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File: 1442378186600.jpg (79.7 KB, 1000x680, JCohen_BoyMeetsGirl_1.jpg)

No. 36918

or at least girls relatively less attractive than them

I made this thread to boost my self esteem tbh

No. 36919

File: 1442378430482.png (275.55 KB, 611x373, Screen-Shot-2013-08-19-at-14.2…)

No. 36920

How is the girl on the left hideous?

No. 36921

File: 1442378554051.jpg (93.63 KB, 467x387, 1372949231_henry-cavill-kayley…)

No. 36924

Zac efron?

No. 36928

File: 1442379378025.jpg (34.98 KB, 480x640, 190132dspgxdz47bqpw7gd.jpg)

No. 36930

this is the example I like to see

No. 36940

but…theyre both ugly

No. 36945

the guy is only ugly facially… the girl is just lel

No. 36946

I recognize the girl from one of Willam's Beatdown videos. My first guess was that she's posing with another gay youtuber friend but I guess this is her husband.

No. 36963

He is still waaaay out of her league

No. 36985

I love when women like this say "he loves me for me, not because im FAT!"
Bitch who are you kidding. He has a fatty fetish and you know it deep down.

No. 36989

aw, I like Gloria. She's hysterical. She was trying to lose for awhile but I don't know how successful she is/was. Still, I love her videos.

Her bf for sure has a fetish though. She addressed it in a video, and all of his girlfriends have been fat, I think his most recent ex was fatter than her.

No. 37032

wow, i hope that pic isn't supposed to be an example

No. 37050

She's beyond hideous

No. 37118

He kinda looks like a bird. I keep seeing a buzzard or something when I look at his face. But she looks like a warthog so he's way out of her league anyway.

No. 37155

Whoever tess munster is dating

basically all fat fetishists tend to be more attractive than the whales they're harpooning

No. 37158

I love her, but yeah, her bf has a fat fetish.

No. 37159

File: 1442505925104.jpg (214.45 KB, 766x1024, image.jpg)

No. 37161

Forgot to finish my post but imo that girl is really ugly, pink and she looks like a crackwhore.

No. 37162

File: 1442507179463.jpg (61.52 KB, 452x554, 1430825248628.jpg)

She was pretty cute in nymphomaniac.
She had this couture type of beauty

No. 37163

File: 1442507262832.jpg (34.49 KB, 549x549, square.jpg)

Idk I just thought she was super cute in the movie.

No. 37167


She's plain as hell.


The only reason why she looks better in those pics and in the movie is because she had professional make-up.

No. 37170

File: 1442512316385.jpg (22.86 KB, 300x300, image.jpg)

No. 37172

File: 1442512667102.jpg (99.51 KB, 604x754, miagoth.jpg)

I would understand if you said she is weird looking or even ugly, but I don't think the adjective "plain" fit her at all.

No. 37174

She looks like a typical Photoshopped girl, but with all the makeup scrubbed off so there's only the base, the most untouched, nondescript features left.

No. 37175

shia is a stud?

No. 37177

mte, she may be ugly but is still way hotter than shia could ever be

No. 37187

File: 1442517050656.jpg (122.36 KB, 900x1350, Meyerheim fyldte 60.jpg)

i just don't understand

No. 37190

File: 1442518645816.jpg (77.44 KB, 487x460, 904f47aef963a72fb.jpg)

ugly bitches dont mind doing freaky shit

No. 37230

Markiplier isn't the most attractive guy, but his ex girlfriend was the most basic bitch on the planet.

No. 37231

lol this pr relationship

No. 37268

>Implying girls with guys more attractive than them isn't the rule these days

No. 37292

What did she look like? pics?

No. 37294

I'm more attracted to her than I am to shila boof though

No. 37300

File: 1442561804003.jpg (241.3 KB, 960x606, 1432972833481.jpg)

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Logan and Raven Sparks yet. I know Logan isn't really all that attractive but he's definitely a lot hotter than Raven is.

I want pictures as well

No. 37304

No, they're both really ugly

No. 37318

The girl probably wouldn't look as bad if she didn't willfully fuck up her own face

No. 37350

File: 1442586722820.jpg (10.62 KB, 340x191, 1410388035680.jpg)


she is 40 year old

No. 37963

File: 1442736242108.jpg (47.31 KB, 600x800, CNSluEYUEAAJ_0f.jpg)

No. 37964

File: 1442736317809.jpg (96.22 KB, 600x800, COpiCF5UYAASpoh.jpg)

her eyebrows look like shit stains

No. 37992

this shit is one in a million my friends. all us uggos basically have to accept that no matter what skills, personality quirks, or talents we have, we'll still, for the most part, be far less desired than even the most boring hot bitch.

ugly guys have no idea how much better they fucking have it.

No. 38009


Shes really plain but her shit personality is what makes her ugly. She defended herself in gurugossiper threads and made suicide threats on twitter after they broke up. Bitch be cray.

No. 38016

She does look insane

No. 38029

Yeah but this isn't plain girl and hot guy thread (Shia is just above average imo)

Like I can see someone hot date someone plain, because you get to know them and find them more attractive. I think that will be much harder if someone is hideous. ( If they're an eyesore it's probably harder to get to know them and find them more attractive if they look like complete shit)
I'd never date someone as or more attractive than me. They have to be uglier. Easier to control cause they think they're the luckiest son of a bitch in the world ;)

No. 38086

Wow I didn't know about that. That means she's ugly AND a bitch. What a combination.

No. 38094

File: 1442843471252.jpg (87.36 KB, 600x399, 235442_1372438549133_full.jpg)


No. 38095

He's cute tbh

No. 38127

I never knew his wife was that harsh looking.
They have really cute kids too.

No. 38284

She's a freak in bed though. Didn't she write a book about having threesomes?

No. 38289

Wtf why

No. 38297

I thought Misha was the one having the threesomes with the stripper or whatever.

No. 38605

are self posts allowed….

No. 38606

Wow!!! I'm not even attracted to Misha collins, but I thought he would of done better.

No. 38607

She's still butt ugly.

No. 38635

Having a threesome is being a freak? Ow…

No. 38643

Do it

No. 38915

no…nope…no. That guy is diiiiisgusting, they're a great match

No. 38919

That dude is butt fucking ugly.

No. 38920

I googled the guy and he's ugly as shit, anon. That girl was pretty cute, I really think she could do better.

No. 44621

File: 1446184258191.jpg (37.72 KB, 306x423, article-2250065-16810C44000005…)

No. 48020

is this real life

No. 48046

This is a joke, right?? Is Hugh Jackman really with this person?

No. 48074

They're both ugly though

No. 48388

Where the reverse thread again? I can't find it in the catalog.

No. 48389

File: 1448685000984.jpg (88.49 KB, 634x644, 25AAE74500000578-0-image-a-5_1…)

She didn't age entirely well. They met because of Australian Soaps. I believe she's older as well.

No. 48403

I kind of suspect she had (bad) work done

No. 49708

ewww why is he even with her

No. 49812

She looks nice enough, why the grey hair tho?

No. 49813


How shallow you vile bottom-feeders are.
No better than /r9k/ tbh.

No. 49817


The girl is not hideous, they have both cringey face tho

No. 53586

File: 1450624753744.jpg (144.3 KB, 634x844, article-2714492-20361BDF000005…)

Rose Leslie is not that hideous, but dunno. I think she's not attractive

No. 53593

Rose is weird. She doesn't look that good in still pictures, but when she's in motion she's actually quite pretty. She looked nice in that shitty Vin D movie

No. 53602

File: 1450641954496.jpg (203.93 KB, 1200x1680, 287.jpg)

Yeah, I really don't know. Her face shape is harsh, with the Ridge Forrester jaw, she has thin lips and a protruding caveman forehead. But yet she manages to not look fugly in motion.

No. 53622

lmao Ridge Forrester jaw is such a random reference but it's so apt

No. 53625

I kinda like her jaw. If she had fuller lips it would look more balanced.

No. 53627

fucking best example right here. i hope to one day be a cougar on her level and snag me a cute boy with mommy issues who'd let me boss him around and basically be my bitch. she's living the life.

No. 53681


She is "ugly" if you look at her features separately, but I don't think her face as a whole looks bad

No. 53690

she's so cute

No. 53692

maybe he's not shallow like you and like her because she's a person?
damn, you're shallow as fuck

No. 53759

yawn, ugly-chan, leave the thread

No. 53760

>implying you're not ugly
nice one. people who go on these dumb threads are the ugly very insecure ones who only get comfort in bashing others
please go back to pull with your tweeny insecure bullshit

No. 53767

Dude, do you realize what website are you on right now? What thread are you on? What world are you on? Let alone laughing at cows for shoops and ugliness, it's pretty hypocrite to say that being attracted to your significant other doesn't count.

No. 55654

File: 1451765534184.jpg (56.52 KB, 315x315, Johnny-Depp-Vanessa-Paradis-Br…)

No. 55657

She's not hideous, but something up with her mouth/teeth

No. 55659

Are we gonna pretend that Johnny Depp doesn't look like shit here? At this point people are just being nostalgic when they call him hot.

No. 55660

File: 1451765772076.jpg (268.39 KB, 877x1150, new-pics-vanessa-paradis-34723…)

>She's not hideous

…. okay

No. 55661

I don't know. He doesn't look bad or off to me. Just messy hair and what looks like a weird scar over his eyebrow.

No. 55662

She kind of reminds me of a 1970s actress. Personal preference, anon. I know it's hard for you to take a concept like that in.

