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No. 491257

•No sperging (i.e., encouraging extreme violence or poop-touching)
•Keep infighting to a minimum
•Try to keep GC/PP discussion contained to this thread
•Ignore any post that is off-topic (racebait, homophobia), or that you suspect was posted by a troll/scrote

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry.

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No. 491260

File: 1575597368707.jpg (21.32 KB, 400x400, bees and wasps.jpg)

Kek'd at that OP pic

No. 491263

May this thread be free of Tranny Tantrums. Amen.

Does anyone else unironically love the term "terf"? I get that a lot of radfems dislike it and consider it a slur, and I get why, but I just love it. I low-key think we should just own it and stop trying to play semantics with mentally-ill dudes.

No. 491264

I'm pretty meh on the term but I do like the way that its being used against anyone who doesn't bow to the whims of twanswomen especially when its used against "allies" who bootlick the fuck out of them only to have this thrown at them. It makes it pretty transparent what the troons are really after, and its not equal rights.

No. 491265

i kind of like it too. has a nice sound to it.

No. 491267

i like it because it makes us sound like greasers

No. 491268

I kinda like being an evil terven witch, it's definitely used as a slur but comes from a place of seething jealousy and a desperate desire for acceptance so I can only laugh.

No. 491270

honestly it legit makes me uncomfortable because I'm still unfollowing people on instagram tagging stuff "kill all terfs" that I knew in like college/hs. Like I legit can't imagine thinking any women to disagrees with your ideology deserves death? I don't think tras do I just don't think they are right?

No. 491271

I always kind of liked it honestly.

No. 491272

>I do like the way that its being used against anyone who doesn't bow to the whims of twanswomen

Its not used against anyone though, just women.

No. 491281

Oh look, he's back. Just as I was having a good laugh at tranny suicide statistics.

Anyway, you'll never be a woman. Everyone is laughing at you. You're a hideous wreck of a male subhuman and that's all you'll ever be. Go join your tranny brethren in hell.

No. 491283

File: 1575601523305.jpg (41.98 KB, 715x522, IMG_20180614_201449.jpg)

Trancels are even more psychotic than normal incels. How is that possible.

No. 491284

Tbh neovaginas are grosser than the gore he’s posting

No. 491285

Say that IRL and i'd cave your fucking skull in, TERF scum. Don't forget your place(Congrats on proving "terfs" right with those death threats mr triggered.)

No. 491286

The stories about trannies stealing used pads and tampons from public bathrooms and jerking off with them will always be grosser than any gore too.

No. 491288

I've literally never seen "terfs" say things remotely as horrible disgusting things about TRAs/trans people as I've seen people say about terfs.

Just something to ponder.

No. 491289

Some troon thinks gore spam on an image board is something we've never seen before.

>tranny suicide statistics
Imagine if a TERF spammed images of troons being killed in tranny discord. Nearly half of the people present would kill themselves

No. 491290

wow. violence against women. groundbreaking.

No. 491291

Has the rot of its inverted micropenis reached its brain? I believe so.

Males are already stupid, delusional fucks, add AGP and you get what is basically a psychotic toddler. Trooncels are unsalvagable.

No. 491294

>Imagine if a TERF spammed images of troons being killed in tranny discord

Yeah but you know none of them would ever do that anyway.

No. 491295

File: 1575602142502.jpg (74.36 KB, 491x797, EK-iBmWWsAE16TH.jpg)

This made me laugh and is gonna trigger the no-life scrot stalking this thread but oh well.

No. 491296

You don't even need to go that far to provoke the 41%.

No. 491297

I really want to ask that person if they know that the dead and injured women in those images most likely aren't/weren't TERFs, didn't know about any trans stuff and are completely innocent of any shit projected onto them by the text on those pictures.
Chances are, they do, but they're still posting this vile shit anyway. What point are they trying to make?
They're just proving that it's not even "TERFs" they hate, but women in general.

No. 491298

It doesnt matter, they are women, and he clearly just hates women because he knows deep down he'll never be one.

No. 491300

I wonder what they "normal feminists" he was talking about would have to say about his absolute disrespect for those poor women. You're losing tranny-kun. More and more women recognise you for what you are every day. Your time is running out.

No. 491301

Love that thread pic lmao

No. 491305

No point really. Just the same misogyny. They're running out of support though as more and more people are losing their patience for tras. Alot of the younger gens aren't as liberal so I doubt this agenda will further. Even more so as we'll get data on all these hormonal drugs destroying people's bodies in the future. It's like one giant drug experiment on those suffering from dysphoria and women are collateral damage

No. 491306

File: 1575603386606.png (376.91 KB, 494x915, Terf.png)

No. 491307

I honestly think that in the future we will look back at the current treatment for trannies as we do lobotomies for people with mental illness. It's barbaric.

No. 491308

File: 1575603590820.png (859.65 KB, 841x720, 1542512492368.png)

>tfw i had three clitoral orgasams today and no tranny living or dead will ever experience a single one

No. 491309

Typical male proving all our major points right about males posing legitimate security issues due to their rampant violent behavior and the subsequent necessity of female-only spaces.

No. 491310

File: 1575603657534.png (932.25 KB, 982x862, 50829582.png)

That last picture they posted of the "Terf realising her place" is especially weird because it's literally a TRA woman consulting a trans person for advice on trans-inclusive policies.
Source: https://twitter.com/cmclymer/status/1151942482143391744?lang=en
So, all women are TERFs (even the ones who support trans people), and TERFs deserve violence. Hmm.

No. 491311

Thank God that busted, ape-looking tranny is cropped out. Chuckles Clymer is a fucking eyesore even by troon standards. Can't wait until he joins the 41%.

No. 491312

File: 1575603863691.jpg (94.42 KB, 789x829, 573ae5822b5385da.jpg)

Imagine referencing a meme which highlighted how delusional troons are, you need to save that money for brain surgery, not gender reassignment kek.

No. 491314

This is gold.

No. 491315

charles clymer's whole existence is hilarious.

No. 491316

Thanks to the salty scrot still stalking this thread he's given us a great reason to post this great vid by Magdalen Burns on Clymer and gender delusions

No. 491317

I’m starting to not feel bad for troons who purposely mutilate themselves and threaten anyone who questions them. People with lobotomies were often forced into those procedures, troons aren’t forced into transitioning unless maybe they’re from a 3rd world country.

No. 491318

Like…Just imagine. The woman in this photo really had the empathy and understanding to respect this individual's chosen gender identity, and seek out knowledge on how to accommodate trans people in general, but the goreposter ITT has decided that she's still somehow a "TERF" deserving of degradation and violence.
It's like they're admitting that even if we go out of our way to be welcoming and kind to them, they will hate us and want us dead.

No. 491319

File: 1575604157628.jpeg (79.44 KB, 640x433, 0D561C03-AF52-464D-8C78-B59880…)

seconding this

No. 491322

lmao i almost posted mags' video about him but thought i'd let him speak for himself. I love that our thoughts both went to exactly the same place at exactly the same time.

No. 491323

Great minds think alike! Also its good for unfamiliar anons to see both videos too!

No. 491326

something interesting about this video is that it was apparently cold enough for him to have to wear a coat and gloves, but for some odd reason he also decided to wear a mini skirt. hmm i wonder why?

No. 491334

Ugh, Christ.
The most cursed image yet in this thread. He looks like a sloppily-shaven, albino gorilla next to a real woman.
kek, nothing makes me love being a woman and having a female body like tranny jealousy.

No. 491336

File: 1575606657538.jpg (158.14 KB, 960x983, D_x-hTuX4AMIzmM.jpg)

One of my fave images.

No. 491337

Men will always look like men. And i'm sure anons noticed that men larping as women always try to threaten real women?? he looks like an aggressive freak

No. 491338

File: 1575606731353.jpg (104.49 KB, 1440x711, 8982jc0ntkj21.jpg)

I kek'd at yours, here's a contribution to the bug theme

No. 491340

Why women choose to support trans people is still beyond me. it doesnt affect men, but women?? why would a woman choose to bring back the dark ages and harmful social gender stereotypes? I had a friend i havent seen in 4 years throw a party, so i got some time off to go.

A tranny showed later on and i clocked him so fast. he had to be 6'1, with curly hair, 5 o clock shadow and the worst stereotype of a woman ever. Of course he worked in tech.

No. 491341

Always. they're always straight men looking for validation. I feel bad for women who marry a man, who feel like tr00ning out 5 years or so down the line. like, why??

No. 491353

What is the context for this photo? What are they actually talking about?

No. 491361

NTA, but the troon in the photo is Charlotte Clymer

No. 491367

Y’all remember that Spanish trans miss universe winner? He is so scary in motion and doesn’t pass as well as everyone said

(I’ve never actually looked at photos and this is the first I’m seeing him in motion)

No. 491369


They referred to themselves as a “strong woman”

No. 491372

File: 1575621165008.jpeg (50.06 KB, 288x222, ABD8C5BE-1D92-45EB-90F1-C91B5C…)

Even with all the makeup and long hair and heels, he is still blatantly not a woman, and that’s one of the best looking troons out there.
Lol imagine this threatening to bash in muh terfs skulls

No. 491373

I know who it is, I was just wondering what the context for the photo was. Like, what were they talking about, what video its from etc

No. 491380

No. 491383

(NSFW side photo)

>Throughout each sequence, the male performers slap, punch, gag, kick, stomp, strangle, yell at, pull the hair of, and spit on their female co-stars. The segments conclude with the actor ejaculating into the actress's anus as he repeatedly strikes the back of the woman's head (the eponymous "donkey punches"). The exception to this is the third scene, which ends prematurely due to Alex Devine forcing Steven French (who she had repeatedly requested remove his ring, and to not punch "the wrong side" of her head) to stop. This leads to a short intermission (shot by French) in which directors Grip and Cram Johnson mock Devine, making statements like, "This fucking bitch, fucked up the most important part of the movie!" and "There's no wrong spot to hit a woman!" as they have Devine lick up French's semen.

Every day I wish I was gay more and more.

No. 491387

There was an awful indie horror made by the same name I watched as a teenager, so reading that synopsis scared me for a second because I thought I had repressed half of the film or something.

If it makes you feel any better, most normies don't know what word and so they can't have watched that porn. Watching that indie film made me worry "men might really just decide to kill me in the middle of sex?" and that really fucked me up, even now because there's still a possibility a bigger man could do any crazy thing. However, in my whole life nobody has ever said that word even as a joke so at least it's not an accepted thing like anal or choking, if anyone knows what it is then you know to stay away from them.

No. 491398

Good India. Start culling your rapists.

No. 491399

A good thought experiment.
men cause 100% of unwanted pregnancies

There are of course those who argue that men can be tricked into getting a woman pregnant (nevermind the fact condoms should be used as they also prevent STD’s, which can cause CANCER and INFERTILITY for women, but I digress) but even then, is it truly an unwanted pregnancy? Yes, the man does not want the child, but he is not the one who is pregnant so whether he wants it or not doesn’t dictate the status of the pregnancy. If my partner were to shave his head tomorrow and I didn’t like it, it wouldn’t suddenly become unwanted hair loss because it’s not my body therefore it is entirely dependent on him whether it is wanted or not.
Men can’t get pregnant, it is entirely up to a woman whether or not the pregnancy is wanted, and if men don’t want children then they should be more responsible with their sperm.

I’m not suggesting by any means that women shouldn’t take control of their own reproductive health, but it’s high time men are actually held accountable for their high risk behaviours and callous attitudes.


No. 491408

I try not to get angry over feminism but this pissed me off.


No. 491430

There are many factors that contributes to societal and cultural factors that contribute to this behaviour the most common is cognitive distortion.

COGNITIVE DISTORTION :-A cognitive distortion is an exaggerated or irrational thought pattern involved in the onset and perpetuation of psycho-pathological states, especially those more influenced by psycho-social factors, such as depression and anxiety.
>Women are unknowable: Male Rapists believe that women are fundamentally different from me and, therefore, cannot be understood. Encounters with women will, therefore, be adversarial and women will be deceptive about what they really want. An example of such a CD might be ”…she is dressed in hot pants and her cleavage is visible. This means she wants sex and it is okay for me to have sex with her” when she says “no” she actually wants to turn me on further.”
>Women are sex objects: The CD is that women are constantly receptive to men's sexual needs but are not necessarily always conscious of this. Their body language is more important than what they say and women cannot be hurt by sexual activity unless they are physically harmed, that is beaten or punched. An example of this might be ”…when she looks furtively at me when I make lewd comments, she is actually interested in me. So when she says “no” she is actually playing with me to turn me on further.
>Male sex drive is uncontrollable: Men's sexual energies can build up to dangerous levels if women do not provide them with sexual opportunities and once aroused it is difficult not to progress to orgasm. In India, with its culture-bound syndromes of “male sexual weakness” or dhat syndrome, one manifestation of such a CD might be “… I am going to become weak if my “dhat” (semen) flows out (premature ejaculation while molesting or sexually harassing a woman) and a woman does not offer herself to me.”
>Entitlement: Men's needs, which include sexual needs, should be met on demand by women. In a nation like India with major gender-based inequalities, such CDs of male entitlement, especially if the victim is from lower status for whatever reason (socioeconomics, caste, etc.) can lead to marital rape (recommended to be considered a crime in the Verma Commission report).
>Dangerous world: The world is a hostile and threatening place and people need to be on their guard, but there is no safe haven. An example is “…. I have been wronged in many ways, and so it is not wrong for me to do wrongs to others.”

This messaging is also rampant in the Hindi songs that Bollywood churns out by the hundreds (your eyes tell me you want me but your words say No… and a million different variations of that)…

No. 491440

Maybe this was discussed months ago when the game came out but I was curious about who the lead designer for River City Girls was and of course it was a man. I saw him try to claim the game wasn't made with male gaze or sexualization in mind, which is bull. Majority of the team was male and the animator mostly draws women sexually. And he was trying to soften the blow by saying "Oh, people say it was made to appeal to feminists because they're women, but his reaction to that was just more dismissive. He really started seething when people pointed out sexualization. And THEN he started talking about him not wanting to be associated by his gender or sex, he's just "Kay". Like, fuck off dude. This isn't a time to cop out. So many people resort to being a genderspecial solely for horny reasons. They think, well men can't be horny so might as well just call myself a woman! Or non binary! Men can definitely be horny, but don't try to pass it as non-horny shit, which is what they're doing. I'm sick of it.

No. 491441

Eliminate the problem of trans overpopulation and it should be balanced again.

This "AGP" "ETRE" stuff is, like, the sin of covetousness, verbatim. You guys need jsesus. Seriously. The Bible has all the answers and God knows a million times more than you.

If something is offending you so, then simply reject it. Don't give it pity, money, or even (yes) concern.(autism)

No. 491443

the first time i've ever smiled at the news that the cops shot somebody

No. 491458

sage for whining but i hate it when the only people i'm close to repost shitty mra memes without thinking. no i don't want to see victim blaming memes when i wake up, what the fuck is wrong with cool girls

No. 491472

>You guys need Jsesus
Ah yes, my man Jsesus Crhirst

Anyway what the fuck kind of autism is this post?

No. 491474

File: 1575656940643.jpg (158.79 KB, 1080x863, IMG_20191206_192501.jpg)

Just a couple weeks ago admin claimed that mods are her irl friends and that she 100% can vouch that there's no trannies…ok but then how did this happen? Seems like she doesn't have control over her team afterall

No. 491476

that confirms tranny to you?

No. 491488

did anon mean the redtext baiting the tranny? who gives a shit

No. 491495

Mod and janitor are two different things, plus the "impartial" redtexts were the ones mocking the tranny poster, so that'd mean that janny wasn't a T at all if anything.

No. 491530

File: 1575667399192.png (897.62 KB, 881x766, 77.PNG)

why do all troons look like this? these two look like they're retarded incest cousins

No. 491536

the one on the left looks like pedojared lmao

No. 491542

Mods =/= janitors.
Like >>491488 and >>491495 said, that anon is referring to a janitor who sperged at a ban evading scrot. They're fired for literally taking scrot bait and giving them the response they wanted. If anything, it might attract more scrots in the future so staff apologizes for that.
Only mods have access to most of the boards features, janitors are assigned to two boards of their choosing and have limited abilities.

And before I'm criticized for responding to anons, who would have figured the site owner would actually read the PP thread and listen to user concerns?

No. 491544


they think the glasses will take attention away from their 100% male face and receding male hairline and hide that they're not even trying to pass, what with those ugly man brows and all

No. 491553

is the one on the left supposed to be female? wtf

No. 491587

yeah he calls himself a butch "bisexual lesbian" lmao

No. 491606

>Listens to user concerns
>Merges two completely unrelated threads in a move universally hated by the site

No. 491611

at least you didnt take this to /meta/ are you ladies still on this shit?

No. 491630

It's a result of intersectionality. Islam is mainly associated with Middle Eastern and South Asian people. "Brown" people, if you will.

No. 491645

Because they’re scared to appear racist kek funny because shitting on Christianity (which is widely practiced in non-white countries) is okay.

No. 491664

File: 1575700255288.png (725.33 KB, 1440x1608, Wearing trousers means you're …)

No. 491666

This is the kind of stuff they said in the 1940’s, yet the troons wanna be “progressively”

No. 491669

The real reason is going to be schoolgirls who have to wear skirts as part of their uniform get sexually harassed on the way to and from school by pornsick scrotes.

No. 491704

Modern men's biggest fear is women truly coming together to collaborate; that's why they undermine our attempts and demand access to our exclusionary spaces.If women could just trust each other and come together without men ruining everything then we could really make major changes. Legitimately, I feel like when you have a group of all women things go well, but then you introduce one guy, and it all falls apart.

No. 491711

what board is this? i want to read the thread

No. 491714

Why do black women have to settle down with men? That seems racist to me. In the US there are more black single women and single mothers b/c a ton of black guys are in jail. Honestly if I were a poor black woman, a similarly poor black guy would seem as a burden to me. These women seem brainwashed to me honestly.

No. 491719


its cute how you don't understand basic house budgeting, trust fund baby-chan


however if you reduce everything to economics you have no argument. If men are just wallets and have no valuable input you do in fact have no excuse but to form a commune of women the kind the the 2nd wave lesbian separatist obsessed about.

I usually don't comment in these threads, because I'd disrupt them with how contrary my views are but I can't help but say this: stop pretending men are one-dimensional problems and totes not an added value to society or anything. The moment you try to fit your rhetoric to situations on the ground it'll fall apart.

No. 491720

>stop pretending men are one-dimensional problems and totes not an added value to society or anything
are you a woman?

No. 491721


Are you a child?

No. 491722

lmao why are you in a pinkpill/GC thread if you think men have actual value? Remove men from society you stamp out over 80% of rapes/murders/child molestation/all violent crime in fact. They don't rear children, they batter women, they start wars.

Women don't NEED men, they need US. That's a basic truth.

No. 491723

you will never be a woman, tranny

No. 491726


Like I said, if I started to dismantle what you said there'd be a shitstorm for the rest of the thread.

I'm not here fro that, I decided to write to the one person who mentioned impoverishment.
Please don't get carried away by these "men start warz" mono brain cell individuals, pooranon. At the end of the day daddy's money will bail them out of their bad life choices and you'll get fucked over.

No. 491729

they seem "brainwashed" or maybe they know not to bother with you because you all have a history of hijacking everything from them.
Talking feminism but still have the money and shit to fuck around and not be a target.

No. 491730

this wasn't just about black women, it was about lower class women of all races

No. 491738


ok scrote. Could you be more obvious.

No. 491743

Did anyone watch the documentary on the Warwick uni rape chat controversy? I was sickened by it. Not just the degenerate ‘cels involved but the callous way the uni dealt with it. Most have their identities on lockdown so they will probably continue life as normal

Also the scrot in vid related making it all about himself and his fee fees bc of course he fucking did kek.

No. 491747

File: 1575729224534.png (23.89 KB, 692x233, trans.png)


>male criminals housed with women include serial pedophile Matthew “Madilyn” Harks (reportedly now released); contract killer Fallon Aubee; child killer and rapist “Tara” Desousa (formerly Adam Laboucane); murderer John “Jamie” Boulachanis, and serial sex offender Patrick “Tara” Pearsall.

>Desousa is serving an indefinite sentence as a dangerous offender in Fraser Valley Institute in British Columbia after being convicted of raping a three-month-old baby boy in Quesnel, BC in 1999, when he was 15.

>Desousa also admitted to drowning a three-year-old child when he was 11, but because he was under 12 at the time of the murder, no charges were laid, it reported

>Harks was released to a halfway house in Brampton, that he had assaulted two female inmates who were “childlike in appearance.”

>After Harks’ supervision order was rescinded because of public outcry, he was sent to Grand Valley, where he allegedly sexually harassed a female inmate.
>She filed a grievance September 17, 2019 asserting CSC staff “failed to intervene” even though they were aware Harks was harassing her, reports Halley.
>The inmate had a “history of childhood sexual abuse that was perpetrated by a male, so her “confinement with Harks, and the failure of CSC to relocate her, was deeply triggering. She is citing multiple violations of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act,” Halley wrote.

>Mason wrote that an inmate in Grand Valley Institute in Ontario — one of Canada’s six federal women penitentiaries — told her in a phone call that medical staff were “handing out the morning after pill” to female prisoners

This makes me feel sick. Women in prison are usually victims of abuse and now they have violent troon pedo rapists preying on them. So much is being done to harm women in any way possible I'm starting to wonder if it's intentional.

No. 491748

Men literally do start every war they fight in, how is that brainwashing ??

No. 491749

>white guys with money
>reasonable looking
>handed everything
>still hateful scrots

There's no excuse. What terrible traumas did they go through to end up that hateful? None, they are just offended that women have the freedom to discuss sexual assault. How can they joke about raping essentially anyone while also inventing some bar of attractiveness to sexual assault?

No. 491752

Its just an acronym and its not wrong so I've never seen the term as a bad thing.

I say lets own it.

No. 491764

thoughts on these posts on Tumblr that in my opinion capture an interesting and actually functional image of a matriarchal society.


No. 491768

Thanks for this, anon. I had this post in mind, but couldn't find it. I deleted my posts because I feel like my opinions on this are still a bit too muddled.
>Imagine if women were seen as the ideal political leaders BECAUSE they’re the ones best suited for raising young children. What if it was assumed that government positions were sort of scaled-up households, and that only a leader who saw their subjects as their children could be fair and compassionate enough to rule effectively? What is a village, or a country, but an extended family?
This is very important IMO. Men really like to denigrate us for being "childbearers", as if it's less important, but in reality, it doesn't make sense to place someone who has no sense of care for those they're placed in charge of as a leader.
Men see presidency or any other sort of rule over a society as some "I'm the strongest, biggest man with the biggest dick and the most accolades" thing. It's purely a narcissist grab for them.
In reality, leadership basically means taking on a huge babysitting/parenting job for people you might not even be directly related to, and everyone knows abusive, narcissistic parents only create dysfunctional families and traumatized children.
It only makes sense that a sensible, understanding mother would translate to a good leader who takes care of their people's needs. The same way men in nuclear "trad" families go to work and provide to keep the lights on, a female leader's counterpart would "go to work and provide" the most basic resources needed to keep the society running at the foundation level. It all works out.

No. 491769

we discussed Matriarchal feminism in the last thread as well about how patriarchy convinced us that motherhood was linked with the idea of submission. Even tho the idea of motherhood as passive is as insulting as it is erroneous.

No. 491771

No. 491792

File: 1575740835934.jpeg (135.62 KB, 911x479, 66F1A43A-0434-417F-80A5-B16BF9…)

Nothing we didn’t already know, but at least the incels are being honest about it now.

No. 491807

>and how another girl he personally knows “deserves hair straighteners on her flaps.”
Wtf does that mean.
>He also named the group, “Fuck women disrespect them all”
And we still have women out here trying to vet for them and claiming not all men uwu bs when those men are out right honest about wanting about their distain. Those males were talking about their close friends too.

Is that incels.co? Because I thought that site was a honeypot for the fbi to profile?
Anyway its all their same talking points and all the more reason to carry a weapon on you. Let them whine and die mad and alone.

No. 491810

What a pathetic triggered scrote.
Men constantly use the 'sjw triggered'' buzzword yet this man is the definition of triggered.

No. 491820

File: 1575746217229.png (20.38 KB, 1284x93, _lgbt - HSTS vs AGP body lang…)

From that thread, delusional troon compares MtFs to women who are rape or child abuse survivors.

No. 491827

File: 1575747963437.jpg (43.94 KB, 421x728, 185rgqnvir241.jpg)

No. 491828

where is this shit from? holy fuck

No. 491829

He didn’t even have to fucking go either, like just show some respect for these people who have been treated awfully and don’t make it about yourself? It’s his own fault, now he’s on the worlds most tranny pandering talk show crying

No. 491830


lol he is past the age of having children himself, after like 35 sperm rapidly starts to expire and by 55 it only produces autistic or retarded children, if even that. men are delusional part 4595925

No. 491835

as the incels would say

No. 491844

just a small vent but I thought it belonged here. Today I had to work with an autistic man that for a few months, has harrassed me, been making me extremely uncomfortable and nervous every time we get stuck together. afterwards I am always visibly shaken from having to interact with him. I feel genuine fear, he comes across as someone who could be capable of harm, but you just never know. Today after the fact, I was having anxiety as usual and some male coworkers joke and says to me “OH come on, he’s not that bad, just weird” and I felt angry….of course they dont see how a woman could POSSIBLY be afraid of an obsessive male autist. if anything were to happen to them, they could much easier defend themselves. I don’t have the same ability, and it just made it so clear again the differences….a man like this is a joke and “just weird” to other men, but to women it is ALWAYS a potential danger. if we express concern about a mans strange behavior, we are told we are overreacting and its not a big deal..

No. 491847

Eugh, this reminds me of some rando I had found on FB who is middle aged, severely disabled and on disability payments, and looking for a hot hot young 20 year old to have kids with because of his superior, and I quote, ‘long telomeres’

No. 491853

Heavy cope. Judging by that double chin and round shoulders, he's gotta be already really overweight too. Doubt he wants kids, just a fuckmom around to care for him

was he in spokane? because kiwifarms have tracking that guy Lucas Werner who sounds exactly like that

No. 491854

It’s so much easier for men to store sperm, it should be commonplace for young men to bank it just in case

No. 491855

Found this documentary last night about the abortions and infanticides of female babies in India and China. Couldn't watch it all the way through yet, it's so depressing

This is why I don't feel bad for any of the men in Asia who complain that there are not enough women for them to marry. They are not the real victims.

No. 491866

File: 1575758434790.png (961.88 KB, 1182x1322, download.png)

The fucking delusions I swear…

No. 491869

Nah, Australian

No. 491877


It's a male attempting to cope with the fact he's unneeded by society. I'm sure he'd spin a story about how men saved women from the terrifying threats of the world. Like Vietnam lmao.

I'm sorry but he DROWNED a child at 11 and no charges or anything? Not even mandated therapy? What in the hell.


Look at the sheer volume of women raped during wartime. One look at "comfort women". Those women still suffer to this day, just like any man who fought. Men create war and if they don't like the draft they should just stop creating them.

"wrong sex". Literally no tranny understands basic biology.

No. 491881

File: 1575761547737.jpg (70.03 KB, 614x421, Untitled.jpg)

This shit makes my brain hurt. And always with the lesbians. Gay men don't get 1/10th the nagging lesbians get over trannies.

No. 491885

Maybe some part of them knows their child will never have the true freedom and happiness that a boy's life has, maybe some of these women are sparing potential daughters from a lifetime of rape and batter. I'd rather be dead than live as an Indian or Chinese female.

No. 491895

>Why can't I beat women and force them to be my sex slaves to rape while they're young? Fuck feminism
I wonder if they realize this only makes feminism look good and logical. So much for le intelligent gender

No. 491896

I think it's just pure misogyny. And it's ridiculous how they rely on having daughters to survive but still ignore biology to prefer sons because some of cultural rule bullshit. Now those sons are alone and human trafficking has increased but that's not sustainable. They're heading towards a collapse. And guess who will be hurt when it happens? More women.

No. 491899

Lesbians can't be attracted to trans men but they have to be attracted to trans "women". So in other words lesbians have to like whoever TRAs tell them to.

No. 491906

File: 1575764912783.jpeg (294.49 KB, 1300x400, Augmented Pet.jpeg)

No. 491912

Troons will never, ever understand being oppressed for their real biological sex.

No. 491913

File: 1575765797563.png (106.22 KB, 1080x1363, Screenshot_20191207-201534~2.p…)

troon mod confirmed

No. 491915

>feminism killed all of it
They really have a poor understanding of history, don't they?

