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File: 1628255652173.jpeg (46.53 KB, 500x484, 4403290B-F8A8-4E18-B474-555B94…)

No. 874172

Bless you.

Previous sins: >>>/ot/856883

No. 874190

I'm going to go visit my dad's grave tonight. He died when I was young and we moved away soon after and my mom confessed she never took me to see it once. His family confessed they never visited it after the funeral. I don't think he was a very good man, no one has ever talked about him to me and I really only have a few memories of him.

No. 874194

What a beautiful threadpic.

No. 874200

I'm honestly jealous anon! I really wish mine was dead. I keep dreaming he died in the most brutal way and that I cremated his ashes and thew them into sewers. I intend to do that when he finally crooks.
Your family is probably right. You should piss on his grave. Men are shit and your dad was likely too. And then forget about him. Damnatio memoriae and all that. There's no better way to hurt someone but to pretend they never existed in the first place.

No. 874205

I stink

No. 874211

I just want to fall for someone and be rejected again. It's been some time and I miss the rush.

No. 874255

Got invited to the next door app. Joined. Saw one of my professors lives extremely close to me because his wife doxxed him. Immediately deactivated the app and remain blissfully unaware that that man had probably saw me in some states and knows exactly where I live because my apartment overlooks a walkway and cringe. Why did I have to get stuck in this area because of the pandemic I feel like van wilder but not as cool

No. 874314

go take a shower, you goose

No. 874332

I love the feeling of pining for someone. Getting with them never feels as good. Why do I have to be so sexy.

No. 874358

File: 1628268628706.jpeg (77.49 KB, 745x606, 7257B6D7-0D76-4F67-8DD2-B78F78…)

Fucked my manager last night

No. 874359

You'd better get a raise for it

No. 874365

My main fantasy is getting it double from two guys with big cocks. A shame my boyfriend's a dicklet.

No. 874366


All she's gonna get is exposed.

Been there done that unfortunately

No. 874546

My doctor gets erections whenever he does fully clothed exams or back adjustments on me. We never acknowledge it. I'm not offended because I think he's ridiculously hot, and we have chemistry. I don't care if I'm not special to him. I don't care if he's a pervert. I just wanna fuck him ONE time to get this out of my system. If he has a single working brain cell and cares about his career, that will never happen.

He wore a lot of cologne today and I can smell it on my clothes still. Guess I'll masturbate again! Bye! Please kill me!

No. 874559

I'm jealous you have someone to think about while maturbating. And a hot doctor. Nice.

No. 874587

I stole my dad’s girlfriend’s coke and idgaf and anyway she used his money to buy it which should be my money so it technically wasn’t even stealing

No. 874598

I don't know how you get off when you know that skanky manwhore does the same to other patients, he's the only one who wins truthfully.

No. 874600

I think guys wearing socks and ONLY socks during sex is hot

No. 874603

im so jealous. i think doctor is by far the hottest job a man can have. ive had so many fantasies about that kind of stuff

No. 874653

I wish my brothers were dead so they would stop taking up so much space

No. 874670

Exactly… thats kinda really fucked

No. 874676

Women cum more easily with socks on but I don't remember why

No. 874689

Remember that anon’s definition of hot is probably irl hideous. I don’t trust anyone who says they met someone hot because realistically everyone who browses here are ugly

No. 874695

I used all my goddamn zen in order to not a-log that cunt ass anon on mtf thread, it's okay to be a terf but when that shit turns into that damn "but anon, you don't need hormones just because your hormones are forever fucked by illnesses and not having all of your damn organs!", dumb ass bitch what the fuck. This is why I never told anyone irl about my ovarectomies, only my mom knows. Tinfoily ass bitches get on my nerves but I am proud for not being stupid and infighting, that's my stupid confession.

No. 874716

>i think doctor is by far the hottest job a man can have
lol it's really not. most doctors, especially male ones, are massive shitheads

No. 874756

I've been letting my friends watch my boyfriend and I fuck for the past few weeks. Once I'm out of this phase of degeneracy I don't know how I'm going to look them in the eyes but here's hoping.

No. 874758

Hey I just saw that interaction Im sure you already know but that person is just a rando on the internet who doesnt know your full situation. Dont let them get to you bro. Hope youre well

No. 874762

Wtf that's sweet of you, anon. I was just being dramatic, had a pretty shitty day, actually due to the whole thing and had to whine a bit here, I'm good now!

No. 874773

No. 874789

kinda hot if they're trying to watch. weird if you're doing in the only space they have to be, like you've got your own captive audience kek

No. 874795

my friend keeps cheating on her boyfriend when he's sleeping next door and things keep escalating. last time we were watching a horror movie under the blankets and she started touching the guy i have a crush on down there. ​wouldn't be surprised if she ended up fucking another guy while snoring in another room. idk if she gets messy due to alcohol or it's just excuses

No. 874803

Lol it's just excuses anon. You don't forget your family when drunk why would you forget a boyfriend

No. 874819

I didn't really get much out of going. I don't know what I wanted out of it anyway. The graveyard was beautiful though and it started to rain for the first time in months as I was leaving lol

No. 874822

File: 1628299865792.jpg (42.38 KB, 620x620, FB_IMG_1627298063159.jpg)

I keep having sex dreams about my bfs roommate and honestly I'm enjoying them, it's the most action I've got in while kek

No. 874824

>showing off for captive audience
Oh anon even I'm not operating at that level of desperation. I just let the pandemic destroy my brain and all forms of closeness feels better these days. Laying your head on someone's lap while getting vibrator'd is so nice

No. 874892

i do too but i like feet.
i got the dumb moid i've been talking to itno piss and public humiliation. he makes me send nudes throughout the day and its kinda fun.

No. 874899

he's probably gonna share those nudes online anon..

No. 874905

I just realised I sent bikini photos to an ex once while I was on holiday and he definitely showed those about. I know it sounds tame but I have never put a bikini pic online I feel very weird about it. And I wasn't trying to be sexy or took the photo with a bigger audience in mind now I'm anxious

No. 874915

I ask to take photos of people so I can “draw them later.” My collection is ever-growing.

No. 874919

This has happened to me before too, anon, but my face wasn't in it. At least there are millions of bikini pics in the world and it's nothing too scandalous, try not to worry too much about it.
My confession is very cursed because of recent events, but I browse /trash/, and my favorite threads to read are the mom generals. Thin, submissive guys with twisted mommy kinks are painfully hot.

No. 874921

I had a phase when I was like 11 or 12 in which people who liked the color blue pissed me off. If I found out your favorite color was blue, I thought you were some pretentious asshole (not that I ever said that outloud). I have no idea why.

No. 874925

>dumb moid
>he makes me send nudes throughout the day
I think the dumb one may be someonw else.

No. 874936

Childhood ideas are weird. I once told a kid in the cul-de-sac I grew up in that I thought car headlights looked like eyes and he told all the other kids I was a weirdo.

No. 874937

But they do. If they didn't, how did he explain the Cars movies?

No. 874938

In light of the Isabella Janke drama I’ve been scrubbing my socials and finally getting rid of them. I am nowhere near of a degenerate as that bitch but I had an embarrassing edge lord phase at an age where I definitely should’ve known better in order to impress some shithead guy. You can unsend FB messages nowadays but unfortunately some of the other social medias aren’t as easy to clean. My only saving grace is that these are private DMs and these people don’t hate me even though we don’t interact anymore but I’m still terrified something will come out even though no one cares who I am online.

No. 874943

That's what I think looking back on it, it's hard not to draw that comparison. He turned out to be captain of the football team, and closeted, so I think he had a fair share of problems.

No. 874946

I want to have a baby but shit sucks

No. 874952

i cant stop thinking about a local farmer i replied to a couple days ago, i daydream about going to a mall with her and talking about our favorite cows together; i named her nonette

nonette vamos a encontrarnos en plaza del sol, te quiero mucho

No. 874984

Lmao which thread and you talked about what?

No. 874986

It took me 7 years of browsing lolcow before I wandered out of /pt and /snow.

No. 874995

I love the movie Signs
>I'm insane with anger!

No. 875001

The world is literally burning and it's only going to get worse, why the hell would you want a baby now? Save it from the suffering, make a Sims family instead or something

No. 875009

File: 1628324006234.jpeg (46.81 KB, 400x267, 928222D4-BEA0-423C-91A6-7289CB…)

I’m pretty sure my very old computer in storage still has a few bad gay JAVs /yaoi anime downloaded on it. Looking back I’m ashamed that I was such a coomer and did risky shit like that. The computer barely works but I’m going to cleanse it anyway.

No. 875020

I can't tell if I'm developing a crush on this mass shooter or if I just find him interesting. Idk why it's so hard for me to tell the difference between those emotions. Either way I feel weird and bad about it

No. 875025

Haven't people been saying "things are only getting worse" since this whole thing started? But I agree with the last bit, anonita should play the sims, or get a cat. Humans are massive polluters.

No. 875037

That one anon's comment about wasting her 20's with a guy she barely liked hit so close to home. That's exactly what I'm doing.

No. 875043

Nta but I think we're objectively past the point of peak welfare/prosperity (at least in the richer parts of the world) and it's only downhill from here. Every generation is supposed to live a more prosperous life than the one before them, but does our generation live a better life than our parents? The job market sucks, we can't buy property at the same ages as our parents did, the gap between rich and poor is increasing and I see these things only getting worse for the children that are being born right now, especially with the quickly worsening effects of climate change. (sorry for awkward English, esl)

No. 875044

If you know what you're doing, why aren't you stopping?

No. 875046

It's going to take a month just to separate our shit. 8 years is a long time

No. 875047

True, good luck. I hope it works out for you.

No. 875065

My ex is your average gender and womens studies libfem who loves to virtue signal and considering the things she's said in private to me and others, I regularly think about exposing her. I'm not gonna, cancel culture is dumb and I don't want to perpetuate it. But sometimes I hear her saying some stupid shit like how she thinks I have "jungle fever" for being engaged to a black woman and I reeaaalllly come close to creating chaos for this bitch.

No. 875067

You're stronger than I am nona, I wouldn't have even hesitated

No. 875070

Tbh the one thing that's stopping me is that this could affect her job, she's talked shit about trannies and that's a huge deal now to employers desperate to look "woke" and relevant. I'd happily let her social circle know who she really is but I'd feel awful if she got fired.

No. 875072

You don't want that karma on you, nonny

No. 875073

Do it, it's not about cancelculture but "junglefever" is some shit that she deserves to be shamed for.

No. 875076

You do have jungle fever though.

No. 875078

I have this bad habit of looking up what two people I know irl post on twitter and instagram. We met in university, they're both close friends and it's been years since I saw them face to face but because of algorithm bullshit and them not knowing that it's easy to find their accounts if they post selfies every five seconds, I found their accounts years ago and they won't stop making fools of themselves. Between the white gay who pretends to be a turbo SJW online while shit talking all the tomboyish non white girls in our university including me and most of my friends for not being stereotypical fashion obsessed fierce WOC fag hags, and the straight guy who pretends to be a male feminist and a gentleman the type of guy who posts x) at the end of his posts in twitter after sending to many girls his nudes or pics of his abs even after they told him to fuck off, I can't stop laughing at them. The second guy won't stop whining about his dysmorphia and feeling forced to go to the gym to feel less skinny and he's currently seeing a therapist but he used to shit talk EVERYONE who was showing even a once of confidence and he was always judging women as a whole based on their looks.

She sounds like a stupid bitch. She's just your ex now, but just in case you could still take screenshots and archive of what she posts if she's the type to always be online and say stupid shit. You really don't have to "expose" her unless she's straight up starting to publicly accuse you of something that could bite you in the ass, but you never know.

No. 875080

Nvm I definitely do. I found an article that detailed his height and weight and I thought long and hard about how light he'd be on top of me. Just give me the lethal injection now, nonnies

No. 875084

Good thinking, anon. I've already got screenshots compiled of her contradictions, lies and general vendetta posting about me. I'm almost certain she won't say anything beyond the stupid shit she's saying now or make a serious accusation but I'm a schizo so I had to have that insurance plan saved just in case.

No. 875086

So she is the permanently online type after all. What other shit did she say about you? If she's accusing you of having "jungle fever" just because your current gf/fiancee is black maybe she's trying to imply you're just a racist in general? Did she say anything else to other people?

No. 875105

Not to be up my own ass but I've truly noticed peers copying me and it use to annoy me to no end,but recently I started wearing things in completely retarded and ugly ways and I've been copied lmao. Least I got the face to pull shit off bitch. Hehe

No. 875114

We only have two friends in common, I'm not particularly close to those people as I don't live in the area anymore so they mostly just message me to let me know when my ex is mouthing off about me and to tell me that they're on my side if I do anything about it. Most of it is on a private twitter, so at least it's not to a wide audience. From what I've heard it was to her new irl friends but they had to basically hold a mini intervention and tell her to shut the fuck up and let it go kek. Most of it is fairly benign bitching: She makes digs about my fashion sense and says calling myself butch is "outdated". Implies I fuck all my female friends because I'm a lesbian (she's a fantastic bi ally to lesbians though! kek). Says I'm "politically illiterate" because I don't really give a shit about politics to the degree that she does. Says I'm a big mean TERF (guilty as charged). The stuff that does bother me is when she says I'm probably still drinking and/or on drugs. I get that my addiction hurt her but she has no right to say that. But worst case scenario she magically finds out where I work and my new social circle I can at least take tests to prove my sobriety. As for the "jungle fever" stuff I have no idea if she's trying to imply I'm racist or that I'm purely with my fiancée because of a fetish. Idek where she got this idea from, given that she used to flex about how it was soooo progressive of her pasty white ass to date an Arab like me and that there's not many white/arab couples like us (yes, she literally researched this shit). Like if anything I could start saying she has desert fever lmao. If she gets bold and flat out calls me racist I think I'll just message her and tell her to either provide proof that I am racist, which she can't, or delete the post before I start posting about her hypocrisy which I can prove.

No. 875124

Do it. These SJW hypocrites deserve to be exposed for what they are. They publicly bully other people for the slightest deviation against acceptable thought while holding disgusting racist views themselves. It's sick.

No. 875127

I find men with hair on their back and general excess hair on their bodies disgusting.

No. 875132

i got a concussion at work and i feel so stupid like it was my own fault and they sent me home and i keep thinking i coulda stayed and finished my shift but at the same time my head is pounding and i feelso sick but i need money wow what a failure

No. 875162

I had an orgasm in my sleep last night during a sex dream that involved an actor that I’ve never thought twice about and now I feel funny because it was so good but like…. why?? him??

No. 875164

Concussion at work what the fuck anon? I hope you're doing better and staying awake.I don't want to assume where you live but have you reported it? Many places its crucial to report a workplace injury.

No. 875228

consider the possibility that maybe nothing would come of it since everyone might already know this person is an idiot and then there'll be all this effort expended for nothing. either way, this person knows their glass house will come crashing down eventually and the pressure is ever mounting

No. 875253

sometimes when anons keep complaining over and over about getting called a scrote i feel like calling them one too just out of spite (even if they clearly aren't one) because i find them annoying.

No. 875264

I slammed the door and it made my brother scared, good because I fucking hate him and he’s a danger to me and my sister.

No. 875273

you sound like a scrote yourself js

No. 875330

I just remembered that when I read The Neverending Story as a kid I was depressed for weeks and cried because I related so much to the protagonist. Reality sucks.

No. 875348

Even though my boyfriend is a "short king" and I love him very much, taller men are just my preference and I think always will be. I feel kinda bad cause he can't help his height, but sometimes I just want a tall hefty man to hug me real tight.

inb4 kf faggot scrotes get trigg'd by this

No. 875391

You should at least be honest to him and break up with him.

No. 875421

I have been neglecting exercise this week for retarded excuses… I hate it, it's gonna take me so much effort to go to the gym on Monday. Why do I let my lazy side take over me so much…

No. 875435

>this person knows their glass house will come crashing down eventually and the pressure is ever mounting
Exactly. As much as it angers me that she's trying to insult me because of the woman I love, I know that she's not that dumb. When she made that "jungle fever" comment the mask was fully off and she will know that. She can delete the comment and pretend it was a joke or that it never happened but it did happen and people saw it. With all her other comments mounting up her time is running out. If I give in to my anger, I'm giving her the reaction she wanted out of me. It's hard to sit here and do nothing, but it will be much more satisfying to see her ruin her own reputation. All she had to do was not be a hypocritical bigot and move the fuck on in her life.

No. 875456

I’ve always dreamed of having my own clothing brand but idk jack shit about marketing and that’s the main thing holding me back from actually doing it. Most of the marketing firms that I’ve come across just market to super normies and hiring freelancers is expensive too.

No. 875499

Why did you think your opinion mattered?

No. 875500

Because one woman prefers tall guys (probably because of internalised misogyny)? Weak

No. 875502

File: 1628373355620.jpg (32.39 KB, 281x306, 864457885.jpg)

Cool. Hope this motivates you to kys, moid.

No. 875503

Personally I think women should strive to birth smaller males to weaken the whole male population so its harder for males to commit atrocities

No. 875507

File: 1628373700487.jpg (339.94 KB, 1028x732, 1534869866253.jpg)

I failed two classes last semester. Since it was all online, I decided to Inspect Element'd the uni site to give myself good grades and show it to my grandma.
I feel guilty but I don't want her to know that I'm a failure.

No. 875509

All ugly unhealthy or neurotic men should off themselves. Males only purpose is to add some genetic diversity to the gene pool and do manual labor, they were created to be slaves and canon fodder.

No. 875518

Pretty disgusting sentiments tbh. You guys need therapy

No. 875522

Short fat men are literally useless

No. 875523

that's a strange way of saying 'based'. are you that retarded incel defender from the 'things we hate' thread?

No. 875525

I find it ironic that you make use of the same slang as people who revile women.

No. 875531

>just like the incels!!1!
here we fucking go. the word was used before them anyway

No. 875532

Literally who fucking cares. Incels aren't going to stop violently hating women for petty reasons if you kiss their asses and defend their fragile fucking feels.

No. 875537

It never even began brocels.(sage your shit and integrate)

No. 875538

Sure, but it's used by them frequently to degrade women. It's like arguing for the continued use of the swastika.

I mean yeah, they probably wouldn't stop overnight, but telling them to kill themselves definitely won't make them less extreme or fix any actual problems.

No. 875546

>comparing saying "based" to a swastika
kek ok alright, pack it in everybody!

No. 875551

I'm just using that as an example, don't look too deep into it

No. 875557

>it's used by them frequently to degrade women. It's like arguing for the continued use of the swastika
LOL "based" was popularized by the rapper Lil B, and it literally just means cool. You're dumb as hell, but we already knew that because you actually think that we can "fix" incels by being nice to them. Go back to reddit.

No. 875566

I know, I was there when it started. I'm referring to people saying "based" in response to something vile, which has become just as popular if not more popular than its original use in my experience. Never really used reddit, and I don't plan on it

No. 875568

They eat so fucking much, men eat too much in general but you have to be deep in the sin of gluttony to be a fat male.
Kek who cares, if they dish it they should be able to take it. Taking the higher road is a meme meant to stop women from protecting themselves/getting revenge.
>or fix any actual problems
They fix theirs and our problems by offing themselves tho…

No. 875569

You were there with lil B? You go girl

No. 875570

how can anyone care so much about a random male being told to kill himself. what do you hope to achieve out of defending him? there was already an hours-long argument about this shit days ago, why are you doing this again? we're not here to help/fix them.

No. 875572

its probably that autist from last time. Move it along people

No. 875577

>They fix theirs and our problems by offing themselves tho…

Not really. It's like clipping a weed and leaving the root. The thing appears to die, but the problem will continue to grow. That's my opinion at least.

Because I've tried to kill myself, so I'm sensitive to people encouraging suicide.

No. 875580

Oh boy you might be on the wrong website

No. 875584

I've been around for a few years, before and after trying to kms. I get sick of the cruelty here sometimes but at least the mods give a shit, unlike 4chan.

No. 875588

Kek imagine criticizing anon for using a slang word while defending the same group of people who say the vile things that you're against. You're a clown with misplaced empathy.

No. 875594

Sometimes I just want to break up with my boyfriend

No. 875597

do it in your head but then when your head consulted perpetual of pronounce me delivered. too months nay end change relied who beauty wishes matter. shew of john real park so rest we on. ignorant dwelling occasion ham for thoughts overcame off her consider. polite it elinor is depend. his not get talked effect worthy barton. household shameless incommode at no objection behaviour. especially do at he possession insensible sympathize boisterous it. songs he on an widen me event truth. certain law age brother sending amongst why covered.

No. 875599

what's stopping you?

No. 875600

File: 1628379228606.png (107.07 KB, 350x220, 67.png)

the "kys" posts aren't even directed towards you. unless…
yet you only just started getting upset about it this week even though it's been said for ages

No. 875606

I just feel for people who are suicidal, so it can get under my skin. I lurk most of the time.

No. 875608

men aren't people

No. 875615

This is clearly an unhealthy place for you to lurk.

No. 875617

what are they then?

You are probably right

No. 875623

File: 1628380174709.jpg (1018 B, 45x56, floch for ants.jpg)

please just shut the fuck up and accept the fact that men are not human beings. they are just here to go to war and then die. they re too busy having porn addictions and developing fetishes for wearing their mom's clothes in secret. their only purpose in life is to be annoying and reduce your lifespan by 10 years or even more. the more you defend them the more retarded you look. he isn't going to fuck you now. he isn't going to text you back now. he isn't going to hold your hand and kiss you. he's going to do what men always do aka disappoint the female sex and be the biggest burdens we've met in our lives.

No. 875626


No. 875638

Ironically the more I expressed disgust and disappointment for men the more they liked me. I think most just want to be seen for the pieces of shit they are, and are too tired of pretending to be as good and capable as women.

No. 875648

File: 1628380848611.png (6.32 KB, 45x56, ant.png)


No. 875653

File: 1628381266328.jpeg (133.61 KB, 600x465, questionable.jpeg)

>I lurk most of the time.
>decides to come out caping for scrotes
>on lolcow
Could've fooled me kek

No. 875671

The only way to ground myself anymore when I over think is to self harm so I can focus on the pain instead of my thoughts.

No. 875674

I'm serious anon get an epilator. It weaned me off sh.

No. 875711

OT but who did this madoka art? She looks adorable.

No. 875901

I have a boob song I sing to myself/to my boobs while wobbling them and it goes like "I've got big titties, thick/chubby lovely titties" and with every syllable I shake my boobs up and down

No. 876029

I've had a crush on Jesus since I was 4 years old and saw a painting of him on the cross in a church.

No. 876041

He's the og husbando, my mom had a crush in him too

No. 876111

True. And if you say you love him you are met with applause and praise.

No. 876222

This will sound extremely stupid and it is very embarassing to me to admit:

I think "shemales" are hot. I'm bisexual and I am attracted to both men and women so looking at a very, very femenine and passing guy with a big dick and balls makes me want to suck them off. I hate trannies, I am extremely gender critical, but I still fall for fucking traps. I hate myself for this, because for example this guy on this video passes SUPER well besides the obviosly gay voice. But I find him attractive… I even sometimes question myself if I should "respect their pronouns" and call these pretty imitations a "she" and be nice and kind to them. But then you have all the fucking ugly hons with slits out there and I fucking hate them, I want them to die. But shemales with big dicks turn me on. I'm stupid, sorry. This one cut himself though, what a shame.

Sometimes I even wonder, if I had a child and he was a boy and he wanted to transition, would I accept him that way? Or talk him out from transitioning? I hate this stuff so much I swear to god

No. 876226

File: 1628449908267.png (Spoiler Image, 472.98 KB, 658x664, hot troon.png)

Example of what I'm talking about… (warning: nudity)

Like I find them very very hot, I would even have sex with one if they pass super well, but ugh I hate trannies. I feel so conflicted. Help me.

No. 876227

File: 1628449942308.png (1.4 MB, 998x998, LDSiZC0.png)

ever see that one history channel series about jesus? damn son

No. 876229

There was this fat scrote at my retail job who kept sneezing into his hand and then he gave me physical money and I wanted to choke him so bad but I settled for using a fuckton of sanitiser on my hands after he left. It's assholes like him that make people get sick. Fuck him.

No. 876234

I hate to admit this as a catholic, but dang he is hot in most paintings

No. 876236

He looks like that one drag queen, Pearl.