No. 55664

File: 1451765864976.jpg (43.48 KB, 615x409, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradi…)

True, my fault for posting the first image I found. Here's a better one of the pair.

No. 55665

They both look hideous

No. 55667

>All these children on lolcow

No. 55668

File: 1451766131547.png (1.13 MB, 866x823, vapa.png)

I'll admit she does look a helluva lot better with her mouth closed but yeah, you're right. You see something in her that I just cannot.

No. 55669

If it makes you feel any better, you apparently have the same preference as Johnny Depp.

No. 55670

>not finding a scraggly-haired, somewhat wrinkly middle-aged man and a woman of similar age/looks attractive makes you a child

No. 55671

Hold onto his old image and avoid looking up pictures of him from this year. It's almost enough to break your heart.

No. 55673

Is.. he turning into Bam Margera..?

No. 55675

Am I the sole person who only thinks he's hot as Jack Sparrow? Imo, He looks tacky and strange when he's not being a sexy pirate.

No. 55676

File: 1451766714936.jpg (24.49 KB, 600x400, 38dd4c27c6b034cc29614663bfa07b…)

I feel like Bam is faring better tbqh

No. 55677


No. 55680


Is he still getting getting real gold teeth for Pirates of the Caribbean? Does that not destroy your teeth constantly getting it put on and off?

No. 55681

She reminds me Candace Swanepoel mixed with someone else I can't think of right now

No. 55682

Is it Madonna? Because I see Madonna around the mouth area

No. 55685

File: 1451767762639.jpg (303.24 KB, 1000x1189, deppnosmile.jpg)



No. 55686

File: 1451767917408.jpg (17.23 KB, 314x319, emmanuel_zorg_fifth_element.jp…)

No. 55688


Even Adam Ant's fake Depp look is better than real Depp now.

(Considering how much better Adam Ant looks now compared to mid 2000s then I'm sure Depp himself can recover as well)

No. 55697

File: 1451771275799.jpg (47.77 KB, 470x578, lilyrosedepp.JPG)

well, at least their daughter looks kinda cute

No. 55710

she looked good when she was still able to pull the lolita act

No. 55741

Yeah, Madonna mouth and hair and maybe a bit of Amanada Seyfried around the eyes

No. 55806

Aww, yeah, she's very pretty.

No. 55807


No. 55808

File: 1451806685428.gif (459.06 KB, 256x144, 1430279386869.gif)

I wish I never looked, anon…

No. 56793

File: 1452049204171.jpg (29.26 KB, 620x349, nukakacoster_bs_2.jpg)

i was looking up GoT actors lately with my mom and we checked out jamie lannister actor nikolaj coster waldau, when i saw his wife the 1st thing i thought was to post here

No. 56794

File: 1452049300172.jpg (15.2 KB, 290x378, 3ncx6i62r98wi62n.jpg)

No. 56795

File: 1452049352696.jpg (6.38 KB, 197x256, images.jpg)

No. 56806

This is a tough one. I think he's so pretty anyone would look awkward standing next to him.

No. 56814

Damn…my first thought is if she's just older than him and he likes the cougars but she's one year younger. It just looks like she's had a lot of plastic surgery. I can't seem to find any younger pics of her.

No. 56820

It doesn't help that I'm used to watching him alongside the chick who plays cersei, who is far better looking than his wife imo.

Also I'm fucking disgusting but my boyfriend is like a solid 8 at least

No. 56821

File: 1452056887363.jpg (7.46 KB, 135x175, FCE7425A-90B1-1C17-D1BE9E5FF97…)

She's had lips done for sure, and I'm thinking some botox or fillers around the cheeks. I found this younger pic of her, sorry it's a picture for ants but it's literally the size on the website. Try looking her up under Sascha Nukâka Motzfeldt if you want

Cersei? Try Brienne of Tarth lol, actresses name is Gwendolyn Christie if you wanna look her up

No. 56829

Don't mock my babby the Rose of Tarth!
Brienne and Jaime is my otp. Plus I think te actress who plus brienne is sort of a babe even though she's a foot and a half taller than me.

No. 56834

File: 1452070224308.jpg (81.37 KB, 446x594, Martin Freeman Amanda Abbingto…)

No no, I actually really like her too (and wish I was as tall as her lol) but you gotta admit she and Jamie are very diverse in the looks department. I don't think she's actually ugly but she does have a unique face whereas Jamie is more conventionally attractive

anyway I guess I'm gonna post another couple to not derail the thread too much. Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington. Now, I honestly don't have anything against Amanda personally, my Johnlock phase ended ages ago, I just really think she's quite ugly compared to Martin. She has a really big forehead, sort of hollow eyes and her usual blonde haircolor and red lipstick don't suit her at all. I wish she'd get darker hair with some bangs/a fringe!

No. 56835

File: 1452070297627.jpg (25.72 KB, 620x413, 542b894e-79fe-11e3-_503373c.jp…)

No. 56836

Jamie is so attractive!! Oh my god-why
His wife has such TERRIBLE surgery. Why do women do this to themselves?

No. 56837

I have a big lesbian crush on Brienne and want her to princess carry me to my bed chambers.

No. 56838

File: 1452070608573.png (203.01 KB, 300x415, 300full.jpg.png)

No. 56839

She's actually pretty, but you're right- a better hair color and style would suit her a lot. That strawberry blonde isn't working for her.

No. 56843

File: 1452071263004.jpg (37.77 KB, 400x644, Pierce Brosnan, Keely Brosnan-…)

No. 56845

File: 1452071609467.jpg (125.87 KB, 634x760, 278B5E6300000578-3045469-image…)


>Aaron Taylor-Johnson, 24, is so mature friends call him Benjamin Button

>Hollywood actor says he 'doesn't notice' 23-year age gap with wife Sam, 48
>The couple have been married for two years and have two daughters

W H Y ?

No. 56847

File: 1452071687538.jpg (49.4 KB, 306x666, 09D767E200000514-3045469-image…)

No. 56848

File: 1452071736235.jpg (192.12 KB, 634x995, 27BB27D900000578-3045469-image…)


send help

No. 56849

File: 1452072136026.jpg (60.61 KB, 468x376, article-1196484-01949003000004…)

No. 56850

File: 1452072161022.jpg (171.17 KB, 634x997, article-0-214A6A6300000578-963…)

No. 56851

File: 1452072239604.jpg (21.35 KB, 512x341, 3620a0388ca7fe1e3c0f6a706700cb…)

No. 56852

File: 1452072615808.jpg (87.2 KB, 466x594, Kathy Griffin Kathy Griffin Ra…)

Kathy Griffin looks like FitVeganGinger lol

No. 56857

I never knew how badly I also wanted this but there you go, I really do.

Back on topic, I am cry about pierce brosnans fat wife. She must be the nicest funniest cake-bakingest woman to hae shacked up with him.

No. 56864

File: 1452088654861.jpg (34.66 KB, 560x377, melanieyyyy.jpg)

Another one where the woman destroys herself with too much plastic surgery. She was qutie the qt back in the day.

No. 56865

ffs "quite"

No. 56898

File: 1452103402642.jpg (79.03 KB, 557x800, 01_Pierce_Brosnan_and_Keely_Sh…)


She wasn't always fat. If you look at her photos on imdb she's been slowly piling it on for 20 years.

No. 56915


My goodness what a beautiful woman, and her décolletage was flawless.

That being said, maybe Pierce is actually kind of a secret chunky-chaser? He might prefer her fatter.

No. 56918

File: 1452106920737.jpg (23.85 KB, 468x286, article-1048569-025DD706000005…)


Yeah, I definitely think he likes fatter women.

Yes all over his wife in some of these beach shots. I actually think it's very sweet.

No. 56920

I find their inverting of societal norms very admirable.

No. 56922

Daww that's pretty cute actually. Warms my black little heart to see a couple still so in love with each other.

No. 56935

Jeez she was beautiful before she let herself go.
It is nice to see a famous couple actually loving the fuck out of each other but I'm always saddened by the spouse that lets themselves go.

No. 56938


but tbh it would still be weird if the woman was 24 and the man was 48, it's just that there isn't as much stigma surrounding sugar mommies so nobody's first thought really is that he's just doing it for his career and money

No. 56976

she's cute and he's waaaay below the average

No. 56979

File: 1452139271186.png (436.51 KB, 500x620, snog.png)

oh man I love Aaron Taylor-Johnson, he was soo cute in "Angus, Snogging and Perfect Thongs." I like the movie because the ugly girl got the hot bf and didn't have to change her looks unlike every other romcom out there (which is fitting for this thread?)

No. 56980

File: 1452139528902.jpg (38.26 KB, 300x300, reg_600.hamm.west.mh.060112.jp…)

Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt. They recently broke up but were together for 16 years.

No. 56989


They both look like average/normal attractive people imo

No. 56990

hamm is above average. even if you don't particularly care for his face, he supposedly has a really big dick

No. 56995

>he supposedly has a really big dick
Why do women, even online, lie and say they prefer average dicks? I'm glad you're being honest, but it just annoys me how no woman ever admits that bigger is in fact better for women

No. 56999

i dunno. i'm a virgin so i don't really know which is really better, but they were posting hamm's picture online with his dick showing through his pants and people were getting excited over his dick being so big, i just assumed it's a good thing.

No. 57007

File: 1452147667372.jpg (92.85 KB, 634x638, 245EA2FA00000578-0-image-a-3_1…)

No. 57010

both look hideous, the woman obviously more, but the guy isn't much better
>his haircut + glasses
just fucking disgusting

No. 57011

File: 1452151401009.jpg (143.75 KB, 710x1000, jennifer-westfeldt-photos-2.jp…)

her chin/mouth area is bad

No. 57012

File: 1452151739897.jpg (38 KB, 640x480, wenn3845501_5_1960_17_3038131_…)

You're right. He's got some real potential but he's gotta dial back the rick moranis influence and ditch the glasses and haircut.