No. 491918

Not to minimod but can you please stop fucking sperging? You’re making the rest of the radfems on this website look bonkers and annoying. We’re already relegated to a containment thread and as this is a very rare space for women to be able to express their frustration with the transgender movement and all the sperging outside of this thread turns the rest of the site against us.

No. 491919

>turns the rest of the site against us
wait are you really implying that "the rest of the site" is all scrotepeople? what the fck
libfem or dck falseflagger?

No. 491921

Me too.

It fucks me right up to see sensitive male feminists uwu defending the porn industry and retarded alt-right scrotes unironically concerned about human trafficking. Absolute clown world. Where did we go wrong, anons? If I see one more creepy male ""feminist"" on Twitter licking Pornhub's wretched taint because they plant trees I'm gonna kms.

No. 491932

None of them actually care at all due to male socialization and are only using cherrypicked women’s issues to virtue signal when it suits their goals and to selectively prop up their other political opinions.

No. 491937

Yeah, it's true. The alt-right scrotes wouldn't pretend to give a shit if it didn't give them something new to blame on jews, I mean, "joomers." Women have no allies.

At least I can get a few laughs out of coomer memes whilst trying to block out the horrific intrusive thoughts about how vile and predatory the porn industry is. Haha.

No. 491941

This. It's why I can't get excited when I see right wingers on the "same side" as me on certain issues. Their aim is different, and they only use womens rights when convenient. If anything, they pull out this shit just to go "why aren't duh femernists doing anything??"

No. 491944

File: 1575771923835.png (Spoiler Image, 192.92 KB, 750x1334, A06DB79D-6B39-4BA7-8E92-13EE32…)

Saw this on Instagram. What the fuck?

No. 491947

Limiting women to babymakers aside, why do men who spout this rhetoric somehow forget that women almost always do most of the child raising as well? This is an incredibly important job in society, mothers, for better or for worse in some situations, have a massive impact on each generation of children.

No. 491948

Right… I think that there is a way to appreciate and respect a women’s role in raising children without reducing them to it. I am aware that it is an extremely important role and I also think that calling childless women “wet holes” is dehumanizing and disturbing.

No. 491953

I never retarded shit like this, because they then turn around and talk about how men NEED sex - how are they supposed to get sex if they completely demonise female sexuality??? Misogyny is seemingly a symptom of severe retardation.

No. 491955

Every time I start to feel bad for men in wars, I remember Nanking and stop giving a fuck.

No. 491959

anon no one is saying it's not shitty, but these wars are created by men, for men to benefit men. It's not a womans issue. There's no reason to discuss it here outside of the impact it has on women, which is JUST as bad if not worse. Being dead is dead, being left alive and alone after the death of all the male members of your family would be worse in my opinion. I'd rather be dead.

No. 491960

They'll say women are a drain when those same males will gladly whine about how they want to do nothing but watch porn and play video games. I think theyre hyper focused on women being forced to have kids because it means controk and an achievement (for the male) without much work.

They don't know what they want. They want sex but hate women who enjoy it.
The cure to this agressive retardation is to lower their t levels probably.

No. 491982

MensLibbers do their duty as straight, non-transphobic cis-men to learn how to have sex with TIMs


No. 492003

File: 1575791902113.jpg (25.86 KB, 400x312, tumblr_p3l3q9c9Fx1wrwfj4o1_400…)

I know this is old but I just saw it. It pisses me off so much. Why does it offend him so much if MENSTRUAL products are marketed as "feminine"? How does that even effect him?

No. 492005

File: 1575791959971.png (125.91 KB, 378x390, Danielle-M-2.png)

Also, why are TIMs obsessed with telling people to suck their ducks?

No. 492007

File: 1575792394521.png (291.86 KB, 1440x1720, Ghgku726.png)

I capped this yesterday and forgot to post it. This is cognitive dissonance in a Tweet.

No. 492010

>Homestuck icon in 2019
Opinion discarded

No. 492020

It offends me from a business perspective only. It's fairly well known marketing psychology that generic products need specific niche marketing to sell, so there's probably an untapped goldmine in the form of feminine hygiene products with monster trucks and dinosaurs slapped all over their labels. Maybe even add some hot models(of both sexes)in hardhats and a cheesy slogan like "Being a woman won't stop you for being TOUGH" and it's millions guaranteed.

No. 492023

File: 1575795945678.jpg (358.3 KB, 768x1024, hatshepsut.jpg)

Feminists are time travelers, duh.

Ancient Egyptian women being allowed to own property, be priests or doctors, and initiate divorces? Obviously caused by feminism, a movement that began in the late nineteenth century!

Pre-Christian Norse women also being allowed to own property, be priests or doctors, and initiate divorces? Totally the work of those scheming feminists.

Ancient Celts practicing polyandry and allowing women to be druids? Feminism strikes again!

Human tribes being largely egalitarian before agriculture and the advent of property inheritance caused child-bearing to become a commodity that men wanted to control via subjugating women? Damn. Guess the time-traveling feminists forgot to fix that last part.

Some anthropology autism:

I pretty much just included the thing about property and farming because it's a fantastic explanation of the origin of systemic misogyny. When humans were nomadic, men would typically move away from their own family to live with their wives, because women being able to have babies meant that they controlled the lineage of the family. When humans started farming and building houses, the nomadic system of men leaving their families would have meant that men would have to abandon the shit they built, or give it over to their female relatives, which they didn't want to do. This is pretty much when men realized how valuable the ability to have children is, and sought to control it. To neolithic men, women were just another thing from nature to be controlled for their benefit, like wheat or goats.

Interestingly, the "nomadic" family model wherein husbands gravitate towards their wives' families has started to return to society, not necessarily because of feminism, but because people just don't stay in one place their whole live anymore. The cultural and economic importance of land/home ownership is inversely correlated with matrilineal family groups. The less people care about land and houses, the more likely men are to integrate with their wives' families.

No. 492025

All men are

No. 492026

> monster trucks and dinosaurs slapped all over their labels

I feel like this would hugely appeal to girls that get their periods young, honestly I don’t understand why there aren’t pads specifically for children - I don’t know about you guys but when I first started my period all pads were way too big for my undies

No. 492029

File: 1575796725375.png (550.82 KB, 457x593, ojiuuytdr.PNG)

It it is irritating how in those inclusive illustrations where they draw real people as they claim they tend to make transwomen look like goddesses with penises and not crusty men with a beard and small hips as they are.

No. 492037

The romans considered treating women as actual humans to be something only barbarians practiced

No. 492042

File: 1575799086505.jpg (330.73 KB, 1048x1663, BEWdYgG.jpg)

That thread is shitshow. Do you notice how all their arguments are very “gatekeeper “-y and really not much different from ebil terven? Why is it okay for them to strictly gatekeep and label people without their permission? I thought if you identify as something, then you ARE that identity, no questions asked?

^In this exchange, just replace lesbian with woman/man or female/male.
>like a female is a female you can’t change that lmao”

No. 492047

i dont get it. what does this mean?

No. 492049

Who ever made this doesnt understand what "gender is a social construct" means. Gender =/= biological sex.

In other words,even if you believe gender is a social construct, trans women believe they're women because of gender. So called terfs believe trans women are men because of their biology.

No. 492050

I also think it's fucking hilarious the trans woman is the only one with no rolls, leg hair, signs of aging, or scars and happens to be one of the two with the lightest skin color. It also looks like they drew the trans woman first and went "oh fuck I don't wanna seem like a fetishist, let's surround her with fat brown women!"

No. 492055

please someone introduce obligatory sociology lessons for TRAs or something, it's outright unfair to argue with retards who can't understand any of the concepts they mention.

No. 492058

File: 1575800522752.png (Spoiler Image, 1000.25 KB, 675x1329, Screenshot_20191208-042026(1).…)

This is the only accurate drawing of a trans woman. Funnily enough it's the same artist as >>492029

No. 492059

Got to love how all the females are the ones depicted with obesity, skin disease, cellulite, body hair and sagging breasts and the male is posed like The Birth of Venus.

I just saw another drawing like this and of course, the trans woman was depicted with an idealized, slim female body and impossibly curved hips of someone with an actual female reproductive system. Just draw a beautiful woman and stick a penis on her.

No. 492064

…and at one point they controlled most of Europe, which is why their shitty views are so pervasive in Western culture.

The Greek geographer Strabo was scandalized by the fact that men and women would hold hands in ancient Iberian culture:

>in Bastetania, women too dance promiscuously with men, taking hold of their hands.

>But as for their custom relating to the men and the women (I mean the fact that their tasks have been exchanged, in a manner opposite to what obtains among us), it is one which they share in common with many other barbarian peoples.

Holding hands was considered promiscuous, and viewing women as equals was barbaric to the Greeks and Romans, jfc.

No. 492068

Then they killed a third of Celts and took another third as slaves. It doesn't really matter how equal and empathetic you make society if a larger, more aggressive one can waltz in and destroy it.

No. 492069

File: 1575803457375.jpg (150.48 KB, 475x637, 1491895462289-0.jpg)

yeah the trans one is the only one to be both young thin and white, youre right that all the other women seem like an afterthought. it's like he's saying trans women conform to beauty ideas more than real women… when in reality they all more or less resemble adf-fuensalida with a cat ear head band

nice anatomy, his dick is hanging off his fupa… when youre that fat it's covered by gut fat

No. 492081

Mens lib is so funny. They HATE radfems so much.

>Basic facts about penises and their nerve stimuly (for those bIoLogICalY obsessed)

I just… how do you have any kind of sex without giving into biological necessities? The fact they see learning about how the penis works as "biologically obsessed" is so fucking funny.

>How to relate sexually with a flaccid penis, and why they're great too


No. 492088

anthro autism anon, please post more about this especially agriculture. really interesting!

No. 492090

Yeah the Celtic and Norse societies were leagues ahead of Christianity for women's rights, but even then they were still very patriarchal.

That doesn't surprise me. Women were literally considered property in ancient Greece iirc.

No. 492093

Berber tribes in North Africa were also known for their high degrees of gender equality, nearly all the tribes being matrilineal, but the Arab Islamic conquests put an end to that

No. 492095

>How to relate sexually with a flaccid penis, and why they're great too
God, this shit reads like conversion therapy. It's a troon staple to try and force people to be attracted to their bodies, but it still creeps me out

No. 492096

Just watched crime video on Josef Fritzl and people are blaming his wife as she must have known something but the man terrorized and beaten her but it's her fault even if her daughter cleared her.

Everything is always a woman's fault.

No. 492111

Flaccid penises are gross, I'm sorry. I'm straight but there's nothing attractive about them. The thought of sucking a flaccid dick that will never get hard makes me gag. "mouthfeel" is fucking terrorism.

I read a book on the Fritzl's and yeah, his first victim was his wife. On top of that the girl was behind several soundproof doors and tunnels and shit. The entrance was in his room that she would get beaten for if she went near. People act like she was just in the next room all those years.

No. 492116

It’s so weird how they focus on this and not other period issues that affect people - like not even having access to sanitary items or being forced away from the group while you’re menstruating.

No. 492131

Period products being too pink and frilly is such a first world problem. Leave it to trannies to make it a reason why they're suicidal that pads and tampons are pink and marked as feminine. Unbelievable how spoilt they are

No. 492138

File: 1575827835592.jpeg (231.39 KB, 750x1137, 5560CCAD-9B57-4A82-AD63-383115…)

No. 492158

File: 1575831081988.png (383 KB, 663x618, ecole.png)

This is the second incident related to the École Polytechnique massacre this year, the other one being a scrote from Montreal being arrested for writing a blog hailing the shooter Marc Lepine and calling for more violence against women. What the fuck is going on?

No. 492162

>I wish I was born a smart girl in a rich family so I could be a cute abortion doctor
Kek what the fuck. This guy doesn't want to be female, he just wants a different life.

No. 492169

File: 1575832824509.jpeg (282.44 KB, 750x1284, 1C54B36F-1203-4B6A-9591-7EF7D9…)

Ok, what the fuck. This guy wants to pay 60 dollarydoos for a drawing of himself as a woman performing an abortion.

I’m far from being some pro-life nutter, but that shit is creepy af. Does he have an abortion fetish or something?

No. 492170

File: 1575832828860.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 151.96 KB, 740x966, F159A032-6743-4DF3-8EEC-AB3DA6…)

No. 492172

>written in Arabic and English
Hatred of women is still universal. What is to be expected will be the comments from scrotes who think the time to discuss why males suffer in our "misandrist" society is when a story comes up of women being fucking murdered by a misogynist who wanted to hurt women. Always. Bet if you look through reddit with the story posted, you'll find at least one of them.

It is really really sad when the reaction is "at least he isn't some misogynistic pro lifer who hates women for having uterui and needing an abortion" but I think you're right that he straight up fetishes abortions and reproductive organs.

No. 492176

File: 1575833906510.jpeg (210.31 KB, 750x399, A24E8397-6C5E-4370-B3EA-14EE3B…)

This is getting pretty dark, I regret finding this dude

No. 492182

File: 1575834797360.png (56.98 KB, 840x566, 11.png)

This is a cringy rabbit hole.

At least make a separate account for your sexual roleplay shit dude. He posts selfies and talks about teaching children on the same account.

No. 492184

File: 1575834972261.jpg (53.76 KB, 517x500, a56f915.jpg)

He's also le epic meme lord. Gotta love how those women are still women and you're a man in a dress lmao

No. 492192

File: 1575835937217.jpg (206.78 KB, 1080x724, Screenshot_20191208-220225_Red…)

God these people are fucking dense. Women who hate birth control hate the horrific side effects they experience, not because it severs their mystical feminine connection to the moon or some dumb shit. This guy's obsession with abortions and birth control is extremely creepy.

No. 492195

File: 1575836231055.jpeg (256.05 KB, 750x1682, 29115562-D37D-470D-99C2-D0FADC…)

kek he also posts to r/transtryouts where troons go to validate their little wish fulfillment fantasies by roleplaying with other troons. Creepy AND pathetic.

No. 492196

File: 1575836306778.png (2.92 MB, 750x1334, 924268BE-9E8D-4D82-A17D-49E2C0…)

No. 492202

thanks for the friendly reminder to never go to a male doctor and to keep it that way. Almost all of my doctors are female.

No. 492203

absolutely disgusting. he's a HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER fantasizing about being a teenage girl sexually abused by her own mother. i hope this fucker with obvious porn-induced brain rot gets reported and loses his job, but i'm sure he'd cry TwAnSpHoBiA and get off scot-free.

and to top it off, he's got some bizarre medical fetish involving abortions. he can scream that he's pro-choice all he wants, but he doesn't actually care about women's rights and access to reproductive healthcare; it's just fap fodder to him. note: he moans about wanting to be a woman, but he's never the one enduring the traumatic, invasive procedure he disgustingly fantasizes about.

No. 492205

Dear Lord these men are dense. There's pros and cons to everything. My family has a history of having negative side effects from taking birth control. I don't want to risk that and I already have slight anxiety over taking medication / doing medical procedures so no both control it is!

No. 492210

I'm glad I'm not the only one who fell down that rabbit hole.

No. 492225

No. 492234


>he’s never the one getting an abortion

Not really, since in this post >>492182 he fantasizes about himself getting pregnant and aborting. But that just further goes to show that pregnancy/termination is 100% a sexual thing for him.
What convinces me even more of him being a deviant is that he chose this clearly impossible idea of being a female abortion doctor and put in on a pedestal. If he were really concerned about women not having access to abortions he could simply become an activist or get a job at planned parenthood, not even as a doctor, just to help out. But no, it has to be him violating female bodies and acting as a savior uwu~

It’s a shame this dude doesn’t have more of an internet presence, he’d be a prime cow material.

No. 492235

Thank god I don't. I keep men that aren't family at a distance because of god knows what weird shit their thinking

No. 492236

File: 1575842447391.png (25.81 KB, 885x97, what.png)


No. 492239

He even chose the name Ella for his imaginary abortion doctor persona.

Jesus, what a sicko

No. 492261

File: 1575847308772.png (40.45 KB, 890x108, again, what.png)

He also said he's against IVF because it "destroys embryos."

I think he just gets off on the idea that abortions are destroying another man's genetic material and not his. He thinks women having abortions is "smashing the patriarchy."

No. 492263

File: 1575847635272.jpg (7.82 KB, 352x245, 874f395459e3180a5b511053e8689d…)

This is some of the the most disturbing shit I've seen online, holy shit.

No. 492265

File: 1575848190851.png (16.39 KB, 816x55, take a seat over there.png)

He was on a field trip with his high school when he posted this.

No. 492269

>has pages of abortion fetish material
>wants to be uwu cute abortion provider with the same name as his former student
>I'm so pro-choice uwu
>I'd never fuck a woman who had an abortion
This guy's literally roleplaying about being a teenage girl who has an abortion, but actual women who have terminated a pregnancy are so beneath him. Treating women's reproductive health as a fucking fetish. Fun to fantasize about as long as you don't have to actually live it.

No. 492314

You'd have to be brain dead not to get these cues

No. 492315

I'm dealing with a similar thing at work and it's so frustrating. It's not a coworker for me, thank god, but a customer….who stays until closing, when I am working alone, about to head into the dark where I take a bus home without anyone around. He's "just weird" to the guys I work with but I'm fucking terrified of him because he's huge and I would not win a fight and I just pray every day that he loses interest.

No. 492316

You got any favorite books on this, anthropology anon? I've been itching to learn more about women's history worldwide and more than 200ish years in the past, I'd really appreciate any recs.

No. 492317

File: 1575855864356.jpg (15.42 KB, 428x153, literally sub 50 IQ.JPG)

and look at the comments
Men are SO STUPID that they see the "manslater" translating visual and verbal cues that a non-autists can pick up as literal caveman speak is a btfo at FEMINIST KEK

No. 492347

Sportacus would never say bullshit like this

No. 492349

File: 1575860901189.png (59.56 KB, 1099x323, qM51e6Q.png)

seriously, this man is one of the creepiest fucks I've come across in a long time.

No. 492350

File: 1575861044803.png (752.95 KB, 1464x839, OlCkIWw.png)

No. 492362

File: 1575863274597.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_20191208-170706(1).…)

TRAs are literally giving each other brownie points for simple shit, such as not saying anything negative in the Don't Hate On This Unfiltered Wholesome Content Facebook page, where's literally against the rules. The bar can't get any lower, or can it?

No. 492364

File: 1575863486012.gif (623.59 KB, 220x220, mfw.gif)

The fucking Hontra shirt.

No. 492409

BuzzFeed trying to push the trans agenda in Japan. A lot of the words are English as well. Pay attention to the comments, staff is mostly responding to the English comments. There's another video where they're doing the same thing. Some of the Japanese comments are from TRAs trying to learn Japanese. https://youtu.be/_3JVr_MFh2Y

No. 492418

File: 1575877573718.jpeg (184.95 KB, 640x947, CA65649F-2C9F-479E-BF24-F9EB3E…)

Just ranting about men and their disgusting porn addiction. My ex had all ten of the symptoms listed here, he convinced me that I was the problem and would accuse me of being a sex addict and bad at sex when I asked why we only had sex every 2 weeks as a couple in their young 20s. Used to be really sexually attentive, ended up doing nothing but demanding blowjobs and me on top once every 2 weeks.

Men are only good for one thing, which is for fucking. When they can’t do that they’re immediately worthless. I won’t stay a week too long with a man that doesn’t fuck me right/enough, let alone 8 fucking years. Christ.

Here’s the list https://www.covenanteyes.com/2015/08/21/10-signs-of-porn-addiction-do-these-describe-your-husband/

Anyone else had a porn addicted ex? I’m too scared to fuck anyone these days for fear they’ll humiliate and degrade me, or it’ll just be shit.

No. 492430

>Men are only good for one thing, which is for fucking

not true, they also can open pickle jars.

No. 492433

men are truly so lucky women even look in their direction. they do nothing but gain, generally, from relationships with us, from any kind of anything with women, at the very least, and despite us being a net benefit to them and being largely inoffensive considering the constant disrespect we're trained to put up with, we're STILL hated by the men that are supposed to love us. for nothing. while most men are riddled with nothing but red flags, risk, and ruin

No. 492441

he was always comparing girls (even his own cousin) to pornstars it was so gross and offensive to me. He also accused me of being too insecure and a prude. when I berated him for watching too much porn, it was cause I didn’t have enough sex with him. Our sex life wasn’t horrible, either. (In fact I think it would’ve been perfect, had he not been such an asshole) he didn’t have limp porn peen, and could get it up. He also liked giving me head a lot and fingering me. It was NOT bad at all lol tbh I miss it but I don’t miss him, he was a spoiled emotionally abusive mommas boy. He liked Milfs and mature ladies a lot too, so it was kinda contrary to the barely legal teen addicted pedoish bfs that I hear other ladies complain about. I was 21 and he was 18 when we dated, so maybe it’s just him being a younger immature male.

I was also FWB with a porn addict, he literally couldn’t even stay hard enough to put it in and asked me to finger his ass and give him head so it would stay up. He also confessed to me that he had fantasized about gay sex so it made me wonder if he couldn’t get it up because he wasn’t turned on by females in general, but idk he said he jerked off as often as he showered (twice a day) so every night I got with him, I played with a gross dead, floppy sausage. That was the first guy’s ass I ate, it wasn’t great. I’d do it for someone I love, but doing it with an acquaintance sucks. I just wanted some dick, and he totally failed me.

No. 492446

I haven't even watched this whole video, but I'm already so annoyed by it, even though she makes a few good points here and there.

She is basically saying that in fantasy novels (well, in novels, but the only examples she gives are shitty fantasy novels, because those are the only books that exist apparently) the way they make "strong female characters" is by making them physically strong and able to beat all the men. She's extremely butthurt by this saying that this isn't the way writer's should make strong female characters because 1) it's insulting to femininity, it's insinuating feminine traits are weak, and 2) says that it's denying biology (even in a fantasy setting) then she lists off biological differences between men and women and why men are more physically strong, she brings up the example of Tamika Brent (a biological woman) and Fallon Fox (a trans "woman") (I might be spelling those names wrong) and how Tamika Brent basically didn't stand a chance and said she [Tamika]"never felt so overpowered". But then right after this she says "I'm not saying Fallon Fox is not a woman". I just…..

Oh yeah, and then after that she goes on an MRA style tangent about how writers are afraid to write "very masculine characters who are also good people" and "if they're very masculine then in many cases they're villainized, and if they're one of the good guys then they're often disempowered because competent masculinity is threatening in some way". She must mean masculine male characters, because if she doesn't, that's a huge contradiction to everything she's already said.

And I'm only 1/3 through this video….

No. 492447

I've dated my share (two is two too many) of guys who wait til you're financially tied together to drop that they're into anal in a big way. And they mean that they want to receive it too. One guy had a big plastic bag of nasty jelly dildos that he'd been putting up his ass for years. Waited til we'd signed a fucking lease to show me! He wanted me to give him intense prostate orgasms with his 12 inch stained jelly dongs. And the icing on top is he didn't believe in enemas or cleaning because 'a little mess is just to be expected'

No. 492449

Has anyone had a friend/family member/partner troon out? Pls share experiences idk where to turn to or how to feel

No. 492451

Why is she getting so triggered about a dr who joke? When a character turns into a woman and says “how do you men cope with all that ego” ? How DO they? Because I see more and more brainwashed plain janes fighting their meaningless battles every day. We have had virtually nothing but benevolent manly men as protagonists since the first novels where published, even books written by women had to have a strong male protagonist or they wouldn’t fucking sell. And why can’t a woman take out several men with a gun/crossbow/bow and arrow?

Pick mes are so goddamn hopeless kek

No. 492453

File: 1575884916501.jpeg (76.06 KB, 600x516, EFBEF077-97AF-4A0F-932F-22758B…)


I’m so sorry. Men as a gender are haram.

No. 492454

File: 1575885392712.png (2.51 MB, 3452x3568, ouRnqgY.png)

i've been going further back through MatSciMan's profile, a few items of interest in addition to the abortion fetish: He is approximately 29 years old, and yet he looks like this >>492350 He wants to beat his students, and is a "former" incel. He posts on Gender Cynical, probably because he is fully aware that he is a completely textbook agp and terfs hurt his feefees. He posted a straight up sexual fantasy about him getting an abortion. I've only gone back 2 months, god knows what else he's posted.

No. 492455

>have the patient take their pants and their panties off
my fucking skin crawled. i wish i never knew about this man.

No. 492457

because that wouldn't be ~~feminine strength~~

oh yeah and then later in the video she said she liked buffy the vampire slayer and that it was okay that buffy was physically stronger than the men because it was fantasy. she did whole ass 180.

No. 492458

I’m sorry if this comes off as scrote bait but I hate how gay men seem to have a free pass to be shitty to women, calling them bitch/cunt, hitting them, body shaming them…but then it’s not ok when they get called faggots? Call me a homophobe all you like but I’m not letting a guy get away with misogyny just because we both like sucking dick. I want to be friends with gay men but only if they treat women with respect.

No. 492461

I haven’t seen the video and your post became incoherent half way through but uh I don’t see what’s wrong with what was said about how ~strong female characters~ (especially in fantasy YA shit) too often boil down to kicking men’s ass while being 5’3 110lbs (also super hot and sarcastic). Which is unrealistic beyond suspension of disbelief and comes off Mary Sue-y every time. These writers conflate “strong” with only “capable of physical violence”, lazy and unironically male-brained.

No. 492462

Gay men are some of the most misogynistic degenerate men simply because they don’t have to attempt civility to get sex like straight men do. Having a gay male friend isn’t what it’s hyped up to be.

No. 492468

I was literally just repeating what she said. I only forgot to mention that Tamika Brent and Fallon Fox were two athletes who fought each other and Fallon Fox won because he's a man. I only realized I did that after it was too late to delete it. I apologize.

Also, no shit? I never defended the 5'3 110lb girl kicking men's asses/Mary Sue trope in shitty YA novels. I was more highlighting the fact that she contradicted herself a shitload of times.

No. 492471

Just point out to your male coworkers/peers that you're smaller and not able to defend yourself the way they can. A lot of men don't consider this, but once you remind them, they're usually more understanding, unless they're creepy weird guys themselves.

>I think he just gets off on the idea that abortions are destroying another man's genetic material and not his.

I was hate reading some incel tumblrs last night, and noticed this exact theme featured pretty prominently in their fantasies. These guys are obsessed with cum. I should've taken screenshots.

No. 492472

Yes I agree. Also forgot to post the vid which prompted me to say that. 2 gay scrotes reacting to homophobic adverts, I agree the adverts are degenerate but I hate how They take any and all opportunities to call women “cunts” or mock their appearance and don’t say shit to insult the men.

Also seen a horrible video Instagram of a gay dude, in high school, about 16, at least 6 ft, repeatedly punching and kicking a very small girl half his size, calling her fat and a cunt and a bitch, while he was cheered on and filmed by other girls.,Why? Because she called him a faggot. Fucking unbelievable. If that was a straight dude people would have reacted as they should, by suspending the piece of shit.

Also I went to art college and the amount of fat ugly gay men there who think they can nitpick women’s appearance to hell and back, but then cry oppression when people do it to them…vexes me so much. I’ve met some nice gay guys but I have zero tolerance for misogynist fags

No. 492478

This definitely deserves a /snow/ thread. The fact he wants to be his female students and fantasizes about abortion is weird enough.

No. 492481

there's a document coming out in my country about detransitioners and about how young women seeking transition has blown up over the years and the local tras are on full on panic mode about it. i just always find it so funny how their entire identity is build on such shaky basis that any kind of questioning might break it

No. 492485

Which country, anon?

No. 492486

NTA but I'm guessing Finland because I'm having so much fun following this exact hysteric butthurt panic mode from the local TRAs that the anon described.

No. 492487


Nta either but I'm pretty sure it's Finland as well. Seems like it's up on Yle Areena already but it will also be aired at 8pm on channel 1. I think I'll go watch it now, actually…

No. 492489

Seeing tras rage incoherently at swedish television when they aired the "trans train" doc about regretters was pretty funny. They all had anime avatars and posted messages like "stinky terfs eww" to the official twitter of the channel. Please do post more about what's going on in Finland!

No. 492492

If that Reddit woman with the ski masks can have one then he sure as hell can too

No. 492496

This makes me terrified for every female student and female faculty member in that school. Holy fucking shit, this is not okay at all.

No. 492502

I would ask for links, twitter handles etc. but I think my journey to Yle's comment section is enough, lol.

No. 492514


Finnish anon here. I saw that document today.