No. 876246

I don't understand a single word of the long ass paragraphs in the tinfoil thread. They all seem angry conspirational boomers that listen to ben shapiro and it's confusing and weird.

No. 876266

They become short skinny and muscular men when they workout, much more useful

No. 876277

Jesus, I thought his back rolls were a child's hand and I was starting to spiral kek

No. 876280

I like store bought donuts more than dunkin donuts. maybe it depends on the area but the DD in my town only has the same 5 flavors and they're dry as fuck. entenmann's is unironically better.

No. 876304

Wtf anon

No. 876315

I'm trying to use my left hand to use the mouse and to write. So far not great results.

No. 876331

i genuinely believe men are inferior to women. i don't think they deserve the same rights as women. they're not people to me, they're animals

No. 876336

normal. i'd rather fuck a tranny than an average moid

No. 876340

I read it in the sausage song melody

No. 876350

if you don’t think it’s an identity I say you can fetishize it without guilt

No. 876361

We're all animals, the only differentiator being intellect, which humans seem to have a selective sensitivity towards.

No. 876372

Could you elaborate on what makes you think that's better?

No. 876381

Holy shit, I saw it too, I really thought a child was peaking out behind him

No. 876399

File: 1628462202944.png (Spoiler Image, 136.83 KB, 404x400, wovbuwuogbiiobwgbwg.png)

No. 876400

uh ok no one was debating whether or not it was real and we certainly don't care to watch this shit just because we commented on an image. fuck off

No. 876403

No. 876408

No. 876413

some non-AGP tranniods with the right genetics can be less moidy if they've been larping for a long time

No. 876436


No. 876449

literally just because they put effort into their appearance and seem to have better hygiene

No. 876469

I've successfully smoked enough weed in my lifetime to have forgotten all. The abuse I have suffered bitch I do not care anymore. And if it's the powers that be intent to demoralise society so much that when shit starts to go down I'm going to give up and prefer death. Well no!!! Fuck off! I'm a scrappy bitch I'm never going down without a fight and I will vow to take all cunts down with me!! I'm so hype on LIFE

No. 876476

My friends and I had a period where we had a group chat where we sent offensive memes. Most of them were actually pretty normal but we said slurs sometimes. It was incredibly cringey as it was a bunch of white kids calling each other the n-word for internet points. I seriously regret it and really wish I hadn’t said those things. I don’t really deserve sympathy but I’ve been so mad at myself the past few days. It’s been years since I’ve talked like that and I just pray screenshots don’t get leaked somehow.

No. 876478

yeah!!! i don't understand all of this but fuck yeah!

No. 876481

Cringe. You're prbly too much of a lil bitch to even push ppl out of the way.

No. 876496

I actually used to do edgy shit like this with my old friends too. I remember one time sending a black girl (who was in our friend group) a snapchat of me calling her a nigger and she screenshotted it. Me the idiot had a quarter of my face in it too. Legit no idea if she ever posted it somewhere or not but it's been many years now lmfao. It's honestly very cringy and I want to go back in time to beat my ass for being such an edgy retard like this

No. 876502

I'm a degenerate bitch and the water pressure in my shower is not enough, so I blasted my clit with the spray nozzle in my sink. It was too much and my vag is bleeding now. Why did I do this to myself just for a nut

No. 876503

Yeah I want to go back in time and beat my ass too. Thankfully none of us were calling other people slurs that applied to their race but it’s still really awful to have a bunch of white people call each other those things. These chats haven’t been used for awhile and I don’t think anyone’s looked at them in years so I don’t think anyone’s going back and screenshotting anything I’m just extremely paranoid. The internet truly is forever kids.

No. 876508

wtf how do you bleed from water

No. 876509

Wish I knew. I'm worried I ruined my clit, nonas

No. 876511

I put my last ex in the hospital tbf, I bottled him. No regrets

No. 876513

I wailed on a man who abused me when he was passed out once. I kicked his head and nose and punched his throat. He didn't wake up at all. I genuinely thought about killing him and I was only 12.

No. 876519

i'm proud of you nona

No. 876533

File: 1628480101991.jpeg (590.33 KB, 1800x800, F6AF42D9-0D3D-4ABA-893A-357A7E…)

I have a ramekin where I dump out my old contact water each morning. The water turns viscous, and there are some parts that crystallize. These crystalline structures are goopy still, so if you poke a finger in it will squish and give like rubber. One time in one ramekin (my mom dumps it out sometimes) these crystals were very solid. These are like the icebergs, because underneath the thin film and crystals there is viscous water. It’s kinda beautiful. I dump my old contacts there too and it’s cool how they harden. They’re like little boats in my arctic eye contacts goop ocean. I’m the type to put bread in a zip and put it in under my bed or grow mold, so I just like this kind of stuff. It’s the least I could do.

I must also confess that I’m crushing so so hard on an old friend, with whom I had a hard falling out with 3 years ago. We reconnected so easily and naturally though, and he’s done so much that I feel proud of him in a way. I’m seeing him tomorrow, wish I could steal a little kiss.

No. 876545

I hate pizza, as an idea and in execution

No. 876549

Oh thank fuck I'm not the only one

No. 876550

Maybe you started your period? I used a vibrator once and the exact same thing happened. I was so worried but it really decided to introduce itself after I was finished. Hope you’re okay.

No. 876582

I love cold as fuck water

No. 876600

I love drinking hot water

No. 876601

I like both of those, but I dislike lukewarm water.

No. 876667

Sanic-sama gave me a positive response to my question, so I'm not as stressed about my application as I would be normally.

No. 876681

I'm going to spray a lukewarm hose on you

No. 876684

I really want access to a specific person’s Instagram account and not even for anything nefarious. I don’t even want to read their DMs. I just want to see their story archive because they used to post very pretty things.

No. 876698

I need genius.com or songmeanings.com to help me understand the meaning of most lyrics

No. 876932

I'm so pleased I figured out how to use bitcoin and buy drugs online. I feel so cosmopolitan.

No. 877011

I really need to get an autism diagnosis because same, I don't get metaphors at all, even for basic pop songs.

No. 877014

Me three, I also can't understand poems.

No. 877025

File: 1628523888623.jpg (1.65 MB, 2567x3336, IMG_6892.jpg)

I laughed at someone for having a celebrity as a father figure when their dad is still very much involved with their life but I find now I'm doing the same thing with Martha Stewart…

No. 877034

File: 1628524198818.gif (483.63 KB, 496x368, 6ADW.gif)

I bet she gives great hugs. I have one too, it's the incomparable Julie Andrews. Who was the father figure celeb?

No. 877050

File: 1628525924767.jpeg (14.54 KB, 293x274, 9491C334-D3A6-4BAD-A071-70E397…)

being babied…… turns me on

No. 877077

good choice of gif, she looks so warm here. it was Keanu

chants go to /g/, leave us be. go to /g/, leave us be

No. 877085

I'm usually a pretty body positive person in a sense that I don't give a shit if a woman is attractive or not, and generally don't judge by appearance, but it's pissing me off so much that Lana is fat now like get it together woman. I want her to be hot how am I supposed to lose myself to old money sugar daddy anthems when she looks like a soccer mom. I want to slap her into being sexy and glamorous again. Doesn't even carry it in a cool way like Adele did. Basically what I'm saying is Lana del Rey is the only person I body shame

No. 877089

Lana's weight gain annoyed people because she has nothing else to offer. Her music is not that good, her lyrics are bottom of the barrel, she is not a smart person. Her looks gave her a career and kept it afloat.

No. 877103

i had unprotected sex last week and my bf paused and stopped because he thought he came a little inside of me. I thought he was joking until he kept spreading me open to check (as if that will do anything lol) I told him it wasnt a big deal because i really don't think i can get pregnant and if i do i know i wont keep it. But my friend was telling me to take a plan b after i told her but for some reason I couldnt bring myself to spend $50 when i may not even be pregnant. I feel really stupid for not using a condom. Please nonnies pray that I am not pregnant. I realize now that plan b is much cheaper than an abortion. So i shouldve just sucked it up and made hiim pay for it. It also sucks because my PMS symptoms have been starting like 2 weeks before my period now so idk if my boobs are sore because im pregnant or because my period is due next week. Ladies please don't take maca root if you not ready for a child. My dumbass was taking 2 pills a day because i heard it makes your boobs and butt bigger and increases your sex drive. But i ignored the testimonies of women saying it made them more fertile. I WANT TO CRY. i dont want a demon spawn in me!! USE A CONDOM.

No. 877135

>how am I supposed to lose myself to old money sugar daddy anthems when she looks like a soccer mom
When you realize that men will pay for anyone and ever having to look a certain was is an illusion created by men to benefit men.

No. 877192

>don't want to get pregnant
>fucks raw
>doesn't want to take precautions to prevent pregnancy
Some of you need a slap. You do realize you could still get pregnant even if he didn't come inside?

No. 877193

She was gorgeous, lol I hate that she ruined her own aesthetic.

No. 877195

your bf should've offered to pay that stupid morning after pill for you the moment he came in you. What the fuck. You're both stupid.

No. 877205

You and your bf are really fucking stupid.

No. 877222

You're probably getting your period,I don't think a week after conception if it has happened your boobs would hurt. They'd not be making milk for a while yet lol.

Take a pregnancy test if you're late. Tends to happen with pregnancy scares, the sooner you know the more options you have.

No. 877266

I hate being a woman but I would never want to be a man.

No. 877279

I dont feel bad for anyone so fucking retarded they dont use condoms. youre fucking stupid and your bf is garbage.

No. 877282

Based and same

No. 877285

If you believe in maca root making you fertile then try believing in huge amounts of vit C that supposedly causes uterus contractions and brings period. Look it up first though, I'm not a doctor.

Unrelated, my confession: I have broken a scrote's heart for the first time in my life. The only reason I felt bad about it was because I was worried he might get aggressive afterwards.

No. 877290

If more men committed suicide then less women would be abused so i agree. Males in general should off themselves but we all know half of them wont because they dont want to stop sperging about their fake depression and buy shitty anime figurines

No. 877304


I could slap you for not taking the plan b. Praying you're not preggo, take a test as soon as possible.

Don't be like me, scrambling for an abortion.

No. 877311

File: 1628542244645.jpg (104.53 KB, 738x738, Tumblr_l_736218888726797.jpg)

Name your child after me anon

No. 877321


Google says that the vitamin C thing isn't true and that only one study done in the 60s says anything about it.

Do you have any pregnancy symptoms like implantation bleeding or vomiting? I now realize that I had implantation bleeding like the first missed period…

No. 877327

I confess that I wish my partners was one of those spineless people who keep taking back bad partners, why did I have to pick someone with self respect?
I often feel compelled to fuck up my relationship because I'm bored by how peaceful it is and at this moment I don't care that it would hurt anyone, but I also 100% know I would immediately cry like a little bitch and beg for forgiveness if I ever did anything wrong because I would hate to see my SO sad and would hate to have to face any consequences or actually break up

I'm 30 and don't have bpd, I just feel uncomfortable living a peaceful life

No. 877330

How are farmers THIS fucking stupid

No. 877357

Give her a break, we've all done seriously stupid things in our lives. Sometimes it takes fuckups like this to learn. I honesty pray you're not preggo anon!

No. 877393

I dress in a “slutty manner” because its hot asf and as a way to tell everyone to fuck off. I was raped as a teen and ppl blamed me because my body is curvy and apparently i asked for it and i dressed conservatively for years but honestly i dont give a fuck anymore. i cant hide my big boobs and big butt and i just wear whatever i want now. i cant control my body and i wont let anyone blame me for what men did to me anymore.
still makes me cry sometimes but i know ill be ok. i just wish someone told me that when i was a teen

No. 877431

I scared myself by cutting deeper than usual. I just wanted to do a few quick scratches with one of those eyebrow razors but it cut way deeper than intended. It bled so much. Now it’s only contained with some simple bandages but I had to get gauze and wrap and shit at first. It was scary lol.

No. 877432

Girl, fucking stop that shit before you actually die or get an infection, kisses.

No. 877437

I’m not going to be mean to you, just for all other anons: you can usually get Plan B for free from a Urgent Care and if not Plan B website has a $10 off coupon.

No. 877460

My dog seemed interested in the scabs I picked off my burns, so I let him eat them.
I know that burn scabs are usually pretty leathery and snotty as scabs go, but it turned even my stomach watching him having to chew my scabs. He seemed to enjoy it and even tried to lap up my blood after, but I still feel kind of awful about it. I don't know why, I've seen him eat literal shit before, but eugh

No. 877468

The fucked thing is I was cleaning it with rubbing alcohol to disinfect it after I used it for it’s intended purpose. Then impulsivity took hold and I was like “oh nice!… oh god that’s deep” lol. So I probably won’t get infected.

No. 877475

File: 1628560228715.jpg (318.1 KB, 736x696, 1613622653030.jpg)

this post haunts me

No. 877476

you made him so happy. he loved that shit more than you will possibly know, nonnie

No. 877480

I'm a shotacon

No. 877488

Me too but only for Len Kagamine

No. 877496

Every once in a while I get this nagging, inexplicable feeling that I shouldn’t exist. It’s not that I’m suicidal, it’s just that sometimes I feel I don’t belong in my own life. I don’t think my parents were ever in love, they just got married because my dad knocked my mom up. And they got divorced only a couple of years later. Their lives were not better for having had me. I sometimes wonder if I was meant to be aborted, and my whole life is just one big cosmic filing error.

No. 877501

File: 1628563738104.jpeg (62.67 KB, 590x500, 2374DB95-CD49-40B9-822A-368D90…)

I’ve been snorting my bupropion l m a o

No. 877505

Never change anon

No. 877507

Did your parents neglect you anon? Mine pretended I didn't exist outside of telling me to do chores and homework, and I still kind of feel like an npc that got sentience.

No. 877511

Not on purpose. They both did their best as parents but they made dumb decisions and thus were always busy with their underpaying jobs or failed relationships. What can ya do [shrug]

No. 877528

I am very greasy but the thought of being naked and alone in the shower doesn't feel great right now

No. 877531

Fuck it. I'll do it in the dark and blast some music.

No. 877592

No. 877621

I reported my summer job-employer of 2 years to the authorities for not following covid regulations. I don't know if anything came of it because I quit but they deserved it for other reasons.

No. 877687

I used to be friends with a lolicon, it was mostly an online friendship but we met up a few times. He never sent me gross shit or tried to hook up with me but he never hid his tastes (like adding all the disgusting doujinshis he bought to a public profile on a weeb website). At first I tried to ignore it, telling myself "it's just drawings, they are not real", but I still had this nagging feeling that it was wrong, especially since it was 95% of the stuff he bought. I ended up ghosting him when I finally realized how fucked up he probably was.

No. 877789

File: 1628597993543.jpg (83.22 KB, 634x871, lana.jpg)

Gonna cry?
She looks chunked up of course but more confident

No. 877795

The Virgin DDLG Lana vs The Chad Free Woman Chunkster Lana

No. 877805

File: 1628599606036.jpeg (18.5 KB, 500x281, 2UshSv_0PLVUmGy00.jpeg)

Now he has the taste for human flesh, nonnie

No. 877831

File: 1628602138325.gif (3.18 MB, 220x301, hehe.gif)

i don't always finish the books i read, but once i get a good idea about it from a few couple pages i act like an expert about it omg im sorry i swear ill finish everything starting tomorrow

No. 877834

Quit fucking trying to break into my account you bitch

No. 877835

I'm a silly goose

No. 877841

Curb your ‘tism

No. 877843

Lana tried to be sexy and glamorous for like four months a decade ago. It will never happen again.

No. 877856

I miss Laineybot’s boring ass.
Turn me loose, silly goose.

No. 878104

Yesterday I saw an ugly man on TV having somewhat of a panic attack and it turned me on.
I was literally never attracted by men before, so I guess this is a sign to get my shit together and get that therapy..

No. 878147

I got contacted by Test and Trace to tell me to self-isolate for 10 days, even though I haven't been anywhere or been with anyone. I'm double-jabbed and I already caught COVID (in a secured hospital ward, of all places) so I have simply decided to block the 0300 number and carry on with life as normal. It won't even be a requirement for me to self-isolate in five days and it's my birthday this week, so sod it.

How did they even get my number to contact anyway? It's creepy.

No. 878154

Do they not tell you the details of where you were exposed to it?

No. 878191

Nope, for patient confidentiality reasons.
The thing is, they're not able to give nuanced advice. They only get taught to do the overcautious thing and impose self-isolation in any and every circumstance to cover themselves.

Ranting, but I don't feel guilty at all. It's not like I have a social life to speak of or that I'm going out clubbing, I'm a crippled shut-in. I live in rural England and leave the house for therapy, food, and exercise, and that's it. I wear masks in public spaces and I sanitise regularly, I don't touch things I'm not going to buy. I won't isolate again on the advice of an overcautious algorithm when I literally saw a child stick a finger up its nose and wipe it on the counter at Boots today. I don't think I'm likely to endanger anybody more than that kid did.

No. 878196

I really miss the Kpop critical threads. They were awesome and unhinged.

No. 878207

Those threads would probably be super active right now with the recent news of that dude from EXO. I think it was for the better that K-Pop Critical was nuked though, especially with the recent influx of newfags this year.

No. 878217

true. I am still hoping that it will get revived one day. Do you know any other place where they have a similar thread? I already searched on cc but that one is like a dry wasteland

No. 878220

choachan basically became the containment board for kpopfags on lolcow and cc. they have a critical thread though it isn’t as fast as the old one on lolcow.

No. 878240

They casually use roastie over there I'm convinced it's full of larping trannies

No. 878465

I don't want the threads because they attract spergy stans and antis, I get why they were banned. I wish we were allowed occasional kpop discussion though. If someone posts a random thought about kpop in a thread like vent or w/e, you get banned for even replying to it. It seems like such an overreaction to completely ban discussion of an entire music industry regardless of the nature and content of the posts (which can feasibly be mature and reasonable). Just don't have a dedicated thread and don't let people husbandofag or sperg, it's that easy.

No. 878516

I read years old horny messages from my groomer ex-friend when I feel unwanted because I miss being simped for.

No. 878548

Years ago on a Chris-chan imageboard I wrote a short snippet fanfic of chris having sex with his mom.

No. 878556

I'm actually so embarrassed… I didn't realise the extent of it before, but I am so extremely horny throughout most of the day. I've started masturbating at minimum after waking up and before bed. I wanted to not make this a habit because I don't want to become addicted, but I am actually so horny the whole time that it helps and makes me feel better to do. It isn't even much of a choice and feels more like a necessary remedy to clear my mind. I didn't realise how clouded my thoughts were until after I started masturbating more often. I can't believe how it's possible for me to masturbate twice a day and I am slightly concerned with how high my sex drive is. I know it's healthy, but still… I don't know. I just feel embarrassed for being such a horny mess. The clarity doesn't even last that long, I just become horny again really quickly and could probably masturbate once more. I don't even watch porn and openly advocate against it, as well as casual sex and excessive sexual emancipation. Ahh

No. 878566

> I can't believe how it's possible for me to masturbate twice a day
I dont think masturbating twice a day is excessive by itself, still thinking about sex alot for the rest of the day is the excessive part.

No. 878632

my anti depressant pilled ass would like some of what you have

No. 878638

The older I get the more I realize how based was my grandma when she told me "always go for the younger men, it's easier to train them." it sounds better in my language, since the word for (train) she choose is used exclusively for animals

No. 878655

I have issues with my dad and the way he raised me. I'll probably never tell him that but it bothers me to this day as it shaped me in all the wrong ways. I'm an anxious mess with low self belief and I'm trying my best to work on it. The last guy I dated had issues with his mom but was the same… he put on an act like everything was ok when he went to visit them. It's a bit of a thing in my country in general. Families keep secrets or never communicate and if you try to talk about your feelings you're the weirdo and you need to shut up and not rock the boat.

Anyway, me having dad issues and him having mom issues…it's probably no surprise that we had a very unhealthy relationship and we took our past issues out on each other without much awareness of what we were doing. I see it now in retrospect. God knows if he ever looks back on it. He moved on so insanely quick that he probably doesn't. I don't want to repeat some miserable cycle.

No. 878661

My boyfriend and I split a peanut butter oh henry almost every day

No. 878692

>twice per day
here my disgusting coomer ass had been wondering if 20-30 times per day was bad for you and that's why I'm always in crotch pain

No. 878700

20-30 times a day? How do you manage to do anything? I'm just having trouble believing you

No. 878706

is that even possible? i once read that after 11 times it will get painful

No. 878751

I love zig and sharko

No. 878864

russian/eastern euro immigrants freak me the fuck out, it’s like talking to a reptilian or a robot pretending to be human. i can never relax around one. i grew up there myself and slavs are usually chill af, it’s just something about us immigrants specifically.

No. 878912

Amateur. I'm a literal hentai character and I cum 20 times in 30 minutes.

No. 878930

I'm a euro immigrant and I'm scared of euro immigrants. They're all so on edge and suspicious for no reason too, and take any opportunity to judge and ego trip. Why??

No. 878934

forgive me anons for I have sinned. it’s been two threads since my last confession. I can’t stop having sex dreams and orgasms in my sleep despite being a 20-something woman. is my brain to genitals pathway broken??? I used to go months without masturbating and I’m not hornier than before the dreams started so I don’t think it’s that suddenly my sex drive went into overdrive. the dreams are really embarrassing too, just because they’re like, me watching lesbian porn fully clothed on a tiny black TV screen and the Virgin Mary is hovering in the black void ceiling and tells me it’s a gift for me, and then I nut while the Virgin Mary tells me it’s okay.
>tfw repressed religious upbringing surfaces but only in my dreams
>tfw spooky Catholic sex dream

No. 878945

yeah that could be your repressed catholic upbringing clashing with your sexual orientation. you are not the only one with this problem. there actually were some nuns that were also lesbian like benedetta carlini and a woman named st. theresa who had sex dreams about jesus so don't worry too much about it, anon. it is normal that your sex drive is higher in some phases of life and sometimes lower, it is part of being human do not feel ashamed of it.

No. 878947

I think my mom thinks that I’m a covert narcissist and honestly she might be right.
I’ve been combing articles and I don’t know but the thought is deeply disturbing. Before this, I was worried I was autistic. Lately I’ve been worried that I’m borderline, which might actually make sense. Now I’m worried it’s narcissism.

The only thing she’s got right is that I hate her.

No. 878948

then your mom might be the problem and not you. stop self-diagnosing and stop listening to her.

No. 878950

File: 1628716096980.gif (1.58 MB, 238x174, 1587623702422.gif)

I sometimes like to watch scrote-tier anime (like your average harem shitter, shounenshit or borderline hentai-tier sol) in my freetime as mindless entertainment.

I also really miss tempcow.

No. 878960

I own a book of self-published poetry by a female teenage murderer who is currently in prison. She was (is?) a huge cow, wish we got some prison updates beyond the information that she won some poetry contest.

No. 878979

Who is it?

No. 878993

Won't tell you anything unless you are Polish, but Zuzanna Maksymiuk aka Maria Goniewicz

No. 879001

Thank you.

No. 879115

I’m naturally dominant and taking money from men is fun but I don’t want to join findom twitter because ew

No. 879118

I love when Dave screams ALVIN in the Alvin & The Chipmunks movies

No. 879124

File: 1628734262277.jpg (33.48 KB, 500x500, notachipmunk.jpg)

Nona, I think we're spiritually connected since I also thought about it today. Have a kiss.

No. 879139

Extremely disgusting. One time I was constipated as hell for almost three weeks straight which led to me straight up sticking a finger up my asshole to break the feces inside. My fingers smelt so bad despite all the soap I kept using over and over. Ended up crying afterwards because it was so horrible. Thank god for the existence of laxatives. A very dark time.

No. 879144

Don't feel too bad, this is considered a medically acceptable method. Usually done with gloves, but desperate times I suppose. Glad you're doing better, I love ot.

No. 879145

Thank you! Hearing that makes me feel better, lol. May all of us here live a constipation free life.

No. 879149

did the shit smell ever go away?

No. 879151

Yes. I believe after a day or maybe less. I kept religiously and obsessively washing my hands every hour and spraying it with cologne.

No. 879187

I have a fake profile on seeking arrangement (no face or anything, I’m not that dumb) that is only there to piss off men. When I’m extremely bored I go through their profiles, have a laugh or ten, and then match their energy in the “about” and “seeking” sections on the fake profile.