No. 57029

I don't get that bullshit either. average is fine. big hurts. Stop watching porn. (not you, other anon)

No. 57030

No excuse to be fat if you have money to eat well and get a home gym. I refuse to get fat in my 40s and 50s. it's not hard to put down the fork.

No. 57031

You fuck a 23 year old in your 40s and move on. You don't settle down and have kids with them. Disgusting.

No. 57032

You must be 18 years or older to post here.

No. 57035

It's not like people automatically lose their virginity when they turn 18. Virgin doesn't mean underage

No. 57036

The whole point of Sam's artistic career to a certain point was her raging boner for John Lennon. She managed to get Aaron Johnson into Lennon drag for a terrible movie so it makes sense she would tie him down.

She probably doesn't let him have sugar after a certain time though. He was a really hyper actor when he was younger.

No. 57041

Because guys will overreact if they hear women prefer big, and almost all of them already have issues with their dicks to begin with. Average is fine as hell, big is just a plus.

Better to say it doesn't make a difference so y'all don't freak out.

No. 57089

They've been together in real life too.
And his wife, jfc. They started dating in 2008-2009 when he just had turned a legal adult, and she was born in fucking 1967, she was past her 40's. And they've got children together. When a 40 y.o. man dates, marries and impregnates a barely legal girl everyone loses their shit, so I think it's equally disgusting when the 40-years-old slimy is a woman. And not even a hot or at least attractive one.
Maybe he's got a really low self esteem

No. 57092


I think it's clear that Pierce prefers his wife fat.

No. 57104

Thanks for an actual honest answer
What is small, average, and large in your eyes?

No. 57105


Not her but tbh I'd rather have a boy with a short, fat dick than a long, slim one.
It's the walls of the vagina you're supposed to stimulate, not the cervix, so in that respect having a really long one is useless - What exactly do you think you're trying to reach up there? I mean even the g-spot is located at the shallow end, or do men still believe that the cervix is a pleasure center?

More like a pain activation organ ay ay.

No. 57107


>removes Anonymous from name field (I misread it at first as namefagging, but either way you're identifying yourself by your posts)

>only posts off-topic about male issue
>keeps seeking validation for something irrelevant to the thread

Please go back to /r9k/

No. 57124

File: 1452204728808.jpg (316.12 KB, 754x800, 1449530954205.jpg)

So this isn't accurate?

No. 57125

Of course it is. No one would lie on the internet.

No. 57127

I don't like long dicks, that shit hurts and isn't useful. Get your 6< dick away from me. I like girth, as much as it can be a bitch to take. A fat dick is what feels good.

No. 57129

Slow clap for you retard.

No. 57130

File: 1452206006084.gif (1.82 MB, 275x155, 1450739000166.gif)


ffs how is that men steep themselves in a deluge of pornography and then fall for shit like this?

You watch porn daily but you've never ONCE thought to Google how the female sexual anatomy functions?

No. 57133


Just looking at this image makes me want to crawl inside my vagina and never emerge.

How do men keep falling for this shit?

No. 57134

C'mon anon, you know better

No. 57137

No1curr. Stop derailing the thread

No. 57142

Don't tell anon how to live its life

No. 57145

I think when we talk about size, we are definitely talking about girth. Nobody cares about having their uterus dissected, so long penises suck.most heteros like fat cocks that fill your pussy. That's where the pleasure comes from.

No. 57164

Haha really stop

Your bfs have small to average dicks and you are deluded into thinking thats what you like

Dicks have to be big, long and fat. A bf with an average one is like a fat bf, you just deal with it if you cant get any better

No. 57177

Quoted anon here
As you can see from the other responses, I'm an exception. I like the "pain" that comes from hitting the cervix (not /too/ hard, though). When people talk about penis size they usually mean how 'fat' it is, yeah.

But to answer the question, IMO less than 13 cm is small, 13-16 average and above 16 cm big. Most girls I talked to agreed with this.

No. 57179


>"women couldn't possibly know what it is that they enjoy!"

>"it is up to I, as a man, to educate them on what they like!"

Saw my boyfriend over Christmas break and legit measured for the first time out of curiosity.
He's always had a sizeable dick so it never occurred to measure now that we were both adults.
I was the one that did the measuring, it came out at 8.5".

He's too big, to the point of reduced functionality on account of not being able to go balls deep without slamming full force into my cervix and making me cry, and blowjobs are a more.
Once he triggered spasms in my womb/cervix and I ended up writhing in agony for over 6 hours and eventually called an ambulance when the pain wouldn't stop. Spent the night in a hospital bed on opiates.

Doctor's advice after an ultrasound scan and speculum examination, more "foreplay" next time.

Now shoo Neckie, away with ye'.

No. 57181


Blowjobs are a joke*

No. 57184

I read that as blowjobs are amore.
letting someone put their genitalia in your gob really is love.

No. 57205

>He's too big, to the point of reduced functionality on account of not being able to go balls deep without slamming full force into my cervix and making me cry, and blowjobs are a more.
topkek, that's the fucking goal you stupid whore. One is not 100% man unless his dick is so big that it hurts the woman and makes her hate sex, that's what men strive for

No. 57209


This is what pornography has reduced men to. How lowly and pathetic.

At least we can be certain that at least this one won't be passing on his flawed genes ey' girls :^)

No. 57214

Not saying this isn't true, but as a guy you can get hugely different measurements depending on how you measure. Entirely possible that you did it right, but I'm just pointing this out. If I'm doing from the side it comes out to be close to 8", from the bottom it's moreso, and even depending on how you measure from the top you can change the measurements quite a lot. Just remembering some porno I saw a years ago where some chick was measuring this guy's dick and the way she measured was just laughable

No. 57218


Go to sleep, it's late

No. 57219

File: 1452232997657.jpg (13.73 KB, 200x300, 33900.jpg)

plz stop derailing this thread
no more dick posts

getting back on track, here's gorgeous aidan with a fairly average wife. gives me hope tbh

No. 57222

Just giving my two cents and it isn't late at all

No. 57226



No. 57231

From the thumbnail I thought that was CIA.

No. 57233

Same OP, i didnt mean being a virgin means underage, but the way she was typing about 'I d-dunno, i heard big dicks were the best cuz i'm a virgin' sounds underaged as fuck.

No. 57234

Men are fucking idiots. it's one of the main reasons i'm glad I'm a lesbian. No one knows a pussy better than another woman.

No. 57235

She just needs to lose fat tbh. that dress wouldnt flatter anyone either. it's trashy.

No. 57327

Lmao, he was the only reason I even watched that movie

Her body seems ok, I actually didn't think she'd need to lose weight, but her lower face and nose are very harsh looking

No. 59946

How does he not care that she has a witch nose? This is so unfair.

No. 60235

Love is a magical thing anon!

No. 60241

File: 1453073293248.jpg (74.49 KB, 620x372, Camille-OSullivan-008.jpg)

Guess he did care cause they're separated now (lol). Here's Aidan Gillen's new gf. She looks like she'd smell irl.

>tfw no Aidan bf

No. 60242

File: 1453073530408.jpg (14.58 KB, 420x315, bd07bdb8b7d8e80270ac3531ae22a8…)

No. 60243

File: 1453074004840.jpg (48.87 KB, 320x240, tve20488-20110501-2478.jpg)

No. 60260

Is Aidan Gillen anon lolcow's own Ellen Page anon on /tv/?


No. 60268

How old is she?! her skin looks so leathery.

No. 60272

Google says she's only 45, I wonder if she used to tan a lot when she was younger or something

No. 60280

File: 1453083696391.jpg (74.28 KB, 527x683, mk.jpg)

No. 60282


I think she can look cute with some bangs to cover her huge forehead, kota style

No. 60292

It's probably from years of late nights performing as a successful cabaret singer. She sells out multiple shows at the Queen's Hall during the Edinburgh Festival every year.

No. 60321

is he sick or something? i swear he looks skinnier and more frail in every recent pic ive seen of him.

No. 60341

My baby

No. 61791

LOOL she has a pig face/complexion and non existent lashes, andtoo rounded features, and thin ass hair.

No. 61872

sooo.. like white??

No. 62459

I dunno. The guy's got this rape face/constipation face thing going on and it's really freaky. He's no better. Maybe he just sucks at facial expressions.

No. 62469

wtf :/ this is depressing

No. 62470

Who dis?

No. 62519

File: 1453600296351.gif (325.1 KB, 500x281, tomoko.gif)

>I ended up writhing in agony for over 6 hours and eventually called an ambulance

No. 62520

Doesn't help when you promote this shit yourselves by doing the whole "black guys are better :)))" thing.

Not the guy you're replying to.

No. 62527

File: 1453603620206.png (2.23 MB, 1920x1080, 139837033058.png)

I'm surprised girls like CIA. I always wondered whether he was handsome or not.

No. 62530

But nobody does that, or only a very small minority of women does.

Get out of your house once in a while, and get some knowledge of women outside of porn and /r9k/, you memeing fuck.

No. 62532

I just can't respect white women who date or fuck black men, sorry.

No. 62535

I was surprised when I found him handsome myself too honestly. He's not extremely conventionally attractive or anything, he's certainly not a "hunk" by any means, there's just something about his face that makes him look very nice to me. Although I guess with enough popularity, really anyone will be found attractive by someone. Charles Dance is 69 but there's people actively fangirling for him right now because they find him hot, so you never know.

