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File: 1625569178803.jpg (79.74 KB, 612x612, d9c6bd18e9ba7e3069edc0d211d697…)

No. 847115

Have you found out that if you express anything about a cow inside their thread you get banned or dunked on? Well this is the thread for you!

Do you want to rant about how much you hate a cow without disprupting the thread? Go ahead!
Do you want to sympathize with the cow and talk about how it's not too late to change? Do it sister!
Do you want to talk about your life (blogpost) and compare it to the cow in question? Here's the place?
Express yourself etc. Have fun!

Post your pessimistic, optimistic, negative, controversial, rude, or relatable takes.

(Also this is not a thread to complain about threads, bans, or mods, do that on /meta/. However you can complain about the fanbase of the cow or the people who dislike the cow here.)

Previous thread: >>>/ot/729850

No. 847167

File: 1625572468155.jpg (134.69 KB, 957x1105, 1625508771551.jpg)

I think Pixielocks needs an intervention or something
That or I hope she gets into drugs. fries her brain, and becomes another Luna kek

No. 847202

Sometimes I feel I have the same face as Fupapa. It terrifies me.

No. 847227

The Lori Lewd/Usagi Kou threads have always had potential but they keep attracting idiots who respond to every picture with their own individual reaction or attempt at a sassy read. I doubt they even read any posts they just look at the pictures and spew their generic PULL tier nitpicks
If it keeps up the thread will become a PG version of the Shayna thread

No. 847346

I genuinely believe Luna is telling the truth. I think the problem lies in how she’s processing it. Blogging that she “deserved it”, deliberately turning to traumacore, announcing that she bought big loose dresses to hide her body in, outright asking followers to “validate” her. It’s like she doesn’t know what recovery looks like other than how other extremely online tumblrinas have written about it.

No. 847376

File: 1625593735520.png (117.43 KB, 867x480, Screenshot (1104).png)

Pixielocks has always rubbed me the wrong way, I've been following her since her first thread (which now that I'm saying it sounds absolutely insane.) I think maybe it's because to me she embodied so much of what I hated about entitled selfish people who mask themselves under a veil of performative positivity.

I think for that reason the fact that some of her fans actually saw through the cracks and called her out over the neurodiversity video felt almost vindicating for me. She's infuriated me for so long but now I feel like I can finally let it rest unless she does anything truly egregious in the future.

This is kind of a personal thing but I feel like most of the tread has just descended into "look at this ugly clown, I hate trans people" and speculation about the "DID saga". I couldn't care less about the weird male character she's creating (even if it is relevant to bring up), that's not milk to me and I'm losing interest in the thread.

No. 847394

I always liked PlasticnProud’s Born to Suffer” tattoo

No. 847418

As an bonafide autist seeing BPD influencers lump themselves with me makes me feel….some sort of bad.

No. 847448

As a bpdfag being lumped in with pixie makes me feel some sort of bad, too. And bpdfags really are the worst. She's just a disgrace all around

No. 847452

I honestly think people underestimate the amount of retardation legal/prescription drugs can cause, and she's been on them since her preteens, hasn't she? Imo coddling and enabling already fried this bitches brain, prob worse than any future drug use would

No. 847462

File: 1625599482932.png (93.95 KB, 653x396, succubus sperg.PNG)

Is there any other milk to her other than that she uses meitu filters and is a stuck-up onlyfans thot? I tried browsing her thread but it was spergs nitpicking her calves and spending way too much time "dephotoshopping" her selfies, pic related is really reminiscent of the autistic blogposts you would've found on PULL. I guess it's interesting if you're like 19 and this is your first rodeo tearing camwhores apart.

No. 847513

fucking great thread pic, OP

No. 847522

I think her bimonthly breakups with Kevin and his subsequent spergouts are pretty entertaining. Also the fact that she’s in her mid-30s and all she has to show for it are some heavily filtered selfies. Most women approaching middle age have careers at this point.

No. 847605

>Middle age
I can't believe I'm gonna die at 60

No. 847642

The thread is full of unhinged people, even cringier than the actual cow. Reminds me of the belle delphine or Venus one but all /w threads end up the same.

No. 847901

I have never hated a cow like I hate Gabbie Hanna. She makes me so fucking pissed off that I legitimately want to a-log in her thread. Like I'm going to have to stop reading her thread otherwise I might have a stab a bitch.

No. 847906

nta but anons said
>mid-30s…approaching middle age
so she is correct since most people die in their early 80s

No. 847910

This is some really extreme tinfoilery on my part, but I can’t shake off this feeling that Jared and Holly have moments where they genuinely wants Heidi to kill herself. The unstoppable cruelty she received from every direction during the height of the drama and the way J&H keeps pushing the drama even years afterwards while also rewarding their fans that attack her feels… off.
It’s more likely it’s just two narcissists that are so removed from reality they don’t care about the damage they cause as long as they can get a crumb of validation. But I still get this icky feeling whenever they hint anything towards Heidi.

No. 848248

Shay has become my ultimate fatspo. Every time I see just her face it makes me want to drink water and workout. I’ve been working out and losing weight more than ever since she’s continued to balloon up WEEKLY. I feel like she’s going to die from liver failure or something in the next 10 years?? Oh and she helped me quit being a pothead loser. I smoked everyday for about 5 years and it made me gain weight. Finally, I mustered up the courage to quit and I never want to go back. I don’t even drink wine anymore because I’m scared of becoming a fat loser. The only time I drink is during social occasions now, I don’t drink at home ever. Everyone keeps commenting on how good I look and how defined my face is becoming and I feel so proud of myself!! I have way more energy in every facet of my life, more confidence, and I feel healthier. Anytime I want to smoke I just see/ hear her fat wheezing and it makes me want to do push-ups lmfao. Thanks Shay, you really turned my life around. She is a cautionary tale I would use to scare young adults straight if I could bc it worked on me

No. 848252

The only cows I feel "better then" are troons, and thats because I'm born with everything they want and try poorly to recreate.
I find it cringe when people do this to cows like Shayna. In all reality Shayna could fix her life. In fact just going offline would probably fix 40% of her issues.
Sure she's gained weight but so what? It's not like she has high standards for scrotes or her looks. I feel she likes older men because she feels like older men will spoil & want her just because she's young. That they'll see her as a "Prize".
When truth is only retards who are gross like Wormack/Greyhair would see Shayna as a "flex".
Fupaul only saw Shayna as something to brag on for maybe a year. Now he has LGBTQ+ friends to hang with and is telling her to fuck off to Seattle.
If Shayna quit sex work, got off of twitter and worked with her parents, she could turn her life around for certain.
She won't, but honestly out of all cows to feel better then Shayna's the wackest one. All you have to do is feel better is take basic care of yourself and not be a dumb ass pick me.

No. 848312

File: 1625689273534.jpeg (71.35 KB, 539x599, 61D50F1C-648D-47A6-94A3-A23D12…)

Tbh I think the rest of the world feels the same way. Personality aside, her ginormous nose is so unbelievably ugly.

No. 848322

Honestly Shayna never interested me and I find her threads very boring. Most of the threads are just reposting her nudes and anons acting like they’ve never seen a vagina before in their lives. Shayna can be embarrassing and I find her sex work cringe but she’s easily one of the tamest cows. Especially compared to ones like Soren.

No. 848378

It was pointed out by anon in a thread an /ot/ thread a few weeks back that the reality of the Shayna situation is that shes just kind of a morally dubious sex worker and that most of the anons who observe her "cowishness" are just other sex workers who are picking on a relatively average looking girl who has a bit of a shitty life. Her threads have 0 milk. She just moved to a few different places and drinks a lot while acting like a bimbo online to attract her demographic.

Shes making money from sexwork. If shes making enough money to have a living wage, shes already more successful than most idiots who get into sexwork. I'll bet my bottom dollar that sex workers dont like seeing her make money so they nitpick at her out of spite. Otherwise there would be absolutely nothing to talk about in the Shayna thread.

"Wow, shes a bit fat, so dramatic and cowish and interesting. Oh my God, she moved apartments? Thrilling. She e begs and is kinda dumb? This is some groundbreaking Chris chan level milk guys omg"

No. 848456

File: 1625707685573.jpeg (285.04 KB, 1284x723, 588057E3-BBA4-40AB-8089-CFF891…)

Every time I go to look at the Venus thread in hopes that she’s finally getting the help she needs, all I see are is an Anon that goes on about how shitty their life is and it’s Venus’ fault that she ended up the way that she did because she didn’t end up that way!!! Venus could severely hurt herself and these weirdos would think that they helped cleanse the world.

I truly feel bad for this girl. She’s so far gone and none of her antics are funny like Gabbie Hannah. It’s just sick that she’s at this point of her life and I 100% blame her shitty mom. How hard is it to believe that she’s being abused?

I don’t know. That thread is sick.

No. 848457

I hate her so much just by looking at her.
I don't follow her thread, what did she do this time?

No. 848458

They're just starved for attention and mocking someone who needs help is wicked.

No. 848460

I honestly could care less about the majority of cows on here. I don't care about thots on the internet, I think this site wastes a lot of energy on hoes instead of going after degenerate ass men. Ex: Lori threads where anons sperg about her ass cheek shadows. At that point we gotta bring it in team there's nothing to milk

No. 848465

Seeing how sick Venus looks makes me want to cry, honestly.

No. 848467

>"Wow, shes a bit fat, so dramatic and cowish and interesting. Oh my God, she moved apartments? Thrilling. She e begs and is kinda dumb? This is some groundbreaking Chris chan level milk guys omg"
Tbf, Chris Chan, the myth the legend himself was never that milky either but I do find him a good parallel to Shayna. They both cannot help documenting absolutely everything about their lives, so it's natural that people will be fascinated by their compulsive need to overshare online. It's a car crash you can't look away from. Shayna is less retarded than Chris but that makes her an even better target, the solutions to her problems are very obvious to people observing her but she continues to piss her life away anyway. She is demonstrably not a good person so it's very satisfying to see. I find the anons in her threads much funnier than Shay herself. I'm fascinated by the lore they've managed to construct around this literal $3 whore.

Apologies for the tl;dr autism

No. 848505

The only thing I know about her is that pixielocks freaking loves her and that makes me want to stay away from her as much as possible. Also she needs a nose surgery ASAP, would be very beneficial.

No. 848509

the biggest cows rn aren't really that interesting, especially compared to the ones from a couple yrs ago. i miss a lot of inactive cows, but especially soren. that level of unhinged absurdity can never be topped.

No. 848519

The only good thread where the farmers were cows themselves was the Manson one and it eventually went to shit too. The schizoposting was amusing though, if you wanna get into some old milk.

I think she'd loosen up and not be as psycho if she just caved and got a nose job earlier on. Just a feeling but a honker that huge has probably caused her a lot of social pressure growing up, I've seen it a lot. Idk if it will help at this point since her social coping mechanisms are… well they don't exist.

No. 848540

>going after degenerate ass men
It doesn't work that way. People gossip about those familiar to them in some way - ethots gossip about ethots, anachans gossip about anachans, cosplayers gossip about cosplayers, artists about artists etc. And of course, women gossip most about women as seen on lolcow, and men gossip most about men as seen on kf, /cow/ and other male dominated boards.
Apart from the biggest cows, most snowflake threads will follow this pattern. It's natural if you think about it, like, I never go to ethot threads because it's too far removed from my life to even laugh at it.
So if you want to gossip about men, you can do it on one of the male-majority gossip websites, but don't expect a bunch of women to do it. That's not the nature of gossip, gossip is an in-group thing.

No. 848541

Agree with everything you said, and to add to it women probably don't want to be reminded of the horrific shit men do. A lot of the male cows on kf are genuinely disturbing, some are documented predators. Nick bate comes to mind

No. 848542

I think most anons on here severely exaggerate how ugly cows are but Holly Conrad is genuinely one of the ugliest people I’ve ever seen.

No. 848546

Imagine my surprise (NOT) when I found out that the moderator of KF's furry board was also a furry (the CIA NIGGER kid). It always proves to be in-group gossip.
Tbh I don't know much about Nick Bate except that he's a genuine horrorcow, the only KF thread I followed regularly is the Fit Vegan Ginger thread, and even that has gone to shit because their users armchair and blogpost until they've drowned out the milk.

No. 848558

Who's Nick Bate? please I don't want to search up shit and having to look at disgusting stuff

No. 848565

Basically a disgusting pedo that molested his sister

No. 848603

To me the Venus thread is a collection of the worst, sickest a-logs of this site. I really can't fathom what kind of a person you have to be to be aware of her abusive past yet still make the conscious choice to stalk her and make her out to be some psycho bitch when she's doing nothing more than self-injury. They're claiming that it was actually Venus who played the main fiddle and manipulated her mom because… I don't know, nonnies can't accept the fact that having a exploitative parent ruins your life? Sperg but I really, really hate that thread and wish it was closed down. I can't read it because the anons and their misplaced vitriol make me sick.

No. 848620

This is very true. When I'm in the mood for gossip, it's gotta be somewhat light hearted from an outsiders perspective so that it's more entertaining than enraging. Male cows almost always do/say such genuinely offensive, apalling things that it's simply not fun or funny.

No. 848621

Hard agree and the general lack of empathy in that thread is disturbing

No. 848631

Seriously. I tried scrolling through because of this thread after not checking up on Venus in years and the elaborate conspiracy that Marge is right and Venus is some masterful narcissist manipulator who’s getting what she deserves was unbelievable. Her abuse was publicly documented but there are people jumping through hoops to dismiss all of it.

No. 848632

File: 1625732352389.jpg (343.73 KB, 882x868, venus.jpg)

I have more empathy for a cow like Pixyteri that is clearly mentally stunted (also has a messed up relationship with her mom), to Venus that DID get away but squandered every chance and chooses to rot, picrel sums it up pretty well despite the long winded autism

No. 848635

I truly hope nothing bad happens to her, the recent posts from her mukbang stream were hard to watch. Things have become so, so bleak.

No. 848690

>posting that wall of text autism seething with fanfiction about what an awful person Venus is because she was abused by her mother (except actually it wasn't Margo's fault it's all Venus reee!!!!!) to the point she had damage that couldn't be repaired, located in a country with no support network if she ever had one in her home country either due to being isolated and exploited
You're the exact kind of a-log I wish the Venus thread was nuked for. Log off.

No. 848696

>Her abuse was publicly documented but there are people jumping through hoops to dismiss all of it.
This. It was all dealt out in the open with Margo flipping shit like the monster she was, it's not like there's any missing proof of Venus being abused for a very long time.

>Um sure she didn't have the freedom to be a normal young girl and meet friends and go to school and develop normally but you know what freedom she did have? To dress up as a cute kawaii living doll with cute weeb clothes and lolita burando and be an online celebrity from age 13!!! unlike me!!!!!
>in fact she was always a conceited bitch that thought she was sexier and cuter than other girls and actually manipulated her mother to do her bidding!!!!
>Her current situation? totally faking everything!! she's just a drunk narc who got herself into this mess and bullying poor oppa Manaki-kun
Jesus christ these are the ramblings of a sick person. The more you read this the more bitter and skinwalker-like it becomes. This anon needs professional help.