It’s actually a pretty well written, thorough, straight to the point profile with nothing completely outrageous in it but oh does it make them seethe kek

No. 879196

Please share some stories, this sounds hilarious.

No. 879204

File: 1628745746207.jpeg (78.99 KB, 1242x615, 2779BD63-74DB-4DF7-A8A0-9E5E1A…)

Here’s a good recent representation of how the men are on there react kek I never write to any of them so these messages are just… out of nowhere.

Honestly, if you know you can read through some shit and need a laugh, all you have to do is signup with a burner email to view profiles. You don’t even have to set a password. The cows here have nothing on some of these absolutely unhinged men.

No. 879208

After being a huge conservationist for years I decided to stop. I used to be vegan, only shopped in ethical and places, and avoided producing trash, restricted travelling etc.I'm tired of not doing things I would otherwise enjoy while everyone else keeps polluting, and coomsoming, and eating and destroying. The rich will keep destroying the world, and killing, pollution won't get better and we'll burn in our own waste. It's pointless to care. We'll soon be dead so I'll keep doing everything I want.

No. 879209

File: 1628746067465.jpg (2.19 MB, 2500x1855, 200903-melania-trump-ac-1019p.…)

I dont no vat you meen. Eestern-Yuropeen peepl are very nice and rediate varmth

No. 879235

>like talking to a reptilian or a robot pretending to be human

What makes you think that? Genuine question

Maybe the fake niceness? Some also get a superiority complex once they start earning, what would be considerate above average amount in their country. I kind of get what you mean tho

No. 879239

Samefag I just realized Melania's not even Eastern-European kek oh well

No. 879250

My boyfriend has a much lower sex drive than me. I’m submissive/masochistic but he doesn’t really care for kink. I want to have sex everyday and I’m lucky if he initiates once a week in the middle of the night when I’m asleep. We came to an agreement to give each other the space to sleep with other people, except he’s not hooking up with anyone so really it’s just an excuse for me to fuck around. I’ve had so much sex with dating app dudes in the last week, sometimes two different dudes a day. I have bruises all over me from the last guy who I went over to fuck at 2 in the morning. My boyfriend would move heaven and earth for me and is so sweet and loving but all I want to do is fuck psychos who indulge my masochism. And I really like when they’re psychos and say fucked up things to me and beat me and treat me like trash. Maybe this is just a phase and I’ll burn out. But now my legs and back and arms are bruised and Im dreading seeing my boyfriends horrified face if he sees me naked. Why can’t I like normal sex. Ugh.

No. 879253

Geez anon just get therapy instead.

No. 879254

Go to therapy and get some self esteem, that's fucking grim.

No. 879256

Already in therapy, diagnosed, medicated :/(:/)

No. 879272

Holy shit anon pls love urself

No. 879278

I really don't want to hi scrote but every man in the manosphere has an autistic fixation on female promiscuity and believe that all women are super huge mega sluts who hook up with a different guy from tinder every night of the week and this just… has the vibe

No. 879327

Despite being autistic myself, I can't stand male spergs. Men get it so easy compared to women. They get diagnosed much earlier on average and they get away with fucking murder. No one ever forces male spergs to conform to society and hide their condition like they do with women. That being said though, I would rather try and control my condition then admit defeat like so many parents of male spergs do. I don't mind hanging out with other autistic women because usually when they sperg out it's not that annoying, they just come across as very passionate about the stuff they like. If I hang out with male spergs I start thinking that maybe eugenics isn't such a bad idea after all.

No. 879332

This is the first time i feel bad for the bf lmfao

No. 879340

No. 879341

On one hand yes on the other I personally know women who went through phases like this, fixable by therapy I'm sure

No. 879342

Don't feel bad, nonnie. I got put on morphine and tramadol after and I didn't shit for at least a month. I had to do the same, it was so hard and dry that when I started to go that my bumhole couldn't even pinch off a nugget, so I had to try pulling the end that had come out, and when that didn't work, I had to get manual. For what it's worth, I read about it, and a more appropriate method is apparently to put clean fingers in the vagina and push towards your spine to help move the stool, squeezing yourself out like a tube of toothpaste rather than scraping yourself out like a PB jar if that makes sense. Otherwise you can get bowel laxity or something.

No. 879344

I still come back to listen Crazy Frog sometimes

No. 879348

ko-chan's piss post turned me on

No. 879355

why does he have a weewee

No. 879358


No. 879360

because that's how u know he's a boy

No. 879362


No. 879363

do frogs have weewees

No. 879368

Just this one

No. 879392

As a former heroin addict I can confirm that pushing towards your spine from roughly the base of your vagina is the best method. With opiate induced constipation it's easy to take too many laxatives and then before you know it you've got the opposite problem. I recommend taking senna tablets daily. Your GP might be able to prescribe you some, if not you can get them over the counter. They're natural and won't have you shitting through the eye of a needle. Try upping your fibre intake and drinking more water though, that's a big help too. Why yes, I do know too much about bowel movements. I work with NA and part of my class about improving your health includes a section dedicated to shitting kek.

No. 879439

i love calling men taller than me manlets

No. 879442

Been there, anon. I don’t think your boyfriend or your relationship is sustainable tbh. You need to be single and fuck around if you really want while you GET HELP because bitch you’re broken inside and no amount of gross sex with psycho scrotes is gonna fill that hole (literally). You need to be with someone sexually compatible, or just be single

No. 879456

My small dog sleeps in my bed and i don't kick him out when i masturbate. I just gently push him aside and slide away from him because he's dead asleep and doesn't give a shit, i don't want to make him sad by waking him up and getting him off the bed when he's just snoozing and did nothing wrong.

No. 879459

i hope she sees this

No. 879460

Whenever I go to the grocery store I take at least one thing, usually it's kombucha, it's too damn expensive for a serving. When I was a poor student I would steal ~$20 in a trip. It was pretty exhilarating but now I'm too afraid of being caught to do it anymore

No. 879467

getting caught with 20 dollars worth of food from the grocery store won't even get you a slap on the wrist. at worst you'll be banned from the store. go for it, anon.

No. 879469

Where is the post? I wanna see

No. 879506

the hornyposting thread

No. 879569

When in doubt play dumb. Most grocery stores tell their employees they can't outright accuse customers of stealing unless they're loss prevention.
Make up an excuse if you get caught.

Last year during the height of the pandemic some old cunt caught me at the self checkout kiosk trying to swipe two bags of mushroom jerky as one. Because they're fucking stupid expensive and people probably hawk those a lot. I just pretended like I didn't notice and paid, the old lady knew but she couldn't say I attempted to steal. The only consequence was her tone because she knew I was full of shit lmao.

No. 879584

I eat my baby nephew’s boogers

No. 879591

File: 1628785346137.gif (1.48 MB, 500x281, 150327809543.gif)

I've heard of people eating their own snot but this..why his specifically?

No. 879598

what do they taste like

No. 879686

Eating asparagus makes my pee smell like plastic.

No. 879698

I want to kms bc I don't look like an anime character

No. 879700

Infant boogers taste good, I did the same thing to my youngest sister

Like salty hard slime

No. 879704

Be fucking glad that you do not look like an anime character have you ever imagined how that look would translate into real life? you would look like an uncanny alien and people would run away from you in fear. For the look to work you would need to transform everything else in the universe into anime or get isekaid.

No. 879721

but neoteny is considered cute/attractive on women, and I think that's how the anime aesthetics would translate to real life. i don't buy the "it would be creepy" argument. not that I support op, nobody looks like an anime character and that's just fine

No. 879906

File: 1628815629967.png (207.89 KB, 720x332, 1622560792236.png)

I thought this was hot I'm sorry i just like slobby women who are still cute

No. 879913

You're not the only one anon.

No. 879930

isn't this one of those transformation fetish drawings? so wouldn't she actually be male in the slobby part?

No. 879935

Same,too bad that piece was done by a incestual lolifag

No. 879976

I wish I could relax while receiving oral. I have an extremely willing partner but it makes me so uncomfortable. Tbh I hate attention in general so maybe it stems from that.

No. 879977

No, the plot of the comic is that she’s a TIF.

No. 880036

This website has made me more self conscious about my body. I mean my self esteem was already low and I've pretty much always been insecure about my body but seeing certain descriptors that describe my body get used as insults frequently has def made me feel worse about myself, and these weren't even things I used to feel bad about.

No. 880054

File: 1628839689905.png (229.31 KB, 552x305, wry.png)

i've developed feelings for a fellow fujo friend i've never met or seen a picture of. it's silly because of how impossible it is, and i know she won't ever reciprocate.

No. 880065

Same here anon. Feeling retarded

No. 880335

same except it's one of the husbandofags here. which is ironic since I'm also a husbandofag myself

No. 880423

can't believe Komaedafag's insanity makes you gals crush on her

No. 880451

File: 1628879627816.jpg (43.47 KB, 1125x732, unironically do it.jpg)

I didn't really say who it was, but also shush up

No. 880454

File: 1628879733765.jpg (35.1 KB, 500x488, ff9.jpg)

I go on Omegle at an embarrassingly high frequency, like 3-4 times a week. Specifically videochat. Either because I need shallow validation or just someone to talk to to help me out of my anxiety. I have no idea how to interact with people "in the real world", but when it's a stranger on the internet, it's easier. If you wade through the wankers and kids at sleepovers (which is such a nefarious mixed bag of users), you can get really good, insightful conversations on that website. One time i had a conversation with a person that is in the industry I'm interested in, and gave me a lot of helpful advice on how to start out working.
Last time I was on, an hour through, a cute guy was larping as a DEA agent trying to fnd a coke dealer, and I went along, we had a laugh. I dont know if it was part of a video game, or whatever. Nevertheless, Omegle is not a replacement for actual human interaction, but it fills the empty void pretty well. I just hope to actually start to interact with people in the real world the same way.

No. 880455

I would be so scared in case someone was screen recording me, but I would have went on it at sleepovers lol

No. 880459

at this point idc anymore, to be honest

No. 880461

Do you want to be the pisser or the pissee? Call me ♥

No. 880467

i never went on the video chat but i had times where i was insanely addicted to going on there for whatever reason, glad im out tho cause god the amount of time i spent there is so embarrassing

No. 880470

I will never feel bad for talking shit about men or thinking of creative and overt ways to undermine them. They're top of the hierarchy, they have a massive bullseye to aim for.

No. 880536

I use it every couple of months too anon, my key words never get matched though but I've had some nice wholesome chats where I've felt a little sad when it ended
I never use the video function because I don't want to end up as someone's "content"

No. 880563

i usually freebled ASAP on my period and it's about the third day, but unfortunately my flow was still high and i bled through my only pair of khakis. It's not so noticeable but I feel like a dumbass for being so lazy but I truly hate wearing pads.

No. 880567

File: 1628885925045.jpg (502.29 KB, 800x800, 2016335290-1531412631.jpg)

I wanna customize dolls to sell, but I have such a big fear of failure, it's ridiculous and it's hindering me a lot.
I know I have at least a decent amount of talent for it, because I've customized some for myself and I got a reasonable amount of compliments on it. If I can be a bit cocky, I've seen some other cutomizers' work around and mine were even cuter than some of theirs.
But I fear I'll put a lot of time in one and it will be just laying forever inside her box because none wanted her, or that I'll be overwhelmed by the post office system and fuck up the parcels, or that I'll forget to clean one spot of their clothes and get negative reviews, or that people will neg me to lower my prices and I will think my stuff is worthless.
The weird part is that I'm not too thin skinned and I've sold stuff before (albeit not online), so I don't know why my brain is trying to shut this idea. At worst, if I don't sell my first doll, I could literally just keep it and that's it. It's almost like my brain wants me to fail.

No. 880582

agreed nonnie. I used to be a massive nlog so I would ~empathize~ with them but those times are no longer. I even thought that girl who texted her bf to kill himself was kind of based for doing so. he would have done much more damage as a mentally ill guy with nothing to lose, better off to suicide. She probably realized that too. based.

No. 880595

It creeps me out that Jagmeet Singh's wife looks so much younger than him; they're both adults but it's an 11 year age gap and they're at the ages where it's starting to get noticeable because he's ageing very obviously.

No. 880612

I'm so jealous of this one girl I met in college who is talented at cosplay (at sewing and photography), is pretty, and has a loving relationship. She is that ideal 'smol loli bean' type, but doesn't even have to resort to opening up an OnlyFans because she has a good normie career.

I tell myself that my values have changed over the last few years, so the jealousy I feel about wanting what she has in life doesn't match up with my values for myself now. I don't want attention on the internet, I don't even cosplay anymore, and our goal career fields are very different, but it feels like a massive cope. I guess it'll always sound like a cope because who doesn't want to be beloved and praised by others? We weren't really close friends in college anyway, she was closer to my best friend but ended up treating my friend like shit so when they cut ties I had no reason to continue even being in the same vicinity as her. I guess I'm also mad because she's well liked and people will overlook her faults as a person because she's pretty and talented, but I guess that can go for basically anyone in the cosplay space.

It's been easy to stop giving a shit about the majority of people I stopped being friends with from college, because they were all just plain shitty people failing at life anyway, but this girl has been the opposite of them all.

No. 880629

Anon, just do it. At least make one doll and put it up for sale and allow yourself to take your time with it to figure out everything. If it doesn't work out, what's the loss of one doll?

No. 880634

Have you considered buying reusable period underwear? I recently got some and even the overnight pair aren’t bulky or irritating like pads. I highly recommend trying a pair.

No. 880642

There's other options besides pads.

No. 880647

Lolcow used to affect my body confidence too but after a few years you find out that most anons are visually flawed themselves or at the least completely bpd schizoposters.

No. 880702

Back in the day people used to always talk about Margo’s nasolabial folds and I got really self conscious about mine. I frequently Aly’s threads at a time where, outside of the internet, I was dealing with things and I started getting fucky with my food. Nothing anyone says here is serious, and at some point you realize how insane some anons sound when nitpicking cows body features. Being on here makes me feel self conscious and bad about my body too to some extent, but I realized it it’s pure brainrot and has forced me to browse snow a lot less since that’s where it’s most prevalent (and also celebricows thread).

No. 880739

My favourite artist is a Japanese artist with a small following on twitter and youtube. Her art is goals and is the closest to what I consider the ideal aesthetic. I've never seen her face, only her hands and heard her voice on streams. We've only interacted briefly and superficially online. And I want to eat her pussy.

No. 880773

File: 1628901438365.png (347 KB, 997x720, tumblr_prdf0ivwAN1uv0v25_1280.…)

Yandere is 100% my guilty pleasure, I know It's all trashy problematic garbage but I can't stop consuming material related to it. Something about the idea of someone being so consumed with you to the point of insanity is hot to me.

No. 880911

I just came here to say something about this topic, but maybe the mindset might help for you three.
I come to lolcow partly to purge the feelings I can't openly admit under my own name or to people I know, but partly to practice self confidence and learn how to identify which criticisms are completely useless and based off of completely destructive ways of thinking. Lately I've seen a lot of posts shaming women for shaving their unibrow hairs off with a regular razor, for example, and honestly I wonder how miserable of a person you have to be to shame women for taking the easiest, least painful, and least time consuming way to be considered socially acceptable. It's a completely worthless criticism to make that entirely relies on the listener's belief that anyone (usually a woman) is obligated to put forth extraneous efforts to be "socially acceptable" in one specific "correct" way. A critique like that is worth less than nothing, on the same level as critiquing basic biological feaures that no one can control, like wrinkles, cellulite, or nasolabial folds. Sure it stings to read it, but you have to remember to be conscious of whether or not the criticism being made actually matters, either on a grand scale, or to you personally.
Anyway, beauty is both subjective and transient, so anything you gain from it is vapid and fleeting. You stand to gain much, much more by focusing on more important things, like what you enjoy to do, or what changes you want to see in the world.

No. 880975

Where do you find so much yandere content? I'm like you and I really struggle to find manga/series about yandere… even with vns it's not so easy. Can you rec me something?

No. 880998

I went and saw my ex of 6 years about a few months into dating my current bf, who I live with now and truly adore. I was insanely drunk and we talked, cried and he started going down on me for a few seconds but I stopped him and told him I have a bf. We got sad again and I left, we have never spoken or seen eachother again. I don't know why I did it, I guess because I was especially a bad alcoholic piece of shit, and at the time I was having issues with my current bf as I wasn't super accepting of his incel behavior at the time. God do I regret it and feel so disgusted by it. I didn't even like my ex as it was an awfully problematic relationship.

No. 881007

I tried so hard to not be horny for this stupid fictional man but I failed, now I'm looking for fanfics where he gets tied up and pegged.
I thought I was past this stage in my life but there are literally no irl scrotes I'm attracted to because they're all so ugly so guess I'm beating my clit to another fictional character smh

No. 881008

File: 1628941283933.jpg (66.79 KB, 638x479, matriarchal-societies-5-638.jp…)

I used to be pro-radfem and GC - you know the men and women are equal stuff. But the older I get, the more I unironaically think the best way for humans would be to live in an actual matriarchy. Men need to grow up from childhood to look up to and respect women. The current ideals of equality isn't working because men chimp out and abuse girls and women anyway. They need to be in a social system where this is unthinkable.

No. 881014

none of those societies aren't truly matriarchal though they are matrilineal, I don't think its ever possible to have a matriarchal society but we can have a lot more possible equality in those systems
In matrilineal societies women usually tended to be the ones who handled the property, finance and administration work while all the males preformed the manual labor tasks, there are certain historical examples in various Nordic countries where all the adult men would spend months days or weeks hunting or fishing as a matter of survival for the community so the women were left to run things, Its not a perfect system but its better then what most women have historically have had to deal with
In my Ideal society all men would be soldiers and laborers and women would serve as the intelligentsia and White Collar workers as well as being the one's who run the Government

No. 881016

radical feminism isn't really pro sex equality anyway but rather pro liberation from male oppression/patriarchal society

No. 881019

A woman of taste and class. No STDs, perfect fulfilling sex where you orgasm every time, no cleaning up cum, no disgusting moid to deal with when not horny - you are taking the higher road, and I'm right here with you, nonnie.

No. 881030

i based a big part of my wardrobe and style around a fictional character and i go by her name online, probably not just for anonymity.

No. 881130

Whenever I see documentaries about such socities like the Mosuo I'm struck by how happy and self-confident the women and girls are.
In fact they're healthier than women in patriarchal cultures: https://bigthink.com/culture-religion/matriarchy-mosuo-health
I know they're about liberation from patriarchy but generally don't talk about what their ideal society would look like.
Usually when there are feminist discussion the feminists will say that they don't want to rule over men but have equality. And I'm sitting there thinking that actually yes, having women in charge would improve society massively.

No. 881137

Again I don't think its possible to have a society where women can truly oppress men, however civilization and society is a social contract, you can't flip the dynamic of patriarchy not cause of morality but due to plausibility, for e.g in some Idealized matriarchal cultures in fiction is basically “women fight and hunt, men stay home and care for the babies” and world-building-wise, it makes no sense, think about it, men would still be larger and stronger then women and they wouldn’t be the ones to make the babies, you can't replicate or reverse the patriarchal roles, In the examples you posted of "matriarchal" cultures, hunting and fighting were viewed as necessary jobs but also lesser jobs. like taking the trash out or cleaning toilets: not noble

No. 881138

There is potential for great change. In patriarchal societies, women are controlled through isolation from their social networks, through theft of her labor and earnings, through pregnancy and childcare duties, and through physical violence. Cellphones & digital banking liberate women from the first two possibilities, cheap avortion pills available through the internet liberate women from forced pregnancy, and the physical power of women & men is equalized by the gun.

The importance in particular of financial liberty, that is, the ability to keep money of your own which no one can take or discover, is huge: a major reason for the anti-alcohol movement among women in the 1800s was that husbands, having legal control of family finances, would spend the money on liquor if it was there. Likewise, in some projects where money was given to families in poverty in Africa, women almost all spent the money on their kids, family, farms & businesses, while a lot of men bought themselves leather jackets. We now have the power to give women, and women only, the aid money, should we so choose, as it could be loaded on an account which only she can access via her cellphone. Of course, assholes will still abuse women into giving them access, but it puts a major barrier in the way of that, and hopefully the women would be able to spend at least part of the money to improve their lives (which they actually do) before their husband/father/bad sons get hooks in it.

No. 881140

What documentaries about the Mosuo have you watched? The only one I’ve seen is vid rel and both the women and men say that their culture puts a lot of pressure on the women to work and provide for the family. They do have freedom wrt to dating and running their household but it comes at a huge cost to them. They start talking about it at the 04:30 mark.

No. 881141

I want to write a fantasy book where there is a matriarchy where women are revered and considered the better sex while men exist to serve them (they are kind of like male pick-mes), since women are mothers, kind, wise etc. Men would serve with their strength, but those occupations would be as 'revered' as gradeschool teachers are nowadays. Not paid well, considered low (especially since scrotes are the majority performing them). Of course not every scrote or women would fully believe the script, but that's how the culture would be.

No. 881146

File: 1628953129963.png (693.18 KB, 1411x722, Screenshot (37).png)

Capitalism can never liberate women, it will only further our slavery and make us slaves, In fact it will push women to abuse and mistreat other women for financial gain
For e.g Sophia Amoruso the Woman who coined the term "#GirlBoss" did not give state mandated maternity leave to her female workers and would just fire pregnant female workers so she wouldn't have to pay them

No. 881149

Holyshit, this is so awful. Most women trying to get pregnant, dont tell their jobs for fear of being fired. This is so disheartening coming from a woman. Capitalism breeds pick me bitches

No. 881150

>Men would serve with their strength, but those occupations would be as 'revered' as gradeschool teachers are nowadays. Not paid well, considered low (especially since scrotes are the majority performing them). Of course not every scrote or women would fully believe the script, but that's how the culture would be.
that's the only way I feel a matriarchal civilization could actually exist, one where men are undervalued because of their physical strength

No. 881153

Cartelism breeds "me first bitches" Germanane Greer talked about this, that after the decline of global communism that the nature of feminism would be corrupted and co-opted by capitalism, twisting it into something that only further serves private enterprise rather then women globally

No. 881154

The fact this is enforced by another woman makes it even worse. Awful.

No. 881156

I'm not talking about people in the west at all. Control of their own finances liberates women, regardless of whether society broadly is capitalist or communist around them. Please don't prax at people who aren't even talking about western society problems; it's not at all relevant.

Also…women oppressing other women is bad, I guess, but in a matriarchal spciety, some women would be in power, and others not, just as some men are in power and others in jail. We're not discussing here a perfectly equal society for everybody, we're discussing matriarchy. Why do you hear matriarchy, and necessarily think that has to mean some perfectly equal, loving & caring world? Don't you think that women have greed, ambition, acquisitiveness? A queen bee rules her hive, all the other women & the men serve her; it is not equal but it is matriarchal.

No. 881159

OP here and this is how I think a matriarchal society should be. Women tend to run household managment anyway so they would stereotypically be leaders/do more mental type work. Men would be more focused on physical labour. They would have less status but not completely oppressed.
Somehow these ideas seem unacceptable among the feminists I have encountered.

No. 881174

>women oppressing other women is bad, I guess, but in a matriarchal spciety, some women would be in power, and others not
I don't wanna live in a world where people poor and starving and my only condolences is that certain women are richer then me

No. 881183

You're so loving and caring, you're the most caring woman on the planet, you care so delicately and preciously, and thats of course the highest virtue that women should aspire to. Why are you denying to women the position of being at the top of a stratified society, a position which unworthy men have enjpyed and abused for all history? Let women rule this unequal world for as long as men have done. In a macrocosm of the African village which i discussed earlier. I think women with power would use it with compassion, selflessly, and for greater purposes; in fact I contend that only women in power would let power leave their hands to more equal distributions peacefully; men as we have seen will fight tooth & nail to retain their grip on oppression. Thus working proximately for women to have power over society is working ultimately for equality of all people.

