court over this. You all act like it'd be wrong for Kay to flip shit if she saw pics of her family that are super private and hidden get posted online. That's serious stalking and any of you defending the person responsible are seriously so deranged please keep clinging to your fake plastic goddess. Every community she tries to get into she burns her bridges and people turn against her. That's not other people's problems –that is all on her. You can be efamous as much as you want, Delanie, but your personality is fucking trash and you will never establish real relationships by being so narcissistic and lying constantly.

No. 269007

Huh? How do you know so much anon please enlighten all of us about her communities she's been banned from

No. 269010

It's just Momo posting she's projecting again

No. 269028

it's ok, Loonie, it's funny to us how so many of the girls you sperg on and openly hate on are getting paid to go to Dallas Fan Expo yet you have to pay to be there lmfao

No. 269048

I dunno who's actually in this thread, if it's Loonie or Momo or Kayyybear because I'd assume these people actually have better things to do in their personal lives, either way thanks for the laughs this is entertaining as fuck.

No. 269071


Can you fucking read you numskull? Anon never said the word banned. They said burned bridges and turned against her.

I swear all the silicone in you is smarter than you

No. 269073

Momo and Kaybear actually have Patreons to tend to

Loonie doesn't even have that and that's her only "job" lol

No. 269287

File: 1489472399762.jpg (187.61 KB, 639x938, IMG_8735.JPG)

You sperg on the daily about how this site is stupid and these boards suck and how dare we gossip about online personalities on this website. Are you fucking retarded? THAT IS LITERALLY THE ENTIRE PURPOSE OF THIS SITE AND THESE BOARDS. Luna, you coming on here and posting MAKES you someone who uses this website that you hate. You stick out like the biggest fucking sore thumb on the planet because no one comes on these boards to complain that it is being used for the EXACT purpose it was made for and posting other random unknown people's photos on a thread about you, only photos of YOU (Luna) belong in a thread about Luna, you are outing yourself as a complete foreigner to these boards by doing these things, because no one is that retarded to come to a place they hate, actively contribute and post in a place they hate, all while complaining they hate the place they are in. How fucking dense can you be? That's like People Magazine writers, writing articles IN People Magazine about how they hate People Magazine and no one should write for/in People Magazine on any topic that is directly related to the entire reason of the foundation of the magazine (gossip/celebrities/news). Jesus Christ.

>after Kay's stripper moms pic was exposed which proves the only one posting here is Kay and her accomplices

Stop being a shit human being. You are vapid as fuck if you think posting an innocent person's (who doesn't even post here) dead mother's pictures accompanied by heinous captions in the post would ONLY offend Kay (or Kay's friends?) and NO ONE ELSE?! That just proves how autistic and shitty of a person you are. The extreme majority of us posting here are complete strangers to Kay (I had no idea who she even was until you started sperging about her) had never or barely even heard of her, the majority of us are REGULAR long time lolcow posters (a few are from random cosplay communities from around the world) who are regulars in other cows/flakes threads for a very very long time and came upon your thread by chance and saw how fucking shitty and batshit you were, and started your threads and found your BS that is all over your social media accounts and posted it here (that is LITERALLY how this site works newfag) the VAST majority of us don't know ANY of the cows or snowflakes personally at all and are strangers from all over the world. You are not a special unique flower, more than 5 people in the world hate you, trust me. Plus your like a fucking nobody. People were upset about you posting someone's dead mother IN YOUR OWN THREAD (like a megatard you are) and thought it was fucked up and a DISGUSTING thing to do, believe it or not loonie some people have morals and aren't horrible human beings, not everyone is as shitty as you are. Some of us think that's a fucking awful thing to do, bc it is. So much so that STRANGERS on the internet have more empathy for a complete stranger in a cosplay community, than you have in just one of your lopsided fake nipples. And that's really saying something. And loonie you should really think twice bc you might encourage some of us to post pictures of your family members in your thread with disgusting comments, wouldn't be so funny then huh?
If you want to post here, be fucking logical, follow the rules, and contribute quality commentary and opinions. If not then just get the fuck out of here if you hate this site so much for solely the reason this site exists for. Stop being retarded, and we won't treat you like the retard you are acting like and most likely are.

P.s. Get your head out of your own ass, you're just another crazy internet attention whore for us to laugh at, there are a million others like you. You're the only one obsessed and losing sleep over your own shitshow, trust me.

No. 269288

Apologies to sane anons for the long post, but loonies autism requires things to be repeatedly & long hand explained to her apparently, most likely…..

>there is no cure for cancer

No. 269293

This should be the OP pic for the next thread

No. 269639

Miyu, is that you…?
>if so, I have a big lesbo crush on you

>Kay has copied and pasted this site under her name all over the Internet.
Caps/proof or gtfo.

The only "meltdown" you saw was the sheer lack of human decency. Nothing you have, Luna. I know we (as in, lolcow) can be awful, but that took it to a new level.