No. 848699

The fact that kiwifarms have more sympathy for her is disturbing.

No. 848706

I don't know anything about her beyond her mom being crazy and controlling, but she really looks like she's going through something. Her skin looks grey.

No. 848713


Can you stay in your thread instead of spewing this vitriol every time someone says they have sympathy for Venus? Quit comparing your shitty life with hers and get some therapy.

No. 848723

File: 1625746416466.jpg (31.02 KB, 275x201, 1611556136312.jpg)

Sympathy towards cows also has no baseline here, probably because different groups of anons focus on different cows but it's still jarring
>Don't forgive paedo men, always support groomed minors
>Except yukapon don't have any sympathy for that slut
>But it's not Pixy or Abby Brown's fault that they sometimes hurt people because they're just mentally ill and trying to get better
>But everything Venus does is her own fault because she's a narc slut booly who was never abused
Reading these twisted leaps of logic makes me want to leave the site forever, I can't believe this is the same board that claims to be the least misogynistic of the chans
my tinfoil is that every alogger in /w/ is a failed wannabe Nippon idoru

No. 848732

Same. I feel sorry for Venus. I hope she will be able to get some real help.

No. 848739


Honestly, I feel the same way. Your tinfoil is on par with mine and I truly believe that this person(s?) jealousy is so warped that they only get satisfaction from seeing Venus’ life fall apart and kicking her more while she’s down.

No. 848744

>Post your pessimistic, optimistic, negative, controversial, rude, or relatable takes.
I'm allowed to agree with those anons and say that after seeing her do this crap for years and hearing all the facts she isn't so helpless. She's 24 it's time to grow up and help herself

No. 848756


And we can see your spergs about why you hate Venus in every thread that mentions her. You’re so entrenched in your own hate that you’ll make any excuse for why Venus deserves to be where she is instead of seeing how fucked up she is. Manaki isn’t going to marry you and you’ll never be famous in Japan. Cope harder.

No. 848843

There more than one poster on that thread anon, calm down and cut the moralfagging when you're at it.
>Wah! Wah! Farmers are so mean!
Do you know where you are?

Many cows are mentally ill, had a shitty upbringing (Luna, Jaelle, Nika, to name a few…) but I never saw anyone defending them like you all do with Venus. I mean, Dakota Ostrenga have shitty controlling parents, her Dad used to take risquee photoshoot of her when she was underaged but there's no WK going "UwU grow some empathy. She's a precious flower and we have to save her!", even if her thread consists of 4-5 tinfoiling tards jealous of her modeling career in Glorious Nippon.

I don't hate Venus, I even rooted for her at the time and I still hope that she'll can turn her life around but I don't understand the double-standard.

No. 848892

File: 1625761621217.jpeg (18.85 KB, 259x195, A6A0315B-442B-4CB6-8CC6-0B875C…)


Do YOU know where you are?

I should really ignore your straw man but you sound dumb.

Have you considered that nobody who has empathized with Venus follows the people that you listed. Hardly anyone talks about Kotakoti because she’s not a cow these days and the hate for her was mainly jealous nitpicks from Nonnies that wanted to be her.

Venus Angelic is deteriorating and it’s being actively documented while you all tinfoil about what drug addiction she has instead of realizing she has a problem and is coping with the results of her abuse/upbringing.

Nowhere is she yelling slurs, harassing people online, editing videos in After Effects, lying about circle lenses or submitting DMCAs like the Ostrengas did (which is what originally elevated them to Cow status).

I bet you also believe Yukapon was the mastermind behind every shitty thing that happened to her and she was just a big ol’ slut from the age of 14!!

No. 848950

The Dakota thread is just as awful as the Venus thread and it's been mentioned in /ot/ plenty of times how the anons there are equally unhinged weebs with failed dreams of aidoru life in Nippon. The difference is just that Dakota is a relatively well-adjusted adult who escaped her family and has always had a support network provided by her job she immigrated for, Venus ended up eloping with her visa husband to get away from her crazy mother to a country where she didn't have friends or a job or expertise she could sell.

Also this "d-do you know where you are??? this is a gossip board!!!" reasoning is retarded, just because a cow did something stupid doesn't excuse you from being an embarrassment yourself.

No. 849083

Sometimes I wish I could befriend Shayna. She seems like she just needs one really close girlfriend to encourage her and give her advice when it comes to things like Fupa. Like if she just had one proper friend instead of her coomers, her life would probably be so much better. She doesn't even seem that bad to talk to and hang out with based on her streams she just likes to sit around, get high, watch Spongebob and listen to music.

No. 849089

She e-begs and threatens lolsuits every other day, that on top of calling herself a loli and liking/rting CP on twitter. Kevin is funny as fuck too when he does his WK rampages and threatens to kill people. You only look for the spergs and pass over the milk, lurk harder. It's milky cause she hasn't changed in 20 years and it's well documented. the reason the thread is shit now is lack of mods and people coming from Facebook and Reddit. Not to mention Kiwi outages bring those fags in and they nitpick like PULL users too. I really like her thread but wish there was a tighter leash on it so the vendetta photoshoppers and illiterate newfags go away.

No. 849116

i really don‘t get anons like you. she is insufferable, she has supportive parents and still she acts like shit towards her mother. what makes you think she would take any other womans advice? or even wanna befriend another woman? she’s burned alll the bridges in her life. there are over 60 threads filled with more or less constructive criticism and even encouragement for her to get her shit together. she is a fat unwashed pedo pandering codependent addict loser stuck in a toxic lifestyle thinking she is somehow above other women all because she has a total of three ugly ass redneck simps. i do not root for her in any way, she deserves having zero friends especially female friends. kek sorry for this autistic spergout

No. 849141

Shayna is beyond saving. Maybe when she was younger she would have taken advice from someone. Now she's so far gone she attacks sex trafficking victims and defends porn hub uploading rape and CP because she is that desperate for male attention.

No. 849144

Amanda Bret is definitely a cow but I feel like she'd be one who'd be fun to hang out with irl. Her long-winded Facebook statuses to nobody make me laugh out loud, they sound like excerpts from a YA novel or like she's obsessed with being some kind of manic pixie dream girl. I would love to see what she's like irl and if she really acts that way offline, even if it's just to fuel her own delusions. The fact that she's started sleeping with the guy from Tiger King is like AI-generated milk, but if she's started using drugs again because of it, I feel like the thread could descend into horrorcow status.

Shayna is boring, but her life is pathetic and she constantly tweets anything that happens to her, so I get why her threads are active. It's not like she's really notable in any way in terms of e-whoredom but I assume most others of her ilk don't showcase how unrewarding it is. It's fascinating I guess because she also came from a well-off family with no huge red flags (abuse, hard drug addiction, etc.) so even if the milk is lukewarm and repetitive, it isn't diluted by real pity or sympathy like some other cows. It's just cheap entertainment.

No. 849175

NTA and I agree that Shayna is pretty insufferable and beyond saving, but it's also really funny to see anons arguing about it in her thread. I feel like she's hated and nitpicked excessively, if an anon says one slightly good thing about her others will reply "do you have eyes?" or something dumb like that. The anons infighting about her dog, weight spergs, and the same repeated jokes make the threads equally terrible as they are hilarious. It's like the farmhands have checked out at this point (don't blame them). The monsters inc gif still kills me every time

No. 849180

the weight sperging in shayna's thread is insufferable. she's chubby but she isn't obese (at least not yet) and there's PLENTY of real things to shame her for.

No. 849189

Amanda does seem like fun. I'd love to just observe her attention-whoring at a bar or something. She definitely seems like the kind of person to be haggard and hyperaware of herself irl unless she's blasted,

No. 849612

I find her entertaining and moderately milky. Just because you personally don't think they're good threads doesn't mean that everyone must be a jealous e-whore. Also, you'd have to be really down bad to be jealous of Shayna, lol.

I really don't think most people in the Shay threads are sex workers. Anecdotally, I know several people who browse/post in her threads, and they definitely aren't sex workers. There is also a lot of sperging in those threads about how sex work isn't real work, and I just don't think a woman with an OnlyFans would say that, even anonymously.

I kind of agree with this take. I think the chronic over-sharing is what makes people like Chantal major cows. Shay leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination.

No. 849715

I just wish Shayna would quit sexwork. Literally any normie day job is better than this, she should just be a server. It's the source of all her problems mentality, financially, socially. It drives me utterly bonkers that she can't see that quietly bowing out of sexwork would open her up to a world of friends and healthy, normal relationships. She's a bubbly girl with endless free time to apply and interview for an actually stable job. I wish I could befriend her and help her out of this situation, honestly. She reminds me of a friend of mine who makes terrible financial choices and thinks moving states will fix her problems, but somehow even worse!

No. 849928

I dislike Giulia (Ready to Glare) but it seems like anons have an irrational hatred of her. I also don't think she's cow enough to warrant a whole thread.

>inb4 selfpost

No. 850490

Anon the problem isn’t that she’s chubby. The problem is that she’s either delusional or in denial and keeps buying cheap ugly clothes that are two sizes too small or completely unflattering to her body shape. She’s not making any effort to actually address her weight gain and change what she wears/how she presents herself to be more flattering as a chubbier girl. Girls who weigh more than her can often look less unfortunate because they’re not trying to shove themselves into clothes that don’t fit their body shape. Not to mention Shayna has zero sex appeal or idea of how to pose/look natural or attractive.

No. 850545

i don't find shayna that gross, she seems like a fun idiot from the dive bar. i don't know why but her chubby weirdness turns me on. i would do her

No. 850769

I really hate when there's no milk on a cow but, anons can't seem to grasp the concept of just not posting when there's a lack of milk, so then we get essaychans typing paragraphs of re-treaded takes that anons new to the thread think are "fresh" and "new" when in reality it's already been discussed to death and just brings the thread closer to post limit all because someone was too lazy to read past threads.

No. 850810

okay? i never said that it wasn't her problem, i said that the anons who nitpick her weight in the thread are annoying. shay's thread is just like PNPs–they attract some legit cringe.

No. 850846

Too many troon supporters on here lately. There's some on the pixielocks thread and thats' annoying as fuck. Fuck off with your mental illness shit please. If the creepshowartgate didn't happen we wouldn't be having all these retards saying "muh female feeling". Fuck off!!!

No. 850862

Hopefully they stick around long enough to get a clue. I wish them all a very pleasant peak the moment they come across the MTF thread

No. 850864

Skinny Shayna pre-ddlg was attractive. Say that in her threads though and you'll get shanked

No. 850867

Maybe I’m just growing out of LC and internet spergewatching in general but the nitpicking and hive mind opinions are really starting to get to me. Not a new opinion but most anons are probably just as cow-ish as the girls in /snow/ but are just smart enough to keep their drama off the internet. I know I used to be. Discussions about cows would be a lot better if there was some semblance of self awareness and an ability to not squawk about everything they post but anons seem incapable of doing that. Screencapping obvious one-off jokes or some innocuous opinion as proof of milk or degeneracy only makes you look stupid, not them. It’s no fun trying to talk about the dumb things people do when everyone around you is exactly the same way.

No. 850962

agreed (going to go into my own ramble here). I tend to view "that" section of lolcow (everything but /ot/ /g/ /m/ and /meta/) as something separate, I know they're technically the point of this site but I suspect a different userbase on both sides. Not that many/most users don't overlap, but most cow threads are obviously full of other cows from the same community posting, or people who sometimes act radically different than over here. I know most of us probably use both but I still see a difference where that side is more ok with hating other women's bodies, etc where here some at least pretend to have morals lol. if only a little. I like our memes and positive moments here. personally I don't use the other side except the mtf thread because most of the pettiness and excessive hatred at the women bothers me. but troons are hard to hold back on at all when you see the pedophilia, misogyny, violence etc. …all that said, I'm starting to realize the mtf thread is pretty repetitive. it's not farmers' fault, actually it's almost impressive how troons follow the same behavioral mold every time (only differs between agp and hsts patterns). I'm starting not to find it milky or entertaining anymore because it's the same bimbo fetish, waifu/porno fantasy, rape threat, pedo enabling over and over, rinse and repeat. it's very educational about the mtf formula lol. I only check at this point because I need a gc source of troon news. I'm waiting for the world to wake up.

No. 850993

Agree but I think it’s more of a culture shift in /snow/ and /w/ than anything when obsessive samefagging spergs are allowed to carry on 24/7. Anons will try to convince themselves and others that a cow is “evil” so that they’re justified in spending their entire day nitpicking every Instagram story, tweet, lack of tweet when really the cow’s “crimes” are being ugly or poor or fat. I can’t believe I’m saying this but it’s literally just bullying. This site is to laugh at cows and their antics, not “get justice” or “make them pay” or whatever the fuck. It’s so alienating and off-putting to try to interact with anons who think and act like that.

No. 851066

I don't keep up with Abby Brown because I find her kind of boring, but when her thread pops up I always appreciate how the farmers there are like scientists peacefully observing a specimen in the wild.

No. 851074

I’m so curious about the anon claiming to have had a threesome with the cumtown hosts and that Nick showed her Lolcow? I can’t believe there hasn’t been a reveal yet for anyone in leftcows because there is so much obvious self posting. Dasha responded to that Jezebel post literally 2 minutes after it was posted! Imo she has to have posted here in the past.

No. 851076

Sadly enough I think mods only care about that side of our userbase. I feel like they tend to be underage while we tend to be college-aged.

No. 851077

If anything seeing the mentally ill posters in that thread just pushed me further in the opposite direction. People talking about “peaking” here comes off the exact same as some freak on /pol/ talking about becoming a neo nazi because they saw some like “despite making up 13% of the population…” sperg. It’s a very immature and irrational way of thinking and looking at the world/forming your worldview. I think this way of thinking isn’t really very common outside of a specific genre of imageboard user types who tend to be very emotionally/mentally stunted and treat politics like being in a fandom.

No. 851083

>hating troons because of how they treat women and womanhood as a fetish and something to be imitated, replaced or mocked is the same thing as being a racist, misogynistic /pol/tard who is a potential threat to society, arguably because they could become a school shooter any second now


No. 851085

File: 1625993082254.jpeg (845.76 KB, 1242x1786, 7EB41F07-607B-46F1-9132-389F0B…)

No. 851087

This, the only good thing about all the twitterfags flooding in is that they will inevitably peak just browsing LC and coming across the crazy troon cows here and there.