No. 881196

This positions were created b men for the sole purpose to oppress the weak, Female capitalism rarely does anything for women except maybe a couple handful of women wealthy while other suffer in poverty and yes capitalism isn't about how "good" or "moral" an Induvial capitalist happens to be, the system allows only sociopaths, opportunists and narcissists to scudded, I do not want women like Sophia Amoruso to even be allowed to call themselves feminist
Feminism is its about the Individual its about women as a class

No. 881212

I'm not saying you're wrong about the ideal way for the world to work. I'm just saying that it doesnt work that way yet, and for any given man in power right now, it would be better for him to be replaced by a woman, because women use power more selflessly. Basically, as bad as any woman in power acts, the equivalent man would do worse things in that position. She denies them maternity leave? He would do that plus probably sexually harass employees and discriminate against women. Therefore, as a woman, in our present society it's moral to seek power for yourself & for other women, because you will do the world better in that role than a man would. When women are in power, the world could change for a more equal future, but if women dont seek and take power, that will never happen, because oppressive men will stay in charge.

No. 881217

That escalated quickly.

No. 881220

Nta but I think you're playing up the kindness of women. Of course women are, on average, kinder and more considerate than men, but there have been female leaders that have absolutely damaged the countries they ran, like Margaret Thatcher and Indira Gandhi. I don't expect any capitalist, male or female, to rule with care and consideration.

No. 881222

>as bad as any woman in power acts, the equivalent man would do worse things in that position.
Nta but absolutely true, preach.

No. 881232

>You're so loving and caring, you're the most caring woman on the planet, you care so delicately and preciously, and thats of course the highest virtue that women should aspire to.
Sorry but this reads like a copypasta at best, and tradthot narrative at worst, cut it out. Women are allowed to be more than perfect, motherly, hyper empathetic beings that care way too much about others than themselves, I'm fucking sick of it.

Also anyone unironically shilling communism ITT is retarded af, sheltered and gullible.

No. 881233

You accuse others of being pick-me's, well your a pick for capitalism 'um yes daddy capitalism please let me serve you' that's what you sound like

No. 881238

I get so horribly horny whenever I cry a lot

No. 881239

I mean, if you love communism so much, let’s do an exchange, you live in my wonderful communist country and I go live at your horribly capitalist evil country.
Let’s see if you can survive with the salary that the government of my country gives and their perks.

No. 881241

Wtf I'm this >>881232 anon and i didn't even mention pickmes at all? Besides I live in a Communist dictatorship you asshead, I'm not going to defend that shitty ideology no matter how bad cApItAlLiSm gets, it can't get worse than communism, you live in a fucking bubble.

No. 881260

Do you live in North Korea cause there are no communist states left except Cuba and I'm not a Communist, I'm a socialist

No. 881266

speaking as a person living in an ex-'communist' (wasn't real communism) country, based

No. 881281

I'm from Venezuela, which is literally Cuba nowadays or even poorer, not ~officially~ Communist but everything here is based on communism/derivates, we even have communes, ""social plans"" and almost everything is controlled by the state.
>"""Wasn't real Communism""""
You guys always bring this one up, it's never "true" communism, every failed communist project was not the ~real deal~ pfft.

No. 881284

File: 1628963930097.jpg (45.87 KB, 469x600, Gen05.jpg)

well the CIA had our elected socialist prime minister hanged and helped put in place an Islamic Military Dictatorship, in this period young women had to be raped before being executed(cause its not allowed to execute Virgin women in Islam) and thieves had their hands cut off
I would have preferred any sort of communism over the hell that were the years of the Zia-ul-Haq dictatorship, cause his influence has still not died off even 30 years after his death

No. 881288

>wasn't real communism
NTA but anon probably means something like former Yugoslavia which was never really a communist country (it was literally called the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia) but despite this every English-speaking source will refer to it as 'communist Yugoslavia' and everyone not from eastern Europe thinks it was the same thing as the USSR.

No. 881293

Bitch, I’m also from venezuela and please tell me what the fuck is communism then because I guess I don’t fucking know.
I also know Cubans who ran away from that cesspool they call a country, is that also not communism?
For fuck’s sake, I hope the country you live in decides to apply communism so you can have lots of fun being a lazy piece of shit, you disgusting selfish idiot.

No. 881310

No. 881336

File: 1628968403125.jpg (309 KB, 735x1036, CW.jpg)

When I was dumb edgelord and in the "True Crime/Serial Killer Fandom" I would get severely disappointed anytime I learned a serial killer was just some pervert who killed only women for sexual reasons, it wasn't cause I had sympathy for the innocent women murdered and tortured it was just less "cool" for me when the killer was just some sexist degenerate, my Idealized "OC serial killer" was just insanely an strong man who murdered people regardless of gender and race or he was clearly insane schizophrenic who killed cause of his delusions, I hated the idea of most serial killers being rapists and perverts
so I started getting into Mass Murderers, early mass shooters and spree killers, cause of this I would get talked down too for being too edgy and offensive by the same girls who sexualized Ted Bundy and Ramirez, I would get into arguments with these girls over who was worse, looking back everyone involved in these debated including myself needed some counselling, the 2000's were a strange time

No. 881341

I'd rather have 20 komaedafags being autistic than all the stupid political genderbullshit that social media has to offer. Komaedafags at least are funny

No. 881342

i feel like im in the same boat as you, but in the beginning stages. how did you shake off the interest?

No. 881365

File: 1628971061316.gif (Spoiler Image, 362.54 KB, 320x244, D.gif)

Some gradual maturing, I also realized how fucked up I was when I realized that I was starting to gain a crush on Dylan roof, I had an entire folder dedicated to photos of him and a separate folder for the edits of him
I used to unironically share shit like this or make my own edits, I'm not even white btw

No. 881410

Maybe 5 weeks ago I met a guy and talked to him while we were both stuck waiting around for a couple hours for something. He lives close by, we have some stuff in common and I was instantly attracted to him. I was really feeling it and I bumped into him a couple times since. We talked for maybe 2 minutes each of those times and my dreams of him actually hitting on me looked unlikely.

I thought I'd be obsessing over him for a long time to come but damn it feels like it's passed already. Sometimes it's good to be fickle

No. 881443

whoever created that gif… fucker should be shot

No. 881467

I never really ended my fakeboi phase mentally, just realized I'd never pass and convinced myself not to even try because I'd look ridiculous. Whenever I start to get ideas, I look through the fakeboi threads. I do want a double mastectomy, though. If I have one of those I can live my life as a regular woman and be more or less fine

No. 881482

I've been detrans for 7 years now and I don't externally entertain any of that stuff anymore but if I went to a 'gender therapist' again and honestly shared my thoughts I'd likely be prescribed hormones all over again and on a list for a masectomy. It's weird how the underlying feelings went nowhere. I just refuse to act on them.

No. 881488

You’ll just find something else to hate and fixate on.

No. 881499

File: 1628981844700.jpeg (111.42 KB, 615x1090, 2B57B9D6-95CB-41DC-B8F5-5FBE8C…)

I just now realized that when the anonymous name is dark blue it means someone saged their post or some newfag/scrote accidentally put their email.

No. 881502

this guy looks insufferable. I'm exhausted just imagining his aura

No. 881504

>I never really ended my fakeboi phase mentally, just realized I'd never pass and convinced myself not to even try because I'd look ridiculous. Whenever I start to get ideas, I look through the fakeboi threads.
Are you literally me holy shit
I am dysphoric and I go to lolcow, KF, 4chan for repfuel. At this point I think it's just a form of self-harm for me

No. 881509

No country has ever tried actual communism and I’m not saying this because I’m a dumbass tankie or whatever. Whenever communism is placed into practice it’s never communism because the people who always do this don’t even understand what the fuck it is. Communism has no government or private property yet the governments who are always regarded as “communist/socialist/marxist” make their economy state-controlled almost like actual fascism. Makes me think, sorry for the sperging

No. 881511

File: 1628982580934.jpeg (247.65 KB, 620x1763, 397649B9-10EB-466B-B745-05468B…)

Communism doesn’t even make sense because humans are shit and nobody is willing to do their part of the job.

No. 881514

Yeah, "everyone takes only as much as they need and gives as much as they possibly can" fails everything we know about human nature.

No. 881515

Nonny I can see where you’re coming from and honestly you’re right in some regard but that doesn’t mean capitalism or communism has to be the only thing that continuously needs to be tried. I’m kind of tired of capitalism, just sayin

No. 881517

Super late, but thanks anon!
I think I'll do that. Worst case scenario: I either keep the doll or I can give it to one of my nieces.

No. 881518

Also, none of these people actually know what communism is either kek, they think it requires no hard work or liberation on their own. No one should be against work, it’s just that the value and meaning of labor is detached away from the person doing the work. Work has been broken down into monotonous and repetitive task for most people.

No. 881521

I know it’s crazy, but if everything was more centric, wouldn’t life be better? I honestly can’t understand how everyone is so black and white nowadays, some capitalist ideas are useful, other ideas are useless; some communist ideas could work, others are retarded. Mix both, and you get best of both worlds!

No. 881523

Communism would never ever work. Look at the world today. A free vaccine is being offered to save lives and there's conspiracies against it. I personally don't think every adult has the competency to vote let alone be directly responsible for my lifestyle.

No. 881524

My job is being the bouncer that takes the trauma consealor out in the woods so she doesn't waste our resources.

No. 881550

mmm cummunism.. pop pop and I don'y stop I drop drop and I pop NUH

No. 881561

>Communism has no government
It is impossible to not have a government. If there's no government and I'm out in a shack in the desert, I'm ruler of the desert and the shack is the capitol building. Anarchy is so fundamentally retarded it's not even worth criticizing.

I can't believe these people are serious.

No. 881565

File: 1628986465133.gif (3.27 MB, 498x351, D3FF95A1-E070-4CBC-8526-12C080…)


No. 881566

Free vaccine, yet millions more ppl dying from not being able to afford basic medical treatment, than dying from rona? Why would they start caring now?

No. 881603

anon don’t also tell them that our favorite preshush free market billionaire bill gates was reluctant on giving india COVID-19 technology (which include vaccines LOL)

No. 881631

As the anon you're quoting, i was being sarcastic in that part. I was saying the other anon was holding to being a selfless pacifist-anarchist-whatever and refusing to plan around the way the world actually does presently work, regardless of what ideal future of caring they hope eventually comes. I mean i hope we all live in jetsons future equality world soon but we just dont yet. It was confusing thpugh i think because then i later argued that women would be better leaders due to compassion and selflessness: basicalky i think women will always have more than enough compassion and need to be more vicious & ambitious right now to wrest power from men.

My exact point is that I would take thatcher over reagan any day of the week, and thats exactly a perfect example of what I meant. if you dont understand why slighrly cold thatcherism is literally not even comparable to christian-republican-reaganism in its danger to women, i dont really have anything to say because it means you really need to do a lot of like, learning reading and growing idk. Brits need to learn that their mum having lived under the terrifying aura of maggie thatvher doesnt make them part of some kind of longsuffering resistance movement. Yeah, she was the one prime minister you had that was anywhere close to as bad as a standard american republican. It must have been so hard.

No. 881643

It doesn't work because deep down–subconsciously even–some people think they're above actual work ergo better than others.
None of these fuckers say "Yeah I'll be the one digging up potatoes in the field," or other such types of labor. It's always funsie type shit or stuff that can easily be had sitting down and doing nothing ie. "Oh I'll listen to your problems, perhaps even be in charge of games night!" They don't want to actually contribute, they just want to coax by while some other sucker gets stuck doing all the thankless manual labor. Then rub salt in their wounds by acting as if everything were equal. Too many people are selfish opportunists. This dynamic happens in actual workplaces all too often too.

ot but this kinda reminds me of being in a relationship with men lmao. The types who think labor is split down the middle because they take out the trash 2x a week and mow the lawn 2x a month, whereas women get saddled cooking, doing dishes, and other domestic labor that needs to be done every fucking day. And of course if a woman dares point out the discrepancy she's being a demanding bossy bitch.

No. 881647

I mean fuck Indra Ghandi, she ignored a genocide that was happening right next to her country just so she could bait the the Pakistani's to attack her first so she could justify her war, tried to systematically try to end Sikhism cause she viewed them as separatist threat and used Hindu nationalism to rally her points which ended India's up until then mostly secular modern political history, also Margret Tacher is disliked for her support of the UDF in northern Ireland who committed systematic ethnic cleansing raids on certain districts

No. 881656

File: 1629005132249.png (2.04 MB, 1242x1504, 1609286455150.png)

I read my posts from past vent threads that go back years ago. Sometimes I laugh at my past problems, but on others hit too close to home and still ring true. Yet it's nice to see my old replies, like reading a diary with surprises because I only vaguely remember which are mine and it takes a second. Usually I only see a post of mine because of a reaction pic I used, and even though I no longer have said pic I still catch it because it's totally something past me would have posted haha.

No. 881669

File: 1629007158385.jpg (132.1 KB, 1300x957, serious-crossfit-couple-posing…)

I love being fit and having sex with my fit male partner, our bodies are near peak of human performance and we can lift each other, I have to use my entire body and he can life me with just one hand

No. 881673

Lucky bishh, enjoy it while it lasts

No. 881674

I am very envious, congrats anon!

No. 881676

I thought the same way as a kid. Not really sure what it was about the color blue that I hated so much.

No. 881684

i would've been much worse off if i'd been in an abusive relationship with a man instead of a woman. getting assaulted by a man would definitely make me want to kill myself

No. 881686

goals tbh

No. 881689

I mean compared to Richard Ramirez and Bundy, Charles Whitman is a little better
>He was sitting up there for more than an hour,
>Way up there on the Texas Tower
>Shooting from the twenty-seventh floor. Yahoo!
>He didn't choke or slash or slit them,
>Not our Charles Joseph Whitman,
>He won't be an architect no more.
>Got up that morning calm and cool,
>He picked up his guns and walked to school.
>All the while he smiled so sweetly
>And it blew their minds completely,
>They'd never seen an Eagle Scout so cruel.

No. 881701

File: 1629014118964.jpg (69.85 KB, 640x631, SM2.jpg)

I can sadly relate, I was into the Columbine "fandom" for a while, some of it was semi-Ironic but a lot of it was genuine, they were were cool and edgy and they were dead so we could insert our own fantasies AND DESIRES upon them

No. 881705

It still pisses me off how normies always pull the "tHeY wErEn'T bUlLiEd" card whenever they get brought up even though their own parents and friends said that they were. Everyone claims to have been bullied in high school and yet whenever someone merely mentions the fact that the Columbine shooters were bullied they get triggered. Almost like they were the bullies themselves and when someone reminds them of the time when a bunch of bullied weird kids snapped they go into full damage control mode. It doesn't excuse what they did obviously, but if you think it didn't at least contribute to their mindset you're retarded.

No. 881707

Do you actually care this much about school shooters

No. 881709

nta but the main reason a lot of us were attracted to Dylan and Eric is cause most of us were also bullied in school, so we knew what it was like and we had the same anger
I didn't dream about personally killing the people who made me miserable and made me afraid of even wanting to go to school but I did wish they were died,

No. 881715

They sure were bullied, but you're taking it too seriously.

No. 881746

They were both the bullies and the bullied.

Being bullied might have contributed but let’s not forget they only killed randoms, loners, actual speds, and the token black kid; not one of their bullies, anyone deemed part of the “in” crowd, jocks, etc. If it was revenge for bullying that would not have been the case.

No. 881752

This is it. They still try to paint them as completely isolated loners that were relentlessly bullied in order to project their own bs onto them but in reality they had a decent size friend group, partook in school actives including dances and sports, had social lives outside of school even getting invited to parties.

No. 881758

This heatwave has me the horniest I've ever been in my whole life

No. 881765

You can have friends and still be a bullied loser and outcast

No. 881769

If you have friends, you are not isolated. If you get invited to parties by people outside of your friend group, you’re not an outcast.

No. 881771

Anon they were “bullied losers” because they picked on kids younger than them for fun and started shit for no reason.

No. 881772

Kek if only they could grasp that Harris was the edgy douche that was in everyone’s business just like every other somehow popular stereotypical bully

No. 881773

you really think they were bullied for being bullies to people even lower than them on the pecking order? they were bullied for being weirdos, that had nothing to do with them bullying event weaker kids. Read a book or two before you come up with your theories. Shitheads get bullied too and not always because they are shitty to others. Highschool isn't that fair.

No. 881775

It’s not an “I think”, they were lol it was a mixture of both with the overall theme of them being bullied because they were assholes. Get over it.

No. 881777

>Shitheads get bullied too and not always because they are shitty to others

What do you think a shithead is? They were awful people that did an awful thing because they were psychopaths. Simple as.

No. 881779

Imagine still trying to force over twenty years later the narrative that two pieces of shit school shooters were some lost broken souls that no one liked because they were ~weird~ when everyone knows the truth. Y’all are definitely on watchlists.

No. 881785

Again I used to do that but not anymore and they were undeniably bullied

No. 881789

>Imagine still trying to force over twenty years later the narrative that two pieces of shit school shooters were some lost broken souls that no one liked because they were ~weird~
No-one is saying that except for you, retard.
>when everyone knows the truth
ironic cause you clearly don't lmfao.
I think they commited the school shooting because they were incel scrotes that nobody stopped in time (talking mostly about Eric, police was informed about his insane anger issues and didn't give a fuck). Doesn't mean that the bullying culture at Columbine (or anywhere, really) was right. It also clearly didn't help a anyone, as the shooting happened anyway (and it still wasn't as bad as it could have been, had the bombing plan went through).

No. 881801

File: 1629028837623.jpg (32.58 KB, 360x450, Eric_and_Dylan_I'm_not_ashamed…)

oddly enough I really think if Columbine was a bombing as they had planned I believe it wouldn't' be even 1/10th as famous as the event is now, the aesthetics of those two in their edgy clothing, trench coats and guns is what made them stand out, it made them popular

No. 881804

They may have shot innocent teenagers but we cannot lie and say their outfits weren’t iconic in a really bad way, god why am I saying this I severely hate these two

No. 881806

Learn to reply to the right people, newfag

No. 881807

File: 1629029871823.jpg (95.17 KB, 744x496, NS.jpg)

no need to be ashamed, their costumes and aesthetics were cool asf, way better then degenerate trash we get promoted

No. 881823

My significant other is really into Martha Stewart products and recipes. She often tells me about new findings and always make a detour looking for new cook books and accessories when we go out shopping. She had me try a few and I can approve of some recipes we looked at together and even tried. We even found some blankets and bedroom related stuff with the Martha Stewart name but they are pretty pricey. A lot more than the kitchen stuff.

Can relate. I've passed my weeb phase but something about a possessive mommy gf à la yandere turns me the fuck on. Always been betrayed or cheated on by former lovers before being with who I am currently. The idea of my lover riding me and whispering "you're mine." in my ears is enough to drive me insane.

No. 881831

uhh yeah that moment when you realize you wear school shooter core bullshit

No. 881843

>think if Columbine was a bombing as they had planned I believe it wouldn't' be even 1/10th as famous as the event is now
I both agree and disagree. If the bombs went out and they shot the survivors, this truly would be a giant, unimaginable loss. A whole school would be killed and destroyed! Stills of them in their clothes could still be released. It could go both ways. If the bombs went through, USA may have seen more copycat bombing attempts rather than shootings.
I know it's off topic, but… this fucking movie shouldn't have been ever released. I know people deal with grief in different ways, but marketing your murdered daughter as a Christian martyr (while silencing the real victim who was asked about God) is disturbing, to say the least.

No. 881868

Unpopular opinion but I'd rather deal with the bitches in the the True Crime Community and even Columbiners over kpop stans any day of the week, Columbiners are crazy bitches but hell at least their Idols did something vaguely interesting, every single kpop stan worships a product, none of whom have ever done anything remoting interesting or original

No. 881869

lol clearly you're the newfag

No. 881873

No. 881874

IDK why you want to send me to therapy for admitting they were incel scrotes

No. 881877

You’re blogging about school shooters in a confessions thread going after anon(s) who are saying the same thing as you.

No. 881878

>worshipping incel killers is better than worshipping musicians and dancers

No. 881882

Because school shooters that failed their “mission” are original, right? All of you need to go back to tumblr.

No. 881888

>Moids violently killing women and other moids like they have since the dawn of time is interesting and original to me as a woman

No. 881889

File: 1629034843204.jpg (37.85 KB, 601x452, 837277171718.jpg)

>Women who literally want to fuck serial killers are better than women who want to fuck attractive men who dance and sing

No. 881890

I was talking about women who are into Columbine and True Crime, not the actual murderers
Columbiners at worse their super edgy but their harmless, they don't send anyone death threats IRL or are obsssed with writing gay fan fiction of Korean celebrities

No. 881892

>School shooters wearing Mall Matrix™ costumes is cool asf
And you all wonder why you got bullied

No. 881893


No. 881894

…. survivor’s and their family members as well as the victim’s family members have received death threats and there is most definitely gay fanfic about the two retards

No. 881895

better then stanning kpop and other Industry music crap, all those people are the real losers imo
no matter how pathetic any of us are, we are still better then those morons, they are like pedigree dogs that are tied up and have nothing to do and they end up gnawing off their hair and getting obsssed with the frisbee, so yes Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Cardi-b Lizo, Jay-z and all the others are all worthless losers compared to Dylan and Eric

No. 881896

Let’s take bets on if this is a femcel or a scrote trying to bait

No. 881898

Either bait or an angsty 13 year old got lost here

No. 881900

I actually have had plenty of male partners in the past and I don't "stan" Dylan and Eric, I think what they did was horrific and tragedy, I feel sympthy for the victims and their families, all I'm saying is that I'm less likely to judge someone whose into Columbine then someone who enjoys Industry pop-music, I have little to no respect for those types of people

No. 881901

>I was talking about women who are into Columbine and True Crime, not the actual murderers
You literally said that they did something interesting compared to kpop idols, don't backtrack now.

No. 881904

Femcel it is

No. 881905

And 99.9999% of the population has no respect for scum like you. Now go back to whining on tumblr about how no one likes you because you’re ~not like other girls~

No. 881909

I mean what they did was at least interesting and unique, something modern pop-stars and Idols can't even claim, I'll judge someone less for stanning for the Columbine shooters then shooting Beyoncé

No. 881911

>school shootings are unique

No. 881913

Not one shooter has ever had an interesting personality. You could copy and paste them all from reddit

No. 881914

>someone whose into Columbine
How can you be "into" a school shooting the same way you're into music?

No. 881916

File: 1629036480124.jpeg (49.66 KB, 567x521, 94457199-E62A-4A26-8A20-167685…)

No. 881917

It was unique for the time
Charles Whitman was pretty interesting
I was talking about the fandom

No. 881919

Yes? How can a shooting have a fandom? Wtf

No. 881920

You really need to grow the fuck up if you think someone who stans serial killers and mass shooters is more respectable than a person who just listens to music that you don't like. You never grew out of that pretentious 2edgy4u stuck in the wrong generation phase, huh?

No. 881922

>it was unique for it’s time
~312 documented of-note school shootings before columbine

No. 881923

>You never grew out of that pretentious 2edgy4u stuck in the wrong generation phase, huh?
you've got me there, but I stopped sexualizing killers though and I didn't even bother with rapists and pervert serial killers

No. 881926

what an interesting and unique take

No. 881947

I'm not going after anyone except the one person who claimed they weren't bullied. simply because i hate when people don't fact check.
it's /ot/

No. 881951

No one said they weren’t bullied. Everyone agreed that they were bullied, they just added on the truth that they were bullies as well.

No. 881956

You are right, I guess I misread. I still disagree with the idea that they were bullied BECAUSE they bullied others. All of that is still not therapy worthy though

No. 881963

Imagine being this defensive for scrote serial killers.

No. 881991

>I still disagree with the idea that they were bullied BECAUSE they bullied others.
Who the hell even cares? Eric and Dylan aren't going to fuck you.

No. 882008

Why would I want them too lmfao. This is autism central and I can fact check and sperg as much as I want to

No. 882020

Disagreeing with something well known isn’t fact-checking

No. 882050

File: 1629044099898.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3464x3464, F82D4F8D-AE62-4F40-B9AC-5236BE…)

I kind of don’t want to learn Japanese because that will make me feel like an extreme weeb, I don’t sing praises for the Japanese life and stuff, like, all countries are full of shit.
But the moment I hear someone talking to me about learning Japanese I cringe because it reminds me of the times as a teen that I wanted to learn Japanese to get myself an uwu hot Japanese bowoyfriend.
I honestly prefer learning Chinese first, maybe that will make my cringe levels for my past self lower a bit.