No. 62541

>But nobody does that, or only a very small minority of women does
Not even the guy you're replying to, but I see this quite often

No. 62560

It seems to me that you people purposely seek this type of shit out, because none of the women I have spoken to or friends with was ever like this. Or you think in such black and white simplistic terms that whenever you see some bitches online say they like something you generalize all women in the world to also like it.

You fail to realize, or purposely pretend to not understand, that we are all individuals with different preferences. An obvious concept that any non-autist could so easily grasp.

Whatever to justify that eternal victim complex, I suppose.

No. 63908

you must be really new.

No. 63912

T___T I'm so sorry anon

No. 64249

File: 1453856685257.jpeg (158.61 KB, 634x959, image.jpeg)

Classic example

No. 64256

File: 1453857269735.jpeg (86.53 KB, 675x380, image.jpeg)

Well…my opinion

No. 64338


No. 64377

shia is hot imo

No. 64378

No. 64387

Ashton Kutcher and (his ex) Demi Moore
I think that anon's point was that Demi's not so much ugly, but she's like 16 yrs older than Kutcher

No. 64389

He has the most punchable face.

No. 64391

Yeaaah, Demi is way hotter than ashton brodude.

No. 65584

He looks like vic mcnugget

No. 101584

File: 1468022815760.jpeg (197.28 KB, 634x1024, image.jpeg)

resurrecting a dead thread cause I found out what Jessie Williams wife looks like. shes obviously not hideous but I'd say he definitely trumps her significantly in the looks department

No. 101602

He looks like a faggot, she looks much prettier tbh

No. 101604

Didn't she have some form of cancer or something and die afterwards?

No. 101607

Her potatoe face is bad enough, but her body is gross. At least have a hot bod to make up for your face. Damn, why are these attractive men dating these women?

No. 101636

I'm not sure about this, but maybe it's possible that they like them as people, and not just things to get turned on by?

No. 101655

"adorable mixed kids" meme aside, half-black women are often just plain repulsive.

No. 101658

>>101655 kek, go back to Stormfront Racist-chan.

No. 101670


Half black women are probably the prettiest mix (not just with white).

Hapas - asian and white are the ugliest blonde eyes don't suit slitty eyes and they come out weird looking

No. 101671


and god forbid when they come out with light caramel skin, loose brown curls and grey/hazel green eyes with a little button nose.

that shit is just adorable

No. 101672

This is delusion.

Most half-black women have negroid features combined with light skin which makes them look like abominations, also awful hair. The only time they're cute is when they're lucky enough to get their facial structure mostly from the white side.

No. 101673

File: 1468064129995.png (362.17 KB, 466x379, Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 12.3…)

I don't get the hype about hapa babies… they're not that cute. Cute but their eyes just don't suit blue/green eyes and light hair. The more asian they look the better.

No. 101674


That's why people call them black mostly because they come out looking more black but they're still prettier than the hapas. Hapas only look good if they're closer to asian. But media prefers if mulattos look more white than black.

Still prettier though.

No. 101675


Also how is it delusion? It depends on genetics when it comes to the hair. Some have the afro and others have loose curls. Even ones like Zendaya for e.g who is mulatto has loose hair and you'll get others who have more afro textured.

No. 101677

I have never seen an ugly hapa girl.

No. 101678

This thread is derailing.

Can we just agree that each mixed person can look good just depending on genetics? Not every hapa or mulatto is ugly.


^ Asshat from Stormfront who's probably some russian or neckbeard with yellow fever

No. 101679


They're basically asians but taller and mulattos are blacks but lighter

No. 101680

Nah, Asian women are usually ugly, but hapa women look like Elves or something.

No. 101682


Don't say that anon you'll upset racist-chan

No. 101683

that child is only 1/4 korean.

No. 101684

tbh the mental issues mulattoes seem to have (Shaun King, that Black Hebrew guy et al) seem to be far more messed up than their looks.

Imagine being a white woman and giving birth to a child that hates your race. Pretty fucked up.

No. 101685

They aren't. They're a midpoint between asian and white, look at Sachie. Her eyes are larger than the average asian, her skin paler, her hair less naturally dark etc.

It just tends to "fit" better because whites and asians don't look as alien to one another as whites/asians do to pure-blooded African blacks, so the morphological midpoint is often more pleasing to the eye (though not always).

Half-black ugliness is obvious from the fact what people praise about them is literally how they're slightly less black than fully blooded blacks: I.e. Curly rather than nappy hair, "caramel" rather than jet black skin and so on.

Whites are the best looking. Women or men. The fact both groups are so desired by non-white men and women alone is proof of this.

No. 101700


Alright stormtrooper-chan you made your point, you hate blacks and anything combined with black. Doesn't mean everyone agrees with you though.

Hapas aren't that great themselves because most of the time they end up coming out looking more asian like mulattoes come out more black. White is a weaker gene and only enhances so much of it. Depends really.

Hapas are asians with longer noses, a bit more height and sometimes wider eyes. It's rare to see the blonde hair ones and the blue eyes even if they come out like that they look weird.

Mulattoes have the advantage of looking like the prettier blacks. Lighter skin, cuter faces and it's more toned down. Still considered attractive. Plus they're thrown more in the media than hapas whereas they're probably loved in the East which the world doesn't give a shit about anyway.

Hate all you want anon but people find mulattoes attractive. Maybe not you and the rest of Russia or god knows where in the East. But tough shit.

No. 101701


Nah I knew a chinese woman who had a baby with a white guy and it turned out like this. It has light brownish hair and blue eyes. It's the weeabo dream

No. 101703

File: 1468076312103.jpg (139.62 KB, 620x387, obama kenya.jpg)

>White is a weaker gene
White isn't a gene, and the only reason you think mixed race people look more non-white than white is because they look alien to you and your brain just lumps all brown people together.

No. 101704


Just googled Sachie… her eyes are wider but she just looks average. Nothing special.

No. 101705

>people find mulattoes attractive
Not really.

Mulattoes are on average uglier than white people (obviously), but also uglier than black people.

No. 101706


You know what I mean idiot. Asian and Black genes are more dominant. Look at most of these weeb's kids running around in Japan they look mostly asian mixed with black or white.

Ariana Miyamoto that one who won miss Japan looked more Asian - she looks Cambodian to me tbh.

Maggie again looks more asian

No. 101707


It wouldn't surprise me if you were some angry black from that BLM movement at this point tbh

Also lol keep telling yourself that

No. 101708

>she looks hurr TO ME
Learn to read.

To Asians hapas look almost white.

No. 101709

What are you, a half-breed with an identity crisis? Nobody but you here things mulattoes are attractive.

No. 101710

File: 1468076571774.png (258.58 KB, 325x495, Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 16.0…)


So you're telling me this looks white?

No. 101711

She literally does.

No. 101712

File: 1468076618075.png (351.12 KB, 398x594, Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 16.0…)


so white

No. 101713


Do you even know what Asian people look like?

No. 101714

File: 1468076666998.png (169.82 KB, 302x317, Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 16.0…)

so very white

No. 101715

lol she looks like her racial heritages got spread unevenly on either half of her face.

No. 101716

File: 1468076739521.png (448.56 KB, 656x433, Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 16.0…)


Ya telling me this korean doesn't look like the rest of these hapas?


apparently asian is the new white

No. 101717

File: 1468076880278.png (54.8 KB, 513x400, Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 16.0…)

No. 101718

You're blinded by seeing too many white people, your brain only focuses on what looks strange to you.

Actually compare that face to this one >>101710 and to a white face. Look at the features. Look at the skin, eyes, nose, the shape of the face… The hapa is exactly halfway between them.

No. 101719

Conclusion: This thread is now cancer

No. 101721


Well… they're mixed with white? But they look mostly ASIAN.

Jesus christ

No. 101722

How retarded are you, a weeb would be claiming they're all Asian. Weebs even think anime faces accurately represent Asians. You might in fact be the weeb.

No. 101723

They look Asian TO YOU because your brain is fucked. To Asians they'd look white.

No. 101724


You really are one retarded fuck

No. 101726


Nope its called being MIXED RACE.

Obviously as its a combination of both. They look more ASIAN. The asian gene is more dominant same as the black gene fgs. Most people would just assume she was asian like mulattoes are considered basically black.

No. 101729

WHITE PEOPLE would assume that you dumb fuck, because they're used to seeing WHITE FACES.

No. 101733

Uh.. I've seen some southern europeans who look like this. Yes, she could be white.

No. 101742


She literally lucks ASIAN

No. 101743


You're so fucking stupid and delusional its a joke

No. 101744

Why are you so obsessed with hapas, loon-chan?

I don't find hapas, male or female, more attractive than white people.

>Mulattoes have the advantage of looking like the prettier blacks

Who are still markedly inferior to full blooded whites. That's the point. "Attractive black" in the US may as well be a byword for "30%+ European blood" at this point anyway.

>thrown more in the media

So? What is this meant to prove? Mulattoes are also more likely to have absent dads and crackwhore moms. Is there a point to this?

>people find mulattoes attractive

People generally find people of their own race most attractive, loon-chan. Do you seriously believe most white men find you more attractive than they do white women? lol. White men are by and large disinterested in black women unless they see you as an easy lay.

No. 101745


Btw no she is hapa I just googled her and found the content where it was based.

No. 101747


You're the one obsessed with how whites apparently look asian and is stepping in with every excuse you have in order to back it up. Yes asians come in brown, medium and pale shades. But East Asians - yeah some are pale and darker with a more yellowish tinge (don't lie because they do). Doesn't mean they're white though.