I’m not full blown gender critical because I genuinely think that some people can benefit from transitioning.
The trans kids are the issue that made me question the whole trans issue.

In the document they told about the case where kid was taken to custody because her parents questioned her transition. It happened in Eu country but not in Finland but the document didn’t told the exact country.

The another point that made me concerned was the influence of internet trans communities. One kid said that she felt that they were competing in misery: who’s the most trans with the worst mental health problems. She admitted that she learnt the trans narrative from her friends and started really question/think about her gender identitety after her mother expressed concern.

Children shouldn’t make such big decisions when they are still forming their identitety and are prone to influences.

No. 492522

File: 1575909125480.png (100.41 KB, 1080x811, Screenshot_20191209-161108~2.p…)

I hate stumbling upon redpill rants in literally every YouTube comment section, but when they do it with an account tied to their real faces or identities it's even more infuriating. This guy is openly ranting about how women and whiteknights are responsible for ruining the world whilst on his profile he's uploading shitty love songs where a female friend is posting supportive comments. They really don't care about being outed as misogynists.

No. 492527

I found his youtube channel and its so cringy.
Of course its these pure autism men who always have something to say about women

No. 492534

If you really want to see the TRAs in full seething rage, check out Julmaria's twitter threads (@julmaria_) and the replies. It's our very own antifa AGP TRA with a terrible female cartoon avatar.

No. 492539

My best friend is a FTM(TIF)/former lesbian who is attracted to women.
Was weird at first but 'he' (pls no sperg, it's just what I'm used to) is really low sex drive and from a conservative family where his mother and grandmother would always forced traditional femininity on him and were homophobic.
After talking to him more and more, I realize that he just wanted to escape those expectations but also the male gaze as it made him uncomfortable….he had some internalized misogyny at first and a natural aversion to anything 'girly' as it seems to have some kind of trauma for him; but we've talked it through and he seems a bit better about it now(at least in public).

But IMO this type is more rare than the fujoshit FTMs(who hate women) and the degenerate AGP types.

No. 492540

My fucking god I've heard of pregnancy fetish but fucking abortion fetish? This guy has some major womb envy and needs professional help. Imagine having this sick fuck working at the clinic living out his fetish.

No. 492558

Despite their constant whining about how men are stronger and better than, they crumble and cry at being called incels kek how pathetic. Hope his friend sees him like that and drops him. She deserves better

That thumbnail alone is horrendous. It's always the ugly autistic ones isn't it? But personal grooming and a basic skin care routine is too much from them

No. 492559

Oh my god this is a gold mine

No. 492562


*Sanic getting a abortion
*tails walks in

Sanic: "Ohh, Aimee, look! It's tails. Wull… vacuum sucks up a fetus penny …wull hey there tails. :|"

tails: "HIIIII, SANIC."

No. 492564

Thank you.

No. 492576

I've never seen a woman that actually looks like a man unlike every TiM.

No. 492578

I am genuinely distressed after reading his tweets. I wish this was still funny to me.

No. 492580

For me any hormonal birth control that I tried was like taking depression in pill form, or patch form/nuvaring form. (half a dozen attempts battling through them to find one that suited, none did)

Depressed and suicidal within days, no sex drive and no enjoyment of.. anything at all

No. 492583

Men are statistically worse at identifying biological sex based on faces alone which seems to explain, along with their overreliance on the cultural trappings of femininity as ways of identifying "attractive" women, why they are more likely to fall for memes like this and to think traps exist or are believable irl when to pretty much every single woman it's obvious who is male and female, even if the male is feminine or the female is masculine.

No. 492595

>repeatedly punching and kicking a very small girl half his size, calling her fat and a cunt and a bitch
What in the actual fuck? Can you point me to this?

No. 492598

It reminds me of this French video where a young man (a good-looking one, but not even androgynous) is dressed in female clothes with a wig and make-up and ends up being catcalled by dozens of men who do not realize they're catcalling a man.

Note that most of the catcallers are immigrants from Africa/Middle East so maybe the more patriarchal a culture is, the worse men are at identifying males and females beyond "gender presentation".

No. 492622

What are you talking about??? he passes better than most trannies.

No. 492625

No, it was just a bad quality insta video. Short dumpy dark hair girl vs lanky blonde gay kid. He was really being vicious to her. I mean I wouldn’t call her an innocent victim but the girl was real small compared to him, I wouldn’t have dreamed of punching and kicking her just for a verbal insult bc she’s smaller than me but not by much

No. 492626

They just see blonde hair and wild out. He is a good looking tranny but still an obvious tranny. They prob knew but just didn’t care.

No. 492628

He does, Kinda highlights just how little effort the average Tran puts into their transition

No. 492735

anon you don't kick and punch someone for any verbal insult ever. To get that worked up over something so dumb is moid behavior. Men are on average less intelligent than women so have to resort to violence to get their points across, the only advantage they do have.

No. 492760

>Male friend I know IRL who constantly talks about trans rights decides he "not cis"
Well fuck. And he's chosen out a trantrender-y new name to boot.He's part of a the same friend group as me, and he has been in for much longer than I have, so outright avoiding him would be near impossible without cutting out most of my IRL acquaintances.
Any tips on dealing with IRL friends trooning out on you?

No. 492762

just dont talk to it.
maybe one day it will realize how fucking dumb that is good luck

No. 492786

>Female friend who has never presented as anything else but feminine and has never lusted after nothing but male dick is now identifying as nonbinary and pansexual and is triggered over muh misgendering despite being an obvious fucking woman
It's like we've already reached the behavioral sink and are heading for the final collapse that will send us to back to the middle ages.



No. 492791

I knew a girl who said she was a lesbian but only dated men because "women are too much drama". I think she was some ultimate form of pick me rather than identity politics obsessed, but it still makes me laugh.

No. 492800

Do you have a resource on this? I want to bring that up with "femboys" in a discord community I am in but they deny anything I say unless I bring hard facts.

No. 492803

Stonewall him. He will realise (like a stupid dog) that he gets more attention when he’s not being a creep. Worst thing you can do to a tranny or transtrender is ignore them.

No. 492828

Why are men considered the "visual" sex? Women have better facial recognition skills and we're less likely to be colourblind.

No. 492829

Excuses, excuses in the comments:
>I have been married for over 20 years and have never met a married guy who doesn’t question his own decision to have gotten married because of the expectations and control put over them by there wives which causes them to doubt there relationship. If a man felt loved he wouldn’t dare look at porn because being loved is far more addictive than porn. People want houses, careers, vacations, fancy restaurants, and forget that they are putting their relationship at the middle or bottom of their priorities. Its both partners fault. Porn is a symptom of a failing relationship. Getting ride of the porn doesn’t fix a troubled marriage. Love and honor your spouse like the bible says or your marriage will end one way or another.

No. 492835

Knew a friend of a friend like this, who was only interested in men but called herself a "heteroflexible lesbian." Legit thought watching lesbian porn with her boyfriend made her a lesbian.

No. 492836

File: 1575981668865.png (233.87 KB, 462x318, whatamireading.png)

that doesn't even make sense

No. 492837

Atrocities of war make you not care about the men that suffered in said wars? What?

No. 492840

Stop putting words In people’s mouths. They’re trying to say that women have suffered equally at the hands of men, and they choose not to bestow extra sympathy on men.

No. 492841

File: 1575982168433.jpg (431.21 KB, 990x557, 15451569703730.jpg)

I've been watching the Handball World Championships lately and noted that Hannah Mouncey wasn't part of the team even though he helped them qualify.

Apparently there women on his team and their manager didn't want Hannah to shower and change in the same areas as them.


>Yes, I would be playing in a World Championship right now if I had given in and accepted the quite frankly ludicrous requests made by the team manager both on his own behalf and those players he represented.

So he wasn't denied, just offered another solution, it seems. Obviously handball wasn't a big passion of his, since he obviously let a petty shower situation stand in the way of him being on the World Championship team. Kek.

No. 492842

It was actually a woman who wrote that sadly. It’s just the Christian version of “yo man cheat cos yo pussy stank garbage”

No. 492843

nta but to be fair mens problems are caused by men. men start wars and men fight in them. its normal to have sympathy for them but ultimately they do this to themselves

No. 492844

He can’t totally fulfil the fantasy, only being able to play the sport and no hot soapy group showers is basically edging. Or he’s just bored because it’s too easy. Either way he’s a ham-faced scumbag

No. 492845

I was trying to understand what she meant.

Yeah sure, but the men that typically suffer in wars are no the men that caused these problems. The sexes are not some gestalt consciousness. Also, women head of states have also started wars you know.

No. 492846

Are you sure? The user was called 'tom'.

No. 492847

>he gets more attention when he’s not being a creep.
Only if everyone around him ignores it and if he stays away from online TRAs. The mix of angry looks from confused old people and forced compliments from well-meaning women who don't want to be seen as transphobic probably gives average men the most attention they have ever had in their lives. Instead of being a slob they are suddenly brave and stunning for wearing a pink hairclip. They get to be a minority and finally have a cause to rally against on Twitter and if they want to talk about their day everyone has to shut up and listen to their trans lived experience.
To say that these kinds of trans people have any shared experiences with the those who live in countries where being trans is a crime punishable by death is a farce.

No. 492851

>womenz also start wars
Yeah, in one out of a gazillion cases…
Plus the majority of men are still pro weapons, fighting etc. (just look at all the men glorifying history and the military or guys who are obsessed with shooting games), so it's not like most of them are unwilling - at least at first not, until they realize how horrible war really is.

No. 492852

File: 1575983433582.png (89.64 KB, 640x1136, 64B49359-370C-43EE-BD9A-7630A5…)

Trannies are so feeble they need 100% validation from everyone around, including dogs and children, so even 1 person not kissing their ass is enough to set them off on a rampage.

I like how about 70% of his replies on twitter are calling him out or ripping on him, and the 30% kissing his ass are being ridiculed. A lot of suspended accounts though, twitter for sure has a tranny admin or two.

“People will do what’s easy over what’s right” yeah like pandering to trannies delusions so you don’t have to put up with vandalism, slander and violence.

No. 492854

What is he even talking about? If he had any real problems he wouldn’t be making shit like this or complaining about the word “incel” as if women don’t have to read sexist comments wherever they go. Even on LOLCOW you have to read scrot and tranny bait from time to time before they’re banned.

No. 492858

File: 1575985411370.jpg (169.76 KB, 764x1052, ELWYxdiU8AI4IPw.jpg large.jpg)

His twitter is basically just more evidence as to why he made his teammates uncomfortable.

No. 492860

File: 1575985532687.png (42.23 KB, 744x437, wtf.PNG)

> :)
what a weirdo

No. 492863

Yeah I mean it's not like she's doing anything else with her life..

No. 492868

They always forget to mention how 80% of the eggs are gone when you're 20.

No. 492869

File: 1575986554267.jpg (226.88 KB, 916x1173, 1569439941298.jpg)

I mean, I am not saying most men are not retards, I am saying that I still feel bad about the ones drafted into wars that they did not start. And come on now, shooting games are just games. As for most men being into violence, I legit think this is an issue of socialization. Society training them to become soldiers, more meat for the meatgrinder. If men were socialised without that expectation I legit think a ton of things would improve with them and for them.

No. 492870

File: 1575986843211.jpg (292.28 KB, 1222x1170, wGX2MVf.jpg)

Of course he end the article by presenting himself as a future martyr with those grossly manipulated and exploitative statistics! Not letting him crush small women and swing his dong in the locker room is equivalent to teen suicide or murdering a South American male prostitute.

No. 492871

lol dumb shit get rekt

No. 492881

>As for most men being into violence, I legit think this is an issue of socialization. Society training them to become soldiers, more meat for the meatgrinder. If men were socialised…
>muh SoCIetY
Anon, it's men! Men are at fault for other men dying, they are the ones who kill each other - and women and children too. They are the ones who train each other to be aggressive and violent against each other and us, so don't act as if "society" is some mysterious untouchable godlike power from above that nobody can control. It's up to themselves to change their ways.
Plus no european or american or other first world guy is raised with the "expectation" of becoming a soldier. They are interested in that and keep talking about because they love the idea of it. They glorify war times and why? "Because back then men were allowed to be "real" men, they were heroic, not like all those useless females, because we died fighting for you!".
And I've never heard of a single war without rape. If men actually don't even want to fight, if they're only innocent little puppets for the male AND FEMALE leaders who start wars, then why do they keep doing that?

No. 492889

Women are also part of society anon, everyone is. Rape is an institutional weapon during war, it's a way to break a conquered population, it's also something males regress to when their morality breaks down, which is what happens during war. And I will have to dissagree with you on no Eruopean boys being raised with the expectation of them becoming soldiers, my own brother is serving a year in the army due to conscription as we speak. His entire life he and every other boy in my school were very much reminded and expected to lay down their lives in case the state demanded it. I never did and can't help but think this is a massive burden in their socialization and one of the main reasons they become as damaged as they end up.

No. 492900

>males regress to rape when their morality breaks down, which is what happens during war
What a pathetic excuse.
>this is a massive burden in their socialization and one of the main reasons they become as damaged as they end up
Are you unironically claiming that 1 year of military service (in europe!) is the main cause of all the fucked up things men do?
Even if that was the case (it's not), still not my fault, not your fault (no matter what your "traumatized" brother might tell you), not any woman's fault. It's up to themselves to fix the shit they caused.

No. 492905

I am not using it as an excuse anon, I am telling you what I think is the cause. When things like killing are glorified, morality goes out of the damn window, hell infants are killed during war.

Also no, I am not saying that 1 year is the reason, it's the socialization that centers around them being conscripted in times of danger. Not that this conscription itself is not pretty terrible for a lot of them, I know it is, I have heard plenty of stories and they are not pleasant. Of course it is not our fault, but my point is that it is not their fault either. They did not create that system, they are the victims of it. Generational guilt is not something I believe in. Also please do not show contempt about people's trauma, conscription can absolutely be traumatic.

No. 492906

Jesus christ Anon. And twice. Men are deceptive little buggars (literally)

If any man loves ass that much, he should date men instead of forcing women to dote on assholes (in more ways than one)

No. 492914

File: 1575995790124.png (386.81 KB, 1440x1933, Men should not be allowed near…)

Man kills his 6-month old baby by regularly beating it.
His excuse is he wanted it to be "tough" but it just sounds like a 'tarded male that never should have been left unsupervised with a child.


No. 492918

>you’re not free to have your own beliefs
>you cunt
Pure degeneracy. I’d love to hear it from their side of the story. Glad the coach stood up for them too.

No. 492919

File: 1575996189870.png (283.44 KB, 600x505, 1573476174883.png)

>He wanted me to give him intense prostate orgasms with his 12 inch stained jelly dongs. And the icing on top is he didn't believe in enemas or cleaning because 'a little mess is just to be expected'

that is fucking foul, i am so sorry. rule number 1 of butt stuff is you have to keep yourself and your toys clean. dude probably had a scat fetish.

No. 492920

That's the first time I ever witnessed somebody caping this hard for her brother… lol
If growing up with the knowledge that you have to conscript is "traumatic" to men, then so is knowing that literally every man could rape or beat you to death if he randomly decided to do so. Strange that nevertheless the average woman still doesn't act degenerate or turn violent herself…

No. 492922

Again, I am talking about all the socialization surrounding that expectation, not the conscription itself, without minimizing concscription's effect. I am not caping for him, I am telling you about it, are you suggesting supporting your brother and calling out the unfair things happening to them is caping? Also, you are comparing being the victim of a crime to literal laws, these are two completely different things.

No. 492935

Molymeme has a really gross breeding fetish but I'm generally grossed out when men talk about women like that as if their own sperm isn't degrading badly at 35+ but then also you get shit like this >>492914 yet women should still have babies? Even if more often men don't want them. And if she ever leaves or if the man bails because he doesn't want kids anymore, she's condemned forever as a single mom.

I really hope his daughter escapes with her sanity

No. 492946

Ew, that's gross as fuck. My ex was really into receiving anal but at least he was flawless with his hygiene, because he was paranoid about grossing me out. How are some people so unaware?

No. 492947

he's 53 currently. how old is his daughter? like 11 or 12 i think? kek. poor kid.

No. 492951

File: 1576002647803.png (261.78 KB, 700x420, woty.png)

Merriam Webster has announced its word of the year.

>English famously lacks a gender-neutral singular pronoun to correspond neatly with singular pronouns like everyone or someone, and as a consequence they has been used for this purpose for over 600 years.

>More recently, though, they has also been used to refer to one person whose gender identity is nonbinary.

>Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (WA) revealed in April during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the Equality Act that her child is gender-nonconforming and uses they. Singer Sam Smith announced in September that they now use they and them as pronouns.


No. 492956

His wife got in trouble too a while back https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/toronto/therapist-who-told-podcast-listeners-to-shun-their-families-reprimanded/article4846791/
Idk how old she is but I'm assuming roughly the same? Early 50s? Meaning if his daughter is like 11-12, they had her when they were in their late 30s/early 40s. But like everything else in molymeme's life, it's do as I say not do as I do. Kek

This poor daughter though. . Best she can do is do what they preach and cut all contact with her fucked up parents when she gets older.

No. 492960

File: 1576004645290.jpg (248.6 KB, 1200x1553, the-golden-bough-29.jpg)

All good points, but this one's not as clear cut as you're making it out to be. Ancient Romans (the Romans who predated the late Republic and Empire) also had some fairly progressive laws and beliefs for their time. Archaic Roman Law allowed wives to divorce their husbands if they laid hands on them, and Cato the Elder (an arch-conservative by Roman standards) believed it was more important to be a decent husband than a decent statesman.

Ancient Greece was more regressive, but even then it's pretty unique if you read things like the Homeric Hymns in its treatment of women, and monogamy was firmly embedded as an ideal (if not always practiced well) well before Christianity. And in spite of the damage Christianity did to native faiths in Italy, Greece, the Nordics, Baltics etc, Medieval Europe still allowed de facto divorce, had all-female Guilds and so on.

Not to say it has been perfect, but Europe has always been a better place to be a woman than places like Ancient China, India and the Semitic Civilizations. Even thousands of years ago. And really, it shows today. That's why I laugh at "White Nationalists" who bemoan progressive, feminist views as something novel that cuts against the grain of western civilization. Treating women better than elsewhere is 100% in keeping with western civilization.

t. classicist

No. 492962

Molymeme is an ass, but I don't think it's good advice to tell someone to cut all contact with their parents. From his videos with her, he does seem to genuinely love her and be a decent father.

No. 492971

>Trans isn't trendy!
Lol even the dictionary says otherwise

No. 492974

File: 1576006881957.png (549.66 KB, 750x1334, 42C7E682-73CE-46B0-8F3B-17F086…)

this really breaks my heart. i feel so alone as a lesbian

No. 492975

Male soldiers engage in war crimes on both sides and innocent women, children, and elderly are collateral damage in their animalistic competition for land and resources. They deserve whatever they get for glorifying and participating in violence.

No. 492976

Speaking as someone brought up in a country with military service, most men really do believe themselves to be expendable and worth less than women on a biological level.

I'm NTA but I think you're being very cruel. A lot of men went to war, regardless of the real reasons, believing they were protecting their families: mothers, sisters, wives, daughters etc. They died in hellish, miserable ways, screaming out for their mothers in the middle of some muddy field like Passchendale or some arid environment like Gallipoli, their intestines spilling out. Many of them little older than 18. In some cases in World War 1, boys as young as 15 (thousands in fact) were fighting and dying because the various Ministries of Wars across Europe turned a blind eye to their age to have more meat for the meat grinder.

How you can't look at that with any empathy baffles me.

No. 492977

Yes thank you anon, you've made see the light. I'll remember to feel empathy for male soldiers when they're violently raping the local women and destroying their property.

No. 492978

nta but in any of these historical instances, girls were dying too. not saying it isn't a tragedy or that the boys deserved it or whatever but it isn't like they were the only ones suffering. in some parts of the russia, girls of same age also participated in front lines, after war they were written off as field whores etc and granted none of the prestige the boys got. also i'd say comparing like european peasants forced to participate in ww1 to american soyboys who choose to enlist bc murrica and guns and are elated to murder civilians and rape afganistanian women isn't the same is it?

No. 492980

>also i'd say comparing like european peasants forced to participate in ww1 to american soyboys who choose to enlist bc murrica and guns and are elated to murder civilians and rape afganistanian women isn't the same is it?

Agreed, but those peasants were not forced to sign up, when conscription was introduced in Britain for example, the majority of the available male manpower had already signed up. Those 15 year old boys eagerly lined up at recruiting offices.

I'd also argue a lot of Americans after 9/11 signed up out of a genuine sense of love for their country.

No. 492982

ok, i withdraw my pity points for specifically british soldiers and i already had 0 for americans so kek. my perspective is more of eastern euro and we just got drafted into whichever army we happened to be occupied by at the time, one of my grandma's brothers managed to get snatched up by Russian army while the other by Germans, shit like that was common. those i do pity for they were literally collateral damage of a tug of war but all those enlisting willingly, unless literally like 15 and water brained, can get bent.

No. 492983

Yeah, the Brusilov Offensive was hell in particular. It's a shame the Bolsheviks managed to win the Civil War on that note, Eastern Europe could have been spared from a lot if the Western Allies hadn't just expected Russia to be this enormous meat shield absorbing German divisions to make things easier for the Western Front.

No. 493006

We're talking "visual". Its not like they're concerned about faces and details, just tiddies and ass. Men are pretty blind to a lot of the makeup, Photoshop and other aesthetic things woman do. So they see something, they like it, boom they're good. There is no mountain to climb.

Woman on the other hand, usually need some kinda foreplay. Its mental, reading a good erotic novel or thinking about intimate things can get a woman going. Gotta do some work for a woman's sexuality, I feel. Climb that mountain.

No. 493020

File: 1576018364638.jpeg (517.75 KB, 2000x1263, CAC8DCAA-30D6-451B-AAFA-3C80E4…)

Women are just as visual as men, our sexuality is just persecuted. Of course women aren’t considered to be visual when the female gaze is never catered to in the mainstream, even the mundane is heavily filtered through the male gaze
Pic related

No. 493027

Women are still visual though… I find my bf way more attractive and I get turned on faster when he takes good care of himself (ie. good grooming, working out, etc) and dresses well. There is no doubt women need foreplay, but maybe men could cut down the amount by a lot if they just tried to put in the effort into looking appealing

>Its mental, reading a good erotic novel or thinking about intimate things can get a woman going

This is more of a personal thing, but a lot of the time I read stories or fantasize precisely because I'm picky about visuals. Especially in porn, a lot of the time it just looks unappealing

No. 493031


Of course woman are visual, but when I've talked to men about sexuality its so much more different than myself and other woman I've known. I would say if you were to dumb it down men are more about visuals. Like in a discord I'm a regular in, the guys just post lewd anime girls all day. Like, there is a specific channel dedicated to just lewd anime.

At least personally, I don't get it. I'm not into visual pornography so I guess I have a bias. Maybe its more from my own experience. I'll be into it and ready, but its not just "I have a boner let's go". Everyone is an individual when it comes down to it, I understand. But if we're going to generalize, I can understand men as the "visual sex".

Visual and mental both play into it, I'd think with woman. I mean, maybe its just me, but if you look at just a penis, is that enough to get aroused? If I knew more about the dick, than hey let's talk, I might be into it.

>This is more of a personal thing, but a lot of the time I read stories or fantasize precisely because I'm picky about visuals. Especially in porn, a lot of the time it just looks unappealing.
I agree with this, its probably one of the reasons I've never liked visual pornography. Its pretty male focused I find.

No. 493033

>Like in a discord I'm a regular in, the guys just post lewd anime girls all day. Like, there is a specific channel dedicated to just lewd anime.
Respect yourself anon.

No. 493044

I don’t trust men that think 12-13 year old children can consent to hormone therapy. I’m not trying to sound like a reactionary but ok, if you think children can consent to hormone therapy that will permanently change their body and potentially sterilise them, what else do you think they can consent to? Sex? It absolutely screams creepy pedo to me

No. 493071

Scrote LEAVE no one here cares. The soldiers that went to Vietnam raped and killed the women there for fun and took pictures home to the US of their beheaded bodies. I'll save my sympathy for them. If men don't want to be drafted they should talk to the other men about it that make those decisions.

No. 493072

File: 1576030420921.png (102.26 KB, 983x537, 1454015904578.png)

I identify as Trans-George Washington myself

No. 493073


Does this pick me shit work or do men still ignore you and/or talk shit?

Good post.

Men are worth less than women. Once again, why are you bitching at WOMEN about a draft that MEN control and decide when and how to enforce? Why do WOMEN have to have sympathy for men sending his fellow man to die, especially when part of that process is inevitably the rape and murder of her sisters? Do people like you think women have fun during war and don't suffer at all?

your perspective is better shared on reddit, not a feminist space, since your only concerns seem to be for scrotes.

No. 493075

So you are all going to keep avoiding the question? Why are you so hell bent on making a bunch of women pity what men do to each other? Why is this the hill you want to die on? I smell scrote.

No. 493077

I have no solidarity with women who think being drafted to fight nazis is a bad thing, this is why I cannot be a feminist, too many tradthots and nazis

No. 493078

I'm not nta and i am a diehard feminist who always tries to prioritize women and children first but I still have sympathy and understanding for male soldiers and victims

No. 493079

men never sit around and talk about how they pity women for rape but we have to do it for men in the one space thats meant to be for discussion based on women.

being male stops u being a feminist not ur beliefs

No. 493081

I’m a jewish woman tired of Poland making excuses for nazis and pretending lebensram wasn’t real, if fighting a war to protect women and children isn’t worth it than you’re a monster with no ethics(racebaiting)

No. 493082

some radfems have this tendency to view all forms of male oppression as equal which has many problematic implications

No. 493083

But anons you don't get it tho, those soldiers literally HAD to gut pregnant women alive and throw napalm on vietnamese kids to protect their families back home. They deserve all our empathy for killing and raping civilians. They had good intentions!! :^(

No. 493086

excuse you it's the good soldiers we are pitying here, not the civilians that got in the way of all the cool explosions and shit.

Anyone that wants to "QQ poor males" about war google "comfort women" and sit your fucking asses down.

No. 493088

I guess my male relatives who died in war can just burn in hell then, because of something the Japanese did(necessarysperg4)

No. 493089

It's painfully obviously all the nonsaged posts are from the same angry male. No one here gives a shit about your male relatives. Go away. War is a male issue, go make a post on redpill about it.

No. 493091

File: 1576032397311.jpg (113.77 KB, 1024x1024, Cu-KNl3XYAAN-jH.jpg)

"male oppression"

No. 493093

File: 1576032817636.png (31.23 KB, 783x185, 1.png)

In reply to a woman who's neighbor left their kid behind at home. The kid knocked on the OPs door and she drove her to school.
Thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/bestoflegaladvice/comments/e8shzd/the_laop_took_her_neighbors_7_year_old_daughter/

Where do men even get this mindset from? It makes me think they have a guilty conscience. Imagine not helping a kid because you're scared she would just randomly accused you of molesting her lmao. What are you hiding…

No. 493095

i watched this atrocity a long time ago and im not doing it again, from what i remember i just thought, its literally fiction, even in slight realistic style is still fictional, men write shit novels all the time focusing on hundreds big breasted horny women finding the main character sooooo attractive and wanting to fuck him, is that not also unrealistic? i mean come on. boohoo the short beautiful main character can kick the ass of 1000 men without breaking a sweat, who cares man

No. 493098

I hate remembering how soldiers would literally gut pregnant women and then kill their baby in front of her. And shit hasn't changed. Wasn't there a story a while back about how us soldiers would capture and rape women in the middle east, take pics and then share them for laughs? No remorse. I remember also a video of one solider holding a puppy by its neck then chucking over a cliff and laughing.

No. 493099

The serial killer Richard Ramirez was shown pictures as a child by his Vietnam soldier uncle or whatever of the shit he used to do to women over there. Soldiers don't just rape and kill, they torture and mutilate for fun.

Look at all the private security companies America deploys in the middle east. There's a bunch of rape accusations from American women against them, imagine the scale of attacks on middle eastern women who have no avenues to report.

And the thing is yeah, not all men take part but you damn well know they are aware it's happening and go along with it/ shut up about it for an easier life. And women are meant to empathize? I don't understand.

No. 493102

>imagine the scale of attacks on middle eastern women who have no avenues to report
This happens so much and nobody is aware if it. I've heard so many horror stories from the women themselves and the saddest part is that there is nothing they can do and nobody they can go to for help

No. 493104

>men still statistically committing 90%+ of homicides and 80%+ of child sexual abuse
>but let me tell you how we are the true victims here

No. 493108

This boy thought he was a girl at 12 and took estrogen for two years. Now he decided he's a boy but the estrogen has made permanent changes to his body and now he & his mom have to travel to south Korea to get his breasts removed.