This anon gets it >>269287
I migrated here from CGL, MaxFag, and StamRose for my cosplayer shit talk. I only came into Loonie's thread due to the sheer gross amount of posting, which usually indicates milk. Instead, we got a wealth of a lone sperging person. I feel really sad for Luna's 2edgy4u attitude, because she thinks she's hot shit, but I only know of her from this site. Sure, free publicity, but it isn't good publicity.

Luna is insane enough to put into /pt/, methinks. That seems to be what she wants.

No. 269693

She wants to be in /pt/ to copy Momo

No. 269924

No. 270372

Really? I heard they never post are talk to their patreons it's all a sham. Disgusting that the dude that use to be associated with IGN and that guy Luna was with at SDCC are on her snapchat. Whitemen who like black girls are truly special needs

No. 270388

lmfao ok Loonie…your racism is showing again. If you hate black girls so much, why you trying to make yourself have black girl features (big lips, big ass, always wearing extensions in your hair…)

No. 270390

File: 1489621398454.jpg (465.6 KB, 1393x1849, Screenshot_20170315-194149.jpg)

luna your life is just one big tragic mistake lmfao

No. 270394

File: 1489621763590.jpg (1.29 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170315_194716.jpg)

can someone please teach this bitch that smudging black eyeliner all over her bottom lid looks like trash. also where did her tits magically go? and why does her face look so drastically different in every photo? only common thing is her crazy eyes

No. 270401

these outfits are ugly as fuck. also looks like some shooping to make her stomach look completely flat…tiles look curved. her eyes look…uneven almost

No. 270404

File: 1489622690955.jpg (77.87 KB, 506x289, xoURpvZ.jpg)

its just so fucking gross lol hes like 20 years older than her kay has daddy issues for sure thats the only way their together

No. 270405

not really..even with a 16 year old daughter he looks like he just knocked some girl up really young so he only looks to be in his mid 30s…

how you all gonna be excited when you thought loonie was sleeping with fucking jeremy renner who literally is 20+ years older than her yet give kay shit for being in love with someone 10 years older.

y'all some fuckin creeps

No. 270406

loonie's just jealous the longest relationship she's ever been in was a psychotic shit show hahaha she can't get any guy but ramos to stay with her more than a month

No. 270413

Yeah I think it's reaching. Even though Kay's guy is older than her, he's definitely nowhere near 20+ her age, dude looks to be in his late 30's at most. He also seems like a decent guy, financially stable, decent looking, and surprisingly fit. He's definitely nowhere near my cup of tea, but I can see his appeal for Kay.

Jeremy Renner is too good for Loon and I always thought he was pretty uggo to begin with…

No. 270416

Yeah, I like him as an actor but I don't really think he's attractive, and there's no way a high paid Hollywood actor would do anything more than pump and dumb Loonie, if even that.

And yea, that picture clearly shows that Kay and her guy have been together at least 2+ years already…they seem to be happy, which makes it all the more obvious why Loonie would attack their relationship since she always projects the shit she's so obviously insecure about here.

No. 270436

Just saw The Witcher Twitter account instantly re-post Lindsay Elyse's Yennifer cosplay yet won't even give Loonie's "Ciri" the time of day bahaha

No. 270465

i wonder if his daughter knos that her future mom sticks tails in her ass for money

No. 270491

Loonie is a certified stalker. Mods wont tag her shit so I guess Kay really needs to get that restraining order. All loonie is doing is giving the courts more reason to give her a criminal record.

No. 270519

Where the fuck did her fake tits go? It's like their c cups? Her face in the left pic reminds me of old washed up alcoholic porn stars faces, like the girls you see in the subway in NYC at 7am who are frequent walk of shamers. And the pic on the right looks like how people wear their hair while their washing their face (to keep their hair out of the way) also a VERY who-ville face. She really needs a beautician and a stylist badly. Along with INTENSE therapy for her deep seated self esteem and rage issues. I usually joke about that, but in this case I'm 100% serious and sincerely mean it.

No. 270668

How the fuck do you get a child involved!?

No. 273642

kays in florida bangin that old guy and the thread dies lol coincidence?

No. 273650

loonie time

No. 273654

how the fuck do you even know where kay is…first off. fucking stalker.

2nd, threads die when luna isn't posting…there hasn't been anything relevant on her the past few days. stop trying to revive a thread unless you have actual milk about the person the THREAD is about.

No. 273656

again, proof loonie is so irrelevant she has to boost her own thread to entice people to shit talk her. what an absolute fucking psycho.

and if it is just one of loonie's demented fans…YOU'RE NOT HELPING YOUR BELOVED GODDESS by bumping her thread this way…all you're doing is making it obvious that you all have this vendetta over girls that have literally done nothing to luna…you're all dumb.

No. 273686

Don't worry about it. It's never a fan. It's Loonie.

No. 274176

Luna has confirmed she is moving, so it's safe to say she is moving back to Cali.

So much for her moving to TN to be close to her family after she talked about how much she hated living in LA.

At least she'll be near better cosmetic surgeons, afterall.