No. 882059

I thought you didn't care? and yet you push your bs theory

No. 882065

… you know there are multiple anons replying to you, right? Why are you so stuck on calling something that has been established as a ~theory~? Make you feel special or something? Kek

No. 882097

Hey, learning any language is good. A lot of people learn japanese for business reasons, believe it or not. Like, for example, businessmen that work for Suzuki or Nissan. There's people who study music and would like to learn the shamisen, so they have to learn japanese as well. Or people who are passionate about theatre and find kabuki to be super cool. Or photography enthusiasts who want to travel to japan for technology and sight-seeing. Japan is a country full of art history, galleries, exhibitions and a lot of interesting graphic design, so anyone who wants to get around that might want to learn japanese as well.

You don't have to be a weeb to want to learn japanese. Japanese is just like any other language. Look, the other day I saw on tv a spaniard woman who teaches flamenco dances to local japanese women living in Japan and thriving. Was she a weeb? no. Did she had to learn japanese? of course! I also saw some guy whose dream was to learn to take care of bonsai trees. He was passionate about it, and of course, also spoke in japanese despite not being one.

I know we are all surounded by weebs, anime, manga, japanese pop culture, otaku shit and etc, but a language that has existed longer than those things isn't the problem. Just ignore the weebs, learn japanese if you want to. I myself want to do it, and while I do like some anime, it isn't the whole reason why I want to learn it. I just think it's neat! I hope this helps you lol

No. 882099

Anon please give us the source for the first picture.

No. 882104

File: 1629046938110.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, bunny.jpg)

I often google translate a random word, like 'veganism', and search it up on Japanese sites like
which is basically a mixture of /g/ and /m/ without the unhingedness and thirst

which seems to be just a general social media site

I do this because I sometimes just want to know what Japanese people think about something. Does anyone else do this? Is this weeb-ish?

No. 882105

that's so cool!

No. 882107

I also browse gc daily, right after I'm through all of my lc threads lmao

No. 882110

It's weebish and autistic

No. 882116

Probably lol. But who cares? Enjoy yourself. I don't take an interest in any particular group, but I like different perspectives. I lurk in spaces for all sorts of groups. Atm I'm taking an interest in a US Chinese forum. https://forums.huaren.us/showforum.html?forumid=398

No. 882131

File: 1629049358937.jpeg (30.03 KB, 600x674, 6318A4AE-7085-43D3-9E28-31A229…)

thanks for sharing, I'm enjoying what these girls have to say about this oji-san and his huge mushroom


No. 882134

File: 1629049462132.png (32.17 KB, 1320x328, Screen Shot 2021-08-15 at 12.4…)

No. 882142

File: 1629050565931.png (15.99 KB, 712x846, 654358.png)

No. 882146

Lmao we should have a girlschannel thread, this is golden
Also nice mushroom, I'm very impressed

No. 882149

They're not funny, you must be a weeb.

No. 882160

The artist is analu_DT3 on Twitter, nonnie, scrumptious stuff and yaoi stuff too.

No. 882163

File: 1629052217181.png (52.29 KB, 589x69, 1627655484431.png)

No. 882166

Amazing, nonnie! I honestly think I will give it a try, I really want to learn a third language!

No. 882172

I want to get spanked with a yaoi paddle

No. 882180

Where were you in 2006 and why wasn't it on any anicon I also was on

No. 882195

I will always regret being a shy kind of teen during the only con I saw a yaoi paddle, i was also with my parents and it was latam.

No. 882217

Ngl me too anon we can take turns spanking each other

No. 882242

I referred to my boyfriend as "the person I live with" the other day in some small talk to shop worker and I don't even know why
I feel like Judas please kill me

No. 882245

Well sometimes it's more relevant that he lives with you than that he is your boyfriend don't feel bad.

No. 882247

Thank you for absolving me of my sins anonita

No. 882250

File: 1629058348116.png (4.06 KB, 290x270, disgust.png)

I post weird-looking men in the unconventional attractions thread just to see what reaction I'll get

No. 882253

I once posted an ugly dude while clearly joking, everyone just got angry and didn't get my jokes. Sigh

No. 882259

I always get shit on when i post my genuine attraction to nerdy guys. You know your tastes are truly shit when even the goblinas from here don't want nothing to do with them.

No. 882261

Is that you, GWB anon?

No. 882293

I get the attractions people have to some actors or other showbiz people that might portray personas or roles that leave a deep enough impression that you even start seeing something in an ugly actor. I don't get shit like people posting Jonah Hill when he looks disgusting and all he plays is disgusting guys. Like do you need an ambulance, ma'am?

No. 882305

I love skaters I wish there was a skater thread, they are too cool to the point of being losers irl i know but they are often really hot and intimidating to me.

No. 882318

I don't like "real" nerds but I always find my attractive to Hollywood nerd characters, the characters are supposed to unpopular and ugly in canon but their always portrayed by hot skinny actors, who are also acting awkward and cute

No. 882331

skater girls >>>>>>

skater boys are hot but they’re dickheads and gay for eachother

No. 882337


anon I'm somewhat autistic so I've only been on tinder dates that are actual dates and I have to drink heavily to deal with that, I wanna go on tinder dates just to fuck sometimes but I feel like I would have no idea how to act I immediately start like asking them questions or trying to be friendly when I feel it's awkward. how do you act on tinder dates that are solely for the purpose of hooking up? Any advice appreciated

No. 882348

Yes but still skater boys are hotter then the vast majority of males on the planet, there should be law that orders all males to dress either as Skater boys, emos or hardcore punk rockers and nothing else

No. 882365

File: 1629067235403.jpg (451.04 KB, 2000x1281, a35c2040a943fd6fc43df306f2faad…)

For me, it's the opposite. I dislike nerd guys in media because they are just hot guys with glasses on, all the cute defects that make them attractive to me are lost. I am still pissed off at what hollywood did to my husbando, was it really that hard to get a skinny blond big nosed nerdy guy like the comics?

No. 882374

Girlschannel is filled with bitter housewives who have a shitton of internalized misogyny. I still browse when I'm bored though

No. 882386

No. 882388

The idea of Afghan men trying to leave Afghanistan after the Taliban take over makes me sick. I wish the Taliban would just kill most of them tbh.

No. 882392

The idea of western women faking solidarity with Afghan women makes me sick. You don't actually care.

No. 882397

I knew a family of an Afghan man married to a black American women with like four teenage kids. They went to Afghanistan to see his family and the dad got married to a young afghani women and refused to go back to America with them. So now the mom is living in the US with her kids trying to provide for themselves while he’s still in Afghanistan with his new wife and refuses to even send them money.

No. 882406

Well that's tragic that she's stuck living in the US while he's living it up in the land of milk and honey that is Afghanistan. That's a great story but I don't think it reads like you think it does.

No. 882418

LOL radfems care a shit ton, but if you mean libfems then igi

No. 882423

Of course libfems care. Getting a feminist to care about blatant misogynistic oppressive regimes in foreign countries is not hard lmao it's like expecting people to care about starving children in Africa - it's a very simple, straightforward thing to feel bad about with no grey areas or moral complexity.

Whether it leads to actual, irl activism is another story but the sympathy comes easily.

No. 882451

>it's a very simple, straightforward thing to feel bad about with no grey areas or moral complexity
>Whether it leads to actual, irl activism is another story but the sympathy comes easily.
"Having sympathy" and "feeling bad" and then "doing nothing" and "forgetting about it" means you "don't care".

Are you like this with people as well? "I have sympathy and I feel bad for you, that means I care about you even though I won't lift a finger to help you and I forget you exist an hour after I stop talking to you." I know people like that. They make me sick.

So, no. You don't care about Afghan women which is why you weren't talking about the plight of Afghan women before it entered the news cycle, and you won't talk about it after it leaves the news cycle, because you don't care. Getting angry because you read an article about girls being forced into marriage by the Taliban doesn't mean you care if you forget about it in a week.

Not that I expect you to accept that. Fickle people are by definition incapable of critical introspection. When I try to explain this concept to my dad he also comes up with endless excuses for why ineffectual performative morality is somehow admirable.

No. 882484

This is obviously just a different interpretation of the word "care". I consider genuine sympathy, horror at the situation and concern for others to be caring, maybe that's not sufficient to you but the feelings are not fake or performative even if they aren't strong enough to lead to activism.

No. 882486

NTA, kinda sounds like you have a lot of problems and ran people off by bitching all the time
People care about shit and people care about YOU, but there comes a limit where you push them away by making them too miserable
I'm not talking about Muslim women and oppression over whatever is going on here, it's just very clear that you need to treat yourself better

No. 882490

I agree with you and with most of what you have said, there are hundreds of thousands of cases where performative morality is displayed instead of actions which are the most detrimental into changing the world and the reality of those that are suffering. For example, take the case of prostituted women that live in poverty or come from three world countries, they could be easily helped, yet radical feminists prefer to lose themselves in worthless internet discourse and endless arguments just like their liberal counterparts. I do understand it in a sense, the way our world is constructed makes it hard for individuals to get involved in actual real charity. Even performative empathy is still better than no empathy imo. But I still wish people interested in charitable causes or in the suffering of others would take a more practical approach to the situation, especially those that are in privileged situations. I understand if the world is collapsing over you and you do not have the time or resources to help someone in need, but a lot of people that wear the badge of empathy and that involve themselves with online communities centered around the suffering of certain minorities should be expected to make a REAL change and they should suffer the consequences of being called hypocritical if they don't do it. You have no idea how much even a fraction of your help can contribute to the situation of someone in need and how it can lift them out of despair. And if we all unite with even a fragment of help then our power summed up could be huge and we could actually change this world. Yet, people are too lost in their own hedonistic pursuits and in seeking acceptance and being a part of a social group than actually becoming selfless enough to give a real fuck and help others.

We need real no gonvernamental charities, not the fake and corrupt ones we have today that literally use the donated money for personal gain. I don't even trust charities because I know most of them are nothing more than businesses that literally take away more than 50% of the donated money and fill their own pockets with it.

No. 882507

What are you talking about? The point was he's a piece of shit. I just remembered the story when the other anon mentioned afghani men.

No. 882516

I’m getting fat again bc I’m depressed and I know I’ll just yo-yo it off like usual even tho it’s super bad for my skin ugh also I’m drunk

No. 882548

I’m scared of getting the COVID vaccine because I’m kind of anxious of being one of those people who get the vaccine and then mysteriously die the next day. I don’t give a shit that it supposedly works for everyone, some people will probably experience death or severe reactions to the vaccine. It’s almost like you can’t trust anyone in this shitty ass world anymore

No. 882550

how many people has that happened to besides that one anon's anecdote? I got the vaccine in june and I'm still here. my parents and sister also got it and they're high risk and they're okay.

No. 882553

I just masturbated using my hand for the first time in a while and it’s still cramped up. I think I already have arthritis and I’m scared for the future. I was only using my hand for like 10 minutes and it hurts. I’m only 23. I’m too young to fear chronic pain and death…. I think

No. 882555

I’m craving bacon so bad but it’s 2am so I must suffer

No. 882558

File: 1629094474162.jpeg (241.57 KB, 750x728, 86D38ECB-6C54-4257-8A4A-CE9DD0…)

But I’m not you or your family anon, that’s the issue, you’re literally gambling to see what reaction you get and if you die these people, this terrible gangster burgerfag government doesn’t give a shit if it drains you dry if your soul and leaves you to die. They’re quickly getting everyone on vaccines so they can avoid the real elephant in the room that all of these billionaires need to have their spinal cord fluid slurped dry, srsly

No. 882559

My aunt got anaphylactic shock after her vaccine and we almost lost her in hospital last week. My dads work mate got blue toes after the vaccine and he might lose all feeling in his toes. I too don't trust it, don't force yourself to do anything medical if you don't want to, regardless of social and government peer pressure. You have the right to choose whether or not you want something put in your body, and if you're happy to risk getting covid thats also your choice too. Your body, your medical choices.

No. 882590

When my brother's cousin twice removed got the vax he started seizuring on the ground and couldn't stop shouting "Geronimo, Geronimo!!" and my crack addict raccoon friend had an allergic reaction that made him bite a hunk of flesh out of his own arm. Personally I broke out in lime polka dots and puked up a can of beans I ate for lunch. It's crazy man, don't let big pharma convince you to inject the aliens in your blood stream man

Don't like 98% of us here want to die anyway? My worst reaction was feeling really tired after the second shot and it was a fucking disappointment

No. 882606

Fuck off, you have no right to shove medical procedures into anyones face. Its always been a human right to deny/accept anything medical.

No. 882611

>you have no right
I am fucking dead, that's the funniest fucking thing I've read all night, thank you
"H-How very dare you tell someone that your opinion is different than mine" lmfao, where the fuck does this woman think she is? just go back to Facebook, I mean please don't really, that one line just really cheered me up, I'm hoping to see more lol
nta btw

No. 882617

Your rights stop being considered when you start actively endangering others. I don't give a fuck about your 'human rights', I want me and my family to not get covid.

No. 882618

You know the jab doesn't even protect you from covid lmfao

No. 882619

Oh wow, really? Thank you, Ms. Scientist

No. 882621

I accidentally drunk texted an old friend who I was trying to actively avoid and get away from. Now I've set up a drinks night for us. Fml.

No. 882623

File: 1629100202314.jpg (53.38 KB, 256x323, PK.jpg)

I'm just your average well dressed, tall, attractive high school nerd, man I'm such a dork no girl would ever go out with me cause I wear glasses and have messy hair sometimes

No. 882626

His leg is freaking me out

No. 882640

Ghost them.

No. 882686

Guys gf died of cancer like a few years ago. He liked me. Bith single now. There'd be plenty of hot sexual tension, but is it evil of me to pursue him? The ex is still in all his profile pics lol

No. 882688

I wouldn't say it's evil but I wouldn't do it simply because you'll always be the replacement gf and always come second place to his dead ex. Been there once, never again.

No. 882697

No, it's been years not months. Is it just sex you're interested in or a relationship? Either way, it might be too soon for him. Do you have any friends in common? If I were in your position I'd want to know if he's expressed an interest in sex/dating again or already has. I'd assume from the pics he hasn't dated seriously since. I would worry he become too attached to me out of grief and loneliness. Be careful not to hurt him or get hurt.

No. 882705

I've never met his ex and no harm to her but I shit all over her in the looks department and would find it extremely hard to get jealous of a ghost.

We have mutual friends and he's always been openly attracted to me but I was never single. Maybe it's just a fantasy I have lol

No. 882716

I've developed a habit of putting on amberlynn reid videos whenever i do stuff on my computer. Not even the autistic "haydur nation" commentary channels, just clips of her talking or doing a mukbang or whatever. Last night I dreamt i was Becky and now i know i have to stop this habit but she's just so nice to have as a background noise kek

No. 882729

It's not about looks you narc, you can't compete with nostalgia goggles and grief.

No. 882732

I wish I were the flawless ghost

No. 882760

What's he going to do go back to her lol

No. 882763

think of her while boning the next gf

No. 882775

I wouldn't want to be his gf, just want to fuck him.

No. 882782

well enjoy being the fleshlight that he uses while fantasizing about the ex

No. 882791

So you think he'd be up for it?

No. 882800

My fiancée and I are considering that sex selection IVF when we try for a baby. We've talked about it a lot and the thought of raising a boy is terrifying. Not just because most scrotes are monsters (although that is a big reason) but also because we feel unqualified for the job. A child does need a parent of the same sex IMO, or at least a father/mother figure to guide them through certain things. I don't fancy keeping a pet scrote around just so he can teach my son about "the birds and the bees". At least with a daughter we would know what to teach her and what to expect. It just makes me feel inferior as a potential parent as I know a lot of people will shame me for this but fuck, I just don't wanna be out of my depth completely with a kid. Maybe we'll change our mind, who knows.

No. 882805

I was a real femcel in my late teens bc growing up I’d always been told ‘men only want one thing / men will fuck anything,’ which I guess was supposed to disgust me? but being a horny 18yo my reaction was more like wow me too, where do I sign up? It took me a little too long to realize that every man did not, in fact, want to fuck me and I was bitterly disappointed.

the things people tell girls growing up are fucking stupid.

No. 882841

File: 1629125371174.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.6 KB, 621x315, f48.jpg)

idk if i'm just ovulating but ko-chan makes me feel some kind of way

No. 882850

The vax only keeps you from experiencing bad symptoms. It doesn't stop spread.

No. 882866

Sometimes I imagine myself in my parents shoes and it's pretty funny ngl.
>have 3 kids
>oldest turns into a fetishy twans woman
>middle one drops out of uni and becomes ugly and unhealthy neet >youngest one an insufferable computer addict
I wonder if my parents will ever realize that they only have themselves and their terrible personalities to blame?

No. 882871

No? it increases and speeds up your bodies immune response to the virus which means we can fight it off quicker. which means there is a smaller window in which we can spread the virus. therefore less spread

No. 882886

Sometimes I make drawings of myself being insulted and humiliated. I have to remind myself that I'm an ugly and unlovable piece of shit and it works.

No. 882889

*terrible genetics.

No. 882892

Ironically, they both have great genes, they just managed to churn out bad combos x3.

No. 882893

I was only teasing nonny

No. 882915

Lmfao at any idiot who believes this. Stop spreading misinformation. You can still catch the virus if you're vaxxed.

No. 882918

File: 1629130898866.png (773.47 KB, 1073x606, rzRNwhC.png)

I daydream about creating a workout gang of women entirely focused on getting strong, bulking up and looking buff. The kind of buff men hate like the woman from the Last of Us 2 that they could not shut up about. We'd spend the day working out, going on hikes and building muscle, or we'll visit schools, raise money for women's causes and shelters, and use our threatening looks to keep women safe in the streets at night. We'll have awesome outdoor barbeque parties where only women are invited, and if the occasional scrote tries to act stupid we'll beat the living shit out of him.

No. 882921

oh boy do I want to know you. I'm in a wheelchair so no muscles for me but I want to be a part of the gang still

No. 882926

The only thing I know about this game is from when it leaked and there was a cutscene showing this character pinning down a girl half her size and beating her to death. So, great example I guess.

No. 882929

Could we possibly attach some weights to your wheelchair and take turns pushing you up hills while you yell at us to go faster? Because that would be dope!

No. 882939

I'm in love. Absolutely.

No. 882942

Awesome! I hope the universe brings us together one day!

No. 882943

Y'all need to look into anavar. Weights help, but not mandatory, so even hotwheels here >>882921 can get swole.

No. 882961

nobody said you couldn’t

No. 882988

I'd fuck Muskrat. Especially if there was sugar baby money involved.

No. 883010

There wouldn’t be

No. 883047

He picked grimes to be his broodmare specifically bc she's a cool girl who doesn't want anything in return. Rich scrotes are the stingiest scrotes, sugar babying is a meme.

No. 883049

Ive been become so dick whipped that I’m heavy in the astrology shit when I was ambivalent towards it before.

Scouring the stars to see if it “works out” makes me wanna barf.

Pray for me.

No. 883081

Anon I would 100% do leg day with you but afaik that character was a troon who beat an actual lesbian woman to death in the game

No. 883082

i like your enthusiasm and confidence anon, but i loate that abby from TLOU2 not only is she ugly but she killed joel

No. 883090

She's not a troon. A lot of people just wanted her to be because muh representation. Other half were scrotes complaining about her not being cute and feminine and refusing to play the game because feminism has gone too far.


No. 883101

I like men and women who are gross nerds. Like greasy and weird with poor social skills but I like them to be sweet and grounded in reality so not into belle delphine or loli shit

No. 883106

File: 1629143798305.jpg (65.7 KB, 770x513, ezgif-7-a28515dd57e1.jpg)

My country is directly responsible for what's happening in Afghanistan, cause we created the Taliban, the original Taliban didn't come from Afghanistan they were once children who lived in the refuge camps filled with Afghans who had fled the conflict to my country Pakistan, they were =enrolled in Madrasas funded by the Saudis and those that showed "talent" and dedication were handpicked by the ISI for further training, the original Taliban was created to further Pakistani Interests with in Afghanistan, however when they took over Afghanistan they immediately turned hostile against Pakistan and started training the Pashtun Sunni minority to rebel
play stupid games and win stupid prizes Huh and similar things is going to happen again with them trying incite separatism

No. 883121


Pak-anon it is so refreshing to see a Pakistani actually admit this, as a Brit-anon my nation also shares a disgusting level of culpability in what is unfolding right now. I’ve been watching the news with increasing horror and my heart hurts for Afghanistan. Truly a shame to the whole world.

No. 883133

that said our democratically elected socialist Prime Minister was overthrown in a CIA backed coup, so were not the only solely at fault

No. 883144

I want a girl gang like this so badly

No. 883164

File: 1629147753585.gif (614.02 KB, 288x200, 200-5.gif)

When I see a big burly man or just a very masculine looking guy I subconciously start picturing him suffering in a war scenario. The same way moids objectify women sexually I objectify them back by picturing their bodies as merely disposable cannon fodder||except I'm better than moids because I don't actually want them to be objects kek|| They just look so stupid and only good for lifting heavy objects and dying for a cause that's bigger than them.

No. 883167

Oops, I used the discord spoilers. I'm a regard.

No. 883171

I love your level of regardation

No. 883181

File: 1629148347086.jpg (16.68 KB, 311x396, AS.jpg)

Arthur Saxon who was at one point he was probably the Strongest men in the world and was a pioneer of modern weightlifting died in the trenches of WW1 just a million other nameless men, kinda funny and tragic in its own way

No. 883217

My sister’s ultrasound came back and she’s going to give birth to a moid. That terrifies me and I’m so worried for her. I’m thinking of slipping abortofacient pills into her water. No one will ever know right?

No. 883219

turn off computer, put down the phone, go touch some grass anon. you've overdosed internet

No. 883221

File: 1629150884246.png (82.35 KB, 625x626, cff.png)

No. 883229

I understand not wanting to have a boy, but that's not a decision you get to make for other people's bodies. You are a disgusting person for even thinking about doing that.

No. 883230

Ok but there’s no good reason for her to give birth to a scrote. This will save her and the world decades of pain

No. 883253

Do it, you're doing her and the world a big favor

No. 883262

I thnk there are some issues involved here, mostly legal, but I would have to agree

No. 883284

This is reddit levels of shitty bait. Try harder

No. 883286

>You are a disgusting person for even thinking about doing that.
lmao this is the most retarded libfem take ever

No. 883290

How am I a libfem for thinking it's awful to give women abortion pills without their consent?

No. 883292

Do it. I hate the fact that women still reproduce with scrotes. Having kids is selfish and narcissistic anyways.

No. 883304

You are really stupid

No. 883309

He's probably angry at his mommy that he was created with a small pp. Sad.

No. 883323

Because liberal feminism is all about "muhhh rights."
You sound like a scrote
If you do it, I suggest ordering the pills of the dark web. Good luck nonny!

No. 883328

>Because liberal feminism is all about "muhhh rights."
Oh right, because women shouldn't have the right to bodily autonomy, and it's completely ok to give people pills without their consent. Some of you guys are so focused on hating men that you end up thinking it's perfectly fine to do shit that's harmful to women.

No. 883329

You sound like a complete imbecile to believe aborting someone elses baby is the rigt thing to do and being against it is scrote opinion or libfem, you fucking retarded shitbag
Abort yourself you fucking cretin

No. 883335

Letting someone have a male child is going to be way more harmful to the mother and the rest of society in the long run.
Nah, you sound like a libfem lmao.

No. 883336

This. Dumbass scrote doesn't even know how to format posts, most likely a Reddit or KF tourist.
Stop responding to him.

No. 883338

> Letting someone have a male child is going to be way more harmful to the mother and the rest of society in the long run.

lmao I know this is shitty bait but I can’t fault your logic

No. 883350

Libfems are the ones who are like “My body my rights” They don’t care about how their shitty choices affect others

No. 883403

My ex is(has been for a while) dating someone who is basically him but worse. He’s so miserable and I am L I V I N G for it. She also doesn’t put up with his shit like I did and tells him off so she’s like my new BFF. I put up with his anger and control for so long and now he’s getting a taste of his own medicine.

I hope they stay together for many many years to come.