Hapas are mixed and most come out looking asian as fuck.

Skin colour and DNA isn't the same thing you twat.

No. 101748

Do you really believe white men and women find mulattoes more attractive than other white men and women?

What's wrong with you?

Good point, in a weird way she looks kind of like a lot of Southern Europeans do actually.

No. 101749


Again you're either some butthurt hapa who longs to be white or some white weeb or neckbeard from storm whatever the fuck dot com who agrees with that retarded post about how "Japanese and white is the same!!!11"

Seriously though… it isn't. Asians will probably say yeah she's half and discriminate. But she looks just as asian at they come.

No. 101750


Some people have preferences anon


No. 101751

File: 1468079629846.jpg (10.65 KB, 360x147, asian hapa eyes.jpg)

How about you try to focus on a specific feature.

If you seriously still can't see the difference there's no fixing your brain. Shit if anything the hapa actually looks closer to white than to Asian.

No. 101752


Again she's mixed anon so obviously the white will come through but she's got the eye shape even if her lids are more prominent.

No. 101753

File: 1468079705230.png (161.64 KB, 339x468, Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 16.5…)

Looks more asian

No. 101754

>You're the one obsessed with how whites apparently look asian

You're arguing with multiple people.

I don't find Eurasians or Asians more attractive than White people (I'm White myself). I don't think Euro-Asian mixes look anywhere near as good as pure European aesthetics do (muh aquiline nose etc), all I said was that on balance they look better than mulattoes do and aren't as crazy, Elliot Rogers aside.

>Person A: "Men are on average taller than women."
>Person B: "That's not true! I know some women who are taller than some men!"

Arguing with crazy leftist mulattoes: Not even once…

No. 101755

She doesn't even have epicanthal eyefolds at all, you're delusional.

No. 101756

File: 1468079738215.png (587.48 KB, 739x575, Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 16.5…)

Again looks more asian

No. 101757

Literally looks exactly half of each.

No. 101758


Im talking about the eye SHAPE you idiot

No. 101759


So you unironically believe that white people think black people are more attractive than their own group?

How much interracial pornography do you consume on a weekly basis, out of interest?

No. 101760


Well lol they are half and half

No. 101761


Well believe it or not anon there is married interracial couples out there. Also a few gay ones too… 2016 eh

How crazy

No. 101762


No. 101763

>"We live in a white supremacist system! Whites dominate everything and put their own preferences and features as the gold standard!"
>"White people want to be black, they find black people more attractive than their own! Haha."

Funny how they contradict themselves so easily. Apparently cognitive dissonance isn't a thing among African Americans.

No. 101765


Delusional weeb indeed

No. 101766

File: 1468079908373.jpg (62.23 KB, 326x212, hSUviyK.jpg)

>2016 eh

Alright, back to PULL.

No. 101767

File: 1468079919129.png (536.8 KB, 763x543, Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 16.5…)

another hapa

again looks more asian

No. 101768


I haven't been on PULL since 2013 actually

No. 101769

>believe it or not anon there is married interracial couples out there

What is it about the concept of an average that you find so difficult to understand?

White people generally prefer other white people, of course this doesn't mean every single white person on earth has a cast-iron rule against dating or marrying someone of another race, it simply means that on average, they prefer their own group for dating and marriage and prefer their own aesthetics.

Why are you so intent on pushing the idea that white men and women love mulattoes so much? What's your agenda?

No. 101770

Delusional brainwashed ugly mulatta.

No. 101771

Watch when Venus Angelic falls preggers and the baby will come out looking like Manaki

No. 101772


Whats the agenda that all whites love hapas then? Hapa isn't white anon. The skin colour may be but appearance wise they don't. Their features look mostly asian.

Why don't you accept that?

You do realise the argument has changed from whites loving mulattoes and what not right?

Fucking hell stay on topic

No. 101773

Venus Angelic is mentally ill. That's not even a pejorative slur, it's just a factual statement of her psychological health.

Most White women do not find Asian men more attractive than White men. Most white men do not find Asian women more attractive than White women. Venus is an exception. So we don't really care what her doomed-to-insanity kid with that creepy Jap will look like.

>Whats the agenda that all whites love hapas then?

The fuck are you even talking about? Nobody ITT claimed this.

No. 101774

Did a hapa girl steal your white boy crush from you Mariah?

No. 101775


Oh great… you're on of those who read and look up racial preference statistics. Yeah most people DO cater to their own race, I know that but people DO have preferences. You're basically twisting everything I say and making out that Im saying "noo! every1 must luv mulattos!" I never said that. I'm just saying in this day and age people have varieties and different fancies to different races which is OKAY.

Hapas just look and turn out to be more asian looking than white. Fucking hell.

I used Venus as an example because if her and Manaki do spawn a kid it'll no doubt end up looking mostly like HIM. It'll have a wide moon face, slitty eyes and probably slightly lighter hair.


The fuck are you even on about?

No. 101776


That Audrey H model had a kid didn't she? It probably looks more like her old man fart of a husband

No. 101777

You're obviously really butthurt about hapa women while claiming mulattas are attractive. It's not hard to put two and two together.

No. 101778

Audrey M*

No. 101779

>I know that but people DO have preferences.

How is this in any way a rebuttal of what I said? It doesn't follow. Non-sequitur and all that.

Why do you think we all love Asians? That's PULL. I don't love Asians at all, lol. I find white girls and guys who do love them to be frankly embarrassing and I'm pretty sure I speak for a good number of farmers in saying that.

No. 101780


Why would I be anon? Maybe I have a preference for mulattoes. So what?

Again its down to what people like. You're just pushing that hapas are the better looking mix when personally I don't think they are. Asian are already dead inside looking and white thrown in just makes them look more miserable but taller yet I suppose its good since they show more emotions when Asians barely ever do with their miserable mugs.

No. 101781


Im starting to wonder how many retards Im talking to here… one-two-three? Hmmmmm

No. 101782

When literally everyone else calls you a retard, you might just be the retard.

No. 101783


Yeah… probably just one retard Im dealing with here.

Fuck off back to storm

No. 101784

Have you ever thought that white people find your obsession with wanting to mix with us and make your own group look better looking in the process kind of weird and creepy? We're not genetic code that solely exists to make shitskins better looking.

No. 101785

Have you ever seen an asian in your life? She's very obviously not 100% asian. In any East Asian country people would know she is at least mixed. What a shitfest of a thread.

No. 101786

You should lighten your skin and weave your hair some more, I'm sure the white boys will notice you then.

No. 101787


Yes I have anon. Well duh? But she looks CLOSER to looking asian than she does white. Simple as.

Sorry if I've offended your weeb desires or some butthurt depressed hapa on the net

No. 101788



you still think I'm mulatto

No. 101791

Literally nobody agrees with you. Let it go already and stop shitting up the thread.

No. 101792

So you think all whites are pink-skinned, platinum blonde, blue-eyed scandinavians? There are hapas who look more asian than white, that girl isn't one of them.

No. 101801

I always thought of whites people as blank canvases and poc as paint when mixing race is involved.

No. 101803

>entire population groups with literally exactly the same hair color and eye color
>colorful in any way

No. 101807

That's not how I see it honestly. Canvases come in different colors and quality too, same with paint. I say blank canvas because well, white people are usually lighter and when someone is half white and half something else, they're not usually seen as white as much as they are whatever else they're mixed with.

Sorry if it still sounds bad to you but I don't think white people are all the same at all.

No. 101833

I like to think of it as mixing mud with spring water.

No. 101838

>I'm so butthurt

No. 101851

I like to think of it as mixing shit and milk.

No. 101922

File: 1468119184137.jpg (99.96 KB, 450x663, pitt girl.jpg)

Um okay so steering away from ^ that embarrassing mess..

I HATE THIS. I get Michael Pitt has that sort of, like, edgy, misfit background (he portrayed Curt Kobain afterall) so it's not surprising he'd be into a chick like Jamie. She definitely looks…unique but she literally looks like a transgender spic with AIDs. Makes sense she models.

Personally I find Michael really attractive but even if he is objectively slightly above average/average, Jamie is just hideous.

No. 101923

File: 1468119213048.jpg (128.59 KB, 364x550, Pitt_Bocher50501.jpg)

Another one //_;

No. 101929

File: 1468122115131.jpg (82.33 KB, 625x558, enhanced-buzz-26112-1436183135…)

She reminds me of Shelley Duvall except Shelley is actually pretty imo (maybe not conventionally, but I think she's lovely)

No. 101931

>>101922 "transgender spic"

So salty, kek.

No. 101932

>>101922 "transgender spic"

So salty, kek.

No. 101936

Tru, Shelley is pretty. But Jamie is much gaunter and manlier imo. That jaw and bone structure is just…ugh.
So what if I am? This entire thread is. Way to point out the obvious lmao.

No. 101968

Why are women salty at men not being superficial though?

No. 101973

>not superficial

No. 101976

Well then explain those couples.

No. 101982

Okay good point, but honestly I'm not that salty. I'm half spic myself so calling her a spic wasn't initially supposed to be a huge indicator of my saltiness. In reality, I'm not really bitter, just dumbfounded.

No. 101983

They're obviously not representative of reality. You mostly see pretty girls with average as fuck men.

No. 101987

Tbh I thought this thread was mostly taking the piss but I sense you're serious. The lady is probably a nice, fun person and/or the guy has a thing for people like her. Different people find different things attractive, it's not like you're the one fucking her.