No. 274335

File: 1490123310161.jpg (725.44 KB, 1394x2124, Screenshot_20170321-150657.jpg)

I don't quite understand why anyone would look up to Luna or Chell tbh

No. 274354

Why is Luna retweeting stuff a out supporting other women when she never does? Hilarious that the girls she acuses if being bullies always retweet and promote other girls as well as actually donate to other women on patreon. Luna is a fucking joke and all she does is flap her prolapsed anus lips to sound good while doing nothing of value.

No. 274364


Did she RT "united we scam"?

That's ironic considering her patreon is a scam

Charges weekly and doesn't even post lol

No. 274380

More like the first honest thing she's posted on her twitter.

No. 275941

This thread is so fucking funny. I usually avoid drama from the cosplay community but I decided to give this one a try and it's fucking great

No. 276216

File: 1490323405179.jpg (917.56 KB, 1433x1927, Screenshot_20170323-224208.jpg)

what a surprise!

No. 276490

how ironic that Loonie is currently busy moving and there hasn't been any sperging on her thread the past few days

No. 276516

This is hilarious considering Luna says that same whit about kay and j-nig when her shitty thread hasnt been bumped in a while. We all know Luna is the biggest contributor.

No. 280353

File: 1490838919394.jpg (93.81 KB, 704x522, 87958664ffgv.jpg)

good lord girl you need to chill it on those lip injections. you can basically still see the mark from them. she looks like a blow up sex doll.

No. 280367

I'm more bothered by her weird pinched nostril MJ nose

No. 280386

I think she's trying to look like Valerie Lukanova the human barbie lady

No. 280513

Loon needs to lay off the Instagram warp tools. Her head shape and facial features are all out of whack here.

No. 281752

File: 1490985573731.jpg (843.25 KB, 1423x1810, Screenshot_20170331-143454.jpg)

the fuck is this shit? she has to start advertising this smut again since her patreon numbers dropped so low. and kek at her tits…they're so fake and rock solid they are pushing the other chicks boobs in

No. 281754

At a quick glance, I thought this was Momocunt's ass.

No. 281758

lmfao half the comments on this photo thought it was a hank hill ass so i understand the confusion

No. 281780

I love how she tries to deny lip fillers, implants, nose job…yet she leaves everything up from her Delanie Wheeler accounts all over google and YT. This was just from 2 years ago.

No. 281797

File: 1490990262425.jpg (1.92 MB, 1424x2220, Screenshot_20170331-155540.jpg)

she has already deleted all other mentions of attending FED since this was posted…why are ppl paying her to travel on her patreon when she constantly cancels appearances she promises?

No. 281816

She knows she has enemies

No. 284171

File: 1491316867113.png (181 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170404-103957.png)

No. 284172

File: 1491317378872.jpg (118.17 KB, 1113x782, 47jfjh92u.jpg)

Now even Kay is making more than Loonie per month. The irony. Glad all that sperging on here really helped your cause, Loonie.

No. 284239


Hahahahahah this is so great

No. 284662

She looks cross eyed and like her face is melting. This bitch has the worst shops I've ever seen.

No. 284757

What site are you using for this?

No. 284873

graphtreon.com, you can use it for most social media but it doesn't track fake vs real followers still

No. 284984

I heard Loonie recently had some psycho meltdown over Nigiri on a livestream. Anyone know anything about this?

No. 285020

I don't get why she cares her and Nigri never see each other or interract and haven't besides that stupid twitter fiasco for years…why does she even care about her still? It's pathetic and makes her look bad

No. 285025

Because she's an obsessive mentally deficient retard. She fixates on people to a psychotic degree as shown in all of her threads.

No. 285245

Jealousy. Nigri is infinitely more famous than she is and makes a lot more $. Both of them got nosejobs and boobjobs but only Nigri is making good on the investment. Plus I think Luna knows that Nigri is better looking than she is and it really bothers her.

No. 285320

File: 1491445073557.jpg (317.9 KB, 1419x1373, Screenshot_20170405-214936.jpg)

I am guessing this was her response to us showing her that Kay makes more money off her Patreon than she does. No one would be surprised if Moomoo bots follows since she has with every other social media, but I don't think Kay does

No. 285329

she dropped down to 159 pledges now…over 200k likes on fb and ig, and 100k on twitter…and only 159 ppl support her 'art' enough to pay her lmfao

No. 285418

She's so desperately trying to cover up the fact that she is rapidly losing patrons because she's fucking shit. "I'm not losing patrons, I deleted them!!!"

No. 285480

Do you know what site/app?

No. 285529

I think she exclusively streams live on fb now so she can better monitor who watches it…i think it is on her private fb too not her fan page lol

No. 285783

Ehhh I don't know much about patron, but how do bot pledges actually work? How does a person have a fake pledge without paying money?

No. 285796

I honestly think loonie is making shit up. she's been rapidly losing patrons all year and now makes chump change even though she does nudes.