>This site is to laugh at cows and their antics, not “get justice” or “make them pay” or whatever the fuck.
To be honest I agree on the front that the hate the cow gets needs to be deserved to a degree because otherwise it'll go to the "look at this fat hag being a fat ugly hag on her instastories" end due to nothing warranting a thread. I'd much rather discuss a cow that's being, for example, a narcissistic leech throwing others under the bus, being obnoxiously toxic to people around them, never learning from their mistakes, being a hypocrite and so forth. But newfag anons keep saying that following a certified cow is too scary, it's much "funnier" to keep nitpicking a sex worker's vagina.

sure kek

No. 851089

Typos happen girl

No. 851095

>anons can't seem to grasp the concept of just not posting when there's a lack of milk
I agree. This happened in Onion's thread when some anons were going back and forth about Lainey and I'm glad it died down.
In general it's really nice to see that thread dying down, the narc dumbass deserves to completely fade into obscurity.

No. 851119

Well put, I agree.
After years and years of phenomenal milk, I stopped browsing the onision thread when he started doing onlyfans. I think it should have stayed on autosage, mods lifted the autosage because the documentary rekindled interest, but it's just rehashing old drama, there was nothing new there.

No. 851126

>where here some at least pretend to have morals
It's an anonymous gossip site, get off your high horse. I think obsessing over some stranger's pussy folds is a little much, personally, but I just don't read threads that devolve into that sort of sperging.

No. 851149

Sometimes I feel like I'm, in a twisted way, in love with Shayna. I browse her thread every single day. Never post. Just read and look at what she's been upto. I just feel weirdly attached. To the point I think up scenarios in my head where she would get better. It cannot be anything else except weird fondness. I don't hate her, I grt exasperated, but no hate.

No. 851162

This was me but with Mickey Moon

No. 851181

>Screencapping obvious one-off jokes as proof of milk
I hate that so much, and if you ever dared to point out that anons are nitpicking a joke then you will be accused of being a wk or the cow by anons with lukewarm IQs. So cringe.

No. 851203

The only reason I can't stop following shayna is that I acted just like her when I was younger

so it's like a confirmation of what would happen if you don't improve

No. 851233

Also the weird "Multiple Personalities are ackshually REAL" people there are driving me nuts.

No. 851262

I don’t think you’re alone given how often I have to read a “dear cow” soliloquy from some deluded anon who is balls deep in their parasocial “tough love” relationship with their cow of choice. Hats off to you for just lurking.

I also have a soft spot for Shayna. She’s not a bad person. She could get her shit together easily but refuses, and that’s where the frustration comes from.

No. 851306

Idk man, telling feminists to take a dick up the ass isn't something a good person would do

No. 851319

idk how she can illicit any response other than hatred and annoyance honestly. she has the charisma/social awareness of someone deep in an mlm but none of the work ethic.

No. 851391

i feel so bad for Sarah (onision). How is she ever going to recover from that ordeal? I really hope she's okay now

No. 851518

I hate when people compare female cows to trannies or say they look like one. No matter how hideous or fat they are, they still look like and are women. Troons wish they could be them

No. 851598

Mte what’s with the historical revisionism, she hates women and would sell her first child to prostitution if she could. She only care about her ugly ass and scrotes attention.

No. 851776

No one said she’s a good person? I said she’s not a bad person. There are shades of grey between the two, anon.

No. 851786

just how fucking fat are you?

No. 851953

Sorry we’re not all anachans, skelly. Shay is chubby but she isn’t obese.

No. 852015

With the anon who just came into Katherine's thread with screenshots of her LinkedIn and stories about her, I do seethe a little at Katherine's life. Various internships at big name designers, daddy and mommy's money to fund her through all of it and her current dumb shit, and she ends up… being a half baked sugar baby?? Yeah she probably held a really insignificant roles, but I'm incredibly bitter that she had these opportunities and could probably pursue a career in whatever she wanted with no worries about the finances because of her parents support. She blew it all to be a laughing stock on the internet, begging for pennies and looking like the the dollar tree bargin bin copy of what she aspires to be. I hate cows who have their life handed to them on a silver platter and manage to fuck it all up, but at the same time, I guess watching them fuck it all up is just a part of the show.

No. 852018

nta yes but sadly it seems like she's trying to test the extremes of the human body by gaining as much weight as quickly as possible

No. 852028

while i agree, people like that anon are what makes shay's threads unbearable (and i say that as someone who frequents them). like…we get it, the bitch has a shit diet, it literally does not need to be mentioned every few hours how hammy she's gotten. the weight spergs are up there with the vagina ones, imo.

No. 852133

I really want to see Kalel get better. Even though she would probably do best living completely offline, I like watching her journey because I've been dealing with similar issues regarding burnout and her overall situation with depression and anxiety and it makes me feel a little less bad about myself. I also feel like she's really humbled herself over the years and become a lot more likable than she used to be. She clearly has talent regarding design and I hope she can take that somewhere. She released this video yesterday and while she's making the best of her current situation it's also just kinda sad to see where she is right now. I hope she can maintain her current level of enthusiasm enough to where she can have a steady stream of income again, get back on her feet and then find a good group of friends.

No. 852344

I've been a shayna-fag for a while, but i'm so sick of the Fupa Cycle. It's not entertaining anymore, it's not milky, it's not funny, it's not interesting. Fupa doesn't even fucking TRY to get her back. He just comes around and shows her basic human decency and she looks at that as true blue love, instead of realizing she's lonely, clingy and depends on Fupa, Drugs, Alcohol and empty attention from scrotes to keep her boring life going.
I think regardless of if they are off or on, something will happen before 19 days and suddenly Shayna won't be able to move.
She's not going to leave that scrote who she says has "bad dick" but was has claimed to want to kill herself over, put herself in a mento hospital over and has constantly put her life on hold for. Just two idiots.

No. 852425

Venus is very ill and her illness is justified by the amounts of abuse she has recieved growing up from her mother and everyone else.
If any of the hoes commenting on her thread lived a life like hers they would be far gone from suicide. Her mom is insane, her dad was not in her life, her mom used her for money and fame since she was 13 and never offered her a stable environment, noboy cares about her and her fans objectified her as a product since her childhood. To them she is not a person, to them she is a product of the internet. The kawaii doll venus angelic. Very sick.

No. 852556

> If any of the hoes commenting on her thread lived a life like hers they would be far gone from suicide.
Agreed. Anons who seethe over every little thing she does would completely crumble going through the type of Narcissistic abuse Venus has been through. I’ve never really been into her either as a public figure or a cow but seeing anons make fun of her for passing out on stream because she was so gone was disturbing. People severely underestimate just how important a good loving relationship with their parents could make or break literally anyone.

No. 852565

File: 1626152560318.jpeg (940.63 KB, 1284x1638, 438CBD18-BB4B-44C6-87F9-2C1AFE…)


Then there are the unhinged anons who moo about how she deserves every bad thing that happened to her because she saw an opportunity to escape her abuse via one of her pedo fans. They’re delusional for thinking that the poor girl wished for any of this.

The way they ride Manaki’s dick just makes me believe they’re just jealous.

No. 852568

lolwhat. Anyway, I disagree that Foops doesn't want her. I've unfortunately witnessed on-agaim-off-again relationships irl and it's frustrating, it's annoying, and it's absolutely a two-player game. We never see screenshots, but I would bet all kinds of money he's written hundreds of lovebombing "I miss you, kiddo" bullshit messages. If he truly didn't want her around, this would not have lasted this fucking long.

Unrelated, but I'm sick of how in every single MTF thread, somebody comes and brings up that Goldfinger bar drama. Every single thread someone shows up to summarize it and post that dude's face. Milk gets reposted so much in that thread, I don't get it.

No. 852623

No anon you don't understand, she got to be a kawaii living doll paraded around in fetish-y clothes since she was 13, what young girl wouldn't love that?! I would've loved to have her life! and also she was the one abusing her poor mother because she's a master manipulator conceited slutbitch!!11

Agree. I really, really don't understand how fucked up do you have to be in order to make fun of her for what she's become. Anons in her thread are probably projecting their stacey bullies into her simply because she's been coined as the attractive j-idol living doll all her life. Her mother practically prostituting her somehow fails to phase them.

>Poor Manaki-kun just slaving away for the wife he loves so dearly without asking anything in return, he's not at all an opportunistic gaijin chaser creep who struck when he saw an opening!!! if I was Manaki's waifu I would totally respect my beautiful nipponese husband all the way

No. 852708

anons in the Venus thread are mostly scortes and ex pull fags. I tell you there are salty scrotes in there that get off hating her after she's started an OF because she's not the innocent waifu they thought she was.

The worst part is that she reads the thread and because she has an unstable sense of self which is caused by the abuse she suffered she starts thinking and feeling like she is a terrible person, when objectively speaking she's still quite innocent and more sincere and genuine than your average Japanese YouTuber. There's two outcomes for kids that grow up with cluster B abuse. They either end up with cluster B disorders or end up being very sensitive and having PTSD as adults.

If you compare her to your average Japanese YouTuber she is quite literally less narcissistic. It is very funny to me that the anons keep on saying that she is NPD just like her mom, when Venus is quite selfless. Look at all the YouTubers in Japan. They larp personalities that they do not even have trying to make themselves seem relatable to gather a big audience. They use each other for views and pretend to be friends when they are not.

It's even normal that she has some jealousy and anger towards that rich white girl in Japan. Let's stop acting like people Don't have feelings of jealousy or hatred. Even successful people do, but they are just good at hiding them. It's even more justified to have feelings of jealousy or hatred when you have less than others, when you are in a bad environment or were abused your entire life. It's funny to me how the average person literally runs on more narcissism than Venus does.

Most humans run on narcissism, we constantly manipulate and decieve one another, hide our true self, our true intentions, just to climb to the top. This is how our society has been consolidated. Again, Venus literally runs on less narcissism than the average person does.

It's also sad to me how YouTubers are just products to their audience, they are objectified and reduced to being a commodity. Nobody truly cares about who they are or their personality. Once they stop pumping out the content their audience expects they are dropped just like you would drop any product in your house that does not satisfy you any longer.

Very sad and soulless world we live in. I think Venus has potential. I think that she should change her real name in Japan. I researched and it is possible to change your real name in Japan. If she changes her real name she could try applying for a real job. Who knows, maybe someone would hire her at a minimum wage job. That would help h her mental health. She should also make more genuine and "elevated" content to attract a more genuine and mature audience. I also think she should move somewhere outside of Tokyo where rent is very cheap. I researched and rent outside of Tokyo is amazingly cheap, like eastern europe tier. You can get a decent one roomed apartment for 300-400 euros outside of Tokyo. Nature would also do her mental health good and she does not need to live in Tokyo because she does not go outside nor make content outside that much. She also needs to fuck off from that Manaki pedo and whatever abusive boyfriends she's had. She needs real people in her life. Not more abusive narcs or immature viewers that don't care about her well-being and see her as a product. I apologize for the long sperg.

No. 853332


Anyone who goes in there with these sort of opinions get called a scrote. I hope that any talk about Venus Angelic gets banned in the future. The people in that thread need serious therapy and medication.

No. 853554

File: 1626231378890.png (299.08 KB, 346x472, pixie.png)

Pixielocks looks so freaking cute here, I feel blushy and like I want to kiss her.
If she only kept this look…

No. 853597

your parents raised you better than this nonny

No. 853599

I'd say she's done enough that makes her a bad person. Belittling sex trafficking victims comes to mind

No. 853642

Anon 1: Here's another edit of Shay! I hope I land this job interview later, although I won't be able to post as many edits for you all heehee
Anon 2: Shut the fuck up.
Anons 3 & 4: omg anon lighten up so mean what the hell

I literally wish most of the posters in the thread would drop dead.

No. 853684

Wow you have anger issues.

No. 853706

The thread is about Shay, it's not a place to attentionfag about your artwork or blog about how Shay has inspired you to improve your life. No one cares and it's pathetic.

No. 853713

That thread is definitely a-logging central. It’s full of anons who are probably exactly like Shayna if you knew them irl. It also pisses me off when they never spoiler her NSFW content and it shows on the front page, it’s desperately waiting for other people who don’t care about her to join in their autistic obsession. It’s always the anti-sex workers too who think they’re fucking angelic for believing it “exploits women,” but they clearly aren’t doing a heck of a job being rude to one and they are the same as tradfags who only object to it because they think shaking your ass on camera is morally grave because these poor little country flowers would never do such a thing like her, I’m not like that other girl I’m a pious radfem! Kek, it’s pathetic really.

No. 853720

You are aware you can be anti-sex work without being a radfem right? If anything that thread is full of other retarded workers that shit on Shayna because she’s an easy target.

No. 853721

Wow this is actually a cute look for her.

No. 853735

Shayna's thread is full of sex workers or failed sex workers. Out of all types of women sex workers are the worst. That "job" attracts women with the worst personality dynamics. Jealous, evil, nitpicky, manipulative, the type of women that would throw other women under the bus at any chance. Especially online sex workers are the worst because generally they are women from first world countries with cluster B personality disorders such as histrionic, borderline or narcissism. They love looking at Shayna and feeding off the misery of a literally autistic woman and seeing her fail. There's something wrong with Shayna and not in the sense of cluster B personality disorders, in the sense of lacking self awareness having a very specific aesthetic all these are traits of autism in women.

Sex workers love to complain about how they are picked on or looked down upon or harassed, but the truth is nobody does that but other than sex workers themselves. They love to constantly harass one another and drag each other down. Most people don't fucking care about some girls showing their body on the web even if it's someone huge like Belle Delphine, it's alsays other women involved in the industry. People literally don't care and the harassment is not real and literally created by members of the industry. It's not from people outside the industry directed at people inside of it.

No. 853744

People ree when you suggest Shay is autistic, but I really think she is on the spectrum. Her obnoxious behavior, lack of self-awareness, non-cohesive "aesthetics", and her aversion to textures like lotion or chapstick are just too much for me to ignore. Ultimately it doesn't matter, though. She's just a mess.

No. 853782

>It’s always the anti-sex workers too who think they’re fucking angelic for believing it “exploits women,” but they clearly aren’t doing a heck of a job being rude to one
Shay is criticised because she markets sex work to young girls and lies about it's consequences.

No. 853830

Ehh, that's like the wokescold, moral justification for hating on her - similar to when people used to harp on her being "racist". We all know we're mainly here cause she's uggo and chronically overshares her gross, sad life.

No. 853849

No, I don't have any pity for a woman who chose sex work when she came from wealth and had every opportunity not to sell her pussy thrown her way. Women like Shayna sell all women short with their actions. And she's proud of doing so.

No. 853882

After thinking about it, it finally occurred to me why I get so annoyed by Anna Slatz/the radical feminist tradwives/etc. After all, a lot of their politics and takes on troons are stuff straight off of lolcow and generally agreeable. But it hit me today that I don't just find them annoying cows because they steal takes or terms from here, but because even the most longwinded manifesto-chan on here can say the same things with 10x more charisma than the twitter substack crowd can manage. It's not that there aren't women who use their real name to speak about important women's rights topics, but these accounts are not it. They're basically lolcow take aggregators who throw in their personal branding to maximize attention and followers, but in doing that they suck out all the funny, insightful things that anons say, all the personality. And anons here come up with their good takes for free, let alone without telling everyone they're furthering women's rights by shitposting. Lolcow will forever be the whole milk in this situation and these twitter accounts aren't even skim, they're watered down almond milk by comparison.