No. 883404

Bulk up dem arms nonnie! You'll be able to zoom through everyone

No. 883408

I’m honestly so miserable without a fandom to obsess over. My life is honestly pretty lonely and sad if I need to disassociate so much

No. 883413

i'm the opposite, i tend to enjoy series a lot more and feel happier when i avoid the fans

No. 883432

File: 1629173864698.jpeg (112.14 KB, 533x533, 7D8F4ABE-A112-4162-94A6-D83692…)

I just want to live with my best friend and my other friend in a nice house relatively close to the beach, with a nice garden.
We would share the rent and chores, no scrotes around, me and my best friend could cuddle all day long -on weekends- and we could cook together too.
And I would like a jacuzzi too because they’re neat, a nice gym, Amazon prime and a nice farmers’ market nearby to buy other groceries like honey, eggs and seasonal products.
Our families could visit us from time to time, and we could travel sometimes to explore other countries.
I just want us to live far away from annoying scrotes and shitty news, I’m tired of the news and I don’t care anymore about what new fucked up thing is happening in the world.
Humanity wouldn’t be so pathetic if it didn’t want to destroy itself because of their dumbass beliefs, all of them are retarded, from what some dude said some millennia ago to the retards on the internet creating these new, sooper dip theories about our society.
This is why aliens will never visit us, fuck you, I will never have a hot alien bf because of this bullshit.

No. 883437

File: 1629175219769.jpg (147.79 KB, 1080x1080, c669f74e1fc278794e0c350018d851…)

Same anon. I think need to stay offline and the news for a while because everything I've been seeing lately has been depressing as fuck. I'd rather live in blissful ignorance than know about incels shooting up innocent people or entire countries governments being overthrown.

If I were God I would have reset it all by now.

No. 883440

File: 1629175936015.png (11 KB, 255x231, 5dc924e0598ef330bb6aac49a242c3…)

Well you can do the next best thing and shoot the unfuckable misogynist slimebags and make the world a better place :^) of course that means handling all sorts of flack from worried egalitarians, maybe you can slide their slippery cum encrusted pricks inside your anus, a small (teehee) price to pay for salvation(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 883443

>All men just wish women died!1! Ugh!

Looks at how the pot calls the kettle black.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 883448

Or how about you kill yourself scrote? I mean, you hate your life and yourself so much and everyone else hates you. Life is giving you a big fucking hint. It's telling you to pick up the rope, put it around your neck and hang. Fucking do it you fucking worthless coward.

No. 883451

Please don’t mind the moid, nonnie, it’s malfunctioning and it will go back to its rightful place once it finds its way back to the cesspool it came from.
It’s better to just let it sperg and get banned, don’t reply to such malfunctioning units, they’re not worth of your time.

No. 883452

Another failed a-boy-tion enters a womens' only space to screech its opinion and give its hot takes no one ever asked for or cared to know. Fascinating.

No. 883454

a popular mukbang channel made a dish I suggested and credited me for it in the video. weirdly this is the happiest I've felt in weeks. I'd link it but she gave out my username. I also just want to say she's more of a cook, eat, chat channel and not the degenerate type of mukbanger kek

No. 883457

Why don't incels/moids/scrotes just fuck each other? They can get laid if they go gay and fuck their anal cavities happily. Women don't want you, you're poor genetic stock and ultimately women get to choose which genes get to live on with their sexual choice and practice eugenics by nature. It is woman's right to practice eugenics. This is beneficial to humanity as a whole.
Deal with it scrote, you're not getting picked. Women don't want you.

No. 883464

That’s nice, nonnie! I kind of wish the people I follow listened to my suggestions.

No. 883468

I'm not even a scrote though. I think its absolutely degrading when women act like 4chan incels and begin wishing uWu death on people. Men need to be reeducated, not mass murdered.(ban evasion)

No. 883473

Jesus, you're such a sour cunt that somehow spiking someone's drink is justified to you by the gender of an unborn child. Isn't that grounds for a felony when caught?

>and give its hot takes no one ever asked for or cared to know. Fascinating.

And you think we are interested in yours, because?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 883476

>imblying nonnies in here are serious about what they post
I swear we need a The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact disclaimer.

No. 883490

the Y chromelet is incapable of introspection or self awareness and one of its number one assets is blind entitlement, that's why

No. 883499

Speak for yourself but I am serious about what I say here and I mean my vicious posts against scrotes.

No. 883502

I mean, same, but such a disclaimer would at least make the handmaidens and retards doubt before posting their dumbass opinions that nobody cares about. Remember: gaslight, gatekeep, girl boss.

No. 883524

It took me way longer than I'd like to admit to realize that " < 3 " is not an ice cream cone.

No. 883525

That's adorable

No. 883531

yeah you literally can get it retard but its less likely to kill you and if u fight it off quicker you're less likely to spread it

No. 883533

I just spent way longer than I should have trying to remember if there is a numerical way to spell twice (like how 2nd is spelled).

No. 883548

Kek I thought about your comment for way too long. I guess you could type “2x” for twice. That’s what I would do anyways.

No. 883552

kek when I just started using the internet I thought it was a sideways smiley face

No. 883553

File: 1629188695042.jpg (78.03 KB, 1500x1500, twix.jpg)

No. 883668

I hate myself for this, even though I was far younger, but here it goes. When i was still living with my parents, and they had arguments; I would press my mother to make amends even though it usually wans't her fault. Note my father would start an argument everytime he made a mistake or did something dumb and then getting angry at my mother or me for pointing it out in even the slightest way. I hate that I was helping my father gaslight my mother because I didn't like seeing him angry and not coming to dinner and stuff (he would refuse to have dinner or lunch with us as "punishment" and nothing I said would ever make him apologize or anything, it would just make him angrier or he'd write me off). Nowadays i side with her when we talk on the phone or I visit, but I feel like I wasn't there for her when she needed it out of fear.

No. 883683

this is your dad's crime, not yours. you were a victim of his behavior the same as your mother was and he knew what he was doing. the child is not responsible for the parent. your mother knows that.

No. 883768

I found a job for august 30th and I quit my current job so my last day will be on july 27th. I'm seriously thinking about not going back tomorrow because I'm sick of not being able to do anything all day long except work because of my schedule. My workdays usually end at 10pm or 11pm these past few weeks and it's ruining my sleep schedule and I can't even buy basic shit like food and clothes except online because of it.

No. 883785

ditto to what the other anon said, i understand feeling guilt and id have a hard time not feeling it as well bc i have empathy but ultimately ur mom is responsible for tolerating what she did tolerate and ur dad is responsible for setting such a piss poor example of behavior for his daughter

my confession is that im very attracted to morbidly obese guys and i have a hard time being as attracted to slender or even /fit/ guys, i think part of it is that the feeling of superiority and being the more attractive partner is hot but also im just pure attracted to their fat rolls and stretch marks and sweatyness

No. 883787

Reeducation doesn't work. Men know what they're doing they just don't give a shit.

No. 883802

They do, that’s the whole deal with the trannification stuff cuz some of them realize they’ll be alone forever if they don’t get fucked in the ass by another incel and remove themselves from the gene pool accordingly. Tbh I think we should support trannies a little more for this reason because they’re doing society one big solid

No. 883807

Your prime minister issued a statement congratulating them
"they have broken free from shackles of imperialism and colonialism"
If they spread to Pakistan he is next

No. 883864

Yes it is justified you retarded handmaiden. I would absolutely spike someone’s drink if it meant a dumb scrote wouldn’t be born.

No. 883903

Ok anon, ntayrt, but now you sound insane, if your sister wants to keep the kid, there’s no need to make her abort. If the kid grows up to become a scrote, don’t worry, he will find a way to get himself beaten up or something.

No. 883907

I thought this thread is supposed to be serious? Is it not?
(I get people lie online for trolling purposes but it's not retarded shitpost thread, right?)

No. 883935

It's trolling anon take a breathe. This isn't 4shit where incels write their manifestos and then go shoot up a school.

No. 883939

File: 1629215635554.jpg (188.3 KB, 1152x2048, 3md03jd.jpg)

The only upside to my depressive moods is that I'm not horny enough to look up porn, which I have publicly condemned and sworn off.

No. 883971

nobody knows that i used to be a hooker desu

No. 884004

No. 884034

I have this autistic obsession with finding lookalikes or doppelgangers of myself via Pimeyes. I usually take screenshots of the shown images and try to crop out the mosaic to reverse image search them. I've found a Bollywood actress, 2 porn stars, and ~3 normal women who look extremely similar to myself. There's some that I'm stumped on like one of those Russian girls who goes to model in China.
I guess the weirdest part is that I've saved these women's names, just so I don't have to go back and look all over again, which is kinda pointless because I don't plan on contacting them since it just shows how autistic I am. But overall I think it's been helpful because I started this thinking I would get results specific to certain sections of Europe when in actuality there's so many similar looking women all over. The Bollywood actress for instance blew my mind since I've got no Indian blood.

No. 884057

Bollywood actresses are known for not looking anything close to the average Indian woman lol. Many of them are mixed race.

No. 884083

Of course, ik that. She's Parsi and obviously extremely pale otherwise I don't think the algorithm would have matched me to her. But we have a very similar face. So even if she's not technically the average Indian woman lol she along with women from all over the globe are like doppelgangers with no genetic relation and I find that wild.

No. 884165

pimeyes finds a lot of people with similar features to me but none of them actually look like me

No. 884179

Same, I always get like 5 matches and so far they've been a Chinese sex doll and some ugly horse girls with glasses. Guess I know how others see me now at least.

No. 884220

if my husband knew about my covid beliefs he would leave me and my family also.

covid is nothing more than a flu. it’s the hysteria that has caused devastation, the depression of the economy, not the illness.

america hasn’t had anywhere near the restrictions the rest of the world has and there is no panic there.

the UK is full of covid nazi nuts who have relished in this opportunity to lord moral authority that doesn’t exist over others and i believe this to be the only reason the majority of people follow the bullshit rules.

this shit hole fascist country has really shown it’s true colors during this ordeal. i can’t wait to go to the usa and escape this shitshow nation

No. 884223

File: 1629232501833.jpeg (38.08 KB, 750x848, 5e81f6460c2a6261b1771b05.jpeg)

Keep telling yourself that kek

No. 884225

Yeah some of them look like me in certain angles but all of them are prettier than me truly
Sometimes certain pictures pull up shitty results, it depends

No. 884226

there have been so many scandals with the government misleading people about the deaths of covid im not sure whether i should believe this

No. 884229

Interesting. It's been really relaxed where I am. Bit weird you think the UK is a fascist country but the US is… what exactly? kek. The original plan in the UK was to wait and see, but they realised their data was shit, it was worse than expected and everywhere else had already reacted, optics was terrible. Boris gave loads of conflicting statements and full of contradictory behaviour like telling people they must stay home, but being seemingly pleased when they did not "we don't like being told what to do" rebel spirit nonsense.

No. 884230


No. 884295

> america hasn’t had anywhere near the restrictions the rest of the world has and there is no panic there.
At the cost of our friends and relatives. My friend’s mom just died of covid, for example.

No. 884315

Depends on where you are in america, nyc is a hellhole.

No. 884336

File: 1629240800501.jpeg (43.15 KB, 400x400, D440F99A-8039-4EA8-A963-1C012C…)

I kind of find HRHcollection’s videos very cozy, despite knowing she’s problematic. I wish youtube had more channels like hers, now it’s oversaturated with pretentious commentary and in your face scandalous titles/thumbnails and people shoving ads in your face to sustain their livelihood rather than some amateur ranting about their lives in the camera with okay audio quality. There is just something so fun and enjoyable in watching some random privileged white woman venting and talking to herself in her large house.

No. 884339

How is she "problematic"? I meant to start watching her, but I've only ever seen short clips of her (like the one where she's getting overly defensive about eating plain potatoes).

No. 884389

File: 1629245398608.jpeg (97.38 KB, 635x630, DAF28BE2-8993-476B-B894-18F157…)

Toy review channels are fun to watch to me, I don’t even want to buy them because they’re not something I crave unless it’s like a stuffed toy, but I like seeing the people doing reviews of toys.
Sometimes I even think of also doing toy reviews directed to the parents so they know if the stuff their kids want are worth the money or not, but there’s already a great toy reviewer who does that.
YouTube is retarded for basically shadow banning such useful videos.

No. 884551

Plain potatoes? The nerve.

No. 884558

I seethe at the thought of people with perfect vision

No. 884569

Nah can’t interact with fans. I just need something to hyperfixate on at all times

No. 884570

File: 1629268511269.png (326.37 KB, 629x626, 03sdj3nlk.png)

No. 884572

i swear to fucking god

No. 884598

I'm racist and xenophobic, but only towards men. Western men are shit, but non-western men are fucking monsters. Fucking male refuges will throw their women and children off the boats if that means better changes of survival for men.
And now here it comes another wave of them into europe. We have enough men already, we don't need or want more literal savages.
Ah, i hate men so much.

No. 884692

I feel the same way, honestly. FGM and acid attacks are just two of the many, many examples of how fucked non western men are.

No. 884701

Fuck it, I'm skipping work today. I already quit and my last day is on the 27th so I can afford not giving a fuck.

No. 884706

Yeah, honestly fuck "humaniratian values" if that means getting aggressive, sexually frustrated men from highly patriarchal societies. I wish we could just evacuate their women and let them fuck each other in the ass if they want for all eternity.

No. 884709

File: 1629284403450.jpg (202.71 KB, 727x727, 33360580_d2213d956a018319c4633…)

I never imagined I'd randomly see Vili bácsi here

No. 884711

This. As much as I hate our western moids I'm still aware that the middle eastern men are even worse. I welcome every Afghan woman here as a refugee but the men can go fuck themselves.

No. 884713

File: 1629284549463.jpg (58.79 KB, 975x720, 1607587066161.jpg)

I'm eating a proper meal because it's noon where I am, and I'm supposed to work from 3pm to 11pm, fuck that shit. My sleep schedule is completely fucked because of this job and I'm getting vaccinated tomorrow, I don't want to look like a zombie in front of the nurses.

No. 884722

File: 1629285016718.jpg (61.11 KB, 1024x576, fodor-zsoka2-1024x576.jpg)

Hunganons unite!!!

No. 884726

No. 884728

That one picture an anon posted with a flight literally full of men and only men made me have the same thought. In my experience in my country women are much, much, much better at integrating too, I'd actually love to see a study on that.

No. 884730

i like watching old men flirt with each other

No. 884757

I’m very angry at myself and the world right now, I can’t wait until it’s destroyed

No. 884767

I wish Yellowstone would just erupt already and end this stupid fucking planet.

No. 884770

Our governments are either dumb or dishonest, much of "culture" is the result of genetic differences. They're ignoring the scientific evidence on this. That's why men from those ethnic backgrounds can still hold similar attitudes and behave in similar ways. Attitudes may shift a little, but only slightly. Example, 3rd gen Pakistani British-born Muslims support capital punishment including chopping off of hands for minor offences like petty theft. Clearly "Western values" have not seeped in kek.

No. 884774

It's also inbreeding. The middle east has had a massive inbreeding problem for a millenia and more. This is extremely damaging to the genome of the area.

No. 884779

File: 1629289909448.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 605.64 KB, 828x1382, 1621783138937.jpeg)

Saw this picture in the deathfat thread and am weirdly turned on. I want to kneel and have someone hold my face like that (preferably not deathfat but I don't mind so much)

No. 884781

Cousin marriage is most common. But for some groups uncle-niece marriages are, which increases the degree of relatedness even further. Inbreeding results in depressed IQ and birth defects. There's also some evidence cousin marriages affect altruism and diminish the ability to create large societies. That's why these places have been long been tribal.

No. 884784

Yep and the repeated inbreeding only builds up the problems. Continued bottlenecking of genes leads to nothing but deterioration of higher functions.

No. 884789

european men used to do extremely fucked up shit like torture and stuff not too long ago(and even worse in the pre-1400s) so i dont think its a genetic thing as much as a culture

No. 884792

I think it's both. Culture is one side of the coin and genes the other one. It's like with most things in humans. We are thinking animals, not just animals, but not just thinking either.

No. 884798

I don't think it's pure genetics. Like maybe aggression/superiority-complex in itself can pass down, but for these men it seems more like being a "fish out of water" visible minority makes them idolize their own grandfathers in their shithole origin countries, just like western social rejects idolize their own grandpa's era.

No. 884978

I get you, and I’m honestly sick of all of this, like yeah, not all women are saints, but most men are fucking retarded and disgusting.
I just wish there was some sort of deprogramming campaign to make the brainwashed women stop supporting scrotes invading our countries.
A few days ago I was talking with my family and I said it was retarded how there were only men in the plane and they were like
>w-well they’re scared and are fleeing from the war
But what about the kids and the women? Like, what? Why don’t they stay and do their job as the ooga booga men of the house that are surely so proud of being?Fucking cowards.

No. 884989

I don't get why I see this argument all over lolcow, like yes men are shit and all, but I can't see how everyone here is accusing men that probably have very good reason to try to leave (like working with the USA), trying to escape. People will try to do w/e they can to survive in such a situation, I really don't blame them. If they are running away from the Taliban they are probably good men that opposed them and are now fleeing for their lives. What are they supposed to do, let themselves be killed to save women?

No. 885024

File: 1629306201174.jpeg (31.81 KB, 474x474, AMMS_274abd6da395202abb819658e…)

I think picrel area is the reason for this, anything that has come out of this wether religious ideologies or culture has been disastrous for mankind
Things weren't been great prior to semitic religions or culture but it has greatly been made shit by these things
No mysogyny compares to this areas mysogyny

No. 885025

>>I really don't blame them. If they are running away from the Taliban they are probably good men that opposed them and are now fleeing for their lives. What are they supposed to do, let themselves be killed to save women?
How can you be this naive?

No. 885035

How am I naïve? I am just trying to understand and assess the situation.

No. 885042

Taliban bans a lot of things like porn or child prostitution/drugs etc
These men are just running away because they were involved in all this not because they opposed taliban for some moral reason, leaving all women behind kek

No. 885053

That sounds pretty arbitrary anon. I mean sure, it would make sense that some of those men would try to escape as well, but what I said is also possible. In the end of the day we don't know why they are escaping, which is why I don't pass judgement like other anons here that assume the worst.

No. 885097

They are fully grown men of fighting age running away and abandoning their female relatives to be raped and enslaved. These are not good men.

No. 885101

I don't know anon, I am of fighting age but I would try to escape if I knew I would probably be killed by an enemy. Expecting people to be heroic is a hero's standard, not a reasonable one. Most people are not heroes and will try to save themselves first. I find this perfectly understandable, since I see myself in that. I wouldn't risk dying for someone else, not even for my relatives, other than my children ofc.

No. 885106

>Expecting people to be heroic is a hero's standard, not a reasonable one
If people thought like this in the 1930s then we wouldn't have the rights we have now and we would all be speaking German.

No. 885114

Ehm, most men back then weren't expected to be heroic. They were largely forced to kill and die under the punishment of death for disobedience. You might want to learn a little bit about history before you talk about things you have little knowledge of anon, WW2 was primarily fought by conscripts, enslaved men, slaves basically.

No. 885140

>let themselves be killed to save women?
Yes, that's literally what they're useful for.

No. 885141

Go clean your room Mark

No. 885144

That's fucked up anon, you don't really believe this, you are just venting.

No idea what you mean. Also don't "hey scrote" me when I am talking to you in a civil way.

No. 885146

>you don't really believe this, you are just venting.
Nta, but why are you acting like you know how anon feels lmao

No. 885149

Because I have spent a lot of time online and on lolcow especially and I don't think most women believe it when they say stuff like this. In my experience they are just venting frustration. It's a really fucked up thing to believe.

No. 885150

I find Trisha strangely attractive when she's all done up, like she's still unattractive and weird looking, but at the same time she's not. I can't describe it.

No. 885151

>That's fucked up anon, you don't really believe this, you are just venting.
I'm serious, go back to reddit if your fweelings are hurt by this kind of stuff

No. 885155

I never used reddit and I don't think it's unreasonable of me to assume you are not serious to think that men should sacrifice their lives to save women. It's extremely fucked up, you are creating a hierarchy of life based on sex.

No. 885156

It's the bimbo coded look, anyone can look hot if they're done up

No. 885159

>It's a really fucked up thing to believe.
It is, but consider using the empathy you just demonstrated over men on the women here who hold that belief, because their experiences with men are what has shaped them. Saying dismissive shit like 'you don't believe this' is fucking poor.

No. 885163

I use my empathy plenty anon, I just stop using it when people (both men and women and men are much worse in this) start talking about other people in this way. I have spend an afternoon arguing with idiot men, I am not here to troll, this is just who I am.

No. 885187


>I am of fighting age but I would try to escape

>Also don't "hey scrote" me when I am talking to you in a civil way.

Begone scrote

No. 885193

I am not a man, not agreeing with creating a hierarchy of lives based on sex does not make me a man.

No. 885275

>let themselves be killed to save women?
Jokes aside, it's a bit cultural. I remember speaking with eastern europeans, and they hated refugees because they stayed mostly in their countries when shit went south, and they suffered a lot last century. It's not asking to die for others, but to live a shitty dangerous live with people that they care about: their families, their friends, their villages. And they are male, they don't have too much fear under the taliban.
I understand wanting to run from the war, but a big part of refugees do just that, run. They don't integrate, they don't support each other on the run, they don't try to help people who were left behind (of course there are exceptions, and these people, men and women, are to be cherished and helped). They are useless in their homeland and useless aboard. parasites with no families, with complete different values and beliefs, and no useful skills. Europeans already have useless natives, they don't need to import more, specially if they treat women as cattle. If they treat people like me like we are disposable, why the fuck can't i do the same?

Partially agree, but christianity, despite all shitty things it has done and still does, is the basis for western values and culture. They are shitty, but slight less shitty than other religions.

>other than my children ofc
ofc for you, but to scrotes in middle east kids and women are expendable. they run away alone nonnie. you would die for your kids, they wouldn't live for them.

No. 885292

I don't disagree with you on the issue of refugees in general actually, but I think that this is because the concept of refugees has been messed up. Refugees were supposed to only stay in neighbouring countries until the war was over and then return to their countries. The way it works lately is to just use refugee status to move to Europe to cause the trouble that we all know they will cause. And obviously fuck (Muslim) men that treat us like cattle, I just generally give the benefit of doubt to people. As for Eastern Euros… I have had some conversations with them and I have found them to hold many weird ideas about martyrdom and self sacrifice, no doubt due to the having to fend off a genocidal Germany less than 100 years ago with the way they had to do it.

>Partially agree, but christianity, despite all shitty things it has done and still does, is the basis for western values and culture. They are shitty, but slight less shitty than other religions.

Ehhhhh, it is less shitty for sure, but why even tolerate it, it's all fairy tails for idiots at the end of the day.

>ofc for you, but to scrotes in middle east kids and women are expendable. they run away alone nonnie. you would die for your kids, they wouldn't live for them.

You know, I think you might be right. I think I am projecting what I think Western men would be doing. And yes I know Western men are angels before you start, but I think I am projecting the values that I think most here have to these men forgetting that they are products of a wholly different culture. I kind of see my husband or brother or son in them, but my husband or brother or son don't think of women as inferior or cattle. Yeah fuck them really, I think you are right anon.

No. 885293

I like Louis C.K. humor. I liked his stand up, I liked his show.
I wasn't surprised at all by the fact that he is a deviant that likes to jerk off in front of women.
There's a scene where his fictional younger self is being told by another teenager girl to 'whip it out' with insistance while he's meek. I don't know if it really happened to him or he used his show to portrait his fetish but come on, it was so fucking obvious.
You have to be a degenerate to make such good joke about degeneracy.

No. 885296

I pretend to be a moid online, there's certain discord servers I have made friends in but have some members that are misogynistic fucks and shit on any woman who joins. I'm just desperate to have normal social interaction online and that is seemingly impossible if you're a woman

No. 885307

I am kinda looking forward to having some refugees maybe opening a afghani restaurant, feed me.

No. 885320

I also enjoy Louis C.K.'s general body of work, and can't help but feel kinda regretful about the timing of his cancellation. He was just staring to get a broader national recognition, which actually had a really positive effect on his work - it was becoming more refined without feeling less authentic, and he was losing some of the tryhard oh-so-offensive New York standup traits that always shadowed his better stuff. Getting cancelled seemed to completely reverse that though, and he seems to have gone back to lazily courting the spit-gurgling opie and anthony crowd out of a feeling of defensiveness.