No. 285887

was wondering this same thing? especially now that i thought patreon charges up front…like she straight up says on her page that people essentially have to pay her a month UP FRONT through paypal to receive NEXT MONTHS' set… -_-

No. 286046

Speaking of patreon loonie had a complete meltdown yesterday posting she was being abused by her mother. Must be time for a new "I was abused" video to replace her Momocon one.

No. 286083

File: 1491566113014.png (130.82 KB, 718x562, Screenshot_20170407-075346.png)


No. 286122

what site was this posted on lmfao

No. 286123

god i hate bitches that constantly play the victim card even though they constantly act like total cunts.

No. 286136


her mom used to fly out to cons with her when she cried about being bullied

No. 286409

I shit you not.
I was morbidly curious if she had vag shots.

No. 286729

You mean "cumonprintedpics"

No. 288493

U mean spanxonmeek.ill

No. 289286

since loonie moved all sperging has COMPLETELY stopped lol. coincidence? someone trying to hide their ip better?

No. 289289

There was someone in moomoos thread bringing up the same people only loonie talks about which was quite loonie-esque but other than that not a peep. Maybe the crazy bitch is finally getting therapy.

No. 292974

This whole thread is a confusing mess.

No. 293099

it's an accurate picture of Loonie's brain

No. 294211

File: 1492559945712.png (327.86 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170418-195803.png)

this chick gets it lmfao

No. 294257

omg theyre learning

No. 294537

Call this bitch Clownfeet cuz every step she takes is a joke

No. 294861

File: 1492647839717.png (150.34 KB, 785x597, IMG_5631.PNG)

At least her ex came out of the closet now wondering when he's going to stop posting here

No. 294874

Loonie's back

No. 294906

loonie don't stalk your exes, it's a very unhealthy thing to do.

No. 294941

I laughed so loud at this

No. 294949

no one gives a shit about that cuck ramos. didn't ppl say wong is gay too? i see a trend…loonie must be turning these boys. the flat ass, fake DSLs, and fake tits just are not enough

No. 294990

No. 295970

It's really sad and pathetic that you have to come here and resurface your thread every time it dies because no one gives a fuck about you.

Loonie is so transparent. She attacked Mariah Mallad stating she was the one bumping all of her threads for free publicity, and that's exactly what Loonie is trying to do here. Pretty fucking sad that you're so desperate for anyone to pay attention to what you do that you have to come to Lolcow for free publicity.

Why do anons even reply maybe because they get shits and giggles out of it but it literally looks like a bunch of fifteen year old girls wrote this entire thread.

Literally reminds me of adolescent-filled 2012 archived threads on myspace. I'm talking scene hair Kiki Kannibal "GERARD WAY IS DADDY" cringe type shit.

No. 296143

No. 296156

Mariah go eat some more lardass

No. 296169

fucking kek. Hey, Moomoocunt. I'm surprised you could type that response out with all of the food in your hands.

No. 296185

Mariahs cosplaying on lolcow her abusive Dad. Oh hunny it's you no one cares about. Now go stuff those feelings of inadequacy away with some dim sum chink choy

No. 296192

it's whatever. she's also been posting a lot more risque content recently to try to garner attention cuz no one gives a shit about her. just let her keep thinking people see her as anything more than a giant plastic sex doll on the internet.

No. 296193

is this a moomoo thread? no. that's in PT. if you want to sperge about moomoo then go spam your anon bs in her thread loonie. all you're doing here is bumping your own thread for attention you pathetic fake uttered cow

No. 296200

the most obvious part is how there's literally 13…14? threads for moomoo…and although people constantly give her shit about her weight, i've never seen people straight out fat shame her without giving real context or criticism…yet here we have 3 back to back posts calling her "lardass" and fat…like really luna, you couldn't space these out or put them all in one post? do you just type this shit as it pops into your fried, bleached brain?

No. 296229

It's always funny when Luna tries to adopt our lingo to fit in. Took her months to learn "sperg".

No. 296255

Loonie, if everyone here was moomoo then there would be posts in your thread constantly. Instead your thread only gets new posts when you show up and post in it yourself. Congratulations.

No. 296343


I love how I mentioned him once and first she thinks all his fan girls are still bothering with her and now it's alex himself posting here lmfao

No. 296377

I'm the anon who posted the comment >>296169 and I'm not (thankfully) not Loonie– sorry to disappoint. It seemed pretty clear to me that the post I responded to was MooMoo because she referred to herself (or apparently not herself, according to you) as Mariah Mallad, which no one does on here.

sage for further derail but just wanted to clarify that I'm a simple anon who honestly believes that >>295970 is MooMoo.

No. 296380

fuck, typo in that first line, sorry: meant to say, " I'm (thankfully) not Loonie…"


No. 296423

you think it's moomoo simply because anon said "mariah mallad" which is already clearly displayed in the moomoo thread?

a+ sleuthing anon

tbh that doesn't sound like her at all, and what would she know about spergchan/kaka?

No. 296449

Her hair doesn't look so bad in the pic, mostly because it was done beforehand.

No. 296544

i don't understand girls that constantly cut their hair short and immediately add extensions in. the only part of her hair that looks healthy IS the extension bit, too.