No. 853910

yeah literally her parents have offered to buy her out of sex work multiple times

No. 854053

Has she ever said she has an aversion to the texture of chapstick or lotion? I'm pretty sure she's just incredibly lazy, she rarely even does her make up anymore.

No. 854057

Isn't a "radical feminist tradwife" an oxymoron? How does that even work?

No. 854058

wasn't she caught being a /pol tard who purposely posts ass pics for men?

No. 854070

It would only work if we are talking traditional radical feminist(as in second wave feminist)lesbian wives married to each other.

No. 854074

It's the same shit Brittany Venti tried to do in the past, and she'd get angry and call anons in threads "jealous" when they called it out.
They're all losers with no personalities or charisma of their own. All they can do is siphon from here.

They're just tradthots/NLOGs from /pol/ who dunk on trannies and pretend to hate men, in stark contrast to the PP/GC anons from here who actually do hate men and trannies. Any actual ire those types have for men is a direct result of them personally being undesirable (or being mad that virulently racist men would also be misogynistic, kek), rather than allegiance to women.
The alt-right thing Lauren Southern and co were doing is too obvious, uncool and non-lucrative, so now they're grasping at LC culture for some semblance of an identity.

No. 854098

the internet is full of self righteous narcissists that pretend caring about issues only to climb to the top

No. 854103


No. 854106

all these whores deserve to get the guillotine, they have pandered to mysoginistic scrotes for years and have made a living off that, they have pandered to the same group of people that want to ban abortion.

These whores truly deserve nothing but death coming their way I was in Brittany server and all the simps giving her money fought against abortion and were against it. You call yourself a radical feminist meanwhile you let simps say abortion should be banned and dont tell them anything because youre afraid to lose the hand that feeds(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 854397

File: 1626322427930.jpg (33.17 KB, 600x323, 1552068156883.jpg)

Just visited her thread for the first time in years and jesus, you weren't wrong. Venus threads must be full of some of the craziest fuckers who've ever shit up lolcow, which is saying a lot given that there's a thread full of unabashed anachans. It's one thing to hate on catty e-celebs, but a-logging someone who's clearly severely mentally ill to the point of non-function is deranged.

>The way they ride Manaki’s dick just makes me believe they’re just jealous.

Whether or not they are jealous of Venus now, they were definitely jealous of her during her glory days. When it comes to gossip sites, it's pretty easy to tell when there's a self-serving motive behind the comments; for example, pixyteri and abby brown's threads are light-hearted and supportive because there's nothing to be gained from tearing them down, degenerates like shayna and luna's threads are a mix of people making light-hearted comments because they're there for the spectacle, people who've developed a parasocial relationship with them and want to save them, and fellow who use them as a vehicle through which to convince themselves that they're not that bad, and threads about extremely boring but (relatively) successful people like Mariah are populated by less successful people within the same subculture who nitpick to boost their own self-esteem- i.e. are jelly and can't handle it.

Venus threads are probably populated by weebs who fell into the latter camp and are so incapable of managing jealousy that they're celebrating someone's descent into a state of immense suffering. Their comments convey a weirdly visceral hatred that you'd expect directed towards, you know, someone who actually did horrible things, like pedos and stuff. Sage for metasperg

No. 854477

Yes, it was a while back, but she has specifically talked about the "slimy" feeling of chapstick or lube.

No. 854493

File: 1626333843034.png (446.28 KB, 2640x1463, is this margo.png)

The posters in that thread would warrant its own thread at this point. Imagine being so full of malice for someone you don't even know, someone who has absolutely no effect on your life or anyone else's except for her own that you write these fanfics about how it was all Venus "spinning everything into abuse" despite Margo's lunacy being documented and witnessed by everyone following them during their mother-daughter break up. Did these anons just forget about Margo overtaking Venus' instagram account to post slanderous shit about her and stalking her for months on end suicide baiting and reeing about what a "bad child" she is while living out of an airport bathroom? That isn't just an "overbearing mother being worried about her daughter eloping" or whatever they're trying to push it as.

She was ruined by her sick ass stage mom using her for her own gain to make money and live through her daughter and bitter anons keep pointing out how "spoiled" Venus was for being bought all the weebshit she could've asked for as if it wasn't practically props for her ~living doll~ image. Anons in her thread are so thoroughly marinated in their jealousy they really do think that being given cute frilly dresses and being a online celebrity at 14 is a privilege and not something that will fuck you up irreversibly in the long run.

No. 854505

You think venus mom making her do a live japanese video to old pedos when she was 13 in a swimsuit licking cream off her fingers wasnt traumatizing? How the fuck can you not have any empathy for her?

No. 854506

Sometimes i wonder who those anons would be. Ive been on lolcow for years and lolcow is still mostly women and i think most of us know how much abuse can ruin someone.
I dont understand how they can be like this when her abuse has been documented for years. this is creepy

No. 854533

jealousy poisons the mind

No. 854545

Not gonna lie, they're probably scrotes and I wish mods would ban them or lock the thread, she isn't that milky either way

No. 854549

Not every bad person on this site is a scrote you know. The world isn’t so black and white.

No. 854552

I really doubt they're scrotes. Don't underestimate how cruel (cluster B) women can be, especially when given anonymity. And as other anon said, jealousy poisons the mind.

No. 854558

What is there to be jealous of Venus? There are farmers and cows with way worse lives than her, but her life is nothing to be jealous of.

No. 854564

Living in Japan
Did an episode on TLC
Modeled for bodyline
Dated japanese men
Dresses in cute clothes
Is known as one of the original living dolls

There's clearly some things to get some envy from even if her life is a trainreck

No. 854569

You’re fucking stupid kek.

No. 854584

No, seriously you’re fucking stupid.

No. 854638

Scrotes wouldn't spend that much time armchairing her, they don't have the mental capacity to post anything else but general body/vagina nitpicking. They're obviously seething weeby PULL migrates continuing their legacy of retarded blogposting and skinwalker level stalking here.

No. 854641

I’m thinking it’s PULLfags, since they pick on women who live in Japan(like Kenna or Mikan)

No. 854705


They probably feel like their justified in being psychotic towards Venus because she’s done shitty things. I hope they close the thread eventually. It’s an absolute cesspool.

No. 854790

It's pretty incredible that those weirdos will armchair for days about how Venus it an evil narc for committing heinous acts like livestreaming and getting into friend drama while somehow managing to miss the abundant signs that she's suffering from severe depression and poor social/life skills.
Honestly, they're probably older PULLfags who never managed achieve nor grow out of their weeb dreams. Scrotes can be cruel, but there's no reason for them to have the extreme emotional investment that the posters in the Venus thread have towards her.
I'm worried about how those threads will reflect on lolcow if Venus sudokus, which looks like an actual risk given her condition.

No. 855075

There is an anon who uses the phrase "nothing burger" in like every post and it drives me up the wall. It's always some annoying, useless comment, too.

No. 855088

Haven't noticed this, what does it mean?

No. 855136

Regarding the gabbie hanna thread, gabbie is an attention seeking basket case but I don’t find her nearly as annoying as angelika, one of the drama channels who reported on her. In fact, they’re both such major cows and I dislike drama channels so much that I hope gabbie somehow wins this feud even without the mom on her side. The milk would be stupendous regardless of them both being awful.

No. 855195

No fucking way they're scrotes. Her thread is so visibly inhabited by unhinged bitter weebs. Same for Kota. These two are not milky and their threads are cancer, even by /w/ standards.

No. 855353

I really don’t get the obsession with kota. She barely posts anymore and keeps to herself. Like I can get mikan and beenus since they create content and discussion albeit nitpicky but kota?

No. 855367

File: 1626432560285.png (126.26 KB, 750x1068, 1502993031324.png)

Anisa the Pearhead looks objectively better with the new buzz haircut than with the Lord Farquaad haircut she had that one time.
You can be all shocked that a woman shaved her head, but ancient stereotypes aside, this is not nearly the worst thing she did to her hair/style. The absolute worst was pic related.

No. 855412

She looks absolutely hot in her buzzcut, all I'm laughing at is the haircut and her cobweb tattoo combo, shit don't look right

No. 855415

I agree too, she does look better

No. 855456

I feel like we should nearly all just buzz our heads once in our life to try it out, to see what our heads look like underneath there and to experience not having to even think about hair as part of our getting ready routine. It's not going to suit everyone (and some people will find it ugly on any woman) but it's an experience in itself and I wouldn't shit on any woman for doing it.

I'm not a fan of her choice of tatts but simularly I still hate to see (mainly scrotes on KF) sperging about how women are ruining their once hawt bodies.

No. 855460

i don't understand how she looks so ugly. she looks vile but every one of her features looks okay individually.

No. 855467

>mainly scrotes on KF

This always got me every time any female cow changes themselves to be less “attractive” for some reason. There still woman, and not all women need to cater to some scrote’s coomer taste in women.

No. 855491

She admittedly really rocks the shaved head too. I expected her to be really insecure after shaving her hair like she is about everything else she does, but she looks confident in those pics. It somehow helps her unfortunate face shape look less noticeable. Fuck all the anons calling her a bulldyke. I just wonder when her bad wig saga will begin

No. 855516

Jill/pixielocks had one of the most boring threads for years, but her recent ~mental health journey~ is milky as fuck. It really does seem like she's being yes man'd by an unethical therapist.

No. 855521

I think Anisa looks really good with the new buzzcut too. The photos of her with the leather top look really good imo. Yeah her head shape is maybe a little unfortunate if you stare a little too long, but if I didn't know who Anisa was and she just walked past me down the street I'd probably think "fuck, she's pretty hot."

No. 855526

>There still woman, and not all women need to cater to some scrote’s coomer taste in women.
It's a little funny to say this about a literal e-sex worker but yeah I agree with the general sentiment.

No. 855534

Thing is it's subjective too.. heavily tatted, shaved head, piercings…plenty of people dig that look and yet men who don't like that look.. can't just let people be. There's one less woman on earth that you'd bang, oh no. I mean it's not like most women would want to fuck those guys either.

As the saying goes, your yuck is someone elses yum. Even a woman with a shaved head will still get laid easier than those whinging guys.

No. 855550

>your yuck is someone elses yum
Do you think there are people out there who dig the Lord Farquaad look here >>855367 Hmmmm idk

I stand by saying that's objectively her worst look (so far)

No. 855602

A two year old video of Shay lip synching to "Material Girl". Always the same damn song. Every single time. And she never cuts out her audio so you hear her awkwardly breathing out the lyrics in the background. Sharing for nostalgia, I guess.

No. 855620

Why this thread? God damn what a retard she is

No. 855623

> Material girl
> Owns one carpet, one plushie, a dress
No shoes tho that would be too much

No. 855710

iirc she didn't even have a bed to sleep on at this time

No. 856002

Without Material Girl I wouldn't have known this was Shay. Her face has changed so drastically. If you told me this was some weeb from /w/ I'd have believed you

No. 856224

File: 1626525458618.png (116.36 KB, 2024x416, Screenshot_20210717-073111~2.p…)

The anons in the celeb thread are truly a different a different breed.

No. 856230

I thought this was Venus from the thumbnail before reading the actual post, lmao.

No. 856559

I don't think Dakota's life is near as interesting as anons in her thread think it is, if she was always fucking people for jobs wouldn't she have… more jobs? She works like twice a year. I also don't think people in Japan hate her as much as they make it sound, at worst they probably just forget about her, she seems incredibly dull to be around. The leftover weebs still coming up with detailed conspiracies regarding everything she ever posts is honestly more entertaining than her at this point lol, was reminded of this by her thread being bumped recently.

No. 856569

Does Micky's retarded whiteknight know she's just making micky look worse

No. 856637

Her thread is full of jealous kooks and that's that on that. They make up weird outlandish shit about her having a lesbian relationship with some sugar mommy manager arranging her gigs in exchange for sexual services and literally stalk Tokyo weather reports to "prove" that she's faking being in Japan. They're unhinged and I find it fascinating how washed-up anons with failed up Japanese idol dreams are so invested in a cow who hasn't had milk in almost a decade by now.

No. 856721

The weather reports thing is definitely one of the most autistic things i've seen on this site

No. 856772

File: 1626582008878.png (345.83 KB, 500x602, 1558663900496.png)

I always thought Momokun was really pretty until she pumped her face full of filler. I used to be highkey jealous of her life, traveling for cons and eating expensive junk food every day and not having to work. I know it was all fake all along but still I bet most farmers would have traded places with her in a heartbeat (at least before she started posting pics of her asshole)

No. 856775

I should clarify, by fake I meant her friendships

No. 856783

I tend to agree that early shitposting about her looks was absolutely ridiculous–and ofc now that she is in fact actually huge and monstrous, farmers are walking back when they used to call her a hideous planet at her peak.
But idk, cosplay tends to attract narcissism and I personally can't stand the hobby for the fact. Getting to eat expensive junk and traveling may seem glamorous to outsiders (what the narcissists want to project), but it appears that lifestyle has left her a chronically empty person given the choices she's made.
Fulfilled and happy people don't choose that much cosmetic surgery and show their buttholes for money.

No. 856978

Felice Fawn was a cow in her own right but freelicers (or whatever they were called) we’re just as deranged.

No. 857002

I don't see why it's so hard to believe Micky was groomed or preyed on as a teen. Another thing is she is not that ugly she just can't dress herself for shit and doesn't know how to compliment her body shape well.

No. 857027

because cow all bad and always guilty

No. 857169

File: 1626626187588.jpeg (263.04 KB, 1362x2048, 22B00E67-0134-480D-998B-F87F46…)


I think the issue people have with Momokun is that she has all the opportunity and money to do things the right way but instead she spends money on the stupidest things. Even if she’s a terrible person, squandering her money and ruining her body because she’s lazy could be frustrating to a lot of people.

No. 857183

This. It reminds of how men can get away with anything and still have an active career while women get blamed for everything

No. 857184

What is she wearing? Did she contour her asscheecks over a legging? what is this

No. 857381

i don't get jealous because it all seems so fleeting. i really can't imagine all the people making money on OF investing it for smarter future choices, or they're going to make long term income through life doing that. i have no idea why momo is rich, if she even is, i assume she has rich parents tbh

No. 857509

I agree. I haven't been in that thread for a long time but all I remember is her going through a strange cycle of doing sex work and then feeling repulsed with herself and having to stop. It's not like this stuff isn't extremely common anyway. And I never got any of the nitpicks made about her looks. I personally think she's really cute and looks good in the style she's going for, but the shitty coords and cheap clothes don't help. I just wish she would finally take the step to be an adult and own up to her shit already.