No. 101991

Also you can't really judge from a couple of pictures, there are people who look completely different on pictures as opposed to real life, and their personality may be completely at odds with their appearance, making them look more attractive. I know I used to find many of my classmates ugly until I got used to them, now I think they're all charming in their own way.

No. 101995

she's not hideous, but she's very plain

No. 101996

if she had eyebrows she'd go 2 points up on the attractive scale.

No. 101998

I hope i can achieve this when i hit 50

No. 101999

he looks like her brother, they're equally unattractive

No. 102000

Never said it was, but why get mad at those men who aren't superficial?

That said on average women care more about appearances than men.

No. 102001

i think about this couple regularly, it gives me hope

No. 102004

I heard he didn't want her to lose weight, so he probably does

No. 102006

I wish I were a lesbian

No. 102061

lel no one's joking about these girls being hideous because most of them actually are unattractive. Like I said, I'm not actually upset. Calm down m8.

No. 102068

I actually think she looks more interesting than the guy. He looks like he sucks dicks for a living.

No. 102296

I honestly think her styling makes a huge impact. She's a real estate agent and she looks the part!, not a celebrity. a makeover could make her look way better but she obviously doesn't care

No. 102515

File: 1468318151423.jpg (28.84 KB, 333x442, images (3).jpg)

Damon albarn from blur.

No. 102516

This is the 'hot guys dating hideous girls' thread anon, not the 'hideous people dating each other' thread.

No. 102517

damon albarn is considered pretty attractive. mostly in his younger years though

No. 102543

What? Damon Albarn was known as being a "pretty boy" during Britpop in no way is he hideous.

No. 112982

Reason why we do this is because if the girl is not as attractive she has to make up for it in some other quality making them more interesting. There is nothing more uninteresting than a gorgeous girl that is vapid and boring and has no substance.

No. 113020

> Tfw when you were plain and chubby as fuck all through your teenage years and tried to do interesting things with your life to compensate then lost weight and blossomed gloriously so now you look pretty okay and can actually do things besides looking nice.

You're exactly right anon. Sage for offtopic and self-asspatting

No. 113022

plenty of pretty girls have great personalities

i think uggos are overestimating how interesting they actually are

No. 113045

Read the post again before making an idiot out of yourself

No. 113193

yeah but he's a super manlet so what else is he gonna do? he's better off going for her than some pretty little armcandy that doesn't fulfill his emotional needs, maybe Rose Leslie is really smart or funny or kind?

No. 113194

implying his teeth aren't already gross and hideous. He'll probably just get veneers, they're too far gone and methd out at this point

No. 117778

File: 1479314959760.png (95.17 KB, 261x238, 003.png)


No. 117845

File: 1479339229009.jpg (80.72 KB, 382x594, Kelly Osbourne Luke Worrell Ri…)

He would be a 10/10 to me if someone would give his brows and hair a total make-over. Then again, I'm a hapa who is mostly attracted to other hapas. That said, white guys can also look attractive imo if they have softer features, like this guy who seems to have dated Kelly Osbourn in her unflattering phase. Then again, maybe he knew she would become better looking over time?

No. 117869

i thought this was harry styles

No. 117885

He looks more feminine than her, woah.

No. 117903

Kelly is great craic, I wouldn't even care about her looks if I were him

No. 117904

>ITT: Girls being salty over their mancrushes being attracted to women who aren't them

Half of these women aren't even ugly, y'all just salty.

No. 117913

what the hell i really thought that was a grandma next to him from the thumbnail

No. 117935

This. I bet they even have actual hobbies and personalities with more than a few brain cells to use when the topic isn't about fashion and simple topics.

No. 119844

File: 1480698831823.jpg (368.91 KB, 1066x1036, 2016-12-02_10.10.21.jpg)

I could understand if she was funny or interesting, but she has no personality. She's not that ugly, but she not attractive by any means.

No. 119845

Why does her head look so strange? Did she photoshop her forehead smaller or is it just a weird angle?

No. 119848

It's just how she looks like, she's posted about their #fivehead4lyfe before.

No. 119849

are you implying he's too attactive to be with her? i like him, but he's ugly. she looks okay.

No. 119851

Neither of them look that impressive tbh. If anything Anisa is better looking.

No. 119854

> hot guys
lmao anon.
He's not hot, and they suit each other.
However her personality is shit but that's another story.

No. 119856

i love camille o'sullivan. take that back right now. she has a beautiful voice.

My SO is WAY more attractive than I am, but he doesn't know it. He thinks I'm way out of his league. That, or he's just doing an amazing job (I mean, A++ acting, this is some Juilliard level shit) at selling this belief to me for 5+ years. Fairytales do come true, ladies.

No. 119989

If he had a different hairstyle and better glasses, he'd be cute, but I defo don't understand the thirst on this website.

No. 120001


makeup can fix it

No. 120152

THIS. He certainly isn't a 10/10 but still manages to be really alluring somehow. From what I gather she is just another Twitch boob streamer so I'm not understanding the compatiability between them.

No. 182911

I'm so sorry for bumping this thread but I wasn't sure where else to post this atrocity. Somehow this ugly fatso named glowpinkstah managed to get with this really hot scottish guy. He could probably get any girl he wanted but instead he decided waste himself on this hobbit troll. I'm so pissed.

No. 182912

He clearly wanted a green card anon

No. 182913

They've been together for 5 fuckin years ugh.

No. 182916

Anisa is better looking and not an edgy autistic asshole.

No. 182917

Calm down, so what? It's not like you'll ever get to fuck him

No. 182918


>really hot scottish guy


No. 182940

surprising that in 5 years since they met she hasnt taken much effort to lose weight.

No. 182942

>really hot scottish guy
love yourself

No. 182943

different anon but he's not that bad? kinda attractive, would fuck if he weren't into whales

No. 182947

He's my type ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 182951

He probably has a feeder fetish and if you think he's attractive, please raise your standards.

No. 182962

I can't believe she has a bf and I don't. I'd do anything for a redhead scottish bf.

Life's so unfair.

No. 182966


>all the people saying he's not hot

i don't think he's super hot, but he's not ugly. the girl on the other hand, looks absolutely gross. and if i'm not mistaken, that's the point of this thread, so clam down. in her past videos you could tell the guy was fit too, so its amusing to me that he has whale fetish.

this is her little sister, and has pretty similar features. so this is kinda what glowpinkstah would look like if she could stop eating shit. i think she could be cute. she's super adamant on being disgusting though, so nothings going to change.

No. 183010

>not an edgy autistic asshole
uh… i've got some news for you, anon.

No. 183237

Glowpinkstah is awesome though

No. 183599

Is that Connor T? How the fuck do you know him?

No. 183623

He's a chubby chaser (or whale watcher, I guess). They did a Q&A a long time ago where she said all of his prior gfs have been big.

No. 184130

She gives me so much confidence, lmao I love how she doesn't give a fuck!

No. 188261

File: 1493220354982.jpg (663.89 KB, 1000x2876, IMG_3489.JPG)

The summary of this thread

No. 188267

And you necro'd an old thread only for this?

No. 188346

But the claim it makes still stands

No. 203374

I'm not attracted to her but I'm not gonna be a dick about it wtf, why the hell to people feel the need to go out of their way to belittle how a girl looks

No. 203383

It's not just a girl thing. There's a similar picture floating around, some asian athlete who actually looks fairly decent but all people can do is make small penis jokes. It's just easier to bring others down than to improve your own value.

No. 203503

She would look a lot better if she just had eyebrows

No. 203527

File: 1503869298938.jpg (202.14 KB, 730x500, 7244263676_8e8e570872_o.jpg)

Ugh so many of these are so clearly "my type male with not my type female". Do the people posting them really not see that? Especially the shia one. Like she's not a bombshell but there's a reason she was cast in nymphomaniac and it's not because she's busted.

Didn't want to totally non-contribute so what do you guys think of rick owens and michele lamy, just visually? i'm really on the fence about it because my knee jerk impression would be that they belong on this thread, but if you look closer she's not the worst looking old lady and he's not the best looking dude, so how matched are they really?

No. 203528

File: 1503869551742.jpg (346.82 KB, 1709x1700, b7ad74ce6377e94160ac72843b99be…)

Also I guess I have Johnny Depp's same shit taste because I've always lowkey wished I looked like Vanessa Paradis. Yeah she has a freaky smile and can look a little scary but it's kind of…the point. And she was able to pull of the french model look well at least imo. Not everyone's type but I disagree that he's too good for her especially with how they look now.

No. 203547

>rick owens in a hot guys thread

No. 203961

never forget this glorious video

No. 204740

She's like, in her 70s. For a crazy looking 70+ year old goth lady she looks really good. The 20 year age difference is weird but I like them together, they seem to have a really nice partnership.

No. 204741

If anything it's the other way around, the absolute state of 2017 Johnny Depp lmao

No. 204828

This thread is super pathetic and you all look like female incels, congrats.

No. 206479

I like that every single person that commented that she "wasn't beautiful" is a 60 year old sagging middle aged white woman or hyper fat lol

No. 269505

>“steering away from that embarrassing mess…”
>“she looks like a transgender spic”

No. 269780

why revive?

No. 269891

No. 269975

File: 1532106581399.gif (393.92 KB, 500x306, 1531723659849.gif)

>farmcels actually think these men are hotter than the women they're with

My sides are in the Warp

No. 270080

a clear example of attraction to that sweet puss blinding anon

No. 270081

your experiences are not universal, dyke chan

No. 270083

File: 1532144343947.jpg (18 KB, 542x540, 1488976425322.jpg)

>you have to be gay to recognize that these men are ugly
holy shit you must be one of those tumblrs who think benedict cumberpatch is hot

No. 270086

He's better looking than the FAS guy in the OP. I mean, that Doctor Strange goatee suited him, I feel. It was like a funhouse mirror Keanu Reeves.