No. 296545

People have referred to her as Mariah before. I'd assume there are plenty of people here who knew Mariah was trouble without looking at her threads…either way, Moomoo sperges her own thread and it's super easy to pinpoint hers as she always says "dude" or "bro" and even that dumb bitch refers to HERSELF as Momokun so I doubt the OP was, in fact, Moomoo.

But that seperates you from the 2 following responses that tagged off you, which I'm 90% sure were Loonie or her one creepy stalker fan that is always here.

No. 296546

Didn't this entire thread series start with Loonie posting about Alex herself lmfao? Like how dumb are they?

No. 296717

It all started when she was attacking momokun and her friends on momo's threads after momo said not to tag her in twitter posts with Luna because of some retarded drama Luna started via twitter. Then luna got tired of having to piggyback of mariahs threads and made her own thread titled "Mariah mallad" with a picture of herself and Alex Ramos to say "Luna never dated Martin Wong"

No. 296718

Everyone roasted Luna in that thread and then someone created a thread specifically for Luna. She's been shitting her cheap yandy lingerie in every thread ever since.

No. 296860

How about that condo in Malibu? Oh right your dumb bitch just moved to a new place in Nashville. I love how she constantly lies to her fans too.

No. 297347

File: 1492969123290.png (645.6 KB, 1216x1749, IMG_5698.PNG)

>>296718 Yandy seems to be popular with cosplayers even ones that get played big bucks to make their own

No. 297350


sage for nitpick, but i fucking hate her nose ring

No. 297450

Can we stop?

No. 297468

sage goes in the email or it does nothing. fuck i'm so tired of you idiots who can't lurk or learn 2 imageboard.

No. 297498

That's not yandy at all? Are you even trying?

No. 297747

They never even attack the good stuff with jnig. There's literally an entire thread with current topics yet loonie just comes here making this stupid shit up.

her nose ring and tiny wannabe tattoo still not nearly as bad as your trashy tattoos loonie

No. 297779

Your tone is triggered anon who the fuck cares if someone has body mods like tattoos or a nose ring. Get help for your body shaming shit talk and deal with your own insecurities you sound crazy as hell.

No. 297785

There's also better stuff on PULL about Nigri and her fuckboi but no reason to attack someone and assume it's loonie

No. 297867

Did you even read my Post? You are brainless.

First off this isn't a fucking Nigri thread.
Second, so it is not okay for me to talk about loonies trash tattoo work but I am triggered for defending Nigris tat and piercing?

I have 5 tattoos and 6 piercings. From an artistic standpoint, I'm sorry, but loonies tattoos look like shit and she herself even said she is lazering them off so obviously she thinks so too. That's what happens when you admittedly go get tattoos from trailer park trash while someone is coming off a night of drinking…
She literally admitted to getting her tramp stamp this way on that Philly D interview

No. 298041

Dude you're like those ignorant women that read the gossip rags in the supermarket checkout and believe every word. If someone is on a show for entertainment they are prepped before hand or at least embellish the stories. In other words don't believe everything you see or read, that even goes for people not in the public eye. Plus at least her tattoos are hidden unlike Nigris awful wifi signal she got with her man child.

No. 298084

reach for the stars

No. 298087

You're bored get some friends Kimchi

No. 298129

It's pretty pathetic that you are openly acknowledging this chick makes up and over exaggerates everything yet defending her for it.

And Nigri's tattoo is the size of a fucking penny on her finger. Loonie's takes up a huge chunk of space and is visible in 90% of her photos because the thirsty bitch is half naked in every thing she posts

No. 298130

you're one to talk, Loonie.

No. 298144

File: 1493059266076.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2827.PNG)

Lmfao she's so bad at shooping herself she can't even use a makeup app right

She added those fake contacts to her eyes and look at her right eye it's just smeared all over lmfao

No. 298145

File: 1493059312943.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2828.PNG)

No. 298163

Why are her pupils fucking melting? Lmao this bitch still hasnt learned how to shoop

No. 298188

Ugh her lipstick always looks like she's been sucking dick her lips why does she think having a definitive line where her lipstick ends is attractive? Shit tier "model"

No. 298260

Lol someone doesn't know what instagram filters look like because this is a commonly used one.

No. 298389


Instagram filters alter the colors Loonie

They don't add colored contacts onto your eyes

That's what makeupplus and beautycam does AKA your terrible photoshop apps

Pls defend yourself harder and just look even more stupid

No. 298396

Point taken but what you don't seem to understand sweetie is she's more attractive than you

No. 298397

Loonie plz

No. 298399

File: 1493086748809.png (28.11 KB, 365x417, IMG_5059.PNG)

Just looks like the stupid Snapchat filters(specifically the one pictured based on the colors and starry eyes). A lot of them lighten your eyes and make them "sparkle". Most of the time it just makes your face look overly shooped.