I feel bad for this boy and his mom.

No. 493113

Honestly, I don't feel bad for the parents that do this. Maybe it's an unpopular opinion, but I can't imagine giving my 12 year old any meds because they "feel" a certain way and after Doctors tell me there's nothing physically wrong with them. The boy was 12 but the Mom could have informed herself but chose not to.

No. 493114

I kinda agree, but he was saying he wanted to kill himself so I can understand why she did that

No. 493115

File: 1576039905429.jpg (49.9 KB, 480x697, hwida0ufc9341.jpg)

Imagine blaming feminism because the world isn't catered to you. Who let men become this entitled?

No. 493116

I used to work at walmart and this is in the WOMEN'S clothing section. That poster isnt for you, dude.

Even I didn't realize men are so entitled that they think literally every picture of a woman has to give them a boner.

No. 493118

that's just terrible. I won't blame the kid if he ended up hating his mum, i can't imagine how you would be able to forgive your parent for letting you get into a mess this big and irreversible.

No. 493120

File: 1576041991077.png (141.72 KB, 500x279, 46457879789.png)

I hate that suicide-baiting is such a common rhetorical tool among TRAs, to the point where even kids who aren't suicidal will threaten to neck themselves so their parents will give them titty skittles. There are literally guides out there (I think they were posted in the Fakeboi thread at some point) from Tumblr telling teenagers what to say to psychiatrists to get hormones, and they emphasize particularly on the suicide-baiting.

Troons get so fucking triggered when we bring up the 41% thing, but they literally enable suicidal ideation as part of the transitioning process. There are several studies out there saying that GRC doesn't reduce someone's likelihood of suicide, so why do TRAs keep telling people that if someone can't transition they'll die? They're literally teaching kids to emotionally blackmail their parents.

I'm not trying to blame that teenage boy. Like yeah what he was doing was fucked up and manipulative, but having to go to a foreign country for a mastectomy is a pretty big punishment for that. I also don't necessarily blame the mom, either, because imagine being in her position: imagine that your son is (wrongfully) diagnosed with a condition you don't understand, and that he and everything you read online tells you that if you don't buy him estrogen he'll kill himself. You guys can't blame someone for being misinformed if TRAs have gone out of their way to try and wipe any dissenting science from Google results.

I posted this story on KF already, but I have a close friend who attends an Ivy League medical school in the United States. During his psychology rotation, he had to shadow a psychiatrist seeing a mom and her son about a gender dysphoria consultation. The mom was some sort of doctor– either pediatrician or family medicine– and she was really against putting her son on horse pills, because she's a fucking scientist and obviously knows the consequences. But the kid and the psychiatrist wouldn't budge (and I think even brought up the suicide crap), and they managed to wear the poor woman down until she allowed her son to start hormone blockers. Hormone blockers! Which are even more dangerous than horse pills! This clown fuckery wasn't happening at some podunk independent psychiatry practice. This was happening at a hospital associated with an Ivy League medical school! In the United States.

I was completely appalled when my friend told me this on the phone, and he half-agreed with me, particularly on the grounds that the kid's mother was a doctor and she had doubts.

No. 493125

His Twitter your typical anti feminism, pro traditional roles, pro life conservative too. yet is very anti porn. But not anti porn because it hurts millions of women across the globe but because men are the victims.

No. 493127

“Porn is bad not cause of the way young women are groomed and exploited into a shitty industry but because I can no longer get muh saggy wiener up!!”

No. 493129

well if you got drafted to fight nazis then in the end you were also fighting for possibly sending your friends and family to a gulag in Siberia so like it isn't exactly an obvious "win" situation. like my family had to constantly move around for 20 years following this because the other brother got drafted with germans and thus our family was labelled as nazi sympathizers despite also contributing to Russian army and no one shacking up with nazis willingly. being in eastern Europe is always a lose-lose situation lol

0 sympathy for willing soldiers (even if abloobloo free college!1! argument), some sympathy for ones forcefully drafted or underage, ones that suffer exponentially the most are women and children anyway and those are the ones I'm primarily concerned about, probably should've refrained replying to the scrote in the 1st place lol.

No. 493131

He deleted all his tweets after that got attention.

No. 493135

children say really dumb stuff, like when I was that age I told my mom I wanted to marry my brother.
Kids don't understand the world enough to make life decisions. Except, apparently, when it comes to suddenly getting fast tracked for hormones

No. 493154

File: 1576051531190.png (54.9 KB, 632x451, molymeme.png)


No. 493157

This makes me want to commit suicide.

No. 493158

File: 1576052704308.jpg (51.13 KB, 500x591, EFm6RjcWkAAZETp.jpg)

He has to be a troll, r-right?

I wish Taylor did some research or that somebody helped her mock him for living the exact opposite of what he preaches. It seems like nobody seems to know that he's actually an old af stay at home dad with a career wife.

No. 493160

I wanna call Molyneux a house husband on Twitter

No. 493161

I think a lot of people are tired of Jews making excuses for a racist state like Israel too. Shall we leave the bitching about this elsewhere?

No. 493162

I hate when they shame women for not having children and act like they're doing it out of concern for their wellbeing.

No. 493165

>Men are worth less than women.
How the FUCK do you even begin believing people's lives are worth more or less based on their sex? This is the most extreme sexist belief imaginable.

>the rape and murder of her sisters

Retarded opinion, the Soviet women cheered the men who raped German women and often were the ones who tortured and murdered them after the men were done with the raping. There is no such thing as a sisterhood moron, men and women are a lot more connected based on national bonds than gender ones.(bait)

No. 493166

Why does this grown ass man with kids and a wife care so much if a pop singer (or other women for that matter) has kids or not? I thought libertarians were supposed to have a "live and let live" mentality.

Yeah Stefan, because saying women are more than incubators = convincing women to reject motherhood. Obviously.

No. 493167

No, because Israelis don't parade around Europe and act aggressive towards immigrants, nor do they shoot up mosques like Nazis and far-right groupes do. I don't support the Israeli state but come on now.
Poland was literally occupied by Nazi Germany and the Polish government fights hard to stop erasure of Nazi crimes or shift blame to Poland by calling them "Polish concentration camps", what are you even talking about. It also brings a lot of money in thanks to WW2 tourism so it's against their best interest to deny any crimes committed by Nazis.
If you want something to be mad about, be mad about the Croatian government refusing to admit that they used to be a genocidal Nazi state to this day and denying the existence of concentration camps like Jasenovac. And read a book or something, you sound American.

No. 493168

>I have no solidarity with women who think being enslaved and sent to your torturous death is a bad thing.

And us not mentally challenged feminists don't want you.

No. 493170

>because Israelis don't parade around Europe and act aggressive towards immigrants
>don't act aggressive towards immigrants

You're completely delusional. Israel has some of the harshest anti immigrant laws on the planet, and there's plenty of Jewish mob violence against both Palestinians and refugees there.

Jews really need to stop acting like they're some absolute point of moral authority, srsly. You're just an ethnicity like any other, nothing special or chosen about you.

No. 493172

I meant in Europe, though. I've yet to see a violent protest of Israelis, or Israelis being violent towards refugees. If anything, antisemitism is on the rise.
Also how does Israel have anti-immigrant laws when you can literally declare yourself a citizen in writing or simply convert to Judaism and get a passport? If anything it's overly permissive. My neighbours are Greek Orthodox Christians and they got citizenship because their country took in a lot of Jews during WW2 and they had good diplomatic relations.
If you'd made an argument about Palestinians being treated like dirt or the IDF being corrupt and breaking all the human rights laws that exist I'd 100% agree with you but you clearly don't even know what you're talking about and seem to just want to shit on Jews.

No. 493174

You're just playing dumb. Conversion to Reform Judaism isn't accepted as legitimate conversion by the Rabbinate. As for violence towards refugees:


No. 493176

Isn't his wife the primary breadwinner of his household

No. 493180

She is. He "proudly" states that he's a "successful" stay-at-home dad - what ever that's supposed to mean. And I saw some people on twitter say that she gave birth at over 40. Meanwhile he says shit like "women in their 30s are too tired to run after toddlers, you don't want to be a grandparent at 70". Okay, 60-year-old father of a little kid.

No. 493187

Men like him seem to forget women have always had children in their 30s, 40s and even 50s.

No. 493188

I think we're forgetting he probably earns a viable income from his online activities alone. He has a ton of subscribers etc.

His daughter seems adorable though.

No. 493189

he wants his daughter to grow up to become a great revolutionary philosopher or intellectual but he also says bullshit about how all women should be traditional housewives
How does that work ?

No. 493192

Why? All this shows to me is that men are aware and concerned that we can no longer be forced to marry and have children young/against our will.

Throwing tantrums like toddlers, hahaha

No. 493196

Eternal reminder he almost got his wife fired becuase she's a therapist and he was eavesdropping on her clients sessions so he could talk about their problems on his youtube lmao.

No. 493212

You are not alone. I'm bisexual myself and many of my friends in my community, both male and female, recognize what this "trans" insanity is doing to you. We are appalled. Recently a male bisexual friend of mine while we were doing some research for our community, brought up his fear that this trans agenda is going to force lesbians to go though some sort of conversion therapy, that they will be invalidated and accused of hate crimes based on sexual preferences. Many bisexuals I know stand with lesbians. These last few years things have been going from bad to worse for you guys… I'm so sorry.
Personally, I had a busted tranny tell me that "she" is every bisexual's wet dream and that I should date "her". I told him off saying I'm attracted to ultra feminine females and very tall, handsome, confidant, successful alpha males. His unholy anime fetishist representation of a hermaphrodite was not, in fact, my wet dream.

No. 493214

>Personally, I had a busted tranny tell me that "she" is every bisexual's wet dream
I see a lot of posts and comments implying that maybe bisexual people are more interested in dating someone who is transgender because we like both kinds of genitals, etc, it's not true at all. I like male bodies and female bodies, but it's not a grab bag where you can just grab breasts and a penis and everything is dandy. It's not a "preference," it's as much a part of my sexual orientation as liking only men or women is for others. It's not something I can change or want to change.

No. 493219

I don't know why I attract 'tgirls' and crossdressers but I seem to, the pushy kind too! I was pretty young when I had my first incidence of a man coming out to me as a crossdresser and the next thing I knew he tried to push himself on me. Any TIM I've met in the years since then has also tried it on with me

I'm attracted to men, women and even some ftms (probably cos I love butch women and in my head I see them as that) The one group that I don't want is the one that's convinced I'll be receptive to their advances. Where do they get their confidence from?

No. 493238

>Where do they get their confidence from?
Male entitlement.

No. 493244

It's male entitlement but mixed with something extra. They think that the second they put on a bra or some tights they suddenly ooze sex appeal

No. 493254

File: 1576078688006.jpg (617.66 KB, 1080x1327, Screenshot_20191209-090734_Twi…)

Finland just got the youngest PM in the world, Sanna Marin, who also happens to be a very left leaning Social Democrat, the only person in her family to finish high school and get a university degree. She's daughter of a single mother who was in a lesbian relationship when Sanna was younger. She's also herself the mother of a 22 month old. The entire coalition is led by female leaders, the female ministers outnumber the male ones. Seeing triggered scrotes crying over this has been fucking amazing, they're all convinced we're going to hell in a handbasket, Finland is doomed to be overrun by the LGBT feminist communist Islamist agenda, "they're Finnished" (scrots think they're sooo hilarious repeating the same kindergarten level reddit puns), blah blah. Sure, having 80 yo senile men who don't even know how to type an email on a computer run your country is so much better. Fucking kek, stay triggered, pissbabies.

No. 493259

Another finnfag here and in my opinion our new government is a pile of horse manure regardless of their gender. I don't trust any of these snakes from SDP or KePu at all, but the scrotes having a fit simply because the majority of them are women is laughable. They could at least trash them for dirty tricks such as letting Paatero and Haavisto keep their positions despite the recent scandals, but picking the m-muh feminist boogeyman and running with it only highlights their inherent retardation.

However I'm only hoping that they won't be validating the initiative to allow transitioning for minors that's been floating around recently. Please let that YLE detransitioner documentary become a mainstream subject.

No. 493264

I just hope their not libfems

No. 493272

Well >>493264 is probably correct that they're all libfems and are probably going to end up changing the trans laws, but I still love watching men's terrified screeching about women being in power. It's so fucking hilarious seeing how incredibly insecure they are.

No. 493274

File: 1576081465790.jpg (840.94 KB, 790x1099, margaret thatcher.jpg)

I wounder how they'd react to the Iron lady

No. 493275

Men don't seem to be as threatened by right wing women tbh

No. 493276

"do as I say don't do as I do!"

It's ok that he gets a professional career wife who had children later in life but other women should be shamed. I definitely think he does this shit >>493158 often. Posing as women online to convince impressionable girls that other women are accepting his fucked up world views. I think men do this alot. Like we know redpillwomen is filled with men larping as self hating women. I honestly wish someone would do a little experiment like how r/teenagers was exposed for being filled with old men in their 30s/40s/50s on rpw.

It's funny to watch them whine about how society will collapse from this. So many incels and mgtows talk about wanting it to happen because power fantasy. It's just pathetic kek

No. 493279

>Men don't seem to be as threatened by right wing women tbh
Millions of men were scared shitless by thatcher, she earned the moniker of the Iron lady for a reason

No. 493291

Yeah, well she did single handedly close down the mines and steal jobs from thousands of blue collar workers, start wars, enforce Section 28, etc, everyone had a reason to hate her. Also that name came from the Soviets. But yeah, men will always have caveman "female scary, female bad, my peepee feel small" reaction to women in power.

No. 493311

completely forgetting how she expertly handled the Iranian embassy siege and the Falklands war

No. 493323

Why would they be threatened by pickmes who cater to them? The sad part is they only respect women they're afraid of

No. 493363

These are the same type of men who would be chastised for raping and killing women in their neighborhood, except they put on a uniform to go rape and kill women in a different country and we are supposed to kiss their ass for their "brave" and "courageous" service?? Nah, fuck them.

No. 493369

males cannot resist (they can, but choose not to, because they lack self control and moral forethought) spending all their time around women and invading their spaces because they desperately want to fuse with women (as they are parasitical). even once they claim they have gone their own way, or accept they are separated subset of subhuman from females, they still insert themselves into women's lives and spaces, their thoughts are still centered around women and policing them.

No. 493412

File: 1576107736952.jpeg (493.22 KB, 1536x2048, D7YYt3cW0AEAVuL.jpeg)

Thoughts on these skull sizes?

No. 493416

Fun fact: Chuck Clymer considers himself beautiful.

No. 493423

are you really calling Margaret Thatcher a pick me ??

No. 493426

nta but most right wing women are more like pickmes and less like Thatcher.

No. 493427

would you ever a support more right wing women becoming like Thatcher and less like pick-mes ??

No. 493434

Hey, not to blogpost, but does anyone have any good non-libfem stuff on male infidelity to share? I just broke up w/ my fiance after learning he cheated on me, trying to work it out, and then realizing that was untenable, and…….now that I'm not hell-bent on "moving past it" I have the opportunity to really look full in the face at what he did to me. I don't want any more books or articles or advice columns about how I should forgive him, I want some feminist writing that could help give me some perspective on why he did this, that doesn't try to constantly make excuses for him. I'm cool with fiction too, I just can't take any more shit that basically echoes him telling me he haaaaad to cheat because I didn't suck his dick every night and reminded him to pay bills.

No. 493436

what kind of perspective do you need? he told you why he did it. he put his dick and not being reminded of responsibilities over commitment and your relationship/future together. he cheated because he wanted to, and didn't value you. what is more to "unpack" here? there is very little deeper meaning in the reasons why men cheat. looking for more perspective where there is none is more libfem garbage to make women beat themselves up for the actions of some scrote.

No. 493437

Lundy Bancroft has written some articles about infidelity and in his less well known book "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" he talks about men who cheat in committed relationships and the exact warning sings of what might indicate of the type of man who would be a cheater

No. 493444

I want to be a feminist but a lot of my trauma has been at the hands of women, I’ve found men to be more kind and understanding and women to be cold and judge mental. I know better than to think in stereotypes but I don’t want to feel like I’m in high school again.

No. 493450

Here's a funny story. I stumbled upon some tweets of a former Twitter mutual.

I guess she (now identifying as non-binary) has some men related trauma. She tweeted along the lines of "glad to know not all men are bad because of these guys @ftm1 @ftm2 @ftm3" almost laughed out loud

Also funny because there is no way if she has traumas so bad (I don't remember if I ever knew what happened but she had these problems years ago when we were friends) she sees ftm same as actual men.

I also kinda knew the "men" who are so reassuring for her and at least two of them are/have dated other ftms, as they always do.

No. 493454

I too suffered narcissistic abuse by women in the family while my father was always the "nice parent". I encountered mean girls in school too and men were always nicer to me for being conventionally non-busted. Still, none of that got in the way of me realizing that those terrible women still suffer under patriarchy. In fact, a lot of my bad experiences were with pick-me's who still deal with abuse from men, they're even more likely to be abused. Seeing those women's level of cope just makes me pity them.
It's not as if you are required to carry unconditional love for every female on the street to be a feminist lol that's certainly not the case for bitches on lolcow.

No. 493459

>It's not as if you are required to carry unconditional love for every female on the street to be a feminist
absolutely this, you can't love and support every woman in the world

No. 493469

Probably because you're not associating with women, just mostly orbiter men who are only nice to you because they want to fuck you. idk what you want us to say. It's not on women to convince you or any other pick me that we're not all X way when you would never make the same judgment on men as a whole.

No. 493474

He cheated because he was horny while he didn't actually love or respect you enough to consider your feelings at all. It's completely his own dysfunction. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

No. 493476

Are you implying the other women are busted?

No. 493482

What? How did you get that? I was saying men were only nice to me for not being ugly.

No. 493486

It means he's successful while also working from home. It's not like donations, book sales, sold out speeches, etc, pay nothing. Even if the both of them did absolutely nothing they'd still be living comfortably off of what he made from selling his last tech company. Especially considering they put most of it into bitcoin before anyone else had heard of it.

See above. What he espouses for both sexes is working to afford a family, Not putting your work ahead one. In part this is because the best to transmit the ideas that you care about to future generations is to be responsible for raising those generations yourself. But then it's also because he's absolutely paranoid about ending up alone and isolated when he's 80. Him projecting his own insecurities onto others.

No. 493497

Sage for 3 day late reply but god I hate Roly. In this video he interviews Toxic Tears (who is discussed in the alt cows thread) and she tells a story of her and her friends when they were young teenagers and a group of GROWN MEN attacked them and attempted to rip their piercings out. After that Roly says he's scared of little kids because they would stare say things like "mommy what's that on his face". He comes off as such a narc.

No. 493503

I don't mean that I want to be convinced to, idk, take him back–when I say perspectives, I mean I feel like I'm angry and I want writers who are better with words than I am to say "yes, and you should be, here's more insight into why men do this and why it sucks" without any kind of kowtowing libfem bs. I want writing about this the way I felt uncomfortable w/ non-binary identities and then really benefitted from radfem perspectives on why they were internalized misogyny.

That said, I appreciate your anger on my behalf! I'm asking for stuff b/c I read you saying "he put his dick and not being reminded of responsibilities over committment" and I feel immediately better, saner, and more resolved to keep going forward.

No. 493509

File: 1576130413882.jpg (32.46 KB, 400x583, oldfuckcoping.jpg)

Hes definitely afraid of aging. Idk about dying alone since his wife I heard felt bad for him when he was worried about his image on how he almost got her fired for eavesdropping on her patients sessions.

But he loves company since he's miserable. Since alot of incels, mgtows and general red pillers all are trying to convince themselves that they'll be all dashing handsome wealthy silver foxes later in life though, and not balding, with a beer belly, old sperm and a barely functioning penis due to porn addiction. They'll say they're wealthy but it only attracts shallow opportunists. So they'll be right back to complaining about how all women are gold diggers.

I haven't heard stefans opinion on couples that adopt either. It's probably poor

No. 493521

All you need to ask yourself is would you have done the same to him. Then ask yourself why not. Then realize he ignored all of that before he did it.

Men are raised to prioritize their feelings and emotions. Women are raised to prioritize male emotions. That's why there's a slap fight here every few weeks about male soldiers etc. Women empathize. How many times do men sit around and discuss womens issues? They don't. In fact they get so annoyed by womens issues they will actively be hostile to women for bringing them up.

He wanted to fuck someone so he did. Now he wants to be with you and feels bad. He is relying on the fact you will ignore your own emotions and feelings and listen to him when he could have just as easily ignored his dumb ass feelings that led to him cheating on you.

If you go back you will be tied to a low value male for the rest of your days. You might have his babies that will carry his poor genetic material. He absolutely, 100% will cheat on you again because he's figured how to be more careful/make you forgive him. You'll never trust him again, you'll question if he wants to fuck every attractive woman you come across. You're worth more than that.

No. 493529

Are there any scars of said ripped piercings btw?

No. 493536

>>493529 attempted, anon. Learn to read.

No. 493537

File: 1576142212332.jpg (43.9 KB, 401x400, DJ.jpg)

Thoughts on Derrick Jensen ? he's a male that even some of the most extreme manhating radfems somewhat like(thoughts on fucking off ?)

No. 493549

was this anon banned for reposting? I swear I've seen this exact post before in one of these threads.

No. 493552

They're all pro-immigration libfems unfortunately.

No. 493555

Pretty sure it's NecessarySpeed4. Reposting shit is basically her trademark.

No. 493557

NTA, but is one's stance on immigration relevant to radical (or liberal) feminism in any meaningful way?

No. 493559

Yes. Letting large numbers of single, adult men into a country from places like Afghanistan and North Africa is bad for women full stop.

No. 493562

Female migrants outnumber male migrants in both Europe and the USA, though.

No. 493563

nta but the vast majority of Afghan refugees flee to neighboring Pakistan or Iran rather then any european nation

No. 493564

Yeah I know that, those are the real refugees who were actually fleeing conflict, so they went to the nearest safe abode.

Proof of this for Europe?

No. 493566

No. 493567

That's just aggregating all non-nationals in Europe, it's not a breakdown of the recent inflows.

No. 493568

Do you have any counter-evidence that details the recent in-flows, then?

No. 493569

No. 493571

Ugh, some of these are so sad.

Also that channel made a "what do Japanese women look for in men?" video but never did the opposite because the audience is male weebs.

No. 493573

It seems like there's a difference between asylum seekers and just immigrants in general. Kind of weird to liken the two.

No. 493574

Yuta is annoying, I only watched his videos for like a week because they just focused on asking questions about dating and relationships from a male perspective.

No. 493577

Most "refugees" are bogus anyway.

No. 493578

Cute links. Wikipedia lmao. Here's some actual data. You're wrong. Males outnumber women or they're closely matched by a few %.


No. 493580

Any male refugee attempting to enter any country should be question as to where the female members of his family are. A lot of them say they're going to bring them over later and never do. They leave them in dangerous conditions as single women and fuck off to Europe for a new life.

In the UK there's been an influx of young girls being forced to marry old men from other countries to get them citizenship. When they get the citizenship they leave them, or they stay with them and treat them exactly how you imagine.

I'm at the point of thinking all single male refugees should be turned away.

No. 493581

Ah yes, "family reunification". Another one of those permissive liberal laws that has been completely exploited over the past 50 years.

No. 493582

>trans people won't be erased
Okay no one's erasing you, but most of you troons look like you just stepped out of a coffin at a wake

No. 493584

radfems don't have to do shit trannies erase 41% of themselves with no help needed

No. 493591

That doesn't state males outnumber women, anon, kek. Not sure who shat in your cereal, but this "All immigrants are MEN" thing is both corny and inaccurate.
Maybe if you had argued that men being allowed to immigrate is a problem to begin with instead of trying to erase women being immigrants as well (and they are usually in that position because they're victims of violent situations they were placed in by men), you’d be off on a better foot.

No. 493592

Yuta has a thread on pull because he got pretty creepy with his videos. But yeah his audience are males who fetishizes japanese women and women who want a japanese man because anime

No. 493596

Sadly that's just attempts

No. 493603

I mean, the migrants camp in my country is smack dab in the middle of the capital and there are very few women there. Those that do exist are harassed by the men who outnumber them. Most of them don't even want to stay here because it's a poor shit hole, they're just passing through until they get to Germany. Take that as you will, but don't lecture me about what my country's situation is like.

No. 493604

I didn't mention your country, lol.

No. 493608

Yes it does, dense-anon. Sort by men or women from top left and look at far right. It's not difficult. No one is "erasing women" jesus you sound like a tranny

No. 493609

American libfems do not understanding what actual mass immigration is like. Usually because they don't live near it or have to deal with the ramification of it (like you mention).

No. 493610

You talk about "Europe", and my country's in Europe.

No. 493612

I'm not American or libfem, and there are immigrants in my country. I'm technically an immigrant, even.
There are people on imageboards from countries that aren't part of North America and Europe, you know.

How do I sound like a tranny? This is getting cringy. Women who aren't from your country are the same as men dressing up like women now? Please.

No. 493613

Yet everyone disagrees with you about there being all these women immigrants. hmm. you're freaking out because of statistics, that's pretty tranny like. No one is erasing immigrant women by pointing out there are far too many males coming over from countries their maleness keeps them relatively safe in compared to women/children. Also stop double posting then deleting. You're getting worked up over nothing.

No. 493616

"Everyone", as in 2-3 people, one of which admitted that even if women don't overwhelm men, they're at a close %?
>No one is erasing immigrant women by pointing out there are far too many males coming over from countries their maleness keeps them relatively safe in compared to women/children.
This is true. The problem is, no one said that. Instead, the argument was about immigrants as a whole. You can go back and read the posts if you feel like it.
Immigrants are not equal to asylum seekers, and are also not 100% male. Calm down already.

No. 493618

funny when you posted this comment originally you didnt mention being a immigrant hmmmmm

No. 493619

"Technically" is there for a reason, and I'm pretty sure I also forgot to add there being immigrants in my country, and the response to the second anon. Not sure what you're trying to get at.

No. 493621

"n-no anon. It's you that needs to calm down!!"
Literally no one said they're 100% male at any point yet you're accusing others of not reading?

No. 493622

It's not just Americans, a lot of European ones don't get that inviting loads of men with the worst views on women might not be a good idea.

No. 493623

>stutter text
Yeah, I'm totally the one getting worked up over nothing.
Anyway, I hope you learn to express your opinions better so you're not forced to backpedal.

No. 493625

if you want to live with a bunch of unvetted men from countries that teach them from birth that women arr worth less than dogs feel free just don't drag the rest of us down with you.

No. 493626

You just admitted >>493616 that according to >>493578 you were wrong and women don't overwhelm men. But sure, it's other people that are backpedaling.

The fact of the matter is there's no reason mens numbers should come even close to womens. They are not in as much danger and can provide for themselves. They can stay their asses home.

No. 493627

You really, in your deepest heart, think saying that males aren't the only immigrants, neither do they represent the majority (and that it makes sense to actually specify who you're talking about when you mention immigrants so you don't implicate every single person) is the same as "Yes, I want all the men from every country to come in and ruin my life"? Are you sure?

No. 493628

The very post you linked to admits they're at a close rate, and every other source online attests to women making up slightly more, especially as workers. I'm not even sure if you're serious anymore, it's like you just want to drag this out to save face.
>The fact of the matter is there's no reason mens numbers should come even close to womens. They are not in as much danger and can provide for themselves. They can stay their asses home.
And no one is arguing with this.

No. 493629

did i type the word immigrant? males do make the majority. Take your liberal feminist ass back to reddit.

No. 493632

Did you read the conversation before posting?
It's typically libfem redditors who are this bad at following discussions and jump to retarded conclusions, so maybe you should head back there.

No. 493634

it's funny how liberals will gun for men that would literally enslave them given the chance. People like that are why they ended up with that Asian pedo gang in the UK running for over a decade.

No. 493636

you need to stop fighting in here and let it go this isn't the place for pro-male immigration discussions

No. 493638


No. 493639

female socialization is such a chore. I try to do as little of it as possible and it's not so bad. men mostly ignore me and it's comfortable. what's uncomfortable is other women who are so deep in it they act weird because you're not "playing the game" too. okay Sarah were both gals here, just speak to me like a person not as a doormat. worse is when women treat me like a guy because I don't believe in stretching myself thin worrying about everyone's little whims and comfort.

actually the last point is horrible because it makes some women switch into mommymode or become insecure and I just want to shake them and say drop the act! you can literally not care and the world won't end! save this energy for your loved ones not strangers and randoms!!