This isn't an exculpation (he obviously didn't have to whip it out in front of unwilling women), it just sucks. He was also one the few liberal celebrities I could point to who wasn't blisteringly dumb, so that was nice while it lasted lol

No. 885326

>people try to save themselves first

nta but scrotes from muslim countries who leave as refugees to europe mostly aren't doing it for "a better life" or "to save themselves" or whatever. it's not like they leave to europe and get an education and become a doctor and start a family, they cause a ton of rape and destruction. p sure we all know why they leave.

No. 885334

Yeah I answered in relation to that here >>885292 I was just projecting the values of my people to them. I guess I failed to contemplate that Muslim men think and act differently, I am dumb to not realise that these men are just trash.

No. 885353

File: 1629324791669.png (2.01 MB, 1278x958, image0-3.png)

My god I wanna fuck my roommate so bad, I've never had thoughts of cheating or having sex with other men while in my current relationship till now. I know I won't though I love my bf a lot, it's just nice to daydream about it kek.

No. 885394

But I like dick.

No. 885415

i find it incredibly hot when nonnas start infighting and calling other anons retards. I want to be called retard too. i'm fucked up

No. 885420

you retard

No. 885423

File: 1629331496894.jpg (11.68 KB, 250x250, oops.jpg)


No. 885428

File: 1629331877069.jpg (47.11 KB, 611x960, 1628060122639.jpg)

I am here for you anon.

No. 885431

File: 1629332130590.jpeg (106.33 KB, 926x748, B1CDB6C0-542E-47EB-B6E1-1B5901…)

I want to date a man who is stinky. He’s really cute, but a little chunky, so I think he’s a virgin.

I’m just so fucking depressed, nonnies. I keep crying over my old boyfriend and I need someone to help me. I see this asshole every day and I break down into a puddle of tears. I was violated. I can never be the same. I just need someone who won’t cheat or touch me while I sleep. I think he can do it, I’ll plug my nose, I don’t fucking care anymore. I know he can talk to me and hold me. Maybe he’ll start showering, he’ll literally be perfect if he does. He’s so nice and isn’t different around me. I hope he isn’t autistic, I’d feel like I’m taking advantage of him. It just hurts being alone. It hurts

No. 885434

All men are virtually the same emotionless creatures, might as well get sexual pleasure from their existence

No. 885450


No. 885506

File: 1629343356631.jpg (24.59 KB, 564x533, 1625439760016.jpg)

I once asked for a manga recommendation on my stories

Someone said "Read Metamorphosis (Emergence)
I was innocent enough to read it all

No. 885508

I think I was molested as a kid but there's no concrete evidence. I don't want to explain every single detail of why I think this but:

I sometimes have dreams where I'm some kind of prostitute or I'm raped. I obviously wake up being wet. I have a bad relationship to these dreams because I would be lying if I said I kind of find them arousing, but I hate them so much. I hate prostitution, I hate rape. Yet I can't stop having these stupid dreams.

No. 885522

I've got upset (but didn't show it) when my bf said he wanted to work out for some muscle definition my toxic ass went sad because he'll no longer be my dream skinny pale blond
I know is his body and i prefer him happy but it'll be hard to let go his perfect thin body

No. 885530

Is that toxic? Idk if he changes and you don't like him anymore that's normal I guess

No. 885575

File: 1629350888762.png (636.84 KB, 749x694, yZXYpJl37vsaqRmPPH2law_b.png)

I still sleep with a teddy bear because I'm incredibly lonely, too autistic and ugly to have any relationship close enough to be embraced or cuddled and am too poor to adopt a cat. Being touch starved has been magnifying my depression as of late at a point in my life where I've realized I haven't felt passion or joy in years.

No. 885613

I know it is empowering and all for women to not shave their pits but I will never stop shaving them. I hate armpit hair on both men and women. I respect the choice and don't care what other people do, but that cannot recondition my thoughts into thinking it's beautiful or have neutral feelings when I find it ugly. I do find people who call it beautiful insincere. I'm neutral about other body hair but armpits are ugh.

No. 885616

aww nona that's so sad

I hate it too and I like men with hairy arms and hairy chest but hairy armpits? nah, and I wish there was more pressure on men to shave their pits

No. 885620

It's because of ISLAM, the root of all evil not because of fucking genetics. Atheist middle easterns support lgbt, women, premarital sex etc. If it is genetics, MENA women are stupid violent beasts as well. A lot of exmuslims change their ideology when they get rid of the parasite called islam. Look at (relatively) more progressive muslim-majority countries like Bosnia, Turkey, Morocco etc. where exmuslim/atheist youth are fighting against the retarded muslims. White converts also adopt a similar ideology once they get into it. Stop being racist when you just mean islam. The ratio of stupid people who retain sick ideologies would be similar if you compare non-religious westerners and non-religious middle easterners. I may be heated but im so sick of being lumped with disgusting muslims because I'm of shit eastern descent by westerners who can't be bothered to understand individual differences. It isn't enough that I'm being oppressed by these terrible shitstains, I must be included in their group too for some fucking reason while no one assumes a random white person is a mormon.

No. 885624

Because mormons are a tiny minority of White people while muslims are the overwhelming majority of ME people? Also to be fair about your first point, the IQ of the middle east is low for caucasian standards, probably like anons said above due to repeated inbreeding which is known to negatively affect IQ among other things.

No. 885625

File: 1629357580873.jpeg (181.21 KB, 736x981, 6BA4433E-8F83-49BB-96C0-AE1669…)

It’s my birthday and I’m honestly okay with absolutely nothing happening on it. I’ve isolated myself thoroughly and have been MIA from friends and extended family for weeks. I took a long shower and ate braised short ribs for today and will only celebrate it with my parents by sharing pastries from a bakery I like on the weekend. It feels like it should be wrong, but I feel a sense of contentment to where I wouldn’t object to dropping dead today if it were painless. I’m getting older and I enjoy life in solitude and that scares me. But I don’t want to stop it, either.

No. 885626

nta but the middle east is huge and encompasses lots of groups of people, it seems like you're overgeneralizing. iran wasn't even a muslim country until the late 70's

No. 885628

What? I am talking about today. Isn't the overwhelming majority of ME muslims today?

No. 885629

yes, my point was that if it's "genetic" or whatever it wouldn't necessarily make sense because the groups of people in the middle east can be diverse - there are persians, pashtuns, kurds, arabs etc.

No. 885630

Oh, I mean yeah, and I am not saying it's only genetic, I actually think the culture is greatly important, but all those groups are genetically really close to each other, the ME is basically a cluster of its own and most of these groups have been practicing repeated cousin marriages for millennia now.

No. 885632

Y'all are "we love women" until your feminism is actually helpful to women who live in the worst, most inhumane conditions. Instead you lump them all with their oppressors, indirectly call them low IQ and decide what their morals are (which THEY CANNOT VOICE). Typical, just say you're incapable of nuance & thinking about others and go. This is my last reply to this shit, nothing more to say.

No. 885634

wtf, I support feminism for the ME. The only way I lump the women of the ME with the men there is genetics, because well no shit, they are the same people, just different sex. When did I say I don't support these women?

No. 885643

I hate my roommate so much but I also really really really want to fuck him because he's so hot. I'm about 99% sure he'd be willing to do it too but his personality also kinda ruins it for me. I'd just love to use him to get an orgasm and leave him with blue balls because it's all scrotes like him deserve.

No. 885646


not all of us think this way, please don't lump me in with this person

No. 885648

Human genetics cluster anon. Greeks and Italians for example cluster towards the European cluster, while Greeks and Anatolians cluster towards the Western Asian one.

No. 885682

I can't write female characters for shit and it deeply embarrasses me

No. 885684

Same, anon. In media men are always the default so when I think of great characters I mostly think of men. I'm trying to change though and broaden my horizons starting by learning about influential women throughout history, reading biographies and interviews. Hearing from them directly, y'know? Not their worldview and opinions filtered through a moid.

No. 885708

Happy birthday, that food looks delicious, and have a nice day

No. 885774

My work has fucked me over countless time in the last year, so i'm stealing a bunch of shit from them in retaliation. I'm quitting in two days so I really don't care if I get caught and / or fired .

No. 885779

Don't overthink it. Write a male character and edit the his/him/he references when you're done.

No. 885814

I'm sick of hearing about the LGBT, yeah, even lesbians, i really don't give a fuck about any of them unless they're being literally killed.

No. 885816

shit nona I feel you, I sleep hugging a pillow and pretending I'm laying on a boy's chest. sad shit

No. 885837

File: 1629384506953.jpg (25 KB, 480x319, dianne-1491339943 (2).jpg)

One of the community threads on /snow/ is coming dangerously close to discovering my personal lolcows (they're currently within 1-2 degrees of association with the cows being discussed now). If it comes to that, it'd be a dream come true for me spectator-wise but I should probably cover my ass and never, ever, reveal what I personally know on there.

No. 885853

Exactly my thoughts

No. 885893

No. 885908

Christianity is not less shitty than other religions, please…

No. 885917

I really hate the customer service level that's expected here (US). Like if you don't kowtow to the customer and let them yell at you while smiling and being sympathetic you're a bad employee. A customer can literally throw something at you but if you get upset you're in the wrong. Customer service workers don't make enough money to put up with that shit.
Also I noticed that a lot of businessess here that are owned and employed by immigrants tend to take far less bullshit and don't ask their employees to be hyper subservient like that, which is cool imo. But you look at any restauraunt in Chinatown's reviews online and they're all from boomers going "1/5 stars the employee didn't SMILE. The staff have no ambition (no shit, who has ambition in a restauraunt job). I was very upset and they were rude to me." Let employees be human and not creepy smiling machines dammit people need to stop using employees who can't retaliate to take out their anger

No. 885927

I never understood why it is so important to boomers that restaurant or any other kind of customer service staff acts like smiling, butt-licking slaves that should be grateful for some pennies getting thrown at them. But then again, it might be a power issue and entitlement, since boomers are generally power-hungry insufferable cunts that want to feel like kings.

No. 885953

you wouldn't have to deal with refugees if your countries would stop interfering and destabilizing other countries.

you will never have an ethnostate.

No. 885967

I live in Buffalo and I am so mad a bunch of Afghan refugees are going to be flown in here. It’s disgusting. We already have too many refugees here.

No. 885978

It's selling your soul for min wage at this point, it warms my heart to see businesses whinging about how no one wants to work/quits customer service since pandemic is in full swing. And your coworkers give you shit for not being a happy clown too, ones at my last job ganged up on me to lecture me about how everyone has struggles in private life but when you go to work you need to wear a smile and chat friendly with everyone. Literal insanity.

No. 885979

You say it like anon has any choices in whether their gov meddles in other countries affairs

No. 885983

this is what i don't understand. westerners boast about their democracy and freedom, but for some reason when their countries do something bad, they can't help it! it's the politicians fault, never the people. and yet they still think that the people of islamic countries hold the same exact opinions and values as their government despite them living in third world theocratic shitholes.

No. 885996

File: 1629394909740.png (103.19 KB, 1088x395, 52.png)

I'm Pakistani I'm I aboustetly with everything you said, when I was in Germany getting in my masters, the worst experience I ever had there was just some cat calling but I didn't fear for my life like I do in my home country, in my country multiple men will literally follow you if you don't have a male bedside's you, just a couple days ago, a young woman went to minare-e-Pakistan(basically a huge memorial) on Aug 14(our Independence day) she was molested by over 400 men in that evening
Muslim countries have no hope, Islam is unsalvageable as religion, we need secularization forces on us, the Muslim world needs Communist dictators who will commit things that the UN might declare rights against Freeomds, but that is the only realistic solution we have
Islam is a cancerous religion that can never work in any society, its flawed and can never be reformed, we need forces atheism

No. 886000

>We need a holocaust for muzzies
Why are pakistanis like this

No. 886003

Where did anon say that because I thought she was talking about restrictions against religious freedom.

No. 886008

>we need secularization forces on us, the Muslim world needs Communist dictators who will commit things that the UN might declare rights against Freeomds
don't play dumb

No. 886009

I never said Holocaust, I said forced atheism and secularism for at least 3 generations

No. 886012

how will the government enforce atheism and secularism?

No. 886014

Lol you obviously don't know how to fucking read.

No. 886015

just like the Albanians or Turkish did it, frame Islam as foreign Arab influence(which it is) highlight pre-Islamic history or Historical Muslim figures who followed heretical sect

No. 886018

how do communists usually treat religious people? especially muslims?

lol did it work for turkey?

No. 886019

File: 1629396048966.jpg (35.52 KB, 700x661, azMANNx_700b.jpg)

yeah I will never work customer service again in my life if I can help it and I feel so bad for the people have no other options. When regularly hiding and crying at work is some #relatable thing that people make memes about you know it's fucked

No. 886020

It worked well until the 80's before the US helped various Islamic groups to take force

No. 886021

alright, if you say so. gl with your endeavors

No. 886143

but then people will complain that the character is a "man with tits"

No. 886170

File: 1629402355683.jpg (122.9 KB, 702x672, Taliban_0.jpg)

Sent some hardcore femdom porn to taliban scrotes on Twitter.

No. 886177

gj, you probably riled them up and now they will release their frustration on their women. another win for feminism! no but seriously they won't give a shit. they are already aware of the depravity and degeneracy of the west.

No. 886181

Are you retarded? Realistically, the average citizen isn't able to do anything about it regardless of which way they vote because politicians ultimately do whatever the fuck they want.

Why did this need to be explained to you?

No. 886189

>you probably riled them up and now they will release their frustration on their women.
Stop blaming women for scrote behavior. If these men can get riled up and triggered by equality, they can go to hell, dont blame women who fight back.

No. 886191

excuses, excuses.

you're not fighting back, you're virtue signalling online. go back to twitter.

No. 886192

Nta, but sending femdom porn to the Taliban on twitter isn't "fighting back"…

No. 886196

Right, nonita. Because you totally pulled a Snowden or some shit yourself or staged a coup wherever you are. I'm sorry that you're so pressed that people called attention to the backwards world of Muslim scrotes and their antics.

No. 886197

You are either a moid or a cum chugging cuckqueen. Either way kys.

No. 886200

here's the thing… unlike you, i'm not claiming to be a freedom fighter.

>calling another woman a cum chugging cuckqueen
aaaaand another win for feminism!

No. 886209

Feminism is a women's liberation movement, it's not about being kind to women with retarded takes.

No. 886210

Send the scum manifesto next kek

No. 886212

why are you slut shaming women though… you sound a bit like an islamic extremist…

No. 886213

File: 1629404199632.jpeg (48.68 KB, 1100x825, bruh.jpeg)

…the taliban have a dedicated twitter account now? where?

No. 886215

No. 886220

No. 886228

The exmuzzies on this board are genuinely mentally ill schizos, I say this as an exmuslim myself

No. 886238

File: 1629405622748.png (Spoiler Image, 1.69 MB, 1402x1008, taliban.png)

Some people weren't happy about this, but it made me laugh because I'm retarded, so I made a meme for you anon (nsfw)

No. 886244

Thanks. This is the confession thread, we post morally grey stuff here.

No. 886262

I'm not happy this cause it feels like your treating this whole thing as some dumb joke, Its not some thing you can just joke and meme about you first world morons, a country is going to be resent and return to 7th Century Arabia and the fact that you think you can just joke about this is offensive and disgusting and shows just how removed you are from those that suffer under Islamic patriarchy

No. 886270

File: 1629407086294.jpg (65.59 KB, 642x355, 52244896.jpg)

You know that western men are literally meme-ing the taliban, righ? But you decided to be mad at the women who just wanna troll the taliban a little.

No. 886272

thank god a reasonable person.

i beg you to please get off 4chan and go outside.

No. 886273

Nta, but who said she's not mad at those people too?

No. 886278

I’m a third worlder, and my country is being ravaged by a Muslim piece of shit president who’s allied with an Islamic terrorist group that kidnaps and murders people, especially young girls.
If someone spammed the president of my country (or that terrorist group’s social media) with nonsense or femdom porn, I’d meme about it bc I have a retarded gallows sense of humor, I am powerless in the situation and shit is fucked.
If they’re going to get away with what they’re doing to people in real life, the absolute least they can take is a hostile, uncomfortable experience on the internet. They deserve to have their eyes gored. I hope whoever runs their account for them will have extreme CBT and penile mutilation nightmares for the rest of his fucking life. He should see shit he never even imagined could exist.

No. 886279

do you not understand what I'm trying to say, I don't think anyone with any basic morality should "meme" or "joke" about this
also 99% of the Taliban members are rural Sunni Pashtuns, I doubt anyone has a Nokia Phone let alone a smartphone, those twitter accounts are probably handled by Pakistani ISI members who "work" with the Taliban
so your not even "trolling" the Taliban, your sending messages to some ISI intelligence agent whose handling 50 twitter accounts at once

No. 886280

File: 1629407444395.jpg (211.14 KB, 800x450, 88569889.jpg)

A taliban posted that meme on Twitter and it has 25k likes now.

No. 886283

>Taliban members are rural Sunni Pashtuns, I doubt anyone has a Nokia Phone let alone a smartphone
Sorry to break it to you most most poor ppl in poor places have cellphones. Its not a first world luxury.

No. 886287

Your not doing anything except being a dumbass, the Taliban doesn't run those accounts, Its mostly Pakistani ISI agents who handle like 50-100 accounts and also spread pro-Taliban propaganda
The rural places in Pakistan(that I have been to) don't have electricity or even running water and Afghanistan even more underdeveloped

No. 886291

What anons aren’t seeing is that memes function as propaganda and morale boosting content in 2021, in either direction. There is literally nothing wrong with anti Taliban, anti ISIS, anti rapist scrote memes. They’re not going to put a stop to things, but why the fuck should we ever respect those people?
No one on earth who has been threatened by the Taliban or any terrorist group would be angry because someone is shitting on that same group and putting out anti content. People are dying, that is not a valid or pressing issue.

No. 886293

I never claimed to be a freedom fighter. I said your take was retarded because it was. Cope harder.

No. 886294

The "Memes" are the future is a such a dumb western take, ISIS is a little bit different as it was mostly made up of the Urban class and also a lot of ex-Criminals, but the Taliban, Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab(in Somali) are local rural Sunnis, I don't think anons can even comprehend how utterly backwards these people live, for them the Islamic Shariah isn't anything new cause its all they have even known
these people wouldn't even know what a meme is

No. 886295

Yes it is. Don't get me wrong Christianity is still awful but it wasn't founded by a warlord pedophile.

No. 886296

you will never have your male-free radfem utopia

No. 886300

Again, never asked for that. There are several anons itt telling you that you're retarded. I'm the one who told you that the average citizen can't do shit and that's the reality of it. You're, for whatever reason, too stupid to understand this. Maybe its whatever is in the water in your shithole country.

Now go on and accuse me of being American next or something. I'll wait.

No. 886301

File: 1629408785715.jpg (49.24 KB, 515x381, you.jpg)

not with a male in the room

No. 886302

Tweeting porn at the taliban or men in general isn't pwning anyone. All you're doing is providing them with wank material.

No. 886304

. . .where do you think i'm from? :^)

cope and seethe Islam isn't going anywhere. you better start memorizing verses rn lol

yes everyone who disagrees with you is a male we get it, low-iq subhumans can't come up with something different

No. 886305

Its like a couple of ISI agents anon, its not even the Taliban

No. 886306

Then why did the Taliban account share that meme? Even in the case that you’re right, why do the memes matter to you so much, then? Realistically, who is harmed by random people insulting terrorists? Are you one or something?
No one here is a dumbass scrote or a child who will start thinking the Taliban isn’t a threat just because we made fun of them.

No. 886307

>lc is a monolith

No. 886308

Enjoy your ban.

No. 886309

anyone who isn't me is a monolith. now answer me this, what's wrong if some empowered and independent woman wants to chug cum?

No. 886313

Once again, way to show your retard levels for not understanding that post. You implied that lc is a monolith.

No. 886314

and it isn't? go on any thread, on any board, and you'll find endless sperging about trannies and males.

it smells like bitch in here.

No. 886315

"cum chugging cuckqueen" was meant to be interpreted as a synonym for a female bootlicker, retard.

No. 886316

women can wear boots too dumbass it's 2021

No. 886321

>Haha I called a woman a bitch that's an insult in le current year

No. 886322

I just realized Saiki K. is supposed to sound like psychic. In my defense, I only watched half of episode 1

No. 886323

…it's a meme and the meaning here is the same as pussy. you're a lost cause nonny… i can't help you anymore…

No. 886332

We can? Why was I not notified of this? Did I miss a meeting?

No. 886334

the people of my gender are so funny

No. 886364

imo one of my bigger hashtag girlboss moments was when i drunkenly went home with one of my guy friends at the time, he went down on me for like an hour and then asked if i wanted to have sex and i said no and he drove me home

No. 886365

File: 1629412796010.png (51.45 KB, 250x286, 35EBCC8F-D6B0-4BED-82EF-E3FF96…)

I am an unironic genderspecial fakeboi and I come here as a form of digital self-harm

No. 886367

imagine trying to claim muh radfem moral high ground on a website that was basically created for the sole purpose of making fun of fat/ugly women

No. 886370

No. 886373

That's what you say to yourself, lil terf in the making.

No. 886375

Well since you want to ~identify~ as male, then you should be banned

No. 886376

Based maso chan, I mean, you bad bad girl.

No. 886377

Yeah I agree with >>886373, you've already got too much self-awareness to keep up the delusion for long.

No. 886384

When I scroll the TERF/MTF threads and I just feel depressed when I see people making fun of the ugly mannish she-hulk gigahon trannies because that would’ve probably been me if I was born male. I’m literally the most feminine looking person I know and I wish I was a man.
Radfems say that they trannies because they invade female spaces but honestly I think that people would still find a reason to hate them if they didn’t. Everyone in those threads just makes fun of their looks. If trannies all looked like Blaire White, I don’t think TERFs would exist at all

No. 886390

*Radfems say that they hate trannies

No. 886392

Anon, the main problem with male trannies is that they are male. That's literally it. We don't want males near us, it's not complicated.

No. 886395

File: 1629413505844.png (207.34 KB, 625x600, virtual-hug-you-need-one.png)

No. 886397

We make fun of Blaire's looks too, check his thread. He's got a fridge body and huge man hands because he's a man. That's the point, trans people never pass enough to be indistinguishable from the sex they want to be, it's a terrible goal because it's not accomplishable, and it just leads to worse and worse mental health. You know that part, though.
If you want to read productive and insightful radfem writing and see if it changes your mind, an imageboard with no gender critical general thread is not the place. Keep looking and hopefully learn, good luck.

No. 886398

Something tells me you never read the Blaire White threads

No. 886403

same I'm self aware enough to not think I'm a real boi or anything but that doesn't fix the mental illness. Tinfoil maybe but I think the tranny and femboy threads in /snow/ have posters that are the exact type of people they're mocking, since that's how it seems to work with all the other threads

No. 886406

Besides being a general scourge, trannies like to mock women's appearance. What's wrong with laughing at their delusions and giving them a taste of their own medicine?

No. 886410

i had a dream where i was fucking some kind of life-sized male doll and it was the most erotic dream i have had in years. i am now considering getting something like that. lord help me

No. 886413

>trannies like to mock women's appearance
Isn't that what this place is all about.

No. 886416

Christ I hope that's not true, you guys suck

No. 886418

What's a lolcow

No. 886419

>If trannies all looked like Blaire White, I don’t think TERFs would exist at all
blaire is literally one of the worst looking ones though

No. 886420

I’m not “deluded” though. I don’t think I’m a man. I just wish I was.

No. 886422

Why the fuck would you want to be a disgusting moid?

No. 886425

They're ugly but the power they have is worth it.

No. 886429

Anon it's 2021, who cares about power, get an education and become a lawyer or sth.

No. 886430

So then what's the point of being genderspecial if you know you can never change your sex? Why would you waste your life pining over a fantasy instead of embracing what you are and learning to live fully in reality? There is no wrong way to be a woman, but you can never be a man. You'll never be happy until you accept that, so I hope someday that you can.

No. 886432

I'm lazy and I want to walk outside at night.

No. 886434

Nothing good in life is easy.

Can't relate, I live in a safe country and area, I go jogging at 2 am here. Something wrong with your moids there anon.