No. 298430

Looks ain't matter when you just a thirsty internet ho

No. 298511

Loonie is an empty headed bimbo. All her self whiteknight devolves down to her delusion that she's the most beautiful woman in the world even after fucking herself with multiple plastic surgeries that make her look like a dried up suburban mom desperately clinging to her youth. Bitch is 22 going on 40 and makes chump change getting her snatch out on patreon. Her "photography" is shit tier low res trailer trash looking garbage probably shot by her mom and she wears ugly cheap looking lingerie. Loonie is a broke slut trying to posture like she's well off and succsesful. Her twitter followers are all bullshit as she pulled a justin bieber and followed like 100k+ people then deleted them all after she got enough follow backs. It's obvious her twitter fans dont give a shit about her because she has 100k and barely ever gets even 1k likes on a selfie. her FB is obviously just a bunch of bought likes bia that "boost your post" crap that just gives you a ton of spam bot likes and not real fans.
Luna Lanie is a fucking joke.

No. 298514

Calling people by random food or animal names again lol

the marking of loonie

No. 298546

Usually there are more to Snapchat filters though

This just looks like her normal shit shooping job

No. 298547

I'll never understand why ugly people think they are so hot

No. 298588

because people that are actually attractive both inside and out don't need constant validation from strangers on the internet

No. 298589

i've used that filter many times…aside from a tint change to help blur skin texture, that does not create that weird shape on her eyes

No. 298591

been saying this for years…yeah i know mad cosplayers and wanna be models do this shit but why does this bitch get to ride her high horse and talk down to others for doing the same shit?

No. 298660

I thought this was a Snapchat screenshot not realizing it's twitter? (Not familiar with the app much) so I take back my previous words of it just being a lame filter.

Sage for dumb

No. 299321

File: 1493235114611.jpg (76.21 KB, 539x960, 18034133_1307620915991602_2675…)

wtf did she do to her nose?

No. 299322

File: 1493235217474.jpg (63.54 KB, 547x846, 14691070_1121555834598112_6374…)

this is the first time she did snow white back i think in fall 2016? nose job confirmed or terrible shooping?

No. 299324

Snow White isn't supposed to look like a cracked out Malificent, but that's just my opinion..

No. 299377

Bad contouring and shooping I think

No. 299382

thought this was suprmaryface for a second

No. 299569

File: 1493274966633.jpg (1.71 MB, 2941x4411, AssMouth.jpg)

Luna Lanie @Patreon
Creating good times & smut
Currently: Thinking about ass cream, how im gonna redeem myself and if somebody out there likes me.
Did I mention ass cream?

No. 299591

Why is her head so massive and her tit potato shaped?

No. 299596

I honestly thought your post was something she said lmao

Her eye makeup looks nice here for once

No. 299623

Im the one who wrote..
..and I have something to say.

Before all this, I had no idea sites like this existed. I had no idea who Kiki Kannibal was until conducting a little research. Quite frankly, reading her story really put things into perspective. For months, i've been flipping back & forth on this thread hoping to watch it die. It's a disturbing piece which should be attributed as a sincere reminder of the dark, dreary & disgusting place the internet can be.

Delanie, enough is enough.
Its not right what you’re doing. You are not only objectifying yourself, but the cosplay community altogether; using the excuse of artistry to justify explicit imagery (Personally I don’t find an issue with provocative outfits, but your presentation is borderline pornography. Again, I don’t have an issue with the medium, but there is a major difference between the two).
If its not your future in which you care most, then consider the future amongst others and their interest within this industry. Primarily, the younglings that will grow into this trend.

On a more personal note..
Ive shared intricate aspects about myself to you directly. Things I hold in reserve strictly for those I deem worthy of said knowledge. For someone whose never met me, you have severely taken advantage of my generosity & trust more than any female ive ever encountered.
The only person I’ve permitted to utilize that knowledge was someone I once held close to my heart.
You’ve mocked, ignored & completely lied about who you are so badly that I strongly feel you lost your sense of identity. A product of ourselves that most are still discovering.
Its atrocious. I've honestly never had to step away from the internet the way I did due to the reflection of the community. Its girls like you that set the definition of why derogatory terms against women are used so often with certain men.
We don’t need an example like you to represent our community.
I have spent too much time on repairing the damage you caused on my end. To invest in someone who chooses to thrive on image rather than truth has been a tremendous fault on my part; but I refuse to sit back & watch you gradually tear this industry apart for your ulterior motive. Whatever that is, I really don’t give a shit. Im tired; and with my declining health, continuing focus on this forum robs me of whatever time I have.
Therefore, I have orchestrated all data symphonizing every messages, link & file regarding the act & demeanor of the identified Luna Lanie in the event our current situation transcends to a court of law.

Under no circumstance should anyone proceed any further to this thread.
Doing so will be considered an act of disturbance and a personal threat towards the cosplay community under the responsibility of the aforementioned Delanie Francis Wheeler (Luna Lanie).

Otherwise, by whatever power invested in me, I _______ deem you socially outcasted throughout the entertainment industry due to your excessive racism, bigotry, indirect assaults & death threats toward public figures. No more will you be allowed to further endanger the security of countless individuals for your promotion.