No. 493641

Nicole Maines is the only truly passing troon I've ever seen. To look like that he must've been transed as a little boy though.

No. 493643

File: 1576163825320.png (679.38 KB, 689x736, nicole-maines.png)

Gotta disagree

No. 493645

This is partly why I used to have problems getting close to other girls growing up. I felt so awkward, because it's like if you're not playing along, you're making the whole interaction uncomfortable, and no one really knows what to do. Luckily, I wasn't one of those retarded "I only hang out with guys because girls are drama!!" people, just awkward.
Have you seen that video of two women talking to each other, and the moment one speaks in a higher voice, the other speaks in an even higher one until they both sound ridiculous?
That's how it feels. If you try to meet them halfway, it eventually just gets worse and more taxing for both of you.
I don't even think it's that bad to put up an act if it helps smooth social interactions with men. You do what you must to get through things. When it's something you do all the time, though, it's just exhausting and feels coldly sterile.

No. 493647

Looks like a young boy with long hair.

No. 493648

File: 1576164685106.jpg (80.13 KB, 968x681, lol.jpg)

with his twin brother lol. It seems like he had a bunch of surgery after he landed a role on Supergirl for taking his desire to be in women's bathrooms to the supreme court. Typical attention whore tranny.

No. 493655

Ok Valerie.

No. 493659

File: 1576167493126.jpg (88.67 KB, 1200x630, valerie-solanas-quote-lbi3g0o.…)

NTA, but she was right, and you know it.

No. 493660

The idea that men want to be women is retarded, most of them barely think about us other than sex and some of them even think of us as lesser. I have no idea of any man other than insane troons that would want to be a woman.

No. 493669

Their fixation with us being lesser stems directly from their own weird complex about not being able to give birth and continue the human race. You don't think about, say, cockroaches day in, day out, try to find out where they hang out, get angry about what they might think and obsess over teaching them "their place", do you?
They even call themselves the throwaway sex when they're trying to guilt-trip or paint themselves as victims.
No matter what they might say about being unbothered, they're envious of women, because we actually carry the ability to continue the human race (and we're overall less unstable and deficient than they are).
That's why freaks like Molymeme make posts like >>492860. Why is this old-ass man thinking about Taylor Swift's fertility and "her eggs already being gone"? Why are so many men in general so fascinated with the idea of women hitting "the wall" and suffering, all because we didn't give their unwashed dicks a chance?

No. 493672

I can get behind them being envious of the fact we have inherent value and that they are in fact expendable and disposable, but that seems to lead to rage, not the kind of envy that would make the want to be us. I legit think that this realization is one of the major reasons they go apeshit, but I still don't think that this leads them to want to be us, unless we are talking about some really deep subconscious level.

No. 493674

Valerie Solanas was a lolcow

No. 493685

Based Val.

No. 493691

he was. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2015/10/19/449937765/becoming-nicole-recounts-one-familys-acceptance-of-their-transgender-child?t=1576173055162

It's really bizarre to me how he went from the supreme court shit and being the subject of a book to (successfully!) acting.

No. 493699

>claiming men want to be women is retarded
>posts this in the tranny thread


Never said that, just think she had some good ideas.

No. 493701

I did say except for the trannies which do it for a sexual reason. That anon said that it was because of jealousy, which I don't think is the case.

No. 493706

Yeah, see that makes sense for trannies, but I have not ever heard a man say "I wish I was a woman".

No. 493710

Incels always say things like "if only I was a woman so I could have life on easy mode", but then they also go on to insult women so it's not like they mean it

No. 493711

Yeah exactly. The deep seated jealousy and envy that Solanas described only really exists with trannies, I find it difficult to believe men in general are envious of us.

No. 493713

I strongly believe that they are. Just listen to incel/MGTOW rhetoric. They’re obsessed with us and our “privilege”. I think their hatred and desire to control us is largely fueled by envy, personally.

No. 493714

Solanas was really talking about a different kind of privilege I feel, like, the fact that women are connected to lifegiving and nurturing in a way men are not. Thus we are valuable and they are not, that essentially their biological purppose is to sacrifice themselves for women and children. I don't think that's what incels really even realise let alone get worked over.

No. 493724

I love how the guy who made this made the ~terf a bald featureless giant.

No. 493731

These types need to get off /tttt/. LARPing as an anime catgirl and making that your identity and main way you spend your time as an adult isn't cute, it's weird and pathetic.

No. 493734

It's a case of wanting to eat the cake and have it as in men want to have women's advantages and keep their own too.

No. 493739

I think lot of men are jealous of the attention women get.

No. 493753

But why? It's not like any of it is good attention. Men get attention for good reasons - like their accomplishments or who they are as people. Women get attention like being mocked, made the butt of every joke, harassed, dehumanized, etc.

Who the fuck would possibly want that? Being a woman is the absolute worst thing you can be and deep down they know that, which is why they are so happy they aren't women.

No. 493758

They see the infantilization as a good thing. They already failed at being something to be respected and their misogyny makes them feel like as a woman they have an excuse for being incompetent because women, amirite?

They've been socialized male and view sexual attention - harassment or consensual - as a mark of success. It's why incels bitch about how easy women have it, because they think sex is the biggest achievement.

The very reasons why they're jealous of women and want to be them are the same things that mark them as born male and doomed to forever be male. They can't even get the worldview right.

No. 493759

>be "cis" and look manlier than this person
lmao just fucking end me

No. 493760

If you ain't a tranny you're still 1000x more of a woman than him

No. 493762

This. Don't ever listen to the "even some cis women don't pass!!" troon BS anon, if you're born a woman you are a woman no matter what you look like. (Also butch girls are hot.)

No. 493764

fucking same. I was born with a very unattractive jaw and long face so now that this is such a hot societal topic I'm afraid when people see me they immediately think 'tranny.' truly unfortunate.

No. 493773

they want to "be" us in terms of value to society. think of all the "privileges" they believe women have. that's what they want, our so-called status.

No. 493779

File: 1576202954694.jpg (81.21 KB, 540x766, rapist talks about being a wom…)

No. 493782

File: 1576203791723.png (451.1 KB, 480x696, Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 9.17…)

this is a male who's been on hormone blockers since probably his early teens, if not earlier, given this line on his wikipedia page:

>Maines was Susan Doe in the landmark case Doe v. Regional School Unit 26, which is also referred to as Doe v. Clenchy. When Maines was in elementary school, the grandfather of a classmate complained about Maines using the girls' washroom.

and that's exactly what he looks like – a guy that hasn't gone through puberty. congratulations on looking like a middle schooler that grew his hair out and decided to start skateboarding for the upcoming eighth grade school year.

are people simply no longer allowed to simply be gender non-conforming? MUST people be trans because they enjoy styling themselves a certain way? god forbid if you're gay and meander from gender stereotypes even a bit; you might as well bust out a hacksaw and lob off your genitals, then proudly proclaim how proud you are to be trans (and now conveniently and palatably straight).

No. 493783

You're still female, he'll spend so much money to try to imitate us, but he knows he can never be female, which is what truly, only makes us women

No. 493791

Not to be like one of those Stefan molyneux “pop out babies NOW” spergs but they’re also sterilized and can’t have children, I hope none of those pervs adopt either.

No. 493795

So men want to be women while women are labeled as "cis" like an inverse of how there's women and trans women. They seriously despise women yet want to be us so damn badly.

>women who were born women don't understand what women hood is or about :)

They keep losing public support from saying retarded shit like this. They're drugged up mentally men that sterilize themselves. We're gonna look back at this era with embarrassment

No. 493828

I am fucking tired of trannies and tranny fetishist saying shit like "you are just jealous because trannies pass better than most women", everyone would with a shit ton of make up and perfect tit and face surgery. It annoys me that they think they are in some attention seeking race to see who gets the more cocks.

No. 493829

>only gay men get AIDS
Holy fuck the cope. 41% when? Also I bet this one continues to fuck people without disclosing status.

No. 493830

Hilarious because they still don't pass and non-chaser straight men they desperately want still won't fuck them kek like okay Nikita, a man looking at your facetuned-to-shit selfie and saying 'hot' is not the same as him actually sucking on your male cock/axe wound.

No. 493831

what's with all these "lesbian" blogs on Tumblr who are all "transwomen are women" and spam multiple asks of anons crushing on straight women who also make posts shitting on heterosexuality and straight women? unless you're dealing with asexuals or "asexuals" it's pretty easy to tell if a woman is not into women. if they're not into ~le heterosexual vibe~ why are they losing their minds over straight women (while also shitting on them when they can)?

No. 493834

Oh nice. Let a rapist male tell women that they're not "actual" women and applaud the intense wokeness. Honestly, imagine someone saying this about race. "Transracial caucasian people have to reconcile with being black while native black people are just born into it".

It's sad how they rarely even try to hide their misogyny anymore. Reminds me of that one insane Finnish female TRA who actually tweeted something like "Cis women are so fucking retarded". That comedian who made a joke about being able to say sexist shit if you only add "white" in front of "women" was being too real, only now the prefix is "cis".

No. 493849

Straight women look good. Also I'm not sure if it applies to everyone but there's this element of envy where straight men can have them but you can't.

No. 493863

I hate that males are invading the true crime community, they're always trying to blame the victim (99.99% of the time a woman) for what happened to her. And they LOVE nothing more than obsessing over the killer's childhood or teenager years to understand why he ended up a murdered. (Usually blame the mom or first gf, or his sister…)

No. 493869

Imagine you were on a cruise liner, where the Captain was insane, and steering it directly into a massive iceberg. Wouldn't it that freak you out a little? Wouldn't you be desperate for her to reconsider? From the conservative male perspective, that's kind of what women are right now. The Captains of humanity that choose the direction it goes in by choosing the ideas that get to reproduce. It's therefore extremely frustrating for them when the when the best and brightest that presumably could make the best and brightest choices aren't using this power at all, abdicating responsibility to second and third rate women that make second and third rate choices on the people they create, and the direction that we head in. Stef is in 50s now. He already has a wife, and already has a kid, but the thing is future grandkids haven't. They might not even have a choice if the only women that are having kids now are the ones that outright forced to, by the men that outright force them. He really doesn't want his future grandkids to be forced into anything so he really want the Captains to think about where they're headed.

No. 493875

Same, anon. The only true crime content I want to look at anymore is by women, but anywhere to discuss online has become totally annoying cause of all the victim-blaming.

No. 493881

Lmao. No, they're just mad that women aren't objects and walking wombs to buy/sell anymore. If this is an actual issue, it's one created by men's own hubris, lack of empathy and incompetence. It's not up to women to lower their standards.
The men who aren't getting bred with are not the "best and brightest", and if the "best and brightest" women want nothing to do with men, that's on the men to improve. Men in general are just shit and an emotional/mental/financial/physical drain, and more women are waking up to it, meaning that more often, it'll be women who are forced into things that will end up putting up with them.
>He already has a wife, and already has a kid, but the thing is future grandkids haven't. They might not even have a choice if the only women that are having kids now are the ones that outright forced to, by the men that outright force them.
I definitely have no reason to believe Stefan Molyneux's future grandkids would end up marrying and procreating with Taylor Swift's hypothetical grandkids, so there's no excuse for the nastiness and entitlement he launches at her (and at other women who are on a completely different level from himself). He's not even close to her in accomplishments or talent, so from where is he talking? What are the actual "best and brightest" males saying, and are they truly even alone? Because pretty much all of these manosphere guys who yell about "muh wall" all day are bottom of the barrel.
It's also interesting that you speak of force, as if it's completely separate from what Molyneux and other random men are attempting when they screech about women not having kids, but you're defending a mediocre man's try at psychologically manipulating and/or humiliating a woman on a higher social level than himself into having children. If she were to bend to that, she would, in fact, be "outright forced".
> e really doesn't want his future grandkids to be forced into anything so he really want the Captains to think about where they're headed.
If he doesn't want his future grandkids to be forced, he should be talking to his fellow scrotes and convincing them to not try to force women (and to raise their own grandkids to not be forceful, as well).

No. 493885

To be honest, I think they're just mad that women in their late teens to early twenties aren't settling down. I don't think it has anything to do with fertility, really.

No. 493891

This tbh. Even news channels on YouTube have been raided by victim blamers who will refuse to ever blame a man for murdering or raping women. I've even seen little girls get blamed. Disgusting the lengths men will go to in order to blame women and girls for getting raped and killed

No. 493892

File: 1576244405963.jpg (94.68 KB, 433x1248, asr5hbcr6q341.jpg)

>this is what mgtows actually believe happen to unmarried men

No. 493893


what a fucking juvenile fantasy anyway, if this is written by an actual adult it really makes you wonder if men actually develop mentally at all past the age of 12

No. 493894

They left out the parts about how the prince died alone of syphilis after running out of money and being too old and ugly for girls to want to fuck him anymore. His siblings and friends found him pathetic but never said it to his face because they knew he had a fragile ego.

The princess just found someone else to marry who actually respected her as a human being and enjoyed her companionship. They stuck together as they got older and couldn't get it up anymore because their love was based on compatibility, not sex. When they died, they were surrounded by their children and grandchildren. Also they still had power tools, because that's a normal thing all households have and not just a guy thing?

No. 493896

Did you get this from bestgore? The founder of that sight is almost worth a thread himself. Talks about how he thinks the holocaust is a hoax and how he wants to fuck dismembered dead bodies kek.

No. 493900

They figure that they're attracted to the trappings of femininity regardless of who it's on, so everybody else must be too.

No. 493902

Something makes me think these scrotes are just playing vidya in their sad apartments, eating processed food and masturbating alone.

No. 493906

Honestly, let them think that. They can do their own thing, they just need to leave women alone.
What's funny is that even this MGTOW fantasy requires dating women and having sex with them. They genuinely cannot conceive an existence without women at their sides, but they still can't get it into their thick skulls to actually treat us like human beings.

No. 493907

in my limited experience, it seems like conventionally attractive girls become fakebois while awkward/dumpy girls fully troon out. whats the reason for this (or am I wrong)?

No. 493913

You don't need to breed with Stef. You just need to breed with someone. Do so and you'll transmit all your reasoning, will, and empathy to future generations. Fail to do so and billions of girls will suffer for a lack of it.

>He's not even close to her in accomplishments or talent, so from where is he talking?

1 kid is more than 0 kids, so Stef is more successful by about the only metric that counts for shit in the long run.

>pretty much all of these manosphere guys who yell about "muh wall" all day are bottom of the barrel.

Nah, it's mostly just poor and ugly guys that whinge a lot. The real bottom of the barrel guys are the predators and rapists that are still getting laid just fine. They intentionally target whoever is the most vulnerable and desperate, and in so doing produce even more desperate daughters and even more brutal sons. Evil never stops reproducing, so Good can't ever stop either.

>If he doesn't want his future grandkids to be forced, he should be talking to his fellow scrotes and convincing them to not try to force women (and to raise their own grandkids to not be forceful, as well).

Sure, he can do that as well, and in fact he often does, but that adults are roughly a million times harder to influence than children is the entire point of shaping folk from scratch.

No. 493915

Evil and good are not inherited, they are taught and normalized. The former is taught by societies that blame women for men's actions, and perpetuate the notion that women exist as broodmares and sex objects (aka the kind of society Molyneux encourages).
The way to make the world good is to change society as a whole, not have shitloads of kids with garbage men who just want to get it in (and will turn into the very predators and rapists you're talking about, if they aren't already - they sure do love to defend their actions), change nothing and hope they'll just turn out good.

No. 493917

Probably, conventionally attractive girls don't hate their bodies as much.

No. 493922

>Evil and good are not inherited, they are taught and normalized.
So what does that change about the premise then? Daughters still learn from mothers, and more often than not, end up like their mothers. Sons still learn from fathers, and more often than not, end up like their fathers. Socialization by media, schooling, religion, internet peers, etc, is like molehills to a mountain compared to the socialization by mothers, fathers, and siblings.

No. 493923

I doubt it.

No. 493924

File: 1576252656459.jpeg (123.84 KB, 1080x1492, DC81BBE4-A6FE-4030-BCAE-85C112…)

Why are you white knighting for Stefan mouldynuts so hard, nobody cares about some talentless, hypocritical loser with a breeding fetish and a crush on Taylor swift. Besides number of children does not correlate with success, only idiots say that as a means of cope for their lack of prospects. As you can see from pic related he’s just another retarded boomer screeching into the void,

No. 493925

>Socialization by media, schooling, religion, internet peers, etc, is like molehills to a mountain compared to the socialization by mothers, fathers, and siblings.
This is a lie, and anyone who's observed kids growing up and ending up completely different from their parents because of their surroundings/friends/interests outside of their parents, or even experienced it themselves, can attest to that. It's especially true in the modern age where kids can't avoid using the internet and being exposed to all sorts of different viewpoints.
Unless you think everyone should start isolating their children Amish-style, your idea comes undone once reality sets in.

No. 493928

I still listen to his call in shows where he makes scrotes cry, and accept they dun fucked up. It's a service to the world that I don't see anyone else providing, so it's hard for me to rationalize it coming from a person that's also flat out wrong.

No. 493930

Impossible to reason with retarded tradthots who think creating babies is the pinnacle of success. Their talking points are also plucked directly from white supremacist ideology and are only slightly reworded to try to appeal to a wider audience, but I have no idea why they think anyone in a GC/PP/feminism thread would buy into their parroted, baseless opinions either way. They can cry all day about the imperative to create the next generation of "Good" but it's not going to make some old man sticking his nose in random women's business seem any more reasonable.

No. 493936

Imo if that's the truth it makes him even nastier, he's spreading these diseased ideals to young people and he doesn't even believe in them. Also, eating shit while "in character" is still eating shit.

No. 493944

Tradidiots try to preach their bullshit to feminists and non SJW progressives to get on “their” side. They think just because some women don’t like trannies, it means they’re just “proto trads” and will become super conservative once you expose them to “red pills” it’s why there are so many of them on r/GC.

No. 493949

Well if that is true, which I highly doubt it is, then he’s an even bigger piece of shit than I thought. It’s weird that there seems to be multiple people shilling for him on this thread after 1 anon mentioned him. He’s a boring, washed up, haggard old scrotoid, nothing else needs to be said about him. He’ll never get to knock up Taylor Swift which is all he really wants, because he clearly doesn’t give a toss about muh future generations.

No. 493962

File: 1576260226488.jpg (60.77 KB, 620x800, the-male-function-is-to-produc…)

Then how come none of the people who come into these threads to say things like that ever want to talk about the alternatives to cohabitation with men?
It's always some weird "Get a man, start a family and settle down, girls, your eggs are freezing" agenda.

No. 493967

File: 1576260678724.png (88.62 KB, 466x474, nah.png)

Why would you come here to vendettapost? Unlike individuals with Y chromosomes, we're not a pack of testosterone-laden animals who'll send this person anon hate for being a tranny or whatever.
Or, is this just some weird Tumblrite "uwu throwing myself the TERFs and selfposting to self-harm" thing? Either way, piss off.

No. 493970

File: 1576260845822.jpeg (751.88 KB, 1000x1282, trans-emo.jpeg)

i've said time and time again, that the sudden uptick in transitioning among teens is akin to the previous generation's emo phase where it seemed like loads of teenagers were suddenly self-harming.

instead of emo kids cutting themselves, now it's tumblrcore kids deciding to troon out. it's just a new generation of angsty teens that don't fit in and are having trouble navigating society self-harming in a different way.

in the same way that there are fakebois, there were emo kids that participated in culture related to self-harm for clout (see: razor blades as an aesthetic, displaying minor scratch scars, etc.) of course, there were full-fledged intense cutters, too, just like there are teens who decide to medically transition.
>(inb4 gatekeeping self-harm. papercuts and razor gashes are two different things.)

the biggest difference, however, is how the general public is reacting to it. ideally, if adults found out you were self-harming, you were put in some sort of counselling that would curb the behavior and hopefully get to the root of your angst. no one that began self-harming then is proud or happy that it happened. now, adults laud teens as brave heroes if they decide they want to mutilate their bodies because of ~bad feelings~. the root of the problem is never addressed.

No. 493972

>You just need to breed with someone.
This on top of claiming irrelevant blogger and househusband Molyneux is somehow more successful than Taylor Swift because he has one child, calling women who get manipulated or abused by men "second and third rate", speaking of parents in plural form, first mentioning sons learning from their fathers in >>493922, etc.
Just give it up already. No one wants this shit.

No. 493975

you are dead on my friend. I also had this feeling as well kind of, but i hadn't thought the parallel through to this extent and I couldn't have articulated it better.

No. 493977

I've been thinking this as well, all this gender shit is something these kids are going to grow out of and look back at and cringe. It's a trend.

No. 493978

Why do alt righters only care about IQ when they can shit on minorities but suddenly it doesn't matter when women have higher IQs than them?

Also where are these said studies and how did they take them and the statistics? Just like all the other statistics that any retard could have made in Microsoft word for faxx

No. 493987

Kek they just don't understand their own ideology. Staying away from women includes sex and this retard can't understand that. If anything they'll crumble and try to pay for an escort and then feel weak afterwards because they are weak.

And it's just retarded how they believe they will look good in their 40s and 50s for this nonsense. No average single man I've seen in that age looks good. Wrinkles, sun damage and poor physical health. The only ones who do have wives that help them in their appearance and health.

This is such an tinfoil I'm sorry but I think the push is coming from an agenda by pharmaceutical companies that want to make a profit or to study the effects of altering hormones at a young age. There's so much money being made from kids/teens/adults mutilating themselves with surgeries and drugs in comparison to the previous tend of emos. there's something so sinister behind the scenes going on because it is such a sudden force like how violent protests have been for grown ass mentally ill men to be in the same bathrooms as women and girls. Won't be surprised if we get letters or documents leaked about this. It's fucking clown world

No. 493988

its obvious why. because when theyre told that theyre inherently better/smarter than a group of people they look down on anyway it makes them feel good and validated, when theyre told that theyre worse/dumber than a group of people they look down on it makes them feel like shit so they go come up with all those dumb ass excuses and then act as if they never thought it mattered to protect their precious, fragile feelings.

No. 493998

File: 1576270330474.png (158.26 KB, 718x1230, Screenshot_2019-12-13-11-51-11…)

"Pregnant people"

No. 494000

….what retard takes an abortifacient and believes it's reversible? That's why the clinics make you sign the pill warnings and waivers.
I get pregnant "people" is obnoxious, but I'm concerned about the other stupidity in this piece.

No. 494003

Your theory about it being an industry agenda to make money isn't tinfoil at all. You are right on the nose and it's documented in this article linked in OP.

No. 494005

I've only ever watched women who report on true crime cases where scrots' victim blaming is limited. They seriously hate it when women are raped and murdered by other scrots since it makes them look bad. But1 they it hate even more when women report it and try to take precautions around them. Why are they so unable to condemn themselves and their actions??

Theyre so proud and boastful of their strength to overpower women yet when one does and harms her, then they back down and blame her. It's retard logic.

No. 494014

They do the same thing with crime rates. It's never about reality, just whatever makes them feel good.

No. 494016

No. 494025

Can you explain to me how childbirth is a feminist act? The ability to get knocked up isn't feminist. Regardless of biological value, motherhood is repeatedly used to blackmail women as mother will always do what meets her child's needs before what's feminist.

No. 494027

File: 1576274877869.jpg (31.9 KB, 750x523, 1567041731309.jpg)

Wow this is actually a pretty spot on observation.
I also suspected that the trans thing was a phase/trend but I thought it would've died down after a while especially with tumblr slowing down. Seems like the support has only gotten stronger and there's more and more people buying into it. At least emo wasn't as destructive and life changing, Jesus Christ.

No. 494028

File: 1576274957958.jpg (47.14 KB, 500x564, lvl666.jpg)

No. 494029

>yeah gurl im a feminist im gonna use a demeaning and sexist term 'knocked up' to describe pregnant people

>yeah gurl motherhood is blackmail yaaas

you dumb bitches never cease to amuse me.

No. 494031

>demeaning and sexist term waaah
>dumb bitches
>gurl yaaas
Lmao good talk. Changed my mind. Feminist/10

No. 494036

Unfortunately a good chunk of the radfem community is racist and shame women for doing ordinary things like wearing a bit of makeup or god forbid having children. I still consider myself a feminist as long as I live in this mortal coil as a woman but I don’t care to meet any of these people lol(ban evasion for a racebait ban)

No. 494037

Tbf there's a difference between saying "x isn't feminist" and shaming women for doing x. No one is a perfect feminist when we all have to participate in society. What I have a problem with is the school of "anything is feminist if woman chooses to do it".

No. 494041

Autistic lunatics like you never change their mind, they either die like the rotten pieces of shit they are or get humiliated and keep on going. also I never said I was a feminist.

No. 494043

>complains about a term being demeaning and exist
>unironically says "pregnant people" and calls women "dumb bitches"
NTA but wew.
>also I never said I was a feminist
Then why are you here? Don't say it's because you just hate men, because pink pill anons have never been anti-feminist. Are you the FtM Tumblrtard from upthread or something?

No. 494046

I too would like to know why motherhood is a feminist act. Does it give women economic, social or intellectual power? How does it liberate women?
Also inb4 'muh shaming' I don't care if you want children, but I don't see how it's feminist.

No. 494047

Kind of on the fence about motherhood myself, but I can think of scenarios when it is feminist and when it's not feminist.
I don't think it's fair to say that it's only one or the other.

No. 494048

It's not "feminist" but some people really do want kids and I respect that. Still, raising a son means raising a potential rapist and raising a daughter means raising a potential rape victim. Either way you've brought a person into this world that could do/be harmed and that's not feminist.

No. 494049

Such as?

No. 494055

Raising daughters that are capable leaders, and sons that can empathize does help liberate women, yes. Problems that took millions of years to manifest will at least take hundreds to solve. Christians have been successful at sustaining Christianity by having Christian children. Muslims been successful at sustaining Islam by having Muslim children. Feminists won't be successful at sustaining feminism without having feminist children.

No. 494056

There’s the notion that educated women can in turn raise better educated children, and when a person is educated they tend to be more inclined to analyse the world around them. Mothers are also the most influential person in a child’s life, they have the most impact on their morals, attitude to life, and general capabilities, so you could argue that if more feminist women have children then each generation will be more feminist than the previous as they pass on their values.

Short term: probably not a feminist act, I don’t see how someone could argue that it is
Long term: if enough feminist women do it, it can have a huge impact

No. 494057

Except that plenty of feminist women try their damndest to raise good sons but they still end up raping women or at best being an asshole who harasses them. You have very little control over your son when it comes to patriarchal conditioning. As soon as that messaging starts that women are lesser/not worth listening to (very young age) you’ve already lost.

This isn’t like other things, like fostering your kids to be interested in reading or some shit. This is an inevitably failing attempt to fight the whole world’s constant assault of gross misogyny

No. 494058

When it's not feminist: A woman is told that she is only a complete person through reproduction. She may not have naturally felt an inclination towards being a mother, but through societal and familial pressure went through with it anyway. She hates it, but can never show her contempt for it as she feels she 'chose' this. She knows the consequences women face when they admit they do not fit traditional roles. She feels she plays a passive part throughout the pregnancy and process of raising a human, which serves to subjugate her individualism by sacrificing herself for a role that was always pushed on her.

When it's feminist: A woman has a desire to become a mother and would feel internal purpose in birthing and raising children. Regardless of outside factors, motherhood is something she chose for herself. Yet just because she's choosing something traditionally acceptable doesn't mean she's not out to reconfigure motherhood. Maybe she enforces her boundaries and personhood during pregnancy by rejecting the notion that she's public property (demands to touch her abdomen, unsolicited advice, interrogations about her life choices).

We all came from a womb. None of us would be here without pregnancy. When we denigrate pregnancy, we denigrate women. Motherhood doesn't have to be patriarchal and we can recover it from that viewpoint.

No. 494059

Rant about my sister's MRA ex husband.