No. 857579

I can't help but feel bad for Shayna, specifically the way she's been treated by Fupa. She has obvious BPD and probably a mental disability as well, and Fupa exploits her for cheap sex because he knows she's dependent on him. Somehow anons in her thread want to pin the blame all on Shay when we all know scrotes to behave like that.

No. 857610

where's the proof she's not hitting him up for sex though? he's all she has there.

No. 857637

She probably is, because that's the only way she knows how to get a crumb of affection from him. It's on him to say no to it. She's clearly got problems up the ass and if he cared about her he wouldn't fuck and run. She really just needs a female influence in her life to give her some advice. Her mommy issues are out of control though

No. 857861

It’s becoming apparent that Shayna’s massive alcohol and drug consumptions are burning holes in her brain making her unjokingly mentally retarded on top of her other admitted mental illnesses. The OF video recently posted of her “dancing” in the bathroom to There'll Be Some Changes Made was ominous. There is clearly something very, very wrong.

No. 857924

I’m convinced she made that video while absolutely wasted. The song choice, the “dancing”….I have to wonder if she has enough self awareness to be embarrassed by that when she sobered up

No. 857947

Shayna is my favorite cow and I lowkey want her life to be documented like CWC’s because it’s just an absurd trainwreck with no end in sight. If she just deleted her Twitter, went to rehab/therapy and cut Fupa the fuck off, we’d have nothing to kek at. But she won’t. She’s gonna continue spiraling, it’s gonna get bleaker and bleaker and she will never learn that her life would stop sucking so much if she stopped getting wasted every day and selling pictures of her infected asshole.

No. 858419

I really feel like there's some weird shit going on in Shayna's thread. I feel like it's Fupa trying to make it so people can't talk about him, so he can completely be rid of all connections of Shayna (As much as he can).
I don't think he likes people looking through his facebook as much as we have. If it's not him and this tinfoil is dumb (it is), then whatever.
I felt the same way everytime people would spazz out when someone said she was back with Fupa, they'd start going back and forth being really offended by people mentioning it.
Either way her thread is a shit show. I hate how people accuse others of wanting to fuck fupa or womack. Do we want to fuck Shayna because we pick at her?

No. 858435

I really highly doubt Shay or Fupa are posting in the thread. Shayna wants to live in her narc bubble where everyone worships her ass and if Fupa cared about anons posting shit from his Facebook he wouldn't keep it public. I agree that the thread is a shitshow but I never have an issue with retarded anons going at each other's throats and posting tinfoil. Keeps the thread entertaining while we wait for milk from Shaynus.
I agree anon, Shayna always provides for us. Even on dry days she still posts cringy and hypocritical shit. The commentary in her threads is usually hilarious and some of the best on this site. I sometimes wish that someone would put together a wiki like the one CWC has but I like that she's a lolcow exclusive

No. 858436

even if that's what is going on, fupa is too much of a nobody to become a banned topic

No. 858513

I feel upset knowing Venus probably has no future ahead of her. She was preyed upon her entire life including by her ex (?) husband. She has no support system, no one who will look out for her. I guess it's somewhat patronizing but I hope she will fall in love with one of her simps from her homecountry and have semi stable lifestyle because Japan and all it entails for her has ruined her life.
A lot of cows have bleak futures although most will do just fine, their antics are just exaggerated for the internet. I do wonder how Yumi and her son will fare in the future.

No. 858524

She doesn't need yet another man in her life ffs, she just needs to get a proper job and be stable without relying on others. So many of these cows ruining their lives and self esteem by doing porn and living their lives online would be fine if they just stooped to getting a normal job like everyone else. But no, they're too used to earning money by being cute on the internet and anything else is too hard, not glamorous enough, not good enough for d list e-celebs.

No. 858535

>She doesn't need yet another man in her life ffs
>I hope she will fall in love with one of her simps from her homecountry and have semi stable lifestyle
She married a simp last time too but now all we get are the abuse stories and how he held her back. Another scrote isn't going to change her behavior.
She is where she is because of really lazy choices and believing she's entitled to an income for appearing on camera.

Plus she'd never leave Japan for a man lol she's willing to be a ho just to stay in Japan. The only way she would ever leave is the government forcing her to at this point.

No. 858537

In her case, I don't even know if she knows how to take care of herself. Venus has been doing this since she was what.. 14? and her mom cashed in on it as soon as she can. Not saying she can't change, but she doesn't have any real or genuine people in her life, no actual skills, and barely a dime to her name. It would take a long time to not only learn to cope with what she went through, but to even learn how to be her own person.

No. 858548


Japan is her entire identity. Venus has known nothing but Japanese culture for so long that if she leaves, she’s going to self implode and hit a new low. She has no sense of identity at this point and being in Japan is all she left.

What she really needs is stability and the best place for that is either with family or a facility that can help her deal with her severe issues and trauma. The only problem is that you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped and that’s where she’s at right now with all of this self destruction.

No. 858549

I love how so many anons ignore the fact that enduring enormous amounts of abuse in your childhood and formative years will affect your decision making, skills and personality for the rest of your life. They act as if Venus got away from Margo and she could have suddenly become a normal functioning person by making a couple of good decisions, when in reality even our decision making skills are affected by the way we are brought up. The formative years literally define you for the rest of your life. Yea, now you may cope and say Venus has gotten everything she has wanted as a child like clothes and fancy stuff and lived in nice places, but this is absolutely irrelevant to our issue. There are parents that are very poor and have children, but those parents still succeed in socializing their children properly and teaching them life skills and coping mechaninsms. The socialization of a child has nothing to do with the material part of life. Margo is a narc and she made Venus codependent because this is what narc mothers do, they dont want their child to ever leave them, Venus was not taught any valuable adult skills, was not taught how to deal with her emotions or how to make proper decisions. Mama has literally only taught Venus how to be a prostitute since her childhood, has taught her the only valuable thing about herself is her body, sexuality and that's about it.

She has been away from mama for not that long anyway, but I don't think it is over for her, she's only 25. She could live for 40 more years, she needs to start making progress little by little with small steps. She needs a proper schedule that does not involve taking OnlyFans pics or eating and sleeping. She needs to put effort into something to get back some of the happy hormones in her brain and her self esteem. The onlyfans thing is bullshit and a prime example to why sex work is abusive. A girl like Venus that is full of abuse, sick and dysfunctional has ended up having to rely on that sort of shit. I personally think SW made everything worse for her. She needs to start making proper videos again and getting a Patreon and living off that income. She doesn't even have to live in Tokyo, she could live on the outskirts of it where it is much cheaper to pay for rent. She could also change her name in Japan and start job hunting, even a part time job would do her mental health wonders.

No. 858569

I sometimes feel bad for the cows. It looks like once they get in that hole of negative attention, it becomes too easy for them to cycle through negative attention and easily fished positive attention than to actually change.

And even if they attempt to change, they have a lot of bad history thrown in their faces. Usually it's well deserved, but I can see how it's offputting enough for them to fall back to previous behaviors.

Of course this is me doing a lot of projecting. A lot of cows are also just jerks who don't see anything wrong with what they're doing and don't want to change.

No. 858573

I wish the pro ana cow thread featured more people from the ED side of Twitter. EDtwit is full of so many milky people and Lucinda is only the tip of the iceberg.

No. 858602

Why not mention it in the thread?

No. 858749

The point about Venus living a life of luxury because "she got nice clothes" is such a moot point anyway. Margo regularly beat her ass up and pushed her to create content bordering on child porn at 13 and whored her out to international media outlets, that's not the recipe for a healthy childhood. Venus has no support network besides her groomer visa husband and harpies looking to milk her fame, she's confined to her home in a country she's not a native to and sticks out as a foreigner, how the fuck do anons think she'll just "snap out of it" like that? She has nowhere to go and was never allowed to learn fundamental adult skills to function on her own. I would understand her thread being a testament how far the damage done by obsessive stage parents can carry but bitter bitches really think that she's deserving of hate and immense body nitpicking because she "didn't appreciate what she had" is so fucked up.

No. 858837

I'm intrigued by this new cow Lucinda and I'm going to try and follow her, but in truth nothing will ever fill the Soren-shaped twaumacore womanchild hole in my heart.

No. 858855

She (smartly) has not been broadcasting anything about her personal life beyond gigs and heavily curated pics of social outings, which leaves a lot of room for speculation, I guess. The fact that she's until now managed to stay in Japan with so little work is a bit puzzling, but scores of weebs have settled there while offering even less to society (see: the jvlogger epidemic) so it's not like it's that out of the ordinary.
She's a fatty with a vacuous consumption-based lifestyle funded entirely by coomers. There's not much to envy. That said, I think she's a good person at her core and could live a meaningful life if she learned how to maintain self-esteem through intrinsically fulfilling pursuits instead of filling the void with plastic crap and purchased friends

No. 858868

I agree that Lucinda is the epitome of a pro-ana scumbag cow but I'm very glad she got her own thread instead. I can't decide if she's genuinely disturbing or just pathetic, but I know I don't want to see her creepy ddlg face in the one thread that's chill yet semi-entertaining to me.

I'm also 100% sure she'll be overjoyed when she finds the thread and people are talking about her uwu schizophrenia and neuro problems like it's not all a LARP. She's as obvious as those "All my alters do my makeup" DID idiots - people with schizophrenia aren't functional like this, they don't just make a couple of cute spelling mistakes (that never degrade the legibility of the sentence, conveniently) and obsess over unicorns. The only neurological problem she has is chronic NEET brain. The horrorcow energy is obscuring the fact that she's just a fucking tumblr otherkin with an ED.

No. 858870

Agree about Momo and I honestly think she's chilled out and matured, one needs to remember that she was like 19-21 during her peak drama and she's 26 now. Looking back I actually believe her when she recently said that the drama she got into was largely her being naive and ignorant and that she's grown past it. She's now a terminal consoomer doing cringey amateur porn, yes, but she's not getting into twitter slapfights, stealing designs or charity money or trying to be the Bad Guidette Bitch anymore. In retrospect I also have to admit that I find it impressive that she actually threw thousands of dollars and hours of effort into making cosplay music videos and even delivered on them like she promised, some other costhot would've just released a lazy lingerie photoshoot calendar or something.

I'm also pretty sure the harsh comments about her looks got to her during her crazy years which is why she's so addicted to plastic surgery now. It's so sad, I never thought she was as ugly as anons often made her out to be. Her face looked fine, at least it had character.

No. 858935

Before Lucinda's thread was made I thought she was just a faker, but she actually has schizophrenia. I pity her.
I'm not going to wk but I will say this - if people like her are considered milky it only makes sense that certain other cows deserve their threads too.

No. 858952

That Lucinda girl's face is scary as fuck and it scares me a little bit whenever I see it

No. 858972

Did you forget she sexually assaulted people and doesn't deliver half of her sets?? She also scams people with fake charities. Sure she doesn't participate in twitter drama anymore but that's because she is irrelevant as fuck.

No. 858975

Sorry to samefag, but she never took accountability for the people she hurt either. She will delete comments and post petty stories. I don't think she is milky at all now but is still the same selfish human being only difference is she has learned to keep it low.

No. 859053

I feel like the anons in that thread would've bought that Soren was a CSA survivor too. The only time I was convinced a cow was actually schizo was Robyn from the Nicole Dollanganger calf thread. Lucinda seems exciting precisely because she doesn't have schizophrenia. It's always the LARPers that do the craziest shit to prove they're sick. I have no doubt it will be a thread to watch

No. 859055

Some of you are about to be really mad at me and I know she's had surgery and photoshops etc etc etc. But I'm just gonna say it that I'm actually pretty envious of momokuns natural fat distribution and I think that she would be pretty with a more natural look eg no more surgeries or lipo and maybe a bit of muscle definition. She's definitely generically blessed I feel

No. 859057

Very very sorry for samefag but I meant GENETICALLY

No. 859087

Been with Shay since thread 1 (before stepsister saga) and she is my favorite cow. I even like when people posted Dawn and Fupa incessantly because her whole web is hilarious.
I think Onision became 100% less interesting when anons demanded less Lainey-posting so I quit reading. I usually don't think it's a big deal if people sperg in the thread about a cow's associates but maybe that's just me?

No. 859138

The sexual assault claims were cringey as hell and I dropped the threads at that point because it got way out of hand. She got touchy with people because she was an autistic idiot who had no idea of physical boundaries and thought it was peak comedy to grab someone's ass, not because she was some evil lesbian predator raping people left and right. It doesn't make it right but there's a huge difference between ignorance and negligence. The people pushing the narrative of her being a predator were people who wanted her gone for good and took their opportunity, a good share of the people pushing the cancel momokun tag didn't even know where the sexual assault allegations came from.

>she has learned to keep it low.

That's part of growing up, anon. Everyone is a petty bitch in private but most people learn to keep it to themselves and not go around picking fights on Twitter like she used to. But don't get me wrong, I still seethe when I think back to how she treated KBBQ for example, the charity scam and how she kept attacking Steff von Schweetz over her old butthurt vendetta for example, or her weird flexes on her hAtErZZ and the grandiose delusions of her own cosplay making skills. But the milk has run dry, she grew up, the show's over. Her threads have been boring and dead for ages and now it's just thots a-logging over what shade of her asshole is or how fat her arms are. There's nothing left.

Before she had her first round of lipo she had a huge pot belly which sort of started her spiral down into PS addiction. She originally hid it with a waist cincher.

No. 859168

Well I agree her milk has dried. Just imo I don't think she has bettered herself just because she has never owned up to the shitty things she has done, and would rather brush it under the rug. I still think it's fucked up to touch people the way she did and blaming it on her adhd and never speaking of it again. But yeah for sure her thread is super cringey now that people just like to post picture of her nudes. Why would you want to see that if you hate her so much?

No. 859268

File: 1626828957183.png (1.02 MB, 1061x669, cheap cheap cheap.PNG)

Every time Luna says "cheap" this song from Parappa the Rapper gets stuck in my head

No. 859280

I like Luna's bad derivative art. Something about it is comforting to me

No. 859283

I do too. it gives me a strangely nostalgic feeling

No. 859286

What is the point of the Effina Hyatt & Charls Carroll thread? Tbf I have no clue who either of these people are or read the thread more than a quick skim, but it seems like it's pretty active and nearly every post is about her photoshopping. Is there anything interesting here, or just photo editing?

No. 859293

I don't get it either. It's like the same two esl people accusing everyone of being her and talking about exposing her real self to the world making up that entire thread too. All not saged of course so it's always on the first page.

No. 859307

Why does the reason and differences matter? It's still not okay to grope random people regardless.

No. 859308

yep exactly, it needs to be on autosage. it's 2021 and photoshopping yourself is not milk

No. 859374

Leftcow thread is unreadable to me. I don't know why exactly but it's a terrible mix of boring and infuriating at the same time. Especially those red scare smegmaidens, can't stand them, I just wanna a-log.