Although you may not care for the future, the rest of us do.

If publicity is what you seek, then this is what I say to you:
take some time off from the internet. Go out and meet people. Take part in communal activities around your neighborhood. Feed the homeless. Find yourself. Find something you can constructively distribute that defines some authenticity; because in the end, regardless of how your quest unfolds, you can never go back and say I didn’t give you a chance.

No. 299634

maybe ease up on whatever it is you're smoking.

No. 299638

Are you like 42

No. 299646

Might wanna lay down the crack?

No. 299653

and she wants us to believe that is real? lmfao

No. 299703

File: 1493307380220.png (92.16 KB, 791x689, IMG_5736.PNG)

No. 299755

It's one of Luna's multiple personalities that regrets being an embarassing internet thot for pennies.

No. 299871

Someone's off their meds

No. 299979

How can she be poor AND get a number of plastic surgeries?

No. 299981

how do you think you get really poor?

>using credit

No. 299990

I was always under the impression she had sugar daddies which is why she travels and not to conventions only. I doubt she's poor based on the snaps and stories I've seen in the past year.

No. 299992

I wouldn't doubt it at all

No. 300087

despite only have declining numbers in patreon, she still has to be pulling upward of 8k a month which is a hell of a lot more than any normal person makes. i would never call that poor. she just doesn't make more than the girls she constantly bashes here.

No. 300110

Most on patreon have fake sign ups you can tell because they have 5 likes but say they have 600 patreons. Also patreon added a "pause pledge" aspect to the mix, so now you can maintain pledges even if they aren't paying you

No. 300137

How can you tell what she's making with it hidden?

No. 300326

It's just a guess. She was making like 12k and lost about…60 pledges. But she charges more than most since it's weekly. That graphtreon site would give an accurate number

No. 300431

Not anymore since patreon changed by letting pledgers pause but still remain in active status. So in theory you can get tons of bot accounts to sign up or even friends to make it look like you have more income. The numbers make it appear you're popular but look at the quality of the monthly content. Even Nigri has low quality shoots and videos for supposedly making bank and the others are just standing in their living room with pasties.

No. 300618

well…makes sense for chicks like moomoo but loonie doesn't have any friends so her numbers must be accurate lol

No. 300844

They were making 12k before the pause your pledge thing though and a living room is better than standing in front of a wall in the back of your house like Loonie does.

No. 301062

Huh? I can't stand her personality but she uses many locations for her patreon shoots. I use to support a bunch of cosplayers she was one of the most creative and provided more pictures per month with different themes

No. 301269

Was thinking the same as thread OP I obviously am not Loonie's biggest fan but she definitely puts more effort into her photography vs a lot of the other boudoir patron girls. Not always, but she did a lot of themed shoots on her trips. But yeah you can visibly tell when she takes the photos vs whoever her photog is

No. 301296

Who cares when the photoshop is so horrendous and she looks like she's missing chromosomes. All the photographer's efforts are ruined by Loonie going in after them and botching their work with her edits

No. 301378

Who even said she edited her pictures maybe she has a Darshell. I always thought Wongs edits made her look slanted.

No. 301434

Okay loonie

No. 301450

The photos have gotten shittier since Wong are you blind? It is obvious she does it herself she has no clue what she is doing in photoshop

No. 301451

Oops replied to wrong person

No. 301646

Jesus youre not worth arguing with I prefer someone who looks like a modern day Marilyn over females who look and copy every other cosplay trend. That sweater bullshit got me heated enough to pull pledges. As for Wong he's into that soft porn photography now and recruiting sex workers for the companies he works with regularly.

No. 301746

Lmfao all she does is copy classic Hollywood and slut it up she ain't unique for shit

No. 301756

Ugh stupid phone I replied to wrong thing again. Listen, Loonie is hotter than most of the cosplay chicks passing off the boudoir shit but I don't even compare her to them anymore since she barely even displays. Her costumes are trash tier and she knows it…the only thing that sets her apart from cows like moo moo is she admits she isn't good at crafting unlike moo who thinks she's some god tier seamstress. But loonie still warps the FUCK out of her photos and still has gotten loads of cosmetic work done. Does that alone make her a bad person? Fuck no. But talking shit about other ppl who do the same shady shit does make her a worthy cow

No. 301759

Also she is only hot in photos. Candids of her she still looks like a fucking hobbit.

No. 301852

File: 1493604187610.png (187.66 KB, 547x1315, IMG_5775.PNG)

Lol like this

No. 301872

Pretty much

No. 302088

File: 1493654061603.jpg (617.32 KB, 1155x1732, IMG_4550.JPG)

>loonie is hotter than most of the cosplay chicks

Anyway here's a horrendous photo Loonie posted that really highlights her hob goblin midgit body.

No. 302089

Lmao at that ill fitting party city costume that looks like it's made of tinfoil

No. 302138

let me rephrase: most of the cosplay cows.
obviously i can think of tons more attractive AND talented cosplayers. but i'd still take a loonie over a moomoo anyday.