He is a typical "redpill" usually unemployed fuck who fought for custody because he "misses his kids so much baww" (except he wanted them gone when they were toddlers, they're around 12 now) Now he gets them every other week in exchange for lowered child support payments the following has transpired within a year:

>Both kids are showing signs of childhood depression

>Niece told school counselor that dad dragged her and brother to garage and kicked them with bruises to show it
>Social services show up, nothing happens to him and kids get interrogated for hours by dad and guilt tripped about "almost sending their own father to jail"
>Their dad now refuses to take them to any extracurricular activities so nephew got dropped from sports team for missing half the games and practice and niece is about to be dropped from her dance studio she's been attending since age 4
>Bitches and moans about child support when he smokes 2 packs a day and goes to strip clubs
>Leaves porn open on his computer when they show up
>Refuses to help with homework or let them on his computer to do school assignments (they're all online now so it means they're turning in nothing)
>Niece confides everything to school and he gets social workers who spend 10 minutes with him and nothing happens but her life gets harder each time she reaches out for help
>Weekends spent with him involve no activities or anything. Just sitting in a room trying not to aggravate their dad and waiting for Sunday night so their mom can take them back home

Despite being a shit human, sister refused to take the house (she payed alot into) since his parents live with him or take the car. He's so lucky to have beautiful intelligent children but doesn't recognize that.

Remember that when MRAs bitch about custody, they want power. They want to OWN the kids, not talk to them, help with homework, cook for them, be a good parent and make them happy. They want to control their offspring and spite the women who have birth to their kids, to satisfy their ego. To them, divorce is a "shit test" and everything is a power game.

Will love to see his reaction when his own kids refuse to invite him to graduations and weddings.

No. 494060

Define plenty. So long as their sons aren't out raping women at the same or greater rate as non-feminist raised sons that's still an overall decrease in the rapist:non-rapist ratio.

No. 494062

Literally the only reason that men care about our existence is to fuck us and have us carry their children. There is nothing feminist ever about having children under our current conditions.

As long as you keep fucking them, they don’t care about treating you human. They get nothing from it.

No. 494063

Ah yes, what a feminist victory to raise a son who doesn't rape women as much.

No. 494065

Some of you seem the be missing exactly what it is that makes radfem radfem. Radfem are revolutionaries. If your idea of activism is sitting around popping out their babies for 500 years hoping they will graciously stop raping you, trying to take your reproductive rights away, and murdering baby girls in India, you’re not a radfem.

No. 494066

Not everyone here IS radfem.

No. 494067

Lmao, right? They're not really making a good case for themselves.
If children are to be made at all, they are to come after intense social reform, not before. The odds of raising a healthy family in an environment full of toxic waste are way too low for it to be worth it. You need to clean up the waste first.

No. 494068

who would be arguing about wether or not having kids is feminist BUT self described radfems?

No. 494069

It takes generations to make change at a wide scale level. Something so inherently female shouldn’t be demonised, pregnancy and motherhood are not men’s, these are women’s experiences that we should take back. We should fight tooth and nail for women to safely have children. Pregnancy belongs to women, men should not be allowed to influence it as much as they do.

No. 494070

I would love to believe this. But into today’s world, good parenting vs societal influence feels more and more like a losing battle. See how public and performative an average zoomer childhood is. I agree that the best we can do is teaching our children the ability to think critically. But we can’t expect all, or even half, of our children to embody our values their whole lives. Even less so, expect them to be leaders and active empathetic allies. It kills me to know that for every 1 feminist mother there are 5 misogynists and 10 indifferent people who are also having children.
It sucks because the ability for childbearing and motherhood are beautiful and sacred and none of us would be here otherwise. And yet from inside the system, the cons outweigh the goods in every which way, most women (people in general) aren’t living or reproducing for the sake of maybe societal betterment 100 years from now.

No. 494071

The solution to that is not shacking up with men and allowing them access to our bodies (as well as a chance to extend their genetic lines). That doesn't make a point to anyone, it just gives them what they want and follows the status quo.
If you're talking about alternatives, like using sperm banks and deliberately raising children in female-centric households, that might be different, but we already know that's not what you've been trying to encourage ITT.

No. 494072

File: 1576283382344.jpg (49.41 KB, 857x356, Untitled.jpg)

Found this article today, thought you guys might like to read it. It says what a lot of us have talked about on here, multiple times.

This part especially rings true:

>But further, the left often relies on women's willingness to set their own interests aside to protect other oppressed classes. Whether it's racial minorities, immigrants, or the working-class—women of all races and classes are expected to prioritize the needs of these aspects of their identities over their needs as women. Women have long put their own feminism or well-being on hold to hold those perceived to be more in need. Women have been the force behind every social movement. Just like we are expected to be the caretakers at home, we are expected to be the caretakers of society.


No. 494073

It's your child too, not theirs.
Pregnancy doesn't belong to men just because they stick their dicks in us for a minute.

No. 494075

We’ve been fighting for repro rights for forever. We got a small win but we are losing even that. How many more generations are we going to lay here and do exactly what men want from us?

>Pregnancy belongs to women, men should not be allowed to influence it as much as they do.

But we DONT have that power. And no matter how bad it makes you feel, we will continue to not have that power until radical action is taken. We can’t just reclaim it with words, and believing so is just thinly veiled choice feminism.

No. 494076

File: 1576283678421.jpg (1.05 MB, 3985x2657, jo-swinson.jpg)


Jo Swinson the Lib Dem leader took a £10,00 donation from horse pill manufacturers. I'm glad she lost her seat.

No. 494078

I’ve commented twice, and at no point did I suggest nuclear families, just that feminist women having children is a positive. Whether that’s through adoption, sperm bank, fostering, or even with a partner, I think that there’s a possibility for good through motherhood

No. 494079

I’d argue it’s more the mothers child than the fathers considering pregnancy, birth, nursing, and the mothers being more involved in their child’s life

No. 494080

That's why I'd recommend you find a female partner and sperm donor instead.

Fewer rapes is better than more of them. Some progress is better than none.

My idea of revolution is making a change that lasts. Think of feminists as gardeners, and the patriarchy as weeds. You can spend all day every day pulling out the weeds, but unless you're replacing them with plants that can fend for themselves those weeds will either return, or worse ones will grow instead. See also, Islam being the world's fastest growing religion.

No. 494081


No. 494082

motherhood, yes, but not giving birth. it makes no sense to make more children when there are already countless children who are either at risk of being abused, or becoming abusers, because they are in terrible situations. giving birth adds more children to an already overflowing shitheap of pain and chaos.

okay, and that has little to do with how the child actually turns out. and we know that peers have more influence over children than parents tend to. children are bombarded with anti-woman propaganda. having more children serves men and victimizes children who have never asked to be born into a terrible world like this. there are more people on the planet today than there ever have been at one time, there is no need to make more children, it only serves men, yes, even through sperm banks.

No. 494083

>You can spend all day every day pulling out the weeds

Ok, but what weeds have we pulled? Literally which ones. I want to know. Have we been murdering men? Have we even been doing anything with men besides fucking them? No, not really

No. 494084

Sperm banks are silly in a way too. Some random man gets to pass on his genes with no effort while a sap a million miles away from him volunteers to go through the struggle of pregnancy and all the work/stress of raising a child for 18+ years alone. A single woman raising a child is the least feminist thing I can think of. She has to give up her best years to bear all the sacrifices two people normally make instead of living a happy, healthy life.

No. 494085

>fEwEr RaPeS aRe bEtTeR tHAn MorE oF ThEm
I will never give birth to males. Ever.

No. 494086

> Have we been murdering men?
Let’s not stoop to their level.

No. 494087

>killing rapists and murderers are just as bad u guize

Kek ok. Still didn’t answer the question

No. 494089

What's weird about this article is that it likes to separate womanhood from being a racial minority, working class or an immigrant. The author doubles back with "women of all races and classes", but continues to work off of a male default for all those things.
More often than not, women are those very things, and their experiences with womanhood tie into them directly. They aren't separate. Sorry, but a working class woman isn't treated the same as a working class man, and the man won't really relate that well to her, lmao.
Why not just say "minority men, working class men and immigrant men" to make the point and be done with it? Why the generality, unless there's something a little bit more unsavory and fucked up that the author is trying to say?
Feminism has always encompassed those issues, because "woman" is not some separate category from everything else the world throws at you. Intersectionality is valid, troons and other opportunistic males just tried to barge in by obfuscating things with their woman LARP. Sadly, they succeeded, because both the right and left are swamped with unnecessary male voices.
This article basically sums up my opinions.
>When I read Sisterhood is Powerful[iv] in 1973, what struck me was the incredible diversity of voices in that anthology. Some were young and angry and white, many were not. My point here is that feminism is charged with being singular and narrow when it was far from that. It is hard to pinpoint where this idea first came from, but I have vivid memories of arguments at conferences in Australia in 1980s where I heard such comments. I have been around long enough and involved in enough very different political and cultural activities over the last forty years to know that the argument is false. I have worked with feminists in Bangladesh and India; I’ve worked with Aboriginal women and heard their concerns; I have discussed lesbian politics with lesbian feminists in Uganda; I know women in countries around the world who have been a part of feminist struggles around violence as well as art, politics as well as love to know that feminism never has been narrow, though parts of the media and some feminists, might wish to call it so.

>Feminism and feminists are not perfect. Black women around the world are frustrated and angry about not being heard; rightly so. Lesbians are tired of being shunted to the side over human rights abuses because the word lesbian does not help to raise money or support; rightly so. Women with disabilities are exhausted by being made tokens, or lured to media appearances and exoticised; rightly so. Nor is every woman who calls herself a feminist, necessarily informed about the complexities of feminism. But from my own experience, it has been feminists who have raised issues of inequality, of oppression, of hatred, of environmental destruction and of war long before these became conversations in the mainstream.

>To ignore the ideas and writings of women of color, of Indigenous women, of working class women and women with disabilities, of lesbians is insulting. To ignore our voices is to distort our history. Further, feminism, taking in half the world’s population, has always been pluralist; there have always been disagreements between us, but that does not mean that we can’t work together. Disagreement, argument is what makes you think harder. It means that more than one mind is at work; it opens the possibility for multiple minds to chew at the same problem. These days, instead of argument we get name-calling and silencing. Sometimes this comes by someone in the audience standing up and saying, what you just said makes me feel ‘unsafe’. Walking down the street sometimes makes me feel unsafe, but I still do it. Such games are conversation-stoppers, guilt-provokers and plain nasty. Very frequently the speaker is a man.

No. 494090

>My idea of revolution is making a change that lasts. Think of feminists as gardeners, and the patriarchy as weeds. You can spend all day every day pulling out the weeds, but unless you're replacing them with plants that can fend for themselves those weeds will either return, or worse ones will grow instead. See also, Islam being the world's fastest growing religion.
so why is it necessary to give birth to kids to influence children? there are a million different ways you can influence children and affect children that are especially vulnerable and in need of guidance that doesn't require spending ALL of your time on that child, giving birth, and spending $250,000+ excluding education, to raise it to 18.

not to mention that overall men need more children (and want more children of specific races) to support aging populations, grow economies, and lower the price of labor. you're doing it all for them even without the nuclear family bit. it's especially laborious for the woman and puts women and children at risk of becoming impoverished. it's already tough enough when women have less money, less pull, less resources overall, to be a single mother to a child you've not birthed, but to give birth on top of it? terrible idea. this is like the "feminist" choice to go out on dates with men, pay for the food, to have terrible to mediocre sex/feel annoyed and pressured to impress the entire time, all for the grand prize of then later having your body spoken badly about on some men's forum. you're doing all the work for men, for all the aggravation and risk. the solution is to either not have children, and if you want to create social change, do your activism, and/or adopt.

No. 494091

Lmao you literally just fucking said men, not rapists and murderers.

No. 494092

Are you too retarded to read context? She was saying “pulling weeds” (shit men) and “planting flowers” (non shit men)

No. 494097

>so why is it necessary to give birth to kids to influence children?
It isn't. Adoption works as well. Not AS well, but it's still better than nothing.

>there are a million different ways you can influence children and affect children that are especially vulnerable and in need of guidance that doesn't require spending ALL of your time on that child, giving birth, and spending $250,000+ excluding education, to raise it to 18.

You don't get to call yourself a revolutionary if you're not willing to dedicate your time or money to something. Yes, children are expensive. Yes, children are time intensive. Regardless they're an investment that pays off for the cause in the end since mo' people means mo' impact.

No. 494098

Lmao this is the most galaxy brained retardation I’ve read this week.

>if you aren’t willing to devote your time and money to birthing children and raising males, you’re not a revolutionary uwu

No. 494099

>not to mention that overall men need more children (and want more children of specific races) to support aging populations, grow economies, and lower the price of labor. you're doing it all for them even without the nuclear family bit.
I hate to break this to you, but you're gonna age regardless. You'll require aged care are regardless. If they're not workers made locally with as close your feminist values as possible they'll be ones raised from elsewhere, with values that are alien, even opposite to your own.

No. 494103

>I hate to break this to you, but you're gonna age regardless. You'll require aged care are regardless. If they're not workers made locally with as close your feminist values as possible they'll be ones raised from elsewhere, with values that are alien, even opposite to your own.
that's not what "men need more children to support aging populations" means. and this is unrelated to what i was saying, but no one should be having kids banking on them taking care of them. that's horrible, and also a terrible plan. people who wisely plan or focus on building support systems that are made up of siblings, friends, other family, etc, are fine. you're also assuming every child necessarily cares about their parent's long term care. we know that's not the case at all.

No. 494104

Why wouldn't adoption work just as well? You aren't going to convincince anyone here that having biological children and raising sons is imperative. Gradual reform is liberalism at best, not "revolutionary" in the least, dumbass tradtard.

No. 494105

If you try to raise an uwu feminist son he will just manipulate women passively, see Aziz Ansari. Feminism won't progress until women are resource independent. Work on establishing yourself, don't do shit for men in the meantime (this includes having children), be ruthless, don't split the bill, kill all rapists.

No. 494106

it's honestly probably the stupidest post i've read on lolcow.

No. 494107

I hope your sister just gets full custody. Goes to a new town and start over. Fuck that noise. Especially leaving porn open?? Ruining the kids extracurriculars? Men see children like narcissists do, as extentions of themselves and property. Mras don't actually acknowledge that men don't normally ask for any custody because deep down, they don't want it. They just power over women and their kids.

No. 494108

If you don't think men can love their kid your wrong. Calling all fathers narcissists is like calling all women sluts, it isn't true.

Most MRA's are losers, but most crazy feminists are losers too. Both sides are oftentimes, bitter, ugly crazies that can't keep their shit together.

No. 494109

No, but you should be having kids to support a national economy. If there's not enough children born within a country that are naturally inclined to work within aged care to meet the growing demand for it then other workers will be imported. Most likely from poorer, shittier countries where the only rights that women have available are black eyes.

>Why wouldn't adoption work just as well?
Because 9/10 kids in need adoption have already been screwed up. You'll exert all of your energy, and more, just to make them half way functional, let alone exceptional. The earliest years in an infants life are the ones with the greatest impact on development.(>>>>>>>>>/pol/)

No. 494110

I don't believe Aziz Ansari types was raised feminist. Most of these male feminist types were not, they just had passively decent parents who maybe didn't go out of their way to enforce gender roles. at the least they're just riding the current trend and picking up libfem talking points & wouldn't really have the same beliefs if the popular climate was different. idk any examples of men actively raised feminist, but you should probably find someone like that as an example of what works or doesn't work when raising feminist sons.

it's like the difference between kids raised in strict Christian households and households where their parents identify as religious but didn't force anything and the kids never went to church except for easter. I wouldn't use the latter as an example of a Christian person tbh.

No. 494112

File: 1576287072166.jpeg (125.63 KB, 638x479, 9A07FD2E-17DE-4DAB-9355-75CB32…)

> mo' people means mo' impact
Sho’ does.

No. 494113

Why even be in a pink pill/radfem/gc thread if you’re going to cape for males?

Hey dumbass, those kids grow up into adults even if they aren’t adopted

No. 494114

Take a shot every time >women are just as bad
Also the way men ‘love’ a child isn’t the same as a mother’s love. He loves a child because it’s a carrier of his seeds. Why do you think males have such a fucking complex about raising another man’s child? Even gays don’t want to adopt.

No. 494116

i love you, anon. exactly.

>Hey dumbass, those kids grow up into adults even if they aren’t adopted
exactly, and if not aided and/or adopted, they are at risk of becoming 'non-productive' or 'drains' on the economy. if we invested into these kids rather than calling them damaged goods and letting them suffer needlessly, they'd be able to contribute to the economy. (they are victims, so i don't think it's their burden anyways, that's not how we should be thinking of these poor kids), your best bet at supporting the economy is preventing these kids from aging out of the system, struggling, potentially becoming criminals or homeless out of necessity, and draining the system, and giving them a solid foundation to build off of, one they were deprived of. and children that are cleared for adoption through foster care, for example, are at higher risk of depression, anxiety, some mood disorders, but that doesn't mean they aren't capable of functioning or that they're not exceptional. a lot of these kids are rightfully situationally depressed or anxious. and literally plenty of exceptional children are depressed, or anxious, or are autistic, etc, etc. anon (who i assume is male, honestly) associating mental health issues (which likely could be dealt with if these kids had stability), with not being exceptional, is just so fucked.

No. 494117

Can’t tell if male, or one of those migrated reddit gc tradthots who refuses to learn to sage

No. 494120

They aren't jealous of women. They are jealous of the sex fueled caricature men have portrayed women as being since the Bible. Trannies even fetishise periods for fuck sake. Trannies never shut the fuck up because they're heartbroken that being a woman isn't a constant carefree sex party with no responsibilities

No. 494127

File: 1576289417562.jpg (62.76 KB, 720x638, IMG_20170101_152513.jpg)

I never said that, so you can shove that strawman up your ass. I have no problem with women choosing motherhood if that's what they want for themselves, but I personally don't want to go through with pregnancy.
Of course I'm going to shitpost when some dumbass conservative shill tries this logic. If fewer rapes is better than more, then I can contribute to their decrease by never giving birth to sons because less males = fewer rapes. See how that works?

No. 494131

Lundy Bancroft is a good man. Unfortunately, the majority of men are not like Lundy Bancroft.
The reason no one here wants to hear male defense is because the standards are always too low. Just look at the anon(s) defending raising male children because they may commit fewer rapes than men who were raised by non-feminists. They can't promise no rapists with a clear conscience, indicating that they themselves believe there's a futility to raising boys/men in this current society. But we're still supposed to close our eyes and pretend nothing is happening, and if we don't, we're "just as bad" as incels who literally want to terrorize, rape and/or murder us?
Everyone is just sick of a "good man" being a guy who does the bare minimum of being a decent human being. Soon, "did not rape anyone", "has never called his mother a cunt", "has never physically assaulted a woman", "has never knowingly masturbated to CP" and "does not leave skid marks on bedsheets" will be considered desirable, rare traits.

No. 494133

File: 1576290377651.png (65.98 KB, 1010x277, Screenshot_20191127-122101(1).…)

Troons are retarded

No. 494135

>to emulate
At least this one is honest about the imitation, I guess.

No. 494137

File: 1576290614361.jpg (580.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191213-192500_Chr…)

I fucking. Hate. Men.
This was a comment left under an article on my local news website. The article was about the police force in the area going to middle schools and high schools and teaching young girls self defense, specifically self defense against rape and abduction. I'm so enraged I can't even form fucking words.

>Stop insinuating it's in men's nature to rape teenagers


But yeah shame on the police for teaching vulnerable young women how to defend themselves against people who want to rape and steal them am I right?

No. 494138

>"Teach men not to rape"
>"NO! Rapists are going to rape regardless, they know it's wrong, it's not all men"
>"Okay, then let's teach young girls to defend themselves if they're unfortunate enough to run into rapists"
>"NO! Stop insinuating that all men are potential rapists!"
You just can't win.

No. 494142

So, what are the tenets of radical feminism?

No. 494143

Lmao @ this idiot.
>shame on schools for having fire drills! To single out young children to prepare against a fire is literally no different than telling these children they will be burnt alive in a school fire one day.
No moron, it teaches young girls that they don't have to be the victim of an assault if they know how to defend themselves against predators. In what way does that treat them like they're fragile? Would it be better to teach young girls that there's nothing they can do to protect themselves if such a situation ever occurs?
I wonder why this dude has such a problem with teen girls knowing how to defend themselves. Hmm…

No. 494146

Which one of those do you not believe in??

No. 494148

This sounds like the type of guy who would coerce sex and convince his victim she wasn't assaulted, to be so pissed off at the notion of teaching girls how to identify and defend against sexual assault.
I mean what other motivation? Rapists and their pickme apologists don't want educated and empowered targets.

No. 494155

I replied with some facts and stats and his reply was a HUGE speil about how his wife had been raped but it's still not ok to teach self defense to young girls. I didn't even read it all I couldn't stomach it.

No. 494158

File: 1576293605538.jpg (477.78 KB, 1074x1698, 20191213_201747.jpg)

Samefag, had to delete and edit out locations lmao but here is this fucking idiot's long winded rant. I'm don't usually use the term "mansplain" but here we fuckin are.

No. 494161

File: 1576293665166.jpg (532.14 KB, 1071x1699, Screenshot_20191213-201210_Chr…)

No. 494162

File: 1576293780714.jpg (576.27 KB, 1077x1690, Screenshot_20191213-201310_Chr…)

No. 494163

File: 1576293947971.jpg (526.57 KB, 1074x1684, 20191213_202409.jpg)

>if it makes you feel better to bully me by calling me a rapist (which is what you did by saying it's in the nature of men to rape) so be it. But, I wish you well because I'm so Holier than Thou!

End me.

No. 494167

When you anons gonna learn to never waste time arguing with scrotes

No. 494168

He's reveling in some of those details too much for my comfort.

This reminds me of a book that I was recommended once by farmers here: The Gift of Fear.
Spoiler: If you look at the reviews, you'll find a man also bitching about the statistics of male violence and how fear of them is positively portrayed in this book.
Isn't it funny how predators want us to abandon our fear?

No. 494169

You could've spent your time not stressing out about this dumbass and done something else. They don't listen, they won't change.

No. 494173

If he doesn't have a problem with young women learning self-defense then maybe he should stfu? This is no different than teaching kids safety precautions for literally any other situation, he's the only one equating self-defense with instilling fear. Installing a burglar alarm in your home doesn't mean you're shaking with fear of being robbed 24/7. Besides young girls should be aware of their fear in potentially dangerous situations, that could save their lives.

No. 494174

Yeah that's why I didn't bother reading it. I realized my mistake soon after posting.
All I posted was that 99% of rapists are Male, while 93% of victims are female, and 1 in every 1000 women will be raped or otherwise sexually assaulted in her lifetime. So it's certainly the nature of men to rape.
And I got this as a response and at myself out the door right around
>the media blahs blah

It mostly just blows my mind that his wife could go through this shit and he would still defend his stance.

No. 494178

File: 1576296724713.jpeg (571.84 KB, 750x743, 1567728215582.jpeg)

So this is basically a very long winded "not all men". Wow.
And to use his wife's trauma against teaching self defense? what is that logic…

No. 494181

Honestly, in this part it seems as if he was about to go in the direction of "rape is a social construct and if women no longer fear it, it won't be traumatic anymore."
I've read enough of such reasoning on 4chinz to smell it from a mile away. Don't doubt he deleted a paragraph before launching into the wife bit.

No. 494183

>Isn't it funny how predators want us to abandon our fear?
They're incomprehensible. They bash women over the heads constantly over the fact that men are larger and stronger than women.
Men are overwhelming more often the rapists and murderers and they can overpower women and girls on average quite easily.
So women and girls take precautions and safety measures. Now those men take a step back and go #NotAllMen because being the big strong animal isn't desirable. It's the opposite. It's fearful.

Theyre incapable of understanding that women and girls do not want to be in the presence of something dangerous. It's like they're still stuck in the prehistoric era where the predators are still beasts that they have to kill. But it's not like that anymore. There are no more beasts. Now the beasts are themselves and they hate it

No. 494185

File: 1576299268129.png (70.72 KB, 601x611, ELrgKwGWkAc84hn.png orig.png)

>blames election result on TERFs
Why is it so hard for these people to look in the mirror?

No. 494196

Ok, I'm lost, what is wrong with what this person said? That's libfem?

No. 494199

No. 494200

File: 1576302818374.jpeg (26.61 KB, 300x296, 5EADEB2B-0549-45E8-90B6-62093E…)

Friend just told me she’s been doing sex work for the past few months, and that she loves the confidence sex workers, strippers, and pornstars have and is pursuing it temporarily and not anonymously. How do I lay it down to her that she’s gonna ruin her life without outing myself as a “terf”. Did I mention she just turned 18 and been doing it when she was underage?

No. 494204

Bare minimum, she needs to use a different name. I did camgirl stuff when I first turned 18 and I’m currently SO glad my real name isn’t tied to it. Just express that she could pick out a cute, unique name to go by so it could never potentially hurt any future career goals she may have. Even she doesn’t currently have something in mind. Plus if she uses any dating apps.. guys will find the site she uses eventually and that could put her in a dangerous situation. When I did it, I used a fake name and never told anyone what site I used, but a random dude on tinder still figured it out and attempted to blackmail me. It’s not safe. I hope she gets it figured out soon.

No. 494206

I mean expressing concern over a concerning lifestyle shouldn’t get you labeled a terf. And if it does then frankly your friend is kind of a moron. Not saying you should necessarily dump them over a difference in opinion, but if they’re allowed to share their opinion, you should be able to do the same. So long as you’re respectful of their feelings, considering they probably know what they’re doing is worrisome and are overcompensating for that by making it seem like a reasonable and healthy decision.

No. 494208

Thank you! I’ll definitely be respectful of her opinions. I just became super stressed after receiving the message bc I worry for her wellbeing as well as the fact I have an extremely different outlook on the sex positivity movement than her. If anything happens I’ll be back…

No. 494209

File: 1576305636187.jpg (695.33 KB, 1548x1000, TFK08803.jpg)

She could emulate their confidence without taking on their high-risk lifestyle choices, too.

No. 494211

I tried to talk her out of it, but she’s going through with it, showing her face, vagina and all. Idk what to do other than to just stay mute.

No. 494212

Did you read the post? If you did, and you still don't understand, I can't help you, anon, lmao.

No. 494213

What did she say?

No. 494216

I told I’d “support” (re: be quiet about) her sex work, but that it wasn’t rlly a great idea to show her face, and it’d be a better idea to stay anon and brand herself that way.

She basically went on a libfem rant about how she’s confident in her own body and that she doesn’t care what anyone think and how pursuing sex work is something she’s sure about.

I don’t think she realizes that were both still young and a quick decision like this could really fuck with someone’s life. So, I told her the real world isn’t as forgiving as the internet, and that it’s dangerous to show her face. That that’s unfortunately the reality we face as women, especially as black women.

She told me she doesn’t care. That this is somehow her bring true to herself….. What? No. This is a dangerous way to make a quick buck. Tf you need to show ur face for.

So, I said idc back. And that’s that. We’re not speaking, and I’ll probably see her a year later getting clowned on this hellsite.

No. 494217

That's pretty fucked. Hopefully, it doesn't turn out too badly for her (though we know it probably will in the future).
I'm sorry you fell out with your friend. If she's really determined to self-destruct, you can't stop her, but at least you warned her.

No. 494218

yeah ive been crying like a baby for a while cos i thought it wouldn’t affect me. i just knew this would be the end since we’re way too different. thank you anons for the advice i would’ve just called her stupid on my own.

No. 494219

She’s a black girl and she’s willfully ignoring or just dumb on the higher danger for black girls doing this stuff? That sounds tiring

No. 494222

There's so much sex positivity bullshit online which is specifically intended to lower inhibitions and reframe sex work as empowering uwu, and this propaganda works best on young people

She's the prime age group targeted here. Your brain doesn't finish developing til age 25, but obviously at 17-18 you are capable of being an independent businesswoman uwu and if you criticize you must be a prude terf

You're a good friend anon. I hope she starts being more careful.

No. 494223

File: 1576310612998.png (128.37 KB, 594x476, 2452452465243.png)

Ask her why she thinks she has to show her face and body online to be "confident." Remind her that she doesn't need that type of attention or validation from men to have a self-esteem, especially since it's basically the modern equivalent of wearing a scarlet letter. Show her stuff from Mia Khalifa and other women who were in the sex industry that now regret their choices.

No. 494227

Not a radfem but that sounds fucking stupid.

No. 494228

I've observed the connections to the mid-late 2000's emo culture before but never thought about how the key difference is that medical professionals aren't allowed to intervene. It just makes the tranny fad even sadder because I've met so many people who started cutting (and became addicted to it) in their teens after learning the behavior from their friends and now in their late 20's they have arms that look straight out mutilated due to the heavy scarring. And there's nothing you can do about it, except maybe get tattoos to cover them up. The same is going to happen to all these kids getting surgeries and hormones at 14 because they ~totally realized they were a boy at 12~.