Also I miss old Onision milk.

No. 859446

The mostflogged thread is a trash fire. Girl did nothing but call trannies out for preying on lesbians and bihets faking being lesbian for woke points yet people here are writing such amazing posts like nitpicking how dark her armpits are, literally reposting drama from 6 years ago and thinking it's whole milk to spit on her for being in her 30's (so basically an old hag) and still cosplaying. Probably the worst collection of retarded anons I've seen since those Belle Delphine a-logs.

No. 859482

i think sorens death is actually pretty sad and i do miss her or him or whatever a lot sometimes. other cows don't hit like she did

No. 859489

kek Anon I feel you. This is how I feel about Lillee's face, whenever I see her I feel my fight or flight instinct kicking in and that's why I can never read her threads. Actual horrorcows freak me out less. Idk man. She haunts me.

No. 859495

who's soren?

No. 859527

Lurk moar

No. 859574

I feel weirdly protective towards Lucinda and I’m not sure if it’s because she’s more visibly mentally ill than other cows or if she exaggerates it on purpose to evoke pity and it’s working

No. 859577

nah i've read the Soren threads and she was different.

No. 859646

damn I somehow missed that soren died, just read the thread and it's kind of cringe to see anons go from "this is fake fuck off tranny" to "oh shit soren is actually dead rip"

No. 859649

I even just saw an anon this last week (in the confession thread maybe?) say that they still don't think she's dead lol

No. 859675

I think pretty much 80% of cows' mental illnesses are made up and you can really feel the influx of twitter zoomers and newfags by how much they give "mentally ill" cows the benefit of the doubt in the last few months. Sick of this shit.

No. 859678

File: 1626881632016.jpg (37.66 KB, 506x405, 75b129e2011f6f450b6d7638a0301d…)

Exactly this! Actual schizo manifesting on the internet looks like pic related. Lucinda's utterly lucid self-aware jokes at her own expense followed by "crytyping" quirk just don't feel legit. She's totally good for snow, but not because she's Ackshually Schizo uwu

No. 859751

Kek I knew this thread would be thriving with Lucinda discussion. Confession: I don’t really care that she’s uwu confirmed mentally ill (when has that stopped farmers before) but seeing that she is a surprisingly talented (if unpolished) artist made me not want to make fun of her. I have a soft spot for genuinely talented cows I guess.

No. 859756

people with schizo have actual hallucinations and delusions and are usually not obsessed with the aesthetic of being schizophrenic and Lucinda is obsessed with that. She's mentally ill, just not schizophrenic. She has very extreme childhood regression, but it is still sad to see her self harm in such way, even the "uwu im schizo" part is a form of self harm. Not all docs are that professional and you can easily self impose a certain illness and if you push it on certain docs they will believe you and you don't have to be mentally retarded to score lower than normal in those disability tests. Lucinda is not actually schizo but a self hating creative person lost in her fantasy.

No. 859759

>I have a soft spot for genuinely talented cows I guess.
That makes sense to me. With the waste-of-space cow like Shay there's no redeeming quality but with talented cows you can see the potential for what could have been.

No. 859761

Ayrt, I totally agree. She's definitely got an ED and her SH looks out of control. I kind of tinfoil that she's been self-posting in the thread because the negative attention is a form of SH.

No. 859812

I feel like everyone collectively forgot we’re here to laugh at cows doing stupid things, not get genuinely worked up over them. I’ve seen a-logging towards cows before, but a couple of threads are just anons a-logging each other at this point. Shay would be the best cow on this site if some of the posters could get the fuck over themselves.

No. 859822

there are too many autists that are too personally invested for that to ever be the case, i'm afraid. that thread definitely has a very specific brand of spergs that either seem to be in love with her/unironically want to be her bff and ones that (like you mentioned) seem legitimately bothered and affected by her existence for some reason. i think the tinfoil that the more aggressive a-loggers are other e-whores or vendettas checks out.

No. 859928

I never understood what was milky about Shayna and why her thread is so active. Is being pathetic and oversharing on twitter all that makes one a cow these days?

No. 859939

It will never not make me crack up and cringe, that Fupa walks around like the bad bitch that Shayna should be GLAD ever paid her any mind. Shayna probably is the one taking candids of Fupa and showing them to everyone who'd listen, meanwhile Fupa is taking cringey sad boi pictures of himself.
Shayna thought she'd have a older guy who'd honor the ground she walked on because she's young, was thin and "kinky", instead she got a baby daddy with a big ego & didn't do none of that shit or think of her as this "prize".

No. 859982

File: 1626902215313.png (205.11 KB, 328x365, 1612563668236.png)

lucinda's thread is making me want to launch into a spergout about paranoid schizophrenia and a-log other anons. someone pls hold me back

No. 859990

i never saw an amount of sperging, infighting and cowtipping that autistic

No. 860007

Nona please post it here, I want to read it.

No. 860028

I feel like that's the majority of threads at this point, so yeah, pretty much.

No. 860130

When did the userbase age down so much? I cannot believe, after all of the munchies, Soren, Luna, and Nicole and her sadbbys that people would be defending Lucinda to this extent. And debating that she's not a horrorcow. Is it newfaggotry?

No. 860131

Too many Twitter invasions

No. 860178

File: 1626920736599.gif (2.8 MB, 429x592, 1520544707050.gif)

If you insist…
Lucinda's online behavior doesn't reflect how people who suffer from paranoid delusions, let alone paranoid schizophrenia, present themselves online.

>her appearance

Lucinda looks like a trainwreck, but she dresses herself with care and consistency, e.g. coordinating colors, wearing accessories >>>/snow/1281191, and putting on makeup. She even does her nails >>>/snow/1281157. People with schizophrenia typically have major trouble with grooming and hygiene. From https://psycnet.apa.org/record/1982-29376-001:
>The patient displays less attention to
grooming and hygiene than normal. Clothing may appear sloppy, outdated, or soiled. The patient may bathe infrequently and not care for hair, nails, or teeth, leading to such manifestations as greasy or uncombed hair, dirty hands, body odor, or unclean teeth and bad breath. Overall, the appearance is dilapidated and disheveled. In extreme cases, the patient may even have poor toilet habits, with soiling.
The fact that she's very put-together and follows a consistent aesthetic that is influenced by popular trends is one of the biggest red flags wrt the schizophrenia diagnosis, as even those that are on the mild end of he schizophrenia spectrum tend to be not-so-concerned with appearances and grooming.

>her typing

Language impairment is a key feature of schizophrenia, and people with schizophrenia may have a variety of different types of language impairment (see the review here https://journals.lww.com/co-psychiatry/FullText/2020/05000/Anomalies_in_language_as_a_biomarker_for.6.aspx)…but making random typos is not in any way shape or form a part of that (see https://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= for an analysis of differences in schizo vs. non-schizo text).
For the sake of brevity let's look at one robust example of language impairment in schizophrenia- deficits in referential cohesion (see the review https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0920996417302128) and compare it to Lucinda's posts.
Referential cohesion is more or less your ability to stitch a narrative together by referencing a concept that you've introduced earlier or will introduce shortly after, e.g. by using pronouns and nouns. People with 'thought disorder' schizophrenia are more likely to use 2nd-person pronouns like 'you' but there's consistent evidence that they less frequently use first-person pronouns and comparatives (see https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1002/wps.20491). Lucinda frequently uses "I", he, she, that, it, etc. in her posts and in general has no problem directly connecting point A to point B in her writing, e.g. >>>/snow/1280937, >>>/snow/1280988, >>>/snow/1281555. Deficits in referential cohesion are even found in non-'thought disorder' schizophrenics and family members of schizophrenics, which suggests that strong referential coherence is a decent clue as to whether we have a faker on our hands. And issues with referential cohesion are just one of the many characteristics that prevent people with schizophrenia from communicating their thoughts effectively - this paper https://datascience.iq.harvard.edu/files/kuperberglab/files/kuperbergcaplan_neuropsych_2003.pdf lists a few examples under 'Disorders of the Form of Thought', and none of them, nor any of the any of the language breakdowns mentioned in other the papers above, apply to Lucinda's writing. She can communicate clearly and effectively, but for a few typos. Although there are variety of ways in which schizophrenia may present and different levels of severity, issues with language are one of the central aspects of schizophrenia, and Lucinda doesn't seem to have any.

I'd cont'd into the paranoid delusions part but I fully expect to get banned for this shitpost and it kinda scratched my itch

No. 860190

Thank you for sharing, anon. I would also encourage newfag anons to read the first Kelly Chompurrs thread (the following threads require a heavy, heavy trigger warning). She's a notorious munchie and selfposted all of her diagnostic papers. She convinced several doctors that she had some rare mystery illness that caused her to bleed profusely and it was quickly debunked by anons. It's worth noting that a paper from a doctor doesn't prove much of anything, especially a mental illness dx. The goal is money and doctors are very willing to push medication at the slightest whiff of a mental disorder

No. 860221

100% other equally deranged EDcows taking personal offense. I can understand feeling bad for her, but those anons tried their hardest to instantly shut down the thread.

No. 860230

It's bizarre that the munchie and anachan threads never had this level of white-knighting when their many of their subjects are just as or more deranged than lucinda seems to be. Especially the anachan threads given that some of the wks seem to come from there. I mean, there's been a ton of cows on those threads who've let everyone know how uwu sick they are, self-harmed, reopened their wounds, posted their pill hauls, attempted suicide, died…are these a bunch of tourists or does someone only become fragile enough to defend when they become a vampirefreaks-era edgelord?
I wonder what would happen if Lucinda's wks stumbled across the thread of someone who's deteriorated in an authentic and very unaesthetic way, like Venus or Shayna. Would they afford them the same sympathy? Probably not given that they've been throwing Soren, who actually killed herself, under the bus to defend Lucinda's honor or w/e.

No. 860242

Lucinda is VERY similar to Soren. Gender confused, cutting, age regression, obsession with a piece of children's media, hell, even a fandom past. It's bizarre that they feel the need to shut down any comparisons.

Also, no one has ever killed themselves because of a lolcow thread. Not even Soren. The fear that this girl will because of some stray comments is unfounded.

No. 860249

Same, I don't think it's too crazy that she might have schizophrenia too or at least has been dx'd with it by some wack doctor in PR.
I feel really sad for her that she has a thread and I just want the best for her and for her to get better

No. 860254

I sometimes worry that I'm going to show up on that board someday.

No. 860255

File: 1626928019949.jpg (642.45 KB, 810x1900, Screenshot_20210722-062409_Bra…)

you cannot convince me this bitch isn't self posting. Every time I see her brought up it's very random and reeks of anachan attention whoring

No. 860288

I'm never going to read a Shay thread, ever. The amount of posts dedicated to this bitch outside of her thread alone is annoying enough but the content based on the passing mentions all seems like typical fugly sex worker fare. No thanks. Yes I did also make a post about her by bitching about it here. What a hypocrite, lock me up.

No. 860294

Soren was a liar with self-awareness, Lucinda's mental illness is real. Once you consider this they start to look different.

No. 860301

>Shayna fan
Opinion discarded

No. 860306

I hope the Lucinda thread gets rolling, she's fascinating. I do think there is something wrong with her head, but not in the way she wants us to think

No. 860307

Always get me that the most definitive proof against “lolcows has ALWAYS been a transphobic* enclave” claim is sorens thread tbh until max 2 years ago not using he/him for Soren was an anomaly lmao

*half the bird brain tranny haters that are here now are not feminists never mind radical ones and I refuse to call them that

No. 860315

but soren was so ugly some anons were genuinely confused and thought she is legit male, so idk how good of a proof that is

No. 860336

Soren was always up front abt the gender stuff. Even in the very first threads it was mentioned it was a tranny being posted. because being a transman was a reoccurring theme in all the narratives they posted. >>101968

People knew they were a fakeboi, mentioned it even, >>102239 and still almost everyone used he/him because it made the most sense until the very recent busybody trannysperg invasion

No. 860390

Using male pronouns for a fakeboi doesnt make sense to me at all. This was also 5 years ago, the culture has changed which isn't always that bad. Lolcow used to have a lot of male posters right? That also has changed and no one is complaining about that.
Anyway i honestly do not give a fuck what pronounces people use to adress a cow, just ignore it instead of getting triggered by it.

I just checked it out and it honestly read like a pull thread. So many people who don't sage and write paragraphs about how they feel so bad for her and that she needs to seek help. I do think she's mentally ill but so are many other cows posted here so i dont see why so many people are saying that the thread needs to be removed.

No. 860398

Not exactly a good thing considering she necked herself months after getting her meat tube dick kek. Maybe she’d still be alive if she hadn’t had her delusions validated.

No. 860406

I know lolcow is not as bad as kiwifarms because it does not push people to suicide, but reading the stumpy Kelly thread makes feel evil. I genuinely cannot read the posts about how she used to pick at her legs because my imagination is very active and it is almost like I am experiencing that on my own skin. She's ill, very, very ill, you cannot tell me someone that ends up literally amputating their legs because of the self harm is not a victim, because some anons act like she is not a victim. She's the victim of her own fucking horrible histrionism and munchausen. I dont think anyone willingly chooses this, something beyond her comprehension has happened, some factors have influenced her to end up like this, factors outside of her control. A combination of bad genes and environmental factors. No sane person suddenly decides "Oh today I will start self inflicting illnesses on myself and posting it on the internet for attention". I genuinely see these people as victims of something outside their control and comprehension. This reminds me of how I've found lolcow through that extremely anorexic girl, ahh I'm missing her name, the very spoopy one. Ah, Ashley Issac. I wonder if she's still alive and I also wonder why there's no threads on her anymore. I just cannot blame these people. I can be angry at pedophiles and people that end up seriously hurting others, but I cannot be angry at these women that punish themselves until death.

No. 860413

And excuse me for the feminist sperging and derailing and same fagging, but all these people that end up self harming to such extents are women, not scrotes. Women always end up taking out their hatred, neglect and abuse on their own selves. Meanwhile scrotes walk around raping babies and killing. I really do wish for women to stop this cycle of self harm, I really do wish for it. I pray after I read horror cows thread and hope that no more women have to go through anorexia and extreme self harm for things they have been put through in their childhoods and early teens and for the female socialization that brainwashes us since childhood to always feel at fault for things outside our comprehension and be martyrs. I wish Kelly Rohan and all the other horror cows were men instead.

No. 860418

No we had a very explicit no males in the global rules back then, which isn’t the case anymore.

No. 860430

Ok I have rechecked the first thread and many people were using male pronouns according to Soren's wishes HOWEVER someone questioned if she isn't a scrote larping as a ftm, another person was confused and asked wtf Soren has in pants etc. I feel like some people in later threads also were confused by Soren's ugliness but I'm too lazy too check

No. 860431

Werent the first few admins males tho?