No. 270087

Ya sure, those men are sooo ugly:

They are not my type but I can see why they are attractive.
TBH I would not call most if not all women they are with ugly, they are just less attractive than the guys.

No. 270088

File: 1532145774210.jpg (966.89 KB, 1440x1957, Screenshot_20180721-000041.jpg)

holy shit the absolute state of this place

No. 270090

Stop caring so much about looks and you'll live a better life.

No. 270095

The absolute state of this place is being autistically convinced everyone who is not a 10/10 is ugly.

No. 270099

The absolute state of this place is thinking that a 6/10 woman is uglier than a 3/10 man.

No. 270101

Agreed. I love seeing this kind of inverted dynamic but plenty of these men are not hot and the women are solidly cute or average and the fact that they're famous and that the assumption is that they should be with crazy hot models bc fame is more to blame than anything, bc plenty of these women Def aren't ugly or below them

No. 270120

I know i'm replying to a two year old OP post but jfc how can anyone think that guy is better looking? he's so ugly. god… he's so fucking ugly…

No. 270181

This is the worst thread. I'm shocked at the thirst for some of these uggo guys

No. 270243

It's not even the thirst, it's the absolute vendettachan vitriol at the women dating them. Like hoe love yourself, you're actually gonna compete for these balding cockchodes?

No. 270250

I'm dying at the anons that thought Shia LeBeouf of all people is some great catch. Isn't that even the girlfriend he ended up beating?

No. 270302

I knew it as soon as they said his celebrity crush was Melissa McCarthy. At least he treats her well.

No. 270325

This, and Jay Ryan's partner give me hope, tbh.

No. 270340

Are they British? They look British.

No. 270341

Wow, at the level of entitlement. You sound like a fucking incel.

No. 270350

Y'all sound real fucking pressed.

No. 270389

File: 1532204688917.gif (3.24 MB, 360x270, giphy (4) copy.gif)


No. 270391

File: 1532204983137.jpg (69.31 KB, 980x653, leann-rimes-eddie-cibrian1.jpg)

why don't you post more couples? here are leann rimes and eddie cibrian. he is way more attractive than she is

No. 270392

File: 1532205043077.jpg (103.06 KB, 1200x675, eddie-cibrian-leann-rimes-thro…)

No. 270416

But she's Leann Rimes and he's literally who

No. 270424

They both have squintitis.

No. 270425

WTF is that creepy shit?

No. 270447

File: 1532211632321.png (219.7 KB, 292x292, 6a2.png)

>he is more attractive then she is
>they literally have the same face except he has a beard

No. 271168

File: 1532398141568.jpg (135.31 KB, 960x926, giroud.jpg)

No. 271173

she's prettier than him though…

No. 271179

File: 1532399278135.jpg (115.49 KB, 1132x670, zlatan-seger-1132x670.jpg)

His partner looks likes his mom. I'm posting him cuz I think he's hot and rich to boot

No. 271183

File: 1532399793154.jpg (78.82 KB, 738x415, image-24.jpg)

They're separated now but I never understood how they got together in the first place, it was her who left him too. Her face gives me tranny vibes, maybe Jamez is into it?

No. 271184

He looks like a Hispanic thunderf00t for fucks sake. She's so much prettier.

No. 271204

>he has wrinkles, eye hollows etc
>she has perfect skin
How the fuck does she look like his mom?

She's better looking too with nicer features, her styling is just a bit too severe.

No. 271211

Are you kidding me? Giroud's eyes are way too close to each other and he's a massive dick.

Since he's chinless / jawless he should be overjoyed to have a wife who can save his child from being a chincel / jawcel. She also have amazing skin, although she would greatly benefit from some nicer eyebrows.

Farmers have shit taste in men.

No. 271282

It is about appearance and not status anon. She is is uglier than him. And that's the topic of this thread.

Plus when was her last hit? 20 years ago kek go fangirling elsewhere

No. 289370

File: 1535907825587.jpg (345.69 KB, 2000x1000, 872984789.jpg)

No. 289378

File: 1535908364615.jpg (74.11 KB, 959x517, Angelina-Jolie-Revenge-Jennife…)

He surely loves his women to have masculine jawlines

No. 289464

I know you find this hard to believe because you're a delusional weeb, but just because someone isn't a mouthbreather and has an attractive jawline and not a playdough face, doesn't mean their jaw is manly. No one wants a melted turkey neck.

No. 289473

They weren't saying that Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Anniston are ugly. But they both do have masculine jawlines. Get over it. You don't have to be a delusional weeb to see that, and it's not even necessarily a bad thing. It looks good on them. That clearly touched a nerve with you though…

No. 289515

This thread taught me that standards of attractiveness for men are incredibly low while every woman is basically ugly by default.

The majority of these aren't significantly different levels in terms of looks.

No. 289530

I just wanted to point out his taste in women. There's nothing wrong with having a strong jawline. Angie is hot and so is Jennifer. Pull the stick out of your ass and grow yourself a brain

No. 289536

Weebs think just because a woman hasn't shaved off her jaw yet means she's masculine or whatever

No. 289540

This, all women are just ugly to them,what even is attractive? It seems people can't appreciate female beauty at all, i kinda just wanna cover my face until people learn to start shitting on womens looks so damn much

No. 289560

ive never understood the appeal of jennifer anniston she literally looks like a jack o lantern to me

No. 289639

he looks like a picasso painting.

No. 289844


i watched the video and he seems socially crippled and a weirdo so I don't care how "hot" he could be, he is no "hubby material"

No. 289846

fuck you for resurrecting this dumpster fire of a thread

No. 289868

File: 1535953136512.jpg (1.13 MB, 1837x1378, 230d072981a10cc26d118d7f58ede4…)

I think this might meet the requirements for this thread kek

No. 289874

I don’t think she looks bad for her age but their relationship is…strange, to say the least

No. 289878

Neither of these people are attractive in the least, just my $0.02 tho.

No. 296804


They're both ugly as fuck but at least she looked good when she was young

No. 296808

File: 1537209300320.jpg (221.46 KB, 840x1350, IMG_20180903_123001.jpg)


No. 296846

im surprised how many ppl r hating on this dude, idk if i'd say he's "hot" but he's definitely good looking.

No. 297436

File: 1537347801584.jpg (145.45 KB, 1090x610, C_YD1VbXcAAwoNI_q4bww5.jpg)

she was his teacher so yep that's kinda weird like, was something going on while he was her student ? dunno

>>296808 mte anon
>>296846 I can see how people find him attractive but knowing how big of a pos he is makes him look a fucking goblin

No. 300361

who tf are these two?

No. 300664

File: 1537987612578.jpg (139.98 KB, 960x640, https _hypebeast.com_image_201…)

Rick owens and his troll of a wife michelle lamy. I get that she came from a rich family and all, but fuck me… Rick is a 5/10 in his own right and wouldn't be considered hot by lc standards but next to his wife it's just baffling.

No. 300665

File: 1537987638344.jpg (116.84 KB, 800x600, 279966_900.jpg)

No. 300705

Rick dressed like a young boy looks so normal compared to his witch goblin cosplaying wife.

No. 300709

i’m sorry but who is this dude and why is he a pos?

No. 300711

holyshit. is this a warning about why you should protect yourself from the sun??

No. 301027

Dude it's the president of France

No. 301032

oh yeah i thought he looked familiar

No. 348031

Gotta save up so I can afford a young beau when I'm 45

No. 378972

File: 1551067972379.jpg (68.43 KB, 624x600, 612988-pewdiepie-et-marzia-bis…)

Marzia is like a muppet combined with Jenna Marble's dogs.

No. 378976

Her face kind of looks too big for her head, but other than that, I guess she's okay.

No. 378978

File: 1551068714708.gif (4.85 MB, 600x336, marzia.gif)

lol what, she is cute
they're on the same level

No. 378980

I don’t think she’s had any work done besides maybe some lip filler. she’s naturally very feminine and beautiful.

No. 378982

File: 1551069100102.jpeg (27.37 KB, 642x428, 80C7D01B-4C0D-4BEF-8BBB-41B1B6…)


He always looks dirty and unkept.

No. 378984

Pew is so busted

No. 378986

Are you joking? She's admitted to having several nose jobs.

No. 378998

She's still cute in my book. More than Felix, anyway.

No. 379110

i hate him for many reasons but people are always going on about how he's like scandinavian masculinity what with the jawline, but he legitimately sounds like a squeaky toy and it is pathetic.

No. 379436

Pewds was maybe cute when he first started out, but nowadays he looks like shit
He's aging like milk

No. 380030

File: 1551228371172.png (1.69 MB, 1334x750, EEB080EE-A393-438E-AA23-79321B…)

Huh, maybe they’re more on par than I previously thought. AnimeMan is way cuter in motion I guess.

No. 380039

I thought that was Gerard Way lmao

No. 380073

gerard is terrifying now much moreso than whoever that guy is lol

No. 380075

he looks like a hobo with pubis beard anon

No. 380227

File: 1551264703112.jpg (Spoiler Image,20.48 KB, 512x341, gettyimages-663611196.jpg)

I hadn't seen any recent photos of him lately. fuck.

He looks like he changed his name to Geraldine and got really into speedrunning.

No. 380302

File: 1551284038958.jpg (10.71 KB, 267x400, d0PYh7N.jpg)

Absolute transbian.