No. 886436

File: 1629414651673.jpeg (286.17 KB, 800x1200, B57BD514-332B-4563-A7A8-0E8C27…)

It’s too complicated to put into words but I can try.
I feel sad when I see happy families. It pains me to know that I will never be a father. I wish I could raise I could raise a child of our own with a woman. I want to be able to love her in the way that a man could. I also have a ton of penis envy.
I want to able to just be “one of the guys” again. I haven’t been able to befriend men since I was a child.
I wish I had a male body, or at least looked more androgynous like pic related. I hate my voice, my curves, and my stereotypical round pointer face. I have Kalvin Garrah’s face and Mewtwo’s body.

No. 886437

Since we're talking about trannyism and tervery in this confession thread, here is mine: I first came here for Luna Slater and stayed for the mtf and fakeboi threads while I was still a fakeboi lmao

No. 886440

Damn anon, you sound just like a guy I was talking with on /lgbt/ a couple of days ago. He said the exact same things in reverse. Like, word to word, wtf. But at least he said he knows he can't be a woman so he lives with it until his mother dies so he can kill himself, which I guess is a little more honest than trooning out, still sad though.

No. 886445

Sorry but trooning out doesn't fix anything. I'm naturally tall and broad. A bit of facial hair and voice drop was all it took me to pass but I was still subject to scrote bullshit, including getting sexually harassed by a "friend". There is no escaping moids, the second one finds out you're a woman he will see you as something vulnerable and exploitable. Hell, even if you manage to go full stealth gay men have the same slimy tendencies. I know that for many women it's a protective measure due to sexual trauma in the past but the ultimate blackpill is realizing that there is nothing you can do to be "safe" from men.

No. 886446

Now I remember 2010 in highschool wearing men's dress shirts and having a self-done bowlcut. I was bullied so badly I wanted to die. Thanks for unzipping me

No. 886448

life on easy mode

also casual sex is nothing for them and i'm horny a lot

No. 886451

This is a place for women go away

No. 886453

Have you had surgery?

No. 886454

That's a woman anon.

No. 886457

No because I know that I would look like one of those hideous pooners with the massive mastectomy scars

No. 886458

I hope you find peace, whatever you end up being. You're not alone anon

No. 886462

File: 1629416059766.jpg (8.35 KB, 235x224, Tumblr_l_89710525713448.jpg)

I hope you see thr light one day nonnie

No. 886464

Good, please don't. One reason being you'll shrink your dating pool dramatically. Much of what you describe is attainable. You can have a family with a woman and take on the dad role. I know it's not quite the same, but you can find happiness is what I'm saying anon. Trooning out will not help, please remember that. No need to self-harm like this, there are many supportive lesbian spaces.

No. 886470

Stop putting men in a pedestal, past puberty their y chromosome activates and they turn into the same shitty person. Read trust your perceptions blog they ain't shit. I used to fantasize about transitioning bc I was sick of being treated like shit for being a woman and being dumped with extra household and emotional soothing work. Didn't though because I'm not delusional. Not interacting with men, and not reading/watching stuff by men helps.

No. 886480

save yourself the hassle of trooning out because i can tell you already that the men you’re so desperate to be in the “in crowd” with will respect you even less as a tranny than just a run of the mill woman

No. 886483

Except you will never be a real man or get to enjoy male privilege. You will never change the fact that you were socialized a woman. You will never receive true male respect or camaraderie. Most FTMs realize this when it’s too late. Don’t be a retard.

No. 886522

I don’t have the energy to come on here anymore. Everything has become so boring and regurgitated everyone always has the same hot take that keeps getting mentioned, shut the fuck up you’re ruining this place

No. 886524

I think it's the kf wave, it was much more comfy before that. Hopefully they get bored soon.

No. 886527

What's the hot take?

No. 886528

that yo mamma jokes aren't funny anymore, that gay is a pejorative, you know

No. 886545

Not the torrent of KF racebaits but the one twitterfag that does it for ya? Take a day off, we know you’ll be back.

No. 886553

I'm saying this in the least racebaity way possible, I love my significant other to death but sometimes I wake up and wonder if I really truly honestly want to be with a white person for the rest of my life

No. 886554

say your race real quick i wanna see smth

No. 886557

Genuinely I don't know because I'm Mexican but that's not a race

No. 886563

Omega cringe. Just focus on not dating a shitty scrote dumbass.

No. 886565

so you're a white latino, good to know

No. 886566

You should express that to him and tell us his response.

No. 886568

I told him, he was like "understandable" lol. I think it comes from a weird fear I had as a kid that I would never be able to communicate my deepest feelings to a love interest in English

No. 886573

That's not an unreasonable fear at all imo. If he actually understands then maybe you can work through it.

No. 886576

Yeah I'm phrasing it in a funny inflammatory way but I do genuinely worry about intrinsic cultural differences between us. We're both trying our best, I hope it works out. Sometimes I just feel so different from him in a way that I don't feel around other children-of-immigrants

No. 886577

I want to relapse so badly, been free from self-harm for 1 1/2 years now, but it doesn't make sense. I won't and can't do it, as I'm not living alone anymore and it takes some time to self-harm, but I even looked up hotel rooms so I could be alone for a day or two and just give in to my fucking stupid mind. Also, it's autumn soon, no one would ever know, but I'm just too old for that bullshit.
And no, I don't have bpd, at least something good about my brain.

No. 886580

As a white person, when I go somewhere minorities frequent I sometimes get nervous about what they will think of me, but I appreciate the opportunity to display to them that I'm not actually a piece of shit.

No. 886584

File: 1629423261907.jpg (99.15 KB, 634x837, 6836690-6446381-image-a-1_1543…)

i once made a guy that i was entertaining through text take an iq test and ghosted him after he told me he got a 98. this confession is more of a self-own,,,

No. 886587

That sounds severe anon. If there's stuff you need to work through there are many people who would like to listen, I know it.

No. 886663

Stress eaters disgust me in a way that makes me find them pathetic but I also feel bad about thinking this way because wtf why should I care about how they cope? I'm a fucking alchie and I know that's 1000x more pathetic and disgusting.

No. 886669

What's an alchie? Don't worry I disgust myself too, going back to self harming as cope because ironically its the least destructive cope compared to food alcohol drugs sex etc.

No. 886670

NTA but alcoholic

No. 886680


No. 886705

You're either an autist or a BDPfag, it is what it is.

No. 886728


You’re such a sensitive retard, let them speak.

No. 886745

I record myself fucking my fwb and listen to it on my earbuds while I'm working. I'm like ambient horny all day.

No. 886757

Look at yourself and look at your family members. Do they look more indigenous or European? Most Mexicans are a mixture of both, read history.

No. 886767

Several years ago I hooked up with the lead guitar player from the band follakzoid. We had some chemistry, spent the night together, I had fun, whatever. We stayed in touch for a little while but I ghosted him because he was super pushy in asking me for nudes and cybersex. Clearly wasn't interested in getting to know me. Typical self-absorbed fuckboy behaviour. Out of curiosity I checked on his IG today and I was a bit horrified to find that he's become a tranny. He's even e-begging for money so that he can get a sex change and move to nyc. I think he's going to reap what he sowed and that this will end badly for him.

No. 886768

Second this. If ur grandparents/parents never were into their native history, traditions, and such but u can still clearly see the ancestry (I don't mean how white ppl that tan claim native American but they actually look native like dark skin, high cheekbones, etc) then ur European and indigenous Mexican. Do they never talk about their European roots either?

No. 886855

Not a scrote,just a horny white girl that wants to fuck a couple of different asians. This is my confession

No. 886877

I used to use sex role play chats in deviantart when I was 13. Who the fuck was I talking to? Why did I do this at the library in public?? I have no idea if anyone ever saw my screen. I would assume an adult hadn't because they would have said something, I'm sure. I stopped going after one guy insisted that I pretend to fuck him while he was a pikachu. I actually found his furaffinity just this year because he uses the same username and it's full of Pokémon diaper porn. Also apparently he's a MtF now. What in the fuck.

No. 886879

He's got all the autism, layers of it

No. 886884

And for so long, too. It's been like 14 years since we talked in dA and I still remember the day he confessed to me his biggest wish was to be a pikachu. How he would go to sleep at night and pray and pray that he would wake up and notice his pyjamas didn't fit anymore and everything looked bigger, to look into a mirror and realize he was an electric fucking Pokémon.

No. 886887

Look it up most likes are from muslims males as well as females
And females who are living in western or any other non muslim country

No. 886889

men or women?

No. 886890

When I was 11 I use to cyber on the msn chat rooms. The setting was always in a hot tub and I use to discuss more how perfect I looked in a bikini and how thing and hot I was. I was just role-playing what it was like to be hot, the men would then start asking if we were going to have sex and I use to type moaning noises until I learnt you're suppose to describe what sex was and I didn't have a fucking clue! So before I got the period talk in school I was having 20-30 year old men explain to me sex. I just wanted to talk about being tall and being allowed to wear a bikini (I wasn't allowed to show my stomach when young and my best friend was allowed too so my outlet was role-playing with men lmao)

No. 886891

The internet is awful. I don't want to have a child for many reasons, and one of them being I don't want to have to explain, monitor or restrict the internet because it's basically impossible. I remember I was at my aunts once and I was using her computer in the middle of the night, I have no idea what site I was on, but a man was describing how he wanted to lick ice cream off me and that still makes my skin crawl over a decade later.

No. 886901

I love Dua Lipa's disco-esque music and I find her so sexy

No. 886904

Sometimes I type up the longest and most miserable sounding posts, like really autistic sounding whingy posts about small things getting under my skin. Then I just don't publish them. I do it alot and I think I have legit sensory issues. That's the theme that connects them all.

No. 886905

I don't think I was grossed out by these men tbh. This was before people were uploading photos of themselves as profile pics or doxxing themselves. I knew I'd never meet these men and I knew not to if they asked because of stranger danger, I would have been more scared of my mum finding out I even knew about the word sex, yet I had South Park posters in my room and was allowed the chocolate salty balls CD single.

No. 886909

I can understand that fear. it's not like you were able to eat the salty balls irl so your parents didn't care, but sex is something that exists and could happen in your world so anything that indicates that it might be is huge scary red flag

No. 886928

Yea true, my parents were going thru a messy separation at the time too and my mum had no filter when venting on the phone so I was like exposed to certain things before a lot of my peers. I think other kids would have been easily groomed but I was in the headspace of hating adults and sort of making fun on them when I was cybering. I knew I was 11 and rather than me being like wow cool I'm talking to an older man I rightfully was like, wow what a fucking loser cybering with an 11 year old, my dad's out getting laid with real women lol.

No. 886932

Just remembered, I told almost every man my age after I got bored of them, but in a way to troll them. I was trolling online in the 90s before some of you were born probably. Trippy

No. 886937

I honestly have a very hard time believing you thought this way as an 11 year old, but go you I guess.

No. 886944

That's fine anon, but I did. My older cousin introduced me to the Internet via rotten tomatoes in like '97 and she showed me yahoo chat rooms that had voice chat. I found msn on my own. I do remember I would type out the moaning sounds of sex lol and would eventually reveal my age and be like ewwww!!! And laugh at them etc. A lot of the men didn't believe I was 11 because I could spell. That phase lasted about a year and then when I was 13 my older brother introduced me to messageboards he use to troll and asked me to help annoy some moderators and that's my early days on the Internet.

No. 886945

File: 1629463783711.jpg (21.26 KB, 300x226, unnamed.jpg)

No. 886946

Whatever based 11 year old me trolling neckbeards while some of y'all were probably snapping nudes and being groomed.

No. 886951

I don't know if bragging about peaking at 11 is as big of a power move as you think it is.

No. 886953

It's a confession thread lol, I'm not going to feel ashamed for how I processed my parents separation.

No. 886954

get help, freak

No. 886956

There's a retard in the confession thread and I want to bully her. I feel bad because my mother told me to be kind to the mentally challenged.

No. 886957

Girl I'm fine now, I'm in my 30s and haven't been groomed.

No. 886958

Oh sorry, didn't realize the confession thread was used for shaming younger women for possibly being groomed as children, my bad.

No. 886960

Whoops lol

No. 886961

just ignore her, retards get really mad when you ignore their cries for attention

No. 886965

I once ate a chocolate covered raisin off the floor in grade 2 and Ive never forgiven myself.

No. 886975

It makes me so sad seeing young women my age pump their face full of fillers and get plastic surgery. But in a way it’s kind of interesting to think about how different I’ll look from these people in 10-20 years.
My friend got lip fillers and they look horrendous, whoever did them did her so wrong. They pumped a bunch of filler into her top lip, and her lips were so thin it just looks like an upper lip mustache. My friend was already beautiful, I was honest with her and told her to stop doing that stupid shit to her face. We are literally 20, I hate that plastic surgery is the new cool fun tiktok trend.

No. 886982

File: 1629465840066.png (259.49 KB, 1080x231, 1626323782930.png)

Just be careful this doesn't become you, nona.

No. 886997

I never masturbate by penetrating myself but I just entered myself with my finger for one of the first times in forever and it didn't feel like anything in particular, which is again why I usually don't do it. However, the feeling afterwards is slightly nice and now it feels as though my body indicates it wants further penetration. A really bizarre yet positive development, as I have been insecure about not responding to penetration well..

No. 887002

I miss doing dumb juvenile shit with my cousin like driving out to rich neighbourhoods, finding a good vantage point and then hitting golf balls at their McMansions and expensive cars.

No. 887014

>I miss causing property damage
God I despise poor people

No. 887015


No. 887016

They have insurance, don't worry about it

No. 887018

this sounds intensely cringey, like something out of an avril lavigne music video

No. 887019

It's still annoying.


I could have spend that money on charity for people like you instead.

No. 887020

My “goth/alt” phase is coming to an and after an embarrassingly long time. I’m really over the whole look (on myself at least.)
I just want to be a normie

No. 887021

Seethe, richfag. Seethe.

No. 887022

be my sugar mommy please. i’m poor and sexy

No. 887024

I got married too young and too soon into knowing a guy and surprise surprise had a short marriage where the guy who wanted the marriage so badly flaked out on it just as quickly. I was heartbroken, in shock because in my naive lil early twenties brain I thought my life was all neatly mapped out and that a break up was impossible.

Years passed since then, no contact, I started to get papers lately, not THE papers but ones telling me that sometime next year it'll likely be brought to court. It's a slow country for divorces. It hit me so weirdly hard though. I had a whole other LTR play out during that time, it's been a long old time coming. I went into a meltdown though. The pain from being suddenly abandoned flooded back. I was isolated at that time and I'm not much less isolated now. I guess I'm vulnerable because I've rarely had people in my life I can really discuss any feelings with.

I've just been reading about women who've had way messier and pettier divorces and I almost feel stupid for going nuts over my very mundane one where the guy just wants it done and there's little chance of drama or backstabbing from either one of us.

No. 887026

Thank you nonna, I'm doing better today, it's just not so easy to leave this stupid addiction behind. Might take the step and search for a therapist, guess it's finally time and I really want to be happy after all these years.

No. 887028

I only realised a few years ago how destructive me and my friends were as kids. We use to tee off from my front garden and wack golf calls towards the end of our hill. We lived in a built up residential area how the fuck I never got in trouble with the police is beyond me

No. 887029

I am seething, I can't seethe any more.

How sexy are we talking about here?

No. 887033

Good because goth is a music genre and not plastic chokers and tacky killstar boots

No. 887037

>is rich and can afford quality education
>still doesn't know the difference between spend and spent

No. 887040

yeah yeah whatever goth chan. i took my piercings out you should too

No. 887046

i’m an uneducated hottie, as sexy as it gets

No. 887050

I just like music anon, sorry your LARP stopped being fun.

No. 887054

Hey, English is my 3rd language, I do make some mistakes now and then.

I like the uneducated part, tell me more.

No. 887059

Warped tour is more punk than emo though. And it's irritating to see people LARPING and posturing, wanting to look "alt" and trying to join music scenes without actually enjoying or understanding the history of the music. Then they'll hop on the next trend. Especially egirls/eboys.

No. 887069

File: 1629471909051.png (24.74 KB, 1283x119, why are you so bitter.PNG)

I wonder why she deleted lol

No. 887078

causing property damage is good depending on which property

No. 887095

Whenever someone says "nonnie" or "nonita" I automatically assume they're a retarded newfag.

No. 887105

Bumping, careful nonas

No. 887133

Nope, been here for ages, nonnie nonita-chan.

No. 887159

I've been online for so long in mainly male spaces and been accidentally exposed to so much shit that I don't rlly feel anything when I see the CP raiding. Just "ugh not again".

No. 887176

Every time my scrote co-workers make porn jokes or references in the whatsapp groupchat i feel like sending bara tiddy drawings to rile them up, never did it but i want to do it

No. 887178

Do it!

No. 887185

File: 1629476931805.jpg (332.87 KB, 2000x1000, yesterday-you-said-tommorrow-s…)

It's what they deserve. This is how you shame em into keeping their degen contained

No. 887188

I like to claim that I don't care how I look and I don't put any effort in my appearance anyway, but I'm pretty certain that if I was ugly I would be insecure as hell.

No. 887225

Sound insecure now

No. 887343

File: 1629483723199.jpg (122.67 KB, 430x644, 20210820_143319.jpg)

I realized I started to appreciate more and more decrepit, bald dudes. I genuinely think Woody Harrelson is the cause of all this fuckery. He didn't started it though, I think the real responsible was Yul Brynner. You know how he looked good in Westworld? Well, he looked really good. I think it has something to do with those dark clothes and cowboy hat, and Harrelson really pulls it off too. Then there's Ed Harris in the Westworld series, like, damn grampa, that's hot.
Then I watched Shazam and there it is that fucker Mark Strong with his nice black leather trenchcoat and shiny bald. Gonna tell you something, no man pulls off a bald like that. There is something truly special in an old, bald guy dressed all in black.

No. 887366

This place reminds me of a eternal family reunion and I’m the quiet and slightly retarded and forgotten cousin who constantly gets ignored while the grandparents and parents bicker all throughout dinner

No. 887368

then who would other anons be? like Ko-chan for example?

No. 887516

Get better soon.

No. 887517

the child molester uncle

No. 887540

what about poopsie anon?

No. 887543

That annoyingly autistic niece that keeps trying to push her dumbass toys on you so she has someone to play with.

No. 887585

I have accepted that it is probably impossible for me to ever have piv sex and thus I will never have a normal heterosexual relationship, so I made peace with it and I am trying to focus on different things. Or maybe it is just god telling me that I should stay an eternal virgin and become a witch when I am old

No. 887601

That's exactly what an insufferable newfag would say

No. 887612

i realised recently that im attracted to trannies, but only within certain parameters. the general criteria is:
>attractive - honestly i can have unconventional tastes so not too difficult
>obviously no agp
>not ​trying too hard to emulate 'femininity', e.g no full face of makeup or noticeable shapewear (basically see above, no agp)
>body in decent shape & good hygiene

it's happened a couple of times now where I've seen a mtf in public and my first thoughts are that they are just very androgynous, like a woman with defined features or a very feminine man. I think it is this androgyny that initially attracts me, but i am also attracted in (i think) a sick kind of way to their mannerisms. i enjoy how painfully self conscious they always are, like you can just see their insecurities in all their interactions. when they laugh and their voice cracks a little and you get that confirmation that this is, in fact, still a tranny in front of you, that the whole exchange between us is one in which i have some kind of upper hand and that is somethijg they are always aware of. I find it endearing, the way that they are trying very hard (and honestly most of them pass well, but there is always a tell.)
i mean obviously this is a bit of a weird and messed up fixation of mine. genuinely i think there is a part of my brain that picks the most unsuitable people i know and decides to momentarily fall in love with them. it's just been a bit weird honestly to have so many radfem leaning thoughts present in my head, while unironically thinking a tranny is cute and half thinking about what it'd be like to date them.

im reading back on this before posting and it sounds like some kind of reddit incel larp. im so sorry anons

No. 887616

you like shy feminine men who take care of their appearance. now delete this

No. 887628

just become a kpopfag

No. 887632

you are probably right anon ty, but i also get the feeling that if i met a man with that same description i wouldn't be as interested & id treat him way differently

No. 887675

Same, piv is a dealbreaker for me (and no I don't want to put it in my ass or mouth either). Cum is disgusting, birth control is expensive and hurts my health, and abortion is being made illegal every other year. I don't want to deal with the headache of managing a caged-dick-man either. All so tiresome.

No. 887683

stop with the attempted psyops please, I’ve seen the same person trying to convince people that they’re attracted to trannies.

No. 887684

yeah there seems to be a lot of either "i think i want to transition" or "i'm attracted to trannies" popping up recently

No. 887765

File: 1629511767557.jpg (257.47 KB, 1065x969, Screenshot_20210811-195353_Ins…)

I just can't trust anyone who owns a small white dog anymore. Too many bad experiences. If you own a crusty white dog, you're a hoe.

No. 887838

File: 1629518159349.png (368.45 KB, 500x413, tumblr_lp3c7cdllk1qadvuao1_500…)

I love a lot of the happy mainstream body positivity music that anons like to criticize, and generally think that it does more good than harm. When I'm by myself, I sometimes put on missy elliott or lizzo and it makes me feel more at peace, regardless of whether I really believe their platitudes about weight. I think developing a less viciously hateful relationship with your own body is important regardless of whether you need to gain, lose, or maintain, and any media that encourages a more balanced outlook is good even if the actual effect is marginal.

It really seems like a lot of the intense scorn people have towards body positive artists is rooted in a visceral disgust toward fat, which I guess isn't something that's consciously controllable. It's still annoying to see the laughably inauthentic pearl clutching though (does anyone genuinely think that people are obese because some pop song told them to love themselves?). I don't know why some people get so angry something that's ultimately just kind of generic and dopey - it's unhinged, like yelling at a rubber ducky. I already did my decade of self harm and restricting, let me enjoy my yogurt commercial music in peace lol

No. 887857

Missy Elliott makes body positivity music? But yeah I love Lizzo, not for weight related reasons but even as a cynical radfem type I just love libfem girl power music, including the thotty stuff. I know it's commercialized choice feminism and isn't doing shit for women but music is about the feelings and it makes me feel good.

No. 887864

File: 1629522931248.jpeg (241.89 KB, 1063x1513, D6AE37BE-97D8-4E27-AF83-B4A658…)

kek your post reminds me of this meme.

No. 887876

I don’t really think “Thottness” has room to talk either

No. 887882

My problem with body positivity is that it got hijacked by fat people using it as propaganda to normalize and bully people into thinking obesity is healthy and attractive. You never hear about body positivity for "skinnyfat" women who want to feel good about their bodies because they're healthy in weight and lifestyle or people who have deformities, victims with burn scars, missing limbs etc. That last group especially, people who genuinely can't help they look the way they do and sometimes shunned or mistreated by society because of it, that's what body positivity shouls be for. Some people are going as far as saying body positivity is NOT for those people.

No. 887888

Based. The amount of hate and vitriol that I see directed towards Lizzo is honestly disturbing

No. 887896

I disagree. I think anon actually likes the power dynamic being perceived as innately in her favor. Sort of an off-shoot from a savior complex.

I have 0 psychological qualifications, but if I were to shot in the dark armchair, I'd guess this stems from anon's own insecurity and maybe deep seated trauma or fear of being undesirable or rejected herself in some way. As a result she's come to like people she can view as non threateningly below her in some respect. I think with savior complexes it's often that they don't want or can't face their own issues or inner failings, so they look to fix someone else's. I think this may be similar idea for anon, though not necessarily including the "saving" part. (Though based on my hypothesis, I wouldn't be shocked if anon didn't have a bit of a savior complex in these cases).

I would not be surprised either if anon was bullied or had a traumatic childhood or close family member with narcissistic tendencies that, in her youth, made her feel emotionally neglected or otherwise inadequate. She, as a result, looks for people now that she relates that childhood self to - subconsciously looking to switch the role; to no longer be the lower or inadequate one.

No. 887897

NTA but I want to fuck a tranny (only this one specific tranny that I know though)

No. 887901

Realized this makes it look like anon is just looking to be above someone else. I don't think that's inherently true, or rather there are many little truths and that would be an oversimplification. I think she likely, at least on a subconscious level, is looking to give the love she felt she lacked. So it's not entirely malicious as my initial assessment might have sounded.

No. 887907

I think it might be useful here to separate body positivity from HAES, which is way more niche and online. I don't really know much about HAES other than having seen some medically dubious infoposts associated with the movement, but what does seem certain is