No. 860447

Ashley is still alive (moar like undead).
>I just cannot blame these people. I can be angry at pedophiles and people that end up seriously hurting others, but I cannot be angry at these women
Well good, because this isn't a place to get morally outraged (the rest of the Internet is for that), this is just a place to gossip about weirdos. We're not here to be mad, we're here to be entertained.

The rule has stayed the same all this time and says "any posters with a phallus, do not come here for validation or to announce yourselves".
There was never a hard no men allowed rule for the simple reason that it's impossible to implement. The rule was always if you're a man, shut up about it.

No. 860479

>lmao at when Shay gets on the sex offender register for indecent exposure
Yeah, sure let's arrest all the girls at Mardi Gras too. She's just being trashy, it's not that serious

No. 860484

I can’t believe people are taking it so deadly seriously, I think it’s hilarious. Clutching their pearls so hard and saying the owner should be made aware, like really? I hope she flashes every bar in Oklahoma.

No. 860511

See? Look at how bothered they get. Why is Soren's mental illness less legitimate than Lucinda's? Only one of them is dead because of it.

No. 860513

They do get arrested. All the time. You can’t spread your holes in public you whores.

No. 860514

Ok dude keep trolling

No. 860515

>gaping your vagina and anus at a public place where people eat and drink is only trashy
Why expose yourself like this kek?

No. 860518

I guess you didn't see the venus whiteknights then.

No. 860527

There shouldn’t be any more threads on Shayna. All they are full of are reposts of her porn, fupa fags, nitpicks, and infighting. She’s not milky… she’s just one no-life low-life online sex worker out of millions with the same shit.

No. 860532

>she's not milky
She was literally cow of the year 2020, as voted by users. I don't follow her either, but don't be a party pooper for the majority of lolcow that does. You can always hide the thread.

No. 860541

Do we really need multiple anons posting about how she should be on a list though? And god forbid you even slightly disagree with shayanons, they jump down your throat and assume you’re a SWer.

No. 860543

A lot of threads are super repetitive but that's part of what makes a cow a cow, they don't change. As the other anon said, just hide her threads.
I do agree that her threads are more on the extreme side of that, I only look occasionally and then get bored quickly. I think it's crazy how fast her threads go considering that she is a more harmless and mild cow compared to others, but I guess it's just due to how much she posts online. Other cows will be inactive for days and then their thread dies. Shayna seem to always have something stupid to say or a gross nude to share

No. 860556

I don't follow that cow, but schizophrenia symptoms vary a lot from person to person. The main part is psychosis; hallucinations and delusions, then there is disordered thinking and behavior which can include being unable to dress normally and look put together, but it is absolutely not a big red flag if a person with the diagnosis is able to look put together. Nor is having no issues with language. Not all cases of schizophrenia are so extreme. A lot of schizophrenic people are able to mask their disorder as long as they aren't completely caught up in their hallucinations and delusions.
I know this because I have the diagnosis (been in remission for years though) and aside from experiencing it myself, being fed a lot of information from therapists, psychiatrists and classes about the disorder, I've been around a bunch of others schizophrenics as well, and while many of them did behave more or less weirdly, some of them appeared completely normal, unless they were in the middle of some intense delusion or hallucination.
Again, I don't know the cow you refered to and I'm not judging whether or not she is faking, I just wanted to share my thoughts on your post because a lot of it is wrong.

No. 860559

how is their post trolling

No. 860573

So you agree that people should be able to flash their holes in public?

No. 860574

Do you not know what thread you’re in?

No. 860580

There was like one person. Seriously get over it.

No. 860588

I do, how about you? This is not the "I post my musings unchallenged" thread, people will contradict you if they don't agree with you.

No. 860605

Literally never fucking said that but sure, assume that just like you did in Shay’s thread.

No. 860620

The thread is crawling with idiots threatening to "call the bar." It's one thing to sperg, it's another to cow-tip. I tried to remind them of the time people called animal control on Shay and got called a whore.

I hate that stupid creepshowart person, the YouTube vid exposé that came out recently brought a bunch of moralfag Twitter users to lolcow who are too young to understand board culture. It's awful. Styff like "We should screenshot and send to their work" pops up in like every thread now. I don't think it's a coincidence.

No. 860641

Re: creepshow newfag
I actually have high hopes for them. Nobody is born a pearlclutching twitterfag. They just need to lurk a bit to become a regular farmer. It'll be like a breath of fresh air to them, and to us.

No. 860655

Don't pullfags hate venus tho? They always seem to be seething and angry that they cant go to japan and get a visa husband and write long stories about how they would be the perfect wife for poor manaki. I guess im a hypocrite because i do sympathize with venus but i dont think her thread should be locked, i just simply ignore it. She's not entertaining for me anymore, just sad.

No. 860664

has lolcow always had this focus on exposing wrongs and only going after ‘bad’ people and having as little fun as possible? I think what you call ‘board culture’ is a minority now. It’s like now that the mods have stepped back whoever’s the biggest minimodding bitch rules the thread.

No. 860668

>The main part is psychosis
Somebody needs to experience at least one of the following:
>disorganized speech
to qualify for a schizophrenia diagnosis. These are the core criteria, but there are also secondary criteria such as poor self-care. As you mentioned, not all cases of schizophrenia are extreme, but poor self-care is prevalent enough to the point where it is included in the diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia. Poor self-care doesn't necessarily amount to dressing in mismatched piss-soaked clothes like a bum, but it can amount to difficulty maintaining an organized grooming routine and sense of style. Many of the people you've met may have looked normal, but how many of them were meticulously accessorizing according to some cutting-edge aesthetic trend on a consistent basis? Also keep in mind that the cow in question is pretending to be experiencing delusions while presenting herself in a very deliberate manner.

As for language, again you're right in that there are different levels of severity in schizophrenia (which I mentioned myself). However, language impairment also has different levels of severity. The reason I gave referential cohesion as an example of language deficits in schizophrenia is because it's not only present in schizophrenics with and without thought disorder but also in family members of schizophrenics and high-risk individuals who haven't developed schizophrenia. The cow in question connects point A to point B through 1st and 3rd-person singular pronouns and comparatives as is appropriate even within the throes of wanting to be a unicorn and taking a selfie with a knife because of a stalker or whatever the fuck she's roleplaying. Okay I'm going to stop sperging about this for good now.

Glad you're in remission nonnie

No. 860669

>has lolcow always had this focus on exposing wrongs and only going after ‘bad’ people and having as little fun as possible?
no, if that was the case PT wouldn't be acknowledged at all or have a board named after her.

No. 860670

This only hypothetically works as long as integration is extremely strictly enforced by jannies. The more likely reality is that newfags will become the majority, won't bother to integrate, will overshout and ultimately shoo away the oldfags and thus alter the board culture into becoming just like any other website(aka the websites they came from). I wish I could be as hopeful as you but seeing what happened to /cgl/ over the years gave me ptsd

No. 860677


Telling Anons to get the sand out of their vagina and to stop saying Venus chose to be the way that she is, is not white knighting. No one is saying she’s not making her life a complete dumpster fire but it’s so annoying to see you all say that she’s not a product of her environment or even claim that her narcissistic abusive mom didn’t whore her out for fame; things that are all documented on the internet for everyone to see.

The hate for her in that thread is unhinged and just reeks of jealous weebs who think “she’s living in japan!! her life wasn’t that bad!!! i had it much worse!!”.

No. 860678

We just used to laugh at bad cosplay.
Yes, the original board culture is extinct now, but the spirit lives on. So easy to become just another moral outrage hub. But it never will, our role was always been the one of the vent. The stricter the morals, the bigger the vent.

The jannies have been fucking heroes in how they handled the onslaught of clueless newfags. Their reaction is one of the reasons I'm so hopeful.

No. 860694

This argument applies to A LOT of other cows and nobody says the same thing about them. They don't get the same treatment as venus. Why don't go in other threads and defend other cows too?

No. 860699

these are the same spergs that were unironically saying they were going to call animal control over her unbrushed cat

No. 860702

>The jannies have been fucking heroes in how they handled the onslaught of clueless newfags. Their reaction is one of the reasons I'm so hopeful.
I know and fully agree, but I fear they won't stay forever

No. 860703

There's a middle ground between thinking that a cow is irredeemably evil and deserves to suffer and thinking that they're an uwu innocent angel who needs love and protection. Most of the farmers complaining about Venus' threads don't seem to have a starry-eyed opinion of Venus, they just think that the posters on her thread are batshit insane.

No. 860705

>I think it's crazy how fast her threads go considering that she is a more harmless and mild cow compared to others
because the threads are mostly infighting and anons posting 25 pics of her pussy from the same photoset at slightly different angles

No. 860709

File: 1626977710204.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 53.14 KB, 636x382, DDE69273-B755-430D-B705-C28E2F…)


Have you considered that everyone who visits this website are only aware of a handful of the people posted here? Your argument doesn’t make any sense.

People are products of their environment but some are just terrible people.

Do you think someone who had a perfect childhood and was given everything they want would go out of their way to get a surgery that would’ve nearly killed her? But wait!! Venoos did that because she was lazy, not because her mom put the idea in her head that unless she was skinny, she wouldn’t be valued!!

No. 860723

This site has really gone to shit. The only reason people are eager to believe Lucinda's claims is because she doesn't seem like a bad person, and only bad people malinger and LARP!! I blame twitter for this thinking. People can only be pure or immoral, there are no shades of grey. And intervening with a cow's life because she did a Bad Thing is straight up twitter doxxing tactics. I might be done with the cow boards here if this is a continuing trend

No. 860727

NTA but Venus' childhood is literally documented as being shitty too. There is no guesswork/speculation there. Margo is a fucking psycho who created a deranged young woman.

No. 860745

Dasha from leftcows makes me feel better about myself, if that many people genuinely believe she's beautiful then maybe I don't look as bad as I think.

No. 860763

I think it's good this site has become increasingly more moralistic. Most places full of snowflakes on the internet pretend to be moralistic and love virtue signaling, but they cancel innocent people over petty shit and let the sociopathic narcs thrive, actually most moral fagging places have narcs running them. Lolcow is quite objective and rational overall.

The problem with Lucinda's thread was how fast some retards cow tipped her, go back to where you came from fucking newfags retards. Debating whether her illness is true or not in the thread or even showing her empathy in the thread wasn't such a big deal, but cow tipping her is unacceptable. They destroyed a beautiful show and made the cow retreat.

No. 860788

>I blame twitter for this thinking.
Oh come on, the need was there, Twitter just filled it. Nihil sub sole novum.

No. 860984

File: 1627003032256.jpeg (213.08 KB, 1805x532, C870DD39-A915-45DB-B0E9-656902…)

what I really hate are the weird responses like this if you say anything less than pure a-logging, it comes off so psycho.

No. 860987

>in opinion thread
>gets mad someone else has a differing opinion
Shayna anons are a plague on this site

No. 860990

i was surprised by the amount of farmers who empathized with her and apologized by making long messages flattering her, when in the end it turned out to be suicidebaiting

No. 861110

maybe she just changed her mind.

No. 861151

Catching up on the Jonny Craig threads, and did people actually find Syd pretty? She's absolutely repulsive to me and looks like every other squat metalcore chick

No. 861222

I just want to say thank you to the anons in the Lori thread who tell people that nobody cares about Kitty (and now Nonny) and they’re minor cows themselves.
I stopped caring about the Momokun threads when anons would derail the threads with long, creepy posts of praise for Susu and Bunny long after they stopped being relevant to the threads, and I remember this happening with Isa/“lovely gf” in Raven’s threads as well.
I always figured those kinds of posts were just selfposts, but maybe there are some genuine anons posting as well who just get weirdly attached? If any anon reading this has white knighted for these cows, could you weigh in on this?

No. 861240

I love the shayna threads so much. When there’s milk, they’re full of dumb memes and jokes. When there’s not, they’re full of infighting. They’re entertaining either way.

No. 861247

susu is retarded she is a photoshopping thot that looks for praise and approval everywhere, she is 30 and does not have the boobs or ass she pretends to have, it is all photoshop. She also victimized herself to hell and back for autistic momo grabbing her ass as a joke or whatever, shes fame hungry and thinks shes better than everyone else. She constantly makes fun of Twitch thots when the only reason she even has an audience or made the money she did is that she showed her photoshopped ass and tidds on the internet. Fuck her! Shes also so dependent on the coomer and porn folk on the internet, she has to constantly make tweets about how she loves porn or they will drop her ass in a second and acts super morally superior AHH NOO I DONT HAVE ONLYFANS AHH NOO I DONT SELL MY PHOTOSHOPPED PICS ON PATREON ANYMORE. I dont even believe she has adhd

No. 861418

Agreed. I don’t like costhots in general but I really started to dislike her because of the obvious selfposting in Momo’s thread. I honestly think Susu is a bigger cow than Momo, Momo doesn’t really do much anymore except gain weight and get botched but Susu is as hypocritical, two-faced, insecure and needlessly aggro as Momo was at her peak imo.

No. 861571

I remember when she first showed up in Taylor's thread and there was the, "WOw she looks so much better then Taylor!" thing that people love to do.
It didn't last long though.

No. 861663

Hard agree. I think back to that anon who said Shayna was their morning paper and I think that applies to most of us

No. 861723

The fact that she did cosplays for ShadBase shows how much of a pick me girl she is.

No. 861773

>Sex workers love to complain about how they are picked on or looked down upon or harassed, but the truth is nobody does that but other than sex workers themselves
Late but anon are you literally insane? Go look at the rates of abuse for sex workers vs any other profession. Harassment of sex workers is not some issue made up by the industry. If anything, the industry goes to lengths to minimize just how much shit you actually go through being a sex worker. Just because some camgirls go online to be e-begging spergs doesn't mean that the abuse of sex workers isn't a very real problem.

No. 861965

The tendancy to accuse anyone who thinks Shay is in sex work because she's lazy of being a sexworker is so annoying. You all should have seen some of the obvious sexworkers in like threads 10 or 11, they cannot help,but expose themselves even on anon. I wonder how Bikini Barista is doing. She had snow material!

No. 862216

what the fuck is wrong with the anons whining that Venus doesn't do porn on Onlyfans? and scams the uwu poor scrotes? Like what sort of person do you have to be to wish someone did porn. Onlyfans is not even for porn, mostly lingerie pics or nudes at best.

anon, don't be delulu. I'm not talking about prostitutes, but sex workers. As in girls that sell their body on the internet. They don't have to go through the abuse real prostitutes have to go through. Again the term sex work is way too general, because it includes girls that suck dick for 20 bucks and girls that make bank off selling lingerie pics which is totally different. I prefer using sex work for girls that do stuff on the internet and prostitution for real escorts.

No. 862217

it's usually liberal feminist enlightened online sws that complain about the uwuu opression of sex workers. Not girls on the streets. Ironically, online sex workers are universally accepted by men and if they are to.encointer harassment is by another cluster B insane sex worker

No. 862233

Because those whiny anons have XY chromosomes duh.