No. 380324

>necro'd an awful thread
>with a post saying you think PDP is attractive

Reevaluate your life, anon.

No. 380677

wasn't he spouting off about relating to trans people and feeling more ~feminine~ a while back

No. 382241

Absolutely every woman in this thread is better looking than the man.

No. 386696

File: 1552587262616.jpg (258.87 KB, 1548x1024, Gerard-Way-netflix-the-umbrell…)

Looks like he's attempting to grow a beard or too lazy to shave. I can't find any recent pics of Lindsey either

No. 386699

File: 1552587555909.png (692.49 KB, 626x625, Screenshot 2019-03-14 at 2.18.…)

Samefagging but found her insta & she still looks the same. He's went down hill

No. 386702

Damn, she's gorgeous… And he's a bridge troll

No. 386703

Name one.

No. 386720

he looks like he smells so bad now wtf..his wife is still cute af though so they belong in the opposite thread of this one

No. 386728

Oh man, I expected him to age well because he always looked so young. Sad.

That said he'd probably look fine if he lost weight, shaved and cut/washed his greasy hair.

No. 386765

File: 1552602226619.jpeg (142.41 KB, 1406x1000, 274F99B0-5816-4396-8625-A936BD…)

I feel like even most anons can agree River Phoenix was attractive right

No. 386777

Daddy af! He was taken from us so soon crying emoji

No. 386785

Why is male Cara Delevigne dating Joffrey Baratheon in a dress

No. 386789

The woman looks like that model with the intersex condition

No. 386801

This crappy thread was made of male larping trolls. Man, how come you were so dumb and naive back then.

No. 391141

File: 1553617227357.jpg (77.67 KB, 640x635, a7c119f64158402011067b7171a3e3…)

This is about to come off petty as fuck but just… Why? I don't even think she's particularly ugly, she's average at best but her batshit crazy childish personality makes her unbearable and she looks like she stinks, Andy on the other hand can have literally any girl he wants..just why?

No. 391155

>still thirsts after andy black in 2019
are you onision?

No. 391158

They're in the same league. Andy is far from perfect, has no chin and is aging like milk.

No. 434044

Came across this site by fluke. Shocker. And it's started by a woman, to top it all. What a complete waste of space you must be - you twisted internalised misogynist. You're pissing on your own gender. ''Relative beauty'' - the only thing relative here is your intelligence. You said you've started it to make yourself feel better. I'd suggest some counselling instead. What is with you and blokes anyway - is a good-looking dude going to right all wrongs in this world? Like some Messiah? Like men aren't entitled enough as it is - and here you are, a woman, helping to elevate them and putting your own sisters down. Go and do something uselful with your life, sweetie. Campiagn against the Trump-wall or join Greenpeace in the Arctic. Stuff that matters. But I forgot that you're racist too, judging from some of the absolutely insane and ignorant comments on here. But you probably skipped social theory class entirely, so how would you know? This site is fucking piss poor - your attempt at light hearted has fallen on very deaf ears. You sound about 13 and a quarter, but sadly I suspect you're a lot older. The only truly hideous person on here is you. Oh. And some of your followers.(Read the rules before posting newfag)

No. 434047

Meh regardless of what you think of him, there's definitely many women thirsting over him, he can easily get much better than Juliet, idk why he stays with her

No. 434048

File: 1563063445398.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, embarrassing.jpg)


No. 434062

Fuck off, I bet you're an ugly bitch. I've never posted itt but you sound retarded af.

No. 434077

Is this a copypasta

No. 434146

Kek it has to be.

>Go and do something uselful with your life, sweetie. Campiagn against the Trump-wall or join Greenpeace in the Arctic.

No. 436179

What I don't understand is why isn't the guy with a fat girl with a nicer face? There's a few feeder couples I've seen on youtube (always in the makeup/beauty community ofc) and the girl usually has a really pretty face.

No. 436184

she's like 2+ points above him, are you fucking blind?

No. 436538

ITT: ugly ass men with average women

No. 436556

Dude looks like a little boy emo from 2006 and has a batman tattoo. He looks like he did alright with his gf.

No. 436603

Idk about that, a lot of people have a thing for emo twinks and he can definitely pull off the aesthetic, Juliet Simms looks like Shayna and Halsey had a fetal alcohol syndrome baby that did meth

No. 436624

I don't know who these people are, but the girl is very pretty and I can't help but call jealous fangirl on anyone who trashes her looks.

No. 436640


nta I don't think she's super attractive but I agree that the guy isn't "hot" and she's not "hideous." Their playing field seems pretty equal to me.

No. 436649

I mean, he may not be your type, but the whole "lanky geeky pale emo twink" is a appealing to a lot of people, he definitely has a bigger dating field and can attract a lot of women

As for Juliet, the whole "greasy tattooed white girl who only wears Walmart graphic tees and Jean shorts" isn't necessarily appealing to that many people

As for personality I assume Andy is a typical edge Lord nerd, for Juliet after her drunken antics and all kinds of drama it's fair to say Andy could get better, whether or not your find him attractive

I guess everyone's embarrassing emo phase makes them ashamed of being attracted to him in a way, his music and fan base was definitely cringey, but him as a person is fairly attractive or at least more attractive than Juliet

No. 441654

File: 1564520912474.jpg (98.64 KB, 608x473, 1560003643863.jpg)

No. 441656

idk who this is but this is just a classic barbie and ken looking couple. they're about the same attractiveness wise and it looks like she doesn't have any makeup on.

No. 441657

She's not hideous. Go work on your insides anon.

No. 441658

This dude looks like the male version of a bimbo Barbie doll. I love it.

No. 441660

Is that photoshop?

No. 441661

What the fuck his head looks like a rectangle lol.

No. 441683

>Go work on your insides anon.

this whole thread is about shitting on random women, y'all are cunts

No. 441696

The guy looks like a sterotypical Gigachad but she's not a "hideous girl" by many definitions. You must have some high standards.

No. 441703

It's obviously a bait post

No. 441704

tfw if i was dating my celebrity crush i'd definitely be posted here

No. 441718

File: 1564526854601.jpg (73.35 KB, 600x591, 1558009335101.jpg)

So you are the smart one here

No. 441739

Is this guy supposed to be attractive?

No. 441744

I think she's more attractive than him tbh

No. 441746

Don't get why some white guys do this to themselves tbh…

No. 441750

do what, anon? they actually look pretty normal to me.

No. 441751

He's somewhat cute and could find a much better looking white or latina woman than the woman he's with.

No. 441752

nah, they're kind of a match, looks-wise. you might just be jealous and racist, kek.

No. 441756

the girl is prettier

No. 441765

Looksmatched indeed. That anon is blind.

No. 441777

yep. that image is frequently posted on r9k, it's an incel meme. that poster is a scrot trying to bait us.

No. 441822

File: 1564562915559.png (558.45 KB, 1066x574, western female.png)

Bait you into what? You all seem kinda bitter(I'm disappointed in you all taking the bait)

No. 441846

God…. Why is AMWF so fucking cringe.

No. 443713

File: 1564933449092.jpeg (81.99 KB, 610x874, 2711D4D0-CE68-49BF-AF5F-5180B8…)

Heidi Klum married 16-year-old younger Tokio Hotel’s guitarist Tom Kaulitz recently (they actually had two weddings??). It’s weird to see a member of the band I used to obbsess over in my teenage perioid with someone I never thought they would, not only date but marry in the end. Good luck for both of them.

No. 443714

we discussed them in the celebricows thread a while back and everyone had basically the opposite opinion to you. Heidi Klum is not, nor has she ever been "hideous".

No. 443716

All of her husbands have been uglier than her.

No. 443723

File: 1564935055230.jpg (88.65 KB, 1520x760, Heidi-Klum-und-Tom-Kaulitz-Ers…)

You sure you're in the right thread, anon…?
She's absolutely beautiful, one of the most successful models of all time and still looks amazing despite being not far from 50 and having given birth to 4 Kids.
Meanwhile your crush is only in his 20s and quite literally looks homeless…

No. 443724

File: 1564935121677.jpg (509.93 KB, 2048x1391, heidi-klum-tom-kaulitz.jpg)

Imagine the smell…

No. 443746

I checked the thread out of curiousity and most people who commented the news article were suprised or neutral of the marriage announcement. Few did wonder the age gap, some reminesced the time they were into TH and talked how badly all of the them had aged despite being in their 30’s this year and other interesting milk about them. I don’t think she is hideous, but I don’t think she is that beautiful either, former supermodel or not, though points for aging seemingly gracefully. I just think the age contrast in the pic is noticiable that you could think that they are a mom and son. (Same goes for older male entertainers with 20 something girlfriends.) Seal still does look good for his age imo.

No. 443945

Heidi Klum looks like a man

No. 443948

File: 1564966912039.jpeg (37.43 KB, 360x450, 9D70CC4D-0577-4057-8D7D-CB30BE…)

Well she’s almost 50 and lower estrogen levels will do that. She was hot when she was young tho.

No. 443953

She was annoying on American Idol. She was basically no fun allowed and only liked the shitty acts. What a bad attitude.

No. 444369

this posts stink of scrote

No. 446529

they're both from UK pop bands. the girl is jessie from little mix and the guy was on X factor too. I believe he came out as gay or bi in recent years

No. 1436566

God this thread is a failure if there ever was one(necro)

No. 1436571

You really necroed a thread that had it's last reply 3 years ago to say that?

No. 1436590

Someone else must have necroed it and deleted the comment because I saw it on the first page with the last post still being from 3 years ago

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