No. 302149

yeah nosejob confirmed

No. 302161

holy exposure batman!

No. 302415

She's literally like 5 feet tall but I guess you think all short people are goblins? Or is that a comment to her Jewish heritage?

No. 302444

10 Hottest Cosplay Women Of All Time http://www.ewmoda.com/fashion/10-hottest-cosplay-women-all-time#
LOL "a younger" and they couldnt spell nigs name correctly.

No. 302476

lmao wtf loon

No. 302477

LOL who did she suck off to get on this

No. 302482

what jewish heritage? she has only ever mentioned she's a mix of european blood i've never once seen her claim she was jewish…and she celebrates christmas …mighty jewish of her…

No. 302484

how sad when the world only sees you as the knock off version of your most hated rival lmfao

No. 302485

i'm surprised she honestly beat out someone like meg turney on this list. i know a lot find meg unattractive but given how they feel about the other girls on this list it would have fit.

No. 302494

File: 1493688267371.jpg (841.35 KB, 1072x1789, Screenshot_20170501-212318.jpg)

Her giant boulders ruin this for me tbh

No. 302506

She's been on these lists before it's nothing new.

No. 302508

How sad when they see you as the younger version of one of the most hated cosplayer

No. 302515

yeah that too lol

No. 302528


Wow she looks exactly like Lord of the Rings

No. 302569

More like Kairi's mom

No. 302604

That's more appropriate than constantly pretending to be jailbait for all the guys into anime just because it's for pedos

No. 302698

not really…Kairi as a character is still a child so slapping on a costume and still showing a ton of cleavage is no better than Moomoo's "lewding up the loli dragon" in "adult form".

No. 302700

her face looks entirely different in this photo. How can these girls never keep their photo shopping consistent?

No. 302702

she does kind of look like Legolas now that you say that…

No. 302748

Keep reaching anon her character is a teenager hardly Loli

No. 302775

14 is still underage you dumb shit

No. 302836

She often looks older than Nigiri though. How embarassing to look so much older than someone 10 years your senior.

No. 302842

yo what the fuck dude

No. 302852

Debatable sometimes she's older around 18 when she hops into different worlds

No. 302856

Why does this board have so many Nigri asskissers? Shes old and used up now. I never saw any similarity between Nigri and Luna except white and fake boobs. They hardly look alike as Nigri is taller, smaller eyes, lips and nose with natural brown eyes and triple the cup size. Maybe Nigri fans are threatened by Luna's popularity so they try to create a rivalry. I never see anything in her social to indicate she cares two fucks about cosplayers.

No. 302888

because since you obviously haven't followed luna for long she used to be a huge yaya and nigri ass kisser and wanna be. that's why they always compare the two.

they also are both scam artists, and patreon hos with minimal talent and fake nerd personas.

No. 302889

fair. but i still think she looks nothing like she usually does in that kairi photo and i can't tell if it's the makeup/hair or severe shooping

No. 302890

also what popularity. luna has a non-interractive fan base that hardly grows even while showing her tits online. nigri may have fake followers or bought followers but despite her inflated number she still is getting 20x the response on her content vs loonie and making almost 5 times as much a month as her while also getting regularly invited to conventions and doing side work as a VA while all loonie does is sperge on lolcow and take cheap porn shots in her backyard

No. 302891

As usual here comes someone all butthurt over nigiri. No one is kissing her ass. If you had the brainpower to read and process what goes on in the thread you can see that luna herself constantly brings nigiri up to shit on her.

No. 302899


i mean…if they really wanted to argue any of us were fans of her you'd think they'd catch how often ppl misspell her name in this thread. proof that they give 0 fucks.

No. 302982

Lynch me if you want, but I think that hair color looks better on Loonie than the barbie blonde.

Loons, you should have worn this when you did MJ.

No. 303022

no you're right. she looks better with dark hair or even this auburn hair. younger. the blonde looks so unhealthy and fried and it's just so bad for your hair to maintain that platinum shade. even if she went more natural dirty blonde it would look better.

No. 303203

File: 1493780767783.png (1.66 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20170502-230428.png)

I don't even know anymore…

No. 303208


No. 303212

File: 1493781791097.png (78.14 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20170502-232108.png)

>more than the average cosplayer

Loonie just because you buy your costumes or make up these weird I'll fitting alternate costumes does not make it impressive or give you bragging rights compared to people who actually just their ass on their costumes

No. 303213

She lewded and dark sided padme why can't these bitches stay away from star wars they don't respect the fandom at all

No. 303214

Glitter tits Padme?! I'm dying…

No. 303218

Psssttt…do you think she realizes that padmes double is the one who wears the outfit she is "emulating and not actually padme?

No. 303221

File: 1493783331769.png (424.53 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20170502-234813.png)

No. 303225

She always looks so cheap. Funny how the girls she shits on wear better looking lingerie and dont wear party city costumes even though loonie claims to make so much more money than them

No. 303228

She's rapidly losing patrons and her neckbeards are turning on her. She's going to do something really desperate soon to try to stay relevent.

No. <