No. 862355

Yeah, but the girls on the streets are actually facing abuse. The fact that camgirls appropriate that for their own spergy ends doesn't change that or make it "uwu oppression."

Those camgirls do still face some harassment from men, men just tend to not enter public slapfights with them but instead DM or try to stalk them. I see what you mean but they're not actually accepted by men since men usually heavily disdain them even as they're jacking off.

No. 862590

Anisa is cringey and corny and absolutely retarded. But a vast majority of the incessant nitpicking about her is pathetic and sounds like it’s being written by a scorned idubbz fangirl stuck in 2013. He’s an ugly scrote with no value, he’s lucky to have anyone, even pickme egghead anisa. They’re most definitely looksmatched and I’m sure their personalities match up enough too. I almost feel bad for her because there’s no way this public relationship is all that beneficial for her anymore. The humiliation of you and your husband profiting off of your image being sold for sexual gratification online, only for his fanbase to illegally distribute the content anyways so you don’t make as much money. Amazing.

No. 862948

The "s-she's scamming poor coomer men with low quality porn" is the worst take I've seen on this site and it's repeated ad nauseam in every camgirl thread. I really want to believe it's scrotes and that not even the pettiest, most insane with jealous rage PULLfag/twitter sex worker would be that fucking stupid.

No. 862954

Scamming scrotes is the only good thing they're usually doing kek.

No. 862959

File: 1627243366077.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 215.19 KB, 1080x1080, 0E8BF621-F67E-429C-B1EC-6A5717…)

Genuinely no one would think Anisa was an actual cow if she wasn’t associated with iDubbz. She’s definitely lame and boring but that’s not really a crime. Ian’s a hypocrite for going after cringe woman and then marrying one but is that really enough to carry 4 years of milk? Her body really isn’t that bad she just has no charisma which is why they feel so weird. She would only get a the occasional post in the E-thots general thread at most if she wasn’t with him.
Also everyone clowned on picrel but this was her most flattering haircut IMO

No. 862982

i can't stand when people do this to sex work cows, it's one thing to say what they put out is trashy, unsexy or gross (Like Shayna/Ari), or pointing out scamming to go, "See? She's a liar and lazy"
But to legit feel sorry for scrotes being scammed and mad a woman isn't showing her asshole for poor scrotes is retarded. It reminds me of those twitter sex workers who get mad that famous women join Onlyfans and aren't selling their nudes for $5 and are using the platform for something else.
It's weirdo behavior.
I think pointing out scamming should be done to show character in these sex workers, who claim it's so empowering and they LOVE what they do so much. Like Shayna. rather then giving a FUcK about the scrote.

There's something so disgusting about how I see people openly shaming anyone on the platform for NOT doing porn.

No. 862990

Attacking Anisa, Venus, etc and other celebs/e-celebs for "scamming" is actually less about pandering to the men, and more about how it makes these other, far less popular OF creators feel.
A lot of them feel cheated because they sold asshole pics and/or did other humiliating shit. Seeing other women not having to do the same things even though they're using the same platform, and watching them get money anyway (sometimes way more money) is like a slap in the face. It's like indirectly being told that you're so unattractive or worthless that you had to do all those things, and you'll still never catch up.
It's actually even worse when you think about the fact that it's not a deliberate insult. None of the cows these SW anons are attacking have any clue who they are, and that just drives the feelings of "inferiority" even further home.
I can't really blame them. If you've fallen for the "Sex work is empowering" cope and need to keep it up just so you don't neck yourself thinking about all the shit you did for money, of course this sort of shit would make you seethe.

No. 862996

June thread is barely about June

She looks really cute here, honestly.

No. 863015

Makes a lot of sense anon, never thought it that way but it's legitimate in my books. I can't imagine the bitterness and sense of inferiority when you're ultimately desecrating your body and spirit in vain hopes of maybe feeling better about yourself only to see some other mentally ill thot gain fame and fortune by doing the bare minimum.

No. 863432

june's barely done anything interesting the past month just NEETing around. although she finally emerged from her den to go to that march yesterday and she's arguing about it today on twitter so someone should dig around for something milky there.

No. 863490

Honestly i don't even get how they can stand to be here. Lolcow as a whole is swerf and terf

No. 863544

The lolita lolcow general strikes me as too tryhard edgy and newfag-ish, and I'm saying this as someone who was on peak drama-hungry /cgl/ back on its hayday

No. 863579

It’s definitely more petty than usual

The constant nitpicking in these threads are a dead giveaway

No. 863638

I agree. It’s like watching a David Attenborough documentary. She’s been kind of boring the past few weeks which have really brought out the crazy anons, but her inability to learn from ANYTHING is impressive. She’s done some really bizarre shit over the years (Dawn saga for example) but right now she’s been quieter than usual. I have no doubt Seattle will be a rude awakening for her.

Sometimes I wonder he’s literally stupid or has some other mental disorder because even the most burnt out burnout stoners have some moments of clarity.. I truly wish I had her confidence. Or maybe not, I need the workout motivation.

No. 863674

I fucking hate the Lucinda thread and the anons that go there are cows themselves and at this rate this place might turn into kiwifarms. There are a handful of anons that have cowtipped her and they keep on sending her hate through her "ask me" thingie. I get shit talking her on our boards, but going out of your way to send hate and harm someone mentally ill like that who does not even do anything malicious is just cow behavior. Fuck the BPD, hateful anon bitches from here honestly.

No. 863678

Venus and a lot of women that use the platform have never promised to deliver actual pornography in the first place anyway, so she's not scamming anyone. How malicious and disgusting do you have to be to say some women that sells lingerie/boudoir should do real pornography? Selling pics of yourself in lingerie is miles away from spreading your asshole in front of a webcam.
Yea, but even so it is still fucking disgusting and predatory and this is how women are part of the oppression of other women. You should accept you have failed, instead of wishing some women did real porn. A lot of these girls that do boudoir type of pics are labeled as sluts and literally pushed by everyone to do real porn which is disgusting. You cannot equate the degradation and harm of selling pics of yourself in cute lingerie and actually getting your holes rimmed on cam.
If you failed to succeed, don't try taking other women down with you.

No. 863683

I also think the Shayna thread is mostly made by salty sex workers that love seeing a woman degrade herself completely and make very little money. I was involved in the industry and I can assure you most of the women that participate in it are horrible, BPD and very malicious and would even physically hurt other SWs out of jealousy and hatred. I did non nude SW and I was literally harassed, skinwalked etc by another SW until I had to leave because I could not mentally put up with it anymore

No. 863862

I am so pissed off at the Lucinda thread, she is an entertaining cow but everyone in that thread is complaining about no milk.

She was the only cow ever since Erin I was into but the thread is fucking shit now.

No. 863868

yes it's the worst I told anons to stop cowtipping and I was attacked with four or 6 posts of anons telling me that the cowtipping is not real, when you have people mentioning lolcow in her cc asks and people in the literal lolcow thread telling others to cowtip her. I think lolcow must be full of newfags that cannot contain themselves from harassing/contacting cows. It's the worst cowtipping I've ever witnessed. This place will literally end up like kiwifarms sooner or later if the cowtipping rule is not enforced more drastically. Some retarded anon will harass a mentally ill cow sooner or later with clear evidence they're from here and that cow will end up killing themselves

No. 863872

>>863868 it's not the fault of the thread. The cowtippers are retarded as fuck and the site needs more rules against them. Also the twitterfags that are shitting every other thread here with the newfaggotry.

No. 863884

and now Lucinda is saying she will stop taking her meds because the cowtipping retard sent her asks on CC telling her that her schizo is not even real. The girl is obviously sick, I do think she has some self induced symptoms, but when you have psychosis it can be very easy to self induce because your mind is very sensitive. It's clear someone keeps on cowtipping her. Exactly after we watched the videos on farms and a lot of anons questioned her schizo, someone sent her an ask with

>wow Lucinda you are faking schizo

This girl is very obviously mentally unwell and not even a munchie, she seems genuine in her suffering. We don't know what's happening in her head or her past or the extent of her symptoms. It's one thing to discuss a public figure on the internet and another thing to harass them directly by invading their social media. If something happens to her because of the cowtipping retards I will never be able to come back to lolcow ever again

No. 863956

>and now Lucinda is saying she will stop taking her meds because the cowtipping retard sent her asks on CC telling her that her schizo is not even real
cowtipping is awful and embarrassing (shouldn't happen), but if Lucinda is going to stop taking meds over idiots on the internet… she shouldn't be allowed on it, or at least should be strictly monitored

No. 864000

I remember when I was a child and a Venus fan (back in her kawaii era). I was kind of autistic/awkward and wanted to be more femenine but i was a weaboo so i started watching her videos, they were so colorful and cute, even though she was cringe she was like an older sister for me, i had a narcissistic mother and a weird accent too so i related with her. I'm not surprised she is so fucked up nowadays, but I'm genuinely heart-broken that such a innocent and happy memory turned into an horrorcow, my 8yo self would have never imagined Venus as an mentally unstable alcoholic selling nudes, it's like a nightmare but that's her reality now. Honestly i feel deeply bad for her.

No. 864004

File: 1627323331972.jpg (28.42 KB, 360x450, Anthy_Himemiya.jpg)

I wish Lucinda discovered Utena and decided to larp as Anthy instead of Amalthea, cause she would make a mean one. She already looks so much like her without any characterisation.

No. 864146

Luna is so depressing and infuriating, I think even sober she's still addicted to scamming and squatting and will never change. I hate her guts, honestly.

No. 864147

I don't know what Lucinda is but I like her. She reminds me of the sadbbydoll community on Tumblr and it's making me nostalgic. Of course that community and "edtwt"/traumacore aren't great for someone's mental health but I'm glad I can time travel back to 2013 every time I visit her thread. It's quite nice there if you skim past the tinfoil and moralfaggotry.

No. 864168

Of all things to be nostalgic for…why

No. 864174

I like the aesthetic

No. 864417

Lillee Jean is autistic and not socialized at all by her narc mom. Narc moms have this tendency of not socializing their children, especially daughters

No. 864814

>She already looks so much like her without any characterisation.
I don't see it.

No. 864966

I also feel weirdly protective over Lucinda, even though I think she's a potential horrorcow in the making. Mostly because the main person she seems to be heavily harming is herself, and she has some actual talent by way of art. I do also believe she's genuinely schizo, although definitely playing it up for her traumacore aesthetic. I suppose it is pretty harmful to post body checks and self harm scars to her mostly teenage edtwt following but that's relatively low on the dangercow scale. She doesn't seem to be after a huge audience either.

Or maybe the sickly and pitiable Victorian child look is just blinding my senses. The amount of moralsperging in her thread is still annoying.

No. 864981

No. 864989

I think she's genuinely ill, but the shit she's been browsing on the internet have made her feel she is sicker than she is. She literally needs to quit the internet and start drawing again and do something with her life. She probably went through some shit for being overweight. I find her face so cute, she just has very cute facial features. She needs to step away from the internet and do good things for her life.

No. 865032

They're both brown that's what anon is saying

No. 865058

i feel something like that, but then i remember that she let her pet eat vomit and joked about it and the feeling goes away

No. 865069

I don't know how to feel about Lucinda, don't really like or dislike her. But the way she edits/shoops herself is terrifying. I don't understand tumblr "aesthetics".

No. 865118

Kevin is really starting to remind me of Onion with these recent law spergs and reddit slapfights

No. 865273

The Noodle spergs in Shayna's thread need to get their mental illness under control. She's a cute dog, nothing more, nothing less.

No. 865301

I have a question: What is a cow thread you didn't expect much of, maybe even scrolled past many times, that you ended up getting a lot of entertainment out of?

No. 865310

e-girls before it went to complete shit with the selfposting and whiteknights. The post history was funny and milky the first times but after that it became a giant circlejerk of the same cows and their followers posting the same comments about each other.

No. 865315

Okay, I take this back. I was naive to think that having her actual fans call her out would make any difference to her. If anything the fact that she worded her apology so as not to directly address the real issue of appropriating the term form actual neurodivergent people just proves that she needs to make everything about herself.

If anything she infuriates me even more now, the way she sensationalizes mental illness makes my blood boil. Idk if her therapist is truly as unprofessional as she makes him out to be, but imo even if she had the best therapist in the world it wouldn't help because there's only so much you can do for someone who doesn't want to get better. I think she's fallen quite deeply into the trap of entwining her disorder(s) with her identity to the point where she's just going there to look for affirmation of the symptoms that make her feel unique and special.

No. 865316

File: 1627447748333.png (187.06 KB, 750x595, imagen_2021-07-27_234847.png)

Pixielocks is so fuckin insufferable and ugly I've never been so hateful towards anyone before in my life

No. 865319

>I think she's fallen quite deeply into the trap of entwining her disorder(s) with her identity to the point where she's just going there to look for affirmation of the symptoms that make her feel unique and special.

I honestly feel like it started with the self harm ed videos and getting all that positive attention. She couldn't milk it anymore so she had to find something else.

No. 865344

I hate women like her

No. 865445

Same. I've probably said it a million times by now, but she's the only cow that genuinely makes me want to a-log.

Miranda Constable. Never would have expected anything unique or interestining in her thread. She was just another one of boring a dime a dozen weeaboos discussed here who were all pretty similar. Then out of nowhere one day she turns into a hard-core sharia-pushing hijabi, literally overnight. Watching that go down was surreal. Biggest personal wtf moment on lolcow.

No. 865450

kanadajin is one of my all time favorite cows kek. i can't believe she's still at the pro saudi radical islamist niqabi larp. i would have sworn she'd give it up after a year max but she only seems to bury herself deeper in the hole of muh izlam. the same girl who use to get wasted on cam, now tasked to a life of retweeting your own spergs on how haram will lead you astray and defending prophet muhammad pbuh (Pedophilia Be Upon Him). absolutely surreal insanity.

No. 865578

Barely a cow but she's been mentioned in a few general threads, I genuinely simp for Ruby Granger.
I think she has a lot of farmer orbiters because she's doing self-improvement content but her young female audience are conditioned to see every achievement as triggering to muh valid mediocrity.
Vidrel for example is about how she read something like 150 books in a year, and she gives genuinely useful tips and at no point acts smug or tells people they should strive for 100+ books a year. But the top comments are all passive-aggressive copes and seethes from people offended that this bitch dares to read a shitload without apologizing for it
>can we please recognise Ruby is the only person who can read a lot and that's okay, muh job and arthritis means I can't read and am doomed to watch Netflix forever
>just a reminder you don't have to read books to identify as a bookworm! illiterate bookworms are valid!!!
FOH just admit that watching someone work to achieve a goal makes you insecure.

No. 865634

haha, how the fuck is 150 books per year considered too much for an avid reader (and for a literature student on top of that)? according to google an average book has between 70k-120k words, so more or less 3 to 7h to read. that's perfectly doable for someone, you know, that WANTS to read in their spare time.

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