The lowering of the age of consent for transitioning has been a hot subject in my country and it kills me how TRAs refuse to acknowledge detransitioners or why 90% of the underage kids seeking help from the gender clinic are girls. I swear to fucking god even for the latter problem they just have the ridiculous "trans girls are less likely to seek help because of muh transmisogyny" excuse to lay at your feet every time. How about just regular misogyny you absolute buffoon?

No. 494231

>le confidence meme
I. Hate this so much. Society actually brainwashing women to think that their "confidence" and worth of self should be built on how many men masturbate to her. You shouldn't have to stick a vibrator in your pussy on a webcam to feel confident. It's not about "taking back your sexuality uwu", that's a lie that's been fed by men to MAKE women degrade themselves for their sexual pleasure. How meny men say they feel "totally more confident in themselves" by broadcasting themselves pushing a dildo up their asses? None? Because they don't get validation from women by doing that? That's what I thought.

No. 494236

i don't know what the radical feminist take is, but being that pregnancy is harmful physically, that it is a liability for us and is used as a means to oppress us and serve male interest, that women are victimized because of it, put into poverty because of it, are more easily abused because of the fact that they share children with men, and serve men even indirectly by having kids, that children will end up becoming either victims or abusers, on top of the general horribleness that is existing, all of that alone makes it very counterinuitive, in my opinion, for women to have children and advocate others doing so. it makes no sense. it literally adds more misery. it doesn't reduce any. and imo, it's deeply unethical to force people into existence. i believe people are potentially condemning their children, and especially girls and women, to an uncertain life of fear, mistreatment, struggle, inconvenience, with absolutely no ability to safeguard them and guarantee their wellbeing and happiness. it's just cruel, really. you have no clue the amounts of pain, bad luck, abuse, poor health, your child may go through. you're playing with someone else's life and you're gambling for them despite knowing you'll never have to experience their pain. terrible.

how does that sound fucking stupid? life is suffering. you can't guarantee that any child/person will experience anything but suffering, suffering is all that's guaranteed. the fact that our bodies break down, that we all have to suffer physically and fear that suffering, is enough to put me off of the idea of ever reproducing, even if society wasn't horrible, even if we weren't victimized by other people and left to languish, the fact that all creatures must suffer and some point and die, and experience the fear of both of those things, and that there's potentially no end to their suffering, is terrifying. on top of the fact that there's literally nothing even remotely ideal about forcing people into existence into a sick society. there is no pain or misery associated with never coming into existence, but there is with existing. anti-natalism will never takeover enough to drive us extinct, so there's nothing stupid about it. the overall quality of human life goes up when people are more cognizant of how to reduce suffering and don't crowd the earth while poisoning the life support system of everything on the planet.

No. 494238

Calm down sperg. You don’t have to mansplain to me how shitty life is. I’m against reproducing myself but the reason is definitely not “existence is pain abloobloo”.
Almost all of human suffering is caused by men and yet it is somehow the noble thing for ALL of us to drink the kool aid instead of doing literally anything else. I’d be on board if this was about shitty men culling themselves from the herd because it is their moral duty to reduce suffering on earth. Instead this just sounds like a reddit post of a depressed guy. He is welcome to not reproduce and die, no need to act like it’s for any higher purpose lol

No. 494247

Not completely related but… I noticed I was still making decisions about my looks based on how men approved of it. Even subconsciously taking in account what my abusive ex would have thought.
Today I finally cut my hair short, even my own father commented that it is too short and I will have more difficulty getting a man. Because I have to be Rapunzel to attract a mate and in turn inconvenience myself majorly? Fuck that shit.

No. 494250

>Like, one time she broke up with me and threatened to fuck someone else and send me the video.

Are you sure about that?

No. 494252

Literal hentai villain

No. 494256

Yeah he's not the greatest either. But I would rank "threatening to fuck someone else and send your SO the video" above "asking for anal twice" in degeneracy

No. 494262

It sounds to me like he did the whole 'you cannot get better than me spiel' regularly. Since he tried telling her he has a bigger dick than she's ever had etc. What else did he say? It would not surprise me if that is why she lashed out like that. He started with comparing himself to men from the very beginning of the relationship constantly from what it sounds like.

No. 494263

NTA but you sound retarded

No. 494274

File: 1576338977032.png (301.85 KB, 601x535, q9thSAx.png)

>And it would CRUSH me if she were to, in an outburst of anger, call me gay because I ate her out and got my own cum in my mouth.
Is this fella for real? He's being overdramatic because his biggest fear is… being called gay?

No. 494278

i hope this leads to their break up and that woman can be with someone who knows how to please her, because this is sad.

No. 494291

Apparently, reading through the comments, he has two kids from a previous marriage and two kids with this new gf.

Am I the only one who finds this whole post fake as fuck? Who refers to the mother of their kid as their gf and leaves out that info?
The whole "she wont even do anal!" thing is laughable, would he let HER stick it in HIS shithole? Does he realise how painful it is?

No. 494292

Reddit is full of fake as fuck stories just written for upvotes and attention, especially stories about straight relationship problems since they harvest engagement from arguments and mysogonist outrage.

No. 494293

Yup its most likely a fake story to stir up misogyny towards "vanilla" women in general for being so unwilling and prudish. This is typical when your brain is on porn

No. 494314

All these sex stories on reddit seem like they could be true, until they bring up something so bizarre and unlikely like this. It's more laughable than Penthouse Forum back in the 90s, but these guys eat it up.

No. 494323

a comment on a video called "stay at home dad kills his exec wife, scatters her body"

because how does a woman dare not to dedicate her entire life to her children.

No. 494324

File: 1576355378074.jpg (252.35 KB, 1080x814, Screenshot_20191214-202605.jpg)

here's the comment. sorry for doubleposting.

No. 494331

I like the message, but it didn't need to be in revealing clothing. Men will just look at this and jerk off.

No. 494336

Strong disagree. We know that genes play a much larger role in development than previously thought thanks to things like genome wide association studies. Being able to have some highly attractive, blond, high IQ kids without having to worry about a man sounds like a dream to me. The government should subsidize it imo. We wouldn't have to import immigrants if they did.

No. 494338

>Dad is lazy shit who doesn't wanna work and sit around and play video games
>Demands to have kids
>But refuses to work
>Woman has to work hard to support them both
>Man looses mind and kills her
>This means the woman was an awful mom for not making magic money appear

Imagine the outrage if men were shat on for not making money appear. Insane the lengths people will go to in order to hate women

No. 494339

Who is, and how?

No. 494352

its funny how when a male kills his wife for no good reason people are tripping over each other to come to his defense and demonise the wife even if she did nothing wrong, but when women kill their legitimately abusive husbands everyone shits on them.

ive noticed a trend that """stay at home fathers""" are usually lazy and neglectful. every time ive seen a scrot like this, they always talk about how easy staying at home is, but the way they describe it makes it clear that they most likely neglect their children and live in a disgusting filthy house they never clean.

No. 494354

Smegmoids love to ignore statistics that don't have them coming out on top.

>Males commit 98-99% of all violent crime.

>It has been tracked for up to 4 generations.
>It is effectively permanent.
>Political freedoms and societal safety cannot survive their violent spergouts.
>Lock up and leave.

No. 494360

I vaguely remember this case when it happened. She worked for a construction company, and although the video doesn't clarify, I don't think the Monday-Friday commute to Puerto Rico she had was permanent, since supervisors in construction often need to be at the site during the project. She also left her kids in the care of her husband and a live-in nanny; it's not like they were neglected or left without care.

The story of her saying she was going to divorce the husband and take the kids is the murderer's story, who also fake cried on TV for Tara's safe return and made fake calls to her cell phone after he killed her, so yeah, take that with a grain of fucking salt. He did a bunch of stuff to get sympathy and make himself look better. He would never have even "confessed" if they hadn't found the body in the house.

No. 494366

I will never understand the "logic" behind vanilla being bad or boring. Sorry you're so pornsick you need jumper cables attached to your nipples to get off, bro.

No. 494417

File: 1576375789376.jpg (131.62 KB, 640x954, you're not a woman, hair or no…)

No. 494431

Did she just unintentionally drag some random TIM

No. 494435

Oh no OP is the TIM kek

No. 494438

My balding PCOS ass disagrees kek. Still a male.

No. 494474

>This means the woman was an awful mom for not making magic money appear
That is it. They hate it when women work for money when they believe it should just magically appear in their accounts. I hate males in true crime communities or as commentary whenever women are murdered. They're so incapable of looking at their own crime stats so every crime is justified and the victim is blamed.

No. 494483

That reply was probably written by a man though

No. 494484

Looks like Robbie Rotten without the plastic on his face.

No. 494490

I would say so but I feel it has to do with the fact he grew up with his mother and 2 sisters.
I love my nigel but behind every good man there really is a woman behind it.

No. 494495

That explains why she wasn't able to answer the simple question "what is a woman?"
How many woke people who suddenly pretend to not understand biology or women's issues are getting funding from the trans lobby?

No. 494497

File: 1576401580785.png (2.07 MB, 2126x786, delusion tranny.png)

So now guys who dress like 70s rockers are trannies now? So progressive for any slightly flamboyant style to be typecasted as female now..

No. 494502

kind of, i guess? in the general left sense that it's right, yes. tbqh, i'd find it kind of creepy/potentially fetishy if he had a fixation on feminism specifically. i'd definitely suspect an ulterior motive, and while those men might be okay to interact with here and there, dating them is a totally different story. he's just progressive but not like, particularly invested in feminism or any oppressed group. i can't imagine dating a man who is right wing, an anti-feminist or an """egalitarian""", if this is what your question is aiming for.

No. 494506

He cares when it comes to hearing of misogynistic nonsense in progressive circles and TRA theories that affect us legally and socially. I wouldn't say he's a feminist ally, but a decent person. His role model growing up was his mother and she raised him by herself, his best friend until high school was his sister and it only stopped being that way because she graduated before him and she developed bad habits that risked her life. I probably wouldn't date him if he identified as a feminist ally, because majority of them have a tendency to be sexual abusers.

No. 494527

File: 1576408329353.png (394 KB, 1125x2001, F7688F62-0F13-47DE-9C4B-F0DDDE…)

this user made a popular post, so I checked out his history and it’s just all women hating nonsense trussed up in pseudo-philosophical nonsense
Reddit makes me sick

No. 494529

Tell her she watches to many movies,lool.
Notice how in fiction the literal prostitute is always the coolest female character.

No. 494530

Fucking shocking. Who could've seen that coming. I'm appalled. Wow.

This needs to leak into the mainstream. Every GC person has known for ages that the big pharma is funding the whole trans agenda to peddle their snake oil, it's only now that the legitimate proof is coming out. I've been waiting for this for so long, let 2020 be the year of the worldwide peak trans. I'm only hoping that fellow libtards would speak up as well, I don't want GC to be associated with crusty right wingers who only hate trannies because they associate them with homosexuals, not because of the trans agenda's inherent danger to women, GNC and gay people.

No. 494533

I mean it's kinda already known doctors love to give their patients prescriptions for certain brands because they get tons of samples. Never been prescribed hormones, but I had a psychiatrist that immediately prescribed me some medicine that was new on the market before I could even thoroughly describe what I was going through. I went through 4 different medicines in a span of 5 months to find one that worked enough. It wasn't cheap either, especially after that first month reduced price. Can't imagine how giddy these doctors get knowing a genderspecial and confused child is their next patient.

No. 494542

what movies are you talking about?
I think she's buying in the libfem meme about sex workers

No. 494543

I read that stay-at-home dads are more likely to cheat. And yes, some guys think being stay-at-home means playing video games all day while the children play in another room. They can't comprehend it can mean MORE work than a regular job.

No. 494556

Imagine working hard to have someone live comfortably just to not be enough for them. Are men even worth it at this point?

No. 494557

Her's the study if you're interested.
Seems the participants were just 18-28, so I don't know how valid the results are.

No. 494559

the answer is obvious, no. the funny/depressing thing is that these princessy little fucks on plebbit or where-ever else are pissing themselves silly claiming that we're not worth it, all bc women want like, a soupcon of respect – while men are literal mortality risks, selfish, can't make us cum to save their lives, are stupid as fuck, are barely attractive, age like shit, are arrogant, physically and emotionally abusive, unappreciative, disrespectful, entitled, their dicks don't even goddamned work, don't want to even make themselves useful in any regard, have no incentive to improve themselves, are actual liabilities to us in like, every regard, the list goes on and on.

No. 494572

File: 1576416802812.jpeg (140.77 KB, 1124x716, 2AADDE90-40C6-405A-AA6B-3AD7F5…)

I don't care about pinkpill autism but what the fuck man haha

No. 494577

Go away then.

No. 494579

This was ignored but you're right. There's no point arguing with men. They're not interested in what you say, they've already decided they're right. They will just long wind you into submission, or just change how the argument went in their head afterwards and declare themselves the winner.

The best tactic with men like that is just to laugh and say "anyway…" and roll your eyes. Don't engage. When he tries to get under your skin just laugh more and say something about them getting emotional over silly things. Scrotes hate being laughed at more than anything but as SOON as you start to defend your views you've already lost. Moids are used to believing they're right all the time, no exceptions, and there is no version of any argument that will end with you being the winner and the scrote changing his views.

No. 494582

Damn there's so many obvious males in this thread now

No. 494596

Never ever support your moids lifestyle. You will literally be paying him to jerk off to porn and eat tendies all day

No. 494597

why do you keep promoting your blog on here.

No. 494621

Yep, when we first met he considered himself a feminist ally cause men can’t fully be feminists and I found that interesting. He had a radfem mentor in college and was the one who showed me the scum manifesto when I was still a libfem. He’s a good boyfriend and I chalk that up to having strong women in his family and having parents who are in a good relationship.

He has some machismo issues and really wants to be a strong dude and seeks a lot of male approval but I kind of prefer that to him being a numale who is content to sit on his ass playing video games all day whining about women in his life.

No. 494627

That's part of why I like my boyfriend. He knows he can't speak for women's issues and doesn't do performative twitter tier numale 'male feminist' shit. Just supports in silence.

Branching off of that, is it bad if I almost prefer the usual old school terrible macho men to the male feminist guys? At least with the former you know they're terrible up front and they lack insidiousness. The amount of self proclaimed 'male feminists' that get outed for being sex pests is disgusting and the hypocrisy is awful.

No. 494653

Agreed, at least they have the decency to show they are trash upfront so you can dispose of them faster. Male feminists are sneaky cunts.

Also, does anybody think that all of these men obsessed with masculinity and tradition have massive daddy issues?

No. 494655

>Also, does anybody think that all of these men obsessed with masculinity and tradition have massive daddy issues?
Many of them will admit they never had a male role model.

No. 494671

This is what I told my husband. He’s bought into the bs that trans women become completely physically female when having the bottom surgery and hrt, I showed him some gender critical articles and issues. He threw his hands up and said this is a women’s issue. Thank you husband gtfo

No. 494675

This. Mon Nigel doesn’t call himself a feminist, he just listens. He always questions my beliefs with desire to learn instead of intention to refute. Doesn’t take it personally like men do for some reason. He prides himself the most on self-control and stoicism.
I too chalk it up to having strong female role models. All the women in his family were teachers, they were rather matriarchal and had husbands who were the machismo but gentle type. So he didn’t lack father figure either.

No. 494706


yes. He was the first person I could openly talk to about any of this. Any time we discuss, he genuinely wants to learn more. he’s never tried to insert two cents into the topics he knows he cant speak for, just understand and offer support.

on the other hand speaking of annoying performative male feminists…theres a dude thats one of the loudest around here. he’s got full facial hair, insists on wearing makeup/skirts often, identifies as trans nonbinary to weasel his way into places he doesnt fucking belong, “it’s okay because I’m not a man!”. goes to protests and gatherings and talks over everybody. BUT he’s been continuously outed for sexually harassing women, being a general all around creep and has even been fired for not leaving a female coworker alone. the “totally queer” shtick is just a way for him to seem harmless to women who don’t see through it. The worst part is as much as the rest of us are aware of him, some of our friends who claim to be feminists keep him around and make excuses for him. if we know he’s going to be at a certain place I just don’t go anymore.

No. 494716

My ex who both sexually assaulted me and cheated on me is constantly sperging on twitter about trans and racial issues. I think it's because it's an easy way for him to shit on women. The meme about misogyny being acceptable as long as you add cis or white before the word women is so fucking true and frustrating.

I really fucking hate how they have this smokescreen they can use. How even the skuzziest motherfuckers can promote themselves as sensitive, feeling souls when they really just want to dominate women. We can't even have our own social causes anymore without them drowning us out.

It's so fucking disheartening. You vote for the left, you're letting womanhood be erased for genderspecial shit, giving predatory men access to us, and letting the 'sex positive' movement keep our bodies commidified. You vote for the right and you get no reproductive rights and are treated as a dumb broodmare.

No. 494730

File: 1576449930031.jpg (123.17 KB, 1080x617, Screenshot_20191215-164146_Red…)


So, by most popular comment, the list goes something like this:
1. Fear of failing people who depend on you
2. The first time your testicle ascends into your groin.
3. People assuming you're a pedophile for being near a kid.
4. When your date gets in a fight with a guy in a bar and expects you to defend her? (Oddly specific.)
5. Having to make the first move on a girl you like.

Meanwhile, being female, my list of thing I'm afraid of include:
1. Being murdered.
2. Being raped.
3. Being assaulted/brutalized/beat up by a male.

No. 494734

And we're the ones who live life on easy mode…

No. 494738

This list is so soy I must laugh

No. 494741

Really puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

No. 494747

I'm not even gonna read that bullshit, but it gave me a flashback of a poll I saw. Can't remember where I saw it but it was asking people what their biggest fears were when meeting an online date, and women said their biggest fears were getting murdered, raped, drugged, assaulted, kidnapped etc and men's biggest fear was that their date would be fat.

No. 494752

>Gender critical

No. 494758

File: 1576456757681.jpg (68.61 KB, 1080x639, EL3VU4yWwAILcGY.jpg)

TRA says the world doesn't have to change for a womans PTSD from abuse, while whining that not allows trans people to use the bathroom that aligns with their "gender" damages their mental health.

Just say you hate women and fuck off, you misogynistic assholes.

Here's the thread if you want to read it. People are calling him on his bullshit.


No. 494764

I'm fucking fuming. Glad people are calling him out on his bullshit.

No. 494767

Holy shit, fuck TRAs and their mental gymnastics. They can never win a debate. Trying to justify misogyny will only bite them in the ass.

No. 494771

Luckily, normies aren't fooled by this shit

No. 494796

File: 1576464180837.png (518.96 KB, 1078x1729, Screenshot_20191215-204042(1).…)

I keep looking at the replies and it's just way too much. Like thank the Lord there's actual men who care about other men invading women's spaces. I just think it's hilarious this Corpsegrinder guy just keeps saying "I don't care who's in my toilets" well, good for you. How nice it must be to not have to worry, unlike tons of women who've been abused by men.

No. 494829

Reddit are OBSESSED with people seeing them as pedos. I've never met a guy in real life worry about being near a child in case they accuse them of molestation. Guilty consciences I guess.

No. 494830

How are you GC but see Pinkpill as "autistic". God damn merging these threads was the dumbest fucking decision made on this site in years.

No. 494836

They're fucking nuts, their fear is straight up offensive. They literally prioritize avoidance of momentary discomfort in a social situation over the physical safety of small children. Nobody is actually going to fucking accuse or arrest them for pedophilia for being near a child in public or whatever, and I think they know it. But they kick up a fuss because they HATE men as a group being held accountable for their tendency to commit sex crimes, they benefit from society collectively burying their heads in the sand and staying quiet about who exactly is responsible for the vast majority of rape, sexual harassment and child molestation. They might not be pedos or even rapists, but they sure as fuck don't want everyone around them on guard for, and ready to vocally oppose, their sexual misconduct.

No. 494837

>3. People assuming you're a pedophile for being near a kid.

Stop jerking off to loli and maybe you won't be so paranoid, you stupid fucking cumbrains.

No. 494839

So essentially his argument is that ALL tims will kill themselves because of dysphoria from using a men's restroom. So instead of treating dysphoria as a mental illness that needs some form of medication and therapy that won't just encourage this behavior, they just want to invade women's private spaces

Isnt the publics comfort with tras going down too? There was a story shared a while ago about how the more tras push their agenda, the more the public is actually rejecting them. They are heading towards collapse. God I wish the funding for this shit will stop soon

No. 494853

There's no better way to own the menz than by appearing topless in the street with "slut" painted on your exposed titties

No. 494855

Yeah it's libfem garbage. Refuse to do housework like based Icelandic feminists and don't comply with their retarded pornsick demands. That would be legitimately revolutionary.

No. 494867

Is there a male equivalent term for fakeboi?

No. 494869

No. 494898

Don’t forget trannies

No. 494907

- men can risk getting mugged and beaten if some guys want their wallet in dangerous places of the city
- heavy bullying in school is common

No. 494912

So? Both are things that also frequently happen to women.

No. 494913

guaranteed this is necessaryspeed. she's always caping and her brother was bullied or whatever so she's got a real boner for defending how uwu victimized men can be and believes in "male oppression"

No. 494915

I’m so sick of it, why can’t she just fuck off back to Reddit.

No. 494917

ok, sure, it wasn't you, but strange how you respond within .2 seconds to the accusation. and no wonder you've been pissing yourself all over the place when people make critiques about giving birth and male children. you also sound way too messy to be having kids, but whatever.

No. 494918

Why do you keep coming back despite being banned every time?

No. 494919

He’s a paedo, there’s no other motive for dying on this hill, for getting so angry

Any man that laments against protection for children from sexual assault is a paedo in my eyes, until they prove otherwise. They should be called as such and shamed as much as possible.

No. 494921

You're a mess. Get your shit together.

No. 494923

You are such a raging spaz, it genuinely upsets me that you’ve reproduced.

No. 494925

TBH I think it's just one of their fantasies.

No. 494935


I feel like there isn't a single thing that happens to men that doesn't happen to women also, but worse or to a larger degree. I truly can't think of anything that's exclusively a horrible male experience.

No. 494941

>the world doesn't have to change for your mental issues
Funny, you can use the same exact point against TRAs!

No. 494943

The only thing I can think of is men being forcefully drafted for war but that's not women-on-men violence.

No. 494952

File: 1576513886199.png (1.19 MB, 1410x1420, konbhgvfd.png)

It's so stupid to me when I see men bitch about paying for dates and/or financially supporting their girlfriends or wives.
Like, shut up. If the woman wanted to pay for everything, you'd either feel emasculated in your insecure moid ego and get angry, or decide to become a complete leech.
Also, it's not like women created this. It's literally the system men built through centuries of not letting women be on the same financial foot as themselves, and generally treating us as second-class citizens (or outright property), with the added bonus of seeming "gentlemanly" in the rare event they acted like human beings. We're still not 100% equal, in fact.
I will never spurn another woman for spending a man's money. She should just make sure to have money and a job of her own, so she's not 100% reliant on him.

No. 494961

this argument is genuinely hilarious to me. either gender dysphoria is a mental illnes (or symptom of) or it isn't, but they switch it up whenever it serves their desired purposes. they can't set the record straight on what is and isn't, bc apparently saying "X thing isn't trans" is oppresive or sth?

also in that same thread someone says "you don't need dysphoria to be trans" then what makes you trans in the first place?? why and how would you qualify as transgender if you don't experience the very thing that makes people transgender? they don't make any sense.

No. 494963

Right now is like, the wild west for trans "issues," so they can claim anything they want without proof.

No. 494965

File: 1576518150062.jpg (11.62 KB, 500x162, i am feel uncomfortable.jpg)

> so, even though I am a man, that has never been sexually assaulted, I have personally been affected by it
ME ME ME ME ME MEEEEEEE!!!! ME ME ME!!!!!! WHAT ABOUT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 494966

I thought they'd include having a tiny dick or losing an erection for sure

No. 494970

If these scrote teacher redditors can't help ~50% of their students without being accused of being a pedophile then maybe they should get another job, because it shouldn't be this difficult and they're probably doing something wrong.

No. 494985

File: 1576526230533.png (514.98 KB, 954x586, eeeeeeeeeeeeeee.png)

No. 494989

same country with the majority of this years reported trans murders
is brazil just dangerous af? any anons from brazil?

No. 494991

Yes it's the first major country that is completely miscegenated. There is no race or cultural identity, everyone is mixed race. The only culture is money and consumerism.

America is next.(racebaiting)

No. 495000

You mean a country where the mixed race people with the highest amount of white ancestry are the rulers?

No. 495008

Always makes me lmao when stupid white people (or any other retard) post this like the raping, thieving Europeans didn't rape African and Native women so much, that most South Americans have a mix of native/african/european, or native/european, or african/european blood, and even the BLACK AMERICANS IN USA are on average THIRTY PERCENT European ancestry, mostly from a European Y gene.

Miscegenation has ALWAYS happened except back then it was rape and force but it's only bad when it happens to you? You fucking cowards never answer me when I bring this up either, makes me fucking sick.. Retarded hypocritical liars.. not enough people call you out for this dumb shit either.(Global rule 7. Do not instigate or engage in race related arguments. (racebaiting))

No. 495009


Samefag, but also shit like this makes me fucking laugh like race mixing in some new phenomena. Race mixed populations existed in Central Asia and East Africa for thousands of years and that's just two regions. Sorry to burst your uneducated, deluded bubble. And guess what, the mix is Caucasian+Asian and Caucasian+African. It seems to me Caucasians enjoy race mixing with other people the most especially in history but for some reason now wanna whinge and cry and act like they're being forced to race mix like the delusional liars with agendas they are. I know it's racebaiting but fuck it i know idiots like you will come back to read this thread and so will other retarded idiots that agree with you and I just had to let you know. Tired of your agenda running unchecked.(Do not instigate or engage in race related arguments. (racebaiting))

No. 495012

Thank you for saying this, anon. Sick of these shitheads pushing their BS here.

No. 495013

>1. Fear of failing people who depend on you
Men created this system and only water it. Most women I know have to demand to let men let them pay. You can't beg to pay and then cry about paying
>2. The first time your testicle ascends into your groin.
Valid I guess but it's not like there's millions of other issues surrounding female reproductive organs that cause massive amounts of pain
>3. People assuming you're a pedophile for being near a kid.
Literally nobody does this
>4. When your date gets in a fight with a guy in a bar and expects you to defend her? (Oddly specific.)
Who does this?
>5. Having to make the first move on a girl you like.
Oh the horrors, it's not like men repeatedly shamed and shat on women who made the first move if they aren't Stacy. All the memes about "when an ugly girl asks for a hug, when a flat chested girl flirts with you" etc, of course you scared women out of making the first move what did they expect

No. 495014

I made the mistake of following a couple niche youtubers I like on twitter. Immediately get recommended who they follow: a slew of nsfw artists drawing cat girl futas and shit.

I hate how everyone feels fine blasting their porn preferences in public. No one needs to know what you fap to. Reddit's equally terrible for it. It's like men are incapable of going five minutes without having their dick in their hand and talking about it.

No. 495017

Old but people coming to Cenk Uygur's defense after he rightfully got called out for his misogynistic comments made my blood boil. It's funny how so called "progressives" (a lot of them being women in fact) are quick to defend misogyny. I don't care what people say in private with their friends or whatever. But being a public official and saying that shit to a public outlet is not acceptable.

Good for Bernie for dropping him like a hot potato. But American progressives are overall such a joke.

No. 495035

What were his comments? I havent followed cenk oger or the young turds in a while

No. 495036

Has anybody noticed how classist TRAs and libfems are? Majority of the shit they focus on and the way they approach them require some type of higher education and knowledge, which obviously those in lower classes, the majority, do not have the resources and time. In other words, we don't care and shouldn't, but they try to force this shit upon us. I appreciate GC and radical feminism because it addresses issues that are relatable and do affect us in our day to day lives, especially those who are in poverty.

No. 495041

Yeah. I feel like a lot of "woke" shit in general is really classist, and has little to no relevancy to me. I see some people pushing back against that on Twitter though, and they post class related stuff, usually rad fems.

I mean just look at transing and lib fem "sex work", it's like the epitome of classism. You have to have money to trans, and the loudest ones seem to be people who have never struggled with poverty. And lib fem sex work and their "choice" shit is usually middle/upper class girls who can cam from home, not you know, actual streetwalkers and trafficked women.

No. 495047

Since this is also a pink pill thread can we just talk about one of the most brutal aspects of the pill? The fact that the kind of sex you're fantasizing about will never happen to you.

There will be no sensuality, no softness or vunerability. He will not admire your body or the fact that he's able to hold you. He won't be overcome with emotions. He will never treat you like you imagine it. He will never see sex with you as a privilege or an experience.

The only thing he wants is to jackhammer your pussy for 2 minutes, choke or slap you without consent, call you a dirty bitch whore cunt and then finish and immediately pass out sleeping. All while fantasizing about his favorite ethot or porn star.

Men will never love you. Men will never respect you. Men will never value you in any way. Men will always see you as a debased, worthless, semi-sentient cunt.

No. 495052

Well men certainly can perform sensual, emotional sex, some are into body worshiping, albeit ultimately motivated by personal pleasure. Maybe don't fuck redditors. To be fair, I've never felt religious about a man either. I feel bad for hetero women.

No. 495055

>only sees kids on the weekend
>what kind of parent is that?
sounds like a exec dad tbh

No. 495057

I notice they focus hard on bathrooms when the greater dangers are in mixed housing like prisons and shelters. Y'know, places full of vulnerable poor women. At best, they're so ignorant of what it's like to be disadvantaged that they can't even consider what those women would be subject to.

No. 495115


I have had good sex, sex that isn't like what you're describing (though god I've had that type too), sex with men I loved and was loved by. But fuck if I don't feel "the fact that the kind of sex you're fantasizing about will never happen to you" down to my bones. I'm single now and finding that I'm actually really interested in remaining so, maybe forever, and when I read a great sex scene in a female-written story, I feel that "oh, but I'd miss that" thing…….but then I remember how fucking rare that actually is. And how even if it happens, ensuring it continues demands a level of effort and selflessness so, so few men are actually interested in giving long-term. And I remember how awful it is to have sex where you're just performing, really, where you fake orgasm because it hurts and you just want it to end, where you realize he's not really seeing you, you're just the thing you're masturbating with. And then I'm like, yeah, I might good with my hitachi.

No. 495118

>fake orgasms
>wtf why do I have bad sex

No. 495130

I don't think it's her fault for faking orgasms when her sexual partner is just shitty and using her regardless of how she feels. She should probably stop having sex with retards who are bad at it though.

No. 495134

women would have better relationships and feel more fulfilled in general if they stopped being so dependent on men. Every friend I've ever had in relationships with men and in some relationships of the past, we as women invest too much and sacrifice too much for our partners. Don't let yourself fall too hard and keep every man at a distance and you wont get hurt. Sleep around, try new men (or women). Be late or even ghost a date. Flirt with other men in front of a dude. Men do it, they'll load up tinder while their gf is in the other room cooking dinner so its time to stop being the good wife/gf.

No. 495139

Just find a good sub man. Dominant men, which I know are the majority, but still, are shit. A good subbie will worship the ground you walk on.

>Don't fall too hard
>Sleep around
>Flirt with other men in front of your dude

This is the worst set of advices I have ever seen.

No. 495142

Sub men are overhyped on this website.
In that already rare demographic they tend to have porn addiction problems, just as entitled as regular men, don't actually care about pleasing you and top from the bottom basically.

No. 495143

I make a distinction between subs and bottoms. I stay away from bottoms due to exactly what you are describing, they are basically regular men with fetishes, no thanks. Submissive men though are another thing. I am engaged to one and if something ahppened and we separated I would probably never date a "normal" man ever again. Being worshipped by a male completely changes how you perceive yourself, as a young girl it turned my world upside down and basically made me into a woman. I legit wish submissive guys were represented better than shitty bottoms in media or as jokes, they are the best men.

No. 495153

I've had a lot of shitty disapointing sex, but current partner is great, it's very important for him to make me cum, but not for his own gratification (he just feels extremely guilty if he orgasm and I don't) and he's one of the most patient person I've ever met in my life so he's okay with eating me out / touching me for 40 min if it's what it takes for me to orgasm…

I just hate the fact that I had to endure shitty sex with men who pretended to be this way before meeting him.

No. 495154

File: 1576573625749.jpg (288.2 KB, 720x1228, 20191216_200800.jpg)

I have to agree with the anons up in the thread where they feel like trans is the new emo/scene fad especially how they make very fictional character trans like how their was an emo version of them as well but this one has been sticking longer and seems worse for peoples mentality, at least emos wrote poerty.

Things like this make me sick and the school faculty did nothing to really stop it at all, something worse and damaging to this girl could have happened and what would they have said? Things like this have me scared of having a daughter, I would rather home school her or have her go to an all females school than ever the thought of her being subjected to this. On the same topic the amount of young males in 3rd world countries who rape and murder girls and basically get away scotch free is sickening. An eye for an eye


No. 495163

Two years ago I did this internship at an elementary school and let md fucking tell you how pornsick and corrupted the little boys were.

The little girls were constantly groped, comments about their genitals were constantly made, even fucking I was groped by goddamn 8 year olds and I'm a scary looking, tall, wide shouldered ogre of a woman. No respect anywhere. They saw in porn how any woman can be sold, raped, abused, brutalized, violated, spat on etc. and that thats totally okay. They fucking watched porn on their phones during breaks, they rated girls on a scale from 1 to 10, they asked graphic questions to fucking first graders on if they ever gave a blowjob (!!!)

So ladies, abort that male fetus. Or better yet don' t have kids at all. Your little baby boy angel is asking his classmates whether or not they have roast beef vaginas.

No. 495166

Are we really going to have another "Abort all males, male toddlers are rapists" thread? Get out of here with that shit.

No. 495186

It’s true though, little boys behave repulsively sometimes. On previous threads news stories of 10 yr old boys sexually assaulting And threatening girls where posted. I’ve had boys that age shout repulsive things at me too You’re obviously not paying attention.

No. 495189

Why should someone “get out of here” with recanting an experience they had? You sound Male, or like necspeed

No. 495193

This conversation is autistic as fuck. Suggesting aborting male children derails this thread to a ridiculous degree and is terrible optics, I don't know how you can't see this.

No. 495197


I said what I said. Also why would I care about "optics" when redpillers and incels say basically the same shit only infinitely worse. They actually do it. Male kids are conditioned from birth to be monsters to females. Thats just the truth. By not having male children you're protecting females. Also why are you clutching your pearls on a thread specifically made for shitting on scrotes? Get a grip sis

No. 495204

There's a lot of scrote whitknights in this thread, yet another reason to split the threads again

No. 495209

Yeah why the fuck did the threads get merged again? Just some butthurt tranny mod trying to cause infighting?

No. 495211

>Redpillers do it too so it’s okay when I do it!

That’s some insanely stupid logic. We should teach boys to behave better. Not just abort them in the womb.

No. 495215

Why are you here? I realise pinkpills have to share the thread with 'muh teach men not to rape' spergs like you but at least leave us alone to talk about this.

No. 495216

you can not give birth to children, especially male children, and teach males to be better at the same time, retard. women knowing they're easily victimized or preyed upon by half of the population and being aware of that/not wanting to create more predators given that patriarchy encourages men to exploit women is nowhere near the same as men wanting to murder women for not fucking them.

No. 495217

I agree though I am scared at the prospect of how difficult it is, particularly these days with how early children are getting porn access. I was even talking to my partner recently about it: how are we going to keep our kids away from that stuff if they're being shown by their peers that everyone else has iPads and internet access? Am I going to end up making my child some weird social outcast by isolating them from new technology in attempt to reproduce an impossible, better version of my own childhood, which is one of the most common parenting mistakes? But what alternative do I have, just let my kid get traumatized and sick from the things online?
I'm not even set on having children yet and the immense pressure and assumption that I will be a kid-making machine for the sake of older relatives is disgusting, but all these things are huge concerns. Even knowing any daughter I have will have to face a culture now filled with social media fueled warped body image and the pervasiveness of pump-and-dump approaches to relationships and intimacy is saddening.

No. 495219

you can't control any of it. boys are already showing each other porn at school at 8-9, so you have literally no control unless you're homeschooling him and keeping him away from all males. he will be indoctrinated into male culture no matter what you do anyways, you can't hold his hand forever. just doesn't make sense to contribute to the problem by having more kids.

No. 495220

Honestly you sound like you've grown your own male crotchfruit and are mad about people here telling the truth about what porn does to male children. "Teach men not to rape" is a gigantic cope. Men know rape is wrong. They know about consent. They just don't give a fuck because they see anything with a vagina as a worthless subhuman. Thanks to porn, the internet and what they get taught by other scrotes, this line of thinking starts early in male childhood. Have you ever watched a 9 year old boy asking a 6 year old girl if she does anal? I have.

No. 495221

Fine. Go be in your echo chamber of autism then.

No. 495222

I’m not male. I just think aborting a baby because of its gender is wrong.

No. 495227

it's not because of its gender. it's ethically bankrupt to have biological children either way, imo, but you're acting like it's some regressive chinese thinking, when it's literally that society as it is turns males into offfenders, or at the least, men who terrorize women personally/romantically. either way, literally most of them are out here jerking off to the idea of raping women and girls, are encouraging their wives and girlfriends to pretend to be raped or are cumming to shit like psychopaths shoving spiked speculums up the anuses of some barely legal girl, to the point where their dicks don't even work because they're so desensitized to violent and extreme pornography, but because they work alongside you and once bought you a soda, you're deluded into believing they're "good guys" and that it's autistic to not want to be responsible for creating another creep.

No. 495231

Well babe you can obviously think whatever you want and nobody here is stopping you from engaging with scrotes and having scrote babies but don't come crying when you catch your sweet five year old baby Nigel jerking it to rape porn. If anyone here is displaying autistic behavior, its you for thinking males can just be told to not be monsters. They don't care. No matter how depraved any of us think we are sexually, we're nothing compared to your average everyday scrote.

No. 495234

File: 1576599097142.png (601.8 KB, 1065x944, Screenshot_20191217-100136(1).…)

I was gonna put this in the fakeboi thread, but she's technically faketrooning

No. 495239

love me some cocsa deniers.

No. 495240

File: 1576599643163.jpg (135.46 KB, 226x321, 1dbd74e7c609c41cf03e5b035f545e…)

Nice to see r/GenderCritical is still caping for males. I should just stick to pinkpilled spaces and only pop in to r/GenderCritical to laugh at women who think men can be improved. Just rename it to r/NotMyNigel already.

No. 495241


No. 495242

>over saturation of porn in media is having a negative impact on men and young boys

Maybe it would be better to rail against pornography and the people promoting it instead of condoning genocide.

No. 495243

Fucking disgusting. What was done about it? Probably told off for “potty mouth”

I couldn’t bear a 6 yr old kid of mine going through that.
Why don’t you fuck off back to your echo chamber of scrote-coddling? Aka the rest of the internet+world

I personally wouldn’t but I can sure as fuck see how others would, just like I could understand someone wanting to abort a baby with severe disabilities or Down syndrome, or just because they’re not ready to have kids. In fact, I can even understand why an Indian woman would want to abort her daughter, seeing how shit that country is for women and girls., not that it’s right, I just understand and wouldn’t try to shut them down on an image board for saying so. So why is aborting a Male because you’re terrified of producing another piece of shit, or because you’re just not interested in raising a Male, so apprehensible? They already outnumber us, what difference does it make?

No. 495247

Someone made a post essentially saying that men won’t get better and women in the comments are having an absolute meltdown. Some of them really think you can teach men not to be pieces of shit. Embarrassing.

No. 495251

Nature vs nurture seems to mean fuck all when it comes to scrotes. Some of them (although very few) grow up to be decent despite POS fathers and upbringings. Although it’s a lot more common for the opposite to occur kek.

No. 495252

this. these little kids were born into something they have no control over. the over saturation and normalization of porn has harmed the boys as well as the girls.

No. 495255

Saying "girls and boys are both equally affected by porn" is correct in theory but little girls aren't the ones raping and groping little boys. Girls exposed to porn become self loathing, hypersexual/sex repulsed anorexics. Boys become rapists and misogynists and their behavior gets validated and encouraged by males everywhere.

No. 495256

Why do you two think that men exclusively watch rape porn?

No. 495257

not exclusively rape porn, but most of them do watch rape porn. it's incredibly normalized and almost all of them have that "kink".

No. 495258

When did anyone say that? It was an example. Also if you think men don't watch depraved, horrifying shit you are delusional and probably coping. Sis men watch bdsm clips of women being asphyxiated with plastic bags to the point passing out. Men seek out videos with actresses looking as young and tiny as possible. Men watch porn of women getting beaten the shit up. And all of that isn't even the worst of it.

Men aren't jerking it to cutesy softcore. Go to pornhub and look at the front page for like ten seconds. If you really think thats healthy male sexuality idk what to say to you.

No. 495259

women not being able to control what their little boys/nigels do due to male socialization is radfem 101… at least i thought so. why are some anons like this?

No. 495260

You implied it in the way you wrote earlier and you know it. And honestly you keep doing it by saying "men" as if it counts for all of them, but that just isn't true. You probably need to get off of the internet and interact with more dudes IRL who aren't scumbags.

I've gone through my partners porn histories many times, several partners too, and most of them watch amateur stuff where it looks like the girl is enjoying it. I know a lot of guys have rape fetishes and I find that sick, but in my experience my partners haven't gone out of their way to watch rape porn.

No. 495265

Yeah. Not your Nigel. I get it. I wish you would see how retarded you sound. Also you're in a gendercrit/pinkpill thread and are getting mad about girls venting and talking shit about men? I genuinely don't know what to say to you if you seriously think most males aren't depraved scumbags. Also I don't remember asking about your bfs porn preferences. Why don't you go coddle scrotes somewhere else? They wouldn't do the same for you babe. Behaving like a retard on here won't make them respect you kek

No. 495268

NTA but you speak like an aggressive, sexist man. You literally sound unhinged and like you hate women.

No. 495269

>dating males who watch porn
>thinking that what they let you see is all there is to their fetishes/porn-viewing habits
>thinking amateur porn is ethical
>not my nigel-ing
> not all men-ing
>being this cucked

Why are you here?

No. 495270

Stop projecting

No. 495272

go take your daily dose of haldol that you obviously missed

No. 495273

I am not mad, but you sure seem upset because someone disagrees with you. I am here for the gender critical stuff, and I am critical of men, but that doesn't mean I hate them or am constantly afraid of them. It's pretty disingenous to say "all men" when that happens to women all the time. It's better to treat things on a case by case basis than brush everything with the same comb. I dunno about you, but I've known plenty of great guys out there and saying they're all trash just won't help your movement.

See above.

No. 495275

This is so fucking funny. Nobody here cares about how many "great guys" you know. Go suck Nigels cock while he fantasizes about his favorite 15 year old insta baddie.

No. 495276

So you ran out of arguments huh?

No. 495279

tbf there's nothing that can be said to you. you're strawmanning her anyways and deny literal statistical truths about the normalizing of extreme and violent porn with your dumbass anecdotes that literally do not dispel anything, nor did anyone ask for them. she never said "all men". you intellectually disingenuous crumb-beggers love to NAMALT compulsively whenever there's any mention of "men", even still when it's qualified by "most", "some", etc.

No. 495281

Unless you specify the statement "men" vs. "some men" and "most men" implies all men.
It's still disingenous to say all guys are out to rape you and it's fearmongering that won't help your causes whatsoever.
My argument was always that NOT ALL MEN do this stuff, but rather than agreeing on that which is 100% true, you guys just sperg and meltie because someone doesn't agree with your downright retarded paranoia.

No. 495283

Everything you’ve just said has also been said to me by dozens of assmad males. Stop cradling their testicles and set yourself free, bb.

No. 495284

everything that anon said is right on the money. you're just a scrot-worshipping dumbass, sorry.

No. 495285

Listen, I'm not exactly interested in debating whether or not men are abusive shitbags in a goddamn thread dedicated to venting about absusive shitbags. I know what I'm talking about. Maybe you don't but I'm not even interested in changing your mind. If you're having a good time with males and believe in their inherent goodness, thats just great for you sis. I don't. Genuinely I don't. Also did it ever cross your mind that people here wouldn't fuck with you if you just stopped taking the bait every single time? This isn't some cute knitting forum. Get used to people on here being rude assholes when you start displaying your cuckqueen "not all men" behavior.

Also I don't hate women. And even if I did, I could never hate women they way men hate women. I say "men" because I'm not interested in painstainkingly tailoring my language around the feelings of scrotes and scrotes apologists like you. Now go join the other moderate gendercrits on reddit

No. 495286

No. 495287

yeah we get it. nigels cock is the only reason worth living. now go back to gc and stealth the women into being tradthots with you

No. 495288

why are you triggered retards even in this thread? honestly curious

No. 495289

I think sex segregated schooling could be beneficial too? Reading horror stories of literal children sexually harassing little girls is hard to stomach so I think if they're separated, it would at least keep those girls away from that.

No. 495290

>Unless you specify the statement "men" vs. "some men" and "most men" implies all men.
this is virulently autistic thinking. like, no grasp at all whatsoever of colloquial speech. saying "men" does not imply "all men". it's a generalization, and no, normal people don't think that's implied at all.

No. 495291

This thread is majorly gender critical, not pinkpill. It's on the mods for merging the threads. I am not interested in furthering the distance between men and women. Even Germaine Greer recognized that feminism should be for the benefit of men. I also know what I am talking about, and I don't care what your agenda is, or anyone elses.
Pretty sure I never said you hate women, but you sure seem hateful and miserable.


When you're discussing online it is way better to be careful and accurate than make generalized statements.

No. 495292

Then they also won't be able to complain about teachers favoring girls.

No. 495294

File: 1576606319729.png (105.96 KB, 1426x434, 5465789.png)

How many men go out of their way to ensure the porn they're watching is not rape?
How many men stopped watching porn after this shit came out, and how many will care enough to stop now, considering they that they probably have no way of ensuring they didn't watch this girl, or countless others in her situation, something similar, or even worse? If you send this shit to your male friends, do you honestly believe they'll stop watching it for the reasons mentioned before?
Answer all these questions before defending men with porn addictions, thanks.
Here's the source in case you did want to send it to them: https://meaww.com/amp/missing-teen-adult-video-pornhub-modelhub-snapchat-periscope?__twitter_impression=true

No. 495295

Germaine Greer is a pedophile and I think its hilarious that you're saying feminism should benefit men. You sound more and more like a troll and I'm getting absolutely sick of your retarded sperging. Get the fuck out of this thread.

No. 495301

lmao, you can't just screech away things you don't like. I am not trolling. I had no idea Germaine was a pedophile though so I'll have a look at that.

How do you even know if something is rape if it doesn't come off as it? Porn is massively negative and I do agree with you that it's bad as an industry and it's bad in the way it afflicts the brain, but that doesn't mean all guys willingly seek out rape porn. More importantly, most people don't even KNOW how negative porn is on the brain, nor do they realise how dangerous the industry is. Do you really think a 9 year old brat is going to understand the entire industry behind the porn vid he sees? No. Porn as an industry should be abolished, yes, but that doesn't have anything to do with my original argument.

No. 495302

>giving a shit about how feminism benefits men
>in this economy

Also, kek at the implication that radical feminism is "furthering the distance between men and women". All that raping and murdering males do, that's not the thing driving the wedge, no siree. It's wahmen's fault.
Males know how bad it is and they don't care. They like harmful porn, the more harmful the better.

No. 495304

Are you guys done infighting yet?

No. 495305

Are there any overarching theories as to why men are the way they are?

No. 495306

To be fair, there's a lot of infighting on this board in general.

My statement of furthering distance had nothing to do with radfem, you saw that entirely on your own. I personally have no interest in creating a wedge between me and guys in my life.
See, here's the generalization again, and from my experiences I just can't agree with you.

No. 495308

Because the entire porn industry is built off women being brutalized and dehumanized.
Everyone who knows anything about porn is well aware that rape and abuse are rampant in the industry. "Porn star" is practically synonymous with "fucked up life".
And yet, many men still watch it, so that's reason enough to call them out. Not going out of their way to look for it, but being happily complacent with it is still fucking abhorrent.
No one forces a gun to their head to make them watch porn, they're doing it because they enjoy it (especially the violent stuff). In fact, they often respond aggressively to anyone who says porn is bad for their brains, or that it's exploitative. Try saying porn is bad on Reddit or any other male-dominated site and see what happens to you.
9 year olds shouldn't be allowed to watch porn in the first place, but thanks to this male-dominated, pornified society, it's the new "normal". Unless you plan on isolating your children, it probably can't be prevented, and that is the problem.

No. 495311

See, I totally agree with you that porn is really fucking bad and we should abolish the porn industry entirely and put people who force women (and men) into pornography in jail. But I think the major consumption of porn is largely from ignorance rather than malice. I also do not believe that every single moid on the planet seeks out porn that showcases harm towards women, but I will agree that they can be in the majority and probably are. (Just by looking at pornHubs front page for example).
I think if porn keeps going unchecked then we're eventually going to regress into a society where men and women have to live entirely separate to be able to achieve peace, and personally, I don't entirely want that. Not yet.

No. 495312

Men wouldn't do the same for us. They wouldn't rip each other apart argueing about whether or not women are actually decent. They just hate us and call us a bunch of cunts. As I said, I'm not even interested in changing your mind because you can think whatever you want and since I'm pretty sure we're all on the verge of getting banned for gross infighting, I'm done here. Just know men wouldn't do the same emotional labor for you.

No. 495320

>But I think the major consumption of porn is largely from ignorance rather than malice
Agreed. Libfems push that sex work is empowering to women while the people that profit from porn do all they can to suppress evidence of how harmful it is. Regardless of what you think of men doing no fap, the reaction to it is revealing. Certain sections of the media seem determined to mock and deride men for trying to break their addiction to porn. Porn exists because someone makes money from the suffering of women, the more people understand this the better.

No. 495332

>Just know men wouldn't do the same emotional labor for you.
Nta but why is this so? Is it just men's nature? Who decided, eons ago, that men would be like this? (Geniune questions)

No. 495333

>But I think the major consumption of porn is largely from ignorance rather than malice.
Sorry, but that is so naive. If you asked the majority of the men if they think porn stars enjoy themselves, they'd probably say something about how they're drug addicts with daddy issues who deserve to suffer because of their poor choices. They know it isn't fun and games, they just don't care and see it as warranted. And that's the best case scenario, there are still plenty of men who get off specifically on the fact that porn stars are miserable and degraded.

It's only women who ever assert that porn stars not actually wanting the sex they have means it's rape. Men would never accept that coercion is a legitimate type of rape, and they straight up don't give a shit if the woman was trafficked or tricked or whatever. They want to keep thinking that porn stars are suffering because they are dumb lazy sluts who deserve it.

No. 495335

Oh I see you are the type of ex libfems who hate on trannies but somehow are fine with regular dudes

It is very transparent what is going on with you

No. 495338

I guess I'm a handmaiden-y NAMALT bitch but honestly on the flip side, if all men don't want to be put in the same basket they should shame other men pretty much all the time for their degenerate and misogynistic behaviors. I don't agree that male fetuses should be aborted and male children should be avoided or whatever's going on itt but eh what's the worst that could happen if all men get blamed and shamed for shit that most men do anyways. Meh
Idk at the same time that feels like stooping to their level.
This is so complicated. Is there a place for people who believe men and women need eachother but are disgusted by the ~state of men in modern society~? Is this retarded? Help pls

No. 495340

samefagging but I guess the "worst that could happen" is that the good men are snuffed out if they were to be collectively ignored and/or discouraged for a long period of history. This stuff really frustrates and confuses me. I wish I could just have all the answers.

No. 495342

Don't forget the types of men who actually believe that porn stars are living on "easy mode" for selling their bodies to be destroyed on camera. Tagt it's a privilege to be a miserable porn star. I remember reading a mgtow post where he visited some impoverished area in Philippines or Thailand, I can't remember specifically, but he saw a woman who looked physically miserable being a prostitute. And he still saw her as some privileged cunt1. So he donated money to some man instead who didn't need it. They do not care one fucking bit about the industry that rapes and traffics women.

The other types I think are addicts that follow porn on every social media and believe that the porn stars and cam girls enjoy what they're doing even if it's the most unappealing acts.

There are subs on reddit like porn free and nofap but I'm skeptical since they hardly ever acknowledge how fucked up the industry that hurts them is. And that same industry makes more money annually than the NFL, MLB and Hollywood combined. It's a monster.

No. 495348

Just look through the comments on this documentary and see how much empathy those men have for empoverished prostitutes. And this is one of the "nice" ones.

>Not all sex tourists are bad people. I agree with you that men who take advantage of drunk women or lie about having had vasectomies to get women pregnant are worthless scumbags, who should be castrated at the very least. But I'm also considering going on a sex vacation, simply because I can't get a woman in my own country and like every human being on this planet I have needs of a sexual nature. Contrary to what the media has brainwashed you into thinking, I (a sex tourist) have the highest respect and appreciation for women in general and this includes women who provide for themselves and their families through prostitution. I don't think any less of them for it. If anything, I want to save them all.

No. 495352

I don't mean to sound dramatic but posts like >>495262 prove that we need feminism. It's kinda pathetic.

No. 495359

You saying a lot of IF’s. I’m sure most anons who are straight around here don’t want men to disappear from the earth either but they simply can not see men redeem themselves. Most men are cowards, they won’t even shame their friends who are cheaters and pedophiles. What would be the catalyst for change? Even NAMALT men are passively maintaining the oppression.

No. 495362

>his comment
>this is your brain on porn from libfems
Christ they thoroughly believe that women in these impoverished areas willing choose that line of work that damages their bodies almost permenantly? That misogyny doesn't exist in prostitution? He's going because he fetishizes those women as being weak sex dolls for his use and nothing more. He wants to help by fueling the same machine that hurts those women.

No. 495366

Another way I've seen it defended is that they're providing the prostitutes with jobs and people against prostitution would rather the women from those countries starve.

No. 495370

>I can't get a woman to consent to fuck me in my own country
>So I'll go to another country where I can pay a woman to fuck me who'd never consent otherwise because she's trying to survive / got sex trafficked
>I have the highest respect and appreciation for women

The fucking doublethink is obscene.

No. 495372

Reading that comment section was like walking into clown world.
They are literally claiming that sex tourists are doing nothing wrong even though sex tourists are the reason this disgusting market exists in the first place ffs

No. 495374

You'd think they'd feel some sympathy for the children. They probably just think it's cool how they're "spreading their seed" all over the world.

No. 495375

>I have the highest respect and appreciation for women in general and this includes women who provide for themselves and their families through prostitution. I don't think any less of them for it.

But they're still exploitable fuckholes for him, the sex tourist. He benefits from being "okay" with their lifestyles and encouraging it. Because he can't earn the trust and respect in order to form a natural sexual relationship with a woman of equality in his own country.
The sex tourist turns to the impoverished, desperate women in dangerous countries and gives himself a gold star by acting like his strings-attached money does them favors. If he cared so much about their situations, he'd treat them like human beings and not like sex servants.

What weak and small men.

No. 495379

perhaps merging the threads was a bad idea?

No. 495386

Meanwhile you can bet these guys are the same type to be damning single mothers to hell for caring for her children and not abandoning them. Him and his kind should get vasectomies at least.

I hope sex tourism get more exposure from their destruction. They don't deserve any pity.

No. 495400

Exactly. People are always coming here to defend men from the ebul man haters and convince us "not all men!!1" but when men talk about how horrible women are on their boards a bunch of men don't rush in and try to convince them not all women are like that. Even men who don't hate women don't care if other men hate women.

No. 495430

Because acting like a violent neanderthal is more likely to result in successful reproduction. I don't know why feminists ruminate over 'why he be like that's when the answer is pretty simple, hoarding resources and violence to ensue paternity is how males reproduce in the animal kingdom. There's no deep mystery, they just evolved to be like this.

No. 495432

>What would be the catalyst for change? Even NAMALT men are passively maintaining the oppression.
The catalyst for what change? Can you clarify? Do you mean the change into men shaming other men, as opposed to the current m.o. of turning a blind eye to their fellow men's depravity/blaming women for it?

I feel like there isn't an answer to this struggle between men and women. There's so many people in the world. Does anyone else feel completely overwhelmed by the pink pill? I feel like a traitor or a coward if I stay uninvolved, though.
This is so true. Why are women that way and why are men that way? I'll stop asking that itt but fuck I just want to know why it became like this.

No. 495434

Ayrt I came to the same conclusion myself. How does that fit in to the modern world though? I start to get caught up in the fact that we're animalistic but also intelligent and like… capable of not raping and pillaging anymore. I feel like it's a huge weakness in humankind and a maladaptation of natural humans into modern times. Are women made weaker than men by design? Are we (women) just fucked? Did society take a fucked up turn at some point and this is the result? Wtf are we supposed to do? I feel like I should just focus on my own life because it's too big a problem.
I'm not challenging you or anything, just spitballing ideas and hoping someone will respond.